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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Have Faith in the Spoken Word


If I say Almighty God will not slaughter me, who is the Almighty to begin with? If I am afraid that God will slaughter me, which God will slaughter me?
Let me tell you, I am the only Being that can lay down His life and pick it.
Believe it if you can…
— The Son of Man
An excerpt from the Message: CHECK POINT, PP. 3)

 If in the beginning it was the Word, in the end it must be the Word. What was the action of the Word? The Word proclaimed something into existence. From the Word we could see the expression of the source of the Word, for a Word is nothing but “thought expressed.” In the mind of the Elohim, there was something hidden and nobody knew it. The Word has to express what was in the mind of the Elohim.
From the Word, you could hear, “Let there be light,” and the Bible said that there was light. From the Word, you could hear, “Let there be darkness,” and there was darkness. From the Word, you could hear, “Let there be water,” and there was water. From the Word, the Earth was severed from the water. From the Word, beings in the water came into existence...
The Spoken Word is the Original Seed. Without the Spoken Word whatever we say we believe, the whole world may even ridicule it.  
 –The Son of Man


Supernatural Cloud in Bride of Christ revealed The of Man on Sunday 7 April 1996

Deuteronomy 31:15 “And the LORD appeared in the tabernacle in a pillar of a cloud: and the pillar of the cloud stood over the door of the tabernacle.” KJV
The Son of Man Peter Odoemena Revealed in Supernatural Cloud on Sunday 7 April 1997 at Bride of Christ Ministry World Wide

Exodus 13:21 And the LORD went before them by day in a pillar of a cloud, to lead them the way; and by night in a pillar of fire, to give them light; to go by day and night:.” KJV.

Light Cloud in Bride of Christ Ministry on 7 April 1996
Psalms 89:7 God is greatly to be feared in the assembly of the saints, and to be had in reverence of all them that are about him.” KJV


The Headstone The Son of Man

“Daniel 7:9 I beheld till the thrones were cast down, and the Ancient of days did sit, whose garment was white as snow, and the hair of his head like the pure wool: his throne was like the fiery flame, and his wheels as burning fire.” KJV

Isaiah 11:10 “And in that day there shall be a root of Jesse, which shall stand for an ensign of the people; to it shall the Gentiles seek: and his rest shall be glorious.” KJV

The Son of Man

Acts 17:31 Because he hath appointed a day, in the which he will judge the world in righteousness by that man whom he hath ordained; whereof he hath given assurance unto all men, in that he hath raised him from the dead.

The Cloud Revealed The Son of Man in Bride of Christ Ministry

Ephesians 2:19 “Now therefore ye are no more strangers and foreigners, but fellow citizens with the saints, and of the household of God.” KJV









THE SPOKEN word is the original seed (1)

To be compassionate is to do the will of God, Because God said it, it is guaranteed, nothing can cancel it. Narrow it down to your own individual life.
2.           What has God said concerning you? Forget about whatever any other person is saying concerning you. What has God said concerning you, concerning your work, concerning your family? Forget about any other person.
3.           I DO NOT care the source. Any other source can fail but not God. If God says it, it is guaranteed; nothing can cancel it. Though it may delay, wait for it for it must surely come to pass because the mouth of the Lord has spoken.
4.           I want to espouse all of you to the spoken word which is the original seed. Remember, the Spoken Word holds your Rapture or your Translation. If you believe it, say amen.  
5.           You have reasons why you must believe. The history we can lay hand on that is still relevant to a large extent in our day concerning Creation and what God did in time past remains; one, the Archaeological Parchments. There are too many of them. I have ancient parchments, ancient write-ups, dated one thousand five hundred years before the Bible was written.
6.           Come to My house and see many of them. Go to the library at Ogidi, you will see many parchments dated even 325 BCE before the Bible was even compiled. I have those documents. I verify everything as I go on. Thus, I am not a blind Leader.
7.           At every point in time, I will pause, watch nature, watch events, watch histories. I believe God preserved those write ups. Some of them are written in Aramaic, some in Greek. However, they were translated by knowledgeable scholars into our own English, especially the recent one that was collected from the Dead Sea.
8.           You do not have it but I have a copy—a scroll that survived right from the days of Jesus Christ in the Dead Sea; recovered, translated and the thing dovetailed to the entire book of Jeremiah and Isaiah.
9.           With the Spoken Word, God created the world. How many believe that? Check the world. The world was without form, darkness covered the whole Earth but the Elohim existed alone.
10.        The Elohim existed alone even when the world was without form. However, He existed without form. He was not a human being. There was no one that could describe the form He existed.
11.        Hence, when darkness covered the whole Earth, He existed in the Thick Darkness, as a Sovereign Spirit, the Elohim existed alone hence, we can call Him the Self-existing One.
12.        This Self-existing One, in His Spiritual Realm made a proclamation. He said, “Let there be light.” The first thing that came out was through Spoken Word, and there was light! Illumination came! It was there and then it was discovered the whole Earth was covered by water.
13.        Thus, there was no place anybody could place his feet for the whole Earth was discovered to have been covered with water. Is it any wonder why anywhere you go and drill the ground, you must surely get water? Which means the Earth is floating on the surface of water. Archaeologists know this truth. I do not care how arid (dry) the desert might be; there must be water in the desert.
14.        I do not care how high the mountain might be, there must be a lake. A crater must be there. Have you wondered why if you are knowledgeable in the physical structure of the whole Earth, each time a volcano explodes, there must be magmatic effusion. Magma must flow out. You call it solid mineral, I do not care the way you look at it. Gas must be emitted.
15.        At the end of the day, you see water coming out but it is a hot spring which we call geyser. In other words, in every mountain, no matter how high, there must be water there.
16.        Have you wondered why almost all the streams and rivers have their fountain from the mountain? Even your so called River Niger took off from the highlands(Futa Jallon). A highland is a mountain. Are you surprised why Nsugbe is an highland, and Anam? Check the surrounding lands, they are all highlands. There can never be a valley without a highland.
17.        Please, take note of what I am saying. I am trying to buttress the archaeological facts that the Earth is floating on top of water.
18.        When the Lord spoke and light came out, remember William Branham made it clear that the manifestation is always the interpretation. That when God said, “Let there be light, it requires no interpretation.” All that heard the voice, the Hosts of Spiritual angels that were with Him when the world was without form; of course, I will mention who they are, not who they were because they are ever present.
19.        Remember what I taught you concerning the unseen foreign objects that could come, kidnap people and vanish. Remember what I told you concerning the Bermuda Triangle. That there is no river or sea that does not have its own Bermuda Triangle.
20.        Bermuda Triangle is a name, a nomenclature that is given to that particular spot. However, there are too many other spots like that. For example in Onitsha, when you see River Niger, there is a particular place they used to call ite ofe (pot of soup).
21.        Note it,  that ite ofe, that you are expert in fishing, that you are an expert in swimming, it is not that place. It is a point of no return.
22.        Bishop Nnachor, you are the most elderly man from that riverine area. You see, Bishop Nnachor answered in affirmative! That you get big catches in fishing expenditure, have you been able to fish and catch there? That you are an expert in swimming, has anybody swam in there and come out? You need to see it, it is there, it is visible. All sacrifices are rendered there.
23.        There are too many things God created for Himself, for His own use visible and invisible, Understandable and THOSE NOT understandable yet they are IN EXISTENCE.
24.        I will not talk about navigation. Even if you are a pilot, you know about the air, that is why you must be taught on the use of compass before you can be a decent pilot. There are certain zones we call free zones in the air, you dare not venture your flight there. That is why all flights are routed using the bearing. Otherwise, aeroplanes will be having head on collusions in the air.
25.        But you notice, two aeroplanes can never fly the same route. Yet, there is no main road in the air. I will not talk about that one. Too many aeroplanes have vanished in the air, they never landed anywhere and they never crashed. What trapped them? Where did they land at last?
26.        Because according to the law of nature, the gravitational force is always there. Whatever goes up must surely come down. However, these ones went up and they did not come down.  What happened to them? That is not My message. I am trying to espouse you to something.
27.        The Lord said, “Let the land come out of the sea, and the land separated from the sea.” That is the land we are seeing now. He began to make boundaries between the land and the sea.
28.        Note it, the rivers, the streams, the oceans, they have their boundaries. I do not care about flooding. Any land that is submerged by flooding was reclaimed from the sea. I do not care the rate of flooding, any mass of land that submerges as a result of flooding, check the history of that place, it was reclaimed from the sea.
29.        Of course, you know the truth that water seeks its own level. Land reclamation, where are they reclaiming the land from? The sea! They are taking another man’s property. It will only be in their hands with time. When the time expires, nature must take its toll.
30.        You can cheat everything but not nature. He that fixed the boundaries, did He make a mistake? No! However, human beings are trying to adjust the boundaries. They are ending it in nullity! It is a futile exercise that is why they are regretting. Please, bear with Me.
31.         I am saying that the Lord came out one morning and said, “Let there be sea animals.” By the Spoken Word all aquatic creatures came into existence. All cold-blooded animals, even amphibians, those that could survive in the water and on the land at the same time came out.
32.        Let Me round off. Apart from man, human being, all creatures, name them what you want, ranging from the sand to the grasses in the forest, animals in the forest, birds in the air, animals in the sea—apart from human being—every other thing God created was created by the Spoken Word.
33.        But when it came to fashioning out His own semblance, painting His own picture and image, He settled down, watched His own shadow reflecting on the wall for there was light.
34.        Where there is no light, there can never be shadow. And where the being is not a living being, there can never be a shadow. Even a corpse has no shadow. Under normal condition, any corpse that reflects shadow, the elders must be invited for something is wrong.
35.        Scientifically, we believe—I in particular—that there is nothing wrong with that shadow but something is wrong with the mourners of the living for there is a particular cell in that fellow that was yet to collapse and that cell can activate the whole system if it can be permitted to relax more.
36.        That is why we have records of too many that were taken to the mortuary, before embalmment, they saw them sitting down or breathing, which means there was something in them that never collapsed finally.
37.         death is nothing but a systemic collapse of the human body. Systemic collapse and it takes place gradually.
38.        Even if accident occurs, with the human eyes, the victims are confirmed dead. But as long as they are reflecting shadows, there are too many things in the victims that are yet to collapse. Until the last cell drops, the shadow will not vanish. It many take a day, it may take two, it may take three, it may take one hour.
39.        This is a secret doctors have not discovered. But once they use their stethoscope and the heart beat is no longer there, there is no pulse, they conclude that life has gone out. No, there is still life which the stethoscope cannot pick.
40.        At least, it has happen to Me twice. I remember when I was a bachelor far back in 1982. In 1982 it happened to Me at the General Hospital in Onitsha. I was wrapped, placed in a stretcher outside, enroute mortuary but the nurses were too busy handling accident cases at ward four which occurred between Ekeson because of one trailer at Upper-Iweka, involving their best driver from Okija that time they call boy-o-boy.
41.        Thanks be to God because He was by My side. There was one junior nurse that time, married, by the name Mrs Eyiuche. The husband was a medical doctor in that same hospital shuttling between Iyi-Enu and General Hospitals. The woman saw the thing, ran inside and said, “This corpse should not be taken to the mortuary. I watched the young boy, I saw some movements, but the movement was at intervals.”
42.        Then, Doctor Chikwendu rushed to Doctor Anyika. They noticed it too. Then they called one doctor Mike Chinwuba who became the Chief Consultant of the hospital at Enugu-Ukwu.
43.        The man came and said, “Carry this boy back to the ward.” They now invited Enwezor. They formed a team and vowed they will never go.
44.        I say wherever the young man might be—Doctor Chikwendu—may God bless him! For three consecutive days he did not go home, he said he must see the end. Another person is Doctor Mbanugo who is still there till now, Chief Medical Officer (CMO) today.
45.        These two young men, they were doing their houseman-ship. They vowed they must never go home. They saw the end. What was the end? My eyes opened after four days. They used suction tube to evacuate everything from my stomach and began to feed Me from the nose. After some months, I was discharged, hale and hearty!
46.        The next one was in 1993 when I fell down unconsciously at the third floor in My office. Everything was lost but God was by My side. Many that saw the thing are still in Onitsha even till now. It is not something I can describe because I remember experts came.
47.        When I regained a little consciousness, they put water in My mouth and collect it from My anus. They put pap in My mouth and collect it, white. Just on the spot, it is not a matter of waiting.
48.        Experts came from UNTH (University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital), suggested how I should be taken to hospital at Enugu but there was no way.  However, God was by My side. Before their eyes, after some weeks, I started mumbling some statements.
49.        From there—Brother Ojiakor, have you forgotten it? You were shuttling that time—My friends rallied round, My enemies also rallied round. It was at that point they concluded that this man would not die again.
50.        I cannot forget the words of Doctor Okwusiogu who was a student that time. He is still there, a native of Onitsha. The young man, that time, came to General Hospital for one thing or the other with his friend Doctor Onyeibo who came from Iyienu and My brother-in-law who is now late Doctor Ifeadi.
51.        They examined Me and did everything. Doctor Iloghalu, Emeka allowed them: “You are above me, we are all working towards saving this life. Whatever you want to suggest, suggest. I am here to administer”. At the end of the day, they could not offer any suggestion. But God took control.
52.        What am I saying? I am not the only one. We still have it on record that Brother Ik Obasanya who is breathing till today was heading to mortuary at Borromeo Hospital. Few meters to the gate, he sneezed, and that was when the call came to Me.
53.        They were telling Me “Look at, look at, they were taking him to the mortuary;” I said, “No, he is not dead. Tell them to stop I am on My way. He is not dead.” At that same hour, he sneezed. Both the police, everybody went back. For his sake, God brought his friend back too.
54.        I am saying that you as a human being, I as a human being, we are so important to God that He did not use the Spoken Word to create us. We cost Him a lot. If you do not know what it takes to paint a picture of a human being or any object, it is because you have never or you did not do what I may call creative art.
55.        If you have done creative art, you will know that it is not easy to create an image. The same way I tell people wherever I go that the most difficult job I know in this life is transforming, reproducing the thoughts of the heart into writing.
56.        Reproducing the thought of the heart into writing, it is the most difficult task. That is why only very few engage in literary arts. Others enjoy the labours of their fellow being.
57.        God settled down, brought out the idea and started painting the picture that was on the wall. And no other picture but His own express picture. That is why man has become the express image of God. As He saw Himself in the mirror, you know the mirror He was using that time was water.
58.        When God wanted to know His stature, He will glance at water. Water will show God how He looked like. If you want to see yourself, do not go too far. Take aluminium tumbler, pour pure water there, drink it, you will see your face. At least, where there is not stream around, it is a very nice experiment.
59.        Because, once there is light, there must be radiation. Once you are a human being, you must vibrate. You are vibrating and radiating at the same time. You are not an opaque body. Otherwise, no X-Ray machine can get anything from you. Thus, you are not only transparent, you are also translucent. Better take these facts!
60.        What am I saying? We cost God a lot. After painting the picture of a man, from a man now—I mean, there is a Masterpiece—He reproduced a woman.
61.        Reproducing a woman is a light thing which is lighter than creating the first picture. You know, to make the first impression is not easy! However, when the first impression is made with success, successive impressions will be very, very easy. It is a matter of reducing size, shaping this and that. Then, He considered what would be at the female side.
62.        By the word of the mouth, the Spoken Word, He created both male and female animals. Thus, considering that which is not in existence, that later came into existence by Spoken Word, He watched them perform. Finish!
63.        Through their performances, what He conceived in His heart came into existence that man must reproduce like other animals sexually and not asexually. That man must reproduce as living beings that could move about, not as plants. Am I making sense at all?
64.        Now, when that man offended and God wanted to put an end to his rebellion, what did He use to destroy? The Spoken Word! After warning the man, He mooted out another destructive idea to wipe off the whole Earth with water.
65.        With the Spoken Word, He spoke the destruction into existence. Do you know that the Bible even made it clearer that, “The world we are enjoying today is preserved by the Spoken Word, waiting for the day when God will destroy the wicked by setting the whole Earth on fire.” What will He use to ignite that fire? The Spoken Word!  Amen.


The Spoken Word holds the power of God because it is the original seed. That is why the Bible laid credence to it by saying, “Whosoever God sends, speaks the Word of God for the Spirit of God is with Him without measure.” Because He is bearing the name of God, He is God’s mouthpiece; your duty is to pay heed to His word, that is, Pay strict attention.
2.           For whatever God wants to tell you, you must hear it from His mouth. He DOES NOT speak because He wants to speak or He is interested in speaking. He DOES NOT speak because He wants to embarrass you or harass you or intimidate you, never, never. He speaks as the spirit gives Him utterance.
3.            whatever He proclaims concerning you, simply hold it fast for it must surely come to pass. Though it delays, wait for it for it must surely come to pass.
4.           If He speaks evil concerning you, the only remedy you have is to pay attention. If He speaks evil concerning you and gives you a way out because of love, he says, “I will destroy you if you continue in this way. But if you will change your mind and change your heart and then return unto Me, I will cancel the evil I have spoken concerning you”.
5.           HOWEVER, where you harden your heart putting Me to test, you will become a very nice experiment. People will use your case to learn their lessons. Because, God punishes people because of stiffneckedness so that the residue of men will learn to fear God. But if all will fear and honour the Lord, He will cancel even the punishment of death if He had decreed death.
6.           That is why God gave us the message titled, “Can God change His mind concerning His word?” The answer is yes! If you meet His requirements, he revokes the sentence of evil He had already passed on you. HOWEVER, where you harden your heart, putting Him to test, well, get ready. Although it may tarry, wait for it.
7.           The day you will remember it is the day it has come to pass. Even if you do not remember it, people that knew about it will put you in remembrance. They will tell you they heard it this way: “We heard it, look at what He said at so, so and so time”.
8.           Now you know that God can bypass everything but not His Word. God can bypass everything but not His Word. What is your responsibility? it Is to make sure you fight against forgetful spirit: “I heard it but I forgot”. Second, is to take Him at His word. For He says what he means and means what He says.
9.           HOWEVER, when you come to a point where you will say, “Hey, I never knew He was serious with that statement. I thought He was trying to tease me. I thought He was trying to play. I did not know He was serious.” That is your doom!  
10.        The Lord Jesus Christ discovered this secret, that was why He said, “My whole duty is to do the will of He that sent Me and accomplish it.” And when He was in that line of duty, boldly He declared that, “The Father that has sent Me is still with Me for He has never left Me. Why? Because I do those things that please Him.”
11.        What and what are those things that please Him? Doing the will of He that sent Him. We are in this most holy Faith for one thing, if you have another thing, well, up to you. We are in this most holy Faith that we may know and do His will; So that the eternal life that is promised to those that do His will would be ours.
12.        What has God spoken concerning you? Like I was telling you, in keeping with the Spoken Word which I heard with My ears that we should fill the hall with plastic seats and remove all those ancient and primitive benches on or before 30th of June 2013. I said, “Amen.”
13.        Even when we were koboless, looking at us that time and the troubles we were having over the construction of the place where we will pack our property, problems that saddled almost all the Local Assemblies due to our own foolishness also. Many of our Local Assemblies lost their fellowship venues. We were fighting earnestly whether we could solve these intractable problems, and this commandment came from the Lord Himself.
14.        It is like commanding you to build in troublous times. We said, “Amen,” Then, I appended My signature to it and narrowed it down to My office. Gave charge!
15.        Last Sunday, I decided to experiment. I over congested everybody to make sure that the hall was filled. And really, the hall was filled to capacity, creating only two narrow passages. In short, I filled from one end of the wall to the other.
16.        Brethren were comfortably seated and plenty seats remained empty. I mean, it gives Me joy whenever I accomplish the will of God.
17.        If you are a seed of God, when you find yourself obeying the will of the Father, there is abundant joy, an over flowing joy. If doing the will of God does not give you joy, you are a serpent’s seed. You do not belong to God. So it is to a servant who carries out all his duties very well.
18.        Immediately the master comes back, you see him rejoicing, embracing the master saying, “Master, all you instructed me to do, I carried out all of them, see.”
19.        However, one that refuses to do the work will either avoid the master by hiding inside the room or pretending that he never knew the master was around or will cover his face in shame. Of course, he must get rebuke or indictment.
20.        To God be the glory that we were able to accomplish such a feat. I thank God for everything. It is not easy. What is more, when we needed one hundred, God gave us one thousand. When we needed one thousand, He gave us one million. When we needed one million, He will give us trillion.
21.        I am saying that we not only provide the seats, but we accomplished something we could not accomplish long, long time ago. With the reserve we had from the seats, we are able to boost our missionary account even unto to the tune of a hundred and fifty thousand naira.
22.        We were able to assist needy brethren unto the tune of a hundred and twenty thousand. We were able to meet other demands of the ministry. Is it not heart warming? Is it not praise worthy?
23.        If we will learn to take God at His word, it shall be well with us. There were some people that thought we will not succeed and I call them the caterpillars. They love watching to see whether the project will collapse.
24.        However, when they heard that the feat had been neatly accomplished even without their contributions, because of shame of reaping where they never sowed, they started calling Me on the phone, “Daddy, please I am sorry. Within that period, there was a way something was happening.” That thing continued happening for one full month, you were eating, you were drinking, you were moving about for one full month!
25.        They said, “Daddy, please, I will come with my own token, please accept it.” I will take it and use it to drink beer; it is not for the seats. Finish! If because I said I will use it to drink beer, you refuse to give it, praise God.
26.        I have been drinking and I will keep on drinking even without your money. I have been eating pepper soup and I will keep on eating pepper soup. I hope I am making sense?
27.        I am saying that our message says that, “Nobody is indispensable before God.” If you think you are too important that God cannot do without you, you are a joker. It is like a man who is saying without him the world will not exist. Shut up your mouth! Do you know great men that have appeared and gone away? Yet, the world continued. One day, the world will continue without you for there was a time the world existed without you. Who are you? It is an empty boast!
28.        This day, I have succeeded in getting the fellowship hall the way I want it so that peradventure, if the number of worshippers increases, we will go to the store and bring out more seats. Whatever the ceremony might be, we have the capacity.
29.        Even capacity for camp meeting; for I decided to congest the seats more than we congested it during the camp meeting to test the capacity of the hall and also to help you to have a vision of where we are going to.
30.        Moreover, because of the congestion last week because I was experimenting something, I pegged all of you on your seats. Praise God, worship God, dance where you are. But today, space has been created.
31.        You can now demonstrate what is in you finish. Because, when you come before God, you rejoice and make joyful noise. Liberate yourself, you are not in bondage! Amen.

What has God spoken concerning you?

Learn to take the Word of God seriously! Where do you find the Word of God? The Word of God is in the messenger God has sent. What do you do to attain the standard that will make you acceptable in His sight?
2.            What must I do that I may do the will of God? He said, “Believe in Him whom He has sent.” That is what belief means. Act!
3.           I, say act, upon the word of the messenger God has sent. If you say you believe and refused to act on that word, have you believed?
4.           If I said Brother Amobi, go out and you will collect a bag of money there and he says “amen, praise God” and continues sitting down, has the blessings reached him? No sir! He is still poor!
5.           Believe means acting on the word you have heard doubting nothing. That is why God said, “When you believe, all things are possible to them that believe.
6.           However, where you do not believe, everything is impossible. Nothing is possible at all.” He went further to say, “A double-minded fellow obtaineth nothing from God.”
7.           When you are double-minded, “who knows what God has in mind, who knows whether God is testing Me, who knows whether it is this?” You have started reasoning; you have started using human knowledge.
8.           in other words, Faith is no longer applied for faith will not come out until knowledge stops. The moment knowledge ceases, faith takes off. thus, faith starts from where knowledge stops.
9.           With knowledge, Sarah resisted conception because of age. Because by knowledge, at her age, it is almost impossible for conception to take place. It is almost impossible for a woman at that age to have a feeling of a man. Am I making sense? Faith, faith in God.
10.        That is why, if you watch the Apostles, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Chief of all the Apostles, the greatest statement He was making to all the Apostles is, “Have faith in God, have faith in God.” Not radical faith but Christ-like faith.
11.        Faith brings into existence something that never existed. Faith makes impossible possible. Everything can fail, but faith in Christ can never fail. What is that faith? How do you exercise it? You exercise the faith in His Word by saying, “Because God has said it, it is guaranteed; nothing in this life nor in the life to come can cancel it.” There you anchor your faith.
12.        Somebody will say, “My friend, why are you doing it this way?” tell the person, “I am doing it this way because God has said it”. The fellow may say, “Do you know you will die?” Reply, “I will not die for God has said it. Even if I will die, let me die for God has said it”.
13.        Faith in the word of God brings the future closest to you. Stamps your future in your heart.
14.        Glory be to God in the highest!
15.        If you go to the message titled, “Misplaced Faith”, it says that Any faith that is placed anywhere, any other place outside the Spoken Word of God, is a misplaced faith—Placing your faith on something God never promised. If you are placing your faith, place it on that thing which God has said, that which God has promised.
16.        At least, there is one particular case in our midst. Ancient men and women know the case, the beneficiaries, though, all of us are beneficiaries.
17.        You remember the year Bishop Nnachor wedded in the Household of God, Onitsha with Sister Nnachor. By the time they came back from Kwara State and enlisted in this faith, they were very old.
18.        At least, Sister Nnachor can remarry today. Sister Nnachor can remarry if she wants. Brother Nnachor can marry a brand new baby if he wants. However, as at that time, they were terribly old. Looking very old!
19.        If you do not know what I mean, all that went to Anam with Me, when he introduced his younger brother, the father of Brother Emma Nnachor, we were surprised. All of us were surprised!
20.        I asked, “Brother, are you saying that this man is your younger brother?” He said, “Yes.” It was unbelievable! It is applicable to Papa Uwakwe and many others that are in this Faith.
21.        What happened? The last born of Brother Nnachor that time was Brother Solomon. Brother Solomon was in primary six—a young man as at that time.
22.        Because of ill health during delivering and things like that, the doctors tampered with sister’s womb, making it impossible for any other conception to take place. How can there be conception where there is no womb?
23.        However, on the day she wedded in the household of God Onitsha, the Voice roared from the Excellent Glory saying, “Bishop Nnachor, to confirm to you that the hand of God is in your union with your wife, about this time next year, you are going to present a baby for dedication here. Though, it is contrary to nature.”
24.        Bishop said, “Amen Lord!” Sister Nnachor started weeping. At the end of the day, sister came to My house. I said, “Sister, are you coming to challenge the promise?” She said, “No, I have come to tell you to look at my condition o-o-o. See, see, see what happened in Kwara State. Not that I am doubting, even I doubt also, I am now old, and I am very weak. Who will give me the strength if the miracle will take place?”
25.        I said, “Do you believe that the miracle can take place?” She said, “Yes.” That same year—not another year—God imported fresh womb. Sister conceived, people thought she was suffering from malaria. I said, “It is pregnancy.” Play, play, play, play a baby was born.
26.        On the day of her dedication, I said, “It remains one.” Brethren wondered. Bishop said “Amen as usual.” Less than two years, sister came up with another dedication and we rejoiced exceedingly. The children are in this Faith with us.
27.        The Voice said, “From now, no more.” The last child was Chinonyelum and she is in JSS three.” Is God not worthy to be feared?
28.        Faith makes the impossible possible. Our problem is that we are not believing God.  
29.        I thank God Brother Ojiakor is in our midst, Sister Ozioma is equally in our midst. She had a severe problem even before her retirement, bleeding profusely. Her first son is a medical doctor, he examined the mother. Brother Ojiakor did examination, other doctors did.
30.        A heavy fibroid, very heavy mass of myoma, measuring over 30 CM was discovered in her. Brethren were thinking that sister was pregnant, but I knew she was not pregnant. Brother Ojiakor knew she was not pregnant.
31.        The whole doctors concluded that the remedy must be operation but the Son of Man said, “Sister, you will never enter the theatre because if you enter, you will not come out. Stay where you are, you are not delivering another baby. Stay where you are and watch God perform. From time to time she will come to Onitsha to present herself. I said, “Sister, stay where you are, watch God perform.”
32.        After all, Moses spoke to the people in the wilderness. When they got to the Red Sea, they were having their eyes on Pharaoh with his armies, but Moses was seeing deliverance from Jehovah. He knew the God that brought them out of Egypt. What was he using? Spoken Word! For God said it, it is guaranteed.
33.        He that said, “Take my people go, how can He permit us to be destroyed at the Red Sea by our enemies again? No, no, no.” He looked up towards the sky, gazed at the sea, evoked the power that was in him. Communication ensued between him and He that was dwelling in him, the people heard it not.
34.        Moses never opened his mouth to say, “God we are perishing. God, what will I do?” No! Moses muttered in his heart, communication ensued between God in Moses and Moses the Deliverer.
35.        When he was sure and certain of the Voice, he turned to the people and said, “Look, do not panic, please be still. You see Pharaoh and the armies you are seeing now, I bet you, you will see them no more.” The sea parted.
36.        He was the first to step into the sea and commanded them to be moving. He remained at the centre of the sea until the last person crossed. Why? He took God at His word!
37.        The reason why you are dying in your condition is not too farfetched even you know it. Number one is that you are paying lip service to your belief in the Almighty. In other words, you are all hypocrites. You are believing God with your mouth but your hearts are far away from Him.
38.        Number TWO is that you have lots and lots of doubts as to whether He that is talking to you is the very Elohim. If you do not believe Him to be Elohim, believe that the Elohim dwelleth in Him.
39.        One that is in Ijele, what do you call the person? Ijele! The cloth he puts on is Ijele, the person inside it his name is Brother Leo, but he has become Ijele. What he was putting on in the outside is Ijele. If you remove the mask, we will now see Brother Leo. But for now, Ijele is demonstrating.
40.        If you want to remove what is covering the masquerade, you will face the consequences. You will bear the suffering. Try to understand what I am saying.
41.        The hand of God is not too short that He cannot redeem you from your troubles. But your impenetrable heart, your hypocrisy, your inability to take God at His word and stop reasoning, stop doubting; that is what is hindering you from moving forward. And it is infectious and contagious.
42.        there is no contagious disease more dreadful than unbelief. If you are found in unbelief, you have lost your entire family. They may not speak, they will begin to pattern after you. When the fruits will begin to appear, be courageous to bear it.
43.        I say, be courageous to harvest the fruit of the crop you planted for you are the one that planted and watered unbelief. Now, unbelief has started producing its fruits, why are you shouting? Why are you making noise?
44.        Have you taken God at His word for one day and God disappointed you? If you know you have ever taken God at His word for one day with all your heart doubting nothing and God disappointed you, let us know by indicating.
45.        It is your doubt, your reasoning, your interpretation that makes the word of God of non-effect. Because, once it rears something in your mind, in your memory, in your brain and heart, God will stand still. The Lord will do nothing until faith is applied. note that.
46.        Have you applied faith for one day? While not begin to apply faith today? Faith where? Faith in the Spoken Word in what God has spoken concerning you. It may be good, it may be bad but Do not reason, do not ask why. Acknowledge it with all your heart.
47.        If it is bad, even if you have not discovered it, keep on praying. HOWEVER, you will discover it. Some discovered their own and kept quiet; some discovered their own and pretended.
48.        Is there anybody in this Faith that is having stomachache and he or she does not know that he or she is having stomachache? Is there anybody in this Faith that does not know what he ate before coming to fellowship? If you ate before coming to fellowship, you know. Equally, if you did not eat before coming to fellowship you know. If you took drug before coming to fellowship you know. Who are you deceiving? Or do you think you can deceive God?
49.        I want you to understand that anything can fail but the word of God cannot fail. His promises are yea and amen. By these immutable things, it is impossible for God to tell lie.
50.        If you have no other thing to do, simply believe it that God’s Word standeth sure. God’s Word standeth sure! The reason why you must believe it is because your unbelief can never render it ineffective. Your unbelief is to your own hurt. yes, Your unbelief to the promise is to your own hurt.
51.        When you do not believe, you have denied yourself of that promise. Since we know the Power of God is in His Spoken Word, the Power of creation and the Power of destruction, the beginning was the Spoken Word, the end the Spoken Word.
52.        men and women that found favour with God, found favour because they applied faith. What do you want to apply? God recognises nothing but your faith in His Spoken Word.
53.        You may have faith in the written word that is preserved till today. I mean, the events that took place before you were born which were preserved till today so as to create faith in you to believe He that did that same thing is alive forevermore and will keep on doing even greater things. That is why the records are still there to help you have faith.
54.        However, you can have faith in what He did before but do not have faith in what He is doing now and what He is going to do. For people are fond of believing in what He (God) did in time past but not recognising what He is doing now and will be hoping for what He will be doing tomorrow when you have not believed that of today.
55.        without faith, it is impossible to get anything from God. the same way, Without faith, it is impossible to please God. Faith works contrary to human reasoning. Faith is opposed to human knowledge.
56.        The moment you begin to apply your knowledge, your reasoning, faith vanishes. Nobody has ever obtained God’s favour, nobody has ever succeeded in doing God’s will by applying human sense. If you know anybody that applied human sense in time past and got something good from God, mention the name, And I will tell you millions of people that applied faith and brought into existent something that never existed.
57.        Faith that is placed in the Spoken Word. Faith that is placed in the Word of God that comes out from the messenger God has placed before your eyes in your own day, for in Him is all that you need! Amen.

It is really wonderful, it is amazing that God should love and cherish wretched sinners such as we are.
2.           My friend, where are you coming from? Hmm, where are you coming from? Why I like you is that after wandering and wandering, you still come back home. When you wander away and get tired, you return home just as a mad man does.
3.           Every mad man knows his family, he knows his father, he knows his mother, he knows his relations. At least, now he has come back home, we know he is still alive. We can heave a sigh of relief.
4.           If you want to understand what I am saying, let your goat get lost and you look for it. If the goat in your house strays away and does not trace itself back to your house till evening, look for it. Do you know the goat I am talking about? Your maidservant!
5.           Let your maidservant or houseboy escape or your apprentice is declared missing; you wait for him or her to return, one day, two days, three days, no way; you go to bed, do you sleep? Impossible!
6.           If it is like this, think when your child is declared missing, you look for your child; I mean if the loss of your maid and every other thing could give you sleepless nights; what will happen if your own biological child is declared missing for one day, one week.
7.           After one month, you have not heard the return of the person, you have not seen the face and you keep on eating; well, I do not know the person I will liken you to.  
8.           I have always told you; do not say “If I were in your shoes, I will do this and that. You will do nothing. Pray that evil will not befall you. Pray very hard that evil will not befall you. Do not tell Me what you will do, you will do this, it is all lies. It is all lies!
9.           We have seen those befallen with misfortune.  What did they do? That if you were the person, you will kill somebody. It is all lies. If it were you, you will do nothing. The highest you can do is crying or complaining. Finish! You will do nothing. If you are wise, pray that evil should not befall you at all. Do not even experiment it all. Finish! You can experiment with everything not with evil.
10.        We are in His Presence because we are under the Blood, not blood of animal but Blood of Christ Himself; the Blood of the Lamb that was slain before the world began. That is why we can be alive at all; if not, we will be rubbished. Glory be to God in the highest!
11.        I will talk to you with time. There is only but one message I have not touched. I pointed at the wall, showing you the pyramid. I never knew that the devil heard My voice also.
12.        Anyway, I know for I have taught you that the devil does not use the word you have inside but the one that has come out. The same way I stumbled into Harold Camping some years back, came to the fellowship and warned everybody before I got his periodicals from some brethren who collected them and kept them secret.
13.        I warned you to steer clear from the man and even told you not to panic for he was basing all he was saying on his own arithmetical calculations which I faulted. What is more, it happened at My Word.
14.        Then, he collapsed and has remained bedridden, paralysed till this moment. The transmission has ceased. Anything that is of human origin must surely stop.
15.        However, if it is from God, let the whole world come against it, they are wasting their time. Today I want to tell you that greater than Harold Camping has appeared again.
16.        I used to monitor BBC, VOA and Dutch Radio every morning.. Especially on Sundays, I try to listen to world conferences; both BBC Conference and American News Conference. Another radio is WTN.
17.        However, at exactly 3:30 AM, I got up after My usual prayers. I tuned in My radio to see whether I could get connected to either Dutch radio, WTN for I know both BBC and VOA will not start until five o’clock Nigerian time which is 4 AM there.
18.        I stumbled into a radio station, I heard a voice that thrilled Me and I paused. I never knew when he took off. I paid attention for over one hour thirty minutes; and it was a pyramidal message. That is, the Message of pyramid!
19.        You see, the man started from the book of Genesis chapter one verse one to do his calculation. He was not preaching salvation but was doing calculations upon calculations. Where he got his formula, only God knows!
20.        He said that there are certain figures he will multiply by twenty, some by seven, some by this and that arriving at something. He traced the first age, second age, third age by age and how they narrowed down; until he narrowed down to one particular year to one day. Traced down to 1914.
21.        He was saying that the Gentiles Age was over by the year 1914. I said, no, you erred. There was no way the Gentiles Age could be over until Israel is restored as a nation. And Israel was not restored until 1948. How can the Gentiles Age be over by 1914? It is unacceptable. The calculation, I marked it bad.
22.        Then, what was My interest? I was waiting and watching to see whether he will calculate his arithmetic into the days of the Son of Man. However, he stopped at the advent of the Lord Jesus Christ. I said, “Okay, this is where the man is pegging his arithmetic.” Then he started to talk about the Gospel of God, the Kingdom that will be preached to the whole world.
23.        I said, “No even Jesus Himself before He left the scene said that the people should wait for the emergence of Apostles and Prophets. He said, “The wisdom of God said, ‘I will send to you Apostle and Prophets, some of them you will kill. That the blood of the Prophets and martyrs that were slain of old will be required from the people of this generation.”
24.        Even Jesus Christ never left His people in confusion. He said, “When the Son of Man shall come, shall he find faith?” He went further to say, “As it was in the days of Noah, in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, so shall it be in the day when the Son of Man shall come. When the Son of Man shall come, shall He find faith?”
25.        Which faith? He said to His disciples still, “I have many things I would have told you but you cannot bear them now. Nevertheless, when He, the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Ghost, the Holy Spirit, shall come, He shall lead you into the knowledge of all truths.”
26.        I said, no that I have faulted the whole arithmetic from the beginning to the end. Nevertheless, going by the way the man was talking, putting his mathematics together and things like that, somebody might be taking him serious.
27.        Now he says he has established links again like Harold Camping. He has his correspondences all over the world now. His representatives are based at Abuja. He gave his contact addresses like in South Africa, everywhere. That if you would like to have his periodicals to know more about the movement and things like that, that you call this number or contact so, so and so in your own country.
28.        You know, because, the movement is being funded by many international organizations which means the Dollar, the Pounds Sterling, the Dutch Mark may be there. So, those that are representing his interest will be doing that because of the money they will be getting, hard currency.
29.        Please, in case you come in contact with that fellow, please shun it. The movement or the Church whatever, they call it World Beach Network. I mentioned it to our Brother Chizoba in My house. He downloaded it and we saw the fliers immediately: Australia Beach, beach this, beach this, beach this, everywhere—beach, beach, beach, beach.
30.        I am not preaching a beach message. If you want a beach message, go to Synagogue of all the Nations. Tope Joshua will tell you what beach message is all about for he is the one I know for now, who is living along the beach. He constructed his house on the surface of water at Ekpe. Ekpe, that is where he is living. Thus, you can go there.
31.        When you go there, you get yourself acquainted with Beach Message. Beach Message has to do with deliverance: deliverance from poverty, from this, you get child, you get this, you get that. Salvation is not there, repent or you perish is not there.
32.        What is more, you do not get anything free. Starting from the form, you get the form for ten thousand naira. From there you begin to buy the small water in a little container, five thousand naira, handkerchief, five thousand naira, oil is ten thousand naira.
33.        We accosted our master last week, it was hot. The man confessed that he never knew how these boys are blinding him. We are talking that the company is collapsing and you are owing all of us huge sums of money, owing us. The little we got you continued to withdraw and withdraw until we noticed that you have withdrawn about a million and eight hundred thousand naira.
34.        We asked him to account for the money because the owners came to ask for the money from Asaba “Bank of Industry.” He said that he spent all of them with T.B Joshua.
35.        I said, “Are you crazy? What is wrong with you now?” I became violent before him, both the sons. He said that he must tell us the truth. That he will be rejoicing there, giving testimonies. But immediately he leaves Lagos and crosses Ore, that it will be as if something fell off from his eyes. That his senses will come back.
36.        He said that he will be querying himself, that of all his trips and everything he spent there, that he only gets small water he will be splashing into the tongue and the sickness remains there. On Friday, he will board another taxi as if T.B Joshua is using something to pull him.” I said, “Yes.”
37.        He said, “Odoemena, let me tell you, I have started believing you because of many, many things I have seen there. I calculated, I watched this boy…” That is what he called him because he clocked fifty-two years weeks ago.
38.        He said, “Watch this boy that is collecting people’s money, the least is two thousand five hundred naira for his DVD. His DVD, he said he is producing it there, everything is produced there. His DVD is two thousand five hundred naira. And he made it compulsory that millions of people that came there every day must have a copy.”
39.        He said, “This boy made billions every day. But he wants to impress the public by donning out money to some people in thousands. And then, he will be videoing them, showing the world:  ‘My friend, how much did I give you’? The person will say, ‘three hundred thousand naira.’ To another T.B Joshua will say, ‘How much did I give you?’ the fellow will reply, ‘Two eighty thousand naira.’ To another he will say, ‘How much did I give you?’ the fellow will say, ‘Five hundred thousand.’”
40.        Our master said, “It is a trick. I was using my discretion to check and calculate how many millions this boy is making every day. Moreover, he stays there from Monday to Monday; both night and day. The worst is that he does not have a single Pastor. He does not have a teacher or evangelist because he does not teach anything. Besides, nobody officiates on his behalf.
41.        “If he wants to travel out, he will program everybody to the TV. The people that are in charge will be slotting in something for deliverance here and there, and the same thing will continue. They will keep on collecting the same money until he comes back.”
42.        He said, “For almost two years I have been there, nobody has ever stood there in the pulpit saying he is preaching. It is this man alone. He has no assistant.” One-man show!
43.        Are you surprised why he bought the whole of Lekki-Peninsula? Look at the international hotel at Lekki, the young boy paid for everything; sent the Lebanese packing. Paid over twenty billion naira. These are the people that you use to compare to this faith. It is beach message.
44.        If you want beach message, go to the beach. I am in the wilderness, having nothing but the wilderness voice. I am only but the voice crying in the wilderness. I am in the dry land, there is nothing good anybody can desire here. Only those that are desiring eternal life come to Me but the rest ran away from Me.
45.        Thus, if you want beach message, there are too many of them even in Onitsha. However, if you want the message of eternal life which the Son of Man alone can offer, come to the Bridal Faith.
46.        Do not strive for the bread you will eat and perish but strive for that bread that will give you eternal life which the Son of Man alone gives. No other person gives it, it is in the Bridal Faith.
47.        I was told that a notable Professor, aged, in a University, saw our calendar and many things and started talking about a black man who is coming to rule the whole world and he is coming from Africa; no other place but Nigeria.
48.        He was saying it with every amount of seriousness, pointing all that were with him in the University to his days in Australia where the saw the apparition of a black man coming to rule the whole world.
49.        For the first time, it became clear to everybody that the Almighty God that governs the Universe is a black man, a native of Africa. Then the person that was there turned the pages of the calendar one after the other.
50.        The professor said, “Let me take the two of them to my office.” He took two of them to his office. The following day, he returned them and said, “My dear, how did you come into contact with this? Is there any way I can be connected to that man? Can he answer my call?”
51.        Our brother said, “I do not know, nobody speaks for Him.” He asked, “What if I collect the phone number from you?” Our brother replied, “I will not give you until I tell Him.”
52.        The same day was the day Deacon John Barns called Me and said, “Daddy, that my sister that has been disturbing and disturbing, she is here tonight and she is passing the night with us. She said that it is a good opportunity to hear your voice. Just to say hello.”
53.        I said, “No, it is not to say hello, she is in problem.” He said, “Yes, she has heard much about you. Daddy, just for my sake, simply say, Madam good evening. And that is all she needs.”
54.        I said, “Okay, hand over.” The woman started saluting, asked about My welfare, the family and everything. She said, “My Lord Sir, I have heard much about you and have seen many things, believable and unbelievable but I believe all.”
55.        I said, “Because you are in difficulty?” She said, “No, my brother does not want to bring me face to face to you, it has been my desire. I promised that the moment I come back from abroad, the next would be to see you.”
56.        I said, “Okay, forget about when you will see Me, what do you want from Me?”
57.        She said, “Well, in spite of all my medical check-ups abroad all this while, the problem in my leg, this and that.”
58.        I said, “What happened to it again?” she said, “...In my eyes.”
59.        I said, “Okay, if I should speak, will you believe?” She said, “Yes.”
60.        I gave her instruction and she said, “But my doctor told me.”
61.        I said, “Your doctor told you and the sickness remained there? I am not surprised.”
62.        She started apologizing, “No, no, please do not be offended. You know, I am just a beginner.”
63.        I said, “Thank you, you have started very well!”
64.        Many of you are worse than that fellow. What is more, the person I am talking about is not a riff-raff. I am talking about a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), the elder sister to Governor Sullivan Chime of Enugu State. That is the woman discussing with Me.
65.        If I will have the opportunity, maybe very soon, I will give her date to come to fellowship in Onitsha first. If you know that person that is desiring to see Me, first and foremost, bring the person to our fellowship. Do not tell Me to talk to him or he wants to salute Me or ask Me when you will bring him to My house.
66.        I have no house in Onitsha, any time I will have a house, I will be pointing everybody to My house. But for now, I have no house! I am a tenant. A tenant has no house. Thus, do not bring that person to Me, bring that person to fellowship. If after sitting down in the fellowship the person is happy with our fellowship, well, to God be the glory. Amen.

In all, do not forget how we took off in today’s fellowship. I have not even sat down. I was coming in; it appeared that I was arrested. I began to put the seats in order.
2.           After putting the seats in order, He that arrested Me kept Me standing still so that you will hear the Word of God. And with the few words, I espoused you to the Spoken Word.
3.           It is not knowing Him that matters. you may know Him but you do not believe in Him. You may say you believe but you find it difficult to put His Word into practice.
4.           The word of God is difficult because, it has not been your personal resolve to practise it constantly. The secret of being sustained in the faith lies in constancy and continuity in the application of the word of God. note it, Constancy and continuity!
5.           Apostle Monday from Lagos, forget about what you want to be and be what He wants you to be. Forget about what you want to be for you can never be what you want to be. This is why you are causing trouble in Lagos. You want to be something, and our message says, “If you want to be something, we are not against you, but tell us why you want to be something.”
6.           A wise man will like to be nothing so that God will make him something. If you make yourself something, God will make you nothing because you have made yourself something. If you make yourself Mr Nobody, Sister Nobody, God is going to make you Mr Somebody, Sister Somebody.
7.           I trust God for one thing; He makes something out of nothing so that He can never share His glory with any man; so that tomorrow you will not say, the idol of your people did it for you. No! This is your problem!
8.           Another problem you are having is your inability to conquer community spirit. Apostle Monday from Lagos, looking at you, I am seeing a replica of Anenih of PDP. You must strive to conquer your community spirit.
9.           You are from Edo, and in Edo, you are from Ishan. An average Ishan is desperately wicked. Is that not right? So it is with Auchi, though Auchi is also Ishan. Ninety percent of your people are Muslims. Auchi, is a part of Ishan.
10.        An average Benin man or Edo man is wicked. I am not saying it to please anybody. Get rid of Benin spirit. Another spirit that destroys them is domineering spirit. They want to dominate and cause trouble. If you get rid of Benin spirit, you will detribalize your heart. The Bridal Faith is the only Faith that renders tribalism useless.
11.        Take the nature of the Son of Man. I have no parochial interest in this faith; I mean, giving you fair attention because you are this and that to Me. You are all the same before the Son of Man, Man or woman no matter where you come from. I am free, fair and firm to all—F.A.I.R and F.I.R.M. free! I do not consider who you are neither do I consider relationship.
12.        The only relationship that binds Me to the Son of Man is Christ relationship. If it is not, count Me out. The bond between you and I remains Christ. If the bond between you and your brother, your sister is not Christ, query it! It is false bond and it will not last. If the bond between you there is as a result of the care, the divisions, the parties you formed there, it will not last.
13.        Every false party is formed using human beings. A tie that is formed using human beings must surely break up. It is based on gossip, and what will break it up is gossip. I do not mince words saying it.
14.        “Divide and rule” is a political spirit. We are running this faith devoid of favouritism, nepotism and tribalism. Thus, do not tribalize it, building a synagogue around yourself from Benin: Brother Kennedy, from Benin; Pastor Monday from Benin; Brother Matthew from Benin, and your wives and children. Do not ever try it!
15.        You are Apostle, from Benin; Pastor Monday, a Pastor from Benin, Kennedy from Benin, a Deacon. Your younger brother who just enlisted into the faith few months ago from Road Safety, you deposed somebody who was holding the office and enthroned your brother as a Deacon, even when he is not married, when he does not know the ABC of the Faith. You dethroned one that was in the office and enthroned your brother because he is from Benin.
16.         I am not running a Benin Empire neither am I running a Kanem Bornu Empire. Maybe you are becoming another Osei Tutu, Osei Kwambe.
17.        Leave Me alone! When you talk about the Empire, I will tell you about the people that officiated it in those dynasties. Thus, be very careful. I do not want to see a rejuvenation of Benin Empire. It was the worst empire in the West African Coast governed by the Obas.
18.        Even, I do not know any empire I will quote, not even one. So please, get rid of that empire spirit. Doesn’t it sound ridiculous and embarrassing that a pregnant sister was sitting down in the fellowship comfortably without any problem. A so-called Deacon came pulled off her slippers. She thought the Deacon want to use the slippers to kill cockroach or mosquito.
19.        When she wanted to go out to ease herself, she looked for the slippers and went to the Deacon only to hear that the slippers were seized. The reason he gave was number one, that it is flat. Number two, that it is making a noise. And the sister queried, “If my flat slippers is making noise, what will high heel shoes do?” Moreover, you know our faith that a pregnant sister does not wear high heel shoes, instead, come in bathroom slippers.
20.        Because of their troubles recently, I relaxed some measures by telling them to sew their maternity gowns so that they can be free. Before they knew it, right inside the fellowship, the so-called Deacon started struggling with a sister that was pregnant over the slippers and tore the slippers into two.
21.        That is why I love God. Nobody hates children in this fellowship more than Pastor Christian Dike. When he was not married, any child that makes noise in the fellowship, Pastor Christian Dike will label both the mother and the child his greatest enemy. He had no other preaching than: “Who has this child? Come and carry your child from here!” As if it is easy to take care of a new born baby.
22.        Do you think it is easy to give birth to a baby and take care of the baby both at home and in the fellowship? When he had his own baby, his own turn out to be mad. He gave birth to a newborn baby and the child became mad! We watched Pastor Christian to see him flogging his child and take him out but he held his peace.
23.        What am I saying? Can you imagine so-called elder troubling Me. What is the trouble? That a sister that has a child came to fellowship with her son, an infant, a small boy that is not up to two years. They said the baby was avoiding everybody in the fellowship, that the mother takes delight in carrying the baby. That because of the baby, that she is not paying attention to the message. That she loves holding the baby.
24.        Now, since the baby is afraid of people, if anybody wants to carry the baby, he will be crying. To avoid the crying, the mother would now hold the baby. Tell Me the crime she committed! Then the Pastor gave charge that the baby should be thrown out from the window so that the mother will be liberated.
25.        I do not know whether the mother will go to the pulpit and begin to preach. What is more, they had the boldness of calling Me to report the matter to Me, that sister has no other occupation than carrying baby in the fellowship.
26.        Then I asked, did you invite her to lead you in praises and she refused? Did you invite her to the pulpit to preach and she used the baby as an excuse? Tell Me the business of a sister in the fellowship if not to sit down with her children and listen to the word of God! Wicked hearts! These were the people that were troubling the fellowship with their children when I was visiting them.
27.        I remember Sister Grace when Apostle Monday was not married, any time he mounted the pulpit, he had no other preaching than the children of Pastor Monday: “Sister Grace is a Jezebel, she does not know anything! She is very bad; she does not take care of the children. The children will be making noise in the fellowship”.
28.        Apostle Monday, now you have your own, not only one but twins. I remember the time I fellowshipped with them. note it, every man must experience what his father experienced. The girl must experience what the mother experienced.
29.        Everything in life is turn by turn. Every man must pass through the experience his father passed through. Every girl must grow to adolescence and become a woman, then experience what the mother experienced.
30.        That is why I tell children, if you trouble your parents, your own children must surely trouble you. If you give them peace, your children must give you peace. You neglect your parents; your children must neglect you. Treat them fairly; your children will treat you fairly. Because, any seed a man soweth, that he must reap.
31.        This is the Spoken Word, you have to acknowledge it. Thus, children that are wise will begin to pattern themselves in a godly manner so as to reduce the headache of the parents and not compounding their problems. Any child that compounds the problem of the parents is wicked.
32.        And you know the place of a wicked fellow before God because the wicked must be exterminated from the surface of the Earth. The wicked can never see peace all the days of his life!
33.        Brethren, believe this Spoken Word, it is the Original Seed. If you go back to the Great Sermon, it said, “The Spoken Word can come to you in diverse forms. But the secret is this, whether He uses telephone, whether He speaks face to face, no matter where you have met Him, He is nothing but what He is.”
34.        Do not begin to separate the casual side from the spiritual side. God has only but one side, one nature and one entity. Do not say “I thought He was playing”, no! you are making a mistake.
35.        If you know Goodluck Jonathan as the President of Nigeria, tell Me anywhere you will meet him and he ceases to be President? Even if you meet him in the play field, playing draft or ludo or you happened to be the one playing with him, you are playing with the President and Commander-in-Chief of Nigerian Armed Forces.
36.        Until he ceases to be the President, if he speaks and you go out and implement his word, and people ask you, you will say that it is a directive from the President: “It is a Presidential directive. I cannot flout it because it has awful implications”. Finish!
37.        But some foolish ones will know when he speaks as Jonathan and when he speaks as President. As long as he is still on that throne, Jonathan ceases. He will never cease from being President until he comes down from the Presidential seat. Even if he goes home, he is going home as the president. And his people must receive him as the President; and that is what he is.
38.        Do you know that the President has such a power that whatever he pledges, this nation must honour it? He borrows money on behalf of the Government. No country will say that Jonathan is owing them. They will say that Nigeria is owing them. Even if he uses the money for private means, it is: Nigeria is owing them.
39.        Many of you that are working under strict authorities especially in the University, which I call mini country with the VC (Vice Chancellor) as the President. Who queries him? The whole revenue generated in the school, he is the man that will disburse. He is the alfa and omega, Accountant General of that Federation. He is Auditor General, he is everything there.
40.        Any money he borrows outside the school, it is not your Vice Chancellor that borrowed, the University borrowed. If he leaves the scene, nobody will call him to come and pay the debt he owed for he can never owe any debt. The school must honour the debt because the school borrowed.
41.        Who was that school? The Vice Chancellor. Even if he uses the money to develop his estates everywhere, syphoned the money abroad, it is not your business. If you disturb his peace, he will dismiss you, setup a false panel of enquiry to begin to look into your activities, and there is no way you will not be found wanting because, he had already made up his mind to get rid of you.
42.        After all, he has the right of hiring and firing. Somebody who can even, not only suspend a Professor, but sack a Professor. Is there any other lecturer that is higher than the Professor? Nobody approaches the Vice Chancellor for he is the Chief Executive. He will ask him to go away. Thus, every University is another country in a country with the Vice Chancellor as the head of state and commander in chief of all authorities.
43.        Have you gotten the message now? I am saying that this is what is confusing everybody. You have not even applied faith neither have you applied the word. When you begin to be selective: you know when the Son of Man has approached you casually, You know those things He did not mean and those things He meant. You know when He is playing and when He is serious. Before you know it, you will seal away your period of grace.
44.        Yes, experience has proved to Me that the words that have helped Me a lot in this life that came from God, came casually. He may say, “Brother, relax your mind, is that all? Simply go and have your rest. You have done this, you have done that, when you get home just do it this way”. Just casually.
45.        I may say, “Sister why are you crying? Stop crying. Anyway, let Me just close My mouth. I will not speak until the day what is in this womb will come out”. That day, I will be Daddy again. Did it happen? (She said, “Yes sir.”) Just casually like that!
46.        However, some people can only believe and act when the Voice is harsh. That is a stupid fellow. A father does not give his wise child instructions in a harsh tone. He will say, “My son, come, come, come, come. Look at, look at, oya.”
47.        But a foolish fellow, he will wait until he is indicted or rebuked sharply before he will do anything. And he will be obeying in fear. When you are obeying in fear, you are going to make series of mistakes. Amen.

Keep on rejoicing. Keep no offence in anything that this Gospel be not blasphemed. In all situations, rejoice exceedingly because the battle is almost over. The battle is almost over. Finish!
2.           Psalms 107 verse 1-43, KJV. “O give thanks unto the LORD, for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever. Let the redeemed of the LORD say so, whom he hath redeemed from the hand of the enemy; And gathered them out of the lands, from the east, and from the west, from the north, and from the south.
3.           They wandered in the wilderness in a solitary way; they found no city to dwell in. Hungry and thirsty, their soul fainted in them. Then they cried unto the LORD in their trouble, and he delivered them out of their distresses. And he led them forth by the right way, that they might go to a city of habitation. Oh that men would praise the LORD for his goodness, and for his wonderful works to the children of men! For he satisfieth the longing soul, and filleth the hungry soul with goodness. Such as sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, being bound in affliction and iron;
4.           Because they rebelled against the words of God, and contemned the counsel of the most High: Therefore he brought down their heart with labour; they fell down, and there was none to help. Then they cried unto the LORD in their trouble, and he saved them out of their distresses.
5.           He brought them out of darkness and the shadow of death, and brake their bands in sunder. Oh that men would praise the LORD for his goodness, and for his wonderful works to the children of men! For he hath broken the gates of brass, and cut the bars of iron in sunder. Fools because of their transgression, and because of their iniquities, are afflicted.
6.           Their soul abhorreth all manner of meat; and they draw near unto the gates of death. Then they cry unto the LORD in their trouble, and he saveth them out of their distresses.
7.           He sent his word, and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions. Oh that men would praise the LORD for his goodness, and for his wonderful works to the children of men! And let them sacrifice the sacrifices of thanksgiving, and declare his works with rejoicing.
8.            They that go down to the sea in ships, that do business in great waters; These see the works of the LORD, and his wonders in the deep. For he commandeth, and raiseth the stormy wind, which lifteth up the waves thereof.
9.           They mount up to the heaven, they go down again to the depths: their soul is melted because of trouble. They reel to and fro, and stagger like a drunken man, and are at their wits' end. Then they cry unto the LORD in their trouble, and he bringeth them out of their distresses.
10.        He maketh the storm a calm, so that the waves thereof are still. Then are they glad because they be quiet; so he bringeth them unto their desired haven. Oh that men would praise the LORD for his goodness, and for his wonderful works to the children of men!
11.        Let them exalt him also in the congregation of the people, and praise him in the assembly of the elders. He turneth rivers into a wilderness, and the watersprings into dry ground; A fruitful land into barrenness, for the wickedness of them that dwell therein. He turneth the wilderness into a standing water, and dry ground into watersprings.
12.        And there he maketh the hungry to dwell, that they may prepare a city for habitation; And sow the fields, and plant vineyards, which may yield fruits of increase. He blesseth them also, so that they are multiplied greatly; and suffereth not their cattle to decrease.
13.        Again, they are minished and brought low through oppression, affliction, and sorrow. He poureth contempt upon princes, and causeth them to wander in the wilderness, where there is no way. Yet setteth he the poor on high from affliction, and maketh him families like a flock.
14.        The righteous shall see it, and rejoice: and all iniquity shall stop her mouth. Whoso is wise, and will observe these things, even they shall understand the lovingkindness of the LORD.”
15.        Please brethren, it is for your sakes we printed these supernatural photographs as we received the soft copy from other Local Assemblies and leave them here. You are doing yourself a disservice, not the Son of Man. These things are not for My sake, they are for your sakes.
16.        Moreover, if you want to take, make no mistake of taking one or two copies, take the whole set. Even if it is ten, take ten. Have your own album where you put all these things for they go a long way to helping your faith. They go a long way to helping your faith.
17.        I have told you, there is no group under the Heaven that is worshipping a God they can see with their eyes if not the Bridal Faith. You were all here and saw how these Supernaturals occurred; even the Elohim coming to stand in the fellowship before everybody came.
18.         When you want to open, how much is the album? Three hundred and fifty naira and you have a supernatural album. Not for the public, but for you and your family.
19.        “I am My family will worship Christ alone…What you are passing through now is the highest you can go through. Do not allow your mind to panic. Listen to your Prophet, listen to the Apostle and you will live...”
20.        What you are passing through now, is the highest you can go through. Listen to your Prophets, listen to your Apostles. “One day, it will remove its “one nation under God” from their coins and money systems. Prophecy!
21.        …Immediately the work was completed and the book was closed, the Elohim came down and showed you His original body...” Was it not what happened? Yes sir! Son of Man, close the book, seal up the testimony. It is finished, they will hear, He has come, He has gone. “…Immediately the work was completed and the book was closed, the Elohim came down and showed you His original body.
22.        On that day, you will be like Him moving about, without anybody seeing you. You will be seeing everybody, hearing, doing everything, causing havoc. Nobody will see you. Then, you can appear and disappear.
23.        That day He came here and stood beside the pulpit, how many saw Him with their eyes? Nobody! It was when He wanted to tell us that He was there before all of us that He moved Brother Amankem to snap the photograph of the pulpit. Lo and behold, the Owner of the Church was standing there before anybody came in.
24.        “...Every event here is a fulfilment of prophecy. The Jews will be trapped by Rome. And after the Church is taken away, Rome and the Jews will make a covenant with one another.”
25.        Take note, after the Bride is translated; Remember what the Prophet said and the Son of Man confirmed it: Anybody that will remain here and witness the signing of that devilish agreement between the Papal Rome and the Jews, that person is gone! The person is for the great tribulation.
26.        HOWEVER, before the agreement will be signed, you are all wearing white. Finish! You are all in your theophany bodies. The original body as it is revealed here, photographed, finish. No more, no less.
27.        When we shall see Him, we shall be like Him for we shall see Him just as He is. Finish! Someone said if he remembers how he will be in his next generation that he feels very happy.
28.        “You see why, when you neglect this heavenly made possible road, Heaven made possible road, possible road to Heaven, a free offer, free ride that is given to you for Christ’s sake and you neglect it, get ready, you will use your blood to get your own salvation...”
29.        There are no two ways about it, it is a must. From our records which we printed from the Net, we have two hundred and fifty-eight (258) countries in the world and we have covered one hundred and fifty (150). There are many other places we could not trace, we do not know whether they are cities or villages or towns.
30.        We have covered many of such places but they are not in the map, they are not in what we printed out from the web. However, our gospel has reached all those places.
31.        Thus, I believe they could be either communities or cities. Since they do not fall within the countries, they might be cities. I believe these people are those that went to the Web according to the reports we got from the contact point. Not only to read but to print out materials which they are using to pastor their Churches.
32.        Hence, they are requesting for our materials. Some are requesting that we should come over to their own countries. I believe Christ has conquered the world. Remember, He knows where the elect is.
33.        In the Acts of the Apostles, there are places Paul wanted to go to, God said, “Do not go, I have no soul there.” There were places he wanted to avoid because of their hostility God said, “No, go there I still have some souls there.”
34.        Thus, your own community might be among such people or such communities where their own may have one or two. There are some states God will not pick even one. Notice what God is doing, He is picking people more from the Islamic World. Have you noticed it? Yes sir! Thank you, that is the much I want to say.
35.        If there is anything you do not understand ask Me. Her mother was alive, her brother was also alive. Both they and the prophet were prophesying on the head of Sister Ozioma that she would die. As at that time they said she would die, she was still teaching. They told her that she was seen in a vision where she died. You know that their preachers do not preach life but death.
36.        God came that we might have life and have it abundantly. She brought their vision at the feet of the Son of Man. The Son of Man said, “Sister Ozioma, you came because of the vision they said they had. I am the one that will speak the one that will come to pass. I will be the one that will speak the one that will not come to pass.”
37.        Is there any prophet that doesn’t have a source? Whether you are a true prophet or false prophet, I am the source of all prophecies. If you are against God and you do not want to change, I will send you a false prophet.
38.        If you are under God’s condemnation and you do not want to change, I will send you a false prophet who will give you your hearts desire; then, I will now redeem you because, if I tell you the truth you will not come.
39.        I will select one that I will send to you, look at where he is, I am the one that hardened his heart. Look at him saying, “Amen Lord, amen Lord, amen Lord.” Bring him out and give him where he will be.
40.        She came with the whole prophecy and I asked her, “Is that all?” She said, “Yes.” I said, “Go back to Enugu; you will live. You will do your work and retire, receive your gratuity and pension.” Finish!
41.        The Doctors said that she should go for operation to remove the fibroid, I said, “No, that she should go to Lab and do scan and bring the scan result to Me, that they will be surprised to see the hand work of God.”
42.         She went for the scan. By the time the scan result came out, the fibroid vanished. They saw nothing! I now asked her, “Do you remember what I told you? That, by the time you will work and retire, you will appeared the way you were when you were young.
43.        And you will be competing with your daughters in appearance. It will be to you like film. Go and tell them that this is what I have said.” Her conclusion is that the Word of God has come to pass. Finish.
44.        There are people here who have been given appointment for operation and the Son of Man said, “Do not go anywhere, stay there. The operation will take care of itself.”
45.        Many are sitting down here. Whosoever that God wants to heal, He will ask you to come. However, anyone that He does not want to heal, the Son of Man will refer you to hospital for you do not have faith in Him for Him to heal you. So, go to hospital. But, if you have faith to heal you, He will ask you, “Is there any other problem? Any other thing?” He will simply tell you to go and relax your mind.
46.        There are some that will call the Son of Man and talk and talk, He will simply ask, have you finished? And you say yes. The Son of Man will ask you to switch off, that it is noted. Noted! There is somebody I asked a question, Deacon John from Isiala-Ngwa.
47.        I spotted him there. The question I asked him is, “What of your wife? Is she now okay? He said, “Yes, she is now okay.” Finish. He sent forth His Word and His Word healeth them, to those that believe.
48.        Go back to the message, “The incomparable man” a man whose faith brought healing to the family for he said, “I am not worthy for you to come over to my house. I am a centurion, a man with authority. I give charge to my subordinates and they carry it out. Speak from there finish!
49.        Go back to another message titled, “Why cry speak!” Even the one we collected today, “Calling Christ in the time of crisis.” And this was what saved the daughter of Deacon John Barns. Otherwise, we would have been talking of another thing.
50.        There is no human being that DOES NOT have a time of crisis; the crisis can come in diverse forms. It can be financial crisis, it can be health crisis, it can be any type of crisis at all; crisis means crisis. Very disturbing, very, very disturbing. Anything that will make you to pass sleepless night is crisis.
51.        What do you do at that time? Do you take tranquilizers? No, you worsen the situation. Because at that time, your tranquilizers will not do anything. And in the morning, your condition will worsen. So, do not attempt it. Invite Christ in the time of crisis. Finish.
52.        I believe, whenever the angel troubles the water, somebody must be saved. If there is crisis in your family, in your life, beneath the crisis is the seed of its solution.
53.        There is a lesson God wants you to learn from there. Every problem contains the seed of its solution. Finish. However, you cannot see it if you are in a haste. You settle down and watch it closely. You will see that the seed in inside the trouble. Bring out the seed and split it, the problem is over.
54.        So, I really thank God for the journey so far. This is the only place we will come and refresh ourselves, renew our minds and renew the right spirit in us, go home and be bubbling with life.
55.        You do not know what we are enjoying. My elder brother’s daughter died on Friday. Three hours sickness and that was all. By the time they invited My attention by nine o’clock in the night, the whole thing had already collapsed.
56.        I said, “It is now you remember that I am alive? My word is, “Take her to the mortuary, finish.” Yesterday I called him, I said, “My friend, we are not keeping the corpse. Choose Thursday, Friday, Saturday next week. He said, “It is too close.”
57.        I said, “Look, we are burying your daughter on Friday finish. Tell your Reverend Father.” What killed her is something that our little children will pass through. I am telling you the truth. Three hours sickness. A lady of about twenty-eight years of age.
58.        Do not say, hmmm, you do not know what you are enjoying here. Death visits many of you every day. The worst thing is this, when Mr death comes, the victim can hardly see death. For death will divert the victim attention to something else, take away the mind from the reality. Before you know it, eh?, the eyes will be winking.
59.        However, I thank God that He that keepeth watch over Israel does not sleep neither does He slumber. This is what keeps Me afloat.
60.        No matter how the wind will blow, I have an anchor. A sure anchor! And I know the anchor will not fail Me unless I make that anchor a spare tyre.
61.        The most important tyre in your vehicle is your spare tyre but, it is ignored by vehicle owners; only remembered in the time of trouble. Sometimes, by the time you get there, you notice it is flat.
62.        A car owner can check all the tyres in the vehicle but the spare. Some even use bad tyre as spare, which is the worst crime against the vehicle and the owner. The best tyre should be strong enough to carry you to your destination in case of eventuality, together with your load. For you may not know when the one in the vehicle will collapse and you do not know the time. It could be in the mid night, it could be in the thick forest. You do not know where you are likely to meet another vulcanizer.
63.        What if by the time you get there, there is nothing he could do? The tyre is rubbished! And you watch your spare tyre, you notice it is a worn out tyre that cannot even carry the weight of the vehicle, talk-less of the load. Thus, be wise!
64.        The best tyre in your vehicle should be your spare tyre. Am I making sense? Yes sir! Am I referring to ordinary tyre? No sir! Even if I am referring to ordinary tyre, I am still right.
65.        What is God to You?, “When you behave like a heathen, you are a heathen. A heathen is a mere description of character. Christ is a description of character. You are either Christ or a heathen.”
66.        A heathen is an ordinary description of behaviour, behaviour, behaviour. Character! If you behave like a heathen, we call you a heathen. You behave like Christ, we call you Christ.
67.        “…Remember the message titled, “Balaam Religion.” Come together, we are one. We are not one and we can never be one! If you watch today, everywhere you go, it is “God bless you, God bless you.”
68.        It is not even God bless you again, they have changed it. It is “Bless you, bless you, bless you.” Bless you with false smile. Bless you, bless you. There is one in My wife’s office.
69.        Their security man, a native of Onitsha. Any moment I visit that office, with that old satanic smile, Pastor, bless you, bless you, bless you. And you look at the person that is offering Me blessing, how blessed is the vessel that is offering Me blessing? Do you receive something from one that is in need?
70.        An old man can never come to a young man to make him friend for nothing. It should be a young man that should go to a big man for friendship, not a big man going to a small man for friendship; something is wrong somewhere...”
71.        Frequenting the house of a young man, a grey haired man.
72.        “…He was watching Me and I said, “My friend listen to Me, you have not found any house. It is true you are living with a brother there, you did not ask Me. I would have told you what has been following that brother there for that brother also went there in disobedience and he is suffering it.”
73.        And that is Brother Joe new parts.
74.        “…Now, I want to tell you, look for a house, there is death in the house you have packed in, make haste and pack away. He said, “Amen and relaxed. The following day being fellowship, he met Me in the fellowship and said, “Brother, the worst has happened. I said, “What is that thing?” he said, “Where I am living look at…” I said, “Close your mouth. Go to your pastor. Brother Shed, call Brother Frank. All of you, meet Me.”
75.        And that was the origin of his problem till today.
76.        Thus, it is when you have vowed never to obey, when calamity befalls you, why do you come to us? Those which you do not want to tell us because you know more than us, why are you bringing them to us? It is a sign of unbelief.”
77.        Fear God who knows how to help people out.
78.        “…Our message says, “If you do not tell us where you are going, when you are coming back, go straight to your house. If we are not worthy to know what you are doing, we are not also worthy to know the result.” Nwobodo take note!
79.        There are too many things I want to tell you. I believe that we can adjust the clock but we can never adjust the time.”
80.        This wisdom beats people’s imagination. Some adjust their clock thinking they are adjusting time. A day is 24 hours, your clock can read fifty hours; that is your business. You can slow down the pace of your clock, the time is the time.
81.        Your clock can be faster, it can be slower, the time remains the time. You cannot even add a second in twenty-four hours in the day. If you stayed awake till day break, you have rolled into another day. Another night is coming. Thus, you can adjust your clock the way you want to but you cannot adjust the time.
82.        Once it is night, it is night. Once it is day, it is day. Clock or no clock, it is moving. It is on the move. So, set the hand of the clock back, you can never set the time back. I know your wisdom has never reached this place. You can adjust the clock, but you cannot adjust the time.
83.        “…It is My duty whether I like it or not. That is why I continue to say that whatever I am saying, be patient with Me, time will tell you who I am for time will vindicate My word.”
84.        When was this message preached? It was preached in the year 2004.
85.        If ministers can understand this message, believe this message, stand by this message, the congregation will be right! Every kind of evil starts with the ministers and then extends to the flock. Watch any brother or sister in this faith that is misbehaving, there must be a minister whom you may not know that is backing him.
86.        God has permitted it to show us that you do not believe our faith and to those that are married, your wife cannot speak on those matters because our message said that they should keep quiet especially on matters concerning doctrine. That is the only quotation that you know.”
87.        Brethren, can you see that this matter did not start today. Yet, it is still lingering in some families; amongst some individuals. You will carry it into paradise and that is your own manmade paradise. Not the one the Almighty prepared for people like the Son of Man.
88.        It is one thing to blame God but it is another thing to live a life worthy of the Gospel from where you can expect blessings from God.”
89.        God can do everything but can never bless us in disobedience.
90.        Where is that humility? Rather you see people running from pillar to post, men and women like that, running zigzag. How I wish we played this message, we could have heard many things that would have helped us. Nevertheless, Brother Philip, search for the part two of the message “Marriage and Divorce”, the whole series.”
91.        The whole series! I think we are commanded recently to get them ready that we are about to open them. Can you see far back 2004 God gave charge?
92.        I have told you that women have destroyed many and are still destroying. Not every person that sits down in our midst is of God. The family that the Devil troubles is not the family that lives in trouble. Any family that is living in trouble is already in the hand of Satan. You can call that family evangelical kingdom of Satan.”
93.        “…But I have to tell you to be careful for Satan, the enemy will not allow you to remain the same for he must inject people into your midst from time to time who will never believe the message of Christ and will always be causing troubles.” Have you heard it!
94.        We are messengers of the same message but if you are contradicting the message for base advantage, shame on you, you cannot succeed because there is a great pillar behind this message.”
95.        You cannot succeed why? Because there is a great pillar! Lift up that photograph there, it is on the ground. I can see a great pillar. Look at the great pillar, not ordinary pillar; a great pillar. Note it. You cannot distort this faith, impossible! You cannot denominate it, no! There is no way.
96.        Many have attempted to distort this faith and they ended it distorting themselves. Men and women have risen; some even used thus sayeth the Lord. The Lord denied them. Some mounted the pulpit to twist the truth so as to make for themselves converts. The Lord discovered all those things and showed them the way out. A great pillar is standing behind this faith and that is why we are still alive till today.
97.        Now, we have survived all those troubles and lived in His presence. With our eyes, we can now behold His majesty, even the Godhead. The Elohim in fullness and all the attributes.
98.        Who can shake us again? Nobody! Anybody that is shaken now, from the very beginning, has been a stranger and will remain a stranger.
99.        We are no longer worshipping imaginary God; we are now worshipping what is real; what we can describe, for our eyes have seen Him.
100.     On this note, I say remain in your sanctified estate, remain blessed in Him eternally. Amen.