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The Son of Man Revealed From One of The Jungles in Africa According To William Branham's Prophesy

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In Me lies the mysteries of Creation, life, death, and Hereafter. I am the only Being that can tell you the beginning and the end of the whole Universe. Believe it if you can...
–The Son of Man      

Marriage is not based on finding the right one, but on being the right one….
The value of love is not measured by loving the perfect person perfectly, but by loving the imperfect person perfectly….for a marriage to last or subsist, there should never be a gap or crack in that marriage from the beginning

Do you learn how to use your left hand in old age? Train your children when there is still hope; when they have not hardened up in their evil tendencies. Do you know more than God? Surely, you don’t know more than Him for He knows the end from the beginning. Train your child when there is hope. 

Blessed is the Name of the Lord, the Omnipotent God, for He reigneth in Majesty forever. Is it not true? The Lord reigneth all over the Earth. We are already in His Presence and covered by His Righteousness. If you read your Scriptures in the Book of Galatians chapter one from verse one through two, St. Paul comforted them.
2.          “Paul, an apostle, (not of men, neither by man, but by Jesus Christ, and God the Father, who raised him from the dead;) And all the brethren which are with me, unto the Churches of Galatia.” KJV.
3.           St. Paul was comforting them by the righteousness to the saints, that were in Him (God) even before the world began; we that are standing in His Presence and covered by His Righteousness—an unfailing promise to make us perfect in His own sight. For He has purposed to declare us holy, we that stand in His Presence. We have passed the litmus test. In other words, we no longer worship an imaginary God. We are no longer waiting for His returning again.
4.           We waited and waited patiently, now we are beholding His face because He is right here with us in His Church. We are standing in His Presence covered in His Righteousness.
5.           Check all round, we are the fulfillment of all the promises. Hence, when we are singing we do not sing aimlessly but sing by inspiration. Moreover, I believe that you are in the Church being inspired by the Holy Spirit. If it is not so, your sacrifices are not acceptable in the sight of God. FOR WHATEVER YOU ARE DOING IN THIS FAITH MUST BE SPIRITUAL, or else God will not accept anything you are doing in this Faith. He will not approve of it. Do not be in the Church with your physical structure only. Make sure you are in the Church with your combined structure, that is, you are divinely in the Church being inspired by the Spirit of Truth so that you can render acceptable sacrifice unto God.
6.           We have crossed the living veil where the glory never fades. We are in the Presence of our God. It was not to be compared with the glory that is in the old Covenant. It said that if the Jews cannot look at Moses’ face under the Law because of the glory that was merely temporary, something that will fade away with time, then how can they stand on our way that are beneficiary of the present glory which is eternal?
7.           For the glory we are wearing, the Lord said it is eternal. Thus, it is no longer temporary. You are not saved today and lost tomorrow, no! Having saved you, He saved you till the end because He that  started a good work in you is the One that will accomplish it even till the end.
8.           No wonder the Scripture said having loved His own that are in the world He loved them till the end. In other words the glory is eternal and far greater than what our fathers had. Thus, we have crossed the living veil where the glory of God will no longer fade. For we are now standing in His Presence every minute of the day that is if you are His.
9.           You know, nothing causes trouble more than saying you are a child of God, a son or a daughter of God. They will say, “Sir, a human like you will say you are a son of God?”
10.        What is more, He gave them indication that He was indirectly telling them that He is God, for they knew that whatsoever God produced must be God. When He saw that they were about to tackle Him, He went further to say, “Unless you believe that I am He, you will die in your sins.” You see, He poured fuel into the fire. Can you understand something?
11.        A deacon came to Me from Assembles of God Mission. As we were having discussions in this Faith, I began to reveal to him why he should stop worshipping an imaginary God. Do you know what makes somebody laugh concerning these denominations? Their members will come condemning their own denomination, condemning all the atrocities that are going on even among the clergy there, at the end of condemnation they will still remain there.
12.        What is wrong with people? I think after condemning a System, you pack away from the System. However, they will condemn the whole Church, condemn everything that is going on there, And every Sunday they will go back there. That man is stupid.
13.        I told him clearly that John the Baptist was the very Elijah that was promised to come even before the Messiah will come. The Scripture said so. I took him to Mark eleven where Jesus said believe it if you can that John the Baptist is the very Elijah.  He said I should read it again. I gave him the copy of the Bible and he read it. He said, “But the Bible in somewhere said he will come in the spirit and power of Elijah.”
14.        I told him, “Go to St. Luke chapter seventeen. Let Me take you there, look at what the Bible said there that John the Baptist came in the spirit and power of Elijah. Now listen to Me, the Jews knew that he was the very Elijah but they did not know how to express it.” For they believe in reincarnation. Because our discussion centered on “reincarnation: real or not real?” He said it is real.
15.        Reincarnation is not a religious belief, it is a realistic belief. Then I said, “Sir, you are learned, you started reading the Bible before I was born. Hear me very well; what makes an individual what he is? Is it not the spirit and his power? If I say that somebody has come in the spirit and power of God, what can you say the person is? The person is no other person but God. He may answer Obasanjo, he may answer any name but he is God for he came in the spirit and power of God. Thus, whoever that appears in the spirit and power of Elijah, that is the very Elijah but he came with a new name.”
16.        I went further, “Now look, Jesus Christ said according to the Book of Revelation, ‘Lo He cometh in a new name.’”
17.        You see, the man said, “Sunday, you are making a serious point. I have read it for the Bible said nobody will know the new Name except he that it is revealed to.”
18.        Then I said, “You are waiting for the return of a man that will be called Jesus. What if he has come and the name has not been revealed to you? Why you have not come in contact with him? Do you think the name will be revealed to you in your parlour? Never! Never!” The man shook his head and said, “I have learnt many things here today. I will go and come back. This is beyond my imagination.”
19.        I gave him instances of people in the book of the Law that missed God when God visited them. He said that I should pray for him that over-familiarity will not hinder him from acknowledging this truth. That he will go and come back and I am waiting for him.
20.        Just a little while His face I see when He shall come, we shall be like Him for we shall see Him just as He is. No less than us, no more than us. We will see Him as a human being like us.
21.        No wonder the Scriptures said that since God’s children are human beings, He also became a human being. For it is as a human being can he die and set His people free. God is a human being. I have seen a human being.
22.        We are the most favoured, the living God abides with us His people in this Bridial Age. We are the most favoured the living God abides with us the despised in this last age. Amen.

Any day a man comes late to fellowship he suffers a lot. What is holding that man at home is what I cannot predict. I should blame his wife. Yes! If the wife is up and doing, she must wake him up because women normally wake up before men. Any woman that does not wake up before the husband is a lazy woman. Her family will die of hunger.
2.           Well, a day is coming when we shall realize our foolishness especially now that we believe fully that we must reap whatever we sow. Whatever you sow in righteousness you harvest in mercy. You sow also in righteousness you harvest in mercy. Till the fallow ground, make all crooked paths straight for a quick work will the Lord do on Earth, who will believe it? Only the elect.
3.           Sow your seed in righteousness. Reap the reward in mercy. Break up the fallow grounds make all crooked paths straight for he is going to make a quick work upon the Earth and in righteousness shall He execute judgment upon the Earth.
4.           I am not going to start a new Message; no it is that old Message. We find it difficult to pass it to our families. It has become necessary for us to gather together and rehearse these Messages. Others will not be singing the praise of God after going through these Messages and we will be lagging behind, our families should be making a great noise.
5.           You that have the privilege to sit down and study these Messages, if you are really following, you are really with Me as we continue, the Lord will bless you greatly. As many as paid attention to the Message titled “Checkpoint Explained,” they were blessed.
6.           A brother was saying after hearing the Message that this Message can resurrect even the dead.
7.           I was listening to the news—8 o’clock news ABS radio Onitsha—before I came to fellowship. The newscaster was saying that 16th March, 2008 is Palm Sunday throughout the whole world. That all Christians throughout the whole world will be going to their Churches on 16th March, 2008 with palm fronds. I said praise God.
8.           In other words any group that says no to that tradition is not a Christian group. Brethren, what I am trying to say is this, let us throw away every hypocrisy and face the truth. By the World’s assessment of Christianity, if you do not belong to Anglican or Catholic you are not a Christian.
9.           By the two blocs, that is, the two European Religious blocs, Roman Catholic and the Anglican, note, we are talking about System.
10.        Watch the Pentecostals, if they do not pattern after Roman Catholics they pattern after Anglican or it is a mixture of the two. I am saying in effect that the only group I found free from the System remains the elects. Why? Every other person must be deceived except the elect.
11.        If you watch the way the Pentecostals shout and make noise, you might be tempted to believe that they have separated from the System but they are still a part of the System. How I wish I can reproduce the Message cry out against the System. Religion is a System.
12.        My son was shocked when he said to Me, “Come and see people carrying palm fronds to their Churches. I said, “Yes, it is a part of religion. It is one of the rituals involved in religion.”
13.        At the same time 16th March, 2008 the governor of the state was giving farewell message to those that are going to Jerusalem. Pilgrimage to Jerusalem.
14.        I am happy that all the pilgrimages are in the Middle East. Whether you call it Muslim pilgrimage or Christian pilgrimage, they are all in the Middle East. Do you believe that?
15.        Mecca is in the Middle East, Jerusalem is in the Middle East. Anybody going to Jerusalem, what is he going to see there? He will only be introduced to ancient relics. No more, no less.
16.        The Governor was encouraging them to pray for Anambra State for the resuscitation of the economy of the state. Is this not an ecumenical prayer? It is an ecumenical prayer. Babylon religion is a dangerous religion. Watch their feast, their feast go side-by-side.
17.        On Wednesday the Muslims will be celebrating their own. On Friday the Christians will be celebrating their own. Watch their December celebrations; they go side-by-side. I will not speak to you on religion and its accompanying problems, let me go straight to our own Messages. Amen.

When we rehearsed the Message “Retributive Justice,” we saw the danger of somebody belonging to a wasted generation. If you do not want to belong to a wasted generation. If you do not want to belong to a wasted generation better be serious with the Messages you are collecting from God.
2.           If you play with any of the Messages surely you must land to where you least expected. What you never bargained for will be your everlasting portion. What you never expected that will befall you in life will be your everlasting possession. Ridicule the Word of God and land where you never expected.
3.           “Family Menu” volume two, page 66 verse 26: “How do we raise our children? It is not to have children is where the problem lies. After having the children what did you get out of them?”
4.           There is one thing that encourages Me more in this Faith; in spite of the drastic oppositions here and there, I have discovered that all that we excommunicated and all that voluntarily abandoned the Faith could not abide in any other denomination on Earth. They could taste other denominations for a while and then run away, why? What they heard in this Faith before they were excommunicated is by far higher than what they are meeting there.
5.           They tried to start their own movement, no way, because God never ordained it to be so. Then they will prefer to stay on their own without attending any Church anywhere. Some may decide to recline their fate to nature. That whatever they will see at the end they will take it like that.
6.           On Sunday they will be doing their normal work, doing their normal routine job in other fellowship days simply because they do not know what to do again. To come back and reconcile with the body of Christ, no way. Because they sealed their doom with their lips.
7.           Moreover, the enemy decided to use pride and shame to hide them away from salvation. Now, for the fact that they could not come back and reconcile due to shame and pride, and they could not identify with any other Church, what does it prove to you? It proves that they know within themselves that apart from this Faith there is no life elsewhere. For if there is any iota of life somewhere they would have identified with that place and manage it anyhow.
8.           This is what encourages Me more and that is why I tell people to go to other places if they want. Because I know that we are in this Faith as the final bus stop. It is either from this Faith to Paradise or from this Faith to destruction, finish.
9.           No wonder the Lord told us many years ago saying, “Because you have followed Me to this point, I am leading you across a very deep river. As many as that have crossed with Me, get ready, I am breaking the bridge. You can never swim back. You cannot swim across again, the bridge is broken. You either fight to conquer and then occupy or get destroyed.”
10.        How many heard it? From that time 2002 till now, watch what is happening. The bridge is broken into pieces. Thus, you cannot find the way back to Egypt. Nobody will lead you back for the Pillar of Cloud can never go back neither will the Pillar of Fire go back. It is forward ever. Should you prepare to go back to Egypt, who will lead? Who will lighten up your way? Who will take care of you in the wilderness? Surely nobody.
11.        Thus, we better take correction, fight to win and then occupy. We are still grazing the tide, crossing all obstacles. I told my elders, “Look, now that the Messages are now in print form, it then means the Faith has come to maturity. We now have reference point. Nobody will ever appear confused again. Unless one that is born with confusion or brother confusion, sister confusion. You can now no longer say, “Brother, I am confused!” Confused about what? You are the confusion yourself.
12.        Neglect God’s instruction and land where you least expected. Neglect the Word of God, you land where you never desired in your life. All that neglected this precious dress where they landed were very miserable and disastrous.
13.        A brother was trying to jump a cliff. I told him that he was making a very nice decision to jump the cliff. You know when you are jumping from a cliff, you know you must land somewhere. The Message said, “Be very careful to examine the land where you are landing.” The ground may be covered with fine, fine grasses and you think you are landing safely there. Before you know it, you will discover that the grasses covered the bottomless pit. It is better to remain on top of the cliff than to jump and land inside a bottomless pit that is covered with grasses. Can somebody understand this little analogy?
14.        Do we have such places very deep that are covered with grasses? Dangerous points I can call them Bermuda Triangle. If you cannot catch Me along the way do not bother, at the end come back to Me for explanation.
15.        I will rather jump and land on a stone than to jump and land inside the bottomless pit. At least if I land on a stone somebody might be privileged to collect me in parts. I mean the parts might be gathered. However, if I land inside the bottomless pit, I do not know where I am heading to. The end is not in sight.
16.        “Family Menu” volume two page 66, verse 26: “How are you raising your children? What do we have in mind while preparing them?”
17.        Are we preparing our children so that they will remain with us forever or are we preparing them so that they will raise their own homes, what do we wish them in their homes? For it is what you wish your child that determines the way you would bring that child up. If it is true say Amen.
18.        Verse 30, “The family from where you are raising your children must surely influence the lifestyle of your children either to do good or to do evil. While I am in support of families giving some of their children as house helps to some individuals outside their homes; I still maintain that for you to give out any of your child as helper to anybody, first know the nature of that family. Be sure your child will learn something good from that family and not evil. Why? The family where your child is raised must impact a very big influence on that child.”
19.        Where a child was raised has a great influence on the life of the child. Anywhere a child finds himself in this life, I mean where a child was raised up might influence him to have a good behaviour. It might also make the child to have bad behaviour.
20.        Thus, you have to be sure of the individual you are giving your child and then know the family your child is at all times. Even if your child is going for a holiday whether in your relation’s family or not, be sure to know the type of family your child is entering. You should know whether it is a family where one can learn a good thing or where the child will go, come back and his language will change.
21.        That was why God said that if parents are not careful concerning their children to know the life they are living, the type of conversation they are having, knowing the type of company and places where their children are all the time; even if it is school they should know the type of school their children are attending. If you are not careful in all those thing, all your sufferings all these years to raise your child up in a Godly way may result to a wasted effort in a twinkle of an eye.
22.        It is easier to destroy than to build up. A house that took 20 years to build can be destroyed in a twinkle of an eye. We are in this Faith all these years struggling to build up ourselves in Christ as holy temples. The Scripture said that we all are built together in Christ as a holy habitation.
23.        That is what we are struggling to build in this Faith, God’s own holy habitation that is built on the Solid Rock which is the Word of God. Where are we talking about? It is Me and you. God does not live in a house made by hands. It is a human body that He builds for Himself. This human body is you and Me.
24.        It was when people started to think that God’s own habitation is the house built with stones, that was when everything went wrong. If you ask somebody, he will say that “I am going to the house of God.” He does not know that he himself is the house of God. God is in this Faith because we are in this Faith. If we leave this Church nobody is in this Church. Anytime a child of God enters Jerusalem God has entered Jerusalem. If he leaves here God has left. Finish.
25.        Verse 30, “How do we raise our children? What do we have in mind while raising our children when we are giving them the type of training we are giving them? For any training you give your child you have something in mind to achieve. What is that thing? Is it a good thing or a bad thing? Is it what will make the child to be of good behaviour or what will destroy him? Do you play with fire? Do you play with knife?
26.        Sometimes parents give their children fire and knife to play with, tomorrow they will tell you that fire has consumed their child: “That knife would have cut off the head of my child!” But they are the ones that produced the knife and gun, gave them to the child thinking that they are training him.
27.        “The family from where you are raising your children must surely influence the lifestyle of your children either to do good or to do evil. You that want to raise godly children, are you godly?”
28.        You that want to raise your children in the fear of God, do you have the fear of God in you? You do not want your children to get spoilt, you do not want your children to live dangerous lifestyle, are you spoilt? Do you live dangerous lifestyle? Can somebody give you what he does not have? You do not want your children to spoil; you want your children to be the envy of the people, as living oracles in high academic performance.
29.        How do you behave before them? How do you behave in their presence? Children, with what they see and what they hear, you want your children to behave well, do you behave well?
30.        A woman who retaliates everything her husband does must surely teach her children retaliation.
31.        “A woman who does not forgive her husband’s shortcomings, who does not overlook, who insists on retaliating everything even in the presence of the children is passing it as an information to them. Do you believe that? The first classroom our children enlist in remains our homes. The first class our children enter, the first school they enter is our home. The first teaching is what they see as we live together in our homes”.
32.        When you teach your children retaliation, get ready, your children can never endure anything from any man because that was the training they received from their parents. Our people say that he that does not forgive anything does not receive forgiveness of anything.
33.        When your children will begin to manifest all those things they copied from you, you may begin to turn round to blame it on the society; no, blame it on yourself. You introduced that nature or lifestyle and your children emulated the whole thing.
34.        “When the she goat chews the curd her kids will learn from her”. God said and I quote, “Five dangerous places where we cannot raise our children if we want them to be useful: Number one, do not ever raise your children in the barracks. For a child raised up in the barracks must be influenced by barracks’ life. Number two, in the campuses of higher institutions. For in the higher institutions you see organization of mad people. Every kind of character is there. You see some going to lectures naked. Every kind of language is there.
35.        That is why the university is not meant for infants. It is meant for adults who can control their emotions and then resist certain obnoxious characters. However, if you happen to raise some children in that environment you have already started exposing then to evil when they are too tender. For the best time to inculcate good behaviour in your children is during the period of infancy, catch them young. Once they grow into adolescence forget about it.
36.        Number three place is the market square. You look around and there is no other convenient place you can get accommodation except in the market square. You are directly raising a criminal. You are at the same time raising a mad fellow. For it will take a mad fellow to dwell in the market, sleep in the market, move about in the market. That is a mad fellow, a criminal in the sense that the eyes will be attracted to so many things.
37.        Every kobo you misplace the baby will carry it, buy groundnut, buy whatever he wants. Eat it before you will come back. Who caused it? You. Environment has adverse effect on the children.
38.        Another dangerous point is hotel premises. Whether you call it guest house, restaurant or whatever you may call it, it is not an ideal environment for the training of children. A child that is trained in a hotel premises must behave like those that patronize that Hotel.
39.        Believe it if you can. A woman that teaches her children retaliation, to show no mercy, not to endure anything, if she is sincere and wishes her children well, will she train them with that type of spirit? No. You can only give what you have.
40.        There are marriages that last only a few weeks and the woman is sent back to her parents. Is that a good report? Do you desire this type of family life? The answer is no! Imagine this, your son gets married and two weeks later he divorces his wife; your daughter gets married and two weeks later both your daughter and all the property given to her as gift during her wedding are imported back to your house, will you be happy? Will you not marry your daughter or your son that time?
41.        A tree that cannot reproduce its seedlings does not reign long. Once it is cut down, its own is finished. When a sensible and understanding woman is born, a nation is born, but when a foolish woman is born, an individual is born.
42.        I am pointing out here that people are groaning in the society because they are reaping the fruit of their willful neglect. People are complaining, they are sorrowing, going from one prayer house to another prayer house for deliverance—deliverance from what?
43.        Your child can never be delivered from your willful neglect. When you see a child suffering the neglect of parental irresponsibility, it is seen at a glance. The remedy is not in sight, the end is always disastrous. You may deceive a young man into picking your daughter as a wife whom you know cannot make it due to your parental irresponsibility which she inherited but the deceit will not last long. If the manners are not known within two, three weeks everything will be forfeited. The man will volunteer to forfeit everything. Then effect the necessary corrections. That is why it is very, very essential for us to examine the ground before we will just jump from the cliff.
44.        When they willfully neglect the training of their children and lay more emphasis on their businesses, at the end they begin to regret. The sorrows they have from their children are by far, greater than the joy their businesses give them. Many of them have businesses that can give them money but they do not have any resanable family where they can stay and have rest, simply because their children are troubling the family.
45.        No wonder the Bible said that we should train our children very well so that in the old age they will give us rest. If you refuse to train your children very well now, in your old age you will never rest. Why am I against women that do not train their children? It is because they are against the society. Any woman that refuses to give her children proper upbringing is an enemy to the society. Because whatever we are raising our children must be an integral part of the society. Finish.
46.        People do not marry a woman because she is beautiful. They do not marry her because of her academic attainment. People do not marry because they say they are in love. Then why do they marry? People now marry from families. People no longer marry because  of “I love you.” They do not marry because you are a paragon of beauty. Neither do they consider your academic attainment. They now marry families. Is it true?
47.        Even if your daughters are the best in the world, as long as your family has a bad record no man will volunteer to marry your daughter. For by and by your daughter must manifest such traits. Whatever your family is known with, your daughter must reflect it. No matter the way she will suppress her feeling so that she will be marri-able, time will open it up. Time must open it up.
48.        People now marry from families, your family records is what people marry. If you are from a bad family, no matter how beautiful you are, people must run away from you. Even if they impregnate you, they will like to go to court to make sure they do not marry you because there is no way they can marry you and avoid the problem of your family.
49.        Parents be careful lest you fill your homes with abandoned properties. There are too many of them everywhere. You see the woman nearing fifty, sixty years and above unmarried. No man is coming forward. She is good for friendship but not good for a wife. What will you call that person? Abandoned property. Do we have such? They are everywhere.  
50.        If you watch, all abandoned properties, go closer to them you will notice why people run away from them. They all behave alike. You will see that the whole thing is traceable to their families.
51.        It is only in God that we can find this truth. This is one of the hardest truths and it is only found in God. This is where the problem of the society stems from; man’s inability, women’s inability to scrutinize family records before dambling in to so-called marriage. And they ended it up raising mixture.
52.        It is just like what the Bible said, when the true seed of God went and intermingled with the children of other nations who were wild in nature, they conceived and raised children that could not speak neither the language of God nor the language of their own people. What kind of race? They could not speak the Hebrew language, they could not speak Greek. He is not a human being, he is not a spirit. He is not like the mother; he is not like the father. What can we call him? What caused it? Inability to scrutinize before entering. When the things will begin to manifest, it is not what the mouth can explain.
53.        Somebody had a child and named the child Ezi Agwa (good behaviour). You imbibe good behaviour. If behaviour is good you imbibe it but if behaviour is bad everybody will run away.
54.        Why I say this with great emphasis, when the Earth was created there was nobody in it then when man came, he was commanded to increase, multiply and fill the Earth. He was not told to go and multiply any how.
55.        Just look at what have been used to fill the Earth today, what caused it? Inability to look before jumping, thereby jumping into the pit. When you raise your hands nobody will see you. When you shout your voice can be heard, but looking into pit nobody will see your head. You do not understand what I am saying? You know that he that has complete legs does not know what the man with one leg is passing through. The Igbo have an adage that says that he that it is well with has the mouth to bluff.
56.        You have not understood me. He that has mat in his house does he know what the one that is lying on ordinary  floor is passing through. The woman that has her children complete does she know what the woman that suffers child mortality is suffering? He that has children does he know what the one that does not have is passing through?
57.        That is why, if you understand this word, before you will make a movement that will affect your future, enquire of those that went before you. Ask questions concerning those that went before you. That is why God warned that you can rush and do everything fast but not marriage.
58.        The type of wife you married will tell the type of children you will have. The type of family you establish will tell what your children will be. Whoever that tells you that the children you will have will not resemble you or your wife, tell the person it is a lie. Your child may resemble you physically and resemble your wife in the spirit, or your child may resemble you in the spirit and resemble your wife physically.
59.        Then people will say, the child resembles his mother but he behaves like the father, or that he resembles his mother but he behaves like the father, or that he resembles her father but she behaves like the mother. Is it true? Check that very well.
60.        This is why it is very, very important that you must watch very well before you will jump down from a cliff. If you do not watch you may land in a place that is cosmetically covered. That is, you land inside a ditch that is cosmetically covered.  
61.        During the civil war, soldiers devised a ploy to capture;                                                                                                                                                                                       these are destruction war weapons that never spared any battlefront. Because of the great assault, these very machines could unleash in the battlefront, soldiers devised a means. They decided to dig what we called bunkers.
62.        Bunkers are very large holes and then cover the bunkers with grasses. Sometimes they used sand to cover it; the whole thing will look like a very nice main road. While the machines and the drivers of the soldier will be coming before they knew it, that one is captured, then firing will ensue. At the end of the battle the Biafran soldiers who are at the top bring out the so-called operator. They fight to retain the place until the machine is excavated. What deceived the operator is because of the cosmetic covering of the ditch.
63.        There is no way we can marry without raising families from our families. What type of families do we intend to raise? The type of family you will raise is determined by two factors. Number one, the nature of your wife. Two, the nature of your husband.
64.        No man has ever raised a family above those two influences. This is why when a man wants to marry he prays through. Equally, when a woman wants to give her hand in marriage she prays through. “I love you, I love you,” bye-bye.  Pleasantries, bye-bye, influence bye-bye.
65.        Verse 41: Once you marry a woman, you have married all her family traits. Any time a man marries, he marries both the mother and the grandmother, the great grandmother and so on of the woman.
66.        Let me tell you what I mean. You may not know your grandfather but you know your father. If you marry and God starts blessing you with children, one day you may have a child that will resemble your grandfather whom you do not know. It is your father who knows your grandfather that will tell you, “My friend, if you do not know, your grandfather has come back to your house.”
67.        The same way your wife who may be staying with you in the township might not have the opportunity of seeing her great grandmother or her grandmother, before you know it some of your in-laws will come to you one day and say, “ Ngozi, so your great grandmother came back to you! If you see your great grandmother, this is how your child looks like.”
68.        Before you know it, they will tell you to pray so that the child will not do what your great grand mother did. That your great grandmother is a witch. Any time your wife delivers a child and she resembles your great grandmother, do not be unaware of it. Even right now if you know your mother and she is no more, if you give birth to a child that resembles your mother won’t you know? If your mother is dead and you give birth to a child that resembles your mother both in character will you not know? You will know.
69.        Once you marry a woman, you have married her family traits. Knowing that this is true and irrevocable can we afford to make mistakes in this type of thing. You see, many made the mistake but they will be foolish to allow their children to repeat the mistake.
70.        What are we shouting for? We are shouting so that this bad behaviour will stop with us. That all these sufferings we are passing through should stop with us. If it is the seed we sow, we may reap it ourselves so that this tree will die. If it is the one our parents sowed is what we are reaping, that this tree will die with us if it is a bad one.
71.        Let the one that is good continue to grow and the one that is bad should stop with us. This is because if it fails to stop, there will be problem in the Kingdom. Somebody that his father is in debt of two cows before he died is it not the child that he left it for? If his child is unable to pay the debt and the mother dies, there will be problem because the number of cows has increased to four. The number of cows is now four. Did you understand me?
72.        It is better he struggles to pay when they are only two. This is the simplest Message I have ever come across, the simplest Message that tell the greatest truth. Do not allow the simplicity of this Message to corrupt you. Every aspect of this Message is truth. You can never change it. If you obey it you will reap the reward. Equally, you disobey it you must reap the reward.
73.        “Once you marry a woman, you have married all her family traits, because if a child does not resemble the father in outlook or in character, that child must resemble the mother. Why are children having problems? Brothers and Sisters, sons and daughters grew to marriageable age, but when it comes to selecting a life partner, they encounter problems. Why?
74.        Young men and women who call themselves children of God, you that are being trained in this Faith in the fear of God. When it comes to the point of getting married, you start to encounter problem, what is causing it? Yet they are trained and brought up in this Faith. They said they are believers, they said they are sons and daughters of God, why do they normally have  problems selecting who to marry?
75.        If I am a child of God raised in God’s family and a sister is also raised in God’s family and both received and believed the same teachings, if the way I bring up my children according to God’s teaching seeing it as a challenge, is the same way she does and my son want to marry her daughter, will there be any problem?  The answer is no. Why should I oppose it.
76.        For God’s people to go outside and pick a wife from among the heathen is a sign of defeat. It is a sign that they rejected God and His Message. For if they believe God, what would have been their excuse for not using His teachings to raise and train their families?
77.        Training yourself without training your children is useless. Training your children without training yourself is also useless. Thus, you cannot give what you do not have. You have done nothing if you neglect the training of your children and train only yourself with God’s teaching. You are not better than the Pentecostals.
78.        If you go to Pentecostal family, check from their pastors to the least in the family, they all have problems with their wives or their children. Sometimes the wife and the children are in one camp while the man is alone. Sometimes the man and his wife are in one camp while the children are alone. If we allow what is happening in the whole world to befall us after receiving these teachings from God, who are we going to blame?
79.        Do we blame God Who told us what to do and warned us ahead of time? Or do we blame ourselves for refusing to carry out God’ instructions? Our fathers made those mistakes because there was nobody to teach them. If we should repeat the mistakes of our fathers now that we are privileged to have One that will teach us, we will of all men in the world be the most miserable.
80.        He that repeats the mistakes of his father is a fool, he is not even worthy to live. He that follows his father to make the same mistake is the greatest fool, he is not worthy to live. This is one of the dangers that one can call it “Ome Ka Nna ya” (one that behaves like the father); where your father made mistake, you also follow in the same way so that you will become  one that behaves like the father.
81.        For a man to go beyond his father he must solve the problems his father never solved and avoid the mistakes of his father, then he will go beyond his father. If you repeat the mistakes of your parents, you will stop where your parents stopped.
82.        Verse 42: “Here is what I mean. If you are a woman and you are not married, the greatest enemy you have as a lady or as a girl is your mother. For nobody comforts a man or a woman in error more than the mother. No woman accepts publicly that her child is wrong or that her child does evil.”
83.        It is very hard to see a woman that accepts that what her child is doing is wrong where people can hear it. Instead, she will say that her child is being accused falsely, that he is being oppressed, that people hate her child, they want to kill him. Who told you? When you scrutinize it very well you will find out that the mother covers the wrong behaviour of the child. That is why any time the child commits any bad thing, he will run to the mother. Each time he commits bad thing he runs to the mother.
84.        Mothers take note. Do not spoil your children and turn round to blame it on God. Sometimes you begin to blame your husband. Your husband should not be blamed, you should be blamed. Sometimes you are the one that confuse your husband. If your husband will flog your child because of the evil he has done, you conclude that your husband hates the child. If he keeps quiet, you say he is spoiling the child for not correcting him. What will he do so that he will be good? 
85.        Since only you knows what should be done, then do it! Parents take note. When the going becomes bad a leader emerges. However, when the going becomes very good, everybody becomes a leader. When the going becomes very good nobody is leading anybody. But when it becomes bad a leader will emerge.
86.        Take note, “You are the one leading us, you are the father, because it has become bad.”
87.        A man can publicly proclaim that his son is a criminal. Is it a lie? And publicly deny his son. Is it a lie?  A man comes out in the public and tells the people that his son is a criminal. He will stand there in the public and tell the people that whatever he does, that his hands are not there, he is no more my child. No woman can do it.
88.        If a man after saying it and comes back home, the first person that will attack him is his wife. She will say to the man, “You have said they should kill him, are you going to take anybody’s own. Is it not everywhere? Do you hear anybody’s own?” Because a criminal feels everybody is a criminal.
89.        Verse 53: “A man can publicly proclaim that his son is a criminal and condemn his son or his daughter for unruly behaviour publicly. However, a woman will defend the son or daughter even at the point of death.”
90.        A woman will continue to defend her son or daughter, “He has done nothing, he has done nothing!” Even at the point where they want to kill him, she will continue to cry, “His hands are clean,” but she saw the crime he committed. She will say, “They are oppressing him.” She is seeing what is happening.
91.        Any child that is comforted by his mother when he is wrong can never live long. Your life is in danger. If your mother dies first, who will then stand behind you?
92.        “If we listen to the word of God and take side with God, then we are sons and daughters of God. Look into families, anywhere you see a school dropout…”
93.        Anywhere you notice a school dropout, it Is the mother that is responsible, not the father. Look into families, check families, anywhere you see a child that is a dropout, it is the mother that is responsible, it is not the father. There is no father that will support his child to dropout of school. Instead, it is the mother that can do it. 
94.        She will ask you, “Those that went to school, what have they achieved instead let the child go and learn handwork or trading. It Is the women that are responsible for their children’s dropout. Women are responsible for the child’s withdrawal from school. Before you know it she will tell you that she will change school for the child, that the child is being disturbed in that school.
95.        To change school, is it change of character? Do not change school but you should make the child to change his or her character. “Anywhere you see a school dropout; it is the mother that is responsible not the father. Anywhere a child ran away from school, refusing to continue his career, or sent as an apprentice to learn a trade but ran away, investigate properly, you will find out the one encouraging such child is the mother. There is no mother that will accept that what her child did is wrong.
96.        It is very difficult for a girl to find fault with her mother’s behaviour unless that girl takes side with the father. Before a girl can do that know she took side with her father. And any girl that takes side with the father she does not find favour from the mother.
97.        It is very difficult for a girl to find fault with her mother’s behaviour unless that girl takes side with the father. Any girl that is opposed to her father’s ways can never see anything bad in her mother’s behaviour.
98.        Just look at it. The child that does everything for the mother, that runs around to make sure that the mother lives, the mother does not usually regard the child. Even if the child gives her money she will not say thank you. If the child gives her money, the mother will just look around, enter her room as if the child gave her the money to keep for him or as If there was money she gave him to keep.
99.        But look at the one who is a goat, a foolish child which she gave birth to, when you will see him coming home after ten years, he will come back empty-handed. He will not even carry biscuit, even transport fare to go back to where he came from he will not have. Portfolio, he will not carry. When he comes down from okada she starts to praise him: “Oke Agu” (great lion), great man!” She will continue to praise and praise him.
100.     If you see how they will be struggling to make sure that he eats: “Has he eaten? Go and serve him food!” As if he brought food with him while coming back—a foolish man that is not supposed to be given food, you see the woman in the kitchen preparing food for him to eat. However, the child that is sustaining her, the one that is making sure that she lives, even if that one kills himself she does not want to know. This is common with women.
101.     Watch fathers, fathers are highly appreciative over little things. Just try come back home and give your father little thing, he will continue to bless you, “May it be well with you, may God bless you.” But give your mother one thousand Naira (N1,000), she will collect it and put it in her bag.
102.     Note it very well, one Naira a useless child gives to your mother after ten years is by far greater than one million Naira you are giving to her every day. Check what I am saying. You go to them every week, you buy bread, buy rice, and buy beans. You continue going there to see them but the idiot who does not come at all, any day he comes and gives one thousand Naira, it will cover everything and all the periods you have been coming to take care of them.
103.     What he gave them is not even what you spent on transportation to come and see them. What is causing all these? What is more, if you check any man that behaves like this it is the mother that wasted his life—a friend of his mother, that is what he is.
104.     Young men be very careful. If your mothers are lovely, love them.  If they are ungodly hate them. That is the only way you will live. If you do evil and your mother supports you, tell your mother to get away for she is trying to destroy you. Tell your mother that you committed evil and you deserve punishment. Finish! This is the only way you can liberate yourself from your mother.
105.     Do not allow your mother to show unnecessary sympathy, placing sympathy where it shouldn’t be placed. If you want to rebuke, rebuke. You do not sympathize with your child who is in error, otherwise he will never change. Besides, anyone that is controlling the child he regards that person as his enemy. Do you believe that?
106.     If a child commits crime, the person that sympathizes with the child in the crime. That person is the one that spoils the child. If somebody tells the child the truth he will hate the person. We better be very careful the way we are raising our children because anything a man soweth that he must reap.
107.     The fruits of our children mature earlier than any other thing. The seed of our children mature earlier than any other seeds we sow. Within fifteen years that which you sowed in your child will be bearing fruit. Within fifteen years whether a man or a woman, the seed will begin to bear fruit. There is no other seed that ripe faster before us more than the one we sowed in our children, whether man or woman. Amen.

We want to consider something brethren. I have to touch on this Message because I believe many are negligent of the Message, “Obedience to the Head of the Family.”
2.           In any organization there must be a head. A family without a head is like a human being God created without a head. Somebody that does not have head, can the person walk?
3.           Once you cut off the head other things will follow it. This is because it is in the head that the eye is located, the mouth is there, the ear is equally there. Even thoughts are there. All the things that make up a human being are located in the head. Whatever that make up a family where is it located? In the head.
4.           I want to ask this question. Why is it that any time marriage is lifted up, some are happy, some are sad? Why is it that any time the teaching on marriage is lifted up according to how God laid it down, some are happy, while some are sad? What is causing this? This murmuring should stop. I do not want to hear murmuring. Let me tell you what caused it.
5.           What caused it is whenever it is being discussed how the family will be in peace, the enemy is not happy. This is because it is the family that the Satan has succeeded in disorganizing. Then the society becomes disorganized. The best way to disorganize the society is to disorganize the family. If you want to disorganize this Church, it is very easy. If you want to spoil this Church, simply spoil the families in it. If you want to disorganize the families then the Church will be disorganized.
6.           Anytime we start to talk about how the family will be in peace, what we are saying is how the Church will be in peace, what we are saying is how the society will be in peace. Will the enemy be happy? Whosever that is fermenting trouble where peace is being sought for, that person does not want the society to be in peace.
7.           What we are doing is to place things in order. If it is well, shall we be talking? No. It is because things are not in order that is why we are talking. Where someone that keeps on talking is, somebody that keeps on misbehaving is also there. Any day we succumb, if we come here we clap hands, praise God and go. We give testimonies, praise God and go. Finish.
8.           “Family Menu” volume two, chapter four: “Obedience to the head of the family,” “If a man is bad, it is a woman that made him bad.”
9.           You do not beg anybody to listen to the Word of God. In worshipping God you do not look at anybody’s face. The Word of God is for those that fear the Lord. To whosoever that feareth the Lord to him is the Word of God sent. Is it not scriptural?
10.        Those that fear God, they are the people the Word of God is sent to. If you do not fear the Lord, the Word of God is not sent to you. It will reflect in your life and in your family life. You do not tell a deaf man that the war has started. You do not tell a blind man that there is no meat in the soup or that there is no salt in the soup. You can only tell him that there is no oil but others, he will find out by himself.
11.        That a man suffering from enlarged scrotum is lying, just tell him to raise his cloth up, everybody will rest and argument will cease.
12.        “…If a man is bad it is a woman that made him bad…” There is no man that is bad. There is no man that went and married angrily. You marry in love but sadness follows at last. What caused it? A wife that you married in love: Loving, loving, she will turn and behave as if you are a fool. Can you see where the problem comes from? Any day the fool realizes himself, don’t you see that there will be a problem?
13.        When a blind man sees, there will be a problem. He will begin to see everywhere. He will begin to go where he has never been to. A blind man that is being led about has some limit but any day he begins to see with his eyes (receives his sight), he can move to where he has not been before. Please take the nuggets, understand what I mean.
14.         “Maybe you do not know the very thing that encourages a man to be devilish.” In other words he did not want to be devilish. He was not devilish but something happened.
15.        “Nothing encourages distrust, evil, and devilish behaviour more than suspicion.” Women take note. Nothing encourages men to be devilish more than suspicion. “If you suspect a man, especially on something he did not do, he becomes devilish”.
16.        I believe this Message is making an impact. Assuming we read these Messages at home and apply them in our family lives, our homes will be paradise on Earth. Remember that God said that this is BRIDGE TO PEACE.
17.        If you are told to swim across the River Niger to Asaba, it might be difficult for you. However, if you are told to cross through the Niger bridge it will be very easy. God knows that we will find it difficult to achieve peace in our homes, He now provided a bridge. With this bridge I can go with my children at the same time and enter into the Land of Peace.
18.        There is no husband and wife that will apply this Message sincerely in their home that will not experience peace in the home. Your family will be a place you will desire to stay always. However, once you disobey the “Message” problems will come up, why? Because you have known the truth. When you do not know the truth, it is worst than when you know the truth.
19.        Do not forget that what the wife knows, that the husband also knows it. If I know what you know, you can never put me in bondage again. I know what you know, will you put me in bondage again? I can never be in bondage. Never! never! If you want peace to reign, I want peace to reign for we received the same teaching.
20.        If nothing is lost there is no need for a Saviour. If nothing is lost a Saviour is sent in vain.  The Message is our Saviour. For Christ Himself is the Message which we preach, comparing natural things with spiritual things.
21.        If you suspect a man especially on something he did not do, he becomes devilish. In other words, if you want to encourage evil, develop suspicion. Do not trust your husband, do not rely on him, have no confidence in your husband, suspect all his movements and you will be living with a devil in human form.
22.        Whoever justifies himself is foolish but he that is justified by God is wise. Christ is your justifier. The Message is your justifier. That is why we believed what the Scripture said that if the Word of God does not condemn us we stand justified in the sight of God. If the Word of God does not condemn us we are standing in the right way before God. Nobody can justify himself or herself unless the Word of God justifies you.
23.        Thus, if you know whatever is your justification, keep it to yourself. See whether you can understand what will help your family. Allow these ones to be repenting, after all we repent everyday. I mean the devil can become a saint before the day runs out, and the sickness can varnish before the day runs out.
24.        Where there is trouble peace will reign there today because the Word of God is about bringing the peace if we obey. Trust and obey for there is no way to be happy with the Lord only to trust and obey.
25.        To be happy with your husband in your family trust and obey. For your lord is your husband. Even the Scripture said that our lord is our husband. Who is your lord? Your husband is your lord. If you cannot accept the lordship of your husband then you are not married. In other words you are married but alone.
26.        God said that He hates married but alone. An independent woman is an abomination before God. She is worst than a widow. Do you know why people run away from widows? They have no restrictions. They are everybody’s game, for they are not under the law of the land or the law of the husband. Hence, you cannot blame them unless you are interested in filling the gap. Finish.
27.        Widows, be very careful the way you raise your children otherwise abandoned property will fill your house. Yes! If people are suspicious of families where husband and wife are living intact, how do you think they can courageously enter into widow’s house and begin to propose marriages to their daughters knowing the type of life that is going on there. Do you think it is easy? It is not easy, it will take miracle—An unmarried man with blind miracle.
28.        I have what we called blind miracle. There is black magic, equally there is white magic. Every white magic is blind miracle. Black magic is occultism, handmade. You know what I mean by handmade?
29.        The person that is reacting is not the person that is badly affected but his reaction is the confirmation of the truth. It is better to confirm the truth openly than to suppress feelings. That you confirm it does not mean that you are forced to it. All of you in this Faith are suffering the same thing. But hypocrisy, smartness, sharpness and cleverness, they are the things that are killing you in your seats.
30.        Onyema Njom is not running the worst home. Many of you in this Faith, your homes are worse than his home; but you are giving the impression that you are angelic, you are not angelic. If you are angelic I will not be inspired to handle this Message.
31.        Some husbands are deadly; in the same way some wives are deadly. Are we foreigners to one another? No! We are not foreigners. All is not well, some of you are equally afraid of your wives because if you say Amen and shout you will never sleep today. But Onyema is volunteering to sleep outside so that his family will be in order.
32.        Brother Goddy Tobechukwu is volunteering to sleep at Enugu so that there will be peace in the house. However, many of you in this Faith are hypocrites. You are hypocrites, all is not well. When you look at your wife and her eyes will turn, you just chill. When somebody volunteers to die that truth will reign, you think he is the worst hit. He is not only shouting for his own experience, he is also shouting for your own experience in your house.
33.        Must a doctor suffer a sickness before he will cure it? Is it a must that a doctor should suffer typhoid before he will cure it? I am the one handling this Message by the unction of the Holy Spirit. I am lifting up this standard so that my wife will do my desire.
34.        This standard is not standard for every family and it is a check first to Me, second to my wife, so that she will know that she has limitations. “I love you, I love you,” it has some limitations. There are some “no go areas” where I will volunteer to die to make sure that she does not step into those areas.
35.        What is the essence of the Message? The Message is creating a balance so that wives will know their limitations, so that husbands will know their limitations. Play your role as I play my role and peace will reign.
36.        Let it not be that we are pursing a spirit then you will turn around and say that my leg resembles that of the spirit. If our brother is sleeping at Enugu, it does not mean that he has a favourite house there than Onitsha. He is sleeping there because of the welfare of the family.
37.        If not this Faith do you think that some of them will be married? It is said that if one speaks out, it will appear as if he/she is the worst hit, he is not the worst hit. He does not know what he is doing more than what he is doing. He does not know what to do more than what he is doing, not that he is the worst hit.
38.        Many in our midst are suffering more than Brother Goddy Tobechukwu, but they are silent. Some are dying in silence.
39.        I have never come across a woman that is made bad by her husband. In all my philosophies and researches, there has not been anything I came across proving that a man can make a woman bad. I have only discovered women that have succeeded in making men bad. There is nothing that breaks the heart of a man more than women. Women breaks the heart of a man.
40.        If you fan too much know it that you are fanning away this Message and you do not want it to have a place in your heart. Sister Ononye, this Message is not entering you. That hand fan is fanning it away. Sister Solomon Odikanwa that hand fan is fanning it away because you are not fanning yourself but heat is disturbing your child. Leave the child alone, let heat disturb him. These mothers and old men are fanning away the Message. If you do not want the Message, what do you want? Sister Kelechi, is it not what we are saying? She wants heat to disturb us because of this Message. There is no truth that causes someone to sweat.
41.        Assuming I was in the pulpit touching on minor, minor things of life you could have seen them loitering about pretending to be urinating, some will be sleeping but today everybody’s eyes are awaken. How I wish your hearts are open like your eyes! Open your heart and accept the word of God and not to open your eyes. Open your hearts so that truth will have its place in it. This should be your song: “Let the Word of God reign in my life. Amen.

Family Menu” volume two, chapter four verse 3, I have observed the life style of men and have seen that most of the things they do are all intentional and deliberate”.
2.           They do that deliberately, it is not their nature, No! It is not their nature, events are prompting them, situations they are subjected to are prompting them to do those things deliberately.
3.           Verse 3:“I have observed the lifestyle of men and have seen that most of the things they do are all intentional and deliberate just to let the woman know that they are the king and kingmakers, and the all in all in their homes…”
4.           What this means is that the man is the king and kingmaker. Thus, if you want to be king it is your husband that will make you king. Without your husband you can do nothing.
5.           “….That the man knows what he is doing…” The reason why he is doing it is just to let the wife know that he is the king of kings and kingmaker and also the all in all in his home. A man that is in his house, is he a stranger? How can a man be a stranger in his house? It is impossible. If you want to be a queen who will make you a queen. Before you become a queen you must make your husband your king. Once you make your husband your king, you become a queen. For he must be a king before a queen will be identified. Where there is no king there is no queen. Where there is no king do we have a queen? No! There must be a king before you talk of a queen.
6.            If you want to be a queen make your husband a king. If you worship the king, kingship will reach you. If you make your husband king you will become a queen. If you make your husband a slave, you will become a slave too. Can you be a king and a queen at the same time? Make your husband a king and you will become a queen. If you make your husband a mad man you will become a mad woman.
7.           This is not a new statement; it is an old statement you have been conversant with. That the atmosphere prevalent in the family at any given time is being dictated by a woman in that house. If the woman wants it to be hellfire, it will be. If she wants it to be paradise, that is what it will be. Finish.
8.           Women, do not allow Me to say what one old man said. One reverend father asked an old man whether he has rejected Satan and his works. He replied and said to the reverend father, “Shut up your mouth! Is it why I came here? How do I reject Satan and his works when my wife is the Satan and her children the works of Satan? The moment I reject my wife, I have also rejected my children.”
9.           I hope you do not want me to believe what that man told the reverend father. I will not believe that. My wife is not a devil and my children are not the hand work of Devil. It is the way you agreed with your wife to be unto you so shall it be unto you. Later we shall know between you and your wife who believed God or who rejected God. Finish!
10.        There is nothing that has no solution. Even if it is death, the solution to it had been discovered. Number one is that you put the corpse in the mortuary. Number two is that you pay transport fare for the corpse and bury it in the ground. Number three is that you produce poster for it. Finally you will construct billboard.
11.        Let nobody ever feel hurt by this Message. If you reject it because it is bitter, your sickness will remain but if you swallow it in spite of its bitterness, your sickness will surely be healed. Reject this Message, you must have problems in your family.
12.        If you are not married, this Message is equipping you. You are more equipped by this Message to make the right choice or else you will end it in disaster. Whether married or not married you are involved.
13.         “…I have interviewed many of them and find out that they do whatever they are doing just to teach their women that they are not the ones that brought themselves into the house and to humble them. “
14.        It is a crime for a woman to disobey her husband’s instruction. It is a big crime. There is no way you can neglect your husband’s instruction and continue in his love. If you want to abide in the love of your husband, remain steadfast in obedience.
15.        In other words, if you want to reap the good benefit of your husband, do not ask your husband to humble himself before you. Do you know that even in the government offices men find it difficult to humble themselves before their superior officers that are women
16.        Take my wife for instance, see the man she called messenger in the office, it is true that she is in charge in the office but she should bear it in mind that it is not easy for a man to humble himself before a woman. Handle their cases with wisdom otherwise one day they will punch you and volunteer to go to jail. I do not know whether I am making sense?
17.        It is not easy for a man to humble himself before a woman. If you want to reap the rich benefit of your husband learn to humble yourself before your husband, love and appreciate him all-round. Stop finding unnecessary fault. Do not issue a commandment for him to humble himself before you, he cannot do that. Humble yourself before him and then watch your family, you will know that nobody loves the family more than the husband.
18.        Ownership of family is not disputable. Can you struggle for the ownership of the family? No! Ownership of the family is not disputable, ownership of the home belongs to the man, full stop. Ownership of the home, property, money and all luggages, who is the owner? The man.
19.        Is there anybody that does not come from community or any place where a woman is used to set example where it will be said, “Go to so, so family of that woman.” No. You will only hear, “Whose child is this?” “He is from Nzegwu’s family, Odoemena’s family, from Nwadike’s family; from Uwakwe’s family.” Is it not how it is being said. Which people are they talking about? These include the women married in this Faith.
20.        Any family where a woman is used to indicate the family, there is no man there. Women be careful. If a woman moves faster than the husband, what would have happened to the husband will happen to her. This moving faster than your husband is what is causing trouble.
21.        Even, if you know more than your husband, handle your knowledge diplomatically. Do not be direct for that one is humiliation. It might be an insult to that man. Whatever be the wisdom, keep that wisdom to yourself if you do not want trouble in your home. Any wisdom that will cause trouble in your home, keep it in your hand bag, do not bring it out until the man has become very old where he can no longer resist.
22.        If you know that wisdom you will display, handle it with diplomacy. That one did not go to school does not mean that he is a foolish man. I do not know whether you are taking note. Age and experience can enlighten a human being. Age and experience can enlighten a stark-illiterate and he becomes wiser than a literate.
23.        Hence, nobody should be regarded as a fool because he did not go to University. Papa Nzegwu did not go to school, did that make him to become a fool? You do not tell a wise man to avoid the heat of the sun. If you know this, do you know the other one?
24.        If you know that you have knowledge more than your husband, display that knowledge diplomatically. Do not display that knowledge in a humiliating way. By humiliating, I mean, do not be arrogant and incorrigible. Do not stick to your gun that everything must happen as you dictate it. Do not become a dictator but be persuasive.
25.        Women learn to be persuasive. Try to persuade your husband to see reasons why certain things should be done. Do not stick to your gun, that it must go the way you want or else the house will go on fire. The man may prefer the house to go on fire. You should know that he that kills himself did not commit murder. A man that kills himself did not commit murder. Can he go to court?
26.        If you want to enjoy your family, women, I have given you that little trick. The trick is this: sink completely all your own human ideologies, principles and philosophies and imbibe that of your husband. Note it again, sink those ideologies and principles which you know your husband must surely resist, place yourself in such a way where your husband will be willing to hear from you without anybody forcing him to do so.
27.        There are many things I have learnt from my wife without telling her I am learning from her. However, if she comes to Me and say, “Your problem is that you do not agree, if you are being taught, you will not accept,” I will slap her. I will never even come near her lest I will learn those things from her.
28.        Do you know that even in the schools and colleges, the males find it difficult to learn from the female teachers? They insult them; abuse them and even volunteer to go on suspension. However, they dare not mess up if they see any male teacher around.
29.        What is causing it? That primitive belief that women are inferior to men has not been completely erased from every man’s heart. It is still there and it is being cemented by our own cultures: “Is it not a woman I married with my own money? Is it not I that placed her in my house, why should she dictate for me?” For that I have owned a property.
30.        We have not only gone beyond regarding our wives as part of our property: “If I should listen to her, she is becoming stubborn. I will deal with her!” As a result, women recognize that we have not for one day destroyed our cultures. They (our cultures) still hold sway over us. Our cultures, have we destroyed them? We cannot destroy them rather we refine them. Nobody can destroy culture but culture can be refined to suit the test of time.
31.        If I knew that handling this Message will cause sadness and joy, I would have suspended it. The most efficacious medicine is never sweet in the mouth. There is no medicine for treating malaria that is more effective more than chloroquine but among all the medicines used in curing malaria there is no one that is more bitter than chloroquine.
32.        I am giving everybody chloroquine to cure not ordinary malaria but endemic malaria. I thank God that this Message is not preached now so do not kill Me.
33.        Ownership of the home is not disputable. Ownership of the home belongs to the man. This is an indisputable fact. Nobody placed that man there but the man placed every other person in that home. He is the one that placed the wife, placed the children, placed the in-laws and even his relations there. If this is true, why then should the woman gather the offspring of that same man against him? Does it happen? Yes! Is that not what we are suffering? That is what we are suffering even till today.
34.        A woman will gather her children, if you see where she will be quarreling, after she will gather her children inside the room and lock the door. The man will appear as if he is a stranger in his own house.
35.        Well, you should pray that such a thing is not why we are shouting ,in order that the society will be good so that anyone that has this type of spirit in her will change this period. Repent now, refrain from such behaviour before it is too late. Do not play with this matter for it is not good to use what is meant for the ear to be used for the eye.
36.        If this is true, why then should a woman gather the offspring of the man, use them against him? If you do not obey your husband your children will never obey him because the children are closest to their mother than their father and that is the way it should be for the person that is always at home is always the mother. That is where they are needed but they are not needed for the comfort of the father.
37.        There are many families where the man labours and toils all the day then comes back home only to do his own laundry yet his wife and grown up children are just there watching while the man does all these.
38.        Is that not a sign of defeat? I know sisters will be offended if I should ask this question. But I must ask this questions. I must ask it not to ridicule anybody, but to tell you that if you have neglected your responsibility towards your husband, do not be offended but repent. It is better to obey the Word of God than to go about demonstrating against it. You do not obey the Word of God by demonstrating against it.
39.        Let Me leave last year for last year is gone. The Almighty cannot change the past but He can better the present. If you know for sure that from January one till today that you have been responding to the needs of your husband by washing and keeping his dresses, show by raising your hands?
40.        If you are grumbling while doing it, you have no reward. If you are doing it as a duty, you have no reward. If you are doing it in love you have a big reward. You will never be tired. You will never complain, you will never grumble. If you have not been doing it or you decided to cut it off for any reason, change your mind from today for the essence of this Message is to bring us back to our first love so that the beauty of Christ can be seen in our families. No more, no less.
41.        If nothing is lost nothing is restored. My target is not to ridicule anybody. My target is to restore everybody to the part of moral rectitude so that our families can move forward.
42.        Family Menu” volume one, page 114: Parental Irresponsibility, “Now, this is what I am trying to point out. Watch your child, if he is a young man, any step he takes will tell you the spirit that is operating in him because you as his parents passed through that stage no matter how religious you were, nobody uses religion to cover it. It is only in the Faith of Christ that God helps them by giving them sound teachings at an early stage”.
43.        Verse 5: “Our parents thought that all it took to raise children was to only give them food, buy cloths for them and that was all! Whatever their children will be in life, God shall determine. We were left at the mercy of nature. I thank God that we are still alive today with our sense correct. Some of our mates ran mad! Some died because of rough life! Maybe you do not know that due to ignorance our parents were taking delight in our evil behaviour. They were bragging with it”.
44.        “Maintaining a Healthy Relationship,” page 60: “When a child turns out badly in his later years, the parent may say, ‘Well, I always did my duty to him.’ Then, it is no wonder the boy turned wrong or bad. “Doing his duty to his son” too often implies merely providing food, lodging, clothes and education by the parent. Why? A public institution would give that to any child.
17. What the boy needs most is deep draughts of love, he needs to live in an atmosphere of sweet sympathy, counsel and trust.
18. The parent should ever be an unfailing refuge, a constant resource and inspiration and not a mere hotel or wardrobe or school of academy. This empty boast of mere parental duty is one of the dangers of our modern society.”
45.        I just want to show you that this Message has no contradiction at all. If there is any contradiction it is in the individual. Amen.

Examine Your Family Life” page six, “A word from the Author: Can the society be good if the families are not right? Many people are preaching the necessity for peace in every facet of human life and association, but the way of peace they know not. Everybody in the society, both the rulers and the ruled, all came from families. That is why, the foundation, which is the family, must be examined if we are to experience a happy family life and a peaceful and godly society in general.
2.          It is the foundation of the building that determines how firm the building will be. Whatever we want the society to offer us starts from our homes. Hence, marriage, which is the foundation of families, must be looked into ‘strictly.’
3.          Today, too many people who are of marital age are shunning the idea of moving into marital life because, to them, marriage is nothing but a ‘prison yard’ or ‘hellfire.’ Sometime ago, one young man I had an interaction with on marital issue was of the opinion that marriage is nothing but a prison. Bear in mind that it is not only this young man that had this view. There are millions of people who equally share this same view of this young man.
4.          Presently, divorce cases are on the increase in our society and all over the globe because of lack of these godly truths on how marriage or family life should be. I am a proponent of: ‘correct the families and you have corrected the society.’
5.          How can marriages or families be corrected? Since people started using the Bible to check families and societies, evils increased. If you disagree with this concept, why is it that crimes are increasing daily in commensurate with the increase in the number of Churches? I thank God who has not forgotten His children — a little remnant that still worships Him in truth. From time to time, God has been raising standard for His children through His Word. Even the Scriptures said it that when the enemy shall come like a flood, the Lord will raise a standard. God raises standard through His Word.
6.          In some of my recent Messages, notably, ‘FAMILY MENU VOLUMES ONE AND TWO,’ ‘TIPS FOR A HAPPY FAMILY LIFE,’ just to mention but a few, handed down God’s own truth on how marriage or family life should be. Conversely, in this Message you are holding now, I went further to clarify this wholesome truth on marriage or family life which comes from the Throne of Grace by the Almighty Himself.
7.          Many believe that there is mystery in marriage. But I have looked into marriage to see whether I can find any mystery in it, but I have not found any. Marriage is as clear as the day! I have found it necessary to say that there is no mystery in marriage because any day we begin to accept marriage as a big mystery, from that day; problems will begin to roll in. Everything in marriage is as practical as practical can be. If I love my wife, I don’t need to tell her that I love her; she doesn’t need to tell me that she loves me. Even, within me, the truth in me is registered that she loves me.
8.          Please, permit me to share with you some of these godly truths about marriage, which are highlighted in this expository. In this expository, I made it clear that marriage doesn’t grow old. The love in marriage is renewed everyday. How do you renew it? By putting on friendly attitude, loving attitude towards your wife and towards your children; placing yourself where they will reach you at all times and showing interest in their welfare.”
9.          Underline it brethren! Brother Goddy if you want your family to be at peace, place yourself where everybody in your family will reach you. Show keen interest in their welfare. If you want to go to Enugu let them know, how long you are going to stay there, equally let them know. If you over stay, phone them, give them reasons. When you come back, go straight to your home. For no place is better than your home.
10.      However, if you think because you are the headman of the house, you can go to Main Market in the morning or Ose-okwodu, dismiss by five o’clock only to arrive in your house by twelve midnight because you are the god nobody should query you, you are wrong.
11.      If you feel because you are the headman of the house you can dismiss from your business, go about drinking and eating from house to house, from one beer parlour to one restaurant, at the end of the day you come back home by eight o’clock in the night to vomit everywhere in the parlour for your wife to carry the garbage, without querying you, you are shattering your family. You are not building up, rather you are destroying.
12.      If you know what will cause trouble, do not do it. A man can be mad but not in his family. When the she-goat is chewing the curd, her little ones will be learning from her.
13.       “…Love and care are the two necessary ingredients for winning the love and confidence of every wife or every husband.”
14.      If you want to win the love of your wife and your children, love and care for them. Show deep interest in their affairs in all conditions. When your wife was still young, it is darling, darling. However, when things changes she will becomes an old woman. She will turn to “this woman.” In other word, there is no love there. If she is darling, darling when things are good, when things get bad she should remain darling, darling. The same way your husband is loving, loving when the condition is good, when it turns bad he should still remain loving, loving.
15.      Anything less than that is of the Devil. Do not dodge your responsibility towards your family. For nobody else can take the responsibility but you. Examine your family life before you condemn your wife, before you condemn your husband. Do you love and care for them? Do you place yourself within their reach at all times? Are you despotic, aggressive? Are you hostile or friendly?
16.      The Message said that you must maintain a friendly attitude towards your entire family especially your wife at all times.
17.      Husbands, you want your wife to behave well. Do you behave well? If you examine yourself, you score yourself a pass mark, it will take your wife to mark your papers. My wife will mark my own paper and I will mark her own because every man is perfect in his own sight. The Scripture said that every one is saying he is righteous, but God is looking for who is righteous in the sight of God.
18.      Love and care are the two necessary ingredients of winning confidence of every wife or every husband. What is good for the pregnant woman is also good for the husband. While your husband is loving and caring for you, also reciprocate it for love is reciprocal, respect is equally reciprocal. If the right hand washes the left hand, the left hand will also wash the right hand.
19.      If you say you are a husband or a wife but you are not loving, you are not caring, you have failed him or her. You have become a disappointment to each other. A man that is not loving and caring for the family is a disappointment to the family. A woman that is not caring and loving is equally a disappointment to the entire family.
20.      Can a wife be a disappointment to the husband? The answer is yes! Can a husband be a disappointment? Yes! What do you think that leads to regret in marriage? One of the factors is DISSATISFACTION. When a woman is no longer satisfied with the attitude of the husband, she feels very much disappointed. In other words the duties of men is to make sure that in all circumstances, in all situations that they will make sure they win the confidence of their wives, by convincing them also that the confidence they (wives) reposed on husbands is never a misplaced one.
21.       “…If you want your marriage to subsist both of you have to marry your objectives together, stop playing individual roles. Stop playing one man game. Individual game, no team ever wins any match by playing individual game…” You play and pass on to others, finally the goal is scored.  
22.      Marry your objectives together and stop playing individual roles, individual identity, one man’s show or one man’s game when you are double. You are double, why playing one man’s role? Will you play in the field and at the same time be the goalkeeper? You cannot play in the field and at the same time become the goalkeeper. Can you? No.
23.      You cannot play the role of the wife and husband at the same time, can you? You can ask me a question, what of the widow? Have you ever interviewed the widow that is sincere? For a widow to succeed if she is not remarried, there is one playing the role as her husband. If one should say it, shall we run away?
24.      There is no widow that volunteered to stay without remarrying that can raise her children without the support of a man or men. This is a hard statement.
25.      Nobody prays to be a widow, it is not a good thing for a virtuous woman.
26.      “…I still want to affirm it very strongly that marriage is built on the foundation of love, trust and commitment…”
27.      Anybody that is not committed to the success of his marriage is not married. Marriage is built on the foundation of love, trust and commitment. If you are not committed to your marriage, if it does not collapse, if it does not break up, no good thing will ever come out of it.
28.      Even in every human endeavour, to little children, students and so on, for you to attain giant strides in your careers, you must be committed to your studies. If you play with your studies you will never make good results.
29.      Parents for you to train your children to enviable height, you must be committed to sponsoring their education, whatever it will take for your business, you must be committed to it. For you to attain enviable height in the civil service, you must be committed to the civil service. As a workman, if you are not committed to your trade, your business will not move.
30.        In the same manner, for your marriage to thrive you must love, trust and be committed. A union in which husband and wife are joined to enjoy a lifelong love that endures many tests, we call it nothing but marriage.
31.        “…Many people will walk into marriage blindly with false expectations, thinking that romance is the determining factor for a marriage…”
32.        Romance has nothing to do with marriage. It is not the determining factor. Even if the lady will romance you till death until you become Romeo and Juliet, keep it afar, it does not mean marriage. Marriage is too far from it. It goes beyond text messages: “Call me, I love you,” “Call me I am back,” “Call me if you have any problem;” marriage goes beyond that.
33.        “…Romance is not the determining factor for marriage, though this is needed in marriage but the true test of marriage is having ability and the wiliness to overcome difficulties and grow from past mistakes.
34.        However, it becomes challenging when issues continually arise and compromise is almost impossible…”
35.        It becomes a problem whenever issues arise in the marital life and compromise seems to be impossible. Marriage is strongly built on compromise. Finish. In any marriage where there is no compromise there is no peace there.
36.        “…An important question is this, are you and your wife compatible? Compatibility is vital, yet it is something that many marriages lack…”
37.         Many marriages lack compatibility, and that is why they are making great noise. Who should be blamed in that regard?
38.        “…In a marriage, you must know your own needs, plus the needs of your husband. You must know your needs plus the need of your wife. You must known your own needs, your wife’s needs and the needs of your children…”
39.        Parents take note. If your children look tattered it is a sign of irresponsibility. Besides, who should be blamed in that regard? The wife. In any family where the children wear rags, sometimes they are smelling, sometimes they put on one dress from month to month; the mother is irresponsible, careless, stupid and foolish.
40.        I have noticed that mothers pay attention to themselves only to the neglect of their children. If you wait for your husband to make money available for you to buy simple dress for your children, you are stupid. There is no woman in this Faith that does not know how to get money from her husband to buy dress for her children. There is no father in this faith that frowns at giving out money for the clothing of the children.
41.        No father will ever feel bad, why? Their business activities do not give them time to go to market and buy dresses for the children. Secondly, because they are not constantly in touch with their children, they do not know their sizes. Every mother in this Faith knows the sizes of dresses and shoes for their children. Any mother that does not know these is not a mother to my taste.
42.        There is no mother that does not know the size of her children’s shoes and dresses both male and female. If you are a mother and your children dress like mad people, you cannot buy and give good dresses to your children, shame on you! You are spoiling the image of your husband and of your family. You are even debasing your children because it will make them to feel very timid, very inferior even to their mates.
43.        Hence when I say elevate your family standard, begin by elevating the standard of your children, the standard of the food they eat to minimize sicknesses and diseases and ensure rapid growth, well development intellectually. The food they eat has something to do with their mental development; even development in stature.
44.        Some of us, what made us to develop stunted growth is because our parents did not go to school due to lack of education. Can you imagine in my day they do not allow us to eat egg just because they thought that will make us to steal. They do not give us meat just because of the same reason, so that we will not steal.
45.        All valuable fruits will be gathered from the field and sent to the wife of the teacher. They will say that they are for the wife of the teacher. Then the rejected ones will be given to us. All the things which one should eat so as to grow well will not be allowed to get to us so that we will not steal.
46.        Even milk, they will not use it to prepare tea for the child. This is because they do not want the child to develop the habit of stealing.
47.        You do not know what I am saying. But can you deny your children all these things today? No! You will even go beyond that by providing multivitamins in your house for good nourishment of your children in order to minimize diseases and sicknesses.
48.        The strength of the blood keeps the child healthy. If the bloods of the children are strong the risk will be greatly minimized. That is why you see children today at the age of sixteen, they are in the secondary school, while during our time at the age of sixteen we were still writing our Common Entrance Examination. I mean at sixteen we were struggling to pass our Common Entrance into secondary school. Today at the age of sixteen some are even graduating. What is causing it? Advancement in feeding, advancement in knowledge, in all aspects of life.
49.        As a result I cannot support you to make your children look tattered. However, do not over dress them lest they will be swollen headed with pride. Keep them within the limits of their ages. Brighten yourself and brighten your children, then your family will be bright all round.
50.        Remember what I did under the Law. One day I will repeat it to tell you that Grace is higher than Law.
51.        There was a day I inspected our children even the napkins they were wearing. That day I exposed the silly woman, the napkin turn from white to brown. I have never seen a brown napkin for kids in the market. But that woman made that one brown. Some insist that they will use one particular napkin to raise the whole children they will raise all their life time. That is stupidity.
52.        If you cannot afford to buy fresh napkin for a fresh child, you are not worthy to have that child. For the cheapest thing you can provide for a new born baby is a fresh napkin, not second hand. Some even go to Okrika to buy tokumbo napkin. You do not know whether the baby that used it died. Sometimes you contact diseases from those nonsense. Thus, change your attitude towards your family immediately.
53.        “…However, it becomes challenging when issues continually arise and compromise becomes impossible. An important question is this; are you and your partner or wife compatible? Compatibility is very, very vital, yet it is something that is lacking in many marital homes. In a marriage you must know your needs, the needs of your wife and the needs of your children. If one is not satisfied a strain will be felt in the marriage.
54.        One party must feel cheated. As a word of final preparation, before you go into the Message proper, please be open-minded so that you will be able to grasp new ideas so as to make your marriage or family life a successful one. I love you with the love of God.”
55.        In conclusion, the essence of the Message was to open up a lot of things, grievances that exist in our homes so that we can begin to address them purely because when we refuse to address all these problems, we are staking them, our children must surely inherit them. Then their future automatically becomes very, very bleak and very unpredictable.
56.        However, when we remove these obstacles today, tomorrow becomes brighter. No place is like home, make your home paradise on Earth by agreeing with your wife, with your husband, and with your children. Build a hypothetical picture from where you can raise something that is enviable.
57.        Have a hypothetical picture of your family from where you can look at in building your family so that if there is any mistake it will be easy to correct.
58.        Some people enjoy quarrelling, like food. Any day he or she did not quarrel he or she will not rest. Any day she fails to demonstrate she will not rest. Some other people whenever you see their faces, they will appear as if they are quarrelling with someone. What is offending him or her, you will not know. This is because he or she has vowed that any day he or she is not appeased by begging, there will be no peace. This type of spirit is the spirit of Devil. He or she is the devil personified.
59.        Who do you want to beg you? What had the person done to you? Do not look for trouble deliberately, that is all I have to say. If you know what will cause disaffection, do not do it. If you know the good thing you should do and you refuse to do it, it is an evil character.
60.        Do not run away from your responsibilities. Even if you run away, your responsibilities still await you. “Come and help me” is not for finding your wife.
61.      On this note, I say remain in your sanctified estate, remain blessed in Him eternally.