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The Son of Man Revealed From One of The Jungles in Africa According To William Branham's Prophesy

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It is true I am an ordinary human being in appearance. Whosoever God sends in every dispensation is God’s tabernacle. He is God’s dwelling place; he is where God is hiding. He must always be a human being.
He cannot be walking with wings because God is dwelling in him, no! He remains a mere human being in appearance, but he is a supernatural human being the other way round, in that He can change situations. Believe it if you can…

We have stepped into the Lord’s own year. His calendar remains His calendar. After two days, the third day, He will revive us and we shall live in Him.
We have finished our own two days. We are now living in His own remaining one-day. And since we know we are in His day, He will stop that day at a time nobody expects. That is why we must make sure that we are standing on our SANCTIFIED ESTATE.
When you are sure you are standing on your “sanctified estate,” the time the clock will stop means nothing to you. Nevertheless, if you are not standing there, your life is in danger because God can stop it anytime.
 –The Son of Man.

“And I looked, and behold a white cloud, and upon the cloud one sat like unto the Son of man, having on his head a golden crown, and in his hand a sharp sickle.”
Revelation 14:14 KJV.

And he that sat on the cloud thrust in his sickle on the earth; and the earth was reaped.”
- Revelation 14:16, KJV.

The reason why we are in this Faith is to make sure we collect our wedding garment from the Angel in our midst, He that has come to adorn the Church, clothe the Church, preparing the Church for the glorification day. There will be One that will do it.  
2.           The Prophet said, “The Elohim must come back in a Badger skin (as a Blackman) to prepare the Church and that is the last sign.”
3.           The last sign Abraham saw before Sodom was destroyed was God manifesting in human form. The same way, THE LAST SIGN THE CHURCH WILL SEE IS GOD WALKING ON TWO FEET IN HUMAN FORM.
4.           We really thank God for this Faith. If God had not chosen us as the handpicked minority, surely we would have become like Sodom and Gomorrah. In every dispensation, God has always loved His people to be in the minority. I thank God that I am in the number. You should be grateful that you are here.
5.           Why are we speaking authoritatively? It is because we are being backed up by the Scriptures. God vindicated it with signs and wonders, unfolding His mystic council which He has kept secret in all the ages to make us believe that He is the One that has been in our midst all these years.
6.           The greatest testimony is the testimony of the word. God has done for us what no human being can do for us by giving us eternal life and sealing it with His Holy Spirit; an irrevocable Spirit. THAT IS THE BASIS OF OUR REJOICING.
7.           I was listening to a preacher recently, one man from Warri that was ministering in Radio Delta. When he was speaking on the topic eternal life, I marvelled. Brethren, I glued My ears to the radio. The man continued blowing the grammar, bringing out his own opinions, telling stories, reading Scriptures without understanding, after which he prayed to end the sermon.
8.           I shook My head and I said, “Darling, this man is a poor Pentecostal preacher.” Every Pentecostal is a Pharisee, believe it if you can.
9.           Remember the message, “Modern Pharisee”. I went to Enugu-Ezike and I spoke to them in a very gentle way. Mostly, I touched on one thing: that Enugu-Ezike is a religious land and since it is a religious community, it is full of idolatry because wherever there is a big Church, idolatry triumphs there. Idolatry thrives in the midst of religion.
10.        All I am trying to say is that religion encourages idolatry because religion and idolatry go hand-in-hand. It is very hard to believe.
11.        Immediately the man finished his prayers, he was commanding everyone to find their way to all the branches of their Churches and I said, “How I wish I can just catch a glimpse of this man’s face. I would have used the same Scriptures he quoted against him for him to see that he was completely lost.”
12.        Another day, he preached and I paid attention again. At the end of that preaching, he canceled the names of people he wrote in the book of death and transferred the names to the book of life. I shook my head. I said, “This young man is a preacher indeed!” He ended it by making a very nice appeal.
13.        He said, “If you know that you are benefiting from this program, there is nothing we need from you except a tangible amount of money. Send to us a tangible amount of money. Send it by way of draft or cheque or you can come in person to deposit the money with us.”
14.        I looked up and said, “Well, commercial preachers are everywhere. You do not blame them because it started in America. They Americanized the Gospel of Christ thinking that Godliness is gain.” They want to make money out of the preaching of the Gospel. No. Being a child of God does not make a man rich. The Bible said so, but it makes you wise in understanding the things of God. People then falsified it from America down to Nigeria.
15.        That is why you see the proliferation of all the so-called Churches here in Nigeria. God’s hand is in it. If it did not happen that way, we cannot be liberated.
16.        Do you know what is happening here? When the angels severed Lot and his family, they were locked inside. The same angel that helped Lot and the family did something in the land of Sodom and Gomorrah. The angel struck the rest of the people with blindness. Do you think they were just groping in the dark?
17.        The Prophet told us that they were two angels of blindness. He called them angels of Sodom; that God has sent them out into the world to blind the people with Pentecostal religion to enable the Bride to be called out.
19.        Moreover, if you watch all the Pentecostals on the land today, if they are not inclined towards Oral Roberts, they will be inclined to Billy Graham. We thank God.
20.        Look at Billy Graham; he started with Pentecostal and has now ended it with Catholic. Look at Oral Roberts; he started his with Pentecostal and ended it in Methodist. We really thank God.
21.        All the time Billy Graham romanced with the Baptist Church, they knew he was not serious. He was just playing religion, but there is one that warned him seriously and that was Tommy Heaths. Tommy Heaths warned him seriously.
22.        I thank God that he did not pay heed to the word. He ended it collecting the certificate from the pope and joined the Roman Catholic Reverend Fathers to keep peoples’ faith and was not ashamed displaying the photograph to the world. You do not blame him.
23.        God knows what He is doing. We thank God for this little Faith. But why this little Faith? I ask, why must it be this little Faith?
24.        There are many things I will not say though you know them. By the power of the Holy Ghost, God decided to shake the world; He decided to be born in a very notorious place. Whoever that does not believe that God is a human being is an antichrist. Is that not Bible?
25.        If He came in the First Advent as a human being, in the Second Advent, will He come as a goat? If they did not know Him that time, will they know Him today? God is identified by His characteristics.
26.        It is my desire to re-introduce the message: “God’s Plan for Establishing the Church”. However, I will not do that until I have revised the much I have taught you within this short period. After rehearsing all of them, I will go straight away into the message I promised you which our Brother, Bishop Okechukwu Paul has been trying to scratch for some time now. That message I titled it “Revelation Symbols.”
27.        No human being born of a woman has ever attempted it. It is just like when you go to the message “Behold the man of sin,” there is no preacher born of a woman that has ever attempted the Book of Revelation.
28.        Saint Paul ran away from it. He never for one day touched it; never even made mention of a man. From all the Bible references, Saint Paul avoided the Book of Revelation because it is not meant for him.
29.        The first time the Book of Revelation was touched, was the time an Angel came according to Revelation chapter 10 verse 7.
30.         “But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets.” Rev 10:7 (KJV).
31.        Have you seen what the Bible said? “But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets.”
32.        Saint Paul was not the Seventh Angel. There can never be seventh Angel without the Seventh Church Age because there is an Angel that is assigned to this Church Age. Saint Paul was numbered among the Angels that were assigned to the Church Ages, but he happened to be the number one. He was the Prophet, Apostle and teacher to the Gentiles. He was sent to the Gentiles to open their eyes of understanding and make their sacrifices acceptable unto God.
33.        Thus, they continued to have it until the Seventh Angel (Prophet William Branham) came with a voice and with a shout speaking the truth.
34.        We enjoyed his ministry very well and in his ministry, mankind was able to understand what is written in the Book of Revelation. There, he stopped. He did not go further. But there is One (The Son of Man) Who has been walking in the midst of the Seven Candlesticks. Is that scriptural?
35.        I said that there is One walking in the midst of the Seven Candlesticks. He was there in the first Church Age; He was there in the Second Church Age Angel; He was there in the third, in the fourth, in the fifth, in the sixth.
36.        Before the Angels, He was there. If the Seven Angels appear; the Seven Stars and there is no One moving in their midst, put a question mark there. It shows that they are false.
37.        However, we thank God that one thing is very sure that there is only one walking in the midst of the Seven Candlesticks and He is the only one that can correct their mistakes. Without Him nobody can find fault with any of them. He will tell you where Paul is. He will tell you where Martin is, Iraenius, Wesley, where they are. He will gather all the loose ends and point everyone to the Scripture which is God’s absolute.   
38.        I want to say something by way of putting you in remembrance before I take you to the Book of Revelation.
39.        Remember what happened some years ago, this same Voice went forth: “This month, the Lord willing, I will be talking to you on the Book of Revelation.” When I said that, everybody went home to read the Book of Revelation.
40.        You were very busy searching the Scriptures. Before you knew it, there appeared on the scene “Prophetic Revelation,” all of them tied down to Scriptures. Many eyes opened. Moreover, He was unfolding the mystery of something there. You know there is something there that stumbled people, yet it is Scripture. Because people blasphemed it I tried as much as I can to allow the letter to remain in the cooler because the most essential thing is not the letter, but what is contained in the parcel.
41.        Thus, I tried to open the parcel and then brought out all the contents of the parcel so that the covering will be useless. The covering is a stumbling block, but what is inside it is precious. I put the covering away so that we can forge ahead, but those that have strong faith in the Almighty, when they come closer I will tell them to believe it because it is scriptural.
42.        How many knows where this thing is found in the Book of Revelation? How many knows what I am saying? The Elders know it. Brother Charles, you must know it. It is there in your Bible: “Behold, the Secret of Rapture.”
43.        The secrets of rapture are obtained in there because the Bible said so and I am here to confirm it. God bless you all. I will touch some nuggets. I will reproduce the Message titled “God’s Plan for Establishing the Church.”
44.        Anytime from now I will start the teaching so that you will see God’s eternal purpose concerning the Church, and to some of you that are very new you will see for yourselves that all your life you have never known God; you have become God’s greatest enemy until now. You have been fighting against what is meant for your good, yet you did not know. You have been supporting God’s greatest enemy, helping God’s enemy even to fight God.
45.        Sister Ike, you came too late today and there is no reasonable excuse before God. I will even say that you did not come to fellowship today. Since your husband gave up, I have doubted your loyalty to this Faith. How many knows that lateness is a disservice to this Faith. The Prophet said and I quote “If you are a child of God and you have the Holy Spirit, you must be in Church 30 minutes before the service time.”
46.        He said, “Once that time reaches, there is no reasonable excuse before God and there is no good way of doing a wrong thing. You cannot be wrong and right at the same time”.
47.        Thus, if you are forming the habit of coming late, pray that you will not fulfill the ministry of the foolish virgins. I am not saying the ministry of Thomas. I am saying the ministry of the foolish virgins because I know that God is not going to wait for you to come in. What if you come into the Church only to see clothes and shoes on the floor of the Church? What will you say? I am not saying this thing to frighten you. If you come, I gain nothing; if you do not come, I gain nothing. Amen.

Matthew 16: 1 – 4, “The Pharisees also with the Sadducees came, and tempting desired him that he would shew them a sign from Heaven. He answered and said unto them, When it is evening, ye say, It will be fair weather: for the sky is red.
2.            And in the morning, It will be foul weather today: for the sky is red and lowring. O ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky; but can ye not discern the signs of the times?
3.           A wicked and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given unto it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas. And he left them, and departed.” (KJV).
4.           “One day the Pharisees and Sadducees came to test Jesus' claim of being the Messiah by asking him to show them some great demonstrations in the skies.
5.           He replied, "You are good at reading the weather signs of the skies--red sky tonight means fair weather tomorrow; red sky in the morning means foul weather all day--but you can't read the obvious signs of the times!
6.           This evil, unbelieving nation is asking for some strange sign in the Heavens, but no further proof will be given except the miracle that happened to Jonah." Then Jesus walked out on them.” (LB)
7.           Saint Luke 11 : 30 – 32: “For as Jonas was a sign unto the Ninevites, so shall also the Son of man be to this generation. The queen of the south shall rise up in the judgment with the men of this generation, and condemn them: for she came from the utmost parts of the Earth to hear the wisdom of Solomon; and, behold, a greater than Solomon is here.
8.            The men of Nineve shall rise up in the judgment with this generation, and shall condemn it: for they repented at the preaching of Jonas; and, behold, a greater than Jonas is here.” (KJV)
9.           “As the crowd pressed in upon him, he preached them this sermon: ‘These are evil times, with evil people. They keep asking for some strange happening in the skies to prove I am the Messiah, but the only proof I will give them is a miracle like that of Jonah, whose experiences proved to the people of Nineveh that God had sent him. My similar experience will prove that God has sent me to these people.
10.        ‘And at the Judgment Day the queen of Sheba shall arise and point her finger at this generation, condemning it, for she went on a long, hard journey to listen to the wisdom of Solomon; but one far greater than Solomon is here and few pay any attention.
11.             ‘The men of Nineveh, too, shall arise and condemn this nation, for they repented at the preaching of Jonah; and someone far greater than Jonah is here, but this nation won't listen.” (LB)
12.        Saint Luke 17: 26 – 32. “And as it was in the days of Noe, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man. They did eat, they drank, they married wives, they were given in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, and the flood came, and destroyed them all.
13.         Likewise also as it was in the days of Lot; they did eat, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they builded; BUT THE SAME DAY THAT LOT WENT OUT OF SODOM it rained fire and brimstone from Heaven, and destroyed them all. Even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of man is revealed.
14.         In that day, he which shall be upon the housetop, and his stuff in the house, let him not come down to take it away: and he that is in the field, let him likewise not return back. Remember Lot's wife. KJV.
15.        "When I return the world will be as indifferent to the things of God as the people were in Noah's day. They ate and drank and married--everything just as usual right up to the day when Noah went into the ark and the Flood came and destroyed them all.
16.              "And the world will be as it was in the days of Lot: people went about their daily business--eating and drinking, buying and selling, farming and building-- until the morning Lot left Sodom.
17.        Then fire and brimstone rained down from Heaven and destroyed them all. Yes, it will be `business as usual' right up to the hour of my return.
18.            "Those away from home that day must not return to pack; those in the fields must not return to town-- remember what happened to Lot's wife!” (LB).
19.        I will show you few Scriptures, I will then come to the topic I have prepared for this Message: “What time are we living in, Church?” “What time is it Church?” What hour is it?
20.        Jesus said, “You hypocrites; you Pharisees and Sadducees that claim you know Bible, you know everything. You are capable of predicting the weather and all your predictions will come through. You can look at the sky today and say, ‘Oh what a bright weather we are going to have today and surely, the weather will be bright.’ You can look at the sky and say, ‘Oh, we are going to have some rainfall and surely, it will rain.’ You can predict the weather accurately, but the time you are living in, you cannot predict; you hypocrites.”
21.        If we cannot predict the hour we are in, how then can we escape? If we do not know the hour we are in, how can we escape? I thank God that we are following our timetable strictly. I have always told you here the voice of the Prophet.
22.        If you want to know the month you are living in, you look at the calendar. If you want to know the date, you look at the calendar. But if you want to know the hour you are in as a Church, you look at Israel. Israel has remained God’s timetable.
23.        Israel has gathered in her homeland and she is our timetable and you know we are meeting somewhere. Are we meeting them as individuals or as a Church? Did God promise to rapture individuals or Church? This is where people kill themselves.
24.        Somebody will say, “Let me stay where I am. God has His children everywhere.” Of a truth, it is your right. Stay there. On that day, God will ask you,  “What you are still doing here?” When the people of God will gather and you are asked why you were not there. You will say, “God, I thought you could have come to My place.”
25.        And then He will ask you this question: “When you were there, what were you doing? Were you fruitful there or unfruitful?” You will say, “Sir, I was thinking I will revive them.” He will ask again, “Did you succeed? Who gave you the commission that you will remain in their midst and revive them? The voice said come out from among them and be ye separate.”
26.        If you throw away the word and say, “I will sit down with them here,” obedience is better than sacrifice.
27.         The book of Genesis chapter 12. Genesis is the beginning of everything. When I formally start the message titled “God’s plan of establishing the Church,” I will come back to this book of Genesis again.
28.        Genesis chapter 12: 1 – 2,Now the LORD had said unto Abram, Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and from thy father's house, unto a land that I will shew thee:
29.        And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing.” KJV.
30.        This is the beginning. Whatever we are holding today emanated from the above Scripture. The faith of Christ is the faith of Abraham. The God whom we are worshipping is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. This faith we are holding is the faith of our father, Abraham. The Bible said so.
31.        Now, look at how they started. Abraham was a Gentile before he became a Jew. Abraham is a father of all Jews. Hence, I can say that the Gentile is senior to the Jew. You must be a heathen before you become a child of God. You must die before you resurrect. Abraham was born in Babylon or Mesopotamia or Iraq. You know more than that.
32.        I used to hear some Pentecostals saying, “God just wiped off Babylon,” yet the map of the world is there. There is no place you can see Babylon. That is bullshit. Can you tell us the year God wiped off Babylon either in history or in the Holy Scriptures? Any record like that? They are blind. From history, from the Bible, we will show you what happened.
33.        Babylon was later renamed Mesopotamia. Mesopotamia lastly became Iraq. That is why Saddam Hussein said he is poised to rule the world again like his forefather Nebuchadnezzar. If you do not know history, you can go to an infant in our midst, they will tell you clearly that Babylon was changed to Mesopotamia and Mesopotamia was changed to Iraq. It is in the Bible.
34.        When Saint Paul was defending his ministry in Acts of the Apostles chapter 7 verse 2, he said something. Let us use the Good news Bible, “Stephen answered: ‘Brothers and fathers, listen to me! Before our ancestor Abraham had gone to live in Haran the God of glory had appeared to him in Iraq.”  GNB.
35.        The glorious God appeared to Abraham our ancestor where? In Iraq. That’s all I want from there. The Church is the pillar and ground of truth. Truth can vanish everywhere; it can even vanish in the law court because when money speaks, truth is silent, but truth can never vanish in the true Church of God.
36.        If you want to know the truth, come into the Church; you will know the truth and the truth will set you free. By this now, all these Pentecostal preachers that go about misinforming people, telling them that Babylon has been removed and it is not in the world again, are shamed. There is Babylon, it is called Iraq.
37.        Every nation you read in the Bible exists today except Sodom and Gomorrah. But all of them have been renamed one thing or the other, only very few kept their identity. Like Egypt kept its identity; Ethiopia kept its identity; Libya and some of them like that, but so many of them changed their identities.
38.        It is just like Nigeria. We had our capital in Lagos, but today our capital is now in Abuja. If we ask you the capital of Nigeria and you mention Lagos, we will mark you bad. Does it mean that Lagos has been removed from Nigeria? What of Benin Republic? Was it answering Benin Republic before? What of Burkina Faso?  It was formerly called Upper Volta. This was what happened to Babylon before.
39.        I am saying that Babylon exists. I mean natural Babylon. The same way spiritual Babylon exists. Glory be to God. The Father of our faith, you can see is a native of Iraq; a Gentile. If you like, call him a Muslim.
40.        Now what did God do? God asked him to come out: “Leave your friends and well-wishers, leave your relations, your homeland, everything you own in that land, your financial institution, your workplace, leave all of them and follow Me. I will show you where you are going to dwell and that place will be your homeland till eternity. There, I will bless you and all your descendants. I will make you a great nation. In you shall all the nations of the Earth be blessed.”  
41.        I thank God we are in Abraham. We are receiving our blessings today through Abraham. Without Abraham we have no blessing. Abraham just believed and went away. Did he consider what he was leaving there? You want to tell me that he had no relations or friends? If he was sympathetic do you think he would have obeyed God? However, look at one funny thing: How did God call Abraham? In a dream.
42.        Look at how the man had his faith in God. Do you think it is easy for one to believe in it? To have a dream in the night and in the morning you put it into practice. Is it easy? It is not easy. The man is a real man of faith. When God is speaking to you face to face even through his written word, you are finding it difficult to believe and now you want to assure me that you will believe a spirit easier than this one you are seeing and hearing. Brethren, is it easy? Which one is easier to believe? The one we are hearing today.
43.        It is because we traced evidences of people that passed this way before, but to Abraham, no man has ever been called this way before. The man is really a man of faith. He believed God immediately He spoke out. There was no other demand from him. The Bible said, “Because he believed God, it was inputted unto him as righteousness.” That automatically became his righteousness. There was no day God said, “Do not eat; do not  do this; do not  do that,” to Abraham. Anything like that?
44.        Let us worship this God of Abraham. Without this God of Abraham, we are lost. I am telling you that there is no other demand God is making from the Church. All the demands were paid for on the Cross of Calvary; we are only here celebrating, waiting for that day this mortal body will put on immortality because we are separated.
45.        You see the origin of the Church? That Abraham is the Founder of the Church. This is the origin. First step in that Church is separation. You must be somewhere before you will be called out and you must be enjoying something somewhere which God did not like, but now God has saved you. He called you out.
46.        God has never saved anybody while he or she is still in unbelief. I want to show you the Church. Exodus 19:4 – 8, Ye have seen what I did unto the Egyptians, and how I bore you on eagles' wings…”
47.        In the Book of Revelation, the Bible said, “The woman was given two wings like that of an eagle.” Has God carried people with eagles’ wings before? He has done it before. Thus, if He does it again, to Him it is normal. There is nothing extraordinary there.
48.        Just like what we saw in the Bible. A time came when money failed. So if money failed today, it has failed before. What God is doing today is simply what He has done before so that people will fear Him: Ye have seen what I did unto the Egyptians, and how I bore you on eagles' wings, and brought you unto myself.”
49.        The Bible said that Christ is preparing a Church, to present the Church unto Himself as a glorious body not having any spot or wrinkle or blemish. The Church belongs to God; He is presenting the Church to Himself.
50.        Look at this Church in the wilderness. God severed this Church from Egypt bearing them on eagles’ wings; He ended in presenting them to Himself. Today again, the Church is severed from Egypt to be presented to God Himself. What is more, God has made our flight possible by giving that woman two wings like that of an eagle. It is that same Church.
51.        Although we are settled in different places, but finally we shall all be gathered together in Paradise. When I use the word Paradise it sounds Greek (foreign) to some people. You see, it is scriptural.
52.        The young rogue at the cross, Jesus the Christ told him, “This day, you will be with Me in My Father’s Paradise.” Lazarus and the rich man, when Jesus the Christ was telling the story, He said that Lazarus was with Abraham there in Paradise. The Bible said that the land that is allocated to Abraham and his children is called Paradise and if we are heirs of His body, we have also inherited Paradise.
53.        Where Jesus the Christ promised that rogue that He will take him is called Paradise. As a result, the word “Paradise” shouldn’t stumble you. It is scriptural. When I mention Paradise, your mind will go to “Jehovah’s Witness.” There is nothing good in them because they know very well that they are not Christians and if you try to call them Christians, they will say no.
54.        Ye have seen what I did unto the Egyptians, and how I bare you on eagles' wings, and brought you unto myself. Now therefore, if ye will obey my voice indeed, and keep my covenant, then ye shall be a peculiar treasure unto me above all people: for all the Earth is mine:
55.        And ye shall be unto me a kingdom of priests, and an holy nation. These are the words which thou shalt speak unto the children of Israel.” Ex 19:4-6 (KJV).
56.        First Peter 2 : 9. “But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people…”
57.        Does the above Scripture agree with Exodus? Who is the Bible referring to? The same Church God called out in Genesis 12. Have you seen where we have ended it: A nation of royal priesthood; a holy nation, a peculiar people.
58.        “But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light.” 1 Peter 2:9 (KJV).
59.        The Church is a people called out and you have seen where the journey started: down there in the wilderness.
60.        Acts of the Apostles 7: 38, “This is he, that was in the church in the wilderness with the angel which spake to him in the mount Sina, and with our fathers: who received the lively oracles to give unto us.” (KJV).
61.        In other words, this Church has been there in the wilderness; and this Church is also called a holy nation; a peculiar people unto God.
62.        You know, we have many nations on Earth, but God has only one Nation. Note, Assemblies of God is a nation; Deeper Life is a nation; CMS is a nation; Catholic is a nation. They have their different laws and traditions; they have their different rules and regulations. The same way it is with the physical nations. Nigeria is a nation; Ghana is a nation; Cameroon is a nation; do they have the same Head of State? No. Do they have the same laws and regulations? No. They have different laws; different heads of state.
63.        I am saying that Assemblies of God have their own head of state. Roman Catholic have their own head of state whose word in their midst is final. Anglican has its own head of state; ditto for Deeper Life; Odoziobodo also have theirs. There is no nation that does not have its own head of state. Our own nation has its head of state whose word is final. Thus, we are a nation among the nations. God has only but one nation.
64.        In the book of Amos 3:1-2, God was talking to the people of Israel whom He called out to Himself as His own people and He said, “Of all nations upon the Earth, you alone have I chosen to be My own people; My own nation. For that reason, I will never take it light with you. For any slight offence against Me, I must surely punish you.”
65.        Hear this word that the LORD hath spoken against you, O children of Israel, against the whole family which I brought up from the land of Egypt, saying, You only have I known of all the families of the Earth: therefore I will punish you for all your iniquities.” (KJV).
66.        Note, “Against the whole families;” God regarded all the tribes of Israel as one family. That is why marriage is only contracted among the twelve tribes of Israel. Any marriage that is contracted outside the twelve tribes of Israel, God called it heathen marriage and God Himself separates them.
67.        When the people of God married strange women, they were called strange because they were taken from forbidden nations. Outside the twelve tribes of Israel, every other nation is regarded as a Gentile nation. It is a forbidden nation.
68.        Until the time of restitution of all things when Dan and Ephraim  will be restored making it up to 14 tribes, the two tribes (Dan and Ephraim) were left as a result of idolatry, waiting for the time Christ will be revealed who will reconcile them with their brethren through the Church. Is that not Bible?
69.        The reason why God sent Jesus was to come and gather His Children scattered everywhere and reconcile them with the Jews and the only way to do this was by breaking that wall of partition that created enmity between the Jews and the Gentiles which is the Law of Moses.
70.        Dan and Ephraim were left there because of their inability to observe the Laws of Moses. Check your Bible; they were called idolaters because they were given to idols of other nations. They joined the heathens in their wild profligacy and God abandoned them there.
71.        They suffered there. The thing was too much for them. Anyway, it is God’s eternal purpose. He did it out of His own good pleasure that in the fullness of time, He will bring them back. Do you know that we are the Israel of God? Is there any Scripture to back it up? You can go to the book of Galatians 6: 15-16.
72.        For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision availeth any thing, nor uncircumcision, but a new creature. And as many as walk according to this rule, peace be on them, and mercy, and upon the Israel of God.” Gal 6:15-16 (KJV). This was the message that went to the Galatian Church.
73.         As many as believed the words of the apostle, the apostle was wishing them peace and was referring to them as the Israel of God. So, the Israel of God today is the Church. So, salvation is of the Jews. If you like believe it; if you like, do not believe; but you cannot be a Jew without first of all becoming a Gentile. You must be a heathen which is Gentile before you become a child of God.
74.        Our father Abraham was a heathen. He worshipped idols with his father. Gifts and calling of God are without repentance. Did God command Abraham to repent? No. The Bible said that the gifts and calling of God are without repentance. You say “Repent! repent! Repent!” Did David repent? Repent of what? What is he repenting of? How can you tell Me to repent? I have nothing to repent of. I have not committed iniquity, for the Bible said, “There was no transgression in Jacob and no iniquity found in Israel.”
75.        If Israel cannot commit iniquity; no transgression in Jacob, the Church has nothing to repent of. The Church has already been clothed in white linen waiting for the wedding. We do not mention “repent” anymore. You can say repent outside, but not inside here. How can somebody sitting in Heavenly places repent? How can he repent? 
76.        Already, I am sitting in Heavenly places. My life is hidden in Christ, that is, it is hidden in God so that your hand cannot touch it. He that will kill Me will first of all kill whatever that is called God. You destroy God, you destroy Christ in God, and then you destroy Me. I see it too far. There is no atomic bomb that can touch Me. I am completely hidden away. Amen.

Glory be to God in the highest. You know, we type things that are spiritual to spiritual people so that no carnally minded man can understand because spiritual things can only be spiritually discerned. They are never understood carnally.
3.           With immortality, we will assume that perfect image of God. With that angelic body, you can appear and disappear. He that can disappear and appear has no need for any house. Can a man build a house for wind? Somebody who can appear and disappear, has he any need for vehicles? Can you buy a vehicle for wind? Can ordinary wind drive a vehicle? When you notice the realm you are about to enter, the joy alone will keep you going. Nothing will upset your faith.
4.           He that will disappear and appear, has he any fear for any sickness? If wind can go to the hospital, then we can go to the hospital.  Who can build the hospital where wind will attend? Who will be the medical doctor? We are going to win. Why not be happy! That is why they that ran the race before us had hope and it was this type of hope they had that saw them through this Faith. They that had this hope in them, it helped to revive their hearts everyday. This is because Christ is pure. It is this Faith that keeps us afloat.
5.           They told us that the suffering of this present time is nothing to be compared with the glory that will be revealed at the end when this mortal flesh shall be put off. If it is not true St. Peter would not have said it. St. Paul would not have confirmed it.
6.           We saw glorified people. Enoch was taken away. Rapture has happened before. Elijah was taken away. Rapture has happened before. Jesus was taken away. Rapture has happened before. If God said He will take us away, it is a normal experience. There is nothing superstitious about it. Forget about all this superstition that is common among these Pentecostals.
7.           We do not imagine anything in this Faith. We believe God in this Faith. God must perform His words. If we are hoping against the Promise, we will be of all men the most miserable. Many people are waiting for something that is not promised. Can they get it? No. However, we are waiting on what is promised. Did God promise to catch away the Church? Yes. Did He promise we shall put on immortality? Yes. Did He promise we shall be with Him forever? If He fails to fulfill it, He will remain guilty. He is duty-bound to fulfill it. You do not know that God will remain guilty until He fulfills His promise. God is not a man that He will tell lies.
8.           When are you expecting all these things to come to pass? Is it not in the last days? Have we not rolled into the last days? That is why you have to recognize the hour you are living in and recognize your message.
9.           What time is it brethren? What are we expecting? Why are we gathered in this Faith? What is the essence of our gathering? What is the hope of your being in this Faith? Why do you spend your money to be in this Church?
10.        We have seen religion. We have played religion. We have gone evangelical. We have done so many things, but this is the moment of truth. All we have been labouring for all these years is about to be crowned; maybe you do not know the only reward for the faithful is TRANSLATION. If you are not translated, you cannot have eternal life. No matter how you preach it and believe it, and you remain here that day, the rest will vanish, surely, the wrath of God will destroy you.
11.        You know, some people are crazy. Some people give their pastor as an excuse. Who is your pastor? He is running for his own life. Has your pastor escaped? Maybe you do not know that what he is telling you is the much he knows and what he is telling you is not even enough to see him through, but he does not know that what he knows is not sufficient enough because he is blind.
12.        Anybody following a blind man, where will they both end? Who will you blame? Many people make their pastors their absolute: “I will not believe it until my pastor says something.” You are mad. Your absolute should be the Word, the Spoken Word, the written Word of God and not your pastor. Your pastor maybe an unbeliever in the Church and you want to pattern after him.
13.        You will be destroyed with him in the end. Tell Me if there is any pastor in the Pentecostals that is not an unbeliever. Tell Me that one you know that you can call a child of God, his name and where he can be found and I will tell you that he is a Moses’ disciple. They are all pinned down under the laws of Moses.
14.        If you know anybody that is a pastor or an overseer of any group, just call the name, the group, open the Bible and then you will see that the person is too far away from the truth; too far from the revealed way of salvation. All of them are still in bondage to the Laws of Moses: “Do not do this, do not do that,” watch all they are preaching, it is the same. When they go out for morning cry, it is the same thing.
15.        You know I am living close to the main road. Assemblies of God will come, make a hell of noise in the name of preaching, after which they will invite us to their Church programmes written in tracts: “Sunday school from 8 O’clock to 10, so, so programme from 10 to 12,” that is rubbish.
16.        A little while, the Grace of God Church will come, repeat the same thing Assemblies of God said. A little after that, Deeper Life Church will appear repeating the same thing the other two earlier said. They are all Prophets of Nigeria. They are all Nigerian preachers.
17.        The Bible said that Israel had 400 Prophets, but God had only but one Prophet; one against four hundred. Every nation has her own Prophets, but God has His own Prophet. The Prophets of the world are in plural, but God has a singular Prophet.
18.        In every dispensation God has only but one Voice. When that one Voice is taken away, He raises another Voice. There can never be two Voices in one dispensation. Check your Bible. God is not the author of confusion. Where there are multiples, there must be confusion and God is not the author of it.
19.        Watch the many voices in the air today; you can hardly hear the Voice of God. The Voice of God sounds in a very still way.
20.        Do you know My joy? We are following a Star. The Star of our Age is shining bright. The Star paves the way. We can say like the shepherds in the wilderness: “We have seen the Star and we have come to worship the Star.”
21.        There must be a Star that will lead you to God. When the Star is leading you, you cannot stumble. This is because He paves the way for you. Watch all of them, confusion everywhere and the same confusion will continue until the end. We have already come to the end. That is why even some so-called Churches that have never noticed division among them before are now noticing it; people breaking away from them because of one thing or the other.
22.        I am telling you the gospel truth. Here in Onitsha, there is a place they call “The New Assemblies of God.” In order words, there is “Old Assemblies of God.” There is another one they call: Reformed Assemblies of God. All of them are products of that same old Assemblies of God Church. If they had found salvation there, do you think they would have left?
23.        Do you know what they did? A little bird flew off from the ground and perched on the anthill and said it has escaped having soil stain its feet. Isn’t that funny? That is tantamount to flying from the frying pan into the fire.
24.        I am not against anybody seceding away from any association, but where you settled afterwards will tell us the spirit that pushed you out. If you move away, fine. Settle down somewhere and allow God to talk to you, but today, people say many things God has not said: “I was in my prayer, the Lord said. The Lord spoke to me.” Once somebody tells you that the Lord spoke to him, watch where the whole thing points him to. It is often outside the Word.
25.        You can meet a spirit that is like that of God. I call it a deceiving spirit.  Satan will impersonate almost everything in the end time, having only but one intent: to deceive the elect if it is possible, but I thank God that it is not possible to deceive the elect. What made it impossible? The seed of God abideth in the elect. Because he is the son of God, the Spirit of God dwelleth in him and protects him from error. The Spirit of God will guide him to all truths. The spirit of God will lead him to the Scriptures.
26.        No Prophet denies Scriptures. When Jesus the Christ came, He was referring the Pharisees back to the Scriptures.  The Prophets referred to the Holy Scriptures; the Law referred to the Scriptures, but modern prophets today, do not refer to the Holy Scriptures. They refer to human intelligence; tell stories about events around them because they know everybody is laden with one problem or the other.
27.        The highest they can preach is casting out of demons, breaking of covenants and the removal of curses. They can go a little further to push people down in the name of Holy Ghost. Because “Holy Ghost” has no power, he cannot push somebody down, until a woman will cry out loud and the man will lose balance and then fall down. That is their holy ghost.
28.        If you check the Scriptures, who ever did so in the Bible? Who laid that foundation? Watch everywhere: holy ghost macham, macham, holy ghost fire. “Holy Ghost” now performs acrobatics. Why do they play all those theatrics? They have finished all they have in stock. There is no revival or anointing anymore. The whole thing is a make-up wrapped under falsehood. Who is behind it? Satan.
29.        They promised people prosperity and people have believed them. In this end time, many have waited upon those promises and have even lost hope of becoming rich. They are no longer happy identifying with them. Some empty their money into the hands of their GS: “When you give God will give you. If you sow sparingly, you will reap sparingly; if you sow bountifully, you will reap bountifully; my God, my God, my God.” It is all rubbish.
30.        All are tricks meant to deceive. God does not do trade by barter. The Bible said, “It is not through much labour that a man becometh rich, for whosoever God wants, He maketh rich.” That is Scripture and I believe it. If it is through much labour, can a man labour more than an okada man ( a commercial motorcyclist)?
31.        If you ask Me the hardest labour, I will tell you it is this okada work. It is tougher than carrying night soil as your work; I mean disposing human faeces. This is because an okada man is always at risk. If he does not collide with his fellow okada men, he may jam school children. If he escapes that, he may be knocked down by taxis or even crushed by heavy duty vehicles. He may run into parked vehicles. Armed robbers may shoot him because of somebody he is carrying behind. I call it the worst job ever. He is supposed to get the largest amount of money.
32.         I am taking you back to the word. I am not mistaken in whatever I am saying. What hour are we really living in? What time is it Church? What is next? What are we waiting for? Why are we here? What is the essence of our gathering? Why are we wasting our time all these years? These questions must be answered.
33.        We can now see that, that Church is so important that God started from the beginning (Genesis) to separate His people.
34.        The Book of Leviticus 20:26, “And ye shall be holy unto me: for I the Lord am holy, and have severed you from other people, that ye should be mine.’..” KJV.
35.        From the word go, God had remained separate with His people. We are a peculiar people, royal priesthood, a holy nation. The word “Church” means “called out.” The Greeks call it “Ecclesia.” I thank God my cousin’s wife attended Bible College. She can bear Me witness that what I am saying is true.
36.        She would have become a reverend sister, but the Lord said, ‘No’. She is a child of God and every true seed of God must surely come to God in the end. Do you know that God is looking at the end? God does not know anything about your beginning. God is only interested in your end. That is why the Bible said, “What shall ye say at the end?” You may mess up your life in the beginning or at the middle of the road, but God is looking at the end.
37.        I believe that better is the end of everything than the beginning. In the end when everything will be restored, all that came out from God will go back to God; equally all that came out of Satan will go back to Satan. No matter how a goat mingles with a sheep, there is no way a sheep can produce a goat, neither can a goat produce a sheep. In the end of all things, when the Lord will do the separation, a sheep will go back to the sheepfold, while a goat will go back to the goat fold.
38.        We have come to the end of everything. The children of God have been mingling with the children of Satan from the beginning. The seed of God had always intermingled with the seed of the evil one. In the end, everybody will go back to where he came from.  The Bible said, “We came from God and we are going back to God.” The Bible went further to confirm it that we came from Heaven and we are going back to Heaven. We did not come from the bottomless pit. We did not come from the Earth and our message is not Earthly.
39.        Let us look into the Scriptures. If our message is Earthly, the world would have believed us. Naturally they are concerned about worldly affairs: “You barren woman, you witches and wizard, you flying demon;” have they anything to do with eternal life?  “One million will fall by your right; twenty million will fall by your left hand; you will be the head and not the tail. Say hallelujah! I say go to market tomorrow, you will see what will happen.”
40.        That is why when they get to market the following day, if they are not careful, they may get out of their senses waiting for the thing to fulfill: “When the man of God was praying yesterday, he mentioned my name, my business and he said: ‘Go to market tomorrow, many things will happen,’ and I said, “God, amen, God, amen.”  
41.        Mister, go to market and see whether anything will happen. “You barren woman, I said this month, not next month, shout hallelujah!” yet nothing will happen. Even if they happen, they are nothing for they have nothing to do with eternal life.
42.        You can have children more than you can imagine and you will still go to hell. Anybody that is a preacher and he is pointing you to Earthly things; natural things, what do you do? Develop wings and fly away from him. He is your greatest enemy. He does not hold forth the word of eternal life. He has nothing to offer you.
43.        The Bible said, “If it is only in this world that we have our hope, of all men that liveth, we are the most miserable and as such are those that die and do perish.’ Watch all the Pentecostals. Watch all the Churches; there is not even one that is pointing people to Heaven. None of them talks about spiritual things. They will still stick to all these Earthly things that perish.
44.        Some go as far as telling their members: “Occupy till I come. The Bible said so. The Bible said: look at the Earth; subdue the Earth and possess it. You know Abraham was a very rich man. He had thousands of cows. He had thousands of sheep. David was a millionaire. I believe in becoming a millionaire.” Well, go ahead.
45.        I want to be like Christ. I want to be like the disciples of Christ. Let Me be Lazarus and finally find myself in Paradise. They that worshipped God were called Church rats.
46.        The word Christian is a ridiculous name. It is only now that Satan has become attached to the name that you hear people say: “I am not ashamed to be called a Christian.” I remember when people really worshipped God. To carry a copy of the Bible and move about on the street was not easy. People used to hide their Bibles in newspapers. Because of the ridicule and the shame they were finding it so difficult.
47.        Even when they want to write the word Jesus, they do it with trembling, but today you see every Tom, Dick and Harry with Bible. They even paste Christian posters and so on, on their doors. Criminals even paste such stickers on their vehicles because Satan has infested Christianity and has conquered all these Churches. However, he can never conquer the Church. The Church still stands firm.
48.        When you come into this Faith, it will take the Spirit of God in you to courageously tell your friends that you are going to fellowship. When they ask where? You tell them: “The Church of God at Onitsha.” It will take the Holy Spirit. Without the Holy Spirit, you may just tell somebody: “I am going somewhere.” “Where?” You may hardly be able to answer.
49.        However, with the Holy Spirit you will be able to say, “I am going to the only Church of God in Onitsha; the only Church of God in Anambra State. If you like believe it; if you like discard it. This is the only gathering of God’s people; the Galilee of the Gentiles.”
50.        No matter where the Faith is preached, all that believe will have need to come here once in a year for Pentecost. Trace it in your Bible. St. Paul did not play with Pentecost. He left the Ephesian Church and headed towards Jerusalem because he could not play with Pentecost. If you do not know what Pentecost means, come to Me. Children of God observe their Pentecost. It is scriptural.
51.        That is the only opportunity heathens have to come and see the glory of God in full swing. We do not care the Church you belong to; we do not care where you come from, you are free to come.
52.        On that Pentecost day in the Bible, all the countries in the world came there and they were hearing their own different languages. From there three thousand people believed. Is that not Scripture?
53.        First John 4:4-6, “Dear young friends, you belong to God and have already won your fight with those who are against Christ because there is someone in your hearts who is stronger than any evil teacher in this wicked world.
54.        These men belong to this world, so, quite naturally, they are concerned about worldly affairs and the world pays attention to them.
55.        But we are children of God; that is why only those who have walked and talked with God will listen to us. Others won't. That is another way to know whether a message is really from God; for if it is, the world won't listen to it.” (LB).
56.        If it is a message from God, the world can never pay attention to it. Anywhere you mention it, they will say: “Get out my friend; what are you telling us?” If you are wise, stop preaching. Did the Bible say the world will believe the truth? How can they believe the truth when they crucified truth Himself? 
57.        Christ is the way, the truth and the life. The world rallied round and killed Him. Yet the truth resurrected. They denied His resurrection and claimed His disciples came and carried Him away in the night. Is that not Bible?
58.        Till today, the world has remained guilty of denying the truth. Thus, if we preach the truth that is revealed in the holy Bible, we read it before you; you read it in your own Bible and you are aware we are not the ones that wrote it, you say, “I do not believe; I know where I am standing,” you are a part of the world. Whenever the world will be destroyed, you will be destroyed with the world. No true child of God calleth the things of God accursed.
59.        Every true seed of God must say amen and amen to every revealed word of God. He cannot doubt it. He can never argue with it. If I am part of God; I am part of God’s word. Anything against the Word of God is my enemy. If it is my Church, it is my enemy. If it is my pastor, he is my enemy. I do not care who he is.
60.        A true seed of God will only take side with God and whatever command God will give, he will obey with joy. For every command of God he obeys, there is an overflowing joy. That is a true child of God. However, to the heathens, what we preach is a forbidden message. What a child of God will hear and rejoice, a heathen will hear and say: God forbid.  What are these people saying? Are they trying to say that they are the only Church? So, others are foolish. Who will take them seriously? They are just kidding.”
61.        What will vindicate everything in the end? Rapture will decide all things. It is at hand. When that day comes, we will know who is who. If we tell you that God is in our midst and you doubt us, do not worry, on that day, you will see our God being glorified in the midst of the Church. You will see the saints of God being glorified together with Him. If we suffered with Him, whenever He will be glorified, we will be glorified with Him.
62.        Because the world cannot believe what we are saying, it is a sure sign that we are of God. If we are of the world, we will be mixing up with everybody saying the same thing they are saying, agreeing with them. Can Deeper Life Church quarrel with Grace of God Church? No for they believe the same thing and belong to the same association. They all belong to Pentecostal Federation of Nigeria (PFN), but we are the only odd people out.
63.        Why is it so? Well, you know. Let us look into the book of Esther. We are a peculiar people altogether. Under anointing, if I am talking to you under the power of the Holy Spirit, it is not necessary that I must go to My Bible. I so trust God that He will inspire His words to come out of My holy lips. If He is the author of the Scriptures, I may not know where it is found, He will simply lead Me there.
64.        If what I am saying is God’s mind and it is the truth, God will back it up with His Holy Word. We are peculiar. We have our different cultures and traditions which differ from those of other nations and anywhere we go, they regard us as the greatest abomination.
65.        A time came when the people of God settled in a strange land, Haman being a Gentile, hated God’s people. He was all out to kill the children of God, being Jews simply because they were not respecting the laws of the land. They had customs and traditions different from those of that nation. He petitioned to the King saying, “Oh king, it is not in your best interest to tolerate them.” Let us see Scripture.
66.        Esther 3:8 “Haman now approached the king about the matter. "There is a certain race of people scattered through all the provinces of your kingdom," he began, "and their laws are different from those of any other nation, and they refuse to obey the king's laws; therefore, it is not in the king's interest to let them live.” LB.
67.        Have you seen it? Anywhere we are found; whether at Eha-amufu, Nsem, Zonkwa, Dadin-kowa, Jos, Abuja, Enugu, Owerri, Umuokanne, Obosima, Aba. Even if you go to America, Germany, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, anywhere we are, we are different.
68.        Let Me ask you this question; If we are not brought up this way, don’t  you know  that when we shall be settled in our homeland at last, we shall be having problems mixing up with our brethren there? Do you not know that?”
69.        The same God of the Jews is the same God of the Gentiles. He brought out one Faith so that by that one Faith, everybody is sanctified, both Jews and Gentiles, and they are restored to their homeland.
70.        Now we have the same traditions with them, the same customs, everything one, shall we have problems with them? In other words, God is a perfect God. To avoid professional clash; to avoid somebody running away because he has seen my face, He decided to blend us with one gospel and He called it EVERLASTING GOSPEL, not Pentecostal gospel. Amen.

Whatever you are hearing in this Faith is called Everlasting Gospel. No human being preaches Everlasting Gospel. It will take the Everlasting God to preach the Everlasting Gospel.
2.           If you read the Book of Revelation, there is an angel that has the authority to preach the Everlasting Gospel. The Everlasting Gospel is entrusted into the hands of an Angel, and the Bible called that Angel the Mighty Angel. He was descending from Heaven with something over His head. You know what I mean! It is not meant for everybody. It is only meant for the called and the chosen. What hour are we in? I am laying a little foundation.
3.           Hence, nobody will feel surprised now, when you come into this Faith and you do not see our Sisters with scarves and headgears. You do not see them with earrings. You look at everyone in the Church, we all look alike. Then you look into our doctrine, conduct and order, they are different from those of the so-called denominations.
4.           There is no denomination under Heaven anybody will enter and say he has seen a group that is like the Church at Onitsha. Anywhere we go, people warn their converts:  “Make sure you avoid these people from the Church at Onitsha. Avoid them like you avoid death. If you do not want them to pull you out, do not allow them to talk to you. When they come, chase them out. Do not say let us settle it with the Bible. If you pay attention, they will draw you out.”
5.           Some even say, “They have talisman which they put in their mouths. Even if they are killing somebody, he will agree, saying: yes, yes, yes. Before he knows it, he will follow them.” There is no group in Onitsha today that has not warned their members against us. Some even warn their members from the pulpit, telling them not to read our books. Why are they afraid? Since you know you have grounded and settled your people so that they will not be blown about by any wind of doctrine, you should leave them.  
6.           Has anybody caged any of you in this Faith? We only settle down and get you rooted, grounded, settled and then expose you to the world. We say, “Go and deal with them. Thrash them very well. Bulahlah them very well.” That is thrash them with the Word.
7.           Goliath came with his armoury but David came in the Name of Jehovah. They may come with their intelligence; their science, but we come with the Word of the Great Jehovah. With it, we thrash them. Is that not Scripture?
8.           Psalms 149:6-8 : “Let the high praises of God be in their mouth, and a twoedged sword in their hand;
9.           To execute vengeance upon the heathen, and punishments upon the people; To bind their kings with chains, and their nobles with fetters of iron.” KJV.
10.        Is that not Bible? This is our honour. God has entrusted the two-edged sword into our hands, to cut and slash; to bind their feet with chains and fetters of iron. If they fool, you bind them with the Word of God. This honour is bestowed upon His children.
11.         Are we not called saints? When they read in the Book of Revelation of One that is coming with eyes like the flaming fire, a double edged sword in his mouth, they feel somebody is coming with double-edged sword in his mouth; I mean with dagger in his mouth.
12.        It is just like one Pentecostal preacher who was preaching in Okoh the other time, he said, “You see, a very mighty angel is coming with very big wings and a trumpet in his mouth. He will fly round the whole world and be blowing the trumpet so that everybody will hear.”
13.        I just said, “You are blind.” Another preacher from Calvary Baptist, my friend Dr. Adeboyi who preaches every Sunday on the radio here in Onitsha once said, “On that day, when the anti-Christ will be pursuing you, you will be running and running. On that day, many things will happen. Many aeroplanes will clash and fall to the Earth for the anti-Christ will be pursuing them. Drivers will collide when the anti-Christ pursues them.”
14.        I said, “This man must be mad. He does not know Scriptures. He does not know that he is the very anti-Christ and we are running away from him. Look at anti-Christ expecting anti-Christ.”
15.        The Bible said that the anti-Christ will come, now are there many anti-Christs in the world. By that we know that the end has come. Is that not Bible? Do we have teachers in this Faith at all?
16.        “Dear children, you have heard about the anti-Christ that is coming, the one who is against Christ and already many such persons have appeared.’
17.        Many such persons have appeared. They are all antichrists. All of them and even their followers are ganging up against the Word of God. They are all antichrists. Anybody that is standing against the words of the Bible is an antichrist. Many of them have appeared. When you are looking for somebody that will come and say, “Look at me; I am the anti-Christ,” you will be disappointed because you may be the one, yet you will not know.
18.        It is just like the mark of the beast. The mark is finished for the Bible said that it is the name of a man. He that has the understanding let him calculate. You must do the arithmetic before you arrive at it. If you are expecting somebody to come carrying that mark in his forehead, you are blind.
19.        No wonder my neighbour bought a packet of sugar, turned the back and saw 666 as the batch number, he said, “No, no, no.” and  exclaimed in wonder, “Sugar with mark of the beast?”
20.        Kumuyi said that it is one computer like that and they named it the beast. I said, “So, God did not know what computer is when He said it is the name of a man.”
21.        However, we know the man. He opposed God and everything called God. He exalteth himself above every other person and takes the glory due to God. When Christ came, did He receive such ovation like the pope? You saw him the last time he came.  He had communion with all Pentecostal overseers in Abuja. He called it sweet communion. Even the Head of State was part of it. Other functionaries partook of it. All the GS were there. My own GS was not there. Christ can never partake of such a thing.
22.        Every worldly preacher is seeking worldly popularity. And that was why they were all bragging with it, “I was privileged to have communion with the pope,” as if it was a ticket to Heaven. When Christ came, was He received like that?
23.        You do not know he that is opposed to God who answers VICAR. You know the meaning of VICAR in Latin. We have calculated and the figure gave us Rome; the city sitting on the seven hills; St. Peter’s basilica with the one that has a crown on his head with the inscription: VICARIOUS FILEII DEI meaning “standing in the stead of God.”
24.        If you do not know the anti-Christ, you will not know the anti-Christs. ROMAN CATHOLIC IS A WHORE. She is that whore; she is the mother of all harlots. The Bible said that she produced her daughters after her kind and all the kings of the Earth have committed fornication with her; that they have been made mad by the wine of her fornication. For that reason, God has given us a two-edged sword, the Word of God to execute vengeance, to bind their kings.
25.        You cannot enter the house of a king or a strong man without first of all binding him. When we must have bound them, we can now disgrace them publicly. You have used the Word of God to slaughter the beast. We have led him by the Word to show the world he that has been deceiving the world. We have made an open spectacle of the beast. We have lacerated him.
26.        Maybe you think we are going to fight a physical war. No. Our war is spiritual. It is not physical. We have won the battle. There is no group that has exposed the whore more than us to show the world she that has been deceiving them. We have also lined up all her daughters.
27.        All denominations came out of Roman Catholic. In the end, they will all go back to Roman Catholic. In short, they have gone back already. There is no Church today that does not belong to CAN (Christian Association of Nigeria), PFN or AIC or NECO. Even this NECO, the head of it in Nigeria is from Assemblies of God. The young man that started the movement has now arrogated to himself the title “Dr Reverend Oyoyo.” He is no more an evangelist. People are mad.
28.        Some will condemn Buhari for forging certificates as is now being noised in the House of Representatives.  Everybody is now reading about him and condemning him. Those that are condemning him are worse than he is. There is no General Superintendent of any Church in Nigeria that can boast of having doctorate degree, not even one.  When somebody has preached for two or three years, he will arrogate to himself “Dr”.
29.        Just look at Paul Nweke, he answers Doctor. This photographer, Emma Odiaka, is now Doctor. Everybody, Doctor. Look at Onyeyekwu of yesterday, he is now Doctor. Nwokolo, Rev. Dr. Hezekiah, Rev. Dr. Thus, if I do not bear the title Doctor, I will not preach anymore. Is that what it is now? I thank God.
30.        Which university gave them these doctorate degrees? When did they study then? Enough is enough. No lie is of the truth. No deception is of the truth.
31.        Revelations 13: 18, “Here is a puzzle that calls for careful thought to solve it. Let those who are able, interpret this code…” (LB).
32.        You see, let those who are able interpret this code. In other words, the mark of the beast is a coded mark. It is codified like the computer. You have to do a little arithmetic to decipher it. That is, if only you have the understanding. It is not something you see on somebody’s face. There is nothing like that.
33.        "...the numerical values of the letters in his name add to 666!" LB.
34.        Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.” Rev 13:18 (KJV).
35.        You see, some say it is sugar; some say it is computer; some say it is snake.
36.        The Church of God is the only ground and pillar of truth. The Bible said, “You will know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” It is really wonderful. Is it not wonderful to be a child of God? Is it not glorious to be a member of the glorious Church?
37.        The Church of the Living God is a living organism, for Christ is alive. He teaches His people His Word. We are comforted everyday for we are not following any cunningly devised fables. We do not use sweet words to entice anybody; nothing like that. My friend, check it in your own. Is it like that in your own Bible?
38.        Look at the Scripture again: Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.” Rev 13:18 (KJV).
39.         We saw that it is only but one person that has it as his name: the Vicar of Rome. Then we traced the thing to the crown. Then we traced the thing to the CITY OF SEVEN HILLS. It became St. Peter Basilica. We traced it further and saw that it was on Caesar’s seat. It was during the reign of Nero Caesar that Christians were killed because he opposeth the Bible. Today, there is one that is sitting on Caesar’s seat.
40.        There was Herod when Christ was hunted about. There was pharaoh when Christ ran to Egypt. Today, there is still Pharaoh. Egypt is one of the greatest Empires having Pharaoh as the head.  Nebuchadnezzar was heading Babylon. Saddam Hussein is one of the kings we have today. Mubarak is one of the kings we have today.
41.        However, watch Rome; Rome has been controlled by the Caesar. Anybody that is enstoolled on that throne answers Caesar. Hence, we have seen a lot of Caesars; the same way we have seen a lot of Pharaohs. There is one sitting on Caesar’s seat today. From the time the State merged with the Church, Caesar’s seat was phased out and then the Church took over Caesar’s seat.
42.        During the reign of Constantine of Constantinople, the Church took over the seat. From there, they called it the papacy. Then they published what they called “Encyclopedia de Bull”, which is the final authority; an irrevocable authority emanating from the papacy and the papacy is the Caesar of Rome.
43.        That is why whoever is there, occupies two positions; he is the political head as well the religious head. That is why Rome does not cast votes by way of elections. The same applies to Egypt. Morocco too does not cast votes. The King of Morocco died recently and he was buried according to Islamic laws. The son Mohammed, took over. He is now the king of morocco. King Hassan has died. Then the son took over. He ruled Morocco for 38 years.
44.        In Italy, there is nothing like election or politics. No. The council of bishops will gather and elect the pope. The pope is the Head of State of Rome (Italy). Politically, he is the head. Also, he is the head of the Roman Catholic religious world. Maybe you do not know that Italy is the only country in the world with 100% Roman Catholics. You do not say any other thing there than what Rome said. That is why they say that they are always at peace. Will you call that thing peace?
45.        All religious groups today are daughters of Roman Catholic. The Bible said so. They are all going about having the mark of the beast. The mark of the beast is nothing but the mark of unbelief. That is all.
46.        The mark of God is the Holy Ghost. When He houses there, the angel of God will come and anoint you. Do you see Holy Ghost with your eyes? The same way, you do not see the mark of the beast.
47.        All these people that claim they are innocent in the denominations, did they know when their leaders carried them into PFN, CAN, CPN? Eventually, all of them wound up in WCC (World Council of Churches) whose head is the pope. The former head was Archbishop Rodney of the Anglican Church.
48.        However, we were all present in 1992 when the man resigned because he made a woman an archbishop, the Anglican Communion said no. He resigned and from there, he relinquished the post to the pope. The pope just carried the thing away to America. Every first January of every year, he will first of all travel from Rome to America to celebrate the year of peace. From there he will address the whole world. He is the world’s Nobel peace prize winner. They call him the man of peace; prince of peace.
49.        We thank God that Scriptures are fulfilling in our eyes.  When we see these Scriptures fulfill, instead of running for our dear lives, we try to pull our friends along. What if our friends are not willing? If I am wise, I will enter the vehicle before inviting my friends. Amen.


The book of Isaiah 63:4: “For the day of vengeance is in mine heart, and the year of my redeemed is come.” (KJV).
2.           This Scripture is a Prophetic Scripture. There must be a day of vengeance, for the Lord said: “Vengeance belongeth unto Me.” There is coming a day when the Lord will avenge all wickedness on Earth and the Lord can never destroy the righteous in the midst of the wicked. He had already said it in His Word.
3.           He said, “Let it be an abomination unto Me if I do not honour those that honour Me. Let it be an abomination unto Me if I should destroy the righteous with the wicked.”
4.           If we look into the Scriptures, in ages past, when God destroyed the age of Noah, He severed the righteous. When He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, he severed the righteous. When he destroyed Jericho, he severed the righteous; when he destroyed Jerusalem, he severed the righteous.
5.           God has fulfilled His Word. For the last time, He is going to sever the Church for the Church is composed of His Family; His City; His Kingdom. I am saying that God cannot destroy His Kingdom together with kingdoms of the world. Thus, God must always sever His Kingdom.
6.           Now, from the very word go, I started to show you from the book of Genesis that God had already severed us as a Church. From that time, He called us and we answered. He justified us and then separated us. He made a demarcation between us and the rest of the people in the world. So we have remained till today. That is why we warn against ungodly compromise.
7.           You should remain where God has placed you. Do not ever shift a bit. He that called you and settled you in the Church is wiser than you are. Remain where He has kept you by day or by night. Do not shift away. If you shift, blame yourself.
8.           I cannot account for souls that are outside the Ark, but I can account for all the souls that are inside the Ark. I do not wish that any of them should perish.
9.           I think based on that, for the first time here, I am declaring Brother Joshua as part of us once again. In the same vein, he is fully restored to his office as a Deacon. The same thing is applicable to Brother Dan Chukwuemeka. The same applies to Brother Amankem. All of them are fully pardoned and forgiven and restored to their offices with effect from now. Because they have remained inside, I think I must account for their souls, and I do not want to do that in sorrow.
10.        Every other sister or brother that is involved in that case, you are all pardoned. I have done this so that the enemy will not accuse us. For anybody that is outside, I cannot account for him. It is not My business but whosoever cometh unto Me, I will in no wise cast away, FOR I AM GIVING ETERNAL LIFE.
11.        Such a one will never perish, for the Bible says: “No one can come unto Me except My Father brings him. And my Father who is bringing him is mightier than any other spirit or being in Heaven or on Earth. He is holding the person and nothing can snatch the person from Him.”
12.        Peter remained in the Presence of the Father although his atrocity was so great, more hideous than that of Judas, but because he remained in the Presence of the Father and preferred to die in the midst of his brethren instead of dying outside, he obtained favour.
13.        We can march on. We can now look forward to that day. I will say, “Of all you gave Me, I lost nobody except the children of perdition who were ordained to this present condemnation that the Scriptures might be fulfilled.”
14.        We have to pay attention from now. The Church can now take off. We are forging ahead.  For any little problem you see us troubled about.
15.        Let Me tell you something. When they were heading to Canaan, before they got to Jordan, some saw the land as very fresh and decided to settle down because their cattle could feed there. Joshua asked them a question: “Men and brethren, the Lord said it is across Jordan and you are settling here. How can you leave your brothers to go and fight their enemies? Woe unto us if we do not join them to fight. We will join them to fight. When we conquer the enemy, we will come back and settle here.”
16.        I am saying that nobody settled until they pushed away the enemy. If we push away the enemy, wherever you want to stay, you can stay. From that place in Jordan, the Lord gave us the whole land up to the Nile valley.
17.        Once you drive away the enemy, anywhere you want to settle, you settle. It is your land. I can settle at Enugu Church; I can settle at Jos; I can settle at Dadin-kowa, anywhere for it is my homeland.
18.        God is saying that there must be a day of His vengeance, but can there be vengeance without redemption?  Will vengeance come before redemption? There must be redemption before vengeance. 
19.        The Lord did not destroy Sodom before pulling out Lot, but He pulled out Lot and then destroyed Sodom. We can rightly say that this year, we are experiencing the redemption of God. This is the year of the redeemed. 
21.        What God did before is what He will do again so that men will fear. Has He done it in the past? Did He promise He will do it again? What I am saying in effect is, What time are we living in? What time is it? Where are we heading to? How ready are we?
22.        The Book of Joel 1: 15, Alas, this terrible day of punishment is on the way. Destruction from the Almighty is almost here!" (LB).
23.        “Alas for the day! for the day of the LORD is at hand, and as a destruction from the Almighty shall it come.” KJV.
24.        This terrible day of punishment is on the way, alas; the day of the Lord, the terrible day of punishment is along the way. It is coming very swiftly. Who will escape it?
25.        Destruction from the Almighty is almost here. Remember the Prophet saw it; this is a Prophetic word. As a seer, he saw it as it was; just at the doorstep. When Peter spoke about the last day when talking on the day of Pentecost, he was referring to the Book of Joel.
26.        I am saying, from the day of Pentecost till today, the Church has been experiencing the last day. The Lord allotted 2000 years to the Gentiles; the same way He allotted 2000 years to the Jews according to Hosea 6. This is 1999; what time are we living in My brethren?
27.        Let me stop here for now. Thank you and remain blessed in Him eternally.