The Son of Man Revealed From One of The Jungles in Africa According To William Branham's Prophesy

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Thursday, 4 August 2011



Nobody can avoid the Son of Man. If you avoid my face while you are alive, you will see my face in death. Believe it if you can…
 -The Son of Man


Faithful is He that has called us and we have to prove it to Him that we are faithful in all things.  As stewards, stewards are people that are accountable to superior authority. If you are accountable to a superior authority, you are a steward and as a steward one thing is sure: one day you must be called up to give account of your stewardship.  Whether we like it or not, we must give account of our stewardship to Almighty God either in this life or hereafter.
Let nobody ever fool you, judgment of God is sure and certain. If human beings here on Earth have rules they establish where they judge cases of illegalities of different magnitudes, and these human beings that established these thrones are created by Almighty God,  how do you think that you can get away like that?  If there is nothing like that, what is the essence of instructing you? 
You are going to face judgment, judged by all you have been instructed by. I have told you time without number, if there be any instruction from God which you find difficult to obey, the moment somebody obeys it you have no excuse, that person automatically becomes a witness against you, he must testify against you whether you like it or not. There is no place to hide, hide under your bed; I do not know what to tell you. 
How faithful are you to the Faith that is preserving and protecting your life? Judge yourselves one by one for the Scriptures said, “If we judge ourselves we shall not be judged.”  –The Son of Man


Psalms 100 verse 1-5 “Make a joyful noise unto the LORD, all ye lands. Serve the LORD with gladness: come before his presence with singing. Know ye that the LORD he is God: it is he that hath made us, and not we ourselves; we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture.
2.           Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name. For the LORD is good; his mercy is everlasting; and his truth endureth to all generations.”
3.           Psalms 101 verse 1-8, “A Psalm of David. I will sing of mercy and judgment: unto thee, O LORD, will I sing. I will behave myself wisely in a perfect way. O when wilt thou come unto me? I will walk within my house with a perfect heart.
4.           I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes: I hate the work of them that turn aside; it shall not cleave to me. A froward heart shall depart from me: I will not know a wicked person .
5.           Whoso privily slandereth his neighbor, him will I cut off: him that hath a high look and a proud heart will not I suffer. Mine eyes shall be upon the faithful of the land, that they may dwell with me: he that walketh in a perfect way, he shall serve me.
6.           He that worketh deceit shall not dwell within my house: he that telleth lies shall not tarry in my sight. I will early destroy all the wicked of the land; that I may cut off all wicked doers from the city of the LORD..”
7.           Psalms 102 verse 1-28, “Hear my prayer, O LORD, and let my cry come unto thee. Hide not thy face from me in the day when I am in trouble; incline thine ear unto me: in the day when I call answer me speedily.
8.           For my days are consumed like smoke, and my bones are burned as a hearth. My heart is smitten, and withered like grass; so that I forget to eat my bread. By reason of the Voice of my groaning my bones cleave to my skin. I am like a pelican of the wilderness: I am like an owl of the desert.
9.           I watch, and am as a sparrow alone upon the house top. Mine enemies reproach me all the day; and they that are mad against me are sworn against me. For I have eaten ashes like bread, and mingled my drink with weeping,
10.        Because of thine indignation and thy wrath: for thou hast lifted me up, and cast me down. My days are like a shadow that declineth; and I am withered like grass. But thou, O LORD, shalt endure forever; and thy remembrance unto all generations.
11.        Thou shalt arise, and have mercy upon Zion: for the time to favor her, yea, the set time, is come. For thy servants take pleasure in her stones, and favor the dust thereof.
12.        So the heathen shall fear the name of the LORD, and all the kings of the Earth thy glory. When the LORD shall build up Zion, he shall appear in his glory.
13.        He will regard the prayer of the destitute, and not despise their prayer. This shall be written for the generation to come: and the people which shall be created shall praise the LORD. For he hath looked down from the height of his sanctuary; from Heaven did the LORD behold the Earth;
14.        To hear the groaning of the prisoner; to loose those that are appointed to death; To declare the name of the LORD in Zion, and his praise in Jerusalem;
15.        When the people are gathered together, and the kingdoms, to serve the LORD. He weakened my strength in the way; he shortened my days. I said, O my God, take me not away in the midst of my days: thy years are throughout all generations.
16.        Of old hast thou laid the foundation of the Earth: and the Heavens are the work of thy hands. They shall perish, but thou shalt endure: yea, all of them shall wax old like a garment; as a vesture shalt thou change them, and they shall be changed:
17.        But thou art the same, and thy years shall have no end. The children of thy servants shall continue, and their seed shall be established before thee..”
18.        Remain blessed everybody. If I notice you are writing, I will throw you away from this fellowship. Nobody made you a journalist. If you want to use your handset or anything at all, use it where I will not notice it. Or else, it becomes the Son of Man’s property for the publication for life.
19.        Whatever you are desiring to capture with your handset have been captured. You have even captured more than your faith needs. For all that happened, happened for your sake, to get you convinced that I am not fooling you.
20.        All you have been reading in the scriptures since you were born, all that you heard with your ears, the Son of Man through the preaching of the gospel of salvation in Christ has succeeded in bringing everything into focus. Hence, it is no longer imaginary.
21.        If anybody is feeling that those supernatural vindications are being acted by anybody, let him go and act his own. If anybody is of the opinion that those supernatural vindications are magic, well, he should go and learn the act of magic and then perform those things before witnesses for you will remain My witnesses now and even forever.
22.        I challenged My hearers, those that believed in ME, even those that never believed that they should be patient with Me as we journey along this faith, that I, the Son of Man must preach down the Godhead.
23.        They read about the Godhead, the Prophets, including William Branham prophesied about the Godhead, but the Son of Man appeared and said, “I must bring the Godhead down.”
24.        He went further to say, “Whether you believe it or not, My faith is able to do it. Just keep watch and follow Me strictly, I must present before all witnesses the fullness of the Elohim in the Bride of Christ, standing on two feet.
25.        I will separate the Son from the Father, and then unite the two together so that you might believe that I am in the Father and the Father is also in ME. For there is no way you can bypass Me and see the Father.”
26.        Hence, the Voice said, “Believe in My Father, believe also in Me.” If your believe in the Father, you have done well but your belief is incomplete for the Son of Man and the Father are one. If you have seen Me, you have seen My Father.
27.        Jesus made this statement to His disciples but He never allowed the Father to come out of the Tabernacle in such a way that His disciple could see and believe Him the more. He was always pointing them to Himself, Himself.
28.        However, in your own day, before your eyes, the Son of Man pulled out the Father, stayed at home and allowed the Father to be in the Tabernacle; That you might know and believe and publish it wide that the Almighty is REAL. His Omnipresence is REAL.
29.        He is in Heaven and on Earth at the same time for His fullness fills all in all. And in that Supernatural condition, He travels round the globe in one second and settles back in His home.
30.        Before I say happy welcome to you all, I wish to sound some warnings not intending to frighten anybody. If you are in this Sanctuary with fear, dismiss that fear immediately for there is no fear in love. Perfect love drives away all fears. To God be the glory for everything He has done. (Selah).
31.        I am not saying you will not use your handset but I am saying: do not use it where I will capture it. I mean, do not lift it up or begin to rush forward and backward all in the attempt to capture some Supernatural developments. It is a sign of unbelief from now. For the purpose which He permited you to use them has been accomplished.
32.        Tell Me what else you want to see? You have seen many faces of God: you have seen the Pillar of Cloud, you have seen the Pillar of Light, you have seen the Ball of Fire, you have seen the Greatness of the Elohim, you have seen Him in Fullness, you have seen the Godhead, you have seen the congregation enveloped in the Cloud, you have seen the thick Darkness, you have seen the Bright Light. Tell Me what you have not seen?
33.        yes, you have seen more than your forefathers. You have seen more than Jesus Christ and His disciples. Tell Me what you have not seen?
34.        God has displayed before you all things pertaining to life and Godliness. What maketh Him the Deity has been revealed even made manifest. He allowed you to capture everything with your pinhole camera, with your microchip handset. Even with you I-Pad computers. Those that have the gift of vision can tell better.
35.        What is more, you have been espoused to the engrafted Spoken Word which is the Original Seed with the help of the Written Word. Please, do not use your handsets to mar our fellowship.
36.        I want our fellowship, this first Sunday of the year; I want the collective assembly in the year 2014 to be glorious. I want it to be heart-warming; I will call it the fellowship of LOVE because with love, we shall move into Paradise. Amen.


This day is the day the Lord has made. Whether you are outside or inside, I am assuring you that you are in front. Even if you are in the remotest part of the world, I do not care where you are placed.
2.           Even if you are hiding under the roof top in your house, whether you are hiding in the clouds of Heaven or in the deepest sea depth, under the secret parts of the greatest rock or cave ever known in the history of mankind, the all searching eyes of the Deity is seeing you.
3.           In other words, before Him that created the Heavens and the Earth, in whose Name and Power we have gathered this day, you are sitting in front. You might be saying, “If I happen to be inside, at least, I would have been admiring the Son of Man, seeing Him moving about. Have you not been admiring Him all this while? Is He putting on another face or another uniform? HE IS THE SAME ANCIENT OF DAYS, CLOUD IN HUMAN UNIFORM. Glory be to God in the highest.  
4.           I am of the opinion that nobody is having doubt as to why we do not create room for offering time again in this Bridal Faith. That is the last Brazen Serpent the Son of Man broke into pieces.
5.           Nobody compels you to give your offering to your Maker, nobody is interested in what you are giving, it is done by Divine Revelation which is personal. The offering box is always placed at the door of the tabernacle.
6.           You do not just come into the fellowship and begin to search your purse, and then begin to reason whether to give or not. It is a decision you must take in your home before coming to fellowship. Is it not our doctrine?
7.           Go back to the message titled, “The Fivefold Worship.” Your worship is incomplete until you give your offering. It is obligatory and you must give because you have given your life. You must give because you are in love and in friendship with one another.
8.           If while you have enmity in your heart or dispute with a brother or a sister, please do not ever near the offering box. Until you have made it right, only then are you qualified to put whatever you want to put in there.
9.           It is not only in Jerusalem, it is applicable to all the Local Assemblies where the Lord God our God has chosen to place His Name.
10.        This is the Order, this is the Conduct, this is the Doctrine. Anything that is contrary to this is of the devil. The Son of Man will not recognise it. Moreover, any offering cast into the offering bag contrary to this order is unacceptable in the sight of God because God does not accept any sacrifice that is made with an impure heart.
11.        Your heart must be pure, washed with the blood of the Lamb which is the Word of God. Your heart must be void of offence before God and before man. Anything contrary to that, the Almighty will say no.
12.        Remember, you can bribe even the Supreme Court judge of Nigeria, America and other nations; but there is only one Supreme Judge we recognise in the Bridal Faith who does not accept bribe, He does not look at your face and does not accept your offering because of its quantity or because of who you are, but on the basis of the condition of your heart. Hence, He could tell Cain who offered unto God the best fruits of the land being a wonderful famer.
13.        But watch, his brother Abel came with ordinary lamb. You know what a lamb is? Not good for meat, not good even to be carried with the hand. I mean, ordinary baby sheep, that was what Abel presented for he was a lazy man who depended on the mother. However, his heart was right with God. The little he had was what he offered with pure heart.
14.        When Cain was protesting because his sacrifice, no matter how big and large, was unacceptable. The Lord asked him a pertinent question, “Cain, if your heart was right, don’t you think that I would have accepted your offering? Because your heart was not right, it will be impossible for Me to accept an offering made with impure heart.”
15.        When you are coming before the presence of God, give Him your heart. Whenever you are coming before the Lord, give unto Him your heart because God is a Being that looks at your heart, He knows what we are thinking at all times.
16.        In case you wish to give your offering, do not disturb anybody. It is a matter between you and your God. It is a spiritual affair, otherwise, it is carnal. Do it in such a way that nobody knows what you want to do, nobody is interested. At your convenient time, you walk to the offering bag and drop it.
17.        But by right, you should drop it before you step into the fellowship that is if you want. But where you do not want, please keep still, worship your God, go your way, finish. Teach your children to do same. Teach them even at infancy so that when they shall grow up if there will be time, they will not depart from this norm for this is the conduct, order and doctrine of the Bride of Christ.
18.        To God be the glory for everything He has been doing in the midst of His elect. Especially in this side of the world.
19.        I have been considering this great gathering and many, many things have been running across My mind. I will speak when I will speak but bear with Me. I do not want anybody to be moving up and down without good reasons. If you are outside and you wish to hear My Voice, you will hear. But where you do not want to hear My Voice, nothing will ever make you to hear.
20.        It is a matter of adjusting your mind and taking your decision that you will never go home unless the Lord will bless you today. That you wouldn’t like to regret the money you spent, the troubles you took coming down here. This is the decision that will help you today and even throughout this year. Amen.
Brother Victor Nnachor, I have given you the little camera, make sure you do not take any photograph of any individual no matter how gorgeously dressed. Do the video of everything. Capture the Message, capture everything. Do not neglect those outside.
2.           Capture and cover the environment including the surroundings of the fellowship hall so that the whole world would know that nobody is dramatizing anything. This may be the last video I will log on to the website for the world to see for the last time: the array of the saved from this side of the world; so that your brethren whom you do not know, who write us on a daily basis, enjoining us to salute the brethren in Nigeria because of what they are feeding from the websites, will be united with you.
3.           Remember, it is only in Christ, the Anointed One, the Revealed Messiah that all the children of God that are scattered worldwide are united. They are not united in the Pope, they are not united in the Arch Bishop of Canterbury, neither are they united in Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran – I mean, the Supreme Law Giver of the Muslims.
4.           We are not united in the system, we are united in Christ. It is a revelation because outside Christ there is no salvation. Whether you are Muslim, Hindu, Shinto, Buddha, I do not care. Salvation is only in Christ and Christ alone, and that Christ is here live!
5.           Remember the Voice said, “By the time the heathens who persecuted us because of this faith, who called this faith false will begin to recognise their foolishness by tilting towards this faith and even volunteering to help, know that it is all over.” And there is no other time it is taking place than now.
6.           In time past, when you open your mouth, somebody will tell you to get out. But now, open your mouth and somebody will tell you to speak, “I am interested, it seems that you are making a point!” Some will even be blaming some of you for having closed your mouth and kept this message secret all these years.
7.           Somebody wrote Me a text while I was at home. He said, “Daddy, in short, while I am praising God for everything, I am regretting that I never identified with this faith at a time I ought to. I feel I entered late. Nevertheless, you will be my God till eternity.”
8.           We thank God for those that are in the fellowship, we praise Him the more for those that wanted to be in the gathering of the saints but for one reason or the other, they are not in the fellowship. It is not possible that all of us should be in His presence this day. No, it is impossible.
9.           Even those in Nigeria alone cannot be occupied by this premises let alone those that are in the websites. Do you know that every week in the websites, we record over a million viewers? In the sense that when we record them in thousands that went to the websites, most of them are ministers, general overseers over large congregations.
10.        Thus, you can hardly estimate the number of people that have hooked up with this Bridal Faith. One that identified today with the brethren at Egbema said, “For the past four years, I have been reading and studying these messages.” And for one reason or the other, he has not volunteered to identify.
11.        But what did he do? He withdrew from all Churches and built a Church in his heart where he worships God in his own way, in his own heart. But in the fullness of time, he could no longer be accommodated in the Church he constructed in his heart. That one in his heart has brought him into our fold.”
12.        We will forever live to thank God, a privileged people. It is a privilege, it is not a right. Nobody has the right to salvation. Nobody in this most holy Faith can say, “I am claiming salvation as my right.” No, it is not your right. It is a wonderful privilege that you are invited to the Wedding Supper of the Son of Man. It is a privilege!
13.        In the message titled, “You are Highly Favoured” preached by our former Bishop Okechukwu Nwankpa under the Holy Spirit anointing, he said, “You were not the one that brought yourself in this most holy Faith and you are not the one sustaining yourself into this Faith. Somebody brought you into this most holy Faith; the same person is sustaining you in this most holy Faith. He has the right to push you out.”
14.        He went further to say, “He is holding salvation in His hands. If He wants, He will give you. If He does not want, He will not give you.” He said, “Let me tell you this secret, there are many sitting down here hearing us, they fellowship with us, they are in the Church but they are not in the Faith of the Son of Man. Only those that are in the faith of the Son of Man will get the salvation which the Son of Man offers.”
15.        How can you get salvation outside Christ? You must be in the faith of Christ for you to receive the salvation that Christ offers. For in every dispensation, a Christ must be revealed.
16.        Otherwise, that dispensation will pass away without one being saved. There can never be salvation outside the Saviour (the Anointed One of that day). Thus, we thank God for the journey so far. Amen.
I wish to use this wonderful opportunity offered to Me by the Almighty God to thank all of us who in one way or the other supported Me and My family during the traditional wedding of our daughter and our brother who are now brother and Sister, Rotimi and Onyedikachukwu, which took place on the 28th of December 2013.
2.           To those that attended the ceremony, I say shalom. To those that wanted to be there but they were hindered, I also say shalom. May the good Lord whom we worship reward all of you according to the magnitude of your love for Him and for Me and My family. We appreciated and we will remain appreciative of your wonderful support both in prayers, in materials and in every other thing.
3.           Those that participated are not in any way better than those that did not participate. I believe if the door was open to all, even the lame and the blind, the deaf would have volunteered to be there.
4.           Immediately we left Onitsha on the 23rd, our Brother Chizoba Ugwu said, “Onitsha has vacated. Onitsha has vacated and relocated!” Not only vacated but relocated. Well, we thank God.
5.           Wherever the carcass is, there the eagles must gather. I have come to the revelation that if I make the mistake of relocating from Onitsha to any part of the world, I mean, I do not know the word I will use to describe it. For the presence of the Son of Man, brings all the far countries, villages and tribes closer than any other thing. Thus, we thank God and we would remain thanking God.
6.           I also wish to thank all of you that sent your good will messages to Me to mark My birthday which took place on the 27th of December last year. I received not only from the Bride within and without over a thousand goodwill messages. Thus, do not feel bad that I never replied. There was no way I could reply. I was busy reading and erasing, reading and deleting.
7.           At a time, I switched off My phone for it became a disturbance I could no longer bear. But each time I opened it, one second, the line will be filled again. Well, it does not prove that you love Me. If you sent goodwill message to Me, it is not a sign of love. If you refuse to send, it is not a sign of hatred.
8.           Those that did not send may love Me more than those that sent. Equally, those that sent may love Me more than those that did not send. But I want to say something: There is but only one thing you will display and I will know with all My heart that you love Me. And that is, When you believe the Word of God as it proceeds out of My mouth, put it into practice, you are the one that really love Me. And My Father must surely love you in return.
9.           Before you offer Me anything as goodwill, any offering, any gift please, first and foremost offer Me your heart. The salvation of your soul is highly preferred to any other gift or goodwill message.
10.        What does it profit you to cherish the Son of Man, sing His praise only to be told on that day to depart from Him for He does not know who you are? For you were merely paying lips service to Him when your heart was too far away from Him. Won’t it be the greatest disappointment? You see why I emphasis on a daily basis that obedience to the truth is better than sacrifice. If you cannot obey, do not sacrifice.
11.        To those that have taken delight in making the Son of Man their spare tyre, please, that time is over. Turn over a new leaf immediately. Otherwise, the spare tyre may disappoint you when the one in your vehicle can no longer carry you. You will be surprised to discover that the one in your vehicle has flattened, the spare tyre flattened and there is no vulcanizer around. And yet, the journey remaineth far. You will be stranded on the highway without any help in sight.
12.        In time past, I used to accommodate the excesses of the Deacons who appear to be drunkards like John in Onitsha–John Abba, Goddy Tobechukwu and the likes. In time past, I accommodated them in love believing that as we near the end they will allow the Word of God to take its effect in their lives. Amen.
be very careful
Please, this year is a New Year altogether. A year many will hate the Son of Man with perfect hatred. Many will also love Him with perfect love. It must surely happen that way.
2.           This is the year where it will take the Bride to maintain the friendship in the Son of Man. For the Son of Man has beEN maintaining it from the beginning till now.
3.           What is more, you have only but twelve calendar months to maintain that friendship. It is going to be a cruel test, an acid test. Anybody that is excommunicated from the faith this year has lost the battle. There is no appeal that wOULD bring the person back.
4.           I do not want you to suppress your feelings. You may even excommunicate yourself in the heart and still remain in the fellowship. At the same time, God can disown you and keep you in the fellowship so that you will see the end of the journey with sorrow, with pain AND anguish.
5.           You know the worst thing that happens to a player in the football match is for him to be penalized by the referee to the point of keeping him in the dressing room where he would no longer watch the field of play until the match is decided. Even if his team wins the match, he goes home sorrowful.
6.           Please, be very careful. The Son of Man can pardon honest mistakes but will never pay attention to any intentional action that is wrong. This is a New Year altogether and it holds a lot for the Bride of Christ Worldwide.  
7.           In time past, I over-looked too many reports that emanated from too many families either from their children, husbands or wives all in this faith. But this year, every evil report is a spot. Every evil report is what? A spot.
8.           moreover, I am presenting to the Father a spotless individual, a spotless family, without spot, wrinkle or blemish. If you know that thing that will be a spot to you, to your family, to your children, please, the earlier you address it the better. Do not spot your garments; keep your garments clean and white.
9.           There is a dream I received this morning. In time past, we used to play with dreams and visions, but today, do not joke with them again. Whatever that is revealed concerning you, your Local Assembly or family or children, do not run HELTER-SKELTER, simply kneel down and pray. Do not complain, do not murmur, kneel down and pray. Pour your heart to God, whom you worship, tell Him the truth.
10.        If you know you have done evil, tell Him what you have done, tell Him why and plead for mercy. I believe if your intent is right, He will pay attention. Although He does not listen to reasons, but He must pay attention. For there can never be any disobedience to the truth without reasons. But is God interested in your reasons?
11.        I wish to put these things across because our fellowship this day would be short-lived. It is just a fellowship of love which you may not have again this way. This is just like the end of a camp meeting. And I wonder where you camped. It wears the picture of the end of a camp meeting. If you are in front, look back a little.
12.        Whenever I see this hall in this form, I will remember the vision I had when I handled the message, “The Wilderness Voice.” Going by the vision I saw, it would be absolutely impossible for any human being to believe that there could be a day when such a thing would happen. Let us look at it; it is more than this now.
13.        If not for My strictness as an Apostle of Christ, this place would have been over bloated. But till the end of the journey, I must maintain the strictness of an Apostle for that is the only way I can drive you safely to My destination which is your destination.
14.        I do not preach for you to clap hands for Me, do not clap your hands for the Son of Man. Keep your fingers crossed. Simply pray that God will renew My strength on a daily basis. Until I drive you to the shore and then open the Door of the Ark, I do not need your clapping.
15.        The tempest is still acting on My Boat from within and without. But the woods the Almighty used in constructing My Ark is harder than the one He used to construct the Ark in Noah’s day. That is why it can never capsize, it can never sink. What is the name of the wood? The Spoken Word.
16.        Thus, the instrument for leadership remains embedded in the Son of Man only. I do not care who you are, it is when you think that you have something that the Son of Man will push you out and the world will see your nakedness immediately.
17.        You will be going about pleading for people to come yet, nobody will come for they know you are holding nothing.
18.        The Son of Man remains the only ordained inexhaustible Fountain. The King of kings, the Lord of lords. Believe it if you can. Amen.

Needless to announce to you that the Cloud is here. The Cloud is already here and so the Cloud covers all Local Assemblies. For the scripture says, “For there shall be a canopy over all His Assemblies.”
2.           Hence, any Assembly where the Canopy in the form of Pillar of Cloud is not identified, that goes to show that something is still wrong there. And until it is put right, danger is around. For that reason, the Voice they heard privately from Me that any Local Assembly that was not connected to the Godhead by January 1, 2014, is cut off eternally from the Son of Man and from the godhead. You know it is a powerful statement! It is a powerful statement.
3.           To this effect, I want to read this dream. I got it now, not intending to embarrass anybody or to reject anybody but it will happen so that Mercy and Love of the Father may project for the last time.
4.           Thus, to whomsoever that may be affected, I got this dream this morning and I made a remark on that paper. I signed, I appended My signature, My Name and everything and then said, “Note very well.”  
9.           This dream came to us from Enugu Household. This dream was given to the brother on the 31st of December 2013. He wrote it down, brought it down to us here this morning. If you know you came from Umuahia, stand up and let Me see your faces. There are too many people that ought to be in this fellowship but they are not in the fellowship for reasons I know very well. Let Me only see those from Umuahia standing. If you are not from Umuahia and you are standing, I will help you out. Please, obey instructions. Do you know why I want to recognise them? There are too many others that are not in this fellowship.
10.        Remember, in no distant time because the schools have reopened, we shall be having two fellowships at Umuahia. One is the students’ fellowship in the campus. The other one is the central fellowship at mission road. The students’ fellowship would be pastored by our brother who happens to be My first son, Wisdom Chibueze Odoemena. He is to be assisted by our Brother Lucky Ikechukwu Eze. That is the assistant Pastor.
11.        There also, they are blessed with a student Deacon in the person of our Brother Miracle Eze. They would be there under the supervisory eyes of Brother David Mbah. Apart from the family of Brother David Mbah and the family of our Sister, Professor Mrs Umezulike, who is equally there with her family fellowshipping in their own house; there is no other family that is permitted to be in the students’ fellowship.
12.        She is permitted because she is a staff of the school. Otherwise, she would not have been there. Sit down Brother David and the students and prospective students. But to the rest, keep on standing.  
13.        If by now you have not seen a visible evidence either by vision of night or day or you have not captured with your pinhole camera or handsets any Supernatural occurrence in your fellowship up till this very day in spite of the fact that you have been meeting and taking your photographs at will, please, it is a sure sign that something is wrong somewhere. For we must have the same experience.
14.        I want to say that apart from Umuahia, there is no other local assembly that has not reconciled with God. A sign that you have reconciled to God is the Supernatural sign, I call it “A Super Sign.” The moment you reconcile with God, His face will shine towards you. His glory will come down. You do not need a Prophet to tell you.
15.        Take note. I wish to announce to all and sundry that in time past, we were playing pranks with the Word of the Son of Man but now, it will be the saddest mistake anybody can make.
16.        When Enugu was playing politics among themselves, thinking they were deceiving the Son of Man, little did they know that the Lord was taking records until their evils were exposed. Before then, they were just paying a cosmetic approach to their internal wrangling which started even with their elders.
17.        It got to a point where every member of that Local Household was volunteering to fellowship in Onitsha, until I warned them that running away from their trouble does not bring about the solution. That evil is following you wherever you are running to. You must go home and put your house in order.
18.        They went home, held series of consultations and then spoke to themselves. The evil people in their midst were exposed publicly and excommunicated. And all of them happened to be their elders starting from Bishop Okoh, Pastor Ejike, Deacon Pascal, the Lord mentioned their names and then Sister Ojiakor who is the wife of the Apostle. Before the Son of Man, they were all excommunicated. I approved the excommunication.
19.        When I noticed their willingness to serve God, to make it right with God and with one another, I brought them back to fellowship. As a sign that they have made peace with God and themselves, the glory of God came down.
20.        On the 1st of January 2014, for the first time, Enugu captured Supernatural presence of God in a very wonderful way, very astonishing. You see, Sister Shade, you are blessed that your coming to Enugu, the Lord used it also to draft you back to the fold. I will not blame you but I will live to blame your husband, Okey Oleri .
21.        Let Me say it now. Brother Okey Oleri, if you do not accompany your family to Lagos and to confirm that they have settled down there, then you come back, it is a sign of wickedness. Let Me stop there, I do not want to go further. Today is another day.
22.        Now they have made peace with God and God has shown His face to them, it is only now that Enugu’s journey has started. Enugu, do not forget the fact that your fellow brethren have gone far. You are trailing behind. So, a lot is needed. Where you are is, one step backward you enter Egypt again.
23.        At the same time, I wrecked up the problems of Nsukka for which cause the face of the Lord was hidden from the whole Local Assembly and their businesses were shattered. Their homes were in shambles. They knew I wasn’t crazy; they were challenged if they must see the face of the Son of Man on what to do.
24.        They went home, held consultations among themselves and hell was let loose. It was amazing grace that saved them from physically boxing themselves.
25.        The report came to Me, I said, “Well, they will still gather again.” Some got home and became worse than beast, fuming and quarrelling, threatening hell upon their fellow brethren.
26.        One stood up to slap a sister and he was held back inside the fellowship—a sure sign that the Son of Man never accused them falsely.
27.        While another spoke to her own sister in such a ridiculous way that she would find it difficult to regain herself if not for the Holy Spirit help.
28.        Let Me tell you something, we are not politicians who capitalise on natural disasters to score a cheap point against their opponents. If your children are behaving well, it is not because you are giving them training more than another person.
29.        If they are not behaving well, it is not a conclusive sign that you are doing nothing. You might be doing your best but the children are resenting every training. You can only take a horse to the stream but you can never force the horse to drink.
30.        Thus, while training your children, you continue to pray to God to help your children to accept the training for we are living in a dangerous society where human being esteem evil higher than good conduct. And do not forget the fact that almost every youth is under the influence of what I may call the societal pressure.
31.        Nobody wants to answer a mugu (a fool), everybody wants to answer a guy (a smart fellow). Nobody wants the old fashion, everybody wants to be model. But there is no modern God. Every modern god leads to modern idolatry. We are still serving the same Ancient of Days.
32.        These people that are standing, do not think the Son of Man is not concerned with your infirmities either on your legs, on your shoulders, on your hips and so on. It is better you stand to enable you understand Me than to sit down and wave what I am going to say away.
33.        Nsukka held the second meeting, it looked like a meeting. I told them to continue. It is better to jaw-jaw than to war-war. Once there is a sign that you must reach reconciliation in the end, do not relent. Keep on discussing it, keep on negotiating. There shouldn’t be any end to your dialogue until you achieved the desired goal. Do not just continue to blame “A” and “B”, blame yourselves.
34.        I continued to guide them until their eyes of understanding got illuminated. Truth then resurfaced. At last, Nsukka sank the whole differences among them and allowed the wiser counsel to prevail. The result is that today, Nsukka has made peace with God and with themselves. On the 27th of last December 2013, they gathered in the meetings just like Jos gathered also and they were visited by Almighty God.
35.        They saw for the first time, Supernatural presence of the Lord in their midst as we have witnessed in other Local Assemblies. Nothing different. Jos is already in the Godhead, the evidences are there. They gathered to celebrate the Birthday of the Son of Man, and took series of photographs. All of them, the Elohim appeared. We have all of them in prints, they are in prints.
36.        Aba has been in the programme and they are still in the programme. Onitsha is the foundation and Onitsha is still on the lead. St. Paul was encouraging the Corinthians Church saying, “If you gather and my spirit is with you, anything you forgive, I have forgiven in the stead of Christ and God has also forgiven.”
37.        If Paul could say so, what would Peter say, who is vested with the key, the authority to bring in anybody he wants and to lock out anybody he does not want to come in. If Paul could say so, what would Peter say? Peter who is given the key to bind and to loose. Peter who is given the key to forgive iniquities and to hold the captive, captive.
38.        Please, Umuahia brethren, I will keep on calling you brethren until I prove you otherwise. There is a great difference between going to Church and worshipping God. What is happening in Umuahia is happening in Isi-Alangwa for it is the same spirit. They are twin sisters having tyrants, despotic men as their leaders namely the two Bishops: Nath Ihemamma and Chikezie Ukasanya. They are tyrants, they are the two Idi Amins and they are producing fruits after their likeness. They are religious, but they are not spiritual. They have the zeal but not according to knowledge.
39.        If I should blame, I should blame the two. Number one person troubling Umuahia is Bishop Nath and family. If Bishop Nath and family can put things right, I mean Umuahia will have cause to rejoice.
40.        When the fountain of water is dirty from its source, whosoever that will go to fetch from it thereafter will fetch what? Dirty water! Clean up the source of the river, the rest of the water will be clean. When I spoke the same thing about Enugu, it was as if they will ask for the head of the Son of Man.
41.        But when they got home, it was discovered that the people troubling the Household were notable elders – both man and woman. Any one you mention his or her name, will ask you if you are sure.
42.        I have opened this matter between Bishop Nath and the Almighty God in the presence of his son, Emmanuel and many other elderly witnesses. That was the day his son spoke to him very angrily and walked out on him after confirming the truth before many witnesses.
43.        But Brother Nath, what have you done to put your house in order? Definitely nothing! Giving the Son of Man coconut and plantain is not salvation. I will eat both coconut and plantain. Bring one cow, I will slaughter and eat. Bring the whole palm wine in Umuahia, I will drink. Go and empty Central Bank, use bullion van to bring the money, I will say thank you brother for coming with bullion van. Yet, salvation is not for you.
44.        I know that that day many will come and tell Me how they use to fry fish, fry fowl, fry meat to give to the lion that specializes in eating meat. Many will tell Me how they bought cloth for Me, bought vehicle, bought building, bought aeroplane and ship, that is not salvation. Heathens do more than that.
45.        Except your righteousness exceeds that of the Pharisees, Scribes and Sadducees and heathens, it will never be recognised in the sight of God. If the love of God is not the compelling factor in anything you are doing, the Lord will say no. And the Father says, “If you love me, keep My word.”
46.        I wish also to state here that for the first time, the Household of God at Lagos after excommunicating the wicked family led or owned or pastored and ministered by a wicked tyrant, a Pastor, Monday Obakpolor and family, the glory of God came down on the first of January 2014 when they are having their love fellowship.
47.        I was told that their Pastor and the wife prepared food for them. Out of love, they were eating, drinking and praising God. For the first time, Lagos captured the glory of God in the form of the cloud enveloping the whole congregation.
48.        Take away the evil man and the glory of God will shine. Caiaphas said, “It is expedient that one should die that the rest might be saved.” The message we received said, “We should handle the Word of God without respect of persons.”
49.        Nobody is vested with the authority or responsibility to excommunicate or dis-fellowship people he thinks are evil doers and exclude himself. These two tyrants, who can talk to them in their fellowship? Brother Akparanta cannot excommunicate Bishop Nath who is the founder. Neither can Pastor Geoffrey who is not even recognised by Brother Chike as a man of God. Pastor Geoffrey cannot even stand in the pulpit and indict him unless he wants to die. Am I bearing false witness?
50.        All these Idi Amins are the people troubling their Local Assemblies. And in their homes, they are not peaceful for they can never over-look anything in their homes. What is more, the cloud is here.
51.        They do much weeding in their neighbour’s farm and less weeding in their own farms. They specialise in finding fault with others but can hardly fault themselves.
52.         Who is saying “Obu Eziokwu (it is truth)? Stand up there! Are you from Isi-Alangwa or Umuahia? Stand up I want to see that person. From where? Isi-Alangwa, remain blessed!
53.        Do not be surprised. All our actions, all the intents of our hearts are open, they are all under the strict monitoring eyes of the Almighty who we are having dealings with, in whom there is no variableness. Thus, do not begin to think that somebody somewhere must have reported you. You reported yourself.
54.        Even when you were coming today, I saw you. What are you going to do in this perspective? Will you continue to worship where there is no God? Will you continue to gather when God is against you? Do you know one thing people have not even believed?
55.        I have said it, the scripture backs it up that, “A man’s cleverness, a man’s brilliance, a man’s subtlelity, a man’s intelligence, a man’s status, a man’s academic brilliance, your highest moral which you can boast of, your highest generosity can never save you in the hand of God if God is against you.” The only thing that will save you is a change of heart.
56.        In the days of Jesus the Christ, he came into contact with the Pharisees who believed very strongly in outward show worship which I call “Mechanical Worship.” They believed they will not eat until they have washed their hands. They will not eat until they have prayed. They would not eat until they have done some incantations and subsidiaries ceremonies.
57.        However, Jesus came and never recognised all those useless rituals associated with eating and drinking. For he believed that being a black man that whether you call it filthy or dirty or dirtiness, such thing has no authority in his stomach. If you know him very well, you will know that he is a voracious eater. He respected no drink or food unless he wasn’t hungry. And Christ is identified by His characteristics. Once he is hungry, he can eat anything.
58.        What am I saying? And the people picked on him immediately accusing him. They said, “John the Baptist observed all these rituals of washing and this and that. Why don’t you and your disciples observe the same?” He said, “No, I do not believe in that rubbish. Outward washing of your dressing. You dress gorgeously and appear before me, giving me the impression as you are outside so your heart is within. It is rubbish. You are presenting a false picture.”
59.        The purity I am desiring to see is the purity of your heart. Cleanse your heart and every aspect of your being must be clean. If your heart is dirty and you are gorgeously dressed with the neatest dress, you are the dirtiest human being before God.
60.        Purify your heart, cleanse your heart and your garment will be clean. Every character a man manifest emanate from within.
61.        Bishop Chike, Bishop Nath, God is not saving you because of your status, for your status cannot save you. It can even be a condemnation to you. Do not think I will hammer on the rest of the congregation but I want to say, put your hearts right, if the congregation fails to be right, come and arrest the Son of Man. Stop accusing your families, stop attacking them, you are the cause. You have not for one day decided to change your old habits.
62.        The spirit of stubbornness, spirit of hardening of one’s heart, Spirit of unforgiveness, the spirit of quarrelling at any little misunderstanding you will continue to be angry until I mean…There is somebody talking outside. Which Local Assembly?
63.        This one is saying, “That is truth! That is truth!” Fine! Can God accuse a people falsely? No sir! How can the Almighty turn His face for good towards a people like this? People with rebellious heart, people with unbridled tendency for rebellion.
64.        If I should ask you to leave this congregation now, many will be sighing more so when you have come to see the garments the Son of Man will put on. And also enjoy His oratory because to many, the Son of Man is an orator or the best singer.
65.        A time came when they came to Prophet Ezekiel, “let’s go and hear him sing.” “Let’s go and hear his oratory.” For he can hold people spell bounds for days without repeating words. I am not an orator, if you think I am, it is because you are a novelist, you are an artist. Amen.
66.        I want to put things right before we will begin to praise God and listen to the brief message we may hear for the year here.
67.        This year is no longer a Prophetic year, it is a year of reality. Thus, if you are coming to hear prophecies for the year 2014, you may feel disappointed.
68.        Sister Nwoye, this problem has not eluded you. In any family where there is no Christ, crises must be there. At any point in time, your family is harbouring either Christ or crisis. So, if there is crisis in your family, Christ is not there. If Christ is in your family, crisis is not there. And it does not require a Prophet to tell you what is prevalent in your family even before you left your home this morning.
69.        I am aware that some people settled crisis temporarily to enable them to come down here peacefully. Give the impression that they are in peace when the problem had already been postponed on till they will go back and resume from where they stopped.
70.        “Darling, darling, dress up, let us sink it, let us go to fellowship until we come back. In short, I cannot entertain this trouble any more until I come back from fellowship.” Na lie, you are not in fellowship. It would have been better for you to finish it and stay at home and be blessed than to postpone it for the later day and come here.
71.        The time when we played with our eternal destinies is over. Eternal life is real. If eternal life is not real, the Almighty is not Real. And your cameras can never capture anything that is not real. This is where everybody is astonished.
72.        If anybody is having the feeling that the Son of Man, Apostle Peter Odoemena (blessed be to His holy Name) is deceiving you, the question arises, with what? If you want to say with the Bible, we will say, “Bring your Bible and show us the deceit. Show us the point where we veered off.” You said by the Spoken Word, we will say, “Proclaim one.”
73.        We had already heard the Voice before the sign. The Voice first of all went forth, the sign accompanied it. For when they went about preaching, the Bible said, “With signs and wonders following.” We are not following signs and wonders but signs and wonders are following the Word as a confirmation that what we are hearing is nothing but the truth.
74.        It is not Sign before the Word; it is the word before the sign. What we heard and anchored our faith was the word, we were espoused to the Word. And when we believed, Signs and Wonders followed those that believed. We do not tell you to come and see the great wonder, come and see this, come and…, no. we will tell you to come and hear the WORD.
75.        You must know what is happening. If anybody should tell you that you have been deceived, ask him by who and with what? So that he can come out. How can you believe that God is a human being? Say, “Shut up your mouth. You are saying it because you do not believe the scriptures.
76.        Do you believe that Jesus Christ was God? You said, “Yes.” Why? “He resurrected from the dead.” Thank you! Was he the first that resurrected? Was he the second? Does it mean that all that resurrected will be the creator of Heaven and Earth? But they were gods. In other words, he was not the only God that died and resurrected.
77.        You are gods, although you die like mere men. In the resurrection, you are not going to be the first. If you are the first, where do you place Me? You do not need to be shaking. Even in terms of salvation, I am number one that shall be saved then you will follow. How can you enter Paradise before Me, are you crazy? Who will show you the way? If you die, we bury you. You will remain there. You will be number one that will be saved before the saviour, you are a liar.
78.        Please, these two Local Assemblies, when you think you are troubling God, you are troubling yourselves. You are the people constituting yourselves obstacles. The Lord is willing to save all that will come to Him for salvation. Re-examine your consciences. Find out your motive for coming to this faith.
79.        The Prophet said, “Some believe because they think it is new.” Is it not true? This faith is not new; it is the same old gospel which was preached in the Church in the Wilderness where our fathers were members. The Rock we are feeding on was the Rock that supplied their needs even in the wilderness. In other words, it is not another Church.
80.        These two despotic leaders, tyrants who are not willing to change, I do not know any name I will use, I mean, what I will use to describe you that will touch you.
81.        Now, Bishop Chike, what will it profit you after seeing everything, knowing everything and you perish in the end? Tell Me what it will profit you? Faith has never been applied to your heart for one day. That is why your hearts are filled with violence. Let Me stay far away from you for two of you can connive and beat hell out of Me. Praise the Lord! (Amen).
82.        Thank God, the Voices I am hearing from the sisters alone are very much encouraging. They said, “Let them try it and see!” I mean from sisters alone o-o-o. They said, “Let them try it and see!” “This one no be go and come, na here now, now!”
83.        A defendant in the court can never tell the Chief Judge that his legs are weak, or that he has been standing for too long. As long as the prosecutor is still prosecuting, you will remain standing.
84.        The best thing that is happening to you is bringing you before the throne of judgement this morning otherwise; both you and your families are completely lost. In order not to waste our time for we do not know what your motives might be, you are given the last grace.
85.        Bishop Nath remained the first minister that preached Apostle Peter Odoemena to be the Almighty God and he was excommunicated in 1993. I want to tell you what your problem is all about.
86.        Your problem is not that you do not believe that what I am preaching is the truth. You know I am handling the truth. You believe the whole vindications. You can propagate this message anywhere and people will listen to you. And you know that I am HE. I know that very well. But there is only but one problem. Once this problem is solved, the gate will open on that day for you and your Local Assemblies.
87.        This problem is summed up in just this key sentence or key words: Get rid of your community spirit two of you. Once you do it and declare your victory over it, I bet you, all eyes will see.  
88.        How long will it take you? I am giving you by My own calendar seven days (7 Days). After seven days made up of night and day, if I come around and still meet you in the same miserable condition, I will pass My judgement. No more, no less.
89.        Those that are still with you who will like to worship God and get saved, I will tell them where to go and serve God according to the desires of their hearts. This is the much I want to share with all of you.
90.        If there be any other Local Assembly that has not been privileged to see the face of the Lord…Eha-Amufu, any representative? The trouble of Eha-Amufu is hydra-headed. They are small but mighty.
91.        I love that Local Assembly, I appreciate all of them, but there is iniquity in their midst. They have not done that which they are supposed to do. As long as there is the presence of unbelieving hearts in your Local Assembly, it will be very, very hard for God to turn His face towards you. No matter your consultations, you have not done what you are supposed to do.
92.        Iniquity is found in the house of our Brother Chiwendu. All the efforts you are making will remain abortive. You cannot bring about the needed understanding and peace between him and the wife. For the wife is not willing yet—even as I am standing now—to submit to the leadership and authority of Brother Chiwendu. Reasons best known to her.
93.        And Brother Chiwendu is not making any reasonable effort to check his evil conducts. Up till today, he takes delight in evil. He takes delight in mingling with evil people also. And the wife is returning fire for fire.
94.        Let Me tell you, first step in avoiding evil lies in avoiding evil places and evil associations. You won’t tell Me that you do not like to be leprous and you befriend lepers. Can a leper stand up and boldly declare that he is not leprous? No sir!
95.        A leper saying, “I am a leper but I am not leprous.” I wish to state it loud and clear that our characters often times are the reflections of the people we surround ourselves with. And this is why; His Royal Majesty Eze Celestine Odua is in detention for he surrounds himself with evil people. And law enforcement agents can never spare him.
96.        If you are arrested in the midst of India hemp smokers, what are you? If you do not want to be called an India hemp smoker, do not even step into where they gather. If criminals take delight in having their gatherings in your house, you are the head of all the criminals.
97.        If you specialize in going to the police to grant bail, to sign for them to release criminals, sooner than you think, you will be labelled their sponsor. They must keep their eyes on you.
98.        In other words, the best way you can avoid being leprous, is to avoid the handshake of a leper. For you can never befriend a leper and avoid his handshake.
99.        What am I saying, Eha-Amufu, you are another local assembly. I pity you. You lack the courage to call white, white and black, black because you think you are very few in number. If you should excommunicate a whole family, how many people will be left?
100.     Well, if you have this in mind, you can never serve God if you become an Antipas tomorrow. If you want Chiwendu and family to remain with you, no problem.
101.     But if you want to help them, put them out of the fellowship husband and wife and the whole family and allow the two to resolve their differences.
102.     That they have not been able to reconcile and resolve their differences is because some of you are pretending to be solving when you are fuelling it.
103.     Those that are favoured by Chiwendu will condemn the wife. Those that are favoured by the wife will condemn the husband. And it is happening in your midst. Please, the best way husband and wife can achieve a peaceful settlement is to push them out. If their marital bed cannot resolve their marital conflict, nothing in this life will resolve it.
104.     A lasting solution can only be achieved if husband and wife will evolve their own conflict settling pattern. You have no right to meddle into their conflict until they have tried it among themselves and failed. Stop going from house to house asking for problems you will solve.
105.     If you ask Me brother, any problem? I will tell you too many of them please come over. So please, go and do what you have heard for it is expedient that a family be excommunicated that the rest might see the face of the Lord. Why? A little leaven, leaveneth the whole lump.
106.     In the days of St. Paul he said, “You are defiled as long as among you is found one unbeliever.” An unbeliever is an evil doer. Thus, if you want to see the face of the Lord, the remedy has been given to you Pastor Samuel. Act according to what you have heard.
107.     I am here standing at the door and nobody knows the qualification for entry more than Me. If you feel I am joking, up to you. Time and event will vindicate Me.
108.     I am saying that the worst disappointment is disappointment at a time when there will be no more remedy then; you will realize your foolishness. Go and act according to what you have heard.
109.     I believe all that are bid to be in Jerusalem, if they have bid to be in Jerusalem with us, they should have arrived by now. I have given enough chance, enough allowance.
110.     This is the moment of truth. We will worship and praise Him because He is worthy of our praise. Is it not true? Shalom to all of you. I say welcome to the year 2014.  Give way from that gate immediately. John Abba, if I send you out, if you smell this congregation, know that I am a deceiver.
111.     If I never placed you at the gate, steer clear. And if you prove stubborn to Me, I will prove stubborn to you. Whether you are inside or not, as long as I have placed somebody with instruction that nobody should enter, not even an ant. Go anywhere and petition.
112.     I have taken the much I want inside and if you dare go out, you will remain outside. You come in, you remain inside. This is My stand. Not even an ant, thank God Apostle Kelechi is outside. I like it. Let Me know who is greater than him.
113.     Attention this way everybody. It pays to serve the Living God. Of all human beings on Earth, I say it wherever I go that I am the most privileged. The most blessed for many, many reasons.
114.     Sister Shade, let Me talk to you from here. Do you know that because of your action, your character towards your child, you were almost put off away from the Church at Lagos? Be very careful. You are not the owner of this child.
115.     If you feel you are the owner, you will go without him. Allow the child to exercise himself in the fellowship. He is not a disturbance, you are the one disturbing. That your child is dancing at the altar is not a disturbance. Even if your child is going about, he is not a disturbance. But you are the one disturbing when you begin to follow the child about.
116.     Your presence will begin to distract our attention. But when you leave this child, the child is having his or her revival. Do not hinder them from coming before the Lord to exercise their freedom. If you do not make yourself like this your child, you can never enter Paradise. Thank you!
117.     He is confirming and you are removing his hand. Even if you break that hand, he has confirmed to you by using his hand to touch your cheek. You were condemning him but God has justified him. And the boy turned around and used his finger to touch her cheek. AMEN.
I only want to rekindle the light of hope in those that believe. No other judgment is coming to you but what you have heard already. You are not coming to another Judgment Seat except where you are. And the judgment has been passed.
2.           He that believeth not is condemned already. Reason is because, he has refused to believe and act on the words of Him whom the Father has sealed and sent. But he that has believed is justified already. Even if he dies, he has passed from death unto life.
3.           Why? Even before he tested that physical death, he had already anchored in Him whom the Father has sealed and sent. For that is the only thing you can do to fulfil God’s righteousness. In every dispensation, it has remained like that.
4.           When Jesus was trying to upbraid the Jews, he said, “If you welcome whosoever I sent, you have welcomed that Father that sent Him. Reject whoever God has sent; you have rejected not only the person but the father that sent him.”
5.           When you receive a Prophet in the name of a Prophet, you receive a Prophet’s reward. Better understand the basic truths where we anchor our volition. Otherwise, we may stay in this Faith in vain.
6.           The dream said, “The Son of Man was handing out white garments to some not all.” Why must He hand white garments to some? Many have seen the thing, it has been displayed. Look at the white garment in the supernatural photograph, the righteousness of the saints.
7.           If you are holy, you are holy because of the word of the Son of Man which you have believed—That is what makes you holy. The presence of the Son of Man in your midst is not this carnal flesh.
8.           The presence of the Son of Man in your midst is His Word in your heart. If the Word that I have spoken is not in your heart, My presence is not with you, You are devoid of My presence for God is only taking those that have Him in their hearts.
9.           In what way do you think God will enter the heart of man? It is by this Spoken Word. The moment the Spoken Word anchors in your soul, it transform into flesh. Your body become the temple Templing the invisible Deity. Without the Son of Man appearing, no eyes will see the Deity.
10.        You are able to see the Deity because the Tabernacle which He made with His own hands for Himself, He happens to be your brother, your own town’s man.
11.        If you want to say “good morning to God,” say “Good morning to the Tabernacle” finish. You want to say “Good evening,” it is to the Tabernacle. It is through the Tabernacle that He accepts your sacrifices and offerings. For without the Tabernacle, nobody renders anything sacrifice. You are rendering it to ordinary idol.
12.        You should believe what I am saying the Cloud is here because I am here. Before My advent, nobody saw the Pillar of Cloud under the sun. From the time the early Apostles vanished from the scene, nobody has ever in any country in the whole world, the preachers may preach down everything, but nobody has ever succeeded in preaching down the Pillar of Cloud or the Rainbow or the Godhead let alone the Deity coming out to show the many faces of God, that is, God in diverse forms.
13.        Recently we got a photograph from the Household of God at Nsen, the photograph is with us in this fellowship. The Lord not only appeared in the form of a big masquerade which we have captured in Onitsha. He showed His face in divers forms and wrote on the wall in Nsen—a handwriting was written in the air, wrote many, many things.
14.        Our Pastor Abel who knows a little of Arabic studies interpreted one. That one he interpreted in Arabic writing according to the English translation meant, “In God.” Another one was a sign that marked good. The other one was a human being standing on two feet; all in the Household of God at Nsen.
15.        If you see where they gather, you can hardly believe that God can be there. And if you see the people we call children of God there, to the world, they are no people at all. God in despised places.
16.        If you want to be something, God will make you nothing. But if you make yourself nothing, God will make you something. Thus, Brother Chike, take note. The problem you are having are many. It is a shameful thing that you danced more to the heathen than to the brethren. Think about it.
17.        I love you but on that day, you may be My greatest enemy. For having nurtured you from the beginning till now, you should be shinning like a beacon light to others.
18.        This year brethren, is a wonderful year indeed. We have to be grateful to God for sustaining our lives. Though some of us passed on, they are still waiting for us.
19.        I do not pray that we should record such deaths again this year. More so, when events around us are very clear. Do whatever you want to do, but do not forget the calendar. When you want to know the hour you are in, you look at the clock. You want to know the time you are in, consider the timetable God has given to you; consider what is happening in the Middle East.
20.        This year, we are hopefully waiting for the relocation of the Headquarter of the Roman Catholic Church which was concluded last year that the Headquarters of St. Peter Basilica would be moved. And we know where it is going to.
21.        We are equally waiting, looking forward to that day between now and April 30th 2014, when Mahmud Abbas would use the biro pen that was given to him by Pope Francis to sign the unholy agreement “soon, soon, soon.”
22.        Both Israel and Palestine had already invited the presence of the Pope between the month of January and March 31st 2014. He is yet to concede to the visit but we are sure and certain that all the peace talks having broken down, the last option according to them is the Pope.
23.        What is more, the Pope is coming with a mission to take over the controversial area where he is going to build a temple by name, “Solomon’s Posh.” Once it is constructed, St. Peter Basilica would cease to exist.
24.        Besides, any day the whole thing is concluded, comes to pass the prophecy, “The abomination that maketh desolation now standing in the Holy City.”
25.        And the Son of Man is telling you confirming what William Branham said, “If you stay alive and witness the signing of that antichrist agreement, an unholy agreement binding Israel and the Pope which is the beast together, you are for great tribulation. You are no longer for translation.
26.        Thus, I am not preparing you to stay in this flesh and watch the agreement signed. I am now preparing you to wear this linen, this fine linen (the white garment). This is the linen I want all of us to put on. And I do not need to preach it again. I am only here to tell you what you will do.
27.        Please, get the message titled, “Inner Voice.” Another message titled, “You are the Pillars of the Kingdom.” Then the last message, “God’s Nature is your ticket to Paradise.” How many messages I recommended? Three messages!
28.        He that holds the key knows the type of key that will open the gate. With these three in your heart, the gate must open come what may because it checked everything that needs to be checked in the heart of all the elect of God worldwide.
29.        If you are expecting a new message, it is because you are an unbeliever. For I have told you, you will not see or hear any other new message. I have finished with the Gentiles; My mission, if anything is left is with Middle East.
30.        That I am still here every first day of the week is because I promised it. Every other day, I will be in the Middle East. I shuttle, when you go to bed, I go out. When you are saying good morning, I may be saying good night.
31.        That is why I do not want anything that will weary Me down again. Unbelief wearies Me down more than any other thing because I have called you My friends and My heart is disposed to save all of you.
32.        But when I see manifestations of unbelief, I feel very much sad. I feel very much disturbed for the people I really want to help to be saved are saying no. And they do not know the awful consequence of hell.
33.        Hell was not prepared and it is not going to be prepared for any human being. The scripture said, “It is going to be prepared for those who disobey God and the devil who is behind their disobedience.” Hell, a horrible place God warned against.
34.        What is more, somebody, a mortal man is walking towards entering it. God is saying, “My son, why do you want to perish? My daughter, why do you want to perish?” And you see people with straight faces heading there. Amen.

My aim is to rekindle the light of hope in all of you. Turn with Me as I take My background from something you know and I will take you to something you do not know.
2.            My background is what I am going to take from the scriptures you equally read in the morning: Psalms 101 verses 6 through 8 both, Living Bible and King James versions.
3.           Psalms 101 verse 6 through 8, that is where I am going to take My text. Then I will tell you what this year is all about. I will give this year a name or a title.
4.           I will make the godly of the land my heroes and invite them to my home. Only those who are truly good shall be my servants. But I will not allow those who deceive and lie to stay in my house...”
5.           Note it again: “I will make the godly of the land my heroes...” I will make who? The godly of the land my heroes saith the Lord God Almighty.
6.           Are you the godly of the land? At any point in time, you are either godly or godless. The godly of the land shall be heroes in the house of God, in Paradise.
7.           “...I will make the godly of the land my heroes and invite them to my home...”  
8.           I will invite the godly of the land to My home, My permanent abode.
9.           “…Only those who are truly good shall be my servants...”
10.        Only those that are absolutely good, male and female, shall be My servants.
11.        “…But I will not allow those who deceive and lie to stay in my house...”
12.        I will never allow those that deceive and tell lies, whatever might be your reasons to be in My house, saith the Lord God Almighty. If I do not read scriptures before speaking to you, somebody may misunderstand Me.
13.         “…My daily task will be to ferret out criminals...”
14.        My daily task, I will do on a daily basis is to ferret out criminals. Show them the way out on a daily basis. Remember it is a criminal act to disbelief God. It is a criminal act to walk contrary to the truth that is evidently set out before your eyes—A criminal act to challenge God’s authority, A criminal act to rebel against God.
15.        Every disobedienCE is a rebellion in the sight of God. Is it not true? Is it not scripture? Is it not contained in all Prophetic messages? You begin to wonder, who then will posses Paradise? God is trimming down because you know yourself as I know Myself. I must ferret (search out) out all criminals.
16.        “...My daily task will be to ferret out criminals and free the city of God from their grip...”  
17.        And do what? Free the city of God from their grip. And you know what the city of God is. This is the city of the Most High God. Is it not our Jerusalem? Our Heavenly Jerusalem city of the Most High God must be cleansed of criminals. Wilful sinners are criminals. He that knoweth to do good but doeth it not to him, it is sin.
18.         “...Mine eyes shall be upon the faithful of the land...”
19.        My eyes shall be upon who? The faithful of the land.
20.        “…that they may dwell with me...”
21.        Who will dwell with God? The Faithful! That they may dwell with Me saith the Lord God Almighty.
22.        “…he that walketh in a perfect way, he shall serve me. He that worketh deceit shall not dwell within my house...
23.        He that walketh deceit shall never dwell within My house. Never, never!
24.        “…he that telleth lies shall not tarry in my sight...” Never, never!
25.        “…I will early destroy all the wicked of the land, that I may cut off all wicked doers from the city of the LORD.” KJV.
26.        That I may cut off all wicked doers from the city of the Most High God, which is the Church of the First Born, the Heavenly Jerusalem, the Mount Zion.  
27.        If you know where you are, happy are you. Nobody will tell you to do this and do that anymore. For the mouth of the Lord has spoken, who can cancel it? Can He withdraw it? For it is backed up by the scripture that says, “That the Word that goeth out of His mouth can never come back to Him void.” It must accomplish the purpose for which the Lord has spoken the Word.
28.        And God will remain guilty until He has caused His Word to come to pass. For the scripture saith in the book of Jeremiah that, “God watches over His word, bringing it to pass.” The mouth of the Lord has spoken, the Lion has roared, who will not but fear!
29.        No matter your position, no matter My position, we are all involved. The matter at stake does not know who you are. It concerns you, it concerns Me.
30.        Note this scripture I am using as My text. In your closet, read it in your own way using many translations of the Holy Scriptures. I believe there is no other interpretation you will get from it than that which the Lord will allow you to get. And God is no respecter of persons.
31.        I wish to make it clear to all and sundry hearing My Voice, not only in Nigeria but Worldwide that the year 2014 is the year of the faithful.
32.        Are you numbered among the faithful of the Lord? Fear not, the Lord must surely give you a helping hand. Are you numbered among the faithful of the Lord? I say fear not, the Lord is going to be with thee wherever you will go. Are you numbered among the faithful; this is the year the Lord is going to prove your faithfulness. For you can never enter Paradise without your faithfulness being tested.
33.        Nobody has ever received anything from the Lord due to his faithfulness when his faithfulness was not tested. thus, you are going to have your own test of your own faithfulness to the God you worship. It is this year proper that the Lord would make the final prove of the faith of the faithful.
34.        THUS, this year is the year of the faithful. To the unfaithful, there is no need talking about them for God is seeing them as mere cannon fodder. They are mere chaff that are about to be burnt.
35.        If you are numbered among the faithful, be glad wherever you are. I show you a sign, before you kneel down to pray, the Lord will hear your cry. No matter what that thing might be, as long as you are numbered among the faithfull, bet Me, God must deal with you faithfully. because God is going to have dealings with the faithful according to their faith – according to their faithfulness.
36.        If we are faithful to Him, He must be faithful to us. If we are unfaithful to Him, He must be unfaithful to us because any seed we sow, that we shall reap. The same cup we measure unto Him, He would measure back to you.
37.        To be faithful means to be obedient to His instructions. To be faithful means to esteem the Word of God higher than your necessary food. To be faithful means to be obedient without a little slip. A little reasoning takes you away from faithfulness. This is the year your human senses can no longer help you.
38.        For years now, you have mixed your faith with your human sense thereby nullifying it. It is like mixing acid with water and you want to use it as an insecticide. The more you pour it on crEEping things, the more they will be going about rejoicing. But this year, it is faith and faith alone.
39.        To the ancient men and women in this most holy Faith, if you can cast your mind back to 1993, precisely the month of March, you will know the word, the message you heard and He said, “This faith is going to be the last message. And the moment I will come to this message, the next thing is this faith, which will usher you into Paradise.” How many heard it? 1993!
40.        First, “Mixed Multitude.” Second, “Jerusalem to Jericho.” Third, “Faith.” He said, “These are the highlights on how we shall go and enter Paradise – into immortality.”
41.        William Branham said, “It is a pity many of you are expecting rapture, rapture, rapture, translation when you do not have ordinary single faith for healing. Don’t you know that your faith will give you your rapture? Your faith will give you your immortal body. For without faith, you will never get anything from God. For without faith, it is impossible to please God. For whoever will come, will come by faith believing.”
42.        Catching away of the Saints is by Faith, immortality is by Faith. This translation is by faith. Faith does not recognise any obstacle. Faith is saying I am able. Faith does not recognise anything failure. But human sense, human brilliance, human vision will always see anaks, giants, obstacles, impediments. Human brain will always tell you, “How can this work? We dey hear am before, every year we dey hear am, is this one different?” That is human sense. And faith will only take off where human sense stops.
43.        All these years, many of you have been mingling the message with your human senses. And what it is producing is character of a human origin. What God is expecting this year that will take you into Paradise; it is not ordinary faith but a supernatural faith.
44.        How can you be expecting Supernatural clothing without a Supernatural Faith? Sense will only give you natural faith. it is natural faith that brought you to Onitsha from your homes. But Supernatural Faith will do something that you never expected in your life.
45.        NOTE IT, Supernatural Faith brings into existence something that never existed. Natural faith polishes physical existence. Natural sense ends at material existence. And this material existence which is temporary is where the devil works most.
46.        What the devil uses in luring people’s hearts away from the Deity is nothing but what eyes can see, What mouth can consume, stomach will harbour. But God has His own faith which places all these things where they belong to. Anything eyes can see is temporary, it has no lasting value.
47.        Anything that does not have eternal value, must war against the true Faith of Christ. Check what is hindering people from making progress in this faith; you notice that they are things that have no eternal value.
48.        Do you know that the children you have do not have eternal value? I am telling you that your children do not have eternal value in your hands. That is why while you are holding them, some will die in your hands. Sometimes, you will die without them.
49.        Your house has no eternal value. Your vehicle has no eternal value. Your certificate has no eternal value. Your position in the society has no eternal value. Tell Me any other thing the devil is using other than these things I have mentioned. These are the things that mount undue pressure on your soul.
50.        What is more, these are the things that cause you to deny the truth. They can never allow you to make a headway. The earlier you identify them, the better for you.
51.        Thus, when we say you are in the battle that you should be vigilant, that your enemy, the adversary is roaring about, looking for whom to devour, these are your notable enemies that work against your inner being, your inner man. They do not permit the desire of your heart to manifest. They are constantly at war in all of you. Yet, not even one has eternal value.
52.        That is why the Lord decided to come out fully knowing that this generation is the perverse and crooked generation. Where the Prophet said, “It is almost impossible to save people from this Laodicea Age.” And our own is above Laodicea Age.
53.        Thus, the evil that started from the first Church Age, not only climaxed in Laodicea but in the Bridal Age. Age that has no control. Check the worst competition for survival whether it is not in its peak in your own day. You can survive physically and die spiritually.
54.        I want to assure you that spiritual death is the worst death any human being can think off. Jesus Christ saw it and asked his disciples, “What shall it profit a man if he will gain the whole world and lose his soul in hell fire?” And I am asking you this question now.
55.        What shall it profit you My brother, My sister, everybody in this Faith to gain the whole world, have the entire children in this world, the whole mansions, be the president or President-general of the whole world and at the end of the day, you find yourself in eternal torment? Of all men that liveth under the sun, I assure you, you would be the most miserable. You would regret the day you were born.  Amen.


This year is the year of the faithful. The Lord is coming fully to prove your faith before the Translation. For the timetable God gave us, remaineth where it is. The Son of Man will not tamper with it.
2.           Who does not know that from now everybody should be very, very precaution? You take precaution from now because anything can happen. A woman billed to deliver on the ninth month, can deliver on the first day of the ninth month yet, it is nine months.
3.           Anybody that died one minute after twelve midnight on the first of January 2014, died in 2014.  He died five minutes after 12 midnight, but that was in 2014—five minutes after 2013.
4.           Thus, do not take this matter too far for the referee is about to collect the ball. The match has already been decided but He is only waiting for a little thing. What is that little thing? Many are claiming to be faithful. We want to know those that are faithful and those that are not.         
5.           Does it mean that you are going to write a test? No! How is the test coming to us this year? I do not know. The way God is going to test Apostle Ugo may differ from the way He would test Brother Chibuko. But in all, they are to test your faithfulness to God. If you must survive the test, I want to give you one thing that will be at the back of your mind.
6.           Sometimes, God tests the faithful with something that can hardly be mentioned. God wanted to test the faithfulness of Abraham, He saw the maidservants, He saw everything, the cattle, the sheep, the oxen, but He demanded the only begotten son, which is Isaac. Not only to be used as a sacrifice as a prove that he was faithful to God, but that Abraham would use his hand to kill his son, roast his son in the fire, using his hand. And Abraham obeyed.
7.           Before the Lord, Isaac resurrected from the dead. For Abraham lifted his hand and there was no going back. The Lord saw that Abraham never withheld the life of his only begotten son he had at a very old age. The Lord said, “Now I know; now I have proved that you love Me and you are faithful in all your house.”
8.           You might be saying, “That could be Abraham. But how can the Lord test somebody in that way again?” What can you say about those that were tested using the fiery furnace?
9.           The Lord was there in Babylon when Daniel was judged and condemned by Nebuchadnezzar. The Lord was watching, He did not stop Daniel from going to trial. He never said anything, the Lord was standing there until Daniel was cast into the Lion’s den, the Lord entered and closed the mouth of the lions.
10.        You might be wondering, “How can God allow His son to be tried with this type fiery trial, no, no, no.” The Lord Almighty was there when the proclamation was made that everybody in Babylon must stand by 12 noon to recite the Angelus which was a sign of Babylonian religion to worship the goddess, the Queen of Heaven. It is still in practice till today.
11.        Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego; God was there when they were brought before the trial judges in Babylon. The elders of the land gathered, the Lord was there watching them. They saw the fiery furnace being heated. The oil was heating in the fire, the brimstone was heating – that is sulphur. Every kind of thing, just to make them recant their faith.
12.        You might be wondering why God did not stand up and say, “I am quenching this fire.” The Lord never quenched the fire, rather, He permitted the whole furnace to be heated above scientific temperature. The young men were there, the Lord was there. He was there motionless and speechless; no matter how they cry, no matter how they wept, but the Lord was there.
13.        However, they never cried. But they made a statement, “Oh King Nebuchadnezzar, you have changed our names because you have the power to name us after your gods. That is your right for we are in Babylon as your refuges. No problem about that. But you can never change out conviction concerning our God.
14.        “Oh King Nebuchadnezzar, we want to tell you one thing, though the whole world will bow down to this your manmade god, be it known unto you, we will never bow down to it even if our God will not save us. Be it known unto the King, we will never subscribe to this idol worship. But we know our God must surely save us.”
15.        The statement according to the scripture provoked the king. He ordered the soldiers to cast three of them into the furnace. Immediately they entered the furnace, the Lord was in the furnace already. They started swimming; the thing became a swimming pool. After a while, it was the king that went there and noticed what was taking place.
16.        He said, “Didn’t we cast into this place, three persons; how come is it that they are now four? And lo, the forth is like the Son of Man.” Is it not like that in your Bible?
17.        King Nebuchadnezzar, have you seen the Son of Man before? Why are you thinking that the forth is like the Son of Man? He said, “Gentlemen and ladies, go and bring the men out o-o-o.” They came out unhurt. The furnace became ordinary cream.
18.        If they had applied their human senses, they would have perished. What am I trying to say? You do not know how God is going to try your faith; I do not know how He is going to try My own. If it causes quarrelling, misunderstanding between you and your husband, you and your wife, you and your entire family, simply because one is saying no to attendance or to participation to ordinary heathen wedding...
19.        One is saying, “As long as I live, I will never participate, my children will not participate!” The other is saying, “Over my dead body, we must be there!” This is just a carnal thing.
20.        Tell Me, if you do not have the faith, if your faith presently cannot help you to escape mere carnal, carnal things, eating and drinking, party, merriment, how do you want to convince Me that you have the faith of the over-comers? The greatest trial is the spiritual trial. Trial that can never come to you until it bothers on what you believe. The Cloud is here.
21.        Whatever you say you believe is what forms your faith and you have not believed until you have been tested. The Lord will bring you to a condition where nothing will be left than your faith. Others will be telling you, “it does not matter. Other are doing it, this is the way of life! Who has escaped it in Nigeria? Even the President does it, this and that.”
22.        Because when it comes to denY the faith, too many suggestions wOULD begin to flow in. and the moment you begin to listen to those suggestions that are emanating from outside, penetrating your heart, faith vanishes.
23.        This year is the year of the faithful. All that are unfaithful will regret ever knowing God this year. They will regret ever coming into contact with the Son of Man. For what they will pass through will tell the whole world that of a truth, this is the finger of the Lord.
24.        This is not the year where you say, “Daddy, pray for me.” The Son of Man is not going to pray for anybody, you will pray for yourself. As an expression of your faith, you will pray. For the Lord has promised to the faithful that even before you kneel down, the Lord would hear you. But if you are unfaithful, your prayer is an abomination before the Lord for He cannot hear the prayer of the wicked. For God is far from the wicked but He heareth the prayers of the righteous. He heareth the prayers of the faithful.
25.        Why is God calling us to faithfulness, implicit obedience to the truth we have received? The reason is not farfetched. We ought to be faithful because, faithful is He that has called us. It is a must because according to the book of St. Luke, “A servant ought to be perfect as the master. For a slave can never be higher than his master.”
26.        When we shall see Christ, we shall be like Him in all ramifications. For we shall see Him just as He is. Be faithful for He that has called you is faithful. This is the year, I can see the Hand of God raised towards the sky as a confirmation of the truth.
27.        There is no unfaithfulness with God and there can never be unfaithfulness with God. That is why, only the faithful will enter Paradise. Check histories, check scriptures, check events from the time of old till today, it has always taken the faithful of the Lord to believe the promise.
28.        Once you are not faithful to the things that are committed into your hands, the Master would take all away and give you a portion with the heathens because you are unfaithful.
29.        Why, was Abraham was called God’s friend? He said, “He was faithful in all his house.” Are you faithful in all your house? I do not know. But this year, nobody will tell us who is faithful and who is not. For the card will be spread before all of us. You are involved, I am involved.
30.        Why is it necessary? A step after this is Paradise. What is more, Paradise is not for everybody. Eternal life is not for everybody. Those that will abide with Him there are the faithful of the land. They are the people that will dwell with Him in His own Holy City.
31.        For the mouth of the Lord has spoken and there is nothing that can annul it. Your unbelief can never cancel it. Your doubt can never cancel it. Your “high sense” can never cancel it. The interpretation you give can never make this promise of non-effect.
32.        Henceforth, this year, the mouth of the Lord has spoken that He is going to rid His own Household, worldwide of criminals. Criminals that have been holding the children of God captive so that they will be librated.
33.        You might be the criminal holding your children in your family captive, holding your husband captive, holding your wife captive, holding the entire congregation captive. A criminal is one who is not ready to obey the Word of God and he does not want others to obey. That is a criminal.
34.        You might be that criminal, and the mouth of the Lord has said, it is going to be a daily exercise. And He will stop at nothing until the house is cleansed; until all of them that do iniquity are ferreted out. My duty is to show you the prophecy and then announce the year of its fulfilment as an Apostle.
35.        Then, as His own human representative, I am going higher than that by telling you that the Son of Man is here already. Making a separation using His Word between the sheep and the goat so that on that day when salvation shall be made complete, nobody will ask, “Why am I left out?” For the mouth of the Lord said to My hearing and I made it public that He will never destroy us but we are going to destroy ourselves with our own hands.
36.        We said, “How?” He said, “By disbelieving Me.”  
37.        I have told you that everything is finished and I want to tell you that this message you are hearing from Me which you have been hearing before but in another dimension now that this day, all these people, I am giving you the key to unlock the padlock that I am using to place a bar on the place to Paradise. For nothing will open that gate but your faith in the Son of Man.
38.        Only your faith in the Son of Man causes that Gate to open. No other thing. Your money, your plantain, your fowl, your everything can never open it. On that day when the Gate will open, it will not open because you are feeding the Son of Man or you are sleeping with Him or you have done Him well more than any other person.
39.        The only thing that will open the Gate is because you have believed in Him and believing means, acting according to His Word. That is why He gave us the message, “Hearing, Believing and Acting.”
40.        To hear the Word of God is another thing, to believe is different. To act is another. The three must go together. For faith cometh by hearing and hearing the Word of God. Is it not true? And when you believe, there shall be a performance of that which is promised in the Word which you heard. And when you heard, you are expressing your faith in that which you believe. Am I making sense? Put your hands together for the Cloud for the Cloud is here.
41.        Let Me tell you, you are having less than one step into Paradise for it does not take a millennium to create faith. The same way, it does not take a millennium to create a relationship; it does not take a millennium to have faith. You have gone beyond hearing, you have also seen with your eyes that you are not being misled by anybody.
42.        Brethren, Isiala-Ngwa, Umuahia, Eha-Amufu, make haste, make haste! I say, make haste. Make haste! Remember the promise said, “From now, I am uniting, I am networking into the Godhead all the Local Assemblies that believe in Me.” How many heard it? Apart from these three I mentioned now, I have networked in, all.
43.        Do not clap your hands unless by revelation. You do not need to clap hands for Me because it is My commission. I am sent for your salvation even to the ends of the Earth because I am He. When I do the work that is assigned to Me, I deserve no credit from any of you. I will remain guilty until you are saved.
44.        Equally, you will remain guilty until you believe in Me. Because God can give you everything but not in unbelief. You must believe before the miracle will happen. So, no miracle happens in unbelief. You better give Me your attention right now or never.
45.        It is out of love that I am talking to you. I am not supposed to talk otherwise; there could have been another camp meeting. Those that went to Mbaise with Me, sojourned with Me for ten days, benefitted if you were intelligent.
46.        However, if you were with Me carnally, your testimony would be how you ate, how you drank, how you slept with the Son of Man for ten days. A privilege only few have ever had. Only few! Many are praying for such a wonderful time with the Son of Man and family, but only the privileged few.
47.        What is more, you saw many things that took place there as a sign that we have come to the end of everything. I am telling you God’s truth; I am not trying to frighten anybody. Please, take note of what I am saying now.
48.        Here is the Pillar of Cloud, see the Pillar of Light; see the Rain, showers of rain from above. See the Godhead, see everything. There is nothing in the scripture we have not witnessed with our eyes. See the fullness of the Elohim displaying Himself here in judgement.
49.        Thus, judgement of God is real. And He judgeth with no other person but the Son of Man; the only instrument He is using since the world began.
50.        The frightening side of it has come. This year is the year of the faithful and the Lord would prove the faith of the faithful from now no matter who you are. The only thing God will not use to prove the faith of the faithful is something that does not exist. It is a covenant I made with Him.
51.        When He begins, He will make an end to it. But that is not the way I want to go. You see all these manifestations of the love of God, how rich and pure, how measureless and how bright.
52.        You are not the first set of people that enjoy the presence of the Pillar of Cloud. Our fathers enjoyed His presence in the wilderness. They enjoyed the Pillar of Fire, the Ball of Flame, they ate manna from Heaven, they ate meat from Heaven, they drank from the Spiritual Rock. They saw the Elohim, His similitude. They heard His footprint, the same way we saw here and heard the footprint.
53.        The Lord came to a point where He said, “With many of them, I was not pleased.” Do not allow the photographs you are getting from your Local Assemblies to fool you into believing that because you were enveloped in the Cloud, you are saved. If any Prophet should tell you this, that Prophet does not know God and he does not know about God’s salvation.
54.        The presence of the Elohim in the form of the cloud in the congregation, although, it signifies His presence and His love, but it does not mean your salvation. It is to create faith in you to believe in His Word as it proceeds out from the mouth of the one whom He has sent.
55.        What the Lord did in the wilderness before the Israelites is that they might believe Moses forever and ever. The Lord is confirming My Words with all these supernatural signs before your eyes to enable you believe that I am He. If you do not believe that I am He, why not believe that God sent Me?
56.        They could not believe that Jesus was sent by God and they could not believe that He was the very Christ in their day, only few believed. Let the population of Israel be like the sand on the seashore, only but a remnant shall be saved. Who are the remnants? The faithful!
57.        Why was God not pleased with many of them? In the land of Egypt, when God came in human form called Moses; they saw the wonders, they saw the miracles. The same God moving in the night as angel of death, smote the firstborn in Egypt of every house that was not painted with the blood of the Lamb on the lintel of the door.
58.        They saw many things He did: He commanded frogs, He commanded flies, He commanded every kind of plague they suffered. On the day they took off, they took off faithfully. Before their eyes, the Red Sea parted—a wonder of all wonders that they might believe Moses the more.
59.        They all moved on dry land, crossed the Red Sea, before their eyes, the sea closed against Pharaoh and his armies. Then, they erected an altar, worshiped the Lord, with Moses composing a song saying, “Who is like unto thee, oh Lord, who is like unto thee, oh Lord! Among the gods, who is like thee? Glorious in Holiness, fearful in praises, do His wonders halleluiah.”
60.        If you go to the Bible, it is called, “The song of Moses.” Moses composed it by revelation. For he looked back, the Pharaoh that was pursuing them and his armies were seen no more. They believed Moses the more with a new covenant that, “If any should say no to his word, he should be put to death.”
61.        Jesus came and gave them a sign: “When the messenger of the Lord shall come, if any shall not hearken and obey, he shall be cut off from among his brethren.” And he went further and said, “Today, this scripture is fulfilled.”
62.        There must be God’s mouthpiece in every dispensation. Whether you know Him or not, He is God’s mouthpiece. He can be your Father, He can be your mother, He can be your elder brother, He can be your town’s man, He can come from anywhere, the truth is, He is God’s mouthpiece. Only Him must you hear in all things.
63.        The people partook of that song. They sang His praise, they entered the wilderness, by day and by night, God was providing for them. But a little while, the Lord warned them, “You are about to go into a booming land, when we get there, wars will stop. When you get to that point, wars will stop. You will increase by having wives and children, cattle, oxen and everything. You will eat and be fat. But be careful, do not allow your heart depart from God.”
64.        Today, we can boast of building goodly houses. Riding jeeps which we could not ride in the past; having children in the Universities at all levels. We have been blessed with handworks of all types. Some are using even academic pursuit to replace the pursuit of the faith of Christ. I mean, academic pursuit has become a measurement for believing God, which is idolatry.
65.        Yes, gradually, gradually, their hearts drifted away from the true God. What infatuated their hearts became eating and drinking, desire to become controllers of the wealth of the world. And the Bible said, “While they were there with Moses in the wilderness, their hearts went back to Egypt.”
66.        You can be in this Faith bodily present, singing our songs, jubiliating with the Son of Man, yet, your heart is in Egypt. All that the Lord warned us against, your hearts have gone back to them. And until your heart is drawn back to Egypt, you can never limp between two opinions. The moment your heart is taken back to Egypt, you become confused, doubt will set in.
67.        Unbelief is nothing but backsliding in the heart. For you have BACKSLIDDEN in the heart. Bodily present in the faith, but spiritually present in Egypt. You will be desiring things sinful men desire. What keeps them awake day and night will be making you to pass sleepless nights. There can hardly be a difference between you and the heathens.
68.        I used to talk to My family, “There is a limit to everything. For our liberty is under strict check and the check is the Word of God that is revealed to us. We are living in a computer age where a computer can compose songs, backup musics, produce every kind of thing, films and things like that. Be very careful. Not every dance is spiritual, not every music is spiritual. No matter how you admire it and dance it during ceremonies, there is always going to be a bar, a limit.”
69.        Do not ever have them in your houses, do not have them in your handsets, do not have them in your homes, do not have them in your computers for they are spirits. when they come into you and abide, you will be struggling. You will be warring; to get rid of them is not easy. you will be troubled Instead of edifying one another, encouraging one another with hymns, psalms and spiritual songs. One day, it will be, “Ike nwanyi Owerri” (OWERRI WOMAN’s BOTTOM), because the spirit is already settled.
70.        The moment darkness gradually enters the heart, light must surely be extinguished. Light must vanish! When you are admiring or cherishing all these things, please, remember who you are. Remember the restrictions that are already placed.
71.        To the students, if you are not careful, what you have in your heart will be taking you to ungodly parties with fellow students. Taking you to godly clubs, ungodly associations where you will practice your wild profligacy without restraints because your parents might not be there but God is there. Yes, God is there!
72.        I believe with all My heart that the reason why a man of God, Job was rendering daily sacrifices on behalf of his children was that he was not sure of their behaviours. That each time they left the home, the people they mingled with would pollute them. And that was the reason why, on the day of God’s visitation they were having what the Bible called, “Their wild birthday parties with their wild friends.”
73.        Read the Bible, W-I-L-D. A man of God rising wild children who were organising wild parties with wild members. And the house collapsed, killing all of them.
74.        Let us be very careful. Some of you even use those ungodly musics as your phone ringing tones. A situation where you see somebody walking up and down with handset in the house, with left hand he is holding the handset playing music from morning till night.
75.        You see the devil is very ticklish. The devil does not want anybody to be saved. When we disarmed you of face book, the devil shifted it to handy music, computer music, those that erode your brain, erode the godly contents of your heart; and raises something that no human being can imagine in you as thoughts.
76.        The same thing is applicable to films. If you are having television or computers in your house, please, be very careful. Check what you slot in, otherwise, the devil you are avoiding can live with you ignorantly.  Amen.

Remember that this year is the year of the faithful. If you are faithful to God this year, He will take you by surprise. God promised that you will never enter Paradise with sad faces, but it is not for everybody. It is for those who are proved faithful.
2.           Watch, they say the Pillar of Cloud, they ate manna from Heaven, they ate quails. They shared the testimonies of God’s deliverance in the Red Sea and so on. Yet, with many of them, God was not pleased for their hearts went back to Egypt. They were bodily present in the Church, but spiritually, they were in Egypt and the Lord looked at them and vowed a vow.
3.           The Lord, who will never kill the righteous in the midst of the wicked, numbered the faithful, the righteous and then set them aside in His Heart. He never came to fellowship to announce, “Moses, Aaron come, tell Me, who and who are disobedient to your Word?” The Lord is not in that business. For known unto God are all His works from the beginning of the world.
4.           For Jesus said in the scripture that, “He knew them that believed not.” He said, “I have given you My word but not all of you have believed. For he knows them that have not believed.”
5.           It does not require the Pastor to recommend anybody to the Son of Man. The Son of Man knows those that are in Him and those that are not in Him. He knows those that are making honest efforts to get rid of rampant outgrowth of rebellion in their hearts. God knows those that are making frantic efforts to rid their lives, their hearts of everything evil. Evil thought!
6.           There can never be evil character without evil thought. For the thought of a man directs his ways. Your thoughts direct your character whether you like it or not. Your thought even directs the words of your mouth for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.
7.           You may say you do not mean, but it is in your heart. You do not mean it; you are talking to a kid. God knows the truth that it is in your heart. This year is the year of the faithful. If you are numbered among the faithful, begin now to rejoice, begin now to praise God.
8.           With all of them in the wilderness, the Lord looked at and said, “With many I am not pleased.” And the Lord stepped in to rid the camp of all criminals. To rid the camp of all that walketh deceit. To rid the camp of all liars.
9.           He, the Lord visited the camp, before they knew it; their carcasses fell in the wilderness. Who survived? Only the faithful! All the unfaithful died in the wilderness on a daily basis. He ferreted out all things that offend.
10.        And the Lord said, “In the last day, I, the Almighty will send no other person but the Son of Man to fish out all things that offend and all causes of offence.”
11.        Has He done it before? Yes! He said, “He will do it on a daily basis until the faithful will emerge. And the world will see the goodness of the Lord upon the faithful. For only the godly will dwell with God in His Holy City, those that are faithful to His Word. No more, no less.
12.        The Lord ferreted all the criminals out in the wilderness, slaughtered them. Hindered their moves on a daily basis one by one. Did they see the Pillar of Cloud? Yes! Did they see the Pillar of Light? Yes! Did they benefit from the Supernatural presence of God? Yes! Did they enter Paradise? Not all!
13.        Thus, do not let your testimony be on the Supernatural manifestation of God in your Local Assembly. Do not claim your salvation because when the photograph was taken, no human being was seen again. Then you believe it  that you are already in Paradise, that is not true!
14.        I want to tell you that the presence of God in the camp illuminates the camp in such a way that nobody can see his neighbour. The brightness of His Presence in the congregation blinds everybody, He blinds every screen. Whether microchip, screen or camera screen. The brightness of His Presence is brighter than that.
15.        The same way, the thickness of His abode is thicker than the thickest darkness because God lives in a thick darkness; thicker than your night here. Thicker than any night you can think off. His brightness is brighter than the brightest day.
16.        Hence, do not ever go about jubilation. However, if you must jubilant, jubilant that you are numbered among those who obey God, who are objects of His praise, objects of His pleasure. If you are not numbered among them, it then means you are object of His anger, fit for nothing but destruction.
17.        Once you are object of God’s anger, you are not fit for salvation because you are not fit to live with Him in His Holy City. For you to be there, you must be object of His praise, object of His pleasure.
18.        This year, it is the year of the faithful. Anybody can claim to be one object or the other; it is your right to claim for reasons best known to you. But God is testing you in a way you cannot even imagine. That which you say you believe, the Lord is coming your way in His own way. for you cannot enter Paradise without your faith being tried.
19.        besides, the trial of your faith is not an ordinary one but a fiery trial aiming at refining you as a goldsmith uses fire to refine pure gold. No particle will remain on you, it must be pure jewel, Time-tested jewel that will never give God any trouble in Paradise again.
20.        The Prophet said that, “Your faith will give you all these things, that is, if you believe.” But where you do not believe, you will be having a place among the heathens.
21.        Now, begin to wonder what the day will look like if by now or by tomorrow, or anytime you look around, the saints are putting on immortality, appearing and disappearing but you are wearing garments you purchased from main market, and others will be seeing the difference and ask you, “Why are you not wearing what others are wearing?” What will be your reply?
22.        Will you say that the Son of Man hated you? I hate nobody. At a point where you think the Son of Man hates you, you are the one that hate yourself because if you love God, you will obey His word. Is it not true? This is the only sign God knows. Apart from that, He recognises nobody. Jesus said, “If you love Me, keep my word.”
23.        Brethren, while we are waiting for the fire to fall, we are at the same time waiting for the blessings of God. These two things are on the way. The blessings will come upon the children of obedience. The fire will fall upon the children of disobedience: Two by two preaching.
24.        The obedient ones are expecting the translation of their mortal bodies every day. The disobedient ones are expecting the destruction of their mortal bodies every day. You must have one! Your faith will decide the one you will have.
25.        Faith exercised anywhere outside the Spoken Word of God, as it proceeds from the messenger of God in your day, is a misplaced faith. I may be talking while your faith is placed on Moses. I may be talking while your faith is placed on Jesus Christ. I may be talking while your faith is placed on Paul or Peter the Apostles.
26.        I may be giving you the Spoken Word while you are holding tightly to the written word. Thus, once you faith is drifted away from the Word of God that proceeds from the mouth of God in your day, your faith is a misplaced one. And a misplaced faith will give you a misplaced Paradise. And misplaced Paradise is hell fire. That settles the matter!
27.        Thus, when you in this Faith, and said that your faith will give you all, I believe it. Your faith will give you hell or Heaven, depending on where the faith is placed.
28.        This year is the year of the faithful. Why not take a decision even now to be numbered among those that will dwell with God in His Holy City? Knowing that there is no time left, for I, the Son of Man is making it clear to all and sundry as I am standing here LIVE, that you have less than one step into Paradise, Into the promised land, you have less than one step here. If any other thing is left, tell Me what that thing is.
29.        Is there is anything the Prophet prophesied, the Bible prophesied, the Apostles prophesied that is still left if not this Glorious Body. Tell Me what that thing is.
30.        In Me is the fullness of all! And I have manifested all, even the theophany body, making immortality real, real, real, real, real, real, real! It ceases from being a story to reality. And I believe this year is a year of reality not a story. For nobody will tell you who you are, for you must know who you are and where you belong to.
31.        What is more, where you belong to will tell you where you will head to. For when you choose the way you will live your life, you have chosen the way you will die and where you will go. No more, no less.
32.        On this note, I wish all of you all that you wish yourselves throughout this year. And My prayer is, as we sojourn here with love and happiness that all of us here alive today, will live and sojourn together over there. This is My prayers.
33.        I do not know what you will be praying for yourself, but this is My wish. Because, if I lose you before getting there, I will feel bad for I know there is no love you will enjoy in this world again. Even as I am standing here, there is nothing left in the world for anybody to enjoy. Nothing! Nothing! Absolutely nothing!
34.        But in Christ, you have your joy in full. Be of good cheer for the Son of Man is able to see you through if only you can have faith exercised in His word. That is all!
35.        Thank you for the journey so far, thank you for the cooperation I have enjoyed from you, male and female, young and old. I will forever live to mention your names, your families, your Local Assemblies in My family altar, in My daily lives.
36.        Pray for yourselves, wish yourselves well, do not wish yourselves evil. If any is backsliding, let his brother help him to stand. Let the sister help her to stand. If any is corrected, take correction with good faith, take correction with joy. Thank he that corrects you for he loves you.
37.        I want us to have this one solemn Christ spirit, solemn Christ mind and solemnly enter into the promised land which is already by your corner.
38.        It is by your corner! Anywhere I do not notice the dress hanging on the chair or on the wall, the people around that place must see My reaction.
39.        Please, do not drift back. There is nothing good in Egypt. If you drift back, the spirit of the Lord will not be pleased with you. Anything that is warring with your soul, it is warring with your eternal life. And as long as that thing is not eternal, it is temporary; it is your greatest enemy. I do not care what it looks like, the mouth of the Lord has spoken and He will never cancel it. His word standeth sure.
40.        The Lord is more than able to establish you, establish your business, establish your faith without wavering. Call upon Me if you are faithful in the time of trouble, in the time of adversity, I will answer you for thus saith the Lord of host and you will praise My Holy Name. For the Lord God liveth in His Holy Habitation. He is not far from you; He is ever near you if you are faithful. Thank you!
41.        I thank God who has granted you the safe journey to be here and sit down and listen to the Supreme God Himself address us. Really, if all of us will pay heed to these words, nothing will stop the door from opening.
42.        Thus, allow the Words of Christ revealed in our day, who is the Son of Man to be in your heart. If He is not in your heart, no Paradise. With these few words, remain blessed in Him. Continue in His word.
43.        To the Local Assemblies, the ministers He mentioned, God told us that He can never take the disobedience of the elders lightly. Right from the beginning till today, He has never takes it lightly.
44.        Now, having given you this grace, make everything right, taking example from our brethren, the Household of God at Nsukka and Enugu.
45.        Immediately they corrected their mistakes, God revealed Himself in their midst. The same is applicable to all of us. Abide in the love which the Son of Man, Peter the Christ (blessed be to His Holy Name), has loved all of us.
46.        On this note, I say remain in your sanctified estate, remain blessed in Him eternally. Selah.