The Son of Man Revealed From One of The Jungles in Africa According To William Branham's Prophesy

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Tuesday, 6 March 2012



There is the Supreme God; and He is a Being that took His origin from Black Africa. God is not found outside Africa. The influence of God is felt everywhere, but God is living in Africa. Believe it if you can…

–The Son of Man      
 PP. 3}

This Mighty Angel that came down from Heaven clothed in a Cloud, we really want to identify Who He is.
No other person is coming except God Himself and no other person has come except the Great Angel; the Mighty Angel, the Arch Angel. We are having dealings with the Arch Angel Himself.
Angels have remained human beings from Creation. When Daniel saw him, he said, “The man Gabriel whom I saw in my earlier vision.” Thus, an angel is a man.
There can never be departure of the Church without the Mighty Angel or the Arch Angel or God Himself.
I want to help you. If you had known the man that is in your midst, I do not think you would have treated Him the way you have been treating Him. Some call Him different names, yet He openeth not His mouth.
2.           Is that not enough to condemn you? Is that not enough to make your heart burn that this man, no matter the provocation, no matter the false accusation, yet He openeth not His mouth?
3.           Is it not a wonder to you? What manner of person is this man? You are My people, I belong to you and you belong to Me. I am your fellow brother in tribulation, for without tribulation there is no way. I do not know the way you want Me to talk to you.
4.           As we continue in this Message, I will say something. Sometimes when you bypass some of these Churches, you see a cross carved with a snake around the anterior end of the cross; with Jesus in the middle, hands spread.
5.           Some say it is Jesus Christ, but I say my Christ is no longer on the Cross. My Christ is not even in the grave.
6.           Looking at the horrible thing they drew, they used one rag to cover His nakedness, but that is false. Jesus Christ was paraded naked.   
7.           There was nothing like even a handkerchief covering His nakedness. If you do not believe, believe it because I am the One telling you. I was with Him from the very beginning.
8.           When He went to the Cross, I went there with Him. He was paraded naked and any day in your dream or vision God shows you the blistered body of your Messiah, you will not eat for one week. In short, He died before He was crucified.   
9.           When I started carrying Bible, I did not know the meaning until I saw that picture. One afternoon, I was praying somewhere and the picture came down and stood before Me. I almost fainted. I could not look at the body. From that day, I became a believer. From that day, my vision about serving God changed. Then, I started looking for a group that will see it the way it was revealed to Me, but I could not, rather, I saw people that were saying: “It is pleasure, pleasure, pleasure.”
10.        However, I knew more than that. It is not pleasure, it is sorrow. Christ was a man of sorrow. There was no beauty in Him that we could behold Him. The body was blistered. There must be a day sin will stop in your life and that is the day you will have the revelation of Whom you are following.
11.        The other time, I was telling you that when I was living in the world Satan tried to destroy Me. I loved Indian hemp more than anything, but how did I stop it? The same man that initiated Me into it stopped me from taking it. Then I was living a very isolated type of life.
12.        You know, I do not have friends. From the very beginning, I never had friends. A lot of people would always like to befriend Me, but along the line they would discover that I was not the type. I tried to stay alone and it has helped Me a lot. I do not like mixing with people freely because I have a different vision about life.
13.        I was not a party guy. Hence, that time, nothing gave Me joy except that Indian hemp. There was a little cassette player I used to carry about. Thus, if you searched Me, you would get a lot of tape cassettes.
14.        One day, I was somewhere in an uncompleted building alone; I was smoking, listening to the voice of the man. I called him a prophet and in our group, we called him “prof”. The man is dead now. One day, I was listening to one of his records, in the same number, Kaya, I heard some lyrics that baffled me: You think you are in Heaven, but you are living in Hell!” and I said, “What!”
15.        The track continued: “You think you are in Heaven, but you are living in Hell. You think you are in Heaven, but you are living in Hell. Time alone, only time will tell!”
16.        I chilled. I dropped the Indian hemp on the ground and rewind the cassette. The music went forth again: “You think you are in Heaven, but you are living in Hell. You think you are in Heaven, but you are living in Hell. Time alone, only time will tell!”
17.        I said, “Look at this man who was praising Indian hemp turning round now to tell Me that I am already in Hell. From that day, I started questioning the smoking of Indian hemp.
18.        Something struck Me in that number and from that day till today, I have never approached where it is being sold. I started thinking: “What made this man to prophesy that anybody smoking Indian hemp will be feeling he is in Heaven, but he is already in Hell and yet he could not stop it.”
19.        Of a truth, anybody smoking Indian hemp thinks he is in Heaven; he does not know that there is any other world than the world he is living in because he is in another world, always rejoicing and smiling in that world, thinking he is in Heaven, but he is in Hell.
20.        If you are a smoker in this Church, you are in Hell! Thank God there is no smoker in this Church. Thank God you are God’s people.
21.        Thus, there are many things you will be doing thinking you are in Heaven, but you are in Hellfire. Before you do anything, enquire from the Word: “Mr. Word, what do you say about it?”
22.        What am I saying? I did not stop smoking because I saw it in the Bible. I stopped it by divine revelation. There are many things you do and something will be querying that thing, but you will be comforting yourself saying, “After all, the Bible did not condemn it; after all, Bible did not say anything about it.”
23.        Just like people that are still snuffing tobacco till today. Here, in this camp, if God will come and search you now, do not be surprised you will see somebody that will be found possessing snuff. Ask him, he will tell you: “I am not convinced, after all, it is not in the Bible.” You know how they take it; they do not take it openly. It is in their bedroom; even some women put it in the bag. You are smoking Indian hemp. I am telling you the truth.
24.        If you are licking that tobacco, you are taking Indian hemp because there was a day I tried it and the thing entered my brain, then I started turning round and round. In fact, I lost my balance. I love proving everything. I snuffed the tobacco, no remedy. I said, “Let Me find out why people cherish the thing.” In short, I got into serious trouble that day.
25.        You know this Faith is a stubborn Faith. Anybody that is in this Faith, man or woman, was stubborn. Looking at you women, you look very precious, actually, you are precious now, but when you were in the world, you were rough, but today, we are looking like angels and we are angels really.
26.        In the world, we were stubborn—very, very stubborn. If we were quiet, God would never have approached us. God has nothing to do with a self-righteous man. God is looking for a man in the dustbin whom He will wash, one that is tired of sin. A gentleman is never tired of sin, rather, he will be promoting sin in one way or the other. However, I am tired of it.
27.        We must come to a point where we will say: “Enough is enough”. If you have not said it in this last Pentecost, say it before you go.
28.        A man running from the Presence of God, where is he running to? Where will he run to and the Almighty God will not bring him back? Moreover, that man is in this camp, running from the Presence of Almighty. Well, I will call your name and I will tell you when you started running so that you stop running. The Lord has caught you.
29.        Let us go back to the land of truth again. I will use my concluding portion of the Bible to start. In addition, all I will say will revolve around it.
30.        Let me tell you, be in your duty positions. You can make laws, you can equally cancel laws. Do you know what I mean? There is no law against you in this Faith. As far as I am in your midst, if I declare you justified, you are justified. However, if I pronounce you guilty, petition to the highest Heaven, the Voice will ask you to go back, that He is on Earth.
31.        The Voice will say, “Go back. He has not come back again since He came down.” The Bible said, “The same that ascended is the same that descended that He might fill all in all.” And since that day, there is no record that He has gone back. He said, “I will never leave you comfortless, I will go and come back and be with you, even in you.”
32.        While He was on Earth, His Voice was heard from Heaven because the Bible said that He fills both the Heaven and Earth at the same time. He was in the womb and He was equally in Heaven. If you like believe it; if you like do not believe it. However, I know you have believed before coming. Thus, you keep on believing. A believer backs the Word with, Amen; so be it Lord. Amen.

Deuteronomy 32 : 40-41, “For I lift up my hand to Heaven, and say, I live for ever. If I whet my glittering sword, and mine hand take hold on judgment; I will render vengeance to mine enemies, and will reward them that hate me.” KJV.
2.           Deuteronomy 34 : 5 - 7: “So Moses the servant of the LORD died there in the land of Moab, according to the word of the LORD. And he buried him in a valley in the land of Moab, over against Bethpeor: but no man knoweth of his sepulchre unto this day.
3.           And Moses was an hundred and twenty years old when he died: his eye was not dim, nor his natural force abated.” KJV.  
4.           Jude 9, “Yet Michael the archangel, when contending with the devil he disputed about the body of Moses, durst not bring against him a railing accusation, but said, The Lord rebuke thee.”  KJV.  
5.           All I will say will revolve around these two passages of the scripture. The Lord swore that He must avenge the wicked and the oath is the end of every controversy. When a man is having a controversy with his neighbour and one takes an oath, that is the final of finals.
6.           The Lord has sealed it that no sinner will go unpunished. Thus, run away from sin. If you do not want God to punish you, run away from sin because if you sin, definitely you must be punished.
7.           Michael the Archangel came down when Moses died, to carry the body of Moses and bury it where it pleased Him. There was a reason why He decided to bury Him by Himself because the people of Israel cherished Moses so much for the glory of God was upon him so much that even when God called Joshua and Caleb, nobody ever said they were disciples of Joshua and Caleb.
8.           When Christ appeared on the scene, they said, “We are the disciples of Moses; concerning this man, we know not.” Nobody said, “I am a follower of Joshua.” In other words, they never believed Joshua. Let me tell you, it has been the guilt of man in all the ages, limiting God to the first Messenger.
9.           When John the Baptist disappeared from the scene, his converts found it difficult to follow Jesus Christ. They limited God only to John the Baptist. They did not know when God purchased a new cloth. When Herod killed John the Baptist, John the Baptist was buried, yet that was not enough to convince them. They were sure that Moses died and was carried away.
10.        Who knows why Moses was carried away by God? The man died without anybody interceding on his behalf. If the people cared to bury Moses, God would not have carried him. Moses helped in burying all that died, but when Moses died, his corpse was abandoned. Why? Many people were bearing grudges against him because of the death of Koran, Dathan and Abiram.
11.        Remember the Bible said that after the death of these people, the people came and accused Moses and Aaron of killing God’s people.  What happened there did not convince anybody that Moses said, “Look, if they die natural death, they are of God. But if they die unnatural death, then you will know that the Lord has done it.”
12.        Moreover, they were watching the whole thing and it came to pass. Yet it did not convince them. They still accused Moses and Aaron for man is never afraid. To save a man is not easy! Any time God does a great thing, man will give God the glory. The following day, he will forget it. His rejoicing today will turn out to be reproach the following day.
13.        Our Brother preached a Message: “Be Very Careful That Your Joy Today Will Not Turn to Be a Reproach Tomorrow.”
14.        You see why I said you must be very careful! The moment you become a man of God, your sermons will go places. Any day you mention the name of your wife, the whole Church will know your wife that day. Your maids they will know. That’s why all the messages that came out of my family, everybody knows the names of my maidservants; all that are living with Me, even my wife because anywhere you play the tape, you will see where they received indictments. Their names will flash.
15.        Then you will say, “I do not know that the Apostle’s wife can behave this way. See what Apostle said concerning her.” Yes, that was that time, but if you play another one, you will see where she repented.
16.        Follow Me gradually. I am a compassionate preacher. I will finish the Message if you co-operate with me. If you do not co-operate with Me, I will not finish it; it will be lingering. Finishing it does not mean finishing the Bible. I will stop where I feel we have called the names of those people that went to Jerusalem and all eyes saw them. Moreover, since that day, we do not know where they are.
17.        I asked a question: “Did they go to Heaven? If they went to Heaven, when?” This is because on the day of Ascension, only Christ went to Heaven, but on the day of His resurrection, he resurrected with many people. If they went ahead of time, it then means Christ told lies for He said, “No man has ascended to the Father, expect He that came down.”
18.        We are watching and we are waiting. From now, I will reserve many, many things. If you turn to the Book of Saint John chapter 16 verse 12; it says, “I have many things to tell you, but you cannot bear them now.  Howbeit when He, the Holy Ghost, the Spirit of Truth shall come, He shall lead you to all truths. He shall reveal to you things that are yet to come.”
19.        In other words, you will know all things. Is there reincarnation? Or is reincarnation myth or reality?
20.        I will help you. We saw three men walking and Abraham embraced them. We went to the Mount of Transfiguration, He turned round and we saw three men. Let Me stop there.
21.        The man appeared on the scene again and said, “Believe it or not, John the Baptist is Elijah.” He did not say, “was,” “believe it or not, I tell you, John the Baptist is Elijah.” Does it require any other interpretation? If you try to interpret it, you harm yourself. Reincarnation, myth or reality?
22.        One thing is that we hold our old ideas and opinions about a topic very firm. What caused it? Inherited religion. Many inherited religion without investigation, without investigating to know whether what they were teaching was true or false.  That is why you see somebody saying, “I was born in Catholic; I will die in Catholic. I was born in Anglican; I will die in Anglican,” because he inherited it.
23.        Ask him why, he will say, “My family is a Catholic family; we do not go to any other Church except Catholic?” “Why?” He will give no reason because it is inherited religion, you see a stark pagan will stay at home and claim to be a Catholic. Native doctors claim to be Catholics: “There is no Church that surpasses ours; it is a general Church. It is everywhere!” From year to year, he will never go to Church, but he will be defending Catholic Faith—inherited religion. It is very dangerous.
24.        We inherited a religion that says there is no reincarnation and many come up with a lot of theories and hypotheses, but nobody ever sat down one day to go to the land of truth. Well, if I will go there I will tell you the mind of God.
25.        If a man dies, can he live again? Then what is a man? Let Me ask a question; scientists can call it whatever they want to call it. I have seen a man that got married and wedded in the city. That man did not go home with his wife for one day and the wife became pregnant and had an issue that became a carbon copy of one of the relations of the man. I have seen it.
26.        I have seen a woman that had a baby when she never saw her late father and that baby boy became an express picture of the woman’s late father, bearing all the marks the man had on the flesh. What do we call that one? No, science has what it calls it. This one is above medical science. There are certain things I will tell you, all medical doctors, your heads will explode.
27.        My own brother-in-law who is a scientist told us, when we were talking with him, he said that he believes in God. That while he was in Russia studying science; that they normally come to a point where the theory will say that they met this one there. Nobody could tell who placed it there. That is the end of human knowledge, yet something remaineth. Nobody could prove beyond that. Man has limited knowledge, yet he brags because he constructed airplane and manufactured computer.
28.        Let us come back to the topic. Moses died, his brethren forgot him and abandoned his corpse. The Almighty God came down and said He will bury him. God Himself published Moses’ obituary. If you read the book of Joshua chapter 1, you will see that God published the obituary of Moses.
29.        God said, “Joshua, my servant Moses is now dead.” Joshua knew he was dead, yet he was not tempted to take over the leadership. He remained calm until God called him and handed over the mantle of leadership to him. But today, can anybody be patient to such an extent?
30.        Maybe with the exit of the Apostle everybody will scramble. Already they have started scrambling while I am still on the scene. If it is possible to push Me out, they will do it, but they are waiting: “The moment this man leaves the scene, I will come up.”
31.        That’s why Weston Fihala said he desired to be number two, “The moment the Apostle leaves the scene, I will be there.” In addition, he went about intimidating other ministers, having an undue influence around them, but the Lord saw him as a dangerous minister; minister of destruction and then showed him the way out. Will he repent? No.
32.        We saw Michael, the Archangel in the Book of Jude. There are many things we could see in the Book of Jude. The Book of Jude made us to understand that Esau was a fornicator. Search the whole Bible you can never see where Esau was found guilty of committing fornication, but the book of Jude made us to understand that we should be careful lest there be any fornicator like Esau.
33.        If you stop at the Old Testament, you will not know what happened around Esau? Then what is fornication in the sight of God? That singular act of selling his birthright because of food, God called it fornication. In other words, Weston Fihala is a fornicator, Ben Okezue, a fornicator who because of Naira and Kobo sold off their birthright.
34.        These are the people whose sins have come up. What of you whose sins are hidden in you? What of your sin you know which is standing clear before you now?  Many are in this Faith not better than those Elders. Many are in this Faith worse than the people that are outside, but they are outside because God has finished the judgment with the Elders. He is now facing the congregation.
35.        All the fornicators in the camp, God is telling you to stop and think. What is your business? How do you earn your living? How do you manage your work? How do you manage your contract? If you are a believer in this Faith, how do you go about your business? Are you not a fornicator like Esau?
36.        Are there not occasions where because of food, because of hardship, in order to make both ends meet—when both ends can never meet—you have betrayed your birthright? You have sold it off thinking it is a light thing.
37.        The moment sin becomes light in the eyes of the believer, he perishes. What killed the people of Israel? The Bible said when they committed sin against God; they thought it was a light thing.  Esau was a fornicator. Because of a morsel of bread, he betrayed the Faith and sold off his birthright.
38.        A time came when he sort it with tears, but could not get it again. It was too late. How many Esaus are in the camp?  Esaus in the camp, I want to tell you something; the Bible said that many people’s sins are opened that they might be forgiven, while some are hidden, buried in some people; embedded in them and will go with them to the Judgment Seat.
39.        Then, my question arises, which one is better: My sin coming up in this flesh and be judged that I may be set free and then get eternal life or for me to hide my sin within myself and then carry it and go to God’s Judgment Seat, from there to Hell fire?
40.        This is because anybody that goes to God’s Judgment Seat and comes out safe has won the case. In other words, he has made God a false accuser. The day Almighty God took Me to a higher realm and I was shown the Mercy Seat and the Judgment Seat, that was the day I said, “God, I want your mercy and not your Judgment.”
41.        I watched the drama for a while, I shivered and trembled that people were coming in a single file like that. It was just like something that was placed in a machine as if everybody’s name was computerized there. Hence, the thing was running like a beam—a very bright light was shining there. You see people coming there, they just stop a little, the thing will flash and then, they will turn the other way and go into the outer darkness.
42.        Nobody ever went there and opened his mouth. Quietly, dumbly, they went there; quietly, dumbly, they went to the outer darkness. The thing continued and continued until I shivered. Not that charges were read before anybody. Any man that just went there, the thing will make wuruuuuuu; he will see his picture; everything he has done in this life, then, quietly, he will go away like that.
43.        I shivered and said, “God have mercy on Me. may I never appear before your Judgment Seat.” No wonder Saint Paul said, “It is a fearful thing to come into God’s judgment for God is a consuming fire.”
44.        I do not want God’s judgment. I want His mercy. If you say, “God, judge me,” you are in trouble. “God, I want your Judgment.” Where will you stand? Where? No wonder the Psalmist said, “If God is to judge iniquity, no man will stand.”
45.        What am I saying? From the Book of Deuteronomy, we could see that the Bible recorded that God came down, carried the corpse of Moses and buried him in the place where no man knew. Even till today, nobody knows the place. Why? He did it so that the people might not go there and worship him in the grave; to stop idolatry because they loved Moses so much that they would have been praying at the graveside like the Americans are doing at the graveside of William Branham.
46.         Every year some will go to see the tomb and come back to reproduce it in the newspapers: “Look at the Tomb of the Prophet”. Even if the tomb is as high as the Christian Center at Abuja, does it make meaning? It does not make sense.
47.        The Book of Saint Jude has opened our eyes of understanding to understand that God is Michael, the Archangel and no other person.  Michael, the Archangel did not put on another mask than the mask that God put on Him. Get what I am saying. I want to show you what Archangel is all about.
48.        That Archangel was a human being by name Michael; a great messenger by name Michael. Look at another Archangel. When God died on the Cross, He was laid down on the Cross because of Sabbath. Then an Archangel went and buried Him in His own sepulchre.
49.        That Archangel was Joseph of Arimathaea. Did you get it now? When others ran away, courageously, he went and requested for the corpse. All the disciples ran away. Peter never even made any burial arrangement. Nobody came near. They thought if they went to Pilate to request for it, they might be thinking they were Jesus’ converts. Courageously, Joseph of Arimathaea went there. I am coming closer.
50.        We read also in Acts of the Apostles chapter 10 about Cornelius who saw a vision of an Angel and then we equally read where Peter went to his house and Cornelius bowed down to worship him. Peter said, “Stand up for I am a man and also your servant.”
51.        In Revelation chapter 19, we saw a man, an Angel appearing before John the Revelator. John the Revelator bowed down to worship him, but he said, “No, I am one of your brethren; your co-servant also.”
52.        I want to tell you something. A time came when Elijah thought he was the only one that was left. He never knew that they were almost up to seven hundred hidden somewhere.
53.        Enoch vanished, where did he go? Christ said, “No man has ascended to the Father except He that came down.” Elijah vanished; where did he go? Jesus the Christ said, “Nobody is in Heaven. Nobody has seen my Father except He that has been with Him”.
54.        On the Mount of transfiguration, He turned round and told the whole world that Elijah and Moses all ended in Christ. Did you get what I said?  Throw away that your old carnal Pentecostal interpretation. I do not care who wrote the Bible commentaries. All that wrote Bible commentaries are Trinitarians.
55.        Check Tarsus, check reference, they are all Trinitarian works. Check all the Bibles you are holding, they are all Trinitarians. As a result, do not study Bible commentary. I think that is what is killing so many of you in this Faith. You buy Bible, instead of reading from Genesis, you will abandon it and go to commentaries. You are listening to fake teachers. Whatever they are teaching you there is exactly what they learnt from Bible College and because it is at the back of the Bible, they will be bragging with it.
56.        Somebody once asked me, “Do you know more than what this man wrote here?” I said, “Shut up your mouth! The man did not write the Bible. He reproduced the Bible and used the opportunity to add his own ideas. He is guilty of addition.”
57.        The Bible should be Bible alone. If you look at my Bible, it has commentaries, but you can never see Me mark anything there. I do not even crosscheck it because it is useless. This is the guilt of many people in this Church. What you have read at the back of your Bible has killed you: “I am holding so and so references.” Be very careful.
58.        Note what I am telling you. Jesus Christ turned round and turned round, they saw three tabernacles standing. Peter said, “Ha! Grant it. Let us build one synagogue for you; one for Elijah and one for Moses.” He turned and turned round again, the thing left them. They saw one person. 
59.        I am telling you that Moses was no other person but Christ; Elijah was no other person but Christ. That was why He was able to tell them: “Before Abraham, I was,” and they carried stone to stone Him. God changes dresses in every age. Amen.

God delivered His people for without God there is no deliverance. He was in the person of Moses and He said, “Moses, go to the people. Before them, you will be their God and Aaron will be your prophet.” Is that not Bible? Anybody God tabernacles to be used to deliver His people becomes God before the people. One word against Him is one word against God.
2.           That is why the Bible said, “If you reject He whom He has sent, you have rejected He that sent Him. You receive He whom He has sent, you have received He who sent him.” If you reject the Son, you have rejected the Father. You reject the Father, you have rejected the Son. 
3.           Somebody asked a question: “What must I do to do the works of God?” He answered it immediately: “Believe in Him whom He has sent.” Who has He sent in your day? Is there any one sent in your day?
4.           Who has He sent in your day? Have you believed Him? Have you received Him? Do not allow this question to condemn you. Many were taking photographs with Him the other time and voices roared saying, “Make sure that my photograph with you will not condemn you.”
5.           To somebody else, He said, “When you get home, you see this photograph where you are holding my hand, place it on your wall where your eyes will see it everyday.” I do not know whether that person heard that Voice. I do not know how serious he took it.
6.           If Jesus Christ remained alive in this corporal body when the camera appeared, many of His disciples, many of His friends like Mary, Martha and Lazarus would have been going about with His pictures. Thus, for Me to take photographs with a selected few, I have not committed any crime. It pleased the Lord. After all, He stopped it from the very beginning and did not permit it until I have come to the end.
7.           Then a question went forth: “When do your people take photographs of old men or when do your people take memorial photographs?” When they are about to leave the scene; when an old man or old woman is about to leave the scene, the children will rally round; that time, the man will be calling bread, brutu; meat becomes kpor, kpor. When this happens, you know he is going back where he came from. That is the beauty of life.
8.           When a man is about going back to where he came from, he becomes an infant. He just begins to crawl again. He becomes a toddler for the last time. THUS, IF YOU ARE HAVING MY PHOTOGRAPH, IT IS A PRIVILEGE.  MAKE SURE IT WILL NOT CONDEMN YOU ON THE LAST DAY. If the Lord had permitted it from the very beginning, it would have been very dangerous and I thank God Who has helped Me to stay true to my commission.
9.           No matter the temptation, I placed it on record; since this ministry started I never took any photograph even with my wife. I did not have a photograph where I posed with my wife until the one we took in the Church recently. Go and verify it.
10.        I stayed true to my commission and I want to tell you something; who do you think must be the man who said, “Do not take my photograph anyhow. Do not take my photograph without telling Me;” and they continued obeying until one day, He left for a missionary trip, His brethren gathered in the room, assembled all the copies of the book of “Last Trumpet” and joyfully, because the work has been finished in righteousness, a brother went and purchased film of thirty-six exposures, called the precious photographer in our midst, loaded the film and they went into taking photographs.
11.        Before then, he had taken photographs of his family and then Brother Ebenezer and company were posing with the book of “Last Trumpet. Some went as far as opening the pages so that they will see the picture of the Son of Man very well. While some said they were afraid, some said, “Do not do this;” some said, “let us do it anyhow; it does not matter.” 
12.        After taking the thirty-six exposures, they were rejoicing, thinking that the moment the Son of Man came back, they will salute Him with the thing. Then, they went into their laboratory and came out with nothing. The whole thirty-six exposures never picked even a speck of dark spot or white spot. There were witnesses in our midst till today.
13.        Let Me tell you something; I have told some brethren about it. There was a day I was with my wife and something struck Me there. I called her and said, “Woman, do you know this man that is lying in the same bed with you? Who do you think I am?” Her eyes changed. The discussion stopped immediately, we were looking at each other and nothing was said until morning. We gave ourselves a distance on the bed. Something struck me that day.
14.        I know a man somewhere, some day went to a photographer, the man took him a photograph and he paid. The photographer asked him to come in two days’ time to collect it. He went there after two days and the man said, “Sir, I am afraid! I have done my best in this photograph. Look at what I am seeing. This one turned out to be half card; that one is full length, but how come it has another picture, all from one film?  The more I continue, the more I continue to see different pictures coming out of it. So, I stopped and parcelled it so that anytime you come, I will discuss with you.”
15.        That man looked at the photographer and said, “Why did you go ahead wasting your film and the papers? Okay, how much do I give you then?” He said, “Sir, do not give me money again.” “No, I must pay.” He said, “No, take your money.” There was an argument between the two persons until somebody was attracted and then the boy said, “Sir, please with all my heart, take and go.”
16.        Then, the man assembled the whole thing, put all of them in one envelop, went to Old Market Road, dumped it in the gutter and continued his way. That man, actually, any day I see him, I fear him. Since that day, from experiences, that man has never crossed that photo studio; he has never tried it. He has been avoiding that studio till today. You know, it is wisdom.
17.        What am I trying to say? There are many supernaturals in our midst. I told Bishop Nnachor something in my office. I said, “When you go into the market, practice it. Tell me what you have seen.” Many supernaturals are on Earth.
18.        Don’t you know that when we shall come back to reign here on Earth, that we must meet people here whom we must rule with the rod of iron and by then, we are supernaturals dwelling among the naturals, for which course Satan will be deceived into thinking he could fight us. Then, there will be the war of Magog where we will put a final end to rebellion. Can the natural fight a supernatural?
19.        Then the question arises: “Can supernaturals marry and bear children?”  In Genesis chapter 6, the Bible said that they came down from Heaven, mingled with the daughters of men and they produced giants. But today, they came down from Heaven, became overcomers through the blood, married daughters of God and produced sons and daughters of God.
20.        Let me tell you; whether you believe in reincarnation or not, it is not a topic. The topic is KNOW HE THAT HAS EXISTED FROM THE VERY BEGINNING. It is a revelation Message; it is a mystery Message.
21.        Remember, I am going somewhere. Brother Igwe, do not look at me like that again. You know, a masquerade does not feel happy when he sees somebody looking at him trying to find out who is inside it. He will catch the joke.
22.        Let me just tell you something though it is in tape.  I have old men and old women in this Faith that can bear Me witness. A man died in this Onitsha in a ghastly motor accident and he was working with Anambra State Water Works in Onitsha. It is not a story and he was not married. This man was from Enugu State.
23.        One day, one of his relations met him at Mbah Road Junction in Onitsha. Both of them met, he called out his name and  the man responded. He stretched his hand to shake hands with him but the being vanished.
24.        I entered a bus; we were going to Awka and the man was telling the story. While we were moving, before Texaco, he saw the man again and then came down. He said, “Look at him! Look at him!” He came down and I was watching the being. I said, “Driver, park. I must witness this drama very well.”
25.        You know, the man was going after him calling his name. He was tapping and tapping the man from behind, but the funniest thing was that his hand never touched him until this man diverted to Isiokwe and then the being vanished.
26.        There are cases of people that followed people at the back, along the way, the people vanished.
27.        A woman died somewhere in Imo State and people were sent to Owerri to go and call the son. They went to Owerri at Nekede, met the son there to tell him the news and the man said the mother had been in his house since four O”clock the previous day. He showed them the basket she came with. He said she was washing her dresses at the backyard. They went to the backyard, saw dresses—the washed ones and the unwashed ones but they did not see the woman.
28.        What do you think happened? What is a ghost? If there is a Holy Ghost, there is an unholy ghost.  Don’t you know that Holy Ghost is a being? “When He; when He…” We reveal things that will strengthen our Faith. We do not preach mysteries; we reveal mysteries and you are not perfected until you know these mysteries. There your faith will be fully anchored. You know Who (He) you are following. You are not following cunningly devised fables.
29.        It is not easy to follow God—it is not easy. If you were privileged to be among the young boys that were playing together with Jesus Christ in His day and every time, He will come and tell you: “I am the Saviour of the world. I am sent to deliver my people from their sins,” will you take Him seriously? No, rather, you will mock Him saying: “Saviour! Saviour!” You will nickname him, “Saviour”. 
30.        Do you think it was easy for Joseph? That is why he died an unbeliever, but Mary believed because every woman knows the character of her child. Don’t you know that people were warning Joseph everyday? Anytime the young boy went to the temple to teach and said many, many things, the Pharisees would be offended. They would come back and warn Joseph: “Joseph, you see this little boy, warn him; this your mysterious son. You said the Holy Ghost impregnated your wife, what did you do? Are you not a man? Where were you? See this child of Holy Ghost, warn him. His mouth will put him into trouble.”
31.        If you were in the shoes of Joseph, do you think you can ever believe Jesus? That is why my father may perish. The little he has believed is because of my money. You know, we know when they have believed us. We know when they want to get something from us. That is why they said I must give them air plane before they will come and worship Me.
32.        I said, “Stop worshipping Me! Stop! Enough is enough!”  If you were in the shoes of Joseph, you cannot do better. The boy whose mother you married will come and tell you that he is your saviour, that without him, you will go to Hell; you will use mallet to batter his head. It is not easy.
33.        A little while, you will see the boy fall asleep. He will be sleeping and you go there and call him, “Saviour! So, God can sleep.” A little while, He comes, “Daddy, I am hungry.” “Okay, you are hungry? God, go and look for food.” It is not easy.
34.        The problem with Nigeria is because God did not start the move with America. If God used an American man, by now, all would have destroyed sermon books. America will not believe in what God is doing today because they believe that God is an American, that God can never do without America.
35.        Has God ever used a black? Now, He has decided to do it. Take Him to court. “Why must it be Him?” God in Peter married. God in Nathaniel married. God in Mathew married. God in Luke had children. God in Saint Paul refused to marry, yet He is the same God. Call it whatever you want to call it.
36.        God became man not counting it robbery that He might redeem mankind. He will never send a thief to come and redeem you.
37.        Thus, from today, stop seeing Angels as turtle doves or pigeons like the one father Edeh draws; the one that will turn upside down. Roman Catholic is Roman Catholic.
38.        You see, a man after many years in the university came out to draw something that turns upside down as his angel. People are mad—really mad.
40.        When He turned this way, they saw Elijah. He turned the other way, they saw Moses. He turned this way and they saw John the Baptist. he turned this way, you see Paul. He made it in such a way that the more you look, the less you see.
41.        You say God is Omnipresent, how far have you believed His Omnipresence? To what extent?
42.        I am saying that the person that buried Moses was a man, not a spirit and that man was called Michael the Archangel.
43.         Revelation 19:9-10, Do we have Brother Chukwubuikem in the camp? Make sure he is in this camp. If he is in the camp, he is in the camp as an engineer. He has vacated his office because he heard had made full-proof of it. Then he decided to spoil it at the end.
44.        A sister saw a vision where she was doing very good, the Apostle commending her, rejoicing with her and then she felt it was okay for her and then she started leaving the camp before the time.  Along the way, the same Apostle that commended her met her with His face, tight; furiously filled with anger and asked her a question. While she was trying to tremble, the Apostle kicked her down because we are in a serious ministry.
45.        When you want to constitute a stumbling block, we help you and that sister has got troubles since then.   
46.        In the day, in your vision, if you see another Angel Gabriel other than He that is speaking to you, go back and crosscheck it. You can never see the man Gabriel again neither will you see the man Branham again.
47.        I was praying some day and I was telling my brethren about it and a Being appeared. I was holding him by the hand as we marched gradually, going somewhere. It was a sleek picture of one that was looking somehow red and I called His name. I recognized Him fully to the point that if I see that Being coming in now, I will call His name again.
48.        I told my brethren that I had an Angelic visitation. I am certain of the picture I saw for I held his hand and we walked to a certain extent. Moreover, He was full of appreciation. That is why I told you that if St. Paul will resurrect today, which Church do you think he will go and worship in? Will he go to CMS where women are preaching in the pulpit?  Will he go to Catholic? Will he go to Deeper Life to compete with Kumunyi? It is this Faith he will come to.
49.        If Christ will appear today to take His people home, where do you think He will go? This is the reason even when we were few in number, we closed our eyes and threw somebody out, not minding your position. What is more, we will tell you, “You are free to say whatever you want to say about us. You are free to join any denomination you want, there is no problem.”
50.        However, you will see the people go out, hover and hover and hover because they know they are in the Ark. When the people were in the Ark, water covered everywhere. There was no sign of life. A day came Noah threw a dove out through the window; the dove went out, hovered and hovered and could not perch anywhere. It then came back through the same window into the Ark. Why the window? The door was locked.
51.        No man can come in through the window except he that is thrown out through the window. Why did that dove come back? There was no sign of life anywhere. That is why when we throw you out, the door will be locked. If you have to come back, you will do a lot of climbing.
52.        You go to Deeper Life, no way. You go to Grace of God, the same thing. You can never feel comfortable in any denomination if you leave this gathering of the saints of God. Moreover, whatever it will take you to make it right with the Church, you will do it. Why? This is the only Faith you can see eternal life: “To whom else do we go, seeing that you alone have the word of eternal life.”
53.        We do not preach sermons in this Faith; we live sermon. You see, a brother went out and told his relations: “I am not there because they preach hard alone. I am there because every brother and every sister is mindful of the word, struggling to obey it to the letter.”
54.        I said, “Thank you Lord for this type of testimony.”
55.        You see, we have not heard this type of Voice since we came to this meeting. What if I will pronounce doom and curse to this man who withheld it? This is the kind of Voice I need, the Voice that will shake the hall and the Heavens.
56.        Maybe you were dancing to the tune of the Message preached by Brother Martins who came from Jos and said the reading of the Bible is not a ministry. For that reason, he said, “No let me sit down.” He would have enquired from me. Do you know what brother Martin has passed through since he preached that Message? Do you know whether he has withdrawn it? Or you wanted Me to come here and tell you not to believe him.
57.        You know since the day Brother Martin preached that Message and I met him in Jos, he has become cold. That is why he is finding it difficult to show his colour in this meeting. You remember what happened in 1995. Anyway I know what happened in 1995. He was seeking to get a wife. Many things happened in our midst! You know I saw many things in 1995. While he was in the pulpit singing his eyes were rotating to and fro like that. Moreover, to those looks somebody was responding. Our sister danced in such a way that has never been witnessed in this Church before. I am not lying.
58.         I went to the other side and said, “Darling, did you see the sister dancing over there?” She said, “Darling, I saw her! That is Sister Ifeoma.” She was in front, making Brother Martin believe that she is very spiritual, spreading the thing on the ground while Brother Martin hit the pulpit so hard.
59.         Since we came to this meeting, bear Me witness, have you witnessed that power again? The woman has done something. Brother Martin, remember the Voice that told you, “Don’t marry and die. Lest I will condemn you on the last day for I did not die when I got married. Rather I was encouraged.”
60.        If you see Me leading in songs, you will think I am a young man, but I am very old. I am very, very old. Do not doubt Me, I am very old. If I tell you how old I am, you will marvel. Amen.

Then the Angel said to me, Write this down; blessed, happy, to be envied are those who are summoned, invited, called to the marriage supper of the lamb. And he said to me further, These are the true words, the genuine and exact declaration of God.
2.           Then I fell prostrate at his feet to worship, to beg divine honour to him, but he refrained me and said, ‘Refrain; you must not do that; I am only another servant with you.’
3.           Note, he said, “I am only another servant with you.” John thought he was there alone as the only servant that was left. He did not know one was hidden somewhere until his eyes were opened.
4.           The friend said, “Stand up; do not worship me. I am your fellow servant.” Yet He was an Angel and a man standing upright and talking with John the Revelator.
5.           In other words, God sent a man to come and relate with John in the Island of Patmos. That man came in the form of Angel. No Angel except Christ. That man was Christ because the Bible said that it is the revelation of Christ our Lord. The revelation of Who He is. He came and showed him all things.
6.           After all, it was that same Angel that was able to open the Scroll which no man could open—the Angel that was expected to be a lion, but turned out to be a lamb; not even a sheep, but a lamb. That lamb that was powerless and weak turned out to become the Lion from the Tribe of Judah that prevailed.
7.           If I should fear, I should fear one that is very quiet. This is because a quiet man is a very intelligent man. Wisdom teaches that a wise man keeps silent on things he knows very well while a fool advertises his ignorance. I told you my experiences the other time. I was standing at the entrance of the door, one young lady and a young man approached Me with Bibles in their hands.
8.           They said, “Sir, we will like to discus Bible issues with you.” I said, “With all pleasure, go ahead.” He said, “You know Jesus loves the world; God loves us, for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son. Whosoever believes Him will not perish but have…You see what is happening in Onitsha today! See government! See the Churches.”
9.           At the end of it all, they gave Me one tract and told me the place where they worship and asked Me whether I have a question. I said, no. They said, “Okay; close your eyes and let us pray.”
10.        I said, “So, you mean I should close my eyes here where all these vehicles are passing?” He said, “Okay; you can open your eyes; it does not matter.  Let us pray.” He went into prayers, ‘kporo, kporo, kporo, Amen.”
11.        He said, “You see; that is what God said we should be doing.” I said, “Come here, are you a Christian?” He looked at Me and his countenance changed.
12.        I said, “My friend, I am talking to you and not this lady. Are you a Christian?” He said, “What do you mean?” I said, “Do not be offended.” He retorted, “If I am not a Christian, why am I talking to you?” “No, you did not understand me. Are you sure you are a Christian?” I said again.
13.        Instead of answering the question, he turned to the lady and said, “You see, he is one of those people that God said we should avoid. Look at him; come let us go!”
14.        I stood still. I was watching them as they went away. I just shook my head. Within myself, I said, “If you had known the person that is talking to you, you would have even knelt down and say, ‘My Lord and my God.’” Gently I went home.
15.        It was the same thing I told my wife concerning my co-tenants. I said, “I have talked to them. I have given them Messages. Winning them is not easy.” I said, “Darling, do you know that these people do not know Me more than our tenants? ‘My neighbour, my neighbour, my neighbour.’ Do you think if I go to them and tell them to look at Me; without Me you cannot see the Kingdom of Heaven; do you know that they will lock me out?”
16.        They will push Me out of the door. They will say, “Papa Ijeoma, what are you saying?” They do not know Me beyond Papa Ijeoma; so it is with many of you in this Church. Many do not know Me beyond Brother Odoemena. I know the few that know Me. Moreover, they know Me for something. I am telling you the truth. Many claim they know Me when they do not.
17.        My wife never knew Me until something very terrible happened to her. From that day, she knew Me, yet we lived for complete eight years, she did not know Me one day, but one thing was clear; even when we were not in this faith, I told her saying, “Darling, look at Me very well, I love you. Any day you disobey my word, you must fall sick. So, if you do not want to die before your time, anything that comes out of my mouth, do it.”
18.        She tried to do it and was having difficulties from time to time. A little while, I abandoned the house and travelled. When I came back, I started telling them all that happened in my house in my absence. I did it to instill a little fear. Then from that time, she started adjusting herself. She started making some adjustments.
19.        If I want you to stay with Me blind, well, I will blind you very well. See my brother, he did not know Me until the day the discussions he held with his wife in the bedroom was revealed. From that day, he started seeing Me beyond, “my brother.” I think it has helped him a lot. It is not easy to save a relation of somebody God has chosen for a purpose.
20.        Watch the Bible, they (Jesus’ relations) told Jesus Christ, “If you know that what you are doing is from God, why must you do it here among us? We know you very well. Go out to other cities that people outside may know what you are doing. As for us, we do not need it.”
21.        That is why my in-laws told me clear: “We love your way of life, but we  do not like your type of Church. We want you to come out and float a big Church. We will sponsor.”
22.        Let us compare scriptures. Acts 10:24-26, “And the morrow after they entered into Caesarea. And Cornelius waited for them, and had called together his kinsmen and near friends.
23.         And as Peter was coming in, Cornelius met him, and fell down at his feet, and worshipped him. But Peter took him up, saying, Stand up; I myself also am a man.” KJV.
24.        Have you seen what happened there? Cornelius was praying and he saw a vision. Moreover, God told him to go to Joppa; there you will see a man called Peter, residing in the house of one Simon. Search for him and he will tell you all things you must do.
25.        I love that man Cornelius. Can you imagine a man that does not know me who went somewhere to pray and he heard a voice which told him to go to his servant Peter Odoemena living at number so, so and so Street? You should do whatsoever He commands you to do and the man came and I told him what to do and he went away without doing it. We have it.
26.        There are many things that are holding many people in this Faith. A family was praying for consolation when they had suffered in the hands of 419 people (Advance Fee fraudsters) in the name of Jesus Christ. The wife of the man saw a vision by night when she went to a particular Church. Lo and behold, she saw a young man there. The young man interviewed her, asked her whether she would love to go to Heaven and many other things. He ended it all saying, “Stay here. This is the way”.
27.        He gave her a copy of the Holy Bible. She did not know the location of that Church. The thing continued. One day, she came into a particular Church. At the end of the service, lo and behold, she called her husband and said, “Look at that man I saw.”
28.        When you have a dream or a vision look at the person you see in it very well so that when you see the person on the way, you can say look at him. I think it has helped our sister till today. Let me just ask one question. I want to help all End-timers in this Faith.
29.        A man that did not know William Branham, that did not even drink sermon books like others that was unknown, was not named among the ministers, do you think such a man can easily come up and scare giants in End-time Message away?
30.         Do you think a man born of a woman can just rise up and all the ministers that were before him will become scared, I mean all the giants before him? All giants that could quench fire here and there; all were scared. You see them coming to surrender their offices. 
31.        Don’t you know that something higher than a human being is thundering out from the individual? That something cannot come from an ordinary individual more especially when we have cases where people rose up claiming to be one thing or the other, these men carried their bags and went there. When they got there, they quenched the fire. They heard that something has happened at Aba, all of them went there and collectively, they quenched it.
32.        When it started in our midst, they held a meeting at Enugu, held one at Port-Harcourt; all of them throughout the federation including Lagos fixed a date. On that day, all of them came. Were you all not witnesses? Instead of quenching it, they all went home propagating it. If you are wise, you will stop and think.
33.        I am trying to help somebody because I am about to say something. If I  do not establish your faith fully and strongly on the Voice you are hearing, what I am going to say will profit you nothing.
34.        However, if I succeed, opening your eyes of faith and understanding to the point that you will believe that you are not following a mere human being but Christ, and Christ is unveiled in a badger skin, what I am going to say will profit you something. I am coming closer.
35.        Let me talk to sisters now. I will pick a particular sister, Sister Jessy. If I happened to be her husband, do you think she will reverence Me? Be sincere. (Sister Jessy responded affirmatively). It will be difficult. She did not get the Message that is why she answered that way. Let me help you now. I will break it down.
36.        If you hear that the Head of State is coming to Anambra State, normally, there must be some serious preparations. All security men will be on the alert. In addition, the moment you hear the siren, every vehicle will be off the road until he and his entourage have passed. It is not limited to him alone. Even ordinary Commissioner of Police has such prestige and honour.
37.        The way Sanni Abacha is honoured and respected by us, do you think he commands the same respect and honour before his wife? This is your problem. If you see Sanni Abacha playing with his son or daughter, perhaps, with wrapper on his waist, you can hardly believe. Will he throw away his children because he is the Head of State? 
38.        Don’t you know that God is trying to prove him by giving him children he will bring up so that he will use them as masterpiece?
39.        If I am not married and have children, how will I be able to command God’s house? When God said, “For you to be in charge of God’s house, you must have your own family, be able to control it very well,” do you think He was kidding? Do you think that God will entrust His House to my care when He has not proved me somewhere? Can God bypass His Word? Then why do you question: “Is he not married? Hasn’t he children?” I am touching your problem.
40.        The moment I succeed in getting you to a corner, then I will strike. God should help my faith. I am the weakest in the Faith. God help Me.
41.        Sister Jessy, do you now understand the Message? What am I saying? I am making a special prayer request. If you love my wife, pray for her. It is not easy to dwell with a man that has a dual nature; partly spirit and partly human.
42.        Sometimes, I say, “God, if I had known, I would not have dreamt of marriage, lest I will bring somebody’s daughter half way and keep her miserable. Nevertheless, let Your will be done.” There are many things that will be in the heart of a man but he cannot exercise it because of this Faith.
43.        I have not married her for one day. I know what I mean. Somebody that you do not know how to please, you do not know what you will do and He will be offended, how do you work with Him? At a time you think you are performing better will be when you get the greatest rebuke. You do not know the way you will go. Won’t you pity such a person?
44.        If she wants to stay alone without doing anything, she becomes guilty. She tries to do something, she is in trouble. Hence, for many of you that say: “Blessed is the mother that bore you, blessed is the breast that you sucked”,  do not say it again. Pray for that woman. It is not easy. You think it is easy because I have not slept in your house.
45.        Those that have hosted Me in their houses, it has never been easy for them. Sister Orjiakor, did you find it easy? This one said, “No, Sir”. Sister Chiamaka, have you ever found it easy? There are many others. Sister Chinenye, has it ever been easy? Sister Nath, was it easy? Sister Kingsley, was it easy that day? Which other sister? These are the privileged few.
46.        Imagine a situation whereby you will host a man in your house, He will first and foremost rebuke you in your own house over your own food. You know it happened in the time of Jesus Christ.
47.        The man was invited to come and eat free without payment. He accepted it and went to the table. The people gathered. He washed his hands and sat down. Instead of eating, he said, “Woe unto you Pharisees; woe unto you Scribes; woe unto you lawyers”. It will take the mighty hand of God to stop Him from eating the food.
48.        Inviting Jesus Christ then meant inviting trouble. That is why many are scared. In Onitsha in particular, almost everybody is scared. They will love Me to come to their houses, fellowship with them and go away, but if I say let Me stay, they will say no. Nobody wants Apostle to stay in his house even for one night. I do not know if any desires it.
49.        If any desires it, by and by that person will get it one day. They desire my presence briefly, not to come and stay; even my own daughter Sister Mike, she desires Me to come, but she prefers it most if I should stay in my house for her to bring Me food and materials there. Anytime I come there to see her and the children, she will expect Me to just spend a moment. If I spend a longer time there or even a night, “It is too much!”
50.        Then if it is like that, why not pity the woman that is seeing this man every minute? How will you feel, when you have something very important and you never knew the man has something He is thinking of and you come to discuss with Him, “Darling there is something I want us to discuss. See Ijeoma,” all she hears is, “Keep quiet. I am thinking about the Church at Opi now. Please handle that thing the way you want.”
51.        How will you feel if you were such a woman? You think she is enjoying? You call it enjoyment? If you think it is like that, what do you think will be the type of marital relationship they will be having? It is amazing grace.
52.        I thank God for what He is doing in this Message. I am cornering someone, somewhere, trusting God that all will understand Me. If you are a child of God, I am a child of God.
53.        Revelation 2, verse 1 and verse 8, “To the Angel (messenger) of the assembly (Church) in Ephesus write: ‘These are the words of Him who holds the seven stars[which are the messengers of the seven Churches] in His right hand, Who goes about among the seven golden lamp stands [which are the seven Churches]’”AMP.
54.        Messenger speaking to messenger, Angel speaking to Angel. Angel asking Angel to write, pointing Angel to seven Angels that will spearhead a revival, “And the Lord will send forth His Angels to the four corners of the Earth to gather His elect.” At the same time, He will send forth Angels to gather all things that offend. God will never meet a man or a generation without Angels or messengers.
55.        If God is coming now, He will talk to you through the Messenger; the Angel Messenger in the Church. What will He say? “Hear ye Him.” He is bearing that light that is illuminating your way. If He quenches that light, all of you will grope in darkness. You were equally groping in darkness until He came and flashed the light.
56.        If you do not want to stumble, all you have to do is follow the man that is holding the light, the Angel Messenger to the Church. People limited it to William Branham alone. That is madness. Now, when William Branham died, the Church died. That is what it means now. If He limited it to William Branham, once the man died the Church also died. Let us be believers enough to believe God by taking His Word seriously.
57.        Acts 12: 6-11, “And when Herod would have brought him forth, the same night Peter was sleeping between two soldiers, bound with two chains: and the keepers before the door kept the prison.
58.        And, behold, the angel of the Lord came upon him, and a light shined in the prison: and he smote Peter on the side, and raised him up, saying, Arise up quickly. And his chains fell off from his hands.
59.         And the angel said unto him, Gird thyself, and bind on thy sandals. And so he did. And he saith unto him, Cast thy garment about thee, and follow me. And he went out, and followed him; and wist not that it was true which was done by the angel...
60.        Did you get what is happening? Somebody entered, loosened the chains, asked him to dress up, pulled him out of prison and they walked along as friends. Moreover, as they were walking, they were talking. Peter never knew what was happening.
61.        The same way they were walking to Emmaus; they were walking and discussing, not knowing Him, but when their eyes were opened, they knew Him. You will see what happened on the way.
62.        “but thought he saw a vision.
63.         When they were past the first and the second ward, they came unto the iron gate that leadeth unto the city; which opened to them of his own accord: and they went out, and passed on through one street; and forthwith the angel departed from him.
64.         And when Peter was come to himself, he said, Now I know of a surety, that the Lord hath sent his angel, and hath delivered me out of the hand of Herod, and from all the expectation of the people of the Jews.”  KJV.
65.        Did you notice what happened there? The man was walking with somebody. Along the way, the person vanished. Maybe he likened Him to be one of the soldiers or one of the security men that was trying to show him a way out. Who do you think that Angel was? It was no other person but God Himself. However, He came in the form of a man.
66.        Do you think if Peter happens to see that man again he would not recognize him? Do not carry Angels too far. Drop every picture you have about Angels. That is why Jos missed Him. Moreover, they travelled a far distance to come and see Him again. You can see Him and go back. However, for Him to be in your midst again, cancel that one. It will require you fasting and praying.
67.        The Church at Jos, Law does not help any Church; rather it kills the Church. Liberty saves while Law kills. I said one hour sleep for every believer is a luxury. It requires somebody that is in the spirit to understand Me. The letter killeth. Get the Spirit of the Message. You heard it and you went about trying to implement it. It is rubbish. You did not get the Message. You are following letters.
68.        If you sleep one hour every day, you will become mad because the Elohim is not in you yet. Thus, subjecting every member of the Church to the rigors of the flesh is just Law. The point I noticed in your Church when I came; one, you overstayed in the Church using the excuse that Jos is very safe.
69.        Even if Jos is safer than any other city in the world, it is no license to be taking your children about late in the night. Can you imagine a Church that will gather to dismiss by 11, 12 midnight. It is spiritual blindness. What will you be teaching? Vain repetition. What will you be praying? Vain prayers.
70.        God does answer you because your prayers are long. It is scriptural. He does not answer you because you were rolling round one thing: “God, give me eternal life! God give me Heaven! I want to be with you in Heaven.” When you are in Heaven do not you know you already have eternal life? You will be repeating one thing over and over until you weary the Church. 
71.        Don’t you know that keeping the Church will weary them down, more especially when you do not make provision on how they will go home? You  do not know what they suffer while going home with their children. And you know my Message that stipulates that no one should move about or travel by night.
72.        If you say you are gathering between 4pm and 7pm, latest 8pm, it is alright. But for you to gather by 4pm or 5pm and disperse by 12midnight or 11pm is madness. I wonder what you will be saying. I equally noticed that people that were coming late were so much afraid. At times, you will lock them outside without knowing their reasons.
73.        I know it is not a good thing to come to Church late but it should be by revelation. If somebody wants to come to Church late every day, no problem. If you like come when we have already dispersed, you deny yourself the benefits. I will not kill you. If you like, you come in, but  do not disturb our prayers.
74.        Come by the time we will be saying, “We will meet again,” we will shake hands with you: “Until we meet again”. You will become a Roman Catholic who will be coming to Church by 12 o”clock when he knows the service will end 11pm. Maybe along the way he will hear: Go in peace. Service is over. Thanks be to God”.  He will hop unto his motorcycle and zoom off. We played such tricks that time.
75.        In the morning, you will dress up and tell them you are going to Church. You will just go somewhere and be playing football. When you know they are about to dismiss, you will go and buy one bulletin, put it in your pocket and dress well again. Once you hear, “That is all we have for today,” you will exclaim, In the name of the Father”.  
76.        Some will say they are going for the second service, they will go there, meet people that are still in the first session. When the people are on their way out, they will just join them. Religion is very dangerous. It is self-deceit.
77.        What am I saying? The Church at Jos, learn a lesson. Stop over-labouring the Church. Even in your family altars, you over-labour yourselves. There is one report I got from Jos, how they are implementing environmental sanitation.
78.        I learnt they have made a law that you wake up by 3pm in the morning for family altar, but before then you take your bath and bath all the children; even when it is very cold in Jos. That is what they call cleanliness of the saints. It is madness. Then I asked a question: Is that the only thing you heard in the tapes? What about your toilets, what did you do there? Have you improved upon the state of your toilets which is one of the reasons why many of you do not want to welcome Me there? Have you improved on the sanitation of your compounds where you live?
79.        Nevertheless, you will come out 3pm, remain in fellowship till 7pm. It is too early. You close too early; you would have remained so till 12noon. Why do you go to bed at all? You come back from fellowship where you dismissed by 11:00pm or 11:30pm.
80.        By the time somebody like Brother Elechi who is living at Katakpo gets home, it will be 12:30 am. Then he will eat and wake up by 3am to start another fellowship so as to implement 1 hour sleep—carnal men. They are missing the whole thing.
81.        If you do not know what to do, come and I will tell you or you meet the pastor of the Church at Onitsha. The Bible said, “Awake he that sleepeth for the night is far spent.” Then why do we sleep again since the night is far spent and we should awake?
82.        Now, we are awake, no more sleep until our salvation comes because it is nearer now than when we first believed. We will not sleep again until we see the salvation. Why do you go to bed? Carnal men.  Don’t ever put anybody into bondage. Every believer must be at liberty.
83.        Moreover, such thing was there, Brother Martin came to the pulpit to preach liberty. He said that in the Church at Jos, there is liberty so that everybody will manifest what is in him.
84.        You are a liar, giving Me the false impression that all was well only for Me to go there and see that everywhere was in shambles. Misleading report is very dangerous. Any day you come to Jerusalem from any local Assembly and you have nothing to say, close your mouth. We are not politicking in this Church.  Do not give me misleading reports.
85.        I pardoned you because you had a good motive, otherwise, I would have punished you severely, yet you did not go without punishment. For that singular act, I prolonged the confirmation of your deaconship which was one of the reasons why I went to Jos and I announced it there that because of that singular act, I have postponed the confirmation of your deaconship indefinitely.
86.        If not for this Pentecost and our departure which is at hand, I would have delayed it longer. Amen.

St. Matthew 13:41-42, “The Son of man shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity;
2.           And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.”  KJV.
3.           Note, and will cast them into the furnace of fire. Who are these categories of people? All causes of offence, those who cause others to be drawn into error.
4.           What is the Kingdom of God? It is the Church of God and judgment must begin in the Church. God is talking about His Kingdom; all causes of offence, all causes of division; all causes of rancour, bitterness, acrimony in the house of God must be gathered by the Angels of God.
5.           Nobody that commits iniquity or causes others to commit iniquity in the House of God will be spared; all. That was why St. Paul could say, “I have handed Alexander, Philetus and Hymeneus over to the devil that they will learn never to blaspheme.”
6.           Moreover, you did not know what happened there. By that singular act, St. Paul had committed them back to the mother earth so that they will not continue blaspheming. He permitted them and condemned them to die in their iniquity. That was why you can never see any other record in the Bible where they went about propagating that false doctrine.
7.            I have told you that if you get any report of somebody in this Faith blaspheming this Faith, bring it to Me and relax your mind there.
8.           St. Matthew 24:31, “And he will send out his Angels with a loud trumpet call...”
9.           He will send out His Angels with a loud trumpet call; a Message that will sound loud and clear. I hope you now know who Angels are? That was why I took my time to lay a solid background so that you will not be expecting somebody coming with wings from Heaven again; that what you are reading is already on the land. It is in your midst.
10.        It is not that somebody will come. This scripture has come to pass already. It now behoves on that Angel to accomplish His mission. God has already accomplished His own Word by sending Him. Now, it behoves on the Angel to accomplish His task. You are at His mercy. He is not sending another again.
11.        Luke 11:49, “Therefore also said the wisdom of God, I will send them prophets and apostles, and some of them they shall slay and persecute.”
12.        “I will”, shows it is future tense. Was he referring to the Apostles and Prophets that were present in his day? He knew that one day these words will be over. He was talking to people that were with Him that time. There were Apostles and Prophets that were with Him that time, yet He said, “I will. Some of them, they will kill and persecute,” not all.
13.        If William Branham first appeared on the scene as a Prophet, after all the Prophets that saw God alive died, that Word has not come to pass. Thus, sending the Prophets, William Branham fulfilled that one. What of the Apostle here?
14.        The moment a Prophet appears on the scene, expect the Apostle; otherwise, there is no Church for the Church is built upon the foundation of the Apostles and the Prophets, Christ being the Chief Cornerstone.
15.        All of them will point everybody to Christ.  Don’t you know immediately the Prophet appeared on the scene and said, “Come out from organized religion and go back to the Bible.” He knew an Apostle will come to teach you.  Don’t you know you were supposed to make up your mind that somebody was coming?
16.        He said, “God, I am praying earnestly for that man; please send him in my day. I know he will come, tie scriptures together and make the world see Christ.” He said, “I will send”. Then Branham lived and died. From that time, we have never seen any other on the scene except impersonators.
17.        However, William Branham told you clearly, “Watch, before the coming of the man, many impersonators will appear. The same way it has been in all the ages. But watch, God will never send Him without the sign of the supernatural. Watch him; he is going to hold the scriptural sign with a scriptural voice.”
18.        Go back to that Message titled “Scriptural Sign with Scriptural Voice.” The Pillar of Fire, the Rainbow, the Cloud you have witnessed in your picture, is it not a scriptural sign? The Voice you are holding in your hand, is it not a scriptural voice? Where do you think the voice came from?
19.        Do you see why the man said, “Follow the man with the ink bottle; receive your mark!” What is the ink? Maybe you think it is Parker ink? You should know more than that. God spoke to the people in types and in figures. There must be somebody in the mind of God that will come and tell you the mind of God; otherwise, there is no hope for mankind.
20.        Now, if the Apostle fails to come on the scene, how can that scripture be fulfilled? Now, we have a vindicated Apostle on the scene that came alone and met nobody on the scene, then while He is here, there is another Apostle also, has he not fulfilled it? What else do you need?
21.        This day, this scripture is fulfilled in my eyes. Now that the Apostle is on the land, have you not seen the Church, for there can never be the Church without the Apostle? The Apostle will tell you the difference between Church and lodge. The Apostle will tell you the difference between Church and a social club; the difference between Church and recreation centre.
22.        We have many recreational centres here and there; motherless babies’ homes here and there. You know, some are motherless babies’ homes; for every preaching, they must make a request. For every preaching, they must solicit for money; begging, begging, begging: “If we give this tract appealed to you, why not sponsor it? Send the money…”
23.        However, a pagan read the book “Cry out against the System” and asked us how much it will take to reproduce another batch so that we could come for the cheque. We told him, “Sir, keep your cheque with you. Repent and believe the Gospel”.
24.        A prominent lawyer you know, a doctorate degree holder you know here in Onitsha came after reading HARD TRUTH with his family and said, “My friend, although things are very hard now, why not come out, let us go to the printer, do the costing and I will sponsor it.”
25.        I said, “My friend, hold your money with you. Repent and believe the Gospel.” The Lord told us never to accept a kobo from a heathen to sponsor this book and the things of God. That is why we have rejected every offer in respect of this book. We never collected a kobo from anybody. There are over a thousand and one of them that were willing to inject money into the book because they said it is whip that has tormented the Pentecostals. I am telling you the truth.
26.        There are people that wish that money would be like water so that they will flood it everywhere. Yet there are some people, five minutes radio announcement, they will make a request; some, fifteen minutes sermon on the radio, they will make a request. In addition, they have the addresses of all the big men in town. They will be going there to see false vision: “Pray, pray, pray, pray”.
27.        Before you know it, “Hu, hu, hu, hu, hu, thus saith the Lord, that motor vehicle will run ten times a day, no accident. You see that farm, it will give a very big harvest. Every goat in your house will give birth to many offspring”.
28.        Then you see the man rejoicing thinking that God has spoken. While the hired Prophet will be going, they will dump thousands of Naira in the boot. They will even be chauffeured home. We saw such people in the Book of Judges.
29.        A prominent man married a wife for one, gave him a house free and was paying him salary. He said, “Stay here as my priest. Tell me what I want, not what you want. Only agree to be my priest.” That is why you see people building Churches. After building, they will go and hire a pastor and place him there. You ask, “Who is the owner of this Church?” The Reply will be, “They said it is Brother Obadiah.” “Who is the pastor?” They will name him, “The owner of the Church is at Aba, but this is the man he hired. He is looking after the Church for him.” They are everywhere—commercial centres.
30.        You see, that is why I got offended with all these Elders that are guilty of financial mismanagement. Then, I told them before the Elders: “From your action now, if you were placed in my position, we would not have published even “Cry out against the System” till today.”
31.        Looking at the set-up of this Church, now we are too many, when we published “Cry out against the System”, we were few in number. How do you think we got the money when we do not levy anybody? We do not levy anybody in this Church.
32.        The way we run the Church is the same way you have been feeding since you came into the Church. Nobody can take credit that he has fed you in this camp meeting. It is only God that is taking good care of His people. The way you have been feeding is the way we produced all these books.
33.        We tell God about it, then we relax our minds. We do not go from one individual to another. We do not try it because you may not have the spirit to be a partaker of what God is doing. Moreover, forcing you contrary to that will be very dangerous. We cannot try it.
34.        Thus, if these people were placed in a position where they will be getting this money that come in trickles; some N1000; some N300, some N200, they will be spending the money meant for the work, but I thank God for what He is doing in this Church. We have done our best to make sure that every member of the Church will see the sincerity of all the ministers, especially in matters pertaining to money.
35.        A situation where the Church contributes, N2000 which they know because the packets are opened by elders and in the expenses we will spend over N12,000, yet we  do not owe anybody. Where do you think we get the money from? If the Church contributes N30,000, we spend N100,000, yet we owe nobody. We spend more than we receive.
36.        I believe, my money belongs to God. From the day I took a decision never to have any other project on Earth, God searched Me very well. Moreover, I have told you that the best investment a child of God can make that has a reward is to sponsor the spreading of the Gospel of Christ.
37.        Pray over it until the Lord talks to you concerning what I have said. Any kobo you spend on evangelism is not a waste. You are packing treasures for yourself somewhere and you may not know it. I am telling you the truth.
38.        In addition, anybody that has formed a habit of sponsoring evangelical trips, spreading of Messages has never lacked anything good or complained of poverty. God has always been meeting his needs in one way or the other because I believe when you are labouring in God’s vineyard, He will be labouring in your own vineyard. I believe it with all my heart. If you do not know come to Me privately.
39.        Many hold money so tight. That is your problem. That is why you are dying in Jos, “Jos is very difficult.” You made it very difficult by tightening your hands and I tell you, when you tighten your hands, there is no income. Moreover, any money without income, even if it is one million Naira, it will vanish with time.
40.        What is the secret? When you hold money, open your palms. Leave the money there. Anybody that comes there and you are by far higher than he is, will collect from your palm. Somebody that is higher than you are will come your way and dump some on it. At the end, you will discover that the amount that is dumped is higher than the amount that is taken away. There is no day that tray will be empty. That tray can never be empty. This is the secret.
41.        Anybody that is above you, knows he is above you. When he comes there he will dump money.  A needy person will come there, he knows that he will surely get something there for you are higher than he is. When he comes, he will take. That tray will never be empty. However, if you hold it tight and stay like a widow: “I have only but a little garri; little soup holding one cup of water. I have to share it with my son.”
42.        If not for amazing grace, God will say: “Eat it and die.” However, the woman did something; after preparing the bread and everything, the Prophet said, “Give me first.” God was watching the woman’s heart. The woman did not say, “This greedy man that has come; he said I should give him first. If I give him first, what will remain in the pot?” When she obeyed with all her heart, the blessings of the Prophet followed the family.
43.        I am talking to the Church at Jos. Repent. Church at Jos, repent. There is no printing machine in Onitsha that produces money neither do we have any printing machine in any other local Assembly printing money for them. Any machete a man has is what he uses for his testimony. Do not hold it back. It is now that I know the motive Weston Fihala had and went into the interpretation or translation of the “Hard Truth” in Hausa language. He had a wrong motive there.
44.        What is more, I bet you if I had permitted it, all the money you would have amassed for it, he would have embezzled all. He would have used that translation to kill all of you. He would have kept on taxing every sister and every brother. He would even preach a Message on the pulpit that will make all of you unbelievers until you sell off your rice, sell off your beans, sell off everything and then dump the money in his hand.
45.        Since he decided to walk alone, nobody comes near him anymore. He does this to the point that when he collects money from the Church, he conceals it. Do you think he will allow somebody to accompany him? He will do the photocopying and everything himself. “Oh brother you hate it.” Thank God for that. It is a very good beginning.
46.        What is our secret? Everything is open in this Church at Onitsha in particular. Thank God for this Jerusalem. That is why Brother Obadiah said when we were dedicating theHard Truth,” “God, glory, honour be to Your Name forever for choosing these type of honest people, entrusting them with this Sacred Trust knowing that they will not betray it. If it was given to Aba, Aba would have messed it up.”
47.        All the money that will come, I will be at the head to dish out orders and I will say, “Brother Chukwubuieke, go for the films; go for the making of the plates. Brother Mike, go and buy reams of paper.” I will only be seeing the receipts. Moreover, I will open an account, not with the bank, but with the printers. N2000 will go there, deposit; credit to our account. Any money that comes, credit to our account. It will be for the books.
48.        Even if we hold it, nothing will happen to it; that is the level the Gospel has brought all of us. There is no single brother I gave money and followed up. In addition, not even one came back and became a stammerer. That is why you have been seeing all these things going like that. However, if somebody was selfish, he would have diverted the money saying, “Brother look at; look at; look at.” Are we here to consider “Look at”?
49.        A time came when I slammed an order: no money for needy brethren; no money for evangelism until we have achieved something. After some time, I lifted the ban again. That book delayed because of what befell us. I praised brethren in Onitsha; I am giving you your flowers, brothers and sisters. Hold them tightly.
50.        That is why I have been longing and praying that nobody should miss it. They are very sincere. If they make any mistakes at all, they are honest mistakes and I must pardon them. There is no wicked person in our midst. Who can believe it? While the publishing of the book was going on, we were still sponsoring evangelical trips to many towns outside Anambra State.
51.        We sponsored evangelical trips to Otuocha and all the local governments in Anambra State. Brethren stayed many weeks. After that, we went to Mbaise; all the local governments in Mbaise, we toured them round. We sponsored evangelical trips across the River Niger; even up to Lagos. That was not enough.
52.        In our honest attempt to save somebody, we killed a woman. You all heard it. We went into the matter and then diverted the money meant for the book for the burial of the woman in which we succeeded. The Lord was with us.
53.        You heard the testimonies, yet we continued in the evangelical trips as well as the book. What if we were selfish like Jos Church? You think brothers in Jerusalem are minting money. They are not, but they are not selfish. They know the secret of getting.
54.        It is like that because they first of all gave their lives. Your problem is that none of you has repented let alone giving your life to Christ. If I belong to Christ, everything I have on Earth belongs to Christ. If that will make me Lazarus, let me become Lazarus and go to Heaven than to become a rich man and perish.
55.        Call me whatever you want to call me today. Today is our day. Your sin is great in the sight of God that is why He came back to it again. I did not write your name there. I did not come to this camp meeting having Jos in mind.
56.        What is your testimony? Your testimony is that you have a record that you disgraced the Apostle in your day. You drove Him away. The moment I said I was going, they all became alive. Weston Fihala was sponsoring it with his coat. Before I knew it, he had already arranged for a vehicle because his enemy was living: “Let this man go so that I will have my peace.”
57.        Even while I was preaching the Word in the Church at Brother Bala’s family, some were using their feet to make strange noises on the floor. In other words, I have overstayed. Who should complain? Is it the one that is travelling or he that accompanied him? I should be the one to complain. I am talking to the brethren from Jos.
58.        I am telling you what happened which you did not know. Your ministers conspired against me. In the attempt to frustrate the Pastor of the Church, they frustrated the Holy Ghost. They became snail. The snail thought it was trying to quench the fire by pouring out all the water on its body not knowing that when the water finishes it will be death. In the attempt to quench the fire, the snail died. It killed itself.
59.        You were trying to frustrate your pastor so that the Apostle will go home with the impression that He is no longer a man of God. You killed yourselves. Don’t you know that no man of God succeeds without companions? You cannot walk alone. There must be companions.
60.        The pastor at Onitsha is successful today because he has faithful and reliable companions.  Thus, any day he presents the Church before God, he will be rejoicing because he knows there were men that helped him. I am telling you the truth he cannot deny. I am succeeding in My office today because I have companions that are very reliable and trustworthy.
61.        That is why when I see any of them trying to become stammerers overnight, my eyes will turn red. People like Brother Charles and Brother Goddy, the carpenter. Brother Dan is now improving. These are the three young men whose character I cannot testify boldly before God. I do not know what they believe and disbelieve. One is picking up gradually.
62.        Brother Goddy, the carpenter, this place is not Grace of God. It is more than dancing. When it comes to dancing, you come alive, but when it comes to the Word of God, you start looking from window to window. Who do you want to see? Are we showing film in this Church? Anywhere your eyes go, that is where your attention will go.
63.        If I cannot give your record in this Church, you are in trouble. If I cannot boldly stand before God and say, “I know this brother, I know this sister; look at the way I know him,” you are in real trouble. If you fall into trouble, at least, there is a position where I will stand and plead your case.
64.        There is one hopeless animal we call porcupine; there is an adage in my dialect that says, “If a porcupine is sick, at least it should have a portion of the body where it can be held and attended to when it is sick.”
65.        Thus, if you are bad, at least create room where the Apostle can stand and say, “God, at least consider him from this angle. Give him another opportunity,” like he has done to Brother Ifeanyi Eze. Now, he has regained his weight.  Do not worry; gradually, you will be coming back provided you have vowed a vow that any Herald that comes into your hand, you will never open the packet to know the heading of the content.
66.        Any day you do it, you will be under a perpetual curse. Any day you receive any envelop bearing the topic: “Herald of his coming, Pentecostal, something, something, something” and you open that envelop, you will bear a perpetual curse forever and ever. If you are wise, you will know that they are your greatest enemies.
67.        Moreover, what do you do the moment it comes into your hand? Bring out petrol and burn it. Once you open it, the temptation is there to glance at the heading. From the heading, you continue reading. Before you come out of it, you die again.
68.        The same way also, if it is possible, if he cannot resist the temptation; like I craftily went somewhere to examine all the learned men in our midst to know why they are dying. Sister Orjiakor did not know when I carried her Holy Bible.
69.        I carried it gently, went somewhere, opened it. All the Bible commentaries, she underlined them. I saw pen marks running to and fro. I carried that of her husband, the same thing; like husband, like wife.
70.         If you want to survive, if you have any Bible that has Bible commentaries, note, take cellotape and seal that side so that your left hand will never turn that page again. That man is not the author of the Bible. He added his own idea. He will go about telling you how you should read your Bible like the one that even prepared a timetable of how the family will read the Bible. Is that not madness?
71.        It will say, “Read Psalm 25; 2nd Kings 2, on Tuesday. Read that, Wednesday read this”. Bible reading; you cannot be a child of God with it. Let
72.        “And the Lord said He will send His Angels to the four corners of the Earth; He will send His Angels into His Kingdom to gather all things that will offend; all things that will cause iniquity.
73.        Matthew 13:41, ““As therefore the tares are gathered and burned in the fire; so shall it be in the end of this world.
74.         The Son of man shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity; And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.” KJV.
75.        They will be gathered out of His Kingdom, not in the world and these are persons, not beasts, people by whom others are drawn into evil; people that have influence in the Church.
76.        You see why Ben Okezue was taken away from the Church? This is because his influence will kill Brother Colombus. His influence will kill Brother Isaac’s family. His influence will even kindle the fire at Umuokanne Church.
77.        As a result, Umuonkanne Church, the Bible said, “Do not emulate bad things but copy good character.”