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The Son of Man Revealed From One of The Jungles in Africa According To William Branham's Prophesy

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I am The Holy One, The Supreme Incomprehensible One, The Creator, The Eternal One, Who was, is and has come;
believe it if you can…
—The   Son of Man      
From the Message: PREDESTINATION (PP.3)
God, who knows all things, understands all things; Who knows that if He did not close the Book and seal up the testimony, when the trouble will start, surely, this Faith must go tribal. Thus, GOD DECIDED TO DOCUMENT THE NAMES OF THE REDEEMED, and then closed the Book, sealed up the testimony.

He is now injecting trouble that will now disperse us. The gathering point, the meeting point is in Paradise.   That is why I believe that we have the Chief Mechanic in our midst Who knows what it takes to put the Bride into a rapturing condition and He has accomplished it. Thus, let hell fall, let the Heavens quake, let the Earth open, they (the Bride) are secured.
(YOUTH FORUM Page 47, verse 1-4)

I welcome all of you that are in this Fellowship and those that are not in the Fellowship for one reason or the other, warm and enthusiastic New Year. This gathering of the Saints from the beginning is a gathering of praise, for it is through praise and worship that we can worship God.
2.            In that bright city, the pearly white city, I have a mansion over there. I have a crown over there. Now I am waiting and watching for that bright city John saw coming down.
3.            John saw that bright city coming down from above, lo and behold; he saw a new Earth, a new Heaven and a New Jerusalem. Who is worthy to dwell there? Those that have been transformed according to the Book of Ezekiel chapter 36.
4.            The Almighty God promised that as we endure with Him till the end that He is going to give us a new heart and a new spirit that will not sin against Him again. When your mortal body is translated, you now put on immortality, which is immortal body, your heart is changed from the old heart full of wickedness, to the new heart.
5.            Your spirit which is the old spirit that was responsible for your useless character, is also replaced with a new spirit. Thus, it is now a new body, a new heart and a new spirit to dwell in a new Earth, new Heaven, and New Jerusalem; God completing His programme saying, “I make all things new.”
6.            When wickedness is eradicated upon the face of the Earth, Jehovah the Great God of all the ages, the Consolation of the saints will come down again with thousands and millions of His redeemed to rule upon the Earth. Then it shall come to pass the prophecy that said, “The kingdom of the world has become the Kingdom of God and His children.” That is exactly where we are now.
7.            What we are waiting for is what I just explained. What is the qualification to be there? You have met all. You have met all the qualifications.
8.            You see, that is why it is a blessing to worship God in the place He has chosen to place His Name. There are too many worshiping centres everywhere, but if the Name of God is not placed there, make no mistake of placing your offering there.
9.            What is more, the first offering you place is yourself: You present yourself, present your body as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable unto God. Before ever you present your mansion, your Naira, your Kobo and every other thing, first of all, present yourself.  
10.         Glory be to God in the highest. How do you know God approved a chosen place of worship? I have taught you from the scriptures; God has confirmed it that I did not deceive you. For the people of God never pitched tent anywhere except where the Pillar of Cloud descended.
11.         Watch the temple of God in Jerusalem, it was not constructed. There are beautiful places where He could have resided, but the people of God came together, inquire from God and He spoke to them saying, “Do not construct my Temple everywhere in Jerusalem. It must be in the Ornan Valley where My Presence came down. It shall be my meeting point with you throughout the generation.”
12.         That is why no matter what Solomon performed as sacrifice outside the Temple, once he stepped his feet into the Temple, the Cloud filled everywhere. When the Glory of God came down at Bethel, the people of God rallied at Bethel. It became their meeting point with God.
13.         Jacob was the one that got the revelation and said, “So, God is here and I never knew it. This is the entrance to Heaven.” Is it not so in your scriptures?
14.         In other words, wherever the glory of God comes down, the Shekinah presence in the form of the Cloud or Pillar of Fire automatically becomes the entrance to Paradise. Worshiping God outside that place means wasting your time.
15.         When God departed from Bethel, He never left His people confused; they waited and prayed to know where else He will be. He moved away from Bethel and the heathen desecrated the altar. The Temple became the temple of vomit.
16.         When the glory departed, He moved looked up and looked down, the people waited until He settled down. Where did He settle down? At Shiloh. Immediately the glory of God came down at Shiloh, the people of God rallied there, the Ark was placed there.
17.         It became the entrance to the Gate of Paradise. When the sons of Eli messed it up, God was not pleased anymore, He departed and went to Gilgal. When the Glory came down, the people waited, until the Glory of God came down in the form of Shekinah Cloud.
18.         The people rallied there. It became the place where they offer their sacrifice. When the heathen messed it up, desecrated the altar, it became the temple of vomit. God looked up and looked down, and chose a valley, chose what? A valley! Not every valley but the Valley of Ornan.
19.         GTC, Jerusalem, which is our worship ground, is the Valley of Decision. I am not the one that named it, you are not the one that named it. GTC, Jerusalem, which is our worship ground, is the Valley of Decision. While coming from Awka Road, while coming from GRA, you will notice that this our fellowship ground from the first fellowship hall to the present fellowship hall we are using now is situated in a valley.
20.         In the valley of Ornan, before the Elders of Israel, David was there, the Shekinah Cloud came down and the people praised God. The Ark was brought down there and he constructed a tent, a make shift structure.
21.         One day, David said, “How can I, David who is privileged to be a king in Israel with a promise that I will rule as a king in Israel even till eternity; why should I be dwelling in a beautiful mansion taking pleasure with my family, when the Ark of God, the Shekinah Cloud, the Presence of God is dwelling in a shanty structure—a make shift structure? Far be it from me. I must build a temple for Jehovah.”
22.         He approached the Prophet, approached the priest to inquire of the Lord where He will choose the Temple to be constructed and took the sole responsibility to do it single-handedly as an appreciation for what God did for him; delivering him from the hands of his enemies, using him to put Israel together and making them to worship God.
23.         In appreciation, he took it as his sole responsibility. He did not do it anyhow; he consulted the priest and the Prophet. They met, enquired from the Lord, and the Lord said, “My Temple must be constructed in the Valley of Ornan where I have chosen to be my meeting point, my dwelling place throughout the generation.”
24.         David rejoiced  and went into business immediately. Started procuring materials for the construction of the Temple. When he finished procuring the materials, he was almost about to start the work when the Lord said, “My son David, you are a man after my own heart. And you will reign in my throne till eternity...”
25.         The throne of God is established in David and his lineage. For there was not even one that was found faithful in his day who was consumed by the zeal of the Lord to the point he could slaughter a whole village to make sure that the Word of God standeth sure. A man who is so zealous of God, a king not a ruler, so zealous for the things of God that he danced naked because of the Presence of the Ark who was coming from captivity. Amen.
You see, our sister came to Me saying, “What we have as firewood will not go round. I said, “Okay, I have heard you. Go to your kitchen; do not come back to Me again until you have exhausted all the firewood.” She said Amen.
2.            Now, after making sure that food is ready on 1st January 2012 morning, brethren started eating. My joy started with the way sisters devoted themselves in cooking the food overnight, which made it possible for the whole brethren to eat, get prepared and come to fellowship at exactly quarter-past-eight, especially when I said that you might finish eating before eight thirty (8:30am). But you finish eating and dressing quarter-past-eight. It is unbelievable.
3.            I will not forget the miracle hot water pot. I know all my materials and there is not even one suitable to be the chief-fire-man if not our brother from Nsukka, Brother Nebolisa. He accepted it with joy. Each time I came there, I will see him putting on the fire. Every morning, every night, I could see buckets that filed. What is more, he will be busy—not minding the hotness of the water—sharing the hot water as if he is sharing food. While sharing, the fire is on. He will lift a jerry can of water, pour it into the pot on fire and continued sharing the hot water.
4.            Hence, you could take your tea with ease; take your hot bath with ease. Bath your little ones with hot bath with ease without disturbing the mothers that were cooking. Even the water helped us a lot in taking care of the sick brethren.
5.            Those that worked under the Red Cross; you see, brethren used the advantage to obtain free medical check-ups. I could see Brother Orjiakor using the apparatus for hypertension; I could see Sister Chika and others with their razors. Look at evidence, you can see Pastor Monday Obakpolo presenting the evidence, he is presenting the drugs he collected from our mobile clinic, made up of professionals.
6.            Brother Loveday is a pharmacist, Brother Tony Mbah a pharmacist, Sister Onyema a matron in the hospital, Sister Chiwendu a matron also, Brother Ojiakor, of course you know he is a Phd holder in medicine. What else do we lack in this Faith? We lack absolutely nothing.
7.            On the electrical side, we are having power supply, 24 hours. You could not notice the difference between power holdings and our own electricity supply. Once power goes off, our own is automatic. Why? Because an engineer is stationed there, they rotate. If he goes away another one is there waiting for emergency. The moment light trips off, he switches on the other one. The moment light comes back, this one off, this one on. Every emergency is tackled, every hole is blocked. It became a very tight camp.
8.            What can you say about our errand men and women who were going into the city to do purchases for you?
9.            Glory be to God. I thank God, if any is withholding your balance, he or she is not withholding it for any bad reason. Maybe he did not see you, so he will give you your balance before you will leave the camp. If he does not give it to you, call me on the phone, he will bring it to me and I will return it to you. No item will be declared missing in this great camp, even if you leave it behind, any day you come here for fellowship, you will take it.
10.         One of them (a police officer) told Me, “Son of Man, you and your people are really wonderful! You see, in other Churches where we are posted for duties like this, we dare not sleep. We always hold our rifles in between our legs tightly; lest some criminals among them will snatch them. But you see here, we drop our rifles by our side—I sleep with you because we have seen that you are really a very good people. You are harmless and very peaceful. Your organization is really a peaceful one.”
11.         What a commendation! Our errand brethren did their work in a wonderful way. Now, what can you say about the mobile secretariat? The mobile secretariat was praised by everybody, the staff I placed there under the supervision of Bishop Nnachor, they were very wonderful. While I was commending Bishop Nnachor last night, he said, “Sir, the work was very easy for me for all that were there knew what they were called to do. I never instructed ‘brother do this or that,’ all of them just knew their positions and went ahead doing their work even without supervision, making the work very easy for me.”
12.         When I got there, I said, “Brethren, this is a fattening house.” In the afternoon when we went there to cover them with video, I opened the cooler, in short, heat was coming out from the cooler. What I saw inside made Me to marvel. I said, “Brethren, so you are enjoying this type of life here! So you could eat anytime you wanted! All of you have eaten, and you seized this food here so that after typing and typing, you look around, you carry your plate and go there.”
13.         In the night I went there, I saw two coolers again. I say glory be to God Who provided this type of food for His children! Every aspect, the Lord met our needs. Every quarter, if there is any quarter that did not perform, I never noticed it.
14.         In conclusion, when I was sure that everybody must have eaten, I entered the kitchen. Lo and behold, I commanded them to open the coolers and I saw about four coolers filled with rice.
15.         I ordered them to open others. When they opened those coolers I saw about two and half coolers filled with garri. Other coolers filled with soup, a cooler half-filled with meat. The other one-quarter was filled with meat. I started opening the bags, fish, fish, fish both dried.
16.         What is happening? I asked, “Sister, what is in this tray?” She said that it is spices. “Spices, what do you mean? Spices you nearly strangled me for? So you have spices that could fill this big tray as leftover? I looked at the other side, it was onions. The other side, over two hundred yam tubers. I went to the garri section, you cannot believe it, six and half bags left.
17.         Remember by the time she came to me, she said that she had only seven bags left. And after eating and everything even in excess, I still have six and half bags they are there. The rice they said was finished for which cause I was almost stranded, after cooking on the morning of Sunday, we are having leftover. Go there, I have three and half bags of rice left there. Enter there, there is vegetable oil, I have eighteen litres not touched. I have twenty litres of red oil not opened, they are all there.
18.         The crayfish they nearly strangled me for, go there, you will see waterproof filled with crushed crayfish, and you will see even the one that is not even crushed. They are all there.
19.         Cocoyam, go and see it there. Open that deep freezer which we installed for the preservation of certain perishable fruits, you will see many leftover.
20.         Let me tell you, that deep freezer which we installed for the preservation of certain perishable fruits is one of the best things that happened to us. The installation of that deep freezer, it makes cooking very enjoyable. Made it impossible for us to have anything called waste; for our Faith is against anything waste. Every food you waste in your house involves money, for when you waste food, you are wasting your money.
21.         What am I saying in effect? At the end of the meeting, even if some will stay till Monday, 2nd January 2012, those that will help us to tidy up everything, the food that is ready now for eating will not be finished till the following day.
22.         I commanded that they should serve everybody whatever the person demands: You want to eat garri, eat. You want to eat rice, eat. You want to eat yam, eat. You want to carry it fresh, no problem, carry one bag. Brethren, I do not know what else to say!
23.         The area or the areas that were our fears, notably: water, sanitary conveniences, food; there we had excess. We had excess toilets and bathroom. Water is still rushing even now. Even if we leave the camp, it will continue to rush. I have to praise the courage and industriousness of our Brothers Emmanuel Nnachor and Chibuko Nnachor, they performed wonderfully well. They are instrumental to the supply of water, 24 hours.
24.         When I called him this morning, at exactly 2:25 am, he responded from the power house, he said he spread his mat there. I said, “Okay, you know why I called.”
25.         He said, “I was lying down there. Some brethren said the water in the tank has finished.” I said, “Okay, switch on the sumo, before daybreak the tank will be filled.” He said, “Daddy, I have already switched it on about thirty minutes ago. That is where I am sleeping.” Brethren, look at revelation! He packed his mat down there to make sure there is no problem.
26.         Brethren, if I tell you the volume of water we consumed, you will not believe it. You see the overhead tank, it is eight thousand litres but they wrote it ten thousand litres—we know it is eight thousand litres. Do you know that we filled that eight thousand litres to the brim. By our calculation, from the day we started working in this camp ground up till the 1st January 2012, will filled the tanks more than sixteen times.
27.         If we are to buy water, begin to think whether the money we raised could be enough for water alone. That is why we embarked on buying the sumo, buying plumbing pipes and then activated the water, conveyed it in the pipes, brought water closest to your door step, thereby minimizing the level of walking about.
28.         God is perfect in His wisdom. Who do you think is the success of this meeting? Almighty God! Amen. 
I salute all of you in the Name of the Lord. The Book of Psalms 63:1-3, “O God my God! How I search for you in this parched and weary land where there is no water. How I long to find you! How I wish I could go into your sanctuary to see your strength and glory...
2.            Note, to see what? Strength and glory! Where do you see that? In His sanctuary! Amen.
3.            “...for your love and kindness are better to me than life itself.” LB.
4.            O God O God, thou art my God; early will I seek thee: my soul thirsteth for thee, my flesh longeth for thee in a dry and thirsty land, where no water is;
5.            To see thy power and thy glory, so as I have seen thee in the sanctuary. Because thy loving-kindness is better than life, my lips shall praise thee.” KJV.
6.            Psalm 100: 1-5, “Make a joyful noise unto the LORD, all ye lands. Serve the LORD with gladness: come before his presence with singing.
7.            Know ye that the LORD he is God: it is he that hath made us, and not we ourselves; we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture.
8.            Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless His Name. For the LORD is good; his mercy is everlasting; and his truth endureth to all generations.” KJV.
9.            That is the only thing I know I have, thanksgiving, praises is the only thing I have.
10.         With this praises from the scriptures, from my own stammering lips, I usher all of you into the year two thousand and twelve (2012) with lively hope and expectationS.
11.         The year 2012 is a continuation of THE YEAR 2011. the troubles of THE YEAR 2011 are nothing to be compared to the troubles that lie ahead, For God had earlier told you that onCE it starts, no more. It will be gathering strength as the days pass by.
12.         THUS, do not expect that life will be easier in THE YEAR 2012 than THE year 2011. IN THE YEAR 2012, life will be more horrible, more cumbersome, not only in Nigeria but the world over.
13.         I show you a sign, all the currencies that unite the world together in their various blocs, must crash.
14.         the price of crude oil in the oil MARKET must come down to zero in 2012 and Nigeria will be affected drastically. There is a GREAT noise whether to remove oil subsidy or not, it is an empty noise. It must be removed, after removing it, Nigeria will discover that the problems will be compounded.
15.         In tERMS of crimes, violence as being witnessED in our society and elsewhere, is going to increase. No government has ever succeeded in curtailing it so far, and they will not succeed.
16.         To our students, learn to think home. Think of something you can do to help yourself. Government is not creating any job at all, no. those working in the banks, of cOURSe you know that is not a saFe ground yet. The mergING and consolidation of banks have not solved the problemS, the problems are still there. More banks are going to be distressed in the year 2012.
17.         There is one area I do NOT want to touch, but I will touch it anyhow. You have been hearing about civil unrest, civil unrest, that is, civilians rising up, volunteering to die in order to change the government, expect your own this year 2012.
18.         HOWEVER, the worst is this: do NOT pray that it should not happen. when it starts happening, do NOT take side with anybody. God said THAT He will never live to see this faith go partisan or tribal, where you will begin to say “Hausa brethren,” “Yoruba brethren,” “IGBO BRETHREN,” no.
19.         in order to stop it from happening, He closeD the book, sealed UP the testimony So that even if we are scattered, we are scattered so that we might meet again—Nothing will ever make us to meet as enemIES. we will also meet as brothers and sisters. For what is about to scatter you is already here, you will never enjoy this type of gathering again.
20.         the religious intolerance which has started manifesting, will climax itself within the first-quarter of the year 2012. From 1ST JANUARY 2012 to the end of March 2012, what will happen will determine whether this nation called Nigeria will still remain a sovereign state or it will be divided between the North and the South, because of religious intolerance.
21.         In effect, I am saying no matter THE security measureS that haVE been put in place, expect a Jihad. Whether it is starting from the East, or West, North, or South, Here in Nigeria, or across the Mediterranean Sea, a Jihad is a Jihad.
22.         You will see that there are only but two political parties that fused the world together, And the two political parties are clothed with religion, THAT IS Christianity AND Islam. Note the word I used, political parties wrapped up in religion.
23.         NOTE, on your side, your faces must remain beaming with smiles. As you see the face of the Son of Man always radiant with smileS, so will your faces be. Your families will experience a level of peace that will be astonishing to you and to the neighbourhoodS.
24.         The testimony I have shared here concerning your children will abide. In the time of trouble, prove me, in time of distress, prove me. No matter the situation, do NOT blasphemE. Prove His power, prove His love, prove His understanding of your condition For He knows what is best for you at all times. as many that haVE pinNED their hopes on Him already, THEY can never be disappointed.
25.         I will not tell you to love one another, for you have already manifested the love of God. I will only say, let the love of God and the peace of God which I have seen among you abide with you till eternity.
26.         I know that many of you may be desiring to go, I equally appreciate it that some of you will go before the transport fare will be heightened. Be informed that 2nd January 2012 is a public holiday, lest you behave like Me who went to the bank on the 26th of December. I was shouting on the security men to open the gate for Me. They were asking Me my mission and I said that I am there to transact business.
27.         I said, “Are you not working again? Have you folded?” They said, “My friend, we do not want to entertain this type of question this morning. Go to another bank, we are on holiday.” I said, “Are you the only bank that is on holiday?”
28.         I left them, went to another one, the same story and I went home. I do not keep dates anymore; I am no longer a civil servant.  Thus, keeping dates means nothing to Me. I CAN ONLY KEEP TIME AND NOT DATE.
29.         2nd January 2012 is a public holiday. If you get home, relax in your houses and meditate on your experiences in this meeting. Let the experiences you gathered in this meeting sustain you forever and ever.
30.         When you gather among yourselves, sing praises, share testimonies of your salvation. Let the testimonies of the goodness of the Lord which He has been showering on you, climax in the salvation of your soul AND dominate your families. Create no room for misunderstanding or quarrelling, for that is unprofitable to you.
31.         You are all blessed already. I do not know any other blessing you need for He has given you all things, even the salvation of your soul which money cannot purchase.
32.         In appreciation, we have to say thank you. Before you go, 1st January 2012 is the first worship day in the year 2012. I do not need to remind you that this is the first time the entire Bride—except those that were exempted from coming and those that exempted themselves—is gathering together in a Sunday worship to cast the first fruit of the year in one pool, believing that it is going to God and God alone. This time, it is not doing it in your own Local Assembly the way you wanted. This time, we are it is doing it in Jerusalem collectively.
33.         Do I need to remind you of it? Even if I am not involved, I will still say it. It is already contained in all your books, in your sermon books, they are there. The first fruit of the year, the first offering of the year goes to no other person but God alone. It is not your normal Church offering, no!
34.         Of cause you know more than that. If that will make you to be offended, don’t offer anything, be happy. The highest offering that has everlasting value in the sight of God, is your heart. But if you know that what you are offering to God, you are offering it to yourself, for God is not interested and He does not even take it, it goes back to you in one way or the order.
35.         I know nobody will like Me to disclose how much we invested in this meeting, what I will say for now is that as I am standing here in your midst, information reaching Me from all the quarters that are responsible for the full operation in this meeting, reports reaching Me indicates that we are not owing anybody a kobo. Rather, out of generosity, we have given out even to the needy among you here.
36.         While the meeting is still on, we have given out also to heathens outside, to reciprocate their kind gesture. We have even attended to the health of one whose parents abandoned because he is a sickler. We do not know him; he is member of Roman Catholic Church. However, we were moved with compassion, when we noticed he was taking his drugs from a pharmacist three times everyday; paying one thousand two hundred Naira a day. And so if he will not take it he will die. We now assumed responsibility to help and deposited a reasonable sum in the hand of the pharmacist to make sure that the boy remained alive until holiday markers will come back. He is a human being, he is entitled to live.
37.         Show a little kindness, try a little kindness. Shine the light for everyone to see, do not be a narrow-minded fellow.
38.         I have already mapped out a plan for the boy, not knowing who the parents are. This boy should be between fourteen and sixteen years old. Brother Kelechi knows the boy and knows about this matter. He is not living in our area, he stumbled into him. His parents are living at Adani and he is living inside the Church, Our Lady of Fatima, at Waliwo.
39.         For almost four months now, he has been wearing only one dress. For they abandoned him to his fate. I pray he will stay till I come back. I will surprise the parents—when he will go back to them looking very healthy without taking drugs from that place.
40.         I do not want to keep you in this camp ground for too long because too many brethren are traveling far distances. One assurance I am giving to you whether you are traveling by day or by night, switch on your motor and go. However, resist every temptation to visit your friends and well-wishers or your relations in your hometown in this trip. Do not mix this trip with anything.
41.         Go from this camp ground straight on, back to your stations. Make no mistake of stopping anywhere. Anywhere you stop, the lion will meet you there for the Voice of the Lord has spoken that it shall be well with you if you obey.
42.         On this note, I say bye and safe journey. Call Me back tomorrow morning. Tomorrow morning, begin to phone Me from 9 O’clock in the morning. Until then, do not call. Thank you.
43.         Give me bottles of water from the tank, do not test my patience. give me about three bottles of water. In time past, I used to anoint you with olive oil just to cool down the anger of the Lord so that his spirit can possess you.
44.         However, henceforth, I will sprinkle pure water on you, and as the waters rain down from Heaven, so shall the blessings and protection of God rain down upon all of you now and forevermore.
45.         Am giving these special gifts out to our sisters. Our Sister Ijeoma Okechukwu please come, Sister Chibueze from Ughelli come also. Take any one you like. Where is that sister? Is she not around? One is left, take it as a gift, go. Whether you dipped your hand to the offering bucket or not, you are blessed. Go home in peace. Amen.                    

GOD IS PERFECT IN HIS WISDOM (CONTINUATION) Preached on Wednesday 4th of January, 2012
Remain blessed brethren. You see, the song leader was not singing the songs spiritually. Nothing touched him. He came to the pulpit to sing as we were singing it in those days: “Coming down, down, down!” What is coming down? You better go to Deeper Life Church and sing it for them.
2.          We thank God for the journey so far. I am not in the fellowship to sing any song anymore. We sang a lot during the Meeting. I am only in the fellowship tonight to say thank you to all of you in Onitsha for making Me proud.
3.          I have come to say “thank you very much” for you did excellently well. I boasted so much about you and it was not in vain. Yes! I boasted of great things about you. You were My boast. I was sure and certain that as long as you were behind Me, this Meeting MUST hold.
4.          The Camp Meeting actually held. Do you not know that the strength of the Bride is Jerusalem? THE STRENGTH OF THE BRIDE IS JERUSALEM. THE BEAUTY OF THE BRIDE IS ALSO JERUSALEM. Please, understand it.
5.          If you know where you are, happy are you. I boasted with you people, even exceedingly. I am happy that you never let Me down. You did not let Me down. As a result, My boasting about you was not in vain. All that came down for the Camp Meeting even saw it.
6.          The level of work you had done before other local Assemblies came and joined us showed that you were very prepared. There is an Igbo adage which says that, “He that calls for a fight stretches forth his hands”.  You people called for a fight and you even stretched your hands exceedingly.
7.          Do you not know that anything that is collectively owned required the participation of a stakeholder at least, otherwise it will not work? The meeting was a collective responsibility but Onitsha Household undertook almost all the works. Others came quite alright, but their efforts can never be compared with that of Onitsha Household. Members of Onitsha Household were everywhere. In all aspects of the build-up to the Meeting, the presence and effort/effect of Onitsha Household were seen and felt.
8.          Your conduct encouraged Me. Everybody diligently discharged the duties assigned to him or her, not minding that about two or three tried to sabotage the work. However, God intervened. Somebody like John Ekwueme; it is true that at last he joined, when he saw that all he thought were impossible were becoming possible. That was when he rejoiced. In that joyous mood, he then worked for the success of the meeting at last.
9.          Somebody like Shadrach Onah; It is clear he is a foolish person. Is he in the fellowship? Anybody in Onitsha Fellowship who is not in the fellowship tonight is foolish. If you know how important Sunday fellowships are to you, that is how important today’s fellowship is.
10.       Since we dispersed, this Wednesday fellowship is the first time we are coming together in Fellowship again. He (Shadrach Onah) alone knew what kept him (Shadrach Onah) out of this Fellowship.
11.         Another person that almost sabotaged our efforts is Christian Dike. Well, he does not know why he was granted salvation. None of them knew why they were granted salvation—that you are in the Ark, that the Book had been closed, you are now in Paradise proper, it is an unmerited favour. Stop fooling yourselves!
13.       Any slightest provocation, you are entering the ground (grave). Do not ask Me how you are going to enter it. You MUST enter there by all means. Any slightest provocation, you are entering the mother Earth from where you will resurrect. There is no other place you will be. You will not go to Hellfire but you will enter into the grave, whether you believe it or not.
14.       If your family rebels against it, they will join you there. Do not think that as the Book is closed and testimonies are sealed up, that it is a license for you to behave anyhow you like. Nothing like that!  YOU CAN NEVER BEHAVE THE WAY YOU LIKE. YOU ARE STILL UNDER A SUPREME AUTHORITY. THERE IS A GOVERNOR-GENERAL IN CHARGE OF THE ARK, WHO IS IN THE ARK WITH YOU.
16.       This is where you are fooled. The Book has been closed, the testimony has been sealed and you think that you have entered. You have entered quite alright; nothing will ever take you to Hellfire, but it ends in the grave. You cannot trouble Me in the Ark. Never! Never! Instead of your trouble, you will go underground and partake of the heat there, until the day of your resurrection. Finish!
17.       When Aaron was giving God trouble, He (God) just put him in the grave straight away and he started chewing the sand therein. God did not look back in the case of Moses. Are you greater than Moses? Are you greater than Aaron? You will enter there, so that the rest will learn to fear.
18.       I am not begging you. Why I am saying this is for people to avoid going into the grave instead of worshipping God alive; because of their recklessness. because you are a child of God does not make you equal with God. Nothing like that! You are not equal with God. It is impossible. For that reason, advise yourself from now.
19.       The three people I mentioned earlier on entered the Ark by the special grace of God. I have earlier on mandated that nothing will make them enter. They are part of the people that manifested the foolish virgins. Many of them manifested, but I will not mention their names. They know themselves.
20.       Foolish Virgins! People who came early in the morning after daybreak and went about telling all sorts of stories. Now the stories are ended. Is there anyway your stories will change the records? It ends where you have spread the stories. Your punishment still awaits you.
21.       Hence, if you value the life you are living here on Earth, respect yourself. For you can never be in this flesh to trouble God or to trouble your fellow Brethren. This is the time God is watching the uniformity of our steps and the swinging of our hands which have been harmonized and will remain so. No form of zigzag movements will come in there again.
22.       You see Shadrach Onah, I have told him that he has dug his grave with his own hands. I told him ahead of time, that he has dug his own grave. He is only waiting for the day the grave will be covered. I also instructed his children to pass the message across to him.
23.       Where is Deacon Vin? Was any message sent across to him? Yes! He should do whatever he wanted to do. The Book of Salvation has been closed and the testimonies sealed up. Based on that, he can now come to fellowship when he wanted to. Even when he made up his mind to come, he will come late.
24.       Pastor, when you go up to the pulpit, pass this Message across to your flock. Others have not heard it yet. This Voice is only heard in Onitsha this very night. That is why you are Jerusalem, who are with God at all times, where the mind of God is revealed to you on a daily basis.
25.         From Jerusalem, the Word has gone forth. Because the Scriptures said that the Word went forth from Jerusalem. In any move of God, the Word of God will first go forth from Jerusalem before it gets to others. You have heard it. It has gone forth from Jerusalem.
26.         Let others know about it because some do not understand. They still have the notion that since they have been saved, since they will not go to Hellfire again, they can do the impossible; they can now live anyhow they like. You will live it quite alright, but you will live that kind of reckless life in the grave. You will not live that kind of life here on Earth where it will blaspheme the Name of God. You will never live the kind of life which will make people say, “Are these not the people who say they have been saved by God?” It can never happen in this life. Instead, I will resign from My Throne.
28.         All of you in this Faith, fathers and mothers alike, have you ever witnessed this kind of thing: in a gathering of great magnitude—you know all your children—at the Meeting, no child disturbed us both in Fellowship and back in the Camp. Even the newborns were very cooperative and calm by night and by day. Was there any of them whose lips were sealed with masking tape? Even those we know that used to disturb so much in Fellowship, the fear of God took pre-eminence in all.
29.         I do not know how to approach this very issue. If you know any child that disturbed us, mention the child’s name and the child’s family.
30.         Brother Goddy Ikechebere has the most restless children, however did you hear any noise from them? Did you here any noise from Brother Chime’s children and others? The whole Camps, inside this Jerusalem, there was nothing like that.
31.         Anybody with wisdom should pause and ponder over this. Was there any child that was chased about with whip? Was there any that was flogged during the camp meeting? There was absolute peace and quietness, because the Spirit of God has enveloped the Camp, until at last, the final purification of the Bride.
32.         If you were not purified that time, you will notice that your old ways of life will lead you to your grave. If you were not one of those purified or you did not partake in the final purification, there is no problem, you will not go to Hellfire, but that your evil way will still lead you to your grave.
33.         What is more, the truth of the matter is that the Son of Man will not be part of your burial. Heathens will carry your corpse if they want, if not your corpse will rot on the surface of the Earth. The Saints will never bury you. Underline what I am saying. To tell Me of the death of such a fellow will even infuriate Me.
34.         I am not trying to scare you. At least you cannot go to Hellfire again. If you are wise, talk to yourselves now. If you are a fool, continue in your foolishness so that you will be the first example. A foolish fellow will present himself to be the first example.
35.         Anybody that will want to try God to find out if what God is saying is real or not, before your eyes, it will happen. Anybody that is not in the fellowship today is the most foolish of all fools. Amen.

There are good reasons for this gathering (fellowship). Number one is to glorify God, see ourselves again and give testimonies. The greatest testimony is that God who knew all things is in our midst and talking to us about the events that will soon unfold before our very eyes, that 2012 is a continuation of 2011; that the hardship will be increased, even moving from worse to worst.
2.            He said, “Okay, do not worry. The President will give Nigeria a New Year package. Nigerians are going to receive a shocker. No matter the noise Nigerians make over the removal of the oil subsidy, it MUST be pronounced.” Is that not how He started it?
3.            You were further told of the oncoming civil crisis; That there will be civil unrest between now and 31st March 2012. He said that you watch out for what will take place. From there you were told every other thing to expect within the year. Just like 2011, when He mentioned the new waves of crime, which is SUICIDE BOMBING. While we were in the  ministers’ meeting, it had ready started.
4.            We were still in the camp when God, Who knew all things, gave our brothers from other Local Assemblies instructions to eat first before coming to fellowship, so that when we dismiss from Fellowship, your movement should be one-way home. The Voice said, “Do not ever go anywhere; do not branch anywhere.”
5.            Pastor Paul Ogwuzie and his family came begging that it is not disobedience, that he heard the prophecies that went forth and that he wanted to appeal and I said, “Shut up your mouth!’ Follow your Brethren  one-way to Jos.”
6.            The assurance I gave everybody was that: “As many as obeyed this instruction will get home safely. Besides, this night all of them will sleep in their various homes.” They all agreed.
7.            Ten minutes after eight in the evening, Nassarawa Household called Me on phone. Lagos Household called Me at twenty-five-past-six in the evening. From there others kept calling till daybreak. Even Kaduna, Esem, Zonkwua, everywhere, called, thanking Me. There was not even one that left the camp after we dismissed who had any trouble on the way.
8.            The last person that left was Brother Attah; and I used him for a sign. When it was time for him to enter a commercial motorcycle, they said it was N150 to Upper Iweka. When he was to enter a vehicle to Enugu, he was told that the fare is N1000. I said, “Do not negotiate, enter.”
9.            From there, it started. We were still in the Camp on Sunday night and by daybreak on Monday, those that left first kept calling, “Daddy, your Word has come to pass”.
10.         What happened? I kept answering calls when we were inspecting the compound in the company of Brother Kelechi and Bishop Nnachor until I had to switch off the phone. I was answering calls from left and right. They were showing their gratitude for journey mercies God gave them and also that the Word of God has come to pass immediately. Now, prophecies do not delay,  they come to pass as quickly they go forth.
11.         While we were still inspecting the compound, we heard that Police was using tear gas to disperse those who were rioting in Abuja at the Eagle Square. While that was going on, Ondo started, Lagos started, Ogun started, Kano started, kwara started, everywhere, riot now started. The main one is yet to come. 
12.         We continued our inspection of the compound. While that was going on, I was called on the phone that the Federal Government has mobilised three battalions of heavily armed soldiers to Damaturu and Maiduguri. Before you know it, shooting started. Heavy shootout is going on in two states. They declared a state of emergency.
13.         While that was still going on, what I prophesied some few days  ago came to pass. The dreaded Boko Haram sect gave the Southerners an ultimatum of three days. It expired on Wednesday, 4th of January 2012. If you are a southerner, go back to your homeland. The Muslims in the south should come up.  
14.         There is something God is saying about these things. When these things that were prophesied  are coming to pass before your eyes, what does it say to you? What are they pointing you to?
15.         The Son of Man said, “When you see all these things coming to pass, you know that your flight draweth nearer—even nearer than you think.”   
16.         Who will speak and it will come to pass? The nation is shaking, but where we are, we are smiling there. Where they are, they are saying: “Abominable things are happening! Dr. Goodluck Jonathan is wicked!” While we are saying, “God is Great! God is Great! God is really wonderful! We should fear God!” While others are saying that the worst has befallen them.
17.         People who came from far places that brought their children to the motor park, families of six or seven persons are now faced with the shock that the money that brought them home cannot take two people back to their station now.
18.         Many are trapped in the villages, because as at Wednesday, 4th of January 2012 morning, the transport fare to Lagos is N8,000. The same way the transport fare to Aba is N4,500, while Owerri is N2,600. On Tuesday, 3rd of January 2012, passengers paid N2,000 but on Wednesday, 4th of January 2012 morning, it is N2,600.
19.         Do you know that we were thinking that the price of fuel is N150, but the truth of the whole matter is that fuel does not have price. What is happening is that some sell for N150, some sell for N180, some sell for N200, while some even sell for N250. Fuel does not have price anymore. Lagos now ordered that the sale of fuel should stop in the whole western states. Besides, all filling stations were locked up—the beginning of protests.
20.         What are we saying? The whole pressure groups, Civil Liberty Organization, Market associations, NLC, TUC, ASUU, NASU and the rest of them, they have all resolved that it is time for showdown. The tide is gathering towards the showdown.
21.         The Senate has said that it is madness on the side of the President to take a military decision in a democratic dispensation. They were not consulted. The Reps also said that they were not consulted.
22.         Ibrahim Babangida said, “Why should Dr. Goodluck Jonathan input this type of hardship on fellow Nigerians? It is madness.” Nobody has spoken in support of the decision apart from Peter Obi. Of the whole Governors, he is the only one supporting the President of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan. The whole Governors have all condemned the decision of the oil subsidy removal. It is only Peter Obi that said that he is fully in support of the removal.
23.         Why is he doing it? It is because he won an award: The best financial manager of all the Governors; and he thought it is a good thing.  He is saving money when civil servants in the state are dying of hunger. He has refused to pay salaries. Doctors are on strike in Anambra State for almost one year. Nurses were equally on strike. They latter (the nurses) resumed duty without being paid for fear of losing their jobs. Is that the way things are done? Wicked man on the throne.
24.         I thank God for one Mohamed Bello who told Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala and Sanusi that they said that the removal of the oil subsidy favours wealthy people who use costly cars; he asked to know the kind of cars the three of them use. That he would like the three of them to tell Nigerians the last time they drove their vehicles to the filling station, bought fuel and paid for it from their pockets; that is, the very last time they drove their private cars to the filling station, got their fuel tank filled and then paid from their pocket, or board an aeroplane at their own expense.
25.         He said that they have been enjoying government vehicles, aeroplane, government facilities. For that reason, they do not know the price. Don’t you know? It is  pure truth.
26.         From the time Dr. Goodluck Jonathan became the deputy Governor of Bayelsa State  and later became the Governor; from there he became the Vice President and now President, has he ever used his personal car? He uses official cars and aeroplane all the way. Does he pay for the fuel he uses? Does he pay for cooking gas? Does he pay electricity bill? Does he know what we are talking about?
27.         This man got so hard-hearted that he banned the importation of rice and he was asked if his father has a rice farm which will feed Nigerians; that is after the ban, he then started farming. Tell me, do we plant today and harvest the next day? He has banned the importation of rice, banned importation of cement, banned all forms of textiles. He banned the importation tomato and all spices. Every consumable item that is foreign, all are banned.
28.         What is more, it is your fellow woman call Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, because she got food from the moon. She is reaping from where she did not sow. In other words, if we feed on the excreta of goat, it is none of her business. What do you expect from a government that is surrounded by women?
29.         God said we should not complain. In 1992, God told us in one of our Messages titled, “Signs of Our Time”, that government must surely increase our hardship. He told us that when we see these thing happening, that we should not complain. Rather that we should pray that God will provide money for our sustenance. To give us money for our sustenance; that we can never be the worst hit.
30.         These suffering did not start now. If you want to understand what I am saying, go to Lagos Park at Upper Iweka, you will see the stranded people that slept there. Some people, as at today were now begging for alms at Upper Iweka: “Please help us to make up our transport money! Sir, see the much I have. I have N2,800 and what is left is N1,500. Please help with some money so that we can board 911 lorry.”
31.         The option of going by luxury buses is forgotten. The affordable alternate is 911 lorry and trailer. Someone said he came from Uli that morning on board a 608 bus, “Afoma Chukwu” and the fare was N1,000. Uli is a town not far from Onitsha. The transport fare used to be N150 but now it is N1,000, if not you stay away.
32.         The price of fuel is now at par with the price of gas (diesel). Gas is being sold at the rate of N240 or N250 per litre. What is the cause of all these? The hand of God is in all. We are not complaining. We are giving it as our own testimony that God who spoke ahead of time, is bringing His Word to pass.
33.         The same way rapture is real. Translation is real. Are all these not proceeding from the same mouth(the Elohyim in the midst of the Bride)? Watch the rate at which these prophecies are coming to pass is in quick successions without your knowing.
34.         What am I saying? Move with moving testimonies. We do not have stagnant testimony anymore. Move with moving testimonies.
35.         If you refuse to move, you become John Ekwueme, Christian Dike who in his craftiness, came around, surveyed Brethren and then went away. Shadrach Onah will survey and go away thinking he is working against anybody. It is like the proverbial snail, which in an attempt to extinguish the fire got itself consumed by the same fire.
36.         Whatever your action, there is a reward for it. I do not have any other thing to say. I really do not have any other thing to say. There is a kind of lifestyle you dare not live in our midst. We do not accept all manner of lifestyle. No! Know that the same person who put your name and closed the Book has the power to erase it.
37.         This was the same level they got to when Moses interceded for the people of Israel before God saying, “Instead of killing these people, remove my name from the Book of Life”, but God said no. The same person that originally wrote the name in the Book, still reserved the right to erase the name.
38.         Will you question Him? He placed Lucifer where he is today. Your wrong doings on Earth will not put you into Hellfire, but any act against God will definitely land you in Hellfire, because He (God) said that you should fear He that can destroy the flesh and still destroy the soul. Thus, let us be mindful of that.
39.         We are praising God for what He did for us during our camp meeting. If God had not hurriedly dispersed our Brethren to their homes, by now, many would have been stranded. Not minding the hurried dispersal, many did not have their transport fare. We paid the transport fare for many to go back to their locations.
40.         Just imagine what it would have been like if they had not gone home when it was cheaper for them, before rolling into the prevailing crisis; would they have gone home? The fellowship hall would have been filled with human beings.
41.         I am warning. Don’t complain. Don’t murmur. The hand of Jehovah is in all these. Know it that it is for your sake that all these things are happening. God set up this fire because of you and I, and He is sustaining the fire, Just like Brother Nebolisa & company, who supplied hot water to Brethren during the Camp Meeting.
42.         Remember that we were told to watch from now and see what is going to happen.  That He will be locking and unlocking the hearts of rulers and those in authorities.
43.         Watch the events that will take place from now. In the morning, God will put confusion into their heads like a drunken fellow. As if that is not enough, he will bring out the document all by himself and sign it, just like Israel is about signing their own document like drunkards; as if they are feeling very sleepy, the way we were feeling when the Camp Meeting ended; as I went home insisting that I must eat food. My wife went into the preparation and before you know it, she dozed off in sleep. They wanted to wake her up but I insisted they should not that I will eat the food.
44.         The food I had all along been insistent on eating was dished out and before I knew it, I equally dozed off. The ball of garri fell off My hands. Can you imagine, instead of putting the ball of garri into the soup, it landed on the plate of garri again.
45.         Yes! We are happy with it. I thank all of you immensely. There was no little contribution—you all made great sacrifices, great contributions which led to the success of the Meeting.
46.         When we were discussing with the Police, they rejoiced exceedingly, because they did not know that the great number of people they saw embraced this Faith (especially the men of the Inland Town Police Station).
47.         They were very grateful to God because the reports they got from the Camp was that there was peace everywhere and that there was no trouble throughout the duration of the Meeting. Hence, glory be to God.
48.         Those that came with diseases left healthy. Some people came to the camp with wounds. Some others came with faith and the faith sustained them. In fact, we thank God.
49.         There was no evil report from the Meeting. There no evil report even from the highways, both when we were coming down for the Meeting and when we were going back to our various Households. There is no way that could have happened.
50.         For that reason, may all glory and thanks be to God. The standard God has set in us will be sustained. It is not Amen because you came to fellowship, if this Amen is not in your homes and in your families, it is not yet Amen.
51.         Let it be known to you that the eyes of God have left the General Assembly. He is now mindful of the Family Assembly.
52.         Deacon Vin, take note. You will notice that for sometime now I have left you out in the scheme of things. You know what you did. You know I am holding you in My hand. Good! Advice yourself. Retrace your steps immediately. I have told you the truth.
53.         ALL THE MEN WHO HAVE TURNED THEIR FAMILIES INTO WHERE DEATH THREATS ARE ISSUED AND WHERE THE SON OF MAN IS QUOTED WRONGLY, WHERE THERE IS PARTISAN POLITICS, BE CAREFUL. An Igbo adage says that, “the corpse of another man’s child is like a log of wood to an onlooker”.
56.         Thus, you that knew how best to give bad advice in order to split a family, be careful. Your destination is the grave. Any advice that does not preserve the Doctrine of God in its purity, that advice is a bad one.
60.         IT WAS ALSO BECAUSE I DO NOT WANT THE DEVIL TO ENTRAP YOU WITH YOUR UNCONTROLLED APPETITE FOR FOOD AND DRINK THAT I BANNED THE PROVISION OF DRINKS AT THE CAMP AND MADE IT IN SUCH A WAY THAT WHEN YOU GO TO DRINK, YOU PAY WITH YOUR OWN MONEY. You do not get drunk if you are buying drinks for yourself. Drunkenness comes from free drinks; and this standard I set helped tremendously.
61.         This was the same standard I set in making you come and be served in your own plate; even differentiating those who were cooking from those who were distributing the food. I employed them against your expectations. All that you expected the Son of Man to employ were abandoned, and every body worked with the fear of God. If you do not have the fear of God in you, this Meeting will instil the fear of God in you.
62.         That was why I was particularly in charge of everything. Whether you were part of cooking the food or you worked in the Secretariat, whatever you partook in doing, you were running errands. Thus, it was not a case whereby after cooking the food, the people who cooked will come under the pretext that they cooked the food and share the remnants after the Meeting. No.
63.         When you were cooking, were you also involved in fetching water? When you were fetching water, were you at the secretariat?  While you were there, were you involved in tidying up the compound? Hence, whatever you did was what you were supposed to do. As a result, if you share the remaining food items because you were part of those that cooked, you have paid yourself.
64.         To avoid problems, the Son of Man came in as the One that cooked the food, did everything, collected every remnant from them and also selected those who were to share them. I wrote the list the way I wanted it to be done and gave them the list, with a warning that the list MUST be the guide for the sharing so that whatever you get was not given to you by anybody. That was how the Son of Man has chosen to give you.
65.         After the exercise, everybody was happy. All the people who would have been forgotten were remembered. When a call came in from Nnewi, it was the husband of Sister Grace, “We are still giving thanks to you for what you have been doing for us and more are still coming! We are still thanking you and more food items other things are still coming into my house. I am asking, What kind of Church is this?  It is unheard of.” I told him that he has not seen anything yet.
66.         Brother Chukwuemeka in Nnewi who would have been forgotten if the women that cooked were to share exclaimed saying, “Imagine!” and many others like that. It came the way you did not expect it. However, if you were told that at the end of this Meeting, that we are going to have this quantity of remnants we had, would you have believed if not that God has spoken about it in the very beginning? Everything was in excess. Do you know that it occupied so much space that we did not know what to do.
67.         When we were closing the accounts, every bill had been paid, all monies paid out including that of the Police, everything! We now faced all those you could not remember and we started sending money across. At the end of the day, not minding the stationery we had already bought which worth more than one hundred and fifty thousand naira (N150,00.00), we still had left over and what was paid into the account amounted to two hundred and fifty thousand naira (N250,000.00).
68.         Let Me tell you, it is more than that. If you include the stationery which is more than one hundred and forty and that which was paid in, which is one hundred thousand Naira, plus the seventy thousand Naira cash at hand, one hundred and seventy thousand Naira plus two fifty thousand Naira; that is the actual amount leftover.
69.         It was paid into GTB. The alert has come into Brother Kelechi’s phone twice and that made him to start asking, “What is happening?” He called Me to enquire about what was happening. I told him that nothing is happening. It is God at work. Bishop Ebenezer had his hands in his head in awe, with tears of joy dripping down his cheeks—tears of joy. He was also asking the same question, “What is happening?”  I told him, “Sir, that is the way God has done it.”
70.         I am a Thrift Manager. I am a Thrift Manager. If you do not know what thrift means, consult your dictionary, it is My Name. I believe in probity and accountability. I equally believe in transparency. When you are leading the public, ask for their suggestion, carry everybody along, have division of labour. You bring money, disburse it appropriately and then everybody will WORK!
71.         If anybody wants to give Me account, I will refuse. I simply say, “Work first.” How do you render account when we are not yet through with the work? I cannot remember the number of times Emma Agu came and said, “Sir, let me brief you on how far we have gone”; while the Meeting was still on. At the end of the day he was still given a hundred thousand.
72.         When he came, I said, “Don’t you understand? How can you be rendering accounts of your stewardship when the Meeting has not yet ended? I do not want the account. What I want is work! I do not want the account.” Deacon Vin came up again and I said, “My friend, shut up your mouth! I don’t want it. Take more money;” until the Meeting ended. We thank God.
73.         You see, Sister Ozioma came and was soliciting that we should buy more fish to combine with the available meat so that it will, at least, it will be enough.  I told them that if what you have does not turn out to be more that enough, then know that I am not The Son of Man.
74.         At the end of the day, the meat for which cause you almost chased Me out of the camp, was discovered to be leftover with a cooler half-filled with fried meat. It was then eaten without food.
75.         We later had half cooler of fried meat. If you know any condiment or ingredient or food stuff, for which we did not have leftover, tell Me. There is only one place that I have ever seen people being fed like we fed during the camp meeting. It was in the Bible that I read about it. He fed them and there was leftover, and his disciples had twelve (12) baskets left. However, our own is bigger. Ours is greater. Our own is more than twelve baskets. Garri is more than twelve. Everything is more than twelve.
76.         If you ask Me, I will tell you that we fed more people than he (Jesus Christ) did because the class of people we fed is what I call grass-cutters: Those who know how to eat food. I am not excluding the little children. Those who distributed the food understand what I am talking about.  If you see them coming from left and right saying, “Sister put food, put food.”
77.         See the way God lined all of you in a single file so that He can attend to you. The one that gave Me so much joy was when I called Brother Kelechi to come and see what will happen. Our Brethren used spoons, flasks and plates to make music. Brethren were dancing to the tune and the music was heavy. Some were drumming on the table, while others were singing joyously about; moving in and out and the kids happily running around them. Brethren, have you ever seen that kind of thing before?  
78.         Of a truth, there will be joy when we shall enter Paradise. There will be peace when we enter Paradise. There will be health. We will lack nothing there. If it is sweet and interesting in this troublous world, which is filled with distress, imagine if it were in Paradise.  
79.         Thanks be to God. As we glorify God, so are you also glorified. Yes! The basis of your rejoicing is that while the people that participated in the work are being thanked and appreciated, that you are also there.
80.         You see, the promised video has been made already. Do not think that there is another one coming tomorrow. It is finished. THE PROMISED VIDEO WHICH IS GOING TO WRAP UP THIS MINISTRY HAD ALREADY BEEN MADE. IT HAS BEEN DONE. We have taken some to Lagos. We have also taken the complete set to where they are working on it. Brother Solomon and Brother Chibuko are in charge. We have also made advance payment.
81.         In the next two weeks, at our bookstand, if we are still here in the next two weeks, you go to the book stand and see it there like a ladder leaning on the wall. If you want the complete set, you buy your own copy. When you get to your homes, you play it with your computer. All your focus and attention should be one thing—I hope you know where all your focus and attention should be?
82.         In whichever mode you want the video, they will all come out. Within two weeks the copies will be on display in the bookstand. One of the messages that went forth during the camp meeting is already out. It is titled: “SON OF MAN, CLOSE THE BOOK, SEAL UP THE TESTIMONY.” That is the title.
83.         It is not Odoemena’s Message. The Son of Man closed the Book and sealed up the testimony. It is out already. We really thank God for everything. Carry this Message down to your homes.
84.         I invite Pastor Dan to tell us the standard which God has instituted which He wants to be sustained. That no one will distort it. If you distort it God will destroy you. If you protect it, God will protect you.
85.       Brethren Remain blessed. Anybody who is advised to let go of his way, let it be known to him that his way is bad. However, if you are asked to hold it tightly and remain firm, it means you are on the right track. God Himself has given us good testimonies about us and we are happy about the good testimonies God has given about us.
86.       The greatest testimony is what God has just given about us. That is the Greatest and the Best. That is the Best Commendation we can get. People outside might get commendations and give testimonies but such commendations and testimonies are false. This one that came from the Almighty God about us should be sustained. Let us sustain it. As we have entered and have been sealed in, do not forget who you are and live a life that is contrary to the teachings we have received.
87.       Look at Noah, when Noah and his children were in the ark, we never read anywhere that the children gave him headache, not minding that they were all adults with their wives, they never gave Noah any headache. Thus, remember that as we are in the Ark, do not forget that we are inside there with God.
88.       Whether you raise your head up or bring it out, you are still there. Make sure that you do not go there trying to perforate the Ark, by backbiting and slandering inside the Ark. God will not allow it. He will not tolerate any act from you that will give Him headache. The highest place for you is the grave where you will be resting.  
89.       As a result, it is very important that as Almighty God has sealed us in, we should be calm, sober and respect ourselves in our families and wherever we find ourselves for our own good.
90.       If you think that God has liberated us and therefore we should start living reckless life which we were not living before, which will make people to start asking if you were not the people that claim they have been sealed, God will not be happy with you whether man or woman in the family.
91.       We should now be joyful, doing the work of God with every amount of joy. Is there anybody that is being chased about by the Police?  Nobody. Hence, we should not get horrible reports of fighting from your yard or even quarrelling with others.  We do not need it. If you give us trouble, God will parcel you into the grave—one way!
92.       If you give me trouble, I just call Him and tell him what you are doing to me. If you feel I cannot do it, I will call the person that will help me quickly. For that reason, it is very important that everyone should be obedient to the Word we have received. Amen.
We are glorifying God— the type of revival God has put in us, the way I am seeing it, the revival will continue until the translation of our mortal bodies. Why I said it is because nothing gives and sustains strength more than the Word of God coming to pass.
2.          By daybreak you see another one coming to pass. Another daybreak brings another one coming to pass. What is more, as it happens, so we come closer to our flight. Remember that there is one which will happen and over one thousand prophecies will be fulfilled. We thank God. If you like, when you get home, you turn to a mad dog and revert to your old lifestyle. There is no problem.
3.          Pastor Christian and company, who are greater than the Word of God, Brother Shadrach and company, John Ekwueme and his likes, who do not understand what God is saying; it is not that they do not know. They are fathers who are inclined to evil. Whatever you are doing, ask yourselves a pertinent question: “What if I am at the receiving end?”
4.          Assuming you are sick and your wife does not care or show concern in anyway; she does not show sorrow in any form, she stays away from you, when it is time to feed you, she goes away and comes back late in the night abandoning you to fate, if you are the man and your wife treats you like that, will you be happy?
5.          You, the man who abandons his wife when she falls sick as if she inflicted the sickness on herself, you change and start coming home as late as 11 o’clock in the night, you go out in the morning without giving a thought to whether she is dying or getting lost; there might be money there but there is no one to go and purchase the food, you go out, wandering up and down only to come back at midnight. You came back making face as if you have fought with someone. Ask yourself one question: “If my wife treats me this way, will I feel happy?”
6.          Meditate seriously over this so that you will find out why some people will enter the grave. Any set of people that will behave in such a way as to blaspheme the Name of God MUST enter the grave.
7.          All these night crawlers who do not know the difference between day and night, Shadrach and company who would come back and go straight to bed, even as malnutrition is threatening his life, be careful
8.          You see, I called the wife and told her. The husband (Brother Shadrach) came to my house very early in the morning to confess that what God said was truth. He said that he worked for thirty-eight hours non-stop without food.
9.          I said, “What!” That of a truth, he (Brother Shadrach) worked for thirty-eight hours non-stopped without food. He said that if he had died, that the wife should not be blamed. That it was not because he was not given any food to eat. Our Brethren were in My house that very day.
10.       In the presence of our Brethren that filled the house that day, I asked him a question, “Are you not telling Me all these because you are alive? If you had died, your people would have alleged that your wife killed you. Will they believe she cooked for you?”
11.       All evil-minded fellows will enter the grave. Those who poison with the heart, but because God wants to save you; He does not want you to be lost; He showed you mercy, not because you changed your heart and mind. There are lots of you in this Faith who will never repent no matter how long you wait for them to repent. Till eternity, Christian Dike will never repent. John Ekwueme will not repent.
12.       The lifestyle they had in the beginning is what they are still living till now. There had never been a Camp Meeting where they did not have or give problems, from the beginning till the end. There are moments they were excommunicated from the Camp and they will remain outside loitering about. We cannot tell the atrocities John Ekwueme committed in Onitsha that Apostle Kelechi almost slapped him.
13.       You know Apostle Kelechi is slow to anger. There was a lie he told in our presence and I turned and looked at him. The young men rushed after him for telling lies. Brother Emeka was there, Brother Emmanuel Nnachor was there, Brother Chibuko was there, and the evidence was there. It was not fabricated. It is the same with Pastor Christian Dike.
14.       He was pushed out of My house the other day when he was telling blatant lies. When you go home, make a change in your life—an example will I make of you, instead of keeping you as a burden in the Ark. More so, when I am angered by your presence.
15.       There are two options for you: If you do not go into the grave, I will ask you to carry all your luggage, go to your house and wait for rapture there. Do not ever come near the congregation of the Saints again. Do not come near the gate. Stay in your house and worship the way you want. Leave us here!
16.       On the day of translation of the Saints of God, if you are translated, fine. If you are left out, you suffer with the world so that you will know how painful it is. If you are a seed of God and you are barred from the congregation of the Saints, and also barred from visiting any of the Brethren or be visited by Brethren, simply stay on your own.
17.       When a member of a community constitutes so much trouble and unbearable problems to the community, he is ostracized. Take note of what I am saying.  I do not know who will be the first example in all these.
18.       I do not hate anyone of you. I love all of you but I love God more than I love you. Loving God means allowing His Word to stand.
19.       All these evil-minded fellows who have nullified the status of their fatherhoods; who will have money in their pockets, and will prefer to spend the money on outsiders instead of feeding their families; it is very bad.
20.       You go outside to feed and feast only to come back to your house with toothpick in your mouth to show your wife that you have fed well out there, and that you have come back to pick your teeth at home.
21.       When you are asked to bring money for a cup of garri, you flare up. You pocket your earnings because you got it from your handwork and wilfully starved your family, thinking you are going there with that kind of heart, you are fooling yourself.
22.       The heart we have is a new heart, new spirit and a new life with which we are going to enter into the new Paradise; A new world, a new Jerusalem and a new Heaven.
23.       IN NO DISTANT TIME, IT WILL HAPPEN RIGHT BEFORE YOUR EYES. ALL THAT YOUR EYES CAN SEE WILL MELT AWAY AND NEW ONES WILL REPLACE THEM. That is why this Voice is going forth. Remember that some were just tolerated at the camp meeting. If, by the grace of God, you are allowed and tolerated at the camp meeting and you are wise, talk to yourself. Is God afraid of you? No!
24.       What God is looking for is the kind of heart and love with which we lived together which made the Hausa man, the Igbo man and the Yoruba man one in fellowship with everyone. No matter where you come from, no one looked down on the other because of good understanding. That is why the three or four people who turned themselves into veritable tools in the hands of Satan, to spoil things were stopped by God.
25.       In every community where the good people are greater in number, that community is a good community. When the righteous are in the majority, that land is the land of righteousness. It does not mean that there are no evil men there. They are there but they are small in number. They were covered anyhow.
26.       Now we are in our various families, open up. Instead of suppressing your feelings, carry your bag and leave us. We are not prepared to be infected with the disease in your eyes or for your diseases to afflict us. We will never allow that. Do not ever allow yourself to partake of another man’s sickness. I should not be infected by any infectious disease. My family should not be affected, because we do not have that which would be used to purify you. What would have been used to purify you is no more available.
29.       If you want your own to be bad, it is your responsibility. If you want yours to be good, it is your responsibility. The same way we came together and resolved that it shall be well with us and it turned out good, that is the way a family should resolve and take a stand how the family should be.
30.       Pastor Thomas will resolve and say, “My family must be good”, Pastor Dan will do same and say, “My family must be good”, Apostle Kelechi will say, “ My family must be good”, Deacon Vin will say, “My family must be good;” everywhere will be good, good, good, good, good.
31.       Deacon Vin, note it, there is something in a name. If your name is OBIDINMA, and you live contrary to the meaning of the name, you have caused an infringement on the name. ANY INFRINGEMENT ON YOUR NAME IS AN INFRINGEMENT ON YOUR PERSONALITY. Everybody should be very careful.  
32.       There was a time I told you that there is time for everything. When God spoke about it in this Faith to all those who still wants to marry, to have more children, and those who have not had children, that they may marry another wife and through her have children, God gave everybody a chance. Nobody was hindered or exempted by God.
33.       By the time people got married, God stood in our midst said that Bishop Ezemachiri of Nsukka Household married a heathen,  that is a pagan. That he should sit her down and tell her the truth. That Apostle Kelechi got married to “remain blessed.” Apostle Kelechi, did I tell you? That Apostle Abraham Paul of Nsukka Household married a sister. Do you understand what I am saying?
34.       Has God not said everything? For a wise fellow, does he need to be told where to be? He (God) further added that the worst amongst us is better than the best outside. Do you understand it? Do you then need to tell a wise fellow what to do? Is it not finished?  It is finished.
35.       While we were reading the Message, God said that the next war we are going to face is the war against the Moabite; that He has seen the loophole; that is going to be through marriage, that they are going to bring a nation rejected by God as a wife, thereby bringing distress upon themselves, which will lead to the divorce of the first wife.
36.       Was there a time God commanded that the old one (wife) should be divorced? Do you send the old one packing from your house because of the new one? Was it ever mentioned in this world? The only one that will come to displace the old wife is a Moabite woman; an Egyptian woman. 
37.       If you are a wise fellow, even if the person was not in this Faith originally, before you discuss marriage with her, give her your Faith to find out what she will say or do. Is there a time a person can hate your Faith and turn around to love you? That person who is coming to displace the sitting wife, is she from God? Be careful. I am giving you clues.
38.       It is the same with the married women. Be mindful of how you go about your marriage. Some came to tell Me about their suitors, that he did this and that, that he is not in this Faith. I tell them that their fate is in their hands. What you want is what you will get. I have never seen anyone that did such a thing and still remained in this Faith. No one has ever done it. For the heathen to tell the sister, “Okay, I will give you all the opportunity to worship your God.” The highest is one month, his colour will come out and when the colour comes out, you will be stranded. In other words, you have excommunicated yourself.”
39.         I remember the words I spoke to Bishop Isaac the day he came looking for Me. That was the reason he was crying and following Me about and I had to restrain him with the Word. I told him early enough saying, “If you do not look for Me with lantern in this matter, let it be known to you that I am not the Son of Man. You said he is from Anambra State; that he will marry your daughter, wed her and take her to Japan?”
40.         I told him that if his child steps her feet in Japan, I will come down from the pulpit. I thank God that Pastor Dan was there the day I said it before this man, Bishop Isaac and his daughter.
41.         I told them of their iniquities to their face right inside My house. He was so shamefaced that he did not know how to leave My house. The man shook My hands, and up till today he still calls Me on the phone. He said he has never come across anybody who speaks the truth like the Son of Man. He still calls Me from Japan.
42.         He made it categorically clear that there was never a time he came down to Nigeria to marry a wife; only that his parents needed a help. That he is not ready to come back to Nigeria for marriage; for he was not ready to take her to Japan; and that he will not be coming back every year because he has a job over there in Japan; for there is no way he will look for a wife outside Japan. He said all these before Me, Pastor Dan, Bishop Isaac and the young girl.
43.         It became a total deadlock. If the dowry is returned, she will automatically become a divorcee. You know, when someone is being given a very useful advice he does not see the reason until he is entangled in a big trouble. By then you will see the reason for the advice.
44.         That thing you use as toothpick can bring heartbreak to you.  Deacon Vin, that thing that is scaring you away will not solve the problem. Come and see Me. Remember I talked to you during the camp meeting before the Elders. Deacon Vin, I told you that you are too slim for My liking. That you are malnourished and have assumed the condition Brother Shadrach found himself that almost led to his death.
45.         Did I tell you that? Was it not in the camp before the others? The Elders were there when I said it. I pointed it out to you that you are dying; that I have never seen you in this form before. It is not that you do not eat. You are totally distressed and it is the burden you put on yourself. This is how you know when a man makes a mistake. Number one, he will be in distress. Number two, he will become lean. Number three, he will start syndicating his stress and woes.
46.         Stop there! Do not make a further move. Whatever! If the Son of man has not asked you to go, do not go. If you move without My approval, you are on your own. Finish!
47.         Thus, running away from the reality on ground is not the remedy. The earlier you come back the better. Besides, do  not ever make the mistake of quoting the Son of Man when the Son of Man never told you anything. You might be saying that to create fear in the people around you. Some men do it.
48.         If he wants to create fear in people, he starts quoting the Son of Man out of context: How he visited Daddy. How they discussed this and that. Did you ever discuss anything with Daddy? If you know what you discussed with Daddy, say it. If you know what you told Him, say it. If you know the advice He gave to you, say it. Don’t ever say what Daddy never said! You will be incurring the greatest of all sins, because you have lied against the Son of Man.
49.         I can never speak against My teachings. This is what I want you to have at the back of your mind. This is what you should have in mind. Thus, if you know where we stopped, what you said and the advice I gave to you, peg it there. Any step beyond that is taken in error. You will come back with tears.
50.         The person that says he is going to Lagos to make money and starts by selling off all that he has acquired in life, is there any form of stupidity greater that?  He does not have anything to fall back on or live with. If he gets to Lagos, no way.
51.         Do not ever sell your property before you go out to prospect for a better livelihood. Leave the one you have acquired so far, lest you do not make it where you have gone to.
May the Almighty God Who led us into this place, Who leads and protects, protects all of us, protect all His children wherever they might be until that day when we are going to be clothed with immortality.
2.            He that has started this work that is coming to an end before our very eyes throughout the world which we see and give all the glory, that He may continue in this work.
3.            God, we ask that You strengthen us so that we shall be trustworthy till the D-day. Keep us all through the troubles now and the days ahead. All through the year, preserve us. All our hope and trust are on you O Creator of Heaven and the Earth.
4.            O God, do not allow any evil report to be heard about us. Help us to sustain till eternity, this Message which You have entrusted into our hands, and the character you have seen in us which gave You joy through Christ our Lord we pray. Amen.