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Thursday, 8 March 2012



Whatever you call Me is what I am to you because I am a very big elephant. Your description of Me depends on the area you are touching Me. Any attack that is directed to Me is just like an attack that is directed to the wind.  Believe it if you can…

—The   Son of Man
Eternal salvation does not depend on what you have done or what you have not done. What you did counts for nothing in the sight of God. Eternal salvation depends solely alone on what Christ has done. You contribute nothing. Your duty is to believe, “Lord I believe”. I have paid the price for your sin; you are free from all your guilt. From the day you were conceived until the day you will die, no sin will be imputed on you forever and ever. I have paid the price for you. Now, live as free moral men.
You say, “Lord I believe”. You contribute nothing, I contribute nothing. If the basis of your glory is not there, you glory is vain. If you are rejoicing because you quitted fornication, adultery, smoking, drinking, lying, cheating, this and that, your glory is vain. You will not receive the Lord’s commendation.
    –The Son of Man
From the Message:
 (WHAT IS THE BASIS OF OUR REJOICING? . page 73, verse 5-7).

Supreme God, we give you praise abundantly for this day you made unto us. We specially thank you for sustaining your servant, the Son of Man and His family and our brethren in the Like-precious Faith, making it possible for us all to remain alive till this day you added one year to His age.
2.           Only you know the day he was born; you are the only one that can equally talk about Him. Father we thank you; and at the same time asking that you make sound health and long life His portion if life still remains.
3.           Prosper Him and make Him a source of blessing to all flesh especially your own elect according to your salvation plan. Do not allow Him to become a curse to them, rather may He become a blessing to them.
4.           Holy Father, His life and that of His Family and the lives of brethren who hearken unto His Words are in your hands. Father, may your will for us and not the will of men be done. I thank you for the journey mercies granted to our children that have already arrived, we are thanking you equally for those that are still on their way especially those coming from Lagos, our in-laws and our brethren.
5.           Almighty God, you are a faithful God and their lives are in your hands. Make a way for them where there is no way. Prove yourself as the Almighty God. Make a name for yourself. Some of them have never come here before. Holy father, may they go back with positive testimony. Anyway the enemy will attack them on the highway, father do not allow his evil plans to come through.
6.           In this village, God, any spirit rising up against you, against your children, any plan against your children, Father bring them to naught this moment. Anybody the devil will use as his agent to destabilize this event, Father, may he never come in. If possible, God, keep the person where he ought to be.
7.           Is there anybody that doesn’t want to see us live or to see any good thing happen to us, Almighty God, any evil thing he is wishing us, send it back to him and his family! Keep such a person where he will not see any human being. You know the best place for such a person.
8.           God, we hand over all these events to you, praying that Your will maybe done. May the will of men never be done! Permit not the enemy to rejoice over us. Do not give the enemy any room at all. Repeat that which you did when we came for papa’s burial. Do beyond that. May all that will be coming come joyfully and go back same. May abundant life be our portion.
9.           God, do not permit any spirit of argument, spirit of confusion and spirit of stubbornness. Take away sicknesses from the body of all your children. Let nobody suffer from stomach ache, head ache. If somebody is already suffering from that, God you are the healer, heal such a person this morning! Make our bodies strong so that we shall celebrate with joy and love and through that, praise your name.
10.        We thank you God, believing strongly that you will do more than we asked for through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Note it everybody, an envisaged war does not claim the life of the lame. We are all hosting today. Both our in-laws and our brethren from Lagos will be coming today. By God’s grace, they will arrive Mbaise before 6:30pm; and I strongly believe God that there will be no hitch on the way.
11.        Today will be to them, the best trip ever. They will surprisingly ask whether this is the place they said is too far. They will confess with their mouths that it is too close. They will arrive here.
12.        You know that an invited native doctor is never held responsible for any damage he causes because he is there on invitation. You that I told to come ahead of time, I made your trip public together with the aim. I made it plain that you would be coming down with me on 26th for you to work for me.
13.        I have those coming for inspection and I have those coming for merriment. These are the three categories of people coming here – workers, inspectors and merriment makers.
14.        The highest task of an inspector is to run round this building. He would like to know the position of all the rooms. He will ask you several questions because he is an inspector.
15.        One that comes for merriment, his first place of call would be the dining table. He would be asking, “The thing, is it ready? Where is mummy? Is she in the kitchen? Mummy, anything for me? Where are sisters?” He is for merriment.
16.        These are the categories of brethren coming. What I am saying is that your work is not over until the person that called you says it is over. Nobody is exempted. A
17.        ll of you, from my right to my left, I called you to work for me; including my2 daughter from Port Harcourt. I invited you for work and not merriment.
18.        Any town that delights in projecting a big masquerade must delight in running. Once you project Akwunechenyi, you must be prepared to be running after it, not walking. That is how it is done. Thus, we have come to work. This work belongs to a human being, not spirits.
19.        I am seriously pleading with you. Some people came here the other day, they have proved to me how they believe our message.
20.        Can you believe that somebody came into this house that has cost us a lot to put in order, we have been washing everywhere, including toilets, somebody that called himself a bishop, an elder came, after eating, he went to the rest room after which he came out without flushing the bowel?
21.        Yet, water is running everywhere and the drums are filled with water. What makes him a bishop? He is a dirty bishop. There could be some other people like him. Will he deny having the knowledge of the functionality of water cistern?
22.        Please, please, you know that neatness is our message. Do not wait for me to be moving round. When the house will be filled with visitors from different places, especially heathens from Lagos, help me to inspect the toilets from time to time.
23.        All hands must be on deck. Cleanliness is next to godliness. There is a place we mapped out for dumping of refuse such as empty sachets of water, bottled water, soft drinks, etc. I repeat, all hands must be on deck.
24.        That same way we did it during the burial of my late father and everybody was hailing us, that is how I want it this time. Everywhere should be always neat.
25.        By God’s grace, we shall keep on pumping water. Water will not be problem. Since we have our own borehole, not rushing outside to fetch water, I believe we shall maintain this level of neatness. Thank you for yesterday. You did a wonderful work.
26.        Another area is identifying our visitors. Our most important visitors here will be our in-laws coming from Lagos to fulfill marriage rites. We are giving them accommodation. They wanted to lodge in a hotel, but I said no for many reasons.
27.        Thus, once they come in here, let us welcome them warmly. Let us not run away from them; do not isolate them; integrate with them. Do not avoid them because they are not in your faith.
28.        Do you know the character you will manifest and they will be asking for your fellowship venue when they get back to Lagos?
29.        After all, their son is a pastor. Do you know what has been hindering them from attending the fellowship; whether they have been misconstruing the members of the faith as mad people? Who knows what God will use to attract somebody? It can be you; it can be somebody else. It can be this marriage. I am telling you the truth.
30.        Salvation can come into their whole family through this marriage. They will see the light of God, the light of truth; more so, when we treat them fairly even beyond their expectation.
31.        They will see the difference between their gathering and ours. Let them see the love of God in our midst. Let them see perfect understanding.
32.        Once they come, first thing is to calm down the thirst as people that traveled a long distance. Both male and female, all hands must be on deck. Calm down the thirst; from there, it has started. No going back; it is a matter of 48hrs, the whole thing will be over. They will go back to their stations. However, this 48hrs, you must see it as challenging 48hrs.
33.        Serving foods and drinks is not for any particular person. I provided almost everything that this occasion will need. I am now talking to manpower department. The manpower department will monitor everything.
34.        Another area is being security conscious. Satan has not died yet. While God is at work, Devil is equally at work. Nevertheless, with prayer, we shall overcome all these things. The whole thing will take place here. Once canopies are set, we take off. I will know how to handle this door.
35.        On the side of this security consciousness, if a strange fellow comes in looking round the environment and you are sure the fellow is not among our invitees and he/she is not one of us (for there is nobody among us whom you do not know), you have every right to stop such a fellow.
36.        You equally have the right to ask the person who he is looking for. If the person is looking for me or mummy, you should not allow the person to have access to us easily like that.
37.        You know that the kitchen is the livewire of everybody. Since sisters are cooking food there, I do not want people infiltrating there anyhow.
38.        I want everywhere to be very, very strict. You should be strict on the side of foods and drinks because a subtle fellow can poison the foods or drinks, just to discredit the family or the faith.
39.        Far be it from God if He should permit such a person to cross the gate and go out alive. Anybody nursing such idea has killed himself. Nevertheless, you must be on the alert; be security conscious; monitor situations.
40.        This is not burial; it is merriment and we are now unique because the number of people coming for this one will be smaller than those that came in the first one. Thus, monitoring is very, very essential.
41.        Brother IK, I am pleading with you to be in your own duty position with Brother Emma. Let Yamaha power generating set be for pumping of water only. Switch off any light that is not useful at any point in time in order to reduce load.
42.        Until our visitors go back, there must be power supply in this house 24hrs. We need it in everything we are doing.
43.        Thus, know how to co-ordinate things. Regularly gage the oil before starting the engine to avoid engine knock. I will supply the oil by God’s grace.
44.        I want everybody to have real peace. Everybody should control his corner to avoid unnecessary power consumption. Amen.

To God be the glory forever and ever. Today is my own day. I am the owner of today. I say it in love and with every amount of sincerity that God is very good to Me.
2.           The psalmist song says, “God, you are good to my soul in all situations!” In all conditions, God is good to my soul. I will never die. I will live to declare the goodness of the Lord.
3.           This day is the D-day. It is said that an envisaged war does not affect the lame. Today, 27th December, 2013 is a memorable day in my life. It is on record and one must be correct, precisely today, I clocked 56 years.
4.           If I cast my mind back to old records, I can say that those that recorded it missed it. If I am to correct it, I will say that I clocked 58 years today. It is not a laughing matter. I have told Mummy about it.
5.           Going by the accurate records, I was born on 27th December, 1955. This is truth and I will send those that will verify this record. You see, God corrects every error. What I am telling you is the truth that the day I was born, no breathing human being was born that day.
6.           I have searched everything; I am convinced that there was omission of two years in the record because I was not baptized at home. I was baptized at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, Ngor-Okpala.
7.           Before I was baptized, it was on record that I suffered a terrible illness that nobody believed that I would survive it and that made my mother to become tired because she did not know what next to do.
8.           Look at what happened. My mother had miscarriage in her first pregnancy at the sixth month after she pounded fufu (cassava food) during the burial ceremony of the late mother of De Nwakoha. She did not stay long before taking in again and gave birth to me.
9.           While everybody was rejoicing, she took in again while I was still too tender for that. And there was no money to take good care of her. While she was suffering of her pregnancy, I was suffering my own sickness. She was always taken to Emekuku Hospital, her pregnancy notwithstanding.
10.        If I recovered from this one, I would enter another one with the result that I heard that the reverend fathers themselves came. In the attempt to pray for me on their legion of Mary tour, they discovered that I had no medals round my neck.
11.        They ordered that I should be brought to St. Patrick’s Catholic Church; there I was baptized. Thus, going by the Reverend Father’s record, he failed it. Till tomorrow, I am still challenging it.
12.        There is one person I will get the correct record from, that is Vita’s father (Dede Linus). He was the first educated man, a secretary and teacher within our own kindred.
13.        Information reaching me confirmed that he has the accurate record of all that were born within the period he was there. Whether 56 or 55, to God be the glory. If I should even have my way, I will say that I am up to 60 because they missed the record.
14.        What are we saying? I can say that what I am saying within me now is “hip hip hurray! Happy birthday!” I never believed that I could be alive till today. What I am telling you is pure truth.
15.        My life today is courtesy of the Lord because I traced my life situation, My history, the much I know, any living human being who was told that I would be alive till this day would find it very difficult to believe.
16.        I passed through hell! I went to that market with my wife together with Brother IK. We ran into one of my mates who sells meat inside the market, Aska by name. We all lived at Onitsha in those days.
17.        Do you know what he was calling me inside the market yesterday? He called me Sunday, and shook my hand and said that I am the first poor man God blessed. He said many things raising his voice in the market, pointing people to me, saying that I am his brother, but my own poverty was indescribable.
18.        He strongly affirmed it repeatedly, saying “Look at the first poor man God blessed,” inside the market. Everybody was shouting, “Looking at him.”
19.        You do not know what poverty means. This little hardship you pass through now and tag it poverty, if you see poverty, you will run away. If you see poverty, you must regret the day you were born.
20.        Do you know that I went to school naked? I never wore pants till my primary six level. I never wore knickers. There was one D34 I had. That D34 was like gown.
21.        Are you doubting me? Ask Dede Luke. I was in primary six but I turned to a racing sport because my fellow pupils were used to raising my D34. During football competition, school Jersey was given to me only to be collected back after sports.
22.         I never knew what was called flip-flops slippers muchless of putting them on. That is why I got audimatized to that. Anybody that is acquainted with me will know that I am not used to putting them on. I even go bare-footed outside. Nails do not wound me because they have developed into leather. I never had flip-flops (slippers) for one day.
23.        I can never forget that day God made me to beam with smiles. My mother came back from market with a piece of cloth, a pair of flip-flop and a pair of sock. Mbaise village shook that day.
24.        My mood changed when I brought out the piece of cloth intending to put it on, I never knew it had not been sewn. They called that material Danchiki.
25.        I then took it for Dede Batho for sewing. I did not know the material was to be cut into pieces before sewing. After measuring me, he used scissors on the Danchiki. I gripped him together with the scissors. He started calling Okwute (my father).
26.        Everybody gathered. I was shouting “Dede Batho has torn my clothes into pieces.” I threw myself on the ground. My mother was busy shouting at Dede Batho to hasten up action before I would die.
27.        Had I ever worn new clothes before then? He was calming me down. What he was making was not trousers but knickers. The piece of cloth was about one yard and half. Within few minutes, he called me and hung the thing on my shoulders.
28.        I was already putting the thing on while he was giving it finishing touches, before somebody would claim them, I rushed home, brought out the flop-flips, put on the socks and set off.
29.        You need to see how I was walking. Immediately I came back, I put them off, brought water and detergent and washed then thoroughly.
30.        If I woke up in the night I would go to the place I kept them, brought them out and crosscheck them. If rat made any noise, I would be forced to wake up, I was security alert because of those flip-flops.
31.        You can see the level of penury. At the end of the day, you know the distance between Mbaise and Okpala where I trek to school; it was a distance of about 12 miles. Very early in the morning, I was already at Umuohie. I normally leave by 3:00am and the track road was such a lonely road that you can hardly see any human being. It was bush all through.
32.        You see, I have many, many reasons I should praise God really. Today is the day indeed, for an announced war does not take the life of the crippled. Amen.

We gathered to glorify God because He kept all us alive till today. You should take note of the fact that not all that started the year 2013 with us are still alive till today both at your hometown, inside the Faith, everywhere. Is it a lie?
2.           We that God preserved till today, is it of our own making? Does it mean that we are more righteous than others? God forbid! It is just that it is God’s Will that we shall live. Thus, we live in God. We live for Him. To you that have come, I thank you immensely. You are highly favoured, you that are in the feast of the Son of Man.
3.           Yes, there is something in there that God gave you an invitation. There are feasts and there is a special feast. Thus, a favored fellow is that human being who God Himself invited to His feast.
4.           Somebody may hear about the feast and come, but there is the difference that somebody is invited. It is very important that we understand what God is doing. The feast I mean is not this wedding. The one I mean is that you were just on your own and God bid you come.
5.           Nobody among us can say that he sought God. Neither can any of us say that God was in our programme before. Anybody in this gathering of the saints who tells you that God was in his programme before, tell him or her that he or she is a liar. God sought each of us wherever we were.
6.           When Zebedee’s children (James and John) went fishing in the water, did any of them have anything like Church or salvation in mind? They had fish in mind, that is business—farming business. It was on the process of farming that they got God; and that is how God makes His move.
7.           Are you trying to tell me that they were the only ones fishing in the water that day? Some have been doing the business all that while. He passed, picked a few and allowed others to continue with their fishing business.
8.           Their father, Zebedee didn’t he go his way while his children were taken away with no other reason, but “follow me”? They moved and followed him (Jesus Christ). Their father turned his eyes and they waved him bye.
9.           This is because you can never resist God’s call. The more you are struggling to resist it, the worse your condition is becoming. Thus, it is better you obey. We that are alive today have many things we should look upon and glorify the Lord.
10.        None of us can say that he is the worst hit in all conditions, no. If your condition is the worst, what of the person in the sick bed. I mean we all said welcome to the month of December 2013, but this day, the person is bedridden; rolling in the bed without hope. What of those that are already in the mortuary?
11.        There was a young mechanic that was maintaining our vehicle. The boy was very huge and vibrant. He was making arrangements to visit his sick mother with a view to knowing the state of her health before he would come back to face his seasonal work this December.
12.        He was commanding one of his customers how to park when he lost control and hit him against another vehicle. His laps (femur) got broken. Edozie is now at Nkpor-Uno for bone fixing.
13.        I was among those that contributed for his upkeep there. That is where he is celebrating his own Christmas, somebody that come to his workshop, planning to leave for Uke to see his sick mother. Not that he was plying the high way, no, this one was the vehicle he was commanding in his workshop.
14.        All these things are happening here on earth. Another person was working under a vehicle, the jack holding the vehicle failed accidentally, the vehicle landed on his chest, breaking the two shoulders, but the head was secured. He is in the same place with Edozie.
15.        When all these things are happening pause. All these accidents occurring up and down, some were burnt in their kitchens, some have their hands deformed, some died on the high way; everywhere, we hear frightening stories, what can we call this?
16.        Anyone we hear, we say glory be to God. Does it mean that God did not see you and me? Yet, we remain alive till today and I strongly believe that God says what He means and means what He says. As long as God lives we will live. It is God’s promise to us and He will not fail to fulfill it.
17.        I equally believe God in a special way and He has unequivocally said it that we will joyfully march into Paradise. Nobody will enter with fury and sad face. He knows what He will do for our joy to be complete.
18.        Nobody should suffer himself kneeling down to tell God what and what he needs. Saying it is just for saying sake. God knows what you need; He equally knows what He will do for you.
19.        A song says, “My heart be calm for God knows what He will do for me”. He knows what is best for us at all time. No matter what the condition may be, the hand of God is there. Satan has no hand in the life of a child of God.
20.        Even if you present a child of God to Satan, he will order you out, that he is not his material. Whatever we are passing through, the hand of God is in it, whether good or bad.
21.        The testimony following this marriage that will be contracted here has made it clear that one need not worry. Everything happens according to its own time.
22.        Thus, stay where you are; God knows you. He knows everything. Once your time is ripe, your own chapter will open, and once it opens no human being can close it.
23.        That is why I hail God in a special way. For God comes somebody’s ways when he or she least expects. Somebody that understands it very well sang it in a song saying, “God gladdened my heart when I had no hope. God came my way when I never expected.”
24.        God takes every man by surprise. God will never help anybody who knows how God will help him or her, no living human being can claim that he knows how God would help him.
25.        However, will God help you? Surely yes! Do not be afraid for God will help us. Our whole duty is to worship God in spirit and in truth, trust in Him, finished! Will he come your way? It is a must. And no human being in this gathering can say, “I know the day God will come my way”. You can never know.
26.        God will come your way when you will be dumbfounded. You will be wondering if it’s you. We better take note of all these things. That’s where we stand and put God in remembrance. Amen.

To God be the glory for the great things He has done. Brethren today is the day the Lord has made and we have to rejoice exceedingly in it. Please, feel free.
2.           I am assuming all of you that are civil servants, I do not care who is calling. I do not care what that work might be; I do not care who is calling and for what purpose; simply feel free.
3.           I have that testimony that no brother’s or sister’s appointment has ever been terminated because he or she responded to the call of God. Rather, I have many, many testimonies that those that were fearing dismissal got home and got promoted. The testimonies abound. We have them in tapes; we equally have them in publications.
4.           Let me tell you, God is with you while you are with Him. If you forsake Him, He will forsake you. If you do not know the God you are worshiping, you are worshiping the God of all flesh.
5.           If you do not know that, please let it be a revelation to you. He is the only God that ruleth over all the affairs of men, that reigneth both in heaven and upon the earth, who made it clear that the hearts of the kings and rulers of the earth are in His hands.
6.           Fear not, the Lord is with you. Why should you fear the heathens? Why should heathens rage and the nations imagine vain things? God is in control of every human activity. You are not in this gathering because you wanted to be in this gathering. You are in this gathering of the saints because He wants you to be.
7.           If you are in the hand of God, you are in God’s programme for good and not for evil. Rejoice exceedingly. I know God for one thing; He can never send you on any important errand and put an obstacle, impossible!
8.           I challenge many, many people. I think there was a day, many years back, we were receiving phone calls during one of our camp meetings at GTC. Brother Ojiakor was lamenting.
9.           I said, “My friend, sit down. You are not the author of life. Ignore the nurses’ calls; switch off everything. I show you a sign, you will never record any death, but if you respond to this call, all of them are dying”. He obeyed, said amen and went to the pulpit.
10.        We remained there for another five days. Before we knew it, he switched on his phone, information reaching us was that all of them who needed him badly got up from their beds and discharged themselves hale and hearty. They were asked to come back and pay their bills. There was no death. No death has ever been recorded in his hospital because he traveled on a missionary journey.
11.        I took him to Dadinkowa in Kaduna State, challenged him for 7 days saying, “Look, there will never be any serious patience that will need your attention until we are back from missionary outings”.
12.        That was Dadinkowa Lantan South, from there to Kaduna, Zonkwa, Gwodgwodo and Kafanchan, back to Onitsha again after ministering in Jos. There was no single death. Simply relax your mind.
13.        That is not all. At least, I have testimonies of students. I challenged them, “Go into your examination, simply because you were not prepared; you thought you could prepare? What are going to prepare with? Write whatever your hands will lead you to write trusting God; and do not ever call me until the result is pasted”. It’s on record, even those that lost hope.
14.        God will only operate when you become hopeless and helpless. If you can help yourself, God will not help you. If you have hope, God will allow your hope to manifest. Until you become hopeless and helpless, the rescue will not come. So, I am using this wonderful opportunity this morning, not to say farewell to you because I cannot say that.
15.        When they were saying bye, bye my father, my mother, my this, tears of joy started dripping down my cheeks. A little while, the joy wanted to turn to sorrow. I said no, I controlled it. I would be stupid.
16.        I knew it’s for good; I knew she is following the path of nature. Once a girl is born in the family, a stranger is born. We know that to be truth. If you have girls, you have strangers in your family who will be paying you occasional visits from time to time.
17.        However, when you have boys, you have refugees. They can only come back to you the day they want their own. However, whenever the strangers remember you, they will come home.
18.        But these people that are exiled from home, they can only remember home when they want their own. That is why if you have males, you have nobody; but when you have females, you have somebody.
19.        Listen to me, nearly yesterday, I would have uttered a word to substantiate what our former Bishop Umezulike has been echoing that in the next world, he will not think of marriage, neither will he think of having children.
20.        Do not ever blame him because he has his reasons. In short, it was difficult for me. At a time, I became violent within myself: How can a man labour and labour and labour to train his daughter, at the end of the day, he will carry her and give to a man free of charge? I said free of charge.
21.        If he spends N1,000, I will spend N10,000 in addition to the one I have already spent on her. If you buy two cartons of beer, I will buy twenty cartons.  At the end of the day, I will keep on giving them out free.
22.        Even this morning, I looked at my first daughter, who is equally a stranger; I equally gave her out free of charge; free, free, free; however, what is my consolation?
23.        Somebody gave me one free of charge. You see, we have gold ornaments in this Faith as children. The worst child among us is better than the best out there. You do not know what has been going on here that caused me to switch off my phone; what people are saying, phone calls I have been receiving from people that collected my number randomly.
24.         I never knew they collected numbers for the sake of our daughters. They interviewed some of them. They will tell you when they get home. Not less than five persons have already booked appointments with me. Well, let me just place it there.
25.        The day I lifted my wife from Nsugbe (in Anambra State, Nigeria), for the first time, I saw an elderly man crying. My father-in-law wept like a woman until all the chiefs led the man inside his palace saying, “Ogbuefi what are you doing?”
26.        He kept on crying, “Alozie my daughter, what you did in this house. Hei! Juliana my daughter oh!” My mother-in-law was crying, my wife was crying. Before we knew it, the thing became a family cry. I joined; and the same thing happened to her.
27.        We wanted to talk to our daughter and our son-in-law, my wife was weeping, Brother Rotimi weeping, my daughter weeping, I joined in the weeping. After that, we came down stairs to hand them over to the family.
28.        The mother of Brother Rotimi knelt down in tears, the brother was crying, everybody was crying. It was crying all through. Yes! However, at last, I replied that she was following the path of nature ordained for all girls. You are all going to follow that way.
29.        However, look at the most miserable side. When I got to the vehicle, I saw my daughter rejoicing with the husband and they were discussing another thing altogether while I was here weeping. I said, “Ok, what is the need?”
30.        Please, I appreciate your loving-kindness towards me, towards God and towards the entire family. Your coming to this house this time around has brought a blessing we can never forget till eternity. We have been having ceremonies here.
31.        These wires have been here for the past few years. My dad died in in the year 2009, but we electrified this village 15 years ago and bought transformer about 10 years ago, but troubles like community clashes here and there forestalled the work until the Peacemaker was appointed as the tasking chairman with a mandate to give the community light on or before the 31st of December, 2013.
32.        They gave me 19 persons to do the work with me, saying that we should use our money without tasking anybody and they were not postponing the date.
33.        Thus, do not be surprised that you see the engineers coming in here and going out. I am the task chairman, instrumental to what is happening now, which has never happened since the creation of the world.
34.        Let me say it. Both my wife and my daughter Onyedikachi, they are prophetesses. My wife made a statement at Onitsha before we came here.
35.        She said, “All this while, Daddy has been contributing money, asking questions and attending meetings because of this light, but he has never shown the interest he is showing now. Now that He has come out fully and has declared that there must be light within the mandate or before the mandate, I am hopeful that this light must come.”
36.        I looked at her and shook my head. Then, we continued. Before our eyes, the dream became a reality. Do you know the day the world was created? That was the day Umukohie Village was created. The whole world have seen electricity, we only enjoy generating plant until this time. Why must it be this time?
37.        My daughter Onyedika had earlier predicted it saying, “My elder sister married in an uncompleted building, during my turn, I will be coming down from the upstairs and they will be calling me beautiful lady (Nwada di mma)”. I noted it.
38.        She said, “Ije is bragging that Daddy is using Mercedes; on that day, I will use Amada Jeep”. I noted it. She said, “That is not all; how can Daddy allow me to marry when this place is not fenced? It must be fenced with this house completed. People will be coming in and we will be locking the gate”.
39.        I noted it, but she made another statement: “Daddy, before I will marry, you see this light, we will be enjoying electricity”.
40.        I said, “Thank you for your predictions. Number one, you must give me the money to make all these things possible. Number two, do the miracle to make our people stop embezzling public fund”.
41.        While others are labouring to raise the money, some are holding meetings on how to embezzle the money. Anytime we embarked on this project, few individuals must change their vehicles. Some will say it will not work.
42.        Before you knew it, the treasurer would use the money to buy one jeep. Before we knew it, he would drag us to court. Because he was holding our money, he would be using the money for court case against us.
43.        At the end of the day, he would leave Nigeria and run to Malaysia or Yugoslavia and that would be the end of the money. We impounded some vehicles, only to release them after two years. However, today, that which they said was impossible has become possible.
44.        I appreciate all of you. Your coming is a blessing and this blessing will follow all of you home. Just watch this year that is coming; watch even this one that is rounding off; watch the predictions that the Son of Man made in December Camp Meeting concerning your families, concerning your children, concerning every aspect of your human endeavour and watch how God is wrapping up the year on a wonderful note, taking us by surprise.
45.        Do not worry, we shall gather to share these testimonies. The good Lord must surely bless you and those who could have been here, but for one reason or the other, they are not here. I know they are here spiritually with us.
46.        Join hands with me and thank God that if not for His Divine intervention, this joyous mood would have become the most sorrowful mood in this family, the most agonizing. It would have been the saddest period in the history of the whole community.
47.        I would have lost a lot of souls, all from one kitchen, but the Lord said no. The vehicle damaged beyond repair but all of them are resting in their houses.
48.        You can imagine after warning my younger brother because I saw his countenance, he was not happy with his immediate younger one. I tried to pacify them here, my younger sisters attempted it in the building no way.
49.        They brought the matter to me; I surrounded them, handled the matter, my wife equally intervened, they gave me the impression that they have already reconciled, but still Kerian was still boiling against Udochukwu.
50.        That one was also very hot because we know him for one thing, he is very much more hot tempered than I am, but he will keep calm. However, once you provoke him to anger, he will become destructive.
51.        I never know they carried the trouble to where my mother was staying until my mother waded into the matter for almost 2 hours. The people that left here before 9:00 am would not leave my younger sister’s house until 11:00am because of the trouble over a minor thing.
52.        He said that it was an insult, that his younger brother insulted him. I said, “If you are in my position where all of you have been insulting me, what will you do? What of Mode my immediate younger brother?”
53.        I pacified him. In anger they left. My mother persuaded Udochukwu who vowed a vow that he would never enter the same vehicle with him. Kerian vowed a vow also. Along the way, the vehicle somersaulted, having my own children 7 in number including 3 infants. All of them escaped unhurt.
54.        Road Safety officials took all of them to the hospital. After attending to them, they went and brought the wreckage, placed it at the side of the road. We helped them in the hospital and cleared the bills. They examined them and said they should go. They are resting in Warri now. The Lord is in control.
55.        You see, if the Lord never intervened, this joy would have turned to sadness. Maybe the next day, all of you will be trooping in here saying, “Daddy, take heart!” What if fire was ignited during the summersault? 
56.        This is because we have heard such reports that accident occurred, fire ignited and wiped all the passengers on board. The Lord became my fire extinguisher for He knows my condition and knows this village. This would have been the talk of the day. Fear not, the Lord is with you.
57.        Look at our in-laws and brethren that came from Lagos, I served them and told them, “Relax, carry your food, enter the vehicle and go home. I assure you, you must be in your house at 4:00pm. Just take it easy, there will be no trouble on the road”.
58.        Precisely 4:00pm, my daughter called, informing us that they were already resting in their house, 4:00pm. No trouble on the way. I am saying that when the glory of the Lord is upon you, when the Almighty God is going before you, fear not. You are not the one that placed yourself in the work. You are there because the Lord placed you there. He that gave you the work has the capacity to protect the work for you. This is truth.
59.        Fear not as to whether they will query you, do this, or there will be havoc, do not be surprised that there will not be any problem by the time you get there, that which you are fearing may not exist. It is only that they want to see you because you are important.
60.        If you are not important, nobody will even know when you leave the office. But once you are important, once they look around and you are not there, both your director, your subordinate, everybody will be uncomfortable. Why? The important one is not there.
61.        You are the devil your various departments can never avoid. They can embarrass you, make noise, make noise, na lie! They want you to understand their feelings, but once you are around, you will see them smiling even if you are doing nothing. They want you to be around because they know your worth. So, fear not; the Lord is with you.
62.        I want to use this wonderful opportunity to thank all of you for the work well done. Victory for a brother is victory for all of us. It was a challenge and we have braced through. It started from the very onset. My son-in-law who was in charge of the whole thing fell sick, which led to major operation; so, he was hearing everything with the hearing of ears. Yet, the Lord arrested every area.
63.        I will not begin to mention your names. No matter the area you operated, in fact, I felt your importance. You filled your gap for nobody can climb on top of you. You are there because you are ordained to be there. Not that you are the best. There can be somebody better than you, but it is because the Elohim wants you to be there to perform your own this time around.
64.        Thus, anybody that is not invited to be here up to this moment, it does not mean neglect; it does not mean hatred. No! It is because you are the one that will be fitted for this occasion. That person will be fitted for another one, maybe tomorrow.
65.        I salute all of you with godly love on behalf of myself, my family, the entire community, I say thank you. What is more, it has been noised abroad. What happened here was the greatest message ever preached, it was a message and the message is going everywhere.
66.        Keep it up! Keep it up! A big ceremony like this, just like in 2009, I lost no single bottle and not a single bottle was broken. Nobody had conflict with each other, no trouble, nothing, nothing, nothing, peace all through everywhere.
67.        I believe God is in control. The same God that is in control will remain in control until He ushers all of us into Paradise. I am not afraid of any amazement by day or by night. Because He lives, I must live; this is my own possession. I have to claim it. In Him we live; we move; in Him we freely have our being. Satan has no hand in any of you.
68.        There was a time Satan was buffeting us about; that was when we were dangling between two opinions. We were undecided. However, from the time we took our decision that it is God and God alone, His glory came down. He started enveloping all local assemblies in every worship.
69.        Just like the testimony I got yesterday from Mbaise fellowship. Though they were few in number, the glory of God came down. The photographs are proofs.
70.        If the glory of God does not cover them, it means that I am not here. If I am here, the glory of God must be here. So, they are protected. There is one thing with the children of God, if you can develop the faith very well, the moment the Son of Man is still existing, live in human form and you know that you are in Him, you feel you are secured, unless you are not maintaining the vine-branch relationship. Once it’s there, you are secured, finished.
71.        Now you are about to go, well, I will not stop you. You must go. If should have my way, I will say stay here till we enter paradise. If there is a time we have enjoyed this building, it is now. My joy is that we have entered into this house together for we never entered into this house until all the facilities were put in order. Too many things we are enjoying in this building now never existed before. They were completely absent, but I updated it because of the gathering and it paid off.
72.        May the good Lord bless all of you. Now you are about to go, I have no other thing to do than to hand you over to the Almighty God in whom you believe. My prayer is that he that brought you to this place will guide all of you safely home.
73.        Pray for me while I pray for you that he will usher us into 2014 where you will hear my voice precisely on 1st Sunday of the year 2014. If it will be possible. I know He will make it possible. The New Year will be on Wednesday, being 1st.
74.        Even death will not stop me from featuring on Sunday. I am there! Be there also. Let’s rejoice and praise God on the first Sunday of the year, 2014.
75.        May the peace of the Father that passeth all human understanding reign in your hearts, may His glory cover all of you, may His Presence lead you home through Christ our Lord. Thank you very much. Amen.