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Thursday, 5 May 2011

The Danger of Committing Willful Sin


Nobody can avoid the Son of Man. If you avoid my face while you are alive, you will see my face in death. Believe it if you can…
 -The Son of Man

When you make friends with the enemies of the Church, it is the greatest abomination anybody can commit. That is the offence the Son of Man will find difficult to forgive. He can forgive you of everything; even if you kill somebody, he can forgive you.
However, if you dare make friends with anybody that is excommunicated from this Faith who has turned to be a blasphemer, know very well that the Son of Man can hardly forgive that. Truly speaking, you can do whatever you want to do, but once you become a blasphemer, you are gone! 
Avoid whatever God hates and it shall be well with you.
Once you forget what your eyes have seen, your ears have heard, your mouth has proclaimed and your hands have handled, the next thing is “destruction.”
–The Son of Man

Hebrews chapter 10: 26-31. There, I am going to take My topic:  “For if we sin willfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remaineth no more sacrifices for sins, but a certain fearful looking for of judgment and a fiery indignation which shall devour the adversaries.
2.           He that despised Moses' Law died without mercy under two or three witnesses:
3.           Of how much sorer punishment, suppose ye, shall he be thought worthy, who hath trodden underfoot the Son of God, and hath counted the blood of the covenant, wherewith he was sanctified, an unholy thing, and hath done despite unto the Spirit of grace?
4.           For we know him that hath said, Vengeance belongeth unto me, I will recompense, saith the Lord. And again, The Lord shall judge his people.
It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.”
5.           If you look from verse 31, it says, “It is a fearful thing; it is a horrible thing to fall into the Hands of the living God.” In other words, to come into God’s judgment. 
6.           I want to encourage you by speaking on a little topic I will title:  “THE DANGER OF COMMITTING WILLFUL SIN.”  I do not aim at frightening you. I want to build you up and not to pull you down.
7.           Our Brother, Branham prayed a prayer; he said, “God, I want your mercy and not your judgment.” No man, born of a woman, can go to God’s Judgment Seat and get away, except the person goes to the Mercy Seat.  
8.           At the Mercy Seat, you will obtain mercy; at the Judgment Seat, you will obtain justice.  At the Mercy Seat, love projects; but at the Judgment Seat, there is nothing like love. No partiality.
9.           It is a fearful thing for a man to enter into God’s judgment. I want you to see it the way the Holy Ghost has revealed it to Me. Any man that goes to the Throne of Judgment, then was discharged and acquitted, that man defeated God. God accused that man falsely; God has become a false accuser.
10.        Nevertheless, God can never be a false accuser. No man has ever declared his case before God and defeated God. That is why you do not know where you are yet. I say, you do not know where you are yet. We are being judged in the Faith so that we shall not be judged with the world. You are all in this most holy Faith facing your own judgment coupled with mercy because your case is being handled at the Mercy Seat.
11.        All your cases are tabled at the Mercy Seat where Christ is your Advocate.  At the Judgment Seat, there is no advocate.
12.        My message is: “The Danger of Committing Willful Sin.” I know the passage I read is a popular passage, but I believe many of us do not understand the meaning because if we understand the meaning, we will have the revelation of what St. Paul said by the unction of the Holy Spirit saying, “With fear and trembling, let us work out our salvation.”
13.        There is no way the fear of God can be in your heart until you have the revelation of what your life will be if you deliberately go ahead committing sin. Note it, willful sin means challenging God’s authority; pulling His legs.
14.        Now, I know many will equally challenge this message. However, I do not care; go ahead challenging it, whether you exclaim “hey” or not, I am not interested. After all, I am not speaking to all of you.
15.        If you are not ordained to believe  Me, no matter the way I place it, you will not believe Me but on that same day, when all the secrets of men shall be made known before God, the same Voice you are hearing now;  the same Voice you will hear there and no other voice. Amen!
16.        Verse 26 says, “If we commit sin deliberately,” not that we do not know what we are doing. What we are doing is very clear to us. We know the consequences; we know that we are not supposed to do that type of thing and then we just hardened our hearts, decided to do it anyhow and comfort ourselves, “Well, after all, some people have been going that way. After all! After all! After all!”
17.        You do that, to begin with, you have already killed yourself. You have committed suicide. That is the problem of man; he does not know that the Man whom we are dealing with is not an ordinary human being.
18.        We are not in the time when Jesus walked on two feet as a human being. We are in the dispensation of the Holy Spirit. I do not care the way you read your Sermon Book, but I am mindful of what the Word has said.
19.        If you believe you have read, “Unpardonable Sin”, as preached by William Branham, believe I have read it also. Maybe Satan anointed you to believe your own contrary to the Bible.
20.        I cannot forget the day I saw our Brother Ben Okezue for the first time in My life mounting the pulpit and preaching largely on the message: “Unpardonable Sin”. That was in the End-Time message. He slept at Enugu with his wife saying that they had spent about one week at Enugu on preaching tour; preaching things he never believed. Then from Enugu to Onitsha.
21.        That day, he was placing things from the Sermon Book and so on. I could not see scriptural backings. Others were saying, “Amen”, I was doing jotting and I jotted and jotted and jotted.
22.        At the end of it all, I approached the Pastor and said, “Sir, this Sermon Book our Brother read from the pulpit titled, ‘Unpardonable Sin,’ I will like to have it.” you see, our Pastor got Me a copy. I went home with it. I read it Myself and then marked a lot of things.
23.        I said, “People bypass the hard side of the Prophet’s message and they take side with the areas they feel will comfort them in sin.” They bypassed the hard things the Prophet said; they take his commentaries and so on.
24.        The Prophet said, “Unpardonable sin means sin against the Holy Spirit. When you attribute the things of God to the Devil that you commit unpardonable sin and you can never be forgiven here on Earth or in the world to come.
25.        He said, “I speak the truth and the Holy Spirit is leading me; you cannot make it right.” He continued preaching the same message and when he got to another place, he said, “You commit unpardonable sin; by so doing, you know, the sin remains in you until you make it right.”
26.        Now, brethren, which one do we take? You do not know he was a Prophet. He said what the Bible said, but somebody in the Church rejected it. God in Heaven knew it and then put into His mouth what they wanted. You know, he was a Prophet.
27.        Be very careful when you are following a Prophet. When he declares, “Thus saith the Lord” and you reject it, you will hear another version. You get what you desire immediately. Hearing the pastor, God using him at about this time yesterday morning, I was encouraged more.
28.        The battle started with Me. What is more, that put Me in remembrance that I had earlier warned the Church right from Amazu Oil to be very, very careful. If I preach a message because you know I do not write messages; I put down scriptures as I receive them; I do not have time to come and write notes. I do not have time for that.
29.        When our pastor was inside, I said, “Sir, I am in trouble oh! Look at My jotter; full of scriptures, but no text; no title. So, I do not know which is which; no date even.” What I normally do any time I receive a message is to put down the scriptures. I leave it there and keep on putting them down like that.
30.        Thus, anywhere you see Me, I am carrying the message. That is all I know. I simply say, “Let us open the Bible.” We will start reading what I received. Talk of sitting down to write notes, it is not My business! Ask Me the notes I have written so far, I will say it is, Hard Truth”.  If you want to see the sermons I have written with My hand, read “Hard Truth”, but I am sure I never wrote it. I am sure because people that walk with Me can tell how it came about.
31.        Brethren we are in the Holy Ghost dispensation and it is not easy to follow the Holy Spirit. If you want to succeed in this ministry, you have to be very sober and very careful.   
32.        I instructed that nobody should see Me after preaching any message on the pulpit so as to come and ask Me “Brother, what do you say?” or “brother this and that,” no! If you want to know what Brother said, go and play the tape. Whatever you hear there, take it, lest you make Me a liar by denying what the Holy Ghost said, but in spite of the warning, people still come and when they come, they come carnally.
33.        At least, I know many cases, including ministers. Even My pastor is guilty. I said, including ministers. Gradually, they are lining out to follow Me now than before. What is happening? Somebody will come and then tell Me his or her mind, the level he wants to tell Me and then I bow My head and be quiet for a while. After the quietness, I will speak.
34.        If you are wise, the moment I close My mouth all you have to do is to go. Somebody will hear whatever he hears and he will not be satisfied. He will ask another question, “Sir, what if? Sir, do you mean?”
35.        Okay, from “what if”, you will get another question: “I have told you what you should do. Since you do not want to do it, okay. This is what you want, do it that way; no problem.” I will simply go my way.
36.        If I say, “Drop it on the ground,” it requires no interpretation. Any other question coming after it shows unbelief and insincerity. All that came to Me to enquire whether they should go back to school or not, there is not even one person that can quote what Brother told her; not even one single person.
37.        First of all, they were coming in hypocrisy; they were insincere, they had already made up their minds before coming. And when they came, the Lord revealed all of them to Me. After all, they were not babes; they are all adults. Even when I shied away from them, they continued giving the impression that they really wanted to hear from Me and they equally heard from Me.
38.        I thank God for what He is doing. If you willingly go ahead committing sin, that is your business! Whether you go back to school or not, it is not My business. There are people I have strongly prohibited from going back to school. You know, whatever I preach is not for everybody.
39.        I say there are people I prohibited completely from going back to school. They enquired; we went to prayers. I came back and I said, “This is the mind of God. Do not ever try it! Forfeit the expenses; forfeit everything. Be at peace with God.”
40.        The sister said, “I told them in the school that within so, so and so period, I will be reading to produce a certificate.” I said, “No. You made a mistake. Go back and tell them that you are no longer reading because you do not want to offend your God,” and she said, “Amen” and then left.
41.        But while she was coming, she was coming with the notion that after seeing the Apostle, she would proceed from the Apostle’s house to the college, but she got, “about turn”. What if she resisted it? She would not have remained in this Faith till now.
42.        If there are people that will continue with whatever they call academics, I think that should be men, not women. If a man wants to go there and acquire his PhD, I have no objection. Go there, but get it Lawfully.
43.        You know it is very hard to obtain a degree Lawfully. Many of these graduates did mere compromise. Even their so-called lecturers, what they set as their questions are not their questions. They are mere copycats; something lifted from somewhere. What students use to defend their projects is not what came from them. They know what they are doing there. Some of them even go outside as far as hiring outsiders to prepare the note for them.
44.        They will say, “Let me go there and present it.” Who are you fooling? How many lies will a man tell and become guilty of telling lies? We do not talk of ladies. In the case of ladies, I think the matter is clearer.
45.        Mama Ikebude, you are a faithful woman, happily married. Sister Chinelo, you know, if Christ tarries, one day, you will have grey hair like mama. You know that very well. With your PhD, you will not do beyond what mama is doing presently.
46.        Any qualification, any certificate that will place you outside your God- placed and ordained position, is from the Devil. No matter what you read, you must go back to God’s ordained way. It is only in this Faith that you can see a doctorate degree holder staying in the kitchen, obeying her husband without challenging him; even if her husband is a stark illiterate. It is only in this Faith.
47.        Outside this Faith it is “war of equals.” We know why you are there.We are living in a corrupt society. Women are habitual liars. What have you written to please your lecturers? I do not know what you will write to please your lecturers in Nigerian universities today.
48.        Even if you like, petition against him to the Senate, it will not save you. You cannot get justice in the Senate without doing something, but the truth is that many of you are insincere. You can fool somebody who has not gone out but you cannot fool Odoemena. The University environment itself can scare a sincere child of God away.
49.        After all, you are not alone in your hostel. Even if your father is a millionaire, you cannot stay in the hostel alone. Where do we start, where do we end. You know what you are looking for and when you get it, you come out. I do not say, do not go back to the university; go back to the university, but practice our doctrines and let us see.
50.        Sister Chiamaka knows why she is desiring to marry. She knows why and anybody that will hinder this marriage will be her greatest enemy because that is the only thing she knows she will do and become a child of God.
51.        Moreover, I am telling you that in the universities, the lecturers do not know who is married and who is not married. Even among the students there, both married and unmarried behave alike. The married ones are even more corrupt. Do I start exposing what is happening there when you all know it? I do not know.
52.        What I am trying to say is, be very careful. When you know something that is very sinful, something that you are not supposed to do, you know the consequences and you close your eyes, harden your heart and go ahead doing it, how can you come before God and say you are sorry?
53.        We are all God’s children yet we have our earthly fathers. You know that you have done something that is abomination, you did not do it accidentally, you were not overtaken by events. You knew what you were doing and you planned and executed it very well only to come back and say you are sorry for this and that, no, you had better go to Roman Catholic.
54.        The Igbo say that an adult does not suck her mother’s breast. And said, “I did it unknowingly,” is it possible? Just like somebody coming to tell Me that a man claimed he was drunk and raped his daughter. I say that man is a beast; he was not drunk. Amen.


Let us go ahead. The message is not for everybody. It is for those that love the truth because this is the trimming down of the crowd.
2.           Thus, if we know what is wrong as children of God, we know our Family has an order—the family I am referring to is not a carnal family but the Family of God, the Church of God—we go ahead flouting and breaking the rules governing the Family, I do not see any basis for one saying, “I am sorry.”
3.           You will be sorry if you were overtaken by something. That is, you did not mean to do it. You saw yourself doing it and you felt very sorry about it; at least, by the time you narrate the events around you, brethren will understand you. God does not need to hear before He will understand you because God knows how it started and how it ended.
4.           The Bible said, “If we sin willfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth,” that is, “you have known what the truth is all about; you know the truth about your action, there remaineth no other sacrifice for sin.”
5.           In other words, no more atonement. I liken you to a student that used his school fees carelessly to feed himself or play about. You know you cannot go back to your parents and say, “I have not paid my school fees”. If you must get money from them, it must be by dubious means.
6.           You cannot mention school fees again. You can trick them because they are human beings but you cannot trick God; you cannot come through another way to obtain it. No. You have closed the door. You lock yourself outside.
7.           That is why God really wants to save all, but unfortunately, not all will be saved. Some will deliberately lock themselves out because of the things of this world.
8.           I have checked My life; I have compared it with what I heard from brethren and I have come to the conclusion that what makes a child of God to fail God is nothing but worldly things, the things that will not profit at all; temporary things.
9.           Like we have been hammering on this marriage issue as if we do not know what we are doing. We know that marriage is carnal. Marriage is earthly and they that are counted worthy of the Kingdom do not marry. Do you know that? YES. Is it not scripture? If you do not believe what I am saying, read “Marriage and Divorce,” “Hard Truth.”
10.        Then, if those that are counted worthy of the Kingdom need not marry, why must you die because of marriage? Somebody will be asking himself, “Brother, what are you saying? Are you not married? It means you are not worthy of the Kingdom and this Church is filled with married people. So, we are lost! But God is mindful of marriage in the Bible. Brother, what are you saying?”
11.        Brother is saying that what God is saying is true. “Brother, what is the essence of our gathering if You are saying it is truth?” Our gathering is in order. The interpretation is also there in your Bible: “Let them that are married, live as if they are not married.”
12.        That is, do not allow marriage to occupy your heart to the point of laying the Word aside. You know I am preaching to a mature Church. Anywhere the Holy Ghost leads Me, there I will go.
13.        Marriage is carnal. If you are married, there is one truth you must acknowledge now if you are a true seed of God. The moment you separate from your wife—according to the Holy Scriptures—you refrain from having sexual intercourse with your wife, within that period you are in your best form and if you maintain it up to one week, it becomes your habit. Your wife might be thinking that you hate her if she is not spiritual, yet it is not of your own making.
14.        In the other hand, if you meet your wife in sexual intercourse continuously, maybe for two days, watch, within that period you feel carnal; your wife will feel carnal. Each of you will desire each other and within that period, the thought of the Word is bye-bye. You will be feeding on old manna.
15.        The pulpit is not meant for boys. It is meant for men. In this Church, we do not hide anything. For boys, you have your own portion of the scriptures. I will tell you why many of you are dying. You know, at times it is not a blessing for a young man to live in a house with a married man and woman. Do you know that?
16.        If you are an adult; you are of age and you are squatting with a family, I do not need to tell you to find a house or go to the brethren that are like you; Sisters, the same thing. It requires Holy Spirit-filled Sisters and Brothers. Even in this Church, there are some brothers I do not allow to come and sleep in My house.
17.        Ministers, be very careful. It is not every brother or sister that you permit to come and stay in your house; otherwise, you kill them. Pray that God will give you the spirit of discernment. Young men know that what I am saying is truth, although it is hard. We will help ourselves, but not to the point of killing ourselves.
18.        Wait for your turn. If you want to enjoy what Brother is enjoying, be prepared to suffer what Brother is suffering also. What preparation have you made?
19.        I do not believe that My wife is pregnant accidentally. I do not believe that any woman is pregnant accidentally. Before I go into sexual intercourse, I know the product must be pregnancy or else let me stop. God did not make it that we should play with it. It is for procreation. I know it is hard to believe.
20.        Brother who wants to do family planning; the family planning I know is that you withdraw from your wife a little while, after which you go back, lest Satan will cash in on that and then get you. Some of you will decide to drive your wives to the village and then stay in the town. If that is your family planning, you are exposing yourself and your family to danger.
21.         I want to tell you something; you know, I will move the way the Spirit is moving Me because I believe the Spirit is in the camp.
22.        If you are a brother, preserve your virginity; if you are a sister, preserve your virginity. You cannot desire something whose taste you do not know. It is easier for a married man to commit lust than an unmarried man if he is sincere. Men have sealed up their lips because they have been deceiving their wives. I do not deceive My own wife. If I lust, I will tell her I lusted after another woman. God will hold Me if I do not tell her.
23.        It is easier for a married woman also to lust after a man than an unmarried woman. If you are sincere, you will acknowledge that what I am declaring to you is the truth.
24.        I can hear that a brother committed fornication, I will say, “Well, I will look into it,” but if I hear a brother committed adultery, I will stand back. Before I talk, I will pray, pray and pray.  Then I will open My mouth because you cannot tell Me it is impossible. I will tell you it is very possible. Why? Why is it so? It is because sexual intercourse has become part of him.
25.        I know some are troubled. Brother Ugoala, are you hearing what the Spirit is saying? I do not know how a brother could drive his wife away and then be going about as handsome as he is without touching somebody left and right.
26.        One day your hand will move and in your cunning, craftiness… thank God today is Sunday, you will kneel down; you may not go to the altar; you will kneel down wherever you are; your head will touch the ground, but the ground was not responsible for your action.
27.        Brother Ugoala, you know what I am saying. The name is not ringing in vain. The name is not being called in vain.
28.        There is a reason why the Holy Ghost handed a message down to us called: “Vocation.” The same way sincere sisters dropped the nursing job. I said “what?” Sincere sisters dropped the nursing job.
29.        Sincere brothers; medical doctors were counseled that they should change their profession. They were restricted to Pediatrics (branch of medicine concerned with children).
30.        There is a reason for that because the only person I know you can handle and get away from the trouble must be a sister in our midst who knows you as a seed of God and you know her as a seed of God. Outside it, no way! But our God is our Healer. If you still expect us to come to your hospital, it then means you will die of starvation.
31.        Thus, if you want to continue in the medical line, both doctors and nurses must go to the Pediatric side. Leave the rest for those that want it or if possible, start treating eye problems. No murmuring in the camp; I want orderliness. We have grown up men in our midst.
32.        The time we fooled ourselves is over. The young man that is reading medicine in Nsukka, I do not know whether somebody counseled him. Not yet. Why? Because a guilty man cannot counsel a guilty man.
33.        You know sin makes a man lose his boldness. If I am guilty of an offence, if I see brother doing the same thing, I will just turn a blind eye. However, if I did not do it, I will say, “Brother, will you stop that nonsense! Drop it because there is no gain there!” Experience they say is the best teacher.
34.        Brother, you know what I am saying is truth. You know Brother Ben said that women are never old; no matter how old you think they are their laps are still attractive to a carnal man. That is why you see young, young boys messing up with women that are older than their mothers. It is everywhere.
35.        If it is so that when you look at a woman lustfully, you commit fornication in your heart; God pushes you out until you are cleansed. If ordinary mere laps can attract you, well, somebody may say, “Well, there are some good doctors that do not care about all these things and so on,” shut up your mouth. Do you know what is happening in him? 
36.        It is only in this Faith that medical doctors will maintain good families. Medical doctors outside do not maintain good families. Their wives know what I am saying is truth. When you have seen a woman’s nakedness, what next is left?
37.        Is it inviting her when she knows that inviting her separately will give her free medical services; inviting her to the bed, after all, you have seen her nakedness and everything, she will not say no because it is a license to get free medical services which will be extended even to her own husband, children and the man will be rejoicing, “He loves us.”
38.        Who loves you? You are blind! Until you get another man’s son in your family and another man’s daughter, then you will know that he hates you. 
39.        There is no way somebody can insert his hand in the body of a woman (even if you like, wear 20 hand gloves) and then you tell me that nothing happened in you; that you are diagnosing a sickness. What type of sickness are you diagnosing?
40.        Or you come and tell me that you are a lady nurse and you have to shave an adult man because you want to carry out operation on him and you feel nothing. Na lie. Before you touch the manhood twice, the thing is erect. And what do you see? You will be seeing erect manhood every time.
41.        This is Camp Meeting. That is why we do not invite strangers because it is not a crusade.
42.        What am I saying? Remember I am tackling something: “The Danger of Committing Willful Sin,” and the Bible said, “Flee from all the appearances of the Devil.” Flee! What is flee? Run away without looking back.
43.        Now, what is the appearance of the Devil? What is Devil’s appearance? Anything enticing. The only lady that will not entice you is one, when I say lady, I mean a sister in our midst. Any sister in our midst that you are not desiring to marry; that you have not mentioned anything marriage to; you carry her in your vehicle from Onitsha to Jericho, if you are a sincere brother, you can never be enticed.
44.        It is applicable to married ones also. If you are really sincere also, agreeing with the Spirit that is speaking to you that the moment you opened your mouth to tell a sister that you want to marry her and she said, “yes” and it is declared open in the Church, in other words, seeing her around you nobody will suspect anything; after all, you are potential husband and wife, telling Me you can carry her in your vehicle without using corner, corner eyes, without the lady seeing certain things that will attract her on the way, is a lie.
45.        I did not marry when I was ten years old. I am talking about Myself. I did not marry as an infant. I married as a man. My parents never married for Me. I went for marriage and I married. Even our sister knows that what I am saying is truth.
46.        Why are you always in haste? The package you know is for you, by and by, it must be opened, why must you try to pry into it? It is the attitude of the Gentiles. Something we did when we were heathens because we did not know God. Then, there was nothing sustaining us. We were struggling to keep ourselves. There was no doctrine given to us; no message; we were living by our power; and we were all failing. We behaved that way.
47.        Now that God is sustaining you in this message; something you know that there is no gain in it. Carry that lady to bed, I bet you, after the first one year, the moment you see the big belly, everything is bye-bye. You will run. It will not even be up to one year.
48.        What you are seeing now is skirt and blouse; wait until you see wrapper. Until you see wrapper; you do not know that wrapper is a sign of suffering?
49.        No woman ever ties wrapper without changing her shape. The moment you tie wrapper, you change shape. What you are seeing now is just skirt and blouse; do not worry!
50.        What I am saying is pure truth. You see why we do not mess up; because if you do not teach them right, they will never behave right. Why are we calling things by their names?  We know very well where we are standing.
51.        I believe that you are more precious to me than my own carnal sister! Let it be known to you that if I can sell off the shame to touch you anyhow and even sleep with you, I can as well sleep with My own younger sister or elder sister, but you are precious to me than that one. If you are a sincere man, and you see your sister’s nakedness accidentally, maybe, she was taking her bathe or she wants to dress up and so on and then you start feeling lust inside, to begin with, you are a mad man.
52.        My own sisters, we lived together in one room. There was no day I changed My cloths and asked them to go away. There was no day they changed theirs and asked me to go away. She cannot change dress in My room and then asked Me to go away. Why will I go away?
53.        If you cannot live that way with one another, let it be known to you that we are all heathens. I will keep on speaking on this matter because it is the oldest sin in the world and the hardest sin to conquer.
55.        What is more, these two things started in the Garden of Eden. It is holding even the Head of State captive. Presidents; governors, you see them running around in their vehicles with little, little gals (girls). They are not the ones doing it; it is still the old man, but we are here to make it an open shame; spectacle; disgrace it very well. We are retaliating.
56.        You cannot imagine me after hitting it hard like this; disgracing it this way, I will go out and then sell off the shame and start messing up. With who?  That is a question: with who and where?
57.        You have to create room for it. It is not something you will wake up and start doing. You have to plan it.
58.        Brother Ugoala, you know, when you want to do evil, you will become very hostile so that your little son will run away from the house. You know, men are cunning. You send the boy to a very far place and will be moving round the house as if something is lost because you are charged.
59.        If you do not bring back your wife, we will send you out of this Church. WE DO NOT RESPECT ANYBODY.
60.        Yes, believe I was a captain in the Civil War also. I am going to fight you. Get ready for Me now. From now, I will never give you a breathing space at Aba. You either repent or you leave this Church. What do you understand willful sin to be?
61.        I read the scriptures, I passed the instruction to you. I came to your office, read it before you, Brother Kelechi and Brother Obadiah bearing Me witness. You think I will change My mind? If I change My mind, know that God is not in Me again.
62.        Check all the time you have been coming to Jerusalem, if there is anytime you came and I refused to talk to you on that matter. God has a controversy with you.
63.        My brethren, it appears I am stopping at verse 26, no. I am not stopping there, but we will exhaust it.
64.        I have caught many people in our midst lying. What do you think lying is? Somebody said it is Christian favourite sin. And the Bible said, “No liar will inherit the Kingdom of God.” Shall we tear that one away?
65.        What is lying? Lying is perverted truth. Before you tell lies you know the truth. You must deny the truth for you to tell a lie. In addition, the aim of a lie is to deceive. Where did it start? In the Garden of Eden. Who told it? Satan. He deceived Adam and Eve there with it.
66.        If I will break down the word, “lying” the whole Church will be at the altar. You will see that even many that are sitting down in the Church claiming they are married, married by lying, got children by lying, do business by lying, worship God by lying. Lying, lying.  
67.        How many lies will a man tell and be guilty of lying? The Bible said, “Lie not one to another for you are brethren. Have your conversation honest among the heathens,” which means that they cannot forbid you from telling lies among yourselves and permit you to tell lies to heathens.
68.        In other words, tell all men truth. Brother, I am not the author of the holy Bible; I am not the writer; the word is for you; it is for Me. That is why I wept some weeks ago while trying to tell somebody the truth.
69.        If you want to wound Me, there is only one thing you will do. If I tell you the truth I know on any matter and you tell Me that I am lying, you have wounded Me. I do not know why God made it this way. I have tried My best to tell lies and I see I am not succeeding. It is not My nature.  Then, why should I go ahead trying?
70.        If you ask Me any question and I want to deceive you by telling you lies, if you are careful, you will notice that I will not succeed. Because by the time I will try to fix the thing, my eyes will be blinking; I will laugh. I will restrain Myself immediately. You see Me laughing. And when I am laughing, you will be asking Me further questions. Then, I become speechless because I do not know how to lie.
71.        Before I can frame and fabricate it, it will take me some time. However, there are some experts in lying, even among little children. I have one in My house; My maidservant Tochukwu.
72.        Ask her questions one hundred times in one second, she will reply, “I do not know,” in one second, she will answer all of them pia, pia, pia . Put it the other way, she will answer all of them pia, pia, pia! Deceiving a whole adult like Me in a flash. Then, I realized it is her nature because I believe, if I being an adult find it difficult to put the thing together and this child can put the whole thing together in few seconds, it must be her nature.
73.        Some people say that lying is Christians’ favourite sin. Is there any sinner that will inherit the Kingdom of God? Now that you know the consequences of lying; you know it is hateful, it is abomination, it is challenging God’s authority, what do you do? What if you deliberately go into it; maybe, Satan is comforting you by telling you that Abraham told lies; David told lies?
74.        You see, Satan can do that. But that same Satan cannot tell you that Christ told lies. The Bible said, “Let Christ be our example.” Pray that God will help you to conquer these two oldest sins; oldest cankerworms, oldest diseases.
75.        You know, sin brings more sin. As long as these two things are in you, you do not need to mention perfection. You can hear about perfection; you can hear about holiness, you hear about righteousness, although you know they are truth in the Bible, they can never be reality in you. You must get rid of these oldest sins. In other words, break that old foundation, carry everything there away. Make a new foundation with truth and holiness.
76.        As long as you still harbour these things in you, though you may be a preacher in the pulpit, a preacher outside, I want to tell you what you are doing. You are preaching about Christ you heard of, not Christ that you have experienced.
77.        You know that is the greatest guilt. You preached of Christ you heard of; not Christ you experienced. What is more, it can never bear fruit. Doing things willfully, after you have known what is wrong and what is right, you should wait for the terrible punishment.
78.        Under the Law, if any man transgressed the instruction of Moses, just all that is required is two or three witnesses and the man will be stoned to death. He said, “Of what sorer punishment awaits us if we trample the word of God which is the Son of God upon our feet.” The Bible did not say of what lesser punishment. Rather, the punishment is magnified.
79.        In the days of Moses, it was physical death. What is the magnification in our day?  It is eternal hellfire. It is eternal hellfire because that is the highest punishment any man can receive.
80.        Thus, when we transgress we will receive maximum sentence. No option of fine because we closed our eyes, hardened our hearts and did it. The same way, we must be ready, be courageous to face the music. Amen.
I want to help you. How many knows that God takes record of sins? It is one thing to say, “He is the yesterday, today and forever” and another thing to have the revelation thereof.
2.           Whatsoever God hated in the beginning, He will hate it till the end. Check your Bible. There is nothing God condemned in the beginning and then loved it now. Check your Bible very well.
3.           If He took record of sins in the beginning and then fails to take record of sins today, He has changed. If He could not allow sinners to be settled in their homeland and today, He allows sinners to be settled in their homeland, He has changed.
4.           Always bear in mind that it is a very fearful thing for one to enter into the Judgment for God for our God is a Consuming Fire. He does not spare. That is why the preacher said, “Knowing the terror of God, we persuade all men in worshiping, believing God so that they will escape.”
5.           The evil or the guilt of man is that he believes he is not lying; man believes that his thinking is final. That he is wiser than God;  his counsel is final and that is foolishness.
6.           Man finds it difficult to believe that he is wrong in his action. I think that is the problem our Brother Ugoala is facing now. He has never seen his mistakes from the biblical point. He has always concluded in his heart that he is justified in his action. Hence, he has not seen any reason why he should make it right.  That is why I heard him saying, “Over my dead body; over my dead body!”
7.           If you knew what you were saying and where you were making such a statement, you would have been lying flat at this altar since morning. If it is Hell let me go! Is fire in Hell?  Give him “Message from Hell”.
8.           If your destination is hellfire, why are you in this Faith? Are we celebrating Christmas? He was not the man that was making the statement. The Devil that deceived him which God was trying to point out by anointing was reacting in him.
9.           What deceived him had already made the statement, “The man I wanted to drag to hellfire, you want to pull him out. No, no. It must be hellfire.”
10.        The Church is saying, “no” and I can hear Deacon Ojiakor saying, “Any day you obey this Voice, you will come here rejoicing that the Lord has done you well.”
11.        You see two opposing powers; one uttered, the other one countered. We are in a spiritual battle. It requires God to help a man. Looking at our Brother the way he rejoices in the presence of God dancing and rejoicing, actually he thinks it is well.
12.        At times, Satan will comfort you and say, “God has forgotten it.” Then, we will all call him, “Precious brother; precious brother.” Who told you so, when the man is dying inside?
13.        I have told you here, time without number that anytime you come to a situation whereby you kneel down to pray, after hearing the message or reading the Bible or meditating on your own, a voice rings bell in your ear or in your heart saying, “If not this problem, nothing will hinder me from being translated; if not this problem, if not this one thing,” as long as that voice is ringing, that is your judgment.
14.        As long as that voice is ringing, no matter how you try to beat it back, it is persistent, “if not this problem, what else, if not this thing?” Come, do not die in this front seat. What is that your name again? You said Chibueze. Chukwubueze actually. He wants to save you. Do not die here.
15.        You know, what you are hearing is truth. If it is not happening to another person, it is happening to you. Your heart is ringing bell, “If not this problem, if not this. God you will take away this thing.”
16.        Did God place it there? Find out who placed it there. That thing is there because you have desired that it should remain there because there is always a solution.
17.        For example, a Voice spoke to you, my young Brother Chibueze, that you should go to those people and make it right. Tell them you are sorry for what happened; that you are a child of God, that you did not mean to offend them: “Look at; look at; look at.
18.        Please, bear with me. By God’s grace, I will provide your furniture.” By and by, they will respect you.
19.        If they have other jobs, they will give you, but if you say, “Well, God understands my heart.” What if what God understands is that you are an unbeliever?
20.        What am I saying? The Voice ringing bell in your heart has condemned you and you stand condemned until you make it right. Talk of carrying it into the Heavenly tabernacle, it is impossible.
21.        Thus, do not ever come to a point where you will comfort yourself and say, “Well, am I blind? I see clearly.” You do not see clearly until you see it from the point where God sees it. If you do not see it from the scriptural angle, you are scripturally blind.
22.        You can see things from your human angle; your ideological angle, “Brother, you know, I see nothing wrong in it. My heart was right.”
23.        Leviticus 5: 17.  “And if a soul sin, and commit any of these things which are forbidden to be done by the commandments of the LORD; though he wist it not, yet is he guilty, and shall bear his iniquity.”  KJV.
24.         “If anyone sins unintentionally…”
25.        Note, if anyone sins unintentionally, that is, he did not mean to commit sin. He did not know that what he was doing was evil in the sight of God.
26.        “…By breaking any of the LORD’s commandments, he is guilty and must pay the penalty.”
27.        King James version said, “Though he wist it not, yet his soul remains guilty.” In other words, ignorance of the Law is no excuse: “I did not know it was wrong,” you must pay the price. God will forgive you but by and by, you can never go without rebuke.
28.        That was why I rebuked Brother Ben because I took My time over his matter. You know he is an elder. Thus, you cannot receive an accusation against an elder without two or three witnesses. That is why I am taking My time. I cornered him at a corner and heard him before I re-directed him to where he is going to plead his case.
29.        I said, “Tell Me, how did you come about it? Who gave you the list?” He told Me everything about it. I believe he told Me the truth. I said, “Well, didn’t you see a missing link there. I am pardoning because you were misguided.”
30.         I believe he was misguided because when he got My instructions never to go further, he stopped. He got another instruction to bring those things down and he obeyed it. He was misguided because I went and delivered a message from the family to him and we agreed on how he will come down.
31.        Later on, our sister left, went there and did another thing. Our brother thought that one received My approval or that I knew about it, not knowing that nobody—the Church and Myself—knew about it. And with a pure conscience, he started acting on that. That was the only ground where I exonerated him, yet he did not go without rebuke.
32.        Concerning the sister that deceived him, the case is still pending. She will see the elders of the Church. She is going to plead her case there. I am not coming there to accuse her, but I am coming to help her because the way it all started, I looked at it as deception all through.
33.        For example, if you believe I am your brother and I am your minister, and as a sister in this Church, a brother approaches you for marriage, maybe, you did not know that that brother has told Me; I feigned ignorance; you are in My house, I think the first time you just stepped into My house—whether you are happy about the news or not—you must either inform Me or inform My wife.
34.        However, if I wait, because I know about it, I wait the first day, no way; second day, no way; third day, no news; the forth day, I called you and then asked you about it and you start saying, “Ehn, ehn, ehn.” Do you think I will take it lightly? I will not take it lightly. This was exactly what happened.
35.        We are taking our time in this ministry because marriage killed many. We will be foolish if after suffering all that we have suffered, we come into this Faith to die because of woman. Who is that woman? I did not come into this most holy Faith to marry.
36.        Some may say, “Brother, you married before coming into this Faith. That is why you are talking like this.” Even if I never married before coming into this Faith, truth remaineth truth.  If it were in the End Time message, almost all the spinsters in this Church would have been espoused to one man or the other. They will have engagement, engagement, engagement to the point that apprentices engaged ladies.
37.         Apprentices; young, young boys under somebody, some are even ministers; apprentices yet ministers in the pulpit engaged to ladies in the Church. It is here now. Till today he is still apprentice. Not one, not two, many, many of them! What is causing it? Youthful lust.
38.        If you were in End Time message and you married and the Lord brought you into this ministry, thank God everyday because by right, you shouldn’t be in this ministry. It is a privilege. That is why it was very difficult to flush them—very ,very difficult.
39.        Brother Ben was crying and crying for almost one year. Nobody will flush her without Brother Ben and the Wife. When this ministry came forth, he came to the altar, threw away his wedding ring.
40.        Then, as for his wife, the Church called him back and said, “My friend, come here. When you married her, did you invite us? We do not have any hand in your marriage; we did not wed you. Come on, take this ring!” The thing bounced back; he took it and run away.
41.        Then he acknowledged that he married because of lust, not that he was prepared for marriage. Then his mother helped him. We believe in this ministry that we do not borrow money to marry.
42.        If you borrow money to marry, will you borrow money to sustain your family? We believe we do not marry by credit. Marriage is not hire purchase. Amen.    


Really, marriage is a dangerous thing. That is why the first time riddles appeared in the Bible was during marriage.  And the first people paid the price with their blood. They were not the people that brought the riddle, yet their heads were used to fulfill a vow.
2.           The moment you go ahead, comforting yourself that you know too much, there is no way you can obey God. You will always commit sin deliberately. Then pretend that you did not know what you were doing because you have concluded in your heart that you know too much. Anything you do not know does not exist again.
3.           The moment you conclude it in your heart, you are in trouble.  And such people, what do they do? I will show you their picture in the Book of Isaiah. Watch what they normally do, such people that think that their thinking is alright; such people that think that their thinking is final.
4.           Isaiah chapter 5 verse 20: “Woe unto them that call evil good and good evil; that put darkness for light and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.”  KJV.
5.           Am I the writer of the Bible? Things they should be ashamed of, you will see them rejoicing over them. Where light is supposed to be found, they place darkness there. They see evil, they call it good. They see good, they call it evil because once it is right in their own eyes, they claim it is the mind of God. No.
6.           Jesus Christ met such people in His day. St. John chapter 9 from verse 41: “Jesus said unto them , if you were blind, you should have no sin, but now you say you see, therefore your sin remaineth.”
7.           Now you say you see, your sin abideth in you. You say, “After all, we are not in a denomination; show me in the Bible where God said that I must contact my pastor, contact the elders before I will marry. It is an individual affair; it is an individual affair.” If you say you have no need that any man should correct you, you have a problem.
8.           Brother Joseph, pastor of the Church at Jos, did you permit Brother Ben Adiukwu to carry such controversial matters back to Abuja? Oh, he told you he was going to see the mother at Abuja and you permitted it? Oh, he was not asking for permission; he was only telling you that he is going with Sister Chiamaka? God bless you.
9.           You know, one thing is to ask for permission, somebody’s approval or consent; another is to merely tell somebody something. I do not praise a man because he did Me a favour, but I praise a man because he acted scripturally.
10.        You see, whenever I want to travel, it is always a matter between Me and the pastor. So also, if he wants to travel, he informs Me. It is now up to Me to say, “Well, Brother you know we have a lot to handle at home now. I do not think it is appropriate to travel now.” He will go back to Nkpor.
11.        Sometimes, I may go to him and say, “I want to travel home” or “I will like to travel to Lagos,” he will say, “Have you forgotten we fixed so, so and so meeting or activity on so, so date?”
12.        I will say, “Okay, let Me postpone it.” You know, I can easily tell My wife to go to the pastor and tell him she will be travelling on so, so day? You know I can easily do that. He may equally come to My house and tell Me he is travelling and he will be coming back on so, so day. It is not the same thing as asking for permission.
13.        If you are asking for permission, you sit down and discuss why you are going. For every trip I make, I must give My pastor reasons. Your pastor must know your whereabouts and know why you are taking any trip.
14.        Let me show you what the Prophet said concerning the pastor or overseer of any Church. He said the pastor of any Church is answerable to God concerning the flock entrusted in his care. Knowing that he is answerable to God on the flock; can the flock walk contrary or go anywhere without his permission?
15.        Many do not believe the Prophet; they just quote him. Your pastor must know why and has the right to stop you if he is not satisfied with your reasons. However, if you want to embark on a trip and refused to tell your pastor fully why you are travelling and you talk blah, blah, blah, he may just tell you to go in peace.
16.        I believe if our Brother had told the pastor why he was travelling to Abuja to see that woman and the reason for going there with our Sister and they discussed it at full length, our Brother would have halted the young man. It is not a scriptural journey.
17.        Why see the mother? Has the woman any hand in the marriage? Does the woman give out her daughter to somebody in marriage? You know, when Holy Ghost came down, He warned us concerning kitchen conversation that goes on between mother and daughter in the marital home.
18.        Any Sister that is not careful the way she allows her mother into her home may have a broken home. Your mother can destabilize your home. I am telling you the truth.
19.        There are cases where some carnal heathen mothers told their daughters that their husbands are impotent, that they should go and try other men outside. Some go as far as telling them to break the marriage and remarry.
20.        Watch women that go to native doctors in order to remain in their marital homes, they do not go without their mothers. When they want to go there, she will come and tell you little lies, “This stomach trouble, my mother asked me to come and get some drug for it.” She will call it drug actually so that when she comes back with it, you will not suspect it. 
21.        That is why in the case of Sister Virginia, the man resisted the drug she got from Sister Eliza and broke the bottle: “How can I be poisoned in my family? I will break it. Although she told me that it is for stomach trouble, I will not take it. I will break the bottle. If it is for stomach trouble, we will go together and take the medicine together!”
22.        Crafty women! Men, be wise. A heathen is a heathen, whether it is your father or mother, your younger brother or sister. They are all heathen. She must manifest the character of that heathen.
23.        Many at time in that kitchen, you will see them murmuring. You will know what that murmuring will produce when that woman leaves your house. You look at the face of your wife, it is swollen. She becomes quarrelsome. You start wondering what has gone wrong. It is the woman. She has injected something into your wife. And the home is on fire.
24.        Men, be wise. Whatsoever can destabilize the peace of any family is the greatest enemy of that family. Husband and wife, what will you do? Do what the Holy Ghost said: join hands together and push the thing out. If it is your mother-in-Law, ban her from coming to your house. Protect your home. Any day you have something to give, go and give to her, but for her to come and sleep in your house, no. She should not come.
25.        A woman can separate from everything, not her mother. It is only in this Faith that a woman separates fully from her mother. You do not know what is in a woman until you stop her mother from coming to take care of her after delivering. Watch her eyes.
26.        Why must it be your mother? If I take care of you will you die? I will tell My wife, “I do not need her.” Let us enjoy our peace. Let Me enter the kitchen; let Me go to the market. Take your bath; I am equal to the task. I will take the hot towel and press you well, well. If I cannot do it, I will invite the attention of an experienced woman who can. Let Me see how My mother-in-Law will now come in and cause trouble when I know she does nothing.
27.        You see, they do it as their right, they come to claim their right. Who gave them the right? It is you; you brought the fire that is burning you. Extinguish the fire! If you are not very careful, they will be acting it out.
28.        I know some will hate Me because of this type of teaching, but the lovers of truth will love Me the more. One man said, “There is no other topic I need to read in the book, ‘Hard Truth.’ After reading the message on Marriage and Divorce, I am okay.” 
29.        You know, some men love pure truth. Thus, the conversations that go on in the kitchen most often do not help the family. Many carry dangerous spirits about. After polluting themselves with several idols, they will come with those idols. Even little children will contact the thing and become sick. The environment will change.
30.        However, we thank God Who has opened our eyes to see afar off. Any wife that does not take her husband to be sufficient for her is not a sister in this Faith. If I am not sufficient for My wife, she is not a sister.
31.        I believe I am sufficient for her both spiritually and physically; after all, we have tried it before. Nobody died and nobody will die. Now, it has become our custom. I will be a foolish man to go back and enjoy the one I did alone.
32.        You see, when these mother-in-laws come, men are put in bondage. You do not have freedom in your family. When they are coming in, you do not know what to do. If you chase the woman away, you will have a problem with the daughter (your wife); if you allow the woman to stay, there will not be peace in the home. Then the man will be in bondage.
33.        Your mother-in-Law can hardly take any instruction. In short, any instruction you give her, she will turn it to insult. Tell her what to do, it becomes an insult.
34.        What is more, she will like to know every discussion that goes on between husband and wife. She will like to know everything. If you take any decision without contacting her, there will be trouble. Let us be very careful this time. I think that was the spirit that took you to Abuja. I am telling you what the Spirit is revealing to Me.
35.        The spirit that dragged you from Jos to Abuja is Sister Chiamaka and it was to go and appeal to her mother. And the moment she consented, no more! Let me tell you, if she felt comfortable in the house of her daughter, the one I know very well, that Assemblies of God woman, she will equally wreak a whirlwind in your house.
36.        Let Me put it this way; any woman that feels comfortable in the North is a traveller. Everywhere is now quiet. The journey alone is discomforting, yet the person is not discomforted. The weather there is harassing, the person is not harassed. Even if she does not understand their language, it does not mean anything to her.
37.        I do not like the way our mother-in-laws intrude into our families. God does not like it. That is what I am saying. They create a different environment; things you hate are the things they love.
38.        A little while, you will see them gathering some group of persons and telling some useless stories; bringing in people you do not have dealings with into your house. They will bring them in telling you, “This man is your brother from so and so town; your mother’s mother relation.” And all these things will upset the set up of the family.
39.        Remember, I am speaking on the message, “The Danger of Committing Willful Sin”, something you know very well that is very bad; very horrible, you go ahead committing it.
40.        That was why Joseph said, “How can I commit this horrible sin, although I am in a strange land? I will never do it,” because it is the habit of the Gentiles. It is heathen culture. They drink it the way they drink water. They only fear God when God is thundering before them. The moment God says, “bye, bye,” they say, “bye, bye” to Him and then go back to that thing.
41.        Because you feel you know too much, you do not see the reason why you must discuss before you can carry out certain actions, you are not blind; Jesus said, “Your sins abideth in you.” However, if you acknowledge you are blind, somebody who knows the way will lead you. But if a blind man leads a blind man what will happen?
42.        Let Me tell you something Brother Adiukwu; I will not spare you here. If I were in your shoes and I am privileged to love a Sister whose brother is in our midst and happens to be one of the ministers, I will be the happiest man. I will rather confide in my brother who is also a minister than in my sister.
43.        I believe being a minister, he will be sincere enough to tell me everything about the whole sisters because he can never tell me lies. If I want to obtain the consent of her parents, I will obtain it through my brother who is also a minister.
44.        Who will identify you before the parents? Is it not the same person? If he says, “no”, why must you continue?
45.        Brother Igne, When you heard it, what did you say? You said, no. When your parents heard about it, what did they say? They said they had nobody else to look upon except you. That whatever you say on the matter is final.
46.        Church, you have known Me for some time now, have I ever cried wolf where there was none? You know, there is a way I behave. There are certain things you will tell Me, I simply laugh. I know My brother very well; I know My sister very well. Somebody by the side may be querying, “Why is Brother attacking Sister Chiamaka who is His daughter; who has been living with Brother all this while?”
47.        If I am not harsh, who then will be harsh? It is just like attacking Sister Ifeoma or Sister Esther. You were My witnesses that I never spared her. She is My daughter. There is a reason why I did not do it in My house.
48.         All along, I never received any evil report concerning Brother Igne that he is bad in this way; bad in that way; this and that. I heard about this marriage through Brother Igne before I ever went to Jos. I said, “Keep it secret. I will conceal it also.”
49.        I asked, “What did you tell your sister?” He said, “I told her that she should forget about it for now.” I said, “Thank you sir.” Our brother did not know Brother Ben Adiukwu. They only met on evangelical trip where Brother Ben got convinced and was baptized. But before then, the marriage something had already been mentioned in End-Time message.
50.        Now that Brother has believed, Brother Igne being a minister in the five-fold must scrutinize Brother Ben Adiukwu very well to know whether a woman dragged him in or he dragged the woman in. Sister not knowing that I have heard it had the courage even to come to Me, not knowing that she was reporting My own field officer whom I am relying on.
51.        You are mad! You do not know what you are doing. She courageously came to Me one early morning like that and said, “Brother, I have something to tell you. The way Brother Igne talks to me, I do not like it. I was with him in Lagos. I know him. He does not see anything good in me. Even when I have not done anything wrong, he will just rebuke me. Each time he sees me, it is rebuke upon rebuke upon rebuke. In short, I do not like him.”
52.        I said, “What and what did he tell you and what did you do, seeing that anytime he sees you, he will open his mouth wide?” She could not say even one single thing.
53.        I said, “DO NOT WORRY. I am sending for Brother Igne; he will come down.” And that time, something was raging at Ogbunike. Overnight, I made a telephone call across. Our Brother arrived within 24 hours.
54.        He is My field man. If I want any of you anytime, I know how to get you. If I try the phone, no way, I will use My knees and something will happen. If My heart is right with God, you will feel very uncomfortable in your bed until you come down and see Me. That is why I told them I know how to bring ministers. If I kneel few minutes and I do not see them, I will know that they have lost connection or I have lost connection.
55.        However, if My heart is right and their heart is right, the moment I kneel, God will bring them. That is why, sometimes, I will stand there and predict that so, so and so are coming. And before your eyes, you will see them.
56.        Remember the time I spoke about Brother Ifeanyi Eze. I prayed few days, I did not see him; I called our pastor and told him that something has gone wrong there. When he came, didn’t you hear his confession? He came to Jerusalem as a dead man. Moreover, when he was coming, he was afraid.
57.        What am I saying? It is not easy to bring an accusation against an elder, more especially, if you deem it fit coming to Me to report it. I will not allow it to lie low because when I discover that a minister is not behaving well and I continue to recognize and use that minister, I will be a partaker of his sin.
58.        Hence, while she made her report, I laughed. I said, “Take it easy. There is nothing wrong there.” My mind automatically went back to that marriage problem. This is because when a lady wants to marry, all her brothers become her worst enemies.
59.        Even my younger sister that is in the Church, when she wanted to marry, although she was living with Me, I became her greatest enemy. She started talking as if I was trying to obstruct her way of progress. To God be the glory.
60.        Brother Ben, the signal is showing red, red, red. It is not just ordinary red but pure red. The foundation is wrong. If you continue to build your house on a porous foundation, by and by the house will collapse. When the wind blows, the storm comes, before we will know it, the building will fall. That is what we are preventing.
61.        What if you tell the sister to discuss with the woman, “Tell her I am the one going to marry you,” when you have already married her? You know women are very crafty. 
62.        Remember they heard where the Holy Ghost told us that immediately marriage is mentioned, everything gift should be stopped because every gift enslaves either party. She heard it. It was from campus to abattoir, from abattoir to campus, hurling out different kinds of gifts. You did not feel ashamed of going to a bachelor’s house without any company.
63.        Did you for once ever ask any brother in our midst to accompany you? You were not afraid of defilement, after all, brother will not tell the Church; equally I will not tell the Church. By and by you must tell the Church. Even if you close your mouth, on the wedding day, do not worry. Close your mouth on the wedding day, we have had many such experiences. Events unfolded themselves that day.
64.        I know I am your visible enemy from here. If it is possible to close My mouth from there, you will do it. But it is not possible, for I am saving a soul. If I look at the way you are reacting, I will stop giving you the food.
65.        When watching a Yoruba woman giving her baby food, you may see the woman closing the nose of the baby, while forcing the food down the mouth of the baby. You will think the baby is suffocating; you think she is dying. She is not dying; she will live.
66.        I am speaking on “The danger of committing willful sin.” To show that you knew what you were doing, somebody told you to come and invite my attention, you told him that right from Jos you were troubled. You knew that you were walking contrary. 
67.        When you knew you were walking contrary, did you stop the man? Did you go to the man and say, “I am sorry; I am walking contrary; do not go further”? Rather you said, “Well, anyhow, anyhow”.
68.        May be after the whole marriage, after deceiving the man, he will go to them and then make confession. After killing me, you will come and tell me you are sorry. Can a dead man forgive sin?
69.        Brother Ben, if you know what the spirit is saying right now, you will automatically use your last money to buy one cow for us, come and slaughter it here.
70.        Brother Justin, you are married and you know what I am saying. The greatest mistake any man can make in life is a mistake in marriage. No man has ever corrected it. No preaching has ever corrected it. You will live in perpetual sorrow, perpetual agony because when the woman starts unfolding what is in her, you will shout in wonderment.
71.        What is more, because you are a minister, when the thing starts happening, you will cover it with suit thinking you are deceiving somebody. You are not deceiving anybody. Before you know it, all the brethren have left your house. Nobody will be visiting you again.
72.        The moment a brother starts behaving wrongly; there is something that will push the brethren away. Gradually, they will all withdraw. In short, if you know what the Spirit is saying, definitely you will buy a cow.
73.        We have seen people that died and perished because of it. Ministers made shipwreck of their ministries. I know young boys that would have been useful in this type of ministry. Can you believe it that Emeka Ezukwu was in this ministry, preached down the Holy Ghost and was an eyewitness?
74.        He was talking to Pastor Okey; he said, “Brother, please, please, please, I just want to rush out to go and bring my wife. I will be coming back now, now. I do not want her to miss this kind of Faith.”
75.        I said, “Emeka, sit down; do not go anywhere. If you go out and come back again, know that I am not from God.” Those who are witnesses, did Emeka come back again? “No, Sir.” The woman held him back.
76.        What is holding Brother Ugoala captive today? Is it not a woman? What has made Brother Obadiah very lean? Woman; yet a woman is a blessing. If the person gets that woman according to God’s divine will, it is a blessing.
77.        Brother, I want to ask you a question. You know I am speaking on: “The Danger of Committing Willful Sin.” Before you think of marriage, there must be a family that influenced you into it, otherwise, you are lost. Do you believe that to be true?
78.        If it is not your father’s family by the way you see your father and mother relating, it is your carnal brother’s family or it is your friend’s family. In the Church also, the same thing is applicable, otherwise, what is pushing you into it is mere lust.
79.        What am I saying? I am saying that the moment the idea of marriage came into your mind, your pastor’s home should become your permanent abode. There, you would have glued yourself. You will tell brother and sister so that they will at least, share their own experience with you.
80.        You know how they married. There is something in how a man picks his own wife. We must not pick it the same way. There is something in the way you met your wife. The way you met your wife will determine how you will live. If you married by the wayside, well, you do not expect somebody by the wayside to be a wife. She is a woman and not a wife.
81.        You can hardly get a wife by the wayside. But you can get a woman by the wayside. You cannot marry without enquiry. Enquiry must be there: “Lady, please where did you come from? Who are your father and mother? I want to know.” It must be there.
82.        What if the family does not want the lady to marry? You know some families can stop their daughters from marrying for reasons best known to them. Do you know their plans?
83.         There is a reason why this thing is sounding this way. If a minister is being handled this way and somebody from the flock, may be one day, will rise up and say, “A lady from so, so and so,” you know what will happen.
84.        If our Brother Ben will suffer all these things before you; have all these experiences; at last he succeeds, if he sees somebody going this way, how do you think he will look at that person?
85.        I have given you a very big blow; you will not know what I am doing until you are in your duty post because one of these days, you will handle what I am handling now.
86.        Just like our deacons there; we nominated them, they failed. Who was the brother that wrote, kicking against the nomination of deacons at Jos Church? Rise up. Nobody will kill you. Who wrote that letter? They said it is Brother... (Sir, were you the one? You wrote? God bless you; sit down).
87.        Have you seen that the Church went into captivity? Brother, God bless you. Sister, is your husband here? Did you know about the letter? Sister, God bless you. I said, amen and amen.
88.        How I wish she is a man; nevertheless, the blessings that would have followed that man will follow you. All the men remained dumb dogs. I will tell you the pernicious effects of indifference: “It does not concern me. After all, I am comfortable. I cannot be a pastor and teacher at the same time; I cannot be a teacher and this.”
89.        Men you are trying to tell me that you looked into the scriptures and then you believe that the letter you got was right? That is what you are confirming; otherwise, you would have held the letter and continued laying hands anyhow until you make bachelors deacons.
90.        Nevertheless, I thank God for what is happening. It is not easy to get a deacon in a Church. If there is any post I know that is very difficult for a man to occupy, I will say it is that of a deacon. Throw away the end time idea. Look into the scriptures. In all the qualifications for a deacon, not even one dot could be bypassed.
91.        The man must fulfill all; the wife must fulfill all; the children must fulfill all or else, no deacon. If the man is qualified, the wife is qualified and the children are not qualified, no deacon-ship. That you heard that our brethren were not qualified does not mean that they were living in sin, no.
92.        Some of them were qualified but their wives and children marked them out. Some, their children qualified, they qualified but their wives marked them out. For some, the wife qualified but the man marked the whole thing down. All of them must agree; not minus this.
93.        Sister, God bless you. I hope the men in the Church learnt a little lesson there.  Brother, what were you saying? Oh from what the pastor told you, they wanted to nominate a treasurer not deacons; a treasurer who will be keeping money for the Church. Okay, nevertheless, we are not making a mistake because that is the office of the deacon.
94.        Where there is no deacon, the pastor deserves the right to appoint men, married or unmarried that will look into the affairs of the Church financially or otherwise. In the absence of deacons like they are in Onitsha here, there must be brethren, married or unmarried, filled with the Holy Spirit whom we can commit such matters into their hands and in such a situation, somebody can oppose the nomination of anybody with reasons.
95.        In the Church, we do not do majority carries the vote. No. In the Church, any nomination must be backed by the whole Church. If one person raises a finger against it, the whole thing is cancelled. This is because we do not play politics in the Church. Amen.


Second Peter 2: 19-22: “While they promise them liberty, they themselves are the servants of corruption: for of whom a man is overcome, of the same is he brought in bondage.
2.          20 For if after they have escaped the pollutions of the world through the knowledge of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, they are again entangled therein, and overcome, the latter end is worse with them than the beginning.
3.           For it had been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than, after they have known it, to turn from the holy commandment delivered unto them.
4.           But it is happened unto them according to the true proverb, The dog is turned to his own vomit again; and the sow that was washed to her wallowing in the mire.” KJV.
5.           Is it not a horrible thing for a man to vomit something and then go back to eating that same thing? Even a mad man cannot try it. My younger brothers that are here I will call one that came back from Lagos.
6.           Morde, you have received this truth and you know that it is true. In Lagos, you go about living the way you like, wearing your knickers, wearing your singlet, and talking anyhow. Have you actually received the truth by so doing?
7.           You said Yes. He did not understand what I asked him; he was sleeping all the while. He woke up from slumber and replied direct. I am saying that you have messed up yourself in Lagos and you have messed up the truth because if you actually believe that what we handed down to you is God’s Word, nothing will ever make you go about talking the way you are talking and behaving the way you are behaving; dressing the way you are dressing, going to one lodge at Eric Moore where they opened what they call Haggai Prosperity School which is being headed by a millionaire called Christopher Kolade, chairman and managing director of Cadburys Nigeria limited.  For all millionaires in Lagos, that is their base.
8.           There, they tell them how they will know the secret of prosperity. By midnight, somebody will go naked and be taking his bath in the name of Jesus. How can you manifest this type of character and claim that you have received the truth?
9.           In other words, all I am saying is that your baptism profiteth you nothing. You only went to the stream to swim. If you are really a part of what God is doing, you must repent and believe the Gospel with a solemn promise that you will never, never go back to idolatry.
10.        Brother Agubalu, are you sure that what we are handing down to you is the truth? You said you are convinced it is truth. When you went back to Assemblies of God, did you find it there? I mean when you went back or didn’t you go back there?
11.        But you came out of Assemblies of God and you did not go back. But you served the Church in one way or the other? You denounced the Church? What were you doing when you stopped going to the church? Okay, when they told you about your leaving them, you equally told them to go and try somewhere else because they were not taking you seriously.
12.        Were you taking what you were doing serious? God bless you for your sincerity. Because you were not taking it serious, the people saw the lack of seriousness in you and they behaved the way you were behaving. You licensed them.
13.        Now that you want to be part of this ministry, I persuade you, you have to repent of your wicked ways. Until you do that, you stand here guilty before Me.
14.        My young man, this is also applicable to you. I know you are handsome and I know that the money you collected was not for drinking or for shoes but something more than that. Looking at you, I know you are a nice star; every ashawo (prostitute) knows your name; yellow man. Whether you come back by 10: 00pm or 12 midnight, there is no problem; after all, you know every nook and cranny.
15.        We give invitation, rubbish; it does not concern you. Whether your mum prepares food or not, it is not your business. You can go without her food. Any day money disappears from your hand, you will then know she is your mother. But once there is money in your pocket, you come back, you go to your bed. Why are you making a noise?
16.        [THE SON OF MAN TALKING TO THE CONGREGATION] Wait until I finish the matter. You that are rejoicing, are you better than him? What if you are exposed now? Liars!Liars!
17.        I urge you in the Name of the Lord that you must repent if you want to be part of this eternal rest. I want you to do so with a pure conscience and with a solemn promise that you will never go back into the world; that you need a blessing and not a curse.
18.        We continue brethren. If I do not call you, it does not mean that I do not know you. I know you. I believe by the time I finish this category, you will not need My calling your name again. Do that which is right and God will bless you.
19.        Where is that young man I said he should not bear the name Bobby again? Where are you? Oh, you said he has been renamed to Amos. He must be re-baptized either here or in his home Church. Is his wife here?
20.        Are you Sister Amos?  Are you really a Sister? Just by God’s grace. Sit down and God bless you. You know, if you were not convinced before you were baptized, you baptized as an infant. There is no way you can live the life of any child of God. You will be compromising because you were not convinced.
21.        Any time you get convinced, you will be re-baptized. That becomes your real covenant because you are baptized into truth, not into doubt.
22.        Many of you were baptized into doubt. You doubted many things and yet, you allowed yourself to be baptized. There is no way you can believe the message fully. You will be limping between two opinions because doubt was still in you.
23.        When Jesus Christ told them to believe, He added, “doubting nothing.”  When the dog goes back to its vomit, it is terribly bad.
24.        After escaping all the corruption that is in the world, escaping from End-time spirit, we see ourselves going back to the things we condemned; do you think God will take it lightly? God will not take it lightly and the Bible is saying, any man that willfully does such a thing; deliberately does such a thing, on that day, he is possessed with a lot of demons. His character becomes worse than his character before he embraced the truth.
25.        If after knowing the truth about Christ, you decide to leave this faith and go into the world, watch, you will be doing things that you could not even do when you never repented. You will not be afraid of your fellow neighbour’s reaction.
26.        Just like the report I received from Abuja that tenants living in the same yard with Andrew are now begging him to go back to Church; that he is now coming in with strange women; reckless women, doing things he never did when he never carried the Bible.
27.        What is causing it? After he has escaped the pollution and the corruption that is in the world, he allowed himself to be entangled therein again. Now, his latter end is worse than his former state.
28.         THE DANGER OF COMMITTING WILLFUL SIN. I told you that God takes record of sins. Numbers 14, from verse 20: “And the LORD said, I have pardoned according to thy word:
29.        But as truly as I live, all the earth shall be filled with the glory of the LORD.
30.        Because all those men which have seen my glory, and my miracles, which I did in Egypt and in the wilderness, and have tempted me now these ten times, and have not hearkened to my voice;
31.        Surely they shall not see the land which I swore unto their fathers, neither shall any of them that provoked me see it.” KJV.
32.        Have you seen the people that saw God’s glory what happened to them? They saw signs and wonders and miracles and even drank from the spiritual rock; ate fresh manna from Heaven; just very close to the Promised Land, watch what happened there?
33.        They denounced their faith. God was not happy. In short, He counted the number of times they provoked Him by committing whoredom, by murmuring and complaining.
34.        They knew the awful consequences of the whole thing. They saw Dathan and Korah; they saw Miriam and Abiram; they saw all that took sides with them.
35.        They saw what happened to their fathers when Aaron moulded the golden calf, yet they could not learn a lesson, yet in the wilderness, they were behaving anyhow, provoking God to wrath not knowing that God was recording the number of times; ten good times and God served His judgement. Who knows the number of times you will commit the sin and judgment will strike?
36.        As many as were guilty, God took an oath that they will never be partakers of everlasting inheritance. He cut them dead.
37.        Concerning Moses” prayer, did God hear? He said, “I have heard you, but I will never change my mind.” It is not always that a man of God prays and God changes His mind. At times, the Man of God will go to God in prayer because of a willful act, God will give him a warning never to try it.
38.        The time came when God told the Prophet, “Do not pray for this people again, for they are stubborn and stiff-necked; leave them alone. The battle is between Me and them. We will slug it out. We will fight it out.” And God dealt with them treacherously.
39.        One day, God will accept the challenge you are throwing. I said, “One day, God will accept the challenge; Brush the Church aside and then deal with you”.
40.        THE DANGER OF COMMITTING WILLFUL SIN. Look at this man David in 2nd Samuel 12, reading from verse 7: “And Nathan said to David, Thou art the man. Thus saith the LORD God of Israel, I anointed thee king over Israel, and I delivered thee out of the hand of Saul;
41.        And I gave thee thy master's house, and thy master's wives into thy bosom, and gave thee the house of Israel and of Judah; and if that had been too little, I would moreover have given unto thee such and such things .” KJV.
42.        We all know the story very well. David knew he shouldn’t have coveted his army officer’s wife. He even went as far as trying to trick the man. David knew that he did wrong; he wanted to play a little cleverness like some women used to do.
43.        I will encroach into your privacy now so that if you have not made it right, the earlier you correct it, the better for you. You know I will not spare you because you are the one that put words into My mouth. I will speak so that I will be freed. I know not how to pamper a man lest My lord will parcel Me home.
44.        David saw the woman taking her bath. You know, there is a great difference between seeing and looking. Seeing is not looking.
45.        That is why I handed down a message: “Beware how you look.” Our Prophet in his own version said, “There is something in a second look. If you pass by a woman and turn back and look at her, there is something that told you to look back. And there is something in a second look. The Holy Ghost inspired Me to tell you something higher than that.
46.        If you are a man and you notice an immoral woman in front of you, do not walk in that path; change your direction. Change your lane.
47.        If she is in front of you and you are walking in the same lane, and you notice she is immoral, leave that lane and go to another lane.  If you must look at her, look at her from another lane. Let the main road demarcate you because when you are walking from behind, your eyes will be on her hips.
48.        There are spirits that are protecting her. You know, behind every dressing, there is a spirit. What dressed her is in her and what dressed her and put her in that way to make her a public spectacle is your greatest enemy.
49.        Men, let us be careful. It is just like women. There is no woman that does not know a man that is signaling her with his eyes. You know what I am saying. There is no woman, whether spiritual or not, that does not know when the man is making love advances towards her.
50.        You know men do that in different ways. It may not be with their eyes. Equally, there is no man that does not know when a woman is making love advances towards him. They do it in different ways. Let us be very careful. Remember, we are expecting the great re-union.
51.        If you see something and then continue going that way claiming, “There is nothing wrong”, well you are committing it deliberately.  If you accidently see a naked woman taking her bath, you have not committed any sin.  There is nothing wrong.  Go your way.
52.        Some of us that are living with spinsters and brothers, the tendency is there that if your bathroom or toilet has no lock, one of them can open the door accidentally and then say, “Sorry Sir,” and then go away. There is no sin imputed upon that person.
53.        Do you know that? But if you see a naked woman taking her bath somewhere and then you change position, I mean readjust yourself, may be you did not see it well, you climb higher on  a tree where you can see the whole thing very well and you behave like Eve   by saying, “How pleasant it will be if I will eat this fruit.”
54.        She admired with her eyes because she looked. All along, she has been seeing the tree but she never came closer. That day she came closer, she looked and admired. And then she was running round the tree until she got it. I do not need to speak about that, you know what I mean.
55.        So, when a man is running around a woman, he is looking for something. I said, he is aiming at something. And that thing he is aiming at is exactly what the majority do before they will declare the marriage open. This is because that is the target. That is what he is aiming at. Brother Ben, take note. And if the woman loves it, the woman will rally round the tree every day. She will hide through songs, “Amazing grace, how sweet…” She loves the tree.
56.        I am speaking to My people. Will you hate Me because of it? It is God’s ministry. You can only hate Me because I have told you the truth. We cannot run out from the denominations and now that we have escaped, we will come here and perish. It will be a miserable death.
57.          Many of us here were millionaires in the town. We had become Chief or Nze somewhere, but we forfeited all those things for the sake of Christ; for the course of Christ. Can we afford to miss it? God forbid.
58.        See King David, watching the woman. Watching the woman, watching the woman, he could not bear it, although he had many, many wives and concubines, they were no longer sufficient for him. You see why I told you that if you marry only to avoid fornication, you must do it after marriage.
59.        Before you think of marriage, make sure that that spirit dies in you. Marriage does does not stop adultery; marriage does not stop fornication. Let the spirit die first.
60.        One day, David knowing the evil implication of the whole thing, although he was privileged to hear the story of Joseph in Egypt, went ahead to commit that sin. He closed his eyes, “Whatever it will take me, let it take me; after all, I will use my position.” Ministers, take note.
61.        If there is time I must be alert, it is the time any minister wants to marry. If the Church is not careful, ministers will use their positions to seduce spinsters: “Well, if I say no now, I do not know the way the Church will look at it; after all, Brother is a minister.”
62.        “Well, I am a minister; whatever I do in the church is right. Sister, enter the vehicle. We are going to Abuja one way.” If that vehicle had somersaulted on the highway, all of you would have perished. David used his position as a king to seduce the woman. That single act produced a baby.
63.        It does not require a man meeting a woman twenty times before she gets pregnant.  Sister that wants to lie in bed with brother, well, remember that that single act can produce a human being on Earth.  Then you know the way he will handle the matter. Cleverly, you will become like other people. You will buy one drug or the other.
64.        If Brother should ask you why, you will say, “Well, I am having my menses. This thing is Buscopam.”  Na lie. It is not Buscopam; liars! You cannot deceive Me. If you like, use Durex; defilement is defilement. If you like, use your finger, defilement is defilement.
65.        If kissing is potential fornication, when you put your finger in the body of the woman, what do you call that? Conversion of the natural use of the body. Instead of doing that, why not lie on her? And then when you are being punished, you will know that you are being punished for something you have done than to fool yourself into touching it and after touching it, you say, “Well, it does not matter.”
66.        And your conscience will be telling you, “My friend, you are Devilish. You are possessed.” Let Me tell you, out of both of you, one of you is burning inside, but the burning has now died down because Holy Ghost has now chastened it.
67.        Sister, if you want to come out from the university, do not use brother as an excuse: “I do not want to continue reading this course; my husband said I should come out. He does not want me to continue.” That is rubbish.
68.        Brother did not say so. If you want to come out, come out. If you marry, okay. If you do not marry, okay. So, David defiled another man’s wife. He knew the consequences very well. He did not stop there. Craftily, he sent for the army officer.
69.        The man came back and according to military rule, he must report himself to his commanding officer for further instruction.
70.        Immediately he reported to David, being a crafty and cunning man said, “My friend, how is the war front?”
71.        The man responded, “Well, master, we are slugging it out with our enemies. We have pushed them to as far as so, so and so places. Our men are doing great exploits there.”
72.        David said, “Well, thank you my able commander. At least, you should go to your house and rest with your wife a little.” The man said, “Pardon!” He said, “Uriah, hear me; go to your house and rest with your wife.”
73.        You know, in the army, you obey before you complain. He said, “dismiss”. He thought the man was going home; after all, the word said, “Rest a little.” He went to David’s corridor, spread his mat there, and was resting, “Must the rest be with my wife?”
74.        Many a time, women do not allow men to have real rest. If you want your rest, sleep in your parlour. You do not know what I am saying. If you want to have real rest, go to the cushion in your parlour; lie down there.
75.        Any dream you will have there is a perfect dream. Boys, you do not know what we are saying. The men know what we are saying. Two things are there. You know women behave like babies.
76.        That is why we marry them in their weakness and we accommodate them in their weakness. You go to bed, she will engage you in talking. From talking and talking and talking, you will be hearing many things you never expected.
77.        A little while, she will box you into a corner where you will be forced to reconsider your vow. You will assure her that you still have that first real love. She will want you to assert whether the love is growing or waning.
78.        She will like to rest ooo, but she will not do so until her arms and legs are resting on you. Even if you push them out, she will put them back again.
79.        Now, look at the man that went to rest now carrying heavy load in bed. Let us be sincere to ourselves. If you want to marry a preacher, marry a preacher.
80.         You know whatever I am preaching here, I am attributing it to My wife, whether it is what she is doing or not. “This woman, you are in trouble ooo! This man is just saying everything about you.”
81.        How do you know? Come to My house and learn how you must live. If My wife wants to rest in the afternoon, she can go to bed and rest, not with Me.
82.        If I want to rest-well, you know I can hardly rest. Any day you see Me sleeping in My house in the afternoon, know that I am sick. If I am sick, I do not sleep.
83.        On this note, I say remain in your sanctified estate, remain blessed in Him eternally. Amen.