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The Son of Man Revealed From One of The Jungles in Africa According To William Branham's Prophesy

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I am not only crowned a King, I am crowned King of kings and Lord of lords. Believe it if you can…
—The   Son of Man
 (I am Back)
REVELATION. That is my belief.
The Elohim selected the people from far and wide. We are children of the Prophets. We have been coming down as pilgrims and strangers pitching tents. We do not have a permanent dwelling place until we enter Paradise.
From the time we recognized Christ as the Almighty God, from there, Christ took over the mantle of leadership and then He started revealing to us the mysteries of His Kingdom.


Remain blessed Brethren. Those outside, if you have the opportunity to squeeze yourselves inside, kindly do that. I did not say you should start scrambling for spaces. Rather stay where you can benefit from the meeting.
2.         Like I said last night, you should bear with Me. I am aware that we are congested in this Jerusalem Fellowship hall, but we cannot be more congested than the Nigerian cell. This Jerusalem Fellowship hall is actually hot but it cannot be hotter than Hellfire. If the hotness in Hellfire is like this, there is no need why anyone should make noise.
3.         I am saying in effect that the best torture room in Nigeria cannot be compared with the congestion in this Jerusalem Fellowship hall. If you have never been in a dungeon, try to commit a sin that will take you there, and then just stay there for one night.
4.         Thus,  those outside, I beg you not to stay in a place where the Devil will cheat you. For once you are outside the Fellowship hall, your eyes will be flickering left and right as too many things will be distracting your attention. While the message will be going on, you might be engaging yourself in an unnecessary conversation with the result that at the end of the meeting, THE ONLY TESTIMONY you will go home with is that “too many people attended the meeting.” However, this is not the reason why you are in the fellowship of the saints.
5.         As a result, if you have more seats outside, bring them in. If you have single chairs, bring them in. I want to shake this vehicle a little. It will accommodate more people now. Bring in those single chairs to the front. Fear not, I am in your midst. Those that came inside, from now you will start benefiting from the meeting(fellowship). You will begin to notice what you have been missing all this while.
6.         You see, some people have been deceiving themselves outside the fellowship hall thinking that they are enjoying cool air outside. Little did they know that they are enjoying cool death.
7.         Life cometh by hearing; and by hearing the Word of God. Let Me tell you, the worst position you place yourself inside the fellowship hall is far better than the comfortable position you were sitting outside, for the anointing flows within and not without.
8.         What if you have the gift of vision? You see, you cannot see the vision outside the fellowship hall; rather it is inside the fellowship hall that you will see the vision. As many that thought they were fellowshipping outside the fellowship hall, they are lying because they are operating with another spirit. You will see what will start happening in your lives from now; you will notice that you started enjoying the meeting today. 
9.         If you are not in the Ark it means you are outside the Ark. If you are wise, you must stay where the action is. Do not stay on the sidelines.
10.      Please sit where your eyes can be seeing what is happening inside in order to avoid distractions of attention. We are in the fellowship of the saints, in His Presence for a strict business.  
11.      You are already blessed, hence there is no need saying remain blessed. Your faces are looking very glorious! I admired the beauty of this camp yesterday night.
12.      Apostle Kelechi, find your way to the pulpit. Leave your books and come up; take it easy. Deacons spread yourselves.
13.      To God be the glory. Someone might be wondering what took place. There is no angel in the pulpit, thus I am not Zechariah. 
We are in His Presence just by His grace. It is by the grace of God that we are blessed by the Apostolic Ministry. Maybe you do not know that it is the grace of God that has provided us this ministry, which is the Bride of Christ Ministry. It is the grace of God that has provided us the Saviour.
2.           Note, in every dispensation, A Saviour has always been sent from God and this is our own dispensation.
3.           In the book of Nehemiah, he praised God with a saying; “Praise be to God forever Who has blessed us with a saviour.”
4.            They were all human beings. If you do not believe that Jesus Christ was a human being, you are an anti-Christ. As Moses was a human being so Jesus was a human being. The problem in Jesus’ day was that they were making pretences that they believed him when they never believed him.
5.           That is why he subjected them by saying, “If you had believed Moses, you would have believed in me for Moses spoke concerning me.”
6.           The same thing I, Apostle Peter Odoemena, said to End-time believers who make pretences that they believe William Branham the Prophet. If you have believed William Branham the Prophet, you would have believed in Me. For William Branham saw my day and spoke concerning Me (the Son of Man).
7.           When you talk about the Mighty (Arch) Angel, there is no other Prophet that has ever described the Mighty Angel more than William Branham by preparing the hearts of the people to welcome Him (the Son of Man).
8.           They did not believe William Branham, rather they capitalized on the weaknesses of his doctrines which proffered minister-ship on all of them, and they used it to extort from their fellow human beings.
9.            However, it is not so in this most holy Faith for this Faith stands out of its own. There is no Faith that you will say that this MOST HOLY FAITH is its branch, that is, the Bridal Faith does not draw its source from any faith. It operates alone.
10.       Note it; we were invited in this camp meeting for a very strict assessment. All these years we have been receiving from God, now God wants to assess us.
11.       (The interpreter from Owerri Church was not measuring up) I do not blame him; I should blame Bishop Isaac Igwe who is not conforming to what is happening in Onitsha. He does not want to pattern after Jerusalem.
12.       He is too far from the revealed pattern. At Owerri they do not go to fellowship until it is 10.30 to 11 O’ clock in the morning, and in less than thirty minutes they have dismissed. Brother Leo is it a lie? Have you allow yourself to be corrected? I am telling you the truth.
13.       We sent somebody there and till ten O’clock the person is still calling them on phone even the Bishop has not arrived. If I do not tell you this truth you will labour in vain. I have come to the end of all things.
14.       Thus, I am not looking at your face, for I have already won the battle, I have kept the Faith, I have finished my work. It is only remaining one thing and no human being can do it, it is one thing that He, the Son of Man, the Resurrected Body will do by Himself.
15.       I, the Son of Man have invited you to assess you so that you will go with Me for I am already on my way home. I do not think I have any other programme with the world that can keep Me here on Earth more than necessary.
16.       A madman was right by telling me that I have over stead, asking me what am I still doing on Earth? That was the little he knew (for reference about the encounter between the Son of Man and the mad man, check the Message THE KINSMAN REDEEMER, page 32, verse 25 to 27).
17.       However, he (the madman) never knew that many people were yet to be ready and I am not prepared to lose even any man for it will be a very expensive joke I can never entertain. That is why I am not expecting any big thing from anybody. Even if you are the worst offender, I am only expecting to see a faith that is of the size of the mustard seed.
18.       Let me tell you, while Jesus Christ was talking to the people, they asked Him, “Father, what shall we do that we might do the works of God,” and He replied and said unto them that if you will only believe in Him whom He has sent. What is more, believing in Him (the sent One) means obeying in His teachings.
19.       Philippians 4 verse 1-3, Dear brother Christians, I love you and long to see you, for you are my joy and reward for my work. My beloved friends, stay true to the Lord.
20.       And now I want to plead with those two dear women, Euodia and Syntyche. Please, please, with the Lord’s help, quarrel no more-be again.
21.       And I ask you, my true teammate, to help these women, for they worked side by side with me in telling the Good-news to others.LB.
22.       Watch Apostle Paul talking to his disciples, those that believed in him, for they were the people he is to present to God as the first fruits of his ministry. Just like the joy of the farmer is nothing but in the harvest.
23.       This most holy Faith is the reward of Son of Man’s sufferings for the joy of every messenger of God has always been the souls of they that are entrusted into His hand which he has kept saved till the end. That’s his joy, that’s his comfort: that of all that were committed into His hand He lost none of them.
24.       For the sake of his brethren, Saint Paul laid down his life for the salvation of the souls that were committed into his hands—behold his consolation.
25.       That was why he laid down his life to make sure they are saved. For the sake of the brethren, Saint Paul laid down his life, died that day, passed through many troubles and used his experiences to comfort all that believed in Christ through him.
26.       Philippians 4 verse 1-3 again. I am driving towards something from there:
27.        “Dear brother Christians, I love you and long to see you, for you are my joy and reward for my work. My beloved friends, stay true to the Lord.
28.       And now I want to plead with those two dear women, Euodia and Syntyche. Please, please, with the Lord’s help, quarrel no more-be again.
29.       And I ask you, my true teammate, to help these women, for they worked side by side with me in telling the Good-news to others.LB.
30.       Stop quarrelling, be friends again. If Saint Paul, being the first messenger of the First Church Age could take pain to address the problem of quarrelling between two women or sisters who were the co-labourers in the preaching of the Gospel and so on, what do you think the Son of Man will do if ministers are fighting themselves, engaging in the war of words among themselves at a delicate hour like this?
31.       Do we leave them behind? Do we cast them away? Do we hand them over to the spirit of destruction? I mean, do we pass judgment against them?
32.       Thus, Brother Monday Obakpalor, Apostle Monday, Bishop Justice, Apostle Ugonna, all from Lagos, please, I am pleading with you, stop quarrelling, stop quarrelling among yourselves.
33.       With the Lord’s help, restore fellowship immediately. By immediately I mean, according to my Spoken Word right now. I did not say in the evening, I did not say tomorrow, I am saying that you should make peace this very moment, otherwise I am sealing off everything right now because I am not calling this meeting again. I AM ABOUT TO SUBMIT MY BOOK AND MY BOOKS.
34.       I have books and I equally have a book, and no human being has ever peeped into that book. God will not destroy you but you will destroy yourself. What is more, God will not erase your name from the Book of Life but you will erase your name.
35.       In the beginning there was only but one book, which is the Book of Life, and anybody that does not have his or her name in that book, he or she has himself or herself to blame. The name was there in the beginning, it should be there till the end, but you erased it with your own hand.
36.       If you are tired of continuing in this race, don’t discourage others. You are either moving forward with others or you are putting a clog on the wheels of progress.
37.       In a race, if the front man stops abruptly, he causes accident; he causes a crush which is a chain accident. When you are following a car behind and the driver stops abruptly, then he causes a chain accident.
38.       Bishop Justice talk to yourself. If you know Who is talking to you and the Throne from where your name is being sounded in this very great sea of people, the Son of Man is bearing record against you amidst the sea of angels who cannot tell lies before the Supreme God, you will repent with ash cloth where you are right now.
39.       Flexing your muscles makes it even more difficult to render any help. Brother Monday Obakpalor, failure of any minister starts with self-justification. Apostle Monday suffer yourself to be defrauded that peace may reign. Apostle Ugonna, be quiet after a godly sort and stop being subtle and crafty.
40.       To the rest of you that finds it very difficult to dwell together in peace with one another, I appeal to you in the Name of the Lord Whom we serve to try your best if it is possible, adjust your mind.
41.       Hell is a prepared place for the Devil and his angels. It is not a place meant for human beings. It is wilful disobedience to God’s instructions that takes people to Hell, for God never purposed for anybody he created to suffer such eternal torture. He is a compassionate God.
42.       Since we started working in the fellowship ground in preparatory for the meeting, even before you came, I have been moving about, inspecting all corners expecting to meet some fighting, punching themselves or demonstrating noisily about. I have not seen one not even among the little children.
43.       Everybody appears to be happy, I hope it is not a manufactured calmness, it is not a manufactured peace, I hope it is not fabricated. I hope it is a naked display of the level of transformation that has taken place in your life as a result of your belief in the doctrines of the Son of Man, if not, it is counterfeit.
44.       If you are merely suppressing your feelings so that your name will not be mentioned for evil, you are a hypocrite, that action has already marked you out of the Kingdom.
45.       Let me tell you, as the Son of Man has loved and accommodated you for all these years, the same way you ought to love and accommodate each other; there is nobody in this Faith from 16 years and above who can say that he has never offended the Son of Man for one day.
46.       Some have even placed a curse on him, even cursed the day I was born. Some have not only threatened my life and carried out their threats but I stopped them yet, I said, “Lord, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing. If they had known more than this, they would have done better.”
47.       If I were to hold grudges and iniquities against you the same way you hold grudges and iniquities against yourselves and against your fellow brethren, what hope do you have of eternal life? Whether you like it or not, you must show the same equal love to your fellow brethren.
48.       For it does not take a millennium to create a good relationship. That strained relationship must be corrected at my Word now. I said now. I did not say the next minute; it is a matter of the mind. If you try and it is not workable, do not kill yourself.
49.       It is a matter of adjusting your mind. However, if you try and it is not working, do not kill yourself. It is your nature. What is more, any moment from now, the last separation will start. People with identical nature will be packed on one side. Behind every nature, there is a spirit. We have come closest to the end. Amen.

I had a dream in my house. I do not remember the date but it is not up to one week. During the family altar, I narrated it to everybody. In this dream, it was where I came in and I saw chaos in the city. People were running helter-skelter. I saw soldiers and policemen joined in the riot by burning down buildings. Onitsha lay desolate. What is more, it was a religious war. 
2.           Then I picked my phone and began to call brethren, informing them to stay in their houses, assuring them that nobody will be touched. Besides, the war was as a result of a reprisal attack which started in the South-East, presumably Onitsha. Then extended to Enugu. So many things were in that dream. I narrated it to brethren in the family altar and we prayed.
3.           The following day, all the newspapers carried the headline, telling Christians to be ready for religious war—the whole newspapers! While we were waiting, the following day (after the dream), there was a reprisal attack in Delta State. What happened? Some irate youths bombed one Islamic school in Delta State.
4.           Trouble is looming at last. The Vanguard newspapers says: BOKO HARAM STARTED RELIGIOUS WAR. The president himself, Goodluck Jonathan is making the statement.
5.           Inside the newspaper, I saw something that happened in the past repeating. By short listing names of the victims in the bomb attacks on the Churches, especially the one at Madalla, in Niger State, that is, in Suleja—by short-listing their names in the international newspapers like Vanguard and Sun, and even with their pictures, they are calling for a reprisal attack. More so, from the names so far published, it is clear that about 95% of the bomb victims came from the South-East.
6.           It is like the trouble we had some years back, where some people used a trailer lorry to load victims of the Kano riots, dumped all of them at Upper-Iweka, and trouble started. Well, I won’t say something now. Only remember that I told you not to pray against it, that the trouble is coming. It will ravage every aspect of life in Nigeria and beyond. Don’t pray against it.
7.           I told you clearly that the trouble will start as a political trouble, but will end in religious trouble. I told you to expect a Jihad. Go through the message titled: THE STATE OF THE NATION, VOLUME 2, and then MINISTERS’ MEETING of 2010.
8.           No new thing is happening. Remember that God said you are going to have tribulation for ten days. That trouble will engulf the whole Earth. He made it clear that there is going to be an event that will divert the attention of the world, and in the midst of the trouble, the Bride will be taken away. It does not take a millennium for trouble to start.
9.           When the stage is set for trouble, anything can ignite it. If you do not perceive that the stage is set, you are blind. If you have not perceived that danger is around, your eyes of the spirit are completely blind.
10.       Thus to all of you that have come to this meeting, it is not a preaching meeting. It is not a teaching meeting. It is an assessment meeting for God to assess us, and know whether the harvest is virtually ripe. And I am sure that the harvest is ripe. The harvest is ripe. For there can never be any gathering under the sun.
11.        A gathering of human beings drawn from different languages, tribes and things like that. Different ethnic groups, coming together, even staying for two hours without having trouble. The peaceful composure that I have seen in the Bride is the peace that cometh from the Father.
12.       I watched the sisters in the kitchen, I watched the way that we file out to eat - an arrangement that has not been made in this faith before. I wanted to see people scrambling for food or pushing one another. Instead of doing that, I see a glorious sight.
13.       Let Me share a testimony with you. On 29th December 2011, the principal of the college was moving round the school compound. He went round. He said he disguised himself by coming in shorts (knickers). He said by so doing he will avoid me. He was shocked that the first person he met was the Son of Man. He told me how he went round the whole compound with his torchlight. The idea was to see how we were faring. He saw how brethren were taking their food. He thought it was because it was night.
14.       This morning, he timed us very well. He came again. I never knew he started from the toilets and inspected the whole hostels. Finally, we met. We stood by the side, he was watching the way brethren were filing to take their food and how happy they were. I began to introduce some of the brethren to him. The man folded his arms. A little while, he turned and said: “Son of Man, you are a divine leader. What type of miracle are you using to keep even the infants in the line?” He was there for more than thirty minutes. At the end he said he will continue, he will like to see everything in the day time. He admired us. Said even from the vey onset, that he marked us out as a wonderful group. That we are rare. We are not found anywhere else.
15.       God brought us to this camp meeting to watch us interact with one another, and to know whether we have conformed to His image properly.
16.       I am the Son of Man, if He predestined you for salvation, you must conform to the image of His Son. I am your Masterpiece. Nothing is entering there (Paradise) except the person that is like the Masterpiece.
17.       Thank you very much for your cooperation all these years! The journey is over! It does not mean we will not go home. You will go home.
18.      You just wait for further instruction(s). Really, I am impressed. I can now go home very happy that I have never laboured in vain.
19.      If you are waiting for another new message, that new message will be preached in paradise.  All that should be known has been revealed to you; everything about the deity, even the place you are going to; the only thing that I have not revealed is the day, the hour and everything.
20.       Nothing more is left. It is a secret that is locked in the heart of the Son of Man. I am impressed; that we could get to the end and still boast of this kind of crowd; that we could endure all things even till the end. I am not talking of the end that is coming tomorrow. I have closed the register…. I have closed the register; nothing is going in, nothing is going out. It is finished. The Ark has been locked.  The Ark is locked. I am not holding the key again. The key has been submitted. It is finished.
21.       From now you will start hearing His Voice (The Resurrected Body, Who is the Son of Man) loud and clear. Even if He is at Mbaise, and you are in Onitsha, you will hear the voice; Make no mistake about it. I allowed our brother to share his experience. Believe it if you can, I can call all of you by your names. Amen.

SON OF MAN, CLOSE THE BOOK AND SEAL UP THE TESTIMONY preached on 31st december, 2011
I Am Your Mercy Seat,” page 27, verse 31-32: “Convert that trouble, that trial which will make you go about complaining, which can deny you the joy of your salvation. If you are not intelligent, if you are not wise, complaining can deny you the joy of your salvation. Before you know it, you will make everybody around you victims of your mood. Everybody will become victims of your mood, that is, your mood will affect everybody. People that are not even responsible for your condition will be suffering because of your attitude and disposition. By then you have become a canker.
2.           If you are happy, sing songs. If you are troubled, pray. If you are distressed, force songs to come into your mouth and glorify the name of the Lord More especially now we are waiting at the gate. Let nothing upset you, let nothing offend you for the journey is almost over.
3.           You see, it was prophesied and it ended on 30th December, 2011. You will know why you are still on Earth. Talk of the journey, it is all over. Talk of the price to be paid, everything has been paid. You talk of conditions, all conditions has been met.
4.           Thus, I have closed the Ark. You know what I mean, as long as God lives and I live, I have collected the approved number of the Gentiles I am sent to collect, that is, the complete number I am sent to collect. What is more, and immediately the last person rolled in, I closed the manifest for that is the instruction. It is the instruction that I was given from the very beginning.
5.           Remember that I told you that He has a fixed number He will take from the Gentiles even if they are trillions upon trillions persons; the same way it is with the Jews.
6.           Let the Jews fill the whole Earth, He has a number He will collect from there and the number is kept secret in His heart. It is in your Great Sermon.
7.           Once the last elect enters, it could be a blind man, it could be a mad fellow, it could be a lame person; I do not care where he or she is coming from. It could also be an infant because in the airplane, the only person that will not purchase the ticket is one that is still in the womb; one-day-old must pay for the ticket for he is a passenger; he is entitled to one ticket in that airplane.
8.           I was watching, I was waiting. Immediately the last person rolled in, the bell rang, girim, girim, girim and the Voice said, “SON OF MAN, CLOSE THE BOOK, SEAL UP THE TESTIMONY. CLOSE THE BOOK, SEAL UP THE TESTIMONY”.
9.           Who am I to delay? What am I waiting for? Afterall, my entire family is already in the Ark. What else? This is what has been my headache.
10.       How many believe that God sends alert? He can wake you up in your bed; when you are still in your bed, the alert will come straight into your ears, in your hearts, waking you up. Before you know it, the voice will come distinctly into your ears; no mistake about it.
11.       Since you believe in alerts, get ready! From time to time, the son of man will be sending alerts since you believe in alerts.
2.           Verse 5: “…Outside this Faith we have no security elsewhere. That is why when the heathen want to deal with you; they will first of all ask you to come out of this Faith or cause you to commit a crime that will make us to excommunicate you.”
12.       Is it not true? If you have not experienced it, pray for it. They know very well that once you are hidden under the blood, they will only make noise around you but nothing will happen. Hence, when they are tired, they will now devise a way of forcing you out of the blood, out of the protection of Christ, so that they will now lay hold on you.
13.       They have many ways of doing it. If they mount pressure on you using one thing or the other, and you do not come out, they will cause you to commit offence against the Body of Christ which will warrant your excommunication.
3.           Verse 6: “That is why when the heathen want to deal with you; they will first of all ask you to come out of this Faith or cause you to commit a crime that will make us to excommunicate you. Then you have lost your protection and they will destroy you immediately.”
14.       You see why God is wise in all His ways; why I did not make the mistake of allowing even a second further delay in closing the Ark; I couldn’t consider any other thing.
15.       The alert came: Giririm, then the Voice said, “Son of Man, seal up the testimony of all your people, number these people again” then, HE locked the boat so that when you are backsliding or trying to jump, the highest thing you will do is to slide and fall back on your seat. You want to jump, if you jump, your head will hit the roof and when you are falling, you are falling back on your seat, still inside THE ARK. It is still inside.
16.       You want to backslide, you backslide on your seat IN THE ARK; you are falling headlong; you will hit the seat in front of you or jam your brother or sister who will ask you, “what is wrong? Why are you jamming me?” HOWEVER, it is still in the ark, in the boat. Jump up, jump down, everything is happening right inside.
17.       Let me give an illustration of what I mean. I was in a vehicle one day and I was going to Enugu; two young men wanted to exercise their strength on each other, the driver just ignored them, the conductor ignored them, passengers were making a hell of noise trying to hold them back.
18.       I said, “Gentlemen, since you have the strength to fight, passengers keep quiet. Let us see what will happen; whether they will blow this vehicle door open. Driver, continue driving”. The fight ensued; yet it was happening inside.
19.       Before they could control their anger, we were already at Awka. We continued the journey. When we got to new market, one came down and I said, “The feud has ended”. They were fighting inside but nobody forced them to come down. Did you get the message?
20.       They settled themselves and peace came back inside. The journey continued. Nobody could attempt coming down; why? Because the conductor has already sealed them in and the driver was not even interested in what was happening.  
21.       Yes!! Because the driver has already entered into a contract, collected the money from the contract, to end the journey at Holyghost, Enugu; he is only interested in ending the journey at Ogbete, Enugu.
22.       You see, God recognized the fact that the enemy is still alive. The enemy can be your son. Do not expect the enemy to be coming from the stars; no. That enemy can be your son, it can be your daughter, it can be your husband that is not in the Faith. It can be your wife that is not in this Faith, it can even be uncle, it can be your cousin.
23.       Too many of you in this Faith are praying that God should take us away not because you are tired of staying here on Earth but because of the troubles you are passing through in your families which you are no longer ready to continue in. Amen.

I Am Your Mercy Seat,” verse 14, “Brother Mike, I know the hazardous nature of your work. I know what is involved in running up and down but your life is more important than your work. Any day you esteem your work more than this Faith, you will pay the price. You must surely pay the price.”
2.           Brother Mike, are you taking note? I thank God Who has given Me the courage of life. We will monitor this morning to know whether they later buried his father or not. They fixed the burial of the father to be on the 30th December when they knew we had already fixed our meeting. Brother Mike tried to change their minds; they refused, telling him that they needed his money and not his presence.
3.           Then I said, Okay, no problem. I got home, saw the elder brother, he couldn’t talk to Me on the matter for he knew my stand. I told Brother Mike, henceforth, do not send a kobo and do not go. If they want to bury him, let them bury him, but you will go there to sympathize with them; if it was a test, that we were going to pass it.
4.           We reasoned with them that the burial should be shifted to either 15th or 16th of December or postponed to next year. We had already prepared for it. I was ready for the burial on the 15th or 16th December, adequate preparations were made; but when I saw that they were not interested in burying the dead but to use the dead in tempting Brother Mike out of the Faith; I stood my ground.
5.           They know Me. I am not despotic but I am focused. Once I make up my mind on a matter, let the Heavens fall.However, before I can take such a position, I will allow you a very longtime to talk to yourself and retrace your steps.
6.           Nevertheless, when it gets to a point which I will call the “intransitive point,” I will show you that I am a supernatural being.
7.           Brother Mike Emmanuel, do you have the Message titled “I AM YOUR MERCY SEAT? Sister Mike, do you have the Message? You should have your copy; your wife should have her copy also.
8.           “Brother Mike, I know the hazardous nature of your work. I know what is involved in running up and down but your life is more important than your work. Any day you esteem your work more than this Faith, you will pay the price. You must surely pay the price.”
9.           Any day you esteem your work more than this Faith which is your security, you must pay the price.
10.       Brother Mike, if I were in your shoe; I will photocopy this particular portion, paste it on the walls of my house, and place it in my vehicles so that my eyes and my heart will never go off from there, knowing the Source of the warning. When you know the Source of the warning, your mind will go back to previous developments around you and what that Source said that kept you alive.
11.       Even the one that happened, no one pin-pointed it but the same Source and warned that you should never make the mistake of playing with his life, for that will be very disastrous. However, they made the greatest mistake of their lives which I warned of ahead of time.
12.       The mistake has been made, who will pay the price? Not my people, but their people who made that same mistake, finish!
13.       “…I told him to wait for his invitation; less than 2 weeks, the enemy invited him…”
14.        The enemy changed style but God was always in front shattering all his plans. God announced that he was going to send an invitation; less than 2 weeks he sent it with so much pressure that is irresistible by an ordinary man.
15.       “….to make you feel happy, I will show you a sign…” Brother Mike is alive; his family is still alive also. ….for God must sacrifice a heathen to save your life; otherwise, you are going in. Is this the promise of God? God always sacrifices the heathens on behalf of his children. …brother Mike, do not worry; you are coming back again…”
16.       Ahead of time, when we were in the vehicle, I told brethren with me that we are coming back again; the last will be the first. Brethren were speechless.
17.        “If everybody is praying, let him tell God, ‘You see this place, this place!’ The way Israel is fighting for Jerusalem, that is how we stand on this place. Amen.”
18.       Brethren, can you see why we are still here? As many that are not found In Christ they do not belong to me for once you are in Christ the Anointed One, The Messiah, you are secured. You are hiding your life in the Rock of Ages. 
19.       “I told them to plead with their father so that he will return this idol to wherever he got it. Without that nobody will ever return the idol.”  
20.       Brother Mike did it come to pass? From the time Brother Mike’s father died, no human being even in the kindred knows how to return the idol to where the man got it; what and what they will do before his burial has become a very big problem.
21.       Even right now they are trying to solve it, it is not yet solved. They are just doing trial and error. Amen.

I Am Your Mercy Seat, page 85 verse 37, “See what God did: bringing us to the Gate and told us to stand there. He God came, told us plainly that we have attained the highest spiritual level which He Himself has set. The highest He has set for His people, that is where we are and we cannot attain any other height than where we are now.”
2.           In other words, we have met all the conditions for rapture?
3.           Verse 39, “Maybe you do not know that salvation has been entrusted into the hand of a man to give to his fellow man. When you lose this revelation, you lose the salvation. For God has embedded this salvation, just like this translation we are waiting now, it is embedded in a man.”
4.           You can now begin to appreciate why the Voice said, “Do not be afraid of going to the Book of Revelation.” Not that there is anything special about it but I, The Son of Man is the fulfillment of all the content of all the Book of Revelation which John saw in the Island of Patmos.
5.           I am He that moves in the midst of the seven candle sticks. Do not forget the revelation of the Mighty (Arch) Angel. William Braham said all of them (Prophets) are Earthly vessels but there is One that comes from Heaven to minister to them on Earth, He is a heavenly Angel. For a battle that will last for three days. The first battle lasted for seven days; this one is going to be for three days.
6.           A day is coming and now is that day when we shall gather, praise God, exhort one another to continue to be steadfast in the faith as we wait at the gate, share testimonies of God’s doing among us, go home and rest.”
7.           Has it come to pass? This is exactly where you are now. If it was not prophesied, we might be thinking the other way. He that spoke has fulfilled His Word. There is good news I want you to share with Me. I never knew it; It eluded my memory, though it is not a part of the gathering. We fulfilled it like we fulfilled other prophecies before we realized what took place.
8.           On 30th December, 2011 afternoon, I wasn’t myself; as many as really walked close to Me could notice that tears couldn’t depart from my eyes, even till early hours of this morning. When we were watching the film outside, it got to a point, the tears started rolling down. I turned to Apostle Kelechi, he was already dying, not dying in sorrow, but dying in happiness. Joy can kill.
9.           I lost appetite because of joy. I leaned my back on the seat with my head towards the sky, my eyes were lifted up. Many, many pictures continued to roll in my eyes.
10.       What and what are the pictures. People that started with us, but they are no longer in this Faith; that is pictures of those that fought the fight with Me, gallantly stood behind Me when it was hot, defending this Faith, ready to die. I looked around, they were no longer in our midst. I shook my head; I felt like opening the Ark for them, however, I noticed that I had surrendered the key and I said, “God is infinite in wisdom.”
11.       If I never surrendered the key, I will be opening and closing the Ark. The same way he collected the key from Noah, so he collected the key from Me and even took away the whip.
12.       In other words, the anger is gone. He Himself came, took away the whip and dumped it somewhere for the time for using the whip is over. Whip is meant for goats. Wild animals, we use whip to teach them lesson. However, you use word of the mouth to tame wise people and there is no goat in the Ark again; no wild animal in the Ark again. What is the need of whip then?
13.       Every ministry from God has its beginning and ending and the message must announce the end of his ministry. No messenger has ever left his converts in doubt as to the end of the ministry.
14.       30th December, 2011 was really a big day to Me. I tried to adjust myself. I thought shooting the film would help Me, but it worsened my condition. I said I will drink; there was no appetite for drinking. I said, “Okay, let me carry my mat and join the people anyhow. I noticed I couldn’t mix up with the people, but I was managing till early hours of 31st December, 2011.
15.       However, I think I am beginning to regain myself. What is more, it was after everything that Brother Orjiakor came to Me and said, “Daddy, it was when the last voice went forth that it came and stood before Me that this ministry officially started on 30th of December, 1992 and ended on 30th of December, 2011”.  
16.       Note, immediately he said it, I turned to Apostle Kelechi and said, “Brother, you were there; you heard the voice at Amazu oil that this ministry will never go beyond twenty years. It is going to be a quick work:  “a very quick work I will do in the history of mankind that will encircle the whole Earth and once he does it, I will pack, for we are running last to come first; that I will be number one to present the first fruit for rapture”.
17.       Immediately, our minds went back to the very beginning and to the prophecy. I folded my arm.  
18.       “A day is coming and now is that day…” It was after the same experience that Pastor Christian Dike rushed to the back. He never knew what Apostle Orjiakor told us. He was not there when we rehearsed prophecies we heard about this Faith from the very official beginning.
19.       Then I went further to say, “Brethren, can you remember the voice : ‘I am going to make a video tape, the first and the last as we journey along. And any day it is done, the faith is rolled away, no flesh shall be saved again?’”
20.       Pastor Christian rushed and said, “Brethren, I’m afraid. My little son of about four years old was having a problem with his knickers and I wanted to change the knickers, while I inserted one of the legs, the boy said, “Daddy, play, play, play, we will go into Paradise”. Our Pastor was astonished and the boy repeated it. Pastor asked him, “When?” The boy replied, “Now! Now!” By then, I had not come to the pulpit.
21.       The ass spoke to Balaam who is also a man of God. Again, all along, God has been telling us that play, play, play, we have rolled into the Ark proper and the same play, play, play, we will enter into Paradise.
22.       Note it, if God’s instrument for leadership is divine, He cannot use a divine instrument to rule mortal men. Divine instruments are for divine people. Mortal instruments are for mortal people. You are all supernaturals walking in the midst of the naturals.
23.       Prophet William Branham even said it that in the last days, supernatural believers, supernatural saints, he called them super saints will appear; not ordinary saints, but super saints. If you do not know that you are holding a super Faith, place it out there in the world, you will hear God forbid. They will close their ears. To some, it will sound like thunder. However, to you it is distinct and sweet song.
24.       That this meeting, for years now, we have been quoting the tapes we received prophecies in March 1993, we omitted, completely, the official beginning. Moreover, that official beginning, there was a message that confirmed it.
25.       The Lord came down with a vision. It was that official day that it was made known to the whole world that our brother Boniface is called Peter. It was that day that we received our scriptural commission and we were instructed to write it bold, put it in a platform in the form of a sword. I do not know why Pastor Dan is not interested in hanging it, not minding how God has been shouting.
26.       The same way, we shouted before you brought this photograph. There are three boards. One, the sword of the spirit; another is the one that said we should not allow Sambalat and Tobias and another one, the land that has been in the darkness has now seen the light, that this Faith should be called the “Galilee of the Gentiles.”
27.       These things are given as the Lord’s command that we should hang all of them and fix our eyes there continually, lest at any time we will allow our enemies to come in, even to be in the high places. He said that at the end, those that hated this faith, blasphemed it, troubled us will come and say that have repented; that they want to help us, that God is speaking to them, that their ministry will help to strengthen the brethren.
28.       He said, “Do not listen to them for they still remain Sambalat and Tobias and should not have a place in the gathering of the saints”. Whoever that removed those things should restore them.
29.       Nobody has any right to remove any item that is in God’s house without authority. Place them where they belong to. He that placed them there knows why they should be there. You are not wiser than him. Are those things disturbing you? Are those things disturbing our fellowship? They are rather helping our fellowship. They are constant reminders.

I Am Your Mercy Seat,” page 108, verse 4: “I thank God that any moment from now we shall not be gathering to read thus sayeth the Lord or turn the pages of the sermon books. We shall be gathering to worship the King of kings to give Him glory. This is true.”
2.          Has it come to pass?
3.         Verse 6-11, “See, I really thank God for the hour. I have to say it that I am very, very appreciative of the Bride of Christ Ministry. The present stage use to give Me joy. When I admire the beauty of the Bride spiritually, I smiled within Me that I have not laboured in vain, and I said one day to Myself, ‘If God had cut this Ministry short at fifty (50), I would have gone home in sorrow and in pain. There would not have been anything joy in Me.’
4.         Do you know that I enjoyed this Ministry, just for three days only? Let me tell you the whole truth, I started enjoying this Ministry just about three years ago.
5.         If the present stage of the Ministry DOES NOT give you joy, you are not saved.
6.         I repeat it, if the present stage of THE Ministry of the Bride of Christ, where we are now, what is happening around us, in us and in our midst, if it does not give you joy more than your necessary food, more than THE money you have, the Son of Man is saying that you are not yet saveD; And do not ever rest until you begin to have that joy.
7.         The present stage of the Ministry is an admirable stage and it goes to confirm that we are not going home with sorrow. It is with joy that we shall go to Heaven. It is with happiness that we shall go to Heaven. The present stage of the Ministry is really a glorious one.
8.         God has been looking for a people all thESE years THAT he will lead by his word and he has never found those people until now.”
9.          Brother Sam Mantu, well, I thank God you are already in the Ark. But the woman for which cause Brother Emma and the family nearly perished is outside the Ark.
10.      Who had survived the tsunami? Check, only my own people. Thus where is that fruitfulness? She has joined her husband and her family. I thank God.
11.       There is nothing to warn you again about that matter. If you like drink poison. I handled their case, handled Nsukka and spared them, because Nsukka’s own was even a humiliating problem—very humiliating. The blame went to the appropriate quarters. Something I have never attempted since this Faith began; handling cases before declaring the meetings open. I have never attempted it. I wasn’t afraid as to whether I would be put off, for I know the matter at stake. All I handled I set free.
12.      Under anointing on 30th December, 2011 before the Ark was sealed, Lagos was given ONE SECOND to amend their ways. One Second! God said, Please, please, I am not saying that you leave this camp. One second. Just bend down there. No consultation. Do not say, “bishop come o” No. Nobody is your problem but yourself. Change your hearts; change your minds there, in the name of the Lord. There, there. Do not ever say…instantly there.  Do not think I am joking with this statement. There are some others that may receive that statement.
13.      All that were called were given the same mandate to repent instantly there. What if they delayed? What if they were waiting until the meeting will be over then they will go out and begin to reason among themselves which we have been doing without any fruitful result.
14.      God Who knows the heart of every man immediately examined them, re-examined them, after the re-examination, the next thing we heard, “THE BOOK WAS CLOSED.” The testimony was sealed. What if they never settled it and the book got closed, the testimony sealed? They would have been sealed out. Their problems would have followed them to The White Throne Judgment where they will meet no other person than the Son of Man, moving from the Advocate Seat to the Seat of Judgment where he is now, waiting for the world. Waiting for the Middle East. You are no longer my enemies.
15.      Let me tell you, it pays to walk with God. If you say you know God and you do not know how He behaves, you do not know His manner of life, you may destroy yourself. If you walk with Me all these years and you do not know Me, my manner of life, my doctrines, you see this is what is helping my family. They know when I am talking to them as the husbandman of the family. They equally know when I am talking to them as their ONLY HOPE and SAVIOUR. They know that.
16.      Once my eyes change and my Voice changes, they know. That is why domestic matters are placed at the domestic side of the family. Spiritual matters are placed at the spiritual side of the family, making sure that one will not swap into another. 
17.      Let me tell you, it is a very difficult task for a real man of God to run a family and combine it with his commission. It is the worst work that I have ever come across. The most difficult task.  
18.     Verse 16-17: “I KNOW THAT ONE OF THESE DAYS, WHAT SEEMS LIKE A DRAMA WILL BE REAL TO ALL OF YOU. I am telling you the truth.
19.     On that day, many will regret their stubbornness and their rebellion. Nevertheless, do not be among those that will regret. We are at the Gate because of you. By you, I mean the rebellious and the stubborn ones. For we are not happy to lose you, we want you to get rid of that stubbornness, get rid of that your stupid behaviour and then blend with your brethren.”
20.     Like they would have regretted it, even now if they never settled those stubbornness and rebellious spirits that were at work in them. Because of these spirits I handled the message long, long time ago which Apostle Ojiakor preached in 1992 at Ugwumba.
21.     In his own he called it “THE PERNICIOUS EFFECTS OF UNBELIEF” and I handled a message AS: THE AWFUL IMPLICATIONS OF STUBBORNNESS because stubbornness is another form of idolatry. It is a spirit people worship in ignorance. They nurture it within themselves to maturity and begin to submit themselves to these spirits. That is why it is called “idolatry.”  
22.      “…Get rid of that your stupid behavior and blend with your brethren…”
23.      Get rid of that your stupid behavior and blend yourself with your entire brethren, for you cannot be an island in the Bridal Faith. God was warning us ahead of time that we should stop making ourselves a statement in a whole passage. Some even isolated themselves to a word in a passage. Do not be a word in a passage. Be an entire passage.
24.      To live that isolated life God said that it is better that you were in the womb. That you should pray hard that that womb will not be privileged to contain another twins or triplets. For if there be twins or triplets, there will be problem. There must be struggle. If you do not know what I am saying, ask Sister Ozioma. She has been privileged to have twins and also triplets.
25.      Verse 18-27: “You can never isolate yourself from brethren and be in the kingdom. That thing that is scaring you away from Brethren is what will fling you out of the Kingdom, because that person that you are scared from staying with may be the number one to enter. If he enters there before you, you are in trouble! For it then shows that you are not entering again, for God has justified him whom you have condemned in your heart.
26.      As a result, better set everybody free in your heart. Set yourself free, and set everybody free. The Kingdom of God is meant for the freemen and free women, not people that are burdened with hatred. If you are burdened with hatred in your heart, you do not need to come near the place because you know you cannot make it.
27.      Note it, no hypocrite will enter there.
28.       A Brother had a dream that frightened him, he went to Apostle Kelechi, Apostle Kelechi spoke to him, but the Brother remained troubled. Then he came to Me, as God would have it, Pastor Dan was with Me when that Brother came. He misbehaved himself in our presence, when I asked him a question, he started manifesting craftiness, unnecessary subtlety before us.
29.      I said, ‘My friend, glory be God! You were the one that had the dream. I never had any dream concerning you. Now Apostle Kelechi rubbed only cream on your back, I will apply balm. Apostle Kelechi did not want you to feel dispirited or discouraged, thus he encouraged you.
30.      ‘Now, let Me tell you the truth, too many dreams had been already showed to us concerning you, all saying the same thing and now you have had two separate dreams, all speaking the same thing and before us you have manifested it. This your habit which you have now manifested live before Me and Pastor Dan on this serious matter that affects you, is what disqualifies you from crossing over. You saw your fellow Brethren rushing there, even Sisters were climbing the thing so easily; infants will come there one second they enter; but you being a minister got there, when you place your leg, place your hand, everything will just step down. You tried and tried, anywhere you place your hand you lose, you place your leg you lose and you remained like that until the whole thing finished.
31.      ‘You told your fellow Elders, they told you that you were responsible for it, that you should blame yourself and not God, that you are the cause and you came to us, we repeated the same thing. You had two different separate dreams speaking the same thing.’ I reminded him of when he started manifesting it right from Amazu Oil.
32.      There and then the spirit led us into another realm where we visited his brother, name withheld, who is also caught in the same web, for I told you, ‘You do not need to come to Benjamin to bother Me, you do not need to bother yourself.’”
33.      He is referring to John Ekwueme, who continued having problem until I banned him from coming to this camp. He received last-minute pardon also on the 28th. That was the day we started the meeting. The same thing is applicable to brother Shedrach who is also a crafty man like John Ekwueme. I banned two of them from participating in this meeting.  
34.     Verse 29-30: “If it is like this, consider this matter: one of you had a problem with a fellow Brother and Brother A or Sister A felt very much aggrieved by the utterances and actions of Brother B or Sister B to the point that she burst into cursing, crying and every kind of thing. Though every other person pacified the situation, all to no avail.
35.     Now, I stepped into the matter and spoke concerning it, the reply I got, instead of obeying Me, is ‘Brother must surely die. Brother must surely die!’ This was happening in my Presence, not that he told somebody to go and tell Me or that somebody reported to Me, no. This one is face to face before many witnesses.”
36.      Unfortunately the person and the family were excommunicated two weeks ago before this meeting started. Why were they excommunicated? They withdrew from fellowship. They stopped coming to fellowship for almost one month. In accordance with our doctrine, there was no other option than to declare them excommunicated, two weeks ago. Look at them falling before the end. They have missed it narrowly, after suffering all these years, very close to the end.
37.      At a time they could see Canaan, the Promised Land, they started enjoying the fruits of the Promised Land. What is more, look at how they ended it, just two weeks ago. Consider if you happen to be the one, like it would have swallowed Brother Shed and John Ekwueme because of craftiness.  
38.     Verse 63: “We are only putting finishing touches, no other requirement shall be made from you than that which had already been made, and no other price shall be paid than that which had already been paid. No other mountain to climb, no other river to cross, no other hurdle to jump. You have really arrived there, you are only waiting for time, I am only waiting for time.”
39.      You see, you arrived there in the month of June 2011, yet the book was not closed, the testimony was not sealed. Rather He said that He was not prepared to forfeit anybody, especially those people that were manifesting stubbornness, quarreling among themselves, He called them foolish people. However, because of them, I am keeping you here; until all of them will settle their differences and arrive there.
40.      Moreover, He told us the essence of bringing us together in this last camp meeting; He called it “The Bride of Christ in Preview.” I highlighted things He is going to watch out for, things He is going to watch out for to know whether we are really ripe. And on the D-day, stubbornness in many, were settled by God Himself. Those people were saved like Lot.
41.      They were forcefully dragged into the Ark. God is a compassionate God, He waited for everybody to arrive even people that wandered away many, many years ago came back and they were asked to go in and sit down. Is it not glorious?
42.      That He allowed it to remain open, the book wasn’t closed, the testimony wasn’t sealed and the Voice said, “This book will not remain open till eternity. One day it shall be closed.” One day, and that one day was kept as a secret in his heart. If he had revealed that the book will be closed in this message, those in the mortuaries would have been in this meeting. You would have seen emergency repentance at work.
43.      He said, “Come as you are. Do not suppress your feelings so that when you manifest those weaknesses, we will correct you. Did it come to pass? Yes.
44.      Many were corrected in this meeting—last minute pardon for God is bound to fulfill all His Words. Besides, there is no way it will come to pass without using human beings. Before then He said, “While you are here I show you a sign: God is behind every action of man or woman whether they be good or bad, using them to fulfill His Word.”
45.      That when the angel troubles the water, somebody is about to be saved. Today we are rejoicing. If we had read the message by revelation, we would have prepared our minds and our families very well knowing that something will happen. I told you earlier that this meeting is going to spring a lot of surprise, pray for Me while I pray for you.
46.      What we thought was the essence of the meeting was not the essence. He gave you the essence of the camp meeting, selecting people that will work for Him making sure that everybody is gainfully employed, even infants are working. In the rules, it said, “Idleness is prohibited” and nobody is idle in this camp.
47.      Thus, I really thank God for He knows how to fulfill all His Words.
48.      The testimonies we received from the police; well, I do not need to share them because they affect Me. Until you preach the message and go out, you will not know where you are. We were too many when we heard the testimony and the man said that we have become the talk of the day. He started giving us his experiences with his colleagues, complementing what the principal of the school said about us.
49.      He is a lawyer by profession. He assessed you; he is even in this meeting, he said that he was impressed. Who cannot be impressed? The Devil is only covering his face in shame for the Son of Man has succeeded in snatching you out of his cruel hands. That which he thought was impossible, has been made possible. For he vowed a vow when he was pushed out that as long as he is here on Earth that no human being will come to Heaven. From that day, even the angels declared woe unto the men of this Earth for the enemy of mankind is living with them, who goes about accusing them before God night and day.
50.      Then when you received the Message titled “The Accuser of the Brethren,” God revealed His Word. At a time He said, “Thank you very much for all your accusations against my people. Thank you for bringing all these accusations, they are indeed truth but I reject all your accusations. For I have purposed within Myself before the world began to bless them and the only way I can do it is by inputting my righteousness upon them.”
51.      Hence, not even one can stand on his own righteousness but they will stand in my own righteousness. You have no righteousness of your own to present to God.
52.      Believe it if you can, outside the Bride of Christ, what you will see is self-righteousness which is like filthy rags before God, manufactured righteousness, which has no place in the salvation of man. This is because, it is unapproved in the sight of God, battled with rising and falling, more so when it is backed by the Laws of Moses which they cannot keep.
53.      Why has He gone that way? To humiliate the Devil who thinks that we would be standing on our self-righteousness, quoting on what we achieved by our effort or not, but the secret he never knew is that God is the righteousness of His people. How? By His Presence!
54.      His presence among His people is their righteousness, and has been their righteousness since the world began. The plan can never change, now this is our turn, we are the beneficiaries of those promises.
55.      When He shall come with trumpet sound, oh may I then be found in Him, clothing in His righteousness alone and let me stand before Thy Throne.
56.      On Christ the solid Rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand. The only way you can stand before the throne of God faultless, without a single fault is when you accept to be clothed in His righteousness.
57.      dress yourself in your own righteousness which you can boast of having achieved in one way or the OTHER; you must be faulty before God. IN ADDITION, I want you to know that you are the only human beings under the sun serving the living God who are completely depending and relying on His own righteousness alone.
58.      Let me tell you, the rest are having partly their own, and quoting God’s own which they do not believe. For if they have believed that one, they would have accepted that I am He, and they are blind because they claimed to see and there is no way I can open their eyes.
59.      However, you that accepted you were blind, you said you needed help, your eyes have been opened and you can see the marvelous grace, the abundance grace, the marvelous love.
60.      Oh love of God how rich and pure, how measureless and strong! It shall ever more endure that saints and angel, song.  
61.     Remain in your sanctified estate, and remain blessed in Him eternally. Amen.