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Tuesday, 6 March 2012



Behold, your Father — the Son of Man — has all knowledge. He that is teaching you has all knowledge, and you will have all knowledge if only you will believe and obey.    -Son of Man

From the Message: PROGRESSIVE

The entrance of the Word of God in the heart of man gives life. When you reject the Word of God, you separate yourself from Him because God is nothing but His Word. The same way a man is nothing but his word. Life without the Word of God or fear of God is vanity.
The importance of the youth in the development of the society cannot be overemphasized. Nothing disturbs the peace of the society more than unguided youths. Watch all that are misfits in their families, interview them very well, you will notice that they were victims of misguided folly.
The development of any society or family is determined by the quality of the youth that make up that family or society.
If you are a youth, note that your destiny to a Large extent lies in your hands because life is nothing but what you want to make it. Your heaven or hell starts here on Earth before the one that follows in the world beyond.  –SON OF MAN.

Remain blessed brethren. So we have this great number of youths—thirteen years and above—in this household! I know that there might be some youths that are not in this youth forum. Glory be to God in the highest!
2.           Many years ago the Lord told us about what is happening, but today, we are blessed in the side of the youths that have been saved from the wrath of God in our own generation.
3.           You know, the youth stage is the most wicked stage, and it is full of too many imperative and these imperatives have come. Besides, too many things are found in the behaviours of the youths, especially in high places such as this generation where everybody is over ambitious. You will notice that nobody is patient with anything, not even patient with their fellow human beings neither are they patient with the affairs of this world. Everybody is trying to catch the wind, when the wind can never be caught.
4.           I am very grateful to Almighty God. The most destructive period in life is the youthful stage: very unpredictable and fearful. I thank God that you are not among those youths that are embarrassing the society, rather you are peacemakers. I thank God for that. The youths that are disturbing the peace of the nation, you are not numbered among such youths.
5.           It is very, very essential that I appeal to you based on what is happening now. I have to first of all acknowledge the wonderful performances you put on during the last camp meeting. Our youths really made us proud. In all aspects of our meeting, you were just everywhere. You were never been found wanting. I really thank God for that.
6.           I can only thank God Who in His mercy has finally removed Christmas spirit from all of you. It takes the hand of God to remove Christmas spirit from the hearts of the youths, even in the hearts of our parents. Sometimes, they will be over charged at a time like this. That is why God said that we should not permit our hearts to be over charged at a time like this by eating, drinking and merriment lest that thing will take us unaware.
7.           I really thank God that among us are youths that can control their appetites, control their desires. Youths that know what they really want and how to go about getting those things.
8.           Note, the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. The Bible encourages us to worship God in our youths, knowing that a day is coming when we shall become very old, our legs will be shaking, there will not be enough strength for our legs to carry your weight. That time we will desire to worship God at the approved place but our legs will no longer carry us to that place. Our bones will be shaking, making a hell of noise because by that time, we will be nearing our graves.
9.           In other words, at old age, we are being sustained or will be sustained by what we gathered in our youth. Thus, whatever you have gathered in your youth is what will sustain you during your old age. If during your youth, you abandoned God and everything pertaining to God, only to wait for the old age to come so that you begin to plan how to worship God, no! You cannot have the desire to begin to worship God because it is very painful.
10.        Nevertheless, I thank God that I can say that we are blessed with youths who devoted their time aiming at pleasing God. You know the truth concerning God and worship Him as your Maker.
11.        Using the Message titled “Commitment,” I can see almost all our youths strongly committed to the success of the last camp meeting. What is more, your strong commitments yielded fruits—a lasting fruit.
12.        I thank God that we are all witnesses to what has been happening since we dismissed from the camp meeting—you are living witnesses.
13.        Remember, God made a statement long time ago that as long as He liveth, He will not permit us to go tribal. Then He preserved this Faith which has embraced all people from all ethnic groups—He preserved all of us as one entity till the end.
14.        Immediately He signalled the end, religious troubles ensued. The bombings and the attacks shifted from politics to religion. The call for Northerners who are Muslims to return to the North and Southern Christians who resided in the North to return to the South was not made until our camp meeting was over.
15.        Now, God told us earlier that the nation should get ready for a Jihad, which means that a religious war is imminent. Remember God told us clearly that when the trouble will start in Nigeria, that it is going to start as a political problem which will cumulate into religious problems. That once it enters into religion, it is all over. You are my witnesses.
16.        Remember that when God spoke about the waves of crime and everything, He made a powerful statement which can hardly be quoted from the book. He said, “For now, Nigeria has become the battleground. In the Message titled “The State of the Nation” volume two, God said, “For now, Nigeria has become the battleground.”
17.        Brethren, is Nigeria not the battleground today? Are you surprised at what is happening? Have you wondered why God permitted two crises to rise up at the same time?
18.        The Boko Haram crises started as a political riot as we supposed it to be a post-election crises. Remember, I told you that time that it has nothing to do with election, that the hand of God is there, stirring it up.
19.        Then as it escalates, the nation was worried, the President was worried. At the peak of the crises, when it moved away from politics to religion, St. Theresa Catholic Church was bombed where many people lost their lives at Madalla, near Suleja in Niger State.
20.        What is more, many other Churches were attacked at different states. Religious leaders prominent in Nigeria gathered to seek solution to this problem. In the peak of the problem, the President ignored the problem and came up with something, a bombshell that left every Tom, Dick and Harry devastated. While they were trying to grabble with the bombshell, the Boko Haram religious crises started being on the rise.
21.        Hence, Nigerian is now using the ten fingers, THAT IS, putting the ten fingers into the mouth at the same time; And the mouth is so small, it is not as elastic as rUbber. there is no way the mouth as small as it is can accommodate the ten fingers at the same time. It must crack. IF YOU DOUBT IT, EXPERIMENT IT.
22.        What am I saying? Expect a sudden crack: If the gun does not crack it, pressure must surely crack it. But will it crack? Yes! To BE FOREWARNED is to be FOREARMED.
23.        I can see the riot—whether civil crises or whatever they may call it—escalatiNG. IT is going to escalate and security operatives in Nigeria have been blinded by the Federal Government. They have been promised reasonable sum of money, most of them being bribed.
24.        The Federal Government has set aside hundreds of billions of Naira. Even while the masses are against the removal of the fuel subsidy, the money has been set aside only to be used to forestall the crises.  
25.        Thus, if you do not know what is happening, they have started sharing this oil money. Nevertheless, that does not concern us. Amen.

I WANT to address your minds because I know you are youths, you can be takEN away by SENTIMENTS BECAUSE THE youTHS are easily influenced. I have tAught you! Know IT VERY WELL that we are in Nigeria but we are not Nigerians. it pleased Almighty God to put us in THIS FAITH for a divine purpose. We are IN THIS MOST HOLY FAITH to fulfil His divine will and not the will of Nigeria.
2.           In as much as we are law abiding, we can never summit ourselves to any pressure group. We can never permit ourselves to be used by any pressure group, to achieve THEIR collective or personal objectives. Do NOT ever darE TO JOIN THEM! wherever you hear them DISCUSSING such things, close your mouth and go your way FOR it does not concern you.
3.           In addition, do not even make the mistake of telling them that you know better than that, or you are expecting harder times ahead or that God has already prepared you for such a thing. Simply go your way! Do not trouble yourself. Do not even make the mistake of telling them whatever things God has revealed to you.
4.           God revealed those things to us because we belong to Him and we are His children. The rest are cut off from it. Hence, I want all of you to live as God has already instructed us, live within the confides of our Faith.
5.           Act, behave and conduct yourselves within the limits of our Faith for there are too many things we are not permitted to do. No matter how dissatisfied we are with the administration, we can never subscribe to anything violence. All acts of violence and terrorism—as long as we are in this Faith of Christ—are condemnable in the sight of God. Thus, we are not and cannot be a party to it.
6.           Remember, I warned you some years ago not knowing why, in a Message titled “Preserve your Youth and Achieve Your Dreams.” Few weeks after, Onitsha youths went to the streets and slaughtered their fellow human beings, all in the name of REPRISAL ATTACK. However, before I handled that Message, there was no attack anywhere let alone having a reprisal attack. 
7.           If you consider the streets in Onitsha, so it is in all the states in the South-East, all the Hausas have left. You cannot see any Hausa man on the street, they have all left. Even Delta State, my in-law confirmed that they have all left. Their people recalled them, asked them to come back to the North because they are set for a Jihad.
8.           The President of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan also warned Nigerians to get ready that the Boko Harams are calling for a Jihad. Then the question arises: Mr. President, what did you do, or what have you done to make sure it does not take place? Absolutely nothing. Why? The situation is beyond his control. He thinks that oil subsidy is the problem, now it has been removed, he has discovered that oil subsidy is not the problem. He has some intractable problems to tackle which are of more importance than the oil subsidy.
9.           I am saying in effect that every aspect of our social life has been crossly militarised. We have too many armour bearers in the society, not only in the South East but in all the states in the federation.
10.        the type of the trouble that is about to erupt is such that will not cALM down again. The type of trouble that is going to erupt is such that will never stop again. So note it FOR you will not know where to place it; whether to call it civil crisis with ITs attendant humanitarian crisis, or a civil war. IT Is going to be worse than civil war, so please take notE of what I am saying.
11.        I am warning you because I am seeing it ahead of time that too many youths will be drawn into the picture, but do not permit yourselves to be drawn into it. Too many youths will be used by our politicians, by politicians I mean both social politicians and religious politicians. They may be your parents, they may be your employers, they may be your close associates.
12.        PLEASE SAY NO to all involvements regarding to acts of terrorism, briganding, violence and so on. Do not ever join them. Even if they are setting your own house ablaze, take your little property and dismiss. In case the trouble erupts in the city of Onitsha where we are, what do we do? Do we run helter-skelter? Do we begin to run home or to our in-laws?
13.        Please I want to bring the Voice (the Voice of God) back. The Voice said, “If peradventure in the future, trouble erupts in the city as you know it must erupt, do not run helter-skelter, do not rush home, do not run to your in-laws. Find your way to this Valley of Decision for this is the only house of refuge for God’s children. Once you are privileged to come down to this Valley of Decision, you are secured.”
14.        Just like we are in this Valley of Decision now, I tell you, apart from the people that saw us while coming down to this valley; nobody knows that we are in this Valley of Decision. Thus, in the time of trouble, this Valley of Decision in the only safe ground.
15.        Knowing fully well that Anambra is the seat of anything called religion. The moment the trouble bothers on religion, Anambra is always on the lead. We are having a little uneasy calm now simply because work is yet to resume in full. Okada riders are still in the villages, they are expected to be back any moment from now. By Monday when the street will be bubbling with activities, and there is going to be a nationwide strike as well; demonstrations will be on in all the states of the federation, all to press home the rejection of the removal of the fuel subsidy by the general public, then you will now know why I  called for this forum.
16.        Remember, this meeting was scheduled beforehand all to prepare your hearts knowing that you are youths who will always like to see the end of everything. More so, when you have your close friends who are already into such violent acts, but we cannot be influenced into it.
17.        I decided to call you ahead of time, to address you in clear terms so that you will know how to conduct yourselves. Remember that the hand of God is behind it, if the hand of God is behind the trouble, will it affect you? It will up-set us. Hear me, it will up-set us but He (God) said that we shall not be the worst hit.
18.        Who knows whether this one will be our own tribulation, which will last only but ten days? Because the trouble of that time is going to be so hash, so hot, so unbearable that if God does not step in for the sake of the Elect, no flesh shall be saved. Who knows whether what is about to take place is that promised trouble?
19.        God said that He will use a particular trouble to divert the attention of the entire world, and in the midst of the trouble the Bride will go away, who knows if this is the trouble? What if you yoke yourself into the trouble? If God is behind it, that is, if God is the One stirring it up; remember God said that we should not pray against it for it is tied to our departure. Our duty is to do what? HE SAID WE SHOULD BE WATCHING AND WAITING. 
20.        Remember, it is only in returning and waiting shall we be saved. If peradventure you have wandered away, return. You can wander away in the spirit, and you can also wander away in the flesh. To abandon God is very easy.
21.        Check the lady called Dinah, the daughter of Jacob who wondered away. It was in the flesh and she yoked herself with a heathen and the anger of the Lord was kindled. The sons of Jacob in the expression of their anger, their grievances, went to that place and slaughtered all the males there. For it is a great abomination for a heathen to seduce a daughter of Jacob (that is a daughter of God) away, a great abomination.
22.        When she later came back home she told her story that she nearly died. As God earlier warned that we should be very careful of stepping our feet into Jericho in the Message titled “From Jerusalem to Jericho.”
23.        You can never stroll into Jericho from Jerusalem and came back with a good testimony, never, never. It will always be “I nearly died.” moreover, by going to Jericho is just one or two steps backwards. That is, knowing the truth and then stepping out of the truth a little, you will see yourself in Jericho an accursed city.
24.        An accursed city, God even placed a warning that whosoever that shall rebuild the wall and the gate will pay a big price. Use the first son to do what? To erect the gate. Use the last son to do what? To erect the wall or foundation. Thus, it is a strict thing.
25.        Peradventure you have wandered away from home; this is the time for you to come home again. For God earlier told us even in the Message titled “The State of The Nation” volume two that when you see all these things coming to pass in your own day, especially as it affect our own country Nigeria, know that your flight is near, even at your door step.
26.        In other words, it is not a time you can begin to give silly excuses. It is not a time for silly excuses that your lantern was dry, that you went out to get extra oil. Or that you noticed that so, so and so happened and you decided to do this. You decided it, not God.
27.        Let us be very careful. I do not know why I am talking to you now. Is Brother Sam Agu back? Well, if his people do not kill him, he will kill his people. It can be physical, it can be spiritual.
28.        I permitted him to go home at his request, but I am not in support of over staying for he is doing basically nothing there other than compromising his faith with the heathen. That is all. I remember his name appeared during the camp meeting at a very delicate hour. That will be the time when the book has been closed or a little late. Maybe he narrowly jumped in, I do not know until I play the tape. Amen.

Those that have played the tapes where God predicted the event that will take place in the year 2012, it was very, very brief. What is more, before your very eyes they have lined up (fulfilling). And I say it is going to be a climax.
2.           Together we have seen the whole scene, is 2012 not a continuation of 2011? It is! Is it not a bloodier year? It is! 2012 is a bloodier year!
3.           Watch what God predicted and their fulfilments; these things are happening to strengthen our faith in order to believe Him the more. More so, when they (the prophecies) are no longer delaying. They are no longer delaying. You think it will happen next year, before your eyes, they will begin to happen. It is not a matter of Martha saying, “I know my brother will resurrect on the last day,” and before her eyes, the last day became that very moment.
4.           Since we dismissed from the camp meeting physically, my own meeting has continued. I have been receiving too many dreams, too many revelations, sharing them with many brethren. And it is still continuing, and I believe the end is with us.
5.           For the Northerners to recall their people home, do not take it as a light thing. If it is a light thing to the world, it is not a light thing to us. You have all heard what is happening. When God said that Yola, Adamawa will not be left out, people thought He was joking. Today, it is no longer Adamawa and Yola, you have heard about the killing of thirty-eight persons according to some newspapers.
6.           According to the newspapers, over twenty people were killed in the Church and wounded many over there. Remember, I made it clear that they will stop at nothing until the whole world will believe and acknowledge that Nigeria is an Islamic state, finish.
7.           They are not talking of Jos, or Kaduna or Kano. They are now talking about Nigeria, pressing Christians in Nigeria to go back to the South; it is reproducing another Northern Sudan and Southern Sudan which I earlier predicted, say, “Watch where we are heading to, if the UN will succeed in granting the request of Sudan during their so-called voting in national confab, if they will allow it to separate, Southern Sudan and Northern Sudan will emerge. Watch, Cameroon and Nigeria will follow suit.”
8.           Many heard it, and that is exactly where we are now: Republic of Northern Nigeria and Republic of Southern Nigeria. However, it will not go that way. There is going to be a bloodbath.
9.           All I am saying is that you should not be a part of the bloodbath, do not shed blood. Even if they entice you, say no. Do not shed blood, leave them. Do not join in the riot. If they say, “Stay at home,” please stay at home. If they say, “Come out and join us in the riot,” stay at home for they will never go from house to house to know those that have gone out
10.        However, if they say, “Join us! We must do some killings!” Do not be there. If they say that no market will remain open, or will open, please close your own market for you will not die of starvation.
11.        I do not want us to be so boisterous and callous as to challenge the powers that are in authority. We have too many pressure groups in Nigeria presently, and they have all gathered and declared that there is going to be a showdown among them, including Civil Liberty Organization and Nigeria Medical Association. All pressure groups, market association, Church leaders, even traditional institutions have joined.
12.        Youths, please severe yourselves completely from all of them for you are the cream of the Bridal Faith. The youths are the cream of the Bridal Faith. I am saying that you are the pillars of the Bridal Faith.
13.        The way you will conduct yourselves will make people to believe that you have God in your midst. For you will see too many of them who will take pleasure in killing and then arson. By arson I mean, looting and burning down. Some will even capitalise on the trouble to vandalise if it is property or properties that are not in the Northern states. Looting shops that are not in the Northern states. You know that is how it has always been! Thus, be very, very careful.
14.        In the next fellowship, I will warn everybody together, but I said I will start my warning with the youths. For I know elderly people like Me will not participate, I do not have the strength to run. Papa Uwakwe will not be there, Bishop Nnachor cannot run. Igwe cannot run. Even Apostle Kelechi cannot run. Pastor Dan is strong but he cannot participate. Do you expect Mama Ikebude to join.
15.        Youths, you are the people that are within the age bracket, where you can be tempted to join your foes in chanting war songs: “Enyimba, enyi! If it is death let us die! What do you need? War!!!”
16.        I say off your eyes, off your minds from that and shut up your mouth for it does not concern you. Now, knowing that the God Whom you are serving is the One stirring up this trouble, your duty is to pray that God will continue until it has engulfed the whole part on Earth, so that they will know that you are serving only the one and true God; because when they shall look for you they shall not see you again.
17.        Please, know that He that has spoken is the same One that is still speaking. He is the same One that is still on the scene. I really thank God.
18.        Now we have come to this point where we can say we have been privileged to know the totality of the truth concerning the Kingdom of Heaven, nothing is moving us away, we cannot afford to begin to yoke ourselves with cannon fodders.
19.        See every human being outside this most holy Faith as a cannon fodder; that person outside this Faith is nothing but knockout. They are mere knockouts and fireworks. You know, when firework is thrown, it vanishes, that is the end: kpoo, kpoo, kpoo, it has finished—that is what they are.
20.        We are here to watch, we are here to wait. Keep your ears open so that you may get my instruction. It can come to you in diverse ways; it can even come to you as an audible voice. When you are walking away, He will be calling you back that danger is ahead.
21.        Take for instance, Brother Sam Agu, if he is on the line, you will see him this night in Onitsha or tomorrow morning without anybody telling him or phoning him.
22.        When we were talking yesterday concerning Brother Kelechi, the moment we finished our discussion, my phone rang, he said he was on his way back. I say, “You told Me you are coming back on Saturday?” He said that he is on his way home. That is how God works. It is for a purpose.
23.        Thus, to all of you that make up the Bridal Ministry, spread this information, news to your fellow youths everywhere. If you have their phone numbers, tell them that the Son of Man has addressed you concerning this impending dangers. I will address the entire brethren on 8TH JANUARY 2012 which is Sunday by God’s grace; preparing them, their minds and hearts for the troubles ahead.
24.        Two troubles are on the land and they are two inseparable twins: politics and religion. If you go to “The State of The Nation” volume two, God said that the moment any trouble is associated with politics and religion, the end is limitless, it goes beyond the human expectation. If it goes through religion, people will begin to defend their own Faith; you will see Army fighting against Army, Police fighting against Police. Instead of giving the civilian protection, they will be killing them all in defence of their Faith. If it goes through politics, you will begin to see people fighting each other.
25.        Let nobody ever fool you, God made it clear long, long time ago. Whether we like it or not, Nigeria is an Islamic nation and will remain an Islamic nation. However, there is a little group that does not belong to Islam which they co-opted in with the use of force. That group is about to come out, but we are not going to be a part of the two: You are not a part of the Southern region, you are not a part of the Northern region. For you are neither Islamic nor Christian.
26.        These are two counterfeit of religion, the two are wrong. These two groups that are trying to kill themselves, they are all wrong. Moreover, two wrongs can never make a right; even one million wrongs can never make a right.
27.        To be forewarned is to be forearmed. As a result, if you are in any group, do not talk too much, for you do not know who is standing by. You do not know whether he is holding a tape recorder, recording your statements. By the time you finish, he will arrest all. Then you will declare the source of your information.
28.        If you must have a source of information for now, which you can prove, let it be the newspaper and not even radio. For if it is radio, it may not be verified. Once it is past, it is past. But if it is newspaper, it can be traced. Do not quote any human being lest you compound the problem.
29.        While I am appreciating the efforts you made collectively and individually to make the meeting a success, I am pleading with you that, that spirit of obedience instruction to be maintained: One leader, one voice. That is all.
30.         I do not want to hear any discordant tune among the youths, for once a body is divided against itself, it must surely collapse. For that reason, be unique and be perfectly joined together; having this as our principle that you will never take side with anything that is against your belief.
31.        Do not ever pay attention to anything that contradicts the truth which you know, which you have believed, where your faith has anchored. Anything that contradicts it, say no to it knowing the source of the information. For there can never be information without a source, what we are holding is a vindicated Faith. Not the Faith that is about to be confirmed, no. It is confirmed already before our eyes. Amen.

I have to thank God who knows all things, understands all things; Who knew that if He did not close the Book and seal up the testimony, when the trouble will start, surely, this Faith must go tribal.
2.           For the moment trouble starts, the situation is always bad for too many movements now to stop. Thus, GOD DECIDED TO DOCUMENT THE NAMES OF THE REDEEMED, and then close the Book, seal up the testimony.
3.           He is now injecting trouble that will now disperse us. The gathering point, the meeting point is in Paradise. The Northerners, you can never see them again coming from East, West, North, and South sitting down in Jerusalem to clap hands together with us, until we go into Paradise.
4.           That is why I believe that we have the Chief Mechanic in our midst Who knows what it takes to put the Bride in a rapturing condition and He has accomplished it. Thus, let hell fall, let the Heavens quake, let the Earth open, they (the Bride) are secured. Whether they are in Zonkwua, whether they are in Kaduna, in Taraba, Adamawa, even if they are in their graves, we are one inseparable.
5.           Consider what it will look like when the trouble comes, a brother in Enugu carrying arm to kill Brother Abraham who hails from Adamawa State. Can you attempt it to carry arm against Bishop David, to carry arm against Bishop Elijah or Pastor Abel? Or Brother Sam Mantu will carry arms against a Brother or Sister in Onitsha? Or we allow a heathen to come and arrest Brother Mantu because he is a Hausa man? no way! Rather, we will die there. Can you see the picture? Because once the trouble starts, all tribes must be involved.
6.           It will move from religion to tribal, and once it goes tribal “it is operation kill whosoever that does not belong to your tribe.” Besides, you can see that the pressmen are fuelling it already. Look at how they put it: “Thirty-eight Igbo people massacred in the Church at Mubi.” They did not say “the worshippers,” they said “the Igbo in Madalla.” They shortlisted the names and presented their photographs and about eighty-five of them were Igbos because they love going to Church on Sunday, especially Catholics.
7.           What do you think they are trying to ignite? War! It is now with us. Pastor Thomas told Me that one man called his brother saying that he should proceed home immediately that the problem has escalated down to Lumma—so Lumma is now boiling. Brother Simon and Sam Agu, if you love money more than Judas, go back to the North. But if you love your life, stay in the East.
8.           Brother Sunday Nwanga told Me two days ago that he will like to go to Minna to purchase melon seed (egusi), that the Hausa man said this and that. Then I asked him a question: “Before you knew that egusi were sold in Minna, where were you buying your own? Do you mean to tell Me that all the traders in Onitsha go to Minna to buy egusi? Death is calling you, death is inviting you! What made that Hausa man to stop coming down to Onitsha? You want to tell Me that you are wiser? Do not ever raise alarm, there is trouble in Kontogora, there is trouble in Suleja, and Minna is the capital. Do not go, if you like you can flaunt my instruction.”
9.           I remember the day he spoke to Me concerning that place and I warned him, even gave him instruction never to transact business with cash in front. I told him, “Put the money in the bank, travel to that place, then cash the money there.” He agreed, went home and packed the money into his pockets, on the way he paid the price. He dashed the money to armed robbers, the sum of two hundred and something thousand Naira and it affected his business very badly.
10.        If he had paid the money into the bank as I instructed, he would not have suffered that loss.
11.        A day is coming God said, “When you will be using passport and visa to visit any place in the North.” It is in the State of The Nation, check it.
12.        A day is coming you will be using passport and visa to travel to Kano. Now, if God never sealed up the testimony, what will have been the fate of the brethren who came from other tribes, how do you think we shall be seeing them? I really thank God.
13.        Now that the whole thing is over, we are likened to somebody who is undergoing surgical operation in the hospital. As long as the stitches are there with heavy bandage, the medical doctor is not afraid of the patient whether he will suffer the pain or not because something that is very strong is holding it. However, once the stitches are removed, only light plaster is placed there to cover the wound. Then the patient is discharged; his security is now in his hand. You will notice that any slightest mistake he makes, the thing will cut, and he will go back to the hospital. Moreover, the second operation is severe, that is if he will survive.
14.        I am saying that we are now on our own, the stitches have been removed, the heavy plaster has been removed and replaced by a very light plaster. Handle yourself with extreme care. For the trouble may be such that you may even disperse to your various communities within the anticipated ten days problem. For you do not know where you will be when the thing will start. but if peradventure you are in Onitsha, head towards this valley.
15.        What if you are not in Onitsha when it starts? You will not know what to do. THUS, to save us the agony AND pain, do not forsake the gathering of the saintS. Take it very seriousLY, take fellowship very seriousLY, More serious now than before because you may not know what will take place or the instruction you will receive.
16.        It may be so severe that when you come to fellowship, you may not be permitted to go back. Let Us watch eventS, maybe in the process of watching, we will go from there. For God can never expose us to hazard, never, never. He knows how to avert thE thing and then severe us.
17.        To all of you that are in this Faith, I am appealing to you to please in the interest of this faith, and in the best interest of your lives, to severe yourself completely from any area where the politics of Nigeria is being discussed. Or where the troubles of Nigeria are being discussed. You can only sit down to discuss such among yourselves as brethren in like precious Faith. Outside your midst, do not open your mouth. But among yourselves, discuss the glory of God for you were earlier told.
18.        If they do not come to pass, how can the voices of prophecies be fulfilled? Remember, God’s prophecies are tied to time.
19.        The cry on the land today that the President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan  must go, is it a surprise to you? Were you not told? The cry by Nigerians that the President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan is not capable of ruling Nigeria, that he is inexperienced and cannot hold Nigeria together, is it strange? Who will speak and it will come to pass? Almighty God! The same is warning you now.
20.        Do not employ your youthful strength to participating in anything that is unacceptable in the sight of God, do not try it. No matter the enticement, no matter the pressure, say no to it. Since you know that the whole thing is working out for our own good for we are no longer seeing it as a punishment from God upon us; we are seeing it as our own liberation method: God’s own method of liberating His (us) people. This is how He has devised it, to rig away all human intellects and reasons—God moving in a very unacceptable norm to liberate a people.
21.        Thus, we have to glorify His Name. If you are redeemed already. If you have been salvaged already, praise God the more. Yes! If you know the point where God has saved you from, what you would have been if He never saved you, praise Him the more.
22.        Remember, anybody that is opposed to this move is opposed to God. Moreover, a time will come you can never be in opposition. Never, never. Rather, you will be playing a supportive role by saying, “God, we are happy and full of appreciation!”
23.        As it is happening here in Nigeria, so it is happening everywhere. There is no country that is enjoying peace now. Next time, I will talk to you about other policies that are being put in place by the Federal Government. I will be relating them with the prophecies from God.
24.        Any moment from now, you shall be cash trapped. We are going to roll into WHAT WE CALL CASHLESS TRANSACTION, as it is being introduced now. Do not forget the fact that almost all our banks have been Islamic, all banks in Nigeria are now operating Islamic banking, which is interest free banking.
25.        In addition the directive is that you will be running the banking cashless. By running cashless banking, Islamic banking, your religious identity is number one requirement. Too many things are coming. Very soon we will know our fate, whether we will abandon the use of vehicle too because of the new registration plate number for too many things are involved.
26.        The new driving licence also, I wonder whether it will be like this also. And the deadline is August 30, 2012. The stringency that are attached to issuers of driving licence and new plate number, I wonder whether people like Me that do not believe in any religious inclination can get one without compromising. We look up to God.
27.        People are fulfilling God’s dangerous prophecies ignorantly, for there is no way prophecies can come to pass without using human being.
28.        We really appreciate the level God has brought us. Do not ever bring yourself down, rather move up; keep on moving up. This is the much I want to share with you.
29.        I say thank you to all of you for the work well done. Also I want to encourage you to continue even to perform better so that people that will come in contact with you will know that really, we have been with Christ. When they will see your wisdom, your Godly composure, your reasoning and many other things around you, they will know of a truth that you have received a supernatural instruction, a supernatural touch.
30.        Hence, let nobody ever attempt or to destabilize these harmonious and peaceful co-existence that is resting in the Bride right now which is very much pronounced among us.
31.        Testimonies reaching Me said that everywhere, brethren are rejoicing that they are not worshipping God in vain. I was talking to some people in my house about the statement St. Paul made that was written in the scripture while the people were worshipping an unknown god. He said, “Now, this God you worship as unknown, as imaginary, I now want to declare unto you, saying you worship something you know not.”
32.        That was what Jesus told the Samaritan woman, “Your people worship what they know not. But we are Jews, we worship something we know very well.” St. Paul said, “This God you said is unknown, I now want to declare to you for I know Him. You have known Him; you are no longer worshipping an unknown God, for you are no longer worshipping an imaginary being.”
33.        To the Romans he said, “Everything that pertains to this God, both the visible and invisible has been made known to you. So suppose not to think that the Godhead is like four-footed animal, or bird or wooden gods and things like that. Or fishes in the ocean, things that have similitude of something like this and that, for everything about Him has been made known to you; therefore you are without excuse.”
34.        Will there be evil in the city and the Lord has not done it? What is the duty of the watchman? To send alert to His people ahead of time, ahead of trouble so that when the trouble will come, nobody will be victim.
35.        You know the role you should play. So please send the information to your fellow youths, using your phone or any way you know you can pass it across.
36.        On Sunday I will talk to everybody collectively preparing the minds and our hearts because I know that there is going to be a Jihad. However, do not be a part of the trouble, do not be fooled into it. Do not ever place yourself where you will regret. Simply because God said nobody will kill you, for that reason you want to try it. If you must experiment anything, please do not experiment death. Experimenting it means putting God to test, so do not tempt God.
37.        He said nobody will kill you, that is, if you obey His instruction. When you walk contrary to these instructions, well, you will be ready to pay the price.
38.      On this note, I say remain in your sanctified estate, remain blessed in Him eternally.