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Sunday, 29 April 2012


Preached on 25TH MAY, 2008. By THE SON OF MAN (Apostle Peter Odoemena) At THE HOUSEHOLD OF GOD Onitsha

Let Me tell you, I, Apostle Peter Odoemena, has reincarnated several times in this life. Don’t think that this is My first existence. This is how I have been coming and going. There is no generation that will not meet Me. Even this generation, if it will have a proceeding generation, ODOEMENA will be there. Believe it if you can...
—Son of Man

God Himself is Love, and all who are born of God must have this Love. God loves all His Children but, the enemy—one that is on the opposing side—will always want to hurt and even kill them.

The enemy, one that is on the opposing side, one that is on the contrary will always want to hurt; hurt his Brother or Sister, say things that will hurt his or her soul, say things that will kill his or her reputation, things that will kill his or her character, make people suspect him or her, then that man or woman is discouraged. –Son of Man


In our Message titled: THE SEVEN STEPS TO THE PROMISES OF GOD, the Message “Forgiveness” there is just an extract. So, the Message FORGIVENESS is the fullness of the Message. It is applicable to the Message FELLOWSHIP and FAITHFULNESS.
2. The Lord willing, by next week, we will see FELLOWSHIP. You will see the completeness of the Message FELLOWSHIP. As long as many of you have SEVEN STEPS, there is no need permitting the minister to read FORGIVENESS in the Fellowship. You can now join what you have heard to that one.
3. However, if you want to get the fullness of the Message, well, it is up to you. We will tell you the cost price, that is, the cost of production only. We
don’t add anything to the cost of production.
4. So, if you want to have FORGIVENESS, FELLOWSHIP AND FAITHFULNESS in different book forms, we will tell you how much you will pay. We will cost it today. Maybe by the time we dismiss, we will tell you how much you will give us. It is not compulsory you have it, but if you feel you will have it, praise God. Go for it! All Local Assemblies must have a copy. Individuals can have copies voluntarily. Amen.

Looking into the Message titled: FORGIVENESS, I heard too many things there that are very inspiring. The Message I just want to scratch a little there is this: “That Your Past Experience Will Help You More In This New Contract Than Any Other Thing;” that once you forget your past experience, it will be very difficult for you to hook up with the “new agreement.”
2. Every Ministry from God has two polls—the first poll and the second poll. So, this one is not an exception. Furthermore, the Lord, by way of reminding you of your experiences in the past has already highlighted to you that we have been “negotiating bends” since this Ministry started and that we are going to negotiate another one in this new agreement.
3. And in the many curves we have negotiated, many have fallen away. If you forget this, you may become the next victim. This shows that God loves us. He doesn’t want anybody to perish; nevertheless, every man must go the way he is ordained. If you are ordained to fall away, you must fall away. If you are ordained to stay, you must stay.
4. He gave us a warning that this year, we should be very careful; that if we have been embracing every Tom, Dick and Harry in the name of Brotherhood, Sisterhood, we should be very careful because, there are many dangerous forces operating in the Camp; too many spirits have infiltrated into the Camp in the name of Brethren with their different anointing and different purposes.
5. They have their different missions and God knows them. He permitted them to be in this Faith. You should be very careful. Some are sent into the Faith for you; some are sent here expressly for the Son of Man. So, you have to be very, very careful. I thank God for that warning.
6. Specifically, God picked on a lady during Fellowship; a lady we were calling our Sister Yemi, who had already attended “thirteen Churches” before she came into this Faith. Look at the word God used to describe her: “Flying Star who was expressly sent for the Son of Man and nobody knew her mission but the Son of Man.” In addition, the Lord said, “Anytime such people’s mission had become injurious to the Brethren, the Lord Himself will halt it.”
7 Thus, if you are sitting down here, thinking that God doesn’t know your mission, you are deceiving yourself; man or woman in this Faith, God knows your mission. God knows what you want to achieve in this Faith. He allowed you to be in this Faith. Will He allow you to achieve it? The answer is “No.” He must surely frustrate you.
8. To Ministers that were useless in the past, who were careless over themselves, over their ministries, the Lord warned them ahead of time that you should not be victims of such people again—once bitten, twice shy. Guard your ministry with godly jealousy.
9. The same way, you should guard your family with Godly jealousy. Any attack that is directed to a minister is directed to his family. Do you believe that? Any animal that is pursuing a hen can never spare the eggs. An enemy who is after a man, will he spare the wife when he sees the wife? Will he spare the children? So, you better understand what I am saying.
10. Any attack that is directed towards you is directed towards your family. Gird up your loins immediately and be vigilant spiritually. The Lord is saying that if you have the Spirit of God and you have aligned yourself with the Truth, you will discern such people and their missions. Then give them the right attitude so that they will feel disappointed.
11. While they think that they have taken you by surprise, they never knew that God had already revealed everything about them to you. When they feel disappointed, their trouble will start. Before you know it, they will withdraw. But to those that are ordained to stay, come what may, they are in this Faith. Let the wind blow; let the tempest rise, let there be earthquake they cannot shake because they are immovable.
12. The Lord has x-rayed this year to all of us; not only this year, but from this year onwards. It is a “package” that will be revealed gradually. Many, many things are contained in this Message. Blessed be the Name of the Lord.
13. So, we really thank God. We give God the glory. I believe that this Publication Ministry is a blessing. The Tape Ministry is also a blessing, for without the Tape Ministry, there won’t be a Publication Ministry. So, all of you working in the Tape Ministry, you should be very careful from now, for whatever you are dubbing there is what is sustaining our lives.
14. Without bringing out this Message in book form, how can we put ourselves in remembrance of these things? Many of the dreams we read recently, must have been forgotten by all of us. We must have forgotten all the experiences we passed through, but watch this moment, we are renewed again; the Lord has rekindled the fire in us.
15. We had already forgotten all we passed through in the wilderness, but the Lord has reminded us of all those good old days when we are eating once a day. Sometimes, we could not even eat at all. I remember that time. We equally remembered it in my family altar yesterday: I could stand behind this pulpit from morning to night without food, talking and talking as if the whole Messages will finish in one day.
16. That was what the hour needed, for the Lord called it a “Quick Work” and that was why within the shortest period, we outclassed all that started the heavenly race before us. What people could not achieve in hundreds and thousands of years, we were able to achieve and even more within the shortest period, hence nobody can now fool us using the Bible or Jesus or anything they like.
17. The Lord knew what we would pass through and He gave us what we needed; He equipped us left and right.
18. Look at another step: if the written word cannot save you, and the Spoken Word can also not save you, you are totally lost. In the same way, if the Law cannot save you and Grace cannot save you, you are totally lost.
19. William Braham puts it this way in his own day:
“Once somebody spurns the Law and spurns Grace, he crosses the ‘divide’ to a point of no return.” So, he is totally lost.
20. Therefore, if under the Law, you were not measuring up fine, and under Grace, you were not measuring up fine; you have no inheritance amongst the Saints. I say, you have no inheritance amongst the Saints.
21. Watch people that had trouble during the Grace period, they were people that were living in hypocrisy under the Law; they had problem under the Law. God reminded us of where we are. He said that most of us in this Faith do not know where we are; that if we want to know more about where we are, we should go to the spirit levels, adjust your consciousness or visit people that have attained spiritual heights for them to tell you where you are.
22. That is why, when they have tried you all round and they couldn’t get you, they will come out openly and tell you that you are deceiving everybody into believing that you are going to Church when the place is an occult place—that you belong to a cult and not Church.
23. Some have even come to me telling me to my face: “Odoemena, you have not told us where you go with your family. We do not believe it is Church.” And really, do we behave like Church people? Do we talk like Church people? Do Church people hear what we are hearing?
24. No Churchman can challenge any spirit and get away with it. No Churchman can withstand any trouble. It is only in this Faith that we can march upon serpents, march upon scorpions, pass through fire, go through the valleys of death and still emerge victorious.
25. Yes, things that will kill the heathen in one second, we do not feel the impact; things that finished churchgoers in one second, we see them flying over us like ordinary wind. Is it not wonderful?
26. Even if there is no other heaven, the one I am enjoying in this Faith is enough. So, nobody can trouble us here this year. I say, nobody can trouble us in this Faith this year. It is a New Year and a peculiar year with new, new things that will happen. God has kept all of them as a secret, which He said He would unfold gradually with time.
27. Beneficiaries will know. Some will be witnesses to these promises while others will be beneficiaries. I want to be a partaker; I do not want to be an ordinary witness. It is all in your hands. You can change your mind now and the Lord will decide to withdraw the punishment He has prepared for you.
i. If you change your mind today, the punishment be withdrawn; but if you harden your heart, well, glory be to God, you may become the example we shall be quoting the next time around.
29. Also, we should always remember this quote: “After examining myself in the light of this review; in the light of the Word of God, I weighed myself all around; I have come to the conclusion that it is better to obey the Word of God than to demonstrate against the Word of God” — thus saith Sister Thomas.
30. It will “remain a quote” in this Ministry. What have you said after the review? After the review, did you call everything nonsense? This is because sin is folly to one that is destitute of the truth. Evil is pleasure to him that is destitute of the truth.
31. Watch all that take pleasure in doing evil; in wrecking havoc in the Faith; in being injurious to the Faith; taking pleasure in walking contrary to the revealed Word of God; all that have intent to hurt, they are destitute of the truth. God is leading us in love and we must follow God in love; and in love, He will lead us into immortality.
32. On this note, let us go into praises. If somebody has to lead us in praising the Lord, he should lead us in love because we have been blessed already and we shall be blessed the more as we continue in Him. Remain blessed Brethren.



If God is with us, who can be against us? They shall gather together but not by my Spirit. They shall take counsel together but it shall not hold. And no weapon that is fashioned against us shall prosper, and that is the inheritance of God’s children.
2. Our righteousness is of Him, saith the Lord God Almighty. Who can battle with the Lord? Last Sunday, Apostle Kelechi was on the pulpit reading out something and he came across a portion where the Lord made a solemn promise to select “seven faithful and worthy Ministers” He will send to a college where He Himself will be their Tutor for seven consecutive days.

3. There, He will reveal to them, the “forbidden knowledge” which they will use to protect themselves, their families and the entire Bride in general. He said, “Any moment from now, it shall come to pass for that is all you need for now because the days we are living in is full of evil—evil men and women abound everywhere.
4. I believe the same God we are serving was the God Elijah called and He answered by fire, I mean, we call Him “God that consumed sacrifices with fire.” Was He not the same God that ate the food that Manoah and the wife prepared? How did He eat that food? By fire.
5. Whatever you see the world doing, it is the counterfeit of the original. Whatever you have seen in the “spirit world,” the reality is in Christ. That is why one that is born without Christ should be pitied; it is better you live a day with Christ and die than to live one million years without Christ; the day the person is born is a cursed day.
6. The Lord has been challenging us all this while that if you are numbered amongst those who say that it is a burden to worship the Lord; that worshipping the Lord is a burden you cannot bear, He said, “Why not go and try the Devil?” You feel you are wasting your time serving the Lord, coming down to the Fellowship from time to time, He said, “Well, you will do better, go to the Devil; peradventure, what you are looking for may be found in the Devil.”
7. Therefore, if you are feeling uncomfortable in this Faith; you are not free with us; you are not free with the Message, well, this Faith is not meant for you. The Message is not meant for you.
8. Let me tell you, where we read the other time in the Message: BEWITCHED: “When you protect this Faith, this Faith will protect you. Your protection is this Faith. Your destruction is also this Faith. When you protect this Faith, this Faith will surely protect you. If you don’t protect this Faith, it will never protect you.”
9. BEWITCHED, page 120: “Another thing I want to tell you is this: when God praises you, be very careful, for you are not the only person that heard the praise; the enemy is there to try you. Another thing is this: all the Elders, be very careful. Let the Word of God stand before you. Make sure that your interest is to protect the Faith for if you protect this Faith, this Faith will protect you, but if you do not protect this Faith, this Faith cannot protect you.”
10. The Message was preached on 21 March, 2007. The emphasis there is this: if you protect this Faith in its purity, this Faith must surely protect you.
11. When God said that the essence of coming to Him is for protection, that people run helter-skelter because of protection; that when you are serving a god that cannot protect you, you are risking your life, and that you should resign from that god; did you think He was joking? Your life is strongly tied to your Faith.
12. That is why God said that if you are a seed of God—you are a part of God—and you are a part of what God is doing in your day. Rebelling against the Faith is rebelling against yourself. Dishonouring the Faith means dishonouring yourself. Whatever you are doing to the Faith, you are doing to yourself. You are the one that will benefit; you are the one that will suffer. You do harm to this Faith, you are doing it to yourself and your family. Amen.

Human feelings have always been proved to be wrong before God. Form opinion with what you experience with each other with the Love of God in our heart and not with your hateful feelings or hearsay. Often times, things or facts are misrepresented through hearsay, but hand down the right judgment.     -Son of Man


If you watch all the testimonies that were documented in the Message titled FORGIVENESS, many peoples’ names appeared who benefited from God’s Amazing Grace. Why, were they beneficiaries? Did they benefit outside the Faith? All those benefits got to them through the Faith because they were a part of it. When they had gone to hospitals—everywhere—and they felt disappointed, they came to their God and their God wiped away their tears.
2. One day, I will talk to you on “The Dangers of Upsetting a Man Of God.” When you upset a man of God, you will cause many to die. You are wrecking havoc in the Family of God for you do not know who will be the victim.
3. Upset a man of God, put Him off the Spirit, you do not know who will be the next person that will come, who may require His service. Surprisingly, he may be turned back for offence he never committed. The person that may suffer might be you. It may not be your son or daughter; you may be the one whose life must be at stake or whose condition must be at stake at that time.
5. All those people that rejoiced because they benefited, can they cast their minds back to the condition of those who lost theirs? You benefited because the man of God was in “the right mind” and He welcomed you and attended to you in love; but look at the others, they couldn’t cross His door; He could not even see their babies. He just said, “Go to the hospital, any hospital of your choice.” The heavens did not fall. The next thing was sorrow and heartbreak.
6. Can we learn lessons from what we have been hearing? THAT GOD CAN BLESS US IN EVERYTHING, BUT NEVER IN UNBELIEF. Look at the words He used to describe unbelievers: beasts, animals, unreasonable elements, unprofitable in anything, good for nothing—these were the words documented in that Message.
7. So, if you are an unbeliever, that is your portion. To Paul Anah, who left us long ago, he received a condemnation from a heathen who witnessed the resurrection of the daughter, alongside many others.
8. But look at what God said when he had committed no crime: “Apostle Kelechi, follow Me, I am going to his house. Bro. Shed, take us to his house. I do not know his house. Let Me go and show Paul Anah a sign; peradventure, the family might be saved.”
9. And the Scriptures said: “Through signs and wonders, the Lord brought the Gentiles into obedience.”
10. Once you forget what your eyes have seen, your ears have heard, your mouth has proclaimed and, your hands have handled, the next thing is “destruction.” Once you forget what your eyes have seen and your ears have heard; your mouth testified; you were a beneficiary, destruction awaits you. Nobody leaves this Faith without loosing consciousness of all these things.
11. For you to blaspheme this Faith or speak against the Son of Man, you must have lost consciousness of all the benefits of God to which you were a beneficiary. No wonder the Psalmist said that you should count your blessings one by one; that you will be surprised at what the Lord has done for you.
12. Look at Me very well. Many do not know Me. You only know Me to the extent I want you to  know Me. In Brother Victor’s testimony, many Elders saw what happened. Brother Ik Nwobodo, you are careless over your Ministry there and you think I am kidding here. This is the only place where people follow the Son of Man stupidly. If you are intelligent, you will know that “One” greater than the Head of State is in the Bridal Faith. How do you know? By divine revelation.
13. What the entire World is looking for; the reason why they are running to and fro is here amongst us. We are just like little children that are given something that is greater than them. That is exactly what we looked like.
14. I cannot forget the last Message our former Brother and Teacher Igwe preached; I saw it in my jotter yesterday. In that Message—on one Sunday school like that—he said, “Brethren, we have called down ‘a big masquerade’ which we cannot even worship and we are bound to be destroyed by the  masquerade, for when a community invokes a god that they cannot serve, that god will strike all of them and they are likely going to perish.”
15. After handling the Message, he vanished. We did not see him again till today. He vanished with his family because of fear.
16. But Samuel told his people in his day that: “Though you have offended your God, don‘t blaspheme Him, don’t withdraw from Him, follow Him. Keep on repenting, He will not destroy you. As you continue, He will pardon you; He will save you because He has called you His own people. But, let it be known to you that any day you draw back from Him, He will destroy you.”
17. Look at another statement I saw there in Message titled FORGIVENESS: “You might see people that withdrew from this Faith walking about and you may be deceived into thinking that all is well with them; it is because you do not have spiritual eyes. I see them as ‘moving corpses.’ If the Lord will open your eyes to see what is awaiting them, the greatness of their punishment, you will marvel; that some of them have been acquainted with it from time to time; that one saw it in a dream and run back to Me telling me what she saw. I said, ‘Praise God you were the one that saw it,’ but there is no room for reconciliation.”
18. That is why, when they see somebody excommunicated, they will rush the person immediately so that the person will be a partaker in their suffering. When Satan forfeited the throne, he knew what awaits him; the Scriptures said, “He vowed a vow that as long as he lives, nobody will ever be reconciled with God; that all must face the same fate with him.”
19. That is why he is troubling the whole world till today, No wonder the voice went: “Woe unto the men on Earth for the deceiver of nations is cast down on Earth who will trouble them day and night.”
20. In these last days, he is at work with his deceitful means. Who will not be deceived? Only the Elect and you are numbered amongst the Elect; not by your merits, not by your works but by God’s foreknowledge; by predestination.
21. Do you see why it is Grace? Why didn’t God place you amongst those that are in prison custody? Those whom He has reserved waiting for the day of their final destruction. Why did God include you and me amongst those He will save in this last generation?
22. Therefore, when you see a criminal condemned to death, awaiting execution, you might be thinking he will no longer be killed. Government may be giving him the best part of the meal that is served the prisoners, for they know he is taking his last meal. One morning, he will be called and you see him no more. That is why they are very hostile. Nobody that is excommunicated from this Faith feels happy seeing any Brother or Sister. Go outside and see what is happening.
23. 15th May this year marks five years we excommunicated Okey Nwamkpa, up till today, his hostility is still there; which goes to show that he is not happy with his condition because, if you are in the hands of the Devil, in one way or the other, God rescued you, you will be the happiest man on Earth; you got lost but God found you and gave you a nice place to abide in; but, when you think you are deceived in this Faith, leave us! Go to the place where you will not be deceived.
24. The fact that they are not perching anywhere goes to show that they are regretting, but to come back, no way. If there had been truth somewhere else, they would have for long enlisted there. Or do you mean to tell Me that they have said that they won’t worship God anymore? Have you asked yourself the question why it is impossible for people to identify with any other group once they leave this Faith?
25. If you want to know what I am saying, visit Mrs. Ike and hear her testimony. After going through Odoziobodo, U.C.C., Assemblies of God and one other “deliverance centre” where she wedded, she concluded that there is no Truth elsewhere. She ran back to Me. Her confession since then has not changed.
26. She said that if not for the Truth in the Messages she received in this Faith, she would have died long time ago and that is very true. It is only in this Faith that God will prepare you all round to meet challenges without being discouraged; to face any situation courageously. There is nothing you will see and it becomes strange to you. Nothing will happen upon the Earth
that will move you from your conviction.
27. I remember what God told us in the time past:
“Do you know that it is in this Faith that death has lost its power?” Outside this Faith, people feel like following death into the grave; but here, we have understood all those nonsenses and we have placed death where it belongs.
28. So, death does not frighten us anymore; we don’t see it as a strange visitor; our minds have been prepared that once there is life, there must be death and, whoever that is involved doesn’t make any meaning.” Blessed be the Name of the Lord. I just want to remind you of those things which we heard in the Message.
You see, Brother Victor; I preached a Message sometime ago: CAN YOUR VOICE OR CRY STOP GOD ON THE WAY; CAN GOD HEAR YOUR CRY AND STOP?
2. It was recorded in the Scriptures that when Jesus was passing by, those who needed his help were shouting: “Son of David help us!” and His disciples were trying to stop them from shouting on Jesus. They continued shouting more and more until Jesus stopped and then went closer to them and then said, “Gentlemen, what do you want me to do for you?” And they said, “We want you to touch us that we may see,” finish.
3. Can God hear your cry and then stop or will He hear your cry and continue moving? Brother Joshua, this is where you should take note because you are basking on your past glory. You are standing on your past glory. I cannot see the present glory on your face. You need to be pitied.
4. I know what is fooling you; it is your relationship with the Son of Man. Pray that God will show you that that relationship cannot save you if God is against you. Why? The righteousness of the righteous can never save him in the time of his iniquity—something you know you should not do, you go ahead doing it because you are in love with the Son of Man; you are doomed.
5. If you are a friend to the Head of State and you want to maintain that friendship, you will make his rulership easy because he is ruling with you. But if you begin to go contrary to his rules, you are a destroyer, you are gone. Are you getting me?
6. I told you something in this Faith some years ago. My brother-in-law was the Area Crime Officer in charge of Onitsha. I told you that I hate police case; I hate anything crime and to show him that I am a reasonable fellow, I made his work easy.
7. I dared not get involved in anything that would warrant Me to go and ask him for protection, which may even make him apologize to somebody lower than him in order to set Me free. This is because, once I commit crime and I am arrested, the law must take its course. If he must come to my rescue, it then means he must beg people that are junior to him. Then he will belittle himself. Who belittled him? I am the one.
8. Some of you know my brother-in-law, the one that was moving about “in shorts” and things like that, he is presently the Area Commander in charge of Onitsha, including Ogidi, Otu-Ocha and their environs. He is there now as the Area Commander since last week; but I dare not begin to commit crime because my in-law is the Area Commander. Won’t you call it foolishness?
9. Brother Joshua, can you learn something from there. I think you are learning? The same thing is applicable to all of you. If you are standing on your past glory, I pity you. God is a “present tense God.” God is considering your condition and the condition of your heart today.
10. There is a Message titled: TODAY. That Message is the longest Message I have ever preached. If there is one to compare with it, it is: THE BEGINNING AND ENDING OF THE GENTILE DISPENSATION.
11. So, all of you in this Faith that have been basking on your past glories; your past testimonies, remember that the Almighty cannot change the past. Your righteousness can only save you if it is a continuous righteousness; but once there is a break, you are spotted. Amen. 

It is only when the Bride has fully surrendered to the Word made flesh in their midst, and throw away all preconceived ideas about God and His people, that she can fully understand, comprehend and embrace the Word of God with an over-willing joy; there and only then can the Bride be ready for the promised immortality or translation of our mortal bodies.                                      -Son of Man


Another thing that has been helping Me is the Message that says, “God takes record of iniquities.” You don’t know the last time you will commit that crime and the Lord will seal it off. He showed us so many examples where He did such things. So, do not think that God will forgive you till eternity, no!
2. Even today, we heard it there that God will not always chide. Even your biological parents, do they continue to hammer on one thing all the time? A word is enough for the wise.
3. Blessed be the Name of the Lord. So, when you watch Brother Victor, I love him for one thing and that one thing can also make Me hate him if he is not careful. I won’t tell him what that thing is lest he abuses it. Let Me keep it to myself.
4. He has never offered Me a bottle of drink since I knew him; he has never given Me a cup of water since I knew him; but I love him for one thing. That was why, when he came to Me with that mysterious thing, I looked at it very well; the picture was very clear. It was not hidden.
5. It was a house that was carefully designed and a sharp instrument was carefully used to trim it. The thing was doubly made, for the clothe had two lapses and the person tore the thing in that same clever way for which cause Brother Victor could not notice it until he started ironing it.
6. I thank God who prompted him to iron that clothe before wearing it, otherwise, he would have noticed it when it had become too late. And the statement the wife made provoked Me a little: “Has it come to this point?” That goes to show that something was fishy somewhere.
7. MY MESSAGE SAYS THAT YOU CAN ONLY KNOW THOSE YOU LOVE. YOU CAN HARDLY KNOW THOSE WHO LOVE YOU. Please underline it. The heart is deceitful and desperately wicked; hence, your best friend can be your worst enemy. That is why you have to be very careful today even in the Camp. All that glitter is not gold.
8. I began to query him. In his own usual way, you know he is “carefree;” he just made one or two comments. I was wondering the type of crime he could have committed that would warrant such level of wickedness.
9. I said, “Well, no problem. The whole thing emanated from the office and it can be solved.” I said, “We thank God who revealed it. My friend, let your heart be free from everybody. Allow the Lord to tell us who the person is. He was sent because the clothe was carefully taken into the house and altered. It was not done outside; the straight cut and every other thing was cleverly done in the house after which it was brought outside.”
10. When the Elders came, we all saw it from the same perspective, then I made a proclamation: “Brother Victor, as God liveth and I live, your own fellow human being cannot use you as a goat to lay the foundation of a house. It will never happen. Don’t ask Me who the person might be. The Lord will show us who the person is.” Then we left.
11. When we got to his house, nobody knew that I was coming and I made my request like you heard:
“Please, give Me a white iron basin. Clean it very well.” I went further, “If what we are thinking about this matter is true, it means your life is involved. We shall see. If it is not, we shall also see. Just watch what will happen.”
12. I scribbled something and asked him to sign it. It is Scriptural. I told him to sign on behalf of himself and his family because, I know that anybody pursuing him will not spare him and his children. He signed. I wrapped the thing and placed it in the basin. Then I asked him a question:
“Do you know that you will not put on this clothe again?”
13. This is because Brother Victor cherishes that clothe more than every other clothe he has. He said, “Yes.” “So you are ready to forfeit it?” I asked again. He said, “Yes.” I said, “Okay, follow Me. Show Me a place where I can do something.” He took Me behind the house where they planted aloe vera.
14. There was no human being around. It was in the cool of the evening. I looked up at the other building, nobody was around. Everywhere was calm. So, I asked him to give way from there. I called God to come into the matter, to confirm what we were feeling. If it is true, no problem.
15. Before my eyes and his, I called him and said, “My friend, what we are thinking is right.” The paper I stretched out on the clothe began to flame. The clothe itself also began to flame. We were watching the drama— nobody in sight.
16. Even, I never noticed when the person he was saying drove in. I only saw a jeep there. It was parked there before I came. It was just there.
17. Then, I gave him instructions on what he was supposed to do early hours of the following morning. The following day, he came back to Me to tell Me that his manager and the neighbour—the man that was being suspected, that same man that has been troubling him in the office—called his attention and asked him why the Son of Man came; that he saw the Man of God; that He was washing His hands.
18. But I never washed anything. I remember I handed the basin over to Bro. Victor and I did not enter his parlour again. When he wanted to carry Me, I told him to do so outside the gate. He told Me that the man said that it is like a man whom a bishop visits; that the man will remain worried and disturbed until the bishop goes away.
19. I said, “My friend, I am living in a compound where many belong to the Roman Catholic Church, some Pentecostals; I see Reverend Fathers coming to my compound and going to the backyard, do I feel troubled in my flat? I don’t even ask my neighbour: “Why is your Reverend Father in your house? Why did your Reverend Father come to your house?”
20. Sometimes, some bishops will come to their members. What is my business there? How can I be worried over somebody that did not come to Me?
21. Then no matter how he tried to explain to him, he was still feeling worried. Is the Message clear? In your own compound, if you see a General Superintendent of a Church coming to a member of his Church, do you panic? Do you express concern? Do you begin to enquire why the person came, let alone complain that you are disturbed? What is disturbing you?
22. Even if he washed his hands, will you ask questions? Will you feel worried? Do you know whether he prayed for somebody or he ate food and came outside to wash his hands?
23. But this time, I didn’t wash my hands. I touched nothing. I didn’t wash anything and I didn’t see him. Could it be he was somewhere? But nobody could see Me there since it is behind the house where they planted aloe vera and I stooped low? If anybody saw Me at all, it should be somebody in the other building. It cannot be from that particular one.
24. What am I saying? We do not need to begin to ask whether he was responsible for it or not; do we begin to ask that question again? Or, will Brother Victor resign? This the time he should now work harder. Do you understand what I am saying? If there is any time God has given him Victory, it is now.
25. In the Message: THE REVELATION OF LATENT MARVELOUS POWERS, you Possess more than that. If you watch lower animals, God gave them that inertia to secure their lives from danger. If there is a hawk here coming to catch away these chickens, watch the way they will hide; they normally take “camouflage” so that nothing will carry them away.
26. Watch the fish, watch snakes; they know how they can hide, Cover under grasses so that they are not caught. If such lower animals can hide, WHAT CAN YOU SAY ABOUT THE ALMIGHTY GOD? God gave us many, many ways we can protect ourselves. We do not need to consult any magician or contact any native doctor. The powers are in you.
27. Remember what happened to Dominic. When he went to his hometown in Okija, came back with a list of names. He had gone to so many places and he was told that what he was looking for could not be found there; that he should take it to the Son of Man. I looked at it and judged his motive. I said, “Go, it is a settled matter.”
28. I laughed at him and dumped that thing in the
29. I said it from the very beginning, right from Amazu Oil. How many remembered it? If you try it, you are going in for it. I will do nothing with the words of your mouth. Ordinary words of the mouth constitute no offence until I see you implementing them.
30. Once you have made up your mind to desperately carry it out and I know if I give you a second chance, you will do it, YOU MUST PAY THE
PRICE! Heavens will not fall. Let the crime be upon
31. This is why I am feared by my people. One came to Me two weeks ago as he used to. I was in my parlour. My children asked him to get into the parlour that their Daddy was there. He said, “Go and call Him out.” I continued to talk in the parlour.
32. They said, “But Daddy is the one talking in the parlour.” He said, “Tell Him that I am the one waiting at the corridor.” The children said, “No, go and see Him there.” He said, “Okay, tell Him that I am going to see somebody, I will come back.” I said, “He will not come back.” Till today, he is still somewhere. How can he come back? “E no dey craze?”
DOWN. Amen.


In Message titled: FORGIVENESS, God said, “This year, anytime you see me in the pulpit, I want you to be calm. It is because I want to reach you face-to-face, for there are many ways I am going to reach many of you this year.” I don’t need to begin to rehearse it. How many of you will like to see Me in the pulpit, I mean using the pulpit to reach you face-to-face? Praise be to God!
2. Even if you say no, I have already made up my mind to reach you face-to-face. So, your unbelief or your refusal is completely immaterial and God has already confirmed the weather. This has always been the weather. Each time I want to reach you face-to-face, this has always been the weather, it can’t be hot, it can’t be cold.
3. I want to keep you in the Fellowship till I am tired. If you sleep, you are not in the Fellowship  with Me. Praise be to God.
I will show you many things here. How I wish our Ministers will comply with my instruction.
4. If you are a Minister in this Faith, I said you should be coming with your different translations of the Bible, for you don’t know where you will bump into a battle that will need the Bible. You don’t even know when I will use the Bible as a reference book to establish a point. Praise be to God.
5. I want to speak to you from the Throne of Grace on the problem I have noticed prevailing in the Bride in general. It is from there that every other evil report emanates. If I check these two spirits, the promises of God can be realized.
6. No matter how you go through THE SEVEN STEPS TO REALIZING THE PROMISES OF GOD, there are two big obstacles in between which doesn’t allow love to flourish. They do not permit sweet and harmonious Fellowship. They do not even permit forgiveness and they are impatient

with people. They are extremely selfish, so they do not promote hospitality or generosity, yet they are grossly overlooked by all. Why? The heart of everybody pins them down.
7. You all know that these two spirits are in you. In the Bride Ministry, these two spirits are in operation and the products are not good, yet we grossly overlook them. I want somebody to confirm it as we continue. They are big stumbling blocks— big obstacles to realizing the promises of God. Hence, once I remove them, the rest are easy to apply. Amen.

I will keep on preaching LOVE until it has become a Revelation to all the children of God; only then will it manifest without anybody persuading you, without circumstances persuading or compelling the LOVE. This Love must be manifested at all times and in all circumstances.                     -Son of Man


Follow Me as I show something in the book of Job, I will use it as my platform. I will show you one verse there. The book of Job Chapter 5 verse 2. Remember it is the oldest book in the Bible: “For wroth killeth the foolish man and envy slayeth the silly one. They die in helpless frustration overcome by their own anger.”
2. Assuming you met warfare somewhere, and do not know where to get the book of Job in the Bible, you see, you will be defeated and God said we should not forget our past experiences. For you to usher a Pentecostal into this Truth, you must be ready at all times to defeat him with the Bible.
3. Job 5:2 “Surely, vexation kills the fool and jealousy slays the simple.” Jealousy slays the simple.
4. Please, I want you to take note. There are two words that resemble each other in meaning; two words that are similar in meaning, they are ENVY AND JEALOUSY.
5. For you to understand the two, I must give you their dictionary meanings; Oxford Advanced Learners’ Dictionary by Webster, the New Edition defines ENVY as follows: “The feeling of wanting to be in the same situation as somebody else.” That is the number one meaning of envy as seen in Oxford Advanced Learners’ Dictionary by Webster, the New Edition.
6. The number two meaning: “The feeling of wanting something else that somebody has.” Number three: “To be a person or thing that other people admire that causes feeling of envy.” Lastly: “To wish you had the same qualities, possessions, opportunities, as somebody else.” That is ENVY as can be seen in Oxford Advanced Learners’ Dictionary.
7. Now, we check JEALOUSY, I mean JEALOUS. First meaning: “Feeling angry or unhappy because somebody you like or love is sharing interest in somebody else.” That is JEALOUSY or JEALOUS: “Feeling angry or unhappy because you wish you had something that somebody else had.” Finally: “Wanting to keep or protect something that you have because it makes you feel proud.”
8. If you watch the two — ENVY AND JEALOUSY— there is one common word binding them together and that is FEELING. ENVY starts with FEELING; JEALOUSY also starts with FEELING.
 9. So, I want to speak to you on a topic I titled: ENVY AND JEALOUSY, EVIDENCE OF ACCEPTANCE OF FAILURE. Amen.
Once you are envious, it is the only way you n express to everybody around you that you have failed in life. You have accepted that you have failed in life. You have come to the limit of your achievements in life for you can only envy that which you know you cannot achieve.
11. If you know you can achieve something, is there any envy there? Can you be jealous of that which you know you can achieve? That is why I said that ENVY is no achievement. The same way, JEALOUSY is no achievement.
12. People devote their time to these two elemental spirits because any spirit you accept is what will govern you. These two start with FEELING. Why do you feel the way you feel towards your Brother? Why do you feel like having the same qualities, opportunities and everything he has? Why do you think you cannot achieve it if you make honest effort? Why are you angry? Why are you unhappy? Why are you filled with wrath against your Brother because of his achievement, because of his physical appearance; because of his financial achievement; because of his family life?
13. Maybe he has succeeded in the areas where you failed and then you have become jealous, unhappy and angry. Remember, you cannot speak evil of anybody until you hate that person. You must hate somebody before you begin to talk evil of the person.
14. Once you love somebody, you love everything around him. Equally, once you hate somebody, you hate everything around him, even the person’s children are abomination before you. Even the children’s dressing, you must query. You query that of their father and that of their mother. You query even the food they eat; the table water they drink. Their table water will be different table water
15. In other words, you are not happy with his existence. You will even wish that all those things would be your own exclusive preserve. No other person should have those things in life. These are dangerous spirits that hinder success; that hinder God’s blessings.
16. Once you are angry and unhappy with somebody’s achievement or outlook or family blessings and things like that, or even his business, there is no way you can praise the person’s effort or success; you can never see anything good there. Even if you want to praise, it is hypocritical praise you give.
17. Why should you do such a thing when God said we must manifest real godly love this year; love without hypocrisy? The greatest hypocrisy is feeling of ENVY and JEALOUSY.
18. Remember, other hypocrisies might be made manifest at a glance, but these ones are hidden in the heart. This is why from time to time; you see your Brother’s attitude changing towards you. You can see somebody you have been cherishing before, for no reason you can understand, his attitude towards you becomes hostile. You cannot describe whether you are friendly or not. Even saluting yourselves warmly will vanish. Something is happening. These spirits have crept in, and once these spirits creep in, the person becomes a judge over his fellow Brethren.
19. He will judge the hairstyle of the women, he will judge their dresses, even the way they walk, and he will judge their shoes; judge virtually everything as the only way he can express it. There is nothing wrong with those things, but he is querying: “Why should he have those things? Why not me?
20. To him, humility is mere showing off, everything is showing off: “He wants to be seen. She wants to be heard. She doesn’t want anybody to be recognized.” These are dangerous spirits. Are these spirits in the Bride? I say, do we have these spirits? It is amongst us. We have to acknowledge it first before there will be remedy.
21. “Wrath killeth the foolish man and envy slayeth the silly.” It never started in our day. I don’t know the age Job appeared. These spirits were there before the Holy Spirit inspired him to document it for our learning, so that we can refrain from such a thing.
22. Once one is envious and jealous, he can never praise any honest effort, nothing encourages a man more than praises. Are you getting me?
23. That is why God deserves praises from His people. But watch, once the heart is envious and jealous, ENVY AND JEALOUSY will turn praise into mocking; praise . becomes mockery: “Ah! Ah! Brother.” If Bro I.K is wearing his suit today: “You look like a professor today o!” The heart is saying another thing altogether.
24. There is nothing wrong in saying: “O Brother, I admire your suit, and you are looking elegant. Oh Sister, you are wonderful today. I love your dress,” from a pure heart, for by nature, every man deserves praise. Are you getting me? Every human being deserves praise. Even your little child, deserves praise.
25. When you are not praising, watch; the spirits that are hindering you from accepting a good thing, praising a good thing with a pure heart, they must be the spirits o ENVY and JEALOUSY. These spirits doesn’t know who you are. It is in a man; it is in a woman.
26. Watch how dangerous these spirits are, they can make a man to envy and jealous a woman. He knows he cannot be a woman. There is nothing that can make me here to be a woman, but when these spirits creep into my life, I will begin to envy and jealous even a woman. I may be jealous over a woman. What do I mean by being jealous? I will be angry and unhappy with her: “Why is Sister Emma like this? So, Brother Emma can cloth his wife this way. Am I sure Brother Emma is the one clothing her? Look at how plumpy she looks.”
27. Then, I will be looking for a way to find fault, instead of me to say to Bro Emma, “Bro Emma, I am impressed, you are trying; ride on,” so that the man can now realize that he is doing fine in taking care of the wife; and the woman on the other hand, will know that the man does not play with her.
28. But when there is JEALOUSY in the heart, when there is ENVY in the heart, you cannot appreciate any good thing again. Even the Sister moving before you, will incur your wrath more: “See how she is moving, she would always like everybody to notice her, in short, in short, one day, one day.”
29. What is her offence? I say what is her offence? Is it because she is looking good? If your wife will look good, won’t you feel happy? Because you want good things to happen to you alone, you want everybody to die of starvation, or be coming to you begging for food.
30. Since we have acknowledged that these spirits are operating amongst us; they are in a man; they are in a woman, and very much hidden, very much hidden and sometimes, it will come to a point where the person will be frustrated, and once frustration sets in, he will vent it out n many ways. Amen.

If you don’t have God’s nature and you want to dwell with God in paradise, let it be known to you that Satan will dwell with God in Paradise. So, you can now see that this Rapture or Translation is narrowing down. When we talk of immortality, which is putting on “the new body,” the only person that is qualified to put on “the new body” is Brother Love, Sister Love. No more, no less. We shall be clothed with LOVE, and LOVE is immortality.                                -Son of Man


You cannot hate anybody without a cause; you cannot avoid somebody without a cause. We know ourselves in this Faith. We know when our salutations are friendly, and we know when our salutations are no longer friendly. Any person who doesn’t know when he is being avoided by his friend is blind.
2. If you are avoiding my salutation, I know. If you are welcoming my presence; I know; if seeing me gives you joy, I know. If once you see me, you see your enemy, I know. You may not talk to me; the face is the window of the mind.
3. An envious and jealous man or woman is faultfinder and faultfinding is not the spirit of love.
The moment the heart poisoned, the eyes will not see anything good.
4. Remember, they start with a FEELING, a little while, they will transform into ACTION. Why do you allow such negative feelings? Why do you permit such negative thoughts? It is because you have written yourself off. You have come to the conclusion that you have come to your highest point of achievement, and then you now become a supervisor of other people’s achievement. You become a supervisor of others’ merits and demerits.
5. Why coveting something you know you can achieve? Why envying something you know you can achieve? Why are you angry or unhappy with somebody you know you can achieve things higher than? You can even achieve more if you are serious with what you are doing. Why do you want the good things of life to be yours alone?
6. “I don’t want my Sister to tie my wrapper. I don’t want her to make the same style I made.” Did the manufacturer manufacture the cloths for you alone? Do you know how many people that are wearing it worldwide?
7. That which you are cherishing so much may be a window-blind in somebody’s house. Even if it is a queen’s dress to you, was it designed for you alone? When you should be happy that your Sister is wearing what you are wearing; that your Sister is achieving the same thing you are achieving, you become sad. Instead of being happy that your Brother is achieving it, you start querying; “Whatever he sees me do, he also does. Whatever she sees me do, she also does.” Is it a good spirit? I say is it a good spirit?
8. Even if she does that one you have done with a very good motive, is it not approved in the sight of God? For the Bible says, “We must emulate good things.”
9. If Sister’s hairstyle is very nice, if it is being admired, sensible people will like to pattern after her, but foolish ones will be unhappy. Even using Sister Thomas as example, somebody is provoked in this Fellowship: “Why should it be Sister Thomas? Is she more beautiful than I? There must be something between Sister Thomas and the Son of Man; He must have loved Sister Thomas so much.”
10. These type of spirits are not a laughing matter. I am not laughing, I don’t laugh from the pulpit. Remember, I said I am getting to you face-to-face; I say I am reaching you face-to-face.
11. Watch one thing peculiar with ENVY and JEALOUSY: The moment they set into a man’s life, a woman’s life, he or she begins to scrutinize everything that is associated with that personality. He will scrutinize his work to know whether he is getting that money from his work. He will scrutinize his time. If you serve him food, he is not eating the food, he is scrutinizing what is used in cooking the food; the quality of the food—he is weighing it— instead of praising God that the family could provide food; he is comparing that one with the quality of the one he eats. He is unhappy. These are dangerous spirits that are operating in many people.
12. Ministers can envy their fellow Minister. Ministers can be jealous even over their fellow Ministers: “The Son of Man prefers this minister to another minister; He works closer to this one. In fact, the Son of Man is discriminating.” For that reason, the minister’s association with Me has become a problem, seeing Me working with that Brother, he feels unhappy, very angry, wishing he is the one.
13. Must I work with you alone? If I need you, I will call you. This is the person I need for that hour. He is the one I found fitting for that purpose. When it comes to your turn, I know where you are fitted. ENVY AND JEALOUSY can never allow people to acknowledge even an honest report; an envious one is a traitor.
14. Follow me to Matthew twenty-seven verse eight (Matt. 27: 8), ENVY AND JEALOUSY are very dangerous: “For he knew that for envy they had delivered him.” (KJV).
15. In Mark fifteen verse ten (Mk. 15:10): “For he knew that the chief priests had delivered him for envy.” (KJV). This was referring to Jesus.
16. Because of ENVY and JEALOUSY, they delivered Him to the soldiers to be killed. They began to testify falsely against Him.
17. Watch in Acts 13, when Saint Paul came out and started his preaching, the Jews noticed that the response was very great, they became envious and jealous. ENVY AND JEALOUSY now compelled them to start contradicting and blaspheming, but before then, they acknowledged the truth; they knew what he was saying was right, but when they saw that the crowd had started believing, ENVY AND JEALOUSY now stepped in.
18. The Scriptures said because of ENVY, they started contradicting what Paul was saying; they started blaspheming and finally delivered him to the judges with false reports. Can you see?
19. One that is envious and jealous of you is a murderer. An envious man, a jealous man or woman is a murderer, is a traitor. He can pervert the truth.
20. Even, when he discusses with you, whatever he discussed with you, he will pervert whenever he wants to give the report; he will contradict it just to score a point. What is that point? To blaspheme you; to tarnish your reputation so that people will no longer have respect for you, so that people that loved you before then will begin to hate you. Can you see why these spirits should be abhorred? These spirits should be hated with malice.
21. An envious man is a rogue; a jealous man is a rogue. When he struggles and he cannot get it, he must find a way to get it anyhow.
22. Watch people that indulge in stealing today, violent killing, once they get the money, see where they spend it; their aim is to ride costly vehicles and hire a duplex where they will live with money they made through violence. If they were patient, honouring their fellow human beings, do you think they will indulge in violent robbery, snatching and carrying away?
23. ENVY AND JEALOUSY can lead to all sorts of crime, and once these spirits go into a human being, he becomes very uncomfortable. He will be passing sleepless nights over useless things.
24 If you go to the Message titled: RETRIBUTIVE JUSTICE, in the Message called VAT, page three, it says: “An action from someone is the condition of his or her mind.”
25. Whatever be the action anybody is manifesting to you is as a result of what the person had in mind for you. If when he sees you, he does not know whether to say, “God bless you or Remain Blessed;” he doesn’t know whether to salute you very well or he will be avoiding you completely, do you need a prophet to tell you that the person’s mind is not right with you? Do you need a prophet to tell you that?
26. Then you stop to think, there is nothing you can remember you have in common with the person; you never for one day had any discussion with the person, for there must be a discussion before a disagreement; you never disagreed in anything; you never came together for anything, please, don’t disturb yourself anymore; they are the spirits of ENVY and JEALOUSY that have set into the person’s heart. These are what are being displayed.
27; There can never be a disagreement without a contact. If I don’t come near you, I cannot perceive the smell of your mouth. If I don’t come into your parlour, I won’t know what is in your parlour. Am I making sense?
28. So, from time to time, Brethren begin to wonder: “I don’t know what I have done to Brother; I don’t know what I have done to Sister. The way he reacts to me; the way she does, this and that.” Stop asking that and stop being disturbed, you have done nothing—the spirits of ENVY and JEALOUSY are working in Sister and in Brother.
29. These spirits find fault where there are no faults and ignore naked faults.
30. Hear Me very well. If Sister Philip is guilty of something, as long as the spirit is saying no—he is not envious of Sister Philip—her wrongs are ignored; but if that spirit hates Sister Amobi, every bit of Sister Amobi, every good act of Sister Amobi is a crime. No matter how angelic she dresses, no matter how innocent she is, her dressing is an abomination. Even, the way she talks is an abomination, her movements—abomination.
31. Are these spirits from God? Can it help anybody to achieve success? These spirits throw us apart instead of bringing us closer. These are the greatest destroyers of Fellowship. You can forgive a naked evil done to you; how do you forgive these ones, which are not spoken but are only expressed; which can be easily denied by a hypocrite?
32. I say if you confront a hypocrite with this matter: “Brother, I have noticed for sometime now, I don’t know the way you are feeling towards me; I may be right, I may be wrong. The way you come to me, the way you salute me, it seems you are avoiding me.” Then you will see unnecessary “smartness.”
33. The greatest hypocrisy will be manifested: “Ah! Brother, there is nothing wrong. I think we saluted the other day. I did not see you.” Once the spirits of ENVY and JEALOUSY set in, Bro Mike Nwanga will be too feeble that my eyes cannot catch him in the Fellowship. Are you getting what I am saying?
34. I know that I saw him, but because these spirits have set in, even if he calls me, I will say: “Ah! Brother, I don’t think I saw you.” Does it mean you don’t see Brother? I saw Brother but these wrong spirits have crept in.
35. No matter how you read SEVEN STEPS TO REALIZING GOD’S PROMISES, if you do not check
These two spirits, you are wasting your time. The spirits that never appreciate a good thing, can these spirits promote hospitality? Can they promote generosity?
36. The Spirit of Love in me will compel me to take Brother Mike to my tailor, introduce him to my tailor and want the tailor to make his clothe exactly as mine. The Spirit of Love will tell me, “Pastor Christian, please take me to the market, I want to make a selection of my cloths,” and the mind will be free, or even freer than mine.
37. But the spirits of ENVY AND JEALOUSY—if they are found in him—will not allow him rest until I buy one for him, even if I do not have the money; he may murmur in his heart: “Oh, the only thing I am good at is taking you to the market. If I have my own, is it a crime?”
38. These useless spirits are killing many people in Anambra State and beyond. Because of these two things, there are too many murders everywhere. People kill their fellow human beings; people even plan assassinations of kings and rulers.
39. When the friend of a king is more popular than the king; when people acknowledge one higher than the other, you see people plotting evil. These are dangerous spirits that must be checked immediately so that we will begin to realize the promises of God.
40. RETRIBUTIVE JUSTICE, page three: “An action from someone is the condition of his or her mind.” Look at the second statement: “There are many factors that can affect the mind of the individual for him or her to react to issues in a manner that is questionable. These factors include envy, jealousy, failure in life and complex”— which is frustration.
41. “Envy causes the individual to ask why things workout for his fellow man and not for him. Jealousy makes the individual wish to be like another or look at others’ property wishfully. Failure in life generates total unhappiness and creates quarrelsome aura around the individual.”
42. Hear me very well, how many know that gossip is generated by the spirits of ENVY and JEALOUSY? How many know that? That is why our Message: REFRAIN YOUR TONGUE FROM EVIL AND BE PERFECT BEFORE GOD said and I quote: “From the tongue of envy, jealousy, gossip, and scandal, no human being is free. No human being has ever lived a life so as to escape the prying eyes of envy, jealousy and the emanations of the tongue of envy, jealousy and hatred.”
43. You cannot envy somebody you are unhappy and angry with, and then tell me you don’t hate him. You are angry at my success because to be jealous means to be angry and unhappy at the good things of others.
44. Once you are angry and unhappy at my success, is it not enough evidence that you hate me? Then where is your love? It cannot permit you to protect my interest. You are either protecting your Brother’s interest or you are destroying it. One that is not protective is destructive. If you are not protective, you are destructive.
45. I don’t want anybody to begin to look left and right. I want us to narrow this Message to ourselves as individuals. There are spirits you may have and still you don’t know, but they are not the spirits of ENVY and JEALOUSY. If you have these two spirits, you know. Who doesn’t know when he is angry? Who doesn’t know when he is happy? Even a madman, a madman knows when he is not happy. He knows when he is happy.
46. Therefore, you cannot deceive yourself in this matter whether man or woman. I don’t care who you are. A woman can envy her husband; a man can envy his wife. This is hard to believe. Most of the quarrellings between husband and wife emanate from JEALOUSY and where there is JEALOUSY, there is no love.
47. We should be promoters of good things. I say we should be promoters of good things. Remember that God said that this year is the year of encouragement—a year I should encourage my Brother, encourage my Sister over good, good things: “Oh Sister, well done! Brother well done!”
48. In the Message SEVEN STEPS, God said, “He that helps in grinding the pepper is a partaker of the cooking of the food for nothing energizes a workman more than ‘ride on, kudos!”
49. I don’t want anybody to begin to look left and right to begin to ask question: “Is it I?” If they are in you, you know; if they are not in you, you know. If you feel happy over people’s achievement, you know; if you feel sad over people’s achievement, you equally know.
50. If your delight is, when you see your Brother begging bread, when you see your Sister wearing rags, wearing one clothe everyday, until people will know her by that clothe and any day she changes cloth you become angry, you know. This is a spirit and it has to be checked, not tomorrow but immediately. I said, immediately, unless we do not want to receive God’s blessings.
51. These are very bad obstacles and they have been traced amongst us. We don’t know the angle God will begin to bless us from. What if He starts blessing Brother Edwin tomorrow and Brother Stephen will feel angry that God has favoured Brother Edwin, God has neglected him? After all, he is the one that has been serving God all these years. Is it a good spirit? The answer is No! Amen.

If you come to a point where you say, “I know the God I serve, I love Him, I love Him,” and you turn round and hate God’s children, you are a hypocrite. You think you love God? You are being deceived by the thoughts of your heart.                                                         -Son of Man


We should learn to be happy with our Brother’s success, with our Sister’s success. When Brother is crying, you help him cry; find the way to alleviate the problem. If a Sister is in problem, find out why she is in problem.
2. The Message said, “Wherever duty calls for you, you respond. Find out what you will do so that your Sister will be happy, your Brother will be happy. It is not a year of rebuke; it doesn’t mean we will not correct one another, but don’t begin to rebuke unnecessarily for most of the rebukes we had in time past were out of ENVY and JEALOUSY; out of hatred.
3. That is why God said that every correction must be done in love; that He is leading us in love, we shall follow Him in love and in love all of us will enter into immortality.
4. The greatest healer I know is love. And love is encouragement. If I love you, I will encourage you. If I love you, I will try to know about your welfare:
“My Brother, how are you faring? How is your work? How is today? What about your business? For sometimes now, I can’t see any impact. You are not progressing, what is wrong?” An enemy cannot ask you that.
5. You should show interest in your Brother’s welfare. Pastor Ejike, I thank God you are in Fellowship. Record enough. Give it to them raw! I say give it to them raw! Don’t ever try to put in your own word. Give them the Word of the Son of Man on this serious matter, for these spirits are at work in all the Local Assemblies.
6. If a Brother buys a car, instead of the rest of the Brothers to jubilate, you see some hissing and whispering: “Who knows how he managed to get the money to buy a car? It seems it is vehicles that are now reigning. Is it because a Brother bought a car that he decided to buy his?” Is it a good spirit?
7. A Brother will secure admission into the university, instead of saying congratulations because it is in line with our Message that we should try to update our academic standards; instead of encouraging the Brother, you will hear: “Ah! He has also gotten admission into the university;” look at the language, always discouraging others, demoralizing the Brethren.
8. Let Me tell you, look at Sister Joshua; you see her dressing. Forget about what she tied on her head. If it were in those days, she wouldn’t be resting in this Faith. Even, as she has been coming in with her head tie, I am not in doubt that some Ministers here have even picked it in their hearts; it is only that they have not been given the opportunity to come to the pulpit.
9. The head tie alone can form their preaching without recourse that she might be tying it because her hair is dirty. Maybe she hadn’t the opportunity to put her hair in order and she wouldn’t like to appear in the Fellowship as a mad woman; so she tied it. If you look at her from head to toe, this is the dressing of a married woman; I mean the dressing of a mother. Am I making sense?
10. Look at this Sister, Sister Chioma. You can see her; she is a spinster, a student, a prospective mother. Are you getting Me? Look at her elegance, I mean she is here in a Tenders’ Board of which I am the CHAIRMAN. I mean, her name is in the Bridal Tenders’ Board. I need application for tender, I mean from bachelors in the Bridal Faith who met the required qualification.
11. Do you expect her to dress like Sister Joshua who is a grandmother? Somebody who doesn’t like this Sister, who wouldn’t like her to get married, who hates this Sister, will keep on calling her a devil because of her dressing until she dresses like Sister Joshua. Am I making sense?
12. Hear Me very well, there is clothing for motherhood. Dressing is applied according to the age of your motherhood. My wife cannot dress like Mama Ikebude. In addition, there is no way I can permit Sister Dan to dress like Sister Shed unless the husband doesn’t know a good thing. What I approved for Sister Shed may be different from what I approved for Sister Patience. Are you getting me?
13. I may tell Sister Shed: “Don’t come hear again without your wrapper, not one but double.” But if Sister Patience will come, I will tell her: “When you tie your wrapper, it is fine but from time to time, you dress in a way that will show the age of your marriage.” I don’t know whether Brethren are really catching what I am saying?
14. Where there are ENVY and JEALOUSY, every dressing is an abomination; everything is an abomination unless the person who is in love with that person appears that way, the rest are devils. What am I saying? The Spirit God has given to us that this year is the spirit of encouragement and not the spirit of discouragement; the spirit that promotes love.
15. Whosoever that promotes love promotes fellowship. Am I making sense? Whatsoever that promotes love promotes fellowship for there can never be fellowship without relationship.
16. Since hatred does not promote relationship, it doesn’t promote fellowship. It polarizes intolerance; it polarizes it to its highest form. It promotes hatred. Because anger is in the heart, unhappiness is there for no just cause. Because you could not have what others have and you don’t have the qualities they have, you can’t speak like Brother James Agbom, or do what he is doing; must you be everything?
17. It is just like myself, I have tried to tame myself and I said it is stupidity on Me to attempt taming myself beyond my nature. I cannot do that; and nothing can achieve it in Me: I don’t know how to speak in a low voice. When I am talking, you will think I am sad; I am not sad. I don’t know how to call a meeting and lower my voice with anybody, or hiss into somebody’s ears.
18. Even, the way I answer telephone, if you are around, you will think I am quarrelling with the person. I don’t know how to check it. I have tried to speak like my wife: “Ehn, ehn,” but I can’t. I came out into this World with these natural traits. Do you learn them? These are my own natural traits that I came out into this World with.
19. I don’t know how to do things in a quiet way. I am always in a haste, but I am patient with God. Talk of earthly things that demand action, I don’t know how I will do it.
20. I am just like a lady that was born and brought up in a foreign land and she happens to be the only daughter in the family, and they came back from abroad, her father died and according to the rule of the people of that area, as the only daughter, she must cry and raise alarm so that people will really know that her father really died.
21. So, the elderly women came to her and asked her to cry and she asked, “For what?” And they answered, “Because your father died.” She said, “Death is everywhere. Let them bury my father. Where we came from, we normally burn them. We don’t cry there.” They said, “You must cry.” And the girl said, “Slap me now! Will they beat me?” They said, “No, you cry.” She said, “I don’t know how to cry.” They said, “Cry and tell people that your father died.” She said, “Okay, is it all I will do?” She raised alarm: “Heee! Everybody, my father is dead oo!”
22. I likened myself to that girl. If I know how to do it better, I will; but I don’t know. I have tried it and I am nearing my grave. So, I will correct it in the grave. Maybe when I will reincarnate, I may even be a dumb man, having spoken too much in this generation; I close my mouth that time. Can you catch what I am saying?
23. It is better you express yourself so that I will know who you are than pretend to be something you are not, for nothing generates pretences more than ENVY and JEALOUSY. They promote hypocrisy. They promote unnecessary smartness. Before you know it, you deny your action and deny everybody.
24. You know what is happening in you: sometimes, it can be a reflex action; sometimes, it can be natural. Because if you inherited it from your parents, you come from a family that do not appreciate a good thing—maybe your father or your mother— and it is inherent in you, you can’t change it.
25. And people that have these spirits do not live long because ENVY slayeth, while wrath killeth the foolish. The person cannot live long.
Once your heart is friendly, the words of your are friendly, your actions are friendly. I know that once we dismiss now, everybody will become friendlier than ever, but how long will it last? God doesn’t want “fire-fighting approach.”

27. It is better we go home and think about it than begin to show false action towards one another when the heart is not right. Why should I feel bad towards my Brother, towards his success? If my Brother succeeds, I will be very, very happy with him, at least I will introduce myself as his Brother, for the friend of a bridegroom rejoices over the success of his friend, but in the World today, a friend is responsible for the killing of his friend because he has succeeded.
28. Why should these type of spirits be found amongst us? In the World, a friend kills a friend, is it true? Kill his friend because of success; you may not use your gun to kill your Brother in this Faith; our Message said, “Apart from a loaded gun, the first most deadly instrument of human destruction is the human tongue.”
29. What you are saying concerning your Brothers and Sisters here and there, may be more destructive than a loaded gun. What you are saying about Me will tell people what I am to you. Are you getting me? You may pretend that we are good to one another, we are friends, but your utterances will speak another thing; your actions will speak another thing. An envious man can equally be envious of ordinary excreta; I mean toilet—toilet, toilet, toilet facility.
30. If he enters a Brother’s house, his eyes will be moving up and down, not to appreciate Brother’s efforts in beautifying his house, but he will be querying the Brother in his heart: “Eee! Look at, when I come to him, he will say he has no money, but when it comes to decorating his house, he has money. We are having problems here; we are having problems there.”
31. You see, his heart, is it right with the Brother? If you are not appreciative of your Brother’s success and effort, good things can never come to you. The secret of receiving good things lies in praising good things and in praising Brethren that are blessed with good things.
32. There are some by nature who will always be wishing their fellow Brothers and Sisters to be sorrowing. Anytime he hears something bad that befell a Brother, he will say, “That is what is good for him; that is what he deserves, that is what she deserves.” Why does he deserve it? Why does she deserve it? What is the crime he or she has committed?
33. When you go into the World, you see men and women that beautify themselves, that wear expensive dresses, ride expensive cars, maintain expensive houses, but in this Faith, we are only struggling to survive, I say, we are only struggling to survive, that is why God is labouring amongst us, directing and redirecting us in the path that will lead to success so that we can smile with others.
34. We will not go home as spectators in the World, so that we will leave good legacies in the home and somebody is somewhere harbouring bad feelings, habouring evil thoughts against his fellow Brethren, against his neighbours, against his business associates and yet he expects good things. Do you think God is a kid? He may even disarm you of the little you have.
35. So, what am I saying in effect? I documented many things I wanted to read, but seeing that this little exhortation has become a REVELATION, I will call it a day.
36. ENVY and JEALOUSY, they are nothing but acceptance of failure; I say they are nothing but acceptance of failure.
37. On this note, I say Remain Blessed.