The Son of Man Revealed From One of The Jungles in Africa According To William Branham's Prophesy

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Monday, 13 February 2012



There is the Supreme God; and He is a Being that took His origin from Black Africa. God is not found outside Africa. The influence of God is felt everywhere, but God is living in Africa. Believe it if you can…             –The Son of Man      
The Word of God is the strongest drink that resuscitates the elect. The Word of God is the strongest alcohol that intoxicates every child of God. The Bible said in the Acts of the Apostles that when they were addicted by the Word, they started staggering as if they were drunk. They were drunk in the wine of the Word of God, which made them drunk.
2.          When they were making a hell of noise early hours of the morning, the people supposed (thought) they were drunk; but they were not drunk, that was the power of the Holy Spirit.
3.          Anywhere there is God’s visitation, it is evident by joy. From the Old Testament to the New Testament, anywhere the glory of God came down and identified with human flesh, it was evident by the shout of triumph, the shout of victory, the shout of joy, and shout of winning. Thus, we are all winners and not losers.
4.          From the very beginning, we were not missing our punches one bit. We rightly directed all our punches to our opponents. No matter the stiff opposition they posed, we continued punching, continued mounting pressure, hence today pressure has broken the resistance. The Laws of Moses, the religious Laws which we met on the scene was the greatest opposition, the greatest giant that confronted us.
5.          However, Grace mounted pressure, pounced and pounced, mounted pressure, pushed and pushed, mounted pressure, Grace remained persistent. He was pushing, he was punching, he was advancing, he was pushing, he was advancing until finally the backbone was broken. The Law was shattered into pieces. Nobody can pick the pebbles in our midst. Even if you pick the pebbles, you cannot connect it.
6.          Believe it if you can, the strongest connection the Devil made to hold the world captive, remained the connection of the Law—so strictly connected and tightly fitted. That it will take the Omnipotent to stand before it (Law) and stand. Maybe you do not know that the Law nailed Jesus Christ to the Cross. If Grace is not revealed, all of you were hanging there. And cursed is the man, cursed is the woman that is still hanging on the Cross.
7.          Do you know that the entire world is hanging there? While we preach the resurrected Christ, till today they are preaching the crucified Jesus. I do not preach the crucified Jesus; I am preaching the resurrected Christ. Christ is no longer in the grave, for grave never held Him captive.
8.          You ask Me why I am happy? I stand bold to tell you that it is because my sins are gone. The sacrifice was paid at the Cross once and for all; and that is Grace that set me free from sin, sorrow and disappointment. As a result, do not try to pick pebbles of the shattered Law. Do you know that the strength of sin is the Law, how many believe that? The strength of sin is the Law, and the wages of sin is eternal death.
9.          The eternal death has lost its power because I have disarmed sin of the source of its strength. For the strength of sin is the Law, for where there is no Law, there is no sin. Hence, there is nothing to transgress, for where there is no sin there is no eternal death. There is no condemnation to them that are in Christ who do not walk after the Law for the Law works in the flesh, for the Law is carnal. However, I am spiritual. Who can make the Law that can cage the spirit?
10.      The best marksman in the whole world can never aim at shooting at the sun and get it. The best marksman in the whole world can never direct his arrow to the sun and get it. Who is that man? No matter your catapult, even if it is better than that of King David, you can never get the sun. Use the highest machine gun, the strongest missile in the world, use hydrogen bomb, which is more mightier, more destructive than the widely feared nuclear bomb, you can never get the sun.
11.      The highest bomb in the history of mankind is hydrogen bomb; yet it can never get to the sun. I was telling you that time and you thought that I was crazy, I am not crazy. Yes! The stars can only shine bright when the moon has not appeared, yes! The stars are very bright, whether you call it the great star or the northern star, it is shining bright because the moon has not appeared. The moment the moon appears, the brightest star becomes deem or even unnoticeable.
12.      We are not rejoicing in vain, we know why we are rejoicing and it is not in vain. We have overcome, because He overcame. I repeat, because He overcame, we have also overcome.  We are more than conquerors through Christ that has strengthened us.
13.      The strength of the saints is Christ and the strength of Christ is Grace. Without Grace, the Anointed One is useless and weak. Just like the Law is useless and weak and can never perfect anybody, but the Almighty is seeking perfection from His people which the Law cannot attain.
14.      The Law maketh nothing perfect, but the bringing in of a better Covenant, established on a better promise. That which the Law could not attain in that it was weak, useless and unprofitable, Grace has accomplished it with ease. We are not carrying any burden again—no more burden because we have laid every burden down at His feet.
15.      You are blessed already, people worship something they know not, but we worship something that is well known to us because we are the Jews in the Gentiles. We do not worship anyhow; we worship something we know very well, something we can identify anywhere we meet Him. Whether we see Him in the screen, in the camera, in darkness, in the daylight, we know Him.
16.      No matter the masquerade He decides to appear in, I do not care how He try to camouflage Himself, we know Him, unless He will not speak. If His movements will be confusing, we will wait until He is provoked to talk.
17.      I told a brother one day that only those that have walked and talked with Him will know Him, but the rest will not.
18.      If Caiaphas, the high priest will come into our midst now, he will say, “Na Him.” The ancient men who knew Him that still remained in our midst, when He made a move in Jos, jointly, they echoed, “Na Him, na Him, na Him! What is more, they started crawling on the ground.
19.      By 1996, Papa Abu was about 112 years. When he was asked to testify his experience in the camp, he came out and said, “I have only but one regret, and that is, ‘my father is no longer alive.’ If he is alive, he would come and see this thing with his eyes. That is my testimony!” Gradually he went back to his seat, at the age of 112 years. In the year 2012, he is over 120 years and he volunteered to be in the camp meeting. I was the One that restrained him saying, “You cannot be here with your son, your grandchildren and your great grand, grandchildren.”
20.      I remember the testimony he gave us that time in Jos, where he said that he made a solemn prayer that God will not permit him to die until he will put his hand in the same plate and eat with Me—that was his prayer. When it fulfilled in Jos, he said he will go and relax; the Elders shouted, “If not the Son of Man, we would have all perished!”
21.      You do not know what you are enjoying in the South East. It is very painful to worship as individual family at home. Sympathetically, phone any brother in the North and see what I am saying. If it is possible, they would have flaunted my instruction.
22.      They said that they must try it anyhow and I said, “Try it anyhow and face the music anyhow!” Then they recoiled and said, “Daddy, staying with my family alone to worship, there is a way I feel about it. I feel happier when we stay together.”
23.      If you do not know what they are passing through, I can suspend fellowship for one month in the South East and everywhere, ask you to fellowship in your houses and do not make the mistake of taking your family to another family. You see, even if your family is the largest, even if you have the greatest number of human beings in your homes, you will not feel the way you are feeling in the fellowship of the saints.
24.      Thus, you do not know what you are enjoying in the South East, more so, when you are in constant fellowship with the Son of Man. Because if I suspend you, ask you to go to your home, I will place a blanket ban on all of you from crossing my door for any reason at all, telling you: “Do not fetch water for Me, do not wash my car, leave my dresses, stay in your houses.” Some will like it, Brother Victor you will like it. It will be a good opportunity for those that do not have family altar; they can now sleep from six in the night till six in the morning. After all, there is no need coming together.
25.      Brethren it is a painful exercise. I know it is painful but that is the best for them for now. To Nassarawa in particular, I told some brethren that are with Me; you know I do not know how to have dreams, for I can hardly separate my dream from visions or reality. It may stay long but watch it, it will take a divine intervention.
26.      To Nassarawa in particular, I had a premonition concerning them where two okada riders came to their fellowship, sprayed bullet on all of them and then dashed out. Then we sorrowed and sorrowed, but I was consoled. After the whole shootings, all of them came out untouched.
27.      The same way, I had the same premonition concerning Onitsha where bomb exploded during our fellowship  in Jerusalem and it was when we are going out, we were all gathering around at the vehicle park. Then we are shocked at it. After the whole smoke, both our vehicles, all of us were untouched.
28.      I shared it with Elders, then we biffed up security measures. I summoned emergency security meetings of the Elders to arrest the situation, place things the way they should be for now. You cannot believe it, Sunday 15th JANUARY, 2012, immediately all came in, they never knew I had already instructed the security men at the gate to stop all strange fellows there and to use the single gate.
29.      I told them that even if it is the Area Commander or the Commissioner of Police that is coming, he should wait there come and call Me or any of the Elders; they will respect us. That same Sunday, we introduced the use of vehicle permit. I have given another instruction that if you want to insult yourself, if you want to be embarrassed, you can go to that place. Whatever you see, you take. I will be stupid to disclose my security measures, no.
30.      Also, on Sunday 15th January, 2012, when we dismissed from fellowship, we received a shocker; two Hausa men came to fellowship, pretended to be beggars. Whatever they were carrying in their bags only God can say.
31.      They were insisting that they must come into the fellowship compound but they were stopped; yet they refused. They started asking whether this is not a government college? And the people there said, “It is a government college but the students are not in session, for today is Sunday.”
32.      They insisted they must come in, the security man then told them that he was acting on instruction. That any further delay, that he will summon the police. Then they started speaking to themselves in Hausa language, and gently they went away. He said he watched them until they crossed the Inland Town Police Station. What if I never instructed ahead of time? This is the essence of serving a living God.
33.      No matter what the Devil is planning, before he will finish his plan, God has captured everything. He has repositioned His people; it will take God to tell you how many people that have visited the fellowship venues we have in the Northern States. Because they are sure that people are no longer gathering, you think our brethren vacated and nobody is tempted to go and know what is happening.
34.      You must bear in mind that the nature of our assemblies makes it very easy for them to fall prey. We are not a very large congregation, we stay in smaller places than other groups where one or two gunmen can just shatter everybody like they did in so many places in the North.
35.      You know they attacked the Apostolic Church, where they killed eleven persons from the window when they all gathered to discuss security arrangements.
36.        Brother Nnamdi, as at the time I called you in the morning you are taking your bath, you give the impression that because of the work you are doing you can come to fellowship anyhow on Sunday. From today I put a final full stop to that; from today till eternity you will not step out to cut anything books for us.
37.        If you cannot finish whatever you are doing by Saturday, do not work again. I may even dismantle you there. However, I will give you assurance; you will be seeing books which you may not know where they are coming from.
38.        I started printing books before you came down from Ilorin, verify from your father. We thank God for the journey so far. Amen.

Recently in my house, I was in the meeting with the Elders. After our serious talks, I began to highlight certain things. As it has been my manner, I have never ceased to mention it to everybody. I equally told our brother who is in Kano, Brother Christopher Ugwu, before his own younger brother that he should make haste to come down that he is sitting on a time bomb.
2.          He could not see reasons why he should take it seriously. Nevertheless, we kept on praying for them. I made it clear to the Elders saying, any moment from now, Kano is going to be rocked with bombs. That it has been calm for sometime, but watch out any moment from now, Kano will be in the news. It will spread to Kastina, it will go down to Zamfara. But the climax will be Sokoto, but for now Sokoto is watching from a grandstand as if Sokoto is the umpire.
3.          However, the whole thing is fomented in Sokoto. The whole Islamic Scholars in Othman Danfodio in Sokoto, they do not have any occupation for now than to train Jihadist. Most of them were selected, and they were sent to Somalia to learn how to do suicide bombing which they will come and then introduce to people that are addicted to go to paradise without delay.
4.          Also, I made it clear to the Elders that nobody should begin to suspect the people you see on the streets,  for they are innocent. The whole thing is being masterminded by the pillars of this nation called Nigeria. Remember, I briefed you on the history of Nigeria; the note which Queen Elizabeth handed over to late Dr Nnamdi Azikwe as a handover note. A part of that note read in interalia: “The Northern majority must rule the Southern minority.”
5.          The seat of administration can never depart from the majority. Any attempt to take it away, will reproduce Northern protectorate and Southern protectorate; and the two can never exist without Lagos Colony.
6.          Remember I told you that before 1914, before the reign of Lord Lugard, we are having three republics that were unrecognised: Lagos Colony, Northern Protectorate and then Southern Protectorate. They had all the wherewithal for state statuses.
7.          Also, I made it clear to you that the Northern majority vehemently objected to amalgamation. The papers are with Me, they refused to be a part of Nigeria. They said never, never. Sir Mathew Nbu of blessed memory, Margret Ekpo, Felix Okotie, Dr Nnamdi Azikwe, M.I Okpara, Akanu biam, all of them teamed together to begin to solicit for the favour of the Northerners. Yet Lagos Colony said no, that they were happy to be on their own.
8.          Remember, these republics are still making noise through Oduduwa, Biafra, Arewa. We are not talking about the emergence of the Niger Delta, we are talking about this ones that existed long, long time ago. Hence, the amalgamation was a porous amalgamation.
9.          Then the woman (Queen Elizabeth) went further to make another statement amidst all. She said, “Let it be known to all Africans that this day the British ceases to have POLITICAL CONTROL of this new nation, Nigeria. So on this note Nigeria is GRANTED POLITICAL FREEDOM.” That is why we have political freedom and not economic freedom.
10.      They blinded us with agriculture, subjected us to rigours that are involved in farming while we were exporting palm kernel, coco, groundnut and all those things, their oil firms were siphoning our crude. They used our crude to develop the whole of the Europe. It was not until 1976 that Nigeria discovered the value of crude, and that was during the reign of Obasanjo.
11.      What is more, the little he acquired that time made him mad which he used to conduct the Festival of Arts and Culture (FESTAC) which is the origin of Nigeria problem. Immediately he introduced the oil, all eyes went to oil. Agriculture is neglected, our economy became oil propelled economy. Thus whatever affects oil, affects everybody, affects every aspect of life.
12.      Up till today, Nigeria can never boast of having economic freedom. Now, Nigeria has shifted away from what she received. Note, Nigeria received a Parliamentary System of government which made the president a ceremonial president with the power conferred to the prime minister who must be from the Northern majority whether we like it or not. In the attempt to wrestle power out from the North, Nigeria went American.
13.      America is one that is capitalistic, two unnecessary democratic which is the most expensive system of governance in the whole world; adopting a capitalist system of government in a poor or alien or dwindling economy, and the result became graft, that is, wide spread corruption. Too many people are having their eyes on the scarce resources.
14.      Things are really happening, where we are standing now is better than where we were yesterday. Friday 20th January, 2012, our Brother Sam Agu came to Me; he equally called Me this morning and I spoke to him. He wanted to go back to the North I said, “No, once you cross Obulafor, you are now a stranger in any part of Nigeria. If you cross Obulafor, the next community there is Oturukpo. Oturukpo is no longer Enugu State, so you are now in another country where your interest in not protected.”
15.      I warned him never to step out. I gave him a sign that I told brethren that calling off the strike arising from the removal of the oil subsidy has nothing to do with the trouble of Nigeria. That when the dust that was raised by the removal of oil subsidy will settle down, Nigeria will realise that oil subsidy was not their problem.
16.      I said, “My dear, I want to show you a sign, immediately after Jumaa prayers today being Friday, Nigerians will dance again. And the call must be ‘Inspector General of Police must go.’ Is the Inspector General of Police their problem? Remember that the Inspector General of Police is just an individual, he is not omnipresence and he does not walk along the streets.
17.      Also, we read in the Newspaper where a D.I.G was pursued in Ilorin by gunmen and he had to run for thirty kilometres for his dear life, from the bush to the main road, from the main road to the bush again. His escape was a miracle according to him.
18.      Who was pursuing him? Were those after him Inspector General of Police? Who is not afraid of death?
19.      You  see, immediately after their Jumaa on Friday, they received the orders; for there is where they normally receive their instructions.
20.      Now, look at one amazing thing I want you to know, no matter how illiterate the Muslims seem in appearance, they browses the Internet more than you. They all have access to Arabic news, even if they are tuning in VOA or BBC, it must be Hausa news, and once they are listening to their news, you dare not distract their attention. Besides, all of them are in the Facebook in Arabic language, hence dissemination of information is very easy.
21.      After their prayers on Friday, they went out in carrying out their instructions. The first place of call was the Police Headquarters in Kano; second place of call is Immigration, though they all took place simultaneously.
22.      You see, Nigeria would have recorded the worst if they never failed the SSS attempt.  That one gave us a nice insight into what is really taking place, for they use sports utility vehicle, Toyota SUV, new brand. If you do not know, go and verify. That heavy SUV is nine million Naira official price.
23.      What happened? Two young men, well-dressed in their suits were there, one was the driver the other one was the detonator. They wanted to force themselves open through the gate but the boys there resisted. They drove back, moved forward with force and hit the gate. On forcing the vehicle in, the boys opened fire on two of them, killing them and then paralysed and demobilised the vehicle there. Only for them to open the whole thing and saw live bombs, about six bombs. They detonated the bombs by detonating the war head.
24.      Elders you remember what I told you, in case you see such objects or object around. I told you how to handle them; I told you the one you should not temper with. Alert the police if I am not around, if I am around I will use it as a test to show you how to do it, it becomes powerless. However, to the rest which is too rampant; the one they are using, they are very rampant. I told you how to remove the war head; once you remove it, it cannot explode again.
25.      The programmed ones that contained that clock, once you see it, run away, do not ever touch it. If I am around, call Me. If I am not around, escape first of all, then invite the police.
26.      As it continue to move, I told you where you will touch, until the arrow touches there it can never explode. But the trouble is that we do not know the number of counts it has already recorded, but once I look at it, I will know where the count is hidden because it is normally written in red, I will see it.
27.      The SSS detonated the bombs after killing those suicide bombers. Now my question is this, the leader of the Boko Haram group was captured by the police in Maiduguri, Borno State; and in no other place than in government guesthouse and he was arrested in the group of top ranked government officials including a group captain in the Air Force. They were eating and drinking together, not on the street but inside government guesthouse.
28.      It is like arresting a hardened criminal in the police officers’ nest, maybe interacting, playing ludo or whot with the DCO or DPO, that is what it looked like. This is exactly the picture, and you want to tell Me that the two of them will not be accomplices to the crime? No, no, no. put it aside I do not want to hear it
29.      I am getting at something. There is a statement I made which I want to show you the fulfilment. That man was a wanted man, a hardened man who claimed the responsibility of bombing St. Theresa Church at Madalla where over 68 persons lost their souls. Now an order was given for his house at Abaji to be searched.
30.       If you are going to Abuja, once you get to Abaji, the next town is Gwagwalada. That Abaji is one hundred percent Muslims, Gwagwalada one hundred percent Muslims. It is just like Okene which is one hundred percent Muslims, that is why for any crime you commit in Okene, they will try you and carry you to their court. Their prison is just on the main road, and nobody can set you free there for being an Igbo man unless you can speak Hausa very fluently, then defend yourself.
31.      Once they give you their own interpreter, if you say “come,” he will interpret “go.” He will say things you never said, and they will be recording everything against you for the idea is to punish you.
32.      You see, they got to Abaji and then went to his family for a search. Then another story was told, that they were confronted by his people or his gang. That they opened fire on the police, then the police ran away and the man escaped. Is it not a cock and bull story? Let me paint a picture for you to understand Me.
33.      That Brother Odoemena commits a heinous crime in Onitsha, and police arrested me in Onitsha. As a dangerous man in the society, they insisted that they must search my hometown. They carried me to my family, only to come back and tell the world that immediately they got to my family that I escaped. A wise man will conclude that they just gave him escort to his home. Another suicide bomber must have volunteered to take his position, after all this one will be imprisoned. They just handed him over to his family, that is all, that he is not the trouble of Nigeria.
34.      They all came back; everybody is saying that the Inspector General of Police must explain. Explain what? What will he explain? Did he go with them? He did not see the man, was it his duty? Now I am boiling down to something. Tell me, can a poor man procure a vehicle of nine million Naira and at the same time volunteer to set the vehicle ablaze?
35.      Brethren you know we are children of God! In as much God has warned us to steer clear, it does not insulate us from judging things rightly. Remember we are going to judge this world, and the judgment has started already.
36.      Many a time we read from the paper that they killed twenty Boko Harams here and there, I say it is rubbish. Nobody goes by the name Boko Haram, they have no uniform, they have no barracks, and they do not have any training camp. They only go by signals because they operate as syndicates. Nobody knows who is who except the mentor. Only those assembling them know who they are, and where they are and how to get them.
37.      A poor man who is living from hand to mouth cannot procure a vehicle worth nine million Naira and instead of enjoying the vehicle he volunteered to die in the same vehicle, set the vehicle ablaze. Am I making sense?
38.      When our President Goodluck Jonathan made a statement, although it was wild from the human perspective, it was a wild statement that can trigger off trouble because he could note that the highest quarter is being suspected.
39.      He said and I quote that the Boko Harams have infiltrated into the government circles, including the Army and Police. That he is sure that he is having them even in the government house. It was a wild statement humanly speaking, but in reality nobody can fault the statement. We have been hearing of arrest, arrest, arrest up till this day in Nigeria no court has ever tried on such cases. Have you read that they tried Boko Harams, rather you read that the Boko Harams are issuing threats that their members should be released with immediate effect.
40.      Recently, some young boys were arrested at Obeleagu Street. The story confirmed that those who paraded themselves as members of MASSOB, soldiers arrested them, dehumanised them and then take them to the police. Without hesitation, they were all arraigned before the magistrate court and bail was imposed, they were remanded in the custody.
41.      What were they doing when they were arrested? Were they violent? Were they holding arms? Eye service. They were holding their meeting; I do not justify them quite alright no matter what they are talking. Looking at it from a plain language, is it favour under pressure groups? Who has ever arrested anybody for wearing Chelsea football club shirt, or Manchester United football club cap?
42.      I mean we have supporters of all these clubs, Chelsea, Manchester, Wimbledon; Barca and so on. Hence, if you can wear Biafra’s cap or uniform, up to you, as for me, I liken it to wearing Liverpool football club shirt and Chelsea football club shirt in Nigeria for I know that Liverpool football club does not exist in Nigeria.  
43.      I am trying to say something. I am buttressing the fact that it should be known to all of you that the pillars of this nation have come together and vowed a vow that it must be Northern Protectorate, Southern Protectorate and Lagos Colony. It is operation reverse to status-quo ante 1914 order. I said it before, it is contain in your messages.
44.      In the daily Sun newspaper, one Sanusi wrote elaborately about six pages, traced the history of Nigeria down to 1914 and said where we are now: “Revert to 1914; cancel the amalgamation for Nigeria has gone democratic and no longer parliamentary.” Well, it is too late.
45.      He should have suggested it before we carried arms. Already, Nigerians are carrying arms and they are marching force with force. You cannot talk about dialogue amidst people that are holding rifles. You must disarm them before you talk of dialogue, for you do not go to negotiation table with your arms.
46.      Why negotiating with arms? Allow the arms to do the negotiation. What is more, the arms have started the negotiating. It is like recently where Palestine leader was saying, “Talk of negotiating peace with Israel and her borders and  things like that, let nobody ever say it again. For Palestine can never negotiate anything with Israel in this world again. We have made up our minds and we cannot change.”
47.      If a small child is shouting at an elder and pointing at his face, look at him very well, there is somebody behind him that is making him to act like that. Do you understand this message?
48.      While we were praising God for what He is doing, on Friday, the news came; we were able to get the correct figure if it is correct. I said “if” because the two different stations gave two different figures. VOA gave 121 casualties while BBC gave 161 casualties. News from Nigeria gave 161 casualties.
49.      Whether 161, 121 or even 2 casualties, we are not talking about the casualties, we are talking about events unfolding on a daily basis.
50.      When Pastor Dan called, he said, “Daddy, your Word has come to pass which we discussed even two days ago, it has come to pass.” I said, “Pastor Dan, I knew about it.” Less than thirty minutes he called Me, our brother Christopher called Me from Kano saying, “Daddy, look at what is happening right now. Please pray for me.”
51.      I said, “We are already praying for you and your family. But let it be known to you that you are in another country.”
52.      While we are still talking about that, our brother Stephen from Nassarawa called Apostle Kelechi to tell him that he monitored the news in Hausa, maybe we have received it now in English. He said some sets of people used bomb to embarrass Bauchi casualties. Bauchi could not sleep.
53.      I said, “Brother Leo, you will do well to come down; thank God you have escape.”
54.      Watch how the whole thing is moving, if it gets to Kastina which you know is one hundred percent Muslim; note that Kastina is one hundred percent Muslim, the home of Yar’adua; Zamfara, of course you know about Zamfara when Governor Sani Yerima was there. He made it open by saying, “I must rule this state with Sharia Law. Anybody who is not comfortable with Sharia Law should find his way back.”
55.      Governor Gwuche also made the same statement in Gombe saying, “I am ruling Gombe State as our own Muslim state. If you do not want, go back.” One governor in Bauchi said, “Of course all residents in Bauchi should know that Bauchi is a Sharia State, we do not plead with anybody. Just like our counterparts in Kastina, Zamfara and Sokoto states, we can never compromise it.”
56.      What is the contention today? That the whole Nigeria should join hands together that they should believe and practice that Nigeria is a Sharia State, which is Islamic state. No more, no less. They are resting at nothing until it is imposed on every Tom, Dick, and Harry.
57.      Are you surprised? Why are we interested in the benefits and do not have a heart or courage to accept the disadvantages? Our leaders today, were they not alive when they enlisted Nigeria into membership OIC? Nigeria became number eight in the whole of Africa to enlist into Organization of Islamic Countries.
58.      Alhaji Zai Gambari became our permanent secretary in the body, and up till today Nigeria is still paying her dues the same way they pay their dues to AU and ECOWAS and so on; in other words, Nigeria never allied herself to the western law; Nigeria allied herself to the eastern laws.
59.      Note what is taking place. I am happy that I am still here to place things where they belong to. Are you Nigerians? No! You are aliens to this nation, but you happened to be residents. You are residents, you are not indigenes. There is a difference between an indigene and a resident.
60.      For instance, we are all residents in Onitsha but we are not indigenes of Onitsha. There are certain rights and privileges indigenes have that we cannot claim. Till eternity we will not have such right and privileges. Just like the news where the man who is challenging Obama appeared to be sweeping the whole crowd, using Africa politics against Obama.
61.      I likened it to the problem between America and Palestinian, Israel crisis in the Middle East. America said they had a legal order, a standing order to withdraw aids or funds or contributions from any UN body that accepted membership of Palestine. And for that, they will not be remitting the money to UNESCO.
62.      Then secretary of UN while talking to America spoke to their shame. He said, “America is just one in a million. We are handling humanitarian issues and not America politics. You should learn to separate your politics from humanitarian matters. Stop attacking UNESCO, attack your useless American laws which dehumanises other people that are not Americans.” Obama kept quiet for he knew the truth.
63.      Now for coming out to give a little concession, Obama’s opponent has used it to floor him. If we are wise, but it has become late. Our lawmakers should be reviewing two things, one: OIC membership, Bakassi Peninsular membership.
64.      I KNOW THEY WILL NOT TOUCH IT, FOR THAT IS WHERE I WILL DWELL ANYTIME I WILL SETTLE DOWN. I will live in that peninsular, I like that place. You know I love pitching tent in a controversial area so that everybody will come down.
65.      Up till this very moment, there is no peace in Bakassi Peninsular. Elf oil that is from France that purchased everything has never explored anything oil in that place. Nigeria is yet to withdraw fully from that place, and France is not giving in at all. They are even planning to build a satellite there.
66.      Our lawmakers should attack membership of OIC if they are intelligent. As long as the membership stood there, all of you in Nigeria are members of Islamic nation.
67.      Now let us come to the geographical strait as it affected the population of Nigeria. It was estimated now that Nigeria is about two hundred million people, but I say no to it. That demography is absolutely wrong. Going by what we have at hand, out of the two hundred million, I can defend it that eighty-five percent is made up of Muslims.
68.      You know, when we say Muslims; every attention is gear towards the North. We neglect the entire Middle Belt, we neglect the entire Western region were Islam is very much pronounced because their own is calm, they practice it as mere traditional religion. However, do not neglect the fact that at the end of the day, they all go to Mecca, take the same title, and they are all worshipping the same Mohammed. I hope am making sense?
69.        If you add the Northern Muslims to Southern Muslims, by South I mean using the rivers to divide Nigeria into equal parts; if you do not know, know it that there is no state in Nigeria without Muslims. For example, Bayelsa state is about seventy-five percent Muslims. You think Bayelsa state is a Christian state? No. Kumo, whose father was a late judge, up till today, the whole of that area, they are all Muslims. Better know this truth that ninety percent of people in Edo State are Muslims.
70.        If you go to Agbor from where they gather every Friday, half of Deltans are Muslims. Enugu is following suit because of money. Alhaji Suleman Onyeama is converting too many of them now. If you go to Awgu and Udi, a good number of them are now Muslims.
71.      When you go to Yoruba land, or Kwara, the whole of Ilorin are all Muslims, the whole of Kogi are all Muslims. Osun State, that is Osogbo, Iwobi they are all Muslims. If you go to Ibadan, ninety percent of them are Muslims. Down to Ondo, that is Owena, Ekiti and so on, come and see them, Muslims.
72.      I am saying that whatever you call Christian religion is only pronounced in the South East, another area is Calabar, that is all. Whoever that initiated Nigeria into that cult, did it in agreement with the paper that was handed over to late Dr Nnamdi Azikwe in 1960, precisely October 1st.
73.      Simply take this truth now and align yourself where you belong to. You belong to Christ and Christ alone. You came from Heaven and you are now on your way back to Heaven. This is why what is happening on Earth is making you to feel very uncomfortable. For any reason at all, do not subscribe to either Christianity nor Islam FOR AT THE END, THEY SHALL BE ONE. You will understand Me with time.
74.      Down in the South East, the situation appeared to be relatively calm for now and I do not want to keep you in the dark. I warned you to run away from all pressure groups, all mafia groups, all violent groups; all those that are clamouring for one state, have nothing to do with them. What you call calm is not calm. Even if you press them to the wall, they will keep quiet. Trouble is looming, it will not bust until after 13th February 2012. It will be after 13th February 2012, it may start before then, but I am predicting that it will be after 13th February 2012.
75.      Remember that God said we should expect civil unrest that will take place from now to 31st March. He said, “If it does not come to pass, I will come down from the pulpit. Before your eyes, it will start.” Let nobody ever fool you into believing that crises have calmed down, it is still on.
76.      That of Lagos, they used police to stop them but it is still on. It simply changed style. CIVIL CRISES WILL NOT STOP IN NIGERIA AGAIN UNTIL WE PART AND GO TO GEOPOLITICAL LINES. What is holding the peace in the South East is Ikemba of Nnewi, after his burial and everything, what you will see will help you to know that He that is talking to you knew all secrets even before they are fomented in the heart.
77.      Will there be evil in the city and the Lord has not done it? That is why He said, “In everything, say glory be to God. If it is good, glory be to God. If it is bad, glory be to God.”
78.      There is nothing He will not initiate to secure your final release. When a bird wants to release ITS YOUNG ONES, IT makes the nest very uncomfortable.  Your nest will soon become very uncomfortable. You will regret everything but NOT your identity in Christ. Amen.

During the camp meeting, God saw the one that completed the number and asked him, “My friend, I hope you will not trouble me in the Kingdom?
2.          I am the consolation of the saints, page 110 verse 97-103, “SON OF MAN: Can we harvest it? APOSTLE KELECHI: ‘We can harvest it.’ SON OF MAN: Check very well. APOSTLE KELECHI: ‘We can harvest it.’ SON OF MAN: Bye-bye. I accept it. Amen. I believe the report of Apostle Kelechi is perfect.”
3.           Mathew 22: 8 – 10, Then saith he to his servants, The wedding is ready, but they which were bidden were not worthy. Go ye therefore into the highways, and as many as ye shall find, bid to the marriage.
4.           So those servants went out into the highways, and gathered together all as many as they found, both bad and good: and the wedding was furnished with guests.” KJV.
5.           Note, both bad and good! Watch the manner of people that were in the wedding, legally brought to the wedding both bad and good.
6.           Romans 9 : 15 – 16, “For he saith to Moses, I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy.
7.           The conclusion of the whole matter so that the good ones there will not query why this?         And the bad will not say why this good man? 
8.           For He saith to Moses, I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion. So then it is not of him that willeth, nor of him that runneth, but of God that sheweth mercy.” KJV.
9.           The Gentiles, when the seals are opened, are sealed away.” “Seals of the Trumpet,” page 25 July 19 1964.
10.       “Look at what we have got to now, look out, the war is at hand. But see, the world still belong to Satan, he still got this part. But the Kinsman Redeemer is taking His subjects until the last one name is put on that book.” What? What? What? Halleluiah! Amen. I have a testimony, brethren do you know it was last week that we gathered as Elders.
11.      We were sharing testimonies because of what we saw in the screen. Pastor Christian now told us that at the end of that day when the man who completed our number was spotted out, that he went to him privately to interact with him and congratulate him. Saying that Eha-Amufu people are privileged, he said, “My friend, you came all the way from Abakaliki to come and complete our number.” The man said, “No, I did not come from Abakaliki, I came from Umunya, I am a native of Umunya in Anambra State.” He said he came from Umunya, is it not wonderful? Whether EhaAmufu, or Abakaliki, or Umunya the most important thing is complete my number and let me close this book so that the bad ones will not jump out again, and the good ones will not jump out again. Let me swallow everything, for both good and bad are swallowed in immortality.
12.       “…Look at what we have got to now, look out, the war is at hand. But see, the world still belongs to Satan, he still got this far. But the Kinsman Redeemer is taking His subjects until the last one name is put on that book...”
13.      Do we have a Kinsman Redeemer? Who is He taking? Those that are subject to Him only. Anybody that is not subject to Him, maybe who thinks He is taking too much, no problem, you are free to go wherever you want.
14.      “…Look at what we have got to now, look out, the war is at hand. But see, the world still belongs to Satan, he still got this far. But the Kinsman Redeemer is taking His subjects until the last one name is put on that book. Until the last one name put on that book, He receives it and seals it away.”
15.      Who knows when the last name comes? The Kinsman Redeemer! He is the One that is taking His subjects, putting their names down. He knows the number He is asked to go and bring and it has been kept in His heart as a secret. Has He not been telling you that? I know when it remained only but one, that was why He was telling those people, “Please, please I am begging you in the Name of God, stop quarrelling, repent, change your heart now, now, now. I am not saying next minute, just bend down there, it takes place in the heart. I say now and do it hastily. Do not say let Me go to my seat, do not blame your Bishop, do not blame anybody, you are your problem yourself. Just stand there, now. One second chance to repent.”
16.        “…Look at what we have got to now, look out, the war is at hand. But see, the world still belongs to Satan, he still got this far. But the Kinsman Redeemer is taking His subjects until the last one name is put on that book. Until the last one name put on that book, He receives it and seals it away.” First Seal page 138, March 18th 1964.
17.        Look at the prophecy, 1964 fulfilled 30th December 2011.
18.         I am not only a witness but a partaker. Once He takes the last one that completes the number that is in His heart, the rest are cut off. Will they be coming to fellowship? Yes! Will they be singing songs? Yes! Will they be calling Jesus? Yes! Will they be calling for repentance? Yes! Will they be calling for baptism and Holy Ghost baptism? Yes! Will revival continue? Yes! But the number has been sealed away, and the rest are blinded.
19.        If you happened to be among those whose names have already been documented and you are there waiting for others to be coming, maybe you collected number one, you can now begin to know how long you have been waiting; the luckiest man is the man who collected the last ticket, who just entered, one second he entered the Book was closed and testimony sealed away.
20.        He said that He has sealed the whole thing away; otherwise, He will be opening and locking. Thus, once it is there, it is there. If it is not there, it is not there. Continue rejoicing, if it is not prophesied, it will not happen. As if we read this before, we did not know this, we never read it, we have not even touched the book called “First Seal”.
21.        However, look at, after fulfilling it, Apostle is Apostle indeed. God led him to go the prophecies, even this morning I never knew why I called for tapes containing prophecies.
22.        You see, we were talking about prophecies. I said, “Brother Kelechi, we must have fulfilled too many prophecies we heard years back without knowing it.”
23.      “And in the last days, as we are told, as it was in the days of Sodom, the Bride will be united by the Word of God made manifest in the flesh, then He sealed them into God and seals the unbelievers out.”
24.      Brethren rejoice exceedingly. Didn’t I tell you? As it was in the beginning, in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah so shall it be in the days of the Son of Man. He will seal them in God, then seal the rest out.
25.      Somebody in the dark, can he see what we are saying? The Word of God is making Me as if I should run mad. We know what we are worshipping; we know what we are dying for. Even those that left, let me tell you a secret, they are finding it difficult because they have tasted other Churches but for them to come back no way.
26.      They are still finding fault with them, they stay in their houses yet no peace. They want to start their own, who will they start with? No way! That is why they are extremely hostile. They have money, but they hate money, they hate themselves. Do you think it is fair, am I the one that is doing it? Am I more than those great names, great preachers that could mount the pulpit and everywhere will be shaking, where are they today? They are sealed out!
27.      But look at the bad, bad ones in the Faith. See bad, bad, bad ones. See good, good, good ones. Even in the Ark of Noah, there were good animals there were bad animals. Good ones, seven, seven. Bad ones, two, two. Both your goodness, your badness, innocent or guilty God will destroy if He wants to destroy. Mercy belongeth to the Lord, mercy cometh from the Lord. Whoever that God said will never see, let his eyes be as big as a loud speaker, he will not see.  
28.      Somebody was telling Me, “Don’t you know what the Bible said? Must we continue in sin that Grace might abound?” I said, “Can you please tell me who said it?” He said that Paul said it in the Bible. I said, “Do you believe that Paul was Christ of that day?” He said no that he was just an Apostle of God.
29.      I said, “So you believe God used him?” He said yes. I said, “Okay now, the same Paul said that where sin abounds, Grace abounds more and more. He said also that when the Devil wanted to buffet him about, he heard a Voice from God that told him, ‘Do not mind him, my Grace in sufficient for you.’”
30.      The Grace of God is sufficient for me; I do not need any other thing again. The Grace of God is sufficient for me, whoever that is looking for something else, it concerns that fellow.
31.      And in the last days, as we are told, as it was in the days of Sodom, the Bride will be united by the Word of God made manifest in the flesh.”  
32.       That is in the last day the Word will become a human being, the point of unity of the Bride. Whatever the Bride is made up of will be united in the Word made flesh. He is the rally point. Have I not told you that as long as I am in your midst, I am the point of unity, the point of reconciliation? For without Me none of you will be reconciled to God.
33.      Do you know who God is? Nobody knoweth the Father but the Son, nobody knoweth the Son but the Father and to whomsoever the Son shall choose to reveal. I am in the bosom of the Father, and He that is in the bosom of the Father knows the mind of the Father. If I declare that you are lost, you are lost. If I declare you are saved, you are saved. Do you know the safe ground, have you gone this way before?
34.      Do you know it is an act of stupidity for somebody to find fault on a road he has never trailed before? Is that not what killed those that left? You are saying the Son of Man is wrong, have you gone this way before? How can you find fault with your leader when you do not know the way?
35.      It is stupidity finding fault with your driver when you do not know how to drive, you do not even know how to lift the gear lever. You have never held the steering for one day; you do not know the difference between the clutch and the brake pedal and you are finding fault with the driver, I call it arrant madness.
36.      It is arrant madness finding fault with your leader, when you do not know the way. You are not leading us right, who are you? “In short, in short, if I leave;” do you know the way?
37.      If the revival you have in the camp meeting has died in you, you have died. Any day we gather in His Presence, it is a camp meeting. That is why brethren in the Northern states and Lagos are crying, for we are continuing in our camp meeting every week. On Wednesday, camp meeting. On Sunday, camp meeting. He invited both good and bad to be partakers of the Lord’s Supper, good and bad.
38.      Leave Me alone. Let Me continue in my madness, yes. I love this my madness. I better have the foolishness that will make Me to be happy, than acquire the wisdom that will make Me unhappy.  DO YOU KNOW THAT IT WILL BE ONE DAY; THE SON OF MAN WILL JUST SPEAK A LITTLE AND HOLD HIS HANDS BACKWARD. AND THE NEXT THING YOU WILL HEAR IS THE WHISTLE BLAST.
39.      I do not take delight in going to the pulpit; let alone carrying Bible or books again. If you have noticed it, I now prefer staying with you to watch things. Whenever you see the referee recalling to the side of the pitch and stops running round, he will be eyeing the ball, he wants to collect the ball. His eyes will be partly on the ball and partly on the stop clock.
40.      What are we waiting for? Whenever you are coming to fellowship, if there is any of your people that will want you to stay back, put that person in the vehicle, or on okada, bring that person to the fellowship. Amen.

And in the last days, as we are told, as it was in the days of Sodom, the Bride will be united by the Word of God made manifest in the flesh. Then HE sealed them into God and sealed the unbelievers out.”
2.          “Now rest because the kinsman cannot rest until He has done the full price of redemption. We will actually show by scripture that multitudes who were not born again will go into eternal life, as strange as this may sound, it is certainly true. They are allowed to go into eternal life, but upon what ground do they allow to enter eternal life?
3.          Certainly not the fact that they already have His life as does the Bride, no. But they received it because they were kind to the brethren. Now because of their love to the people of God, they are recognised and saved. No doubt, these people served and helped the children of God.” Exposition of the Seven Church Ages page 226 and 277 through 278.
4.          It is William Branham, exposition of the Seven Church Ages. Infants, you do not know what we are talking; we made it our handbook together with “The Revelation of the Seven Seals.”
5.          Note the pages of these books in our library; we have it in our homes. Brother Kelechi note the page, Ministers note the pages, even the man that is working against himself, Pastor Christian Dike, you think you are fighting the Son of Man.
6.          We will actually show by scripture that multitudes who were not born again will go into eternal life, as strange as this may sound, it is certainly true. They are allowed to go into eternal life, but upon what ground do they allowed to enter eternal life? Certainly not the fact that they already have His life as does the Bride, no. but they received it because they were kind to the brethren.”
7.           Did you hear something like that during camp meeting? Have you been hearing it that the Son of Man had multitude of names you do not know, you have never seen them, they have never identified with you in your fellowship. He said, “How do you think I can forfeit them.” Let Me use one example, that is my mother-in-law.
8.          Then He began to cite examples, saying, “Have I not told you that rapture will spring surprises? You will see many names, you will even see those that blasphemed the Son of Man, called Him every kind of evil names, those that plotted even to kill Him, even those that betrayed Him; He decided to set free. Yet they do not know that He has set them free, for He has already said ‘pardon them for they do not know what they have done.’ If they have known better, they would have behaved better.”
9.          Did you hear such a thing? Who said it? The Kinsman Redeemer. When did He say it? While penning down the names of His subjects.
10.      You ought to fear God, He that knows the number of the sand at the seashore, the number of the hair on your head, is He not worthy to be feared? He knows where all of you are located; He knows where you are staying even those that are abroad. Those that are in the high sea including uniform men and women, He knows all.
11.      They never heard “repent or perish” for one day, they never baptised in the name of Jesus Christ, or Moses or Paul or Son of Man. They were not members of the Bride. When you will be singing praises, they will be watching you. They will not join you in your praises but they will join you in eternal life.
12.      I know you are beginning to appreciate what took place in the camp meeting, maybe after balancing everything we can now say bye-bye.
13.      Too many things happened in the camp meeting that you cannot balance from your Bible and many other things, but it takes God’s Messengers, Apostles and Prophets down the line to help you.
14.      Brother Ugo has opened it under strict unction from above, sent this Message at the right time to show you he is never resting, he is only thinking on what he will do to convince God that he is making full proof of his ministry contrary to Christian Dike and his company who are always in the gallows and they are looking for the people they will hold unto their legs and pull into the same ditch. Ancient people like John Ekwueme, never hot, never cold, lukewarm. You do not know where to place him.
15.      It is because of this that I do not want anybody to give Me last minute headache. I reminded Apostle Kelechi, on Saturday, “Go to Pastor Christian Dike, tell him that I have never changed my mind. I know why I soft-pedalled. He should pack away from that house.”
16.      I said it without bias. He should look for a house, I am moving him away. I told him that in 2011, he thought I was crazy. I am not crazy, I have not changed my mind, you are packing away.
17.      If I knew you will stay till now, I would have used force on you by excommunicating you and your family so that you will pack away. I will not use police, once I disfellowship you with your family, you will pack away. I do not want anybody to be a tempter to his fellow brother or sister at this very crucial moment. I want everybody to be free and to rejoice exceedingly.
18.      Brethren let Me just expose this thing. Pastor Thomas felt shocked when I exposed it. Nobody told Me, not even Apostle Kelechi or his wives; after all, I do not even know where they are living. They have never seen Me in their area. I do not know where Apostle Kelechi is living till this moment I am talking.
19.      Find out from him, I do not know where Brother Vincent is living till now. I only heard that he lives across the fence. I know it is very close to where Apostle Kelechi was living before but I have never seen his house and many of you like that. If not three-quarter of you in this Church.
20.      How can anybody believe that Brother Kelechi being an Apostle walking side-by-side with the Son of Man is living in the same flat with Pastor Christian Dike who is a Pastor also in the fellowship; two of them joint heirs, co-labourers in the vineyard and yet they have separate fellowships when I gave them a big flat with a very big parlour that can accommodate not less than sixty persons in a fellowship. But Pastor Christian will stay in his own, Apostle Kelechi will stay in His own, do not talk. When they come to the fellowship of the saints, they give the impression that all is well. I captured this thing long, long time ago and I frown at it.
21.      If you cannot fellowship together in the family altar, what made you a family? In other words, you are not worthy to live together. If you cannot fellowship with me in my parlour, if I cannot fellowship with you in your parlour, we are not worthy to dwell together.
22.      I am looking forward to seeing brethren that will be living in the same flat, eat from the same plate, when I come there I see them on the same dining table or sitting on the ground eating from the same plate. I want to see a picture if I am living with Brother IK, if I come back and my wife is not around, I simply say, “Where is Sister IK? Any food? Sister I am hungry.” She is not a stranger; it does not make me a fool.
23.      Sometimes I go to my hometown even without my wife, doI go outside to eat? Whatever I eat no matter how bad, no matter how good, it is Brother IK and his family till I come back. Besides, they have that privilege, whenever I go to market, I go with him. We buy food items, they will cook, and we will eat together.
24.      When I go with my wife, does your wife enter kitchen again, you and you wife and everybody around? Do we pray differently? Even brethren from other communities will come and all of us will pray together. You want me to believe that you are one, and I traced it down to Pastor Christian Dike and his wife. I am not in the pulpit to preach him but I must preach.
25.      If am not happy with you and I keep quiet, you are about to be destroyed. However, if I speak, I believe that you are intelligent. My aim is for you to correct it immediately for your own good. A man marries his character. I can see all the attributes of Pastor Christian Dike in his wife, otherwise, she will be very uncomfortable because she agrees to everything and refuses correction like the husband. That is why they are blending against the truth. Who is blending you? The Devil.
26.      I hope I will use them to talk to all, or I have used them to talk to all already. If it is so between Pastor and Apostle, who knows what is happening elsewhere? You only come to the fellowship of the saints to give the impression that you are one family.
27.      “We are heirs of the Father, we are joint heirs with the Son, we are children of the Kingdom, we are families, we are one.” Singing song that you cannot defend. I wonder what it will look like. I remember when Pastor Thomas was living with Sister Paul Agubalu.
28.      I gave him strict orders: “Your family altar must be in your parlour. You are to continue to be the Pastor, any day you come to fellowship and she refuses to come or her daughter, excommunicate her and I will confirm it before the gathering of the saints provided you did it in good faith. For you must pastor her in the fellowship, and also at home.”
29.      If there is place where brethren will be tempted to go to for morning fellowship, it should be Apostle Kelechi’s house. Having the belief that if he is not in the pulpit, Pastor Christian is in the pulpit. One Apostle, one Pastor in one flat; that flat should be glorious.
30.      Having Pastor Christian’s single wife who was born and brought up in the same Faith, and her father is a Teacher in the Faith. Look at Sister Mary who has been with us from the very beginning, their lives should go a long way in helping Brother Kelechi newly married wife whom I called “remain blessed” and that was what she is. They will help her to move from “remain blessed” to a very sweet sister and wife. Rather they will cause her to stumble more and more.
31.        When you act contrary to the Faith, you give this Faith another interpretation. I want you to see the prophecy all over again.
32.        We will actually show by scripture that multitudes who were not born again will go into eternal life, as strange as this may sound, it is certainly true. They are allowed to go into eternal life, but upon what ground are they allowed to enter eternal life?
33.        Certainly not the fact that they already have His life as does the Bride, no. But they received it because they were kind to the brethren. Now, because of their love to the people of God, they are recognised and saved. No doubt, these people served and helped the children of God.” Exposition of the Church Ages Pg. 266 and 277 through 278.
34.      “Remain in your sanctified estate. I want to assure you, no slave in your house that is purchased with money, no maid that is loyal and faithful to you, no friend, no visitor that really loves you, firm and truthful to you will ever smell of Hellfire.” Blow the trumpet in Zion page 102, paragraph 9; November 21, 2010.
35.      “Thirty minutes of extra time in a football match became thirty years extra time. How many can understand Me? Do you know that you have been living your life in the extra time? Do you know that Christ can never be made known to the world except in injury time?
36.      Go back to the Message titled ‘Injury Time.’ Do we have such Message? We do. Any goal that is scored during injury time is allowed. It is a genuine goal even if it is just one second to go. One second to the blast of the whistle, is genuine.
37.      I am saying that I am waiting for the complete number to come in. I am busy discharging strangers and replacing them with genuine materials. I know what I am doing. If you want to know about the flashing red light of His coming, see Me. It has been flashed and it is still flashing.
38.      I know what it takes to keep you in rapturable condition. I am the man that can turn on the light and the light cannot be turned on except it is needed. I am discharging. I am also putting in. I am doing replacement. Until the complete number I am sent to bring home is okay, you will not hear the last blast.” State of the Nation volume two Pg. 41 paragraph 27 through 30. 17 October, 2010.   
39.      You are blessed already. I thank God for Apostle Ugochukwu who took time to bring out few things from the prophecies and their fulfilments. Somebody might be thinking that he was going to talk about the events around us, but as an Apostle, he knew that his duty is to establish your faith firmly on the prophetic words so that you will begin to believe that we are not following cunningly devised fables. We have never tried making you our converts for one day, no. Or to gain your souls with sweet oratory, far be it from us. Neither have we preached the Word with impure motive, it has never happened and it will never happen.
40.      When will it happen again? It is all over now. You are above deceit for I have carried you above deception. I have placed you where no Jupiter can deceive you again, so you are all above deception of the Devil in all form. What is the Devil going to use? Is it miracles, or signs and wonders? What is he going to use? Is it prophecy? Tell Me what he will promise you in order to deceive you. I do not know what he will use. Will he use material possession? Rubbish, we know more than that. Tell me what the Devil will now use? Will he use popularity, will he use woman, will he use power? Tell Me what he will use.
41.      We have crossed the riven veil where the glory will never fade again. The glory never fades away, rather it shines every minute. To God be the glory.
42.      The good news I have for all the Local Assemblies is this, we have the video tapes that can go round the Local Assemblies, one set for every Local Assemblies. Moreover, each set is made up of three DVD plates, which is a comprehensive package which was covered by our Brother IK Ezindu from Mbaise. We worked on it, compressed it into three DVD plates.
43.      It was not easy, the thing was too much. We compressed eleven cartridges into three DVD plates. We have to make use of a high quality 4.7 gigabytes DVD plates. As a result, each plate you slot in will keep you busy watching for more than eight hours.
44.      When you want to watch one plate, it will be from morning till evening. You will see plate one, plate two, and plate three. Do not jump any if you want to get the real benefit, start from plate one. For inside the plates, there are partitions.
45.      You will see day one, day two, day three, day four, and day five. It started from 28th December to 1st January and almost all the nooks and crannies were covered. Except one area, that area I captured it in my own. My own is also ready; we are expecting it back from Lagos very soon, from where we will begin to reproduce it in DVD plates also.
46.      But this one, we worked on it in Onitsha. The cost is very enormous, most especially because of the technology that is involved in bringing the video out from the cartridge. In fact the cartridge is not a popular one at all. The high quality DVD plates we are using is equally expensive, having the size of up to 4.7 gigabytes to enable us have enough of the activities.
47.      Jerusalem can never be moved, we can move Damascus, we can move Tel-Aviv, we can move Cyprus but Jerusalem will be here.  
48.        We thank God. Remember the fulfilment of any prophecy brings the catching away of the saints closest to your doorstep. It will be very stupid of you to begin to think that we do not need any further information. We need more. If there is any time we want to be informed of the developments in the world, it is now for it will help us to know how to plan for our tomorrow so that we will not entangle ourselves so much that we will not entangle ourselves again.
49.        You will do well to remain at peace with God and with one another; at peace with everybody, avoid that which contradicts your Faith; avoid that which will likely make God to put you into your grave before your time.
50.        Who is a wise man among us? It is one that expects the translation while he is still alive. Who is foolish? It is one that will like to go inside the grave from there wait for resurrection. He is cut off from whatever that is happening here, but he that stays alive, has the full testimony to share.
51.        There is nothing good in the grave, so do not commit crimes, offences that are likely to put you inside the grave. However, behave as people that are really zealous of this translation God has promised us.
52.      On this note, I say remain in your sanctified estate, remain blessed in Him eternally. Amen.