The Son of Man Revealed From One of The Jungles in Africa According To William Branham's Prophesy

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Saturday, 27 August 2011



I am the Fountain of the Living Water. Whosoever shall come to Me and drink, shall never go thirsty again, but have everlasting life. Believe it if you can... — The Son of Man.                  

Do you know who God is? Nobody knoweth the Father but the Son, nobody knoweth the Son but the Father and to whomsoever the Son shall choose to reveal. I am in the bosom of the Father, and He that is in the bosom of the Father knows the mind of the Father.

If I declare that you are lost, you are lost. If I declare you are saved, you are saved. Do you know the safe ground, have you gone this way before?




Supernatural Cloud in Bride of Christ revealed The of Man on Sunday 7 April 1996

Deuteronomy 31:15 “And the LORD appeared in the tabernacle in a pillar of a cloud: and the pillar of the cloud stood over the door of the tabernacle.” KJV
The Son of Man Peter Odoemena Revealed in Supernatural Cloud on Sunday 7 April 1997 at Bride of Christ Ministry World Wide

Exodus 13:21 And the LORD went before them by day in a pillar of a cloud, to lead them the way; and by night in a pillar of fire, to give them light; to go by day and night:.” KJV.

Light Cloud in Bride of Christ Ministry on 7 April 1996
Psalms 89:7 God is greatly to be feared in the assembly of the saints, and to be had in reverence of all them that are about him.” KJV


The Headstone The Son of Man

“Daniel 7:9 I beheld till the thrones were cast down, and the Ancient of days did sit, whose garment was white as snow, and the hair of his head like the pure wool: his throne was like the fiery flame, and his wheels as burning fire.” KJV

Isaiah 11:10 “And in that day there shall be a root of Jesse, which shall stand for an ensign of the people; to it shall the Gentiles seek: and his rest shall be glorious.” KJV

The Son of Man

Acts 17:31 Because he hath appointed a day, in the which he will judge the world in righteousness by that man whom he hath ordained; whereof he hath given assurance unto all men, in that he hath raised him from the dead.

The Cloud Revealed The Son of Man in Bride of Christ Ministry

Ephesians 2:19 “Now therefore ye are no more strangers and foreigners, but fellow citizens with the saints, and of the household of God.” KJV









If I preach any message, note that understanding differs. If you do not want to understand it, nothing will ever make you to understand it. If you are already stuffed with something and you hold that thing very firmly, if what I am teaching runs contrary to that thing, you will find it difficult to drop yours.
2.           That you do not understand does not mean your brother or sister next to you does not understand. If you do not understand, do not generalize and say, “Because I do not understand and knowing my position in the Church, how can any other person understand?” Na lie. It is a disposition of your mind. That is, what you have already haboured in your heart has beclouded you, making you not to understand.
3.           You may not even be paying attention, you may be seeing the man as a mere joker, and the message will be flying over your ears. You will be saying, “Yes, he can deceive little boys, not me.” How can you understand it then?
4.           What is more, because you do not understand, you did not want to understand, you now want to press it upon everybody. It is absolutely wrong! That is why I told you to think the way you want, that it is your right. However, behave like others.
5.           If you want to be a man of repute, do not ever think you can outshine your master. Do not ever try to exhibit more brilliance than your master for you cannot be more brilliant than your master—but you think you are. You are being deceived by the feeling of your heart. This is what normally kills people from time to time.
6.           If you are wise, always concede and acknowledge superiority. A wise man acknowledges and concedes superiority, but a foolish man exalts himself more than he is and that is as a result of pride. That is why each time the person wants to fall, his fall has always been a fatal one. Before you know it, everybody will see his nudity (foolishnees). That was why I have taken My time from Sunday till Thursday intending to round off today and then take My leave.
7.           I will leave you for forty days. It is a finished matter! And if time will permit Me, we will know where we will go. However, it is unfortunate that the message and the journey have been halted again. For every rebellion, the journey is halted.
8.           For every rebellion, check history, check scriptures, the journey is halted. That was why our fathers perished in the wilderness. A journey that could have taken them seven days, they had to stay for forty years or more. Not even forty years, about four hundred years. Check it very well.
9.           Even till today, they never settled. I mean thousands of years now, they have never settled. If they had settled, wars would have stopped. Their enemies are still occupying their territory and many of them are still living in strange lands. They caused it. For every rebellion, the journey is halted.
10.        Henceforth, there will be no more baptism. No more excommunication, no more restoration, but individuals are free to leave us to show you that I am not caging anybody.
11.        I recognize you as a man that can exercise his freewill because God does not force any man to worship Him and no man is indispensable in the sight of God. You do not do God a service by worshipping Him.
12.        I am not doing God a service by worshipping Him; rather, God is doing me a service by giving me the opportunity to worship Him. Nobody does God any service by worshipping Him but God in His mercy is doing us a service by giving us the opportunity to worship Him.
13.        Not everybody can be given opportunity to worship God. It is a privilege. There are many that want to worship God, but He does not give them the opportunity to do so. Thus, if you are in this Faith thinking that you are doing God a service, that God cannot do without you; no, no, no. Drop that.
14.        Let Me tell you how God has been helping Me. If I conceive a plan in My heart, even if I have not voiced it out from My heart, then God uses somebody to speak on that thing. As I continue relating with My brethren in My house or anywhere we meet or here in the fellowship, God uses somebody either in the pulpit or while talking generally to speak on that thing which I have in My heart.
15.        In addition, if what he said is against me, you will see me kneel down there because I know God is helping me through that brother. It can be from the pulpit. Even if I am on the seat and a dream was read and I have that thing in my heart, I have not said it, but through dream, I have heard it; it agrees with what I am planning, straightaway, you will see me fall flat. You will never, ever see me implement it because I know God is talking to me.
16.        God can use any man to talk to you, but will you pay attention? When a man wants to die, he runs mad like Balaam. When Balaam wanted to die, no matter how God spoke to him, he could not listen again. An ass spoke to him, yet he hardened his heart. Did he come back? No. He perished there.
17.        Now, rebellion is not good. There is no sin in the sight of God as dangerous as rebellion. Do you know what the scripture calls rebellion? Rebellion is witchcraft and under the old dispensation, it said, “Suffer not a witch to live.”
18.        Rebellion is not good; even in government affairs, family life or in every sphere of life. If you are walking in line, do not disorganize it.
19.        William Branham saw The Bride of Christ in Preview walking in a straight line and he told us to be careful, that Satan will not allow us to remain like this. He told us what happened in his day.
20.        He saw a snake and struck it, but he did not kill it. While he was trying to kill it, the snake got up and ran into the water. He said that the water represents the congregation and he said that it is false doctrine: “Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees which is false doctrine”. You have to be very careful.
21.        If you do not have God in Person, the safety of your soul is always in danger. That is why God’s people must have God in Person for their Teacher. He is the only One that will guide them against every error. I am not saying it because I am involved. If you want to share My experiences, they are documented. They are in tapes; they are well known to all of you.
22.        I have never scrambled for leadership for one day. I did not even know what leadership was all about if not for the pressure the elders mounted on Me. From time to time, they will be asking Me, “Brother what is your ministry?” If not for that, nobody would have ever heard from Me.
23.        I was only a preacher; I will preach and go back to My house. I never knew that they were querying themselves saying, “He speaks like a prophet. He speaks like an apostle. He speaks like a teacher.” That was what they were muttering in their hearts.
24.        I was in My house the day they came. I looked at them and gave them my little testimony: how I started My life from Ogbunike in Anambra State; from the house of a chief known as John Iloaku. I thank God I have taken some of you there before, when we were coming back from Brother Igne’s house. Even Brother Okey was with us. He saw the ovation that followed Me.
25.        I grew up in Anambra State in his village. Even I think I attended the same school with Brother Igne in Ogbunike; in Central School, Azo Ogbunike. We played together, but we did not know each other. It was when I called Christian Udemuezue my playmate that he said Christian was his playmate too.
26.        We were together in the school. I was his senior in the school. That was what happened. He might be in the junior class. We played together. I was naked while living at Ogbunike. I hardly put on cloths while living at Ogbunike.
27.        You can now begin to wonder My age then. I share My experiences how God started to help Me right from childhood; things that happened and so on. That was what prompted so many of them, including Brother Ojiakor and Brother Ebenezer who took it upon themselves to go to My hometown to interview My parents and My relations about My life from childhood. They are all documented, but we do not have money to print them.
28.        They are there in the library; the one documented by Brother Ebenezer, the one documented by Brother Ojiakor at various times because of what they were seeing in the ministry. I never sent any of them and they never consulted Me before they went.
29.        What happened? They first of all interviewed Me. The day they went to my hometown, I did not know. They went there and wrote comprehensively their findings. That is what I love to see. That will help somebody to know what is happening. I never for one day overthrew anybody in the pulpit.
30.        I, in My humble office as an Apostle, I met nobody there. I was there alone. If there was one I saw, that was the one that claimed he was an apostle by permissive will and pastor by calling.
31.        I met confusion. I came in at a time God was not ordaining ministers. That is why I do not agree in five-fold ministry. It does not exist. The five-fold ministry they are now trying to take us to, we passed through it. How did we know it? For the pastor to be chosen, there must be campaign first. A pastor was voted for like they vote in politics.
32.        They will announce it ahead of time and then people that are interested in the pastor’s office will start house-to-house campaign. After campaigning, on the voting day, everybody will gather and then vote. Whomever that wins the greatest number of votes becomes the pastor, whether it is God’s choice or not.
33.        Brother Ojiakor, was it not what happened? Remain blessed old soldier! You have been fighting wars right from the 50’s. Brother Joe Ukpong, is it not the truth?
34.         Can you imagine where Bon Diuka came and told us clearly that he saw the scrambling over tithe; he saw them walking up and down. He did not know what to do but went and bought a bag, then told them that he is also an evangelist so that he can join them. That is the fivefold that I met.
35.        Then, somebody will wake up and claim to be a Prophet and tell them many things. We had better think twice. Ordination is from the Lord. This horrible situation where people have to campaign from house to house; any man whose face you did not like, you will not vote for, do you think it is from God?
36.        The same way they vote in, the same way they vote out. They vote pastors out, they impeach pastor and throw him out. Is that not politics? That is the fivefold we had; all of them there defending.
37.        Bishop Okey Paul was our pastor. He was not our pastor until God confirmed his pastorship, but before then, he was an imposition on us. David Inyama came from Aba; after judging the case of Phillip Onyeali and Sister Ngozi, David imposed himself on us. It was not until God Himself confirmed his Pastorship when this ministry began that we stopped having that imposition.
38.        In addition, Brother Okezue Ben was confirmed an Evangelist and some others. You know the story from the beginning.
39.        Now, if you want to doubt me, William Branham was a pastor, an apostle, a prophet, an evangelist and a teacher in his day. Tell me the people that occupied the fivefold while William Branham was alive!
40.        ALL THAT MINISTERED With Branham, he called them and ordained them and they were the people that gave him trouble. If William Branham believed that fivefold ministry, he would have had one in his Church, for he had a Church and the Church is still there till today – William Branham’s Tabernacle.
41.        Please remove your eyes away from politics for politics is religion. Yes, it is full of intolerance and falsehood. It is full of hatred and full of division; full of murder.
42.        Wherever there is politics, people must divide in groups. You will see people from Ngwa, people from Mbaise, people from Abakiliki; that is religion.
43.        Brother Kelechi, that is where you will watch out. There was a time your father was not in this Faith, but now, your father is in this Faith. He knows what I am saying. That is why you need to watch out. You had a problem in the beginning, be very careful that you do not have a problem in the end.
44.        I washed your basin for you because I wanted to. We do not come into this Faith to have secretarial spirit. I am not in this Faith because it is Imo or Anambra, no. I am in this most holy Faith because it is God’s Family, for in God’s family, there is no Jew, no Greek, no Gentile, for in Christ, we are all one.
45.        That was why Saint Paul warned all that believed in him to avoid any man that is causing offences and division contrary to the faith you have received; he said, “Have nothing to do with such a person”. Was he referring to those sitting outside? He was referring to those sitting inside.
46.        In addition, he warned them that one day, he will leave them; that he was sure that grievous wolves will come up from among them and will not spare them. Did he say that they will come from outside? He did not.
47.        Now, I have rehearsed this thing the way I want to rehearse it. When you want to talk of Emma Ejimnkonye and the rest of them, then you want me to talk to you concerning Weston Fihala and end-time spirit.
48.        Anybody taking you outside this Faith is your greatest enemy. He hates you with a perfect hatred, but he does not want to reveal it to you. He knows he has failed, but he does not want you to know. He knows he has made shipwreck—if he is a minister—and he wants you to make shipwreck.
49.        I am telling you the whole truth I know in the Lord because this is the highest ministry that is on the Earth. There is not even one—no matter the place you think it might be—close to us. We are greater than astronauts. Even occult people know that we are operating in the highest frequency. They know that.
50.        I have carried this message before men and women, before the academia, before the intelligentsia and politicians. I have carried this message to kings and potentates. No man has ever stood on my way to challenge it; not even one person.
51.        I have carried it even to the citadel of knowledge which is the University, not even one professor could challenge it. Rather, Professor Okafor, the man with eight doctorate degrees, Professor Chukwuma and the wife, all acknowledged that they have never seen a man like this; that this must be God Himself.
52.        Go and verify at Nsukka. If I am afraid of what I am holding, if I do not know the foundation, I cannot speak. What is more, by now my foolishness must have been made manifest. I have published books and everything.
53.        I do not even speak to you in this Faith.  It is when I go out that I speak. If you have gone out with me, you can testify to it. What is in me rises with every class of people, if you have really followed me. I am not afraid of any class of people or opinion.
54.        I have held discussions with the greatest any man can ever have as a knowledgeable class which is the Grail Message and they are afraid of Me. Eckankar is nothing; you do not mention AMORC for they are under My feet.
55.        At least, the Eck Master from Enugu came to My house with Brother Ogbonna and while I was talking to him, he was putting his Kabbalah together according to him after which he felled at My feet and said, “Sir, I have come to pay homage to you that what they told me in America in 1978 has come to pass in Nigeria and in my own area, the Igboland as we were told, but my problem is how to convince my wife. It will be difficult.” He left.
56.        This man is an accountant in the University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus. When he heard that I was going to Nsukka the day our former Brother, Joe Ogbuka had his thanksgiving, he traced Me down there again with some others.
57.        When I went to Ogbuka’s house with My friend, Abraham and some others, Heaven came down. The whole occultists there were ashamed after which, before their very eyes, I allowed Myself to be photographed with them at their own request.
58.        They said, “Sir, we would like to have photograph with you for a memorial.”
59.        I said, “With all pleasure.” With My friend Abraham, they took series of photograph.
60.        Before you challenge a warrior, check your armoury. Do not just wake up one morning and say you think you have mastered enough. For what you think you have is what he has given to you. There are many things in him which you do not know. You will not know more than what your lecturer has given to you.
61.        No wonder the Bible said, “Woe unto people that think it wise to rise up early in the morning to rebel. Woe unto such people that think it wise to rise up early in the morning to rebel without second thought.”
62.        What am I trying to achieve? Who is leading Me? What is my motive? What will be the consequences? What if I fail?” You just wake up and see success.
63.        You will be like Stephen Nwufo who heard a prophecy from the wife, “My servant, son of man, go to the North, you will succeed. I am with you”. Then, he entered his vehicle, went to the North and came down humiliated. Do not just wake up early in the morning and think it is wise to rebel.
64.        I am talking to everybody. Do not allow Satan to fool you into thinking, “Well, it is Bishop Okey; it is Brother Kelechi; it is Brother Amankem; it is Brother Dan”. No! It is all of you. Amen.
I am your Master and your Lord. I am your Teacher. I want you to prosper; I want you to succeed. I am warning you, lest Satan will have advantage over you. When you take these things into your heart, you will make full proof of your ministry.
2.           Watch that hopeless End-time spirit, I call it End-time Ministry of Grasshoppers. You know what a grasshopper is! When it invades any community, it will eat off every green tree—“Igurube”.  That is what End Time messengers are.
3.           Look at this Brother Igne, one of the people that want us to go back to the Law.  They said that there was love under the Law more than now. They said that time, brethren could help brethren, “We were sharing things equal, but now, brethren are selfish. When you go to a brother to help you, he will tell you that there is no money, but the following day, he will buy a car. He will buy a shop; he will mold blocks. For that reason, we want to go back to the Law.”
4.           I am using Brother Igne as an example. Brother Igne came in with good motive, he was on his way to his hometown on a Christmas holiday. He heard our voices and traced us to the Camp at Amazu Oil and he did not go again. He tarried with us and pulled off his cloth.
5.           When we were under a tent made with palm fronds, we saw him as a politician, for he was a giant with big dress. We were afraid but never knew he was a humble sheep.
6.           I am not praising you, rather, I am telling you how I met you. He joined in our hardship, came down from a throne, from the king’s palace to sleep with us in the open air, under palm fronds. I recorded it and said that this man is not an ordinary man. Look at his hometown, Ogbunike. A man that was going on a Christmas, stopping and joining us, tarrying; whatever we preached, he implemented. Before My eyes, he sold his political dress and baggy knickers.
7.           I want to stress something. Do you know that End-time devourers, immediately they noticed that he had some money, they pounced on him and devoured him and Brother Igne started living a beggarly life. The little money his brother gave him, they devoured all. Brother Igne lived a beggarly life and became lean and lean every day until we were thinking he was suffering from AIDS.
8.           As if that was not enough, he sold his land in Abuja, carried the message to Jos. He met End-time there—devourers. All of them pounced on him, the whole money he got, Weston, Yusuf and company including Martin, they rendered him useless. Brother Igne, confirm if it is true (“It is true Sir”). Brother Joe Ukpong, if it is true, confirm. Is it true? “Yes.” Brethren, why not put your hands together!
9.           When locusts invade a community and ravage the land, they will migrate to another place leaving that land desolate. No sympathy! There is no sympathy in End-time message. That is why Mama Fani Nwakobi shouted and shouted.
10.        Bon Diuka said, “These people want to kill me.” Like Brother Ojiakor, Bon Diuka carried his family and ran to Enugu-Agidi. But did they escape? Eha-amufu became as near as Main Market Onitsha . Every weekend, he must receive people with bag: “Hey! Brother, how can I stop loving you; shalom Brother. Eagle! Eagle! How can I stop loving you?” This is what they did every weekend.
11.        Anybody, even Myself or any Prophet coming here, telling you that you should go back to the Law, to the fivefold, tithe for fivefold, please push that person out for he is out of the way of truth.
12.        Can you now appreciate why God decided to allow us to pass through that FAKE WAY so that no man will fool us again? There is nothing you will tell us which we will not tell you where you are landing, for all of us passed through it.
13.        Let Me touch on another matter. What is that matter? The Law is full of hypocrisy; the Law is full of lying. Why? Any man you catch under the Law, that is the man you will judge. Anyone you do not catch, escapes. That is what we met under the Law.
14.        Today, many of you in this Faith you know My doctrine concerning fornication. I have told you what it is all about. I have told you what adultery is all about. I have never called you a fornicator for having sexual affair with any girl or sister. I have never. I have never called you a sinner for that. I know more than that. Equally, you know more than that. I have taught you. It is as clear as the day.
15.        However, under the Law, they could dupe their brethren; they could play their brethren 419; they could fight; they could steal, but the only sin they knew was fornication. That is all.
16.        Now, that fornication, did any of them escape it? Brethren, why not put your hands together! Because if you say you escaped it, I will expose you now. Even the one I did not say that time, I will say it now. Why? This is because I was there as a succourer.
17.        What is My joy? I met you in the Law, I stayed with you in the Law for two years and some months before I ever started preaching as your preacher which God commanded. Within that period, I was in the seat. You gave Me some of your sisters to stay with Me.
18.        I never for one day, stood before you condemned by your doctrine on fornication. I became a preacher in 1993. I stayed with you till the Law ended. I never for one day appeared before you in judgment for fornication.
19.        No sister ever went to any of you as ministers or any of the brothers to tell the person that Brother Odoemena had sexual intercourse with her or touched her anywhere, not even one accused Me of lusting after her.
20.        However, among you, starting from your ministers, you know your guilt.  There was a problem that somebody could punish some people, but when he commits the same sin, nobody punishes him, he gets away with it. But he was punishing others. Is it not the highest form of hypocrisy? And they knew it. All of them knew it.
21.        They could come to Benjamin Street, Onitsha to tell Me about it. Brother Kelechi, am I telling lies? Brother Goddy, am I telling lies? Pastor Christian, am I telling lies? If the answer is no, that I am not telling lies, why not put your hands together!
22.        Look at Bishop Elijah, all the way from Zonkwua, he had his own different experience. I never knew him until this Faith came, but he got the experience that when they were still under the Law, they never escaped it. In the whole of End-time, not even one escaped it, man and woman alike.
23.        However, when they wear suit and carry bag, you will call them angels. What am I saying? I am here saying like Paul, “Concerning the Law, I was perfect. I kept it more than any of you. Concerning zeal, I suffered the loss of all things to prove that I believe the Faith.”
24.        Do not look at Me as a novice. I am a man that keeps quiet on something I know very well. I do not make the mistake of advertizing Myself. If I know anything well, I keep it to Myself. You can make noise and I will keep quiet. That does not mean that I do not know what to say.
25.        It is because of this foolishness that Papa Uwakwe did not believe this message. He even threw them out of his house in Omeagana Street, Onitsha. He was seeing them as smart young boys that do not want to be useful in life. Am I telling lies? He saw it and confirmed it to be true.
26.        However, today, to make sure that you met God, God has transformed you and remolded you. You are now new individuals within. Although you carry your old faces, within, you are no longer the same. Something strange has happened, something new.
27.        Yes, I do not believe in living a retrogressive life. A retrogressive life means life without progress. You are living a life that every day you are declining spiritually and physically, I do not believe that. It is not the life of children of God. Children of God do not live that kind of life.
28.        Anybody that wants to take you back to the Law, is he declining or progressing? He is declining. What will you get there, something more than what they got?
29.        Have you seen God’s perfect wisdom permitting all His children to go through the Law, to all lengths? When we were under the Law, we were the highest. That is why people did not believe us. Denominations preached Law, but our own Law was the highest.
30.        However, today, we are in Grace. Denominations preach Grace, but our own Grace is the highest. That is why they do not come to our fellowship. Amen.

Let Me dismiss one thing; I hate rebellion! Each time we are here or in our houses. Always have this before you, that the thoughts of your heart ring like a bell in My ears more than the words of your mouth. As long as I am in your midst, the only thing you will know is what has come out of My mouth.
31.        No matter how gifted you are, you cannot prove what is on My mind. It is sealed away from every human being, but there, where you are sitting down, both the words that will come out of your mouth and the one you are thinking, I will stand here and tell you all.
32.        Sometimes, I can ignore them thinking that along the way, you will change your mind but I will still come to you. However, do not call it weakness; do not think I cannot do without you. Do not ever think that I am currying your favour, no.
33.        I do not curry the favour of any man. Whatever I do to you in any form or shape is the way I want it. I do not have any other thing on my mind like to use it to bribe your conscience. No. It is far from that.
34.        Now, I have taken all of you to the court called “conscience court”. All of you, men and women are now in the conscience court and you have to be discharged and acquitted for you to make any progress.  If you are not discharged and acquitted, no way for you.
35.        You may even develop severe sickness that no doctor will handle and no drug will cure because there is no court as strict as the conscience court. If you have entered the conscience court, that is the trial of the conscience, you will know that this world is a miserable place. I am telling you the truth I know very well. I lie not.
36.        Now, to many of you in other Local Assemblies, some of you heard maybe by testimonies, that last Sunday we never enjoyed fellowship. No. Last Sunday, we enjoyed the fellowship very well. We dismissed fellowship with praises and warm embraces.
37.        To some of you that heard that Bishop Okey troubled us, yes. It is true, but he has come back to his senses. He saw himself in a place where his name should not  be mentioned. He took a path of dishonor, but there is hope now.
38.        All that pushed him into trouble have all ran away and that will help him to know that human beings are unreliable. They can join hands to put someone into trouble and then run away. He will learn a lesson he never learnt before.
39.        On My side, let Me assure you, I cannot clash with Bishop Okey Paul for any reason at all, even if it is personality clash. I am miles away from Bishop Okey as far as personality is concerned. It is just like Bishop Umezulike condescending to embrace us and sit down in our midst to fellowship with us. Socially speaking, do we belong to his level?
40.        I use Doctor Ojiakor; if you know the time Doctor Ojiakor embraced this Faith and his class in medical line, you will know that it is Christ in him that has humbled him to stay with us. It is applicable to so many of you in this most holy Faith.
41.        There can never be anything personality clash. If it is ministry, I have a ministry that is away from all of you. Nobody in this Faith has a ministry, rather, you are holding the ministry I have given to you.
42.        It was St. Paul that called Timothy, laid hands on him and told him to do the work of an Evangelist. He called Titus, laid hand on him and told him to go to other Churches and put things in order and ordain elders.
43.        Can Timothy rise up and say, “I have a ministry”? Note it very well, nobody in this most holy Faith has a ministry. What you are holding as a ministry is what I have given to you to hold. It is your sacred trust.
44.        I recognized I cannot labour alone for the vineyard is extensive and no successful man of God ever works alone. I decided to co-opt you as my co-labourers. Thus, if you are My co-labourers, why should I clash with you?
45.        You are My co-labourers, but I am the Chief Labourer. I hired you and  assigned work to you. You are accountable to Me. Why should I clash with you? Unless you want to take over My farm. I am the One that will reward you. You should see it as a privilege being a co-labourer with Me.
46.        That My master is going somewhere and he wants me to drive him there, is it not a privilege that my master made me his driver on the day he attended a big meeting? What if he says, “Brother Silas drive me, Brother Kelechi enter the motor, let us go together;” does it mean belittling himself? No, it is a privilege that is extended to you.
47.        Do you think everybody will have the opportunity to become God’s co-labourer? Nobody bribes it. There is nobody here that has ever bribed Me to ordain him. No. I ordained you by divine directive either to help you to succeed so that you will help Me or to enable me to expose you because there are certain things that are in you which I will not know until I exalt your office. Then that thing will come out.
48.        Thus, when I ordain you, I ordain you for two purposes. If you find out the reason why I ordained you, you will always be happy with Me.
49.        I do not say you should begin now to think: “Could it be that Brother ordained me to expose me?” Please do not think that way if your heart is pure and your conscience is clean.
50.        Mike Udor, I will cancel your wedding if you do not sit down in the fellowship of the saints. Enough is enough. You are not the only person that married a wife newly. If you do not know, I have renewed My marriage. It is as new as your own is. So, sit down. Amen.

Glory be to God in the highest! Brother Goddy made a statement in My house before many elders including Pastor Christian, Bishop Nnachor and so on.
2.           He said that he was in the Faith before the Son of Man came in; that the Son of Man loves His friend Abraham too much; but the love He has for His friend, Abraham is not up to one-tenth of the love He has for Bishop Okey Paul and he has been proving it up till now.
3.           Brethren who were witnesses said that it is true. On My side, I confirmed it to be true because I know that it is true. However, My friend, Abraham occupies a special place. It can never clash with that of Okey Paul. Forget about the other side of it.
4.           I have never, for one day, distrusted Bishop Okey. I may have reasons to doubt some of his behaviors, but I believe that there are some human flaws that need to be accommodated.
5.           I have never for one day suspected that he will stand up to do anything evil against Me, even to rise up to bias people’s mind concerning this Faith because I made him My personal secretary.
6.           He is a Bishop in My office. The whole correspondences since this Faith began till today, I entrusted all into his care. Everything that was written against Me, I entrusted into his care because I do not destroy documents but I preserve them.
7.           I will make some comments, “Brother, preserve it. This thing will speak for itself.” I have never for one day suspected him of trying to tamper with the documents any day.
8.           To crown it all, Bishop Okey is the only minister working with Me whom I have conferred with My authority to the extent of giving him My own personal letterhead and authorizing him to be writing letters on My behalf and signing them on My behalf as well.
9.           If you are so trusted that the Head of State can give you his letterhead, give you the authority to use his letterhead and put your signature for his stead. In other words, if trouble comes out of it, he is the one they will hold responsible.
10.        Now tell me, is there any trust greater than that? Where lies the basis of clashing with him then? Tell Me the area we will clash! Is it on labouring in the vineyard? After labouring in the fellowship, I go home looking weak and haggard; what do I expect in return—what is My reward?
11.        Maybe my reward is the biscuit or sometimes you come with some fowls or yam, you say you are coming for thanksgiving, or sometimes you come with a big goat and I will take it to Bishop Nnachor and we will slaughter it, use the yam to cook and all of you will come and eat and drink. I say, maybe that is My reward. Maybe that is My offence.
12.        I still want to repeat the words of Socrates, “Man, Know Thyself”. Let no man in this most holy Faith, let no minister in this most holy Faith come to a point in his dealings with Me whereby he will create a situation where I will turn round and say, “Even you Brutus”.
13.        Remember he that murdered one that is asleep can never sleep for life. Allow the sleeping dog to lie. Let us go back to the board. Do not find fault with My prayer because I never said in Jesus’ name or in Christ Name.
15.        What am I saying? If I say, “I pray in the Name of Christ” or through Christ and Christ is the Anointed One, what am I?
16.        Remember, Jehovah means One residing with His family; with His little ones around Him. Is it any wonder why He should reside in a House? He cannot reside with His family in the forest. If He was a bachelor, He could go from house to house.
17.         Even that time, He resided in a house, He fooled His enemies and took His friends to His house, hence they could say, “We know him, we know where he is living” and that stumbled them.
18.        Please, follow Me spiritually; follow Me also physically and you will always have a cause to rejoice. Amen.

Watch and Wait. We want to make some investigations through the reference book, called the Bible.
2.           Hebrews Chapter 4, Amplified Bible: “1 therefore, while the promise of entering His rest still holds and is offered [today], let us be afraid [ to distrust it], lest any of you should think he has come too late and has come short of [reaching] it.
3.           For indeed we have had the glad tidings [Gospel of God] proclaimed to us just as truly as they [the Israelites of old did when the good news of deliverance from bondage came to them];
4.           but the message they heard did not benefit them, because it was not mixed with faith (with the leaning of the entire personality”. Amplified.
5.           When you hear that it profiteth them nothing because they did not accept it by faith, look at how the scripture puts it, “…but the message they heard did not benefit them, because it was not mixed with faith (with the leaning of the entire personality on God in absolute trust and confidence in His power, wisdom, and goodness)…”
6.           To receive the message by faith means leaning your entire personality on God and on God alone.
7.           “…Leaning of the entire personality on God in absolute trust and confidence in His power, wisdom, and goodness) by those who heard it; neither were they united in faith with the ones [Joshua and Caleb] who heard (did believe)…”
8.            Please this scripture is very essential. We find out why our fathers did not enter the Rest God promised them and the whole thing explained itself. That is what we are suffering today: Distrust, lack of wisdom, inability to have confidence in the One God has sentthe revealed God in all the ages—our inability to lean our entire personality on Him and on Him alone.
9.           That was why William Branham told us what to do; to allow God do our reasoning, our walking, our talking, our all and all because He is in there.
10.        “…For we who have believed (adhered to and trusted in and relied on God) do enter that rest, in accordance with His declaration that those [who did not believe] should not enter when He said,
11.        “As I swore in My wrath, They shall not enter My rest; and this He said although [His] works had been completed and prepared [and waiting for all who would believe] from the foundation of the world.”
12.        If you were not there as a believer from the foundation of the world and today you have manifested, will you believe? If you have believed, you have learned to adhere to, stick to, rely on, that goes to show that it is your character before the world began and in due time, you have only manifested to show what you are made up of. That is exactly what is happening now.
13.        Whatsoever people are manifesting now were exactly what they manifested before the foundation of the world, when the world was without form.
14.        If they were injurious, they were resentful, they found pleasure in rebellion, that was what they did when the world was without form, before the foundation of the world.
15.        Thus, when Christ became a human being, they too became human beings in due time to manifest that which they were made up of for a man will always manifest his attributes.
16.        Whatever we are seeing today as your characteristic never started today. That is why I have always told you that I accept you on the surface for what you are. You will remain My brother or My sister until I prove you otherwise.
17.        Verse 4: “For in a certain place He has said this about the seventh day: And God rested on the seventh day from all His works. And [they forfeited their part in it, for] in this [passage] He said, They shall not enter My rest. Seeing then that the promise remains over [from past times]…”  
18.        Please note, the promise has remained even since past times, not in your day. You are not the first people God promised this Rest; you are not the first people God promised this immortality and from the beginning they have been missing it because they never took God seriously.
19.        They pretended they believe when they never believed and God saw the whole thing.
20.        “…Seeing then that the promise remains over [from past times] for some to enter that rest, and that those who formerly were given the good news about it and the opportunity, failed to appropriate it and did not enter because of disobedience…”
21.        Those that were given the promise, the opportunity of having this promise—seventh day Rest, which you call millennium—did not enter because of disobedience.
22.        Millennium is not immortality. Is that true? Millennium is not immortality. Millennium means a thousand years and after that one thousand years, anything can happen and that is complete Rest with God. That is one day, which is the seventh day.
23.        You were not the first people that were promised this and people that received it never got it through unbelief, disobedience, lack of trust, lack of confidence and they missed it. Now is your turn!
24.        Do you know how many thousands of years that have elapsed since this Promise was made? Do you know how many trillions and billions of souls that waited for this Promise and died and yet they never got it and the same Promise has been passed unto you?
25.        You see why I was telling you that God is never in a hurry in doing anything and no man has ever stampeded God into action, and no man can ever stampede God into taking any action.
26.        God takes His own action at His own convenient time, at a time He fixed for it. If you like complain, demonstrate like Jonah,no way. If you like question Him more than Jeremiah and Job, you are wasting your time. He will only ask you harder questions that will only make you to close your mouth and bow down your head in surrender.
27.        Like I asked you the other day—as many as were clamouring for immediate translation or changing of mortal body to immortal body and they were talking as if God is indebted to them—what can you say about those that resurrected with Jesus Christ and they went to Galilee where many eyes saw them? Some of them stayed in the grave for hundreds of years and rose up.
28.        With what type of body did they resurrect? Human body with blood and flesh or a body different from that of Jesus Christ? Which body? What happened to them?
29.        When Jesus vanished in thin air, did they vanish with Him? On that Ascension Day, did anybody ascend to the sky more than one person? What happened to them? Did they die again? Because it is believed that they assumed immortality then. Where are they?
30.        If you cannot answer the question, why not close your mouth in shame! What can you say about Lazarus who stayed 4 days in the grave, decomposition set in, then at the command of the Lord, he came out and he loosed him? Where is Lazarus today? Did he die again? Did he vanish?
31.        Maybe resurrection has taken place many times and you do not know. You are only concerned about first resurrection and second resurrection. What can you call these ones? That of Lazarus, do we call it resurrection or incarnation?
32.        What can we call the ones that resurrected with Jesus Christ the day He resurrected? What do we call them? What can we say about the one that died, the only son of a widow? He met him on the way to the grave and then he called him out, what do we call that one? Maybe he woke him from sleep.
33.        When somebody died and was buried, four days after, the grave remained there, people marched on it and before you know it he came out, removed the stone and the man came out alive, what do we call it? Which one is the first resurrection? Which one is the second? Which one is third?
34.        It is just like mentioning the first and second Adam. If there is first and second Adam, there must be the third, there must be fourth, there must be fifth, there must be sixth, there must be seventh. Unless Adam has been phased out.
35.        Brethren, you see why we have to be very careful. Do not open your mouth too wide because your knowledge is limited. You must tell Me what we must call these resurrections. You must tell me what happened to them.
36.        If I resurrect and after a while I die again and be buried again, of what use is resurrection? What is immortality then? If after resurrection from the dead, I do not have immortality, of what use is that resurrection?
37.        Brethren, you know that I love you. You had better be careful while following Me. Follow Me as a Consuming Fire and My fear will always guide you safely. However, if you follow Me because I bathe with you naked, lie with you naked, go after women with you naked, you are gone.
38.        If because you play draught with the Head of State, you think you have come to a point where you will ridicule him, his bodyguards will gun you down. The Head of State will not touch you, but his bodyguards will.  The Head of State will not touch you and he will not speak, the Head of State will just give a sign and you will hear ta ta ta tayou will be gunned down. And that is all because your life and death are in his palms.
41.        If you doubt Me, how I wish it is easy to get you a glimpse of the hefty men I wrestled with in a room under lock and key in Suleja in a hotel near the bush; Eight of them including an expatriate. I gave them a battle!
42.        I went with my money and came back with My money. I went with My life and came back with My life. I even came back with their money, I mean after wrestling withthem. Brother Onyema, did you change it?
43.        I gave them a battle until they were pushed one side. They were shaking and saying, “That is a lion– lion, lion!” they said that they saw many animals. I told them that I am a cannibal and I am ready to devour.
44.        You could imagine a situation where one that intended to kill Me, after wrestling with Me, carried Me in his own car, took Me to motor park there in the midnight, however for the safety of people, I did something: I stayed with the police and they were phoning My house. Their concern was whether I have come back or not. The moment they heard that I have come back, all of them ran away and phoning stopped.
45.        I have told you that I am a Personality that has trusted in something that is in Me so much that I can only be afraid if I am on the road with somebody. However, if I am alone, fear not. I can use this microphone to kill thousands. I can use anything to destroy a battalion just like Samson.
46.        Samson came to a point where he used ordinary bone to destroy thousands. Their corpses littered everywhere. If you call it an empty boast, wait for Me on the road. Take it upon yourself and try that side.
47.        What is more, that is the side I delight in, not the spiritual side. The spiritual side does not give Me joy. I am One that loves displaying My power from time to time. That is why when I am filled with rage, if you know Me and you see My eyes flickering, give way because I am destructive and I will crush you without mercy. I will crush you like powder and nothing will happen!
48.        Yes, every man of God is a warrior! Jesus Christ who could just make a statement and a battalion fell down, what if He used his hand? That is why He told Peter to put his sword into its sheath: “If it is this type of warfare, My Father is able to give Me a host of army that will destroy them.”
49.        Watch Elisha and Gahazi. He said, “God, please open the eyes of my servant Gahazi to see the mountain; what is there.” No man of God works alone.
50.        As you see Me standing, I have hosts of army surrounding Me which I can invoke any time. If anybody feels that it is an empty boast, why not make a try!
51.        Note, I will be a foolish man if I witness coup against the Head of State three times and it failed and I will be the fourth person to go and try. Then I am a fool. I will know that what happened to them will happen to me also and mine will be worse.
52.        Tell Me the kind of rebellion I have not seen in this Faith, within and without? Tell me the kind of battle I have not fought? I started fighting from the first day this ministry appeared. Believe it if you can; while I am here, this ministry cannot denominate.
53.        No ministry from God ever denominates while the leader is alive. However, when you look for Me and you do not see Me, many leaders will emerge.
54.        All this Cherubim and Seraphim’s, were they there when Jesus was there? Were they there when Paul was there? It was when they gave way that you begin to see UCC, Deeper Life, Catholic, CMS, Sabbath, Cherubim. Why are they there? Everybody wants to be a leader; everybody wants to be recognized.
55.        When William Branham was there nobody said, “Seven Thunder; Seven virgins,” did not emerge. It was when William Branham died that many leaders emerged.
56.        As long as I am on the scene, by day or by night, if any man tells you that this ministry will denominate, call him a liar. If any man tells you that I will deceive you, call him a liar.
57.        How do you think that the God of gods after using Me, placing His Name upon Me, vindicating Himself in Me and around Me and has permitted Me to carry His message far and wide, before kings and rulers, has permitted Me to perform great signs and wonders in His Name among you and in this dying minute, He will allow Me to lead you astray? Has He done that before? Put your hands in the scripture, it is not there!
58.        If you do not know how God works, you will kill yourself before your time. First, understand how God works so that when He starts working in your day, you will be happy.
59.        Remember, He told you, “I am going to do a work in your day which even if it explained to you, you will not believe.” Who will not believe? It is he who did not believe from the beginning.
60.        An unbeliever is an unbeliever. You cannot make him to be a believer. I cannot believe and doubt. Doubt is the visible and invisible manifestation of unbelief.
You Have Need of Patience
61.        Verse 5: “And [they forfeited their part in it, for] in this [passage] He said, They shall not enter My rest. Seeing then that the promise remains over [from past times]
62.        for some to enter that rest, and that those who formerly were given the good news about it and the opportunity, failed to appropriate it and did not enter because of disobedience, Again He sets a definite day, [a new]…”
63.        Note it, He sets a day, a time for all He does. The scripture said, “a new,” not the old date. Who sets the date? God. Has He disclosed it to you? No. Why are you tired then? You see why He gave us a message titled: “You have need of patience,” for man is always in a hurry.
64.        If God says, “Stay here and wait for Me”, the command says, “stay and wait.” If anybody asks you, “Brother, why are you here for too long?” Reply the person that God said you should stay here and wait. That is all.
65.        The person asks you, “Why?” tell him or her, “I do not know, but that is what He says.” That settles the matter. However, when you begin to complain that the Master has stayed too long, this and that, He can even stay more. He can extend it until you are wearied.
66.        “…Again He sets a definite day, [a new] Today, [and gives another opportunity of securing that rest] saying through David”.
67.        Now look at, “…saying through David”. In other words, this NEW DAY was not set in your day. It was set even in David’s day and yet David never obtained it, but somebody who was born in about 1960 or 1962 or 1965 and started serving God in 1993, today he has served too much. To him, he has served too much.
68.        That person, to begin with, does not know the way of God? He should be taught. Not tomorrow you will hear, “Revelation; that is true! I wish he is here!” You will see him shouting, “It’s true”. Another person will speak, you will hear him shout, “It’s true”. Which one is true then?
69.        “Revelation; revelation; thank you; thank you”. Why are you thanking? What did you hear? What did you understand? That is the type of person you want to tell me is the one disturbing the camp? Na lie. I do not believe it.
70.        Rather, somebody co-opted him, somebody found him a veritable instrument he can use, maybe, to receive an ovation.
71.         Believe it if you have the heart, I am a man of integrity and dignity. If I am doing something, I believe in leaving the scene when the ovation is very loud. I believe in giving way at a time when the ovation is very loud. To fall from Grace to grass is a shameful fall if you are really intelligent.
72.        Any of you ministers and other brethren in this most holy Faith that have walked with Me and talked with Me all these years and do not learn wisdom from Me, you must be a fool for life. I believe that you have a lot to learn from Me for I do not hide anything from you.
73.         At least, you learn My way of life and My way of doing things and then learn My association; discover the type of people I associate with and the type of discussions that give Me joy. You do not see Me indulging in every kind of discussion. I do not do that.
74.        Even when you come to My house, you will notice that there are so many discussions you will open and I will close your mouth because I know you have nothing good to offer there. I will tell you that I am not interested; that if you do not have anything to say, please start going. That’s My life because I know that if I give you room, you will mess yourself up and not Me. Amen.

Note, I do not intend to disgrace any of you and do not disgrace yourself before the heathens. Water seeks its own level. Birds of the same feather flock together.
2.           Do you know that by right and by virtue of your calling, if there should be a place ministers should be traced to, it should be My house, do you know that?
3.           Because the closer they are to Me, the more they will be conferring with Me, the more they will know some hidden things that will help them in their ministries and also help them to help their brethren; the more also they will be beneficial to Me because if you do not come closer, I will not use your services.
4.           Remember, there was a time—that was under the Law—a lot of ministers that time never respected their ministers, no matter how they placed it and they got themselves indebted to one another in one way or the other and the thing became scandalous and horrible in the camp because it was the habit of End-time to borrow and not pay back and they will not tell the person they are borrowing money from them and will not pay.
5.           When that thing continued and continued, it became too scandalous and one day, the pastor came and preached a message here, “Should a Christian Lend Money to a Fellow Christian?” And he used so many scriptures from the New Testament to prove that brethren share things in common, but no Brother can borrow money from a Brother.
6.           I looked up and looked down. With humility, I never intended to cancel the message or to do otherwise. What I did was to agree with the message that day.
7.           I found opportunity to mount the pulpit and told brethren that it is a wicked man that will borrow and refuse to pay, for when you borrow and refuse to pay, you discourage your Brother. That Brother may be having something he has planned to do with the money, but he decided to help you.
8.           When they were borrowing with interest, I condemned borrowing with interest which was the habit I met. I remember that was what put Brother Goddy into trouble; Brother Goddy borrowed with interest. Then, I did something to enable brethren march on in peace. I was also owed money by many of them, even from other Local Assemblies.
9.           I did something; I mounted the pulpit and preached the message titled: “Jubilee year” and in that jubilee year, I cancelled all debts no matter the amount the Brother owes you. You owe a brother or sister, I cancelled all. I used Old Testament scriptures to support that message because we were under the Law.
10.        Thus, anybody telling you that there was no time we were under the Law, tell him he is a liar. There was a time we were under the Law. Today, can I use such scriptures to cancel debts? No.
11.        What happened next? I came up with my own version that “YOU OWE NO BROTHER NOTHING, BUT LOVE” and I went further to tell you that he that borrows money, reveals his secrets before he will be considered for the loan.
12.        There is no way you can borrow money from somebody without first of all revealing the purpose and sometimes, after revealing it, the person will tell you his own story and shamefully you go away.
13.        Then, I re-harnessed everything. This is exactly the type of thing I love. If you want to use the pulpit, use the pulpit without malice; use the pulpit with good intention, use the pulpit in truth; do not inject falsehood.
14.        You see, with My own version of the message, I relieved brethren by cancelling the debts including Myself; I also confirmed the message by discouraging them from borrowing.
15.        Did you see what happened there?  We are messengers of the same message. Then, listen to Me now; if you want to maintain your honour and integrity, respect your age and your personality and your status, who do you go to when you are in need? There is no man that never was in need at one time or the other, even if you are a millionaire.
16.        You must come to a point when you may not have even ten naira and you go to your brother or sister to borrow that money. That does not mean that you have become too poor. The next day, you may get more than that. This is life situation, but I appeal to you in the Name of God that you listen to My own wisdom side.
17.        When you want to borrow such money, do not go to somebody who will ridicule you. Rather, go to somebody who will understand you. Do not go to somebody who will ridicule you.
18.        I was talking to brethren and Pastor Dan shared his experiences with Brother Goddy Tobechukwu.  I used Brother Sam for example. I said, “You look at this boy Sam, I have been praying for him the same way I pray for all of you that he will do well. I love him. There is nothing in this life that will compel Me to go to Brother Sam to borrow money from him; I will not do that. I will be belittling Myself and My office.
19.        However, if I wake up and go to Brother Kelechi or Brother Okey or Brother Abraham Paul, I have not belittled Myself. I will tell them everything because they should know it. Even if they do not have it, they will know how to help Me to get it and you won’t hear it anywhere and they will not ridicule Me. They will still maintain their personalities. I will maintain mine.
20.        “However, if I go to this Brother Sam or to Brother Echezona, I have belittled Myself and if I keep on coming to them, may be, from time to time, it will come to the point where they will be ridiculing Me; even behind Me and before I know it, they will be jesting with Me and in order to win their favour always, I will be moving on their side, saying things that will please them. You see them, you shout, ‘Ah, you are my man!”
21.        You see, they are little, little youths full of youthful exuberances. They do not know anything. The same way, you watch brethren, once they gather in My house, verify from the Elders that come, there are certain things I will like to say; I will look round and say, “Yes, you can hear it; you are all elders,” but if there be one there that is not within that class, you will see Me send the person out.
22.        I will say, “My friend, go and wait for Me outside.” The same way, some brethren may come; even sisters, to see Me, I will say, “Sister, this thing you want to say, can another person hear it?” She may say, “Sir, no problem.”
23.        I will say, “Okay, no problem; Brother, stay.” However, there is somebody that will be there, I dare not ask that question because he or she is not of the same class. There are things that are meant for us. There are things that are meant for babes. I hope this thing is clear? If we can maintain this standard, I think we can restore a little measure of this respect; we can restore it.
24.        If I do not have a place to go, I will stay in My house, but if I want to go to a place where I want to have rest, I can never go to a bachelor’s house. Impossible; I will never try it!
25.        I WILL GO TO A BROTHER THAT IS MARRIED WHERE WE CAN EXCHANGE IDEAS BECAUSE A WISE MAN DISCUSSES IDEAS. A FEEBLE-MINDED FELLOW WILL ALWAYS DISCUSS EVENTS, WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THE SOCIETY, BUT A FOOL DISCUSSES INDIVIDUALS:What Brother said the other day; you know what Brother Johnson did? The other day, Brother Johnson bought a piece of land! You know what happened the other day? Brother Abraham Paul said this and that.” That is a fool.
26.        However, an average minded person will always tell us about politics in Nigeria, tell us what is happening in Iraq and America; tell us about football. That is an average minded person. He does not know anything but events. But wise minds discuss ideas, things that will help them in life, how they will survive the hard times.
27.        Verse 8, “This mention of a rest was not a reference to their entering into canaan, glory be to God…”
28.        Canaan is here; our enemy Emma said that he and his members are among us with God on their side. They are going to liberate God’s children and take them to Canaan and the scripture is saying that the Rest that is promised us is not Canaan. Who now is a liar?
29.        If you want to go to Canaan, go to Canaan! I will not be there with you. The Rest that is promised Me is not Canaan, but the one Emma Ejimnkonye is promising his members with Okey’s revelation is to go back to Canaan and then: “To your tents, oh Israel.” God forbid! I say God forbid. It is not our portion. If Emma wants to go to Canaan, he should go, may be, Four Square is leading him to Canaan.
30.         “…this mention of a rest was not a reference to their entering into Canaan for if Joshua had given them rest, he God would not speak afterward about another day.”
31.        In other words, the Rest God promised started with our fathers. Joshua saw it, but he did not lead the people into it; from Joshua to Jesus because if you bring Good News Bible Joshua means Jesus; the Good News Bible said, “If Jesus had taken them to that Rest,” so Jesus Christ did not take them to that Rest.
32.        Now, how can somebody living in our own day think he can hasten God into bringing him into that Rest, not even Rest, immortality? Immortality is after the Rest; after the Rest, cometh the end of all things. All things will not come to an end until you have enjoyed the one thousand years after which Satan will be let lose. Maybe you do not know that!
33.        After enjoying one thousand years, you have not entered Eternity. Eternity is not one thousand years, but whoever that enters that immortality has entered the Eternity.
34.        Brethren, does Eternity mean one thousand years? Eternity means endless life, but one thousand years is a period; a time. So, after that, you will still taste of death.
35.        You know, many things make Me laugh. I am not attacking My brother or My sister. I am attacking the Deceiver. You know the Ministry of Christ has always been enshrouded by such spirits much to the point that He looked at the man He wanted to make a leader after him. That is Peter.
36.        He said, “Peter, Peter, Satan wanted to buffet you about, but I prayed for you that your faith fail not. Peter, anytime you are converted, strengthen your brethren.”
37.        If the man God wanted to handover to, the person He has conferred with authority saying, “Upon this rock, I will build My Church; Peter, feed My flock,” if he (Peter) was not converted, then were those following him converted?
38.        Brethren, we are indeed children of God.  We call this the third exodus; this is the third exodus. This Rest is very, very important.
39.        Verse 9, “So then, there is still awaiting a full and complete Sabbath rest reserved for the true people of God…”
40.        Is it reserved for everybody? It is reserved for the true people of God, not fake. There is still a period of waiting. If God said that it is still pending and we know it is still pending and we know it is sure, and we know that God is guilty until He performs His promise and we know that what we are waiting for is still in front, shall we be tired of watching and waiting?
41.        What should be our main objective? Our preoccupation; our only duty should be to watch and wait. What you are waiting for is still ahead of you; it has not come and gone so as to start regretting, but if you said it has delayed, is there anything you can do to hasten it seeing that it was fixed for a particular day and you do not know the day?
42.        Brethren, if you are not taught, well you will not behave well, however,  if after teaching you very well and you misbehave badly, you are corrupting yourself with another Gospel. You are walking by wrong influence because Saint Paul met people like that in Galatia.
43.        He said, “I am surprised that you have so soon departed from Him that called you from darkness into his marvelous light; that you believe anyone that comes to you, whatever he preaches, you believe. But I want to tell you, if any man should come or myself or an angel from Heaven or a Prophet bringing another message other than this one you have received, let that man be accursed.”
44.         Do not allow any man to beguile you with another Gospel which is: In the beginning Grace, in the middle Grace, in the end Grace. The Prophet foretold that Grace would be the last message that will be on earth in the end-time.
45.        No other message is coming except Grace so that on that day we all will rejoice and say, “It is Grace, Grace and Grace alone,” not by our own merit.
46.        Thus, if any man says that you should go back to the Law, “Go back to the beginning, say no. It is an indirect way of saying, “Let us make for ourselves a captain that will take us back to Egypt.”
47.        It is just like Weston Fihala. I learnt he attended a meeting with End-Time message believers in Lokoja. You see, that is the man that said that he is running a Church in Jos called Church at something in Jos. The Bride Ministry, that is the Church they are running with Ben Adiukwu.
48.        Now, he goes to Lokoja to one End-Time group there. After holding two days meeting with them, he traced Apostle Joe and Brother Isaac to their house. When he got there, he told them that he was in touch with their father in Kaduna. He went there for no other purpose than to borrow money.
49.        Then, he said he was regretting; that he felt guilty every time, remembering that they are still holding unto this Faith; that he was the one that made them to believe, that they should leave the Faith now that he has left.
50.        They sat him down and used both End-Time and our message to make him look like a fool until he shamefully left them with disgrace. Then, who is Weston? You know his story. He was the one that was going from house to house—that was when we were under the Law in 1996—duping even widows many thousands of naira.
51.        That was the man that was going from house to house duping people. It is End Time message with End Time spirit and that is the beginning they want us to go back to. Do not worry, I will leave you with two options.
52.        Do not tell Me you will not go; what if I insist that we will go there again, will you revolt against Me? If I insist that we will go back, will you revolt against Me?  
53.        You see, I wanted your response because I permitted you in the Epistle that any day I tell you to go back to the Law, run hostile with Me for it contains no life, it contains no truth, it is full of suppression of feelings, people pretending to be what they are not, arrogating to themselves powers they do not posses.
54.        You know, it is a dangerous precedent, very delicate and deadly for one to arrogate to himself powers he does not possess. That was what filled the End Time message. When you get there, you will see a lot of such nonsense.
55.        Has Weston changed? Never! If you want to know about him, phone the wife or write the wife a personal letter. Yet he goes about with our message and that is what makes him a nice minister after which he will collect tithe and dupe them again. That was why one of the false apostles in this Faith nearly slapped Me because he never played with tithe.
56.        Let Me continue to show you that what we are waiting for is still ahead of us. Let no man make the mistake of saying it has come and gone. There is still remaining a full and complete Sabbath Rest reserved for the true people of God, for He who has come or entered God’s Rest also has ceased from the weariness and pain of human labours, just as God rested from those labours.
57.        Watch and wait. The promise of Rest still lies ahead and I am still on the scene bringing the Promise closer to you every day, renewing the Promise in your mind every day, because renewing the Promise means renewing your strength.
58.        They that wait upon the Lord, they shall renew their strength. Thus, if you feel tired of waiting, maybe, at the age of 40 or 45 years old this year, you think you have waited for too long, how many years have you devoted to waiting? Are you patient at all?
59.        That goes to show that if there should be anything bastard, you are the one. The person that complains that the road is too far is a servant, but a son that is following the father and the mother is moving along hoping that the parents are there, and if they get there, they will settle down. Though they have not settled down, he knows that they have not reached there, for when a man gets to his destination, he stops.
60.        My destination, I am still on it. No wonder giants are opposing from both sides and God is granting us victory as we continue and by His Grace, by His enabling power, we must hit our focal point.
61.        If others have been failing, we will not fail. We are not saying it by our power, we are standing by His Grace and enabling power. We are getting there. After all, we are privileged that He has given us all things. He has given us Peter; he has given us Paul; he has given us Jesus; he has given us Branham. He has given us Himself, He has given us life and death even as our messengers. What else do we lack? Nothing! We are hitting the focal point by and by.
62.        If any man is in haste, let him run ahead of God. If we can run like mad people, we can trek to Lagos without getting tired. A mad man can trek from Onitsha to Lagos and come back. It will only take him many days, but he will get there alive because he does not follow a straight cut. There are too many sharp bends he will follow and while going, he will pick many things on the road.
63.        When he gets to a market place that is favourable, he will make some friends there and then sojourn there for some time and then continue. If we walk that way, we will never be tired.
64.        Waiting on His promise; with this, I have laid to rest the issue of hastening God into action, for no man has ever done that and no man will ever do that and God does not listen to such people that will like to stampede him into action and let it be known to you that it is this hurry, hurry life that made our fathers to complain against God in the wilderness and they perished.
65.        It is during this period they want everything to be done in a hurry that you see them rebelling against leadership as if they made the leadership. They will jump and jump to that place, but we noticed that people that wrestled with power will die there with the power. They do not move an inch further for the Lord will dissociate from them.
66.        That was why, from time to time, Moses will rise up and say, “Congregation of Israel, let us come out for God to vindicate who is just among us. Let us come out! Allow God to do the vindication.”  Amen.

Now, wheels on a wheel. I know many are surprised hearing this type of topic. I will not stay on it for too long. I will just create faith in you further. When you start enjoying it, I will cut it off.
2.           To show you that I am not a novice, you know from time to time you may push Me to do one thing or the other to reassure you again that I know what I am doing.
3.           As many as were with Me when I preached the message titled “Building Plan”, they will know that I am a Master Builder and I know what I am doing at every stage. I know what I am doing. I have never lose control of the steering for one day.
4.           I can lose passengers, some can jump down, but to lose control of the steering? No way. I have always controlled the steering very firmly.
5.           A Brother had a dream and narrated it to Me and Brother Amankem. He said he had a dream and in that dream, there were two luxury buses that were climbing a hill and I was driving one of them and My own was behind. Thus, when we got to that hill, My own luxury bus picked up speed because it had a very sound engine. I overtook the other one and I was loaded with brethren.
6.           He said that when I overtook the other one, I gave it quite a gap behind me and wanted to park to the left. Immediately I went to the left to park the vehicle, he saw a motorcyclist just in front of the bus and the vehicle nearly crushed him and the motorcycle. I raised alarm and shouted, “Bishop Okey.” Lo and behold I controlled the vehicle and the person with the motorcycle who was nearly crushed turned out to be Bishop Okey.
7.           Then I came out from that vehicle and commanded the Brother to go and light up the vehicle. They used generator to light up everywhere and then Brother Okey turned and started talking to some brethren on his own side. I told the Brother to go and tell Brother Amankem the dream.
8.           Yes, I am full of mercy and compassion. I do not aim at crushing anybody. However, if I crush, something has prompted it, but I will help you to the extent I know I can but to crush you is not My aim.
9.           For now, I am still on My salvation mission. Anything you do not understand, why not come to Me? I am meek and lowly and of a humble spirit. Gently, I will explain everything to you. I can hardly do anything without calling witnesses. I have My reasons, but in spite of that, people still doubt Me.
10.        You doubt Me because you do not believe yourself and you think I am the way you are. If you believe yourself, it will be very easy to believe Me, more especially when we are not quarrelling. There is nothing we are fussing about; absolutely nothing.
11.        You should believe Me, after all, we are running the same race, helping one another. I thank God I was not the one that had the dream, but truly speaking, in anger, I would have crushed Bishop Okey. Note it, I would have crushed Bishop Okey in anger because he trailed on the most dangerous ground.
12.        Call Me a fool, call Me a fornicator, call Me whatever you want, I will always laugh, but do not ever tamper with My doctrine because My doctrine are not mine, but that of He that sent Me.
13.        If you do not want to take it, it is your right. Go your way and do not ever try to twist or to do anything there. Leave it there! If it does not sink well with you, that is up to you. Keep it to yourself, but do not ever tamper with it.
14.        My life is tied to My doctrine. Many here do not know My covenant with the Faith. You just came in to this Faith, you saw the Son of Man and you rejoice with Him, but talk of the Covenant, you do not know. Yes, you do not know what I have suffered to protect the Covenant lest I will die before My time. You do not know what I have suffered.
15.        Deal with Me in any way you want. If you like publish a book against Me, write everything you want to write against Me, I will laugh at you because you do not know what you are doing, but do not ever tamper with My doctrine. If you want one, establish your own.
16.        I have told you that if you want to be somebody, you want us to recognize you, it is your right but be free to tell us why. You feel you have a doctrine, God has called you, feel free and let us have that one, but do not tamper with any doctrine I have laid down.
17.        You have the right to say, “I do not believe.” But leave it there! That you do not believe, will it stop God from fulfilling His Word? Must you believe? You must not believe.
18.        Thus, if anybody says, “Whether you like it or not you must,” na lie. You have the right to say, “I do not believe. If you do not believe, keep it to yourself. Do not tell another person not to believe.
19.        If you point Me away from this Faith, where will you point Me to for God can never leave His people in the wilderness again. He cannot leave His people without a Shepherd.
20.        If you point people away from this Faith, where will you direct them to? Will you direct them to yourself, to somebody else or to another congregation? Which congregation? If it is to yourself, what evidence will you give to them to prove that God called you?
21.        Will you impose yourself on them? How are you going to convince them that it is God’s will that they should hear you and not the person God has vindicated before their eyes?
22.        Note, it has never been easy to separate the sheep from the shepherd, unless you want to spill blood. It has never been easy. These are the things somebody must consider before he can rebel.
23.        If you do not consider these things, you will even end it in disgrace because when you plot coup and you do not succeed, you are disgraced, you are humiliated and finally killed publicly.
24.        Publicly, they just hang you on the pole and the little boys, lower in rank than you will slap you up and down, arrest you, place weight on you, then use gun on you and that is the end.
25.        They will say, “There was one Brigadier, one Corporal arrested him, one Sergeant killed him.” May I never die that type of death! Amen.

I can never speak on wheel on a wheel without introducing Myself and what is happening.
2.          Isaiah chapter 53:1-4: “Who has believed, trusted in, relied upon and cleaved to our message of that which was revealed to us and to whom has the arm of the Lord been disclosed…”  
3.           Who has believed, cleaved to, relied upon that which was revealed to us. It is not that which was revealed to Okey Painter, maybe, in the sea or under his bed and then he will gather people to come and hold meeting. No, it is revealed to us.
4.            “…But the servant of God grew up before him like a tender plant…”  
5.           Note it, the servant of God grew up before him like a tender plant. In other words, he started from the scratch. You know what a tender plant is, and gently you see the plant growing before Him, being nurtured by God Himself. He never went to the Bible College. He is not preaching the opinion of others. He is holding something away from all of them and yet it is truth without rival.
6.           “…And like a root out of dry ground, he has no form or comeliness, royal, kingly horn that we should look at him and no beauty that we should desire him. He was despised and rejected and forsaken by men. A man of sorrows and pains and acquainted with grief and sickness…”  
7.           And what? And sickness. If you did not read this you can hardly believe that God could become sick so that when He becomes sick, you think it is limited to you alone. God was made in a form where He can become sick. If God can become sick, His children becoming sick from time to time, is it another thing?
8.           Thus, do not allow anybody to say because you are sick God has left you. Na lie. Sickness is an attribute of God because He could be sick. That goes to show that God was 100% human being and is still 100% human being for only as a human being can He be sick. What is more, He believed in going to the hospital the same way He believed in going to the hotel.
9.           Jesus Christ preached a message of the man from Jerusalem to Jericho and he was attacked by armed robbers, but a Good Samaritan took him first of all to a hospital where the wounds were bound, he paid the bill and finally took him to a hotel where he ate and the man paid the bill too. Did Jesus condemn hospital? Did he condemn hotel?
10.        “…And like one from whom men hide their faces. He was despised and we did not appreciate his worth or have any esteem for him…”
11.        We never esteemed him. Please note that place. I want to show you something for the members of Emma Ejimnkonye that are still in our midst so that you take this scripture which is God’s promise to him. Take it to him so that he will either withdraw you from this most holy Faith or change his mind.
12.        I am calling Emmanuel Ejimnkonye, but I know Emma Ejimnkonye that I’m calling. He did not come to the Faith to hear the message; people went to him to tell him what we are preaching. He did not come into the faith to know what is happening amongst us, people told him their plans and what they will do and he only watched to see what would happen in our midst.
13.        He only came around to know whether the fire they promised they were going to ignite has started burning. If anybody tells you that nobody from among us went to him and told him how he is going to cause trouble in this Faith, do not believe the person.
14.        Somebody went to him from time to time, reasoned with him, ate and drank with him and told him his plans and how he will carry those plans out. Then he started making the plans. However, Almighty God whose eyes runneth to and fro all over the Earth saw it.
15.        Yes, The Almighty God with four faces: The Face of a lion, the Face of an ox, the Face of an eagle and oh no! Let Me stop there.  I am coming back again. Yes, I will come back there.
16.        It is you in our midst that went to him; you in our midst went to others. You went to them and organized. You are the one that is revealing our secrets, if we have any.
17.        Remember that Jesus Christ told his disciples saying, “To you, have been entrusted to know the secrets of the Kingdom. But to them that are outside of our circle, they do not know.”
18.        It’s you that take the secrets of the Kingdom outside. You make friendship with them; you are the one that loves your husband’s enemies. You are the one that use hook to draw the enemies closer and you ask them to stand around the fence while they watch you throw in your bomb and they see this place burning in a second.
19.        Well, go and tell them that the Son of Man pocketed the bomb. The Son of Man collected it. Immediately you were about to throw it, He collected it instantly there and then neutralized it, diffused it into nullity and pocketed it. What is more, He is waiting for more.
20.        Yes, I did not allow it to land. While it was hanging in the air, I collected it and wrote all on the board. I said, “Back to sender, not my portion, not for Me, not for My people, not for Me; not for My people”.
21.        I collected it because William Branham said that one single falsehood injected into the Faith will destroy the whole world. Thus, I did not want it to land. While the thing was still in the air, I was collecting everything with My hand and carried it straight away, then placed it where it should be, detonated it, diffused it, neutralized it because truth will always win.
22.        Truth will always triumph because God is truth. Truth must triumph over falsehood. I’m not a giant here neither have I seen a junior giant. If there is one, I do not know yet because I know very well that all the ministers in this Faith, they are what they are because I allowed them to ride on My back.
23.        If I want to degrade you, it will take Me only one second. If I want to promote you, one second. If I do not want anybody to believe the report of Brother Umezulike—I use him as one that is highly placed in the society and an overseer in Enugu—I know what to do in one second.
24.        Then who is that man, who is that woman? Let Emmanuel Ejimnkonye and his company that are still in our midst go and consider what I am going to do in this place.
25.        Isaiah 54 verse 15 through 17. “…Behold, they may gather together and stir up strife, but it is not from me…”  
26.        They may gather together, take council together to stir up strife in the Family of God, but it is not from God; “it is not from Me” sayeth the Lord God Almighty.  
27.        “…Whoever stirs up strife against you, shall fall and surrender to you…”
28.        Remember, “that shall” is future tense; that is, future continuous tense.
29.        “…Behold, I have created the smith who blows on the fire of coals and who produces a weapon for its purpose and I have created the devastators but no weapon that is formed against you shall prosper and every tongue that shall rise against you in judgment, you shall expose to be in the wrong.
30.        This peace, righteousness, security, triumph over opposition is the heritage of the servants of the lord. Those in whom the ideal servant of the Lord is reproduced.
31.        This is the righteousness or the vindication which they obtain from me. This is that which I impact to them as their justification says the Lord.”
32.        Why not say amen! Amen. You see My consolation every time? No matter the angle where it is coming from, it cannot be greater than Almighty God. If I am from God, His security is upon Me, His Righteousness is upon Me, His truth is in Me, His justification is My portion and heritage.
33.        Who is that man that can lift up his tongue against Me? I will prove him to be wrong! Who is that man that can take council together to stir up strife against Me? Surely, he must surrender to Me because if it does not happen, the Word of God will not come to pass.
36.        I wanted it to come out. I guided them every minute and while I was guiding them, they were coming out. They continued coming out, I laughed at them; if only they understood My adage.
37.        I do not just use adages for the sake of doing so. That day, I came your way, I gave you the Igbo adage, “If a little goat kneels down, it will suck the mother’s breast”, but while the goat is standing, well, you should understand the message.
38.        See, if a little goat kneels down, it must suck the breast of the mother whether the mother likes it or not. Besides, while the goat continues to kneel down, the mother cannot escape and the mouth of the little goat will remain on the breast nipple until the little goat is satisfied and if it is satisfied, you will see the goat leaping about with joy as it plays with the mother, but if the goat is standing up, it cannot suck the mother’s breast. Think about it.
39.        I am a fountain full of treasures, full of treasures, but your unbelief, your disloyalty, stubbornness and rebellion are pushing you away from Me. That’s why God said that His hand is not too short that He cannot save, but your iniquities have driven you far away from God.
40.        If you are running away from Me, it is because something is wrong with you. There is no peace with the wicked. If you are at peace with your father, you will always eat in the same plate with him and you feel comfortable when you are staying with your father.

Now, I will show you what people of God saw. The Book of Ezekiel Chapter 1 verse 4 through 28, “As I looked, behold a stormy wind came out of the north and a great cloud with the fire enveloping it and flashing continually…”
2.           I will not speak on this Wheels on a wheel now, but I will drop few things there and leave the message for now because it is a part of the message that I am laying a foundation for which Satan had started attacking. And that message is: “Beyond the curtain of time.” That is what Satan is attacking because I have laid part one foundation, intending to continue.
3.           I will give it many backgrounds before I will preach it and if you miss the background, no more. I call it the sharpest curve. I gave the notice ahead of time, I have never taken you by surprise in My messages. I have always announced My messages ahead of time, but immediately I opened it to lay the first background, Satan came holding the little that has come out, knowing that you will benefit.
4.           This Wheels on a wheel, I will speak on it. Then you will begin to appreciate the victory I had at Minna. That the expatriates and other big men who ran away leaving their vehicles shouting lion, shouting many things, did so because they knew what they saw.  They were shouting, alarmed at what they saw and yet at the end of the crowd, one man stood in.
5.           That is why to some of you in this most holy Faith who have direct relationship with Me, if I find out that you are trying to do something, I change a little. Sometimes, if I know that you are weak, I will ask you the question, “Do you want Me to frighten you?” And if you want to go to the other side, I will look at your eyes to know why you are enquiring. 
6.           If I find Myself in a conducive atmosphere, you can even bypass Me without knowing it. It has happened to many in this Faith. Many came face to face with Me, bypassing Me without knowing Me depending on the face you are seeing.
7.           If you like call Me the man of many faces. Remember what I told you before: that one day, I am going to take you up on many faces of religion. I said it—many faces of religion. There is no religion that has no face, but let us continue.
8.           “…As I looked behold a stormy wind came out of the north and a great cloud with the fire enveloping it and flashing continually, a brightness was about it and out of the midst of it there seem to glow amber metal out of the midst of the fire and out of the midst of it came the likeness of cold living creatures or cherubim and this was their appearance; they had the likeness of a man but each one had four faces and each one had four wings”.
9.           They had the likeness of a man and each one had four faces. Have you ever seen a man with four faces? If that is God and God created you in His image and likeness, how many faces have you? How many faces had the Lord Jesus? Is there any scripture proving that Jesus had four faces?
10.        Do not worry, do not say no, do not say yes. If I ask astonishing questions, mope at me. I say mope. Do not talk, but when you talk, you make Me go back believing you know it. However, when you mope at Me, I know that you are astonished. If I do not clear it today, I will clear it tomorrow.
11.        “…But each one had four faces and each one had four wings and their legs were straight legs and the sole of their feet was like the sole of the cows foot and they sparkled like banish brooms and they had the hands of a man under their wings on the foresight.
12.        And the four of them had their faces and their wings thus: their wings touched one another they turned not when they went but went everyone straight forward.
13.        As for the likeness of their faces, they each have the face of a man in front and each had the face of a lion on the right side and the face of an ox on the left side, the four also has the face of an eagle at the back of their heads”.
14.        You look at the thing, in front, it is standing with straight legs; in front, it is a human being with human face. By the right, you see face again like lion; left, you see face again like an ox; back, you see face, like an eagle. In addition, if He wants to face in the lion’s side, He will not turn. You see Him moving that way, no turning. He wants to move in the ox’s side, You see Him moving that way, no turning. He wants to move in the eagle’s side, You see Him moving that way, no turning. He wants to move on the human’s side, You see Him moving that way, no turning. Why not put your hands together!
15.         This must be a mysterious man. This must be a mysterious creature. Have you ever come across this kind of creature? To those of you that came from End-Time message, William Branham touched on it; he touched on it, on the lion, on the ox, on the eagle and all of them culminated into a human being; one person.
16.        Do not worry; you will see the totality down there. This is a vision and the fullness of the vision came down at last and the man started paying attention because if you are not sure of the voice you are hearing, you are not sure of the figure you are seeing; thus it is useless to pay attention.
17.        Such were their faces. And their wings were stretched out upward [each creature had four wings]; two wings of each one were touching the [adjacent] wing of the creatures on either side of it, and [the remaining] two wings of each creature covered its body. 
18.        And they went every one straight forward; wherever the spirit would go, they went, and they turned not when they went. In the midst of the living creatures there was what looked like burning coals of fire, like torches moving to and fro among the living creatures; the fire was bright and out of the fire went forth lightning.
19.        And the living creatures darted back and forth like a flash of lightning. Now as I was still looking at the living creatures, I saw one wheel upon the ground beside each of the living creature with four faces…”
20.        Note, one wheel upon the ground beside each of the living creature with four faces.
21.        As to the appearance of the wheels and their construction: in appearance they gleamed like chrysolite; and the four were formed alike, and their construction work was as it were a wheel within a wheel.
22.        When they went, they went in one of their four directions without turning [for they were faced that way]. As for their rims, they were so high that they were dreadful, and the four had their rims full of eyes round about. And when the living creatures went, the wheels went beside them; and when the living creatures were lifted up from the earth, the wheels were lifted up.
23.        Wherever the spirit went, the creatures went and the wheels rose along with them, for the spirit or life of the [four living creatures acting as one] living creature was in the wheels. When those went, these went; and when those stood, these stood; and when those were lifted up from the earth, the wheels were lifted up high beside them, for the spirit or life of the [combined] living creature was in the wheels.
24.        Over the head of the [combined] living creature there was the likeness of a firmament, looking like the terrible and awesome [dazzling of shining] crystal or ice stretched across the expanse of sky over their heads.
25.        And under the firmament their wings were stretched out straight, one toward another. Every living creature had two wings which covered its body on this side and two which covered it on that side.
26.        And when they went, I heard the sound of their wings like the noise of great waters, like the voice of the Almighty, the sound of tumult like the noise of a host. When they stood, they let down their wings.
27.        And there was a voice above the firmament that was over their heads; when they stood, they let down their wings. And above the firmament that was over their heads was the likeness of a throne in appearance like a sapphire stone, and seated above the likeness of a throne was a likeness with the appearance of a Man…”
28.        What was there? A likeness with the appearance of a man, the whole vision is boiling down to something.
29.         “…From what had the appearance of His waist upward, I saw a lustre as it were glowing metal with the appearance of fire enclosed round about within it; and from the appearance of His waist downward, I saw as it were the appearance of fire, and there was brightness [of a halo] round about Him…”
30.        There was what? Brightness! Glory be to God!
31.        “…From what had the appearance of His waist upward, I saw a lustre as it were glowing metal with the appearance of fire enclosed round about within it; and from the appearance of His waist downward, I saw as it were the appearance of fire, and there was brightness [of a halo] round about Him.
32.        Like the appearance of the bow that is in the cloud on the day of rain.”
33.        Hallelujah. Nothing describes what we have more perfectly than this scripture. Like the appearance of a rainbow in the day of rain round about Him.
34.        I am telling you that before any man of God will pay attention to any voice, he must be very clear because before any vision will come there must be a voice. The vision will be coming gradually, finally, it will wind up into something and then the voice will go forth.
35.        I remember the vision I saw many years ago while I was driving home with My family in My car and people rushed out along Ekwusigo Ozubulu and there was one in a firmament like that with the Bible in his hand or a book in his hand that was opened and so on.
36.        People were watching with joy; anyway, let Me cut it short because I am involved. There are too many things I withhold within Myself, though they do not form a part of the salvation message.
37.        However, I withhold them because I am involved lest I will be exalted more than what I am. Any man sent by God who does not know what he is, God never sent him.
38.        “…Like the appearance of the bow that is in the cloud on the day of rain, so was the appearance of the brightness round about. This was the appearance of the likeness of the glory of the Lord”.
39.        This was what? The appearance of the likeness of the glory of the Lord! The glory of the Lord has risen. I think we have it in our book. All that we are preaching in the threshold of His sanctuary and you can see everything.
40.        I am not pointing you there because I am the One there; I am pointing you there so that you can see that Ezekiel made no mistake. From the beginning, the thing started coming down, coming down, coming down; finally, it wound up in a man: One Person, that Person that was standing on two feet, two straight legs having four faces (Selah!).
41.        This face like a human being, the other one like a lion, the other one like an Ox, the other one like an eagle; One man with all these! Finally, when he saw these things, something happened.
42.        “…This was the appearance of the likeness of the glory of the Lord. And when I saw it, I fell upon my face and I heard a voice of One speaking…”
43.        Immediately he saw this, he recognized that this was the appearance of the glory of the Lord. In other words, he knew that the personality that was standing there was no other person but God Himself, he fell flat.
44.        Immediately he fell flat, a voice started speaking to him. When you recognize the Personality that is talking to you, to have faith in Him becomes very easy. However, if you do not know the Personality that is talking to you, you can hardly have faith in Him. That is where we are perishing because of our inability to recognize Who is in our midst, no matter the vindication, no matter the way God places things. Amen.

Now, I want to show you something. Pardon Me if I offend you, but I know I will not offend you. I can only offend those who are destined to be offended.
2.          Now let us look at this Ezekiel Chapter 1 verse 26 to 28 very, very well: “For high in the sky above them was what looked like a throne made of beautiful blue sapphire stones and upon it sat someone who appeared to be a man.
3.           From his waist up, he seemed to be all glowing bronze dazzling like fire and from his waist down he seemed to be entirely flame and there was a glowing hallow like a rainbow all around him.
4.           That was the way the glory of the Lord appeared to me and when I saw it I fell face downward on the ground and heard a voice of one speaking to me…”
5.           Have we ever seen something like this in our midst? If we have ever seen something like this, what stops us then from paying attention to Him? Why do we have many voices then? When the Prophet saw this and went down in respect (fell flat and worshiped Him), how many voices spoke to him? How many persons did he see?
6.           Since the day we took the photograph that revealed the Cloud, have we not been taking photographs? Has God ever invited us to come and see another person that is in our midst to banish unbelief?
7.           Anybody finding his way to the pulpit in the fellowship of the saints should be very careful because if we do not hold what is committed into our hands with every amount of sincerity and strictness, God will take it away from us.
8.           That our lantern is still on is because we are strict in holding and retaining what God committed into our hands. Anybody who is struggling with the pulpit or wants to struggle with it wants God to take away the lamp from us. Moreover, if the lamp should go away, all of us will grope in darkness and perish.
9.           Whosoever that wants to quench this lamp should be regarded as the elect’s greatest enemy and should be dealt with as an enemy. You can make friendship with everything but do not make friendship with the life of your soul and the life of your brethren. Do not ever do that.
10.        Brother Kelechi preached a message that helped us, that this message has constructed a bridge between Hell and Heaven for us; while we are holding unto it, we cross Hellfire and we see ourselves in Heaven. If anybody is tampering with the bridge, the rope, at any time, he wants all of us to fall into the pit and that man should be regarded as an enemy.
11.        I spoke to you many years ago saying, “You know the source of My message for My message came from no less a person than the Lord Himself”.
12.        When you know the source of a man’s message, happy are you. To wrestle against it means death. Is it any wonder that after many years I came up reproducing old messages including the one I handled last: “My People Do not Know Me?”
13.        What is more, the People that do not know Me were the people that introduced Me to their brethren. Could it be that you introduced Me without believing Me? Could it be that you were not sure of the person you were introducing? If you do not believe it, why do you preach it?
14.        Saint Paul believed, so he preached. You have no right to preach unless you believe—unless you are playing smartness or you want to win cheap recognition, but I do not aim at winning cheap recognition.
15.        I am a Pilot that is on a strict mission and My eyes are fixed on My target. If I overlook all distractions now, that does not mean I will not pick them up again because My target is to land safely first. For that reason, I will ignore smoking in the aeroplane; I will ignore fighting; I will ignore every kind of thing, though the reports may come, but let Me land safely first.
16.        When I land safely, I will avenge. However, if I try to avenge when I am still in the midair, you know, I will be a fool because I have not landed safely. I’m holding My cockpit, flying at a top speed in the midair, having all these innumerable faces as my crew and you want Me to play with it? No.
17.        My eyes are fixed on My compass director, hence I am watching everything, making sure that if any compartment develops any fault, I know what to do to remedy it in the air. Once I land safely  and come out from the cockpit with My ambassadorial kit, then My friend, Abraham will welcome Me; give Me one cool wine and fan Me very well. Anywhere I land, he will land there.
18.        You know that very well. He is an extraordinary minister; a man that does not want to labour and will never labour to get what he wants. That’s all.
19.        Do you know that if father Abraham has risen up speaking perverse things in the pulpit, you will not hear it? You will not hear Me speak of it; I will not talk. You will not hear Me speak and nothing has happened. I know what to do.
20.        One evening, I will simply pick My gallon; pick My tumbler, enter Peace Mass and land there. Under that cashew tree, while we are drinking, I’ll tell My friend, “My friend, what were you talking about the other day? Are you mad?”
21.        Leave him alone. That was how David got naked and the wife thought that David was mad; she never knew what was happening. Do not call it euphoria for it is not euphoria. It is revelation impact or impact of revelation.
22.        Revelation has impact. But before then, you must know the personality. Have I not told you, even if I come to your work place and chat with you, I am what I am? It does not remove anything from My Personality.
23.        Let Me tell you what I mean. You see Brother Ojiakor, he is still a medical doctor. You see Brother Umezulike, he is still a High Court judge. Whether he is in the Church or Family of God or in a bus, anywhere he is, that is what he is; do you know that? Where he finds himself does not change who he is.
24.        If you find Me in My room; I am still what I am. If I assist you in one way or the other, I AM WHAT I AM. It does not remove the Halo from Me. It does not remove the glory of God from Me. There is nowhere you will see Me or what I will do and you conclude that the glory of God has left Me. Nowhere!
25.        If the glory has left Me where is the glory now; where is the glory dwelling? Show us the place and all of us will go there!
26.        Thus, do not be quick in drawing some unnecessary conclusions. There is nothing I will do that will make the glory to depart from Me. Instead of the glory to depart, God will put Me in the grave and then raise another vessel. That is all.
27.        Maybe you do not know that I am above sin! If I kill any of you in anger, I am not facing any judgment in the sight of God. If I slaughter all of you in this Faith in anger, I will not face any judgment. Maybe you do not know Me.
28.        Life and death are in My hands and I use anyone I want whenever I want it, but something must prompt it. I cannot start to use it recklessly. That is why I am afraid of releasing so many things to you.
29.        This, William Branham saw and said no, “You are not ripe for them; if you receive them now, you will cause havoc.” I tell you, many of you in this most holy Faith, even ministers, if you have a little of My potentials, you will rattle Onitsha. You will shake even Main Market, Onitsha.
30.        However, you see Me walk into Main Market as a humble little lad. Nobody will know when I am in the market. You see Me pricing underwear, pricing little, little things and I will go My way. Do they know that God entered the market?
32.        He who could send his disciples to go and buy food, if He goes to Main Market, won’t He buy something? If I give you money to buy something for Me, does it mean I do not know the road to the market? There is a way you stay away and you will be forgotten.
33.        It is just like what we used to say in those days: “He that is refusing food is losing his own share.” If you say you will not eat in the night, in the morning it will become a general food and everybody will eat it. If you are wise, you will eat your own that night and that will not cause any trouble.
34.        If you refuse eating in the night, you cannot claim it in the morning, otherwise, we will fight again. It is general food. In other words, you have lost the night food. This morning, all of us will share the whole thing.
35.        The cat said that touching body is warmth and sweet. I believe it because there is truth in it. If a lizard leaves the tree, it will be caught. If the lizard, while running for safety refuses to climb a tree, the pursuer must catch it. Once the lizard misses the tree, somebody must catch it with hands.
36.        What am I saying? I AM THE CENTRAL POINT (ALL AND ALL) of this Holy Faith. I am the PIVOT upon which your faith revolves. IN OTHER WORDS, CALL ME YOUR LIVEWIRE.
37.         If you think of running away from Me, your enemies must surely catch you. Avoid Me—that is if I am avoidable—your enemies must surely catch you.
38.        If you check all that are in trouble, the time you ran into this trouble, if you can cast your mind back, you will notice that you were not in the right relationship with Me that time; that was the time you avoided Me and I avoided you and your enemies caught you.
39.        All of you that are guilty, those that I mentioned their names, those that I did not mention their names, those that are in the fellowship, those that are outside; by the time you got entangled into this mess you were estranged from Me.
40.        Though you may be exchanging greetings with Me and we talk together, yet you are not in Me and you have no part in Me. You cannot fellowship with Me and My enemies at the same time, can you? You eat from the table of God and eat from the table of Baal (idol), can it work? That is why God is exposing them.
41.        If you do not want to be exposed, leave this Faith; do whatever you want to do, but once you are in this most holy Faith, you eat from the Lord’s table and you go to the enemy to eat also, you are doomed! Eating from two ends kills a man—you go inside the bush and cut a tree then come outside and asked, “Who is cutting that tree?” that is hypocrisy.
42.        Hypocrisy is not good. It is better that you declare Me an enemy and come forward than pretending that you are a friend when you are an enemy. In other words, coming to Me as a friend and acting as a spy. You come to Me posing to be a friend when you are a spy, it is very dangerous.
43.        Note it, playing double standards is not good. Take your stand; take a standpoint that will help Me to know how to deal with you. What is more, the earlier I know your stand, the better for you also.
44.        I am talking to all of you because I know many of you in this most holy Faith are guilty in one way or the other. Do not just shout, making a noise as if it does not concern you. If I should start exposing you now, many will run away. I know all of you! I know the extent you have preached. If I permit you to continue today, I know where to stop you.
45.        Surely, I will stop you and I will stop you at a time you do not expect it. It may not be calling you to the pulpit, no. I may allow something to happen around you that will attract My attention.
46.        There are some that came to Me with their sick babies. Since you do not believe in Me why do you come to Me with your sick babies? Everything works by faith. My faith will join with your own and you get what you want.
47.        However, seeing you do not believe in Me, why do you come to Me? Go to the hospital. Whatever they tell you to do in the hospital, do it. That is all. I cannot be God only when I am solving your problem.
48.        Brother Kelechi preached a sermon that I love so much. A man in his hometown had a dog. Each time the man is coming back from the market holding some waterproof bags that are inviting, the dog will come forward and wag its tail on the bag, perceiving what is in the bag.
49.        Thus, anytime the man comes back from the market empty-handed the dog will stay at a far distance, look at the man and go away.
50.        The man said, “I will not have this kind of dog again; this dog that will only rejoice when my hands are heavy with big bones, but now that I am empty-handed it does not want to come near. It must die.”
51.        Is that a good dog? It is not a good dog. If it is a good dog, receive Me when I am holding something; receive Me when I am holding nothing, knowing that something caused the emptiness. Maybe, I did not go the way I used to go before; maybe, I went there, but there was no money in the pocket.
Brace Up
52.         I spoke to a brother in My house concerning this matter. Assuming you have a problem you want to solve, like a brother wanted to buy a little shop; he had earmarked the amount he was going to spend. Maybe about 25,000 naira and he raised it to pay the rent.
53.        The following day, while he wanted to pay, a Brother rushes in and says, “Please, give me 5,000 naira. I want to travel home,” and he says, “Brother, I have no money.” Did he tell lies? No. He told him the truth. He had no money because the money does not belong to him anymore. It had already been earmarked for something and that is where the problem lies.
54.        Assuming you came back from home and heard that Brother Sam purchased the shop, if you get offended, that goes to show that you are not even a human being. Brethren please settle down. That is why they still have very high expectations from each other. No. Do not do that again. Settle down.
55.        When a man settles down, his blood pressure will settle down. He will be having very nice sleep. Sleeping like my wife who will only be sleeping until I push her to go and wake the babies. Even, at times, she will hear, “Daddy, I am going,” and you hear her snoring. I will say, “Oya, wake up. Since you want to stay in front, do the work.”
56.        You know women do not like sleeping at the inner side of the bed; they will like to be on the outer side. If you are on the outer side, do the work that comes with it. If a knock comes on the door, you will go and open it; if the NEPA officials restore power supply, you will go and turn off the switch. I will not wake you since you want to lie in front. If you are offended, change position.
57.        What am I saying? For every position you occupy, you have a responsibility. Do not think I am talking to you using bed. For any position you occupy, you have a responsibility and you must be prepared to meet the challenges of that position you occupy.
59.        A man in the battlefront, does he play? Does he make friends? There is no friend in the jungle. If you go to jungle to make friends, bullet will stop you. It is when you come back from the jungle that you will remember friendship; if not, your corpse will be carried away from the jungle.
60.        Let us behave as real ministers of the New Testament; time–tested memorials of God who know our responsibilities and the challenges before us. Let us brace up immediately. I think it is idleness that is causing all this nonsense.
61.        I do not think that Pastor Dan who leaves his house by seven-thirty or eight in the morning, while calling his costumers up and down and carrying one carton upon the other down will have time to harbor any brother who has come to gossip.
62.        Note it, idleness is the root of all evils, for an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. You go to Okechukwu Painter’s workshop, vehicles will be there and he will be idle because he is very lazy and that is why brethren will go there and feel very comfortable. He will be telling them all nonsenses. It will take lazy people to associate with him.
63.        Once he gets 3000 naira, he will go home and stop working until the money finishes. If you are idle, Satan will easily work in you and through you for an idle mind is Satan’s workshop.
64.        Why not check Me. I am your minister; I am one of your elders. Besides that, I am God over you. I am the very Son of Man. Thank you.
65.      On this note, I say remain in your sanctified estate, remain blessed in Him eternally. Amen.