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Tuesday, 6 March 2012


Preached on 17th October 2010 At the Household of God Onitsha By APOSTLE PETER ODOEMENA THE SON OF MAN © BRIDAL FAITH MINISTRY WORLD-WIDE

I am not only crowned a King, I am crowned King of kings and Lord of lords. Believe it if you can…
An excerpt from the Message: GENDER DISCRIMINATION, PP. 3
No matter the injustice we are witnessing in Nigeria, our duty is to pray. Our duty is to trust God. Trust God for your security. What is happening now bears eloquent testimony that what the Son of Man is saying is truth: That security is of the Lord.
If the Great Jehovah does not give you security, surely, whatever you are surrounding yourself with must surely disappoint you.
Without God we can do nothing. That we have rolled into real crises, see this period as a period of crises. Know where it is going to culminate to. Call Christ in the time of crises. The only thing you have is God. You should use God to boast. Do not boast of any man and do not put your confidence in any man. They will all disappoint you. So, look up to God in all situations.               –Son of MAN
VOL.1, PPs. 88, 89, 90 & 91)


When you wake up in the morning, what do you do to your parents? If you say you will salute or greet them, then the question arises, why do you salute them? Whatever you think you are, looking at you individually, it is because you have appeared. Assuming you never appeared, will you know what the world looks like? You cannot even dream, for a child in the womb does not dream.
2.          However, I can rightly say that you were not in the womb; you have not even entered the womb; you were not even on the journey to come into the world. If you cannot trace your course back to the Almighty God, your life is just a mess. That is, you are a mere cannon fodder.
3.          I am sent that you may trace your source, for if I did not appear, you would have been carrying on with every other group like they were carrying on till today. I never lost my form one bit, in spite of sicknesses and troubles. I remained in-form. Of a truth, my strength is made perfect in my weaknesses. This is a secret many have not discovered. If there is anytime I should be feared or dreaded, it is the time I look weak. It is not when I am boiling.
4.          When a stream is boiling, nobody gets drowned there. However, when it appears to be calm, especially when it overflowed its banks; you cannot tell whether it is flowing to the right or flowing to the left, you better run away from there if you are wise. When it is moving swiftly everybody can see how dangerous it is, how fast it is flowing. You can see the depth and width of it all and also easily identify it. You can even say how shallow or how deep it is. Nobody will even tell you not to go to that place because what you are seeing will scare you away, because when it overflows its banks, you would not know where to place your legs. You might be thinking that you are standing on s safe ground, just one step forward, you are gone.
5.          The river is deepest at its banks and it is most dangerous when it is calm.
6.          The children of Israel never feared God until everywhere was calm. They looked at Moses, they could not say what he looked like; they looked at Joshua and Caleb, they could not discern anything from their composure. They could not say what would be the next step. When the wind blows, it gets the tree deeply rooted and grounded; that is, the taproot will penetrate deeper into the ground.
7.          Whenever God stirs the waters, somebody must be saved. I was watching all of you; watching your reactions and utterances to know where the wind is taking you and to know whether you have lost your conviction in Christ; to know whether you do not know what you believe again. For you to recant your faith is very easy. Do you know that we are in a delicate Faith? It is delicate because you can recant this Faith and still come to fellowship. We are the only people that can talk about faith in Christ. Apart from us, there is no other religious group that knows what faith in Christ is all about.
8.          Pentecostals have no faith. That is why they can jump from group to group easily. Is that not true? The same way it is with every other group or religion. There are too many versions of the Muslim group which is the Islamic group. You can move from one camp to another very easily.
9.           I am saying that Moab can go to Egypt and it will not be seen as trespass. A Moabite can walk into Egyptian camp, nobody will accuse him of trespassing; I mean, he can go to Egypt without a passport. See what I mean, a Deeper Life member can migrate to Grace of God Mission without any request being made; without any identification card as a passport, nobody wants to know his identity. This is because spiritually it is widely believed that he is one of them; he is a brother in Christ.
10.      Anybody that is free to sit down in any congregation automatically becomes a brother in Christ. If the Devil will go to the Deeper Life Church in human form, of course you know that the devil is a human being and he goes to Church. All of them are brothers and sisters sitting together marrying and getting into marriage, bringing forth children after their species.
11.      You do not know why iniquity is increasing everyday. Spiritually, devils metamorphosed into human beings and sat down in the Churches, marry in the Churches and started raising children in the Churches thereby increasing wickedness on the land.
12.      Now, do you remember our former brother by the name Simon Onwe? Some of you could remember him very well. He was the man that drove us in the vehicle the day we paid a condolence visit to Nsulu in Isialangwa in Abia State; I, Bishop Ebenezer, Brother Mike and some other Brethren that accompanied us that day. I remember that it was Simon that worked first on the station wagon on the electrical side before our former brother, by name Charles Nwaobiara drove us with it on a missionary outing.
13.      I am saying that Simon Onwe laboured with us in this most holy Faith. However, when he was excommunicated he joined the Deeper Life Church. You know what transpired then. He got married to a Deeper Life woman, an evangelist for that matter, but little did he know that she was a snake. Did the two not see themselves in the Church and also married inside the Church?
14.      Simon Onwe did everything according to their marriage rites. He even got wedded, unfortunately their pastor could not declare that the woman was a snake before he joined the two in marriage, neither did Simeon notice it too. Solomon even impregnated her and they got a child; I mean Simeon. Do not correct me. Solomon take your time. You may be the snake in our midst, who knows? It can be you. It can be anybody.
15.      That lady was a member of the choir group in the Deeper Life Church. Did it happen in the night? No! It happened in the day. Did you not know this story very well? Old timers in this Faith, is this story new to you? She gave birth to the first child and Simeon was jubilating. His district Overseer dedicated the child. He never suspected anything on the mother of the child.
16.      Where there is no God, everybody is blind for it will take God to show you who the devil is. I am your Watchman. Why do you think I am hated? You know I have not spoken. I am your dustbin. I made it known to you a long time ago that I remained the dustbin in the Bride of Christ. Let the devil leave you alone and face Me instead. That is why I am absorbing everything whether good or bad. I will accept all the accusations leveled on Me, whether I am guilty or not. I will accept all for I know who you, mere maggots who, innocent or guilty, God will destroy.
17.      Once I mark you for destruction, let your righteousness soar unto the Heavens, I am destroying you. If you like cook for Me, sleep with Me, do everything for Me, you will surely be destroyed.  Salvation is a gift and it is not given to everybody. He (God) gives it to whosoever He wants to. You do not qualify for it. Tell Me what you will do to qualify yourself for a gift.
18.      A gift comes to you because the person wants to give it to you. The reason why he wants to give it to you, you do not know, for it is not the good thing you have done or the bad thing you have done either. However, he voluntarily wants to give it to you simply because he wishes to do so. That settles the matter. The same is applicable to this matter of Salvation.
19.      God said, “I will show mercy to whosoever I will show mercy. Whosoever I want to save, I will save. Whosoever I want to destroy, I will destroy,” because innocent or guilty, God must surely destroy.
20.      If you say you are innocent, it is not before God. Who are you to begin with?
21.      You do not know what is happening. In that Deeper Life Church Simon Onwe and the wife were attending, a man of God was there. The pastor who presided over the wedding and the dedication of the child when the woman gave birth was there but he could not see the snake. He could not perceive that the woman was a snake until things started happening.
22.      What happened? Simon Onwe and his wife were together in the bed one night; he was half-asleep and thought he was dreaming when he turned and saw a big snake on his chest. As he shivered and shook off the snake, it fell down on the bed beside him and stretched the same way he was lying. He quickly jumped up, switched on the light while the snake rose up and became his wife. She gave him a strict warning not to reveal what he had seen to anybody or he will be destroyed. Simeon shivered.
23.      She then asked him a question: “I thought you said you are worshipping God; that,  your God is this and that, why could not you and your ministers discover me or where I came from all this while? I came specifically for you and I have been following you even when you ran to ‘one place’ I could not enter. But then, you later came back to me.” Simeon shivered when he heard this.
24.      She went further, “I will give you a sign. I will eat this baby that is on the bed,” that is the first child; “he will die. You see this one I am carrying in my womb, I will eat too.” Before Simeon’s eyes both died.
25.      However, she warned him also, “If you tell anybody that I have revealed myself to you, I will surely kill you.”
26.      After some time, the thing became too much for Simeon to bear. What did he do? He simply ran home and the lady followed him there. While they were eating at home, the lady turned into a python again. Simeon stood up and she changed back to a human being and told him that she followed him home so that he will not tell the parents.
27.      She said to Simeon, “I love you but I will not give you any child. Any child I bring forth, I must surely swallow back. I think you said you are serving God in a living Church; listen to me, I am not alone. You see in that Church of yours, almost all are members and we know ourselves.”
28.      When Simeon came back home, he did not know what to do, he could not bear it any longer. However, after sometime, he picked courage, went and told people and his relations, members of his family and his pastor. He resigned and then joined civil defence.
29.      He thought he had escaped. On his way to Enugu in his car, the lady appeared again and roped him around the steering while the vehicle was moving. Simeon stopped, begged and begged her and she said, “No, because you have divulged this information, you will die. Now, I will die first before you follow next. I love you. I will come back again and still remain in Deeper Life Church.”
30.      A week later, the lady died. After the burial ceremony, Simeon died too. I thank God Brother Mike is still alive. There was one named Vicky in the same Deeper Life Church who was working in the same place with him. She hated Me with perfect hatred. If she is still alive my wife knows her. It was a big battle at Mercy Specialist Hospital where I ordered her out of the hospital when Brother Mike was hospitalized. What happened? She carried her mat and came there for she first of all roped herself around Brother Mike for marriage in disguise. However, I said that it is over my dead body.
31.      I called Brother Mike and told him that she was not a human being. She is there for you. She has been tracing you; she does not want your money, she is not a woman, she is sent. There are many of such people in Deeper Life Church. The day I told Mike that Ann from Mbaise is their member, Brother Mike nearly killed Me. I said, “She is from my hometown but she is not a human being. I will stand and declare, tell her that I said it.”
32.      On that same day, Brother Mike was in the office. This lady opened up; she called their pastor whose name is Gideon and she confessed everything: how she was sent for Brother Mike just to destroy him. The effort she made and how she vowed that the only way to get Brother Mike is to cause him to marry her. She revealed the time she enlisted into the Church and took them to the places where she hid many things, not hiding everything before AC transport and the workers, and she proclaimed that they are many.
33.      Brother Mike is still with us; Gideon is still alive. Peter and some others, you can go and ask all of them. Their district superintendent did not know that his wife was a member until the day they fought and then divorced. It was that day that the lady from Afikpo confessed for the first time that she followed him right from Four Square Gospel Mission down to Deeper Life Church and then roped him there.
34.      Be very careful about the woman that is running around you. No wonder the Scripture said, “A virtuous wife is from the Lord, who shall find it?” It will take God Himself to show you a wife; otherwise, you will marry a dangerous spirit and live with that dangerous spirit. It is not out there in the world only. It is also happening in here among us. Were you not witnesses when a lady called Yemi appeared? What about the one that followed us down to River Niger? I mean the one pastor Christian captured and brought to Amazu Oil with her horrible confessions. However, they can never abide in this most holy Faith with us.
35.      Are you surprised why even your relations that have tried to get rid of you at the end of it all, they will turn and say to you: “If not for this place you are hiding.” Now they will try to do something. What is that thing? They want to cause you to offend your God so that your God will now forsake you for them to attack you.
36.      You must be forsaken by God before they can get you. As long as God is with you and you are with God, forget about the noise outside. When we say, “Good morning Lord,” you must rest your faith somewhere. We are the only people that know what faith is all about. We have something we believe; something that is commonly believed among us and we shall protect it jealously because our lives are tied to what we believe.
37.      Move away from Grace of God Mission; you can enter ZOE or Redeemed or any Pentecostal Church you like. You can even go to TB Joshua’s Church just as you can go to Winners’ Chapel. They are all synagogues of the Devil. Everybody is free to go there. They are the people advertising and telling people where they are, inviting the whole world to come, but it is not like that with us. We are a peculiar people.
38.      If I should go to the Grace of God Mission Church or any of them to worship, my God will call me a fornicator. If I should, as I am now, join hands with my people to bow down before an idol, I have become an idolater. Be very careful when you migrate from this most Faith to another faith. You have committed trespass. The Lord must query you; even your conscience will query you, but if you move from Baptist Church to CMS, nothing will query you because you are comfortable you moved away from that place, even to a Catholic Church, you are still comfortable.
39.      Even if you go to Cherubim it is still the same thing. Nobody will query you. God will not query you. You will not query yourself. Everywhere is okay for you, but it is not so with us in this Faith.
40.      Watch the people of Israel; did God permit them to mingle with other people anyhow? No. “I have called you out from other people, made you purified,” said the Lord God Almighty. “I have severed you from among other people that you will be Mine. Of all the people on Earth only you have I chosen to be my own and to bear my Name. Thus, if you sin against Me, I will surely punish you, but I will never strip my love from you.”
41.       Know where you are standing. I am here confirming the promise that was made unto the fathers leading you to the New Covenant; a Covenant of life not that of death. Amen.


Do you know that this nation called Nigeria is sick? How many know that this nation is sick? This nation is terribly sick, but the Physician is on the scene. The only thing is that He does not go about looking for people to heal. I will address you on the state of the nation in this Message. 
2.          Looking at the Message titled “The State of the Nation,” volume one preached on 19TH July, 2009, someone might be tempted to say that it is an old Message. However, that Message is never old for my Messages are never old. Any day the Message becomes old, the Message must be discarded. William Branham said and I quote. First of all, remember that he is the Prophet that foreran this Faith.
3.          He said, “In every dispensation, the problem that confronts all that God sent to come and declare His mind to His people has been one thing: how to cause the people they are sent to in their dispensations to believe that God had sent them; how to cause the people to believe that they are the physical representation of that God Whom they do not know.
4.          He said that it continued until Jesus the Christ came; that the greatest battle that Jesus the Christ fought with the people was one thing: to cause the people to believe that God sent Him; that He was the Sent One and that God was not too far from Him and that the said God was in Him while He was in that God and that God was no other being or person than He. He was the one that expressed the image of the Almighty God.
5.          If what is happening around us is not from God, whom do we attribute the glory to? What you have seen in this Message so far with the knowledge of the Scriptures you have, with your experience in life, does it sound like the Word of the Devil?
6.          If the Devil is coming to kill, destroy and carry away, does this Message support his mission?
7.          Well, when they came to Jesus the Christ, a particular school of thought said He was mad. Another school of thought said that His words were not like the words of a mad man, that never have they heard a mad man speak that way.
8.          You are my witnesses till that day. Before anything had ever come on the scene, as your Watchman, I have always highlighted it, announced it, monitored it, preserved you so that when those things will begin to happen, you will not be shaken in mind.
9.          Jesus the Christ in His day said, “I tell you all these things before they will come so that the time you will be experiencing them you will remember that I had earlier warned you.”
10.      Tell Me, which congregation under the sky has ever prepared its people this way? It is only the Bridal Faith. Thus, you are not afraid of tomorrow. When you sing: “Because He lives, I can face tomorrow!” What is your revelation about it? Who is leading? Who is that man you are referring to? Who is that person that is living for which cause you can face tomorrow?
11.      I believe He is no other person than the person that appeared to them at that time and said: “As long as I am with you, fear not. You have no problem. However, any day you look for me and you do not see me,” do what? WEEP.
12.      Gross darkness is bound to cover your eyes. As long as I am in the world, I remained the light of the world. I am just a little Voice out of the voices. I am still sounding to this generation as a still small Voice, hiding in simplicity out there in the wilderness from a little group, called the Bride.
13.      God will do something in the last days that will go round the globe. See it coming before your eyes; what your Prophet predicted many years ago: a little group; something will spring forth.
14.      I do not know what to say. You do sing but sometimes you do not catch the revelation.
15.      As long as Jesus the Christ was with His people, they were sure and certain; they were relaxed, but immediately He left, the enemy started pushing them here and there. They were hiding here and there because their Master was no longer with them.
16.      You do not know what you are enjoying in this Faith. You do not know why God is taking His time in preparing us. There is no sector in this life where God is not touching. Tell Me that sector. Is there any? Any aspect of life where you will say that you are regretting? You are all up-to-date. You know more than President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan concerning this nation called Nigeria; even concerning his office.
17.      Well, I remember when I heard that our late president, Musa Yar’dua went to the Synagogue of the Nation for thanksgiving when he came back; that is, within the first period he fell sick, before the last one he could not survive.
18.      He went there with some government officials, PDP henchmen were there with him and TB Joshua rejoiced exceedingly after the thanksgiving. They showered him with money and everything. He prophesied, “Thus said the Lord, you will not die in this sickness until you complete your eight-year term in the office of the president. You will run your first and second tenure successfully.”
19.      Two weeks after, the late president conferred him with an honorable title OFR meaning Officer of the Federal Republic because his prophecy favoured the president, but down in your midst, you heard my Voice on it. I said, “Do not worry for he is going back again.” I went further by saying, “Remember, as Goodluck Jonathan became the governor because of the demise of Governor Alymaseiya so shall Goodluck Jonathan mount the throne, not by voting but by ‘good luck.’”
20.      No sooner we heard that President Musa Yar’dua went for treatment than prophecies went on. The Voice said, “If he comes down from the hospital bed alive, I will come down from the pulpit. Jonathan should prepare himself to take the mantle of leadership any moment from now.”
21.      Did it happen? Yes. In spite of all the noise that was made for another person to come, for the Senate President to come; everything they did; they attacked everybody, finally Goodluck Jonathan came in not by voting but by “good luck.” That day I told you that there is something in a name. I told you that as good luck gave him governorship so shall good luck give him presidency even if he will be there for a day. His name will go into the annals of history as one of those that ruled Nigeria.
22.      Many of you have heard my Voice concerning the present situation. For sometime now, they have been asking: zoning or no zoning; whether it is oppose to the North or to the East, this and that but few in this Faith have heard Me on that matter and they know what is not at stake. Many that are acquainted with Me, have heard Me on the issue. Put all of them off for I spoke contrary to those opinions.
23.      My opinion has always been an unpopular opinion and that is why I am the greatest enemy of people that do not love the truth. If you do not love God, I am your enemy. Once you do not love God, it means you do not love the truth for the truth is God Himself and God abides in truth.
24.      How can I mislead you? I will mislead you if I am the one leading, but if God is the One leading, using Me as the tool of leadership and you are certain about it, follow the Cloud. “Wherever He leads me, I will follow!” It is not reciting the song that matters. It is taking a decision and binding your life to it.
25.      Now, who is that God that has been making all these proclamations? Do you know that God has a programme? He suspended it because of your weaknesses. God raised a programme and suspended it because of your weaknesses and now, the programme is gradually coming back.
26.      Any moment from now, you will sell whatever you have to procure a copy of the Message titled “This Generation in Prophecy.” When it is no longer found in your houses, when you must have forgotten the content, you will say, “If I had known.” This is because every dot in that message must come to pass.
27.      He had reasons why He withdrew it and placed it behind everything else. After all, they did not come out from Egypt at precisely 400 years. They had an extra time which became thirty years or thirty minutes. Thirty minutes of extra time in a football match became thirty years extra time. How many can understand Me? Do you know that you have been living your life in the extra time? Do you know that Christ can never be made known to the world except in injury time?
28.      Go back to the Message titled “Injury Time.” Do we have such Message? We do. Any goal that is scored during injury time is allowed. It is a genuine goal even if it is just one second to go. One second to the blast of the whistle, is genuine.
29.      I am saying that I am waiting for the complete number to come in. I am busy discharging strangers and replacing them with genuine materials. I know what I am doing. If you want to know about the flashing red light of His coming, see Me. It has been flashed and it is still flashing.
30.      I know what it takes to keep you in rapturable condition. I am the man that can turn on the light and the light cannot be turned on except it is needed. I am discharging. I am also putting in. I am doing replacement. Until the complete number I am sent to bring home is okay, you will not hear the last blast. That is why from time to time, you will see a new face. Before you know it, the old face goes away. If that new face is among the people I am sent to bring home, then one that has been in our midst from the very beginning and has been serving my purpose, before you know it, trouble will crop up around the fellow. He will be exposed and as a stranger, he will go away.
31.      The quantity of water that comes inside a container replaces the same quantity of air from that same container, but once the container is filled to the brim, air will no longer enter, even if it is not corked; even if you leave it open, nothing will enter.
32.      Why do you see the whole world looking as if there is no hope? We are now within the stage of drinking the dredge of our wine. Nobody is ever intoxicated by the dredges of the wine. Only fresh wine intoxicates, but the dredges do not intoxicate. However, not every body can drink the dredge. Some clench their teeth and filter the dredge, but the real people that know the worth of the dredge believe that whatever that is in the bottom is part of the dredge. It becomes vitamins. Both the flies and the maggots, he empties everything into his mouth.
33.      There is nothing in the wine that can kill except what a human being uses his hands to drop inside it. I think I am talking to adults. The youths, take note also. You are not excluded. We are taking the dredge of our wine and it is not easy to swallow. It blocks the throat. It is not sweet in the mouth neither is it bitter.
34.      How do you take it in? When you close your eyes, you will pour it in. then you open your throat and swallow it up. If it is hanging, it will just make some noise in your throat. The whole thing will go down smoothly. A drinker can vomit wine; can vomit everything but does not and cannot vomit the dredge.
35.      Now, what is happening in the world I have demonstrated it many years ago and recently, I equally said something about it. Once an empty container is filled with water, take your cup and go to the tap, you will get clean water from that tap. The water will remain clean as you continue to take the water from the tap. The moment the water is about to finish, everything that settles at the bottom will begin to come out. If you shake the body of the container and collect water from the tap, you will be amazed at the amount of dirt that has accumulated at the bottom of the tank.
36.      Watch from that time the water becomes bad, it then means it is about to finish. You can never get clean water from that tank again until the tank is completely washed. Can you get the message?
37.      Expect nothing good from the whole world henceforth. The water is about to finish. Salt has lost its value many years ago. It will be from worse to worst until the tank is completely washed.
38.      He that is sent to round off the programme is still with you and the only way to make it easy for Him is what He is doing. If the Son of Man was not sent; if He is not in your midst Heaven will remain an impossible road. The road to Heaven can only be made possible through the Message of the Son of Man.
39.      I have come to introduce the possible road to Heaven. Before my appearance, both you and your fathers were walking on an impossible road to Heaven. If it is true, why not say Amen!
40.      From the beginning till now, Paradise had remained a risk to all that appeared. When Jesus the Christ came, the unbelief in the people could not allow Him to rid away the Laws of the Jews. They said He was teaching contrary to the teachings of Moses. When St. Paul appeared, the unbelief in the Gentiles where he was sent could not permit him to rid away with the Laws that were useless. Is it not true?
41.      William Branham appeared for the restitution of all things according to the Acts of the Apostles Chapter 3. That was the time of the restitution of all things as were spoken by the Prophets and the Apostles for you are the children of the Prophets and of the Apostles. Is it not true?
42.      By the words of the Prophets He brought them out of the land of bondage; by the words of the Prophets He established them. Believe in the Prophets and the Apostles for they are the people God has ever been using in making his mind known to his people. When you believe the Prophets and the Apostles, you will be established. Is it not true?
43.      Now, Heaven, paradise, eternal life, rapture or catching away of the saints, putting on immortality, whatever you call it; you are just giving names to a particular occurrence. You are using semantics to describe a phenomenon. You are using semantics to describe one single phenomenon that will happen in a twinkle of an eye, at a time when no man expects and it usually comes to pass when it has been ridiculed, scoffed and set aside.
44.      Promises of God occur at a time when they have been laughed at, scoffed and declared of non-effect, when people have lost interest and faith in the promise. Watch the way they are behaving. The thought of this immortal life has left many; they now pay lip service to it. Materialism has taken over everything; politicians wearing cloak of Christ.
45.      I was in my house one day with Igwe Amobi and we were discussing with a Brother who was also there. Suddenly, a van pulled up in front of my compound with a young man’s photograph pasted on it under the APGA political party with a bold write-up in quote: “Reverend Pastor Ejikeme Nwahcukwu, vote for him;” and that is the son of the general superintendent of Grace of God Mission and now he is running for a political position. Is it any wonder Chris Okotie is running for the post of president? Is Pastor Christopher Okotie not a general superintendent of a Church named the Household of God Mission incorporated in Lagos?
46.      Two other Reverend Fathers as Commissioners, Reverend Pastors as Commissioners; some as Governors. The one time governor of Benue State was a reverend father. Is it not true? It is in many places. What I am saying is that politics and religion have pulled together now. There is no difference between religion and politics again.
47.      What time does it signify Brethren? What hour is it? Can you look at your clock? What time is it ticking there? Where are you now? Or do you mean to tell Me that you do not have a timetable anymore?
48.      The Beginning and Ending of the Gentile Dispensation, have you forgotten the last sign God placed that will wind up your programme; things you will begin to see around The Son of Man; around Him or His Message? I mean the last point He will touch and you will know that it is all over.
49.      You had better go back to your old jotters which you have discarded. It is rather unfortunate that some of these Messages have got lost in the library, but as I have rekindled the topics and have touched on some key comments that are contained in them, you can now play the complementary role by rehearsing them.
50.      Didn’t I summarize this journey? I took my time and summarized this bridal journey in the Message titled: “The Beginning and Ending of the Gentile Dispensation.” Like I said earlier in this Message, in no distant time, you will run helter-skelter looking for the Message: “This Generation in Prophecy.” Do not ask Me why. Something will squeeze you into it. Amen.

Like I said earlier, I want to speak to you on “The State of The Nation,” volume two. I am not speaking to all Nigerians on this matter. I am speaking to the people that are in this Faith now. He that can announce the political programme of Nigeria, even prophesied the way things would go up to where you are standing now, and they all fulfilled, can’t He also tell you what to expect from now?
2.          You see, events are made clear by prophecy. You remember in the Message preached in 1994 titled “Count down ‘94,” the Lord said, “Thus saith the Lord, this great union which God Himself called the kings of the North, the greatest union in the whole world binding both the Pacific and the Caribbean seas by the name Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR), watch it, it must surely disintegrate. Many nations will come out of it. Watch; America will sponsor a small nation that will evade it, and it will surely disintegrate.”
3.          Before your very eyes, many years after, America sponsored Afghanistan to attack USSR. Before we knew it, many countries came out of it. Thus, USSR got banished from the face of the Earth. Russia came out as an independent nation; same for Kosovo and Bosnia etc. All of them came out and lined up like that and till today, there is no union binding the Pacific and the Caribbean known as USSR anymore. It is now history.
4.          You see, there are too many things I do not like to make public. However, I believe that I have trained my youths. Whatever you get from Me in this Message, should not be propagated or used as a political debate or as an argument with anybody. It is information I am revealing to you ahead of time to sustain you in the faith of Christ so that when the things begin to happen, you will  not align yourself with any group. You will remain spiritually alert because if I do not guide you well, you are bound to take to any side.

5.          If James Agbom had listened to Me, today, he would have been one of the richest brothers in this Faith. I told him that he should put down his tools that that battle must be lost by his people for God had already concluded the matter because this government must wreck up an ancient agreement; an ancient court ruling empowering this administration to wipe off all Ezza people from the zone. I even said it before many witnesses that plans had been concluded by the Federal Government to build either Army or Police barracks there.
6.          For these reasons, he should down tool immediately, serve the Lord and face his business. However, the whole statement stumbled him because he had his own reasons why he wanted to be in it. Today, am I vindicated? Has it come to pass? Do we have Ezza in Ezilo again? They have all been wiped off. Is there any barracks there? Yes, a Mobile Police barracks has been built there. All Ezza people in Ezilo are now refugees. All that are in our Faith now can attest to that.  This is because they have no mansion as building still erect there again and they can never step their feet there again as landlords or land owners.
7.          Who will speak and it will come to pass? Why not pause and ponder? Why not ponder about the words that have come to you from the mouth of the Son of Man which you have refused to implement and what it cost you. Pause a little; individually you heard your own voices, even concerning your marriages.
8.          There were many marriages I never approved. They came to Me and I said no to their marriages because of what I saw there. However, they went ahead pressing and I still refused. Then if the persistence became too much, I simply said, “If your love is so strong that even God cannot break it, well go ahead. Whatever you see, you take!”
9.          Many did their wishes and till today, the centre cannot hold. If you are a seed of God, you will always take side with God on any matter. The Word of God must have an overriding influence over your personal opinion and decision. It is your right to decide anything but it takes God to approve it. If God approves it you can go, but if He does not, you just stop there.
10.      Most of you walk either by your sight or by your desires. This is where the problem comes from: a man walking after the desires of his heart. You see, God does not see things the way human beings see things. You may see it as a very good thing, but God will be somewhere shaking His head and saying no. He cannot approve it for you, nevertheless, you have your right. My duty is to advise as your Watchman. You reserve the right to accept or reject My advice.
11.      I want to talk to you, Brethren, on the present state of the nation. When there was no sign, at a time you were busy buying shares, scrambling over shares, I told you to hold your peace and put your money in the bank. I advised and compelled you to open a sacred account. I am the One that will talk to you about investment and I am still the One that will tell you where to invest your money.
12.      Many said that I did not go to school. They went ahead and invested their money in shares. What happened afterwards? Well, I do not know what to say there. I liken it to what I said to Brother Mike many years ago in my house. I said, “My Brother, if you have any money in the bank, go and withdraw it now.” He asked Me, “Which bank?” I told him, “Progress bank; that Imo State bank where your own brother is the district manager; late Chief Ethel. Go and withdraw every coin you have there.”
13.      He said: “But Julius Ejike has interest there!” I told him to shut up: “Am I discussing Julius Ejike now? Besides, he is the one owing them. He deposited his money there and obtained some loan to go and build his houses at Aba. Up till now, he has not paid back the loan. Go and withdraw all your money there. That bank is collapsing.” 
14.      He looked at me and said, “Okay,” and he left. Later, I took him to UBA, collected N50,000 from my account, handed it over to him in payment for the money I borrowed from him when I bought my 504 station wagon, but Brother Mike before my eyes rushed to the same Progress Bank and dumped the money there.
15.      I confronted him and said, “Brother Mike, I thought you said you have a problem you want to solve and that is why I gave you this money. Now you have rushed back to the same bank and deposited the money there again which means you did not believe all I have been saying about the bank.” He  looked up and looked down and said, “Brother, I believe but you know this big bank; how can it just close like that?”
16.      One week later, people gathered there. Brother Mike went there and from there, he came rushing to my house saying: “Brother, I do not know what is happening there! Everywhere is locked and many people are there including the policemen.” I asked, “Where?” He replied, “Progress Bank.” “Did anybody die there?” He said, “No. nobody died there. They said they have closed.” I said, “Did you bring your money out from there?”  “Which money Brother? So, a bank can just collapse like that?” he lamented.
17.      Do not blame My Brother. When Jesus the Christ appeared, the unbelief in the hearts of His relations made it impossible for Him to do great works around them, for a Prophet is without honour in his own town, among the members of his kindred.
18.      Look into Onitsha Household very well; how many people are from Mbaise fellowshipping in Onitsha Household? Only few. Just carry this Message to them and hear what they will say: “Sunday! Forget him. Tell me something else. The boy we knew when he was born is telling us that he is this and he is that. He has deceived you and you accepted. Don’t you know his father? Okay, why did his father die if he is God? I beg close that chapter!”
19.      Let me ask again, how many Mbaise people are in this Faith? Only few. How many of my own biological brothers are in this Faith? All of them came in and gradually they all went out so that the Scriptures might be fulfilled again, for the Bible said that even Jesus brethren did not believe him.
20.      Check all the Prophets, some of them; their wives did not even believe them. The wife of Prophet Job never believed Job to be a man of God. It got to a time when the wife of job joined hands with Job’s enemies even in condemning Job, telling Job to curse God and die: “If you say that God is with you, why are you suffering like this? Maybe there was a time God was with you, but I want to tell you that God has left you now. Curse Him and die. This life you are living now, are you sure it really worthy living!”
21.      It is just like the story one of our friends in Onitsha brought to Me. I will tell you the story. This man sometimes comes to fellowship with us in Onitsha household from Assemblies of God Church. He is a deacon in his Church, the Assemblies of God. There was a day the message was so high that he felt the anointing and raised his two hand and screamed: “Praise God!” He then got up from his seat and came forward to my seat, bowed down and was acting as if he had believed us.
22.      As we went along, anytime he visits my shop and I said something odd around this man at Nnewi by name Ogbuawa, a business man and an importer, he will give me a serious warning because he happens to be his friend. After one of the such encounter, I said, “Sir, how I wish your eyes will open one day for you to see how evil the man is.”
23.      At another time, he visited Me in the company of one other man. I said in my usual way, “Sir, have you heard what happened to your friend Ogbuawa?” He replied yes, that really he had not been himself since he heard of it and that he even went to Awka to see things for himself where they chained him and his wife hands and feet. He further said that he kept his distance because he was afraid that the man may recognize him and spot him as one of his members. As a matter of fact he ran away from there immediately.
24.      I then asked him what was pursuing him. He kept on saying to me, “Sir, your words have come to pass. You said that this man was evil that he was in the business of kidnapping. They even said that a gun was found in his house when the Police Force raided his apartment.” I said, “Is that true? Now what was he doing with guns?” He said, “Sir, close your mouth there!” and then he walked away.
25.      At another time, he came around again to my shop with his usual purse by his side. This time it was a new one. I said, “Sir,  you look fine today with your new purse, but what happened to the former one that bore Ogbuawa’s name and ownership logo on it? I thought you carried that one as a solidarity member to Ogbuawa.” Immediately, he retorted, “Look Sunday, you are just looking for my trouble this afternoon. Don’t you have something better to tell me or do you want them to stone me to death because of a simple purse? Don’t you know that anyone caught with his purse or anything bearing his name like T-shirts or caps is regarded as an exhibit?”
26.      I said, “In other words, you are running which means if I should go there and tell them that you know the man you will deny knowing him.” He lowered his voice and said, “My friend, take it easy. Do not say it loud again. Please, there is something of great importance I came to tell you.” I said okay. Then I held my peace.
27.      Recently, this man came to my shop and caused Me a lot of headache. People who thought I do not laugh, saw me laugh myself to exhaustion that day. He just came in his usual way and said, “Son of Man, I have something of importance to tell you. I have not come to beg for some money from you; rather, I learn a lot from you, and they are very useful things. Now, I want you to come to my home and speak to my wife because she respects your words so much, but she finds it difficult to come to your Church. Despite this, she does not joke with your words. Please come and talk to her or else, I will one day die of hypertension. She does not give me rest at all because of the school fees of our children which I could not provide. Am I going to die because of school fees? She does not even listen to me at all. Please come quickly.”
28.      I told him, “Sir, have you finished? I will not come. Did you hear Me? I will not come sir. If you cannot control your wife or the excesses of your wife then let her continue with it.” He said, “Okay;” and he got up to leave. Then I said again: “Sir, I thought you said that you had something to tell Me. When will you tell me that thing?” He retorted, “How can I tell you the thing when you refused to come to speak to my wife. Anyway, let me tell you the thing anyhow. This thing happened in our Church, but I want you to know about it for some reasons.”
29.      “For some time now, I have been attending many Churches because of this incident. I had even wanted to come to your Church because truth abides in there, but there is something that is not there. Really, your marriage messages are fine, but there is something I want which you people do not give and this is the thing that will help this condition we find ourselves in sometimes. You know what I mean; just something to grease my palms.” At that point I asked, “Do you mean money?” He said, “Yes.”
30.      I then told him no that we do not receive or even pay salary to anyone in our midst, “But is that what you wanted to tell me?” I asked. He said, “Well, it is a part of it.” Then he continued; “There is one man in our Church. The man is as poor as I am though he has a position in our Church. One day it was announced that there was a brother that God blessed who gave few bags of rice and some money to be distributed among the widows in our Church. He instructed that the widows concerned should wait after the fellowship.”
31.      “In my heart, I wanted to ask, ‘What about the men whose wives have died, but I held my peace. It then happened that after the fellowship, the widows concerned moved to one side as the pastor instructed.” The man looked around for his wife and saw her sitting in the midst of the widows, shocked at what he saw, he quietly went up to her, touched her from behind, bent and whispered into her ears, “My dear, you did not understand what our pastor said. The only people concerned in this thing are the widows.”
32.      What followed? The wife turned and pushed the husband away shouting after him: “I am operating within my senses. It is you that is not operating with your senses. Do you consider yourself to be alive? As far as I am concerned, I see myself as a widow. Whether you like it or not, I am a widow. Just leave me alone! Let me collect my own share of the gifts. I do not want to miss it at all.”
33.      I then asked him if what he was saying was true or just a makeup story. He replied that it happened recently in their Church. I laughed and laughed. He replied that the woman simply wanted to humiliate the man because he could not give her feeding allowance as expected. “You can now see why I want you to come and speak to my wife, but you have refused,” he said finally. I asked him if he is the one. He said, no, that he himself was one of the members of their Church. I enquired if the story was real and he replied in the affirmative, but deep in me I concluded that he must be the very man.
34.      Then I sat down to think: who among our wives could behave like that? Even the one whose condition happens to be the worst amongst us cannot try such a thing. I concluded that no matter what they are doing, like we are doing, we are doing the highest. Ours is the best. It has no rival. However, assuming there is a research to see if this kind of spirit can be found in our midst, the answer is yes. Is there any woman that can behave that way? Yes, but it will not be found in Onitsha. That kind of behaviour can be traced to either Mbaise or Ngwa.
35.      An Mbaise woman will even do more than that; the same is applicable to Ngwa women.  
36.      Do you now see why community spirit is very bad? Another place you will see this kind of manifestation is in Umuahia. An Umuahia woman will equally behave worse. What I am saying is that you should not mourn your husbands alive because of hardship. Do not put on your mourning dress declaring your husband dead, even if he is suffering from stroke. Bear the burden with joy; adjust yourself. If traces of such things could be seen among us, it becomes a clear defeat, but I thank God that such defeat has not been heard among us.
37.      Wives, I know of some of you that even take good care of your husbands, buy them cloths, giving them transport money and pocket money; something the man should be giving the woman, instead, it is the wife that gives out the pocket money; even doing so with joy. That is what it should be. I know many of you living in Onitsha who are suffering hardship from month to month without collecting a dime for the feeding of your children, yet you are managing. Cheer up! I say cheer up. Do not be discouraged by whatever. Everything that has a beginning must have an end.
38.      Do you know whether that is where God is judging you? Whether God permitted it that your reaction towards it will be your righteousness or your condemnation. Who knows my action God is seeing and He is having pleasure in seeing it.
39.      I have crosschecked this Faith, there is none to compare with it. Even if I am in the grave I will still say it like my late father that this is the final Faith. It is from God.
40.      I cannot forget the last words of my father when he was speaking to Me and Pastor Obinna. He said, “Come what may, Oshimiri, even if nobody will believe you; even if your mother will begin to say nonsense tomorrow; if she starts murmuring; if she starts blabbing tomorrow concerning this Faith, do not listen to her at all. Make sure that you and your entire family are holding on tightly unto the Faith. Can you hear me, Oshimiri? This is because this ministry is from God. I am sure and convinced. I have even seen things that make me too sure and certain over what I am saying.”
41.      “Let me put it this way: God told me to come back to enable me put things in order. That was just why I came back. Oshimiri, this journey is the true journey. Do not abandon it for any reason at all,” he concluded. Brother Obinna and I were dumbfounded by his utterances. I turned to Brother Obinna and said, “Look at a man I am thinking that we have salvaged from death. He is still saying that he is going.”
42.      Then I went back to Onitsha and I did not get to see him again until the day I went to the mortuary, but I thank God for those encouraging words. If you think he did not go there, go and lie down, close your eyes or allow kidnappers to close your eyes, chain your hands and feet together and be giving you food. Stay in the same bed for three months. Do not ever open your eyes for three good months. Then come out and narrate your experiences. Enquire from a doctor whether a human being has ever been in coma for three months. The whole body peeled off like that. You heard in the Bible about the body of Job and how maggots were coming out of Job’s body. What did I see? Maggots coming out.
43.      The day I lifted him, his body pasted on my cloths because anywhere you touch will peel, yet he was breathing, but he could not talk or open his eye. Then I said, “Nobody can bury one that is still breathing.” Everybody ran away. I remained there with Brother IK, Brother Chinedu and Brother Obinna. My mother said all abominable things. She never knew my father was hearing all that she was saying, but could not talk. When finally my father opened his mouth, for when he opened his eyes he equally opened his mouth, he judged my mother of wickedness.
44.      I know what it took Me to appease my father to forgive my mother. Barely two weeks after he supposedly died, he heard everything everybody said; even statements I made, I never knew My father heard Me, encouraging him, kissing him each time I came. Everything anybody said, My father heard, yet the eyes were tightly shut; the mouth sealed, but I predicted it. I said, “Anybody coming around this man should be careful; I perceive he is hearing, but cannot talk. If he will open his eyes and his mouth then you will realize that he is hearing all that is being said.”
45.      Even discussions we held in the house my father heard all. He told me that he heard when I was discussing with my Brethren over the house; that at every height he came to, he heard it. That was why he never wanted me to feel ashamed about the house project because he know how a man feels. That was why he warned me not to listen to my mother if she should blabber. Do you know that she later started talking nonsense and that same day, she started blabbing, she was struck with stroke.
46.      Yes, she demonstrated against Me and against the Faith after her husband died and  stroke struck her instantly. Brother IK, is it a lie? Were you not the one that came out and saw her outside and said, “Mama, I told you when you were talking and saying too many things against The Son of Man and against the Faith? Now look at the consequences.” Then she started crying as she was being helped up. The little life that remained there is because she realized her mistakes and redressed her evil notions, yet from time to time, she will react again because she was farced into the Faith.
47.      When I preached the message “Action Time,” immediately she heard, “Cathy has come,” she repented by force. If you know that your husband is compelling you to be in this Faith, be very careful. If you are not in this Faith by your own personal conviction that what we preach is the truth, you are an escort; you are escorting your husband. If he takes off, you will go back. It is applicable to the man.
48.      “Do Not Be an Escort” was a message preached by Bon Diuka at Amazu Oil. He captioned it:  “Agboro Christians.” He said that an “agboro” (a motor park tout) is one that helps in loading people into a vehicle. He will sit in the vehicle behaving like a passenger. Glancing at him, you will think that he is a passenger. If the vehicle is loading gradually, he will find on excuse: “Let me go and buy bread.”
49.      Once he goes down, briskly he will disappear from that area. You will not see him again. That is an “agboro Christian.” Who fulfilled it? Bon Diuka himself. Agboro Christians are ones that are not prepared to pay the fare for the trip. The person knows he is not for the journey. He is only there to collect his commission. Once he collects that, to hell with the driver, the vehicle and the passengers.
50.      “Wetin concern agboro with overload or police checkpoints.” I am the driver. I do not want my ministers to be agboros who will help Me load my vehicle. I want all of you to be partners in the Faith with Me; messengers of the same message, partners in the same trip; co-labourers in the same vineyard. I do not want you to load my vehicle and go away. Be a part of the trip, finish.
51.      All that are with Me in this trip and are paying the price I am paying, they do not trouble me. Nobody troubles the driver more than the agboro. Sometimes, a tout can stop the vehicle from moving; sometimes he can even fight the driver for non-payment of commission. He may even go as far as disturbing the passengers, discomforting them with his mouth reeking of dry gin, cigarettes, Indian hemp and every kind of illicit drinks and drugs all coming out from him.
52.      I am describing the characteristics of agboros. Jesus the Christ in His day called them hirelings; they engaged in the job because of the pay they will get out of it. When the situation becomes too tight, they will move away from that park. Anywhere they get to, they will begin to make a hell of noise there. Anywhere they are favoured, they will begin to dance about because they are sure of their commission. You know that that is where the agboro depends on.
53.      He will also depend on what he can steal from the passengers. If you keep your mobile phone carelessly, well, you might as well forget about it because the moment he gets it, finish. It is gone. He will call it gain, but the driver will pick a phone in his bus and will announce it for the owner to retrieve it. If he is not careful there, an agboro will breeze in there and collect it claiming that it is his own.
54.      An agboro is a claimer always claiming things that do not belong to him. Whom am I referring to? I do not know.
55.      Some years ago, I told you that different and unimaginable evils will spring up. Note I am not going to talk about the evils again. The evils are already with us and they have come to stay. The hardship is with us; it has come to stay, but remember the word of consolation. God said we can never be the worse hit, for He knows how to take care of us whether we feed very well or not. We must look better than the people out there in the world.
56.      Looking at all of you in this Faith, nobody can believe that you are Nigerians living in Nigeria.
57.      A woman was admiring Apostle Kelechi. She is our old friend. She said, “Ejima, you are looking well-nourished. Look at how you are! You look much younger and good to look upon. In short, I appreciate your Church. If not for my husband, I would have been one of you. Do you know why I love your Church? It is because it does not tolerate any form of hypocrisy. You are not hypocrites. You practise what you preach, whether people will understand you or not.”
58.      I said, “Brother Kelechi, can you see!” Now, look at Brother Kelechi among us, he is suffering but in his suffering, he looks better than the people out there in the world.
59.      Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego even in their fasting when they were presented to the king, their appearances were by far better than those that were fed with the king’s food. Is it not scriptural?
60.      Looking at us in this Faith, most of them will think that we are feeding better. Going by nourishing food, all of us would have been as lean as people with HIV, but what is nourishing us is in us. What is sustaining us is in us. It is not what is going into our mouth. If it is just what is going into our mouth, the foods most of us are eating are meant for dogs. I am not trying to ridicule anybody. Try to understand Me.
61.      In spite of this, God is still with us. Christ in you is the hope of glory for the joy of the Lord, the joy of the Salvation He has given to us is what is sustaining us. If the joy of the Lord is not your strength; if your Salvation does not give you joy, forget about it. Anybody who has attained Salvation in Christ and that Salvation does not give him joy is not saved. Such person is lost. The person never met Christ.
62.      In Christ all My needs are met. People judge with what they can see. However, we appreciate those things, but they do not add real value to life. They have life, but they do not have the real value to life.
63.      If you know you are an agboro, please suppress your agboro spirit on what I am going to say in the next chapter. Amen.


Please, whatever I have to say briefly now, do not propagate it. My words come like music to those that want to perish. I am not making music. Even if you call it music, you can see the fulfillment of the music all these years.
2.          If you go to the book of Matthew chapter 1, from verse 1 through 17, you will see the genealogy of the Lord Jesus Christ starting from Abraham.
3.          The writers of the Bible caused great harm to mankind than good. That is the genesis of the problems we are. If they had documented the correct account of the two sides of the coin or the three sides of the coin, there would have been peace, instead, they laid the foundation for trouble.
4.          Thus, the Bible was a book written to defend a particular sect. The holy Quran is also another book that was written to protect another sect. In other words; the holy Quran was written to counter the Bible. Likewise, the Bible was written to counter the Quran, but the truth of the matter is this: both are wrong.
5.          You see why God cannot take side with any of them. That is why the two have never brought about peace even in countries where they have one religion. There is still trouble there. Some Muslim countries have single religion. For instance, when you get to Saudi Arabia, it is Islam all over. The whole of United Arab Emirates is single religion yet they have troubles among themselves.
6.          If you look at the account in the Bible, it started by saying that Abraham begat Isaac; Isaac begat Jacob… Can you see where the confusion is? I mean verses 1 and 2 have grievous omissions. Down the line, you will see Adam.
7.          Isaac and Adam, which one is elderly to the other? Adam was the first son of God. Adam was created and not conceived; that is, Adam was not born of a woman. The original son of God was Adam. If God was not conceived, it then means that Adam was not conceived.
8.          If God was not born, Adam was not born too. Only Adam and God were the two living human beings that appeared on Earth then and Adam was like God, for He, God moulded Adam after Himself. He was the first visible express image of God. If you believe it, say amen.
9.          Whatever a man produces is the man. Whatever God produces is God. Apart from Adam, every other thing that has appeared on Earth is the human God. I mean something that came out of man. If you talk about Eve, she was carved out from a man. When you talk of Cain and Abel, they were carved out of the combination of man and woman. Is that not true?
10.      Watch that account very well: Abraham begat Isaac and Isaac begat Jacob. That is the genesis of the problem. God cannot make a mistake, but human beings make mistakes towards God.  If you go by what is documented in the Bible, it will be hard for you to believe that God appeared. There are too many things you will begin to doubt about God and His claims due to misrepresentations of the people that wrote the Bible.
11.      There is no book in which God recorded facts, none. Human beings recorded everything and there is no record of man that is accurate. If a man cannot write accurate information about what he has in his heart, who is then adequate to write what is in another man’s heart? Even what I am saying now, all of you are writing, if I should ask you to read what you have written, you will see differences in your write-ups, for you record according to your level of understanding. Sometimes, you record according to your level of revelations. Is that not true?
12.      Besides, they may even run contrary to the spirit of the Message. Most of the things you recorded are not the things I say but the way you see those things.
13.      In the beginning was the truth and the truth was with God and the truth was God. Credit the statement to Me: In the beginning was the truth; the truth was with God and the truth was God. If God was the truth from the beginning, and in the middle, truth, at the end truth, it then means truth remains the beginning and the ending of God. Please understand me.
14.      When God created Adam; from Adam, Cain and Abel appeared. Whether they were good sons or bad sons, the genealogy should read thus: God begat Adam; Adam begat Cain and Abel. Is it clear? Whatever that Cain did, if they could be recorded in the Scriptures, then Cain should have featured in the lineage. The wife Cain married featured. The children featured. Why was Cain not in the lineage?
15.      A father that encourages discrimination among his children is not a good father. Hold it there. Do not credit this error to God. People wrote it that way to protect their own faith. I am coming to something.
16.      Ministers, take note of this Message for this matter is coming directly to you as the pillars of the Kingdom.
17.      Bear with Me. I will jump many things. Let Me come down to Abraham because I want to speak on the crux (root) of the matter as it affects Nigeria in particular.
18.      Ibrahim means Abraham; Ishiaku means Isaac; Yusuf means Joseph; Yakubu means Jacob; Ismaila means Ishmael. Hence, when you hear Ibrahim, Ishaku, Yusuf, Yakubu, it is just a tribal language. In short, every tribe has its language. It is just like the Igbos who call God “Chineke” while the Yorubas say “Olowon.” The Hausa people on their side say “Allah.” Shoshones will call theirs “Akwakirr.” Thus, there are too many names pointing to one person.
19.      These names vary according to tribes and communities. In Igboland Onitsha people call God “Olisah.” Please take note. I will go straight on this expository.
20.      I am not talking about crime wave, economic challenge, politics or Nigeria’s fusing or politics and religion fusing together. We have seen all these things. We do not talk about violence and kidnapping nor are we talking about corruption. No!
21.      We cannot begin to talk about unemployment and things like that because we are on a journey. Note, we are on a journey. At any stage we get to, I will announce it. That is why we talk about “the present stage.”
22.      Where we are standing now is where I am going to talk to you about. After talking to you concerning the nation, I will now turn round to talk to you concerning you and Me in a nation such as ours under the prevailing conditions.
23.      Ibrahim, that is Abraham begat Isaac. It is absolutely wrong to say that. Okay, assuming your father married two women legally, culturally and otherwise; maybe he married the first wife and pregnancy got delayed. Then he married the second wife; whether the second one was his maid or some other person, the important thing is that she is a woman and he is authorized to marry her. Whoever that produces the first son becomes the mother of the first son of that man. This is a very hard truth, controversial truth, but somebody has to say it.
24.      You know, it will take God to correct all these errors. I am sent to come and tie all the loose ends and present the reality to everybody so that the feud can end.
25.      The correct thing was that Abraham married Sarah the first wife. Then Abraham married the second wife, by name Haggai. Place me in my position first; then, you can take my right. I said place me where I belong to first. Take the right due unto that position if you want.
26.      Nothing is as popular as falsehood. A lie is more popular among the people than the truth because people love to believe lies more than truth. Who knows that God does not belong to any religious group? If you say that God belongs to any group, tell me the one He belongs to. God does not reside in any religious group. He sees them as mere political group; every group doing everything to advance their own cause, hiding under the cloak of God.
27.      Abraham reasoned very well with his wife before he married Haggai. Fortunately, Haggai produced Ishmael, the first son. While Haggai was rejoicing that she has been privileged to produce the first son to her master and now her husband, something happened.
28.      Remember that Abraham was the one in the bosom of the Father (Almighty God). Abraham also rejoiced for he has used his eyes to behold his first offspring. However, immediately Sarah became pregnant, the joy over Ishmael vanished. She started regretting that if she had known, if she had believed the words spoken to her at the earlier, she would have been privileged to produce the first son of Abraham.
29.      Even till today, it became the spirit governing the hearts of all women. Every woman feels restless until she has been privileged to give the husband his first son. One that has not produced a male child feels uncomfortable, nursing the fear that her husband might be tempted to marry another wife who may incidentally give the husband the first son. There is something in the first son. Who gave that impression? Abraham.
30.      Remember that the father of Africa is Abraham. Thus, that ugly impression that was created there has lingered even till today. Many traditions of all the people took off from their assigning the greater part of the man’s heritage to the first son. Even the man’s residence has always been assigned to the first son till a situation maybe created where a man does not have other portions for the rest of the children.
31.      What is more, every first son will wickedly want to occupy the properties of the rest of his brothers. A useless foundation that must be broken into pieces. Instead of the first son seeing his position as a challenge to accommodate the rest of his relations, he now sees it as his authority over the kingdom to covet and occupy selfishly. Before you know it, he will begin to drive everybody away. He will wickedly command them to use their property and to go and buy land elsewhere. As if they are strangers. It is happening among children of the same father and mother.
32.      Do you see the origin of that wicked tradition? It does not come from God. It came from a wicked heart that wants to occupy and mount pressure exclusively.
33.      Abraham saw it happening in the heart of Sarah. There was nothing Haggai could do to please Sarah because Sarah had conceived. Immediately Sarah gave birth to Isaac and Isaac turned out to be a man, the worse trouble was brewed. Sarah started policing Haggai, punctuating her statements, scrutinizing every movement, even her feeding and the water she drank. This made Abraham become restless, but he lacked the courage to express it. He did not know how best to talk to Sarah for hostility has started to appear; more so, when he married Sarah in her youth and the two grew up together. Could he put her away?
34.      Every now and then, Sarah could come to Abraham complaining about a thing against Haggai to the point that Abraham had to consent to her. He said, “Madam Sarah, enough of these troubles. I really want to have my rest. I thought you were the one that suggested this thing. I consented to it and the Lord himself approved it. Now, why get so furious about it? You were the one that told me to marry her. Whatever you want to do to her, it is up to you. If you want to retain her, it is up to you. If you want to send her away, it is up to you.”
35.      Wickedly, checking that portion of the Scripture, Sarah sent Haggai away. It was Sarah that ordered Haggai out of the house for the sake of Isaac. Is it not scriptural? This is because she was fighting for the first son position.
36.      Please, do not feel wounded by the Son of Man. If you are feeling wounded, you are wounded by the truth. I am here to straighten the records. You cannot hear it outside this Faith for this most holy Faith is the ground and pillar of truth.
37.      I do not belong to the Islamic group, neither do I belong to the Christian group or to any other group you can think of. You know where I came from. I am trying to save you from the wrath of God. You will know the truth and the truth shall set you free.
38.      In her wicked motive to establish her own son as the first son, Sarah sent Haggai and her son away, without restraint. I am sure and certain that Roman Catholics are the people behind the writing of the Bible. If you like say, amen. If you like forget about it.
39.      The Bible emanated from Rome. That is why no Hebrew takes the Bible seriously. If you take the Bible to a Hebrew, he will walk you out. I have worked with Hebrews. You know my experience while I was a civil servant when I was with Kemdag, that is FCC company; the company that constructed the water scheme for Onitsha. They were all Israelites.
40.      Mr. Paco is an Israeli from Judah. Mr. Kemdag is from the tribe of Benjamin; even Michin Dani is equally from Ephraim. Let it be known to you that all those tribes are still there till today. Another thing that convinced Me is the war in the Middle East. Ogaden is still there. Gaza strip is still there; Palestine is still there. So, those stories are not mere stories, but events that have happened in the past.
41.      Now, the writers of the Bible were Roman Catholics. The Roman Catholic remains the first and only Church that came out with a useless doctrine that a woman is not a wife to a man until she is wedded in their Church; that a man can marry up to more than twenty wives, but the one he married in the Church is the rightful wife; that the rest are concubines. The Roman Catholics remain the only people that propagate this heresy.
42.      A man could have up to two or three wives that bear children for him, yet he never wedded one. If he should marry the forth one and drag her to the Church, put the ring on her, that is the one the Catholics know as the rightful wife. They will not recognize the other wives, though they were there before the wedded one. The doctrine is from hell. Even if the rest of the wives the man married before the last one raised sons and daughters, the only person there, recognized as the first son of the man is the one that is born by the wife the man wedded.
43.      You see why Roman Catholic Church signifies confusion? In addition, all the denominations today are the daughters of Roman Catholics. That is why there is confusion in all of them. They are confused; they do not know what they are doing. Their members are equally confused.
44.      Watch, if Haggai was not recognized as the main wife when Sarah put her away, the lady had no place to go. She simply went to the wilderness with her only son. Abraham wept bitterly, for no human being could treat his or her fellow human being that way. There is no man that has manhood that can dream of unleashing such a wicked act on his own wife that produced the first son.
45.      When you look at Ishmael and look at Abraham, they were carbon copies. Nobody can treat a stranger that way. Put yourself in the position of father Abraham. He went into the house weeping. The man was crying unto the Lord. The same Lord he called appeared to Haggai in the form of an angel in that same wilderness, held Haggai by the hand, together with the son, brought them back and handed them over to Abraham. Why not say amen. Read your Bible for verification.
46.      God in form of an angel appeared to the woman and her son in the wilderness, took them and handed them over to Abraham, not to Sarah this time. Salvation on the journey.
47.      Really the Son of Man has suffered great great tribulations. I have been on the scene from the Creation of the world. Believe my report for my report is accurate.
48.      Who owns Sarah? Ibrahim (Abraham). Who owns Haggai? The same Ibrahim.  Who impregnated Sarah? Ibrahim. Who impregnated Haggai? Ibrahim. In whose house were Sarah and Haggai living? In the house of  Ibrahim. Who was controlling the same family? Ibrahim. Who determines who should go and who will stay? Ibrahim.
49.      Wickedness in the heart of women to their fellow women did not start today. Even till today, it will take God in a woman to accommodate another woman in the house as a fellow wife.
50.      Do you know, if not the holy Quran, there is no other religious book that clearly spelt it out that for anyone to be an adherent of Islam he is entitled to a minimum of four wives. They documented it so that nobody will find fault with it if the man will begin to heap for himself as many wives as he chooses. They said it is a minimum of four and the maximum of the whole world. There is something I will say here many will get mad. I can allow the highlighting. It has always been my manner to run round something that I will unfold in the future.
51.      All men of God from the history of Creation of the world have remained lovers of women. Yes or no? If you say yes, can you balance it? Do you have documented evidences? Stop there. I just want to show you something because that which people esteem very highly is the greatest abomination in the sight of God.
52.      All men of God from the history of Creation of the world have remained lovers of women. It is not my message in any way, but I had to say a few words around it. David was a man in the bosom of the Father. Do you know how many wives were credited to him legitimately? Did God judge him or condemn him for polygamy?
53.      Watch, Solomon was handpicked by God to be king over Israel. Is it true. Absalom would have been in that throne if he was patient, but his rebellion put him off. Before then, God had already predicted that the person will succeed. David will be one that will be traced to Beersheba.
54.      Who does not know how Beersheba came in? One that will be traceable to Abigail. Who does not know how Abigail came? One that is traceable to Ruth and Naomi. Who cannot trace these two? Why is Jesus Christ referred to as the son of David?
55.      Matthew 1: 1 said, “Here is the genealogy of Jesus Christ the son of David.”
56.      The book of Matthew 1: 1 “The book of the generation of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham.” KJV.
57.      Note, it says the book of the genealogy of Jesus Christ, the son of David, not Jesus, the son of Joseph. Did you get it? You think I am shouting in vain. I know that David is in the lineage.
58.      Do you know how many generations that existed from David to Jesus? I do not know whether I am making sense at all.
59.      Solomon was there, handpicked by God to be ruler over Israel. God already designed the lineage. He married 700 wives coupled with 300 concubines; on the whole, 1000 women. His manhood must be sharper than that of any other human being.
60.      Note, when the women of Israel were not sufficient for him he went to the foreign land and bought more women. When they came there, they brought their idols and established their shrines in the whole areas of Solomon’s kingdom. The Bible never said that Solomon demolished any one of them; rather, the Bible said that Solomon was joining them from one altar to the other to serve the gods of the wives in his palace. At the end of the day, Solomon still enters the temple of the Almighty God and the Cloud came down and filled the temple wrapping them in.
61.      Try to understand Me. Do not make too much noise, for we are handling a very delicate matter. When the Lord spoke on the matter, He the Lord justified Solomon and condemned only the foreign woman he brought from the foreign land, for he chose them from forbidden nations. God judged them of idolatry, but he could not judge Solomon.
62.      I do not know whether people are getting the message? Just pay attention to where I am heading to. I am going back to the Bride. Haggai and Sarah where the problem started. Do not believe the nonsense that is being taught in modern religious groups.
63.      In Genesis chapter 25, you can read it very well where it said that Abraham married his third wife, Keturah.
64.      Genesis 25:1 “Then again Abraham took a wife, and her name was Keturah.”
65.      Who said that Abraham took a third wife? It is the Scripture. If he had no second wife, will Keturah be called the third wife? Who will disapprove of something that God has approved? God had already approved Haggai as Abraham’s wife; approved Ishmael as Abraham’s first son, who then is that human being that will take the position of Ishmael and give it to Isaac? That person must be a confusionist.
66.      I know everywhere will now be calm because before now, all of you were in the place where you were defending errors and falsehood. This is because you were of the opinion that if somebody says that he is a Christian, fine, once he mentions that he is a Christian, finish. No matter your religiosity, it will be accepted. Nobody even defends the case of truth (The case of God), yet you were holding something that was contradicting your faith.
67.      Abraham married a third wife called Keturah. There is no record that after Haggai gave birth to Ishmael that she became barren. If you read down the line, there were also slaves in the house of Abraham who got married in his house and produced children in his house. They were all allotted to Abraham.
68.      This is a delicate matter. I am rounding off My programme with you and I do not want you to appear confused tomorrow; hence, religious and politics are one. Any side you belong will determine what you will be tomorrow and how God will look at you.
69.      If you look at what is happening, people are afraid to say it, but I have to say it. It is a war between Muslims and Christians and they are hiding under politics. That is why, from time to time, it will open up in some parts of the North. There was a time it opened up in Onitsha. You saw what took place. Religious battle remains the bloodiest battle any nation has ever fought. It is bloodier than any other kind of battle.
70.      I know we are heading to somewhere. Hold unto yourself. If I do not give you this background, you will not understand this statement I am going to make now. He that has been talking to you all these years and you have been rejoicing over what He is revealing in your eyes, will He at this point deceive you? If He deceives you now, what will He gain? What is this thing He will gain from you now, which He has not gained from you all these years? What will that thing profit Him? Absolutely, nothing.
71.      I do not handle any teaching out of impure motive; not at all. You are all my witnesses. God can never confirm any Message; any teaching that is handled out of impure motive. The Message must be right; the motive must be right; then God will confirm it.
72.      In arithmetic, if you write down the correct answer and present the wrong formula, the examiner will mark the whole thing wrong. For instance, if you say that 6-2=4 and say that 2+2=6 and you add the whole thing 6+4=10 and the correct answer should be  8 because 4+4=8, you write 8 when 6+4 is what is written there; the formula is wrong, though the answer is right. God will not confirm it nor the examiner, for the formula cannot be wrong and the answer right! Yes, sir.
73.      The message must be true; the motive must be right. God is bound to confirm it. The Holy Ghost said, “Why am I pleading with you to hear Me? Whatever you are holding with you is rubbish unless I confirm it.” I am here to confirm your faith and the faith of all the Churches. May be you have not heard that I am a called and a vindicated Apostle of Christ authorized to go and confirm the souls of many and also to confirm the Churches. Have you forgotten?
74.       If I do not confirm your soul, it then means you are lost. If I do not confirm your faith, it is completely lost for that is my commission. Then why should I plead with you? I am marking your books. I know more than you. Whatever you say you believe is subject to my confirmation.
75.      I remain the Urim and the Thummim of the Bride of Christ, the point where all truths are verified. That is the Urim and the Thummim. If a Muslim gets hold of this Message, he will be speechless. This is because in him, he will be hearing something he believes no Christian can utter with his mouth. He might be tempted to believe that I am taking side with him, but as I get along, he will say, “No!” Amen.

Abraham married the third wife called Keturah and Keturah lived with Abraham and had many children namely: Zimran, and Jokshan, and Medan, and Midian, and Ishbak, and Shuah and the rest of them. They were all named after Abraham. Thus, Abraham had many sons that were credited to him. But of all the sons Ishmael remained the number one. If the children born by the slave in his house were allotted to him as his children, who can now remove Ishmael from being his son, can you?
2.          If the sons and daughters of the third wife were credited to Abraham, who is that fellow that will remove the sons of the second wife from being the first sons of Abraham. If you do it, you are causing a real endless trouble. This was the first war that was fought which led to the fight we call “From Mecca to Medina;” that is, THE JIHAD, the war between the Muslims and the Christians.
3.          The flight which Prophet Mohammed took from Mecca to Medina to escape persecution was called the “Hegira.” I am not talking about the wars between the Spartans and the Athens, no. That is not what I am talking about. I am talking about “The Jihad” and they call it “The Holy War.”
4.          Then the question arises: which war is holy? It was a war yet it was holy. What made it holy? It is because God was involved in the war. It was the war that was fought in the name of God trying to establish a war between truth and error. Do you know that this is the origin of the hostility between the Muslims and the Christians till now; the inability of the Christians to accept the first son-ship of Ismailia and Nigeria is the battle ground for now? The battle ground is no longer in Saudi Arabia nor in Pakistan.
5.          The battle ground is now where the Mediator is; the battle ground is where the Man they are defending is; the Man who will put an end to it and it will not end until He is drawn into the picture  because I know events around are now pointing Me to one place. The world is about to know who I am and what I preach and they will like to know those that have believed in Me; they will like to know the denomination I belong to, the name of the Church so to say and the headquarters.
6.          Any moment from now, watch out for it. Simply watch out for it. Whether He will go and come back is not the matter.
7.          The third wife had many children. All that were in Abraham’s house had many children that were credited to the family of Abraham according to the word God gave to Abraham: “Any slave that has remained in this house above 11 years and has refused to go home automatically becomes a member of your family.” This is the origin of “naturalization.”
8.          Thus, the world now adopted it as a constitution; as a law by placing the number of years one will sojourn in another country and automatically, it qualifies him to be a citizen of that country.
9.          Remember that Abraham was a foreigner and later became a citizen. You were foreigners, but now you are citizens; you now have citizenship certificate, but in the beginning you were foreigners in this Faith, foreigners to God; slaves. I am pointing to something. Abraham saw the problem ahead of time. He did not want the trouble to happen in his day. He saw how furious Sarah was in the fight for the position for her only son Isaac.
10.      You know women are fond of that. Sometimes, they can go outside building a mansion for their only son in his father’s compound so that the rest will not drive him away. To assume total control, Sarah was bent on establishing Isaac as the first son. Haggai said it was over her dead body. As at that time, the children were tender. If they were adolescents, they would have shed blood.
11.      Assuming Ishmael was an adult; Isaac, an adult, do you think that Isaac would have ventured to speak about the matter before Ishmael? Never, never. It was among Abraham’s wives only. Note it, from that time till now, the heritage of a polygamist is shared among the numbers of his wives that had children for him, not among the sons and daughters. Any child that is born in a polygamous home takes his own inheritance from his father through the mother. It is shared according to the number of wives the man married. Every child is attached to the mother’s kitchen.
12.      Hence, if a woman is privileged to have many children, that will determine the portion of inheritance they will get. They will split the possessions. On the other hand, one that has only a child will have only a splinter, for the heritage is proportionately divided according to the number of wives.
13.      The Scripture said, “To the rest of the sons of Abraham, he gave them gifts and sent them away.” Where did he send them to? Read from your Scriptures. You can never see where he sent them to. Is it in the Scriptures? 
14.      Now, you will see that Ishmael and Haggai possession was the same place that Abraham gave them. Abraham gave Haggai the wilderness of Arab which is presently called Saudi Arabia. To Keturah, Abraham pointed to the part of the North, the land of the North embraces the whole of Europe. This is because the whole world is divided in blocs: the Eastern Bloc; the Western Bloc, etc.
15.       Islam went to the Eastern Bloc while Christianity went to the Western Bloc.
16.      Here in Nigeria, Islam came through CONQUEST from the Middle East while Christianity came through CONQUEST also from the West.
17.      As a result, when Ishmael grew up to become a full-fledged man, he said, no, that he must have inheritance in that compound too. Ishmael came and constructed a big tower opposite that of Isaac. That is why any where you see a Christian tower, by the side of it there must be a Muslim tower also.
18.      In the military barracks, once you see a Christian chapel, you must see a mosque too. In every barracks, in all federal schools and colleges, go to Abuja Capital Territory, the mosque is by the right while the Christian temple is by the left; side by side.
19.      Does it mean that these are the only two religious groups in the whole world? No, but they are the two predominant religions from the very beginning till today.
20.      If you go to America recently, the bishop in America threatened to burn down all mosques in America. Barrack Obama pleaded with them not to do that simply because a young boy by name Lutala was accused of terrorism, whether it is true or false, only god knows, but even if it is true, how can the action of a single boy provoke the demolition of a particular religion.
21.      Do you know that the war between America and Iraq was a religious war? That was why the whole world condemned George Bush for he accused Iraq falsely, vandalized and devastated Iraq only to discover that there is nothing like nuclear development. Now, they are threatening North Korea. President Kim Yon said that he was prepared for them. They shrunk.
22.      Does it mean America does not have nuclear weapons? If America does not have one, who then will have? You see, it is “divide and rule” system; destroy the former and establish the latter; destroy the first son and establish the second; kill Absalom and install Solomon. If Absalom was alive, Solomon would not have smelt the king’s throne; mother or no mother. I am coming to something. Amen.

Do you see how the thing is narrowing down? The moment you see politics going along religious line, that country is about to disintegrate. USSR never disintegrated until politics in USSR under the rule of Boris Yeltsin started towing religious lines. It was during that period that we started hearing about Russian Jews.
2.          It was that time we knew that Boris Yeltsin was a Jew; that Ronald Regan of America was also a Jew. It was the action of Boris Yeltsin that made Ethiopia release all the Jews it had, all in the attempt to respond to the clarion call that all Jews should come back according to the prophecy of Prophet Ezekiel, for events are made clearer by prophecy.
3.           Get ready for your flight. What is holding you is about to be touched. Only time will tell.
4.          Watch, in Nigeria, politics is gradually tilting towards religious lines. The Hand of God is directing everything. Nigeria is a kola nut with six lobes or segments. What binds the six segments of the kola nut is always at the head.
5.          You know I am very practical. If you look at our native kola nut, whatever that fused the kola nut together is at the head. I am giving you an allegory which will later become a figure any moment from now. It will be sounding like a metaphor, gbam, gbam; gbim, gbim, gbim (gunshots). Then you will remember the Voice that said, “Anytime you hear gunshots and bombs sound, anywhere you are, simply stand there,” for your flight is near because something that existed in a name will soon fizzle out.
6.          If you look at a ripe kola nut, what binds it together is at the head. That head in those days represented Abraham. As long as Abraham lived, all of them were united to him, but immediately Abraham parted, they all went after their mothers. Nature speaks more than that.
7.          As long as a man is alive, he is the rallying point of all his children, their mothers notwithstanding.  Their mothers might be different but what holds all of them together remains their father. Any day their father dies and is buried all of them will align to their mothers. If you are black, you go to your black mother. If you are red, you will go to your red mother.
8.          There is one funny thing about this kola nut. I am lifting up this kola this day 17th October 2010 as a representation of this great nation called Nigeria as a seed or fruit that is bound by one head while all of them have natural demarcations. If I open it now, you will see natural demarcations that will be very smooth and so clear. No one will contact the other. Do you want Me to open it for you to see? Demonstrate it in your various homes.
9.          This is a Message nobody will forget in the history of the Faith. If you open the kola nut, the demarcating lines are already there. They are all there, placed by nature.
10.      God placed natural boundaries for every tribe; they are there. The Hausa fowl differs from Igbo fowl; ditto for tomatoes; even the Hausa garden egg is different from the garden egg we get from Isialangwa in Abia State. Hausa goat is different from Igbo goat; Hausa dog is different from Igbo dog. Even the Hausas themselves look different from the Igbos. Watch, even a Hausa man puts on suit, they still appear different.
11.      No matter how you emulate the dressing of James Ibori or President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan; who are both from Niger Delta, you can never walk like them. You cannot act like them. Your appearance must be the imitation to theirs because originally, it is meant for them. No matter how you put on caftan, you can never resemble the Hausa man; no matter how a Hausa man puts on shirt with a tie attached to it, he will remain betrayed by his dressing.
12.      Watch this kola nut; I am holding it, you want to know where we are in? I will tell you what happened before. From our message titled “Decision” and “Be Diligent to Protect Your Mindset,” you saw that an Igbo man will not ascend the throne of presidency except through the barrel of the gun. Besides, if he tries to be there, he will soon be overthrown.
13.      When the Igbos were making noise, He (God) said in the Message titled “Decision” , preached on 30th December, 2007 (page 95, vs 12-14) that the Igbos were not even ripe to govern their own affairs let alone governing this great nation called Nigeria.
14.      See the funny thing with this kola. As long as this kola nut is tender, it is not yet ripe; it is soft, although it has lines, no matter how you hit it, it will never separate from the head. It will be tightly fitted to the head. You will need a knife to cut it open which means using force. You will end it all wounding it and some parts of the other tender sides may be glued to each other.
15.      You go further to hit it by force; it will break leaving the greater part of the fruit to the head only. The smaller part will cut off. You put it in your mouth and pull the bigger side that is strongly tied to the head; there is no way you can succeed without wounding others, but now, it is ripe. You can use ordinary hand to separate it. A knife is no more needed. You just place it on the table and tap the head, even if you want to use knife, you do not place it by the side; you place it at the head, what will happen, all of them will just break into parts.
16.      Note, when you do this, you will discover one funny thing, that no segment has a wound. They will all have the point of detachment from the head. At the end of the day, there is always a small thing inside. That thing is the real head of the kola nut that was alive as at that time. That one will now get attached to only but one arm. The rest can now go wherever they want to go.
17.      About forty something years ago, a fraction of this nation called Nigeria led by Lt. Col. Chukwuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu now retired, decided to pull out of this great nation together with his loyalists. After three years of bloodbath, he could not succeed because the kola nut was still very tender. In the attempt to pull the thing apart or out, he only succeeded in breaking out a fraction of the segment while the greater part of that arm of the kola nut remained glued to the head.
18.      For that reason, they were labeled rebels, for 95% still remained loyal to the head. From that day, that 5% has remained in the minority. Whatever that is given to that 5% is just a little to appease them. Every effort to bring them back has always failed because when you cut off any piece from the kola there is no gum or cello tape that you can use to bind it back as it was originally. Even if you do, time will break it again because it broke off while the greater part of its own arm remained to the rest.
19.      I am talking to the adults.

20.      Now, since that time, seeing it cannot go back and fuse, for there is no gum that can attach it again, it has to remain like that until that greater part that was left at the end becomes troubled by the head. That one that is uncomfortable now is looking for a way out and the moment it goes out, it is going out on its own. Then that one that has gone out already can now be recognized as a part of that latter one.
21.      I am using the kola nut. You have read many things about the former UN secretary, Kofi Anan; what he told the former president of Nigeria. You remember that he said, “I am afraid that you may be the last civilian and democratically elected president of this great nation.”
22.      You remember his words. He said, “I am predicting that 15 years after the reign of Obasanjo, this nation called Nigeria will no longer exist.”
23.      I can also remind you of the words of the Libyan leader, President Muammar al-Qaddafi who said that the stage is ripe for Nigeria to be divided according to their geographical lines. He said so recently.
24.      Former president Buhari made a hearing where he said, “If the presidency will not be sold to the North come 2011, it is better that Nigeria be split into two equal parts: North and South.”
25.      Now, MEND came up with their own threat that it is either Jonathan 2011 or no Nigeria again. All predictions are gearing towards 2011. How many know that the Son of Man has been following this matter all this while? How many of you have been following this matter? You see, nobody.
26.      If I had not raised this matter, the consciousness will never come into you that your nation is ticking; you are sitting on a time bomb that will explode with time.
27.      I remember few weeks ago, I spoke to some Elders in My house. I said, “The next level of tide Nigeria is going into will be suicide bombing; mostly, at strategic places. That is where they are going to bomb, including Abuja. Before we knew it, the thing happened at Abuja. While that one was happening, the people sent another threat again. It is in the newspapers that they are bound to attack Abuja again. MEND said, “We are bombing Abuja again.”
28.      Now, a newspaper (The Sun) reported that a Roman Catholic Reverend Father was arrested for kidnapping at Obingwa in Abia State, Ukwa West LGA. The Reverend Father gave his boys quarter for the people that were kidnapped and gave the kidnappers where they were lodging, gave them his chapel as their rest house, used sand bags to barricade the road leading to that place so that people cannot gain entrance into the place. Besides, he goes on sports utility vehicle. It costs over nine million Naira.
29.      When they arrested him, they saw arms and ammunition in the vehicle; they saw everything. The people were leading them about. The traditional leaders were also arrested in connection with it.
30.      Now that the custodians of culture and religion are involved, who then has escaped? Many soldiers, police men and customs have been arrested in connection with kidnapping. Every kind of profession has been involved.
31.      When it was only in Niger Delta, God said in the Message titled “The State of the Nation” (volume one) that it will spill over the South East. From there, it will engulf the whole Nigeria.
32.      Now, I am still lifting up the kola nut again. Whatever that is happening from now, God said it going to happen for your own good. He said any day you hear gunshots at the centre, that means it is the end of the nation and the Voice said, “Do not pray that it will not happen, for that is the point where you will be liberated.”
33.      If you are not liberated, it then means we shall have North and South; East and West in this Faith, but God will never live to see this Faith going tribal, for this is the only Faith that cuts across all tribal barriers.
34.      I will show you a timetable. No matter how I lift up this kola; if I drop it on the ground now, it will break into pieces; a little touch at the head now, that is what it needs. But wait, before that will be done this kola must be ripe enough.
35.      The reason why the first attempt failed was because it was too tender. That means it was not ripe yet. It could not even fend for herself, for it did not have both human and material resources. Even the experience was not there.
36.      This is a delicate matter I am talking about now for you to know where we are heading to. These things will increase with tempo, crimes of every sort now. The centre will lose the grip; the control of the affairs of the nation. The leadership will come to a point where almost every sector of Nigeria will be disgruntled against its leadership; even his own people will accuse him of ineffectiveness. They will accuse him of dancing to the tune of their enemies.
37.      Any moment from now what you will be hearing is this: “President Goodluck Jonathan does not have the capacity to fuse Nigeria together.” This will be the statement that will be flying everywhere. Tribes in the North will be feeling marginalized.
38.      Remember, for now, there can never be general election in Nigeria except that of the president. Too many senators were installed two years after and their tenures took off from the day they were sworn into office. The governor that was sworn in recently was the one that won the case at Ekiti State. His four years will start from the day he was sworn in. He was sworn into that seat as Governor. Ubanese Ohamadike of Nsugbe has won his case against Joy Emodi for the Senate. His tenure starts from the day he was sworn in. Thus, when the senate election will be conducted, his will not be conducted.
39.      When governorship election will be conducted Peter Obi’s will not be done because his is still a continuation of Yar’dua’s which started just few months ago. For that reason, the only general election holding Nigeria together is the presidential one.
40.      I am narrowing down something, but you do not seem to be getting what I am saying. This cloudy weather is for you. Yes, you caused Me to bring Him down so that you can be under His Canopy. It is not the time of rain. This is the Canopy. He wants you to give Me your attention. You were feeling very dizzy before, so you have to be relieved.
41.      As at that time, the segment was premature. Let me give you a picture of what is happening. Whatever that forms the Niger Delta today includes Akwa Ibom, Cross Rivers, Bayelsa and Rivers States. There is nothing like Bayelsa; it is the same thing as Rivers. There is nothing like Akwa Ibom; it is Cross Rivers.
42.      If I tell you that there is nothing called Abia State, you will frown at it. Abia State is Imo State. Enugu State is Anambra. Ebonyi State is Anambra State. Maybe you do not know that what fought the first war you called Biafra was from Ore. That is where the boundary was located and started, but the map was Agbo in Cross Rivers.
43.      The entire Cross River and Rivers were called the former Eastern Region under the former Governor Ojukwu. The Mid-West, include the Deltas and Edos, under Brigadier Ogbemudia. During the time of Lt. Col. Ojukwu, it was under David Ejor. The Western region with the headquarters at Ibadan was under Fajuiyi. The Northern secctor was under the Governor Hassan Usman Katsina, the elder brother of the mother of Ike Nwachukwu, the former Governor of Imo State.
44.      Nigeria had only but for regions with the government at the center manned by General Gowon. When the kola nut got broken because it was too tender, it excluded the entire mid west, including Delta and Edo; the entire Rivers, Bayelsa and Cross Rivers, Akwa Ibom all fused to one Nigeria remaining only an extraction of people. That is why it was not a good war. It was a small tribe verses the whole Nigeria.
45.      No man is bigger than his community. The nation opened her mouth and swallowed it, but now that those that remained with the head are now uncomfortable, the one that has been staying idle, I mean the little fraction that was broken off is only playing a supportive role, blowing trumpet, saying: “Ride on and go ahead,” behaving as if it is not interested.
46.      Why it is about to be actualized the whole prophecies I have mentioned to you so far point when this geographical name called Nigeria which was given to her by the wife of Lord Lugard will no longer be mentioned again like the anthem that established it. You cannot sing: “Nigeria, we hail thee.” No, you cannot sing it again. It is now: “Arise o compatriots.”
47.      From the day, the anthem changed, a sensible fellow will expect a change of the name. Arewa Republic is now answering Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF); Arewa Movement is the movement of the Middle Belt that includes Benue, Taraba, Plateau and the rest of them.
48.      Now do not forget the mighty Lodge; formerly it was called Kaduna Mafia, but now, it is not. It is called the Sokoto Caliphate. It embraces the whole of Minna Kotongora upwards. In addition, this Sokoto caliphate is trying to establish its headquarters at Abuja, but Arewa is saying no. This is because Abuja is a part of Arewa. Minna is Niger State. Suleja is Niger State. By right Abuja should be Niger State, but they named it Capital Territory so that it will not belong to any group, yet it is federated. It has a director. It has one member of House of Representative.
49.      It has divided into local governments. It has a state status because a mayor is assigned to it. I am not a student; I do not even study because I do not have the eyes. I do not even have a radio. What I am giving you are verifiable facts. Nigeria is 37 States. Forget it that they say it is 36 states excluding Abuja because it is the Capital Territory.
50.      Federal Capital Territory, this is the only thing holding this nation together. Who will control the Federal Capital Territory? Who can we forfeit it to?
51.      Since the Federal Government hardened its heart and sold off federal establishments in Lagos, including the Federal Secretariat Complex and the 1004 structures in Victoria Island, sold EKO, Ikoyi Hotels and even Nicon. All those big establishments that made up Nigeria have been disposed off. They also sold Nigeria Ports Authority(NPA). It is being controlled by Dangote. Have you wondered why everything that holds Nigeria together is now being privatized? The people that are fighting for them are mainly foreigners so that the interests of the shareholders will still be protected no matter where it is located. They will only be paying taxes to that place where it is located, but the investors will still be protected. You can stay in Nigeria and still have investments in London and America. I am tracing something.
52.      This is the kola nut. Look at the head now, anybody that dies at 50, do we say it a mature or premature death? If you die at 50, will you be happy? I am saying that Nigeria has clocked 50 years.
53.      Please, do not pray for the death of Nigeria, but if death comes, Nigeria has no choice. I do not pray that I should die at 50, but if death should come to me at 50, I have no other choice. Did you get the message? From 50 to 65 should be 15 years from now. Okay, about 11 years from now will make it 15 years Olusegun Obasanjo vacated from office. At least over 3 years he vacated office; that is, since he left that office.
54.      Now, look at what is already happening. Can you see the handwriting on the wall? Begin to see 11 years to come, but remember that we have only one general election. The rest will come at intervals according to the expiry date of the person’s tenure. Which electoral commission will handle that nonsense? Can’t you see a future where the whole nation will be tired of the whole thing? They will be tired of even going to court because this is a sign that people are no longer comfortable staying as a nation. People want to be allowed to pick their own leaders. They do not want anybody to be imposed on them.
55.      The whole of these court rulings indicate that people were imposed on their fellow human beings and they are agitated that they are no longer happy with the impositions. The greater part of this nation is dissatisfied with what is happening. Thus, it then means that the kola nut is ripe.
56.      Who will touch the head of the kola? That is what is left. Who will be number one to touch the head, for one single blow on the head, independent lines, natural lines will appear. No arm of this kola nut will feel hurt. No part will feel hurt; instead there will be jubilations.
57.      Will it be touched? Yes. When? Whenever when becomes when.
58.      Whenever it happens, remain wherever you are. Do not shake. Do not make any move; do not say yes or no to anybody. Remain where you are.
59.      May the good Lord continue to protect you and uphold you in this Faith. Since you know that you are not being deceived; you are receiving the right information, stay with the truth wherever you find it.
60.      Thank you and remain blessed in Him eternally.