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The Son of Man Revealed From One of The Jungles in Africa According To William Branham's Prophesy

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When this life is over, you will know that I am HE.  Go anywhere you want, in search, you must be pointed back to this same person—The Son of MAN. Fly to the sky, you will be told, “Go down there; He is
standing in your midst.” Believe it if you can…            —The   Son of Man. 


If you go to Grail Message, they think they project, they do not project at all. They just practice a little of Ugar (an occultic practice) which makes them a little above human level, to make a little connection where they can hook up with some esoteric beings, and then they come back to the human realm thinking they have met Him (Christ).
However, to their greatest surprise, they will see Him lifted to another seven radiations (the Seven Radiations of God) where they cannot approach. And in all their incursions to that, they have ended it at something, that that is where the Supernatural is dwelling.
So, it is a Great Light, but they cannot approach it. But the Great Light is in the midst of the Bride. As long as I am here, I am the Light of the world. Whoever that follows me can never walk in darkness. The Light is here, not in the sky.
They think they are projecting, they are not projecting anything. Because if they are projecting, they are projecting towards the sky, they are not proceeding beneath the earth, and if you are proceeding towards the sky, you meet nothing.
–The Son of Man
Remember, the battle we are fighting is not a physical battle but a spiritual one. Every man is fighting a battle, but as long as somebody is not in the hand of God, he is in the hand of our enemy.
2.           I will tell you how you proceeded and attacked this message. I will tell you why it is necessary for you to be very sober and watchful. Most of the things that are happening to you, they are happening to you as a result of what I am going to say in this Message. That is why I say that you should pay real attention to this Message.
3.           Your enemy is not resting even for one second. Your enemy is daily praying against you. Remember, whatsoever sacrifice heathens offer, they offer these sacrifices to their own gods.
4.           If we come to His Presence in the Name of Christ and we are worshipping Him in accordance to His Word, when we pray unto Him we are sanctified.
5.           However, if we gather in His Presence outside the revelation of the Word, Satan takes the honour. Moreover, whatever request we are making, He is giving us a reply, for every prayer you make, you must get a reply, either from God or from Satan. Hence, when you are praying for the Church, somebody is equally praying against it. It is a spiritual affair.
6.           When Daniel was praying, God sent a reply. Satan immediately, sent another angel also. Remember, God dispatched an angel, Satan  equally dispatched an angel and the warfare continued there;  and  the man  was fighting there, kneeling down, he  was  dying kneeling down, it required God in you to veil Himself in a badger  skin to crush the rebellion.
7.           Let me put it this way; natural things type spiritual things. When we say we are fighting against spirits, powers and spiritual wickedness in the high places, I will show you what they are.
8.           Yes, I am going to speak a little on spiritual realms. I will expose certain things so that you will know why you are passing through whatever you are passing through. Then I will give you a solution to it, if only you will take this message seriously and take it into your heart.
9.           Even if you do not have it in tapes, from this day your confessions must surely change by listening to me. Do not allow any man to deceive you by telling you that Satan has no power. If any man tells you that Satan has no power, that is anti-Word.
10.        The Bible made me to understand that Satan has power even to destroy, to kill, even to prosper. Satan can make you prosper, that is why the Bible said that the prosperity of the wicked is a great temptation to the righteous.
11.        Then the question arises: who prospers the wicked? Satan! What is more, if you are not careful, you follow the way of the wicked one and then you think all is going very well with you, you do not know that the end of it will be destruction. Because whatever Satan gives you, he must request something from you, you might not get away from it.
12.        Many a times we hear that somebody would be in his bed, maybe  sleeping or doing one thing or the other, the next  thing  that you will hear  is that he is dead.
13.        In addition, if people are tempted to trace the cause of the death, they will link it to a certain event, say: somebody called his name and he appeared in a mirror. That somebody just evoked something and then his spirit appeared somewhere and then he was either stabbed or was made mad or was killed.
14.        Somebody may be tempted to doubt. Stop doubting from today, it is true. Satan can close a woman’s womb, Satan can take away even the child in the womb. Satan can even destroy a man, render the man  impotent. Satan has power.
15.        God help me in this message. I have a lot of infirmities in the Body. Now follow me gradually.
16.        Whatever the Bible recognizes, you must recognize it. As long as we live, the Bible is true. God recognized the power of witches and wizard, and the havocs they can cause.
17.        It will be very foolish of any man that says he is a child of God to say, “I do not believe in witches, I do not believe in wizards!” You are crazy! You want to die instead of thinking of the way out.
18.        Try to find a way out from the Holy Word, do not ever relax and say, “As far as I am a child of God…” You cannot be a child of God more Christ used to, neither can you be a child of God more Saint Peter, Saint Paul and so on.
19.        Now let me tell you the extent these things go. I will speak on this matter again. Today we hear that people communicate with the dead. The question arises: how can a living man communicate with the dead?
20.        Now, the Bible said, “Do not fear the spirit of the dead,” which means a dead man has spirit. Although the man died, the spirit did not die. Remember, God is the Holy Ghost.
21.        There is also an unholy ghost, because there is the law diametrical oppositions: because there is God, there must be devil; because there is good, there must be bad. Follow me gradually.
22.        God first of all recognized the spirit of the dead, and people hear and communicate with such spirit. When Saul was possessed, when  the anointing of God left Saul, Saul went back to his vomit by going to the witch of Endor.
23.        Now, Samuel died many years ago and then the spirit of Samuel was evoked, Saul was able to have conversation with spirit of Samuel—a meeting between Saul and the spirit of Samuel. Saul, a living human being was able to communicate with the  spirit of the dead.
24.        If that happened that time, don’t we have witches and wizards today? We have. Don’t we have people with such powers that can link human beings with the spirit of the dead to make enquires?
25.          That is  why I warn people that go to all these Cherubim and  Seraphim, CCC, Sabbath Churches and all these  prayer houses. I warn them seriously, “Do not have any contact with them! Having fellowship with them is having fellowship with evil spirit.
26.        If you have one of them around your compound, you will ever pass sleepless nights. You will be receiving  attacks upon attacks, they will be unleashing on you every afternoon, every midnight, early hours in the morning. You cannot see them because these things are spirits.
27.        Now because they are bewitching, they are always sent to you the man that has escaped evil, and the major aim is to bring you back to the things you have already condemned—that  is the whole target: to bring you back to them. That is  why it is an anointing. 
28.        I am just trying to lay a little background so that by the time I speak, you will understand me. You hear that somebody can be in Onitsha and be influencing the actions of  somebody living in Lagos. How is he doing it? There are a lot of things people call it, especially people that read spiritism.
29.        They said they believe they can be in Onitsha and in Lagos at the same time. It is true, doubt it not. They are all impersonating spirits, trying to give the impression that Satan is also omnipresent.  Because God  is    Omnipresent Satan claimed to be  omnipresent.
30.        There is one they call astral projection. Somebody can be on a spot, the body is just on a spot on a seat, before you know it, he has gone beyond human realms. He is away even in the planets and he will come back with certain information.
31.        What do you think he is doing there? He is communicating with higher spirits and everything he is getting there, he is going to test them with you; I mean, you are the testing instruments, you are the only testing instruments Satan knows, to check how effective whatever he has gotten there is, he must apply it on you and then watch. Amen.

Now we go over to something. I may let you know that God Himself needed salvation. Somebody can say, “Brother, what are you trying to say?” If he requires a man to get salvation, God also wants salvation.
2.           In other words, God wants to be free from the hands of His enemies. If I do not show you that in the scripture, then I will be a liar.  
3.           Now, if God wants salvation, He wants to be free from the hands of His enemies. How much more a living human being, you will know how important salvation is. Now I will tell you why many of you are troubled every now and then.
4.           Always remember that somebody is praying against your soul and he is sending out something. Where you fire a gunshot, a bullet goes away. For any prayer that is rendered, something carries it immediately. It is just like telephone, if it rings, the other man at the other end receives it. Somebody somewhere is always constantly praying against you, and his ears are wide open to hear nothing but bad news, his eyes are wide open only to see your downfall and then what is this person to you?
5.           This person is a benching spirit, and anytime he remembers you, it can never be for good. He wakes up in the morning, he calls your name, it is not for good, he must remember one evil thing: “God, remember what I wanted!” He is not calling the true God,  he is calling  his own  god.
6.           The Bible said, “Will the people not call upon their own gods?” What is more, that his god who he is rending the service every day is bound to convey the message together with. If he gets to you and you are not well fortified, he will just admit it.
7.           Remember Satan himself got permission from God to trouble Job. When he  got to Job several times he tried, no way, he looked around Job, he could not penetrate.
8.           Then he came to God and said, “Is it why you are boasting of him? It is because you built a hedge around him. Destroy the hedge.”
9.           God gave Satan power to go and destroy the hedge because God knows very well that  Satan could not do that, it required God who put the hedge to remove the hedge, said now remove the hedge, hedge means destroying the protection
10.        Satan said, “Remove the hedge, destroy it so that the man (Job) will be naked.  I can now have face to face encounter with him.” The moment the hedge was removed, Job became an ordinary man.
11.        What if there was no hedge around him at the initial stage, what do you think would have happened? Do you know the number of days it took Satan to make that statement? Do you know the extent Satan tried  before he went back to God to make the statement?
12.        That is why William Branham said, “If the Lord will open your eyes to see millions and trillions of demons that are following you everyday saying that you will not live, if the Lord should open your spiritual eyes to see millions and trillions of demons following you, you will glorify God.
13.        What is more, their aim is to strike, to destroy, they may not destroy you with physical death; the moment they can entangle you, bring you to the corner where you will be doing those things you do not want, that is all they will do.
14.        Remember it is a spirit. Balaam knew very well that the people of Israel remained the people of God and he tried to see their weak points, but he could not see any, then he taught a lesson: “If only you can make them to do these things which their God hates, that is all. Their  God will destroy them.”
15.        You see, it became a spirit immediately. If only Satan will succeed in getting you to do those things which is contrary or which are  contrary  to this Faith, that is all Satan wants to do.
16.        You may be existing as a living  being not knowing that  you are just a cannon fodder. It is an anointing, it comes in different ways, the way they come to you is only attacking you at your weakest point.
17.        If you are somebody that can hardly resist hot temper, your temper is  always rising, expect Satan there, he will be operating  in  that zone. Anywhere that is fortified very well, Satan can never operate there. If you are going to a battlefront to fight your enemies, anywhere you know that they have plenty machineries, you dare not go to that place. You find a place that is porous and attack them from there, then you have victory. This is exactly what Satan is doing now.
18.        In other words, your weakest point is where to expect the greatest battle, day and night. Satan is always at work, he is not resting.  Somebody  somewhere has vowed that  until you die, that he will not rest.
19.        You may not see him physically but he is somewhere day and night, not resting and this is why you are passing through whatever you are passing through, both in your circular life, your business life, in your spiritual life. 
20.        Satan can block your business and make you to go about begging bread, block it entirely! No matter how you try, you are wasting your time, until you will be regretting. Satan may even make a man to make a shipwreck of his ministry. If not the hand of God, you regret becoming a child of God.
21.        Satan can make you doubt your salvation, you will be doubting whatever that is being preached, you will be doubting whether the Bible is the word of God. Even, it is an anointing. 
22.        I do not need to speak about prayer or reading the Word. Satan will even come and teach you the whole Bible overnight and you are saturated.
23.        Anytime you open the Word it appears you know everything, you will close it. Even to open the Word and turn the pages, no page will move, again you close it. You are saturated and from that point, you learn no more, in other words, Satan has fought you overnight.
24.        Besides, the more you are closing the Word, the more empty you feel you are, you feel you are empty and actually you are empty. Have you not seen somebody with loss of appetite? The food is there but he or she has no appetite to eat—that is exactly what Satan does spiritually.
25.        Your stomach is quite empty, food is nearby but you do not have the desire for it, you feel as if you have eaten. Take the Word, turn the pages over and over and over, no page will stimulate you, no single part of the Word will even attract you again.
26.        You force yourself to read, you are wasting your time. The more you read, the more you are feeling weaker. Then you keep it and go out. Note it, you are not the person doing it, something is doing it, you cannot see it, it is a spirit. I do not need to name them one by one. They operate by different names and at different realms.
27.        At times, they come in the form of human beings, as human beings possessed with such spirits, only to come and have real encounter; then if you are foolish, you will be looking at the person in the flesh, you cannot look beyond the flesh.
28.        When you look beyond the flesh, you will see nothing but the destructive arms of the enemy. I do not need to overemphasis on the matter. In all these things, God is somewhere watching. Amen.

Satan troubled God so much that it took God time to push him down to Earth, and from the day God pushed him down to Earth, God and His angels said, “Woe unto the Earth and the inhabitants thereof.
2.           A man that troubled God so much is sent down here. Suffering will be upon the earth and those in it.”
3.           The troublemaker is now with us every day; then you think you can come to the fellowship and rejoice, na lie ! It is not like that. The author of sin is living on Earth. Equally, Christ is on Earth. Christ said, “The prince of this world is living here but he has no part in me.”
4.           Because he (Satan) came from heaven, we are living with him here on earth always, oppressing your soul always, influencing your character, the things you hated under normal condition, you will see yourself doing them, you will regret, weep and cry, the next few minutes you see yourself manifesting them again.
5.           After fighting you physically, if Satan does not succeed, he will come by way of dreams, he will be tormenting you through dreams, causing a deep sleep to fall on you and then he will unleash havoc. When you wake up from sleep, you will be very angry as if you quarreled with somebody in the night, is not you!
6.           If you are a man, when you look at your wife you feel like slapping the hell out of your wife. Yet she did nothing. If it is a woman, she will feel like killing her husband when he did nothing to her. You were bewitched!
7.           Satan caused deep sleep to fall on you and he injected the poison, if only he can get you to a corner where he can accuse you daily before God that is all he looking for; he will put you in trouble, he will be pointing at this man: “He said he is a child of God, look at this man, look at him, he did this…” but God will be somewhere watching because He knows what we are passing through here.
8.           What is more, whatever that happens here, God permitted it. That is why we are children of God, God will use us to test His power, Satan will also use to test his power. We are testing instruments in the hand of God  and in the hand of Satan. There is nothing that happens here that God  doesn’t know. If God fails to allow that Satan to come ,how will you know anything called temptation or trial.
9.           A little while, God will withdraw Himself from His own child, God will leave His  child, He will come out completely so that you will see how carnal  you are, more especially when you think it is now okay for you, that you are now perfect,  God will allow you to see how “perfect” you are.
10.        He will withdraw, every kind of  evil will be rising up in your heart, you will be practicing some of them, you can tell lies, you can cheat, you can dream and have filthy dreams, within one second you see yourself struggling against sin, who has done it? God Himself has withdrawn for you to see how weak you are because everything in this body must be completed by God Himself.
11.        If God fails to be our Salvation, our Redeemer, our Perfection our Holiness and all, it then means somebody somewhere must surely boast one day. If there is any way you will contribute to your perfection, you have every right to boast, hence you say, “My friend, I load it out ooo! I tried this way and I made it!” No!
12.        That is why God said He will do all that no flesh will glory in His Presence. You will be brought out and you will be asked, “My friend, say the truth, when you were on earth, were you sincere one day? Where you faithful one day?”
13.        If you can outline how faithful you were, then God did nothing. Did you get the message? We are all in the Ark by election and by predestination. We are adopted just for His Name sake. He is only looking at us from one angle, that is the Word.
14.        Without God (in us), no man can believe Him, nobody can obey God except God. No matter how you try to obey, you will see yourself disobeying. It requires God to obey Himself. Amen.
The book of Isaiah chapter 59 verse 16 to 19: “And he saw that there was no man, and wondered that there was no intercessor: therefore his arm brought salvation unto him; and his righteousness, it sustained him.
2.           For he put on righteousness as a breastplate, and a helmet of salvation upon his head; and he put on the garments of vengeance for clothing, and was clad with zeal as a cloak.
3.           According to their deeds, accordingly he will repay, fury to his adversaries, recompense to his enemies; to the islands he will repay recompense.
4.           So shall they fear the name of the LORD from the west, and his glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him.” KJV.
5.           “He was amazed to see that no one intervened to help the oppressed. So he himself stepped in to save them with his mighty power and justice.
6.           He put on righteousness as his body armor and placed the helmet of salvation on his head. He clothed himself with the robes of vengeance and godly fury. He will repay his enemies for their evil deeds. His fury will fall on his foes in distant lands.
7.           Then at last they will respect and glorify the name of the LORD throughout the world. For he will come like a flood tide driven by the breath of the LORD.” LB.
8.           “And He saw that there was no man and wondered that there was no intercessor [no one to intervene on behalf of truth and right]; therefore His own arm brought Him victory, and His own righteousness [having the Spirit without measure] sustained Him.
9.           For [the Lord] put on righteousness as a breastplate or coat of mail, and salvation as a helmet upon His head; He put on garments of vengeance for clothing and was clad with zeal [and furious divine jealousy] as a cloak.
10.        According as their deeds deserve, so will He repay wrath to His adversaries, recompense to His enemies; on the foreign islands and coastlands He will make compensation. So [as the result of the Messiah’s intervention] they shall [reverently] fear the name of the Lord from the west, and His glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him and put him to flight [for He will come like a rushing stream which the breath of the Lord drives].” AMP.
11.        I said I am speaking on spiritual realms; I call it part one. From what I have just told you so far and from where we have read, we will reconsider certain things gradually.
12.        One; the Lord Himself looked down on earth to see if there could be one person alone, one person that could fear and honor Him, one person  that  was holy and righteous and the Lord found none. If the Lord could look down on earth today, do you think He would found one?
13.        No, not even one person. Even Job, Job was present by the time God looked down on earth and there was no man. Job was there and with his mouth full of guile, he spoke vain things, imagine vain things yet God anchored Him somewhere.
14.        If you study the book of job, study the confessions of Job and all that  came out of his mouth, you will be wondering what God found in Job, many places where Job blasphemed the Name God, He spoke evil and even judged God to be unrighteous yet God praised Job.
15.        Brethren you see, the Lord Himself looked down and there was not even one man and He wondered and there was no intercessor, therefore His Arm brought salvation unto Himself, and His Righteousness sustained it.
16.        In other words, God needed salvation and there was none to intercede for God; no man to pray for God which means God had trouble. Yes, God had trouble and no man came to His rescue. He was the Righteous God yet was troubled by Satan here and there.
17.        No man came to His rescue. He looked down, no way, no single  intercessor, nobody that would place himself in the gap for God.  Yes, that was how it should be. If a man could intercede for God, who then will intercede for man?
18.        What I am trying to say is that God is trying to show us the picture of the battle we are in. That battle started with God and then it is extended to God’s own children. When somebody that is chasing a man catches the child of that man, he has gotten the man. When a man recovers from sickness and his child dies, has he recovered? No sir!
19.        Satan  missed God but the children of God are still here, do you think Satan will now fold his arms? The mother is here together with her children, the husband is somewhere, the husband has escaped leaving the wife and children, it requires the husband to come back and redeem the family, otherwise they are finished.
20.        A hen that has chicks does not run one way. When it runs away and you take the chicks, it will come back, you have gotten it but God Himself, the Husbandman of this Church, He alone will redeem His wife.
21.        ]It is only a fool that will run away leaving his wife and children behind and then say, “If my enemies like let them carry the family,” No! That man will either prefer to die than to bewitch his family instead of running away, and God Who is the Husbandman of this Church will redeem us. I trust that God is always around us.
22.        Now, there is not even one person that could intercede for God because God needed no intercessor because He was a righteous God, His righteousness sustained Him, hence He lifted up His hand and brought salvation unto Himself, He Himself delivered Himself.
23.        Christ said, “No man took away my life, I gave my life to them, I have the power to take it again.” Thus, the Jews never crucified Christ but Christ crucified Himself that He may magnify His Name among the Jews. God brought salvation unto Himself, hence the enemy has no power over Him. Though he (Satan) has many powers yet God’s power is superior, is above all these powers.
24.        If God said there are principalities and powers and spiritual wickedness in the high places, we must recognize them, they exist and operate in different realms.
25.        If you do not recognize them, you can never run away from them. However, the moment you recognize your enemy, it is very easy to escape the enemy.
26.        It is very easy to escape the enemy you know. You cannot be afraid of the enemy you do not know. Now we know, we are aware that this principalities and powers, spiritual wickedness in the high places operate in human beings, human beings are messengers, they are angels in the hand of Satan, Satan uses them to unleash all his devilish plans against the Church.
27.        Like we are in God’s Presence now, somebody somewhere is praying that we should be scattered,  somebody  somewhere is praying seriously and these things are coming from the air, they are coming in the Church  hovering about.
28.        If somebody is loose, he will be possessed. Nobody can rise up in the Church with any false revelation without Satan doing it and somebody somewhere sent it as a message. Somebody said, “I have prayed, let somebody rise up there against them, scatter them!”
29.        Somebody that is loose in the Church will take the anointing immediately with finding fault. A little while he or she rises up before you, know it that the Church is in trouble.
30.        When he comes back to his senses, interview him, he will tell you that he never meant to do it but God permitted that so that His Word must surely come to pass. If we do not have Salvation in the end, what is the essence of preaching the gospel?
31.        Watch, God did something, He not only got salvation to Himself, He equally, did something, let us look at verse 17, “or he put on righteousness as a breastplate, and a helmet of salvation upon his head...”
32.        God Himself putting on helmet of salvation upon His head; in other words, God is now putting on the whole armor of God. God is always in a battlefield, so He is battle ready, He is not a careless God. Anywhere He is going, He is carrying righteousness as a breastplate which bullet cannot penetrate. He is carrying helmet which is salvation upon His head.
33.        Watch God, God knows very well that His enemies are always around and wants to pull Him down. If God is afraid of His life, why can’t you be afraid of your life? A man that is always moving about with pistol, why is he doing that? It is because of his enemies.
34.        When you are always moving about with pistol, do you know when you will meet your enemy? You refused to be armed; you fall into your enemy’s trap. Yes, you do not know the point where you will meet and for that reason you are always watchful and ready to shoot, and that was how God dressed and still dressing till today.
35.        God is expecting us to dress that same way. If we are soldiers, watch the captain of the gang, he is always dressed with his rifle, with his kit, everything and all the soldiers must dress the same way.
36.        Yes, God puts on righteousness as His breastplate, and helmet of salvation on his head.
37.        “…and he put on the garments of vengeance for clothing…’’
38.        Garment of vengeance, He was ready, combat ready to avenge for clothing. That is why William Branham said, “If Satan should shoot gbaam, you too shoot gbaam gbaam.” God was ready to avenge, He was ready even to hit gbaam, not even, if he runs, you go after him.
39.        Thus, after fighting he must stand sure, He was prepared, He has full armor for vengeance. It is not a matter of going about with two verses in your pocket, “God head’’, “women covering”, you stop. Then tomorrow if someone asks you another question, you will look up and down and say, “I will see you after next Sunday.” God was not like that, He fortified Himself very well.
40.        “…and was clad with zeal as a cloak…”
41.         You know what a cloth is, overall; after dressing everything, dressed Himself in righteousness, helmet of salvation, cloth of vengeance, then He puts on the overall. What is that overall? Zeal!
42.        The zeal was there, he has the zeal to execute his mission, he is always zealous. Thus, He is not a God that lost His first zeal, God does not know how to say first zeal, second zeal, third zeal.
43.        God has only but one zeal. When your zeal dies, it is dead, you only pray for revival. Stop talking about first one, second one, third one, there is nothing like first, second and third.
44.        If your own zeal dies, you will know all that we are doing is casual; everything is casual and systematic, you go into a form. When God leaves any man the man goes into a form. When God leaves a Church, the Church goes into a form.
45.        That is why sometimes you say, God, what has never happened in our family before. It is becoming a form. It will become sorrowful. We will pray at night, pray in the morning, read the Bible routinely, everybody, some will fall asleep, some will be there just to fulfill formality, every morning. When you clap a little, some will be looking at the time, a little while everybody will wake up.
46.        There will be a time when I will go to bed without even praying, I will even wake up in the morning, go out pray on the way, then it will become a form, then you have entered into formality, and God will not be there again.
47.        Sometimes, when you come out, you do not know whether to read the Scripture or to kneel and pray short prayer and get up. A little while, everybody will come out and you will address all of them briefly.
48.        I have one around my corner; you have to see what my co-tenants do in their houses. You see them wait a little, they could read clap hands, make a little noise, everybody is now talking and talking in a form.
49.        But God is talking about zeal and not form. That zeal, it established righteousness in the hearts of men forever and ever, to place it in the heart of men that all must worship God not by compulsion, not as obligation but in love, by revelation.
50.        Some will wake up in the morning, they will be confused, they do not know whether to come out or not. . Nothing will ever move them. They will be confused: “Today is Sunday, come let us go to Church, prepare quickly; fast! fast! fast! Let us go to Church,” they are playing Church.
51.        If you watch a Churchgoer, you will know that he is playing Church. If you want know where they are playing Church, I will point you to the place so that you can go to Church. However, in this Faith we come to worship God.
52.        If you see somebody going for worship, he does not go empty-handed. Somebody that is going for worship must go with a sacrifice. You cannot go empty-handed.
53.        If you see somebody going for sacrifice, he must go with something; he is either with firewood, goat or ram. Something must be in your hand, which means that you must prepare ahead of time.
54.        However, if you want to play Church, yes we went to Church, when they clap you clap. If they sing, you sing; when they are going you go too. When you see one going to Church you will know. He has many businesses for that day, he  goes the one he likes, may be 5.30 Mass, then he will have time and go where he wants to go. Yes, he is playing Church, he is going to Church.
55.        You see, we see God having His zeal. This zeal is very important—very  very important. Note, not having zeal without knowledge, I mean zeal plus knowledge. God has the knowledge, it enabled Him to cloth Himself very well, fortify Himself very well because God knew ahead of time that while He is working, Satan is also working.
56.        These are forces, two opposing powers, one each tries to claim superiority over the other. We that are in this Faith are in this Faith as God’s children, facing the same battles God faced, the same thing that made God to dress that same way is the same thing that should make us to dress the same way God dressed.
57.        Not when you get home you go and buy one helmet and put on your head, No! Helmet is referred to here as salvation you must be sure of your salvation 24hrs, your righteousness must be in your heart. Because the Bible said that with the heart man believeth unto salvation.
58.         Your righteousness will not be Church righteousness. Church righteousness will lead you to hellfire. Anything they say, you will do it. If they cover their hair, you will cover yours. If they bring food you will eat, if they call for work you will work more than everybody. No problem, you have done a very nice thing, I condemn you not but watch, it will put something in you, a little while you will be complaining, you will not go too far and you are tired.
59.        One day you will come and sigh, “Everyday only me!” You device the means of coming late. There is no other people coming, did anybody force you into it? That is Church righteousness and I thank God we do not praise anybody in this Faith. We are praising God and God alone. Whatever you are doing in this Faith, there is a reward.
60.        In a message the Holy Ghost gave us many years ago, it was called “Reward”. God is going to reward every man according as his work shall be. Thus, when you are coming into the Church, you are doing anything and you are complaining and murmuring, it means you have lost the revelation of what you are doing.
61.         When you are coming into the Bride Ministry, you are not coming for Brother Odoemena or brother this and that, sister this and that, nobody will reward you except God, finish!
62.        Whatever I am doing in this Faith I do not expect my reward from any man, my reward will come from God. Your reward will come from God and it will be according to your own works.
63.        Thus, when you know that whatever you are doing you are not doing it for any man but you are doing it for God, I am doing for God. Thus, you cannot be coming into this Church expecting brother to say thank you: “Whatever I am doing just say shalom, just say this and that,” you are not appreciative I am not appreciative, you are not doing it for me, I gain nothing from it, I am not your God.  
64.        If you come to Church, it means nothing to me, if you do not come to Church, it means nothing to me! I am telling you gospel truth. Anytime I come into the sanctuary and I see only one person, glory be to God. I come into the sanctuary I do not see anybody glory be to God, anytime I come here I come here alone if I meet you here ok, if I do not meet you here ok!.
65.        My reward is not coming from you. You are not worshipping me, I am not worshipping you; for that reason your zeal must remain! If your zeal dies down it is for your own destruction.
66.        If my own dies down, I will not suffer it. God’s zeal remains His righteousness. When somebody is wearing an exotic dress, it is all out of zeal, it is not when you have zeal today, tomorrow you stop.
67.        “…According to their deeds, accordingly he will repay, fury to his adversaries, recompense to his enemies…”
68.        He will repay recompense, so shall they tell the Name of the Lord to West and his glory to the rising of the sun, when the enemy shall come in like a flood the spirit of the lord shall lift up a standard against it.’’ Amen.

Now let us look at a man, a man of God also who even saw himself and no other person in higher heavens, that is St. Paul.
2.           Second Corinthians chapter 12 verse 7 through 10, “And lest I should be exalted above measure through the abundance of the revelations, there was given to me a thorn in the flesh, the messenger of Satan to buffet me, lest I should be exalted above measure…
3.           This man, he saw himself in a vision being drawn into the higher heavens and he said, “Lest I will be exalted more than what I am.” Yet God permitted Satan to buffet him, messenger means Angelos in Greek and it means angel in English or messenger.
4.           “Buffeting”, check the dictionary meaning, it means whipping, flogging, chastisement, that’s what it means. That messenger of Satan, angel of Satan whipped him, a torn in the flesh form, not God.
5.           See a man that is now perfectly ready to be taken away, see what he is passing through! How many can claim to be more spiritual now more than Saint Paul? Can we learn a lesson from here, let us learn a lesson from here brethren.
6.           Verse 7 again, “And lest I should be exalted above measure through the abundance of the revelations, there was given to me a thorn in the flesh, the messenger of Satan to buffet me, lest I should be exalted above measure…        
7.           See why God permitted it so that he will not be exalted above measure. The Holy God, the Righteous God after using his servant, permits Satan to afflict him, God after using a man, permitted Satan to buffet him. Thus, he will be partly God and partly Satan, people will be doubting even his confession.
8.           People will even doubt his sincerity, it requires faith to follow that man again: “What? Apostle Paul, angel of Satan, he should have prayed, God gave us power over Satan,” na lie.
9.           When God wants Satan to torment us, if you pray from now till the next world you are wasting your time. The thing must be there and it is for a reason.
10.        There must be a reason why God will permit it because no matter how that angel of Satan will buffet him, one thing is very clear, he may have power over the flesh, but the soul will remain untouched, that is the thrown of God in the person. Any sin that touches the soul, the person is gone and gone forever.
11.        That is why while they use flesh, we must have them, your flesh must see corruption but your soul can never see corruption. When you see a man whose soul has seen corruption, it cannot be pure; never, never. Promise him everything you can, it cannot be pure.
12.        How can your soul see corruption? It is when you speak one blasphemous word against the Holy Ghost, who dwells in the Throne of God, you are excommunicated from the Presence of God in this world and in the world to come and you will be remain restless the rest of your life. You will remain a confused person.
13.        This thorn in the flesh was only limited in the flesh, it has no part in the soul of Saint Paul just like in the case of Job, Satan had power over the flesh to do whatever it wanted but the soul remained pure because God has sealed the soul away.
14.        Now when you hear that He is perfected and perfected you, God is referring to nothing but your soul. Our souls already have been raptured, we are desiring to be with Him even any moment from now. Even we say, “God, why are you delaying?” Which means nobody wants to stay here a day longer. Nobody.
15.        However, there are people in spite of carrying the Bible they want to remain here, the world has become very sweet to them they are feeling very comfortable here so if hardship will continue, let it continue.
16.        It is favoring them but to us we say, “God, why? You are delaying too much, make it even now,” and we really mean it because the moment we are away from here, our trouble ceases. While we are still here in this flesh, we will still be under torment.
17.        Verse 7-8, “For this thing I besought the Lord thrice, that it might depart from me. And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee…”
18.        Look at what God replied three good times the man of God prayed that the Lord will take away this thorn in the flesh which is placed on him by the messenger of Satan. It is not messenger of God. Three times he besought God, God said No! look at God’s reply, “My grace is sufficient for thee.”
19.         “…for my strength is made perfect in weakness…”  
20.        My strength is made perfect in weakness. Understand that word: God’s strength is made perfect in weakness, which means you can never be strong until you become weak. You can never be perfect until you become imperfect, nobody will help you until you become helpless.
21.        What if God answered us, and the thing was taken away, we will be going about sharing the goodnews, “You have all seen what happened and the way I besought God and the thing happened!” No!
22.        Nothing like that, so that no flesh will come before God and brag. That is why salvation is by Grace lest any man will come and boast, my strength is made perfect even in your weakness. You have not seen yourself when you are weak, I do not mean physical weakness, I mean spiritual weakness.
23.        When you are very weak and do not know what to do there, you will see God, but that time you think you are fortified, watch, God will withdraw, you will see how naked, miserable and wretched you are. You will see yourself bathing in sin. Because you said you are strong, God will make you to know that you are not strong at all.
24.        For that reason, God wants our zeal to remain. Hence, if you have your zeal, retain your zeal, your helmet is always there, the righteousness of God is always there. Brother, sister fear not. Though Satan will come and buffet you, he will come and whip you very well in different ways, but as long as God is there, He will never allow Satan to touch your soul
25.        “…Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me. Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in necessities, in persecutions…”
26.        Have you now seen the thorn in the flesh? So the power of God can never be made manifest until you see yourself in a troubled condition. Until Satan comes like a flood, you cannot see the power of God. For the power of God to abide in us, we must expect these things; we must see ourselves in a place where we will begin to say, “God, when will this end? God, where do we go from here?”
27.        Saint Paul said, “I now take pleasures from necessity.” He was referring to his daily needs, for I know while he was living here on earth he was living like us and whatever is your necessity was his necessity also. We must learn to take pleasure in all things, believing that God’s strength would be made perfect even in our weaknesses.
28.        Remember I am speaking a little on spiritual realm. A man of God that is being attacked by Satan, when they thought God has perfected him, it was that time that God allowed these things to come. No matter how you prayed, God allowed them to come so as to humble him down.
29.        Let me put it the other way, sin humbles a true child of God. Brother Ebenezer, sin humbles a child of God. When you think you are strong, mistakenly you roll into one mistake, before you come out, recover from that shock, it will take you days and months. Within that point you will be desperate, you will pledge and pledge, and say, “God, if you deliver me, never in this world will I stumble.”
30.        Then your zeal will come out. David was never zealous until he saw his foolishness and his emptiness. Must you go and taste sin so that you restrain yourself, God forbid!
31.        Now, these are the two sides of the coin, God will permit you if He sees that you are bragging too much, if God sees that you are boasting too much, you now rely in your power, you think your hand has gotten salvation to you, He will withdraw a little and then you will taste the world, you kiss the world and become desperate again. You come back in the faith.
32.        I will show people that God withdraw himself and they tasted the world, how they came back to God and never lost their life. Can you imagine a man that heard audible voice from God two times, Solomon, a man of God, God used him, the wisest man that ever lived on earth, Solomon that wrote proverbs from his experience.
33.        Solomon of all Solomons, the richest king that ever lived, watch Solomon a man of God that had the commandment to stay with God with a pure and perfect heart, he was warned by his father never to depart from God, watch Solomon as he progress, something happened, he was burst up with pride, he started boasting until the Queen of Sheba and people were coming from here and there to see the glory of Solomon.
34.        Though he had made it, God withdrew. The moment God withdrew Himself, Solomon started lusting after women, one woman was no longer enough for Solomon. Hence, he married this one today, the next day he would marry another. He kept on marrying and marrying and marrying. He had no limit now. The Lord warned him never to go to Ammonites and Moabites for marriage because they were perpetual enemies forever, that was the Lord’s commandment to Solomon.
35.        All the women he loved so much were women in the world from forbidden countries. That was not enough, he started having women friends, concubines until he had up to 300, making them 1000 women.
36.        Somebody looking at it would be thinking that Solomon made it. the Bible even recorded that when he became weak, he could no longer control the women, the women started controlling him and he was dancing in their different shrines, never took it to be evil, but towards the tail end, the Bible said that Solomon came back to his senses.
37.        Because he is a child of God, he will never perish, he cannot perish, towards the tail end of his life, he came back to his senses, his eyes opened and he saw the extent he had gone away from God all the years.
38.        Man of God, you do not know why God withdrew from him. Look at the man Samson, if you check the history, one day when God wanted to use Samson, even from childhood, even from his mother’s womb and then in his youth, he was shaking his head because he had powers, powers possessed Samson and then his power fooled him.
39.        Because of the great powers he possessed there was no difference between women from other countries and women from Israel and then in his prowess, he became the first man in history that ever introduced riddles and jokes and one day a woman lured him into trouble.
40.        However, watch the latter end of Samson as a child of God, Samson came back to his senses, he cannot perish. Because he was trusting and boasting from his own power, God withdrew from him and then he was kissing strange women anyhow.
41.        Learn something from these men. Let no man boast in his own strength, in his own power, trust in the Lord always who will give you Grace. if you do not trust in the Lord, the world will see how foolish you are, how poor, miserable, wretched and naked you are.
42.        I have been telling you something. Now we are in a battlefield and he was going about combat ready, the same way we must be going about combat ready.
43.        We saw Saint Paul who was ready, the moment the angel of Satan afflicted him, he went to his God in prayers and he did not rest until he got his reply from God: the reason why the thing was inflicted on him, the reason why God permitted it.
44.        Whatever, bear in mind that God is always around the corner. If your soul is fully surrendered to God and God has accepted your worship, always bear in mind that God has permitted it and that is the only way He knows He can get you back to Himself.
45.        There are many people in this Faith I know very well, if the Lord never allowed this necessity to come upon them by way of hardship, they wouldn’t have been in this Faith. They are sons and daughters of God, in them there is pride, I am telling you God’s truth.
46.         Look at Brother Ebenezer he is number one in our midst, if God had allowed him to attain the picture of his heart, pride would have lifted him, he would have been vying for the position of Head of State, not that he loved that position but to show the world he can make it but God brought him here.
47.        There is no way God can keep him in our midst without making him like us. Even the whole world knows that a Church man is a Church rat, he is a poor man, so God must make him a Church rat for him to abide in His Presence. Many of us are like that. There are some that have their own pictures. Look at Brother Ernest, if not God he would have been managing a big industry, competing with heathen but God knows how to block all those ventures.
48.        People like Brother Christian Dike, it requires God to chain him. If not God, by now he would have been a very big merchant from Osina, a very big merchant fit to compete with his brother. God knows what He is doing and the only way to bring you into the Faith is to make you a Church rat, but you can never beg bread.
49.        Let me tell you one thing, there is no financial problem that you cannot solve, there is no burden that will come to you that you cannot solve but to sit down and count excess money, No! Forget about it. God is God, He knows why you cannot count it that way. And for anyone of you to count excess money, there is something around the corner to take it.
50.        If you like count it, plan your own way, how you are going to spend it, you are wasting your time. Before you know it something else has come. Nothing will take it away but God will afflict sickness, you will deposit it in the hospital and come back sad to God who made you, put you in a condition, then you do not even remember the money, though the money is there you are sad, you are miserable. Something will keep on troubling you. I am telling you the truth.
51.        I have experienced something in this little ministry. God forgive me. Bon Diuka said, “Do not call it little ministry, it is a great  ministry.” I said that I have experienced something in this great move of God. If I will tell you my own life experience you will learn something from it.
52.        One of these days I will stand in the pulpit and declare to you how I have lived mine so far and the way God dealt with me. I am in my happiest form when I am koboless, I am in my happiest condition when I am pennyless. That time, I even sleep very well. Any time I complain of sleepless nights, know that brother has money.
53.        This is the secret about me: any day I claim I go to bed and I hardly sleep until I drink medicine, know that brother has money. When He goes to bed He will be thinking how He will preserve  the money, how He will use the money until daybreak; even, people like Sister Eliza. What I am telling you is truth.
54.        However, when I am poor, I will be borrowing money from everybody, when I go to bed I will say, “God thank you sir! There is no hope of getting one kobo tomorrow, why troubling myself? Even if problem is coming, do not worry, I will not kill myself.” I will dose off one way till morning; you will be pushing me, no way.
55.        But if I have money, every bird that cries in the night, gunshots, I will tell how they happened, that time I hardly eat. If I have money I find it difficult to eat, but if I have no money I eat a lot. Brethren what I am telling you is truth.
56.         I am trying to let you know how God has been dealing with me. Now not minding those things, God has a way to bring it to orderliness, He will make me not to feel I have kobo by injecting one thing or the other in my life that will trouble me more than the money itself.
57.        I do not know the way God is dealing with you but look at Saint Paul, see the way God was dealing with him, after using him He will inject something in his life to humble him down so that he will not brag.
58.        Saint Paul was never born a preacher. When a man gets sufficient money in his business to feed himself and he was living in a hired apartment, according to the Bible, nobody ever paid his house rent, do you think he is a poor preacher.
59.        What is more, he had suits that time. He said that while you are coming, bring my jacket and he had bags, beautiful ones which nobody even provided so he was not a wretched minister.
60.        God knows why he humbled him down. Not even one person in the Bible was a poor preacher. I can’t see any. Saint Peter never begged bread. He provided for his family, Matthew never begged bread. Check all of them, if you can see one tell me that person. Not even one person.
61.        No  wonder we will be dedicating our brother’s office today and God helping us we will understand certain things there. He that says that he that does not work let him not eat, He loves work, He is a productive God, He will bless the labour of our hands if we are sincere.
62.        One of these days I will tell you why many of us complain. We complain because we lack the revelation of what work is all about. Many of you read the scripture without  understanding.
63.        Can you imagine somebody who said, “God, today I am going to work, I am to pay for this and that, provide money for me,” and he is working and God will send one prostitute with plenty bed sheets stained with blood, water and everything, he said, “No, no, no! I do not wash prostitute’s clothes.” 
64.        You do not wash prostitute’s cloth, you will die of poverty. Wait until  Brother  Odoemena will bring His own, Brother Christian will bring his own. Children of God do not go to dry cleaner. Here is my hand, my hand is capable, yet he will say that God said, “The fruits of the Gentiles we shall eat,” why not go and harvest their cassava?
65.        He will say, “God, you said if we pray, you will give us our own possessions,” and then if I come with plenty dresses, including trousers, and knickers, and their humid scent now, you wash this and wash that, God I need money.
66.        Many are blind, until you know what your faith is all about and know that thing which offends your God, you can never make a success. The Bible said that those that know their God must do exploits. You will know His dos and don’ts, wait until brother will bring his cloth and sister will bring her blouse, then you wash it, you will remain a poor man forever.
67.        If you say “God bless me” and God has blessed you, you said No! God who caused his own people to go and carry their own equipments in their enemy territory, said that’s the only way they can make a living, “Do not stay here, go to your enemies’ territory,” and when they got there all the equipments was sold off.
68.        What if they waited until every Israelite will purchase one, I have one you have one, brother have one, how can I purchase your own and keep it in your house and  dance. Whatever we are manufacturing are for our enemies, they will purchase it, they will give us money and take these things. You do not know what you are during yet, wait until brother and sister will come to purchase them, you die of starvation.
69.        You think it is only sister and brother that will bring you trade, you are a hypocrite, why did you accept work from heathens, why should I be made a government worker for Abacha for 21 years? Nonsense!
70.        Abacha employed me, if you ask me I will say it is Abacha, until he leaves the throne. My employer changes hands, why do you accept work from heathens, why not wait?
71.        What of women that sell food stuff why not wait, if a woman comes you start interviewing her, “Are you a child of God or not. If you are not a child of God, do not buy from me, do not buy it. I am a child of God,” can I sell it to you and then you use it, No!
72.        Where do you purchase those goods? Many of us are blind ! There is a reason why we do not preach prosperity in this Faith. We believe in material prosperity, we also believe in spiritual prosperity. The Holy Ghost praying for the Church, He said, “I pray that you prosper also in the spirit as you prosper also in the flesh, physically.”
73.        We leave prosperity and throw it to the Pentecostals and then we yield ourselves as instrument to Satan. Lack of wisdom and knowledge if you are a shoemaker why not wait until everybody that will come will be children of God, carry Bible and then you repair the shoes. If a prostitute will come with her high heel shoes, you say “No, no, no! You are a prostitute, carry your shoes and leave, you are a tout, carry your shoes and leave! I must repair for children of God,” wait, you will die there.
74.        How can you eat of the fruits of the Gentiles? Is it carrying their pawpaw, or their yam and cocoyam, No! Laziness will not allow you to sit down and wash clothes, you will bring it to me and then I will charge you money.
75.        Let me tell you, God can make you a millionaire overnight to solve the problem of the Church. William Branham said that when God raises a ministry, He raises a moneyman behind it, I behave it. If not the moneymen in our midst, no publication of books, don’t you know that? God knows what He is doing.
76.        God can send one Alhaji to you, a Muslim just after praying, God will direct him to you, he will come there with bundles of clothes and say, “Now I am going to supply these clothes on desire of service. You will be the tailor, making it.”
77.        Your duty is to sit down, let him bring it, the man will be supplying, you will be carrying and sew. It may even stop you from doing another man’s work. That is what God has done. God will leave that thing for you but your blindness can chase him away when he get there.
78.        You ask, “Are you a Christian or Muslim?” Tell me, did he come there for Christianity or religion?” No, he came for business. When you want to evangelize, evangelize; when you want to do business, do business.
79.        Some do not even know that in business you must make profit otherwise, there is no business, but we hate excess profit.  Amen.