The Son of Man Revealed From One of The Jungles in Africa According To William Branham's Prophesy

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Tuesday, 14 February 2012


       When this life is over, you will know that I am HE.  Go anywhere you want, in search, you must be pointed back to this same person—The Son of MAN. Fly to the sky, you will be told, “Go down there; He is standing in your midst.” Believe it if you can…           —The   Son of Man
From the Message: THE FOOLISHNESS OF GOD PP. 3}
God in His weakness is stronger than men. What you call “God’s foolishness,” is WISER than your own knowledge.
What you call “God’s weakness” is STRONGER than any man on Earth.
God’s thoughts are not our thoughts and His ways are not our ways. In other words, the way God sees something is not the way we see it. The way He thinks is not the way we think.
Thus, for man to please God, to walk in a way that will please God, man will first of all find out God’s own ways, find out God’s thoughts; otherwise, you will displease God in all His ways. –SON OF MAN.

Remain blessed brethren. We thank God Who in His grace has sustained our lives to till this very moment. We will join our hearts together and our mouths will confess together also, that to Him belongeth the victory, the honour, the praise, thanksgiving, glory, worship, adoration, exhortation, Majesty, now and even throughout all the ages for Christ’s sake.
2.           If the Lord has not done it, who did it? If it is not the Lord, who is that fellow you can give the glory? Are you really happy at all? The Joy of the Lord has always been the strength of His people. You can lose everything; do not lose the joy of your salvation. Always sAY, “God, create in me a new heart. oh Lord renew THE right spirit within me. Cast me not away from thy presence oh Lord, take not thy Holy Spirit AWAY from me, restore unto me thE joy of my salvation and renew THE right spirit within me.”
3.           No matter the situation, do NOT allow the joy of your salvation to die down. Always saY to God constantly on a daily basis, “every minute, renew the right spirit within me. Cast me not AWAY from thy PRESENCE; restore unto me the joy of my salvation at all times. Deny me of everything, but do not deny me of the joy of my salvation.”
4.           Lose all your possessionS to the world, but do nOt ever forfeit, do nOt ever lose the Joy of your salvation. Protect it with Godly jealousy. protect it because it is your sole property. You alone have the exclusive right over it; you cannot share it with anybody. If you believe it say amen, amen.
5.           YOUR SALVATION is your sole property, your individual possession, THE individual estate which you cannot share with your child. You canNOt share it with your children, you cannot share it with your husband, you cannot share it with your wife, you cannot share it with your mother, you cannot share it with your father, you cannot share it with your friends, you cannot share it with anybody.
6.           The same way God created you, formed you, put you inside your mother’s womb, and brought you out without consulting your friends and well-wishers, without asking people what manner of person you will be, the same way protect the joy of your salvation. It belongs to you and to you alone. Let nobody attempt tampering with it. Do not permit even the Son of Man to tamper with it, you cannot tamper with my own. Protect it, build a strong wall around it. If it is possible, make a strong room stronger than that of the bank is strong room around the joy of your salvation for that is what sustained every child of God.
7.           What sustains every child of God, what keeps the faith alive, what keeps our faith afloat is that God has offered us free salvation. Regard whatever that will try to tamper with it as your greatest enemy who wants you to perish with the world.
8.           You do not know why we are happy always, God has been with us. Many people that were not used to reading newspaper, have started reading newspaper. Many listen to radio news, some watch television. As many of us that are at Upper-Iweka which is always the central bus-stop for all that are coming from the Northern States who will pass through Onitsha, come and find out from us what is really happening.
9.           What is happening is more than what you are hearing; it pays to see with your eyes. If you have relations up there in the North, consult them. They will give you the true situations; you will know that you are a blessed people. If you see where our brethren are living in the Northern States, because they do not have the money to rent houses in the urban centres; for that, they are living in the suburb, in the hinterland where there are scanty buildings, where they can be wiped off overnight and nobody will know what has taken place, for that is the much their money can offer them. Up till this very moment, God promised that all His children up there, none of their hair will touch the ground. He is still maintaining His promise.
10.        I cannot forget the experiences we had in Jos, where the whole buildings in the whole compound with human beings inside, they were roasted. Only the house that accommodated Sister Yusuf and her children was left untouched in the middle of the compound.
11.        You see, while we were feasting in Jerusalem during our camp meeting 2011, brethren came from the West, from the East, from the North from the South rejoicing exceedingly in the Presence of the Lord; that fateful day God said all of them should go home, Sister Blessing and her family who hailed from Opi and are residents in Lagos went back to Lagos. She was in the camp meeting with her children, her husband is very happy with the Faith and permitted them to continue. He does not trouble them, just like Sister Grace’s husband who is now making a move to come down for many of you to see him; so that you will know that my testimonies are not in vain.
12.        See, Sister Blessing’s husband was at Opi feasting with his heathen relations while Sister Blessing and her entire children were in Jerusalem feasting at the feat of the Lord. When the camp meeting was over, everybody went home. Sister Blessing got to Lagos and met something that was very frightening. She lives in a compound that is very large with over twenty rooms, many bungalows here and there.
13.        Brethren, it is hard to believe but it is pure truth, it is a verifiable testimony. She got home only to notice that all the buildings in the compound were ravaged by fire including her own house. The whole compound was ravaged by fire while our sister was in the camp meeting with her entire family. However, look at one amazing thing; they are occupying a room and parlour in that bungalow. The entire house, rooms got burnt. The fire got to their own apartment and quenched itself.
14.        Their two doors remained locked, nobody attempted removing an item from the house, to safeguard something for them. The fire quenched leaving only but the two rooms untouched. The fire service came; the police came and refused to open the rooms. They said that since fire never touched the two rooms, that nobody should open them until the owner will come back. Sister Blessing arrived with her family, the tenants were refugees in the neighbourhood.
15.        The landlord came, supervised the opening of the two doors, all the property including the television sets were intact. Everything intact. The landlord talked to the sister, “What is the name of that your Church? Where did you go? For we were told that you went to Onitsha for a camp meeting in your Church, may I know the name? You are indeed worshipping a living God.”
16.        This testimony reminded me of the statement that was made in 1998 precisely when my house was ravaged by fire while we are in the house. Nobody could say how the fire started for we were fast asleep. My mother-in-law was with Me also, my two younger brothers namely Kirian and Udochukwu were with me, in the house we were thirteen in number.
17.        Many were sleeping in the parlour; the whole rooms were filled with human beings. The fire started from nowhere, ravaged the whole kitchen, broke the whole walls, went to the gas cylinder and burnt everything off, burnt the cable to the cylinder off and it was a cylinder that was filled with gas. The fire went up and ravaged all our items, burnt down the wooden shelves.
18.        We came out in the morning had our family altar which lasted for more than one hour, without perceiving the odour of anything burnt. Not knowing that we resurrected from the dead. We went to the kitchen to put on light, everywhere was dark. We could not notice the freezer again. My younger brother reached his hand for the handle of the freezer and the thing gripped him. I pulled him out. The whole lights were off but there was light outside. We did not raise alarm anyhow, we opened everywhere.
19.        Then the landlady came with the whole tenants, they could not believe their eyes. The whole walls cracked, it followed the wire, the wire continued burning and burning. When it got to the rug inside the parlour it tripped off. The other one followed, got to the parlour again it tripped off as if somebody was busy using saw to trim the whole cables and quenched the fire at a point where they could catch the rug, very close to the rug it will cut off. Three wires like that.
20.        We did not know what to do. I went for a PHCN official who is living around us, a professional. Brother Shadrach knows him, Brother Mike knows him. He is one of the professionals. I went to Andy and said, “Andy come and see.” The young man used his experience, traced the cause of the fire, nobody could trace it.
21.        Do you know one amazing thing; we switched off the main switch, removed the fuse yet there was light in the house. We traced the whole wires that led to the house, disconnected all; there was still light in the house. I called Brother Emma; Brother Emma said that there is nothing in this life that is in a freezer that will cause the freezer to begin to burn like ordinary wood.
22.        At the end of the day, God calmed down the whole thing. We effected the whole repairs in the house, praised God for saving our lives. However, before then, an enemy who left this faith had already threatened the brethren in Abuja giving them a sign that they should watch out and see what is going to happen in the house of the Son of Man that same month.
23.        I said, “Well, if God will permit it, praise God.” When that thing will happen nobody knows. At the end of the day, God took control. We repaired everything. I called Brother Emma to carry the fridge for it was burnt beyond repair.
24.        Look at one amazing thing again. Brother Emma carried the refrigerator to his shop, on testing the freezer, he noticed that the compressor was still okay. He called Me to come and see that nothing happened to the freezer. I said, “Brother Emma, dash it to anybody you want, repair it. If you want to sell it, sell and take the money. You want to dash it out, dash it out. You want use it, use it.”
25.        What am I saying? We are serving a living God. From the beginning of this ministry till now, it has been God’s hand preserving all of us. If I can forget anything not my experience while we were returning from Mbaise missionary outing, where I almost crushed two mobile police men at a time. I escaped from there and ran face to face with a woman carrying banana, and the woman never knew that my vehicle lost control, that the brake pads fell off, two of them at the same time, and it could not happen at any other place than the time police waved Me down.
26.        I applied brake only to see that it has failed! I waved my hand, with that speed, I jumped culvert and came face to face with a woman carrying banana, veered off, entered somebody’s compound. The vehicle could have smashed the gate. Less than two feet to the gate the wagon stopped. I was carrying my entire family.
27.        Brethren were there including Brother Ernest Agada, we were coming with vehicles. I was leading the convoy. We have seen many things, brethren had to run from there to Mgbidi, got brake pads and we repaired the vehicle immediately. We thought it was over as we left. By the time we got to Ozubulu, the thing happened again. The brake pads fell off. From Ozubulu I have to drive without brake, used only handbrake to control the vehicle from Ozubulu to Onitsha.
28.        That time we took Obosi road for the other road was impenetrable. What can we say? We were going to Usulo for a burial, our former Brother Charles Nwobia was carrying the station wagon loaded with brethren. We escaped death when we got to Okpala where Young Shall Grow luxury bus overtook us from the right while we were negotiating a bend, and nearly finished everybody. We called it victory number one.
29.        We got to Ugba junction, entered Umuahia express on a top speed, got to Isi-Alangwa junction and moved towards the fellowship. Because we were hungry we saw a woman frying beans cake, we stopped. When we parked, we purchased fried yam, fried beans cake and everything. Everybody ate, Apostle Kelechi, Brother Onyema, Pastor Dan, Brother Joe and my wife were all there. We were carrying four vehicles.
30.         After eating, we thought we are going to Isi-Alangwa fellowship to join them. Brother Charles entered the steering to move, the steering was turning and turning but the tyres remained where they are. The steering continued to turn round and round but the tyres were fixed on the ground. We came back with everybody, I went underground with Brother James, only to notice that the bolt joint pulled out, the steering shaft pulled out and nobody could say where it happened.
31.        What controlled the vehicle on the express? What veered us to Isi-Alangwa? What made us to stop to beans cake? Yet we were still going to Zulu far from where the thing happened.
32.        This ministry has been shrouded with miracles, signs and wonders. Physical not spiritual for there were too many spiritual developments, there are equally too many physical and unimaginable things that are hard to believe.
33.        Have you forgotten our experience at Umuguma? January 2000, have you forgotten our experience where we were pinned in a house amidst terrorists carrying pistols and India hemp? We went to the police for protection; the DPO told us that we should do whatever we could do to save our lives. That the man had already gotten permission from the commissioner of police in Imo State to deal with us treacherously.
34.        I said, “Sir, here is our petition, put it in the file. Since you say we should not disclose this information to anybody, file our petition. If we perish, you will be in the position to tell the whole Nigeria that somebody obtained permission from the Commissioner of Police to use thugs to finish innocent people.”
35.         The man summoned emergency meeting with some mobile policemen, said, “We can never permit this to happen since we are sure we have known this to be true, we are bound to give these people protection. They are innocent people, they have come to bury the corpse of their late mother and they are not troublesome.”
36.        One told the DPO to be careful, that the commissioner will fall out with him. The man said that it is even better. When we were about to go to the hospital, we thought he will accompany us but fear gripped him, then he called Me and Bishop Isaac back saying, “In short, I do not know what to say but use your number six.”
37.        We went to the village then we noticed their sons and mobile policemen were also there. When I sensed that the casualty rate will be high, I stopped the casket at Ogbera. I phoned them to return the corpse to the mortuary, that was first step.
38.        Deacon Samuel was trying to argue with late Bishop Columbus, I said, “Listen to me, return the corpse to the mortuary and come down here.” They returned the casket to the mortuary, people were surprised. I went to the field, ordered the whole brothers to loose the whole canopies and packed all the seats.
39.        I said, “Now, if you know the vehicle that brought you here, all of you enter, go, leave Me here.” I said, “Brother Kelechi, Bishop Isaac and few others, Deacon Joshua Akpe, you are not going anywhere, we will die here. Let the rest go.”
40.        Before then, they had already gone round the whole village, made a proclamation that nobody should give us water, nobody should sell any item to us and we should not fetch water from their tap. We should not buy even banana from the village. The whole brethren entered the buses; I stood still until all the vehicles left, remaining my wagon and Bishop Isaac.
41.        Then the two leaders came and said, “We will spare this man with Volvo for he is from Owerri, but you see this wagon and this their leader, we will never leave this one.” I turned to him but I did not talk. I turned to Brother Kelechi and said, “Brother Kelechi, are you afraid?” He said no. “Brother Joshua, are you afraid?” He said no. I said okay.
42.        They said if we must talk, we must talk inside the house and not outside. Seeing that are few, less than six persons, the whole village gathered. The whole youths were packed, smoking India hemp as if they are smoking cigarettes, brethren were sore afraid.
43.        I entered the house, beckoned brethren to sit down. I sat down at the middle, the window was jam-packed. They were threatening from the windows, they were threatening inside. Everywhere, their eyes was just red.
44.        We were like criminals. I turned to Bishop Isaac, his face was purely red. He could not utter a word. I spoke to them saying, “Let nobody ever speak, I will do the talking. Let all the questions be directed to Me.”
45.        They reasoned among themselves, the man who is now late according to my Word, I said, “Sir, we are ready.” Before then we requested for water, he said no. we requested for soft drink because we are tired and thirsty; people that came from eight O’clock to five O’clock in the evening, He went inside his room, came out with six bottles of soft drinks and opened all of them at the same time.
46.        I said, “Sir, drink does not take out thirst. Talk, let us talk, after which we will drink.” All of them in one voice said, “There can never be any discussion until you drink. If you refuse to drink, you will not leave this house and we will not discuss.” I looked at the policemen, their own son for that matter. They were watching us menacingly, very fearfully.
47.        I remember the word of the DPO that we should use our wisdom. Brethren were very thirsty; I said, “Oga Frank, if we do not drink this soft drink, no discuss again?” He said yes. I said, “Elders around him, what do you say?” They said that they do not have two voices.
48.        I turned to Brother Kelechi, Deacon Joshua, Columbus and Deacon Sab. I said, “Okay, gentlemen fear not.” I lifted my own, emptied it into my stomach. With my hand, I served my brethren, I said, “Drink.”
49.        All of them drank. Immediately we drank, they all rose up and said, “The meeting is over, go in peace.” That was all, the youths vanished, everybody vanished. We came out from the house, I spoke to my brethren, “Gentlemen, can you catch the joke? Bishop Isaac, are you afraid?” He told Me no. Then I entered my vehicle with brethren, switched the engine on and we zoomed off.
50.        Along the way also, one of them nearly caused havoc, ran into my vehicle with lady’s machine. I veered off, controlled the vehicle. They stopped and then threatened Me. Even the villagers said, “If you have jammed him...”
51.        I said, “There is no need of going to the police again. Let us go straight to Owerri.” We went to Owerri, there we had a nice day. From there we zoomed off. From Onitsha I called Sister Ogoo because she knew what happened. All the members of the family, Sister Faith called, “Is that the voice of Daddy?” I said yes. “Is all well with you and our brethren?” I said, “No shaking. We are all healthy and kicking, we drank vitamin. They gave us mineral vitamin.”
52.        Moreover, because of what the man did, I was angered and said, “Because you have done this, God must humiliate you in a burial ceremony. You will die a humiliating death in a burial ceremony such as we have come to your house.” I closed my mouth.
53.        After few months, we went back and bury the mother, no problem, we continued looking up to God. One day Pastor Vitalise called, “Daddy, You are God indeed. Hard to believe but it is true, Mr Frank, the man that poisoned us, you said God will humiliate him; he will die publicly in a burial ceremony such as we have come to your house. Daddy, the man is dead.”
54.        What happened? One of the elders died, an Anglican, and he, being a lay reader was commanded by the Bishop to go and officiate in that burial. He went there, immediately they brought out the casket, he opened the Bible, slumped down and died there. There was stampede everywhere, brethren now remembered the Voice.
55.        Although it tarried, the Voice followed him until the day he will officiate in a burial such as I officiated in his compound. Amidst witnesses, Frank died. No sickness, nothing, nothing.
56.        Pray that you will never commit any offence that will make God to speak angrily concerning you because once it goes forth, it can never be withdrawn; it can never come back void until it has accomplished the purpose. Whenever the Word of God accomplishes its purpose, it comes back to Him. He withdraws it, so be very, very careful. Amen.

Brother Ikechukwu Obasanya

There is no other foundation a man can lay apart from that already laid by the Apostles and Prophets. We are still talking about the present situation. I want us to take it deep in our heart that what the Lord told us is truth, our salvation is concrete, it has been cemented; there is no doubt about it.
2.           If you want to pray, pray for any other thing but not for your salvation, let any other thing disturb you but not the joy of your salvation. We are heroes. When I say hero you know what I mean according to Almighty God. It is not a soldier who fought here and there and eventually died, but one who survived the war. Even if the person did not go to the war front, even if the person did not pull the trigger, even if the person was hiding from roof to under the bed and places like that but manages to survive the war and he is able to tell the story how the war was fought, that person is indeed a true hero. Is that not true?  
3.           Having established this to be truth, let us consider some heroes we can use to get something from this teaching or testimony you may call it.
4.           You know these people we call the Alhajis? Because it is not only soldiers it can be one who surmounted obstacle, who surmounted some challenges, who got some achievements, that person is a hero. Let me say something around these people we called the Alhajis. They say that it is when one travels to Mecca and comes back according to Islamic Faith or their own doctrine. Is that not true? That is true.
5.           There in Mecca, nobody is celebrated as an Alhaji until the person comes back to his country. Nobody celebrates you because that is where the Muslims are.
6.           Thus, when you come there, you are a pilgrim there. It is only when you return to your own country, just like Nigeria, you hear it over the radio that every year they always embark on that pilgrimage. They travel to Mecca, and the people down here will be expecting a time they will return. It is only when they come back, that relations, friends and well-wishers will celebrate them as heroes. That is the time they will be called Alhaji.
7.            Let us talk about the cousin, that is the Christians. The Christians also embark on the same pilgrimage. But while Muslims travel to Mecca, Christians travel to Jerusalem. When they travel to the holy land as they put it, they come back, friends and well-wishers also rejoice with them. I am talking about heroes and at the same time I am talking about pilgrims because we are both.
8.           We are heroes, we are also pilgrims here on Earth. Remember, here is not our permanent place. If it is your permanent place, it is not mine. Because I know one day something will happen, is that not true? Yes! One day, and it is around the corner.   
9.           Now something happened in the year 1996 when they travelled; note, when you talk about Christianity in Nigeria, it is restricted to South Eastern states and the indigenes. That is, the Igbo speaking Nigerians.
10.        When they got there, 1996 was terrible, so hard in Nigeria, that was the year Sanni Abacha was still in power. Hence when they got there, they misbehaved. Some people after being to sites they were taken to, they decided to just dodge, to deviate, to run away in order that they will sneak into other countries, so that they will not come back to Nigeria again.
11.        You know what that means? It is a terrible offence. It does not speak good concerning any country whose indigenes or citizens behaved that way. Because of that, the law clamped down on them and they were repatriated, that is they were deported to Nigeria. Then the law took its effect. They were tried according to the law of Federal Republic of Nigeria and the landed themselves in Kirikiri maximum security prison. Are you following the analogy?
12.        However, I want to say that inasmuch that they are landed in maximum kirikiri prison; their citizenship was not taken away from them. Instead, they were simply rebranded as convicts but they were still citizens of Nigeria even up till this day.
13.        We are in the Ark, remember, and nothing will make anybody to push you out again. Is that not true? You are in the Ark, but there is a way you will behave and you will be placed in the Son of Man’s maximum security prison yard. Not even kirikiri, because kirikiri is made of human hands. But His, you know it is underground cell. Is that not true? Yes.
14.        I want to talk about another set of people that travelled about that same year, and I am talking about the dream team three. You know them, the people that went to Georgia Atlanta in United States of America made this country proud that year because they lifted the trophy, that is gold medals in long jump and male football, that is the under 23 team.
15.        Kanu Nwankwo was there, Okocha and the rest of them were there. That year they defeated big names such as Brazil, Argentina and the rest of them. That day they played with Argentina, they defeated Argentina and the trophy was handed over to them. I want to say that the day they won that trophy was not the day they returned to Nigeria. Is that not true?
16.        We watched it over the television, they celebrated, they rejoiced but they did not come back that same day. Nigeria and her citizens went about making some preparations to receive them in order to give them national honour. It was the day they returned that the real celebration took place, because a lot of things happened that day.
17.        Sanni Abacha being the Head of State that year, welcomed them. The National Anthem was sang that day, they were taken to Abuja, in fact, they ate on the same table with Sanni Abacha after which honours were conferred on them. Estates, honours, in fact I do not need to mention them because a lot of things happened. It pays to lift the trophy.
18.        What you saw during the camp meeting on the 30th day of December 2011; you know what happened. Just cast your minds back for it is still fresh in our memory. In fact the joy was too much.
19.        Brethren with their plates and cups turned them to musical instruments. They were celebrating it, but the Son of Man assured us that when you look, you feel that your mortal body is not yet translated, do not worry.
20.        The day Nigeria won that trophy was not the day they returned to Nigeria. The day the Son of Man announced: “Son of Man, close the book, seal up the testimony;” Yes! There is time for waiting.
21.        In the Message titled “We Are Serving a Living God,” He announced to us that He has finished the whole preparation, decoration and everything. Both the trees that will serve as canopy and things like that are ready. The streets, that most of us, our names were used to name the streets and things like that.
22.        Will you not like to be a beneficiary, will you not like to be there? Would you like to be addressed as an ex-convict? You know there are things you will do, you will now go to underground cell. On that GLORIOUS MORNING, when others mortal bodies will be translated when they are still alive, you will resurrect.
23.        Yes, remember, nobody will deprive you of that right for it is your right. However, He said that it is better that while you are alive, when you are still alive in this mortal body, this body will be translated, that is when you have the joy.
24.        Remember, what follows ex-convicts even in Nigeria. Because many a time, Earthly things type spiritual things. You know as an ex-convict, remember there is glory of the sun, glory of the moon, glory of the stars. Is that not true? However, when you behave so that you will be rebranded as an ex-convict, what do you think will be your fate when others will be gaining the glory of the sun, the glory of the moon, the glory of the stars?
25.        You know, there the chances are, you may be serving as maiguard, housekeeper, a house boy, you will be serving others.   
26.        Thus, while serving, you know it is not going to stop after a while, it is eternity. Eternity simply means eternal, that is everlasting. Hence, you will be a maiguard forever. Who will like to be a maiguard over there? I just want to use the analogy to lay the background.
27.        There, as Nigeria waited to receive the dream team three members, that is under 23 1996; remember, a lot of people are waiting to see your faces. I do not know their names but my mind tells me, I know William Branham is waiting to see you. Remember what he said and other Prophets, that they have been wondering what manner of people that are so much favoured, so much privileged to be beneficiaries of what we are talking about now.
28.        Apart from William Branham, I can talk about Wesley, Luther, Columba, Martin, Irenus, Paul and the rest of them. They are waiting to see Apostle Kelechi, they are waiting to see Pastor Dan, they are waiting to see Brother Amankem, they are waiting to see my humble self, IK Obasanya. That day is going to be glorious.
29.        If that is true, please, you know how you behave yourself, not like Christian pilgrims who do not conduct themselves very well and they were landed in kirikiri maximum security prison.  
30.        “I Am the Consolation of the Bride,” page 19 verse 1-2 “You see, somebody might be asking a question: ‘I thought that by the time the whole thing will be over, then I will be wearing my immortal body, appearing and disappearing as a sure sign that the ministry has ended. How can I be feeling pain and continue to struggle? Yet the Son of Man said that the whole thing has ended.’ It is a good question. It does not mean that you are doubting. Doubt nothing. I say doubt nothing…
31.        Does it agree with what I said earlier? Surely, there should be a time of waiting. Remember, every passing day draws us closer to the D-day. We are not talking about June 2011 again, you know before then any June is remarkable in the history of our movement for getting closer to the D-day. We had a message titled “As We Wait at the Gate.” Now we are in the Ark.
32.        Let us look at another analogy that is Earthly: If an ark has its destination in Nigeria and the ark left from America, do you think it will arrive Nigeria the same day? There is a period of sailing on the sea. The ark is moving, you look sideways, you will say “Is it not the same GTC, the same hall, what is the difference again?” However, I put it to you that the ark in moving.
33.        The ark is moving, until it gets to its destination that is the time the door will be opened and we will now begin to come out from the ark.   
34.        “The day Noah and his family enterer the ark and the ark was locked was not the day the flood started. The day the two angels that went to Sodom and Gomorrah took Lot and his family into the house and locked up the house, gave him instruction to go and preach to his in-laws, friends and well-wishers peradventure they might listen, which the Bible never recorded the number of days he preached; note, the Bible only recorded how he (Lot) escaped.”
35.        “Youth Forum” Page 55 verse 17. This is the interactive section the Son of Man had with the youth from Onitsha household because of what is on concerning the state of the nation.
36.        Note, the state of the nation is a tempter to anybody that is found in this country. Because chances are that one may like to contribute something, because of that, the Son of Man ahead of time spoke to us so that we will not misbehave.
37.        You know that you are pilgrims in Nigeria. Though you are in Nigeria, but you have your own nation where you came from, that is where you are returning to. Because of youthful exuberance in youths, chances are that it can also be found in adults or the elderly ones. He now decided to talk to the youth, now the interactive section is now in print form, almost everybody has it now.
38.          To all of you that are in this Faith, I am appealing to you to please in the interest of this faith, and in the best interest of your lives, to severe yourself completely from any area where the politics of Nigeria is being discussed. Or where the troubles of Nigeria are being discussed. You can only sit down to discuss such among yourselves as brethren in like precious Faith. Outside your midst, do not open your mouth. But among yourselves, discuss the glory of God for you were earlier told. 
40.        Any slightest provocation, you are entering the ground (grave). Do not ask Me how you are going to enter it. You MUST enter there by all means. Any slightest provocation, you are entering the mother Earth from where you will resurrect. There is no other place you will be. You will not go to Hellfire but you will enter into the grave, whether you believe it or not.
41.        If your family rebels against it, they will join you there. Do not think that as the Book is closed and testimonies are sealed up, that it is a license for you to behave anyhow you like. Nothing like that!  YOU CAN NEVER BEHAVE THE WAY YOU LIKE. YOU ARE STILL UNDER A SUPREME AUTHORITY. THERE IS A GOVERNOR-GENERAL IN CHARGE OF THE ARK, WHO IS IN THE ARK WITH YOU.
43.        This is where you are fooled. The Book has been closed, the testimony has been sealed and you think that you have entered. You have entered quite alright; nothing will ever take you to Hellfire, but it ends in the grave. You cannot trouble Me in the Ark. Never! Never! Instead of your trouble, you will go underground and partake of the heat there, until the day of your resurrection. Finish!
44.        When Aaron was giving God trouble, He (God) just put him in the grave straight away and he started chewing the sand therein. God did not look back in the case of Moses. Are you greater than Moses? Are you greater than Aaron? You will enter there, so that the rest will learn to fear.
45.        I am not begging you. Why I am saying this is for people to avoid going into the grave instead of worshipping God alive; because of their recklessness. because you are a child of God does not make you equal with God. Nothing like that! You are not equal with God. It is impossible. For that reason, advise yourself from now.
46.        “God is Perfect in His Wisdom,” page 62 verse 25-27: “From Jerusalem, the Word has gone forth. Because the Scriptures said that the Word went forth from Jerusalem. In any move of God, the Word of God will first go forth from Jerusalem before it gets to others. You have heard it. It has gone forth from Jerusalem.
47.        Let others know about it because some do not understand. They still have the notion that since they have been saved, since they will not go to Hellfire again, they can do the impossible; they can now live anyhow they like. You will live it quite alright, but you will live that kind of reckless life in the grave. You will not live that kind of life here on Earth where it will blaspheme the Name of God. You will never live the kind of life which will make people say, ‘Are these not the people who say they have been saved by God?’ It can never happen in this life. Instead, I will resign from My Throne.
49.        Family Menu page 4 verse 6-7 “In this world, true aliens and temporary residents; for they are earnestly and desperately looking forward to a permanent abiding place devoid of violence, hardship, sorrow, pain, death etc and this is the promised “Paradise” of God where God Himself will rule His children the world over in righteousness and peace.
50.        This promise has been ridiculed into oblivion by many because to them it has over delayed. I wish to affirm here that this aged long promise is as real as your experience in the Faith of the Son of Man if you are actually in His faith or have been acquainted with His faith”.
51.        Verse 14: “Every true child of God as a foreigner will like to do his utmost to conduct himself in a way that does not give anyone valid reasons for reproaching God His Father”.
52.         Verse 18: “No true child of God that is influenced away from his or her conviction of what he or she knows to be the truth from God on any matter; be it conduct, order or doctrine, must have walked by sight and no longer by divine revelation.
53.        You cannot desire or imitate the world’s way of talking, dressing, drinking, eating etc, until you are out of the way of truth, since we have recognized ourselves as children of the Most High God, as aliens and temporary residents in this fast passing system of things, we can no longer afford to allow ourselves to become unduly attached to anything within the now—existing framework.
54.        No Earthly ties, sorrow, joys or possessions are permanent. Time and unforeseen occurrences befall all people and can change one’s circumstances steadily and dramatically.
55.        Therefore for us to be completely absorbed in sorrows and joys that are the products of these ever changing circumstances and relationships, could work against our drawing closer to the Most High God and our Creator and this must be disastrous to us”.
56.        Remember about our joy of salvation, now the thing about sorrows and Earthly ties. What are they to deprive us of our joy of salvation because when you are sure and certain that we have been saved and nothing, absolutely nothing can separate us from the love of God. We must always draw closer to our God and our Creator.  
57.        “…The situation of the majority among us in this Bridal Faith, demonstrates very clearly that we have lost the vision of the Divine Promise of God, which He sealed with an oath, and the Divine Covenant, which He entered with us when His glory came down among us”.
58.        Verse 38-41: “I am stressing here that wholesome pleasures become the focal point of our lives if we really see and consider ourselves as alien and temporary residents in this present system. While not being wasteful or careless with our assets we should rightly regard them much as do trustworthy persons who merely rent a furnished apartment, tools, equipment or other items that they may need. Such persons care for these well but never become completely attached to them as if they were permanent possessions.
59.        Our lives should show that we recognize that nothing in the present system gives guarantee of permanence; that we are alien and temporary residents moving forward towards the fulfilment of the promised New Order of God’s making”.
60.        “I Am the Consolation of the Bride,” page 29 verse 23-37:Remember the purpose of the meeting; it is the last purification of the Bride, which I did in less than three minutes. Just like Josiah did it in his day when he said, ‘Forget about that old ritual you used to observe before entering the temple. Come, give me small water there.’ He sprinkled it on them and said, ‘All of you go in, eat, drink and play your roles; let God smite me.’
61.        Immediately they entered, the glory of God came down. We are in this meeting, in His Presence to thank God. I am touching on too many things. I will not go on the dangerous side, that is, reminding you on the various ways or areas where you offended the Son of Man.
62.        You did it in ignorance. That is why I could not lay any charge against anybody. Another thing is that I answered a very serious call one day concerning you. I was asked a very serious question: why I am interested that nobody in this Faith will get lost. The Voice said, ‘Why do you want to carry everybody along instead of getting better replacement out there?’
63.        I said, ‘You know, I have been dwelling with these people all these years. Even some of these young ones were unborn when we started our romance; some were too tender, but now they are grown-ups. I have mastered their lifestyles; I have understudied all of them. I feel happier staying with them’.
64.        The Voice said, ‘Are you sure?’ I said, ‘Yes, I have been dwelling with them all these years. I know their inadequacies; I know their weaknesses; I can cope with them’.
65.        The Voice said, ‘You mean they will not trouble you there?’ I said, ‘Well, they won’t trouble Me. Even if they trouble Me, I know how to control everything because we have been together all these years and we have mastered ourselves. I preferred dwelling with them to living with an angel I know not. I prefer dwelling with the devil I know very well than dwelling with an angel I know nothing of’.
66.        He said, ‘Are you sure?’ I said, ‘Let me place my life there. If I complain to you concerning any of them, cast Me out from Paradise if I dare complain...’
67.        Just watch the gravity; somebody placing His life on the line just for your sake. What else do you need? You desire paradise, the same way He desires it. Now He is using His own life, placing it on the altar “that if,” “if that” on the condition that if you misbehave there, that not you will suffer but He will be taken out of paradise. I do not know whether we got the message, I do not know whether it is flying over our heads.  
68.        The Voice said, ‘Are you sure?’ I said, ‘Yes!’ He said, ‘Ok, carry them along’.
69.        That was when it was serious. I had no other option than to trim down the number. But looking at your faces, it was a mission impossible to Me. It will break my heart. I will rather leave it open so that the person who is no longer interested in walking with Me can stay behind so that my conscience will be free.”
70.        You are indeed heroes. If not for other thing, but for believing the message which no group on the face of the Earth has ever echoed amen to. And you know the message we are talking about, the message of salvation by grace and grace alone.
71.        We are still believing, doubting nothing. I urge you all in the Name of our God to continue believing all you have received from our Leader and Saviour; believing all things not even minus one. Continue in your steadfast because there is a very great reward. Remain blessed. Amen.

We thank God for the journey so far. What is happening is far beyond what you are hearing. Hell was let loose recently at Upper-Iweka, what seems like a story was real. I thank God that the Hausa Muslims are wiser than the Igbo Christians. They obey the voice of their leader more than the so-called Igbo people: “Igbos Must Leave North, Igbo Elders Forum.”
2.          At Upper-Iweka, on January 28th 2012, about three buses managed to come down from Kano and Damaturu. That of Damaturu was on the way for two weeks, the vehicle left two weeks ago only to arrive Onitsha on January 28th 2012. That of Kano left on Monday and arrived on Saturday January 28th 2012. For the Police and Army never permitted them to come down, they were commanded to go back. That is another way of hindering information getting down.
3.          Those that managed to come came home with people with one leg, some one hand, their bodies littered with machete also; not less than twenty corpses wrapped with mat. Even in the newspaper, they said that thirty Igbo corpses are still pending in Kano, they are yet to be carried down; while hundreds were buried in mass grave. Nobody could identify them. The same way it happened at Madalla, they were buried in mass grave.
4.          Also recently, the whole world read it in the newspaper two pages publication asking a question, “Who killed the Igbos in Mubi?” Mubi is in Adamawa State. The whole investigations said that over a hundred and fifty people that were killed there were all Igbos.
5.          Now, look at how the whole thing took place. They sent out their people in the day as government workers, pretending to be carrying out immunization programme and they used white chalk to mark all the buildings Igbo people were living in without the people knowing what was about to take place. In the night, they sent out their people, any house having that white chalk, they slaughtered everybody there. Hence the killing took place, it was an organised killing. Just like what happened in Kafanchan and Zonkwa.
6.          First of all, the people came as soldiers, telling the inhabitants that they came to give them security that nobody should go out. That was in the day. The people felt they were secured seeing that uniform men have come, early hours of the morning, the same people who said they came to secure them, started killing and setting their houses ablaze. You see why God said you should not discus it, do not ever mingle with people to discuss this matter, it does not concern you.
7.          If you know you have lost your brother or your sister even in the flesh in the North since the trouble started, show by raising your hand. Nobody. If you have people there who from time to time call you only to tell you how they escaped, show by raising your hand. You see, many raised their hands. Okay, let me reserve my comment.
8.           I am not saying they should come down to the South East neither am I saying they should stay there in the North. If they stay in the North, the same fate that awaits them there awaits them here in the South East as long as they are not in the Ark of Salvation.
9.           Anywhere you see people gathering to discuss the nonsense, go away from there. Remember the whole thing is happening to set you free. However, you dare not go there to tell them that you are happy that God is fulfilling His Word.
10.        I went to the post office to buy newspaper with Brother Philip. I sampled their opinions, they were talking, giving credit to America Intelligence Agent Officers, that Israeli Intelligence Officers would come, this and that. That they have already arrived. I looked at them and I laughed.
11.        I told them that the people will do nothing for security is of the Lord. I went to Apostle Kelechi’s office; we discussed the matter at length. That same afternoon, in spite of the America Intelligence Officers and Israeli Officers, the motor park was bombed. Primary school was burnt and nobody could stop them. America cannot save America. Without God there is no security. I gave you a message that security is of the Lord.
12.        Please, if you know how to talk blah, blah, blah be very careful, situation is becoming more delicate every day. Remember, it is a global phenomenon.
13.        Very soon, I will be talking to you concerning the Middle East. The international relative agency arrived Iran and they have achieved nothing. Senegal in now boiling, Kabila has set Congo ablaze. Everywhere there is trouble, trouble, trouble. The whole newspapers carried it that five governors were flushed out by the Supreme Court; and the same five governors are contesting in the election also. Many, many things are taking place.
14.        Look at the newspaper, you can see cans, can sprite, Fanta can, coke can. This is what bomb is all about, little children look at it. I stood at the pulpit and told you that in no distance time that they will be bombing schools and colleges. Two days after, it appeared in the newspaper that they have change tactics; they are now bombing primary and secondary schools, kidnapping wives of government functionals and children. See what the bomb is all about.
15.        Little children, longer throat, who love drinking soft drinks, can you see? You that love picking empty cans everywhere, anywhere you see empty cans you pick. One day you will pick bomb and you won’t know, carry it to your parents’ house and finish the whole family.
16.        Do not think that the bomb is a big thing. It is something somebody can hold in his hand, enter a bus, drop it there and go out, pretending to go out for one thing or the other. You see, it is not a big thing like that. That is why they have started using beggars. Beggars are now carrying the thing. They store the thing in their hand bags, because it is programed. If a beggar dies, nobody has died. They now use infants, detailed infants to carry the thing, tell them where they will drop it.
17.        A careless mother may even think it is an empty can which somebody used little plastic to close; she may use her leg to kick it: “Who dropped this kind of a thing here? What is all these?” Like the other time a woman used refrigerator compressor, she sat down on it while frying beans cake not knowing that she was sitting on a time bomb. Midway, while she was frying the beans cake, the thing exploded killing her and all the people that gather to buy beans cake.
18.        I have decided to display it so that you do not begin to think that the bomb is a very big thing like that. It looks very simple in appearance, but I tell you that if one drops in our fellowship, it can finish two lines.
19.        Apart from the dangerous things that are stuffed inside, it is stuffed with very deadly hydrogen which if you inhale, you will suffocate and die. All the clay-gases burnt inside. Another one is the envelop bomb, any time that one appears in the newspaper I will show it to you. They deliver it as courier parcel, remember it was that envelop bomb that killed Dele Giwa of the Guardian newspaper.
20.        They have started using envelop bomb. You may see it, looking very attractive. People that are conscious to make money anyhow, you may use your teeth or hand to tear it saying that God has buttered your bread with this and that, before you will know it, it will kill you and all the people around you.
21.        NOTE, nothing is as dangerous as terrorism. This is an advanced level of terrorism, weapons human beings manufactureD with their hands, are the thingS they are now using to eradicate themselves. The climax is still coming.
22.        Newspaper carried the news, and you must have heard it that there was stampede at Enugu, two days ago in the process, one of the Hausa people was trying to escape, he mounted a tailboard of a lorry, he fell down and died on the spot. It was not an empty rumour; they thought it was a rumour that members of Boko Haram entered Enugu.
23.        Before they knew it a combined team of Army and Police arrested 25 of the suspects in Enugu and that was on Friday. Paraded them together with their bombs, 25 suspects. And they had a mission; they were coming to bomb UNEC teaching hospital, Government house and many other places from their confessional statements, and they disclosed that their members are now in Onitsha. The police is now on the alert, everybody should be on the alert.
24.        Information reaching us proved that they are having their eyes on the main market, Holy Trinity, St. Mary and many other big, big, big places, and big, big markets. Begin to imagine if such a thing could occur in Main Market, or Head Bridge or Oseokwodu, or Ochanga. Not even the market at Ogwuta Road because their idea is dropping the thing where ever they can get many people.
25.        Please be on the alert, I thank God. It has not reached this magnitude when the Son of Man summoned emergency security meeting of the Elders, has it reached to this point? I captured it ahead of time and began to rear my security network to make sure I lose nobody. However, if you do not obey Me, you are risking your life.
26.        To all of you, be conscious of your environments. Government staff, be conscious of your offices. Traders, be very conscious of where you are. Those that are fond of going to beer parlour to drink, be conscious. Empty can pickers, scavengers be very, very conscious. Brother IK Nwobodo who carries ANSEPA property here and there, be conscious. Everybody should be conscious.
27.        Remember we are still here, the whole thing is happening around us, within us, before our eyes. If we were not prepared ahead of time, we will be greatly upset. Are you upset? No sir!
28.        The tide is gathering. For the Voice said, “Wait and watch as you see events unfold on a daily basis.” Remember when nothing took place, God said, “A new spate of crime is going to emerge in Nigeria. Nigeria should expect suicide bombing for worse than kidnapping is already here;” and you know the Igbos love money more than their lives.
29.        Anybody can collect ten or five thousand Naira and drop this thing anywhere. He can drop it at Upper-Iweka. A person can even stay somewhere and throw it inside the school, collect five thousand Naira and go his way.
30.        I am making it public so that you tell your children to run away from appearances of something like this. Draw their attention to it, because I do not want to lose anybody, I do not want to bury anybody. We have buried enough. I want us to remain like this and use our legs to match on the ashes of the wicked. That is my desire. I do not want to wait for the resurrection of the dead in the grave. I want to be in the number that will be transformed physically here. That is why I am warning you so that you will not become victims.  Amen.

God is the wisest being on Earth
We thank God for the journey so far. God working with time. For the past two weeks now, all international agencies have been hammering on hackers. Hackers are people that use the website to defraud many nations, many co-operate firms and things like that. Though it has been on over the years, but it appears the whole thing is climaxing now.
2.           For that reason, the international bodies that control the website operation decided to come together to put in stringency measures that will make it even very difficult for people now to run websites. What is more, they have put in certain codes which they called security codes.
3.           We thank God that we have escaped their new regulations which they gave us when we made our payment at GTB. We thought we will not escape, more so when we are embarking on something that is very risky. What we are loading in our website is not ordinary Messages; we are loading video films also.
4.           According to the international law guiding it, it is subject to be censored. However, our film passed the censorship test. They censored all, passed them and then gave us the license. What is more, we have also received a pin, the secret code which we will use to operate the site. This makes it impossible for anybody to come into the website to do anything evil unless we release the pin.
5.           Just like you have your ATM pin, nobody can tamper with your account until he lays his hand on your ATM pin. In your interest, maybe you do not know what I am saying, we are establishing a new website, not the old one. The old one is filled, hence we are running an entirely new website. The Lord willing, we will run the experiment in the air for all of you to see what is there. We will withdraw it and continue in our work.
6.           Just keep on praying for us; we are lunching it in the air for the whole world to watch it just for four days only. We will withdraw it and then continue to work on it. Also, Apostle Kelechi will collect the one that is coming from Lagos which we are sending also for censoring after which we will log on all of them until we finish six hundred megabytes we purchased. We are thanking God for what He is doing for us as the new web-site is already established.
7.           The address of the new website is, an entirely new website, so that when you open it, you will see nothing but the Bride of Christ in action.
8.           We thank God who is helping us, keep on praying for us. We will achieve it; it is not easy to log on movie pictures in the air. By the time we complete it, the Son of Man must have succeeded in launching all of you to the whole world. Yes!
9.           What am I saying? Through the launching of the new website, the Son of Man has succeeded in presenting the entire Bride to the entire world at the same time; both you and your children as a testimony. That is the sealing of the testimony so that they will see that what is taking place is not a magic, it is not a miracle, it is God’s doing, it is real.
10.        Is God not wise in all His doing, Who waited patiently until the end and  wrapped up the whole thing, then presented His final works not only to Himself, but also for the whole world to see?
11.        How will you feel when you will be seeing yourself in the air, the whole world seeing you, the role you played in the camp, how you were clapping hands and dancing? I mean while in Onitsha, you have gone round all the whole countries in the world. If you were sleeping there, they will see you. If you were eating, they will see you with your plate of food, those that were cooking, and those that were serving food, everybody; is it not amazing? It is really amazing. It is wonderful. As you watch it in your family in the screen, so the whole world will be seeing it. In other words, when the roll is called yonder, you are there, I am there.
12.        God is really the wisest being on Earth, how God allowed human beings to invent means of conveying Him and His people, God and His message round the whole world. Even entering places that are prohibited.
13.        Do you know that our message has entered prohibited countries? Prohibited countries, prohibited families, God is there, you are there, I am there. Wherever the message is, you are there. In every family in the whole world, you are there, I am equally there. When people will be responding to the website, downloading it the same way they downloaded our books, they will download the video, use their film projector to put it on the screen. Then people will be asking, “Who are these people?”
14.        Do you know that looking at the whole screen; we do not look like Christians? We do not look like Nigerian Christians, or African Christians. We looked like shepherds, hunters, mad people, but highly organised. I really thank God that we are working seriously towards achieving it.
15.        Keep on supporting us in prayers, soon, I believe God, many of you will be sharing the testimonies: “Daddy, Daddy we have seen the thing.” Moreover, we are building a link and we are linking it up with the first one also so that when you download this one, it will point you to the link. You will see the message and then you download the message. In other words, there will be a link pointing you to the other one. The blog spot is already in the air, not as a skeleton, but as a blog spot. You may not understand what I am saying, but wait.
16.        From Friday this week till Saturday we are lunching it in the air. Network problem notwithstanding, the world will see that what William Branham prophesied is pure truth. Continue to pray for us. Amen.

Apostle Kelechi and the Son of Man


Remain blessed brethren. Glory be to God that these things are happening before our eyes and we are beneficiaries and partakers of the programmes of God in our day. God, Who knows the end from the beginning has planned it that at the end of the age, at the end of the world, that you and I, God will use us to close the history of the world; and we see ourselves, the Bride being presented to God Himself.
2.           The Prophets were wondering, thinking and asking question, “What manner of people will be on Earth towards the end-time? The people that will be on Earth when this Grace will be revealed.” Here we are, we are very grateful, we thank God for it.
3.           We thank God that we are fulfilling His words, the Prophetic words before we ever know about what the Prophet said. There are some of William Branham’s books I am looking for but I could not get them, many of them have got lost. Some of our brethren that have them, some of them have got lost also.
4.           However, the ones we laid our hands on, we used to show you that really what God is doing among us is predicted by the Prophet. What is more, lots of the good parts of the prophecies fulfilled upon us. The Prophet prophesied both good and bad that will happen in the end-time, in the closing of the history of mankind,  many of the good prophecies were fulfilled by us. Is it not wonderful? Very wonderful. That we see ourselves in the Ark, while the world does not know what is happening, we thank God for it.
5.           When Peter was on the scene, he was the first person God used to bring the Gospel to the Gentiles for them to receive the salvation from God through the faith they have in Christ. After he finished talking, James rose up and said, “Brethren after explaining how God first used him to open the door to the Gentiles, this agrees with the Prophet of Hosea.”
6.           Israelites are in their homeland; the complete number in the Gentile world has been completed, chosen, the book closed, and the testimony sealed. Now God is turning His eyes to the Jews to finish the work there, to wrap up the whole thing. Look inside the Ark, see how we are now. It seems unbelievable, it seems like film or play or a tale, it seems like the story of tortoise.
7.           “Seven Seals” page 136, from the first paragraph: “You know Noah watched Enoch, for when Enoch came up missing, Noah knew judgment was at hand. And he preached in his own day in the book of Jude that Almighty God is coming at the end of the world with thousand, of thousands of His saints to execute judgement upon the Earth.
8.           And now, you know Noah watched Enoch. For when Enoch came up missing, he knew judgement was at hand. It got to hanging around the ark, but Noah did not go up. He just lifted a little piece up and rolled over the tribulation, he was carried through the tribulation period to die the death. See, but Noah was carried through.
9.           Enoch was translated without death, a type of the Church being caught up with those who are asleep to meet the Lord in the air. And the rest of the Church is carried over unto the tribulation period.
10.        I cannot make nothing else out of it myself, Enoch raptured, no death. Now, a trumpet do not always detest a war or otherwise, political disturbance the trumpet was thus, a political disturbance and that caused war. When you get mess in politics, and get them all messed up like we have got it now; look at war is at hand.
11.        But see, the kingdom still belongs to Satan, he has still got this far in his hand because why? He is redeemed by Christ. But is doing the part of the Kinsman Redeemer taking His subjects until the one last name is put on that one book. Has already received it, and has been sealed away. Now, have you got it?
12.        Then He comes from His throne, His father’s throne walk forward, take the book out of God’s hand from the throne and claimed His right. The first thing He does is to call for His Bride, then what does He take? He takes His opponent, Satan, binds him and cast him into the fire out there with all his followers”.
13.        “Golden Nuggets” page 122, “And in the last days as we are told, as it was in the days of Sodom, the Bride will be united by the word of God made manifest in the flesh. A Holy Spirit sealing them into God, and sealing unbelievers out.
14.        I believe that the Bride of Christ is called; I believe she is sealed in the Kingdom of God. I believe that, that mechanics is there, they are waiting for the dynamics that will take her off up the Earth into the rapture”.
15.      “Son of Man, Close the Book, Seal up the Testimony” page 46 verse 3-9 “You see, it was prophesied and it ended on 30th December, 2011. You will know why you are still on Earth. Talk of the journey, it is all over. Talk of the price to be paid, everything has been paid. You talk of conditions, all conditions has been met.
16.        Thus, I have closed the Ark. You know what I mean, as long as God lives and I live, I have collected the approved number of the Gentiles I am sent to collect, that is, the complete number I am sent to collect. What is more, and immediately the last person rolled in, I closed the manifest for that is the instruction. It is the instruction that I was given from the very beginning...”
17.        You see, if not that God has given us the heart to believe, do you think it is easy to believe these things? Here we are, the alert came directly to the Son of Man for He is the one that is to close the Book and seal up the testimony. No other person heard it, no other person got the revelation. It came directly to Him and He voiced it out immediately. William Branham said that immediately the last one comes in, He seals them into God.
18.      “… Remember that I told you that He has a fixed number He will take from the Gentiles even if they are trillions upon trillions persons; the same way it is with the Jews.
19.      Let the Jews fill the whole Earth, He has a number He will collect from there and the number is kept secret in His heart. It is in your Great Sermon.
20.      Once the last elect enters, it could be a blind man, it could be a mad fellow, it could be a lame person; I do not care where he or she is coming from. It could also be an infant because in the airplane, the only person that will not purchase the ticket is one that is still in the womb; one-day-old must pay for the ticket for he is a passenger; he is entitled to one ticket in that airplane.
21.      I was watching, I was waiting. Immediately the last person rolled in, the bell rang, girim, girim, girim...”
22.      Just as John was in the Island of Patmos saying he heard a trumpet, he turned around to see the trumpet and a voice was speaking to him.
24.      Who am I to delay? What am I waiting for? Afterall, my entire family is already in the Ark. What else? This is what has been my headache.”
25.        Golden Nugget page 189, the last paragraph “Time of calling be already be pass, and tonight, so far as I know time of calling may already be pass. I do not know, I cannot say that, remember, the people went right on having meeting just as they say after the crucification.
26.        The people you see today, programmes going on, preaching going on, miracles going on, crusades going on, tell them that the end has come, that the complete number of the Gentile is all over, nobody will believe you. But they are still preaching, they are still making a hell of noise. You see where we are that the complete number of those God will save is okayed.
27.        “Invisible Union of the Bride” preached November 25th 1965 page 8. “Notice this character, when you see women just go on the rampage, just doing anything they want to do, watch, the Church is doing the same thing.
28.        Note it, but watch, when the spiritual Bride, when she begins to have a revival, when she will begin to come back and line herself up with the Word of God, watch then again, you see how that the scripture at that time, there will be a message preached to catch that Bride up, the elect lady.
29.        Now, today you have received the Church natural in your intellectual gospel going farther and farther away from the word in social doctrine. We find that the women of the world on the street, members of such Churches are carrying themselves in the same atmosphere.
30.        You cannot tell them that they have lost all such of common decency the people have. And that is the way the Church are, and you see it going straight to the technical council just as certain as anything in the world. And right into Rome as high as it can be or it can go.
31.        See, because it is prophesied and there it is, that is her behaviour. But watch again the spiritual Church, how that group of people called out elected through every revival. In Martin Luther it happened the same way in the reformation. It happened the same thing in the time of John Wesley; it happened the same vein when the Pentecostal first started.
32.        They dropped the women that is exact in line with the word and then drifted away, there it goes right back over into chaos. But then the time that the people are ready to line up, there is a message come forth and then line with it. But you notice, when the people begin to try to line up with the Word of God, there comes a fresh message from the Word of God right straight to the people and take that message in line up every time”.
33.        If you watch us, we are the only group that do not mingle with manmade creed or dogma. If you say we are not the Bride, then, who are the Bride? If you say we are not the Bride, which group is the Bride? May be Roman Catholic or Assemblies of God or Deeper life Church or Redeemed Church. They all have manmade doctrine.
34.        I was talking to Pastor Dan on what substitution of the Word of God is all about. Substitution of the word of God in spirit and in truth is Balamism. They give people something that is not the word of God.  
35.        “As the Eagle Stirreth up Her Nest” page 26 the first paragraph, “Before ever God will destroy Sodom, he sent His angel to warn Abraham. Why, because Abraham was one who lived by the word and kept the word. That is how angels come to man because they keep God’s word.
36.        Three angels came to Abraham and to him, a holy Prophet of God that God will destroy Sodom. What is the reason for this? Three angels visited, they were bringing the news of the last warning of destruction. And the angel left Abraham’s place and went on to Sodom to tell Sodom of the pending judgement.
37.        Sodom in return laughed at the angels and even sort to do evil with the angels. Oh! How blessed to rest in God and to believe and to be rewarded as was Lot and was Noah; chosen by our faithfulness and the grace to escape.
38.        Have you ever read the word this way concerning the great flood? Before one drop of rain falls to Earth, Noah went into the ark. And before one ball of fire fall from heaven on Sodom, Lot was taken out of Sodom”.
39.        You see, the same way the tide is gathering, we are the only people that know the true situation of the condition of the whole world today. We are seeing God in action, but all of them were blinded, they do not know the scripture nor the power of God. They do not pay attention to the Prophets, and prophecies because they do not believe those prophecies.
40.        “He that Is In You” preached November 10, 1963. Pg. “Now, everybody listen real close, before I read the scripture. All that ever would be redeemed, God put their names on the Lamb’s Book of Life before the world ever comes into creation”.
41.        Note, before the Creation of the world. Whatever Jehovah will do for His sons and daughters, that God wrote their names in His own Book of Life before the Creation of the world, when the world was without form, God was without form. God was not a human being, He was not a spirit. There was no light, there was no darkness.    
42.        All that ever would be redeemed, God put their names on the Lamb’s Book of Life before the world ever comes into Creation. How many knows that? That is the scripture.
43.        And the antichrist in the last days is going to be so close like the real thing, real Church, everything just like Judas was, until it would deceive that very elected if it was possible. Is that right?”
44.        However, it is impossible, God said it is impossible. Is there anything that will make it possible? No! If you were not with Him that time, you can never be with Him now. If you were not with Him when the world was without form, when nothing was created, if your name was not there, you could not have manifested to believe Him. Never, never.
45.        That is why, only those that have worked and talked with Him when the world was without form are the people that are believing Him even now. If you are not a child of God from the beginning, you will not be a child of God at the end. No matter how a stranger builds, lives in a community, builds house, gets married, have children, he is still a stranger. He is not among the people of the community.
46.        If family members are discussing on how to share the property of their father, does a stranger follow? No! Forget what they are saying, can the child that is born in a family be compared to the one that was adopted from a motherless baby home? No! If you like adopt twenty males and twenty females, they can never make your breast to flow. You know those that did not suck their mother’s breast are always wicked.
47.        “…But no man can come to Jesus except God sends him. And all that God did give to Him will come to Him. And when He takes that Book, the last name.
48.        See, all in the Lutheran age, He pulled out. All in in the Wesley age, He pulled them out. All in different ages, they are over here, won’t be judged with them, they are rapturing. And then, when the last name comes out, that was put on the Lamb’s Book of Life that was slain before the foundation of the world; when that last name has been redeemed, His work is finished.”
49.        When that last name has come out, His redeemed put back there, His work of redemption is over; and the world will go ahead hollering, preaching, having revival, baptising thinking they are getting saved, they do not know that it is all over. If I am still preaching when Noah and his family are in the ark, what does it profit me? I am just wasting my time, he has taken his people away. Does my talking about has any meaning? No! Glory be to God.
50.        We are not the one doing it? No. Brother Akpalanta, Harold Camping does not know this one, Harold Camping is a mathematician. He is not an Apostle, he is not a Prophet, he is not a Pastor, he is not an Evangelist, he is not a Teacher, he is just a mathematician and also a Churchgoer.
51.        “…When that last name has been redeemed, His work is finished.  He comes forth to claim what He has redeemed. That makes our heart bleed. But if it went on a thousand years later, there would not be one redeemed.”
52.        You could not appear in another dispensation than this dispensation. Without the Son of Man, you are lost.
53.        “And no one can be redeemed unless they were put on the Lamb’s Book of Life before the foundation of the world. Who are they? I do not know. Nobody else knows. See, just God alone.
54.        Now, everybody listen real close, before I read the scripture. All that ever would be redeemed, God put their names on the Lamb’s Book of Life before the world ever comes into Creation. How many knows that? That is the scripture.
55.        And the antichrist in the last days is going to be so close like the real thing, real Church, everything just like Judas was, until it would deceive that very elected if it was possible. Is that right?  But no man can come to Jesus except God sends him. And all that God did give to Him will come to Him. And when He takes that Book, the last name.
56.        See, all in the Lutheran age, He pulled out. All in in the Wesley age, He pulled them out. All in the Pentecostal age, He pulled them out. All in different ages, they are over here, won’t be judged with them, they are rapturing. And then, when the last name comes out, that was put on the Lamb’s Book of Life that was slain before the foundation of the world; when that last name has been redeemed, His work is finished. He comes forth to claim what He has redeemed. That makes our heart bleed”.
57.        If you watch that video, you will see us how our heart was bleeding with Joy.
58.        “…But if it went on a thousand years later, there would not be one redeemed. And no one can be redeemed unless they were put on the Lamb’s Book of Life before the foundation of the world. Who are they? I do not know. Nobody else knows (see?), just God alone. I am trusting that every one of us, our names are on that Book. If mine was on there, I am sure to be there. If it wasn’t, I won’t be there; that is all. See, it is just that is just up to God. It is not him that willeth, him that runneth, but God that showeth mercy. See?
59.        Verse 47-48 “Look, did you notice those people coming from the aisles, chewing gum, laughing, punching one another? That is not sorry for sin and repentance. See? It is just what Billy said, Making a decision. And a cold, dry-eyed decision is nothing (see?), not a thing. You have got to be sorry for sin and turn from it. And Billy himself said proves that out of thirty thousand, you cannot find thirty in a year.
60.        Said other day, what is the matter with New York? I had that great meeting there and what happened? Sin is worse than it ever was, and it will continue to get worse. There will be no national repentance; the nation is gone; just you individuals, and soon that will be over if it is not already”.
61.        Did you see this from the beginning of this very Message? Protect your salvation with Godly jealousy for it is your sole property and it is not transferable. You can make any will, but you can never will your salvation to anybody. You can will your whole property to anybody you want, but your salvation can never be willed to anybody. It is your own sole property and it is eternal. “I love you,” I love you is not there. “I sympathise with you,” it is not there. Possess it with Godly jealousy. You cannot give your husband, your wife or your children. No! It is your property and it is eternal, it is settled.
62.        “…There will be no national repentance; the nation is gone; just you individuals, and soon that will be over if it is not already”.  
63.        No national repentance, why then CAN president calling for national prayers? He knows nothing. Why are villages and communities calling for national meeting when there is no community repentance, no village repentance? Why the crusade “Onitsha for Jesus Christ, Nigeria for Jesus Christ, Cameroun for Jesus Christ”?
64.        Can you see that the Devil has blinded all the nations so that he will destroy all? Repentance is on individual basis. There is no national repentance. Do we gather together to see masquerade? No! Does the community gather together to see a masquerade? Do not mind Pentecostals, they want the people’s money, they want membership.
65.        Let me tell you, this Faith remained the only ground and pillar of truth. Once you go away from this Faith, you are going to meet falsehood. You meet religion; you will meet modern idolatry which William Branham prophesied in the message titled “Demonology;” demons possessed preachers; demon possessed manmade men of God who claimed to be what they are not. They carry Bible, they read, do signs and wonders, they pray in the name of Jesus, they perform miracles and magic, all in the name of Jesus but Christ is not there.
66.        “Jesus Igwe! Jesus is too much!  What Jesus is doing for me, you see my Jesus!  This Jesus, in short, if I should tell you what Jesus is doing! You see Jesus, Jesus you are too much!  Father in the name of Jesus, in Jesus name I pray.”
67.        Which Jesus? For there are too many Jesuses, which one? Demonology, that is why the Prophet called what they have produced, Satan’s Eden. You know what Satan’s Eden means? It means Satan’s kingdom, modern idolatry.
68.        God said, do not go to the evil forest to look for the devil for he is no longer there. Do not go to any shrine to consult the devil, no devil is there. The devil is now sitting in the Churches carrying Bible, calling the name Jesus. Performing signs, wonders, miracles, calling down fire from heaven that if it is possible the elect will be deceive. He said, “But watch, the Word is not there.”
69.        In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. In the Book of Revelation, His Name is called the Word of God. The Word is made flesh, dwelleth among us.
70.        Do you know that it is your faith in the Word that is revealed in your day that has made all of you acceptable in the Beloved? If you have rejected the revealed Word of God in your day, nothing in this life would have made you to be acceptable in the Beloved. If you are not acceptable in the Beloved, you can never be presented to the Father.
71.        This language sounds strange to those that are about to perish. If you carry this language to Deeper Life Church, they will not understand it. They will ask you what you really mean; “You mean that nobody will be saved again? Let me ask a question, who closed the Book, who sealed up the testimony? You want to tell us that we are wasting our time? If people repent now, God will not accept them. You are deceived, repent and be baptised in the name of Jesus Christ and surely, Jesus will save you.”
72.        Has it not happen before? It has happened before. They were arguing and preaching, they never knew when Noah and his family entered the ark. They went ahead preaching, thinking they were getting saved, until destruction came.
73.        The show down is here already. The Pillar of Cloud has vindicated the right group. No more, no less. Supernatural vindication. No more, no less.
74.        What settles every argument among God’s people as to people whom God has chosen, and those He has rejected, just like an oath or a vow puts an end to every dispute or conflict, the same way, anywhere there is controversy as to the people that belong to God or not, only the Pillar of Cloud settled the controversy.
75.        When Moses was called a sinner, what settled the controversy? The Pillar of Cloud. When the Moabites thought that the Israelis were sinners, they invited Balaam and Balak to come and place a spell upon them, what settled the controversy? The Pillar of Cloud.
76.        When there was a problem as to the selection of a city or place where the Temple of God will be constructed, what settled the controversy? The Pillar of Cloud. When God was about the select a king for Israel, Jesse presented his children, remaining David who was in the wilderness, a small boy, what settled the controversy? The Pillar of Cloud.
77.        The people of God came to the wilderness in the days of John the Baptist, they were looking for the messiah, they thought John was the one. What settled the controversy? The Pillar of Cloud.
78.        This is our own day, every group claimed they are right, nobody believe he is on the wrong path. Everybody is worshipping God in their own different ways; we have thousands and millions of men of God. We have people that say that they are women of God also, but we know that God is not the author of confusion. He knows how to end the controversy.
79.        What ends the controversy? Whosoever we shall see the Cloud as prophesied by the Prophet descending wrapping round around him in the form of a halo like a rainbow over his head, the controversy is over. That is why, if God’s instrument for leadership is divine, all that God must lead with the divine instrument must be divinely oriented people. That is people that were with Him before the world began.
80.        You cannot use a natural instrument or manmade instrument, to lead a divine people. Once the instrument is divine, leadership is divine, the people must be divine. Is it clear? I am no longer shouting or screaming because it is all over now, there is no amount of noise anybody can make that will change the record. The record is finished, closed and sealed.
81.        We are only in His Presence to celebrate, we are celebrating. A stranger cannot understand us; even the angels cannot understand our language, for angels were not redeemed. The angels knew no sin, they knew nothing called salvation.
82.        The blood of Christ does not cover angels; that is why you are made higher than the angels. God said, “You are going to judge even the angels.” Angels are lower than you. In the Book of revelation, when they were coming from the East to the West, North to the South, the angels were astonished, and they wondered, “Who are these people coming with white garments? Where are they coming from?” And the Voice said, “These are the redeemed of all the ages. Purified by faith in Christ,” and they were astonished. They were coming with songs which the angels could not even sing, for they knew not those songs.
83.          There will be no national repentance; the nation is gone; just you individuals, and soon that will be over if it is not already.
84.        Now, you just mark that down, you young children. See how far Brother Branham (it ain’t Brother Branham), that what I have said is right or wrong. Sin will get worse and worse until one day the skies will catch on fire; she will fall to the Earth and the Earth will burn with fervent heat. But the redeemed won’t be here then; they will be gone”.
85.        Page 6 of “He that Is In You” verse 25: “Therefore, we know that we are at the end-time; we are here. I do not know how far away; I-He-I He will never let us know that, because His coming will be as a thief in the night. But, friend, my brother, sister, let us be ready regardless; let us just chase ourselves.
86.        See, because the world will go right on. They will never even know it has happened. When the doors of mercy’s closed, preachers will be preaching salvation, be (see?), causing people to repent, going right on just like it always did. It did in other ages and it did in—it will in this age.
87.        And the rapture will be so sudden and so quick that the world will never even miss them, that they are gone. He comes and slips her away, it will be gone; they know nothing about it. So be in prayer. Pray for me. I pray for you.
88.        We do not know when that hour will be, but we believe it will be soon. And stay away from shiny things. Stay with the Gospel. See? Stay right there now and pray”.
89.        See, when the door of mercy is closed, they will go on preaching, thinking they are repenting. When the mercy is closed, the Mercy Seat moved away, then the Judgement Seat took over. These people blindly will go ahead preaching, organising crusades, seminars, street campaigns thinking that people are repenting or getting saved. However, to all of you that are in this most holy Faith, if you are really observant, have you not noticed that in spite of the crusades and noise making by all the Churches, that nobody is repenting again?
90.        What they call repentance is moving from Anglican Church to Catholic Church, from Deeper Life Church to redeemed Church. From Grace of God mission to Grace of Devil mission. They are changing Churches; they are not changing their minds neither are they changing their hearts. They are going from worse to worst. Nobody is repenting, but people are migrating from one group to another carrying on like that.
91.        “Scriptural Signs of the Time” Pg. 2 verse 12, “Now, one of these days, that little minority as it was in the days of Noah wherein eight souls were saved by water so shall it be in the coming of the Son of Man. In the days of Lot, wherein three souls were saved from fire, so it shall be at the coming of the Son of Man.
92.        They are looking for a great universal something when it is not even in the scripture. See? One of these days, they will say, ‘Well, I thought the Bible said that the Church will escape all these things.’ The Bride escaped these things. And just think after Noah, as it was in the days of Noah, Noah went into the ark and the door was closed. He went in on May the 17th, the door was closed and never rain for seven days after he was in the ark”.
93.        Since the world began, from all ancient manuscripts, from the Bible, nobody has ever pinpointed the date Noah entered the ark except Prophet William Marion Branham. Because in the days of the voice of the last angel, when it shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished as revealeth unto His servant the Prophet. For the Lord our God will do nothing but He revealeth His will to His servant the Prophet.
94.        William Branham remains the only Prophet that mentioned this date. In the days of Noah there was no month called May. May is Roman calendar; calendar never existed in the days of Noah. William Branham mentioned the date, he did not mention the year. 17th May, which year? Unknown. Which day? Unknown. And then he pegged it there.
95.        In your day, GOD saID, “let He that has the understanding, let him calculate for it is hidden in types and in figures. You must know the day, you must know the month, you must know the year, you must know the hour. I must not have you ignorant that, that day will take you by surprise.” For you fully know that so, so and so will take place.
96.        17th May of which year? If you can get it right, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0, if you get it right, as Noah knew it in his day; it was not a surprise the day he entered the ark. Was it a surprise to him? Then as it was in the days of Noah so shall it be in the days of the Son of Man. Was it a surprise to Lot? As it was in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah so shall it be in the days of the Son of Man.
97.        It will be a surprise to the world but to you it is not a surprise. The departure of Enoch, the departure of Elijah, were they surprised? Where they taken unawares? They knew even the hour, they knew the date.
99.        “The Year of My Redeemed Is Come,” page 38 verses 31, If God is going to rapture His people away according to His promise, He must do it in a year. there must be a year that thing must happen, there must be a month that thing will happen, there must be a week, there must be a day, there must be a time THE thing must happen. If we recognize the year, that is number one victory. Then we will now enquire of the month. I do not believe that the catching away of the saints will be a sudden event to the Bride.
100.     No woman is taken by surprise in her wedding ceremony; there is no bridegroom that takes his bride by surprise in a wedding ceremony. It is carefully planned, notice of the wedding given, invitation thrown out or given out...
101.     Brethren are you taking note? How can the Bride and the Bridegroom wed suddenly? Anything can be taken in promptly not wedding ceremony. The Bridegroom will plan it with the Bride, invitation cards printed, venue of the wedding feast stipulated including the hour of reception and everything. Even the road map to the place.
102.     “… The Lord can take the world by surprise but not the Church. Who will be taken by surprise in the Church? It is one that is not paying attention, it is one that is not walking very close to the Guide because it may not even be announced in the preaching. It may be done by way of discussion; it may come by one way or the other. It can be a family affair.
103.     See, fulfilling scriptures, fulfilling prophecies unknown. Before we know it, we have fulfilled it.
104.     “...Noah went in the ark and the door was closed. He went in on May the 17th...”
105.     Note, in Noah’s day it was a family affair. In the days of Lot, it was a family affair. In the days of Elijah, it was an individual affair. In the days of Rehab, a family affair. In the days of Enoch, an individual affair.   
106.     He went in on May the 17thand never rained for seven days after he was in the ark and they did not know it.
107.     And one day the door of mercy will be closed, or I say this day the door or mercy has been closed and people are going right on thinking they are getting saved; and preaching and so forth and mercy has just been spurned this last time and know it not until it is over.”
108.     “Recognise Your Day and Its Own Message” page 12 verse 59, “Naked, and the vision said, showed me she was naked and did not know it. Blinded as Israel was blinded, so that the Gentiles could come in. Now the Gentiles are blinded so that the Bride can be taken out and Israel can receive their feast of trumpets”.
109.     Which is tribulation! Brethren, I hope you are understanding the message? People of the Jews were blinded so that the Gentiles will come in. Now the rest of the Gentiles have been blinded by God that the Bride will come out.
110.     The two angel God sent to Sodom and Gomorrah where angels of blindness who blinded the people of Sodom and Gomorrah, making it impossible for them to know when Lot and his family escaped.  Moreover, William Branham said that the Gentiles have been assigned with two angels of blindness to blind the Gentiles. He mention their names as Billy Graham and Oral Roberts.
111.     Brethren am I telling lies? Ancient men, is it not true? Before he died, he knew he was about to give way. He made it clear that Billy Graham and Oral Robert should not officiate in his funeral; it will take his friend TL Osborn to handle his funeral service. That was why.
112.     T.L Osborn and Gordon Lindsey were the principal of the funeral that officiated in the funeral. They testified about William Branham as a Prophet sent by God.
113.     Go to the message titled “A Prophet Sent to Africa” by Gordon Lindsey. I thank God. Do you know that Billy Graham and Oral Roberts remained the two American Pentecostals, who introduced Pentecostalism to the whole world and commercialized Churches, introduced business in the Pentecostal movement, introduced speaking in tongue, miracles and all worth not, all those nonsenses all in the name of Jesus?
114.     Finally, what is happening? Before our very eyes, they received communion from the Pope. Pope John Paul gave them communion and integrated the Pentecostals into the World Council of Churches. Who took the Pentecostals into WCC? Billy Graham and Oral Roberts.
115.     Check all the Pentecostal groups worldwide, William Branham made a statement. He said, “God anointed them to strike the whole Gentile world with spiritual blindness to enable the Bride to come out.” At the end, the two shall be saved. However, all their works in the entire world they have deceived shall be burnt by fire.
116.     Ancient men, am I bearing false witness? Do not worry, one day, I will show it to you and you will see it. GOD KNOWS HOW TO PRESERVE THE RIGHTEOUS UNTIL THE DAY OF REDEMPTION.
117.     Equally, He knows how to preserve the ungodly until the day of His final destruction. Even the Bible said that fire shall reveal all things. For every work of man shall be tested by fire, for fire shall reveal all things. That some, their works will be destroyed and they themselves shall not be destroyed. How can you be saved and your work destroyed? What William Branham saw was truth.
118.     He went further to say, “Do not join all these Pentecostal Harlots. Come out from among them, and be ye separate. Be not partaker of their evil, for they are patterning after their mother the great whore who reproduced daughters after her own likeness.” The great mother, the great harlot who has thought all the kings and rulers of this world to be drunken by the wine of her fornication is the Roman Catholic Church, the mother of all harlots.
119.     That is why, in spite of their Pentecostalism and this and that, they ended it in Romanism; which dragged all of them into the World Council of Churches. Pentecostal Federations, whether of America or of Nigeria, or this and that, it is an affiliate member of World Council of Churches. All African instituted Churches like Sabbath, Cherubim and so on; they are all affiliate members of World Council of Churches.
120.     Christian Council of Nigeria which is Anglican is also a member. Christian Association of Nigeria which united all of them, Christian Association of America, of Kenya, of Australia, of Zambia, of Mozambique, of Swaziland, everywhere, they are all affiliate members of the great beast or the great image.
121.     The World Council of Churches according to the Book of Revelation, and the revelation from the Island of Patmos, and the revelation given to William Branham,  the great image of the beast that speaks great blasphemy against the Holy One. The image of the beast!
122.     Up till today, it is still headed by “the world man of peace” and that is the supreme pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church, the Pope. The Papacy is still in control. That is why, the world over referred to him as the general superintended and overseer of the Christian Faith. When he makes declaration on Christian matter, it is binding on all denominations whether they like it or not.
123.     Watch Ayo Orishajefor, who migrated from Church of God as a Pastor in Warri, Church of God owned by late Idahosa, Ayo was Warri parish Pastor who later used the Church’s money to build his own Church at airport road Ekrum, Warri and called it “Word Of Life.” What is more, he was dragged to court with Bishop Abena where they revolted even killed some police officers using thugs.
124.     That bloody man, he is occupying the seat of Christian Association of Nigeria office in Abuja. His tenure expired and he refused to leave the seat. Instead, he started quarrelling with everybody. The first man there was Bishop Sunday Nbam of the Methodist Church, after his two tenure, he vacated. Arch Bishop Okojie of Lagos took over, that is Roman Catholic. Arch Bishop gave way; Ayo Orishajefor took over under Pentecostal Federation of Nigeria because they are rotating it.
125.     The person that is due to be there is a Yoruba man who owns the Celestial Church, he replacedd Adam Oshote, he is to be there under AIC (Africa Instituted Churches). Ayo now refused to come down, he is now serving a third tenure. Others served second tenure only. Now in his turn, he is serving a third tenure. He now went to court, asking the association to bring their constitution. That they do not have any constitution that says, it must be one tenure; or two or three tenures.
126.     He wants to die there. It is common with all Pentecostals. For any trouble they will go and call police; go to court, because they are carnal. He knows why he is there, he knows what he is gaining there.
127.     What are we saying? The Bride of Christ remained the only group that is not affiliated to anybody, any group or any association. It is a little minority group away from all. We have our traditions and laws that differ from other nations. We are still greatly misrepresented, and greatly blasphemed. Who is blaspheming us? We know them, the image of the beast who speaketh great blasphemy against the Most High.
128.     If the Antichrist is a human being, then Christ is also a human being. If the seat of antichrist is on Earth and not in Heaven or in the sky, the seat of Christ must also be on Earth. Two-by-two preaching, the law of diametrical oppositions is clear: Once there is a male, there must be a female. Once there is darkness, there must be light. Once there is an antichrist, there must be Christ. Look for one around the other. Once there is a wife, there must be a husband. Is it not true? That is the Law of Diametrical Oppositions, one of the irrevocable laws of nature.
129.     From all aspects of life, I do not need to begin to make noise about it because that will be stupidity on my side. You know my joy, I am not talking to people outside, I am sharing testimony within.
130.     Regard whatever I am saying as old story, moonlight story which parents used to tell their children in the family concerning how their fathers went to war in those days. I remember a special number we were hearing in those days.
131.     Our late Sister Elizabeth Eze from time to time would sing one of those ancient old numbers, which no human being can imitate. There was one night vigil like that she sang to my admiration, it was something I will call canticles. Ancient native canticles, not Anglican canticles but ancient native canticles. Thus, I joined my own.
132.      I mean we are telling the story how we overcome deceit and all the Devil’s antics. Where are we sharing these testimonies? In the Ark! “Brother, you are in this vehicle, my guy you are inside as bad as you are.” The reply will be, “God said, ‘Go and bring both good and bad. I know I am bad, am I the one that created myself? Am I the one that is doing it?”
133.     God said that they should bring both good and bad. Why should the heathen rage and the nations imagine vain things?
134.     On this note, I say remain in your sanctified estate, remain blessed in Him eternally. Amen.