The Son of Man Revealed From One of The Jungles in Africa According To William Branham's Prophesy

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Thursday, 6 January 2011



When this life is over, you will know that I am HE.  Go anywhere you want, in search, you must be pointed back to this same person—The Son of MAN. Fly to the sky, you will be told, “Go down there; He is standing in your midst.” Believe it if you can… —The   Son of Man
HOW DO YOU KNOW GOD? You must know God beyond His dress; otherwise,
one day, you will call Him Devil.  If it was very difficult for people that worked with God for many, many years to recognize Him when He resurrected from the dead—including Peter—how then can those who never knew Him recognize Him?
I showed you many ways He appeared; different ways He showed Himself to His people and yet at every stage not even one person recognized Him. Some recognized Him through His Word; some recognized Him by His Voice. Some recognized Him by His manner of prayer and breaking bread. Some even recognized Him by the nature of behaving, but physically speaking, He appeared in a different form.  At times, He appeared to a group as a very old man, aged over 80 years and to another group, He appeared as a very young man, younger than He really was. Remember, I am calling your attention to something—Immortality, reincarnation.
 –The Son of Man  (PROPHETIC REVELATION. VOL. 1 page 110, verse 38-42

Remain blessed brethren. We do not need any reminder at all, Deacons at the gate take note, should there be any stranger at your gate, do not send that person away without informing me. Note it, should you see any face you have never seen in this fellowship before, one that is not one of us, do not send that person away without informing Me.
2.           In other words, if a stranger comes, after interacting with the person, send for Me. Because if you are not careful you may even send your brethren away ignorantly.
3.            This morning we will like to listen to His Word, we have ministers that can put us in remembrance concerning the things we have been hearing. We have our teachers in the fellowship, we have our pastors and other ministers. Thus, it is my desire that we listen to his word this morning.
4.           I know that I will speak to you briefly today. I am sure and certain about it but I just want us to listen briefly to the teaching by way of putting us in remembrance. I do not know what the topic might be but I believe it is going to encourage us and even prepare a nice ground for us to pay attention to whatever He (Almighty God) is going to tell us.
5.           I hope we are glad that we are in His Presence! When we come before the Presence of the Lord let us get him convinced that we are really happy and the only way you can express it is to open your mouth, praise your God, dance around, rejoice exceedingly because you are happy.
6.           I do not believe that if I am happy that somebody will start pushing me about, no! There is always a pull in me. Every true seed of God receives a pull whenever God voices out something because God dwelleth in the praises of His people.
7.           Even if you try to sit down you cannot make it; even if I ask you to sit down you cannot afford to sit down, because there is always a pull, you will not know when you will stand up because you are responding to the pull. But if you can fix yourself on the seat and decide not to get up and respond to it, question yourself if nothing is anchoring.
8.           Many carrying the Bible today, preaching, don’t they say they are children of God? That’s their preaching. If they do not believe they are children of God, do you think that they can go about preaching? All that call upon of the name Jesus today, they all believe they are children of God but God knows they that are His. God does not make noise about it.
9.           I do not need anybody to introduce my child to me. Do you get what I am saying? I do not need any introduction to my Father. Can you imagine somebody carrying me to my father and telling my father: “Listen, this man is your son”. My father will laugh at the person because you do not introduce a son to his father.
10.        I introduced this message so that you can understand that only children of God are eligible to praise Him. You can have the desire to praise Him, you may love to praise Him but you are not eligible. Every true seed of God is legally bound to praise Him and nobody teaches him or her how to do that. More especially, when we gather in this Little House of No Regrets; yes, this is our little house of no regrets. 
11.        If you come to this Little House of No Regrets and you are regretting why you are here, you are Mr. Johnson; you can check out, a little while you will say: “I am checking out, shit men, I am checking out!” You can check out, any day you want, you can check in.
12.        Thus, if you are regretting your presence in this most holy gathering under the sun, you are Mr. Johnson. It is only the likes of Johnson that will regret every hour they stay in this most holy fellowship because that is the hour they would have used to make money; hence they say, “Don’t  you know that Sunday hustling is gradually passing me by? Nnaa, one has to hustle!”
13.        Mr. Johnson, I know you will check out today, you will check out! If you do not check out in the morning, you check out in the afternoon, if it is not in the afternoon it will be in the evening but you will check out: “I am checking out leave me alone for one has to hustle.” 
14.        There is nothing as influential as unbelief. Influential means something that can motivate; something that can affect; something that can even push you into doing something you do not want, it is unbelief. I know very well that Johnson will regret his membership of this family as long as he is still living with his father in spirit and in truth, I know that.
15.        If you are living with a heathen you must love the wages of unrighteousness because a heathen aims at making money anyhow for that is the essence why he is in the township; he has no other thing holding him in the township if not to make money.
16.        What is more, once he is out to make it, he does not care how the money is coming, he does not care who is suffering, he does not care about the sorrow the money is causing him and if you are staying with such a person, by and by you must be influenced. Gradually they are departing, they will become visitors like Johnson. Johnson will remain a visitor until he has convinced us that he is worthy of our green card.
17.        You cannot naturalize with us until we are convinced that you are one of us; that you will not cause us trouble. Mr Johnson, your Brother Ifeanyi has departed and more will join him.
18.        Brethren you are all blessed as you continue to follow God and continue to live according to His Commands, it must continue to be well with you. Do you know that it shall be well with the righteous?  The righteous can never regret anything. As many of you that have taken the firm decision at least to try to implement half of what you are hearing from me, I am sure you have testimonies in many ways even in your living standards you can see improvements in all respects.
19.        What if you obey fully, don’t you think you will receive more? Because I believe that God has good intentions for His people, sometimes you do not understand these things. When you obey this message you will be managing your resources very well, you will even be happy with yourself, when you look around, you are always happy because I believe without this message none of us in this Faith can manage our resources very well. Outside this Faith every other human being is a beast.
20.        If you see the little he has achieved he has wasted more than that. If a heathen saves ten naira, he has wasted one thousand. That’s the life of a heathen but it shouldn’t be so with us at all.
21.        Mr. Johnson, you have not added any feather since you started manifesting unbelief you have not even turned Onitsha upside down neither have you competed favorably with “Young Shall Grow” transport company. Then what is the essence of your unbelief? What have you achieved?
22.         Mr. Johnson! Mr. Johnson!! It is now that your true colors are coming out. Mr. Johnson, the quiet devil, cool demon, green snake lying on a green grass, very quiet and delicate, unpredictable Johnson, Mr. Johnson. It will take a foolish man to cherish sleeping outside when he should feel comfortable in his house with his wife. I do not think a man that is sincere derives any comfort sleeping outside his family.
23.        He takes pleasure sleeping outside, if it means sleeping in his vehicle, he will be happy there. I believe there is insincerity somewhere. If the man is sincere he should tell us the truth.
24.        Johnson, if you tell me that you enjoy sleeping in your vehicle or in your lorry or in the motor park, that it gives you more enjoyment than staying in your house with your family, I will believe it to some extent because it is a sure sign that there is something wrong in your house, something is pursuing you out of your house. If that thing is not from you, it is from your wife. I hope somebody is getting what I am saying.
25.        I have always told you that the delicious plate of a concubine can keep a man away from his house. Even if he is staying with his family, once he remembers it, he takes his leave, he knows how to do that: “Excuse me, I am coming now, now”. You will not see him again till the following day. I believe that there is a delicious plate somewhere that is attracting your attention away from your home.
26.        Any woman that takes pleasure only in collecting money and materials from the husband and does not delight in the husband staying around her; staying around the family, that woman is a fool! To a real daughter of God, what brings her joy is not the quantity of food you bring home, it is not the amount of money you dump; it is your presence in the family.
27.        There is nothing that can substitute the presence of the husband in the home; I mean the presence of the husband in his family has no substitute. Your brother cannot substitute that; your father cannot do that. Sometimes you hear some foolish men saying: I do not know what is her trouble, after all, I kept money in the house, we have enough food!” Do you think that was why she married you? Was she dying of starvation before you married her?
28.        If the essence of marriage ends in having enough food and enough money, let us forget about marriage! Let me just tell you my own little experience.
29.        Do you know that the presence of a man, a husband in the house scares away, drives away evil spirits? As long as the man is there in the house, there is no evil spirit that can attack any member of the household, but when they look for the man and he is not around, they can even start with the wife; attack the wife, attack all the children until you see them fainting.
30.        But once the man steps in, everywhere starts heating again, you see life coming back again. Before you know it without any drug, all of them are healed because the demons will flee. The voice of a man, the foot print of the man in the house scares all of them away. Can the rat eat the item of one that is wide awake?
31.        If you ask me the time children suffer most I will say it is the time their father is not at home and the mother is always confused, she does not know what to do, sometimes she will resort to weeping and crying and that will not solve it. However, once the man comes in, everywhere is bubbling with life again, demons are flying out from the windows, from the roofs. You see them; all of them leaving the house for authority has come back.
32.        If you have proved what I am saying to be true why not show by raising your hand. It is experience! There is something God placed in a man, that is, the husband. Once a man gets married and assumes his office, God endows him with that gift for effective administration of the home.
33.        You have not understood what I am saying. You may have drugs in the house, you can even be a nurse, administer the whole drugs you want, no remedy. If you like go to the hospital, as long as the man did not accompany you, no remedy yet. When you recognize this, nothing will ever make you or force you to plan your business in such a way that you will be keeping away from your home and you form it as a habit that they will only see you in the morning, before 2: 00pm you are gone again only to be gone and back by 9 o’clock in the morning the following day.
34.        Thus, every night you will spend it outside. Ask me the time that Satan is at work, it is always in the night, death shines more in the night than in the day. You can go to bed, your children can go to bed healthy, before 2: 00am you see their temperatures running very high without any sign. You can see your wife who was healthy, you see her shivering. Before you know it, she has become convulsive, no sign! Why? Because the Devil operates most in the night.
35.        Any man that abandons his children every night is running a risk of losing all of them in a twinkle of an eye. Yes, you can lose all of them because when that night attack comes, the highest thing your wife can do is to raise alarm and heathens will be attracted, whatever they will administer that  time will be things that are negative to that sickness and it will result to death.
36.        A heathen cannot recognize anything that will be positive to a sickness, in that panic condition, all of them are confused, before you know it the person is gone.
37.        But if the man is there nobody will even hear anything! For he knows how to bring the situation under control. Even if the woman wants to shout, he will say, “Will you close your mouth! there is nothing wrong, give me a bottle of olive oil there.” He will carry the baby in his hands anoint the baby and go to bed with that baby. Then ask the madam to go to bed, before morning you see the boy walking about because authority has been exercised.
38.        Experience is better than knowledge. It gets to an extent where the baby will be sick in the night and the mother will be scared, the mother will not like to touch the baby again, she will be afraid, it is the father alone that can have the courage to carry the baby. The mother will only be running up and down shouting: “Hey!… my God has killed me!”. Experience is the best teacher.
39.        I have to talk to all of you because it is not easy to run a home, especially beginners like Mr. Johnson. If you are a beginner, you have to copy from your brethren. However, if you want to pattern after your father, we have no objection. You may say that all of them survived and this and that.
40.        They survived because they were at the mercy of nature; you can leave your own also. Do you know that sometimes the mother and the child can develop sickness at the same time? Do you know it is possible? I mean a situation comes when the mother is sick and she needs help, the child is also sick. That is where the father will play his role as the bumper. What if he is not around?
41.        As long as the father is at home, nobody lives in fear. The presence of the father in the home drives away all fears. Do you know that once the husbandman of the house is at home, the wife does not believe that even armed robbers can strike in the house. Even if it rains heavily in the night she will only be snoring, no matter the noise in the night, it does not concern her because the husband is there, even if the doors are open, nobody locked the doors; as long as the husband is there, she has no trouble.
42.        If the husband is not around, she will only be praying: God, let it never rain in the night”. That’s number one prayer. Number two prayer would be: “May there be no gun shots around!” If she hears: “Open the door” and the husband is not around, even if it was from the neighborhood, “na im be say man don die”.
43.        However, if the man is there, you see him open the door and go out to find out what is happening, the wife will be saying, Daddy do not go out!” but the man will say: “Stay there, I must know what is happening”. And when he comes back he will ask everybody to go back to sleep, that there is no problem, that he looked round and saw just little, little boys, that’s all.
44.        All I am saying is that God has permitted us to get married and has given us all that we need to defend our children in any condition. However, if you just go out and come back with one bag of rice, one bag of fish and one goat, dump one million naira in the house and then go away; if trouble comes, can all those things solve the problem?
45.        Those things will be there and death will strike. Those things will be there and Satan will still do havoc and go away. But if you are there, there is no problem. Do you know that a man in the house knows how to arrest every situation; that’s what makes him a man. The wife, the children, the maidservants, all of them are dependent on him and he cannot run away. If he runs away, who protects them.
46.        Just like a man walking on the main road with his wife and he sees a masquerade and you see the man running away abandoning the wife. If I happened to be that woman, the man will not marry me again or I will not go outside with him again. I am telling you the truth.
47.        If you are a man and you are walking on the road with your wife; you know masquerade hates women, no matter how fierce or dangerous a masquerade might be, you carry your wife and place her behind you and stand in front. All the masquerade will do is to say, “Oga!” That’s all.
48.        I told you my experience many years ago there at Ogbo Mmanu Junction at New Market Road Onitsha, by that time I have not even had Ijeoma. We saw so many masquerades, they rushed forward; I was going somewhere with my wife; so my wife wanted to run, I said, “Wait, do not run.” She came by my side. What is more, the masquerades started shouting: “Madam, do not run away! We are not looking for you, it is your husband we are looking for!”
49.        Courageously I stood there, my wife was hiding behind me about four of them approached Me. they said, “Sir, give us something”. There is no masquerade that can flog me when my wife is standing behind me, he cannot. He must respect my marital status and he must know that I never got married without putting on mask one day, I must have passed that stage.
50.        You do not just wake up and start marrying, no. People like us who played the game very well, if you flog me in the presence of my wife, that is to say death has struck, because I know where to grip the masquerade and he will suffocate. I know where to pull and he will suffocate because I have put on the mask before.
51.        I invite to the pulpit our teacher this morning. The one that is going to be my choice of a teacher is no other but Bishop Okey Paul. Bishop Okey Paul you are welcome to the pulpit. Let us hear God speak through him this morning.
52.        He has been on holiday all this while and he has rested a lot; he has gathered enough strength, so this morning if he is happy then we are happy.
53.        Bishop Okey Paul, it is now your turn! You have been in the cooler for too long and we want to feed from him. Remember I told you that God permitting me, I will be in the pulpit today. So if you want to check out after hearing him, you can check out. Amen.



I have not been running away from the pulpit, but one thing is clear: I am a man that preaches my conviction by day or by night. It may run contrary to the belief of the household, it may run contrary to my own belief  but as long as I am convinced it is the truth, I declare it by day and by night.
2.           Thus, a time is coming when one day I will boldly preach a message. The pastors have been inviting me over and over, I told them to be patient with me.
3.           You see, if I read the Epistle today, do not be disappointed. I believe that God is God of revelation and He can speak to my heart outside what is written in the Epistle, yet it is truth; irrefutable truth.
4.            I do not like stereotyped sermons or policed message, I love preaching at will and at liberty. Nothing is wrong with me and nothing is wrong with anybody except what is wrong with the wrong. Yes, I said except what is wrong with be wrong.
5.           I did not know I will be in the pulpit. I have not programmed myself to be in the pulpit but He has programmed me to be in the pulpit. Thus, whichever way I go, bear with me.
6.           I believe in reminding us many things, that is why I said that if I know I will be in the pulpit today I will remind us of those things which we have learnt from the very beginning but I thank God for everything. It is like when the voice was saying something concerning green card, He said, Until we are convinced that you are a member of this household we cannot issue you our green card”.
7.           It flashed up something in me which I know is a revelation of truth. Do you know that if we give you green card here, anybody that obtains green card, he only naturalized, you are adopted to be a member of that nation? It can be taken away because you are not born to be a member of that nation.
8.           THE LAST WAR WE ARE GOING TO FIGHT IS THE WAR BETWEEN ADOPTED SONS OF GOD AND BONA FIDE SONS OF GOD. The last warfare is going to be warfare between adopted children of God and sons and daughters of God. I do not believe I can be adopted as a child of God; let me tell you what I mean.
9.           If we take away your green card, I have people living in U. S. A, they stayed many years and because of how many years they have spent with the nation like I have spent almost thirteen years more in Onitsha, if it is in America I am qualified to request or apply for a green card because of how obedient I am, I am not injurious to the nation and also how many years I have stayed; I can be issued a green card. It is like being adopted as a son.
10.        When you are adopted as a son, let it be known to you that any father who establishes his family based on adopted children is an impotent father. Hold your peace, we are coming. If as I am living with my wife now, we have spent many years without an issue, I went and adopted some children as my sons and daughters, let it be known to you that I did not begat a child.
11.        Children of God are begotten, they are not adopted. Jesus was the first begotten of the Father; Abraham begot Isaac read it all through your scripture, it will tell you this begot this, this begot this, they are sons, but in this Faith you know, let me tell you one other thing; one other truth I want you to know: I do not believe that God had begotten children in Israel and adopted sons and daughters in the Gentile, rather, I believe God is a polygamist.
12.        God is a polygamist! The name of the first wife is Israel, the name of the second is Gentile and there was no single child that God ever adopted, they all were begotten sons and daughters of God. Thus, what reminded me this truth is because of what was said about our Brother Johnson.
13.        If your green card is taken away from you, that goes to show you are adopted. Like many of you have been jumping up because of your adoption, we are not disputing with you, remain in your adoption but very soon, sons and daughters of God will be made manifest.
14.        It is not a misnomer, I am speaking the true language. As of now sons and daughters of God are only revealed but they are not made manifest yet. Let me tell you what I mean. David met Samuel one day and Samuel told him the Lord has sent him and told him that David shall be king over Israel, it was a revelation.
15.        David knew now he will be the king, Samuel also knew that David is the king by revelation but was he made manifest to Israel? He was not yet made manifest but a day came when the trumpet was blown and the whole people saw David being made manifest as a king of Israel. That was why, even in the Bible, it said that the world have not known us that we are children of God because it is through their revelation.
16.        Like we preach that God is man, it is a revelation to he that believes it, but that God whom we call a man has not been made manifest to the world as God but you are holding the revelation that God is a man. That is what I am trying to say.
17.        The scripture says that when the sons and daughters of God are made manifest, we will bring nature under control, immortality will reign. You know, the last Law has not been conquered, I mean the last law has not been abolished. There is still a law that is reigning and that law is the king of kings from that day God said: “Thou shall surely die.”
18.        The law went forth, has that law been abolished? No! It is still reigning, that was why in first Corinthians 15:24, he said that it is going to be the last that will be crushed. I’m trying to say that until that last law is abolished, the battle still rages on.
19.        Soldiers of Christ are still on the warfare. But when you are relaxed, you are like people that are enjoying in Kadesh-barnea. You are just making merriment at Kadesh-barnea. The warfare is not yet over. That’s what I am saying: Until immortality swallows up mortality, that is the last law; we are not free from it.
20.        As at now, I am still longing for He that I will worship openly as King of kings, He that can bring that king of kings (death) under final subjection, that is He that merit my worship and adoration.
21.        What am I trying to say, if God still wants to receive my praise in  fullness, the adoration of his children lavished, it will be the day He will enable His children to put on immortality and then put death under their feet. That’s what I am trying to say brethren. If I worship Him for a while, in the cause of time, this stammering lips will lie silent in the grave, and you know that the dead do not praise God.
22.        What is the bride longing for? The children of God are longing for God to subject the king of kings in the world under their footstool, because there is a king of kings in the world and that is death. He is the king of kings; he reigneth over kings, over princes, over queens, over all creation, he reigned over Moses in all his miracles signs and wonders.
23.        Why we have not yet seen worship is because the kings of kings is still somewhere making noise, he is still somewhere making noise, but God has the King of kings in His Family that is prophesied to bring that king of kings in the world (death) under subjection, and that is the last battle, read it in your Bible.
24.        Let us go to the reference book. 1 Corinthians 15. I want to make a statement there, I am just building a little foundation so that I will read the Epistle and come down within few minutes. Let me tell you, immortality is our heart desire, that’s what we are longing for.
25.        While we are in this mortal estate, there is still a veil hindering us from exercising the full liberty which God has promised His children. This veil is still our enemy, that’s why some time you get sick.
26.        First Corinthians 15 verse 24, “But every man in his own order: Christ the firstfruits; afterward they that are Christ's at his coming.
27.        Then cometh the end, when he shall have delivered up the kingdom to God, even the Father; when he shall have put down all rule and all authority and power.
28.        For he must reign, till he hath put all enemies under his feet. The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death!” KJV.
29.        The last enemy is death, let’s clap our hands to God, finish it, “This two must be defeated and ended”. Let me tell you, no matter the comfort I enjoy in this present world, I am not at ease. My soul is longing when He, Christ will bring this death to a final defeat, when there will never be a day I will remember that one day I am going to die; it will never come in to my thought. I am not talking spiritually now, No I am not talking spiritually. I am not talking spiritually.
30.        Spiritually, advance payment has been made but I am talking about the physical possession of this immortal body. The war started in the spiritual realm and became manifest in the physical. It is no longer a spiritual warfare now. It is now both physical and spiritual because God is no longer a spirit without body, He is a spirit with body, not only with theophany body but also with a physical body.
31.        God is still a tenant until he has defeated this last enemy. I am longing for a period when I will stay eternally with Him so that, not maybe one day when you look for me and you do not see me, you weep. No! That thought will not rise again. No! That language will not arise again, let me weep now.
32.        Brethren, you have pulled me contrary. You see, God is not foolish, He knows what He is doing. I am trying to say that the battle still lies ahead that the war isn’t over for as children of God, we are not in a hurry, we know that we are going to manifest but as at now, we know that it is revealed that we are children of God.
33.        I know who I am, you know who you are but the world do not know us because we are not yet made manifest. William Branham in his day called it “forty days walkabout”. That is the great manifestation hour. Then Christ will lead His Army. You know whom Christ is, I mean not to interpret Who He is.
34.        I am saying brethren, your attitude presently depends on the way you are still seeing the truth of the Gospel. Do you know there is Gospel? Yet there is truth of the Gospel. You may believe the Gospel, Jesus preached sermons openly, that is a sermon, that is a Gospel but in the inner circle, you will see the truth of the Gospel.
35.        He will ask them: Ha-ha, are you still without understanding like the people who just heard sermon like that?” To them it is hidden away but to you, I want you to understand what the truth of this Gospel is. Thus, if you do not know that you will err then, battle is still on.
36.        I believe in all these good things God is giving to us to prosper both physically and spiritually. Remember, the purpose of God revealing His children, sending them down to Earth is to come down with them, stay here fight the battle, bring these spirits under subjection and then Christ will now establish the kingdom physically, which at the end you will no longer know or hear: “Brother, we went to a burial service”.
37.        Any day I discover that the only purpose of God sending us here is after clapping hands then He will bury us, and that is the end of my race, let me tell you, that God is not worthy to be worshiped. There was a target for all the pilgrims that ran this race before us and what was the target: that this tabernacle will be dropped and then we will put on the immortal tabernacle.
38.        That was why when the Son of Man told us His experience concerning our Brother Gibson, I believed it. Whom did he see? It was Brother Gibson. There is no atomic bomb, there is no nuclear weapon, there is no AK 47, there is no motor accident that can crush that body that was seen along Benjamin Street Onitsha.
39.        No weapon discovered, no weapon invented can abolish that body. Yet, it was the type of the “real” that is following every true child of God. Branham in his day said that your theophany body is always around you. All that are happening today is signifying that we are approaching the end and then every true child of God should not allow anything on Earth to becloud his or her eyes.
40.        Do not allow your testimony to only end in: “God is good to me, I have raised a house. See in this ministry I have built a house. See, I am now changing dresses; I am now feeding very well. You see, all I asked for, everything is around me.” If that limits your vision and you think that you have arrived the Paradise, you are only fooling yourself.
41.        I thank God, He told us that the land they are struggling for is our own. In other words, Paradise is on Earth, it is not in any other place and I believe that man must live on Earth for one day at least, because our whole aim is that He will bring us to accomplish that one day rest, before you talk of immortality.
42.        Is it not a shameful thing that since man was created, the oldest man that ever lived according to history (as the Bible recorded) is nine hundred and sixty and nine years. Every day you are struggling, before you know it now, you will start stooping low.
43.        Let me just give you an instance, the Son of Man told us this thing many years ago that when you see snakes, a time comes when they shell the scale; the old snake that has stayed over one hundred and something years, when you look at it, it will be so plump like a baby wearing fresh body, yet it is the same snake.
44.        That was why when William Branham had a vision many years ago, he said that he saw beyond the curtain which is the message He promised to hand down very soon. He said over there, brothers and sister were hugging one another, saying: “Thank God, oh God bless you”. But he did not recognize them. Some said: Don’t you know me? I am your first wife, Hope.” The other one said: “I am this sister that was ninety years old but look at me, I am now young.” What happened? They were renewed, they knew who they are.
45.        You know there were many nuggets we have been receiving all these while, when they go out you think I do not understand but I went ahead meditating that God will help me understand this truth more and more.
46.        What am I trying to say? If I reincarnate and I do not recognize who I am, it is profitless. If it was only Elijah and Jesus Christ that can recognize that they are Christ, then it is useless coming to Earth.
47.        That was why heathens that did not know the truth about it, once a child is born, they will go to a native doctor, they will ask him: “We have given birth to a boy, who is he?” They will be enquiring because they want to know, but he that refuses the new name, at the fullness of time must know whom he is.
48.        If you are Peter, you must know you are Peter, your age not minding. If you are John, you must know you are John, your age not minding because God will make it a revelation in your heart.
49.        Not when we are talking about Moses, talking about Judas, Jezebel, you are trying to guess, sometimes you try to reject it saying, “I do not want to be Judas! I do not want to be Jezebel! I want to be Joshua.”
50.        No! I say very soon those questions must be settled in your hearts. God will settle all because when you arrive we know that you have arrived.

51.        We are still going on. We are coming. When I said “we”, I am not saying of any other thing than the ministers of the truth of the Gospel which we also have in your midst, not foreigners.
52.        They will be speaking to you by day and by night, they have been speaking. They are still the same people you know to breakdown all that have been hanging all this while so that everybody will know his or her  position.
53.        When you make noise you know where you are standing. When you jump up, you know where you are standing. When you dance, you know why you are dancing.  If there is time for me to get some archeological materials, I would have brought it and read before you so that you know that the hour we are living in should be taken seriously.
54.        God is telling us that everything is pointing to the Middle East; something dangerous must happen there, believe it. If you read the publication “This Generation in Prophecy,” the Son of Man wrote something there.
55.        When he was talking about the wars, He said, “This is not what I am talking about now. Will there be war at the end?” Not world war. He said: “Yes, surely there will be war, but that is the long awaited Armageddon war. The last action Israel is going to take against Palestine is going to create a lot of hostility to the extent that nations will rise against them including America. But this is not the matter at stake now.” Then He packed it there.
56.        We read the book but we ignored that paragraph because in that paragraph is what will be making you to warm up because it is a calendar.
57.        As of last night news, Israel used tanks to kill a lot of Palestinians and the world is not happy. They keep on doing many, many things because one day the world will remember Israel, Israel will have no friend and their only defense will be God and God alone. They will not be defeated but many of them will be killed, they will suffer, they will pass through tribulations. 
58.        I was happy last week when the voice was telling us about Pope; what he is about to do and his plans and Israel’s plan to enter into agreement with European Union for seven years. He said that by the time they will discover what is going on, it will be too late, then they will react and the whole people will rise up against them.
59.        Thus, they as well know that they are not friend of this world. Let me tell you every Jew knows that they are not friend with the Gentiles, no matter their interaction they still know that they are heathens, despised and rejected by the whole world. They are not comfortable with any nation. Even if they go in to any agreement, like you heard, it is by deceit.
60.        Thus, any child of God that feels comfortable in this present world, with the events around us, if you are still comfortable, if you are not desperate, if your spirit is not yearning for more and more truth towards immortality, let me tell you, there is a question mark in him or her.
61.        Last week, the Son of Man was rehearsing before us, some of the prophecies we heard from the very beginning and I said they are true, because I have studied some of them over and over. Let me tell you, a time comes when children of God used to watch prophecies by their Prophets, it is no longer mainly stopping at doctrines or teachings or lifestyles but you watch prophecies that went forth through your Prophets.
62.        It was at a time like this that Daniel was watching prophecies of Jeremiah knowing how many years that it took. It was a time like this that people like Moses counted the calendar, heard the prophecy and what God told their father Abraham concerning their stay in Eygpt, they were sure that it was now time to get ready.
63.        If you look at the whole nation, it appears everybody is saying we have arrived. William Branham in his day said something, he said: “You preachers, you Pentecostals, I indict you because you contradict your testimony; your confessions by your character. You promise people that God is going to burn the world with fire, that the disaster is coming, that God is going to burn up this Earth, but you go ahead owning skyscrapers, multimillion dollars, telling the people that God is going to destroy this Earth, you are not worthy of the Gospel of Christ.”
64.        Yet God said that if you are building, go ahead building; if you are marrying; go ahead marrying. In closing he said, “Remember that wherever the man’s treasure is, there his heart is.”
65.        Last week, we were warned to take heed of the motives why we are in this Faith.  There is a motive why I am in this Faith; there must be something you heard from the beginning. When Son of Man gave some instances like, some that said they never believed us, but when they heard us preach the message of grace, they said: “Truly, God is with this people. I know God is here now, I know God is here!”
66.        That day reminded me of the prophecies I read some years ago and then I went fresh into it recently, and that prophecy went through the lips of our Brother, the Son of Man. It was very lengthy. There, He was calling the congregation mockers! He said, “Woe betide you”. At a point, that prophecy said: “Watch! Watch out! Church, watch out! Many that did not believe you in the beginning, they will come, they will come, watch out, every bench will be filled”. That was the language in the prophecy, every bench he said will be filled, everywhere filled.
67.        The voice went further, “People that did not believe my message from the beginning, they will come and believe. Now they said we have believed, are they going to be a blessing? They will not be a blessing, they will not be a blessing, watch out, they will come! They will come!”
68.        If there is a time all our benches will be filled like we heard last week, it is now. And I must tell you, that’s why I have challenged a lot of brethren that said a lot of things around me. I asked: “When did this testimony start?” They said, “When we were under the law?” Which law?
69.        I know from the time the Apostle was commissioned we never preached any message of Law, he preached Christ. It is like what the Prophet said in Mixed-Multitude: “Tell the tares I have identified them, I am going to uproot them”. From that time we were strict. We read the message of marriage 1995 and it brought life to many, was it law?
70.        Read all our old jotters, tell me, where was Law? Tithe was abolished from the time the commission started. We never paid tithe from the day the commission started, we were drinking alcohol, starting from my own parlor from 1992. We never went to the Temple with turtle dove, we never observed Sabbath day, nothing at all.
71.        We were not even observing fasting and praying according to the Law, rather we used to have convocations. When there were cases, the Lord will call us, summon us at His Instruction, He will say that even infants will not eat until this matter is sorted out. Then when did the Law come?
72.        What is more, we believe that when we were born into this world that no law existed because already Christ had died and has taken care of the Law. Then when did this ministry come under the Law? But people came up and started standing at the altar, some composed song with it: “When we where under the Law, we saw many things in the wilderness”, because we were obedient to the instruction we received from the very beginning. It has been instructions, commandments, instructions; that’s all.
73.        Then maybe what became Grace was the sexual intercourse. Maybe that was what became Grace. However, I thank God for the voice that said: “If that was what you heard and came in, you are perishing, you are perishing”. Let’s keep that one there because some may now say, “Bishop, you do not believe the thing again?” I believe in Grace and will ever believe in Grace.
74.        I read that prophecy and that prophecy kept saying, “Back to the beginning, back to the beginning, back to the beginning.” That is why no message of the beginning is rehearsed in this sanctuary without a revival starting up in the flock because some of those doctrines
75.        Let me tell you, this Pillar of Fire, I never saw one from 1998. All these were taken in 1996 and that was the climax of the ministry, from 1992 to 1997, that was the climax. However, I am trying to say something, that the God whom we are worshipping, that is still in our midst, vindicated all that was preached in this sanctuary from 1992 to 1997 which you called the message of the Law.
76.        Who were calling it law? Mockers, scoffers in the camp. Bring back the tapes let us slot them in, we will see that they were just pure truth but the only thing then was that they were harsh, hard truth and they were the bones that made the people become what they are. Hence, if we drink alcohol today that does not mean you are a member of Grace message, because right from  the Law, alcohol was being taken.
77.        Understand the teachings we have received, that will help you to line up with the instructions that were received, that will help me. Know it that the strictness of the Gospel is still abounding, that is why in one of the Epistles Apostle wrote, He said, “You can bear me witness that in all these years, I have maintained the strictness of an Apostle, and that strictness was misconstrued to be Law.”
78.        Thus, any minister that will come up tomorrow preaching this message in its strictness as we received it from the very beginning, many in this Church will term it as taking us back to the Law.
79.        Thus, be careful of what you believe, be convinced of the truth that brought you in this Faith. The truth that brought you in this Faith will determine the type of life you will live and then the life you live will help your vision to be long-ranged or short-ranged concerning your spiritual life as a child of God.
80.        Because it was the moment the children of God lost their experience that they started playing at Kadesh-Barnea in those days, everybody thought the battle was over. There is a way the message will go in the Church and I will chill in my bone when it is coming out through the mouth of the Son of Man. Sometimes you do not know God. I fear when He is in the Church speaking to us through a human being.
81.         Do you know God? God was so great that He did not allow Moses, Aaron after all their labour, to see that land, despite the plea. Aaron ahead of time was dropped, Moses along the line was dropped and then the children of God continued. This thing I am saying now, flew into my heart either when Apostle Kelechi or the Son of Man was speaking.
82.        He made a statement that made me to go back searching and meditating through the scriptures, I said, “God!” That was the day somebody was talking about re-circumcision maybe through the Son of Man. He said something about re-circumcision, I took the Bible and read that account but I came across something that made my bones to knock together: the scripture recorded that all that left Egypt, “all” of them died there in the wilderness and then God commanded Joshua to circumcise the people born in the wilderness. They were not part of the first circumcision.
83.        For that reason they were now circumcised. They did not know what circumcision was all about. There was no place it was written in the Bible that those that were circumcised will be circumcised with knife again, but is was those that do not know what circumcision is all about that full the wilderness because war has killed both leaders and chiefs, there was nothing they have again.
84.        When it was being discussed it seems like it is a myth. And Joshua started circumcising them, one by one; before they know it, they have already been circumcised; they all went to their tents and laid down, none of them went out that day. They stayed some days, maybe three days according to that record. Nobody went outside until that thing was over.
85.         I say God may it not be so unto us. You see, the circumcision we know today is no other thing than you accepting the truth of the Gospel into your life. I, accepting it into my life and then you see the true fellowship going. True fellowship takes place in the spirit before it takes place in the body. You can dance around yet fellowship is not going on.
86.        What am I saying brethren? In this background, if the Son of Man said that I am coming to give a teaching; teaching means things you tabled down well, well; line by line; precept upon precept. But I was not well equipped for that. Hence, I decided to exhort you briefly.
87.        Children of God the battle is yet not over, we have not yet arrived anybody saying we have arrived tell the person no, we have not yet arrived. And that was why he told us in the beginning that we should not forget those things our eyes have seen, our ears have heard lest a time will come when we feel we have arrived. We have not yet arrived until this mortal body is dropped, until this supernatural body reigns, we have not yet arrived.
88.        Then you should have this vision in your heart. I mean your sword will be on, you keep on fighting, your sword will be on. It is because people feel they have arrived that is why we are hearing warning: Our brother stop going to work, why don’t you go to fellowship.”
89.        A time came when this vision was in the mind of many, nobody reminds you to come to fellowship. That thing that will hinder you, you try to fight it because the vision is fresh in your heart, that’s what I am trying to remind you. It is because this vision has eluded the hearts of many: you ask for food, you get it; you ask for house, you get it; you ask for cloth, you get it; you ask for pleasure, you get it; you feel you have arrived.
90.        There is no present comfort that can comfort you against the disaster that will befall the world. The only comfort is for you to remain where God have kept you, keep following that path until you see yourself putting on that immortal body. We are not exaggerating immortality but the truth is that it is real. It is real and that is what our hearts is longing for. Amen.

I have in mind to read this: “Stand Still and I Will Show You the Word of God”. I will read this epistle to remind you of some things. Chapter 4, page 37 of Great Sermon. Verse 29: “We who preach the word of salvation have the same faith with the one who brought the salvation. Believers are only hated because of the word of truth which they hold without compromise even in the face of death”.
2.           Note, even in the face of death. We preach what we preach in this Gospel truth without compromise. I preached a message many years ago a sermon titled “Social Life versus Christianity”. They are two different types of life we are here because we will reflect the son-ship. We reflect the image of He that has sent us here. We do not have two visions and that is the purpose why he came.
3.           That was why Saint Paul in his day addressed the children of God as soldiers of the Cross. A child of God is a soldier of the Cross and he dares not relax until the final battle trumpet is blown. That’s why I said that it is not yet over until that thing that is called the last enemy (death) is brought to complete annihilation.
4.           Saint Paul told his people in his day that they should put on the whole amour of Christ. We are warring, but instead of living as soldiers many are now living as “agbada men” (civilians). In the warfare that went forth in Iraq, anybody that thought it is just play-play, you know he is going! Until you agree that the war is over no soldier will go about playing away his life. If you go about there with only women being your headache or ordinary alcohol being your headache, or looting the properties in Iraq being your headache; let it be known to you that the warfare there will swallow you.
5.           That is why I believe what our Brother IK the teacher taught many years ago that we are sailing in a ship. Like the world, you know it is a multitude of water. We are in a ship, really going across; passing across temptations and trials which are the storms of life. We are sailing. As long as a man is in a ship he has to be very, very conscious because the world is full of ocean, left and right.
6.           He was also saying that day, the day he turned the pyramid upside down, “I believe in balancing God’s word and do not preach a Gospel that is one-sided, preach the Gospel that is balanced. Any day you preach a Gospel that is one-sided, you cause fanaticism, you cause trouble”. Yes I believe that to be truth, yes I believe that pyramid because the pyramid is the rock and I believe that the children of God are hidden in the Rock of Ages. We use them to type our messages.
7.           When you are hidden in that Rock you dare not get away from that Rock, you remain where you are placed. That’s why that pyramid that is in Egypt which is a type of what is drawn here, no weapon, no missile, no bomb has ever succeeded in breaking it into pieces, it has lasted centuries. It has always remained intact, year in year out. So, it is solid ground. Anything that is hidden therein cannot be tampered with.
8.           When a child of God is hidden in Christ being the Rock of Ages, no matter the weapon you form, you cannot destroy the person. While we are still on Earth brethren, we come to fellowship and make our joyful noise. Well, that is good if you are a child of God but if you are not a child of God, you will say: Let them talk the way they used to talk. What is brother trying to tell us today? Is he trying to say that he is now spiritual?”
9.           We are not interested on how many people that are in the Church hailing us but we are mindful of the few that are ready to obey the Word. To a true Prophet of God, if a time comes when people are not interested to hear him he will come openly and say, “Earth hear the voice of the Lord; Earth hear the voice of the Lord; I have declared it.”
10.        If ministers come to the pulpit and hand down the truth of the Gospel and you turn around and say: “Well, that is the way that brother used to talk, what he says is always somehow”. That is up to you, it depends from where you are taking your pleasure.
11.        THUS, WE PREACH THIS GOSPEL WITHOUT COMPROMISE. WE HAVE FOUGHT THE WAR, WE CAN TESTIFY THAT THE BATTLE HAS BEEN FOUGHT OUTSIDE BUT THE LAST BATTLE NOW IS WITHIN. WE HAVE TOLD THE WORLD THE WHOLE TRUTH. There was a time when their faces used to change, when we were telling them the hard truth but a time has come when the last truth will be certain among us.
12.        You are not yet a child of God until the truth is given to you in a harder way. A time came in the time of William Branham, in his day he travelled and was coming in, a man was on the pulpit, they met him on the pulpit preaching a very hard message as he received it from the beginning and then he kept on preaching and preaching, he did not know that the Prophet has returned from his trip and was sitting back there. The man was preaching the hard way.
13.        A time came then he made an altar call like it was being made in their day. Immediately he finished making the altar call the person they saw lying present in the altar was William Branham. When William Branham was praying and crying the man left the pulpit, fell down at the altar and was crying: Lord what have I spoken that could bring your servant to this sacred place, I am worse than him.”
14.        William Branham was saying: “Lord I am a man, nobody is above this hard truth”. While all of them were roaming at the altar, there were tears everywhere. I do not know whether Apostle Kelechi has ever come in contact with what I am saying. I used it as an instance, nobody is above hard truth.
15.        If this household wants to survive, we should always begin to say hard truth to one another not only from one mouth or two mouths, it must be from every member, take it as a decision that the love you show your brother must be the love of telling him nothing but the hard truth. If it is in your family tell it your wife, tell it to your brother, if it is in this Santuary, tell it to one another because nobody wants to perish.
16.        That’s why I told you that as Prophets of God, they prophesy, they discern, they declare all that God tells them but if people are not ready to heed, why will they declare? Because they know that if the people will be taken into captivity, they as well will be taken into captivity.
17.        There was nothing Jeremiah did not tell his people concerning the evils they were doing yet they hardened up. Like we used to hear the voice spoken in this Church. People hardened up. But do you know one amazing thing? When they were taken to captivity, Jeremiah came with all the Prophets, Daniel was there, everybody were now in Babylon. There was confusion.
18.        Yes, that’s what Babylon means – confusion. That’s why I said it can never be well with Babylon. Like the Son of Man is telling us physically or spiritually, it can never be well with Babylon, it will forever remain God’s enemy. For the first Ecumenical movement started in Babylon; that was where the tower of Babel was. Those that troubled children of God were Babylonians, like we heard them in Jeremiah, because they have been God’s enemy, they are a city of confusion.
19.        You see brethren, in the beginning of this ministry the Son of Man told us and I believe it to be true, that truth is truth no matter who speaks it. In that message, He said that even if the Pope of Rome says it, if it is truth, it is truth; if it is a heathen that said it, if it is truth it is truth. Truth is truth no matter who said it.
20.        In the year 2000 if it was possible we would have apologized to the world because we were the people that said whatever that was said. If you read the beginning of the publication “This Generation In Prophecy” where he said, “Ye mortal men don’t you know that this generation have come to an end, If there was no 2001BC how do you expect that there will be 2001AD?”
21.        We said it, we wrote it, and we declared it. You know the problem we are having in this congregation is that we are now beginning to fear to tell ourselves the truth. If we start telling ourselves the truth, God who is in our midst will continue his work more and more. Even, we are sincerely wrong; we said it, we are not the first to make prediction.
22.        William Branham in his day, if you do not know it, made a prediction concerning the year 1977 when he preached the message: “70 weeks of Daniel”. There he said: “I am not saying, thus saith the Lord but I am saying thus saith  William Branham. By the way things are going, by the Jewish calendar, the Roman calendar, I predict; hear me, I am not saying thus saith the Lord, I predict by 1977 the Gentile world will come to an end.”
23.        That was a prediction, there was nothing wrong there. Another evil that befell us then was that whoever that typed that book killed us. One, he never separated the newspaper excerpts putting them in italics as quotes differentiating it from what the Son of Man is telling us in our day.
24.        Hence, whatever people read they read it one way. But in this case like what I said, our Brother IK said we should take it seriously. Seriously in the sense that what lies ahead of the world now is destruction upon destruction; disaster upon disaster; wickedness upon wickedness; iniquity upon iniquity; because there is no place you can lay hand on to declare this present world a blessed world.
25.        This present world is not a blessed world. It is still an accursed world. That’s why Apostle Kelechi, you can remember where our brother preached some messages years ago, where he was talking about baptism of fire, the last thing that will happen to this Earth is baptism of fire when God will set this world ablaze by destroying this world and then burn off this planet Earth, cleanse it; that is the final cleansing. Then you can expect blessing, then you know that it is no longer a world you will sow a seed and expect fertilizer to help it. No, it is no longer the time when you will be eating something and dying.
26.        What am I saying brethren? I will read one other note. I will say only one thing, in all I have said so far, term it one thing: THERE IS STILL BATTLE AHEAD. THERE IS STILL DESTRUCTION AHEAD. Who will welcome it? It is not he that says that he is a member of the household. Those that will welcome it are really, the true children of God. They know they are children and they will welcome it, they have this consciousness in them.
27.        We cannot be shouting at you, we will not have to tell you to go back to the beginning; we will not have to remind you our doctrine; in your marriage we will not have to tell you what to do because I know we touched the issues that are causing trouble in marriage.
28.        Many of us know what is causing problem in many homes. Some husbands know it, some wives equally know it but they do not want to tell themselves the truth. We do not want to tell ourselves the truth and anybody that does not what to tell him or herself the truth must continue to have crisis. However, anybody that tells himself the truth, God knows your level and the extent you know, and your family will be in peace. Anything you like say.
29.        We heard about the position of husbands in the introductory part of the Son of Man’s exhortation. There is no medicine that binds a family together more than love and truth, that is the greatest medicine because where there is love, truth is there and that love covers somebody’s mistakes, covers your shortcomings, that love understands you, that love understands you, then why should you not live together in love? When love and truth are walking together you will witness peace.
30.        I want to read another thing. The Epistle, chapter 5 Page 40. I am coming down, I am not going to preach. It’s been a long time, I was told to come in this pulpit. Pastor called, I said no that he should please exercise patience for me; I am not running. I came to the pulpit just to read the Epistle.
31.        Page 40 verse 8: “Anybody that has experienced forgiveness of sin and reconciliation for iniquity is the only person that can manifest the divine love of God which does no harm to anybody because it is absolutely good. God himself is love and all who are born of God, do love all his children but the enemy, one that is on the opposing side will always want to hurt and even kill them.”
32.        If you love your wife you will not keep her at the opposite side and you will not desire to kill her. If you love your husband, you cannot make him your enemy.
33.        What I am trying to say is this: that what keeps the fellowship lively is this love and truth. The little I have dropped here today is just to tell you that I am not running away from this very pulpit. I have a lot to say, if it is coming as  teaching, notify me ahead of time so that I will substantiate myself with a lot of materials that will help somebody.
34.        But today, Apostle Kelechi asked me whether I was the one going to the pulpit, I said, “Well, I did not prepare for that.” It is like what we used to say in this Church: “I do not believe that there is anybody sitting down here believing nothing at all”.
35.        Everybody sitting down in the fellowship believes one thing or the other. No vessel is vacant. If it is not filled with water it is filled with air. Thus, do not tell us that you do not believe something, stop saying that! You believe something and everybody knows you believe something but that thing you believe may run contrary to my belief. Not that it is not true because one problem people have is this: a truth might be brought to focus, maybe because of the person that said it, you just keep it into dustbin because you do not like the face, you do not like the person. After all he is too small or he is too big and for that reason you do not want to take the truth.
36.        But if a truth is brought into focus you can only be patient, do not call it false unless you are sure it is false, if you are not sure wait until the revelation strikes you because from the beginning we were taught that as long as you are sitting down in the Presence God,  revelation can speak to the heart of Brother Sam while Brother Mode will not hear.
37.        Anything might go out openly but the understanding will differ; the revelations might differ. That’s why we are forging ahead little by little, getting all that are in our armoury to draw the children of God to the great magnet which is the everlasting truth from God.
38.        In conclusion brethren, remain in the battle, if you are a child of God, remain in the battle. From the very beginning the warfare has always been in the household. Yes, the warfare or the true revelation has always been in the household because Cain and Abel were in the same family. That’s why I keep on telling you that not everyone sitting down in the fellowship is a child of God.
39.        Why? Abel have the real revelation of God, he had to offer acceptable sacrifice, his brother Cain did not know but they were in the same house, in the same family, God was speaking to both of them. As a result, be careful to re-examine where you fit in, where you belong.
40.        The summary of what I am saying is that in the end it must be remnant. In the beginning it was remnant, in the middle it was remnant, in the end it must be remnant few. It must be a few. God has a way of doing His things.
41.        Thus, if while you are sitting down with us and the only way you know I am your brother is by the time I dance with you, it then means you do not believe the scripture.
42.        If the only testimony you have is because of the miracles, it is because of the signs or the healings or the financial assistance, let me tell you, a child of God while on transit has a guide and that is that Shekinah Cloud; God Himself guiding him wherever he goes and that Shekinah Cloud is no other thing but the truth which is God Himself.
43.        If you take him to Deeper Life Church, his eyes are still there (on the Shekinah Cloud). Immediately the thing leaves he will follow. When the thing walks into Grace of God Mission, he will remain fixing his eyes there. Immediately the thing moves he will move. When the thing will take him and moves into End-time Message, he will sit down there. Immediately the thing moves he will move too. The Shekinah Cloud will go into the Church at Onitsha, he will remain and will never remove his eyes from that one.
44.        What is more, he that is leading the children of God has not stopped, He is still moving. If you believe, I say that He is still moving and that’s why we are following.
45.        Brethren the only way we can achieve this is by doing whatever He instructs us to do, only in this way can we abide in Him as a branch and can then bear good fruits. God has always instructed His people on what to do and that is the only way of success and victory. And He can say “go ahead”, He can say “stop,’ He can say “move rightward,” He can say “move leftward”.
46.        There are many things we will share with one another as we continue, that is why I said I still believe in fivefold ministry. If it is not necessary, God would not have distributed His Spirit. God believes in diversities of gifts in order to keep His children alive.
47.        In the days of Moses, that was why he distributed the spirit that when we come as family of God, he gave some apostles, some Prophets, that’s why I keep on asking: Since this ministry started who are our Prophets? Our Prophet is not William Branham. Remember he was the Prophet but we have Prophets.
48.        I have witnessed hands laid on Apostles, I have witnessed hands laid on Evangelists, on Pastors and Teachers. I have witnessed hands laid on Deacons, Bishops but I have never seen one called Prophet. It is a different topic.
49.        Let me tell you what I am trying to say. You know we call David God in his day. Is that true? I am trying to buttress the point that any other office, no matter how little, do not belittle that voice because even if he is speaking nonsense, there may be a little sense there. That is the secret of survival of the people of God because we build revelations upon revelations, revelations upon revelations.
50.        If it is a Deacon, hear him; if it is the Spirit of God speaking through him, the Spirit of God in you will testify that it is from God. It is not today that a child of God received the spirit of God, I am telling you the truth. Before you can hear a message and say it is true, who told you that it is true? It is because you have walked and talked with God before you became a human being, so you know what God is.
51.        You talked with Him; you walked with Him before ever you came to Earth. You walked with truth, you talked with truth before you became a human. That’s why if you join a false group, something in you will resent it even if somebody has not said anything about it, even when everybody is jumping, and screaming hallelujah, hallelujah; something in you will keep on saying contrary until you move.
52.        Then a little while you will hear somebody speaking and you will say: “Yes sir that’s true, yes sir, glory, hallelujah!” What is moving you? Why did you say it is truth? Why are you rejoicing? You have a token, you have a deposit, you have a witness, you have a receptor that is planted in you to receive that same message.
53.        All these things are beneficial in the Kingdom of God. Let every minister that is really a minister of the Gospel speak the truth of the Gospel as it is revealed in your heart to help your brother, to help your sister.
54.        Let me tell you what I am trying to say. David was God in his day and yes we believe it, he is a man after God’s own heart but one day he walked contrary, he counted people, conducted census and was doing a lot of things that he was not sent to do, but one day a silent man called Nathan that was not publicly mentioned; nobody knows the man in the village, he walked towards David and told him a story of a rich man, a sheep and a poor man that had only one sheep.
55.        When he was telling the story, David declared: “This man has to be beheaded” and the man said: “Thou art the man the Lord has spoken concerning you. Hear the voice of the Lord: Why did you do this? Why did you do that?” And then David fell down.
56.        That was when ministers were ministers, when we, men of God, were men of God; very sincere in receiving the truth no matter where it came from. And the man that we call God, why didn’t he hear the voice? Why did the voice of his actions go to somebody else? That was the office of Prophet Nathan.
57.        That is why I keep on telling brethren as many as love the truth, anytime I preach this Gospel, make sure that you declare the truth to me and leave me there. Just declare the truth, do not worry about what I will do with the truth.
58.        You know this is the secret of fortifying a family. Pastors, you know we ministers, there are a lot of things ministers of nowadays do not do. Many things the Son of Man will come to the pulpit and preach, like Jesus will say openly, everybody will say “yah!” Then the moment He goes to His closet those that call themselves Prophets and disciples will say: “Master we did not understand this, please explain it to us”.
59.        If we that answer ministers in this very day will come to a point where we have God’s nature, if there are things we do not understand, we go to Him and say: What speaketh thou like this.” Not when we gather we toil it away with wine, toil it away with drink and with other testimonies then the household will be starved.
60.        Thus, let us take time, many things have been brought before us. Open the old message: “Evil Effect of Unbelief”. Let us bring down those messages to the understanding of the people. When a man hears aright he acts aright and I believe that what will make us forge ahead as a good family is to obey exactly the voice we heard to go back to the beginning.
61.        However, I am sure that many sitting down in the Church will no longer welcome the beginning. The beginning was not Law, it was Grace in the beginning and must remain Grace till the end. Grace means nothing than unmerited favour, do not give Grace any other interpretation. It means no other thing than: I standing here, I do not merit to be here but God counted me worthy and placed me into this ministry, that’s all.
62.        That same God called a criminal and set him free, called a harlot and set her free. That is why I keep on telling some that if Christ met you at the hotel and picked you as a harlot, do not begin to brag that Christ met you as a prostitute and then he told you to continue in your harlotry.
63.        If He met me as an armed robber and you join the family, you will start jumping: Grace of God Jesus met me as an armed robber and he told me to go ahead.” No, rather He will tell you go and sin no more. He said through the lips of Paul saying, “He that steals, steal no more.” When you have this perfect understanding it will reflect in your conduct. It will reflect in our order, it will reflect in our character. It will reflect in our doctrine, it will reflect in our revelation; all of us will be speaking the same thing.
64.        I know this voice may be unpopular but one day the voice of  God which He has given us from the very beginning will swallow up all the ungodly. One day, because very soon in the world now, they are rejoicing, they are possessing Nigeria, they are controlling everything, they are controlling the oil, they are controlling the economy and the children of God are walking as beggars, managing their lives with the little resources God has given them.
65.        But one day those people that were pushed by the side, they will control the affairs of the whole world. That’s what I am trying to say. If what I have said so far, you feel that it is not the voice of truth, you are free to fight against it, but I know that nothing can make this Gospel-truth to be compromised.
66.        Very soon when God will give me the opportunity to x-ray or to expatiate or to break or to share into pieces, in short I should not use that word “break” because I do not believe what the Bible recorded that the children of God will divide the word of truth. Who are you to divide the word of truth? The answer is emphatically no.
67.        How can you divide the word of truth and it will stand?  Rather every true child of God, every true man of God will rightly declare, reveal or preach the word of truth. Thus, when we come into the Church; one, we will have opportunity to get these doctrines that are in block, or revelation that are in block right, we will declare them, preach them for everybody to get his own portion if they are too bulky for me to carry home.
68.        HOWEVER, I DO NOT SEE ANYTHING LIKE PARABLE THERE BECAUSE EVERY MAN MUST GO THE WAY HE IS ORDAINED. On this note I am still saying what I am saying, that I am sitting down on the bench, nobody benched me rather I decided that any day I felt led to come to the pulpit, prepared, I will come on my own.
69.        I believe in preaching inspired message. You can call it inspired of God or inspired of the Devil, whichever way, but let it be under the leadership of God. Thus, I did not go on holiday I do not know also when next I will come across your way but because the Son of Man has said that I should give a teaching this morning, I am now available for that teaching.
70.        Any day you deem fit for me to come for a teaching, I will be available but tell me ahead of time so that I will bring materials that can help all of us. Remain blessed. Amen.


Remain blessed brethren. I am very happy the way the Lord has moved this morning. He has laid a good background for Me to speak on.
2.           You see, God can do many things we cannot understand. I never knew that Apostle Kelechi asked Bishop Okey whether he will be in the pulpit and I was compelled to bring Bishop Okey to the pulpit and now it is a blessing to me and to all that paid rapt attention.
3.           Sometimes people can hardly pay attention when a message is going out. When you are listening to a message from any minister, look at that message from his office. I called him to come and give us a teaching, I know he is not a teacher but he has taught us. I do not believe that what people call teaching is when I come to the pulpit to turn you to the Bible, to show you one verse or the other, then if I do not show you that, it is not a teaching; I do not believe that.
4.           I thank God I am around, I did not travel. I wanted to go to Eha-amufu but I changed my mind for if I have been there I will be back this day, maybe late. Many of you, if the Bishop had handled this message the way he handled it in this sanctuary, many would have gone home confused.
5.           I have taught you many things, they are all teachings without opening this Bible. Don’t you believe them to be teachings? Even when I talked to you earlier on, it was a teaching that you ought to stay at home as a man from time to time, that your presence can scare away so many things.
6.           However, what if you waited for me to come to the pulpit to turn the pages of the Bible or to come to the pulpit with some testimonies, maybe I should come with reports I collected from many places to prove that what I said is true, I do not have one to give you.   
7.           When a teaching goes forth, understand the symphony of the teaching, find out the office from where the minister is ministering. If he is a Bishop, he is speaking to you from his bishopric office as one that is not a novice; one that is very well-experienced for you do not ordain a novice a bishop. Besides, because he is Bishop he can speak to you from his pastoral office having tutored you before.
8.           He can speak to you from the Apostolic office for he is experienced as one that is called into the office of the Apostle. He can speak to you also as a teacher being a resident minister. He can also speak to you prophetically because every minister speaking under the anointing of God is prophesying. That’s where people make the mistake; I will still speak to you on that.
9.            When the message was going, initially some appeared to be embracing the message but when the Bishop was going evangelical, within the first ten minutes, there was a great response. A little while he went pastoral; to elevated title. A little while he went apostolic and everywhere became silent.
10.        I was assessing everything and many things he said sounded strange to many and they were even looking at him frightfully. They were looking at him frightened as if he was planting a new seed and a new teaching. I even expected him to go further. The brethren were skeptical. I wondered and stopped, they were looking at me, maybe intending that I will halt him.
11.        Halt him for what? When I was praying further that he should come out more and more. If you do not come out, I will not know what you have as your faith because faith is revelation. I believe that God can reveal something to the brother in front seat and a sister sitting next to him will not know. It is revelation.
12.        What is more, that thing which God is revealing to people is His faith. Then, if he holds it as his faith and the sister sitting next to him does not know it and then he locks it up, how can the brother and the sister sitting close to him come to the same unity of the faith?
13.         Since it is trapped, sister does not know it because brother did not let it out. How can sister know it? How can sister attain the same faith?  Must she wait until God also will reveal it to her? Do not allow this thing to get out of your mind. Whatever you call your belief, that is your faith. And your belief is the way you see things; you cannot see things contrary to your belief.
14.        Now, it is not your belief that counts, it is not the way you are seeing it that counts, what matters is the way God sees it. If you see it in a different way from God, no matter how it sounds good to you, you are wrong because whatever you call your belief which is your faith, if it does not agree with the revealed faith of God in your day, you are wrong no matter how you cherish it.
15.        When a man comes to the pulpit, if you love him, what do you do? Pray for him. Say, “God use him to bless me, refill him more with your Spirit to bless me.” No matter what is coming out, pay strict attention otherwise you will misunderstand the whole thing and the message will profit you nothing for you will be left in a big confusion.
16.        I know that for many of you in this Faith, if I will say bye-bye to the teaching or to the sermon, some of you will go home confused today. You do not know where you are standing again because of the way the Bishop spoke to you randomly.
17.        He picked one thing, he touched a little there and then dropped it. He picked another one, touched a little thing there and dropped it. He picked another one, touched a little thing there and dropped it. He touched on different topics and many looked very much confused, it should not be so at all.
18.        I noted these things very well and in the beginning. I will still say and maintain that if we throw our minds back to the year 2000, we owe no apology to the world because whatever we gave there as our table of contents or as preambles, the fullness is contained in the book and all that read the book saw the truth there: that we even dismissed what people called the end of the world. We told them that the end has not yet come.
19.        The same way we told them that there will be war in the middle but that it is not the matter at stake that time. It then means that it will be discussed after. When the world was panicking, God told us not to panic that we should behave like the Israelites; they were not panicking because God was there.
20.        The same way, the Church ought to relax. In the time of storm, remain calm. If you just get a book and you just go to the preface and stop there, you will misjudge that book. You do not know the contents until you read the book.
21.        It is just like when I preached the message titled “The Foolishness of God”, many got up and went away for calling God foolish but as many that did not go away, when the message opened up, they enjoyed the message.
22.        Thus, you just do not hold a topic like that until you go through it. Concerning typographical errors which are very common, I thank God I still have a copy of the book, there were some typographical errors because it was typed by heathens.  But I want to assure you that all the excerpts from newspapers that the typist recorded; taken from some newspapers, the date was also taken. Is that not true? Is that not there?
23.        Anybody who omitted that thing should blame himself. If you are reading a book and at the end of it, all that you have read is taken from so-so and so newspaper dated so-so and so, you know it is not the writer that wrote it, it is an excerpt. You can now go back to the newspaper to know whether it was right or wrong.
24.        But the problem was that too many preachers appeared, too many leaders emerged who used newspaper publications to build up their own messages. The Son of Man used publication from newspapers to show you exactly how the world is feeling about the situation. You saw my own comments below it, for every newspaper excerpt, I said something below, separating myself from the publication.
25.        Besides, what should count is what I said concerning that publication and not what the publication said, but unfortunately that time all the newspapers I received, all that called me names, they made references of publications from newspapers. I thank God I read everything before you in the Church. Thus, I owe no apology to the world.
26.        If you receive a book that is given to you free, you have to be patient enough to read it through before you criticize it. You do not just go through one line and throw it away, no. So please, take note. “No Lie is of The Truth”; “No Deception is of The Truth”; it is a message we have in tape and another one is this: “That the Truth of this Gospel Might Continue in You and Me”.
27.        The essence of our strictness is to make sure that the truth of the Gospel will continue in you and in me. The Great Sermon was published in the year 2001; it was not published under the Law, no. It was in the year 2001 and it was in the opening of that message that I told the whole people that believed in my message that I have maintained the strictness of an Apostle from the very beginning and you are my witnesses.
28.        Even till today I have maintained the same level of strictness. I have never lowered it for one day but the problem is the problem of misconception. In every revival, some people are bound to misunderstand certain things. That was why I gave you a warning when misinterpretation started causing trouble.
29.        I said, “If I preach anything you do not understand, do not go to a brother, do not go to a sister. Rather say: ‘Brother I did not understand, help me.’ Come to me.”
30.         If Brother Kelechi preach something and you did not understand it, do not go to anybody; go to Brother Kelechi and by so doing the problem of misinterpretations which led to some serious errors stopped.  
31.        I have always told you that the greatest problem people normally encounter in this life has always centered on one thing: People have always been deceived by the feelings of their hearts. Another problem that they always have is the problems of inherited knowledge.
32.        It is not easy to flush out inherited knowledge. Let me also repeat what I have earlier told you. I said the same thing in my house recently to a heathen who understood it.
33.        I said that nobody has ever worshipped God using a book. There is no book written by any man which God has ever approved to be the book you will use to worship Him. Starting from the day God created man, no man has ever used any written book to worship God.
34.        Hence, there has never been a book that contains the comprehensive mind of God. Using a book to worship God means limiting God to that book.  He is an idolater that does not believe in what God is saying. That is why there is no book, there is no writing that is adequate, that is competent, that is conclusive enough to be used as God’s absolute.
35.        Even when there was no book God gave Moses the Ten Commandments written in a plate or slate yet it was not God’s absolute. From time to time problems will arise, Moses would go to God and God will speak contrary to what was written in that slate. Is it not true?
36.        If what is written was enough, the only thing he could do was just make a reference there and say, “My friend this is what I want to say,” and that will serve the purpose. But the book will be there and the man of God will consult God and God will give him another instruction that was not even contained in the book, instruction that will even contradict what is already written which was credited to God also.
37.        Was it not God that said: “Thou shall not kill”? Was He not the same person when a problem arose and Moses enquired of him on what to do, He said the man must be killed? At a place he said “thou shall not kill,” at the same place He said, “he must be killed.” You see the problem I am having with you!
38.        You can hardly pay attention so that you can understand. When you make a hell of noise, you fool yourself. Note, nobody will fool you but you will fool yourself. If preacher “A” comes to the pulpit and says God is devil, you will say, “Hey-hey-hey, It is true, it is true!” Another one will come and say, “God is Almighty,” and you will say: “Hey-hey- hey! It is true, it is true!” No, it then means you have believed nothing. So, I believe that somebody can be here and believe nothing.
39.        Someone that does not believe God to be a man, he does not believe God to be a spirit; he is in support of the two, which one does he believe? If you say that God is a man, he will shout: “Hey-hey! It is true, it is true!” If you say that God is not a man he will shout: “Hey-hey! It is true, it is true!” Does he know what he is doing?
40.        Some people are coming to fellowship for coming sake; talk of understanding what we are holding, understanding the revelation of the hour, they do not know.
41.        Another problem you are having is living in the glare of another dispensation. The moment you get away from your dispensation, you must corrupt yourself with a message that was not directed to you. Note it, the moment you see yourself staying away from your own day and its message, you must land in another dispensation with another message that was not directed to your day.
42.        For you to save your life, number one; you must recognize your day. Two; you must recognize the messenger of your day. Three; you must recognize the message of your day for the messenger of your day is the only one holding the message of your day. If he makes references to the messengers that were sent in time past, he is using them to create faith in you to believe in what he is saying but he cannot point you to that message.
43.        What every messenger does is to update any message that is relevant to his day. If Paul preached something and it is relevant to my day and it is a part of the message I have, I will confirm it. If he said something that is not in agreement with my day and its message which God has committed into my hands, I will separate it. Does it mean I will tear it away from the Bible? No.
44.        Remember, there were too many things which Paul said that was not contained in the Bible. Note it, there are too many things Paul preached, which Paul wrote that have no place in the Bible. Do you believe that? Amen.

Now, I want to clear some of the doubts that are in you. Number one is immortality. What is immortality? If you do not know what immortality is all about you will destroy yourself before your time.
2.           However, I think I have brought you to a level where I do not need to dwell on these things again but because many appeared confused after the Bishop’s teaching, that is why it is necessary to touch on these things again.
3.           Right here, I said before that there are people sitting down in this Church that still holding firmly to the message or doctrine of rapture; they still hold firmly that one day they will fly away.
4.           No matter what we preach in this most holy Faith, no matter what William Branham said, such people do you think there is anything I can do to disarm them? Because it is their faith which is their revelation, maybe God has revealed to them that one day He will give them wings and they will fly like Elijah or like Enoch and then they will vanish into the air. Then, the rest of the people that served God they will remain here.
5.           Because I believe that the day Enoch was taken away, there were too many people that were alive, some even died, not even one was taken away except him. On the day Elijah was taken away, at least Elisha was there, there were too many people like the sons of the prophets; not even one went with him. There were people that died, no one fled with him.
6.           Even Jesus the Christ, on the day he resurrected it was recorded that people that died resurrected with him and they went to Galilee, there many eyes saw them but on the day he vanished into the thin air only Jesus vanished. Where were the rest that resurrected from the dead?
7.           Did they resurrect with human body? Did they resurrect with human blood after many years that they were in the grave? Where are they? Brethren, where are they since they did not go away with Jesus, since they did not come back with Jesus?
8.           Whether Jesus came back in spirit or in human form, as long as they did not go with him, they cannot come back with him. Where are they? Could it be that they died again? Have you pondered about Lazarus? Someone who spent four days in the grave until decomposition set in and then Jesus came and said, “Lazarus! Come out, loose him.” He was a man. What happened to him after that?
9.           Could it be that he died again? Do we call that one second death or third one? Could it be that he vanished? Can somebody who was buried about ten or twenty years ago resurrect in human form, having blood, having flesh? Is it possible?
10.        In the case of Jesus people went into the grave, the body was no longer there, only the clothes were there. What can you say in the case of mixed-multitudes who resurrected from the grave, many of old who were buried and they came up alive, human beings saw them, live!
11.        Please follow me gradually. I am trying to touch on immortality. Believe it if you can, only God has immortality. Immortality is the attribute of God, it is the supreme attribute of God. I wrote it there because it was intertwined or interwoven with adoption.
12.        Paul told Timothy, he said: “All glory and honour to the only wise God who alone has immortality”. Did he say that two persons had it? Only God has immortality. How can this immortality come to us?
13.        Now, go back to the beginning, the first man God created, did He make him an immortal man? Is there any evidence, any scripture or history that God conferred immortality on Adam or Eve? If God had conferred immortality on them, there is nothing they will eat, there is no atomic bomb and there is no disease that will cause them to die.
14.        Let me give you an example. Lucifer was made like unto God for he was an angel of God; a messenger of God. God made him like unto Himself; he existed with God when the world was without form. When God became a human being, Satan became a human being.
16.        I thank God when Apostle Kelechi touched a little on that. Yes, he quoted scriptures. Can there be any evil in the city and the Lord has not done it?
17.        Amos 3: 6, “Shall a trumpet be blown in the city, and the people not be afraid? shall there be evil in a city, and the LORD hath not done it?” KJV.
19.        Let me tell you something, you have to know where you are standing. That is why I have always told you that you must be sustained by your personal conviction that this message is either true or false. Then if by your conviction it is false, why are you in this Faith? Why do you want to continue in a false group? Get out! I even documented it.
20.        Even in these last days, I told you I will no longer excommunicate anybody but individuals are free to excommunicate themselves. That you can excommunicate yourself and still come down and sit down in the fellowship. Your position in the body notwithstanding.
21.        Nobody is saved because of his position in the body of Christ. There is no position that you occupy that will save you. What will save you is your faith in Christ and Christ is always revealed. If Christ is revealed in your day and if you have faith in Him, you are saved.
22.        Do you know that many sitting down in the fellowship do not believe that Christ is nothing but the Anointed One, The Messiah, The Saviour? Even where it was clearly written in the same Bible they quote and the Prophet confirmed it that Christ is nothing but the Anointed One. Anointed with what? He is anointed with the fullness of the Spirit of God.
24.        If God wants human beings to behold Him and His Glory, He will veil Himself in a man and they will see Him through that man. Yes, the Greeks will see a human being, the world will see a mere man and the elect will see God. It has been like that.
25.        What is immortality? It is a state where you cannot die; an indestructible estate. Then the question arises: who and who were promised this immortality?
26.        Let us start from the beginning. Who was the first person that was promised immortality? Secondly, when was immortality brought into focus? Saint Paul said that God has brought immortality into focus through Christ by the preaching of this sermon.
27.        If Christ is never revealed, immortality can never be brought into focus. You just have it as a feeling of your mind. What you call immortality is not what God calls immortality.  Your interpretation of immortality is one million miles away from what God calls immortality.
28.        Going by what Saint Paul preached, both first and second resurrections, they have all gone and people do not know for it is not that way he preached it. Saint Paul told all the people that believed him that he had the truth in part; that what they had was imperfect and he was pointing them to the time when that (The Spirit of Truth) which is Perfect will come. And when that which is Perfect comes, everything that is imperfect will fizzle away.
29.        William Branham said, “You know that what we are holding now cannot help us, it cannot take us anywhere. We do not have faith for healing; we do not have faith for miracle. The faith we have now cannot even take us to rapture but there is something that is going to come into the Bride that will give them that rapturing faith. We do not have it”.
30.        I mean in Branham’s day, he still pointed them there: To the One that is coming. Amen.

Now, what is immortality? If I possess immortality, how will I know? All that possessed immortality, did they know? If you think they knew, do you have any evidence scripturally and otherwise, apart from Jesus? Did Saint John possess immortality?
2.           I mean John the Baptist, did he possess immortality? Please answer now. Did he possess immortality?  Was he a seed of God? Was he adopted? Did he possess immortality? Did Herod behead him?
3.           That machete and atomic bomb, which one is more powerful? He possessed immortality and Herod beheaded him. Was he buried? He was buried. Did he come back? When he came back, did he know?
4.           Even as at the time he was there before Herod killed him, did he know that he had existed before? Did he say, “Before now, when I came before, my name was Elijah”? Did he say so?
5.           But he was asked a question: Are you Elijah?” He said no. “Are you Jesus the Christ?”  He said no. “Are you the Prophet?” He said no. “Then what are you?” He said: “I am just the voice crying in the wilderness”.
6.           Then who identified him as Elijah? Was it not Jesus who told people: “You have been waiting for Elijah but he has come and gone”? Did John the Baptist possess immortality? Where did he go? Did he come back again?
7.           Do we have evidence that one appeared in our day saying, “I heard it audibly. As God vindicated John the Baptist to forerun my First Advent, so shall your message forerun my Second Advent”? Did he answer Elijah? Did he answer John the Baptist?
8.           Reincarnation: Myth or Reality? Now, one that reincarnated, can he recognize himself? We will know your reincarnation through your ministry. Your ministry will tell us who you are.
9.           I am saying that as a man, as a woman, your behaviour will trace you back. From your behaviour in your father’s compound, the living will trace your lineage. I do not know whether somebody is getting what I am saying?
10.        There is always the gene of life that cannot change. If you are your grandfather, nobody will tell your father about his father. If you start manifesting the attribute of your grandfather, even people that know your grandfather they will start saying it.
11.        Is it any wonder why people try to identify their own personal relations especially great men and women? People that were too dear to them, each time they die they will place a mark on that person; they will give that person a mark for they believe the person will come back.
12.        I have told you, any human that is born upon this Earth and he has a mark; a sign anywhere on his body, it is a sure sign that he has come before. Have I not told you this in this Church? Even, it happens when people have the one called “Ogbanje” (to the Igbos), “Abiku” (to the Yorubas).
13.        Sometimes they will give a serious cut on the body so as to identify the person if he comes back again. And if he comes back he must go away the same way until something stops it. If it is not stopped, it must continue to come and continue to die. You say, “Brother, you are sounding like a heathens.”
14.        Yes, if a heathen speaks the truth, it shall be called nothing but the truth. Truth is not limited to anybody.
15.        I ask again, what is immortality? The only one who possesses immortality is God. Now, if God is immortal, His children will be immortal to the extent God is immortal. I do not know whether you understood this mystery. No child of God can be immortal more than God’s extent of immortality.
16.        You must find out the extent of God’s immortality. People are deceived by the feelings of their mind because they have never seen God before, they do not know how He looks like. They believe He is a Sovereign Spirit that exists somewhere and because He is a Sovereign Spirit they conclude that being a spirit, immortal do not die.
17.        Now, if you are holding that view as your belief, as your faith, as your revelation, you are a pagan; you do not know God. Since you do not know God, you cannot identify Him and you will miss this immortality because it is an attribute of God. What is more, every true seed of God is an attribute of God.
18.        That is why I keep on telling people every day, “Do not panic, God is incomplete without you. God is incomplete without you whether you are a man or a woman, as long as you are His attribute.”
19.        You cannot come from God and go back to Satan for you do not have Satan’s attribute. You cannot graft an orange tree to a mango tree, it is impossible! We came from God and we are going back to God.
20.        I cannot go to Hell. I will not go to Hellfire for it is not for me. I do not have the attribute. If you put me there, Hellfire will reject me. Jesus went to Hell did Hell hold him? He was not meant to be there, he did not have the attribute.
21.        I will like to talk to you on some certain things before I will read what we have believed; things we have commonly believed because once you forget history you repeat the mistakes of the past.
22.        First of all, find out God’s extent of immortality. Can God die? Has he died before? Then what happened after His death? Why are you expecting anything higher than that? That is why Saint Paul said: “If it is only in this world or on Earth we have our last hope, of all men we shall be the most miserable.” That was Saint Paul.
23.        I want you to know that all our hopes, everything we are aiming at is in this world, on this Earth. No more, no less. For there was a reason why He created the Earth, it was not in vain. He created it to be inhabited by His people.
24.        It was recorded by the Prophets that the kingdom of this world must become the Kingdom of God and His children. Not the kingdom of the sky. Where will the righteous march on the ashes of the wicked? Is it not on this Earth? Did God promise Abraham anywhere rather than the Earth?  
25.        But Saint Paul was referring to material things: “If this world ends only at eating and drinking and dying; now let us not worry, let us eat, let us drink and die and forget about it. But know it that there is life after death.” Have we heard it?
26.        You see, before you expect that immortality, you must die. And when you die you will come out. As immortal, you will still die again. Note it, you will still die again. Death will not stop reigning upon every breathing thing until the day God stops dying. As long as God has been coming and dying, so you will continue.
27.        Then the question arises: has God been coming and dying? Apart from Jesus the Christ, were there human beings that represented God on Earth? Where are they? Did they die? Did God die?
28.        You see, we can habour scoffers and mockers who will look at the Cross and shout: “Hey! God, you saved people! You healed many, you caused the dead to resurrect. Save yourself! So, you can die? You said you are God and now you are dying!”
29.        William Branham came to a point where people do not believe he will die, even when he continued to tell them that one day he will die; that one day he will leave them. He equally told them that he knew that he will not die of old age, that he will never die of grey hair. Yet they could not believe. One day he died in a motor accident.
30.        If you were there, won’t you laugh at him? Will you not say: “Prophet of God! So you did not see this accident. You did not dodge it?  So you could die even in accident!”
31.        Yes. If you do not understand what we are preaching, your faith can never be rest assured. You will always be muddling things up. You can never be confused in this Earth until you muddle your faith up with the message of another dispensation. Amen.

Immortality belongs to God. For you to get that immortality which is God’s attribute, you must be adopted in Him.
2.           Believe it if you can, you were not the original olive tree. I say believe it if you can. Till today you still belong to the wild olive. You had no promise; you had not covenant with God.
3.           The Gentiles had no covenant with God. They were not included in His promise but God deciding to save them as a merciful Father is an unmerited favour.
4.           God decided to ignore their sin; not imputing sin upon them. He took a decision to identify with them. God came in the person of Paul in his day for a covenant of God’s people on that day. After Paul, other messengers were coming and each messenger represented God’s covenant for the people of God for that day.
5.           Concerning the Jews, God made the first covenant with them but a time came when God made a new covenant with Joshua not according to the one He made with their fathers in the wilderness; a new covenant altogether, with new regulation.
6.           But what if you say “I am part of this new covenant” and you are walking in the light of the old covenant, are you Joshua’s disciple? You can be in his congregation because you are a mocker; you do not understand what God is doing.
7.           Then as we continued, when Jesus the Christ came, he was sent for a covenant of his people and he said: “This is the blood of my new covenant, a different covenant from that of Joshua.”   
8.           No matter what, the Voice said: “I am sent for God’s covenant in this dispensation”. Whoever God sends in your dispensation is sent for a covenant between you and God. He is the point of your adoption in God. If you want to have immortality, he is the one that will connect you to that immortality.
9.           There can be electricity in room “A” and room “B” is in darkness. Nothing will bring light in room “B” until we invite an electrician. When he comes he will not connect light in room “B” empty-handed, he must need wire. You see, wire is the only thing that can link the light from room “A” to room “B”.  Without the wire forget about light.
10.        Thus, once we need light in room “B”, the wire must come in-between, the wire must come in-between. Do you know that Christ is a mediator of the new covenant? Then who is Christ? Sitting down are many people that limit Christ to Jesus Christ alone. Outside Jesus Christ they do not know any other Christ. They are in this fellowship. I am not telling you not to broadcast it.
11.        That is why I said that I know those that belong to Me; I know those that are mine and they hear my voice and follow me. They do not follow any other voice for they know who I am.
12.        What am I saying? You can never be adopted to God. It is just like this Spirit of Truth; to believe the truth, the question arises: At what point in time do you think the Spirit of Truth came into your life? Because the Spirit of Truth is the Spirit of God, it is also the Spirit of Prophecy.
13.        At what time do you think you started walking in the Light? For the Truth is the Light. From the time you started walking in the Light that was the time the Spirit of Truth came into you. If the Spirit of Christ can come into somebody, then the Spirit of Truth is the Spirit of Christ.
14.        Yes, Jesus was a mere man until one day the Spirit of Christ came upon him and abode. And it was that Spirit of Christ in him that made Him God. Then if Jesus tells me that he had the Spirit of Truth from the beginning, he is a liar. I said he is a liar, unless the Spirit of Truth is no longer the Spirit of Christ.
15.        Every true seed of God has a day the Spirit of Christ will rest on him and abide. That is why if any has not the Spirit of God, he does not belong to God.
16.        You see people calling “Jesus”, carrying the Bible up and down; do they have the Spirit of God? If you tell them that they do not have it, will they believe? They can perform signs and wonders, these things are anointing. The Spirit of Truth is the Spirit of Christ and that is the Spirit of Prophecy, the Spirit of Baptism and that is the Spirit every true seed of God undergoes.
17.        Baptism of the Holy Spirit means nothing but the baptism of Truth. If you said you are baptized with the Holy Spirit and you do not have this truth, you are a liar and you cannot give what you do not have.
18.        It is when you are baptized with this Spirit of Truth that you are now in a better position to speak the truth in love. For no falsehood will come out of your mouth, no deceit will come out of your mouth; then you are a seed of God, your counsel is perfect; your interpretation is perfect. For no true seed of God that has the Spirit of God calleth the things of God accursed.
19.        Adoption is true. I believe in it, I will keep on believing in it. If I do not have a child or I have a child and I still want more or by compassion I see a little infant somewhere, I can fulfill the formalities and then adopt that child. Once I adopt that child, I will give the child my name.
20.        Once I confer my name upon that child, I confer the spirit of son-ship upon that child; that child is no longer a stranger in my family. He is my son, all the rights and privileges of a son will be restored to that child. Do you get the message?
21.        I can never be at war with my son unless I am insincere in my adoption, unless I adopted that child for ritual sacrifice. If I adopted that child honestly to become one of my sons or daughters, I must love that child, I must cherish that child as equality of love; and while making my will as a father, he has his own share. He can never be discriminated at all because I have conferred on him the spirit of sonship by giving him my name.
22.        That was why the scripture said in Psalms 91: because He has called you by His Name, He must surely save you.” Whatever God is doing, He is doing it for His Name’s sake. God has always saved our fathers. All that God saved since the world began, God has always saved them for the sake of His Name.
23.        That was why Saint Paul said: “Let he that nameth the Name of the Lord depart from iniquity.” Iniquity is that which you know you should not do but you went ahead doing it. That is iniquity. If you are called by the Name of the Lord you should not try it.
24.        I believe in adoption and I have a message titled: “The Mystery of Adoption.” The message is not mine but it is the message of He that sent Me. And if there was a message there that was greatly vindicated it was that message.
25.        I can remember a prophecy and things that happened around me before and after preaching that message. It is an experience I cannot easily forget.
26.        You see, I believe in Adoption. If you do not believe in Adoption, your faith is useless as a Gentile. For the Gentiles can only be saved by Adoption.
27.        Then the question arises: Who and who are going to be adopted? You are going to be adopted by predestination. If God wants to save you He will foreordain you, He will predestinate you unto Adoption, to be called His sons and daughters.
28.        God knew that the only way the Gentiles will be saved will be by Adoption. He gave us a man bearing His Name as a point of Adoption and as a sign of covenant for His people in the Gentiles as at that time. I hope it is clear.
29.        Who and who will be adopted? God foreknew them. That was why Saint Paul got to a place, he wanted to stop, God said, “Do not stop. I do not have any soul in this place.” He went to another place, they persecuted him and he wanted to go away but God said, “Do not go away. I still have more of my people here.” What can you say about it?
30.        If God is for me who can be against me? Can anybody query God’s actions? Can you query God? Can you call it injustice, God denying some people the privilege and extending that privilege to another people and yet He is not partial; saving some and losing some?
31.        Brethren, I am saying that till eternity, the Gentiles must be saved by Adoption. And let no man make the mistake of telling you that you have the same covenant with the Jews. No, that is why God established the Church as a body of Christ. It is only through this body that God will use to raise His own, that will unite with the Jews at the end.
32.        Are you here with the Jews from the Middle East? Do you have anybody from Israel in our midst now? I mean presently, do you have them in our midst? Don’t you believe that they are the original olive tree? Don’t you know that their blindness was just for a season; that God cut them off that you might be grafted in; that when God might have finished with the Gentiles, the redeemed of the Gentiles will join with the redeemed of the Jews?
33.         Because when that time comes, no Jew will be lost. All Israelites will be saved according to the promise that was made unto the fathers. Such promises were not extended to the Gentiles. It is hard to believe but it is true.
34.        What am I saying? I am saying that I want your faith to be clearly established in the truth, that the truth of the Gospel will continue without wavering. I am talking on these nuggets lest somebody will be saying, “Bishop Okey mounted the pulpit today and confused me. He only touched on topics randomly. There is not even one he exhausted.”
35.        Even if he said one that was contradictory he had no time to expatiate, but I know even if he is given time to expatiate, he cannot go beyond where that anointing is leading him because where the anointing is leading is already in the Epistle.
36.        Anybody in this Faith telling you to go back to the beginning, ask him: “Which beginning?” It is like somebody in the wilderness, you were born in the wilderness, you crossed Jordan and somebody tells you that for you to be saved, you must go back to the beginning. It then means: “Joshua, about-turn; take them to Egypt for them to have the experience their fathers had.”
37.        Then the question arises: Their fathers that had the experiences, did they survive? If they did not survive it why should their children go to Egypt for them to have the same experience their fathers had and died? You see, if you are not a careful son, what killed your father will kill you.
38.        Let me tell you, I cannot plant anything today until I have uprooted every tare. William Branham preached a message called: “Seed of Discrepancies.” I never knew when I picked it in my office recently and the one I picked was the one elaborated by Richard Guard. I read and read it, I shook my head. I never knew I preserved this thing in my office.
39.        Then it pointed me to a particular message. I said that I must go to that message. I went home and searched and searched, finally, I got it. it was titled: “The unveiling of Christ.” When got it, I nodded.
40.        I believe William Branham to be a man sent by God. He was the physical representation of Almighty God in his day because the way the Lord revealed all these things to him as he was voicing them out, though without using scriptures, something in me kept on rejoicing until I did not know when I dozed off.
41.        You know nothing gladdens the heart more than when you know that you are standing on the right side. When you know that you are standing on the right side; on a solid foundation, you are not shaken. There is no amount of preaching, there is no amount of signs that will shake you because you are steadfast. You are not standing by what people are saying, you are standing by the conviction of the Elohim.
42.        Now, this adoption is very, very essential. That is why from time to time the Voice continues to warn us that we should be very careful lest we use our mouth to cut down the tree that gives us protection.
43.        If you are not careful, you can use your mouth to cut down the tree that gives you protection. You will only remember your mistakes during the great sunshine or great wind.
44.        We said that God can do all things; it is easier to say than to believe; hence you say, “Yes, God can do all things; that is the God in the universe, I mean in the abstract body. It is not this one.” That was the guilt of the Jews. That is why the voice said: “Do not rejoice until you have passed where they failed”.
45.        Many of you will be looking at Me strangely! You have not asked where they failed. Even among you ministers, you are still holding on to your old belief. You are only preaching this one because you know if you do not preach we will rise up against you. You hold the one you believe and you give us the one we want, I know when you are doing that.
46.        THANK YOU FOR THAT. GIVE US THE ONE WHICH IS TRUE BUT HOLD THAT WHICH IS TRUE TO YOU WHICH WE SHOULD NOT KNOW. That is why I want all preachers to come to the pulpit and preach out their conviction, to preach their revelation because you can never behave more than what you believe. For whatever you are manifesting is the revelation of your faith and your faith is your belief.
48.        Did Jesus say so? The way you take the word of God is the way it is going to work in you. Amen.

Now, let us look into reincarnation and self-recognition. It is just like the end of the world. I have told you a little thing there. What people call end of the world, is that what we call end of the world? I have touched on it, I told you.
2.           Now, which one do you believe? Jesus said: “Till the end of the world”. Paul said: “World without end”. Which one do we take? Do we take world without end or do we take the one that said, “One day the world will come to an end”? Are they not scriptural?
3.           Remember that I took you back to scriptures to show you how the world has been ending, how God destroyed the world of Noah and the world of Noah ended and yet nobody there obtained immortality.
4.           Is Noah alive till today? Where is Noah? Where are members of his family? They escaped the mass destruction, did that give them immortality? I mean did it make them indestructible? Did it mean that they will not die again?  
5.           If after escaping the mass destruction; after the whole thing, Noah died and his family died, then what did he gain? The only gain was that he never died when the whole world died. Now, his own death, was it different from that of the world? Where did all of them end it? They ended it in the grave. Brethren why not put your hands together!
6.           Because if I do not teach you very well, you are bound to go fanatical. Sometime many think that God has disappointed them because of what they have been feeling in their hearts; the way they think it should be but your thinking is too far away from God’s thinking.
7.           Don’t you know that God’s way are not our ways neither His thoughts our thoughts? As the Heaven is far away from the Earth so are God’s thoughts far away from human thoughts. However, once you are baptized with the Spirit of Christ you now have the mind of Christ; hence you cannot misrepresent the things of God. For now you are God’s ambassador. When you open your mouth to speak, you are speaking as an oracle of God.
8.           We have come to a point where I started seeing some people behaving in a way as to restore the Bible again. Even from the way the preaching is going, “Going back to the beginning” means going back to the Bible. I am telling you the truth.
9.           Anybody saying that there is a beginning and he does not point you to the Bible is a liar; that person is an insincere preacher. Simply tell us to go to the Bible, tell us that you do not believe that the Bible has been discarded, we will understand you, then you give us reasons why we should go back to the Bible!
10.        Please understand me very well because this has been a controversy from the beginning and a contention. People of God have always been pointed to one voice but they have always been condemned of having too many voices.
11.        That was why William Branham preached a message he called: “Uncertain Sound.” When any man wants to preach, he should preach as an oracle of God and whatever you are preaching that does not reflect in God’s ‘Urim and Thummin” (the Anointed One/Christ) of your day, it is because it contains no truth.
12.        Is the Bible the “Urim and Thummin” in our day? We have one place where we crosscheck the truth. What must I do that I may do the work of God? JUST BELIEVE IN THE PERSON WHOM GOD HAS SENT. Did He say believe in the PERSONS?
13.        God has only sent one man and no successful man of God has ever worked alone. It is the duty of the one man now to select men that will work with him. It has been like that. Now he will give them offices to occupy. Is that not true?
14.        When John was revealed, he was revealed alone. He was the one that picked people that worked with him. It has been like that. No successful man of God ever worked alone. Misconception has always shrouded every Christ ministry. Once the message is misconceived, different interpretations will appear and every interpretation will produce a faith.
15.        That was why we were warned ahead of time never to attempt interpreting God’s Word FOR GOD IS THE ONLY INTERPRETER OF HIS WORD. We use the Word of God to interpret the Word of God. Thus, God is the Interpreter of His Word.
16.        We are messengers of the same message. All that Jesus the Christ preached, they all preached the same thing. When Saint Paul came, they were preaching the same thing. That was why some men left their midst, went somewhere to teach heresy, thereby leading people into bondage.
17.        They told them that they must go back to the very beginning, if not, they will not be saved. That they must continue to abide by the words of Moses again. When the apostles heard of it they ran mad, they rushed there and rescued the brethren.
18.        Note it very well, the secret of maintaining your form in football is by retaining your constant practice. If you do not practice constantly, the little you knew will vanish away. Any day you are bundled into the field, little boys will make you “ye-ye” (outplay and defeat you).
19.        That is why you see soldiers even when there is no war, from time to time they will be sent out to the wilderness for a shooting combat exercise. Go and verify, every three months a battalion must go out for the shooting and combat exercise. The essence is to keep them combat-ready because they do not know the day the war will come and they will be deployed.
20.        Can you imagine a soldier that is deployed, he gets to the warfront and he does not know how to fix his magazine (bullets), he will be scattered with his rifle.
21.        Ministers, please do not run away from the pulpit. No matter your position in the Church, Bishops take note. Even if nobody invites you, nobody should invite you because it is a commission. If you have fallen in your commission you should weep because you should ask yourself: “To what extent am I fulfilling my ministry? May be I am dodging my responsibility.” 
22.        As it was in the time of Jesus won’t it be the same in the end?  Then who was the first manifestation of God in the world, because whosoever that is the first, the same is the second, the same is the third, the same is the fourth, the same is the fifth, the same is the sixth; world without end. If it changes, two Gods have appeared.
23.        Brethren you see that you are consuming my time and I know He is interested. He is interested, that is why He is calming the weather for Me so that you will not know when you will be here till 5 o’clock because I made a prayer that I want us to go home happily. I want us to go home saying that God touched us in a special way.
24.        Everybody has a problem, it can be spiritual it can be physical. Okey Painter, raise your head there! You are one of the people that have revelations from the left but you do not know. You can receive false anointing without knowing it.
25.        No man is above false anointing, you can receive it yet you will not know, you will still go to the pulpit thinking that you are doing God a service. It will take one that is on the seat to know that you have veered off. Do you get what I am saying?
26.        It happened during the days of Branham. A minister went to the pulpit with false anointing. The Prophet saw it and prayed for him. Okey take note. It is not having a revelation that matters, it is comparing your revelation with the revealed Word of the hour. Any revelation you have in your day must agree with the revealed Word of the hour.
27.        If the revealed word of the hour has made me to know that God is a man, I can see Him as my own brother, it agrees with the prophecies and it agrees with the scripture and I have a revelation in this same hour that is telling me that God is a dove with two wings, does my revelation agree with the revealed Word of the hour? No! No matter how fanciful it sounds.
28.        I am saying this because I have heard that Okey Painter has received a revelation and he has crosschecked it with some ministers in the Church. You know, when one wants to die, he will hold on to a big name.
29.        He came up with that revelation that says: Only men worship God, women do not worship God and women should not come to worship God in His Sanctuary. That he will marry a heathen woman and keep the woman in his hometown while he himself will be coming to fellowship. Does this revelation agree with the Word of the hour? No sir!
30.        Look up this way, I want to show you that one can receive false anointing and still be in the Church. You see why you must be very careful about the association you are keeping. Be very careful about the person that is advising you or preaching to you or interpreting to you the Word of the hour.
31.        Assuming you are not fully grounded with the truth and you come into contact with him; with his testimony that he was here from the very beginning won’t you be tempted to believe him? Yet his revelation is not true. It does not agree with the revealed Word of the hour. Amen.

Saint Paul espoused his disciples to the word of God wherein they were sanctified; the only place they can have a portion among them that are sanctified; those that were saved.
2.          LIKE I TOLD YOU, NOBODY IN THIS MOST HOLY FAITH IS SANCTIFIED WITHOUT THE FAITH THAT IS IN ME. All of you in this most holy Faith, you are all standing sanctified; you are all standing justified because of the faith that is in Me; because whatever you are holding now which you call your faith, you did not have it before. It was imparted into you.
3.           Thus, you can locate the source of your faith and that is the source of your sanctification, that is the source of your salvation because Christ is your baptism, He is your salvation, He is your sanctification even the forgiveness of your sin. He is your redemption, He is your holiness, He is your righteousness so that in everything He shall be the all and all.
4.           Christ is the A to Z. Nobody in this most holy Faith is standing in his righteousness. I am not standing in my own righteousness. If God should count you righteous by what you think you can do, nobody can attain it. Nobody!
5.           I am speaking on Complete Salvation. I have told you and I am still maintaining it. When I heard it from among you, I was very happy for I lashed you from time to time.
6.           What is salvation? Has God ever saved people before? How did He save them? First of all understand one thing: GOD HAS NEVER SAVED ANY NATION OR INDIVIDUAL WITHOUT A MAN.
7.           When God wants to save a nation, He sends a man. When He wants to save a man, he sends a man. God must come across your way in the person of a man. There has never been a people God saved without sending a man and that man has always been God in human form.
8.           You call him man, you call him whatever you want to call him but that is God. Saint Paul even recognized it. He told his disciples that God veiled Himself in a man not counting it robbery.
9.           When the Galatian Church received Saint Paul not only as a man of God or a servant of God but even as Christ, did he not commend them? He commended them.  Did he call it apostasy? Did he call it blasphemy? No! why? Because he knew whom he was. At least he knew the office he occupied.
10.        Whoever God sends to bear His Name, who is he? Now, if brother Onyema sends me out to bear his name and I come to Brother Solomon and he says “On whose authority are you talking to me,” I will say, “On the authority of Brother Onyema.” He will take off his eyes off me, he will be considering Brother Onyema. Is that not true?
11.        If he slaps me, he has slapped Brother Onyema. If he receives me he has received Brother Onyema because I came in Brother Onyema’s name, I came in his authority.
12.        A name means authority. Whosoever that receives one that is sent receives God that sent him. When you reject Him, you reject God. Receiving Him means accepting His message; rejecting Him means rejecting His message. Please note it, we are considering Complete Salvation.
13.        William Branham preached a message that salvation must be in completeness and also in joy. What is complete salvation?
14.        If you are measuring your complete salvation from the point where you can jump from the sky and you will not break your leg or where I will fire gun shot at you and it will not enter or where you will stay one million years on Earth and you will not die, you have missed the meaning of complete salvation.
15.        Complete salvation is nothing but God banishing completely any figment of sin in you which holds you guilty, which places you under the condemnation of death for the power of death is sin. Without sin, death has no power.
16.        Jesus the Christ looked at his disciples and said, “If you believe in me, you have passed from death unto life.” All that believed in him and they believed that they have passed from death unto life, did Jesus the Christ fool them?
17.        But from that day some of them started dying. They would have gone back to Jesus and said, “Why did you tell us that we have passed from death unto life? After all, we have believed in you! Show us what you taught us which we did not believe?”
18.        Because from the message I heard, if I did not cut it, that is where you will land. You will be asking: You promised us eternal life if we believe in you but till today we are still dying! Where is the promise then? When will we get this eternal life?”
19.        I really thank God for all these things. God has saved all His elect from the bondage of sin and death. That was why He made an eternal sacrifice and eternal atonement and eternal propitiation on the Cross of Calvary and then He pointed all His elects there.
20.        If there is no sin in you, are you afraid of death? Are you afraid of eternal Hellfire? But there is nothing like eternal Hellfire. That one is easier to believe. You believe in eternal life according to your own interpretation which no man has ever manifested since the world began.
21.        According to the interpretation many of you have about eternal life, since God made the whole world no man has ever attained it. Adam died, Methuselah died, Abraham died, Isaac died, Jacob died, Noah died, all of them died. There is no righteous man that does not die.   
22.        You must know what eternal life is all about. You must know what immortality is all about. Do you know that God is the only person that can destroy the flesh and destroy the soul in Hell; a place meant for it? Do you know that? But all that believe God, that is not their portion.
23.        Do you know that whoever that wants to know his reward before following Christ is not a believer? If you want to know your reward so as to follow Christ, you are following him because of compensation. Hence you say: “Tell me how you are going to compensate me? Let me know whether I can follow you or not or else leave me alone!”
24.        Such people are in our midst. Let me tell you, I am a seed of God. I have no other obligation neither do I have any other obligation: my duty is to follow wherever He leads me. If in the end it will be in the Mediterranean Sea, praise God. If in end it is America, praise God. If in the end it will be somewhere in the sky, praise God.
25.        However, my consolation is that wherever He is there I shall be. That is my consolation. If He is in Hell, let me be there.
27.         You have started showing me signs already because things are not going the way you expected. You will be murmuring: “You see, it is changing, it is changing, maybe this one will disappoint us, we better go back to the beginning.”
28.         How many were favoured in the beginning with what they were holding in the beginning? Whatever you call the beginning was full of falsehood. God never vindicated a message, God vindicated a man. The voice said: Come and I will show you He that has been dealing with you all these years to banish unbelief.”
29.        Did it say “Come and I will confirm your message”? Was it the voice? A man was vindicated like I read in a quote few days ago. When God sends a man, He is a vindication of God’s promise for that day.
30.        You see why I am saying that constancy helps a professional footballer. Even at his own private time you see him jogging with the ball; he can hit it on the wall and trap it again; he can raise it up and trap it; he is helping himself because that is where his future lies. If he does not play, he will not receive match bonus, he will not receive salary, he cannot renew his license. Even sometime, for lack of performance his license can be canceled.
31.        Preachers take note and line up immediately. If you a vibrant preacher, even staying in the cooler, you will feel uncomfortable. You cannot cage an eagle. An eagle will remain uncomfortable in a cage because something is bubbling in him.
32.        If I program myself and it works the way I programmed it, let it be known to you that the hand of God is not in my programme. Because man proposes but God disposes. If God will allow you to have your way it then means He has rejected you. When God rejects a man He allows Him to have his way. He can program himself but if God has you in His programme,he can call you when you do not expect, he can send you on a mission when you have programmed yourself for a tight assignment that is personal.
33.        He will say: “My friend drop it, look at what you will do now.” Your duty is to say amen. Because you are a soldier, you can be deployed anytime without being given advance notice.  
34.        If I tell you not to invite me to the pulpit, it is for your own good. If I am sitting down it is for your own good. When I preach it is for your own good. When I sit down I am judging your ministers. I am weighing them with the revelation they have concerning the present stage of the ministry. I am weighing your reaction to their messages so that I will know where to help you before I will continue because if I run one way thinking that all of you are following, many must be dropped.
35.        With what I heard from the bishop and your reactions, assuming I continued with the message “Beyond the Curtain of Time”, I assure you, if a minister will be saved in this Faith, it maybe one or two. Then, if it is not easy to save ministers, how many will be saved from the congregation because I could hear some of the ministers shouting and saying amen to a wrong utterance.
36.        It does not agree with the faith, it does not agree with the message, it is pointing you back to Egypt and you are saying “yes sir”. The people that went back to Egypt, was it well with them? That was the decision they made with Aaron.
37.        They said, “Now we do not know what has become of Moses, now Aaron, make up a god that will lead us back to Egypt.”
38.        Let me tell you brethren, I am the One that has been leading you. I thank God the sign is clear. I am still moving. I say he is still moving.
39.        I have taken you through hardship, I have taken you through the Laws and I have brought you to a level where I have established God’s righteousness in your hearts and I have made sure that you are all sitting in His Kingdom. This is now time for you to prosper in material things even as you spirit prospers because everything is happening according to His Word: “First seek ye the kingdom of God and its righteousness, every other thing shall be added unto you.”
40.        I did not start with prosperity. Why not put your hands together! Is there anybody in this Faith man or woman who is confused about his righteousness? Is there anybody here who is confused as to whether he is sitting in God’s kingdom or not. Then what is left? Every other thing. Who will add it? It is the same Source because every good thing cometh from the Lord. It is the same source no other source.
41.        That is why I have decided to give you a teaching, stabilizing you. Teaching that will help you now to harness yourself, harness your resources and then you will become a man. You can talk boldly; heathens will not have anything around you which they will see and blaspheme God. Looking at yourself you are not living a beggarly life.
42.        The other way round you are a righteous person in the sight of God. You are a seed of God sitting in God’s kingdom. Are you not the possessor of all things? In other words, you have lost nothing.
43.        When Peter was asked a foolish question: “Master we have forfeited everything, we have followed you, what will be our reward?” What did Jesus tell him? He said: “My friend I tell you, whoever that has forfeited his father, his mother, his relations and even material things, he will have them seven folds in this world and also in the world to come!”
44.        If I do not teach you very well you will not behave well. Satan will continue to input sin on you until you will be wondering about what you believe. Fear will come in and fear torments. Before you know it, doubt will come; you will not know how to behave again.
45.        If not for many things I would have allowed Bishop Okay to continue with his teachings even today so that I will handle all at the same time.
46.        Let me tell you something, I do not call a minister to the pulpit for calling sake. Once I call you to the pulpit, I have something to achieve. Something prompted it and I want to verify it. I will keep on praying that all you have will come out but because of time and the way he cut it off, I did not want to stop him, he suppressed many, they did not come out.
47.        You see, that would have helped me but it will still help me tomorrow of next. Let me tell you, salvation is on individual basis, like I told you about immortality.
48.        I will read few things for you, but before then let me talk about this battle. The battle is still on: “Go back to the beginning.” Now, if I say “Go back to the beginning”; In short, I have touched on that, I will not touch it again.
49.        The battle is on. The question arises: What type of battle? Saint Paul told his disciples to put on the whole amour of God. What and what were the amour of God? He stated as much as he knew, that was the way he saw it in his day. And look at Saint Paul’s ministry: Ephesians Church age. I have told you that the emergence of another age marks the end of the previous age. And that age that is emerging must be higher than the one existing.
50.        If God is sending another age with another minister, that person is coming with something higher than what Paul had. If it is not so there is no need sending him to repeat what have been said already. Is that not true? Now from Ephesian Church Age to your own age, how many ages have passed? How many dispensations?
51.        Why is the Bible only a reference book? Why is it a historical book? What purpose does the Bible serve? We have to answer these pertinent questions because we may not know when we will even take you back to Moses’ days because we may even go beyond Paul.
52.        Remember that Paul’s ministry was higher than Jesus’ ministry; do you know that? Paul said many things that contradicted and even cancelled what Jesus said. But that was Christ on the ascending throne. Christ on the ascending throne.
53.        Christ is still ascending, He will keep on ascending until everything will be under His footstool. And as He continues to ascend all human imaginations, human thoughts and feelings will continue to decrease.
54.        Now, you believe that William Branham ministry is different from this Bridal Dispensation. If it is not so, we better go back to End-Time message. Why do we believe that? It is because somebody has come as he prophesied; vindicated, confirmed as he prophesied yet some do not believe.
55.        Do you think everybody will believe it? You can preach it yet you do not believe it. That you preach something does not mean that you believe it. I am telling you the truth. Many people preach something they do not believe.
56.        However, I am not after what you believe or not, I am only after the truth of what you are preaching because I know it is written in the scriptures that some will see the Kingdom but they will not enter. Some will help others to see the Kingdom but they will not enter and they themselves will not enter. I know that it is Prophetic. You see, I keep my eyes somewhere.
57.        Let me show you few things in our book titled “Son of Man, Our Link to the Truth.” Concerning the battle and some other things, let me read page one of “Our Link”.
58.        Our Link page 1, “The Bible is a religious book that contains histories of the events that transpired between God and mankind, nations, moral and political laws for effective administration of God’s people in the past ages, prophecies testimonies of the birth of the messiah – Jesus Christ and the events that culminated into his death and resurrection; testimonies of his disciple concerning their experiences with his resurrection and words of wisdom.
59.        No living human being today was alive when the first Bible was written and compiled. It is considered as one of the ancient books that has stood the test of time by the Quran and many other religious books.
60.        Please note that I said that the Bible is religious book. There are many religions in the world such as the Hindu, Shinto, Islam, Judaism etc., and all of them have written books like the Bible which were written by the scholars in order to preserve their belief for their children to come, but Christianity is not a religion but a nature and the first Bible is the Zodiac – NATURE.
61.        Believe it if you can. The Bible has always opposed the message of God in all dispensations. This is so because religion is opposed to Christianity.
62.        Religion promotes violence, hatred, suspicion, and intolerance while Christian promotes love, unity, tolerance, and void of suspicion because it is God himself. Religion is full of politics which is why it cannot bind nations together.
63.        If religion and politics cannot bind people together what then can bind people together? So you can see in a Church or in a family where there is schism or division, blackmail, slander, haughtiness etc it is a sure sign that politics and religion exist there. God cannot identify himself in that group or individual.”
64.        That is why it is expected that in the body of Christ all of us must say the same thing, mind the same thing and be perfectly joined together in one vision, in one judgment. If there be anything contrary, it is politics or religion. No man can be over spiritual to the point of even going ahead of the leader. You cannot have a revelation more than he that is leading you. Otherwise he is not your leader.
65.        After all, you were there and God picked him. If God has left him and has picked you, He will allow His people to know and they will divert their loyalty, but as long as he has not done so, anything contrary to the body is politics, it is religion.
66.        If I allowed the teaching to continue it must have produced division, it must have produced schism, it must have produced hatred, it must have produced suspicion, it must have produced every kind of evil; a sure sign that God is not there.  It is politics, it is religion. Everything about Old Testament, everything about the beginning points you back to religion.
67.        There was a time we were religious, then we were not saved. There was a time Paul was religious, extremely religious, was he saved? But he thought that he was on the right track. That was why when he forgot his experiences he muddled things up again and then caused confusion, he blamed his ministry.
68.        That thing spotted Saint Paul’s ministry, that singular act, Paul denied his faith, lost his conviction, became a Sabbaterian, sacrificing turtle dove, shaving head, paying for the shaving of others because he compromised his faith, he lost his convictions, he walked in the glare of another dispensation. And before he knew it prominent ministers followed his hypocrisy.
69.        You see why I took my time from the beginning to get you grounded and rooted in the truth, to teach you and I warned you not to be afraid of any man so that if there be anybody that come to pulpit speaking otherwise, you can as well bear with him. However, if that person says you must go back to the beginning or go back to laws of Moses or else you will not be saved, shun that nonsense, it profane it is a silly talk.
70.        You must shut up the mouths of such people. Paul commanded Titus that there are so many that are unruly; uncontrollable members of the Church, unruly members whose mouths must be shut especially those who still maintain the necessity of continuing in the old laws of Moses and keeping the Ten Commandments.
71.        He said that they have missed the essence of the law, that they do not even know what they were talking. He told him not to give such people even a second.
72.        Our Link, “The Bible that existed before a man of God is sent has always opposed the message of God from that man of God in his day”.
73.        Is that not right? The Bible that existed before a man of God is sent has always opposed that message which the man has brought in his day.
74.        “…This is because, before Man of God is revealed, people have already glued themselves to the Bible or written message that was passed to them by their fathers. To cause them shift from the area of their traditional belief has always been a fight and a fact…”
75.        Is it not true? William Branham has always said it, that it is a fight and a fact to move people from one dispensation to another.
76.        Once you have established a lifestyle, a tradition especially the one you inherited from your father without proper investigation, to shift you, to disarm you has always been a problem; it is a fight and a fact. From time to time you will like to go back.
77.        That was why the people of Israel died in the wilderness. While Moses thought they were with him, their minds where in the land of Egypt; they were ruminating over garlic, onion, cucumber etc.
78.        You see one day after preparing garlic in my house with cucumber and onions and I tested it with bishop Okey, we nearly died that day, it was very hot in my stomach.
79.        I came out and said, “Brethren, what is good in this thing that prompted this people to desire this thing, what is in it that made their minds to go back to Egypt to remember cucumber, garlic, onion and ginger?” It is not sweet, you cannot call it salad for garlic is not salad, because garlic s very hot.
80.        You see, I do not see any good thing in it that will make my mind to remember Egypt. What am I saying? To me it was a figurative speech. There is nothing as painful as the Law, there is nothing as painful as bondage. The law favours only the wicked.
81.        A liberally-minded fellow cannot adopt any law.  That is why a song writer said: “Man is born free but everywhere in chains”. I believe that man is born free but everywhere in chains.

82.        On this note, I say remain in your sanctified estate, remain blessed in Him eternally. Amen.