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Thursday, 5 May 2011

God Has Something to Say


If God is not a man, how can man relate with Him? Every Messenger of God in every age has always been God-man. As God to save, and as man to make the enemies of God doubt Him, despise Him and reject Him. Yet, in Him is the Almighty hidden. I repeat: Yet, in Him is the Almighty hidden
-      Son of Man

Have you really obeyed that Message God proclaimed for your peace and you failed to have peace in your home?
If God has proclaimed a Message and said, “If you obey, there will be peace in your minds, there will be peace in your family.” Tell Me if you have obeyed and the peace did not come? Watch all families that obeyed that Message, their families must be paradise on earth.
But as many as have refused to obey, the trouble will remain there and these have been the people that turn round to blame God saying: “If He is God, has He not seen the trouble I am passing through? Can’t He do something?”
God can do nothing outside His Word. I The power of God has never been found elsewhere than in His Word. (SELAH)
–The Son of Man
(BLAME YOURSELF AND NOT GOD page 61, verse  2-4)
Psalms 100 verse 1-5, KJV. “Make a joyful noise unto the LORD, all ye lands. Serve the LORD with gladness: come before his presence with singing. Know ye that the LORD he is God: it is he that hath made us, and not we ourselves; we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture.
2.                 Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name. For the LORD is good; his mercy is everlasting; and his truth endureth to all generations.”
3.                 Psalms 101 verse 1-8, KJV. “A Psalm of David. I will sing of mercy and judgment: unto thee, O LORD, will I sing.
4.                 I will behave myself wisely in a perfect way. O when wilt thou come unto me? I will walk within my house with a perfect heart. I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes: I hate the work of them that turn aside; it shall not cleave to me. A froward heart shall depart from me: I will not know a wicked person .
5.                 Whoso privily slandereth his neighbor, him will I cut off: him that hath a high look and a proud heart will not I suffer. Mine eyes shall be upon the faithful of the land, that they may dwell with me: he that walketh in a perfect way, he shall serve me.
6.                 He that worketh deceit shall not dwell within my house: he that telleth lies shall not tarry in my sight. I will early destroy all the wicked of the land; that I may cut off all wicked doers from the city of the LORD.
7.                 Psalms 102 verse 1-28, KJV. “A Prayer of the afflicted, when he is overwhelmed, and poureth out his complaint before the LORD. Hear my prayer, O LORD, and let my cry come unto thee. Hide not thy face from me in the day when I am in trouble; incline thine ear unto me: in the day when I call answer me speedily.
8.                 For my days are consumed like smoke, and my bones are burned as a hearth. My heart is smitten, and withered like grass; so that I forget to eat my bread. By reason of the voice of my groaning my bones cleave to my skin. I am like a pelican of the wilderness: I am like an owl of the desert.
9.                 I watch, and am as a sparrow alone upon the house top. Mine enemies reproach me all the day; and they that are mad against me are sworn against me. For I have eaten ashes like bread, and mingled my drink with weeping,
10.            Because of thine indignation and thy wrath: for thou hast lifted me up, and cast me down. My days are like a shadow that declineth; and I am withered like grass.
11.            But thou, O LORD, shalt endure forever; and thy remembrance unto all generations. Thou shalt arise, and have mercy upon Zion: for the time to favor her, yea, the set time, is come.
12.            For thy servants take pleasure in her stones, and favor the dust thereof. So the heathen shall fear the name of the LORD, and all the kings of the Earth thy glory. When the LORD shall build up Zion, he shall appear in his glory.
13.            He will regard the prayer of the destitute, and not despise their prayer. This shall be written for the generation to come: and the people which shall be created shall praise the LORD.
14.            For he hath looked down from the height of his sanctuary; from heaven did the LORD behold the Earth; To hear the groaning of the prisoner; to loose those that are appointed to death; To declare the name of the LORD in Zion, and his praise in Jerusalem;
15.            When the people are gathered together, and the kingdoms, to serve the LORD. He weakened my strength in the way; he shortened my days. I said, O my God, take me not away in the midst of my days: thy years are throughout all generations.
16.            Of old hast thou laid the foundation of the Earth: and the heavens are the work of thy hands. They shall perish, but thou shalt endure: yea, all of them shall wax old like a garment; as a vesture shalt thou change them, and they shall be changed:
17.            But thou art the same, and thy years shall have no end. The children of thy servants shall continue, and their seed shall be established before thee.” Amen!
18.            Psalms 103 verse 1-22, KJV. “A Psalm of David. Bless the LORD, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless his holy name. Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits: Who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases;
19.            Who redeemeth thy life from destruction; who crowneth thee with lovingkindness and tender mercies; Who satisfieth thy mouth with good things; so that thy youth is renewed like the eagle's.
20.            The LORD executeth righteousness and judgment for all that are oppressed. He made known his ways unto Moses, his acts unto the children of Israel.
21.            The LORD is merciful and gracious, slow to anger, and plenteous in mercy. He will not always chide: neither will he keep his anger forever.
22.            He hath not dealt with us after our sins; nor rewarded us according to our iniquities. For as the heaven is high above the Earth, so great is his mercy toward them that fear him. As far as the east is from the west, so far hath he removed our transgressions from us.
23.            Like as a father pitieth his children, so the LORD pitieth them that fear him. For he knoweth our frame; he remembereth that we are dust.
24.            Halleluiah! How many know the distance from the east to the west? Do you know how high the heaven is far above the Earth?
25.            Note, He remembereth that we are mere dust. How can the Almighty wrestle with dust? How can an elephant fight with a rat? Thus, He knoweth our frame, what we are made up of that we are mere dust.“Dust thou art, dust thou shall return.”
26.            “…As for man, his days are as grass: as a flower of the field, so he flourisheth. For the wind passeth over it, and it is gone; and the place thereof shall know it no more.
27.            But the mercy of the LORD is from everlasting to everlasting upon them that fear him, and his righteousness unto children's children; To such as keep his covenant, and to those that remember his commandments to do them.
28.            The LORD hath prepared his throne in the heavens; and his kingdom ruleth over all. Bless the LORD, ye his angels, that excel in strength, that do his commandments, hearkening unto the voice of his word.
29.            Bless ye the LORD, all ye his hosts; ye ministers of his, that do his pleasure. Bless the LORD, all his works in all places of his dominion: bless the LORD, O my soul.
30.            Psalms 91 verse 1-16, KJV. “He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty...”
31.            Has it come to pass? Are you now dwelling in the secret place of the Most High? Are you now covered by the Shadow of the Almighty?
32.            “…He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust.
33.            Surely he shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence. He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler.
34.            Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day; Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday.
35.            A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee. Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold and see the reward of the wicked. Because thou hast made the LORD, which is my refuge, even the most High, thy habitation;
36.            There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling. For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.
37.            They shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone. Thou shalt tread upon the lion and adder: the young lion and the dragon shalt thou trample under feet
38.            Because he hath set his love upon me, therefore will I deliver him: I will set him on high, because he hath known my name.
39.            15 He shall call upon me, and I will answer him: I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him, and honor him. With long life will I satisfy him, and show him my salvation.
40.            Psalms 108 verse 1-13, KJV. “A Song or Psalm of David. O God, my heart is fixed; I will sing and give praise, even with my glory.
41.            2 Awake, psaltery and harp: I myself will awake early.
42.            3 I will praise thee, O LORD, among the people: and I will sing praises unto thee among the nations. For thy mercy is great above the heavens: and thy truth reacheth unto the clouds.
43.            Be thou exalted, O God, above the heavens: and thy glory above all the Earth; That thy beloved may be delivered: save with thy right hand, and answer me.
44.            God hath spoken in his holiness; I will rejoice, I will divide Shechem, and mete out the valley of Succoth. Gilead is mine; Manasseh is mine; Ephraim also is the strength of mine head; Judah is my lawgiver; Moab is my washpot; over Edom will I cast out my shoe; over Philistia will I triumph.
45.            Who will bring me into the strong city? who will lead me into Edom? Wilt not thou , O God, who hast cast us off? and wilt not thou, O God, go forth with our hosts?
46.            Give us help from trouble: for vain is the help of man. Through God we shall do valiantly: for he it is that shall tread down our enemies.” Amen.
I am satisfied in God’s Name; I am satisfied in Him. My faith in Him will never fail. I am satisfied in God’s Name. Because you have known My Name, you have known the Name of God which He has kept secret in all the ages.
2.              “Because you know my Name,” He said, “I will place you on high.” I am satisfied in God’s Name; I am satisfied in Him. My faith in Him will never fail. I am satisfied in God’s Name.
3.                 Are you satisfied in God’s Name? Are you satisfied in Him, will your faith in Him ever fail, are you satisfied in God’s Name?
4.                 The Name of God is a Mighty Tower where the righteous runs into and is secured. He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the Shadow of the Almighty. The secret place of the Most High is the Name of God that is revealed in your day.  
5.                 The joy of the Lord is our strength. When you come before His Presence, your strength is renewed.
6.                 They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They will walk, they will run, they will never be tired; they will never be wearied.
7.                 We will continue to wait, we will never be tired. We will continue to pray, we will never be tired. I will continue to wait, I will never be tired. I will continued to pray, I will never be tired. I will continue to watch, I will never be wearied.
8.                 The battle is about to be decided! What is My joy? It is going to be decided in our favour. The problem is not who fought the battle but who won. The battle is about to be decided, but we are still on the winning side. We have given our opponents a very wide margin; there is no way they can level up. Let them employ the whole of their players, they will not level up. The margin is too wide—very wide margin. Not a narrow margin, no! Very wide!
9.                 We are beating them hollow, by His grace. Not by our power, not by our might for Christ is our sufficiency. He is the one that initiated it; He is the one helping us to win the battle. Glory be to God in the highest.
10.            While you remain on your seats, I want you to know that today is going to be a special day. Yes, a day of thanksgiving, a day of appreciation, a day of praises. Even the way we opened it today, I know it beats everybody’s imagination. Even the Pastor was astonished when I summoned him; look at what I want you to do.
11.            Look at the scriptures I want you to read because God is about to speak. God is about to speak. He will not keep quiet forever. GOD HAS SOMETHING TO SAY. I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY.
12.            God has something to say, listen, listen, pay great attention for God has something to say. God has something to say today, God has something to say to you. God has something to say to you.
13.             God has something to say. Listen, listen, pay close attention for God has something to say. Glory be to God in the highest. Amen.

For sometimes now, I have been entertaining some questions coming from some individuals among us who really want to serve God with honesty of heart. They do not want to have problems on their ways.
2.              Of a truth, there are too many things we have to put right, put them in the right perspective to enable the sons and daughters of God to worship God acceptably.
3.                 This morning, My wife met Me in My intercessory prayers as it has always been with Me every day especially on the first day of the week because, I know what it entails. More so, when I passed sleepless night because of the troubles of too many families and individuals. Sometimes, they keep Me kneeling on the ground.
4.                 You enjoy your sleep but I do not enjoy My sleep for your sakes  because I know one day is coming when I will sleep to wake no more. You will not be My headache, I will not be your headache for it shall be peace everywhere. I can sleep for one year. Nobody will wake Me up. I am the One to wake Myself up if I want to. It shall be peace all round no disturbance on the door.
5.                 However, until then, we keep on praising, we keep on worshipping, we keep on hoping. Glory be to God in the highest.
6.                 One of these days, it shall be over. We have seen the Lord, but there is a place where we are going to meet to part no more.
7.                 I was saying that for sometimes now, a good number of our brethren in this faith have been bothering Me with some dicey questions that need to be addressed.
8.                 note it, God is about to speak, DO NOT miss it. I am trying to check fanaticism in the camp. If there be anything you do not understand, get your clearance from the Son of Man’s office.
9.                 I don’t care where the instruction is coming from, provided it is very much ambiguous or very much confusing, please, don’t just do it anyhow. get clearance so that you will not be guilty of being sincerely wrong.
10.            There is a message preached in this sacred pulpit titled, “Sincerely Wrong” preached by our former Apostle Joseph of Lokaja. Sincerely wrong! And he fulfilled it.
11.            Now, I will not rehearse the whole questions but I will touch on those that are really very, very important. As we journey along, the Lord will keep on exalting the position of our brethren in their various human endeavours.
12.            Remember that it pleased the Almighty God that this Faith should take off using a civil servant. More or less a public slave. Every civil servant is a public slave. You had better accept this truth. Sometimes, you serve the public to the neglect of yourself. Sometimes, you serve the public contrary to the voice of your conscience because the rule is, “Do it according to instructions. Obey before complain.” Brother Ojiakor, take note.
13.            The rule is that the superior should query the inferior. No matter your position, you are under a superior officer. In Nigeria today, sometimes we feel that the President is the most superior. But I say “no.” The activities of the President are under scrutiny by the Senates and the House of Representatives; hence, he can be impeached. It takes the superior to remove the inferior.
14.            Thus, the body that has the power to remove the President is by far superior to the President. I know I have Political Science students in this Faith. Some are ascribing to be scholars. You had better know this truth. Authorities or instructions flow from the top to the lowest.  
15.            I am of the opinion that since it pleased God to take off with a civil servant, it pleased Him that He should leave the scene when the ovation was still very loud; when He will still be profitable to the ministry that was entrusted to His care.
16.            I want to say something. If the Lord never relieved Me of My official assignments, this ministry would have been frustrated. The Lord saw the ministry ahead of time, for I will say that this ministry is able to come to this height because the Lord Himself disengaged Me.
17.            Immediately He disengaged Me, I now gave My full time, My full life to the cause of the ministry of Christ. It was there and then that I settled down.
18.            Check it, we have no publication that can be credited to us if not few until I left the public desk. It was when I settled down with the Almighty God that the idea of going worldwide materialized. It was a prophecy; it remained in the dream, in the pipe line. It would have rusted in the pipeline.
19.            However, immediately I got disengaged, the Lord Himself sat Me down. He saw My motive, He saw everything. He knew where I was heading to, He did something. I have not made it public, only My family can talk about it and few that are fully acquainted with Me.
20.            Do you know that the Lord disarmed Me of every kobo I had in one day? The Lord Himself dispossessed Me of Three Million, four hundred thousand Naira (3,400,000.00) in one day. This is the first time I am making it public.
21.            After attending the rigorous courses and everything at Enugu, I slept at Brother Ojiakor’s house, I was given a cheque of Two Million, Six hundred Thousand Naira (2,600,000.00). I presented the cheque to Brother Ojiakor, he saw it. That was the last time I saw the money and the cheque. I included the little I had and invested the money, only for the place where I invested it in the oil and gas industry, LUSPEC, turned out to be labelled a wonder bank. And all vanished in one day till today.
22.            You can verify from My wife, you can come and see the records. I looked up and looked down and said, “After My twenty-six years of service, so the little I could get is what has fizzled out. Well, to God be the glory. It is not the end of life” I settled down.
23.            If not for that dispossession, nothing would have compelled Me to go and serve as apprentice. I removed My suit, removed My tie, put on slippers and became an apprentice trader under elementary six girls, not boys; three young girls at Upper-Iweka.
24.            Only few saw Me doing loading and offloading because My wife was feeding Me. It will be stupidity on Me to begin to ask for transport money. In order to get money in the afternoon for My feeding, maybe for transport when I am wearied. I undertook to do the loading and offloading of our goods and that of others for I believe I could do that to get little money. I was not ashamed.
25.            It compelled Me to enter the factory, I became a factory worker. People thought I was doing My normal factory work with Peter Venture, or Envoi or Dozie Group of Companies. Little did they know that I was a factory worker, aiming at getting some money to take off.  
26.            The man I respected so much, you know him. He never gave Me one naira for one day even till today. But he impacted his knowledge in Me. He was paying Me monthly. When the thing became too difficult, he was dashing Me some money. From the little I gathered, I took off, making sure that no kobo from anybody from outside not even in this faith, ever entered the little business. This is the much I want to tell you.
27.            Those that know the truth, know that I am not lying. They met Me, they saw things. We journeyed along. That is why, when it happened again recently to Me, it meant nothing. A handful of brethren in Onitsha including Apostle Kelechi and others came to My rescue at Upper-Iweka, because of the devastating flood that invaded Onitsha about a month ago.
28.            Brethren came to My rescue. However, I will never fail to say thank you to Brother Solomon Odikanwa and Brother Chizoba Ugwu. They were the first that rushed. Before the people I hired were there, they were already there, offloading everything from the store to the main road. But the damage was great, terribly great.
29.            I lost ninety-five percent of My goods. Before the entire brethren came to My rescue, we remained there working. The water was almost 4 feet high. Our safe was submerged. All our invoices lost. Every record lost. The whole goods.
30.            What happened? We are in a petrochemical business where a Kilogramme of that business is sold at four hundred and twenty naira (420.00). Those that have been there, they can talk about it. However, we have to dispose them because we cannot throw them away. We disposed them as waste.
31.            We took them to the factory for recycling, for further things they will manufacture at the rate of fifty naira per Kilogramme (KG). We cannot keep them there because they are useless. They are secondary raw materials. The Lord cushioned everything to His own glory, honour and praise.
32.            I liken it to what happened in 2006. You know, I rolled away from it because I was disengaged precisely July 2007. In that same July 2007, My mother-in-law died. After her burial, I rushed home because of the collapsed toilet.
33.            My uncle who was among the people that were digging the soakway pit died in the soakway. The whole of Mbaise were on Me. My people contributed money, instead of using the money to help Me and the family, they bribed the Nigeria Police to gun Me down, (Glory be to God for Brother Emeka who volunteered to die with Me) with instructions, having shared the money that came from Warri, Port-Harcourt and other places.
34.            In spite of My representation and everything, I knew I was going to die but God said no. Somebody must hear Me. I presented Myself the first day, they asked Me to go back. The following day, they summoned Me again. I came back, made statements upon statements, after which they were confused. They did not know what to do.
35.            I remained at the Police Station without water or food from 8 o’clock in the morning till 10 o’clock in the night. At about 11 o’clock, the DPO said that he was under orders to bring Me to the headquarters in the night.
36.            I said, “For what?” The spirit had already ministered to Me, because My people were ganging up. They could come and gang. We were seeing them discussing. I knew that people were waiting for Me on the way.
37.            Thus, I resisted that. The man said that he will take Me there alone. I said, “No, people must go with Me.” He must volunteer his life and must be in front of that vehicle, being the DPO. He said, “No, I will use motorcycle to follow you.”
38.            I said, “No, you want to label Me an escapee so that your people will gun Me down!” He immediately shivered.
39.            He said, “What is that your name again?” I mentioned it. He said, “I will follow you.”
40.            In the vehicle, we started discussing. I then noticed that he came from Enugu-Ezike. From there, we became friends. When he noticed that the problem bothered on Church that it had nothing to do with any other thing, being a charismatic member in the Catholic Church, he said that he must hold his peace.
41.            Immediately we got to that spot, we saw three armed mobile police men. They came out pretending they were parking our vehicle. We parked. The man came down from the vehicle and met them. I heard one of them saying, “Is he there?” Brother Emeka heard it with others.
42.            “Is He there?” one of the mobile policemen that parked us asked. The DPO said, “Yes, but there is something. Orders come from above contrary. The man is a civil servant and a top civil servant. He committed no crime. His people are against Him because He is erecting an upstairs. The man is a Pastor.”
43.            They said, “Really!” the DPO continued, “The man from my assessment is not a cultist as He is being labelled. I will not subscribe to his killing. We are going to the headquarters.”
44.            When we got to the headquarters, the overall head came out, Mr Philips by name, from Ondo State. He said, “Where is He?” I came out.
45.            He said, “Undress Him, put Him there.” The whole police officers stayed quiet. Not even one could touch Me. The station officer who is now our present DPO, a good friend who officiated during My father’s burial; he was the station officer that time and I knew him not.
46.            He said, “Sir, please, we cannot detain a man without having his statement. Can you please tell us what you know about him to enable us interrogate Him.”
47.            The man flared up, “Mr Imukwe, you are ordinary inspector, do you know who you are asking? I said, detain him!”
48.            He said, “Sir, we are bound to detain him according your word, but tell us the reasons why we must detain him. We must document something for this man is a learned fellow. We have seen his identity card, we have seen everything. He is speaking fluently, more knowledgeable than us. He appeared to have worked in the police force.”
49.            It was there the man said that I should come and see him. I went to him. He said, “Please, feel free, who are you?” I spoke at length.
50.            He said, “Do you know why you are here?” I said, “Sir, I don’t know.” The police officers (ladies) were mad on him. He said, “Okay, I will tell you in the morning but you will remain in detention till daybreak.”
51.            I said, “On condition that you will document something. Or, you will allow Me to document and you will endorse it.” He said, “I am not writing anything and you will not write.”
52.            I said, “Sir, no. It is never done.” He summoned our DPO and said, “IK, come here. This man appears to be stubborn.”
53.            “He is learned,” Ik said, “He is not stubborn, listen to Him. Sir, we had better be very careful the way we handle this man. We better ask him to go. Then tell him to come tomorrow morning.” The thing became a problem. They now left Me.
54.            All the police officers went behind their office for almost one hour. Brethren were there. I was alone with the station officer, I did not run. I had already surrendered My money, Id card, My phone and everything to them. I was very much composed.
55.            After their consultations, they came out. He said, “Gentle man, you bail yourself on the basis of your self-recognition. Give us ten thousand and go; tomorrow, come.”
56.            I said, “Sir, off record. Place Me on bail, let there be somebody who will sign My bail bond. Or let Me sign My bail bond. Put something down.”
57.            He said, “So, you don’t want to go?” I said, “I am not going again.”
58.            They went in again, after which they came back. Ik now summoned Me and said, “Please, you see this man, we call him chop alone, but we know him in our station as executioner. Your life is more important to me than anything. If you have the money, give them; find your way and go. Tomorrow come back.”
59.            I said, “Ik, I am doing it at thy word. They are holding the money, tell them to take ten thousand naira and give Me the balance.” He said, “Really?” I continued, “They are holding My pause, everything, My phone and ID card. Go to them.”
60.            I was outside when they brought the money. I said, “Where do I sign My bail bond, at least, to signify that I have reported here and the time I came and the time I am leaving by 10 o’clock in the morning. I know that the Police can never grant anybody bail beyond 6 o’clock in the evening. Why are you granting Me bail by 1: 00am? Put it down, let Me sign.”
61.            He said, “Forget about all this civilian jargons, please go, come tomorrow.”
62.            I said, “What if I don’t come tomorrow sir? Will you re-arrest Me? Remember you never arrested Me. I am the one that brought a report to you through My traditional ruler and then, I presented Myself. You never ordered My arrest, you never asked Me to come. I came to tell you so that you be a part of what is happening because it is happening in your own area.”
63.            Then brethren came to Me and said, “We better go.” All of us left that night. Before we could step out, My relations had already called because the whole plan failed.
64.            It never started today. It has been a war. Look at one that was disengaged from the service, greeted with the murder offence and the death of His mother-in-law. Second hot bath became this; all at a stretch in 2007. A memorable year in My life.
65.            Thus, if I say I have seen ninety-nine, that hundred means nothing; know where I am standing and making My statements. Amen.


I am of the opinion that as long as we continue in this Faith, there are some among us who might be civil servants as I was before I retired, who might be privileged to be exalted to higher positions. Please, take note of what I am saying.
2.              Remember, the higher you go, the more corrupt the office is. I remember My prayer when I was coming up. I saw it ahead of time and I made a prayer publicly even from the pulpit that “God will never permit Me to be a controller where I will disburse finance.” For there is no way a civil servant can disburse finance without staining his hands no matter how angelic you claim you might be.
3.              That which I was running away from, I said, “God, hinder Me from getting to that point.” Immediately I attained it, something happened. My director had to call. We were in the kitchen, I was there with My wife when the call came.
4.              She said, “Is that Mr Odoemena?” I said, “Yes Ma.” That was Dr. Mrs. Adaba from Delta State. She said, “Get ready, make your choice between Zamfara and Birnin-Kebbi, you are going to control one of the states. And make haste to give me a report.”
5.              I said, “Madam please, I will give you a reply but not immediately.” After one week, she called again. Calls began, congratulatory messages. I said, “Rubbish! Rubbish!”
6.               Others are bribing their ways to control states so that they will control money but it came to Me when I never desired it even for one day. I met with My family, we all said “No!” I gave the reply.
7.              She said, “Okay, since you do not want to go, get ready to leave the service.” I said, “Better!” yes, you refuse transfer, you go away. Once you have risen to the height you refuse transfer, the next thing is to leave the service.
8.              You see, she said, “You have stayed too long in Anambra State, and they said it is to move you away. You are saying no, get ready, you are leaving the service.” I said, “Better!”
9.              You see, when I left, it was not a surprise. I knew it must come.
10.            as you are rising in your various positions, in your various offices, I shared My experiences with you, having but one intention: to keep you from falling. That if I could be there and remain free, unstained, you can be there and work unstained.
11.            The problems that are coming now, they are not too much. I wish to address the relevant ones. We have some of our brethren now in the Immigration, in the Police, Prisons, Civil Defence, the Army and every other uniformed occupation.
12.            There is no message that prohibits you from joining the Military or Police or Civil Defence or Road Safety or even the Prisons to serve as a warder. I never had a message prohibiting you from joining Military or Paramilitary or uniformed work.
13.            Please, let it be known to you that when I say paramilitary, we have what I may call adhoc paramilitary. That is the NYSC-The National Youth Service Corps. You know their commandant is a Major General in the Army. It has always been the rule. Thus, NYSC members are regarded as paramilitary within that one year. Although Nigeria does not give them the requisite training like the Americans, the British and Israelis.
14.            Somebody was asking a question, “Now, I am a staff of National Road Safety, the rule in all these formations for now is this, man or woman, you must appear in your proper uniform.”
15.            Before now, in the Police, women had their choices. They could put on police skirt with the top, but it is no longer like that. A circular has been passed by the Honourable Minister of Interior, approved by the House of Reps and Senates that all armour bearers, all paramilitary staff and their agencies must wear trouser as their proper uniform whether male or female.
16.            That is why NYSC uniform is causing trouble in the Northern States now. But what is there, the Northerners now insist that the female will wear trouser and put on a sort of overall as the top which is their normal way of dressing.
17.            The Muslim women wear trousers even till this very hour. Their religion approves it on condition that you must put on a long gown on top of the trouser with your veil. That is proper dressing for a Muslim woman. However, they are saying no to anything T-shirt and trouser. They said, “No!” Please take note of what I am saying.
18.            In this Faith, we have our children. They are coming up every day, male and female alike. We do not have our own NYSC camp; we belong to the same country. If peradventure they pass out from the Universities, definitely, as many as are within the age of service, that is, not above twenty five years, they are liable to serve.
19.            Nothing prevents them from putting on the required NYSC dress or uniform. It does not make them sinners, it does not make them unbelievers, rather, they are complying with the Laws of the State. They are complying with the regulations of the State as it affects their own organization.
20.            What of those that are serving in the Police? I thank God I have our brother in the fellowship and God made it that he should dress neat and corporate to the fellowship. I appreciate it.
21.            Look at Brother Collins, you see the way he dressed up in complete officer’s outfit! Male or female, this is the approved dress for every mobile police officer. If you want to join the Police Force, you must know everything about it. Male or female, you must carry arms; you must be deployed.
22.            On the main road, don’t you see mobile police ladies carrying arms? Because, a police officer is a police officer. Nobody recruits you because you are male or female. They recruit you because you are medically fit and qualified to do the job. It does not make them sinners. That is the requirement of that organization.
23.            If you know you cannot do it, do not apply. Once you apply and you are recruited, whether you like it or not, that is the way you must appear.
24.            A brother was asking a question the other day, “Sir, as a police officer working under strict authority, peradventure in our station there are some condemned criminals and the orders came that they should be executed and I happened to be among the officers that are detailed and nominated to eliminate them, what will I do?”
25.            Please, do not murmur. You think it is a light question because you are sitting down. You do not know what it takes to work under strict authority. He asked Me that question. I first of all thanked him for his courage.
26.            I said, “My friend, pay attention to Me. As long as you are vested with authority to do that work for the country, for somebody must do it. If you don’t want to be there, somebody must be there.”
27.            For there to be an effective governance of the State, all that are necessary for effective administration must be put in place. Somebody must be there.
28.            I said, “My friend, the highest of all human being that is standing upon the Earth remains the Son of Man. The world may not know but God knows. If the Son of Man happens to be among those condemned criminals and you happened to be one of the officers detailed to eliminate them in accordance with the Law, begin your elimination with the Son of Man.”
29.            He said, “Sir!” I said, “Begin your shooting with the Son of Man because if He is not afraid of committing the crime, He should not be afraid of facing the consequences. If He could harden His heart to commit crime against the State, He should also harden His heart to receive the state punishment.”
30.            I continued, “Let Me tell you, you are not serving anybody but God. The state has condemned them. Even if you are the only one detailed, even if they are one million, collect enough ammunition and eliminate all! Go to bed, eat, drink and have your rest.” Because, I know these areas have been troubling many.
31.            Will the brother be saved? He is already saved. The only ground where he will go to Hell is after eliminating them, he will commit the same crime. Then, Hellfire is waiting for him there.
32.            If you are a soldier, you can be detailed to war, not only in your own country but in other countries. You must obey. Civil defence, you must obey. NYSC, you must obey.
33.            Your work will not put you into hell, what will put you into hell is the way you do your work. If you do it according to laid down rules and regulations, you will receive God’s approval.
34.            HOWEVER, if you do it in a way that will discredit both the image of the nation that recruited you and the image of God, you are going to hell.
35.            thus, if you happened to be in the Road Safety Corps or any of these uniform organizationS, praise God and do your work in the fear of God. Have I settled these questions?
36.            If anyone crops up tomorrow, invite the Son of Man’s attention. There is no message or doctrine that prohibits you from serving your state.
37.            Tell Me whether a child of God has the right to kill? Was Moses a child of the devil? Did he kill? Was Samuel a child of the devil? Did he kill? Sure! Was David a child of God? He was God! Did he kill? Sure! What can you say about Joshua and Caleb? What were they? What can you say about the Prophets?
38.            If you are looking for trouble with the Son of Man, you are endangering your life. A man of God remains the only person that will kill without entertaining any query from God. Innocent or guilty, He can eliminate you by all means.
39.            David was asked to present only but forty foreskins (manhood) to enable him marry the daughter of Saul, Michal. Instead of presenting forty innocent foreskins, he went and killed four hundred men and brought four hundred. And the Lord approved it.
40.            David one day saw a city that was living in peace with everybody there, David summoned the soldiers and said, “Look at this small city, there is no trouble there. Since we know them, they have never been fighting, they have remained undisturbed. In short, we are going to upset them, we will wipe them off.”
41.            He marshalled soldiers, attacked them in the night, killed people that committed no crime. The Lord never queried him. But he was displeased that they were enjoying life. That is why God is the killer of one that feels he is enjoying life. That was the man God said, “A man after My own heart.” The man that does the will of God.
42.            Search your scriptures! How many believed that we are serving a bloody God? There is nothing called God that is bloodier than the God of Israel. The bloodiest God is the God of Israel. Do you know how many people He killed in the attempt to settle His people down in the land that never belonged to them?
43.            God of Israel is a killer of somebody and all that the person has. He will kill you and collect what belongs to you. Do you know how many innocent souls that perished in the land of Egypt; every first soul that opened the womb in the whole land that committed no crime?
44.            You see why I do not want to speak on “Cosmic Consciousness” and “Revelation of Latent Powers.” For there are too many things there that if they will be opened, Brother Ebenezer will invoke them down. That is where Brother Ebenezer will go now. Nobody will remain in Irete.
45.            William Branham knew it and said, “I will not try it lest Satan will capitalize on it and destroy things.” But I scratched it a little. Many ran amuck. Then I closed it and disarmed them.
46.            You know, when you arm a guerrilla (irregular soldier), you are taking a risk. Nigeria armed guerrillas ignorantly. And guerrillas are now over-powering professionals. Vigilante men are guerrillas whether you call them MEND, Boko Haram; they are all guerrillas. They receive little or no training on the use of arms.
47.            That is why I am of the opinion that it is better for an intelligent man to hate me than for a fool to hate me. A wise man in his wisdom will have restraint but a foolish man in his foolishness has no restraint.
48.            thus, arming guerrillas means arming foolish people that lack wisdom. If anybody should hate you, let the wise man hate you for he will do you no harm. He has restraints. HOWEVER, if a foolish man hates you, your life is in danger for nothing restrains him from his evil. He has no conscience. Glory be to God in the highest.
49.            You allow him to sit, stay alive and see his foolishness, till eternity, he will not see it. He might be bragging. I am telling you the truth.
50.            If you watch professionals, they have restraints in the use of arms. That is why, there are certain situations they will see, not that they do not know what they will do, they know what they will do but they will consider the casualty rate; that innocent casualty rate might be in the majority in the attempt to get one person. They withhold shooting.
51.            However, it is not so with these foolish vagabonds. They will simply come and spray bullet and people will be making a hell of noise: “They killed twenty police officers, they killed army!”
52.            What are they doing? Shut up your mouth! The police officers were holding their riffles with some restraints and they paid with their lives. No police officer can come to the market and begin to shoot, but an armed robber can shoot in the bank, shoot both customers and everybody. In the market, shoot everybody, just to get money.
53.            A police officer will see you, if he should handle his own like the armed robbers to get rid of you, casualty rate will be very high and he will be condemned. He will be looking for a way to single the man out or get one or two casualty to get rid of him. However, the man once he sweeps there, having his target to get that thing he is looking for, he can finish the whole village.  
54.            Thus, don’t think we are crazy, we are not crazy. See, do not arm guerrillas. But unfortunately, Nigeria has armed guerrillas only to turn round to begin to talk of amnesty to people that they do not know. Not a regiment,  for they have no barracks, they have no commander, they have no administrative officer, nobody assigned any arm to them. You do not know their modus operandi (mode or method of operation).
55.            How do you locate them? No way! You begin to grant amnesty in the air. The President’s gimmick. Thus, throw that nonsense away. You didn’t give me any arm, how can you disposes me?
56.            Do you know how many that are in my possession? Do you know where I kept them? Have you ever seen me? If you must arrest, arrest my representative.
57.            How can somebody appear to be representing me, you want to grant me amnesty without first of all arresting me? Since he said he knows me, he knows my location; he is a good material for your investigation. Lay hand on him. Mad people! Who are they deceiving?  Amen.


A word to all sons and daughters of God concerning policemen and those in Government authorities...”
2.              Brethren, is God not wonderful? When we had not even a single soldier among us, God had already written these things down, knowing that a day would come when our youths will come up and may be desiring to be in those organizations. He regulated them ahead of time.
3.                 “…There are two major reasons why we must respect a man. One; a man is respected because of his age. Two; a man or woman is respected because of his or her personality and the office such a person occupies in the society...”
4.                 Anybody that does not recognize these two things God mentioned is not worthy to be in our midst.
5.                 “…There are two major reasons why we must respect a man...”  
6.                 Look at the word, “Respect”, respect is not fear.
7.                 “…There are two major reasons why we must respect a man. One; a man is respected because of his age. Two; a man or woman is respected because of his or her personality and the office such a person occupies in the society.”
8.                 “…Refusing to obey the authority that God established for the governance of the nation is wilful disobedience to God’s instruction...”
9.                 If you believe it, say amen. Amen.
10.            “...Pay your taxes too, for these same two reasons. For government workers need to be paid so that they can keep on doing God’s work, serving you.
11.            Pay everyone whatever he ought to have: pay your taxes and import duties gladly, obey those over you, and give honour and respect to all those to whom it is due. Pay all your debts except the debt of love for others – never finish paying that...”
12.            Pay all your taxes! Pay your water rate, pay your property rate, pay your anSepa rate or sanitation levy or rate. Pay them! Pay as you earn, pay them. Pay your taxes, pay your dues. If you are still indebted to the state, you are a debtor. Don’t try to circumvent it.
13.            Government does not print money, government generates money. Government does not print money but it generates money. If government is printing money, money will be useless but they generate money. Many in this Faith are guilty of not paying taxes. All that are doing their own handiwork in Onitsha do not pay tax, traders don’t pay.
14.            Whenever they see ANSEPA, they will run away. They are not paying. If they should bring permit here now and you are asked to bring your own, will you bring it? It is only government workers that pay their tax because it is being deducted at the source. The rest do not pay.
15.            “...Pay your taxes too, for these same two reasons. For government workers need to be paid so that they can keep on doing God’s work, serving you.
16.            Pay everyone whatever he ought to have: pay your taxes and import duties gladly, obey those over you, and give honour and respect to all those to whom it is due. Pay all your debts except the debt of love for others – never finish paying that!”
17.            “…“Pay your taxes too, for these same two reasons. For government workers need to be paid so that they can keep on doing God’s work, serving you...”  
18.             “...He also hoped that Paul would bribe him, so he sent for him from time to time and talk to him. And us’, asked some soldiers, ‘what about us?’..”
19.            Soldiers were there asking John the Baptist what they will do to get saved. Hear his reply to the soldiers, uniform men, to show you that they were included in God’s salvation.
20.            “…And us’, asked some soldiers, ‘what about us?’ John replied, ‘Don’t extort money by threats and violence; don’t accuse anyone of what you know he didn’t do, and be content with your pay...”
21.            Have you seen it? As many as are desiring to put on uniform, God had already regulated the work and this is exactly the way the state regulated it. There is no army officer, police officer, customs or anybody, no matter how highly placed that can tell the nation that he is posted anywhere to go and collect money from the general public. Nobody!
22.            No police officer is posted on the main road to collect twenty naira or fifty naira. No custom officer is posted to go and collect money to cover up illegally or fraudulently imported goods in Nigeria.
23.            However, these are the things they do to make their own personal money. Such people are guilty before God and also before their organizations. If any of them should be seen or arrested, he must be derobed. He must face the music.
24.            That is why they are always hiding while doing it. Although it appeared to be the general norm because the big oga (boss) cover the smaller ones that render “account” (returns). Still, it is not the rule. They know what they are doing is wrong.
25.            If you are in this faith and you want to win God’s approval, enlist in the force, enlist in any of those government agencies, do the work as the state regulated it, do it as God approved it. Nothing stops you from having eternal life.
26.            “...Let no false preacher fool you again by condemning your job...”
27.            Let no false preacher ever fool you again by condemning your job. We thank God for the journey so far.
28.            Listen, pay close attention for God has something to say. I know there are many in this most holy Faith that have never heard this type of message before. Is that not right? Too many in the fellowship have not heard this message and they are desiring to join the force, not knowing that God had already approved it, documented something concerning it for your own guide.
29.            Thus, young men, are you desiring to be a police officer? If you are qualified, go in for somebody must do the work. And the more God’s children are invading such areas, the more they are going to sanitize it if time will remain. Thus, don’t run away from them.
30.            There is but one office God is saying no, what is that office? Don’t strive to be a politician. Don’t ever desire to be a politician. Glory be to God in the highest. Amen.
Let us hear what God has for us.“The behaviour of husband and wife explained.” “If I do not identify these faults, every effort we are making towards correcting them will be useless.
2.              Check the stubbornness of your wife; check your attitudes; the character which your wife regards as stubbornness, the inability of your wife to agree with you at all times in all matters without having something to say, when did it start?
3.                 When did you start noticing it? Was it before your children started coming or when you must have raised them? If we are sincere, whether there is agreement or disagreement in your family, the signs started manifesting even before husbands received their first children from their wives, but they are neglecting them thinking that the situation will improve with time.”
4.                 “…Now, these eight families took their root or origin from you and your wife. Assuming your family is bad, you have now increased the troubles of the world with eight bad families. I do not know whether you understand what I am saying...”
5.                 Have you seen why wickedness is on the increase? Wickedness is on the increase. A single person has established eight families to continue producing wickedness.
6.                 “…There are too many things I have been trying to suppress, lest our wives will capitalize on them and finish their husbands. There are too many things I am suppressing, lest husbands in their weaknesses will capitalize on them and destroy the little that is left in their homes.
7.                 You have seen at a glance your father and your mother in their own home. Cast your minds back for one minute...”
8.                 The cloud is here! Pay close attention; God has something to say.
9.                 “…First, understand that both of you came from different backgrounds. Your own background might be good and okay and that of your wife might be terribly bad.
10.            First, understand that both of you came from different backgrounds. Your own background might be good and okay and that of your wife might be terribly bad, more especially those that lost their fathers when they were too tender and they were left under the care and control of their mother.”
11.            Underline it! Especially those that lost their father or fathers when they were too tender and they were left under the control of their mother.
12.            “…Brethren, it requires time and patience. It requires prayers. It requires understanding, tolerance and accommodation.
13.            During their time, people and neighbours had good interactions with one another since the competition for wealth was very small, but today, nobody will even clap hands for your success. The competition for success is very high. Everybody is trying to swallow the brother or the neighbour. Nobody is expecting anything good to come to his fellow human being anymore.
14.            If there is problem between you and your wife, instead of seeing somebody who is honest enough to come in and make peace, you will see the person coming in there to set fire, fuelling the crisis the more. What will happen in the end? That problem will escalate.
15.            That is what he is wishing you so that if your family is not at peace no success will come in there. That is his desire. Tell me, who is the number one person that will do it? Is it a foreigner? No. It is going to be the members of your family. If it does not come from yours direct, it will come from your in-laws. Please underline these facts...”
16.            If it does not come from you direct, it will come from your in-laws. Some even use telephone to nullify all instructions coming from parents; bias the minds of the children; label their children wicked and your children do not dare tell you what is happening. Can God tell lies?   
17.            We are the most favoured people on Earth. There is no denomination that can unearth this truth. 2007, God gave us this truth. You know, we are raising dangerous children that know how to keep conversation secret. More so, when they are being promised many things.
18.            We are living in an age even when your relations might be loading your children’s telephones without your knowledge, transferring airtime to enable them maintain communication that are against them and their future.
19.            You know, children love people that give them protection when they are in error. I will not speak too much there. God has something to say, pay close attention. Even if you knew it, may God help to revive the message in all of us.
20.            “…I want you to understand that in everything you are doing, you cannot completely rule out external influence until you have mastered yourself...”
21.            You cannot completely rule out external influence. If your wife has started revolting against you, pause a little. Something is acting on her externally. You begin to see your husband wearing another look, pause a little; something is acting on him externally.
22.            Carry it down the line. More especially when we have incurred more enemies than friends because of our belief in Christ. When our relations that have hated us because of our faith, are all calling for our heads. If it is possible, they will use war to snatch our children from us for they believe they have better ideas to offer them than us.
23.            Moreover, our children do not know that nobody loves them, nobody thinks good of them more than their parents. God said, “Apart from you and your husband, other persons are spoilers.”
24.            “…I want you to understand that in everything you are doing, you cannot completely rule out external influence until you have mastered yourself. Until the man masters himself, masters the wife and the wife masters herself and her husband, external influences will continue to rock that family...”
25.            Until there is perfect understanding between husband and wife, God is saying that external influences must continue to rock the foundation of the family, the foundation of the society. Pause a little everybody. You know how your own is coming and where it is coming from.
26.            What is nullifying your word in your family? What is nullifying the instruction you are giving to your children in love? Who is that person that is trying to take your place in the hearts of your children, even when you are still alive?
27.            Who is that person planting the seed of discord in your hearts and in the hearts of your children to the point you can hardly see children born of the same family agreeing? You see children born of the same womb disagreeing sharply even to the point of threatening to kill one another.
28.            Parents will be wading into the matter, trying to pacify them, no way. And in such a situation watch, one is taking side with the parents, the other one is working by the external influence that is promising paradise in hell.
29.            if our children can be courageous to confide in THEIR parents and reveal to them some of the secret conversations that have resultied in influencing them wrongly and their SOURCES, many would vow a vow that some relations should not cross their gate. It is a hard statement.
30.            God said, “I am suppressing many things lest wives that are foolish will capitalize on them and finish their husbands. Or some husbands will foolishly capitalize on those revelations and destroy the little that is left in the family, instead of consolidating on it.”
31.            no matter how glorious and dandy that family is or claims to be, I am yet to see a family that is devoid of external influence if we are sincere. The man may escape it, the woman may be guilty. The wife may escape it, the husband may be guilty.
32.            Escape means: The man may resist. If husband and wife will know that the same people that are talking to him might be talking to your husband as well. That which you heard and started jumping up, your husband heard it and said, “Get away!”
33.            The other way round, you might be thinking that they are your best advisers; do you know your husband’s best advisers? Or do you think advice is meant for you alone? Nobody is precluded from hiring a counsellor.
34.            If you have experts that counsel you to do wrong, the man might equally have experts that counsel him to resist all your moves, let the heavens fall!
35.            “…External influences will continue to rock that family, more especially in this enlightened age where a woman can stay in a restroom or bathroom and hook up with spirits using a mobile phone.”
36.            And hook up with what? Spirits using a mobile phone. May stay in the bathroom or toilet. If she is in the bathroom, will you force the door open? No sir! What if she is spending much time in the toilet? You think she is there easing herself, you hear, “Hello, you mean it? Really?” Until you begin to remind her that too many people are desiring to come to toilet.
37.            She will say, “Wait, I am coming. Wait, I am coming out.” You ask, “Have you not finished bathing?”  She would reply, “It remains small. Hello, don’t worry, when I finish bathing, I will call again.”
38.            God is saying that your wife may be in the bathroom or toilet, you think she is doing something meaningful but she is hooking up with spirits. Your husband will also be there and be hooking up with spirits. That is what we are saying.
39.            The same way, your children might be there, hooking up with spirits. You see why God said that “Dangerous weapons should not be found in the hands of fools. Let us begin by dispossessing our foolish ones of these, one; the GSM; two, the television.”
40.            When we say dangerous weapons, some people think of carrying arms and ammunitions. Your arms and ammunitions can kill only but few. But this dangerous equipment that does not make noise, can kill in millions.
41.            The killing range of the highest riffle is not beyond ten meters. I don’t care about the longest mortar, the highest cruiser missile that is developed at least for now by America is five thousand, eight hundred kilometers. Russia, five thousand two hundred and fifty. Turkey, five thousand four the highest range of cruiser missile right now.
42.            Israel has something below, three thousand kilometers. That is why they normally encroach the people’s air space before they can launch attack.
43.            I am saying that what you are holding in your family can cover twenty million miles in less than three minutes. Maybe you do not know that from Lagos International Airport to Hearthrow Port, how many Kilometers? In miles, it is about 2.6 million miles. But you can get it in less than one second using your mobile phone.
44.            You can travel to Netherlands, Moscow; even with scientific innovations like the website, the Son of Man has travelled round the world. The website we are using today to the glory of God, remember, fraudsters are using it to perpetrate wickedness to the same society. Am I condemning GSM? No, I am condemning the usage, the foul usage.
45.            “...I want you to understand that in everything you are doing, you cannot completely rule out external influence until you have mastered yourself. Until the man masters himself, masters the wife and the wife masters herself and her husband, external influences will continue to rock that family, more especially in this enlightened age where a woman can stay in a restroom or bathroom and hook up with spirits using a mobile phone...”
46.            Pause a little, sincere families in this Faith, including that of the Son of Man. I am not excluding My own; Pause, check the cause of misunderstandings between you and your wife from time to time. if you are sincere, you will notice that about 75 percent emanates from external influences. They come from sources that have nothing to do with your family.
47.            It may be your wife is interested in protecting a family outside your own, using your meagre resources that are even enough for your family and you are saying no.
48.            It may be the man himself becoming unnecessarily extravagant because of pressure coming from outside and he wants to maintain his status quo to the detriment of the family.
49.            In other words, the pressure is coming from outside, either through the wife or through the husband. The husband is protecting some interest outside, the wife is protecting some interest; all of them outside the family.
50.            The totality of it all, if you put all of them together, both the husband’s interest, the wife’s interest, not even one is fostering the goal of the nuclear family. They might be the greatest enemies of the family.
51.            I wish to offer an advice. Whether the person is a heathen, a brother or a sister in the faith, I don’t care. any love that is placed for sale, don’t price it. Any love that is placed for sale, it goes to the highest bidder, Don’t ever price it. ignore it and go your way.
52.            You want to win the love of your relations doing this or doing that; In other words, if you refuse to do it, you become an enemy, Love is placed for sale. You are the one trying to buy their love which they have placed for the highest bidder. It is My advice to everybody.
53.            If you must buy Me everything, don’t buy Me love. Any love that is purchased with anything is not love. DO NOT purchase love for Me. Finish!
54.            Some men are even purchasing the love of their wives. Some men are using money to purchase the love of their wives. Some women are equally using money to buy the love of their husbands. Once he or she DOES NOT have money to buy love, problem will ensue. Love for sale! No two ways about it.
55.            If your wife has placed her love for you for sale don’t purchase it, don’t ever price it, go your way. If your husband has placed his own for sale, sister, DO NOT ever price it go your way. Love is a free offer from the heart. Any love that is not a free offer is not from the heart and it is not enduring. It is not divine, it is devilish.
56.            “…The Bible said that God has made His messengers, His servants, ministering spirits to minister to those that will be heirs of Salvation. The same way, the Devil has made his angels, messengers, and servants ministering spirits that will minister to those that will go to Hellfire.”
57.            If you believe it, say amen. Amen.
58.            “…Immediately God’s servants became ministering spirits, the Devil’s servants also became ministering spirits...”
59.            Is that not scripture? God appeared as Angel of Righteousness, the Devil also appeared as the Angel of Unrighteousness. The Bible said, “The angel masqueraded himself as an angel of righteousness because God had already appeared but their works shall reveal them.”
60.            Thus, do not expect an angel coming may be with one big jeep; that then becomes the devils minister. No! As we are God’s ministers, so there are Devil’s ministers and it is not written on our faces. Nobody comes and says, “I am coming to deceive you. I am coming to do you harm.” No!
61.            He knows that if he discloses it, you will run away. Hence, he comes in subtlety. He comes in craftiness to deceive the heart of the simple.
62.            “...Mastering yourself means knowing who you are. Number one; understand that you are an imperfect man. Stop justifying yourself. It will take somebody by your side to point you to some of your imperfections.
63.            I may feel that I am right in everything, but it will take somebody who is monitoring Me; who is by My side to help Me see My faults. What we call faults are nothing but human imperfections. If we are faultless, we will not be in this most holy Faith.
64.            …If you do not know me under normal conditions, you will not know me under abnormal conditions.”
65.            If you don’t know Me when I am sober, you will not know Me when I am drunk.
66.            “…For you to be a father in a family, you have to know the temperament under certain conditions. As a result, if you have a child that is always very clever, sharp, never quiet; no matter the situation, he is very happy, any day you come back from work and you see the child sitting in a chair looking cold, no movement, chilled, you do not need anybody to tell you that the child is not well at all, for he is not pretending since he does not know how to pretend.
67.            Then you should begin to struggle to save the life of that child because you know that all is not well. This is applicable to the relationship with your wife. You should master your wife very well even if she does not want to master you. Strive to master her. If she does not want to master you under certain conditions and you pay her back in her own coin, you are behaving like your parents.” “…You see, the mistake I normally make is that I place every man in my shoes. I believe that the way I feel is the way every reasonable human being feels.
68.            That is why after giving you the Message, I watch you. If I begin to see things that I know are not traceable to Me, I begin to wonder whether you really believed that I am not deceiving you.”
69.            The cloud is here! God is saying something.
70.            “…A woman can love you because of your physical stature. A woman can also love you because of your physical possession. Do you believe that?” Sure! “…Only few women consider spiritual possession.”
71.            “…Our fathers only considered physical fitness and the industry. Industry here means a woman that can farm from morning till night; a woman that will take care of the family even in the absence of the man. That was what our fathers were after.
72.            Even if that woman will be fighting the man every day, the man would not bother. He will see the fighting as daily wrestling or daily exercise...”
73.            He will see the fight as what? Daily exercise! If you want us to do it now, we will start it. If it became severe, do not run away.
74.            “…I am saying in effect that these are the traditions and habits we saw and we inherited some of them. They were what I call acquired habits...”
75.            A man came back from the market one day with some meat and candies for the children; they were rejoicing and jumping up. The eldest asked the father after distributing the whole thing: “Daddy, will you beat mummy again today?” He said, “What?”
76.            The boy said, “You have not beaten mummy today. Will you beat her today?” Why? Because, it is a routine and the children have seen it, they have mastered it. Any day the man refuses to beat the woman, the children will remind him that he has not done it.
77.            …I used one clear instance earlier on using a case study where you have four sons and four daughters. Your four sons will emulate your bad conducts from you and your wife and they now married four wives and established four bad families. Your daughter will carry their bad habits also and marry four husbands.
78.            In all, eight families will be traceable to you and your wife and these eight families will be wicked families...”
79.            In addition, they will reproduce after their likeness, thereby increasing wickedness. It has multiplier effect in the society. AMEN.

The Behaviour of Husbands and Wives Explained” page 52 verse 19, “Now see it from the contrary, if you are good with your wife and raise godly children; you will fill the world with godliness and God will be happy with you.
2.              The world will be very happy with you because you are filling the world with godly families that will be traceable to you. Do not believe it if I ever tell you that bad families can produce good children. If you do, you have believed something that is contrary to nature.
3.                 For a bad tree can never produce a good fruit.
4.                 “…Children raised from bad families must be bad.” Must be bad! M.U.S.T. May God help all of you.
5.                 “…Children raised from good families must be good. The bad and the good family that I am talking about are Me and My wife; you and your wife. If you do not have good agreement, your children can never agree. If you want to raise children that will agree with one another and be peaceful, you and your wife must be in agreement at all times.”
6.                 Anything you exhibit, your children are copying it. A situation where the woman challenges the husband in the presence of the children, if the children grow up to challenge, will you blame them? No sir!
7.                 “…This is why we continue to say it even in our Igbo adage that the road of marriage is likened to a road that leads to a stream.”
8.                 The road that leads to marriage is like the road that leads to a stream. That road will ever remain open till eternity as far as the stream is still there. There is no amount of harmattan or dry weather that can dry it up. It may only reduce in volume, but the stream must be there.” Even if it dries up, the valley will remain there.
9.                 “…You see, sometimes, friendship starts with casual approaching, casual glancing, casual admiration, casual statement and what started as a casual relationship has culminated into a permanent order.”
10.            If you believe it, say amen. Amen. Why not put your hands together! The Cloud is here! Sometimes, the man did not mean it. Sometimes, the woman did not mean it. Like play, like play, it has become a reality.
11.            “…Sometimes, you do not mean those statements. Before you know it, those casual statements start building up around you into definite something that will now become what we call friendship.
12.            This friendship will now start with exchange of sweets; exchange of biscuits; exchange of handkerchief; exchange of visits, visiting your shop, your compound, your office and before you know it, it will extend to visiting your home. Can you see? It is growing. The relationship is growing...”
13.            Put your hands together! God is wonderful! It is too much! It is too much! Yes! God is wonderful!
14.            Take me out to “Crunches,” “Mr Biggs,” “Mr Small.” Yes! You know, immediately this place was read, all of us that are married, our eyes automatically saw the first day we made the first contact. The first word we heard. Even the dress we were putting on that day.
15.            “...You see, sometimes, friendship starts with casual approaching, casual glancing, casual admiration, casual statement and what started as a casual relationship has culminated into a permanent order. Before you know it, you have entered a dancing group proper. It started with: “I love you Sister! How are you?”
16.            “Hey, Brother, these eyes of yours, this your shirt,” these are casual statements. Sometimes, you do not mean those statements. Before you know it, those casual statements started building up around you into definite something that will now become what we call friendship.
17.            This friendship will now start with exchange of sweets; exchange of biscuits; exchange of handkerchief; Exchange of visits, visiting your shop, your compound, your office and before you know it, it will extend to visiting your home. Can you see? It is growing. The relationship is growing.”
18.            “…Finally, it will boil down to something that was not in your mind from the beginning, which has come to stay. At long last, a big ocean has been formed through a casual statement and approach.”
19.            A big ocean has been formed through a casual statement and casual approach.
20.            “…Even if you divorce your wife, you cannot divorce your in-laws, can you? Please we are trying to trace few things. I am not joking. I am touching on a very important matter. Besides, I want you to understand Me very well.”
21.            Pay close attention for God is saying something.
22.            “…Your inability to master who your wife is because you were filled with admiration is what has caused the problem. I said your eyes were filled with what? Admiration.
23.            For that reason, you could not strive to master her. Before you knew it, you started raising children from a woman that you do not love.
24.            She started raising sons and daughters for you. She also did not know the man very well because what filled her eyes was admiration. You admired each other. You never went for quality. You went for quantity...”
25.            You never went for quality, you went for quantity. Young men that are yet to marry, continue to praise God. Anybody that is having problem tomorrow should blame himself. If our parents were given this type of instructions, we could not have made a mistake.
26.            To some of us who are enjoying our marriages, it is just Amazing Grace. God loved us for we knew nothing about marriage, we dabbled into it: “Baby, how now! Baby, you look beautiful! Where are you from?” Finish! Truly speaking, God has saved us.
27.            “…Quantity is what your eyes can behold, while quality is what the inner mind can feel.”
28.            Quantity is physical, carnal and artificial. Quality is spiritual, it is divine and eternal.
29.            “…The study of your wife with a view to knowing her weaknesses so that you will know how to accommodate her is important, but you could not do it when you were supposed to.
30.            That which you could not do that particular time it was needed is now what you are trying to enforce. No! It cannot work. If you really loved your husband or wife from the beginning, love all. If you hated from the beginning, hate all. You married because you loved.
31.            Thus, love now means loving all. Love means living without complaining, murmuring, grudging, living without having any iota of doubt as per her integrity, honesty and everything. Love means dwelling with her under all conditions, even in falsehood. This is because you were the one that went for her and brought her into your house...
32.            Remember, we are treating the behaviour of husband and wife explained. For God is the Perfect Interpreter of His word. I wonder whether we have read this message collectively before.
33.            “…If you really loved your husband or wife from the beginning, love all.”
34.            Love all! Love all! No minus!
35.            “…If you hated from the beginning, hate all. You married because you loved. Thus, love now means...” Love now means:
36.            “…If you really loved your husband or wife from the beginning, love all. If you hated from the beginning, hate all. You married because you loved.
37.            Thus, love now means loving all. Love means living without complaining, murmuring, grudging, living without having any iota of doubt as per her integrity, honesty and everything. Love means dwelling with her under all conditions, even in falsehood...”
38.            If you know you love your husband and you are maintaining this stand, show by raising your hands. Why are we in this Faith then? In other words, nobody is married in this Faith. We are living with girlfriends.
39.            Who is that person that is raising up his hand? Does he know what we call wife? He does not know what we call wife. If he knows what we call wife, he would not have done “convert and marry.” He did not know what we call marriage. Are you sure he is listening to the message?
40.            The question is: If you know you love your husband and you are maintaining this standard, show by raising your hands. No wives in this fellowship raised up their hands. If you are the husband that is obeying this message towards your wife, raise up your hands. Only one person raised up his hand.
41.            What are we doing here? Because, the relationship between us the Church and Christ is likened to relationship between the man and the wife. What will judge us that day, is it not this message? It is! This is the message given to us as husband and wife. And the love that is between the two must be measured by the standard God has set. Anything less than that is unacceptable in the sight of God.
42.            Have you seen why God gave us a message, “Coping with the Imperfect Person?” We have condemned ourselves. What do we do in a situation like this? Please, whoever that knows what we shall do should please tell us where it concerns the husband and wife.
43.            Do we continue in this wickedness? No sir! Because, refusing to obey means unbelief, it means wickedness! For God is saying that there should be no schism between the husband and wife. They must have the same heartbeat.
44.            What are we going to do? We are not running an organization, this is Christ’s family. We must find solution to this word. Let us meditate together. Stop making noise! If you are talking, you are not meditating. This is a serious matter.
45.            I told you that this day is going to be a special day for God has something to say. When we are talking about somebody, it looks very simple. You will be saying, “Kill him, kill him for he has committed atrocity”. While your own, you covered it up under your bed.
46.            I am looking forward to a family that will raise their hands, then I will expose you the more.
47.            Have you now seen if God should consider what is happening outside the fellowship, nobody is entering paradise? You that are fond of justifying yourself, declaring yourself guiltless, perfect, how perfect are you?
48.            Now, since you and your wife are not perfect, how perfect are your children? You think God will judge with another thing, He is going to judge you with His word.
49.            if you doubt Me, go back to the message “marriage oldest institution ordained of God”. Check the scriptures, if there be any contradictions in this teaching, call Me a false Messiah. This is the standard for all families that will make paradise, eternal life. It is not negotiable. If you like, say amen, if do not like, don’t say amen.  
50.            Instead of God to lower it, Christ must go back to Calvary which is impossible. Instead of Christ to change it, He will prefer to go back to Calvary which is impossible. He earlier told you when grace came that He is bound to change all doctrines and teachings but He will never tamper with marriage teachings. Did you hear it? That is the origin of the world.  
51.            what was the sin FOR WHICH God finished them in the wilderness? Was it not murmuring against God? When the woman is murmuring against her husband and the husband is murmuring against that wife, is the sin of murmuring not there? It is there!
52.            When they are grumbling, they are complaining, they are never satisfied. They are ungrateful to one another. Is that not the spirit of the last days? Wearing the out form of religion but denying the power. Zealous of going to Church, zealous of holding sermon books, zealous of saying amen but concerning every good work, reprobate.
53.            We want to trace it. Do not blame your wife, do not blame your husband, blame yourselves. Even preachers, do not jump up and down, this is a serious matter. I am involved, you are involved.  
54.            That is why God said, “Every man must strive to raise his wife to this level of awareness that your marriage is tied to your salvation.”   
55.            What was the reason why God justified Abraham? it was because he was able to raise godly children. He was able to command his whole family to obey God. I believe Abraham first of all obeyed and became the father of all that will obey.
56.            even when it came to sacrificing his only son, he did not draw back. He believed God and went to the place that never existed simply because God commanded him in the dream in the night. A man of faith!
57.            Sarah loved Abraham, cherished Abraham. Search the scriptures. Even when Abraham sacrificed Isaac without consulting Sarah, Sarah never murmured against Abraham, Sarah never complained, nobody heard her voice.
58.            But today, let the man take a little decision, the wife will challenge it because she feels she must be consulted in everything even where she makes little or no contribution.
59.            Why? She DOES NOT trust the master. She DOES NOT believe in the master. She DOES NOT believe the master to be a good representative of the family who knows what is best for the family at all times. She DOES NOT know that the man is standing as the pillar.
60.            If the pillar is weak, the building must surely collapse. Let me tell you, any woman that DOES NOT see the husband as the saviour of the family is spiritually blind for that is the basis of foolishness.
61.            Their inability to see their husbands as their saviours and the saviour of their children. As the pillar holding the building, accommodating them. The cloud is here! The Devil is not happy that I am touching on this matter because the moment the Devil succeeds, he seduces the heart of your wife away from you. The next thing is the wife will be a powerful instrument to seduce the hearts of the children away.
62.            Then the man will be struggling to see whether he can recue some. In the attempt to struggle, he may lose his temper. When he loses his temper, he is labelled a devil. A man is never called a devil until he is making an honest attempt to save the lives of the members of his family for he knows how much it costs him to establish it.
63.            How can a man who labours day and night, sweats under the rain, under the sunshine to make sure that the family is established turn round to be the destroyer? Tell Me!
64.            That is why God enjoins women to behave like their mother Sarah who obeyed Abraham in all things to the point of calling Abraham “My lord!” whose daughters you are if you behave like her. Sarah never had an opinion. Sarah had no opinion. Sarah had no idea. Sarah was always backing the husband’s opinions, the husband’s ideas knowing the husband had the best of ideas, the best of opinions, the best of intentions for the family.
65.            If your wife is making a hell of noise, abandon the children to her care, tell her to take care of them at least for one month. She will faint for she cannot bear it. this is a serious matter. It then means, we are on the brink of perishing.    
66.            I had an experience with our brother this morning and I was telling him the dream where people came to his family and made certain things. But there was a statement that was credited to somebody there. He said, “I wonder why he does not even intercede for us? He is selfish; he is only seeking his own good. Now, the gate will be opened tomorrow and I don’t know my fate and the fate of my family. That is why we have gathered.” And the dream left the person, not here.
67.            What if the gate will be opened tomorrow? Elders that came to My house within the week, didn’t we read the report from the Middle East together? Don’t you know what is happening in the Middle East right now? Even yesterday, didn’t we read all of them together? That I said, I won’t talk on such matters again. They will unfold, all eyes will see, ears will hear.
68.            You do not know that there is no place called Israel again. You do not even know that the whole Western world are now agreeing that there will not be anything called Israel. You do not even know that there was a disagreement in China between Mahmoud Abbas and Benjamin Netanyahu who betrayed his people.
69.            You do not even know that Israel has been forced out of the temple, that no Jew can enter there. They are regarded as children of monkeys and bees that will be wiped off immediately. You do not even know that the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is spearheading all Muslims, together with Syria, Turkey, to wipe off Israel in the nearest future. It is on right now!
70.            In other words, Jerusalem will be removed. I thank God for the Elders that come around to read all these things together with Me. I do not want to comment on that because I have prepared you. Still, too many things are still lacking among you.
71.            Now you are murmuring against your husband, murmuring against your wife, complaining, demonstrating, who is sure that is not so in your heart with the Almighty God? For if you are not at peace with your husband, you can never be at peace with Christ.
72.            If you are not at peace with your wife, you can never be at peace with Christ. For man’s wrath can never work out God’s righteousness. The Cloud is here! God is our Judge.
73.            Watch the meaning of love. Love is not buying me gift, buying a bag of rice: “He does not bring money for the family for one month. He does not pay school fees for my children. He does not care whether we are dying or not.” It is not love!
74.            Many are judging the actions of their husbands and wives from that angle. You are demonstrating because he did not come home with a bag of rice, he did not come with fresh fish, he did not buy wrapper, he did not ask you how much you spent in making your hair. Is that one love?
75.             How many times did he buy shoes? Since you needed a GSM handset, has he bought you any? For that reason, he has become Lucifer. Judge yourselves!
76.            The Bible said in Galatians chapter 4 that, “We should examine ourselves to know whether we are still holding to the faith of Christ which we profess.” Examine your family relationship; that is what we are doing now.
77.            Examine your own with your husband, I will examine My own with My wife to know the type of example we are laying before our children and before the Almighty God.
78.            What is the record following your family? Is it the record of continuous agreement with your husband or continuous disagreement with your husband? Is it suppression of feeling?
79.            I love this atmosphere. If there should be noise by now, I know that foolish people filled this Faith, who do not know the meaning of salvation; who are thinking that God can accept bribe.
80.            God does not accept bribe from anybody. If God likens the relationship that will exist between the Church and Christ to the relationship that exists or should exist between husband and wife, there is no mistake about that.
81.            Husbands, love your wives. Wives, love your husbands.
82.            St. Peter enjoined women to love their husbands so much that even if there be one that does not believe, the person will be compelled to believe through the good conduct of the wife.
83.            He said, “You wife, who knows whether your belief can help your husband to be saved. You husband, who knows whether your belief can help your wife to be saved.”
84.            In first Corinthians chapter 7 verse 12 through 14, God spoke on that through the mouth of St. Paul, the Apostle, that if you have an unbelieving wife who is loving and cherishing you, happy to dwell with you in your faith without disturbance, he said, “Cherish and love her.” Vice versa for your faith sanctifies one another. Otherwise, your children will be pagans, heathens, hence they are lost. Is that not scripture?
85.            What is wrong with us? Who has bewitched us? If I should say that 99 percent of Onitsha Church has not attained the height God set for salvation, somebody will make “Ehh…” What is the height if not this height?
86.            Look at how God excluded children and presented husband and wife who met when they had no children and volunteered to live even eternally come what may.
87.            If you have it, bring it out from your library immediately for this is the standard God set. If God did not give us this message, why giving us the message titled, “Examine Your Family Relationship?” He had already given us, “The Behaviour of Husbands and Wives”, then came out to give us “The Behaviour Of Husbands And Wives Explained”, lest somebody will say he never understood.
88.            What is more, God came out and gave us another one titled “Examine Your Family Relationship.” Judge your relationship with your wife and husband with the message “the behaviour of husbands and wives explained”. If there is anything you learn from it, the way God wants it to be, examine it between you and your husband and the way you are living together. No magic about it. No miracle, nobody is dodging it. It is a vindicated and confirmed message.
89.            This day is a special day for God told us He has something to say. Even the way He started today, if you are wise and spiritual, you will know actually that God is going to be on the scene today. Amen.

The Behaviours of Husbands and Wives Explained” page 54 verse 34, “Your inability to master who your wife is because you were filled with admiration is what has caused the problem. I said your eyes were filled with what? Admiration.
2.              For that reason, you could not strive to master her. Before you knew it, you started raising children from a woman that you do not love. She started raising sons and daughters for you.
3.                 She also did not know the man very well because what filled her eyes was admiration. You admired each other. You never went for quality. You went for quantity.
4.                 Quantity is what your eyes can behold, while quality is what the inner mind can feel. You equally made a mistake. Just admit it...”
5.                 In other words, you are not married. If you go to the message titled “Marriage the Oldest Institution Ordained of God,” God said, “You are not married until you are perfectly joined with your wife or husband in the spirit for marriage takes place in the heart; equally, divorce takes place in the heart. Husband and wife will be divorced and still stay together and have children.
6.                 Go back to the message titled, “The Spiritual Harmony.” You are not married until you have the same heartbeat with your wife. Your desire becomes your wife’s desire. Your opinion, becomes her opinion. Your idea, becomes her idea.
7.                 Not one is talking, the other one is challenging. it Is like one building and another one pulling down. How can the building be completed?
8.                 Once there is companionship, there must a superior authority. And the superior authority is the leader. The other one becomes the deputy or the assistant.
9.                 In the family, the husband is the leader. The husband is the superior partner. In every agreement, even in business, in partnership, there is always a superior partner and the superior partner becomes the chairman of the organization.
10.            What is troubling you people? There could be twenty partners, you have one chairman and deputy chairman. The rest become directors who make up the Board of Directors. Who is the chairman, “chairmaning” your house, in your family who are you deputizing?
11.            The Deputy President of Nigeria can never endorse any bill without the President’s mandating him. I want to say something. Both in law and in practice, no Deputy President is conferred with authority to endorse any legal bill. All legal documents must be endorsed by the President.
12.            You can never see any gazette or white paper bearing so, so and so for the deputy President. It does not exist and will never exist. There are certain authorities that can never be conferred. It requires, in short, it is a prerogative of the incumbent. Nobody delegates it to anybody.
13.            Do we have such incumbency in the family? Yes sir! There are certain functions in the family I call un-delegated functions. Till eternity, they are the prerogative of the incumbent. Even if My wife is providing the money, providing everything, she will keep the money until I have given My consent.
14.            The moment I give My assent, the project or task will now take off because the chairman has assented to it. He has given a go-ahead order. Then, My deputy can now execute it.
15.            Yes, the Chief Security of Nigeria is the President. No matter how states liaise with the Deputy President, he can never make any plausible statement. He will carry their information, carry their reports to the leader because, we do not have two Security Officers in charge of Nigeria. In addition, nobody can assent to Security Bill except the President of the nation. You cannot sign for him.
16.            Carry this information to your family. Do you have a president in your family? Who is that president?
17.            There was a message I handled some years ago titled “Who is in Control Of Your Family?” Who is controlling your family? Who is Controller General of your family?
18.            The controller general of your family is that person your children listen to and take the words as final. It can be your wife, it can be your husband, it can be your external relation. It can even be your neighbour who is looking for a way to spoiling your family and your children do not know. Rather, they confide in him.
19.            It can be a brother in this Faith or a sister in this Faith that is envious of your family who is wishing that your children are renegades and hooligans; and your children may not know. For anything, they will run to the person. Before you know it, they are lost.
20.            Whoever that dictates what happens in your family is the controller-general of your family. If you give your wife instruction, she cannot obey until she gets clearance from that person. Unless she is cleared from that authority, she will not do anything. Whatever the man will do, she will get clearance from that authority, otherwise, it will not be effected. That man or woman is the one controlling your family.
21.            Every family should have only but one controller and one deputy controller. The controller is the husband; the deputy controller is the wife.
22.            Now, how can the controller disagree with the deputy and the house will stand? Any day the President begins to have a face-off with the deputy, impeachment is lurking. The general public will lose confidence in their administration for a body that is divided against itself can never stand.
23.            You do not know what I am saying. Let Me use our own case for example. All of us that are retirees, we were privileged to be given our money including the police, immigration and so on. Then, a committee was set up, headed by a level-thirteen officer, Alhaji Maina, from prisons. Little did we know that he learnt nothing from what happened to his predecessors. He colluded with the man in charge of the police affairs who vested with police money also, Ringim.
24.            Ringim collected his own, police officers rose up to petition—both serving and retired ones—he was booted out shamefully. Today, he is seeking asylum in Europe. Is that not right? Why is he seeking asylum? Is Mike Okiro not in Nigeria?
25.            Mike Okiro is now the chairman of a board in a University. He is now heading another organization. What of those that retired, are they seeking asylum? What is pursuing the man? How many retired IGs are seeking asylum outside Nigeria? When a fowl pollutes the air, the land pursues her.
26.            Before we knew it, Maina took our money and ran away—a hundred and fifty-nine billion naira, frustrating all of us till today. All that died because of non-payment of their pension arrears, who killed them? These two people, nemesis must catch up with them.
27.            I am saying that immediately the Police rose up against their boss—both retired and serving—government’s interest was drawn into it. They saw the truth and the man ran away.
28.            You see, we picked up pen against Maina. After verification exercises, everybody picked up pens. Government now summoned for the arrest of Alhaji Maina. They asked the IG to arrest him. The Senate called for him, everybody was calling for him.
29.            Fraudulent Nigerians aided the man and he ran away, left the country. Now, he is seeking asylum somewhere. Do not worry, nemesis must surely catch up with all of them.
30.            Note, a body that is divided against itself can never stand. Any day the President starts clashing with his deputy, the country will lose confidence in their leadership. The moment the wife and the husband begin to disagree, begin to clash, the children born in the family must lose confidence in them.
31.            That is number one because they are washing their dirty linens before their children, not knowing that their children will marry and raise families.
32.            Begin to think how it will look like when your husband will report your wickedness, you insubordination to your sons and daughters who might be somewhere. They will be querying you, taking side with their father. Is that family not finished?
33.            What if the mother is reporting to the children and they will be querying him, is that family not finished?  anybody that feels very happy in living in disagreement with the wife or husband is a devil in human form for that is the only being that can delight in living in chaos.
34.            The only person that can take pleasure in living in chaos is the devil for God is the author of peace.
35.            This day is a special day. It is a day we shall rejoice for we prayed that God should touch us with the touch of love; visit us in a wonderful way and overhaul the system. Peradventure, somebody will be saved this day.
36.            Yes! I am sure that God is not talking in vain. One or two or three families must be salvaged from the hand of the Devil. If not all, few must be salvaged today for they are on the brink of collapse.
37.            Tell Me, when the Gate is open and you are coming with your husband and God will ask you, “Is this your husband or your boyfriend? Is this your wife or your girlfriend? Are you friends or enemies? Are you coming together as husband and wife or what?”
38.            If having children is what made you husband and wife, mad people have children. Is that not right? If going to bed with a woman is what you call love, it then means you have loved all prostitutes in the whole world.
39.            You were prostituting before you came into this Faith. Some in this Faith, are still prostituting. If I say it and you feel offended, you can kill Me. But I know, I never made that statement in vain. Somebody must be guilty of it. I am sure and certain.
40.            Among married and un-married in this most holy Faith still pay visit to hotels where they meet with prostitutes. How they patronise prostitutes. It might not be in Onitsha, it might be somewhere else. You know yourselves. We have professional prostitutes; we have institutionalised prostitutes as can be seen in the Universities and higher institutions. I said institutionalised prostitution.
41.            If you have not seen them, go to the Universities, especially Imo State University. In the evening, you will see all of them filing with their bags, waiting for private vehicle owners to pick them. Members of the House of Assemblies taking them to unknown destinations, who are responsible for paying their fees. So it is in all higher institutions.
42.            Thus, don’t think I am crazy. I am not crazy. I know what is happening in the society. Glory be to God in the highest.   
43.            Understand the full meaning of love that should exist between husband and wife as explained by God, as explained by the Elohim that appeared in our midst, as interpreted by the Resurrected Body, by the Pillar Of Cloud in our midst. That is what I am saying!
44.            Even before coming to fellowship, some husbands and wives could not say, “Remain blessed.” I mean sitting down in this fellowship. There are some husbands and wives in this fellowship now that got up from their beds, took their bath, prepared and come to fellowship without saluting each other with “Remain blessed” or Good morning. They will both prepare separately and come to fellowship and pick their seats. None see eye-to-eye with the other.
45.            You look at the woman’s face, it will look as if irritating cocoyam paste was rubbed on it – very hostile with her heart made up! Some are even in the fellowship, instead of repenting, instead of praying, say, “God, thank you for today,” they are flexing their muscles on what they will do at home because their husbands said “Amen!” or “Say it louder!”
46.            Don’t worry. You will see one that will get home today and accost her husband, demanding to know why he supported the message, shouting, “Say it louder!” And to tell her who has been doing those things for which he shouted “Say it louder!”
47.            You see one that will challenge the husband that she looked round to see if he would raise his hands in support of the message. That he should thank God he did not raise his hand. Is it a lie? Sister Israel, is it a lie? This is a serious matter.  
48.            Yes! A man said, “A man must surely see what his colleague saw”. The Son of Man says that a woman must surely see what her colleague saw.
49.            When a man eats what has kept him sleepless, he must surely sleep. If you refuse to sleep at the right time; early morning breeze will surely make you sleep. If you miss that sleep on the bed, you will not miss it on the chair. When you stay for a while, once cool breeze blows over your face, you must surely sleep.
50.            What are saying? It is not getting married, getting married that matters. It is whether you are able to cope with the challenges? It is not, “being in Christ that matters”. Being in Christ means keeping the instructions, words, God has given to His children; keeping the standard God has kept for His children that are named.
51.            What we are saying does not concern somebody that is in the world, it doesn’t concern our parents that are not in this faith. Whatever God is saying is for His children. Glory be to God.
52.            We are in Covenant with God. The only way we can remain in covenant is by obeying Him. I hope I am not wearying you down? Even if I weary you down, I owe you no apology because I know, when this life is over, somebody will embrace Me and say, “Now I know that you really love me.”
53.            I was talking to My wife in one of those days saying, “Listen to Me very well, darling. I love you, I may not have the money to provide for you all that life entails. Count it not against Me. However, if at the end, I succeed in offering you this salvation, I have given you all!”
54.            If you love your wife and you cannot help your wife to attain the required standard God set for every family, your love for your wife is fake. Your love for your husband is also fake!
55.            “…Your inability to master who your wife is because you were filled with admiration is what has caused the problem. I said your eyes were filled with what? Admiration. For that reason, you could not strive to master her.
56.            Before you knew it, you started raising children from a woman that you do not love. She started raising sons and daughters for you. She also did not know the man very well because what filled her eyes was admiration.
57.            You admired each other. You never went for quality. You went for quantity...”
58.            In other words, she is fair to look at; you now went for quantity instead of quality. Quality maketh a personality and not quantity. Quantity  is good for nothing!
59.            “…The study of your wife with a view to knowing her weaknesses so that you will know how to accommodate her is important, but you could not do it when you were supposed to.
60.            That which you could not do that particular time it was needed is now what you are trying to enforce. No! It cannot work.
61.            If you really loved your husband or wife from the beginning, love all. If you hated from the beginning, hate all. You married because you loved. Thus, love now means loving all.
62.            Love means living without complaining, murmuring, grudging, living without having any iota of doubt.”
63.            Underline it! Love means: living without murmuring, without complaining, without grumbling or grudging.
64.            …Living without having any iota of doubt as per her integrity, honesty and everything. Love means dwelling with her under all conditions, even in falsehood. Love means dwelling in bondage as if you were dwelling in freedom.”
65.            What? Put your hands together!
66.            “…There is no other way you can raise godly children than doing all these things which I have commanded you to do...”
67.            Has it become a command? Yes sir! Command from who? From we, the Apostles of Christ.
68.            …If you do it, that which you could not achieve by rebuking, by demonstrating, you will now achieve through love.This is the ground where the Scripture says that love covers multitude of sins.
69.            There is nothing love does not cover. What love does means turning disappointment into opportunity; turning unfavourable conditions into favourable ones; eating and drinking without complaining; swallowing the rice with stones as if no stone is found in it...”
70.            Swallowing the rice with stone as if you are taking butter, as if you are taking margarine, as if you are taking avocado pear. We are feeding from the True Fountain. Glory be to God in the highest.
71.            This was the point it got to and St. Peter said, “If the case of a man is like this, it is not good for a man to think of marriage.
72.            You can never reduce; you can never subtract or add to the message. It is a direct command from the Resurrected Body. The Personality that is there holding the pulpit. The Mouthpiece of the Bride, The very Elohim, the Rock of Escape, the Godhead Himself.
73.            You can never get a teaching like this outside the Bride. It is only in the Bride that this fullness is revealed. The Cloud is here! A vindication! Today is a special day. God is disarming the lion what it has in its mouth. God is disarming the devil, loosing what he has used to tie some people. God have mercy.
74.            One that stayed at home and did not come to fellowship of the saints, where has Goddy Tobechukwu gone to? I have not seen him since. It has been a long time he left here. Onyema Eze went out and started sleeping outside. Immediately he left the fellowship hall, the devil captured him, placed him where he was sleeping. He never knew what we were talking.
75.            If I did not send for Onyema Eze, nobody would have known that he was outside sleeping. At the end of the day, when he goes home, he will ask his wife what transpired today. There will be a message that will be going on and people will be sleeping, is it this one? Anybody that is in the fellowship sleeping while this message is going on, that person is a serpent seed. That person is suffering from the worst disease. Amen.

THE BEHAVIOURS OF HUSBANDS AND WIVES EXPLAINED page 63 verse 1: “Coping with the imperfect being. What is imperfection? Imperfection means having numerous shortcomings or numerous faults. We are talking about coping with a faulty man, coping with a faulty woman...”
2.                 Coping with a faulty woman. The woman will cope with a faulty man, the man will cope with a faulty woman. God loves us so much! whoever that found himself or herself in hellfire, used his or her hand to put him or herself there. You will refuse to believe the truth before you will go there.
3.                 “…After all Lucifer was an angel. Iniquity can be found in that angel tomorrow. Was she an angel? Yes. You are looking for an angel, if you find one, praise the Lord. However, being an angel is not insurance against iniquity.”
4.                 Otherwise, Lucifer would have been insured. What of the fallen angels that lost their former estate? They would have been insured and immuned, insulated.
5.                 “…Is she an angel? Yes. Can she strife against the leadership in the family? Yes. This is because one day, she will desire to ascend to the throne of the most high (the husband).”
7.                 Note it, improved relationship means improved understanding. Underline it in your own message.
8.                 “…Well, do not blame Jesus for not thinking of marriage. Equally, do not blame Paul, for Peter looked at it and said, “If the condition of a man is like this, it is not good for a man to think of getting a wife.
9.                 Our problem emanates from our strong desire to be angels from the beginning to the end.
10.            Brother Goddy, has anybody achieved it?” Goddy is absent.
11.            “…The closest person to the Almighty God was Lucifer, an angel of all angels, the bright and Morning Star. He remained righteous and faithful until one day iniquity was found in him. That was the origin of divorce. He quarrelled with God or God quarrelled with him...”
12.            That was the origin of divorce. He quarrelled with God and God quarrelled with him instead of accommodating him in love. God returned fire for fire and the result was divorce. “Please do not expect a positive result from a negative action.”  
13.            “…Do not expect a perfect action from an imperfect human being. This is the knowledge your wife must have concerning you.”
14.            Have we read this message together before? I doubt! However, do we have this message in our homes? It is like! The booklet is very small but the content is mighty.
15.            If husband and wife will have in-depth knowledge of what human relationship is all about, raising their children under conducive atmosphere becomes easy. If any disagreement will occur, nobody will hear it from the window for two imperfect persons are together, understanding their imperfections...
16.            Brethren, put your hands together for God! I mean, it is God’s desire that our homes must be paradise on Earth. Tell Me a family that observes this, won’t that family be the envy of the neighbours around? But the devil is not permitting us.
17.            “…A man demonstrating against the wife is demonstrating against himself. You find fault with your wife, you find fault with yourself, for you were the one that called her “beautiful.” You admired her.
18.            You painted a rosy picture of your wife; an angelic picture and everybody followed you based on your recommendation of what she is. If you come home and discover that it is not what you went for, bear it with joy. Do not complain...”
19.            The women are looking at themselves and shaking their heads while the men are raising their hands praising God.
20.            “…Do not murmur. Rejoice and probably when you rejoice over it, you may even win her. Before you know it, she will be assuming your natural being. Be joyful under sorrowful conditions. You will turn your sorrow into joy, but if you begin to analyze and interpret, you will cause more harm than good.”
21.             “...DO NOT LIVE WITH YOUR WIFE UNDER ANALYTIC CONDITIONS. If money is flowing in your family, there must be problems. There is no way you can pray for long life and avoid the crisis of life. Anybody praying for long life and prosperity is equally praying for the problems of life.
22.            If you are a man and you are married, God said you have three families. Your problems must come from these families in addition to your everyday business. They must all bother your mind. One man is to shoulder all these. That is why your situation calls for understanding...”
23.            That is why a man’s condition calls for understanding by the wife who will pass the information to the entire children. Why? Because the landlord is waiting for him, water rate is waiting for him, power holding is waiting for him, soaker-way is waiting for him. ANSEPA is waiting for him.
24.            Feeding is waiting for him, rent is waiting for him, shop payment is waiting for him, parents are waiting for him. Extended family is waiting for him, in-laws are waiting for him. The society is waiting for him; armed robbers are wait for him, road decongestion officers are waiting for him.
25.            Why won’t he die? Vigilante group is waiting for him. School fees are waiting for him; all the hospitals are waiting for him. Why won’t he die? That is why it calls for proper understanding of the man by the wife who will help the children to understand so that the man won’t die.
26.            “…If you do not master yourself, understand your wife, you will be having problems with your family from time to time. Before you know it, you start disgracing yourself and excessive drinking makes it worst.
27.            That will make you lose concentration. It is better you speak when you are sensible than to speak when you are drunk.”
28.            Pastor Dan, take note! Write it as a banner, place it in your parlour or door step. That is where our talk will start from. When you saturate yourself with drink over the weekend, you will start talking rubbish. If you get to My house, it becomes worse.
29.            If you are being told what you said the next day, you will say, “Is that true?” Write it as a poster and place it in your house. It is better to speak when you are sober than when you are drunk. I have never seen a sensible drunk man.
30.            Nobody has ever been sensibly drunk. You cannot be number one that will be sensibly drunk. If you are sensible, you are not drunk. If you are drunk, you are not sensible.
31.            “…It is better you speak when you are sensible than to speak when you are drunk. You may be making a good point but this is usually nullified by the impression that you always come home drunk...”
32.            Brother David Mbah, you are also guilty. If you get home, call Bishop Okoh, tell him also that the Son of Man said that he is also guilty. Underline that area. I know all of you. Communicate to him and Pascal. You know your club. You do not have any at Umudike because you are afraid. But at Enugu, you rush home from time to time not because of your family but because of that club.
33.            “…It is better you speak when you are sensible than to speak when you are drunk. You may be making a good point but this is usually nullified by the impression that you always come home drunk.”
34.            Brother Ugwu of Onitsha, did you hear what God is saying? That you may be making a good point, but this is nullified by the fact that it is assumed every night you must come back drunk. If you are making a point in your statement, they will assume that you are drunk.
35.            The only sense that is left in a drunkard is the sense that drives him back to his house. The only sense that remains in a drunkard is the little one that is left that will take him back to his house. Where is Brother Shedrack Onah? You are coming back, running. And they know it is true.
36.            When you are drinking, you will saying, “Will I recongnise the road back to my house today? Nnaa, will man get home today? Nnaa, it is like we will park the vehicle and walk home so that man will not kill himself while driving”.
37.            Why? He has drunk himself to exhaustion. The only sense he will be looking for is the one he will use in getting back to his house. Be orderly, be quiet, be reverend. The Cloud is here.
38.            “…Be sober at all times and your family will be sober in approaching you. Come home drunk, your wife must also approach you as if she is drunk without tasting a drop of alcohol
39.            Yes, somebody can be drunk with violence...”
40.            Underline it! Somebody can be intoxicated with wine, not that she drank.
41.            “…When you are addicted to the Word of God, all the knowledge and  experiences you have acquired in life will come back to direct you on what should be your attitude at any given time. Besides, there is no tension you cannot dowse.
42.            I do not care the nature that tension assumes. One sweet and comforting statement: “Darling, please take it easy, I am just managing to feed the family. This business is not giving what I expected.”
43.            “...In fact throughout this week, we have been living on the little we had before now. I have never collected even a kobo from a customer. Please bear with me...”
44.            All the experience and knowledge you have acquired in life when you are addicted by the Word of God. Have you ever heard sweet word like this? I do not care the nature the tension assumes, whether violent or not.
45.            “...One sweet and comforting statement: “Darling, please take it easy, I am just managing to feed the family. This business is not giving what I expected. In fact throughout this week, we have been living on the little we had before now. I have never collected even a kobo from a customer. Please bear with me.
46.            However, if you begin to recount: “Last week, didn’t I give you five thousand Naira? The other week I gave you two thousand Naira; what did you do with it?...”
47.            You are now accusing her of mismanagement of your money which she knows she never mismanaged. That means trouble has come. You are calling for accounting. She should come and give account on how she spent the money.
48.            Does that person want peace in his home? No sir! Next time, she will write list and give it to you so that you can go to the market in the evening. In the morning, she will list out that of the breakfast and give it to you. She will write the one that you will not be able to locate and give it to you.
49.            If she gives you the one you do not know where they are selling it in the market, you will know that women are deceptive. She will give you the list of the one you cannot find in the market. She will tell you the necessity of those items, that they will be used in making soup. If you remove them, she will not cook food for that day.
50.            “…Nothing infuriates a woman more than making her see how extravagant she is when she spends her own money trying to cover you up even without telling you...”
51.             “…The only human being on Earth that does not have his own money is a man. There is no man that is married that has his own money. Only women have their own money. It is a hard statement. Husbands, bear it in mind that when you marry, you can never have money that is called your own...”
52.            We are feasting under the Clouds of Heaven and we are happy. Outside is light; here is the dew, the Canopy. Today is a special day brethren. God is touching families. He wants to save us.   
53.            “…The only person that is permitted to have money that belongs to her, whether you like it or not is your wife.”
54.            Have you seen it? Who is making this statement? God!
55.            “…The only person that is permitted to have money that belongs to her, whether you like it or not is your wife. If she does not have money, she becomes hostile. If she does not have money, do not talk about anything obedience or being submissive to you.
56.            For that reason, she must be included in the soup you are preparing; in the garri you are buying; in the yam you are buying, include her own personal expenses. Be ready to give her the money cash and allow her to spend it the way she wants. She will tell you that she has the money in her hand or in the bank.
57.            Any kobo you collected from your wife must be paid for; it must also be accounted for. For you to collect that money, you must tell her what you will use that money for and also be ready to tell her the date to pay back.”
58.            Be ready to tell her the day you will pay back.
59.            “…Do not ever ask what she will do with that money for she has so many things she will do with it. It is not your business asking her what she will do with that money. She might have made some promises to the children without your knowledge.”
60.            She must have made some promises to the children even without your knowledge. She has promised her children what she will buy for them: “He will buy this, buy that, buy this, buy that,” without your knowledge.
61.            “…Note that she will not agree to give you her money until you agree to pay your old debt. For you to borrow money from your wife, you must agree that you will clear your old debts. Do not ever say no. If possible add the two together, that is, the one you want to borrow and the old debt you owe, add both together and tell her how much you owe...”
62.            Yes, the account will increase.
63.            “…Remember that both the lender and the borrower are in your house.”
64.            What? The lender, the borrower, they are all in your house. “…Both the bank and the loan operators are in your house.”
65.            Both the bank and the loan operators are all in your house. Both EFCC, ICPC, Code of Conduct Bureau, they are all operating in your house. The regulatory agencies are there and the man is the Apex Bank. The man is the Central Bank. The woman is the commercial bank. The children are the microfinance Bank.
66.            Yes! Your children are a microcosm. They constitute a drop in the bucket. You should include them. Yes, sometimes, you borrow money from your children. Abi na lie?
67.            Thus, I am the Central Bank, My wife is the commercial bank because every loan from her must attract interest. And from time to time, she must send alert. I must get alert: “Remember the other one,” that is an alert! “You are indebted to me,” that is an alert!
68.            You know, a man is always on the debit side. Your wife cannot give you credit alert. Your wife will always give you debt alert. You go to your children, debit alert.
69.            I am the central bank, My wife is the commercial, while My children are the microfinance bank. The three arms of the bank, they are complete in My house. In other words, both the lender and the borrower, both the issuing house and discounting house, they are all in My house. God is great!
70.            “…Remember that both the lender and the borrower are in your house. Both the bank and the loan operators are in your house...”
71.            “…This is where we notice problem among men, making such statements they do not mean. If you know that you cannot implement it, why threaten your wife with hellfire or divorce since you know you do not mean it. She also knows you do not mean it. If you dare threaten your wife with those things, she will regard you as a playboy.”
72.            “…In fact, no devil can influence you to do them. It is just like Brother Shadrach who was talking nonsense about his wife. He said to his wife, ‘If you go, within seven days, I will declare: No more marriage between us.’ I looked at Brother Shadrach’s mouth with which he uttered those words and I said, “This is a complete Mallam Shadrach.”
73.            A complete Mallam Shadrach! Even recently I called him a Mallam. Mallam Shadrach!
74.            “…In short, adding mallam to him is even giving him credit. He is a maiguard.” He is what? A maidguard!
75.            “…There is a Scripture we do not want to hear. It says, ‘’Do not allow the sun to go down in your anger and wrath.’ Another Scripture said, ‘As long as it layeth in your hand, live peaceably with all men.’ Then another is: ‘How many times does somebody offend you and you forgive? Seventy times seven times.”
76.            A day! Another is, “Be angry and sin not.”
77.            “…What am I saying? Both the wife and the children belong to you. You own them. The decision to have a wife is the decision to have a responsibility you cannot dodge.
78.            You see, this is another problem I have witnessed: Appreciation. Every husband wants to receive thanks from the wife for a work well done. You want your wife to be glad that you have laboured and if she does not show that appreciation, you feel bad.
79.            Note it, the only person that will show appreciation for your efforts is your servant or a maid or a stranger, not your wife. Your relations can show appreciation not your wife. The services you are rendering to your wife are services you ought to render expecting no “thank you” in return. They are your sole responsibility. You felt up to date.”
80.            This side we are now is very delicate, it favoured the women too much.
81.            “…You told the whole world that you have now become a man; an independent man, up-to-date to have a family that you will go out and get food and shelter for. You have not done anything great in the sight of your wife. She is still expecting something greater than what you have done so far.
82.            There are too many things you are still indebted to her for; not just cloths, food and shelter. In addition, you are not even expecting her to contribute because that was not the initial agreement. You felt you have enough and you could take care of her and her problems all round till eternity.
83.            Now you want to shy away from it giving reasons. Who do you want to take care of her? You want her to say “thank you;” thank you for what? For doing the job you know you ought to do? Our wives are contributing a lot. We are the ones who supposed to be appreciative. The helps our parents could not render to us, we are getting them from our wives.
84.            Who can help you to raise a family that will bear your name without grudging if not your wife? Your wife is the cheapest thing that money can afford. The cheapest thing that has long lasting reward that your money can give you is your wife.
85.            With five thousand Naira, you can marry. Besides, there is no wife that has not paid the husband back more than one million times what the man spent in marrying her.”
86.            This message is one sided, it is not favouring men. This is the truth that is not favouring men. Hard to say AMEN. If I should say, it is the hardest truth ever heard is this one. This is the hardest truth ever heard!
87.            “…The reason why most husbands cannot cheer their wives up is because they have a bad nature. If you praise them, they will go about bragging with it. However, deep within us, we know that they are really helping us for without them, we cannot be what we really are today.
88.            If every amount of money that is spent in the family is being collected from the man, the man will die in one month. Those things we call wastes are not wastes, but are in the pockets of our wives to be used when our pockets have gone dry. We see those things everyday. If your wife is hawking banana, why is she doing so, is it for her parents? No, it is for you. If she is hawking groundnuts, she is doing it for you.
89.            Whatever your wife is doing, check it very well, it is for you. Hence, it will be very wrong for you as a man to say no to honest advancement by your wife to help the family.”
90.            We are to apologise to our wives. Pastor Thomas, do you agree? I said, we are going to apologise to our wives today, do you agree?  
91.            “…Man by nature loves to protect his self-ego whether the ego is helpful or not. Some egos are destructive. If you say, ‘I do not want to answer woman wrapper,’ then the question arises: who is the owner of the wrapper? Who owns the woman?
92.            “…Some egos are foolish while some are useful. What is a useful ego? Behind every successful man there must be a woman that played the supportive role.”
93.            What? Useful ego! What is a useful ego? Remember God is separating destructive ego from useful ego.
94.            “…If by tomorrow God blesses my wife, note, that blessing can come in different forms. Assuming she obtained the favour of her relations and they give her a plot of land at College of Education, Nsugbe to reward her as their daughter, who owns the land? The land belongs to me. Before they will finish the whole thing, I have already fenced it in the name of Mrs. Odoemena.”  
95.            “…You know sometimes, there is always the ego that a man will feel shy to get helped by his in-laws noticing that the man will be free with the in-laws. Whenever they want to help the man, they will come through the wife. Whatever is the agreement with the family, they will give it through the wife.
96.            Then you will come and say, “Thank you, my wife told me what you gave her. Thank you very much.’ You would not say, “My wife told me what you gave to me.’ They know that you will be feeling inferior.
97.            To avoid that, they present it to your wife. What if you say that the thing will not come into your house because your in-laws brought it to you? This is what I call foolish and destructive ego. Whether my wife is the one holding the steering or I am the one, who owns the vehicle?
98.            In other words, both of us own the vehicle. The idea is to get the vehicle moving in the right direction for we have only but one purpose. What is that purpose? Our purpose is to make sure that we are not living behind; that records are being taken everyday. Any day the books are opened and names of families that made it are called, your name must be there. My name must be there.
99.            If you want to correct anything evil in your family, correct the relationship between you and your wife. Then the rest of the children will now line up. When you come to a point where your wife will never live to see any of your children insulting you and you will never live to see any of your children insulting her; you are constantly defending her, she is constantly defending you; where will your child stay and carry out that iniquity? You now take what we call “joint measure” against evil because you have now cemented your relationship...”
100.       That is joint task force!
101.       …Can this be achieved? The answer is yes. The Bridal Faith is just a small family. We are the smallest family on Earth and we know ourselves.”
102.       The Bridal Faith is the smallest family. We are the smallest family of God on Earth. You see, we are the Bridal Family, that is why we discourse, we don’t preach. We don’t hide anything here.
103.       “…Do not tell Me that you have done your best and nothing will work anymore. You have not done your best until you achieve your aim. For that reason, do not stop, do not relent, do not give up nor quit. Do not say it is a miracle you want to happen, and you want it to happen immediately. No. It is a gradual process for it took a very long time to spoil. It will equally take some time to be corrected, but start somewhere.
104.       How do you start? By implementing the much you have known now. No talking or negotiation, but let everybody begin to see reactions against negative actions.
105.       When your wives act negatively, you react positively. When they act positively, you react negatively, everybody will be wondering what on Earth is happening. Something is taking place and with time, everything will normalize. Children will be happy that they have good parents taking up responsibilities you abandoned long time ago due to anger, foolishness and intolerance.”
106.       “…When your wives act negatively, you react positively. When they act positively, you react negatively, everybody will be wondering what on Earth is happening. Something is taking place and with time, everything will normalize. Children will be happy that they have good parents taking up responsibilities you abandoned long time ago due to anger, foolishness and intolerance.
107.       You take up those responsibilities starting from your family altar, starting from holding decisions with your family, chatting with your children, asking them questions and becoming friendlier than ever; showing more interest in their affairs and in the affairs of your wife as your responsibility which you can never avoid.”
108.       For the highest favour you can show your children is to love their mother.
109.       “…Before you know it, the Lord will begin to bless your efforts. Appreciate your wife’s efforts at all times. Instead of demanding from your wife, you rather supply so that if the pocket dries she will know. Do not expect her appreciation but be the one to appreciate always. Make her to understand that God will bless the day you found her.”
110.       God bless the day I found you, I want to stay around you! If you go to the message titled “Marriage the Oldest Institution ordained of God;” you know that God said something there: “This kind of woman I never see am o-o-o, this kind of woman, I never see; this kind of woman I never see o-o-o, this kind of woman I never see. I waka so te I tire. I meet her far, far away, na him I like, na him I go live with o-o-o. I waka so till I tire, I meet am far, far away, na him I like, na him I go live with, this kind of man, I never see am, this kind of man, I never see. This kind of man, I never see am, this kind of man, I never see. I waka so till I tire, I meet am far, far away, na him I like, na him I go live with o-o-o.”
111.       Husbands and wives tell yourselves: “God bless the day I found you, I want to stay around you. The happiest union on Earth is marriage union—very exciting and very sweet. I call it A SHADOW OF PARADISE.
112.       A man or woman that is not comfortable in her family is in Hell. The person’s hellfire has started here on Earth.
113.       You see why I want you to get accommodation, move your family to where you are. Because it is very easy for what belongs to one to be claimed by another. You see, Son of Man is advocating for women. The Cloud is here!
114.       We are not running a Church, we are running a family. If you are not happy to be a member of this family, something is wrong with you. This is a happy family! (selah). The happiest people on Earth remain the people of God. Have you ever gone to a place where they are talking and drinking wine at the same time and discussing?
115.       “…Yes, you should tell God to bless the day you came in contact with your wife. Do not say it is a cursed day. It is a blessed day for none can be compared to her. Say, ‘I wonder what life would have been if I did not get a woman like her.’ Praise her, adore her and then the children will join.”
116.        Women will go crazy here!
117.       “…Learn to play with her and admire her in all situations...”
118.       What if she doesn’t want to play? Force the play on her. Impose it on her! She must learn to play anyhow. ANY WOMAN THAT REFUSES HER HUSBAND OFFER OF DRINK IS A LADY AND NOT A WIFE. Even if you do not like drinking, at least, that offer from your husband, you will use it to learn how to drink small, small. Brethren, the faith is the highest! Is today not a special day? Be reverend, the Cloud is here.
119.       “…Learn to play with her and admire her in all situations. Before you know it, her attitude towards you will change for the better. Her attitude towards the family will change for the better. Your family will become an enviable one with enviable records. Until this is done, we have no hope for our children.”
120.       Until this is done, we have no hope for our children. Which means, whether we like it or not we must obey it. This is the secret.
121.       On this note, I say remain in your sanctified estate, remain blessed in Him eternally. Amen.