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Friday, 3 February 2012


 IN ITS PURITY IN US. Ministers’ Meeting held in the Son of Man’s house – Onitsha (14-10-1999)
 Heavenly Father, we thank you this day for bringing us from our different destinations down to Jerusalem in your Presence. We say may Your aim of gathering us in Your presence this day be achieved in our lives. May grace and mercy be abundantly upon us all. Let Your mercy and grace project upon every one of us.2.          Rest mightily upon your servant Who is Your mouthpiece in whom You are going to speak to us this very day, that by the end of this meeting, we will rejoice and glorify your Holy Name for being with us. At the same time, every plan of the enemies against us we bring them all under our footstools. This we pray through Christ our Lord, amen!
3.          We have to be very grateful to the Almighty God Who has enabled us to see the light of this day, and Whom it has pleased to usher us into His glorious Kingdom. It is grace, it is amazing. Hence, we have every reason to show appreciation to God for His love upon us.
4.          I have to thank Almighty God that we were able to come to His presence on time; and this is exactly what God requires from us. If we can continue this way, if we can make it our habit, surely, there will not be trouble any where at all.
5.          William Branham in his day told his disciples that from time to time they should try to meet as ministers and discuss matters affecting the Church. I believe nothing helps at attaining a peaceful and orderly home than sweet and harmonious communication. Once there is a communication gap somewhere, there must be misunderstanding there. There should not be a communication gap among the ministers of the Word of God. They should maintain close ranks with one another, because no successful man of God ever works alone.
6.          I have always told you that when we say “missionary work, missionary work,” it has always been a teamwork. That is why those that started this work before us saw themselves as co-labourers with Christ.
7.          Brethren came from Enugu this day to present their vehicles to Me and to give Me situation reports of their Church. I was very glad and we fellowshipped around the Word. I have always told you and I am still maintaining it that Christ has always been a man.
8.          That word “Christ” is not the name of Jesus. Christ means nothing but “The Anointed One.”—that is the meaning of Christ. No other thing! Jesus was a man anointed by God. He was anointed of the Spirit of God. Let me just help you to understand what I mean.
9.          Philip asked the question, note, he was asking Jesus the question; “Show us the Father”—please take note of what I am saying now. If you do not get this explanation, surely you will not get the text. You will not know why we are in His presence.
10.      Before I will introduce to you why we are in His presence, I have to lay a little background using Scriptures. Then you will know why the meeting is very necessary at a time like this.
11.      You see, Philip asked a question. He was asking a man who was standing before him, for there was a man standing before Philip. He asked this man the question; “Show us the Father. You have been mentioning the Father, the Father, show the Father to us.” You know where it is written in St. John chapter 14 verse 8. It is clearly written there.
12.      Now, a reply came, and that reply came from the Father. The Father started talking to Philip through the loud speaker, which is Jesus who was before Philip. Please get Me right. Remember, the loud speaker had been telling everybody clearly that the Father was in him.
13.      Philip enquired of the Father and the Father was replying through the vessel called Jesus—that is, the Father was replying through the loud speaker called Jesus for the Father was in him without measure.
14.      Now look at how the Father answered Philip. He said, “Philip, have I been with you all these years and yet you do not know the Me?” The Father was surprise that all these years He had been with Philip, that Philip did not recognize and acknowledge Him; so it is in our midst today. I hope there is no Philip in our midst today?
15.      Remember, the Bible said that all the Prophets of God had the Spirit of God in them.
16.      Isaiah 53:1-4 “But, oh, how few believe it! Who will listen? To whom will God reveal his saving power? In God's eyes he was like a tender green shoot, sprouting from a root in dry and sterile ground. But in our eyes there was no attractiveness at all, nothing to make us want him.
17.       We despised him and rejected him--a man of sorrows, acquainted with bitterest grief. We turned our backs on him and looked the other way when he went by. He was despised, and we didn't care. Yet it was our grief he bore, our sorrows that weighed him down. And we thought his troubles were a punishment from God, for his own sins! LB.
18.      You are all Bible students. Look at what the Bible said, But, oh, how few believe it! Who will listen? To whom will God reveal his saving power? In God's eyes he was like a tender green shoot, sprouting from a root in dry and sterile ground. But in our eyes there was no attractiveness at all, nothing to make us want him.LB.
19.      Please note. The Bible made us to know that all the Prophets of God had the Spirit of Christ in them. Now, who was talking through Isaiah? Christ was introducing Himself to the world through Isaiah, and as at that time, Jesus had not been born but through the Prophets, Christ Who is the Sovereign Spirit has been there from the very beginning, but Jesus was not there from the very the beginning. 
20.      St. John recorded that “Christ was in the world before the world was ever formed. I myself have seen Him.” There is no Bible that said that Jesus was in the world before the world was made, but Christ was there before the world was made or formed. 
21.      Now watch, Isaiah was not in the world before the world was formed, but Christ was in the world and it was Christ that anointed that badger skin called Isaiah the Prophet. 
22.      Now Christ knew very well that He was to change that badger skin. He was to appear again to mankind for salvation this time. That salvation was to pay the price for sin.  He must  first  of  all become a  human being  for  that  to  be  possible. Then  through  the  Prophets, He  started  introducing  Himself  IN  A MASK  by which  we  can know  and recognize Him: “Look at what and what   that will follow this man when he  shall  appear”.
23.      Remember, as at that  time, Mary  had not  conceived. Over 400 years passed before this man, a man of grief and sorrow appeared; a man Who bore our sorrows.  A man  Who  we  turned  our  back  against,  a  man Who  we  despised  and  rejected ,  a  man  Who  has  no  attractiveness  in  Him, a man Who  was  not even  regarded as  something. 
24.      I am  saying  that  it  was  after 400 years  that  this  man  appeared  and  then  we  started  hearing  all  these  things  that  we  heard  from  the  Prophets. We were able to recognize Him.  Look at what the Bible said, “Who will believe, just very few. Who will follow?  Just very few.”
25.      From the very beginning, Isaiah knew that majority would not believe this man.  In other words, from  the  very  beginning,  Prophet  Isaiah  knew that majority  would  not  follow  this  man.  When  this  man  was  been  introduced,  nobody  believed  and  later this same  man became  a  human  being  and  was   born  as one of  us.
26.      Look at  how the  Bible  put  it  in  the  book  of  Hebrews,  that  when  Jesus  appeared,  when  this  Christ  appeared,  being  a  Sovereign  Spirit, He  anointed  the  vessel  called  Emmanuel,  that is,  the  vessel  called  Jesus.
27.      Hebrews 2 : 16-17, We all know he did not come as an angel but as a human being--yes, a Jew. 17 And it was necessary for Jesus to be like us, his brothers, so that he could be our merciful and faithful High Priest before God, a Priest who would be both merciful to us and faithful to God in dealing with the sins of the people.  LB.
28.      I think this is a mark.
29.      Romans :  9.1-6  O Israel, my people! O my Jewish brothers! How I long for you to come to Christ. My heart is heavy within me, and I grieve bitterly day and night because of you. Christ knows and the Holy Spirit knows that it is no mere pretense when I say that I would be willing to be forever damned if that would save you. God has given you so much, but still you will not listen to him.
30.      He took you as his own special, chosen people and led you along with a bright cloud of glory and told you how very much he wanted to bless you. He gave you his rules for daily life so you would know what he wanted you to do. He let you worship him and gave you mighty promises.
31.      Great men of God were your fathers, and Christ himself was one of you, a Jew so far as his human nature is concerned, he who now rules over all things. Praise God forever! Well then, has God failed to fulfill his promises to the Jews? No! For these promises are only to those who are truly Jews. And not everyone born into a Jewish family is truly a Jew!
32.      Romans 9:1_6_ I say the truth in Christ, I lie not, my conscience also bearing me witness in the Holy Ghost,
33.      That I have great heaviness and continual sorrow in my heart. For I could wish that myself were accursed from Christ for my brethren, my kinsmen according to the flesh: Who are Israelites; to whom pertaineth the adoption, and the glory, and the covenants, and the giving of the law, and the service of God, and the promises;
34.      Whose are the fathers, and of whom as concerning the flesh Christ came, who is over all, God blessed forever. Amen. Not as though the word of God hath taken none effect. For they are not all Israel, which are of Israel.” KJV.
35.      Note, there is a reason why I am showing you all these Scriptures before we can go into our discussion proper.
36.      When you look at Christ, please do not imagine Him to be any other thing than what the Scriptures say He is. I think that is where our problems lie. I want you to change your views immediately, this very moment on this matter. Amen.

Let me just talk a little about this temple worship. Revelation of the temple worship.  The Bible said that “To them was the temple worship revealed’’. What is more, no Jew ever plays with temple worship. Note, it became a serious matter to the point that it was enacted in their law. Moreover, to us now, we know what the temple worship is all about.
2.          Now, there is a remark Jesus made. This Jesus who is now the Christ, we saw him as a human being.  He was not born as an angel but as a human being. We can now see from where he came. At least we know Scriptures that buttressed the fact that he was born in a family and was a human being. He was breast-fed by a woman. Yet, he was supreme over all. He was exalted and supreme over all.
St. Matthew 12 : 6-7, And truly, one is here who is greater than the Temple! But if you had known the meaning of this Scripture verse, `I want you to be merciful more than I want your offerings,' you would not have condemned those who aren't guilty! LB.
3.          Believe it if you can, One greater than the temple is on the scene. That temple that was revealed to them which was their basis of boasting and glory, One greater than that temple is on the scene—in the midst of the Bride.
4.          From the above Scripture in St. Matthew 12 : 6-7, who was talking? That was Christ speaking through the badger skin called Jesus. In other words, in the beginning we saw how He appeared, the form where He was drawn and that form happened to be from among human beings, and there were a people that were privileged to have Him as their own townsman, that is, their countryman. They were privileged but that not withstanding, the prophecies of Prophet Isaiah must come to pass.
5.          Hence, when we look at this man, if we do not see Him as One that is higher than the temple, we are ending it where they (the Jews) ended it.  If the temple worship was esteemed more than any other thing and it was a punishable offence by death if any body should transgress it, greater than that temple is on the scene.
6.          What is more, since He was drawn among human beings in His First Advent, He did not come as an angel, without body without this and that; you see, you have been reading Scriptures telling you that when He is coming, He is not coming without having His body. He must have a human flesh, a human being like us. Then in our own day, how do we expect Him to be?
7.          During that period, was there any inscription on His face? Did they see any other thing outside this Shekhinah ((Shechina)? The presence of the Shekhinah was the only thing that vindicated Him before their eyes, even before the word went forth.
8.          St. John 16 : 25-26, I have spoken of these matters very guardedly, but the time will come when this will not be necessary and I will tell you plainly all about the Father.”’ LB.
9.          Note, I have done what? I have spoken of this matter very guardedly. Look for the real meaning of that word “guardedly” in Amplified Bible.
10.      I have spoken of these matters very guardedly, but the time will come when this will not be necessary and I will tell you plainly all about the Father. Then you will present your petitions over my signature! And I won't need to ask the Father to grant you these requests.” LB.
11.      I do not believe these statements were made in field or on the mountain. It was made somewhere for no man knoweth Who the Father is but the Son. The same way, no man knoweth Who the Son is except the Father and whosoever the Son shall choose to reveal Himself to.
12.       “…then you will present your petitions over my signature……”
13.      Note, you will do what? Present your petitions over my signature. In other words, someone has to put his signature there. You know what it means to sign something. All your petitions must be signed! All your petitions must be endorsed. If it is not endorsed, it is useless. Signature means a symbol of authority. If you are asked, “Who authorized you;” you will say, “See His signature.” Finish!
14.      Even the money you are holding has an endorsed signature; it is the only sign of authority I know. Besides, anybody that impersonates someone’s signature, it is a punishable offence.
15.      St. John 16: 26-28,Then you will present your petitions over my signature! And I won't need to ask the Father to grant you these requests, for the Father himself loves you dearly because you love me and believe that I came from the Father.
16.      Yes, I came from the Father into the world and will leave the world and return to the Father.” LB.  
17.       I have told you these things in parables (veiled language, allegories, dark sayings); the hour is now come when I shall no longer speak to you in figures of speech, but I shall tell you about the Father in plain words and openly (without reserve).
18.      At that time you will ask (pray) in My Name; and I am not saying that I will ask the Father on your behalf (for it will be unnecessary).” Amplified.
19.      The essence of this Message (meeting), if there should be a text, it is taken from the book of Galatians chapter 2 verses 5 and I believe that is the essence of our gathering in His presence.
20.      Galatians 2 : 5, “To whom we gave place by subjection, no, not for an hour; that the truth of the Gospel might continue with you.” KJV.
21.       But we did not listen to them for a single moment, for we did not want to confuse you into thinking that salvation can be earned by being circumcised and by obeying Jewish laws.” Gal 2:5, LB.
22.       “To them we did not yield submission even for a moment, that the truth of the Gospel might continue to be (preserved)  for you (in its purity).”  Amplified.
23.      In other words, the essence of these ministers of the Word Meeting is that the truth of the Gospel might continue with us. That is the reason why we have gathered.
24.      Each time there is a revival or God visits His people with His Word, there is always the tendency for Satan to creep in, in one way or the other AND AS MINISTERS OF THE NEW TESTAMENT, once we are aware of the devices of the Devil, surely all the souls that are committed into our hands must be safe-guarded.
25.      Peter himself noticed the danger when he made his own remarks by saying that some of St. Paul’s writings are very difficult to understand by simple minded-fellows and as a result, some people twisted St. Paul’s Messages to their own destruction.
26.      Thus, there is every need for us to guard against error. That was why Timothy was warned to teach that which is sound doctrine always. By so doing he was able to save his soul and the souls of the people that believed him.
27.      Second Timothy 1:18. These are popular Scriptures we know. That will help me to speak to you briefly: The Lords grant unto him that he may find mercy of the lord in that day, and in how many things he ministered unto me at Ephesus, thou knowest very well.” LB.
28.      To God be the glory. This was a sound warning that was passed unto Timothy, that he should be very, very careful of that which is committed into his hands and what Timothy received was sound words, sound teachings, sound doctrines; and it was committed into his hands by the power of the Holy Spirit.
29.      Timothy first of all recognized who the Instructor was. If we look at Hebrews 12-2, it says, “Fix your eyes on Jesus Christ, who is your leader and your instructor.”
30.      In Colossians 1: 18, it says, “He is the head of the Church, the leader and the instructor.”
31.      Thus, first of all, for Timothy to succeed, he fixed his eyes on St. Paul who was his leader and also his instructor. Timothy was blind being a Gentile or son of a Gentile. Timothy did not know this way before. Timothy was begotten into the Gospel by St. Paul. In other words, if Timothy must succeed, he must close rank with St. Paul.
32.      If it comes to a point where he appears to be confused, he did not need to bother himself, all he had to do was to rush back to St. Paul.              This was exactly  how  the  Apostles  were  relating  with  Jesus  Christ. There was nobody that was thinking or preempting anything. There was nobody that was trying to fashion out anything.  That  does not  mean  that  they  hadn’t  the  Holy  Spirit  in  them. 
33.      That  Timothy  was  going  to  St. Paul  to confer  with  him  over  certain matters,  that  did not mean  that  he did not know or he was  not  sure  of  what  he  was  passing   out  or  teaching  his   people.  That  did not  mean  that  he  was  not   called of God  or  that  he  had  another  spirit no! What ever  Timothy could  boast  of  was  the  little  he  gathered  from   St. Paul.  In  other  words,  without  St. Paul, Timothy  would remain  helpless,  Titus  would  remain  helpless.
34.      The same way, without Christ, the entire Apostles were helpless.  St. Paul was not depending on Timothy.  Never, never; but Timothy was depending on St. Paul for his success. That was why it was very,  very  easy  for  St. Paul  to  do away  with  Barnabas.  Although Barnabas was even in the faith before St. Paul;  but  Almighty God saw  Barnabas,  he  saw  the  rest  of  them;  yet,  he  called  Paul.  I hope   you   are getting the Message?
35.      Among the twelve Apostles that were there. Barnabas was there before Paul appeared as an Apostle. There were so many Apostles that were there before St. Paul was even called.  Didn’t God see those Apostles?  God saw them but He made His choice. 
36.      What is more, for  any  of  them  to  succeed,  they  must  all  line  up  behind  St. Paul. Do you know that St. Luke was there?  I mean St. Luke who later became Paul’s secretary.  Remember it was Luke that wrote all the Acts of Apostles.  I am saying that too many of them were there. God  saw all  of   them,  yet it pleased Him to pick Paul—from nowhere He  called  somebody   who  was  unknown.  He  brought him and said, this  is  my  own  chosen  vessel  to  bear  my  name  among  the  Gentiles  where  I am sending  him.” Why did He not  choose  any  of  the  Apostles?
37.      It  is  just  like  the  letter  that  came  from  our  Bishop  Umezurike  from  Enugu. There were  too  many  judges that  were there  before our brother,  but look  at  the  hand  of  God  upon  our brother. From the  day  he  was  called  into  this Holy Faith  which  he  has  now  acknowledged, he  said  that  it is  God  honoring  Himself.
38.      See, he never attributed the success to himself. He can never  say  that  he  has  performed in  Anambra more  than  any  other  judge.  But  look at the  height where God  decided  to  lift  him to,  that  the nation will  honour no other  person  but  this our brother. Now from the prayer request he made, it has become evidently clear. Jealousy has now started. Envy has now started.
39.      Now, he didn’t say, “Anyway,  let me fight them  back, after  all  I am  in  the  better  position  to do so,” no!  He has rushed back to his God.
40.      Let me use the opening statement he used. I got this letter and tears started flowing from my eyes immediately I read it. The people that are troubling me in this faith are nonentities.  Look at the opening statement; see the words he used, “My Lord, the Son of Man”. 
41.      Some of you that have known him, it is not that I am desiring his position, no!  Can I be compared with him in any way? No! But he has never for one day come to me standing up. I normally ask him to stand up. Can you compare me with him in all respect? I am nothing.
42.      However, I do not think he is bowing down before Brother Odoemena. No! He is bowing down before something that is in Brother Odoemena. Whatsoever that must have humbled him down cannot be Brother Odoemena. Whatsoever that has humbled him down, whatsoever that might have elevated him or that made him what he his today is not Brother Odoemena.  He has recognized that I am an ordinary loudspeaker. He has recognized that this is the temple or the tabernacle where whatsoever I am today, whoever that has made Me what I am today, that this is where he is dwelling.
43.      Before we even left for Lagos, I narrated my dream which I had. While I was narrating the dream, he pulled a letter out bearing a letterhead. I said, “I waited for this, hold that one, but what I saw was Federal Court of Appeal”. The last letter I got from him has been filed; if not, I would have read it before you. It says, “God bless you Sir. My C.J. has now upgraded me for the Court of Appeal”; I said, “Glory be to God”. With his national calling, I think nobody can stop it again.
44.      All I am trying to say brethren is this, looking at Jesus Christ, there was nothing any man could see in him and be attracted. The Bible said that He was not attractive at all, nothing attractive in Him for He is despised. Everybody turned his or her back against Him yet nobody cared. Even when He was despised and rejected, nobody cared. Yet, their sorrows weighed Him down.
45.      Looking at the Christ of your day, if He is called a madman, a liar, whatsoever He is called today, it is all for your sake that you may be saved, because if St. Paul was in chain or in bondage, even in the prison, he was there suffering for his own country-men who were not even appreciative, people who were not caring. They turned their back against St. Paul; nobody even cared, which made him to lament that this world has missed the whole thing all together.
46.      Therefore, I am in your midst that the truth of the Gospel might continue with you. First of all, St. Paul noticed the person from where he got his Message. He spoke to Timothy in turn. St. Paul knew from where he got his Message. Let me show you what gave St. Paul the boldness to declare whatsoever he was declaring without fear or favour. He was not looking at any man’s face. I am still going back to the book of Galatians. Amen.

Galatians 1 :10-12, You can see that I am not trying to please you by sweet talk and flattery; no, I am trying to please God. If I were still trying to please men I could not be Christ's servant.
2.          Dear friends, I solemnly swear that the way to heaven that I preach is not based on some mere human whim or dream. For my message comes from no less a person than Jesus Christ himself, who told me what to say. No one else has taught me.” LB.
3.           Galatians 2-5-6But we did not listen to them for a single moment, for we did not want to confuse you into thinking that salvation can be earned by being circumcised and by obeying Jewish laws.
4.              And the great leaders of the church who were there had nothing to add to what I was preaching. (By the way, their being great leaders made no difference to me, for all are the same to God.).” LB.
5.          The great leaders of the Church who were there had noting to add or subtract. They never contradicted St. Paul’s Message. Not even one of them even stood to disagree with St. Paul’s Message.
6.          Galatians 2:5-6, “To them we did not yield submission even for a moment, that the truth of the Gospel might continue to be (preserved)  for you (in its purity).
2.          Moreover, (no new requirements were made) by those who were reputed to be something—though what was their individual position and whether they really were of importance or not makes no difference to me; God is not impressed with the positions that men hold and He is not partial and recognizes no external distinctions—those(I say) who were of repute imposed no new requirements upon me (had nothing to add to my Gospel, and from them I received no new suggestions).” Amplified.
3.          God is not impressed with the position that man holds. He is not partial and he recognizes no external distinction. Whether you are tall or short, it is immaterial to God. That you are an Apostle or Prophet or Son of Man, Bishop or Deacon, it makes no meaning to God. How I wish we will recognize this now.
4.          Remember you are all ministers of the Word. If you cannot get Me along the few statements I will just make, you will run away from Me. I will not talk to you casually until I have finished building you up. You can see the necessity of holding this Message the same way you received it, adding nothing and subtracting nothing. Do not try to bring in your own imagination or your own personal interpretation or even your own personal ideas. It does not make you a robot. We are all messengers of the same Message.
5.          Now note, there were great leaders in that Church. St. Paul appeared there. No matter how great they appeared to be, St. Paul only recognized their greatness in the Church, but did God call those people to lead His people? Were not those great leaders there when God called St. Paul? If they must survive, they must pay attention to all that St. Paul was saying.
6.          If any of them should rise up tomorrow and begin to demonstrate, “Well, I have been here leading before ever you said that you met God on the way, this and that”. Let me tell you, he is destroyed—that is his destruction because that means that pride has now set in for pride must first of all go forth before a fall.
7.          All these leaders depended on St. Paul because no matter how great they think they are, there is no way God can even reveal His mind to any of them. God will only reveal Himself only to St. Paul. That is why there is no contradiction or confusion in Ephesians 4 : 11 - 13.
8.          “And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ:
9.          Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ.” KJV. Ephesians 4 : 11 – 13).
10.       The whole ministers of the Word must speak the same thing and teach the same thing. Only then there will be what we aim at bringing a new thing in order to make himself anything.  I think that is where our problem lies. If we can just throw away that “self-ego” that we want to command the influence of the Church, we want them to know that we are this and that, no, no, no, no, it then means that we want to please men and not God.
11.      Every true man of God must aim at pleasing God by staying true with the Gospel truth, having one aim, THAT THE TRUTH OF THIS GOSPEL MIGHT CONTINUE. Do not bend it so that even if you err, to correct you will be very easy. However, when you want to bring in something strange, surely you are going to destroy everything.    
12.       Take for instance, a little caustic soda you add into water can finish the whole agric fowls you are nursing in one day. Put a little caustic soda into water and expose your little chickens to go there, all of them will perish in one day. As many as will drink from that water, they must surely die.
13.      That is why William Branham said, “One false doctrine injected into the Church will eradicate the whole world”. Motor accident can kill only a few. A loaded gun can kill only a few but false doctrines will kill millions. I want you to understand how false doctrine comes. There is no one that comes without an anointing. It has always been an anointing and this anointing surely must influence people who already have that mind.
14.      Magnet can only attract iron. Magnet can never attract plastic. When a Message is going forth and it is contrary to the Word of God, people that will herald it and shout praise God, rejoice over it, watch those people, if that Message is right, they have a right spirit, but if the Message is wrong,  as many as are heralding it, they have a wrong spirit. Because the Message is one and it is uniform. That was why it was very, very easy because they could not speak in line with the leader or the instructor. They are now guiding the people away from the truth they have been following from the very beginning.
15.      St. Paul put it in this way, “That sound words which you received from the very beginning, hold it eternally”. What if nothing was given to you from the very beginning? What if you had no leader or instructor?
16.      Watch what Timothy was very mindful of: Timothy believed with all his heart and not with his lips that the testimony of his instructor was very, very correct for St. Paul told him clearly that his Message came from no less a person but from Christ Himself. Then Timothy watched the boldness by which he (St. Paul) went about defending his ministry.
17.      Even when he came across leaders of the Church that were there before him, he preached to them, convincing them through the Holy Scriptures. Then Timothy had enough boldness to follow the man called St. Paul.
18.      Thus, it will be very, very difficult for any man to confuse Timothy along the way rather if he appears confused, he will go back to the source. He will always go back to the source. This is another area where your problem lies again. Many of you are leaders of yourselves. Many of you are instructors of yourselves. Many of you behave as if to say you know this Message long, long time ago.
19.      I do not care how many years you were in the denomination or in your local Churches, whatever it is called, even if it is called End-time Message, I do not care. If God is to send us back to End-time Message, there will not be any need for God to come with a vindicated Message.
20.      We are now like the Jews. Can we say now that we have not seen His Shekhinah? Did God say the Shekhinah cloud will be on the wall so that any day they come into the Church and they did not see it, it then means that God was not there? The Shekhinah only appeared once and then vanished.
21.      What is more, they saw from where the thing was revealed—that was all they needed. There was no man that was walking about like St. Paul and then the Shekhinah Cloud was revolving and St. Paul was turning around just like that as if he was a masquerade. There is no Scripture like that. Even Jesus Christ, when He appeared and abode, He appeared and abode and it was that same Spirit that made him Christ. That is all—the Anointed One.
22.      There was no place he went and said, “Go and bring camera. Let me display to you that I am He”. No, no, no. When Almighty God Who is the Father dwelling in Him wanted to pick special people like Peter, James & John, he was trying to terminate everything about Law and prophecy. He took them to an isolated place and then the Sovereign Father came out again. Before their eyes they saw the law, they saw the Prophets.
23.      When you have believed in Him, you have believed in the Law and also in the Prophets. In addition, by this He has concluded the whole matter that greater than the temple is in your midst. The same way He was talking to them concerning the Wisdom of Solomon. He said, “But greater than Solomon is here”. In the same way, greater than Moses is on the scene.
24.      Now that a new president is on the throne, do we now go back to the past president for instructions again? If while the new president is on the throne somebody will say, “Well, I know you are the president of Nigeria but I will do those things which the former president said,” won’t he clash with the new president? The person will clash with the new president and the person will be labelled a troublemaker and dumped into the jail because he is not following the leadership.
25.      When the mantle of leadership changes, everybody must change with the leadership. After all, when a music changes, the style of dancing will change immediately.
26.      If you notice the symphony of the Message, it does not change. But it is bringing you to exactly where He wants you to be. There is nothing wrong with the Message. This was the same Message we heard from the very beginning.
27.      Remember, this Message started on 17th May 1998; and the Message of “Justification By Faith” was contained in not less than 60 tape cassettes. I do not believe I spent over a year and nine months talking on one matter and the only thing you know I said was “sexual intercourse.” I do not believe that was all I said. Was it all you heard from the Message? No sir!
28.      I do not believe that but I know that I was placing things where God placed them not condemning anyone, then hoping that ministers of the Word would help Me to continue placing these things where God had placed them so that the Church can now line up. This is my aim.
29.      When the Church has lined up how God placed it even from the Word, you have now allowed the truth of the Gospel to continue; but if the Message is distorted along the line, it will reflect in the lives of the individuals. In other words, as a minister of the Word, do not only aim at the Word, also aim at the product of the Word.
30.      All I am trying to say is this, if you fix your eyes on what you are saying alone, it is not enough. Also, monitor to know what it is producing in the Church. If it is not producing the desired truth which you aimed at, what do you do? You stop and go back to its source.
31.      Let me tell you what I mean, assuming you planted maize and you are expecting to harvest good maize during harvest period, and instead of maize, what you are seeing is guinea-corn coming out, will you be happy? You remove it because what you planted was maize and not guinea-corn. In other words, something is wrong. May be the enemy uprooted the ones you planted and then sowed another seed, because the two resemble each other for when you look  at guinea-corn, it resembles ordinary corn. 
32.      That is why I am saying that counterfeit faith of false doctrines comes closest to truth, closest to the original sound truth but it will take the eyes of God to differentiate the truth.  You must have the word eyes, without the Word of God, nobody in this Faith can notice false doctrines because it is very much enticing and that is why a lot of people love and appreciate it. 
33.      Who will use the eyes of the word to say NO? You as ministers of the Word, what you collected from your Leader or Instructor is nothing but sound doctrine, sound teaching, sound Word.  Now see it as something that is committed unto you. 
34.      Trust in the Holy Ghost and then allow the truth of the Gospel to continue by handing it out the same way you received it.  If there is confusion in you along the way, do not try to remedy it, go back to the source.  The reason why we are preaching diverse things is a sign of falling away from the Faith.  I will show you Scriptures for God hates it.
35.      In the beginning, we were having only but one Voice.  Whatever I condemn in this Faith, go to Brother Onyema’s house and present the matter there, he will condemn you there without coming to consult Me.  Go to Brother Dan Chukwuemeka’s house and present it, he will condemn it there and if two or three people should condemn it, you will humble yourself and repent.
36.      However, today, if I condemn something, you will go to Brother John’s house, Brother John will tell you “Don’t mind him; brother is fooling us, go ahead!” You will go to another brother; he will tell you “Haa, are you listening to brother? Do not mind him; he is taking us back to the Law.”
37.      Now, see one thing in all these encouragements, he that is doing it will now continue because he now has supporters.  In other words, we have allowed this nonsense to creep into our midst; very soon we shall be called “Ekaburd.” 
38.      When I saw where you were heading to, I steered clear. If I had closed my mouth and said, “Well, let me restrict myself to 20 Benjamin Street and then guide myself alone with my family”, all of you would have perished because you have always got to a point where all of you were heading to one side, neglecting the truth therein.  Besides, what we are now manifesting became very much disheartening and very much discouraging. 
39.      A time came when there was no sincerity again in the Church.  Humility became a story of the past. People can now talk to each other like beasts. No respect for each other anymore.  No respect even for your Elders, Deacons lost control of the Church as policemen.  That was exactly where all of you were heading to.
40.      However, if any should be rebuked or corrected, he will say, “Leave me alone, we are no longer under the Law”. That was exactly what everybody was saying. Such a dirty atmosphere can never be tolerated by Almighty God. It was not the essence of the Gospel, it was not the desired fruit and there is no minister in this Faith that is not guilty of it. 
41.      Do not say, “Well, I thank God I did not contribute,” shut up! For the fact that you kept quiet over it, you are guilty. Some will say, “I saw it, I did not like it, I told my brother about it”. Was your brother the only person in the Church? Why didn’t you find your way and see whether somebody will rebuke you.  To some other people, they were having the feeling that there are some in the Church that are vested with such authority to correct those things, “Well, since Apostle kept quiet, since Bishop is keeping quiet, if I talk now they will say why me, why me. It is better I close my mouth”. That is how people perish.
42.      On that day when the wrath of God will descend upon the Church, you will not be spared.  You will even be number one to be destroyed because you were indifferent to the affairs of the Church.  That which was committed to you and trusted to you, you could not bring it out; you could not safeguard it.
43.      If you watch the atmosphere in the Church, you cannot say how many people that appreciate this present stage. If you ask them a question, “How many people appreciate this present stage?” Many will raise their hands but will not raise their hearts.  They are raising their hands because others are raising. However, God does not want you to raise your hands. What He wants you to raise is your heart. With your hearts, you acknowledge that you appreciate it.
44.      Up till this very hour, many are still grudging against it even among you ministers that are presently in this Faith. Among you ministers, many are still grudging and grudging. Many of you, if you will have your way you will even build your own Message which will become your own, but I thank God that you dare not succeed for I know where your power came from.
45.      Once I snap your power, you will be as empty as empty can be. You will even write it and go to the pulpit, but you can never read it out, you will shamefully get down from there because there is One who keeps His eyes over His own.
46.      That was why when Ben Adiuku went to the Church at Jos, he said “Church, I am going to sound strange today. So try to understand me.” They were watching him up to five minutes, he got troubled on the pulpit and he shouted at the brethren, “Church why are you looking at me this way? Are you not understanding what I am saying? Why are all of you looking at me this way?”
47.      Then the Pastor said, “Go ahead, go ahead”. He said, “No I cannot continue, I do not understand the way they are all looking at me!” Immediately, he folded his jotters, his Bible and then came down. Then the Pastor mounted the pulpit and uprooted the whole nonsense. What is more, before then the entire Church had already rejected it. The same thing happened at Abuja. You are all living witnesses.
48.      The Pastor that pastored them for two good years mounted the pulpit thinking that he has already gotten the Church, but he did not know that all of them were standing on their own individual revelation. He read many, many things from William Branham’s books. At the end of it all he said, “I have resigned; now I am going back to my house. Anybody that wants to go to Heaven and he wants to follow me, let him follow”. When he left, nobody followed him because they are still standing on their personal conviction of the Faith. Amen.

Let me tell you ministers in this Faith, you have all failed Me. You answer ministers of the Word, but I am yet to see one coming up to be vindicated, and the reason why you are all failing is because you are not sincere to yourself and to your God. Let me say it, I am the Leader and the Instructor to you but not to all of you. I have to say it before all of you in this Faith. This is a collective failure.
2.          If I have this crop of people numbering over 20 in this Faith as able ministers of the Word, I will never have any problem. If I have all of you in this Faith as able ministers of the Word, I don’t think I will be panicking by now when I go out whether grievous wolves will come in my absence or not. I don’t think I will over-labour with few others that have been helping. Let me show you what you are.
3.          Second Corinthians 3:5-6 Not that we are sufficient of ourselves to think any thing as of ourselves; but our sufficiency is of God; Who also hath made us able ministers of the New Testament; not of the letter, but of the spirit: for the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life.” KJV.
4.          The Bible did not say “able ministers of the old testament” No! The Bible said “able ministers, able ministers”. If we can employ the spirit we use in pursuing worldly things, the same spirit we use in pursuing money and every other earthly materials, if we can employ that wisdom, that sense, that talent in handling this glorious Word, recognizing that we are able ministers of the New Testament, surely by now we would have been talking of a different thing altogether. WE WILL NOT BE TALKING ABOUT RAPTURE. RAPTURE WOULD HAVE BEEN PAST TENSE BY NOW. I was compelled recently to say something that I kept secret to myself.
5.          You have brought Me to a corner where I have become selective. I mean that you have fought Me to a corner where I have become selective. It is scriptural.
6.          A time came when Jesus Christ became selective. When He noticed that there was already a traitor in the camp, He noticed lack of confidence in some brethren, He decided to confide in Peter, James and John alone. Check your Bible. He became selective even when it got to a terrible situation where somebody died and His presence was needed, he just picked the three and went there. That was all. You can’t query Him; can you? You can’t.  
7.          The same way, a time came when St. Paul noticed selfishness among ministers that were following him. St. Paul then became selective. He gathered all those who were ready to make sacrifice on a daily basis. Because a call to salvation is a call to service. You must make your life sacrifice if you are really called by God. I do not believe I am an able minister of the word called to only come and sit down and then watch as if I am watching football. I do not believe that.         
8.          Now it has become evidently clear that an enemy or enemies who have been always fighting to creep into our midst have succeeded at last. 
9.          1 Corinthians 1:10-13, “Now I beseech you, brethren, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that ye all speak the same thing, and that there be no divisions among you; but that ye be perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgment.
10.      For it hath been declared unto me of you, my brethren, by them which are of the house of Chloe, that there are contentions among you. Now this I say, that every one of you saith, I am of Paul; and I of Apollos; and I of Cephas; and I of Christ.
11.      Is Christ divided? was Paul crucified for you? or were ye baptized in the name of Paul?” KJV.        
12.      In other words, this contention that exists, this division that exists is a sin in the sight of God and should not even be mentioned. Because the essence of putting on your self-ego lies in winning some people over to your side—people that will share your idea or believe your view. It then means that Brother “A” will preach, he will have his own converts. Brother “B” will preach, he will have his own converts. Now you have already killed yourselves.