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The Son of Man Revealed From One of The Jungles in Africa According To William Branham's Prophesy

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pastor nnamdi ogbogu

Yes, yes, yes, I can feel it. I can feel it, I can feel it, I can feel it. Be reverend, be reverend, be reverend, be reverend. Oh my people, my people, I have come once more, I have come once more, I have come. I am God you are worshipping, I have seen how you desire Me, that is why I am here, that is why I am here. I have seen how you are desiring Me.

2.             But no, who is that man, who is that man? Who is that man, who is that man? Don’t you know where you are? Don’t you know where you are? Don’t you know where you are? Don’t you know where you are? Who sent you? Don’t you know that you have come into my sanctuary? You have come into my sanctuary? You have come where I talk to my people, where I come down to commune with my people.
3.             Whenever they pray I will see their heart, I will come down and I will solve their problem. You don’t know where you are, you don’t know where you are yet. I don’t know what you see; I don’t know what you see.
4.             There is nothing good in my people, there is nothing good in my people. Other than they come here to worship me because I have known them right from the foundation of the world. And now listen, listen, listen, listen, listen, listen. Harden not your heart, harden not your heart, harden not your heart.
5.             All of you that I have gathered here this morning, that I have gathered here this morning. I am going to speak, I am going to speak. So many people will stumble, so many people will stumble. Do you know where you …, do you know where you have gone wrong? Because you don’t harken to my servant, you don’t listen to Him as a man.
6.             Yes, He is your brother but I own Him more than you. That is where you have missed it, and that is where a lot of you are going to miss Him because you are not taking His word. When I speak, when I allow myself and speak, you will not recognise; you will think that HE is your brother. Your brother, your carnal brother.
7.             Now listen, listen, listen. Look at them, look at them. Look up. look up, look up, see as they are gathering, see as they are gathering against this little Church, against this little Church because I have identified with you that is why they are gathering.
8.             Fear them not, fear them not. Yes, yes, yes. My servant, do you think you are going to leave that pulpit? No! You are going to speak, you are going to speak, you are going to speak, you are going to speak, you are not going … I have given you message, I will give you message.
9.             You will tell them, you will tell them; you will tell them whatever I have now given you, whatever I have now given you. It will save them, it will save a little of them but. But yes, unbelief is still in this camp, unbelief, unbelief, unbelief, unbelief; unbelief.
10.          Is the scripture going to be amended because of you? Is the scripture going to be amended because of you? No! Am not going to bend my way! Am not going to bend my way!
11.           Unbelief will kill many of you; unbelief will kill many of you in this camp, in this camp, in this camp. You have called me down, am going to dwell with you.
12.          Am going to be in this camp today, but are you going to follow me? It is not calling me down, but are you going to follow me? Are you going to listen to my word? Are you going to obey them?
13.          Let me tell you. Let me give you one decree, let me give you one decree; let me give you one decree. Yes, yes, yes. Their ears are all around, their ears are all around, they have appointed their people to get you scattered, to get you scattered.
14.          When they will not get you in this Church, they continue to go from house to house. House to house, house to house; house to house to go after you.
15.          Watch out, watch out! They will go after you, one after the other and many of you will stumble. Because when they come, they will not recognise that I have first of all told you, but now mark it, it is going to fulfil, it is going to fulfil.
16.          A brother or a sister that will not harken to the voice of my servant; that will not listen to the message, that person will be stumbleD away. Because they have now DEVISED another means, going FROM house to house. Because they cannot succeed in the Church, because I am here. They are now going FROM house to house, FROM house to house, FROM house to house, FROM house to house; FROM house to house. But your own problem is this, your own problem is this, you are not harkening to my voice, you are not harkening to my voice.
17.          You are not listening to my advice, follow your leader. Follow your leader, follow your leader. Follow your leader, follow your leader.
18.          When I anointed Him, you are not there; you are not there. But I asked Him to speak on my behalf. You are not there, you are not there; you are not there. Still you hardened your heart, still you hardened your heart; still you harden your heart. You stiff-necked I am going to throw all of you away; I am going to throw all of you away.
19.          Right from now, the message will change, the message will change and it will be very hot that a lot of you will go out. Yes! I am doing the last shaking, am doing the last shaking and I am going to shake away, am going to shake away every loose feather.
20.          Unless you harken to my voice, you harken to my voice through the servant whom I have appointed. Oh! My people, my people look at me in plain view, look at me in plain view; look at me in plain view. What are you waiting for again, what are you waiting for again, don’t you desire to come any more? Don’t you desire to come any more?
21.          Oh! Oh, oh, don’t you desire to come any more? My hand is already waiting, my hand is already waiting for those who are ready and willing to come thus saith the Lord. Amen.


This is the Valley of Decision. If you see the road leading to this place, when you get to that point over there, you can hardly believe that there is a sign of life in Jerusalem yet there is life here. If wild beast will come in here and devour all of us, the whole of Onitsha will not know what has happened.
2.             If we are taken away from here, the whole world will not know what has happened. Our Prophet told us that rapture is going to be a secret and sudden event, that it will happen and the world will not know. If hundred persons are removed from Onitsha, Onitsha will not notice it.
3.             The people that will feel it will be your co-tenants in the yard, and they will see it as individual persons. If you take away twenty persons from Nkpor, Npkor people will not notice it.
4.             The same way, you all come from different towns and different villages to fulfil God’s Word in these last days. He will gather His own elect from various countries, towns, tribes and villages. There are certain towns and villages God will not pick one person. Is it not scriptures?
5.             The Bible bears witness that St. Paul went to a certain town and he wanted to preach the Gospel, the Holy Ghost spoke to him saying, “My servant Paul, waste not your time in this city, I have no person in this city”. However, he went to another city and preached the word. The people became aggressive, he wanted to depart.
6.             The Holy Ghost said to him, “My servant Paul do not depart, I still have more people in this city. Although they will rise up against you, but do not fear them. I will abide with you”.
7.             There are certain towns and cities today, God will not pick one person. What I am telling you is truth. If you happened to come from neighbouring town around Onitsha and you are in this ministry, you are a blessed person. Stay in this Faith quietly, and remain steadfast. Maybe you will be the only person that God will take in your home or community.
8.             It is not easy to save somebody in Anambra State, that is Onitsha, Nnewi. These two cities, two accursed cities, they have great influence on the lifestyle of the people of Anambra State. Am not sorry to say it because the Holy Ghost has revealed it. That is why what you see in Anambra State, is nothing but commercial Churches. Commercial Churches, starting from Roman Catholic, CMS down the line. No exception—commercial Churches, counterfeit Churches. Commercial Christians.
9.             Anybody from Anambra State can hardly believe any Gospel that money is not attached to it. Any Church that he will go must permit his dubious business. Any Church that will probe into his means of livelihood, he will not like that one. However, anywhere the preacher will accommodate them; the preacher there will become millionaire overnight. Just mention what you want to do, they will give him 419 Naira, cocaine Naira, foreign exchange Naira and then they will love that preacher.
10.          Anytime they are going for their armed robbery, they will simply give one pack of fifty Naira to the Pastor. He will say, “Kneel down while I pray for you. God, God, God, please, please, please” But in this Faith, nothing like that. The God we worship is interested in your personal life, interested in your business, interested in your own family; He will encroach into your privacy. The way you make your money must be probed, God must probe it. Otherwise, He is not God.
11.          That is why people run away from this Faith because this Church is set for a sign, she is set for justice. Thus, be very careful in this gathering, pay attention to what you are going to hear. That is where your life lies.  
12.          We are not going to have the children classes today, children bear with us. We really love you, we will find out time to handle your cases. But today, I believe Holy Ghost is going to speak in such a way young and old will benefit.
13.           No matter how I desire to be in this pulpit, at least for today, I will not be here. Any moment from now I will leave this place. No testimony, no prayer request.
14.           On that day, they call it mother’s day. Watch that day, the highest immorality will happen on that day. They will gather married women and give them shorts with polo. On another day, they will give them shorts with polo, put a ball in the field. How will you feel if you see your mother with pant and polo running about the pitch? They do not know that women had virtue, that a woman is honourable; her body is sacred.
15.          They will gather foolish men and women to come and clap and watch women’s laps and their big breasts dangling up and down. Both the man that started the football, he that is watching it, he that is playing, the Bible said they are all guilty.
16.          That is why the book of Romans said that not he that commit sin only but he that take pleasure in them that commit sin. He that smoke cigarette, he that sells it, they are all guilty.
17.          If you find yourself in the police, did God send you there? If you are in the police, the only way you can be saved is to maintain your godly stand, be contented with your wages. However, it is not easy.
18.          Any day you go to the main road, you must show face. You must to collect bribe. In the office, you must close case files. Somebody must give you pen to write report, twenty Naira biro pen, twenty Naira written paper; money will be growing. Before every type of occupation, I refuse that one. A tax collector and accountant resigned, St. Mathew resign.
19.          A medical doctor St. Luke, he said, “I am tired of fingering women in the name of getting birth.” Watch a Christian, he said he is a medical doctor, was there any way you will pick a telescope, a lady will come for you to test and put your hand in her body, without feeling sensation? Who is deceiving who?
20.          Even the nurse, how can a nurse shave a young man—a healthy young man you shave him without having sensation when you are not in the bed? That is why they end it in the hospital having boyfriend, every nurse will have a patient boyfriend. Medical doctors must have a woman patient friend.
21.          Maybe you have that type of occupation, check your Bible and you will see people that had it; do what they did. From the day St. Luke believed Christ; he closed that office and called Christ the greatest gift. Is doctor the healer? Is a pharmacist the healer? Don’t they die? Any day doctors become healers then we stop preaching. But you see people go to hospital and come back in casket. If doctor is a healer, why does he come back in a casket? Let us start speaking the truth.
22.          Look at what happened to me since yesterday, and it has been healed, no medicine. Because as long as there is life, it must heal. Medicine does not give life rather it kills. It is hard to believe. Here, we believe the living modern life. Look at us; if this thing is good for this pulpit, it is for the greatest ceremony on Earth.
23.          The greatest ceremony I know on Earth is the wedding ceremony. If it is good for preaching, it is good for wedding. That is all I know. I am not the preacher here this morning, there is no amount of your mood that will change my mind; it is not only me that heard the prophecy. I am not the only servant of God in the Church. Anybody that is a preacher is a servant of God. Let us tell ourselves the truth, take your mind from it that brother is around let us relax; do not relax.
24.          God knows why I say I will not be in the pulpit, do not panic. I was here yesterday with God, from morning till God finished with me; and God gave me a congregation that is greater than this one, congregation that is greater than this in number. You will not believe what I am saying. Deacon Mike am I telling lies? I came here and said, “God, today I want to meet you here alone.”
25.          I came in and I started praying.  A little while the praying changed. I got up, found myself in the pulpit. A little while I looked at the Church, men and women sitting down taking their position. I did not know what else to do than to open my mouth.
26.          I thank God that I have a lot of cassettes. I opened one and slotted the thing, the preaching took off. I continued preaching and preaching until Holy Ghost moved me beyond this place. I never knew what was happening, a little while I came back here to the pulpit.
27.          Then while I was reading the scriptures to the congregation, I saw a man he just moved. I stopped the tape and the message then moved through the congregation. I went out to see whether he was standing somewhere but I did not see the man.
28.          I went to the other way, no human being. I went to this place, no human being. The other side, no human being. I say “What is happening?” I came back and the anointing continued. I went into preaching; preached harder and harder, harder and harder, harder and harder. Then the response continued the response was much. If I say anything, I will hear amen.
29.          The thing continued. A little while I saw the same man again. He entered that way. Immediately, I went in to that place. I watched, I did not see anything. I said, “What is happening? Maybe my eyes are deceiving me.”
30.          I removed the glass and continued in the preaching. When the preaching became very hot, brethren, you can hardly believe it. I rushed for a cassette and opened it. A little while what I heard is a cut. How it happened I do not know. Just like a sharp razor cut.
31.          Blood started rushing out, I search for my handkerchief but I did not see any. While the thing was bleeding it never disturbed the message. The message continued, I saw something like handkerchief and I cleaned it. The message continued. While I continued preaching and preaching, I read a scripture.
32.          After reading the scripture I saw the man again. I saw him in the children class. I continued preaching, continued moving to that place; preaching harder intending to meet him there preaching. On getting there, I looked round, I saw nobody. I continued preaching until I come back to this place.
33.          At the end of the whole service yesterday, we prayed together and then we dismissed. I looked at the thing, brethren, God helped me to record three and half cassettes in a straightforward ministration. Three and half cassettes and it was contrary to what I expected.
34.          You may not know what is in the tape, but one day you will know. It is for you. If your Pastor approved it, then you will hear it. If he does not approve it, it will remain for me and for some people that will believe me.
35.          I have packed the cassettes somewhere, and it is titled “Wilderness Voice”. That reminds me, if you know you are holding my “Arise and Eat,” “Running Towards the Mark” please return them to me. They were never intended for the Church, but we craftily collected them, return them to me immediately.
36.          If you are holding any Church tape, return it to the Pastor after today’s fellowship. God bless you all.                

he thAT receiveS a Prophet in the name of a Prophet

preached on

27th november, 1994.

THE household of god onitsha


pastor Okey nwankpa

pastor nnamdi ogbogu

Be reverend, be reverend. Where are you, where are you, where are you my servant? Where are you, where are you, where are you, where are you, where are you, where are you, if you do not listen to Him, you know that you are doomed. You know that you are doomed, you are not of this land; you are not of this land. If you fail, if you fail to have Faith in Him, know that you are lost, you are lost; you are lost.
2.          I have heard your prayer, I have heard your prayer, I have heard your prayer, I have heard your prayer; I have heard your prayer. Yes, yes. I have come down to visit you, to visit you.
3.          You have called me down, you have called me down. Are you ready to follow me? Are you ready to follow me; are you ready to follow me? Are you ready to follow me?
4.          You have called me down, you have called me down. I am going to speak, I am going to speak, I am going to speak, I am going to speak; I am going to speak.
5.          You have called me down, you have called me down. Make yourself ready and receive my word, and receive my word.
6.          Where is my servant? Where is my servant? Where is my servant? Where is my servant? Come, you don’t know what is in your midst. You don’t know what is in your midst, that is why people don’t believe. People don’t believe, people don’t please Him, people don’t please Him; people don’t please Him. People don’t believe, people don’t believe because you don’t know what is in your midst. People don’t know what is in your midst, you don’t know what is in your midst; you don’t know what is in your midst. Yes, I always visit you, I always come down.
7.          Whenever He raise His hand to Heaven and turn to me concerning matters, I will give Him answer immediately because I am He unveiling Myself in Him. But you failed to understand, you failed to understand. Wait, wait, you will hear things, you will hear things. HE WILL SPEAK THINGS INTO EXISTENCE, you will know if it is that … that will make you to believe Him, to believe Him. To hear Him.
8.          If HE advices you when you go wrong, you go to Him, you seek for advice. He will advise you, you will believe what He taught you, and you will do other things. Yet you will come here in the midst of us, in the midst of us, in the midst of us, in the midst of us as a saint, as a saint.
9.          Search yourself, search yourself this morning. Purge yourself, purge yourself. Yes, you have called me down. Yes, you have called me down. I am here in the midst of my people.
10.     Open your ears and listen to me, listen to me. Oh, where is my servant? Where is my servant? Where is my servant? Cry no more, cry no more; cry no more. You are doing the job I have sent you to do, you are doing it; you are doing it. You are doing your best; cry no more, cry no more.
11.     When the time comes you will be crowned, you will be crowned; you will be crowned. Look at your crown, look at your crown; look at your crown already. Already for you, already for you. Try, that is why whenever you call me, whenever you lift up your hand, whenever you turn your ears to heaven, I will come down; I will come down. I will hear you, I will hear you.
12.     Continue, continue; continue, until the time when you will come. Continue, continue. Yes, Church, Church, Church, Church; my Church. You are my people, you are my people. I have called you my people, yes by my word I have called you my people and I stand by my own word, and I have called you my people.
13.     But how many of you, how many of you are ready? How many of you are ready? How many of you are ready? How many of you are ready? How many of you are ready? How many of you are ready? Listen this morning, listen this morning, listen; listen this morning.
14.     Listen, hear Him speak, hear Him speak. Yes, I know he does not have the intention to go to the pulpit but I commanded Him to do so. Yes, when I come down I take pre-eminence in everything. Yes, yes, even right now I have given Him my word. I have given Him my word, I have given Him my word, I have given Him my word. If you fail to hear Him, if you fail to hear Him, woe unto you.
15.     That is what I want to tell you, you have called me down, you have called me down; you have called me down. I am going to stay, I am going to stay; I am going to stay even to the end of the service. Will you listen? Will you listen? Let me give you one solution; let me give you one solution. Go to the altar, go to the altar.
16.     Whenever things are mentioned, whenever your name is mentioned, whenever He speaks things you know it concerns you, go to the altar and make it right; go to the altar and make it right. That is the only way I can pardon you, yes, yes.
17.     Yes, am coming, I am coming. Pastor, my Pastor, my Pastor, my Pastor you are doing your best, you are doing your best, you are doing your best, I am going to reward you, I am going to reward you for it is not easy to speak to stiff-necked people. It is not easy, it is not easy; it is not easy. I have seen your hand work; I have seen your hand work.
18.     Continue, continue. You are doing my work, you are doing my work; you are doing my work, you are doing my work. Yes, yes, yes, yes; you are doing my work. Continue, do not relent in your effort; do not relent in your effort.
19.     For I will speak unto you, I will speak unto you and you will know it is me. And whatever that comes, give it direct as it is. Give it direct to the person that is concerned as it is, yes. This is the purging time, this is the purging time.
20.     I am doing my last move; I am making my last move. This is the purging time, yes, yes everything that is contrary will leave this Church, will leave this Church so that I will take my people. Yes, yes, so that the Church can be matching on, so that the Church can be matching on. My people continue to match, continue to match; continue to match.
21.     I will not fail to show my presence as long as my servant is here, as long as my servant troubles me with your affairs, with your suffering, without looking at what you are passing through.
22.     Every time He will bring in one of you, one after the other, one after the other. Problems after problems, until you have inclined your ears. Continue, continue, continue, continue, continue, continue; continue.
23.     Do not draw back, do not draw back. Strive to enter that narrow way, strive to enter this narrow way. This is the time, this is the time; this is the time am going to close everything.
24.     This is my last move in the camp of my people. Listen to my servant, listen to my servant. Oh, thus sayeth the spirit of the living God. Amen.

he thAT receiveS a Prophet in the name of a Prophet

pastor Okey nwankpa

he thAT receiveS a Prophet in the name of a Prophet
If you do not fear God and respect Him, I respect Him this morning. It was exactly around five O’clock or three O’clock yesterday that the Apostle told me, “Sir, I am not coming to the pulpit today.” I said, “Sir, do not say so until we get to fellowship.”
2.          He said, “I have told you, I am not. If you know how today service will go, take it.” But the Lord being God, this morning for I know it is not your intention to come to the pulpit but you are going to speak.
3.          Before the sermon and whatever the Lord has for us, I have a little ministration by way of Sunday school lesson. I want you to be very attentive, I did not want to minister this morning as well because for a reason and of course I should not be here.
4.          However, I asked God for a sign and He fulfilled it. Thus, He gave me the boldness for us to consider this little lesson.
5.          St. Matthew chapter 10 verse 41 “He that receiveth a Prophet in the name of a Prophet shall receive a Prophet's reward; and he that receiveth a righteous man in the name of a righteous man shall receive a righteous man's reward”. KJV.
6.          Whoever will welcome God’s messenger because He is God’s messenger will share in His reward. And whoever welcomes a good man because he is a good man will share in his reward”.” LB.
7.          You see, the above scripture says that whoever will welcome God’s messenger because He is God’s messenger will share in His reward. And whoever welcomes a good man because he is a good man will also share in his reward. The word of God is blessed.
8.          I am speaking on a very simple and common topic “He that receiveS a Prophet in the name of a Prophet.
9.          It is one thing to have a Prophet in our midst, it is another thing to receive Him as a Prophet. You might walk closely with the Prophet, give Him food, give Him water, take care of Him, provide everything but there is one angle God is looking at you: Whether your attitude towards Him is in respect to His office, because as a man He is like any other man. He is like any other human being. However, God is mindful of that office that, that man is occupying.
10.     I am speaking to the Church because it is one thing to have a Prophet, it is another to receive a Prophet in the name of a Prophet. That Prophet might be your brother or your relation. That Prophet might be your husband, that Prophet might be your friend.
11.     For you to understand what I want to say, let me give you a little instance in the Bible. We know the relationship between David and Prophet Nathan. David was a man that was able to know the attitude he should play towards this man called Nathan as a Prophet and towards him as a friend. As a friend, they could eat together, they could talk together, they could share experiences together; but when there is thus sayeth the Lord; David does not play with it because it is not the man operating, it is now God operating through the man.
12.     Moreover, whatever attitude David will play towards Nathan at that point in time as Prophet, if not done in the name of a Prophet he is going to be condemned, regardless of his office in the nation of Israel, regardless of the position he occupies in the nation of Israel. I am bringing up a little background before I show you some scriptures.  
13.     I want to give you another instance on Saul’s daughter, Michal by name. The husband, David, we know David was a Prophet. How many knew David to be a Prophet? He was a Prophet. Moreover, the husband was a Prophet.
14.     Imagine, this Michal and the husband, they could lie in the bed, you could imagine David as a man touching her or caressing her as the husband. You could imagine David playing with the children, but there was a time when the business of the Lord was to be carried out.
15.     That is, the Ark of God was to be returned from a foreign land to its resting place. While the Ark was coming, David was dancing in the spirit, he was now exercising his nature as a man of God, as a Prophet. However, look at Michal. You have heard me saying these things many times when I preached a message titled “Louder Voice.”
16.     He said, “Look at this woman, in her heart she began to laugh. She thought, “Look at this man that called himself a man of God, he said he is a Prophet. Look at the way he is dancing.” What is more, we know it caused that Michal barrenness. She never brought up any fruit again for despising that move, for despising that moment of the Holy Spirit.
17.     I am giving you these instances so that you will know where this message is heading to.
18.     Numbers 12 : 1-13 “And Miriam and Aaron spake against Moses because of the Ethiopian woman whom he had married: for he had married an Ethiopian woman...
19.     Look at Miriam and Aaron, if you read the Bible, Aaron, Miriam and Moses were from the same womb; the same woman gave birth to them. Moreover, Aaron is the elder brother to Moses by three years. If you read your Bible, when they went to meet Pharaoh, the Bible said that Moses was 80 years, Aaron was 83 years; and Miriam was also elderly to Moses because Miriam was the woman that came and told Pharaoh’s daughter, “Are you looking for somebody to take care of this baby? I will call the mother.” Miriam was also Moses elder sister. They took it upon themselves, they could not see the other side of the man, Moses for he is a Prophet. Concerning his office you have to be very careful.
20.     They took it upon themselves saying, “Why? Why? Men of Israel marry from Israel, why did Moses go and marry an Ethiopian woman? Yet he was telling us that the Lord speak to him.” What happened?
21.     And they said, Hath the LORD indeed spoken only by Moses? hath he not spoken also by us?...”
22.     They said, “Has the Lord given only him instruction? Is it only him that must speak? Don’t we have our own opinion? Can’t we voice out our own mind? After all we have Holy Spirit. If he has Holy Spirit, if he is an Israelite, I am also an Israelite. This thing is too much! Aaron can’t you see?” Aaron will say, “Yes, yes, yes.” However, the Angel of the Lord was somewhere taking note of that action.
23.     Don’t kill yourself before your time, he that receiveth a Prophet in the name of a Prophet; remember Moses was an ordinary man as we are, they could all talk together as we used to talk. They could all eat together as we used to eat together. They were also living in the same house, as we live in the same house.
24.     However, concerning his office, God was mindful because God gave him an office that he does not joke with. That office Moses is occupying is God Himself. It is not a human office, God placed him there and said, “Look after this place for me.”  
25.     It is just like the president of this nation calling somebody and said, “We have built a house in Onitsha, take care of it. Everything about it, take care of it.” And you came back and say, “My friend, what are you doing there?”
26.     You try to trespass, you will know that the whole government will be against you because you are querying somebody who is authoritatively occupying the place.
27.     They said, “Has God not been speaking through us, is it only his mouth that God will use to speak what we are hearing?”
28.     God’s leadership is not done by multitude, it has always been one man at a time because the Bible said God is not the author of confusion according to 1st Corinthians 14 verse 33.
29.     “...And the LORD heard it...”
30.     And the Lord heard it. Moses did not hear it, the minister did not hear it; the Pastor, the Evangelist, the Prophet did not hear it, the Apostle did not hear it, but the Lord who is the owner of the office heard it. What happened?
31.     “...(Now the man Moses was very meek, above all the men which were upon the face of the earth.)...
32.     The person they were speaking against was not a bad man, he has no bad intention. When he gives you instruction, he is not giving you that instruction for his own advantage; it is for their advantage. He is a meek man, he is not calling you out of pride, he is not teaching you in other for him to benefit, it is for your own benefit.
33.     He is a very meek man, he is not a proud man. You know he is a very meek man, he does not want to show himself, he does not want to paint a picture of himself, he does not want to present himself. He wants that the commandment of the Lord must be done.  
34.     “…And the LORD spake suddenly unto Moses, and unto Aaron, and unto Miriam, Come out ye three unto the tabernacle of the congregation. And they three came out.
35.     And the LORD came down in the pillar of the cloud, and stood in the door of the tabernacle, and called Aaron and Miriam: and they both came forth.
36.      And he said, Hear now my words: If there be a prophet among you, I the LORD will make myself known unto him in a vision, and will speak unto him in a dream.
37.      My servant Moses is not so, who is faithful in all mine house. With him will I speak mouth to mouth, even apparently, and not in dark speeches; and the similitude of the LORD shall he behold...
38.     He called out three of them, and said, “In your calling I know the way I deal with you. Your own is different. If there is a Prophet among you, I will speak to him through dreams and visions. However, Moses own calling, I will come face-to-face, and we will have discussion. I will appear to him face-to-face, I will speak to him mouth-to-mouth and mouth to ear. Why are you then querying him? Why are you neglecting his instruction? Why are you despising leadership? Why are you rebelling against God once again? Is it because you have the same mother? He has become so common to you? Because you eat together? Because you live in the same house? Because you know him when he was brought up? Because you knew his weakness, because he is a stammerer, he does not talk too much? Why are you not afraid to rebel against my servant Moses?”
39.     I am bringing this Church somewhere. Soon, this message will become clear.
40.     “…wherefore then were ye not afraid to speak against my servant Moses?...
41.     Why were you not afraid? Some people can open their mouth wide and speak anything that comes in against God’s move, against God’s minister; against the Holy Ghost-given messages, Holy Ghost-given instruction. That is what this Church is suffering till today: Rebellion against instruction.
42.     If the Church has been taking instruction, I will take you through the scripture for you to understand what I mean a little bit. Why were they not afraid? What made them to rebel? Because they were not afraid, they have decided to behave like Cain, the man that does not fear a man of God. The man that does not fear God, that does not have respect, that does not care about thus saith the Lord, that does not care about the doctrine of God, because the doctrine of God was for the nation Israel.
43.     Like in this Church, the doctrine of God is for this Church. We do not search for another doctrine, we have a doctrine and our doctrine is the commandment of the Lord.
44.     In addition, whenever we are speaking to you, we speak to you in line with that doctrine, making sure you do not go one step right or one step left contrary to the instruction of the Holy Ghost, contrary to the doctrine of the Holy Ghost, because we do not have our own doctrine; what we have is His doctrine.
45.     Any day we have our own doctrine in this Church, this Faith has become a denomination. Any day we establish our own doctrine in this Church, and put it above the Word of God; this Faith has become a denomination.
46.     We have a doctrine. We have a conduct in this Church. In this Church, you do not just come or a brother comes and dashes a sister five Naira, dashes ten Naira; we do not have such conduct in this Church. It is not mandatory. If you want to give anything to a brother or a sister, come and give it to the Pastor or you give it to the Apostle. Is it not scripture?
47.     Said, “When you are doing good thing, do not let your left hand know what your right hand does.” You want to do it so that the person will be respecting you, every day he will be giving you God bless you; giving you special blessing.
48.     Before you go about and borrow any money from any brother, let your Pastor know about it, so that tomorrow when you lend the money to him it will not cause trouble saying, “I gave him money since last three months and he never returned it to me.” Then you start murmuring.
49.     We have a conduct, the Pastor and the ministers might know that brother more than you and tell you, “Do not do it.” We do not walk disorderly in this Church, we have our own Code of Conduct.
50.     According to what Prophet Branham told us that every Church must have a byelaw. We do not walk disorderly; we do not walk carnally towards a brother or towards a sister. We have a conduct, we have a reason why our women always tie wrapper, it is our doctrine. We believe it, and whenever the ministers are speaking, they speak in line with that doctrine.
51.     We have our doctrine concerning married women, and concerning unmarried women, concerning married men and unmarried men, even concerning children. We have a doctrine concerning homes, offices; Church, concerning housewife, concerning mother-in-laws and their relations.
52.     We have a doctrine, no wonder we were told by the Holy Ghost that when your mother-in-law want to encroach into your family, you and your husband should join hand and push her out. Push her away because she is encroaching into somebody’s family, it is our doctrine in this Church. In addition, it is scripture.
53.     We believe it because the Bible says for a man must leave his father, mother, cling unto his wife and the two persons have become one. That whatever God has joined together let no man put asunder. Whoever that put it asunder is a wicked person. I cannot bend my doctrine because of you. We have doctrine concerning everything in this Church.
54.     Concerning your attitude to your brother, to your sister. Concerning the business you do, we are very mindful of everything.
55.      When Moses came and told the people the mind of God, they rebelled. They said, “Does God now speak only through Moses?” I know that God deals with you, but He cannot deal with you the way He deals with Moses. God deals with Moses the way He called him, deals with Aaron the way He called him; deals with Miriam the way He called her, deals with all His children the way He called them.
56.     Then if you are wise, you stay where God called you. Watch, they did not receive this man in the name of a Prophet. They were only seeing him as their brother; common brother, they disregarded the office. If they knew his office, this was the man that the whole world, even from other denominations were coming to pay homage.
57.     When Jethro and others came from Midian, they said, “We have heard what your God has done.” Jethro, from another denomination. However, look at the people in the camp, rebelling against the man of God, rebelling against the voice of the servant.
58.     … And the anger of the LORD was kindled against them...”
59.     Did God take it lightly? God became angry. His anger was kindled against them because of this rebellion in them which they did not want to put out.
60.     “...And he departed...”
61.     God departed angrily, God did not finish the fellowship with them.
62.     “...And the cloud departed from off the tabernacle...
63.     Note it, and the Cloud departed, everywhere became silent. All those that get God’s anger can never have any glory. When God leaves you, you know. When God is there, you equally know.
64.     When the glory of God leaves the tabernacle, when the glory of God leaves you, the Pillar of Cloud leaves also. You will just see yourself walking as empty vessel; ordinary man. Even when you try to act, nothing will happen. Find out where you provoke God that made Him to walk away.   
65.     “...And, behold, Miriam became leprous...”
66.     And Miriam became leprous, from that moment unbelief sealed her heart. Leprousy was a type of sin, unbelief. From that time, not that she repented. It has to take Moses to cry saying, “Lord, why not have mercy? All these years she has suffered look at what she suffered in Egypt, follow us and crossed the Red Sea, followed and crossed Jordan, followed all this while; will you allow her to perish?”
67.     God now said, “Okay, I will have mercy but she must stay outside for seven days.” In other words, she must be excommunicated. I am placing it, it is in the scripture. She has already done it, she did not know when she said it; she did not know when she walked carelessly. However, if her father has spit on her face, won’t she stay outside seven day? Moses said, “Lord you are right. Okay I will wait.”   
68.     She will stay outside, she must be excommunicated because the moment you are attacked by leprosy, sin; unbelief you will be excommunicated. However, it will cause adverse effect; there is something it will cause the Church. It will cause the Church, instead of continue matching on, instead of going to rapture immediately, God will hold on till that person comes back if he is a seed of God, join the body and go with them to rapture.
69.     The whole camp will have to wait, how I wish we would not have Miriam in the camp so that the journey will not be delayed. You will only succeed to delay the journey, instead of them to match immediately to be perfected immediately, everybody will wait and they will start praying until that one comes back and then follow them, continue because they must be complete to go to that promised land.  
70.     He that receives a Prophet in the name of a Prophet. The problem Onitsha Church has been having is to receive their Prophet in the name of Prophet.
71.     I am indicting you in the Holy Ghost. You can give them garri, give them food, take care of them but the problem you are having is that you do not receive your Prophet in the name of Prophet. You receive them as your brothers; you talk to them as your brothers. That was what Miriam did, “After all, I taught him. He is my son. I am the one that carried him. If I did not do what I did, he would have died.”
72.     Does that have anything to do with the office God gave him? Foolish woman! How I wish something opens your eyes to see Moses beyond ordinary child.  
73.     They did not see him beyond that, if we can see the Prophet of God in our midst beyond just a man and see the other side of the veil. What if David did see Nathan beyond that? By the time they finished eating, he said, “My friend, Nathan.” Nathan will answer.
74.     Then David will say, “The Lord has been so good. The way the Lord has prospered me, I want to build a house for the Lord.” They were discussing as friends. Nathan said, “David, you have been a man after God’s own heart. Go ahead and build, the Lord will be with you.” That was Nathan speaking as a man.
75.     However, when Nathan was going, a little while something started happening in him. He started having inspiration, something brought him back to the scripture. The Holy Spirit spoke to him and he went back to David.
76.     Then Nathan said, “You know we had discussion. You wanted to build a house for the Lord, but hear ye the Word of the Lord. Hear ye the mind of God, hear ye the doctrine of God concerning what you are about to do. Thus saith the Lord, your hand has been so bloody; you have been a man of war. Do not build me a house, but your son Solomon is going to build it.”  
77.     If David has refused the word of Prophet Nathan by saying, “I am going to build it;” he would have perished. That has always been the problem: to be able to see the Prophet, to receive him in the name of a Prophet.
78.     I do not know how we have been seeing the Apostle in our midst, whether we have been receiving Him in the name of Brother Odoemena because we know Him from the beginning. If we receive Him in the name of a Prophet, in the name of an Apostle, that means following Him in His office.
79.     This Church is not built only on one ministry, the same way in other offices. Whether Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor in our midst, try to differentiate their human side from their Godly side because they will not put on masquerade. They will be visiting you, they will be talking to you; they will be eating with you.
80.     However, try to find out when they are telling you the mind of God. do nOt play with that because it is thus saIth the lord. anything you do contrary to it is death. if you DO NOT receive a Prophet in the name of a PROPHET, his reward WILL NOT follow you.
81.     You can give Him food, that he is your brother, like my mother now in the village. My mother will give me food very well. Do you know that? My mother will feed me very well. My mother will dress the bed, my mother will take wrapper and send to me in the bedroom but she has no reward.
82.     Do you know why? It is not done in the name of my office. She does not take my word seriously. If she believes me, believe what I am telling her in the name of the Lord as a messenger of God, actually she will receive a blessing for her deeds.
83.     I want you to differentiate it so that you will know what you are doing. In whose name are you receiving your Prophet? In the name of who? Judge for yourself.
84.     Numbers 16: 19-22, “And Korah gathered all the congregation against them unto the door of the tabernacle of the congregation: and the glory of the LORD appeared unto all the congregation. And the LORD spake unto Moses and unto Aaron, saying,
85.       Separate yourselves from among this congregation, that I may consume them in a moment. And they fell upon their faces, and said, O God, the God of the spirits of all flesh, shall one man sin, and wilt thou be wroth with all the congregation?” KJV.
86.     You may read the story that was told, we all know it very well. Korah and his group were Levites. They were all Levites as Moses was also a Levite. However, look at the problem; they could not see the office that Moses was occupying. Everything that he was telling them that the Lord said, they did not see it as the Lord said it.
87.     For that reason, they formed themselves in groups, and then said, “We will not follow the leadership of Moses and Aaron anymore.” But what happened? God said through Moses, “If they die a natural death, then you will know that God is with them.”
88.     They did not die a natural death. They wanted to occupy a position. God knows why He gives leaders to His people because if there is no leader there will confusion. God knows everything. The Prophet told us about swans that used to fly during some seasons.
89.     He said, “When you watch them closely, there is always one ahead and the other group following.” Even soldier ants, there is always a leader. Even ordinary ant, there is always one leading them. It is only man that finds it hard to follow leadership; it has always been a problem of man. For that reason, if God sends a man, they find it hard to follow that man.  
90.     This Church is blessed, we are very much blessed. Because in our midst it pleased the Lord to plant an office that is the highest body in our midst. If we do not have an Apostle in this Church, I will be expecting letters from Him, epistles to help me place some of my word as a Pastor.
91.     I will be telling Him my problem, maybe I will tell Him, “Let me go to Ogwumba or Eha-Amufu, see the Apostle, come back and tell you.” However, God planted Him here to help me in my own ministry. And as long as He is here, if Apostle comes up tomorrow and says, “Pastor, let me Pastor this Church for some time,” I will say, “Sir, with all pleasure go ahead because it is scriptural.”
92.     For I know He is not called to tie Him to one place, He is called to be a minister to the Churches. When you play the tape from Germany, you will fear God that is in our midst.
93.     A tape from Germany was a repetition of the Voice we heard in Amazu Oil in March 1993, when the Apostle was commissioned by God, “I have anointed Him with my Spirit, speak my word; fear them not.” That same thing was sounded in Germany. As far back as 1970s, when we were not aware of it. The same Holy Ghost moving.
94.     People walk where angels fear to tread. People are very, very wicked, very fearless; always ready to die. Some people in other Churches, they envy us. They say, “Onitsha Church, you are blessed, you have a God called Pastor, you have an Apostle in your midst; you have other ministers that are able soldiers of the Cross.
95.     A brother from Isi-Alangwa said that he witnessed something that happened in my Church; he said he is surprise. He said if it is in Isi-Alangwa they would have excommunicated that person right there. He said no wonder God planted such an office in Onitsha, knowing that spirit operating in this land are very stubborn ones. If not God, many of you would have been pursuing money. God knows why He raise up men that will never flatter Him, and said go and pursue Naira.
97.     God has to plant an Apostle to check those evil men and came with doctrine. Because if we continue going ahead with Pastor, we would have ended up having bunch of unbelievers because the Pastor cannot go beyond his office. They are all different offices: an Apostle is sent to judge cases perfectly, hands down doctrines. A Pastor is sent to take the word of God, feed you, console you and comfort you. Let us continue to make sure that you end up the journey joyously. Evangelists come here and shout and tell you that God hates it without compromise. A teacher will take the word, take the doctrine we have received and teach you to understand. A Prophet will prophesy, tell you what is ahead.
98.     And yet these offices many failed to receive them in the name of their offices, they only want to see human beings. Look at some of them standing before Apostle, no wonder if Jesus Christ is here some of us will neglect instructions. Some of us will say, “Talk now, Jesus talk.” What other way can you see Jesus? Is it not in a man? Go and play the tape “Since You Seek the Prove of Christ Speaking through Me.”
99.     God said, “You despisers, you rejecters, you knoweth not what is in your midst”. Is it not the same thing He repeated today? You will ask, how are we despising Him? We despise Him by the time the Holy Ghost give you a simple word to obey and then you find it hard. God promised to send us Prophets in Deuteronomy 15 verse 18.
100. In Ephesians 4:11-16, God promised to send us Prophets, in the New Testament He promised to send us ministers, Prophets, those that will foretell the word to clear the wheel-log. Because a Prophet is a seer, I will show you little while. He sees what is ahead and tells you. He foretells you what is ahead. If we are false Prophets, the World Council of Churches will never rise against us. The Christian Association will not rise against us.
101. The Holy Ghost started telling us when it has not start happening, if we are false Prophets it can never happen. However, if we are true Prophets, it must come to pass because the Prophet prophesied what other Prophets have already said, that is how you will know who the true and false Prophet—is they declare the will of God.
102. Isaiah 58 verse 1, “Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and shew my people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins”.
103. That is why God sends Prophets to show them their mistakes and transgressions. Show them where they are erring. If there are no Prophets, people will perish. You may think your idea is alright, you may think your method is okay. But Prophet will have to tell you, “My friend, you are leaving the word of God; you are sinning against God, repent or you perish.”
104. He will tell you ahead of time, he will show you your way. Is it not happening here? If our preachers here are not doing it, they are false Prophets. Starting from the Apostle to the Pastor, but if they are doing it and we are rebellious; we are stiff-necked, God will not spare us, thus we must be very careful.
105. They cried aloud to show the people their transgression, to show the people where they are failing God; to show the people their wrong ways. That is why God sent Prophets.
106. In Jeremiah chapter 1 verse 4-5, God promised to send us Prophets. Where you wrote down in your jotter God said, I will raise a Prophet among you. God must always raise a man in our midst that will tell us the word of God if we are a nation of God. God must place a man in our midst that will do the things of God that will open the eyes of the blind; that will make the lame to walk, the dump to speak. God must do it, He must raise a man. He always uses a man that is why when one man is standing in the pulpit, others are sitting down.
107. God started using a man from our midst, how will you feel if all of us now; everybody will rise on their seats and follow me. Everybody will line up and we start talking. Won’t there be confusion? We all cannot talk at the same time.
108. Then the word of the LORD came unto me, saying, Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a Prophet unto the nations”.
109. Before this man was born, God had already made him what he is. The same way it is to every man God called. If you believe that God called the servants of the Lord here, believe that God ordained them what they are from their mothers’ wombs, you were not the one. And then when they tell you the mind of God, who are you to question it? God will hold them guilty if they preach something that is contrary to the word of God. But if they tell you everything that is in line with the word of God and you don’t take it, God will hold you guilty. That is why the duty of the preacher is what they declare to the people is the word of God, nothing but the word of God. That is why denominations today, their preachers are in trouble. Amen.
110. God didn’t promise us to send us reverend father and reverend Pope, but people love reverend fathers they love pope. They love men like Paul Nweke, Idahosa, Orisajefor; Kumuyi all those men that will go to Rome. But when they see us with simple clothes like this, like Apostle always wear and sit down it will look very common. But if we come with very big ropes and attach it on top and be making somehow, people will be very fearful. When you say everybody bring one thousand Naira, you see everybody bringing. That is the type of people, people love. So brethren, be careful while you are coming here.
111. Talk of God in Israel, and Israel always has one man. The day they rejected Samuel. God said to Samuel, “They did not reject you. Samuel don’t worry, they rejected me.” Because whatever they want to do, they will go and ask Samuel. They have leaders, do you think Israel didn’t have leaders? They have leaders; they have the main Prophet up there. They have other kings and captains overseeing the tribes of Israel. Thus, things were done orderly. If the Kings and the captains are confused, they can go to the Prophet said sir; look at the problem am having in my tribe what can I do?
112. The Prophet will say wait let us find out the mind of God. The man (Prophet) will come and tell him, and the man will go and tell his tribe, there was order.
113. So this Church we have to be very careful, so that if you have not yet known what is in your midst; look at you killing yourself.
114. Jeremiah 23 verses 28-32 “The Prophet that hath a dream, let him tell a dream; and he that hath my word, let him speak my word faithfully.  What is the chaff to the wheat?  saith the LORD”.
115. A Prophet that heard the word of God must speak the word of God. And what we have here in our midst, is a Prophet of the Word. I believe that what made our brother in our midst the Apostle of God is the Word of God, not Apostle of any other thing.
116. I believe that the ministers here are the ministers of the word of God, not ministers of man. And then you must be very careful, you must be very, very careful when they speak to you the Word of the Lord.  .
117. 1 Thessalonians chapter 5 verse 12-13 “And we beseech you, brethren, to know them which labour among you, and are over you in the Lord, and admonish you; And to esteem them very highly in love for their work's sake”.
118. For their work sake, not for any other thing. For their work, what they are doing in the Kingdom of God. “And be at peace among yourselves”. Let me tell you, we have to be very, very careful on our attitude towards God’s servant.
119. In whose name in this Church do we receive our Prophet? Do we receive Him in the name of a Prophet? Or do we receive Him in the name of just a man? Just a man, just a brother; just a friend.
120. How do you know? You will know by the time you are taking heed to the word of the Lord that He handed over to you. Jesus Christ said, “He that believeth me and believe on Him that sent me, he will have eternal life.”
121. If you don’t believe, there is no need. There is no way the message will be fruitful if you don’t believe.
122. Believe in my word, believe in my teachings; believe in my commandments. How will you feel if you see yourself in heaven, sitting there with all the angels of God, sharing testimonies of how you overcame the world?
123. How will you feel if on one glorious morning, before the world will know what is happening you are already in the air? How will you feel if a man that has no wings will only develop wings in a twinkling of an eye and on a wing of a dove you will fly into the air?
124. The world does not know what is happening. But I am declaring it unto you that it is at your doorstep yet you have not seen it. The world is finished, the whole thing is completed. It is just at your doorstep, I lie not in the Holy Spirit.
125. One glorious morning, Christ will descend and all the saints will be raptured into glory. What will be the song of your heart, wont it be wonderful brethren? Won’t it be wonderful that day?   Amen.