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The Son of Man Revealed From One of The Jungles in Africa According To William Branham's Prophesy

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I am the Fountain of the Living
I am The Holy One, The Supreme Incomprehensible One, The Creator, The Eternal One, Who was, is and has come;

believe it if you can…
—The   Son of Man      
From the Message: PREDESTINATION (PP.3)

...the Son of Man will be here on earth, will be a part of the corrupt earth. When He shall be revealed, He shall be revealed with the cloud. When He shall be revealed, He shall be revealed in the clouds of Heaven.
But there is no cloud upon the earth. If He is earthly, He cannot wear cloud. But He shall be revealed with the same thing that caught Him up. That thing that sealed Him away, when He shall be revealed; He shall be revealed wearing the same thing. In other words, He will be a man wearing water proof (nylon) or a laminated human being.
...This Jesus the Christ that said He would come back, did He say He would come back answering Jesus? When He revealed His coming back in the Island of Patmos, haven’t you come across the Bible that said HE COMETH IN A NEW NAME?
In other words, anybody expecting Jesus will miss Him. You expect Emmanuel, you miss Him. You expect Christ, you miss Him.
–The Son of Man

I am for the judgment of the whole world

We thank God who made it possible for all of us to be alive first. If we are not alive, there is no way we can be in His Presence to worship Him.
2.           First of all, He made us to be alive and granted us the journey mercy to be in His Presence. We owe Him a lot. We have come to His Presence to renew our strength by paying heed to His Word for the Word of God has been the strength of His people.
3.           Let us consider a message titled, “Prophetic Revelation.” Preached on Sunday 29th June, 1997 by the Son of Man.
4.            “Prophetic Revelation” page 3 the Nugget “I have told you times without number that nobody should panic in this Faith. Be rest assured, TIME WILL VINDICATE WHO I AM.”
5.            I will say that this voice has come to pass. Time has vindicated whom the Son of Man is. As many of us as were from the beginning that paid heed to this voice and did not panic, we are here till today. However, as many as panicked, they panicked themselves out.
6.           “…Whether you like it or not, as long as God liveth and I live, every tongue must confess it that: TRULY THE ELOHIM DWELLS IN THE SON OF MAN.” This voice has come to pass. June 29th 1997!
7.           “…You want to know about the Supreme Deity? You cannot go far unless the Deity is with you...”  
8.           “…Chinedu is not in the camp today. Was he re-baptized last week? Why then is he not in the Fellowship. This is the same old habit—no, this is not the ideal place. He has finished his stay in our midst. You know, it is not good to absent oneself from fellowship. That is against the Order of the Church.
9.           The Bible said, ‘Forsake not the gathering of the saints as is the manner of some.’ Maybe he has fallen into that group of “some” who find it right to stay away from Fellowship.
10.        Where is Brother Augustine who was baptized some weeks ago also? Is he in the camp? He is on AWOL (Absent without Leave). God knows what He is doing.”
11.        Publication is very good. Most people do not know the persons whose names appeared in the message (s). Thus, you should know that there are some that have been in our midst and they are not with us now.
12.        “…You know my manner when I want to ride the trail. Deacons in the Church you did not do your work very well this day. You could not control the songs in the pulpit and it has cost me my missionary flask...”
13.        This flask used to be filled with hot water in those days. Son of Man will be on the pulpit ministering and be drinking hot water for the sake of your soul and my soul.
14.        “…Brother Colombus, why didn’t you go home anymore? Blind man. Let Me tell you something; if you want to survive, do not only stop at highlighting the voices that roared on some people. Try to recollect those voices that roared on you...”
15.        Be mindful of the voice that roared on you.
16.        “…There was a time the Voice roared on you that you were building outside the revelation; that you were building outside the revealed Word in your day. Have you ever decided for one day to go back to that tape and find out much about what was said about you?
17.        I told the Churches that it was not well with your Local Church and it was not well with you morally. Letters that I received have confirmed that you dispute and yet you want to go. Are you not blind? The blindest preacher I know is you.” Bishop Columbus!
18.        “…The moment it pleased Almighty God before living witnesses to speak audible voice from Heaven which human beings could hear and to anoint The Most Holy One before many witnesses and confirm the Deity in Him with His supernatural presence wrapping Him,…”
19.        29th June, 1997. How many of you were in this Faith that time? Just few! We are not following cunningly devised fables. Ancient men and women in the camp, today is your own day. Put us in remembrance lest we forget and roll into idolatry.
20.        “…The moment it pleased Almighty God before living witnesses to speak audible voice from Heaven which human beings could hear and to anoint The Most Holy One before many witnesses and confirm the Deity in Him with His supernatural presence wrapping Him, that was when this age became condemned...”
21.        That was when this age became condemned. Not justified! For judgment I come into the world that those that are blind might see and those that see might remain blind.
22.        I am for the judgment of the whole world. God gave us no other person but the Angel of Judgment. And who will not rest until He has judged the whole earth and the Isles will see His Majesty. Is it not the commission? It is!
23.        “…I told you before that it is not easy to save a human being. It is not easy to save an Igbo man...”
24.        It is not easy to save a human being. And it is not easy to save an Igbo man or Igbo woman. I mean Igbo human beings! It is not easy. God can save other tribes very easily, not the Igbo tribe.
25.        “…When God sends a man, He will get the whole world convinced that He sent the person...”
26.        Who will get the whole world convinced? God! How is He going to do it?
27.        “…In other words, He has to do something extraordinary around that man to help people believe His report. And when God appears on the scene to do a new thing, He will use somebody. Do you know that? When the person appears on the scene, he will not take people back to the old theology...”  
28.        “…In other words, when He wants to do something new, He will send somebody with a supernatural sign...
29.        He will send Him with what? A Supernatural sign!
30.        “…and the person will start telling you something that is unknown because he will lead you to the unknown...”
31.        He will tell you something that is unknown for His work is to lead you to the unknown. Has it come to pass in the Bride? That is why people misunderstand us.
32.        For they think the essence of God appearing is just to keep on reminding us of that which their forefathers taught them. But they never believe that God promised to do something new which even if it is explained to them, they will not believe.
33.        “…Who can believe that the Almighty God can walk into the Temple; who can believe that a human being can stand here walking, talking; a supernatural human being will come out from him,…”
34.        “…witnessed by human eyes and then still go back into the person? Did you get the Message? In other words, Christ will stand somewhere; Moses will come out from Him, Elijah will come out from Him and still go back into Him...”  
35.        “…God Vindicates His Message...” God vindicates His message. Remember we are considering the message titled, Prophetic Revelation. And you are the children of the prophets.
36.        “…In other words, if you take a photograph of your palm, you must see something. Looking at a human being, could you see something like that masking Him? It was speaking to you from something.
37.         That was the man that described Him as waterproof. He said I was cellophane, and I was hidden inside a balloon like waterproof. That was the only language he could use because he did not go to school.” A laminated human being.
38.        “…Many are called but few are chosen.” Prophetic Revelation, 29th June, 1997.
39.        “…I am trying to say something. Each time God wants to do something great, you will discover something; almost all that are outside He will bring them in and by the time they will get to   the end of that journey, they will see themselves jumping out again.”  Amen.

Prophetic Revelation reveals all mysteries. We have rolled into the Prophetic Revelation and it is the most dangerous part of the Ministry…”
2.            It is the most dangerous part of the Ministry. It is not meant for everybody.
3.           “…Prophetic Revelation is not an article for preaching. It is meant only for the children of the Kingdom...” It is meant for a special people. Who? Children of the Kingdom.
4.           You remember what happened that day? The voice said, “Any moment from now, I am going to take you into the Book of Revelation.”
5.           St. Paul said, “We shall go over to revelation.” I announced the date, brethren went home, read Revelation from chapter one to chapter twenty-two.
6.           Some read it more than hundred times, even our former Bishop, Okey Nwankpa; and they are waiting for the Son of Man to come and say, “turn over to the Bible. The book of Revelation chapter one, verse one.” All of you were waiting. But that day proved all of you wrong. You did not know that Revelation is not written anywhere. Anything that is revealed is no longer a revelation.
7.           Secret things belong to God, revealed things belong to us. Once the secret is revealed, it ceases to be a secret. This is a mystic secret that belongs to the children of the Kingdom only.
8.            It is not meant for the people outside the Kingdom. We can preach whatever we want to preach to them, but when it comes to revealing the secret of the Kingdom, it is not for them.
9.           “…I am saying that Prophetic Revelation is a Ministry of the Upper Room, a Ministry of the Inner Chamber…”
10.        Ministry of the Upper Room, a Ministry of the Inner Chamber. Inner Circle! Jesus had that Ministry—Upper Room Ministry! Each time Jesus ministered to the entire world, at the end of it all, he would go to the Upper Room with the Twelve Apostles. There, he would reveal the mystic secret of the Kingdom.
11.         “…In the Prophetic Revelation, you will hear things that are not even meant for human beings to hear. It is a stumbling stage of the Ministry…”
12.        “…If the Deity is in somebody, whenever that Deity wants to come out, He will know. So, when you notice it, you do not need to rush. He is coming out to meet you.  He is coming out because of you. What is the need pushing Him?
13.        Have you seen it? That was the mistake we made which nearly killed Bishop Nnachor.
14.        “…When we went to bed we never knew that he could use our little ones to trouble us. He attacked the little ones with severe fever that kept us awake from twelve midnight till six o’clock this morning. I thank God who brought Brother Ojiakor.
15.        Several times I came to the parlour, I saw him praying and I was very happy. Nothing gives Me joy than when I remember that somebody somewhere is praying for Me.”
16.        You see, Brother Ojiakor, you were there that day.
17.        “…For the first time I am using this jotter. You do Me a favour if you comply with my instructions. While you are sitting down, if you feel tired, stand up and hang around the wall. You are not under any law in this Faith.
18.        The only law that is guiding us in this Faith is nothing but LOVE. The only cord that is binding all of us in this Faith is nothing but the WORD...”
19.        I am not talking to the world; I am talking to you…”
20.        Who is saying this? The Elohim! The man inside the mask talking to us from the mask for the mask veils Him. But we could hear His voice distinctly emanating from the mask. The Big Masquerade. He could see our faces as clear as the day.
21.        But we could not see His face for His face is hidden from among us. From the mask, the masquerade, the man inside the mask is seeing the whole world. If He is in love, He can even call you by your name.
22.        Do you know why He uses spider’s web to talk to the people? So that nobody will identify the voice. But by His movements, I mean, by His movements, the way He staggers will make people know that this is the man.
23.        I am not talking to the world, I am talking to you. For unto you it is given the ability to understand the mysteries of the Kingdom of God…”
24.        Unto you that believe, unto you that are chosen are given the ability, the spirit to understand all the mysteries of God. But to those outside, everything is spoken to them in parables, proverbs, idioms so that they will never understand.
25.        Are you surprised why this place is not filled? Are you surprised? You talk to people; you get to a point where you feel like using machete to open their head and pump in the thing? Or remove their eyes and put another eyes so that they can see what you are seeing.
26.        They carry Bible, they read and they will not even understand. You read it to them; they will read clearer than you. Yet, no understanding. The Cloud is in the camp!
27.        This is prophetic revelation. We are revisiting it for a purpose. Remember we are still in the messages God called the key that unlocks the Gate of Paradise. These messages are contained therein. How do you know them?
28.        “…God bless you Brethren. You missed the first part of the tonic because of your attitude this morning; otherwise, I promised I would ride the trail and I was coming to you with something greater—far greater than what you witnessed.
29.        I was to open up; a stream was to flow out, but you were not moved at all. You felt very, very heavy. Several times, I wanted to open up and you missed that topic...”
30.        Because they went home and studied the book of revelation.
31.        “…You see, if you sing a masquerade a song or enchantment he loves best, he will get so excited and dance like never before. He may even dance as if he is flying away. Did you get the Message? All you need to do is just blow the flute and chant for the masquerade, then give way.
32.        If you do not know what a masquerade is, go back to your village, you will see something like that. You were not beating to my taste this morning; you were not following Me; you were not even following the Spirit.
33.        Many were going their own way. Even when I made several attempts to bring you back, no way; you continued heading where you were heading to...”
34.        Because they were holding on to the letters of the Bible.
35.        “…Do not yield your mind to something when you are coming to the Fellowship. When you are coming to the Fellowship, open yourself. Do not come and say, ‘Ah, it is going to be wonderful today,’ no.
36.        When you are coming, just come, leave yourself and allow the Holy Ghost to pull you. Then, when the Holy Ghost pulls you, you will be following the Holy Ghost like mumu…”
37.        “…Matthew chapter 13, verse 10 through 11: “And the disciples came, and said unto him,” who came? The disciples!
38.        “…And the disciples came, and said unto him, Why speakest thou unto them in parables? He answered and said unto them, Because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven...
39.        The mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven not Kingdom of God.
40.        “…To them,” that is those that are outside, it is not given; but as many as are in the Kingdom of God; as many as are in the Church, as many as are in the Kingdom of His dear Son..” Halleluiah
41.        You must be in the Kingdom of God for you to be acquainted with the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven. You can be in the Kingdom of God and miss the Kingdom of Heaven. Judas was in the Kingdom of God, but he missed the Kingdom of Heaven. Heaven is our final rest.
42.        Anybody can be in the fellowship. Note where you must be: The Kingdom of God – the Church of the First Born. The Kingdom of His dear son. Who knows the secret of the father more than the son?
43.        “…As many as are in the Family of God. The Church is God’s Family. The Church is the Kingdom of God. The Church is the Kingdom of His dear Son. The Church is the Kingdom of the saved; it is the Kingdom of Righteousness.”
44.        “…As many as are found in the Church, they are the people that are qualified to get the revelation of the mystic secrets—things that have been hidden since ages from human beings and in our own day, they are to be made manifest. Those (them) that are outside could never know it at all...” Even till eternity.
45.        “…I am saying that whatever you are going to hear or see in this Faith this day is meant for you alone.” Amen! “…You cannot read it in any theological book...”
46.        You cannot find it in any theological book. No theological seminary, no philosophy can give you what you are hearing in this most holy Faith. It beats human intellect. It surpasses any seminary in the world. Something that is above the knowledge of the pope.
47.        Pope that does not know the implication of ecumenism. I mean, he needs to be pitied. He does not know the spiritual implication of ecumenism. Hence, he is busy every day uniting Christians of all denominations so that he will be the head of the super Church. Well, no problem.
48.        “…No preacher that has appeared on the scene ever touched it. All God’s servants in the ages gone by, not even one has touched it because in their own day, there was something that was hidden in Revelation chapter 10...”
49.        “…and that thing remained hidden because not even one of the ages produced the Bride. Did you get the Message?...
50.        They all walked with a dim light.
51.        “…But we are to co-opt them in this Message. If they are going to resurrect, they will resurrect according to our Message.” Sure!
52.        “…If they are going to be perfected, they will be perfected by our Message. We are to return that Original Faith. We are returning it. So, the eyes of God are fixed on us...
53.        My people, is it a lie? The eyes of God are fixed on us. We are the people that will be saying, “Wake up, wake up, wake up!” The rest of the people are tired. We will be moving with our last strength, we will be moving anyhow for us to collect the original baton.
54.        Anybody that said that the rest of the people are not tired is a liar. It is God that is saying, “Wake up”, for without the Deity, you will never go far. He is the source of our strength.
55.        Do they know the speed at which we are moving to be where we are now? Some of us are having pains in the legs, some are having eye problem, all in the bit to bring back the original baton. Amen.
So, the eyes of God are fixed on us; equally, the eyes of the Devil are fixed on us too. The two persons that determine the outcome of a relay race are the man that takes off and the man that finishes it—these are the two persons.
2.           The umpires are located at the two ends—at the beginning and at the end. Did somebody catch Me?” A relay race.
3.           “…If He that opened the door and became a Saviour to the Gentiles before we rolled into the “black out” was Christ in human form, He that will conclude it, must also be Christ in human form.”
4.           Christ can never start and the devil will finish it. Christ can never open the door as a human being and finish it as unseen spirit. He is the Alfa and the Omega. Thus, He that started the good work in us is the One that will also finish it. He that started the good work in us is the One that will bring it to an end.
5.           “...Christ is in our midst...”
6.           What? Christ is in our midst. 29th June, 1997. Is Christ in our midst? Yes sir! This man never hid His identity but we were sceptical because of inherited religion.
7.           We inherited falsehood, became old with falsehood. To flush us became very difficult. We in whom falsehood has taken its root deeply, starting from our forefathers, from generation to generation till it got to our turn. We received it and grew up with it, holding it tightly.
8.           Then all of a sudden, when you are old and grey haired, you are asked to stop and drop it, that what you are holding is falsehood. Is it easy? Papa Uwakwe, you are a seed of God!
9.           Yes, because you have come to the age or stage in a man’s life where you will say “No” to anything you know, that is false, after all there is nothing you have not seen. You are a seed of God! I am telling you God’s truth.
10.        Imagine somebody who started his life as a religious man, continued until he led the whole denominations in a pilgrimage to Israel. Came back and continued in that same Church order until he became a very old man. If he is not a seed of God, he will not believe.
11.        “…You know, we have a Message titled: EVENTS MADE CLEAR BY PROPHECY...”
12.         We have “Events Are Made Clear By Prophecies. Israel and Palestine in focus. Preached on 8th April 2003 by Apostle Peter Odoemena the Son of Man. The Smoking Firewood.” Events Are Made Clear By Prophecies.
13.        “…There is a Prophet in our midst. If you do not believe it, you are an unbeliever. Christ is the Prophet...”
14.        Who is the prophet? Christ is the Prophet!
15.        “…We are holding a vindicated message.” As at 1997. So, we are still laying the foundation.
16.        “…Many thought we were playing, but now the Lord has kept the Ministry. So, what we are preaching now is already a vindicated Message.”
17.        Is it a lie? Even right in this fellowship, some that are sitting down in this fellowship this moment who never took this faith seriously, from what they have witnessed about two years now, they are regretting their manifestation.
18.        But it has become too late. Some believed when they heard, “He has come, He has gone.” While some believed when they heard, “It is finished.” Why believing when it is finished?
19.        Placement has been done long ago...”
20.        What has been done long ago? Placement!
21.        “…Who placed those people outside? Who placed those people inside? It is the Almighty God doing the whole thing. If not for one thing, I would have shown you the quotations from William Branham, the Prophet here. There were certain things he said will happen in the Bride.
22.        He said, ‘In the last lap of the Ministry, watch, the tares will be removed just like the shepherd will remove the goats from the sheep.’
23.        He said that by the Word which will be lifted high, the crowd will be trimmed down; that the mixed-multitudes will be very much uncomfortable and they will leave the Bride. I do not know whether you understand what I am saying. So, we are lifting up something...”
24.        29th June, 1997. For the word of God does the separation. The word of God trims down the crowd. Placement has been done long, long time ago.
25.        thus, you must have known where you belong to. The time you believed will determine where you belong to.
26.        If you were with us for a long time hearing the word but found it difficult to believe, found it also difficult to leave, only at this closing hours, you now show interest, who are you deceiving? You dey deceive yourself now. Are you afraid of hellfire? You are afraid of hellfire.
27.        Placement had already been concluded. Just like talking about writing names, is God in the business of writing new names? No! It is over long, long time ago. God is only erasing names. Finish.
28.        God is no more writing new names, He is erasing the names of those that have unrepentant heart. He will tell the whole people around Him, “I cannot manage this brother. He is a brother, She is a sister. I will find it difficult to cope with his excesses in Paradise.”
29.        I do not have the strength to do that. Let him remain in fellowship. But talk of coming in here, it is a lie. I cannot dwell with him. If we cannot dwell together here, can we dwell together in paradise? Who is deceiving who? He has to build his own Kingdom. Any day you build your own kingdom, do not bring Me there. Finish! This is My own turn.
30.        I told you My experience one day I went to Power Holding Office to get My bills many years ago. A young man there, a staff of the organization was blessed with a new car. He bought some kolanuts and drinks for the staff to celebrate with him. The District Manager came out with the District Accountant and they were all appreciating the boy’s car.
31.        The whole staff came down except one stupid man. Stupid in the sense that he was over envious of the boy’s success. Instead of coming down to join hands in the sharing of kola, he was enquiring how he got the money which he used to buy a car. And a woman was challenging him upstairs.
32.        The manager was provoked. He said, “My friend, whether you will come down or not, we are no longer waiting. We are thanking God on behalf of this car and this brother.
33.        The truth of the matter is this, any day you buy your own car, don’t invite us. We are not interested whether you will steal money to buy or you will use your blood to make money to buy, but buy one. Bring it to this place, increase the number of vehicles in our premises but do not throw any party for us.”
34.        I hope you are getting the message? This is the turn of the Son of Man to avenge His enemies. Has anybody that stops me from visiting him in his house committed any crime?
35.        Whoever that invites people to his house must be ready to spend. You want people to come to you, that’s a good thing and it means you want to spend money to entertain them. Finish!
36.        “…Placement has been done long ago. If you are a child of the Kingdom, you have your ticket in your pocket. If you are in this Faith and you have not gotten your ticket up till this moment, if the booking office is open, go and pay.
37.        If you are in this Faith and you have not paid the price, the cost of discipleship, you are wasting your time. When you pay the price, you collect your express ticket.”
38.        There is a price to pay. For everything you must get from God, there is a price to pay. If you refuse to pay the price, you are equally saying you are not interested in making the trip. Finish.
39.        You must pay the fare. M.U.S.T! You can’t just pick it like that. It is not so common that a beggar can pick it anyhow. No! There is a price to pay. Otherwise, the Son of Man wouldn’t be risking His life with ministers day and night. Even preaching under the worst of conditions.
40.        We couldn’t have suffered deprivation if we don’t know what is awaiting us. It is because of the joy that is set before us that we are ready to make greater sacrifices than the ones we have made.
41.        Yes! What have you sacrificed since you believed? There is a price to pay. I am sure that every true elect has his ticket Okayed in his pocket 24 hours. No criminal can steal it. No criminal can steal it. And it is not just something you can just pick anyhow.
42.        No, no, no. It has a seal. It has everlasting seal of God which is God’s mark of ownership. The only thing you will present. Finish. That is the true token. It has no imitation, it has no counterfeit.
43.        The machine that will produce the counterfeit is not yet manufactured. You can manufacture every other thing but you cannot manufacture what is hanging there. That is what we are talking. That is the machine. That is the seal.
44.        If any does not have the seal, the mark of ownership, that person is not for the trip. The trip is not for everybody. It is for a special set of people. People that have made themselves ready. And watch, they must be numbered among those that were patiently and eagerly waiting for Him. Just like Simeon the high priest waited for the consolation of Israel.
45.        And when the world least expected, Simeon received the consolation in the temple. While Herod went ahead searching the scriptures. If I tell you that many will die while searching the scriptures, it will be hard o-o-o. Many have died and many will still die.
46.        Some have ran mad searching the scripture because in the scripture they think they have eternal life. They turn the pages. While some are busy carrying on with religious life. You know what I call religious life? - tarrying in the Lord.
47.        I was enquiring about one pastor; his members told Me that he went to the desert. I said, “Is it Kalahari Desert or Sahara Desert?” The man looked at Me and said, “Ah, ah, and you are saying you are a man of God?”
48.        I said, “Really?” He said, “Don’t you know what it means to go to the desert?” I said, “Which desert? I want to see him. You said desert, desert. We don’t have any desert in Nigeria.”
49.        He said, “He went to the mountain to pray. He will tarry there; when he comes back, the power of God will be too much on him. Don’t you know he does deliverance?”
50.        I said, “Really? Please, which mountain?” He said, “Mountain Kilimanjaro.” Which mountain? Or mountain Horeb? Mountain horrible. People fool themselves and so they are fooling many because their eyes are still blind.
51.        For judgment I come into this world that those that see, might remain blind and those that are blind, might see. If you say you know something, God will make you the greatest fool. When you claim you are a fool, God will make you the wisest man.
52.        The essence of God appearing on the scene is to rig away all human intellect and then get all wise men of the world confounded by the wisdom of the foolish.
53.        Note that we are considering the message titled, “Prophetic Revelation Volume one. Preached by the Son of Man on the 29th of June 1997.” Take note! Amen.

f you are in this Faith and you have not paid the price, the cost of discipleship, you are wasting your time. When you pay the price, you collect your express ticket. Touts will not have anything to do with it. 
2.           If they tell you that passengers are too many, you are not worried because you have an ‘okayed ticket.’ What you are waiting for is the movement of the vehicle. ‘People are too much in the Church.’ No matter the number of people in the Church, God is only mindful of the remnant...”
3.           Sure! Those that will endure till the end. Those that will hold onto the beginning of their confidence unshakable, immovable till the end.
4.           “…As far as I am numbered among the remnant, I have an “okayed ticket.” The way people may feel about it is not my business.
5.           Thus, them that are outside, He speaks to them in parables. Who are these people outside? Anybody outside this Faith; anybody outside this Bride’s Faith is outside God’s Kingdom.”
6.           You do not explain something to a white man in Igbo language. If you know that God is with you in your group, come and show us the evidence. Show us the evidence. Use whatever you can lay hand on, even the Bible. Once you are outside the Bridal Faith, forget about it. You have missed the way already.
7.           The Bridal Faith is the first step towards approaching salvation. Bridal Faith or Bridal Ministry is not salvation but it is first step towards approaching salvation.
8.           At least, if you are asked to go to Lagos, number one success will be to enter a vehicle that is going to Lagos. If you are asked to go to Lagos and you board a vehicle that is heading to Abakaliki in Ebonyi State, you are lost already.
9.           This is the truth of the matter. Enter the vehicle that is going to Lagos. Number two; be sure that you have paid for the trip. Pray that you remain inside and the vehicle will not break down along the way. If it breaks down, that means that you will have problem.
10.        However, as long as you are holding your “okayed ticket”, you will be transferred into another vehicle. If you enter a vehicle that is going to Lagos, with your ticket in your hand, the company is bound to phone another vehicle to come, trans-load the passengers because it is a contract that will only end when you come down from the vehicle in Lagos.
11.        I signed in My life on this life contract. If I give way even here now, you will see the Almighty bringing another vehicle carrying no other person but those that are holding the same ticket. There is no other person that will enter. When you come out, you will be asked, “If you are holding your ticket, raise it up.”
12.        If you raise it up, you enter. You will not pay another fare for you have already paid the fare. Assuming you are to travel abroad, board your plane, pay for the flight, you don’t need to bother yourself. When it lands in any country, you will be transferred to another plane without additional payment. The contract will only terminate when you land at your destination.
13.        As many as have paid, and their names are in My manifest, you know, you can pay without writing your name in the manifest. It is very dangerous.
14.        You are not a passenger in the vehicle until your name appears in the manifest. Your name might be there in the manifest also, but before the plane would takeoff, you will not be there. Another person will take your seat and answer your name because the plane will not takeoff until the passengers are okayed.
15.        Pastor Christian Dike, if while we want to take the flight, your seat is empty but the fare was paid, a sister can answer Pastor Christian Dike. Thank you.
16.        “…When they wanted to denominate the Corinthian Church, God was not happy. The Spirit rested on the apostle and he condemned it. He said, ‘Why do you say I am of Peter; I am of Paul, I am of Apollos? Is Christ divided? Did any of these people die for your sake?’
17.        I think these few statements are enough to condemn this generation. I am of Deeper Life; I am of Assemblies of God; I am of Catholic; is Christ divided?
18.        But the Bible said that the Church is one; the Church is not two but one. Is it scriptural?  One Lord, one Faith, one Baptism, one Doctrine, one Church…” One Christ!
19.        “…Why are they saying different things? Tell me if there be any denomination that is saying one thing among them. Go to Deeper Life, you will meet Deeper Life believers that are saying different, different things.
20.        But generally speaking, is Deeper Life saying the same thing with the Assemblies of God? Is Assemblies of God saying the same thing with the Baptist? Is Baptists saying the same thing with the Grace of God? Can you now see the whole foolishness?” Confusion! Babylon!
21.        “…If God is coming to judge the whole world, will He use the Catholic doctrine? Will He use CMS doctrine? Will He use Deeper Life doctrine? No! But He will use the Word...”
22.        He will use what? His Word! Jesus made it very clear. He said, “If I speak unto you and you do not believe me, I condemn you not. But in the last day, the same words I have spoken, the same will condemn you.”
23.        “…If God uses Hezekiah’s group, a little group higher than Sabbath’s, anybody that is not a member of that place, that person is already condemned.” A little group higher than the Sabbath.
24.        “…For that reason, the Bible said that God judges every man “by one standard” and that standard is the Word of God. When you have it in your mind, that settles the whole matter. Then, a true child of God fixes his eyes and mind on the Word.
25.        If it is not the Word, then it is not from God. If it is not the Word of God, it is not the Truth. If it is not the Word of God, it is not the Living Way.”
26.        “…God has introduced a New Way to Heaven, away from the Old Way our fathers followed which they could not even follow till the end...”
27.        Very hard to believe yet, it is truth.
28.        “...I am coming to you again. Anybody outside this Faith will be hearing parables, which he or she will not understand, but inside this Tabernacle that is called by His Name; in this Bridal Faith—wherever this Message is preached—He reveals Himself in plain language.” No parable, no idiom.
29.        “…In other words, when He is walking, somebody will be saying, “Behold that man; behold that man...
30.        When He is walking, somebody will saying, “See the man.” Look at the person I am talking about. See the man. Finish. Leave him alone whether he accepts it or not.
31.        “…I am making a division so that you know where you belong to before I will end the MessageI am making a division so that you know where you belong to before I will end the Message...”
32.        Has the Son of Man been revealed in your heart? What is the Son of Man to you? He is nothing but what you think He is to you.
33.        “…Matthew chapter 13 verse 14: “And in them is fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah, which saith, By hearing ye shall hear, and shall not understand; and seeing ye shall see, and shall not perceive.” That is Isaiah 6 verse 9 where you know very well. You see, it is fulfilling in our day.
34.        Verse 15: “For this people's heart is waxed gross, and their ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes they have closed; lest at any time they should see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and should understand with their heart, and should be converted, and I should heal them...
35.        In other words, God has made it impossible for them to understand, for them to repent. God has hardened their hearts. They can go to Church but talk of changing their minds, no way. Who made it so? God! For God has purposed He will never save them. Anybody God wants to destroy, He must close his ears, harden the heart, take away senses of reasoning.
36.        The person is on his or her way to destruction. Finish! One that will be killed by a vehicle, does the person notice the upcoming vehicle? No sir! Assuming he sees the vehicle, he will jump over the gutter.
37.        “…“He replied, ‘You are permitted to know some truths about the kingdom of God that are hidden to those   outside the kingdom:”
38.        “…In other words, anybody outside this Kingdom, anybody outside this Faith, his sins abideth in him forever.”
39.        Yes! Jesus said, “Because they could not believe they were blind, their sins abideth in them.” If you do not believe that I am HE, you must die in your sin. For the Son of Man has been conferred with Authority both in heaven and on earth to forgive sin.
40.        Roman Catholics are better than some of you. For they believe that their Reverend Father can forgive sin by giving them penance: “Go and carry chaplet, recite it two times. Say Hail Mary and every other thing, then, your sin is forgiven.” And you believe it is true.
41.        THERE IS ONLY BUT ONE CONFERRED WITH AUTHORITY TO FORGIVE SIN AND THAT IS THE SON OF MAN. He will only say, “Go and sin no more that it might be known and believed that the Son of Man has power to forgive sin.”
42.        What is more, anything He forgives, it is forgiven. Any one He says, “I will not forgive,” if you like, cry from now till next world, tear your body into pieces, you are wasting your time. He has used His pen to mark asterisks. Once He sees the asterisk, he remembers your iniquity, straight away.
43.        You know, that is the thing some students do not know; they don’t know that all the examining bodies or examination bodies like WAEC and JAMB, have machine that puts asterisk on student’s names.
44.         If they suspect your scripts on two or three consecutive periods, on a particular subject, they put asterisk on the subject and your name. Write it one million times, you will fail it for your name has been asterisked. They now believe you can never pass it except by tricks. Hence, if you pass it, they must fail you. At worst, they will seize it.
45.        A young man had that problem in our yard here in Onitsha; he wrote WAEC up to five times, English Language became a problem. His mother hired the services of some people, they took him to Maiduguri, did everything, he passed all the subjects, that English, they failed him again.
46.        His aunt took it upon herself, went to WAEC office in Yaba, Lagos to find out why the boy continued failing that subject. They brought out all his scripts and everything for six consecutive years and showed her in the computer that this boy’s name has been asterisked with English Language.
47.        That no matter the place he will write it in Nigeria, as long as it is this examination body, he must fail. The boy now called it quits and entered main market.
48.        If it is so with human beings, what do you think about God? There is a way you will trouble God and He will put asterisk on your name. Your name becomes a hateful name—A big abomination to Him.
49.        Once He hears about your name even over the phone, He will switch off. He can even switch off the entire phone for your sake to make sure nobody will reach Him again. That is why you must behave yourself properly by believing the Word. You are safe.
50.        There is no other way you can behave well if not allowing the Word of God you are hearing to regulate your character. The Word of God is our regulator. Is that not right? Is there any other instrument given to us? It is the Word!
51.        “…In other words, anybody outside this Kingdom, anybody outside this Faith, his sins abideth in him forever. Anybody, man or woman, young or old outside this Faith, the wrath of God abideth in him forever.” They know that!
52.        “…Who made it so? Am I the one? Almighty God made it so. For you to receive remission of your sin, cleansing and forgiveness, it means you must be part and parcel of the Body; you must be part and parcel of the Kingdom.”
53.        Note it! M.U.S.T. You must be part and parcel of the Body—an inseparable relationship. You are a part of the Body; the Body is a part of you as a branch is a part of the stem. The stem is a part of the branch. Thus, the Vine-Branch relationship must always be there. Finish!
54.        “…The Jehovah’s Witness have their own interpretation. The Bible told me that the Kingdom of God cometh not with human observation. The Bridal Faith is the house of truth...”
55.        The Son of Man is laying the foundation for a message called “Prophetic Revelation.”
56.        “…Luke chapter 17 verse 20 through 21: “And when he was demanded of the Pharisees, when the kingdom of God should come, he answered them and said, The kingdom of God cometh not with observation: Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.” (KJV).
57.        Asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God would come, He replied to them by saying.”  
58.        Do you know that some people are still reading this thing up till today? And they are looking forward to a Kingdom that will come. They pray, “Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy Name, thy Kingdom come...”
59.        If from the time Jesus taught them how to pray, the Kingdom has not come till now, you better forget about it. The Kingdom came even when Jesus was there. He was telling them he was the Kingdom Himself that was among them. But they could not get it.
60.        They were expecting a physical Kingdom like that of their traditional ruler. They never knew that the Kingdom was with them – among them as a human being. Kingdom means “A King over His domain”.
61.        “…Asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God would come, He replied to them by saying; the kingdom of God does not come with signs to be observed or with visible display.
62.        Nor will people say, look! Here [it is]! Or; see, [it is] there! For behold, the kingdom of God is within you [in your hearts] and among you [surrounding you].’” (AMP).”
63.        “…Do not worry. We are coming to something. This is the House of Truth. There is nothing good here that can make you desire this place except eternal life...”
64.        …If you are looking for eternal life, you are welcome.” You are happily welcome! The voice from the very beginning.
65.        …If you are looking for prosperity, it is not preached in this Faith. If you are looking for miracles, signs and wonders, we believe in all of them but we do not display them in this Faith...”
66.        We believe in all of them but we don’t display them in this most holy Faith. They do not form our article of faith of preaching.
67.        …That is why we are in this Faith. We believe you can receive healing and perish. We preach healing so great in this Church; we administer healing because when you are sound in health, you can listen to us but we cannot offer you prosperity like Pentecostal Ishmaelites.”
68.        We cannot offer prosperity like the Pentecostal Ishmaelites who received gifts and they were sent away.
69.        …Did you get the Message?  We are using Bridal language.” We are using Bridal Language. And the only members of the Bridal faith will hear and understand us. The rest will not. Amen.

 am still laying the background. You will hear many, many things you have not heard before. Things that will make you even to close your ears. The Message we preach is a very offensive Message.” Very offensive! “…—very unbearable Message...”
2.           If after hearing, if you are not a seed of God, what we will hear is, “I am going!” The other person will say, “Over my dead body!” Another will say, “What kind of thing are they saying?”
3.           “…Who can stand to hear it? A very unbearable, difficult, hard and offensive Message. Just like some of you that are in this Faith, I believe you belong to one denomination or another, but let me say the plumb line:
4.           No matter the denomination you came from, one thing is clear, in that denomination, they can permit women to preach. That place where you attend fellowship, don’t they permit women to preach or even teach?
5.           Women now have their own fellowship. Women have their own fellowship: Sisters Fellowship international. They have women ministries everywhere. Even beer parlour women now have their ministries.
6.           Beer parlour women, wear their knickers, have their ministries. No argument about that. Every Wednesday, everybody will go to “In Jesus name I pray.”
7.           Let it be known to you that the Queen of Heaven has re-baptized her name. The new name of the queen of heaven is now Jesus. Immediately God took a new name, the devil took a new name. And the new name is Jesus. Everybody “Jesus.”
8.           From the time Catholics started saying blood of Jesus, blood of Jesus cover us, blood of Jesus, blood of Jesus, were they not the people that killed Jesus? Were they not the people that carried out the inquisition and killed people that believed in Jesus? When did they repent? Let everybody be very careful.
9.           If you hear Jesus, run away from there. And I want to tell you that there is no spirit that opposes Christ today more than the spirit of Jesus. All prostitutes, Jesus. Criminals, Jesus. Every prayer house, Jesus. Market place, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.
10.        Some will say, “call Jesus hundred times”. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. And if you don’t call Jesus, you become antichrist. Be very careful! Watch out for seducers. Watch out for seducers who will use their so called ecumenical prayers in the name of Jesus to seduce you away from the love of God, from the grace of God and you perish. No manifestation of unbelief is light in the sight of God.
11.        No manifestation of unbelief, no manifestation of compromise is light (SMALL) in the sight of God who we are having dealings with. It is when this idolatry is in its peak that God expects us to raise the highest standard and be ready to be called all manner of names. Or even to be excommunicated.
12.        If you are ashamed of confessing Christ before men, Christ will be ashamed of confessing your name before His Father in Paradise.
13.        Do you know one thing that baffles Me? People that are holding falsehood are bragging with the falsehood and have more boldness in spreading the falsehood more than the children of the Kingdom that has more boldness to spread that falsehood?
14.        Anywhere he finds himself, he will try to let the whole world know what he has. Yet, what he is spreading is falsehood. Look all the boys and girls, everyone with their Bible, every morning watch them in their preaching, disturbing people with their song, “Awake from sleep, Jesus is saying, awake from sleep.”
15.        She will sing for one hour and then say, “This voice that is coming this morning, my brother and, my sister…” Women have seized all the microphones in this town. I do not know who makes those mobile speakers they hang around their necks and disturb people’s sleep early in the morning when somebody is enjoying the early morning sleep.
16.        The other set of foolish people will come when they know everybody has gone out to his place of worship, will come and mount their own on Sunday and start their preaching so that we will now hear whatever we never heard in our place of worship. Is it not foolihness? Foolish people!
17.        Let Me tell you, the devil is at work and he is not sparing anybody. That is why you will allow the word of God to lift up a standard in your heart. Standard against compromise.
18.        No matter where they try to mess up with their rubbish, stand there and tell them what you believe. The highest thing it will cost you is your life. And if you lose your life for the sake of Christ, you are going to get it again.
19.        But I am assuring you, you are not losing your life. But you are the one that is thinking that you will lose your life. Stand for the truth, declare the truth. They will be hostile, that is where they will stop. Even if they deny you your right and privileges, the constitution gives you the right to protest. Intelligent people must listen to you.
20.        Prayer must not be compulsory. Did they compel the Muslim to pray with them? Must we all worship the same God? They are compelling you to pray because you are showing a sign that you are a Christian.
21.        You have never for one day asked them if Christianity is the only thing they know? I am a REALIST. I am a pagan. Must I go to Church before I worship God? If I must to go, which one? Must I come to your Church? I am saying no!
22.        You cannot push me out from the market because when I got my shed, my tenancy agreement did not specify anything Church. My agreement told me how much I will pay my landlord every month or every year. It has nothing to do with Church.
23.        I have come to market to do my business, not for Church. If I want Church, I know where I will go. Not here! Some of them have purchased musical equipment. Many have become musicians. Every line now has their own bands. You see the boys and girls wriggling.
24.        I went to Upper-Iweka to buy parts. I was there for over one hour waiting because  of compulsory prayers. I went to Ose on Wednesday, they locked up everywhere. But one woman said, “Over her dead body with another boy.”
25.        The woman said, “Let any of them try it in this shed, my husband will show them pepper.” She opened her shed and her shed became a beehive of activities. There I made My purchases and went away.
26.        When I was getting my shed, did I call you to go with me? Are you included in the agreement? Am I here to do business or to pray? Prayer is becoming another super union. A super union! The hand of the devil is there.
27.        If you run away from the street, you run away from them in the town, it will capture you in the market. You join in the ecumenical movement to take the Mark of the Beast because when you know the truth about the Mark of the Beast and compromise, you have taken it. In your offices, say no!
28.        Even people that do not go to Church, in the offices, they will be prayer warriors. Prayer contractors. Criminals! If they are in the office, tell them, “I am a civil servant, that even the civil service prohibits anything religion.
29.        Thus, if you pray, I will report you to the permanent secretary.” But unfortunately, the permanent secretary is also involved. Why? It is Roman Catholic. The author of the abomination of the whole earth. Don’t worry, I will read something for everybody to hear.
30.        That Roman Catholic packaged the blood of Pope John Paul II. Used handkerchief to collect the blood, sealed it in a golden cup, kept it in one of their Churches. Reasons best known to them.
31.        On Thursday, a criminal saw it and stole it away. And now, the Pope is calling for fasting and praying that the man will return it. The whole police in Italy, in Rome are all searching house to house. What are they looking for? Preserved blood of Pope John Paul II whom they said they are going to make a saint on April 27th 2014.
32.        In other words, he was not a saint. Now, they are going to make him a saint. Somebody who died in 2005, the blood was collected from the wound he sustained when he was fired on in 1981. He was fired with gun in 1981, they now used handkerchief to collect his blood and put it inside a golden cup and sealed it.
33.        What is more, they kept it in one of their Churches. He died in the year 2005, and they want to make him a saint in the year 2014. He was not a saint when he died. He that stole the blood, what will he use it for?
34.        They said, “Whoever that must have stolen it, stole it so as to use it to make his own prayers.” Thus, they now believe that if you pray with the blood of the Pope, it will work. Catholic, the manufacturer of all abominations of the earth.
35.        Do you not know they instituted all the prayer groups in the market? They are responsible for it. And if you get there, you will see the people spearheading the prayers are: Catholic charismatic young men and Anglican young men. They are the people spearheading all. Pentecostals are following them behind.
36.        I was in a bus one day; I was going to get few things from new parts as recommended by My mechanic. I paid attention to the conversations of some young men who were sitting at the back of the bus.
37.        One said that the Lord has revealed to him that this year is going to be his own year of breakthrough. That he will come out from Okpoko and get a very nice place inside Onitsha city where he will be doing his deliverance ministry.
38.        He said that the Lord has showed him many, many things; that he is going to change the name. That while he was praying, that the Lord told him that if he wants to prosper in the ministry that he should add Catholic to it.
39.        Thus, it will now by Catholic Holy Ghost Deliverance Ministry.” He said that once he adds catholic inside Onitsha, that very soon, he is going to buy land and build his own cathedral.
40.        Look at the trick. And I am betting you, if he does it, he will succeed. This was the secret Lazarus Muoka used. This “The Lord Chosen”, that is the secret because he was one of the founders of Catholic Charismatic Renewal. From there, he embezzled their money and ran to Lagos and opened “The Lord Chosen Charismatic Renewal.” Catholic, Catholic.
41.        Anyway, the Lord made Me understand that all the Kings and Rulers of this earth and the whole inhabitants of the earth must worship this beast. Those whose names are not written in the Lambs Book of life from the foundation of the world.
42.        If your name is not there, no matter how you shake your head, ignorantly, deliberately, you will see yourself subscribing to it. William Branham said, “Sometimes, people ignorantly will hook themselves with a net they will not remove till eternity.”
43.        He went further to say, “This Mark of the Beast is a spiritual mark.” Get entangle with it, kneel down with them, say amen with them, subscribe to it, he said, “You have taken a mark you can never erase.”
44.        Remember the message titled, “Boycott”, preached by William Branham. He said, “One of these days, they will form a great super Church, the ecumenical Church, ‘come together we are one’. It shall come to pass both in the market, business places, post offices, banks, if you do not join them, they will boycott you from business.” They will boycott you from business.
45.        A day is coming when many of you will begin to notice that they have marked your sheds, marked all of you. Refuse to come to the prayer and they will never allow you to open your shop again.
46.        They will influence your landlord to eject you and put their members there. And every calamity that befalls them, they will attribute it to you, that you are the one bewitching the line because when others will pray, you will not.
47.        Let Me tell you, staying in your house when they are praying is not the remedy. Hence you say, “I will not go out; I will remain in my house. When they finish praying, I will go.”
48.        It is better you open your shed so that they will ask you why. For if you do not speak, nobody will know your reason. Because you can stay away if you are sick, you can stay away if you don’t want to come. Many, many thing can compel you to stay away. Be there!
49.        Assuming you are in government office, will you stay away? You will be there! But when it gets to your turn, you will open your mouth and speak. Speak and liberate yourself. The earlier they know you for your faith, the better for you.
50.        the easiest way to compromise your faith is by keeping quiet or by pretending that they should know when they do not know. Even if they know, sometimes, they will never allow you to know that they know.
51.        Remember, the Kingdom of God is narrowing down. The word trims down the crowd. Which word? The Spoken Word is the Original Seed. A foolish man may be DOUBTING THE PERSONALITY but a wise man pays attention to every word that proceeds out of the mouth of the Son of Man.
52.        “…That place where you attend fellowship, don’t they permit women to preach or even teach?  Women are even appointed there as the superintendent of the Sunday school where they are superintendent over men. In other words, they are usurping authority over men.” My brethren, is it a lie? No sir!
53.        “…Let us go to the Bible and see whether women are permitted to preach or teach. I will show you where they are being deceived. Matthew chapter 28 verse 19: “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations.” (KJV).” Note! Go ye!
54.        “…Go ye therefore and teach all nations. Okay, I want you to circle one thing there; that word there that said, “teach;”” Teach, not preach. “…it is a commandment. Who gave that commandment? Jesus Christ. Okay, Jesus Christ gave the commandment....”
55.        Go ye and teach. Go ye and T.E.A.C.H. That was the instruction they received. But foolishly and impatiently they ran away. However, those who stayed behind heard “tarry ye in Jerusalem until you will be endued with power from on high. When the spirit of God will rest on you, you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, in Judea, Samaria and then, to the uttermost part of the earth.” You heard go ye and you ran, man and woman.
56.        You couldn’t hear, “Tarry ye in Jerusalem.” And they tarried there for ten days. On that tenth day, the Holy Spirit came, one hundred and twenty, including Mary the mother of Jesus.
57.        Peter stood up, not Mary. Not Mary Magdalene, not Susana nor Phoebe and rest of them. A man stood up in keeping with the word of the early prophets which said, “That which I have taught you, commit it into the hands of faithful men who will be able to teach others.”
58.        “…You see, the same Christ; the same Spirit. In addition, Saint Paul said, “Whatever I teach in one Local Church is what I teach in all the Churches.” The Church did not start with us; it is a relay race. The battle is now in our hand. I suffer not a woman—let us see the Scripture. First Timothy chapter 2 verse 12:
59.        Sisters, Note it! Wake up from sleep because you are working in an office. One day, it will get to your turn: “Sister Egbuna, can you lead us in prayers?” The Bible said, “Men ought to pray everywhere lifting up their holy hands.”
60.        When we are telling you to be careful when we are teaching so that everybody will understand what we are saying this is the place we are pointing at.
61.        St. Paul told Timothy to teach that which is sound doctrine. By so doing, he will save his life and the life of those that will hear him. Can you begin now to see why I normally take My time making sure no mistake anywhere? Because it is like a chaplet, it is a chain.
62.        Take away one, you disorganise the rest. I am meticulous (careful) as far as this salvation race is concerned, taking My time. In short, I am not in a haste. I move forward, I move backward. I watch, I examine.
63.        Note it, one holding and believing the Bible is condemned. I said, the person holding the Bible is condemned because one is judged with what he believes. Is it not true?
64.        Let us take it that they believe this Bible. Is there anybody that will be judged with this Bible without being condemned? Tell Me any human being that is breathing born by a woman who is judged with the Bible and he is not condemned? If you judge Jesus Christ with the Bible, He will be condemned because the Bible said, “A human being claiming to be God.”
65.        “A human being claiming to be God.” The God they  acknowledged from the law, documented. But can a human being be God? The answer is yes. Yet, the same Bible confirmed that human beings are gods though they die like men. Bunch of confusion.
66.        Without the Son of Man, nobody will place the Bible where it belongs to. Without God appearing, you will not know what is documented there.
67.        When Jesus appeared, he told them clearly, “You err not knowing the scriptures nor the power of God.” Yet, those people were Pharisees, Priests serving in the synagogues.  AMEN.


irst Timothy chapter 2 verse 12: “But I suffer not a woman to teach nor to usurp authority over the man but to be in silence.” (KJV).”
2.           To do what? To be in silence.
3.           “…I never let women teach men, or Lord it over them. Let them be silent in your Church meetings.”  (LB).
4.           Let them be what? Silent in your Church meetings.
5.           “…Are we not in the Church meeting now? Check your denomination where you came from and then tell us whether they are not going against God’s teaching.”
6.           In Anglican, women mount the pulpit and read the Bible. Even in the Catholic Church. Lesson from the holy gospel of St. Peter, when women want to bring down men from the pulpit; where a woman will be on her seat challenging the man on the pulpit that he has not preached well; that she doubts whether the man went to Bible College.
7.           Women go to Bible College so as to challenge men: “He is not a good preacher, I wonder whether he went to Bible College! Don’t worry, one day, I will mount the pulpit and I will lash him well, well.” Woman lashing her pastor.
8.           Why is it so? Women are now ordained pastors, bishops, archbishops. They are now cardinals. In no distant time, they will be Popes. I WON’T BE SURPRISED THAT ONE OF THESE DAYS, A WOMAN WILL BE THE ARCHBISHOP OF CANTERBURY BECAUSE THAT IS WHERE BIBLE ORIGINATED.
9.           What is more, that is where the greatest evil originated. Take note of it. Anglican Communion, I don’t know where to place it right now. Call Anglican Communion, devil’s incarnate. Anglican Church is controlling Europe that is why the Pope uses the Archbishop of Canterbury as his deputy.
10.        How can people think of approving gay marriage, practising it? What is more, it started in England, that is Great Britain. Now, Rome gave their consent to it immediately.
11.        The Pope has liberalised Catholic Priests. Marriage is now as it was in the very beginning. It is now optional. If you want to marry, marry and officiate as a priest. Where you don’t want, no problem.
12.        He said, “I have decided to cancel that law for my predecessor who made it, did it with good intentions. But for now, it is causing trouble in the Catholic Communion. It has become clear that the reason why too many Catholic Priests indulge in raping infants is because of the doctrine of celibacy, the unmarried estate of the Roman Catholic Priest.”
13.        He said that if they should be allowed to marry as they wish, that the idea of raping infants will be checked. That nevertheless, the issue of gay marriage has become a law governing the whole of Europe which they adopted. That among the priest, if they wish, if they can marry themselves, up to them.
14.        I said, “Thank you very much. Among the priest, among all in Europe, if a man fails to impregnate a man, he will remain guilty till eternity.” Any man that is married by a man and he does not give birth to a human being, from the marriage, I mean, I don’t know where I will place that person.
15.        A man will marry a “wife” and the man will impregnate his fellow man who is now his wife! Men will be ready to carry the pregnancy! This is the only area where the president of Nigeria has performed very well by saying, “No!” Rather, he signed fourteen years imprisonment for any human being that will try it.
16.        Obama tried to force it on us. But the president of Nigeria said, “Nigeria is an independent nation. If it suits America, let them practise it. But for Nigeria, it is contrary to our tradition, our custom, our various religions. Not even one approves it. We will not even practise it. It is contrary to human nature.” A sure sign that the antichrist is on the scene. Is it not true?   
17.        Go to your Bible, Romans chapter 1 from verse 26: when people lose the knowledge of God, He will give them over to reprobate spirit.”
18.        In time past, people were thinking that God is like this and that, four-footed animals or birds, but now, we don’t think that way again. God is a human being.
19.        Now, when people refuse to acknowledge who God is, God will hand them over to reprobate spirit. Men will begin to do that which is not convenient. Is it not true?   
20.        That is why God let go of them. That is why God cast them away from His presence.
21.        Verse 15- 32, “So to the fullest extent of my ability, I am ready to come also to you in Rome, to preach God's Good News. For I am not ashamed of this Good News about Christ.”
22.        Note it, I am not ashamed of the Good News about Christ, that is exactly where I want to strike.
23.        “…For I am not ashamed of this Good News about Christ. It is God’s powerful method of bringing all who believe it to heaven.”
24.        Is God’s what? Powerful method of bringing all who believe it to heaven. I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ; it is God’s power unto salvation to them that believe.
25.        However, where you do not believe, there is no way God can bring you to heaven. The only way He can bring you to heaven is by believing the gospel of Christ. And the sign that you believe is that you will never be ashamed of proclaiming it. When you believe the truth, you become bold. Fear vanishes!
26.        “…This message was preached first to the Jews alone but now, everyone is invited to come to God in this same way. This Good News tells us how God makes us ready for heaven.
27.        Makes us right in God’s sight. When we put our faith and trust in Christ to save us. This is accomplished from start to finish by faith.
28.        As the Scriptures says it, ‘The man who finds life will find it through trusting God. But God shows his anger from heaven against all sinful, evil men who push away the truth away from them...”
29.        Who push away the truth from them! You bring truth, they will push it away.
30.        “…For the truth about God is known to them instinctively...”
31.        It does not require going to school. Intuitive knowledge – instinctively. Even the mad man knows the truth about God for God reveals Himself through nature. Zodiac!
32.        That is why the Bible said, “Does not nature even teach you that a man marrying a man is not good?” What is he going to enjoy in a man? But a man marrying a woman is normal. They are two opposite sex.
33.        For the truth about God is known to them instinctively. God has put this knowledge in their hearts...”
34.        God has put this knowledge in the heart of all that come from God.
35.        “…Since earliest times, men have seen the earth and sky and all that God made. And have known of his existence and great eternal power. So they will have no excuse. When they stand before God on the judgement day...”
36.        When they stand before God on the judgement day, tell Me the type of excuse they will give. Tell Me what will be their excuse on that day! Definitely none!
37.        “…Yes, they knew Him alright but they wouldn't admit him or worship him as God or even give him thanks for all his daily care. And after a while, they began to think up silly ideas…”
38.        They began to think what? Think up silly ideas. Silly ideas!
39.        “…And after a while, they began to think up silly ideas of what God was like and what he wanted them to do. The result was that their foolish minds became dark and confused...”
40.        Their foolish minds became dark and confused. Because they have rejected the truth that was evidently set out before their eyes. Can you see what it results to when God hardens somebody’s heart?
41.        When you are being introduced to the truth, you push it aside, you will be using human sense to worship God instead of you to accept the faith for the Just shall live by faith.
42.        Instead of you to accept the faith, you now chose human sense. Your silly mind will make your heart to be darkened. Your mind will be darkened. Nothing will be clear to you again.
43.        No man is deceived until the person is confused. When you reject the truth, your heart will become darkened. And what will it result. Foolish sense! Look at what they will be doing now when God has already introduced Himself. They are querying, “How can it be? How can it be?”
44.        “…The result was that their minds became dark and confused. Claiming themselves to be wise without God...”
45.        Claiming themselves to be wise without God. The author of wisdom. Is there foolishness greater than this? Man is saying that he is wiser than God. That you have wisdom and your wisdom couldn’t allow you to know God. One that does not have God, does he have wisdom? No sir!
46.        The fear of God, is it not the beginning of wisdom? The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. But fools despise counsel. Is that not scripture? It is sir! Look at what it is resulting to. Worshiping God with human sense. God calls it, “Silly sense.” Silly!
47.        “…they became utter fools instead. And then, instead of worshiping the glorious, ever-living God, they took wood and stone and make idols for themselves...”
48.        See where it is leading them to? They are now making gods after the imaginations of their own heart. They started reasoning what God is likely to be. What He should look like? When God had already revealed Himself as a human being.
49.        “…And then, instead of worshiping the glorious, ever-living God, they took wood and stone and make idols for themselves. Caving them to look like mere birds and animals and snakes and pony men. So God let them go ahead into every sort of sex sin. And do whatever they wanted to…”
50.        God let them to go ahead into every sort of sex sin. And do whatever they wanted to. That they were asked to behave any way they wanted. Wherever they wanted, they should have it. Every sort of sex sin.
51.        You see them mis-mating. Children of God mis-mating with heathens. You see the children of God mis-mating with the Moabites, with Egyptians. To them, it does not mean anything. It had to take God Himself to take back all those people. If it was right in the sight of God, would He have told the prophets to take back all those people, together with their children, to where they were picked from (heathen nations)? She is not a seed of God.
52.        She hooked up with a seed of God as a wife and started bearing children. Who caused it? A child of God! The second matter is that men now leave the natural use of women and go after fellow men.
53.        Verse 24 “…So God let them go ahead into every sort of sex sin and do whatever they wanted to. Yes, they do vain and sinful things with each other’s bodies. Instead of believing what they knew was the truth about God, but they deliberately chose to believe lies.”
54.        Instead of believing what they knew was the truth about God. They deliberately chose to believe lies. You see, deliberate sin can never be forgiven. Wilful sin can never be forgiven.
55.        That is why God called it, unpardonable sin because you have seen the wholesome truth. God shows you the truth and you harden your heart that you will not accept the truth so that you can do that as you wish. God will leave you alone.
56.        “…So they pray to the things God made but couldn’t obey the blessed God who made these things. That is why God let go of them and do all these evil things. So that even their women turned against God’s natural plan for them.”  
57.        “…That is why God let go of them and do all these evil things. So that even their women turned against God’s natural plan for them. And indulged in sex sin with each other. And the men, instead of having a normal sexual relationships with women, burned with lust for each other...”
58.        Have you seen it? Was it not the sin of Sodom and Gomorrah? It was! Check the Bible, when the Sodomites came to Lot’s house to defile the angels of God who came in the form of human beings. Lot came out, pleaded with them saying, “I have two daughters who are virgins, take them, do whatever you want with them.”
59.        Living Bible translation said, “Have normal sex relationship with them. I assure you most solemnly, they are virgins.” The men said, “No, we are after men, not women.”
60.        That was why God over threw them and He said, “As it was in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, so shall it be in the days of the Son of Man.”
61.        And I want to tell you since after the destruction of the days of Lot, the world has never for one day made a law governing all nations approving men, lying with men. Women, lying with women. Has it happened? No sir!
62.        It is happening because it is the days of the Son of Man. And by this we know it is finished. THUS, if you are a woman, My message to you is, remember Lot’s wife who believed in the beginning. God gave her a helping hand by bringing her out of the city and commanded her, “go with your husband and family to the escaped place; don’t look back.”
63.        she Escaped from the horror but perished outside the city due to unbelief. The people escaped the horror in EGYPT; crossed the Red Sea but perished a step to Canaan due to unbelief. For the reason why they couldn’t enter Canaan was unbelief.
64.        What is more, God said, “Let us be careful lest this root of unbelief will crop up in our heart by departing from the true God.” Brethren, history is repeating itself.
65.        I am not saying it because I am involved; I am declaring it because I know it is truth. This truth was preserved, if you go to the book of Romans chapter 14, it said, “These things are documented, they are written for our learning for we are living at a time when the end shall come.”
66.        What lesson can we learn here? When you see the world fulfilling the negative side of the prophetic word, they do not know. But you know the implication.
67.        Some are defending it, some are protesting because it is against their NATURE; it is against their tradition, against their culture. But we are saying no on the point of our belief. I believe it is My faith. I am saying “no” for it is contrary to my faith in Christ.
68.        I don’t care who will make the law tomorrow, President or no President, it is already in my heart. Education or no education, instinctively, God is in me.
69.        I know that God is in me. I know His demands; I know when I am being told the truth. Because you are not a seed of God, that is why you are being deceived.
70.        Nobody can deceive a seed of God because the Bible said, “In this end time, every inhabitant on the earth must be deceived except the elect.” Thus, I am not afraid of deception because I know I am one of the elect.
71.        If you are a seed of God, if you see the truth, it will shine bright. You will see it. It will be shining. Even if you are not obeying, you know that it is the truth but you are not obeying.
72.        However, if you are not a seed of God, before it is said, you will start rioting. You will be demonstrating as if you are quarrelling with somebody. This is how to know a seed of God. A seed of God judges himself. He or she does not wait until God will come and judge him or her because he knows that every disobedience is sin before God.
73.        Every disobedience is sin before God. Thus, a child of God knows when he is living the life of obedience to the truth and when he is living the life of disobedience. There is no seed of God that does not know. The same way it is in the family. Any woman that does not know when she offends the husband is not married. At times, they know, but the fear that is in them due to the disposition of the man will not allow them to come closer.
74.        The man will think she is stubborn but she is not. However, she would look at the mood the man is, she would just quietly go inside until the man regains himself. By the time she would come to apologise, she would use her hand to tap him (the man) at the back. The man will then understand that this tapping him at the back meant something.
75.        At other times, she will pull the man’s waist when she is passing by. What I am telling you is the truth. You know women are very tricky. They know when they provoke the man. When they want to ask for forgiveness, they will lure and entice the man that even if you want to ignore or resent their advances, you will find it difficult.
76.        There is no man that does not know when his wife has repented. Equally, there is no woman that does not know when her husband has repented. Repentance has two sides: A man repents, a woman repents. After all, salvation does not respect anybody whether you are a man or a woman.  Amen.

omans 26 verse 27, “And the men, instead of having a normal sexual relationships with women...”
2.           I think you can see what the Bible said. Normal sex relationship with women. King James said, “Natural!” For that is how God ordained it. But anything contrary to it, God is saying no. That is why God said, “If a man will lie with a fellow man, he should be stoned to death. If a man should have any intercourse with any animal, that man must surely die and the animal will also die.” I hope I am making sense?   
3.           Check your scriptures very well. The only place where a man lying with a woman attracted death penalty was when the people of God rolled away and began to have sex with women from forbidden nations. And the Lord said their heads should be hung.
4.           He said, “Does it mean there are no more women in Israel that you should go to the uncircumcised to cause My Name to be blasphemed among the heathens?”
5.            When a child of God strays away to the heathens, he causes the Name of God to be blasphemed. No matter how you hide your identity, if you are a man, the woman will ask you “Are you no more going to that your Church again?” You must receive it.
6.           For her not to say it, God can put it in her mouth and she will ask you whether you have stopped worshipping God. She will then know what you will answer; whether you will deny God.
7.           Only then will you know that your faith is no longer against it; that you are now preaching the gospel of friendship and no longer the Gospel of Truth. This is pure truth!
8.           To the women, the question will be: “I know you as one that is worshipping God. You do not wear earring, you do not do any of such things?” You will say, “It does not matter. Our faith makes us free.”
9.           Is the freedom for both of you? Is he in the Kingdom? Because anybody living a life of disobedience has where he/she holds unto. Whatever you want to hold unto, we are going to appear before God.
10.        We are going to appear before God. Every Sunday, we are appearing before God. Every Monday, every Tuesday, every true seed of God is standing in God’s presence.
11.        That is why, that which you think it is a light thing because brother is not there, sister is not there, God takes it very great. And on the day of His visitation, He will tell you and you will hear it with your ears.
12.        I am not saying it so that you will clap for Me. No! I am saying it because I know there is no way I can suppress the truth. He that is in Me is Mightier than all of you and He wants you to be saved. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. This is the essence of repentance.
13.        When you hear the truth that is against the life you are living, you drop that life. Change over to a new leaf. That is progressive life in Christ.
14.        Living a progressive life in Christ means repenting daily. As you repent daily, so you are growing in knowledge, you are growing in wisdom, you are growing in understanding.
15.        “…And the men, instead of having a normal sexual relationships with women, burned with lust for each other. Men doing shameful things with other men…”
16.        Look at it, doing shameful things with other men.
17.        “…doing shameful things with other men and, as a result, getting paid with their own souls the penalty…”
18.        Getting paid with their own souls the penalty.
19.        “…they so richly deserve.”  Anything that will affect the salvation of your soul is your greatest enemy. Better forfeit the flesh and let your soul be saved.
20.        You are not wiser than the Lord Jesus Christ who appeared and said, “What shall it profit a man if he shall get the whole world and lose his soul?”
21.        And went further to say, “Fear not the man who will kill the flesh and stop there. But fear Him who has the power to destroy your flesh. Kill your flesh and destroy your soul in hellfire.” Is it not scriptural?
22.        Do you fear God at all! The Cloud is in the camp! This is not a place a man can stand and begin to share false witness. It is not here! Even if you want to attempt it, the Lord will turn your tongue to the favour of His children. For we are here for eternal life. It has no second chance! This is the gate way, awful entrance to heaven.   
23.        When we came to the fellowship, did we know that God was in the fellowship? We came in like Jacob, Jacob was there trying to escape from the wrath of his brother. He never knew that God was there.
24.        Many of us didn’t know that this journey will get to this stage but God knows, Jehovah knows. I remember in those days when He told us in the other hall right from Amazu Oil.
25.        He said, “Let Me tell you the truth, I know that you do not understand. Many of us never knew that this journey will get this stage but God knew. Jehovah knew!
26.        I remembered in those days, He warned us, right from Amazu Oil, He said, “Let Me tell you the truth; you do not know. You have gone step by step into the full dancing party. It became a song: ‘We have gone step by step into the dancing party wholly.’”
27.        We started nodding. It is just like a group of dancers, you see the drummers and all that are involved in making the music, you see the dancers dancing, you are not a part of them, you do not know what it is called but you like the music.
28.        You are by the side, watching and nodding to the melodious tune of the music, moving your legs. Before you know it, the man blowing the flute will give a high pitched tune; the man beating the metal gong will rhythmically respond and you unconsciously join the line of the dancers.
29.        Before you know it, gradually, you are already making short and quick steps following the dancers. You do not know where they are going to nor the origin of the music. It might even come to a point when, because you are so much consumed by the music, dancing more than the owners of the dancing group, they will map out time and give you a special of rendition of their music.
30.        You dance and dance and dance, they will begin to fan you and then initiate you into their group. If it is leading to hell, you do not know: “All of us are members of the dancing troupe.” This is how most of us came in.
31.        We thought it was ordinary Church. Some thought it was a new Gospel. Some thought it was a place to take shelter from rainfall especially those that came for marriage, those that heard we do not marry from outside our circle.
32.        When the message comes, they will cry and still take their seats because there is hope. They will check the number of young men that will marry and the number of young women that are yet to marry.
33.        Seeing that men are greater in number, they will sit down tightly on their seats, saying in their hearts, “Will they manufacture women? They will marry me by and by.” She will take her seat and sit down.
34.        You call her Jezebel, she stays put; you call her Lucifer, no way; call her antichrist, no way! Whatever you like call her, she would say within her, “Keep on calling me whatever you like, keep on.”
35.        Once she is wedded, she will go and bring another girl and tell her own experience; that she will receive terrible rebukes and indictments and that she should sit tight.
36.        You think that the Son of Man does not hear? You think that the Son of Man does not see? I knew many that wanted to run away because of the harsh preaching.
37.        Those who succeeded then told them to stay that it would not last long: “If dey hammer you, hammer you, hammer you, highest, three months nobody go remember you again. Anytime a new person comes, they will face that one. Stay, your own don pass. Small time, you don get husband be that o-o-o!”
38.        Note it very well; Son of Man has eyes, He has ears, He has senses. To some, they received lecture very well. He will say, “You know what will happen? “Anytime they get party or feast for Church, make you feature very well.
39.        “That place where them they share food, be there. In the kitchens, serve sisters. Be prominent, let them recognise you. At every end of the service, make sure you embrace brothers. ‘Remain blessed brother, remain blessed brother.’ Brother, remain blessed.’ Keep on shining! Even if they hit you, hit you, hit you, stay there! As long as that brother wants to marry you, na him carry you come.”
40.        Even the brother himself used to help. After the whole thing, brother would hold her hand: “I know that the thing is very harsh. Remain where you are. I am in this Church. I am the one that brought you in. That is how they do to everybody. I am the one that said you should sit down, it is a matter of time.
41.        Small time now, they go forget you, another person would come in. Don’t worry, just sit down. I know how I go handle the Son of Man. That one is a small thing. I will be going there every evening, every morning. One day, I will present you, present beer. I would tell Daddy, ‘Daddy, in short, this girl is too good o-o-o.’ Even if you are bad, I would tell Him that you are good.”
42.        I do not blame them. If I am a spinster inside the world and somebody carries me into this Faith, I know he wants to marry, looking at the setup of this group, even if you like, take your machete divide me into two, I will not leave.
43.        You know, there are three ways of doing the thing. After the feast and everything, another area you will watch is during praises. The man would say, “During praises, try to come in front where mothers will clap, brothers will clap hand hard. And then dance in the Holy Spirit. When you dance, you push somebody, push somebody, shake and shake and shake. Then, before you know it, the brother will flicker his eyes, he would come and join you, then dance with you.” We know that it is the brother that brought her. That is the brother that brought her in.
44.        You will be hearing brother, “Yes o-o-o, yes o-o-o, yes o-o-o, yes o-o-o.” He is promoting his wife. Let the message be hot, at the end of the day, the lady would go out and tell the man, “I will not come here again. Even if this place is the only place, you will not see me again. Is that how you people clamp down on people? You call people’s names while preaching? No, no, no, no. it can’t be here again.”
45.         He will say, “Take it easy. Leave that thing. I am the one telling you, I have been here for years. Small time, nobody go call your name again. Just relax.”
46.        And small time, nobody will remember the person again. That is to  say, we would see the parents to receive the consent: “Brother wants to marry sister.” If it is only “remain blessed”, she has become a saint. May God help us. I say, may God help us.
47.        Am I trying to chase you away? If it is possible that the entire world will believe My gospel and come to Christ—heaven bear Me witness—I am bound to accommodate all. But it is not possible.
48.        No matter how your mother loves you, test your mother with this message, test that love. Your father loves you, test your father, use this message. For this is the only message you will use, the only instrument you can use to test the love somebody has for you.
49.         If it is a man that says he wants to marry you, that you are the apple of his eyes or pineapple or Coke or Fanta, be everything, if he says he loves you, that he is incomplete without you, tell him that you love him. Test him with this truth.
50.        The Prophet said, “If any man is not willing to accept and honour your God, hate that person with perfect hatred. Have nothing to do with that person. For nobody can hate your God and love you. For the source of your existence is your God.”
51.        That was why David was able to say, “God, have I not hated those that hate you with perfect hatred? I count them my enemies.” Don’t forget the story of Diana, the daughter of Jacob who foolishly wandered into a forbidden nation and the inhabitants of that place messed her up. She came back with sorrow.
52.        The children of Jacob couldn’t take it light. They went for revenge. But, it was their sister that should have been blamed. But they were going there to do the havoc to save the Name of the Lord from being blasphemed.
53.        Let Me tell you, it is still an abomination for a believer to marry an unbeliever. Remember, it is in the scripture.   Before you were born, God had already condemned it.
54.        Before you came into existence, God said, “An unbeliever should not marry a believer. And a believer should not marry an unbeliever. You must marry one that believes the same thing you believe. Or else, your children are heathens.” Is it not scriptural? We better take note of all these things.
55.        The Bible said, that, “Children that are born in unbelieving homes are pagans.” You will know how many pagans are in the society. You think to be a pagan is to be worshipping in the shrine?
56.        If you do not believe in the God your husband believes in, all your children are idol worshippers in the sight of God. If you believe God and your husband does not believe the God you are worshipping, all your children are abomination in the sight of God.
57.        They can never speak the language of God’s people and they are not a part of God. You wasted your time and your life. I hope I am teaching you right? Even if you do not acknowledge it, the Deity is in the midst of the Bride. I am not asking for your witness, I have the greatest witness standing behind Me. And that is the Confirmer of the Faith.
58.        Whatever any man says he believes is subject to confirmation. And nobody is adequate to confirm it but the Almighty God. That is why we can boldly tell everybody that we are not following cunningly devised fables neither are we using sweet words to win your approval.
59.        What are you offering us? Tell Me that which you think you will offer the Son of Man and it will prevent Me from dying, I mean physically speaking? Is there anything you can do for a man in this world that will prevent him from dying physically?
60.        Tell Me what you will give Me that will help Me to get eternal life if not this truth. If you get back home, think about yourself, do not think about another person. Do not think about the Son of Man. Think about yourself.
61.         I am the Captain of your salvation. I remain the captain of this salvation plan whether you like it or not. Whether you believe it or not.
62.        That you do not believe, does it remove anything from My body? No sir! Does it add anything? Does it make Me stop sleeping? No sir! I have told you the truth; that you do not believe, does it remove anything from My person? Does it add anything? If you believe, does it make Me as big as this house? I have told you the truth.
63.        I have brought down before you what has not happened before the world began so that your faith will not rest or depend on any man or man’s philosophy but that it rests only on God. If you ever thought there was no God, that was what you thought in time past. Not now! Without the Son of Man, could anybody see God? No!
64.        Nobody has ever succeeded in seeing the Deity until now. We preach God as a human being. By faith we believed. But we have gone beyond faith. What you see with your eyes, is it faith? No sir!
65.        It is good to be realistic. Do you eat your food by faith? Glory be to God. Men started messing themselves up with fellow men. God gave them over to reprobate spirit.
66.        Verse 28, “So it was that when when they gave God up, they would not acknowledge Him, God gave them up to be everything their evil minds could think of. Their lives became full of every kind of wickedness and sin, of greed and hate, envy, murder, fighting, lying, bitterness and gossip.
67.        They were backbiters, haters of God, insolent, proud braggers. Always thinking of new ways of sinning and continually being disobedient to their parents...”
68.        Thinking of new ways of sinning and continually being disobedient to their parents. Give him any advice; he will not take it from us. New ways!  
69.        “…They were backbiters, haters of God,” Haters of God! Haters of God, insolent, no respect.
70.        “…insolent, proud braggers. Always thinking of new ways of sinning and continually being disobedient to their parents. They try to misunderstand, broke their promises, and were heartless without pity. They were fully aware of God's death penalty for these crimes,…”
71.        They were fully aware of God’s death penalty for these crimes.
72.        “…Yet, they go right ahead and did them anyway.”
73.        They harden their hearts and continue doing them anyhow.
74.        “…And they encourage others to do them, too.”
75.        They do what? Encourage others to do them, too. Have you seen where the problem is? They do not commit evils themselves; they encourage people to do them.
76.        They take pleasure in people doing those things. What a pitiable condition we are in? These things fulfilling in the days of the Son of Man. By this we know it is finished.
77.        We are just putting ourselves in remembrance when we know the hour we are in. As we see the days approaching, we bring out those things that will help us to cut off excess flesh.
78.        “…Wherever prayer is to be made, it should be men, but in many places where they gather today, you hear: “Sister, lead us in prayer. Madam, lead us in prayer,”’
79.        Abi na lie? No sir! Even in your yard. Some will say “let us pray”, they will start singing and everybody will be clapping hands: “Jesus igwe!” You join them in singing and worshipping a god you do not know. Some will begin to dance.
80.        At the end of the day, you will hear, “My brothers and sisters in Jesus please do not be offended that I disturbed you. Whichever way I have spoken, please bear with me in it.”
81.        Let Me tell you, nothing offends Me more than women preaching. Especially the time we used to come. Anyway, don’t worry. God has prepared a nice place for such people. Na Me go pilot that one. If there are no people I would punish, let Me punish women. I am telling you the truth.
82.        I thank God, on that day; God will take away the spirit of love from Me and put the spirit of real hatred. Women have disturbed the world too much. That you hear stories, it is all about women. Women are pain in the waist. They are what is being suffered from.
83.        “…Wherever prayer is to be made, it should be men, but in many places where they gather today, you hear: “Sister, lead us in prayer. Madam, lead us in prayer,” and men will be there bowing their heads—blind men; sissified men.”
84.        What you will be hearing is “Amen, amen Lord. Amen.” If you dare talk, your fellow man will hit you at the back telling you that you are challenging Holy Ghost.
85.        “…How many verses of the Bible will a man break and sin? Sin is breaking of God’s Word. My friend, the Church where you came from, are they not breaking God’s Word? They are and you are still there.
86.        That is why the Bible said, “Come out from among them and be ye separate; be not partakers of their sin and I will be your God and you will be my sons and daughters.”’ Is that not scripture?
87.        Be not partakers of their sin for he that is not with Me is against Me. That is why God gave us a message titled, “Do not place yourself where God will ask you why?”
88.        “…Second Corinthians chapter 6 verse 14:” Write it down. “…“Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? And what communion hath light with darkness?” (KJV).”
89.        Another translation said, “What agreement? What concord has he that believeth with he that believeth not?”
90.        “…The book of Psalms chapter 111 verse 9: “He sent redemption unto his people: he hath commanded his covenant forever: holy and reverend is his name.” (KJV).” Holy and Reverend!
91.        “…Brethren, I think if I go this way, you will profit little, but God will go to all lengths to save somebody.”
92.        God will do what? Go to all length to save somebody. God will do what? Go to all length to save somebody.
93.        Are you an elect of a devil? The book of James chapter 2 verse 1 through 4: “My brethren, have not the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of glory, with respect of persons.”
94.        I hope nobody is offended? Even if you are, take Me to court. Even if you are, I say, sue Me. You are wonderful people, sitting down from morning till now, hearing Him from the pulpit. Nobody is complaining. Rather, you are desiring more of the message. Are you not wonderful people? You are! Amen.