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Friday, 3 February 2012



As you remain in the Message you have received steadfast, unmovable, surely, “That Glorious Day,” you will never say, “Had I known.” You will never regret getting yourself acquainted with Brother Peter Odoemena . On that Day when this life is over, then you will know that I am HE!

If you are a part of God, you are also a part of what God is doing in your day. If you are a part of your family, you are also a part of the activities of your family.

If God is your Father, are you not a part of His programme? Am I not a part of His programme? Everybody playing his own role in his own way. We received the same calling, playing the same role or different roles.

Nothing gives joy more than one recognising that he is fulfilling the positive side of the word of God. Once you are on the right side of God, on the positive side of God, rejoice exceedingly. You had better know your position, for you must know where you are going to.
If you do not know who you are, you will not know where you are going to.

THE BASIS OF OUR REJOICING IN CHRIST pages 37, 158 and 159; verses 53 and 54.

the counterfeit Church
Dear listeners, it has pleased the Lord to separate Me into this wilderness to have a definite experience with Him; that He might reveal to Me the hour we are living in, what Satan is doing so that as many that will be aware of it, will be in a position to escape this evil hour.
2.           I am going to speak on the topic “The Counterfeit Church,” which in other words, is the false Church; Satan deceived Church, that is, the make-up Church.
3.           besides, counterfeit as we know is nothing but something that is craftily designed to resemble the original. in other words, something that is Cunningly designed to resemble the original, with the intent to deceive and to mislead.
4.           I want you to understand this fact that, wherever there is counterfeit there must be original somewhere. For without the original there is no counterfeit. in the same way, without the original there is no photocopy.
5.           Now brethren, listen to Me for I am still your brother in tribulation, privileged to be called an Apostle of the Lord by His Audible Voice in this hour we are living in, only to tie the Old and New Testaments together for the whole world to see the beauty that is in Christ.
6.           Note it, Counterfeit Church, this is what Satan has planted in THESE last days we are living in and it is all aimed at deceiving the whole worldSomething that closely resembled the original, but yet it is fake. Something that is craftily designed with the intent to mislead, misinform and to deceive.
7.           Anything that will mislead a child of God cannot be from GOD; that is, anything that will deceive a child of God cannot be from God. That is why we must pay strict attention to this Message, which is a glorious revelation from Heaven. Brethren I want you to share with me these short words from Almighty God. I am going to make use of various versions of the Bible, and I have decided to do so because I believe Holy Ghost has led a lot of people to translate the Holy Scriptures perfectly well; Magnifying the Holiness, the righteousness and the perfectness of God for His children to pattern their lives after Him.
8.           The essence of the Gospel preaching is to bring man back from lost image, to the original nature. From the origin (beginning), God created man in His express image. When the man sinned against God, he lost that original image and then put on false image which is Satan’s image. Christ now came to redeem mankind by His Word and then He will cleanse and restore mankind to that lost glory. And that is the essence of the preaching of the Gospel of Christ in true Holiness and Righteousness.
9.           However, we know that Satan is not happy for he is all out, trying all that is in his power to make sure he cancelled this perfect will of God but he will never succeed.
10.        This time around, I want you to know that this counterfeit Church is everywhere in the whole world. You see a lot of them, a lot of make-up Churches everywhere. How do we know them? Who is behind them? What is the Word of God saying concerning them? Then what should be our attitude? counterfeit Churches, having the form of godliness but the power thereof they deny. From such people, God warned us His children to have nothing to do with them.
11.        Now, I want you to understand that Satan, the deceiver of the whole world is behind all the activities of the false Churches. In addition, his aim is to nullify and destroy the true Church, which is the body of Christ; the Bride of Christ.
12.        Second Corinthians 11 : 3, “But [now] I am fearful, lest that even as the serpent beguiled Eve by his cunning, so your minds may be corrupted and seduced from wholehearted and sincere and pure devotion to Christ.” Amplified.
13.        Note, these anti-Christ’s works are clothed under a guise of goodness and godliness.
14.        Second Corinthians 11 : 14 – 15, “And it is no wonder, for Satan himself masquerading as an angel of light; so it is not surprising if his servants also masquerade as ministers of righteousness. [But] their end will correspond with their deeds.”  Amplified.      
15.        What a very important word to note, “masquerade”. This is a mask, a make-up. That Satan will come and then mask himself and behave as if he is an Angel of Righteousness. Moreover, even so, his (Satan’s) ministers today, the Bible said that they masqueraded themselves as ministers of righteousness.
16.        Thus, they do not come as ministers of unrighteousness or angels or prophets of unrighteousness; they will still behave and pretend as if they actually believed God. While in the actual sense, they are ministers of the Devil; they are angels of doom; and from such people, Bible said, “Have nothing to do with them. For they will deceive you and lure your heart away from the true God and then you will fail your God and Maker. God forbid!
17.        For this reason, God has brought Me that I may be a blessing to humanity. Since Christ visited the world through the Cross, the explosion, the revelation of the power of the true Gospel has gone forth into all the world.
18.        Consequently, Satan for the past two thousand years, has gone through various means to stop the true message of Christ, presenting different false Gospels; and ultimately, leading men away from God.
19.        In all these counterfeit Churches we can see that Satan’s aim is nothing but to present different false Gospels, leading men away from the true God.
20.        Galatians 1 : 6 - 8 “I am surprised and astonished that you are so quickly turning renegade and deserting Him (Almighty God) who invited and called you by the grace (unmerited favour) of Christ (the messiah) [and that you are transferring your allegiance] to a different [even an opposition] Gospel. Not that there is [or could be] any [obviously] some who are troubling and disturbing and bewildering you [with a different kind of teaching which they offer as a Gospel] and want to pervert and distort the Gospel of Christ (the messiah) [into something which it absolutely is not].
21.        But even if we or an angel from Heaven should preach to you a Gospel contrary to and different from that which we preached to you, let him be accursed (anathema, devoted to destruction, doomed to eternal punishment)!” Amplified.
22.        How I love this Amplified version of the Holy Scriptures, that can go to all lengths, even to make us to understand how Satan has deceived a lot of people, even to come up with different Gospels.
23.        However, brethren take heed, if there cometh a prophet from Heaven or an angel from Heaven to preach a different Gospel other than that which was handed down or which were handed down to you by the Prophets and the Apostles that were before of old who had the Spirit of Christ in them, let that person be accursed—I do not care his name; I do not care his title and position.
24.        I know for sure no Prophet of God can contradict the written Word; no angel from Heaven can contradict the Word of God. That is why a curse is placed upon any of them, that will come claiming that they are talking from God; that will come to lure God’s people away. God has placed a curse unto them that will hand down false Gospel, which does not agree with the Gospel of the Apostles and Prophets. For the foundation of the Church is laid upon the Prophets and the Apostles—Christ the Word of God, the Solid Rock being the Chief Corner Stone.
25.        For every truth of God, Satan has DEVISED a counterfeit truth, A liE that appearS to be right to man. Satan uses as much truth as possible to conceal (HIDE) his deception, but partial truth my brethren is a complete liE. Every partial truth is a liE, THE SAME WAY, every half-truth is a lie.
26.        John 8 : 44, “You are of your father, the devil, and it is your will to practice the lusts and gratify the desires [which are characteristic] of your father (Satan). He was a murderer from the beginning and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a falsehood, he speaks what is natural to him, for he is a liar [himself] and the father of lies and of all that is false.” Amplified.
27.        All that is lie and false emanate from the enemy of truth and that is Satan, the Devil. We can now see a lot of falsehoods on the land; you dare not ask Me where they come from. For the Scripture has the final say on that matter, they all emanate from the father of all lies, who is Satan the deceiver.
28.        First John 2 : 21, “I write you not because you are ignorant and do not perceive and know the truth, but because you do perceive and know it, and [know positively] that nothing false (no deception, no lie) is of the truth.” Amplified.
29.        Brethren, you can see that the reason why Satan undermined people is to convert the living organism, the Body of Christ made by the Holy Spirit of God into an organised, dead, counterfeit Church, satanically controlled through human beings. Christ was talking to the Church of Sardis in Revelation chapter 3 verse 1 through 2, saying: 
30.        Revelation 3: 1 – 2, “And to the angel (messenger) of the assembly (Church) in Sardis write: these are the words of Him who has the seven spirits of God [the sevenfold Holy Spirit] and the seven stars: I know your record and what you are doing; you are supposed to live, but [in reality] you are dead. Rouse yourself and keep awake, and strengthen and invigorate what remains and is on the point of dying; for I have not found a thing that you have done [any work of yours] meeting the requirements of my God or perfect in His sight.” Amplified.
31.        You can see why Satan uses man for his purposes by capitalizing upon the weakness of man’s lower nature, creating a form of godliness—an untrue and counterfeit Church that conformed to the desires of men and not that of God.
32.        No wonder Apostle Paul said in Galatians chapter 1 verse 10 through 11: “Now, am I trying to win the favour of men or God? Do I seek to please men? If I were still seeking popularity with men I should not be a bond servant of Christ, the messiah. For I want you to know, brethren, that the Gospel which was proclaimed and made known by me is not man’s Gospel [a human invention, according to or patterned after any human standard].” Amplified.
33.         Man is a worshiping being, that will worship and serve whatever fulfilled the desires of his heart, whether it (that thing being worshiped) be God or mammon (which is money), man does not care.
34.        See what Matthew said in Matthew chapter 6 verse 24, “No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other or he will stand by and be devoted to the one and despise and be against the other. You cannot serve God and mammon (deceitful riches, money, possessions, or whatever is trusted in).” Amplified.
35.        Romans 6 : 16, “Do you not know that if you continually surrender yourselves to anyone to do his will, you are the slaves of him whom you obey, whether that be to sin, which leads to death, or to obedience which leads to righteousness (right doing and right standing with God).” Amplified.
36.        When people yield to sin, Satan accomplished his goal of exalting himself above God and being unconsciously worshipped by man. Thus, we should be very, very careful. Isaiah said something concerning this.
37.        Isaiah 14 : 13 – 14, “And you Satan said in your heart, I will ascend to Heaven; I will exalt my throne above the stars of God; I will sit upon the mount of assembly in the uttermost north. I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will make myself like the Most High.” Amplified.
38.        My friend, from the above Scripture, Satan’s great attempt to get Jesus Christ, the Son of God to worship him failed. Today however, Satan has succeeded in getting people to worship him, not only overtly (openly, clearly) through Satanic worship, but also subtly through false religion and the counterfeit Christian Churches we have on the land today—where Satan is working behind the scene as the head of these counterfeit Churches. Amen.


St. Luke 4 : 5 – 8, “And the devil, taking him (Jesus Christ our Lord) up into an high mountain, shewed unto him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time.
2.           And the devil said unto him, All this power will I give thee, and the glory of them: for that is delivered unto me; and to whomsoever I will I give it. If thou therefore wilt worship me, all shall be thine.
3.           And Jesus answered and said unto him, Get thee behind me, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.” KJV.
4.           Brethren, you can see how Christ resisted the temptation to be popular in the world; that is, He resisted the temptation to go worldly and then remained without spot and wrinkle.
5.           Furthermore, as His disciples, the Scriptures said that a disciple ought to work as his master worked. I can see scattered true pastors and believers in the organised denominational Churches, but it is required of them, the true pastors and believers to hearken unto the Voice of the hour to be prepared to die, to be prepared to be excommunicated from their Churches for them to speak the truth.
6.           They may see the Word of God, believe it to be truth in their scattered false Churches where they found themselves, but because of exalted positions they are holding in these Churches, because of their salaries, they will not speak the truth and liberate themselves. To such people, I say unto them through this Message, the Voice of God is saying to all of you, COME OUT FROM AMONG SUCH COUNTERFEIT CHURCHES AND BE YE SEPARATE. Be ye not partakers of their evils and then God will receive you unto Himself, you will be sons and daughters of God.
7.           However, as long as you are there compromising with them, there is no way God will not disown you in the last day. The evidence that you have condemned what is happening in your midst in these counterfeit Churches is your ability to rise up to correct it.
8.           Besides, in your honest attempt to correct it, my friends, I just bet you, the evil men, evil general superintendents and overseers, evil deacons and deaconesses in those false Churches, they will rise up against you. The resultant effect will be that they will cast you out of their synagogues, fulfilling the Word of Christ our Lord. There is no way you can hold the truth and still remain in that caged bondage.
9.           The moment you open your mouth in righteousness to speak out in righteousness, which is the unadulterated truth as embedded in the Word of God, by and by you must pay the price. They must surely push you out of their synagogues. They will declare you undesirable; they will say you are backsliding. They will give you all kinds of evil names. Some will say, “You are deceived!” Some will say, “You are following the way of demons.” They will even call you Balaam—that is what they will do unto you.
10.        My friend, will you because of all these cruel mockeries and ridicules shy away from doing the Will of the Master that has called you? I therefore challenge you in all these false Churches, as many as are still seeing evil that is going on in these counterfeit Churches on the land, do not comfort yourselves anymore in sin. He who is not with me is against me. If you are not scattering, you are building up. You cannot sit on the bench and lift it up at the same time. In other words, you cannot be in those counterfeit Churches and still claim that you are holy in their midst. No way! You cannot be in their midst and condemn the System.
11.        All you have to do is to come out. Like I said earlier on, you cannot sit on a chair and lift it up at the same time my brothers and sisters. All you have to do is first of all stand up, and then you will have the ability, the strength and the courage to lift up the chair.
12.        There is no way you can correct the evil in those counterfeit Churches where you are sitting in, until you come out of it and then you will indict and correct them in love. Peradventure, there is somebody there that will love the truth and then he will jump out.
13.        Come out of every organised religion for the hand of God is not there. Now, hear what the Spirit (the Holy Ghost) is saying.
14.        St. Luke chapter 4 : 5 – 7, “And the devil, taking him up into a high mountain, showed unto him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time...”
15.        Just in one glimpse, in a twinkle of an eye, Satan has already showed Jesus Christ all the pleasures that are in the world, in all the kingdoms for a possession, not knowing that Jesus Christ is God Almighty.
16.        “...And the devil said unto him, All this power will I give thee, and the glory of them...”
17.        Imagine Satan saying that he will give Jesus Christ power. You see, he (Satan) is not even afraid.
18.        “...for that is delivered unto me; and to whomsoever I will I give it. If thou therefore wilt worship me, all shall be thine. And Jesus answered and said unto him, Get thee behind me, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve..” KJV.
19.        I told you that I still believe there are children of God that are still being trapped in the denominations today. Nevertheless, the Lord is speaking, I believe not in vain.
20.        St. Matthew 13 : 24 -26; verse 37 through 43, “Another parable He set forth before them, saying, the Kingdom of Heaven is like a man who sowed good seed in his field. But while he was sleeping, his enemy came and sowed also darnel (weeds resembling wheat) among the wheat, and went on his way. So when the plants sprouted and formed grain, the darnel (weeds) appeared also.” Amplified.
21.        Counterfeit, darnel (weeds resembling wheat) being sowed by Satan appeared also, that is, counterfeit Churches rose up to challenge the Church Christ instituted on Earth. Remember, “Upon this Rock (Revelation) I will build my Church.” Satan also came up with counterfeit Churches to war against the true Church.
22.        St. Matthew 13: 37 through 43 “He answered, He who sows the good seed is the Son of Man...”
23.        That is the Comforter, the Sprit of Truth.
24.        “The field is the world...” which include worldly religion “...And the good seed means the children of the Kingdom;” true believers “...the darnel is the children of the evil one...” the evil ones, the make believers the counterfeits, children of devil.
25.        “And the enemy who sowed it is the devil. The harvest is the close and consummation of the age, and the reapers are angels. Just as the darnel (weeds resembling wheat) is gathered and burned with fire, so it will be at the close of the age. The Son of Man will send forth His angels, and they will gather out of His kingdom all causes of offence [persons by whom others are drawn into error or sin]...” False Pastors, prophet, preachers, deacon and elders.
26.         “...and all who do iniquity and act wickedly...” The unbelievers sitting in the Church, the lukewarm, fake brethren.
27.        “And will cast them into the furnace of fire; there will be weeping and wailing and grinding of teeth. Then will the righteous (those who are upright and in right standing with God)...” the true believers, the true brethren “...Shine forth like the sun in the Kingdom of their father. Let him who has ears [to hear] be listening, and let him consider and perceive and understand by hearing.” Amplified.
28.        Neither the denominations or men, or the size of the congregation indicate who this faithful saints will be. The true shepherds, the true Pastors, most likely are those with the least outward appearance of successes and prestige. They have not climbed the religious ladder of worldly attainment because; they are not men pleasers.
29.        They always speak and stand in the truth they have learnt, that is, to truly serve God and follow in the footstep of Christ our Lord; they must lose their lives to find their lives afterwards. Many are driven out of the organised counterfeit Churches to the glory of God.
30.        St. John 12 : 24 – 25, “Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit. He that loveth his life shall lose it; and he that hateth his life in this world shall keep it unto life eternal.” KJV.
31.        The saintS are the true believers who are totally committed to the following of Christ on a daily basis. they are true disciples who have reached the level of spiritual maturity, In spite of the poor Church environment BECAUSE; they are led by the Holy Spirit. These believers are usually not the most respected or prominent members of their Churches, and many times they are RIDICULED and scorned for their first love is christ and Christ alone.
32.        St. James 2 : 5, “Listen, my beloved brethren: Has not God chosen those who are poor in the eyes of the world to be rich in faith and in their position as believers and to inherit the kingdom which He has promised to those who loves Him?” Amplified.
33.        Note, The characteristics of a man’s desires and love for the things of the world are absent from the true believers’ lives for they are the apple of God’s eyes, the faithful remnant.
34.        I thank God for leaving us with such a remnant even till this very day, those who are not mindful of the affairs of this world. They do not entangle themselves with politics; they do not entangle themselves with all that is going on, that is, the hustling and bustling of life in the society. They keep themselves pure and undefiled, without spot and wrinkle.
35.        They daily meditate upon the things of God, their attentions are on things that are on high (Heavenly) not on the things that are on Earth (earthly). They do not compete with the heathens over worldliness or over material things. They do not preach prosperity as if it is a ticket to Heaven. They know that they that must follow Christ must really suffer in this flesh, and if you suffer with Him you must surely reign with Him.
36.        St. Matthew 7 : 13 -14, “Enter through the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and spacious and broad is the way that leads away to destruction, and many are those who are entering through it. But the gate is narrow (contracted by pressure) and the way is straitened and compressed that leads away to life, and few are those who find it.” Amplified.
37.        I thank God He never made His way to eternal life, to the Kingdom, a broadway that will accommodate majority. Looking at the scene in the counterfeit Churches, you see everybody following them. The whole world is following their preaching, their preaching is nothing but mere social preaching, men pleasers, they say things that will please men and men will go after them. They do not lift up the true holiness and righteousness of God, rather they preach worldly messages. Moreover, because they come from the world, the world loveth her own.
38.        Christ preached His own sermon; majority said, “This is a hard saying, who will believe this?” And all of them left Christ. They abandoned Him.
39.        Apostle Paul preached the message of Christ, there was a revolt. Many did not follow him, he only gathered few. However today, we can see counterfeit Churches full of entertainment, rock ‘n’ roll music, disco, just play every kind of music in the Church and add the name of Jesus unto it, and people will just dance and forget their senses.
40.        In this counterfeit Churches, you see every kind of immorality, every kind of deception in that Church. 419 (all kinds of frauds) going on in the Church, pastors live in adultery, live in fornication, members of the Church the same way.
41.        Watch Pastors’ wives, watch their general overseers, their superintendents, watch their wives, watch their lives’ patterns, they pattern themselves like the world, all they condemn they have gone back into it. All that ever condemned Roman Catholic, they are worse than Roman Catholic today. All that condemned Anglican Church, Methodist and Baptist, they are worse than Anglican Church today.
42.        Look at the Pentecostals; look at the Churches around, deception everywhere. Deception on the land, all making politics.

43.        I thank God for keeping a remnant alive till this day. I thank God for preserving a remnant that will still stand on the unadulterated Word of God and preach the Word of God in true holiness and in righteousness.
44.        Who will believe my report? God is the Judge! I will still take you back to the Word of God and let us see what the Scriptures has to say in Isaiah chapter 10 verse 22 through 23 and also the book of Romans chapter 9 verse 27.
45.        Isaiah 10 – 22-23, “For though your population O Israel, be as the sand of the sea, only a remnant of it will return [and survive]. The [fully complete] destruction is decreed (decided upon and brought to an issue); it overflows with justice and righteousness] the infliction of just punishment.]” Amplified.
46.        Romans 9 : 27 “And Isaiah calls out (solemnly cries aloud) over Israel: though the number of the sons of Israel be like the sands of the sea, only the remnant (a small part of them) will be saved [from perdition, condemnation, judgement]!” Amplified.
47.        Isaiah 1 : 9 “Except the Lord of hosts had left us a very small remnant [of survivors], we should have been like Sodom, and should have been like Gomorrah.” Amplified.
48.        Roman 9 : 29 “It is an Isaiah predicted, if the Lord of hosts had not left us a seed [from which to propagate descendants], we [Israel] would have fared like Sodom and have been like Gomorrah.” Amplified.
49.        If God never left us with a remnant that is conscious of true holiness, that is in fear and committed to this holy Gospel of truth, this holy Gospel of redemption, the death of Jesus Christ on Calvary would have been in vain. The essence of preaching the Gospel could have been in vain. We would have been like Sodom and Gomorrah. The Lord would have destroyed us all.
50.        However, I thank Almighty God for preserving a remnant that will still bear witness that the death of Jesus Christ on Calvary was never in vain and will never be in vain. I thank Almighty God. Amen.

differences between the true Church and the counterfeit Church
Brethren, it is important to pay particular attention to the most and sounding differences between the true Church which is the body of Christ and the counterfeit Church which produces counterfeit Christians all over the world.
2.           Everything in the true Church is manifested in a spiritual way by faith with the power of the Holy Spirit.
3.           Second Corinthians 5 – 7, “For we by faith [we regulate our lives and conduct ourselves by our conviction or belief respecting man’s relationship to God and divine things with trust and holy fervour; thus we walk] not by sight or appearance.” Amplified.
4.            In the counterfeit Churches, carnalism, outward appearance is the rule that governs their behaviour. However, look at what the Word said.
5.           Colossians 2 : 20 – 23, “If then you have died with Christ to material ways of looking at things and have escaped from the world’s crude and elemental notions and teachings of externalism, why do you live as if you still belong to the world? [Why do you submit to rules and regulations? – such as], do not handle [this], do not taste [that], do not even touch [them], referring to things all of which perish with being used.
6.           To do this is to follow human precepts and doctrines. Such [practices] have indeed the outward appearance [that popularly passes] for wisdom., in promoting self-imposed rigor of devotion and delight in self-humiliation and severity of discipline of the body, but they are of no value in checking the indulgence of the flesh (the lower nature). [Instead, they do not honour God but serve only to indulge the flesh.” Amplified.
7.           To become a member of the true Church which is the body of Christ, the person must receive Christ who is the word of God as the Lord of his life by faith; And actively, live in obedience to Christ’s commandments daily as led by the Holy Spirit.
8.           on the other hand, To become a member of the false counterfeit Church, a person must get a membership card, declaring his allegiance and loyalty to whatever denomination it is.
9.           If the person moves, his membership is merely transferred to the same denomination in his new area or residence. It is like joining a club depending on the form of godliness (religiousness, goodness). Membership could come by being born into a family of that denomination or by the religious confirmation service or by some other ritualistic, all based upon the doctrines of men and of the Devil. That is the only way I know you can identify with these false Churches today.
Doctrine is liFe
10.        First Timothy 4 : 1, “But the [Holy] Spirit distinctly and expressly declares that in latter times some will turn away from the faith, giving attention to deluding and seducing spirits and doctrines that demons teach.” Amplified.
11.        St. Mark 7 : 6-9, “He answered and said unto them, Well hath Isaiah prophesied of you hypocrites, as it is written, This people honoreth me with their lips, but their heart is far from me. Howbeit in vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.
12.        For laying aside the commandment of God, ye hold the tradition of men, as the washing of pots and cups: and many other such like things ye do. And he said unto them, Full well ye reject the commandment of God, that ye may keep your own tradition.” KJV.
13.        Note, men and women today rejecting the commandments of God that they may be able to keep the traditions of men. No wonder the Bible said that they have a clever way of setting aside, laying aside the Word of God, that they might be able to establish the words of their own general superintendents, the creeds and dogmas of their Churches. What is more, God is fully aware of all these things and He hates them all.
14.        That is why if you are a child of God, you must learn to be obedient to the word of God. You must learn to obey every instruction from the Holy Spirit that comes from the mouth of the Apostle of God of your day that has the spirit of Christ, by so doing my friend, you will live.
15.        If you keep on listening to the voice of your general superintendents and overseers, you will perish. Always listen to the word of God unadulterated, no matter how harsh it seemed, no matter how difficult it seemed, You have to obey it if you must live.
16.        That is why the Word of God is no respecter of persons. We are living in the days when men and women are no longer interested in searching the Scriptures over the disciplines (rules, orders) set down in these false Churches and people were yielding to all of them. They are being taught with false Gospel and false teachings. That is why they go about behaving carnally.
17.        No man will live above the Gospel he has received for Doctrine is liFe. if you receive a special doctrine, you will behave specially. if you receive A Holy Ghost filled doctrine, you will live A Holy Ghost filled liFe, you will glorify God.
18.        Look around you, entertainment worship here and there, and God is not happy. The spiritual condition of the person or family oftentimes has absolutely nothing to do with membership. Being truly born again filled with the Holy Ghost, totally committed to Christ and in right standing with God has nothing to do with the person’s acceptance in these Churches again.
19.          Counterfeit Churches, their golden rule of approval lies in financial contribution other than in the true spiritual condition of an individual’s heart. Consequently, the counterfeit Church is filled with people committing all kinds of evil acts and abominations in the name of Jesus Christ.
20.        They maintain good standing with the Church based on finances, the emphasis is now on prosperity and material gains in Nigeria today, in United States and all over the world. This has had a major influence on Christianity worldwide.
21.        In counterfeit Churches, membership stressed the baptism of finances, instead of God’s own preferring process for baptism of fire.
22.        First Timothy 6 : 10, “For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.” KJV.
23.         Revelation 3 : 17 – 18, “For you say, I am rich; I have prospered and grown wealthy, and I am in need of nothing; and you do not realize and understand that you are wretched, pitiable, poor, blind, and naked. Therefore I counsel you to purchase from me gold refined and tested by fire, that you may be [truly] wealthy, and to keep the clothes to cloth you and to keep the shame of your nudity from being seen, and salve to put your eyes, that you may see.” Amplified.
24.        I want you to understand that in this false Church, a building is considered to be the Church. They do not even consider that individuals make up the Church, rather, buildings are considered to be the Church, and then they can go about glorying in empty thing.
25.        They go about building synagogues and temples here and there, that will cost them millions and billions of Dollars and Naira; note, building temples here and there, building cathedrals here and there because the Church is considered to be nothing but the building, mere structure and indeed that is what it is by their own definition.
26.        That is why when you pull down any of the buildings, you have killed the Church. However, I know that the Bible said that the Church is the individual. The individual is the temple where God lives and not in that empty house that is being built with ordinary hands. For God said that He will never live in any house that is made of hand.
27.        God does not live in synagogue. He does not live in the temple made with bricks and blocks. No! He lives in a human being; He lives in the individual because He is a spirit.
28.        When God lives in you, you will manifest His character, my friends. The underlying belief in the false Churches is that members must always go to the Church “building” in order to worship, to attain and maintain salvation. That is why the call (invitation) everywhere today is: “Come to our Church, come to our Church.” Yet they will say Church does not save.
29.        If Church does not save, and you still invite somebody to come to your Church, what is the essence of inviting that person? If Church does not save and you still invite people to come to your Church, what are you inviting them for? Why then do you go about printing posters?
30.        You go to television you spend huge sums of money only to advertise your Church, you go to Radio stations, you print handbills, you print posters, place billboards here and there, you send people out to go and propagate your Church, yet you said that Church does not save. What is the essence of all these worldly, worldly advertisement if the Church does not save?
31.        You invite them into your Church only to enrich yourself, why are you boastful of membership of your Church: “Today, we are one million people, we are twenty million people in the Church”? You think God is interested in millions of people? Never, never.
32.        God is looking for a man, a woman, an individual that will stand firm on the word of God and live by every word of God. That is what God is looking for, that is the demand God is after.
33.        In the age of Noah, how many people did God save? Only but eight, that is, one family. From the Bible, we can see God save only eight persons. The Bible said that they were Noah, his sons, Noah’s wife and his daughter in-laws, who are these people: Mr. and Mrs. Noah, Mr. and Mrs. Ham, Mr. and Mrs. Shem, Mr. and Mrs. Japheth—eight in number and not the whole world.
34.        However, today people are commanding the whole world and then you want to tell me that they are pleasing God? Christ said that if our preaching is of the world, the world will hear us and they will follow us.
35.        However, because our preaching is not of the world, it is contrary to the desire of the world, it is against the worldly system, worldly character, for that reason the world has rejected us, the world will never follow us. No matter how you try to preach it, there is no way.  For the Word of God is the ground of no compromise.
36.        People are wicked indeed. Men of God so-called, so-called appointed men of God, so-called appointed pastors and preachers, whose God are their own bellies, instead of telling the world that they want to make money, they go about parading themselves as angels of righteousness. Caging people in bondage, for self-organised Churches.
37.        The Lord is saying, Come out of them my brothers and sisters, my friends. While we listen to this glorious message, come out of it and go back to the Bible. You will see that the way to the Kingdom of God is never a broad way, it is never a prosperity way.
38.        Christ has nothing to do with wealth, He has nothing to do with prosperity, rather prosperity will be a stumbling block to you, your riches can be a snare to you. Tell me if there be any rich man that will be humble enough to stoop so low and listen to this glorious message that will disarm him, derobe him of his political title, traditional title, national title? Tell me if there is any?
39.        Look at everywhere, see what is happening. Tell me if there be any that will stoop so low and compromise to this glorious Gospel that will make him to look like an ordinary man. Everybody wants to be Mr somebody, Mrs somebody. However, before Christ you must be a foolish person for you to worship Christ, for the message of Christ is the message of foolishness unto them that will perish. However, unto us that will live is a message of eternal life, God bless you as you follow this message. Amen.

ready to die
Acts of the Apostles 7: 48 – 49, “However, the Most High does not dwell in houses and temple made with hands; as the prophet says, [Isa. 66:1,2.] Heaven [is] my throne, and earth the footstool for my feet. What [kind of] house can you build for me, says the Lord, or what is the place in which I can rest.” Amplified.
2.           God is still confirming His word that no man can build a house where God can dwell. Fellowship in the fake Church, in the counterfeit Church is motivated by social acceptance and activities. Hence, it is always entertainment worship.
3.           People just go into those Churches to dance rock ‘n’ roll music, to dance very sweet worldly song just because the name of Jesus is placed on them and they forget their senses. After dancing you see them coming out of the counterfeit Churches all the same, no change in character. Some even come out worse. Ask them, they will tell you, “I am now a born again Christian because I am now a Deeper life member,” or Grace of God or in one Church or the other.
4.           No! Born again is beyond that. It must be Christ experience, Holy Ghost experience. Being a child of God is not a cult but a way of life. A person’s spiritual standing is not considered in these counterfeit Churches. In the community, it is often determined by Church attendance and fellowship, as a member of any social clubs, including the local country clubs. Each fellowship holds in a particular place in the night or day, people giving them an image of acceptability and then personal justification.  
5.           The relationship developed in this kind of worship are most often superstitious. Because it is fake, it can never resist trouble, it can never resist pressure. If the going becomes very tough, you see all of them fading away. Because they are just fake, weak, silver spoon in their mouth, giving a fake impression that being Christ-like is built on a bed of roses; no, no, no.
6.           being christ-like means suffering, a call to salvation, a call to Christ, a call to come and die that you may obtain a better resurrection. IT Is a call to suffering! Nobody ever got it on a platter of gold.
7.           Apostle St. Paul said in second Timothy 4 : 16, “At my first trial no one acted in my defence [as my advocate] or took my part or [even] stood with me, but all forsook me. May it not be charged against them!” Amp.
8.           Because the world hated such preaching, they hated St. Paul’s preaching, he was arrested because of his preaching. There, no man ever stood by him to defend him. Nobody ever stood by the truth. IN ADDITION, I am sure, while you are witnessing what the Holy Ghost is saying in this Message, I know I am ready to pay the price; it is a voice that is crying from the wilderness, That you must repent and come out of the counterfeit Churches, and I know I am hated by all these fake, self-appointed, devilish general overseers and superintendents, the Pharisees of today, The modern Pharisees of our age, I am hated by them all.
9.           One day they will arrest me, I am ready to pay the price for saying this truth. I know one day I will be arrested, no man will stand by me, no man will defend me, everybody will desert me. I am certain about it, but God will be with me. For with God I know I will be an overcomer. I have been hated because of this truth, I have been called different kinds of names (both good and evil) because of this truth, nevertheless, may God be glorified.
10.        If you love the truth, be ready to die, be ready to pay the price for it is surely the only way I know you must go into the kingdom of God. Forget what impression they are giving you in the fake Churches, come out from them and be not partakers of their evils.
11.         St. John 15: 13, “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” KJV.
12.         First John 3 : 16, “Hereby perceive we the love of God, because he laid down his life for us: and we ought to lay down our lives for the brethren.” KJV.
13.        The fake Churches, counterfeit Churches had structure, organised and limited the free movement of the Holy Spirit in their assembly. Week after week, day after day they continue the same monotonous routine, and scheduled programmes in their daily worship.
14.        The same religion and tradition continue, service after service. The more ritualistic a denominational Church service is, the greater indication there, that it is of Satan’s work and deception.
15.        The truth of these vain, counterfeit Churches are evident in their lifeless repetition. Lifeless repetition—run round and round. Everyday, “You barren woman, you witches and wizards.” Everyday preaching of immorality, nobody will talk about Holiness, perfection and true righteousness. Everyday they are preaching prosperity, healing, signs and wonders, as if these are ticket to Heaven.
16.        Any man that is coming into the city, you see all of them trooping down there: “Let us go and see what will happen.” What is their testimony? “I have never seen a wonderful man like that. While he was preaching, many were falling down!” Tell Me, is falling down a ticket to Heaven? Is healing, signs and wonders the ticket to Heaven?
17.        Don’t you know you must lay hold on eternal life, which is the word of God, the word of truth? Don’t you know that He that has called you is HOLY AND expect you to live a holy life? If the sign is holy, the practice of the sign must be holy also. OTHERWISE, something has gone wrong somewhere.
18.        Isaiah 29 : 13 “And the Lord said, forasmuch as this people draw near me with their mouth and honour me with their lips but remove their hearts and minds far from me, and their fear and reverence for me are a commandment of men that is learned by repetition [without any thought as to the meaning].” Amp.
19.        Isaiah 58 : 2, “Yet they act so pious, they come to the temple every day and are so delighted to hear the reading of my law just as though they will obey them. Just as though they do not despise the commandment of their God, how anxious they are in worship correctly in men’s eyes oh! How they love the temple services.” LB.
20.        In Acts 7: 51, “You stubborn and stiff-necked people, still heathenish and uncircumcised in heart and ears, you are always actively resisting the Holy Spirit. As your forefather [were], so you [are and so you do].” Amp.
21.        Everything in the counterfeit Church is done for eye appeal or eye service; to entertain and blanket the false life of the members as if outward show, verbal eloquence and religious rituals could replace the true ministry of the Holy Spirit Whose purpose is to meet the spiritual need of the people.
22.        The Bible said in Jeremiah 8 verse 8 and verse 11: “How can you say, we are wise, and we have the written law of the Lord [and are learned in its language and teachings]? Behold, the truth is, the lying pen of the scribes has made of the law a falsehood (a mere code of ceremonial observances).
23.        For they have healed the wound of the daughter of my people only lightly and slightingly, saying, Peace, peace, when there is no peace.)” Amp.
24.        They only healed the wound of the daughters of God only slightly and lightly saying peace, peace when there is no peace. What an awful picture we have in the counterfeit Churches, giving the impression that all is well, as if the saints of God are now in millennium, as if they have possessed eternal life already, as if they have been raptured away, not knowing that while we are in this mortal flesh, the battle is still continuing, the battle is on. One can still be fed up, the tendency is there for one to still be fed up. Satan’s end-time deceit has deluded all of them away.
25.        From this revelation, I am telling you my friends, my hearers and readers, Satan is all out to destroy all we have been labouring all these years and if one is not extremely careful and meticulous while following Christ, all we have been labouring all these years, Satan can destroy all of them just in a second. In a twinkling of an eye, Satan can destroy all and then we run the race in vain. I said God forbid.
26.        The living power and the gift of the Holy Spirit are not evident in the counterfeit Churches. Prophecy, signs, interpretation of tongues, the casting out of Devil, divine healings and miracles, the genuine ones are completely absent in these counterfeit Churches. They do not believe in the living Christ anymore, Satan has accomplished his purpose in the defeated, powerless counterfeit Churches.
27.        What people say and call “speaking in tongue” in the counterfeit Churches is just manmade, it is counterfeit, it is not original. Original speaking in tongue is Holy Ghost inspired, it is a Heavenly language. No person learnt it in any institution for it is not taught by any man at all; it is inspired by the Holy Ghost, it came out with power. It is interpreted by the Holy Ghost also; it is a message to the Church.
28.        Nevertheless, watch today, both the tongues and the interpretation of them in the counterfeit Churches bear evidence that they are all wrong and counterfeit. They are all fake and manmade, that is why when you see them they are vain repetition.
29.        See carnal men and women with permed hair, with jerry curled hair and makeup. Some with earrings and necklaces, some even with very offensive cloths with holes, making show in the worldly form with expensive headgear in the Church, all prophesying or speaking in tongue, let it be known to you that the devil speaks in tongue also—the devil has prophesied.
30.        Do not allow all these things to deceive you, my fellow pilgrims and strangers on Earth. Abide in the Word of God and you will discern the hour we are living in.
31.         First Corinthians 12 : 7 – 10, “The Holy Spirit display God’s power through each of us as a means of helping the entire Church. To one person the spirit gives the ability to give wise advice, someone else maybe especially good at studying and teaching and this is His gift from the same spirit.
32.        He gives special gift to another and to someone else the power to heal the sick, to give power for doing miracles to some and to others power to prophesy and preach. He gives someone else the power to know whether evil spirit has spoken through those who claim to be given God’s messages or whether it is really the spirit of God who is speaking.
33.        That is the spirit of discernment to another person he is able to speak in languages he never learn and other who do not know the languages either are given power to understand what he is saying.” LB.
34.        This is exactly what God is doing in His Church, that is the gift of God.
35.        Hebrews 13: 8 “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and for ever.” KJV.
36.        Having been baptised with the Holy Spirit or belonged to a spirit-filled Church of Christ is not assurance of righteousness either. Neither is being born again a one-way ticket to Heaven.
37.        Be very careful my brethren. I am speaking to you so that you will be very, very careful. To take care about the evil day we are living in.
38.        Revelation 3 : 5, “He that overcometh, the same shall be clothed in white raiment; and I will not blot out his name out of the book of life, but I will confess his name before my Father, and before his angels.” KJV.
39.        That you are a saint today, should you go about in carelessness? if you dare walk in carelessness, on the last day the Lord will blot out your name from the book of life.
40.        Hebrew 6 : 4 - 6, “For it is impossible [to restore and bring again to repentance] those who have been once for all enlightened, who have consciously tested the Heavenly gift and have become sharers of the Holy Spirit, and have felt how good the word of God is and the mighty powers of the age and world to come.
41.        If they then deviate from the faith and turn away from their allegiance – [it is impossible] to bring back to repentance, for (because, while, as long as) they nail upon the cross the Son of God afresh [as far as they are concerned] and are holding [Him] up to contempt and shame and public disgrace.
42.        Verse 8: “But if [that same soil] persistently bears thorns and thistles, it is considered worthless and near to being cursed, whose end is to be burned.” Amp.
43.        Whose end is to be burned! What a work Satan has done to nullify even the power of the Holy Spirit in the Church—spirit filled believers who may use God’s power in their lives or in their Church services, either by quenching or by over-emotionalizing God, Holy Spirit and who are forever speaking their personal feelings, are dangerously speaking against the Holy Spirit.
44.        The true believers have been given the gift of God’s spirit, greater in speaking to answer God’s purposes and not their own. They stand in more light truth and therefore have more responsibility as God’s children and are held more accountable than those who have not been baptised in the Holy Spirit.
45.        Watch these counterfeit Churches, Satan however has robbed them of the true urgencies of end-time realism and has lured them into a stupor of false spiritual security. This spirit of apparty has nullified the awareness of these people, blinding them to their true need of spiritual progression, recognition of Christ of their day and eternal life.
46.        Hebrews 10 : 23 – 29, “So let us seize and hold fast and retain without wavering the hope we cherish and confess and our acknowledgement of it, for He who promised is reliable (sure) and faithful to His word.
47.        And let us consider and give attentive, continuous care to watching over one another, studying how we may stir up (stimulate and incite) to love and helpful deeds and noble activities, not forsaking or neglecting to assemble together [as believers], as is the habit of some people, but admonishing (warning, urging, and encouraging) one another, and all the more faithfully as you see the day approaching.
48.        For if we go on deliberately and willingly sinning after once acquiring the knowledge of the truth, there is no longer any sacrifice left to atone for [our] sins [no further offering to which to look forward]. [There is nothing left for us then] but a kind of awful and fearful prospect and the fury of burning wrath and indignation which will consume those who put themselves in opposition [to God].
49.        Any person who has violated and [thus] rejected and set at naught the Law of Moses is put to death without pity or mercy on the evidence of two or three witnesses.
50.         How much worse (sterner and heavier) punishment do you suppose he will be judged to deserve who has spurned [thus] trampled underfoot the Son of God, and who has considered the covenant blood by which he was consecrated common and unhallowed, thus profaning it and insulting and outraging the [Holy] Spirit [who imparts] grace (the unmerited favour and blessing of God)?” Amp.
51.        These Pentecostals and Charismatic who were once truly all hot and on fire for Christ, have cooled off until they have become lukewarm counterfeit Churches.
52.        Matthew 24: 12 - 13 “And the love of the great body of people will grow cold because of the multiplied lawlessness and iniquity, but he who endures till the end will be saved.” Amp.
53.        Matthew 5: 13, “You are the salt of the earth, but if salt has lost his taste and (its strength, its quality), how can its saltiness be restored? It is not good for anything any longer but to be thrown out and trodden underfoot by men.” Amp.
54.        The lukewarm believers have tasted of the Holy Spirit power and gift, but Satan has tempted their attitude and honest work of the things of God with the various spirit of the world. These Churchgoers can be placed in three main categories: the lukewarm emotional, lukewarm saints and lukewarm interdenominational.
55.        In all these groups, one word for them is that they are counterfeit Churches, no matter the way you look at them.
56.        The lukewarm emotional Churches, this group has a false Pentecostal spirit that influences the members in selfish or rich blessing, excitement and spiritual height. These people who have given up the external worldly pleasures such as movies and television, drinking, smoking and dancing etc., they are eating spiritual brew, which are in reality only in substitute for worldly pleasure.
57.        Being a spiritual broke physically, is merely living a false life, the lower nature of man in more subtle and more abnormable way in the sight of God. Just like you can see in Christian Pentecostal mission, in Deeper Life Bible Church in Nigeria and in some other Churches worldwide. They can do away with television screen, cinemas and every form of entertainment yet it is mere self-drill to certify the flesh wayward worship.
58.        Matthew 7 : 21 – 23, “Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of Heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in Heaven. Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? And in thy name have cast out devils? And in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.” KJV
59.        First Corinthians 3:3 “For you are still [unspiritual, having the nature] of the flesh [under the control of ordinary impulses]. For as long as [there are] envying and jealousy and wrangling and factions among you, are you not unspiritual and of the flesh, behaving yourselves after a human standard and like mere (unchanged) men?” Amp.
60.        Jealousy, wrangling, quarrelling, displeasing, they are rampant in all counterfeit Churches. You know them all and I am saying, COME OUT FROM THEM. This kind of religious behaviour is the pinnacle of false religious pride and hypocrisy; religious game going on in those Churches, even these people are still playing football till today. Doing gymnastic, wrestling and every kind of evil play all in the name of Christianity. God forbid.
61.        Counterfeit Church, come out from among them and be ye separate. These people are self-deceit, though they have an intellectual knowledge of the Scripture, they do not pay the price to walk the way of the Cross. They do not obey God; they do not allow Him to remove the spirit of the world from their hearts at all, to have their hearts circumcised, instead they will use the emotional and sensational worship to deceive themselves.
62.        James 1 : 21 – 22, “So get rid of all uncleanness and the rampant outgrowth of wickedness, and in a humble (gentle, modest) spirit receive and welcome the word which implanted and rooted [in your hearts] contains the power to save your souls.
63.        But be doer of the word [obey the message], and not merely listeners to it, betraying yourselves [into deception by reasoning contrary to the truth].” Amp.
64.        First Peter 2 - 16 “[Live] as free people, [yet] without employing your freedom as a pretext for wickedness; but [live at all times] as servants of God.” Amp.                                          
65.      On this note, remain in your sanctified estate and remain blessed in Him eternally.