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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Little Things That Destroy the Family


I am the Fountain of the Living Water. Whosoever shall come to Me and drink, shall never go thirsty again, but have everlasting life. Believe it if you can... — The Son of Man.                  

Thou man, thou woman, you are inexcusable before God as far as this message of marriage and divorce is concerned.
There is no reason you can give as a man why you must not exercise authority over your wife. There is no reason you can give as a wife why you must not reverence your own husband; Serve your husband; obey him in all things as your God, as your creator. You have no reason.
I have told you, to be compassionate is to do the will of God. That often times men have been guilty of displacing themselves from their homes. They call it love. That love that neglects the Word of God is a devilish love. It contains no truth.
 –The Son of Man
 (THOU ART INEXCUSABLE VOL 2. page 88, verse 19-20)



Supernatural Cloud in Bride of Christ revealed The of Man on Sunday 7 April 1996

Deuteronomy 31:15 “And the LORD appeared in the tabernacle in a pillar of a cloud: and the pillar of the cloud stood over the door of the tabernacle.” KJV
The Son of Man Peter Odoemena Revealed in Supernatural Cloud on Sunday 7 April 1997 at Bride of Christ Ministry World Wide

Exodus 13:21 And the LORD went before them by day in a pillar of a cloud, to lead them the way; and by night in a pillar of fire, to give them light; to go by day and night:.” KJV.

Light Cloud in Bride of Christ Ministry on 7 April 1996
Psalms 89:7 God is greatly to be feared in the assembly of the saints, and to be had in reverence of all them that are about him.” KJV


The Headstone The Son of Man

“Daniel 7:9 I beheld till the thrones were cast down, and the Ancient of days did sit, whose garment was white as snow, and the hair of his head like the pure wool: his throne was like the fiery flame, and his wheels as burning fire.” KJV

Isaiah 11:10 “And in that day there shall be a root of Jesse, which shall stand for an ensign of the people; to it shall the Gentiles seek: and his rest shall be glorious.” KJV

The Son of Man

Acts 17:31 Because he hath appointed a day, in the which he will judge the world in righteousness by that man whom he hath ordained; whereof he hath given assurance unto all men, in that he hath raised him from the dead.

The Cloud Revealed The Son of Man in Bride of Christ Ministry

Ephesians 2:19 “Now therefore ye are no more strangers and foreigners, but fellow citizens with the saints, and of the household of God.” KJV









Remain blessed brethren. Those that are fond of staying very far at the back, you had better come closer. We are not using any loud speaker to reach you. Traditional back seaters, come closer for we are not using loud speakers tonight. We have lots and lots of spaces in front.
2.           Some of you try to use that place to excuse yourselves from hearing what I am saying. I think the back seats should be kept for late comers! Yes, but some of you have decided to occupy these places so that you can go out at will.
3.           In addition, you can stay there to talk and disturb the Church. Let Me relocate two sisters from there. I know you can have your excuses that you are having your babies. If you cannot put your babies under control inside the Church, you cannot control that child at home.
4.           If you cannot control your child in the Church, it is a sure sign you cannot control that child at home. I believe our children should be under subjection. Can you see what is happening there?
5.           A sure sign that she cannot control that child at home, a sure sign! No matter how stubborn your child is, you must have the ability to control that child in the Church. If you continue every fellowship day to control the child, before you know it, the child will line up.  
6.           Let Me relocate Brother Emma Agu and Sister Ifeyinwa Agu. Come and take your husband’s position at once. Brother Emma, go and take your wife’s position. I am not effecting the changes as I ought to.
7.           Sister Ben Mbah, come and take Brother Shedrach’s position. Brother Shedrach, go and take her position. I have not finished, I am still effecting some changes.
8.           Sister Patience Nwadike, come and take Brother Solomon’s position. Brother Solomon, take her position. I have not finished, I am still effecting changes, God helping Me here to see whether we can be saved. Brother Samuel Okada rise up there, Sister Elochukwu stand up there, Brother Sam take her position. Take your position at once.
9.           I thank God for what is taking place in the Church. We want to be saved. The changes are still on. Brother Stephen, it appears you do not want to go again. Because you are leaving this night, I will change you immediately.
10.        Stand up there, Sister John the teacher stand up there. Sister John the teacher come here, Brother Stephen take her position. It is not yet to My desire, I am still effecting some other changes.
11.        Brother from Lagos, why are you afraid coming closer? You should be there because; it has been a very long time since we parted.
12.        Brother Stephen the dreamer, I will place you where you will dream well, well. Sister Dan Chukwuemeka stand up there, I say stand up there. Brother Dan Chukwuemeka where is your wife? You are a Deacon that cannot control his family? You are a Deacon that cannot control your family. Brother Stephen, take your position over there. Anytime she comes, she must fill that gap.
13.        Brother James Nnaemeka, your wife is not in the Church. I wonder whether this message will benefit you, I do not know how you believe it to be truth. No matter how you believe this message to be truth, you can only enforce it if your wife is in the faith. If your wife is not in this faith, you cannot succeed.
14.        Brother James Nnaemeka, stand up, Sister Obiageli John Abazie come and fill up this gap immediately. Brother Sunday, stand up there, Sister Victor “I am free” sit down there.
15.        I believe I have set the camp in order. If you change your position I will catch you, do not ever change your positions again. If you change your position, I will push you out. Do not ever change your position anymore. Brother Clement, stand up there, Sister John Chukwunonso where are you?
16.        No, no, no, you see, you have been hiding. I do not want any married sister to take cover with the wall—using the wall as a cover. I want you to be where we will be seeing your reaction. Yes, it will help Me a lot. It will help this Church.
17.        I am still effecting some changes, the Lord helping us. This little girl, what is your name? Stand up there, Sister Paul, come here. There is one I have been looking for.
18.        Sister Paul Anah where are you? She did not come. If you are asked if you are child of God, you will say “Yes, hundred per cent.” Where is your wife? We are handling a teaching so your wife must be here.
19.        Maybe you do not know what God is doing: God has come to recue men from the hands of women. I am saying it with every amount of Godly sincerity. God placed a man on top; the woman should be below the man. But religion turned things upside down.
20.        The Almighty God noticed it, spoke to the people of Israel saying, “Your tuning of things upside down will destroy you.” Is it not scriptural?  
21.        Thus, a time came when the people of Israel took delight in turning of things upside down. The Lord was not pleased at all. The Lord wasn’t pleased.
22.        Onyedika stand up there, take your position very close to Mama Ikebude. Brother Philip, where is your wife? You said she is still coming! AMEN.

You see, married men are plotting coup against this message. You are deliberately plotting coup against this message. By the way your wives are responding to fellowship this time, we can rightly conclude that they are resenting this message and you are supporting it. I AM TELLING YOU THAT GOD HAS COME TO RECUE MAN FROM A HORRIBLE CONDITION RELIGION PLACED HIM.
2.           Religion elevates a woman more than a man. Religion puts the woman above the man. If you can consider the message William Branham preached called “Jezebel Religion”, he said that this world is controlled by Jezebels. Women want to have authority over men. However, in the family of God, it should not be so.
3.           No matter the way you look at this message, it can only be believed and practiced among God’s children. Hear Me very well, take this message outside, men will take delight in it because they are the original creation and they are suffering terribly in the hands of their wives. They will even desire that their families will worship here so as to hear this message.
4.           However, their wives will fight with their last blood! If you have a relation or a friend that is having crises in his family, go and look into it, the woman is on top.
5.           Nature speaks louder than any other thing. Nature said that a man should be on top of a woman but religion, which is a part of science, exalts women more than men. Yes! Religion is a part of science believe it if you can. The man is on top from God’s standpoint, right from Creation. The woman is placed under the man.
6.           By right, check it from all angles, a woman DOES NOT feel the weight of any man, no matter the size of that man.
7.           Nature speaks louder than any other thing. No matter how tiny, no matter how small that woman is, she DOES NOT feel the weight of any man.
8.           Place A man on top of that woman, the man is as light as anything. This is nature. HOWEVER, place a woman on top of a man with her weight, the man will COMPLAIN ABOUT THE WEIGHT. He will scream because, by right, nature never made it so.
9.           It does not mean that a man has no weight, a man sustains his weight. But a woman looking bulky filled with bunch of flesh, cannot sustain her weight. If her weight is resting on a man, when a woman rests on a man just for three minutes, the man will be struggling with breath. However, when a man is placed on top of a woman, and even use her as pillow, no problem. That is nature.
10.        from the time religion turned things upside down, women are lying on top of men, Men have been groaning in pain carrying heavy load without anybody to come to their rescue.
11.        Every man that is married, that is sincere will confess that he will SCREAM. let Me put it this way: Until this faith is revealed, and marriage and divorce is revealed, men have been enduring marriages instead of enjoying marriages.
12.        If there has been anything sweet companion, it is only around the children. HOWEVER, to the wife, it is temporary FOR It DOES NOT last long. What is more, it must be occasioned OR CONDITIONED by something.
13.        NEVERTHELESS, it SHOULD NOT be SO. There should nOt be anything that will be “CONDITIONAL joy” in marriage. There should not be anything that will be “CONDITIONAL happiness” in marriage or “revival fire” in marriage. It should be naturAL because it is completely good.
14.        It is full of love so it is absolutely good. IN OTHER WORDS, It is from God because Every good thing cometh from the Lord. THUS, it must be enjoyed all round, not endured.
15.        God has decided to descend to human level to liberate men from that bondage. To help them up from the ground where they have been weakened for years by the heavy load, heavy weight of a woman who is taking the top position. Nature speaks louder.
16.        A lot of men in the world are pinned to the ground by their wives to the point that they have no say in anything. I am telling you what is happening outside, even among us in this most holy Faith.
17.        Only recently, many of you have gotten your liberation through the preaching of this message of “Marriage and Divorce” which has rightly placed a woman where she belongs to; and the same way placed a man where he belongs to.
18.         What is more, I would not be surprised if some women in this Faith will not accept this message whole-heartedly with joy. If you accept it grudgingly, you will not have your joy in your marriage.
19.        If you accept it grudgingly, you have not accepted it at all. It cannot produce the required fruit or result. You must accept this message gladly because it is from God; It is truth it is good, absolutely good from all circles.
20.        women that want to stay on top, is it your position? How long do you think you can stay on top? A man can stay on top from morning till morning.
21.        HOWEVER, a woman cannot stay on top for more than thirty minutes. She will start complaining. She will start desiring to come down. Is that not nature? that is To show you it is not your position.   
22.        That God permitted you to turn things upside down is just for a season. It cannot last forever. The hour has come for all things to be restored to its original condition. What is more, you are being flogged out of that position, setting the man free: “Leave this man, leave the man lest you kill him!”
23.        Our problem is insincerity. If we are really sincere to ourselves, we would acknowledge that really in one way or the other we have compromised our holy and high calling. We have sacrificed our authority at the platter of false love.
24.        Any love you have for your wife that will compel you to sacrifice your authority is devilish love. Your authority must be affirmed at all times.  
25.        sisters, I love you so much. I want you to be happy in your marriages And being happy means making yourself happy. Making yourself happy entails obeying your husband in all things; Serving your husband as your God, as your Lord, as your master, joyfully. I say joyfully without grumbling, without complaining, without grudging. See it as your GODLY responsibility.
26.        It is your GODLY responsibility to serve your husband with every amount of joy. every morning, instead of saying “remain blessed”, say, “my darling, thank you for marrying me! If you did not marry me, I wonder what would have become of me. Thank you for marrying me!”
27.        YES, because “Remain blessed” is not enough. After saying remain blessed, add something more. If he DID NOT marry you, maybe you would have been numbered among those that are lost.
28.        There are too many people that are wandering the streets waiting for a man to stop them or open their mouth to say “I want to marry you” but they do not get even one and they are running towards their menopause.
29.        HOWEVER, you are blessed that a man met you on the way, decided to bring you to his house to give you a position among those that are highly honoured. To be a madam is the highest honour. No honour is bestowed on any woman.
30.        DO NOT see it as a light thing. he that has bestowed that honour on you should be praised always; Should be served with joy.
31.        I have told you times without NUMBER that you are not a slave in the house because somebody married you. You are not your husband’s slave. God DID NOT say you are a slave and CARRYING OUT your DUTY DOES NOT make you a slave. When you refuse to CARRY OUT your DUTY, you will be treated as a slave.
32.        THUS, if you do not want to be a slave, CARRY OUT your DUTY and then you will be happy. Your husband will honour you, your children will honour you; the neighbourhood will honour you.
33.        HOWEVER, if you refuse your DUTY, your husband will dishonour you. Everybody will dishonour you. You will be treated as a slave. He will be ordering you about. Authority will come OUT when there is disobedience.
34.        Where there is no obedience, authority reigns. When a woman obeys her husband’s instructions; serves her husband, there is no room for authority. You CANNOT command her about, you CANNOT shout on her. You CANNOT rebuke her, and on that note the man and the woman are co-equalS.
35.        THUS, a woman and a man can be co-equals only when the woman obeys her husband in all things. HOWEVER, if she finds it difficult to obey, the man will clamp down on her, command THE WIFE about and even disgrace her. Yes, there, authority will rear its head.  
36.        Now you know that your marriage is in your hands. If you want to remain in your marital home, it is in your hands. You want to go away; it is all in your hands. You want more women to come in to compete for that love, it is all in your hands. I do not have much things to say. Amen.

Let me speak to men. Do you know it is a crime against yourself to allow your wife to become your director? If your wife becomes your director, what are you then?
2.           Let me show you one possible sign. In every home where a woman is a director, maids DO NOT stay in that house.  Brothers can never come into that house, sisters can never stay in that house because “madam” is the director.
3.           Anyone the madam does not approve of, or suspects of possible encroachment, must surely go; Whether that person is useful to the house or not. why? The woman is the director.
4.            I believe the house is just like a company or a corporate body or firm: the woman is the manager, the man is the director. The woman is the manager; the man is the chairman and managing director—Absolute power rests on him.
5.           Whatever a manager wants to write, let him write. He can make proposals, he can make budget, but the chairman or managing director is to ratify and then put his signature. If he says it is okay, that is final. If he cancels it, it is final.
6.           Women you are managers of the homes, while men are the chairmen and managing directors of the homes. Men are to approve budget proposals; men are to approve plans and any other things. Thus, the woman, being the manager, is to execute. I am saying that the wife, being the manager, transforms the plan into reality. That is her duty.
7.           We have to be very careful from now! It is very wrong for a man to relegate himself to such a base point that the wife will rise up to tell him what to do. Maybe hold you on the cheeks, call you darling, offer you a kiss and tell you to start scrubbing the floor, go to market, buy this and buy that; wash napkin, do this and that.
8.           Before you know it, little child will urinate on the floor, madam will shout on papa, “Papa Ngoo”, come, bring the rag, this little child has urinated on the floor!” Then the man would run and bring rag.
9.           He says, “Madam, what are you doing?” she will reply, “I am feeding the small baby”. Many use feeding of their small baby as excuse to dodge their responsibilities. It is very, very wrong.
10.        Do you know at times, I wonder how a mother would use a little baby as an excuse? She will carry the baby, enter the kitchen, prepare food, eat in the morning, eat in the afternoon but will not take bath from morning till evening because she is carrying the baby.
11.        Yet the baby will not prevent her from eating in the morning, eating in the afternoon but will prevent her from taking her bath from morning till evening. Is there any truth there? No! Such a person is deceiving herself.
12.        She will tie wrapper on top of her breast walking up and down. Visitors will come, she will just come out like that shamelessly. And men will permit that.
13.        It will take a sissified man, a man without backbone to tolerate that. It is a shameful act, very disgraceful. It is a dishonourable act. It is not compulsory that you must have maidservants; you must know how to control your homes.
14.        Some of you in this Faith—mothers—do not even know how to compel their children to sleep. The children will keep running round the house from morning till night. They have an excuse to give: “The children are stubborn, they do not like to sleep”.
15.        Have you compelled them to sleep? How can you rest? You can only rest if you cause the children to rest. As long as you do not want to force them to rest, you can never have rest. Many love it that way so that they can use their children as an excuse to dodge their responsibilities.
16.        A man will over work himself, come back in the night to start another domestic work. He will go to market, he will enter kitchen, wash plates, wash everything and prepare food. No, no, no. That man will die prematurely because he is not a married man.
17.        However, if you are a woman, you are subjecting your husband to that type of hardship or slavery; you are not worthy to be called a wife. Any married woman that does not know how to keep her home clean at all times is a dishonourable woman to the husband. You are dishonouring your husband. You are not worthy even to stay in that house.
18.        The man has the right to bring in somebody who will keep his house clean to his taste; unless that man is a pig that likes to live in a dirty house. To you, it does not matter. It matters a lot. I say, it matters a lot.
19.        It is regrettable to say that in spite of My message on cleanliness, some married sisters still live like pigs. It can be noticeable at a glance. If a visitor comes to their house, requests for water to drink, you may be shocked that the stink coming from that cup and the oil and charcoal, black spots around the cup, oil on top of the water will even scare the person from drinking.
20.        If she happens to bring bottle from the fridge, everybody will run away. You do not know whether the bottle is white or yellow, or green for it has different types of colour. Moreover, the same is applicable to what is contained in that water bottle. They can use the water bottle from weeks to weeks, months to months without washing it. Some even have their own-what they call “buta”, with a big cup inside it. They enclose it with a lid.
21.        Whoever that comes and wants to drink water, they will go to that “buta”, carry one cup and serve him or her. What is left in the cup, they will carry and pour back into the “buta” and with that cup inside the “buta”, and they cover it. Living like pigs, eating like pigs, behaving like pigs and dressing like pigs. Some of them do not even know that charity begins at home.
22.        They can look very neat when they want to go outside, but once they are at home, they dress like pigs. They will have one excuse, “After all, I am in my house”. If you are in your house, must you live like a pig? You do not know what is good, you do not know that somebody can pay you a visit surprisingly and whatever he sees in you at home that is what you are. I say, that is what you are.
23.        the real you is not seen outside BUT it is seen inside. If you want to be neat outside and be dirty at home, you are just sleeping in a dustbin— a sure sign that you are not a child of God. A child of God is a neat individual. Do you know that we are likened to eagles?
24.        The neatest bird I know in the world is an eagle and it eats clean food. It does not eat anyhow and it does not perch anyhow.
25.        Many of you live very dirty and dishonourable lives. You do not behave like married women. Your plates can only be neat if your husband can only wash those plates.
26.        Anybody that comes into your house and request for a spoon, you will take thirty minutes because you will go and get it somewhere and wash it; carry it with that water. All the plates will remain dirty. They can only be washed anytime they are needed. As long as they are not needed, they will be packed there. You eat in the morning; you pack. You eat in the afternoon; you pack. You eat in the night; you pack until the whole plates will be exhausted.
27.        You have plenty plates in the house but to get one to serve a brother or serve a visitor; it becomes difficult simply because all of them are dirty. It is a shameful living. It is not a godly living. Any woman that is maintaining such environment is already divorcing herself from her house. If the man is a man that loves good things, that loves honour and prestige; surely, he will push you out and get somebody who loves cleanliness.
28.        Cleanliness is next to godliness. One amazing thing is that some of you will eat in the morning, eat in the afternoon; get ready to eat in the night without even brushing their teeth. They use water; put it in their mouth and cleanse their teeth.
29.        They will eat from morning from the time they woke up from the bed; they will continue to eat. They may even forget washing their teeth even for one full day. It is a terrible living!
30.        They may even forget to wash their teeth even for one full day. It is a terrible living. You are not a wife, you are not worthy to be called a man’s wife and you are dishonouring your husband. You do not want your husband to lift up his head high.
31.        By nature, a man can walk into his house with anybody anytime of the day. I should not tell My wife to keep My house neat that I may come back with somebody. No! If I am a real child of God, I hate going to any hotel or restaurant to eat.
32.        Anytime I come in contact with My friends or visitors, the entertaining point is My house. I do not need to alert My wife that I am coming home with visitors. No! My house must be neat at all times. I do not need to tell her that somebody can come in without giving Me any notice. I do not need to tell her to put the children in order lest I will be ridiculed.
33.        She knows that the children must be neat and she must be neat herself and the house must be neat at all times because, people can come in anytime without giving any notice.
34.        Whatever you are INSIDE is what people will respect you for. No matter how gorgeously you dress yourself and talk like Queen of England and somebody meet your house as a dustbin, she is a dirty woman who cannot maintain her home. Truly speaking, the person will never honour you for one day.
35.        Some married women, regrettable to say this, you cannot even maintain your hair which is the commonest thing. The odour coming from your hair can even paint you black, paint your family black. It is a horrible thing. Real horrible thing! You are dishonouring your husband, the husband of a dirty woman. Before you know it, that man will become dirty also.
36.        there is no man that is living with a dirty woman without becoming dirty himself. There is no man that is having a dirty woman as a wife without that man becoming dirty.
37.        You see, a wife that is dirty, everything about her is dirty. Even her food is dirty! people can hardly taste her food.
38.        Her food can only be enjoyed by her husband alone because he is a dirty husband. He cannot even condemn anything bad. this is a hopeless situation, a real hopeless condition!
39.        I went somewhere with Bishop Okey, I requested for water, they brought water. I said, “I need the gallon”. They brought the gallon. I called Brother Okey and said, “Brother Okey, if not because we are too thirsty, I do not think we can manage this water. How I wish we can get water outside.”
40.        I do not know whether the gallon is black or yellow or white. In fact, it contains more than twenty colours. What coloured it? Charcoal from the kitchen, oil from the kitchen and many other things. To crown it all, we could see pieces of sliced leaves and some covers of onions, all were fetched in the cup—beautiful stickers! That shows Me how neat that fridge is and how neat the owner of that house is.
41.        What is more, we were grateful that the owner did not know that visitors would take her by surprise. We left with that impression, it is final. She can erase every other thing but she cannot erase that one.
42.        What impression do people draw from your home? Have you wondered why brethren cannot drink from your house? They will be hungry, you serve them food; they will not eat. They will return that food that way. They have heard your testimonies; you see they are wonderful testimonies.
43.        any married woman that cannot patiently and comfortably enter the kitchen and come out with a delicious food is not worthy to be called a wife
44.        YES, any woman that cannot patiently, comfortably balance in her office, in her position which is the kitchen and come out with glistening plates containing enticing, delicious food that will be giving OUT smoke and nice flavour that will be drawing the appetite of a man, she is not worthy to be called a wife. I am telling you the truth.
45.        Some of you will just rush to the kitchen and even boast with it, “Well, I am not afraid of the kitchen. How long does it take me? Ten minutes, I have finished!” Watch, she will just rush into the kitchen, put water into the pot, crayfish on the ground, fresh fish on the ground, meat on the ground, put everything. She will put vegetables, carry the pot on top of the stove and close it.
46.        She will come to the parlour and call, “Ngoo, give me one bottle of coke, give me bread there.” Within fifteen minutes, she will carry everything down to the ground and then the food is ready! It will take a mad man to eat that food. Yet sissified men will be licking their lips. He is not enjoying it, but he does not want to displease the wife, he does not want to provoke the wife. In other words, he is eating anyhow lest the wife will accuse him of eating outside.
47.        If you do not want me to eat outside, prepare the food to my taste. Truly speaking, I do not want to eat outside but make sure you prepare the food to my taste. I will give you money to provide it but if you cannot prepare it to my taste, you are pushing me outside. I will go and eat outside, at least enjoy life a little.
48.        Some married women are very impatient because they want to idle away their time talking foolishly. Some want to stay in the parlour as madam, lying in the cushion dishing instructions to maid when I have told you, “There is no maidservant that is capable to fill the position of a wife.”
49.        Every maid in the house, no matter her age has her limitations. Lazily such women will stay in the parlour, lying down there to dish out instructions.
50.        You give them fried meat; they will enjoy it, give them fried fish, they will enjoy it. However, go to your kitchen, fry that meat, fry that fish if possible; she will not do that! That means wasting her time; she does not want to waste time.
51.        Many of them here have formed it as a habit. Every Sunday, at times, I will walk over there; it is ofe akwu (palm nut soup). What is ofe akwu (palm nut soup)? If your husband eats stew, will he die? She will come to fellowship with ofe akwu (palm nut soup), abandons it to her husband and children, then request stew from a sister. She will take stew from a sister but she brought ofe akwu (palm nut soup). She is not worthy to be called a wife. She knows why she is dodging!
52.        Watch these women that are wicked, that do not want to be patient and do their work, they are the type that enjoy eating outside. If they get outside, you will know that they eat a lot. However, in the house, they will take soft drink; take bread because they are afraid of the food they prepared. When you avoid the food you prepared, who do you feel should eat it?
53.        When men were men, they used to beat their wives for preparing bad food. If you are a woman and you are fond of preparing bad food, you are dishonouring your husband Because any day he comes home with friends, you are exposing the man: “I think this man is a man o-o-o; I can’t eat that type of food o-o-o! The soup na wa o-o-o! So, this is what this man has been eating and he comes out to dress and behave like a king. This man na pig o-o-o. This man na pig o-o-o. This Madam no sabi cook o-o-o, na wa o-o-o!”
54.        What will make a woman not to know how to cook? Is there any work you have in this world? Firstly, too much of talking will not allow her. Secondly, it is laziness.
55.        There is no lazy woman that knows how to cook. Some of them did not even learn it from their mothers. They avoided kitchen with their mothers and then married without experience. Now, they want to learn how to cook in their husband’s house, but it is late!
56.        The life of a man is in his stomach. How can you win the stomach of your husband when you do not know how to prepare to his taste? There is no husband in this most holy Faith that does not know what good food is all about. When you are enjoying good food, you will be sweating.
57.        It is a shameful remark, a regrettable remark that your husband manages your food. yes, some of them know that. Your husband managing your food so that you do not feel too bad. He is just managing it a little. It is a shameful thing; you are not worthy to be a wife.
58.        You call it a little thing, but it is the thing that weakens your husband towards you. This is the thing that makes your husband to hate you even within his heart. This is what makes your husband develop cold hands and feelings while coming to you. At times, he avoids you completely. This is what is causing it.
59.        I have used Udara tree near My house where men will come with every kind of vehicle. They will come there by three o’clock in the afternoon, at times four o’clock in the evening. They will remain there till eleven o’clock in the night. Some will be there till twelve o’clock in the night.
60.        Have you wondered why these rich men—some of them are landlords, millionaires— want to sleep there? No matter how bad a man’s house is, it must be better than that Udara tree. There is nothing good in that Udara tree. However, men will be there wanting to sleep there. There is something holding them. That is the only place they know they can have peace, relaxation and eat what they want to eat.
61.        I remember there was one man there, each time I came back from fellowship to park My vehicle, I will go to him and say, “Chief, please do not be offended, let Me just park here. Move a little, after parking you can come back and park your own”.
62.        The man will look at Me and say, “Pastor, I block you, please be patient let me lick up this thing! Be patient let me finish this thing!” And truly speaking, the man is eating something.  
63.        What Am I saying? If you are a woman that is married to a man, that which makes your husband to stay outside, you ought to place it in your house. If it is vegetable soup that your husband is eating outside, learn how to make that vegetable soup.
64.        Any woman that does not want her husband to wash his hand twice, when he eats, she is not a wife. Husband that eats washes hands twice, roll up the two sleeves of his shirt. It is a very important matter.
65.        Husband that washes hands twice, if you look at him you see him bend down with his two hands, his mind will be on the plate. When he finishes eating, he washes his two hands a says, “Give me towel to clean my hand and my mouth”. If you look at him, he will be feeling heat.
66.        When you hear “women”, your duty is to stay there. Wash the dressing of your husband, fix his food. Find out his desire, his delight, his type of food. Do not comfort yourself and console yourself with this comment, “My husband does not eat too much. He can only eat small.” It is not true.
67.        You can only know whether your husband eats or not when he jams his type of food. Before you know it, the man will be licking his lips.
68.        If you do not want competitors in your home, it is all in your hands. you want to enjoy your home alone with the husband of your youth, it is all in your hands. There is nobody that does not know what is good. Amen.

What we are looking for in the depth of the soup pot, is it not fish? I am touching on these matters women call a light thing. Satan has deceived them to see it as a light thing, yet it is the weightiest matter in marriage.
2.           This is the only compelling factor why men marry quickly: To get somebody who will prepare food for them. Not the type they will eat outside but a special food that is prepared at home by a married woman who is diligent, careful enough to enter the kitchen.
3.           Keep maidservants by the side as your helps. They are family helps. If you want pounded yam, you will simply ask them to pound the yam for you under your supervision. It is not asking the maid to pound yam for you and you run away. Before you know it, she will pour the whole water in that yam. Your duty as a Madam is to supervise it to make sure the food is prepared to your taste.
4.           Do you know that the pounded yam a Madam produced by herself is different from that produced by a maid? I am telling you the truth. Number one, it will be hot, fuming and smoking. You touch it, feel it, it is not soft it is not hard. It is standard! It will be smoking! However, if a maid pounds the yam, it will be cold in the mortar. The same way, we can know lazy women.
5.           Watch that woman in the kitchen, she will sit down there like drone (lazy person). She will sit down there with long spoon. Once she is there, she will be talking, loosing concentration. Any sister that passes by, she will say, “Sister, come this way. Sister, how are you?”
6.            What will be produced? The soup will be cold right there on the fire. Note, the soup will be on the fire and become cold. Why? The Madam is cold herself.
7.           However, if you see a woman that is married, she is lively in the kitchen. I say very lively, walking up and down in the kitchen, coordinating everything! Before you know it, when the food is brought down, she is already in the bathroom taking her bath and then come and serves the food. Everything hot!
8.           I am speaking to your shame that you do not know how to keep your husbands at home and make them to be envious of you. You are the one diverting their attentions outside. It is not the intention of your husband to abandon you, but it is you that have abandoned your husband by dodging your responsibility.
9.           Remember, we are in the interlude. Interlude means a little break. It is a break period, and within this break period, we want to flush ourselves of little, little things that KILL the family, Little things that destroy the family.
10.        What makes for a good soup is not plenty meat, it is not plenty fish. There are some women in this most holy Faith that can slaughter one goat, slaughter one cow, put the whole fish in the world in one pot and come out with nonsense. However, a virtuous wife can enter the kitchen with crayfish alone and come out with delicious food.
11.        Let Me tell you why your husband hates you. Your husband is divorcing you right from his heart and you do not know because you are not a virtuous housewife, you are too expensive for him to maintain. Why are you too expensive? Everything you need is purchased from the market because of laziness.
12.        I speak to your shame that some women in this Faith do not know how to prepare pap even for the family. Anytime they need pap for children they will say, “Darling, bring money. Ngozi go across the main road and buy pap.” She will buy pap from the main road in the morning, in the afternoon, in the night.
13.        However, to prepare it in the house, no way! Why? Laziness! To such lazy people, they have an excuse: “I know how to prepare it, what is there? But my husband, you know we do not have fridge where we can preserve it”. You are not giving the right excuse.
14.        Without fridge, you can preserve your pap. However, you do not want to prepare it because you are lazy. You want to buy everything from the market as if your husband prints money. That woman that is selling that pap in the market, if she is not making profit, will she continue?
15.        Do you know that some men here can only eat ordinary moi moi (bean pudding) if they go out. Even their wives cannot sit down and use beans to prepare moi moi (bean pudding) for them because of laziness. She will give an excuse, “I am weak. I do not think I should die in the kitchen. Every time in the kitchen, every time in the kitchen.”
16.        What else is your position? If you want to come out from the kitchen, where do you want to stay? A wife is not meant for the parlour, the parlour belongs to the man and his visitors. The kitchen belongs to the woman!
17.        Even in Genesis, Sarah was in the kitchen. The backyard and the kitchen, they are meant for married women. The parlour is meant for men and their visitors.
18.        When men were men, their wives will only come to the parlour on invitation. However, today, because of religion and modernism, Satan has placed cinema in form of television in the parlour. Madam will be number one to occupy the prominent sit there. She will place one leg in the east and another leg in the west. Two bottles of beer on the table, tie wrapper on the chest.
19.        She will be watching television and at the same time dishing out instructions, “Papa Ngoo, you are back. There is no water in the house. Papa Ngoo after fetching the water, please do not be offended, help me buy some yam from the market”.
20.        If Papa Ngoo stays in the parlour, will it be a crime? Why is she sending the man out? She does not want disturbance! It is only in this generation that a woman will prepare food, serve everybody and say she is not hungry. And truly, she is not hungry because while coming back from the market, she bought beans cake, bought agidi (corn meal), bought moi moi (bean pudding), bought everything she will eat knowing fully well that the food she is going to produce will be a horrible one.
21.        Gone were the days when virtuous women, married, first of all admire their own food. I say a woman standing in her office, looking at the soup, she will taste it and be nodding, saying, “It is wonderful”. That time is over! It is now one in a million!
22.        However, this time, the way she will be walking out from the kitchen will tell you that she prepared poison. The way she comes out from the kitchen, no joy in her face. She comes out coldly like that. Before you know it she will say, “If you want to eat, food is ready, you hear! If you want to eat, food is ready.”
23.        Who is she addressing? The husband and children: “If you want to eat, I have finished; food is ready”. She will not eat! You say, “Madam come and eat now”, she would reply, “I do not want to eat yet! I am not hungry”. Did she drink cement? No! She is scared of her food.
24.        Watch a woman that will give excuses to every visitor that comes to the house, food will be there but she will be having excuses. She is afraid of her food! What is causing it? non-acceptance of her godly responsibility!
25.        Every married woman must see it as a challenge, as a responsibility given to her by the Almighty to make her husband feel comfortable with her food. If he is satisfied, will he eat again? Does a man have five stomachs? You say “It does not matter”; you can call it a light thing. But it is this light thing that has demoralized your husband, that has made him to be very cold in approaching you. Instead of coming home to eat, he will eat outside. When he comes home, he will touch the food a little and wash his hands.
26.        In those good old days, godly women with everything God has given to them feel on top of the world each time their guests are served food and they ate and finished the food. They feel happy; they feel on top of the world. However, today, it does not mean anything to them. If the man does not eat at all, a sure sign that he did not like that food, you did not cook to his taste.
27.        Some of you may have your reasons, “How much am I going to use to cook that food?” If you cannot cook delicious food with fifty naira, you can never cook delicious food with one million naira.
28.        Yes! The heart of your husband is in his stomach. Some of you will even try to cook but will serve your husband the food very poorly. Any married woman that esteems a visitor more than her husband is not worthy to be a wife. The highest personality you can entertain in your house is your husband.
29.        note it, the most expensive personality, the highest personality that should be honoured and served with every amount of diligence and carefulness with the best dish, with the best plate, with the best cup, with the best spoon, the best fork, the best napkin, the best water; is your husband.
30.        your husband must take number one position, then any other person can follow. Then the question arises: is your husband eating different when you are eating different? When you are serving your husband, you are serving yourself and equally enjoying that best food with him: Best plate, best water, everything best.
31.        unfortunately, some of you in this Faith, you esteem some visitors and placed them higher than your husbands. You do not know that your husbands are your Gods.
32.        the best service a wife should render to any human being goes to her husband. This is hard to believe but it is true.
33.        You see, I am a married man. Check how it will sound that you have laboured to provide for the whole family, you have made allowance for visitors, one day your visitors will come, they are being served and every other thing. At the end of the whole thing, your wife comes with a little plate and says, “Darling, please manage it that way; the visitors have finished everything. You can manage it like that. There is no meat left, the fish is finished. The visitors have finished everything.” You are going with the visitors! You are going with them!   
34.        No visitor, no matter your relationship with that person can take my position in My house. In everything, My food belongs to Me. It must be set aside! Then, whatever that is left can be shared. But My own first! Even if I do not want to eat, even if I will not eat when I come back; set it aside.
35.        Do you know that in the olden days when men were men, when women honour their husbands, a married woman must set the husband’s food apart, place it somewhere before serving the children? Even if she is going away, she will leave instruction: “In case your father comes back, look at where his food is.”
36.        However, today, what do we hear? “Darling, the food we prepared, little children have finished it.  Some people came here and we served them. We have little bread in the fridge.”
37.        Let Me ask this question: have you ever seen a man that died and on the day of burial, they caught one of his children and put him inside the grave? Have you ever heard it? No!
38.        Children’s food belong to the children; visitors food belongs to the visitor. A visitor can be told that there is no food, but not the man of the house.
39.        If there is no food, why am I alive? Why am I labouring? The only person that can accept the excuse that there is no food in the house is a visitor, not a husband. Mama, is it a lie? She said, “No”. Is it true? She said, “Yes sir!” This is restoration time! It is complete restoration time.
40.        what kills marriage? What destroy homes? It is nothing but those things you think do not matter. Things you think do not matter, they are the things that will cost you your family. They are the things that will push you out of your family. Nothing offends a man more than that type of nonsense.
41.        a man is never fierce until he is hungry. A hungry man is an angry man. He is a lion! Once he is hungry, he will make a hell of noise. You will think he will swallow the whole world but he requires a little quantity of that food. Just a little quantity
42.        However, watch the way he is reacting and moving about, you think he will eat one bag of garri. However, you will be surprised he cannot finish one cup of garri and the hunger is stemmed down. Why not reserve that food for him? Why not honour him?
43.        Like I said earlier on, the heart of a man is his stomach. The way a woman serves her husband his food, determines the way the man will eat it. No matter how hungry the man will be, there is a way the woman will present the food and the hunger will vanish.
44.        Number one, her composure. If she is serving the food and her face is not glittering, is not joyful; in other words, she is not serving her husband with joy. If she is serving the food and she is looking sad, looking cheated, serving the food with grumbling, with grudges, the man’s appetite is gone.
45.        If while she is serving the food she begins to reel out a catalogue of complains: “Emmanuel did this; look at what this one did. NEPA came; landlord placed notice!” Do you really want this man to live? You are a wicked woman if you do that. You are using the food to hold him so that you will talk to him. You are not serving the food. The hunger is too much!
46.        Sometimes, wicked women will use food to hold the man so that they will talk to him more especially when the man is not well disposed. She will bring the food, “Okay eat now, foolish man! Let me serve you! You said you are a man, let me serve you. Eat! Look at your head!” And a man, a poor fellow who has no alternative, there is no money in his pocket, he will be eating anyhow. Whatever you will call him, call him. That is a poor man!
47.        What am I saying? Any man that is a husband, that is married, who is eating anyhow because he has no alternative is not worthy to be a husband. Every true husband must have authority.
48.        What am I saying? If you are a husband and you are not credit worthy, you are not a husband. Any day you give your wife the impression that you have no alternative, from that day you are at her mercy. From that day, she will treat you anyhow. She will serve you anyhow. A virtuous wife does not serve her husband anyhow.
49.        an ideal wife, a godly mother hates to see another woman helping her to serve her husband. She wants to serve her husband alone. Only she knows her husband’s delight.
50.        thus, when you invite the other to help you, they may outclass you and the man will switch over!
51.        If My maid enters the kitchen and prepares a delicious food, more delicious than that of my wife, I do not have anything to say other than giving instruction, “Darling please, any day you buy something from the market, allow her to prepare the food. I love it that way”.
52.        Yes! Because the wife does not know how to cook. The maid knows how to prepare food better than the wife. I will switch over, why? I want to live, I do not want to die.
53.        one of the reasons why men marry second wife is because they want to live, they do not want to die. What is more, they can only marry a second wife when the first wife has come to a point where she thinks that the man has no alternative.
54.        What am I saying? I am pointing at those little things you think do not matter. I call them little, little ants that eat up a mighty oak tree in marriage.
55.        Everything matters! Your dressing, the dressing of your children, your composure, your courage, your patience, your presentation as a queen at all times, your food, your varieties of food matters.
56.        yes, every virtues woman prepares varieties because by nature, a man is a veritable animal. That is why he does not want to wear one dress. You understand what I mean? A woman hates varieties. HOWEVER, man by nature loves varieties.
57.        a married woman that loves varieties is a prostitute. But a man love varieties and yet he is not a prostitute. It is his nature. That is why, no matter how delicious the food maybe, the woman will prepare it very well, the man will appreciate it the first day, appreciate it the second day, if you dare bring that food the third day, he will find fault with it. And the woman will ask, “What is wrong with the food now? This food is still very current”.  
58.        The man will say, “My darling, I do not know what is wrong. He will say, “Darling wait, I enjoyed it the first day, the second day. I know it is still enjoyable, pack it in the fridge, we will still eat it but prepare Nsala soup”.
59.        You hear it, before you know it, he will eat Nsala soup that day. The following day, he will eat it in the afternoon with grudges. He will say, “This fish is not giving me what I need, but let us manage it anyhow. I need vegetable soup and pounded yam. I have made my request”.
60.        If she is a wise woman, she knows what he needs. The Nsala soup will be for the children. The following day, you see him eating vegetable soup. That is a man!
61.        While he takes that one, he will remember the one that is stacked in the fridge. He will bring it out again, it will be delicious as the first day.
62.        What am I saying? Any woman, any woman that glues her husband to a particular food is a lazy woman. The same way, it will take a lazy woman to glue her husband to Ofe akwu (palm nut soup) anyhow.
63.        Ofe akwu (palm nut soup), Nchuanwu (scent leaf), why do you expect me to eat Nchuanwu (scent leaf), do I look like sun? Even the name, if your husband is eating, the wife is also eating scent leaf. Why Nchuanwu (scent leaf) all the time, am I the cause that you are being beaten by the sun? If the sun troubles you, you give it Nchuanwu (scent leaf).
64.        However, if you are a virtuous wife, your husband can like Ofe akwu (palm nut soup) today, next time, prepare hot stew. The other time, you prepare hot jollof rice with crayfish. He will be happy, and the home will be lively. You can never see any food in the dustbin. You cannot see even one.
65.        Even the Madam herself, once she brushes her teeth, she is sitting down in the kitchen, before you know it, like My wife used to say, “I took super-appetite.” What is good for the goose is equally good for the gander.
66.        These things you think they do not matter are the things that discourage your husband from buying good things. If your husband sees good things, he WILL NOT buy them.
67.        your husband will see good fish he WILL NOT buy it. He will see good meat; he WILL NOT buy it because he thinks it is waste of money. Or the wife does not know how to prepare it.
68.        Man by nature loves to eat good food. Why, because the man knows that it is what he eats that sustains him. If a man does not have enough, he will eat the one he has. It is right because he knows what he is passing through. As a woman is looking for money she will use to buy cloth, so is the man looking for the money he will use to eat.
69.        There was a man that packed into a particular street that I like very well. His name is Okwuruora (Advocate), he called his fellow friends and said to them, “Eat now while you are alive for you only come to this world once.”  
70.        It will take a stupid man who is a trader to esteem money more them his life. A man that esteems money more than his life prefers to eat buns and groundnut to giving the wife money to prepare food. I am telling you the truth. That man, I liken him to Brother Thomas. Any day he dies, do not weep.
71.        Brethren, I am not playing. Do not take it as child’s play. I do not come to the pulpit to joke or jest. I do not come to the pulpit to flatter anybody. Likewise, I do not come to the pulpit to ridicule anybody.
72.        Sister, I am talking on something you have been neglecting all these years. You have been wondering why the first love in your marriage is dying down.
73.        From all indications, it appears that your husband is even avoiding you or avoiding the home. He is not relating well with you. You are the cause! You have never made the man to feel like a king in his house. I bet you, do your best joyfully, by revelation, in love to make your husband feel like a king and he will lavish his love on you. He will tell you that of all women in the world, there is none like you.
74.        The reason why you feel dishonoured, dejected and rejected by your husband is because you have dishonoured your husband, not knowing you are dishonouring yourself and denying yourself of good things. Serve your husband with joy, obey your husband with joy, watch your husband and you will say “All men are good but my husband is the best”. I am telling you the truth. Amen.
I am touching on little things you neglect. It will take a foolish woman to esteem the care of her children more than the care of her husband. Your child can never take the position of your husband. Your children have their position and they can never be used as an excuse for not serving your husband.
2.          Everything must be given its rightful place in the family and then, you will see the beauty of a godly home. You will see Christ with His love affair in every family. You will see a glorious Church without having spot, wrinkle or blemish. You will now know that your husband has been making big money. That he has been making big money that is being squandered outside.
3.          Watch your husband, he will eat in the morning and go to his shop. The money he would have wasted there if he had not eaten good food at home, will be used to buy one good thing. It can be fish, it can be meat, it can be something else. He will prefer to prepare the thing in the home. That pepper soup which attracts him outside can be better prepared in the home.
4.           The money he spent to eat that pepper soup will be enough to prepare pepper soup that will be eaten in the home. Who pushed him outside?
5.           When the man will bring the fish, you will behave as if he brought poison. You will look at it without admiring it. To collect the polythene bag containing the fish from the man will be war. You open it and see something, instead of taking it to the kitchen; you will give it to the maid. The man will be watching you and laughing over the thing.
6.           Look at a man who could have eaten that thing outside; he has used the money to buy the thing so that he can enjoy it with his queen and her children. Look at the way he is being treated, as if he bought poison. Can he buy it next time? No! Next time, he will use five hundred naira, go there, eat very well, take one bottle of lager beer with good meat.
7.           It is the woman that exposes her husband outside. If you make the home very comfortable for the man, the man will be driving everything home and there he will be hovering around.
8.           He knows when the food will be ready in the afternoon. He is there to eat. In the night, seven o’clock he is already there. Taking his bath with his wrapper, he has readjusted his stomach waiting for the table. How can the man go out?
9.           Every man must come to a point where the food that is prepared by another woman can never attract his attention. There is not even one that can prepare a food as delicious as that prepared by his own wife.
10.        You want your husband to stay with you so that the family will be good, the children will learn good things, it is all in your hands. However, when your duty has beclouded your eyes, you are too selfish, too self-centred, only concerned with your own personal welfare, you do not care about the husband, well, forget about it.
11.        One day, somebody that cares will come in. One that is rejected does not reject himself. If you do not care, somebody else cares.
12.        Whatever a man is looking for outside is in his house. However, the manager of the house cannot manage the house very well. She has failed in her responsibilities and the man is pushed out.
13.        Little, little things that pull down the oak tree. It does not matter, matters a lot in the home. It does not matter can break a home. Women learn your lesson.
14.        There is no man that is a child of god that marries a wife and begin to maltreat her. There is no man, no matter how bad, that marries a wife for the purpose of maltreating her.
15.        Do you know that the best friend a man has is his wife? HOWEVER, if she is not a godly woman, she will become the worst enemy.
16.        yes! the best friend, the best companion, the best fellowship is between a man and his wife. It is darling, darling! It is sweet; it is everything good. However, if the woman is not from God, she is the worst enemy a man can ever comes in contact with. What is more, this type of home discourages men and women from marrying.   
17.        A godly home, a sweet home is a big encouragement to bachelors, to spinsters to marry, telling them that marriage is good. HOWEVER, a godless home is a discouragement; thus, Men will like to stay alone, women will like to stay alone.
18.        Your family is nothing but what you make it. A man lays the foundation for the home, while a woman builds the home. Thus, homes are built by women. Is that not right? Is it not scriptural?
19.        Do not neglect little things, neglect not this year of little things is one of our messages. Thus, neglect not this year of little things. I am wishing you the best of marriage. all that you wish yourself is what I am wishing you.
20.        hence, If you are wishing yourself good, I am wishing you good. If you are wishing yourself evil, I am equally wishing you evil. If you are wishing yourself one man, one wife, that is what I am wishing you. If you are wishing yourself one man many wives, that is what I am wishing you too.
21.        I am wishing you all that you wish yourself. If you believe My message, it shall be well with you. If you reject My message, you must regret. amen.
I told you that there is going to be trouble, wait until we roll into first June, you will see what will become of us not only in Nigeria but worldwide. It will pay you if you listen to events. First June precisely; it would be on a Saturday.
2.          Nigeria lost their precious son, Major General Joseph Garba. He was very healthy and was invited to Aso Rock for deliberation concerning the forth-coming Common Wealth meeting.
3.           The man attended the meeting, being a permanent member of Common Wealth. There he drank tea and trouble started. He became sick, and he was rushed to clinic in Aso Rock; there he died.
4.           The wife was told about the sad news; she said she would not believe. Today, the whole Northerners have come under one voice that they want Joe Garba alive or no Nigeria.
5.           They gave an instance. They said that Idiagbon was invited for a ministerial appointment. He came there, drank tea and died there. The same way, Abiola drank tea and died in Aso Rock.
6.           They said it is too much, that they cannot bear it again. They said they were shocked that the man was killed because of the stand of Arewa People’s Congress for he is in the forefront. That is truth. We do not know where we are heading to.
7.           Good news to everybody, any time from now, your present Pope of the Roman Catholic Church will be giving way. he Is being attacked by an incurable disease from the Lord.
8.           YES! Every incurable disease is from the Lord. The name of the disease is called “Parkinson disease”.
9.           Because of this Parkinson disease, he COULD NOT celebrate his 82nd birthday. The Vatican has published a letter; they are going to nominate a new Pope any moment from now.
10.        HOWEVER, one is highly favoured, he is an Italian. From the history of the Vatican, they said that He is the most wicked of all the Cardinals since the History of Roman Catholic ChurchA strong devotee of Roman Catholicism who believed in punishing any anti-Catholic by death.
11.        What is more, they said that it is what they need now. That the whole world has messed up Roman Catholic faith; that the man is highly favoured.
12.        THUS, it is very likely that the real beast is coming to the throne to repeat the act of St. Gregory the first. HENCE, we are watching AND WAITING.
13.        Here in Nigeria, trouble is looming. While we are trying to grabble with the problem, the House of Senate, House of Reps, they have started impeachment move against the President. He is facing impeachment charges now. If he should be impeached, who will be there?
14.        In Lagos, there was a trouble because they were celebrating their June 12. They said, “It is Democracy Day.” The whole of South West celebrated it.
15.        They said they did not know anything called May 29, that they only know June 12 as Democracy Day. They are battling with the situation.
16.        We know very well that it is not well with the Local Governments. It is not well at all. State Government with the revenues are now being starved.
17.        Recently Federal Government gave another ruling, met the Supreme Court that Primary Education will no longer be the liability of the Federal Government, that it has been transferred to the State. Thus, it is back to square one. In other words, any moment from now, education is going to come to a halt at all levels.
18.        Today, there was a demonstration, demonstrating over the school fees. We are watching. August 10 is around the corner. Moreover, we do not know what tomorrow holds. While we have the time, let us embrace this truth.
20.        Thus, while we have this little opportunity, let us embrace it with open heart.
21.      On this note, I say remain in your sanctified estate, remain blessed in Him eternally. Amen.