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The Son of Man Revealed From One of The Jungles in Africa According To William Branham's Prophesy

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Find out the purpose you are fulfilling in this ministry VOLUME 2


If I say Almighty God will not slaughter me, who is the Almighty to begin with? If I am afraid that God will slaughter me, which God will slaughter me?
Let me tell you, I am the only Being that can lay down His life and pick it.
Believe it if you can…
— The Son of Man

We are in danger of being called to question. Check your Bible very well; check this Message; check your calling! Are you faithful to your calling man and woman?
If the Lord should rise up today and call you to question—man and woman—for your misbehaviour, for your misconduct, what do you think will be your excuse?
3. If you read your Bible, in the book of Saint Mark 4:12; you will see that willful disobedience is an unpardonable sin. 
In other words, willful rejection of the truth can never be forgiven. And because it can never be forgiven, that is why God made it possible for them to look and look without perceiving.
Thus, when the Truth is presented before you and you willfully reject it, you are doomed forever. God will hand you over to the Spirit of Delusion to start believing lies. –The Son of Man

Please, do not kill Me. I am very much interested in your life than in your knowledge. If there is any knowledge you acquire that will not help you to get life everlasting, throw it away.
2.           Volume two of the message, “Jesus in Relation to the Resurrection of the Dead,” all you are desiring to have in it will only make you a noise maker. It is just a show of knowledge above others. But I want to give you something that will sustain you so that after making noise, your salvation will remain sure.
3.           For the scripture said, “You must make sure that your calling and election standeth sure.” It said, “Be careful, lay hold on eternal life.” Any message that does not touch your personal life can never give you life. it will only make you a noise maker.
4.           “Sixteen Secrets of Retaining Your Sanctified Estate;” You know what a secret is? It was a secret until it was revealed. Now it is revealed, the Bible said, “Secret things belong to God, revealed things belong to the children of God.”
5.           When they were kept in My heart, they were secrets. When I made them public, they were no longer My secrets.
6.           “Sixteen Secrets of Retaining Your Sanctified Estate.”  Note, of doing what? Retaining! Retaining! It is believed that you have been sanctified; you have been washed by the Word, the spirit is now in you.
7.           Now, how to retain that spirit, how to remain steadfast, immovable, unshakable, even in the face of all odds, challenges, oppositions, you still hold on firm. The secret is what God is revealing.
8.           The message was preached on October 3rd 2003. This one was handled by the Smoking Firewood, I mean the Author of life Himself. Nobody but the Sanctifier.
9.           If you feel you know how to preserve the spirit more than the spirit Himself, do not pay attention. For the sovereign spirit will tell you what you will do and retain Him and what you will do and he will abandon you.
10.        “…You must all have vine-branch relationship with God...”
11.        You must maintain vine-branch relationship with God. I want you to get something from volume two, because volume one was culled from the tape that has a problem. Volume two is the fullness.
12.        I want you to get the foundation of the message. A foundation was laid before that message was handled. That foundation is volume two.
13.        “…I have told you that not all that come into this fellowship are children of God; and not everybody that you see in the Church came for eternal life. Some came into this fellowship with another motive. I am telling you God’s truth. And whatever you have come to fellowship for is what you are going to get...”
14.        …If you come into the fellowship for eternal life, surely you must get eternal life; and all that are necessary for eternal life, that you must do...”
15.        you must meet all the conditions laid down for eternal life. Or else, you will be declared unqualified. For a student to be admitted in the University, he must meet all the conditions laid down for the course for which he is going to be admitted.
16.        heaven is not an open place, it is not main market or ose Okwodu. For the mistake that was made from the beginning is about to be corrected. nothing profane will smell eternal life. Nothing profane will smell paradise.
17.        “…I am telling you God’s truth, because no commandment will be grievous provided it is from the mouth of Christ...”
18.        Have you heard it? This message was preached in the year 2000. Cast your mind back to the message we considered in volume one “Action is faith expressed.” Are they not saying the same thing now? They are! Yet, they were not preached the same year and they were not preached by the same person. That message you heard in the morning, was initiated by Apostle Kelechi not the Son of Man. I only rounded it up. “…I am telling you God’s truth, because no commandment will be grievous provided it is from the mouth of Christ; it shall be my righteousness if I shall obey it.” It shall be what? It shall be my righteousness…, if I do what? If I obey it.
19.        “…Why not go back to the message, “WHO KNOWS WHAT WILL BE MY RIGHTEOUSNESS?” Who knows what will be my righteousness before God? It is the name I gave to a brother who uttered that statement while we were working during one of our camp meetings.
20.        I mean Brother Okafor from Opi carrying a head-pan of sand. That time, he was rich. I looked at him and said, “Brother Okafor, why carrying this big head-pan with sand on your head?” He said, “Sir, allow me to carry it. Who knows what will be my righteousness in the sight of God?”
21.        I said, “Sir, please continue. Sir, please continue.” He said, “Leave me, let me carry this sand on my head, who knows what will be my righteousness before God.”
22.        “…We want to look into the scriptures to see things we must follow if we must remain in this sanctified condition. If anybody tells you the condition of staying in the Faith, he will as well supply you with all the necessary equipments needed for you to stay in this Faith.” Is it a lie?
23.        “…He will provide you with everything, for if he does not do it, one day you start going to Main Market Onitsha to make both ends meet. But both ends can never meet now. Before you know it, it will be: “I nearly died’.”
24.        Those that their business is more important to them than the word of God. For them to gather the one they will feed on in the next world. You must come back with “I nearly died!”. You discover that in spite of all your labour, you are not richer than those that are labouring in the will of God.
25.        When you are labouring in the will of God, He prospers you for God maketh a man rich. He addeth no sorrow to it. I have said it often and often, I still maintain it.
26.         Any work that hinders a man from serving God is not from God. The Lord has no hand in that work; he has no hand in that business. And watch, if that person is a seed of God, he can never prosper there. The more he labours, the poorer he becomes.
27.        Work is ordained of God. That is, to work is divine. Divinely instructed but a child of God does not do every kind of work. There is a kind of work that a child of God does and there is a kind of work they will give to him or her, he or she will say bye-bye.
28.        How is it that you will give a child of God work for you to pay him, he will be doing that for him to get money and it will hinder him from worshipping God? Will you use money to get your salvation? If death comes, will your money save you? If sickness comes, will your money be enough to cure you? Why killing yourself?
29.        “…Thus, in as much as we are not trying to lavish our time, I will take the thing one by one trusting God that you will catch me along the way.
30.        Bear with me in my foolishness because I am not a wise man. However, I believe I will be wise in the end. Let me sound foolish today but in the end let me be wise...”
31.        Put your hands together for the Son of Man. Yet, you are clapping for the “most foolish” man in the gathering in the whole world. A man that said He will only be a wise man in the end that He prefers to remain foolish as He is now trusting God that in the end that He will be wise. And that is the Man you are clapping for? Well, let Me hold My peace.
32.        “…My topic is Sixteen Secrets of Retaining Your Sanctified Estate.”
33.        Remember, you must have been sanctified, cleansed and washed by the word—the spirit is in there already—before you begin to talk about retaining your sanctified estate. What if as we are trying to reveal this secret, you are yet to come in?
34.        The spirit is yet to come in for the Prophet said and I quote “If the spirit is in there, the action is of God. But if the spirit is not there, the action cannot be of God for the action will be opposed to the revealed word.”
35.        That is how you know when you are having the spirit of God for no spirit of God in a man challenges the spirit of God in another man. For the spirit of God can never call any of the things of God accursed. Deep calleth deep!
36.        If we have this spirit, our action must be one. Everything will be one! But if the spirit is not there, there must be discord, discrepancies, confusion and you are not deceived until you are confused. You are not confused until you want to have your way.
37.        “…If there is any message that you will lay in your heart or write boldly in your heart, I think it is this message...”
38.        What did God say concerning this message? Lay it in your heart, write it boldly…, is it in your jotter? In your heart. Where it cannot be cleansed because once you receive the truth your conscience cannot deny, you are in trouble. Any where you like, run to, you must be hostile. You must be hostile!
39.        “…God helping us, if we remain in this Faith doubting nothing, nobody will miss the catching away of the saints...”
40.        If we remain in this faith, conditional! Doubting nothing, nobody will miss the translation of the saints. Our former pastor said, “Any day he leaves this faith, that is the presence of God that he stands condemned.” But whoever that abides in the faith, remains in His presence, stands justified. For at a point in time, you are either justified or condemned. Am I making sense?
41.        “…God helping us...”
42.        God helping us, we are depending on His help. I am not the one holding myself. Do not try to help yourself, you cannot succeed. Can a man help himself? The help of man is vain.
43.        “…God helping us, if we remain in this Faith, doubting nothing, nobody will miss the catching away of the saints. Because I believe we have fully repented. We have changed our views, we have changed our minds...”
44.        This is the belief of the Son of Man. But have you repented? Have you changed your mind? Yes sir! You can only repent if you are a seed of God. If you are not a seed of God, you will only have sorrow for sin, sorrow for unbelief but you will never repent.
45.        “…As a result, when you think that you are so important and you think that you can exist alone; your place will be easily forgotten very soon, because without me you can do nothing.
46.        After all, you were not in this Faith before, you did not know anything about this Faith, whether it is white or black, you did not know...”
47.        Is there anybody that knew about this faith before? How can you begin to find fault with something you never knew? It was not introduced to you, a way you have never trailed before and you begin to find fault with it.
48.        This is a manifestation of the highest stupidity and it is common with men: A student claiming to know more than the Professor. Not even a student, a first year student is condemning his Professor. Well, I do not know what to say again.
49.        This is one of the reasons why soldiers do not take insults anyhow especially from the junior ranks. Can you imagine a recruit accusing a Major of not knowing how to hand rifle. I mean, there is a way it sounds. A recruit, not even a sergeant or second lieutenant, not even a captain,  saying “Our Major does not know how to handle a rifle.”
50.         So, you know how to handle rifle? Which one? He will use you to test it, then you will know. “Let me know whether I can handle it,” you will “tar, tar, tar.” You will say, “Ah, ah, my leg, my leg!”
51.        Yes, you have taught him how to handle rifle. He has used your leg and then ordered the ambulance to take you to the nearest military hospital. Yes, the Major has license to kill.
52.        “…You were even in darkness thinking that you were doing God a service; you did not know that you were serving diverse spirits and diverse lords. You hadn’t this Faith before. Can your eyes now open more than He that opened your eyes?...”
53.        The blind Bartimaeus is now seeing more than Jesus Christ. Yet, he remained blind until Jesus Christ came. When his eyes were opened, he started introducing Jesus Christ to Niger Bridge.
54.        Note it again, number one step we must take is to make sure we maintain this strong link...”
55.        Maintain this strong link! Son of Man, our link to the truth. The only Bridge to peace. The Bridge that takes us across hell and lands us in the land of peace which is Paradise. Maintain strong link. Not ordinary link.
56.        “…Note it again, number one step we must take is to make sure we maintain this strong link. It should not be porous at all. No gaps because once there is a little gap, the wind can just attack in there and then pull you out.
57.        Even, you can be deceased in that gap. Once there is a gap between you and Christ, there is a problem there, because sin creates separation.”
58.        Abi na lie? No sir! Do not say it does not matter, this is what cause divorce in marriage. When the woman begins to take everything light. The man says, “Madam, this is what I want.” She will say, “Eh, but wait, wait.”
59.        The man says again, “This is what I want madam, please!” “Okay, if it is only this, it is enough!” Do not worry, the grass cutter says, “There will be an end to the business for every trader to go home.” Brother Philip, am I telling lies? He said, “No.”
60.        …The only thing that will separate you from the Godhead is unbelief, wrong behaviour, when you are no longer fixing your eyes upon Christ; you are no longer seeing him as your Leader and your Instructor Whom you are bound to obey by day and by night.’
61.        Was it not what our former pastor was emphasising on? Hence he could say, I am just ordinary clay in his hand. Let Him do whatever He wants with me. But the moment He steps in, he said, “He is now taking too much...”
62.        What happened? The word that brought him in pushed him out and asked him to petition to heaven, let the Almighty ask the Son of Man why? But what are we seeing? His place is completely forgotten. Many people that were vying for that position automatically occupied it.
63.        Even if mercifully I tell him to come back, they will not give way for him. Not even our sisters can even give way. Everybody is holding his or her seat firmly. Will he sit on somebody? I am telling you the truth.
64.        I remember the day I was travelling with a man because of a little thing. He was taking Me to Ihiala that time. And he happened to be an ex-CSP, that is, Chief Superintendent of Police (CSP). We got to Azia Junction, the mobile police boys there stopped us and they enquired about the man and his particulars.
65.        The man was quick tempered. He became very saucy and arrogant. He could not respect the uniform, he could not respect himself. He came out and asked Me to remain in the car. I waited for him.
66.        He said, “Tell me, what? Is that why you are placed here? Tell me, tell me.” The Inspector came forward, said, “Oga please, may I know you?”
67.        He said, “Why should you know me?” The Inspector said, “You should know that we are here on ‘stop and search’. We are placed by the Federal Government. Even if you are the President of Nigeria, we are working for Nigeria, not for the President. We must search you. We must search this vehicle and that man inside. Can we know you please?”
68.        He said, “Okay, I am a retired CSO.” The Inspector said, “Sir is that the reason why you are making noise? You were a police officer before, not now. I am a police officer with authority, present. You commanded this respect when you were there. If I see you wearing uniform, I will arrest you. You have served your turn and you have left. It is now our turn. Let me have your particulars!”
69.        The man now gently went to the vehicle to bring his particulars. The Inspector said, “Okay, you can go.” He has now obeyed. You understand the illustration I am using?
70.        Whether Bishop or whatever the person might be, that was what he was before. A recruit in our midst can never honour him. He is “ex” but this one is present. He is not wearing Bridal Uniform but this one is wearing, decorated. Am I making sense?
71.        When King Saul noticed that he lost his respect, even among the Israelites, the respect was no longer there, the loyalty was not there, he didn’t know what to do. He stabbed himself.
72.        That is why I will give you the message preached by our former Apostle Joseph of Lokoja where he indicted Okechukwu Nwankpa and said, “I wish to make it clear to all that are here hearing me as one that has been following this faith spiritually till now, anybody that leaves this faith has committed suicide. And any day I, Apostle Joseph abandon this Faith, let it be known to all and sundry that I deliberately committed suicide. Not because this faith is false, simply because many, many things are troubling me.”
73.        That was the day he shared his testimony concerning his encounter with his father. When his father was talking blah, blah, blah against the Faith, he said, “Daddy, this is the point of no compromise. You can talk anyhow concerning anything, not this Faith. Seeing that you cannot defeat us, better line up or give way. Finish! Concerning this Faith, any day you hear me speaking against this Faith, let it be known to you that I have been possessed of evil spirit.”
74.        It is in that same message. So he told his family. Then the father gave way. Are you surprised why of all that left, it is Joseph that kept quiet, Isaac kept quiet, all their members kept quiet and they are not gathering anywhere. No Church, no house fellowship. Everybody quiet even till this afternoon.
75.        But I thank God our brother, permanent secretary, is in Jerusalem. Brother Friday from Nassarawa, he is an Evangelist. He has given Me a testimony last night concerning the man, our former Apostle also. Israel Malachi Ifeanyichukwu who held press interview against Me, against the Faith and he was saying the messages were truth from God, that we were not obeying them.
76.        For he brought out our messages and displayed in the interview. They said, “Seeing these books are curious books, can we destroy them?” He said, “No, no, no do not destroy them. They contain truths. But my problem is that the people do not practise what they preach.”
77.        The press said, “But you said that you have been pastoring witches and wizards for nine years, referring to them. How can witches and wizards produce books, messages that contain truth?” That was where they hooked him.
78.        Remember what I said, when we read the thing and heard about it, I saw a copy at Enugu with Brother Kelechi. I said, “Do not worry, it is for today. He is still on a journey. He will leave that Chosen and he will continue. He will not rest until he has established his own for we know his problem: poverty, frustration.”
79.        Last night I heard that he has left Chosen. The appointment they gave him he cancelled it. He has left Chosen, he has now established his own Church where he is the General Overseer, where he will preach the desire of his heart which is tithe and offering to make both ends meet.
80.        Remember, he was number one that impersonated NYSC uniform and every other thing. And on that day he came with those things, shared false testimony. While going home, armed robbers attacked him at Oguta Road disarmed him of those things.
81.        Somebody who has not passed school certificate examination was lamenting that he missed few days in the National Youth Service Corp camp. He was number one. Number two is Okey Oleri. He is sitting down in the fellowship.
82.        Why are you looking like a snake? We have made frantic efforts, we have traced you to its finality and we are satisfied with our findings. Lizard is wishing it could sit down but its tail is the hindrance.
83.        A man is not despised because of what he has in mind to do because as a man proposes, his God disposes. If things do not work out according to our plans, is it a crime? The worst thing is you are not planning at all, you are not taking a decision at all. Do you understand this saying?
84.        It is not a crime if things do not work out according to our plan or decision. What is the worst crime is you are not taking a decision at all. To say you are not thinking of anything at all is the worst crime against yourself.
85.        Think, take decision, make a proposal and let it be that God has not approved of it. Even if you decide to do something and God says “No”, people will still blame you. Does God support evil? Whatever you embark upon and God does not back you up, know that God has no hand in it. God supports what will give glory to His Name. 
86.        We are considering first step. Number one, the need for us to maintain a Vine-branch relationship. Closing every gap between us and our saviour. Making sure that there is nothing between us and God. Creating no gap whereby the enemy can cash in and set us asunder. Maintaining strong link with your saviour.
Ihe only thing that will separate you from the Godhead is unbelief, wrong behaviour, when you are no longer fixing your eyes upon Christ; you are no longer seeing him as your Leader and your Instructor Whom you are bound to obey by day and by night. Because He that called Him, called Him alone...”
2.           He that called Him called Him alone. And you were not there. Whatever might be the terms of the covenant you know not.
3.           “…God called Jesus, sent Jesus...” God called Jesus, sent Jesus and Jesus then now called others.
4.           “…Peter was in the world before Jesus came...”
5.           Who was in the world? Peter was in the world before Jesus came as a fisherman senior to Jesus o-o-o. A Jew, a Pharisee.
6.           “…Peter was not an apostle. James and John were there, they were nothing. It was Jesus that called Peter an apostle, called James an apostle, called John an apostle,” Who called them Apostles? Jesus!
7.           “…Now, because Jesus the Christ was an Apostle Himself, can Peter rise up now to say, “Well, apostle is apostle”? Peter did you call Jesus? Before Jesus came, what were you? You were ordinary fisherman...”
8.           Before Christ came, Peter what were you? Because he has called you and then ordained you an Apostle to work with him. Now, you are equating yourself with Christ, Apostle is Apostle. You say, Apostle is Apostle, we shall see.
9.           Judas could have come back, Barnabas could have come back. Since Apostle is Apostle, all the apostles I excommunicated, they should have forced themselves back. They should have resisted. How many are standing? How many are standing? Not even one!
10.        Whatever they will try to erect, I must frustrate it because if I do not frustrate it, they will divert the attention of those that have even believed.
11.        When Francis Nwufo erected his own, used over two million naira to decorate it, purchased instruments including bands, hired preachers like My former preacher whom I excommunicated, Westin Fihala, “Enquiry”, they were all out to open that big Church at Abuja because he was a millionaire. He even installed satellites and television.
12.        I told brethren, “If that altar stands, God never sent Me. Let nobody panic about it. Was he not the one I ordained Pastor? We shall see!” No other day but the day of the opening. They gathered to open only to see that the whole thing were razed down to rubbles. The place was levelled with bulldozer including equipment. They stood in awe to watch from a distance.
13.        I said, “It is not enough, I am ejecting him from that land.” Before he knew it, the former Governor of Niger State sued him for trespassing into his land, built a mansion where he would live. The court gave him order to vacate, to uproot the house. 24 hours, soldiers and police came with bulldozer, levelled the whole place. He ran back to his wife’s house.
14.        God knows how to frustrate the aspirations of the wicked. That was the end of that revival. Fear gripped his members till now. Gripped him! The next day I saw him was in the Roman Catholic Church at Abatete where he was holding chaplet because the mother died.
15.        They brought the corpse; all the children celebrated a “high mass”. I saw him holding chaplet in his hand with his brothers. Knelt down to receive communion. Pastor indeed! He has something to quote.
16.        When Pope visited Abuja, he gave communion to all Pentecostal pastors, I mean Pope John Paul the second. They celebrated together at Abuja Eagles Square where he officiated in what he termed a concelebrated high mass, non-denominational; washed their feet, gave them everything.
17.        All of them bowed down including the President of Nigeria. When he came to Onitsha, the same thing. I have seen many things. If these things do not happen, how can the scriptures be fulfilled.
18.        Keep on building; the eyes of the Lord are there. Check all of them that departed, nobody has ever perched anywhere. All the altars they try to erect collapsed. Even if you go back to the message titled “Recognize your day and its own message,” there is a message inside, “God misunderstood in all the ages”, preached by Bishop Okechukwu Paul. See what he said there.
19.        He said, “If we excommunicate you from this Bridal Faith and instead of repenting you go about murmuring and complaining and blaspheming and you eventually end it in starting your own Church”, he said, “the Lord must pull down that altar for it is Baal’s altar.”
20.        Go and read it, you all have the messages; they are there. He said, “The Lord must pull it down for it is altar of Baal, not of God.”
21.        He said, “The remedy lies in repenting and going back.” Then he quoted the Prophet William Branham saying, “The Prophet said if you are in the Church and there is a problem and you leave that Church and join another one, say, you are wrong. You will remain wrong; you must go back, make it right. Then you can come out.”
22.        Westin Fihala left us by excommunication, went to Kano to join the people he called Kano brethren in End-Time Group. They interviewed him, only to discover that he was excommunicated here together with Brother Ben Okezue the same day.
23.        They told Westin Fihala that he must go back. Quoted William Branham’s message that he should go and first of all reconcile with the Church. If he wants to resign, he can now resign. We are not running anything here; we know what we are doing. And our eyes are bright, wide awake.
24.        After all, the Pillar of Cloud does not sleep. The Pillar of Fire does not sleep. The Rainbow does not go to bed. By the time you sleep, your night becomes the day for the Cloud, for the Pillar of Fire and for the Rainbow. He does not blink His eyes at all. Rat does not eat what belongs to a man that is wide awake. 
25.        Sixteen secrets, we are reviewing number one secret. I know I have hit almost everybody below the belt. There was a type of spirit I saw in many on how they will dance and rejoice when volume two of the message of last week will be rehearsed in the pulpit.
26.        What happened in their local assemblies will be climaxed at Onitsha. Good dancers came, even all of them ministers, they came. And the thing is going the other way round. I am giving you the weightier matter, the most important thing.
27.        Not entertainment, that one is a sort of entertainment because the battle has been won. But I am consolidating My win (victory). I do not want My opponent to level up at the dying minute. Once you relax on your goal and begin to build nonsense defence instead of consolidating the game by attacking, because the strongest form of defence is attack.
28.        Give your opponent no breathing place from the beginning to the end. Once you relax and call your players to the goal post everybody defend, defend. No. no, no. Infringement will be there, series of infringements. Before you know it five goals to nothing will be levelled up. It will end in penalty shootout. Winner takes all! God forbid!
29.        I will never engage in penalty shootout in this faith, I am winning with a very wide margin. After all, nobody is coming behind. Nobody is in front, for now, My vehicle remains the only vehicle on the road to Paradise. I am the only one plying the road.
30.        Others that wish to ply are appealing to Me but I am yet to give My consent. There is no other vehicle on the road. There is no other vehicle on the road. Who is the person that is driving them? Where did they get their fuel?
31.        If I should see any vehicle on the road, I will destroy it. I am a Jealous God. I am running last, I am presenting My first Saints as “Super Saints.” I will be number one to return My baton finish. My baton will be used in judging others.
32.        “…And as far as I, Apostle Peter Odoemena...”
33.        As far as I Apostle Peter Odoemena, Personal!
34.        “…And as far as I, Apostle Peter Odoemena am the True Vine and you are my branches...”
35.        Have you known the Name?
36.        “…However, when you detach, you perish together with whatever you may call your fruits, because they will be totally unprofitable and useless. Maintain close ranks with your Guide, the Masterpiece...”
37.        Do what? Maintain close ranks with your Guide. Even in ordinary normal life, a student that wants the best, a student that is all out to achieve the best, closes ranks with his lecturers. For nobody can clarify you more than your lecturers.
38.        Once there is a rift between a student and a lecturer, he is bound to fail that course. Because the relationship is not cordial. There is a rift, there is a gap.
39.        If you are afraid of your lecturer, forget about that course. He will keep you in the school until you develop grey hairs. But if you love your lecturer, you walk close to him. Am I making sense? Yes sir! There is no fear in love.
40.        Perfect love drives away all fear: “I wanted to come but fear could not allow me,” that goes to show you are not in the faith of the Son of Man. Do you fear somebody you love? You can only respect. Respect is not fear. Respect is not fear. Amen.
2.           IF YOU STAY TOO FAR AWAY FROM THE LEADER, THE COMMANDER IN THE BATTLEFRONT, YOU ARE GOING TO PERISH. When he says, ‘Shoot!’ People will start shooting, and before it will get to you, you will hear, ‘Shout!’ It may sound, ‘Hey, hey, hey,’”
3.           Abi na lie? If you are too far away from the instructor who is always in front and he says “shoot”, before that instruction can get to you afar off, it must have been changed and twisted. You will be hearing, “shout, shout.”
4.            The last man may hear, “Hey, hey, hey.” And all of them will be credited to the instructor. But the instructor will tell the people, “I said shoot! I didn’t say shout neither did I say hey, hey.”
5.           This is why students in the schools that are highly congested will strive to go in front because they use loud speakers to address them and you know the wave carries the thing up and down depending on the capacity of the hall.
6.           In an empty hall, if I say Peter, you will hear “tey, tey.” Some hear the real voice, some hear echo. If you are spiritual, you will hear the real voice. If you are carnally-minded, you hear echo.
7.           St. Paul heard a message, a voice. Those following him heard thunder. One heard a message bearing his name, “Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou me?” Others said, “We heard thunder.”
8.           “…When the instruction says “shoot!” As it continues passing down the line, some people will distort it. Before it gets to you, because you are not maintaining close rank, you will be hearing shout, shout, shout!
9.           Because you are not maintaining close ranks, you will be depending on others to tell you what the Son of Man said. By the time one or two will relate to you, the message is distorted – watered down. That is why Apostle Kelechi said, “It pays to be an eyewitness.” And I added eye and ear witness.
10.        “…But I hope the Tree (The Resurrected Body) is well positioned...”
11.        The Tree, the Resurrected Body, by the year 2000. Have you heard about that tree? The tree of life that we discussed in our morning message titled, “Action is faith expressed.” It has been given a name. Have you heard the name of that tree?
14.        “…The Messenger of your day holds the message of your day. He is holding your salvation.” He is holding your salvation.
15.        “…When Moses gave way, some people wanted to continue with him anyhow, by-passing the salvation of their day. The same way it has been in every dispensation.”
16.         Is it not true? Do you hear message anyhow? Watch the denomination deceiving themselves. If this word is false, will it be given to you, even going round the world?, even uploaded it in the web for the whole world to hear it? There is nobody that knows what is good and keeps it secret and wants the whole world to hear it. Criticize Me if you can, it is your right.
17.        “…Now, this is the Bridal Dispensation. We are back to the Word, we are back to the Urim and Thummim. HE THAT WILL COME WITH A MESSAGE STRAIGHT UNTO THE BIBLE AND THEN, THAT WILL GO ROUND THE WHOLE WORLD IN NEWSPAPER FORM, IN PRINT FORM IS ALREADY WITH U
18.        By the year 2000, message that will go round the whole world in newspaper form. Are you not holding newspaper form? This is the form they are reading it in the websites. Glory be to God in the highest. How many are we that we are boasting like this? Our boast is Christ! Finish!
20.        That He is already here with us, giving you what? Living manna fresh! Fresh Manna! I am the living Manna that came down from above. Living Manna that came down from heaven. Not that He is coming; He is here with you already.
21.        When Jesus came to the Jews and they were asking when the Kingdom of will come, he said, “No, the Kingdom of God cometh not with signs that human beings will see. But I want to tell you, the Kingdom of God is among men even in you.” For he was the Kingdom himself. The King over His own domain – that is Kingdom.
22.        “…You must believe your day and its message. Stop walking in the glare of other ages...”
23.        Stop walking in the glare of other people’s ages. Stop reproducing Moses day, Elijah’s day, Joshua’s day, Caleb’s day, Miriam’s day. Stop reproducing Paul’s day, Peter’s day, Barnabas’s day, Judas’ day, Ahab’s day.
24.        This is your own day; believe in the things that are meant for your own peace. We are serving a present tense God not past. Reproducing Moses in your day means denial of yourself, denial of your day.
25.        And it is the greatest form of unbelief. Something Jesus set aside even God Himself set it aside. Do you know that by the time Prophet Isaiah appeared, God was no longer interested in burnt offering, sacrifices of bullocks, candles and incenses? God was disgusted in the days of Elijah o-o-o. He was no longer interested in them.
26.         But today, people are still burning incense, killing ram, killing goat. Go to Cherubim and Seraphim, go to Odoziobodo, go to Sabbath; No two ways about it. 
27.        “…We are no longer in William Branham’s age, and we are not in Laodicea...”
28.        William Branham said it that Pentecost is too far away from where we are. He said, “Wesley does not have to look back to Luther.” Is it not true? He mentioned all of them.
29.        He said, “Jeremiah should not look back to Isaiah. Isaiah shouldn’t look back to Job. Job shouldn’t look back to Abraham and things like that.” It is forward ever, backward never!
30.        “…Anybody walking in Laodicea is walking in blindness because he does not know where he is...”
31.        Are we of Laodicea? No sir! The Angel Messenger of Laodicea Age has come and gone.
32.        “…That is why I love the question that end-timer asked. He said, ‘I became interested because no man can impersonate this supernatural Halo...”
33.        One man, an End-Timer asked Me that question. He said, “I am showing great interest in this message in the Apostle Peter. For no human being can impersonate this Supernatural Halo.”
34.        From that day this Supernatural Halo appeared in our midst for the first time till today, have you ever read in any newspaper, radio, television where a Supernatural Halo appear worldwide?
35.        That is why we are courageous to paste all of them in the web. So that if there be anywhere in the world where such a thing had OCCURRED, let the person come up.
36.        I am the greatest and will remain the greatest. Let the magicians from America, from Italy, from Rome, from Egypt, after all, all these countries are in the website with their magicians, astrologers, philosophers, psychologists, religionists, they are all there. I am here, no shaking. No shaking!
37.        If I am shaking, by now this faith wouldn’t have existed. It would have been stifled out long, long time ago. Do you know the amount of rebellion this message has cushioned? Even rebellions that were backed up with money using great names in our midst, using ministers that operated with Me like Judas operated with Jesus.
38.        I have suffered the greatest rebellion of all that God sent. They were having their opposition from outside, little inside. But My own opposition came from within.
39.        Can you imagine somebody that is being attacked regularly by members of his family? Not ordinary members of his family but prominent members. When they come, you think they want to believe, they are understudying the secret of the Son of Man, intending to strike Him.
40.        That is why when the message came forth by audible voice through Nnamdi Ogbogu, he said, “They are coming, they are watching Him, they are studying His secret. They watched Him, they watched Him. He said, but I want to say, thus saith the Lord, all of you that are ganging up, watching Him to strike, you must all fail. God must push you out.” When God started pushing out, He pushed out Nnamdi Ogbogu. He pushed all that ganged up. They failed, they were pushed out.
41.        The Voice said, “When He called Him, were you there? When I called Him, were you there? Who are you? Who are you? Who are you challenging My word, challenging My savant? Is it because I did not call you? When I called Him, were you there? I called Him and I called Him alone. Why are you angry? Is it because I did not call you? You must go out, you must go out, you must go out, you must go out, I have rejected you.”
42.        Go back to “The Book of Prophecies”. We have all of them in print. We have them in the magnetic tapes. He did not mention names. But today, the names have mentioned themselves.
43.        You cannot be a harder preacher than Ben Adiukwu who after experiencing Supernatural occurrence in Jerusalem, went back to Jos, preached a message titled, “Because I am a witness.”
44.        I will produce Martin Orji’s messages. You will see many things. I am the greatest! Am I the one holding myself? The man that have been insidiously attacked from within and without! All round, yet He remains immovable, unshakable! What is more, very friendly.
45.        “…Prophet William Branham, said that he is our Angel Messenger and so on, he showed us Supernatural Halo and we saw it, God vindicating Himself with Halo, what do you stand for? What is your message? I do not want to miss my day and my message...
46.        Brethren, the Cloud is here. Once we touch on something that is in the bosom of the Father which is the food He has for us for the day, He delights in it.
47.        “…He is a wise man because he knows what the Prophet said about such a thing. Because the coming of a man marks the end of the other. Can the two be on the scene together? No!
48.        What is more, he knew there was a message coming, for once there is a sign, there is a Voice following the sign and it must be scriptural.” Voice of the sign!
49.        “…Do you know the written word of God is not the original seed? The Spoken Word has remained the Original SeedIf ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed.” KJV.”
50.        If you continue, not when you discontinue. Those that left discontinued in My word and they are ending it in fire having detached from the vine.
51.        If a mango tree or orange tree is filled with immature fruits and a mighty wind blows off a branch of it that is filled with the unripe fruits, the unripe fruits will ripen by force. These fruits will be useless. Both the fruits and the branch will be used as firewood.
52.        When a tree falls, all its branches fall with it. If the branches fall off, the tree still remains very firm! When the branch falls, the tree remains there. But when the tree falls, it falls together with all the branches. Amen.

The Bride has one uniform
When you recognize that Messenger and you believe that Revealed Word that comes out of His mouth, stand there for it shall be your sanctification, it shall be your righteousness and holiness....”
2.           Why not say halleluiah! Halleluiah! Are you sure you are following this message? You do not understand it.  
3.            “…Number three, “BE PERSISTENT IN FAITH IN CHRIST.” Not today in the faith, tomorrow outside the faith. In the morning you are delivered, in the afternoon you are doubting. In the night you are out. Be persistent in faith, come what may.
4.           “…Thus, you must be persistent. Persistent means, continuing and abiding in the Faith—persistent faith. Persistent, come what may, come rain, come sunshine.”
5.           Note it so that references will be made easy. Sometimes you maybe troubled; you simply open and see what you marked. God can use just one verse, one paragraph to bring you back. Because we know sometimes the devil will tempt our hearts telling us it is impossible for us to make heaven that we are deceiving ourselves that no human being will make it.
6.           You will hear a still small voice saying, “I will give you a helping hand.” I will give you a helping hand. Do not panic, do not run helter-skelter. He that called you is able to help you, able to see you through.
7.           Commit the saving of your soul into the hand of God as a faithful creator that is able to keep that which is committed into His hands against that day.
8.           “…We are going down gradually. I used much time to form a little background, planning to stir up pure minds in everybody. I hope it is not in vain?..
9.           We are progressing; we are not stopping until we finish this message. Is there not a cause? He knows what we need at all times.
10.        “…Number four of the secrets of retaining your sanctified estate: ‘SET YOUR AFFECTION ON THINGS THAT ARE ABOVE.’ Set your affection on things that are above. Do not allow worldly things to give you sleepless nights...
11.        Let Me tell you something, the most foolish, the most ignorant of all human beings is sure of one thing, that he must die one day. But what he does not know is the day and the manner of death he will face.
12.        Like those people that went to Uke for a night vigil with their “oku nagba ozara”, before morning, over fifty persons were lying dead. Nobody killed them, nobody poisoned them. Whatever that killed them, only God knows. When they were going for night vigil, for deliverance, for prosperity, for blessings and things like that, was there anything like death in their budget?
13.        They have gone to heaven before the Reverend Father that owns the prayer house. They have gone to heaven ahead of time. You know, Anambra is quiet because it happened in the mother Church. If such a thing should happen in GTC, I would have been in the hand of police by now together with all the ministers in this Faith.
14.        The whole Newspaper would have carried it to the websites. But we have a woman (Church) that can never commit whoredom in the eyes of the members. Rather, they will now have their catechism that will back it up that the Lord took them to heaven.
15.        Do not worry, soon you will hear that by the time they were praying, that Virgin Mary came down for it was the day meant for all souls – all souls day. Thus, Virgin Mary certifies their souls and said, “They are my children, I want to live in heaven with them.” Then Virgin Mary took them.
16.        Do not worry, watch, for anything that happens in any of the big Churches, they must have their defence that will hinder the law enforcement agents from investigating.
17.        After all, the law enforcement agents are their members. But concerning this Faith, everything must be scrutinized, investigated and evaluated. Glory be to God in the highest.   
18.        He knows why He does not permit such things to happen here. The only thing that can happen here is something they cannot talk about and that is the translation of the saints.
19.        One day, I will be preaching, I will be talking, I will be moving about, you will be accepting the message, clapping your hands, jubilant, echoing “amen.”
20.        before you know it, it will be all over. We will be wondering what is happening, we will be seeing people, but they will not be seeing us, running helter-skelter. Do not worry, be calm, be still.
21.        He that promised is more than able to fulfil it. See Him! Let your eyes be going there, and be going here also. Believe in My Father, believe also in Me. For without Me, you wouldn’t have known My Father.
22.        without My Father, you wouldn’t have known Me. The Son of Man revealed the Father to the Bride, the Father revealed the Son of Man to the Bride.
23.        If you say you would have known Me without My Father, you are a liar. I was an ordinary man until My Father told you who I am.
24.        Even when I told you, you did not take Me seriously, it took the Father to come and clear the doubt. When I told you that the Father existed, the form He existed, you never believed until He manifested Himself.
25.        When the Son of Man was at home and told the elders what to expect and what He will come and do, yet, the elders were blind, especially Apostle Kelechi; the blindest elder I have. Brother Kelechi, have you wondered why God used a small child in that dream to show you that you have no faith in God?
26.        You have been praying for brethren, dedicating their businesses to God, their vehicles, their children and so on. Have you ever for one day invited the brethren, even the Son of Man, personally to come and dedicate your business for one day?
27.        From the day you started business in Onitsha till today, have you done it? From the day you established your business till today in Onitsha, have you ever offered a cup of water to the Son of Man for coming to your shade or offered any sachet of pure water to any of the brethren that visited you as visiting angels? You are the blindest man of God!
28.        And you want to prosper? How can you prosper? One that does not give can never receive. Since you take delight and you believe that when you confirm and pray, God answers, but when it comes to you, you feign ignorance. Keep on feigning ignorance. Keep on blessing us.
29.        Even the Son of Man found it necessary to invite you and others to come and open His shop for Him. Both the first and second place. And you did it. But you are higher than the Son of Man for God answers your prayers more than that of the Son of Man. You are blind!
30.        “…Number four of the secrets of retaining your sanctified estate: “SET YOUR AFFECTION ON THINGS THAT ARE ABOVE.” Set your affection on things that are above...”
31.        Set your affection on things that are above. Forget about house, vehicle, all the wealth that is in this world. We will still have them; God will give them to us for Him to close the mouth of our adversaries. Those that said, “If you worship God, you will not be a human being, you will not achieve anything.”
32.        It is not that we will have them and begin to boast of it. No! If God never said that we should go ahead in doing it, we will not do it. The reason He is doing that is because He wants to close the mouth of our adversaries.
33.        “…Set your affection on things that are above. Do not allow worldly things to give you sleepless nights. Once your attention diverts to the things that are earthly, surely you will be swallowed up...”
34.        Have you  seen it? Let not your affection be on the things you can behold, what you eat, what the mouth will drink, for you to be like this person, like that person. For you to be like Dangote or Abiola; to be like this and that, in truth, the world will swallow you up just like the way River Niger does swallow human beings.
35.        There is something I used to console Myself with at all times. There has never been any human being that died and carried all that he acquired in the world to heaven.
36.        There was a day I went to Awada, I passed through Brother Stephen’s shade, went to steel Aluminium where we went to buy zinc to roof Brother Ojiakor’s building then. That was during the rainy season in 2012.
37.        While I was going, I saw a filling station covered with ordinary sand, the walls had collapsed. I looked and saw Ekene Dili Chukwu’s (a onetime very wealthy merchant and successful transporter) residential lodge, his executive office and everything. The whole thing was in ruins, the walls broken down and everywhere turned to a thick bush.
38.        I then asked, “Where is the wealth of this world?” Solomon said that God had blessed him with wisdom, much wealth and many children, yet there was something troubling his mind. He said that of all that God blessed him with, he did not know who would inherit all those things if he dies, whether the person would be able to control and manage the whole wealth or not or whether those things would fizzle out (die off) with his death.
39.        I am making it clear to you that when a man dies, whatever he does or is known for dies as well. When a man dies, whatever he is known for dies that day. Great men—by human assessment—that appeared here and that was the end of whatever was their boast. We are not taking any pin out of this place.
40.        Whatever we are doing, we are doing it at the command of the Lord. Not to inherit, no! However,  if you want to inherit, begin with My own house, come and inherit it. Nobody will query you.
41.        Only rats are there, go and live there. Do not pay rent, go the village at Mbaise, stay there free of charge. Tell God that rapture should not take place or translation should not affect you so that you will take it.
42.        Any day God will translate His children, they put on immortality, say, “God, exclude me and my children so that we can occupy this house.”
43.        Jehovah Witness people will soon be on the run. Every Tom, Dick and Harry will be on the run. Do you know that River Niger will be on the run? Mountains and rocks will be on the run too, everything will be on the run. All things must be removed from their places whether they like it or not. I no dey talk am because I get mouth, I dey talk am because na true o-o-o.
44.        “…Sunday First October, 2000, in the message titled “The Revelation of the Church of Christ”, we saw that the Church means ecclesia, called out, separated from the world. That is why we do not follow worldly fashion, we do not go the way of the world, we are in the world of our own and we are one.”
45.        Brethren, have you seen it? We are in the world of our own and we are one. I do not want to hear that grammar, “At Enugu, nobody disturbs us, that is the way we come to fellowship.” “At Nassarawa, no problem, all is well.” Na lie! The Bride has one uniform.
46.        Uniform means, mode of talking, mode of dressing, mode of behaviour. We have a code. We have a code; we call it code of conduct in the Bride of Christ. It is in book form.
47.        That Is why when I see somebody wearing yellow hair, green hair, lip powder or lip stick and eye magic, red like pigeon, finger nails like those of eagleS and things like that, I won’t rebuke you, I will simply turn towards you and close My mouth because, I know you come out from a family.
48.        Before I will talk to you concerning such matter, I must know My relationship with you. Once I am sure you are a stranger, you won’t hear My voice. I do not talk to strangers; rather, I welcome them anyhow. To strangers I say, “Come as you are.”
49.        How many know Brother Emeka Nwanga? If you know him, show by raising your hands. Is he now a boy or a man? He was a man before, now a boy? Is that what you are saying? He is learning obedience through the things he suffered. And I like it. Now, his age has come out. The big buttocks are vanishing. Big tummy, vanishing. Big chick, vanishing. Heavy shoulder, vanishing, so that he will recognise his age. To God be the glory.
50.        I like his appearance and all his shirts are now loose, trousers loose. He does not shoot his buttocks up again. This is the best thing that is happening to us, otherwise, the family will perish. You will trim down the more. I like it.
51.        Even, everybody is happy with it. He is looking like a boy now, not like an ancient man. One that is squandering is father’s money; does he know that things are not easy? He is squandering his money.
52.        He is eating the food that is in the house but he does not want to spend his own. He will preserve it, trek home and ask for food at home. If food is not ready, he will fight. But before now, he never appreciated or liked eating at home.
53.        He now eats every type of food including cassava fufu, eba; he does not select different types of food again. If he does not look like this, he will never be a man. Glory be to God.
54.        All of you that are disturbing your parents, you must come to this stage. A must! If instruction does not calm you down, the troubles that lie ahead of you must surely calm you down. Who no know go know. No two ways about it.
55.         Brother Emeka Nwanga is now beginning to reason like a man. He now knows that tomorrow is still too far from today. When he looks around, he will know that things do not come that easy as he thinks. This is what I like. Yes, you are yet to trim down more.
56.        I have restored one today, that is the son of Brother Onyema Eze, Ndubuisi Eze. I restored him this day because he can never be better outside. He should better stay with the youths, listen to godly counsel and begin to think on what he will do to be a man.
57.        It is shameful for a man not to be rated with his peers. A man depending on his parents when he is of age to marry is not good. That is why I restored him because in this Faith, he will receive instruction which his parents cannot give. He will also mingle with his fellow youths and then, through constant mingling together, his eyes will begin to open to see challenges ahead.
58.        I have told you, I do not believe that a youth should be written off until I have tried My best. And I have not done My best until I have achieved My best. Whoever that delivers a child should not throw it away.
59.        Do not throw away the child you have because if you are told how stubborn you were when you were a youth, you would wonder how it happened and yet you never knew. Do you understand what I am saying?
60.        Why did you not marry when your mates were marrying? It was your rascality! Why is it that you are running last? It is your rascality! Let nobody throw away, write off his child. Common sense comes into somebody.
61.        When does it come? I do not know. When a man looks around and realizes that his mates have all over taken him, surpassed him and he is lagging behind, he will spring to his feet and start off his own. An old woman that said she will never run, will spring up on her feet and run after any goat that takes her snuff box, to collect it back. She must pursue the goat.
62.         Let nobody throw away or abandon his child. Foolishness is found in the bosom of children. There is no fool greater than one whose parents are alive. You cannot compare somebody who has everything just for the asking with another person that suffers terribly, only to have something to eat.
63.        Our children are troubling us because they have everything they ask for; they eat and are satisfied, saying, “Thank Sir, thank Ma, thank Ma, thank Sir. This soup is wonderful. Mummy, in short, mummy, you went to kitchen today. Mummy, thank Ma, thank Sir! Daddy, it is wonderful! “Do not worry, Daddy dey die! Daddy, Mummy, all of us are dying but the children are rejoicing: Thank Ma, thank Sir!”
64.        What will cause one who is always saying “Thank Ma, Thank Sir” not to be foolish? Leave him in his foolishness when he becomes foolish. One day, it will be his turn to receive “Thank Sir, thank Ma” from somebody also. Do not kill, do not throw away. Instead of throwing that child away, give him to Me. Then we will amend it gradually, gradually. It is gradually, gradually.
65.        If you were pounced upon during your time, you would have run away or run into a forbidden place. You say that if it were you, you would kill somebody. You will not kill anybody! That evil will not come your way.
66.        Do not tell Me that you will do this or that, you cannot do anything! Your prayer should be evil should not come to you at all. This is because once faeces are passed out, it is for the puppy!
67.        The Cloud is here! Do you look out to the outside, then look at the inside of the hall. Look at the outside of this building; look at the inside. Watch your wrist watch and note the time since we started this matter from the morning. Is it up to two o’clock in the afternoon?
68.        There is a Guide! Am I afraid, is there anything on the way? Even if it is night, we are going. We own the road. My people, it is like it is getting dark inside here! It is sunny and shinning outside but it is not getting in here, not even penetrating through the window!
69.        You are under a canopy! This canopy is very good. Eh! This canopy is very good. Nobody is pressed to go and urinate, nobody is hungry, nobody is feeling sleepy. Everybody is looking bright. No complaining. You are not pressed, you are not hungry!
70.        Scripture is fulfilling: “Man does not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.” The Word of God is life giving meat (food) if your heart accepts it! 
71.        Let Me tell you why we stay here too long. There is no other place we can stay and be happier than here. This is the only place we will come; the troubles of this life vanish. All trials and temptations we do not remember. By the time we close, once you get to Awka road, it will look as if you are in another world. In short, from police station, it will be like you should turn back.
72.        This is the place where the saints have their rest. A place of rest of mind that is if you are in this faith. If you are not in this faith, you will be angry because we did not allow you to go where you have planned to go. If you are in this faith, you will be saying let us remain here that we should not go again. Amen.
Number five, ‘AVOID SELF RIGHTEOUSNESS, BUT LIVE AND TRUST IN CHRIST ALONE.’ Avoid self-righteousness, live and trust in Christ alone...”
2.           Note it! Avoid self-righteousness and self-justification. Avoid boasting of what you can do or what you cannot do but boast of what Christ has already done for you. Finish!
3.           “…St. Mathew chapter 5 verse 20, “For I say unto you, That except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees,” which is dos and don’ts of Moses.
4.           “…The messenger of your day, fix your eyes on Him always, follow His footsteps even on family matters, do not just copy the way He talks, the way He dresses, copy also the way He manages His own family.”
5.           Note it! “…That is where people shake their heads because they know what they are trying to avoid. Evil men and women there. Whether you like it or not, you must pattern after my family. I say, whether you like it or not, you must be queried one day.
6.           For your sake I decided to marry, to lay a perfect example of what family life should be...”
7.           You must pattern after My family! Look unto Abraham your father and Sarah your mother.
8.           “…Whether you like it or not, you must pattern after my family. I say, whether you like it or not, you must be queried one day...”
9.           I am the standard for judgment for all men. My wife is the standard for judgment for all women whether you like it or not. It is already confirmed.
10.        “…For your sake I decided to marry to lay a perfect example of what family life should be. Amen.” Have you seen it? Without you, God wouldn’t have set out the idea of getting married. He married for your sake, got children for your sake.
11.         “…Remember the topic, 16 secrets of remaining in your sanctified estate. Now we go further. Number six: “TRY TO FIND OUT WHAT THE WILL OF GOD IS ALL ABOUT BEFORE YOU EVER DO ANYTHING.
12.        Note it, find out the will of God concerning anything you want to do. If you have the desire to do anything, if you are being inspired to do something, if the urge is in you to do something or to say something, please, settle down and find out the will of God about it. For if you do not find the will of God about it, you may end it in death...” Have you seen it?
14.        FIND OUT THE WILL OF GOD BECAUSE THE WILL OF GOD IS REVEALED IN HIS WORD. That was why St. Paul was praying that we should have the mind that is in Christ. And my prayer is that you will be fully clothed with the Holy Spirit, so that He will guide you into right action, right decision, right utterances...”
15.        The Cloud is here because something great is being handed out so that our children who were infants that time will now hook up. Though I do not say it, if you look outside and look inside, are you not seeing something? Are you blind?
16.        What if it ends now, will you have any regret? No sir! I do not want it to end now.
17.         If it ends now, many will miss it. The message of today is coming out for a purpose. And after this, I may not go this way again until next year if there be next year.
18.         I will be consolidating on my gaIN by giving you eschatological revelations which cannot save anybody. Rather, it will stumble heathens in our midst out. I call it last minute trimming down. The message has come out in print.
19.         I said it will not come out until towards the end. You can see it in your hands “Modern Idolatry”. The God of the Bible versus Satan, introduction. Are you holding it? Good! I now want to do last minute trimming.
20.        “…For us to remain in our sanctified estate, number seven, “WE MUST BE TEACHABLE PEOPLE...”
21.        We must be teachable people. Hold yourself out to know something you did not know. Open your heart; remove “self” for you to be taught of something you did not know.
22.        Do not claim that you know everything. You know in part but He that is perfect is on the scene for the captain of our salvation has been made perfect, confirmed and vindicated. What is your problem? Can God dwell in an impure vessel?
23.        “…For us to remain in our sanctified estate, number seven, “WE MUST BE TEACHABLE PEOPLE, WE MUST TAKE THE TEACHABLE ROUTE, INFANT ROUTE...”
24.        Infant route, zombie route. “…Note, I must be teachable. One that is teachable will always say, ‘Please brother, show me where I am wrong, for no man can see his fault.’ Look at the way God placed it, ‘Please Brother’, it is not that you will stand before him; I want you to show me where I am at fault. He will close his mouth and go his way. He will go his way without answering you because you are not polite. You are un-teachable.
25.        “…Note, I must be teachable. One that is teachable will always say, “Please brother,”
26.        Not hypocritical please. There is a kind of please that will be said, it will be hypocritical while violence is hidden behind the please. Please from the heart inspired by God is never violent.
27.        “…Job, a humble man of God said, ‘God, teach me and help me to understand where I have failed’. You must take this teachable route, and this same route, I call it infant route. Unless we become like babies, little, little kids, we cannot be teachable.
28.        It is not easy to teach adult. What are you going to tell him? What is it that he does not know? Before you say anything, he has known where you are heading to. And that boils down to what I have been seeing in the Church for some time now.”
29.        “…A minister will come to the pulpit and read scripture, everybody will give his interpretation. Some will be furnishing him with information from the flock, telling him what he should read and the interpretation of it. You say one statement, they will add over twenty statements.”
30.        The true token! Ready to die! Spiritual Paralysis! Fresh Manner! “…When you are in the pulpit, you are prophesying...”
31.        Have you seen it? When you are in the pulpit, you are prophesying and you do not know who and who will fulfil your prophecies.
32.        “…Some will even be flattering the man in the pulpit until his heart will be aflame and he will be saying things that are not convenient.
33.        He will even deviate from the topic he has introduced trying to please the Church by joining them in their jesting and laughing and things like that...”   
34.        “…St. Mathew chapter 18 verse 3. “And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. KJV.
35.        Not repent ooo! Repent and be converted, that is what God is saying. Repentance is not conversion, repentance means sorrow for what you have done wrong. Conversion means, change of mind.  
36.        “…Unless we are converted, unless we change our minds, change our views and become like little children; you will say, “Sit down,” he will sit down. You say, “Stand up,” he will stand up. “Go out,” he will go out. Always obeying instruction without grudging...
37.        Sure! For the Prophet said that, “God is looking for a small minority He will lead by Hid word. That when He says, go, they will go. Come, they will come. You tell them to stand up, they will stand up. You tell them to sit down, they will sit down.
38.        “…Number eight: “GET RID OF ALL KNOWN HINDRANCES...
39.        Get rid of all known hindrances. Brethren, the whole place is dark in the fellowship while it is shinning bright outside. Let nobody look back for our Masquerade is demonstrating in the square. Let nobody look behind for our Masquerade is displaying in the square. Our Masquerade is in our midst, displaying.
40.        “…Remember in this spiritual race, there is going to be stumbling blocks, there must be hindrances here and there, things that will discomfort you. Any known hindrance along the way, please get rid of it, remove it as long as it is in your power to remove, remove it...”
41.        Note those ones that will help you. Those ones you will remember. Any one you see, you remove it. If you are going on the way and you see bottle, will you allow it to pierce your leg? You will remove it. If it is a thorn, you remove; any stumbling block, you remove it.
42.        “…Any known hindrance along the way, please get rid of it, remove it as long as it is in your power to remove, remove it. If it is anger, remove it. If it is malice, remove it. If it is hatred, remove it. If it is gossip, remove it. If it is blackmail, remove it...”
43.        If it is stubbornness, remove it. If it is I do not care attitude, remove. If it is snubbing, remove it. If it is making face, remove it. If it is envy, remove it. Jealousy, remove it. Lazy habit, remove it. Lateness to everything, remove it. Over sleeping, remove it. Over eating, remove it. Over drinking, remove it. Keeping late at night, remove it.
44.        “…All these things that are not convenient, they are not proper and they do not portray the life of the Kingdom, they are not attributes of Christ...”
45.        They are not attributes of Christ. They are contrary to the life of the Kingdom.
46.        “…What is the perfect will of God for you as a child of God; as a minister of the gospel, able-minister of the New Testament?...”
47.        Yes sir! You must answer it.
48.        “…What is the perfect will of God for you as a child of God; what have you discovered to be the will of God for you? Did we receive any commission from God at all? To what extent have we carried out these commissions? Thus, you get rid of all known hindrances.”
50.        No matter what happens, I will be there. It is true that not he that willeth or he that runeth but God that showeth mercy. But place yourself where God can show you mercy.
51.        “…Resolve upon yourself that come what may, you will be in the haven of rest, in that Paradise. For there are many that will strive to enter but they will not succeed, because narrow is that way that leadeth to eternal life.
52.        There are many that would like to enter but they will not succeed. You that have entered, resolve you will be there by and by.”
54.        Be on the alert always to avoid the spirit of unbelief and deceitfulness of sin. When sin and deceit is operating in you, you may think you are in heaven when you are in Hell...”
55.        When what? Sin and deceit is operating in you, you may think you are in heaven, you may think you have met the standard required by God; you do not know that nobody has recognised your faith.
56.        “…Hebrews chapter 3 verses 12 through 14, “Take heed, brethren, lest there be in any of you an evil heart of unbelief, in departing from the living God. But exhort one another daily, while it is called Today; lest any of you be hardened through the deceitfulness of sin...”
57.        Through the deceitfulness of unbelief lest you will be hardened. Your heart is hardened against the word of God, against instructions because of deceitfulness of sin, unbelief. Nothing deceives more than unbelief.
58.        “…Sixteen secrets of retaining your sanctified estate; number thirteen: “RESOLVE UPON YOURSELF TO OBEY THE MESSENGER OF YOUR DAY AT ALL TIMES...”
59.        Resolve upon yourself to obey the messenger God save to you in your day at all times.
60.        “…Resolve it upon yourself that whatever He asks you to do, you will do it. Because I know that His thoughts for you are the thoughts of good and not of evil to give you the expected end. He cannot be your destroyer. He is sent to come and save you and I...”
61.        He cannot be your destroyer for He is sent to come and save you.
62.         “…To whosoever you yield yourself to obey, you become his servant. If you sin, you die. If you disobey, you die. Disobedience is sin. Romans chapter 6 verse 16, ‘Know ye not, that to whom ye yield yourselves servants to obey, his servants ye are to whom ye obey; whether of sin unto death, or of obedience unto righteousness?’ KJV.” Obedience unto righteousness.
63.        “…Number fourteen: “WE MUST FOLLOW PEACE WITH ALL MEN.” If we must abide in this condition God has placed us, follow peace with all men. No exemption. As far as it lieth within your reach, live peaceably with all men.”
64.        “…Finally, number sixteen: “DESIRE TO BE LIKE CHRIST...”
65.        Make it your whole objective.
66.        “…Make it your whole objective. You know some people do not desire to be like Christ. Desire to be like the firstborn among many brethren...”
67.        Firstborn among many brethren. Come to the point where you will say, “Even if one person is going to be translated, I am the one.” They are two, I am number one. They are hundred, I am number one. Do not make yourself number two.
68.        “…Psalms 17 verse 15, “As for me, I will behold thy face in righteousness:”
69.        As for what? As for me, I will do what? Behold your face in righteousness.
70.        “…As for me. Can somebody say, “As for me, As for me, I will behold thy face in righteousness: I shall be established when I awake, with thy likeness.”
71.        On this note, I say remain in your sanctified estate, remain blessed in Him eternally. Selah!