The Son of Man Revealed From One of The Jungles in Africa According To William Branham's Prophesy

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Thursday, 5 May 2011

God Has A Hiding Place Volume One


I am the Author of life, HE that knows the secrets of the heart. The beginning and the end, the Lord God Almighty. Believe it if you can…
— The Son of Man.          
…when the photograph was taken, He that dwelleth in the Thick Cloud, hid all of you inside the Thick Cloud. Hence, you could only see the photograph of the Thick Cloud,
but you could not see yourselves. Some were sitting down, some were standing up, some were running around when the photograph was taken but you saw nothing but a thick darkness which no light can penetrate.
At another time, He showed you the opposite. Another photograph was taken; He covered you in the brightness of His Presence. Hence you could see nothing but the bright Cloud.
You were there, I was there but you could not see yourself because the white cloud covered all of us. At another place, He buried all of us in His own tomb, covered us with His hand. Hence, you could see His tomb. –The Son of Man
(THERE IS TIME FOR EVERYTHING, page 38, verse 53-55).

No apology is needed for speaking the truth, for truth has no substitute.
-The Son of Man
God and His people, page 30 verse 16: “We are set for a sign; the Church is set for a sign. The resurrection sign is in the Church and it is you and Me…”
2.           “…Even if I die, I must resurrect. Fire can never consume this ChurchWe are never called to receive the wrath of God…”
3.           1994!  Does it stand the test of time?  Is it the message of the hour? Sure!
4.           “…We are set for a signPeople that do not believe will then believe when they see us on that glorious morningWhat is the sign? Elohim back in the Bride. What is the sign?
5.           He said, ‘God,’ no, rather he said, ‘Elohim back in the Bride.’ Elohim is greater than God, how many know that? The Elohim existed even when the world was without form.”
6.           In other words, He is back in the Bride; He that existed when the world was without form. The unseen God, the invisible God has become visible in the Bride. A Super Sign! The Promised sign! You are indeed a Super Group.
7.           There is no congregation under the sun no matter the name, where the Elohim has appeared. Go to the Pope at Rome, find out what they call apparition (ghost). It is ordinary mirage (illusion, false impression). And there has never been any apparition revealing the Elohim. Rather, they see the apparition of Virgin Mary.
8.           What is that apparition? We never used any torchlight to see any of the supernatural signs or vindications in our midst. When you flash a torchlight on a mirror, common sense is there that it must surely reflect; which is one of the laws of physics (e.g refraction: the change in direction that occurs when a wave of energy such as light passes from one medium to another of a different density, e.g. from air to water. Reflection).
9.           How can you tell me to see what is happening now, thay flash the torch on a standing mirror at Umunya. Note it that I am not the one disproving their claims, rather their members also disprove them that, that is common sense. It is ordinary reflection, finish. They are trying to make out something. However, at the end of the day, the whole thing fizzled out for it contains no truth. The only thing that can endure to all generations is truth.
10.        A lie has a very short lifespan. But truth endureth to all generations. Why? Truth has no substitute. If it is not true, it is not true. Let a lie linger for one million years, it is still a lie. Old age does not change a lie. If lie likes, let it be older than the world, it is still a lie.
11.        “…The Elohim existed even when the world was without form…”
12.        Note, the Elohim is the Self-existing One. Is it not true? What is more, you can behold the Self-existing One in the midst of the Bride standing in the pulpit without anybody noticing His presence. And He was watching all of us, hearing our conversations, seeing the way we march in and out; little did we realize that a Super Being was standing there until He moved the hand of Brother Amankem; said, fire just ordinary snapshot (take a snapshot) and Brother Amankem ran away when he saw what he captured. He saw something that was greater than the handset and ran away. Yes!
13.        I heard the testimony of a young man who was trying to argue over the photographs. He queried the equipment that was used to take the photograph. Our brothers tried to convince him that not one person took the photograph. That they used different handsets and things like that.
14.        The man said, “Okay, looking at this one, it is like someone was moving the camera.” He went further, “Okay, now I want to know the type of handset or camera that was used.” The thing was downloaded and what the boy saw there was “Blackberry”. Immediately, the boy closed his mouth and went away.
15.        The other one, who was trying to query, said, “This could be expired film.” The man who owned the studio came out and said, “Sir, stop there. You know me, I am a professional. I read photography in the University. I am a graduate. This is microchip, they used digital camera and handset. And these two can never tell lies.”
16.        The man said, “What! Digital microchip?” The man said, “Live! If you want to know more, come and see me.” The man closed his mouth and went away.
17.        We were trying to see many things from our album. A Baptist woman saw the Supernatural Being, examined it and shouted. Some elders were around. They were there when she said, “Daddy, this is an Angel. This is not an ordinary human being. This is an Angel.” We looked at ourselves.
18.         “…What God is coming to take is the Holy Ghost. So, if the Holy Spirit is in you, on that Glorious Morning, the Supernatural Cloud will draw all those that are made up of light and they become one Great Beam…”
19.        What will draw them? The Supernatural Cloud! 1994! This was when those Supernatural Clouds have never been seen. What is more, the Cloud is already in our midst. Not that the Cloud is coming again. We are only waiting for time, because the Cloud that descended will ascend. And when He is ascending, He is ascending with all the jewels that He collected from the Earth.
20.        It is just like the net that was dipped into the sea, if you draw it out, it is all that are inside the net that would be drawn out. Thus, we are not looking for a Cloud that is coming, the Cloud is already here. It was prophesied in 1994.
21.        Now, the whole thing has come to pass. In other words, we are waiting for this bus (the Cloud) to take off. We are waiting for this aeroplane (the Cloud) to take off. We are inside it already. We are already in the Cloud; we are waiting for the Cloud to take off. The cloud is our transporter!
22.        We have entered it already and are sitting on the chair. What we are now waiting for is time. We are waiting for time. Whoever that has not entered by now, did not follow.
23.        “…The only person that ascended also descended. Thus, we have only one person that is going to rapture…”
24.        How many people will go to Rapture? Only one person. The Supernatural Cloud. Where are the congregations then? He swallowed all! Can you now believe the scripture that says, “In Him we live, in Him we move, in Him, we have our being?” Outside Him, you are lost.
25.        Watch the supernatural photograph, it was taken in Jerusalem, in the fellowship in the day, not in the night. How many persons appeared? On that great day, Bishop Moses was made to take his own.
26.        We were talking about one person going to Rapture; a sister had a dream revealing one person. Something happened in that dream. She said, “The Son of Man entered the fellowship. It was like His bowel and everything opened and brethren were marching in. They were going inside Him until everybody entered and He closed. Then, the Son of Man stood there and swallowed the whole brethren.”
27.        After the dream, Bishop Moses took the photograph. What appeared was only one person. Only one person and that is the Godhead, which is the Headstone.
28.        When the Headstone came down, everybody entered. The Headstone now has become the Supernatural Cloud. That is the only way He can accommodate all at the same time. He ascended as a Sovereign Spirit, as an entity. Now, He has come to fill all in all.
29.        How many persons appeared? Where did He hide us? This one also was taken in the day. Have you ever seen this type of darkness all your life? Who lived in the Thick Darkness according to the scriptures? Almighty God! God inhabits in the Thick Darkness, the Thick Darkness is His habitation.
30.        He said, “Wherever He is, there we shall be.” God has a hiding place. When Moses met Him in this Thick Darkness, the Seventy Elders were cut off. Whatever that was happening there between God and Moses, they knew not.
31.        In this form, people could hear your voice but they will not see you. Through the preaching of the Gospel of Christ, immortality has been brought into focus. Finish. We can see eternity, we can see everything. Thus, we are all in the Cloud already. The predicted Cloud of 1994 that will come one Glorious Morning, He will pull all of you up.
32.        We are not looking for another Cloud, the Cloud is already here. We are waiting for the day the Cloud will go back, finish.
33.        “…The Supernatural Cloud will draw all those that are made up of light and they will become one Great Beam...”
34.        And they will become what? One Great Beam.
35.        “…Hence, when the Holy Ghost in you is pulled, it will pull your flesh up. God raptured Holy Ghost that was in the grave and when the thing was coming out, a halo followed the body…”
36.        Hence, when the Holy Ghost in you is pulled, it will pull your flesh up. God raptured the Holy Ghost that was in the grave and when the thing was coming out, a halo followed the body.” 1994!
37.        You do not know what I am saying. Yes! It was not until 1996 in the message “The Resurrected Body,” we saw a man with a halo. Halo, predicted!
38.        St. Paul said, “The resurrection sign is in the Bride.” Predicted in 1994 how it will happen. The Holy Ghost in the grave was pulled out, then the halo. By 1994 we knew nothing about halo. This faith took off precisely 1993, though we quote 30th December, 1992. It was ordinary euphoria for we never understood anything.
39.        However, the real thing took off Match 1993. By 1994, we knew nothing. When we mentioned the halo, there was nobody among us that could picture what halo could look like. Until 1996, the voice said, “Come and see He that has been dealing with you all these years to banish unbelief.” For the first time, they saw halo.
40.        “…God lived in a tabernacle called the building…” God lived in a tabernacle called the building, a house He made for Himself.
41.        “…God goes to Church every day. God actually comes to Church. If the Devil goes to Church, why shouldn’t the Owner of the Church do same? We open the door for Him. We are just caretakers, He is the Landlord…”
42.        We are just what? The caretakers. God is what? The Landlord. Lord over the land.
43.        “…Watch your request; there is a way you will pester God, and He will close His eyes and give you the desire of your heart. But if that request will make your soul lean, I wonder if that request is really from God.”
44.        “…They angered him also at the waters of strife, so that it went ill with Moses for their sakes.” Can you see God keeping records of everything they did? See God revisiting all of them; point by point: “On this date at exactly this particular place, this is exactly what you did. At this point, at this hour, see what you did…”
45.        God the record keeper. Keeping records of iniquity. Amen.

You are Gods” was preached by the Son of Man in the month of September at the household of God Abuja. How many can say they knew the picture of Abuja, Federal Capital Territory in 1994. Do you know that there was only one place where life existed that time? That was around Julius Berger.
2.           You see Julius Berger building, the head office, you see Julius Berger Stadium. Another side that there was sign of life was Allen Brothers, that was Wuse Zone II. You see Allen Brothers’ building adjacent its old ministerial building. The rest of Abuja was bush. Nobody paid a kobo to live in Abuja by 1994.
3.           The few structures were occupied by few civil servants that had no offices. They were posted there from Lagos just to be there.
4.           And they were occupying full buildings; three storey buildings–one person can occupy one story building. This present Abuja that people scramble for now, you see every Tom, Dick and Harry going there, was a football field by 1994. There was nothing called Aso Rock. It was in the making as at that time.
5.           By 1994, how did we manage to be there? I cannot forget My experience the day we entered Tinker Bus – they called it Labour Mass. We entered it at Upper-Iweka and it was carrying bags of coloured cement. And we used cement bags to make our seats. I will never forget that day.
6.           Along the way, the vehicle spoiled. I was sitting on a green cement bag, Okey Nwankpa on a red cement bag; Ignatius on a red cement bag. Little did we know that the bags were opened. Thus,
7.           hus, as the vehicle moved, the wind was blowing the vehicle. By the time we came out, we were looking funny– I mean we had many colours. It was a nice experience. Both My missionary bag, My Bible were affected.
8.           In spite of that, we were preaching in that motor – Labour Mass, as at that time Tinker Bus, 911 iron body. How much did we pay? We paid only but seven naira each, from Upper-Iweka. Not ten naira, seven naira to Abuja. We left here by seven o’clock in the morning, got to Abuja around 9:30 in the night. No food, no water.
9.           There was nothing called pure water as at that time whether sachet or bottled, it never existed. When we got there, you know it is a testimony. Our former Evangelist Ignatius took us to where he was squatting with his elder sister, a member of Assemblies of God Church.
10.        This woman locked us outside and vowed that we would never step into her house. What is more, she was occupying three flats. A typist, level zero three (03), occupying three flats at Wuse Zone II. I mean, a building that should be meant for Senators today.
11.        This lady vowed a vow; we begged and begged and begged, all to no avail. We managed to sleep at the corridor. In the morning, she came back. Because of us, she ran away from the house, locked up everywhere. I was blaming Ignatius, “Ignatius, you would have told us you had no house. You were giving us the impression that we would stay with you. You could have told us that you were squatting with your elder sister.
12.        In the morning, this lady came back, saw us looking very weak. I approached her, “Madam, please,” She said, “Don’t call me Madam please, please.”
13.        I said, “Okay, I am sorry. Can you please allow us a place to go to toilet?” She said, “In this house, never, never. See bushes everywhere, go there.”
14.        “May I know why you are not happy with us?” I asked. She then opened her mouth to tell us how Ignatius disappointed the whole family. She said, “Because of Ignatius, I will never allow you in.” We now begged and begged. Finally, she conceded to My plea, giving us the parlour and the bathroom, locked up the kitchen, locked up everywhere.
15.        It was there we invited Brother Emma. That time, Brother Anthony who is now the Pastor at Nassarawa and Andy Uyans. These were the two. They were also squatting with somebody for they had no job. Thus, they came and I groomed all of them. The same cloths we were wearing, cement and everything remained on us for three nights. The fourth day, we left with the same cloths, back to Onitsha with our own experiences on the highway.
16.        Thus, when you see Abuja today and you are jumping up and down, if you had seen Abuja that time, you will know the extent we have advanced. Thank God for those that went to Zonkwa, Kaduna State. They came back telling us their experiences.
17.        Brother John Ekwueme said, “Sir, so you carried this Gospel to that place?” Brother Frank said that he had never seen Abuja all his life. He said, “Sir, from Nassarawa to Zonkwa, if you see any Brother or Sister coming from the North to worship God, embrace that fellow.” From Kaduna to Zonkwa is about two hundred and fifty Kilometers. They left Nassarawa around 7:22am and arrived Zonkwa 2:45pm.
18.        Begin now to appreciate brethren that come from the North. I say, “It is a light thing. Don’t worry; you will go to another place.” These were the places we toured with this Gospel truth.
19.        If you take a trip to Dadinkowa in Langtan South, you could be in Plateau State all your life without stepping your feet in Dadinkowa, Langtan South, off Shendam through Yeruwa, the troubled zone where we had to trek for almost twelve miles until we got to a stream.
20.        We were seeing the place we were going to preach, a mud house with a straw door. But there was no road, there was no canoe. They were using calabash to cross.
21.        Brother Ben went with us. Brother Ojiakor was there also. I said, “No, we don’t know how to swim. Is there no other route to take?” They said, “You can take that way but the vehicle will not go.”
22.         We abandoned the vehicle in the forest and took a longer path where we met nature in its peak; where civilization has never reached and I wonder if civilization can get to that place. I really wonder.
23.        In spite of the harsh conditions, we ministered the Gospel under the worst of all conditions. I remember that time Brother Ojiakor nearly suffocated. He wanted to join Me, they just did the fleeting of the house against mosquito and I placed My head on the missionary bag because I was weak. He joined Me and he nearly died.
24.        If you see their best house, it was made of straw. What is more, while we were preaching, the villagers came to attack us where they used ordinary straw to make fence. It is a matter of setting the whole thing ablaze. Maybe you do not know what I am saying. We even preached to nomads (wanderers: people who wander from place to place like the Fulanis).
25.        We went to a place where Primary six certificate holders were Head Masters and Head Mistresses. The schools had no structure; they meet with the adults and everybody under the trees. In addition, if you must teach as a teacher, you must come with money, bathroom slippers and some gifts.
26.        When you ring the bell, the people will come. If they see the gift, they will sit down on the mat. If you do not come with gift or money, they will simply go away. Thus, people were paid there to come and receive education. But here we pay to receive education. If you do not pay them, they will not come. That is the place where we went to.
27.        Brethren, it was a wonderful place ! To be a missionary is a nice thing. The Zonkwa we met is not the present one you met. We met Zonkwa of first generation where we plied on a route made up of gullies for over four hours. We came back from Dadinkowa, then proceeded to the forest and then headed towards Kaduna.
28.        Through that forest, we first made a stopover at Gwodogwodo. From Gwodogwodo, we made a stopover at Kafanchan where we bought sugar cane which served as food for two days.
29.        Let Me tell you, St. Paul had no experience. I do not know if St. Paul could go to the places we went under the worst of conditions, yet, ministered amidst hostilities. Like the type I met at that Zonkwa where the members of COCIN (Church of Christ in Nigeria) incited the villagers against us.
30.        In addition, we had no place to stay, we had no fellowship ground. We managed somebody’s corridor. The people were just hanging about, paying attention. The following day, they ushered us into a place called fellowship hall where we ministered and then left that afternoon for Jos to continue in a meeting that lasted for another four days.
31.        It was a very nice thing. If we ask you to go out, go out and see the places we had already toured. It will help you a lot. When you go out, you interact with people. You begin to appreciate what God is doing. That somebody could come all the way from Zonkwa to fellowship at Onitsha. You think the person is crazy?
32.        Do you know how many Churches he bypassed, taking the risk by day and by night? If God has placed Himself at Zonkwa, no Igbo man will go there. His selfishness cannot permit him to go, for an Igbo man knows the value of money more than any human being.
33.        He will rather tell you, “God is the same everywhere. Churches are one. This one behind my house is okay. Why should I travel by night, two days, three days, to go to that place? In short, get out!”
34.        An Igbo man will not go. That is why God decided to look for you and then traced you down in the East. Yet, people are giving excuses. Somebody from Ugheli is giving excuses. From Awka, it is too far. Enugu is too far. Do you know the distance we covered from Jos to Kaduna? Not even Kaduna main town.
35.        We first of all went through Tudun Wada, from there we proceeded to Kaduna metropolis. We made a stopover at one mechanized division Kaduna. Then, met some people there. After ministration, we continued. We were taken to a very horrible place in Kaduna. Thank God, it has been set ablaze.
36.        We never knew they were trailing us. They decided to bring us down there. But they couldn’t harm us for what was in us was greater than their plans.
37.        Can you imagine a situation where we refused even their water, refused everything they placed on the table? Onyema you were there with Me. When we volunteered to go by the night, not even one person volunteered to follow us. 10:30 in the night, we were at Kaduna Park preparing for Abuja. Not even one person volunteered.
38.        One Igbo man who was a hypocrite was even frightening us saying, “Make no mistake of stepping out from here otherwise they will butcher you.”
39.        I said, “Okay, you want us to sleep in this park? No, we are not sleeping. Instead of sleeping here, we had better follow trailer. We must go back to Abuja.”
40.        From Jos to Kaduna, Kaduna back to Abuja that same day. We ran round Nigeria that time. Do not worry; you will know everything when we get to the end of the road. It is not in vain! I say it is not in vain. But today, the Gospel has gone beyond Nigeria. In short, it has reached irretrievable height.
41.        That is why it appears we are not doing anything. We are not doing anything by human estimation but we are doing something. Something is happening somewhere.
42.        “…As a result, Brother Emmanuel, use all that is in your power to force them into the Ark. Force them into the Ark. They will hate you now but at last they will love you.”
43.        He was referring to Brother Emmanuel the Pastor.
44.        “…I have told you that I do not know how to preach sermon. Once you see Me on the scene, you are expecting something higher than the Apostolic Office…”
45.        What could that thing be that could be higher than the Apostolic Office? Thou knowest! Amen.

The Holy Ghost gave us the three stages of the ministry and summarized them in three messages: (i) Mixed Multitude; (ii) Jerusalem to Jericho; (iii) Faith.” Faith means grace. Salvation by faith, salvation by grace.
2.          “…That is why the prophet said that the Church comes to perfection when it produces Christ again in human flesh.”
3.           “…You know, he was here in a world full of sin yet He committed no sin. And when they shall be made manifest,  they will be living in a world full of sin yet, no iniquity will be found in them.
4.           That is why the prophet said that the Church comes to perfection when it produces Christ again in human flesh...”
5.           Has Christ not been produced again in human flesh? Has The Saviour, the Messiah, the Redeemer produced again in human flesh? YES! Have we not seen Him with our eyes beING made MANIFEST? I now declare, that the Church has now come to perfection. For He has succeeded in producing Christ again in human form.
6.           The cloud is here! This day, this prophecy is fulfilled. Do you talk to a strange man in a strange language? No! We are not only eyewitnesses, we are also ear witnesses. We are bearing witnesses of the truth. We are not in this most holy Faith to deceive anybody. Finish. We declare the truth as we know it in Christ. God vindicating, God confirming it.
7.           If what is happening in our midst has happened somewhere else, we would not be here. There will not be any need for us to be gathering here. If it has happened before now, all of us that are sons and daughters of God would have been there.
8.           Many have been to more than ten Churches before coming into this Church of Christ. Many were Pastors and preachers, Evangelists, Deacons and whatever you can think off. But there was something in you that was longing for something; longing for the reality.
9.           It is only in the Bride that the reality is met. Outside the Bride, no, what you meet there is imagination. Human feelings or superstition.
10.        “…We have seen that we are not following any story, we are following God…”
11.        Bishop Isaac, were you in the Faith that time? Thank you! From the beginning, it has been God. Believe our report, for our report is true.
12.        “…An innocent man must die, a sinner must die. But there is a great difference between a sinner and a saint. A saint will put off a flesh, come back and put on another flesh, live forever but a sinner will end everything in the Hellfire which is eternal separation from God.
13.        In other words, the moment a saints dies, he unites in the air with his Maker because he has left the physical body and has entered the Glorified Body…”
14.        See the Glorified Body hanging on your wall. That is the Glorified Body. This is the Theophany Body. That is the Immortal Body, the indestructible flesh. No atomic bomb can harm it. No nuclear bomb can harm it. Let the whole world turn upside down, this Glorified Body remains same. Any day air is destroyed, that is the day this Glorified Body will be destroyed.
15.        “…Now, while He is on Earth in the flesh, for his sake, the Elohim will put on flesh…”
16.        He said, the Elohim will put on flesh – will become a human being.
17.        John 1 verse 14, (LB). “And Christ became a human being, and lived here on earth among us.”
18.        That is all I want to hear. Who became a human being? Christ! First John 1 verses 1-3, (LB). Christ the anointed One, the Messiah, the Redeemer. He is the same yesterday, today and forever for He does not change. From everlasting to everlasting, He remaineth the same.
19.        “…Christ was alive when the world began...”
20.        Who was alive when the world began? Christ!
21.        “…Yet, I myself have seen Him with my own eyes…”
22.        So, Christ could be seen with the eyes!
23.         “…Yet, I myself have seen Him with my own eyes...”
24.        That was his own testimony. Since Christ can never die, He liveth from everlasting to everlasting. Which means, in our day, Christ is still alive. Somebody would be privileged to see Him with his own eyes. Otherwise, He does not exist.
25.        If we are sons and daughters of God and our testimonies differ from that of those of our predecessors, something is wrong. However, I want to tell you that our testimonies compare favourably. We have seen Christ, we have seen the Elohim, we have seen the Tabernacle.
26.        No wonder He said, “My soul will no longer abhor you.”
27.        “…Yet, I myself have seen Him with my own eyes and listened to Him speak...”
28.        Listened to Him speak. So, Christ was talking that time. Where lies the claim that He is invisible? The Bible said that people saw Him and heard Him speak. Even the Psalmist said concerning God, the Jehovah, God of Israel that, “He has eyes, He has mouth, He has ears, He has all the attributes of a human being. He could walk, He could talk.
29.        He said, “He that gave you mouth, can’t He speak? He that gave you ears, can’t He ear? He that gave you eyes, doesn’t He see? Your sin is hindering you from beholding Him and hearing from Him.”
30.        He told Abraham, “I have heard about what is happening in the land of Sodom and Gomorrah and have come to see things for Myself.”
31.        When they were in Egypt He said, “I have seen, I have heard your afflictions in Egypt and I have come to deliver you.” But today, people say they are worshipping an invisible God. But the Bible said, “He is the same yesterday, today and forever more.”
32.        Malachi 3 verse 6 said, “I am the Lord I changeth not.” There must be a people that must be privileged to see Him and hear Him speak. Touch Him with their hands, eat and drink with Him. Why can’t they see Him? Their eyes were ladened with iniquity.
33.        Only Holy eyes will see God. Who are those Holy eyes? They are the people God Himself made Holy in His own eyes. These are the people that will see Him, the rest will not. If God does not declare you Holy in His own eyes, you can never see God. Remember the testimony of those people: The Jews saw a man who claimed to be God but the real sons and daughters saw God. Is it not clear?
34.        The Jews saw a man that claimed to be God. They saw a mere man. But the other people that believed Him saw God. Not only God, do you know what Bible called Him, “Great God.”
35.        Thomas called Him “My Lord and my God.” Then, I do not know what you call Him! You could see a man and your brother will see God. I am telling you the truth. You could see an eloquent preacher and your brother will see God in human form, teaching His people.
36.        Do you know that the people of Berea saw human being; the people of Thessalonica saw God and they received them as God’s. And the words they spoke worketh effectively in their lives. Is that not true?
37.        The way you receive the man of God, receiving Him means receiving His teachings, His words, will determine the way the words will work for you. If you receive their words as the words of mere man remember, the words of a mere man profit nothing. However, receive their words as the word of God, which actually is God.
38.        Before My word will be the word of God, I must be God. If I am not God, My word will not be the word of God. You are Gods that is what we are handling.
39.        When Paul and Barnabas visited a certain city and spoke the word of God with Supernatural confirmation, the people came with turtle doves and said, “The Gods have appeared in the likeness of men.” Not one God but Gods.
40.        “…Like in our day also, we still have disciples of William Branham who have vowed a vow that they are William Branham’s disciples but concerning that man at Onitsha, they said, “We can never acknowledge Him. Even if His baptism is the best that is for Him and as many as He will deceive.”
41.        Abi na lie? They said, “Concerning that man at Onitsha, we will not believe Him. Even if His baptism is the best, we will not follow.” The same thing they said when they met Jesus Christ baptizing, John the Baptist baptizing, wise people left John and followed Jesus who was introduced to them as the Lamb of God by John the Baptist.
42.        Foolish people remained with John the Baptist and were arguing even when John the Baptist tried to explain, “Didn’t I tell you that I am not the one? Didn’t I point you to the man? Didn’t I tell you He will increase and I will decrease?”
43.        “Didn’t William Branham announce it to all that if he will be on the scene when this man will appear, “I will decrease and He will increase. Even if I leave the scene before that time, the moment this Great Being appears, surely, I will decrease for my ministry is to forerun the coming Word. I am just laying a foundation for He that is coming.
44.        Watch what is on me there, the ‘halo’ it is just a little to confirm that God sent me to forerun Him. But when He appears, the hallo will encircle Him. I can see Him coming like I’m seeing you here. You folks hearing me tonight will not pass away and see Him on the scene. I see Him lying there in one of the jungles in Africa as a Black Sheep. This will stumble America, they will not believe this. But that is the very Elohim.” Prophecy 1955!
45.        We are following a Star! That time, William Branham was a star that was pointing them to the Great Star. But in our own day, we are saying, “We have seen the Star, we have come to worship Him.” The promised Star has arrived.
46.        Who recognized the Star? Only wise men from the East. The rest were cut off. Wise men from the East not from the North, not from the West, not from the South. Wise men from the East. Yes!
47.        Are you surprised? The sun rises from the East and sets in the West. Thus don’t be surprised that people are coming from the North, from the South, from the West to behold His Majesty in the East for He has been an Easterner from the very official beginning. Whether you call it Middle East or Central East, East is East!
48.        “…An encounter ensued between John the Baptist and the converts of the Messiah in that day. Jesus’ disciples started telling John the Baptist converts that his baptism was the best.
49.        They ran away from them and went back to John to verify. Then John said, “Of a truth his baptism is the best. I have pointed all men to Him. Now, He has appeared, I will decrease and He will increase.
50.        He is heavenly, the Spirit upon Him is heavenly but my own has measure. His knowledge is unlimited but my own is limited.” Yet, the Bible said that some left John and followed Jesus yet many vowed a vow that even if Jesus’ own is the best it is for Him and those that He will deceive.”
51.        “…I am trying to bring out something; you have the messages in tapes: “Reincarnation, Myth or Real?” You will do well sirs, if you will sit down and program the Church with the whole tapes you collected whether you have something like that in Abuja or not, do not ever attempt to teach or preach it for you cannot succeed because it is the more you look; the less you see.”
52.        It is the more you look, the less you see. ‘No man, no preacher can preach “Prophetic Revelation.’ He will only scratch it because it is not written anywhere. There is no place you will lay your hands on and start reproducing it.”
53.        More so, when the instrument for leadership is purely divine.
54.        “…If God is immortal, if God is Eternal, and God produces a child or children; what would the children be? Immortal!”
55.        Abi na lie? If it is not so, it is fake.
56.        “…If you are not in the right standing with Almighty God, oh, your destiny is determined already...”
57.        What? There are many in this Faith that are outside the Son of Man’s programme already. There are many in this Faith whose destiny has been determined. Some knew, some do not know. By 1994 God had already known them. The same way, God knew about Judas when Judas never existed in the Old Testament, so that whatever you are doing, you won’t be thinking that you are taking the Son of Man by surprise.
59.        “…If you are not in the right standing with Almighty God, oh, your destiny is determined already…”
60.        No second chance! Do we have a message titled, “No second Chance?” The answer is yes! That is the message that kept Brother Goddy Tobechukwu in this Faith and will keep him till the end. He does not want to miss it. Even if he is away from home, he is not away from the Son of Man. What I am telling you is the truth. If he leaves and goes to Enugu-Ezike, he will be there calling Me for Me to know that all is well.
61.        His wife will be in Onitsha crying, he will be there calling Me every day saying, “It is your brother calling.”
62.        Yes! God said in one of our messages, “If God is your Father, call home.” Is it a lie? If God is your Father, do what? Call home. If God is your father what did He say you should do? You should call home for you to know how they are faring.
63.        “…I am trying to beef up your faith, espousing you to something because if we are in the ministry of the Son of Man, we are in the ministry of ‘Thus saith the Lord.’
64.        If we are in the ministry of the Acts of the Apostles, we are in the ministry of the Church, we are in the ministry of the written Word, we are in the ministry of doctrine…”
65.        Have you seen the difference? If you are in the ministry of the Son of Man, you are in the Spoken Word Ministry. If you are in the ministry of the Apostles, you are in the ministry of the Church. You are in the ministry of the Written Word. Your God is in the written form. You are serving past tense God because, HISTORY IS WRITTEN AFTER EVENTS. HOWEVER, A PROPHET WRITES HISTORY BEFORE EVENTS. THE SON OF MAN WRITES HISTORY BEFORE EVENTS.
66.        In 2003 when there was no blast, He told you what will happen in Nigeria, how it will happen; everything was there. Before your eyes, it came to pass. In other words, He wrote history before the event.
67.        That is why He said, “Don’t allow any man to fool you. The moment you see Me on the scene, greater than an Apostle is there. Greater than doctrine is there. Greater than history is there. Greater than Church order is there. What is there is nothing but the Spoken Word. The Word made flesh.”
68.        “…You are God’s disciples, God’s children chosen from the foundation of the world to be His own. That is why from the beginning, you were in God.
69.        If you were not in God in the beginning you cannot be in God in the end. Thus, all that belong to God must go back to God. All that belong to the world must go back to the world...”
70.        Will you be a seed of God and later become a seed of Satan? Do I have anything to do with him? I do not have Satan’s attribute. He will send me away. Before I even come to him, he will say, “Remove this person; I don’t know him.”
71.        We proceeded from God and we are going back to God. It is where you come out from that you will go back to.
72.         “…When God came down to redeem mankind, He did not come down to save the world, for that reason, He came to His own. God is looking for His own property.”
73.        God is looking for what? His own property! Whose property you are; whose property I Am.
74.        “…There is no miracle that will bring an Egyptian in until the fourth generation which is this generation we are in. that is why we preach everlasting Gospel. This everlasting Gospel is not meant for the original people of Egypt, it is meant for remnants of Israel that could not go with Moses.
75.        If a brother sleeps in the Lord, do not sorrow like people that are without hope because you know that by and by he must come back to life and inherit eternal life because eternal life is already in Him.”
76.        Note, Eternal life is already in Him.
77.        “…Then in a twinkle of an eye, this mortal will put on immortality. It was what took place in the grave. The same body that was buried was the same that came out. When they went to the grave, the sepulcher was open. They did not see human lying, then they saw Christ standing and talking to them…”
78.        The tomb was empty. When everywhere is locked.
79.        “…Then, I keep on asking the question: He that can come inside the house when everywhere is lockedand before their eyes he will disappear; you see him here today, before you know it, you will see him walking in Abuja; before you will know it, you will see him walking in Jos; the same man;…
80.        Has it happened before? Yes sir! To God be the glory. Amen.


Brethren, we are already blessed. I do not need to ask you if you are blessed. If up till now you don’t know whether you are blessed, you better carry your bag and go. It is better you do not come to our gathering or fellowship because, our fellowship is made for blessed people.
2.          Those that know their God, they shall be strong and do exploits. God is doing His best to stamp Himself hard, make Himself lively, so dogmatic in our lives so that nobody can ever, ever, ever, ever dream, or think, or preach, or associate, or communicate with any other things that are called gods apart from the Living God who has been made manifest in our lives.
3.           God said today and I am happy, He said, “If you are a seed of God, no matter where you are, there is something in you telling you that you are looking for the Reality.”
4.           Any day you see that Reality, you must surely surrender. You will bow, you won’t go any further. If anybody tells you to go away from there, you will kill that person.
5.           Just like we are in the fellowship and somebody will be telling you, “Don’t believe the Son of Man again.” Won’t you slap the person? If you have bullet, won’t you fire him? Somebody will be telling you this your faith is false. Where will he stand to tell you that it is false?
6.           I want to know where somebody will stand now to disprove what God has done, is doing and will do in our midst. It is not only what He is doing now, what He has done, He is doing and will do. For God has been doing a repetitional work in our midst because of those who did not start from the very beginning.
7.           Children of God started from the very beginning but did not witness immediately He manifested. As time went on, God decided to bring all His children back home to Himself. Can’t you see Jesus prophesying that “Don’t pray that I do not go, because if I do not go, He will not come.”
8.           He said, “I will come and take you to Myself.” The “I’ there is Christ the Elohim in Jesus speaking. When Jesus says “I” it is the Elohim in Jesus saying “I”. When the Son of Man says, “I” it is Christ in the Son of Man saying “I”. And we know that Christ is the Elohim.
9.           He did not only stop at using the Spoken Word, He used the scripture, He used nature, He used the Spoken Word, He used science, He used technology, He even used handset, He even used anything. Everything that is useable, anything God can lay hands on, anything God can pass through, He used it to convince us.
10.        Any agency of explanation and revelation, God has employed all of them to ensure that every child of God is grounded and settled in this Faith. Every child of God by now knows his Father, his God and must have been grounded and settled.
11.        Even, you desire to have fellowship every day so that you will be seeing your Father, because as the day continues to roll in and out, the love will start growing. The love of the Son of Man and the Bride I mean, this marriage is sweet now. Honestly, the marriage God has with His people is sweet now.
12.        Because, I am happy that God is happy that all His effort are not in vain that He can see His product. Look at the testimony He gave concerning what He suffered. We were partakers of that. He co-opted us from the very beginning so that we can be witnesses unto you of what God had done and wrought in our midst. So that we shall testify unto you that this is not just a mere story, it is not something fabricated in any way; it is something God had done. We met God and God alone from the inception of this faith.
13.        If nobody has a testimony, I have a testimony. The man I met is God. If you like, throw me out twenty times, I am coming back. Of course, you can’t throw me out again.  
14.        Let anybody sitting down here say that what is happening in our midst is no longer God, which eyes will you use to see that person? Where did that person come from? If he is a spirit, we have seen the Father of all spirits. If any spirit says, “I was in the dream, something talked to me this and that, we have seen the father of all spirits.
15.        Tell me where that anointing will come from. Is he a teacher; he graduated from Bible school or this and that? He wants to teach you Bible. Come, come, come, Ephesus said, Corinthians said, God is this, that, this, that, we have the greatest teacher, in short, the Teacher of all teachers.
16.        Okay, somebody is telling you now, “If you want to see signs and wonders, come to our Church,” come to this, come to that. If anybody is saying that nonsense before you, will you listen? Which signs and wonders are greater than the ones happening in our midst?
17.        What has been the battle? The battle has been rejecting the one God has sent. Rejecting Him means; rejecting life, Rejecting God, rejecting salvation, rejecting eternal life. God was looking around us and was talking to Brother Nath. He said, “Who wrote that book? You say it is your townsman?”
18.        I was there listening. “He is your townsman. He said it and he fulfilled it.” He said, “Daddy, to the best of my knowledge, he wanted to make Himself something.” He wanted to be the one God used to spearhead this move. He knew something is on the land, something is happening, but he desired that he should be the one leading.
19.        However, when God made His choice, and decided to choose the one He has purposed from the foundation of the world, he could not swallow that one. If you are here, and the entrance of the Son of Man in your heart does not make you happy, does not make you comfortable, does not give you a relaxed mind, does not make you to believe that you are a child of God, please, please, please, don’t waste your time.
20.        If your contact on a daily basis, ordinary staying in your house and remembering Son of Man, does not gladden your heart, does not bring you to a point of spiritual frequency, does not make you to embrace the love of God, does not make you see the goodness of God, does not make you to see that your saviuor is on the land does not help you to see that God is really a human being, does not make you see that the prophecy of the prophet has come to pass, please, please, please, why are you in this Faith?
21.        this Faith is meant for God’s, Saints, Elects, Righteous men, perfect men, Holy Men, Heavenly Beings, Supernatural Beings, those that are made for translation.
22.        It is not meant for everybody and we do not want to struggle with anybody in this Faith please, please, please. The matter has been settled long time ago. God has already made His choice and His choice is final! He has vindicated and over vindicated His choice.
23.        Anything we can think of, God has done beyond it. Our duty is to come to His Presence, sing and praise God, thank Him for picking a maggot like you and I for salvation. Out of the lot, He chose me to be a partaker of what He is doing in my day. To use my eyes, anoint my eyes, open these blind eyes to see the “invisible God,” as they say, to be visible in my day.
24.        Son of Man speaking: It is not he that willeth nor he that runneth but God that showeth mercy. Otherwise, it will be difficult to believe that the first fruit at the house of God at Enugu that is still alive till today remains Brother Okey Oleri who was more or less a houseboy when we met him at Abakpa, serving our former Bishop Umezuluike and the family.
25.        They thought he was not believing, but when everybody left, Brother Okey Oleri remained the only vessel. There was a time his entire family left leaving only Brother Okey Oleri. When I got to Lagos, I met Brother Okey Oleri. We were together, handling the case of failed Bank Tribunal. We went places.
26.        If Brother Okey never walked by divine revelation, what he was promised would have taken him out. What is more, all that were promised that thing and they left, not even one got it. He just waved it like a flag, they responded, he cut it off. But Brother Okey ignored it. Whether he understands this faith or not, he is in the ark.
27.        A war hero is not one that fought and died in the battle but one that survived whether he went to war or not. Even if he was a steward, he is the one that will tell the story of the war. That is what it takes to be a hero.
28.        In Nassarawa, everybody left except Brother Emma who now is their Pastor. At Mbaise, everybody left except My father. To God be the glory.
29.        Not by power, not by might but by the Spirit of God. It is not he that willeth, it is not he that runneth but God that showeth mercy. I believe God will go to all lengths to save whosoever he wants to save.
30.        Do you know that because of Zacchaeus, God went to Jericho that was prohibited? That no human being that is called a Jew should ever step his feet in the land called Jericho. If anybody tries it, he will make the first gate with his first son, opened it with his last son. Hence, he warned concerning movement from Jerusalem to Jericho. Yet, Christ went to Jericho for the sake of Zacchaeus alone.
31.        After taking Zacchaeus, there is no record of any other person he picked. The crowd was too much but he came for Zacchaeus He said, “Come down, today, salvation has come to your house.” Finish! No other person benefitted but Zacchaeus. But by people’s assessment, he was a notorious sinner that wasn’t worthy of salvation. He was not worthy of salvation.
32.        If you were told that grace could give Mary Magdalene salvation, who will believe it. She was not only a prostitute but seven different demons were cast out of her. Do you know the names of the seven different demons? She was a home of demons.
33.        God looked at her and said, “No matter what you call her, prostitute or no prostitute, home of demons or not, she is a daughter of Abraham.” She is a daughter of Abraham. No judge can judge a lawgiver.
34.        I am saying that in all situations, leave something where God will just perch and call your name. Try to be remembered for something. Finish.
35.        In the case of Dorcas, the Apostles remembered how she was sewing their dresses, patching their cloths.
36.        Brother Ben, what if God never gave you a helping hand? After toiling with Me from Abuja, Dadinkowa, Langtan South, Gwodogwodo, Esem, Kafanchan, we toured round here in the East, remember the day we were nearly slaughtered at Isiala-Ngwa in the house of Brother Nath.
37.        When hoodlums became sensitive of our stay in the house and plotted to assassinate us in the night. One of their relations a woman hinted it to us that plan has been concluded to attack us that night, that we should make haste to leave. That same night, around 9 o’clock, we ate our food, bade farewell to Brother Nath.
38.        Immediately we proceeded to our home, not to any other place, to Mbaise, direct. Left Isiala-Ngwa by nine o’clock. Brother Ben, let me tell you, God loves you. Finish.
39.        You troubled Me more than any Evangelist. All that I forfeited never troubled Me more than you. However, you have something which they do not have. What is that thing? You were always acknowledging your guilt and you are constantly saying “I am sorry from your heart”.
40.        Brethren, we owe Son of Man a lot. Let Me ask you something: In every generation, tell me the main message all children of God have been preaching. What did Paul preach? What did Peter preach? What did all the Apostles preach? They were preaching a man they had experience with. That is why Paul told them we preach Christ.
41.        Any other Gospel that is not preaching Christ, I don’t know that one. Any day we come here, and we do not exalt the Son of Man and His ministry, you have not worshipped God. Any day we come here, we do not acknowledge the presence, the manifestation and the blessings from the Elohim, we have not worshipped God.
42.        Worshipping God has a focus and a central point. No wonder God said here sometime ago that all He has preached and He is preaching and He is going to preach is summed up in this Epistle He said, “What shall we do to do the work of God?” It is to believe in Him whom God has sent.”
43.        Now that the perfection is visible, physical, I mean from all dimensions, is proved in our midst, we must preach that salvation. Our duty is to preach that salvation. Exalt the Saviour, exalt the Redeemer, for if we lift up Christ, He will draw many to Himself.
44.        Any day we lift up Christ, we are lifting up righteousness, we are lifting up Holiness, we are lifting up Perfection, we are lifting up all we need for salvation. Then, His grace will cover our souls. Because we have recognized that whatever good that is in us is what He has given to us.
45.        The salvation we have is the one He gave us. Whatever we can talk about comes from Him. Once we have landed like this, brethren, we will have peace of mind. Worshipping God is no longer struggle, it is no longer mechanical, it is no longer by muscle, it is no longer by brain, by education, by this and that, it is now by personal revelation that I have finally come back to my Maker.
46.        God has finally brought me to Himself because, God brought us to Himself. I missed my way but He brought me. You missed your way, but He brought you. Today we are not regretting, we are happy and rejoicing.
47.        What was Moses pointing them to? He was pointing them to God that was in him. Believing Moses means believing God then. Believing Jesus means believing God. Believing Elijah means believing God. Believing all those men God have decided to put on Himself to wear as His own personal representative means believing God.
48.        That is why God has been establishing that truth in our hearts every day we gather in His Presence. Every day we gather in His Presence, God will make sure He keeps on confirming the reality in our midst and in our hearts so that we can acknowledge the goodness of the Lord. That is the essence of that.
49.        Somebody that have committed iniquity, that is worthy to die like myself and I see One coming from the opposite direction, telling me that all your sins that are many, have been forgiven you for Christ sake. Why won’t I praise Him? Why won’t I worship Him? Why won’t I recognize?
50.        A man married two wives and he bought something for the first wife and she said, “Daddy, I don’t know how to thank you.  You have tried; I don’t know how to thank you.”
51.        He gave something to the second one and she ran round everywhere thanking him: “Oh, come and see what my husband has done for me! My husband has done something for me o-o-o! The first one does not know how to thank him. The second one ran around and rejoiced.
52.        You ask her, “Madam what is happening?” She will reply, “My husband is lovely, my husband did something for me! I can’t forget it o-o-o! My good husband, my good husband!” Even if you are a wicked man and your wife is always grateful to you, thanking you, won’t your wickedness leave you?
53.        God is not interested in coming before His presence to tell Him that it is not possible that “this thing, this thing, God I know you are God but you cannot solve this my problem. I know you are God but in saving me I am not too sure.” Since you are having that type of spirit within you, well, God will allow you to save yourself.
54.        However, when you say, “God, I acknowledge you, thank you.” Each time God looks at you, He will see you being grateful, being joyful, being glad for recognizing what God has done for you and I and that He has not left us since He tabernacled in our midst.
55.        You see, I was over joyed when God was rehearsing messages of 1994, 1993, 1995. Brethren, then (in those days), we never understood anything. But He told us, “Keep on following, keep on believing, it is not compulsory you must understand all now.”
56.        To show us that He knew Himself from the very beginning, He knew the end from the beginning; He was declaring the whole thing that we will manifest in this ministry. From the beginning and ending of this ministry He declared Himself in 1993, 1994. Prophetic utterances! Where we are ending, everything that would transpire, He declared all, showing you that He knew all.
57.        The Son of Man speaking: He gave us the message titled, “The Beginning and Ending of Gentiles Dispensation,” for you to know how the whole thing will terminate. Thus, when I come before such Personality that knows the ending from the very beginning, what must I do? It is to humble myself, it is to kneel down, it is to acknowledge the Deity, it is to say “please sir, lead me. I don’t know how to lead myself.” That is all!
58.        Man has always wanted to lead himself and has always failed. But God revealed Himself, introduced Himself so that His people would know Him. It is just like a father, your father that lives somewhere else and you are living somewhere else, at a point it becomes very important you must know who your father is. At a point you see a man walking towards you, saying “Please, please, please, I am your father. I am your father.” You start doubting it, he will prove it from all angles, through biological evidence, Scriptural evidence, Spiritual evidence, traditional evidence to show you that actually what he is establishing is a fact before you.
59.        By the time your eyes open, you will say, “So, you are my father? So this Son of Man we have been staying here with since 1993, 1994, is our God and we did not know.”
60.        I know how you are feeling brethren. Assuming that time you stretched forth your hand to beat Him or anyhow it happened, now, how will you be feeling? God thank you! We always say God thank you that we never knew the thing that came down in our midst as at that time. We never knew how glorious and powerful and magnificent, God decided to carry us along. Any step we make, He would draw us. For every step He will interpret and tell us how it is going to be and it will be like that.
61.        Is the Revealed Christ Apostle Peter Odoemena Introduced to your heart? Page 63 verse 45: “To you who claim to be in this faith, My question is: Have you settled this contention that God is a man in your heart? Because, until you settle it as an individual, you have not entered into the faith of the Son of Man. Because, he that must come to God must first believe that He is and He exists…”
62.        When you come in our midst, please try to understand what we are saying. The symphony of our message. It has where it took off.
63.        Verse 46 “…Have you settled this controversy in your own heart as a brother, as a sister because, upon this settlement of this controversy, believing that God is a man that your covenant is sealed…”
64.        That is why I told you that we are in this most holy Faith rejoicing because the controversy is over. Everything is settled, we are celebrating. As far as helping others who have not come up to the level that God has decided to declare us perfect, because, the perfect one is revealed in our midst; our great consolation is that we heard it in this message.
65.        God said, “We are perfect, we are gods because the great God is in our midst and He is our Father. Because God is our Father, we are Gods. Because God is Holy we are Holy. Because God is Righteous, we are righteous. Why? We have settled this controversy in our hearts that God is a human being. If you have not settled it, God said, “You are not saved; you are not sealed.”
66.        Upon the settlement of this controversy your covenant, my covenant with God is sealed. That is why we were talking about reasoning, that you don’t talk about something you don’t know how to back-up or balance with the faith.
67.        “…That is where your salvation lies. That is your eternal security. Thus, if you do not know the point where you are saved, I have revealed it to you now…”
68.        If you do not know your salvation point, the point of salvation is what God always makes sure we understand here. In addition, we have a point of salvation in every generation. There is always a point, every preacher; messenger of that day must surely go there.
69.        Like God has manifested Himself as the Son of Man, He decided to call Apostle Kelechi, call me, call this, call this, call this, call all of us. We are in this Faith to preach what He preached because He revealed the point to us. We are helping our brethren to see that same point because that is where the whole world got lost.
70.        That is why He told us that no man of God works alone. He told us that from the beginning that, “No man of God works alone.” For that reason, when God manifested and chose His own man from the very beginning, that one does not require conducting election. There was no day we came here conducted election or who is going to be this or that.
71.        Almighty God made the election and the selection. Then, the Son of Man whom God Himself vindicated, proved Himself from all ramifications. I am a witness I do not tell you what I do not know. I am telling you what is in my life because, if I do not preach this message, I don’t believe I am existing.
72.        God decided to choose Him and then He now changed everything because then, we were in the End-time Message. He changed the altar, re-arranged everything, scattered all those nonsenses and said, “No, this is Apostolic pattern first of all.”
73.        He restored the real Church, restored the whole doctrine. Brought the doctrine to the altar. Our eyes got opened and we said, “Concerning tithe, is this the truth? Concerning baptism, is that how it is? Concerning Church order, is that how it is? Concerning this, is that how it is?”
74.        At Abagana in those days, one night he said, “Brother Kelechi come here, Brother Ben come here. Stand here, stand here,” He was talking till daybreak.  Establishment of the Church, Church organization, all of them He handled doctrinally, placed things back to order. Using scripture here a little, there a little. Here a little, there a little. Took us from Genesis to Revelation. Removed all those things we thought it was truth. Disabused our hearts.
75.        He said, “Anything you think about God drop it; drop all your preconceived ideas. Whatever you think you know, drop it as you are coming now.” Brother, those that said they will not drop, they carried the thing away. They couldn’t stand.
76.        For those God decided to give the believing heart, even if you don’t want to drop, He will drop it by Himself. The one I do not want to drop, God will drop it. When we drop it and drop it, as we are standing here, we are millions and millions of mile away from anything Church world. We have gone so far.
77.        Every doctrine, He will place it back. He will say, God will confirm it. You will see it coming to pass. Every message the Son of Man preached, Supernatural vindication confirmed it. Then, we never knew this was the thing that was happening because at a point we fell down, everybody will dry. Like myself, I will faint…everybody knows how he feels. I will fall down prostrate—an experience of what I have not experienced in any denomination. Then I knew because He will say, “Jehovah Shammah, Jehovah, Shammah, Jehovah Shammah.”
78.        We have not seen the Cloud then but He saw the Cloud. We did not see the Pillar of Fire until He decided to make it open. Because that time He will stand on the pulpit, He will say, “Jehovah Shammah Jehovah Shammah, Jehovah Shammah, Jehovah Shammah, Jehovah Rapha, God is here. Be reverend, all eyes closed, all knees bow down.”
79.        That time, the whole camp would be chilled. Thank you God, it is now that I know that these are those manifestations. Because, those things were not ordinary. It was not ordinary. It was not fabricated. He will just stand there, He will see it. He will say, “Look at Him, Jehovah Shammah, Jehovah Rapha, Jehovah Nissi.” Everywhere will calm down. Amen.

Our elderly man that time, Ajamma, was asking, “What is this thing the Son of Man used to observe in the sky? Moreover, whenever He sees that thing, He will run round and round until He will shake Himself as if He is wearing a cloth. He said, Son of Man, can you please tell us what that thing is.”
2.          He said, “Sir, there is no way I can explain it, time will tell. Keep on following, towards the end, everything shall be made manifest.”
3.           In 1996, he was here when He walked here. We heard the foot print, we did not see Him. The Voice Said, “Come on this date, you will see Him. Come with camera. When this man saw the thing he said, “Now I believe.” Where is he today?
4.           What can you say about Papa Nzegwu? You can forget every person, can you forget Papa Nzegwu, the man God transported across River Niger in the night, when there was no boat, no human being in sight, no lantern. God came with a boat, asked him to enter; and ferried him to Asaba. He did not see the man, he did not see the boat.
5.           At another time, he went fishing, ended it early hours of the morning, only for him to collect the fish. He looked up, there was a man standing there. He said, “Drop the fish, go to Onitsha, tell the Son of Man that His people, His brethren, have betrayed Him. That He is now standing alone. That He should fear not; that He that called Him is standing behind Him. That He has nobody in the faith anymore. They have been seduced away.”
6.           Before he came, I had already known about it. While he was coming, leaving the fish at the seashore— this thing was happening when this man was almost 92 years.
7.           Immediately I saw him, I said, “Papa, why are you struggling to come to see Me? I know why you are coming. It has been taken care of. I still have four people that did not defile themselves. “
8.           I thank God the four are still here till today. Although they are troubling Me, but when I remember their stand, I shift My mind a little.
9.           Now, what am I trying to say? After everything, both visions, dreams, visitations, where is Papa Nzegwu? We ordained him elder; he has his certificate from Me, duly signed by Me in My hand. Where is he today? A woman seduced the man away. The same way, a woman seduced Ajamma away.
10.        Women are wonderful! His wife teamed up with her daughters and her son who belonged to Deeper Life, the same Deeper Life Papa Nzegwu had already denounced, denounced Odoziobodo. They seduced the man away and the man decided not to go to Deeper Life or any Church again.
11.        God is wonderful. Pray that God will keep you from falling. You see why St. Paul said, “Let he that thinketh he standeth be very careful lest he falls.”
12.        William Branham said, “When you come to a point where you think you have arrived”, he said, “if you are not careful, that is where your fall will start.”
13.         You see, there was a message we heard recently. The message said, “God can call you anything.” God can call you anything. I want to tell you that that message was fulfilled last week.
14.        God called Brother Ojiakor everything. Not anything but everything, He even called him a criminal. Yet in the evening, I was receiving a call “Nnam, nnam, nnam.”
15.        I said, “How can this criminal call Me again?” The highest thing you can call a man is devil because when you call a man devil, whatever the devil is known for, he has fulfilled all. The devil is a liar, is a criminal, he is a murderer. But there was a time Peter the Apostle was called a “devil.”
16.        Brother Chukwuemeka, you are still in prison o-o-o! Where is the wife? These people know Nnewi people more than us. Sister Grace Utu, Brother Philip, Brother Frank, please, bear Me witness.
17.        Brother Chukwuemeka has not come out from prison. He has not come out of prison until his heart rejects what took him into the prison. Sister Chukwuemeka, your husband’s heart has not rejected what put him into prison. In other words, your husband will go back again.
18.        Once history is forgotten, the mistakes of the past must be repeated. I know your problem, it is Nnewi spirit. Nnewi believe that if you do not have money, you are not a human being.
19.        That is what is killing Echezona. That is what is destroying their family. I want to say it. His family will remain feeding from hand to mouth until all of them will perish. There is no man having manhood from his family that will stand and take care of anybody. That is the foundation. You can never cheat the devil.
20.        It is a pity to say that nobody from Nnewi can worship God. They can go to Church, they can never worship God. They worship money. If anybody from Nnewi says he is going to Church, believe him, he goes to Church. He can be knight, he can be anything. He can even start his own Church; prosper in his own Church because it is a business he erected to make money. But to serve God, not even one.
21.        I am saying it so that you will begin to think now. I have witnesses against you. That God has rescued you from ATM, God kept you alive when you were in prison properly.
22.        God even terminated your period of imprisonment by bringing your lawyer, who ran away with your money later came back.
23.        You do not know what it took Me to bring the man back and to compel him to go to court and pay the money. You do not know what it took Me; I did it for the sake of your wife and your children.
24.        Brother Chukwuemeka, when you were in prison, we took good care of your family until you came back. We took care of your wife and children more than your own relations. Go and find out from your wife. We were monitoring everything. Now, your heart is fixed, your mind is made up, I will not stop you but I am waiting for you the other side.
25.        Sister Chukwuemeka, bear Me witness. You have heard from Me now. I will not stop him; I am waiting for him the other side. And when he gets there, My Voice will re-echo again. One that does not know the reason why he was imprisoned will go to prison again. One that did not learn a lesson from the first imprisonment, the next imprisonment will be worse than the previous imprisonment.
26.        WE HAD BETTER understand something. This Faith has no room for any criminality. All acts of criminality are condemnable in the sight of God No matter the way you twist it, no matter the interpretation, no matter how you nickname it.
27.        IN ADDITION, as long as God lives and I live, no criminal can find peace in the fellowship. God must surely expose the person and push the person into the hands of authorities who will give him his rightful position in the society.
28.        Brethren, money is not everything. We came into this world and met money, when we will be leaving; we are not taking money along. My friend, I want to tell you something, there was a day this world existed without you, one day, this world will continue without you.
29.        brethren, we know that there is no word that comes out from the mouth of God that is a play or a joke. Please, knowing the personality that is in our midst requires taking everything that He says as the words of God. That is the only way we can survive.
30.        Now that He is the point of our salvation, means that if we must be saved we must take His words seriously. His warnings, His directions and Instructions For your own good not for the good of God.
31.        nobody wastes away his time more than a prisoner. Have you gotten the message? The time he would have used for meaningful ventures or productions, he will now lavish in the prison or prison custody. Besides, I want to say, I DO NOT care the quality of food you have eaten neither do I care about the quantity.
32.        Whatever you think that is hanging in between your teeth, use your took pick to bring them out, they will never make your belly to be filled. You can never be satisfied with whatever you bring out from your teeth.
33.        If you prosper in wickedness, you have made the word of God of none-effect because all ill-gotten wealth must vanish like the wind in a twinkling of an eye
34.        There are testimonies I do not share anyhow. I have had dealings with people especially from Nnewi where money is their god, where they deny their children education, academic education because they believe that money is all that it takes to be a human being. They will come and tell you when there is money, truth will vanish.
35.        This is the adage a rich man told Me at Nnewi. They call him Omekannia 1 (father’s replica) of Nnewi. Ibeto, he said to Me that, “Whenever money speaks, truth is silenced.” I told him, “Sir, it is a lie.”
36.        recently, the news carried the whole thing. The axe fell on a very notable Federal High Court Judge who took delight in collecting bribe to set the guilty free. He set those that embezzled the pension fund to the tone of twenty-nine billion naira free. He collected a whooping sum of thirteen million naira and set them free.
37.        Nigerian Judiciary Council investigated and clamped down on him. He is to return to the Federal Government coffers of over fifty million naira. Moreover, he was benched from being a judge, suspended for one full year. He was asked to wait for further measures.
38.        Also, another judge in Lagos was indicted. One Okechukwu Onu from Abia State serving in Lagos received a stern warning from Nigerian Judicial Council. Very soon, you will hear of one; he thought he escaped but Nigerian Judicial Council has taken up the matter right now.
39.        All those criminal judges that affiliated themselves to partisan politics, when they should be completely insulated from partisan politics, who in one way or the other worked the entry of criminal Governors into celebrated offices, they are now being indicted. Judges that held tribunals and panels and soiled their hands, dismissed innocent people and set the guilty free.
40.        Nigerian Judicial Council (N.J.C) said that, “Investigation will continue. Reports reaching us proved that many have property outside Nigeria.”
41.        Nigeria has become the first country in Africa where State High Court Judges have become billionaires, trillonaires and own property abroad, own estates without declaration. As civil servants, they are accountable to Code of Conduct Bureau. They are liable to declare their assets every four years.
42.        It said, “The highest rank a civil servant can attain is head of service of the Federation or of the state which is a step above Permanent Secretary. In that position he can never be a millionaire.” That all High Court Judges are politicians and no longer Judges.”
43.        Nigerian Judicial Council is now sitting to reveal many, many things. You saw it in the newspaper that heads are now going to roll in the Judiciary. That many celebrated judges in the Federal High Courts, State High Courts, even in the Federal Court of Appeal are bound to lose their jobs shamefully.
44.        Nemesis must catch up with the wicked. For the scriptures said, “Let hands join hands, no sinner will go unpunished.” That they are running to Ogboni and Lodge Fraternity to take refuge, it can never save them. All of them are now members of Ogboni Fraternity or Lodge or one secret cult or the other so that they can insulate themselves from being paraded publicly. They are wasting their time.
45.        All civil servants are insulated from partisan politics. Equally, all traditional rulers are insulated from partisan politics. They should remain neutral. The court that is meant to protect the common man is now victimizing the common man, intimidating the common man; harassing and embarrassing the common man. But giving the guilty protection even when they are wrong.
46.        This is the judgment of God at work. It has started. The investigation has started. They are now investigating them. Even those that shuttle abroad, they said with the consent of the Governor when the Governor has denied knowledge of their trip. They do not know that Governors are politicians. They come and go, they have limited time.
47.        Thus, if a politician is your godfather, you have no godfather for his position is temporary. Maximum of eight years. You will be left alone without a godfather. You will be answerable for the offences you have committed in your office.
48.        Glory be to God in the highest. Amen. I thank God for everything. How I wish you are paying attention to the glorious voice that is coming out there.
49.        God said, “A day is coming when we shall gather, praise God, dance around, salute brethren and go away.” No more preaching, no more doctrine but we encourage you to remain where you are. Remain in the Ark for it was not easy, it was not easy with Noah’s family.
50.        Noah entered the ark with the family, with everything, the ark was shut by God. God shut the ark, collected the key, making it impossible for anybody to step out. The rain never started until after seven days.
51.        What do you think was happening in the ark? Many were querying Noah, both the wife and the children. Their wives, they were doubting the father’s experience: “Daddy, are you sure? We are going to die here!” Anybody that wants to talk will say, “Daddy said that God said. Daddy said that God instructed Him. Daddy said He had a dream.”
52.        The wife came querying, “My lord, so it is dream that you had that made you to come and lock us up here? They tried to open the door, the door refused to open. One will say, “We are dying of heat here.” The man would tell them to be patient with the heat, that a little while they will say there is cold. To God be the glory.
53.        While God was talking, something flashed across my heart. I asked Brother Amankem to look for the message. Eventually, we got it from Apostle Ojiakor.
54.      “Get ready for your flight” page 85 verse 8. Seeing that God has saved us and given us the promised salvation, now that He is in our midst and we are sure, He will not allow us to behave anyhow, or move anyhow, seeing that we are still putting on this flesh. He will not allow us to go into troubles.
55.      Hence, He is warning us every day. He has that power to envisage even by premonition or spiritual revelation or whatever dangers when they are coming around us.
56.      And when He sees it, as a watchman, He will speak, He will warn us, He will direct us, He will say, please don’t go this direction. If you say what He is saying, laughing, simply because you saw him laughing while talking, you will see yourself there. So, we had better be careful.
57.      “Eternal life is not tied to any material possession, but material possession can deny somebody of eternal life...”
58.      Brethren, at a point when I was encouraging our brethren at Obosima, something was asking us, as we come to Jerusalem to worship God, when you look at a brother, you look at a sister, what is that thing that will not allow us to worship God or serve God the way we ought to?
59.      In my little meditation, I prayed that God will help me understand. Something was telling me that some of us have the quest to acquire material possession.
60.      And for that fact that you have not got it, you didn’t get it the way you want it, you haven’t got it the extent you want it or you are praying for, it appears God is wicked or God is not blessing you, or God is not favouring you.
61.      For that reason, you are not grateful, you are feeling cheated, you want the Son of Man to see you as somebody that is not doing well, to pity and sympathize with you. That is why; when you come to fellowship you harden your face. It appears worshipping God has become a burden.
62.      If you are rejoicing when you have money, your joy is not of the Lord. The joy of the Lord is the joy that comes when you cannot boast of materialism or any material thing. God took His time now to warn us about all these things, giving us instances, showing us that this garment we are going to put on any moment from now has no business with any material thing.
63.      That is why that place flashed to my heart and I read it out. For the last time, I want to read it out as I am standing here now.
64.      Eternal life is not tied to any material possession, but material possession can deny somebody of eternal life...”
65.      If you have not gotten anything to meditate about today even myself, it is this quote. While we are still waiting for immortality which is the eternal life itself, material things should not bother us.
66.      As God will give us, we will take it. Because, I have believed God to the point that you might pray for jeep, God will give you bicycle.
67.      If bicycle is all you need for you to be saved, God will give you the bicycle. If God knows that having jeep, having upstairs will not disturb you from worshipping God, God will allow you to have it. Because He told us “God will attend to your need and not your want. Not all that we desire, but the best God knows for us is what He will give us.” Amen.

Brethren, how many were in the fellowship Wednesday when we read the message titled “What is your testimony?”
2.          God said, “I never invited you, promising that you will build a house, to build a house for you, make you a millionaire, do this, He said, if that is your aim he said, begin to go now.”
3.          If your purpose for embracing this faith is not eternal life he said, “Begin to go now.” Go out and you will see places where these things are promised. God will give us that which is necessary for us to worship Him; and at the end of the day, we will leave everything here.
4.          Brethren, we have no cause to misbehave or to show God disapproval in anything. That is why God said that we should park all these vehicles there. Having your eyes there, don’t worry, when we leave, you collect all. The moment we leave here, collect all.
5.          That was why in the time of Jesus Christ, he attacked the unrighteous mammon which is money. Collect all these vehicles and more that will come, they belong to you once we vacate. For that time, you do not need vehicles to move about. The Elohim did not use aeroplane to come to the fellowship and stand in the pulpit.
6.          How many can tell Me where He was before He came into the fellowship and stand in the pulpit? Where was the Elohim before He came into this fellowship, I mean, before Brother Amankem took His photograph ignorantly? Where was He residing? Which helicopter did He use to fly in?
7.          In that condition, don’t you know He can go to America, go to Russia, go everywhere? This white cloth (pointing to the Supreme Judge supernatural photograph) is enough for Him till eternity. It does not go threadbare. It can never be dirty.
8.          At a point when I was encouraging my brethren I said, “Brethren, the most important thing you should be praying for and desiring for is immortal body because in that immortal estate you have everything. Seeing that money will be useless very soon, everything here that is earthly, man-made will never have any part in you.
9.          On Wednesday many saw Brother Leo coming in with hummer jeep, they felt astonished. They thought kidnappers were coming to carry the Son of Man. Some were looking at the window. I said, “It is Brother Leo.”
10.      He parked the vehicle hummer jeep. It was not one, it was not two. If he wants to carry twenty, he will carry twenty. After all, he deals on vehicles. A vehicle dealer has no vehicle but he has many vehicles. He is a car dealer, if you do not know. He is a medicine dealer; he is also a car dealer.
11.      What am I trying to say? Hummer is rubbish; helicopter is rubbish, aeroplane is rubbish. Eternal life is the fulfillment of all and all. Once I enter My Theophany Body, I have entered into something greater than jet; something greater than rocket. I will fly higher than any astronaut.
12.      Once you are in Christ, you are operating in the highest hemisphere. You are higher than any astronaut. These things do not move us but we want to use them to close all the mouth of gainsayers who say we are never-do-wells. Maybe because we have been serving God, we say no. We will serve God and still feed you. We will serve God and still accommodate you.   
13.      Brethren, we must be aware of that as God is warning us. Right from the very beginning, He has not allowed us to go after material things anyhow, go after money anyhow. No! He has been showing us the main thing and that is why He preached a message He called, “The Most Important Thing.”
14.      One thing is needful. Right from the beginning He said, “One thing is needful and that is eternal life.” The Son of Man in the message He preached titled “You are Gods,” He said in page 28 verse 14: “At times the storm will come; you see the ship hitting something and you think that I am comfortable? I am not comfortable; and I do not know what you will give me here on earth that will make me to be comfortable.
15.      Tell me what that thing is. Even if you give me aeroplane and be My pilot, it is a very big inconvenience.”
16.      God Himself is telling us that these things are inconveniencing Him. That He has just done it for a purpose. Why should His own children bother their lives because of that and endanger their lives. Please, instead of material things to give somebody eternal life, it will deny that person eternal life.
17.      For that reason, we should go according to the best God permitted us and be comfortable with what God has given us. If anyone is coming, God knows when it is coming and it will come when God wants it to come. And as I am standing here before you, any vehicle a brother has is my vehicle.
18.      The Son of Man speaking: Pure truth! Any house a brother has is my house. I believe that we are one to the blessing God has given to you and I.
19.      Let Me ask you question: All of you that attended My late father’s burial, how many felt like going back? Even when I was charging you to go, did you go? No sir! I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO A DAY IF IT IS POSSIBLE, ALL OF US WILL BE ACCOMMODATED UNDER ONE ROOF.
20.      Sisters will be cooking, brothers will be eating. We will be fetching water, fetching firewood. You will be singing, we will be dancing. Glory be to God.
21.      We know why we are not complaining. Don’t worry, the Lord willing, we are matching on. We keep our fingers crossed. Do you know that many Churches that took off after us are now having Cathedrals here and there? But we don’t have even one thousand naira that is cool in Onitsha Church account. Yet, we have lasted more than twenty years. From 30th December 1992 to this time, are we not more than twenty years?
22.      We don’t have one thousand naira that will sleep and close its eyes in Onitsha bank account. Yet, Onitsha is the world headquarters. Did you learn anything from there? That which is keeping others sleepless at nights is not keeping us sleepless at night. Do you understand what we are saying?
23.      If it is possible, we should have our own estate where all of us should stay because our landlords are disturbing us. They are capitalizing on our poverty to trouble us beyond measure. Nevertheless, it is better we are troubled so that we will desire to go. Any pregnant woman whose pregnancy is due and she is about to deliver, if she feels comfortable, desiring to sleep instead of experiencing labour pain, is not yet ready to deliver the baby. 
24.      Any delivery that will be uneventful will make the woman restless; she will complain of pain in the waist, in the legs, in the lower abdomen and will be very uncomfortable.
25.      The husband will always stay beside her, comforting, encouraging her and rubbing down her pains. When that happens, then know that the delivery will be uneventful.
26.      However, if the woman feels unruffled, eating every delicacy, enjoying herself anyhow, undisturbed, sleeping comfortably, know that danger is around the corner.
27.      Thus, we want God to stir up our nests. There is a message God gave us through William Branham, the prophet, “As the eagle stireth her nest.” Make the nest very uncomfortable we will desire to go. However, I do not want us to go without causing havoc. I want us to cause havoc.
28.      The Jews never left Egypt until they caused havoc. They never left Babylon until they caused havoc. They never left Jericho until they caused havoc. I believe there were some Jews in Sodom and Gomorrah especially Lot and family. They caused havoc. We must cause havoc! There can never be any complete exodus without shedding of blood.  
29.      See, I was wondering, you know the world does not know us, Onitsha doesn’t know us. I told a brother the other day saying, “look, If you don’t know, know where I am. The Son of Man is now raising militants. Not ordinary one, heartless militants; people that have been sealed away, they are now in the bosom of the Almighty, insulated from eternal death.”
30.      people living round about us DO NOT even know, your parents don’t even know. from where we are now anybody that is not in the faith of the Son of Man should be your greatest enemy. You must be prepared and have that lion heart to gun the person down because he that is not with you is against you, And every obstruction must be crushed!
31.      Do you know that the Throne of David will last till eternity? The bloodiest man of God remains David—a man that killed innocent people and used their manhood (foreskin) to marry a wife; two hundred manhood. He carried them in a basket. The father-in-law (Saul) demanded hundred, he brought two hundred.
32.      The highest punishment or indictment David received was after collecting materials for the temple, the Lord said, “Don’t build for Me for your hand is bloody. Your son Solomon will build. He will use the materials you brought.” God did not reject the materials.
33.      Whether Solomon was building or David, God said, “The throne of David will remain till eternity and David will be there.” Moreover, Jesus Christ came as the Root and Offspring of David. What is more, the Son of Man came as the Root and Offspring of David.
34.      Greater than King David is on the scene. David never offered any sacrifice at any altar until he died. I am a King, I am a Priest, I am a Judge. If David could carry arms, marshal out troops, they killed even his own first son Absalom and sin was not imputed on David, Greater than David is on the scene.
35.      If a heathen dies, nobody died. But, if I could kill Brother Attah when I know that he is My brother, he has no guile, I am guilty. I can never gun down My utility soldier. You know, in every battalion, there are some soldiers we call utility soldiers in every squad.
36.      Let Me just bring it down to football. There is no team without utility players. Even if they are injured, both the team manager and the coach will work round the clock to make sure they recover. Even if they do not play actively in the field, they will field them psychologically that their names in the field will scare away the opponent.
37.      A time came when Stephen Keshi’s name became a scarecrow. You know what a scarecrow is! A scarecrow is a miniature human being that is erected in the cornfield or grain field to scare away birds.
38.      Remember that a time came when Kanu Nwankwo’s name became a scarecrow. A time came when Austin Okocha became a scarecrow, even Rasheed Yekini.
39.      Right now, I just want to say it. If you mention Mikel Obi, he is a scarecrow. Whether he plays for Chelsea or not, the name is a scarecrow. Faster legs are now on the scene to dribble him out of sight and rubbish him in the pitch.
40.      I am saying that if David could be justified, no iniquity was imputed on David, why are you not afraid of the Son of Man?  If David could order the arrest and execution of innocent people, order the extermination of a community, just like Obasanjo ordered the extermination of Odii community; he owned it because he was an Army General.
41.      But the President ordered the extermination of Baga community in Bornu State, but he is denying it. A panel of enquiry was set simply because he was not a soldier for he received no military training. If he had been a retired Army General, there will not be anything panel. How can you set a panel when a Brigadier General in charge of JTF (Joint Task Force) had already owned the responsibility for the action? But denied the number of casualties.
42.      That is why immediately he did it, Senator Makum said, “Jonathan should resign immediately for this is betrayal of trust.” If it were not for democracy, the young man would order his men to go and arrest him. Bring him to garrison and gun him down so that he will know that a soldier is a soldier.
43.      The day I signed as a soldier, I signed for my death. You see this faith, I am a soldier of Christ. If you do not accept Me as Christ, accept Me as a soldier of Christ.
44.      Now, I have reached the point where I have sealed My people away and I have introduced Myself to the world. Just like Joseph sealed away his family inside and then appeared to introduce himself.
45.      Whatever obstacle, whatever impediment, whatever opposition henceforth; Death can come by all means, if we perish, we perish. If I detail you to arrest Brother David, give Me his head in a tray, it doesn’t concern you, I am answerable.
46.      I detail you to go to Mbaise, go to this village, make sure no building is standing, don’t fear, I am the one, I am responsible for all My actions from now. For I am going to cause havoc from now. The havoc will start from among you.
47.      let Me open it. I have earmarked eleven names from Onitsha for Immediate destruction. The remedy lies in repenting as I am standing now. Eleven names here. Don’t ask Me whether man or woman, they know themselves. IN ADDITION, My soldiers are out, they are only waiting for the last instruction. Finish. Don’t ask Me how it will happen.
48.      I intended to pass by, but I don’t want My passing by to affect those whose judgment are still pending. Otherwise, we will be talking of another thing.
49.      anybody that dies anyhow from now will not be buried by this faith. Amen.



Brethren, it is good we recognize that the Commander-in-Chief of God’s Army General is in our midst. There was a time the Holy Ghost reminded us of something, that, “We should not be afraid of the antichrist inquisition coming, we should watch out for God’s own inquisition because God is set.”
2.          The word of God will surely come to pass. God has trained us from the beginning, even those days when we knew nothing. Somebody came into our midst and said, “You people sound militant”, when we had nothing. Now, I have not seen anything that can go against the order of the Son of Man. I have not seen anything.
3.          God has revealed to us our point of salvation. And we are sure we are saved in Christ. There are other things God said He would do which we must watch out for. God is not allowing us to look at material things which might hinder somebody or blindfold anybody from focusing at that thing God is saying He is going to do. For the predicted war is around the corner.
4.          It is a war predicted, God has already ordained it and He is going to set it up as He said, it any moment from now. Thus, every brother, every sister should be ready to obey instruction for as God has spoken it so it will be.
5.          Seeing that we have known the point where we are saved, let us see verse 47. “The righteousness of God revealed from generation to generation to those that fear and honour the Lord. The righteousness of God is not attained, it is revealed.
6.          Unless it is revealed, you will not work towards it. God will not save you because of what you have done but because of what you have believed.”
7.          What have you believed? What we have believed has all proved Himself with all His garments. Like I always say, if the Head of State is coming to make an official announcement, a declaration, all his aides will stand by him.
8.          Now that the Head of State of God’s Army—as long as the Kingdom of God is concerned—is standing here, all it takes to execute the Spoken Word of God, they are all here. Both visible and invisible soldiers are here. Even angels of destruction, they are here waiting for orders from the Commander.
9.          Nobody should touch God at that angle. If you touch God at that angle, He can cause vibration to start here. Yes, some of us that God has touched know the extent His power is. The little God touched me, I did not wait until God spoke. I will just fAll down. Simple!
10.      When God reveals to you His spiritual power, the level of powers He possesses, you will tremble. Invisible forces you don’t see with physical eyes are waiting for His command.
11.      Son of Man speaking: That is true! They are waiting for what? His command. Just now, everything is set. He is even saying wait, wait let Me do this; let Me do that, He has a taste, and He wants to place everything according to His own taste, waiting for a time.
12.      Ask for who is in your midst. There was a time in those days He was saying, “You do not know who is in your midst, you do not know who is in your midst, you despisers, you do not know.”
13.      That time I was there, a pregnant woman…those days, when the thing would start, everybody would get up from the seats.
14.      We do not relax in the flesh and forget we should allow ourselves to be light in the hands of the Holy Spirit so that He can use us the way He wants to use us. Those days, a pregnant woman will jump from there; jump seats here and fall down at the altar and will be speaking and prophesying.
15.      Benches will be removed; all heads are already bowing down. Knees are on the ground, rolling and crawling. I mean the supernatural power in our midst did not come today; this power started from the very beginning. We that started then experienced it.
16.      There would be a prophecy like it will be going forth here, all these things we are reading out here. While you are here and you see the thing being uttered, everybody is like a dead man. The type of voice that will be roaring, the type of feeling we will be having, the type of fear that will grip us, oh; you will know that God is talking.
17.      I hope the word of God has not become so common that if God is now in a still small voice, in a lovely way, romancing with us, talking with us, you will be thinking that nothing is going on.
18.      The day I fear God most in those days was, when the Son of Man said, “From now, no more ta, ta, ta, ta (speaking in tongues). Everything, I have swallowed them back in Me.”
19.      We share testimonies of true witnesses. Because, every fellowship day you will stand here even if He preached within thirty minutes, there will be rearrangement.
20.      Great powers and forces will come in throwing brothers and sisters up and down. This one you come here with white, you go with white, is not what we are saying.
21.      Son of Man speaking: You see somebody jumping here to the altar, landing on both women and children, all in the name of prophecy under the influence of the Holy Spirit, after which he will turn round and ask how wonderful such a thing was.
22.      God allowed them until one day, it pleased God to put an end to prophecy, Tongue; interpretation and whatever; that they had been swallowed up in immortality. He then asked us a question, “How many people has the Son of Man pushed down while prophesying; or turned round and round or disturbed fellowship for one day?
23.      That if the Son of Man prophesied, it was during preaching or during prayer line that He would be on the pulpit and ask everybody to pay attention. “Attention everybody” and everywhere will be quiet. We would then receive the prophecy. After that, He would be still.
24.      Go and check your message, check the prophecies, you will never see any prophecy credited to the Son of Man that said, “Thus saith the Lord or thus saith the Holy Spirit.” How can the Lord quote the Lord?
25.      How can the Holy Spirit quote the Holy Spirit? Some of them will even prophecy, Son of Man will even judge from the pulpit. Like when Okey Nwankpa colluded with the wife of Bon Diuka, they prophesied and said Brother Chime will never marry until rapture takes place.
26.      And Brother Chime will remain in the house of Okey Nwankpa, living with him until Rapture takes place. That Brother Mike Emmanuel and family will never go to Mbaise, they will remain at Nkpor until Rapture. And they carried Bon Diuka, Okey Nwankpa and the wife going from house to house to release the message.
27.      Finally, the thing got to My ears. I brought the Bible, brethren, that was why the message came, “Seven steps for Judging Prophecies And Dreams.” I judged all! Librated Brother Mike, librated Brother Chime.
28.      Asked Brother Chime, “If you have money anytime, marry. Find a house where you will live. Brother Mike, take your family home, stay three days, come back. If anything happens to you, come and arrest Me.”
29.      Brother Mike obeyed Me, took the whole family home, stayed three days and came back. Nothing happened! Any prophecy that will put a child of God in bondage is not from God. Anybody that will prophesy and that prophecy will put you in bondage and fear you will not come out of it. Note it, with fear and trembling, you can never serve God well.
30.      We serve God with love. We do not serve God as a duty; we serve God in love because we are reciprocating His love. He first loved us and purchased our salvation on Calvary Tree when we were not yet born. Whatever we are doing is, reciprocating love. It is because of the love that God showed upon us that we are reciprocating.
31.      He first loved us and purchased our salvation on Calvary Tree and put our names among those that are saved. Whatever we are doing in this flesh, we are merely reciprocating. We are saying we are grateful. We are saying, “thank you,” for He paid the debt we cannot pay even till eternity.
32.      His love lifted us. God’s love lifted us, when nothing else could help, Gods love lifted us. Brother Ben go ahead.
33.      “The revelation of who God is goes to the Elect only” page 57 verse 45. “Just follow Me doubting nothing. Follow Me, that is all. Do you need salvation? Follow Me for I do not want you to perish. I do not want you to perish and I know I know the way. I know I know the way.”
34.      The Son of Man speaking: I know that I know the way. Follow Me! Do not be afraid. He that is leading you knows the way. Do not be dismayed, the Son of Man knows the way.  Do not be afraid. He that is leading you knows the way. Do not be dismayed, the Son of Man knows where He is going.
35.      I know where I am going and you also will say, “I know who I am following and the Person I am following is God. God that knows the way!” If you know whom you are following, finish!
36.       You relax your mind. You have seen what is greater than you. She has seen what marveled her. She is Brother Ojiakor’s daughter. She has a testimony. We all are joining in sharing the testimony, celebrating with her.
37.      It is amazing that such a great and joyous moment, which is celebrating her success in the last conducted 2nd MB, BS examination for medical students, concedes with her birthday, a memorable day.
38.      You will hear this testimony whether you like it or not. Both her father and mother will not give the testimony for her. She herself will give it. She is of age. If she didn’t give testimony, let nobody call her.
39.       “Just follow Me doubting nothing. Follow Me, that is all. Do you need salvation? Follow Me for I do not want you to perish. I do not want you to perish and I know I know the way. I know I know the way. I know I am holding the truth. I know very well that I am He. I know very well...”
40.      I know very well that I am He. Preached when? 10th December 2000. Today is 2013. In the year 2000, somebody told you that He knows Himself. If He told you to see who He is, if you like, you believe, if you don’t like don’t believe. Your “unbelief” means nothing.
41.      Your “belief” means nothing. It does not add, it does not subtract. By 2000, had we seen all these Supernatural vindications? No sir! Only the one we saw in 1996.
42.      Others were seen by people that had gifts of vision, gifts of prophecy and things like that. But today, whether you have gift or not, the pin hole camera, the microchip, the magnetic lens, have made all of us to be visionaries.
43.      All of us have the gift. If we don’t have the gift of seeing, we have the gift of identifying Supernatural things. God knows that it is not everybody that has the gift of vision, but He made all of us be visionaries.

44.      On this note, I say remain in your sanctified estate, remain blessed in Him eternally. Amen.