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The Son of Man Revealed From One of The Jungles in Africa According To William Branham's Prophesy

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Calling Christ in the Time of Crisis

Preached on 15th August 1993 At THE HOUSEHOLD OF GOD ONITSHA By APOSTLE PETER ODOEMENA THE SON OF MAN “THE ROCK OF AGES” “Truth has no substitute”

I am the Lord God Almighty, the greatest Physician. The ever merciful and compassionate God.

Believe it if you can...         — The Son of Man.           HEALTH IS WEALTH, PG. 3

I told you, I am not preparing people for tribulation, I am sent to bring you home before the troubles will come, for you cannot bear them.
This is your own day, this is the hour of His visitation. You must claim the things that are meant for you, leave that one that belongs for others. Immediately the work was completed and the book was closed, the Elohim came down and showed you His original body. And on that day, you will be like Him moving about without anybody seeing you. You will be seeing everybody, hearing, doing whatever; causing havoc. Nobody will see you. Then, you can appear and disappear.
If it is not promised, it will not happen. It is going to happen because, it is promised and the Prophet prophesied it. God came down and confirmed it. So, it is real. We are not following cunningly devised fables. You are the children of the Prophets and of the promises that were made unto the fathers. –The Son of Man 


Supernatural Cloud in Bride of Christ revealed The of Man on Sunday 7 April 1996

Deuteronomy 31:15 “And the LORD appeared in the tabernacle in a pillar of a cloud: and the pillar of the cloud stood over the door of the tabernacle.” KJV
The Son of Man Peter Odoemena Revealed in Supernatural Cloud on Sunday 7 April 1997 at Bride of Christ Ministry World Wide

Exodus 13:21 And the LORD went before them by day in a pillar of a cloud, to lead them the way; and by night in a pillar of fire, to give them light; to go by day and night:.” KJV.

Light Cloud in Bride of Christ Ministry on 7 April 1996
Psalms 89:7 God is greatly to be feared in the assembly of the saints, and to be had in reverence of all them that are about him.” KJV


The Headstone The Son of Man

“Daniel 7:9 I beheld till the thrones were cast down, and the Ancient of days did sit, whose garment was white as snow, and the hair of his head like the pure wool: his throne was like the fiery flame, and his wheels as burning fire.” KJV

Isaiah 11:10 “And in that day there shall be a root of Jesse, which shall stand for an ensign of the people; to it shall the Gentiles seek: and his rest shall be glorious.” KJV

The Son of Man

Acts 17:31 Because he hath appointed a day, in the which he will judge the world in righteousness by that man whom he hath ordained; whereof he hath given assurance unto all men, in that he hath raised him from the dead.

The Cloud Revealed The Son of Man in Bride of Christ Ministry

Ephesians 2:19 “Now therefore ye are no more strangers and foreigners, but fellow citizens with the saints, and of the household of God.” KJV









Remain blessed brethren. I want to speak on a little message titled “Calling Christ in the time of Crisis”. It is not a strange message. It is a little message and it may not take much time.
2.            What is crisis? Crisis means quandary (dilemma). Crisis means disorder, trouble or confusion. Calling Christ at the time of confusion, inviting Christ in the time of trouble, inviting Christ in the time of confusion.
3.            Now, I am using Nigeria as my own example. In the Bible, the Holy Ghost through the hands of Saint Paul exalted the Church: First of all, supplication, prayer, and giving of thanks should be made for all men.
4.            Number two, supplication, prayer, and giving of thanks should be made for kings and for all that are in authorities, that we may live a solid and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty. For it is good and acceptable in the eyes of God our Saviour. God has permitted us as a Church to pray for all men no matter their condition.
5.            God has also permitted us to pray for kings and traditional rulers and those in authorities that we may live a peaceable life in all godliness. The reason why God has permitted us to pray is because God knows that in the time of crisis, it will be difficult for His children to live peaceable lives.
6.            God knows that in the time of confusion and trouble like we are in now, it will be very difficult for us to live a godly and honest life without offending Him either in Words or in action. Who is pleased in what is happening in Nigeria today from A to Z?
7.            By the time we will open our Bible we will see that we are all guilty. Maybe in one way or the other we have spoken against dignitaries, maybe by one way or the other we have spoken against our Head of States, against every other person which we ought not to do. What is more, God can never overlook it.
8.            That is why, while I was praying in my office, the Spirit came upon me and I said, “God, help me out of this condition: to deliver the Church from this mess lest I be a partaker of their evil”.
9.            Now watch, we are a nation in a nation. As long as we are in Nigeria, people call us Nigerians. Naturally speaking we are Nigerians, but spiritually speaking we are not Nigerians.
10.         The Bible said that we all came down from Heaven and we are all going back to Heaven. Then God severed us from Nigeria. When God severed us from among Nigerians, He first of all gave us our own nation and called us a HOLY NATION.
11.         In addition, in that same place He called us a HOLY PRIESTHOOD. Moreover, as a Living Priesthood He said that we should offer sweet smelling sacrifices unto Him. That is what he commanded us.
12.         Now, we are a peculiar people. Though we are in Nigeria, we are not Nigerians. Jesus said that although we are in the world, we are not a part of this world. Are we not in the world today?
13.         However, as long as we are moving about the streets, they do not know what we are. People see us as people in the world, thinking that we are the same thing with them but we are not.
14.         It is just like the Pentecostals that make the greatest mistake, when they see our sisters they will be saying “Hello Sister, Sister”. They do not know what they are doing. We are not one at all!
15.         In other Words, we are in our own nation, a peculiar nation, a holy nation, a severed people, a preserved people that will only understand God’s move in every generation. We are brought up in that way for that is our nation because we are creators.
16.         You do not know what you are. Do not worry, very soon the heathens will go out, we will create things into existence. Then we will become creators again.
17.         I told my people in my family, I said that a goat must produce goat, a rat must produce rat, and whatever God produces must be god. A goat can never produce a human being! A sheep can never produce a dog. A dog can never produce a goat. A dog must reproduce a dog.
18.         The Bible said that Mary was conceived by the Holy Ghost and what was in her belly was called “Holy Ghost”. The Holy Ghost cannot impregnate a woman and she delivers an unrighteous man.
19.         Brethren, I want us to see the place we are. As long as we are in our nation then we are severed from other nations. Initially, we were part and parcel of that nation but God came down and separated us from that group.
20.         That God separated the people of Israel from every other inhabitant in the world, is that they might be saved. God separated the people of Israel from the Amelikites, from the Jebusites, Hitites and so on, and then He made them a peculiar people, a holy nation, a royal priesthood to offer holy and acceptable sacrifices unto Him, which is their own service. God also preserved them for His Name’s sake. God also chose them to be His own for His Name’s sake.
21.         Note it, the people did not choose God. Their rebellion was greater than any other nation. They were rebellious, they were stubborn, they were disobedient but that was the business between them and their God. It has nothing to do with other nations!
22.         As long as God is concerned, they were a blessed people and nobody could curse them, nobody could take away their blessing yet the people thought that they were wrong, that is why when they made the mistake of accepting that governor, thinking they are one, God punished them.
23.         DO NOT EVER COME TO THE POINT WHERE YOU WILL AGREE WITH ANYBODY THAT YOU ARE ONE. YOU ARE NOT ONE!  We are the Church at Nkpor (Onitsha). No more no less.
24.         Every Church is autonomous and independent. We are a separate people, a peculiar people, a holy nation offering holy and acceptable sacrifice unto God.
25.         I want to go a little further. The Bible said, “Let us make an intercession and pray for all men”. Who should pray? Who should make the intercession becomes the question? You are to intercede for somebody that is wrong, somebody that has hardship. Somebody that is stubborn and disobedient, then a righteous man will intercede for that man.
26.         Now watch, God descended and called the people out from the Church. The people did not choose themselves like we are here now.
27.         Watch, God in His Infinite Mind knew His people and preserved them by His Word. No other thing He knew except His Word. In addition, as far as they were obedient to His Word, they were preserved.
28.         However, the moment they became stubborn and disobedient to His Word, they were punished. Then, who should pray became the question. It behoves on Christ, The Anointed One to intercede for a sinful man.  
29.         Now watch, it is God’s people alone that will pray. The Bible said that “if my people that are called by My Name should humble themselves and pray…”.
30.         Thus, first of all, you must be God’s people and called by His Name. The Bible said that every family on Earth shall be named after God. In second Timothy, it said that let he that nameth the Name of God depart from iniquity. You are called by His Name. That is why He said in Psalms 91, “Because you know My Name, I will deliver you. Because you know My Name, because you are called by My Name, when you perish the Name perishes”.
31.         Many of us, the reason why we do not commit atrocities is to make sure that the family name is defended. We may have the urge to do wrong but for the sake of redeeming that family’s name we will not do it, for a good name is better than ornament and riches.
32.         Many of us desist from evil because of the name of our families. Someone will ask, “Where is he from?” the reply will be, “He is the son of so, so man and woman”. You have already killed the reputation of that family. One person’s bad reputation can even spoil the name of the whole town. I am telling you the truth. Once it is said that you are from Isiukwuato, you have spoiled the name of the whole town.
33.         Now watch, let he that nameth the Name of the Lord depart from iniquity. Is it Bible? Brethren, I do not know how many that are named after Him that still commit sin. When you commit sin, you are spoiling your family’s name because Christ is a family name. Yes, the family started in Heaven and now He is on Earth.
34.         God had His people in Heaven and on Earth. There He has His hosts of Heaven who call upon the Name of God. Christ came on Earth to begat children unto Himself; He came in His Father’s Name.
35.         When He came, He wanted to begat a family unto Himself, to begat a people that would be called His own. When He begat them, first of all they became His property, He transferred His ownership to them, and transferred His Name upon them. Moreover, because they are called by His Name now, when they are in trouble, He will deliver them.
36.         The Bible said, “Will the people not call on their own God? Even the heathens seek their own god, but we call on our own God!” Thus, we are a peculiar people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation—though we are in the world, we are not part of this world.
37.         Remember, the world has its own government, and in our own nation we have our own government. In our own nation Christ is the Head. What is more, Christ has administrators, Christ has ministers and the ministers are called the Apostles. He has commissioners and these commissioners could be called Prophets. Some may be directors, and the directors can be called Pastors. That is our own government in our own nation.
38.         We have Evangelists as the information ministers spreading the good news of the government: God’s own nation, that is the city we are going to. This administration is there because there is administration in the Church and the Church is the Kingdom of God on Earth. The Church is the Kingdom of the saved people.
39.         Kingdom is where God is the King in domain. The Temple of God is among men. We are just rejoicing. I am taking you somewhere.
40.         Watch, we are called by His Name, we have our own nation, a holy nation, a royal people, a royal priesthood sacrificing day and night which is our reasonable service. We should present our bodies unto Him as a living sacrifice, holy, chaste and without blemish, which is our reasonable service. Our duty here is to fear and worship God in spirit and in truth.  
41.         Now watch, as long as we are in the Church, we are God’s people. We know why Nigeria is in trouble till today. We know why there is continuous crisis: educational crisis, economic crisis, social crisis, political crisis; crisis everywhere, we know that.
42.         Hence, we cannot say that God is not with us. No, God is still with us. However, God is not with Nigeria. Although we are living in Laodicea, we are not in Laodicea spirit. Although we are still in a nation called Nigeria naturally speaking, but we do not have the spirit of Nigeria.
43.         The spirit of Nigeria is a political spirit and that political spirit has entered into the whole Churches. Every Church has become a political party! Every Pastor belongs to one party or the other, and any party the Pastor belongs to is where the Church belongs to.  
44.         Now watch, while we are in our own nation, we should pray for them that God may open their eyes that they may see their condition. We will pray for them and intercede for them. God loves it for this is good and acceptable unto Christ our Lord.
45.         If we pray for the Head of State, it is proper. If we pray for the ministers, for those in authorities, it is in order, so that we live a quiet and peaceable life. So that they will not disturb our nation.
46.         While we are in our own nation, their own nation will not disturb us. We are not the architect of their woes. We are not responsible for what is disturbing Nigeria. They caused it and they are receiving the recompense. However, because there is trouble in their own area, there is trouble also in our own nation.
47.         In your yard, when you are in your own room and your neighbour is having problem, will you have rest? Only one person can disturb the peace of the whole yard. Thus, as long as we are in a country called Nigeria, they are our close neighbours. It will be very difficult for you to laugh when they are crying. We should show love to them, intercede and say “God, have mercy, show mercy, intervene and solve the problem lest we will be affected”.
48.         Note it, we are a different nation. Jesus the Christ said, “I have decided to punish them because of their disobedience and their punishment will last for seven years with them. However, for the sake of my own elect, I have shortened the days; otherwise, none of them will be saved”. Is it not Bible?
49.         Because of their disobedience God has decided to punish them for seven years, but because of us, because as long as we are here, we will be troubled; their troubles, their crises will be affecting us and affecting our peace, hence God will shorten the days.
50.         If Onitsha is running away, all of us will run away, do you know that? By then it has disturbed our peace. We will pray for them because as far as they are quiet, we will remain quiet until we go away. We will remain peaceable until we go away.
51.         Thus, watch out, God and His people, a holy nation, a severed people.
52.         Leviticus chapter 20 verse 26: “And ye shall be holy unto me:  for I the LORD am holy, and have severed you from other people, that ye should be mine.”  KJV.
53.         Second Peter chapter 2 verse 9, “The Lord knoweth how to deliver the godly out of temptations, and to reserve the unjust unto the day of judgment to be punished.” KJV.
54.         As long as we are here it is not our duty to judge these people, it is not our duty to punish them or to contribute in any way to their suffering. Our duty is to pray for them and then we close our mouth.
55.         The Lord knows how to preserve us until the day He is going to finish them. No matter how we pray for them, we are not praying that they may repent. The Bible said that we should pray for them so that we will live a peaceable and honest life. 
56.         Now, what is the Bible saying? In the time of crisis, it is difficult for children of God to live honest lives. In the time of crisis, it is always difficult, almost impossible for children of God to live a sincere, honest, good, godly life. Because everybody will try to make both ends meet, but both ends can never meet.
57.         When trading is no longer thriving, salary not paid, everybody will be striving to get money and in that condition, they become dishonest. That is why the Bible said that we should pray. In our own nation, we will be there, intervening on their behalves to enable us live a peaceable and honest life.
58.         Brethren, if we do not pray for Nigeria in this type of condition, all of us will backslide and yet we will not know because of the hardship that will befall us. The reason is that as long as we are here we will be partakers of their suffering.
59.         Do we have any other place we will get food? Wherever they are going is the same place we will go. Whatever they eat is what we will eat. Do we have our separate house? The same rent they pay is what we pay. Can we because that we are children of God go and erect our own house? No, it can never happen now until the owner of the world will leave that house then we will be stopped from buying anything. Before then translation has taken us away. Anybody that stops you from praying is not a candidate for translation.
60.         Now God has separated us from Nigeria so that although we are living in Nigeria, the spirit of Nigeria will not posses us.
61.         What is the spirit of Nigeria today? It is the political spirit. Politics in every kitchen, in every family. Even among children, you will see politics in their midst. In politics, they tell a lot of lies. In politics, they want to get everything by all means; even if it means killing people, they will kill.
62.         We ought to pray so that we will not be partakers of that spirit: Get rich quick! Eat and drink, ride flashy cars and aeroplanes, build industries and die, then the person will be forgotten. That is the spirit that is controlling Nigeria today.
63.         Now, watch, any moment the morality of women is broken down, the nation is finished because women represent a nation. Women represent the Church, the Church is a nation. The Church is a woman. The moment the morality of the Church is broken down, that nation is finished.
64.         When you watch the society today, you will notice that the morality of women is broken down because all the Churches today put on the outwards form of religion; but the power thereof is no more.
65.         Anybody you see will carry the Bible and yet the Power of God is not in them. Yet they all go to Church and speak in tongues. That is ordinary entertainment. When you speak the Word, nobody will take it because they are tired of worshipping God. That is why you see them when they wear skirt, they will give it unnecessary openings.
66.         What is the essence of wearing skirt? Men the same thing, women the same thing. Madness everywhere. When you want to know how a nation is, watch the women inside it, that is, the way they are. The same is applicable to the men also because when women dress in a way to attract the men, somehow the men will be attracted. Thereby leading you to commit fornication.
67.         If you do not commit it physically, you will commit it spiritually. When you present yourself in such unpleasant way to entice men, you have become a stumbling block to men of God. Thus, you are guilty. Even the man that was enticed, the Bible said, “My son, when sinners entice you, consider thy …. Because you consented to that enticing, you are also guilty”. Amen.

I want us to be very careful because we are going home. I am longing to have a combined fellowship where I will preach out my revelation.
2.          Watch out, we are heading somewhere! We are a nation, a separated people from other people. The Bible said that when we were in the world, we fashioned ourselves after the world. We were walking, obeying all the rules and regulations of the law. All the traditional rules, we were obeying them. We were given to slavery. To whom you obey, that man is your god.
3.            When we were obeying sin, sin became our god. And the origin of sin is Satan. Satan was our god. Now we are not alone, we are living with these people in the world. Here in Onitsha we are living with them, and when God descended and separated us from them, we became a peculiar people, a called out people.
4.             What is Church? Church means ecclesia. Ecclesia means a “Called Out”, a separated people. Before you can be separated, you were somewhere living with some other people, and then a separation was made. There was a division and you were pulled out so that you do not become partakers with them again.
5.            The Bible said that “come out from among them. Be not partakers of their evil lest I visit you with a curse”. What is more, Nigeria is cursed because Nigeria has forsaken God. When a nation forsakes God, that nation must be cursed.  
7.            Calling Christ in the time of crisis; that is the title of my message. Because we are called by His Name. We are bearing a Name. THAT IS WHY I TOLD YOU THAT GOD IS NOT A NAME.
8.            If you call God a name, that means Satan is God. The Bible said that the god of this evil world has blinded the eyes of the unbelievers. Seeing, they will not see, hearing, they will not hear, lest they hear, understand, repent and be saved. That is predestination.
9.            NOTE IT, I, APOSTLE PETER ODOEMENA, WHOEVER I WANT TO SAVE, I WILL SAVE. Who will query me? Nobody!
10.         It is adoption now and we are doing it so that you know your condition.
11.         I am speaking on inviting Christ on the scene. While Satan is ruling this evil world, God is equally ruling the godly world. He said that you might be able to live godly in this present world. That is the grace of God which has appeared unto all men. Teaching us to deny all ungodliness and worldly lust, that we should live soberly and righteously in this present world, not in the world to come.
12.         We will start here to live a godly and righteous life because we have been “called out” from a dangerous nation. In other words, we are now separated, ecclesia, a saved group, preserved by His Name.
13.         When did we take His Name? when we accepted Him because He told us that all things must be done in the Name of Christ. Whether you are eating, the Bible said, eat to His own glory. Whether you are drinking, the Bible said, “Drink to His own glory”.
14.         When you are dancing, dance to His own glory. I will sing in the spirit, I will dance in the spirit, I will meditate in the spirit and I will give praise unto my God!
15.         Now watch, we have taken His Name and we are not ashamed. The Bible said that He was not ashamed to call us His own brethren, and we are not ashamed to call Him our own God! If God is not ashamed to take me as His son, equally I am not ashamed calling Him my Father.
16.         Remember that if you are ashamed confessing the revealed Christ in this generation, a Man, the Anointed One, in this sinful and adulterous generation, if you are ashamed confessing Christ by the way you live, by the way you talk, even in your work places, Christ said, “Remember on that great day, I will be ashamed of confessing your name before my Father and the holy angels in Heaven”.
17.          In other words, He is saying “Forget about my Kingdom”. Any man that is ashamed of moving on with his wife, and you are just managing her anyhow, you are living with a prostitute. The same thing is applicable to the woman because the woman is the man’s glory. Is that not Bible?
18.         Now, we are a different nation, a called out group, a peculiar people, a royal priesthood that will offer a sweet smelling sacrifice unto God which is our own reasonable service. There is no other thing we can do to God.
19.         What is the whole duty of man on Earth to begin with? Let us look into the scripture, the written word.
20.         Ecclesiastes chapter 9 verse 5: “For the living know that they shall die: but the dead know not anything, neither have they any more a reward; for the memory of them is forgotten”.  KJV.
21.         Ecclesiastes chapter 12 verse 13, “Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter:  Fear God, and keep his commandments:  for this is the whole duty of man”. KJV.
22.         There is no other duty we have here on Earth. “Let us hear the whole of the commandment, the end of every matter: The dead does not know what is happening: The dead can never glorify God”. Is that Bible? God is God of the living and not God of the dead.  
23.         As long as people live in this world without the fear of God, while they are living they are dead. Who should pray? The Bible said, “First, supplications and intercessions should be made for all men”. Who should make these intercessions and prayers? Only but the Saints of God. The called out group because you must come out from among them so that your eyes will see afar off; so that you can see their condition, for kettle cannot call pot black.
24.         It is because you are not a part of what is happening in Nigeria—though you are living in Nigeria—you do not have Nigerian spirit, you are separated, then you can now understand why they are the way they are today is because they have forsaken God. Evil has befallen this nation because they have forsaken God, we that are called by God’s Name can now pray for them.
25.         Do we pray for them to repent? Never, never, never. We pray that we may live a peaceable life, an honest life in this present world, pending the day we will be taken into glory. Hence we will have our peace to worship God in peace and not in pieces!
26.         In the time of crisis, we can hardly worship God in peace. But unfortunately, the children of God that ought to pray have neglected this instruction, and I do not know the amount of His Word that we will neglect, I do not know the amount of His Word we will disobey and become disobedient before God.
27.         How many times have we as a Church, as a holy nation, a peculiar nation realized our mistakes: that we have not for one day decided even to pray with all our hearts for this nation?
28.         Now watch, because we are a nation now we are living in our own house, we are living in our own household, in our own kingdom, if peradventure we know that we are not responsible for their woes, we start gossiping against the head of state or president, gossiping against politicians and what is happening and so on, we join the world in talking evil against dignitaries, are we still faithful to God’s Word? No. In other words, God will be accusing us as busybodies in another man’s affair. I do not know how many busybodies we have in this most holy Faith today!
29.         This Church, are we a busybody in another man’s affair; that is, we are in our own nation and we want to know what is happening in their own affair?
30.         Brother Branham the Prophet, when he was talking about the election in America said, “Thank God He has told me not to vote and I will never vote. All of them are my friends but they will never win my vote because they are all liars. I cannot support them to fight against God. That should be the attitude of every true child of God.
31.         WE ARE NOT A PART OF THEIR SYSTEM; WE ARE NOT A PART OF THEIR GOVERNMENT FOR OUR OWN GOVERNMENT IS COMING. (Yes Sir!). Moreover, while their own government is here already, our own government is also here already. We will pay all our allegiances unto the revealed Christ of our day, God Emurphy.
32.         The Church is accountable unto Christ. The Church is not accountable to the head of States or president. In addition, as long as God liveth we are going to give the account of ourselves before Christ who is our Head. Like every woman in this Faith is accountable to her own husband.   
33.         Today, instead of us to obey the Bible by praying for them so that we ourselves will live a peaceable life, we will now join hands with them to speak the way they speak and they will now lure us into their own sin. We will now become Moab and Israel; wherever they are talking evil of those at the head, we will join, forgetting that it is God that sets up thrones, it is God that also pulls down thrones. That whenever God is dissatisfied with any governor, He will pull him down. No man can overthrow any government without the hand of God being there.
34.         Watch the kings, when you read the book of kings, watch how they were overthrowing one another even in the warfront; evil men overthrowing evil men, until at the end God will install His own king.
35.         God sets up thrones and God pulls down thrones. As long as the Head of States or president is here, the Bible said that there is no authority except from God.
36.         Furthermore, the Bible said that we must be loyal to those that are in authority. If there is any place that God said we should not listen to them, it is where they make an unrighteous decree.
37.         What is an unrighteous decree? It is any decree that will prohibit us from worshipping God in spirit and in truth. Any decree, any law enacted by any government that will make a man not to worship God in spirit and in truth, as far as God is concerned, it is an unrighteous decree. The Bible said that we should not at all obey it. Be in the spirit and keep watch.
38.         As far as God is concerned, it is an unrighteous decree. I now wonder how many commandments of God a child of God will disbelieve and then will be guilty of sin! Moreover, we know that we are children of God, because we obey all His commandments, we obey all His Words.
39.         Brother Branham the prophet told us that when we disobey one Word from God’s mouthpiece of your day, instantly, you will die a spiritual death. He said, “Deny one Word, thus saith the Lord, the Holy Ghost said,  it is instant death”.
40.         It was that moment that Eve disobeyed that Word in the Garden of Eden that she died. Even without God coming nearer her to condemn her, she died there because before she went to that tree, her mind, her conscience, everything condemned her. She knew what she was doing.
41.         Inviting Christ in the time of crisis, that is the duty of children of God. The people that pray should be the people of God. Thus, anybody that is not among the people of God cannot pray because the prayer of an unrighteous man is an abomination unto God.
42.         The Lord has warned this nation through many prophets here. That’s why in the book of Proverbs chapter 1 verses 22 -24, you will notice how God warned His people there. He said, “When I instruct you, you do not obey; when trouble comes upon you, you call upon me and I will not answer”. Is it so in your Bible?
43.         I will correct you in righteousness and you say, no, no, no; I will rebuke you to repent and you say, no, no, no; then you will be walking in your own way. Whenever trouble comes your way and you call upon me, I will not answer.
44.         Now, as a nation, a separated people, ecclesia, a called out people, we were with this people in the world, living the way they were living, they hated us and we hated them. Living in fornication and in drunkenness with all of them, dancing and running about with the outward form of religion, looking like children of God yet the life we are living does not even justify the message we were given. That is the problem with End-Time Message all these years.
45.         All along we have been seeing professors of Christianity, we have seen theologians because they have read pages and pages of sermon books; they have become ministers overnight, they have become everything they want to become overnight, but watch the life they are living, it is contrary to their message.
46.         That is why there is mess everywhere in the world, in the End-Time Message because the Church I am referring to is not the Pentecostal world for that one finished far back 1963, like the Roman Catholic finished far back in 1954 and the Orthodox Churches. Amen.


Now, I am talking to end time message, the message of the hour, the Bridal message, because that is the Church, the called out, from where the Bride is manifesting now.
2.          We were with them in that mess and we are now a nation in a nation, a separated people, a called out people, a holy people that will offer a sweet, holy and acceptable sacrifice unto God.
3.            Why are we holy? We are holy because a holy God is dwelling in us.  No house is holy, no mountain is holy, no place is holy, but there is only but one Holy God, and when the Holy God comes into a man, that man becomes holy. When a Holy God comes into a house, that house becomes holy. When a Holy God goes to a mountain, the mountain becomes holy.
4.            When God blesses a man He has blessed him and whatever that man touches is blessed. When God curses a man, that man remains cursed and whatever the man touches is cursed; his children cursed, his family cursed and he is cursed while going out and while coming in.
5.            Now, what must a man do for God to curse him? That is disobeying God’s Word. When you continue in God’s Word, God’s blessings will follow you. When you run away from God’s Word and live anyway you like, you are receiving the curse.
6.            Then you are enemy of Christ, enemy of righteousness, enemy of light, enemy of truth because you are now fighting against truth, fighting against light, fighting against Holy Ghost, and no man can fight God and get away with it. Can one bite the finger that feeds him? We are a nation.
7.            Watch a peculiar nation called out of Nigeria, called out from the whole world, we are now in our own nation. The Bible said that righteousness exalts a nation.
8.            Proverbss chapter 14 verse 34. “Righteousness exalteth a nation:  but sin is a reproach to any people”. KJV.
9.            Sin is a reproach to any nation. Because we are now in our own holy nation, we are holy because a Holy God is the King of our domain. We are a Kingdom. Nigeria is a kingdom with General Babangida as the head of the kingdom. The same way, the Church, a called out, ecclesia, a separated group from Nigeria, a different kingdom also has Christ as the King of that Kingdom.
10.         Now, while God is Holy, and He is the King of the Kingdom, we are a holy nation. God is governing a holy people, like He told us in Leviticus 20 verse 26 saying, “You must be holy for I, the Lord, I am Holy. I have separated you from other people that you will be mine”.
11.         The reason why He has made us a holy people is clear: that you might be able to offer a sweet, scented holy sacrifice unto Him (God) which is our reasonable service.  
12.         We are in our nation. He said that we are His people and only those that are God’s people can pray to God and He will hear them. In addition, we have neglected the instruction as a Church which we have accepted now. Thus, God accusing this Church of being a busybody in another man’s affair is not a mistake.
13.         If you know that you are not guilty of that in this most holy Faith, raise up your hand! When you join Nigerians to speak evil of their Head of States, you are guilty; you are speaking evil of dignitaries because there is no authority except from God. Any man that speaks evil against the Head of States or President is guilty as guilty can be.
14.         That is why William Branham was crying, “Oh, America, you are doomed! You have perished! How can a man rise up in the morning to assassinate the Head of State! What a dangerous thing!” Not only that, but pulling down the throne which God has set. Who are you to speak evil of dignitaries? Is it not in the Bible?
15.         Are we natural brutes? It is a natural brute that can speak evil of dignitaries that can even speak of things they do not know. What do you know about politics in Nigeria? Are you partakers of politics? What do you know about government affairs? Are you the type that will be saying that the Head of States is Satan-incarnate like somebody was saying in a vehicle when we were going to Aba?
16.         The Pentecostal-man that was saying “devil instrument”, “devil instrument”; how can you call your leader devil instrument? There is one thing we know about a leader called of God: the Bible said that when a righteous man is on the throne, people would rejoice and there will be happiness all over the land. However, when an unrighteous man is on the land, people will live in fear. Is it not Bible?
17.         Now, from the manifestation, we can now draw our inference that an unrighteous man is on the throne. Yet, will there be evil in the city and the Lord has not done it? What if the Lord has kept him there for Nigeria to receive a just recompense of their sin? Because they have transgressed the laws of God, they have forsaken God.
18.         Watch what is befallen us today. Immorality on the highways, immorality on the streets, in every home, women half-naked, men half-naked, people running crazy because of money, people duping and cheating, telling lies to make money. Watch everywhere, in the history of Nigeria, there has never been a time when people have purchased Mercedes cars than they have purchased today.
19.         In the time of austerity and in the time of hardship, when it is even difficult for people to eat, yet you can see people riding flashy cars up and down. Watch how they make their money. They were making their money in Jericho, they lowered the standard of the message, they compromised in their businesses, they compromised in their offices.  
20.         Sin is a reproach to any nation. You are bringing reproach to our nation, a holy nation called of God to live a holy life here on Earth. You are reproaching the Name of God. The Bible said that in that city, let he that is named after Christ depart from iniquity.
21.         What is iniquity? It is something which you know that is bad and you went ahead doing it. You know that it is bad, you know that you should not do it as a child of God, you know what you are doing and you went ahead doing it; in other words you are challenging God’s authority and you can never get away with it!
22.         The only way to run away from God’s punishment is to lie down and get away from it, and while doing that you must make a pledge before God never to do it again. The Bible said in Proverbs chapter 28 verse 13 that he that covereth his sins will never prosper, but he that confesses his sins and forsaketh it, him God will show mercy.
23.         Righteousness exalts a nation, while sin is a reproach to any nation. Now, God called us a nation, and people brought in sin into the camp and because of that the Name of God got reproached among the heathens. That is why if you watch people in the End-Time message, they get involved in all kinds of evil: polluting themselves, going to court with everybody, quarreling, confusion, strife, envy, hatred, division; they will gang up today, tomorrow they will break up. What is breaking them up? Is God the author of confusion? No.
24.         Yet God knows what is happening, because He has decided to preserve a people unto Himself for His Name’s sake. You see why we must jump up. Moreover, the Bride cannot associate herself with any schism and hypocrisy. The Bride lives a separated and holy life unto God. The Bride is accountable unto her own husband alone. The Bride gives her own allegiance to her own God alone.
25.         Some people will be living as if we are accountable to the Head of States or President, instead of doing what God told us to do: Supplications and prayers, intercession should be made for all men, for kings and traditional rulers, for those that are in authority that we may live a peaceable and honest life—inviting Christ in the time of crisis.
26.         The people that are called by God’s Name are the people that should pray so that God will hear. They will pray because they have seen the condition that Nigeria is in, and also to live an honest life.
27.         I keep on saying this, in the time of crisis, in the time of confusion like we are in today, in the time of economic crisis, political crisis, educational crisis, domestic crisis, watch divorce cases everywhere, it is almost impossible for somebody to live an honest life. Everybody would like to get involved in fraudulent acts, little bribe, little lie; how many lie will a man tell and he will be cut off from God’s presence?
28.         The Bible said that we should be very careful lest a little of bitterness will arise from our heart and we will be defiled and cut off from God’s grace. Is it not Bible?
29.         Now watch, what did Bible tell us? What is the amount of bitterness that will rise up in your heart my brother, my sister, I do not know. What people know as defilement is fornication, cheating, robbery, that is the only defilement they know. They have never come to their senses to understand that there are certain things that grace of God cannot change.
30.         Yes, Grace of God has a lot of things it cannot achieve. What is grace of God to begin with? The Bible said that grace of God that bringeth salvation to all men has appeared, teaching us to deny all ungodliness and worldly lust, to live soberly, righteously and godly in this present world and not in the world to come.
31.         Have you escaped from the corruption that is in this world through worldly lust? My brother and sister, answer this question! The lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, the pride of life, popularity, women and money, have you escaped from them?
32.         You want to be Mr. something in your village, you want to make it by all means; you want to become brother something, you want to become a popular Church, popular Pastor, popular Evangelist, popular Apostle here and there; and then for that you lowered down the Word.
34.         Check it, these things are from the world. They are not from God at all. What is more, when we will explain them one by one, you will see how many of us that are guilty today. That is what grace of God is all about. You must escape from the corruption that is in this world through worldly lust.
35.         What was the attitude of Jesus Christ towards a political king called Ceaser? What was the attitude of Jesus Christ towards a political king called Pilate? What was His attitude towards Herod? Jesus the Christ met all of them. Jesus the Christ even met religious high priests, and all of them became politicians.
36.         They said, “Pilate, if you release this man, we will report you to the king. We will report you to Ceaser and then you make Ceaser your enemy”.
37.         In other words, the whole Churches existing when Christ was on Earth were politicized. Today the whole Churches are politicized. The whole Yoruba are now politicized in End-Time Message.
38.         When God came down yesterday, I nearly ran mad in my secret place. I wept bitterly, I was troubled. A little while, the flashing Red Light appeared again and a Voice followed saying, “I am making my last move on Earth, be holy and tell your people to sanctify themselves once more for I am coming to make my last move in their midst”.
39.         I wanted to put it down in writing, something troubled me the more. I was to come back by evening but I did not know that Brother Ferdinand Uzoma was somewhere. It was this morning that the Pastor told me when he came, that he was patiently waiting for me, then I rushed home, seeing him on the seat, I glorified God.
40.         However, I knew that somebody was pulling me home. That is why I am rejoicing now that God has given us a central place where we will be meeting Friday, Saturday, Sunday, every week. We will gather there for three consecutive days and minister and talk to ourselves for iron sharpeneth iron.
41.         Moreover, all the messages that God is releasing these days, the Church will be getting them at a time. No mistake about it.
42.         Now, the Lord says that we must sanctify ourselves. What is sanctification? I preached a message titled, “Sanctification, a Christian experience”. It is a Christian experience. It means separation, it needs cleansing. When you separate yourself, God will now cleanse you and fill you and then He will use you.
43.         Because you are called of God’s Name, when there is trouble, call upon Him and He will deliver you. That is Psalms 91.
44.         Let him that is named after Christ depart from iniquity. When you are named after Christ, you have taken His Name, because that was the name you took in your baptism. In your baptism, you were buried into that Name. When you were resurrecting, you resurrected into that same Name. However, when you were in the world, you hadn’t that Name. You were lured into idols, three-in-one God, that is Trinity.
45.         But when you were separated, you were pointed to only one and true God. And then he begat you as sons and daughters, then you took His name. Amen.
46.         Now we are called out, we are in our nation and we are peeping into another man’s family, which is wrong because the Church is the Family of God. If the Church is the Family of God, then the world is the family of the Devil. Don’t you know that?
47.         Now, when you are in your family and you are accusing somebody, talking about the Head of States, the President, talking about the whole governors, commissioners, ministers, some of us in this Faith giving us troublous times, sleepless nights, going about preaching heresies in the pulpit in the name of End-Time Message, poisoning the hearts of the Church members against the Head of States, against everybody; brethren, we are as guilty as guilty can be because we have neglected God’s approved way! Amen.

Any moment from now, I am going to teach the Church on how to handle crisis. You must know how to handle crisis for crisis may come in different ways.
2.          Crisis is confusion, it is trouble. When everywhere appears to be confused, people may not know what to do again. That is why you see people rushing down from the West and North, because they are confused.
3.            When you ask people, why are you going home, they will say, “Let me go home for I do not want what happened in the civil war to happen again. I want to go home, I want to go home, but is there civil war in Nigeria? No. However, there is confusion in Nigeria. That is certain. Why? Nigeria has forsaken God.
4.            Moreover, we that are God’s family, we should pray for them. Although we are in Nigeria, we are not Nigerians. We do not have Nigerian spirit. Just like we are living in Laodicea age, we do not have Laodicean spirit.
5.            We are the people of God and we live by His Word. We obey all His Words from A to Z. Then why must we then ignore the instructions of God and then walk like the heathens again? When we come together and jest with them, talk evil of dignitaries with the world, are we not making ourselves the same thing with the world? Are we not equally yoking ourselves with the world?
6.            How many verses of the Bible will a man break and become disobedient? Sin is breaking of God’s laws. The Prophet said, “Deny one Word, you die on the spot.”  
7.            Brethren, as a Body, as a Church, as a Family of God, if we are guilty, God will forgive us on the basis of our sincerity. We must know our condition, that God can never ignore one Word, that is why we are the Word Bride. We do not go by signs and wonders or prophecy or dreams, but we fix our eyes on the Word. If it is not the Word, it is not of God, no matter how beautiful it is.
8.            That is why I keep on telling you that a snake produces nothing but a snake. A Goat will produce a goat, a human being will produce a human being, while God will produce god. If we are God’s children, it means God produced us. Then we must be God. Then our lives must be worthy of our Gospel.
9.            If your life is not worthy, if it is not in line with the message of the hour do not make the mistake of calling yourself a child of God. if I say in line with the message of the hour, I do not mean the message we were holding yester-years where there was confusion, you were going about criticizing one person or the other, making politics with sermon books; I mean living the life of Christ’s message.
10.         I mean this perfection message that occurred now which is the message of the Bride for the hour, because it is a translation message, that will give us rapturing faith. If your life is not worthy, not in line with the message of the hour do not make the mistake of calling yourself a child of God because you are a blasphemer.
11.         The Prophet said in the message “Is your life worthy of the Gospel?” He said, “Any moment your life is not in consonance with the life of Christ, do not make the mistake of calling yourself a child of God because God will hold you guilty of blasphemy”.
12.         He said that God would hold me guilty for blaspheming His Name if I do that. In other words, God can never hold me guiltless for blaspheming His Name if I do that. If Christ is on Earth now, and He is in Nigeria now as a physical human being, seeing the condition that we are in, will He speak evil of the Head of States or the President?
13.         Believe it if you can, it is God that sets up thrones and it is God that pulls down thrones. Any day God is no longer happy with  General Babangida again, he will install somebody there and nobody will challenge it because there is unrighteousness on the land. Because the people have forsaken God, we must suffer for it. Both believers and unbelievers are guilty because they neglected what they ought to do.
14.         If we have been praying as the people of God, this Church alone can change the mind of God concerning Nigeria. I am telling you the truth! There was a time God wanted to finish His people in the wilderness, Moses fell down and pleaded with God saying, “God, it will be an abomination. Behold people will say that you are no longer able to lead them home”.
15.         The Bible said that God changed His mind. Is it not Bible? Why did He wipe them off at last? Because they continued in their intransigence and in their disobedience to God’s Words. They will repent today and go back to it tomorrow. That is the action of some of us in this most holy Faith: A saint in the morning, a devil in the evening. No pure consistent godly living.
16.         You are a saint in the morning, in the evening you are a devil. At night you become a saint again. That is a dangerous condition, the worst condition a man can be. That is Ahab’s condition. That is how the Prophet described it.
17.         You better stop! Do not have dealings with any brother or sister with this type of life. Unstable godly life is a dangerous life. You cannot trust him; you cannot have confidence in him because he can betray you at any time.
18.         Now, we are in our nation, the Bible said that righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to any nation. Now, if there is sin in our own nation here, we are reproaching people. The Bible said that the wrath of God is revealed from Heaven against those that will hold the Word of God in unrighteousness.
19.         What is more, the Bible said that cursed is the man, cursed is the woman who by the way he or she lives people will speak evil of the Word of God. If by the way you live, by your ungodly living people will blaspheme the Name of the Lord, the devil accusing the Church because of you, pointing accusing finger on the Body because of you, you are cursed.
20.         Thus, you check your life for you may be in this most holy Faith carrying a curse. Today is your day, you can remove it.
21.         There was somebody in the Bible, that man was called Jabez.  Jabez was born with a curse. This man realized his condition and said, “Father, I know that I am born with a curse and I do not want to continue with this cursed condition. You must do something. I will never fashion myself after the deeds of my fathers. I will live a separated life. I will live like God’s people…”, and that man meant business with God.
22.         He lived like God’s people and God showed mercy on the spot, forgave him, blessed him and made him a pillar. He led the people of God to war and he won the war. Then the people made him king.  
23.         In other words, from cursed condition to blessed condition. There was a man that ran away with a curse and that was Jacob. The moment Jacob became a sup-planter, he became cursed, because what he did, God’s hand was not there. God can never support lying and cheating. That was why God punished him there, because he was a child of God.
24.         In Hebrews, the Bible said that when we are being chastised and corrected by God, we should take it kindly because we are suffering for our own sins. As children of God, He can never leave us unpunished because of that evil act.
25.         However, a time came when he met God and said, “I will never leave you unless you bless me”. Which means before then he was not blessed.
26.         You are either blessed or cursed. You are either of God or of the Devil. No man is empty. It is either God is in you or the Devil is in you. These are the two spirits that control human beings today.
27.         I hope you are not afraid! It is God treating us in a very mighty way. I love God so much for bringing us unto repentance. If we have polluted this camp because of sin; because sin is a reproach, the reason why we suffered and got sick, the reason why there are sufferings, there are quarrellings, strives is because there is sin somewhere. Moreover, the moment sin enters into a nation, that nation is defiled because in the Body, though we are many yet we are in one Body.
28.         Seeing that you are a member of this body, any sin you commit remains in this Body. Don’t you know that? Once your teeth disturbs you, the whole of your body will automatically be disorganized. That is the condition of sin. When sin enters into my brother or my sister in this Faith, the whole Body is disorganized.
29.         I want your eyes to open. When you know what you are, you run away from sin. Let he that nameth in the Name of God depart from iniquity! You are a holy nation, a peculiar people and sin is a reproach. Righteousness will exalt this nation.
30.         Grace of God appeared, teaching us to live righteously, godly, soberly in this present world so that we will be exalted on the last day. Now, seeing the condition that Nigeria is, what must we do? Because we have become partakers of their sufferings. We caused it for we behaved like the people of Israel when they yoked themselves with the people of Moab, joining hands with the ungodly to fight against God.
31.         That was the case of Jehoshaphat when he went to Ahab in Second Chronicles chapter 18, and he was joining the ungodly to fight against God and God got offended.
32.         Did God spare him? God taught him a lesson of his life! He narrowly escaped death in the warfront. There is something that the prophet said that amazes me, which is in the Bible. While we are here, we commit fornication and adultery. Do you know that? We condemn men running round women and women running round men, we condemn it and the Bible condemns it.
33.         Now, that harlot in the hotel and that high priest in the Roman Catholic Church, as long as the Lord liveth they are in the same footing.  They are of the same platform, because sin is sin.
34.         I want you to see your condition now. See the condition of your family because this is the family of God where we are all members, and we join hands to sing against harlot. Can we testify against him?
35.         As a Church, can we testify against the head of states? Somebody may say, “What is brother saying now?” Do not worry, you will know very soon.
36.         Everyone must obey the state authorities. You must obey local government authorities, you must obey ANSEPA. Environmental sanitation is offering us a lot of good. You must obey them; you must pay their dues when they come to you. You must pay your water bill and pay your electricity bill. You must pay your local government tax. If you have one business you are doing and you do not pay your tax, you are as guilty as guilty can be.
37.         My duty is to take you to the path of truth. The part of righteousness and holiness, so that you do not disobey one Word of God because that is your rapture. Your rapture is in the Word. If you are here doing your business and you are dodging your tax, you are guilty. If you dodge all these things, dues, state authorities, you are guilty. You had better repent of it now brethren. What I am telling you is thus saith the Lord.
38.         If we must be translated, we must be higher than the Pentecostals. The Bible said that except our righteousness exceeds that of the Pharisees, we can never inherit the Kingdom of God. Our righteousness must exceed that of Jehovah Witness Church. If Jehovah Witness will be sincere enough to go to tax office and pay their tax and all their dues, we have no excuse before God.
39.         I keep on telling you here as a holy Church, a peculiar people, I love, I have been trying my best to espouse you to one husband in holiness and righteousness, telling you to follow me as I follow Him daily. Follow me because I am the example God is setting here before you. Then my duty is to point you to the path of holiness.
40.         Now watch, all these state authorities, God ordained them. There were state authorities in the time of Paul. In the time of Jesus Christ, they arrested Him on the way with Peter, and they asked Peter, “Who pays tax here, indigenes or foreigners?” He said, “Foreigners pay tax”.
41.         Jesus said, “Since we had no money, enter the sea, get the fish, collect money from the mouth, pay your own tax and my own tax as well”.
42.         When the Pharisees tempted him, he said, “Look at this money, whose head it this? Do we pay tax to you seeing that you are now a King of kings and Lord of lords?” They recognized Jesus as the King of the Jews.
43.          Pilate himself recognized it and put it there. I will tell you what the Holy Ghost told me that Word means. What you see the Roman Catholics write there is not the right pronunciation. It is just like the way they write Jehovah. JEHOVAH IS NOT GOD’S NAME.
48.         “No authority exists without God’s permission…”
49.         There is no authority on Earth that exists without God’s permission. Which means God has permitted all these local government chairmen, all governors, all traditional rulers. No wonder first Timothy chapter 2 verses 1 said, “Pray for kings”.
50.         A king is a ruler. A traditional ruler is a king. He is not a governor, he is not a Head of States. The Bible said that we should pray for them. There is nobody here that is vested with authority without God’s permission; whether it is evil or not.
51.         God allowed Pharaoh to be there for God to use Pharaoh to magnify His power among His people. God allowed Nebuchadnezzar to be there to use Nebuchadnezzar to teach Israel a lesson, to teach them knowledge and wisdom because the cradle of civilization started in Egypt.
52.         First writing in the world started in Egypt. Israelites learnt knowledge there. And the first skyscraper in the world was built in Egypt. This embalmment of corpses started in Egypt. Yes, embalmment, mortuary started in Egypt. Thus, science started in Egypt.
53.         The next town or country that inherited it is Babylon. That is why they invented the second writing. Civilization stated in Egypt and Babylon. Babylon invented the writing called “Cuneiform”. And it was in Babylon that the king had the scientific knowledge to build the hanging garden of Babylon, built by Nebuchadnezzar.
54.         Foolish people today that do not know the Bible, they can come and tell you that Babylon does not exist again. Though you know all these things. I am just telling you by the way of remembrance that Babylon still exists till today. Some people think that there is no Babylon today, that is a blind preacher. It is an intellectual knowledge.
55.         You do not need anybody to tell you about it. Babylon was changed to Mesopotamia, and then Mesopotamia was changed to Iraq. Thus, Babylon is still in history. Just like Dahomey was changed to Benin Republic or Upper-Volta was changed to Burkina-Faso. That is what happened. Like Nigeria changed her capital from Lagos to Abuja. That is history of the world.
56.         Apart from Sodom and Gomorrah, no other nation was removed from the Earth. They are just taking different names. Just like Tanzania, before it was not Tanzania, it was Tanganyika. I love God so much.
57.         How I love God. How I love God. The people of God are the people that have wisdom. They do not say anything for saying sake; rather they know what they are saying because they are rooted in the truth.
58.         “…And existing authority has been put there by God…”
59.         The existing authorities have been put there by God whether good or evil. Brethren, let us fear whoever God has put on the throne. Whosoever God has put on the throne, let us fear and respect him.
60.         Do not speak evil of dignitaries like Jude warned us. It is only but natural brutes without understanding that will rise up and speak evil of dignitaries, and also speak evil about things they do not know.
61.         Like you and I, we do not even know what is happening in Abuja now, we do not know what is happening in Lagos, even in Army, even in politics, we do not know. Whether they are holding their meetings, even their outcome, we do not know. Our duty is to pray for this situation, inviting Christ in the time of crisis. That is the attitude of a child of God in this situation.
62.         However, when you come to a point you join the unbelievers to sit down in your house, watch television and then speak anyhow; go there, tune your radios and speak anyhow, you are guilty as guilty can be. God cannot spare us.
63.         One dot of pollution, the camp is defiled. Until we make it right, Holy Ghost cannot continue with us again because God can never overlook sin. God is of purer eyes than to behold iniquity. Moreover, if I notice iniquity in your midst, I will never answer your prayers. If your prayers have been hindered all these years, all these months, all these weeks, you have become partakers of sin yet you do not know.
64.         That’s why saint Paul said, “Let he that thinketh that he is standing, be very, very careful lest he fall without knowing”.
65.         I made you to understand some months ago that the Bride ministry is a dangerous ministry, especially in the third poll where we are now. We are no longer following what happened in the second poll. We do not follow discernment; we do not follow tongues and all these things.
66.         However, in the last poll, what did He promise to tell us? That He is going to speak to us through dreams and through visions. Since then, He has been dealing with us in that way. The Urim is in your midst. The Urim is the Word, a man in your midst.
67.         If there be dreams and vision, if they do not agree with the Word, throw them into the dustbin no matter how beautiful. In addition, He told us how to judge these things: “Look at the vessel  first, as long the vessel is impure, no matter how good the things sounds, throw it into the dustbin for the devil can prophesy and it will come true”.
68.         The devil can show dreams and it will come true. God will allow them to come true to test us because when they come true, they will point us outside the Word. God will allow us to know whether they are pointing us away from the Word, whether we will follow them and then He will charge us of unfaithfulness. We will become fornicators and adulterers in the Word. God is gathering His people around the Word.
69.         … whosoever opposes the existing authority, opposes what God has ordained…”
70.         Anybody that rises against the present existing authority is opposing what God has ordained to stay. Which means you are challenging God’s authority!
71.         My brethren, I want us to see how grievous these things are. I want us to see how naked we are this moment. I want us to see that we have transgressed, we have missed the road, the right path. No wonder, I nearly fainted last night.
72.         The spirit beeped me, beeped me, beeped me. Even till this morning, I found it difficult to hold family altar with my children. I could not rise up in the bed. I gave a warning to my wife and said, “Disturb me not!” Because I was suffering something, travelling, I carried a lot of burden to my pains.
73.         Thank God, when I saw Brother Okey this morning, I rejoiced and said, “Glory be to God! Unto us a child is born, unto us a child is given. Yet that could not give me the fullness of the joy because the pain remaineth there. And this morning God is lifting the burden. Amen.

Can we challenge God’s authority and get away with it? How many people challenged Babangida and remained here even before the elections? Before election people have been challenging his stay, even Christians challenged it.
2.          Who is Abiola? Who is Tofa? Who is SDP? Who is NRC? Do we have any hands in political affairs of the nation? Have we become part of this present world?  Have we become part and parcel of it? Are we no longer in our own different nation, a severed people from among Nigeria, a separated people? Why are we children of God? Why are we God’s people?
3.            It is because we do not behave like them. We are not partakers of their evil for we do not join hands with them to fight against God.    However, look at us now challenging what God has ordained. Any day God is tired of that man, He will bring him down. No man will tell God what to do it.
4.            That the man is still there goes to show that God is not tired of him. Whatever he is manifesting, God has allowed him to manifest it, maybe he is teaching Nigeria a lesson because we have forsaken God.
5.            Somebody may be asking, “What is Brother saying?” God has left Nigeria like He has left America. Far back in 1954, God through William Marrion Branham condemned America. Read “Inversion of America” preached by William Branham in 1954.
6.            He said, “Hear it my brethren, I am preaching as a dying man and I am talking to a dying people. Thus says the Lord, America is condemned and never to rise up again”. Go and read that message if you believe William Branham to be a Prophet.
7.            Why were they condemned? Women lost their morality. They were running round naked. Running round Hollywood and California, jumping up and down in beer parlors with doses and hard drugs. Far back in 1954, if America was in that way, and after doing it, he said that they will go to Church to dance music and then speak in tongues and that is all; if America was in that condition as at 1954, you can imagine the state of America today.
8.            Then, Nigeria was a holy nation before the civil war. When the war ended, Nigerians rushed abroad to Taiwan, America and London and they brought imported culture. Imported modern way of worshipping God. There was nothing like Rock ‘n’ Roll music in Nigeria. All of them were imported.
9.            When Satan discovered that there were people that were called children of God, that could not like it in the world, Satan brought it into the Church. I tell you of a truth, no matter who you are, it is thus saith the Lord.
10.         Whatever God hates, He hates till the end. Whatever He loves He loves till the end. There is nowhere in the Bible where God ordained musical instrument as an act of worship. Whosoever does it is going contrary to God’s Word. I am speaking as an Apostle called of God, not of any man to declare the whole counsels of God to His own people.
11.         No matter where it is found, the person is as guilty as guilty can be. You do not add, you do not remove. Somebody may quote Psalms 150, yes; he has quoted a very good sermon. What was David doing? How did God halt that revival? God halted it on the way. The revival died down there. God killed Uzza there.
12.         Was Uzza not a priest? Uzza was a Levite. Check the genealogy of Uzza the son of Abinadab. Check his lineage, he was a priest, he was a Levite, and that was why he was asked to bring a new ass to drive the Ark home. What was his disobedience? He was going contrary to God’s will.
13.         In time past, fifteen years ago, people were worshipping God in the letters and newsprints. God was a sermon book. Sermon book became Holy Ghost to many people. Even when the Prophet was crying out, “Go back to the Word, go back to the Word!” people could not understand.
14.         The Word of God went into captivity in the land of the Philistines. Don’t you know that? The Word of God is the Ark of God and the Ark of God has power. It looks as if I am going Evangelical. Church will you permit me? Now watch, you know the Ark of God is the power of God.
15.         That is why any time the people of Israel are in the battlefront and the war is ranging on, and the Ark comes down, there will be jubilation, victory, victory, victory. Their enemies will become afraid because the Ark of God has landed in the battlefield. The Power of God is now with the people of God.
16.         The Ark of God will have power if the Levite Priesthood will carry it. A time came when Eli the high Priest had sons, Hophni and Phinehas, and they were living adulterous lives in the temple of God, disobedient to God’s Word.
17.         In spite of their father’s carnal warning, because he was not strict; what the Lord said is to execute them but he was just so good and pretty like some Pastors today, when they see evil in the Church they will just pamper it a little because they do not want people to go away.
18.         God is not looking for a majority of people, He is looking for a very few people, you and I; one person or two that will live a holy life in this most holy Faith. Some people because they want to make a great name, they will allow him to remain in the camp, they can never call white, white; black, black, like the Prophet told us.
19.         The prophet said that my duty is to call white, white and black, black. What was the reason why they accused Saint Paul? They met in their days, they learned in their days, as we got it from Priscilla and Aquila the tentmaker, a compilation that was sent to us titled, “Persecuted but not forsaken”. Have you read it?
20.         In that compilation, they were accusing Paul of calling white, white and black, black, and they were suggesting that he could use a softer way, a very mild way. They said, “Don’t you know that making the whole thing plain to them you will make yourself enemies to Alexandra, Philetus and Hymenaeus?”
21.         Why calling their names? Any man that is called to be an Apostle of Christ, and he is afraid of calling people’s names is not called by God. It is not a time to argue with anybody but to declare the Word of God in holiness and in righteousness.
22.         A time came when the people of Philistines came to war against Israel and the war was so great and raging on fearfully, people were dying. Hophni and Phinehas, though they were living in adultery and fornication in the temple, they were unrepentant.
23.         They rushed for the Ark by popular commission. The whole people said that “the reason why we were being defeated was because we did not carry the Ark. Go and bring it”!
24.         With unclean hands they rushed to the temple and carried the Ark to the warfront. A little while, there was change in the battle, the enemies became afraid: “The God of Israel has come to the warfront, we have perished”.
25.         However, their commander said, “No, everyday will be for the people of Israel but one day will be for us. We will fight them with the Ark”.
26.         They gathered momentum. The Bible said that they hit hard to the people of Israel and slaughtered them in their thousands, killed the two Priests, Hophni and Phinehas. The sons of the Levites were Levites. They were Levites but living with unclean hands.
27.         When they brought the Ark, the Ark of God became powerless. That is why the Bible said that when you handle the Word of God in unrighteousness, you make the Word of God of non-effect.
28.         What happened? The enemies carried home the Ark of God. God became powerless. When they carried God, they went to their own god, placed it before their own god Dagon. They said, “We have married a wife for you, look at your wife. The God of Israel is your wife, marry Him”.
29.         Imagine God in a strange land. And from that period, there was no record that the people of Israel made any effort to rescue their God. No effort was made to rescue God in the hands of His enemies; and God was there quiet. God knew that they must behave that way and He became quiet.
30.         Now watch, a little while, after some time, God decided to react because He said that if we deny Him, He would never deny Himself. God started to exercise some authorities now.
31.         First of all He must fight against the god of Philistines. He fought against their god. He pushed Dagon down the first place. They brought one person to come, help and stand the Dagon up. The following day, God pushed Dagon down and the thing broke into pieces.
32.         They brought some contractors to remold Dagon, carried it away from that place into a village so that the God of Israel will no longer destroy it. Then they came to appease the God of Israel. They came with trespass offering because they trespassed against the holy God of Israel and for that they must pay for it. They brought sacrifice and then offered to the God of Israel, the Holy One of Israel.
33.         Before then, the Holy One of Israel was killing them in thousands. After killing their gods, He started killing them. The people of Israel were not there but God was paving His way home. They took God to another town and He started killing them there too. They carried Him to Gath, their capital territory, He started killing them there and they said no, that they must send Him home anyhow.
34.         They brought their ass, gave God escort, gave Him trespass offering and then followed Him home. While God was going home in the Ark, the people of Israel were not there, nobody was leading God, rather God was leading Himself.
35.         But before then God was going home in a very unusual way. The Ark of God is normally carried on the shoulders by the Levites. Shoulder means a place of responsibility. Pastors must be prepared to bear the responsibilities of the Church. However, today all of them are running away from it. They now want to make merchandise of the people they pastor. They now want popularity. Some of them dupe their members and tell lies.
36.         Imagine a Pastor in End-Time message giving his own flock false identity cards, doing false businesses. Were you not witnesses? The person came into our midst and he was disarmed. He went to the altar and brought it out before the whole Church.
37.         He said, “My Pastor in Lagos gave it to me”. And before our eyes, he himself destroyed it. That is the work of God in our midst. It is marvelous in our eyes. We give Him the glory. That is condemnation to him and to the Pastor. You can now see the type of Pastor that is pastoring people today.
38.         God foresaw the future of this Church in the book of Jeremiah, and then God declared woe unto them: “Woe unto the Pastors”. What is woe? Sufferings. What was the offense? “They have scattered the sheep of my pasture by not feeding them and by not visiting them. They were feeding them but not with the right food. They were visiting them but not with the right message”.
39.         Watch, when God was going home, He was rejoicing that at last He was going to His hometown. When He got home, He was to be placed in the place of His rest. Where is the place of God’s rest? It is in the temple of God. The first place of God’s rest is that His people will first of all come and honour Him. They will honour Him with their sweet smelling sacrifice. And when they come the Levites must be prepared to take their responsibility, to carry the Word of God with a pure hand.
40.         But watch, when they came they became tired of God. God has fought His way to this place and nobody wants to give God a rest in His house. They do not want to place God where He should be.
41.         What is more, these are the people that know God, the people of God. They know how to worship Him. Whatever He received in the hands of the heathens, God was very happy because they were not in God’s programme. They did not know how to honour Him. Thus, they were honouring Him anyhow.
42.         In Dark Ages, people were worshipping God anyhow. In the time of Luther, Wesley the same thing. But in the time of William Marion Branham, the Voice went forth, Malachi 4, calling the people out from denomination. And God decided going home.
43.         Watch how God is going home. God came home with a printed book called sermon book. Through the mouth of a prophet, the sermon book went forth and he said that it should be distributed to the nooks and crannies of the Earth, even in the jungles, peradventure the elect will catch it and then jump out.
44.         Where will he jump to? He said, “Some of you see me as your absolute but I have my own absolute”. He said, “This is the Urim Thummim”.
45.         He said, “No matter the prophecy, dream or vision, if it does not reflect in the holy Word of God, throw it away”.
46.         He said, “I am a man, mind what you hear from me for many of them are from the human side. If I speak anything and it does not fall in line with the Word of God, no matter how sound it is, throw it away. But when you hear thus saith the Lord, know that it cannot fail”.
47.         But today, what happened? That is why when the voice came we became afraid: “Each time I give you my messenger, you will deify Him”. People make Him God. When He came down, the message came to us, God is now coming back to His people in a sermon book.
48.         Now, when He came in a sermon book, we got the message and the message was pointing us to the Eternal Word lying in one of the jungles in Africa—that is the place of God’s rest.
49.         What did the Levites do? He commanded them to go and bring the new ass. Nobody wants to carry God on his shoulder again. Nobody is ready again. They are now tired. Very fast preachers, they have gained much. They said, “Anyway, since the enemies returned it in the ass, let the ass continue!” the same way today, they said, “Let the sermon books continue!”
50.         What is the sermon book for? The sermon book is for us to get the prophetic message of the messiah incarnate because God veiled Himself in William Branham to call His people out of the denominations, and what he was saying was prophetic. Some of them fulfilled in his day while some will fulfill in our day.
51.         We read to get ourselves acquainted with those things that are ahead of us. Then we balance everything with the Word made flesh for that is the place of God’s rest. When you find your rest here, you will shake the Heavens and the Earth. I am coming to something. The place of God’s rest is the Word of God.
52.         The Word of God is saying that we have no authority to challenge what God has ordained in our day. How many of us have challenged authorities in our hearts; challenged both traditional rulers, head of states, governors, local government chairmen, even to the point of not paying our dues? All of us are guilty.
53.         God can never accuse us falsely. Has He done it before? Has God ever accused us falsely as a people? “If the people that are called by my Name shall humble themselves and pray, I, the Lord will deliver them”.
54.         Oh, we are called by God’s Name. We are not Nigerians. We have taken His Name. We have known His Name. We are not ashamed because He is not ashamed of calling us His brethren, and we are not ashamed of calling Him our God.
55.         Why must we join the heathens to blaspheme the Name of our family? Oh, God show mercy this moment. Assuming translation takes place and all of us will remain un-translated, what caused it? What Brother Branham said fulfilled.
56.         No wonder the Bible was telling us in the power of the Holy Ghost, how we ought to have our conversation as children of God. There was a message titled “Attitude of Christian Living” part two. How many were there?
57.         We were taught how we should speak and have our conversation among the heathens lest we will be condemned. Pure godly living is to close your mouth. If you are a child of God and you do not know how to bridle your tongue, you are in danger of hellfire. You will be condemned with the words of your mouth; equally you will be set free with the words of your mouth.
58.         Use padlock to lock your mouth! “Keep watch over my lips oh Lord! Hold my tongue lest I speak and offend you!” Was it not our prayer?
59.         You can offend God and now we have offended God. The moment God is offended and He fails to tell us then He is guilty. God said that if your neighbour offends you, go to him and confess it to him saying, “I am sorry” and he will forgive you.
60.         Moreover, Christ is our Brother. If your brother offends you, Christ called us His brethren, then He is our brother now. We have sinned against him, He must tell us for we did not know that we sinned against Him. We did not know that we offended Him, but He has now told us by His Words and we have accepted our guilt. He will be an unjust God to kill a man that accepted that he is guilty. All He has to do is to show Mercy. That was what he did to Ahab.
61.         He said, “Seeing that this man has accepted his guilt and his condemnation, I will not punish his family in his day lest he will die of broken heart”. However, immediately Ahab died God wiped away his family from the surface of the Earth.
62.         God did not only kill that family alone, He killed even the daughter which the son of Jehoshaphat married, and even spoiled the business Jehoshaphat had with his son Rehoboam. Amen.

There is something God is doing in our midst. If our eyes are not opened we will go astray. God is bringing us to follow every bit of His Word until people will see those that are called sons and daughters of God, what they are because the Bridal Message is the manifestation of sons and daughters of God on Earth.
2.          In all the ages people have been hearing preaching, preaching, but the world is yet to see a chosen elect of God on the land. The Bible said that the world has been travailing in pains, waiting earnestly for the manifestation of sons and daughters of God.
3.            Bible did not say, “By your preaching we will know you”, but by your life we will know what you are. Your life will tell whether you are a child of God or not, and here we have transgressed. Sin is transgression of God’s love.
4.            … And anyone who has gone astray, bring judgment to himself. How many of us are condemned now? All of us here stand condemned before God. The prophet told us saying, if you are not careful, all you have been trying all these years to build, Satan will destroy it in a second.
5.            Inviting Christ in the time of crisis. Because we neglected these instructions, we did not know what to do in the time of crisis, then we went into captivity with the world. We join hands to speak evil of dignitaries and speak anyhow, behave anyhow.
6.            No matter how evil we think this world is, God’s righteousness on Earth can never be abolished. God can never abolish His righteousness. It can never be more evil than the period Shedrack, Meshach and Abednego were in Babylon.
7.            There was no record that anybody, any prophet, any deacon, any priest obeyed the Word of God there except the three Jewish children. There was no record of any other person there in that their period.
8.            In the time of Daniel facing his trial, there was no record of any other person facing that trial. In other words, in all the millions of the people of Israel that went to captivity in Babylon, only four persons worshipped God there.
9.            In addition, while they were in Jerusalem their names were not known. Their names were hidden. Daniel was not a Prophet in Jerusalem. Shedrack, Meshach and Abednego were not priests in Jerusalem. They only became known in a strange land. Other people joined in Babylon in their worshipping of idols remaining only but four persons. By revelation they stood their ground.
11.         All these big names, God is not interested in your names. The only name God is interested in is the Name of Christ. If Christ is not in you, you are not part of Him. If the Spirit of God is not in you, you are not a part of God. You are living alone without any hope of tomorrow.
12.         “…for rulers are not to be feared by those who do good but by those who do evil…”
13.         Anybody that do evil will fear rulers. Since we have been here, have you seen anybody arresting us here? However, assuming we are living in hypocrisy, we are cheating and duping people up and down, some of us must have been arrested here one day for duping the people. You see why we must live a pure and undefiled godly life so that the Name of Christ will not be blasphemed.
14.         It is this law that is protecting us. The same law is condemning the world. The government makes the law to protect all righteous men. The law is meant to punish all evildoers.
15.         The law that saved us is the law that condemned them. The water that saved Noah was the same water that condemned all. The Word that is saving you and I is the Word that is condemning the world.  
16.         Christ is saving us, equally Christ is condemning the world. I want your eyes to open a little.
17.         …would you like to be afraid of the man in authority? Then do what is good and he will praise you. Because he is God’s servant walking for your own good…”
18.         Did Bible call any of them devil’s servant? Anything God ordained is of God. Leave him there! God ordained Pharaoh for a purpose. Every authority is there for a purpose. God can allow an unrighteous man to rule Nigeria to teach Nigerians a lesson. It is God’s will to do as He willeth. Who can challenge God’s authority?
19.         “…then if you do evil, then be afraid of him, because his power to punish is real. He is God’s servant and carries out God’s punishment to those who do evil.
20.         For that reason, you must obey the authorities not just because of God’s punishment but also as a matter of conscience. That is also why you pay taxes, because the authority are working for God when they fulfill their duties…”
21.         The reason why you pay your taxes is because the authorities are not working for themselves, they are working for God when they fulfill their course of calling because God ordained them for a purpose. God gave them working condition. When they are working according the revelation given to them, they are working for God.
22.         For that you must pay your taxes. For your taxes are used to maintain them. When you do not pay your taxes, you are an employer that is not paying your servant. Wherever God places that man that refused to pay his servant his wage, that is where you are because you are enjoying security from government, you are enjoying water, you are enjoying electricity, you are enjoying everything yet, pay for it, no way. You are enjoying the road for if there is no road from here to Lagos, my brother, you would not come to Jerusalem. If there is no bridge at the River Niger, your vehicle cannot swim. You must pay for these things.
23.         By so doing they are working for humanity and they are working for God. Our eyes are opening gradually so that after this message we will make it right once and for all. Then we will teach sinners how to reverence God like David said, “Father you are right in judging me, you are right even in condemning me! Even if you strangle me dead here you are justified for I have transgressed against you. I have done that which you consider evil. I am not even worthy to stand in your Presence. Restore your holy spirit in me. Banish me not from your presence lest I die and perish. Restore my joy and I will teach sinners your way and then we will worship you”.  
24.         We will not go out and teach others not to do like that because it is blasphemy. They are transgressors like we are transgressors today. How many verses of the Bible will a man break and he will become guilty? We are now as guilty as that prostitute in the hotel, and our own guilt is stronger than that.
25.         As many of us that are receiving these teachings, we are teachers of the law. We should know more than the world, we should know more than the Pentecostals, we should know more than the politicians. Moreover, when we come to break the law, we are offended. God have mercy!
26.         We are people called of the Lord for His Name’s sake to offer a holy, a sweet and acceptable sacrifice unto God. Now we have polluted our hands, our hands are defiled. Across the nation, sin bringeth more evil. See how the sin of Nigeria is spreading. It has gotten America, it has gotten Britain, it has gotten the whole world. I am telling you the truth.
27.         The Bible said that sin entered into the world through one man. We are now defiled! If we are not sincere to God, He can never forgive us. God forgives a man, a Church on their basis of sincerity. I know that we are living in the synagogue of Satan but we must bear the Name of Christ without defilement.
28.         That is why He is chastising and rebuking us now, correcting us because He loves us, so that we will be zealous and repent. It was by revelation that a whole Church was asked to repent, and we are living in the age of revelation. God is revealing to us now that all of us have to repent or else He will cut us off.
29.         Shall we fight against God and still remain his children? Shall we challenge God’s authority and still remain undefiled? The Bible said that speak no evil of any man. As long as it lieth in your power, live peaceable with all men with holiness, without which no eyes shall see the Lord.
30.         When we backbite and quarrel, dispute and argue against things we ought not to question, must we remain holy in that condition? We have come to the point where our hearts have been poisoned. That if some of us are given a riffle now, we will go to Abuja and gun the Head of States or president down. What I am telling you is truth.
31.         Yes! Because our hearts have been poisoned by unbelievers. We have given our ears to seducing spirit and our hearts have been seduced to copy ourselves after the world.
32.         No wonder when I went to Lagos the other time I cried out my heart and said, “Father, save me in Lagos. This is a horrible city. It is going worse and worse every day”. If there is any city where it is very difficult to live a godly life now, it is Lagos and Warri. It is almost impossible like it is becoming in Onitsha today for somebody to stand up and live a pure godly life.
33.         Watch every activity in Lagos today, all speaking sin. And the worst of it all is competition among traders there, competiting spirit among ministers there. Competition spirit among Churches. I cried out in my closet and said, “Father, I will not like to stay here longer than necessary. I am rushing home this night.” I had to rush back overnight. I could not bear the horrible sight.
34.         All I did was to pray for brethren there that God should preserve them by His Power and Spirit.
35.         …pay them what you owe them. Pay them your personal and property taxes…”
36.         Some Landlords dodge property tax. How many know that it is in the Bible? If personal tax is introduced in Onitsha for us to pay, for our radio or television, pay for it. When they come to you, present the receipt and give them the money for you are making use of their property. It is just like somebody making use of the telephone without paying to the telecommunication company for making use of their satellite and their computer. Because without those facilities, you can never telephone to anybody.
37.         Some of us will consume water and dodge, equally dodge electricity bill. That you have no meter in your yard is not an excuse. Where is the Pastor of this place? Is he around? He should come inside this place unless I will blend his name in tape. He should Pastor the Church in sincerity and in truth.  Tell them to obey those that are in authority, pay their dues and taxes as well as property rates and household rents.
38.         My brother, these are contained in the Holy Bible and God has called me to line up the Bride with the full array, and the full array is from Genesis to Revelation. Our covering is not head tie; our covering is not your long hair. That is why Satan cheated the Pentecostals.
39.         A time came when Deeper Life Church wanted to impersonate Christianity. They brought what we call “manufactured holiness”. Their sisters with long-sleeves and head-ties, Satan cheated them very well and penetrated into their camp. Prostitute in Onitsha and Lagos invaded the camp with long-sleeve and head-tie and long skirt and all of them were dancing Oh sing Oh sing.
40.         What happened? A little while sons of God started having daughters of men and the Church became defiled. In the End-Time message, the same thing came. Satan can never leave us alone. The anti-Christ is always fighting the true Christ.
41.         In the first Church, the anti-Christ entered the Church. When Saint John was writing to us, he said that the anti-Christ must come and they are already in our midst. They did not go out again.
42.         Even from among us, grievous wolves will rise to seduce many. Many will follow their pernicious ways. Some will even follow the doctrine of Balaam in this evil day. Some will follow the doctrines of demons. I am checking a spirit in this Church.
43.         In the End-time message, a time came when blind preachers invaded the Church, and blind people were following blind leaders and all of them were heading to the ditch, if not amazing grace. Why? They were condemning Pentecostal for doing this and that, condemning everybody. “Our covering is this and that. It is long hair, long hair, long hair”.
44.         I believe that God gave women long hair for their covering. But watch, the woman the prophet was referring to was the woman the Bible was referring to and that woman was the Church of Christ, which is the Bride of Christ, which Christ Himself is the husbandman. Christ is the Bridegroom.
45.         Now that covering was the Nazarite vow unto the Church and that Nazarite vow was represented by the long hair. Somebody was asking me saying, “Brother, I want to ask you a question”, and that was Brother Nath, a minister of the message.
46.         He said, “Jesus was a Nazarite”, I said, “Yes, what is wrong in being a Nazarite?” He said that, that was why he did not cut his hair. I said sure! Wait, I want to tell you something. Jesus the Christ was a Nazarite. Jesus the Christ was God, and Jesus the Christ first of all obeyed His Word.
47.         If Jesus the Christ said that if a man has long hair it is a shameful thing, and we know from the Bible that Jesus the Christ is a man. If Jesus has long hair, He has disobeyed His Word because the Bible said in Hebrews 5 verse 9 that Jesus Christ first made Himself perfect and became the author of eternal salvation unto those that will obey Him. Which means that Jesus the Christ first of all obeyed the Word of God, and became a living example unto those who will follow Him.
48.         I said, “Brother, all the pictures of Jesus Christ you are watching are Roman Catholic pictures. They were made after the hearts and imaginations of man, just like when they want to make it in the Cross, they will tie little wrapper. Jesus was stark naked. They never left anything on His body. I have seen the revelation.
49.         Even the stripes you see were not what you saw on the Cross. No, no, no. His body was bruised, bruised alive, his body blistered, his face blistered, Any day the Holy Ghost will reveal the true picture of Jesus Christ, you can hardly eat that day. You will weep and weep. I have seen Jesus’ face, not once, not twice, not thrice. I speak the truth for I lie not in the Holy Ghost. I have seen His revealed face. I have seen His glorified face. What I am telling you is truth.
50.         There was no space in His body. They brutalized his face; they brutalized his body with their whip. He was stark naked according to the prophecy of Prophet Isaiah. They never left anything on his body. They made Him an open shame, an open ridicule, smote his face but Jesus the Christ looked up and said, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they are doing”.
51.         Shall we endure temptation today and say what Jesus the Christ said? The same thing Saint Stephen said and that was what he was expecting us to do after Him. We will be guilty if we do not do that today. One thing I keep on telling you here is this sin is sin. God cannot overlook sin. If sin is found in me, it is sin. If it is found in you, it is sin. The only way out is to repent of it and do that which is right. Then God will forgive.
52.         However, as long as you harden your heart and you want to play smartness before God, watch out, your sin will find you out. Any moment from now the Church will go home. When I use the Church, I am referring to the Bride because the Church on Earth will go through tribulation, but the Bride will be translated.
53.         “…and show respect and honour to them all…”
54.          Show respect and honour to all those that are in authority.
55.         …be under obligation to no man…”
56.          Do not yoke yourself in any way to any man.
57.         “…The only obligation you have is to love one another…”
58.          Owe no one anything except love. We are about to celebrate our Jubilee year. If Israel in their natural sense celebrated their Jubilee year, the spiritual Israel must celebrate their Jubilee year also. In addition, while they are going to celebrate their Jubilee year, they normally make preparations ahead of time. They write off all their debts. Anybody that is owing them, the debt is written off to make sure that they do not constitute any stumbling block to any brother.
59.         In the Bride of Christ ministry, there is a standard in this message. From this day, I am giving this instruction by the Holy Ghost Who is speaking through me to the Church now. Saint Paul was talking to the man that was ministering through him saying, “The Word you hear from me, I am giving it from the Holy Ghost and not from any man”.
60.         What I am telling you now, I received it from the Holy Ghost and not from any man. If any brother or sister comes to you to help him in any way and you have something in which you want to help that brother from a pure heart, help your brother, help your sister, do not ask him to return it.
61.         If you are giving your brother one kobo or two kobo, when you are giving it, give cheerfully to your brother, give without grudging and do not ask him to return it. God does not make us moneylenders. A child of God has no obligation if he says no. When you are not disposed to give, do not give. However, when you are giving, give cheerfully, expecting nothing in return. Thus, this period that we are in is the period of writing off debts.
62.         Personally, I have done it, written off all my debt to all men. Now, obeying the Voice of the Holy Ghost that henceforth I will lend no money to any human being on Earth.
63.         If I give you money, I have given you money. If I give you shirt, I have given you shirt. Whatever I give you, I have given it to you. I will never, never ask you to return it again. If I am not prepared to give, or I have nothing to give, I will tell you that I do not have or I will not give so that I will not be guilty before God.
64.         Christ first made Himself perfect. Why? I am preparing myself for that Jubilee. I am preparing my brothers for that Jubilee. I will not like my brother to be going back thinking, “I am owing my brother, how will I pay?” And thereby he will be in trouble. No, God will hold me guilty because I caused it.
65.         In the Bible, did the Bible tell us to be lending money to our brethren? Rather the Bible said that we should help our brethren. You do not help by lending money and asking them to pay back. Suppose I have nothing to pay back? All we have to do is to share whatever we have in common with brethren. That is the message of the hour. We share what we have with the brethren, full stop. No more, no less.
66.         We are not financiers, we are not financial institutions or bureau de-change, lest you cause your brother to stumble and then God will judge and condemn you.
67.         Do not allow your money to bring condemnation to you. Do not allow your wealth to condemn you. Be very, very wise. Godly wisdom is profitable in tongue. Use wisdom in handling these things otherwise you will perish.
68.         …Whosoever does this has obeyed the Lord. The commandments; do not commit adultery, do not commit murder, do not steal, do not desire what belongs to someone else. All these and any other besides are summed up in one command: love your neighbor as you love yourself.
69.         If you love someone, you will never do him wrong. To love them is to obey the whole law…”
70.         You can never say that you love God and you disobey one Word. You become disobedient in the sight of God. The Prophet said that to be compassionate is to do the will of God. I do not know, this message is stepping something, it is winding up into something. I wanted to be brief in this message and then go into sermon, but I can see the spirit trying to switch over to something greater than what we are seeing now.
71.         … You must do this because you know that the time has come for you to awake from your sleep…”
72.         You that are sleeping, wake up that your eyes may open. Isaiah 60 said, “Arise and shine for the light is come, for the glory of the Lord is risen upon me”.
73.         Is the glory risen upon you? Arise and shine for the light is come.
74.         … for the moment when we will be saved is closer now than it was when we first believed…”
75.         Our salvation draweth nearer now than when we first believe. You see why you must be very careful the way you live, you talk; any little mistake you make now, no more excuse. You are cut off forever and ever. That is why the prophet told us what the Bride message is all about. It is endtime revival that saves nobody. It is for the Bride.
76.         Who will receive the message? The Bride. Who will receive healing? The Bride. Who will receive Holy Ghost? The Bride. Who will go into rapture? The Bride. Who will obey the Word? The Bride. But to the world, it is judgment and condemnation. That is the voice of the Seventh Angel Messenger, calling out the elect from all the corners of the Earth because it is home-going week, time is no more!
77.         Our salvation draweth near now. That’s why when somebody says that he is a child of God, do not argue with him, only give him the Word test.
78.         Watch the Pentecostals today, they will run round with tongues, with Holy Ghost but all of them are falling down with false Holy Ghost. Speaking in tongues without interpretation, vision without interpretation. Watch all of them dressing like the world, talking like the world, running about, give them the Name of Christ to be taken in baptism they will say no, but they love the name Jesus Christ.
79.         When they want to do healing, they will do it in the name of Jesus Christ. Miracle, in the name of Jesus Christ. Preaching, in the name of Jesus Christ. But take the Name of God in Baptism according to the Bible, they will say no.
80.         It is the same spirit coming back on Earth again. They say of a truth, concerning what you have done in the Name of Christ, we cannot deny it, for the blind man is with us now. We can see that lame man, so we cannot deny it. Concerning preaching in the Name of Christ, we warn you, do not ever preach in His Name anymore. Is it not the same spirit? That is their problem today.
81.          Nevertheless, the Bible said, do all things in the Name of Christ. Both your preaching, your baptism, your healing, your signs and wonders, your miracles, all in the Name of Christ, but they say no. They become selective: “We will take this one but for the other one, no”.
82.         They are behaving like their mothers. The Bible said that they came out from an adulterous woman. That woman was an adulterous mother and produced her daughters after her likeness. The Bible said that like the mother, like her daughters. Is it Bible? Glory be to God.
83.         Like the father, like the son. The same mistake Abraham made, Isaac also made it. I thank God.
84.         … Night is nearly over…”  
85.         The hour of darkness is nearly over. What was the night? It was a time when we were wallowing in ignorance, competing with the message, competing with head knowledge, intellectual consumption of the message of the hour.
86.         When somebody rises up in the morning, he will read two sermon books, then he will carry his big bag become a preacher: “Now, I am going to Port Harcourt to hold a meeting. I went there; I preached and preached and preached! Then the next day, I went to Calabar, I preached, preached and preached”. All of them, the same township preachers. None of them ever ventured into the villages or into the nooks and crannies.
87.         No wonder, when the Holy Ghost came down, he condemned all of them and then he decided to tell us where the action is. What is more, in all those townships they were going, they were going there to make money. They were stealing God’s money for they were not afraid taking God’s money. And those that were even taking were not even paying tax. They were commanding people to pay and they were spending but were not paying. Natural crook, spiritual crooks in the message. And the Ark of God became weak.
88.         That is why in spite of how they read the sermon books, none of them was transformed. No matter how they were reading the sermon books, some of them pack sermon books in cartons in their houses and yet their lives were not transformed. You can hardly trust in anybody. They were living in secret sin, compromising with their fathers in the village.
89.         Some were even buying the ideas of their parents to kill their wives. What I am telling you is truth. Tormenting their wives in the end time message. Wives tormenting their husbands: very disobedient, arrogant, stubborn and yet they were holding sermon books—all of them—quoting and counter quoting!
90.         This one will say, in the message called like this, did the Bible called us to come and preach the message? The Prophet said, “Do not preach me a message but live me your message”.
91.         Live the life of the Word, for that is all I need. Let people say that the message is from the devil, but our lives are of God. That is all I want. It has been the testimony following me: “I love the man’s life. He is purely a child of God but his message is just rubbish”. You are all living witnesses of what my Landlord told me. He said that your life and that of your family is just very excellent, but your God is fighting against my God.
92.         A situation where another man’s god will victimize my own God, I will restrict it. Thus, you and your Church will pack away. That was what I was accused of.  
93.         I thank God for such a testimony. It gave me boldness even to preach harder! God vindicating the message. As far as God is pleased, I am pleased. In the End-Time message, we mess up things; we were in darkness, people fighting against themselves.
94.         Some went as far as even correcting William Branham. Some corrected even the Bible. Some were giving carnal interpretation of the Bible, even when the Bible said that the Word of God is of no private interpretation.
95.         The Word of God interprets itself because the manifestation is the interpretation. Let there be light and you see light, does it require interpretation?
96.         If the Lord opens your heart and reveals the thoughts of your heart to you and you know it is truth, does it require interpretation? Even when you do not hear “thus saith the Lord”, and the Lord discerns your heart, because, the Word of God is the highest discerner; without thus saith the Lord, won’t you know?
97.         If by the way you live, God has declared curse on anybody that lives that type of life without hearing “thus saith the Lord”; don’t you know that you are cursed? Is there any Word greater than the Word of God? I want you to see the extent of our perishing without knowing it. They think that God can change His Word today because of us. My unbelief and your unbelief can never make God to change His Word. God’s Word remaineth God’s Word.
98.         Heaven and Earth will pass away but His Word will never pass away. Why we must be careful. Inviting Christ in the time of crisis. Amen.

Day is almost here. Let us stop doing the things that belong to the dark…”
2.          He that said he loves God and still hates his brother, the Bible said that he is in darkness till this very moment. Man and woman hear the voice of the Holy Ghost. If you love God, you are walking in the light because Christ is the Light. When you are following Christ, you can never walk in darkness.
3.          The Bible said that when you say that you love Christ and you still hate your brother, you still hate your sister, you gossip with your brother, you gossip with your sister, gossip with the government, blackmail the government, challenge authorities, you are living like the world. The love of God is not in you. It is not in your heart. This means you are in darkness even till this present hour and you do not know what you are doing.
4.          This means you are missing the way. God, help this Church. I do not want to offend God in any way. If there is anything I want to represent well on Earth, let it be Christ.
5.          … let us take weapons for fighting in the light. Let us comport ourselves properly as people who lives in the light or day. No drunkenness or immorality or indecency, no fighting, or jealousy, but take up the weapons of the Lord Jesus Christ. Stop paying attentions to your simple nature and satisfying its desires.
6.            From today let us take these instructions. Let us decide here as a Church, as a people of God that as from today no more. That we will never go after our sinful desire for it is our desire to do that which is unjust always.
7.            It is man’s desire to do evil. The Bible said that we thirst for evil the same way we thirst for water, which is truth. In addition, Bible said that we should stop it this very moment. Who is it referring to? The people of God. Whosoever I love, him I chastise that you will be zealous and repent.
8.            GOD IS REBUKING US BECAUSE WE ARE HIS PROPERTY. THE MARK OF OWNERSHIP IS THAT WHEN WE DO WRONG GOD WILL CHASTISE US. He will flog us well, well like He is flogging us right now.
9.            If not His mercy, He will close His eyes and we will perish. We will be here sitting down in the End-Time message. Everybody jumping up and down, yet on that day, you miss it. What I am telling you my brethren is truth!
10.         I have been to some fellowship where I see people dance in the spirit, sing in the spirit, you think they are rejoicing but when you sit down and God will open your eyes a little, you will see that they are already in Hell. Why? By stepping one foot outside His Word, one little foot you step outside the Word of God, no more. You are lost. That is what the Bible said, “Do not waver to the right, do not waver to the left”, which means you remain at the centre.   
11.         That is why when the voice went forth, it said, “Behold I sent forth my Angel before you, be very careful the way you follow Him. Do not provoke Him, do not go to the left, do not go the right for He can never, never pardon your transgression. Follow His instruction for you have never gone this way before. You have never, never trod this path before. It requires an Angel of God to guide you into that thing which He has promised which no man knoweth except them that are in Him.
12.         Eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, neither has it entered into the heart of man what God has prepared for those that worship Him in sincerity and in truth. Not carnal believers, not make-ups, identified make-ups in the Church.
14.         Watch the way Nigerians are building skyscrapers when a bag of cement is very, very expensive. Watch the way young men and women are bringing cars on the streets when cars are very expensive. Somebody owning up to seven cars!
15.         The same spirit crept into the message unnoticed. A little while it possessed ministers, possessed the entire brethren. The spirit of covetousness is idolatry. The spirit of covetousness gripped the whole Church and they want to make both ends meet. All of them went to Jericho without knowing it; and built skyscrapers there, rejoicing in iniquity. What I am telling you brethren is truth.
16.         Must we continue to go that way? The Bible said to a wise man: “Do not follow the majority when they are going wrong”. The majority is not always right. For it has never been right. Do not ever follow the majority when they are wrong. You know yourself, you know the way you are making your business, you know what your desire is. Some of us maybe desiring to be millionaires in this most holy Faith, and in our hearts we have been drawn away. We have been seduced in our hearts.
17.         Yet we could sit down here and then fight against God. Bible said that the prosperity of the wicked is a great temptation to the righteous. Watch the end of his life, it is destructive. Watch the end of unrighteous man’s life, it is very destructive. Do not follow his way.
18.         Any message that goes forth without prosperity, people run away from it. Preach without preaching prosperity, they run away. What I am telling you is truth. Preach without mentioning marriage, they will run away. It is marry, marry, marry, that is why endtime people are seduced. Young ladies noticed their tricks and came in with unconverted hearts.
19.         When you see them, they will plait their hair: “Since they say, it is jerry curling, we will do that for them! Since they say that it is wrapper, we will tie wrapper. We will put away our skirt and our mini-skirt. They said that we will not dance like Pentecostals, do not worry, after all some of them have musical instruments. We know what we will do”.
20.         They changed their styles and came into the end time message. Sons of God with their sincere hearts went after them: “Precious sister, precious sister”. Marry and die in the message. They married without revelation in the name of End time message for some of them married even Jezebel which entered into their families and weakened their family set up.
21.         The more the family is weakened, the more the Church is weakened because the Church is the aggregate of the families. If your family is filled with the Holy Ghost, Christ is there and vise versa because when we come together, it is Christ Church.
22.         However, when Satan is controlling your own, controlling another also and in my own God is controlling it, when we come to fellowship nobody will notice God because it is not God who is in full control. It becomes an individual Church.
23.         Brethren, let us rise up against the abomination that is going on in the message. Abomination going on in the Churches, manifesting contrary lives and attractions in the message. People have so watered the message that even the whole world are coming in. I wonder when End-time message has become CMS Church, Roman Catholic, where the whole world will come in or called to come and dance.
24.         The Bible said that when we sing, that we should sing in the spirit, making melody in our hearts, but today it is gambling, like the type of Saul and the prophets during the time of David. And God had to halt that revival along the way. It died down.
25.         Show me in the New Testament where the apostles had time. They had not time. Check your Bible. Ephesians Church had no time for that; Corinthians Church had no time for that. God admonished them to worship Him in the old fashioned way by making melody in their hearts, by singing psalms and sacred songs.
26.         How do you sing psalms? You sing psalms melodiously which the Holy Ghost thought us in this Faith. Who gave them money to go and purchase musical instrument in the world to beat? They did not have time for such a thing. They had not time even to erect Church. They were pitching tenths like the Church in the wilderness.
27.         Pursue them in this town, they will run to another town. However, today all of them want to be CMS, erect cathedral and die thee. Then they will be having revival with drums, musical instrument and the whole people will be gathering around music, gathering around marriage, foolishness, blind preachers will not see what is happening in their midst, and inside there, people will come in with Sabbath spirit: “Thus saith the Lord, thus saith the Lord”, without minding whether thus saith the Lord is fulfilling or not.
28.         The Bible said that curse is on that man, on that woman who will say “thus saith the Lord” when the Lord has not spoken to him. You gather them and give them recognition like Ahab. Who has ever arranged such a Church in the Bible? Where are we restored to? Are we restored to Ahab Church that was Pentecostal Church in the Bible?
29.         We are restored to Acts of the Apostles, brethren. For the early Church started on Pentecost day and we are coming back to it. How can you be evil and you are manifesting good things? Can a fountain produce two waters at a time? Impure vessels living in the Church. That is why so many Churches in End-Time message failed.
30.         Some were controlling their Churches with dreams, some were controlling their Churches with “thus saith the Lord”, when God never spoke one day. Controlling with vision and you think that God is happy? People do not know when God has left them and that is their problem.
31.         The day God abandoned Saul was not the day he died. It was not that day that David took over the throne. David had already been ordained and Saul knew it yet Saul was parading himself as a king. David did not do him any harm for David knew very well that his sins must surely find him out. One day he had to give way.
32.         The day God leaves a king is not the day he is going to leave that throne. However, as far as God liveth, God’s hand has left him. The Prophet said that when God leaves a man, the devil takes over, and when God leaves a man, leave him. How would you know that God accepts me? The manifestation becomes the interpretation.
33.         I do not know what we are preaching in this message that will bring the whole world into this message. The Bible said that when there were signs and attractions like we had in the wilderness days, a lot of people were coming from East and West. Since we are secured in our families, have you seen anybody in this fellowship again?
34.         Because we are now in the Word stage. That time there was healing, miracle, discernment and the thing was noised all over Nigeria, they were driving in with their vehicles, everybody, families, they came from East and West, at a time there was no space in the Church, the Holy Ghost told us that it was the attraction on the mountain. That when the Word will come forth that they will run away because they can never defend the Word.
35.         When Jesus the Christ went about doing good, healing people everywhere, people were following Him in millions. When He was providing food in the time of austerity, they were following Him, but a time came, He said, “Let us go over to the other side”.
36.         Before they went to the other side which is the Word side, all of them rushed there through the other way and then he went to the mountain and started dishing out the Word. A little while, the Bible said, “All the multitudes left Him”.
37.         You see people rushing with the blind and lame. Let us go and see the one he will do today. No, it is not what we are here for again. Yet the power of hearing is there. The Bible said that when the evening was come, they brought to Him all that were sick and He healed them all by His Word.
38.         They did not know that hearing the Word of God is receiving healing. They ran away remaining only but twelve, and among the twelve one was not even settled for he was filled with doubt. What held him back was that he was a treasurer.
39.         They thought that Jesus Christ would persuade all of them to go immediately so that they will run away with the money. They tarried a little while but Jesus Christ said, “Won’t you follow your people and go home also?” Peter said, “Master, to whom do we go to, knowing that you alone has the Word of eternal life?”
43.         None of them is even sanctified because in the sanctified Church, only few people will be there, because you will preach against sin and the ministers will be trying to live a holy life, a pure and sanctified life, separated life from their brethren. I mean your carnal brethren. Because in that Church, there will be mass excommunication of those that live contrary to the message.
44.         If any do not work according to the principle of our message, the Bible said, “Dis-fellowship him”. If any calls himself a brother or a sister and he is living a contrary life, the Bible said, “Have nothing to do with him. Take him away from the camp so that the camp will be cleansed”. But in those places, they will say, love them anyhow.
45.         Because excommunicating them means dividing the Church. They do not know that God is not calling for majority. He is calling for the few. The prophet said that God does not identify with the majority.
46.         WHEN YOU WANT TO KNOW THE SPIRIT THAT IS IN ANY CHURCH, LOOK AT THE WOMEN IN THAT CHURCH. ANY CHURCH YOU ENTER, LOOK AT THE WAY THE WOMEN BEHAVE, FOR THAT IS THE WAY THE CHURCH IS. There is no hiding place there. Starting from the minister down to the lowest man there, all of them are having one spirit.
47.         Any Church you enter and you see women in the large number, women being greater than men, run away from that Church. You are in trouble there. It is Roman Catholic spirit. What I am telling you is the truth. Very hard to believe. Whether you take it or not, God has approved of it.
48.         Any Church, be it End-Time message or any name, the women there are in greater majority, run away from that place for evil is there yet nobody knows. In other words, the weaker vessels are in greater number than the stronger vessels.
49.         In addition, in the law of nature, when you put a weaker vessel and you put a semi permeable membrane, which is the Pastor between the stronger liquid and the weaker solution, the stronger solution will be passing through that membrane and going to the weaker solution. At a time, osmotic pressure will make all of them to be balanced, and when they become balanced, the Pastor cannot see evil in his Church again.
50.         That is, the Church takes the spirit of their Pastor, and all their ministers will be in the same level. That is why they perish. It requires a higher anointing to rise further. To declare woe, to see danger.
51.         When you examine yourself you will come first. It requires God to examine.  You see why they are running away from this ministry. They do not want their sins to be uncovered. They want to build a big Church with a big congregation; making names all of over the world. Loving the world, drinking the fornication of the world, having romance with cursed people in the denomination.
52.         When the Bible said have nothing to do with them, they will break the Word. Go there, love them anyhow, eat with them anyhow, do we hate them? The Prophet said that when somebody hates your God, hate him. Have nothing to do with him lest you will become a partaker of his evil.
53.         When Bashar, a king in Israel, when he became wicked in the sight of God, when God killed him, He killed his friends and their families. You are making friends with God’s enemies.
54.         The Prophet said and the Bible backed it up that “do not make friends with the things of God. To be compassionate is to do the will of God”. Do not be too compassionate to break God’s Word, otherwise you will be joining hands with your enemies to fight against God who you think that you are protecting with a good conscience and you perish.
55.         If your conscience is your guide, you are perishing because Saint Paul as written in the Bible, with good conscience persecuted the brethren. Read Acts 20, you will see it there. There, he said, “I persecuted them with good conscience”. He did not know that he was fighting against God.
56.         Saint Paul said, “I am now surprised that the people I persecuted are the people I protect. The same message I persecuted is the same message I am now preaching. Thus, let not your conscience be your guide otherwise, you will err. Let the Word of God by your absolute”. Amen.

I thank God indeed. Now, there is something we ought to know. We know that righteousness exalts a nation and sin is a reproach to any nation. If we sin against God, we are reproaching, we are cut off from God’s glory, which means, no translation for us. In other words, we have laboured in vain. Who will like to labour in vain in this most holy Faith?
2.          However, there is a solution still. Let us see Psalms 127 verse 1, and take the judgment upon ourselves first of all. Inviting Christ in the time of crisis.
3.          Psalms 127 verse 1: “…Except the Lord build a house, they labour in vain that build it…”
4.          Except the Lord is building the house, all that are trying to build are labouring in vain. Every effort Nigeria is making to rebuild this nation is all in vain because Nigeria has forsaken God, which the lives of the people in the nation is bearing witness that we have forsaken Him, and for that God has meted judgment upon Nigeria. For that God has given us a leader after our own choice, after the desire of our hearts because it is in our hearts to desire wickedness.
5.            God will ordain that leader that will give us all that we need. What we need is what we are desiring. When God started punishing the people of Israel because of disobedience, it got to a point where all of them repented. They said, “God, we do not want Saul again. Saul is now victimizing us, using our daughters, misusing our women, misusing our men in labour, and after labour he does not pay them”. Didn’t Samuel tell them ahead of time?
6.            Samuel told them, “Because you rejected me there is no problem. God has permitted me to give you a king”. Remember that king must be a man. The nature of man must come out. And that man was a full-fledged man, the best among all the men in Israel. In all things, a child of God, chosen of God, adopted of God yet rejected of God.
7.            Do not allow “calling” to deceive you. God can call a man, choose a man yet reject him. The Bible said that God called Saul, God ordained Saul, Saul even prophesied in line with the prophets. God chose him and also rejected him. Is it in your Bible?
8.            …except the Lord keeps the city, the watchman watcheth in vain…”
9.            Except the Lord is keeping watch over His city, all that called themselves watchmen are watching in vain. That is why we allow God to have supreme rule over His Church. The Bible said that God should have preeminence over His people. However, ministers in the End-Time message do not give Holy Ghost chance in the Church. They all make themselves teachers instead of the Holy Ghost to become our Guide and our Teacher.
10.         Instead of Christ Himself controlling the Church by His Word, they will now come to control the Church by their own imaginations, and by their own carnal interpretation, by the lusts of their hearts, they will fashion a way.
11.         Somebody was telling me, “Because I do this, I behave like this, I behave like Peter, I read like John, I behave like John, then I began to ask myself if after reading like John and behaving like John, then I decided to fashion for myself a way”. I said, “God bless you sir! That way is your own way. You fashioned it for God never fashioned it”. The Bible said that every way seemeth right in the eyes of a man but the end of it is always destruction.
12.         Can man make for gods? The Bible said, “Such are mere gods”. You fashioned yourself a way. God’s hand is not there. The next question I ask was, “John, Mathew, Nehemiah, James and Peter, didn’t the Bible say that the spirit of Christ was in them?”
13.         Because the prophets had the spirit of Christ. All the Apostles had the spirit of Christ. From the first, all of them acted like Christ. But he fashioned for himself a way. But will they stop there? They will like to impose it on others. That is the evil of the age.
14.         Moreover, people have become so loose to such a spirit that they cannot rise against it, even when they know that it is evil because they have been so indoctrinated that when they see error in the Church, they will sit down and murmur among themselves.
15.         That is the guilt of Church members today. Any day you murmur against your ministers, you are guilty! When you see evil in the camp, go to them and speak up, even if they will throw you out, let them throw you out. Until you are thrown out, Christ will not meet you.
16.         It was when they cast out that man from the synagogue that Jesus met him. When he was with them in that synagogue, Jesus did not meet him. Do not be afraid of being put away from your synagogue, then you fight against God. Do not do it. Do not follow the majority when they are going wrong. You are an individual with Christ.
17.         Greater is He that is with you than he that is with them. Victory is your own. The Bible said that your joy is your own, your anger is your own. Your salvation is your own. Your eternal life is your own. Your eternal damnation is also your own for you share it with nobody.
18.         Why must you play with your eternal life? You know that this Word is your eternal life, it has gone out from God’s mouth in righteousness and in holiness, then you want to break it, you want to join hands with your ministers and the congregation to break it; woe is you; woe is me if I will do it. Stand out and cry against the system!
19.         A time came in this message when what came down on the land again was Minister’s conference. They were gathering together, every Tom, Dick and Harry in the name of End-Time Message and Seven Thunders. When William Branham was on the land, nobody ever preached it. To obey the Word of the prophet, God allowed it to manifest that “any time from now I will leave you and grievous wolves will enter into your midst and will not spare anybody”.
20.         Immediately the Prophet died, all of them came with their own revelations seducing people, carrying men after themselves. Is it not happening today? People of God that know the real truth will gather in the same fellowship with these people, drink in the same cup, eat in the same table, say Amen together in the name of End-Time message. They do not know that William Branham was a prophet to an age, declaring woe to the world and calling out God’s people from the denominations. He had a worldwide message.
21.         When he called the Church out, the Church became a separated group. There is no messenger that will rise up today in our midst in the Church and say, “I am a worldwide messenger”. That man is a blasphemer.
22.         Rather God will raise up angels from the four corners of the Earth and all of them will be ministering as God’s messengers to the Local Assemblies. If a prophet should rise up in our midst, he is going to be a Church prophet, not a worldwide prophet again like William Branham.
23.         That was why he preached in the Methodist, in the Anglican, in the Baptist, in Assemblies, in Full Gospel, what was he doing? Declaring the message God gave him for the whole world. Laodicea is an age. Both the right and the wrong, they are all there.
24.         You see, there is something in putting the Church in the spirit. When I came to the fellowship, the Church was not in the right spirit. I made sure that we forget everything about the world and fix our eyes on the things that are on high where Christ is sitting at the right hand side of majesty. Is it not Bible?  
25.         I cannot imagine myself dying now, seeing myself with the Muslims romancing, impossible! It is whatever I preach here that I will see in my dream and vision. Don’t you know that? Because when your spirit is raptured, it is going to be raptured according to your message. If your spirit is raptured with Trinity, it is raptured into Hellfire. Rapture is catching away or translation.
26.         When we mention Rapture, how many people know that Rapture is not in the Bible? That word “Rapture” is not in the Bible. It is just like Trinity; Trinity is not in the Bible. Rapture is not in the Bible but all of them are in-between the line. There are three that bear witness in Heaven; there are three that bear witness on Earth, and the three are one.   
27.         Thus, we see that God must build His Church. God must build a nation and we are a nation of God. Brethren, let us humble ourselves to the Builder. Let us surrender ourselves to the Builder. Let us allow the Builder to be the Watchman of His own house, because when a man that is suffering to build a house is watching over it, no enemy will destroy it.
28.         However, when he hires the hired men, when enemies will come, the hired man will run away. All that went ahead of me were on hire, that is why they could not lay down their lives for the flock, that is what Jesus the Christ said.
29.          Let us allow the Word of God which is Christ made manifest in our day to build the Church, to keep watch over the Church because the Word of God is the eyes of God in our midst now. Anything that is contrary to the Word, God has no hand there.
30.         The question now arises: since we have sinned against God as a nation and we have admitted our fault, is that the end of it all? Having recognized all our faults, let look into the Bible.
31.          Psalms 51 verse 1. “Be merciful unto me Oh Lord, because of your constant love, because of your great mercy, wipe away my sin. Wash away all my evil and make me clean from my sin. I recognize my fault; I am always conscious of my sins.
32.         I have sinned against you, only against you. And done what you consider evil. So, you are right in judging me…”
33.         Here is the psalmist making his confession to God: “… you are justified in condemning me. I have been evil from the time I was born; from the day of my birth I have been sinful. Sincerity and truth is what you require…
34.         Can God require something from a man and today He will say “I do not want it again”? Before God can pardon us today, we must be sincere, we must speak the whole truth like David spoke the whole truth.
35.         …fill my mind with your wisdom. Remove my sin and I will be clean. Wash me and I will be whiter than snow. Let me hear the sound of joy and gladness, and though you have brushed me and broken me. I will be happy once again. Close your eyes to my sins and wipe out all my evils.
36.         Create a pure heart in me oh Lord. Put a new and loyal spirit in me. Do not banish me from your presence. Do not take your holy spirit from me. Give me again the joy that come from your salvation and make me willing to obey you.
37.         Then I will teach sinners your command and they will turn back to you. Spare my life oh Lord and save me, and I will gladly proclaim your righteousness. Help me to speak Lord and I will praise you. You do not want sacrifice, I will offer them.
38.         You are not pleased with burnt offering; my sacrifice is a humble spirit. You will not reject a humble and repentant heart. Oh God, be kind to Zion and help her. Rebuild the wall of Jerusalem.”  
39.         This means that the wall of Jerusalem has been broken down. The security of the people of God has been broken down because that wall was their security before the people transgressed. And their king transgressed also. Everybody transgressed. The security got broken.
40.         Except the Lord watches over a city, in vain is the watchmen watching. And the Lord has been offended, He is no longer watching over the city. The city has been given over to reprobate spirit. Everybody behaving anyhow, behaving as it pleases him or her. It was a dangerous condition my brethren. That is our condition today!
41.         If because of that singular act, God’s protection left the people of Zion; note that we are the people of Zion today and our wall has been broken down because of iniquity. God does not require burnt offering from us otherwise we would have offered it now.
42.         Some people think that they can bribe God to change His mind concerning their punishment. That is why when they go and do, create false business with false pretence, make lots of money, they will come to the Church and then dump thousands in their offering and tithe boxes. Such offerings are an abomination unto God.
43.         No wonder when the Holy Ghost descended in our midst, the fury of God nearly killed everybody. He told us why our businesses are cursed, because we robed money from the people, we got money by cheating, by using false measure, by being dishonest in our business, and we dump such money in the Church of God, thinking that God is a thief, by then we are making God a robber, in other words making God a partaker in our iniquity. Is there any unrighteousness in God? Never, never, never!
44.         That was why in His anger he visited our businesses and we were crying. He visited our families and we were crying. Some of us nearly lost our lives because of ungodly living. And since that day, we made our restrictions, burnt off everything, removed every cursed thing in our house.
45.         All those properties that we got by false pretence, we got them burnt down and our house were cleansed. Today we are what we are. Watch God the way He is blessing us now.
46.         The Bible said that God maketh a man rich; He adds no sorrow to it. Watch where your riches are coming from whether there is any sorrow associated with it. In your house today God is still speaking. Any item that is speaking in your house is not your item.
47.         What am I saying? Any book that is in your house which you are not the owner of, any day you go to read it, immediately you take it, the owner will flash in your mind. If it is radio that is in your house which you know that you are not the owner, maybe you stole it or used stolen money to buy it, any day you want to put cassette into it, the owner must flash in your mind. The same thing to other things and that is condemnation on you.
48.         The Bible said that you should get rid of those things from your houses for they are cursed thing in your houses, so that your house will be cleansed and God will visit you, so that your heart will be void of offence before God and man. When you keep them in your house, you can never grow any further. Do not expect God to walk with you because cursed things are seen there, what you got by false pretence are still there.
49.         You see why we are a different people, a royal priesthood, a peculiar people, a holy nation. Sin is a reproach. Because sin has come in, our walls are broken down.
50.         How I wish somebody would make the intercession and say, “God rebuild the walls of our lives, just mercifully close your eyes and wipe away our transgression”.
51.         There is a way out my brethren. God can never allow us to continue in our wickedness. Why are we behaving the way we are behaving? Let us look into the scripture.
52.         Jeremiah chapter 2 verse 32. “Can a maid forget her ornaments, or a Bride her attire?  Yet my people have forgotten me days without number. KJV.
53.         “Those that called themselves children of God have forsaken God for a long time,” thus saith the Lord. I did not say it, it is God proclaiming this messages. We have forgotten our God, we have forsaken Him, we have abandoned our God for many days now, for many weeks now, for many months now, walking contrary, thinking we are godly when we are not. Breaking the Word that we are to protect.
54.         When we forget God, we have forgotten our wedding ring and wedding attire. The Church of Christ is the Bride of Christ. How can the Bride forget the wedding gown which is the Word of God? Is it not the Word of God again?
55.         The covering of the Bride, is it not the Word of God? It is because we forgot the Word of God that made us to speak against dignitaries. All of us became politicians, we joined hands with the ungodly to persecute God. We challenged God’s authority, we blasphemed, we live contrary to God’s ways because we forgot His Words.
56.         We forgot our wedding garment and then we were about to wed. How can God wed us without wedding gown? Who defiled us? Who defiled the virgin of Christ? It is Satan that deceived Eve and got her defiled. Satan deceived us and got the Church defiled. Righteousness exalts a nation, sin is a reproach.
57.         Now, we are reproached, we have become poor, naked, sad and miserable, yet we do not know. All of us have admitted. If there is anybody that is not guilty here, raise up your hand so that you will be excluded for God to be a just God. I am guilty, you are guilty, as guilty can be.
58.         When God is condemning a people, He is condemning from head to toe, so that all of us will be zealous and repent. Do not play. I do not care about your attitude here, you may be holier than your attitude. You say, “I am holier than this man, thank God”. Not in this message.
59.         When God is finding fault, all of us are faulty and we have forgotten what made us good. Why are we different from other denominations? Because we obey God’s Word to the letter. We are the Word Bride. They preach the message but we live the message. That is why we are a different people.
60.         Now we have forgotten it by living a contrary life. You see, God is right in judging us this moment. If you know God is not right, raise up your hand! If you have been accused falsely by God, raise up your hand. Let the whole world be liars and God will only be the truth. I thank God.
61.         Brethren, there is a way out. Do not be discouraged for God is still setting out His hands. He said, “I have set forth my hands to welcome a disobedient people and they are still very rebellious. I have warned them but they do not want to obey. I have visited them with punishment, they do not want to obey.” But we are ready to obey today.
62.         Second Chronicles chapter 7 verse 14: “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways;  then will I hear from Heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. KJV.
63.         You see why the nation is sick. Our land is sick now. Nigeria had a fertile soil before. Since Nigeria forsook the Lord, the Lord cursed the land. The land is no longer producing food.
64.         In Imo State where we know they produce food in great quantity, now they can never produce food without fertilizer. Fertilizer is make-up, it is science. It is not from God, it is ordinary chemical. That is why the Garri we produce is killing people in thousands today. What I am telling you brethren is truth.
65.         God has cursed the land because the people are cursed. He cursed the land for their sake because they have forsaken God. The way we live is clear that we have forsaken God. However, there is a people called of God, a people that has the Name of God living in Nigeria. Though they are in Nigeria yet they are not Nigerians. Because they have forsaken the Word of God, they have become also like Nigeria. Somebody did not get this message. It came back to me immediately.
66.         Get it right now. Nigeria as a nation has forsaken God and for that God forsook them. God cursed them and cursed the land. The land is no longer producing fruit. Have you ever asked yourself a question brethren?
67.         Some time ago, we used to shift food to the North. Some time ago food goes from the South to the North but today, cut off the Northern side, all of us will perish.
68.         Garri comes from the North, beans from the North, rice from the North, onions from the North, yam from the North, groundnut from the North, palm oil from the North, tomato from the North, everything from the North. Are you not observant?
69.         Some time ago, Nigeria was the exporter of Cocoa, palm oil, palm kernel, rubber and many other things. Today what happened to the land? Don’t we have Yoruba land to produce Cocoa again? Don’t we have Igbo land to produce palm oil and palm kernel again? What happened to the land brethren?
70.         The land is cursed and the people are also cursed. The land is sick. You will labour and labour to farm, at the reaping season, you get nothing. Is it not Bible coming to pass in my day? Yet we are not observant as God’s people.
71.         The Bible said that although we are in Nigerian but we are not having the spirit of Nigerians. We are a different people in Nigeria, a different nation altogether. We are an independent nation with Christ as the Head of State or president. However, because we have forsaken the Word of God, God has allowed us now to mingle with Nigerians and now we behave like Nigerians.
72.         Watch the people today. The Bible said, “Do not fear what they fear but let the fear of God rule in your heart”. The first people that ran away from Lagos were the people called by the Name of God: Fearing the fear of the people! Some of them went as far as bringing their merchandise home.
73.         I condemn them not but there is a message titled “Ready to Die”. They can hardly preach the message in Lagos now or in the Northern States because everybody is afraid, fearing the fear of the people instead of the fear of God. Nobody is ready to die for the sake of this Gospel again. Nobody is ready to stand out and proclaim this message!
75.         I told you the other time that any moment from now this message is about to be glorified. We will know who is who in the message because God has descended, which witnesses from America are eloquent testimonies. Moreover, from what we heard in this message, watch what is happening in the West, what is happening in the East, the same thing happening among us. Thus, we are happy that we are following the right path.
76.         What am I saying? Because we forgot the Word of God there was nothing to protect us anymore. The walls of Jerusalem fell down. We became empty, we became like ordinary Samson. When Samson forgot the Word of God, he neglected the instruction, he was weak, he became like other men. That is what we are now.
77.         That is why a little while you see yourself mingling with unbelievers, discussing newspapers and passages. A little while you go into debate, the person who will win, whether it is Abiola that will win or Tofa. Why? Because you are now like an ordinary person. And because of the way you live, the Name of God has been reproached among the heathens and you think that God will allow you to get away like that. God can never allow us to get away with it!
78.         That is why He has decided to call us saying, “My people, come, let us reason together. Come here let us make a case, plead your case, present your matter against me, I will present my own against you”.
79.         Any moment from now I am going to preach a Throne Message. I call it a Throne Message. You have heard it before.
80.         When you hear a message straight from the Throne, you will know that it straight from the Throne because it will be meeting your needs, and that message is called “Covenant”.  
81.       On this note, I say remain in your sanctified estate, remain blessed in Him eternally. Amen.