The Son of Man Revealed From One of The Jungles in Africa According To William Branham's Prophesy

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Sunday, 20 March 2011



I am He, the Self-existing One, the beginning and the end. I am the only Being that can tell you the mysteries of life and death. Believe it if you can…

-Son of Man

Brethren, despise Me not for I am black. The crime of the black is always the same in every nation. A black man can never acknowledge anything good in a fellow black man. Every good thing has always been attributed to the white, everything evil attributed to the black. They are turning the record upside down.
Brethren accept me, I am a black man. I am your kinsman redeemer. The sun has acted on me well, well. Weather has acted on me very well. Do not look down on me because I am a black man. I am your Messiah, I am the Gate, I am the Door, without me you are not making any headway. Without me no Eternal Life  –The Son of Man

I AM THE DOOR PP. 86, VS 18-19.

Praise the Lord. I welcome you to His Presence with every amount of joy in my heart. You are highly favoured. You can narrow it to yourself by saying, “I am highly favoured”.
2.           Don’t allow the devil to fool you. We have come to the end of all things. Watch the world you are in, it can never get better again. And there is no other new gospel which you are going to hear except that which the Lord had earlier prophesied, that is, people denying the faith of Christ in the later days.
3.           People will run out of patience and begin to wreck damnable heresies to deceive the hearts of the foolish. This is your time. I told you, we are running last and we are coming first.
4.            When they have slumped back, this is good morning in the Bride. For the strength we have is not from any other source but from the Almighty. Jehovah is the source of our strength.
5.           Those that wait for God’s time know that whenever it is time for breadfruit to fall, nothing stops it. Their eyes are always at the top of the breadfruit.
6.           Is it carrying seed? Yes. Will it fall one day? Sure. We have been hearing that a tree fell and killed somebody, or that a vehicle killed somebody or anything at all, but have you heard of where people said that breadfruit killed somebody? Why? Because before it falls, it will first listen and once there is calmness, you see it falling.
7.           What is more, when anybody that is privileged gets there, he carries it. Breadfruit is not like local apple (Udara). Local apple (Udara) falls when there is noise. But when breadfruit perceives noise, it will stand still so that it will not kill somebody.
8.           Anybody that stays behind, he will carry it. However, if you are in a haste, you will be rushing home, while the other person will stay and wait for it. When the breadfruit falls, he will carry it and you will be marveling, “Why is it that immediately I left the place, the breadfruit fell?”
9.           Who can tell me why it is that anybody that is privileged to meet breadfruit when it falls, the person will not be accused of stealing it? Remember, you cannot climb it neither will you pluck it.
10.        No matter the owner, anybody that gets there when it falls, automatically, it is that person’s own and nobody will accuse him of stealing it. Who can tell me the reason why it is so? Is it so in your community?
11.        You can judge people for everything but nobody is judged for stealing breadfruit. Let me close my mouth, I will not speak on this matter now. I have something more important than that. We give God the whole glory. As he leads me, so I will lead you.
12.        What God has done for us is more than we can say. It is more than our reasoning. When I was discussing with our Brother Shed, he said, “Daddy, do you know that the vehicle which I hired to carry electric pole for me to a place where it will be used; after the vehicle had offloaded and was going back, in the same community where it went to, the truck killed six people at the same time, including the owners of the work”. All these things happened last week.
13.        I told him that our God is God; He knows what He is doing. If the vehicle had killed those people while going, you and the truck (vehicle) together with the materials also would have been in trouble. What is more, he has been paid, services rendered.
14.        He went to work at Ugwu Road, the same Ugwu Road it killed the six people, including one of the owners of the work.
15.        What do we call this? Someone says, “Let me go and come back.” Is this caused by Boko Haram again? Who is protecting our lives that we will go and come back? It will be as if it is by our own strength.
16.        One day, we were discussing and one man was crying of how his sister who gave birth to a child after seven years of marriage died, just that her mother entered the kitchen, cook for the daughter and the daughter out of hunger ate and swallowed the hook used to catch fish.
17.        She was rushed to the hospital, before you knew it, the lady died. Who killed her? Is it the mother that cooked for her or she herself that ate the food, or the baby? When you give birth to a baby and you are cooked for, after eating you remain alive while another person was cooked for and she ate and died.
18.        If you don’t know what I am saying, pray that you will buy fish one day and see hook. If you were the one that ate it or your husband, who would be blamed? Will you blame the person that cooked the food, or the seller or who?
19.        I am saying that what God is doing for us, at times, we do not remember all. Let me tell you, if you cook fish and eat without eating hook, it is the grace of God. Is there any other thing that is used to catch a fish if not hook?
20.        Why is it that the one you bought does not have hook, and if there is hook at all, you saw it and removed it? He will close the eye of this person and open the eye of the other.
21.        When you are asked to praise God, there are many things that should prompt you to praise God. Stop looking at money. Money has been on earth before you came and money will still be there and you go. It can be used to buy everything but it can never be used to purchase life.
22.        When death knocks at somebody’s door, can money save the person? Only trust in God’s grace. When we say that God has blessed us and you will be asking where the blessing is, you don’t know that there is no blessing higher than the life we are breathing today.
23.        I told you a story of a young man Philemon, an Assembly of God member at Ugwuta Road. He lives at Bishop Onyegbo, you can go and verify. He drives Okada (commercial motorcycle) together with his Brother Obinna.
24.        One day, his wife went on a night Virgil together with their members. The young man came back from work and was very tired. He took his bath and decided to lie down at the corridor. After some minutes, he slept off.
25.        What happened? Breeze blew him and blocked everywhere in his body. Before those that went for night Virgil could come back, the man was dead already.
26.        Who killed him? When he was rushed to hospital, they examined him and said that cold blocked his arteries. Nobody is responsible for his death. The question is this, is he the only person that sleeps at the corridor when there is heat in the house?
27.        Don’t you sleep at the corridor? Don’t I sleep at the corridor? When you sleep, do you know where you went to? That you know everything, can you tell me where you went to while sleeping? You only know when you wake up.
28.        Note it very well; there are two things you do not know. Number one, you don’t know the time you will sleep. Number two; you don’t know the time you are going to wake up.
29.        You can be lying saying that sleep doesn’t want to come, before you know it, you start dreaming. Can somebody who is awake dream dreams? You have slept.
30.        It is because of sleep that made our sister Ojiakor to run into somewhere with her car? Was it at night? Before you know it, the car started driving the owner.
31.        You can know everything, if you like, set alarm clock; if the alarm clock wakes you, you are awake before the alarm started ringing. Because if you are sleeping, you cannot know when it will blow. The truth about it is that you are awake waiting for it to ring.
32.        Go and set your alarm clock, pray for deep sleep, it will ring and ring, when you wake up, if you had set it at 5am, you wake up by 8 o’clock in the morning. But if you are awake before the alarm rings, when it rings, you wake up.
33.        Anybody that is sleeping and at the same time hearing what is happening outside is awake. “I heard it while sleeping” na lie! The truth of the matter is that you were lying on the bed resting.
34.        The essence of alarm clock is to remind you that this is the time you set it, not that you should wake up. You woke up by 4 o’clock or 4:30 in the morning waiting because it is about to ring at 5 o’clock. You have already woken up before 5.
35.        What I am saying is this, if at the time you slept and even dreaming, that you couldn’t wake up again, what will it be called? Death. Who woke you up? God.
36.        Have you not seen somebody that went in, in the night only for people to break his door in the morning? He used his hand to lock the door, but the living will be the ones to open it.
37.        When you are told to thank God for His goodness, praise God for his marvelous works, you behave as if we are forcing you. Maybe you do not know that there is no gift that is as great as life and sound health.
38.        There is no gift as great as life and sound health. Only the living can plan for the future. A dead man has no tomorrow. When you see some people bragging, they forget the fact that there is nothing in this life that has eyes that will never sleep.
39.        Whatever that has eyes that is alive must surely sleep one day whether you like it or not. If you like take drug that will make you not to sleep, once it expires, sleep will come to your eyes. It is very clear.
40.        You that claim of knowing everything, do you know when a fish is asleep? The same way the eyes of a fish are while awake, the same way they are when the fish is asleep. Fish has everything but it doesn’t have eyebrow.
41.        There are fish that have teeth, there are some that have legs but there is no fish that has eyebrow. The same way that its eyes are when it is asleep, the same way they are when the fish is awake. That is why it is said that nobody knows when a fish is asleep. It is only fishermen that discern when a fish is asleep.
42.        The way to know a fish that is asleep is when you see it being calm but still breathing, you splash water there, the fish remains calm, you know that the fish is asleep.
43.        But when you see how the eyes are shining bright, you will think that it is awake, no. When you splash water there, it does not shake, you splash again, it remains calm, you catch it. Amen.


To God be the glory.  We are in His Presence to praise Him, to learn of Him. There is a message I handled many years ago, I am calling for that tape, “Lean not on Your Own Understanding”.
2.           Lean not on your own understanding, for it must surely fail you. Because every way that seemeth right in the eyes of a man, the end thereof is death.
3.           Another message is, “Be Careful about the Glamour of Iniquity”. Be careful about the glamour of iniquity: “Do you know who I am? Any way you want it, I am there.” You will be bragging because nothing brags a man more than sin.
4.           When the person is wrong, doing what he ought not to do, bragging with it, a wise man will see him and go his way while the fool will be moving about thinking he is strong.
5.           He will not know that a fearful man is holding the life of the strong man. Yes, a fearful person holds the life of a strong man. People stay in the house of a fearful man quoting that there was a time a great man was living there.
9.           The die is cast. The Lord has come to recompense every man according his work. He will recompense me, equally He will recompense you. If you know that which you have committed, all that were recorded concerning you, we have come to the end of all things. Don’t say, you will make it right tomorrow, it can never happen. The more you try to adjust, the worst it becomes.
10.        Why? Because the Lord has left the Gentiles. If anybody tells you that somebody is repenting in the Gentile land, tell the person no, rather those that thought they knew God will start blaspheming God, so that the whole world will stand condemned when the Son of Man shall speak.
11.        As it was in the days of Noah, when those that believed Noah, many people believed when Noah started preaching, as the years went by, one hundred and twenty years of Noah’s preaching, those that believed in the beginning began to draw back, they began to doubt, they began to question the reality, the authenticity of Noah’s prophecy, for Noah was a Prophet that walked with God and was declared righteous.
12.         St. Luke chapter 17 verses 26, “And as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man. KJV.
13.        Did it say in the days of Jesus Christ? No but in the days of the Son of Man. Of course, you know we are living in the Son of Man’s dispensation. We are living in the days of the Son of Man, not in the days of Jesus Christ, not in the days of the Prophets or Apostles. We are no longer living in Laodicea; we are living in an age away from all.
14.        The Bride is called out of the Laodicea age, the Bride is called out of the Church, the Bride came out of the Church. Ecclesia, a separated group, called out, setting out there in the wilderness, believing His Word.
15.        The Prophet said, “We are living in the Threshold of the Greatest Vindication of the Omnipotent the world has never seen. For any moment from now, I can see the Son of Man standing on earth on two feet in the Bride, the world would not see him, but the Bride will see him. You must be there for you to see him.”
16.        He went further to say, “If I am a Prophet sent by God, I say, thus saith the Lord, you know, he cannot fail. He will not be found among the clergy of his day. Don’t look for Him (the Word, the Black Sheep) out there for you will not see Him. Look for Him in the midst of that little group out there, setting out in the wilderness believing His Word.”
17.        You must know what is happening. We are children of the Prophets. We know why, we know what we are made up of. We know our ground (where we are standing) why we are different from others, we are not Christians, we are not Muslims. We are in the middle of the road: a little to the right, a little to the left, stay in the centre.
18.        William Branham the Prophet said, “Do not expect the coming of the Son of Man until the entire world will return to Sodomite condition, then the Son of Man will appear.”
19.        He said, “If He appears when the world has not assumed Sodomite condition, that is false, it is contrary to the original word.” From the word, we knew Sodomite condition where men went after men, women went after women.
20.        From the word, we knew about Noah’s day, they went about eating and drinking, making merriments, having parties, marrying and being given in marriage, building houses, they were occupied with normal everyday lives. When Noah and family entered the ark, they knew it not, until sudden destruction came.
21.        Somebody was asking me a question over the phone recently after exploring the website. He said, “Daddy, Benjamin Street doesn’t know who you are and I doubt whether Nigerians know you”.
22.        I was sitting by the side of my wife, it was a laughter period. The sister went further, “Daddy, I don’t browse, but throughout yesterday, it kept me in the house. I stayed in the house from morning till night to make sure I exploited as much as I could.
23.        “But Daddy, let me ask you a question: Must I finish the whole thing before you will pray for me? Because it is like I have not started.”
24.        You see, from morning till night, she felt she had not started because it is endless. Yes, it is endless. Even to exploit Google alone is not easy let alone entering the website. Once you enter the website, you will forget the whole world, you are in another world.
25.        I call our website the wonder world. Wonder world! A trial will convince you. That’s why we are not here to talk bla bla bla, no. If you disturb our peace, we show you the way out.
26.        Good news to all of you, without looking at anybody’s face, without considering your reactions whether they be positive or negative, it is my desire, my conclusion that this very day, not another day, Monday Abakpolo and his family are restored to this Faith unconditionally.
27.        Brother Kenedy, simply go out and call your Pastor, instruct your Pastor, thus saith the Lord of hosts from Jerusalem—for the word goes forth from Jerusalem—that if they are around, they should come into the fellowship without hesitation if they are interested in worshipping the Lord.
28.        Monday Abakpolo and all the members of his family, bring them in, they have learnt their lessons.
29.        Let me tell you, whenever the king is happy, a prisoner must be saved. A prisoner must be set free, but today, many prisoners are set free—a whole family, they are up to six in number if not more. We thank God.
30.        I have told you, if you repent, you don’t need to come to me, don’t even call me over the phone, I will even capture your repentance before you know it.
31.        The same way, when you are erring, I will be talking to you, revealing things nobody knows about you which only you alone know; if I notice you harden your heart, I will help you and harden you the more so that in the end you will destroy yourself with your own hand. Amen.

I really thank God. We are going to consider the message “Revelation from God” volume two. I only want chapter one. “Revelation from God” volume two, chapter one. When we are through with that we will go through “I am the Word” volume two. To God be the glory.
2.           Revelation from God” volume two. Chapter one, ‘The stage is set’. A Jew is one whose heart is right with God. Whether he is born in Israel or Nigeria, He is a Jew.
3.           Thus, salvation is for him, whether he is Igbo, whether he is Hausa, Yoruba or Hausa-Igbo, as long as his heart is right with God, in the sight of God, he is a Jew, and salvation belongs to him.
4.           When America initiated a peace move in the Middle East, I told you that it is a move that will not work. You heard it from Me.
5.           Has it worked today? The whole thing has ended in nullity. Everything has failed and there is no hope that they are going to be re-confirmed. John Kerry has failed, Obama has equally failed.
6.           At the end of the day, Palestinian Authority formed a Unity Government with Hamas, a terrorist group. Palestine recognized them; drew them into their National Assembly. Then Israel pulled out, America pulled out, EU pulled out.
7.           Israel is of the opinion that any time Palestine wants peace, they should consult Israel, for now, every noise about peace should stop. Has the word of the Son of Man come to pass? He that will write history before event. Take a step, He will tell you where you are landing.
8.           A new baby is about to be born. A new baby is about to be created. Let Me remove the word ‘born’. In 1948, the UN (United Nations) created a new baby that became the trouble of the whole world.
9.           And I want you to know that in the year 2014, another new baby, a miraculous baby because it will take a miracle for the paper to be endorsed, for both sides are at their extremes.
10.        A new mysterious baby that will counter the first mysterious baby will be created. A sign from above. And that baby should be expected real between the month of May and end of the year.
11.         Who will cause the baby to be created? Pope Francis I. He is the one that will create this last one and everything you can think of…”
12.        Remember the prophecies. If the peace talk fails, the last hope becomes the Pope who will be going to the Middle East in the month of May. Remember the prophecies.
13.        Verse 7. A Miracle baby that will vehemently oppose the first created baby. It is a sign from above. The world is expecting a new baby that is in the making that will be named after Pope Francis. Let Me stop there, I have spoken to you in types and I believe you have understood Me. Yes sir! Finish! A sign from above.
14.        A new baby is about to be created. The sign was given yesterday. This one is not a virgin conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit. No!
15.        This one is that the virgin never knew when she was impregnated, never knew she was pregnant and while she was eating, the baby boy crawled out from her birth canal. Then, there was donation of both food, clothing and everything.
16.        The baby was then covered. When it was examined, lo and behold, she was a nun. Has this type of thing happened? That of Mary and Jesus was prophesied though the particular was not known. When it was time for its fulfillment, it fulfilled.
17.        The person that impregnated her was known, he did not deny. When it was time for her to deliver, a search was made for a place for her but no place was found.
18.        She had to deliver her baby in a manger before witness. But in this case of the mysterious baby, there was no sign of pregnancy for one day. The Prophets never spoke about it.
19.        Both Rev. Fathers and the Pope were watching; the baby was lifted and was shown to everybody live. They went ahead cleaning the whole place of much blood from the nun that filled everywhere.
20.        It was shown to the world in the television and finally, after searching for a name to give the baby boy, they gave him Francis after the Pope.
21.        This means Pope Francis is responsible for that baby boy. I believe God inspired that name. The Lord inspired that name for a new mysterious, miraculous, wondrous baby that will mark the end of the world is about to be created. Have you heard the interpretation?
22.        If EU is now placing sanctions on Israel and are now on the side of Palestine, the worst problem baby is about to be created.
23.        And nobody will create it, seeing that Palestinian authority has pulled out of the negotiation, saying they are no longer taking John Kerry’s opinions or everything; that his move is in favour of Israel.
24.        That he is trying to create Palestinian State without capital, without territory; without a boundary; that it is rubbish. They pulled out! Israel is saying that Kerry is trying to fool America not Israel, creating a state of Palestine that will share a common capital with Israel.
25.         intolerable! Now, the pope has stepped in at the invitation of the two warring factions to put an end to the fuss.
26.        A new baby, another miracle baby to mark the end of this generation is about to be created by Pope Francis I to fulfil his mission on earth as it was predicted that he is the one to do it and sit down there as the abomination that maketh desolation. Just underline it!..”
27.        This message was preached on 19th January, 2014.
28.        “…See what will befall the world. And before these things will begin to come, the Bride has already been insulated in their immortal bodies. See what we have escaped from. See where God has rescued us from; what we have escaped! It has nothing to do with Jesus. It has nothing to do with what? Jesus.
29.        That day, Jesus on the run, Bible on the run; All the Prophets on the run. Everybody will run helter-skelter.
30.        Who can say this and escape?
31.        “That time it is near but now it is nearer even at our doorstep.” Anybody that said it is not near, that person is blind because everything has failed us. Education has failed, economy has failed, every aspect of human life has failed us.
32.        Politics has failed, the climate has failed. Everything! The land does not yield fruits anymore. The sea has expired. Some have completely dried up. Many mountains have been removed from their places, hills levelled!
33.        Anybody that tells you that that is how it is from the beginning, tell him that he is a liar. You will know that the person is blind. What can you say about your children? Is there any that resembles a human being?
34.        What we are seeing these days are things that look like human beings. It is only in this faith we are having children. Outside this faith, what you see are things that look like human beings.
35.        People give birth to their enemies in the name of children, giving birth to their enemies…”
36.        People give birth to their enemies in the name of children, giving birth to their enemies. Parents’ greatest enemies are now their children. The woman will suffer throughout the pregnancy period, after giving birth; the man will suffer taking care of the child, not knowing that he is training their enemy. It is only in this Faith we are having children. Outside this Faith, you see what is happening.
37.        “…Let Me tell you, do you know that you are the only people that are watching events Prophetically? You are the wise people of this age.
38.        The wise people in the wilderness fixed their eyes on the great star. And when they saw the star, they consulted with no flesh and blood. We have seen the star; we have come to worship the King.
39.        Everything is around us; the star has been given that guides every people of God in every age. In our own age, a star has been allotted. In every age, God gives His people a star that will guide them through.
40.        Abi na lie? In every age, there has always been a Star that will guide God’s people.   
41.        Verse 73, In this most holy faith, I believe nobody, after knowing this message, will fall victim to that same day by living in wickedness and in unbelief and iniquities – things you should not do, you go ahead doing them; neglecting instructions, disobeying the holy commandments FROM THE APOSTLE …”
42.        Neglecting instructions, disobeying the holy commandment from the Apostle.
43.        “…There is no living human being that is not in bondage to the devil in one way or the other…”
44.        Put your hands together! Find out the place where you are in bondage now.   
45.        “…Amos chapter 3 verse 7 says, ‘Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the Prophets.’
46.         In other words, we are happy, we should glorify god that we are worshipping Him where there is one or many that can hear from Him.’
47.        Verse 4. “If the Lord destroys this world the next minute, is it a surprise to you? No sir! Is there anything God has as His program which you do not know? No sir! When you hear people preaching on your street, do you panic again? No sir!
48.        You know it is End Time Message that saves nobody. People that do not know God, they have no covenant with God. They know that the wrath of God is coming but how to escape, they know not. Up till today, they are waiting for the second returning of Jesus Christ. Wonders will never cease.” Amen.

Now, I want to back up the Message with the printout we collected recently from the Net. “Second Coming Won't Happen As Jesus Made Drunk Promise – Vatican.”
2.           SECOND COMING WON’T HAPPEN AS JESUS MADE DRUNK PROMISE. VATICAN. As Jesus made what? D.R.U.N.K. That Jesus was drunk when he promised that he would come the second time.
3.             SECOND COMING WON’T HAPPEN AS JESUS MADE DRUNK PROMISE. VATICAN. Vatican spokesman, a cardinal, who is one-step to the Pope made this statement. The man is spokesman of Vatican City.
4.             A cardinal made an official statement to the whole Catholics that Jesus Christ’s second return, that nobody should expect it again, that Jesus Christ made the promise while he was drunk.
5.             SECOND COMING WON’T HAPPEN AS JESUS MADE DRUNK PROMISE. VATICAN. According to spokesperson for the Vatican, Cardinal Giorgio Salvadore, the second coming of Jesus, the only son of ‘the’ God…”
6.             Not the only son of God BUT THE ONLY SON OF “THE” GOD.
7.              “….According to spokesperson for the Vatican, Cardinal Giorgio Salvadore, the second coming of Jesus, the only son of the God…”
8.              Look at the reference. Not the only son of God. To him, Jesus said he is the only son of God, but to him (Cardinal Giorgio Salvadore,) he (Jesus) is the only son of THE God which the believers of Jesus worship, not him.
9.             The Catholics believe in Virgin Mary, they do not believe in Jesus Christ. Look at the reference, the only son of the “THE” God. The God somewhere.
10.          “Second Coming Won't Happen As Jesus Made Drunk Promise – Vatican. According to spokesperson for the Vatican, Cardinal Giorgio Salvadore, the second coming of Jesus, the only son of the God, may not happen now after all.
11.          Cardinal Giorgio Salvadore has officially announced that this year’s 1,981st anniversary is to be the Vatican’s last in regards to waiting for the Lord to return to Earth…”
12.          Have you seen it? After this year, Roman Catholic will no longer wait for the second return—an official statement. We are in this Faith to educate, to inform and to enlighten. That in the latter days, people will depart from the truth, giving heed to seducing spirit and doctrines of demons.
13.          We will leave no stone untouched in our honest attempt to make sure you are established on a sound foundation where nothing can shake you, so that when you see them making noise on the streets, you will ignore them for they are wasting their time.
14.          In short, they are doing politics. What we are seeing is religious politics. Every religious congregation is a political party. They are affiliated to super parties, whether they call it convention of whatever, I do not care.
15.          Remember, the supreme body of the Roman Catholic Church has the final say in the World Council of Churches. Nobody can challenge it unless you are not an affiliate member of the World Council of Churches.
16.          Can you see why the thing is the image of the beast? William Branham said, “Be very careful the way you subscribe to every religion, otherwise, you are bound to hook yourselves on your own neck, something you cannot remove again.”
17.          You say “It was not intentional;” is it an excuse? No. You have entered into trouble. You have entered into something greater than what you can carry. Your own is lost.
18.          “…Cardinal Giorgio Salvadore has officially announced that this year’s 1,981st anniversary is to be the Vatican’s last in regards to waiting for the Lord to return to Earth.
19.          But he urged followers to still continue with their faith, regardless of the news. Cardinal Salvadore said, "We just feel Jesus is not coming back by the looks of it. It’s been ages like. He’s probably flat out doing other really good things for people somewhere else…" 
20.          He probably flat out doing something good for people somewhere. He is in the wilderness. Is there anything clearer than this? Remember our message titled “Bridal Watch” volume two. The message said, “I am He that went to the Cross and died for your sake and still came back, and I am here with you to take you to where I will permanently dwell.”
21.          It further said, “There has never been any generation I never appeared. For if I do not appear, there is no salvation for that generation. They are looking for me out there, little will they know that I am here hiding in the midst of the trees.”
22.          Have you wondered why He (The Apostle in the midst of the Bride, the Arch Angel) said, no signboard, no advert, no crusade, no house to house preaching, no flyer, no poster, no radio announcement, leave me alone.
23.          The Voice said, “You can see them carrying palm fronds saying Palm Sunday and everything, all the streets filled with activities but little will they know that the person they are looking for is in the midst of the Bride.”
24.           Let us see that potion in the message titled, “I Am the Word,” volume two. It was where you stopped which provoked me to give you this excerpt. You should mark wherever you pursed.
25.          When we go through after that verse 4, we go back to that excerpt again. I mean, let us corroborate. We are not in this most holy Faith to fool your ears at all.
26.          The Pope made a proclamation, that is, an official statement through the spokes man of the Vatican city who is no less than a cardinal, who is supposed to be the assistant Pope, the deputy Pope, public relations officer; he makes an official statement on behalf of Vatican city and this statement governs the whole Christian world, not Catholics, Christian world.
27.          Then where do they belong to? You can see you are highly favoured. That in one second, the entire Christian world has denied Christ, denied Resurrection, denied everything, because the basis of our preaching lies on death and resurrection.
28.          Even the Sadducees are now better than them. The cardinal said that by the end of the year 2014, Catholics should forget about it, for Jesus is not coming again, that they should give their time to putting their Catholic Church in order. In other words, if he comes, well, good. If he does not come, no problem.
29.          What is more, if the Son of Man could go out to say that Jesus made such a horrible, I mean, the basis of Christian faith lies in death and resurrection, for if it is only in this world we have our hope pinned, of all men we shall be the most miserable. Is that not right?
30.          If He (Christ, the Apostle) never resurrected, our faith is useless, we are worshipping in vain. Remember He resurrected for our sanctification. My Christ is not in the grave, He really resurrected. He has presented himself through the Son of Man. Hence, we call Him the Resurrected Body. 
31.          Now, watch the fate of the entire world now hanging in a balance. Didn’t I tell you to wait for me, towards the end, you will know everything? You will see where we are heading to. We will know who is holding the truth and who is that very antichrist.
32.          “I am the Word” volume two page 49 verse 4. If the Lord destroys this world the next minute, is it a surprise to you? No sir! Is there anything God has as His program which you do not know? No sir! When you hear people preaching on your street, do you panic again? No sir!
33.          You know it is End Time Message that saves nobody. People that do not know God, they have no covenant with God. They know that the wrath of God is coming but how to escape, they know not.
34.          Up till today, they are waiting for the second returning of Jesus Christ. Wonders will never cease…”
35.          Have you seen that even the Vatican believes that Jesus Christ is here on earth? But he must be somewhere favouring some people. That they should not waste their time expecting the second return, for that may not happen. That probably, he has been somewhere without your knowledge doing some people favour.
36.          Are you not highly favoured? Have you heard it from the Son of Man? Do not expect another second coming, it is all over. The last sign is on the land. I AM THE RESURRECTION AND THE LIFE. The Resurrected Body is here, the Original Body is here, the Artificial Body is here.
37.          This first house is the artificial body, this is the Original Body. This is the Resurrected Body, and He told you that that time He resurrected, only those that were predestinated to see Him, saw Him. On the day he was caught up in the Clouds, how many people were there in the mountain?
38.          Only those that were predestinated to be at Mount Olives. When He resurrected, only a few that were destined for that purpose saw Him. The rest did not see Him.
39.          Thus, He said, “Now, this is your day.” Do you expect the whole world to see Him? To know that He is here? Only for the elect.  Amen.

Let us see the message titled, “God is revealed in human form only to elect, not to the world. That excerpt, compare it to the message. Let us see whether it agrees with what is happening.   
2.           The Scriptural Commission of a man of God will tell you the office he occupies. What is more, the office he occupies will tell you who he is. And who he is will tell you his mission on earth. For there can never be a man sent by God without a scriptural commission.   
3.             In short, the foundation of this Faith can never be shaken. Very solid, solid rock, extra solid! Can you imagine the anointing that rested on the Pastor who later became a bishop? He said, “Anybody that walks away from this Faith is doomed to hellfire.”
4.             He went further to say, “How can I as a Pastor, see all these things and walk away from the Presence of God.” He said, “God forbid. I am now the greatest enemy of the devil. Brethren, pray for me. I need your prayers.” That was in the message titled the Headstone preached by our former Bishop Okey Nwankpa, 1993, he prophesied the thing. Just like Kelechi Uwakwe.
5.             You see, if you are a preacher, be careful. Just take heed unto yourself and unto the doctrine. Take heed unto thyself and unto your doctrine.
6.             That you can be eloquent and knowledgeable in the scriptures, preach and shake mountains yet get lost. Yes, get lost! You can even mount the pulpit and condemn the whole world, condemn everybody, find fault with everybody, balance every action with the scripture and yet get lost, because you did not take heed unto yourself and unto the doctrines.
7.             Look at the doctrine; it said, “How you ought to be careful to obey every instruction.” Every means every. And every commandment from the Apostle. Every means every.
8.             What is more, you were told ahead of time that God specializes in giving you instruction that runs contrary to your personal lifestyle and your principle. And this year, He came up that God is going to try the faith of the faithful. If you are wise, that is enough message, it is enough message.
9.             Because any planned war does not take the lame unawares. We have heard it in the message.
10.          “…We just feel Jesus is not coming back by the looks of it. It’s been ages like…”
11.          Brethren, is it not scripture? Apostle Peter said, “In the last days, people will begin to say, since the days of our fathers, everything has remained the same. He promised he is coming. Will he come again? Never, never. Since we have been hearing about his promise, what is delaying him?”
12.          The Igbos will say, “He said, he is coming again, did he survive his First Advent?” They do not know that the person they are referring to is already on the scene.
13.          I told you about a particular film I watched in those days when I was newly married about 1988—an Indian movie. I do not take delight in watching such things but that one attracted my attention that day; because anything outside football, boxing and war film, do not attract my attention.
14.          If it is not football, boxing, wrestling and then war film, put it out of my way. I do not even understand it; I do not even have the patience. But this particular one, because of the way it opened, I paid attention.
15.          Another area that attracts my attention is anything detective. Once it is a detective action, put me inside, I will follow it consciously till the end. Because they offer a lot to the intelligent minds.
16.          You see, in this particular episode, there was a lady that was espoused, in short, she was grossly encrust in love, infatuated in love to the extent that it was almost inseparable between the lady and the young man. They loved and appreciated each other.
17.          Now, when they were about to seal up the whole thing into marriage, disaster struck. The lady had a very fatal accident, all the occupants in the vehicle including the driver died. It was believed that that lady died. They never knew she was taken to hospital.
18.          The report went wide, that nobody survived in that vehicle accident. The young man who was proposing marriage to the lady fainted, went about mourning that lady for years. But something happened. Little did he know that the lady was taken to hospital and at the end of the day she survived, but her face was padded.
19.          She could not continue with the shame, she felt humiliated and then decided to take a photograph for survey. She went for a plastic surgery, the doctors craftily used somebody’s face, redesigned her face to resemble the face of the one in the photograph.
20.          She came out more beautiful than she was before. Just like the face of Michael Jackson, the face of the Michael Jackson you see is not the real face. That is plastic surgery. He is a very ugly young man. Michael Jackson is wearing the face of his younger sister, Janet Jackson through plastic surgery.
21.          Now, something happened. One day, this lady came across the young man while they were talking and she couldn’t bear it. The man was lamenting, expressing the shock, how he missed that lady and something like that not knowing that the lady was that her friend.
22.          The lady behaved herself very intelligently, kept quiet and was watching the man’s reaction while he was talking to his friends concerning how they lost that lady. And was even telling them that it will be difficult for him to think of marriage again. But they had a popular song they used to sing together in a very nice style.
23.          The song may be popular to people but the way two of them used to sing it was very, very peculiar to the two. You see, the lady was there watching the young man. The young man saw her as a pretty lady, continued in his discussions.
24.          Can you imagine masquerade seeing you but you are not recognizing who the masquerade is. The lady nodded. Something took place when she was convinced that the young man did not recognize her anymore. She wanted to use the sign which they used to give each other to arouse sentiment and attraction.
25.          She now whispered that song in that usual way they used to whisper it together, immediately, the young man was shocked. Now, put yourself in the shoes of that young man, the young man was shocked. He fixed his eyes on that lady and she smiled. The man did not go nearer for he was told that the lady died.
26.          The lady whispered the thing the second time, the third time and then spoke with her mouth singing the song again that old tone, old voice; although the face has been changed, transformation has taken place but the old voice remained unchanged.
27.          Now, how do you know God? Everything about God must change but the voice remains the same throughout the ages. Remember by physical appearance she (Mary Magdalene) could not recognize the Lord Jesus at the grave side. She likened him to be one of the gatekeepers, one of the watchmen that kept watch over the tomb and then asked him, “Can you please tell me where they led the body of my master?”
28.          Mary was enquiring from the Lord Jesus after He had resurrected. That was the man that used to dine with all of them, who was very familiar with all of them.
29.          Jesus Christ knew that transformation had already taken place, hence Mary Magdalene of all Mary Magdalenes, if anybody could take Jesus for any other person, it is not Mary Magdalene for they were too close. That is why Caiaphas said that Jesus married Mary Magdalene, but the mother proved him wrong.
30.          She said, if he wants to marry, it is not this Mary Magdalene, it is Mary the sister to Lazarus, Martha’s sister. If you go there now, you must meet them. Caiaphas went there and met all of them together. You see, the mother was right.
31.          What am I saying? It was when the Lord Jesus Christ opened his mouth and called Mary, Mary was shocked. The voice was distinct. Mary replied, “Raboni!”
32.          He said, “Don’t touch me! I am yet to ascend to my father and to your God, but go to Jerusalem, enter Galilee, tell your brethren that I have risen, and I am coming there in the city to visit them.”
33.          Watch that young man, when the lady persisted to sing the song and now opened her mouth; the voice of the lady became very distinct as before. It was the man that came closer; the lady remained still, continued in that song.
34.          The man came closer and said, “Sonitah! Sonitah!” The lady embraced him and began to narrate her ordeal in a fatal motor accident.
35.          DESPISE ME NOT FOR I AM BLACK. Transformations have taken place. But those that know me by my voice, they must recognize me. For he said and I quote, “I know my sheep, my sheep knoweth me, they hear my voice and follow me, the voice of a stranger, they can never follow.”
36.          Off your eyes from my physical appearance for the weather has acted adversely on me. However, if you know He that existed from the very beginning, you need no Prophet to tell you that I am He.
37.          Am I mincing words? Publish it loud and clear even on the mountaintops. Believe it if you can. Where you cannot believe, leave it. Time will tell. It has been the message: Judge nothing until the end.
38.          Have you not seen a total departure from the Faith? Now, the man of sin is revealed. The Prophet said in the message he called, “Two by two preaching”, that immediately Moses appeared, Jannes and Jambress appeared.
39.           It has always been the same, that immediately Christ is revealed in human form, in the midst of the Bride, the world will know who the antichrist is. For he must surely be revealed—one who opposes the truth from God. He opposes the truth from God.
40.          God is the truth the way and the life, but the antichrist opposes the truth. He hardens the hearts of the people and the world takes pleasure in hearing him. He takes the whole world on one side.
41.          Remember, he has succeeded in uniting the Muslims, the Christians and other religions together, hence, wherever he went, all religious sects join hands together to accord him a rousing reception.
42.          At the end, they will take communion together, including President Goodluck Jonathan, Barack Obama and the leaders of other countries. We have seen all of them televised. All of them kneeling down, even the head of the Pentecostals, Oral Roberts and Billy Graham; when they went there, knelt before him, had communion and he blessed them with what he called holy scapula and holy chaplet. Pentecostals!
43.          That is why; they have acknowledged him as the supreme pontiff of World Council of Churches where laws that govern the Christendom come out. In short, now, he makes laws governing the whole religious sects.
44.          However, there is only a little group that is not in this mess. Don’t be discouraged for the master said and I quote, “Fear not little flock, it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you His Kingdom”. He did not say “big flock,” but little flock. Amen.

Second Coming Won't Happen As Jesus Made Drunk Promise – Vatican.” Cardinal Salvadore said, ‘We just feel Jesus is not coming back by the looks of it. It’s been ages like. He’s probably flat out doing other really good things for people somewhere else.
2.           ‘In John chapter 14:1-3 of the Bible, Jesus promised his disciples that he would come again: ‘There are many homes up where my Father lives, and I am going to prepare them for your coming.
3.             When everything is ready, then I will come and get you, so that you can always be with Me where I am. If this weren’t so, I would tell you plainly.’ Cardinal explained Jesus’ broken promise saying that he was probably drinking wine at the time.
4.             What?  That he is probably doing what? Like I am drinking in the midst of the saints; when he made the promise. That Jesus was drinking wine when he made the promise that he will come again.
5.             The same way we drink our own here. That nobody is sensible when drunk. What kind of blasphemy is that? The Bible said, “He will speak great blasphemy against the Most High and aim at drawing people to himself.”
6.             I say, today, this prophecy is fulfilled. Is there any blasphemy greater than this? You can now begin to visualize the level of blasphemy that will come out of his mouth when he will sit on the throne arrogating to himself to be the God of the universe with the deceivableness of unrighteousness, he will lure people away from the truth, from the true God.
7.             Remember, there are only but two ways: THE BRIDAL WAY or THE WORLDLY WAY; CHRIST WAY or DEVIL’S WAY. It is either God or Satan. You are either in the Bride or you are outside. The whole world is now on one side, Christ on another side. In addition, Son of Man is The Link.
8.             You cannot come to Christ without me, there is no way. I am The Link between God and anybody that will be saved. I AM THE LINK TO THE TRUTH. No other way. The world is on one side, but God is on another side.
9.             The Son of Man is reconciling men unto God on a daily basis. I AM THE POINT OF RECONCILIATION BETWEEN GOD AND MAN, believe it if you can.
10.          By this great blasphemy by the Pope, have we not seen the man that maketh abomination, that maketh the whole earth desolate, because one single false doctrine you inject into the world, you have killed all mankind.
11.          Let me tell you, people will believe this more than the truth because it favours the world, because the Pope has spoken, another Nebuchadnezzar on the throne. He has spoken as the king of kings and lord of lords. The world will pay attention.
12.          Who will pay attention to a little man like me? Who knows that I am existing? My voice can never be heard outside. My voice can only be heard in the Bride.
13.          That is why, when any Church Age departed from the truth, God reprimanded them saying, “If you do not make haste and come back, the Voice of the Bridegroom will no longer be heard in your midst.
14.          I AM THE BRIDEGROOM, THE HUSBAND MAN OF THE BRIDE, THAT’S WHY YOU ARE HEARING MY VOICE. For there can never be a bride without a bridegroom, otherwise, that bride is a widow. When you see a woman without a man by the side, she is a widow. But the husband man is alive forevermore.
15.          That is why the wife cannot panic, the wife feels relaxed because the husbandman is on the throne on a daily basis, kicking, bumbling and vibrating. No wonder, the Prophet saw it that the Bride is holding the power that is shaking the hour. Has it not become clear?
16.          We now know those that are on the Lord’s side. Thus, if you were having your eyes and your minds somewhere else, you can see where you are landing. See where you are landing.
17.          Let me tell you, I am jealous of you with Godly jealousy. That I may dispatch all of you to Christ and Christ alone. DO NOT WORRY, ON THAT DAY WHEN SALVATION SHALL BE MADE COMPLETE, YOU WILL KNOW THAT I AM HE AND BESIDE ME THERE IS NO OTHER.
18.          If I want to make noise on the streets, I will not start with this little flock in the wilderness. If I want to make a name for myself, I would have joined hands with Pope in a big denomination where my voice will be going everywhere.
19.          But in this little flock (the elect, the Bride) hidden in the wilderness, only the elect, those that were chosen from the beginning of the world, whose names were written in the lamb’s book of life, that was slain before the foundation of the world; these are the people that I am sent to. It is not to the world.
20.          Yes, Judas asked a question—not Iscariot—saying, “Master, why is it that you will reveal yourself to us alone and not to the people outside?”
21.          Jesus said, “Yes. Unto you is given to know the mystic secret. But to those outside, it is spoken in parables. Hearing they will hear, without understanding, seeing they will see without perceiving, lest at anytime they will repent of their willful disobedience to the truth and will be saved.”
22.          Which means, he had already made up his mind that till eternity, their willful disobedience to the truth can never, will never be forgiven. So, he hardened their heart against the truth.
23.          For He had already said, anybody He wants to save He will save, anybody He wants to harden, He will harden. If God hardens a man’s heart, who will soften it? If God softens a man’s heart to believe the truth, who has the power to harden it?
24.          You see, it is God that worketh in us all. It takes God who has given a believing heart to help us to believe in Him. If He did not give you believing heart will you believe in Him? You will go the way of others. No sympathy for people outside for when the clarion call was made, they turned their back against Him, but now it is the turn of the Lord.
25.          This is the Lord’s turn. Any moment from now, He will be avenging of His enemies. But you are highly favoured brethren.  
26.          “Cardinal Salvadore said, ‘We just feel Jesus is not coming back by the looks of it. It’s been ages like. He’s probably flat out doing other really good things for people somewhere else.’ In John chapter 14:1-3 of the Bible, Jesus promised his disciples that he would come again: ‘There are many homes up where my Father lives, and I am going to prepare them for your coming.
27.          When everything is ready, then I will come and get you, so that you can always be with me where I am. If this weren’t so, I would tell you plainly.
28.          ‘Cardinal explained Jesus’ broken promise saying that he was probably drinking wine at the time when he made the comments…”
29.           He said that Jesus was probably drinking wine at the time he was making the promise. Brethren, there is trouble. What ear heard and tingled. If the Son of Man should say this outside, who will believe in Him? But they will believe, the Pope has spoken. It is from Vatican City.
30.          Have you seen where you were saved from? Even the reverends, they know. The only son of “THE” God. Unless English has lost its meaning. Which means, Jesus was just an idolater. To them, he was worst than a pagan. They esteem the mother more than any other person.
31.          Jesus was a vagabond, the stubborn boy, the only son of “THE” God. No sign of reverence or respect or honour, and this is the man even the devil recognized as the son of the Most High God. Satan indeed will testify against this generation.
32.          Even Prophet Mohammed recognized him and saying that he came as the Prophet immediately the Lord Jesus Christ left the scene, that he was the Prophet that Moses prophesied in the book of Deuteronomy, which is the bone of contention, which I have settled once and for all. BECAUSE, BOTH THE LAWS, THE PSALMS, THE PROPHETS, THE APOSTLES, I AM THE FULFILLMENT.
33.          I do not say it so that you clap hands for me. I know that today will be the best day for my wife, she will begin to see why I took her to all the denominations, round, before I settled her in my own house, in my own Church, in my house, in my own Church waiting for the promise day, and she obeyed.
34.          When I told her all my experiences, she doubted nothing. It was upon that stand that I took Apostle Ojiakor to meet with Kelechi Uwakwe this morning, to give him a reply to his visit to my house, little did I know that before I ever came to him, he had already captured it in his house that I must come to him and what I told him there, was what he heard from my mouth.
35.          Let me tell you, if you sympathize with him, your case will be worse than that of Kelechi. Kelechi’s case is worse than that of Bishop Okey Nwankpa.
36.          God will pardon Bishop Okey Nwankpa easier than Kelechi, because what Kelechi saw, what he witnessed, what he testified, if Okey Nwankpa heard it or saw one-quarter (1/4), there won’t be room for rebellion.
37.          I told you that the height a man falls from determines the level of injury he sustains and the ground where he falls. If it is bothering on doctrines, it will be very easy for me to bring him back for I am his Rabbi. I hope you are getting what I am saying?
38.          But his case bothered on the case of Lucifer, because I picked him from nothing and made him something. In short, I judged him this morning. He acknowledged my judgment to be truth.
39.          Throughout his time in the end-time message, he was not a minister, nobody knew him anywhere as a minister, I never met him as a minister in the end-time.
40.          Brother Amankem, am I bearing false witness? Were you one of them? Not even one of them here was numbered among the fivefold ministry. Although they were before Paul Okechukwu Nwankpa came in, Emeka Ezikwu came, Bon Duka came. Kelechi Uwakwe was the librarian serving the whole of the Eastern Region, yet he was not numbered among the fivefold ministry. He was not a minister.
41.          The Son of Man picked him, made him a minister, brought him to the pulpit, took him up, made him popular. If he attacked the doctrine, I will handle it very well, he will not stay more than two days outside. For being arrogant, haughty, disobedient to my word, challenging my Authority, it is a war of two titans (warriors).
42.          Let nobody ever plead on his behave. Let me announce to you: I made a statement publicly that nobody should approach me because of him. Join him and go and establish your own Church. I will even help you by giving you materials.
43.          Before I put him outside, I gave him messages for that day. He went with copies. Go to him and find out. I am ready to supply him more if he wants.
44.          I am not crazy. Once beaten twice shy. I made a prayer after my last announcement last Sunday. On Monday, I got a call; it was Pastor Moses from Aba. You see, rejected people in the Faith.
45.          He called me, King of kings, Lord of lords, Lion from the tribe of the Bride; I got many, many names. I said, yes, yes. I was waiting for something. He said that he called to thank me because of my protection to his family, and my bountiful mercies.
46.          He mentioned many, many ways God has arrested problems in his family. I said, “Thank you. To God be the glory. Salute your family for me.” He said, no, no, no. That he called for a purpose. I said okay, go ahead.
47.          He said, “Please I am pleading the case of Apostle Kelechi. I am pleading that you set him free, he acted foolishly.”
48.          I said, “Okay, thank you, I have heard you. Any other thing?” He said no. I said, “Okay, listen to me. From this moment you made this call, you stand excommunicated indefinitely from the Bride of Christ ministry worldwide.”
49.          What I heard was ‘heey!’ and till today, it has remained like that. My wife wanted to talk, I told her plainly, “This matter has nothing to do with husband and wife or children or brother or sister or lover.”
50.          Whatever you want to call yourself, it is your right. IT IS NOT WHAT YOU ARE CALLED THAT MATTERS, BUT WHAT YOU ANSWER TO. Read meaning into this message.
53.          What you are called means nothing. I call you apostle and you answer Zebrudiah. If I call you apostle, you answer Judas, it is what you answered that matters most. You did not respond to apostle, but you responded to Judas.
54.          If I call you Elizabeth, you fail to respond, I call you Jezebel and you shook my hand in appreciation, it is what you have answered to that counts, not what you are called. That you are called Ezinne (a virtuous mother), does it mean that you are Ezinne (a virtuous mother)?
55.          You can see a little girl, who is still very young, not married and her parents will be calling her Ezinne (a virtuous mother). Am I making sense?
56.          God is the fountain of knowledge. Wisdom is good to the wise but foolishness to the foolish. Call me whatever you want to call me, it is your right. What counts is what I answer to.
57.          You call me a criminal, it is your right, call me a devil, it is your right, call me a fornicator or a drunkard, it is your right. Call Jesus a drunkard by the cardinal or Pope, it is your right, but has he answered to that?
58.          He answers nobody but the Son of Man, the Son of His pleasure. Job said, “Accuse me the way you want to, call me everything, it is your right, but allow me to reason with Him as the only one He listens to.”
59.          Simply because where they expected the Messiah to be born was not where he was born; is it not what is causing the trouble? They expected the Messiah in Harold’s house, in Pharaoh’s house, in one of the houses of the priest, Sadducees and Scribes, Sanhedrins and the rest of them, but look at, a poor carpenter. Where was he delivered? In a manger. Where? In a manger.
60.          Are we learning our lessons? Let nobody sympathize with Kelechi Uwakwe. It is a matter between him and God, finish. And he has recognized it. He will be stupid to accuse any of you. Of course, he cannot accuse me. He has already recognized where he has fallen but it has become late. Leave him alone. .
61.          I want to see somebody that will sigh! You will be a substitute for him immediately, because you do not know the prayer I made. That is what swallowed Moses. Moses never knew the sign I placed.
62.          I said that God would use Kelechi to trim down the crowd, because he fulfilled all his messages. He loved his wives more than God, he wanted the love and favour of the wives more than that of God and he told us that we should be careful, that carnal love for our wives will hinder us from obeying God’s instruction.
63.          He was warning us to be careful, we should take heed. And God said, “Instead of defending the cause of Christ, we defend the cause of our wives,” for which cause Monday Obakpolo stayed too long outside with the family.
64.          EVERY TRUE SEED OF GOD TAKES SIDE WITH THE WORD AND I AM THE WORD. In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God and the word was God. The word has became a human being and dwelled among us. The Word made flesh.
65.          Go back to the message William Branham preached titled, “And the Word Became Flesh”. Where is Bishop Nath? Thank God. When I echo from here, if it agrees with the Prophets, echo Amen.
66.          Because William Branham said, “If you have the Spirit of God and I have the Spirit of God, when I speak as an oracle of God, you echo Amen. For deep calleth deep. God cannot contradict God.”
67.          He further said, “Even if you are in error, you will acknowledge the truth. If you are a seed of God, ask for mercy.   
68.      On this note, I say remain in your sanctified estate, remain blessed in Him eternally. Selah.