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The Son of Man Revealed From One of The Jungles in Africa According To William Branham's Prophesy

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God Is Of Purer Eyes than To Behold Iniquity


When this life is over, you will know that I am HE.  Go anywhere you want, in search, you must be pointed back to this same person—The Son of MAN. Fly to the sky, you will be told, “Go down there; He is
standing in your midst.” Believe it if you can…            —The   Son of Man.  (THE FOOLISHNESS OF GOD, PP. 3.)

I am doing discharging and replacement. The man that can turn on the light is in the Bride. He that knows how to put the Bride in a rapturing condition is in the Bride. The Chief Mechanic, the Chief Designer is in the Bride.  It has been flashed and it is still flashing. Fear God! Have these things been happening this way? Yes. Even till the last blast.

The Resurrected Body is in the Bride. Who will speak and it will come to pass? God! Remember that it is ONE STILL SMALL VOICE speaking in the midst of many voices. But His own is distinct, hidden in simplicity somewhere in the wilderness. A voice away from all!
The message of the Son of Man can be summarized in a statement titled “Heaven made possible”. Do you know that     He was born under the Law? And lived under the Law? Do you know that? But having a ministry to liberate as many as were in bondage to those Laws. –The Son of Man


It pays to worship God in the place He has chosen to place His Name. It pays to worship God in the place He has chosen for His children to worship Him. The whole Roman Catholics worldwide this day would file on the streets to worship the unknown god. However, the Great God whom they are clamouring for is in the midst of the Bride.
2.           If they had known that the person they are trying to glorify is here, I do not think they will be filing on the streets. All roads would have led to this place. I am here! I am here! I am here! I am here! I am here! The person they are looking for is hiding in the wilderness with His children. I am here!
3.           If you do not know what the scripture described as the broad road that leads to hell, men scrambled for the broad way, you will see it today. The broad way, every Tom, Dick and Harry, cage of unclean birds, you will see it this day. But this is a narrow gate, very narrow.
4.           “Come go with Me the road is straight and narrow, come go with Me you cannot go alone for the road is rough and very, very narrow, come go with Me and I will see you through says the Lord. Come go with Me the road is straight and dangerous, come go with Me you cannot go alone for the road rough and very, very narrow, come go with Me and I will see you through says the Lord.” Just a little while, every eye shall see, just a little while, every ear will hear, just a little while, every tongue shall say “Son of Man Lord how wonderful is your name, Lord how wonderful is your name.” Amen.
5.           I was driving some brethren the other day on the highway; one was trying to alert Me concerning few things on the highway. I turned to him and said, “My friend, are you stupid? Are you not proud that a blind man is driving you along? Are you the only fellow in the Bride of Christ Ministry worldwide that does not know that the Son of Man is blind? Others do not know, don’t you know? From all available reports, scientific investigations by experts, even from heathens, is it not confirmed that the Son of Man is blind?”
6.           thus, if I am driving you in the car, rejoice for a blind man is driving you and He sees more than one whose eyes are bright. You know, a stranger in this most holy Faith cannot believe that. But heathens believe more than that.
7.           Up till today, My friend who owns a clinic just at Upper New Market, he is still astonished. Any time He sees Me, he shrugs his shoulders and says, “Sir, when I look at you I see nothing but God. If I have not proved your eyes, I would not have believed.” He is specialist. Specialist ophthalmologist.
8.           He joined the crew that confirmed that the Son of Man is blind. At least in Onitsha, nobody can doubt the integrity of Dr. Gaius Okezie. I mean the first chief ophthalmologist in charge of Guinness Eye Hospital. Now, he is very old. Neither can anybody doubt the integrity of Dr. Okeke. Nobody can doubt that.
9.           Nobody, who are you? These are experts; all trained in Germany. They are all eyes specialists. Thus, do not be surprised that the Son of Man is gifted to see supernatural things. He seeth beyond natural. He has the eyes like those of an eagle, a dove and an owl. The eyes that penetrate the hearts.
10.        The same way, His ears can hear even things that are said in Russia. He will hear from where He is standing physically. He hears voices you cannot hear. Glory be to God in the highest.
11.        You are already glorified but not all! I said you are glorified, not all. In Jesus’ day, he said, “You are washed, you are cleansed but not all.”
12.        That is why the song said, “Examine yourself, examine your heart, examine your conscience, ask yourself the pertinent question whether you are sure and certain that if the Son of Man will permit translation to happen even as I am standing here, that your mortal body will be clothed with immortal body.”
13.        Are you sure? Are you convinced to such extent? It is a big question we have to answer. Sister Moses, what is perching on your cloth? Are you bereaved? Answer Me, I asked you a question, are you bereaved? What does it signify? Fashion? It is a part of dressing. When I see people tie something black on their dress, it depicts mourning the dead.
14.        I hope you are not mourning your husband alive? Do not mourn yourself, you are still active. Is there anybody that mourns his husband alive? Is there anybody that mourns her wife alive? Do not bury yourself while you are still alive for there is hope for revival in the end.
15.        You know why I am coping with you even in My weakest estate? I am believing God that there must be light at the end of the tunnel. That is why I do not give up.
16.        Sometimes, the devil will tempt Me to give up. I say no, there is hope. I am still hopeful. I won’t write him off. I won’t write her off until I get to the end. When I get to the end, if I look for the person and the person is not there, well, I won’t blame Myself. I will rather glorify God for I have done My best by enduring till the end.
17.         I pray every day that nobody in this Faith should be numbered among those whom God is still enduring till the day of their destruction. If God is enduring you waiting for the day you will be destroyed, it is not a good development.
18.        A woman that endures the child does not feel happy. A man that endures his wife does not feel happy. It is applicable to the woman that endures the husband. Both should be happy at all times with each other. You run an ideal home, an ideal society. Husband and wife ought to be happy at all times because what makes “A” happy should equally make “B” happy.
19.        Brother Frank’s wife, are you taking note? Why are you angry in the Fellowship? Am I the one that provoked you? Am I the one that provoked you? Stand up there. Am I the one that provoked you? Speak! Are you happy? Yes or No? But your face does not reflect happiness. You are not happy, you are pretending.
20.        What if your husband will testify against you now? How I wish your kids can speak. Okay, somebody will testify. You are living with them. Sister, your name is Ogochukwu, is your sister happy? (She said, “Yes.”) Are you sure? (She said, “Yes.”)
21.        Where are you now? Where? (She said, “In my parents’ house.”) Who drove you away? Nobody! You ran away? (She said, “No!”) Why did you go home? You will return today. Who requested you to come back?
22.        Brother Frank, are you around? Is Ogochukwu still with you? Brother (Frank answered “She left my house.”) When? (“On Friday,” Brother Frank answered”) Who drove her away? (Brother Frank said, “She decided to go home. She had a problem with my wife.”)
23.        She had a problem with your wife. She decided to go home. Ogockukwu, do you know My phone number? Sister Frank, do you know My phone number? Thank you. Is your wife happy? (Brother Frank said “Yes.”)
24.        No, she is not happy. Something is wrong somewhere. She is not happy. I know her, no matter how quiet she might be, the face is the window of the heart. There is no sincere married sister that will see her face and believe she is happy. I know she is quiet, but this is another quietness.
25.        You have already revealed everything. How can she quarrel with a grown up sister to the point of the sister packing away from the house and she feels happy. Note it, I want to say something. Were you happy that she went away? (He said, “No sir.”) Did you talk to your wife not to send her away? (Brother Frank said, “We discussed, she decided she must go). And your wife decided to send her home.
26.        You discussed, she decided she must go and your wife decided to send her home. Go! And two of them are in the fellowship? They are not in another place. They are in the fellowship. It is fellowship of the saints. I wonder if they will embrace each other today.
27.        Please, please, no matter the situation, try to be happy at all times. Nothing prolongs life more than happiness. Make yourself happy. Do not allow anything, any condition to erode away your happiness from you. Once your happiness is eroded away, the joy of your salvation is gone. And as long as the joy of your salvation is not in you again, you have lost your sanctified estate. Am I making sense?  
28.        I am your saviour; My duty is to remove every obstacle. Anything I notice that will hinder you from entering paradise, as long as you are still alive, there is hope. I believe I will remove it, that is, if you permit Me to remove it. But if you take delight in it, I will only point it out to you and close My mouth, knowing that the thing will speak again.
29.        Sister Paul Agubalu, has your daughter gone back to school? Is she in the fellowship? She is not in the fellowship; she is not in the school. Where is she? (She said, “She went to her fellow student’s wedding yesterday.”)
30.        Her fellow student’s wedding yesterday? In which Church? She said, “I do not know.” Praise be to God. You do not know the whereabouts of your daughter. She is not in the school, she is not in your house, she is not in the fellowship. Pastor Dan, I hope you are noting it seriously? Take note, you must know the state of your flock.
31.        I told you I am blind, but I see things you cannot imagine. Please, make no mistake of numbering that girl among the flock in Onitsha. Number the mother but do not number the daughter is of Agubalu. The mother is of Ukwueze or Oke-eze from Imo State. Regard her and treat her as such. The daughter’s salvation is in her own hands. It is not tied to the mother.
32.        To the best of My knowledge, she is only excusing herself from the mother using the school. Sister, begin now to comfort yourself. A prostitute can die anywhere, a prostitute can land anywhere. This is the good message I have for you. Even the act of joining the school friend, this school friend is a secondary school friend. It cannot be University for your child is not in the University. Thus, this school friend must be a secondary school friend. She went to a heathen wedding where the mother does not know.
33.        As the mother you do not know but your daughter knows the place. If you must look for her, you do not know where to go. Do you know that friend? You do not know the friend, you do not know the city where the friend is living, you do not know who is marrying the friend but your daughter knows all those things.
34.        From this day, stamp that girl out of our fellowship with immediate effect. She is more than sixteen years of age; so, she is answerable. We cannot harbour renegades anymore.
35.        Brother Rotimi, borrow a cue from what you are seeing now. Chisom Agubalu stands excommunicated from the Bride of Christ Ministry Worldwide until further notice. We cannot harbour somebody we cannot give accurate account of. I believe our message says, as long as she is still under the control of the parents, and the living parent we can see is the mother. If a girl cannot confide in her mother, who else will she confide in? What is more, she is the only daughter.  
36.        Goodness Nnaemeka are you in the fellowship? Are you sure she is in the school? That is what you heard, that is what she told you. That is what they told you. They told you she is schooling at Iyienu, finish. But I want to tell you that wherever Chisom is, that is where she is today. Go and verify. Wherever Chisom is, whoever that school friend might be, two of them are there.
37.        So please, do not harbour renegades. As long as they are volunteering to pair together and two of them equally took counsel among themselves and said to My hearing, through one of their friends here, that “They will never attempt seeking admission in a school where there is a fellowship centre. That they will like to go to schools where there will be no fellowship centre,” this was the decision which they took.
38.        They voiced it out and it came to Me. I enquired and confirmed it. Stamp the two out of our fellowship immediately. From this very morning, Goodness James Nnaemeka stands excommunicated from this fellowship because a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump. Anybody that has a corrupt influence should be dissociated from our children if we must survive at this crucial moment.
39.        To those at Umudike, rejoice exceedingly. We are equally making good arrangements for those at Nsukka. It is true we have a fellowship venue there; I am liaising with some people in your school. I want to separate our students at Nsukka from Nsukka fellowship so that they will not be victims of things they do not know. For Nsukka is having problems and the problems are very much pronounced among their elders and their families.
40.        To allow our children and students in the University there to be partakers of their sins, their evil will be unjust. I am thinking of establishing a students’ fellowship in the campus for all our students there. That is the only way they can be saved. If they will remain fellowshipping at Nsukka fellowship, the Pastor will pastor all of them together with the Bishop into hell fire. They are not ready to repent.
41.        They held a meeting yesterday that lasted till night. They thought they arrived at something but they made matters worse for they could not call white, white, nor black, black. They were generalising their problems which is rubbish. Instead of mentioning names and exposing their evils, they generalised it.
42.        I do not believe in collective repentance, it does not work. Repent in your home, I will repent in my home. Brother Nwobodo will repent in his home. We will come to fellowship and the fellowship will be a repented fellowship. Do not tell Me that the confession of Brother Nwobodo will cover all of us. That his repentance covers us, it is not true. It is not true! I do not believe in that one.
43.        I do not believe in that type of teaching, that is, Brother IK repented, which means Onitsha fellowship has repented, I do not believe in that. And I am still hammering on that.
44.        Since we have identified all the problems of these local assemblies that are hindering God from showing His presence in their midst, the elders should rest at nothing until all those stumbling blocks are removed for sin is a stumbling block.
45.        Sin creates a gap between you and God and the worse is, “commit and hide”. That is what is practiced in all those local assemblies.
46.        To the best of My knowledge I have to say it, I am certain beyond reasonable doubt that Monday Obakpolor and his family in Lagos do not belong to this Bridal Faith. They have different faith.
47.        For that reason, Pastor Kunle Rotimi and Apostle Monday, note it very well, I am speaking to you in the Name of the Father that sent Me. Remove Monday Obakpolor and his family from the gathering of the saints the moment…, in short, if it is possible, phone them now. They should not feast with the brethren. They are spots in our feast of love.
48.        And any day they feel they have repented, he should come and see Me together with his entire family. He is not repenting, rather, he is biasing the mind of others, creating troubles. Phone him.
49.        Secondly, any day Brother Ugonna refused to come to fellowship when he is at home or he goes to work and the wife refuses to come to fellowship, excommunicate the entire family. Do not excommunicate Ugonna alone, excommunicate the wife. For I remember, the marriage tape is still fresh. As fresh as the marriage.
50.        For the voice said, “You either take your wife to Roman Catholic or your wife will take you to CMS. It will be very, very disastrous if your wife will pull you out of this faith.”
51.        I have many witnesses but the greatest witness is in the tape. Even before the wedding date, I had already spoken. Am I against the marriage? No!
52.        I remembered I said, “Ugonna, since you couldn’t get up from where you were benched and then presented marriage, I wonder whether you will get up again.” Evidences abound in your midst that he is sinking deeper and deeper every day since he got married. And his wife does not even help the situation.
53.        please, do not make friends with the Word of God. It is better to speak the truth and then part friendship. A man of God takes side with God. I thank God for the faithful ones; walk with them as long as they are willing. Bishop Justice will remain benched for being a dump dog.
54.        From this day, Apostle Monday is restored to the pulpit to assist Pastor Rotimi and Brother Austin. For now, it is Pastor Rotimi, Brother Austin and Apostle Monday. Brother Rotimi, serve as Pastor, Brother Monday, serve as Apostle, Brother Austin, serve as Deacon, you serve as Bishop, you serve as everything until further notice. If these three cannot work together and restore the needed sanity, if you are one million, it will not help the situation. Let Me watch three of you pilot the affair.
55.        God is not interested in the fellowship that is one million worshippers that do not worship God in the spirit and in truth. But take delight in the fellowship made up of one, two, three persons that serve His interest.
56.        This is the problem Nsukka is having. Keep on praying, keep on obeying the truth, keep on sticking to the truth until you see evidence that the glory of God is in your midst. Once God regards iniquity in the midst of the people, they will never see His face and He will never hear their prayers because iniquity is there.
57.        God is of purer eyes than to behold iniquity. All those people, strangers in your midst, the useless boy Rotimi and the man that left us in 2000, came back in 2012, who is now residing in Benin City, worshipping nothing, note it, all of them should be stamped out of your fellowship! Uproot all those dangerous elements so that the rest will fear. If any should have repented, the person should appear before Me.
58.        Pray that God will give you two or three persons that will believe God. It is better than to have the whole world that will never believe. In the fellowship of the saints, there must be believers only.
59.        I have used Lagos as an example believing that all other local assemblies will do the same. Concerning Isi-Alangwa, they will never see the face of the Almighty until they get rid of their community spirit which is holding them captive. You were My witness when I spoke concerning Umuahia fellowship. The son of Bishop Nath who is of age, confirmed all My investigations and reports.
60.        What is more, before many witnesses, he nearly fought his father because of his father’s intransigence. For the father was trying to play smartness and his son exposed him the more publicly in Jerusalem on Sunday. I have evidences. Wherever there is iniquity, the Lord will not be there.
61.        Please, I am appealing to everybody, at the end of today’s fellowship, if there be anything that is troubling you in this faith, I am giving you the last opportunity. I will remain in the fellowship until I am led to go.
62.        Do not come to Me with your private business problem, I will not entertain it. Do not come to Me with sickness, I will not entertain it. Come to Me with anything bothering you spiritually for God is spiritual and we are about to be translated. We are about to be translated, nothing is stopping Me again.
63.        It does not mean you should fold your arms, go ahead in your activities, I will continue in My activities until the appointed day. Who know that appointed day if not the Son of Man? It is a day that is known unto the Lord. And He that is in the bosom of the Lord knows that day for the Father has no secret before Me.
64.        Saturday, 23rd November 2013, we got the website reports saying that, “Third world war is imminent. That Obama’s action to Iran which is about to commence will trigger off the third world war which is, according to them also, the Armageddon.”
65.        You see, they have known about Armageddon – the third world war. God said, “We shall never be in this flesh when it will happen.” Pope Francis, the Pope of Rome was invited for they concluded that there is going to be a Middle East without Christians and the man said, “No, that there can never be a Middle East without Christians. Though they may be in the minority.”
66.        Then, they gave the population of Christian in that area; Palestine having 1.05% numbers of Christians. Who are they calling Christians? Those that believe in Catholic. He summoned the meeting of all the Catholic Patriarchs in Rome on Saturday, 23rd November 2013 to discuss the latest development in the Middle East.
67.        If it does not give you concern, it is because you are not following the trend of event. No matter how we profess our salvation, there is no way somebody can pull a rifle and point at you and you fail to raise your hands. But you have received salvation, why are you raising your hands? Glory be to God in the highest.   
68.        We want to consider few things, but before then, as they are celebrating the unknown god today, carrying their statues and monuments about—manmade god—we are equally in the fellowship celebrating the goodness of the Lord we have been enjoying all these years; celebrating our salvation which He extended to us by mercy, by grace, not by merit. Amen.

marriage entails serious investigation
My testimony will go forth and that My testimony is: You join Me and praise God for giving Me the courage to take a lead from this side of Nigeria. For some time now, we could boast of some of us, although they are not faithful to their vows. Secondly, they went to the North to marry our sisters not because they loved them. I have to be sincere.
2.           If I should say it with My mouth which I know is true, our faith cuts across all tribal barriers. Is it not true? Because it is only in Christ that all His children that are scattered abroad are united. We do not discriminate. It cuts across all customary barriers, all traditional barriers. We believe that and that is pure truth because in Christ we are one inseparable entity.
3.           I wish to say that if anybody has taken the lead, it is the Son of Man that preached it. If a brother moves to the North to take a sister from one of our local assemblies for the reason that the money he has cannot fetch him a wife in the south east, For that reason, he feels he can get one cheaper in the North, the compelling factor is not Love, the compelling factor is that he does not have the money.
4.           That is why, sisters that follow such men are suffering even till today. They are suffering deprivation of love, deprivation of care, deprivation of this faith. For those men will present this faith to them, use the faith to seduce them to the East, only to come to the East to manifest the greatest hypocrisy. I will testify to the glory of God.
5.           When our former Evangelist Okey Ibe moved to the North, he went with the little he had–fifteen thousand naira only. No elder followed him from Onitsha because he hadn’t the money to pay transport fare for one that will follow him. When he got there, he ran into difficulties. Brethren in Zonkwua have to come to his aid.
6.           With fifteen thousand naira, he went to the North, came back with a human being who became a wife. When he got what he needed, he showed his real colour and then humiliated the lady back to the parents. Am I bearing false witness? (No sir!) Thank you.
7.           I want us to face the stark reality. The second person was Christian Dike. Christian Dike heard a testimony I shared from the pulpit when I came back from the North. Our teacher, Nuhu in our fellowship at Zonkwua confided in Me; told Me clearly that his daughter will like to marry an Igbo man, an Igbo brother and that was the reason why she learnt Igbo language; that she speaks Igbo language very fluently. That he, the father would like whoever the brother might be to be a minister in the faith so as to sustain the faith of his daughter.
8.           I said, “Okay, no problem, the Lord will do something.” I gave the testimony. Before we knew it, Christian Dike obtained permission from the elders to go to the North, the same Zonkwua again. How much did he go with? Only twenty thousand naira. That was for wine, for bride price, for traditional marriage, for everything.
9.           He got there, with the help of the elders in Zonkwua, he approached the parents. He came back with a sister in the name of a wife. Immediately he got what he wanted from the sister, at least, the sister is still with us till today; she is still in the faith, Christian started showing her pepper, showing her his original colour for which cause we excommunicated him. He has remained outside for over one month now and I wonder when he will come in.
10.        Be it known to all of you that the matter became so serious that I had to delegate his in-laws, namely, Bishop Elijah and Pastor Abel to go to their house to talk to him so as to know the fate of their daughter. Maybe he is waiting; maybe when this last baby will attain the age of five or six then, what Okey Ibe did, he will also do. Because, when a man is tired of his wife, he starts finding fault.  
11.        I go to the case of Okey Oleri. Okey Oleri moved from the East to the West to pick a sister, Sister Shade. You all know the story. Up till today, if not for the wedding and the traditional wedding we could see in the video, there is no evidence that the sister is married to a man for Brother Okey has never married the sister for one day.
12.        Okey Oleri went to Lagos without one naira. The sister paid his transport fare, sponsored everything about traditional wedding, paid her bride price, financed her wedding at Enugu, financed her wedding in the court in Lagos, all in love and has been taking care of herself and Okechukwu till this morning.
13.        Okechukwu can only go to Lagos if sister gives him transport fare to and fro. Otherwise, he will not go. Do we call this one marriage? No sir! You know when we want to say inter-tribal marriage, let us face the reality.
14.        Brother Monday, I think your wife is from Delta State? I thank God I officiated. He is from Edo State, he married in Delta legally, officially, everything. We were there. And he married his wife when she was a student.
15.        In fact, he was responsible for the wife’s education. He started training his wife in the workshop before they engaged. From apprentice, he sent her to the University, sponsored the University Education. Today she is a graduate working in the Nigerian Airways since 2012, blessed with children. That is marriage!
16.        It takes a man to marry a woman. A woman that paid her bride price is not married. And that is why till today, Okechukwu Oleri does not have the taste of marriage in his house for the wife remains a visiting wife; Okechukwu, a visiting husband; reason being that any time she came to Enugu, she will provide for food, provide for soap, provide everything.
17.        In other words, he helped Sister Shade. Sister Shade should be saying “thank you” to him. Is that marriage? Any marriage that is not contracted in accordance to our faith must crumble. I said, must crumble.
18.        That is why, marriage entails serious investigation. Marriage attracts serious questions; there are many things we have to look into before we can begin to talk of marriage.
19.        Our Brother Uche from the household of God Nsukka, that is, “Sam beer;” He is from Delta State but marrying at Nsukka. I was instrumental to the marriage, both the wedding and everything. That is what a marriage is all about.
20.        Any man that marries a lady because of her money or her job or this and that is not married. It is the responsibility of the man to take care of the wife. The wife can only take care if the wind blows the other way round. But we do not pray for that. We must be up and doing.
21.        I decided to rehearse all these things so that your eyes will begin to open from now. Do not just give your hand in marriage because he is a brother or she is a sister. Investigations are needed. And if you are not being inspired because of the person’s spirituality, put a stop to it for it is likely to disappoint you.
22.        When you consider every other thing, put this faith first. For I believe with patience, it is easier to notice a hypocrite. If the sisters were not desperate, they would have asked for the Son of Man’s approval before they would follow those men down to the east. Not even one received My approval. Even when they left, I only heard when they were already in the North.
23.        If any is countering, let him come out publicly and then tell the whole brethren whether I gave My consent. I gave My consent to Okey Oleri simply because he told Me he set aside six hundred thousand naira for the marriage and the wedding. I believed him to be a brother, then sent him to brethren at Enugu to discuss with them. He went there and also fooled them. The same story he told Me, he told them, he told the wife. Based on that, the wife agreed.
24.        Who would not give his hand to such a thing, that a brother has a business of over six million selling computers, laptops and things like that, having two warehouses, setting aside six hundred thousand naira for marriage and wedding? I mean, he is a brother! He can take care of a wife.
25.        I hate 419 marriages. Even in the world, the world hates it. So we thank God for everything.
26.        I have a good news to all of you. Saturday, 23rd November 2013 was glorious in the house of the Son of Man. Some elders and their wives from Enugu were invited. Elders in Onitsha were invited with the two elders from Lagos and some other brethren that coincidentally met us. W had a full house.
27.        Saturday, 23rd November 2013, officially, the Son of Man joined His hand with that of the elders in Onitsha, elders from Enugu and My wife, appended our signatures to the agreement reached between our brother, that is Pastor Kunle Rotimi of Lagos and our daughter, Onyedika Odoemena. Halleluiah! Amen.
28.        I won’t talk about the glorious nature; it takes the two Pastors, Apostle Kelechi, Apostle Ojiakor, Deacon John Barns and many others to testify. It was wonderful! But it is glorious that we did all the investigations according to our faith.
29.        I have to thank Brother Austin of Lagos together with the wife who harboured our daughter when we sent her for investigation which turned out to be another glorious party in Lagos for the photographs could not tell lies.
30.        We could see warm reception accorded her by the Mother, Rotimi, all his brothers and sisters, their wives, the whole relation gathered and made the thing a very big party, took various photographs which we have our copies; together with the entire brethren that escorted her.
31.        For we are not only interested in Brother Rotimi, we wanted to know about his family. His relationship with his mother, with his elderly ones, including the elder sisters that are married and their wives. The report we received from our daughter was glorious. The photographs taken were equally confirming; then Sister Austin testified.
32.        I have no doubt as for Brother Rotimi whether he is going to make it or not for I can talk about him. He heard about this faith when he was in the University in Ondo State. He was the chapter president of SU (Scripture Union) when Sister Shade brought this message from Abuja to the University.
33.        From there the message spread through Okechukwu who is of blessed memory; the ex-prisoner who died in Ihiala. From there, Monday Obakpolor and the rest of them joined. Brother Rotimi found it difficult to believe the message until one night, he brought out all the copies of the Holy Bible he had. Bought different translations, began to verify, using Hard Truth.
34.        Mid-night, he started crying. He discovered he was fighting the truth. To show his sincerity of purpose, the following morning he ran to the preacher who took him to the river and baptized him according to our faith.
35.        From that time till today, there has never been any evil report around him. As they journeyed along, Pastor Monday Obakpolor was pasturing them. When he left for Aba, Brother Rotimi became the Pastor in charge. At the completion of his studies – first degree, he moved down to Lagos and joined the parents and continued in fellowship in Lagos where Bishop Justice was pasturing. He remained faithful till today. Went back to the school to finish his Masters Degree and came back.
36.        While he was writing his master’s degree programme, he was shuttling from Ondo to Lagos. He never missed fellowship except during his exams. So from that time, from Law to Grace; from grace till this hour, he has remained faithful.
37.        When Bishop Justice was elevated to the rank of a Bishop, he took over as the Pastor in charge and has remained the Pastor in charge till this morning. I mean, the records are clear! He has never suffered any excommunication since he entered this faith till today. I believe he is qualified; he is worthy. Yes, he is worthy of My confidence. More so, the records are there.
38.        From the time he started coming to Onitsha, he has never passed a night in My house. And I asked him a question: If I have discovered anything error, of course you know what would have happened. As at 28th of October, last month, he never knew the phone number of My daughter and he did not want to approach her.
39.        He wanted to see Me first for the report reaching Me said, he was afraid coming to Me. Who would not be afraid? When he later came, he jammed the Rock. He was referred back: “You do not need to come to Me first, you are not coming to marry Me or My wife. Have you opened discussion with My daughter?” He said, “Never, never.”
40.        “Do you have her phone number?” He said, “No, I will get it.” “How do you get it?” He said, “I will get it from Ugonna and the wife.” I said, “Okay, phone her, open discussion. If she says yes, you can then come to Me. I will know where I will start My investigation. Coming to Me first, no.” So, we took off.
41.        The summary is that, Saturday, 23rd November 2013; if I should say 23rd November should be on record that that was the day she got married to Brother Rotimi with the hands of the elders from Enugu, Onitsha, Myself and My wife all put together and an elder from Lagos, we joined our hands together and approved the marriage. Finish!
42.        Thus, if anybody is nursing the feelings of having her as a wife either for yourself or your son, from today, make another choice. That is not all. I have to complete the announcement.
43.        I am aware that Brother IK Obasanya has informed the elders, especially the Pastor, of his intention to wed in Onitsha on the 28th of December 2013. I am aware, I approved it because wedding is a personal decision. Our responsibility is to help the person on that day.
44.        Brother IK, unless you are changing your date for personal reasons, your date still holds. I told you clearly before elders that I approved it for you but be it known to you that I will not be around. I will be travelling with My whole family, not because I wanted to but because of the situation we found ourselves.
45.        The elders in My house were there when I was served a letter. Our landlord is carrying out a renovation work on the building and wrote to all tenants to vacate on or before 24th December 2013 to come back 2nd  January 2014 to enable him work on the toilet and so many other things at the backyard of the building.
46.        He even volunteered that if any could not go because of financial difficulties or lack of accommodation, that they should come over to his house at Oraukwu, he will offer them accommodation, except feeding, to show that he is sincere.
47.        I am not a part of those people, I have a nice accommodation and his decision pleased all My children who have been longing for a day there will be trouble in Onitsha that will force everybody home. Thus, the decision favoured My children.
48.        On My side, I am equally overjoyed because, it will give Me a wonderful opportunity to celebrate My birthday at home. That is why I am glorifying God. I am working towards that. By 27th, December 2013, I will be 56 years. I am glad.
49.        Pray for Me that the Lord will take Me beyond it. Yes, if you feel I am useful to you, you must pray for My continuity. But where you feel I am not useful, you may say, “God terminate it this morning.” But He will do His will, not your will.
50.        Be it as it may, since I now have a compulsory holiday because of the situation we found ourselves, I now reasoned with My whole family and elders, reasoned with Brother Rotimi, I have already called My uncle, the chief at home. There is no going back again.
51.        Brother Rotimi is permitted to tell his parents and the brethren in Lagos that on the 28th of December, the bride price and the traditional wedding of My daughter will take place. My reason is, those that will be helping Me during My mini party, will continue helping Me the following day. Secondly, Brother Rotimi and family will be expected to arrive at My house on the 27th December 2013. By 4pm, they will be in My house; be a part of My own ceremony to enable Me be a part of their own ceremony. I will do you as you do Me. It will be one-one. We celebrate My own 27th December. I will celebrate their own on 28th December; 29th December, they will go.
52.        Please, as we keep on praying for that day, I am imploring all of you, if there is a time we need your prayers it is now. Pray for us, pray for Brother Rotimi and his relations, pray for My daughter, pray for the success of the marriage, of the wedding, pray for the safety of the brethren who might be coming that day. Pray also that the Lord might provide the needed finance to enable our brother to execute the programme in peace.
53.        I thank all of you, I know if it was possible, everybody would have loved to be in My house on Saturday, 23rd November 2013. But according to the rule, it is not meant for everybody. Only selected elders represented the interest of the three local assemblies involved. And they represented very well.
54.        I thank all of you. I am hopefully believing also that by next week, I will stand in the midst of the saints to announce another marriage and wedding. Not that of Brother IK, another one. Keep on praying for us. Amen.

tithe, vow, pledge and offering
This day, the roads will be very busy because of the Corpus Christi celebration by the Catholics. Remember, they own the world, you cannot challenge them. A day is coming when God and His people will possess the earth. Until then, the world will continue to be controlled by the devil and his children.  
2.           Deacon VIN Place the offering box close to the fellowship door. Keep it there, open it. Every first day of the week, that is where the offering box will stand. I am destroying that last brazen serpent in the Bride with effect from this moment.
3.           this should be the practice in all the local assemblies, The Pastor can never go to the pulpit to announce a time for giving offering henceforth. It is abolished! Nobody will go to the pulpit during worship service to announce to you “rise up, let us give our offering.” No, no, no. And no more bucket for infants or adults. No, no, no.
4.           All these Jewish practices, the last I am dismantling is your mode of offering. How am I going to dismantle it? If you go to the message titled, “God’s plan to establish His Church,” that was where I handled tithe, vow, pledge and offering.
5.           I separated all of them and I told you that tithe is of the law. Vow is not of the law; pledge is not of the law. These are personal matters: A matter between you and your God. Something you kept private, it is your own privacy. Nobody knows what is happening to you, what you are looking for. Nobody knows how you have been praying. You are the one that opened your mouth or said in your heart what you will do peradventure God will come your way in so, so and so. That is vow!
6.           Pledge is: Assuming we are embarking on furnishing this hall with seats, a brother stands up and says, “Write my name, I will give three seats.” It is a pledge. Any day he gives us the seats, he has redeemed his pledge. Because we have written it down, we have every right to ask for it. If he delays in redeeming it, we send somebody to him to come and redeem his
7.           Is it not our message? It is sir! You do not give as obligation neither do you give compulsorily, no. That is why the giver must give cheerfully not grudgingly. Nobody is interested whether you are giving or not. It is what you have decided within yourself. For that reason, you do not come to fellowship to begin to decide whether you will give or not.
8.           Or how much you will give or not. You give according to the New Testament. You stay in your house, set it aside for every first day of the week for that is the only way you can run away from murmuring and grumbling. Stay in your house, set it aside.
9.           When I taught you concerning giving, go back to the message, “God’s plan to establish the Church,” offering, how you should give. You have no right to give until you have given your heart to Christ for obedience is better than sacrifice. That is number one.
10.        You have no right to give if you are quarrelling with your brother or your sister. Once there is bitterness in your heart against your brother or your sister, you have no right to put your hand in the offering bag. Keep whatever you want to give, go and make peace with your brother. Make peace with your sister. After which, you can now give your offering. It is the only way your offering can be made acceptable to God.
11.        Remember, that God does not accept every offering. Cain rendered offering, Abel rendered offering, God rejected one and accepted the other. Cain gave the best fruits of the land being a farmer but Abel presented a Lamb, not a sheep. that is, Something that resembled a small pussycat not worthy of being eaten, not worthy of anything. That was what God accepted.
12.        That is why God said, “i accept sacrifices and praises based on the condition of the heart.” Once your heart is wrong, the Lord will not accept your sacrifices. If you like, put twenty billion in that offering bag, you are wasting your time. If you are in enmity with anybody be it your child, your wife, your brother, anybody, as long as the person is professing Christ, you have no right to approach that offering box.
13.        Now, God said again in that message that, “In any Church or local assembly where tithes generate money, that is an unbelieving Church. That Church does not believe Christ. There is no salvation for members in that Church for they are all living under the law.”
14.        Nobody is living above the law there. If one-tenth generates money in any local assembly, that local assembly is filled with unbelievers.
15.        in that same message, God highlighted something. He said, “Except our righteousness exceeds that of the Pharisees, Scribes and Sadducees, we shall in no wise enter the Kingdom of heaven.”
16.        You can be in the Kingdom of God without being in the Kingdom of heaven. For the Kingdom of God is the general assembly of the saints while the Kingdom of heaven is paradise. That is the final bus stop.
17.        What was the righteousness of the Jews the Pharisees, Scribes and Sadducees? They were paying tithe of CUMMIN; they were paying tithe of their harvest. They were giving one-tenth of everything but they neglected the weightier matter.
18.        That was why a lawer came, presenting his righteousness before God: “I pay my tithe, I do this, I do that,” you see the righteousness of the Pharisees? please note it very well.
19.        The New Testament Church never paid tithe. Let Me tell you what tithe is all about. In that message God said and I quote, “If you were not sincere in your former denomination and you rolled into this faith, you can never be sincere.”
20.         If you were a hypocrite when you were in the Roman Catholic Church or Pentecostal and things like that and you hear the message of salvation of Christ and come into this faith, you will remain a hypocrite unless you change your heart.
21.        note it, I am handling a serious matter. I am not handling the Good Shepherd. everybody is involved for the battle is about to be decided. I am removing the last hurdle, the last obstacle.
22.        See what tithe is all about. Let Me give Myself as an example. I am blessed with ten oranges and I am here with elder Nwobu. While I am taking the oranges gradually, I noticed that he wants the orange. He said that I should give him one out of the ten. If I should give him one and withhold the nine when I know that that one is insufficient, I have not given him anything.
23.        It then means I have given him grudgingly. I didn’t mean to give him. So, if he never opened his mouth though I know he needed it, I would not have given him. If I should give him one, I am still holding nine.
24.        If I am liberally-minded, I will purpose in My heart that even if I give brother Nwobu three, seven will still be sufficient for Me. Am I making sense at all? This was the spirit that guided the early Apostles in their giving. They were generous, they were hospitable. They gave as the Lord prospered them. They gave not as obligation but willingly from pure hearts and the Lord blessed all of them.
25.        thus, if somebody whose righteousness is based on paying tithe works more than you, it then means you are a pagan. Your righteousness will not exceed that of the Pharisees until you have done that which they could not do.
26.        If you find it difficult to give Brother Nwobu one out of the ten oranges you are holding willingly without grudging, I wonder what you will do if he says you should give him three and take seven.
27.        God does not take your money but He is testing your generosity. He that has given you His own life, He used His life to purchase your salvation, gave you eternal life freely, how much did you pay? Even the protection He is offering you every day, even the healing, why not pause a little?
28.         It is because we do not count our blessings; we do not name them one by one. That is why, from time to time, Pastor will go to the pulpit and announce time for offering. The early Apostles never had time for offering.
29.        And as it is revealed to Me that time for offering is Roman Catholic, It is brazen serpent. God’s children in the temple, their place of worship do not have any time for offering, rather, the offering bag is placed there.
30.        Once you are coming into the sanctuary, man or woman, young or old, provided you are led in your heart to give, to prove that from your house you made up your minds, you set out something for the work of God which you are enjoying, for the furtherance of the preaching of the gospel of Christ, to prove that you place it as your number one.
31.        in that message God said, “You have no right to spend a kobo from your income until God has taken His share for in the beginning, God! if God is not with you, you couldn’t have achieved it. First glory must go to He that enabled you to stay alive and achieve it. Then the rest will go to you and the rest of the world.”
32.        He didn’t say, “give Me one million, give Me this, give this.” He said, “Purpose in your heart, but do it willingly, not as obligation.” That somebody is forcing you or preaching, No, no, no, no. Or to please anybody, no, no, no, no. Do it by revelation!
33.        He said, “how do you do it? When you are coming into the temple, the offering bag is placed where all eyes will see. While you are coming in, to prove that you set it aside in your house, you included it as a part of your worship, for worship is incomplete without offering.
34.        Go back to the message titled, “The fivefold worship.” Fivefold worship, you will see offering. You are offering because Christ first offered Himself.
35.        Tell Me what you are offering that will reciprocate that greatest sacrifice or offering was made by God? He didn’t say give to the Son of Man, no. Never, never.
36.        while you are coming in to the sanctuary of the Lord, the first thing you look at, you look by your side you see the offering bag. That which you are coming with, I do not care what it might be, He said, “drop it there.” If you forget to drop it there, any time you remember, whether you are going out to urinate, whether we have dismissed and you want to go home, drop it there.
37.        However, it is better to drop it at a time it can be prayed for not when you dismissed because when you dismiss, the offering prayers are over. What will be prayed for, the hands that will be prayed for will be that hands that dipped into that offering bag.
38.        Let it be known to you that no giver ever lacks. For the scriptures say that the hand that giveth shall never lack. Try it.
39.        I have dismantled the time for offering with effect from now. Not only in Onitsha but in all local assemblies so that brethren will be at liberty, freedom to give or not to give. It is no longer people standing up and following hypocritically because, if you do not rise up and follow them it will mean you are the poorest.
40.        You know, it looks somehow! we stand up to give offering, you see some sitting on their chairs. But this time around, nobody will know when you give and when you do not give. Your right hand will not see your left; equally your left hand will not see your right hand. This is the order and this should stand in all the assemblies of God Worldwide with effect from this day.
41.        I have dismantled this oldest brazen serpent that has travelled a long distance. Till today. before all witnesses, I have broken it into pieces.
42.        Parents are now to teach their children to give offering by preparing them at home, So that when you are coming in, look out there, put it in, go your way. finish! Go and have your seat. Nobody is interested.
43.        It is unfortunate that they used aluminium glass. Look for black something to seal this glass inside or outside. Do it for it to be tinted so that whatever is inside, nobody will see because it has psychological impact.   
44.        Remember, when we took off, we were using a bag according to the scripture that was sewn by a tailor. There was a bag we were using, if you dip your hand inside the bag, we do not know what you have put inside. This one will pass here, another person will pass there. within ten minutes we have given our offering and dump everything here, pray.
45.        Those that used to collect the offering, once they brought it out, whatever they saw there was the offering. So, close it for Me otherwise, I will put it away and establish another thing. But it is better you close it. Seal it with something that is black.
46.        I invite our brother who came yesterday, Brother David Mbah, to the pulpit. He obtained mercy from Me yesterday evening otherwise, he would have been sent back to Umuahia. He never knew there is a standing order that brethren from the South East should not come to Onitsha fellowship ahead of time unless on invitation. For the distance is very short. We can only make accommodation available for those that are coming from afar. Not somebody coming from Owerri or Umuahia.
47.        You have no reason to come a day before the fellowship day. No reason at all. It is inconveniencing. But a day is coming pray for Me, a day is coming when the ban will be lifted. If you want to come even four days before the fellowship day, I will tell you to come. And by that time, I will be residing in My own house where no landlord will police Me about. Then, I can now harbour brethren as it has been My manner from the very beginning.
48.        I feel bad sometimes when they come, I welcome them, give them food, give them water, give them drinks only to disperse them to families. I feel bad. What are they going to do in those families? Only to take their bath and sleep. No other thing because I have taken good care of them. Even a glutton cannot continue in eating and drinking. But by God’s grace, in no distant time, I will get a place that will accommodate even forty at a time and they will feel at home. Simply pray for us, we are working towards it.
49.        What is the Basis of Our Rejoicing?” page 48, “I am Brother Peter Odoemena, the greatest stumbling block in this generation. If any man wants to glory, if any woman wants to glory, let him glory in what the Lord has done.
50.        Not in what he or she has done. Not in what I have done. Thus, salvation or eternal life is not depending on what I have done or what I have not done.” Amen.

Apostle Kelechi

Remain blessed brethren. We thank God for what He has been doing for us. Without the tape ministry, these messages, none of us will rememberthem. And from the time the message was preached, nobody would say he understood what was happening.
2.           As many of us that were there in 1998 when this message was preached, none of us understood it. It is now that the message that was in tape form is transferred into book form that we can sit down, go through it, then you will understand what God has really done for us.
3.           If Go did not tell us ahead of time that He preserved His word so that we would not perish, many of us thought that it was the Bible. But God preserved the word for the Bride that we will not perish and that is what is keeping us alive till this very day.
4.           Every time the message comes in book form and you go through it, you are revived. You will see yourself in those mistakes you have made; you come back and correct them by the word. That is why we are alive till this very moment.
5.           Any of us that looks away from these messages, automatically, you are perishing. In the message we read, He said that, “Message in the tape is our live wire. If you fail to play the tapes, the grievous wolf will carry you away.” That was when the messages were in tapes.
6.           God Who is rich in wisdom knows that playing tapes sometimes can be so boring. Some of the tapes, you will not hear what is in them clearly. But now, He has devised a means of bringing those messages to book form. Now we are sitting down in the fellowship hearing them, we see a lot of things God did for our own comfort. Thus, we are very grateful to God.
7.           Now, when you pay strict attention, take these messages, have a nice time to go through them with sincere heart, there is no grievous wolf that can come near you. You are grounded, you are settled. Then you focus your attention on God and God alone.
8.           We do not deceive anybody. God did not call us to deceive anybody and we cannot deceive anybody. The only people that were deceived are those that are destined to be deceived. Those that are destined to die for the scriptures say that, “To some, we are sweet smelling savour to those that are destined for life and savour of death to those that are destined for death.”
9.           People that hear this message, they will say “No,” over their dead body. What are we preaching? Could you imagine, sitting down, trusting God without doing anything but focus your attention on He God has placed in our midst for our salvation.
10.        For there is one common thing in all the messengers that God has sent in all the ages, that is Christ in them. It is Christ that is guiding them for the work of salvation was finished before the foundation of the world. The only thing God is doing is to come in a badger skin in any dispensation to point the people to a finished work.
11.        But the Law that was in their day hindered them from believing Christ. If the Son of Man did not appear, all of us are bound to go to hell by the burden of the Law. We would not have seen the clearer picture of the finished work at Calvary. It is simple faith that Jesus Christ died for us and for us to put our confidence in God and in God alone.
12.        That is why in this flesh, no man is justified. But we are justified in the spirit, by the faith we have in Christ in our own day. “I am the door;” God has been the door in all the ages. But there is one thing people do not understand. They know that God has been the door, but they fail to see the vessel called the building as the door of that particular age for salvation.
13.         “I am the door.” This message was preached on 20th February 2012. Page 45 verse 1. “Now, look at where we are, back to square one. Now if God will decide to sweep off the whole thing, will He be an unjust God? I have decided to give you a résumé, a rundown of all these things so that you will see that the stage is set now, not for another person to come and prolong our stay but for God to come and sweep off all these nonsenses.”
14.        No other person is coming. What are we waiting for now? The stage is set. Every prophecy towards the end is fulfilling rapidly before our eyes. What is deceiving many people is the environment they find themselves in. It is just like are we here in this part of the world, you do not know what people down there in the Middle East are passing through. You hear it through the Net, God will bring out the news from the Net, we read it in the fellowship, you feel unconcerned. But what the people there are passing through, it is better seen and felt than heard.
15.        I was going through the Net; Netanyahu was saying that they were ready to strike Iran not minding what America was doing. That they that were living in the Middle East knew better than what they were passing through than they that were visiting them.
16.        There is nothing we are expecting now if not the translation of this our mortal body which will come at the time God has said and set for it. Watch what God is doing, taking us back to all the messages He gave us in the beginning, putting all that were there, when the message was preached in remembrance of what He taught us so that we can mend our ways.
17.        Then making you that have come along the way to see what God did to us, that the same faith in Christ is the only thing that can save all of us here. Just like He gave the parable that a man that had a farm came out in the morning and saw labourers.
18.        He called them and agreed with them to pay them 100 naira for the day, send them to his farm to work. He come again at nine o’clock, he met another person, he sent him to the same place. He came at about twelve noon, saw another people, sent them to the same place. At about three o’clock in the afternoon, he saw some people, sent them to the same place.
19.        Then towards six in the evening, he saw some people wandering, they were labourers. He sent them to the same work. All of them were there working. At the end of the day, he wanted to pay, he started from those that came late, started giving them 100 naira each until those that came in the morning equally received the same 100 naira and they started asking: “Ah, ah, you are paying us the same amount you paid these people. We that bore the heat of the day?”
20.        He said, “Are you annoyed with me? Didn’t we agree to pay you 100 naira? Then, why are you against me? Don’t I have the right to do anything with my money the way I want?” That the same eternal life is given to all that obey Him till the end.
21.        “I am the door,” page 59 verse 8-10, “Remember that I made it clear to you that for you to serve this God, you must get rid of your preconceived idea about God. Whatever you might have been taught about how God looks like, drop all of them for they were erroneous impressions created by religion.
22.        Notably by the Catholics to fool the entire world into believing that God is a white man. God is never a white man and can never be a white man...”
23.        All you knew about God, as long as you come into this Bridal Ministry, you must drop them by the side for they have no part in God who is in our midst for you cannot know somebody more than himself. It is God that is introducing Himself to us, giving us His own teaching. What He wants us to look like. How we ought to conduct ourselves. You have no right to come into this ministry and act and behave anyhow.
24.        “…He has never been a white man for God originated from Africa and must wind up in Africa. Remember I told you that it is African Pentecost—Pentecost Africa. It is the turn of Africa to produce their own saints. Having gone through the whole world, He has come back to His own continent as a final resting place.
25.        We are at home with our God, why is it difficult for people to believe that God is a human being and yet they carry the Bible? St. Paul was talking to his people in his day; he was addressing Timothy to pass on the information that God is a human being.
26.        Moreover, it was because of that wonderful revelation he made THAT GOD IS A HUMAN BEING, that he was treated as a criminal and put in chains...”
27.        It is only in this Bridal Faith that you can hear this for God is putting all of us into remembrance of the teaching He has given to us from the beginning to correct every erroneous idea.
28.        Like the Son of Man told us that His business is removing anything that will stumble you or hinder you from entering Paradise. He announced it this morning that if there is anything you see in your spiritual life, you will see Him today that He must remove it if you will allow Him to do so. One of the problems many of us are having is to sit down and examine ourselves in line with the ministry we are in. This has become the most difficult task.
29.        That as we all are sitting down in the fellowship hearing the message, you feel that it is to everybody. The message is not for everybody though we preach it generally, it is for a set of people that put their confidence in the God that revealed Himself in their midst.   
30.        “I am the door;” Christ is the door, Christ the Anointed One, page 70 verse 38 “Thus, you must know where you are standing, when we say Gate, Gate, Gate, Door, Door, Door; you do not  begin to look at the sky. I AM THE GATE, I AM THE DOOR. I AM THE MESSAGE OF ETERNAL LIFE, CHRIST HIMSELF IS THAT MESSAGE.
31.        The Apostle said, ‘He was in the world before the world began, I have seen Him, I have heard Him speak, I have touched Him with my own hands; He is the Message of eternal life...”
32.        A human being has always been the message, for Christ has always made Himself manifest in human form not counting it robbery. God always veiling Himself in a man, see the Door. If you watch the promise of this Door, let me just show you a little. Not that you do not believe, peradventure the Devil will try to shake you.”
33.        Not that you do not believe, we have the door. There have never been any statement that come out of the mouth of the Lord which were never confirmed in our midst through dreams and vision, confirmed before our eyes! We have received it as a vision, wrote it down in our file that one of us saw the Son of Man standing, saw people coming, a very big gate, He would open, people would enter. He turned the other side when He closed, the same person you saw outside is the same person you see inside.
34.        Why we are not deceived, why we must be very, very careful and sincere, deeply sincere, behave like that madman. God has picked us from all works of life, given us this privilege of having eternal life when the rich men of the world refused the invitation.
35.        If you see mad people and eventually you bring them in and they feel comfortable with where you have placed them, it will be hard to drive them away from there. This is because there is something I see that there is a plan God put, he was accommodated very well, how can you push him out? He cannot go out. Instead of pushing him out, he will become violent before you. This is the only place nonentities like us, forget how you dress very well and sit down in the Faith.
36.        There is nobody in this most holy Faith whose character God does not know. He knows your behaviour. We are just lion in chains. With His words, with His teachings, He tames us and brings us under control. That is why immediately we look away from His teachings and doctrines, you find yourself back to your original nature of what you are known for. Leave this faith immediately, you will find yourself in your old association
37.        “I am the door” page 75 verse 51-52, “I will tell you how Jesus came. Of course I have told you. You know the story. Good! I am not Jesus and I will never be Jesus. If there is anything I shared with ancient Jesus, the Jewish Jesus, it is Christ. It is Christ in Jesus that made Him God.
38.        It is Christ in Peter that made him God. What is common in all the messengers of God is that they have the Spirit of Christ in them. Whether they are drawn from the Jews or from the Gentiles, there is only but one thing common with them: They all have the Spirit of Christ in them. Besides, the Spirit of Christ is not two; the Spirit is one for God is one...”
39.        That is why we are rejoicing today that what God is displaying among us can never be seen any other place outside the Bride. That is why from the time God came down in our midst when this supernatural picture went into the net; you have never heard that it happened in another place. It cannot happen in any other place.
40.        God has made His choice and His choice is final. Whether you accept it or not that is your own business. We are living in the last days, we are waiting for the promise and instruction given to us to pay strict attention towards what God is giving to us, telling us in our own day. Amen.

Apostle Kelechi
I am the Door,” Verse 58 “Now we have it as a very big quote, Professor Nathan Uzorma in his own put it this way...”
2.           We heard this man by the time we read his commentaries, a philosopher; he put it this way “…Every grEAT truth beginS as a blasphemY and in the end a reality.”
3.           When this message started, it became a blasphemy to many of us. That is why God told us from the beginning, “If we do not understand what is going on, it is not a must we must understand but you should continue following Him towards the end, you will understood all things. Everything will be made plain.”
4.           We are at the end even the little ones that are suckling have all understand all things. Everything is made plain to us. There is no doubt in the real sons and daughters of God. No doubt!
5.           God told us three categories of people in the message we read this morning “What is the basis of your rejoicing?” three categories of people that follow God: One, are those that do not believe in whatever God is doing. When God mentions these things you watch yourself.
6.           One group are those that do not believe at all, that it is God that is doing them because those that are reasoning mentally, they believe that God is a great being that created the whole universe: How can He condescend Himself so low to be in a man and start doing these things. They do not believe that it is God; they have their own mental picture that when God will come He will be what He will be and do those things.
7.           Group two are the impersonators of what God is doing. Those that are impersonating the life of Christ. The conduct of Christ, they are impersonating it. All of them are following God. Then you watch yourself whether you are among these categories of people. Are you among the impersonators that are impersonating the life of God, His character? For the Prophet told us that, “There is one thing Satan cannot do; he cannot live a consistent life of God. He can’t!”
8.           Then, the minority which is the third are those that are the real believers. Their prayer has always been, “God, help me to understand the impossibility of your being.” Help me to understand you in whatever you are doing.
9.           Give me that heart to acknowledge that you are the one doing it. There has never been anything God will do on earth without using a human being. He used a human – to the elect, they will see God, to His enemy, they will see man – human being. Amen.
10.        “…Every grEAT truth beginS as a blasphemY and in the end a reality’ in other words, every grEAT truth initially resembleS a lie...”
11.        This Bridal Ministry is a Great Truth, a Great Message, the only message of salvation to the sons and daughters of God only. It started as if it was a lie for God told us He would tell us truth that resembled a lie.
12.        “…in other words, every grEAT truth initially resembleS a lie. To tell you that you contribute noting to your salvation, that all these things you are labouring FOR have nothing to do with your salvation. You begin to wonder whether you can make it without doing something...”
13.        You begin to wonder whether you can make eternal life, whether you can enter paradise without doing something. Is it possible? For it has been a nature in man to do something. Tell a man not to do something, just come. He will try to prove to you he will like to do something to his own credit. But God does not need anything from us but only simple faith.
14.        “…You begin to wonder whether you can make it without doing something. I am the door, as many THAT will come in through me will find rest. we that have believed HAVE already ENTERED into our rest and that rest is such that whoever THAT HAS entered will stop from works.
15.        When you enter into the promised Rest, your works will stop, God will now take over, the Spirit now takes over, finish. You are now at rest. God is with us, that is, a sure sign that the imaginary God has been born as a human being.
16.        He is now with us, and the scripture said that He is the same yesterday, today and forever; the Alfa and the Omega, is it true? Amen...”
17.        The imaginary God has been born as a human being. Has become visible! Just like this photograph or this picture of His Original Body in our midst, it is through prophecy in our midst. In one of the meetings, God through that prophet told us clearly that, “When I want to magnify Myself among My people, I will show My people My Original Body.”
18.        Just like Jesus was talking to his disciples, Thomas said to him, “Lord, why is it that you will reveal yourself to us and not to the world?” He said, “They do not know him, they do not believe Him, there is no way I can reveal Myself to them but only to you that have believed I will reveal Myself to.” For this prophecy came many, many years ago.
19.        What is more, God is duty bound to bring His word to pass for He spoke through the prophet that, “As the rain comes down to water the ground to make the crops germinate and bring forth seed for the summer to be sown the next season and bring forth proceeds for the hungry to eat; the same way, words that proceed out of His mouth must not come back to Him void.”
20.        We have forgotten that prophecy. It is still in tape. We forgot it. And God who said it, was planning to cause an event that will make Him reveal, show to His people His Original Body. As He continued, He stirred up a problem in one of our local Church down there at Egbema between the Pastor and the Apostle. There had become a big problem there.
21.        He stirred up our Brother Chiwendu over his child that he was not the one that impregnated the wife to have the child. He stirred it up. We thought it was just ordinary thing. God was trying to show to His people His Original Body. We didn’t know.
22.        Before our eyes, the father was saying that he was not the father of the child but God. But God was saying He was not the father. All these things! He stood our Brothers at Egbema up, for they have their own problem. Their belly is filled as a woman that was pregnant. Nobody could handle the matter. God came down Himself to reveal to us through such event to show us His Original Body.
23.        Besides, His Original Body is not different from His vessel here in our midst. That is how God works. He must stir up something that will bring His word to pass. Human beings, you and I, God has given us this privilege to see Him so that our faith will rest on Him stronger and stronger.   We see what God is doing in our day. Let’s hold fast to this thing.
24.        “I am the Door,” page 98 verse 1-3 “There is the Supreme God; and He is a Being that took His origin from Black Africa. God is not found outside Africa. The influence of God is felt everywhere, but God is living in Africa. Believe it if you can…”
25.        By 1993 God had already affirmed this truth that He is a native of Africa, whether people will believe it or not. As at 2012, Nathan Uzorma is discovering his own. How many years? 19 years. He is trailing behind us.
26.        “The Essence of Serving the Living God” page 56, verse 78: “There is nothing He will not initiate to secure your final release. When a bird wants to release ITS YOUNG ONES, IT makes the nest very uncomfortable. 
27.        Your nest will soon become very uncomfortable. You will regret everything but NOT your identity in Christ. I will regret everything but not my identity in Christ. There is a song we used to sing in those days: ‘The Saviour has come, He has come, He has come!’
28.        In 1997, we sang this song for the first time at Nssuka: ‘The Comforter has come, the Holy Ghost from heaven, the father’s promise is given, to spread the tidings round wherever man is found, the Comforter has come. You can now begin to know how long you have been waiting; the luckiest man is the man who collected the last ticket”.”
29.        God will initiate anything that will help Him to secure our last release. That is what He is doing now. Taking us back to all the messages, bringing them out in book form. Making us see if there is anything in you that is a stumbling block, that is hindering you from accepting Christ in our midst. He is removing all of them one after the other.
30.        “I am the door” page 114 verse 1-4 “…The Essence of Serving the Living God” page 79, verse 8, ‘You will see many names, you will even see those that blasphemed the Son of Man, called Him every kind of evil names, those that plotted even to kill Him, even those that betrayed Him; He decided to set them free.
31.        Yet they do not know that He has set them free, for He has already said ‘pardon them for they do not know what they have done.’ If they have known better, they would have behaved better.
32.        ‘The Two Foundations of Our Existence as We Approach the End,’ volume one page 12 verse 9, ‘So far, I do not know any that is thrown away from the Faith, I can boldly proclaim that the person is lost, if not one or two, yet they are not completely lost.
33.        I know they are not yet completely lost. I know on that great Day when Salvation shall be made complete, somebody out of the lost might be or may be privileged to hear: ‘Father, forgive them for they do not know what they have done. They acted in ignorance.’
34.        God said, ‘Your ways are not my ways, neither are your thoughts my thoughts.’ Brethren, we thank God for what He has done in our lives. WE THANK HIM FOR GIVING US THAT IMMORTAL BODY. I NOW SEE MYSELF AS ONE THAT POSSESSES THAT IMMORTAL BODY.
35.        It is pre-planed before the coming into existence that in the dispensation of grace, towards the end of the whole dispensation, that there is no other human being on Earth that will be privileged in the dispensation of the Son of Man to possess eternal life by His Word if not you and I...”
36.        God is initiating everything in His power to secure our last release. He must do everything in His power. In the process of causing the nest to be uncomfortable and the process of the nest being uncomfortable to us, you think you will feel relaxed, murmuring will start up, complaining will start up because when you turn to the other side, the thorns in the nest will be pricking you because the mother eagle has used its beak to tear off the comfortable material she has used to coat the thorns inside the nest.
37.        He must do everything that is in His mind to secure our last release and that is what He is doing right now. Every branch of a tree that is infested with bees, after a lot of insecticide is applied to that branch and it fails to recover, He will cut off so that it will not affect the whole trees. How can He apply the medicine?
38.        By warning, indictment, correction, you fail to take the correction, you fail to pay heed to instructions; after warning and series of warning, He looks into you, no desire to change, no  desire to wake up and pick yourself.
39.        Just like if you go the message, “Spiritual Paralysis,” there God says, “When your spirit is paralysed, you cannot pray again.” When the spirit of Christ in you, you paralyse it by being disobedient to His teaching, you cannot pray, you cannot reason, pray you cannot sit down to meditate over the words of God that have roared over your head; If there is a dream had concerning you, a vision seen concerning you and it is not good, it is not favourable and the thing is made known to you, you feel less concerned because the spirit in you has been paralysed.
40.        You know what paralysis means? If your eyes are paralysed, can they see again? No sir! If you ear is paralysed, that is become deaf, can it hear again? Just like the scripture says, “We do not know what we ought to pray for but when the spirit of God comes into us, it helps us to pray for God knows the mind of the spirit.”
41.        You cannot reason because your spirit is paralysed. Every warning that is going out here in the Church to you, in particular, as it concerns you as an individual, as a family or collectively, you cannot take it serious. Why? Spiritual amnesia, spiritual paralysis has taken place in you but you do not know. You can’t take any warning seriously.
42.        “I am the door” “What Time is it Church?” page 9 from verse 1: “The reason why we are in this Faith is to make sure we collect our wedding garment from the Angel in our midst...” 
43.        Christ in the person of Peter Odoemena gathered us in this most holy Faith to give us a wedding garment and the wedding garment is His words. The word of God we are hearing, the teachings, the doctrine is the garment. That is why we are one. What He taught in Jerusalem is what He taught in all the local assemblies. The punishment He metes out in Jerusalem on any disobedience is the same punishment He metes out in all the Local Assemblies.
44.        “God and His People” page 121 verse 6, “I know that all the stories that we have been telling, all the words of encouragement, including scriptures we have been reading, that one day, one day, not two days, God will cause all of them to come to pass.
45.        Then, there will be no more argument; doubts will vanish. For the scripture to fulfil, somebody must beat his or her chest and cry: “Had I known.”
46.        One of these days we have been telling stories all this while. God must surely cause all these encouraging words the Son of Man has been giving us; like in the morning, you heard the intercessory prayer that went forth in the morning, pleading with the father that He will over look all our short comings, stiff-neckedness, stubbornness, count them as weakness of the flesh for He the Son of Man has decided to dwell among us in all these weaknesses.
47.        That God will cause it to come to pass that all doubt will vanish. Then, how can that doubt vanish? You that have been doubting all this while, will beat your chest and say “Had I known.”  Because when God is all out to warn His people in their disobedience, He is at the same time all out to punish every disobedience.
48.        Anyone that continues in disobedience, He must surely punish. God must do everything that is in His power to secure our last release if you allow Him to do so. However, if you refuse by being adamant, been ignorant of what the voice is saying, you stay in your trouble now; after all, you are the one that will suffer. You are the one that will cry, you are the one that will weep when you develop adamant heart to instructions.
49.        Verse 4 of God and His people “…If I am to say something, I will say it is left with a little thing; all of them have almost fulfilled A to Z. Do you know that translation will disappoint many? Do you know that some saints that will be left will tell others that translation has taken place? Do you know?
50.        This question is very hard but we must answer it whether we believe it or not. Whether we believe it or not we must answer this question.
51.        When I was warning you that a dying person does not allow the war to end just like a drowning person does not like to die alone, some of you thought I was joking. I know that all the stories that we have been telling, all the words of encouragement...”
52.        Indictment, chastisement that have been coming to you, all the words of vision and dreams that have been coming to you including pictures we have been given; that one day, one day, not two days, God will cause all of them to come to pass. Then, there will be no more argument. Doubt will vanish.
53.        For the scripture to fulfil, somebody must beat his or her chest and cry; “Had I known.” I did not call or mention anybody’s name. He didn’t mention anybody’s name. When such statement is made, how do you see it? This statement that is so strong that you as a person ought to look into it because salvation is based on individual basis.
54.        On your personal revelation of who is in our midst, you take your conclusion of sticking so strong to Him, not minding what your brother in the left or your sister at the right hand, is doing. We must come to a point where we must stand firm to this faith by our personal revelation. You know what God is saying concerning you as individuals, as a local assembly, then, you stick to it.
55.        “The revelation of Who God Is Goes To The Elect Only” page 83 verse 4, “And when he had spoken these things, while they beheld, he was taken up; and a cloud received him out of their sight.” What received him? Cloud! What received him out of their sight? A cloud! So he was sealed in a cloud.
56.        He was sealed away in a cloud before their presence while they were gazing at him. Suddenly the man just disappeared. The thing sealed him. That was all.
57.        ‘And while they looked stedfastly toward heaven as he went up, behold, two men stood by them in white apparel; Which also said, Ye men of Galilee, why stand ye gazing up into heaven? This same Jesus, which is taken up from you into heaven, shall so come in like manner as ye have seen him go into heaven.’
58.        Was this message sent to the world? No! This message went to the Church. The little that were gathered there. I mean to his followers now; to the members of his Church. Did the world know what happened that day? No! Did they see him? No!
59.        If they heard the report, do you think they would have believed? No! They did not believe that report; even till today they do not even believe it.”
60.        Just like what is happening in our midst here cannot happen in the world. You cannot see it happen in the world.
61.        “The Revelation Of God Goes To The Elect Only,” page 135 verse 58-60 “Nobody will know God, until He is revealed. He maybe revealed to your brother as God, and revealed to somebody else as Satan. While you are sitting down here, God may reveal Himself to Brother Onyema as God; reveal Himself to Brother James as Satan. Yet, He is God.
62.        Brother Onyema is seeing God; to Brother James, He is seeing Satan. Anybody God wants to SAVE; He will reveal His Deity to Him as God.”
63.        God wants to save us! God wants to save us! He must do everything that is in His power to secure our last release.
64.        Son of Man speaking: “That is why He revealed the Deity before our eyes because He wants to save us.”
65.         “…Anybody God wants to SAVE; He will reveal His Deity to Him as God. Anybody He wants to kill, to destroy, He will reveal Himself as Satan. He can blaspheme Him. God can now have a ground where He can stand and then destroy him.”
66.        God is wonderful o-o-o! So, He revealed His Deity to us to save us and not to destroy us.   
67.        “The Revelation Of Who God Is Goes To The Elect Only” page 137 verse 66-67, “Have I not told you that God is revealed? I say God is revealed. So anybody that is gazing at the sky, he will hear ‘He has come, He has gone. so God is always revealed from among human beings and He revealeth Himself to whosoever He willeth. You can’t force God to reveal Himself to you.
68.        If He wants to HIDE His identity from you, you won’t slap Him. in other words, if God wants the whole world to know Him, it can’t be by revelation. Once it is by revelation, now it goes to individual because revelation is individually.”
69.        If He wants to save the whole world, it is no more by revelation. He will just do one thing; the whole world will embrace Him immediately. But when it is by revelation, it goes to individual.
70.        Then, you that are sitting down, I that am sitting down here, hearing these words all these years, are you sure He has revealed Himself to you? The Deity or do you see all these vindications as just decoration of the fellowship hall? No! It is here for the true elect.
71.        When they look up there – up there, just like Jesus told them, just like Moses raise up the serpent, brazen serpent, in the wilderness that as many as looked unto the brazen serpent when the live serpents bit them, lived by faith.
72.        The same way He decided to vindicate Himself among us in so many ways and told us not to let our eyes depart from the pillar of cloud. For only the Cloud will lead you to God.
73.        From the message, “What is the basis of our rejoicing?,” He told us plainly, “If you are looking for signs and wonders, you will be disappointed. For Satan does ‘signs and wonders’. Signs and wonders will take you to hell while the word of God will take you to eternal life. And we are here for no other thing but the word of eternal life.”
74.        Among all the preachers that have appeared in our day, whom some of us have acquainted ourselves with, walked with and known, none of them has the word of eternal life. Not even one!
75.        No matter how they brag themselves, hear them, they say the same thing. What this man is saying is what the other person is saying, no word of eternal life there. But only the Son of Man has the word of eternal life.
76.        Son of Man speaking: They do not even have signs and wonders neither do they have miracle. They only have magic.
77.        “Testimony of A True Witness,” page 168 verse 1-3 “It is because of unbelief that they rejected He that He has sent, not that they have hated He that sent Him. Make sure you place it where it belongs.
78.        St. Paul said, “I know how to conduct myself when I am full and when I am empty.” As we wait at the Gate now, the Mercy Seat before us, the Deity is in our midst showing us the mercy as long as we keep on obeying Him...”
79.        You see that God revealed Himself to as many as He will save, He will reveal the Deity to them. Now, the Deity appears for one particular purpose-for mercy before His people.
80.        “…As we wait at the Gate now, the Mercy Seat before us, the Deity is in our midst showing us the mercy as long as we keep on obeying Him. If you do not obey His teaching, there is no other mercy that will be given to you than the mercy of His wrath.’
81.        You do not obey, He shows you the mercy of wrath immediately. Your obedience to the teaching. Your obedience to the teaching you have received, your obedience to the Word you have received is the mercy God has allotted for you in this day. Thus do not look for the Ark of God in any other place...”
82.        Verse 6 “…Eternal life is your own personal property. What lies before Me is your salvation and I am persuading you to choose life other than death. I will not force you to choose, you will do the choosing.
83.        God has revealed Himself, not today but from the very beginning. If you never understood from the very beginning, He said, “Continue, towards the end you will understand all things,” and we have come to the end of all things.”
84.        Son of Man speaking: Is there any other long preaching in there again? No sir! Didn’t He say that what is left is in the hand of God to complete it? He said, “Now watch, as we see events unfolding.”
85.        Verse 11 “…You thought you are having dealings with a mere man; you never knew that you are having dealings with the Creator of Heavens and Earth, Who warned you that you should be careful the way you talk when you come to Him, for He hates anything brabra mouth...”
86.        That is why God directed us to the message “Inner Voice”. The message inner voice, if you sit down, ponder over it, if God will not just show mercy, it will be hard to save a single soul because of the thought of our hearts. Many things go into the heart, especially when God is rebuking your evil, your wrong ways. If you are not careful, you will use the thought of your heart to seal the mercy that is proceeding towards you.
87.        For any chastisement from God is aimed at causing the sons and daughters of god to make a U-Turn and come back to Him. There is no other reason. Who are those that will take that chastisement serious?
88.        They are men that have the mind like David that says, “His feet almost slipped away when he was looking upon the prosperity of the wicked. People that lived anyhow they wanted.
89.        He said, “when I recognize that my feet were slipping away, then I turned back to Him. When I came into His sanctuary and I thought on the ways I was heading to and I ran back to God.” Son of Man speaking: As I thought on my ways.
90.        If you have not seen rebuke, chastisement, indictment as a correction, mercy, God has meted out in His congregation to pick all His sons and daughters back, you are not from God.
91.        That is why God also said it that “God cannot take it light the sins of elders.” Any elder that is disobeying God, he is laying a bad example to the flock for there are some people that are prepared to learn evil always. Their aim is to learn evil.
92.        When they see an elder misbehaving, because they do not know the elder is walking contrary, before you know it, they will follow him. That is why God cannot take the sins of an elder lightly and He has never taken it lightly from the beginning till now.
93.        If you are wise, your prayer must be “God, help me to take correction from you no matter whoever you are using to correct me. Let me take that correction and change my way. Let me not be example of wicked doers. Let nobody ever learn evil from me.”
94.        “Testimony of a True Witness,” page 156 verse 66-73, “Where we are now, is a very comfortable ground to all that have arrived there with Me. However, as many that have not arrived there with Me, they are still very, very uncomfortable, they are still living in fear as to whether they will enter or not, they are filled with doubt which is a sign of unbelief.
95.        The fearful and unbelieving can never enter the Kingdom of Heaven. The fearful and the unbelieving, they will never enter. Where we are now, we are no longer talking about mysteries or revelations, we are now watching events unfold, watching out for the unfolding of events on a daily basis.
96.        I have brought you to the end where you are now going to stand at the grandstand as witnesses, for whatever that is left now, no other person will complete it than the Almighty God...” God will do all things to secure our final release.
97.        “…God is now locking and unlocking the hearts of people, stirring them up, using them to complete all His programs. Finally, we that are still talking, as many that shall remain alive, ON THAT GREAT MORNING, AFTERNOON, OR EVENING WHEN THAT UNGODLY AGREEMENT SHALL BE ENDORSED IGNORANTLY BY THE REPRESENTATIVES OF THE JEWS, GRANTING PALESTINE A SOVEREIGN STATE, UNDER THE TERMS THAT WILL BE STIPULATED BY THE UNITED NATIONS.
99.        God is doing everything in His might to secure our release. Son of Man speaking: The discussion is now in top gear. Everything is moving. Israel is saying no, Iran is saying “no”, the Palestinian are saying “no”, Pope is saying “no”. God fixing the whole thing. This God is very wonderful o-o-o.
100.     All these men now in the higher authority in those countries, when they were in their mother’s womb, did they know that God has prepared them for this cause? No! They were born; passed through all trials and everything, went to school and came out. Before you know it, they are sitting on thrones.
101.     God is now using them to secure our final release; placing us here, locking their hearts. He will open this one hearts, this one you will think he is agreeing, tomorrow, He will block the heart. Another person, He will open his own, at another day, He will block their hearts.
102.     Doing all those things, waiting to put the finishing touches that remain in the Bride. Bringing us so close. In one of our messages God said, “Sin makes one very heavy.”
103.     God is trying to bring us so low, making us to be as light as light can be so that immortality will swallow mortality up. And for you to know, you cannot swallow anything that is bigger than your throat. Can you? No! And as long as you are in this flesh, so flesh is full of unbelief.
104.     Immortality cannot swallow you because you are bigger than the throat of immortality. He is trying to remove everything, starting from me Apostle Kelechi, to Apostle Ojiakor, to all the Pastors, to all the Bishops, to all the Deacons down to everybody in the camp.
105.     For your position in this ministry means nothing as long as eternal life is concerned. That is why David said, “Let me be a door mat. If you can swallow me and make me a door mat where all the saints will clean their feet, it is enough for me.”   
106.     “…Watch out for the unfolding of world events for God has fixed His eyes in the world as well as in Israel, bringing His prophecies to pass. The world means the Gentiles, Israel is there. God has no plan for you and I again.
107.     The plan God has for the Gentiles is over, He has asked you to be there because the two must receive the same blessing, all in Christ, wait for the day. The agreement is about to be signed. All these consultations they are making now, they are boiling down to the signing of the agreement, which may or may not exceed this year. I say may or may not.”
108.     Testimony of a true witness page 134 verse 1- “Random Comments from the Son of Man,” volume 4 page 45 verse 6-7: “GOD IS LOOKING FOR ONE MAN; ONLY ONE MAN WILL GO TO RAPTURE. WHEN HE IS LIFTED UP, HE WILL DRAW MEN UNTO HIMSELF. WHO WILL HE DRAW? THOSE THAT HAVE BELIEVED IN HIM.”
109.     Have you believe in Him? Are you convinced? Are you sure? Are you certain that you have believed in Him? “…That is the Deity, if you believe the Deity that is revealed to you.”
110.     Is this Deity revealed to us in the Bride? Has He been revealed to you as a person (individual)? There is a difference between being revealed to you as a person and being revealed to the congregation as a congregation.
111.     Son of Man speaking: Sure! He can be God to the congregation and devil to you. Remember what God is doing, He will reveal the Deity to whom He wants to save. He will reveal Himself to you as the Deity. But the one He wants to deceive, He wants to kill, He reveals Himself to him as Satan. So, the person will be blaspheming for God to have a stand to destroy him. Then, when He reveals Himself to you as the Deity, you will be praising Him, being in obedient, then He will have the right to save you. There are no two ways about it.
112.     You know, it is only in our midst, we are the only people that believe that God can send an anointing that can destroy a man. The prophets that prophesied for Ahab did not know that what was in them giving them a wonderful time and jumping up and down was a lying spirit. They did not know that.
113.     Because the spirit told God, “I will go and be a lying spirit in the mouths of the prophets of Ahab. I will give them a wonderful time, they will see vision, they will dream, they will see every good thing that will prove that they will overcome in the war.”
114.     God said, “Go, you will do well.” And as Micaiah was watching the drama before God and the host of angel, Micaiah came and told them clearly that it was a lying spirit in their prophet.
115.     Zedekiah, being the chief of the prophets slapped Micaiah saying, “How do you think that the spirit of God will leave me and come to you?” Micaiah said, “Okay, the evidence is, when the thing happens, you will find yourself. That is where you are hiding yourself is the evidence that the spirit of God is not in you.”
116.     We are the only people that know that. That is why we pray, “God, let not any false anointing ever rest on me or on you for you are the greatest enemy Satan has.”
117.     The Son of Man speaking: The voice we heard last week said and I quote, “If there is any prayer you make to God now that say, “Father, keep me from murmuring against the Son of Man.”
118.     Sure! That is the voice we heard. Let me tell you, listen, every word that is in the heart of God, the devil cannot get it. There is no way he can grapple with it. But immediately it is spoken out, then, he can act on it.
119.     Now God has told us that if there is any prayer we will make from the greatest to the least is, “God, keep me from murmuring against the Son of Man. Do not allow me to murmur against Him,” because events that can cause you to murmur abound. Let that event never come.
120.     Do not allow it to happen. And the devil will like to point you to those events. That is why the scripture says, “We must be awake spiritually.” Be awake, be alert in the spirit. If you are alert in the spirit, you are not sleeping in the spirit, you must know all the evil ways of the enemy and God will raise a standard in your heart against that.
121.     Jesus said in his own day, “Blessed are those that are offended in me.” Because, everything He is, everything around a man God is using is full of offences. Full of murmuring. Everything, show me any action.
122.     Son of Man speaking: Every man of God is a cause of offense and stumbling and people always stumble at their word. None elect must stumble at their word; those that are destined to perish.
123.     We must pay strict attention to those things. If you do not pay strict attention to it, automatically, the wind will carry you. That is why we are paying attention to these words. Pay attention to it; obey it to the letter for your own good.
124.     “The Revelation of God Goes To The Elect Only” page 90 verse 37-39 “In other words, the Son of Man will be here on earth, will be a part of the corrupt earth. When He shall be revealed, He shall be revealed with the cloud. When He shall be revealed, He shall be revealed in the clouds of heaven.
125.     But there is no cloud upon the earth. If He is earthly, He cannot wear cloud. But He shall be revealed with the same thing that caught Him up. That thing that sealed Him away, when He shall be revealed; He shall be revealed wearing the same thing.
126.     In other words, He will be a man wearing water proof or a laminated human being. You know what lamination is? When you laminate a certificate, it does not change the outlook. When you look at it, it is very nice but it is sealed. It can withstand anything rain.
127.     So, looking at the condition, we will see Him as a mere man. We can touch Him. But we do not know that we are just like somebody that is trying to touch the figures that are laminated. Your hand can never go beyond the water-proof (nylon).
128.     thus, when you think you are touching the letter, you are touching water proof (nylon). A man in a cellophane bag that is highly transparent. That is Christ, Emmanuel. That is the name he used that time. But this time, we call him the Anointed One Peter the Christ.” Amen.
129.     On this note, I say remain in your sanctified estate, remain blessed in Him eternally. Selah.