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Saturday, 27 August 2011

God Is Worshipped Because Of Who He Is

I Am the Excellent Glory, The Divine Thinker, the Supreme Lawgiver, the I AM, the Elohim, the Holy One. Believe it if you can… -THE SON OF MAN


Anybody worshiping a universal God is devil himself. The God I serve is not a universal God, HE IS A PECULIAR GOD TO A PECULIAR PEOPLE, HE IS A GOD TO ONE NATION AND NOT TO A GOD ALL THE NATIONS. The God I serve is not a God to all the nations and not the God of the world. He is a God for a nation, a God to a particular people, a peculiar people for He is a peculiar God.
You can serve whatever you want to serve. The Word of the Apostle today is not effective in you, in your life because from the beginning you are not of God. Many can come to me calling me all kinds of names all to prove to me that they belong to me but I know that they are liars, they have no part in Me for their characters marked them off.
If you invite me to anything, whatever you want me to do for you is what I will do. I am an observer, any way you want it, fine, that is all!
  –The Son of Man  (WHAT IS GOD TO YOU?. page 60, verse 43-44


Supernatural Cloud in Bride of Christ revealed The of Man on Sunday 7 April 1996

Deuteronomy 31:15 “And the LORD appeared in the tabernacle in a pillar of a cloud: and the pillar of the cloud stood over the door of the tabernacle.” KJV
The Son of Man Peter Odoemena Revealed in Supernatural Cloud on Sunday 7 April 1997 at Bride of Christ Ministry World Wide

Exodus 13:21 And the LORD went before them by day in a pillar of a cloud, to lead them the way; and by night in a pillar of fire, to give them light; to go by day and night:.” KJV.

Light Cloud in Bride of Christ Ministry on 7 April 1996
Psalms 89:7 God is greatly to be feared in the assembly of the saints, and to be had in reverence of all them that are about him.” KJV


The Headstone The Son of Man

“Daniel 7:9 I beheld till the thrones were cast down, and the Ancient of days did sit, whose garment was white as snow, and the hair of his head like the pure wool: his throne was like the fiery flame, and his wheels as burning fire.” KJV

Isaiah 11:10 “And in that day there shall be a root of Jesse, which shall stand for an ensign of the people; to it shall the Gentiles seek: and his rest shall be glorious.” KJV

The Son of Man

Acts 17:31 Because he hath appointed a day, in the which he will judge the world in righteousness by that man whom he hath ordained; whereof he hath given assurance unto all men, in that he hath raised him from the dead.

The Cloud Revealed The Son of Man in Bride of Christ Ministry

Ephesians 2:19 “Now therefore ye are no more strangers and foreigners, but fellow citizens with the saints, and of the household of God.” KJV









What is God to you?
Today is the day the Lord has made and we have to rejoice exceedingly in Him. I love the atmosphere in the camp. This is the way I will prefer it to be. Let us worship the Lord in the beauty of His Holiness, appreciating and adoring Him because of who He is.
2.            Who is God to you? What is God to you? You worship God because of who He is to you. If it is not because of what He is, you have no right even to bow down before Him. You bow down before God because of who God is to you.
3.            I DO NOT know what He is to you but I know what He is to me. This is the basis of worship. What is God to you? Who is God to you?
4.            “No deception is of the truth vol. two”, preached on Sunday 28th January 2001, by the Son of Man, Apostle Peter Odoemena, at the household of God Onitsha.
5.            “…He that is promised to come is already here. I am saying, brother Kelechi, He that is promised to come is already here…
6.            Has it come to pass? Even as at that time He was here. In the message, “Calling Christ in the time of Crisis” preached August 1993, He introduced Himself.
7.            “…Once you are seed of God and you are tired of this faith, you are tired of living. You desire grave. That is all, because my life is incomplete without this faith. For this faith is nothing but God Himself.
8.            A true seed of God can never be tired of worshipping God. Once a seed of God is tired of worshipping God, he is already in the grave, finish. Because he is a part of God, God is a part of him. How can you be tired?
9.            A stranger can be tired, but a true seed, one that is born of God, how can you be tired? what do you mean by being tired? You see, THAT IS why we are against organized religion.
10.         In organized religion, they hire their ministers and Pastors, they pay them salaries; in short, it is a civil service. They go on leave, they go on retirement.
11.         Now that you have retired, you have retired from serving God. Moses at a very old age never retired.
12.         David never retired, Samuel never retired. It was the people that told Samuel that he was old, that they were going to choose a king that would take them to war. God said that they had rejected Him and not Samuel. That, their action brought calamity to Israel.
13.         You can retire in everything but you can never retire in serving God. You serve God even in the grave. You serve God even till eternity. If I retire from serving God, where do I retire to? It then means that I will retire to serve the devil because at every point in time you are either serving God or you are serving the devil.
14.         You can be old in EVERYTHING but you can never be old in serving God. Look at Methuselah, at a very old age, served God at nine hundred and sixty nine years. How can somebody say that he is old in serving God? Are you older than God?
15.         “…Once you are seed of God of God and you are tired of this faith, you are tired of living. You desire grave. That is all, because my life is incomplete without this faith. For this faith is nothing but God Himself. How can I exist without God?
16.         If I should go to Pentecostal and feel free there, that is where I belong. If you are not comfortable in this faith, If this faith does not give you joy, stop coming from today…”
17.         Sure! Because you are not a part of the faith of Christ. Any place you find yourself and you are comfortable there, that is where you are ordained to stay, finish.
18.         If you are ordained to perish, God will send you to the denominations where you will speak in tongues, jump up and down, calling Jesus, calling Holy Ghost fire! At the end, you perish.
19.         However, if God is your father, you will only take delight in the place He has chosen to place His name, and that’s where you get the shewbread, that’s where you get the word of eternal life.
20.         You won’t be running to and fro looking for signs and wonders, miracles, no. Signs and wonders are for unbelievers. Is that not scriptural?
21.         Signs and wonders are for unbelievers. However, the Word of God, the grafted word of God is for the children of God. They were not following Him because of signs and wonders or miracles or the way they will eat and drink.
22.         Peter said, “We are following you because we are sure and certain that only you have the word of eternal life”. However, the rest were milling around Him because of bread, miracle, healing. You can receive healing and perish. You can receive miracle and go to Hell.
23.         “…This faith is not for you, it is an imposition on you. Every true seed of God is always looking for a place where God Himself has chosen to place His name and that is where He is worshipped.
24.         Chapter four. “God specializes in saving notorious sinners”.
25.         That was why Jesus Christ was called a friend of sinners. He did not come for self righteous people. No Pharisee was saved because they claimed they were righteous. When John the Baptist came, the Bible said that every criminal believed John the Baptist: prostitutes believed, Indian hemp smokers believed except the self-righteous Pharisees, Sadducees, Scribes, Herodias and Sanhedrins. Glory be to God in the highest!
26.         God will only help somebody that is helpless and does not know how to help himself. If you know how to help yourself, God will not help you. God will help the helpless so that you will give the glory to God alone; for you will remember what you were in time past and you can note the day the help came from Above and then your condition changed.
27.         He turned your sorrow into joy, turned your weakness into strength, changed your vision about life, hence a useless man became useful, the stone the builders have rejected turned out to become the Chief Corner Stone of the building. All, the Lord’s doing.  
28.         “…Every true elect of God must be positionally placed where he will see God making a move, and he will not only see God but will be a part of that move…”
29.          Every true elect of God must be positionally placed where he will see and acknowledge God’s move in his own day. He will not stop there, he will also be a part of what God is doing. If God is your Father, you are also a part of what your Father is doing. You can never be an observer, you cannot be an ordinary witness. No, you are the essence of your Father’s programme.
30.         “…Luke chapter 5 verses 27 -32, “And after these things he went forth, and saw a publican, named Levi, sitting at the receipt of custom: and he said unto him, Follow me. And he left all, rose up, and followed him.
31.         And Levi made him a great feast in his own house: and there was a great company of publicans and of others that sat down with them. But their scribes and Pharisees murmured against his disciples, saying, Why do ye eat and drink with publicans and sinners?
32.         And Jesus answering said unto them…”
33.         Who murmured? The Pharisees and Scribes. They started murmuring because Christ sat down to eat with a publican, a notorious sinner. By their own estimation, the man is not worthy even to be saved. Which means that if they are given the authority to distribute salvation, that man is already in Hell. Have I not been telling you that if God gave salvation for people to distribute, you and I would not be remembered.
34.         Let me tell you what I mean. You do not know what God is doing for you. None of you here can be recognized as a human being in the Roman Catholic Church because you have no money.
35.         Nobody will recognize you in the Anglican Cathedral because you have no money. Who will recognize you in the millionaire Pentecostal Church where you know that people that carry Jeep will have the front seats, where you see mighty men of valour, who will recognize you?
36.         For the Pastor will only recognize those big, big men who will be bringing a lot of money, giving them Jeep and everything, they will not commit sin again. Hence you will hear, “Praise the Lord, Halleluiah, I say my Lord said! Brother, praise the Lord,” because big men have come. They will never commit sin again for the money buys salvation for them.
37.         You see why God said that not many mighty, not many noble but God has chosen rejected things, people that are despised, those that are looked down on, God has decided to gather. He saw big men, when they could not go with God, He sent His messengers to go to the streets to gather the poor, to gather the lame, to gather the bad people.
38.         “Go to the streets, market places and highways.” You can imagine the type of people you can gather there. Under the flyover, you know that kind of people, Ose Okwoodu, you know the type of people there? Every motor park, He said, “Gather them!”
39.         And when they were coming He said, come just as you are. He did not say, “Go home and repent, go home and be baptized, go home and change your garment”, but He was the One that was giving them His own garment.
40.         We surrendered our old tattered garments. You see why the Bible said that the Lord is the righteousness of the saints. He imputed righteousness upon us without works. Not of your own deed, not because you did this or that, but it is God’s grace lest at anytime anybody will begin to boast.
41.         That is why He said that blessed is the man, blessed is the woman whom the Lord has decided to input righteousness. Have I not been telling you that nobody attains righteousness; righteousness is inputted on people because God wants to. Nobody can attain holiness.
42.         In Ephesians chapter one, it behoves on God to make a man, a woman holy in His own sight.
43.         Now, who complained?
44.         “…The Bible said that the people that are greatly honored in the Church could hardly make it…”
45.         Sure! Have you not been hearing from me that Rapture will strike surprise? Have I not told you that big names in the Church can hardly make it? They will be basking on their past glory: “We were there from the very official beginning. We saw this and that.” But that is not the ticket.
46.         Somebody who is privileged to be admitted even now, now, now may have no difficulty crossing the Gate. However, he that was with us from the very official beginning will have problems.
47.         Brother Nnamdi, take note. I asked you whether this was the four cartons of sheet? And boldly you said, “Yes”. Keep on retaining my materials, on the day I will demand them from you, you will not be able to pay them.
48.         “…Pray for God’s mercy and not God’s judgment…” Do not ever say, “God judge me”. Who can enter into judgment with God and go away free? If you go away free, it then means you have defeated God. Tell me what and what you will say.
49.         Who would be your advocate? I mean, your lawyer that will ‘lawyer’ it out with Almighty God and win? For you to be discharged and acquitted in the hands of God, it is grace. It is because of what Christ that is revealed in your day has accomplished for you otherwise, no way. I say, no way.
50.         Even you as an individual, you know that without intervention, no way. Who will say that he does not know himself? Who will say that he does not know what he is thinking even right now?
51.         Don’t you know what is going on in you? Don’t you know what you have committed? Don’t you know what you are about to do? How can you stand in judgment with God? Tell me! Glory be to God!
52.         “…I was showing my wife something in my house with my brother Christian, what we saw in the message the Purged Church. It said that somebody can preach, be an Apostle, a bishop or anything in the Church and still perish…”
53.         Was Judas not a bishop? What can you say about Barnabas? Was he not an Apostle? What of John Mark? Was he not an Apostle? Too many like that. Hymenaeus, Philip and Alexander were Apostles, even before St. Paul yet they made shipwreck.
54.         Thus, you can preach with this and that and at the end you perish. You see why we must be careful before Him? If you see how the Pentecostals preach even in the radio, you think they are already in Paradise but they are in Hell. People that are wasting their time in the ministry that ended since 1963 yet people are still enlisting into it. A revival that has ended. God said that it came to an end in 1963.
55.         Look at Roman Catholic and Anglican, 1954, together with Baptist and whatever you may call all of them, God halted them in 1954, halted Pentecostal movement in 1963, and then halted End-Time Message in 1992, December 30th. Yet people are enlisting into them.
56.         Immediately the Bride was called out from the Church, that marked the end of End-Time Message, 1992, December 30th. As we journeyed along, the Elohim came down to vindicate the place and the people He has chosen for Himself to bear His Name.
57.         I said that I am making my last move upon the Earth: “I have no other place to stay than in your midst. I have come to stay, no going back. If you sin against me I must surely punish you, but I will never withdraw my love from you for I have called you my people. I will be with you till the end. Look at my messenger, I have placed Him before your eyes, He is bearing my Name. Look up to Him, do not go to the right, do not go to the left. Do not provoke Him to anger for He will never, never pardon your transgression. For my Name is upon Him, He will lead you in the way you will go”.
58.         If you see any group of people clapping their hands, calling the name of Jesus or Jehovah or Yahweh or things like that, or Allah, if they say that God is with them, ask them the evidence. Gideon said, “If God is with us, where is the evidence?”
59.         You must be ready to produce the living evidence, not wishful thinking, not imaginary. We have not only one, we have living evidences; reality, proven and confirmed, that can never be impersonated by the devil or by any human being. Why are you dying in that Church? It is because God is here. I am sure and certain. There is no other place under the Heaven where these things are happening.
60.         I was discussing with some elders that were in my house notably, deacon Vin and Bishop Nnacho last night, and they were sharing their experience that there are many people that are desiring to see where we worship. They have heard about it but they do not know where to locate us for we have no permanent place, we have no signboard, we do not preach in the radio, we do not distribute tracks, we do not go house to house, we do not even preach in the vehicles but they have heard about us.
61.         Some have even read our publications and they are desiring to see us but no way. Take for example, people know about the Bride of Christ worldwide, some see it in the web, many have commented in the web but they do not know where to locate us.
62.         Only members of the movement know the members. The world does not know us for they do not know God. If they had known God, they would have known us. Once we dismiss from fellowship, everybody will go home, the Bride of Christ ministry is now in your homes.
63.         If I am looking for Grace of God mission, I know where to go. If I am looking for Deeper Life Church, I know where to go. If I am looking for Catholic Church, I know where to go. But if you are looking for the Bride of Christ ministry, you have no place to go. Only real members of the family know themselves, and they know where they gather.
64.         Can you imagine the case of Peter when he came out from the prison yard, straight away, he went to the house of Rhoda for it was one of the meeting places where brethren used to gather. He did not go to any other place than Rhoda’s house.
65.         A brother was telling me that one man was asking him, “My friend, where is that place you used to prepare and go every morning? … I mean, what do you go there to do? What is happening there? Sometimes many people will be there, sometimes, few people. And you are always happy, what is really happening?”
66.         Our brother said, “That is the home of my God.” The man said, “What!” He said, “The Creator of Heaven and Earth is living there”.
67.         How do you expect me to go out without going to my father to say at least “Good morning”. I must go there every morning to say, ‘Good morning father’. You know it is a radical thing? What do you think will be the reaction of such a fellow? Amen.

No shaking, God is in control. I say no shaking! Though the foundation of the Earth and the Heavens might be shaking, God remains immovable and unshaken.
2.             We thank God for what He is doing. Many of you cannot understand and did not understand and will not understand until you are told what took place.
3.            Our Sister, Elisabeth Udealor (sister to Bishop Nnachor) died and resurrected this morning. If you know the condition our former Brother Joseph was when I was called, that was the condition I met her. She was lucky for I wanted to harden my heart. I over stayed on my seat but I remembered Romanus. I never remembered Chibuko or anything, neither did I remember Brother Nnachor, I remembered Romanus, their first son living at Asaba. That was what pulled me out of my seat.
4.            It happened so that those that were doubting her report will believe. She is doing her business in the city where Satan dwelleth. If not for her faith in the Son of Man, her corpse would have decayed long, long time ago.
5.            What happened? Ungodly women ganged up against her because of her God. They have accused her of many things. Remember it was the concoction they planted in her shop that killed a man who came to buy meat.
6.            The man came, fell down and died instantly there. Remember that members of their shop gathered and invited Reverend Father Gbuzue to come and pray against her. The man came and pointed at our sister’s table, where she was doing her business and said that he will like to see the owner of that table.
7.             When she appeared, Reverend Father Gbuzue stood in the market and said, “This woman is the only person that fears and honors God in this place”. That if not for the hand of God, the type of concoctions they have planted there in her shop would have killed her; and this was the Sister they were accusing. They invited father Gbuzue so that he will pray and then our Sister will die. Father Gbuzue now came and accused other women.
8.            They did not stop there. Who can believe this? That while she was there, they ganged to pray, she refused to pray with them. The following morning, one of them took it upon herself, carried local soup from her house, while our sister bent down to cut fish for people, the woman poured the local soup on her and proclaimed that she must die within twenty four hours.
9.            Since nothing could get her, that this one must surely get her. Instantly, her left hand and that part of the body got paralyzed. What is more, she left the market instantly and rushed to my house. I prayed for her, restored the body and ask her to go back.
10.         Throughout last week it was a big battle. She was sitting down, from nowhere, one came, used water and splashed her whole body saying that she was neutralizing all the devilish concoctions she had in her body; that she must be carried home, dead.
11.         Our sister wept bitterly in the market and summoned everybody; they took side with the woman because they were Roman Catholics. Our sister cried to my house, some of her relations were with Me when she came weeping. Remember they were the people that poisoned her for which course she died on a Sunday morning like that.
12.         Many of you might be thinking that she fell down epileptically, no, she is not suffering from epilepsy and she has never suffered from it. It has never happened in her life. She might be sick of one thing or the other but not epilepsy. It has not occurred both at home and here in Onitsha. She is living very close to my house. It is a big battle.
13.         Well, to God be the glory. Victory belongs to us. Now, the last time she came with some of the brethren in my house, I used it as the last sign. I said to her, “Go back, they will also act on you again, fear them not. I am considering their families, I am considering their husbands and children otherwise, I would have stepped my feet into that shop. I would have presented myself as that God she is boasting with.
14.         Nevertheless, we will remain more than conquerors through Christ that has preserved us. She is not the only one that is being attacked.
15.         Let me tell you something, a brother in this Faith had a serious problem. I will not tell you the Local Assembly. If you know the place and the brother, keep it to yourself. He came to me and I told him that that problem emanated from his hometown and from his nuclear compound. He was wondering how that thing could be true.
16.         His elder sister being their most elderly took it upon herself to go to all length to unravel the mystery behind what the young man was passing through. Being a heathen she went somewhere. Look at the most agonizing and surprising thing worthy to note.
17.         When she got there—she believes that that was the highest place she could go to look for the remedy. When it got to her turn, she was ushered into the native doctor’s room or shrine. Of all the pictures that were there, the younger brother’s picture was there.
18.         She shouted, “Oga, I have come to see you, how did you manage to get this picture?” The native doctor retorted, “Do not ask me that silly question! I am doing my work!”
19.         She said, “Do you know me? Did I come to you? It must have been members of your family that brought it to me. Tell me what you want me to do, that’s all”. That is the much I will say there.
20.         The man who did it was dead but before he died he made horrible confessions and produced to the general public other photographs he was holding.
21.         Now, my question is this, do you know the extent your photograph has gone? Do you know how many people that are wishing that you should be buried even today? Well, if the Lord fails to keep watch over the city, all the watchmen are labouring in vain.
22.         I am of the opinion that if God says I will die, I will die. If He sys I will live, I will live. The whole world cannot oppose it. If the whole world proclaims that I will die and God said I would live, I must surely live because if God says it, it is guaranteed. Nothing can cancel it.
23.         Remember the Spoken Word. What has God spoken concerning you? Anchor your faith there. Because if God says it, it is guaranteed. I remembered it and then gently stepped out.
24.         In the case of our late Brother Joseph, you know I was angry at him. I did not hide my feelings even before he died. When I saw the man I asked, “Who brought this man here?” I never touched him, I commanded all that brought him to take him out. I closed my heart, shut up my bowel of mercy because he had already messed himself up and came to Jerusalem to tempt me. It is not so with our sister.
25.         When I went outside I noticed that she was gasping. I called her so that life will go back into that body. I touched her legs, touched her hands and told brethren that this is not epilepsy.
26.         I turned to Bishop Nnachor, “Your sister came to me and told me something. Were you not told? He said, he was told. I left, then asked them to take her to hospital to enable them give some kinetics. She is back to life. You know the cloud is here.
27.         If you are in doubt it is because you are blind. The cloud is here and this is why we gathered at His feet. If we gather and he is not here, we are gathering in vain. If all that our enemies are wishing us are being permitted, I do not know whether there could be a living human being.
28.         Let me know the offence the sister is committing in the market. Only that people are patronizing her more than others. They now said that she is using charms to do her business.
29.         Well, I thank God. If one disturbs too much, people will say that he entered the shrine. We will keep on praising God because of what He is doing. There is no human being in this most holy Faith that is not receiving the touch of God every day, starting from the least to the greatest. It is even extended to myself.
30.         If not for His presence around me, if I never died, I would have been hospitalized because it would have been very disastrous. You knew that I travelled for the burial of our late sister. My going was not smooth but the Lord smoothened it in His own way. My coming back, the devil waited for me but I escaped because God was with me. I escaped.
31.         Because if what happened to me inside Owerri town along Rios Road, if it happened when I was paddling down to Onitsha between my home and Owerri, nothing would have stopped my vehicle from being lifted up to hundred feet because I was trying to make it before three o’clock. You see, I was making 120-140kph; not knowing that the devil was waiting until it happened.
32.         When did it happen? When I entered Owerri town and I was rolling my vehicle in a holdup. Before I knew it, I heard a very big noise. Gently, I wheeled to a man’s front yard. I checked, I saw nothing at the back, I went to the front, only to notice that both the bottom plate cover, the whole iron, the heavy metal dropped and held the four tyres. What if it fell down when I was speeding up and abruptly stopped the vehicle?
33.         In addition, the vehicle being automatic, no clutch, you know what it would have meant. A man moving on a top speed, you never intended to apply brake but the thing applied itself. Tell me who will control it. The Lord was in control. By my side was some technicians.
34.         Then I summoned one, he jacked the vehicle and pulled the thing out. I had to start my vehicle and continued but not without trouble. The Lord proved Himself mighty.
35.         One, if it happened while I was going, the vehicle would not have come back. If it had rained when going or while I was coming, it then means I would abandon that vehicle on the highway, because the vehicle is such a useless car that you cannot drive it inside anything water. It does not have carburetor, it does not have injector.
36.         Thus, if it is driven on a wet place and water enters from the under, that is the end. There is no mechanic that can work on it. It is all gone. I prayed that there should not be rain or dew until I parked the vehicle in the yard and the Lord answered my prayer. I never met anything rain from Owerri until I parked it. Amen.

The Lord is good to His people. We will keep on praising Him. I promised that we would rehearse the message titled, “Marriage and Divorce”.
3.            However, WHATEVER THAT GOD DID NOT JOIN TOGETHER, ANYTHING CAN TEAR IT APART. IF GOD IS NOT THE ONE THAT UNITED YOU AND YOUR HUSBAND or your wife, maybe you have not gone through this message before or you went through it at the early stage, remember we have grown in age, in understanding and in wisdom, in revelation.
4.            The type of understanding you will have now deferred from what you had before. Now, I want to place this sign. If after hearing this message, trouble ensues between you and your wife as a result of the word you will hear, that has already been vindicated and confirmed by the Almighty to be true, faithful and worthy of all acceptance; if instead of rejoicing, if instead of bringing peace to your family, it brings trouble, it is a sure sign that the unity between you and your wife was not initiated by God. It is manmade, it is a mere human association.  
5.            If it is of God, it will correct all mistakes, and when the mistake are being corrected, misunderstanding will stop.
6.            We depend on the word of God. If you hate the word of God, you hate your life. Blessed is that man, that woman who has used the word of God as the absolute, who took delight only in doing that that will please God, pondering over it both day and night.
7.            “Marriage and Divorce”, page 21 verse 13, “…You see, see, people are crazy, ever learning and never coming to the knowledge of the truth. They do not know that from the beginning of Creation, the first human beings God created were Africans.
8.            I said, ever learning and never coming to the knowledge of the truth. They do not know that the Garden of Eden is located in the Eastern part of Egypt, a little across the Mediterranean Sea.
9.            They were enjoying the Mediterranean climate and for that reason, they failed to understand that the headquarter of God has been in Africa. God has been an African, yet they do not know: ‘Out of Egypt, I called my son.’ They do not know what is taking place.
10.         Look at Him in the supernatural photographs. Is this man not a black man? Read your Bible. God is from the black race. That is why He said, “Despise me not because I am black, for the sun has acted on me”. Who is this man that is coming from Edom with dyed garment?
11.         This message was preached on 21st June 2002. Brethren, why not say amen! Eleven years ago! Any contradiction?  No sir!
12.         You do not know that the first human being God created did not live anywhere in the sky. He lived on Earth; walked on Earth and even tilled the land for he was a farmer and God was there with him, fellowshipping with him every day here on Earth.
13.         They do not know that. They are ever learning and never coming to the knowledge of truth. Why? This is because of religion…”
14.         That is why Roman Catholic is anti-scripture. For when you are anti word, you are anti Christ, for the word is Christ. Whatever that is against the word of God is anti. The word was made flesh and dwell among us. Anything that is contrary to the word is anti-word. Since the word is Christ, the anti-word is anti Christ.
15.         Too many anti-Christs are already in the world and we know that we are in the end time. Whereby multiplying iniquity. That is why Gods children had remained very few.  
16.         “…The moment families are destabilized, the society is destabilized…”
17.          If you believe it say Amen! Therefore, He specializes in doing unimaginable and in giving unimaginable instruction. Abi na lie? He who told somebody to kill his only son for Him, will He be among those that will eat the flesh? The only son gotten at old age, God said that the only way He can know that Abraham loves Him is to use his hand and kill his only son.
18.         The Bible said, “Lo’ He cometh in a new Name.” And they are waiting for the Lord Jesus Christ. They will hear, “He has come, He has gone”.
19.         “…That you are in our midst is a problem to Me because I will remain guilty until I translate you into the Kingdom of His Dear Son…”
20.         You see, in the message titled, “The Perfect Guide”, the Son of Man said, “Do you not know that a Guide that is perfect knows the way? He signs his life in; He stays in front and places his followers behind Him. He does not give instruction from behind. He stays in front, and then when He moves, they keep on following Him for He is perfect.
21.         A Perfect Guide, He signs his life in. The life of the pilot is signed in before the lives of passengers and crewmembers. If he stumbles in the air, his life is involved. If he lands safely, he rejoices. If he crashes, that is all. The whole world will hold him guilty.
22.         The blood of all the passengers and crew members will be required from him because he was careless. He did not pilot the plane according to instruction. He disobeyed all navigational rules.
23.         Moreover, the word you believe said, “The captain of your salvation had already been made perfect”. You cannot be a Perfect Guide until you are conversant with the road.
24.         Our message said, “Look at what you did to me before and look at why I came back”. In other words, I am not new to this road. I am a customer to this road.
25.         Too many do not know that this was the same voice they heard in Galilee. This is the man of Galilee. The Root and Offspring of David, who abandoned His people and went to a place that is despised intending to use them to provoke His people to jealousy.
26.         Now, the time of the despised is over. His eyes are again upon His people. However, He promised that every first day of the week, He will be with you in the Gentile, but the rest of the days in the week He is in the Middle East.
27.         He (God, the Son of Man) has no programme with you here from Monday to Saturday but every first day of the week He has a programme, to make you to be relaxed. Amen.

You do not know what God is doing. I went to bed last night and had three dangerous dreams at a roll. One dream coming to me three times, and it was not palatable.
2.          I said, “No, I reject these dreams”. I woke up three times the dream came. I said, “No, no, no, let me go and see things for myself”. I left, went straight to the brother’s house and I saw death.
3.            I said, “So this thing can be real? No, it is not acceptable. My friend wake up, rise up from there, it is not yet time.”
4.            I remained there until he woke up and then requested for water. I left his house, went to my wife’s kitchen and she was busy. I said, “Darling, I do not know what is happening; three dreams coming to me and all of them, the same thing”.
5.            She did not dare to ask, “Daddy, what is that all about?” I left the kitchen and that was when I was through. I asked my son to get me my phone. I considered my time, it was almost 5:30 in the morning.
6.            I said, “Call Bishop Moses for me”. They called and his daughter picked, for I used Bishop Moses to save that of his wife, so that if one does not answer the other will answer. I do not have Sister Moses on my phone rather I have Bishop Moses, 2.
7.            If I call, whether wife or husband answers, you are the same. Yes, I can write Brother Mike, in that Brother Mike, I and 2, one is Brother Mike, while the second Brother Mike is Sister Mike. I do not even number it, what I have is Brother Mike having two numbers. Anybody can pick. Whoever that picks the instruction would be, “Give your wife phone” or “Your husband,” finish.
8.            I ordered her to take the phone to her daddy. She said, “But my Mummy is taking her bath”. I said, “I know that it is your mother’s phone but take the phone to your daddy”.
9.            Brother got the phone, I told him to switch off and call me with his number. He complained about his airtime, I said, “Switch off, I am the one that called, relax very well, are you hearing me well?” He said yes.
10.         The network that was fluctuating vanished. I said, “Please, I had three terrible dreams concerning you. Immediately I went to bed between 10:30 and 11pm, I slept off and the dreams came at intervals”.
11.         He asked, “By what time?” I said, “Between 10 and 11pm.” He said it is pure truth.
12.         I said, “The thing woke me up three times and that thing repeated three times. Then I said no, I must come and see for myself and I came and I saw”.
13.         He said, “So, this is why I am still breathing? Of a truth you came. If you did not come, I would have been on my way to the mortuary”.
14.         I looked up and looked down and said, “To God be the glory”.
15.         You know I do not dream dreams, but if I want to fool you, I will tell you that I dreamt. He that keepeth Israel does not sleep neither does He slumber!
16.         Then I passed on the message and he understood the message immediately. I will not do anything based on the content.
17.         Brother Victor Ugwu, you know I love you. From the very beginning, I never for one day fooled you. When you were living at Mammy, I only visited your house once with my wife when you had your baby. When you packed into your new place in GRA, I only paid you visit twice up till today. Can you remember?
18.         In addition, you were the one that brought me there. You know what happened that time! You would have been with your ancestors long time ago. It is unfortunate that your people do not appreciate good things. Your people do not appreciate favour.
19.         Even recently, your younger brother would have served not less than five years imprisonment but for one thing.  Because of that singular incident, the husband of the woman called Esther, a Deeper Life member has now believed our faith and called me saying, “My Lord and my God”. The man said, “I am the husband of Esther that fellowships in the house of our Pastor, Brother Christopher Ugwu in Kano”.
20.         I asked him, “Are you now a member?” He said, “Hundred percent! Look at my problem, I believe that with you it is all over.”
21.         How many have heard your testimony and believed God? Be very careful. I know how many dreams I have entertained on your behalf. That reminded me yesterday of a message, number one message was titled, “The Interceding Man of God”, the second one that followed was, “Where there is No Intercessor”.
22.         Thank God you all know these messages. God was angry at His people and He said in the scriptures, “I was angry at Israel, I was forced to banish them from my Presence. I looked for an Intercessor but there was none”.
23.         Can you imagine when you are in trouble, even when you cannot pray, there is nobody that will kneel down and mention your Name before God and say, “God, help brother, help Sister. We do not want him to die, we do not want her to die.” Let me stop there. To God be the glory.
24.         We are serving a living God whose eyes runeth to and fro all over the whole Earth. Tell me where that person is and the eye of the Lord is not there.
25.         “…Just a little while, time will vindicate us.
26.          Just a little while, time will vindicate us; as at the year 2002.
27.         “…Every man must go the way he is ordained…”
28.         You see this message was there as at that time. Every man, every woman, you must go the way you are ordained. If you are destined to harden your heart, you are lost. It is just like the sister I am talking to. I met her in end-time together with her elder sister, UK. If you suffer all these things and at last perish, shame on you.
29.         I wedded her and she lived with her husband for eight good years. Ran her home, her kitchen, maintained herself together with the husband. She is not a divorcee, she is not married, I mean right now.
30.         Our former brother, former in the sense that we excommunicated him because of his wrongdoing; he has never come to me one day telling me that he divorced his wife. I will never forget the last day he came to me, elder Mike Nwanga was alive.
31.         He came with some pleasantries, pretending to be sound in reasoning. He said that he has come to collect his wife and to be restored to the Faith.
32.         I said, “Forget about restoration. Concerning your wife, go to Nkpor, go and see your mother-in-law and so-called father-in-law”. That is, the representative, in person of late Elder Mike.
33.         As long as the man never put the woman away, the woman cannot put the husband away. If you run away without your husband approval, you are wasting your time. Even if you have children there, your husband will come and collect you and the children. Have I not taught you on that?
34.         Moreover, no living woman will have two living husbands at the same time. One must die for the other to stay. If you married your husband when the road was clear, everything was ok, and in the process of the marriage, the man develops sickness, I do not care what the sickness might be, and because of the sickness you run away, you are still guilty. He that enjoyed must also suffer. I do not know whether somebody understood me!
35.         This thing I am telling you is really paining me, making me to think because this girl was in this faith right from childhood, when she was still an infant. I know that it is foolishness that is disturbing her.
36.         Will God change His word because of somebody? God cannot change His word because of you. You have known about this thing even before Elder Mike Nwanga passed on. You know how many times I invited you to my house, you know how many times I have talked to you concerning this.
37.         Sister UK, are you not aware of this matter? Did I hide it for one day? Even when the traditional ruler of the community by the name, Eze M.O. Mba was still on the throne, I told you that this is the opportunity for you now. That I am in good relationship with the man.
38.         Apostle Kelechi, Brother Onyema Eze and I went to the man’s house, there I wrecked up this matter. The next time I met Policarp, what he asked me of was his wife.
39.         Wherever a child is crying and pointing fingers, if the mother is not there, the father is there. Elder Mike tried but Sister UK and her relations frustrated him. Elder Mike died, Eze M.O Mba also died but Policarp is still alive.
40.         What I need is a word from Policarp. You told a man to come and take his money back, he refused and demanded for his wife, yet you want to tell me that he is mentally retarded. Did’t he see other women on the street? How many of them did he point? Amen.


Thank God we are handling Marriage and Divorce. Maybe we may come to a point where this thing is documented, if not in this Message, maybe in the future, for I believe that I touched on matters like this.
2.          What do we do in a case of a man who was living in the fullness of life, got mad or got crippled in one way or the other, even without having an issue, what will be the case of the wife? If you are the one involved and your wife ran away leaving you, is it right?
3.            Let me tell you what I am saying. Some heathens will stand in judgment to condemn many of us. Our former brother, Christian Akpe, the younger brother to our late Brother Joshua, the first wife became blind; he married the second wife and had many children.
4.            What is more, he said that due to the type of love that exists between him and the first wife, that she is the wife that grew up with him, and there is no way he can abandon her just because of what has happened. Despite the fact that he has a new wife but, he said that he cannot abandon the old wife, that he will stay with the old wife more than the new wife.
5.            He said that he is the one that baths her and even lead her about because she is blind. That there is nothing in this life that would make him leave her. He left the young wife and stayed with the old blind wife, why? Due to the love that exists between them.
6.            The adage that says that if you marry a young wife, you send the old one away, he said no to it, as well I say no to it. Why is he doing so? Because of the message he received from our midst: “This is the wife of your youth, forsake her not”.
7.            This is the husband of your youth, forsake him not until he betrays you. As long as he is still alive, you are under his laws. A woman is under the laws of the man until the man dies. However, when the man dies, the woman is no longer under the laws of the husband. Until the man liberates you by saying that you should go, do all the necessary rites, you still have problem.
8.            There was one that was disturbing me for months. One day I ran mad and said, “Will you stop this nonsense! Are you a divorcee? She closed her mouth.”
9.            I said, “Speak to me! Are you a divorcee?” She said no because if you are a divorcee, you drop the name of your husband. You cannot be a divorcee and still retain that name.
10.         I said, “Did you file any case in any court against your husband seeking for divorce?” She said no. I said, “You have a problem. Your problem is that you want to leave an independent life. The problem of your husband is that he wants to dodge his responsibility. If you are a divorcee, why is he monitoring you? Why is he providing for you? When it comes to fighting somebody, two of you will unite.
11.         “After fighting the person, you become enemies to yourselves. Who are you deceiving? Do not ever make the mistake of mentioning this word before my hearing again”. And from that day the chapter was closed.
12.         God must surely judge you on the way you handled the wife of your youth, will also judge you on the way you handled the husband of your youth.
13.         “…Do not just believe because we are saying it; take your time; investigate it, scrutinize it, find out for yourself whether it is true or false. And until you are convinced, do not show any concern…”
14.         Do not just sit down. Investigate, scrutinize, until you are sure and certain that what we are saying is truth. Even if we call you devil, accept that you are devil, but sit down, if you are not convinced, do not ever put your hand there. Eternal life is not negotiable, it has no second chance!
15.         “…Thus, there is no lightning that crosses from one end of the Earth to another. You err not knowing the Scriptures nor the Power of God…”
16.          While we are in our own raining season, some are in their own winter, a sort of hammathan. While we are harvesting our crops, some are planting. Is that not right?
17.         Check even the clock, a Brother was calling me somewhere in America and he was saying Good morning. I said, “Why are you saying good morning? I am about to go to bed”. He laughed and said that by his own time, it is good morning, for our time here in Nigeria is nine hours faster than their own.
18.         There are places where we have fourteen hours faster. Thus, while they are in the bed one o’clock in the morning, we are in Nigeria rejoicing four o’clock in the evening. You know I did not go to school, there are many things I do not know but I thank God for His Word!
19.         “…You will keep on holding the Bible until you hear: “He has come, he has gone.”
20.         Has it not come to pass? “Son of Man, close the book, seal up the testimony. From now they will hear, He has come, He has gone”.
21.         “…No other foundation can any man lay than that which is laid already who is Christ…”
22.          This is the only living, sound and vibrant Assembly of God’s children under the sun. This is the Bridal Ministry. Others have been swallowed up by the world.
23.         “…Hence, God is revealing to His Church in these last days things He never revealed to our fathers through His servants, the Apostles and the Prophets in accordance with the Holy Scriptures as we can see in Ephesians chapter 3 verse 5…”
24.         St. Paul said that it was written at so, so and so in the Holy Scriptures, Jesus said, thus saith the scriptures.
25.         “…Things that were not revealed in the days of our fathers are being made known to us in these last days. God really loves us. Religion has been the greatest instrument in the hands of Satan to deceive the world…
26.         Abi na lie? The next thing is politics. Religion and politics are one. So, run away from somebody who will draw you into long arguments with the subject abandoning the truth. We are not in the Ministry to argue with anybody. I will preach the truth and you will behave the way you want.
27.         No wonder, the Son of Man keeps on saying, “Believe it if you can”. But where you cannot, leave it there. It does not impose sin on anybody. I will preach the truth and you behave the way you want.
28.         Yes, I do not believe in policing any man about or any woman about. If you want to hang yourself, it is your right. I will only tell you the consequences, what you will suffer if you hang yourself.
29.         However, I will never collect rope from your hand, for he that commits suicide, does not commit crime against anybody. Anybody that commits suicide never committed murder, he never committed crime against anybody. If you kill yourself, did you kill anybody?
30.         That you disobeyed the word, does it concern God? Will God go to Hell? Can God repent? Can we because of you pervert the truth? The Bishop, you look very cool for some time now, and it is because the truth that was given to you was more than your weight.
31.         It is not sickness rather, instead of you to believe the truth; you started using elderly sense on it. You had better start dancing now than for you to say, “God, if money ever enters my hand, if I did not rush and marry, then I will know what caused it”.
32.         Stop thinking about what you and your children will do but think about what you and God will do. Stop thinking about what you are going to do with your children but think and concentrate on what you are going to face with God.
33.         A message was going on in the fellowship one day, our late Elder Mike Nwaga stood up and said, “He that has ears should hear the words of God”. He sat down again; it was the word of an Elder. It was a complete package. Many thought that he was referring the package to the wife and children but the package went to all of us.
34.         If you think that it is only brother that is having the problem, it is a lie. What are we saying? God said that some are here whose sin will be revealed now so as to save them, while some will go to the judgment seat with their sins.
35.         If you are wise, God said that your prayer would be, “God, reveal my sins now that I may change and plead for forgiveness while I am still alive, than to leave and you go to judgment with it, where there will not be any hope left”.
36.         Can you go scot-free when you go to judgment with God? Can you defeat God in judgment?
37.         “…All the while, I have used the prophetic utterances or predictions of William Branham, the prophet; the Seventh Angel Messenger that foreran this Message. I have used some of his prophetic messages to build up your faith.
38.         I have used some verses of the Scriptures to confirm the Faith. Now, I am talking to you face-to-face in accordance with the Scriptures that God at sundry times…”
39.         Who is saying this? The Elohim. See the Personality in your midst. I have used the prophetic utterances of the Prophet that foreran the ministry, I have used many verses of the scriptures but now I am talking to you face to face.
40.         Tell me a man that speaketh with authority like this? How can He speak if He is not sure? Can a man make this kind of statement if he is not sure of it? You may not know who I am, but I know who I am.
41.         “…As Jonah was a sign to Nineveh, so shall this Son of Man be a sign to this generation; God in human form; God in a badger skin before the fire falls…”
42.         Has it come to pass?
43.         “…It has been like that. I am talking to My people. I am not talking to foreigners. You can be a foreigner in this Faith.
44.         Brother Vin Obidinma, look at what we were discussing in my house. We are considering Marriage and Divorce. Look at what we have been hearing. Marriage and Divorce is still far.
45.         “…I am handing out a vindicated message…”
46.          Abi na lie? See the supernatural photographs, see what is happening around it, vindicated and even over-vindicated. Are we in doubt as to who is talking to us or the source of our inspiration or who gathered us? See the Supreme Judge.
47.         “…I am not referring anything to you, but if you see it as truth, it is okay. If you see it as a lie, no problem. But to my people, what I am going to say, it is not negotiable…
48.         Nobody has ever negotiated the Word of God without running into trouble. Do not negotiate it. Hear it, understand and act on it: Hearing, understanding and acting.
49.         “…They know more than that because they know the Source of the Message…”
50.         As at that time. Today you know more than that. Who will say that he did not know where this message is coming from? We are hearing it with our ears, seeing it with our eyes, they are coming to pass before us.
51.         “…In your own day also, you were privileged to hear the same Voice: “Come this day; bring your cameras and you will see He that has been dealing with you all these years to banish unbelief…”
52.         As we continued, we heard, “Today is another day”. From another day, we heard another saying, “The testimony continues”. Hence, He said, “Follow me and you will see greater things ahead”.
53.         If we are to hang photographs of what has transpired as we photographed, the fellowship hall will not accommodate all. From Aba alone we got ten different vindications. From Obosima, over eight different vindications.
54.         Where do we hang them? Do not worry, very soon, we are going over to our own homeland. We can even use the photograph to make Agbada, cap, shoes and wristwatches.
55.         “…Let me tell you; I am indebted to the whole world. I am a debtor to the world, especially to the Elect who have pinned their hope on Me. Believe it if you can; in me, all the Gentiles must pin their hope.
56.         Did He mince words? If He never knew who He is, how can a man make this kind of statement? Who has ever come on Earth claiming to be one thing or the other, making this type of statement? If He is not sure, do you think He would have made this type of statement?
57.         On Wednesday we read a message saying, “I, Apostle Peter Odoemena say unto you, ‘I will give salvation to whosoever I will. Anybody I do not want to give, I will never give. Petition to anywhere you like.’”
58.         Have you ever come across somebody that said this type of thing? Jesus did not say something like this. He said, “If you do not believe that I am He, you will perish with your sin”. They said, “Look at this man, he is speaking as one having authority—a mere man making himself God.” I have spoken more than that.
59.         “…Believe it if you can; in Me, all the Gentiles must pin their hope. Believe it if you can.  Is He imposing it on you? If you do not want to believe, say, I will not believe.
60.         I said, believe it if you can. If you cannot, call it an empty boast. It is only time that will vindicate all things.
61.         Abi na lie? Are you not living witnesses? Look at the word. You see as at that time He said, even if you do not understand, follow me anyhow, towards the end, you must understand all things for everything shall be visible.
64.         Do you know what gladdens my heart, too many people living around us here and hearing our voices, they have been wondering about so many things and they know that it is truth, but by the time they will volunteer to be in our fellowship, they will not see anybody. They will look for us. Where we are, they do not know. How to see us, they do not know. However, God adds daily to His Church as many as should be saved.
65.         Did He say that you should go and bring them? Preach this and that? God Himself adds to His Church daily as many as should be saved.
66.         “…I have won the battle. The angels are rejoicing because I did not disappoint them…”
67.         Angels are rejoicing that I did not disappoint them. I am worthy of the confidence they reposed on me. When the voice said, “Who will I send? Who shall go?” The Son of Man volunteered: “Father, send me”.
68.         “…I have won the battle. The angels are rejoicing because I did not disappoint them. I am sure and certain about it…”
69.         As at 2002, even if you did not believe, I was sure and certain. Do you see why, no matter the rebellion, no matter the opposition, they meant nothing to me? At a time, the Son of Man said, all of you should follow them. Open the door and follow them, if it remains one person here, I am pleased. How can a man speak this way if he is not sure and certain?
70.         “…All the while, I have used Prophetic Messages; I have used the Scriptures the much I know that you will agree with Me; because I have brought you to a fanatical composition.
71.         I have brought you to a fanatical level where I should be in trouble if I say things that you know you cannot believe. I know what I am saying…”
72.         What is more, I have made it impossible for you to worship with any group. Our little Sister Chinelo went to Lagos, about two months old in the faith, and volunteered to die because of the faith: “Even if I do not marry, what is marriage?” Glory be to our Brother who opened my eye to see salvation. You are all wasting your time! You cannot cage me, I am going to fellowship!”
73.         Brethren, have you wondered why, for every great topic, before God will touch it, He will start very far, laying foundation. Remember we are about to consider Marriage and Divorce. Look at where we took off, from prayer and yet Marriage and Divorce has not been touched.
74.         “…There is nothing a man can contribute to his salvation…”
75.          Have you heard it? What can you contribute to your salvation? Absolutely nothing. Even believing God is not of your own making.  It is God’s own doing, an act of grace. For the Bible said that God Himself has given to us believing hearts to believe the truth.
76.         What if God did not give you the believing heart? For He knoweth those that will believe and those that will believe not. For He is the One that gave some believing heart and gave some unbelieving heart. You happen to be among the mad people that were picked from the market square.
77.         Were you the only mad people there? He sent them round the world and you were favoured. Of all mad people you were the only one they picked and you cooperated and attended the Wedding Supper.
78.         “…The way they were holding the Bible made Me to understand the way they esteemed the Bible. But I know very well that whatever people esteem very highly is an abomination in the sight of God—I know that. Who is saying this? The Elohim.
79.         Anybody He does not want to save, He gives him “cost of discipleship…” 
80.         Note; anybody God does not want to save, He will give him cost of discipleship, but anybody He wants to save, He will say, “Follow me”.
81.         “…Of you from other Local Churches, do yourselves a favour. Any money spent in dubbing your tapes is not a waste…”
82.          Now, any money spent in getting the messages in print form is not a waste. Equally, money spent in transcribing the messages from the tapes to the books is not a waste. If you do not have the message “Marriage and Divorce”, order for it now.
83.          “…After this Message, I am only holding just one mystery, and that mystery will not be revealed until all the families are fully ransomed; until the whole Churches are fully ransomed.
84.         In that mystery, is all that you have been dying for—just one little thing and once it is revealed…”
85.         That is “The Pyramid” Message.
86.         “…you look around yourself; you may be wondering: ‘What is taking place? What is this all about? You will say, ‘That is what they were saying now. One thing, little thing. It is stage by stage.
87.         In the year 2001, I told you in this Faith, “Do not destroy yourselves because of the Message of Grace. Something sweeter than Grace is on the way…”
88.         Has it come to pass? Call me bad for I am bad. BAD. I have made it impossible for anybody to associate with anything religious denomination. I have succeeded in creating enemity in your heart against any form of falsehood all in the name of religion.
89.         “…I am bad; call Me bad. I mean am bad. I know more than that because I am raising the worst radical boys…”
90.          I am raising radical boys with radical message. The message that overcometh the world. Not gentlemen’s faith. Jesus was not a gentleman. If he was a gentleman, when he entered the temple and got people making sales in the temple, what did he do? He displayed the massacre. Elderly people, everybody on the run.
91.         You may say, “This man said he is God, but how can God behave like this? This boy does not have respect for elders, even in the temple”.
92.         There is nothing like gentleman in Christ. Every religious man is a gentleman. If you watch the attitude of a reverend father with that of a Pharisee, compare it to that of Jesus in the temple, who would you say is filled with the Holy Ghost? The Pharisee. Yet he is a wolf in sheep clothing.
93.         “…I am raising the worst radical boys, radical girls and women in this Faith and I am making them hostile to every false religion; making it impossible for any of them to be associated with anything evil. I am bad.”
94.         Thank you very much for giving Me audience, thank you very much for permitting Me to serve you. I love you with the love of God.
95.       On this note, I say remain in your sanctified estate, remain blessed in Him eternally. Amen.