The Son of Man Revealed From One of The Jungles in Africa According To William Branham's Prophesy

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Friday, 15 July 2011



Christ is on Earth as a human being. He is in the midst of the Bride. He goes to Church, He worships Himself but your physical eyes cannot behold Him.
Even in the beginning when there was no human being, He lifted up His holy hands and said, “I live forever!”

Believe it if you can…
5th December, 2010.

THE MINISTRY OF THE SEVEN CANDLESTICKS IS OVER. We are no longer in the ministry of the Seven Candlesticks because the Churches have heard the voice.
We are now in the ministry of he that is moving in the midst of the seven candlesticks. In other words, we are now in the ministry of the son of man, in the ministry of one that will come after 1965.
Is there a ministry here that has risen after 1965? Yes sir! Was there any prophecy that there is One coming after him (Braham William) with a ministry traced on to the Bible, that will go in the newspaper form using materials until it will encircle the whole earth until every true elect will lay hand on the material? Yes sir!
That is why I told you that every elect of God must be positionally placed where he will identify God’s move in his day and partake of it. I do not want to identify and get lost. I want to be a part of what God is doing. –The Son of Man
Blessed be the Name of the Lord Who counted Himself as nothing and accepted to die on the Cross of Calvary in my place. You know, an innocent man died for us.
2.           By right we are the people that should have died. We are the people that committed crime. The man never committed anything. That’s a wonderful love.
3.           I was reading Hebrew book chapter 2, and the Prophet was saying, I read it in my family altar. The Prophet said, “Oh, my, my, my, my, what a wonderful privilege!”
4.           Because in chapter 2 of Hebrew Book, the Bible said that He (God) was made even lower than the angel. He did not take the form of an Angel, but He took the seed of Abraham. Thus, He became a seed of Abraham and then was born as a human being having the same nature with us.
5.           Oh my, if He took the shape of Angels, surely, there will not be atonement. I cannot doubt it. The Bible said that He (God) was made lower than the angels, he became a human being for my sake and the Prophet said, “Can you imagine, the descending angels could not redeem us, they were feeding (caring) for themselves.
6.           They presented the Prophets; the Prophets became lean of sinful nature that they were even feeding (caring) for themselves also. They could not save us. He sent the Law, the Law became our policeman and put all of us into cell, shot us all dead.”
7.           No matter how you scream, the Law could not bring us out. He said, “Under the Law, we remained imprisoned. He sent righteous men but righteous men could not provide the ransom, then God came out and paid the ransom and become our kinsman Redeemer.”
8.           I remember the day I preached this message, “The Kinsman Redeemer”. Sister Chika, if there is any message that converted you, I think it is this message titled the Kinsman Redeemer. God bless you.
9.           I never knew you as unbeliever from the onset. I know you were just running from my village. You thought you were running and you landed in Igbariam. But when the fullness of time came, gradually, gradually one step backward, two step backward, God bundled you from Igbariam back to Onitsha again, then kept you face to face with Odoemena. That’s God’s divine purpose.
10.        When you do not want to go, you ran to Igbariam. No matter how you wrestled with the word, something was saying that there was truth there; “but, but, but”. Everybody thought that it was all over with you but He said no.
11.        From time to time your memory continues lingering until your dream continued flashing here. I told them that I had one girlfriend in the Pentecostal. Look at the girl friend here. My sister girlfriend. I never met her as a heathen; I met her as a woman evangelist. I thank God she is now a child of God.
12.        Before we met Sister Chioma as a woman evangelist, she was bearing his father’s step that she could run round the street ten times, all in the name of Jesus. Sister Chioma, all those memories, I know they have vanished.
13.        You know there is something we cannot see in the Pentecostals. There is one in my office, a married woman; many of you know the lady very well. Brother Kelechi, you know her. There was a day you accompanied her to Assemblies of God one night. That is one Ngozi; you see, she got married to one man in the Grace of God.
14.         Today she is an evangelist. You know one thing that is fooling them; their general superintendent is now telling them that for every soul they win, they have a crown. Hence, she said, “I want to make crowns that day, I do not want anybody to deprive me of those crowns.”
15.         She would abandon her family and then go out for evangelism—one week, two weeks—in order to make crowns. Well, do not blame them, you know where they belong to, they are the Ishmaelites. Many of them are sons and daughters of Esau.
16.        Esau wanted to get the crown through much labour, by the works of his own hand, so that his father would praise him, but Jacob never offered any prayers.
17.        Let me tell you, if you get salvation by your own efforts, surely you have everything to boast. Then Christ is not for you. Can a man see God without Christ?
18.        You cannot bypass him. However, many have already missed road. Even right now, you know where they belong to, you know the conclusion.
19.        I was telling my family that our fathers went a horrible way, from the very word go. That mistake happened in the Garden of Eden, because of impatience; the woman flouted the Law of nature and then produced twins. From that day, the problem started, and Almighty God, being a compassionate Father, had compassion on them.
20.        If I were in His shoe, I would close my eyes and bury them alive. Deal with them very well! You know the tree, you know the fruit. I do not believe it happened. We know what happened. Where did they run to? To the old path.
21.        They remembered the activity, the rest of the godly remained there, they were not feeling anything. You know what happened. There is only but one fruit a woman will eat and she will become equal with a man, she will become wise and uncontrollable.
22.        I know that tree, once a young man eats it, he becomes equal with his father, he becomes uncontrollable. Everybody knows it. I want to show you something. Science has even proved that a woman can conceive twins from two different individuals.
23.        Yes, science has proved it, that a woman can meet a man in the morning and take in, and in the afternoon, she will meet another person and still take in; produce different individuals, then that woman will have two children. She will have twins with dual nature.
24.        Everybody resembles his or her father. It happened then. Read your Bible very well. Cain came out first, then Abel. Eve conceived of twins. While Adam was rejoicing that Eve is pregnant, watch God’s nature, because God is the Author of Life, God knew what has happened there. Look at the way God described Cain:
25.        God said that Cain was of the Vicious One, and God stamped Cain, the Son of Perdition. Then, to trace the origin of Cain, the Bible said the Devil is the father of all liars, he abode not in truth for he has been a liar from the very beginning and also a murderer.
26.        When nobody told lies, there was no record of any family telling lies in the Garden of Eden except Lucifer, note, he is known as the greatest liar, he told lies to Adam and Eve and then deceived them.
27.        Now watch, his own son had his nature. You know, Lucifer is Son of Perdition, he is a Vicious One. Cain came out and became a subtle individual. Through subtlility, he lured his own brother out, through lying, he lured him out and became number one murderer on earth.
28.        And because he did not have God’s attribute, he was the first person that answered God back. God said, “Where is your brother, Abel?” Cain retorted immediately, “Why are you asking me? Am I my brother’s keeper?”
29.        If he is a son of God, do you think he would do that? No. I am saying that he started manifesting every attribute of his father. But watch Abel, when Cain killed himl, worshipping of God stopped until Seth was born. But before Seth was born, it took many years. Cain remained living, producing children anyhow. Before Seth could come out, get married and then started having issues, Cain had already filled the whole world.
30.        In other words, mixed-multitude started in the Garden of Eden, from the very Creation. That is why, if you look into the lineage of Adam, or lineage of Christ which terminated in Adam, if you check it, Cain was completely cut off. God denied Esau, Esau was also completely omitted, because they did not come from God.
31.        Once that problem is there, it continued there until the time of our father Abraham. Abraham, because of impatience went and took a wife to himself. Whether you call it concubine or anything, concubine is nothing but wife. Because of impatience, Abraham took an Egyptian woman, Hagar. Hagar produced Ishmael. That is what we are suffering today.
32.        Ishmael being the first born was dead. That was not enough for Abraham; he went and took the third wife, Keturah. Keturah had six sons that went and married foreigners. However, if you trace the lineage of Cain very well, you will see that polygamy started in Lamech, because number one person that married double was Lamech.
33.        And Lamech was from the descendant of Cain. This Lamech, you know he is the father of all musicians. The Bible said so. Any musical instrument emanated from Cain. That was why God judged David for introducing musical instrument in the house of God. May be you do not know it.
34.        People go about using it but they do not see where God used Prophet Isaiah to condemn David and the instrument which he used. From the very beginning, God is worshipped with praises, with songs and with clapping of hands. God Himself clapped hands to calm down His anger. The angels also clapped hands. Thus, we are angels. Don’t you know that? That’s why we praise God, we sing Halleluiah, we clap our hands, we dance before His Presence.  
35.        I want you to note what is happening. Our father Abraham produced many children, born to Abraham in the flesh. We will go through scriptures in this message.
36.        You see, when you catch my comment, it will help you because what I am going to speak on will not be too far away from what I am speaking now.
37.        You see, that nonsense started then with our father Abraham. Can you imagine, Sarah took in and had only but one son, Isaac. Isaac married Rebecca. Now, before then Ishmael and all the sons and grandsons of Keturah had already filled the earth. Note it, the competition is now, one against million.
38.         Is it any wonder, when you enter your farm, what do you notice in the farm? The good plant or seed you planted, you just harness them very well, you can number them, but after some time, when they start growing, you will see tares. I am saying that tares are always in the majority.
39.        There was a farm in this GTC compound last year, if you get in there, you will see some cassava stems. One day, the owner can go there and harvest the cassava, will he harvest the tares? See the number of tares that have grown up there, so it is with the whole world. That’s why the Bible said that all those children that were born to Abraham outside the promise, that they are not children of God.
40.        Note the problem there. Those children that were born to Abraham in the flesh according to human desire, God said they do not belong to him. Whoever they will equally born, their children, their children-children; their children-children-children, their generations, till eternity, they have no part in the life that Christ gives.
41.        You see the problem? Mixed-multitude troubled Israel. In the time of the Prophets, they worsened it by taking up strange women from forbidden nations.
42.        In the days of the kings also, they did the same thing and the Bible said, “When Israel mixed herself, the population will increase. By marrying outlandish women from forbidden nations, they produced mixed multitude.” I call them hybrid children that will not speak Hebrew language.
43.        The Bible said they were half Jews and half Greek. What a shameful thing! You see them in the morning, they will resemble children of God, in the night, they will resemble the devil, somebody having dual nature.
44.        When God noticed the evil, before they entered the Promised Land, God halted them and said, “All strangers must be ferreted.” There was a roll call: “Everybody open your bag, let us examine.” All those strangers were asked to go home. All those foreign, foreign women, the Lord did not care how long they had stayed in marriage, they were asked to go home, because anything that God had not joined together, anything can stop it. Read your Bible.
45.        There is no scripture that said until death do us part you must stay together. There is no scripture that said, husband and wife, until death, you cannot separate.
46.        What the Bible said, whatever God has joined together, let no man put asunder. Then, what God has not joined together, must be put asunder. GOD HATES DIVORCE, YET I AM SAYING THAT GOD CANNOT DIVORCE HIS OWN DAUGHTER FROM HIS OWN SON. BUT GOD MUST DIVORCE EVERY STRANGER.
50.        I am not speaking on “Marriage and Divorce”, but I will by and by scratch it. You know we are coming forward, we are just marching ahead. I have given you some background messages, yet I will bring another background message. We are progressing. Amen.

I am going to speak to you on something new; I want to put you in remembrance though you once know it; so that in my absence, nobody will be shaking in mind. I am involved, you are involved.
2.           If I am a Good Shepherd, I will never allow anything to happen to my flock. Before I leave you, I will establish you on a firm foundation, then go my way.  
3.           It has been my nature; I do not like staying away for too long, barely one week before coming back again. Thus, I do not want to give any room to grievous wolves. This day, I have no new message, but still on the faith you know very well, I will stamp it hard again so that in your kitchen, in your bedroom, in your toilet, in your work place, you do not care what is happening in Nigeria. You do not care at all.
4.           “If brother like, let him blow off the roof, that is his business; as for me, it is a finished matter. After all, I know where I am driving; I am not following Brother Odoemena, I am following God. That settles the matter. Now, Brother Odoemena is in Lagos but He is still here. Brother Odoemena is at Benjamin, Street Onitsha but He is in my house. Once we are there, no panicking again.
5.           Acts of the Apostles chapter 15 verse 18. “Known unto God are all his works from the beginning of the world. KJV.
6.           Romans chapter 9 verse 6 through 11, “Not as though the word of God hath taken none effect. For they are not all Israel, which are of Israel…”
7.           Please underline it. Then in your jotter, explain it this way: Not all that carry Bible and call themselves children of God are children of God. Not all that sit down in the Church, shout halleluiah, jump up and down, not all of them belong to God.
8.           After all, Satan goes to Church. Satan appears on the pulpit masquerading himself as angel of light. Put it down there. That not all that say they are believers, not all of them are believers. I do not care, it can be the general superintendent, it can be an overseer, it can be bishop, it can be Pope.
9.           What is calling Christ, Christ, Christ? we have been hearing Christ, Christ, Christ, you have the right to call Christ. The name that is greatly blasphemed is Christ. Widely blasphemed.
10.        Anybody that is not in the Church this day, I pity that person. Put it down that not everybody you see carrying the Bible, sitting down in the Church, saying “brother shalom, brother God bless you, sister God bless you,” not all of them belong to God. Not all of them are children of God.
11.        When you have this in your mind, it will help you so much. And that is exactly my topic. Not all that call themselves children of God belong to God, that is the topic. I want to use it as exhortation. I am taking my text here, from Romans 9: 6.
12.        Acts of the Apostles chapter 15 verse 18 said, “Known unto God are all His works from the beginning of the world.”  In other words, there is no mistake in what is happening in our midst.
13.        Let me put it the other way, that Jesus the Christ said that every hair on your head is numbered. God who formed you, no matter how big your head is, God knows the number in it. God knows the number of fishes in the ocean; God knows the number of sand at the seashore.
14.        Do you know that God can count all the stars in heaven? In other words, God knows all His Creation. All that God created He knows them, all that God did not create He knows them. All He created for good, He knows them, all He created for evil He knows them.
15.        Do you know that God created an evil man for the evil day? Is it Bible? God created evil man for evil day. Equally, He created a good man, a good woman for a good period. Would there be evil in the city and the Lord had not done it? That’s Bible.
16.        Thus, if there is trouble in Onitsha, the hand of the Lord is there. If there is war in any nation, the hand of God is there, for there can never be evil in the city and the Lord has not done it. And then for that evil here, God has a vessel molded for evil.
17.        If God wants to achieve His righteousness, He has a vessel He molded for that purpose. When He comes for righteousness, He will raise them up. He will say, “Come up, come up, vessels of honour!” He also has vessels of dishonour.
18.        Second Timothy chapter 2 verse 19 through 22, “Nevertheless the foundation of God standeth sure,…”
19.        The foundation standeth sure; an unshakeable foundation.
20.        “…having this seal,…”
21.        having this approval, seal.
22.        …The Lord knoweth them that are His.”
23.        The Lord knoweth them that belong to Him; he knows them that do not belong to Him. Although they may be in the Church, sing praises, shout halleluiah, greet every brother and every sister, yet God knows whether they belong to Him or not.
24.        Thus, you can cheat brother Odoemena, cheat your sister, but can any man cheat God? God knows every of his mission.
25.        …And, Let everyone that nameth the name of Christ depart from iniquity…”
26.         What is iniquity? Iniquity is not even sin. What is iniquity? it is something you know you shouldn’t do as child of God, you harden your heart and do it. Thus, if you know you are a seed of God, you depart from iniquity.
27.        Something that you know that God hates, it is not in demonstration of your faith, then why doing it? Why trying it? In the great house of God, there are not only ornament of silver and gold, note it.
28.        …But in a great house there are not only vessels of gold and of silver, but also of wood and of earth;…”
29.        Of what? Wood. And of what? Earth. You know what wood is? That is a dry stick. There is no sign of life in them and yet they are in the Church. They have no part in the life that Christ gives, yet they are in the Church.
30.        However, if you belong to God, why not say, “God, there was a man that dropped his dried staff and then before the following morning, life came into that wood.
31.        I have only one place where dry wood will be revived and that is in the presence of the almighty. That is if you belong to God. If you do not belong to Him, you are dead. He cannot revive you.
32.        Now, in the great house of God, there are not only ornaments of silver and gold, there are also some of wood and some of earth. Some to honour, some to dishonour.
33.        In other words, in the Church, all that are sitting down clapping their hands, jumping and dancing up and down, not all of them belong to God. Not all of them are vessels of honour, some of them are vessels of dishonour.  
34.        You know what Cactus is! Always staining your cloth. The Prophet used one word to describe those people in the Church. He used the word cactus.
35.        You know what cactus means, it stays permanent in drought. Cactus is the only plant that dies during the rainy season, because it hates rain and it survives greatly in dry season. Water kills it.
36.        During the raining season, instead of blossoming, you see it dying. During the dry season, when everything is withering, you see it blossoming. And because it refused water during the rainy season, the leaves became thorns, we call it annunuebe.  Because the leaves have turned to thorns, no animal can perch on it, no living thing can perch on it.
37.        If you go near it, there must be a mark that you crossed brother cactus, there must be evidence to show. You can never come near sister cactus without having an open mark. Thus, you do not need anybody to ask you where you went to. Mere looking at you, we know where you went to.
38.        Whoever that has courage and call you, will say, “Brother, you don jam cactus.” What am I saying? We are now in our latter rain; let us survive while the rain is coming down gradually, so that we remain blossoming.
39.        However, should you be in the Church and you are not blossoming, surely you are cactus, because you will be pitching your own tent somewhere. From there you will be viewing our brethren like Balaam and Balak.
40.        I say you will have your own pinhole camera which you will install somewhere, from there you will be looking at the bad side of brethren, to know whether there will be a single spot, from where you will now place a curse on them. But as long as God liveth, you will never see anything.
41.        Thus, if you are brother cactus, destroy your pinhole camera this moment. It is not going to be profitable to you again. And then accept Him to be the Holy Spirit, so that you will blossom again. I am telling you the truth.
42.        If he comes to a point where he will try to suppress it, no way, in order to make sure that nobody will ridicule him, he will look up and look down and then join the thing anyhow. And that will be mechanical.
43.        Brethren feel free. The time when we serve God with muscle is over. Nobody can ever serve God with muscle. That is what I am trying to establish. The time for muscle worship is over. The same way, the time of racking sense in the name of Holy Ghost is over. The time of pushing everybody down in the name of prophecy is over, because “thus saith the Lord” is already in your midst—the Word made flesh.
44.        However, you can see a brother naked; you can see a sister naked with the joy of the Holy Spirit, we will be imputed no sin, after all, it is in the house of God.
45.        Ask me if I should come back to this life again, if there be another world. Brother Odoemena, which dispensation would you like to appear? Let me tell you, ask me what I will like to be tomorrow, I will say, I will like to be a child of God. Because when you are a child of God, God will place you in such a position, where you would admire the word well, well.
46.        I thank God for what He is doing. I am saying that the time for mechanical worship is over. The time for pinhole camera is over. We do not pinhole any brother or any sister. Because I strongly believe that it is not by my own works. If it is not by my own works, in other words, I am not going to Hell tomorrow because I am worst than anybody.
47.        Do not worry, I am coming to something. Let me establish you somewhere, then I can travel out. In the house of God, there are not only ornaments of gold and silver, there are also those of wood and earth. Some to honour, some to dishonour.
48.        If you use Goodnews Bible, it said that God, because He is God, He made some special vessels for special occasion, then He made some vessels for everyday use. Those vessels that He made for everyday use, you know, even if they break, He does not make noise about it. But those special vessels, they do not come out anyhow.
49.        There is nobody that does not have a special plate in his house. That plate will be so precious that you hardly eat with it. You bought it but you can never boast of using that plate one day, unless you eat what is left over by a friend who came to you.
50.        It is a wonderful opportunity of using it, and then you will warn your wife seriously and pack it somewhere.  A maid does not wash such plates.
51.         There was one night, I flared up in my family because of those special plates. I said, What do you mean? Do you want to tell me that I that bought them cannot use them? Are the plates more important than me? Make me big man in my house. Serve me with those special plates after all, I am a special man.”
52.        You know, we are wicked to ourselves; especially women. They have special dressing that does not come out anyhow. Do not worry; any day you die, we will bring it out. I am telling you the truth. Let me say what I want to say. I will say that if I have wisdom, that one that is best, I will enjoy it in this flesh.
53.        An Igbo adage said that if you want to take bath, bath yourself very well, because you do not know where they will start to bath you when you die. Thus, when you see somebody wasting time in the bathroom, do not rush him or her. Bath very well while you are alive because if you die, you do not know whether you will be bathed.
54.        Brethren, I am saying something. That the Bible said that some vessels are for special occasions. But some are for everyday use. Natural things type spiritual.
55.        I am telling you that The Bride is a special set of people. Do you know that? I believe there are a lot of women in the society, they can come out anyhow, but a queen sparingly comes out. Did you get the message? That is why, the day she will be displayed, the king will gather all his friends and well-wishers to come and admire the beauty of his wife. That was the reason why God decided to send away Vashi. Because Vashi was the greatest dishonor to the king.   
56.        I am saying something. This year is our own year. Then, our own husband who is Christ in His day as a human being, He is the cynosure of all eyes. He is the point of attraction in His day. Then what do you think His wife will be?
57.        Okay, as a man also, he was the most scandalous man. What type of wife do you think he will marry? A scandalous wife. What type of children do you think he will have? Scandalous children, Law breakers, vagabonds!
58.        This is our year. We have read on Sunday, “God, here are my enemies”, but I am here to hear the noise. Maybe you do not belong to Him, because if you belong to Him, surely you will spread the news far and wide. You do not care what they are calling you, because that is the mark of your calling.
59.        A slave can never be greater than his master. If these things do not follow this way, surely it is counterfeit. However, since all that Jesus Christ said, will follow this ministry is all that we are witnessing, every minute of the day, every step we take, then we know that we are on the right track.
60.        Check all that carry Bible outside this Faith, there is no single sign that they have met Christ for one day, because they aim at pleasing everybody in the society.
61.        Watch their message, their message is just beautified to suit everybody in the society. But in this most holy Faith, we preach radical message, reformatory message. Check your Bible.
62.        Who is a revolutionary? A revolutionary is one that turns everything upside down. When they say yes, you say no. when they say no, you say yes. Anywhere you enter; people will know you have arrived there. You can never walk in secret.
63.         Do we aim at pleasing men? No! We aim at pleasing God. Do not stand here and be shouting wolf, wolf, let me hear noise somewhere. You know, I am living on the main road. This is end-time revival and it saves nobody, yet there is evening-time evangelist. Evening-time evangelism is not end-time evangelism. End-time evangelism is end-time revival, a false claim, which is found in the Pentecostals.
64.        Watch what is happening now. They have finished with their identification exercise, it is all over. They now speak the same thing. That is why, watch the whole Pentecostal,s their messages in the Church is one. They can never go beyond earthly things because they are earthly, they point people to earthly things. Then earthly men continue following them.
65.        Our message is heavenly; it can never please anybody on earth. Only heavenly beings will hear us and will follow us. The Bible said that we came down from heaven and we are going back to heaven. Amen.
2.           God is not dealing with a community, he is dealing with individuals. God is not dealing with community, God is dealing with individuals. Understand it and let it be a revelation to you, by day and by night you are standing firm, rigid and unshakable.
3.           In the wilderness alone, you will be number one army. I am telling you God’s truth. People mess up the faith because of lack of revelation. They think that all that clap hands in the Church belong to God.
4.           That is why they build pinhole camera to scrutinize the Church. That is not your business. You are called to believe and not to scrutinize. You are called to believe and not to judge. Simply believe God, walk in the light of the message you have received. Let me go back to the message.
5.           Verse 6 of Romans chapter 9, “Not as though the word of God hath taken none effect. For they are not all Israel, which are of Israel: Neither, because they are the seed of Abraham,…”
6.            Note, the Bible did not say seeds. S.E.E.D.S. they are, note! If you use grammar, “They” is plural. The Bible did not use the word, S.E.E.D.S, although they were many, millions, God used one seed. Underline it. You will understand what I am saying.
7.           …But, in Isaac shall thy seed be called. That is, they which are the children of the flesh, these are not the children of God: but the children of the promise are counted for the seed. KJV.
8.           Verse 8, “That is to say, it is not the children of the body of Abraham, who are made God’s children, but it is the offspring to whom the promise applies that shall be counted as Abraham’s true descendants…”
9.           This means that not all of Abraham’s children are children of God, but only those who believe the promise of salvation which he made to Abraham. LB.
10.        Note, when we consider this matter very well, please, let us be sincere to ourselves…. Can Ishmael blame himself for coming into the world? Did Ishmael commit any crime? Can Keturah blame herself?
11.        It was a family affair, it was discussed, it was clear in the eyes of a human being but God said no. No iniquity was imputed on Abraham. God never called Abraham a sinner for going to bed with Hagar, for raising Ishmael. What God maintained was His Word.
12.        Abraham lived his life, got one million women, laid with them, got trillions of children, “That is their business, as for me, I am going to raise a nation that will be called my own nation. And there is no other way I can get that nation except by my word. I have told you, about this time next year, pray that your wife must take in at a very old age and give birth to a child called Isaac. Thus, in Isaac shall thy seed be called.”
13.        In other words, if they have trillions of children outside Isaac or before Isaac, well, as far as I am Almighty God, they do not belong to me. I do not owe them any apology. I am not in an agreement with any; neither am I coming to any for apology.
14.        All those children that Abraham raised, like we normally have our children now, the same way Abraham had them, can any of them blame themselves for coming into the world? Did they know that God rejected them?
15.        Did they know that they were not coming into the world according to God’s own plan of life? In other words, a child can be born outside God’s plan.
16.        Make sure, for you to raise your children, do not raise children anyhow. That was why God was lamenting: “Why should you go and give your kids to strange women? Do not go after those strange women, because if you release your kids for the devil, surely you will suffer the reproach. God hates it.”
17.        In other words, God has His own plan. God’s own plan may differ from your own plan. This is what is bringing the confusion especially among women. A little quarrel in their marriage, you see them running out, until they will covenant themselves with one idol.
18.        Some will even go to some other group to recognize themselves. Some will even do a lot of concoction, from there, they will cross and join one thing or the other, before you know it, children will be coming anyhow.
19.        Watch the character of those children, then, from that their character, it will be the character of those that were born according to God’s plan. Let me leave that area now. I am trying to say something.
20.        All these children God is now denying ownership, they have Abraham as their earthly father, Isaac also has Abraham as his earthly father. Is it any wonder, that there was a controversy when Jesus appeared claiming to belong to Abraham?
21.        There were so many others that said, “We are children of Abraham, we are not born of fornication like you. We are not vipers like you. Our father Abraham married our mother legally, our people followed him, but in your own case, our brother Joseph was preparing to marry another, before we knew it, your mother is already pregnant and said Holy Ghost, Holy Ghost. We are saying that we were not born of fornication; we have Abraham as our father.”
22.        When John the Baptist appeared on the scene, he made this statement also. Do you know that John the Baptist was a descendant of Abraham? Yet he met people that were claiming to be children of Abraham. Yet the fruit of Abraham they could not bear.
23.        Then, why coming to me claiming to be Abraham’s seed? Bear you the fruit of repentance! Show me the evidence! That you are my brother, get rid of this notion that we all come from one royal father. One Igbo adage says that blood is thicker than water. That is why I do not have a little time for them.
24.        Watch any of your relations especially in this faith that comes near, you see that child coming out for brethren, but when a stranger comes, you see her running away, I have experienced that in my family with my little children. When they see brethren, you see them running out, embracing them. But if my own relation in the flesh is coming, everybody will run inside.
25.        I will keep on begging them to come and greet their brothers, they will say no, that they were not coming and they will not come out. No matter what you offer them, they will not take it. Blood is thicker than water.
26.        I am saying that John the Baptist met them, Jesus also met them. Now let me put it the other way, as I rightly said that the people who killed Jesus Christ were his brethren in the flesh. Sons and daughters of Abraham in the flesh, they were the people that shouted “Crucify him”; after all, the Bible said Abraham is the father of the Jews.
27.        If Abraham is the father of the Jews, who crucified him? The Jews! In other words they denied Christ. I am trying to say something. You will understand what you are as we continue; for the Bible said children of the bond woman must persecute the children of the free woman, and the children of the bond woman broke up to turn to Ishmael; a rejected generation.
28.        All that belong to Ishmael; the Ishmaelite, together with Keturah, remember we know them for one thing; they put on earrings, for the Bible said that it is the custom of the Ishmaelites to put on earrings. Then the word Ishmaelite, the Bible said, it is a general term for all the descendants of Keturah. Is it Bible?   
29.        Judges 8 verse 24. “And Gideon said to them, let me make a request of you, every man of you give me the ear-ring of his spoil. For the Midianites had gold earrings because they were Ishmaelites. General terms for all the descendants of Keturah.” KJV.
30.        Does this require interpretation? You know where they come from! They belong to the Arabs, and you know that Mount Hagar represents Saudi Arabia. Is it Bible?
31.        You will see it now that it is the tradition of the Saudi Arabians to trade on gold earring. That is their greatest trade. Do they have any other field of work?
32.        Know where you come from. We have a tradition that is different from that of other nation. We cannot compromise customs and traditions.
33.        “…And he said, I do have one request, that each of you give me an earring from your share of the plunder. It was the custom of the Ishmaelites to wear gold earring. NIV.
34.        It was the custom of Ishmaelites to wear gold earrings. You cannot take away earring from the Pentecostals. You cannot take it away from Anglicans and all denominations. Pentecostals preached against it before, gradually they went back to it.
35.        No matter how little it is, it is earring. No matter how tiny it is, it is earring. That’s why the Bible said that in the time of that ignorance, God overlooked. But He called us to repent. Now we have recognized who we are.  We know who we are. We are children of the Most High. We have a custom.
36.        “…But Gideon replied, I will not be your king, nor shall my son; the Lord is the king! However, I have one request. Give me all the earrings collected from your fallen foes, for the troops of the Midian, being Ishmaelites, all wore golden earring. LB.
37.         If you read it further, you will see that they were Arabians. And you know, mount Hagar is Mount Arab. Is it Bible? Physically, we see these Arabians dealings on gold earrings. Even their men put it on their neck, some of them try to beautify themselves. I mean their men. Watch their women, some will even portrait their name in it.
38.        We are known by our tradition according to the book of Esther. We are espousing people that are scattered all over the earth. We do not obey the Laws and tradition of other nations. We do not do that. Anywhere we go, we are regarded as abomination to that land.
39.        “So Haman told the king, there is a certain race of people scattered all over your empire and found in every province.
40.        They observe custom that are not like those of any other people. Moreover, they do not obey the Laws of the empire, so it is not in your best interest to tolerate them. LB.  
41.        Then Haman said to king Xerxus, there is a certain people dispersed and scattered among the peoples in all the province of your kingdom whose customs are different from those of all other people and who do not obey the king’s Laws; it is not in the king best interest to tolerate them. NIV.
42.        Note what we are! You know the account of Haman and Mordecai. Is it new to the Church? It is something we know very well. Mordecai was a Jew, Esther was a Jewess. You know the account very well.
43.        Then Haman was making an evil report to the king concerning the Jews, that they were packing a lot of people scattered all over the empire. They have customs different from other nations. And to crown all, they do not obey any law of any land.
44.        Who are these people? God’s own people. You know, we are a peculiar people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation. We have a custom. Our custom is different from that of other people. You know, we are not Pentecostals, we are not orthodox neither are we African Churches.
45.        Then what are we? When you go out and tell them that you are not Pentecostals, they will say, “Are you an Anglican?” You say no. “Are you a Sabbatherian?” No. “Are you a Roman Catholic?” No. “Then what are you?”
46.        Watch our dressing, it is quite different. When their women cover their hair, our own will open their own. Watch our teaching, when they are preaching war against indiscipline, that’s what they are preaching; everything they are doing is to make Nigeria better. What are we saying? We are saying, let it continue.
47.        Don’t you know that the righteous shall rejoice in the pain of the wicked? If they had known God, they would have known God’s children. Because they do not know God, how can they know us? You see why you cannot judge a child of God with worldly standard.  Never, never, do not ever place the life of a child of God with worldly standard.
48.        Instead of me using worldly things as a standard of God, I rather go naked, it doesn’t mean that I am not a preacher. I am still a preacher. If you cannot believe me because I am naked, if I put on the whole dress, you will never believe.
49.        Recognize where we are, that not all that sit down in the Church, clapping their hands are called children of God. Not all of them belong to God. There are some that do not belong to God. I am trying to establish it from the word of God.
50.        Can you imagine Abraham, what a sorrowful life he will live to see millions of his children, all going to hell. It is not saving from Egypt that matters. You can be saved from Egypt and yet you go to hell. I am saying that God is watching Isaac. From Isaac also God separated Esau.
51.        In other words, Esau had to bear with them. From the day Esau was born, you know he married two wives and they continued producing and producing. All the generation of Esau, God placed with the Ishmaelites. And God separated Esau and called Jacob, Israel.
52.        Watch God in His eternal plan watching over His own family. Let me tell you the truth about this God. All that God killed in the wilderness, all of them belonged to Esau. There is no seed of Jacob that died in the wilderness. For the Bible said that when they journeyed along, mixed-multitude followed and started complaining and murmuring.
53.        There is no true seed of God that calls the things of God accursed. Every true seed of God must recognize God. God is not the author of confusion. Whatever God does is in order. When you see all these things in the camp, I say rejoice, that it is the scripture that is fulfilling in your eyes.
54.         As long as we are here, we keep on hugging and greeting one another, encouraging one another, but we try to warn you. When we see the terror of God, we persuade all men, “Examine yourselves, check the motive why you are in the Church, check what is happening in you when you receive the word of God will tell you whether that word is for you or not for you.”
55.        If the word of God is pressed on you by a human force for you to get it, let it be known to you that it does not belong to you. Do you press iron to a magnet? You do not need to press iron to magnet. All you have to do is place iron around the magnet, the iron will make move.
56.        When that great iron or magnet is placed, it is not looking for wood, it is not fanciful plastic or fanciful flask or shiny shiny things that it is looking for, it will avoid all of them. However, let there be one roughly iron, the magnet must pick it by and by. It must pick it anyhow. But it is unfortunate to say that there are some rugged iron that are not magnet-able. These are those that will miss the rapture.
57.        When that Super Magnet will come, He will shake the thing, shake the thing intending to pull it, but they will say no. What will that be? A very important position in the synagogue, a very important position in the society. Pass the message across, the king will bow down, the subjects will bow down, they will tremble, the next thing, they will tell you that if not for one thing, if not for one thing.
58.        Do not be surprised! I am trying to comfort you. That person can be your mother, he can be your father, she can be your most lovely sister, she can be the one you cherish so much.
59.        Hear me very well; you have this word of consolation. Even in the Bible, remember that not all the Jews that sojourned in Egypt followed Moses. Many looked back because they were skeptic, they were watching what would become of Moses and his group in the Red Sea, because there was no bridge.
60.        The worst was that if Pharaoh will meet them there, that will be the end of Moses and his leadership. Thus, because they were fearful, they were watching, before they knew it, Moses and his men crossed to the land. By the time they could decide to go, it was too late, then they finally settled there. Many of your relations are still watching you instead of following.
61.        I am saying that every step we take forward reduces the number of days left. Hence, they will continue to watch and watch until we will vanish from their sight, then they will know that it is no longer a joke. What will befall them? God’s wrath upon the children of disobedience.
62.        They are watching you today, tomorrow you may vanish from their eyes, then they will recognize their folly. I am saying, do not because those people who make the word of God of non-effect. Not every seed of Abraham will leave Egypt, some have built skyscrapers in Egypt and they are not ready to forfeit them. Amen.

Known unto God are all His works from the creation of the world. Let me continue a little. I want to type something to verse 11 of Romans 9.
2.           Romans 9: 11, “For this is the word of promise, At this time will I come, and Sara shall have a son. And not only this; but when Rebecca also had conceived by one, even by our father Isaac; (For the children being not yet born, neither having done any good or evil, that the purpose of God according to election might stand, not of works,…”
3.           Underline it, not of works…
4.           but of he that calleth.”
5.           Verse 13. “As it is written, Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated. What shall we say then? Is there unrighteousness with God? God forbid.
6.           For he saith to Moses, I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion. So then it is not of him that willeth, nor of him that runneth, but of God that sheweth mercy.
7.           This is the conclusion of the whole matter: That salvation is not by our works. Now, where else can you become saved? It is only by faith in Christ. For all that belong to Christ, the same are the children of Abraham.
8.           For all of them that are of faith, they are all from Abraham, for Abraham is the father of faith. Abraham believed God. Thus, every true seed of God must believe in Him He has sent.
9.           For whosoever God sent, speaketh the word of God; for the spirit of God will be in Him without measure. He has the mind of God. Hence, you cannot believe in the morning and disbelieve in the afternoon. I am saying that he can never be God in the beginning and devil in the end, never, never.
10.        God has never done that. God can never save you today and lose you tomorrow. No, God can never deny you. But you will deny yourself. All those people that perished in Egypt, will they blame God? They should blame themselves.
11.        God was merciful, God came to them in Egypt, God said, “Follow me” but they said, “We must watch.” While they were watching, He continued moving. That’s why the voice said in our midst, “Continue to doubt and I will continue to move! Continue to doubt and I will continue to move.”
12.        Another voice said, “You must not understand before you follow. Continue to follow whether you understand or not, but by and by, towards the end, you must understand everything.
13.        Are you wiser than God who said, just follow till the end? He knows that the end will justify all means. I am saying that, a wise man should not consider the manner of the move; a wise man must always pray that “My end should be better than my beginning.”
14.        What God saw and brought you into His Holy Sanctuary is not the beginning of your life. God saw the end that you did not disappoint Him. Whatever mistake you will make along the way, it is not what God is looking at; His eyes are fixed at the end.
15.        Watch Samson, his encounter with Delilah; was it not enough to condemn Samson? Watch father David, his encounter with the Philistines, with even the Hittite, that was enough. Even with Uriah, it was enough to write him off.
16.        Our brother Ignatius was asking me questions. He said, “Why is it that God did not find fault with David because of Uriah’s wife? From there God went about crowning the son of such woman, king over Israel.” He said, “Did I place the question wrong?”
17.        I said, “No. Okay, let me answer you the question. It is just straight forward. The offence David committed was hastening the action of the man’s death. To begin with, Bath-sheba was a Jewess, but her husband was a Hittite. The husband was God’s greatest enemy and went and married God’s own daughter. David was impatient. If David was patient, surely Uriah would have died in the battle without David intruding in any way. But David hastened up action.  
18.        God is not foolish in His doing. God permitted Solomon the son of Bath-sheba to be king over Israel, and from the loins of Solomon, Jesus Christ came. What if David never tarried with that woman?
19.        I am saying that every action of a man of God is right in the sight of God. Unless you do not know what the Bible said about them. A man of God does not follow God in human form. If you are querying him, you are querying God. He does something on his own.
20.        May be you do not know that a king cannot commit iniquity. As long as he is the one on the throne, there is no law that can hold him. Make a hell of noise against the Head of States of Nigeria; he cannot appear in the court, as long as he is the Head of States in Nigeria.
21.        Can a king commit iniquity? No. Once he is on the throne, all his actions are perfectly right. God bless you Church. I am saying that salvation is not by works of righteousness which we have done. It is not by works or self-achieved righteousness which is by obeying the Law. It is based on God’s own calling which He has done before the world began. It is based on election, that God’s own purpose might stand sure.
22.        Where we read, anybody God wants to save, He will save. Anybody God does not want to save, He is wasting his time. If God says that you will not see, if you like, let your eyes be as big as a tanker, you will not see.
23.        That is the conclusion of the whole matter, that without God you can do nothing. It is God that is doing everything in you both at His will and good pleasure. Can you query Him? Is there any unrighteousness in God for hating a man when the man was in his mother’s womb?
24.        What was the offence of Esau? Did Esau commit crime? When Rebecca was feeding him, did she know that she was offending God? Even if Rebecca threw him away then, God would not have counted it against her. If Rebecca is to bury him alive, she is still justified.
25.        All that God has hated must be the people’s choice. The Bible said that Isaac loved Esau more than Jacob. In the time of Ishmael, the  Bible said that Abraham loved Ishmael more than Isaac to the point that God wanted to bless the son of Abraham, he went and presented Ishmael. The Bible said because he loved him much.
26.        Why is it that people always love what is hated by God? Watch all group that God rejected, the world is following them, admiring them, all these great teachers, the world is holding them to a very high esteem, while they are God’s greatest enemy. Has God planted any? I thank God for what He is doing. I really thank God.
27.        I am still laying a little foundation. Anybody God wants to save, He will save. Thus, it is not of he that willeth nor of him that runneth, but of God that showeth mercy.
28.        “So then it is not of him that willeth, nor of him that runneth, but of God that sheweth mercy. For the scripture saith unto Pharaoh, Even for this same purpose have I raised thee up, that I might shew my power in thee, and that my name might be declared throughout all the earth.
29.        Therefore hath he mercy on whom he will have mercy, and whom he will he hardeneth. Thou wilt say then unto me, Why doth he yet find fault? For who hath resisted his will?
30.        Nay but, O man, who art thou that repliest against God? Shall the thing formed say to him that formed it, Why hast thou made me thus?”
31.        In other words, God who created all of us, whether we are good or bad, He has His own purpose. And that is what He purposed in Himself before the world began. Hence, He cannot change His purpose because of you.
32.        If before you were born as a human being, God had already destined you to hell, let your righteousness reach the heavens, you will end it in hell. If before you were formed, He destined you for eternal salvation, to eternal life, let your crime reach heaven, in one second, you will be in heaven.
33.        Is it any wonder; is it a surprising thing that in Christ, all criminals were set free? They had to go away, discharged and acquitted. Thus, as many as had not believed Him, their sins still abideth in them. But, could they say no if they belong to God? Could they hate Christ if they were of the same father with Abraham?
34.        I am still saying something, that known unto God are all His works from the creation of the world. Where I am going to fall, how I am going to rise up, all I will encounter in this life, He knows. All that I am passing through now, all I will pass through tomorrow, He knows. Whether the problem will end, He knows.
35.        Thus, if you are an evil man meant for evil day, rejoice. You are a good man, a good woman meant for a good day, rejoice. But do not ever despise your brother.
36.        The same God formed you and formed him, only to achieve His divine purpose, which He purposed in Himself. He never consulted anybody. You contributed nothing.
37.        Seeing that you did not contribute anything, what do you do? Free yourselves. We are one. In other words, if you try to make yourself, to pattern yourself to see whether you will be like Odoemena, you are foolish.
38.        God made Brother Odoemena, Brother Odoemena. He made Brother Nnamdi Ogbogu, Brother Nnamdi Ogbogu. If you pattern after Brother Odoemena, who will pattern after you? Or are you saying that God made a mistake by molding you?  
39.        If I cannot contribute anything, and the whole duty of man is to fear and praise Him, let me fear God and praise Him in my family, in my work place, on the streets, in the market place, until somebody will say, “Are you mad?” Let me be a fool for Christ.
40.        Brethren, I am saying something. Let nobody come to the Church to sanitize his fellow brethren by introducing rules and regulations.
41.        Try to regulate your activities because of sinful and wicked hearts found around you. It must be Christ and Christ alone. Not Christ plus the work. A little work, a little Christ. It is a complete denial. I will even liken you to a bat, it is not a heavenly being, it is not an earthly being.
42.        Do not be a bat. You must face one group. It is either Christ or Moses. Nobody in the middle this time. I have been hearing “middle of the Road Gospel,” I am not preaching middle of the Road Gospel. I am preaching Christ.
43.        I am not Maradona, do not call me Babangida. A little to the left, a little to the right. Every day. How little is it? How many right or left? If you are playing to the right, play to the right, if you are playing to the left, play to the left. If Christ cannot save me, let me perish.
44.        Because outside Christ’s salvation, no other salvation. No other atonement, no other redeemer. It is Christ and Christ alone. Moses saw His day and he rejoiced. If Christ came to justify all men, who will now go to hell?
45.        All these years, we were obeying rules and regulations, were we saved? Were you placed in right standing with God? If I know that my salvation is not based on what I have done, or what I have not done, but that the matter was decided by God alone without any consultation, whatever I see myself doing, I will know that it is God’s will for me.
46.        If I see myself being wicked, I will thank God for my wickedness. If I see myself kindhearted, glory be to God for giving me kindhearted.  
47.        Without a good man there is no bad man. But I thank God, I am a good man. It was God alone that prevented us from coming out in the lineage of Keturah and Ishmael and Esau. We are not better than those heathens that run up there.
48.         If you are the first son in your family, did you contribute to it? If you are the last born, did you contribute to it? Do you know we are running last and we are coming first? Because in any other denomination, they are now sleeping, yet in the Bride, this is our good morning. The Bride is full of strength, because the joy of the Lord is our strength.
49.        We know the point of our salvation, and it is recorded in the scriptures, and we know that the scriptures cannot be broken. Can any man deny me the joy of my salvation? You cannot succeed. I will not listen to you. May be you do not want to go. If you do not want to go, do not block my way. Amen.
50.        Romans chapter 1 verse 1 through 2. “Paul, a servant of Jesus Christ, called to be an apostle, separated unto the gospel of God, (Which he had promised afore by his Prophets in the Holy Scriptures,) KJV.
51.        Did you notice what the Bible is saying? “Paul, a servant of Jesus Christ, called to be an apostle, separated unto the gospel of God, (Which he had promised afore by his Prophets in the Holy Scriptures,) glory be to God.
52.        God promised aforetimes before the world began. Can you imagine the man called Paul, an Apostle, a persecutor of the Church, going by his character, can any man believe in his report? But that God’s own calling, purpose and election might stand sure, He separated him for the preaching of the Gospel. When the fullness of time came, Saul became one of the redeemers and ended it being the saviour to the Gentiles.
53.        Anybody resting on Paul’s old record, is he not making a mistake? We knew him as a persecutor and a murderer, but we know him as a saint. We know him as a saviour, we know him as angel, we know him even as Christ. That settles the matter.
54.        Because that was God’s own purpose, which He purposed in Himself afore times. I am saying that God saw the end of Paul; he programmed everything that would come his way, do you know that? Even that time he manifested wickedness to the Church, God programmed him.
55.        His way to Damascus, God programmed it, everything about Paul, God did afore time, and separated him. I am saying, Brother Chigozie, that God programmed you into jail, God programmed you out of jail. For without jail, there is no way you can be in this Faith.
56.        If God did not put you in the prison yard, you will not be in this most holy Faith. I am saying that prison was included in your own plan of salvation. If you were a harlot, harlot was included in your plan of salvation.
57.        God planted Rehab in Jericho. You do not know what God is doing. Your ways are not His ways, neither are His thoughts your thoughts. Thus, when you want to dig out, know more about God through much education and reasoning, nobody has ever known God. Then, if through much learning and education, nobody will know God, why do people go to university to learn God?
58.        Is it any wonder, in spite of their doctorate degree, they go to Church to boast of their learning, they can hardly believe the Bible. In other words, they go to Bible College to cement unbelief, to harden up very well. Because the pride of life cannot allow them to listen to unlearned men like us. Do you know that?
59.        The present Pharisees of today, they were there when Peter and John were preaching. The Bible told me that Jesus the Christ who did not go to school was teaching doctors in the temple. Read the Bible. He was teaching the doctors until they said, “Where did he get this type of knowledge seeing that he did not go to school?”
60.        He was their saviour, his occupation notwithstanding. In other words, your ability to believe in Him is your salvation. Looking at Him amending your doors, helping you to amend your room, at the end you give Him, one hundred naira, you can hardly believe Him to be your last hope.
61.        I have come to believe God with all my heart that God has manifested in human beings in different forms at different times, and God had never vacated from doing it.
62.         Any day God leaves here, there will be darkness everywhere; there will be accident in the Church. Do you know what I mean? I say, there will be serious accident in the Church. Let me read another scripture.
63.        Romans chapter 9 verses 24 through 26. “Even us, whom he hath called, not of the Jews only, but also of the Gentiles?
64.        25 As he saith also in Hosea, I will call them my people, which were not my people; and her beloved, which was not beloved.. KJV.
65.        In other words, salvation or eternal life is based on God’s calling, whether you are a Jew or a Gentile. All those children of Abraham of the flesh that belong to Ishmael or Keturah or Esau or Cain, you know they are right claiming Abraham to be their father. Are they not right? They are right. Thus, there is nothing wrong claiming it, but in calling, the Lord did not call them.
66.        If they strive themselves into God’s family, they are wasting their time. The highest thing they can get is ordinary gift. That is when the hour came for settlement. He gave them gifts and sent them away. But to Isaac, he gave him the will.
67.        You know what the will is, whatever he was made up of, which is the word, Isaac received the word, which is eternal life, the rest received gifts and they were blinded by the gifts. That’s why you see visioner, visioner everywhere, “Father, in the name of the Lord Jesus; father, in the name of the Lord Jesus!” that is rubbish!
68.        You hold the Bible and perish with the Bible; you speak in tongue, you perish in tongue. However, when you lay hold on the word of eternal life, you are secured forever and ever. That is my eternal security and it is your eternal security.
69.        That was what Mary went for. While Martha was running up and down, the Bible said, Mary sat down with Jesus. Mary cherished that, she chose that which no man will take away from her. Mary has chosen the good part that no human being can take away from her. But Martha who was a stark heathen went about arguing with everybody, asking silly questions.
70.         I hope there is no Martha in this Church again? Any Martha in the Church? Martha is not a believer, I think you know that!  I have taught you on that in the message, “Choosing the Good Path”.
71.        Martha did not believe Him, Martha was a “show woman”, that will always refuse the voice of God, engaging Jesus in much talks. Martha was a preacher, a woman preacher that met Jesus on the way and spoke to Jesus very well. Martha was the people’s choice. That was why, everybody was hailing Martha very highly, yet they know that Mary was full of virtue.
72.        When Martha was running here and there, people saw her and they knew that she was after rice and beans. She was not serious with her life but immediately Mary got up, everybody bowed down and made a statement, she has gone. But Martha, nothing like weeping, she was walking about serving food. Amen.

God does everything by His own calling and no man can influence God to call him. Can you influence God to call you? I cannot do that. All things work together for good. All things not minus. All things, whether in flesh, it is all things.
2.           Romans chapter 8 verse 28, “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. KJV.
3.           If you are not among the called according to God’s own purpose, surely you are wasting your time. I believe that you are among the number. Otherwise, by now, the camp would have been very uncomfortable for you. Because you cannot withstand the message of grace.
4.           You know the message of grace is a stumbling block. You come to the Church when you see men and women embracing one another inside the Church, some walking naked and they tell you that it is not sin. When you go to the other place, they will tell you, “Do not touch, do not kiss, do not do this, do not do that.”
5.           For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brethren.
6.           Moreover whom he did predestinate, them he also called: and whom he called, them he also justified: and whom he justified, them he also glorified. What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us? KJV.
7.           Verse 28 through 30, “We are assured and know that God being a partner in their labour, all things work together and are fitting into a plan for good to and for those who love God, and are called according to his design and purpose…” AMP.
8.           Note the word, those who love God, not people that hate God. If you hate the Son, you hate also the Father. However, if you love the Son, you love the Father. How can you say, “I only know God, I know Jehovah, I love God” without the son? No way.
9.           A man was placing a curse on me in my office. I told him, “Young man, why are you deceiving yourself, why not come to Christ and be saved?”
10.        He started molesting me: “Insult your mother! Insult your mother! How will you esteem a son more than the mother? Don’t you know that mother is greater than the son”.
11.        He that rejects the Son, can he accept the Father? For the Father is hiding in the Son. When you receive the Son, you receive the Father. The whole Pentecostals from the word go, have rejected the Father, they have rejected to take His Name, they are ashamed of His Name, they do not want to suffer His reproach, have they welcomed the Father? You see, we are in the minority!
12.        Broad is the way that leadeth to destruction. Narrow is the way to salvation, but there are few that have come into it. That’s why the Bible said, “Strive that you may enter, for there are many that will like to enter, but there will be no way.” And I am telling you, when you come into this faith, unless God ordained you to believe this faith, you can never believe.
13.        I am saying that this message is defeating every human intellect. Whatever that makes you a human being, whatever you can boast of, this is the message that nullifies it. Because he had those things, boasted on those things, but when he met Christ, his eyes opened, he counted them as useless-nonsense. Thus, he kept on living a free life. Hence, he could now say, “The life I live, I now live in Christ.”
14.        In all his efforts, Paul could not get salvation, but salvation came the other way round contrary to human expectation. THAT’S WHY I KEEP ON SAYING THAT RAPTURE WILL STRIKE A SURPRISE. BIG NAMES CAN HARDLY MAKE IT. BIG NAME MEANS BIG UNBELIEVER. I AM TELLING YOU TRUTH. BIG NAMES CAN HARDLY MAKE IT.
18.        Do you know that God has the right to harden somebody’s heart? Can God do it today? Can He do it? If He cannot do it, He is not the same today and forever. If He cannot do it today, then He has changed. Then if God cannot change, surely He will do it today. He will do it forever, but I do not want God to harden my heart.
19.        I pray God to make my heart, the heart of flesh, that will ever be reflective to his word. If I did not form myself, and I did not put God’s spirit in me, God put His Spirit in me. In other words, it is God’s spirit in me that is directing me in whatever I am doing.
20.        After all, if you are white, God made you white. If you are black, God made you black. If you are man, God made you man. If you are woman, God made you woman, all for his own purpose.
21.        There is nothing that is found in the midst of God’s people that is contrary to God’s own purpose. Do you know that He permitted them to flout the law in marriage so that He will use it to teach them a lesson?
22.        God knew how to take them from Egypt to Canaan one way; He took them round and round to teach them a lesson. If God wants to catch us away from their presence, can’t He do it? If He wants us to go home and He will remain here for some time, that is His purpose. Can anybody query Him?
23.        If life is paining you, you wait for us. On that morning, you wake up again. I want everybody to get settled, that all these things are happening according to God’s own foreknowledge. God foreknew you, He foreordained you; the same way He foreordained this message.
24.        This message could not have come at a better time than now. Any time you identify with it was the time God ordained for you. I am saying that you could not have been in another place than where you are today and even in this dispensation. No matter how you may be different from St. Paul, it is because the time appointed has not yet reached. When the time comes, you cannot give the history of how you came in. There is nobody in this most holy Faith that can give record on how he came into this Faith.
25.        If you were asked to make your choice, you can never choose this Faith. There is no good thing in this Faith that can hold you. Is there anything beautiful in this Faith? A hopeless faith like this.
26.        …for those who he foreknew of whom he was aware and loved beforehand…”
27.        And whom he was aware and love beforehand. Thus, God can be aware of somebody? Any need for me to trouble myself? Since God is aware of me, He knows my front and back, any need for troubling myself? Let me leave myself in His hand; whatever He wants to make of me let Him do.  
28.        “...for those who he foreknew of whom he was aware and loved beforehand, he also destined from the beginning foreordaining them to be molded into the image of his son…”
29.         Note the word, DESTINED. He was aware of them from the beginning; then he destined them. In other words, we now believe in destination both destination, predestination, they are all God’s will, God’s ordained plan.
30.        Nobody can do anything against the truth. But we are of the truth. Do you know that we are set for the purpose of the gospel truth? When we were in the Pentecostals, we were challenging this message, because Satan anointed us to ask questions.
31.        We were asking questions. I for one was asking questions, but when God answered it, I closed my mouth. He said, “In all your effort, in all your preaching, how many have you kept? Can you save a human being? Nobody can save a human being. Can you save yourself?” No sir.
32.        “...He all predestined from the beginning foreordaining them to be molded into the image of his son…”
33.        Nobody can wear God’s own image except those God had already molded. Your behavior is in line with God ordained way for you. God ordained the behavior of Esau, he ordained the behavior of Jacob, He ordained the behavior of even Lucifer. Thus, there is nothing that happens by accident, everything is going according to the divine plan.  
34.        “…and share inwardly his likeness, that he might become the firstborn among many brethren. And those who he thus foreordained, he also called; and those whom he called, he also justified, acquitted, made righteous, putting them in the right standing with himself.
35.        And those who he justified, he also glorified, raising them to a heaven dignity…”
36.         Did God call us? Have we responded to the call? Has He now justified us, placed us in right standing with Him? What is His call in you?
37.        Am I the one that called you? I came to answer His call; you came to answer His call, so that when you are coming into the sanctuary tomorrow, you do not come to look at Pastor Nnamdi, or to look at Brother Odoemena, no.
38.        You are responding to that inner call which is made by the Almighty. Then your response becomes your justification. And that settles the matter.
39.        As many as he called, are they justified? The invitation went out to the whole world, but look at the remnant, few people responded. He has deceived the whole world. People that received the invitation said they were coming, when the time came they started giving excuses.
40.        Then He told his servants to go on the highways, “Get people like Brother I.K. Nwobodo, it is scripture. Go to the streets and highways, get every mad man. Use the word and justify them” They continued going from hotel to hotel, from beer parlour to beer parlour, so they continue getting them.
41.        Nobody will take away the joy of my salvation, for I know where I am standing. I did not call myself, I cannot help myself, it is God who called me that can only help me, I now stand on this ground which is redemption ground. Here is the ground of truth.
42.      On this note, I say remain in your sanctified estate, remain blessed in Him eternally. Selah.