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The Son of Man Revealed From One of The Jungles in Africa According To William Branham's Prophesy

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Nobody can avoid the Son of Man. If you avoid my face while you are alive, you will see my face in death. Believe it if you can…
-The Son of Man
From the Message: LO, I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS VOL. 1 (PP.3)

Begin to examine yourself, let me begin to examine myself to know whether I am measuring up to the standard God has set for all that will be with Him eternally in Paradise—These must be our standard.
No cause of offence will be found there  (PARADISE).

The camp meeting is your responsibility and privilege as members of Christ’s Body—My responsibility, your responsibility and also our collective privilege. God is giving us the privilege in this camp meeting, to demonstrate to the entire world starting from ourselves what Christ has wrought in our lives. The Bride of Christ in pre-view.
 The Bride is about to be presented to the owner, having been brought up all these years.

From: THE BRIDE OF CHRIST IN PREVIEW Page 69, verses 21, 23 & 24)

Remain blessed brethren. You are welcome to His presence. I know that many of you never had a quiet time last night. You never had a quiet night, because of the Roman Catholics that are dominating the world. You know they are in control. In the villages, they are there. In the township, they are there. They are noisemakers. They show the way they worship their own God by firing different types of fireworks.
2.           In my own area, we could not sleep throughout the night. There was no type of fireworks that we did not see in the air; and this is Nigeria where fireworks are strictly prohibited.
3.           What is more, I was shocked to notice that the children living with their parents in the police barracks were also engaged in the firing of the fireworks. I will not be surprised if their parents also fired fireworks. Nevertheless, what if it is said that some of you in this Faith; or your children made away with your money, only to set your money ablaze in their attempt to join their mates to fire the fireworks?
4.           Be sincere. I will not excommunicate you, rather I will love you the more. If you know you fired it or that you purchased it for yourself, you are not a sinner, show by raising your hand. Are you saying that nobody in this fellowship fired it? In other words, nobody is honest  in this Church again. Nobody is honest. I can see somebody raising up his hand; stand up! You are blessed. You told the truth.
5.           Well, it is their own way of expressing to the whole world that they are in a joyous mood. However, in our own way, if we are happy, we give praise to God with sweet songs. If you know you are happy, simply give praise to God.
6.           Only living souls are worthy to praise God. So many souls are dead. They are still moving about. Any soul without experiencing the salvation of Christ is dead. Note it very well.
7.           Only those that have experienced the salvation from God have the joy of salvation in their hearts. They have experienced God’s forgiveness of sin. They are the people that can love, cherish, and accommodate one another in Love. Any other person is outside this Camp Meeting.
8.           This very Camp meeting is for the beloved of Christ only. It is not a Camp meeting for everybody. That is why it is optional. If you come, fine. If you do not come, fine. It does not make you a sinner. After all, it is your right. We do not expect everybody to come. Neither do we persuade anybody to stay away, but you have the right to stay away.
9.           Another thing that will mark you out is your character. If your character is injurious to our Faith, we will never allow you to be in our midst, because your character is your life, your personality is your character. Remember, when character is lost, everything is lost.
10.        We are children of God as is evident in our character. Only people with identical characters are qualified to be in the meeting. Any other person is outside the Faith and meeting.  
11.        The Message “Moment Of Truth” was preached on 14th of September 2008. That was precisely the day we relocated from our former fellowship hall to the present hall we are using now. The day we were moved from our old fellowship hall to this main hall is a remarkable day.
12.         Our history in this Faith is incomplete without noting that date. You will do well to note it. At the same time, the day we were ushered into this GTC ground, which is our Jerusalem is another epoch-making day (having great historical importance or momentous significance) that MUST go down the annals of the history of the Bridal Faith.  In other words, to write the history of the Bridal Faith without that information is incomplete.
13.        If you do not know the date God brought us into GTC, our Jerusalem, the holy land; that is the day He said that the name we are going to call it is the VALLEY OF DECISION; HOUSE OF REFUGE for all the Saints of God. In addition, He (God) said that it is the ground where He will prepare us so that we can reach the entire world, thus, that our journey to Paradise, preparation for entering into the LAND OF REST MUST be made complete in this Jerusalem.
14.        That was why in spite of all the efforts made by the different principals that were in this school, several governments that ruled Anambra State, to eject us from this worship ground, those attempt have proved abortive.
15.        There was one Mr. Oguejiofor; of all the principals that we met in GTC Onitsha, there is no one I could stand and mention his name accurately, if not that one.
16.        Mr. Oguejiofor, a knight of Saint Lumumba, who didn’t hide his feelings. He summoned us and gave us notice to pack away without any authority from the government. Why? His reason being that we were preaching something that is contrary and against his faith. However, we made him to understand that the school is a government institution and that it is not denominational.
17.        You see, he became adamant and we reclined our fate to Almighty God. He gave us two weeks. Brethren were panicking, but I told them not to panic, that God is in control. If God speaks, it MUST come to pass. This is not the will of God. 
18.        Brethren, collectively, we brought the name of the man to God in prayers. Before many witnesses, we finished our prayers on Sunday, on Tuesday, he was sacked from Anambra State civil service. He was given a compulsory retirement which he never bargained for. Two days after, he was arrested by the authority, probed for fraudulent practices and was summarily dismissed. He became an antiquity.
19.        From that time, all his successors started handling our case with caution, even when there was an order from the Anambra State Government to eject us.
20.        I remember one that came from Nimo. He said he would not like to lose his job by defying the instruction. I met him privately with some of our Elders, and I told him, “Instead of losing your job, you are going to get promotion. Do not be party to ejecting us. We are as old as this school.”
21.        Believe it if you can, if there is anything called GTC today, we are the people that preserved it. We came in here when there was no life around here. We are older than the Inland Town Police Headquarters, Onitsha. We were the people that received the first DPO, Mr. Okereke, and assured him that no evil will befall him, his officers and men.
22.        We were here before that Police station was sited. All the access roads to this school, were renovated by us. We saved the school from too many disasters. Hunters set the bush ablaze many times while hunting their wild animals and so many of the buildings were engulfed by fire.
23.        As at the time we came to GTC, we only met about fifteen (15) students. It was an abandoned property. On the day we were evacuating the hall, only God could tell the number of human skulls we evacuated from the hall before many witnesses, for GTC was a no go-area being inhabited by hoodlums. It was bush all through. From Irene Menakaya secondary school down to Niger Drive, there was no building except GTC. It was a school that was abandoned during the time of Jim Nwobodo’s government.
24.        They abandoned it. Hence, we recovered it and gave life to the whole premises; used money and our efficient personnel to bring in pipe-borne water into this place, renovated the toilet and every other place.
25.        We used to spend our weekends with our families in Jerusalem. On weekends, we came down to Jerusalem with our families—we were having good times. It was a village away from town. However, today, it has been surrounded by buildings. 
26.        Remember the Message: CONSECRATION, preached on the 18th of November, 1993. That was the first Message that ushered us into that fateful day.
27.        What was that fateful day? The day we were ushered into this valley of Decision. We came into GTC compound and had our first fellowship on 18th of November, 1993.
28.        You can now begin to calculate how many years we have stayed in GTC. Thus, if anybody should ask you how many years we have stayed in this our worship ground, you can calculate it very easily.
29.        I remember that day I handled the Message CONSECRATION, which was confirmed by a lengthy prophecy, after which Ifeoma Unaegbu fell down and drank a bucket of water.
30.        That was the day we came all the way from Abagana, carried the pulpit and everything after making war with them over there. That was the night preceding the day. It was a night God said, I will scatter Abagana. Passers-by will say, there was a Church in this place and I will put enmity in your hearts against each other so that you can never perch anywhere as a Church under the Heavens.
31.        Did it come to pass? Till today, all the efforts they made to come together, the Lord scattered them, drove them away and put enmity in their hearts to the extent that they started fighting against each other, and they remained enemies till this very moment, having no place to hide.
32.        If you do not know the Faith you are in, please enquire. Where is Bro Goddy Ikechebere? The Message that held him tightly in this Faith, he called it “Inquery”. That is the Message titled “Inquire”.
33.        If you know you are a member of this Onitsha Household, and you have not participated in the work so far done in the premises from the first day till this day, man or woman, stand up, let Me see you. Stand up, I want to identify you.
34.        Sister Israel, sit down, your case is a known case. Sister Christian Dike sit down, yours is a known case also. Sister Sunday Nwanga, sit down. Okay, you Sister Elizabeth, I mistook you for Sister Sunday, you are a business woman. Brother Nwobu you came down even before last week. You have no excuse to give. John Abba, you are in this Faith with us. IK Nwobodo, you are very much around.
35.        Sister Jesse, in spite of the fact that you were nominated, you could not come and you could not motivate your husband to come. Onyema Eze and his whole family, you were conspicuously absent. You do well to stay away. You do well. You do well. You do well. Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations! This Sister from Nnewi, sit down.
36.        You do well. Congrats! Congrats! Congrats! Oluebube sit down, your case is a known case. Congrats! Congrats! Congrats! Sister Kelechi, you have no excuse. You were not the one in the shed. Sister Mary was there. Congrats! Congrats! Congrats! You will be hypocrites, if you come to the Camp meeting. You will be hypocrites.
37.        To the entire Ministers that will be in charge of the Camp meeting, take note. Brother Shedrach Onah and Sam Kalu should not be allowed into this Camp meeting without my permission, and they should not be allowed to participate in any work. Instead of us to use them in electrical, I am prepared to hire heathens, pay them and get what I want.  Amen.

Moment of Truth,” page 15, verse 13, “When we were moving away from there…
2.           Note, the word “there” is referring to our former fellowship hall.
3.           …we thought all was over.
4.           That was Nkpor.
5.           …we thought all was over; but I told you to take it easy that the Lord knows what is best for us at all times. He made a way for us and we found ourselves here.
6.           Now, our stay here has been threatened again and we are making honest efforts, trusting in God to see us through. Whosoever that will behave in such a way to help the school
7.           Note it.
8.            …to have “admissible evidence” that we have violated our agreement with them, that person will be God’s greatest enemy.
10.      “ have “admissible evidence” that we have violated our agreement with them, that person will be God’s greatest enemy.
11.      I believe if we keep to our words, sustain our enviable records here, definitely, whosoever that is involved must give us the authority to continue to stay here. After all, we are not competing with any Church in these premises.
12.      Go to other schools and colleges around. There are too many Churches in all of them. Many have attempted coming here; but, the glory of God “placed a bar” between us and them for God does not want us to be polluted one bit...”
13.        God does not want us to be polluted one bit.
14.        “…Therefore, if we call for a work by revelation, you should come for that work…”
15.        Who is making these statements? He that gathered us in this Faith. If you do not know how we came to this Jerusalem, please verify from our Elders. We were tired of loitering at Nkpor, for God had earlier said that we will never get any other place there.
16.        One Saturday like that, after Brother Ebenezer had made honest efforts at Obosi road to get us a place, our former Pastor and Bishop, Okechukwu Nwankpa summoned us. I, Brother Chime and himself in particular.
17.        He took us round the whole of Nkpor. We went to Uzoegwu road; we went to all the roads in Nkpor. We ended it in one place that was not even spacious and we were given horrible and unbearable conditions. It was along the road.
18.        We never knew he had another mind. Another spirit! He was trying to prove that Voice wrong; of which he later confessed from the pulpit, that he wondered how we could not get a place as small as we were, in the whole of Nkpor, Obosi and everywhere. 
19.        For God said, “Try your best, you will not find a place around that area. I am moving you to a place in the wilderness, where I will prepare you and then shell Onitsha and even the entire world.” We never knew that our pastor was opposed to the Voice, working against it, even using us as tools.
20.        If he did not confess it, we wouldn’t have known. He made the confession when we came to GTC, the Valley of Decision. He said, “Brethren, I fear God” Look at what took place. Well, God is mindful of His Word. Thus, if we call for work by revelation, every member of the household should be there. It is an offence for you to stay away from the work of the Ministry, for any reason at all. Any excuse you want to project is part of your problem.
21.        You will even discover that in those days that we called for the work, you did basically nothing. You were idling away your time until we came back. You can’t boast of presenting anything plausible which you will say you achieved that day, which the work would have prevented you from achieving.
22.        Rather, you can tell us your catalogue of woes as a result of your omission from the work of the Ministry.
23.        Look at Sister Rose. She was in the fellowship yesterday and she did enormous work tidying up the whole compound. How many Sisters had the revelation of coming down to help in tidying up the fellowship? How many even had the revelation of offering our Brothers sachets of table water?
24.        He that helps in the grinding the pepper is a partaker in the preparation of the food. This Sister’s name is here for good, and wherever this message is preached, her name MUST be remembered for her contribution, that she volunteered herself single-handedly, to tidy up the entire compound. While the Brothers were busy working, no other sister was seen around.
25.        That was when we were preparing to pack into this place. People love enjoying where they never sowed. It is a crime against God and against humanity for one to reap where he did not sow.   
26.        Hence, whoever that offers us sachet(s) of table water, in appreciation of our honest effort in tidying up the compound did a very nice work. It is part of the work. Sachet of water means a lot to one that is thirsty.
27.        Verse 18,“… few of us were here.
28.        I thank God that all that came yesterday came with all their heart and they worked relentlessly from 7 O’clock till 11:45am.
29.        As you could see from the amount of work done when you came in the morning, only few Brethren came here yesterday, but today, almost all the Ministers are chasing adults about including Deacons who are not ashamed of themselves; Deacons that do not know their responsibilities to go out and do their own work…”
30.        You remember that day, when we gathered for fellowship, I gave orders that all that never participated in that work should go out and do their own clearing. They remained outside working under strict supervision until they did enormous work also.
31.        Thus, you might be thinking that the Son of Man will give you your own opportunity today. It is past. We have done almost everything as eyes can see. Don’t worry, I will allow you time to go round the whole compound and see the level of work so far done in the compound, to make this premises habitable for a nice Camp meeting.
32.        My whole attention had been geared towards making our worship ground a comfortable place for all of you, taking into cognizance that we had our last Camp meeting in 1997. By now, so much water would have passed under the bridge as evidenced in the compound when we started this work.
33.        If we had walked by sight, we would have cancelled this meeting. Initially, we surveyed the whole place and concluded that there were no facilities. I went and reasoned with some young men who are vibrant and cooperative.
34.        When I saw their cooperative attitude, their willingness to help, to surmount difficulties, I braced up courage and concluded that it takes human beings to create facilities. We MUST create facilities, which at the end of the Meeting, we will donate to the school, as part of our own contribution to the welfare of our children that are in GTC, and I believe that we have done it, for we have put in place too many things.
35.        We have put in place too many things that will last for even many years to come. Things that have lasting values and very, very beneficial to the students, teachers and all and sundry living around. More so, when we were able to put into use, an abandoned borehole, when the school authority had spent over a hundred thousand (N100,000.00) without collecting a cup of water from the borehole.
36.        However, today, all that are living within the premises are enjoying potable water.
38.        With the five we entered into impenetrable areas, carrying out a thorough survey of everywhere and putting into use not less than thirteen (13) abandoned toilets. We made them neater than they were on the day of their installation. You will see with your eyes. When we have achieved all those things, we now called for a general work, for them to come and assist us in washing off the rubbish.
39.        We did all the plumbing works, all the mason’s works. We recovered too many classroom blocks here, as you will see as you march around. The places we would like to host our Sisters and Brothers and so on; When we go there, we noticed that the whole floor were just bare floor.  
40.        We did not know what to do. We decided to make those places habitable as well. We carried out a rehabilitation work. We re-floored not lees than five (5) camps. Five camps. Five big halls, as large as this one. By the time you go round, you will see them.
41.        We did not only succeed in activating the borehole, we laid our own fresh pipes, distributed the water and made it accessible to all the nook and cranny where we are going to fetch it. In the kitchen, we don’t need any reservoir in the kitchen, for we installed about three taps for them and they are running.
42.        At Sisters’ camp, the tap is there. At Brothers’ Camp, the tap is there. For the general washing, see the tap over there, with their reservoir. So, you don’t need to stray away in search of water. What is more? The water we collected is the best water anybody has ever collected. Verify from NAFDAC and from anywhere. WE GOT WATER DIRECTLY FROM THE ROCK – it is Nkisi Rock.
43.          What is more, this is harmattan season when the water level has already gone down. We succeeded in getting the water below the water level, directly from the rock, pure spring water. In the morning, it is hot. In the afternoon, it is as cool as ice water.
44.        Thus, if you see sachets of pure water, they are just there for people that are interested. As for Me, I take delight in that water. However, there is one funny thing with that water; it does not quench thirst. Even if you take five cups, you are still thirsty. Moreover, it is very soft. It is not hard water, no form of oil on top of it. Nothing in addition!
45.        It is glistering! This is the best anybody can source in Onitsha. Inside the city, all their boreholes take their source or origin from River Niger or Nkisi, but this one is from the rock. The big rock is there and water comes out from it.
46.        Therefore, we have done everything we know we can to make all of you feel comfortable. But it is very disheartening to note that some people could stay away from the work that has been on for the past two weeks; members of Onitsha Household could harden their hearts and stay away from the work, whereas Brethren came from other Local Assemblies to help in the work and really performed beyond our imagination.
47.        All that I directed to come from other Local Assemblies came down to Jerusalem and worked relentlessly. I was constantly here and I am still here. I monitored everything A to Z. I never met any of them in groups chatting. I never met any idle.
48.        As a result, not even one disobeyed or disrespected instructions in spite of their personalities. Amongst them were work men, graduates, but they pocketed all those things, because they believe in the Message which says that over-protection of self-ego destroys humility. Over-protection of self-ego destroys humility. In fact, it is really unfortunate. Amen.


Like I said in the beginning, too many people that were principals of this school attempted to eject us from this place, but God “set a bar”, simply making it impossible for them to succeed until at last, a Pharaoh that knew Joseph was posted. A Pharaoh that knew Joseph very well was posted to this place as the principal of the school and he is still the school (GTC)  till now; that is Mr. Iwunor.
2.           Brethren were with him recently in his house. He has never ceased from showing appreciation from the beginning till now. For he was in this school as a tutor in 1993 when we came in and we helped in protecting his crops, which he planted near our Fellowship hall.
3.            After many years, he rose through the ranks and then was promoted to the rank of Principal and was also posted back to GTC, only for him to come to GTC and meet us, still sustaining our enviable records. He was over-joyed. He pays us visits sparingly in this Church. He has been on our side. The government wanted to use him to eject us. He resisted it and developed his own style of administration and then forestalled every move.
4.           Finally, his secretary who was desiring that we should pack by all means, got retired in the month of October and the pressure was doused.  What is more, that was the man who was in possession of all our collections.
5.           Verse 18, “Look at Sister Rose. She was in the Fellowship yesterday and she did enormous work; tidying up the whole compound. How many Sisters had the revelation of coming down and help tidy up the Fellowship? How many even had the revelation of even offering the Brothers sachets of table water? Only few of us were here.
6.           I thank God that all that came yesterday came with all their heart and they worked relentlessly from 7 O’clock till 11:45am.
7.           As you could see from the amount of work done when you came in this morning, only few Brethren came here yesterday, but today, almost all the Ministers are chasing adults about including Deacons who are not ashamed of themselves; Deacons that do not know their responsibilities to go out and do their own work.
8.           Only two Deacons were here yesterday: Deacon Vin and Deacon Sab. The rest were completely absent!
9.           See Bro Goddy making a hell of noise there as if he is a kid...”
10.        That is Goddy Tobechukwu. That time he was a Deacon, but today he is benched. The same is applicable to Deacon John Abba, he is also benched.  Brother Goddy, take note.
11.        The more you misbehave, the more you belittle your age; the more you misbehave, the more you belittle your age; you don’t know your age. Your small stature is over masking your age. Your people know your age.
12.        By now, you should be behaving responsibly. You are a father of many children and the head of your father’s family, but when you see the youth making a noise, you join them. When you see riff-raffs making a noise, you join them. When you see drunkards making a noise, you join them. Do you ever sit down to scrutinize your life and talk to yourself?
13.        Sometimes, you give us the impression that you are coming up reasonably. At another time, we begin to see manifestations of foolishness in you. Maybe you do not know that your children are watching you. Don’t worry! They are coming up gradually. If you are not careful, they will tow after your brothers.
14.        If you are not spiritually and physically sound in reasoning, you are bound to lose them. They MUST follow the footsteps of your younger brothers. Before you know it, your family will fizzle out.
15.        Who is talking to Bro Goddy? If Bro Goddy is intelligent, he will never walk in a way that will permit this to come to pass, for God has given him the advice concerning what awaits him and his family, giving him the remedy, that he should walk intelligently on this Message, because he knows his junior brothers more than his own children.
16.        He knows their fate and he will be foolish to allow that fate that befell his junior brothers to befall his children. Each time I talk to My children, I normally call their attention to the fate of their uncles so that they will never pattern after them.  
17.        Verse 26“…Whatever you are doing in this life before your children as a married man, think twice; be you a man or a woman. If you are not faithful to what is committed into your hands and you want your children to be faithful, it is a mark of injustice.”
18.        You are not faithful to what is committed into your hands, and you know that, and you want your children to be faithful to whatever you have committed into their hands. God said, “It is an unjust judgment.”
19.        Verse 27 - 30 “…This is what Bro. Amobi is suffering now. He initiated this dangerous situation in his home. He started it and he never knew that the young must grow. He despised my warnings and today, look at where he is.
20.        If you stop your children from going back to school, the worst will befall you. If you are not careful, they will even invite their boyfriends to gun you down.
21.        Note my Voice this day.
22.        If you don’t know how you handle these kids, they will invite their boyfriends to gun you down. Let nobody ever fool you into thinking that they don’t have boyfriends; they have many! I said they have many. 
23.        “God’s Prophecies Are Tied to Time, page 139 verse 48: “What is the name of our fellowship ground in Onitsha? It is called the “House of Refuge” and the “Valley of Decision,” which means you are not going anywhere. This is where we shall be and this matter will be finally decided.
24.        Didn’t He promise to keep you somewhere in the wilderness inside Onitsha, from where He will prepare you and then destroy the whole Earth? Have you seen why He has never allowed us to be polluted for one day?
25.        Many Churches have attempted to come to G.T.C but the Lord said no. There is no signboard, nothing to trace us to this Valley of Decision. It is the only place for those people God wants to save, for whosoever He wants to save, He will add to His Church daily.
26.        He adds to His Church daily as many as should be saved.
27.        The name God gave our worship ground in Onitsha from the very official beginning in 1993 was, is and will remain Valley of Decision…”
28.        Note, God said, “WAS, IS AND WILL REMAIN VALLEY OF DECISION.”
29.        “We use household of God, Church at Onitsha and everything to fool the world; for if we use our name, they will brand us many, many things. This is the Valley of Decision.”
30.        To those that are in this Church already, many of you that are in this Faith as adults today were infants yesteryears. Some used infant eyes to witness the last Camp meeting. That was what gave me joy while we were working. For a good number of the youth that were doing the whole work for us, especially in Onitsha and from other Local Assemblies, were infants during the last Camp meeting.
31.        They were just running around their parents, they have become full grown adults. They are heading the works reducing our headache.  I really thank God. I will reserve My comments because the battle is still on. Amen.

There has never been a Camp meeting without Camp rules. It is My desire to give you a highlight or a rundown of the Camp rules in this Message, so that you will be acquainted with the rules before the day and then warn your Brethren if any feels that the rules run contrary to his personal life style. Such should not make the mistake of coming to the camp meeting in order to try our patience.
2.           I want to let you know that the rules for the Camp are already out. The Camp meeting is holding prophetically.
3.           Bishop David called me and was glorifying God that they came across a sermon book where this Camp meeting was prophesied, and I said, while coming, he should come with the Message so that everybody will see it.
4.           That God prophesied that He will hold the Last Camp meeting with the Bride; with the entire Bride before the catching away of the Saints. Besides, the Message came when we were not having anything in mind concerning Camp meeting. We had already ruled that one out, for there was no possibility that such a thing will be possible, but today it has been made possible, that the Word of God MUST stand.
5.           Thus, HE THAT IS INVITING US IS THE ELOHIM. Take note of it. It is unfortunate that many will not be in this Camp meeting. Some will be covered, some will be forgotten.
6.           It is unfortunate that many will not be in the meeting, some will be covered, and some will be well forgotten.
7.           Note it very well, there must be camp rules. It has always been like that, you know the rules changes from camp to camp. Besides, the rules are endless until the meeting is over, but we must be given rules for a start, superimpose the rules as we journey along, or relax it depending on the circumstances around us. Hence, the rules are outlined as follows:
8.           NUMBER ONE IS LOITERING ABOUT. You are not permitted to loiter about. Take for instance; there are some among us that are jesters, who wouldn’t know that we are not to the camp meeting to jest. They are found among men and women who will be taking delight in infiltrating into other camps with flimsy excuses; some of them are people that cannot control their appetites. Their appetites will compel them to move from sister’s camp to brother’s camp or from one camp to another. Foolish excuses!
9.           As a result, if we notice such obnoxious movement, hateful movement from brother’s camp to sister’s camp, from sister’s camp to brother’s camp unnecessarily and you are not among the security personnel, you are not under emergency personnel, definitely, we shall send you packing. That has been our punishment.
10.        Break our camp rules, carry your bag on the spot, and you will be escorted to upto Ado Girls. We don’t entertain any apology in the camp meeting, because we believe all actions are deliberate. Thus, loitering is strictly prohibited.
11.        That is why we have people that are on errand, whatever you may need tell them, for they will know how to get it. And in all our meetings including this one, nobody is above our camp rules. No matter how highly placed you think you are, you are not above our camp rules.
12.        NUMBER TWO IS IDLENESS! You might be asking what you will be doing. The ground is a spiritual ground; we are in this Church to develop ourselves more spiritually. Instead of idling away your time, sit at a corner quietly with your sermon books. For you can never boast of finishing the whole sermon books before coming to the meeting. You are either busy studying the sermon books or you are busy rendering your services in the section you are employed. If we notice you are idle, we will conclude that you are in the camp to distract the attention of people that are here to work, we send you home. You go and join your people and enjoy your Christmas period.
13.        NUMBER THREE IS DISOBEDIENCE TO INSTRUCTION. If you are instructed to do something that will further the meeting, and you disobey to carry out that instruction, this camp will not accommodate you, man or woman, young or old. In other words, all hands must be on deck, For we are Faithful to work cooperatively.
14.        remember this is the bride of Christ in preview. this is our testing ground, God calling us together to test our maturity, to test the level of transformation that has taken place in our lives. To know whether we are really sincere that we can dwell together with Him and with one another eternally in peace. For there are families, where the husband and wife can never live in peace for twenty-four hours in a day. If they are not fighting, they are quarrelling. If they are not quarrelling, they are nagging.
15.        If they are not nagging, they are hostile to one another or they are demonstrating. There are families like that, the man if he is sincere, if he tells himself the truth, he will bear witness that he has never enjoyed peaceful and harmonious relationship with his wife and family for one full day, that is enjoying undisturbed peaceful composure.
16.        what is more, If it is so between a man and his families, don’t You Know that it is going to be supernatural for families to come together and dwell harmoniously in peace, For not only one day, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and it may be extended to as many that will like to be in the meeting or it may be the end. It may be wrapped up in anything at all, seeing that this people are united in heart, united in character, united in principle, they are dwelling harmoniously without bitterness, without fault-finding, no hatred, living harmoniously in peace. Something that can be hardly achieved in a family has been achieved by the preaching of the gospel of Christ.
17.        besides, you know it is something that is absent on the earth, what will stop the Almighty from marking them approved? And these are the people that are going to be drawn from different tribes, languages, cultures, customs, traditions and things like that.  
18.        Thus, if you disobey instructions, it must be faced very seriously with punishment. Remember God said you should not make the mistake of trying to fabricate it or manufacture it or supress your feelings for you cannot succeed. If you are suppressing your feeling or trying to manufacture it, God will permit something to come your way that will expose you. In addition, it will happen in such a way that you will not hide it, and from there you carry your bag and leave the camp.
19.        NUMBER FOUR IS STUBBORNNESS TO FELLOW BRETHREN. Note, not to ministers but to fellow brethren, that is man or woman, young or old.
20.        Note it, stubbornness is idolatry and this camp can never condone any sign of idolatry. We will say “no” collectively to all acts of idolatry and insubordination.
21.        For that reason, if you know you have a stubborn spirit, a stubborn heart better not come than to come to this camp meeting to advertise your stupidity.
22.        NUMBER FIVE IS GOSSIPING AND QUARRELLING. Our camp before and even now, has zero tolerance for gossiping and quarrelling, dividing yourselves in groups to tie one another down. It goes to show that you are a feeble mind not even mediocre, you are a feeble mind. Feeble minded people indulge in gossips; it goes to show that you are wicked; FOR GOSSIP IS SPREAD OR PEDDLED BY WICKED PEOPLE AND IS BELIEVED BY FOOLS.
23.        Thus, if you join yourself to a gossip you are a fool, if you are a gossipper, you are a wicked fellow. As a result, WE HAVE ZERO TOLERANCE FOR GOSSIPING AND QUARRELLING.
24.        How does quarrelling start? Quarrelling starts by displaying your “foul-mouthedness.” If you know you are foul mouthed, and take delight in making caustic (offensive) remarks on each other, better refrain from it or you find yourself packing before the time.
25.        NUMBER SIX IS STAY IN YOUR DUTY POSITIONS AND DO NOT SWAP YOUR POSITIONS. If you are placed in the dry cleaning section, be there. If you are placed in the staff office, be there, if you are placed in the kitchen as steward, be there. Don’t move yourself from where you are stationed, for it is an offence we cannot tolerate. If you are found where you are not posted, to another place you are likened to an economic plant that is found where it is not planted.
26.        What is more, we will regard you as a weed no matter how economical you are, how useful you are. I am saying that if you are found where you are not supposed to be found. We must weed you out disgracefully. So if you are given a position, be mindful of it. His eyes runeth to and fro all over the Earth. Thus the camp is a small space.
27.        Remember in one of our meetings, He was in the pulpit backing the wall, and the hall was far inside the premises, He was even facing the compound not the main road. From there, midnight, He saw a man who was coming to the fellowship after coming down from a bus at Nkpor junction. Right from Amazu Oil, He saw somebody coming down from a bus, mentioned his name and his dress.
28.        What happened? The Deacons went out, thinking he had already cornered or entered the gate. From the gate to the premises where we are having our fellowship, is like from GTC to Awka Road or Ado Girls’. You know the distance from Amazu Oil compound to Nkpor Junction, yet the eyes of the Lord captured him.
29.         Hence, the Deacons were moving about like soldiers, they couldn’t see him. From the pulpit, He announced that he has entered the compound. They carried their torches, even Bon Duika, Brother Mike Emmanuel, all of them. They were looking for him everywhere, message continued. The question is, “Have you seen him?” They said no.
30.        Then He said, “Don’t ever allow him entry, he is already here. Go to that building uncompleted there, go to the wall there. He is wearing black suit, he is hiding. They went there and saw him, and God said, “This is God’s greatest enemy. He said don’t mind him, anytime he embraces you he will say how can I stop loving you? He doesn’t love.
31.        Well I thank God, you know him? Pat Ibeji. In other words, I am saying that this compound (GTC) is too small, very, very small. Your halls are very small, so there is no way you can stay where He will not see you.
32.        Besides, there is no conversation you will hold, which He will not hear. This ground is going to be a holy ground, the land of peace and truth. No distraction at all.
33.        NUMBER SEVEN RULES IS PROFUSE DISPOSAL OF WASTE! It is strongly prohibited. We are very neat people and we do things orderly. To avoid profuse disposal waste, especially from the kitchen, we have located a nice place. Initially, we wanted to make a refuse disposal pit but we succeeded in getting a very mighty pit, constructed by denudation which may not be filled even till the next generation. So God provided for us naturally, what is more, all the gutters ended there.
34.        Thus, you will do well to carry your bad water and waste, dump all of them inside that big pit so that the kitchen area will be neat. Amen.

If you know you are serving as one of our stewards in the kitchen, take note. If you know you are going to serve in the kitchen, when you make yourself ready we will make use of your services. However, where you withdraw yourself, we will be left with no other alternative than to abandon you.
2.           As a result, whether spinsters or married sisters, as long as you are going to work in the kitchen, especially in the cooking and sharing of the food, number one qualification is that you must have your apron. It is not expensive, at Ose-Okwodu they sell it about one hundred and fifty Naira or one hundred Naira.
3.           You must have your apron, if you don’t know where they sell it, go to Osi-Okwodu where they normally sell mortar and brooms, where they sell mat, buy your apron there. That is number one.
4.           If you are going to be among those that will serve food, in addition to your apron, you must have your hand gloves. Besides, your hand gloves must be pure white. I don’t want red, I don’t want black or anything colour. It must be white!
5.           In addition, because you are females, we will like to take your food and not your hair, hence you must have your cap. Any colour is okay provided it will hold your entire hair to avoid those that peeled off from entering our food. It is a must, and I must inspect it. If you want to remain there, If you have it double it is not a waste. Take note of it.
6.           To facilitate the work, I have made it possible for all the stewards to have their tags with the inscription: BRIDE OF CHRIST MINISTRY WORLDWIDE, CAMP MEETING 2011, CAMP STEWARDS. Besides, we are going to laminate it. If you are serving as a steward, you are having it as a sticker for all complains arising from food distributions, taste of food, drink and things like that must be directed to the chief camp steward and that is Sister Ozioma, who in turn will bring it to my notice.
7.           Thus, we have chief camp steward, others are accountable to her; she is accountable to the Son of Man. For the Son of Man knows the appropriate quarter that will address the problem.
8.           Note it, all requests arising from the office of the chief steward must be directed to her, she will bring it to Me, and I will now invite people that handle that one to provide whatever that is needed to the stewards.
9.           Finally on that side, for you to eat and drink, for us to serve you food—for we are going to serve everybody in a Chinese way, we are going to spread our tables along, with a steward standing beside each table.
10.        Besides, all the tables must be covered with flowered and neat waterproof so that it will look hygienic. We have planned it in such a way that it will be neat and appealing. What is more, we have started demonstrating it already while we are working. In fact, we demonstrated it and it worked.
11.        thus, if you must eat and drink, you must come with your own plate, with your own cup, with your own spoon. We have a big bell and somebody will be assigned to ring the bell.
12.        Moreover, we would tell you how to know what the bell is saying. if it rings three times, it means “come and eat, food is ready.” If it rings twice, it means come for fellowship. If it rings four times, five times it is telling you to come out WHEREVER you are THAT there is emergency. You must know what the bell is all about.
13.        As a result, please, to make us serve you very well, arrangement has been made. One, the infants will line up according to their ages; I have two categories of infants: those that can take good care of themselves and those that cannot take good care of themselves. I will assign them to two different tables where they will file according to their ages, collect their food and feed themselves.
14.        Furthermore, the youths, males and females alike will have their own table and line. Mothers will have their own line, the same way fathers will have their own line.
15.        You simply go there, stand up collect your food and eat. If we are serving pure water, you collect your pure water as well. At the end of the whole thing, you wash your plate and keep it.
16.        Note it, we don’t keep your plate; you are responsible for keeping your plate and everything if you must continue to eat in the meeting. If we have our own plates, they will be for strangers that are likely to join us. For in the camp meeting like that, we cannot rule out the possibility of some of our friends and well-wishers identifying with us. Besides, we will not expect them to come with plates and things like that, hence we may use the few we have to serve them.
17.        Now another area is on sanitation. To maintain camp hygiene, we have picked some brethren who will have that responsibility. Those brethren will be issued with the stickers with the inscription SANITARY INSPECTORS, for they are sanitary inspectors. They are to inspect your various camps. Thus, if any camp is filthy or dirty, all that are in that camp must be penalized, no exemption.
18.        In other words, your various camps must be kept clean; your corners must be clean 24 hours of the day until the camp meeting is over.
19.        We have supplied more than enough brooms for all the various camps, to make sure that every corner is neat. We don’t want to see waste littering everywhere for we have enough waste paper baskets. If you take in your sachet water, drop the waterproof somewhere so that at the end of the day we will burn all of them. By so doing the camp will be clean. These sanitary inspectors also, will inspect all the bathrooms and toilets.
20.        They are not going to wash them; their duty will be to inspect in order to ensure that they are clean so as to ensure cleanliness of the bathrooms and toilets.
21.        In addition, we have provided different forms of disinfectants and stain removers. The Izals are there, every toilet has a tin of Izal. Dettol is there also. Besides, we provided air fresheners and odour removers in all the toilets.
22.        Remember in all our camps, it is an abomination for you to go to toilet without water or go to toilet without toilet roll. The use of newspaper or other materials are prohibited. Every toilet has waste paper disposal baskets. For that reason, don’t dump anything into the toilet.
23.        If we notice that any of the toilets is not well-cleansed, we must punish everybody in that camp. For example, we have allotted seven very neat toilets to our sisters, all water system, and in the same place is their bathroom. The bathroom can accommodate thirty sisters or more at a time. Besides, it is far removed from the men’s area. That is, the female toilet and bathroom are behind our former fellowship centre. That of the males is just very close to the fellowship hall; their bathroom is very close to their camp.
24.        We made it in such a way that our eyes can see everybody at every time. What is more, we connected searchlight to all of them. They are all electrified; you won’t know the difference between the night and the day. More so, when we are not depending on Power Holding, for we already have a 6.5 KVA generator plus the one we are using already. They belong to us, we are not hiring from anybody and it is brand new. It will work five days non-stop.
25.        Our camp meeting is always a neat camp meeting, something we never had before we must have now because we have advanced. The premises I believe is large enough.
26.        The essence of providing water everywhere for you is to ensure cleanliness so that after dancing and praising God, you go and take your bath conveniently and then you go and wash your cloth and spread them.
27.        Don’t bother yourself, simply respect yourself. Simply take your cloth to the laundry area only for ironing. The dry-cleaning section can never wash your cloth. If you want us to wash it, we will do the washing but you must pay us. This is true, I have about twelve drycleaners I have arranged and they are all professionals. If you give us your suit we will charge you less, because it is season.
28.        This is season, for a pair of suit you will give us, one thousand five hundred Naira. If it is your lace, like Igwe Amobi used to wear, you will give us one thousand Naira. We are going to starch it, iron it for you.
29.        However, if you can do all those things, we will iron it for you free. The idea is that when you sit down you look decent. If you know you cannot control your body odour, in spite of my preaching and teachings which I documented in a message titled health is wealth; If you know you have not battled it, please take note.
30.        henceforth, stop taking cold bath, take warm bath. And in that bath, use toilet soap not medicated soap. add two teaspoonFULS OF domestic or iodized salt in that water; use it with toilet soap, then use a nice body lotion or cream. Before the camp day, you will be smiling.
31.        What am I saying? The camp must be filled with sweet aroma. Buy your costly perfume, costly soap and creams. And make sure somebody by your side is not feeling uncomfortable because of the stench emanating from your armpit. Buy your nice roll-on. We have roll-on for men, we have roll-on for women. We have body spray. It is going to be a Holy Camp. I am giving you this clue so that you will spread the good news among the brethren.
32.        Moreover, let the ministers help me to pass this information to the Northern States and other places who will like to come to the camp to look like wild shepherds. Note it, not in this camp because I have a place where such people will stay.
33.        By our faith, we are not very much in tune with what is happening in the world. Our attendance to worldly parties is restricted to some extent.
34.        The world is celebrating their Christmas and New Year in their own way but we are in His Presence, in Jerusalem to celebrate our own.
35.        Note again, except our midnight meetings, all other meetings must look glorious. Your best outfit is what I expect you to put on.
36.        In the morning, I will like to see you in your best, in the afternoon meetings in your best. In the night, your casuals. Anything casual should be for the night, but in the day, look good so that if anybody will be tempted to walk into our camp, not anybody, the Supreme Deity is already in the camp. Tell Me, Who is greater than Him? Who is greater than Jehovah the Lord Divine? There is no one greater than Jehovah the Lord Divine.
37.        He told the people of Israel in the wilderness that they should keep their camp neat for the Lord God Almighty is walking in their midst, so that when He will come, He will not see any defecating sight. I am giving you these clues so that you can begin this day to pack your camp kits.
38.        To make sure that nobody disturbs the stewards, note, we have made a wonderful provision for your comfort; something that was hitherto not provided, before taking into consideration the size of the Bridal Faith Ministry and too many children we have been blessed with by the Almighty God.
39.        Note, the idea is to stay alive and not to perish. Number one, you will do well to come with your flask for your hot water. Even if you have your smaller flask for any other purpose, it is not a crime.
40.        To make sure that nobody troubles the stewards, you have your infants who may be disturbing as early as possible before the food might be ready. You can prepare pap for them; you can prepare tea with bread in your corner. Your children will eat; when you feed them they will have rest then you can go about your duties.
41.        In addition, you notice that there are some people that by nature they do not take anything cold bath, and wherever they go, they normally go with their boiler. Take note, the use of boiler is prohibited in our camp. It does not even enter into the camp ground, nobody comes into our camp meeting with anything boiler. As a result, if we notice you are holding one, we will seize it. If you prove stubborn, you will go home with your boiler.
42.        In other not to subject you to hardship, and diverse temptations, we have considered all those areas and decided to provide a wonderful sterilizing unit, an aluminum sterilizing unit, which we will use manually. It is more than fifty litres. It is up to one hundred litres. Now we bought the tri-pod and I have assigned three brothers to it already. This will be their duty throughout the meeting except while they are in the meeting, for they have no other responsibilities than to keep the fire aflame. The water must be boiling there, every minute.
43.        As a result, if you want to prepare tea for your children, instead of going to the kitchen to trouble the stewards, you simply go to the sterilizer.  What is more, there is a neater cup there, take water, make your pap, take water put inside your flask, use hot water. You want to take your bath, go there mix your water take your bath. The duty of the brothers is to heat that sterilizer and continue to refill it. Every minute it must be filled. Until the camp is over, hot water will remain there.
44.        In addition, if you prove too stubborn, I will then order my boys to use a cup and then bath you. We will bath you with one cup and you will run round the whole compound. Because we don’t want anybody to be uneasy in the camp, feel relaxed, your interest will be well protected. What it will take us is firewood and water, and we have procured fire wood. The water is there twenty-four hours, nothing to complain about.
45.        Hence, if you have your children who might be having one thing or the other that prevent them from taking cold bath, relax your mind, fear not about the weather, whether it is going to be harmattan, too cool or this and that. The controller of the weather is in your midst!
46.        Yes! The weather must be strictly regulated to favour the camp. The weather must be conducive, so stewards take note.
47.        In all our camp meetings, we have always made provision for our healthcare. Healthcare delivery, knowing that in the camp there are some people that may likely develop fever, headache or one thing or the other. For that reason, we have always made a provision.
48.        This one is Bride of Christ Ministry Worldwide camp meeting 2011.
49.        For your health, we have provided the sticker for the people that will handle those emergencies—that is the “Red Cross”.
50.        Thus, if there is any healthcare hazard in the camp, don’t ever run helter-skelter. Any brother or sister you see with the tag, tell the person the problem. Straight away, it goes to the Son of Man. The person must go to the Son of Man Who knows the right fellow that will attend to that problem. If it has a need to see a doctor, doctor Ojiakor is available. If it has needs to see a pharmacist, Brother Tony is available. If it has need for a nurse, Sister Onyema is available. Besides, there are other auxiliary nurses or other helpers. If it requires divine healing, I AM AVAILABLE.
51.        We want you to feel at home. Your interest is well protected. We will also assign some other younger brothers or sisters with this card, from where you can pass on your request for one thing or the other.
52.        To crown it all, a first aid box has already been provided for the camp with all the drugs we know that will meet our daily needs. If you complain of stomach trouble and things like that, we have light, light drugs that can handle that without anybody crossing the gate.  
53.        For the Security, we have written to the DPO of Inland Town Police headquarters, drawing his attention to the camp meeting, telling him that we are law-abiding citizens, promising that we would never pose any security threat to his officers and men during the camping period. Also, we copied the letter to the Area Commander in charge of Onitsha area. We equally made him to understand that besides any other thing, we have our own internally arranged security.
54.        If you are not having your security card duly stamped and signed, you are not authorised to be in the security, and the security is going to be headed by our Brother Collins, who is a police inspector. I have empowered him to assemble other police officers like Brother Silas in Zone 9 Umuahia, Brother Kennedy from Zone 2 Lagos, and Brother Mode who is coming to beef up the security internally placed. He is coming from River State. Also, we are going to select some able-bodied men among us, who will also be in the security team.
55.        Any suspicious movement, any suspicious person is to be arrested on the spot straight away. In addition, with my handwriting the person is surrendered to the Nigeria police for interrogation and possible prosecution.
56.        Hence, we are not leaving any stone unturned as far as security is concerned. Besides, these security men are authorised to search anybody, member or none member provided they have reasonable cause to apprehend any serious thing around the individual. They can come to you and search you, search your corner. They are authorised to do that, starting from the gate.
57.        They are strictly authorised to search your vehicle. If you know you will not subject yourself to their searching, don’t ever come to the camp meeting. It is our camp rule. We are working in collaboration with the Nigeria police, and we will not create any room for anything that will jeopardise our stay in this our holy worship ground.
58.        Vehicle permit is another area I want to comment on: these vehicle permits will be handed over to the school security. Our own men will be there with him also, they will see to the movement of vehicles and persons in and around the gate.
59.        Thus, if you are holding your vehicle, either motorcar, or motorcycle, tricycle (Keke-Napep) or leg-cycle, on getting to the gate, collect your vehicle permit. It is in your custody to keep. If you misplace it, your vehicle may be stranded in the compound. If you misplace your vehicle permit, you are going to the Inland Town Police Station to claim your vehicle. For we must invite them to carry the vehicle to the station for clearance.
60.        As a result, once you collect our vehicle permit, keep it safe. Don’t say, “Son of Man knows me and He equally knows that I am the owner of this vehicle; I don’t know you in the camp. I may know you today, when that day comes, I don’t know you. Even my own vehicle is subject to collecting this permit. If your vehicle is above vehicle permit, keep it in your house before coming to the meeting.
61.        What is our reason for the action, we want to check movements of vehicles and persons. If for any reason you are going out with your vehicle, surrender the permit to the gateman and then go. If you are coming back again, collect another permit. It may not be the same number, but it must be the authorised vehicle permit.  
62.        There will be Brethren that will be on errands. We don’t permit reckless movements of persons during our camp meetings. Our movements are organised. For that reason, we have specified some brother and sisters who have the responsibilities of going out to buy all the items you need personally and collectively.
63.        Thus, your duty is that once you hear their names, go to them or they will come to you. They will come to the camp, announce to everybody that they are going out to buy some things for the brethren. Your duty is to put your name and whatever you may need.
64.        They have their exercise books, every request has a sheet on that exercise book. If it is Brother Nwogbu, it will be page one Brother Nwogbu, one tin of bournvita, one packet of biscuit and one bottle of kai-kai. This is done every day, the moment they come, you don’t need to go there, stay in your corner, they will carry items to your corner, and then you sign that you have collected the item(s). If you have balance you will collect your balance for we do not owe anybody.
65.        Whatever money you give them, they must give account of the money. Give you the balance, and then you sign. The following day, it is done that same way; so it will continue until the camp is over. For that reason, once you have come into the camp, you have come. You are not authorised to see Awka Road unless you possess the card as authorised.
66.        The card must bear Errands on it.  Besides, there is a statement on it that the security agent in the town including the Nigeria police to permit the person if the duty entails moving out in the night, and you know Okada doesn’t ride in the night. But with this card, they will permit you. For both the DPO and the Area Commander are in possession of the samples, and our phone number is there.  
67.        To those in the security, and some other personnels, I will supply you with emergency security numbers. Or we called them security alert phone numbers, so that anywhere you may be, if there is any sign of danger that required the attention of the Nigeria police or Army, you call the number immediately.
68.        I will give you the numbers for the DPO Inland Town, the DCO, the Area Commander, vigilante services and all the security agents around  so that from there, you can send alert.
69.        In fact, all roads will be leading to Ado Girls’ immediately we are prepared for the meeting.
70.        For the secretariat, to avoid everybody trooping into the secretariat to disturb the work, I have prepared identity cards for the people that will serve in the secretariat. They will be called secretariat staff. If you don’t have this identity card, or tag, don’t make the mistake of approaching our secretariat for it is strictly out of bounds. Only one thing will take you there, that is, when you are going there to buy your sermon book. You get there, you just stop at the window, and the people that are in charge of the sermon books will give you what you need.
71.        What is the essence of the secretariat? I have mobilised a lot of brothers and sisters who will work with Me there for I will be there personally.
72.        In addition, I am appealing to you, if you can typeset very well, even if you do not have laptop, simply indicate your interest. If you can write well in a longhand, that is culling the message out from the tape to longhand, indicate your interest. My idea is this; I will use not less than ten laptops. No Desktop is needed there. It will be a mobile secretariat.
73.        To make sure we achieve our purpose, we have empowered our secretariat with more colour printers. We purchased brand new colour printers to hasten the work. My idea is that any message that is handled in the camp meeting, no matter who the preacher is; if it is handled in the morning, or in the afternoon, by tomorrow, go to the secretariat and collect it in book form.
74.        Any way, it sounds unbelievable but very possible. For example, the Message titled “The Bride of Christ in Preview” was a message that was preached in Jerusalem on a Sunday, and the following Sunday (seven days after), it came out in book form—a feat no printing press outside can achieve. Now I am telling you that if a message is preached in this camp meeting, the following day morning, go to the secretariat collect it in book form. Finish.
75.        To make sure it works, we are nearly concluding arrangement with somebody outside, who will be helping us in doing the cutting of the books, for that is the only thing we do outside. Apart from the cutting of the books, everything is done within; both the graphics, we do everything in the Bride. Let me hold my peace.
76.        I am thinking seriously for how best I can handle the issue of cutting of these books internally.
77.        I am giving you these regulations so that you can now talk to your brethren. Please respect the stickers. If you see a sticker on any door, like the one that is written “private toilet” in bracket (ministers), please respect it.
78.        There is one written PRIVATE TOILET, “MALE TOILET”, “FEMALE TOILET”. Another one is “SON OF MAN”. Respect all the stickers for there is a reason for that. That the place is private doesn’t mean that somebody is going to live there.
79.        Take for example, the one that is written “SON OF MAN; that is the only way we can check it, it is for the Son of Man and all that are working in the secretariat.
80.        The one I wrote “MINISTERS”, it doesn’t mean that all the ministers will have that toilet. No! I have ministers that will stay with Me. To make sure they feel comfortable and meet my needs, I assigned a toilet to them, very close to my own with a bathroom inside which we constructed with our own hands. It is befitting because I don’t want to entertain any excuse from any of them.
81.        The private toilet that is placed in the female side, it is a toilet away from all. All the toilets have their private doors. In the female side, it is one toilet in one room and they have doors. However, there is one that is outside all with one bathroom attached to it. It is for the wife of the Son of Man, and it is under lock and key.
82.        At the same time, inside the female camp, there is a cubicle there I decorated. That cubicle is for the wife of the Son of Man, and it is under lock and key. It is going to serve a purpose.
83.        One: She is placed at the middle separating the spinsters and the mothers. Two: it is the security room for all the sisters there. For it is sealed with protectors.
84.        All your handsets, all your money, all your valuables, if you know you have some, put them in your wallet, purses and things like that, tie them together and submit them inside the cubicle. For the cubicle is under lock and key, it made it impossible for any thief to have a way in there; so that when you are in the fellowship, you feel relaxed, knowing that your wrist watches, your handsets, your money, all those valuables they are all in safe hands.
85.        The same way, the brothers, if you have such valuables, fine, feel free. Deposit all of them to the approved persons in the secretariat, a place have been provided in the secretariat for such valuables to be kept. For at every given time, there must be somebody in the secretariat. The idea is that nobody feels uneasy in the camp.   
86.        These arrangements were not put in place before, but they have been put in place now because I know that too many people have their own interpretations of the grace of God that is revealed in our midst.
87.        Some have turned it into lasciviousness, some think it means “behave anyhow and be saved anyhow.” However, real sons and daughters of God said, “No, the Son of Man is the interpretation of the grace of God.” Amen.

We continue in the camp rules. Unrestrained defecation in the camp is prohibited; mothers take note. In case you have your little ones and they are too tender, do not allow them to mess up the camp.
2.           To avoid that, buy plastic poo for them so that after passing faeces, you can gently go and empty it in the toilet and flush it there. Keep the poo neat, and don’t keep the poo inside the camp. Keep the poo at the back of the camp.
3.            Let nobody ever pass faeces on the ground. Even if you are having a running stomach, don’t ever attempt it. Don’t ever attempt it. Let nobody ever use waterproof or newspaper to tie it and keep it anywhere. Spread this good news to all the local Assemblies. If I notice any sign of such a thing, I will pour olive oil on it and pray on it.
4.           Another thing which is against the camp rule is LEAVING THE CAMP WITHOUT AUTHORITY. If for any reason you must leave the camp by day or by night, please, obtain permission from the appropriate authority which will be made known to you in due course. If you leave the camp without authority, we will sack you without authority. Anybody can do that. Report all strange movements to the security personnel, that is our own internally arranged personnels.
5.           All strange movements, all suspicious movements, report to those in charge and they will in turn report to Me. If it is of a dangerous nature, we will handover such people to the police.
6.           All health emergencies like asthmatic crises, or sickle cell anaemia, whooping cough, diarrhoea, vomiting, pneumonia, severe pains, such emergencies by day or by night, report to the nearest Red Cross personnel who will bring it to my notice immediately. Because of our various locations, the various phone numbers of the personnel shall be made public so that you can call them over the phone.  
7.           Another camp rule is that STEALING IS PROHIBITED: stealing in all forms is prohibited. You may say you are playing, God takes it seriously. If a brother keeps a loaf of bread by his side, leave it there. If you are in need of it, tell him before you will take it. For you do not know what he has in mind, that is, why he placed it there.
8.           We belong to one family, we have everything in common, in the sense that you must tell your brother or sister. Don’t just say he will understand for he may not understand. For you never knew why he bought it and place it there.
9.           If you take it without his knowledge, you have nullified his purpose of bringing it, you have disorganised him, you have disorganised her. As a result we will regard it as stealing; taking your brother’s thing without his consent, taking your sister’s belongings without her consent, there is no other name given to it but stealing.
10.        Lest I forget, if you want to maintain your personal hygiene, don’t fail to come with all that is necessary. While packing your kit, don’t forget your bathing bucket, towels, and your soap dishes. Don’t ever come to the camp hoping to share towel with anybody, it is prohibited.
11.        I am aware that apart from the Bridal Faith, no other group of people can tolerate, accommodate with love certain categories of people we have in our midst.
12.        Stigmatization is practiced everywhere but not in the Bridal Faith. Inasmuch as we do not discriminate, that does not mean we should tempt God. For that reason, two persons are not permitted to share one towel or one toothbrush. By this, I have ruled out the tendency of one picking brush anyhow from the window. Or anywhere you see towel, you just pick it, no. You see underwear, you just pick it. No! It is prohibited. The same way you will come with your plates, come with your bucket and those items. You are coming to the meeting to live at least five consecutive nights.  
13.        FINALLY, LATENESS: early to bed and early to rise. Punctuality is the soul of every business, as determination is the key to success. privatise your area of operation in this camp meeting. IF I say privatise it, I MEAN personalise it. Fix your time, to be conscious of oneself is to be conscious with time. Know the right time you will start cooking so as to go to fellowship at the approved time. Take into considerations the time it will take for distributions of the food.
14.        Are you outside for one thing or the other? Do not keep late. Don’t say, “I have errand ticket,” and then you stay outside until the police will be informing us that they are holding you in their station, to confirm whether you are one of us. We don’t want it. No matter what we sent you for, you must be back in the camp before 7:30 pm. Everybody should please take note of this.
15.        In Conclusion, I have taken into considerations too many things. I have already addressed the various committee so far setup handling these things. I am only serving as a Director for there are brethren that are vested with various responsibilities. As  a result, the only thing we have not touched is provision of meat. I have addressed the matter. We would not make the mistake we made before, for we learn every day.
16.        There was a year we decided to buy a fresh cow, and we noticed that we made a grievous mistake at the end of the day. One; it created unnecessary work for the brethren. Two; at the end of it all, it was very dirty because they were not professionals. Three; we noticed that we purchased more bone than meat, for there are too many things in a cow, which no human being can eat including the excreta.
17.        What is more, we also noticed that we caused trouble by forcing ourselves into preparing pepper soup, which later caused diarrhoea in the camp. At the end of the day, what we threw away was greater than what we realised from the cow. Thus, whoever that slaughters a cow in a ceremony slaughtered a cow to make a name. No more, no less.
18.        If you doubt Me I will give you one leg to eat, you eat both the bone and everything.
19.        Taking that into consideration, we have decided to handle it the same way we handled the ministers’ meetings of 2010. Meat will be provided on a daily basis, fresh. We will make good arrangements for that, the same way we made it in 2010 during the Ministers’ Meetings.
20.        The stewards will tell us the part of meat they want, because the part of the meat they want varies according to what they want to prepare. In other words, when they tell us, they will mix the whole thing. We will submit it to the supplier, who will not only supply, he will also cut it into pieces for us for he is an expert. By so doing, he will make our work very easy and also make it possible for us to purchase meat and not bone; so that is what we intend doing in that regard, we believe it will pay off.
21.        That is not all. Whoever that eats meat, eats death. However, whoever that eats fish eats life, except asthmatic patients. Nevertheless, it is still contentious for I don’t know what medical experts are teaching there, that is, prohibiting asthmatic patients from eating fish, egg, taking milk and things like that.
22.        Well, I know I have my own recommendations. I am fond of eating poison so that I will live.
23.        Let me tell you what I mean. If I tell you the quantity of drugs I empty into my mouth at the same time, if the medical doctors said that one should take one in a day, I will take two at a time and it will be two times a day.
24.        I may have up to thirty different drugs in my hands. After taking them, before your eyes, I will carry my gallon containing my traditional medicine with kai-kai, and take also! I will carry stout beer and drink also! Carry everything in my stomach.
25.        If what will kill Me is what I have taken into the stomach, I would have died long, long time ago. Don’t ever try it for you may die. My belief is this: whenever the thing enters the body, anyone that has any function to play, let it play it.
26.        If you see where I prepare my tea, you will run away. If you come near where I prepare my tea, you may even invite the police to come that I am attempting suicide because the tea contained much, one sachet a day, and I will gather about ten brands plus many other things; put all of them in one cup. You say it is too much, I have fermented it, and everything will be emptied into my body. Before your eyes also, I will pour in other liquids.
27.        What am I saying? You will die earlier than your time if you listen to your medical doctors. However, if you listen to God, you will live.  
Neglect the voice of the Son of Man, you must land yourself in trouble
28.        We really thank God that we have blocked all avenues we have noticed where the Devil can easily come in and trouble us, besides, we believe we are going to have a peaceful and wonderful time with God in this camp meeting. Co-operate with us and we would serve you better, your population notwithstanding.
29.        I am praying seriously that Bishop Moses will join us in the camp meeting—I am praying seriously. It is said that some people will not come but Bishop Moses will come. By His grace he will be discharged on Monday, 26th December 2011. I won’t share his testimony; he will stand before you and his wife to tell you what happened.
30.        Neglect the voice of the Son of Man, you must land yourself in trouble; And at the end you must come back to that same voice. The highest favour God will show us, He said “is to remind us of His voice we have not obeyed.”
31.        Brother Sam had a problem with one of his customers at Nsukka for the man was trying to embezzle his money. He called Me and I directed him to the police.
32.        At the end of the day, the man was summoned by the police. After thorough investigation, they noticed he was a playboy. Hence, they collected the money from him and handed the money over to our Brother Sam. He called Me and glorified God.
33.        A week after he called me again, telling me that unknown persons perforated the wall of his warehouse, carted away some crates of beer and soft drinks from his shop. Something they did many years ago.
34.        I said, “Okay my dear, thank you for informing Me. However, let me ask you a question. After that incident, did you do what I commanded you to do?” There was silence. I said, “Brother Sam, did I tell you to hire security that will be in charge of your shop? At least at five thousand Naira a month, which is just a mite remittance. Or join with other security around the area.”
35.        He said, “Daddy, You did.” “Did you obey?” I asked again. He said no. I then switched off. He called Brother Kelechi, Brother Kelechi didn’t know that he had already called Me. After talking blah, blah, blah, Brother Kelechi pointed him back to the same Voice. Asked him whether he complied with it, and he said no. He said, “Why are you raising alarm than?”
36.        Well, the truth is this: He is suffering because of his disobedience. In that one, I promised him that the person must be arrested, before their eyes, he was arrested. Another one wanted to defraud him also; I told him he will get him. They arrested him and he paid by offering the father’s land which they later redeemed. This time around, you will not see it. Another one is coming, it will not come if you repent and begin now to obey My Voice.
37.        I commanded Brother Chinwendu to carry his vehicle with Brother Vin straight away to Eha-Amufu, stopping nowhere on the road, and he said amen. But daddy he will like to go to orthopaedic to see Bishop Moses. I said, “Your motive is wrong. You are a guy man; pride is trying to push you there, no more. I am saying that you should go to Eha-Amufu direct, to enable Brother Vin come back. Don’t ever stop anywhere,” and  he agreed.
38.        They left. Along the way, he took Brother Vin to his in-laws at Ogidi so that they will see his vehicle. He succeeded, but while he was coming out from that place, on getting to Abba junction, the vehicle stopped itself. They traced and traced and traced the problem till in the night Bother Vin came back.
39.        Brother Chinwendu has to stay three days on the highway doing nothing, until I commanded Brother Vin to go there again. I called the mechanic, and said that there is no problem with the vehicle that the man was trying to be funny. That they should put oil; connect the oil pipe that was broken because of the bad road they took there in the village put the water in the radiator carry the motor go.
40.        Before Brother Vin got there, the man had already duped him seven thousand Naira, saying he was going to replace the metal. He opened the bottom plate and the metal was brand new. He closed it; he said that nobody has ever touched or worked on the engine. He carried the valve, he said no problem in the valve.
41.        Finally, to take that seven thousand Naira he put one by one, then he put top gasket that was all. Only top gasket kept Brother Chiwendu in the filling station. At my word Brother Vin went on Saturday, before I called again they were already in Eha-Amufu.
42.        Neglect the voice of the Son of Man; you must land yourself where you will regret.
43.        Bishop Moses with his wife are the ones that will use their mouth to tell you why he (Bishop Moses) has suffered all these years, and what happened at last.
44.        It was when the thing got serious that God said no, this man shouldn’t die. Finish. You will hear from them.
45.        Please in this meeting, there is every need for us to work together. At least some of you that have not experienced camp meeting before, you will see what Paradise looks like. We are going to experience miniature paradise on Earth, for if we cannot dwell together in peace here on Earth among ourselves, how can we dwell in peace where we are going to? Can it happen? It must be people of like minds, like character to dwell together in unity, and in peace. No complaining and murmuring.
46.        Having given you a rundown of these camp rules, I am of the opinion that you are now well disposed to address your fellow brethren in your local Assemblies, before they will be coming for the camp meeting; that it is different from the Sunday fellowship you normally attend in Onitsha.
47.        I still emphasize that aged men and women are prohibited from coming to this meeting. Nursing mothers that are nursing infants of less than one year old, are prohibited from coming to this meeting, except those in Onitsha only. Old people in Onitsha like Papa Uwakwe and Mama Ikebude; they will attend the meetings only in the day time. That is my verdict on the matter.
48.        Somebody called me from Lagos and suddenly, saying that they heard that the Son of Man has made statement that everybody should come to the meeting including pregnant women and things like that. I said no, I never made such a statement.
49.        I said it is only Onitsha. I said that if you are pregnant and you are a member of Onitsha household, and you know your body is strong enough to see you through, come to the meeting. However, if your body is not strong, come only during the day. If you are having your baby that is less than one year old in Onitsha, and the baby is strong, you can manage your baby all through the night without discomforting others, come. Otherwise, come only in the day.
50.        However, from other local Assemblies, they shouldn’t make the mistake of coming for the meeting. If you are having a contagious disease that can spread by handshake or by air or by contact, please stay away, don’t ever come. If peradventure while the meeting such a sickness developed, well, if it is of a nature where we cannot quarantine you, we will send you back.
51.        Thus, I appreciate the efforts so far made by all of you in supporting the camp meeting, financially, morally and otherwise. Especially to those that have been calling Me over the phone encouraging Me by their words never to relent, I appreciate all your contribution.
52.        Remember that from time to time during the meeting, we may call for your offering if we run short of money. We have been doing it in time past, when we run short of money; we don’t go to any particular individual. We throw it open. Whatever we see, brethren will carry it and enter the market. By so doing, we have been sustaining ourselves.
53.        However, I am assuring you this time around that you will give your offering as usual. But it may not be for your feeding, forget about that kitchen. I have tested it and it worked, during the work we did here. Where we prepare emergency food by few sisters, I don’t know how many cups of rice they provided.
54.        However, we were about one hundred and sixteen number of people that worked. They said that the food wouldn’t be enough, that the food they were putting was too much, this and that. I stood there, I was number one that collected food from the cooler, ate the food, used the plate to serve others. Commanded the sisters to begin to distribute the food, that there must be a leftover.
55.        Brethren ate, in short I saw everything. They filled and ate and ate and ate—everybody there. Some ate two times, some three times, at the end we have great left over. Sisters were commanded to carry food home, if they wish.
56.        As a result, off your eyes from the quantity of the food, loosen your belt and come. I assure you, you must increase in weight. Come! The miracle must start from the kitchen, and that is where it has always started, the more you eat the food, the more the food will be replenished. Until you will be wondering what is happening in the store. I bet you, the crowd notwithstanding, you must share the leftovers at the end of the day. Thus, come! Come!
57.        The Spirit said “come,” and the Spirit and the Bride also said “come.” Let he that willeth also come, fear not for God is with us to make us good. Ministers, you are not coming to the meeting to take but to give. Especially the Apostles and Bishops, the Pastors, Teachers and Evangelist. Whatever is your calling, come and round it off with the Bride.
58.      Remain in your sanctified estate, and remain blessed in Him eternally. Amen.