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Saturday, 27 August 2011

The Appearance of Ladies In The Church


Let me tell you; He that is teaching you has no need of someone teaching Him because He is the source of knowledge and wisdom; the beginning and the end. In Him lies the totality of what God is made up of. Believe it if you can…
      The Son of Man

 The society is in a mess because we are living in the woman’s world; a religious world where religion has placed women on top of men. Religion has placed women where angels are afraid to go. Religion has even made women preachers, pastors, and some of them archbishops.
Religion has exposed women to politics. But they do not know. It is Satan’s deceit.  A woman is never a public figure. A woman is a “sacred being” that has her position in the home building.
Today, modernism and women emancipation through science and politics have succeeded in relocating a woman. As a man of God; any education or social standing or exposure that removes a woman from her God placed position is of the Devil.
Don’t you know that we are living in a woman’s world? Women have been controlling the world. That is why things have been turned upside down. Where Satan is afraid to go, he sends a woman there. –The Son of Man




Supernatural Cloud in Bride of Christ revealed The of Man on Sunday 7 April 1996

Deuteronomy 31:15 “And the LORD appeared in the tabernacle in a pillar of a cloud: and the pillar of the cloud stood over the door of the tabernacle.” KJV
The Son of Man Peter Odoemena Revealed in Supernatural Cloud on Sunday 7 April 1997 at Bride of Christ Ministry World Wide

Exodus 13:21 And the LORD went before them by day in a pillar of a cloud, to lead them the way; and by night in a pillar of fire, to give them light; to go by day and night:.” KJV.

Light Cloud in Bride of Christ Ministry on 7 April 1996
Psalms 89:7 God is greatly to be feared in the assembly of the saints, and to be had in reverence of all them that are about him.” KJV


The Headstone The Son of Man

“Daniel 7:9 I beheld till the thrones were cast down, and the Ancient of days did sit, whose garment was white as snow, and the hair of his head like the pure wool: his throne was like the fiery flame, and his wheels as burning fire.” KJV

Isaiah 11:10 “And in that day there shall be a root of Jesse, which shall stand for an ensign of the people; to it shall the Gentiles seek: and his rest shall be glorious.” KJV

The Son of Man

Acts 17:31 Because he hath appointed a day, in the which he will judge the world in righteousness by that man whom he hath ordained; whereof he hath given assurance unto all men, in that he hath raised him from the dead.

The Cloud Revealed The Son of Man in Bride of Christ Ministry

Ephesians 2:19 “Now therefore ye are no more strangers and foreigners, but fellow citizens with the saints, and of the household of God.” KJV









The Appearance Of Ladies In The Church

Preached 2ND August 2001

The Powers In a Woman
here is something we call seasonal madness. Every woman suffers from madness whether you like it or not. Look at how it comes: if you are a man and you are spiritual, it cannot come out by surprise. It will start with laughing; every form of madness normally starts with laughter. That is the first sign.
2.           When you laugh, “Ha, ha, ha, ha”; the following day, it will turn to gloominess. You cannot please her; you become suspicious of her movements. Whatever you do, she will not smile. Every statement you make, she will cut it off. The fourth day it will be hostility. It is graduating.
3.           She will become hostile to herself, to everybody and in that hostility, she becomes dumb, and you dare not talk to her because seasonal madness lasts for seven days.
4.           Then, the fifth day, she becomes violent. Notice these stages. In this violent stage, she can tear and devour. Love vanishes from her eyes. God vanishes from her heart and she will not calm down until somebody is wounded.
5.           Once she vents out her anger by wounding somebody, either her husband or her children, or neighbours or strangers or her colleagues in the office or in the market; she calms down.
6.           The sixth day is weeping day, she may cry and cry until those that were wounded; those she wounded will now come to her to console her. The seventh day, that is the victory day, is a day of sobriety (soberness). She will go to bed, she will not sleep; she will not be awake because she is weak. This is common with all women.
7.           Now, periodic sequence of this madness varies from individual to individual. Why? Because of the level and the quantity of bile that is in a woman; it varies from one woman to another.
8.           Another thing is also the extent of the function of the adrenalin, which is a hormone that stimulates that thing in an individual; it varies from one individual to another. Just like the estrogen hormones that induce pregnancy in the woman, it varies from one woman to another.
9.           Note it, in some women, it shoots up once in three months. In some women, it shoots up once every week; and that one that is once in every week is the worst. Note that one.
10.        When it comes up, it will start in the morning with sickness but that is not sickness: “I am having runny stomach; I am having headache; I am having pains,” you will think it is sickness. You want to talk to her concerning the sickness, she will beat your hand off for you to leave her alone as if you were the cause.
11.        You see, you are in danger, your life is in danger. That one that comes up weekly can cause a woman to commit suicide. That is why if you love your wife and she is in that category, do not run away from her that period because it lasts for twenty-four hours only. Then it will stop.
12.        There is one that comes up once every month; notice that one. The time it comes up is usually the time when money is in the hand of the man. There are those who have their own that time. When that money comes, the man has already budgeted how to spend the money.
13.        The woman has her own idea as well which has no meaning to the family because there is madness beginning around her. She is waiting for the man to speak anything contrary. If the man speaks contrary to her suggestion, no more. To her the man has hated her and she will open her mouth.  
14.        It is seasonal madness, but the worst is the one that comes up every three months. That one can cause trouble you cannot solve because it affects both neighbours and all that will come to your house, even strangers. She does not recognize a human being or the presence of anybody.
15.        I have decided to talk to you on this because I can see emergence of ladies in the Church now. How do you know whether this madness is of God? Watch what they bring out in the end.
16.        If in the end, the Word of God is lifted up against such evil behaviours and you see the people crying and weeping, regretting their errors, it is of God; God is showing them that they are going to be saved only by grace.
17.        However, if when you lift up the Word, instead of the person to see it as correction, she becomes more violent, calling you all manner of names and calling even the Word you are lifting up blasphemous names, do not go further but behave wisely.
18.        Moreover, if you threaten her by saying, “I will report you to the Son of Man; I will report you to the Elders,” you will hear, “If you want go to Heaven; go now. Rush. If you wait till morning, oh, shame on you!” Do not talk further, leave her alone. Any other step you take forward is going to be bloody.
19.        Underline one factor in your heart: Each time you are having dealings with a woman—any woman, no matter her stature, by nature is violent and the most violent is the most quiet. The most violent is the quietest.
20.        Even in human psychology, the man you should fear most is the quiet man, for every strong man is a quiet man.
21.        If an armed robber comes around, you will not notice him for he will be like pussycat; very quiet and calm, but when the time for action comes; he will leap out like a lion.
22.        Do not underrate the capacity of any woman because of her stature or any other thing you can see.
23.        I have told you, no woman is spiritual; not even one. Every woman is religious and every religious fellow is a violent fellow.
24.        Religion produces violence. Religion produces intolerance and it is full of angry resentment. That is religion. Religion justifies itself by saying, “I am better than Brother Charles; I am not as worst as that one.” That is religion. Amen.

The Appearance Of Ladies In The Church
Message dated 21st January, 1998: AN EPISTLE TO THE CHURCHES IN NIGERIA: Dearly beloved brethren, I greet you all in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ who became flesh that we might become partakers of his saving grace in this closing day of time and to be called the manifested sons of God in this hour. He created in his likeness and conformed in the Image of His Son Jesus Christ. To Him are all glory, honour and adoration forever and ever.
2.           I thank the Lord, our God Who granted us a successful Camp meeting during which He met both our spiritual and physical needs for which cause we continued to testify of His marvelous works among His people.
3.           Now brethren, I deem it fit and necessary to write this epistle unto you, to draw your attention to the mind of God concerning our doctrine on marriage which I have noticed that Satan is trying to trick some to misunderstand, abuse and even go fanatical, just creating room for the Gospel of Christ to be reproached and for our enemies to blaspheme. For this reason therefore, I write unto you lest Satan should take an advantage of us, for we are not ignorant of his devices (2nd Cor 2:11).
4.           Marriage is the oldest Institution ordained of God from the Garden of Eden as recorded in Genesis 2:18-25  “And the LORD God said, “It Is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a help meet for him.”
5.            Everyone should take note of the fact that the Almighty God Himself acknowledged that it is not good that the man should be alone. Therefore, God Himself made an helpmate for the man as the Holy Bible recorded and the Holy Bible recorded further: And out of the ground the LORD God formed every beast of the field, and every fowl of the air; and brought them unto Adam to see what he would call them: and whatsoever Adam called every living creature, that was the name thereof.
6.           And Adam gave names to all cattle, and to the fowl of the air, and to every beast of the field; but for Adam there was not found a help meet for him. And the LORD God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept: and he took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof;
7.           And the rib, which the LORD God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man. And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man.
8.           Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh. And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.” Gen. 2:19-25 (KJV).
9.           The man and the wife were both naked and were not embarrassed or ashamed in each other’s presence Gen. 2:25 (AMP).
10.        One can clearly see and understand that Adam heaved a sigh of relief and welcomed his God-given wife which is clear evidence that he was actually longing for a wife. Hence, he exclaimed, This now is bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called woman because she was taken out of man”. (Gen.2:23 KJV).
11.        Another thing to consider here is the fact that every true marriage must be acceptable and appreciated by the parties concerned.  
12.        The SON OF MAN SPEAKS: It must be appreciated, it must be welcomed very warmly. If you are in this Faith and you are regretting your marriage, you are not appreciating your marriage, instead, you are regretting it because you did not welcome your wife; you did not welcome your husband, God is not the author.
13.        You see, I was warning young men. I have warned them before: “Stop making unnecessary vows on top of a woman; even women know, if they have the spirit of God, that whatever a man is promising her while he is lying on top of her, is an empty promise that is made under false anointing.”  
14.        It is an empty promise made under false anointing. You know, we have promises that are made under “bedmatic impulses; bedmatic promises made by bedmatic impulses and inspiration.
15.        Bedmatic inspiration is not inspiration of God. It is a sensational promise. It is purely bedmatic!  It should be limited to the bed. That is all. It is one of those things you enjoy in the bed. It is among the fun and most women fall for it. The same bedmatic discussions full of sensation.
16.        For you to stand up and say, “Hold my hand. I promise you in the name of Christ our Lord, if I do not marry you, let me die.” It is no longer bedmatic because you are no longer in bed that time. Where do you make this one? It is when you are satisfying the belly. impulse is gone. You promised because you ate something and made a promise that is more than you, Which means you are dead.
17.        When do you make this promise? It is when you approach a sister, “In fact, you know I love you, but I have a need right now. If I can solve this need…”
18.        The sister says, “But how much will it take to take care of the need?” the brother says, “Just two thousand (₦ 2000.00)”. The sister then says, “Okay, take.” You are now indebted to the woman and you cannot pay.
19.        Since you have no money to pay, you can pay with marriage. Because if you marry that woman, you have married that money; you will not pay her again and the woman will even supply more money because the more you are indebted to a woman financially, the more you are being tied to her hook.
20.        Every woman that is of age and very much desirous of marriage has a hook in her hand while approaching a man. She does not basically approach a man for sex. After all, she has been having it; her only desire is to have a settled home. Hence, there must be a hook in her hand. Finish.
21.        If I do not speak the truth, God will smite Me. Many of you have implemented bedmatic discussions; you have implemented bedmatic promises so that you will not be called liars. Because of ignorance and stupidity, you could not even know that God was not in that bedmatic discussion. You can be called a liar if God was there.  
22.        Do you know that women are wiser than men? Women are so wise that they know that when a man makes a bedmatic promise, a sensational promise, he can change his mind so easily. This is because he has gotten what he desired.
23.        That is why a woman that is desirous for the fulfillment of that promise can never give that man a breathing space. She will be following the man seriously, “I thought you said you are going to do something for me. Come and fulfill what you promised me. What are you waiting for?”
24.        In the morning, she will come. In the evening, she will come. She will buy banana, she will prepare soup, buy clothes and say: “What are you waiting for? I want to go and see my parents. I thought you promised this thing. You are no longer a man of God. Are you not a child of God? Honour your word!”
25.        Shut up your mouth. Before you know it, the man will just run up and start making consultations, dreams will be coming, visions will be coming, all speaking the same thing.
26.        If a man dishonors bedmatic promises, he did not dishonor his word. Any promise made in the bed when the man is lying with a woman is likened to a promise made by a man that is drunk. It is likened to a promise that is made by a man to a fellow human being when he is drunk. It is not a promise as far as the law is concerned. The man is speaking like a mad man because when a man is infatuated with sexual love, he can say many things randomly. He can promise to buy a car, build a house, do this, do that; na lie.
27.        “I will buy you shoes. I will buy you this; we will go to main market. Do not worry, you will make your choice of cloth. We are going home; I am coming to see your parents,” Na lie. It is a promise that is made under false anointing; under an impulse, a fleshy impulse. It contains no truth.
28.        When the man satisfies himself and goes out of that nonsense, go to him again, he will not remember the promise he made anymore. He does not remember the promise again, but the woman has already recorded the whole thing because that is what she desires. She will be giving the man a constant reminder. When she notices that the man has forgotten, she will cash in on that and then rope in many things the man never said.
29.        The man will say, “What! You mean, I promised you this?” She will say, “Oh, you did not know? That time, when we were talking; you know, I was touching your hand; I touched you here and there, look at what you said.”
30.        The man will say, “You mean, I said so with my mouth?” The man is under false anointing, under sexual anointing. It is anointing.
31.        I know your problems. What are your problems? Many of you that got married, married in fulfillment of sexual promise which you made under sexual anointing and then in order to keep your word so that the Son of Man will not excommunicate you, you went to all lengths to yoke yourself without finding out the mind of God.
32.        I have to talk to you for I love you. You are my brethren; after all, I am not marrying again. My duty is to guide you. I will not allow you to make shipwreck because I know where you are heading.  I have decided to bring this thing up. I can see pictures in your hearts.
33.        As many as are yoked with this mess are now trying to use one little fault to put their wives away. Have you seen it? Thereby creating room for our enemies to blaspheme; even when they themselves, I mean, the men have not performed better than their wives. The man wants to cash in on that chance and use that little thing to label her an unbeliever. We are more knowledgeable than that.
34.        We must know the basis of that unbelief and know the area of that unbelief and you have to convince us of the unbelief. After all, we are judges.
35.        What am I saying? Sisters that are married, that are outside, I know they wish to come back. Instead of facing the matter, they tend to preserve their marriages. In other words, we are practicing what is called induced repentance. Induced repentance is no repentance. As a result, sisters that are outside, know where we are accusing you and then repent. Your marriages still stand.
36.        If you want to hate me, hate me. Yes, I have to confirm it so that I can achieve the necessary result. The idea is not to kill but to save.
37.        I can see many that have already started adjusting themselves and are watching. If I can see Pastor now saying, “After all, a brother is not under obligation.” Then Brother Charles will join. Before you know it, Bro. John Chukwunonso will flare up, “Yes, it is left with my wife.” Then, Brother Shedrach will stand up, oh no, God forbid! I know where you are heading to.
38.        I can understand you I can understand everybody. You cannot fool Me; you are the cause of your problem .You have to endure it. Yes! It is not a laughing matter. It is a serious matter. Do you know what it took God to institute marriage?
39.         I have told you that marriage is not boy and girl affair, for boys do not marry. It will take adults to marry; one that can build, understand situations, and accept trials with joy. May be you do not know that we must accommodate our wives even in their rebellion. Do you know, if not for abuse of grace, oh, marriage ought to be enjoyed.
40.        As many as married according to My doctrine in the message of grace, they are enjoying their marriages. Who are these people? Those that married in a free, fair, and unconditional atmosphere. They are enjoying their marriages, both the man and the woman and they talk as equals, move as equals, and enjoy as equals, love as equals.
41.        You do not know what I am saying. What do I mean by marrying under free, fair and unconditional atmosphere? Note the key words. If a brother went to a sister voluntarily with his pure heart out of love; there was no pre-discussion for marriage; there was no commitment on both sides, even if they had been meeting sexually as brother and sister, they never discussed marriage. It is still free and fair. It is still unconditional. Have you seen it? Marriage has not been discussed.
42.        They exercised their freedom and their faith according to their belief without attaching any string, nothing! They did not attach anything. It is just mutual love and understanding and mere exhibition of their faith. That is all. They stopped there. If a brother volunteers to marry a sister, the sister agrees unconditionally, oh, and marriage is contracted, there is abundant joy there.
43.        Let me tell you something you do not know. A brother that marries a sister because he impregnated her is marrying conditionally, besides, he is marrying her grudgingly. That is number two.
44.        Number three, he is marrying somebody that is not his choice and it must reflect in their family. A brother that is marrying a sister because he impregnated that sister, one, the sister is not marrying her choice of a man, although they met sexually; their desire was not pregnancy. It was not in their programme. If the man ever mentioned it, the lady would have ran away.
45.        Because our doctrine is strict, the man will marry anyhow. The lady will accept anyhow. Thus, both will come together grudgingly. Love was not considered. Now, that man that is marrying that woman that is pregnant must regret that marriage because he made no preparations for marriage. I call it conditional or induced marriage. That marriage was not free; it was not fair; it was not unconditional.  
46.        It is applicable to a brother or sister who foolishly, because of the sweetness of the sexual affair, maybe, the style the woman was supplying the man; maybe the type of praise the woman was giving the man when he was enjoying her and the man’s head was swollen as the man says: “This one is wonderful. Sister, I promise you, I will surely marry you. You are the apple of my eyes! Without you, my life is incomplete! How will I do without you? Let us go and see the Son of Man.”
47.        Let Me tell you something; honey is sweet, but it kills. The brother would say, “Let us go and see the Son of Man.” The sister will say, “But Brother you know, Daddy is very strict. Do you have some money to start?” He will say, “At least, I have some work I just finished. I have five thousand naira. I can get the money.”
48.        The sister will say, “Okay, that is what you have? You know, I have fifteen thousand naira, I will give you the fifteen thousand naira. So, tell Brother you have twenty thousand naira.”
49.        However, you will not tell Brother that there is no house; there is no bed, there is no mat, there is no pot and you only considered the money at hand.  You did not consider where your wife would stay. You are not marrying under free, fair and unconditional love. Surely, you must regret that marriage.
50.        Now, I will show you number one sign of a man regretting his marriage or a woman regretting her marriage. Once a man regrets his marriage, he starts picking unnecessary faults with the woman.
51.        If the woman develops cough tomorrow, it becomes tuberculosis. If by tomorrow she has malaria, it becomes HIV. The man may have cough for twenty years, his own is normal; a sure sign that the woman has overstayed her usefulness. The man is no longer interested; he is fed up.   
52.        Once a man regrets his marriage, there is nothing the wife will do to please the man, even if she kills herself. It is applicable to a woman; if a woman regrets her marriage, the greatest enemy is her husband. Once the husband goes out, the woman will be very happy discussing with neighbours. Immediately the man comes back, she becomes gloomy. Whatever problem there is in the house, she will open her mouth wide and blame the man.
53.        And in such a condition, there is no amount of pressure that will make that woman to do anything meaningful to help the husband because she was not given to the man as a helpmate. You can never persuade that woman to do any work, even if the whole sisters will allow her to do some business, she will not manage it well. She will fold her hands and if you do not bring money for food, there will be trouble in that house.
54.        God gave us our wives and the message said that any true marriage from God must be warmly welcomed and appreciated.
55.        A man that marries under a free, fair, unconditional and loving atmosphere rejoices in his marriage. It does not mean that they will not disagree; they will disagree in love. They will also agree in love. Everything must be done in love because they are living as equals.
56.        Why? A woman that married under induced condition cannot brag before the husband. She cannot brag, do you know that? But the woman that marries under free, normal, unconditional atmosphere, well, she has every right to brag; after all, she was in her father’s house, you came and said you will marry her. You are marrying her with her trouble. She will always brag.
57.        However, the one that ran to you because the Church excommunicated two of you and both of you decided to live together because of emergency, she cannot brag. There are so many troubles there.
58.        Nobody will brag because everybody will be shouting, “You put me into this rubbish. I told you. Didn’t you tell me you were free! You told me you were free, that your menstruation is still far away. Now, you see. I know why I accepted you. I know why. Are you sure I am the one?” All these are happening because marriage was not considered.
59.        Yes, it pays to attend the meeting of Elders. Recently, we heard this statement, “We went to fetch water, fish ran into the water”.
60.        Now sisters, learn a lesson from those that are married. If there is a Sister here that was married by inducement due to pregnancy and that Sister is in this Church and tells you that she is enjoying her marriage, she wants you to fall into the same trap with her. She does not want to suffer alone. She is saying it so that you will be trapped in it. Believe it because I am the One talking to you.
61.        If there is a Brother in this Faith that married conditionally, telling you he is enjoying his, do not listen to him.
62.        Now, there is one experience I have proved. An adage says that if one speaks a word very fast, you must think about that word. Our fathers made us to understand that the talk about a wife does not end in one day.
63.        The search for a wife does not end in a day; it is also on this matter that they said that a strong man is not brought down by a single cut of the machete. What we are saying is that a wife that starts in a day, shame must befall her.
64.        Now, we came for investigation. Remain on the investigation, paid the bride price, did the traditional wedding, accompany the woman to the husband’s house. What is there? There is something there. When did your in-laws come? They have started asking. Did they talk at all? 
65.        Brother Goddy Tobechukwu, is it everything that bites in the night that is a mosquito? Anybody that tells you that anything that bites you in the night is a mosquito, do not agree. Scorpion bites in the night, snake also bites in the night; witches also bite in the night. It is not everything that bites in the night that is a mosquito.
66.        I will not agree; none of you should agree. If you agree, if scorpion should sting you at night, they will say it is a mosquito. If they, the witches and wizards bite you, they will say it is a mosquito. They will say he is a strong man and an ordinary mosquito killed him. It is not everything that bites in the night that is a mosquito. If you agree that everything that bites in the night is a mosquito, let it be known to you that that bee will kill you one day.  
67.        You see, I have told you times without number that there is nothing like sympathetic marriage. Sympathetic marriage is no marriage. Our former Brother said he married the wife because the woman was suffering in the market, being a graduate. He decided to show her sympathy by marrying her.
68.        Any woman that is married by sympathy will remain a slave in her husband’s house. Do not marry by sympathy; marry by love. If love is not the compelling factor, do not ever discuss marriage at all. It should not even be discussed.
69.        If real godly love is not the compelling factor, do not ever discuss marriage because marriage must have love as its pivot, the revolving point. The revolving point in every marriage must be love.
70.        Call it the pivot in every marriage, not money. I say, it is not money. It is not material things and it is not sexual intercourse. When love is the pivot in marriage, whether the marriage is blessed with children or not, it is not considered.
71.        If you see where a man marries a wife and they are living joyfully; even when they have no children, look in there, if they are really children of God, love is the pivot. Love cannot permit me to do wickedly to My wife. I know putting her away will be treating her wickedly. Who will I send her to? How can I bear the sight? What will I tell my brethren? What will I tell my neighbors? How will my in-laws look at me? God forbid!
72.        Now what will God say at the end? Love must be the rotating point. If My wife is living with Me for any other consideration than love, she is a prostitute. Whoever that is living with his wife with any other consideration other than love, I do not care how many years that marriage has lasted, they are living in prostitution, having children in prostitution.
73.        Let Me just show you one sign. Do you know that where God is the Author of marriage, the older the marriage, the sweeter the love. The older the marriage, the sweeter the love. It gets to a point where they will become so old and their children will be away from them; the man and the woman alone will be in the village. Every morning, they come up with their palm-wine, eating together, discussing together, living together.
74.        If a woman, for any reason, cannot joyfully eat in the same plate with her own husband, that woman is a harlot, a whore, a prostitute. She is a wicked woman, a murderer and she is murdering the man in her heart. Every virtuous, godly woman will appreciate to eat with her husband at the same time on the same table.
75.        I remember in those good old days when a woman will prepare food, serve the children and will not eat until the husband has come back. Even if the husband will come back late, the woman will not eat as long as the husband is in town.
76.        She is aware that the husband did not travel; the man is around, may be, he has gone for a meeting or to see somebody. The woman will not touch the food until her husband comes back.
77.        However, today, Satan controls women. They will eat even ten times; go to bed and sleep. When the man comes back, they will be barking from the room, “Who is making that noise? Who is making that noise there?” She is referring to her husband as the one that is making that noise. The husband is making a noise.
78.        Before you know it, “Nkechi, if he is hungry, give him food. Tell him there are some food in the kitchen. He can go there and eat if he is hungry.” That woman is a whore.
79.        Let Me ask this question: if a woman cannot eat in the same plate with the husband, how can they sleep together in the same bed? May be one will be backing the other or they will use pillow to separate.  
80.        If you are a man and you are a child of God, accommodate everything from your wife, but do not accommodate that one. A woman that cannot eat in the same plate with her husband can poison her husband. To such a woman, the presence of her husband is a disturbance to her
81.        If you are in that category, no matter your age, you are not worthy to call the Name of Christ. You are not worthy to come to our fellowship. This most holy Faith is not meant for people like you. This most holy Faith is meant for daughters and sons of God. If you are not sons and daughters of God, you are not qualified to call upon the Name of the Lord; you are not qualified to worship God.
82.        You see, I do not want the appearance of ladies in the Church. I do not want it. God is looking for women that will fear, honour, respect and obey their husbands, who will say, “amen” to the words of their husbands; who will be loving, kind and gentle; humble and obedient in all things, praising their husbands for their efforts. I want such women in the Church. Such are pleasing to the Lord. Do you know that some men are bad? Some men are bad really; I say, very bad.
83.        However, why should you be bad? Whosoever that hates his family is a bad man. Whoever that hates his family is a bad man. Whatsoever you esteem higher than your family is what is going to destroy your family. Amen.

An Unholy Alliance M
READING OF THE EPISTLE CONTINUES) Another thing to consider here is the fact that every true marriage must be acceptable and appreciated by the parties concerned. Adam accepted Eve to be his wife. In the same vein, the consent of the woman must be sort for.
2.           “And they called Rebecca and said unto her, ‘You cannot go with this man’ and she said, ‘I will go.” Verse 67 of Genesis 24 proved that Isaac like Adam, acknowledged, appreciated and welcomed Rebecca, his wife happily; showing that his wife was never imposed upon him.”
3.           The Son of Man Speaks: Imposed wife is a burden. When you are marrying a woman or a woman is marrying a man because she is pregnant, oh, it is imposed marriage.
4.           Do you know there are many ways women impose themselves on men? Many ways, but the easiest is the one I will mention now because I want to stop it once and for all.
5.           When a woman wants a man to marry her and have made up her mind, she will lure the man in the bed for sex. After one month, she will come up with a report that she has missed her menses. The man will think the woman is serious. She will mount pressure on him. First month, second month, they will go to the Son of Man; call the Elders, marriage will be contracted.
6.           Third month, the fourth month, they will come to the Son of Man, “My wife is having bleeding, pray for her.” And the bleeding will not last more than four days; a sure sign that it is ordinary menses, even within the period she will be having her menses and concealing it.
7.           If there is anything you must fear, it is not death, but a woman. Do not fear death but fear a woman. At times, do you know that a woman that is in love with a man can find out that that man does not want to marry her; she will simply go outside, contact pregnancy and impose it on that man because that is the easiest way, “Let me use our doctrine on him. I will use our doctrine on him.” As a result, from now, every pregnancy must be investigated.
8.           We have done it at Jos and Dadinkowa. We investigated, we sent them to Jos. We investigated. We saw the truth that the woman was telling lies. You know why I am saying this, you know I monitor things that happen in the Church.
9.           If a brother comes to me with a sister that is said to be pregnant, I will ask, “Brother, when did you meet with this sister last?” If he gives Me the date, I write it down in My jotter. Seven months from that day, if the sister delivers a mature baby, something went wrong somewhere! At the first antenatal, they will give expected date of delivery. From there, I will count months back and discover that Brother met her six months ago.
10.        You see, at least something is wrong somewhere because I have noticed that many have already adjusted their minds for I have started seeing some movements again that will result in something that is disastrous.
11.        For that reason, this Church will no longer accept pregnancy anyhow. You will be thoroughly investigated; at least, we have scanning computers that can give us the exact date. Besides that, we have so many other ways. I will investigate to the fullness. I will even use your blood specimen to know whether you were responsible. I can no longer tolerate pregnancies anyhow.
12.        Thus, young men, do your business, take enough money, establish yourself. Marry under free and fair atmosphere. Sisters, face your studies; face your businesses. Whatever you are doing, face it. Allow a brother to come to you for marriage. Do not run to anybody again. There is no honour in it. There is no honour in a woman running to a man advocating for marriage.
13.        By nature, it is a man that will go to a woman for marriage, not the woman going to a man supplying the money. Wait a minute. If you give me money to pay for your dowry, will you come to my house? Does a woman marry herself? You can help me when you come in to build up the home, but to give me money to pay your dowry, to meet the demands of your parents, shows you are foolish. There is no love there.
14.        Marriage must be appreciated, welcomed and must give joy to either parties. I do not know how long we are going to stay here on Earth, but the little time God has allotted to us here on Earth, let us make the best use of it by convincing God that we are really what we claim to be. We are pilgrims, who have the mind of God. Let us reflect God’s nature in all we do.
15.        I know that now, many will not sleep again. I know that because they have already held a meeting somewhere, “The Son of Man has come to my rescue!” Do you know what the Son of Man meant that day when He said that we should follow Brother Victor Ugwu and throw away our wives? Did Brother Victor Ugwu throw away his wife? It was his wife that rejected the Faith and rejected Brother Victor Ugwu. If you do not know come to me.
16.        The woman said that Brother Victor Ugwu is not a man, that she will not live with him any longer, and that our Faith is devilish. She said she would not be with us; then she packed her things. That is why she has not come back again. She has not even asked any questions; whether Victor is alive or not. She lives here in Onitsha.  
17.        However, to you who want to use that one as an excuse, your wife is hanging around the window. Look at her there. She is even rejoicing; she said, “Amen”. See your wife there. Your wife is waving at you. See all of them there.
18.         They are not too far, they are still waving their hands: “Whatever you want to say, say. All I know is that I am in the Faith of Christ. I am in this Church.” They are waving hands.  
19.        Sisters, any sign of resentment, I will send you away from here. Then, you will know how strict I am on this matter. “My friend, are you married? Do you know what marriage is all about?” Many of the people that are making noise in this most holy Faith do not know the meaning of marriage, even if you sleep with every sister every night, you are not married.
20.        Do you know one thing that fools young men? Once they can sleep with women over-night, they think that is what it means to be married. Marriage goes beyond that. If I were in your shoes young men that are not married, when matters like this come up, I will be quiet.
21.        Once you are a man, no matter your age, as long as you are not married, you are a boy. You are not a man. It is applicable to a woman. I do not care about your age; once you are not married, you are not a woman yet. A lady or a baby of sixteen years that is married is by far wiser than a woman of forty years that is single.
22.        Do you know what a woman sees in the house? Do you know what she passes through? You should be very careful! All these young men that are in the Church that are not married, when statements are made like this, be quiet on your seats. You cannot compare yourself to Brother Shedrach; you cannot be Brother Goddy Tobechukwu. You do not know where the journey starts.
23.        Instead of you to pay attention, you are shouting; “hoi, hoi, hoi.” Have you gone this way before? Have you presented a drink for a wife before? Have you gotten money for something and something else took it away? He that has not given birth does he know the meaning of children?
24.        You think I am talking because of Myself? No, no, no. I am already living a settled life. If I am shouting and screaming, it is to save you the trouble because I know that a man can correct every mistake, but any mistake done in marriage can hardly be corrected. I am not talking to those that are married alone. I know I have counsel for them. My aim is to protect you that are not yet married because I can see many, many things already.
25.        Immediately these sisters were put out, some sisters among us in this Faith started rejoicing, “Yes, drive her away and I will occupy. Pastor is no man’s game.” Brother Charles, no man’s game. I know what to do! Let them drive away their own partners. I will occupy.”
26.        While the Sisters are outside; I mean, their wives are outside hovering around the place. Do you know what they are saying? “If you think you are a woman, come nearer, let me see you in the house. Newspapers will write about us. Let this be the end of Christ and me. All of us will go to hell!”
27.        If you think Brother Charles can divorce his wife, go and live with Brother Charles. After fellowship this day, if Bro Charles is going home, follow him; if you do not end it in Orthopedic Hospital. If they do not take you to Orthopedic Hospital, know that I am not a man of God!
28.        I will not touch you; I will not be there. Whatever you see, you take! Both you and Brother Charles, you must go to Orthopedic today. Then you will know that his wife is not an unbeliever; she will tell you exactly what she believes.
29.        I know this one I have spoken will annoy many. Whether you believe it or not truth must stand. Marriage must be appreciated. Let Me tell you something. It is wickedness on the side of a man to use a problem that has befallen the wife which is the problem of infertility against her.
30.        Any man that uses it as an excuse to drive away his wife, to torment his wife, to become wicked to the woman or to label her an unbeliever, that man must go to the deepest Hell. He is Satan in human form.
31.        Let me give you my own suggestion. Woe is me, let Me remain cursed if I give this advice from impure motive. I will use Myself as example. As a man of God, if I am befallen with this type of situation and I know I cannot bear it, I am desirous of having My own children that will take after Me; I will not practice hypocrisy.
32.        I will discuss with My wife. I will discuss with My Elders, “Brethren, look at My desire. My sister is good to Me, she will remain my wife. I love her but I cannot do without my own children. I have decided to marry a second wife. From now, I will not be a preacher in the pulpit.” Full stop. This is what I will do.
33.        I will discuss with My wife, I will discuss with My elders, I will declare my stand! No more, no less. However, for a man to clamp down on the wife because of infertility problem, which the man may even be the source, it is sheer wickedness. I say, the man may even be the cause.
34.        If you think you are not the cause, do something. Hand over your wife to a Brother who you feel is man enough; give him two months, your wife will start vomiting; morning fever will start.
35.        Have you wondered why some women will leave their husbands after many years without having an issue, get married to another person and then fill the home with children?
36.        What I am saying is this: one that does not know how to eat cassava flour, but eats garri, what will kill him is in the mortar. I do not eat cassava flour, but I do eat garri; both of them are swallowed. I do not believe that it is only cassava flour. He says beans irritate him, but he eats moi-moi and also eats beans cake, no; what is killing him is in the mortar. I do not believe it is beans.
37.        What we are saying is this: men, be godly enough, do not aggravate your problems. I hate miscarriage of justice. I know as a man women know also that it is truth that when husband and wife get married, after the first one year, it is expected that the woman should be pregnant. At least, within two years, a baby will be expected, but where it is not forthcoming and instead of that, sicknesses will be manifesting, both parties feel very much disturbed. This is the truth we have to bear.  
38.        You know, a woman in that condition is restless, the man is equally restless. Let Me tell you something. Buy the whole wrappers, buy everything and give to your wife, when she is not having a baby, she does not cherish anything, and they do not mean anything to her. However, any day you put her in a family way, she can rub her protruding stomach, you are the best man she knows; even if you are not providing anything; you are the best.
39.        When a woman waits for some time and what she is praying for is not coming, she becomes violent. Now, as a man of God, I should understand that violence. I do not call it unbelieving violence; I will call it conditional violence. Violence aggravated by situation.
40.        We have conditional, imposed violence and if you are a man filled with love, that is the time your wife needs your love because women feel it so much. Why do they feel it so much? They know that by and by, one day, they may see somebody and it is a family decision and if that one will come and have some issues, Haggai and Sarah will quarrel.
41.        What am I saying? Brother, if you are a man of God and you have the revelation that all these things are matters of this life that will end here on this Earth, you do not carry them beyond here for where we are heading, there is no barrenness there.  We give God glory.  
42.        Glory be to God for this Faith. I thank God for this Faith. I talked over this matter all through the weekend. This thing troubled Me so much. I explained it, spread it and all of them ran away from My house and they were holding meetings here and there on what they are going to do which was not the mind of God and has nothing to do with excommunication we gave these people. The matter is clear!
43.        (READING OF THE EPISTLE CONTINUES)- verse 67 of Genesis Chapter 24 proves that Isaac like Adam acknowledged, appreciated and welcomed Rebecca his wife, showing that his wife was never imposed upon him and Isaac brought her into his mother, Sarah’s tent and took Rebecca and she became his wife and he loved her, and Isaac was comforted after his mother’s death…”
44.        Son of man speaks: When a man marries a wife, the wife fills the gap of the man’s mother. If you ask Me, “Brother Odoemena, who is your mother?” I will say that my mother is here in the Church. She is My wife. That is My mother. She is more than a mother to Me.
45.        If your wife is not a mother to you, something is wrong in your family. How I wish that our wives would be looking at us as their sons because every mother will wish her sons well. Isaac’s wife comforted him and took the place of Isaac’s mother. That is a true marriage.
46.        READING CONTINUES: From the very beginning, marriage was not made for boys and girls. What God gave to Adam was a full grown and mature woman and therefore, it is believed that any two persons living together as husband and wife are mature enough to face the challenges of life and its trials.
47.        I have traced this matter from the very beginning, in Genesis for one to know that God Himself gave a woman as a wife to the man, God Himself permitted them to see each other’s nakedness without being embarrassed or ashamed because God ordained marriage from the very beginning.
48.        He, God, set up an order for families to pattern after in order to maintain a peaceful and harmonious home that will raise up Godly children and this is why God hates divorce.
49.        (Malachi 2:15) And did not he make one? Yet had he the residue of the spirit. And wherefore one? That he might seek a godly seed. Therefore take heed to your spirit, and let none deal treacherously against the wife of his youth. …”
50.        THE SON OF MAN SPEAKS: This is why everybody should be careful of the spirit that is in him or her. This is what the Bible says. Everybody should be careful of the spirit that is ruling inside him; the spirit talking to you so that there will not be anyone that will treat his wife badly, living treacherously with the wife of his youth.
51.        READING CONTINUES: For the LORD, the God of Israel saith that He hateth putting away: for one covereth violence with his garment…”
52.        Son of man speaks: Some have evil mind. They come to Church, sing and clap their hands, use nice cloths and cover themselves, yet they have evil hearts, very bad human beings. Anybody that divorces his wife is a wicked fellow. Why are you driving her out of your house? What is that evil she did that you cannot forgive? Haven’t you committed more than her? Is it because it is in your hand for you to drive her away? Did she run to you?
53.        In short, from today, women be careful. If I am a woman, before a man will come and marry me, he must sweat it out. “I am the one that made myself so cheap and a man took me as a cheap animal and can drive me out any time” . the man will say, “If you disturb me, I will ask you to pack away and you go.”
54.        If I am a woman and the man is talking this way, I will also tell him to pack his load too! If you are not packing, I am not also packing. If you are staying, I am staying too. A woman leaves because she wants to leave. A woman that is truly married does not leave the house anyhow. If it is a woman that was not really married, if she leaves, the man will lock the door and put the key in his pocket and she will remain outside crying.
55.        Those who are not married are the ones I am talking to. If you have not married, make sure your marriage is honourable, where you will be priding yourself in front of your husband: “Why should you talk that way? Did you impregnate me before marrying me? Did I come with pregnancy to you? Did you carry me from the hotel? What do you mean? You cannot talk to me that way! I am not going anywhere! Go and call the Bishop; go and call the Son of Man! We will die in this house together!”  
56.        A woman must be jealous over her own home. If she wants to live in peace, she must guard her home jealously. Do not be jealous over another man’s family, but be jealous over your own family. It is not a sin.
57.        Reading continues: …for one covereth violence with his garment saith the lord of host therefore take heed to your spirit that ye deal not treacherously (Malachi 2:15-16 KJV).
58.        To maintain orderliness in the family, God therefore handed over the mantle of leadership into the hand of the man so that there will be no reason for any power tussle in the family. Unto the woman, He said, “I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee. (Gen. 3:16, KJV).
59.        But I will help you know that the head of every man is Christ and the head of the woman is the man and the head of Christ is God. (1ST COR. 11:13 KJV).
60.        God said that the man, the husband is the head of the family and that is the final and undisputable mind of God on the matter. A woman (wife) should only be seen and not heard, although she can make suggestions in the home, but the man has the ruling and final judgement in any matter in the family. A woman’s suggestion is subject to her husband’s approval. It is the God ordained way from Genesis; the beginning and must be obeyed.
61.        Furthermore, because of this setup order in the family, God therefore commanded the wives to obey their own husbands in all things and be submissive to them so that peace and harmony will reign in their families.
62.        Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands as unto the Lord, for the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the Head of the Church and he is the Saviour of the body. Therefore, as the Church is subject unto Christ, so, let the wives be to their own husbands in everything.” (Eph 5:22-24 KJV).
63.        Wives, submit yourselves unto your husbands as it is fit unto the Lord. (Col 3:18, KJV).
64.        It is very dangerous for any family to disagree in anything. The Bible said that if they will agree, they will get anything they ask God for, but their prayers shall be hindered if there is disagreement in the family.
65.        “Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on Earth as touching anything that they shall ask, It shall be done for them of my Father which Is In heaven. For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. (Matt. 18:19-20, KJV).
66.        Likewise, ye husbands, dwell with them according to knowledge, giving honour unto the wife, as unto the weaker vessel, and as being heirs together of the grace of life; that your prayers be not hindered.(1st Pet 3:7, KJV).
67.        In order to make sure that God’s ideal home is established on Earth, the Holy Spirit charged older women to teach younger women in the House of God how to live with their own husbands. In this same way, instruct the older women to behave as women should, who live a holy life.”
68.        The Son of Man speaks: If you are an old woman that is married and you are godly, you are living with your own husband in love, in accordance with the demands of God, you are qualified to teach younger women. However, if you are not living the life, you are not qualified. Women should not go near you.
69.        You know, there are some women that are wicked. They are the people marrying their husbands and they are living in disobedience. Such women corrupt young married women. When they see newly married couples, they will try to invite their wives to them and seduce their hearts away by spoiling them, imparting their wicked character into those newly married women. It is a fact.
70.        These women who are living in naked disobedience to their husbands, although they are old, have married for many years; they have nothing to show for their marriage except rebellion, disobedience, violence and masculine domineering nature.
71.        When they see newly married sisters, they will try to come near them and corner them somewhere until they succeed in bringing them closer to themselves where they will inject poison into their hearts. If they do not know how to do it, they will come by giving them gifts; from gifts, pleasantries, they will be buying their hearts away. When they succeed, that family is gone.
72.        There was a place I noticed this type of unholy alliance. I stood up against it and destabilized that unholy alliance; separated all. I said, “Madam, go and marry your husband. Stay in your house. I do not want to see you here again. Madam go and marry your husband. I do not want this meeting. It is no longer producing something that will give God glory,” and from that day, reports reaching Me confirm that the families are now living a quiet (peaceful) life.
73.        However, before then, there was trouble upon trouble, not knowing that there was a whore somewhere who was spoiling and indoctrinating them. When a man’s marriage is not in order; it is full of troubles, he will wish others to be like his. It is applicable to women, but women are worst in this direction.
74.        Thus, if you are an older woman in this Faith, you are not qualified to give good counsel if you are disobedient to your husband. This is because a man gives what he has; a woman equally gives what she has. If you are living in disobedience to your husband, how can you teach other women to obey their own husbands? Do you obey your own?
75.        You can now see why we asked the Pastor’s wife to leave the Church until she repents. She is stubborn to the husband’s instructions. She finds it difficult to obey. Now, if a newly married Sister is posted to her, for the fact that she is a Pastor’s wife and she has been married for some years now, what do you think the Sister will learn from her? She will come out with masters’ degree in disobedience.
76.        That is why we have asked her to go and repent. We did not divorce her, but if the husband wants to divorce her, he should not hide under the cloak of the Church and use excommunication to divorce her. Wreck up other judges, bring up other judges and we will be there.  We will hold two or three meetings in your house because I have made it very, very impossible now that husbands and wives matters should be handled in My house.
77.         If you are having problems with your wife and you want My attention, it should be handled in your house. You will not carry it to My house again. I will come to your house with the people you want Me to come with; we will be talking and raising our voices so that your neighbours will hear that we have come to judge your case with your wife and you will find something with which we will make merriment.
78.        I have been foolish all these years: you have a problem with your wife and you will now come to My house with your people and I will use My money to buy drinks and entertain you as if I am the cause of your problem. No, no, no. I will not do that now. Wherever you invoke the spirits, there you will settle with the spirit. Will you settle it in My house?
79.        Once you invoke it in your house, to your house we will all come. You must run round, the wicked woman will produce something wickedly and we will eat it wickedly. After eating and drinking, then we can talk. If you do not want us to talk, then we go away, after all, we will know that you are just making show. Do you have money with which you will marry another one tomorrow?
80.        If I am the woman, I will not panic. He that is driving you away, does he have money he will use to marry another? Will he live alone? Truly speaking, we have to appreciate our marriages if we are children of God. If you married conditionally, now you have heard all these messages, start appreciating your marriage from now because you have made a mistake you cannot correct again.
81.        However, if you have not made any mistake so far, you are still in your virtuous estate, please hold it fast. Do not make a serious mistake that will put you in a condition you will regret. If a man is promising you marriage because he is having sex with you, do not listen to him. Do not take him seriously. It is promise under false anointing and God is not there. He is doing it by impulse. When it leaves him, he will change his mind.
82.        Reading continues: In order to make sure that God’s ideal home is established here on Earth, the Holy Spirit charged older women in the House of God to teach younger women how to live with their own husbands.
83.        Verse 50, “there is no husband and wife in heaven where we are heading to, but peace and righteousness. So, it is better to stay alone and enter the Kingdom of Heaven than to marry and go to hellfire. But for fellowship and companionship, let every man have his own wife.”
84.        Son of man speaks: Did they include children there? Did they talk about giving birth to children for fellowship and companionship? In other words, once you divorce your wife, you are going to be a hermit. You will not have fellowship, you will not have companion; man alone and it is not good for a man to be alone. This is what we believe. It is our Faith. It is one of the things that are commonly believed among us. Amen.
Family Upbringing
Reading continues: Verse 51, no man or woman should marry to avoid sexual immorality because marriage does not stop sexual immorality because it is a spirit. That is why people marry many wives and still live in sexual immorality.
2.          The same applies to women. May the grace of God and peace of Christ our Lord reign in your hearts while we wait for the translation of the saints of God in true righteousness and holiness.
3.           Son of man speaks-This Epistle is dated: 28 January 1998 and it was written to all the Churches. I did not finish it. I cut it. If I had finished it, you would have seen the extent people are trying to drift away from what they believe which they know is truth from God. Then, if you must put away your wife contrary to what you believe, who then is the unbeliever? You or your wife?
4.          I am saying that let no man put away his wife. If your wife is living in error, rebuke her. If she does not want to repent, report her action to the Church. I am trusting God, if she is a seed of Abraham, she will listen to the voice of reason for no man wants to perish.
5.          Also, always take note, there is always that rebellious instinct in man; somebody behaving in a peculiar way which he does not want to behave and has no reason why he is behaving that way and in the end, he will regret it. It is an instinct that is in a man and woman.
6.          Know this, that every woman, no matter her age, her education, social standing, suffers from seasonal madness and when that time comes, take a shield.
7.          What is that shield? The devil I know is better than the devil I do not know. If I put away my wife because of a little problem, the one I am going to marry, who knows who she will be? Who knows what I am going to suffer in her hands.
8.          I want to address you on a small matter. I am saying it because I am in a position to do that. Many of you are aware that our Brother Mike Emmanuel who is our deacon has sent his family home because of hardship and I want to talk to you briefly on that. I am here as a Father to all of you. I have equal love for all of you.
9.           I hate reckless living. I hate reckless behavior. I want everything to be done decently and orderly.  I hate recklessness the same way I hate indolence. I hate laziness and slothfulness.
10.      I have taught you on vocation. I have taught you on the need for you to work hard for a man that is indolent, poverty strikes him by surprise. Tell me a man that wakes up early in the morning to the farm and I will show you a man that feeds his family all the year round. Nothing gives a man joy than when he is feeding his family. It gives a man joy.
11.      If you are in this most holy Faith, you do not feed your family and you are going about rejoicing, something is wrong with you. You can wear suit, wear any kind of dress and starve your family, something is wrong with you. What is the basis of your rejoicing when you cannot take care of those God entrusted into your care? It is not good!
12.      If your parents had starved you, would you have been alive till today? Somebody starved himself so that you will survive and now you are of age, you have to starve yourself that your children will live. That is what makes a man. I do not believe in over working women.
13.      Whoever that folds his hand, being a man and expects to be eating everyday is exposing his wife to dangerous living. If you are not providing for your wife and you are sleeping in the home when you should be working or you are going from house to house talking, blah, blah, blah when you should be working, who do you expect to take care of your family?
14.      What type of job do you think your wife will do in this present dispensation to earn enough living for your family? Can a woman feed a home now?
15.      Any family that is sustained by a woman is sustained by the wind. I repeat, any family that is sustained by the labour of a woman is sustained by the wind. In other words, nothing is sustaining that home.
16.      By nature, women are not created for hard work. The only hard work God gave to women is to carry their pregnancies for nine months. Their job in the kitchen is enough for them; domestic work is enough. Whatsoever they do outside should be very light. It should be light work that will earn light living.
17.      You cannot expose your wife, after doing the family work, nursing the children, you expose her to such a hazard of earning enough money to sustain you, your children, pay your house rent and pay school fees, unless you want her to die before her time.
18.      The earning power of a woman is limited. Thus, a woman should not be over worked. If you want to live with your wife joyfully and enjoy her in old age, do not over work her.
19.      Everywhere is now quiet and I love it. Does it mean that women will stay idle? The answer is, no. No matter the income of your husband, no matter how rich he is, no matter how flamboyant the business may be, every married Sister must have a little business that will give her a little income, no matter how small so that in the case of eventuality, she can cope.
20.      What is that eventuality? Life turns a man up and down. He that is on top today may be on the ground tomorrow. Such is life. Thus, if that woman did not learn to be industrious when life was booming, if she relaxed and said she was living in heaven here on Earth and for that reason folded her arms; if the wind blows the man upside down, that woman is gone!
21.      The woman is gone because she did not learn to do anything in her youth. She had already imbibed a lazy culture. It has become her habit to be moving like that. After eating, she will go to bed and sleep. When she wakes up from the bed, she will give instructions on the type of food she will want prepared.
22.      In the afternoon, from that same bed, “Look! Is that yam okay? Is it done?  Fetch me a small portion of the pottage using a small plate.”
23.      In My message on marriage, I told you it is a worthless statement, an unprogressive statement for a man to use his mouth and say, “As long as I live, I do not want my wife to do any work. I do not want her to touch anything. I think I prefer working”. Do not ever do that for it is an empty boast.
24.      Show Me a woman that dies the same year her husband died and I will show you a woman that was living her life in laziness when her husband was alive. A woman that was living a lazy life, that did not know how to raise anything that could yield one naira while her husband was alive, the moment the husband dies, she will die that year or she will run back to her parents. She cannot maintain her husband’s flat. She cannot maintain her children’s education. Everything will be grounded.
25.      Thus, if you are a man in this most holy Faith, for any reason at all or for one reason or the other, you have refused your wife to work or to do anything meaningful, you are doing more harm to yourself than good. You are indirectly destroying your home.
26.      What if sickness befalls you for a man cannot be healthy always and you do not know the nature of sickness that will befall you? What if it is road accident that can keep you in bed even for life? What if it is stroke or any other thing, what will be your fate?
27.      What am I trying to say? I am saying that Brother Mike Emmanuel has taken his family home that My Word will come to pass because you are my witnesses that I lamented, I spoke against that lazy life which his wife indulged in. I spoke against it. I filled her name in the tapes. I used older women in our midst to testify against her that there is always a time when a woman will carry pregnancy and jump out, enter the farm, go to market and come back. Some will carry their babies on the back.
28.      I do not believe that My wife will come to the house and have a ministry to raise children. I do not believe it is a good ministry and she will not think of how we are going to raise the children. It is not a good ministry.
29.      A good housewife will not only have children, she will also think about how the children will be raised up and she will create room for any eventuality: “If this man dies, can I afford to keep this family going? In other words, I should be doing something no matter how small.”
30.      There can never be miracle without anything. You must have a little thing before miracle will take place. It is from what you have that God will start multiplying. However, if you do not have anything, do not expect any miracle. If you want somebody to help you when you are in a pit, you must raise your hand.
31.      However, if you fall into a pit and then used a mat to lie down, keep on crying till tomorrow, people will come there and notice that you are snoring or you are there playing ludo—you alone playing ludo inside the pit—nobody will take you serious.
32.      Brother Mike entered into a pit that he prepared for himself. Instead of raising alarm, he bought a big ludo and was playing it alone. After playing it, he fell asleep. Many of you are aware it.
33.      If you see a brother indulging in evil conduct that is detrimental to the family and you accommodate it, you are a wicked brother you are wicked sister!
34.      Some of you can bear me witness that sometimes I order you out of My house. There are certain times you come to Me, the first question you will receive is: “My friend, why are you here by this time? Didn’t you go to work?” I never expected you to hear: “What is wrong?” If I notice it is a story, I do not tell stories in the morning, I will walk you out!
35.      You will hear: “I am going to work. Go to work. In the evening, come then we will discuss.”
36.      At times, you come in the afternoon when I should not expect you, you see my reaction: “Sister, why are you here by this time? Don’t you know I am working? Oh, you want Me to come and sit down so that we will talk? No, impossible! You go and come in the evening.” Whatever you want to call it, call it. I have to work.
37.      Even some that come from far places, sometimes, angrily, I walk them out unless I have given you an appointment. Then, I wait for you. If you utilize the time you should be working in running from pillar to post, you blame yourself for you cannot eat your cake and still have it.
38.      Thus, I can say that Brother Mike was not going home because of hardship. He was going home because he feels it is time for him to go home; that he has overstayed in the township. He can never win My sympathy!
39.      Let Me discourage all and sundry now. I have a doctrine. In the message I call “Church Order and Doctrine” (C.O.D), I told you clearly that for you to maintain integrity in your yard, before your neighbours and your landlord, first thing you do every month is to pay your rent, even if you do not eat. Do not owe your landlord a kobo.
40.      Number two, do not hold your co-tenant to ransom by owing water bills and electricity bills. It is wickedness. It is in tape. Pay your landlord; if it is possible every first day of the month pay him for that month. Do not pay in arrears, rather, pay in advance. You will maintain your boldness; you command respect before your landlord and before your co-tenants.
41.       Then, if there is a problem, you will know how to handle it. It will be on another issue. It cannot be on non-payment of rent or water bill or electricity bill. Whosoever that takes delight in withholding house rent is not a child of God. I have taught on that right from the very beginning.
42.      People owe house rent due to wickedness, not that they do not have the money. If you are the type that volunteers to pay your rent to your landlord after first of all reasoning the number of flats and how much your landlord will collect from all of you, you are a wicked fellow. You go ahead to check:  “Anyway, my own is nothing. How many days remaining?”
43.      What is your business with how many days remaining? What is your business with the number of flats before he collects his money? He needs that money. He owns the house; he has budgeted on that money and you have no right to withhold that money.
44.      If you want to withhold the rent, pack away before the month ends. Then, he will put somebody else there. It is business and his own article of trade. In your own shade, do you allow all your customers to collect goods on credit? That is the only thing he has displayed for sale. You have to pay him.
45.      Henceforth, this Church will not pay any house rent for any Brother that is lazy, reckless and wicked. We cannot do that again! Let Me tell you My stand. What corrupted Brother Mike was false conclusion. He listened to the voice of his heathen brother and concluded that he will go home and settle with his heathen brother, then do business with him in Rivers State.
46.      From that day they reached this agreement, he stopped paying house rent and concluded that it will take him just one day to gather his property, his children and run away. Thus, while he was waiting, the rent continued accumulating for over two years.  
47.      To show you that he knew what he was doing, when he concluded the plan to move, he brought two young men and gave them two rooms in the flat and in that flat he pays three thousand a month. He was occupying one room and parlour at one thousand naira. The boys gave him twenty-four thousand for one year. Instead of paying the money to the landlord, he put the money in his pocket and refused to pay his own rent.
48.      Now, do you want to tell me that this man wants to stay in Onitsha? Did he want to stay? If he wanted to stay, I think he would have paid the landlord.
49.      I am saying this for many reasons. You know he is My own brother and he has not been finding it easy with Me for some time now because I have ran mad with him, with his wife also. I saw this in him, I raised alarm, I screamed, I called them to My house. I went to them several times until they hated Me. Now the rain has fallen.
50.      See a man that wants to stay in Onitsha, his wife is now at home with the children. It was My desire to retain him in Onitsha so that he can run round and see whether he can amend his ways and stay, but I have changed My mind. He will go home and stay with them. Why? Because of widespread recklessness.
51.      I saw him as one that was rejoicing that the family has been removed from him so that he can now fly from pillar to post as he has been flying. How can a man who is independent; a taxi driver park his vehicle and go to a man’s house at a time he should be working? He goes there and stays from morning till evening, abandons his vehicle there and goes to another woman’s house to stay.
52.      The woman will go to the market, come back and cook food. He will eat in the afternoon, stay there; eat in the evening and then pick his vehicle and drive home. I do not believe that man is serious. He has not even recognized his problem.
53.      Why? There was another spirit behind him. What is that spirit? He was expecting that the Son of Man would put up an epistle (letter) and circulate to the Churches asking them to contribute money for Brother and family to resettle them. This was where he missed it all.
54.      I am a man of God with a living conscience. Even if I am not around and Brother Kelechi issues such a circular, I will issue a counter circular if I come back. There is no man in this Faith that will issue such a circular and I refuse to counter it.
55.      One, there is no justification for calling for such aid. Brother Mike started using that 504 Peagot when it was healthy enough and he was not accounting to any man. There are lots and lots of men in Onitsha who use their own vehicles to feed their families. Some are driving for some people also.
56.      A man that makes one thousand naira in a day; assuming he works for twenty days in a month, is it not twenty thousand naira? Let us give him the remaining ten days, let him use it to maintain the car, but let us take a minimum of twenty days for the vehicle will not be spoiling always. Something went wrong with Brother Mike. Besides that, he caused his problem.
57.      Look at Brother Goddy Tobechukwu, he has been enduring hardship with his family. I never wrote any epistle because he has to convince everybody that he is man enough by facing his challenges.
58.      Brother Goddy is not a needy Brother when he is healthy and strong. He has no deformity. In short, I thank God that Brother Goddy is facing up the challenges. I cannot issue ideas to a healthy man for you are healthy and strong. If you refuse to do any work, I call it pride
59.      Look, I will use people you know. You know Pastor Ifeanyi Eze, a graduate, a lecturer in the Higher Institution; he faced hardship to the point that he started riding okada and was doing menial jobs. Did I issue a circular? His wife condescended so low and was doing petty business, helping the family.
60.      Look at Brother Orjiakor, a medical doctor who became a bus driver and a farmer. At a time, he was even doing menial jobs; the wife is an accountant and holds her master’s degree in accountancy. She resorted to preparing okpa (bambara bean pudding), groundnut, banana to keep the family going.  Did I issue any circular?
61.      Look at Brother Joe Ukpong, see how fat he is. You know him; you know his troubles; his wife the same thing. Look at Bishop Okey Paul; tell Me any business he has never tried? At a time he was selling empty bottles and cans. At a time he started dying clothing’s and dry cleaning. Any type of work he sees, he will try to put himself there to make sure he feeds the family. Today, he is a commercial motorcyclist.
62.      Brother Mike brought his motorcycle and we thought he would use it for okada (commercial). However, he sold it. He brought 195 CG motorcycle; we thought he will use it but he sold it because he has made up his mind.
63.      He repaired the bus but I told him to park it. He closed his eyes and sold it ninety thousand naira (90,000) and misused the money.
64.      He did not use it on the vehicle; he did not use it to establish the wife. He was telling Me that “Man is not wood.” Everyday, he will come with one grilled well-spiced leg of a goat, pieces it and eat in the house. Indeed, man is not wood!
65.      See many of you in this most holy Faith, I know all of you and I know your labor. I know your troubles. I know when a Brother is making sincere efforts; I know when a sister is equally helping the husband so that the family will live. If these women could condescend so low to do petty things to help the family, who is Sister Mike? What is in her? What does she have which others do not have?
66.      I thank God I have never encouraged her for I have always condemned her attitude. If you are behaving the way Brother Mike and family are behaving, one day, you are going home to eat where you did not plant. How can you go home like that? There is no farm you cultivated there. You have no yam, nothing to crown it up. Since three months ago, this idea of going home was concluded.
67.      Brother Mike signed an agreement in the law court that he will be giving his landlord five thousand naira every month. He did not give even one naira. He told me that he would rather use that money and pay for rent somewhere. I said, “Okay, if you can do that, fine.”
68.      You cannot believe it, when he found a house, Brother Mike hadn’t one naira to pay for the rent. He did not pay the landlord. Brother Mike concluded to send the family home since three months ago and had the guts to empty the family in a vehicle without giving them one naira, without a cup of garri or one yam tuber because the Son of Man is in Onitsha.
69.      I was discussing with Bishop Okey on this matter. You see, My stomach nearly burst. There is no sympathy for Brother Mike and there is no sympathy for Sister Mike. Look at the little boy, Promise; he is of age. I never knew that what Brother Okey told him was the same thing I told him saying, “This boy is coming up, if you have no plan for his education, allow him to learn a work or other business.”
70.      Brother Mike told Me that he will not do that, that if the boy goes away that his wife will die. In other words, because you do not want your wife to die, Promise will now grow up and become a nuisance. If you have this type of love for your wife, let it be known to you, it is not godly love.
71.      Who can believe it that for over one year, the whole of the children of Brother Mike, not even one goes to school. A public school is behind his house, not even one goes there at least. Then the question arises: Brother Mike, what have you been doing with your money?
72.      What if the person that is squashing the money is in this Church? Will you blame the person? Did that person take the money from his pocket? What I am saying is that even if you know the person squandering the money, what is your business there? Praise God it is his own person that is doing it. Let your own person do you the same. I do not blame the brother or the sister. I will rather wish her well. Did she put her hand in his pocket? Did she go to his place?
73.      Nevertheless, I believe that the person that is squandering the money is not in this most holy Faith. If the person is in our midst or if there be some that are in this Faith, they are getting just a little. He can give, but the main people are outside this Faith. This is what I believe.
74.      I am saying that he is reaping the fruit of what he has sown. Any seed a man soweth that he shall reap. To you that are in our midst serving somebody, be very careful. If money comes into your hand, establish yourself, knowing that one day, you will be relieved of your job. One day, you will relieved of your job.
75.      Sisters that are married, mount pressures on your husbands to start a little thing for you no matter how small. I know why I am saying this. My wife is a witness. I repeat this thing in My family. She is happy because she is a civil servant. She is well-protected. Even if she refuses to have a shop, she is well-protected; just like Sister Onyema Isaac who is protected, but not everybody has this privilege. I say, not every sister has this privilege.
76.      Thus, if you do not help your husband, you are not helping yourself.  If you are helping your husband, you are helping yourself. Sister Joe Ukpong was able to survive because when the situation became tough, she reestablished herself.
77.      She was first of all relieved of her duties because she was a staff of NASCO; but she did not go home and then sit down. She was struggling. She was even going to the villages boarding truck to Nassarawa State, buying food items and selling them in Jos. She continued until she secured a teaching appointment which was only last year.
78.      Thus, if you run from place to place to help the family, it is not a waste of time. Even if there is no profit there, you are training yourself. From time to time, you see mama going to Lagos without anybody accompanying her. I bet you, Sister Mike cannot go to Enugu alone. She cannot go to Enugu alone.
79.      Now, she did not learn how to do anything here and she is being bundled home as a refugee. Will it be easy for her to adjust? Death has come. If they had obeyed My Word, it would have been better for them now.
80.      Hence, if you are in this most holy Faith and you have refused to meet your family demands, refuse to pay your house rent because you are expecting that one day, instead of going home, the Son of Man will write one circular or epistle asking the Churches to come to your help, you have failed!
81.      Brother James, the Pastor of the Church at Enugu-ezike was not a needy brother. He had a case which was never expected. Fire ravaged his store. You see and we cannot allow the heathen to laugh at him, thus we had to rise up immediately. Before we got there, he was already sitting down; he had already started business. He did not say, “Well, everybody knows that my property got burnt. Let me go home and rest.”
82.      Do you know My greatest joy? When I got there, I noticed right from Nsukka for I heard about his wife—in spite of her pregnancy—that she is equally doing her business. She is selling tokumbo (used) shoes. In other words, she is not idle. In fact, the thing gave Me joy.
83.      Sisters that are in this most holy Faith, let Me just tell you something that I know. There is one woman very close to our yard who prepares this okpa every morning. Do you know that the business does not last for more than ten minutes? From the yard, if you do not go there to buy, once she gets to the main road, you are coming back empty-handed.
84.      There is another woman that prepares akara (bean cake) there. If you see how people line up there, you will marvel. Three places they fry it around My area, people purchase tickets. There was a day I sent My little daughter to go and buy bean cake, she stayed for over forty-five minutes.
85.      I had to go there to know whether she actually went there. I got there and I closed My mouth. I saw big men and big women as all of them were shouting on the woman. One woman used another ladle to turn the bean cake on fire saying, “It is my turn. I have bought all of them.”
86.      I said, “Oh, before it will get to Ebube’s turn the thing has already finished.”
87.      I want to show you that if our sisters want to help their families, they can do that. May be, their husbands are living in false security, giving them the impression that they should not bother, that all is well.
88.      How can all be well? Even if you do not give your husband that kobo, don’t you derive joy when you use your money to buy blouse or buy some other things women needed without even troubling the man? If I marry you and for everything, you want to use, you are always disturbing me, one day I will ignore you.
89.      I am saying that Sisters should help their husbands; husbands should equally help themselves. Do not behave like Brother Mike Emmanuel. The experience brethren had the day he packed away was not a godly experience and that has made it impossible for us to preach our Gospel there. Nobody can preach this Faith in that compound again because Brother Mike did not only owe the landlord, he refused to pay accumulated electricity bills and water bills.
90.      Even the woman they used to pay for cleaning the yard, he owed accumulation of debts. Brother Mike, what did you do with your money? It is unbelievable, but you can believe because I am the one talking to you. It was a battle before we concluded this matter. That was why a lot of you did not know what was taking place because it was a battle.
91.      A time came when I exposed him before Elders in My house and they spoke to him harshly for they did not spare him. Still, today, he is at home. Before the Elders, he confirmed that he really relaxed because of the promise his brother gavsssse him. Now, the brother has failed. Let us see what he is going to do.
92.      In case, somebody comes to you, asking of him, tell the person he is at home. I ordered him home on Friday because I saw no reason why he should come back and I thank God what I told him happened.
93.      I told him that the people were looking for him and they are trying to get him arrested and clamp him into jail. He will remain in prison custody until he has paid the last kobo. Thus, when he came back on Friday, luck ran against him. He met the people face to face where they were trailing him with another car. They were pursuing him inside our area until he ran to Main Market. Amen.             


 Preached 30th  March, 2003

Do you really know God?
Remain blessed brethren. I have emphasized that nobody has any right to come to Me without getting clearance from Me. That is the essence of the telephone. Phone Me ahead of time; tell Me why you are coming. You will receive My instruction to that effect.
2.           As many as telephoned Me from other places, they did not trouble their members today. I am a merciful Father and I am very compassionate. I know that you need salvation and I am doing everything within My power to make sure I minimize the cost of salvation.
3.           For that reason, I continued relating My messages to all the brethren that telephoned.  I phoned some that are on line telling them not to trouble their members; rather, they should send one or two persons to Onitsha with a bottle of Olive oil. That is all.
4.           Pastor Promise telephoned Me from Obiakpu Egbema telling Me their plans. I redirected him on what to do. And he is in the fellowship today with his member with a bottle of Olive oil.  He always discussed with the Son of Man.
5.           To Isialangwa and Mbaise, there is no sympathy for you because I have been waiting for you to communicate to Me concerning the burial assigned to you on the 28. And that will help Me discuss with you on how you will come to Me either today or any time in the future. But unfortunately, they did not find it necessary to phone. Well, I thank God for that.
6.           Some of them from Mbaise have telephone facilities; they have phoned Me several times from there. Since they do not want to tell Me because they do not want to spend N250, let them come en mass. May be that will be cheaper.  Those from Isialangwa you should thank Bishop Okey Paul who met you on the way and asked you to go back. Thank him. 
7.           Concerning Nsukka and Opi, I call them husband and wife. They are favoured and they are still favoured. I went to them; the matter is determined. Enugu-Ezike, I do not think there is one left there. All the brethren in the North got My message. They are in Jerusalem also. I did not telephone them; rather, they were the people that telephoned Me. I thank God for that. You are welcome at last.
8.           I am beginning to appreciate, especially those from Mbaise. I will call them the gods of Mbaise. Yes, you are travelling long distance so that the Word of God might come to pass. There was a time I was with you; almost every week, but you did not know Me and I left you with a statement that a day is coming when you will be travelling long distance just to see Me because you missed it that time.
9.           I thank God you have travelled long distance to see Me now. The same person that met you that time is the same person you are meeting here now. No more, no less.
10.        Whether you like it or not, every flesh must come before Me. Once we forget the Word of God, we are bound to disobey His Word. You cannot err until you forget the message you have received. And by this message, some that must have wandered away from the Faith ignorantly.
11.        I believe if they are sincere, they must run back to Me. If you are having problems in your home, you can now see where the thing started.
12.         I believe the Lord has used this message to do a very big work in our lives; in our families. There was one thing I noticed:  you know God, believe God, but cannot accept Him as God. You can have dealings with God, but not as God. And I will say there is nothing as destructive as that. The message said “that is where people seal their doom”.
13.        It is better I do not have any dealings with God at all than to have dealings with God, but do not accept Him as God. That is where people seal their doom. This message is a frightening one. Do not look at this sensational side of the message. Look at it as a nugget.
14.        Do you really know God? Do you take Him as God? You can call Him “Daddy”; everything you think. Yes, that is what I am, but only to those that believe in Me. You may call Him all those things because that is what others are calling Him, but deep in your heart, He is a devil.
15.        I thank God that this message is preached today and it is serving the purpose of today. I have to thank God on behalf of Brother Moses (Bishop) who worked relentlessly with Pastor to reproduce this message in print form.
16.        Apostle Joseph from Lokoja, I will never entertain any excuse for not putting that message down because it has overstayed. Thus, anything that is not okay there, consult Brother Phillip. He is the recorder. Once that one comes out, you will receive another message.
17.        There are some other messages that I want to bring out from the tape. I have noticed that the message makes the greatest impact when it is in print form. If we are listening to it from the tape, may be, we will not benefit.  However, by reading it out from the tape, marking it as nugget here and there, we can reproduce it. You can pick it up anytime you want. I really thank God.
18.        To those that take pleasure in judging and correcting their husbands, dragging them to their own court, I believe from now, you will repent. That time of ignorance, God overlooked. If you know you cannot win any case without God, why dragging your husband to that kind of court? If you win your husband in court who then will marry you?
19.         Do not ever think of dragging your husband to the court, no matter the situation. Try as much as you can to be a good wife, especially ministers’ wives.
20.         If there be a problem in your house between you and your husband, God said that it is because the voice of your husband means nothing to you. I believe it is true because God can never tell lies.
21.        From the very onset, God positioned women, but from time to time you see them relocating themselves. And once they relocate themselves you will start hearing murmuring and rebellion. However, as long as they are in obedience, everywhere is calm: the home is calm, the congregation is calm, everybody is happy.
22.        Women, if you are rejoicing when your husband is angry, you are a foolish woman and you are out of the way of truth. The message said that you must make sure that you know and understand God. Moreover, understanding God means doing those things that please Him and avoiding those things He hates.
23.        You say you know and understand your husband and you take pleasure in doing those things he hates, do you know him? Do you understand him? You better shut up.
24.        How I wish all the Pastors will go to their congregation and then refresh their minds once again from the message. You should spend time and money to convey this message.
25.        You should spend time to make us realize our aim of printing these messages. If you do not do that, the judgment of God will be against you for God does not speak in vain. He preached it and engraved it in tapes. Amen.

Marriage and Divorce
Now, it has been culled out from tape. It is now in print form so that you will have no excuse.  Anything that is not clear to you, go there. If time will permit Me, I will preach in the same manner I handled, “Marriage and Divorce”.
2.           I will handle it in a such a way that our wives and husbands will go back to that message from time to time and find out where they are erring because the message of “Marriage and Divorce” is a stabilizing message to every home. I call it, family stabilizer.
3.           However, where they do not believe God, it is a family destroyer. If you really believe God, “Marriage and Divorce” is a family stabilizer; it stabilizes the home by placing the man where he belongs to; placing the woman where she belongs so that there will be perfect harmony in the home and the beauty of the Family of God will be reflected through the home.
4.           If you are having problems with your wife and you do not know what the problem really is, go back to the message of marriage and divorce. One of you must have rejected it.
5.           I told you what happened in this Faith. I am aware of that and it is peculiar to women. You know, men die quicker than women. Even from the time of delivery, infant mortality rate is higher among the boys than the girls.
6.           By nature, the female ova live longer than the male spermatozoa. If you want to know better, you can see Brother Ojiakor. The male spermatozoa do not live long in the body of a woman. The female ova can linger for days there. That is why we have women in the majority. The thing will be lingering in the body of the woman like that for days until a spermatozoon fertilizes it.
7.           What am I saying? When the message of “Marriage and Divorce” was preached, men died and because they died, God resurrected them. However, the women fainted.
8.           There is a great difference between fainting and dying. Women fainted while men died. Because they fainted, as the years passed by, some of them received enough oxygen; I mean strength and came back. We started seeing the old life being reproduced. It fainted.
9.           Every woman has the life of a thief. A thief does not die quickly. People may beat him almost to the point of death and he faints. Everybody will go their different ways thinking he is dead. If the noise ceases, he will open one eye; turn his head and rise again. When everywhere becomes very calm, he will crawl into the nearby bush and from there, he will run away.
10.        One week after, he comes out from the bush. That is the life of a woman. Thus, that is why this message is coming out for us to go back into action.
11.        Look at the example Holy Spirit gave us. A woman prepared some snails for food, removed the shells and everything then washed the snails clean. They were ready for food. Then she went somewhere to purchase some items.
12.        By the time she came back, she saw the snails crawling out, this time, without shells. She just ran away. That is what is happening in this Faith.
13.        If you are married and you are having occasional problems in your home, if you are really sincere with this message, you do not need a prophet to tell you what is happening. You know what is happening. And if you want to fight such a challenge, the neighbours will hear you because every wicked woman in this Faith always aims at getting the attraction of the heathen, for she is aware that the heathen will be on her side since they hate the truth.
14.         A heathen is one that hates the truth. If you have a wife who is constantly disobeying your Faith, disobeying the doctrine you received and any attempt you make to correct her, her voice will be going higher and higher, know very well that she is simply aiming at getting the attraction of the heathen.
15.        Moreover, because you do not want to see that type of nonsense in the house, you keep quiet. Has your keeping quiet solved the problem? That is why I told you that the Son of Man is now out to touch every family, exposing their hypocrisy because some of them normally suppress it.
16.        I will start with my own family. I am a married man. If I am a hypocrite, I will be exposed. If I want to suppress my feelings, I am a hypocrite. My wife will also be exposed in this overhauling work. No family will be left untouched! God is going to scrutinize our identity.
17.        You know, sometimes there can be such agreement between husband and wife. If your wife does not believe the Faith and you know she does not believe, once she starts turning friendly, watch out the area of friendliness. It must be outside the Faith.
18.        She will be introducing things that are contrary to this Faith. In addition, she will use cunning ways to make you to obey and lure you to her side so that you will not see anything wrong with that. In other words, your eyes of revelation have been closed.
19.        From the very beginning, God has never spared women. Women have remained the greatest undoing in every dispensation, in every move of God. The greatest challenge that has confronted every man of God is the ability to conquer his wife. If you can conquer your wife, the world will be under your footstool.
20.        Who introduces the world into your home? Check very well, it must be your wife. You can hardly see a man that goes out and comes back with anything foreign. It will take a woman to introduce every lifestyle into the family.
21.        Every lifestyle is a doctrine: My life is My doctrine, your life is your doctrine. I am saying that a man’s desire must be guided by his doctrine. If your desire is outside your doctrine, your desire should not be implemented. It is devilish. Any desire outside God’s doctrine is a devilish desire and should not be implemented.
22.        Let Me hold My peace. A day is coming when I will mount the pulpit and all of us will be naked because I am going to trim down the crowd and I must succeed!
23.        I love Job. Job said, “I will not be like Adam who covered the sin of his bosom.” Nothing destroys a man more than covering bosom sin.
24.        Do you know what bosom sin is all about? If you want Me to cover your sin, you are stupid. If you do not want your name to be mentioned, do not do evil for the best way to stop evil is to expose it. The only way to check evil is to expose it.
25.        Tell Me, what about other families? Are they exposing their own? That is, the other families. This is My own. I do not want to talk about any other family. I want to talk about My own family. My family must be exemplary as far as this Faith is concerned. And I will hate any figment of evil or rebellion. I will fight it till the end, even with my last blood.
26.        That is why I always told My wife, “Look at Me very well, the level of My love is the level of My anger too. If I love you with perfect love, if I tell you to remain there, remain there. That is My life.” In addition, in My attempt to make the Word of God have full effect, I do not have any enemy, I do not have any friend.
27.        If you want to be My friend, help Me obey the Word of God. If every man will take this message to his family and implement it, all these troubles will not be mentioned.
28.        Place your wife where she belongs.  If she tries to say no, give her a deadly auction. Do you know what a deadly auction is? “My friend, come here. I never married you in secret. Who is marrying who? Who will determine who will stay in this family and who will not?”
29.        My wife is in my house because I wanted her to be there. Is it not right? I am the one that married her and her parents handed her over to Me. That’s all. That settles the matter. There is no negotiation there. If we were equals, I could not have paid her dowry. Her parents would not have given Me conditions.
30.        That is why I told you young men that if you want to marry a working class lady, I am not against it, but take off your eyes from her money. Pay the dowry; do everything before you start enjoying her wealth; otherwise, one day you will hear things you will not like to hear. I am telling you the truth.
31.        However, when you use your sweat to pay for her dowry and then carry her to your house, then begin to take care of her, any day she rises up, you just bend your head and give her a daring look, she will understand the look.
32.        If not for the stand I have taken in this Faith, many of you would have invited your in-laws into your homes. I am telling you the truth. From time to time, many of our women, not even the men; if there is a little problem between you and your husband, you invite your parents.
33.        Well, you know My type. Any day your parents come into your home to look into the case between you and your husband, that is the day you will leave the house. When they leave the house, you follow them.
34.        Moreover, for that man who calls himself your husband, if he does not listen to me on this, he will leave this faith. If it is an empty threat, I take it back with Me, because whatsoever I preached God has always tested me there. It will not be in secret. You will hear about it. I will make it an open display. If you think it is an empty threat, try Me! 
35.        Any woman that is above marriage and thinks she is not supposed to be under a man should gently go home, please. Take your things and go with them. Build your house there, enjoy yourself there so that the man will have peace. Surely, he must find one who will want to be a wife.
36.        Long, long time ago before the world was created, God made a proclamation that every wife must obey her husband. Whether tall, short, rich or poor, you must be under that man and obey him in everything. How can you be obeying and at the same time correcting, judging and complaining? Is it possible?
37.         Do you know what it looks like? If you are a civil servant and may be you are a junior officer, you see your boss as a corrupt officer, the highest thing you can do is to keep it to yourself. You dare not come to him and say you are correcting him or giving him a query to explain reasons for his actions. Why? He is your boss. He will even use you to perpetrate his corruption without appreciating it. Your duty is to obey.
38.        Because you are an obedient civil servant, you will obey, but any day you think you have become wise enough, very outspoken, you are now fat: “I can talk to him.” Well, while you are still there talking, you will hear telephone call, and that will be the end of your work there. Your life is in danger. Can a rat fight with an elephant? 
39.        What am I trying to say? It appears from the beginning that the battle God has been fighting is the battle against women domination. Women have been trying to dominate.
40.        Watch, even in the whole world there is women domination. The crime is women domination. Women are dominating in every aspect of life. Women want to dominate and that is why God said that every system will remain good and perfect until women invade that system. Once women invade the system, the system crumbles.
41.        Watch the teaching profession, there was a time men were in charge of teaching and that time, we had moral discipline and academic excellence. However, immediately we have the universal primary education, women flooded there. In the teaching field, education crumbled.
42.        Watch law, there was a time legal profession was exclusively for men. Immediately women invaded the legal profession, you see the legal profession has become a laughing stock. It is messed up because women have now invaded it.
43.        Watch the priesthood, when men were priests, you see, there was sanity in the Church, but from the time women became Pastors, Bishops, Evangelists, teachers, superintendents, darkness fell.
44.        Women! Women! Look at the atmosphere. Look at politics. That we are registering killings and assassinations here and there is because of women.
45.        The greatest instrument in the hand of Satan to destabilize the country has always been a woman, for wherever Satan is afraid to go, he will send a woman there.
46.        Please, note the word I am using, “woman”. Every daughter of God is not a woman. There is a great difference between a daughter of God and a woman. If you are not obedient to the Word of God, you are a woman, a lad.
47.        Don’t you know there is a great difference between a wife and a woman? If you are a wife, you are not a woman. Don’t accept you are a woman. Accept that you are a wife!
48.        A wife is one that is under authority, but a woman is one that is contending for authority. A woman is a contender. If in your home there is contention, something is wrong; the woman wants to lead, but the man is saying, no.
49.        Every woman is a contender, an aspirant, aspiring to be a leader. If God had wanted you to be a leader, He would have conferred the authority on you from the beginning. Anybody that wants to be what God never made him or her is challenging God’s authority. Don’t you know that?
50.        There is no age limit to what I am saying. It is applicable to the young. It is applicable to the old. There is no number of years a woman will stay or the marriage will subsist that will make a woman to be head over the man. God can never do that!
51.        There are certain things God can never do. For instance, He can never destroy the righteous in the midst of the wicked. He has never done it before  and He will not do it.  What God is doing is what He has done before. He is not doing any new thing again. Any new thing you are seeing is not a new thing. To you it is new, but to Me it is not new. Amen.

I permitted the brethren that are leaving Jerusalem for their different destinations to exercise their freedom without fear of people. You are free to go if you think you cannot worship with us.
2.           However, if you want to stay and worship with us till we say, “bye-bye” for today, it is also your right. If you want to go, it cannot disturb us for we have come to worship God this day.
3.           We do not have any other preoccupation than to worship God. That is why, here in Jerusalem, we do not have any time. Every Sunday we come to fellowship believing that if He does not want us to go back, it is even better.
4.           If I should go home now, what will I see at home?  Horrible, horrible pictures, but while I am in His Presence in the fellowship, twenty-four hours, the Holy Spirit is in control, God is in control.
5.           That is why the psalmist who had the revelation said, “That I may dwell in the House of the Lord all the days of my life.” There is no better place to stay than in the presence of God. If you know the Person that is standing in your midst, if you know the Person whose Face you are watching, whose Voice you are hearing, happy are you.
6.           If I am not sure, I will be pleading with many to come to Me, but I do not plead, rather, I ask them to go away. Have you ever heard that there is a group that is stopping people from coming to them, when people are campaigning for membership?
7.           The Bridal Faith is a little group that is not interested in anybody’s membership, for I know all that the Father has given to Me must surely come to Me. What is the need telling them to come? They must come whether I speak or not. They know that I am on the scene; I am standing upon the Earth.
8.           The time has passed when we worship God in ignorance. Anybody that is worshiping God in ignorance should have himself or herself to blame.
9.           Let Me show you a mystery. I love you, but God loves you more. It is very easy to repeat the mistakes of the past, and it is very easy for one to fulfill a dangerous prophecy. One can fulfill it ignorantly.
10.        Now, if you can listen to Me very attentively, you will be awed. I will start from the very beginning. The Lord commanded His servant, Gideon, to make a pronouncement that all able-bodied Israelites should come out for war. And the war was ripe.
11.        Able-bodied men who volunteered came out. The Lord looked at the number and said it was very great. Then he made a proclamation: “If you know you are afraid of this move, please go home and rest.” Three quarters of the people that came out left. The Lord looked at them again and said, “Well, there are still too many”.
12.        He said, “If you know you married a new wife and you want to enjoy your new wife, go home and have undisturbed rest. If you know that this arrangement will disturb your programme, you can go.” Did He mention names? Another batch left.
13.        He looked at the remnant and said, “Take them to the stream; allow them to drink as anyone chooses to drink.” He whispered to his servant, “Watch all that drank like a dog; watch all that drank lazily, make a separation.”
14.        Those people that were rejected at the end and those that left before the end, who should be pitied? The first two sets left because they had reasons, but the last batch was rejected by God because of the way they drank water.
15.        In addition, they did not know that God was attaching a strong meaning in the way they were drinking. Did God give them a pattern for drinking? If God gave them a pattern for drinking everybody would have tried to comply, but He threw it open.
16.        Did God give Cain and Abel a pattern of sacrifice? He threw it open. You will understand Me as I go to the New Testament.
17.        When Jesus appeared, a lot of people followed Him, He turned round and said, “If you know your father died and you want to bury him instead of continuing with Me, you can go. If you have an engagement today, greater than My own business, may be you are newly married, you do not want to disappoint your wife, you can go.” Do you get the message?
18.        These people, did they follow Him by revelation? Do you think they knew God? They never knew God. They never knew the person as God Himself and they lacked the revelation of what they were doing.
19.        Now, this is My day. I am not talking of the day of Jesus. Some said they would like to go to farm; some said they would like to do one thing or the other. They agreed to be there right in their houses; they were giving excuses.
20.        Now, I am saying that a good number of them were in the fellowship this day. You see, people were climbing upon one another and there was no space.
21.        I made a proclamation, “If you know you came from a far distance, may be, with a chartered vehicle and with your numerous children to enable you get home safely, you can go. Your Pastors can take you back. If you know you just came in here for Me to anoint you with anointing spirit our Lord has anointed you, you can go.”
22.        The first to leave was My father. God made another proclamation and the Pastors followed, the Elders joined, their wives and children joined. Is there any distance far in the East?
23.        Is Mbaise farther than Abuja? A brother from Abuja is in Jerusalem, he travelled by night. Jos is in Jerusalem; he travelled by night. Aba is also in Jerusalem. Moreover, after fellowship, he will be going to Aba and Aba is farther than Mbaise. Obiakpu- Egbema is farther than Mbaise.
24.        Gradually, all of them left telling us that they did not come to Jerusalem for worship. Somebody compelled them to be in Jerusalem. What can you say about the kind of sacrifice they have rendered? They think they are doing Me a service? Now, they have gone. Did they receive the instruction that followed the anointing? Do they know that the anointed have to be secured? Do they know that there is covenant binding the anointing?
25.        The security is tied to a strict agreement. Did they receive it? They have gone and they did not know that I made the statement to test their faith.
26.        There were too many others that wanted to go, some people compelled them to stay. As far as I am in Jerusalem, they are gone. You must be in Jerusalem by personal revelation.
27.        Moreover, the only work God assigned to His children in our day is one work:  “What must we do that we may fulfill the works of God?” One thing!
28.        Martha troubled herself with many things. Mary chose a good path and the good path was always finding herself at Jesus’ feet; hearing His Word.
29.        Every true seed of God must esteem the Word of God higher than his necessary food. If you do not esteem the Presence of God higher than your carnal business, God does not recognize what you are doing. You are just a nominal worshipper.
30.        You see why it is good that people should stand on their own personal revelation. Do not compel anybody to do anything. This is harvest period. Leave every man alone; leave every woman alone so that whatever that is in you will come out. Many have gone and I am still in Jerusalem, God is still in Jerusalem. Is it not blindness? Complete blindness.
31.        As long as I am in Jerusalem, by revelation, nobody leaves My Presence until you look for Me, you do not see Me. When God is having a gathering with His people, everywhere is silent. Nobody goes away until the Cloud goes away. Then, the whole thing is over; then, God leaves His people.
32.        To God, as long as the Cloud is still there, everybody must sit down under the Cloud because God is still there. If you leave the Presence of God, where will you go?
33.        Watch all that left, they have their personal commitments for the day. If you are sitting down in the fellowship and you are regretting your coming to fellowship this day because it has disengaged your activities for the day, you are number one pagan in the midst of the Saints.
34.        Worshipping God is a business and until the business of that day ends, you have no right to engage yourself in any activity. Amen.
Be Very Careful
Now, I will say few things, but before then, let Me just see whether I can correct something. If you heard from My mouth that anybody who is worshipping God with us, we have been together all these years, he is not excommunicated, he is still very much with us and he is not yet baptized in the Name of Peter the Christ; that he should be excommunicated or dis-fellowshiped, show by raising your hand?
2.           If you heard such a thing, please show by raising your hand.  Deacons check, are you not hearing what I am saying? Deacons check around. Any hand? Okay, you can sit down.
3.           Now, note it. If you know that by day or by night I gave you a command either in writing, by way of epistle or personal letter or oral instruction that all the brethren in this Faith should be baptized in the Name of Peter the Christ, please show by raising your hand? Deacons look around. If you have heard from Me (from My mouth) that somebody can get baptized in the Name of Jesus the Christ, or Peter the Christ and still perish show by raising your hands? Bring down your hands.
4.           If you have heard from My mouth that a day shall come, and now is that day, when nobody will tell his brother, “Repent and be baptized in the name of so, so and so for your salvation;  that God will even save some heathen that never attended worship with Him”, show by raising your hand. If you know you have ever heard it from my mouth show by raising your hands.
5.           Now, if you have heard from Me at any time that I have condemned all that have baptized in the Name of Peter the Christ, show by raising your hands?  No hand.
6.           I will begin to love you from now. Why? I preached two messages: “Testify against Me”; another one is “Put Me In Remembrance”. They are all in tapes.
7.           Anybody that baptized in the Name of Peter the Christ by revelation is right. I do not know how many that baptized and those that did not. I do not condemn any of you at all, but I know it is scriptural truth.
8.           I know that people have always baptized into the Name of God that is revealed in their Day.  I know it is true. I know it is revelation, but I did not give you any command because I am involved. I allowed all that have that revelation to prove it as individuals. At the same time all that baptized in the Name of Jesus the Christ, I never condemned them.
9.           However, I know that they baptized in the name of another dispensation. I know that Jesus Christ was a name for salvation in His day. Like Paul was a name for salvation in His day and I am not living in Paul’s day. I am not even sent in Paul’s day neither am I sent in Jesus’ day. I am in My own Day.
10.        If you choose to baptize in the Name of Jesus Christ, I condemn you not. I will liken you to those that held on to the baptism of John. However, there were people that left John and baptized into the revealed God of their day. It is personal revelation. I have said it time without number.
11.        And till the end of this world, I will never compel any man or woman to get baptized in this Name. No, because I know what baptism is all about.
12.        I know what baptism is all about and I know the extent baptism may go.  And I have not yet baptized many; I only baptized few. Now, I am sent for a re-circumcision and I am doing it gradually, taking my time that no chaff is found among the wheat.
13.        I have told you that your position does not save you. Moreover, nothing saves you except your faith in the revealed God of your day. Somebody must have heard: “Looking unto Christ or looking unto Jesus or looking unto the Cross.”
14.        The question then arises: Is the Cross still effective till today? That Cross which Jesus was crucified on, is it effective till today? Can we still point People to the Cross? Why?  Anybody that is pointing somebody to the Cross is like one that is pointing somebody to the wilderness.
15.        This is why I keep on telling you, be very careful in this Faith because you have never gone this way before. If you do not want to be destroyed in the end, obey the Voice that spoke to us from on high. He said, “I have given you My own Angel to go before you; to lead you in the path that you will go. My Name is upon Him. Be very careful the way you follow Him. Do not provoke Him to wrath for He will never, never pardon your transgression, for I am sending Him before you as an Angel of judgment. Do not go to the left, do not go to the right, fix your eyes on Him. Remember, you have never gone this way before.”
16.        There is no man or woman living today that has ever gone this way before. That is why everything looks strange to all of you. When the Faith was revealed, it was revealed by purpose. That is why when I see people rebelling, I laugh at them because they do it out of sheer stupidity. They have never gone this way before. They do not know what lies ahead, they do not know anything. They just appeared in the world without bearing.
17.        When you see a plane in the air without a bearing, what do you think will happen to it?  A plane that loses connection with the compass director or from the radar is down; it crashes into the Bermuda Triangle. 
18.        However, I thank God I have not lost My bearing, I am still having connection with the radar. My control panel is functioning very properly. My compass is perfect. I check My bearing every morning. Wherever He leads, that is where I will go.
19.        Moses never led his people without a compass and the compass was the Pillar of Cloud in the day and the Pillar of Fire in the night. Every morning Moses will watch the bearing, and the bearing was detected by the Pillar of Cloud. If the Pillar of Cloud pointed to the West, Moses will sail through the West without asking any question for he was completely dependent on the bearing for his direction.
20.        I am talking to intelligent people in this most holy Faith. I am saying that I am not alone. He that sent Me is always with Me and He is the One guiding Me whose Face you cannot behold. That He might save you from His wrath, He became a human being like you and He is veiled in such a way that you cannot touch it. If not for the pinhole camera, who would have seen it? Nobody, except one that is gifted with the gift of vision.
21.        When I am with you, I talk to you as My brother. I do not intend to harass anybody. However, as many as are walking, they have a lot to tell the world.
22.        If you get to My office, there is no being that believes that I will die one day. And if you call My Name, some will even tell you to be careful about that man; that he is a mystic. They do not hide their feelings. They say that Mr. Odoemena possesses mystic powers because sometimes, I will be in My seat very much relaxed and they will be coming in. Nobody will see Me until I talk. Ask them, especially those that I was in the same office with.
23.        You know My office. I was in a position that nobody ever comes in without seeing Me first. If you do not see Me from the open window, before you know it, I will be number one to meet you.  People may come and fill that balcony and will be discussing, sometimes, about other people, not knowing that I am there listening to them.
24.        After some minutes, I will tell them, “Enough is enough,” and they will be startled, some completely shocked to realize that I have been on that seat all along and they never saw Me. Don’t laugh. It never started today. That was the way it started in the beginning.
25.        I could pass nights with some brethren pretending to help them. That was why it started with Brother Mike. In the beginning Brother Mike; in the middle Brother Mike; I think in the end, it shall be Brother Mike. Why not say, “Amen.” Whether good or bad, you should say “Amen” because I have reasons for that.
26.        Can I argue with God? What will I argue? Can my argument hold any water? Remember, innocent or guilty God must destroy? Don’t you know that?  Innocent or guilty God will destroy. God is saving you because He wants to save you. Ask Me why He wants to save you? It is because He wants to save you.
27.        God looked upon so many people and was convinced that they cannot save themselves. If you can save yourself, God cannot save you. However, if you are helpless, God will come to your rescue. If you think you can work out your righteousness, God will not help you. You will remain blind, but if you confide in Him Who can justify the ungodly, you will get your pardon.
28.         There is One that can justify His people and I am happy He is here. Thus, to some of our brethren in Enugu, be very careful of what you hear. Most of those things are being credited to the Son of Man with wrong motives. You have to be very careful.
29.        Stop fighting yourselves and stop wishing yourself evil. You rejoice when evil befalls your brother. Be very careful that you will not receive the same fate. This is My advice. If you have a way of helping your brother or sister, do it. It is better than fighting them. 
30.        I said this because of the report I received from Enugu, that Brother Okoh came to fellowship and said they were given an instruction that anybody in our midst who did not get baptized in the Name of Peter the Christ should not be allowed to stay in the fellowship, he should be put out.
31.        I remember I did not say anything like that. I only warned against those that are coming from outside telling you not to bring such people in baptizing them in the Name of Peter the Christ and taking them in. I told you not to allow such people in. It is in tape.
32.        Thus, that action was reported to Me and I am not happy about it. Looking at the situation, something is wrong somewhere because the information reaching me came from the reliable source.
33.        I even learnt that Apostle Kelelchi, before I ever went to the pulpit, gave him a garment he made for a Brother at Enugu to be delivered to the Brother Okoh refused to collect it, claiming he cannot make it to the brother’s house; that he will go straight to his own house. And that compelled Brother Kelechi to take the garment to Brother Ojiakor.
34.        What annoyed Me most in the whole episode is that he went from house to house telling brethren what I did not say. And even if I did say such a thing, being a deacon, he should have come back to the fellowship to announce it before the whole brethren because I believe the saints of God at Enugu sent him to represent their interest, but instead of doing that, he was going from house to house telling brethren something I never said, threatening to do something which he later did. That is not good at all. I condemn it.
35.        Enugu, be very careful. I have told you that the time is over when I cherished, “Brother I am sorry; I am sorry.” I am no longer a burden.  I have come of age.
36.        Now, I know what I want and what I do not want. Any further disturbance from your side, I will close My eyes and My mind against you; even infants will not be spared. Pregnant sisters will not be spared, except anybody that escaped My wrath on that day. 
37.        What am I saying? I will banish Enugu from My Presence and excommunicate them completely from this Faith if I get any further disturbance from them. Thus, see what you can do to make sure you walk harmoniously, loving and cherishing one another, abiding in My doctrine.
38.        If you are having ill feelings against one another, you are creating room for the devil to operate against us. You are breaking the brotherhood. It is a sinful act before God. Whoever that is involved in that act should, please repent now.
39.        We were discussing many things and so many dreams flashed. I was very happy. I think the person I saw was Amaka Umezulike; I think it is your face. She is of age. No matter how I love your parents, that salvation cannot save you because you are of age. You are now accountable for yourself.
40.        Moreover, from all your actions, I cannot remind your parents of all your misdeeds. They have nurtured you up to this age. You must have known what is good and what is evil.
41.        Thus, while I was thinking of the past because of the dreams we have recently, I remembered I had a dream some years ago and the Lord showed Me paradise and so many people were struggling to be there. Other people were there, but Umezulike’s two daughters were completely missing. The wife was there with the little children. Umezulike was there, but his two daughters were missing. I sent the wife to go and look for them. She said she will not go.
42.        I said, “Bishop Okey, go.”  He said, “No”. I said, “Apostle Kelechi,” in short, all the Elders refused, for it will be taking the greatest risk because we were already across the other side. I summoned Brother Umezulike. He was shouting on his children.  With his long sleeves rolled up and his trousers rolled up too, he was screaming on top of his voice. He was shouting at the children.
43.        Despite the fact that they were hearing his voice, they ran even farther away. They were very much afraid. Then, I joined. I walked around, saw them hiding somewhere, and then beckoned them to come. They said they were afraid of their father. I said, “Everything is over. Look, your brethren are here and you are risking your lives.”
44.        While they were coming out, they were shivering. I promised them to come. That was the day I saw Brother Umezulike in a manner I have not seen him before. He was highly infuriated against his daughters so much so that while they were trying to hide he was kicking them and then the dream left Me. I narrated the dream on this pulpit. This thing happened about a year or two years ago.
45.        There was a dream he had recently that made us revisit it because they are almost the same. Sister Amaka, be very careful. Your younger sister has gone the way she is ordained. I gave her every opportunity; I showed her the greatest love. She abused all. That has reminded Me of the Voice we heard on her head when she was too tender; when she never knew anything.
46.        The Lord spoke concerning her, even drawing the attention of her parents to watch her. We have come to the end where there is no more restoration for anyone that is outside this Faith. Anyone that is excommunicated, no more reconciliation. Anyone that is not already with us, no more coming in until you hear from Me gain.
47.        When do you think you are going to hear from Me? Have I not given them ample time? The Lord did not go to Sodom and Gomorrah and destroy them at once. He gave Lot time to go out and preach to the in-laws and entire community, peradventure, they will hear his voice. They laughed him to scorn. They mocked him. Amen.
48.        On this note, I say remain in your sanctified estate, remain blessed in Him eternally. Amen.