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Thursday, 5 May 2011


Preached on 25TH JANUARY 2013 AT CELEBRANTS’ RESIDENCE (Michael okpara university of agriculture, UMUDIKE) By APOSTLE PETER ODOEMENA THE SON OF MAN “THE ROCK OF AGES” “Truth has no substitute” © BRIDE OF CHRIST MINISTRY WORLD-WIDE

I am the Fountain of the Living Water. Whosoever shall come to Me and drink, shall never go thirsty again, but have everlasting life. Believe it if you can.

The Son of Man.          

Nobody makes a success until he creates a new road. if you follow the path established by your father, you must stop where your father stopped. But when you create your own path with your own vision, a way which nobody knows but you, it has no limit. Pursue it vigorously by being self-discipline.
When you are self-discipline, discipline yourself and then be focused. let your whole attention and cares be towards attaining your goal. Give no room to any distraction; do not allow distractors to come your way. Do not even mingle with fools for they have nothing to offer you but foolishness.
   –The Son of Man
From the Message:

To God be the glory now till eternity. Only eternity will be enough for us to praise God. See, I tell people wherever I go. Forget about whatever you are passing through, no matter how horrible your condition maybe; you are better than the person in the mortuary.
2.           I don’t care the way the devil is buffeting you about, sometimes, compelling you to change your confessions. You know temptation may sometimes come in a very hard way. But in all, God has given us the strength to overcome.
3.           When He said because I over come, you must surely over come. I keep on telling people that whatsoever has a beginning must have an end.
4.           Once there is a beginning of any problem rejoice for the end is near. You were not born with it, it is not inherent. And whatever situation you think you are in, it is not peculiar to you; it is common among all men.
5.           So, when you get up in the morning and you see yourself healthy and alive; praise God. There is no treasure greater than sound health. Some have the money, but the health is not there. They have everything you can think of, but the live is not there.
6.           You see, you know the case of My landlord a young man in his early forties to under go horrible situations. You know it is not easy? From diabetes to kidney transplant without any hope of tomorrow. That he is still breathing, he has acknowledged it is because of the prayers of the saints. We have never ceased from making intercession for him.  
7.           We thank God that we are in this family; this has been the day I have been looking forward to see. I have stepped My feet here twice, today is the first day I have seen the landlady of this compound with My eyes.
8.           And today is the first day I have seen the first son. I do discuss with him but not always because I appeal to people and I apologise wherever I go, count it not against Me; I don’t know how to make calls.
9.           Not that I am not having credits, no! I have enough credits; but I can hardily make calls. If I make, they are short-lived. Why? My brain is ticking like a clock every minute. And what it is processing, I see it as something greater than making calls.
10.        Sometimes, answering calls maybe disturbing. To Me, if I don’t call you it doesn’t mean I am avoiding you, no! I don’t avoid any human being; all human beings are My friends. We are friends because we are all mortals.
11.        Our lives here on earth are tied to time. My life here is tied to time; your life is tied to time. What is the essence of making troubles here and there? How many years do I have to stay and then pass to oblivion?
12.        Another thing I want you to understand is this: worry. Go back to the message titled “Worry, the greatest silent killer.” Please go through that message once again.
13.        And then, “Maintaining a healthy relationship in the bride of Christ Worldwide.” You will learn a lot from those messages.
14.        Worry has never solved any problem; rather worry has compounded problems. The reason why people cannot worship God with pure conscience is worry. And most of the times what they are worrying about may be something that is temporary. Something that has temporary value.
15.        If I should trouble myself, it should be on something that will give me eternal life. Something that has everlasting value. If it is something that is temporary, which means I will enjoy it a little while and that is the end of it all.
16.        My late father cannot enjoy this life again neither will he shake your hands.
17.        THus, I owe it as a responsibility to be happy at all times. Once you are happy, you are prolonging your life.  
18.        Your greatest enemy is yourself. DO NOT hate yourself to the point that you cannot be happy. You know some people hate themselves to the point that they cannot be happy. Why are you not happy?
19.        No, no, I don’t want to be happy, how can I be happy? No, no, no you are your own enemy. Love yourself, love yourself. Your life has no duplicate, love yourself. When you love yourself, you will aim at making yourself happy.
20.        Then how do you do it? Because when I talk of happiness, happiness, it is a factor. The secret of being happy lies in making people around you feel happy. If the people around you are not happy, you can never be happy. If you feel you are happy, go to bed and sleep.
21.        The most wicked can never be happy if the people around him are not happy. He may pretend that he is happy but the bed doesn’t give him rest. His eyes are fixed on the roof to show that he has no happiness, no rest; no peace.
22.        So, make people around you feel happy. How do you do it? Is it by giving them food or money? No, no, no. Share the good news; let your life be a testimony; a heart warming testimonies to others. Share your experiences, share you joy together; share your woes together.
23.        Be happy! Be happy. when you are happy, you are tolerant. Once you are always happy, you are cheerful. Your heart is broader than your size. I mean, you have a larger accommodation than this space.
24.        You know the secret of My composure? I regard every human manifestation that is negative as a mere demonstration of love.
25.        That you are angry, I know that you are demonstrating your love for me now. And whether you like it or not, you must be happy. And when I am going for happiness, I stop at nothing.
26.        See, we are happy because of today. We have been praying for it. What is more, we presented five candidates. It is a joyful thing. A joyful thing. And I am the most blessed, I mean the Almighty has reasons why He should bless Me more than you because I praise God more than any of you; I am happier than any of you.
27.        Look at all of them there, Oluebube is senior to Chiamaka, Chiamaka is senior to Wisdom. The same biological parents, three securing admission in the same institution at the same time. I mean, it is rare. It is one in a million. It is one in a million, admission without controversy! Admission without going through crooked paths because they know what I have taught them and all of you.
28.        Every crooked path makes the journey longer. So, the shortest distance between two ends is a straight road. Go through a straight line, you will enjoy life; you will enjoy your studies. Amen.

Now, pay attention. I have given you motivational messages, you have some of them.  
2.           Strive to be a star. When I mention the message you know the contents, all of you. You were not kids when I gave you the booklet.   Always strive to be a star, always strive to be a star. Another message I want you to put under your bed is commitment.
3.           Commitment. Let me use Abia State. Few years ago Abia State became very much notorious and pronounced in the history of Nigeria because few individuals became die-hard criminals and terrorised the entire state.
4.           They were in the minority but because they were committed to a course, Abia State that was called “The city of God” was renamed “The city of kidnappers” because of few disgruntled elements that were committed to achieve their noble objective. Noble in their sight.
5.           So what am I saying? Be committed. If you have no commitment, forget about success. Remember the message; remember the messages not even one. There are too many messages I have given you on greatness. Go through all of them. Success is not a gift; success is a reward for hard work.
6.           If you know what it took you to secure admission, nobody will tell you to be committed to your studies. While you are committed to your studies, remember the message “In the beginning God.” If God does not support you, you are making a wasted effort. It takes God to help you achieve success.
7.           Today, thousands matriculated. Some will drop on the way, some will voluntarily withdraw. Some will be expelled, some will die, some maybe crippled. I mean, become incapacitated as a result of one sickness or the other. Among them are mad people, drug adicts are there. As they journey through life, these things will come out. All of them matriculated. I hope I am making sense?
8.           Some will even roam the streets. Some will become brilliant criminals. This is true and the law enforcement agent will use them to test their rifles. So they are cannon fodder. Among them are great men and women.
9.           I will not be surprised that a president must come out of you today. The president in the making, the governor in the making, the chairmen in the local governments in the making.
10.        A Senator in the making, a member of the house of representative in the making. Even a Vice Chancellor (V.C) in the making. A professor in the making. All of them are there, all of them matriculated today. Good wives matriculated, bad wives matriculated. All of them today.
11.        Now, the choice you make will determine where you will land. No matter how you desire a profession in life, if you refuse to do what you ought to do; you will never attain it. Refuse to do what you are supposed to do, you will land where you never expected. A life of regret.
12.        Remember the message, “The greatest disappointment in life is self disappointment. The greatest of all disappointments is self disappointment. So, DO NOT disappoint yourself.
13.        How do you disappoint yourself? By constituting your own self obstacles. By hewing down oaK trees you cannot surmount, you can constitute your own self obstacle.
14.        Go back to the message “Preserve your youth and achieve your dreams.” Then you will see that all these things had already been highlighted.
15.        To others that matriculated today, they might be thinking that today is the end of their career but this is just a stepping stone. You are only being admitted in the school today for your careers.
16.        Now, you are taking off. Today marks the beginning of your greatness, today also marks the beginning of your downfall, depending on the way you see university education.
17.        If you see it as the end, that is the beginning of your downfall. If you see it as the means to achieving the end, tomorrow is going to be brighter. From tomorrow, I know the parlance all of you will be saluting yourselves graet; great. No, no, no. You are not great.
18.        What makes you great is your achievement. For now, you have not achieved anything. But we are looking forward to the day we will see your achievements, both academically, morally, and otherwise.
19.        When you are doing everything, remember your career transporter.
20.        Many people have lofty ambition but poor characters hindered them from achieving their lofty ambition. Is that not true? That is true Sir. Is that not true? It is sir. That is why I still tell you, I’m still maintaining it. If you are academically brilliant and morally bankrupt, you are a potential brilliant criminal.
21.        I repeat it, if you are academically brilliant but morally bankrupt I want to nail it down. The product is, you must become a brilliant criminal. Too many of them abound in our society. Some of them come from noble families but because of wrong influence.
22.        Go back to the message “Who is your masterpiece” and then “Influence.” The situation you find yourself can never make you what you are but will reveal who you are. You are now in another “kalakuta republic”, for it is believed that only adults come to the university.
23.        Your lecturers cannot speak to you on morals any more; if you want to kill yourself, kill yourself. You want to walk naked, walk naked. They must be paid for delivering their lectures. If you want to read, read; if you don’t want to read, up to you.
24.        If you want to remain in the university and develop gray hair up to you. You want to read a program that is to take maximum of four years, six, seven or eight up to you.
25.        So, do not ever tell Me that this is the norm in the school. In every environment you find yourself, remember what God said, “You either conquer the environment or the environment will conquer you.” when the environment conquers you, you become a victim to that environment. When you conquer it, you become a victor.
26.        Remember, you cannot be wise without desiring wisdom. The determination to be wise is the key towards attaining wisdom.
27.        Make up your minds to be wise and to be wise is to follow the instructions you received from your parents and guardians. Instructions you received from God through your preachers, the person’s relationship with you not withstanding. This is the only way you can over come.
28.        Remember you have enlisted in a program that will overhaul your whole system. A program that will change your future either for good or for worse, it all depends on you. I said it and I still affirm it. Destiny is not a matter of chance but a matter of choice.
29.        If you choose to be a hooligan, no human being can stop you and it becomes your destiny. God has fashioned us supernaturally with creative ability.
30.        That is why we can manufacture aeroplanes, cars, ships and all worth not. So He doesn’t expect us to begin to worry Him over minor things. As a creative human being, you are to fashion your own life style. You are to fashion your own life style.
31.        Develop a principle that will be called your own principle and don’t negotiate it with anybody. It is personal. Personalize your character. I hope I am making sense?
32.        So please, in conclusion, in conclusion, there are too many academic fools in the society, don’t be one of them. And because you have a standard that is raised already in your heart and that standard is the word of God, you will be stupid tomorrow to lower down the standard. Once you lower down the standard, academic fools will use you to experiment their foolishness.  
33.        I am saying that if you want to avoid the trouble of the lecturers, pin them down by studying their courses, making sure that you do not fail a course for that will warrant you moving from one door to another nocturnally, in the night.
34.        But the all seeing eyes of God are seeing you. You will become another cockroach: “Let me go and fetch water, I want to buy fuel, I want to buy kerosene.” You think you are deceiving people around you; you are deceiving yourself for you are spoiling yourself. If you perform very highly, no lecturer will be so harsh on you even the most wicked of all.  
35.        DO NOT win the love of your lecturers by knocking at their doors asking for one help or the other simply because you didn’t do your assignment. Rather impress your lecturers by performing very well in their courses, finish. Amen.

I’m nailing this down for all of you. You know the material you are made of; you know your family backgrounds. Some of you are here by privilege, if not all. In short, all of you are here by privilege.
2.          You must see it as a personal challenge but it is not your right. It is not a right that I must to train you. After all My father never trained Me. My parents never trained Me. So it is not your right.
3.           If I decide to train you it is a privilege. You are not the only kids I have, so you cannot use another kid’s opportunity. This is your own time, justify the confidence that is reposed on you by the church, by your parents and by the society.
4.           Wisdom, you are My first son. Remember My words before you left for Umuahia. I said, “Wisdom, you know I don’t have the heart; your mummy doesn’t have the heart, strive to make us proud as the first son.
5.           I made My parents proud and I am still making them proud, you know that. And they blessed Me. Make us proud.”
6.           I am not talking to your sisters; you are going to make yourselves proud. if you make yourselves proud, you are indirectly making your husbands proud.
7.           Let Me tell you, your husbands attended this matriculation, your husbands attended this matriculation. I am a father, too many people showed interest but I halted them.
8.           I told them it is all students affair but I know their reasons. It is not a sin, it is not a crime. But to you, too many things are awaiting you. Remember, we have been friends from home. Don’t make us enemies out there for if I begin to hear bad report I will hate you.
9.           And once I hate you, you know what will be My reaction. I will switch off. You have broken our agreement. I am no longer obligated to keeping the agreement. You know I love you and we chat. We sleep together and we have many things in common.
10.        So make sure that the confidence I repose on you is not a misplaced one. Justify it by all means. so when you are giving Me first class, give Me first class in academics and first class in morals. Yes, I challenged you and I said you should challenge Me.
11.        You were a disciplinarian in your school but you didn’t win award. Another person won the award. But I wasn’t a disciplinarian, yet won award-the best disciplined student of the graduating class. The award is still in My house till today. So, challenge Me.   
12.        Once you are disciplined, you must be brilliant because too many things will no longer occupy your mind. Now, remember what God said in that “Practical steps to greatness.” “Practical steps to greatness” both volumes one and two.
13.        The worst friend is a school friend. The worst friend is a school friend. If you want to survive, if you want to hit the sky, operate according to my instruction “No friend, no enemy.” You are not in Umuahia for sight seeing, you are here for a course.
14.        Remember the tendency is there for you to come back to Umuahia again and sojourn. It happened to Me, it happened to Moses in the Bible.  
15.         So, all eyes are on you. There is no height a bird can fly without one on the ground seeing the abdomen. A fast moving leg is caught by a fast moving eye. You know snail behave foolishly? When a snail is thrown into the fire, instead on storing its energy, it will be killing itself thinking that it is extinguishing the fire, thinking that it is doing great harm to the owner of the fire.
16.        Do not extinguish your fire because every negative action has a negative effect on you. If you are idling away your time, your result will tell you that you wasted that session. There is no other way parents can assess your academics performance if not through your result. There is no other miracle there. Jumping into the university is not the end, it is now that your eyes of understanding will be illuminated to see a wider world with wider opportunities.
17.        Avoid useless friendship, unnecessary friendship for that will take a lot of your precious time. Time waits for no one but one waits for time. If you must redeem anything, redeem the time. The bible said, “We should redeem the time for the days are evil.”
18.        So, be very, very careful. For you to take any action, reason properly. Don’t just open your mouth for opening sake. Don’t act for acting sake. Visualize the future consequences of your action. Before you take any action, check the future consequences.
19.        Don’t be narrow minded, don’t be selfish. Be liberally minded after a godly sort. After a godly sort, it means birds of the same species flock together. That is what I am saying because to isolate you completely means putting you in the grave.
20.        For no man is an island, there is no way a human being can survive without the help of others. You need their help, they need your help. So the relationship should be symbiotic.
21.        But you must be watchful. Watch with your faith, watch with your spirit. Once the spirit in you says no, stop there. I say stop there. If you must have a defence, and that defence is not as a result of your faith, it is a false defence.
22.        I keep on telling you, no matter how I love people and mingle with them, I make them understand the extent I can go with any human being. And a sensible fellow will stop there. We are not given the right to do everything. I don’t believe in that type of freedom.
23.         God has given us freedom but not freedom to do everything. Even the constitution of Nigeria guarantees freedom of movement, is that not true? It is. But there are places you will step your feet into and you won’t come back. You will be arrested. It guarantees freedom of speech. There are certain things you will utter, you will be arrested and detained. Is it not true? It is.
24.        So, we are given freedom with limits. So, operate within the limits of the freedom established by God for His children. So you don’t just begin to yoke yourselves anyhow so that tomorrow you begin to give unnecessary excuses.
25.        Remember every excuse is a part of your problem. So don’t try to adduce excuses for you will compound your problem. If you are intelligent, wisdom demands that you do not roll into that expensive error. Guard against it. Instead of fabricating excuses, there is no good way of doing a wrong thing.
26.        There is no good way of doing a wrong thing and you can never be wrong and right at the same time. Once you are wrong, you are wrong. If you are right, you are right finish.
27.        That is why I don’t believe in pampering you. If I pamper you, I know tomorrow I will suffer it.
28.        I am of the opinion that, if parents will train their children very well and give them good family background, at their old age, they will have rest. The troubles of old age is enough for us to visualize and begin now to tell you the hard truth.
29.        From now henceforth, nobody will talk to you as infants again. You are now potential graduates. So, we will be dealing with you as graduates. We will be dealing with you as adults. For that reason, you should learn to endure hardship. If I say we are going to provide everything for you, I am a liar. We will make provisions within our capacities.
30.         Some of you are here courtesy of the help of the brethren because we know you are brilliant. We don’t want you to waste, we decided to allow you to take the exams and you succeeded. Don’t frustrate us, especially you, don’t ever frustrate us.
31.        Because I do talent hunting, anywhere I see that talent I owe it as a responsibility to develop that talent. I don’t care where you come from, you are a human being. Miracle, you are a talent, you know that. And being an orphan, we are your parents.
32.        Remember you are indebted to us. If we begin to hear bad reports, our stomachs will begin to trouble us. You have been good, remain good. You have been quiet, remain quiet.
33.        To two of you, well I don’t need to talk. The reason why I don’t need to talk is that the landlady has made Me understand that God blessed her with sons and not daughters. So, Mama distance is not an excuse.
34.        God has given you daughters indirectly at least for the next four five years, you will be having the feelings of daughters in your kitchen, everywhere. So their mother is here. Instead of calling you, I know the person I will call and that is My caretaker. Enyim(my friend), remember My first plea. Keep your eyes on them for good and not for evil. Give Me accurate reporting please, please; please. See, the first two.
35.        Dr Ojiakor who is our Apostle and their family, they were the custodians of the first two. You know Onyedika, the one that used to come from Enugu. She is now at Owerri at a burial ceremony. She could have been here.
36.        My first daughter is married there in Port Harcourt with the husband. Two of them graduated in the University of Nigeria Nsukka. You are looking at Me as a boy, I’m not a boy; I am papa lolo. I am nearing sixty (60) at least I have crossed fifty-five. By twenty-seven December last year I marked fifty-five years. And by His grace, I hope to mark another fifty-five.
37.        So, keep your eyes on them. Give Me accurate reporting. Don’t ever pamper any of them. If they err, rebuke them. If they prove stubborn, call Me. if they err, don’t wait for Me. the same way I am training children everywhere, let Me tell you,
38.        I am hooked up with not less than fifty million people worldwide. I am connected to not less than fifty million people worldwide that look up to Me. I will be stupid to mess Myself up. More so when they have entrusted not only their children but the saving of their lives into My hands. You know I am likened to a captain. I cannot mess up, otherwise the ship will capsize. I signed My life in. Sign your life in.
39.        Be My landlord, be the custodian of My kids. Even if I have nothing to give to you in return as a reward, the Almighty who knoweth all things knows how to reward you. So to your most senior, Ikenna, I thank God I have seen you and you are in the same school with your mummy. Praise God for that.
40.        The same way I served in the same office with My wife for twenty-seven years. Brother Ojiakor is serving in the same school with the wife. He is a Medical Director of the Medical Centre UNEC. The wife is a Chief Accountant and also a (Phd) holder. She is a doctorate Degree Holder. We better face the realities of life. When you see a cock that is using its leg to scatter faeces, somebody that is there should drive it away because nobody knows who will eat the legs tomorrow. Human beings do scatter like oil bean, do I know this place? Today, I have become an integral part of this family whether people will believe it or not. After all, the family that harboured Me at My tender age at Ogbunike, up till today I maintain a link with them. Brethren, you know the family. I mean when I was too tender before I entered the secondary school, a family natured Me. Till today, I have never for one day forgotten them. Now look at what life did. I was just his house boy. He natured Me. From there, I entered the secondary school. Look at how God turned the table upside down. My master now became My servant. His business crumbled. He started living from hand to mouth. And there was no other place he could go other than to come to Sunday (Myself). I received him with all My heart and My family and then employed him in a place of work and started taking care of the family even till now. He was My master, today I am his master.
41.        Let Me tell you. You may be privileged tomorrow to be a lecturer to somebody that tutored you. Well, I cannot forget My experience when I wrote My Advanced Level General Certificate of Education. The man that tutored Me in geography came into the same examination hall with Me. Mr Anyika from Orlu. I said, “Sir, are you the invigilator?” He said, “No.” I said, “Sir, why are you here?” He said, “We will discuss after.” Such is life. There is no age limit to education. Once education is concerned, age is rubbish. If you refuse to study, you become old.
42.        To God be the glory. We would have stayed longer if not for the traffic jam. The distance is rubbish. If the road is okay, we can make it in less than three hours. But the road is jam-packed. I am looking forward to another day I will come here when everything is calm and Mama will be at home. I will come with My wife and the rest that will accompany Me, just to pay you homage. And then introduce Myself officially to you. But for now, I am officially here for matriculation. It has given Me first hand opportunity to see faces I have never seen before and for them to see Me also.   
43.        So that by the time I will be leaving with My wife and My brethren here, you will be saying “Thank God, I have seen the parents of these kids.” Brethren, it is a miracle ooo. Pure miracle. Three kids, securing admission in one university at the same time and are privileged to live in the same compound. I mean, when you look at the way things are going, I have many, many reasons why I should praise God.
44.        Assuming three of them secured admission into three different universities, that will keep Me running from one school to another. I may even loose control of their administration.
45.        So for the uniqueness of the family to continue, oh God, I say thank You God. Coming to a residential family like this? I learnt that the owner of this place was a late traditional ruler.   
46.        No students are admitted in this compound. They happen to be the first. And it was not because of any other thing but God. I say God. And when I came, I was satisfied. Now you can see that the continuity of the family is there. So, I praise God. Amen.

To you students, see your brothers, see your mother. All of you, I say all of you, including the potential matriculants. About this time next year, you will be matriculating.
2.          That you are undergoing a pre-degree program can never offer you automatic admission in any university.   
3.          You see this admission, especially in Nigerian universities, liken it to gold. It is found in the soil, not on the surface. You must do a lot of digging. If you do not pass sleepless nights, if you do not marry you books; you can never secure admission in this school.
4.          I am telling you the truth, I lie not. Remember, even if you have six (6) A’s, that will not give you admission into this school. Pay attention to what I am saying. Write your JAMB very well. I am saying that there is no substitute for JAMB. Even if it is direct admission, you must obtain JAMB direct entry form.
5.          If you do not have any admission status with JAMB, you are not a student in any university in Nigeria. Do not allow any school to fool you into making a bad arrangement for you. You will have difficulties at the end. So, bend down, bend down, bend down.
6.          While you are writing pre-degree, write JAMB with all your life and then get ready to face the Post UME. That is where your pre-degree will give you an edge.
7.           So, please I am appealing with you. How I wish Emmanuel is here. Carry this information back to Emmanuel. I know I am making some recordings. Please, at the end of the day; make sure the boy collects the tape.
8.            I don’t want someone that will come to Umuahia and stay three, four, five years by the time he will come back he will be telling us how he ate Achara soup, ate Okazi soup; ate “Ejuna” (snail). No! No!
9.           They are all good quite alright but come home with something great. Beauty does not count. If you like be as beautiful as a mermaid.
10.        If you are not academically brilliant and morally up-to-date, no man will price you. If he prices you, he must return you. You know it is My teaching. You are not married until you marry the desire of your heart; somebody who has met your physical and spiritual requirements. When God presented the woman to Adam, Adam heaved a sigh of relief.
11.        Do you understand what I am saying? I have paused and watched to see an educated woman that also received a good moral training and happened not to be a good house wife, I have not seen.
12.        Go and see a woman that is giving her husband trouble, she is an illiterate fellow. She is given out as a gift to the man. And the reason why she was given out as a gift is because the husband said, “She is the apple of my eyes, sugar in my tea.”
13.        He forgot that the breast that stands up must one day go flat. By the time she will display what is in her, the man will be on the run.
14.        So, remember we have a message; we believe in returning wives. Yes! It is not an abomination. So, behave well. Behave well!
15.        Somebody is monitoring you, somebody is monitoring you. Man, the same thing, man the same thing. What I am telling you people is the truth. The time has gone when the man will think that because he has money, he can now get any woman cheap.
16.        Any sensible woman will still tell you, “no”; that it will be better for her to eat palm kernel and have peace than to have money and will be passing sleepless nights. That is what I am saying. People now know what they want. Nobody is given a choice to make and he takes trouble.
17.        Do you boast with hardship? No! You are asked to make a choice and you choose hardship. Is it done? No! So please, this is the much I want to tell you for now. We cannot exhaust everything at a stretch.
18.        With time, you will be getting My letters. With time, you will get My publications. But pay heed, don’t joke with your fellowship that is where your life lies.
19.        To you Bishop Nath, I have charged you before; I want to introduce you officially to the family. Here is the Bishop that is in charge of our fellowship at Umuahia; a native of Isiala-Ngwa here. He has been a very fine young man.
20.        He was in charge of water project here in Umuahia before he was transferred to Isiala-Ngwa. He is now in charge of the water project there. He is a civil servant in the state. Well disciplined, a no nonsense administrator.
21.        So, I can stand for him by day and by night. Having been with him without separating for over thirty years. I believe we have mastered ourselves.
22.        They are your children, from time to time when you have the time know their faith in the fellowship and outside the fellowship. You know I have a policy.
23.        In our company’s policy, we stipulated it inter-alia that your behaviour will be such that will promote the image of our company both within and outside. So if we begin to receive bad reports about you after dismissing from work for that day, we will dismiss you from our employment because you are portraying a very bad image of our company.
24.        You are the image maker. So you are all image makers of your families. Am I making sense? Your family is your faith; your family is your nuclear family. If your parents are mad people, let Umuahia know. Whose child is this? is a question thrown to somebody.
25.        Who gave birth to this child? Is it not a human being that they ask? If you have received a good teaching from your parents, display it here that you are in Umuahia for the credit must go back to your parents. If it is good, it is your parents. If it is bad, it is your parents.
26.        They have seen Me, they have heard Me; they will see Me more. So the court is very wide, the ball placed at the centre. When you look at the eighteen-yard box and the net, you think it is very close. But people miss penalty shootouts. Sometimes with narrow margins. Sometimes the thing will hit the vertical bar and then bounce back.
27.        You know you have not right to strike again; you have lost it. Don’t allow your kick to hit the vertical bar. If the goal keeper will capture the thing, it is a shameful thing. Shake the net. That is what I am saying. I want you to do what? Shake the net!
28.        Let it be noised abroad that Umudike University that finds it difficult to award first class, change the record immediately. I say change the record. I say change the record.
29.        They find it difficult to award first class degree to their students simply because the right materials have not come. Prove to them that the right materials have come. Change the record, shake the net, finish. You know I believe in making noise.
30.        Wherever I go, I hold My head high because I don’t believe in failure. I don’t even think failure. I decree it out of My dictionary. So don’t listen to what weak students are saying.
31.        Because to a weak student every course is very difficult, every lecturer is wicked. That is a weak student.
32.        Do not listen to them. Listen to yourselves. So, that is the much we will take.
33.        May the good Lord bless all of you that have come to grace this occasion with your presence. And this family, may the peace of God reign supreme here. I can see these young men; before I will come back again you will have your testimonies.
34.        I have noted your name. If I don’t have anything to do, I will lift you up in prayers. You are young men, you need prayers. Especially My friend who is newly married. Let Me tell you, you have taken a noble step, a very good step. We will pray for you.
35.        I will assemble some materials that will reach you with time. That will help you to know what family life is all about. If you want to catch a bird, you set the trap early. When I give the materials,, you and your wife will be reading them together.
36.        You begin now to blend. When people see you and your wife, they will call you people twins. That is how My wife and I are marrying ourselves.
37.        We are nearing twenty-six years of marriage and we have blended so such that we are now looking like twins. Are you hearing what I am saying?
38.         Mama, hold the one that you are holding. What gladdened My heart more was when My children told Me that you are a civil servant and you are still in service. Your son, a civil servant still in service.
39.        While I am a senior citizen. I am the most senior here now. I am a senior citizen. Yes, I am a pensioneer. So I am a senior citizen. I am saying that we are all in the same system, we can understand ourselves.
40.        Mama, you don’t have any problem. If you know where you placed your children, place Me there. Place My wife there and also place My children. You will never regret. You will never regret.
41.        If I leave this place today, write today’s date for a memorial. I said, you will never regret. I know all of you will join hands to say “May God bless the day we come in contact with this man.” you will say it with time. You will say it with time. Any moment from now, you will come and know My house. It is a forty-five minutes drive. Let me stop there.
42.        The Kola nut is brought to all of us. They say it doesn’t understand English. Whether it understands Igbo or not, it is a fruit from a tree.

43.        The Yoruba people plant it, Hausas eat it while the Igbos worship it. The Yoruba people plant it, Hausas eat it while the Igbos worship Kola nut. May God bless the fruit of the land as we eat through Christ out Lord, Amen.