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The Son of Man Revealed From One of The Jungles in Africa According To William Branham's Prophesy

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Monday, 6 February 2012


(THE RESURRECTED BODY) “Truth has no substitute”

There is the Supreme God; and He is a Being that took His origin from Black Africa. Believe it if you can, God is not found outside Africa. The influence of God is felt everywhere, but God is living in Africa. Believe it if you can...
-The Son of Man
From the Message: LO, I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS VOL. 1 (PP.3)

There is nothing mystic about immortality. Immortality is not a mystery as long as the Son of Man is concerned. Immortality is not a mystery, if it is a mystery; it has been revealed long, long time ago. Immortality has been brought into focus, that is, it is no longer a mystery.

 Revealed things belong to the children of God; unrevealed things belong to God, is it not true? Has immortality not been revealed? It has been revealed!  I rather believe this to be factual real…

From: GOD’S NATURE IS YOUR TICKET TO HEAVEN Page 71, verses 2,3 & 4)


Translation is For the Perfect, page 12, verse 11: Let me tell you, since after the first Pentecost there is no record that any human being on Earth apart from Saint Paul and those that were with him, that has been privileged to use human eyes to see the Pillar of Cloud.
2.           It has never happened and it will not happen. We are living in the age of information which is the age of communication. We have the print media and the electronic media. Besides, we have mouth media, ear media and even leg media. This is the age of walking about, the age of running to and fro.
3.           If the Pillar of Fire or Pillar of Cloud has ever revealed Himself in any other congregation since 1996 till now; knowing the type of world we are living in, knowing that the kind of Churches we have on the land that they are political bodies that use every kind of media organization to advertise their activities, it would have been advertised.
4.           If they can advertise something that never existed, what if the Pillar of Cloud comes down in their midst? The whole world will know about it in less than twenty-four hours.
5.           Go anywhere you like, He will never, never do it again. It is done for once and for all bases, to identify with His people. No more, no less. Why? In order that the people might know Him, even the Son of Man, His dwelling place, God’s chosen Tabernacle, a House He made without hands from where He reaches others.
6.           Even in those days, Philippians 2: 6 recorded it how He humbled Himself, took human flesh, became a mere man like unto us and blinded the rest of the Jews. In addition, He is the same yesterday, today and forever. In our own day, He has taken human flesh thereby blinding the rest. What He did before, that He has done again and that He will continue to do.
7.           Verse 11 again: Let me tell you, since after the first Pentecost there is no record that any human being on Hell apart from Saint Paul and those that were with him, that has been privileged to use human eyes to see the Pillar of Cloud.
8.           With our eyes we saw the Pillar of Fire, saw the Pillar of Cloud  yet we did not die. With the photograph we captured everything. Don’t you know that some brethren saw the thing before the photograph was taken? When we are in our camp meeting, didn’t we see the Pillar of Fire that came and hang around in the Fellowship hall, the day Mama Chigozie was delivered—a memorable day.
9.           The Message titledTranslation is For the Perfect” was preached on the 25th December 1996, that was on Christmas day. Last Pentecost, 1996 December 25th, the big Masquerade revealing Himself.
10.        When you get to the market, you will see a lot of things being displayed called “mask.” Inside the market anybody can touch it freely, nobody fears it, women touch it, little children play with it, it can be packed in a carton or in a place. For instance, if you go to Ose Market in Onitsha, Emejuru side where they used to sell meat, you will see it on the left hand side. You will see the women playing with it. That one in the market, is there LIVE inside it? No. It is a mask but it is not a masquerade because there is no live in it.
11.        However, once the masquerade starts, everybody will be on the run. Do women come close to Okorochi masquerade? If you know the reigning masquerade, what he wears for his glory is bought in the market. You call it Okpike, Otuiche, Ulaga, Ijele, Akwunechenyi, Ogbangbada, Okorochi—whatever you like call it, they are all masquerade.
12.        Verse 15:A man appeared before some people and started narrating his experiences to the world...
13.        Who are the people He appeared to? He appeared to His own people for He was about to reveal Himself. He was about to remove the mask because he saw somebody he knew and wanted to reveal himself to.
14.        If you think because you were there when he was pricing it and bought it, in other words you were there when he brought it, you were there when he puts it on, dressed himself, you were there when he took a cane or cutlass, because of that you obstruct his way, you have killed yourself because the person is no more a human being, he is now a masquerade.
15.        If you misbehave anyhow, you are gone! You beat him; the community will pull down your house and set it ablaze. Does a masquerade go to court? The law that will judge a masquerade is not yet out. If a masquerade kills you, nobody killed you but the masquerade.
16.        If you go to court, the judge will tell you that the law to judge the masquerade has not come out. That what the court judges is human being not a spirit. In other words, anybody a masquerade killed it is the gods that killed the person. Do the gods go to court?
17.        There is no live in the mask until live enters the mask. Without the man in the mask, the mask can do nothing.
18.        “The man went as far as telling them concerning mask and masquerade...”
19.        The man is still talking to the people trying to reveal Himself, to His own people. Note the reference “the man,” “the man,” “the man.” Who is that man to begin with? A human being.
20.        “The man went further to tell you many things about the mask and the masquerade and then came to a point where he said that he may come to where you are and flog you...”
21.        Note the topic being considered in the Message titled “Translation Is for the Perfect”: KNOWING THE PERSONALITY YOU ARE HAVING DEALINGS WITH. The Personality is trying to introduce Himself, His name is called the man narrating His experience, finish.
22.        Verse 21: “...Maybe you doubted, ‘Who might be this type of masquerade that is flogging me?’ He said, ‘He will just open his face a little and then close it...”
23.        Then you will smile. There was one funny experience around my house sometime in the year 2010; a very rich man died within our neighbourhood, a native of Onitsha. He is one of the Ozor titled chiefs. He was buried according to Onitsha traditional customs and laws. The whole big masquerades in Onitsha officiated in the burial. Thus they (the masquerades) were hitting people, chasing people about everywhere, wounding people.
24.        However, there was one that was led by the oldest people in the town. Looking at that masquerade, you need nobody to tell you that, that masquerade must be the chiefest of all the masquerades. Hence he sat down with two white ram around him. Any masquerade that misbehaves, he will point his stick at that one, then they will bring that masquerade nearer and he will be warned. If the masquerade misbehaved again, he will send that masquerade home.
25.        All masquerades were paying obeisance to him and I was wondering. Look at what happened. As these were going on, fear gripped everybody; my children were in the front corridor watching the drama. A little while my son, Chibukem rushed in and  said, “Come and see! come and see! They said that this masquerade is not a human being, see he is drinking beer, he is drinking beer. See, he is drinking beer; see he has opened the beer. See him inside the beer parlour, he is drinking beer!”
26.        I said, “Get inside and don’t talk like that for he is not a human being. He will kill you.” He said, “No, see his face. Daddy, I will be here until he comes out.” He went further by asking, “Will he do this thing again?” I said yes. A little while the masquerade came out again and everybody was on the run. He said, “Daddy, this masquerade is a human being!”
27.        Where he went and drank his beer is where he wanted the people to know him. If they did not know him, they would not have offered him the gift of beer.
28.        Maybe you doubted. Who might be this type of masquerade that is flogging me?...”
29.        He will open his face a little and then close it again. Does he open it anyhow to anybody he sees on the street? No! If he does it, he makes a mess of the whole thing. That the masquerade opens his face for you a little and closes it is simply a privilege. No more, no less.
30.        Not ordinary privilege but a wonderful one—a special privilege. Remember, no man knoweth the Father but the Son, no man knoweth the Son but the Father and to whomsoever the Son shall choose to reveal.
31.        Verses 22 and 23: “Maybe you want to abuse the privilege. When you see him somewhere, and others are running away, instead of running away with the people, you just majestically walk towards him; note, he will destroy you because of the insult. You have abused that privileged.
32.        He said that the mask can do nothing of its own but whatever He, that is inside does, that is, the action of He that is inside is reflecting on the mask.
33.        If he kills somebody, who is responsible for the killing? Is it the mask? It is he that is hiding inside the mask. The Message we are considering is: Translation is for the Perfect—Knowing the Personality you are Having Dealings With, preached 25th December 1996.
34.        In addition, God is our perfection, God is our righteousness, our holiness and sanctification. I can do nothing of myself. As at that time we never knew who the mask was but, He was trying to introduce Himself as “the man.”
35.        “Then the man said, ‘All these years, you have only been seeing the mask. Now I charge you in the Name of Christ our Lord, come here next Sunday 7th April, 1996 and you will see He that has been in the mask, you will see He that has been dealing with you all these years.’ Then the Cloud covered Me.
36.        On that day, the Cloud covered the man (the Son of Man, Who is the Resurrected Body). We do not know who the man is. If you say you know the man, that is your own claim. I do not know the man, but all we know is that we saw the man covered with the Cloud, in other words, He was surrounded by the Clouds of Heaven.
37.        Verse 25: “On that day He came, you started taking photographs in your own authority, until the time came, when the mask went, stood still and there was silence in the camp. He said, ‘All the films you have snapped all this while, you have wasted all. From now, you can take your photograph. Finish all your films if you want;’ and we were able to snap thirteen (13) different photographs on the same masquerade from that time the commandment went forth.”
38.        If you like you can go to Brother Mike Emmanuel and collect a collection of photographs he took that day without instruction. When the time came, the man turned to His right hand and there was one standing there with Him in the pulpit, our former Bishop Okey Nwankpa.
39.        The Voice said, “My friend go back to your seat! I want to be here with God alone. Where are those camera people? You have wasted all your films, from now whatever that is left finish all.”
40.        Verse 28: “...IT IS NOT A CRIME FOR SUPERNATURAL TO MIX WITH THE NATURALS. It has been like that in all the ages whether you like it or not.”
41.        Has it not happened before? Yes! In the days of Noah, supernatural mingled with naturals, ate and drank, had His feast with Abraham. Am I making sense at all?
42.        In Genesis 19, the land of Sodom and Gomorrah, supernaturals, two men (angels) mingled with naturals (human beings), ate, drank and even passed the night  in the house of Lot.
43.        In Jericho, supernaturals mingled with naturals and even took refuge in the house of a harlot. In the days of Manoah and the wife, the father of Samson the great, supernatural human beings who pretended to be the oldest man with walking stick mingled with naturals.
44.        What can you say in the days of Joshua in the battlefront, the Commander in Chief of The Hosts of the Armies of Heaven, fully dressed in a general’s uniform mingled with naturals. God always veiled Himself in human form not counting it robbery.
45.         “You know there are many, many things I would not tell you now because you cannot bear them. LIKE I TOLD YOU, THAT IT IS NOT A CRIME FOR SUPERNATURALS TO MIX WITH THE NATURALS. It has been like that in all the ages whether you like it or not.
46.        As at 1996 many, many things you could not bear them that time because you were immature.
47.         “What am I saying my brethren? I know why people are filled with unbelief and rebellion. Somebody must be used to set a perfect example...”
48.        Did he mention any name? God simply said that somebody must be used to set a perfect example.  
49.        “...A time came when almost all the Nigerian soldiers wanted to be the Head of State, coups and counter coups, and the Head of State, after surviving these coups, he still pardoned all. However, one day, he retorted.
50.        There is no friend in the warfront. You know life has no duplicate. He rose up and then became a soldier. Closed his eyes, eliminate all his friends and then, he planned a coup. If my friends want to kill me, I will close my eyes and eliminate them all and then build a coup. Get me right!
51.        You see, my only regret is that what I am witnessing around some ministers is happening almost at the dying minute.
52.        If it happened at the beginning, at least, I would have decided to show some mercy by allowing them to go out freely and I will continue to live. Like I did to many, which you know: Bon Diuka and group, and the rest of them. They are all there till today.
53.        On the other hand, these people rose up at the time when Moses could not tolerate them, all that rose up to overthrow the signs, he sent them back to the mother Hell. Closed his eyes, hardened his heart; commited them back to the mother Hell. If you want to be something, there is nothing wrong about that but let us know why you want to be something.”  
54.        If you want to be something, there is nothing wrong about it. If anybody is in doubt let him continue to doubt, but your doubt cannot change what He is.
55.        If I tell you that my name is dog or goat, and you said no that it is not my name, has your refusal to agree changed it? No, for my name is what it is. Thus, your unbelief adds nothing or subtracts nothing from God’s Word. Call me whatever you want to call me, I remain what I am. As a result, what you call me cannot change what I am.
56.        My God, your God is able to do it in me; I am not the one that will do it. My God is able to do it in me. Why not say Amen. Amen.

I can do nothing of myself. He decided to make us perfect in His own eyes, we that stOOd before Him, coverED by His PRESENCE AND His unfailing plan has been to present us unto Himself without a single spot.
2.           at the end we will say God is our perfection, God is our righteousness; God is our salvation, God is our Baptism, God is our sanctification, God is our Holiness; God is our all and all—The beginning and ending of our faith, The Alpha and Omega. Then what can I contribute? Absolutely nothing! Even believing is not of my own, it is a gift—a special grace. For what I believe somebody heard it and said no, but I heard it and said yes.
3.           My God is able to do it in me, finish. I did not seek Him one day” I did not seek God one day. There is no time I said “let me seek for God.” I never seek Him one day, it was God that sought me and found me. Do I know who God was? Do I know whether they worship Him? It is God Himself that used His hand to seek for me.
4.           He sought us and He found us. Is it not somebody that has a goat that knows that his goat is missing? It must take somebody that has a goat to know that his goat is missing. He alone knows how many they are and he went out to look for them, when he found them he will carry them like that and take them home. Even a mad man that they are running after to catch, do you think it is easy? Even common fowl that you want to catch, don’t you know how you run after it? That is how we are.
5.           He that his sheep his lost, does he sleep well? He will be going up and down asking the neighbours, “Please, my sheep lost yesterday, that is what I am looking for.”
6.           Translation is for The Perfect, page 34, verse 31: “Why am I saying so? My God is able to do it in Me. I did not seek Him one day; He sought me, and He found me...
7.           We all were once lost like sheep, we better accept it and begin to appreciate it. Let me tell you, naturally speaking, spiritually speaking, if it is not God, some of you would have run mad, some of you would have died; some would have been in the prison. Judging from the type of life we were exposed to, some of you would have been in the prison, some would have died. Some would not have gotten a wife let alone a house they can call their own. Even some will not have a family even up till today.
8.           My God is able to do it in me. He sought me and He found me. My duty is to follow Him.   
9.           Verse 31 again: “Why am I saying so? My God is able to do it in Me. I did not seek Him one day; He sought me, and He found me. I did not start the good work by myself but the Lord Himself started the good work in me, He will perfect it. Thus, my duty is to follow Him. If I continue to follow Him without looking back, by and by I will attain the same perfect stature.
10.        Verse 35 -38: “Do not say why I am sounding this way. If you are coming into this faith today, any level that we are when you came in, that is where you will join. We cannot because of you go back to ‘repent or you get lost.’ These, we shall take you privately. We are not responsible for your delay in coming.
11.        When the shout went forth, where were you? Maybe you were arguing, thinking that it will stop halfway. That was what nearly killed our Brother Ben Okezue. Looking back now, seeing the congregation if he is becoming unfriendly, what happened that day will happen again.
12.        Initially he was limping between two opinions, why? He wanted to be somebody and he was thinking somebody was on his way. Nobody was on your way, it is not even too late if he starts now.
13.        Because I am here to help all of you, any one you want, take. You want eternal life? Take. You want eternal death? Take. That is my duty. Any one you want, that is what you will see.”
14.        Whatever you do, God is looking at your motive. What you want to achieve, that is where the justification lies; the same way, that is where the condemnation lies. We thank God for the journey so far. We want to encourage one another to continue in the Faith.
15.        Continuing in the faith means: abiding with the instructions we have received from God as we wait for the translation of our mortal bodies, which is going to take place anytime from now.
16.        If we wait for it today and we do not see it, tomorrow we will continue. If the years run out and we do not get, as long as it is still there; as long as it has not happened, we must continue to wait for we are waiting at the approved place, thus we are not waiting in vain.
17.        If Mr. President says that he is coming to Anambra State and everybody is expecting his arrival, but they do not know exactly where he will land; and peradventure, few individuals who are connected to Him are given the little information that anybody that will like to see him and be a part of his visitation should go to Holy Trinity Onitsha and wait for him, that he is landing there with his helicopter, and the rest said no, that everybody should go to Dr. Alex Ekwueme’s Stadium Awka, that it must be at the state capital.
18.        The few insisted that they were sure and certain of the person that told them that he is landing at Holy Trinity and they waited there; in other words majority went to Awka while few went to Holy Trinity. At the end of the day, the man landed at the Holy Trinity, addressed the people and went away. At Awka, majority will hear that he (Mr. President) has come and he has gone.
19.        We were told by our fathers the Prophets that we should not expect God or worship Him or place our sacrifices which we offer unto Him in any other place than the place where He the Almighty has chosen to place His Name.
20.        If since 1996 till today He has not relocated, it then means we are waiting in the approved place. We are placing our sacrifices at the approved place. In addition, I believe He is still here in our midst.
21.        I told you about His (God’s) movements: a time came when He chose Bethel; there was a time Bethel was a chosen place of worship. Immediately people messed it up, He relocated; moved away from there and then went to Shiloh. After sometime, they messed Shiloh up and He moved away, went to Gilgal. When they messed up that place, He moved away and settled in Jerusalem.
22.        When they messed up Jerusalem, He dispersed them to all the parts of the Earth and told them clearly that He was relocating to a place where they will not come. For there was a great enmity, a wall of partition that separated them (the Jews) from where He was relocating to. Moreover, when He got there, of all the places in this end-time; He chose a place of worship where sacrifices that are meant for Him must be placed.
23.        In addition, look at one thing with God, each time He relocated; the elect of that day must relocate with Him. Watch another thing, as long as He was in a place with His people; the rest are cut off as nobody will come. The moment He leaves that place, the world will occupy. As long as God is still there, there is no crusade that will attract people there. There is no revival, no preaching no matter how you lower it down they will never be in this most holy Church.
24.        However, the moment God relocates, this Church will become a revival ground for the whole world. Have you wondered why any group that attempted coming to Jerusalem, God will tell you, “Do not panic they will not stay. Once their rent expires, they are packing away for we will not share this ground with any stranger.”
25.        It is a holy ground. When it was ordinary forest, there was no road leading to this Jerusalem, we were less than thirty in number, we dwelt in this forest in the midst of snakes and lions, wild animals; scorpions yet they were our friends. Our children were lying on the bare floor, we used palm frond as curtain. Nobody was bitten by snake, scorpion has never for one day stung anybody. Nobody ever molested us, we were free in Jerusalem surrounded by bush and heavy forest.
26.        Today it is habitable, but by 1993 when we came, there was no sign of life. The police station was not there, we were in GTC before Inland Town Police Headquarters came. We were the people that helped them to be there, we received the first DPO in the person of Mr. Okereke. We were the people that received him, and he was wondering how we could be staying in GTC. We constructed the roads that leads to Jerusalem. All the structures you are seeing today in GTC; we preserved all of them from fire.
27.        Jerusalem is a holy ground. I am saying in effect that God is still with us; He is still talking to us. Amen.


What are we doing? We are tidying up many, many things. God is highlighting something, that thing that is in your life, which will not make you to live at peace with your brethren, that is what is marking you out of the kingdom. That thing that cannot permit you to live peacefully with your fellow brethren, the thing is marking you out of the family. the thing is making you unworthy to be there.
2.           Any habit that is not acceptable by God, a habit that does not conform with the teachings we have received is an abomination before God. We will never, never tolerate it and God will not tolerate it. The only way God is going to highlight it is through the revelation of His word. When He reveals His word, His word reveals your heart.
3.           if you have a dangerous nature that will not make you to feel free with your brethren, it goes to show THAT you are not one of us. For birds of the same feather must dwell together, animals of the same SPECIE must dwell together. There is no over-righteousness where we are going to, and there is no under-righteousness THERE TOO. Nobody is going to be holier thaN the other.
4.           Hence, if you are holier than Me, there must be trouble. If you are more righteous than Me, there must be trouble. The essence of highlighting the Message is to enable you discover that weak thing in your armoury that will not help you to be at peace with your brethren. For where we are landing anytime from now is called the land of peace. See it in the INTRODUCTION of the Message “Family Menu” volume one.
5.           We call it family menu, but it is titled “Bridge to Peace” volume one. You know what a bridge is? It is something that was constructed across A river, stream, valley, mountain or anything To facilitate smoother and quicker movement—A more convenient movement across an obstacle that is a bridge. The bridge across the NIGER RIVER makes it possible, more convenient AND EASIER for families, together with their LUGGAGE to cross the river Niger, all at the same time.
6.           Without the bridge across the Niger, it then means everybody that will have to cross will have to swim; And while swimming, you can never carry your child, you CANNOT carry your wife, and you CANNOT carry your property. You swim alone and that is A great tribulation.
7.           HOWEVER, when a bridge is constructed, the entire family can cross all at the same time. WHAT IS MORE, the Son of Man is a link, HE is a bridge that is taking you across Hell AND landing you in paradise together with your family all at the same time. I am the link, THE SON OF MAN OUR LINK TO THE TRUTH.
8.           God is on one side, the people are on the other side. IN ADDITION, the Son of Man is at the middle AS A bridge. He closeD the gap between you and God FOR He is the mediator. Without Him, nobody in this generation will ever make peace with God FOR He is the point of your reconciliation to God.
9.           Without the Son of Man standing in-between, I bet you no flesh in this generation will ever be reconciled to God. that is WHY he cAme with the ministry of reconciliation, which is restoration to God’s favour.
10.        You were all estranged from God, foreigners, aliens to God. You knew not God; you were given over to things that were not God, serving diverse interests, all in the name of God—worshipping the Devil ignorantly. Maybe you do not know that it took Ananias to open the eyes of Paul, Ananias became the bridge linking Paul to Christ or else he was lost. They saw the Pillar of Fire, he heard the Voice. However, the Voice pointed him to a man. Cornelius heard a dream and the dream pointed him to a man. Peter was the link, Peter was the bridge. A bridge is always the link.
11.        If the Son of Man never appeared, nobody will be reconciled to the Pillar of Cloud. Nobody! Were you not going to different Churches before? Were you not in different societies before? Why were you not reconciled to the Elohim? You were there, yet you did not make peace with God. You were worshipping the Devil in ignorance, you were sincerely wrong.
12.        Can a man be sincerely wrong? Absolutely yes! When St. Paul was sincerely wrong, he persecuted the truth and even consented to the killing of St. Stephen thinking he was doing God a service, but he said he did that out of ignorance. He had a zeal but without knowledge.
13.        I am saying that you can be sincerely wrong no matter how you desired to serve God even from your mother’s womb, yet, you were still wrong.
14.        See the bridge, if you refuse to make use of the bridge; you must swim, And there is no way you can swim across with your entire family, there must be casualties. HOWEVER, the bridge eliminates the risk of having casualty. The bridge makes the journey a very pleasurable journey, a smooth ride into Paradise. How many in this Faith can boast of swimming across the River Niger from Onitsha end to Asaba end? I want to use a physical thing to illustrate it. How many of us in this Faith? Even the best swimmer here, though he may swim across but he must have many troubles in the water. It will take him a longer time, plus the troubles he will encounter there.
15.        On the other hand, if you go through the bridge, you can run by foot and you walk across Asaba. What if you have a motorcycle or Keke-Napep? Or you have your car? It is one way! You may not know what I am saying until you roll into trouble for neglecting the simplest way that is made easy for you. In Christ, the journey to Paradise is made very easy and very pleasurable.
16.        Note, Christ means nothing but the Anointed One, The Messiah, The Saviour. For in every dispensation, a Saviour must be sent. A generation without a saviour is a generation that is lost. This is our own day, a Star has been sent guiding us back to God. If a Star is not sent, who will guide us back to God? It then means we are lost. Besides, what if we refuse to follow the Star? We will be numbered among the foolish.
17.        The wise men in the wilderness saw the Star and they followed the Star. The Star guided them perfectly to the baby in the manger. Now how many kept the calendar? How many kept vigil, watching for the fulfilment of the prophecy? Though it lingered, only the wise men did wait for it.
18.        As long as the Promise is still for the future, I must wait for the Promise. I will not give it a second thought until the saints that died in Christ resurrect; those that are in Christ and are still alive are not transformed, that is when I will query Him. However, it is impossible.
19.        The moment the dead in Christ resurrect, that same second those that are still in Christ and are still alive with mortal flesh; instantly there, in a twinkling of an eye like power holding (NEPA) sends light; their mortal body will be transformed to immortality. You know, when power holding takes off the light, it does not give sign. When the light comes back, it does not give sign also. It might be when we are groping in darkness, when you have reached your hand for a lantern; lit your stick of matches only for you to see electric light restored, what do you do? You off the lantern for greater than lantern has come.
20.        The Bride will receive no other notice, no other sign for signs have been displayed, notices have been given, warnings have gone forth, let no man ever pin God to a particular date. You do not know how long you are going to stay as you wait at the Gate. For you will not enter alone, you must wait until the fullness of the number that are numbered for this costly salvation has come to God, then the rest will be locked out.
21.        If you have attained perfection you wait, for others are still coming. When you arrive there (at the Gate), you wait. We were told in the Message titled COUNT DOWN 94 that no matter the speed (how fast) we are running, we know we are leaving many behind, you are not running into the Kingdom; you are going to get to the Gate. We are not stopping anywhere to wait for anybody. The only place where we shall stop is at the Gate. There, we will wait for latecomers to arrive, then the door will be opened and together all of us will go in.
22.        We have arrived at the Gate, and God said this is the final point. The only thing preaching will achieve is where you are, for the Bride can never go higher than what she is now. She has attained her perfect height; the unity of the faith has been achieved through the spreading of the publication. The stature of Christ has been achieved through the Message of salvation, which opened our eyes to see that we are not going there with our own self-achieved righteousness but the righteousness that is imputed on us without works by the Son of Man.
23.        That anybody striving to present his own self-achieved righteousness, has already declared himself unfit for the Kingdom. It has become clear by the deeds of the Law; by the regulations of the written ordinances that no flesh shall be saved for the Law maketh nothing perfect, but there is coming in of a better covenant; established on better promises.
24.        The Law favours the wicked, and displeases the liberal minded. That is why in everything you must behave and act as people that will be judged by the Law of Liberty.
25.        We have advanced from where we were before. Events are unfolding everyday. Fix your eyes on the Middle East, watching Israel as your calendar; watching Jerusalem, watching Damascus, watching Tel-Aviv. The train is still on the move. It is moving gradually, it is gathering speed. Only two weeks remaining according to the mandate of the UN to Israel and Palestine. Only two weeks left for the two to come to the roundtable to enable them determine their borders in agreement with 1967 border treaty. To enable the UN General Assembly proclaim to the whole world, the Palestinian State.
26.        The campaign for the statehood of Palestine has been seriously intensified by Palestine. Israel has stopped all campaigns in order to stop Palestine, they are waiting for action. Maybe you have not heard  that Palestinians were greatly disturbed by what Israel was doing.
27.        Having neglected the warning of US, where the Secretary of State in US, Hillary Clinton warned the Prime Minister of Israel to desist from constructing houses in the Palestinian territories in the fear of the UN instruction.
28.        Mahmud Abbas, the president of Palestine could not continue with that mess. Then he used rocket on Israel and destroyed a good number of the buildings that were not occupied by anybody, that were within the territory of Palestine. No life was lost.
29.        France asked Netanyahu about his views concerning the matter, he said, “No comment yet.” Barrack Obama, the President of America sent a word that it will be disastrous to the entire world if force is used on Israel to determine the statehood of Palestine. That it will not be in the interest of the entire world, and the Prime Minister of Israel kept quiet, no reply. Moreover, the buildings continue to come up more especially when he had made a statement that UN should know it that it has been the habit of Israel to construct houses during troublous times. Now, daggers are drawn.
30.        Mahmud Abbas was announcing to the entire world that Palestine has nothing to negotiate with Israel now and in the future. For Israel is fond of dishonouring all agreements.
31.        In a situation like this, God said, “Your duty, my duty is to watch as we see events unfold on a daily basis.” Will there be fire? Yes! Whether we like it or not, all the atomic bombs and nuclear weapons that have been stored by all the countries in the world are all about to be tested. Do not jump up, let me give you one little example.
32.        Many, many years ago, about the year 1945 during the Second World War, what they called atomic bomb that time can be likened to ordinary grenade.
33.        Do you know a missile that is sent to Nigeria from America, if it is not countered in the air must get to Nigeria in less than 24 hours and explode in Nigeria? In addition, it targets the spot it is sent to. This is not the issue of carrying aeroplane, no!  I want to show you how the world has advanced.
34.        In 1945 during the World War 2, what they called atomic bomb that time was according to their technological improvement or advancement by 1945. In 1945, the bomb that was used in Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the effect was also felt in Nigeria. It caused cerebrospinal Meningitis in Nigeria, which eradicated too many people. My late father was among the survivors. Many were crippled, many were made dumb while thousands perished because of the effect of the bomb that was dropped in Japan as at 1945.
35.        What if that thing lands in Nigeria? I am saying that the time bomb which the world piled must be tested anytime from now. If we remain in this our mortal body, by and by we must be affected. For us not to be affected, our mortal body must be changed from destructible to indestructible.
36.        Why? God is behind the destruction that is coming. It is in the hand of God, it is the wrath of God that is coming upon the children of disobedience. Moreover, we are not numbered among them for He did not call us to receive His wrath. We are not appointed to receive God’s wrath but to receive His salvation through Christ.
37.        In every dispensation, God has always severed the righteous before the destroying the wicked. In keeping with His vow, He said, “Let it be an abomination unto Me if I should destroy the righteous in the midst of the wicked.” Put your hand in the Bible; put your hand in the history it is not there.
38.        Even in the New Testament, He said that He knows how to save the righteous in the time of trouble, and knows how to preserve the wicked until the day of his final destruction.
39.        This is the approved way He has decided to use to save the righteous, by this simple Gospel which we preach, which the world called useless-nonsense; that is what He has decided to use to save those that have believed—just simple faith.
40.        Watching the ark of Noah, it takes faith for somebody to be there. Looking at what is found in the ark, it will be difficult for somebody to believe.
41.        Our Brother Victor Ugwu came to Me recently and said that he has started experimenting what God instructed that we are free to carry the Gospel about the coming destruction of the world and the place of safety. He ran to his in-laws, telling them to believe this Gospel that the wrath of God is about to come and his brother-in-law laughed him to scorn.
42.        He said that in as much as he respected us and the faith, how does Brother Victor think that it is only this little sect (the Bridal Faith); that God will save in this our day?
43.        He said, “So, you believe that it must be your little sect alone.” Brother Victor asked him a question, “Apart from our little sect, have you ever heard or seen the Pillar of Cloud revealing itself anywhere under the sun?” the man shook his head and said, “I don’t believe it is only your sect.”
44.        Brethren, is it not a sure sign that if this man was there in the days of Noah; he would not have believed that only a family of eight will be saved? If he was there in the days of Sodom, he would not have believed that only Lot and the two children would escape. If he was there in Jericho, he would not have believed that only the people found in Rehab’s room would be saved. In fact this man would have been lost. You see, the same spirit is still back.
45.        Brother Victor Ugwu has experimented his own; all of you must have gotten your experiences. For you think God will be wicked if He DOES NOT save your relations, carry this good news to your relations, You have been permitted.
46.        Before now, you were warned never to tell anybody what is happening. If you do it, you will receive a curse from God. However, this day the angels of destructions are already on the scene. The angels of destruction, they have surveyed everywhere and they have concluded everybody in unbelief. They have now sent YOU THAT you are going to be saved, is not because you merited it!
47.        Let me tell you, angels dragged Lot out of Sodom and Gomorrah; Lot was forced out of the city of Sodom and Gomorrah. In spite of the signs and everything, Lot was reluctant until the angels have to drag him by hand, out of the city. For he knew not the value of salvation. The book of first Peter said, “We shall be saved  from fire.”
48.        BELIEVE IT IF YOU CAN, The Son of Man is dragging you CONTRARY TO YOUR DESIRES.
49.        Many of you, after considering what you have acquired; what you are likely to acquire, how old you are, the beauty of the world and things like that, Many of you will even desire to stay longer, some will even like to stay and become traditional rulers.  
50.        You are being dragged contrary to your desires. Lot was pulled out contrary to his desire. For the angels were under an oath to bring him and his family out.
51.        The Son of Man knows what He is doing. I thank God. Amen.

As it was in the days of Noah, as it was in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, that is, the days of Lot, so shall it be in the days of the Son of Man. Nevertheless, remember Lot’s wife! When Lot was running, after being dragged out of the city gate, the two daughters followed, the wife followed for the instructions said “Don’t look back.” For that reason, Lot ran without hesitation.
2.           It was when he got to the place of escape; there he recognised that his wife was no longer there. Besides, there was no way he could go back, for whatever that happened to her was not the business of Lot. After all, two of them received the same visitation, the same Message, the same instruction. They were all dragged out at the same time and commanded to run without looking back, finish.
3.           Remember Lot’s wife. We have come to the end of everything. Who knows the type of action Israel is planning to take against Palestine and against all the cities, nations that have voted against Israel? Note it, a vote for Palestine is a vote against Israel. The same way, a vote for Palestine is a vote against God. As long as the Vatican cast their vote for Palestine, remember that the Vatican is in charge of the world; Rome is still in control. I don’t know whether somebody is getting what is about to take place?
4.           Pray that God will open your eyes. Before everything, the defence minister of Israel who happened to be the former Prime Minister of Israel, Ehud Barack, made public proclamation that from the look of things, it has become a conclusive matter that the world is going to experience the effect of weapon of mass destruction. We even read it in the in the fellowship. In other words, the warning is there.
5.           The President of Iran countered it by saying, “The end of Israel has come at last. Any moment from now, Israel will be wiped off from the map of the world.” How? We read all of them in the fellowship.
6.           Please, do not ever regard any of them as empty threat. Remember God said that He is locking and unlocking people’s hearts, even the hearts of the rulers; using them to fulfil His programmes. God said, “Let nobody pray against it, for praying against it means praying against your departure. For your departure is strongly tied to it.” You are not departing until the troubles start, for you are going to be raptured in the midst of the trouble.
7.           Now, the Voice said, “The last minute action Israel will take against Palestine will provoke the United Nations (UN) and the Allied Forces including America. They will join hands together under the auspices of UN and fight Israel, the same way they hid under UN mandate to destroy Iraq.” When it happens, then the Almighty God Himself will come with His armies and wipe off all the inhabitants of the Earth and this is the long waited Armageddon.
8.           By 1999, He said, “This is not the matter at stake for now please.” However, in the year 2011 He rose up and said, “Blow the Trumpet in Zion for the hour has come.”
9.           He lifted up the Message titled “This Generation in Prophecy” and reminded you the Voice: “As long as I live and God liveth, all the contents of this Message which you ridiculed must come to pass. You must sell your property to get a copy of this Message.”
10.        Our eyes were opened, from that day the Voice said, “Son of Man, your people used to say that your predictions used to tarry long before fulfilling. But say unto them now, from now they will no longer delay. Once you speak, I will confirm it.” And so we have been seeing it up till today.
11.        Two weeks remaining for the second step to be taken. At the same time, we are also expecting the Planet-X which is gradually coming down to replace or displace the planet Earth. According to them, they called Planet-X a new planet larger than the size of the Earth, coming down swiftly.
12.        by my own language which is the language of God and His people, John in the ISland of Patmos saw it coming: a new Heaven, a new EARTH, a New Jerusalem coming down from above.
13.        Yes! Lo, I make all things new. Who will prevent that thing from coming down? You will embrace it anytime from now in your supernatural bodies.
14.        You know what is fooling people, they do not stop and think. The angels that destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah were human beings. Did anybody see them carrying jerry cans of fuel? Were they holding machete and gun? What did they use in setting the two cities ablaze? The spoken word!
 I am your mercy seat
15.        Watch the Message titled, “The Translation is for the Perfect,” preached in 1996, the Voice said, “You are already sitting down here with your rapture there, you are there already. Nothing is coming to take you, what is taking you is already with you. What you are expecting is with you. Once He is glorified, you will be glorified with Him.” For the Voice spoke of the Resurrected Body, saying, “I have glorified you and I will glorify you again.”
16.        As long as I am here, you must be here. For I am sent for your sake to come and collect you, wherever I am, there you will be. If I am going to Hell, you will go to Hell also.
17.        Let Me tell you, the Son of Man came down from Heaven and He is going back to Heaven. For the Pillar of Cloud, the Pillar of Fire can never come from Hell. There is no scripture that has ever given the impression that the Pillar of Cloud, the Pillar of Light has ever come from Hell.
18.        “Lo, He cometh in a Cloud.” All eyes have seen Him. Let me show you something, whoever that hears let him tell his fellow.
19.        If you have your handset that can do browsing or surf the web happy are you. Use your handset or internet compliant computer to access our website, and you will see excerpts, quotations from William Branham, the Archaeological Parchment from the Talmuds of the Sanhedrins. You will see all there. We will do everything within our power to see whether somebody could be saved.
20.        Brethren, the Son of Man has succeeded! People from Israel have started accessing our website. My prayer has been that my people will see Me Whom they pierced, whom they rejected.
21.        The world will see the Son of Man coming in a Cloud with power and great glory. My greatest joy is that the Son of Man has been revealed in the Clouds of Heaven, He has shown Himself to a people that know the value, they know the meaning of the Cloud and the meaning of a man being surrounded by the Clouds of Heaven.
22.        In other words, any other nation can misinterpret it but not Israel. You see, things are really happening. When we got it in the Net that Christ is a human being walking on Earth for many years now, that they do not know where to locate Him, they thought it was just nonsense. He has gone to a place where He will be recognised. Anybody can misinterpret it; anybody can call it magic, not a Jew! Not an American!
23.        Yes, after all it was FBI in America that verified the photographs of the Pillar of Cloud and said that it was a supernatural light that struck and formed the Pillar of Cloud. That it was a supernatural object, for a pinhole camera can never pick anything that is not an object. Besides, it (Pillar of Cloud) is limitless. It was without limit.
24.        Look at the photograph of the Pillar of Cloud, if you can plot a graph using what is there, the graph that curved towards the sky, where will it join? Plot a graph and then show me the circumference of the Cloud that covered the eyes and the face, who can measure the circumference? Anybody? Nobody.
25.        Remember this is something (the website) that should be hidden for now, but we are busy creating it. By the time it will become popular, begin to check the number of nations, individuals that will access this website. It is not abracadabra; it is not a website for show or advertisement but it is a rich website filled with godly truths. Something you will open and you will remain glued there from morning till morning because only facts are convincing.
26.        We never presented anything called picture, we are presenting Messages, for Christ is the Message which we preach.
27.        New, new countries are accessing our website. When the Son of Man shall be revealing Himself to the world, the journey is all over. The Bride must have been sealed in. I am in the number saved by grace. If you are not in the number that is saved by the election of grace, you are totally lost.
28.        For if you are counting on your self-righteousness, on what you can do and what you cannot do; if you are counting on clearing your debt with God by obeying the Jewish Laws, I want to tell you that Christ can never save you. For if those Laws could save, was there any need for Christ to be sent? You must know the truth and the truth must set you free. If the Son of Man shall set you free, you are free indeed.
29.        Maybe you do not know, you see why I said that you SHOULD NOT trouble me. For I am the one that is going to give your account, you are going to be swallowed up in me. DO NOT trouble me so that I will do this work with joy. For if you do otherwise, you will regret.
30.        I am the one WRITING your confidential report and whatever I write concerning you is final. I am your mercy SEAT AS well as your judgement seat. If I set you free, you are free indeed. If I IMPRISON you, you remain imprisonED. I am vested with authority from Heaven, to set the captives free.
31.        While we are rejoicing in this Faith; the world does not know why we are rejoicing. They are living in fear. If they are not afraid, why are they calling for national prayers? What stopped them from celebrating their Independence anniversary?  What stopped the President from going to Eagle Square, Abuja? What stopped governors from coming out?
32.        The world is afraid. Everybody is afraid, even the president is equally afraid of Boko Haram. I got a text Message; you see, people are blind. They sent me good will Message to mark Independence anniversary, that is 51 years of Nigerian Independence.
33.        I said it will be stupid of Me to act foolishly. If I should acknowledge the text message, I will become more stupid than the fellow who sent it. I will become blinder than him.
34.        Ayo Orishajefor who is a Bishop in charge of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) called for national prayers; General Yakubu Gowon, former Head of State who is the chairman of the Grace of God Church international, equally called for inter-denominational songs, praises and prayers for Nigeria.
35.        The general superintendent of Dominion City Church, a Yoruba man, called for inter-denominational prayers. I said thank God, they are what I call stupendous ignoramuses. Not mere ignoramus but stupendous ignoramuses, who cannot differentiate between light and darkness.
36.        It will take a stupendous ignoramus to celebrate 51st anniversary of Nigeria.
37.        Note it, what Nigerians celebrated, though they hid their faces in shame, it was not worthy of celebrating. How can you celebrate your shame at 51? You celebrate hunger, starvation, deprivation and mass unemployment. You celebrate mass strike action and all forms of armed robbery. You celebrate kidnapping, celebrate suicide bombing. You celebrate political unrest and social insecurity.
38.        You celebrate house-spreading sicknesses and diseases, paralysed healthcare system. You celebrate lack of infrastructure, no good roads, no electric supply. Everywhere is in total darkness; you celebrate the collapse of your economy; the deterioration of your Naira, the runaway inflation. Is that what we are celebrating? Tell me what we are celebrating? Is it corruption that has eaten into the fabrics of all the rulers of Nigeria?
39.        Everywhere is stinking at the age of 51, a child that has not found his feat at 51 will remain a child till eternity. Feeding bottle baby at 51, feeding bottle baby-Nigeria.
40.        Are these things I mentioned and even more not prevalent in Nigeria? Then, why are you sending good will Message to me?
41.        The good will Message I should receive is, “brother praise be to God, God’s prophecies are fulfilling every day. Any moment from now, we are taking our flight.” That is a good will Message I EXPECT TO GET. Not telling me to rejoice with Nigeria, I have not seen the basis of that rejoicing. Amen.

My Joy is that my departure draweth near. Right now, do you know that in Israel all the authorities are rubbing their minds together? They have refurbished all their military tanks, all their weapons of mass destruction. For Israel is aware that there can never be anything Palestinian State without the use of force.
2.           Moreover, Israel is ready to march force with force since peace can never be achieved in a roundtable dialogue. When you use dialogue and peace fails, you apply the use of force. That is where we are now.
3.           Who knows the action Israel is planning to use to reply Palestine? Why the thing is on, the Prime Minster of Israel ordered the construction of two hundred and thirty kilometres fence, walling off Egypt and Sinai whom they accused of harbouring Muslims decedents that are attacking Israel through Syria. Israel is raising high walls to wall off Egypt and Sinai.
4.           In addition, in the attempt to wall off Egypt and Sinai, Israel walled in Palestine for the sake of Jerusalem, for the controversial city is Jerusalem. If you do not know what we are saying, the UN is saying that the city of father David, the city of Almighty God which He said will never be removed from its place will now be allotted to the Gentiles (the Palestine). Not ordinary Gentiles but to the Muslims.
5.           In other words, Israel will move her capital from Jerusalem to Tel-Aviv. God had already said that Damascus must be moved, and Damascus is the capital of Syria. I hope this thing is not flying over your head?
6.           I am showing you your timetable. Get ready for your flight is near, nearer than you think. DO NOT ever think that this thing I have proclaimed will fulfil in geometrical (linear) order. That is, 1, 2, 3, 4; no. IT is not going to happen that way. one single event that will happen even as I am talking now, the rest will line up.
7.           All these things I have outlined as if they will happen one after the order, One single event, it can be one shot fired at a dangerous point, AND the thing is ignited.
8.           This moment, one second, IN A twinkling of an eye, the promise will come to pass AND We will see ourselves appearing and disappearing. Before our eyes, you see scripture coming to pass.
9.           Do you know that the world today which you are seeing is preserved by the Spoken Word and reserved unto fire. By the Word, the world of Sodom and Gomorrah was set ablaze. By the Word, the world of Noah was destroyed using water. By the Word, the land open and swallowed Koran, Dathan, Abiram and others. This present world is reserved for fire.
10.        All these heavenly bodies, in no distant time shall melt like the American satellite. Heat will dissolve the firmaments; all of them shall be dissolved by fervent heat. Very soon, human beings will become cannon fodder. Cannon fodder means gun powder. Very soon, sooner than we think.
11.        Are you panicking? Are you afraid? There should not be any earthly tie. Let not the pleasures of this life ever tie you down. Do you know that I am involved? I am in front, I am still with you. If you think you are suffering lost, I more. If you are desiring to stay, I more. However, there is nothing we will enjoy again for the Earth can never produce any good fruit again. Nothing good will ever come out from the world again for the world is filled with violence.
12.        We are heading to a place where we shall have peace and have it more abundantly. Where we shall lack nothing, the mansion we are going to enjoy there is by far better than whatever you think you have erected. You think you have a good house, the Son of Man has a better one than your own.
13.        Hence, there is nothing here on Earth anybody can enjoy. Believe it because I am the one telling you. If it is not so, I will not be proclaiming it. Every weekend I will spend my weekend in my mansion at home, rest in my pillow. No fear of any amazement.
14.        Nevertheless, there is no comfort here on Earth. Believe it if you can, what you are enjoying now is your maximum EARTHLY comfort. Whatever anybody who is a child of God is enjoying now is hIS or her maximum EARTHLY comfort. From now you will not enjoy anything higher than what you are enjoying presently. You are coming home with smiling faces.
15.        I was talking to brethren that came to me when I was consecrating Brother John’s jeep which he bought new. I entered the vehicle full of smiles and appreciations. I said, “Brother, this has been your desire. It fits you. When you come down from it with your key, you shake the keys a little. You have joined your group in carrying jeep about. But there is a type of pride that is associated with it.”
16.        Yes! God knows that if He will allow us to stay longer than necessary, we will never desire to depart. For that He said that He will give us something that will make us to smile but it will not last long—it is temporary comfort that will make us to come home with smiling faces. It is even in some of our messages like “Random Comments from the Son of Man” volume 4. God said that you can buy your car, build your house, continue in your activities but do everything in Christ. It will never hinder you from coming home provided you are doing it in the fear of the Lord. Thus, do not fold your arms.
17.        I thank God, also thank God. Yes! Blessed, happy to be envied is a man or a woman, male or female that God counted worthy, adding the person into this most holy ministry. We have to thank God Who has counted us worthy, putting us into this ministry where we see prophecies fulfilling as God prophesied.
18.        One of these days, the page, the chapter, the line that is written concerning you and I will appear. The pages are being turned. Remember for now, as many as are in this Faith, we are now observers. We are not struggling to be saved again, no battle again, we are now observers.
19.        To the preachers, they will only encourage you to continue in the Faith knowing that we must go through great tribulations before we enter into Paradise. However, it will not last more than ten days from the day it will start, but He may cut it short in righteousness for the sake of the elect. This is a pleasurable ride into Paradise.
20.        Watch all that are outside of our midst, they do not know what is happening. After celebrating in the fellowship on Sunday, on my way home, we ran into a people who were beating their drums and dancing spreading their flyers. Their young men were happily dancing their awilo music, their ladies were on the streets dancing like Owerri ladies. What is more, they were carrying the thing anyhow. Do they know the hour? They think they are getting saved.
be ready at all time
21.        Have you noticed a prominent feature? Women are now in charge of preaching. Everywhere, women are now in control. All women are now evangelists with their loud speakers which they carry about. Every morning, “Wake up! Jesus is calling you, wake up!”
22.        Have you noticed it? Is it not a total departure from the truth? Do they know what is happening? Be on the alert, fix your ears and eyes on the signs. We will not over stay by even one second.
23.        Remember, it shall be ONE-DAY known unto the Lord. Just under line it. Even if I know the date, I will be stupid to announce it, I will hide it.  
24.        I gave you arithmetic formula; no minister has ever solved it. They DO NOT know whether it is minus or plus, or multiplication of division. HOWEVER, if they are intelligent, they will know that the figures are placed in the descending order, not in ascending order. thus to get it is the easiest arithmetic.
25.        If it DOES NOT stand for a month, it stands for a year or a day or hour or minute or second, Or the name of a man. The arithmetic is there: 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0.
26.        To get it is easy, but remember we have two steps left. The second step will be taken Friday, two weeks from now. The third step will be the fastest without a date. It is an action that will be taken in the early hours of the morning, it will not be night, it will not be day. It is an action that will be taken between 1: 00am and 4: 00am Nigerian time. Or between 12:00am and 3:00am Greenwich Meridian Time (GMT), or UTC (Universal Time Coordinated). That is 3:00 hrs. You must get the time.
27.        you see, the time, that is, the precise hour Mary Magdalene and the rest of them went to the grave to anoint the body of their messiah, only to find that the grave was open; Whether it is going to be in the night watch, or afternoon watch, evening watch; the truth is this, be ready at all time.
28.        How are you going to be ready at all time? Always be found in Him, not holding your own righteousness which is of the law; but the righteousness of Christ Which you will only get by asking for His mercy and not His judgment.
29.        Ask for His mercy and not His judgment. Yes! For if He is determined to save, He will stop at nothing.
30.        Watch the angels that came to Sodom and Gomorrah, they were determined to save Lot; his delay did not stop them. Even he made his own suggestion, when he was shown where to go, Lot argued and argued and made his own choice, when they noticed that there was no time, they said, “Okay, go to that place you want to go, provided you leave this city.” Yet he delayed.
31.        They were sent to him; they dragged him out of the city gate and asked him to run. Why? Because they were sent to Sodom and Gomorrah because of Lot alone. Amen.


Do you know that the only property God has on Earth is you and I? If Jesus Christ said, “I am going away, I will come again and take you, wherever I am, there you will be.”
2.           If He fails to come, is there anything that will take you there? You believe that there is a place called Heaven or Paradise, do you know the way? Can you go there? If He (Christ) does not come, nobody will take you to that place.
3.           Remember, He cometh in a new Name. This is the greatest stumbling block. In addition, nobody knoweth that Name except the person to whom it is revealed.
4.           Hence, they are expecting to see Jesus Christ, did Jesus promise to come back with the name Jesus Christ? Where did He say you must wait for Him? He told them where He would appear.
5.           Prophet William Branham said, “He will be here in the last days, He will be in His Church. But you must be a part of that glorious Church for you to behold Him, for no man can be saved until he has seen God face-to-face, talk to Him and He will talk back to you.” Is it not the Message?  
6.           As Moses met Him at the backside so shall every elect meet Him at the backside, talk to Him and He talks back to you. Peter said, “We saw Him and touched Him. We ate and drank with Him.” Paul said, “Even when He resurrected from the dead, we sat down with Him, ate and drank.”
7.           Who were the people that received Him? Those that were foreordained, set aside to receive Him. Not everybody, begin to thank God who counted you worthy. I do not look at the photographs of the Pillar of Cloud again, they are no longer for Me; they are now facing the world. The entire Gentile world and the entire Israel can now see the Son of Man coming in a Cloud, wrapped in a Pillar of Cloud of Heaven.
8.           Go to our website, with the information there, you will remain awake from morning to morning. You will not see the beauty of this Faith until you watch it in the Internet. You will be astonished. There are too many things we logged on the Net, too many quotes which many of you have not come across.
9.           That is why the world is astonished saying, “Where has this man been all these years? Where is this man hidden all these years?” What is more, they have noticed my location.
10.        As I am talking to you now, let me tell you, American satellite is beaming Me as I am standing in Jerusalem. They are seeing all of you in the Fellowship the same way they saw us when we were casting our votes, because the satellite was directed to Africa.
11.        Right now they are seeing Me, Britain is seeing Me. I have been made known to the world. If anybody is making argument in this Faith or in Nigeria, he is making a domestic argument. What the Son of Man can entertain now is international argument and no longer domestic argument, made in Nigeria argument, or made in Onitsha argument. No!
12.        If you have any argument, go ahead. As for Me and my family every controversy has been settled, all argument has been settled. I am convinced but are you convinced? No more argument.
13.        The Message has entered where we least expected. Some people said, “Thus said the Lord, this Message can never cross Upper-Iweka in Onitsha.” Now, who are the false prophets?
14.        Well, do not try to block the course of a river from the source. If you attempt constructing obstacle to stop the course of the river from the source, you will cause it to penetrate where it could not have penetrated. It will roar, boil, jump, construct deep gullies and push down trees. Where are the false prophets? They are all now in the cooler. They are hiding their faces in shame.
15.        Let them go ahead with their propaganda for they are politicians but we are not politicians; we know what we are doing. We know who is behind us, finish. If you are not sure, go to your ministers peradventure, they will help you. I know no more help.
16.        If I have some reserved seats, I know those I reserved it for. Moreover, I know the number, I have my reasons.
17.        One called me recently and said that he was grateful to me, that he has been receiving my Messages and things like that. He said that he was requesting for one thing: that I should please give him a date to have personal interaction with Me at my own convenient time and I should do it quickly, that he does not want to get lost. That I should do it in a such a way that brethren will not come and disturb, that anytime I should give him, should be the time between two of us, when my brethren will not be coming in and out, that he would not like a discussion with my brethren or interference.
18.        I said, “Okay, you will get it.” He said, “How soon?” I said, “Anytime your mail runner will bill you a date.” He now went back to the mail runner and told him, “Actually I will prefer to discuss with the Son of Man over the phone than to coming face-to -face with Him. I fear Him. Anytime I come before Him, I lose concentration. The fear of His face does not permit me to say what I want to say. Thus, I think I prefer to load my phone and then call.”
19.        This man I am talking of is a big man, many of you know him. Why is he afraid? He is afraid of coming to Me. However, you embrace Me every day; you eat and drink with Me. But this big man, with is education, weight and wealth is afraid of Me. This man I am telling you of has produced not less than four graduates, his two daughters are lawyers yet he is afraid.
20.        He said that he has downloaded our website and that he will not afford to stay a day longer. However, is there any room for him?
21.        What if I will give you a chance now and say, “Okay, give me one person each, just one person. I do not care the person relationship with you, you want that person to be saved, and you want that person to escape the wrath of God; simply give me one name. How many will give me the name?” One name each not two.
22.        How many can give Me one name of the person you want to include in the Ark, whether the person is around or not. How many will give me one name?
23.        Okay, do you know why I will not ask you for that name? The person you will give me must be the greatest blasphemer of this Faith. This is why I am not making such a request, rather go and tell them. Amen.

Apostle Kelechi Uwakwe

e really give thanks to God Whose love and mercy has preserved us. If we can cast our minds back from the beginning of this ministry, if you look into it, it seems like a child’s play. Like play like play we continued. Before you know it, we are at the end of the whole thing.
2.           It marveled me watching the speed, the rate the whole thing took place. Moreover, all these things happened according to the purpose and plan of God which He Himself purposed before the world began.
3.           I want you to have this in mind, that from the inception of this ministry till now, we have never followed cunningly devised fables. We speak what is revealed to us just like the Sanhedrins in the days of Peter, James and John arrested them because they preached in the name of Jesus Christ. Gave them serious warning that they should not preach or teach in the name of that man called Jesus.
4.           Then Peter stood among them and said, “Judge for yourself, whether it is good to listen to a man or to obey God. For we speak nothing but what we are sure and certain of, that of a truth, this man Jesus is that same Messiah. The only person if you believe in Him, what the Law could not pardon you, you will receive pardon from Him.”
5.           They looked at themselves and said that of a truth a notable miracle has been done and they cannot deny it. The same thing we are telling you that what is happening among us is nothing but the hand of Almighty God Who in His love, knowing that in this present day we are living in, that we will appear; ahead of time, prepared a nice ground for us, by sending the Son of Man Who came in a human body, breastfed by a woman, nurtured very well, He moved around in the world; has the same nature you and me have.
6.           Now we are here, and He came ahead of us. When He came into our midst down there at Ugwumba Street, we didn’t know that He is the messiah. He is the one we have been praying for, that we need God in human form. We need original, that all the things of God we want it to manifested in our midst. We don’t need fake, we don’t need counterfeit. We don’t assume to be anything, no matter the hour the time it takes, for God to come and manifest Himself among us; we are ready to wait patiently.
7.           He came into our midst; joined us in that same prayer. Then when God made His choice, it fall on Him to be our leader, to be our Guide to lead us across Hell down to eternity. Now we are at the Gate, if you pin your hope in Him, you will never regret.
8.           It is just like we are sitting down in the Fellowship since, what if He decided that it should be now? Just as you are sitting down in the Fellowship, the whole thing will end. Those in the world will not know that a single thing has happened.
9.           “God’s Prophecies Are Tied To Time,” page 102 verse 41-47: “Please take note of it that you are a blessed people, having God in person, as your Teacher, as your Prophet, as your Apostle, as your  Pastor, as your Evangelist, as your Deacon, as your Bishop, as your Elder, as your everything and all in all.
10.        Why am I saying this? We are Messengers of the same Message. No Messenger can have his own message. The whole message comes from one source. The messages come from a pool. The pool, which is the Pillar of Cloud as you can see it in the photographs of the Pillar of Cloud is with us. He is a vindicated Messenger, a vindicated Apostle.
11.        Note it that every prophecy is tied to time. Israel could not return until the time. They could not return until the appointed time. A virgin could not conceive until the appointed time. The city of Sodom and Gomorrah were not destroyed until the appointed time. Jericho was not destroyed until the appointed time. The cup of the Amorites can never be full until the appointed time; and now I want to announce to you loud and clear in the Bride that the cup of the Amorites is full.
12.        When a cup is full, something is expected: it must be poured out. Under the Heavens, no other people have the patience to stay with the Word, holding unto the Word, even from the beginning till now, without murmuring, without complaining and without being tired.
13.        Thus, as you uphold the Word with patience steadfastly unto the end, He that is in your midst revealing His Word is able to deliver you from the temptations and testings that will come upon people of the whole world. How? Having thoroughly furnished you with the Word, which is all that you need, the truth for the hour is what will sustain you. It is what will keep you and separate you from others.
14.        Assuming you never knew this truth, you would have continued in your old ways, which you inherited from your fathers and from your various religious groups. Do not expect physical testing only; also, expect spiritual testing. Spiritual testings are more disastrous than physical testings.
15.        As a result, we will only escape these testings through the knowledge of Christ, which is the Word, the Message, which we preach. Christ is the Message, which we preach. Happy are you if you have it or retain the knowledge in your heart.”
16.         Let nothing ever tells you in your heart that all we have been hearing and the present stage of this ministry is not true. Do not allow anything to tell you that. For what we are waiting, through the prophecies, through the visions, through the Spoken Words, through the written words, through histories, Israel is back in their homeland.
17.        Moreover, what they are expecting now is the war of Armageddon. Equally, we are expecting the resurrection of the dead in Christ right from the Garden of Eden to this present hour. That is what we are expecting, for Jesus Christ said that the blood of all the righteous that were slain from the Garden of Eden, from Abel down to Zachariah, that were killed in the altar must be required of this generation.
18.        In addition, without you and me, they will not resurrect. Thus, we are the point of that resurrection. Fix your eyes and your whole mind on the Message you have received for we are certain and sure. All our senses are correct now we are in His Presence, the same way one of these days at the appointed time this mortal body will be changed which is the earnest of our salvation; which is the complete of the salvation plan that God started immediately man fall.  
19.        Watch Israel in their homeland, see the missile the Palestinians sent to the Israel outfit recently, though life was not lost, the whole world was watching the action of Israel. However, their Prime Minister kept silent about the matter.
20.        Do you know that the greatest scientist in the world are Israelites? When the Soviet Union was still in existence, if you go there, the Israelites are their scientists. According to history, the people that produced the atomic bomb that was used in bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki were Israeli scientists.
21.        They told Britain and America that the only thing they needed is the independence of the Israelites. They told the pilot what they would do immediately they dropped that bomb. That they will fly off inside the blues to make sure that the explosion of that bomb will not destroy their plane.
22.        What do you think that caused it? Prophet William Branham said that the whole world has produced atomic bombs which they will use to destroy themselves and they will never escape it.
23.        The only exception (immunity) we have is the immortal body, which we will receive by the Spoken Word from the Supreme Deity that is in our midst.
24.        The same way the scripture said that those that have this hope should purify themselves for He (God) is pure. As long as you have this hope in you, one of these days it will no longer be a dream.
25.        We have had the dreams so much and we are still having it, one of these days it will be a reality.  
26.        Be filed with joy in your heart, that we are counted worthy in this Gentile world, in this our own day to be a people God has chosen in the Gentile world for His Name’s sake, waiting for the day that last person will step in, then the translation will take place.
27.        If you have this hope, you will have great joy in you. You will have peace unspeakable. Just like the days of Israel in Egypt, that same day Moses told them that they are departing, there was no quarrelling among them again. Their hearts were set; their hearts were full of joy as they moved.
28.        The same way, now that we have seen the whole thing has ended, the two angels that visited us in the Fellowship (in Jerusalem) on 25th September 2011, disguised themselves as they admired the congregation.
29.        God told Abraham, “I have heard the accusation of Sodom and Gomorrah and the atrocities they have committed. Now I have come down to go there and see for Myself whether what I heard is true.”
30.        The same way God has heard a lot about the Bridal Faith. Then He said, “Let me go there and see with my eyes.” He came down, saw with His eyes, and you heard the Son of Man saying it.
31.        Brethren, this is a wonderful testimony. I know many of you must have heard about it. We came to Jerusalem at the command of the Lord. In short the Lord Himself was the Stone that rolled into GTC and gave it to us as a holy ground—our Jerusalem. He has been with us since then till now.
32.        From 1993 we came to Jerusalem, the valley of decision till 25th September 2011 that we came to His presence, we have never for one day by day or by night, no matter the parties or ceremonies we have had in this worship ground, while coming or going out, we have never for one day met beggars along the narrow way to Jerusalem. No beggar has ever come to this holy ground begging arms
33.        We have had the opportunity of staying in this holy ground for ten days, we have had great ceremonies, and wedding feasts in this worship ground, yet no beggar has ever come to us during worship.
34.        On 25th September 2011, we were having fellowship of love, fellowship of testimony, Thanksgiving Day set aside for the Lord God Almighty for the first time. We have never done it since the inception of this Faith, that is, setting a day aside, excluding every other thing, labelling it THANKSGIVING unto God Almighty; asked other local Assemblies to stay in their local setups and only send a representative, it has happened only but once.
35.        What is more, to our greatest surprise, we were all in the fellowship on 25th September 2011, before the fellowship even started, brethren were praising God in their groups. We were playing some spiritual numbers, lo and behold outside the hall, just in front of the fellowship hall; from nowhere, we saw two human beings sitting down using their legs as chairs and they started interacting with the Son of Man. Brethren went there thinking that they were ordinary beggars.
36.        However, when the Lord came to the pulpit, He told us that they were angels sent to see how we are faring. It is wonderful, it is astonishing. To God be the glory.
37.      On this note, I say thank you and remain blessed in Him eternally.