The Son of Man Revealed From One of The Jungles in Africa According To William Branham's Prophesy

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Tuesday, 3 April 2012



In Me lies the mysteries of Creation, life, death, and Hereafter. I am the only Being that can tell you the beginning and the end of the whole Universe.
Believe it if you can...
–The Son of Man      

But just before the promised Son, the last sign before the Gentile world was destroy, was this God manifested in the flesh that knew the secrets of the heart. That is the last sign that the Church in the spiritual Church gets, that is the last sign that the natural Church gets and the Gentile world will be destroyed. And she is ready for it right nowGod walking in human flesh.
-Excerpt from Identified Christ of All Ages by William Branham.
Number one thing you must do if you want to follow Me is to reposition yourself. What you are today will determine what you will be tomorrow. And what you will be tomorrow depends on what you take life to be.

Brethren remain blessed. I was praying and praying, meditating on the tonic I will offer you that will help you to understand fully that the Almighty God can never change the past. The past offers us lots of lessons that are likely to see us through in the future.
2.          We learn from the past, but we do not try to carry the past forward. Do not ever attempt it otherwise, you are about to meet real disaster. After the whole thing you will make a shipwreck.
3.          You have all seen it, if you have not seen it I want to make it clearer. Believe it that we lost our Brother and Pastor James Okwueze on 17th March, 2012 by death; that is Pastor Yowa of Enugu-Ezike. It wasn’t an accident, no. we have been battling to save his life for almost three weeks.
4.          Humanly speaking if we should give any credit; first it goes to his wife, Sister Esther, who stood gallantly beside the husband in the hospital at Enugu-Ezike together with the entire brethren there. He was moved from Enugu-Ezike hospital to Enugu where our Brother Ojiakor displayed his expertise, leaving no stone unturned.
5.          All I commanded he should do he did and even more. We did all the investigations that are required, medically, to ascertain what the trouble might be. Moreover, we administered all that are permitted under the medical laws at least to make sure he remains alive.
6.          At the end of the day, he called me and said good-bye. The way he died made it impossible for Me to talk, and made it impossible for all that were around him to comment.
7.          I reflected the whole thing and finally came out to say that this is the finger of the Lord. He exhausted all the days allotted to him on Earth, and said good-bye. No human being, no Jupiter, no shrine; no devil is responsible for his death. Nobody should be accused of any foul play, both in his father’s compound, at Ogrute where he is doing his business, his business associates and everybody. Nobody should be suspected of any foul play.
8.          Brother James exhausted the number of days the Almighty God allotted to him on Earth and said good-bye. That is all I want you to know there.
9.          The last minute salutation was an eye-opener. It was around ten O’clock in the morning of 17th March, 2012 that he called Me. We have been discussing every day. Prior to that Friday night, I ministered to him elaborately, creating faith in him. However, on Saturday 17th March, 2012 morning he called with a very nice voice as never before. His voice was ringing like a bell, “My Father, you will live forever! My Father, you are God; you are God!”
10.     He began to pour praises on Me. I said, “Yowa;” he said “My Father.” I said, “Cut off the line, let Me call.” I called back. He was praising and praising. He said I should salute Brother Ojiakor, salute all the brethren.
11.     Finally, we agreed that he would go to fellowship at Enugu on S      unday 18th March, 2012. That he will be there in the fellowship to testify of the Lord’s goodness. He said, “My Father!” I said, “Now you have come. Yowa, you are now exercising faith as a man of God. And this is what I have been expecting to see. I will call you later.” We said good-bye to each other.
12.     Less than thirty minutes later, only when I was almost trying to call Brother Ojiakor to pass Brother James’ greetings across, his appreciations—though those things happened, deep in Me I was not relaxed. Though I have never been relaxed for I was monitoring everything with keen interest.
13.     Within thirty minutes my phone rang, lo and behold it was Brother Ojiakor. I said, “Brother Ojiakor, did you pray on the Brother’s side?” He said yes.
14.     I said, “Your prayer worked miracle for he slept very well last night as never before and we discussed right now. He is going to fellowship tomorrow morning to testify before the brethren, the goodness of the Lord.”
15.     Brother Ojiakor said, “Really!” I said, “Yes! We just discussed few minutes ago.” Brother Ojiakor said, “Okay, but sir, he has given up.” I said, “What? He has packed. Re-examine him again.” Brother Ojiakor said, “I have done so.”
16.     I said, “Can that be true?” He said yes. I said, “Brother Ojiakor, go down and take your bath, have a nice food. If you know your best drink, drink extensively, go to bed, and have your rest. I will talk to you later.”
17.     The previous night around 9:30pm, it was a struggle for Me to talk to him. I have already packed; in short I have closed the register, finish. Once the register is closed, it becomes impossible for Me to answer call. That is why whatever the situation might be, if it reaches to a point where I begin to avoid your calls, pause, rest at nothing until you have discovered why.
18.      It is better for Me to answer and warn you never to try my line than to allow your line to be ringing and ringing until it registers 4, 5, 20 missed calls which means I am no longer interested in answering your calls. Rest at nothing and press no further.
19.     It is helping my wife more than any other thing, and that was the time she knew that danger was knocking. I enquired, it was clear that his days on Earth were fully exhausted. You know our lives here on Earth are tied to time, my life is tied to time; equally your own is tied to time.
20.     The secret there is that you do not know the day your own will elapse, and the way and manner it will elapse. Death is not a surprise, but the surprising thing there is what the person will pass through before he will die. That is, how he will die. Talk about knowing about death, you know you will die; I know I will die. Nevertheless, the way and manner, you know not, I know not. However, I say may God minimize the pains of death when it comes to our turns.
21.     That was what God did, He minimized it. Our Brother gently asked that they should just scrub the floor for him that he will like to have a little rest after discussing with Me. He gave instructions even that day that he requires no further food, that the food he had already is sufficient. He ate, took his bath, they scrubbed the floor, prepared the floor to be conducive for him; gently he placed his head on the pillow and said bye. That is all.
22.     With the help of the brethren, we parcelled the remains and placed everything there in Bishop Shanahan mortuary at Nsukka; for preservation and proximity. For it is closer to Enugu-Ezike than Enugu. Finally, to enable our brethren there to help us monitor situations around him, both in the mortuary and in the family.
23.     I think there is wisdom there. Know that we now have a responsibility before us. It is better to serve the Lord. While we are waiting for our immortal body; some are likely to sleep in death, only for us to return with them on the resurrection morning.
24.     My greatest joy is that he did not die spiritually, the flesh was removed; he died in hope of resurrection, not second one but first resurrection. Happy are those that will be partakers of the first resurrection, for the second death has no power over such people. Nevertheless, if you do not partake of the first resurrection, you must die a second death which is the Hellfire. You must, so happy are those that are partakers of the first resurrection.
25.     Where there is no death, there can never be a resurrection. Thus, if you believe in resurrection, you also believe in death.
26.    Pastor James Okwueze merits our burial so we must give him a befitting burial. From the day he enlisted into this Faith till he died, he never troubled this Faith for one day. He remained faithful, loyal and obedient to authority and to the doctrines of our Faith. He pastored Enugu-Ezike without trouble from its inception till today. Moreover, I have never visited Enugu-Ezike for any dispute among the ministers, among the brethren or their families, from the day they took off till today.
27.    I believe the credit must go to the Pastor in charge of that fellowship. For the Church takes the spirit of their Pastor, this is what Onitsha is suffering from. Onitsha has never been blessed with good pastors from the very beginning till the end of the ministry. Rather, Onitsha has been given controversial Pastors, incorrigible Pastors; unfaithful Pastors and they pastor the spirit into you.
28.    Almost all your pastors are unreliable, but I manage them. I did not mince words. Even if you check the Great Sermon, the Epistle as it concerns Onitsha; I documented everything. If you read the messages we have in print, their names appeared there. Have they repented? No! When they repent, I will know.
29.    But Pastor James has a very humble spirit—very meek. If he has some lapses as a human being, they were all negligible lapses that have nothing to do with the doctrine of the Bridal Faith. For that reason, he deserves a befitting burial in accordance with our Faith. Thus, if you know you are a member of this faith, send your voluntary contributions to the appropriate quarters to enable us send them to Nsukka.
30.    Without money, they cannot perform. They will work with the money they received.  Amen.

Be Diligent to Protect Your Mindset” page 47 verse 38, “But if I am submerged by the condition I found myself, my condition has eclipsed me completely. Then “Dike anaa!”—a brave man has gone. But I said God forbid. God forbid, never, never.
2.          When a man’s condition eclipses him, “Dike anaa!” (a brave man is no more!). That is when you are swallowed up by the condition you find yourself, you are totally gone. Do not allow your condition to swallow you up, swim out of it completely.
3.          Who is a coward? A coward is one that accepts defeat when his opponent is still standing up”.
4.          Your opponent may not be a human being, your opponent is that challenge before you. While the challenge is still there, you throw in the towel; you become a coward. As long as that challenge is there, the problem is not yet solved; stand up and then face the problem.
5.          What will such a coward do? He will say, “I am tired. See I do not know where person will put head. In short it is better to rest.”
6.          Are you resting when that which is pursuing you is still after you? Do not fold your arms because of that which is after you, pursue that thing. You will be looking at children coming up at every minute, they are coming up rapidly and you are not measuring up to your responsibilities. You will be saying, “I am tired. I do not know what to do.”
7.          You are planning to pack down to the village, is the village better? Is there anything you placed in the village? Those that are in the village are coming out; yet he that came out is planning to go back to the village.
8.          A coward accepts defeat when his opponent is still standing”.
9.          A coward accepts defeat when that opposing situation is still standing, watching you, harassing you. If you go to bed before the time, you must come out before daybreak even many times.
10.     A coward accepts defeat when his opponent is still standing, you see him kneeling down and raising his hand up. Can you get the message?
11.     In other words, kneeling down before your opponent and raising your two hands up. Maybe you do not understand what we are considering; God is using the Son of Man’s experiences to push you up. He allowed Me to pass through trials, through fire before your eyes. Before your very eyes, I obeyed all these teachings.
12.     I never for one day submitted to that defeat, and I can see many of you walking towards defeat. You want to submit when your challenges are still there. Something is wrong somewhere. You want to shift your responsibilities? Well, I do not know who will accept them.
13.      “I am here to correct all stupid truths, expired truths. Our fathers used them to their own hurt and perished. They are all anti-progressive slogans and proverbs that held them captives”.
14.     They missed opportunities because of those stupid truths. Many of them could have erected good structures but they preferred to die in thatched houses yet parading themselves as big men in their day, living from hand to mouth.
15.     Some were even holding chieftaincy titles, living in batchers. Moreover, their children came up to follow the same footstep which their fathers followed; won’t they end it where their fathers ended it? Do not ask me why? You will know it after this message.
16.     A progressive man dictates what he wants”.
17.     Note, a progressive man dictates what he wants! You dictate what you want, do not accept everything. If such person is asked, “My friend, which one do you want?” He will answer, “Any one is good.” That person is a fool. He is not worthy to live. “Which one do you want?” “Any one is good. Any one, any one.”
18.     Hear me very well, a worker that knows his worth negotiates his condition of service but one without proficiency accepts every condition”.
19.     A worker that knows his worth, negotiates his condition of service with his prospective employer. However, one that worths nothing, accepts anything for he has no worth.
20.     If you know your worth as a workman, do not accept all the conditions your employer will give you. Sit down and negotiate your condition of service, but if you have no skill, you have nothing to offer”.
21.     Sit down and do what? Negotiate your condition of service with your employer. I know my worth, I am not a beggar. I have received training.
22.     “…oh no! You accept every condition; you see your employer as one that is helping you. My employer is not helping me, I am not helping him. We are partners in progress. He cannot do without me; I cannot do without him, finish, because I know my worth”.
23.     My employer is not helping me, I am not helping him. We are partners in progress. He cannot do without me; I cannot do without him, finish, because I know my worth.
24.     Let me use myself as an example. It has been war with our customers that patronise our company for over two months now. Everywhere, the talk of the day is: “Mr. Odoemena, this man is posing a threat to all of us!” Why? Because I effected some structural changes until the chief executive of the company came out and announced to everybody that it will be easier for him to set the factory building, the whole structure and machines in the factory ablaze than to dispose off Odoemena Boniface.
25.      That he will prefer to close down the factory completely than to dispose him off. He said that if anybody wants his work to be done in the factory, that nobody should trouble him. That everybody should go to Odoemena, that he is restructuring everything. That he is happy with the restructuring exercise, it is paying off.
26.     You see, he valued my work and our relationship is symbiotic for nothing goes for nothing. Salary is no salary, remuneration is no remuneration, reward is no reward until it is commensurate with the services rendered. Do not give me a gift, remunerate my services. I do not need your gift, do not offer me. What I want is a penned down remuneration and not allowances, for allowances can be withdrawn. What I want is a penned down salary, not overtime. Over time is not everyday. It can be cancelled.
27.     Work is no work until it offers satisfaction and it can never offer satisfaction unless it is rewarding.
28.     “…A useless man and woman is one without ambition, one without a goal. He accepts every condition he finds himself.”
29.     A useless man and woman is one without ambition, he or she accepts anything.
30.     That any time the light goes out on the journey, simply quit. Do not even associate with people that have this adage or you will learn their evil ways”.
31.     That anytime the light goes off in the journey simply quit. Do not even associate with people that have this adage or you will learn their evil ways. The light will be on until the food is completely cooked. It is not while the food is still on fire, you go to put off the fire.
32.     If I have educated you, I have made it very impossible for any man to influence you.
33.     If I succeed in getting all you of you educated, trained, I have made it impossible for any human being to enslave you. Monkey dey work and baboon dey chop, that one na lie. Let monkey work and chop. Make baboon work and chop.
34.     Can you be king and slave at the same time?
35.     Can a man be a King and a slave at the same time? No! One is opposite to the other.
36.     “A fool constantly desires death but he lives longer than the wise man.
37.     A fool constantly desires death but he lives longer than the wise man: “If it is better for death to come and take one, let it come and take one. There is nothing like, “anytime a person wakes up from sleep becomes his daybreak. This brother has died now, what will person do again? If death will come, I think that will be better.” Watch such person, he is a complete fool, yet he lives longer than a wise man. He lives his life in abject poverty and frustration.
38.     Check all these people that died quickly, foolish people will remain here, clock one hundred years because he has downloaded his brain.”
39.     A foolish man has already downloaded his brain; he has zeroed it like a mad man. Even if he drinks water in the gutter, it will not infect him. He can sleep in the open air, let mosquito bite a mad man from generation to generation; he will not suffer malaria or typhoid. For disease has no authority in his stomach, he has zeroed himself to a beast condition. You talk of achieving something tomorrow, not a mad man. Then what is the difference between the fool and a mad man then who has zeroed himself, downloaded himself?
40.     Let me tell you, some started at fifty years and made it. Some started at fifty years couple with strict commitment to the core and they made it to the top”.
41.     With hard work coupled with strict commitment to that your course which you are pursuing will take you to the top.
42.     Every effort you will make, start with you. Sometimes however, we grow bitter and storm at the wrong distribution of the good things of life and then relapse into a hopeless, fatalistic acceptance of our condition”.
43.      Fatalistic acceptance of our condition, it is fatal for you to accept hopelessly your condition.
44.     We envy the success of others when we should have emulated the way by which the success came”.
45.     Do not envy the success of others rather emulate the process that brought about the success.
46.     A fool does not accept correction simply because he feels he is more intelligent and has better ideas than every other person. That is a fool”. If yours is dormant like an extinct volcano, it then means you have become a failure in life”.
47.     A brain that is as dormant as an extinct volcano must produce failure in life. A non-functional brain, a dormant brain, a useless brain that processes nothing but a useless thought and information. Is it any wonder why such brains delight themselves in things that are unprofitable to them and to the society? That is where you will see them performing best.
48.     This is the basis of all forms of terrorism, all forms of criminalities. Enlightened brain says no to such things, you cannot entice him. They have better options than that. It will take a lazy brain to volunteer to die for the sake of money.
49.     How can you imagine the Son of Man becoming a suicide bomber, collect money and kill myself? A political thug, a political thug is one that is paid to hang himself. Or staking out my life to become an armed robber. You cannot think of such thing.
50.     The extent your brain function will determine the level of success you will attain in life”.
51.     The extent your brain functions properly, determines the level of success you will attain in life. Glory be to God.
52.     The most highly developed animal on Earth is a human being. But unfortunately, some look like human beings though they are mere lower animals”.
53.     Some look like human beings. It is like a human being, is it a human being? No!
54.     Do not be surprised at what I am saying. You can see a handsome man elegant in stature very handsome and good to look at or a very beautiful woman, well to look at, very, very beautiful, but when the person behaves; you cannot see any noticeable difference between the person and an Ape”.
55.     Too many of such people abound in the society. They look pretty good in appearance—very elegant man and woman alike. When you see him coming out gorgeously like that, you think a human being is on the scene, but when he behaves; you see nothing but an ape.
56.     When he talks, when he reasons, you begin to wonder whether the structure is not a chimpanzee. It is better to look odd and be sensible than to look elegant, gorgeous and be senseless.
57.     “…In appearance he is a very handsome man, if he dresses in suit he can go places, he will look like Ronald Reagan of America. But when he behaves, oh! No! You will be disappointed because behaviour is determined by the functional ability of the brain”.
58.      Is it not true? It is! A man’s behaviour is determined by the functional ability of his brain. As a man reasons, so he acts.
59.     God wants us to be developed human beings, but unfortunately we wish ourselves evil”.
60.     Many are expecting positive result from a negative action, can that be possible? No! Amen.

What is your condition and what is your mind telling you about your condition?
2.          What is your condition? What is your mind telling you about your condition? Is your brain offering a remedy to your condition? Or are you expecting God to supply all these things? Of what use is the brain then? What is your brain telling you, you must do to come out of it? Is it stealing? Is it 419? Is it suicide bombing? Negative side of life because that is where you think the remedy lies, but the remedy does not come from there.
3.          For no good result can come out from a negative action. Begin to think positively. If you have stayed too long in getting a living fraudulently, you can hardly believe that one can make it in life without being fraudulent. If you have lived very long in a very wrong habit, you are accustomed to it. you can hardly believe that somebody can succeed without being what you are.
4.          But if what you are doing all these years could not lift you up, could not lift you higher, could not give you the desire of your heart, why continuing in it? If it could not solve the problem of yester-years, it can never solve the problem of tomorrow; rather it will make tomorrow to be worse. What is your condition? Think about it. What your brain is telling you, is the solution to that problem. Is it going back to the old part? Is it going back to the old part? No!
5.          Remember, every advancement in life is the work of a human being.
6.          Every advancement in life is the work of a human being. You advance from motorcar to aircraft; it is a work of a human being. Moving from palm bed to wooden bed, from wooden bed to iron bed; from horse to bicycle, from bicycle to motorcycle; from motorcycle to motorcar, is it not the work of a human being? It is evolution. This is what evolution is all about.
7.          Life can never be stationary, life is not constant. A constant life brings premature death; a constant life leads to failure, leads to poverty, leads to frustration.
8.          That is where I hated people in civil service more than anything else. It is very discomforting, it does not offer anything, unless you go home and process it, when you process it very well; you attain your potentialities.
9.          90 percent of the people that are in the civil service do not have job satisfaction. That is why they create other avenues where they can get real professional satisfaction that will offer the desired result. Once you are comfortable in your condition, forget about advancement.
10.     A sure sign that you are comfortable is that you can sleep whenever you want and wake up whenever you want, you are comfortable. If you are not comfortable with your condition, you can hardly sleep. Moreover, do not ever shift your responsibility to somebody else, it is your responsibility. If you are looking at somebody to provide it for you, you are wasting your time. You die of frustration.
11.     What if the person withdraws the help? Will you kill him? If a man says he will not be walking with you again, what will you do? Think of a way you are going to solve your problem and do not place it on somebody else. If it is your problem, it is your problem and nobody’s else.
12.     If I ask you how are you going to solve your problem and you begin to tell me that your friend promised you something, your brother who is in America said he is going to help you; your employer says he is going to do this for you; you are a mad man.
13.     Build your tomorrow on your capacity; build your future on your capacity. If your future is not hanging on your capacity, you have no future.
14.     Are there no evidences where your brother or sister promised you many, many goodies and not even one materialised? Some even went borrowing, hoping to pay for the dollar that is coming next week, they could not see pounds sterling or dollar, neither do they see German Mark, and Naira dried off.
15.     You do not know that a man that is expecting his girlfriend always hears the sound of the footsteps of the ghost. Once he hears any noise he will open the window thinking that she is the one not knowing that it is the sound of the lizard that is running on the roof top. Once his phone rings, he will rush to see whether it is foreign number. Once he sees the courier service man come to their compound, he will rush to see whether he is the one they brought the thing to only to hear that it is not for him but for his neighbour.
16.     If his phone rings, he will rush to the phone to see whether plus (+) started the number. Nevertheless, once he sees that plus did not start the number he will throw the phone away.     
17.     When you say a man is going down every day, what do we mean? His strength is going down every day. Looking at him, his stature is still big but the strength is not there”.
18.     His stature is still very big but the strength is no longer there. Elder Phinehas is it a lie? Look at Igwe Amobi how fat he is, but he cannot run for a shot distance. The strength is no longer there, but the weight is still there.
19.     If you count on failure, you will not embark on a business. Nothing promotes business more than failure. If failure doesn’t teach you a lesson, your mind is not functioning properly”.
20.     If failure does not teach you a lesson, your mind is not functioning properly. If you do not recognise the point where you failed and what caused you to fail, you keep on failing there over and over, Success can never come until you crush that obstacle. Amen.

What is your vision about life?

What is your vision about life?
I want to speak on the message “Be Diligent to Protect Your Mindset.” Let Me help you to drive the message down deeper. We handled the message “Be Diligent to Protect Your Mindset” some years back; for whatever a man may be in this life is determined by the functional ability of his brain and then his vision about life.
2.          What is your vision about life? What do you think life is all about? You say life is a stage we come, play our roles as actors, and give way; what role are you playing in that stage? This is very essential. Nevertheless, I want to touch on something better than the role you are playing, or role you want to play in this life that is likened to a stage or a platform, a stadium or a pitch. I want to touch a little on that.
3.          The reason why Nigeria is what it is, like other countries in the world can be traced to one thing. Note, when I say Nigeria, I say the individuals that make up the country or nation. Narrow it down to your own family, for your family is your own Nigeria. My family is my own Nigeria. If you do not narrow Nigeria to your family, you may not understand what I am going to say in a nutshell.
4.          We are living in a society where people have too many laws; they have too many constitutions they set up for themselves for proper administration of their affairs. The same way families have their own binding principles they have established both traditionally and customarily.
5.          Our message made it clear to us that it has always been a fact and a fight to move people from one dispensation to another. It has never been an easy task at all, to move people from an old orientation to new orientation.
6.          It is just like what happened as I was coming into the fellowship, a sister accosted Me along the step and said, “Daddy, my house is burning like fire. Our enemies invaded us, threatened to kill us. My husband has arranged for Army to come and arrest some people and things like that.”
7.          In addition, she was asking for my permission to enable her rush home to join in that battle. I said, “No, is your husband there?” She said yes. I said, “Okay go inside and worship God. For it will be disastrous for your husband to be held and you also detained. Go inside, go and serve the Lord. If your husband cannot solve the problem, allow the problem to be there.”
8.          Reluctantly she came into the Fellowship, and for over thirty minutes she could not understand what the Apostle was reading from the pulpit, for I monitored her specifically.
9.          She only later joined; I will not be surprised that her phone might be switched on to the silent zone so that it will be vibrating, to enable her rush out to know whether the fire has engulfed everywhere. Why is the impulse still there and not removed? It is as a result of the old orientation.
10.     A family struggle, once one is involved, everybody is involved. The desire is still there, “We must see the end of it!” A habit inculcated from childhood, even at adolescence, nothing has ever queried it in the person’s mind. Because if she refuses to react, it then means she will be called a coward.
11.     Immediately she entered the hall at last, I turned over to one of our Deacons and then made a statement; said, “Brother, if I have permitted this sister to go out, she would have been number one victim. This boy in question would have murdered her and the rest would have remained alive for she is the target.”
12.     However, she did not hear that one, only our Deacon heard Me say it. In addition, I said it sincerely, peradventure, she would pretend to go out to ease herself, and from there sneak away. It is just like our brother that passed on. I spoke elaborately concerning him before he died.
13.     When the situation was hopeful, I spoke to the elders that were with Me. I never knew one of them captured it and then sent Me a text, that is Brother Uche. He said “Daddy, I am on my knees begging on behalf of our Pastor. Please, reject all the accusations the Devil is bringing before your Throne of Grace against him otherwise he will not come down from that bed.”
14.     The text came to me 17th March, 2012 morning from Brother Uche, the younger brother to Brother Oliver. Anybody from Enugu-Ezike or Nsukka can verify it. By the time the text came, Brother James has not even called Me. Thus, somebody spiritually, has captured the discussion I held with the Elders concerning Brother James, which made Me not to answer Brother Ojiakor’s call, Sister Shade’s call and many others calls.
15.     Moreover, I held this discussion with the Elders on three consecutive occasions, not shifting my stand one bit. That is by the way.
16.     Note, it has come to my knowledge and notice that people change laws, change constitutions but they do not change their mindsets which are the bane of our country Nigeria. Some people sometimes amend their laws, amend their constitutions but do not amend their mindsets.
17.     If you watch the controversies that have affected the religious world, emanating from religious blocs, namely Islam and Christianity. If the Son of Man is called to come and speak to the entire world concerning these controversies, the loggerheads; the disagreements, I will use only but one sentence or a statement to sum it all. I WILL SAY THE PROBLEM IS NOTHING BUT INTERPRETATION OF THE TWO BOOKS, THE QURAN AND THE BIBLE.
18.     Adherents, protagonists of these religious blocs give interpretations to suit their selfish ideology, to protect their tribal and cultural identity.
19.     In Nigeria, as far as Islam is concerned, a woman is not a public figure and can never hold any public office. That is Islam in Nigeria. However, in Turkey where Islam is the dominant religion, a woman is the president of the country. A woman is a defence minister, can you get the information?
20.     In Saudi Arabia which is the headquarters of the so-called Islamic Faith, a woman joined in the force. A woman goes to war just like Israel. Even Syria in the Middle East, the dominant religion is Islam. Women hold public offices and go to war there. But in Nigeria, it is an abomination according to Islamic Faith in Nigeria.
21.     Interpretations people give to their belief are such that protect their tribal and ethnic interest. Personal ideology, personal philosophy, This is what happens in every family. as far as the faith of the Son of Man is concerned; The faith of the Son of Man has become the bible to the bride that is given variable or variegated interpretations.
22.     This is why it behoves God alone to be the perfect interpreter of His word. For He interprets His word without any iota of selfishness, without bias and without any parochial interest. THus, God’s interpretation of His word is devoid of parochialism.
23.     No matter how you amend your constitutions, amend your laws, amend your principles; as long as you have not adjusted your mindset to suit the amendment, no change will be effected.
24.     If from the beginning of this faith, from the day you have identified with us till now, there has been no any noticeable change positively in your ways of life, in your standard of living, spiritually and physically; check properly you have only changed a Church and not the mindset.
25.     People change from one Church to another; they migrate from one Church to another. You can migrate from Deeper Life Church to Assemblies of God, from Assemblies of God to the Bridal Faith. It is like changing the constitutions and laws of your life but still upholding strictly the interest of your ethnic traditions, cultures and then customs. Moreover, that will determine how things will work for you.
26.     If you watch Nigeria for instance, we have changed from parliamentary system of government to presidential system of government, and our problems when we were practicing parliamentary system of government are still with us in the presidential system of government. It goes to prove that our problems were not there because of parliamentary, neither are they there because of presidential system of government. We changed a system of government and still upheld to the same old mindset.
27.     You can remain in this faith for one million years, holding onto the same old mindset, nothing will ever move for you and nothing will ever move in your family because no change has taken place until the mindset is adjusted.
28.     Until Nigerians adjust their mindsets to suit their democratic practice, the dividend of democracy can never be reaped. The same corruption that saddled the parliamentary system has become worse in the presidential arrangement that aims at curbing crime and corruption.
29.     In effect, it will be very hard for America; I mean the origin of presidential to adjust to Nigerian system of democracy. The same way, it will be difficult for Nigeria to adopt American system of democracy. Why? Do we have two democracies? One is democracy with multiple interpretations. Do we have two sons of men in this most holy Faith? No! One Son of Man, one message, one Leader, one Voice, one Spirit and one character.
30.     Why are we having problems? Even relating extensively with one another, even trusting and confiding in one another is because people are still holding tenaciously to their old long established ways of doing things which they inherited from their parents. For any little thing they do, query them, they will begin to quote “This is how our people do it”.
31.     If where your father and mother lived was good, why don’t you stay there? Why did you come out? He that is carrying the box of the father’s gods, and you are boasting that you are carrying a big thing; if actually it is big and it can protect, why is it that your father died? If the ways established by your father were okay, nothing was wrong with it, why did you come out? You could have remained with them. You have not come out until you have reformed your mindset.
32.     The moment your mindset is reformed and set, everything about your family background, your old tradition whether tribal or ethnic becomes absolutely nonsense and unacceptable. What you believe is what will work for you; whatever you believe is what must surely work for you.
33.     Thus, if what is working for others are not working for you, stop and think. What others believe is not what you believe. There is no way you can effect a change in your mindset and remain the same.
34.     Nobody effects a change in his mindset and remains the same. Impossible! Because the action will reflect that change, whether it is positive or negative.
35.     Begin to think about the interpretation you have been giving the messages, to the doctrines and teachings for that is the way things are happening around you. It may even be worse tomorrow because you are yet to be clothed, for nobody that is harbouring those mindset will ever be clothed. The cloth is an entirely new cloth meant for new body, not cloth for old body no. You are already wearing one.
36.     You are not liberated from the shackles of your traditions; you are not being liberated from the hostage of all that hold your people hostage until there is an abject rejection of the traditions AND rules governing your people.
37.     I use my family as an example. Whatever that works for Odoemenas can never work for Me because the gap is very wide. I had already tuned my mindset, changed my mind, and with all my heart say no to everything pertaining to them, hence, they cannot invite me. They cannot.
38.     Some are only perching with us as they perched with them in other Churches; some left the other Churches by revelation and here by revelation. If you are perching, you are not sitting down. if you are sitting down and your back is not relaxed; you are not comfortable. You can only be comfortable only when your bottom is on the seat and your back is on the chair.
39.     Majority of you in this Faith are bound hand and feet by the cultures, customs and traditions of your people which have not worked well even for the people that observed them.
40.     Hence, do not ask Me why you are not doing well, you are the one holding yourself for you are in this Faith paying lip service to the faith and your heart, your mind and everything is still tied to your family god.
41.     How I wish I can get the message titled “Family Gods.” God is talking to us, trying to reform us, helping us to readjust ourselves within this dying minutes. That God is going to put smiles on your faces and you will never come to God with sad faces, is it when you are hungry? Is it when you are needy? A hungry man is an angry man, don’t you know that?
42.     However, if you are hungry, who is responsible for that? If you must be angry, be angry at yourself.
43.     That you are hungry is a sign of your disobedience to God’s instruction, for if you had obeyed; your situation would have changed. Nobody obeys the word of God without his condition being changed.
44.     It is just like our brother, he cannot come and ask Me whether he should drop okada or not, and I cannot command him to drop okada. Moreover, he can never live a life higher than okada riders. All his testimonies must be testimonies of okada riders, finish. But any day he obeys, definitely things around him must change; your testimony will also change.
45.     Do not ask Me or do not begin to tell Me you don’t know what is wrong with you or with your business or this and that. No, do not ever try it. You are the one holding yourself, you have not fully obeyed. You have only changed Church, you are only changing Church; you are not changing your mindset. However, God wants you to change your mindset. You can never amend your ways until you amend your heart.
46.     Begin to process this information and know who placed you where you are: whether you are the one or God.
47.     A young man read one of my books titled “Strive To Be A Star”, finally he collected “Commitment”; collected a book titled “Time for Change.” Immediately, he left his parents at Benjamin Street, went to Awka and met with some people who exposed him to communication business. Today, he is living in a flat at Awka. He is married and wedded with two children; established a very nice office along Aroma junction. The wife is also working; a graduate. He helped the wife to complete her education at UniZik.
48.     He now shuttles Awka, Jos; Enugu and so on dealing with communication business. I called him one day and said, “Chika, so you could take a decision that will change your life for better!” He said, “Sir, I owe you a lot but not now. Just give me messages that will consolidate my marriage. I want to have a peaceful home.”
49.     Then I supplied him books that are helping his family. You called him a heathen, but he has believed the Son of Man more than you. To you he is going to Hell, but you are the one that is already in Hell. Before he will come to Hell, you are already a landlord in Hell. Amen.


Why are you bowing down when your opponent is standing up? You are kneeling down while your opponent is standing up. With the way you are behaving now, if this Faith will tarry, I mean if the catching away of the saints will tarry till ten years; do you think you will remain in this Faith and remain in this city feeding and nurturing your family? Or won’t you pack home? If you pack home, have you solved the problem? At least we have a living witness.
2.          Brother Mike Ugoala attempted it when he was answering Ugoala and he paid dearly for it. He ran back. A batcher you are occupying in the city doing something to earn a living is better than the flat you are staying at in your village, having nothing to eat.
3.          The house can provide you with accommodation but it cannot provide you with food. The person that is hungry, can he sleep? Your house, no matter how good it is must be uncomfortable as long as you are hungry and there is no money in your pocket. To those that are wishing to go back to their villages, I like it but I offer you a good advice.
4.          This is another farming season; begin now to prepare for your home-going week by going to cultivate enough land where you will land.
5.          He that has no dog in the land of the spirit, will he now have dog in the land of the living? If it is in your mind to go home, it is better you start now, after all you are not doing anything for Me, hence follow your people in clearing the bush where you can cultivate very well and fall when you get home.
6.          Am I wishing you to go home? No, for I know it is worse. I know people that have such spirits; they are predominantly people that come from Mbaise and Ngwa. Once they succeed in getting four rooms and parlour, three rooms and parlour; they will be desiring to go home as the head of the family, to know the boundaries of all their lands, even when they have nothing in their pocket.
7.          They love residing in their villages in their youths that is why any work that will make them to leave their community, they can hardly accept it. They love repainting old houses, instead of building modern houses. No matter how you refurbish an old car, it is still an old car. No amount of refurbishing can make it a modern car.
8.          God said that as long as He liveth that nobody that believed Him would pack home because of hardship except hypocrites. Is it true? He said no matter how worse the situation will come, we can never be the worst hit. If you think you are the worst hit, you are a hypocrite. It is a sure sign that for one day you have not obeyed this truth, you have not adjusted your mindset.
9.          One that has the spirit of carrying all his ambition will like to hit jackpot without working. Are you expecting something from a beggar, the time for hitting jackpot is over; this is the time for work. Is it not one that has money that you will play 419? Now money has vanished.
10.     Even in the bank, money has completely vanished. More so, nobody carries cash about. Nobody keeps cash in the home for there is no cash. All transactions are now paper transaction. Thus, the little you have, is the little robbers can take. Finish. The robbers have no money, those that were robbed have no money too.
11.     The most foolish person is a criminal, one that will block the high way for three hours, people are shouting “Armed robbers are on the high way!” for three hours; at the end of the day they (the armed robbers) will collect two thousand five hundred naira (N2,500), and they will be five persons to share the two thousand naira (N2,500).
12.     If they collect handset from somebody, people will be saying “Armed robbers have collected my handset;” at the end of the day he will sell the handset at the rate of one thousand naira (N1000). If they catch him and kill him, why did they kill him? Because of N2,500 or N1000.00. Glory be to God in the highest.
13.     What am I saying? Let nobody ever fold his or her arms, go to bed and relax waiting for the catching away of the saints. God had earlier warned that we must continue in the work we are doing in the fear of the Lord, it will never stop us from being raptured.
14.     However, developing a lazy attitude by folding your arms, refusing to study so that you can become somebody, or misinterpreting the messages, giving the impression that everything has come to an end, when your challenger, your opponent is still standing and pursuing you, is not our Message.
15.     Your greatest opponent that stands to challenge you remains the need of your children educationally, physically and otherwise. No opponent is greater than that: The growing needs of your children. That you drank beer and take pepper soup, did your son take? Every time they want to collect school fees from you, you will be giving cock and bull stories, how you caught the chick of a bird and the mother flew away.
16.     The kind of look your son will cast at you will tell you that your child knew that you are dodging your responsibility. If you want your children to hate you, keep them at home when their mates are in the school for non-payment of school fees. You can never cope with their hostility, for that reason; God is saying you should wake up.
17.     From the day a new baby is born, a new challenge is born. No matter how industrious your wife might be, the family comes to a point where the woman cannot cope with the whole problem and the man can never cope with the whole problem. Thus, if because your wife is helping you, helping the family you now relax, you are a fool of all fools; your mindset is not working.
18.     I will call you Egbema King, because there, they have their adage that a man is a king. Because a man is a king, he folds his arms and waits for the numerous wives to provide for him.
19.     A Man is not a king until he is able to provide for his family and his environs. A king does not provide for his family alone, he also provides for those around him, that is what made him a king. A king that sits at home only for the wife to provide for him is a slave and not a king. In the family where the woman is the provider, every other person is a slave. It is not an over statement, and the truth is this: no man is there, finish. If a man is there, let him act as a man.
20.     You cannot deny her leadership when she is providing for the need of the family. What is a leader? One that provides for the family. That person is a leader.
21.     All of you including myself, all hands must be on deck. I can see a very ungodly laziness set into the Bride again, people trying to present this Gospel truth in a beggarly way by so doing you give it another interpretation. I can see men beginning to shy away from their responsibilities, losing vision of their callings. Losing vision of what the family is all about.
22.     Do not allow what impoverished Mbaise people to impoverish you. You cannot succeed in any village, family, community until you find fault with your village, or community. Find out why your uncle has not measured up to expectation and then let it challenge you. Be number one to set a pace, and be a pacesetter.
23.     What impoverished Mbaise people should not impoverish you. What is that thing? One: early marriage without a reasonable occupation. If you marry early without a visible and viable means of livelihood, you must suffer it directly or indirectly. Note it very well. Number two: permitting a woman to live with you when you are not prepared to marry, in other words, keeping your girlfriend in your house when you are not ready to marry.
24.     Note: you cannot have any savings again, for the money you could have saved will end up in fashion and in the kitchen. The kitchen is not an established kitchen but a bukarterian. Every evening, “My love, let us go out! take me out!” What is taken out is your money.
25.     “This weekend is going to be groovy!” From crunches to Mr Biggs. From Mr Biggs to Mr Small. From Mr Small to Madam Unicef, “Take me out.” You think you are living big when you are making yourself small. You think you are in Heaven, when you are in Hell.
26.     Number three: accepting to be a chairman or accepting chairmanship in every occasion especially occasions that demands voluntary donations. You want to be flamboyant. Once you are flamboyant, you will begin to defend your position.
27.     For there is no way you will assume the position of a chairman without using money to support it. You will find out that you support the chairmanship table with the money you will not realise in the next five years. You can even tell them to put your name down, “I donate two hundred thousand.” You have become a public debtor and you must redeem it.
28.     There are too many other things but there is one other stupid thing I noticed in them. They prefer going to bed before the time. They love going to bed before the time, that is what impoverished them. What do I mean by that?
29.     Once they succeed in training one of their children or their wife to acquire a certificate maybe NCE or first degree or even school certificate and the person manages to start something, the man will recline, he will do no other meaningful business. The responsibility of the whole family, even the upbringing of the little ones will be shifted to the income earner, even if the parents are healthy and strong they would not do any business again.
30.     Your business will be sharing testimonies; “My son is a director of this company. My daughter is making it, she is in the airways. The principal is equally my wife,” this becomes his principal occupation, no more. He will be parading himself with this testimony when the family is suffering.
32.     Let me tell you what I am desiring to see in all of you, not one person not two. I have said it time without number; I thank God that I have witnesses.
33.     My daughters got employed after their graduation, when they got their first salary, they sealed the whole thing with envelopes and directed them to Me, calling it their first fruit, that as their Dad, I merited it. That I should use it for whatever I wanted.
34.     I glorified God for such a big honour that is done to Me by my children in my day. A thing of joy and the envelopes they sealed were big enough. I laughed, picked up my pen, praised them and wrote extensively, encouraging them.
35.     For the two big envelopes, you know what I did? I entered my house, brought out money and added to the ones they sent. Sealed the envelopes, and mailed them back with my words: “Thank you for honouring me, you will also honour me more but this is not my time yet. I am still strong, healthy and kicking. But when my legs can no longer sustain me and my hands will be shaking, I will become your liability. But today, I am still your asset. I do not need it. Use it for your personal upkeep. And anytime you come here, you are my responsibility. No matter your work, I will keep on sponsoring you”.
36.     However, if you are an indolent type, if you are lazy and unproductive, you will do like Mbaise people used to do: That the reward of the children have come. “God, nobody like you!” You will receive the money and put it into your pocket because you are lazy.
37.     Just like my sons, I used to tell them, “I am training you for your own good not for my own good. I am trying to help you to attain greatness. The problem that should trouble you concerning your father are being solved by your father gradually, including your own personal problems. You cannot come out now and begin to think how to build a house for me or buy a car for me or do this and that; I have done those things already. Neither will you begin to think how you will feed me. Without you, I will not be labouring again. What my palm tree will produce, the wine will be enough for me and my wife and we will rest.”
38.     I am using myself because the message “Be Diligent to Protect Your Mindset” was where I featured prominently the moment I left civil service without notice. I readjusted my mind, noticed that I have other potentialities that are not yet tapped. That everybody must not be a civil servant. There are many roads that lead to main market. It must not be new market and old market road. Even marine road leads to main market. Let me try Johnson street, I can get there also.
39.     If you do not prosper academically, prosper also businesswise. Prosper as a craftsman; prosper as a technician but it is revolving on your reasoning ability. The way you see life and life challenges.
40.     A man without challenges is a useless man; he is a man without responsibility. When you are thinking of nothing, you achieve nothing. If you think that the contributions of your wife is sufficient for the family, you can never move forward again.
41.     My wife’s salary can only provide a relieving succour in the time of need, not every time. Therefore, any man that is having his eyes on the salary of his wife is a complete failure. Whatever you are building for tomorrow, exclude your wife’s salary for it is not enough to maintain her if she is sincere.
42.     When we say her salary is for domestic purpose, give her that salary for domestic purpose less than one week; she will be crying. What you call domestic, is what she call capital. What you call capital, she calls domestic.
43.     How many believe that education is a capital investment? No woman here can fund children’s education. No woman in this Faith no matter how highly placed can fund children’s education. Even the so-called free education in Imo State, is it free? Are they studying?
44.     I thank God Brother IK was complaining to me. Saying, “Daddy, this politics of education is useless. They are not doing anything. How can they do anything when teachers are not paid? How can the students study when there are no facilities?”
45.     I went to secondary school and entered the principal’s office; I do not know what I should call that office. The whole premises, the office is like a madman’s place. Is that what they call principal’s office? Brother Onyema was with me when we visited a government secondary school. If the office is like that, imagine the type of principal we met.
46.     What am I saying? Do not make yourself poor for whatever you are is what you have decided to make yourself. You can change your situation from now. God will put smiles on your faces; you must meet God with smiling faces at the end, that is, if you humbly obey. However, where you fold your arms and refused to obey, no miracle will take place. The highest miracle is that you must pack down to the hinterland; you must pack away from flat to one room, from one room to the village.
47.     Hence, people will now clap hands for you, for you have laboured very well. too many opportunities abound in the township. HOWEVER, the reason why many of you are not prospering is because you are looking for already made. You do not believe in creating circumstances for yourself, you are looking for something that is already established. why not work towards establishing one.
48.     A journey of one million miles starts by taking a step forward. That thing you are complaining against, the business you are always grumbling and murmuring against, if it is not fairing very well, why are too many people there? Why is the business that is favouring many not favouring you? The problem is not with the business, it is with you. You have not changed your philosophy about life for your mindset is still towing the old character. You are still holding to the old views of life.
49.     The information you process, will determine the action you will take. It is not yet too late. Do not begin to think about extortion, nobody has ever succeeded in life by being an extortionist. Rather you make yourself poorer.
50.     Begin now to think of many opportunities that come your way which you missed. Begin to reflect on too many opportunities that still lie ahead because you are still alive, and once you are alive, opportunities are still alive. Amen.

The Mystery of the Angels,” if you do not know the mystery behind the Angels; you are likely to miss Angelic visitation. If you have the revelation, as many of us that have been following Me from the beginning, following the teachings; we have come to the conclusion that from the very onset God has good intentions towards His children.
2.          No deceit anywhere, the message tailored very well from the very beginning. No dislocation, no misplacement; no misinterpretation. When we talk about the Angels, it is just that God is the wisest being. When He said we should continue to follow whether we understood Him or not, that towards the end that HE will make all things plain; we are bound to understand all things. Is it not clearer today?
3.          Can anybody paint another picture of Angel before you? Whatever religious or ecclesiastical picture we had in mind has been erased completely.
4.          Angels are human beings. Watch God in action, when God comes He puts on different names. Angels are human beings, and God is the Archangel. The same Archangel was the same Angel Gabriel, so know it.
5.          Look at the Message, “The Mystery of Angels,” He was asked, “How are you going to do it?” He said, “I am going to the East.” It is no longer West. He said, “I am going to wear a black skin, go to the East,” the land of the rising of the sun; the land of the Angels.
6.          The Angels that got the revelation that Jesus Christ was born in the wilderness, where did they come from? From the East! The Queen of Sheba came from the East. The Ethiopia Eunuch came from the East. There must be East, Middle East or anything East is East. In addition, Middle Easterners are not whites, they are blacks.
7.          He said, “I am going to the East,” finish. He was asked, “Are you sure they will believe?” Will they believe?” He said, “Yes!” He was asked again, “Are you sure?” He answered, “Yes!”
8.          He was asked further, “Why are you so sure?” He said, “Because I have taught them.” Go to that Message “The Mystery of Angels,” it is there in your book.
9.          That place shocked Me so much. I thank God for the publication ministry; otherwise we would have denied ourselves. Not denying God, denying even ourselves. From what we have seen so far, were we not well taught? We are over taught.
10.     You see that God did not just fly in and say, “See me, I am God.” No, He revealed Himself in His Word stage by stage. Moving from one realm to another. He never called Himself a name; you now identified Who He is.
11.     Moreover, when you noticed it, with your teeth; you nearly bit off your finger. You began to beat your hands on your chest on the extent you rebelled against the truth. For the truth men has rebelled against has remained the truth that set them free—because of ecclesiastical veil.
12.     We are all in what I will call generational struggles. Generational struggle, for it has been the problem of all generations. To cause them to drop what they knew in their day and to believe something that is considered absolutely new, it is a struggle. As many that have received the Angel as a mere man, they got nothing in reward.
13.     However, as many that have the revelation, gave Him the honour of an Angel, got Angelic reward. Moreover, if you watch all Angelic rewards, they are all wrapped up in promises. All Angelic rewards are wrapped up in promises and they are all everlasting promises which no human being can capture.
14.     The funny thing about the Angel is this, since you believe He is a human being; believe also that He has a family. He belongs to a tribe.
15.     Look at what He said there, if you know the Head of State or President only with the uniform; any day he removes the uniform and begins to play draught, your life might be in danger.
16.     You may begin to jest around him not knowing that he is the Head of State, the Commander in Chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces. Instead of seeing it as a wonderful privilege having his handshake, let alone sitting down and playing draught with you. The highest honour human being do not deserve, do you think it is easy to receive a Prophet in the name of a Prophet, more so when he is your townsman?
17.     In that Message “The Mystery of the Angels,” we saw for the first time that God judged and condemned Jos, justified only few there. Set Jos aside and immediately, trouble started in Jos. When they thought they were leaving the Faith, they never knew that God had already abandoned them. You think you are abandoning the faith, when the Lord had already abandoned you, yet you do not know.
18.     As at the time this message was preached, all of them were jubilating and jumping up and down. However, God had already selected few and set the rest aside. I will not begin to rehearse.
19.     Angelic visitation, let me just say it here. Ninety-nine and half percent (99.5%) of the members in this Bridal Faith have not received God’s visitation for one day. They have never received the Prophet in the name of a Prophet, neither have they received Him as an Angel of God; let alone saying “MY LORD.”
20.     Remember He appeared as a MAN, became an ANGEL and lastly THE LORD. At another place: the MAN, the ANGEL and then GOD. Manoah said, “I have seen God,” and God never said He was not the one rather, he acknowledged that He was the One. He said, “I AM.” The same Voice Moses enquired, “Who are thou?” He said, “I AM. Go and tell them I AM.” Jesus was asked the same question and he said, “I AM what I AM.”
21.     He (the Elohim in the midst of the Bride) said, “If I tell you who I am and you do not believe, it is up to you. I AM what I AM. Your unbelief cannot add and cannot subtract it. I know my mission on Earth, you did not bring Me; you never called Me. I voluntarily decided to come.”
22.     Nobody in this Faith has ever sought God; rather God sought you and found you. Nobody in this Faith can declare how he sought God, nobody. People that are seeking God are in the denominations. Go to the Pentecostal, go to Roman Catholic and Anglican, there you see people that are really seeking God.
23.     They can travel from Nigeria to Jerusalem, to Rome, to Saudi Arabia, some shuttle from Onitsha to Enugu or Port-Harcourt. People travel all the way from Kanfachan to Port-Harcourt, carrying a very big tin of water and things like that. What are they looking for? They are looking for God: “A great man of God is coming from Germany;” and the whole world will run there.
24.     Some go to USA and looking for God. However, God is somewhere folding His arms, not making noise, watching the world like drama, as they run to and fro. See people claiming too many things.
25.     If He never revealed Himself through the Word, we would have found it difficult to believe. For William Branham said that He will be in the Earth in the last days, in the midst of the Bride (which is His Church). However, you must be there (in His Church) for you to see Him face to face, for He will reveal Himself through His Word.
26.     He will be on the land in the midst of the big population, yet nobody will know who He is but the scripture will reveal Who He is. You are looking for another great Angel and you are waiting for another great Prophet, when the Prophet had already been found loud and clear. Some are waiting for another Voice, the Voice of the Arch Angel when the Voice has roared.
27.     Some are praying that their names will be transferred from the Book Of Death to the Book Of Life when the Book has been closed, testimony sealed.
28.     Without controversy great is the mystery of Godliness. For God appeared in human form. How many of you in this Faith can say, “I have received this Angel as God” and declare when? That is say, “I have received you as God.”
29.     If He has been received as God, why the rebellion then? Why the murmuring? Moreover, this is why many are not benefiting because your unbelieving hearts hindered you from benefitting from his appearing or appearance.
30.     Do you know that the Angels were proving the faith of Lot when they were giving the impression that they were not going with him? They were reluctant; they were proving Lot more and more. Lot persuaded and persuaded people he knew not, to come and have a night in his house amidst others that were all out to devastate them. Lot said never, never.
31.     When he persuaded and persuaded, they reasoned among themselves and followed him to the house. They were no longer in a haste, discussion ensued. Then they disclosed their mission, the same thing happened to Rehab. They disclosed their mission because they were welcomed by revelation of who they were. They were mere men in outlook, but there was something telling both Lot and Rehab that they were not ordinary men.
32.     What can you say about the whole GOC, that is, Joshua seeing another Centurion in the war front? How did that man manage to appear in the war front, well-dressed, carrying both eagle and star ranks.
33.     Could there be two generals in the Army at the same time? Joshua wondered where the man could come from. Moreover, he was coming from the opposite side courageously. Joshua halted Him, “Stop there! Who are you? Identify yourself! Are you for me or against me? My friend, speak or else you become a casualty. I am not playing.”
34.     The message said, “He smiled, and said I am the Captain of the Hosts of Army of Heaven.” Without hesitation, Joshua fell down. Did he display any sign, any miracle? By revelation greater than Joshua appeared, he fell down. No wonder God said, “A fool can never acknowledge and concede to superiority.” However, Joshua was not a fool.
35.     What if Joshua never bend to obey Him? But of course he must, for he was an elect of God. Let God enter a market, it will take an elect to identify Him. He will tell you, “All of you, you see this man, I fear Him. He is not an ordinary man. His ways passeth all human understanding.”
36.     If you can go to that message that said who knows the thought of your heart, Pastor Dan, who knows your secret? Even those things you said they are secret, they are open to Him. That he does not want you to know is because He wants to respect you as a man, lest you begin to run away from Him. Even if you run away, He knows where you are running to.
37.     The Son of Man is not even interested in your human plan, but when your human plan put you into trouble, do not come to Him. There is nothing you are planning which I, the Son of Man, Apostle Peter Odoemena do not know. There is nothing you have done which I do not know and the way you have done it. That I allowed you time is because I have decided to do so.
38.     Any day I want to stop you, I will stop you without consultation. The truth of the matter is that you liken this Faith to one of those Churches your fathers knew or introduced you to. No, this Church are handpicked individuals. Nobody in this Faith is your convert. There is nobody in this most holy Faith you can place your hand on his head and say “This is my convert.” Not even your own biological child.
39.     You may have your child, it is your right, but God has the right to reject your child. What can you say about Cain and Abel? Who rejected Cain? God! Who was the father of Cain? Adam. Who received Abel? God. Who was the father? Adam. You have your children the way you want, but you cannot impose them on God and He is not obligatory to save all your children. Amen.


Do not carry this message too far because the spirit I saw in you is what I want to address in a nutshell. You are throwing this message to the past; God Who called for it knew very well that you never understood it. Now is the time of the end, He brought it back to show you the message which you doubted and disbelieved.
2.        You have not believed it until the day you are sure and convinced that this is pure truth. From that moment, your attitude will change. However, if you throw it back to 1996, as past message, that is where you pin down your death because you are guilty of it in one way or the other.
3.        Are you surprised why the scripture said that if the Jews had known that Jesus the Christ was their Messiah, they would not have maltreated Him? All of you that maltreated Me and are still maltreating Me.
4.        If by revelation you have known that I AM HE; do you think you would have acted that way? From the beginning, did I not tell you that I AM HE?
5.        Forget about my skin, forget about my marital status, if you are intelligent, if in the First Advent He was a bachelor and He that foreran the ministry was a bachelor, in the Second Advent, the forerunner became a married man with family—not marrying one but marrying two—He that he foreran His ministry can never be a bachelor. For HE came to institute a family, for as a bachelor he knew nothing about family but talked about family.
6.        this is the time of implementation. And where there is no family, there is no Church. You cannot talk of the Body of Christ without family, and you cannot talk about the sons and daughters of God. Impossible. In addition, there can never be a central meeting point between God and His people.
7.        We cannot print any message for printing sake, we are being moved by the spirit to select messages we will print out of the millions of messages we have.
8.        If you doubt Me, go to the library and see. If I command you to go and look for a message there, it will take you one month yet you have not succeeded. Hence, do not think it is a physical matter. The young brothers that are there, they pray before they enter there. Otherwise, they may stay there for one month without getting any tape.
9.        Angels are human beings. This was the situation the Jews saw themselves in and St. Paul said that they have already missed the hour of their visitation. Why? They could not see St. Paul as the very Angel messenger. They were expecting Jesus Christ, expecting another mighty Angel that will come from the sky when a human being called Paul appeared, that is Saul of Tarsus. A human being, and he made it clear: “If you then disbelieve our words; you count yourself unworthy of everlasting life.”
10.    In other words, if you do not believe that I am HE, He that will come, set your Bible aside, and begin to talk to you saying, “It was said of them of old but I say unto you; I; Paul said unto you,” you will perish.
11.    Jesus said, “It was said of them of old but I say unto you.” They pounced on Him that He was speaking contrary to what they knew. Pounced on Paul that he was speaking contrary on this and that. Were you not pouncing on Me? Some are still arguing it till today. While some behave as if I am accountable to them. Some place themselves where I should be rendering daily account of my life.
12.    Instead of them to believe, they are scrutinizing my personality. Moreover, the more they do that the more they are failing. How can you scrutinize my identity? Do you know where I came from? You do not know where I came from. I know where I came from; I know where I am going and I know when I am going back. I know my mission on Earth. If you do not know your mission that is up to you.  
13.    I know my mission and I have never veered off from my mission. Thus, do not be surprised that it is East, you can see it there in the Message. Therefore, if any arise from the East, we shall say no. The Prophet said it must be in one of the jungles in Africa and He is not coming as a white sheep but as a black sheep. However, the simplicity that will be in Him will make the whole thing to fly over the head of everybody.
14.    He went further to say, “This is where Americas will stumble.” However, it is not America, it is the whole world.
15.    Have you wondered since the establishment of the websites, thousands of people have been going to the websites even from Nigeria. Nobody has ever written a word against us—nobody. Everywhere is calm including Israel, everywhere is calm; including Vatican City. If anybody is not in the web, not the Vatican City. Everywhere is calm.
16.    Do you know how many members of the Vatican that have seen it in Nigeria? Do you know reverend fathers and reverend sisters that go to the web? Because the web is such a thing that no matter how you open your website you must see it. Use any network, we are there. We are not hidden.
17.    The Voice said, “Watch,” as at that time He kept His Name secret. And they were enquiring who this is? “Who is this man?” Voice of the Arch Angel. Who is this man in THE LAST TRUMPET? Who is this Watchman? What is His name? Vindicated Apostle, no name.
18.     I went further to tell you that towards the end, look at what will happen: “I will be meeting you through Epistles,” and towards the end we will be calling names of people that did us good and names of people that did us great harm.
19.    Moreover, as at that time, nobody know anything that could be called Epistle, apart from the Great Sermon, we have the Epistles. However, I did not make it available to all of you, Brother Kelechi has his own copy of the Epistle. There is no Local Assembly that has never received Epistle from Me.
20.    Apart from the Great Sermon, Epistle is everywhere. God fulfilled all that He promised. The Angel was not hasty to disclose His Name. He asked them a question, “Why are you interested in knowing my Name seeing I have kept it secret?”
21.    Gradually, gradually, gradually; He revealed His Name and said, “This Name is you security. Nobody should use it to compose any song; nobody should use it anywhere randomly, but in the case of emergency, call this Name.”
22.    He has restored His Name to His former glory: “Thou shall never use the Name of the Lord your God in vain, remember it is sacred.” He said that if they are calling Jesus, follow them, they call messiah, follow them, they call Jehovah follow them; but pin it in your heart for you know the Name. That He has packed away from all those names, hence you know the present dwelling place of the Elohim.
23.    He said, “If you can follow till the end, you will surely say; ‘surely the Elohim dwelleth in the Son of Man.’” Has it not come to pass? It has. I remember too many things He could not say that time; He will just watch the crowd. Sometimes He will ask us to go, give us another date to come in order to make sure no stranger was found in the Church: “I will say something.”
24.    Sometimes, He will ask the newcomers to go and lock up the door; then say whatever He wanted to say and open the door again. We have come to the end of everything where it has become increasingly difficult to remedy a fault, a serious omission in particular.
25.    However, you can readjust your mind for one reason, that there could be hope at the end. There could be light at the end of the tunnel. For Samuel told them, “No matter the level of your intransitive, do not draw back from following Him. Consciously follow Him pleading your case, at the end He will show you mercy.
26.    For your God knows His own for He will not destroy you any now. When you lift up the message, what do you intend to see? Especially a teaching that takes you line by line, precept upon precept; a little here a little there having only one aim that your faith will not hang on the word of any man but in the word as documented using the scripture to show who He is.
27.    The reason why Jesus the Christ did little or no miracle in Galilee was because of over familiarity which produced unbelief. Over familiarity produces unbelief: “I know Him. I know where He is living. I can talk about His family where they drink dry gin together. If I just go there, I just open a bottle and drink it. All of us will drink. Do not talk to me like that! You do not know Him. I know Him very well!”
28.    A human being knows God very well. “If you know Him very well, why did He pour your food on the ground. You can explain everything explain why your so-called delicious food, expensive food was poured on the ground?” If you intended that food for Him, whether He poured it on the ground or He carried it home or He marched on it, just rejoice.
29.    You are not interested on how He handled the food, but if you go ahead in murmuring and complaining: “This man must be a useless man causing me to suffer, to sweat, thinking that He will eat this food only for this man to pour this food on the ground, what a nonsense!” You have rejected Him.
30.    Glory be to God in the highest! Job said, “I know that my Redeemer liveth. He will come on the last day and stand upon the Earth.” What is more, the last day started on the Day of Pentecost when Peter finished the Epistle and said, “It is in agreement with what Joel the Prophet prophesied that it will take place in the last day”.
31.    Thus, the last day took off that day. Paul came and said, “In the last days see what will be the attitude of the people on Earth.” We continued and we are the manifestation of everything. The way you receive a man of God will determine what He will leave behind, Remember He does not leave only blessing, He can live a course.
32.    Jeroboam received a man of God because he was a young man, he proclaimed thus saith the Lord. By the time he was about to move, Jeroboam gripped him he left something behind.
33.    Saul the King in his position he was too arrogant, he forgot that it was Samuel that ordained him king. Nevertheless, Samuel spoke to Saul in anger, Saul gripped Samuel and even tore his cloth for Samuel was a man smallish in stature, soft spoken and very humble. Sometimes, looking very timid. Saul being a tyrant, full of valour, gripped him, and in the attempt he tore Samuel’s cloth.
34.    Samuel did not slap him, he looked at him and said, “Thank you. The same way you tore this cloth, it is the same way the Lord has taken the kingdom from you.” Finish.
35.    Just in a simple way God said to Okey Paul, “My friend, you were attempting to erase the inspired words and for so doing, you damaged the whole message. The same way you erased it, the same way the Lord has erased your name from the Book of Life.” He went away and carried on like Saul carried on.
36.    Your case might have been determined and yet you are still caring on. Samuel never went back to tell him to stop parading Himself as King, did He? No. he went somewhere, unknown to him picked a small boy again went his way.
37.    The move of God in every dispensation has been so simple that only the elect will captured it, the rest will not. For man by nature expects something very big but God come in a simple and quiet manner.
38.    One of our friends who used to visit us and has read our books, met Me along the way with his two sons. We saluted; I greeted the two sons, they are graduates. While I was trying to part, the man called Me back.
39.    I said, “Sir, I am in a haste!” He said, “Please just one minute.” I said okay. I wanted to cross the road but he said, “No, no; no. Stay there, let us meet you there.”
40.    He took his two sons to where I was standing and said, “I do not need a Prophet to tell me this. I know you are God. I do not want this my sons to perish. Can you please guarantee them salvation?”
41.    I said, “Sir, I will guarantee them main road salvation. Gentlemen, you are safe on this main road, thank you.”
42.    He never requested for his salvation, but that of his two sons on the main road. Moreover, I gave them “main road salvation.” I dare not tell them that they will perish, no. It will be an over statement.
43.    I can still preach to somebody, give him the impression that by and by he is getting saved, where will he write his name? Tell me what I will give him which he will present?
44.    You are coming waving the sheaves and He collected no sheaves before the Door was closed. Will he wave handkerchief? I am not father Edeh neither am I Mbaka who will give you handkerchief. I do not have physical handkerchief, but I have a spiritual handkerchief. Once you wave it, I know who you are. For nobody will hold it but you.
45.    Joseph as king in Egypt knows very well that he hid the golden cup inside the bag of Benjamin and not any other. When he was looking for the king’s cup, he knew where to get it for he was the one that placed it there. It is the person that digs out the charm from the ground that placed it there. He cannot put it there and another person will bring it out.
46.    If you go to the native doctor and tell him things, he will tell you so many things, finally he will ask you where are you living. He will now send two persons to monitor you to know where you are living. Once he knows there, he will put something in your house and when he comes, he will tell you that somebody placed something in your house, that is why the problem you are having is still there.
47.    Then he will tell you what you will bring so that he will remove the thing. Once you bring the things he asked you to bring, he will just go to where he placed that thing, remove it and tell you to see it. You will be jumping up that the man is great. He is not great, he is a deceiver. If you depend on the native doctor, you are finished. Rather depend on God for He is the One that is faithful.
48.    Joseph was the one that buried the golden cup in that bag, asked them to go and then accused them of stealing, that his own purpose and election might be accomplished.
49.    If you were in the company, and something you least expected that could be found among you was traced in your younger brother’s bag; tell me how you will feel? Already all of you have become robbers. You are criminals.
50.    Moreover, justifying you and asking you to go that the criminal will stay behind, you know what it meant? The criminal will be trembling. Who made him the criminal?
51.    On this note, I say remain in your sanctified estate, remain blessed in Him eternally.