The Son of Man Revealed From One of The Jungles in Africa According To William Branham's Prophesy

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Monday, 6 February 2012


I am The Ancient of Days, The Boundless One, The Unlimited, The Undifferentiated, The Illimitable One; The Divine Emanation, The origin of the Universe, The Great Teacher, The Highest Judge. Believe it if you can…

—The   Son of Man      
…If God said it is impossible to deceive the elect, can a man make it possible? Have you now seen why every other person that is outside our midst is deceived?

 We are in this Faith enjoying all we are enjoying by the election of grace.
  Since we are God’s elect, clear and certain, we are settled for God will avenge for us. In other words, vengeance belongs to God and now the day has come, locked up in his heart. If we are His elect, will the Lord do anything on Earth without informing us? He cannot keep us in the dark.


(THE TEAR OF MY REDEEMED IS COME Page 87, verse 44-45)
Jesus was a shadow foreshadowing good things to come. Is that not true? The Law was a shadow foreshadowing good things to come. What is that good thing? Grace. No more, no less.
2.           Satan was using the Law against Joshua; God used Grace to set Joshua free: “I reject your accusation! I cannot listen to you for I have already purposed in Myself before the world began to show Joshua and his people mercy.”
3.           What is more, he is representing a generation to come. He is a shadow, foreshadowing a people to come. As long as the Holy Ghost is in the midst of His people, they are all holy for God is their holiness. As long as Christ dwelleth among His people, they are all holy in the sight of God for God alone is their holiness, their righteousness, their salvation, their redemption, their perfection, their baptism, their sanctification, their eternal life—He is their all and all.
4.           Christ in you the hope of glory. Christ makes everything right. Is Christ among us? The answer is yes. Satan was there as an accuser of brethren, accusing them of many sins but God was there to reject his accusations.
5.           There is something you do not know about God. Where sin abounds, Grace abounds more and more.
6.           He that is set free for a debt of ten thousand Naira and one that is set free for a debt of hundred million Naira, who should rejoice most?
7.           You are my friends. I have called you my friends and that I will show you favour. You say, “If what you are telling me is real, show me a sign.” The sign you need is that you will go with Me.
8.           From time to time it is necessary that the ministers will lay hand on the old Messages, use them to help our teeming children in the Faith to know what we really believed.
9.           We have a Message for the children titled “Catch Them Young.” As children they must know what their parents believe. It is God’s injunction to us that we should teach our children the ways of God as we received from the Almighty God through His ministers He made as our living oracles.
10.        If we do not teach them, we are bound to lose them to fake religions that will not help them one bit. Thus, in your homes, please make out time for your children; balance the Faith so that they will understand the full meaning of the doctrines of Christ. Note, some statements are made in the air, then it behooves on the parents and the teachers to tie them with the Scriptures in line with the Message.
11.        Just like the concluding statement that was documented by Brother Ben—with his jotter that was used—that once you have the Spirit of God that you can act anyhow. No, it is not the Message! That is what he recorded but it is not the Message. He recorded the statement as he understood it; but it cannot be the Message.
12.        You cannot behave anyhow and then get saved, for our Message is clear that nobody lives a life higher than the Message he receives. If you receive a Message that tells you to behave anyhow, your life will reflect anyhow.
13.        If you receive a Message that tells you to do things decently and orderly, to conduct yourself as one professing godliness, knowing that the eyes of the Lord are upon you every minute, you will behave as one whose life is under a strict check.
14.        For the Message says that God has given us His Word as His regulatory instrument to regulate our habits, our characters and this is the essence of the preaching of the Gospel of Christ; ONE, to bring salvation into focus, to highlight immortality which is in Christ. TWO, to regulate your habits to suit the purpose of Christ calling you into His Family.
15.        God can never run a disorderly family. Our Message made it clear concerning the words of our Prophet William Branham, that if the Spirit of Christ is in you, your action must reflect Christ for Christ is identified by His characteristics.
16.        However, if the Spirit of Christ is not in you, your life and character will contradict the character of Christ. If you feel that Christ is in you and your character does not reflect it, that means you have received a deceiving spirit. He (the Spirit of Christ) is not there.
17.        If you are still rioting, you are haughty, you are proud, arrogant, stubborn, disobedient, lacking humility; you do not have the qualities of Christ at all.   
18.        The reason why I did not want to give everybody the opportunity of holding the Message or the booklet titled “Ben Okezue’s Jotter” is because many of you are not well-rooted and grounded so as to use another person’s jotter rightly. Remember it is a jotter, it is Brother Ben Okezue’s jotter and you know that it is dangerous to use somebody’s jotter, for oftentimes people are selective in jotting. They can only jot those things that are appealing to them. However, wherever their characters were condemned, they will try to avoid. While some are experts in recording those areas that discredit others and favour them.
19.        As a result, to use a jotter is very delicate. Oftentimes, the person will even put his own understanding in the jotter which is his own personal interpretation of that Message that may run contrary to the real meaning of the Message.
20.        Thus, recognizing that to be a fact; I limited the distribution of that booklet to seasoned ministers who know the difference between a direct Message from the Son of Man and a jotted Message by a brother.
21.        No matter how fast you think you can write, your jotter is incomplete. It is just like the report I got recently concerning the Brethren in Lagos that fury and quarrel among themselves from time to time. That in one of the Messages they hooked up from Onitsha; of all that I handed in that Message, they only hooked a statement—a concluding statement—and built a Message around it.
22.        After handling a lengthy Message I came down from the pulpit and invited Pastor Dan to the pulpit saying, “Pastor, come and collect offering, share testimonies, praise God and invite Me if you want.”
23.        Then they circled “invite me if you want” and said, “Can you see that Almighty God has conferred absolute authority in the Church to the Pastor to the point that it is the Pastor, his office or his right to invite the Son of Man or not to invite Him.
24.        That he (the Pastor) reserves the right, if he does not want the Son of Man to come to the pulpit, he will never invite Him. For that reason, no Apostle will come to the pulpit again. After all, there is some Local Assembly without Apostles.
26.        I was going through my jotter and I came across many Messages preached by many preachers and I saw where Ben Adikwu handled a very strict Message and the Scriptures he read, balanced them and said that the presence of an Apostle in the Church signifies the presence of Almighty God in the Church, for the Apostle is in the hand of Almighty God. For the first Apostle remains the Almighty God and all Apostles are called into that office. That despising them means despising God.
27.        There I paused and said “glory be to God” that no other person could preach this Gospel and back it up with the Scriptures than Ben Adikwu. I went through so many Messages preached by Weston Fihala. It was recently that I discovered from my jotters that Bishop Nnachor—before he became a Bishop—was featuring in the pulpit. From my jotter, I counted the Messages he handled before he was made a Bishop and in all it was seventeen (17) Messages; so Bishop Nnachor take note.
28.        You see, before he became a Bishop he was continually featuring in the pulpit, especially on Tuesdays and Thursday. As at that time we were not having any Message in print. I saw too many ministers that featured, the Messages preached by our former Apostle Joe of Lokoja. In fact, I read so many of them.
29.          At the end of the day I called Apostle Kelechi to tell him my own experience. I said concerning your own Message they littered everywhere and that of our former Bishop Okey Nwankpa. Equally, I saw Messages from Nnamdi Ogbogu littered everywhere, even Martin Orji—too many Messages. It is a very big jotter anyway.
30.        There, I saw that Brother Amankem has suffered one excommunication and I do not know whether he remembers it—the first and only excommunication and the jotter said, “Brother Amankem was excommunicated from the fellowship because of his Police case. Brother Amankem, you can remember when you had a Police case. I saw the excommunication of Pastor Christian and Brother Chime, and where the Voice said that they will stay outside for too long.
31.        The Voice said, “Do not ever mention their names or write their names for now, for they have unrepentant hearts, they want to make money by all means and they will be the poorest among us until they will change their attitudes towards money.”
32.        You see, we heard the prophecy of 1998 and we were jubilating. What can you say about these things that were spoken concerning you in 1998 and even before 1998? You see why you should be conscious of the Voice of God that roared on you!
33.        I also saw what was documented concerning Brother Ben Okezue. Brother Ben Okezue, if you must record anything, record exactly the Voice that roared on you for you are not yet out of the danger. What is the danger?
34.        The last restorations said in the jotter, “Thus, bring him in for he cannot be better outside but I will handle his case finally at the end.”
35.        If there is any Scripture you should memorize, memorize where David prayed to God never to bring him to judgment. There was a Scripture that was written there that said that many people’s sins will be exposed while they are alive for them to be forgiven; while some will be hidden in them and will follow them to the judgment seat. The Scripture was written under that statement.
36.        I saw the Scripture and I crosschecked it over and over, then while we were discussing, Brother Kelechi reminded Me about his conversation with our former Bishop Paul. That there was a day they were conversing when he was still in our midst and Bishop Paul told him saying, “Apostle Kelechi listen, all of us that are preachers and teachers are in danger; if God will use Messages that came out of our mouths to judge us, all of us must go to Hellfire.”
37.        I said, “What! So he told you this? Praise God!” And really no preacher can remember the words, the Messages that have proceeded out of his mouth. If we shall be saved as preachers it is now. Why? The Messages are now in print, otherwise we would have even denied our teachings, denied ourselves. However, by documenting them in print form, God is constantly putting us in remembrance so that we shall not succeed in helping others to be saved and then God will put us in Hellfire; and I said God will never do it. Amen.


We really thank God for the journey so far. When we put you in remembrance of the truths you knew from the beginning, the idea is for you to crosscheck your records to know whether you are still holding fast to the profession of your faith or whether you have mixed it with something else. God will only justify you by your faith in Christ. You will be saved by God’s free Grace which has provided you with a Saviour.
2.           It is just by Grace that we are provided with a Saviour. It is God’s Grace and mercy that we are blessed with this Apostolic Ministry. Is it not truth? It is just Grace; we cannot say that we merited it. Hence, let us walk before him in love.
3.           Concerning the hour we are in; do not forget it at all. Human beings forget too easily but let it not be so with you; let it not be so with you. Remember the struggle is still on, the fight is still on. It is a fight, it is a struggle.
4.           Yes! As long as we are still in this flesh, we are still struggling, we are still fighting for too many forces are against us, too many spirits are fighting against us, some are fighting us in form of a human beings while some are fighting us inform of anointing, that is, anointing that will come on you and you begin to see yourself struggling, fighting seriously to regain your freedom in Christ.
5.           Too many evil thoughts can flood your heart, hostile thoughts, things that are offensive, things that you hate which under normal condition you will not like to be associated with it, before you know it you will not know how the thing will just overtake you to show you that you are still in the flesh. It is still a struggle, it is still a fight. How do we overcome? By holding tenaciously to the word of His patience so that He Christ will deliver us.
6.           When we hold fast to the Word of His patience, He will deliver us in the hour of such horrible temptation. That we are being tempted now is a sure indication that we are still mortals, but the moment we are clothed with immortality, temptations will cease, trials will cease.
7.           There is nobody in this Faith who can say that he is never tempted, that he is never tried; it then means you are not alive. It is just like one who says that nobody talks about him; if nobody talks about you, you are not alive.
8.           As long as you are alive, somebody must talk about you, some will criticize you, some will idolize you, some will praise you, some will run you down but in all somebody must talk about you as a sure sign that you are still alive; so it is with the trials and temptations of the human body.
9.           The same way you can say that you are sick, you are hungry, you are this and that, these are constant reminders that something is still awaiting. You have not fully arrived at the final bus stop—receiving the end of your salvation which is the clothing of this immortal body.
10.        Until this our mortal flesh is transformed where it will feel no more pain, it will feel no more sorrow, no more anguish, no more sickness, no more death, we have not received the earnest of our salvation. If it is not promised, preaching it is useless. If nobody has attained it as a living example, it will remain imaginary.
11.        However, somebody has attended it, manifested it before our eyes, that is, that immortality was brought to focus through the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. He fronted immortality before our eyes as a demonstration that the Promise is real.
12.        What He did was to create enough faith in us to believe that the promise must surly come to pass. Although it tarries, we should patiently wait for it.
13.        Far back in 1998, the Lord told us what is ahead of us and you can see what is happening now.
14.        I want to show you two or three passages, then say few words.
15.        Isaiah 63: 4, “For the day of vengeance is in mine heart, and the year of my redeemed is come.” KJV.  
16.        For the time has come for me to avenge for my people, to redeem them from the hands of their oppressors.” LB.
17.        “For the day of vengeance was in my heart, and My year of redemption [the year of my redeemed] has come” AMP.
18.        For the time has come for God to avenge of His people from the hand of their oppressors. This prophecy has been lying there all these years. Remember my Message titled “God’s Prophecies Are Tied to Time.”
19.        When God is about to fulfill His prophecies, He will always raise a man on the scene. When God is about to fulfill His prophecy that has been lying low all these years; one, He will raise a man who will renew that prophecy. Two, He will raise a man who will spark off the event that will bring the prophecy to pass.
20.        Remember that Judas was predicted in the Old Testament even David the psalmist said that he forfeited his bishopric office, before Judas was born; his journey on earth had already been pre-decided.
21.        His ministry pre-decided but Judas knew it not. Everything pre-determined when Judas has not appeared as a human being: How he will betray his Messiah, how he will forfeit his bishopric office, even the amount he will collect in return for betraying his Messiah, his Master, was also predicted.
22.        When the hour for the fulfillment came after hundreds and thousands of years, a man married a wife, the woman conceived, gave birth to a young boy; there was no other name that could be fit for that boy than Judas. Without referring to the Scriptures to know what and what were said concerning the name Judas. They named him Judas. He grew up that he might fulfill his ministry on Earth.
23.        What is more, another man married a lady, she conceived and gave birth to a son who became Jesus, who grew up and became a master over Judas. When God speaks, He knows how to bring His Word to pass.
24.        Let me tell you, the Church in preview, when God predicted the time the Church will come, when the Kingdom of God shall be among men; He predicted the king that will be on the throne as at that time; He predicted the empire that will be in control even when that Church shall be established.
25.        Why not fear God! Known unto God are all His works from the beginning of the world. He that could tell Jeremiah, “Before you ever entered your mother’s womb where I formed you; I knew you and ordained you a Prophet.” Do you ponder when you read such marvelous Scriptures?
26.        When I tell you that you are not here by accident or by human design, let me tell you; if you accidentally come in this Faith, you will accidentally go out. If you come into this most holy Faith by human design, by human design also you will go out.
27.        Nobody is found in Christ except those who were with Him before the world began. If you were not with Him from the very beginning there is no way you can enter midway. I AM SAYING THAT THE DAY GOD PROMISED TO AVENGE HIS ENEMIES IN ORDER TO REDEEM HIS PEOPLE HAS COME AT LAST. It has come at last.
28.        The long awaited year of the redeemed has finally come and no going back. When the day comes all eyes will see it.
29.        God said, “Do not avenge for vengeance belongeth unto Me. Vengeance belongeth to the Lord. When the Lord will avenge, eyes will see it, ears will hear it, every tongue will acknowledge that “of a truth this is the finger of the Lord;” for the arm of the Lord has done it.
30.        Before then, every effort of man to declare himself free, to avenge for himself will be failing. THE YEAR OF MY REDEEMED IS COME; THE YEAR OF GOD’S VENGANCE WHICH IS IN HIS HEART HAS FINALLY ARRIVED.
31.        Whenever God is about to bring His prophecies to pass, He must send one on the scene who will disclose the contents of God’s heart and no other person is capable of doing it than One that is in the bosom of the Father.
32.        For He that is in the bosom of the father knows the heart of the Father. If you are not in the bosom of the Father; there is no way you can know the secret of the heart of the Father. Thus, the year of the vengeance of the Lord has come at last.
33.        If you have been following events very strictly this year 2011, in line with the Prophetic Messages we have received more especially during the ministers meeting, you will know actually that we are feasting with the Prophet. Note, we are feasting with THE, not A, but with THE.
34.        I read a Scripture recently and it said, “Who is this man? Is it not Jesus Christ the son of David, the Prophet of Nazareth?”
35.        If you have been following events as they unfold, all that transpired during the ministers’ meeting which started from 30th December 2010 to 1st January 2011 as contained in the Message titled “Ministers’ Meeting” volumes one and two, you will be ticking good, good, good because the Voice started fulfilling that same day the Message was preached.
36.        Even while you were still in the ministers’ meeting; the Voice started fulfilling, and have been fulfilling continually up to this very moment. For the Voice said that “what I am saying is not too far away from you. It is near you even now.”
37.        He (the Voice) said, “Watch, by the time we will say ‘Happy New Year,’ they (the prophecies) will be unfolding gradually. Besides, once it sets in, it will be sporadic. It will be spontaneous until it will engulf the whole Earth.”
38.        What happened? Immediately we said “happy New Year;” the Voice said, “Do not say Happy; it is happy to the Bride but  it is sadness to the world for it is a bloody year: a year of trouble, a year of calamity, a year people will regret their lives, for they MUST swim in the ocean of blood.”
39.        He went further and said, “Concerning your election—if there will be anything called election—do not worry, they have been promising them good times but you will see the bloodiest election this time around.”
40.        He began to name places; first, He said, “Look at Kafanchan, it has been in peace all this while; Kafanchan will swim in blood. The whole Kaduna State including Zaria, Zonkwua, all of them will swim in blood.”
41.        He said, “Watch Kano, Gombe, Bornu State and Bauchi, fix your eyes there for horrible things will happen there. Anyway I do not need to go far. Events will justify all these things.” He said that Abuja will not be spared.
42.        He said, “Watch Suleja, Suleja will receive its own fair share.” Then He said, “Brother Akparanta, are you hearing me?”
43.        Before your eyes it started everywhere. Up till this day, Lagos is still rejoicing, for they have forgotten the Voice that roared on Lagos, which said that Lagos is paradise now but there is something going on there. When Lagos trouble will start, it will be an uncontrollable thing. He said that ears that will hear what will happen there will tingle but for now it is in the cooler.
44.        As a reminder, He said, “Remember what I told you concerning Jos before. Jos was a state that was called paradise, they knew nothing called war or trouble.”
45.        I was there in 1996 and I predicted saying, “Look this city that has been enjoying cool weather; very soon the weather will become very hot.” That’s number one. Two, He said, “They have been enjoying without rival throughout the whole world for it has been a peaceful town especially in Nigeria but now trouble will engulf Jos and when it starts, it will not stop. It will be sporadic. It will be spontaneous. It will even extend as far as Shindam, Yeruwa and the rest of them.” Amen.

Our Message said, “Call Christ in the time of crises.” We are following a Prophet. Watch events as they unfold and tie them to the Messages.
2.           The year of my redeemed is come at last, which is the year God promised to avenge of all His enemies. Now God cannot do it anyhow; it must be a well-organized battle.
3.           In one of our Messages we saw it in the Book of Zachariah chapter 9, when nations shall rise against Jerusalem, against Israel, the people of God; watch, what God will do? GOD WILL REMEMBER HIS PROMISE AND NOW BRING OUT HIS BOW WHICH IS JUDAH AND BRING OUT HIS ARROW WHICH IS EPHRAIM. Then the two will become a mighty sword in the hand of God to make vengeance upon all the nations that know not God, who are tensed up against the people of God; and when He shall start, He shall make an end and the whole world that will survive will say of a truth this is the finger of the Lord.
4.           How is He going to do those things? What will God do so that the prophecies of His servant, the predictions of His servant which He made in His Name (God’s Name) will come to pass? For if others could make such predictions, they are bound to fail but when God’s own servant, God’s own mouthpiece makes such proclamations in the Name of the Lord, Almighty God will remain guilty until He has brought them to pass.
5.           Do you know how many thousands of years these prophecies have been lingering? Why! God’s prophecies are tied to time.
6.           Watch what is happening worldwide.  Now, the attention of the entire world is now drawn to the Middle East. The President and the king of Yemen ran away recently after receiving a heavy bombardment in his palace. He survived the attack and now ran away from his country. Yet there is no peace.
7.           Mubarak of Egypt ran away from his palace, yet there is no peace in Egypt till today. In spite of the voting that was considered to be the best between the northern and southern Sudan, which will incidentally give way to southern Sudan becoming a sovereign State by July or August 2011; yet there is no peace in Sudan. There is still war in Darfur; there is still war in Khartoum, all in Sudan.
8.           What can we say about Syria? The President of Syria has been there since 1978 and he has vowed a vow just like Muammar Gaddafi, that is either he will die on the throne or that he will be captured alive, for that, thousands of people are perishing.
9.           In Beirut, that is Lebanon, there is trouble. In Cyprus, there is trouble. West Bank, Gaza Strip, all the cities round about Israel are troubled, but the worst is Palestine.
10.        All eyes are now on the Middle East. Remember that Obama’s declaration was not concerning Palestine State alone. Obama declared the stand of America on the crises in the South East and also in North Africa notably Tunisia, Libra, Morocco, Egypt, Sudan and they are all Islamic States.
11.         Do you know that apart from Israel, all the nations around Israel are Islamic States? Now I want to mention them one by one. They are the Amelikites, the Jebusites, the Perusites, the Hevites, the Canaanites, the Moabites.
12.        God told the people of Israel to complete their evacuation, instead of evacuating them, they settled in the little area in spite of the charge that God gave them, “Continue from where I stopped; I assure you that any land you step your feet on, declare it your own and it will be yours.” However, they did not continue in the war. They settled down and gradually the enemies came back.
13.        Remember that there is no land that is allocated to Israel; Israel never existed, Israel is an individual who was renamed a nation, and the land where they are claiming to be their own was not their own for it is conquer and occupy. The owners of the land remain the Ishmaelite whether you like it or not: The Hevites and Perusites, the Canaanites, all the ITES; remember they are relations of Israel. They either proceeded from Ishmael or they proceeded from the two daughters of Lot.
14.        By right, they should have formed the common wealth of Israel but unfortunately, God made His choice from the child of promise; although He is in the minority. I can tie it to Scriptures. We are the children of God while the rest of the world around us is under the power and the control of the Devil.  
15.        Go to your family and tell them that you are the only child of God there, go and say it, you will have a testimony the following day. Tell them that they are worshipping devils, that only you and maybe your wife and children are worshipping the only true God, they will call you a madman, that you are out of your senses, that there is a scale in your eyes. Yet it is truth if you are a seed of God. I said “if”—it is conditional.
16.        The year of my redeemed is come. The day of vengeance is in the heart of God.
17.        Note, the crises in the Middle East will not end until Jehovah will put an end to the crisis and the time He is about putting it to an end has come at last. God has raised Barack Obama for a purpose.
18.        Even if he leaves the White House tomorrow, whosoever that will be coming after him will be worse than him for America has never raised a crafty and diplomatic President like Barack Obama who hides his hatred in his heart against other nations.
19.        Note what I am saying. We know he is an African. He claims to be whatever he wants to be but I know he is taking side with his brethren. Forget about his name BARACK, that goes to show that he is from the Middle East; presumably a Jew but he is not a Jew.
20.        The truth of the matter is that he claims to be a Jew but he is not a Jew for a Jew can never fight a Jew. A Jew can never support a war against a follow Jew but he is from the Middle East from genealogy. His parents migrated from the Middle East, so he cannot hide his interest. He is a Muslim.
21.        Let me tell you what he is. He is a Muslim. There is one thing with America, if they have any interest in the economy of any nation, they will pull down the existing government and put their own. It is a must. Their interest in Libya is known everywhere. When Robert Mugabe pulled out of that useless accord, he made it public, condemning Obama and America, condemning even France and Britain. Why did they want to kill Gaddafi? There is no other thing than oil; and up till today there is no other place where that oil is found in abundance more than the Middle East.
22.        Iraq is one of them, Kuwait is there, Saudi Arabia is there, Libya is there, Morocco, Iran, name them but keep it there. Something is going to take place anytime from now. I am not going to tell you to watch out for war, otherwise you are watching out for great tribulation.
23.        Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel has made his declaration and still insisting on that declaration that Israel will never in this life nor in the life to come consider Palestine to be a sovereign State with its capital in Jerusalem. He said that it is none negotiable ground.
24.        America who is not a member of the UN but has a great influence over the UN has  now fused with the United Nations (UN), warning Israel, telling the Prime Minister of Israel that the time when they begged them for the declaration of Palestine State was over; that Israel should get ready, that the declaration must be forced between now and December this year 2011, and all the nations around Israel must be restored to all their lands down to their boundaries according to the 1967 Border Treaty, signed by UN which Israel violated in their six-day battle against the Palestine. Please take note.
25.        Why are these things happening this time? Remember the prophecy you heard in December 30 2010 which says, “I show you a sign, henceforth, expect nothing good coming from the world.”
26.        All the nations that have been enjoying peace before now must be shaking for God will shake all of them. He said, “Watch the Arab world, the kingdoms, God must shake all this year. Before we knew it, ancient kingdoms that have never been shaken before; Egypt started shaking, Tunisia started shaking, Morocco started shaking, before the thing started spreading and up till now, it is still on.
27.        Never have we heard it in the history of mankind that harmless civilians, civil riot without consultation could force presidents and kings out of their thrones. The masses volunteered to die in mass provided their rulers will go. The more they were killed the more they were pressing on. Some died in the desert, some died in the open air, some were gunned down, some died of starvation, hospitals closed and it became a human crises.
28.        We have not experienced such things in the history of the world. Has it ever happened or recorded, when did it happen? This year 2011; and it is still happening. It is still on and God is behind it, for when God is about to bring His prophecies to pass, He stirs up an event that will help that Message to come to pass.
29.        If the entire world fails to come together to fight for the Palestinian State, how can the prophecy of God come to pass for that is the only way the united world will turn against Israel the people of God. For this is the only thing that will happen that will attract God’s attention.
30.        Why has it not taken place until now? Why is it happening this year 2011? What signs will you see and then proclaim that indeed the year of God’s redeemed has come.
31.        When the entire world shall take counsel together to wage war against God’s own chosen nation. Why are these things happening today? These things did not happen years gone by, and they are only happening when God has raised a man on the scene to proclaim this. The time has come for the elect to be set free.
32.        What does these events signify to the Church which is the Gentile? God who had earlier told you that when these things will take place, by that time the Gentile Church is no longer on the scene; she has gone. The Bride has taken her flight for that is the only way she will not be affected by the crises.
33.        Remember God called it a religious war. I hope we are paying attention? There is one prophecy we are jumping.
34.        No matter the stubbornness of the Prime Minister of Israel over the accord, God said, “Blindly, ignorantly, they will mount pressure on the Prime Minister of Israel and he will put his hand on the document which is exactly what they are asking for”—his signature on the document so that they can now use it as a legal instrument to liberate Palestine and the Voice we have heard said that the Prime Minister of Israel will sign it ignorantly; that within twenty four hours he will realize his mistake and pull out.
35.        The moment he pulls out, the action Israel will take against that Palestine will anger the whole world including America to come against Israel and then Jehovah will come using Judah as the bow and Ephraim as the arrow; two of them as a mighty sword in His hand to execute vengeance.
36.        If I should monitor developments, I should be monitoring the steps the Prime Minister of Israel will take now that pressure is on Him to put his signature on the paper. God said that on that day the signature is appended to the document; he said, “Guard up your loins, the next thing is your departure. The following day is the wrath of God.”
37.        Your departure means the translation of your mortal bodies. It is only then you can be a powerful arrow; you cannot be a powerful arrow when arrow or bullet can penetrate your body but when you can appear and disappear, you now become a powerful arrow.  
38.        There is no strength in the bow. The strength of the bow is the arrow. This is exactly where you should keep your eyes. Gradually things are unfolding everyday, prophecies are coming to pass.
39.        Every action of the UN or America, every actions of the Jews whether in Palestine or in the land of Israel, they are all fulfilling one Scripture or the other. Prophecies are rapidly fulfilling; the same way you and I are also fulfilling prophecies that are meant for us whether good or bad.
40.        First Corinthians 1: 25-29, “Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men; and the weakness of God is stronger than men…” 
41.        Note, at a time when you think that God is foolish, His wisdom has no rival. At a time when you think that God has become weak, His strength is mightier than that of the strongest man in the history of mankind.
42.        “…For ye see your calling, brethren, how that not many wise men after the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble, are called :
43.        But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world…
44.        You see your calling? God has chosen foolish things of the world. Now see, if you go out now and tell people that you are a powerful instrument in the hand of God for vengeance upon His enemies, they will call you a foolish man: “Look at this man!” They will laugh you to scorn: “This is where they deceive you people.”
45.        However, the question is who is this person deceiving us? Is it God? Let Him deceive me now after all He is not collecting money from me. Have I given Him anything? Thus, let Him continue deceiving now. What is the gain which He derives from deceiving me?
46.        You should consider your calling my Brethren, not many mighty in the flesh, not many wise men in the flesh are called, but God has chosen you and I, the foolish things—despised, okada people and barrow pushers, mad and reasonable people, reasonable but mad, mad but full of their senses—to confound the wise.
47.        “…to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty;
48.        And base things of the world, and things which are despised, hath God chosen, yea, and things which are not, to bring to naught things that are: That no flesh should glory in his presence.” (KJV).                       
49.        “This so-called ‘foolish’ plan of God is far wiser than the wisest plan of the wisest man, and God in His weakness—Christ dying on the cross—is far stronger than any man.
50.        Notice among yourselves, dear brothers, that few of you who follow Christ have big names or power or wealth...” 
51.        So we are few.
52.        “..Instead God has deliberately chosen to use ideas the world considers foolish...”
53.        You have no wealth, you have no big names.
54.        “...And of little worth in other to shame those people considered by the world as wise and great.
55.        He has chosen a plan despised by the world, counted as nothing at all, and used it to bring down to nothing those the world considers great, so that no one anywhere can ever brag in the presence of God.” LB.
56.        Tell me, who among us in this Faith can boost of having a big name even before God arrested him? Who knows you in your community, even in your yard? In Onitsha, who knows you? Who can boost of coming into this Faith with abundance of wealth? Show me the person?
57.        God chose us from nothing and has decided to make us something. All of us in this Faith, we were despised; we were not regarded as human beings; even, most of us were written off by our parents and relations as never-do-wells. To them we were good for nothing and that is what God has chosen: Nonentities, renegades, hoodlums, God decided, deliberately to choose us so that nobody will believe our report.
58.        I was going through my jotter and I saw the day we dedicated the Message titled “Hard Truth” and the sermon was handled by Apostle Orjiakor and the title of the Message is “Who Will Believe Our Report?”
59.        I saw where I dedicated my first son, Wisdom Chibueze. The sermon was handled by Apostle Kelechi who warned you to run away from the wrath of God. That is the topic. Then I saw many others, and anyone I passed through I will try to go to the contents.
60.        Brethren, what you have known now is unknown everywhere. There is no group that can tie events to prophecies; and by this we know and believe that we are feasting with the Prophet. For where there is no Prophet you will never know the fulfilment of any Prophetic word.
61.        We are feasting with One Who can stand at the face of the Earth and say, “This day, this Scripture is fulfilled.”
62.        Now, I have told you where we are, although we are at the Gate having only but one bar left in our phone, and that one bar is gradually running down and it lasts longer than any other bar. It lasts longer than four bars or five bars put together although there is always a danger signal saying low battery; “pum pum”, meaning low battery. From time to time you hear “pum,” meaning low battery but you still receive calls, you will still make calls yet it is low battery. The bar is going down.
63.        We have counted 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and after 1, 0, the end. The thing is narrowing to zero bars.
64.        You see, let Me tell you the secret. If you are driving a car or motorcycle and your tank enters reserve, if you want to get to your destination without trouble; do not apply the brake; if you apply the brake it will never start again. However, as long as you do not touch the brake pedal, you will get to the nearest filling station or even to your destination, but when you park it will never start again. Hence, I am not touching the pedal, I am still accelerating.  
65.        We are at the Gate. God is equally watching the entire world as well as His people Israel. They are planning, God is planning for His people, for Israel has no plan outside God. Israel cannot defend herself for God has always been their defence.
66.        Please note it, you may know what you are thinking about the people of God but what God is thinking concerning you is what you do not know.
67.        The entire world is making a serious plan against God’s people but God is also making a serious plan against His enemies which they know not. Can God reveal His secret plans against His enemies to His enemies also? If we are the enemies of God, why revealing these secret plans to us? For the fact that these secret plans that are hidden from the whole world, from the wise, the mighty, the prudent of this world, but they are revealed to you and I, is it not a sure indication that we are the favoured of God?
68.        Anybody that is favoured of God, He (God) will cause to know His secrets. Thus, the secret of God belongeth to us.
69.        Know where we are today! Tomorrow we are making another move. We are moving on a daily basis. As decisions are being taken, as agreements are being reached everyday, so God’s plans are being enhanced everyday.
70.        I am saying that every action of the world against the people of God, every decision against God’s people brings God’s judgment closer and brings our departure nearer. For our departure is strongly tied to God’s judgment.
71.        As a result, do not say they should not gather, rather say, “God, please hasten action.”
72.        In the days of the Apostles of old, they said, “God, quicken the day. God hasten action.”
73.        We are saved because we have received favour, we have received Grace; we have found Grace in His sight. Whatever we are enjoying even in this Faith that is giving us this joy, giving us this assurance is just by Grace and Grace alone. what is more, I believe that as we abide in this Grace, this Grace will take us home for the door shall be made open anytime from now. The door is opening.
74.        Our Brother had a dream which he narrated to Me, where he saw himself inside the forest with some Brethren; lo and behold, there was a very mighty tree and the tree is the tallest among other trees. Beneath the tree was a pool of water; on top of the tree were hanging dresses. Dresses were hanging upon that tree, even bags or luggage.
75.        The tree was a mighty tree with many, many dresses on top, many, many hand bags on top as luggage for people that are making a trip; but beneath the tree is a mighty pool of water.
76.        I said, “Well, thank you. Go and tell Apostle Kelechi this dream.” It is in line with the hour. Nothing contradictory at all.  
77.        Thus, we are watching and waiting and we are sure by His Grace we shall not be disappointed at last. We cannot wait in vain, He never called us to receive His wrath but to receive salvation and that should be your faith. If Satan will try to carry you about, do not wait until God will say it for you are gods. Say, “Satan, Get thee behind me! I reject your accusation!”
78.        God has already purposed in His heart before I was born to show Me favour. My name is favour. I am favoured of the Lord. Amen.

2.           WHEN YOU MAKE JEHOVAH THE GOD OF ISRAEL YOUR GOD; MAKE HIM YOUR REFUGE, HE WILL SAVE YOU FOR HIS NAME SAKE. In the same manner He saved our fathers for His Name sake; He MUST save us.
3.           Rejoice in the salvation God has given to you. If God has redeemed you, only say “thank you”. You proclaim it loud and clear: “thank you Lord”.
4.           Let your eyes start to see the calamities that are awaiting the world. Then you will appreciate what God has done for us and not what He will do. We are only waiting for time. The journey is finished.
5.            God is not making any other demand from us. The journey is completed in joy and in completeness. What is remaining is no longer in the hand of any Messenger. God is now tilting (focusing) towards Israel.
6.           The Gentile days are over. The Church days are over. You will never hear or see any revival higher than what you have already passed through. No other revival higher than where you are. The last revival is Paradise revival—revival with our new bodies where we shall tell the stories of how we overcome.
7.           If rapture is what your Faith will pull down, you are already raptured. However, it is tied to time. You have finished your timetable. There is another one running now and that is where our eyes are fixed.
8.           We want them (Israel) to sign the paper. We want it to happen even this day. Will it be signed? Yes! Brethren I say wait, stay where you are asked to stay. He that asked you to be there knows that you are there.
9.            On that day He will place you there. Anywhere you are asked to stay, make sure that is where He said you should be for that is where He will look for you.
10.        I told Sister Nwaobu that her husband must testify that the Lord is God, that you (Sister Nwaobu) are not deceived. I said, “I do not know when it will take place. Will it happen? Yes! But abide in this Faith. Serve your husband).” Finish. Today this prophecy is fulfilled.
11.        Let Me tell you something, Brother Nwaobu is not a new fellow among us so he has subscribed to the Faith for over six years ago. He is older than many of you. Brother Chime, a part of your dream has come to pass and it remains one part.
12.        All of you outside not having THE GREAT SERMON, come inside the Church. As many as went outside because of not having THE GREAT SERMON, pray that it will not be like this on that day—that is the only thing I can tell you.
13.        From time to time, go back to THE GREAT SERMON for everything that is in the Bible, that is relevant to your salvation has been carried forward into THE GREAT SERMON.
14.        As we continue in this race, if you get to a point where you appeared to be confused, go back to THE GREAT SERMON. Moreover, the Lord said that it should be your handbook. You must come to fellowship everyday with THE GREAT SERMON.
15.        He said, “It will remain our reference point;” and it is given to everybody free of charge. Even till today I still have more copies. Anybody that comes inside as a newcomer, God said that he should be given a copy of THE GREAT SERMON and commanded to go through from page one to the last so that the person can hook up with us.
16.        We never collected one Naira from anybody for if we were to sell this book, even ten thousand Naira cannot buy it for it is costlier than any Bible in the market yet we are giving it to the whole world free of charge. Do you have excuse for not coming to fellowship with it?  
17.        It is now we understood the real meaning of every Message in THE GREAT SERMON. Before now we did not understand the real meaning. It is now that we are beginning to understand the real meaning of the Scriptures. No more euphoria, no more sensation.
18.        Without the Scriptures nobody would have identified the Lord Jesus Christ in His day. The Prophetic writings helped the people of that day to identify Him. When He was given the scroll in the temple by the Pharisees, the Scribe and Sadducees; He only open the potion that was written concerning Him, read it and handed it over to them.  
19.        Brethren, look at what is happening; I gave charge that all that did not have THE GREAT SERMON should go out. Brother Onyema Eze, where is your own copy? Ok, go out.
20.        There is still unbelief in the camp. Where is Brother Victor Nnachor? Ok, you are well seated. Sit down because you took the position of your father having paid the price for it will be wickedness for Me to punish your father after punishing you.
21.        Christ paid the price for my iniquities in my own day. I have recognized that the price for my iniquities has been paid. Thus, an innocent fellow was punished because of Me. If God will turn round to punish me again, it will be double punishment in one offence. It will be an act of wickedness.
22.        Can you get it? Bishop Nnachor did not come with his own GREAT SERMON, his son preferred to suffer so that his father will be saved. Hence, he was punished, so I will not punish the father again.
23.        You see, I went to my seat, yet I could not feel comfortable there. I discovered that Brother Chizoba Ugwu—where is Victor Ugwu? Ok, you are outside also. Ok, remain outside. He went outside when those that did not come with their GREAT SERMON went outside, so when he got there he disappeared. When those that were outside were asked to come in, he was no longer there. He saw it as liberty; so enjoy your liberty very well.
24.        I continue. While at my seat, I noticed that some criminals around Me there thought I was playing, not knowing that I was fulfilling a dream.
25.        Note it very well, I do not joke the moment I enter God’s sanctuary. I mean what I say and I say what I mean. Brother Kelechi is not alone in the pulpit, God is with him there.
26.        You see, I now noticed that hypocrites have revealed themselves and I do not think they will work with Me again for they do not know the dreams I have kept to myself which have been revealed concerning them. All of them outside now; they are all having problems with Me and with the Almighty God.
27.        Those that did not come with their GREAT SERMON sincerely presented themselves. Craftily, in subtlety, in hypocrisy, our Brother Mark Ugwu—who the end will determine his fate together with his elder brother, whether they are in this Faith or not—reached for the remaining copies of the GREAT SERMON and then distributed it to his friends as their copies. They sat down inside the Church.
28.        I could not feel comfortable. I had to ask questions, then from there the Spirit of God wreaked all of them up. Among them is Deacon Pascal from Enugu, Gideon, the son of Brother Mike Emmanuel, Brother Frank. Brother Shadrach, you are lucky. Anybody God wants to save He will save him to the utmost.
29.        Two of them scrambled over my own personal copy and Brother Onyema Eze used my own copy to present while Brother Shadrach was taken away. When I brought all of them in, the Spirit of God now led Me to talk to all of them around Me. I summoned Brother Shadrach and said, “Come and drink wine with Me in the presence of these Elders.”
30.        I gave him wine and made them to know that in this Bridal Faith—not even Brother Mike—nobody knows Me. Nobody is acquainted with Me before Brother Shadrach. Brother Shadrach got acquainted with Me in the year 1978. That is ten years before I got acquainted with my wife.
31.        You see, we never met in his work place; we met in the Church, grew up in the Church, read Scriptures together and were baptized on the same day at the same hour in the River Niger in 1979. What is more, of all that joined us in the Royal Ambassador—for we remained the pioneer of the Royal Ambassador in the Baptist Church in the whole Nigeria—only two of us survived it. The rest drew back for it was an extraneous training.
32.        Even in the new converts classes which lasted for nine months on a daily basis including the vigil for nine months before we were baptized by a marshal, only two of us survived it. Mercy was extended to Solomon, John, Caroline and then Charity because they belong to the Pastor’s group and we have remained together. We parted in the Baptist Church and joined along the way.
33.        This Message caused revolution in the Baptist Church. He took side with the Message. When the reverend noticed that everybody had believed, he disbanded the meeting he called.
34.        Brother Shadrach could not express his faith for he was living with the reverend in his house. However, outside, we will continue with it—this same Message and I collected it from nobody.
35.        It was this Message that I carried to Doctor Chinweke Ubadinuju at the Christian centre at Ugwuta road. Carried Brother Mike to it with our Brother Celestine. He vowed a vow that all of us will die in it; and I said, “Do not vow for when persecution will arise, you will deny.”
36.        A little while persecution came, Brother Mike ran away and took side with Deeper Life Church. I continued holding the Faith of Christ till today for I was convinced of the Voice that spoke to Me. If the Voice was contrary to Scripture, anybody could have challenged it. However, it confirmed the Scripture more and more. The early you know Me the better.
37.        While I was returning from the Baptist meeting, there at Madonna Hospital, under the flower, the Voice came back again calling Me by the names nobody knew Me with. That was where I knew that though there was not, there must be one with a Rainbow because it was drizzling that day before many witnesses—the Church at Nkpor. Besides, I never knew where to locate it. It never existed.
38.        I equally told my wife about it until one day my director’s son travelled with Me. That’s Emeka Ezukwu and then Nnamdi was driving us in their father’s vehicle, 504. Our vehicle spoiled at Ugwuoba. We parked and where we were repairing it Emeka collected the magazine I was holding titled “Decision” by Billy Branham and then gave Me another newspaper “The Lord God Has Spoken” in newspaper form.
39.        The reason why he gave Me that paper and collected Billy Graham from Me I did not know. He said that he will read my own for seven days; that I should go and read his own for seven days. Meanwhile, there was a strong argument in the vehicle. I told him that nothing in this life will make Me believe Branham for I do not know him: “Talk about Jesus Christ, talk about the Bible. Do not tell me the Prophet, the Prophet; I do not know what you are talking!” In fact that day was a very hot day.
40.        When I got home, I opened the paper for the first time I came across a Message that confirmed the Voice I have already heard. Hence, what I have believed was already confirmed but I pretended I knew it not.
41.        Then he came with Okey Nwankpa one night. People drove them away and I drew them to my house. They were talking about Branham, I was having my many versions of the Bible with Me. Instead of believing them, they now believed Me. For they had nothing than Branham but I was holding something greater than Branham
42.        What am I saying? If I pledged my life to rescue Brother Shadrach, it is not a mistake. It is not even a misdirected zeal. You do not know the extent I have already gone with him. His wife was unknown to Me. When it came to my notice that he later got married after the troubles he had when he wanted to marry and because of troubles he sent the woman away; I gave him charge saying, “You must bring her to Onitsha,” even when Brother Shadrach was not even among us. I insisted and he obeyed, brought her back; and I said, “Go and look for house!”
43.        That time,  he was doing miniature jobs even for our former Sister, Mrs Ike and people were trying to throw his wife millions of miles away from him but I knew he could not make it without a wife. As a result, when the wife came back, I called it number one victory and we continued. Later, I noticed that there was a problem in his family; a problem no human being can solve.
44.         I went in person with my wife and our former brother Nwobi, the younger brother to Brother I.K Obasanya. When I stepped into that compound, It was a deserted house, everybody ran away; his mother vowed never to come back to their village and remained at Ehandiagu. The brother, because of the trouble said that he will not come back from Maiduguri but I thank God the brother came back, saw things and came to Me with a carton of Star beer to say “Thank you Sir.”
45.        When I got to Brother Shadrach’s compound, I surveyed the compound, saw everything and said, “My dear; the man that is troubling you and your mother is alive. He is the one I will command you now to go and call. He will give Me wine and kola which I will take and drink in your house now.”
46.        Our brother chilled and said, “You mean I should go and call him?” I said, “Yes! Go and call him! Tell him that you have an August visitor that demands his attention.”
47.        Brethren, this man appeared, then I said, “Sir you are behaving as an elderly man. You should greet Me with wine and kola.” The man ran out and later came back with a gallon of wine and kolanut. Then I asked him to sit down, prayed and broke the whole kolanut. He ate and we all drank together.
48.        I went round the whole compound and gave our brother a sure sign: “Look at what you will watch out for, henceforth, the Devil is still alive and he will fight.” Gradually, I told him that he should begin now to put his house in order: “Cement and plaster this house; bring your mother back, call your sister back, let Me sign an undertaking, if anything happens to any of them, let your people hold Me guilty.”
49.        My wife was there, Brother Nwobi was there that time. After matching round the whole compound, the people were watching me as a strange object. I said, “I have come to bring my brother and his family to their father’s compound and nothing will happen to them.” Thus, when the mother came back, the sister came back, our brother began to work, they ganged up again and sent thunderstorm. How many occasions? Thunder storm came and damaged everywhere but the mother remained unhurt together with the sister.
50.        I commanded him to go back that this is the last, that it will not happen again. Few weeks after, the man died, the sponsor died, another one rose up to claim the land. While he was moving away, snake bit him and our brother told Me about it; I said, “No, it is not a snake. God waited for him and touched the heel.” One week after, he died. Then fear griped the living. Till today our brother can now exercise freedom.
51.        I want to tell you, if God is on a rescue mission because He has called you his friend, fear not for nothing will be on the way. He will rescue you to the utmost. There is no obstacle He will not crush if He wants to.
52.        Let me tell you, the Scripture said, “God in His weakness is stronger than the strongest human being.” Caiaphas said, “Looking at Him, He looks very much afraid. He looks fearful, very humble and gentle but He has power which He does not want to use.”
53.        Look at Caiaphas assessment. Go to Archaeological Parchment for more reference. Saint Paul said, “God has conferred us with powers but we dare not use those powers for your destruction. Never, never. Rather we use it for your edification and comfort.”
54.        Can God be weak? Yes! But in His weakness He is stronger than you. What am I saying? There is no length I will never go to make sure that Brother Shadrach will be where I am for he suffered the reproach with Me to the point that the man even vowed to destabilize my family by promising my wife to be a Sunday-school superintendent, provided she will leave Me, carry her children and continue with him. I said, “Well, he made the greatest mistake. He never knew that I had taken my time to use my own study Bible to rugged my wife above his theology.”
55.        I did not want to talk to my wife about battling, for I spoke to her at the initial stage. I said, “Look at that man, he is an anti-Christ. That seat is anti-Christ’s seat. Until I raise you to my level, you will not see it.”
56.        As a result, I surrendered my study Bible to her and then bought another one; rugged her very well. I do not believe in caging anybody. You are my witnesses. Have I caged you for one day? No. Rather, I have prepared you to such a height that overseers of Churches warned their members to avoid you and avoid your contact.
57.        I can never warn you, rather I will say “Go and meet them,” because I have taken my time to bake you, I have trained you; then why should I cage you? Confront them; if you are defeated, you are not my student. If you go out and get defeated by any theologian it means you are not my student.
58.        What I normally give my student is three months of rapt quietness and attention. Then I will raise you to a level where no being can talk nonsense around you. Because my adage says, “If you do not train them, do not ever blame them.”
59.        Brother Kelechi, you can see hypocrites outside. To those that obeyed, Grace be unto you. To those that played craftiness, well, to God be the glory.
60.        There is no need telling you my personal experience. This weather you are enjoying was prayed for before the fellowship started. I felt that some of my children including my wife met Me early hours of this Sunday morning and they did not want to disturb Me, so they went back. For they met Me kneeling down. I knelt down for you, for Myself and for the elect of God worldwide. I prayed for this weather, I prayed that we should feast under the Clouds of Heaven.
61.        In spite of all I said, remember, while I was in the pulpit, I called Brother Ben Okezue, reminding him of what I saw in my jotter. I hope all noted the statement? I do not need to re-visit it again.
62.        I have finished with the people that played hypocrisy over THE GREAT SERMON. If you want to know about the great sermon fully, please go to the Message title “Conclusion”.  Finish
63.        The preface was written by our former Bishop Okey Paul and I thank God for him. Remember I warned you that no man should ever speak evil of him or attack him in any way. Even if he attacks, you respect him the same way David respected Saul.
64.        He is my next-door neighbour, he has made every effort to cause Me to react or even to fight openly for there is a day he came to Me and threatened to fight Me openly. He said that I should speak now that we will do it as man-to-man while I was washing my car. I kept quiet.
65.        Recently he came back again, saying that he loves Me, that he is happy that we have come back to the Bible and things like that. In fact, I was listening and wanted him to land, only for him to start to talk of another thing. What was that other thing? It appears he is regretting, that I should remember that he was the first minister that invited Me to the pulpit for the first time.
66.        That he was the one that gave Me the introductory letter which I used to go to Eha-Amufu with former Brother Bon Diuka.
67.        I said, “I do not know, are you regretting? Or are you saying I should bring you back?”
68.        One of you sitting in the Church right now, you told Me your encounter with him, how he stopped you and said, so you do not care even to come to him again; that any day he comes out of this pit, that he will deal with many of you. That he has now seen the type of love you are claiming to have for him. The person is in the fellowship even watching Me now.
69.        What can we conclude? They are all regretting. But shame and pride cannot permit them to come back.
70.        In 1992, December 30th, Brother Ben Okezue was the one that handled the Message “Is There Not a Cause?” Brethren that are still alive and active in the faith am I bearing false witness?
71.        During communion night, where I featured for the first time and banned Bassey and all End-timers from partaking of the Lord’s Table. That was the day bottle wounded my leg. Can you remember?
72.        Is there not a cause? Another criminal has been discovered. Carry your books! In spite of all I have said so far, he did not come with his GREAT SERMON, he did not go out at the first time, he did not go out at the second time, third time he did not go out. He want to prove my power, he wants to know whether God is in our midst: “If he is God, let him find me out!” And the Lord has find him out. It is no other person than Brother Longinus Alua from Umuokanne, an elder for that matter. He is out and he has joined others outside.
73.        Continue to doubt and I will continue to move. Your unbelief can never hinder God from fulfilling His Word.
74.        Think about today. Think about the Messages you have received this day. Where are they leading you to? Think about tomorrow. If the owner of the vineyard will harvest the Earth tonight, will you be among the precious crops that he will be preserved in his barn? Or will you be among the wheat that will be burnt by fire? Think about this Message. Think about the weather.
75.        Examine the weather very well; what can you call this type of weather today? If God had not spoken, would you have known that the Lord decided that we should feast under the Clouds of Heaven?
76.        When God commanded Gideon to take the remaining ten thousand people to the water and command them to drink as they wished from the stream, did the people know what God had in mind? Besides, they were drinking in their various styles.
77.        When God commanded Gideon to number those that used their hand and carried the water into their mouth and number those that knelt down and used their tongue to lip the water, when they were drinking differently, did they attribute any serious meaning to the drinking? Did they know that Gideon was doing everything at the command of the Lord?
78.        They thought he was kidding, they thought it was a child’s play, but when Gideon said, “If you know you used your hand to carry water and drink, go by my right hand side. If you know that you knelt down and used your tongue to take water, go to the left;” did they know the mind of God?
79.        Even when Gideon said, “If you knelt down and used your tongue to take the water, begin to go home, all of you. The three hundred that used their hands to carry the water and drink, you will go to battle with me;” what type of interpretation do you think they gave to that instruction?
80.        Why not begin to pray within you, that God will save you from carelessness, from wilful neglect, from ungodly smartness, for nobody can smart himself into the Kingdom of God. Because God is smarter than any human being in the world. There is no trick anybody will play which God will not discover.
81.        What normally kills a people is not disobedience to great instructions but disobedience to a very light instruction but God is ever mindful of His instructions.
82.        Pray that God will save you from being careless over His instructions and from expecting a big thing which may not come to pass. For what people call big, God calls small. What God calls small, people call big. Pray over this matter.
83.        You say, “It is a very light instruction.” Remember our Message told us that the rapture will take place as an instruction from the Son of Man. Rapture will take place as a secret announcement which will be passed round as a simple instruction: “Kill the lamb and rub the blood in the lintel of the door.”
84.        Somebody might be thinking that the blood cannot be paint which they could used to paint their house. Many could not understand the meaning, but a great importance was attached to that action. For it was a demonstration of their faith in the words of the Messenger who was no other person but Christ in their day.
85.        Whatever instruction that comes to you, your attitude towards it is a demonstration of your faith to the instruction that comes from the Messenger of your day; whether it is Apostle or Prophet or Pastor or Teacher or Evangelist, God can hide in any of these offices and give you instructions to test your faith.
86.      Remain in your sanctified estate, and remain blessed in Him eternally. Amen.