The Son of Man Revealed From One of The Jungles in Africa According To William Branham's Prophesy

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Saturday, 27 August 2011


Preached on 14th August, 1994 YOU ARE GODS Preached in September 1994 at Abuja GOD’S PROMISES STANDETH SURE Preached on 15th February, 2000 At THE HOUSEHOLD OF GOD ONITSHA By APOSTLE PETER ODOEMENA (THE SON OF MAN) “THE ROCK OF AGES” “Truth has no substitute” © BRIDE OF CHRIST MINISTRY WORLD-WIDE

I am The Tree of Life, The True Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding, The Reality, The Great Christ, The Prince Of Peace. Believe it if you can…

—The   Son of Man 

In every dispensation, God's children have remained few? You are in the minority; you are “The Hand-picked Jewels of the Earth.”
–Son of MAN
The Prophets of old foresaw what we are witnessing today, that God will be a man in a human flesh. That God will be a man with human flesh is a wisdom or knowledge that a mortal man can hardly comprehend; but, we are rejoicing in it.
This is because He has given us the heart of understanding. The little we understand makes us to rejoice and praise Him so much. What do you think it will be when He gives us much more?
–Son of MAN



Supernatural Cloud in Bride of Christ revealed The of Man on Sunday 7 April 1996

Deuteronomy 31:15 “And the LORD appeared in the tabernacle in a pillar of a cloud: and the pillar of the cloud stood over the door of the tabernacle.” KJV
The Son of Man Peter Odoemena Revealed in Supernatural Cloud on Sunday 7 April 1997 at Bride of Christ Ministry World Wide

Exodus 13:21 And the LORD went before them by day in a pillar of a cloud, to lead them the way; and by night in a pillar of fire, to give them light; to go by day and night:.” KJV.

Light Cloud in Bride of Christ Ministry on 7 April 1996
Psalms 89:7 God is greatly to be feared in the assembly of the saints, and to be had in reverence of all them that are about him.” KJV


The Headstone The Son of Man

“Daniel 7:9 I beheld till the thrones were cast down, and the Ancient of days did sit, whose garment was white as snow, and the hair of his head like the pure wool: his throne was like the fiery flame, and his wheels as burning fire.” KJV

Isaiah 11:10 “And in that day there shall be a root of Jesse, which shall stand for an ensign of the people; to it shall the Gentiles seek: and his rest shall be glorious.” KJV

The Son of Man

Acts 17:31 Because he hath appointed a day, in the which he will judge the world in righteousness by that man whom he hath ordained; whereof he hath given assurance unto all men, in that he hath raised him from the dead.

The Cloud Revealed The Son of Man in Bride of Christ Ministry

Ephesians 2:19 “Now therefore ye are no more strangers and foreigners, but fellow citizens with the saints, and of the household of God.” KJV










Yes Lord; Yes Lord; Yes Lord; Yes Lord;  Yes Lord;  Yes Lord;  Yes Lord. Yes, you have called Me down, you have called Me down; follow Me, follow Me.
2.            You have called Me down, you have called Me down, you have called Me down, you have called Me down, you have called Me down. Will you follow Me? Will you follow Me?
3.            Listen, listen very well. I am going to speak, I am going to speak; you have called Me down. Yes, you have called Me down. Yes, I will stay, I will stay. I will stay with you.
4.            I am going to speak. I am going to speak through My Servant, through My Servant; through My Servant;  through My Anointed One. Know ye from today; know ye from today; know ye from today; more things are coming, more things are coming. You are blessed; you are blessed because you have My Anointed One.
5.            Yes. Will you open your ear to hear, to hear My Voice, to hear My Voice this morning? I have come; I have come in the midst of you. I have accepted your sacrifice; I have accepted your praises this morning because your heart is open towards Me. That is why I have come down.
6.            Listen, listen, listen to the Voice of my servant. You have called me down and I have come to stay; I have come to stay, but the most important thing is to follow Me, follow Me, follow Me.
7.             I promise you, I promise you I will take you home. Put your brain at work; put your brain at work. If you go against him, I will pick you one by one; I will pick you one by one.
8.            It is better for you to come to the altar to identify that you are the person. It is better you come out to make your wrong right before Me or else I will not forgive you.
9.            I am going to pick you one by one; one after the other for the sake of My Servant. If you harden your heart, your sin will find you out. A lot of you will leave if you harden your hearts. You called Me down; I have come to do that work; to do that work. When you are mentioned, do not harden your heart. When my servant mentions you, do not harden your heart.
10.         You will know from your heart that you are the person that he is speaking of. You better come out to the altar.
11.         You better come out to the altar for that is the only way to be saved so saith the Lord God Almighty.
12.         When you hear His voice, harden not your heart as in the days of provocation. When you hear His Word, harden not your heart as in the days of provocation. Thus saith the Spirit of Truth. Amen.

Why not open your mouths and say, “Thank You Lord; thank You Lord for giving me this day.” Why not glorify His Name and magnify His Name. Praise Him with all your heart. Praise Him with all your strength. Glorify the Lord.
2.          You see, nobody has ever cried unto the Lord and He refused to listen. I want to show you something from one of the sermons of our Prophet, preached on October 1st, 1961 at Jeffersonville titled; “The Comforter.”
3.            Hear what the Spirit of the Lord says: “Then what is the Word of God? What is our Comforter today? It is when we receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost, and the power of the Living God, living in us and then upon the Word of the living God we stand…”
4.            Note, not the Word of man. It then means the Word of God is our Comforter. That is where we can stand and say that we are rest assured. Any other place is sinking sand.
5.            I continue, “That Word made flesh and dwelt among men. Now, that same Word that was made flesh and dwelt among us has become our flesh. He is with you now”.
6.            He did not say, “Will be with you tomorrow.” He said, “He is with you now.”  “But He shall be in you.” That is if only you will open the door because people locked him outside the temple. Since Pentecost Day, He has never withdrawn. He has remained with us, but not with all of us. How many believe that to be the truth?
7.            I have never read from the Holy Scriptures that God withdrew the Holy Spirit after Pentecost. However, there is no evidence that every human being has the spirit of God dwelling in them. Although God is with us, yet not all of us have God. Although He is sitting down in our midst now, how many will allow Him dwell in them?
8.            “…Was made flesh; that same Word dwelt in the Church. Therefore, if we do not compromise that Word, we fail right with it. That same Word living in you will perform the same very thing that it is when it was made flesh because your flesh holds it…”
9.            If we can take our stand with the Word of God; if we can refrain from compromising, if we will allow the Word of God to become part of our flesh, our Prophet said that the same work, the same signs and wonders, the same miracles, all that the Word did when it became flesh must repeat because your flesh holds the Word. Is it not scriptures?
10.         “If the same spirit that was in Christ Jesus be in you;” the same spirit that caused Him to resurrect, if it is vested upon you, upon me, the Bible said, “It must quicken our mortal flesh.”
11.         “Signs of His Coming,” April 7 1962: “A wicked and adulterous generation will receive the sign of the resurrection…”
12.         It is a promise.  A wicked and adulterous generation will receive the sign of the resurrection; the quickening power, the resurrection power, we will receive the sign.
13.         Let no man deceive you, we are living in a crooked, perverse, adulterous and wicked generation. Yet the resurrection power is still going on. The resurrection sign is moving over the whole land yet people knoweth it not. Why? The God of this evil age has blinded their eyes. However, to us He has opened our eyes. The Prophet can never tell lies.
14.         “…A sign to the generation just before the burning.”
15.         Before fire will consume this generation, they must see the resurrection sign. I am for translation. Even if I die, I must resurrect. Fire can never consume this Church. We are never called to receive the wrath of God, but to receive salvation that is in Christ.
16.         We are set for a sign; the Church is set for a sign. The resurrection sign is in the Church and it is you and Me. People that do not believe will then believe when they see us on that glorious morning, the Golden Day Break.
17.         It makes Me glad. When I see all these things coming to pass, then I know that time is no more. Remember, I tell you too often that time is no more.
18.         “…The Elohim in human flesh…
19.         William Branham was indeed a Prophet! He saw it clearly. All the Prophets, the Bible said that they all had the Spirit of God in them. They all had the mind of God. The Elohim dwelt in all of them.
20.         Remember, by one spirit are we all baptized into One Body, the Elohim. You see why we hit hard against unbelief. How can Elohim deny Elohim? Imagine Abraham denying the Elohim, how can it happen? Holy Ghost can never deny Holy Ghost for God is not the author of confusion.
21.         “…What is the sign? Elohim back in the Bride…”
22.         What is the sign? He said, “God,” no, rather he said, “Elohim back in the Bride.”  Elohim is greater than God, how many know that? 
23.         THE ELOHIM EXISTED EVEN WHEN THE WORLD WAS WITHOUT FORM. Elohim is the Self-existing One; the All-sufficient One; One who dwelt when there was nothing created, but God is an object of worship. The Elohim became God when He began creation. That is why we worship Him because He created us.
24.         What is more, you can never worship something that is not higher than you. Every person is calling upon his own god and we are calling upon our own God. God is object of worship.
25.         Which God are you worshipping? I am worshipping the Elohim.  Abraham worshipped Elohim. Elohim was the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Beside Him there is no other God. 
26.         William Branham said, “It is Elohim back in the Bride in human flesh again in the last days doing the same thing…”
27.         This is from William Branham the Prophet, direct revelation from Heaven. Who will doubt it? The Bible said, “All that are in God, He emptied into Christ; and all that were in Christ, He emptied into the Church,” meaning the Church becomes the Deity.
28.         Do you see why it is the Kingdom of Righteousness, the Kingdom of Holiness? No sinner runs there to worship God, rather when you repent, you denounce your old way, and once you are ready to worship our God, you come in this most holy Faith and sit down with us. We will lead you the way. Thus, you do not come into this most holy Faith to repent. Repentance is done in your house. We are going somewhere.
29.         Somebody was telling Me that the teacher did not prepare very well. I asked, “Why?” I know that the greatest Teacher is an Inexhaustible Fountain and His teaching makes us good. It is comforting.
30.         “Put on the whole Armour of God,” preached June 6, 1962. Many of you were not even born by that time, even My wife. The Prophet is still saying, “We are justified.” How? By faith in Christ.”
31.         Who can impute sin on God’s own elect? Nobody! If God says I am justified because I have faith in Christ, who can come out and call me a sinner? It is only the accuser of the brethren that will do such a thing and we know him.
32.         “We are justified. Christ was the sanctification of God,” the cleansing of God, the Word. Christ, the Anointed One, sanctifying, re-baptizing: Come let me sprinkle clean water upon you and wash you clean. What is that cleansing water? It is the Word. Christ remains God’s sanctification; outside Christ, nobody is sanctified. Outside the Word of God, nobody is sanctified.
33.         Now, do you see why those people out there are not sanctified? They are holding letters.
34.         Christ was the sanctification and God, the Head.” The Headship of the Church is indisputable. The Father remains the Head.
35.         Philip said, “Show us the Father; show us the Father.” Jesus said, “Philip, are you still without understanding? How long will I be with you and yet you do not know Me?”
36.         “Just like the Word in the beginning was opened to us in the Garden of Eden; the Spoken Word and the second time, it was made flesh and lived among us and the third time, it became part of us in the Holy Ghost dwelling in us.”
37.         First it was spoken to us in the Garden of Eden; second it was spoken to us, it became flesh dwelling among us. The third time, it became Holy Ghost dwelling in us.
38.         Remember Justification, Sanctification by headship. Look at it. That is the Headstone, the indisputable fact. Get Me along the line before I go to the Holy Scriptures. I want to cover you somewhere for somebody to believe what we are saying.
39.         “God called it, the man first broke the Word; the enemy tore it down; then the Word was made flesh. He was crucified again, but now, there is a difference in the Word. The Word is become the Church,” which means the Church cannot be crucified again now.
40.         The first time it appeared, man tore it down; the second time, man crucified it, but this time the Word has become the Church. Let him come and crucify the Church now. That is why you hear: “Upon this Rock, I will build my Church and the gates of Hell can never prevail against it.”
41.         It is an indestructible organ from Heaven. No atomic bomb can wipe off the Church. We call it the Seat of judgement. It is God Himself. Do you see why this Faith is not for everybody? Do you see why God rose? When others were rejoicing saying, “Come, come, come,” we were saying, “Go away”. It is not for everybody.  We do not make noise because we know where we are standing. It is one of the signs. The Lord can never tell lies. Our God is a faithful God.
42.         Many more are leaving. That is the sign. Anytime there is a revival, something must happen. What is revival? Do you know people do not know what revival is? Some people think that revival is: gather everybody, gather everybody. Revival takes some people out. In every revival somebody must be dropped and in this last revival, some people will be dropped.
43.         The Word had earlier gone forth that anybody that is dropped now, no more. We even heard it that a time will come when it will be extremely difficult to reconcile any that is cast out. Now is the time. I do not know the next person that will be dropped. Anybody that comes in newly today, is better than the person that was left out.
44.         That is anybody that is coming now is meeting us where we are. He did not know anything about us before now. He does know what we are saying. What he has met, he will just follow it like that, but for someone that has been with us, following us and later went away, it will be very difficult for him for harder, harder things will stumble him the more. Amen.

This day is a special day. I thank God for everything. You see, I hope you are not amazed! God is my witness that I never saw you anywhere. I never knew that you were coming. I never looked out, but your name just flashed here.
2.            All of you that are teachers coming late in the Church, be very careful. You had a teaching in this Church on Friday that would have continued, but you are coming late; to teach who? Teachers, teach yourselves. We will call it a sin. If there is excuse for fornication, there is also an excuse for late coming.
3.            Let me tell you, sin is sin, even if it is found in Me, it can never have another name; even if it is found in you, it is sin.
4.            “…All that God was, He poured into Christ; all that Christ was, He poured into the Church by the Holy Ghost…”
5.            You see, the Word of God has become the Church of God. Anywhere you find yourself in the name of worship and the Word is not lifted up, run away from there. This is because God has given that Word a name that is above every other name. God Himself has exalted that Name above every other name both in Heaven and on Earth.  That is the Anointed Word; Christ.
6.            Wherever you go and the Word of God does not come down with the Name of the Lord, the Holy Spirit run away from that place. It is sinking sand, it is man-made. That is our infallible truth. 
7.            “The Stature of a Perfect Man,” preached October 14, 1965, Jeffersonville. Hear what the Prophet said, a revelation from the Holy Spirit: “Christ in the person of the Holy Ghost come upon you in the true baptism of the Holy Ghost, not in the false baptism…”
8.            In the real true baptism of the Holy Ghost, Christ comes upon you. We have false baptism of the Holy Ghost. When somebody says he is filled with the Holy Ghost and you see fuses and quarrels, you see the same old life, that is false baptism of the Holy Ghost, but the real super natural baptism of the Holy Ghost makes man a new being.
9.            “…And you have got all these virtues filled in you…”
10.         The moment a man, a woman is filled with the true Holy Ghost, the Prophet said that all these virtues automatically line up. This is why we are not End-time people.
11.         I remember in those days when they were trying to teach us those virtues: “You see, you see, some people stopped at faith; this man stopped at virtue; the other stopped at knowledge; this other man stopped at temperance,” I said, “Thank you very much. You mean to tell me that St. Paul stopped at faith only. So St. Paul had no virtue; no knowledge; no temperance; no patience.”
12.         They would often say: “You see, it is just like a building; how can you insert a block above a hollow in a layer without stepping one block, you step another, no, no, no. You pray for faith; after faith, you pray for virtue; after virtue, pray for knowledge; after knowledge…” rubbish! There is nothing like that.
13.         There is only but one thing that harbours all these things. What should you pray for? The in-dwelling of God in you; the Deity, the Supernatural presence in you. The moment this thing comes into you, your mind automatically changes. Your character changes just in a twinkle of an eye. All these virtues just line up. Are these not the fruits of the Holy Spirit? Are they not in the Bible?
14.         How do I know that a man has the Holy Spirit?  It is by manifesting these virtues. How do you know that I am filled with the Holy Spirit? Is it not by manifesting these virtues? When somebody says he has the Holy Spirit, watch him by these fruits. I do not need to go there, I am going somewhere.
15.         All that said, “Holy Ghost, Holy Ghost” when we were in the Seven Thunders, how many have temperance?  How many have the knowledge of God? What about virtue? How many can have faith in the Word of God.  Forget about brotherly kindness. This is too far from many. Okay, look at godliness. Check round.
16.         Without these things, nobody is going to be translated. The only person that ascended also descended. Thus, we have only one person that is going to rapture. And who is that person? The Holy Ghost.
17.         What God is coming to take is the Holy Ghost. So if the Holy Spirit is in you, on that Glorious Morning what will happen? Pia, pia, pia. The Supernatural Cloud will draw all those that are made up of light and they become one Great Beam.
18.         Hence, when the Holy Ghost in you is pulled, it will pull your flesh up. God raptured Holy Ghost that was in the grave and when the thing was coming out, a halo followed the body. You do not know what I am saying.
19.         When you try to uproot a cassava stem, what will follow? Everything. The tubers will just join. The same way the Holy Ghost is going to rapture. That is why we keep on telling you that without Holy Ghost, there is no translation for you. If there is anything you must pray for, pray for the Holy Ghost baptism. That is your seal.
20.         The Prophet said that the moment you receive the Holy Spirit, all these virtues line up. They will all be built in you. They will be sealed in you. S-E-A-L-E-D. 
21.         “…Then, God live in a tabernacle called the building; the living tabernacle of the Living God; God’s dwelling place. Now, that is the house that God dwells in, not the building with a very big dome on top of it and a very high wall but the body has thou prepared for Me; a body that God Himself dwells in: God can walk in, God is veiled in, God can stay with, God can eat in, talks with, God sits down with…”
22.         It is not the wall of the fellowship hall. It is talking about you and Me.
23.         “…The footstep of the righteous is ordered of God; God walking in you for ye are written epistles read of all men…”
24.         You are the living Bibles. If people want to know what God has written in the Holy Scriptures, let them look at your lives because you are now the Deity. Look at the way God is looking at us. If we do not live up to expectation, it means we are counterfeit children of God. We are just make-ups.
25.         “…And if the life that is in Christ be in you, you will bear the light that Christ bore…”
26.         “Why Christ Speaks,” preached July 14th, 1963 at Jeffersonville. Why it is dangerous for somebody to come to Church late. Why? You heard all that you heard because if it is not balanced with the Prophet and the Holy Scriptures somebody somewhere will not believe it.
27.         You heard him say, “I have come down because you invited Me. I have heard your plea. I am grateful and I am delighted. I have come down among you again. I am sitting down even here now with you.”
28.         It is not echoing, it is true that matters. Let us watch the man that seeth God from afar off.
29.         “…God goes to Church everyday…”
30.         This is our Prophet revealing God.
31.         “…God goes to Church everyday. He lives in you. He lives in the Church. You are the Church…”
32.         What a glorious thing to walk side-by-side with God. If you are preparing for Church, God will also be preparing. As you move out to Church, He will also move out with you, that is, if you take stand with His Word without compromising. Stay right there.
33.         God actually comes to Church. If the Devil goes to Church, why shouldn’t the Owner of the Church do same?  We open the door for Him. We are just caretakers, He is the Landlord.
34.         However, the denominations make themselves landlords and then lock Him outside the temple. You can imagine Christ staying outside knocking and crying, yet nobody opens. Everybody keeps Him out.
35.         God goes to Church and you are the Church; you are the tabernacle that God dwells in. You are the Church of the Living God yourselves; the Church that is going to be presented as a glorious Church without spot or wrinkle or blemish.
36.         You see, Christ is going to present the Church unto Himself because He is in the Church with us, warning us, teaching us, admonishing and encouraging us. At the end, He will present the whole thing unto Himself. He is not presenting it to another person because there is only but one throne. Not two thrones.
37.         “And if the living God lives in the living being, then your action is of God. If not, then God is not in there.”
38.         If your action is not of God, if you are not behaving right with the Word of God, let it be known to you that God is not in you yet. No matter how you hear His Voice, jump up and down, shout hallelujah, the manifestation is always the interpretation.
39.         Follow Me as we go to the scriptures. I have just come so that God will teach you. Seeing that He has spoken, who am I not to obey? I must obey. Amen.

Psalms 106 verse 1 to 3, “Praise ye the LORD. O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good: for his mercy endureth forever.
2.            Who can utter the mighty acts of the LORD? who can show forth all his praise? Blessed are they that keep judgment, and he that doeth righteousness at all times.” KJV.
3.            I will not give this message a title. A Word is enough for the wise. Since you have become the children of God, God watches over you. He watches over all your thoughts. All your desires, God knows all. As many as are offensive, as many as will blaspheme the Name of God, as many of your plans as will cause somebody to stumble, God must stop them.
4.            This is because He can never go contrary to His way. Can God be against God? Our God is a Holy God. I believe that while I am standing in your midst, God Himself is ministering the truth to you. The answer is in you. The battle is still raging, yet the answer is there.
5.            When God visits a man, He must make Himself clear. He does not require any interpretation. The thoughts of your heart can make you sick. The thoughts of your heart can discourage you. Let me put it the other way.
6.            A man first of all backslides in the heart, he first runs away from the truth in his heart; a man is first of all cut off in the spirit before he physically leaves the Church.
7.            Now, I want us to pay strict attention as we study this Psalms. I will handle it bit by bit believing that God will speak and not man.
8.            “Praise ye the LORD. O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good: for his mercy endureth forever.
9.            Who can utter the mighty acts of the LORD? who can show forth all his praise? Blessed are they that keep judgment, and he that doeth righteousness at all times.” 
10.         This is the Word of God. It is not the Word of any man. There is no other way that we can receive blessings from Him except by obeying His Word. I said I will continue in a strange way believing that God will speak and not a man.
11.         Verse 4-10, “Remember me, O LORD, with the favor that thou bearest unto thy people: O visit me with thy salvation;
12.         That I may see the good of thy chosen, that I may rejoice in the gladness of thy nation, that I may glory with thine inheritance. We have sinned with our fathers, we have committed iniquity, we have done wickedly.
13.         Our fathers understood not thy wonders in Egypt; they remembered not the multitude of thy mercies; but provoked him at the sea, even at the Red sea. Nevertheless he saved them for his name's sake, that he might make his mighty power to be known.
14.         He rebuked the Red sea also, and it was dried up: so he led them through the depths, as through the wilderness. And he saved them from the hand of him that hated them , and redeemed them from the hand of the enemy…”
15.          Now watch. I want your eyes to be opened to this very truth: God and His people. The people God chose among the whole nations of the world, did great and marvelous things in their midst, great signs and wonders. They were living witnesses. The same people could not keep records of those things. They forgot all those things. And they turned their hearts unto wickedness.
16.         Now watch their children; when they grew up, they recognized the mistakes of their fathers, they acknowledged those mistakes and they said, “God, we have actually sinned against you. We have done very wickedly. Our fathers that were with You really sinned against You.”
17.         These people decided to walk in righteousness. They did not want to go the way their fathers went. They were taking their time; spiritual Israelites. They were taking their time. Any little step they took, they made sure that God was with them. Anytime God drew back, the movement stopped. They made a new covenant to walk with God, not to walk by the desires of their hearts this time.
18.         You may say: “If I were with them in the wilderness, I would not have imagined myself becoming so wicked to rebel against God,” but you are living in the same day because the same Gospel that is being preached to you was also preached to them. Whatever you are hearing now was exactly what they heard. This same Bible we are carrying now was exactly what they carried. There was no other. It was the same they carried.
19.         Verse 11-14, “And the waters covered their enemies: there was not one of them left. Then believed they his words; they sang his praise.
20.         They soon forgot his works; they waited not for his counsel: But lusted exceedingly in the wilderness, and tempted God in the desert…”
21.         I wonder if this is not the same thing with Psalms 78. Recently in My house, we were sharing testimonies. When the brethren left, I was filled with joy because there are some people that can still recollect great and marvelous things God has done in our midst. And our brother was saying that if God had permitted us to video all that happened at Amazu Oil, that this Church would have become a millionaire Church by now. We would have made great money with the tapes.
22.         Then he started revisiting one by one what the Lord did. How many were witnesses or how many can remember that the Lord gave us real water from the spiritual rock and we drank of it. We were living witnesses.
23.         While we were tarrying with the LORD preparing ourselves for the Holy Communion, lo and behold, there was no water anywhere. There was no place to buy water. All the taps were dried up for many weeks. You see, I pity people.
24.         Solomon, our usher, picked up a jerry can and went out saying: “I am going to that tap by faith.” Everybody was watching. He went to the tap and said,  “This tap, you must give us water in Christ’s Name. We have money, but we have no place to buy water.” He opened the tap and water starting gushing out of the tap.
25.         People saw the tap rushing, they came out to fetch water. Immediately the gallon got filled, the tap stopped rushing. Where is that man today? He forgot it.
26.         Brother Kinsley, when you were in the End-time message, things were happening, yet you were having another ministry, but when the Bride Ministry appeared, that ministry in you gave way. We saw great and marvelous things.
27.         Where is Vincent today? The man that cried and cried and who, because he did not partake in the communion, used kerosene to burn his cloth. He said the spirit in the cloth caused him to defile himself. People had the fear of God in them then.
28.         Brother Goddy, were you not there? When you had your paper in your pocket; you were there, talking. Nobody knew what you were saying. There was a barrier. The gate stood between you and God. What if you will deny God today? We were living witnesses. Even Solomon himself, God in Heaven stopped his wife from partaking of the Holy Communion.
29.         He wanted to defend that woman, then a Voice went forth: “Sir, I hope you are not defending your wife?” He said: “No, no, no”, and that saved him. The following day, didn’t you see what happened? Were you not witnesses?
30.         Now watch God, all we are revisiting are what the Lord did in our midst. Look at these children; they were there with their fathers in the wilderness, but their fathers told them. After telling the children, they still disobeyed God. They sinned against Him more and more.
31.         Somebody may say, “Brother, are you trying to impute sin again upon us?” I will say, “No, sir,” but I will say what the Lord told Me to tell you, believing that His children will understand Him because there is a reason for this. 
32.         The serpent was bruised, it was not killed. Since all the ages, it has been receiving serious wounds. Because the appointed day has not yet come, no minister can kill it. But while we live, we draw people’s attention to it so that they will be very careful and learn how to walk with God.
33.         Remember we have better promises. The blood of Christ is better than the blood of animals. If God is calling you God, recognize yourself as God also. God does not provoke God. Whatever that is in you that can provoke God to wrath, that thing cannot be God. That thing must be the enemy of God.
34.         Verses 14-16 “But lusted exceedingly in the wilderness, and tempted God in the desert.
35.         And he gave them their request; but sent leanness into their soul. They envied Moses also in the camp, and Aaron the saint of the LORD.
36.         Brethren, I want you to understand one thing there. God gave them their request. The request made their souls to become lean. God is not a liar. Our God can never tell lies.
37.         Watch your request; there is a way you will pester God, and He will close His eyes and give you the desire of your heart. But if that request will make your soul lean, I wonder if that request is really from God.
38.         These people made a serious request and God granted it. And the effect made their souls to be very lean. Instead of their souls to grow, they became lean. Can you imagine somebody that has God as his Father, instead of growing fat and rejoicing he will be sorrowing?
39.         This is because they were asking with the lust that was in their hearts. They wanted to become like other nations. They were comparing themselves with other nations. They forgot that they were the people of God.
40.         We all have to learn a lesson from there. Anything you claim you received from God that made your soul lean is not from God.
41.         I can recognize one man called Balaam. God told him not to go. He said, “God, God, God…” At last, God told him to go. While he was going, his heart was trembling. Before he got to that place, he fainted many times on the way because he knew he was going in disobedience.
42.         There are many things you will ask in disobedience; you know they are not according to God’s will, but to fulfill your carnal desire, you go ahead to request for them. Be very careful, lest God will give you the lust of your heart and then you will perish with it.
43.         God granted them the request, yet He knew that it will not even cause them to change their minds. They must continue to harden their minds. 
44.         Verse 16, “They envied Moses also in the camp, and Aaron the saint of the LORD.”   
45.         They envied Moses also in the camp. What was the attraction in Moses? Why were they envying Moses? Moses had no money; he had no sheep. What was special in Moses; a man of God; a man that was bearing burden? A man that even regretted his calling, why were they envying him? They could not find any reasonable trait in Moses; Moses had become their problem. The people were bad; spiritual Israelites.
46.         Remember, these people nearly killed Moses in the wilderness because of meat. Moses was not eating meat. The same food they were eating was what Moses was eating. They had their cattle, they had their sheep, Moses had none. They had their wives and children; Moses abandoned his family to his in-laws. When they needed meat, meat came.
47.         When there was no water, they said, “You brought us here to die. And even our cattle, goats and sheep will die because of lack of water.” At another place, they said, “You want us to kill all our cattle, all our fowls to use as meat, Moses, give us meat. You were the one that brought us out of Egypt. You must surely carry our burden.” Selfishness.
48.         There was no law given to them that they should not kill their cattle and goats. They had pots there, they had firewood, instead of them killing their goats or sheep, no, it is: “Moses, give us meat! Give us meat!”
49.         They were asking for things they thought were impossible. However, to God everything is possible. That was our condition before. I hope we have not drifted back.
50.         Verses 17-24, “The earth opened and swallowed up Dathan, and covered the company of Abiram. And a fire was kindled in their company; the flame burned up the wicked.
51.          They made a calf in Horeb, and worshiped the molten image. Thus they changed their glory into the similitude of an ox that eateth grass.
52.         They forgot God their savior, which had done great things in Egypt; Wondrous works in the land of Ham, and terrible things by the Red sea.
53.         Therefore he said that he would destroy them, had not Moses his chosen stood before him in the breach, to turn away his wrath, lest he should destroy them . Yea, they despised the pleasant land, they believed not his word…”
54.         You see, in spite of this, they believed not His Word, rather, they murmured in their tents. They changed the style. It was no longer public murmuring. It is now tent murmuring, bedroom murmuring. The devil has changed the style: “I know if I think anyhow here, God will find fault with me. I will go to my tent and think about it. Wait until I get home!”
55.         All of them murmuring in their tents. Murmuring was no longer in the Church. Spiritual Israelites; God and His people. Watch out.
56.         Verses 25-30,           “But murmured in their tents, and hearkened not unto the voice of the LORD. Therefore he lifted up his hand against them, to overthrow them in the wilderness:
57.         To overthrow their seed also among the nations, and to scatter them in the lands. They joined themselves also unto Baalpeor, and ate the sacrifices of the dead.
58.         Thus they provoked him to anger with their inventions: and the plague broke in upon them. Then stood up Phinehas, and executed judgment: and so the plague was stayed...”
59.         How many times now have we seen Moses as an intercessor? Now we have seen Phinehas. Intercessory prayers cannot work always.
60.          Verse 31, “And that was counted unto him for righteousness unto all generations forevermore.”  KJV.
61.         This was imputed unto him as righteousness forevermore.
62.         I told you that this day is a special day, for God has made it so, for I and My children are set for signs and wonders unto the whole world.
63.         Our Prophet said that God will do great miracles in our midst if only we can stay right with the Word. I am not touching this place for the sake of just doing so.
64.         Note it, we have gone back to Pentecost. If the Deity is in our midst, if the Word is the Church; if you are the Church, let it be known unto you that no evil spirit can stay here.
65.         Do not be afraid, rather, learn a lesson; footprints in the sands of time.
66.         Verse 32, “They angered him also at the waters of strife, so that it went ill with Moses for their sakes…”
67.         Can you see God keeping records of everything they did! See God revisiting all of them; point by point: “On this date at exactly this particular place, this is exactly what you did. At this point, at this hour, see what you did.” He was doing it so that He will be an Impartial Judge. Praise be to God.
68.         God takes records of sins. God has forgiven us but as long as He lives, He has recorded whatsoever we did. He also recorded why He forgave us.
69.         Verse 33-48, “Because they provoked his spirit, so that he spoke unadvisedly with his lips. They did not destroy the nations, concerning whom the LORD commanded them:
70.         But were mingled among the heathen, and learned their works. And they served their idols: which were a snare unto them.
71.         Yea, they sacrificed their sons and their daughters unto devils, And shed innocent blood, even the blood of their sons and of their daughters, whom they sacrificed unto the idols of Canaan: and the land was polluted with blood.
72.         Thus were they defiled with their own works, and went a whoring with their own inventions. Therefore was the wrath of the LORD kindled against his people, insomuch that he abhorred his own inheritance. And he gave them into the hand of the heathen; and they that hated them ruled over them.
73.         Their enemies also oppressed them, and they were brought into subjection under their hand. Many times did he deliver them; but they provoked him with their counsel, and were brought low for their iniquity.
74.         Nevertheless he regarded their affliction, when he heard their cry: And he remembered for them his covenant, and repented according to the multitude of his mercies.
75.         He made them also to be pitied of all those that carried them captives. Save us, O LORD our God, and gather us from among the heathen, to give thanks unto thy holy name, and to triumph in thy praise.
76.         Blessed be the LORD God of Israel from everlasting to everlasting: and let all the people say, Amen. Praise ye the LORD.” KJV.
77.       You see, when God comes down, sadness vanishes away.  The Apostolic Church is a noise making Church. It is not a cold Church where you sit down looking at your pastor. No!  You are all free. You are all sanctified unto your own God.
78.       When you praise Him, I praise Him you see smoke emanating from each of us unto the high Heavens. Amen.
Section 2

at the household of God Abuja

God bless you Church. Let us go to the Word of God. Isaiah Chapter 54 verse 13: “And all thy children shall be taught of the LORD; and great shall be the peace of thy children.”  KJV.
2.            “And all your citizens shall be taught by Me and their prosperity shall be great”. Living Bible.
3.            And all your spiritual children shall be disciples taught by the Lord and obedient to his will and great shall be the peace and undisturbed composure of your children.” Amplified.
4.            Man by nature will never love to be saved. If a woman is forcing food into the mouth of a baby, do not call that woman a mad woman, she is a loving mother. Thus, crying can never stop the woman from feeding the baby; the food must enter the stomach anyhow. If you abandon the food just because the baby is crying, it then means that you are a very lazy woman.
5.            As a result, Brother Emmanuel, use all that is in your power to force them into the Ark. Force them into the Ark. They will hate you now but at last they will love you.
6.            Where we read in the Holy Scriptures, the Bible has made it clear that the children of God must be taught by God Himself and all the children of God are already God’s disciples. If we are children of God, we are God’s disciples. I will not use many scriptures for what I am going to say.
7.            I have told you that I do not know how to preach sermon. Once you see Me on the scene, you are expecting something higher than the Apostolic Office. This is the last lap of the ministry.
8.            The Holy Ghost gave us the three stages of the ministry and summarized them in three messages: (i) Mixed Multitude; (ii) Jerusalem to Jericho; (ii) Faith. These are the three stages and faith is perfection, faith is revelation. Thus, God is Perfection Himself. Do you know that? God is made Perfect in faith. Thus, you will go through all the three stages.
9.            In the Mixed Multitude, God opened our eyes to identify that not all that called themselves Israelites are Israelites. Not all that claimed to be children of God are children of God. That one can carry the Bible and go to Church, yet he is not a child of God.
10.         What is more, in the mixed multitude also, the Lord taught us the need of total separation from unbelief. In the Mixed Multitude, the Lord opened our eyes to understand that the only thing that can break false unity is the Word of God.
11.         There, we understood also that unity must be in the Word of God. Any unity outside the Word of God is false unity. Then, we carried our minds back to what we were calling unity in the world where we all associated ourselves, then we noticed that we never gathered or associated or united ourselves in the Word.
12.         We united ourselves carnally with carnal motives, then with the mighty hand the Lord caused a clear separation. Note the three stages written in the Old Testament: THE INNER COURT, THE OUTER COURT and THE HOLY OF HOLIES.
13.         In the Outer Court nobody is safe; you can fight and quarrel yet carrying Bible waiting for atonement. But the moment you move away from the Outer Court and you want to come to the Inner Court, there is always a stage there that is called the “water of separation”. Then in that water of separation, all you do is to wash off your feet and hands, then you get into the Inner Court.
14.         You cannot carry your experiences in the Outer Court to the Inner Court, there is always a dividing line, a pool of water where all sacrifices are washed and made clean. The moment you cross from the Outer Court to the Inner Court, there is a separation, you can hardly go back to the Outer Court because now you have been washed, cleansed and sanctified; you are now in the Inner Court.
15.         In the Inner Court, you are there because you have become a vessel of honour. Then from the Inner Court, the priest will now slaughter whatever he wants to slaughter and then make seven stripes on the veil, which is the final atonement. Note, there is no other atonement after that one.
16.         He that enters into the Holy Of Holies has entered the Holy Ghost. Here, you can repent and be baptized and still perish but he that is coming is coming to baptize you with water and Holy Ghost.
17.         “Jerusalem to Jericho” was the message that made it impossible for anybody to accept, it was a very big weight the Lord placed on our necks To the point that even if somebody is cast out from the Church he can hardly mingle with the world unless he has never been in this Faith.
18.         The Bible said that they left us and mingled themselves with the world because from the very beginning, although they have been fellowshipping with us, they have never been part of us. If you are not a part of God in the beginning, you cannot be a part of God in the end. It is a very dangerous thing for one to find himself outside the Church.
19.         Do not ever commit any sin that will make you leave the Church. If the Church casts you out, by the time you will be coming in, you will be regretting it because you will not find your feet anymore.
20.         I am saying that If you are not a child of God in the beginning, you cannot be a child of God in the end. All the children of God have their names written in the Book of Life before the world was formed and in the end, all whose names are not found in the Lamb’s Book of Life; written from the foundation of the world, the Bible said that they will face tribulation.
21.         Watch the children of God, the elect, when the world was without form: no Heaven, no Earth their names were written and the Bible said all these people have become God’s children because they were all in God, they existed in God when God was without form. When God became a form, they manifested in the likeness of God. When they manifested in the likeness of God, through them, God begat children.
22.         Whatever a chimpanzee produces must be chimpanzee. Whatever a snake produces must be a snake. That is why, because they were from Him, when they came into the world, they mingled with the children of Satan and polluted themselves, yet something in them continued to check them, something in them continued questioning them, chastising them, yet they were in unbelief.
23.         The only thing that will condemn sin in a man must be God. Any day Satan starts condemning sin, Satan must have repented. Any kingdom that is divided against itself will it not fall? How can Satan condemn sin in a man when Satan will be rejoicing when you are committing sin because you are praising him? But when you are practicing righteousness, God is rejoicing because you are praising Him.
24.         He that commits sin is sanctifying the name of Lucifer in the eyes of the saints. So better be careful! If you are not there in the beginning, you cannot fit in now because God prove from the Bible that there will be a day that sons and daughters of God must be made manifest and the Bible said that since that time Satan and his children heard about it, the whole world have been travailing in pain, waiting earnestly for these sons and daughters of God to be made manifest so that they could see what manner of people they would look like.
25.         However, it has not yet become clear to us what we shall be but when we shall see Him, we shall see Him as He is and we shall also be like Him. Let he that has this hope in him purify his heart even as God Himself is pure. I am coming to something.
26.         You know, he was here in a world full of sin yet he committed no sin and when they shall be made manifest, they will be living in a world full of sin yet no iniquity will be found in them.
27.         That is why the Prophet said that the Church comes to perfection when it introduces Christ again in human flesh: those that will live in the midst of sin yet free from sin, in the midst of temptation yet committed no iniquity.
28.         Where we read in the book of Isaiah chapter 54 verse 13, the Lord said that we are His disciples and as His disciples, He Himself will teach us. Let Me help your faith the more.
29.         Psalms Chapter 82 Verse 6: “I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.”
30.         Verse 7: But ye shall die like men, and fall like one of the princes.” KJV.
31.         You are all children of Most High God but you must die like every other human being. That is why the Bible said that “precious in the eyes of God is the death of His saint.”
32.         In other words, a saint can die. If you are a child of God, you are a saint. If you are a saint, you are a God. The Bible said that the people that the Word of God came to are called Gods.
33.         Jesus Christ said to the accusing Pharisees: “Is it not written in your Holy Scriptures that those whom the Word of God came to were called Gods? Why then accusing Me because I say that I am the Son of Man. But your Bible told you, your Prophets whom you believe including Moses told you that any group of people or an individual who is privileged to receive God’s Word automatically becomes God.”
34.         What is more, the Psalmist is backing it up that as many of us that have received Him, we have become Gods, children of the Most High.
35.         Isaiah went further to magnify it that we have become God’s disciples. Then if we know this through His teaching, great shall be our composure and our peace. The Bible called it undisturbed peace and composure. I am coming gradually to something.
36.         I told you that I will not title this message anything. I will talk to you on the matter randomly. Title and the message, which one do you like? I can title it Heaven and Earth and preach Prostitution. I can title it Eternal Life and preach Eternal Death. That is why I am saying that the title for now profits you nothing but the message profits a lot.
37.         If I should reveal the title, I will commit the greatest iniquity ever for the havoc will be very great. I know I will not touch the title but there are some in our midst who will like to get what they think will be the title and search their Bibles everyday to introduce something ahead of time that will be one million miles away from the revelation of the hour, which will be very difficult to uproot.
38.         The tendency is there for somebody to rise up and say “I know what brother wants to be the topic! Even the topic is clear. Holy Ghost told me, I prayed, Holy Ghost said,” when Holy Ghost never said anything.
39.         Thus, for that reason I will put the title in the cooler and continue with the highlights of the message.
40.         We have seen that we are not following any story, we are following God. If God said we are Gods and the Bible backed it up—remember where I was pointing you to that time, I said that whatever teaching or anything somebody will show you in the Church must agree with the prophetic words of the Holy Bible, it must all agree.
41.         Thus, if I said that you are Gods or the children of the Most High God, if I say that God Himself will teach you, that you are His disciples and there is no position for such a thing in the Holy Bible, will you take Me seriously?
42.         However, if I am now saying all these things, using the Bible to back them up, all you have to do is to possess your possession. You know we are living in a funny world; people will directly neglect their position but when they see a man who has possessed his possession they start envying him. Since you do not want to take your possession, I have collected my own.
43.         God said that we are the children of the Most High God and we die like other men and princes. It is correct. An innocent man must die, a sinner must die. But there is a great difference between a sinner and a saint. A saint will put off a flesh, come back and put on another flesh, live forever but a sinner will end everything in the Hellfire which is eternal separation from God.
44.         In other words, the moment a saint dies, he unites in the air with his Maker because he has left the physical body and has entered the Glorified Body. In the Glorified Body, he is always in direct fellowship with the Almighty.
45.         Now, while he is on Earth in the flesh, for his sake, the Elohim will put on flesh that they might have fellowship because it is in the midst the Church that He, I mean the He, the Sanctuary, dwells. That is why we can rightly believe that we are all sitting in heavenly places with Christ the Messiah, the Anointed One. I am coming to something.
46.         Now, that we are His disciples, we do not have need that a man should come and teach us. Remember they were called disciples of Moses because Moses taught them and they believed him, then followed him. They were called the disciples of John the Baptist because John the Baptist taught them and they followed him.
47.         Like in our day also, we still have disciples of William Branham who have vowed a vow that they are William Branham’s disciples but concerning that man at Onitsha, they said, “We can never acknowledge him. Even if his baptism is the best, that is for him and as many as he will deceive.” Is it not scriptural?
48.         An encounter ensued between John the Baptist and the converts of the Messiah in that day. Jesus’ disciples started telling John the Baptist’s converts that his baptism is the best. They ran away from them and went back to John to verify.
49.         Then John said, “Of a truth his baptism is the best. I have pointed all men to Him. Now He has appeared, I will decrease and He will increase. He is heavenly, the Spirit upon Him is heavenly but my own has measure. His knowledge is unlimited but my own is limited.” Yet the Bible said that some left John and followed Jesus yet many vowed a vow that even if Jesus’ own is the best it is for Him and those that He will deceive.
50.         I am trying to bring out something; you have the messages in tapes: “Reincarnation, Myth or Real?”
51.         You will do well sirs, if you will sit down and programme the Church with the whole tape you collected whether you have something like that in Abuja or not, do not ever attempt to teach or preach it for you cannot succeed because it is the more you look; the less you see, the more you hear; the less you comprehend.
52.         No man, no preacher can preach “Prophetic Revelation.” He will only scratch it because it is not written anywhere. There is no place you will lay your hands on and start reproducing it. What are you going to reproduce?

Now that you are God’s disciples, the Bible said so. Remember, I am espousing you to “Thus saith the Lord” in the Bible. As long as the scriptures confirm it, it is final.
2.            Note, that you are the children of the Most High God does not preclude you from the Bible. I am coming to something.
3.            If you are not in the right standing with Almighty God, oh, your destiny is determined already, no second chance because there is no repentance in the grave. The grave changes nothing but a man’s habitation, a man’s residence, that’s all.
4.            If you cut down a crooked tree, it can never be straight on the ground. I am saying that the grave changes only a man’s habitation. If you die a Saint, you will resurrect a Saint. If you die a sinner, you will resurrect a sinner, no repentance in the grave. Thus, you better be careful in this life that you are living.
5.            I am trying to beef up your faith, espousing you to something because if we are in the ministry of the Son of Man, we are in the ministry of “Thus saith the Lord. If we are in the ministry of Acts of the Apostles, we are in the ministry of the Church, we are in the ministry of the written Word, we are in the ministry of doctrine.
6.            However, the moment we go into the ministry of the Son of Man, we go into the ministry of ‘thus saith the Lord’ and ‘thus saith the Lord’ must also agree with ‘thus saith the Prophet’.
7.            You are God’s disciples, God’s children chosen from the foundation of the world to be His own. That is why from the beginning you were in God. If you were not in God in the beginning you cannot be in God in the end. Thus, all that belong to God must go back to God. All that belong to the world must go back to the world.
8.            When God came down to redeem mankind, He did not come down to save the world, for that reason, He came to His own. God is looking for His own property; He can never take another man’s property. There is no miracle that will make God to take an Amalekite or a Moabite or a Perusite or Hittite or a Jebusite.
9.            There is no miracle that will bring an Egyptian in until the fourth generation which is this generation we are in. That is why we preach everlasting Gospel. This everlasting Gospel is not meant for the original people of Egypt, it is meant for the remnants of Israel that could not go with Moses. The message of everlasting Gospel is sent forth to search for the lost sheep of Israel, for salvation is for the Jews.
10.         If it is possible I will carry the whole Churches to Jerusalem where I will stand somewhere and minister to all at the same time without coming here.
11.         Thus, whenever you get the message from Onitsha, programme your Church, anybody that fails to come, do not go to his house until the messages are over because the Lord told us the essence of bringing out the message – it is to cause a separation because the life has been manifested.
12.         I am still talking to you, rotating on the same Isaiah Chapter 64, but I will go a little further. You are God’s children but you will die like mortal man.
13.         If a brother sleeps in the Lord, do not sorrow like people that are without hope because you know that by and by he must come back to life and inherit eternal life because eternal life is already in him.
14.         Let Me show you what I mean: If God existed when the world was without form and then eternal life has been in Him, immortality has been in Him, then if God is Immortal, if God is Eternal and God produces a child or children; what would the children be? The children would be immortal, the children would be eternal.
15.         I will use everyday example. I am saying that if a man is a sickler, nothing stops him from having a sickler in his family. If a man is a sickler, he must get ready to get sicklers.
16.         As long as eternal life has been in God, immortality has been in Him, any time His children manifest having anything short of this, something has gone wrong.
17.         Remember you are the children of the Most High God and you die like men. God came down and became man, walked in the flesh, God died like men. When He died like men He took on immortality.
18.         Thus, a time came when God died and was buried like other men. God walked on Earth, performed signs and miracles and so on, having everything like every other human being.
19.         In spite of signs and wonders and miracles, yet, I believe there was a time He was sick. At a time He became very much hungry. At a time He became very much thirsty; at a time He was sleeping because of weakness in the bone. When the time of death came, He died like men. Human beings buried God.
20.         I want to bring out something again. I will lay a certain foundation before I throw that thing, when you catch it, I will switch over.
21.         You are disciples of God and you are the children of the Most High God, then the Bible said: “ye are gods” because the Word of God has come unto you and you received it. THE WORD OF GOD HAS JUST TRANSFORMED YOU FROM HUMAN BEINGS TO GODS, FROM MORTALS TO IMMORTALS.
22.         In other words, the Glorified Body is already here. You are in the Church with the glorified body. You are only waiting for the time appointed when in a twinkle of an eye, this mortal body will now put on immortality and that would be the end of death. It is the last victory over death.
23.         Then in a twinkle of an eye, this mortal will put on immortality. It was what took place in the grave. The same body that was buried was the same that came out. When they went to the grave, the sepulcher was open. They did not see human lying, then they saw Christ standing and talking to them.
24.         The same body that was there was the same body that came out without a single wound. Moving about that way, hence He could tell them that time: “I have the power to lay down my life. I also have the power to take back my life. No man taketh away my life from Me”. Whether I die in accident, it doesn’t make any meaning. I know I cannot die”.
25.         From that time, He could appear and disappear, showing that He has put on immortality.
26.         Of what use is the Heaven now when in a moment of an eye you are transformed; you become immortal beings putting on the same theophany body where you can now appear and disappear?
27.         In other words you are now having heavenly dignity; you are possessing heavenly dignity. The essence of the Gospel is to raise you up to heavenly dignity whereby you can dwell with Him forever. Anybody that fails to attain heavenly dignity can never dwell with Him; you can be here dwelling with Him, but there you cannot dwell with Him.
28.         Then, I keep on asking the question: he that can now come inside the house when everywhere is locked and before their eyes he will disappear; you see him here today, before you know it he is already in Onitsha, before you know it, you will see him walking in Abuja; before you will know it, you will see him walking in Jos; the same man; then of what use is Heaven if there is anywhere called Heaven?
29.         When he can now take spiritual form and vanish like air. Can rain beat the air? Can sun scorch the air? When He wants to become human being, he will become human being. When he wants to become spirit, he becomes spirit. Of what use is building a house?
30.         Yet when he wants to show you that he is now a human being, he can sit down to eat bread and fish in the dinning table. The Bible said that Christ sat down with two men in Emmaus; they ate bread and fish yet Christ was wearing His glorified body. I am coming to something.
31.         Remember we are children of the Most High, we are His disciples but we die like men. If I should go the other way, it then means we will not go again, it then means I will programme you in a meeting. That is why I am avoiding it. I do not want to be programmed in a meeting but you are pulling my legs because the other side will bring out something.
32.         Let Me try my best and scratch Isaiah Chapter 54 verse 13. That is what we are scratching; we are scratching it, I am not preaching on that, I am trying to scratch it.
33.         John Chapter 6 Verse 45, “It is written in the book of the prophets that they shall all be taught of God, have him in person for their teacher, everyone who has listened to and learned from the father comes to Me”. Amplified.
34.         It is written in the Holy Scripture that the people of God shall be taught of God and when God has made them His own disciples He said, “Great will be their composure and undisturbed peace.”
35.         However, here now we can see the scriptures saying that they shall all be taught of God, having Him in human form, in person among themselves; in their midst for their Teacher. Thus, God is walking in the midst of a group of people in person.
36.         Do you know your problem? Your problem is that you are still covered with the veil. The Bible told Me that the veil has been rent into two, now we can behold Him in plain view and when we behold Him in plain view, we noticed that He is just like us, that is why they could say that He was just a local man like them, but before then they were having strange pictures in their minds what He could look like. That was the time He was wrapped in a packet.
37.         For example, the shape of a mask is different from the shape of the person that is wearing it. If you use the shape of the mask as a pointer, you will miss it. Looking at a very big masquerade we call Ijele that has around shape, no hands, you can hardly see the legs even. You would conclude that what will be inside must be a round object. That is the mask hiding the little being.
38.          Looking at the height of this Ijele masquerade, somebody might be thinking that whoever must be in this masquerade will be a giant but it will be to your utmost surprise when they show you the person carrying the thing.
39.         All these years we have passed through so many teachers and rabbis and so on. All that went to the university, school of theology within and without, we have read their books. Even America, the greatest theologian in America, we have read his book, we have seen his works, and we have seen their standards.
40.         However, One appeared on the scene with a teaching that is incomparable, a teaching that is unchallengeable, a teaching that beats all; a teaching that has no parallel with anything that has been on the land before Him, yet He was a part of the system before and did not go to any higher college because all the colleges in the world preach the same thing; so his own college must be somewhere above them.
41.         Now He that came down from Heaven came down with heavenly message to be preached to them that are on the Earth. Is it scriptural? Is it any wonder that the people of God must not be taught by human being but by God Himself. Thus, as many that have accepted His teaching have become His disciples.
42.         Now we have to be very careful in these last days. All you are hearing, you are hearing them because you are inside of our circle; outside of our circle, nobody can hear this. That is why it is written in the book of the Holy Prophet: “Who can believe our report and to whom is the arm of the Lord revealed?”
43.         I told you what have been killing them all these years. They have been quoting scriptures: God is in Heaven, the Heaven is His Throne, the Earth His footstool. That is Bible. But if I ask you question now, you start falling.
44.         If God is in Heaven which is His Throne, where God dwelleth, using the Earth as His footstool, have you come across any man that says he saw two legs from the sky with the direction on the ground? If you have heard about it, tell us the country or the village.
45.         If an object, a corporal body is lifted to one place, the legs would have been seen in the family or in the stadium or in the wilderness one day, two legs resting on the ground that came down from the sky.
46.         The same way they are waiting for the day the sun and Heaven will fall down. The whole place will be littered with stars. The sun will cease its light, the moon will cease its light. This is blindness. Some are waiting to see a man that placed one leg on the sea, and another leg on the land, two hands raised to Heaven.
47.         Then the question is: which sea? Could it be one leg in the Atlantic Sea or Indian Ocean, another leg on the land: which land? Maybe one leg in the Pacific Ocean, another leg maybe in Moscow, yet Moscow is not the end of the land.
48.         If we have not seen something like that and we have not seen legs that penetrated the cloud and touched the ground, that would make you to think. If you are of the opinion that God does not exist, well you are not in our faith. Your problem is that you do not know God, you do not know His Son.
49.         The Bible says that His Son who has always been in His Presence, His Son who has always been in His Bosom, He is the One that has known Him, He has seen Him and He is the One that has described Him, interpreted Him with the Word. Somebody you do not know, although you claim that you know the man, you have not seen him; whether his is black or white but the person that is always eating and drinking with him comes and tells you, “Look at the man” and you say you do not believe.
50.         For example we are now in Abuja; the Head of State is living in Aso Rock, not everybody is privileged to be there but there are people that are privileged to be with him every day, every minute. They know him even if he removes his army uniform and puts on shorts, they know him.
51.         Well somebody comes in here and says “I know the Head of State very well” and we say, “My friend, how do you know him?” And he says he is very tall, very huge, very dark in complexion.
52.         Then the person that is always eating with him, working with him in the same office who sees him ten times everyday says “My friend, close your mouth! You have not seen him, I am his ADC. This is my name. Your picture is not the picture of the Head of State, look at how he is” and you say you do not believe it; that man is the most foolish person I know.
53.         Somebody you do not know and you have not seen, the person that knows him tells you how the man is and you say you do not believe and then you come to brother and say “Brother, please pray for me that God would help me.” How can God help you? God can never help you in unbelief again.
54.         Brethren, I told you I am not a preacher for I do not know how to preach. All these years you have been receiving wonderful teachings, teachings that have made the world to be astonished, teachings that are incomparable.
55.         Everybody is astonished: “Who is the brain behind all these teachings? Who is this man that brings man to perfection within a space of one week? Who is this man whose Word is so forceful and powerful to convert a man, to transform a man here on Earth again? Who could be this person?”
56.         Then one can rightly say, “Brother, what you are asking is what I am asking also. But let Me tell you about the man. I pastored this man, I baptized this man.” Was it not the same day John the Baptist baptized Jesus Christ that Jesus Christ’s baptism became best? I do not know whether somebody is catching what I am saying.
57.         Have we not been taught all these years? If we are the children of God, children of the Most High, they were disciples of John because they believe in his teaching; they were disciples of Christ because they believe in his teaching and followed.
58.         If you continue in my teachings; with the message and then the message has been  handed down, we have made comparison and the whole world have been made certain that this is not an earthly message. If it is earthly message, somebody somewhere must have been saying it. At least we would have come across it somewhere because we made a lot of research, running from local Church to another local Church and yet remained the same.
59.          Whosoever that must be teaching this, all that believe in Him have become His disciples; but if we are not His disciples, whose disciples are we?
60.         Okay, we are all disciples of God, God teaching us in accordance with the Holy Prophets: the people of God must be taught of God, have Him in person for their Teacher.
61.         Did you receive your teaching from the wind, from an eagle with two wings? In other words, William Branham is a Prophet. He said that God hid Himself in that badger skin so that the unbelievers can never see Jehovah in Him.
62.         He hid Himself in a badger skin preventing the unbelievers from seeing Jehovah. Is the message clearer now? Now it has become clear. God bless you all. Amen.

Section 3

Preached on 15th February, 2000
DREAM IS DREAM. If we should count all the dreams we have had so far, they will fill one basket including those that contained truth and those that do not, but the most important thing is that the hour we are in is very delicate. If you are wise, any dream that concerns the hour we are in, you should be fervent in prayer so that God will reveal it to you.
2.            There is one that I seized, every bit of it must fulfill. Some of the dreams have already fulfilled. Some that are alive have heard it with some witnesses present. What surprised Me was that the dream fulfilled word for word.
3.            The dream was had somewhere. It is only those that are alive that knew when this word came to pass and they are the people that will testify, even the message we are talking about, I will say it has become a thing of the past.
4.            If I am to say something, I will say it is left with a little thing; all of them have almost fulfilled A to Z. Do you know that translation will disappoint many? Do you know that some saints that will be left will tell others that translation has taken place? Do you know?
5.            This question is very hard but we must answer it whether we believe it or not. Whether we believe it or not we must answer this question. When I was warning you that a dying person does not allow the war to end just like a drowning person does not like to die alone, some of you thought I was joking.
6.            I know that all the stories that we have been telling, all the words of encouragement, including scriptures we have been reading, that one day, one day, not two days, God will cause all of them to come to pass. Then, there will be no more argument; doubts will vanish. For the scripture to fulfill, somebody must beat his or her chest and cry: “Had I known.”
7.            I did not call or mention anybody’s name. I was looking at our brother clapping his hands and I remembered the day he was baptized. I said, “Brother, what is that your name again?” He said Brother Paul Anah. If somebody looks at his face, it looks as if he is being cheated.
8.            It is just like you asking God why? Why you are the worst hit. That is not the way to worship God. Once you realize that God knows what you are passing through, what else? You relax.
9.            When you come to the Presence of God, you rejoice, praise and worship God. You should not frown your face before God. No, no, no. If you frown your face, it will become worse. God will pretend as if He is not seeing you.
10.         A little while, I was meditating and I discovered, could it be that our brother is regretting the common television he destroyed. How I wish I will have my way. If you regret it, I will buy for you a brand new television. I know why I said so because before you know it, it becomes something else. A dying dog does not perceive the odour of faeces.
11.         Television has done more harm than good. We do not need to say it. For example, recently, I went to see somebody and to my surprise, she was wearing black cloths indicating that one of her relations died.
12.         Then I asked, “When did this happen?” She said, “My brother; television has put me in mourning cloths.” I asked, “How?” She said, “I know you and your wife do not watch television for you do not have one in your house. The havoc television has caused in my house is not a story one can finish telling in a hurry. The football match Nigeria played a couple of days ago was played in my house.” I could not understand what she meant.
13.          She then asked, “Do not you know Azubuike? He has been buried.” I asked, “Which Azubuike?” “Azubuike, my husband! The match Nigeria played took his life.” I asked again, “Did he go to Lagos?” She said, “No!” “What happened then?” I asked.
14.         She said, “During the Nigeria versus Tunisia match, our parlour was filled to the brim. My husband was watching the match with the rest. Immediately the Tunisians won the match, my husband fell from his seat and gave up the ghost immediately.”
15.         This man I am talking about is not less than 38 years, a young man, very healthy. Television has done more harm than good. Those that went to Lagos to watch the ball did not die, those that played the match did not die, but somebody in his parlour died. You see, things are happening.
16.         It reminded me of two years ago, this one happened before my eyes at Nwosisi Lane. Nigeria was equally playing a match with another country; simply because Nigeria scored a goal, a young man flew from the parlour, leaving the wife and his child, jumped down from the balcony of the second floor. He was overjoyed. These are the implications of watching Television. If he was not there, would that have happened?
17.         Television has caused a lot of havoc. It has caused people to give it a name. If you have television, you have a Devil that does not talk in your house. You have a Devil you are operating with your hands. I thank God.
18.         Let nobody regret whatever we have so far destroyed as a result of this Faith.  Our message goes beyond television.  Anything God did not permit us to do or have as a result of this Faith is for our own good.
19.         If you are in the group that said it does not matter, well, it is not in this most holy Faith. If you are in the group that hid their own under their bed, put it there. If it is a spoilt one and you still kept it in your house, what is it? It is still television: “I am not watching it because it is faulty.” What is it doing there then? When somebody comes in and asks you, “What is this?” What will you say? Television.
20.         It is an abomination and must be removed whether we believe it or not. We must remove it from our eyes. It should not even enter our homes. Our message goes beyond television, but at times, we try to provoke somebody.
21.         Christ said, “If I tell you of things which your eyes can see and you cannot even believe it, what if I start telling you spiritual things which you cannot see?”
22.         If it is difficult for us to believe this one we can see, it then means we are going nowhere. Really, somebody had a dream and repeated my words. Let me put it this way that seventy five percent (75%) of the entire Church do not believe Me.
23.         If I have believers that believe My message, I have them in minority, about 25%. I mean the whole Churches put together; I do not mean Onitsha Church alone; I mean the whole Churches put together.
24.         The little discussion I had with Pastor Isaac of Owerri on Sunday made me understand where you are going. I saw that you people are empty. With what is happening in Jos, though, theirs made Me laugh, I have seen what many are made up of. I know where they are. Amen.

Do you know that what kills people is Grace, the unmerited favour. I am showing you what unmerited favour is. If there is any other unmerited favour greater than this one, let see this scripture.
2.            St. Luke 1:34- 36, Then said Mary unto the angel, How shall this be, seeing I know not a man? And the angel answered and said unto her, The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee, and the power of the Highest shall overshadow thee: therefore also that holy thing which shall be born of thee shall be called the Son of God.
3.            And, behold, thy cousin Elisabeth, she hath also conceived a son in her old age: and this is the sixth month with her, who was called barren.” KJV.
4.            What was promised was an impossible thing in the sight of man. William Branham called such a thing an incredible thing, paradox, things no human beings would hear and believe. Mary as a human being heard it; God’s promises are unbelievable with a carnal minded man.
5.            If we can go back to the tapes we heard in December, if we can survive, it is those messages we rejected that will save us. You have all fixed your hearts on translation.
6.            Note it, if you know those messages you hate that made you not to understand what I told you, that is where your lives lie. If you want to live, all that you heard in December when you were in the camp meeting, pay heed to them. I know the Devil in you told you not to listen, that you will fly away and that made it not to bear any fruit in you because you did not understand what was said.
7.            The Holy Spirit that aroused the person that told you those things has not changed. His eyes are still fixed there. The Holy Ghost led us to read quotes as never before. And to show you that the hand of God was in it, all those quotes we read, we were not able to find them up till now. There are some of them that are keeping us sleepless nights. All our efforts in collecting all sermon books we used during the fellowship, we have not succeeded up till this very moment.
8.            There is one particular quote; many, many things are revolving around that quote. That place William Branham said that when God makes a promise through His servant, He over delays it. It will test the Faith of His servant He has used in making the prediction to know whether there will be a point where He will recant His prediction or deny it.
9.            He said that God is putting him to test. He went further to address the congregation by saying: “I warn you, God’s promises never come to pass until they are being ridiculed by the hearers, by those to whom the promises were made; until they start ridiculing and mocking the same promise, God can never bring it to pass.”
10.         I had a wonderful experience recently, though I had some dangerous dreams that frightened me, but there was one where it was just an encounter between Me and the Pastor of the Church at Jos and our Brother Ben.
11.         You see, they were all kneeling down asking Me never to give verdict because I was about to hand down judgment. Thus, he was pleading with Brother Paul. There were so many people and I saw our former Brother, Weston at the fence. There, he was shouting and saying, “Pass the judgment, pass the judgment.” Brother Ben was trembling and was bowing down; his wife was equally kneeling down weeping. The rest of the Church Elders were crying, prevailing on Me not to pass judgment.
12.         It was in one second, I did not know how the thing just went forth. I said, “Brother Ben, hear Me very well; I will not pass the judgment against you, but I will pass the judgment to help you. If you understand it happy you will be. If you do not understand it, I do not know.”
13.          I now want to reply by passing my verdict in a parable. Then, I went into the parable; I said, “My friend, hear Me very well, before your Elders, a time came when God’s servant and mouthpiece in that day, Jeremiah, prophesied that the people of God will be in captivity for seventy years(70), somebody felt bad about it. He prophesied and countered it and said no, he couldn’t defend seventy years before the intellectuals in his day.
14.         Thus, in order to get popularity, he reduced it. He said it was seven years. And the Lord said, “Because you have thus spoken, you will die.”
15.         At another time the people of God were really troubled. Great famine fell on the land. They have the goods but there were no customers to buy them. The Lord told them clearly saying, “About this time tomorrow morning, go to the city gate of your enemies, display your goods and you will come back rejoicing.”
16.         A man rose up to challenge the voice because he could not defend it before the intellectuals. The Voice said, “Because you have doubted it and because you have stood against it, surely you will not live to eat the fruit thereof and before they will come back, you will be a dead man.” The dream vanished.
17.         That was how we ended that discussion in that dream. I reserved this thing in my mind. Whether it is by dream, whether it is physical, if you doubt it, it is your right but I am praying on it. It is going to happen in your day, but you will not be a partaker. Before your eyes you will see it come to pass. It is even nearer than you think.
18.         I ran away from your pulpit, it is for your own good. Some of you must have heard and thought that I am dying, but I am not dying. I know I am passing through an experience; I know that very well, that very soon, those that have come closer will know that I am passing through an experience that will work out for good.
19.         There is nobody, even in My work place; they knew that I am passing through an experience. I will entertain questions from here and there even from among the heathens. I am as healthy as healthy can be. I am not having fever, I am not having headache. There is nothing, My eyes are as clear as the day. My strength is here, but I am passing through an experience. And if the experience lingered to a certain height, well I will be the happiest man that ever lived under the sun.
20.         Let us still pray that God will help some people among us. I want to show you what Grace is all about. A promise was made, an incredible promise, an unbelievable promise. A promise was made to somebody and that thing that was promised, if you reason it with your human senses, you cannot defend it before the intellectuals.
21.         God’s promises are ridiculous and unbelievable in the sight of carnal-minded people. To the legalists, they cannot believe it. A legalist is a carnal-minded man.  Let Me show you what I mean by a legalist.
22.         I think a legalist is equally in your Bible. Two persons went to the temple to pray, one was a legalist, and the other one was a spiritualist. The legalist trusted in his ability, the spiritualist trusted in Grace, an unmerited favour. His spirit was always willing but his flesh was very weak; that was a spiritualist.
23.         St. Paul was a spiritualist. That was why with the spirit, he was serving God, with the flesh he was serving sin; that is whatever they called sin. I think St. Paul used that word to please some people lest they will feel he is exempted. You see, the legalist was not justified in the sight of God.
24.         If you are in this most holy Faith and you are aiming at defending God’s promises before the intellectuals, you will end at nothing. You will end it not believing the promise again. Is there any way a common medical doctor—I call medical doctors common because they are now everywhere—can defend that a woman that remained barren up to the age of ninety could conceive? Can anybody defend it? Can you defend it before the intellectuals? No!
25.         Even to defend that a human being could be carried away by a whirlwind; can you defend it before the intellectuals? No sir! Now look at the promise; I think that is what people are. People have shifted away from spiritual to intellectualism.
26.         I know where I will get to them. I will get to them in a helpless estate so that they can be helped for God cannot help you when you can help yourself and for that reason, I abandoned all of you in a helpless condition so that in the end you will not glory. However, now everybody can glory.
27.         Somebody said, “In the time past we yielded ourselves to God, but now we have taken our time.” In other words, he is gradually reversing them back to Law. Grace was hot. Grace did them a lot of hurt. They endangered their lives as a result of Grace. I know I am helpless, to show that in the end, I will confidently say that He is my Helper.
28.         You know, you are wiser than I am. That is why I respect you so much. I respect you in that area. At times, I sound foolish so that you will sound reasonable and in my unreasonableness, I know that when I speak, surely, there is going to be a confirmation.
29.         Now, look at this promise, an incredible promise. Mary immediately behaved like a human being. A lady who has never known any man; nobody has ever come across her legs and it is unheard of that a woman could be pregnant without a man. Even the law of reproduction rules that reproduction of human being must be through sexual intercourse.
30.         There are things God created that can produce asexually, but as far as human beings and animals are concerned, they must reproduce sexually. This is the order, biologically speaking. Thus, to tell an intellectual that a spinster will just conceive like that, Brother Igwe, can you defend that before an intellectual? No!
31.         You see the problem at Jos? It is a spirit that crept in and that spirit did not creep into Jos alone.  That spirit is even in your midst in Onitsha. Some only believe the promise when it is fulfilled in them.
32.         Let me tell you what I mean. You were all witnesses when Sister Nnamdi doubted the promise and I asked her a question before all of you, signifying that she doubted the promise. It was an incredible promise. I was playing the tape just recently and I came across where the voice said, “Let Me tell you, I have never heard any voice that said you are barren and I have never proclaimed you barren. And I know you are not barren. When your obedience is fulfilled, surely, you must have your baby.” 
33.         After playing the tape, I knelt down and said, “God to You be all the glory, all the praise and honour forever and ever”. (Amen!).
34.         What if she had been proclaimed barren, she would have remained barren for life because that is the authority of the Church. Today, the promise has come to pass.
35.         I think God’s word is now real to her and to some who also questioned it, more especially, when we were mentioning rapture, rapture.  Many of you became very skeptical about the promise as if it has delayed for too long. The same way, the Lord is going to take us home by surprise one day. I am using something you can see to talk to you.
36.         There are many things that have happened in our midst, even among you which you have feigned ignorance of; some of them you cannot even remember again and they have happened to you here. Let Me hold My peace there.
37.         Do not ever aim at defending God’s promise before any intellectual for you will fail. When God spoke to Noah that he was going to destroy his age with rain and rain had never fallen on the land since creation, there were philosophers and astrologers in that day. Intellectuals existed that day. Was there any other way Noah could have defended that thing before the intellectuals in that day?
38.         What was the reason for their doubt? Why couldn’t they believe him? Something like that has never happened before. You see, our own age is a very nice age, all these people that believed the incredible things are better than us.
39.         What God promised us, if you check the whole scriptures, they were things that had already happened in time past and God has already from time past told us that He takes interest in repeating those things that He had already done before.
40.         Hence, there is no promise God promised the Church that has never happened at one time or the other. Then what are the bases of your unbelief?
42.         I think you have seen one from the beginning, we could see Melchizedek who appeared on the scene, who has no beginning of days nor ending of days and was interacting with a man called Abraham to the point of exchanging gifts.
43.         I am saying that immortal persons appeared here in the Bible. We could see Christ coming in the order of Melchizedek to show us that resurrection is real. Before our eyes, He caused the dead to resurrect on so many bases.
44.         Then, He said He is the resurrection and life. Whoever believeth in Him will not taste of death. Even if he dies, that he must surely be resurrected to prove His power over death. He did not only demonstrate it by asking others to wake up like that, one day, He Himself died. Before our eyes, He rose up.
45.         He that caused others to be raised, and He Himself rose up and He promised He will raise you up, what is strange there?  Is it new?
46.         You know Faith is very easy to develop. Faith is the easiest thing a human being can develop. Once Faith is developed, there is no figment of fear and doubt again. That is why if you are a preacher, do not preach because the Son of Man said, “Preach.” Preach because you are convinced.
47.         If you are a believer, do not believe because the Son of Man is saying it, believe because you are convinced that it is the truth. Then, if the Son of Man is saying something and you are not convinced that what He is saying is the truth, please, do not believe until you are convinced.
48.         What is more, the moment you are convinced that it is the truth, it ceases to be the word of the Son of Man. You will be making it as a proclamation. You will not be saying that the Son of Man said I should say. You will be telling somebody, “This is the way this thing is; go up and go down, if you meet God on the way and He changes it, know that I am not from God.” This is because you are sure and certain that by and by God’s promises standeth sure.
49.         When God wants to revoke His promises, He will signal it by a Prophet. He will signal it ahead of time, preparing the hearts of His people that, by and by, the thing will not last till eternity. But, so far, from Genesis to Revelation, there is nothing in the Holy Scriptures suggesting God tampering with His promises, rather, we have seen that by these two immutable things, it is now impossible for God to tell lies; ONE, by the Oath; two, by the Covenant.
50.         God has made a Covenant that we will keep perpetually and then He sealed it with an Oath which He swore by His own Name and the Oath put an end to every controversy.
51.         When two people are talking and swearing, they lack the evidence to prove each other. Show me an evidence to show that you meant what you said. If there is nothing I will lay hold on, in what he said, I will lay hold on the Oath. I hate programmed worshipping of God. It is very dangerous.
52.         If you are worshiping God because you are passing through trouble in your home, you better change your mind from now, change your attitude towards God and it shall be well with you. However, if your attitude towards God does not change, many of you will regret few days from now.
53.         I love you, that is why I am trying to give all these highlights. My joy is that the promises of God are still pointing Me to the future. There is nothing suggesting the Church has gone. I said, there is nothing suggesting that the Bride has appeared for one day.
54.         Let Me tell you what I mean. He that started leading you knows the exact time the sons and daughters of God will be made manifest. If sons and daughters of God do not manifest in this age, I am going to stir up the Bride Universal and then take a little group out, perfect them and go away. I have been wondering how sons and daughters of God will be made manifest.
55.         Some are thinking that I will develop wing and fly away; some were mistaking it for rapture until the word was opened. We saw that under the Law, it is an abomination for one to answer son of God, and we were expecting to be made manifest when we were under the Law and the Law prohibits son of God. It was an abomination, it was a blasphemy.
56.         Nobody is adopted under the Law. Gradually, gradually, sons and daughters of God were made manifest, yet in much pains. Some of the pains are still lingering till now.
57.         Some of us have even believed fully with our hearts. Some are not even sure that what they have believed is enough to save them. That is why they are muddling things up. While some do not even believe that what is promised in the Bible is real. Some even look at the promise in the Bible and speak as if it is Brother Odoemena’s promise.
58.         That is why I am God’s greatest enemy to some. This is because, to some of them, my promises have failed, but my promises standeth sure, and my promises are not for everybody.
59.         I want to narrow it down now. This is Grace so that when you hear promises of God, promises of God, you would not think the promises are for everybody. The promise went to Mary.
60.         St. Luke 1:34- 36, “Then said Mary unto the angel, How shall this be, seeing I know not a man? And the angel answered and said unto her, The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee, and the power of the Highest shall overshadow thee: therefore also that holy thing which shall be born of thee shall be called the Son of God.
61.         And, behold, thy cousin Elisabeth, she hath also conceived a son in her old age: and this is the sixth month with her, who was called barren.” KJV.
62.         “And Mary said to the angel, How can this be, since I have no [intimacy with any man as a] husband?
63.         Then the angel said to her, The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you [like a shining cloud]; and so the holy (pure, sinless) Thing (Offspring) which shall be born of you will be called the Son of God.
64.         And listen! Your relative Elizabeth in her old age has also conceived a son, and this is now the sixth month with her who was called barren.”  Amplified.
65.         Verse 45, “And blessed (happy, to be envied) is she who believed that there would be a fulfillment of the things that were spoken to her from the Lord.”  Amplified.
66.          “She” there is representing the Church. Mary was a type of the Church; the Church must produce a man-child. Let Me stop there.
67.          “You believe that God will do what he said; that is why he has given you this wonderful blessing”.
68.         Mary was a type of the Church. If only she will believe the promise, surely she will be a blessed woman, for there is to be a performance of that which was told her. But what if she doubted? If you will go back, you will still see where the Bible said, all things are possible to them that believe.
69.         If you believe, all things are possible, but where you do not believe, nothing will ever be possible at all. This is why, if Mary had started reasoning, you know what reasoning is? “How can this be? How am I going to defend this before intellectuals? There are doctors and mid-wives around; nobody has ever heard this news before. How can, how can?”
70.         You see, the reasoning has started. If she had considered it this way, do you think she would have been blessed in the end? She would not have been blessed and she would have missed the whole promise; a type of the Church.
71.         There was no way a man-child could have been born, and that man-child must be called Holy and also Son of God. It must take the Church that believed to produce sons and daughters of God. It must take the Church, a woman, one woman. Thus, whether you believe it or not, God has been talking to us through dreams and vision. Any time from now, God will wrap up the move.
72.         Those that do not belong to us when they hear such a thing, they will say “We have been hearing it all these years: ‘Anytime from now; anytime from now, when will it end?’” It will end the day it will end. As many as are in doubt, they will never live to see it. If they will live to see it, they will never be a part of it because from the beginning they never believed.
73.         Thus, there cannot be a performance of that which is promised. Hence, when God is blessing, they cannot be blessed. I mean the matter is very clear. All I am trying to say is that this is what I call Grace. Grace means believing the message of your day without doubt.
74.         However, when you do not believe and you are anchoring on Grace, your own Grace is unscriptural. Grace came to His people and His people rejected it. As many as accepted the Grace, He gave them the power to become the children of God. Is it not Bible?
75.         I do not think there is any other Bible other than what you are holding. Do not carry Grace too far; I heard frightening things; I heard people saying, “We did Grace; we did Grace,” and they meant having sexual intercourse. It is perversion of the message. Grace means unmerited favour that can set us free from the bondage of the Law. And in application of our Faith, nobody condemns us provided you operate within the boundaries set out by the message. We have two landmarks, boundary lines you cannot cross.
76.         Titus 3:3-6, “Once we, too were foolish and disobedient; we were misled by others and became slaves to many evil pleasures and wicked desires. Our lives were full of resentment and envy. We hated others and they hated us. “But when the time came for the kindness and love of God our savior to appear”.
77.         “Then he saved us not because we are good enough to be saved but because of his kindness and pity by washing away our sins and giving us the new joy of indwelling Holy Spirit”
78.         “Whom he poured out upon us with wonderful fullness- and all because of what Jesus Christ our savior did”. LB.
79.          All because of what Christ our Saviour did, not because of what we did. If we were permitted or allowed to keep on working out our salvation, by now we would have perished without achieving anything. We do not merit salvation. That is why we call it unmerited favor.
80.         Please do not pervert Grace. If you hear anything and you cannot understand, ask questions because while the ministration was going on, I could discern in the camp some people agitating. Some were even firing the preacher. Some were nursing it in their hearts, “What is he trying to say now? Is he trying to take us back to the Law again? Or is he trying to impute sin on us?”
81.         Some were querying it. It flashed back to Me and I said I must come to the pulpit to confirm it to be truth and to show you what Grace is all about. This is because I said our Brother Thomas wedded honorably and there was no defilement in the marriage.
82.         Yes, there was no defilement in the marriage because he never married a stranger. He married within the Household of the Faith. Thus, there is no defilement in Israel; no stranger in our camp. He never married from Amorites or Hittites or Jebusites or Amalekites. He married from the ten tribes of Israel. Is it in your Bible?
83.         Whatever we preach and you cannot understand, please ask us questions. If we do not satisfy you, leave us. I have given you the reason why Phinehas stabbed his brother and a foreign woman. Phinehas stabbed his brother and the foreign woman because it was the greatest abomination at a time they were sorrowing and the sorrow was caused by the foreign woman. The sin that defiled the people of God was caused by a foreign woman.
84.         If you read the 1st Corinthians 10; the evil there, was the evil Balaam taught; it was his teaching that exposed the people of Israel with the foreign woman. After eating and drinking they rose up to dance and fall into fornication and felled in one day, many thousands.
85.         You see, that act was called fornication; for Israelites to get away from the town and mix up with foreign women, it was a big defilement in the camp.
86.         Look at how serious the matter was: the daughter of Jacob, Dinah strayed away and made friendship with a foreign man and the members of Israel shouted, “An uncircumcised stranger to see the nakedness of our sister!” Uncircumcised, simply because we are here?
87.         No matter how Jacob tried to pacify his children, they could not stomach it. They went back to retaliate because it was the greatest atrocity ever committed. He that said, “Do not be mismated with the unbelievers,” is he crazy? Read it in your Bible; it said, “Do not be mismated.”
88.         Thus, our brother never mismated with heathens or unbelievers for I saw no defilement in the marriage. I saw none. What our brother preached that day really was inspired by the Holy Spirit. If you are in the Church and you are querying it, it is because from the beginning you were not one of us. If you had been one of us from the beginning, by now you must have understood the symphony of the message.
89.         We speak where the Bible speaks and we are silent where the Bible is silent. We cannot because of you write a new Bible or add or subtract from the Word. We cannot do that simply because you do not believe. No! Your unbelief means nothing to us.
90.         Good news to you. The time U.N gave Israel and Palestine to reach a peace accord expired on Sunday without agreement. Thus, everywhere now is on a standstill; that is stalemate. The condition the Palestine gave for the peace accord Israel said, “over their dead body”.
91.         Israel is not prepared to compromise one bit. Based on that, there was no agreement and the date expired last Sunday. Up to this very moment, the entire world is waiting to hear from U.N.
92.         Both the Oslo accords and the nonsense, the Oslo accords concerning Israel/Syria, they reached stalemate. Israel could not agree with Syria. In other words, all eyes are now on Israel.
93.         What and what was the sanction that was imposed on Israel as a result of their uncompromising status? All eyes are now on the Church. When you want to know the hour we are in, look at Israel. Israel is your timetable. You see, there is stalemate there. They are at standstill; we are at standstill.
96.         I have already consoled them: “If you look for Me and you do not see Me, do not panic, I am here. But where you look for Me and you do not see Me, surely you will be seeing Me.” If you will be seeing departed ones and yet we have not died, if you see Me, you think I am dying, but I am still living. It will be a blessing because a preacher is a preacher. Wherever we meet, I must preach.
97.         I thank God for the journey so far. Onitsha Church, there is danger; real danger. Is it unbelief that hindered you or over expectation? All the Inspired messages preached in December; if you must survive, go back to them. You missed all that were preached in December because you were no longer here. The messages meant nothing to you.
98.         Pastor Dan Nwadike, are you y in the Church? Pastor Christian Dike, are you in the Church? Where did he go? I am not condemning you for travelling, but you should be very careful. Brother Remi, are you back? Not around. Please verify whether it is still Lagos that he went back to or whether he has gone to another place.
99.         Remain blessed in Him eternally. Amen.