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Monday, 3 October 2011



I am not only crowned a King, I am crowned King of kings and Lord of lords. Believe it if you can…
—The   Son of Man

 (I am Back)

This was where Satan started its work. Evolution started here. Civilization started here. Human origin started here. I am talking to you physically. Ignore spiritual. I know about Babylon spiritual. I know about Babylon physical. The war that is in the Middle East, I hope it is physical war for you. 
Thus, if I have been telling you that a great thing is coming to devastate the Earth, to render it desolate, that at the end of it all, that the world will be reduced by three quarters—only one-quarter will be remaining—is it prophetic? Is it scriptural?  In other words, I am in line. I know what I am saying.–The Son of Man
 (EVENTS ARE MADE CLEAR BY PROPHECIES. page 54, verse 15-18)

Glory be to God in the highest. Good news to everybody here, our sister Kelechi has delivered a bouncing baby girl. We really thank God for that. Another good news is like the first because life is involved.
2.           Our Sister Elijoe, the daughter of our late Elder Onodugo, her name is Judith. The Lord saved her from the shackles of death. I mean, she lost before innumerable witnesses almost two pints of blood. But up till this morning, she is still alive and kicking. It is the Lord’s doing and it is marvellous in our eyes.
3.            The last but not the least, because if it never happened that way, I wonder the level of blasphemy that would have been associated with it. I didn’t want to make it public because I was suspecting that there could be some of us here who might know her whereabouts, or who might be responsible to whatever she was passing through.
4.           I do not know the girl or the lady but I have heard about her. She is a sister to our late Elder Mike Nwanga. The family co-opted her after the burial of our late elder, and she has been living in peace with them until she started living a suspicious life.
5.           They warned and counselled her. When it became obvious that she would not listen to any godly advice and she discerned that she was about to be taken home, she ran away from our Sister, Eucheria Nwanga.
6.           The family was thrown into confusion, more so when they went home and they could not see her at home. They went to their relations in Onitsha, no way. They called the father who is living outside Anambra state, the man said, he has not seen her. The search continued for over three weeks now.
7.           You see, I told our sister to relax and stop searching for her, that she must surely reappear, that any day she reappears, that she should inform me.
8.           While I was at home on Thursday, my phone rang, I was there with Pastor Obinna, far away from my community. Our sister called me and said, “Daddy, your word has come to pass, the lady has come back; and she has noticed that I am about taking her home, she wants to run away again. What do I do?”
9.           I said, “Immediately, capture her, bundle her to her parents at home and come back.” She said, “Amen.”
10.        She arrested her, forced her into a vehicle and sat by her side, because such a delicate girl can cause havoc. Finally she succeeded in handing her over to her parents and came back safely.
11.        It is our victory. If she had disappeared into oblivion, there is no Jupiter that would have exculpated this Faith and the family that brought her to Onitsha. Too many things would have been suspected around her missing. To God be the glory. We will remain grateful to God. Amen.

You are happily welcome to His Sanctuary this day. What is the basis of our rejoicing? If it is not that we have been saved from this untoward generation, our basis of rejoicing is useless.
12.        Let us own everything that the world can give us, but once you miss eternal life, of all men that live on earth, truly speaking, you are the most miserable. Any time from now, God is going to put an end to all human struggles, for whatever has a beginning must have an end.
13.        Let no man deceive you. If the teachings are false, definitely, God wouldn’t have vindicated them for God can never identify with falsehood.
14.        Others preach the Bible but the fulfilment is in the midst of the Bride. They talk about God, they talk about Christ they know not. If Christ or Jesus will appear on the scene, there is nobody living on earth that will know Him, for they will look for Him based on the pictures they have in their hearts, which is one million miles away from all.
15.        Only He that is in the bosom of the Father can tell you who the Father is, and He is the One that can reveal the Father to you, for the scripture said, “No man knoweth the Father but the Son, no man knoweth the Son but the Father and to whosoever the Father will choose to reveal.”
16.        If the Father never revealed to any of you or all of you that I proceeded from Him, with supernatural vindications that cannot be imagined, fabricated, that is, artificially constructed, it can never happen through the work of any magician.
17.        This is a Supernatural Occurrence, it is miraculous, it is not magic. If anybody feels it is magic, let him go and bring a magician. Yes, when Pharaoh thought that Moses miracle was a magic, he invited his magicians. They dropped their rods, and all the rods became pythons, big snakes.
18.        What happened? One rod from Moses swallowed all. That was the end of all the magicians. This is why God made it so clear that we shall remain in this wilderness until the consummation of this age. Stay where nobody will suspect you of any foul deal for we have no hiding place here.
19.        This school belongs to the government, everything is open, we come here, worship and go back to our houses. No shrine, no altar, nothing, nothing; so that if anybody is doubting anything, he should come and see.
20.        The Samaritan woman told the people, “Come and see”. Come and see with your eyes, maybe if you are the elect, your heart will believe, but if you are not, you will not believe.
21.        Some ended at knowing Jesus the Christ in his day as a very good man, that was the end. Some ended at receiving healings, miracles, food and every other thing, but when the word went forth, they drew back: an indication that they never came for salvation.
23.        Let me tell you something. Anywhere I have stepped my feet, even the worst man in that community, has always acknowledged in his heart that a strange man has come, a paradox, a man whose ways you can never predict. You do not know whether He, Apostle Peter Odoemena (blessed be to His Holy Name) is a heathen or a pagan.
24.        You do not know whether He is a criminal, you do not know whether He is a fine gentleman: you cannot place Him anywhere. Thus, whatever you think He is, that is what He is to you. If He comes to you and know that you are a criminal that has unrepentant heart, He will offer you all that criminality will give you. However, He will warn you.
25.        I keep on saying this, let nobody disturb himself. Destiny can be delayed and not denied. Whatever God has purposed for you belongs to you, you cannot share it with any human being.
28.        That is why the scripture said, “In everything, let’s give him glory.” The hand of God is behind all you are going to pass through. If you are a seed of God, you are a seed of God. The whole trials and temptations you must pass through, God programmed all. And in all of them, he must make a way of escape for you.
29.        Note it very well, my consolation in everything is this: Among all, I am not the worst hit. There is no experience you are going to pass through or you are passing through which you can never see many passing more than that. So, it is not peculiar to you, for in essence, the hand of God is there. The hand of God is there.
30.        Is it sickness, hardship, is it barrenness, no husband, no matter the shape it might take, the hand of God is there. There is time allotted to everything. Everything means everything.
31.        He that asked the whole flesh a question saying, “I am the Lord, the God of all flesh, is there anything impossible for me to do?” He answered and said, “With God all things are possible.” All, all means all. Not “all minus.”
35.        Unity and Organization of the Church. This message was preached on 30th October 1993, at the household of God Abagana.
36.        How many were in this most holy Faith that time?
37.        “...I remember our precious Brother Nath was having that Pentecostal carryover. He was exhorting in the Luxury Bus, the moment I said “the Church at Nkpor,” he said, “what are you saying? Why don’t you say Bride of Christ at Nkpor?” I said, “No, no, no, far from that. It is Church at Nkpor.” That stumbled him immediately. This faith, it is not for everybody...”
38.        This faith is not for everybody. 1993, Abagana.
39.        Membership requirement remains one. Membership requirement is one. That is, united in membership requirement. The same condition a man must fulfil to be a member at Eha-Amufu is the same condition you will fulfil to become part of the Church at Aba. You understand what I mean?
40.        This was the foundation God laid from the very official beginning of this faith. The topic we were trying to consider was Unity and organization of the Church. Amen.

News from our news desk. Endorsed, 6th of April 2014, by the Son of Man. Caption, Palestinians resume bid for further UN recognition Posted: Apr 01, 2014 11:27 AM Updated: Apr 02, 2014 12:08 AM. By MOHAMMED DARAGHMEH and KARIN LAUB
Associated Press RAMALLAH, West Bank (AP) –
2.           In a surprise move that could derail U.S. peace efforts, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Tuesday resumed a campaign for further international recognition of a state of Palestine, despite a previous promise to suspend such efforts during nine months of negotiations with Israel. Shortly after Abbas' announcement, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry cancelled plans to return to the Middle East on Wednesday, but also said it's "completely premature" to write off the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks he restarted in late July.
3.           "We are continuing, even now ... to be engaged with both parties," Kerry told a news conference in Brussels, where he was attending a meeting of NATO foreign ministers. "We urge both sides to show restraint while we work with them." There was no immediate Israeli comment.
4.           However, Abbas' decision threw into doubt Israeli claims that a deal was emerging that would have extended Israel-Palestinian talks beyond an April 29 deadline and included the release of Jonathan Pollard, an American convicted of spying on the U.S. for Israel in the 1980s. It remained unclear whether Abbas' dramatic announcement was a negotiating tactic or signaled a fundamental shift in strategy.
5.           In a hastily convened ceremony televised live from his West Bank headquarters, Abbas signed applications for Palestinians to join at 15 international treaties and conventions. Abbas said he was compelled to act because Israel had failed to carry out a promised release of Palestinian prisoners by the end of March.
6.           At the same time, Abbas said he is not seeking a confrontation with the United States and remains determined to "reach a peaceful solution through negotiations" with Israel. A senior aide, Nabil Abu Rdeneh, later urged the international community to pressure Israel to release the prisoners, indicating that the Palestinians might reverse course if their demand is met. Still, Abbas' surprise decision signaled a new crisis in Kerry's troubled peace efforts.
7.           Kerry had nudged Israelis and Palestinians back to the table in July, after a five-year break in negotiations, and got them to commit to nine months of negotiations, until April 29. The target was to reach a framework deal on the terms of a Palestinian state alongside Israel. As part of the resumption of talks, Abbas had promised to suspend efforts to seek further international recognition of a state of Palestine for nine months.
8.           A major nod from the U.N. came in November 2012, when the General Assembly voted by an overwhelming majority to accept a Palestinian state in the West Bank, Gaza and east Jerusalem - lands Israel occupied in 1967 - as a non-member observer, overriding Israeli and U.S. objections.
9.           Palestinian officials have said that vote paved the way for Palestine to join 63 international institutions, conventions and treaties. A Palestine Liberation Organization statement quoted Abbas as saying Tuesday that the 15 letters he signed were for conventions and treaties that can be joined immediately.
10.        Israel, meanwhile, had pledged last year to release 104 of the longest-held Palestinian prisoners during the course of the negotiations.
11.        The Palestinians say the fourth and final group was to have been released by the end of March. Israel argues that the release was contingent on the Palestinians negotiating "in good faith." In recent days, Kerry has been trying to negotiate a deal on extending the talks until the end of the year.
12.        An Israeli official close to the negotiations said earlier Tuesday that Kerry was pushing a formula that would include Pollard's release. In exchange for Pollard, Israel would free the last group of 26 veteran Palestinian prisoners, show "restraint" in settlement building and release about 400 additional Palestinian prisoners it would select, the official said.
13.        The Israeli offer received a cool reception in Ramallah, according to Palestinian officials who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the issue with reporters. The officials said the release of the long-held prisoners was not up for new negotiations, and that any discussions about extending negotiations can only begin once those prisoners are freed.
14.        The Palestinians demanded a full settlement freeze and the release of 1,000 additional prisoners, including political leaders, as a condition for extending negotiations. The officials said Israel's offer to show "restraint" in settlement expansion on occupied lands was largely meaningless since it would halt only the issuing of tenders for new construction.
15.        The Israeli anti-settlement group Peace Now said Tuesday that promise would not affect construction of thousands of settlement apartments that have already been approved.
16.        The inclusion of Pollard, a former U.S. naval intelligence analyst convicted of spying for Israel nearly three decades ago, had been the most surprising element of recent efforts to rescue the faltering peace talks. It reflected the importance Kerry put on continuing the talks.
17.        Earlier Tuesday, an Israeli government official said that as part of that deal, Pollard was to be released before the Passover holiday, which begins April 14. For years, U.S. officials have vehemently opposed any talk of releasing Pollard earlier. He is serving a life sentence at a federal prison in North Carolina but eligible for parole in November 2015.
18.        He was arrested in 1985 and convicted of espionage for giving reams of classified documents to his Israeli handlers. Pollard's case has become a rallying cry in Israel, where leaders say his lengthy sentence amounts to excessive punishment when compared with other U.S. espionage cases.
19.        Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who once visited Pollard in prison when he was out of politics, and other Israeli leaders have routinely pressed President Barack Obama and other U.S. presidents for his pardon or release. Securing Pollard's release would help Netanyahu sell a package that would include more releases of Palestinian prisoners - something that would otherwise be unpopular with his hard-line Cabinet.
20.        A number of senior officials have already come out against further releases, and Netanyahu's coalition is dominated by lawmakers sympathetic to the West Bank settler movement.
21.         Pollard's ex-wife, Anne, told The Associated Press on Tuesday that she still hopes for her husband's release and fears for his health. "I really, truly have no idea how he has lasted this long," she said. "And I have no idea how much longer he could last.
22.        Another caption: “ABBAS SIGNS INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION JEOPARDIZING PEACE MOVES. Palestinian chief negotiator Saeb Erekat (L) helps Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas as he signs international conventions during a meeting with Palestinian leadership in the West Bank City of Ramallah April 1, 2014. RAMALLAH, West Bank (Reuters):
23.        Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas signed more than a dozen international conventions on Tuesday citing anger at Israel's delay of a prisoner release, in a move jeopardized U.S. efforts to salvage fragile peace talks.
24.        His unexpected decision came just a day before U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry had been due to travel to Ramallah for talks aimed at finalizing a complex, three-way deal that would enable the talks to continue into 2015.
25.        However, a U.S. official said that trip would not now go ahead. Abbas had pledged to seek to join world bodies during the U.S.-brokered negotiations, that are scheduled to run until the end of April and that have made little apparent headway.
26.        Israel had promised in exchange to free more than 100 prisoners by the end of March, but failed to release the final batch, saying it wanted guarantees that the Palestinians would extend the negotiations beyond the April 29 deadline.
27.        In his remarks to Palestinian leaders in the West Bank city of Ramallah, Abbas made clear he was not abandoning the negotiations, but blasted Israel's delay in freeing prisoners.
28.        "We are not doing this against America, but we still don't see other ways forward," Abbas said, before signing a packet of papers Palestinian officials said included 15 conventions of international and U.N. groups. Precise details of what he had signed were not given.
29.        "We don't see any reason not to go and sign these agreements, with the knowledge that we are on the path to reaching an agreement through talks and through peaceful popular resistance," Abbas said.
30.        A Palestinian official insisted that Abbas was not abandoning negotiations with Israel. "He has told the Israelis to stop playing their games," the official said, speaking to Reuters on condition of anonymity. He added that Abbas had been "very disappointed" that all the prisoners had not been released.
31.        The issue of Palestinians jailed by Israel is an emotive one in Palestinian society, and freedom for the inmates helps boost Palestinian support for Abbas's peace seeking efforts against popular Islamist groups opposed to reconciling with Israel.
32.        For Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the prisoner release is a difficult step politically, with far-right coalition partners angry at setting free inmates convicted of committing lethal attacks.
33.        Reports from our websites. from the period of 30th March 2014 to April 5th 2014; total number of countries that visited this website: 76. Total number of viewers: 31,958. In one week.
34.        From the library end; from the period, 30th of March 2014 to 5th of April 2014. Total number of countries that visited this website: 80. Total number of viewers: 43,252.
35.        The grand total of countries: 156 for both sides. Grand total of viewers for both sides: 75,210 in one week. Amen.

NEWS, CAPTION: KERRY SAYS ‘JEWISH STATE’ RECOGNITION WILL HAVE TO WAIT (By MICHAEL WILNER 04/08/2014 18:47) State Department rejects notion that Kerry’s remarks on the timing of Jerusalem settlement units announcement placed the onus of the crisis on Israel; Kerry not interested in the “blame game,” Psaki tells ‘Post.’
2.           NEW YORK -- US Secretary of State John Kerry said on Tuesday that the Palestinian Authority should recognize Israel as the homeland of the Jewish people. But “it’s not going to happen” at this stage of the negotiations, Kerry added.
3.           “The government of the United States and the president supports the notion of Israel being defined as a Jewish state,” Kerry told his former colleagues on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. “We believe that that should happen. But when it happens, and how it happens, has to be part of the negotiations. It’s not going to happen in the beginning.”
4.           Pressed by the Senate panel, Kerry said that the crisis in the talks— perhaps caused by an “inadvertent” spiral of consequential events— was in part caused by a series of decisions made by the Israeli government, during vacillation over whether to release the final tranche of prisoners as promised in the original deal.
5.           Acknowledging the release was a “painful, difficult” and “enormously hard” decision for Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to make, he said that in the hours after the deadline for the prisoner release had passed, Israeli officials were coming close to an agreement on how to proceed with the release and salvage the talks.
6.           “And then 700 settlement units were announced in Jerusalem and, ‘puff.’ That was sort of the moment,” Kerry said.
7.           The secretary also noted that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ decision to initiate applications to 15 United Nations agencies was “clearly unhelpful.”
8.           In comment to The Jerusalem Post, State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki rejected the notion that Kerry’s remarks on the timing of the settlement units placed the onus of the crisis on Israel.
9.            “Secretary Kerry has been crystal clear that we are not interested in playing the blame game,” Psaki said, “that both sides have taken unhelpful steps and that it is up to the parties to determine the path forward.”
10.        In his opening remarks to the committee, where he was to discuss the priorities of the State Department for the year as reflected in its annual budget, Kerry said that the peace process between Israel and the Palestinians is an issue “first and foremost among leaders all over the world.” “Everywhere, it has an impact,” he said, including “on life in the United States.”
11.        PALESTINIANS URGES BOYCOTT OF ISRAELI SETTLEMENTS; Published: 04.08.14, 22:22 / Israel News. The Palestinian UN envoy is urging the world to boycott products from “illegal” Israeli settlements as part of a stepped up campaign to help Palestine become independent.
12.        ISRAEL, PALESTINIANS PRESS ON WITH PEACE TALKS RESCUE BID, By Jeffrey Heller JERUSALEM Tue Apr 8, 2014 1:44pm EDT. Palestinian chief negotiator Saeb Erekat (L) helps Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas as he signs international conventions during a meeting with Palestinian leadership in the West Bank City of Ramallah April 1, 2014. REUTERS/Mohamad Torokman
13.        Palestinian chief negotiator Saeb Erekat (L) helps Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas as he signs international conventions during a meeting with Palestinian leadership in the West Bank City of Ramallah April 1, 2014.
14.        (Reuters) - Israeli and Palestinian negotiators ended another U.S.-mediated session on Tuesday with no sign of a breakthrough in efforts to save peace talks from collapse, but an Israeli official said they had agreed to meet again. 
15.        In a statement about the latest discussions, U.S. State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said: “Gaps remain, but both sides are committed to narrow the gaps.”
16.        The U.S.-brokered negotiations, which began in July, plunged into crisis last week after Israel, demanding a Palestinian commitment to continue talking beyond an April 29 deadline for a peace deal, failed to carry out a promised release of about two dozen Palestinian prisoners.
17.        Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas responded by signing 15 global treaties, including the Geneva Conventions on the conduct of war and occupations, on behalf of the State of Palestine, a defiant move that surprised Washington and angered Israel.
18.        Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, speaking on Israel Radio on Tuesday, said Abbas would have to reverse that step in order for the prisoner release to be re-addressed.
19.        Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has threatened unspecified retaliation in response to what Israel views as a unilateral statehood move by Abbas. Palestinian Foreign Minister Riad al-Malki said Abbas would appeal at an Arab League meeting in Cairo on Wednesday for political and economic support in the event of Israeli punitive measures.
20.        Palestinian U.N. Ambassador Riyad Mansour said on Tuesday that the Palestinians were prepared to join more international groups if Israel retaliated. As a U.N. non-member state, Palestinians can join 63 international agencies and accords.
21.        “If they want to escalate further and try to illegally punish us for doing something legal, we are ready and willing to send the second barrage, the third barrage and more of what legally we could do,” Mansour told the U.N. Committee on Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People.
22.        As part of the U.S.-led bid to salvage the talks, Israeli chief negotiator Tzipi Livni and Palestinian counterpart Saeb Erekat, along with U.S. mediator Martin Indyk, reconvened late on Monday after what the United States had described as a “serious and constructive” meeting on Sunday.
23.        “The atmosphere was business-like and the sides agreed to meet again to try to find a solution to the crisis,” said an Israeli official, who asked not to be identified, after the latest talks wrapped up in the early hours of Tuesday. The official did not say when the next meeting would be held. There was no immediate Palestinian comment about any future session.
24.        STUMBLING BLOCKS: Expectations among the Israeli and Palestinian public of a peace deal have been low from the start. The talks have stalled over Palestinian opposition to Israel’s demand that it be recognized as a Jewish state, and over settlements built on occupied land Palestinians seek for a country of their own.
25.        Looking ahead to possible Israeli economic sanctions, al-Malki said that at the Arab League session, Abbas would voice concern Israel might again withhold tax revenues it transfers to the Palestinian Authority (PA).
26.        Interim peace deals task Israel with collecting taxes and customs duties for the PA amounting to around $100 million a month, on goods imported into the Palestinian territories. Israel has previously frozen the payments during times of heightened security and diplomatic tensions.
27.        Secretary of State John Kerry, who has signaled he may scale back his mediating efforts due to “unhelpful actions” by both sides, was due to meet President Barack Obama on Tuesday, with the state of the peace negotiations high on the agenda.
28.        A senior official in Abbas’ Fatah party said that in order for the talks to continue, Palestinians would need a written commitment from Israel recognizing a Palestinian state within all of the territory in the West Bank and Gaza Strip captured in the 1967 Middle East war, with East Jerusalem as its capital.
29.        Israel has described those West Bank borders as indefensible and considers East Jerusalem as part of its capital, a claim not recognized internationally. Israel pulled out of the Gaza Strip, now ruled by Hamas Islamists, in 2005. The Fatah official said Palestinians were also demanding a cessation of settlement activity and a prisoner release.
30.        Palestinians fear settlements, viewed as illegal by most countries, will deny them a viable state and have condemned a series of Israeli construction projects announced while talks have been under way.
31.        POPE, JORDAN’S KING HAVE TEA AHEAD OF MIDEAST TRIP (April 7, 2014 12:54 PM VATICAN CITY (AP) — Pope Francis and King Abdullah II of Jordan held talks over tea at the Vatican with an eye to the pontiff’s upcoming visit.
32.        Francis leaves May 24 for Jordan, the first stop on a three-day pilgrimage that will also take him to the West Bank and Israel.
33.        The Vatican said Francis and the king chatted Monday in a “cordial and informal atmosphere” for 40 minutes. Instead of the traditional venue of the formal papal studio in the Apostolic Palace, they met in the modest Vatican hotel where Francis lives.
34.        The Holy See said the king, accompanied by his religious affairs adviser, reaffirmed his “most open willingness to work together in the commitment for peace and interreligious dialogue” in the Middle East.
35.        PALESTINIANS ALREADY VIOLATING NEWLY SIGNED TREATIES (Wednesday, April 09, 2014 I Israel Today Staff) Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas last week signed 15 treaties and applications to international bodies in an effort to unilaterally gain recognition for the “State of Palestine.” But Israeli officials derisively noted that the Palestinians are already in violation of most, if not all, of those treaties.
36.        “Had the Palestinians bothered to read the applications to the various conventions they seek to join, they would understand that they are in blatant violation of the majority of their articles,” Israeli Ambassador to the UN Ron Prosor said during a Jerusalem Post conference in New York. “They tend to forget the surprising concept that joining international treaties also includes obligations.”
37.        For instance, Prosor reminded Abbas that he periodically likes to send Palestinian journalists to jail for unflattering coverage of his regime. By doing so, Abbas “actually violates the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights,”  Prosor pointed out.
38.         “If he will sign the convention, I’m afraid it’s something he’ll have to work on.”Prosor also sarcastically wondered if after signing the Geneva Convention, Abbas would condemn Hamas over its “use of schools, mosques and hospitals for the purpose of murderous terrorist attacks, firing at Israeli civilians and using innocent civilians as human shields.”
39.        Additionally, the Palestinian Authority regularly encourages youth to engage in violence, does nothing to prevent child labor or marriage, and has given its tacit approval to the phenomenon of “honor killings.” All these things and more fail to meet the requirements of the international conventions Abbas seeks to join.
40.        Prosor warned that by signing these treaties, Abbas is opening the Palestinian Authority up to the same kind of legal action the Palestinians and their supporters consistently try to employ against Israel.
41.        The Israeli legal group Shurat Hadin said that by joining the International Criminal Court, Palestinian leaders could now face charges of war crimes for their involvement in terrorism against Israeli Jews.
42.        Shurat Hadin chairperson Nitzana Darshan-Leitner told Israel National News that her group has in fact been waiting for such an opportunity, and has already gathered much evidence.
43.        NETANYAHU ORDERS CUTBACK IN CONTACTS WITH PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY (By Jeffrey Heller, JERUSALEM Wed Apr 9, 2014 4:58pm EDT (Reuters) - Israel announced on Wednesday a partial freeze in high-level contacts with the Palestinians and also threatened economic steps after they signed international conventions, deepening a crisis menacing U.S.-brokered peace talks.
44.        Israeli government officials said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had ordered cabinet members, directors-general of government ministries and other senior officials not to meet their counterparts in the Palestinian Authority (PA).
45.        A spokesman for the PA, which exercises limited self-rule in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, said Israeli-Palestinian ministerial meetings were rare but voiced concern about the possibility of Israeli economic sanctions.
46.        The order does not apply chief peace negotiator, or to defense and security officials, Israeli officials said. A U.S. mediator has held a series of meetings over the past week to try to push the troubled talks past an original April 29 deadline for a deal.
47.        “This decision undermines all international efforts ... to revive the negotiations, to proceed with a constructive solution to the challenges facing the peace process,” said Palestinian Authority spokesman Ehab Bseiso. An
48.        Israeli official said Netanyahu had issued the order in response to “the Palestinians’ grave violation of their commitments in the framework of the peace talks” - a reference to the signing of 15 international agreements last week.
49.        The ban was imposed just hours after U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry suggested that Israel’s announcement on April 1 of plans to build about 700 housing units in East Jerusalem, which Palestinians want for the capital of a future state, was the immediate cause of talks plunging into crisis.
50.        Washington described the Israeli decision as “unfortunate.” Kerry, meeting in Washington with Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, said: “We are working hard to try to find a way forward. And both parties indicate they would like to find a way to go forward in the talks.”
51.        Kerry’s comments in testimony to Congress on Tuesday raised eyebrows in Netanyahu’s governing coalition. “To accuse us of causing this? I think he’s wrong,” Internal Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch told Israel Radio.
52.        At his congressional appearance, Kerry said both sides had taken “unhelpful” steps in recent days and that he hoped they would find a way to resume serious negotiations, noting they had held a lengthy meeting on Monday.
53.        An Israeli official told Reuters that Israel had taken what he called “very modest steps” after the Palestinians signed the conventions. “If they (the Palestinians) continue on this path, we have other options,” the official said.
54.        ADDITIONAL SANCTIONS WEIGHED: Another punitive Israeli step under “serious consideration” was to deduct up to $75 million in tax revenue transfers to the Palestinians, the Israeli official said.
55.        Citing Palestinian figures, Israel estimates this is the sum of annual Palestinian aid provided to their prisoners in Israeli jails convicted of violence, including lethal attacks.
56.        Under 1990s interim peace deals, Israel collects and transfers to the PA some $100 million a month in taxes on goods imported into the Palestinian territories. Israel has previously frozen the payments during times of heightened tension.
57.        Palestinian officials said Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas had signed the international agreements, including the Geneva Conventions covering the conduct of war and occupation, in response to Israel’s failure to carry out a promised release of several dozen Palestinian prisoners a few days earlier.
58.        Palestinians were further angered by the subsequent April 1 announcement on settlements.
59.        At a cabinet session on Sunday, Netanyahu pledged to retaliate for Abbas’s move, which Israel sees as a unilateral step toward statehood and an attempt to gain leverage over it.
60.        Israel had conditioned freedom for the fourth and last group of the 104 prisoners it had pledged to release, when peace talks restarted last July, on a Palestinian commitment to extend the negotiations beyond April. It said the tender to build new houses in East Jerusalem, had been issued last year and was resubmitted because there had been no initial takers.
61.        Palestinians fear settlements, built on land Israel captured in a 1967 war, could deny them a viable state. Most countries consider the settlements illegal. Israel cites historical and Biblical links to the West Bank and Jerusalem and says it intends to keep major settlement blocs in any future peace deal.
62.        ARAB LEAGUE SUMMIT OPEN WITH ROW OVER PALESTINIAN SUPPORT (Latest Update: 03.25.14, 14:30 I Israel News, KUWAIT CITY) - Qatar’s ruler kicked off the opening session of the annual Arab League summit on Tuesday by criticizing fellow Arab leaders over their attitude to the Palestinians.
63.        Sheik Tamim bin Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani reprimanded member states for not following through on a Qatai proposal made a year ago to set up a $1 billion fund to help the Arab residents of East Jerusalem, defiantly declaring that his tiny but super-rich nation will go ahead with the $250 million it has already pledged.
64.        A resolution to create the fund was adopted by last year’s Arab summit held in Qatar.
65.        He also renewed calls for a small Arab summit to be held try to resolve differences between the militant Hamas group, which rules the Gaza Strip, and the Western-backed Fatah group in the West Bank. Qatar supports Hamas.
66.        Meanwhile, in a final resolution drafted ahead of the summit, the League said it would flatly refuse to recognize Israel as a Jewish state.  Israel has made the demand for recognition a condition of reaching a peace agreement with the Palestinians.
67.        According to the draft of the final resolution, obtained by AFP, the Arab states declare their “absolute and categorical refusal to recognize Israel as a Jewish state”. The resolution also “rejects all pressure to this effect on the Palestinian leadership”, a likely reference to American efforts to keep the negotiations going after their April deadline.
68.        The draft resolution will also call on Arab states to provide $100 million in financial aid to the Palestinian Authority every month. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, who last week held talks with President Barack Obama at the White House, met Monday with the foreign ministers of the League’s 22 member states, to update them on the outcome of the talks, those present at the summit said.
69.        Tamim also lashed out at Iraq’s Shiite-led government and Egyptian authorities, a move that is likely to add a new layer to tension in the region.
70.        His criticism was not the only manifestation of inter-Arab differences surfacing in the Kuwait summit. The representative of the Syrian opposition decried that he was not given Syria’s seat, as was the case in last year’s summit. Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Salman bin Abdel-Aziz, standing in for King Abdullah, said he was puzzled by the move.
71.        Without naming Iraqi Prime Minister Noun al-Maliki, Tamim criticized what he said were attempts to sideline entire segments of that Arab nation, a reference to Iraq’s Sunni Arab minority. His criticism of Iraq’s government follow recent comments by al-Maliki in which he accused Qatar and Saudi Arabia of supporting Sunni militants-In Iraq.
72.        “It’s about time for Iraq to emerge from the vicious circle of violence and differences. That cannot come about through the sidelining of entire society segments or accusing them of terrorism if they demand equality and inclusion,” he said.
73.        Vice President Khudeir al-Khuzaie, a Shiite, is representing Iraq in the summit. Tamim also called on Egypt to start a “political dialogue,” an implicit criticism of the crackdown there against the Muslim Brotherhood, the Islamist group that Qatar backs and of which Islamist President Mohammed Morsi is a member.
74.        The military removed Morsi last July and there has been a massive crackdown against the Brotherhood, with the arrest of thousands and the killing of hundreds of its supporters. Morsi and leaders of the Brotherhood are in detention and some are in court on charges that carry the death penalty.
75.        The criticism of Egypt is likely to further strain relations with Cairo at a time when Qatar’s own relations with heavyweight Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain - its partners in the Gulf Cooperation Council - are fraught with tension. Egypt and the three Arab nations have withdrawn their ambassadors from Qatar.
76.        HAMAS: WE MUST SLAUGHTER THE JEWS: Tuesday, March 25, 2014 I Israel Today Staff. A Hamas member of the Palestinian parliament said in a recent televised address that Palestinian Muslims must either subdue or massacre the Jews, and that genuine, long-lasting peace with the infidels is not achievable.
77.        Speaking on Hamas’ Al Aqsa TV, MP Yunis Al-Astal explained that in the Quran, Allah taught the Muslims that “they [the Jews] are the ones with whom you made a covenant, but they break their covenant every time.”
78.        Seeking a solution to this conundrum, Al-Astal continued his reading of the Muslim scriptures, pointing out that Allah commanded his followers that should they “gain mastery over them [the Jews] in a war, use them to disperse those who follow them that they may remember.”
79.        What does that mean? Al-Astal provided the explanatory commentary. “This indicates that we must massacre them, in order to break them down and prevent them from sowing corruption in the world,” he stated. One would presume this also applies to the “infidel” Christians living in the region.
80.        SURVEY CLAIMS WEAKENING ‘ZIONISM’ AMONG ISRAELI YOUTH. Respondents are less willing to ‘die for our country,’ study shows, and many secular teens can imagine their lives elsewhere. By Times of Israel staff March 25, 2014, 3:10 am  Israeli youth walk on the road connecting Yad Vashem to Mount Herzl in Jerusalem, ahead of the annual Memorial Day for Fallen Soldiers, April 10, 2013 (photo credit: Flash 90)
81.        A survey of Hebrew-speaking Jewish youth in Israel, the results of which were released on Monday, found that feelings of Zionism among respondents were generally more reserved than in previous generations.
82.        The study, commissioned by the Zionist Council in Israel and presented at the opening of the Zionist Youth Congress in the West Bank’s Gush Etzion settlement bloc, found that Israeli teens aged 15-18 were less willing than before to sacrifice themselves for the sake of the country, and that many could imagine a life abroad.
83.        The Midgam Research Institute surveyed 501 young people online, asking them how much they identify with the phrase “It’s good to die for our country.” Average identification with the phrase, on a scale of 1-10, was 6.4. The phrase was more resonant among members of the- religious community (7.9) and traditional Jews (7.2), and far less so among secular (5.4) and ultra-Orthodox Israelis (4.4).
84.        The phrase is usually attributed to Zionist fighter Joseph Trumpeldor, who is said to have uttered it before being killed in the battle for Tel Hai in 1920. The survey also found that about a quarter of secular Israeli youth wanted to leave Israel and make their lives elsewhere, according to Channel 1 News. Some 76 percent of respondents said they intended to join the Israel Defense Forces, including 92% of males and 60% of females. Only 70% of respondents self-identified as Zionists, and 89% identified themselves as Israeli. Israeli youth overwhelmingly described themselves as following religious tradition in some capacity, with 92% of males having read from the Torah on their bar mitzvah, and with 87% of all youth saying that they eat Shabbat dinners with their families. Some 60% reported that they eat or try to eat at kosher restaurants only.
85.        On the question of Jerusalem, 85% of youth surveyed said they were unwilling to give up parts of the capital, even if it led to a real peace with the Palestinians. Twenty percent of secular youth were willing to relinquish East Jerusalem for peace.
86.        CHRISTIANS TO EU: ISRAEL IS OUR SAFE HAVEN: Monday, March 24, 2014 I Ryan Jones. Some 150 Israeli Arabic-speaking Christians on Sunday demonstrated outside the European Union mission in Tel Aviv, demanding that the international community stop nitpicking against Israel and start combating the severe persecution of Christians everywhere else in the Middle East.
87.        “Nations, organizations and international missions are quick to raise an accusing finger against Israel at every opportunity,” said Father Gabriel Nadaf, spiritual father of the Israeli Christian Recruitment Forum, which organized the rally.
88.        Those same nations and organizations “don’t life a finger against the ethnic cleansing of Christians in the Middle East,” the priest continued.
89.        Father Nadaf went on to explain that from Syria to Egypt to Iraq to the Palestinian Authority, Christians on a daily basis suffer intimidation, harassment, desecration, coercion, torture, rape, physical abuse and murder. “According to the statistics, a Christian is murdered every five minutes [in the Middle East], and the Western world is silent about this,” he lamented.
90.        In messages posted to its Facebook page during the Tel Aviv rally, the Israeli Christian Recruitment Forum insisted that “there is no place but Israel that is safe for Christians in the Middle East!”
91.        While the rally was largely ignored by the mainstream Western media, the Israeli press took great interest, and forum spokesman Shadi Khalloul, a veteran of the IDF, was interviewed by various television and print media outlets.
92.        Khalloul has spoken numerous times with Israel Today regarding the Christian awakening within Israel, and the bonds of brotherhood than bind local Christians to the Jewish people and the Jewish state.
93.        Last month, Israel’s Knesset took the first important step toward recognizing local Christians as an independent minority separate from the Arab Muslims. Both Nadaf and Khalloul say this is necessary, since local Christians were here before the Arab Muslim conquest around 600 AD.
94.        A growing number of Israelis, including lawmakers and opinion shapers, are likewise waking up to the strong Christian minority in their midst, a minority that has been long neglected, but which is now beginning to boldly take its place alongside the Jews.
95.        Abbas: No Compromise On East Jerusalem As Capital Of Palestinian State (By KHALED ABU TOAMEH, LAST UPDATED: 03/22/2014 18:58) The Palestinians won’t accept anything less than a fully sovereign state with east Jerusalem as its capital, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said on Saturday.
96.        Abbas was speaking during an emergency meeting of the Fatah Central Committee in Ramallah. The Palestinians won’t make any concessions on their rights “regardless of the pressure and threats,” he said.
97.        A Fatah official quoted Abbas as complaining that the US administration was exerting heavy pressure on him to make concessions to Israel in order to boost the peace talks. “We reject any attempt to blackmail the Palestinians,” the official said. “We’re not going to surrender our rights under any kind of pressure and threats.”
98.        Abbas briefed the Fatah officials on the outcome of his last visit to Washington, where he held talks with US President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry on the future of the peace talks with Israel.
99.        Abbas’s spokesman, Nabil Abu Rudaineh, said after the meeting that the members of the Fatah Central Committee expressed support for the PA president’s positions and his commitment to Palestinian rights.
100.     The Palestinians who took to the streets across the West Bank last week voiced their backing for Abbas’s policies, Abu Rudaineh said.
101.     The PA leadership organized a hero’s welcome for Abbas upon his return to Ramallah on Thursday. The spokesman said that the Palestinian position remains clear and unambiguous. The Palestinians, he said, are committed to a just peace that would see Israel withdraw to the June 4, 1967, lines and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with east Jerusalem as its capital.
102.     Abu Rudaineh reiterated the Palestinians’ opposition to any Israeli military or civilian presence on the land of a future Palestinian state. On the issue of the refugees, Abu Rudaineh said that it should be resolved on the basis of United Nations General Assembly Resolution 194 (December 1948). He reiterated the Palestinians’ refusal to recognize Israel as a Jewish state, saying that the PLO had recognized Israel’s right to exist two decades ago.
103.     “The Palestinian leadership has not received any written document from the Americans,” Abu Rudaineh said, referring to talk about a US framework agreement between the Palestinians and Israel.
104.     The Fatah committee affirmed the Palestinians’ commitment to pursuing the negotiations with Israel until the end of the nine-month deadline set by the US administration, which expires at the end of April.
105.     UNHRC SLAMS ISRAEL, DELAYS CONTROVERSIAL PALESTINE APPOINTMENT (By Rebecca Shimoni Stoil March 29, 2014, 3:48 am(22 WASHINGTON — On the controversial announcement declaring a new Special Rapporteur for Human Rights in Palestine, the Geneva-based United Nations Human Rights Council decided Friday to delay a vote on 18 incoming special reporters by one month.
106.     The decision came hours after the UNHRC voted in a series of five resolutions condemning Israel — resolutions that met with widespread support among most voting members.
107.     The UNHRC acceded to a motion filed by the Peruvian delegation to delay the announcement of nominations and votes to approve the 18 nominees by one month. The Peruvian motion seemed to be unrelated to reports, first revealed by the organization UN Watch on Thursday, that UK academic Christine Chinkin had emerged as the nominee for the Palestine position.
108.     Still, behind the scenes in Geneva, debate and negotiations continued regarding the nominee for the position, recently vacated by Richard Falk, a Princeton professor emeritus with a long track record of vehemently anti-Israel rhetoric.
109.     Until this week, Georgetown University law school lecturer Christina Cerna had the unanimous recommendation of the five-member UNHRC vetting committee. In recent days, Arab states threatened to veto Cerna’s appointment after the Arab League complained that she does not have a prior record of statements on Palestinian issues.
110.     Chinkin, on the other hand, was a member of the Goldstone Commission which investigated 2008-9’s Operation Cast Lead, and one of three panel members who later turned against Judge Richard Goldstone when he backtracked from some of the report’s key conclusions, including the assertion that Israel deliberately killed civilians.
111.     Judge Richard Goldstone (second from right) at public hearings in 2009 about alleged Israeli violations committed during Operation Cast Lead (photo credit: UN/Flash 90)
112.     In his letter nominating her, Human Rights Council President Baudelaire Ndong Ella wrote that he selected Chinkin after he “undertook a series of consultations with all concern parties, with the view to ensure the broadest possible and highest level of efficiency of the mandate holder.”
113.     Falk’s wife, Hilal Elver, was nominated to serve as the Special Rapporteur on the right to food, while an Israeli — Israel Doron — was named to serve as the Independent Expert on the enjoyment of all human rights by older persons.
114.     UN Special Rapporteur Richard Falk (photo credit: UN Watch) While the votes on the appointments were delayed, the UN body did vote on a series of resolutions that Jewish groups — and the US representative to the UNHRC — denounced as one-sided.
115.     One such resolution, entitled “Israeli Settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, including East Jerusalem, and in the occupied Syrian Golan,” is part of the UNHRC’s permanent Agenda item 7 on Israel. Israelis the only country on the Council’s permanent agenda.
116.     Although the four resolutions that dealt with Palestinian topics were all adopted by a vote of 46 to 1, the fifth, which was sponsored by the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad and demanded that Israel return the “Syrian Golan,” received more limited support. That resolution passed by a vote of 33 to 1, with 13 abstentions.
117.     “None of the world’s worst human rights violators, some of Whom are the object of resolutions at this session, have their own stand-alone agenda item at this Council. Only Israel, a vibrant and open democracy, receives such treatment,” said Schriefer.
118.     “Not only are the resolutions under this agenda item biased, but they work against our collective efforts to advance a peaceful resolution of the Arab-Israeli conflict,” added Schriefer, who led the U.S. delegation to the UNHRC. “This Council continually singles out Israel for criticism without acknowledging the violent attacks directed at its people, nor the obligations and difficult steps of both sides to resolve the conflict.”
119.     The Anti-Defamation League condemned the five resolutions’ passage, warning that one “contains veiled threats of financial repercussions for those doing business with Israeli settlements.” The organization complained that the European members of the UNHRC “willfully turned a blind eye to the amplified demonization of Israel contained in the resolution.”
120.     In anticipation of the UNHRC’s vote on the resolution, ADL wrote to a number of the Council’s members, expressing concern that the resolution was an attack on Israel that was taken beyond previous sessions, and urged the members to vote against its passage, but to no avail.
121.     ADL National Director Abraham H. Foxman wrote in a statement after the vote that it was “sad that there was not one courageous European fi voice to say no to this UN infamy.”
122.     “The passage of this anti-Israel resolution demonstrates that the UNHRC’s single-minded focus on Israel and willingness to escalate attacks against the Jewish State is boundless,” Foxman continued. “While somewhat watered down from earlier, more egregious drafts, the resolution’s language — including veiled threats of financial repercussions for companies doing business with Israeli settlements — will undoubtedly serve to bolster advocates of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement and their illegitimate hateful campaign against Israel.”
123.     Similarly, the American Jewish Committee (AJC) denounced what AJC Executive Director David Harris described as a “shameful annual exercise of excoriating Israel” which “does nothing to advance the cause of Israeli- Arab peace — or of truth.”
124.     Harris warned that “obsessively singling out one UN member, Israel, totally undermines the very credibility of this UN body.” “Precisely when Israelis are seeking through negotiations a permanent, sustainable peace agreement, the Human Rights Council has once again seen fit to embolden those Palestinians who believe they can skirt the peace process and rely on international pressure on Israel,” Harris added.
125.     The AJC pointed to the fact that during the council’s meetings, debate on Israel is handled in one agenda item, while the other 192 countries that are UN members ‘re dealt with in another, single agenda item. “Once again, the primary human rights organ of the UN has sabotaged its promise of fairness, a vow central to the UN Charter itself, and to the resolution creating the Human Rights Council,’ said Harris.
126.     STUDY: ‘SMALL’ NUCLEAR WAR WOULD DESTROY THE WORLD: March 26, 2014 8:32 PM, DENVER (CBS4) — with an estimated 17,000 nuclear weapons in the world, we have the power to exterminate humanity many times over. But it wouldn’t take a full-scale nuclear war to make Earth uninhabitable, reports Live Science.
127.     Even a relatively small regional nuclear war, like a conflict between India and Pakistan, could spark a global environmental catastrophe, says a new study.
128.     “Most people would be surprised to know that even a very small regional nuclear war on the other side of the planet could disrupt global climate for at least a decade and wipe out the ozone layer for a decade,” said lead author Michael Mills, an atmospheric scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Colorado.
129.     Researchers developed a computer model of the Earth’s atmosphere and ran simulations to find out what would happen if there was a nuclear war with just a fraction of the world’s arsenal.
130.     What they saw was the stuff of nightmares: Firestorms would belch over 5 million tons of ash into the sky. The ash would absorb the sun’s rays, causing deadly cooling on the surface.
131.     Global temperatures would plummet my nearly 3 degrees Farenheit on average, with most of North America experiencing winters that would be colder by 4 to 10 degrees.
132.     Lethal frosts would cover the Earth and reduce the growing seasons bu about a month for several years. Rainfall and other precipitation would be reduced by about 10 percent, triggering worldwide droughts and leading to wildfires in the Amazon, which would spew more smoke into the atmosphere. The sky ash would heat the stratosphere and accelerate the chemical reactions that destroy the ozone layer.
133.     The intense ultraviolet radiation that would get through to the surface would be a dramatic threat to human health and damage fragile ecosystems on land and sea.
134.     “All in all, these effects would be very detrimental to food production and to ecosystems,” Mills said. The findings are published in the journal Earth’s Future.
135.     KERRY HOLDS ‘CONSTRUCTIVE’ TALKS WITH ABBAS ON PEACE PLAN: (AFP) - US Secretary of State John Kerry and Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas held “constructive” talks on the Middle East peace process, a US official said Thursday, as crunch decisions loom in the coming days.
136.     After earlier talks with King Abdullah II in Amman, Kerry and his team met for more than four hours over dinner in Jordanian capital with the Palestinian leader, a senior State Department official said.
137.     Describing it as “a constructive conversation,” the official added that “the secretary plans to remain engaged with both President Abbas and Prime Minister (Benjamin) Netanyahu over the coming days”.
138.     Israel is due to release a fourth and final tranche of prisoners over the weekend, a move which will prove key in deciding whether the talks, resumed in July after a three-year gap, unravel or not.
139.     Under the deal relaunching the peace negotiations, Israel said it would release 104 Arabs held since before the 1993 Oslo peace accords in exchange for the Palestinians not pressing their statehood claims via the UN.
140.     Israel has so far freed 78 prisoners but there are growing Netanyahu’s cabinet may block the final releases, particularly of Israeli Arab militants. In Jerusalem, about 50 relatives of the victims of attacks demonstrated Wednesday near Netanyahu’s residence against widening the prisoner releases.
141.     “Justice and values come before politics. We can’t reach peace by ignoring the blood of the victims,” said Meir Indor, a spokesperson for the families. Palestinian minister of prisoners affairs Issa Qaraqe told Voice of Palestine radio that “Israel is trying to worm its way out of releasing the prisoners. They will be held responsible for any repercussions of this.”
142.     The Palestinians also won key backing Wednesday from the Arab League for their refusal to bow to Netanyahu’s demand to recognize Israel as “the nation state of the Jewish people.”
143.     “We express our total rejection of the call to consider Israel as a Jewish state,” an Arab League declaration said at the end of a two-day summit in Kuwait.
144.     But the Israeli side hit back that Abbas’s stand on the issue “could torpedo the peace process.” The Palestinian leader had “boasted that he refuses to even discuss recognizing the Jewish state, once again parading rejectionism as virtue,” a senior Israeli official said.
145.     Kerry, who coaxed the two sides back to the negotiations last July after a three-year freeze, is aiming to reach a framework to guide the talks going forward as an April 29 deadline for a deal looms. But Abbas told him he would not discuss the framework accord until after the Prisoner releases have taken Place, a Palestinian source said.
146.     Israel also wants the Palestinians to agree to extend the talks beyond April 29, warning a failure to do so would scupper the final prisoner release.  “We don’t need a new series of accords so that Israel can bury them under an avalanche of conditions, reservations or interpretations before going back on their commitments,” Abbas told the Arab League.
147.     The prisoner issue is not the only issue jeopardizing the peace talks. Israeli army radio said Wednesday the US had offered to release Jonathan Pollard, who was arrested in 1985 and condemned to life imprisonment for spying on the United States for Israel, in return for Palestinian prisoners being freed.
148.     But State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki shot down the report, saying: “There are currently no plans to release Jonathan Pollard.” Kerry was flying back to Rome early Thursday to join up again with Obama for a meeting with Pope Francis. The two Americans will then visit Saudi Arabia on Friday, when the peace process is likely to be one of the issues topping the agenda in take with Saudi King Abdullah.
149.     JORDANIAN KING VOWS TO PROTECT JERUSALEM: Jordan’s King Abdullah II addresses the 68th session of the United Nations General Assembly, Tuesday, Sept. 24, 2013 at U.N. headquarters. (Photo credit: AP Photo/Richard Drew). Jordan’s King Abdullah II said his country will protect Jerusalem and stand up to “Israeli violations,” in a speech to the Arab Summit in Kuwait Tuesday.
150.     Abdullah’s speech to the Arab League Summit in Kuwait came as tensions between Israel and Jordan have bubbled up over demands by Knesset lawmakers that Israel impose sovereignty over the Temple Mount.
151.     Jordan “will work to help Jerusalem’s Arab population stay on their land, support their steadfastness, strengthen their presence and stand up to address Israeli violations and measures, particularly those targeting Al Aqsa Mosque, by all available means and in coordination with our brothers in the State of Palestine,” Abdullah said, referring to the mosque atop the disputed holy site.
152.     A Knesset debate in February on Israeli sovereignty over the Temple Mount set off intense criticism in the Arab world. Particularly  from Jordan, where Prime Minister Abdullah Nsur warned that Amman might review its peace agreement with Israel.
153.     Jordan considers itself custodian of the holy site, which is administered by the Islamic War trust. “Jordan will ... continue to carry out its religious and historical duty of preserving Jerusalem and its holy Islamic and Christian sites,” he said.
154.     Israeli lawmakers have raised objections to a restriction barring Jewish prayer atop the mount, considered the holiest site in Jerusalem; for fear that, it would provoke a violent reaction from Muslims.
155.     Abdullah also touted the importance of achieving an Israeli- Palestinian peace accord, calling it the basis for “achieving comprehensive peace and enrooting security and stability in the Middle East.”
156.     He added that any peace agreement needed to “uphold Jordan’s higher interests.” “Today the international community is required to assume its responsibilities, move immediately to compel Israel to stop its unilateral policies and measures and urge it to take advantage of the Arab Peace Initiative and the historic opportunity available now to achieve peace,” he said.
157.     WORLD VISION REVERSES DECISION TO HIRE CHRISTIANS IN SAME-SEX MARRIAGES: NEW YORK — facing a firestorm of protest, the prominent Christian relief agency World Vision on Wednesday reversed a two-day-old policy change that would have allowed it to hire Christians in same-sex marriages in the US.
158.     The aid group sent a letter to supporters saying the board had made a mistake and was returning to its policy requiring celibacy outside of marriage “and faithfulness within the Bible covenant of marriage between a man and a woman.”
159.     “We have listened to you and want to say thank you and to humbly ask for your forgiveness,” the agency said in the letter, signed by World Vision president Richard Stearns and board chairman Jim Bere.
160.     Based in Washington state and started by evangelicals, World Vision has an international operating budget of nearly $1 billion and conducts economic development and emergency relief project.
161.     The agency had announced Monday that its board had prayed for years about whether to hire Christians in same-sex marriages as churches took different stands on recognizing gay relationships. World Vision staff come from dozens of denominations with varied views on the issue. The board had said World Vision would still require celibacy outside of marriage and would require employees to affirm that they follow Christ, but would change policy in the U.S. as a way to avoid the divisive debates that have torn apart churches.
162.     But the change drew widespread condemnation, with many donors posting on the agency’s Facebook page that they would no longer fund the sponsor-a-child programs that are central to World Vision’s fundraising and education.
163.     Darrell Bock, a New Testament scholar at Dallas Theological Seminary, wrote on his blog that the new hiring policy was an “act was a betrayal of the nature of the Christian community” and “a denial of how Jesus defined marriage as between a man and a woman when he was asked about divorce.”
164.     Evangelical supporters of hiring Christians with same-sex spouses also rallied, increasing their donations and urging others to do the same. However, World Vision reversed course. “In our board’s effort to unite around the church’s shared mission to serve the poor in the name of Christ, we failed to be consistent with World Vision U.S.’s commitment to the traditional understanding of biblical marriage and our own statement of faith, which says, ‘We believe the Bible to be the inspired, the only infallible, authoritative Word of God,” Stearns and Bere wrote.
165.      “We are brokenhearted over the pain and confusion we have caused many of our friends, who saw this decision as a reversal of our strong commitment to Biblical authority. We ask that you understand that this was never the board’s intent.”
166.     A few other conservative religious charities have tried to change hiring policies to recognize gay relationships, prompting controversy and a drop in donations, but World Vision was the largest and most prominent by far to take the step.
167.     KERRY INTERRUPTS ROME VISIT TO SALVAGE MIDEAST PEACE TALKS  (By Lesley Wroughton). U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry (L), meets with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, at the Palestinian Ambassador’s Residence in Amman, Jordan March 26, 2014, in an effort to salvage the Middle East peace talks as a breakdown looms.
168.     (Reuters) - U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry broke from a visit to Italy on Wednesday to try to salvage Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, even as Arab leaders declared they would never meet Israel’s core demand to be recognized as a Jewish state.
169.     Kerry flew to Jordan to ask Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to commit to extending the negotiations, just days before Israel is supposed to release a final group of Palestinian prisoners as a confidence-building gesture.
170.     Before it releases the prisoners, Israel wants to be assured Abbas won’t abandon the U.S.-brokered talks, which resumed last July after a three-year break. Having initially set next month as the target date for a peace accord, Kerry is now trying to get the sides to a agree a framework for further negotiations.
171.     Kerry began his meeting with Abbas late on Wednesday. Kerry began his visit to Amman by meeting Jordan’s King Abdullah, another Israeli-Palestinian mediator. He also spoke by telephone with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during the three-hour flight from Rome, U.S. officials said.
172.     The two were due to speak again after Kerry dined with Abbas. Israel’s Army Radio said Washington had offered to free Jonathan Pollard, a former U.S. Navy intelligence analyst who was sentenced to a life term in 1987 in the United States for spying for Israel, if Israel went ahead with the prisoner release, keeping Abbas on the diplomatic track.
173.     At a briefing in Washington, State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf said, “There are no plans to release Jonathan Pollard at this time.” But when asked to state unequivocally that Pollard’s imprisonment is not part of the current negotiations, Harf sidestepped the question by saying, “Look, I’m not going to get into any specifics confirming or not confirming one way or the other if any topic is on the table in these talks.”
174.     A succession of U.S. presidents have spurned Israeli calls for Pollard’s pardon. Netanyahu, commenting in December in the aftermath of reports that the United States had spied on Israel’s leaders, said at that time that Israel had constantly sought Pollard’s release.
175.     State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said Kerry Wanted to “narrow the gaps between the parties.” The Palestinian Prisoners Club, the main group looking after the welfare of Palestinians jailed by Israel, said there were 30 prisoners due to be freed by Israel on March 29. They include 14 Arab citizens of Israel.
176.     U.S. officials have long cautioned that the release of the last batch of prisoners will be difficult and have been given no assurance by Israel that it will go ahead.
177.     Further complicating Kerry’s 11th-hour diplomatic push was a statement on Wednesday by Arab leaders that they will never recognize Israel as a Jewish state.
178.     The statement at the end of a two-day Arab League summit in Kuwait also denounced the continued building of Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank, on territory where Palestinians seek statehood.
179.     “We hold Israel entirely responsible for the lack of progress in the peace process nd continuing tension in the Middle East,” the statement said. “We express our absolute and decisive rejection to recognizing Israel as a Jewish stat.”
180.     Israel says Palestinian refusal to recognize it as a Jewish state is the main stumbling block in the peace talks.
181.     Abbas’ refusal “to discuss mutual recognition between two nation state stands in stark contrast with Prime Minister Netanyahu’s willingness to recognize a Palestinian state and his agreement that all of the core issues can be raised in the talks,” a senior Israeli official told Reuters.
182.     U.S. President Barack Obama has repeatedly declared his vision of peace - a Jewish state of Israel and a state of Palestine living side by side in peace in security. He recently called on Abbas to take risks for peace with Israel.
183.     Abbas has argued that the Palestinians already acknowledged Israel’s right to exist in 1993.
184.     Palestinians fear recognizing Israel as a Jewish state would prejudge the demand of refugees from the 1948 war of its founding to return. Israel has ruled out any such influx, saying the refugees should resettle in a future Palestinian state. Amen.

To God be the glory for everything. I told you in 1993 that the seed that was being planted as a mustard seed, that if God is behind His Word, before your eyes, this seed will germinate, grow above all other trees until all the birds of the air will perch on it, all animals on the land will take refuge under this great Tree, that time will vindicate me.
2.           I believe today, I am vindicated. There is a lesson you should learn there, a great lesson. Remember what the Prophet said concerning this faith and the hour.
3.           William Branham said and I quote, “That there is going to be a little group, a little flock despised, out there in one of the jungles there in the wilderness, setting out believing his word.”
4.           That “from that little group, God is going to stir up a revival that will encircle the whole world.” He said, “The message will go forth from there, it will go in newsprint, in electronic media, it will go round the whole world until every predestinated elect of God will come into contact with it.”
5.           That is how God is going to save the elect worldwide. And I told you that every true elect of God must be positionally placed where he will not only recognize what God is doing in his day, but will also be a part of it.
6.           I made it clear to you while I was discussing God with all that really believe. We mention God, God as if there is a being called God. God means nothing but object of worship.
7.           I have told you that it takes the worshipper to reveal who God is. Without the worshipper, God is unknown. The same way it takes God to vindicate the worshipper.
8.           There was a controversy between the Prophets of Baal and the real Prophet of God in the days of Elijah, as to who was worshipping the true God.
9.           It took God Almighty to vindicate he that was on the right side. Other Prophets were proved wrong, but that little still voice (Elijah) became the only one.
10.        I told you in the days of Ahab and King Jehoshaphat in the lands of Judah and Jerusalem, the scripture recorded that Ahab was the king of Israel. Remember in the days of Rehoboam, Jeroboam and the rest of them, Israel was divided. This is what is causing the problem today.
11.        Please take note of what I am going to say today. If you do not know, though you know, I have discussed it with you times without number. It was the trouble the kings of Israel caused that Israel is suffering up till this very day.
12.        When Rehoboam made a pronouncement that displeased the elders of the land, they proclaimed in one voice, “To your tents oh Israel”. Israel got divided into Northern and Southern kingdoms. In other words, Northern Israel, southern Israel.
13.        Southern Israel was made up of two tribes only. You see the trouble! That was the tribe of Judah and Benjamin. They were called the people of God. Judah and Benjamin. But the ten tribes went to the North. The tribes of Judah and Benjamin had Jehoshaphat as their king.
14.        The Lord wanted to take the whole thing away because of the evils of the kings. Ahab became the king over the Northern Kingdom. We better take note of all these things.
15.        When Jehoshaphat started romancing with Ahab, trouble came out of it during the war. There was a man of God, according to the scripture. Just one voice. One voice, one Prophet, and he was hated by the king of the North. Ahab hated him.
16.        However, Ahab surrounded himself with four hundred prophets of Israel. It became a showdown: Four hundred Prophets of Israel versus one Prophet of God.
17.        Just like today, is there anybody that is in doubt that Nigeria alone has over twenty thousand men of God? I say, Nigeria alone. Everywhere, men of God, men of God, Prophet of God. Nobody speaks as oracle of the devil.
18.        Since all of them claim they are men of God, Prophets of God, that’s why the Son of Man assumed to Himself to be the Prophet of the devil and the man of the devil. And told the whole world to stop looking for the devil elsewhere: “I am the one,” so that there will be peace, yet no peace.
19.        There is no need claiming to be this or that. It is your right to claim whatever you want to claim but it takes God to vindicate who you are, for you are nothing but what God makes you, no more, no less.
20.        I believe today, eyes have seen, ears have heard. In no distant time, every tongue shall confess that the Son of Man is the Lord, to the glory of God the Father. I do not mince words in saying it wherever I go, because God has given us the victory.
21.        I want you to understand that countries, places where the Bible is strongly prohibited, where the name of Jesus can hardly be mentioned, where mere mentioning of that name attracts death penalty, where even holding an excerpt, I am not talking about the entire Bible. Holding an excerpt from the Bible attracts instant death.
22.        There are too many countries where Christianity can never be mentioned. Verify from your relations that happened to be working there. They do not pray because they monitor them twenty-four hours. If you dare kneel down to pray, you die by hanging or they use stone to kill the person instantly there.
23.        You do not mention Jehovah neither do you mention Jesus. You do not even mention the Bible. You do not sing, you do not even hold anything that contains anything religion. You either identify with their own religion or stay alone.
24.        You cannot go to United Arab Emirate (UAE) and say that the Lord said. Neither do you go to Iran or Iraq or Saudi Arabia to tell them that the Bible said. Who are you? Too many countries like that.
25.        You cannot go to Morocco, even Rabat and Casablanca, you cannot do it in Romania neither do you try it in Bulgaria. Who are you? Can you mention the Lord Jesus in Syria and get away with it? I am trying to say, in all Bible forbidden places and towns, communities and countries where Christianity is decreed out; the Son of Man is there live.
26.        I say live, 24 hours of the day. God in His Wisdom knew it that the only way He will go for them and save them as God of the whole universe is by transporting Himself through this glorious message, and God is the brain behind the invention of the Internet. For without the Internet, there is no way we can stay in Onitsha and encircle the whole earth.
27.        Thus, wherever there is light and darkness, the Bridal Faith is there. Even in the remotest part of the world. You can now begin to appreciate what the Lord Jesus Christ said to the apostles, that this message of the kingdom should be preached to all the corners of the earth and then the end shall come.
28.        And I wish to say it loud and clear, “There is no other messenger that has come from God, no being that has appeared here on earth, that has succeeded in carrying the message of God’s salvation to all the ends of the earth and eyes have seen and believed that God is on the scene.”
29.        They have seen His judgment, because He is sent for judgment to the whole earth, and there is no way the whole earth will be judged if he has not spoken to them. Even if it is one person that has heard about this message in Nigeria, the message has reached Nigeria.
30.        With the increasing number of countries and responses worldwide, I am sure that if there is anybody left, maybe the person is not in God’s programme.
31.        Tell me where we have not entered! There is no Island we have not penetrated. We have even reached those that are in the high seas. We have reached all of them. So, to God be the glory. We are not making any noise on the streets.
32.        The move is on yet it is a silent movement: No crusade, no programme, no advertisement, no radio announcement, no billboard, no operation win one, no house to house evangelism, yet people identify with it. It goes to show that the word of God is true, that “God adds to his Church daily as many as should be saved.”
33.        This morning, I was just shaving and I saw a bus with some people inside making a hell of noise, inviting everybody to Dominion City Church. Come and fellowship with us today from 9 o’clock to 4 o’clock, come and taste the power of God, the man of God will be standing, all your problems will be solved and this and that.
34.        I said, well, I do not know if anybody has ever preached like this in time past. The apostles never did it, Jesus the Christ never tried it, the Prophets never tried it. It is business alert: Native doctors are announcing their own, religious doctors are also announcing their own.
35.        Yes, they are religious healers. When they will tell you to bring the lame, bring the blind, the deaf, every manner of deceases. Reinhard Bonke will invite the whole world, at the end of the day, people will go home disappointed.
36.        There was a time Umar Ukpai was reigning everywhere. Today that move has died a natural death, for his foolishness has been made manifest. The havoc he caused there in DMGS (Denis Memorial Grammar School) Onitsha can never be forgotten, where many people that were brought from the hospitals died in the open field.
37.        They came to receive healing, at the end of the four days, cold killed all of them. Not even one was healed. He called for people that were having evil spirits, that he will make his hand like this, that they will be falling down, only members of his Church fell down.
38.        I thank God that we are not here for signs and wonders, neither do we promise anybody any other thing here than eternal life.
39.        If you are here for abracadabra, you are disappointed, but if you are here because you do not want to perish, you are in the right place, that’s all. That’s the only thing we can promise you here. If the Lord gives you healing, it is because he wants to heal you. Whatever the Lord gives you, he wants to give you that thing, finish. But talk of eternal life, that is why we are in this most holy Faith. If you have another reason, begin to rethink. Amen.

e really thank God for the journey so far. We have heard events from the Middle East, but before I will open up, I will like to read popular scripture you know.  
2.           The book of Zechariah chapter 12 verse 1-12. “This is the fate of Israel as pronounced by the LORD...
3.            This is the fate of Israel as pronounced by who? By the Lord! And the Lord, He is the God. We are talking about what the Creator of heaven and earth had already decreed even before the world began when there was nothing called Christianity.
4.           When there was no human being called Mary or Joseph that could give birth to a boy that could be named Jesus. No! A Saviour was not yet sent to Israel when this word went forth.
5.           You know, it is ignorance of the scriptures that made Jesus Christ condemn his generation. He said, “You err, not knowing the scriptures nor the power of God.”
6.           How can the Gentiles claim Jesus Christ to be their saviour? They do it out of sheer blindness. FOR THE SCRIPTURE SAID, “GOD SENT JESUS CHRIST AS A SAVIOUR TO ISRAEL.” GOD WAS SPECIFIC.
7.           The same way, if you claim that you are an Israeli, well, that is your own claim. However, has God justified your claim? You are claiming that you are serving the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Fine! But you must know who that God is. Know His nature, be able to identify Him anywhere you find Him. For they served human God, they never served any imaginary God.
8.           The God Abraham served, Sarah prepared food which the God ate; is that not right? That is truth!
9.           You mean to tell Me that Jacob never knew the man he wrestled with over night? Or you want to tell Me that Isaac never saw Him? Before you tell Me you are worshipping that same God, you must be prepared to convince Me your covenant with Him, how you came into contact with Him.
10.        For the Prophet said, “No human being is saved until he meets God face to face. Talks to God, God talks back to him.” Many are boasting of imaginary salvation. No! In Christ, salvation is actualized. In Christ, salvation is made real.
11.        It was the blindness of their hearts; the ignorance that was in them because God had already forsaken them that made them not to acknowledge the Lord Jesus Christ as the God man.
12.        The word was made flesh and dwell among us. Here today, almost all worship imaginary God that can be drawn on the board having different pictures. So, they worship after the imaginations of their own heart. But the real children of God worship something they know.  
13.        This is the word of God which He has decreed to His own people Israel. “…This is the fate of Israel as pronounced by LORD...
14.        Note it, this is the fate of Israel, F.A.T.E. I think I am right? Yes sir! Very good! F.A.T.E! This is the fate of Israel. I am spelling it because of the transcribers. It is not F.A.I.T.H. It is F.A.T.E. take note! I do not want to deceive anybody and God will not permit Me to do that.
15.        What will I gain if I should deceive the ears of My audience. It profits me absolutely nothing. I will even jeopardize My life because My life is tied to this Gospel. My ability in remaining true to My commission, marks My success in this calling. No human being ordained Me, no human being called Me. There was no vote that was cast for Me.
16.        Of course, you know more than that. I never assumed to be anything, I just appeared.  A Branch that existed without a tree, without a stem. Where He came from, you do not know. Where He is going to, you do not know.
17.        You were waiting for the Messiah, suddenly He appeared, wearing the picture you never knew and became the greatest stumbling block of the age.
18.         “…This is the fate of Israel as pronounced by the LORD: who stretched out the heavens and laid the foundations of the earth, and formed the spirit of man within him.
19.        I will make Jerusalem and Judah like a cup of poison to all the nearby nations that send their armies to surround Jerusalem. Jerusalem will be a heavy stone, burdening the world...”
20.        Jerusalem will be a heavy stone burdening the world. Jerusalem will be a burdensome stone to the whole world.
21.        “…And though all the nations of the earth unite in an attempt to move her, they will be crushed. “In that day, says the LORD, “I will bewilder the armies drawn up against her, and make fools of them, for I will all watch over the people Judah but blind all her enemies.
22.        “And the clans of Judah shall say to themselves, 'The people of Jerusalem have found strength in the LORD Almighty, their God. In that day I will make the clans of Judah like a little fire that sets the forest aflame like a burning match among the sheaves.; they will burn up all the neighbouring nations right and left, while Jerusalem stands unmoved...”
23.        Note it, while Jerusalem stands unmoved.
24.        “…The LORD will give victory to the rest of Judah first, before Jerusalem, so that the people of Jerusalem and the royal line of David won’t be filled with pride at their success. The LORD will defend the people of Jerusalem...”
25.        The Lord Himself will defend the people of Jerusalem.
26.        “…the weakest among them will be as mighty as King David! And the royal line will be as God, like the angel of the LORD who goes before them. For my plan is to destroy all the nations…”
27.        God’s plan is to do what? To destroy all the nations.
28.        “…that come against Jerusalem.” “…Then I will pour out the spirit of grace and prayer on all the people of Jerusalem. And they will look on him they pierced and mourn for him as for an only son, and grieve bitterly for him as for an oldest child who died.” LB.
29.        This message is coming forth from the Throne of God’s grace not to you as the salvaged or the redeemed of the Gentiles but to your fellow brethren in the Middle East. And also, to all the elect of God that are scattered all over the whole world.  Amen.

We have come to the end of all things. And we are witnesses of prophecies of old fulfilling in our days. Remember My message titled Events are Made Clear By Prophecy. Do not ever forget it.
2.           I am speaking to you by way of using your faith to make a little tape for your brethren, especially those in the troubled zone. That is Israel and Palestine.
3.           For the sake of the Jews and the Muslims in the Middle East, I came up with a documentary, giving the entire world the history of Israel and history of Palestine volumes 1 and 2. I raked up the archives, I raked up the Talmuds, all to straighten forth the truth about the matter.
4.           Remember, He had earlier predicted in 1994, “Count Down 94,” when they held their meeting, when Israel was betrayed. They sold their birthright that day. 31st December, 1994. That was the day they sold their birth right. So please, give Me attention.
5.           I told you that the battle in the Middle East will never come to an end until God Himself goes to the Middle East to put an end to it. And I told you that it will not be done in secret. When the time comes, every eye will see. Everybody must acknowledge that this is the finger of the Lord.
6.           But before then, He will turn His face against Israel and watch Israel being humiliated by the Gentiles. Remember I told you that Gentiles are those that do not know God. They are heathens. Anybody that does not have the God of Israel as his God is regarded as a Gentile. Please take note. The God of Israel I mean the God of the Jews.
7.           In the book of Esther chapter 1, remember that there was a report against the Jews that were scattered everywhere. That they were scattered in all the cities, towns and countries in pockets. That they had customs and traditions different from that of other people. And the King was being incited against them that it will not be in his best interest to accommodate them.
8.           Yes! Remember that when Titus the centurion invaded Jerusalem in AD 70, according to the word of the Messiah of Israel whom they slew, whom they crucified, because they could not understand His mission, the Lord permitted an army from the Rome or Roman Empire or Roman because Rome was in control.
9.           Augustus Ceaser was there, ordered a centurion by the name General Titus. He invaded Jerusalem in AD 70. He burnt down everything, carried all the valuables in the Temple of Jerusalem down to Rome.
10.        Remember, that was the origin of the construction of St Peter’s Basilica–a city sitting on seven hills, an iimpersonation of the original because the temple in Jerusalem was the only city that was seated on the seven hills. And that is Solomon’s Porch.
11.        The Headquarters of worship moved from Jerusalem to Rome for Rome was in control of the whole world; conquered their traditions, conquered their religion, everything. From that time, the original religion of the Jews fizzled out.
12.        I am talking to the President of Israel whatever you like call him. Whether President or Prime Minister, whether Military leader or Civilian leader by name Benjamin Netanyahu.
13.        Remember, this is Bridal watch. I am still speaking on Israel and Palestine in prophecy. Bridal Watch!
14.        Remember, Israel remains your timetable. When you want to know the time of the day, you look at your wristwatch or the clock in your house.
15.        However, when you want to know the hour you are living in, as the Bride of Christ, you look at events in the Middle East. FIX YOUR EYES ON ISRAEL, FOR ISRAEL, REMAINS YOUR TIMETABLE. AND YOU KNOW OUR SETTLEMENT AREA, IS THE CONTROVERSIAL AREA RIGHT NOW.
16.        When Israel was dispersed to all over the world, (by Israel, I still mean the Jews); they were dispersed to all over the world including Nigeria. They ran helter-skelter.
17.        There is no country in the world where the Jews are not found. There is one thing popular with them; they occupy great and noticeable positions in any country they find themselves. Some of them happen to be head of states of some of those countries. I am not going to treat that one again, you know about it. I told you about Ronald Reagan of America and the rest of them. I told you about Mubarak of Egypt.
18.        I told you why America is against Mohammed Mossi. And the whole of Egypt is against Mohammed Mossi who was the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood. You will soon hear about him again for he must resurface. Let them kill all his converts, all his adherents, he is resurfacing again.  
19.        Mohammed Mossi, that is the pharaoh that knew Joseph. But there is now a Pharaoh that has nothing to do with Joseph.   
20.        Benjamin Netanyahu, that is the man at stake. He is, like his name, Benjamin. He is a true Jew. From the records of his ancestors, if he should trace himself very well, he is one of the sons of Jacob from the tribe of Benjamin. A pure blooded Jew!
21.        His father officiated in the temple every Sabbath day. But woe unto him. I say woe unto him. He is the one that is causing the people of God the greatest sorrow. But there is one area where I spare him. That is in the area of his courage.
22.        Remember what I told you concerning his re-election. I announced the result before the vote was cast. I told him how he is going to wriggle out with pains; that he can never get the majority vote. I told him why he will be there as an individual not as his party for his party must surely collapse. But he will be the Prime Minister.
23.        I announced it before they went to the polls and it fulfilled according to My word because I told you that he is the only Prime Minister (president) so far Israel has ever produced that can stand before Obama, the President of America and speak a word in defence of his people.
24.        The only Prime Minister Israel has produced that can stand before the Pope in Rome and make his stand known. He has the courage.
25.        I told you that towards the end, he must compromise. The moment the spirit of compromise sets in, that is, when God is set to hand over for the last time His own people to the Arabs, to his enemies, Netanyahu will become a toothless bulldog: He will not bark, he will not bite, for the Pope must silence him through the antics and subtleties of Obama.
26.        Let it be known to you that if Obama will come fully to tell Netanyahu face to face that he is an enemy, he will lose the forth-coming election. This Israeli-Palestinian bid is a part of the ploy Obama has devised to further his popularity in the Middle East, pretending to be having solutions to their problems while he is holding arms behind Israel. Take note of what I am saying in this message.
27.        The problem of Netanyahu is this: His inability to recognise America as the Jews’ greatest enemy. What blinded Netanyahu is this: Pay attention everybody.
28.        There is no religion God ordained and called Christianity. Christianity is manmade religion. It is the religion of the West. I hope I am making sense? Yes sir! Hear Me very well, the moment you mention Israel or the Jews, what you are talking about is Judaism. Judaism is not Christianity.
29.        Netanyahu is muddling up the faith of Israel with the faith of America – which is a counterfeit faith. America said that their motto is, “In God We Trust.” Which God? Can God be against God? No sir!
30.        Is it the God of Israel, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob? Or the God which America made for themselves? And then, through conquest, imposed it on the whole world with Britain giving them the fireworks.
31.        Remember that this thing you are calling Christianity originated from Great Britain. Britain was in control. Britain was ruling America until they fought a Civil War which resulted in American Independence. Please, pay attention. I am handling something serious.
32.        If you watch, all Missionary Churches emanated from Great Britain while Pentecostal or commercial Churches emanated from the capitalist country called America, full of American wonder, American abracadabra. One is political, the other one is capitalistic.
33.        American religion is capitalistic religion. That was where Nigeria got their influence immediately after the Civil War in Nigeria 1970 and began to run private and independent commercial Churches. All of them taking their root from America.
34.        That is why if you watch all the private Churches in Nigeria, their overseers shuttle America. All their partners are American evangelists. American preachers! You can hardly see one that will partner with Great Britain because there, the missionary Churches are still there.  
35.        If I tell you the history of Roman Catholic, you will marvel. Initially, it was a missionary Church until after 1970, that is after the civil war. Nigeria came up with indigenization policy for all corporate organizations.
36.        Roman Catholic borrowed a cue and decided that all the expatriate missionaries from Ireland, Poland and so on, must go and replaced them with covetous, smart Nigerians who came into Roman Catholic and introduced anti-Roman Catholic practises.
37.        Whatever you are calling Roman Catholic today is not Roman Catholic. Go and verify from your parents of old if they are still alive, whether Roman Catholic permits an independent ministry inside the Roman Catholic Church.
38.        But today, people run industries. Reverend Fathers, they have industries, they have their own ministries. They have schools and colleges; they have universities that are all accountable to them.
39.         I want to tell you that in the beginning, it was not so. A Reverend Father does not own even a house, he does not own a motorcycle. The Church takes care of him. Anywhere he is posted to, that Church will take care of him.
40.        When he is being posted out, he will leave every property and go the other way. Even the Church or the community provided them with their cars. But today, a Roman Catholic Reverend Father is richer than the parish he is controlling. The parish borrows money from the Reverend Father.
41.        I know I am trailing on the most dangerous ground and I have been trailing on it all these years. It is better we speak the truth. This is where Netanyahu has failed: His inability to recognise that Israel was given a political independence. Not economic independence.
42.        That the religion of the Jews has remained in exile till today, until this very afternoon, Judaism is still in exile, that is why, the Muslims capitalised on the long period they occupied Israeli territories when they (the Jews) were in exile; governed at every city, multiplied in number.
43.         Whatever that is called Judaism is preserved in Islam. Without Islam, nobody will know anything called Judaism again.
44.        When we talk about religion, emphasis will be on two, Islam and Christianity. Where is Judaism? Where is the religion of the Jews? Which means, the Jews have no religion? And where they have no religion, they have no Faith – they have no God. Is it not true? It is!
45.        Are they now trying to tell us that Jews have become Christians? On what ground will they be Christians? Till eternity, the Jews can never be Christians.
46.        There can be Churches in Israel, Churches owned by different denominations from other countries. The people are free to subscribe to any of them but it does not form the religion of the Jews.
47.        Note it, Benjamin Netanyahu has remained blind to this fact. That is why the heathens are now challenging the God of Israel.
48.        I have read that scripture to open his eyes so that he will rethink again. And summon a meeting of the remaining Rabbis in Israel. They should meet on a Sabbath Day. If it is possible, in this forth coming Sabbath, or celebration of their Passover because it is their annual ceremony which they must observe till eternity.
49.        Nobody should modernise it. It should remain there because it is perpetual covenant between God and the Jews which they must keep throughout all generations. It does not affect the Gentiles.
50.        Remember I have finished with you, this matter does not concern you. It is a case between Me and the Jews. If My people never let down the bar, goats would not have entered. They pulled down the bar and goats entered. To drive them (Arabs) away has become difficult.
51.        the Almighty God made it clear that Jerusalem will remain the City of the Most High God; And will remain the capital of Israel till eternity.
52.        jerusalem can never be moved. HOWEVER, Damascus must be moved. Damascus is the capital of Syria. Any moment from now, with American antics which they will soon co-opt Israel, co-opt Egypt, co-opt Jordan and Lebanon; Bashar al-Assad will sign a document that will give his opponents an edge over him.
53.        IN ADDITION, the moment that is done, that will be the end of Assad or bashar al-assad, the King of Syria, For the King of Morocco will have a hand in it. Then, Damascus must be moved.
54.        The whole fight, whatever Bashar Al-Assad is fighting for is to make sure that Damascus is not moved. But Damascus must be moved.
55.        The same way, the reason for which we are making a hell of noise in the Middle East, the whole world, attention is attracted, is because of Jerusalem.
56.        Jerusalem! East Jerusalem in particular: to be the capital of Palestine or not to be. First of all, there must be a Palestine State as a country before you talk of capital.
57.        First of all, establish Palestine as a nation. I am telling you that the UN (United Nations); of course, God had earlier predicted their mission: When all the nations shall unite against Israel, which is taking place right now. For Israel has become the greatest enemy of all the countries in the world.
58.        Every attempt the UN is making now is to pressurise Israel to sign an agreement, letting out East Jerusalem to be the capital of Palestine. Yet if Israel attempts it, Palestine will never recognise Israel as a Jewish State. Impossible!
59.        There is nothing, there is no concession Netanyahu will give or will make that will make the Arab League to recognise Israel as a Jewish State. It is impossible! Then, if that is the case, of what use is the whole dust and noise?
60.        I told you that America with the help of John Kerry, will be making the futile attempt. Watch where we are heading to: IN no distant time, the table will change. Israel will be answering their cases, charges will be preferred against Israel in the international criminal court. Israel will answer cases of war crimes they committed and the ones they never committed. Just take note of what I am saying.
61.        However, the problem is this. How can Israel answer such cases if Israel is not a nation? Can you drag a nation that does not exist into a court? Can a nation that does not exist sign conventions; be a part of international agreement?
62.        While Obama, who claim to be the police man of the world, why permitting Mahmud Abbas, why permitting Palestine to endorse to international conventions?
63.        If it is not a nation already, what brought about proclamation of 29th of November 2012 when Palestinians were admitted into the UN Security Council not only as observer but as a member? Who is fooling who?
64.        If Israel is not a nation, why did the UN give Israel recognition in 1948?; recognized Israel as a nation, hoisted the flag in Palestine; only to turn round to announce to the world that they jointly produced a problem baby to the world.
65.        If they knew Israel would be a problem baby, why creating Israel. But did they create Israel? Israel had existed before America was found. Remember, America was found recently by Christopher Columbus. But Israel existed before Christopher Columbus was born. When history is forgotten, the mistakes of the past must be repeated. Amen.

I am heading somewhere. A word to Benjamin Netanyahu. If he wants to free the Jews from the shackles of imperialism, first, he must fight for the restoration of Judaism.
2.           He should allow Israel to recognise their God, recognise the faith of their fathers and die for that. For it was the Faith of their fathers that made Jehovah to drive away the heathens from those lands and established them there.
3.           They were not established by any human being. They were not established there politically. Nobody voted for it. America never conducted any plebiscite (vote of all the citizen). There was no negotiation. There was no UN, simply because they stopped where God stopped. Instead of conquering their enemies, they organised.
4.           Any way, it is in keeping with God’s plan. When they rejected their Messiah, the Light of their day, He left them and turned over to the Gentiles. And the Lord handed them over to the heathens.
5.           Now the Lord is back. yes, The Lord iS back! The Pillar of Cloud is back. believe it if you can, The pillar of fire is back. The Rainbow is back. The Thick Darkness is back. The white Cloud is back. Everything back!
6.           The Elohim Himself has appeared in person in a similitude of a man. We can now hear Him talk. We now know His mind. For if He does not come down now, it then means no flesh shall be saved, both in the Jews and in the Gentiles.
7.           A Deliverer is about to go to Zion but He is coming from a distant land. He is coming from where He ran to. His people drove Him away. Now, He is the One finding Himself or His way back.
8.           In addition, He has told us what He is going to do, to curb the bluff of the remnant of sons and daughters of David, lest they will begin to boast in their strength.
9.           Now Netanyahu should take it very easy. America has concluded plans. America does not have anything called religion for they have no God.
10.        America remains the home of ecumenical movement. They believe in Islam, they believe in Christianity, they believe in Shinto, they believe in everything. BELIEVE it if you have the herat, the God of America is money. America worships money.
11.        If you go back to the message, “God in Despised Places”, handled here about the year 1999, God in Despised places; I remembered God made it clear that a day is coming when a black man will find himself in the White House so that the blood of the martyr Reverend Martin Luther King (Junior) who was murdered in the pulpit while preaching against racial discrimination, will not be spilled in vain.
12.        That on that day, no American will discriminate against anybody on the basis of the colour of the person’s skin. Go and search, it is there in the message, “God in Despised Places.” Before our eyes, it has come to pass.
13.        What is more, the Lord said, “Whenever it happens, do not rejoice for he that will be there will be worse than all that have ever mounted the throne in that White House. It is in his reign that Israel will witness the greatest catastrophe.”
14.        Look at the man they call Obama. He is the one that is ridiculing the God of the Jews, making them understand that a Christian cannot control the future world.
15.        Barack Obama said that “If they felt he was not making a good statement, or he was not speaking the truth, that they should go to Iran or Iraq and mention the name Jesus Christ and see what would happen to them.”
16.        He was attacking Netanyahu saying that “He should realise that he is in the office like himself. That because he occupies the people’s position not their own personal positions, that there are too many things they accommodate especially things that bothered on their faith.”
17.         A Muslim in the white house or a Black Muslim in the white house. I am not attacking the religion, I am attacking the personalities.
18.        Number one is Netanyahu for allowing himself to be fooled into believing that the greatest enemy of the Jews will soon become their friend. Nobody hates the Jews more than Americans. But they claim to be friends. They are not and they can never be friends.
19.        there is no religion that is opposed to God’s faith more than Christianity. No religion opposes God’s truth more than Christianity. There is no truth in Christianity, it is a manmade movement.
20.        That is why, if Netanyahu is sensible enough, he should settle down and separate between Judaism and Islamic faith. The moment he does it, he is on the way to getting God’s recognition.
21.        However, for now, God is against him. And the Lord has, because of the evil of Netanyahu, planned it that he will hand over that East Jerusalem any moment from now to the Arabs; whether Netanyahu and the Jews will like it or not. But it will not be forever.   
22.        This action will provoke a good number of the Jews for it is going to be a unilateral decision which Netanyahu will take the moment the Pope steps into the matter in the month of May, 2014.
23.        This is the reason why John Kerry is trying to stop the move for he doesn’t want the Pope to gain popularity as one that settled the dispute after all his troubles. Take note of what I am saying.
24.        We are watching events. To Netanyahu’s fate, he has a lot to prove before the Almighty God and before the Jews for he has already betrayed them. He has sold them over to Christianity.
25.        The worst exile is spiritual exile. Once you are exiled spiritually, you become a prey in the hands of your enemies. They will use you as a toy. This is what is happening now. Thus, he should face the fact and forget about the sentiment.
26.        To Mahmud Abbas, well, I have a word for him. He should first of all realise that he is a Jew from the tribe of Judah. This is a very hard statement. For he has not for one day settled down to trace his ancestry.
27.        If Mahmud Abbas will trace his genealogy very well, I bet you, he will end it in Judah. Judah and Benjamin cannot fight each other. Judah is the tribe of Father David and it is in Judah that this controversial temple is built in Ornan Valley. Have I not showed you these things? They are in the web.
28.        Do you know what is making the UAE (United Arab Emirate) to subscribe to this Faith? Do you know what is prompting the Arab League, instead of coming all out to kill the Son of Man and give to whosoever that will succeed in doing it millions, as they used to promise, they are subscribing to the Faith? They are investigating more and more. For this is the only Faith that is throwing the greatest light into the conflict.
29.        Mahmud Abbas is a native of Judah, whatever might be his romance with the Arabs that control the city notwithstanding. He knows very well what he is claiming for.
30.        After all, the people that hoisted national flag in 1948 in Palestine never made a mistake. They saw other places and they hoisted the flag in Palestine. And that Palestine we are referring to is Judah. And Judah is the tribe of Father David. This is the Judah God said, He will first of all deliver before delivering the city Jerusalem.
31.        Please take note. Mahmud Abbas is a Jew. But there is nothing anybody can tell him that will make him to change his mind because he is serving the interest of a heartless set of people.
32.        He is serving the interest of the Arabs and they are the people that cannot show him any mercy. Mahmud Abbas knows very well that up till this very day, they are responsible to Israel; that Israel is still collecting taxes for them, controlling their economy, controlling their security and every other thing.
33.        But, because he can never, never, never open his mouth widely to tell the Arabs that they should get away from Gaza Strip, West Bank, Ogaden, Golan Height and so on.
34.         If he tries it, that is the end of his journey. A new president will take over. And no president has ever attempted it. I am telling you the truth. His predecessors never attempted it. They were afraid.
35.        And this problem has become a pregnant woman to the whole world that nobody knows what the woman will deliver: Whether a male child or a female child or something without head and legs. The whole world is afraid today because of the trouble in the Middle East.
36.        There is no nation in the world that is not panicking because of the trouble between Israel and Palestine – not Syria. When Gulf was set ablaze – I MEAN DURING THE GULF WAR, THE COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD WERE AFRAID BUT NOT AS MUCH AS THEY ARE RIGHT NOW. YET, THE WAR HAS NOT BEEN DECLARED. BUT WILL IT BE DECLARED? YES! I SAY, YES.
37.        Netanyahu should be aware of the consequences: The untold hardship that is likely to accompany the signing of the agreement which is about to take place. The document is ready. The document is ready. What remains is appending their various signatures.
38.        The document has been prepared and in that document, Israel is going to forfeit East Jerusalem by force and by power. yes, By force and by power, In the sense that power will be given to America by the Pope of Rome.
39.        the United Nations will throw their weight behind America to pressurise Israel into signing the document. Whether Israel likes it or not, Netanyahu is bound to give them reasons why THE AGREEMENT must be signed. And the reason will be so as to save the inhabitants of Israel.
40.        But I want to say, whether he signs it or not, the war remains there. Nothing will make the Jews to be acceptable to all the nations in the world. They must be despised, they must be rejected Unless they cease to be Jews. But it is impossible for an Igbo man not to be an Igbo man.
41.        Recognising this to be true, My remedy is: Benjamin Netanyahu, guard up your loins, brace up, be courageous. Begin to intensify the building of your so called “underground hospitals.” Renew your appeal for financial aids from all the friends of Israel.
42.        Two, marshal out trustworthy individuals, corporate organizations to begin to stack food and drugs for the remnant of the Jews within the holocaust period.
43.        This holocaust period will last as much as the last victory Israel had over the Gentiles lasted. For the first time, Israel had a war with the Gentiles that lasted for seven days. And the seven days were like seven years. Israel is going to see hell.
44.        This holocaust won’t last for too long. For the sake of the elect, God is going to cut it short. Otherwise, no flesh shall be saved for Israel will fight this war in their mortal bodies while the Gentiles-elect will fight with their immortal bodies.
45.        The Gentiles-elect will experience the war in their theophany bodies, while the whole of the Jews will experience the holocaust in their mortal bodies. That is the price they will pay because when they refused to accept redemption under the blood, they will now use their own blood to purchase their own salvation.
46.        When you mention the blood of Jesus Christ, it is not for the Jews. Please take not of what I am saying.
47.        When are all these things going to take place? They are already around you. They are already with you. It has been initiated and there is no going back. It is gathering momentum, from one stage to another stage.
48.        Wait until 29th April of 2014 when John Kerry will finish with the first programme of peace talks. Then you will know the next step whether they will elongate, I mean extend the period of the peace talks or not. Then wait also to see what will happen in the month of May between 25th and 27th when the Pope will be there because of this same matter.
49.        Remember, Mahmud Abbas had already made a decree that no Christian shall be found residing in Palestinian occupied territories. And when we say Christian, we mean Catholics are in the majority there.
50.        Let Me tell you something about Christianity. Forget about the World Council of Churches and every other thing you call it. Once you mention Christians, Catholic admits others as mere nomenclature. The real Christians remain Catholics. Others are impersonators.
51.        If you feel I am lying, take an inventory, have discussions with some of the top members. The moment he asks you the Church you attend and you say “Grace of God”, he will go his way. He regards you as a criminal. These are the people that are impersonating the name of Jesus Christ. He will go his way.  Amen.

What am I saying in effect brethren, the die is cast. For Israel, there is no going back. For Palestine, there is no going back. For the UN, there is no going back. To America, it is a finished matter.
2.           The only place that is still undecided, is sitting on the fence right now, is Russia—that is Russia, North Korea and Jordan. But in the next week, you will know the position of Russia. What they did to Kremlin, is what they will do to Israel.
3.           They will give Israel the impression that they are coming to help Israel but when it gets hot, they will pull out because Israel is not ready to subscribe to Russia. Take note of what I am saying.
4.           To the King of Jordan, Israel cannot work with the king because already, Jordan is a part of the Israeli territory. Jordan is a part of the place God allotted to them, including Samaria, Lebanon and Yemen. They are all the lands God gave to His people.
5.           Israel cannot work with the King of Jordan for that means recognising Jordan as a sovereign nation. Dwelling where? Dwelling where? That is the problem!
6.           Mahmud Abbas is asking, “If we recognise the Jews as a nation, where will they dwell? What shall we call them? Israel? No!”
7.           you see, their mission is to put an end, to exterminate anything called Jews. “Israelis are not worthy to live. They are the abomination of the whole earth;” This is the interpretation that is given to the people. And that is exactly what they are to the Arabs.
8.           That is what you are to the people here. Whatever they are there is what you are here. Their own is physical, your own spiritual. He deals with Israel physically as a nation. He deals with you spiritually as a Church. When you are facing your spiritual squeeze, they are facing their physical squeeze.
9.           thus, the same experience you are having in the gentiles is the same they are having. What is that common experience? Rejection!
10.        They are rejected because they do not belong to the world over THERE; you are rejected because you do not belong to the system of the world here. that is a common ground.
11.        And what is making the separation is your God, your belief. Is it not what is causing the separation? It is!
12.        If there is any other thing that is causing that separation, rethink for you have missed the way. That is why we keep on saying that the Word of God calls for total separation from unbelief.
13.        Netanyahu, should make haste to prepare himself. Be ready; put everything together to face the whole world for in no distant time, the whole world is going to face Israel because the last minute action Israel will take against Palestine after signing this document by force and by power, Israel will rescind on the agreement and take drastic measures against Palestine. This will provoke the entire world. They will carry arms against Israel.
14.        And in the process, the entire world will go into flames. For the Lord of host who strecheth out the heavens and the earth and places the boundaries of all the oceans and lands will come and defend Jerusalem. That is the opportunity God will use to destroy all the enemies of the Jews.
15.        Get ready, fear not. The Cloud is here! And the Cloud will fight the war. When you see all these things happening, the message says, “Guard up your loins for your redemption draweth near.”
16.         I will say it is nearer now than when we first believed. The Cloud will remain here.

evelation from God vol. 1, “…When God sends a man, He will get the whole world convinced that He sent the person. When we went to bed we never knew that he could use our little ones to trouble us. He attacked the little ones with severe fever that kept us awake from twelve midnight till six o’clock this morning.
2.           I thank God who brought Brother Ojiakor. Several times I came to the parlour, I saw him praying and I was very happy. Nothing gives Me joy than when I remember that somebody somewhere is praying for Me.” That is truth! Yes!
3.           “…Do not yield your mind to something when you are coming to the Fellowship. When you are coming to the Fellowship, open yourself. Do not come and say, “Ah, it is going to be wonderful today,” no. When you are coming, just come, leave yourself and allow the Holy Ghost to pull you. Then, when the Holy Ghost pulls you, you will be following the Holy Ghost like mumu…”
4.           Like what? Mumu (sheepishly)!
5.           “…My people, is it a lie? No sir! The eyes of God are fixed on us. we are the people that will be saying, “Wake up, wake up, wake up.” The rest of the people are tired.
6.           We will be moving with our last strength, we will be moving anyhow for us to collect the original baton. Anybody that said that the rest of the people are not tired is a liar. It is God that is saying, “wake up”, for without the Deity, you will never go far. He is the source of our strength...”
7.           Without the Deity, you will never go far. The Lord is the source of our strength.
8.           “…Do they know the speed at which we are moving to be where we are now? Some of us are having pains in the legs, some are having eye problem, all in the bid to bring back the original baton.”
9.           “…If He that opened the door and became a Saviour to the Gentiles before we rolled into the “black out” was Christ in human form, He that will conclude it, must also be Christ in human form.”
10.        “…Christ can never start and the devil will finish it.” He is the same yesterday, today and forever more. He does not change.
11.        “…Christ is in our midst.” What? Christ is in our midst. 29th June, 1997. Is Christ in our midst? Yes sir! This man never hid His identity but we were sceptical because of inherited religion.”
12.        “…This man never hid His identity but we were sceptical because of inherited religion...”
13.        Is it a lie? No sir! Please, do not be surprised at what took place. If we were not given a Prophet, it will be difficult to believe the Son of Man – even His appearance.
14.        The Prophet said, “All the phonies has to come first to upset the real thing when it shall be revealed. Counterfeit will come first like the horse rider, riding white horse, carrying bow but without arrow.”
15.        He said, “It has always been like that in all generations”, they are to upset the real thing when the real thing shall be revealed. You will remember that good thing has always come last. He that laughs last, laughs best.
16.        “…We inherited falsehood, became old with falsehood. To flush us became very difficult. We in whom falsehood has taken its root deeply, starting from our forefathers, from generation to generation till it got to our turn. We received it and grew up with it, holding it tightly.”
17.        If you watch when Odidli Nwajuana, Jesus of Ogbunike appeared here in Onitsha, at Ogwunabankpa and everywhere, he hired youths that were conscripting people for him – forcing people to believe him.
18.        When the “perfect master” appeared, Gurumaharaji, along Ibadan-Lagos express road, he was conscripting men and women, kidnapping, for which cause Federal Government arrested and imprisoned him.
19.        When Jesus of Oyingbo appeared, everybody was scared. Starting from Ojota down to Ojuelegba was made an uninhabitable place, for his agents were kidnapping people.
20.        When Olumba-Olumba appeared, they hired people that were going to places canvassing for him. But God doesn’t do such advert. Rather, God hides Himself away. God hides Himself away.
21.        Even when people succeeded in noticing Him, He will tell them lies. “Are you the one?” He said, “No, no, no, do not mention my name. I am not o-o-o. But I may resemble the person you are looking for. I am not the one.”
22.        Do not be surprised that He has many Names so that He can deny anyone He wants and keep the original Name to Himself. Do you think it is easy?
23.        Do you think it is easy to call Jesus, Christ, a man that was at the bank of the river eating bread, roasting fish or in his carpenter’s workshop? You tell me this is the Messiah of the age. How many will take him serious? They will even slap him.
24.        Do you know why nobody knows the father of Elisha? You know Elijah the Tishbite, what of Elisha? Do not worry, one day, I will speak about family traits. There is no Prophet that never came from a family. Every man of God, every messenger of God came from a family.
25.        And he is blessed to have brothers and sisters. You know why their brothers and sisters do not identify with them. Even those that do, do it in hypocrisy.
26.        I am telling you the truth. Because over-familiarity can stumble. That you are eating and drinking with somebody, lying in the bed with the person, only for the person to turn round to tell you he is your God and Saviour, you think it is easy to believe? At all!
27.        Or your own brother, from the same kitchen, you prepare food he will eat, sometimes; you quarrel, nag and fight. He will tell you, you are fighting your God. You think it is easy? It is not easy!
28.        Let me tell you; do not blame anybody that does not believe. It is easy to you because you have forgotten that it was difficult to you in the beginning. It is not easy to carry the truth. Truth is very heavy.
29.        “…Papa Uwakwe, you are a seed of God...”
30.        He has gone for pilgrimage. Can you imagine one Pentecostal General Superintendent that said he is 72 years, was telling the whole world, because he was interviewed in the television, he said, “The reason why I decided I must go this time is this: I believe when I step My feet in that land and hold one to the sepulchre where Jesus was buried, whatever I request, I will get it immediately.”
31.        Others said, “We decided to be here because we believe when we pray here, we are nearest to heaven than in Nigeria.” Is there any idolatry greater than this?
32.        Every human being is an idolater unless God steps in. All of us are worshipping idols. It will take God to open your spiritual eyes.
33.        I told you how My uncle came all the way from My home town to Basilica of Holy Trinity, Onitsha only to come and collect the sand that was exhumed from the grave of the late Reverend Father Tansi.
34.        I learnt that people killed themselves at Oji River recently. They said a stream was rushing somewhere in the forest. If anybody could go there, carry the water and pour upon the body, sicknesses will cease. And there, they drank the thing and many contacted diverse diseases which is troubling Governor Sullivan right now. I do not know what is wrong with human beings.
35.        Why must people run to and fro? It is because they have never come into contact with the true God. The name of Almighty God in Igbo is: “Agbakwuru Ezuru Ike” (When you run into Him, you have your rest.)
36.        He said, “Come unto Me all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.” William Branham said, “When you meet the true God, you rest.”
37.        “…Yes, because you have come to the age or stage in a man’s life where you will say “No” to anything you know that is false, after all there is nothing you have not seen. You are a seed of God! I am telling you God’s truth.” Papa Uwakwe is a seed of God.
38.        “…Who placed those people outside? Who placed those people inside? It is the Almighty God doing the whole thing. If not for one thing, I would have shown you the quotations from William Branham, the Prophet here.
39.        There were certain things he said will happen in the Bride. He said, “In the last lap of the Ministry, watch, the tares will be removed just like the shepherd will remove the goats from the sheep...”  
40.        “…He said that by the Word which will be lifted high, the crowd will be trimmed down; that the mixed-multitudes will be very much uncomfortable and they will leave the Bride...
41.        The mixed-multitude will be much uncomfortable. They cannot stay again, and they will leave the Bride. Do you know how they are going to leave? They may not leave ceremoniously, some may leave the faith in their hearts but their bodies will be coming here.
42.        Especially those that have families while those that do not have families, will courageously make decision to stop coming to fellowship.
43.        “…Placement has been done long ago. If you are a child of the Kingdom, you have your ticket in your pocket. If you are in this Faith and you have not gotten your ticket up till this moment, if the booking office is open, go and pay.
44.        If you are in this Faith and you have not paid the price, the cost of discipleship, you are wasting your time. When you pay the price, you collect your express ticket.” There is a price to pay. For everything you must get from God, there is a price to pay...”
45.        You know there is one funny thing with these road commuters. If you go to a park to enter a vehicle, only those that are loading the vehicle will tell you that the vehicle is full. Sometimes, you will look into the vehicle all the seats are fully occupied and they will insist that you should go and pay first. You think it is filled.
46.        The moment you pay and come, you will enter. Yet, another person is going to pay. They will tell you to go and pay. That man will not go in this vehicle; he is going in another one.
47.        It is only then that you will begin to know those that are touts when the vehicle is about to move and passengers are rushing to catch the next available vehicle.
48.        “…If you refuse to pay the price, you are saying you are not interested in making the trip. Finish. You must pay the fare. M.U.S.T! You can’t just pick it like that. It is not so common that a beggar can pick it anyhow. No! There is a price to pay.
49.        Otherwise, the Son of Man wouldn’t be risking His life with ministers day and night. Even preaching under the worst of conditions.
50.        We couldn’t have suffered deprivation if we do not know what is awaiting us. It is because of the joy that is set before us that we are ready to make greater sacrifices than the ones we have made.”
51.        “…And when the world least expected, Simeon received the consolation in the temple. While Herod went ahead searching the scriptures. If I tell you that many will die while searching the scripture, it will be hard o-o-o.
52.        Many have died and many will still die. Some have run mad searching the scripture because in the scripture they think they have eternal life. They turn the pages. While some are busy carrying on with religious life. You know what I call religious life? - tarrying in the Lord...”
53.        Every Friday night, they will tarry in the Lord.
54.        “…The Bridal Faith is the first step towards approaching salvation. Bridal Faith or Bridal Ministry is not salvation but it is first step towards approaching salvation.
55.        At least, if you are asked to go to Lagos, number one success will be to enter a vehicle that is going to Lagos...”
56.         “…As many as have paid, and their names are in My manifest, you know, you can pay without writing your name in the manifest.”
57.         If your name is not in the manifest, the insurance cover does not cover you. And the company doesn’t recognise your presence in that vehicle or in the aeroplane. It is very, very essential that you put your name in the manifest after making your payment so that the insurance will cover you.  
58.        See what I mean. God made it clear the other DAY that, “one thing is to follow God, another thing is for God to notice that you are following Him. if you are following somebody, and the person you are following does not know that you are following him, There is still trouble along the way.” Thank you!
59.        “For this people's heart is waxed gross, and their ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes they have closed; lest at any time they should see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and should understand with their heart, and should be converted, and I should heal them.’
60.        In other words, God has made it impossible for them to understand, for them to repent. God has hardened their hearts. They can go to Church but talk of changing their minds, no way. Who made it so? God!
61.        For God has purposed He will never save them. Anybody God wants to destroy, He must close his ears, harden the heart, take away his senses of reasoning. The person is on his or her way to destruction. Finish!”
62.        Roman Catholics are better than some of you. They believe that their Reverend Father can forgive sin by giving them penance. “Go and carry chaplet, recite it two times. Say Hail Mary and every other thing, then, your sin is forgiven.’
63.         And you believe it is true. But there is only but one conferred with authority to forgive sin and that is the Son of Man...”
64.        For Him has the Father sealed and sent.
65.        “…But there is only one conferred with authority to forgive sin and that is the Son of Man. He will only say, “Go and sin no more that it might be known and believed that the Son of Man has power to forgive sin.” And anything He forgives, it is forgiven.
66.        Any one He says, “I will not forgive,” if you like, cry from now till next world, tear your body into pieces, you are wasting your time...”
67.        That is the one that rings bell everywhere. That one rings bell. He doesn’t forgive anything. Is it true that He doesn’t forgive? The problem is this, before He forgives, you will find out whether He registered your sin.
68.        Any sin that is registered can never be forgiven. Erase it, the mark remains there. Son of Man can never forgive sin but He over looks your sin if He wants to.   
69.        “…Do you know that some people are still reading this thing up till today? And they are looking forward to a Kingdom that will come.
70.        They pray, “Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy Kingdom come.”
71.        Everywhere, they are still reciting the Lord’s prayer. They do not know the Word of God; they do not know when it came to pass. The word that came to pass when the person that said it was still alive.
72.        “Let us pray, ‘Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth.’”
73.        Foolish people! Reciting verses of the scripture without understanding. A Prophetic statement that fulfilled when the Lord Jesus Christ was still here on earth. People are still praying and expecting the Kingdom and His will to be done on earth as it is done in heaven. Where is the heaven? What was His will that was done in heaven which you are expecting on earth?
74.        You must know where that heaven is and know that which he did that was His will. This is the will of God even your sanctification. Is it not true? It is sir! When you pray according to His will, He answereth you.
75.        What is that His will? When you pray according to the promise. Praying outside the promise means expecting no reply. When you are asking God to give you something He never promised He will give you, you must know that which God promised that is your portion which you will claim as your right from Him as a father.
76.        If you are an heir to the will, it is what is written in the will that you will inherit. You cannot inherit anything outside what is written in the will. Is it not true? It is true sir!
77.        May your will be done on earth as it is done in heaven. As if you have gone to heaven and come back. Where is the heaven? He will point to the sky making Jesus Christ a liar. Jesus said, “He came from heaven and he is going back to heaven.”
78.        But we saw Mary conceive, Mary gave birth to a human being that grew up in stature, in knowledge, in wisdom and having favour with men. Was sucking breast and he told people that he came from heaven. And they were looking at the sky.
79.        Were you not there when the woman was carrying big belle with the husband following? You must find out from Him the place he was referring to as heaven for you are all sitting in heavenly places with Christ. Is it not true?
80.        They pray, “Thy will be done on earth as it is done in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread...” Anyway, no problem. They were the people that said he should teach them how to pray, then, he gave them a pattern. When you want to pray, pray like this. Then pray like this, a prayer pattern became every day prayer till eternity: “Give you this day your daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespassed against us...”
81.        Have you actually forgiven those that trespassed against you? Tell me how many you have forgiven. Even your wife, have you forgiven her? When you have not even forgiven your own child. You never forgave your child, you never forgave your wife, how can you forgive another person? You people should be very careful.
82.        Let nobody say what he cannot do. God is going to save us by grace. Unmerited favour! It is not that your heart is too pure or your heart is too darkened. No!
83.        If he should look at your heart, hell fire one way. Where are we going to start and where are we going to end? Has man ever been tired of committing evil? A man can be tired of everything but not tired of committing evil. No human being has ever been tired of committing atrocity until he enters into the grave. Even judging from the human side, every human being commits sin punishable by imprisonment every day.
84.        But it is not brought into focus by the law. So, he thinks he has escaped. Then, he is free. He is a saint. Let’s leave this matter. God will save us not because we merit salvation, simply because He wants to save us.
85.        It is out of His good pleasure that he has decided to include us in the number. He has decided to save you. He decided to make us holy in His own eyes without a single fault because He wanted to.
86.        He that fights and runs away, lives to fight for another day. Tomorrow is another day. Amen.
87.      On this note, I say remain in your sanctified estate, remain blessed in Him eternally. Selah.