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The Son of Man Revealed From One of The Jungles in Africa According To William Branham's Prophesy

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i am the word (volume one)


All these years, starting from your religion to your Bible, from everything you know, things you did not know, I have been aiming at introducing Myself. I have been aiming at introducing Myself to your hearts so that you will begin to
appreciate the Personality that is talking to you. Stop likening Me to those you knew in time past. They are as far from Me as the sky is far from the Earth. Believe it if you can…                           –Son of MAN
Pg 106, v. 6-7)

In the Son of Man, Heaven is made possible. Not only possible, the Son of Man is the Ladder, The Link between Heaven and Earth! The Link between you and Jehovah.
Look at the SUPERNATURAL PHOTOGRAPHS! The Son of Man is the Link between you and the Great Personality in the whitest robe, the Link between you and the Godhead, the Link between Heaven and the Earth; the only person that will take you to the Father for there is no way you can bypass Him and get to Heaven. Impossible!
Being a human being like you, He placed Him before you as your living example, your Guide, your Leader, your Instructor, your Comforter; your all and all.
(I AM THE LADDER TO HEAVEN; page 40, verse 25-27)

Are these people for us or against us? Anybody that takes delight in coming to fellowship late is against us. I do not care where you are coming from.
2.          Let Me not quote the day of the Lord Jesus Christ but let Me quote the days of William Branham. People travelled all the way from Texas, some travelled all the way from Alabama to Jeffersonville. I know of a family that travelled from Los Angeles, some from San Francisco to that Hinterland. A journey that took them three consecutive weeks driving on the highway.
3.          You see, a young man was calling Me over the phone. He said he is from Kenya, telling Me his experiences and that of his flock; saying that he had already written, inviting Me.
4.          I said, “No, you do not need to try it. It is contrary to the will of the Father. If you have need of Me, you are the one that will come to Me.” Yes, the mountain can never go to Mohammed, but if Muhammad must prove his Faith as a Muslim, he must go to the mountain.
5.          Believe it if you can, I am a Mountain no human being can climb. I do not need any being around Me but no human being can see the light of life without Me. Thus, I do not go to anybody, you ought to come to Me.
6.          I was an Evangelist from the beginning, trying to create awareness so that saints of God, elect of God everywhere will know that He is on the scene. The awareness has been created over the years, hence there is no room again for evangelism.
7.          I do not evangelize, I do not even plead with any flesh because I believe it with all My heart: as long as the Lord liveth and I live, every flesh must bow down before Me. If you do not bow down today, you will bow down tomorrow. But must you bow down? Yes!
8.          Try to fault this Faith, find fault with the truth; do whatever you want to do to help you find fault with the Faith, I bet you, you will end it confirming this Faith. Many have attempted it.
9.          Recently, information reaching Me from Nnewi confirmed that a superior police officer at Nnewi police station saw My message titled, “Modern Idolatry;” went through few pages, dropped his gun on the ground and enquired who could be the author; whether a human being documented this.
10.      He wanted to find fault but he ended it confirming it and started enquiring about many things until some mad people come to him and said, “If you stay here few minutes longer, we bet you, you will be brain washed.”
11.      The man said, “How can somebody brain wash me at my age? I am here with the truth that is scattering my head.”
12.      A barrister came to Me during the weekend with his brother. He blasphemed this Faith, caused many not to believe. However, towards this last lap, he believed and then came down in his vehicle alongside with his brother; heard Me speak for four consecutive hours, rehearsing many things.
13.      Being a Pentecostal lawyer, before Me and his brother, he made a statement: “Sir, forgive me, I erred. I have heard, I have seen, I have believed. Can I have your phone number sir?”
14.      I said, “Why have you believed?” He said, “I am sure and convinced. How can a man keep this type of record if God is not with Him? Not even a computer can computerise this type of record and place them straight, quoting references. I believe, you are what people call you.”
15.      Try your best to find fault with this Faith, you must end it confirming this Faith. The Jews made serious attempts, honest attempts to disprove Jesus Christ as the Messiah, but they ended it confirming him as the Messiah. It has always been like that in every dispensation.
16.      Please, God is weeding the camp, heads are rolling spiritually. Do not be shocked at My reaction and do not expect anything greater than what you are witnessing from now.
17.      I told you, this is the year many will hate Me to the core. And that is exactly what I have been praying for. We have been friends for a long time; I want us to be enemies from now! If you do not want us to be enemies, obey My Word.  
18.      Prophet Jeremiah heard the word of God directly that came to him saying, “When I called your fathers from the land of bondage in Egypt, I never for one day commanded them to go and render sacrifices to Me using bullocks, rams, candle or incense or any other thing. But only one thing I commanded them to do that they should hearken unto My word and obey Me that it shall be well with them.” Is it not scriptural?
19.      The Lord does not delight Himself in burnt offerings, in your money, in whatever, whatever you can offer. As long as you are offering all of them in disobedience to His truth for He had already spoken to us audibly saying, “Obedience is better than sacrifice.”
20.      When you are not ready to obey, offer no sacrifice for your sacrifice of praise or anything remains an abomination before the Lord God Almighty until your heart is right with Him.
21.      Once you are living the life of disobedience to the truth, your heart can never be right with God. And I show you a sign: If you receive any instruction or command from the Lord, please, if you want to survive, take it the way it is given to you. Do not interpret it, do not reason it. The moment you try to delay or reason it, the Devil will magnify it, exaggerate everything until it will be impossible for you to obey it.
22.      Every instruction from God is very easy, very simple. For the scripture said, “The Lord has given us His instruction and His instructions are not grievous, they are not cumbersome. They are very easy.”
23.      But the moment you sigh, murmur and grumble, the Devil will magnify that instruction above you so that you will never obey it. And that marks the beginning of your downfall, the beginning of your falling away. Do not ever attempt bribing the Son of Man for you know you have not succeeded in time past and you will not succeed even at this tail end.
24.      What is that thing I have not seen from the beginning of this Faith till this last lap? I do not know what that thing looks like. Thus, do not ever attempt it. The only thing you can do to bribe the Son of Man is to obey His Word. Finish!
25.      Remember, the Word went forth from the beginning, “If you are not ready to obey, leave the congregation of God’s people.” If you are not ready to obey the Word of God that is revealed to you in your day, do not make the mistake of sitting down here. Go to the people that believe what you believe.
26.      Somebody was pleading with Me to tamper justice with mercy concerning our excommunicated Bishop. She said too many things. Then, I looked at her, I nodded.
27.      I said, “Okay, I have heard you. Thank you for making your plea on behalf of your uncle. I have noted your plea.” She said, “Do I wait for a reply?”
28.      I said, “No, do not wait for a reply because it is not coming.” There is no need promising you a reply when I know none is coming. I know the reply you will get in disobedience. No matter your prayer, no matter your plea, no matter who is making the intercession on your behalf, you will receive only but one reply. I do not care who the person might be. So, please, take note.
29.      If you think I hate you, you are fooling yourself. You are the one that hate yourself. When you hate yourself, you live the life of disobedience. However, if you love your life, obey the Word of God that it may be well with you. That is the much I want to tell you there.
30.      To those I commanded to go back there, find your seats there from today and never you near this place unless you want to die. You have a business here, accomplish it and then go back to your seat. It is unfortunate that a good number of our youths are not committed to the cause of Christ to the point of becoming useful in this camp. I say it is highly unfortunate—very, very unfortunate.
31.      By now, too many people should have mastered the use of all these PA system and gadgets, so that nobody will hold us to ransom in this most holy Faith. I want to curb the excesses of too many, especially those that have come to the end of their ministry.
32.      Every man, every woman has a ministry as far as I am concerned. You have a ministry, I have a ministry. You must strive to make foolproof of your ministry. If you do not strive to make foolproof of it, nobody can do it for you. If you fail, you have failed. If you succeed, you have succeeded.
33.      I am not trying to be hash on anybody, no, why should I? However, I try as much as I can to be straight forward with everybody, to be sincere to the core; so that in the day when all the deeds of all mankind shall be brought to judgement, I will not be found wanting.
34.      I do not want to have a problem on the way, at all! And nobody will ever create a problem for Me. Do not allow anybody to create a problem for you. Whether your husband, your wife, your daughter, your son, I do not care who that person might be. May you never permit anybody to create a problem for you, especially at this dying minute.
35.      The Voice said, “I have glorified you before, and I will glorify you again.” And before your eyes, you can see things happening. And the voice went further to say. “In the day when salvation shall be made complete, when the mortals shall be clothed with immortality, the Son of Man will finally be glorified, you will be glorified together with Him.” He said, “Comfort yourselves with these words.”
36.      When you exalt the Son of Man, surely, He is going to draw souls unto Himself. Who are those souls? Will they be foreigners? No! They will not be foreigners. Things are really happening even among us in this Faith unless you do not have spiritual eyes. If you have spiritual eyes, nobody will tell you what to do. Amen.
be very careful
I am effecting a little change. Brother Emma Iwuno and Brother Philip, I have set you free. That does not mean that you will remain free. You will remain free as long as you keep on paying attention to My word. But any day the Devil anoints you to begin to think otherwise, that is the end of the journey.
2.          I know some elders were shocked this morning hearing Me giving Apostle Kelechi last warning before many elders. Even to the point of threatening him. If he thinks it is an empty threat, up to him. Any day he makes the mistake, unless he is sick and I must know that he is sick.
3.          Any day he makes the mistake of allowing Me to be physically in this fellowship on the first day of the week before him, Apostle Kelechi can never enter this GTC compound again. He must go and build his own Church, preach his own message, save himself and his followers. I have made it public, do not ask Me why. Am I prepared to shift? No!
4.          At the same time, I summoned Goddy Tobechukwu before elders in My house. I spoke to him, elders equally spoke to him. We pleaded with him to support the wife and bury his late mother-in-law. In spite of his stubbornness, he walked away. We volunteered to assist him financially if only the willingness will be there. He said he would go and think.
5.          His wife went to all length, went to Goddy’s home, summoned the elders. They were prepared to follow. His biological brothers and sisters volunteered to follow, volunteered money, Goddy refused to go; in spite of My word that if he attempted staying away, that would be the end of his journey with us in this Bridal Faith.
6.          What is more, I told him the awful consequences. Reports reaching Me confirmed that his in-laws waited and waited and sent a word across to him that if he refused to appear before them, definitely after the burial of the woman, that they would be coming to Onitsha to take their daughter together with the children for Goddy never paid the bride price.
7.          Goddy did nothing. We only did introduction. I was there. The one thousand, five hundred naira that was deposited was My own money which I placed on the table. For there was no way we could have summoned the elders like that.
8.          I was ashamed! I was basically new, not up to five months in the End-Time Message when this thing took place. My wife was there. They used 911 lorry to take us to that place, driven by Joe Diuka. They went with only five crates of soft drinks. No more, no less. No kolanut.
9.          The people gathered, Malachy Osuagwu, Okey Nwankpa, Bon Diuka, all of them in the End-Time Message including Pat Ibeji. Apostle Kelechi was equally there, including Brother Amamkem.
10.      Instead of addressing the truth, they entered one useless house, said they were praying, binding the Devil. That the Devil was using the people of Orlu against them. Because they were asked to present whatever they came with, they presented five crates of soft drink, no more; no kola nut!
11.       Hell was let loose. It took us time to calm down the whole thing. I cannot forget that day. Late in the night, we allowed the same 911 to take our wives home. The men remained. I and Apostle Kelechi touched Onitsha that day almost 12 mid-night. We trekked from Upper Iweka down to Ekene Dili Chukwu. From there, we parted.
12.      Brother Kelechi went to Omeagana Street where he was living then. I trekked down to My house. We thank God as at that time, robbers were not in the majority. If it is today, we risked our lives.
13.      To the best of My knowledge, Goddy did nothing. We only promised to be back and we did not go back till today. What is more, from 1990 Goddy married our sister till today, Goddy has never for one day taken her or the children to Orlu to pay homage to his in-laws.
14.       But we have the records that there was a time his mother-in-law took the whole family to Aba, nurtured all of them for over six months; and Goddy never went to Aba, he never cared for the children.
15.      I got a reliable information that Goddy stood before the heathens at Nkpor in their yard and declared that, he was not the father of all his children.
16.      Sister Ngozi, are you back? (She replied, “Yes sir.”) Where is your son Abraham? What of the other one Caleb? (She replied, “They are still in my hometown.”) Your children are still at home? Thank God for them.
17.      Is it true that your husband declared before people in your yard that he was not the father of all these children? A man in the yard adjured him to spit on the ground to recant what he said. And Goddy told him that he would not do that; that every man knows his children and that from the first to the last, he, Goddy, was not responsible; that none came from him. That his wife knows where she got them.
18.      Who can hear this nonsense? Elders, take note because he is proving to be highly stubborn and I want to be stubborn as well to him. I have warned, if you want to survive, let nobody born of a woman ever approach Me either by phone or in any form or shape, making anything plea on behalf of Goddy Tobechukwu.
19.      Where I picked him is where I have returned him. And I have restored his name back to him. As at the time I met him, he was not answering Goddy Tobechukwu. His popular name was, “Nigeria.” So today, he is “Nigeria.” He is put away from the congregation and families of the saints from now till the day the saints shall be clothed with immortality. Amen.
20.      Even if you do not say “Amen,” I am not working with your “amen.” I do not seek agreement with any flesh. Once I agree with He that is in Me, that is all I need. I am acting in agreement with the Father who sent Me, whom you know very well, not one you do not know. We have concluded the matter once and for all. No plea! The Cloud is here.
21.      Concerning the family, if Orlu people will come today or tomorrow, If Orlu people will come today or tomorrow; that is up to them. I am not inviting them, I will not invite them. They are free. It is permitted. It is legal, it is constitutional.
22.      They have every right to take their daughter together with her offspring no matter the age because Goddy never married her. Let’s be very careful. What is more, whoever that wedded them, wedded them in error.
23.      I was there, I saw the wedding. It was not pre-planned. Ngozi never knew that she will be wedded that day. It was not even announced. All that were with Me that day at Ugwumba, you knew how it took place. And they said they were trying to save their faces. I do not believe in that.
24.      If they wanted to save their faces, they should have gone home to fulfil their customary rites towards the community and legalize the marriage. Thank God, I never joined Ngozi and Goddy together. I was not even a minister that time.
25.      When we got to Abba, that was Ukpo, where our former brother and teacher, Doctor Ogechi Igwe married his wife, it was a horrible thing because he deceived himself. When we got there and noticed what was going on, we summoned him. When I noticed that he was not prepared, he gave false information to the community.
26.      They thought he was coming to pay the bride price and do every other thing at the same time, little did we know that he only came to “knock at the door” while he had already prepared both men and women to fill the whole place.
27.      I summoned brethren, we gathered whatever we gathered. At the end of it all, I used My own money, I thank God I have witnesses in this Faith.
28.      I used My own money—five thousand naira—to pay the bride price for Grace Igwe. And up till today, the money is still in their hands. What is more, I even volunteered My own twenty-five thousand naira to pay rentage for where they lived and established themselves, which they never paid till today. That was when money was money.
29.      Elders, are you not aware of it? Was it done in secret? I brought him here, Ogechi had nothing. I had to use our former Brother Charles’ suit to wed him. I removed Ogechi’s dress in the fellowship, borrowed suit from our former interpreter, Charles Nwobiara, placed it on the doctor and wedded him just to save our faces.
30.      Going by the name medical doctor, medical doctor, it is not enough. The Cloud is in the camp. This is not a place where somebody can stay and begin to bear false witness. I know My testimony is truth. If Goddy had shown willingness to marry Sister Ngozi, by now, we could have helped in formalizing everything.
31.      After all, cases abound where we arrested such situations. Brethren never knew we paid both the bride price, did everything and allowed the brother and sister to stay together. How many have we wedded in this Faith even without groundnut or soft drink?
32.      I am saying that Goddy never showed any willingness to marry Sister Ngozi or to run his own family. It is not because he does not have the money. Even if the money comes, the recklessness in Goddy does not permit him to take care of his family.
33.      Up till today, Goddy smokes Indian hemp. Up till today, Goddy is still a drunkard; a disturbance to the whole environment. From time to time, he sends all his family packing for no just cause. I am X-raying these areas so that if you take delight in making pleas, thinking that you are more compassionate than the Son of Man to appreciate people’s condition, please, do not ever near Me. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.
34.      If you have never seen a consuming fire before, see Me from now. In time past, I pleaded with flesh but no longer. Will it happen? In My life! Till I leave this scene. I do not even pray for life, I pray for death. My wife can tell you. I do not even speak as one that will live tomorrow. I am ready to leave this scene. Thus, why pleading?
35.      To the elders that have been misbehaving, you saw the way I reacted from the pulpit. Please, all of you that surrendered your microphone and everything to Me this morning, make no mistake of nearing the pulpit again until further notice.
36.      If I have not seen any visible sign of repentance, you may end it joining Goddy Tobechukwu. And on that day, I will make public, reasons why you will not smell this camp again.
37.      If you are sitting down and your name is not mentioned, it does not mean that all is well with you. But let it be known to you that I know all of you. I know your secret paths; I know the thoughts of your hearts. Sometimes, I display some signs around some individuals to see whether they would see and understand but they feign ignorance. To God be the glory.  
38.      Brother Emma Iwuno, Brother Philip, you are not manning the PA system because you are the best or you are serving the interest of the Son of Man more than any other. Far be it! It is because I want you to be there.
39.      Now, Brother Clement, you have been there, you have not mastered anything all this while. With that effect, go and sit down. Brother Solomon Nnachor, with effect from this morning, go and learn from them. Withhold nothing from him. Deacon Vin will remain in charge of the PA system.
40.      Any day I come to the fellowship (physically) before him or before the equipment or come into the fellowship without the generator on, all that are responsible must leave this Faith. Any day I come into the fellowship hall and the equipment we use in worshipping God is not in the fellowship or is not ready or the generator is not ready, or that it is not working, all that are working there must leave this Faith.
41.      The time when we regarded God’s property as no man’s property is over. God’s work, no man’s work. It is your work, it is My work. It is our collective responsibility.
42.      If you are tired, resign! Tender your resignation now. If I do not endorse it, call Me a coward. When the Lord started this recording in our midst, established PA system and every other thing, we call it “Tape Ministry.”
43.      How many of you were there? Do you know the first person that manned the recording ministry? Do you know how it took off? If you do not know, enquire. We had nothing as equipment when we took off at Ugwumba. From there to Amazu Oil.
44.      It was Brother Mike Emmanuel who is our Deacon that volunteered his tape recorder, free of charge. We were using it. He volunteered his piano which I destroyed because the Lord did not want it. He became the first minister in charge of the recording ministry. Over the years, it was in his hands that great messages were recorded and preserved.
45.      Though we lost many messages when he packed away from his house, we carried all those things to Mama Ibekwe’s house. We lost many. From there to Oba, Brother Philip’s house. We lost many before we finally established it in the house of our Brother Amobi.
46.      Thus, while we were carrying those things up and down, we lost many including the censored tapes and many other important things we lost in the hands of our former Bishop Okechukwu Nwankpa, because important messages were preserved in his house together with records. However, the Lord has restored all because I am in your midst. I am your library if you do not know. Take away the Son of Man, there is no library.
47.      It was after Brother Mike left the ministry and then was in charge of another section that Bishop Nnachor took over. Thus, if you think you are number one, it is because you do not know our records. Hence, you cannot brag, rather see it as a wonderful privilege that God selected you to be one of His workers in His own vineyard. Is it not a privilege?
48.      It is lack of revelation that makes people fumble. If you know what it is to be a co-labourer in His vineyard, you will always be happy each time an assignment is given to you.
49.      However, where you lack the revelation, you think you are doing it for Brother Odoemena. That is where you create problem for yourselves and your families. Please, take note.
50.      Brother Solomon Nnachor, I know you are never serious. That place will expose you. That is the much I want to tell you. Whether it will be good or evil, that office will expose you.  
51.      Apostle Kelechi, can you please give Me that warning. I am sure that many of you if not all are aware that our elder by name, His Royal Majesty as he is being called, Eze Celestine Odua, the Eze Ala one of Umuorji in Egbema in Imo State, has been in detention for some time over alleged criminalities. Not one, not two. Let Me stop there.
52.      I do not know whether the case has been prosecuted in a court. But what I want to stress is this: Calamity will not befall you until you forget the warning that has come to you. Evil will not befall you until you have forgotten the Voice of God that has roared on you.
53.      If I am a man sent by God, though My Word may delay, wait for it! Before your eyes, it must surely come to pass. If it does not come that way, I am an impersonator.
54.      If by your assessment, you think I am an impersonator, then, the Almighty God is equally an impersonator. Who am I impersonating then? Or who is impersonating Me?
55.      Better be on the alert, heads are rolling. Remember, He warned us ahead of time that, “Whatever we see from now, we should glorify God.” Look no man in the flesh, your angel may be the Devil that is troubling us. Your favourite brother, favourite sister might be the greatest unbeliever troubling the camp.
56.      If I never spoke to brethren at Umuahia before what took place there happened, I mean, they might be thinking maybe somebody somewhere was hiding where God could not see him. Thank God Bishop Nath is in the fellowship.
57.      Bishop Nath, we received a good number of reports in your local assembly at Umuahia: How the Lord visited all of you compelled you to make peace among yourselves and get reconciled with God. The fracas that ensued in the honest attempt to make peace; you ended it in making more troubles. Glory be to God.
58.       If I never warned, if I never foretold it, it would have been a different thing. It happened as I predicted. Does it mean I was wishing you evil? No!  You did not do what Brother Chike did. Brother Chike did not end it sending endless messages to Me; Brother Chike did not go home to begin to blame “A”, “B” and “C”.
59.      Brother Chike went home, assumed the responsibility of all his actions, judged himself, condemned himself, locked up himself somewhere, sorted the matter out with God, because it was a matter between him and God. Immediately he was through with his plea, his son sent a text message from Enugu. Brother Chike never knew it.
60.      While I was going through the text message, Brother Chike’s last message came in. I summoned Apostle Kelechi and said, “Look at this man, you remember his experiences. I know him for one thing, he is a warrior. If the Devil troubles him, any day his eyes open, he must fight back.”
61.      I went further, “Look at it, he has scaled through.” Two days after, I got a phone call of what took place in their fellowship. I summoned the same elders in My house again, and said, “You see that God can never tell lies.”
62.      Once your heart is right with God, your ways please the Lord; He must show you His face. It is a must. And the moment He appears, sorrow will be erased. The joy of your salvation must be restored. Your strength must be renewed. You become a brand new individual.
63.      But until then, something in you will keep on querying you. Even when you try to outsmart it, the thing will say, “My friend, you have not done the right thing for God is not accusing you falsely.”
64.      Brother Nath and company, when you are through, God will know. Keep on pleading. Remember, I never divorced you from His Presence, rather, I gave you a helping hand by helping you to recognize where you have fallen. Fighting “A” and “B” is not the remedy. Finish! Amen.
I hope I have brethren from Egbema in the fellowship this day? If you are here from Egbema, stand up and remain standing until I ask you to sit down, man or woman alike. Keep on standing until I tell you to sit down once you are from Egbema Household.
2.          Serious warning from the throne of grace to elder oduah and to all the brethren in Egbema Household; August 19th 2012.”
3.          Take note! 19th August, 2012. Your elder was arrested on the 28th of December 2013, a year and some months after this warning. Now, hear the warning. I told you how I came across this tape last Sunday.
4.          I never knew what I was doing but I knew I was doing something. In My honest attempt to sanitise My corner where I used to pack important sermon books, I came across this tape lying somewhere under the table. I examined it, only one tape. I called a brother, who was around, to read it.
5.          He read the contents. My mind now went back, I commanded that somebody should bring it out in print to enable us know what the warning was all about and to know when this warning has come to pass.
6.          (INTRODUCTION) “…There is no better place you can find yourself today than in the Presence of God. Outside the presence of God, the whole world is living in sorrow, in pains, in anguish without any comfort in sight.
7.          The consolation of the saints is Christ. The only safe ground in the whole world is Christ. Christ in you, the hope of glory. The solid rock, stand there. In times like this, let your anchor hold fast. And make sure it is in no other place but in Christ.
8.          While you remain seated, I plead with you to give attention as we go through this Golden Nuggets volume 2 as compiled by Bishop Fryde Okoh at the Household of God Enugu.
9.          The aim is to preserve the truth, to put us in remembrance always of the nuggets that are contained in some of the messages we have read so far. He will keep on bringing them to our notice from time to time.
10.      No man can do this except God is with him. This is what I expect the elders to be doing, encouraging the brethren to continue in the faith, more so, as we see the days approaching.
11.      (WARNING AND INSTRUCTION) Egbema Household, if you do not have the boldness to say it, record it in your handset. When you get home, play it to the hearing of the owner of the message. When you get home this day, go straight to the house of our brother, a traditional ruler, Elder Oduah, his Royal Majesty as he is being called, who has found favour, of all the kings, to be enlisted in the Household of God.
12.      Tell him that the Son of Man who is vested with Authority to be in charge of His Father’s house – His Father’s family, where he Oduah is a member, sent this glorious and wonderful message to him this day. I don’t know the date, write it down. (19th August 2012).
13.      Tell him that I said that he should cover his face in shame. That he has carried his rascality down to old age in defiance (disobedience) of the truth from the Majesty of all majesties, the King of kings and the Lord of lords...”
14.      The truth from where? The Majesty of all majesties! The King of kings and the Lord of lords.
15.      Verse 3-5, “...That instead of helping to consolidate the faith of the brethren entrusted to his care, that he is destabilizing them. 
16.      That in the day I will visit him according to the magnitude of his iniquity which he has perpetrated all these years, that his heart will melt, his family will fizzle out. A stitch in time saves nine. It is not yet too late. Thank you.
17.      I hope it is recorded? If you are intelligent, copy it out; forward it to him as a direct message from the Son of Man from the Throne of Grace in the Galilee of Gentiles, here in Onitsha amidst hundreds of witnesses. Today will testify against him if he doesn’t make haste to repent...”
18.      Has it come to pass? Is it not a shameful thing that an elder is being accused of sponsoring killing, arson and looting in a community, to the point that he is being accused of sponsoring the killing of five youths in broad day light? And hoodlums were equally arrested in his house.
19.      Besides, his second son is the leader. That he is using hoodlums as escort, empowering him even to make war with the real traditional ruler in charge of the community. That he has become a terror to his own area using hoodlums to terrorise them. And every effort everybody is making to check the thing, is failing because he is in charge of a powerful group that is carrying arms.
20.      This is the report following your elder. That is why I said, “Nobody should speak, nobody should go there. I want the whole truth to be made manifest.”
21.      Look at the time when the warning went forth 19th August, 2012. His own son who is a mobile police officer called him and said, “Daddy, I am steering clear for I warned my dad concerning this thing long time ago.” Is it a good record?
22.      Is there anybody that is in doubt that you are under the Cloud? Even the environment, does it not speak louder than any other thing? You must be careful, everybody!
23.      I am empowering the youths everyday to go into honest ventures. I am discouraging the youths from every form of violence. Is there any message I have handed down that supports our youths to be violent? No sir!
24.      Go to all the youth empowerment messages, “The Youth Forum”, even “Preserve your Youth and achieve your dreams;” I have handled too many messages, all discouraging our youths from joining their heathen counterparts in perpetrating evil in their societies.
25.      But an elderly man who claims to be a traditional ruler, who should be helping the government in checking excesses of the youths in his area, is being accused of being the fomenter or ring-leader or leader of the evil government is fighting against. Thus, if you have this type of spirit and you want to hide in this Faith, be careful.
26.      Assuming when he got this warning on the 19th August 2012, he knelt down, changed his mind in repentance, do you think this evil would have come to him? It would have been avoided.
27.      The Lord had purposed to visit him with the evil together with the family if he hardens his heart. Maybe he wanted to prove the power thereof. The same is applicable to every other person in this Faith especially those that specialise in telling lies.
28.      If you are guilty, accept you are guilty. Make a plea for mercy. Do not try to defend an indefensible case.  
29.      I was once a civil servant. Civil servants, take note. Especially those that work in the so called civil service oil mills. That oil that is oiling your hand today may dry your hand in the police net. That same oil that is oiling your lips today may be the same oil that will dry your lips in dungeon. For I am aware that in the prison custody, male and female are there. Even in the police cell, there is a provision for females.
30.      Remember, when God gives you a long time to change your mind and you continue to go further in evil, he will hand you over to somebody who will not show you mercy. Every day is for the thief, a day is for the owner.
31.      You do not know that the rat that follows the lizard to run under rain, when the body of the lizard dries up, that of the rat will not dry. When you follow the heathen to indulge in such shoddy deals, do you know how he goes about it? You do not know what measures he takes to succeed; you do not know!
32.      He can leave you there and run away. Will you run away with him? Even if you run away, people will report you. We shall join in reporting you. I will help in giving information on how to arrest you. Finish!
33.      Does a hen with her brood run in a straight course? It dashes forward and backward. If you pick one of the chicks, it must rush back. You do not tell Me, “This person did that;” you are the one that did it!
34.      At times, they will incriminate you. You should not be afraid of any incrimination if your hands are clean. You are afraid of incrimination because your hands are not clean. Thus, don’t accuse “A” or “B”, accuse yourself. You are wrong and you are wrong!
35.      Making it right with the person is not the remedy but the remedy lies in changing your mind. Otherwise, what you are passing through now may be a warning. The main one may be in front. Like I told Brother Shed, the Government is still in power and the prison gate is still open. But has it ended? Electric wires are everywhere and people are still building!
36.      The only way you can run away is by changing your mind, taking a decision that this thing will not happen again. If you eat food worth of ten naira and pass out faeces worth of one thousand naira, is it a good thing? Please, talk to yourselves.
37.      This warning is to all of us, nobody is exonerated. You have heard the warning that went to the elder, the Lord said, “I, Myself.” And commanded that it should be copied out and sent to him. This day, we have copied it out. He will now hear it again in detention.
38.      How long is he going to be there? Only God knows. What will be the end of the matter? Only God knows. Will he exculpate (clear) himself from blame? I do not know. But let Me keep mute. Egbema brethren, take note seriously.
39.      Verse 6-7, “…Before you will benefit from this message, I wish to say something to the same Egema Household. All of you, the Lord is not pleased with all of you, nobody is justified. You are all guilty!
40.      Instead of repenting, you are trying to justify yourselves as individuals. And the greatest failure in life is self-justification...”
41.      The greatest failure in life is what? Self-justification! Instead of allowing God to justify you, you begin to justify yourself even when you are in error.
42.      God must be feared. Egbema brethren, you can sit down. Pray that this piece will come out as a pamphlet by next week. When you get your own copy, go home; make it your own pamphlet. If it will be possible, pass one across to Elder Odua in detention. This is the much I want to say for now. A stitch in time saves nine. Amen.


Remain blessed brethren. We thank God for His love and care for all of us. All the rebukes and indictments are for our own good. For whom God loves, He chastises and rebukes and indicts that such a person will be zealous and repent.
2.          Thus, all of us that are indicted should take note and pay heed to instruction. We have a message that says, “When God is all Out to Warn His People in Mercy and Love, He Is Also out to Punish Every Disobedience. Let us continue in our teaching, “The Inner Voice.”
3.          God told us on 5th of January, 2014 that if we want to be faithful till we enter Paradise, we should go and study three messages He has given to us: “The Inner Voice,” “God’s Nature is your Ticket to Paradise” and “You Are The Pillars Of The Kingdom.”
4.          From the time we started studying this message—note it “study”, not “reading”—we have seen the reason why He told us to go into these messages.
5.          I want you to understand that inner voice is the voice of your heart, tHe voice of your conscience which you use IN communicatING to God every second of the day. For when you are not speaking through your mouth, you are speaking through your inner voice.
6.          And there is one thing there; the voice of your mouth is the one you speak which you communicate with your fellow human beings, while the inner voice is the one that speaks the truth which God hears. One unfortunate thing with too many of us is that we fail to know or to recognise that God is hearing our conversation in the inner voice.
7.          Why is it so? I gave an illustration for many of us to know that those people that have covenant with idol, they initiate their families into that shrine, and that idol owns all their offspring. If their sons marry and have children, even the one in the womb belongs to that shrine – belongs to that idol.
8.          That is why, wherever they go, the idol is following them, pursuing them, using them, killing them anyhow, torturing them anyhow as long as they are covenanted with the idol through their fathers.
9.          What is more, I made you to understand that, if you go to the message, “The Covenant God”, there, God made the Son of Man to be a covenant between us and Him. And God, His eyes are upon us from the day we believed the Son of Man, accepted His teaching and He penned down our names before the Great Father that is in Him, that we have believed.
10.      That is why, the eyes of the Supreme Deity whom we are having dealings with are upon us. It is so much that even our wives that are pregnant; His eyes go straight to see the child in the womb. If there will be a problem with any pregnancy, He will call the husband and say, “See what is happening and I do not want it to be so.” Then, He will show a way of escape. Is it not true? Then, we are covenanted with God through the Son of Man.
11.      We continue from page 72 verse 65 of “The Inner Voice.” God said we should study it and studying it does not mean just keeping quiet. There is a lot of difference between studying and reading.
12.      When you study it, the aim is to understand the real meaning, the intention of what the writer wrote down in the book. We all attended schools, when we sit down and study our messages or study your books in the schools or Universities, you do not read.
13.      I was telling my brethren that I remembered when I was in the secondary school then in 1985 during the West African Certificate Examination. When we were studying, I remembered my jotter which I had during my class three. I went down and picked those jotters: Government, Economics and Commerce. I studied those subjects.
14.      After I finished studying them, immediately I entered into the exam hall to write those particular subjects, the questions I studied in 1983 were what came out in WAEC in 1985. Then, because I understood it, I could answer the questions.
15.      Now, God does not expect us to study this message and keep quiet. He wants us to be very, very careful to put these things into practice because we have less than a step to enter Paradise. Less than a step, we enter Paradise.
16.      A clear example is before all of us. We have witnessed a very vindication of God before us. Immediately God is saying something, we see it fulfilling there.
17.      Concerning the matter of our Bishop Chikezie Ukasanya and Bishop Nath, God told them on 5th of January 2014 that He gave them only seven days to settle their differences with Him, to own up their mistakes. For if He comes there and sees that they remain the way they were that He would take a strong decision against them.
18.      And immediately they amended their ways, automatically, the face of God would be seen among them. Today, it has fulfilled before our eyes.
19.      Son of Man speaking: Both Isiala-Ngwa, Umuahia have been connected to the Godhead. That is not all. Before Me are Supernatural Photographs vindicating the Student Fellowship at Umudike. Thus, only one fellowship is still hanging and that is Eha-Amufu.”
20.      Now, let us go back to our teaching. “The Inner Voice,” page 72 verse 65, “How can we begin now to pattern after the dictates of the world when we must have crossed the Red Sea? Check the hurdles we have jumped in this Faith, check the obstacles we have surmounted at this closing hour of the history of the Faith; at a time when we are summarizing, we now begin to allow ourselves to be influenced by the habits of the world.
21.      Tell me, is the world better now than it was when we started this race? What can we see in the world now which we can admire, which we could not see before? Do we at all realize where we are called out from?...
22.      From the time we enlisted into this Faith or from the time God brought you in, you could cast your mind back and see the hurdles you have surmounted. How can it be now that it is less than a step to enter Paradise that we will now allow the dictates of the world, the behaviour of the world to drive us out of the presence of God? I say God forbid!
23.      Only a tree will hear that it would be cut down and would remain. No living thing will ever hear that death is coming and remain there as long as it has legs to move about. Such a thing will have a way of escape and run to a safe place.
24.      Page 73,  “…Not hearers of the truth are saved but doers of the truth. You are my people called by my Name, my chosen generation. I have severed you from among other people that you might be mine,”’sayeth the Lord God Almighty...”
25.      You see how the eyes of the Lord are upon us? And He cannot take it lightly.
26.      “…How can we now entangle ourselves with the same world from where we were called out?...
27.      Watch your life, watch the thought of your heart; from what you have studied from this message, is it not clear that we have gone astray and that is making God to call us back?
28.      For the Supreme God told us that the only favour He will show us is to point us back to His word which we have disobeyed and counted profane. The only remedy lies in obeying that word. From the beginning of this message, “Inner Voice”, God said, “If you have not been faithful in the past, today is your day. Decide within yourself, there you are sitting down.” He said, “Hook up with God and see if God will not give you a helping hand.”
29.      William Branham the prophet told us that, “If God tells you to climb a particular wall, by Faith, move straight to climb it. By the time you will get there, God will place a step for you to climb the wall by Faith.”
30.      But there in the eyes of a natural human being, he will not see the step. You cannot see the step. A clear example is what happened to all the Local Assemblies that had problem with God. When you are having problem with your brother, you are having problem with God. That is where we fail to notice.
31.      “…How can we now entangle ourselves with the same world from where we are called out? It is like the dog going back to its vomit. Was this Message preached under the Law? The regulations God made for us under Grace, are they not good regulations?...
32.      The rules, the orders God has given to us under Grace, are they not good orders for us, for our own benefit, for our own good? They are things that will help us to inherit eternal life. These regulations, these orders, these instructions God has given to us are to shape us, reduce us to a size where we all shall be able to pass through the throat of immortality.  
33.      “…Are they not enough to sustain any virtuous person in the Faith?...” All these teachings, remember the inner voice. The one you are communicating with God every second of the day. God is making us know that He is hearing all that are going on in our hearts and it is not supposed to be so.
34.      “…? Are they not enough to sustain any virtuous person in the Faith?
35.      He (God) has adjusted your dressing, your hairstyle, everything around you has been adjusted favourably. Why are you abusing this privilege? I call it “Grace Abused...”
36.      A privilege given to us, we do not merit it. God adjusted all these things for our own good. Why are we abusing it?
37.      “…Have you forgotten what you were before?...
38.      check where you were before now, have you gotten it? “
39.      Who has bewitched you, man and woman? Everybody is involved. The moment your wife departed from this Faith you departed before her...”
40.      Everybody is involved, no exception. This is for the husband now. A spiritual husband cannot be there and see his wife depart from the Faith. As long as you are spiritual, you can never allow your wife to depart from the Faith. If she wants to depart from the Faith, that will be, “Let the unbelieving partner depart.” The brother or sister is not under obligation.
41.      Sometimes, we behave and act as if we want to please human beings instead of the Supreme God we are having dealings with. God saw to it and gave that order; “as long as unbelieving partner wants to depart, let him or her depart.” A husband that is spiritual can never be there and see his wife depart from the Faith and will allow his wife to continue moving like that. No!
42.      The moment your wife departs from the Faith and you cannot raise alarm, you cannot warn her, it shows that spiritual amnesia has caught you. You have forgotten your experience; you have forgotten who called you.
43.      “…what effort have you made in bringing her back to order?...
44.      Husbands, the question goes to us: What effort have you made to bring your wife back to order, to obedience to your instructions? Have you believed?
45.      In the message, “Thou Art Inexcusable before God” volume two; He said, “Thou oh man, you have no excuse before God why you should not bring your wife to obedience to your words.”
46.      Have you believed that in your heart? He turned around to the wife and said that; “You have no excuse to give why you should not subject yourself to your husband’s authority.”
47.      Only a spiritual wife will be subject to her husband. As long as you are not spiritual, you can never be subject to your husband. Every instruction given to you, you must kick against it. If you do not kick against it physically where your husband will see it, you will kick against it in your inner voice.
48.      Verse 69, “…What effort have you made in bringing her back to order? Instead, you were the one fuelling the crisis. You were fuelling the departure from the Faith ignorantly. Which is a sure sign that your mind has already been deluded. Maybe you have been given over to the spirit of delusion because of the evil desires in your hearts. If care is not taken, many will desire their wives to put on trousers.
49.      If we continue this way, it will come to a point where trousers will not matter again. Trouser will matter whenever the time comes but until that time, it does not matter. Even our mothers are no longer mindful of the behaviours of their children anymore... 
50.      You see, there is no field of life which God did not touch in this message, “Inner Voice.”
51.      “As I Thought On My Ways” volume 2, page 139 verse 16-21 “But when you go ahead, flattering people, giving them false impression, cheering them up when you should even rebuke them, you are spoiling the whole thing. If anybody should come up to challenge them or rebuke them, he is incurring their wrath.
52.      So such actions, I do not even call it misrepresentation of the Faith, I call it betrayal...
53.      Any brother, any sister you see doing evil, instead of rebuking the person, you are cheering the person up, flattering the person, the Almighty God says, “You are not misrepresenting the Faith rather, you are betraying the Faith.”
54.      If you do not know what betrayal is all about, go to the Message titled BETRAYAL.” We have a message that is titled, “Betrayal.”
55.      “…So such actions, I do not even call it misrepresentation of the Faith, I call it betrayal. If you don’t know what betrayal is all about, go to the Message titled BETRAYAL. Christ is the Word of God. Once you betray this Faith you are betraying Christ.
56.      I say once you betray this Faith you are betraying Christ. You think you are betraying Brother Odoemena, you are betraying Pastor Christian Dike, Pastor Dan Nwadike and so on, no! You are equally betraying your soul, for you have placed your soul in an unsaveable condition...”
57.      Have you seen where our souls are placed? We use our hands, place our souls in an unsaveable condition by departing from the Faith which has been preserved and has protected us all these years from the wrath of human beings and from the wrath of God.
58.      It is only this Faith of the Son of Man that can deliver you from the wrath of your fellow human beings and from the wrath of God. Betray the Faith; you place your soul in an unsaveable condition.
59.      What is more, God has seen it that we have placed our soul in an unsaveable condition and the only means where we can be saved is to direct us back to His message; so that when we go back to the message, we will turn back. As I thought on my ways.
60.      Have you sat down and thought on your ways? Examine the thoughts of your heart from the inception of the study of this “Inner Voice.” Have you not seen anything that can make you to be humble, to weep, to tear your heart? Not publicly but down deep in your heart for God to see.
61.      Watch all these Local Assemblies, watch all these brethren God has spoken to, He warned them seriously. Immediately they changed their minds, change their hearts, God saw the hearts immediately and turned His face towards them. The same way He did to individuals on this salvation, the same way He will do to you if you can believe and say down deep in your heart that you are sorry for departing from Faith which has been your protection all this while. The inner voice!
62.      “…That is why Saint Paul warned Timothy saying, ‘Teach that which is sound doctrine, by so doing you’ll save your life and the life of them that hear you.’ If I teach you that which is sound doctrine, I save my life, I save your life also. But if I pervert the sound doctrine, I will perish and you will perish.
63.      So I’ve told you that we are on a rescue mission. And once we are on rescue mission we don’t look at the pains in your body. I don’t look at the injury you are sustaining. Once I succeed in bringing you out on the land, I will nurse your wound. I will bind your wound. With time your wound will heal. I say with time your wound will heal. My target is to save you. If in attempt of saving you I give you serious wound, I will do that.
64.      Let me tell you, go to a medical doctor, if he is all out to save a child from the womb, he wouldn’t mind cutting the buttocks of the woman into two to save a life. You don’t call him a wicked doctor, he is on a salvation mission, he knows that the world will not exonerate him if the child dies there. If it means incising the woman into two, the doctor will do it and patch the thing.
65.      You will only feel pains but life has been saved. That is what we do in this Faith. I’ll wound you, give you serious wound, operate on you seriously— major operation. If it is in the heart, I do you real heart surgery. I say real heart surgery. If it is in the brain, I break your skull into two, straightaway, overhaul your brain and then you live and get saved because by nature man hates salvation...” By nature, man hates salvation.
66.      “...Man does not want to be saved because he’s always stubborn.”
67.      He is always stubborn. Betrayal of the Faith in the inner voice. The life we live in our individual secret places, let us go down a little bit.
68.      The “Inner Voice” page 74 verse 70- “Even our mothers are no longer mindful of the behaviours of their children anymore. They do not care about what their daughters and sons put on. Some have approved eye shadows of all kinds, lipsticks of all kinds, eye pencils of all kinds for their daughters...
69.      If you can look around now, you can see it. Is God accusing us falsely? No sir!
70.      “…Shame on you if that is what you have to offer to your own daughters!
71.      I do not have any other apology I can tender. I have tendered enough. You are not worthy to be a mother. The joy of motherhood is seen in the daughters, it is seen in all the children in the house. Mothers are no longer mothers; some even fuel this departure by approving things God hates for their children.
72.      I will not be surprise when your daughters will be going out with trousers any time from now. For that same spirit that approved mini-skirts for them and skirts that are opened here and there, with patches here and there, the same spirit will approve trousers, the same spirit that approved that Jezebel’s outlook, that Delilah’s outlook. That same spirit must approve wearing of trousers. Then why should you complain when your children turn renegades against you?...
73.      You see sometimes, parents fail to know that every misbehaviour of our children will first of all hurt us before ever it would hurt somebody outside.
74.      “…When you assist your children to turn renegades, keep the sorrow to yourself, do not complain.
75.      In everything we should blame ourselves and not God. Can we say we do not know the truth? We know the truth. Why are we not able to put it into practice? It is because we are hypocrites. Not hearers of the truth are saved but doers of the truth. When you hear the truth and refuse to obey, the same truth will stand to condemn you and you must reap the fruit of your disobedience from your children.
76.      The earliest fruits parents harvest have remained the characters of their children. Whatever seed you sow in your children is what you must reap...
77.      If you sow good seed, good obedience, good character, the spiritual nature of God imparted in them, that is the same fruit you will reap from them. However, if you sow worldliness, the same thing you will reap from them.
78.      “…Sometimes the father will sow a good seed at night, when the father is asleep or when the father is away the mother will remove the good seed and plant her own seed...”
79.      If you go to our message, Family Menu volume two, there God said that, “It takes the mother to spoil the children.” When a mother starts showing unnecessary sympathy and love to the children, that is the beginning of the spoiling of those children.
80.      That is why if you want your children to be obedient, be spiritual and agree with your husband to make sure you raise a family that will worship God; so that when the record of all the families that worship God in their ages will be called, when it comes to your own age, your own family would be called that you raised a family, that you have sons and daughters that have the fear of God in them.
81.      It is included in the Faith of Abraham. That was what God saw in Abraham. He said that, “The reason why He loved Abraham is that he will command his family to obey him when he has gone.”
82.      How many of us in this Bridal Faith will give their children instruction and go out, those children will obey to the letter, if not eye service? If not eye service! If it comes to a point where your children are having eye service and you do not know it, you are blind. You do not have discerning spirit. For all sons and daughters must have the spirit of discernment. Son of Man speaks: Sure!
83.      You must come to a point, you look at your child, son or daughter, you discern the evil that is stored in the heart. However, if you do not have the discerning spirit, they will play over your intelligence the same way you played over the intelligence of your parents because they were given to dumb gods.
84.      All of us in this Faith played over the intelligence of our parents because they do not worship the true God. They do not know! Some of them were gingering (encouraging) us to go into evil. But now, God who is rich in mercy, knowing very well that if He did not step in, we all are heading to perdition, He stepped in to save us, to use us to raise a generation of sons and daughters that will respect and honour Him; starting from you and I down to our children.  
85.      Let us go down a little bit. “…When the seed germinates and sprouts up, the father will feel bad, wondered and astonished that who must have planted that horrible seed. No other person planted it but your wife...”
86.      Let us take note of this Message. Let me tell you one thing: If your child commits anything evil and you rebuke your child, you get a cane to flog your child and your child starts shouting and shouting and shouting when you have not flogged him or her, do not drop that cane. Yes, do not drop it. Give that child serious flogging. Beat the Devil out of her or him.
87.      I was going through one of our messages; I came across where the Son of Man was using our Sister Onyedika when she was little, set example. That immediately she did something that was wrong and Mummy got a cane, she would scream and scream and scream as if somebody had killed her.
88.      The Son of Man told His wife, “Do not show mercy. Continue flogging her. If she screams, flog her very well.” Let me tell you, Izuchukwu (Pastor Dike’s son) was doing it the other day. The mother was rebuking him of evil and got a cane. If you hear the voice of Izuchukwu, you would think that the mother has killed him, when she has not even landed the cane on him. She just brought out a cane.
89.      Before you know it, my daughter emulated that thing. I said, “What?” I held Amarachi, my daughter. I flogged hell out of her: “Since I have not flogged you, I was rebuking you and got a cane, you started shouting!” I then flogged her, borrowing a cue from what the Son of Man taught us.
90.      God wants to help all of us. He wants to bring us to a standard where there will be no spot or wrinkle in our lives. Inner Voice!
91.      Let us go down a little bit. “…A mad man in his mad estate thinks good of his family, wishes his family well. Let me just conclude the matter: No man is mad, but what makes a man mad is poverty. Everyman knows what is good.
92.      A man is mad because he does not have enough to allow the world see what he has in mind for his family, but in his attempt to cover up he becomes a mad man. Yes! He must admit he is mad for that is the only way peace will reign.
93.      If he dare claims he is sensible when he does not have the wherewithal to defend that his sensibility, he makes nonsense of his defence.
94.      No matter how wise you think you are, if your wisdom is not supported with money, nobody will borrow your wisdom. The community will reject your wisdom, you will not even be recognized. Besides, you will not be invited.
95.      That is why I pray that God will bless our handiwork so that the world will see what we have in mind for our families...
96.      You see the prayer from God? Son of Man speaking: Long, long time ago. But many of us frustrate this prayer by being disobedient and selfish.
97.      “…At times, I do not know, I said yes, whatever I am seeing is what I should see for my Brethren have good intentions towards this Faith but they do not have the money to show how magnanimous they are. There are too many things boiling in their hearts which they cannot share with anybody but they do not have the wherewithal to bring them out.
98.      However, some are naturally bad. Even if they are blessed, the blessing will turn to a curse for they will like to turn this Faith upside down with their money but God said no, instead we will push them out.
99.      Aliens and stranger, foreigners to this land have now mingled themselves with the natives, you are now behaving like them, a sheep have now metamorphosed into a goat. No more virtue. How are the mighty fallen?...
100.  There is one adage that says, “When a sheep behaves like a wolf, the sheep is ready to face the arrow of the hunter.”
101.  The Son of Man speaks: Sure! You are a sheep and you start behaving like a wolf, get ready for the hunter’s arrow. Just like many of us are behaving like wolves, hence we should be ready to receive the arrows of the Son of Man which He can never miss when He shoots it out.  
102.  Behave like a wolf, then, the hunter is very close to get rid of you because if he allows you, you will devour the sheep.
103.  “…How are the mighty fallen? Tell it not in Gath; publish it not in the streets of Ashkelon lest the daughters of the Philistines rejoice, lest the uncircumcised rejoice. Ye mountain of Gilboa where the blood of the innocent was slain may there be no rain or dew upon you throughout all generations.”
104.  You think God is playing? No way! Amen.
As I thought on my ways” volume two, page 27 verse 33-34, “David said, ‘As I thought on the wrong ways I was heading, I turned around, I ran back to Him.” Because I am the One that called you—a man after my heart—he thought he could behave anyhow.
2.          If David who was called a man after God’s own heart was so careful and could even suffer such mental shock, what of you today?
3.          You can walk with the Son of Man from the very beginning and He’ll be calling you His ‘beloved,’ that does not mean He’ll love you unto the end. You will remain ‘beloved’ as long as you are continuing in Him. But any day you derail and start following wrong way, you hang yourself in the end.”
4.          The Son of Man speaking: that is all! You will remain beloved as long as you are continuing in Him. But any day you derail and start following wrong way, you hang yourself in the end. You become John the Beloved or Christian the Apostle.
5.          Subheading says, “Recognize where you have fallen.” You see, all the Local Assemblies that have hooked up, connected to the Godhead when God spoke to them, it is because they recognised where they had fallen, God pointed it out and they effected the correction.
6.          The only thing that pleases God, makes God’s heart to rejoice is when He point out your evil before you, you accept it with all your heart, with readiness to change. Of a truth, the Supreme Deity will lavish everything in His hand to shower His blessings on you.
7.          When the people of Israel were saying, “Is it only Moses that can see and hear God?” God said, “Call them, sanctify them for three days. Let them come before Me and hear from Me.” When they came and started hearing, they called Moses and said, “Go and hear from Him lest we die.”
8.          When God was talking He said, “How I wish they will continue having this type of heart in them to obey you. By obeying you, they have obeyed Me. Then, I will be enemy to their enemies and adversary to their adversaries. I will show My power upon them if they will continue being obedient.”   
9.          “…Recognize where you have fallen;” have you recognized where you have fallen, man and woman, husband and wife? Have you recognized? Remember, God said, “Once you are obedient, that your obedience, that your faithfulness will see you through till you enter Paradise. This is the year I will test your Faith. The only thing I will not use is something that is not in existence from the creation of the world.”
10.      But once that thing is here on earth, He must use it, proving your Faith, proving my Faith as faithful ones.
11.      Son of Man speaking: The year of the faithful.
12.      “…David recognized where he had fallen immediately, he meditated on the wrong way he was heading to; he said, ‘No, I do not want to perish after all my labours, what will my enemies say about me in the end? What will I tell the world?
13.      Will I now start telling them that the Message is not true or what? Will I tell them that I am deceived? Can I deny something that I saw with my eyes?
14.      Now, the question is to you as that David God is talking about here. Not imaginary David. You are that David here. I am that David. Now, ask yourself a question: If through your character and behaviour you are shown the way out and you miss translation, how will you be bold enough to answer the question if there will be any question that is given to you by the people around you, will you tell them that what you saw is not true or that you are deceived?   
15.      “…As I thought on my ways, as I meditated on the wrong ways I was heading to, I reasoned and I turned around, I ran back to Him the only Source of my existence.’ So please, that is my topic: AS I THOUGHT ON MY WAYS. What is my aim?
16.      What is the aim of God causing us to come back to these messages?
17.      “…I want to bring us to a condition where we can now ponder a little and think on our ways. Are we heading on the left side? Are we heading on the right side? Do we have any need of turning round and ran back to Him? In other words, recognize where you have fallen. If the Voice is roaring on you, find out why it is roaring.”
18.      It is not when you are sitting down on your seat, you keep on murmuring. Anytime you are murmuring, you are making your matter worse and more difficult. Anytime God rebukes you, remember you are seeing just around where you are, your immediate environment.
19.      Your eyes are only seeing around you. But God is seeing far into the future, seeing the end from the beginning. When God is rebuking you, warning you, with words you say you are insulted, it is for you to be saved.
20.      Son of Man speaks: When He warned His Royal Majesty Eze Odua on the 19th August 2012, he took offence. He did not know that He that sees the end from the beginning had seen what will happen. The day he was caught in the web, he realised the word had come to pass. That day was the day this Original Body was photographed.
21.      Son of Man: Thank you! That was the day the Original Body was photographed.
22.      “…If the Voice is roaring on you, find out why it is roaring. If you are being rebuked, find out why you are being rebuked. Recognize where you have fallen and make amendment immediately because time is not on our side. Amen.”
23.      There is no more time for us. The Son of Man speaking: The Cloud is here! We are enveloped.
24.      “The Inner Voice” page 80 verse 83 “…You cannot desire or imitate the world’s way of talking,”
25.      The world has their own way of talking. You cannot be in this most holy Faith and imitate it.
26.      “…You cannot desire or imitate the world’s way of talking, dressing, drinking, eating etc., until you are out of the way of truth...”
27.      The moment you drop the Faith, where you will see yourself is in the world. You start behaving like them.
28.      “…Since we have recognized ourselves as children of the Most High God...”  Have you recognize yourself as a son, as a daughter of the Most High God?
29.      Son of Man speaking: This is where the problem lies: That a child in a family does not know he has parents – father and mother. He behaves like a slave, like a maid. Is it a good thing that your own child, before you, behaves like a slave, a maid? Will you be happy seeing this in your child? Our song says we are no longer slaves in bondage. The Word of God has set us free from bondage till eternity.
30.      “…Have we actually recognized ourselves,” the Message said as at the year 2006. Since we have recognized ourselves as children of the Most High God, now you are a child, a son, a daughter of the Most High God; thus you are in the Faith as an ambassador, you are in this Faith representing your family from where you came. Every human being is a representative of his family.
31.      Son of Man speaking: My people, is it a lie? No sir!
32.      “…The way you represent the interest of your family speaks volumes. Brother Victor, you are a representative of your family. When people see you behave, what do they say about your family? Every child in this Faith is a representative of his or her family, a representative of his or her parents.”
33.      You represent your parents, you represent your family.
34.      “…Oh no! How I wish our children would catch this Message for evil conduct will no longer be associated with them. None of them would ever in this life associate him or herself with anything called cultism.”
35.      Son of Man speaking: Is it not what is causing trouble in Egbema? What is the origin of cultism in Egbema today which all adults even traditional rulers, are interested in? Two opposing factions killing themselves, burning down buildings because they are vying for oil money. Each party has interest to have a fair share.
36.      Another one may have the interest to take all. Egbema brethren, am I bearing false witness? (They replied, “No sir!”). This is why they have refused to go to school. They have refused to learn anything craft. For their craft is to embarrass, harass and intimidate expatriates to extort money from them. If you go to their communities, they are too backward yet, the money is there. Why? Dishonest wealth can never be useful to the user.
37.      Any money that is earned dishonestly can never, never be useful to the user instead, it will take the little you have. Instead of any wealth or money acquired in dishonesty to be useful, it will cause even what you had before to fizzle out. If it becomes useful at all, then the Word of God is no longer effective. That is the reason why I do tell you to borrow a cue from Me. Be honest to yourself and God.
38.      The little you have, the Lord knows how to multiply it. Was it not the little quality of oil the woman had that God used to enrich the woman and her family? The Lord will always ask you, “What do you have?” Tell God the little you have and see what will happen.
39.      One of us will share his experiences with you any day he wants to. When he was coming back at My word from Jos, that is Elder Nwobu and family, he simply believed the word “come down and you are not going back again. You will be visiting Jos.
40.      Do not ask Me whether there will be a room for you. You are not coming to meet peace; you are coming to meet battles. You will fight the battle empty handed. You will win, for the Lord will be your counsellor, advocate, your warrior. Come down, fear them not. That they will be terrified.”
41.      Another problem is, “What shall I do to earn a living? Will I die of starvation? What will be the fate of my wife seeing that we do not even have a dime to boast of?”
42.      The voice said, “Brother, I want to speak to you in the name of the Almighty whom I serve, if you believe in Me and come home, you will be richer here than you have ever been in the north. I show you a sign, your wife that was near unto death will recover and become under sixteen.”
43.      I mean, till this morning, they have become wonders to their communities. Even his own uncle who thought—the younger one—that he could be coming to beg bread, is now astonished. Everybody is wondering what is providing for them. It is the Lord and nothing but the Lord. Finish!
44.      Let Me tell you something that happens to every true seed of God. I show you a sign. Here on the first Sunday of the year, brethren obeyed My word and provided the little they could. When they prepared their food and every other thing, Pastor Dan was wondering when he saw the great crowd trooping into this place. He watched the quantity of food, drinks and so on. He almost fainted. Sisters fainted.
45.      They did not know where to start. They were even doubting whether the thing could go half. They expressed it and somebody came to Me, said, “Daddy, look at the trouble we are having now and I really do not know how to do it. Look at what they are expressing.”
46.      I said, “Is that all?” He said, “Yes.” “I hope the food is here?” He said, “Yes.” I said, “Relax your mind. What of the drinks?” He said, “They are here.” I said, “During the time of sharing, give everybody. There must be a left over.” They continued sharing and sharing, eating and eating, drinking and drinking, at the end of everything, a huge left over.
47.      When we travelled home to Mbaise during My daughter’s traditional wedding, before we left here, My wife was expressing fears upon fear. She said, “Daddy, you have banned some people from coming, you have made some restrictions. But I know my brethren, even the heathens. Daddy, we are going to host more than what we are anticipating. What do we do about food?”
48.      I said, “Is this your worry? Relax your mind. But agree with Me we are going home. But I show you a sign, at the end of the day; you must share food, not only to the brethren but to the heathens.” She said, “Ah, ah!” I said, “Do not worry, do not look at the store. Forget about the store.”
49.      Brethren, it happened to the letter. What is more, you were talking about meat, meat, meat. Even Sister Egbuna was expressing fear. Brethren, something great happened.
50.      While we were thinking on how to go to main market there to buy meat and this and that, we went to bed, prayed over the matter. I called her I said, “Look, until the meat is finished, do not alert Me. Tell sisters to keep on cooking. Keep on cooking; do not ever inform Me that this one is this. No, I do not want to hear. We are not going to buy anything. You will never go to that market. Even by the time we will be coming back; you will still have a left over.”
51.      Sisters went into cooking, we were eating for days. I was at Mbaise for ten days with brethren and others that were joining us every day. See one funny thing: A sister sliced meat, packaged the meat in one cooler, fresh, put it inside the kitchen cabinet and forgot it there. Two days after the whole meat was discovered and it was still fresh with blood. That is not all!
52.      While we were about to go after ten days, we left on the 4th of January 2014. The whole thing was concluded on the 28th December, 2013. Our Brother Ik came in to help us pack the coolers back to the store, we washed everything.
53.      While we were doing the packing, there was a cooler inside a big cooler, My wife opened it, lo and behold, it was filled with fried meat and we could not say when it was fried and who packed it there and we were about to go.
54.      Brethren, is it not wonderful? I am telling you God’s truth! That morning, we were carrying the thing with our hands like this everywhere. But, what preserved the fresh meat from spoiling? Who poured blood on top of the fresh meat and preserved it for days after the whole thing. I mean, God is wonderful.
55.      Now, I have used this illustration. In our camp meetings here let Me say, about the second to the last where brethren were troubling Me over food and things like that. I frowned at it. One morning, I called Brother Emma Agu, Apostle Kelechi and some sisters to please follow Me, let Me enter this kitchen. I got there; Sister Ozioma was there even Sister Ogoo, Sister Moses and many others.
56.      I said, “Why troubling Me?” Firewood, look at firewood. Yam, beans, rice, everything, you were complaining. We entered. The voice said, “Open the cooler.” They opened it, it was filled. Open this one, filled. Open this one and they were wondering whether the food they shared the previous night came back to the coolers.
57.      What is more, they were smoking; they were hot when no food was prepared. The coolers that were used to distribute the food the previous night were also filled. The pot of soup, filled.
58.      I said, “Why cooking your yam when you have not started eating?” At the end of the day, the leftover was almost the size of what we started with. I am trying to show you what God does to your pocket if you are faithful. Sometimes, you keep on spending until you begin to doubt yourself whether something is adding money to where you kept it.
59.      And you cannot estimate the amount you have spent within the period.  When compared to your income, you begin to feel guilty, maybe I stole. Maybe somebody put money and I did not notice it. But you will discover that nobody added money. It is how God does His things.
60.      If God says, “Go.” Go! If He says, “Do not go.” Do not go. I know God for one thing; once He is behind your action, relax your mind. Do not think; simply watch the salvation of God come true. This is what I know God for.  
61.      However, to the wicked who knows the way they will help themselves, well, go ahead. I am assuring you that the more you bring in that false money, the more it will be dropping from your porous pockets. If you use it to buy refrigerator, it will burn; you invest it in air-conditioner, it will give you hot air.
62.      There is no business you engage the money in that will yield anything for if it happens, you will go ahead indulging in such dishonest means of enriching yourself. God knows how to disarm the wicked and He knows how to preserve and protect the riches of the righteous. Why is it that a robber is never rich? The hand of God is not in whatever he is doing. If you know a rich robber, mention his name.
63.      If you know a robber that is rich, mention his name!; that he broke into a bank, robbed the bank, carrying away a bullion van, if you know a kidnapper that is rich, mention his name: that he kidnapped, demanded millions of naira which was given him; he went and collect it where it was kept for him, porous pocket!
64.       If it were not so, all these robbers moving about everywhere robbing people, would have taken over this world. As they rob, they are equally being robbed in return!


As I thought on my ways Vol. 2,” page 42 verse 5 “Saint Paul knew that the tendency is there for some people to lead others into the kingdom of heaven and they themselves will be cast away. He said, ‘For that reason, I bring my body under strict control.’
2.          If you want to be a successful man of God, you must have self-control. Recognize those things that will help you to make a success of your ministry. Recognize those things that will not help and avoid those things.”
3.          Since God has told us to go back to this message inner voice, have you not found out things that will not help you to be successful so that you can avoid them? Have you not seen those things that will make you to be successful so that you can abide with them and follow them strictly so that you will be successful till the day?
4.          Because at the end that we will know who is successful and who is not successful. Your complete obedience to the teachings we have received will help you to be successful.
5.          “As I thought on my ways,” vol. 2 page 60 verse 20, “God is no respecter of persons but His word. Sister Shed, come into the Church and sit down. It is also applicable to those mothers outside. Stop deceiving yourselves. God is not mocked; ‘Any seed a man soweth, that he must reap.’ When Satan wants to fool somebody, he will block his head, block his ears.”
6.           “…When Satan wants to fool somebody, he will block his head, block his ears. Let me tell you something I know about God. God can never kill a man without first of all hardening his heart against Him. God can never kill a man without first of all hardening his heart against Him.”
7.          Son of Man speaks: When God wants to kill a man, He will harden the person’s heart against God so that God would be justified when He will act. If you believe it, say amen. Amen! Who hardened the heart of Pharaoh? God! Who destroyed Pharaoh? God!
8.          “…When God wants to kill a man, He will harden the heart of that man against Himself. God will close his ears that he will not hear instructions...”
9.          God will do what? Close the ears of that person so that he will never pay attention to godly instruction. Is it a lie? Whenever God hardens your heart and close your ears, you know what follows.
10.      “…when you see this happening, know that God is poised to destroy. I say know that God is poised to destroy. When God wanted to destroy Pharaoh of Egypt, He first of all hardened his heart, closed his ears.
11.      When He wanted to humiliate Nebuchadnezzar, He hardened his heart. When He wanted to destroy Saul, the king of Israel, He hardened his heart.”
12.      Who hardened the heart of Saul? God! Who hardened the heart of Herod? God!
13.      When He wanted to destroy Ahab, He hardened his heart, closed his ears. When He wanted to destroy Jezebel, He hardened her heart, closed her ears. When He wanted to destroy Jeroboam, the same thing. When He wanted to destroy Rehoboam, the same thing.”
14.      How many examples do you want to see before you begin to think about your life? The question arises, who hardens people’s heart? God! Who softens people’s heart? God!  
15.      “As I thought on my ways,” vol. 2 page 64 verse 24 “That is why I warned my wife, I said, ‘Please, do me a favour’—you know about it right from Amazu Oil—‘promise me that you will never take side with me in error.
16.      Any time you see me in error, please point it out, even if I will not take correction, even if I will be harsh, do not ever stop; tell me that thing. If you see me in error, no matter how I preach and try to force you to join me, please dissociate.”
17.       “…Eternal life has no substitute and God does not look at anybody’s face. I do not want you to perish and I do not want to perish.  Whenever you see me in error spare me not. I may be offended that time but by the time I will sleep in the cushion and wake up, I’ll come to you again and say you are really right.
18.      …But if you have a wife who will look at you, anytime you are in error, she will join you, surely your family is going to be destroyed in one day because the sin you’re going to commit is the sin of the whole family.”
19.      If you believe it, say amen. Amen.
20.      …Check such families; they never leave any descendant behind. I say check those families— Bro. Kelechi, you have been an Apostle for years, such families in the Bible, do they leave any descendant behind? Do not ever, for any reason, take side with your husband or your wife in error. Because I’ve noticed this in some women.
21.      Once their husbands are rebuked for what they have done which is wrong, you see their wives being offended, joining their husbands to condemn the Church. At times, you see them hardening even against Ministers, even to salute them becomes difficult.”
22.      Enugu Spirit. “…What is causing it? Their husbands have already fooled them. They do not know that they are already bringing something that will wipe off both their families and their descendants.
23.      WOE IS ME IF I WILL COME TO FELLOWSHIP TO DECEIVE YOU. MAYBE YOU DO NOT KNOW THAT MY LIFE IS TIED TO THIS GOSPEL. Do not think Brother is enjoying life; I’m not enjoying it! You are the one enjoying. I am suffering for you.
24.      How I wish God never placed me in front. How I wish God placed me where I should be sitting down and you minister to me; you won’t see my back.
25.      My duty will be to study as a student, and I know am brilliant and I learn brilliantly. I will aim at scoring the highest mark any time I am called upon to talk on that matter or to present my life on that matter.”
26.      Is it not scriptural? It came to a point where Moses made a prayer that he was wishing that all Jews, Israelis should be made prophets so that they will enjoy those things they were feeling Moses was enjoying. Do you think it is easy to be in His presence always? Something our fathers saw and quaked, do you think it is easy?
27.      When you commit sin, the Son of Man will intercede for you and He will show you mercy. If the Son of Man shall commit sin today, who will intercede? Will you even know? Moses was the intercessor and his intercession saved many. But immediately Moses committed sin – iniquity, there was no record of any human being that made intercession for Moses and the man perished.
28.      If not amazing grace that made God to carry the corpse away, if not for the promise of resurrection in the end which was given to him and Daniel alone, Moses could have gone to hell. But God remembered the covenant He entered into with him and that saved the situation.
29.      The only man that has no intercessor is a man of God. But when you sin, you can rush to Him and say, “Please, plead with God on my behalf for I have sinned.” And once He speaks, the Lord will hear. When it comes to Him, there is no intercessor. Nobody will make a plea that will cause God to spare Him. It is easier for God to spare you than to spare the Son of Man.
30.      That is why, what the Son of Man could not do in that He is frail, the Almighty who dwells in Him becomes His strength. Without God, the Son of Man like any other human being, is useless. Without Christ, the body called Jesus was rubbish. A little while He decided to pull out of the Man Jesus shouted, “Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani”, because he must feel the pinch of death.
31.      But before then, the body was bearing the brunt of the suffering because there was something in him. But when he wanted to pay the price, that which insulated Him wanted to give way for him to feel the pinch, so that tomorrow, he would not begin to brag and quote the number of stripes given to him which he bore boldly. Christ had to depart for him to feel it. He himself knew it. When the stripes started coming, he cried, “Eloi, Eloi!” 
32.      That is why, without Christ, we can do nothing. That you are able to absorb all the shocks of life is because Christ is in you consoling, comforting, strengthening, encouraging. Without it, nobody can make it. You cannot make it without Christ.
33.      Nobody has ever attempted making it without Christ. That is why we are wholly or holistically dependent on Him and on Him alone. Try to do it yourself, you are collapsing, one way!  
34.      As I thought on my ways page 67 verse 33, “There is no true child of God that can compete with the world, get himself entangled with the politics of the day and still call himself a child of God. Synthetic flowers everywhere.”
35.      What? Synthetic flowers! “…Synthetic religion without children of God. If you are a constant liar in this Faith, a habitual liar, a trouble maker, well, you know where you are fitted for the Message can never tell lies.
36.      A synthetic flower! Decorative instrument in the house. A synthetic flower looks more conspicuous than a natural flower but it does not have the natural aroma. Plastic flowers everywhere. You can use it to decorate hall during wedding. After which, you can wash it, perfume it, three minutes, it will vaporise.  
37.      I hope you are not one of the decorating flowers, only good for decorating the fellowship. If you are good at only being used in decorating the fellowship, we will be using you as a good example. Thus, so and so is in our midst, do you know his qualification? Do you know her qualification? Do you know his occupation? We are having so, so and so, yet, in you dwelleth nothing good.
38.      Look at the word God used, “habitual liar.” A habitual liar does not think before he speaks lies because he manufactures lies every second. He is the incubator.
39.      I have told you times without number, if you ask Me question and I close My mouth and begin to smile, if you are intelligent, you walk away. I have given you a reply.
40.      However, the moment you see Me gazing at the sky, looking down, My eyes blinking and blinking, I am trying to put something together that will resemble truth but it is not truth. As a psychologist, I must catch you.
41.      When I fire you with that question and you pause and look up and down, I know I have caught you. But if I ask you and you reply; I ask another one you reply, I will weigh it between two alternatives I will draw My inference (conclusion) immediately. But to a habitual liar, that is the mother of all lies.
42.      She is always pregnant with lies, bubbling with lies. Even what he is having in his pocket, before you ask him a question, he will start telling stories because a liar takes delight telling plenty stories.
43.      Ask him a question that he should give you a reply in a sentence; he will give you a passage. A documentary! Am I making sense? Yes sir! He will give you a documentary, all in the attempt to get you convinced. You do not need to go to all length to get Me convinced if you are holding the truth. Nobody conspires to tell the truth but people conspire to tell lies. Let me go and verify you are a liar.
44.       Sometimes, when they want to free themselves from My hands, they will tell Me they have forgotten. I have forgotten. That is not true. You know the truth, you have not forgotten anything.   
45.      “…If I say, “I love the Son of Man,” and I do not continue in His Word, do I love Him? No! So, love is not there. If I love Him, I will obey His commands, I will walk according to His doctrines as a sign of loyalty and devotion to Him. But when you say you believe in Me, you love Me, I give you the doctrines which you know are not Mine but those of He that sent Me and I say, “Consider, does not even nature tell you that these things are very wrong?”
46.      I repeat: Does not nature condemn these things? Don’t you have a living conscience? I say don’t you have a living conscience? When you come before the Son of Man or your Sister or Brother and you tell lies, fabricate things, how do you feel when you get out from there?
48.      St. Paul sinned ignorantly. Is it not true? In time past we sinned ignorantly when we never knew the truth. But now, we have known the truth concerning all matters. Whatever we say we want to do now to offend God, we are doing it deliberately.
49.      “As I thought on my ways” volume two, page 89 verse 1, “The essence of Saint Paul warning the Churches in his day is the same essence why I’m warning you today. Since you know that I’m a Missionary, I’m not always here with you and besides that, if it pleases the Lord that I should depart from this flesh before you, that you may know how you should conduct yourself.
50.      My aim is to get all of you fully and firmly established in the Truth, by day or by night even in your private closet. I mean in your private houses, in your work places you will know how to conduct yourselves.”
51.      Amen and amen. Apostle Kelechi, well, I won’t say may the good Lord continue to bless you. Let Me say that the hand of God should remain on you and upon you and He should continue to uphold you. Because if not His hands, I do not know, I really do not know.   
52.      You know, there is one thing I love God for. When God is all out to save, He stops at nothing. When He is all out to destroy, He stops at nothing. That is why I love God. When God wants to save a man, He stops at nothing.
53.      God is ready to do even whatever is forbidden to be done on this earth. Somebody who can kill thousands to save one person. Is it not enough to fear Him? God who can wipe a whole nation just to save one person; pull down a city wall because of one person. He does not want to know whatever would be said or anybody’s reaction. Thank you!
54.      News from our news desk: “ 01/05/2014 13:32. Pope Francis announces plans to visit Middle East in May. By ERIC J. LYMAN. Pontiff says he will make trip to Israel, Jordan, Palestinian territories May 24-26; trip will be 4th-ever papal visit to Israel.
55.      Pope Francis waves as he delivers first "Urbi et Orbi" VATICAN CITY – The Vatican confirmed on Sunday that Pope Francis would visit Israel this year, which would make him only the fourth pontiff to visit the Holy Land in the modern era.
56.      The visit comes during a period of dramatic outreach for the Roman Catholic Church under Francis – not only to other faiths but also to groups often marginalized by the Church in the past – and fairly early in Francis’s papacy. Francis will have been pope for just over 14 months when he travels to Israel, Jordan and the West Bank on May 24-25.
57.      Only Paul VI, who became the first modern pope to visit Jerusalem six months into his papacy in 1964, made such a trip so early in his reign. But Paul’s trip came before the Vatican even recognized Israel as a sovereign state.
58.      Pope John Paul II visited in 2000 and Pope Benedict XVI made the trip in 2009. “It’s less newsworthy now that the pope will travel to Israel and Palestine than it was a generation ago, but it is also significant to note it comes very early in his papacy, which I think shows it is a high priority,” said the Rev. Alistair Sear, a retired Church historian.
59.      “John Paul travelled more than any pope in history and he did a great deal to bring Jews and Catholics closer, but he did not go to Israel until the 22nd year of his papacy.” The trip will likely be Francis’s second foreign trip as pope, following a visit to Brazil for World Youth Day last July.
60.      The pope “is very welcome in Israel and he will be greeted as warmly as his predecessors were,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor said Sunday. Francis announced the plans during his Angelus blessing in St. Peter’s Square Sunday morning. But the trip has been rumored since early October, when Vatican spokesman Fr. Federico Lombardi said a visit to the Holy Land was a “possibility” for 2014 and Rabbi Abraham Skorka in Buenos Aires, a long-time friend of Francis, said the pope had a “life-long dream” to visit Jerusalem and Bethlehem.
61.      Even as a priest, bishop, or cardinal, Mario Jose Bergoglio – who became Pope Francis last March – never visited Israel. Francis told the crowd gathered in St. Peter’s Square in rainy weather that he announced the trip to Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and Amman “in the climate of joy that is typical of the Christmas season.”
62.      Until that moment, the Vatican steadfastly refused to confirm speculation about a papal trip to Israel, even after President Shimon Peres formally invited him to make the journey last April and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu repeated the invitation five weeks ago.
63.      The trip will come four months after the 50th anniversary of Paul VI’s half day visit to Jerusalem, which included a historic summit with Ecumenical Patriarch Atengora, the spiritual leader of the world’s Orthodox Christians. The Vatican said Sunday that the current Orthodox patriarch, Bartholomew, will join Francis to celebrate Mass at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.
64.      Francis is also expected to renew the Vatican’s long-standing call for peace between Israel and Palestine, according to Vatican news sources, though the Vatican also tried to play down the geopolitical aspects of the trip, saying in a statement the trip was aimed at “spreading and promoting love, cooperation, and peace.” With the official confirmation of the trip, attention will now turn toward figuring out the details of the visit including security issues.
65.      Vatican officials have said security has become an increased area of concern since Francis took office, since he is prone to break from his planned agendas and he thrives in large crowds. In less than 10 months as pope, Francis has become one of the most recognizable figures on the planet, earning accolades including being named Time magazine’s “Person of the Year.”
66.      He is credited with helping to reform the Church’s somewhat tarnished image, sparking a surge in Church attendance worldwide and even a new wave of tourism to Rome and the Vatican City state. He has also started a period of outreach in the Church, taking steps to improve relations with other faiths as well as to often marginalized groups within the Church, including women, homosexuals and divorced Catholics.
67.      During his visit to Rome last year, Peres praised the gradual thawing of once icy relations between Israel and the Vatican, declaring that relations between the two states were “now at their best in the last 2,000 years.” Amen.