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The Son of Man Revealed From One of The Jungles in Africa According To William Branham's Prophesy

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God Has A Hiding Place VOLUME TWO


If you are in the Faith, I must surely visit you. I can visit everyone in one hour. Go back to the Message titled: THE MYSTERY OF VISITING ANGELS…Anybody that comes into Bridal Faith for any other thing other than eternal life is an idolater.

Believe it if you can…
-Son of Man

From the Message: LO I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS vol 2.
Whose photograph was taken? The Son of Man. What appeared? The Deity. Whose image was photographed? The Son of Man. One appeared. In Him dwelleth the fullness of the Godhead bodily. What is more, when He wants to magnify Himself in the midst of His people He will show them His original body.
Any room for doubt as whether He is with us or not? Now, is there any room for backsliding? What is God doing? God is magnifying Himself and at the same time comforting and confirming your faith, so that henceforth; having seen that which the Prophets prophesied, waited for but they could not see, our fathers died while going to Churches, having good hope but it eluded all. Something that eluded all denominations is being made manifest in our midst.
When the veil was rent into two, it became clear that from the very beginning, He has remained our kinsman. We could not see any other person than our kinsman.
The Son of man
(THERE IS TIME FOR EVERYTHING page 40, verse 59-61

God has helped our faith. It is no longer somebody telling us that he or she had the vision of God. No! Today, all of us are witnesses – we are all seeing Him – equal revelation! Finish!
2.                  One came up, stood before Him with his handset to take His photograph using the handset. If he was told that what we are seeing would be captured by him he would never believe.
3.                  If Deacon John Barns was told when he took the photograph of the congregation that this was what he would see, he would have said it was a lie. After all, his handset is not a toy; costing over a hundred thousand Naira (100,000.00) It is the reigning set. It is more than a television, with widescreen.
4.                  You know one funny thing about the whole thing, let Me tell you. Verify from Brethren. When they focus, they normally see us in the screen dancing and rejoicing, they do not see any other thing. But when they snap, they will get another thing. That is why the thing beats their imagination.
5.                  My son-in-law told Me shivering; “Daddy, I am not doubting. I saw you, my sister, every brethren, rejoicing and dancing and the dancing was on in my screen. So, I snapped only for me to get the Pillar of Cloud everybody hidden.”
6.                  I said, “Yes!” The voice said, “I have hidden you away, if there be any one that is in doubt, let him bring out his camera. I will command the whole brethren to go behind Me for all of you are hiding in Me. Take your photograph, if you see anybody but one standing, know that I am deceiving you.”
7.                  Is it not the voice? That was the voice! Nobody took it that time. During praise, he was moved, he took it only to see the Pillar of Cloud. All of you were hidden behind the Son of Man. Only one man is going to rapture,
8.                  The Bible said that, “God carried Israel in His womb.” As a mother! I am carrying the Bride in My Womb. I am about to deliver you. I am in labour pains. My pregnancy is of age. Once I enter there, open it, everybody will begin to come out.
9.                  HOWEVER, what if you are not there? a woman delivers what is in her womb. what if you are not among those in the womb? That is the reason why, whenever the message is going on, do not jump up but think. Think back! Think!
10.              Let Me tell you, there is a reason why God is permitting Me to bring out messages randomly including those that were preached by people that are no longer in the faith, Especially our former Bishop and Pastor Okey Nwankpa.
11.              For I know, in this Faith, even this moment, his disciples are still in our midst, So that his disciples will see and hear what he preached, that he prophesied his death. They will be foolish and blind if after seeing his own messages, prophecies he prophesied which he fulfilled, they still have anything to do with him.
12.              If you know anybody that is having dealings with him, you better go and warn the person to run away. That this man is very destructive. He is a condemned criminal that DOES NOT want to die alone. If I am afraid, do you think I will be publishing his messages raw? No sir!
13.              I thank God I never transcribed any. They are transcribed at Nsukka or Enugu, printed by Brother Nnamdi nnachor. Brother Nnamdi DOES NOT know the content.
14.              thus, be very careful! God is publishing them so that all his disciples that are still in our midst, those that romanced with him even in time past, those that are communicating with him even by telephone and his agents, should rethink and retrace their steps for their own good.
15.              HOWEVER, if you harden your heart, I am not obligated; your blood will not be required from My hand. I have shown you the greatest favour!
16.              Where is Victor Ugwu? Why has he vacated from his seat together with the wife? Madam Victor Ugwu, why are you there? Take your seat. Where is your husband? Has he gone? Do not ever call Me over the phone to ask Me why I reminded you or called you or your husband. You know what is happening in you. You know the ways you are going.
17.              Everything that is taking place is taking place in the heart! But let it be known to everybody there is no secret path anybody will walk which the Lord will not capture. Darkness is as clear as the day to him. He is a “silent listener” to every secret conversation.
18.              You may not converse in the parlour, you may converse in the bed. And nobody will know what is being discussed in the bed between husband and wife except the two. The next is the witness which is Almighty God.
19.              My friend, you are welcome. Brother Solomon Nnachor, stand up let Me see you. Thank God, sit down. I am now happy, they have all come back. You know when your children go out, if they are really your children, you can never feel free. You feel disturbed, you cannot sleep until they come back. My phone remained open, monitoring them to know where they are.
20.              More especially yesterday, the news came that some students that went to Awka for this Jamb examination, trailer lost control, a tanker lost control and fell upon a vehicle at Unizik Junction, battered the whole students inside Tracas Bus, about fourteen of them.
21.              Last week at Asaba, a vehicle that loaded, fourteen passengers, that is two-sitter bus, twelve passengers on board, while they were trying to negotiate a bend, they took off from Federal Advance Teacher’s College Junction. They call it Federal College Junction, enroute Asaba. Before they could negotiate a bend, the driver was careless he did not look very well.
22.              In the attempt to make U-Turn to face Onitsha, Dangote trailer, carrying Dangote cement ran into it; not only crush but rolled it as a ball. All the victims could not be recognized. And there was nothing like mass burial. For the trailer succeeded in making them a part of the tarred road. Before the trailer could stop, there was no sign of any human being. Both their skull; their flesh became a part of the main road. This happened last Sunday.
23.              That of Aroma junction happened on Friday evening; battered fourteen students that went to Awka, including driver and the conductor, to write their Jamb examination. I was grateful; we have a brother who went to Awka. Brother Nwobu had already acknowledged receiving the brother. That is Pastor Geoffrey’s son. Thank God for you.
24.              You see, God has already severed him. He was settled in our Brother Nwobu’s house before the incident took place. Yesterday, the Governor of Anambra State slamed an order that there should be no parks again at Aroma junction and Unizik junction. He used soldiers and policemen including civil defence to move them away. But we have lost fourteen progressive students, all in the name of Jamb.
25.              But in all these things, we were not affected. Is it not wonderful? Is it not glorious? See our brother here, he is alive. That of Asaba, we were not affected. That of Owerri road, where the bus carrying eight persons ran into a tipper that crushed all of them inside the gutter, we were not affected. All our children are safe and secured.
26.              See our Brother Fear-God the son of Brother Mike Emmanuel, the Deacon; and Brother Solomon the son of Bishop Nnachor. I monitored them from the beginning till the end. But this morning, I switched off when I got to the fellowship. Otherwise, they could have gotten Me.
27.              We prayed for their trip this morning, I know they will be coming back today for they will never like to be in a heathen’s house on a fellowship day. There is nothing Udochukwu and family will offer them that will make them to feel comfortable.
28.              Even Brother Solomon who reached Warri very late in the night, the Lord protected him. So, we have good reasons why we should say thank you Lord. Amen.

God’s ways passeth all human understanding
Brother Ben Okezue, remember what I told you, I am not prepared to call you out of the pulpit, remain there. Brother Kelechi, relax your mind o-o-o. Na Me and Brother Ben today. I am the moderator, Brother Ben Okezue is the preacher; I am the interpreter.
2.                What is our aim? We want everybody to get saved. Brother Philip’s wife, I was watching the video when all of you were cooking at Mbaise, you were interviewed: “Madam, how are you feeling today? Tell us who you are?” she said, “I am Brother Philip’s wife.” Praise the Lord! Halleluiah! Glory be to God in the highest!
3.                  I want everybody to get saved whether you understand the message or not. Have faith in God, for God never called you to understand Him but He has called you to believe Him. Believing means: Have faith in God for no man can understand God.
4.                  The ways of God are so mysterious and passeth all human understanding. If you want to understand before you will believe, you will never believe. Believe before you begin to understand.
5.                  The message said, “Whether you understand or not, follow Me anyhow. towards the end, you will understand all things for everything shall be made plain.” The Cloud is here!   
6.                  “You Are Gods Reviewed” page 28 verse 15. “I do not want to discharge anything from this ship again. Do you get Me? I, personal, the Son of Man does not want to discharge any item from this ship again. I did not say, ‘I will not’ I say, ‘I do not want…”
7.                  Not even Sister Grace of Utu, not even her husband who is My friend. But you have the right to jump out. Sister Grace,  
8.                  First Corinthians chapter 7 verse 12 through 14. I got a phone call yesterday. The person said that she was calling from Nassarawa and her name was Sister Fruitfulness. I enquired whether she has been fellowshipping with us at Nassarawa, she said, “Daddy, I can hardly miss fellowship.”
9.                  Why didn’t you follow them to Zonkwa? She said, “My husband never permitted me to go.” Do you go to fellowship with your children? She said, “No, my husband permitted me to go to my fellowship and leave his children for him. That is the agreement.
10.              I said, “Okay, don’t worry.”  First Corinthians chapter 7 verse 12 through 14. Sisters and Brothers, note the scripture.
11.              Here, I want to add some suggestion of my own, these are not direct command from the Lord but they seem right to me. If a Christian has a wife who is not a Christian but she wants to stay with him anyway, he must not leave her or divorce her.
12.              And if a Christian woman has a husband who isn’t a Christian and he wants her to stay with him, she must not leave him for perhaps, the husband who isn’t a Christian may become a Christian with the help of the Christian wife.
13.              And the wife, who isn’t a Christian, may become a Christian with the help of her Christian husband. Otherwise, if the family separate, the children might never come to know the Lord.”
14.              Otherwise, the children, if they are separated will remain heathens till eternity. They will be lost! You see why I say Children born to unbelieving families are pagans; they are lost, where the husband does not believe the gospel of Christ, the wife does not believe the gospel of Christ. Yes, finish it.
15.              “…Otherwise, if the family separate, the children might never come to know the Lord. Whereas, a united family may in God’s plan result in children salvation.” LB.
16.              If you are in the faith of Christ with your husband, your children automatically must line up. They are secured eternally.
17.              “…To the others I said, I myself not the Lord. If a Christian man has a wife who is an unbeliever and she agrees to go on living with him, he must not divorce her.
18.              And if a Christian woman is married to a man who is an unbeliever and he agrees to go on living with her, she must not divorce him. For the unbelieving husband is made acceptable to God by being united to his wife.
19.              Why not say amen. Ogomegbunam’s wife, do you think I praise you for nothing? Do you think your husband does not know why he is following Me? I never wanted to read it since but something will prompt reading it. I do not want you to know this truth but something will make you know this truth. I watch everybody. Baby, I do not want to tell your husband because if I tell him.
20.              Your husband told Me you said that any day he would come to fellowship, you would spread your wrapper on the ground for him to walk on. That he then told you that anytime he would come to fellowship, you would wear skirt and blouse.
21.              I was with My wife when I was answering this call. After talking, he asked, “What of Sister Nzubechi? What of Brother Kelechi?” What of this person, what of this brother?
22.              He said, “Son of Man, you know that both of us are in this faith! Leave all these traditions and customs, wherever you are is where I am! My prayer is that you should help me bring in all my children. Since Izuchukwu came back, my wife has come back to herself but it still remains some; if you bring in my first son and others, you have done the best thing for me.”
23.              One that is like this, is he an unbeliever? You think Son of Man is crazy, I am not crazy. I know what I am doing. The Cloud is here!
24.              To the others I said, I myself not the Lord. If a Christian man has a wife who is an unbeliever and she agrees to go on living with him…”
25.              Remember it was that same Paul that said to Galatians, “If any man should come to you as Galatians Church giving you another doctrine or gospel other than that which you have received from me, let that person be anathema! Acursed!” Who was Paul? Wasn’t Paul Christ? Was he not the messenger of the First Church Age? He was!
26.              “…If a Christian man has a wife who is an unbeliever and she agrees to go on living with him, he must not divorce her. And if a Christian woman is married to a man who is an unbeliever and he agrees to go on living with her, she must not divorce him. For the unbelieving husband is made acceptable to God by being united to his wife.”
27.              That is why Brother Chibuzor Agbom’s brother-in-law never lost his wife. It was upon that note that I received your cry and the cry of your sister. If the husband could call Me, authorizing Me to permit his wife to be in our midst for custody while he traveled home during Christmas, what type of trust is this? Somebody that does not know Me, he has never seen My face for one day.
28.              He called Me and I said, “Who is calling Me?” He said, “I am Mr. Chinedu, marrying Modesta Agbom.” He said, “Sir, I don’t know you, I have never seen you. I have never seen you; I have been desiring to come to you. One of these days, I will come to see you. I am making a plea, please; permit my wife to be in your midst during camp meeting for custody. I am travelling.”
29.              I said, “No, no, we cannot. Your wife is pregnant.” He said, “No, please I will not suspect anything neither will I doubt anything. I said, “Okay, the elder brother is with us. Is he aware?” He said, “Yes.”
30.              I said, “Okay, permit her to come.” Even when somebody vowed a vow, including the biological brother that she must die in the pregnancy, the man did not know. They brought the matter to Me. I said, “God will deliver her.” I saw death coming, I reprogrammed everything.
31.              What is My joy? Today, she is alive with her baby boy proving the enemy wrong. And there was no other place she could run to if not to Me and was shuttling My house telling Me everything. And I reprogrammed, changed even the hospital the enemy knew to the one the enemy never knew.
32.              She is My daughter, marriage can buffet a lady about but let us show good understanding. Who does not know that when a girl is of age and not married, she feels frustrated? Married women that are elderly feel dejected and lonely when they lose their aged husband by death. Then, think of one that is not married at all.
33.              YOU See, I have told you that before I take a decision in ANYTHING; I normally place Myself in the shoe of that person to know if I can perform better, if i AM that person.
34.               if what befell him befalls me, will i perform better than HIM? i place myself in the person’s shoes before i will speak.
35.              that is why you say son of man comprOMISe, that he has his favourites. there is nobody that is not my favoiurite.
36.               i am a friend to all, even if one is a mad man. it is because you do not understand the son of man. if you understand me well, you should know i do not pay attention to gossips. you can peddle rumour, that is up to you!
37.              For I know that if the ear is a weed, the enemy would have cut it off with his cutlass. I know that. If I am the type that pays attention to gossips when handling matters, you would have caused Me to throw away somebody that is important to Me, one that would be useful to Me.
38.              Leave Me alone! I am not crazy! My eyes are wide open! My heart is also wide open and accommodating. Today, our daughter is rejoicing with her son. Whether the husband will give God glory or not, our daughter is alive, her son is equally alive. If the husband does not glorify God today, he will glorify God tomorrow.
39.              There is no better place to stay than in the presence of God. Yes, even this knowledge you are acquiring, many don’t have it.
40.              “…If a Christian man has a wife who is an unbeliever and she agrees to go on living with him, he must not divorce her. And if a Christian woman is married to a man who is an unbeliever and he agrees to go on living with her, she must not divorce him. For the unbelieving husband is made acceptable to God by being united to his wife.”
41.              Which means: the faith of the wife sanctifies the unbelieving husband who decides to stay with her in love. When a man loves his wife and decides to live with his wife irrespective of her faith, he is justified as a righteous man in the sight of God by the faith of his wife.
42.              God says, “You woman, stay with him, obey him, serve him, live with him. But if he asks you to pack away because of your faith, pack away. You are not under obligation. He is not under obligation. You can get married to another man and he can also get married to another woman!”
43.              “…And the unbelieving wife is made acceptable to God by being united to her Christian husband. If it were not so, their children will be like pagan children.”
44.              If it is not like this, all their children will be pagans. Those that worship idol, they are lost. Have you seen how important it is? Instead both My wife and I being unbelievers, let one believe and the other disbelieve so that we will live in peace. Nevertheless, it is better that both of us are believers.
45.              If God made this provision for believers and unbelievers living as husbands and wives, imagine how it should be among believers that are husbands and wives.
46.              Pastor Thomas’ wife; do not take this as a license. Do not get home today and begin to thank God: “Glory be to God, there is nothing I will do that Pastor Thomas will send me packing. Yes, I have gotten what I am looking for!”
47.              If you do that, you will go to hell! Because you have passed the level of one that does not believe. One that does not believe does not come to fellowship, he will be at home and his wife to go.  You have been in this Faith for a long time. You married in this faith, had your children in this Faith. So we are seeing you as one that believes, as one of us, despite your manifestation of unbelief.
48.              For the fact that you are coming to fellowship, it shows that you believe. Thus, we will judge you as one that believes. You are behaving as a tigress.
49.              Brother Kelechi, it is “Eriri Mkpare.” Your father will die in the village. If he dies at Ngwa, I will not bury him. This Church will not go. Papa Uwakwe is manifesting great unbelief at a dangerous point when he is about to join his ancestors. If he dies because of his unbelief, this Faith will never bury him.
50.              The Cloud is here! Look around! The Cloud is the confirmation. I made a statement and the Cloud descended. You come to a place where you apply old man’s sense. It is not in this Faith!
51.              I am the oldest man in the world. The marriage ceremony of his daughter is over; his in-laws have all gone. He is not cultivating, he is not clearing the bush, what is he doing at home? He can fool you but he cannot fool the Son of Man. I am older than him and My dad died at the right age of ninety-five. I ministered to him until he died.
52.              Your father and My mother are the same age. They are eighty-three. My mother is eighty-three; your father is equally eighty-three. Brother IK, do I spare My mother? Brother Kelechi, you have been there, do I spare My mother?
53.              Woe is Me if My mother will manifest unbelief and die tomorrow and I come and then tell this congregation to come and bury My mother as a believer. Woe is Me if I should try it. I will simply buy a casket, provide ambulance, call her people, give them their cow, bury her corpse either in My compound if I want or in her father’s compound.
54.              Thus, do not ever think that being an Apostle, your brother being a Teacher that if your father dies in unbelief, this congregation will now troop to Isi-Alangwa. We know who is who.
55.              We know the point where people will begin to backslide. When you backslide in the heart, the spirit of God is no longer with you. We will disown you. What am I saying? It is better that your father will join his wife and go to UCC than to play pranks. Communicate same to him. The woman from UCC he took as a wife is holding him captive. Carry this message to him that “thus saith the Son of Man”.
56.              To the others I said, I myself not the Lord. If a Christian man has a wife who is an unbeliever and she agrees to go on living with him, and If a Christian man has a wife who is an unbeliever and she agrees to go on living with him, he must not divorce her.
57.              And if a Christian woman is married to a man who is an unbeliever and he agrees to go on living with her, she must not divorce him. For the unbelieving husband is made acceptable to God by being united to his wife and the unbelieving wife is made acceptable to God by being united to her Christian husband.”
58.              But if the husband is fighting against the faith of the wife, will the faith of the wife sanctify him? No! Finish! If the wife is fighting against the faith of the husband, will the faith of the husband sanctify her? No sir!
59.               “…If it were not so, their children will be like pagan children. But as it is, they are acceptable to God.”
60.               “But to the rest speak I, not the Lord: If any brother hath a wife that believeth not, and she be pleased to dwell with him, let him not put her away. And the woman which hath an husband that believeth not, and if he be pleased to dwell with her, let her not leave him. Good News Bible.
61.              “…For the unbelieving husband is sanctified by the wife, and the unbelieving wife is sanctified by the husband: else were your children unclean…”
62.              Else were children unclean, those that are not clean. “…but now are they holy.” KJV.
63.              But now are they holy? One whom God declared holy, who cancels it? Nobody! Amen.

The Cloud revealED
a man
By Brother Ben Okezue

The Cloud revealED a man
If the Lord does not confirm what we are saying, we will be in trouble. The confirmation of the Son of Man gives us joy. It makes us to stand firm. If we come to fellowship and we do not hear His Voice, we are in trouble. Whether He is rebuking us or correcting us or whatever, it is all for good. For He is the Word of God made Flesh.
2.                Thus, we have come to hear the word of God and we are privileged that the word of God is made flesh. Hence, whatever we hear from Him is the Word of God for the Word of God is profitable for correction, for instruction, for training, so that the man of God will be righteous.
3.                  That is why every Sunday, as I am in Jerusalem, live, I wish that tomorrow would be Sunday so that I will come back just to hear His voice.
4.                  The voice of a darling husband makes a woman fine. If you DO NOT rejoice at the voice of your husband and you are a woman, you are not married, you have someone that is making you happy somewhere, not that man. For every woman must have a man that makes her happy; every man has a woman that makes him happy. DO NOT be over righteous.
5.                  Son of Man speaking: “It is a must for every mountain has a climber.”
6.                  For God said, every engine needs lubrication. Whether you like it or not, your joy must be derived from that opposite sex. Believe it if you can, it is true. Do not pretend anything. He is our husband and His voice makes us happy.
7.                  If he is rebuking Brother Ben, I am happy. If He is slapping Me, I am happy. Whatever He is doing to Me, I am happy because I know He is helping my life. After whatever He has done, romancing with me or whatever, I will see the fruit manifesting immediately.
8.                  Thus, if you hate the voice of the Son of Man, you hate life and you must die. We do not want you to die.
9.                  He said that, “But you reserve the right to jump into the sea. If you jump into the sea I will never go for you. I do not want to discharge anybody that does not mean that you have not right to jump out of the ship. If you are feeling uncomfortable, jump out.
10.              And I will tell you that if you are in the frying-pan here, you will jump out from frying-pan to fire.”
11.              Can you see! For anybody to jump out of this glorious faith is to jump out from frying pan to fire because you feel you are in the frying pan. But somebody is feeling that this is the best place he can think of. But somebody is feeling that he is being disturbed.
12.              Any time you come before the Almighty God, He has the right to discern the spirit that is operating in you and mention it, call it by name so that you will be delivered. That is the essence of that.
13.              Just like what he said concerning our father now, I believe our brethren will not take it as a light thing. God must have visited there and saw him for God visits us in our homes and He monitors whatever we are doing.
14.              Hence, whatever He speaks, He had already seen it ahead of time. He keeps quiet when He wants to keep quiet. However, when He wants to make it public, it is to help our faith for He knows when we are straying away.
15.              Unbelief starts from the heart, doubting starts from the heart, reasoning starts from the heart, backsliding starts from the heart, dying away starts from the heart, jumping out starts from the heart.
16.              Anybody that comes before God and he is being tempted to jump out, it means the person doesn’t come from God from the very beginning.
17.              He said, “…This year 2013 is a no-nonsense year, an uncompromising year. No room for compromise, no room for negotiation, no room for anything, no room for favoritism, no! that one is all over. No room for tribalism, it is all over. No room parochial interest. Zero tolerance for anything selfishness.
18.              You must be prepared to follow leadership instruction very strictly to the letter everybody for this is the only way you can enter. If you do not obey My instructions, you will count yourself out. Remember, it is going to be a squeeze. The moment you are asked to go out, another person will take your position...”
19.              This is what God has been avoiding. He has been avoiding it. You see, when we are taking it as play, play something, you see that God is so lovely, so humble and so simple, that does not make His words not powerful. It is still effective but there are forces here to make it work.
20.              Whatever He speaks, powers are there to make it work. For that reason, we are praying that He does not speak anything against us, rather; He will speak in our favour. Whether He corrects us or not, He is our Father.
21.              “Is the Revealed Christ Introduced to Your Heart” page 71 verse 67: “I am sent that you may trace your source. If I do not come, you are completely lost. Believe it if you can, Random comments volume two page three and five. I am sent that you might trace your source...”
22.              Today, have we not traced our source? We are rejoicing because God said we are gods. God said we are holy, God said we are His children. That all the good prophecies that the world is expecting as far as children of God are concerned, are fulfilling in us. For that reason, He has come to help us, trace our source back to God, back to the Cloud, back to the Elohim. Hence, we are blessed. Anybody that is not blessed, that person is wasting his or her time.
23.              The Revelation of Who God Is Goes to the Elect only” page 83:“I know that I am not marriable, I know that. How can you marry an unpredictable man, how can? Somebody you know you can never please even if you kill yourself while rendering services, you die in vain.
24.              Let Me tell you, I know Myself. Jesus as a human being like you, before he spoke with authority, before he could challenge everybody, he was sure and certain.”
25.              What we are trying to establish now is that, the Almighty God in our midst from the very beginning knows who He is. And for the fact that He is certain of who He is, declaring it that he knows the way, declaring it that salvation is in His hands and we have seen it being supernaturally vindicated and proved. Apart from supernatural vindication, God show His life. We see His life, we see His message, we see His doctrine, we see His family, we see His business.
26.              When He is telling us to be careful about moneymaking or this, He will show us an example. Whatever He teaches us, He shows us example to that. Thus, there is no deception in God from beginning to ending. For that reason, we are taking Him very, very seriously.
27.              He said also in this message, that same place in page 10, “All these years starting from your religion to your bible, from everything you know, things you do not know, I have been aiming at introducing Myself. I have been aiming at introducing Myself to your heart so that you will begin to appreciate the personality that is talking to you.
28.              Stop likening Me to those you know in time past, they are as far from Me as the sky is far from the earth. Believe it if you can!”
29.              All that God is doing from the scripture, from prophecies, from everything, now that we are rehearsing the message of 1994, 95, 93, you will see that the whole thing is pointing to one Man.
30.              The Cloud is revealing a man, the Spoken Word is revealing a man, the prophecies are revealing a man, every vindication reveals a man. THAT is the point of our salvation.
31.              He said, “Whatever I do, I am aiming at something.” When God is revealed, introduced and settled down in my heart and in your heart that is all. We will desire worshipping God like we desire eating food. As we desire eating food, worshipping God will be like that.
32.              It will be a lovely affair; it will be a lovely romance. It will be praising, it will be thanksgiving, it will be joy, it will be gladness because our heart is pure. We cannot lay hands on anything to say that God is wicked. If anybody here can lay hands on one thing that Almighty God in our midst has been wicked to us, let that person stand and say it. There is nobody! Even your heart will condemn you for saying anything like that or thinking or reasoning towards that direction.
33.              For that reason, we owe God thanksgiving, we owe Him praises, we owe Him adoration, we owe Him every good thing because He expected to see all He has been doing manifest in our lives. While He is here, He is protecting us from fanaticism. Fanaticism, which is going beyond our faith. Doing anything, protecting us from adulteration. Coming from eternal place.
34.              Just as God is saying that some people in our midst are Okey Nwankpa’s disciples. It is to your shame that you go back to a man God has rejected, who has nothing. From the place he dropped till now, we have added more wings. What has he to attract you? God is still spotting out betrayers of the Faith.
35.              If you have Okey Nwankpa’s number, delete it now and never call that number again. If you have that number God hates, the number of God’s enemy in your phone, that your phone is Satanic. Delete it immediately otherwise, you will be tempted to call that number again. And you come here to defile the camp of Gods people.
36.              Why are you here in the first place? Why are you here? Delete that number immediately! If you do not delete it, God must spot you out. And once you are spotted out, we will throw you out of this place. You are troubling us, you are troubling our God. You are making an entrance of His enemy into the tabernacle of God. Why can’t he come? If he is a man, let him march to this place and talk.
37.              After all, he was a Bishop. Let him march to this Church. Coming here to see the glorious sight of this place will make him faint here and die here. Somebody sitting down under this Cloud, will go out and romance with excommunicated enemy of God. And tomorrow, you will come and embrace the Son of Man and say, “Daddy, Daddy.” The moment you are coming to embrace Him, He knows your secret.
38.              As I am talking to you, he knows everything I have done. I can’t say He doesn’t know this one. If I do something wrong, I will run away from Him. I will not even go close. If I offend the Son of Man, I will not go close. I will just be looking at Him from the other eyes. I will just dodge.
39.              What are you talking? Because I know He knows what I have done. You claim at least you do not know what you have done. That number should be deleted right now for God said, “He is leading excommunicated group while the Son of Man and Apostle Kelechi are leading the sheep.”
40.              Thus, if you are still in our midst, which means you are excommunicated spiritually, that is why you are following the leader of excommunicated group. Following the leader of excommunicated group means that you are in the excommunicated company, excommunicated fellowship. Which God said that, “Whatever judgment they have is what you have.”
41.              Is it because God is rich in mercy? God is rich in mercy that He does not want anybody to perish. That is why He will look at us and say, “How can I wrestle with ordinary flesh?” Then you think that God is weak. Oh no, you have no experience.
42.              If you were not in this Faith when it was hammering, it means you are just in this Faith when God is romancing with His people. If you were in the Faith when He was very smoky, when He will pick you from the gate and tell you all you have done and stop you right there, I don’t think you can come here and sit down comfortably.
43.              Only that God’s enemy visited me in my place at Ohuba, Bon Diuka and then I never knew they had problem with the Son of Man. They came and started talking nonsense. It did not sink well with me but I did not have the power to overcome them; until I step into Jerusalem and I heard what they were saying was false. I stood against it. Till today, none of them has come before me.
44.              What are you coming to do? Let them come back, let them come and see Apostle Kelechi, let them come and see Apostle Ojiakor. They cannot stand our presence, not to talk about the Son of Man. What do they have to give you? I am asking you! You that are married and your husband is not satisfying you, you are looking for another husband. What should we call you?
45.              I shivered when I heard that such people are sitting down in our midst. I shivered and quaked, betrayers sitting down in this Church, sitting down here slated for execution, waiting for time.
46.              The only remedy he said, “Unless you repent now.” And that repentance is, delete that number of that excommunicated man for you to live. For what we call evil in the sight of God is not what God calls evil. That thing you over look is what God is holding something against you.
47.              You may think it is what you have done and that, it is what you have believed. For if you have believed the Son of Man, you cannot go to His enemy.
48.              If you are a good wife, you can never love your husband’s enemy. Any man that notices that his wife loves his enemy, will divorce her because she is not a good wife because, through her the man will be arrested and killed. Because, the woman is the closest person to the man.
49.              Right from the beginning, there are voices we hear from the Son of Man, we begin to shake and quake. Once He starts sounding the way He is sounding, somebody has already crossed THE LINE OF DIVIDE. They will come and say remain blessed, bow down, some will even bring gift to the  Son of Man, the Son of Man, Daddy, Daddy.
50.              Is it because the Son of Man has told us to take it easy? He told us to take it easy. If it were in those days, our eyes were fierce when we preach you will run away from this place. You want our Father to come and start to make a case with you. Do not worry, we will execute you for the last time.
51.              This glorious ministry at this level, at this point, somebody is still paying attention to a devil outside! Let me tell you what is happening, the Son of Man had already numbered those that are saved. Those that belong to Him are already sealed and secured.
52.              If you are thinking that you matter too much to Him to the point that when you see warning you still want to die, you see warning you still want to die, well, you blame yourself and not God.
53.              What will destroy a man is what he believes. If you believe the right thing, you are saved by that thing you believe. At that point you disbelieve it, that is the point you die.
54.              That was why last Sunday, God was warning us against reasoning. If I read “Everything happen according to time,” if you read that message, God placed Okey Nwankpa judgment there. Because, he started by reasoning what is in our midst and reasoned himself out of eternal life.
55.              And if you are fellowshipping with him, there is no way you will become a friend of a leper without having a handshake with him. Ministers, when you are communicating with God’s enemy, he must plant a poison in your heart. And that poison is what God is fighting against.
56.              Each time we come to fellowship, God will guide and save His people from going out to whoredom. It is whoredom, it is fornication, it is adultery. What have you to say to such people that are even regretting? They know their faith. They are condemned, men of old condemned in this present generation.
57.              When we have present salvation, we have present condemnation. Do not cause us to go back and bring back our old vocabularies. If we unleash them here, the camp will become uncomfortable. For as many as are trying to touch the Son of Man, a Man that is making us to come here every Sunday. Brethren desire to come to fellowship and hear from Him. And somebody is telling Him he is not able to marry him or her. You want somebody that is rejected and dumped over ten years ago.
58.              There was a quote which says, “What will he have if not the Kingdom?” they are envious, they are jealous. They thought that the Son of Man would die. However, they have seen Him, God exalting Him, He is flourishing, He is blessed, everything is going on. Hence, they feel like dying. And they want to bias your mind against following Him so that they will say, “Have they not run away?”
59.              What can they do? Let me ask something, who can battle with the Lord? If the fear of God in your heart, if this great manifestation does not make you sit down and hold yourself back and say “God knows all my thought, God knows all my action, God knows the way I am planning, the ones I have done before,” why should I commit suicide? It is a suicide mission for you to be in this Faith and still go to romance with God’s own enemy. It is a suicide mission.
60.               God is about to close His heart against those that are in this iniquity. Of course, I do not know if He has done it already. I was shocked, my bone shivered when I heard that some people here today are still doing such. God forbid! And you are waiting to be sentenced to hell. No! So, brethren, the Lord is good to us come what may.
61.              “I am the Lord I changeth Not,” page 85, “This is our dispensation, this is the Bridal Age and He that is in the Bride is the very Bridegroom. The Bride will go where the Bridegroom is and the Bridegroom has a name. If this is an age, it is the Bridal Age or theBridal dispensation. The Bridegroom has a name, the Bridegroom has a family.
62.              He can have earthly parents, yet, that is the very Christ. The Bridegroom is in the Bride, He has a family, He has a name, He has an earthly family. Now, it will be foolishness on our side to reveal what is meant for our peace to the world.”
63.              It is foolishness on our side to reveal what is meant for our peace to the world. That is why He said, “Do not unmask yourself.” You are unmasking yourself when you go to reveal our secret to the world. We can present our messages to them but we keep our identities until they baptize into our midst. Then, they will know the new name of God.
64.              Henceforth, I will give you this warning, do not ever mention the name of the Lord thy God in vain and do not ever compose any song in the name of the Lord thy God, you must hold His Name sacred. The Name can only appear when situation calls for it. This is where we will stop, to God be the glory. Amen.

Warning goes forth before destruction
The message has provoked many, many things. Don’t come to Me asking Me, “Is it I?” You know who you are and you know what you have done. You know the one you are planning to do. Is it a lie? Thank you! Is it a lie? Thank you! They said it is not a lie, that it is true.
2.                I love brethren for one thing: Can you see how I was moving and was moved towards this way; lo and behold, it became mother and daughter. The discussion centered on mother and daughter and no longer the son and man but mother and daughter.
3.                  There is a way water has gone under the bridge.  But the mother likes it that way. Instead of doing what she is supposed to do, she declined. There was one that came before Me one day, I looked towards her direction, the father was not there but the mother. I asked her a question before her mother, she spoke the truth, and the mother was astonished.
4.                  She was astonished because if she was told, she would not believe. Did our Gospel not tell you that I am the Urim Thuminin of the Faith, where Truth is verified and proved? Do you remember what happened in the beginning? Have you forgotten?
5.                  Elders in this Faith, at Amazu Oil during the discerning period? Can you remember? Before then, our former Bishop and Pastor that time was projecting the wife as a virgin. Can you remember? He was always presenting her as a virgin that knew not a man from the pulpit until those who were not virgins became ashamed.
6.                  However, it was in one of those days under anointing, I was to see some people after ministration. The lot fell on the wife; she was pregnant for three months. Standing before Me, I saw many evils.
7.                  The Voice roared, “Look, so you are as dirty as this? And your husband has the guts to accuse others and pray for them when you need deliverance. You have slaughtered many, many babies in your womb and used alum and wash your private part claiming you are a virgin, tricking the man because you are older than him in age. If you don’t go to him and tell him the truth, as I am standing here with all these people, if you do not deliver this baby here prematurely, the Lord never spoke to Me.” She slumped down.
8.                  Elders rushed, including Solomon. She started vomiting saliva from her mouth. The husband rushed and took her out. She made confession of series of abortions she committed even while she was living in the same yard with Sister UK. And we were asking whether somebody will commit series of abortions and still remain a virgin? Sister UK, were you not there?
9.                  The husband took it upon himself and went back to the yard, the young man confessed all. Brother Chime, were you not there? Brother Kelechi, were you not there? Brother John Ekwueme, Brother Amamkem and many others were there. My wife Nzubechi, were you not there? The husband ran upstairs, wept and wept till daybreak. At the end of everything, he came to Me, pleaded that his wife should be drafted to My house that he will no longer marry in our midst.
10.              I said, “Are you drafting her to Me? I never knew her. Draft her to Sister UK who knows the man and everything.” I refused! Then, spoke to them after which I looked at him and said, “You are playing pranks. Now, you want to send her away, how many times did you meet her as a Pastor, came to the pulpit and told us to pray for you that you were touching a sister unseemly.
11.              You asked her to come every weekend to be cooking for you and she was preparing food for you. You came to the pulpit and said we should pray for you for touching her unseemly. Tell us, what that ‘unseemly nature’ is?” Immediately, he knelt down, lifted his hands and said, “Daddy, I am sorry I defiled myself.”
12.              If you do not know how this Faith took off, please, pause a little, why not stop and ask question!
13.              Immediately, he collected back his wife and went back to his house. And this thing happened after their wedding. Then I asked him a question from the pulpit before many witnesses.
14.              I said, “My friend, we believe in the End Time where you married your wife, that a woman that had sexual affair with her husband-to-be before wedding shouldn’t put on veil. Why did you permit your wife to put on veil?”
15.              He said, “He had it in mind that if the Pastor was a man of God, if he asked him whether he knew the wife before wedding that he would say yes. Then, the wife would go and change.”
16.              I said, “You are a liar. Now, He didn’t ask you the question and you were presenting the picture, you told Him that you married a virgin.” I was the interpreter to Elijah Didigbo who came from Lagos with Richard. I housed them in My house for two days.
17.              He gave them My own address, they came to Me. They never knew Me; I never knew anybody. I came out from the bathroom only to see people dressed in suit, carrying suitcases.
18.              They said, “They were looking for Brother Odoemena.” I said, “I am the one.” I welcomed them. You know one funny thing; I gave them My bedroom and stayed in My parlour with My children. People I never knew.
19.              Let Me tell you something, smartness, craftiness, if you have that spirit, you better avoid them.
20.              I reminded him the day he wedded Brother Goddy Tobechukwu and the wife, what he said. I reminded him of his teaching that the rod, which he is using in killing somebody who has nobody to defend him, should be used in killing the son of the king.
21.              The rod that is used in killing somebody who has nobody to defend him should be the same rod used to kill somebody that has somebody.
22.              I said, “Now it is your turn. It is not only apple tree (Udara) that bears the fruit that can be broken with ease. You can as well bear one that can be so treated.” However, I was fighting a lone battle. For almost all that were working with him were also guilty of this same offence and they were fearing being exposed. Thus, the battle became Brother Odoemena’s battle alone. But at the end, I had the victory because I restored sanity in the Church. I thank God I was not alone.
23.              Brother Ojiakor, you should know about it, you were there. Sister Moses, you were there. Brother Moses, you were equally there. In short, many of us are still alive till today. How can you have a pregnant virgin? Tell Me whether it is possible to have a pregnant virgin—a virgin that confessed that she committed abortion three times and then still retained her virginity. Moreover, the Pastor was propagating it from the pulpit.
24.              You know why I do not comment on these things? Somebody might be thinking that the Son of Man is saying it when the person is not around. But I thank God, all that left were judged while they were sitting down in the fellowship. With their ears, they heard. They were given opportunity to speak. Instead, they went to the altar confessing, crying and weeping, acknowledging their guilt.
25.              We had better face facts in the fear of God. Under the same anointing, I was taking to Amachala in Enugu State – that was in Enugu Ezike. I went there to officiate with My wife and other Elders in the marriage between Bishop Ifeanyi and the wife. Because of what transpired, I came back to Eha-Amufu, ordered their excommunication, both husband and wife—oneway! Bishop Ifeanyi, am I telling lies? Did you enjoy your honeymoon? You were outside, your wife was equally outside. Yet, he was the Pastor in charge of the Church. The same anointing helped Me.
26.              Look at our Brother Onyema Isaac. I call him My son because he heard only, “Follow Me. Do you want to go to heaven?” He said, “Yes.”
27.              I said, “You want eternal life?” He said, “Yes.” He was not married. His sister, Sister Ezichi brought him to Me. And the only question was, “Do you want to go to heaven?” He said, “Yes.” “You want eternal life?” He said, “Yes.” I said, “Follow Me. Do you have a Bible?”  He said, “No.”
28.               I said, “Go and buy Good News Bible. Look at My cassette, buy this type, buy this type.” finish. I never told him to repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus. No! The next thing was the day he came with his brother, a Reverend Father.
29.              We had a nice time, from morning till afternoon, until the young man confessed that he was satisfied. We were expecting him to come back as he promised to tell us he has resigned from his priesthood, he ran away.
30.              What am I saying? Not minding relationship, on the day he married his wife. He came back with the wife from Nnewi. All that went with him were excommunicated, including him and his wife, all excommunicated. The meat, drink, everything he brought from Nnewi, were buried in the ground in the compound. I ordered brethren not to taste or eat. They were buried by the deacons in the ground. The message continued. They had their honeymoon, crying outside.
31.              Let Me tell you what I am trying to stress, if you go back to the message, the Great Sermon, you will see it there. I have maintained the strictness of an Apostle from the beginning till today, your relationship with Me not withstanding. Maybe you do not know that I used Apostle Kelechi as a test case by putting him out of fellowship. He was outside the fellowship for over three months, begging and begging, I hardened My heart; for he made a prayer that he will not believe what God was doing, a private prayer which nobody knew but himself.
32.              He said, “God, if you are the one doing this, I want you to do something personally to me. Reveal something I have done which is bad, which nobody on earth knows but myself.”
33.              On the day we went to River Niger for baptism, he was the interpreter. We came back to the pulpit; I was handling a case between John Ekwueme and Sister Ngozi. Then the lot fell on him and pointed on him, “Even you, look at what you did.
34.              See where you did it at Abagana many, many years ago. No human being knew about it but you.” Immediately he slumped down, cried and cried, wept and wept. Before he knew it, the voice said, “Take him out.” That has remained his testimony. In short, it is one of the greatest experiences that helped him to believe this faith more for no human being knew about the matter but only him.
35.              If he had discussed with a living being, he might be thinking that the person must have told somebody. But it is something he locked up in his own heart.
36.              Just like today, Brother Ben Okezue was ministering, voices were roaring, many had their names. Many had their names. Brother Ben came this morning from Obosima in Imo State Awara, Ohaji Egbema to reveal you, to reveal what you have in your handset, reveal your activities, reveal everything about your family, won’t you fear God? Your name is there! If you want to be saved, your duty is to say God, help me today; this thing will never be mentioned around me again.
37.              I know, I may be in the fourteen names that the Son of Man is holding already. Please, help me to get out. I don’t want to perish. My wife may be there, my family members may be there, I want to get out.
38.              I was passing by, not having anything in mind. The spirit cornered Me to Brother Chukwuemeka of Nnewi. The voice said, “The criminal spirit is still there. I will permit him to go back to the place. But this time, it will be worse than ever. Look at, look at, look at.”
39.              He never knew that while I was talking to him, I was hearing. You know that is where you miss it. If I get to your corner and pause, I have received a message for you.
40.              IN ADDITION, whatever I am hearing is what I am telling you for I am a messenger from above. I speak on those things which I hear and My testimony is true.
41.              HOWEVER, where you say it is not true, i will show you a sign instantly here not tomorrow. just here, i will show you a sign. But I love God for one thing; He can hardly kill a man without first of all warning him. Warning goes forth before destruction.
42.              However, he that is often reproved and he hardens his heart, God said, “He must meet with sudden destruction and without mercy.” He that joins hands with Gods enemies, who is he? God’s enemy! If you are joining hands, taking sides rejoicing, having everything in common with God’s enemy, who are you? God’s enemy! It doesn’t require a prophet to tell you who you are or what you have been doing all these years. Or what you intend doing.
43.              If you are on the Lord’s side, how does God know about it? Immediately Moses came out and saw that the people had already gone a whoring in his absence; he made a proclamation, “Who is on the Lord’s side?” There was a separation.
44.              As many as were on his side including that Aaron that deceived the people, he gave them charge. He said, “Pull out your sword every man, slay you your brothers.” Pull out your sword, slay you your brothers. What happened? They massacred all at the command of the Lord.
45.              Who was the Lord? Moses! Greater than Moses is here. How will Moses know you are on his side? It is when you pull your sword and begin by killing your father, your mother, your wife and your children that rebelled against God.
46.              For you to enlist in the army, there is always a declaration. The declaration is thus, “I, so, so and so I have endorsed my hand today as an infantry or as this commissioned officer or none commissioned officer in the Nigerian Army with a resolution binding my personal life to protect and defend both internal and external integrity of this nation with my blood.
47.              to subdue any opposition, any uprising, any rebellion, any revolt contrary to the constitution of this Nation as an opposition that warrants summary execution. I put my thumb today as a seal that I have volunteered myself to execute instant justice at the command of my commanding officer to make sure that the unity and integrity of this sovereign nation Nigeria is kept untouched.”
48.              In other words, you have no brother, no sister, no father, no mother, no wife. That is why often times, you read in the newspaper that a soldier guns down his wife, his father or mother or children.
49.              He will be arrested and detained but no court tries his case for a soldier hobby is destruction, vandalization and looting. Killing is his hobby. Every human being has a hubby. Your hubby may be newspaper reading, may be footballing, it may be travelling but a soldier’s hobby is killing. Nothing gives him joy more than firing. And when he kills, he laughs.
50.              Ask Me whether he will go to heaven out-rightly, I will say yes. He acted according to his commission, finish. After all, somebody must do the work. If you don’t love the work, somebody loves the work. And of a necessity, somebody must be there.
51.              That is why I said that, “Peter Obi is not a Governor to My taste. That he is afraid of signing death warrant to some people that are condemned to death.”
52.              He said, “He won’t sign it until he leaves the office that only God will kill them.” He is a coward! He doesn’t know the responsibilities of his office. Bring one million names in a day, one second, I will endorse all. I am not the one that convicted them, their sins convicted them. I endorsed My signature as the one in control of the State that I am aware. Finish! If it is so with human beings, earthly offices, what can you say about the Son of Man.
53.              If I decree that all of you must be killed, I am not entertaining any case. Even the state will find it difficult to try Me. The state will find it very difficult to try Me. You ask Me why, I will not tell you because if I tell you, you will misbehave and become number one victim. However, I will allow everybody a very long rope! Amen.
Please note: the websites can only register computers, it does not register handsets. Thus, whatever you say you are doing with your handset, it does not register it. You can crosscheck the information.
2.                 All these people are the people that went to cyber café or use their laptops or table-tops. But for handset, even if the whole world used handset, it doesn’t register. Take note of it.
3.                  The greater number of people that are in the website are with handset. You can verify it when you get there. It doesn’t register handset. Go to the contact point and print out to know what they used. You cannot see single handset. If the handset is recognized, Nigeria will be over four thousand.
4.                  Remember, we do not aim at getting the whole people in the world; God is searching for His elect.
5.                  Are we wasting our money? No sir! God is looking for His own elect. I have told you times without number this Faith is no longer domestic. It is no longer a domestic faith. Anybody making noise, is making a domestic noise because, he doesn’t understand or he is not a part of what God is doing.
6.                  If you can put the whole number together both the two websites, I believe, look at as we stay here, are we up to five hundred here? We are not up to two hundred or three. Glory be to God in the highest.
7.                  You can remember last year 2012 that culminated to New Year Message, 2013. I told you here that you should expect a more disastrous flooding this year. That what happened last year was introduction. It was a prelude to the real flooding. But the actual flooding will start in 2013. Did I say so? Yes sir!
8.                  I told you that the climatic change raised the sea level and places hitherto that were unflooded will experience flooding any time from now. When you look at the way things are going, you may not believe it. There is going to be a heavy rain fall this year. It may not rain in your own area.
9.                  The rain that causes flooding is not the one that rained in Anambra State. It rains far North, it flows down here. Now, let us see the information we collected yesterday from the website.
10.              “…Nigeria News published on 27 April 2013….”
11.              Even recently, Anambra State news carried it in the radio.  Network News carried it. Remember, before the flooding of last year, authorities had already warned people in the riverine areas to relocate. They hardened their hearts and said it would be impossible. Then, the hammer fell. Pay attention today. Compare it with what you heard from Me in January this year.
12.              “...31 States to Experience Devastating Flood in 2013, Says Report...
13.              Thirty-one States to Experience Devastating Flood in 2013, Says this year. Thirty-one out of thirty-six, which means only eight, will be left. If you are in this faith, do not panic. I said, do not panic.
14.              Brother Emma Nnachor, are you panicking? He said, “No sir!” “Did I tell you about it ahead of time?” He said, “You did Sir!” “Did I say it even few months ago?” He said, “Yes sir, you said it.”
15.              The one that happened, did it destroy anything? He said, “No sir!” It destroyed everything in Anam. Do you believe it? The sand he heaped, the stone he heaped, his water tank, all of them remained there. When the flood receded, not a single stone was swept away; no sand was swept away. But in the whole of Anam, in their village, the flood swept off everything; used building materials to form a heap at the village square.
16.              But that house I consecrated, not even his blocks, the blocks were made stronger and harder. Other people’s tanks – I mean GP tanks were floating on top of that big water but his own remained there empty. The stone remained in heaps, the sand remained there.
17.              When the flood finished and receded, everything remained as God placed them. If you are building, go ahead. I am reading it so that you will know what will happen but don’t panic. Do not panic. God is in control. Finish.
18.              “…By Yemi Akinsuyi and Tunde Sanni. Apart from Ekiti, Enugu, Katsina, Imo, Abia States and Federal Capital Territory (FCT)…”
19.              He is a liar. Parts of Enugu State must be affected. The whole of ugboAwka, the whole of Adani, must be submerged. I mean Uzouwani Local Government, they must be submerged. UgboAwka must be submerged.
20.              Parts of Oji River must be submerged. But this year, Nkisi River and River Niger must fuse. They couldn’t fuse last year but they were mixing small, small, but this time, the two must fuse together. But don’t fear, with your leg you will cross. With your motor cycle you will cross. It will jump the bridge but it will not drown anybody.
21.              “…By Yemi Akinsuyi  and Tunde Sanni. Apart from Ekiti, Enugu, Katsina, Imo, Abia States and Federal Capital Territory (FCT), all other states in Nigeria will experience a devastating flood this year. The states are Zamfara, Yobe, Sokoto, Rivers, Taraba, Plateau, Oyo, Ogun, Osun, Ondo, Niger, Nasarawa, Lagos, Kwara,  Kogi, Kebbi, Kano, Kaduna, Jigawa, Gombe, Edo, Ebonyi, Delta, Cross Rivers, Benue, Bayelsa, Bauchi, Anambra, Akwa Ibom, and Adamawa.
22.              This was contained in 2013 Annual Flood Outlook (AFO) for Nigeria presented by the Director General, Nigeria Hydrological Services Agency (NIHSA), John Shamonda. Speaking after a three-day programme on the flood outlook, organised by the NIHSA, Shamonda, said efforts were being geared towards ensuring that the effect was less felt in these areas.
23.              The DG explained that 156 Local Government Areas would experience the devastating flood, while other areas might not be affected at all. “Floods and associated hazards may be inevitable, but they can be minimised and turned into an opportunity to transform society into a higher level of sustainability.
24.              This requires pro-activeness and a change of paradigm from emergency management to flood risk management in order to avert a disaster," he said. The DG said his agency came to the conclusion of the flood forecast based on the earlier report by the Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET), which led his team to assess flood outlook that came out with the report.
25.              He said: “The 2012 NIMET SRP drew the attention to high rainfall which led to devastating floods across Nigeria. NIMET’s 2013 Seasonal Rainfall Prediction (SRP)   has again indicated that high rainfalls are to be expected in some parts of the country in 2013.
26.              In response to this prediction, the Nigerian Hydrological Services Agency set up a Technical Committee to assess the Flood Outlook for 2013 in Nigeria. “In the absence of a reliable model adapted for flood forecasting for the country, the committee adopted simple empirical techniques of relating flood factors referenced to 2012 data and flood extent in combination with spatial analysis using our own method to assess the flood outlook for 2013 based on NIMET’s 2013 SRP data.
27.              ‘The analysis of deviation in annual rainfall and length of season, together with 2012 flow discharges observed at selected stations led to the outlook of greater flooding scenario across the country than occurred in 2012. A digital map of the country showing the spatial extent of flooding to be expected in 2013 is a major output of the assessment.’
28.              Shamonda said the expected areas of worse scenario of river flooding were located in the Komadugu Yobe Basin and the Niger and Benue troughs. ‘The peak floods at the confluence of Rivers Niger and Benue to the Niger Delta are also expected to be as high as the 2012 floods.
29.              The worst scenario are expected in Kogi, Edo, Delta and Anambra States, the Coastal Delta States of Bayelsa, Rivers and Delta and some States in the Southwest such as Ondo, Ogun, and Lagos are expected to have coastal flooding. ‘Also flash floods are expected in major urban centres of Lagos, Port Harcourt, Kano, Yola, Onitsha, Oshogbo, Ibadan, except where urban drainage facilities may have been cleared of debris and waste dumps.
30.              As part of efforts in cushioning the effect of the flood, the NIHSA boss recommended that the major reservoirs on the Komadugu, Yobe Basin and the Niger and Benue basins should be lowered of storage in May and June in order to accommodate flood water arriving from July.
31.              Continuing, he said: “Governments at all levels should create awareness on the need for communities to relocate to safer terrain. The need to develop flood modelling and early warning systems cannot be overemphasized with current trends in climate and weather change.
32.              “There is also need to carry out a comprehensive flood hazard map for all areas considered at risk of flooding in the country”. While commending the NIHSA for the early warning given to Nigerians concerning flood in 2013, Minister of Water Resources, Mrs. Sarah Ochkepe urged the people to incorporate risk management principles in water resources management, prevent flood hazards turning into disasters, as well as increasing multidisciplinary approaches in flood management.
33.              Ochekpe also enjoined Nigerians to improve information on integrated flood management approaches, alleviate poverty through preventive and response strategies for flood vulnerable sections and finally enhance community participation in irrigation and appropriate adaption.
34.              “The 2013 Flood Outlook is a flood risk management element which entails multidisciplinary contributions to improve information that will promote preventive and responsive strategies in mitigating the impacts of floods through informed decisions by relevant authorities and agencies.

35.            On this note, I say remain in your sanctified estate, remain blessed in Him eternally. Amen.