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Tuesday, 3 April 2012



All these years, starting from your religion to your Bible, from everything you know, things you did not know, I have been aiming at introducing Myself. I have been aiming at introducing Myself to your hearts so that you
will begin to appreciate the Personality that is talking to you. Stop likening Me to those you knew in time past. They are as far from Me as the sky is far from the Earth. Believe it if you can…                         –Son of MAN
Pg 106, v. 6-7)
Ask in my Name, you shall receive, that your joy will be full. How can you ask in my Name when you have not believed in Me? You do not even believe that I, Apostle Peter Odoemena is the Comforter, the Spirit of Truth that is guiding you into the knowledge of all truths. You do not even believe that I am HE, that I proceeded from the Father. How can you ask in my Name? You cannot ask the favour of somebody you do not believe in.
.... The Spirit of Truth, according to the Scriptures will guide you. This Spirit of Truth, the Comforter, which you are expecting; the Scripture said that the world will not receive Him for the world does not know Him. However, you know Him.                                   –SON OF MAN.
(THE COMFORTER PG 207 VS 41 PG 214 VS 57)
Remain blessed brethren. We are starting from news from our news desk—news from our news desk and we are starting locally. We have succeeded in loading our videos on the web. People do not know the value of the websites and the need to upload our videos and Messages. The least book we have published is greater than any newspaper.
2.            I am saying that in spite of our collective agreement that these things should be uploaded including the photographs, I have not received any response financially from any Local Assembly, except Onitsha and Onitsha youths.
3.           If I should mention the misery amount they gave, somebody might be laughing. However, it meant a lot. Another Local Assembly that assisted us did it after discussing with Me, and that is Lagos with almost half of what Onitsha gave us. Apart from these two local Churches, I have never received any dime from any individual; from any Local Assembly as par the websites, both the first and the second.
4.           If you know you have done it, write to or telephone any of the Elders in Onitsha and beyond; yet the work in still on. In spite of that, I still hear murmuring arising from some of you because you are all shortsighted and think that I am as poor as a Church rat. I am not a Churchman, so I cannot be poor. I can never be a Church rat; I was not even born a Church rat.
5.           You must have your own revelation on how you want to worship your own God, revelation of the role you will like to play finish. The first website, before I ever mentioned it in this Church; you have already downloaded it and nobody asked Me how I managed to do it.
6.           To God be the glory. May God continue to bless those that rally round Me to make sure that the message of the Kingdom is passed on live in such a manner that nobody will argue with it.
7.           Now, I gave the brother who is in charge the assignment to compile the list of those who are indebted to us so far. He did it as we have it in our records, he continued working and then submitted it to Me.
8.           I went through it; showed it to some Elders that were in my house: local Assembly by local Assembly, then individuals. Because we are not in this Faith to make merchandise, and you know how the publication is being funded. It is voluntary and it is not mandatory.
9.           Whatever might be the resources we get from there, we return it back there. About 90% of what we get there goes to individuals. Not even the work of the ministry, which I do not want to rehearse. The beneficiaries know themselves. The Elders that came to my house recently were briefed on that.
10.        DVD tapes total indebtedness amounts to N22, 000.00 both by local Assemblies and by individuals. Books for local Assemblies and individuals amounted to N723,900.00 as I have in our record. Then how much are we using to run the ministry?
11.        Yet it is from this missionary that we are financing everything financeable in this Faith. From this huge indebtedness, tell me the miracle behind the work of the ministry? Yet some people have the gut peddling their so-called rumours about, prominent among them are some Elders.
12.        I want to put an end to it once and for all. If you have been tempted to think, or if you have been thinking or having the feeling that the Son of Man is using your money to run His family or run His business or do this and that; disabuse your minds from that immediately.
13.        The totality of whatever you collect as your offering during fellowship on a Sunday which is your greatest day; put the money together it can never provide one bag of capco or olotree for me which is the chemical I use in my business. My business is capital intensive and is being financed by banks, I have my financiers like others, so I am not the only one.
14.        I revealed it to you even at the initial how God helped Me, gave Me the favour of a chemical mogul in Onitsha who gave Me the favour of carrying chemicals; doing my business and paying into the chemical industry; because I am Faithful and will remain Faithful, my business will keep on flourishing. Nevertheless, any day I seize the company’s money, they will stop me. I will be stupid, that is why if am about doing my business; I do not joke with it no matter who you are because people’s money are involved, not your money.
15.        If you have been showing interest in the affairs of the Son of Man in one way or the other you are blessed. However, if you have been probing the Son of Man to know the secret of His living, how He is getting money to do this and that, go ahead.
16.        The EFCC is there, ICPC is there, and you can even go further and ask Me to come for a declaration of assets and liabilities, I will come. I still affirm it; many know it from the inception of the Faith, that this Faith made me poor. This Faith made Me poor. You know when you started helping Me in this Faith. That I carried this Faith singlehandedly for eleven solid years without getting a kobo from anybody.
17.        In all my missionary assignments, I was responsible for the funding, feeding, transportation and everything. I know when I gave you messages that motivated many of you to begin to desire to become something, and I supported you to make sure that you are established.
18.        Many of you would have remained bachelors till today, many would have remained wandering from house to house without getting one room that they could put their heads. Many were jobless and would have remained jobless, while some youths would have been mad; Bakassi would have killed many.
19.        However, I reordered your priorities and changed your visions, sacrificed my life and my money. As many as are going about peddling this rumour, please desist from it for the Son of Man is not a poor preacher. I have never presented the Gospel of Christ beggarly from the very word go, and no rich man’s table has ever attracted my attention. I have resisted the temptation of dancing to the tune of the supposedly rich people that endorsed the Faith, you are my witnesses.
20.        There were some that were rich according to the standard we were that time, I was not even tempted by their wealth. I never pampered them. If I have pampered them, they would have been in this Faith till today. Some wanted to buy over this Faith because buying over the Faith means buying over the Son of Man’s conscience. Once my conscience is bought, the Faith is bought.
21.        Nevertheless, I resisted it, no human being, man or woman has ever seduced my conscience away from my mission for one day. Now it is late, because I have provided all that you could have provided for Me. God has made Me confortable. At a time when I could have been a beggar, when I lost my job abruptly, yet I never became a beggar. Rather I chose to become an apprentice which paid off in line with my Faith. For God had earlier instructed Me to reposition myself for a better tomorrow.
22.        Anywhere you go, tell them that the Son of Man has visible and viable means of livelihood. That is the reason why I handle the Word of God without respect of persons. Thus, if you know that which you think you are doing, aiming at influencing Me to dance to your tune; withdraw it and you would see me even becoming happier. This amount I mentioned, is the Son of Man owing you this amount?
23.        Maybe you want me to make the names public and the local Assemblies. Why are they withholding this amount? Is it not frustrating the ministry? Brother Chizoba submitted it to Me, he did this work. I did not influence him in any form or shape? It should be filed by Igwe Amobi in his records as usual.
24.        The work is still on. There is a song we used to sing which says that the work of God is still moving on, there is no how anybody, any human being can stop it; that the work of God is moving on.
25.        If God is behind this Faith, God must pilot this Faith safely till the end and the end is Paradise. We are already there. If I did not present the Faith beggarly on till the Book got closed, testimony sealed, what are you expecting from me now? This is our own local news from our news desk.
26.        St. Paul told Timothy that he should instruct his members that they will know how to conduct themselves in the house of God which is the only ground and pillar of truth. When you come to fellowship, it is not your parlour, it is not your business site. Be reverend and make God to know that you have been trained and tamed also.
27.        We are still fairing very well, He is still helping us and He will keep on helping us as we continue to remain committed and sincere to our avowed Faith in Christ.

There are many things I will like us to consider. After revealing what is in the newspaper, I will get everybody acquainted with what is happening in Nigeria as we get it, then worldwide and that will form the complete news from our news desk.
2.           EXCERPTS: “IGBOS WILL GO TO WAR,” on February 14, 2012, 02:18 PM. EXCERPTS:
3.           How much has the struggle for the actualisation of a sovereign Biafran state cost you?
4.           It is unquantifiable. A lot of my members have been killed by paid security agents. My liberty has, at various times, been assaulted with impunity by the powers that be. So much money has been invested in the struggle to date. We have suffered casualties even when we adopted an approach that is non-violent to bring down the number of casualties. But Nigeria, being what it is, with overzealous security operatives, keeps killing my members without provocation.
5.           Are you regretting adopting non-violence?
6.           No way. I studied the non-violence approach of Mahatma Ghandi in India before I came back to Nigeria. Also, having worked under Dim Odumegwu-Ojukwu, who also encouraged non-violence, I had to take that option.
7.           But having used that method and the response the other agitators used and they are listened to and are begged for negotiation, you tend to regret the adoption of non-violence when violence is the only language the Nigerian state listens to quickly. Talking about the Boko-Haram, despite the callous and senseless killing of innocent people, especially the Ndigbo, the federal government is on its knees begging them and they are rebuffing all entreaties and they still go about killing. Nonetheless, non-violence remains the best approach. I have no regrets.
8.           Critics view you as a tribalist. What is reaction to that?
9.           Honestly, I am a tribalist and proud to be one. I have no apologies. I am fighting for the welfare of “Ndigbo” and that is paramount. This is because no ethnic group in Nigeria has suffered what the Ndigbo have been going through in this country. If what is happening to Ndigbo has happened to another ethnic group, I would have supported them.
10.        When the Late Chief M.K O. Abiola was denied his mandate after winning a free and fair election in 1993, I supported the struggle to actualise his mandate. I was against the cabal that robbed him of his mandate. At that time, people insinuated that I was behaving as if I was a Yoruba man. I did not care. I had to stand for principles and justice.
11.        After a civil war that caused so much misery and kept Nigeria one, do you think it is wise to return to the pre-civil war situation by demanding a separate state?
12.        I am not interested in whether the war was fought to keep Nigeria one. That is not my business. I am interested in actualising the Biafran dream for my people. The issue is that until Nigeria is split into different geo-political zones, there will not be peace. What is happening in Nigeria will continue to happen until my people and other major ethnic groups are granted independence. Until what happened in Yugoslavia or Soviet Union happens in Nigeria, peace will continue to elude us. This is because, from the onset, we were never one. The circumstances that led to the civil war are still in place. This is because of the incompatibility between the components of the so-called Nigerian state. It is a marriage of inconvenience.
13.        The components that make up Nigeria before it was amalgamated by Lord Lugard are just pretending to be united. I am a realist. I do not deceive myself. I am not a politician and so do not aspire to become president. I do not even belong to any political party. Those who vow or insist that we must remain one Nigeria are those who have been reaping pecuniary benefits from the contraption called Nigeria. They know that ‘One Nigeria’ is not feasible. For instance, when the North knows that it cannot stand alone on account of its lean resources, it continues to insist on the unity of Nigeria. In whose interest?
14.        General Ibrahim Babangida recently said that the country’s oneness is a settled matter and that he is ready, at 71, to go to war with anybody who wants it divided. What is your reaction to this?
15.        He said what he is expected to say. By the way, who fought the war and who fought for one Nigeria? He is not sincere by saying Nigeria must remain as one. Let him address the issue of Boko Haram. Is it not from the North? What is he saying about it? Let him solve the problem of Boko Haram. What is Boko Haram asking for?
16.        Are they not saying they want 12 states in the North Islamised? They are fighting for self determination and their own sovereign state. In a country where you have Christians and Muslims, a group is callously killing Christians, targeting them on Christmas day and killing them because you don’t want Christians in your Islamic state. Their places of worship are, on a daily basis, burnt. Majority of those being slaughtered are southerners and Igbo. And IBB is saying we must remain one? At 71, is IBB going to carry guns and fight? Will he join the army now as a combat soldier or what? I think he is just talking for the sake of talking.
17.        I do not think he is making sense at all. Do you know all the problems of today are caused by this set of rulers and leaders? I mean the IBBs and the Buharis of this world. They are the problems plaguing Nigeria today. They are involved in corruption, ethnicity and anything that tends to shake Nigeria to its foundation.
18.        Babangida ruled the country for nine wasted years and yet, he wanted to come back to power. One of them said if he did not become the president of Nigeria, the country would not know peace. What are we witnessing today? Has there been peace? How does he think Nigeria will be one? They want one Nigeria for their selfish interest.
19.        They want to rule and rule and continue to appropriate the wealth of Nigeria, exploit the oil for themselves and for their children. Nigeria was far better when the British were in power. Immediately Nigerians took over, corruption and other vices crept in. Who are the people sponsoring Boko Haram? Are they not the same people? They boasted that if power was not given to them, there will be no peace.
20.        They lost in the power game and there has not been peace in the country. They are causing separation and insecurity and yet say Nigeria must be one. How can Nigeria be one? They should be realistic and objective. IBB or no IBB, we are not goats they can lead.
21.        I started reading about IBB and Buhari in my teens, but today, they want to remain in power. I just learnt that Buhari said he will contest the presidency again. That is exactly why they want one Nigeria, a place where they can build their own colony.
22.        They claim that the North was born to rule in perpetuity. They should go and rule their own people because whenever power slips out of their hands there is crisis. They want us to remain amalgamated to continue on this uncivilised path. We will not accept it. Nigeria must split. Nigeria’s unity at whose expense?
23.        I am still sending vehicles to convey our stranded Igbo brothers and their families back home. I know how many people we went to bury the other day–12 persons from one village! How many people died in Minna? They were all Igbo. Were they killed because of one Nigeria? Before they were killed, they were asked to go home. He should go and settle the Boko-Haram issue first before telling us about one Nigeria.
24.        They have to be practical, realistic and objective. One Nigeria is nothing but a huge lie. There are fresh and loud calls for a Sovereign National Conference. What do you make of such?I am not interested in any Sovereign National Conference because the representation will be manipulated.
25.        Those who will attend will be the likes of IBB, Buhari, the Emirs and others who have turned Nigeria upside down. The same people will manipulate the process to ensure that the country remains the same way so that they will be richer than the country. Today they own companies without explaining how they came about the wealth that yielded those companies. After such a manipulated conference, they will lie to the whole world that we have agreed to remain one.
26.        Hardliners will be excluded from the conference. The only condition under which I will attend any Sovereign National Conference is if the only agenda is self-determination. But if SNC is called and it is being asked if Nigeria should be divided or not, it will be utter rubbish. I will not attend.
27.        It is not only Boko-Haram that has affected the Ndigbo. The killing of Ndigbo in the North started way back in 1945. Even when two traditional rulers quarrel in the North, the Igbo are killed. When Qu’ran is allegedly desecrated, in places like far away Denmark, the Igbos are killed in the North.
28.        When Mr. Salman Rushdie wrote The Satanic Verses, the Igbos were killed and their shops, homes and places of worship burnt. It has been taken as a normal thing for the Igbos to be killed in the North at the slightest provocation.
29.        Yet, someone is saying we are one and we must remain so at the expense of the Igbo and because of crude oil. It is their tradition to kill our people. This is made possible because they cannot move to other parts of the country, like the Ndigbo, and do business or invest.
30.        The Igbos are killed by the people funded by the same northern leaders who insist that we must remain one. The leader of Boko Haram, who bombed and killed over 40 Christians and maimed many others on Christmas day, was caught in a governor’s lodge in the North and was set free by a commissioner of police from the North and they say we are one.
31.        That is the same country where someone is saying we are indivisible, whereas he is one of those funding Boko Haram. It is nonsense! He should wait. When he sees a war, he will run away. At the age of 71, he says he is ready to fight. Let him come and fight; we are ready for him.
32.        Let us bury our leader, Dim Ojukwu, and we will come out and fight. In Nigeria, it is only the Igbo who have fought the whole of Nigeria made up of the Hausa, Yoruba and the Niger Delta. Britain, Russia and the Arab world teamed up against us. We fought for three solid years. So, nobody can talk about fighting when foreigners fought the war for you. Let them wait.
33.        This time, they will see real war. We are not like the Boko-Haram who detonate bombs and run away. When we start, the whole world will know. The war will be in the North and we shall fight them there. We will take the war to their doorsteps. When they come out, they will see us and they will run. The boasting 71-year-old will see us and we will settle the matter on the battlefield. Nonsense!
34.        Nigeria has been described as a huge bomb ready to explode. Do you agree?
35.        The bomb has exploded already. The same thing that is happening now happened in 1966, when the superpowers supported Nigeria because of oil. Today, they are regretting.
36.        If they knew that what is happening today would happen, they would not have supported Nigeria. The Boko Haram bombed the United Nations building in Abuja. When you are supporting evil, it is like throwing a stone in the market place. You don’t know who it will hit. That is what is happening. The people that died in the UN building were not only Ndigbo. Foreigners were there. Nigeria has exploded, but the full ramification is what we do not yet know. Nigeria is a problem to everybody.
37.        You keep killing a people from a particular tribe for no other reason than envy. That we have kept quiet does not mean that we cannot do anything. When you talk about bombs and weapons of war, we produce them. We have that talent from God. No ethnic group has a monopoly of violence. We manufactured Ogbunigwe without assistance from any foreign power.
38.        Today, we have advanced in technology. We can use an ordinary handset to manufacture Ogbunigwe. When we start, they will all run. Hope you remember kidnapping started in the Niger Delta. But when it came to Igboland, it took a different dimension. Boko Haram throws bombs and runs away. When we start, we will be launching them, like missiles, straight at their doorsteps.
39.        They will be forced to run and then complain later that Ndigbo have started again. Today, nobody is talking. Their leaders in the North are not talking; the President is not talking. Yet, one person is threatening that he will go to war to keep Nigeria one.
40.        They are hiding killers and bombers in government lodges. When arrested, they release them from detention. But by the time we start, they will all run away. Just wait and see. Did you notice that Ndigbo have not raised a finger against our killers? Do they have a monopoly of violence?
41.        Chief, you are sounding very angry…
42.        Why won’t I be angry? I am angry. The other day I buried 12 corpses from one village. People who were killed out of hatred and because of the belief that nobody will say anything. The tales we have been receiving are so painful. People go from house to house, killing people, especially the Igbos, and nobody takes note of that. They are locked up in their houses and cannot come out for fear of being killed.
43.        The federal government has failed. You expect me to be happy when my people are being killed? It is when we start that the federal government will start talking. UN only commented when its building was bombed. They are not condemning the wanton killing of the Igbo. It is when we start they will start sending jet bombers to kill us. They only condemn Boko Haram verbally without any action against them.
44.        Have the governors in the South-East assisted you in resettling the returnees?
45.        You should ask the governors. We, the Igbo Elders Forum, are doing our best for them. Most of the governors even have dual identity. If you are talking to them, you may be talking Igbo-Minna or Igbo-Yoruba, anointed from Otta and now from Otuoke. They won’t listen to us because they too want to take care of their political interests. They are asking our people to remain in the North. Perhaps they have concluded arrangement with northerners to continue killing our people.
46.        The governors of the East were not elected by the people so they don’t represent the interest of the people. They are killing your people on a daily basis and you still ask them to remain because someone has promised you an Igbo presidency that will never be. Obasanjo promised all of the governors of the South-East.
47.        At the end of the day, none of them got it. The round of promises has started again. This time, Jonathan is doing the promising. On the strength of the promises, Igbos should remain in the North and be slaughtered. At the end of the day, they won’t get it. It is the Igbo Elders Forum, of which I am a member, that is resettling the refugees the best way we can.
48.        How do the returnees feel about Nigeria?
49.        Predictably, they are unhappy. We advised them to invest their resources in Igboland, but they ignored the advice. Someone who built skyscrapers in the North cannot be in his right senses if he does not have such in the South-East or his village? How can you do that when you are so hated and at the end of the day the buildings will become abandoned property? It has happened before and it will happen again. We continue to tell them to come home and invest, but they ignore us.
50.        Don’t you think you have to reach out to other ethnic nationalities to achieve your aim of a sovereign Biafran state?
51.        Which ethnic group? Is it the Yoruba who betrayed us before? They will do it again. When we start our fight for self-determination, they will align with the North. Niger Delta will be afraid that we will dominate them because of our size and their oil. So who shall we align with?
When Boko Haram asked people from the South and Christians to leave, who were their main targets?
52.        Yorubas are also killed. But Igbos are always in greater numbers. This is because anywhere in Nigeria, aside from the owners of the land, the next largest ethnic group are the Igbo. The poor leadership in the East makes their homeland hostile to commerce and investment. The Yoruba supported one Nigeria. If there is a war today, the Yoruba will join the North to fight us because of this natural hatred for the Ndigbo.
53.        They have done it before and will do it again. Though northerners don’t like them, they still prefer them to the Ndigbo. We learnt that after Boko Haram asked southerners to leave the North, Niger Delta people started having secret meetings with the Yoruba at Awolowo Hall. The Igbos were not invited. That shows that if there is real war today, they would align with our foes.
54.        Is the solution to the problem a confederacy or for the country to split into many countries?
55.        I don’t support the North becoming a republic and the South doing same. Yorubas should be on their own, Ndigbo on their own and Niger Delta people should be on their own. As a matter of fact, each of the six geo-political zones should become a republic.
56.        The Niger Delta people will be afraid that the Igbos will dominate them because of their oil wealth and so they should be allowed to be a republic. If I hate domination and oppression, I should not dominate others. If the North wants a republic, it can have it or split into three geo-political zones. Each zone has the resources to keep it buoyant.
57.        This will also bring about healthy competition for development. The insistence that Nigeria must remain one is in the interest of the Caliphate and those stealing the resources in the evil arrangement called Nigeria.
58.        If there are no special selfish benefits they get, why are some people who have ruled this country for many years dying to come back to govern again? Is Nigeria their personal estate? The people of the North arrogantly threaten everybody that they are born to rule Nigeria forever and if they don’t, Nigeria will not know peace. What have we got since then? A non-Muslim southerner is in power today.
59.        Have we known peace since then? Who created Boko Haram? It is a tool of political bargaining by those who lost out in the power game.
60.        Let us not deceive ourselves. This is a country where some people who claim they love Nigeria could turn a blind eye to the killing of innocent youth corps members and future breadwinners of their families because they helped conduct elections. Do you realise the magnitude of hatred a man must feel to drive a bomb-laden car into a gathering of people or densely populated areas?
61.        They want a pure Islamic republic in their areas. Let them have it. But they should also allow others go their separate ways. You cannot be killing my people and at the same time say we must remain one united country. When Abiola won, they denied him power and so many people died. So it is only when you are in power that there would be peace?
62.        If you are not there, you create Boko Haram. Go to the North, an average northerner is very poor. Wealth is in the hands of the ruling class. We know the reality of Nigeria, but we pretend that it is not so. Nigeria must break into the six geo-political zones for there to be peace.
63.        Sovereign National Conference: Soyinka, Nwabueze, Balarabe Musa, others are anarchists, says Senate; Wednesday, 29 February 2012 00:00 Written by Ayodele Adegbuyi, Abuja.   
64.        The Senate yesterday came down hard on Nobel laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka, former governor of old Kaduna State, Alhaji Balarabe Musa, renowned constitutional lawyer, Professor Ben Nwabueze (SAN) and others championing the call for the convening of a Sovereign National Conference (SNC), describing them as anarchists.
65.        Soyinka, Musa, Lagos lawyer, Femi Falana, Nwabueze and the widow of Chief Gani Fawehinmi,  Ganiyat, were among prominent Nigerians that met in Lagos recently to examine the state of affairs in the country and resolved that only the SNC could save the country from disintegration.
66.        But, for the second time after the forum was held, the Senate described the call as anti-democratic, insisting that only the elected representatives of the people could deal with the issues seeking to be addressed by the proponents of the Conference.
67.        Briefing newsmen yesterday after the day’s session, Senate spokesman, Eyinnaya Abaribe, said that going by the provisions of the 1999 Constitution, only the members of the National Assembly could effect any amendment to the Constitution.
68.        He said that “to suggest that the National Assembly is afraid of whatever they call conference, is something that we will say is a misnomer. What we say actually is that if you say that you must have some persons somewhere else that will determine what happens and write a Constitution on matters of that nature, then what you are saying in effect is that you have no confidence in the present democratic structure.
69.        “And anybody who says he doesn’t have confidence in the present democratic set up is nothing but seeking for anarchy. When people make assertion of that nature, we don’t have anything to say but to say that if you are a democrat, then you have to use democratic means of effecting change and the only democratic means of effecting change is that you must bring it into effect through the Constitution that is in place.
70.        “We have also made a challenge and that challenge is: what is it that you want to discuss in Nigeria that you cannot bring to your representatives, in the National Assembly, to push it forward for discussion by everybody that is elected to the National Assembly?
71.        “My name is Eyinnaya Abaribe, I represent Abia South. I came here through an election by the free will of the people of Abia South Senatorial District. If you want to make a change in the Constitution, I will have to represent the views of Abia South here which is what I think every other members of the National Assembly is also representing.”
72.        “What the Senate feels and the National Assembly in general is that we are all working under the 1999 Constitution and when you work under the 1999 Constitution, then necessarily you must follow the stipulation in that Constitution and the amendment to that Constitution is also stated therein.
“I think Section 9 of the Constitution states it very clearly.
73.        So, whatever you want to do in terms of amending the Constitution, whatever reality that you want, you have nowhere else to go except to bring it through your members in the House or your Senator to the Constitution Review Committee that has been set up at both Houses of the National Assembly.
74.        EXCERPTS: Oodua youth assembly: Boko Haram: Presidency, who is fooling who? From Nigeria Compass newspaper.
75.        At the risk of being misrepresented for attempting to absolve Boko Haram of whatever atrocity it has carried out, we submit that the pattern of recent events seems to incline that a ‘fifth Colum’ is implementing an elaborate political agenda to divide Nigeria, by exploiting and ethnic fault lines.
76.        We cannot easily forget the fact that the Goodluck Jonathan presidency was delivered through the exploitation of these same fault lines, making it the most divisive presidency in our history. This suspicion of an agenda for the exploitation of national security as a central thesis of survival heightened on January 4, 2012, Owoye Andrew Azazi, the National Security Adviser, wrote an article for the New York Times in which he exaggerated the current security threat.
77.        And just last week, when President Jonathan made another round of offer to dialogue with the Boko Haram as a more potent option in an interview with Reuters on January 26, only for Azazi on February 10 to foreclose dialogue in a separate interview. Whatever might explain Azazi’s tendency to push a security doomsday scenario in almost frontal opposition to President Jonathan’s desire for dialogue is certainly frightening.
78.        And the basis of his temerity to countermand the president of our country as he has clearly done on several occasions is as questionable as it is suspicious. Could it be because, as argued, Azazi as NSA wants to continuously justify the near-trillion Naira that the regime in power allocated for security in the 2012 budget? Could it be because, as suggested by some, Andrew Azazi has a strong anti-North and anti-Islam bias?
79.        Could the conspiracy theory that there is a Fifth Column, with inks to the security apparatus, which is responsible for a number of the bombings; especially those that appear to target non-Muslim communities, because of a hidden agenda to set the nation’s different groups against each other be true after all? The gung-ho position the NSA has consistently taken against dialogue, merely deepens suspicions about what his intentions are that also appear counterpoised to the restraining voices of respected religious leaders like Cardinal Okogie and Reverend Matthew Hassan Kukah warning that there is no religious war in Nigeria, nor is there evidence of foreign support for Boko Haram.
80.        The recent purported Boko Haram ultimatum for Southern Christians to leave the North also point to the existence of cynical manipulation that heightens the concern that suspicious elements actively participate in bombings, while claiming to be ‘Boko Haram’. And since it is clear that the final authority in these matters must be the President and commander-in-chief, then when President Goodluck Jonathan has clearly stated preference for dialogue, it becomes unacceptable for Andrew Azazi to give another interview “foreclosing” dialogue with Boko Haram or any other group for that matter.
81.        Doing so only goes to raise unanswered questions in relation to the present happenings that point cover-ups by the nation’s security. For instance: why is it that whenever the security claims suicide attacks, neither the bodies of the attackers nor the wreaked vehicles involved are ever made public as in the case of the UN office bombing? What is the position of the case of gang of non-Muslims that extorted by threatening in the name of Boko Haram which the SSS claimed to have busted in November 2011?
82.        Did President Goodluck Jonathan’s assertion on Sunday January 8th, 2012 that Boko Haram killings were worse than civil war of the 1960s in which over one million Nigerians died not indicative of an agenda to scare the nation and ignite a massive ethno-religious conflict? Why did the President’s statement fail to take into account that the lives lost in the Plateau ethnic cleansing amount to 30 per cent above the entire number of lives lost to the Boko Haram insurgency?
83.        Why has Jonathan administration failed to tackle the calculated Jos mayhem but harps on the Boko Haram issue which has no bearing whatsoever to any defined ethnic or religious conflict? Why should President Jonathan so readily accept that there were Boko Haram members in practically every sector of Nigeria society; while earlier refuting claims by MEND that it carried out the 2010 Independence Day bombings?
84.        Does this not only go to confirm the suggestion that Boko Haram is useful to the Jonathan administration’s national security doctrine and grand political strategy? Of exploitation of our ethno- fault lines for short-term advantage?
85.        Why does government at every point attempt to counter reasoning such as the one published in January 2nd edition of the New York Times in which Professor Jean Herskovits, who has written on Nigeria since 1970, cautioned the Nigerian situation is an ill-defined threat, since in real terms, there is no proof that a well-organised, ideologically coherent terrorist group called Boko Haram even exist today?
86.        Is it not suspicious that Jonathan administration refuses to abide by the evidence that while the original core of the group may remain active, criminal gangs have adopted the name Boko Haram to claim responsibility for attacks when it suits them? why is the nation being forced to believe that a band of malnourished almajiri led by equally down to earth mallams have acquired the capacity to launch and sustain such coordinated onslaught that has overwhelmed the nation’s trained security apparatus?
87.        Such attacks require training, financing and mercilessness all which the northern Muslim inherently lacks though, admittedly, he may possess the bravado. On the contrary, Igbo merchants have been variously implicated in connection with heavy drug peddling, arms importation, kidnappings and outright attempts to carry out the activities that are in the end, blamed on the Boko Haram burning of Churches, violent bank robberies, killing and extortion by sending threat text messages.
88.        Refer to page 2 of the Nation newspaper of Monday, January 30, 2011 that carried a report of the apprehension of lorry-loads of arms being shipped into the country by one Mr Sunday Eze (Igbo) through Ghana. Refer also to several reported cases to Igbo men and women arrested variously in attempts to burn or bomb Churches in Bayelsa, Plateau, Bauchi and Maiduguri which would have been blamed on the faceless Boko Haram that is merely a label used by these mischief makers.
89.         Then there is the case of the Igbo attack on fellow Igbo in a Church meeting in Adamawa that was initially blamed on the same Boko Haram only for government to later expose the truth. The fact that the presidency only saw it fit to question the police over the massive security failure while retaining Azazi and the chief of Army staff, General Petinrin, and Director-General, SSS, makes the whole situation stink to high heaven. We hereby re-echo the various calls for the total overhaul of the nation’s security structure by which General Petinrin DG, SSS and the National Security Adviser Mr Azazi must be affected.
90.        Azazi should be held guilty of making outright calls for the intervention of the United States in a matter that is purely the internal security of our nation. Petinrin has at every step failed to deliver on the nation’s expectations of troops massively deployed to violence-prone areas of North-Eastern Nigeria. The same troops that have clearly failed to tame the violent insurgency were nevertheless quick to forcefully intimidate peaceful protesters in Lagos.
91.        These unanswered questions may also hold explanations to why the Yoruba people of the South-West are being marginalised since the inception of the Jonathan administration. We make bold to say that no Yoruba indigene from any of the Oodua state and Lagos or Ekiti holds any significant office within the hierarchy of the executive, legislative and judicial arms since Jonathan came on board.
92.        While some of these things could be overlooked, we wish to state that we hold other things completely unacceptable. For instance, we so hold unacceptable that latest move to assign the nation’s coastal guard project to Tompolo and Asari Dokubo, two individuals who at a point in the nation’s history had held our collective economy and image to ransom. We maintain that the security of the nation’s territorial boundaries as well air as space and inland security must be carried out by duly constituted authorities recognized by the law.
93.        We, therefore, question the president’s bona fides in attempting to concede any aspect of the nation’s security to individual, much less to serving or repented violent terror groups. Besides, we still fail to figure out why Niger Delta militants should be the ones to take charge of the security of ports that are in Lagos in the South-West as though there are no reputable and recognised security outfits in this part of the country. We, therefore, say no to this policy, no to Tompolo, no to Asari Dokubo.
94.        Tompolo, Asari Dokubo allied to MASSOB while the rest that is the Shekiri, Niger Delta allied to Afenifere vying for Oodua Republic; these people are vying for their own republic. They have made their stand known that the Yoruba Muslim said no, the entire Yoruba said no they belong to Boko Haram
95.        We, therefore, say no to this policy, no to Tompolo, no to Asari Dokubo. We are aware of the roles played by these leaders of violence in the recent national disagreement with the federal government’s policy for the removal of fuel subsidies and hold them unpatriotic and anti-people. Perhaps this is a way of compensating them for moving against a collective national expression of discontent.
96.        And as if this glaring marginalisation was not enough, the South-West, South-South alliance has resorted to utterances matched by action that are capable of provoking the rest of the country. These utterances were initially uttered by the vocal, largely insignificant youth and militant wings of the realigned South-South and South-West.
97.         But of late, these insignificant voices have found backing from the Igbo and Ijaw cultural and political leaders. In the forefront of this verbal onslaught are the Ijaw Elders Forum under Mr Edwin Clarke and the group of militants led by Mr Asari Dokubo.
98.        These two groups and their leaders have declared in clear terms that Jonathan is no more than a president for the South-South and threatened to break away. by way of conclusion, we wish to draw the attention of the rest of the nation to a further manifestation of the implementation of the breakaway agenda of the South-South, South-West alliance after having failed to use the Boko Haram set up to cause a conflict between the Muslim and Christian communities.
99.        This became manifest with the government’s concerted effort to turn the one-week national protest against fuel subsidy removal into a religious or ethnic confrontation. This was, however, thwarted when adherents of all religions eschewed every difference and join hands in the protest against a common enemy as evidenced in particularly the northern cities of Kano, Kaduna and Niger as well as in Lagos and Ibadan in the West.
100.     At this point we must hail our leaders’ courage for calling for a sovereign national conference to rearrange the nation’s continued federalism. We throw our weight behind these calls and invite our northern brothers to join in the agitation because; a stitch on time saves nine. Signed: Comrade Ayotunji Salami-Secretary-General Bamidele Ola Abayomi Esq-Director Planning. From Nigeria compass newspaper of Wednesday, February 29, 2012.
101.     News from our news desk, you may not have money to buy newspaper; some that buy do not read. Remember we are reading the relevant areas confirming predictions and prophecies we have received so far. More so, as they affect the sovereign existence of Nigeria as an entity. God said it is unitary but not united and must surely breakup.

102.     EXCERPTS: North ready for restructuring, say Lamido, Aliyu, Ayu, others… from Daily Nation. The liner, Boko Haram leaders accuse soldiers of human right activities. By
103.     The North picked up the gauntlet yesterday and declared it is now poised for the restructuring of Nigeria in the face of what it called identified threats confronting the region.
104.     The regions who is who in politics, academia and media at a meeting in Abuja expressed hope that the lopsidedness in the polity “will be a key issue.”
105.     Remember what God said that the removal of the fuel subsidy is not the problem of Nigeria, that after removal and all the trouble that accompanied the state, that you will see the main trouble and it is going to be the trouble of resource control. Did HE say so? Yes sir! Did it fulfill? Yes sir! That is exactly where we are now. And what will follow it, you know.
106.     The Coalition of Concerned Northerners meeting came against the background of the call for the review of the present revenue sharing formula by the governors of the 19 Northern states; the recent agitation by South West governors and other stakeholders for Sovereign National Conference (SNC); and the state of insecurity in the country.
107.     Chairman of the Northern Governors Forum,Alhaji Babangida Aliyu, speaking at the inauguration of the Advisory Council of Sir Ahmadu Bello Memorial Foundation in Abuja on Thursday, described as unfair a situation where his state (Niger) would be receiving a monthly allocation of between N4.2 billion and N4.5 billion while some others would be getting about 20 times of that; a veiled reference to the 13 per cent derivation paid to oil producing states.
108.     This, he said, was responsible for the wide gap in development between the North and the South. He was echoing a statement made by the Central Bank Governor, Mallam Lamido Sanusi last month, in an interview with the Financial Times of London.
109.     Sanusi, in the interview, linked the prevailing poverty in the North and the violence being perpetrated by the Boko Haram sect to uneven distribution of the nation’s wealth.
110.     Note, remember why we are bringing this thing to your knowledge once again. Many years ago in the year 2010 precisely in the message titled “The State of the Nation Vol.2”, God made it clear that any moment from now that the areas that were not distressed before will be feeling distressed.
111.     He said remember that the first was a mistake because the Kola-Nut was not fully ripe. So while he was attempting pulling out, the greater part of the Kola-nut remained with the center.
112.     That was why the war was Nigeria versus an extraction, not the totality of the Eastern region, but an extraction of the Eastern region geographically called the Igbos and they were in the minority. He said that the center, the greater majority swallowed it up. Now, those that were left there because of immaturity have come of age.
113.     Moreover, any moment from now, they are going to be distressed beyond measure and they will be seeking a relief; the center will become uncomfortable for all of them. No sooner than we think, you will be hearing the North saying they are grossly marginalized.
114.     Go to the message titled “The State of the Nation Vol. 2”. He said that any moment the North begin to feel Marginalized, He said get set this geographical area called Nigeria surely will fizzle out like its first national anthem. When there was a change in the anthem, of a necessity, there must be a change in the name. Please, please note the constitution of the gathering, the meeting.
115.     This was a meeting of who is who in the North which comprises of the nineteen Northern States in the North members drawn from all the sectors both politics, academia and so on. Now, pay attention. Hear the names of the personalities, you heard the names of personalities that met in Lagos: Shoyinka, Nwanbueze and too many other people including human right activists.
116.     You saw how the Oodua people countered the thing. Now see the names of personalities that gathered to deliberate on this very delicate issue. If you do not know the personalities, I will explain further. Nevertheless, they explained themselves. It is not gathering that matters, but the personalities that gathered.
117.     The reason why nobody is taking MASSOB serious is because it is an arrangement made up by Okada riders who cannot convince anybody that they are serious, more so when their activities are condemnable activities. They lacked logic that is why many people are not accepting the Igbos. But watch this one, this is organized highly set-up and it is for a purpose. The constitution of a gathering determines the impact it will make to the international community.      
118.     EXCERPTS: “In a communiqué at the end of yesterday’s meeting, the Northern leaders, among whom were two serving governors, a former Senate President, a former deputy Senate president and a former Secretary to the Government of the Federation, expressed concern over the activities of Boko Haram, the Movement for the Emancipation of Niger Delta (MEND) and the Movement for the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB).
119.     The communique reads: ‘A coalition of Northern politicians, academics, professionals and businessmen met yesterday (Thursday) at Asokoro in Abuja to deliberate on matters of serious concern to the Northern States of Nigeria and their peoples.
120.     ‘In the course of the meeting, the Northern Group reflected on the deteriorating security situation in the region, particularly with regards to the growth and spread of attacks and impunity by the Boko Haram insurgents and other ethnic and religious militias in the North.
121.     ‘In addition, the meeting dwelled on the threats posed by the resurgent activities of Movement for the Emancipation of Niger Delta (MEND), other Niger Delta militant groups, Movement for the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB). In addition, the meeting dwelled on the threats and recent calls by groups for a Sovereign National Conference.
122.     “The meeting reflected on the elements that bind the Northerners and their cultures together, irrespective of ethnicity and religion over many years at their association, and expressed their sadness that the basis of unity of the region has of recent come under a serious assault.
123.     The meeting noted the positive fallouts of the recent nationwide strike, in the course of which the ordinary people of the North and of the rest of the country manifested a refreshing desire to support and protect one another against the clear evidence of orchestrated designs to polarise and keep the people apart.
124.     “The meeting also received the shocking details of the several excesses of the JTF (Joint Task Force) which amounted to no less than gross human rights abuses. The meeting expressed the view that the threat posed by Boko Haram insurgency could best be attended to without the attendant attacks on individual rights and on businesses.
125.     ‘The meeting resolved to support the calls for the restructuring of the Nigerian Federation in the hope that the lopsidedness in the structure of the nation’s politics and economy will be a key agenda issue.
126.     ‘It then called on the Northern Governors’ Forum (NGF) to liaise with other stakeholders in the North, such as the Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF), Northern Union (NU), Jama’atul Nasirl Islam (JNI), Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), women, youth and student bodies and other groups to join hands together to tackle the identified threats confronting the region.
127.     ‘Among those who attended the meeting were the governors of Niger and Jigawa states, Dr. Mu’azu Babangida Aliyu, OON, CON and Alhaji Sule Lamido, CON; the convener of the meeting, Dr. Junaidu Muhammed; a former Senate President, Dr. Iyorchia Ayu; a former Deputy Senate President, Dr. John Wash-Pam, CON; former Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Alhaji Yayale Ahmed, CFR; former ministers, such as, Dr. Shettima Mustapha, Alhaji Adamu Maina Waziri and Mallam Lawal Batagarawa; and a former Chairman of the Presidential Advisory Council, Prof. Nur Alkali.
128.     ‘Others were a former Chairman of Langtang South Local Government Council, Mr. Solomon Dalung; former Presidential Legal Advisers, Ibrahim Ismail and Prof. Awwal Yadudu; as well as newspaper publishers, including Sam Nda-Isaiah and Mohammed Haruna. 
129.     The rest included university vice chancellors, Prof. Abubakar Rasheed, Prof. Risqua Arabu; businessmen such as the Chairman of Mainstreet Bank, Alhaji Falalu Bello; a former Chairman of the Revenue Mobilisation and Fiscal Commission, Engr. Hamman Tukur; a former Solicitor-General of the Federation, Prof. Ignatius Ayua; Prof. David Iyornem; Alhaji Dahiru Mohammed and two former managing directors of New Nigeria Newspapers.
130.     ‘Others included the first female editor of New Nigeria, Mrs. Bilkisu Bintube; another female editor from Trust Newspapers, Mrs. Aisha Kabiru Yusuf; Dr. Bashir Kurfi of Ahmadu Bello University, (ABU, Zaria) and Timaus Mathias, a veteran journalist.
131.     ‘Also present were Mr. David Garnva, former President of the Nigerian Institute of Quantity Surveyors, Mallam Abba Gana, former Deputy Director of Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG), Alhaji Shehu Kaikai, Sanusi Abubakar, Garba Shehu, Mr. Simon Gunkat, Mallam Adamu Yakubu, Barr. Zannah Mustapaha, Mallam Sambo Ingawa, Kalli Ghazali, Abubakar Michika and Prof. Abubakar Mustapha.
132.      It was signed by Second Republic member of the House of Representatives, Dr. Junaid Muhammed, the convener.” Amen.

We are still on the news desk as we have it. From what we have read, too many things have come to focus. Remember what informed this type of information. It is our collective resort that we will not take part in any pressure group and their various agendas.
2.           Look at the first man that was quoted, that was the man that feature very prominently in the “State Of The Nation vol. 2,” he is no other person but Mallam Sanusi, the Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria.
3.           In the year 2010, God prophesied in that message, “I show you an infallible sign: whether you like it or not that the economy of Nigeria must be Islamised and the way to do it has been mooted out. The organisation of the Islamic country has already concluded plans to press it home that Nigeria is their member.” I made it clear to all and sundry that during the days of Babangida, he initiated Nigeria into OIC in the bid to obtain loans; soft loan, interest free loan from OIC.
4.           That was when he implemented all the IMF conditionality yet, IMF refuse to give them the loan. In the days of Idika Kalu Idika, the honourable Minister of Finance. The name Idika Kalu Idika has re-echoed again. I made it clear to all of you using it as a sign that all banks in Nigeria must go Islamic.
5.           Moreover, that the National Assembly will endorse the whole idea which will be passed unto Nigerians even without consultation with anybody. Before our eyes, the governor of Central Bank imposed Islamic banking on Nigerians without due process. In addition, the joints houses, the House of Representative and the Senate could not reverse it.
6.           Now almost all the banks in Nigeria have subscribed to interest free Islamic banking. He is the voice that spoke to the London Times, accusing both the president, the constitution and the revenue sharing formula.
7.           The voice came from the highest quarter and this is the man that is controlling national revenue, even the oil revenue. The whole revenue in this nation within and without is under the control of Mallam Sanusi Lamido. He is in the forefront. He is the man behind the marginalization of the North.
8.           But all these years, the South-South and the South-East have been crying and crying, raising alarm over marginalization. It never pulled the attention of anybody from the North, they behaved as if the South-South and the South-East were crying wolf where there was no wolf. However, the tide has changed.
9.           The ACN presidential aspirant made it clear that if power was not given to the North; that Nigeria will not see peace. Moreover, since that time he lost in the power game, we saw the emergence of Boko Haram and other groups.
10.        Having joined hands with the North as earlier predicted, that the moment we get to this point watch; religion would take its toll. The Yorubas have declare their stand and it is in agreement with the prophecy that :watch what is going to take place, let nobody ever think that this Voice is a joke, it is not a joke.
11.        For that reason, I say remember what God said it would happen at a point like this. When you see these things happening, you know that your flight draweth near. We are not talking about salvation anymore; we are now talking about the event that will culminate the fulfilment of the long waited prophecies.
12.        In addition, you saw what God said ahead of time in 2010, that He will never live to this Faith go tribal. If God never intervened, nothing would have stopped this Faith from going tribal.
13.        Thus, He that knoweth all things wrapped it up in righteousness before the hammer will fall. This piece we have seen was mailed to us right from Lagos by Pastor Rotimi. He said, “Daddy, all you said have come to pass. Look at it.” He sent it by courier through Apostle Kelechi.
14.        Nothing built up the Faith more than when you notice that you are standing on a sure foundation that cannot be moved. Because events are made clear by prophecy and God is the perfect interpreter of His Word. If He says that let there be light, you do not need to run helter-skelter; you do not need to begin to interpret. All you have to do is to be patient and wait for light. Once light appears, it has been interpreted.
15.        All prophecies are tied to time, that is why I keep on telling you that time will vindicate Me. What is more, time and events have been vindicating Me.
16.        We are continuing, news from our news desk as we have them presently now so that you will not be fanatics. You will not take side with anybody, you know who you are and you do not open your mouth to discuss Nigeria politics for you are not a politician.
17.         I have given you reasons why I am not prepared to die for Nigeria; I am ready to die for Christ but not for Nigeria. I have given you many, many reasons why I withhold some information from you knowing your classes. I know who you are, how I come about the information is beyond your imagination.
18.        In the Message One Generation planted the tree, another enjoyed the shade, I brought out the document which I had earlier been emphasizing that on the day of Independence 1960, Queen Elizabeth who handed the mantle of leadership to Dr Nnamdi Azikwe of blessed memory made it clear before the entire world that she was handing over the baton of leadership to Dr Nnamdi Azikwe as the president of this sovereign nation called Nigeria which the British government to grant a POLITICAL INDEPENDENCE, she never minced her words. Nigeria never underlined the type of independence they were granted.
19.        The woman said it was a POLITICAL INDEPENDENCE and not ECONOMIC INDEPENDENCE. It was not a total independence. Up till today we are still feeling the effect. British government has never removed their grip over Nigeria economy and will never because what sustained them is coming from Nigeria.
20.        Queen Elizabeth went further to say, “I wish to make it clear to the entire world this day that by the arraignment and complex nature of this nation called Nigeria, that the Northern majority must rule the Southern minority. Upon this ground I hand over this day before this innumerable concourse, the mantle of leadership. The Prime Minister will have administrative control, while the honourable president will be there ceremonially.”
21.        The whole world clapped their hands because the statement favours them. That was the first day of October 1960. On the eleventh day of October 1960, Sir Tafawa Balewa Sardauna of Sokoto who was the Prime Minister mounted the podium and addressed the whole world again which was contained in the Parrot Newspaper of 12th October, 1960 which I showed all of you, saying that the Northerners must resist ruthlessly any attempt to wrestle power out of the North.
22.        In addition, he made too many assertions, all of us to him we are mere tenants; the Middle Belt are mere slaves and messengers. The entire Nigeria is the estate of their late ancestor Othman Dan Fodio and must seen as such.
23.        We equally read from the publication where the young boys gave the Southeast six months to repent and be converted to Islam. I told you that it is not a joke. Why? While Abiola was alive, MKO Abiola made it clear not in the Yoruba land but in the Igbo land at Ugwuta motel with the useless politician Imo State produced, Arthur Nzeribe that Islam must be pressed to the south whether they like it or not.
24.        Before our eyes, he destroyed over fifteen million copies of the Holy Bible publicly together with Babangida, nobody can deny that. Moreover, at the end of that meeting at Ugwuta, for the first time in the history of Imo State, the first national Mosque was erected at Ogwuta. From there, they began to liaise with Alhaji Suleman Onyeama at Enugu who is spearheading that Islamic move there.
25.        Today, there are mosques everywhere. Dangle Naira before an Igbo man, he must shift his stand. Remember I told you that very soon the so-called Christians from Igbo extraction some will join the Boko Haram. I have that newspaper on my table my son brought it Nation newspaper, where two Christians were arrested in Borno State for attempting to bomb a Church. Moreover, they made their confessional statement that they collected five million Naira from an Emir whose name was not disclosed from the North. You read it, I equally read it.
26.        I said, “Look at it, a Muslim collected five million Naira from Ibrahim Bababgida to bomb Nigeria Defence Academy (NDA) on their passing out parade. His conscience pricked him and he returned the money and then converted to Christianity. But now, two Christians from Igbo extraction based in Borno State collected five million Naira; collected four bombs and headed to a Church, but luck ran against them. The security services arrested them as a result of the bomb.
27.        By the time the thing will spread down to the East, it will be like another kidnapping. Remember I told you that whether you like it or not, Igbos must be involved. The case of Bayelsa, who were arrested? Were they not Christians? Were they not of Igbo extraction? We are not in this Church to blame anybody.
28.        Remember we are in this Faith on a salvation mission, and God said at the initial that we are in this most holy Faith to inform, to enlighten and to educate because if you do not educate them, do not blame them; it become very difficult to lead them along. They will become fanatics.
29.        You must be balanced all round so that when you go out, you will be courageous even to speak. You know how you ought to speak, you select your words. Knowing that you know better than people that are around you, why there is a prophet in your midst. Things that happen as a surprise to them are things you must have been told long, long time ago. Look at the message we received in 1994, is being vindicated in 2011.
30.        Who can believe this? If not for the publication we would not have known. Sometimes, we fulfil prophecies ignorantly due to forgetful spirit, it is common among God’s people.
31.        When the Apostle forgot what Jesus Christ told them, they believed the report that He resurrected; they were overwhelmed with joy hearing that their Master resurrected from the dead. However, because of unbelief, they could not believe the report anymore. Jesus Christ said, “Have you forgotten what I told you that I must surely get up from the dead, why didn’t you believe when you heard? I called them joyful unbelievers.
32.        Because the Bible said, “They could not believe Him because of joy.” They were joyful unbelievers, so make sure you are not numbered among them. When you see the fulfilment of a prophecy, you rejoice exceedingly but you do not believe.  
33.        We are not in this Faith as Nigerians; we are in this Faith as sons and daughters of God. This is the only Faith that cuts across all ethnic and tribal barriers and I am proud to be associated with it because in Christ there is no tribe there: no Yoruba, no Hausa, no this and that for we are one in Christ according to the scriptures that it is only in Christ that all God’s children that are scattered all over the world are united. Hence, the point of unity of all God’s children remains Christ, the rallying point, that is the pivot where our message revolves.
34.        From the news desk, we have a newspaper publication, Sun newspaper dated Match 1st 2012. There are two articles in the newspaper: come let us divide this country. Another one is a press release from the Middle Belt. We have seen a press release from Niger Delta, we have seen the press release from the Igbo people’s Forum, we have seen one from the Northern Forum; we have seen one from Oodua people’s forum. This is another one from the Meddle Belt.
35.        Concerning the Middle Belt, I showed you an excerpt recently, from the Middle Belt they declared their stand, made it known to the international community through the website, you will see the stand, the views of all other groups.
36.        Remember we are treating the case of the Kola-nut that has five distinct lobes.
37.        Excerpts: “ComE, LET US divide this country: ex-minister Gidado says, ‘We can go our separate ways.’
38.        This voice is not coming out from common people; they are coming from renowned and eminent personalities whose words can be taken very seriously. People that have represented this nation in various capacities, within and without. These are voices of personalities that can be quoted anywhere.
39.        You can now begin to appreciate what God told us in the message titled “Youth Forum” that you should not make the mistake of quoting any radio news lest they will deny you.
40.        If you must to quote, quote newspaper publication which can be traced. God has earlier spoken concerning the STATE OF THE NATION when nobody has spoken concerning the state of the nation, and there was no sign that there could be anything like this.
41.        Excerpts: Ex-minister Gidado says: ‘We can go our separate ways,’ From Andy Asemota, Kastina. Alhaji Abu Gidado was a two-time Minister of State for Finance under the late general Sani Abacha’s regime. He was also a Federal Commissioner in Revenue Mobilization, Allocation and Fiscal Commission, during Olusegun Obasanjo’s second term.
42.        The elder statesman was a former commissioner for finance in three different military administrations in Katstina State. In his exclusive interview, speaks on the state of the nation, fuel subsidy and the clamour for Sovereign National Conference (SNC).
43.        State of the Nation: I will not like to talk at length on this topic but I will say that Nigeria is quite a blessed country. We have all resources in the world. The most current or contemporary source of wealth is oil, we have it. Some of it exploited already, some unexploited in many locations. We have vast arable land where we can grow all sorts of fruits in the world and undertake any type of economic farming activities. But the country is bloody sick and it lacks good managers.
44.        Fuel Subsidy: Fuel subsidy is bedevilled by so many things, there is corruption taking place in the scheme. If you look at the recent publication of the beneficiaries of fuel subsidy, they are very few. With the corruption, this country is not really benefiting much from the subsidy itself but no country survives without one form of subsidy or the other. For example, the United States has been subsidizing agriculture all its life but Nigeria is not subsidizing agriculture. Oil which is also the base of any industry should have been subsidized but there is corruption which eats up the whole fibre of the subsidy itself so that benefit does not go down the country economically sound and viable.
45.        Corruption and governance: The first thing I will expect is for people who have been proven to have stolen government money to be brought to justice to indicate that government is really serious about tackling corruption. There are a lot of people that some people know enriched themselves corruptly. Unless we see them punished, we can just say the anti-corruption effort is not effective.
46.        Sovereign National Conference: We should hold it. Believe me this country should be divided and everybody should go his way. Those who would want to come together let them come together. I have so many reasons. Let us take an example of General Obasanjo.
47.        Obasanjo was a President in military uniform as a soldier. Obasanjo was a President in the so-called democracy and he was over 70. Yet, he could not change the physical aspect of Nigerians let alone the mental capacity of Nigerians. I went to Saudi Arabia in 1976. The Saudis have so developed their country and they have changed the psyche of their people.
48.        They are looking smart, neat and good. If we cannot as a component develop and if somebody can be a ruler for three terms, yet he could not improve the condition in this country, let dis-member the bloody country. It will be better because with all the resources, Saudi used their resources to develop themselves. In my days, we were better off than now with all the resources we have from oil.”
49.        You have been watching and waiting, that is what God said you should be doing from now. For no human being can complete whatever that is left, but the Almighty God Himself. Our duties were spelt out in the messages formed up in two words WATCH and WAIT as we see events unfold on a daily basis. And really events are unfolding.
50.        The Ikemba of Nnewi the one they normally call Eze-Igbo gburugburu, Chief Odumegwu Ojukwu, his burial has come and gone. All references to Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu are now past, for the Almighty cannot change the past. Take note of it.
51.        God said that the Nigerian civil war is not dead until the two key players are buried. Number one is Odumegwu Ojukwu; number two is Yakubu Gowon. Unfortunately, Yakubu Gowon attended Odumegwu Ojukwu burial. Amidst many witnesses he made a very nice statement after every other thing he said, “If the late Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu has found himself in my position as the president and Head of State of Nigeria, he would have acted more than me in fighting to keep Nigeria as one”.
52.        His slogan during the civil war from Lagos has always been: TO KEEP NIGERIA ONE IS A TASK THAT MUST BE DONE. And really, Gowon accomplished it in his own way yet the spirit of Biafra lives. Ojukwu is gone, but Biafra is still alive and will remain alive in the hearts of all Igbo people especially our teeming youths who knew nothing about war.
53.        Those that were born and brought up during that period have their own share. However, the people that really played the key role in fighting are afraid that there should not be anything called war.
54.        I Am not talking about war, but my topic is: AFTER OJUKWU’S BURIAL, WHAT NEXT? Who want to know what you should expect, the leader of the so-called Ojukwu’s movement has made known his mind. By the end of the burial ceremony that come March 11th 2012, the nation will know what Ojukwu stood for.
55.        We are beginning to feel something around; they may not carry arms, but something greater than arm is with us. I alerted you years ago, I alerted you also in the month of January. On Wednesday after reading all these things, the hearts of many were set ablaze. The Deacon told us during our Elders’ Forum that if I had not appeared on the pulpit to disabuse their minds, that many of them would have participated in the burial for they were somehow subscribing to the burial until I opened their eyes and began to see Ojukwu from another perspective.
56.        That the war he fought was a power driving war that ended in nullity, ended in cannibalising and sacrificing the lives of innocent and ignorant people without achieving anything. A colossal waste and a regrettable war that never represented even the interest of the majority of the people.
57.        I opened your eyes to see that, that war devastated the Igbos and made the Igbos unacceptable in all the tribes in Nigeria. The Igbos have become perpetual enemies, viewed with every amount of suspicion wherever they are found. For that war really affected them to a large extent and injected something that can never be wiped off in the hearts of the Igbos till eternity.
58.        The thing diffused into the Igbo blood system, entered their fabrics and they started reproducing their children with that corrupt blood. It will take Christ and Christ alone to stop an average Igbo youth from violence. The Igbos now prefer violence to peace. It was the war that taught the Igbos how to earn a living through violence. All these brigand, violent robbery, violence of all sorts came as a result of the civil war which left the Igbos devastated and desolate. Left many of them jobless having been exposed to rough life because the UN stepped into the civil war to stop it.
59.        After making a very horrible statement that is credited to Biafran soldiers, that since the history of mankind, no civil war has ever produced that daredevil soldiers more than the Biafran soldiers who became cannibals. They were all cannibals, feeding on their fellow human flesh calling it marara.
60.        Elders that were with me in my house you heard it and some of us who played key roles confirmed it to be true. They became cannibals, and you know as soldiers according to the military rule, the hobby of a soldier is vandalization, dehumanization, destruction and then bloodbath.
61.        We began to witness the Igbos cannibalising the Igbos, the Igbos vandalizing the Igbos. They never vandalized the Northerners or other tribes, they vandalized and dehumanized all the communities in their territories. Most of the building that were set ablaze were not set ablaze by the Nigerian troops, our own troops set all of them ablaze.
62.        They indulged in all sorts of crimes and raping of women, they inculcated that devilish character. Immediately after the civil war, they could not repent. That is why immediately Oyenusi and Babatunde introduced armed robbery in Lagos, the next place we heard about it became the Igbo land and it triggered off like wildfire and spread everywhere.
63.        It was unknown in the history of the Igbos, the Igbos were known for … when you shout “hold am” the people will run away. Thus, the war produced militants, and the story of the war as it lingers continued to harden the hearts of the youths. Joblessness that accompanied war was much in our own area. Thus war should be avoided in its entirety.
64.        Remember our message says that all acts of vandalism and violence are condemnable act before God for there is no better way of doing a wrong thing. Something is wrong because God says it is wrong. Something is right because God says it is right and every true seed of God takes side with God.
65.        We are not politicians, we are not called to come and further the political cause of this nation. As children of God, we are in this Faith to further the cause of Christ and no more. So refresh your minds once again, the leader of the dreaded pressure group in the South East made his statement known to the whole world and we know it is not a joke.
66.        What I witnessed on Thursday surprised Me. I never knew that they have gone as far as sowing or reproducing the butterfly camouflage with Biafran song. Most of them even wearing three-star, some wearing eagle and they were matching on the streets singing the old song we used to sing each time we are being deployed: “My father do not worry, my mother do not worry. If I happened to die in the battlefield never mind, we shall meet again”.
67.        I chilled and said, “So this voice is coming from our youths again, who knew nothing about the first war, and knew nothing about the reason which protagonists of that war adduced which were purely selfish. That war was more of power driven than the mission was, we know the truth.
68.        Then to some of you that wanted to die with Ikemba Nnewi, I throw a question back, you called him a great man? Fine. Whatever you like call him, but can you stand up and mention two monumental achievements that can be credited to him, one, in Igboland; two in Nnewi community, three in Nigeria in general. Three monumental achievements! And I will give you over a hundred visible and verifiable things, legacies he left that are not enviable.
69.        My greatest joy was the type of people that were singing his praise, not great minds. No soldier is a great mind, every soldier is a beast. He is trained that way; he is not born that way.
70.        It is better for a wise man to reprimand you than for a fool to sing your praise. Fools are always held on a high esteem by the generality of the people. Fools, nonentities are very, very popular. You can be popular but not great. People that called him great do not know the meaning of greatness. If you want to refresh your mind, go to my message, the lecture I delivered at the UNN on GREATNESS. Then the messages I delivered in this Church titled “Practical Steps to Greatness.”
71.        What will you be remembered for when you leave this Earth? Watch Ojukwu and his mission, is there anything he can be remembered for if not the role he played in session, any other thing? Tell me what that thing looked like. And that is the way he rewarded his people for the huge cost of his education in Oxford University in London at a time when Nigeria never knew the value of education, he had already acquired master degree in history.
72.        Having been born in a great family with silver spoon on his mouth, at the age of thirteen, his father threw him to London. He had a very nice privilege, came back and became the first administrative officer in Enugu, based in Udi and then began to clash with late Dr Nnamdi Azikwe over policies concerning the establishment of the University of Nigeria at Nsukka which made him unpopular for which course he ran into Army to dethrone him.
73.        That is why they remained arch-enemies until then. If you do not know the history of this nation, consult Me and I will tell you everything about this nation starting from 1938. You consult Me.   
74.        I thank God the libraries are there, you can even download information from your website concerning this great nation. If you do not know the cause of anything, keep your mouth shut lest you die in vain. Lest you support a condemnable war—that war was condemned by the whole world because it was born out of selfishness, self-aggrandizement, self-ego and materialism.
75.        Moreover, all of us that participated when we are too tender, we thought he has an honest course and he betrayed us at last. At a time when we needed his presence he ran away. If not for the intervention and the boldness of Major General Philip Effiong, all of us would have been burnt to ashes. He left us at the Uli head bridge. That night, I can never forget that night. He ran to Ivory-Coast and was received by Felix Houphoet-Biogny the president of Ivory-Coast who gave Nigeria undue recognition together with Julius Nyerere of Tanzania and Omar Bongo of Gabon.
76.        Please let me set it aside. It is very, very provoking. That is why I do not like meddling into the history of that nonsense. However, I do not know why God has called Me to be in the front, maybe to save you otherwise you become victims of something you do not know simply because people are shouting and making noise; you join them anyhow. No!
77.        A wise man does not join the majority when they are wrong. Can you imagine a betrayer; I was exposing it before everybody. Bishop Isaac was confirming it, Bishop Obadiah confirming it because they were key actors in the war together with Me and Brother James Nnemeka.
78.        Moreover, the rest of Igbo land, we were there suffering in the war fighting earnestly. We were forced to use Biafran money to transact business, while the people in Nnewi were using Nigerian currency, Nigeria coins, Nigeria note and everything. Nnewi was never invaded, three mechanised chiefs in Biafra Army camped in Nnewi field. Everything was there.
79.        We were travelling long distances with bicycle for them to sign armour and things like that. For people to come to Nnewi to buy stockfish seasoned with salt, they had to convert Biafran money into coins, loose the bicycles, pour the coins into bicycle and screw the bicycle back.
80.        When you ride to Nnewi, a repairer will loose the bicycle again for you to bring out the coins which you use to do business in Nnewi. We were dying in the war; Nnewi people were busy in their commercial activities. They looted the entire Onitsha, carried the riches of the Igbos that were abandoned in Onitsha to Nnewi.
81.        That was why immediately after the war, millionaires emerged. While Awolowo said twenty pounds should be given to all that have one thing or the other to do with bankers’ money, Nnewi has already flourished in millions of Nigerian money. Fellow soldiers that played key roles, am I bearing false witness? No sir!
82.        I can never forget the day he clashed with Colonel Igonagolechi who later became the primate. That day, Igonagolechi fired him. We were watching the two giants exchange blows. After exchanging blows he pulled his rifle, Igonagolechi pulled his own before others intervened. What is more, we were praying that he should gun Ojukwu down so that the war will end.
83.        Glory be to God in the highest. Now he is gone, Gowon is still alive. There are three other players but they were somehow junior. Another person that rose to the rank that time was commission officer also, that was Obasanjo, who took over from Benjamin Adekunle from Ogwuta lake. That is three mechanised engineering in Nigerian Army—he took over from Adekunle.
84.        Three mechanised is now at Ibadan, Obasanjo took control of it and he was the one that collected everything from Philip Effiong, took everything to Lagos. Thanks be to some people who gathered courage and joined Philip Effiong to Lagos.
85.        Now, I will not round off this my address without reminding you of the final words of Dr Nnamdi Azikwe of blessed memory. He said and I quote on the day he, Sir Luise Mbanefo, Chike Obi and Philip Effiong signed the accord; these were the four signatories that signed the peace accord.
86.        Dr Nnamdi Azikwe said, “Nigeria may divide but not while I am alive. After my demise, they can go into different paths. It is on this note that I pen my signature this day,” in Dodan Barracks.
87.        The former UN secretary, Kofi Annan said that he was wondering whether there could be another civilian president after Obasanjo, while the US secretary of state said that he was predicting that Nigeria will disintegrate fifteen years after Obasanjo’s rule. Muammar Gadhafi of Libya made a statement that Nigeria should be divided between the North and the South.

Let us not carry the matter too far, relate it to what you heard concerning your departure. Then, what time is it brethren? What hour are we living in? As we see prophecies fulfilling rapidly, not minding who and who God is using to fulfil prophecies for He must use somebody.
2.           Remember He said, “Do not pray against it for the hand of God is behind it, for you will never be transformed or translated; you will never leave the scene until in the midst of the trouble. For God is going to ignite a trouble that will draw the attention of the whole world away, and in the midst of that trouble the Bride will go away unnoticed.” Then He began to tell you what the troubles are likely to be starting from the Middle East.
3.           I am happy that the Message of the Kingdom has gone round the whole world and we are now at the end. If our message is hidden, it is hidden from those who the god of this evil world has blinded their eyes and their hearts that they might not see the hand writing on the wall.
4.           I was listening to my radio one day; a member of our friend Harold Camping was talking, trying to encourage listeners to continue believing not minding what their leader said disappointed many. That they are still full of expectations that God must fulfil His Word.
5.           I said that this man is tendering apology. You see, they were talking without consultation. Their master told them clearly that he was a mathematician; he knew nothing but the scriptures and mathematics. With his mathematics, he calculated about five years and that is what it took him.
6.           He predicted his own. However, one thing that is still amazing is that the Man they are waiting for is on the scene according to the mathematician, that He must be on the scene before the end.
7.           He said that the problem is how to locate Him, but talk of being on the scene, that he is quite sure. Mathematically, he got that one right but location, he does not know. On the other hand, by picking the date without consulting the right person, he failed.
8.            That was why I told you to ignore him. You were his disciples; you know what I told you. I told you everything he said for I know him; I know what he is saying. However, I know God decided to do it, do not blame him, and do not blame anybody. Nobody can get that date through mathematics. It shall be one day known unto the Lord, is it not scriptures? It is! It must be one day known unto the Lord.
9.           The same way known unto the Lord are all His works from the foundation of the world. For no man knoweth the Father but the Son, no man knoweth the Son but the Father and to whomsoever the Son shall chose to reveal Him.
10.        Everything pertaining to God is done by revelation. You do not get it by mathematical formula, you do not dream a dream and begin to see such a thing or by your vision. No! Unless God is not on the scene. In addition, He revealeth it to whosoever He willeth. If He does not want to reveal it to you, will you slap Him? Is He indebted to you?
11.        I told you that it is not knowing the date that matters, but praying that you will be in the number. The children of the prophets, knew about Elijah’s departure, knew the date of Elijah’s departure for they were children of the prophets but they were not partakers.
12.        The Apostles were told by Jesus Christ, “Go to the Mount of Olive at about this time the following day, tomorrow; wait for me for I will appear there.” They knew the place; they knew the time and everything but concerning the translation, they watched it as mere witnesses, observers, they were not partakers.
13.        As a result, do not be too anxious to know, but who are you to enquire about this date that is hidden in the Father which the Father has kept as a secret? By the time He slammed the Book close, did He consult you? By the time He sealed the testimony, did He consult you? Who can believe this testimony? However, you believed, why? He has given you the believing heart to believe the truth.
14.        Even this believing, is not of your own making, it is the grace of God, lest you begin to boast. Not because you are better than anybody in the world, or you are righteous or you are the greatest sinner, no! This is His divine purpose, which He has purposed in Himself concerning you and I before the world began. Hence, you must know the truth before you begin to rejoice.
15.        Knowing that something greater than Boko Haram is on the way, having seen that pressure groups have started coming up declaring their stands confirming the messages you earlier heard, is it not to establish you in the present truth?
16.        When Jesus was talking to His discipleS, he said, “I am telling all these thing ahead of time so that when they shall began to unfold; you will remember that I earlier told you.”
17.        St. Peter said, “I will never be negligence of putting you in remembrance of these things that you might be established in the present truth. Not past truth, but present truth.
18.        Once you forget what God has spoken on any issue or matter, any development, you are bound to become a victim. Forget the instructions you have already received on any development, surely you will become a victim. Reason being that the moment you neglect the word of God, you will land yourself in a place where you regret your life, Where you will say, “if I had known.”
19.        Spiritual amnesia does not come like a wind, it comes like sleep catches you during the fellowship. You might not be willing to sleep; you might not desire to sleep, all of a sudden, you may not know when your mind wandered off; your eyes will begin to blink and you begin to sleep. You will be seeing vision of the Son of Man flying above the roof, but I will tell you I am in the Church. I have never intended to fly above the roof, that you were in coma.
20.        Yes, you were in coma. Nevertheless, I hope nobody will be in coma! For that reason knowing that there is trouble coming, I wish to put you in remembrance of the instructions you have already received. Seeing that the 99% of the congregation worldwide can be said to be made up of youths within their productive ages, they are still vibrant and still very strong. I am going down every day, you cannot expect Me to join anything force. I do not have the strength anymore.
21.        Thus, I wish to remind you of those things you knew, more so the ones I spoke to all you during the YOUTH FORUM. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. It pays to be in a living group where God is officiating in human form. Yes, it agrees with the scriptures, the Prophet said the people of God must be taught by God, having Him in person as their Teacher. That is scripture.
22.      “Youth Forum” page 16 verse 22-24, “What am I saying? Expect a sudden crack: If the gun does not crack it, pressure must surely crack it. But will it crack? Yes! To BE FOREWARNED is to be FOREARMED.
23.        I can see the riot—whether civil crises or whatever they may call it—escalatiNG.
24.        Remember, this message was preached before fuel riot started. “I can see the riot—whether civil crises or whatever they may call it—escalatiNG. IT is going to escalate and security operatives in Nigeria have been blinded by the Federal Government. They have been promised reasonable sum of money, most of them being bribed.”
25.        God saw it and said it. Immediately the crisis stopped, the newspapers carried it everywhere that Nigeria Labour leaders were bribed.
26.        Page 19, verse 2, In as much as we are law abiding, we can never suBmit ourselves to any pressure group. We can never permit ourselves to be used by any pressure group, to achieve THEIR collective or personal objectives. Do NOT ever darE TO JOIN THEM!”
27.        You should not submit yourselves to any pressure group to achieve either their collective or perPsonal ambitions. Do not ever submit yourselves. Do not dare to join them, stay away!
28.        “… there are too many things we are not permitted to do...”
29.        There can never be any instruction you esteem highly than the message you are hearing. Tomorrow, you will become number one victim or your son that is in Zaria, your son is in Zaria Bayero University. Do you know what is awaiting him there? Instead of taking note so that you can guide him over there, you are discussing.
30.        PWhen the bomb is thrown inside the market, nobody can predict accurately who and who the victims will be. What we are discussing is like a bomb that is about to be thrown into the market.
31.        Verse 5, “Act, behave and conduct yourselves within the limits of our Faith for there are too many things we are not permitted to do.”
32.        Act, behave and conduct yourselves within the limits of our Faith. We have the power to do all things, but all things are not convenient for us for we are children of God.
33.        Verse 6, “...I warned you some years ago not knowing why, in a Message titled “Preserve your Youth and Achieve Your Dreams.” Few weeks after, Onitsha youths went to the streets and slaughtered their fellow human beings, all in the name of REPRISAL ATTACK.”
34.        The youths were the people that featured very prominently.
35.      Page 33 verse 3, “Watch what God predicted and their fulfilments; these things are happening to strengthen our faith in order to believe Him the more. More so, when they (the prophecies) are no longer delaying. They are no longer delaying. You think it will happen next year, before your eyes, they will begin to happen. It is not a matter of Martha saying, ‘I know my brother will resurrect on the last day,’ and before her eyes, the last day became that very moment.”
36.      Yes sir, Jesus the Christ told Martha, “Your brother will resurrect.” Martha said, “Yes I believe but it will be on the last day.” Before you know it, Jesus the Christ said, “Lazarus, come forth!” And Lazarus came forth. What is more, that last day became that very moment. There are too many Marthas in this Faith!
37.        Page 50, verse 9, “I remember the day he spoke to Me concerning that place and I warned him, even gave him instruction never to transact business with cash in front. I told him, ‘Put the money in the bank, travel to that place, then cash the money there.’ He agreed, went home and packed the money into his pockets, on the way he paid the price...”
38.        Yes, he flaunted my instruction. I told him to put his money in the bank that he should not travel with it. He said Amen and left. On getting home, he packed his money in his pocket and travelled. On the way, he dashed the money to armed robbers.
39.        Neglect the Word of God and land yourself in trouble. The same way Pastor Thomas, after Wednesday fellowship decided to travel. I had earlier told him not to travel by night. After fellowship, he carried his bag straight to Upper-Iweka in the night to travel to Lagos to buy his goods, thinking he is fooling somebody. On getting there, he paid for his ticket, sat down in the bus and he slept off. By the time he woke up when the driver is about to move, he could not see his bag again. The money vanished, the bag vanished.
40.        Moreover, it was too late; he was now looking for money to chatter commercial motorcycle from Lagos Park to his house. Well, those things happen to help you. This unbelief is everywhere.
41.        I remember the day I told Brother Sam to hire watchman that will be helping him to watch over his shade, that he should pay him three thousand or five thousand. One day my phone rang, lo and behold it was Brother Sam. He was telling Me that thief attacked his shop, that they broke his wall. Then I asked him if he did what I asked him to do. He said, “Daddy, I did not do it.” I said, “No sympathy for Esau!”
42.        Page 61, verse 33, “So suppose not to think that the Godhead is like four-footed animal, or bird or wooden gods and things like that. Or fishes in the ocean, things that have similitude of something like this and that, for everything about Him has been made known to you; therefore you are without excuse.”
43.        He told Timothy because he proclaimed that God is a human being, that he was treated like a criminal and put in dungeon but the Gospel of Christ can never be in bondage for the truth remains there. God is a human being for the scripture cannot be broken. Amen.


God has put us in remembrance of those thing we heard, preparing our hearts for what is about to explode. Remember, the Lord said that the entire nation is sitting on a time bomb that will explode with time.
2.           When the President spoke to the nation, he said, “The Boko Harams are calling for a Jihad.” For this untold attacks of people in the North especially from the South-South and South-East extractions can be viewed religiously.
3.           God said, “Whenever the politics of any nation begins to tilt along religious line, it is a sure sign that, that country is about to disintegrate.”
4.           Religion and politics are a hydra-headed devil that does nobody any good. The fiercest battle in the history of mankind, the bloodiest battle has always been a religious war, that is, a religious battle. Once it starts, people take side with their Faith in their religious inclination. Biological brothers can begin to kill themselves, do you believe that?
5.           On the issue whether Nigeria is an Islamic nation is a settled matter, you know the truth there. Do not make the mistake of limiting the Muslims to the North, otherwise you are erring. Remember what I told you that the reason is not farfetched. That Islam came to Nigeria, abode in Nigeria many centuries before the advent of Christianity.
6.           In addition, it came from the East through conquest; while Christianity came from the West through conquest also. They are all violent and bloody religions.
7.           I will not talk about that because you know the truth, they are all contained in your messages I handled long, long time ago. It is war of domination: one want to dominate the other. It is like parliamentary system of government verses democratic system. One is opposed to the other—war of domination.
8.           America is trying imposed their own system upon the entire world, while British is resisting but the resistance is very weak! They lost their ground when they lost the war between Britain and America. Do you know that Britain controlled America for many, many years? I will stop there.
9.           In Nigeria, we were given a parliamentary system of government, which conferred power permanently to the Northern majority. To wrestle power out of the North, Nigeria ignorantly, not knowing the implication, decided to experiment the most expensive and the most repressive system of government; and that is a democratic system of government.
10.        What is more, it was at a time when our economy could not carry it, is a capitalistic system of government which have turned every aspect of our social life capitalist. Hence, the advent of American oriented Pentecostal Churches—all capitalistic. I do not want to say more than this, you know more than that.
11.        If there is a change in government, there must be a change in many other things, for democratic dispensation made possible for power to be rotated, contrary to what was handed down to Nigeria. They are saying, “Instead of that, you better reverse to 1914 Treaty.”
12.        Because of Amalgamation of 1914, we were having three distinct Republics: The Northern Protectorate, The Southern Protectorate and Lagos Colony which were erroneously fussed by Lord Lugard. The components that make up that unholy alliance have little or no similarity in every aspect of human life, hence we regard and we still regarded it as marriage of inconvenience.
13.        You call it “unity in diversity,” I say no for there can never be unity in diversity. The Almighty God never makes mistake.
14.        The Hausa goat is different to Igbo goat. Hausa garden egg is different from Igbo garden egg. Hausa fowl is different from Igbo fowl. Their tomato is different from our own. Their outlook, their custom, their tradition, their food and everything is different from that of the Igbos. It is also applicable to the Yorubas.
15.        Look at how the Army practiced it. Immediately they wrestled power from Tafawa Balewa, Dr Nnamdi Azikwe together with their likes like Akintola and the rest of them; before then, Nigeria is sitting as an entity with four notable regions: The Northern Region, the Eastern Region, the Western Region and the Mid-Western Region.
16.        When they wrestled power, they were afraid of Lagos so much. They decided to give the West that region with the headquarters where it was during the colonial period, Ibadan because of cocoa farm and the WNDC (Western Nigeria Development Cooperation) that was purely agro-based in Ijebu-Ode and Ijebu-Igbo, now known as Abeokuta.
17.        Too many of you appeared not to know the history of your country, what is wrong with you? I am not an historian, I never read history but I should know what is happening. It is not a crime for you to know about your nation and other nations also. I never read history, so I do not know how to tell story. I based my assertions on facts that are verifiable, for I believe that only facts are convincing. Anything that is not based on facts should not be taken seriously. No matter how you propagate your hypothesis or theories, they are subject to verification before they can become laws that can guide us.
18.        Watch what happened that time. When the military took over, they allowed the full regions to exist. Lagos, being honoured as it was during the pre-colonial—during the pre-colonial days, Lagos was exclusive preserved of the whites. All the colleges, schools and Churches, no black gets there unless you are their slave. The same thing was applicable to Port-Harcourt main city, that is why every Tom, Dick and Harry were named after the whites.
19.        There, you hear about Mr Brick, Mr White, Mr Brown Mr this and that. But when you get to Borokiri, get to Koniyiboko, Akpo; Obidie you begin to see mixture of Rivers and Imo.
20.        However, when you get to places like Brass and Nembe, they are absolutely whites because the whites were so intelligent that they did not want to share the management of all the wharf with any black for that is the route; one, for slave trade; two, for siphoning your oil resources.
21.        The Lagos wharf, nobody dares steps in there. They only use blacks in their dock labour. Thus, that Lagos Colony was preserved. When the soldiers came, note, they have the Mid-West, the North, the East and things like that. However, they created a colony in Lagos. Apart from the Head of State having his office in Dodan Barracks in Lagos, they created Lagos Colony with Governor Mobolaji Johnson administering it—the same spirit Shagari and Babangida used in creating the Federal Capital Territory, giving it a state status.
22.        Watch, instead of calling the man Governor, they called him Mayor. Now from one local government, they now have nine local governments, which was what Lagos started with. How many states are now there? Instead of nineteen, they are now twenty. If it is not a state, why including it, giving it a state status while counting and voting? While voting and counting, it has a state status.  
23.        Follow me strictly. You are not as intelligent as people you call fools.
24.        You do not belong to the North; you do not belong to the South. However, you must feel a pinch from them. You are not completely isolated from the trouble for that reason I have decided to warn you ahead of time.
25.        Remember many, many years ago the prophecy went forth: “If Almighty God is behind this Bridal Faith, it is a movement, non-denominational in approach. Nevertheless, watch, I show you a sign: if God is behind Bridal Faith, He will raise this ministry to a point where I will be privileged to speak to the whole Nigeria”.
26.        As at the time, we were not up to fifteen in number at Amazu Oil. Now, immediately the ministry came to limelight, He began to receive invitations until I was privileged to hold a World Press Conference. It is there in the website, it is in print.
27.        If we were told that time that this small thing that was being planted that time as a mustard seed, could come to a point where all the birds will be perching there, it could have been very difficult for one to echo Amen, but we really echoed Amen. For the Voice said, “I am planting my seed here as a mustard seed. I must nurture it until it grows above all. We are running last but we are coming first. Just follow me and you will see greater things ahead.”
28.        We have been in this wilderness all this while; do you know that apart from people around, nobody knows that some people are in Jerusalem? Onitsha does not know that there is something going on in Jerusalem. Even after speaking to them outside, they will begin to wonder if there could be such a thing and they know it not.
29.        Yes, for they are bound to hear “He has come, He has gone”. He is not a big man, neither is He a social man. He has not come to make noise and He was never numbered among the clergy. He does not organise crusade, rather it is a noiseless ministry. It was predicted that He will come and go and people will begin to ask, “Didn’t the Bible promise it that so, so and so things will happen before that time?” Has it not been happening that way? It has been God’s way of doing things and He can never change His programme.
30.        Happy are you for hearing what you are hearing, seeing what you are seeing for they are completely hidden from the wise and the prudent. However, they are revealed to babes, infants; nonentities like us. It is His eternal purpose to use those things that are rejected and despised to confound the wise, to nullify the wisdom of the wise.
31.        I am the very smoking firewood. You can go outside and tell your friends and well-wishers that you have seen the man whom the Law and the prophets spoke about. Is it not true? It is! Go and tell them saying, “My eyes have been privileged to see the man whom the Law and Prophets spoke about.”
32.        I am not a Churchman. We are not running any Church, no! It is far from being a Church. If it is a Church, by now you would have been tired. What we hold in this Faith is seminar and we are at liberty. If it is a Church, you simply sit down quietly and one man will have pre-eminence over everybody. You cannot give your views and you cannot make any move.
33.        After dishing out his oratory, he will ask the music makers to beat the drum, collect your money and ask you to go after sharing fantastic, cosmetic and unbelievable testimonies, just to win your money and not your heart.
34.        They have never succeeded in winning their members’ hearts, otherwise; they will not be running to and fro. The reason why you leave your congregation and go to meeting, go to this, go to crusade is because your heart is yearning for satisfaction. The inner desire of your heart has not been met. Once it is met, you settle down. This is the reason why people run to and fro.
35.        We are not like such people. So you have come face to face with the Reality, we are realists in this most holy Faith. We stand to be criticized, whether destructively or constructively. For we believe people are entitled to their opinions. Express your opinions in any form you wish for it is your right. Your belief and unbelief cannot alter what I am, for I am what I am.
36.        Call Me Devil, it is your right. Call Me God, it is your right. Whatever you like call Me, it can never add or subtract from the reality of what I am. If I introduce myself to you and you do not believe, no problem about it; it is not compulsory. It then means you are telling me that you know me more than I know myself. You know there are many ways people advertise their stupidity and ignorance. Glory be to God!

I AM THE DOOR. If there is no characteristic features of a door you know, know this one feature that it has one characteristic feature of opening and closing. If an object does not close it, wind can close it. If an object never forced it open, wind can also force it open. Opening and closing is one undeniable characteristic features of every door.
2.           “I Am the Door,” “Once history is forgotten, the mistake of the past must be repeated...
3.           Is that not what we are suffering in Nigeria? History has no relevance in Nigeria. That is why you see us rolling into mistakes upon mistakes that were made by our predecessors, showing that we have not learnt anything through history.
4.           Parry came into limelight when he arrested Lawrence Anini. Immediately he was posted to Benin, Parry made a proclamation that the days of Anini are numbered. That he was not as mysterious as people painted him. Few days after he arrested Lawrence Anini, only for Lawrence Anini to tell Nigerians that from the day He was born until that day, he never visited any herbalist or have anything to do with native medicine or concoction. That he was not mysterious, that the mysterious thing about him lied in the information he used to receive from the people that were sent to arrest him.
5.           He exposed one DSP, don’t you know about it? DSP Iyamu and one sergeant who were supplying him the information and relevant arms. It never started today, for that reason Parry Osayinde was made a Commissioner of Police and posted to Calabar. That is the history.
6.           When I am putting my records straight, let nobody distort it. Because is going to go round the whole world; and I stand to be quoted as an authority, if it is not a fact; why documenting it?
7.           Page 14, verse 11, “Although Ribadu contested with President Goodluck Jonathan for he was a presidential candidate of a party (ACN), but he lost in the polls. Still to consolidate the northern stronghold, blindly this young man called Goodluck Jonathan has appointed him the head of petroleum resources.”
8.           Is it not true? The person that contested the presidency alongside with him, somebody who was finding fault when he was in EFCC, today, he is heading a controversial money arising out of removal of oil subsidy.
1.            Verse 13, “...However, I brief you on all these national issues so that you will be well-informed, so that when the ice will begin to melt, you will know that I earlier briefed you concerning these developments...”
9.           Note, when the ice will begin to melt!
10.        Verse 19, “…Simply an exchange of word that resulted into the killing of a driver ignited the trouble which if the Lord never intervened; it would have disturbed the peace we have been enjoying in Onitsha for sometime now...”
11.        It was discovered at last that even the policeman that did the shooting that brought trouble in Onitsha recently was not an Hausa man, he is from Cross River State. Nevertheless, who suffered the loss?
12.        Boys began to vandalise and loot all the shades and stores that belong to the Hausa people living with us, to show you how aggrieved they are. Not waiting to know the truth, they went into rampage. The victims became the Northerners. Is it not true? It happened before, every street was filled with corpses—a reprisal attack of what happened in Sokoto.
13.        Verse 32, “…Then something happened, that thing which made the whole world to discredit Lt. Col. Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu was a declaration, not of Biafra but of the Confederation. Lt. Col. Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu said that Confederation is the answer. He was on the same rank with Yakubu Gowon, they were all Lieutenant Colonels...”
14.        You can hear it from the news from our news desk; you see the clarion call everywhere is Confederation, National Conference and that is how it started which led to the declaration in Ghana which the Igbos are still quoting till today: “On Aburi we stand!” Many do not know that Aburi is in Ghana.   
2.            Page 34, verse 54, “…You see, Ibrahim Babangida looked up and looked down; he did not see the reason why he should be retired so impromptu like that, he liaised with Joshua Dogoyaro that they must do something. Convinced Joshua Dogoyaro that if he did not agree with him, he will be retired also for two of them were mates in the Army. He convinced Domkat Bali, they were also mates in the Army. He said, “We must do something otherwise the young man will retire us prematurely. Now I have received my own, your own will follow suit.”
15.        They now agreed and asked him, “How do we go about it?” He said, “Do not worry, I am the chief planner. I am going to use Major Umar; I will use him and Major Garba.”
16.        I am going to make use of Major Umar and Garba. Garba who became a commanding officer, 82 Division of the Nigerian Army, Enugu, while Umar was retired because he was very stubborn.
3.            Page 411, verse 69-71, “The memorandum of understanding was very clear that after Olusegun Obasanjo, that the next will be from the North. Power will be rotating between the South and the North.
4.            When Olusegun Obasanjo was about to give way, he planned it very well and he executed it; he handed over to Musa Yar’Adua and stood by the side for he was a cunny man, knowing that Musa Yar’Adua must surely die. You can now see where we are.
17.        I am trying to say that all the evils that characterised the previous administrations are very much prevalent in this one and even more.”
18.        Is it not true? The whole evils that marked all the previous administrations are prevalent in this present one. They are all with us. Not even one has been handled. In short, they are increasing.
19.        Can you see that we are not in a Church. In a Church, do you get information like this? Who will give you? Can you stay more than thirty minutes without becoming uncomfortable? For what they are telling you is not even new to you; for you know more than that.
20.        You feel uncomfortable, thirty minutes, you run out of patience and you begin to rub your leg on the floor. More so, when they are trying to dupe you.
21.        Whenever a man-made man of God or self-acclaimed man of God wants to dupe his members, he will begin to give them pseudo-psychological religious promises he knows they will never fulfil even till the next world. But that is the only way to comfort their hearts.
22.        They will be clapping their hands, Praise the Lord, Alleluia! It shall be well with Nigeria,” like Adeboye, “The Lord has spoken to me. President Goodluck Jonathan, no trouble will come to Nigeria, economy will improve, our children will get jobs.” Then MTN borrowed it as a caller tune. It became one of their famous caller tunes. That is the Nigerian prophet.
23.        You know in Israel, Israel had 400 prophets but God had only but one prophet—one in a million. Israel had 400 prophets of Israel, but God had only but one, and that is Micaiah. The prophets of Israel rallied around Ahab the king of Israel, the prophet of God was man-alone, and one with God is greater than majority.
24.        At the end, who carried the day? Micaiah. After suffering imprisonment and punishment, His words came to pass. God’s children are always in the minority. Nigeria has more than one thousand prophets, but God has only but one; one in a million.  
25.        Do you know that most of the people scrambling for leadership in Nigeria do not know this history? They are completely ignorant! For they are political desperados who are being propelled by their desire for materialism. They jump into politics anyhow, even if it is rigging election, they will do it. Glory be to God.
26.        If our leaders have been conversant with the history of this nation, they won’t be making the costly mistakes they are still making. Any way I thank God, God said Nigeria would not know peace until God has ruled this nation. That is why the man in Lagos said, “Let us collectively hand over the leadership of this nation to God.”
27.        Students, would be students take note because you may not know where the wind will carry you to especially those that are studying public administration, political science and even the social science. You should know about all these things for you are social scientists if you are asked to come and reform the people, socially and politically. You must know the history of this nation.
28.        “I am trying to say that all the evils that characterised the previous administrations are very much prevalent in this one and even more. You want to talk about election rigging, is it not in this one? Squander-mania is it not in this one?”
29.        Is it not in this one? Election rigging, squander mania, mismanagement of public funds, graft and swindling of Nigerian money abroad, are they not with us? Nigeria has succeeded in raising individuals that are more affluent than their nation. If you do not know, know it now that Mallam Dangote is richer than Nigeria. If we can place Nigeria for sale today, he will buy it and pay us cash.
30.        This Faith is the Land of Truth. This Faith is the only Ground and Pillar of Truth. It is not meant for everybody. In this Faith, you do not feel like going away because you get something greater than you think. In this Faith you get something I may call full value for your money, full value for your time, full value for the risk you took on the highways. You come Jerusalem and God will broaden your knowledge.
31.        Our friend has been shifting himself up and down. Since he came in, he has never stood up. He has been glued to the preaching. I love his composure. He wants to see everything clean and clear—my kind of man. So that when he goes out, nobody will talk blah blah blah around him. For it pays to be an eyewitness.
32.        However he came a day after the fair. Have I not taught you? This is a minor idiomatic expression. You can just catch up without looking back.   
33.        When Jesus the Christ was preaching, people were wondering where he got that knowledge, seeing that He did not go to school.
34.        In every dispensation, Christ has remained a Paradox, a man of mistaken identity. He is a man of mistaken identity. I do not want to spoil you, but I want to spoil you with the truth. When you receive the truth higher than the people around you, it becomes difficult for you to mingle with people freely.
35.        The only way to separate a people from evil habits, evil associations is to raise their consciousness, awareness higher than the people around them. Finish. So that when they see themselves in such groups, they will begin to feel uncomfortable, for the people cannot understand.
36.        Page 45, verse 1, “I have decided to give you a résumé, a rundown of all these things so that you will see that the stage is set now, not for another person to come and prolong our stay but for God to come and sweep off all these nonsenses.”
37.        We have to verify this. You know, the way this thing is going, if a stranger should walk into our midst, he might think somebody sat down in his house and wrote what I will call a homily. That he sat down and wrote this elaborate homily and came to the pulpit to deliver it page by page, as if He documented it.
38.        Is it not a sure sign that God is the fountain of truth? No pamphlet, no manual, no paper, nothing. Anybody can be surprised at this, Pastor Dan are you surprise? At least you were privileged to go to Mbaise some weeks ago and heard a testimony of a young man who came from Lagos with his jeep to confirm that whatever he is today, whatever he will be tomorrow, even his elder brother and many, must be credited to the Son of Man.
39.        If you love the youth, give him sound education if he is willing to accept it. You know you cannot climb the ladder unless the willingness is there. Attempting pushing somebody up the ladder who is not showing any interest or seriousness of climbing the ladder, will weary you down; the ladder will collapse on all of you.
40.        Hence, do not make the mistake of trying to push somebody up the ladder for you will not succeed. However, once you see somebody who is desirous in climbing the ladder, place the ladder; help him to place one foot, up he goes.
41.        Brother Okey Oleri take note. You are among the laziest people that embraced this Faith who are not showing any willingness at all to climb the ladder. God has provided you with the strongest ladder, yet the willingness is not there to climb. Rather, you want the ladder to collapse on two of you.
42.        The strongest ladder God provides to a man is giving him a virtues, industrious, understanding and peaceful wife. No ladder is stronger than that, where the man will rest his two hands and then fire up. HOWEVER, many that have the opportunity, do not know the value. Reason being that they are not desiring to be on the top.
43.        Anything that is distracting your attention from the message is your enemy and must be treated as such. After all, we did not come to fellowship to play. Do we come to fellowship to see our faces, talk and embrace one another? That one is better done in a marriage feast.
44.        Who are the students? You all are my students. Just like St. Paul could say he was a product of the school of Gamaliel. Uwazulike said he was and he is still a product of the school of Mahatma Gandhi of India who taught him a non-violence approach in settling conflict and dispute.
45.        Mahatma Gandhi happened to be the father of Indira Ghandi, the first woman to become Prime Minister in India. Being one from a royal family, she could not answer the name of her husband, because in India, woman married men; men do not marry women. A man must subject himself under the control and leadership of his wife for that is the rule: Man, obey your wife for this is our tradition and custom.
46.        You see, whatever constitutes an offence somewhere, must be a righteousness of another; that is sociology. I do not want to go into sociology, we begin to define things that they did dueKL to customs and traditions of some people and things that do not exist at all. Things that can be viewed at seriously by some people and being enjoyed as a feast and ceremony by another.
47.        Thus sin now becomes an infringement of some people’s customs and traditions which you do not know. Moreover, one that does not know it is not binding on you.
48.        I am not teaching sociology, neither am I teaching topology but I will approach both anthropology and topology in my own way. You know they are related! Anthropology and Topology, they are twin. I know how to separate them, there is always a dividing line.
49.        Biology is not ecology, although all of them teach habitant. you know sometimes I can be crazy. As children of God, you must excel in everything including knowledge and wisdom. We go to school for going sake. To you students, God is now regarding you as members of His students. God is now the Teacher.
50.        For wherever there is student, there must be a tutor, a teacher; an instructor. Thus, we cannot stop receiving instructions, we go out to put it in practice.
51.        I am the Chief Instructor. Any child that is born in this Faith, brought up in the Faith and turns out to be a duns should blame himself or herself. This Faith is blessed all round, and the most brilliant of all students is expected to come out from this Faith. For there is no group that grooms children more than this Faith—all round grooming making you to struggle for a position among those that holds the pillars of this society, not moving away from your ground in Christ.
52.        The woman with a familiar spirit looked at Me and Apostle Kelechi, then she made a statement saying, “You were very brilliant in the school, during in your school days. It is revealed to me, you are a very quiet, articulate, ardent listener. For nobody outclasses you in your day.”
53.        Note, quiet, articulate; ardent listener. I looked at the woman, I closed my mouth because the spirit that was talking to me was a familiar spirit. For she first of all identified Me, said everything around Me, my family; my wife, everything and they are all perfect. Intending to subject Me to obedience. At the end of the day, she pointed Me to her prophet. You see familiar spirit!
54.        There are many things I dare not say otherwise, I may be arrested today or tomorrow. Even today because of Nigeria, which I am not prepared to die for. Obasanjo said that Nigeria is worth dying for because of what he has gained from Nigeria.
55.        However, I have gained nothing in Nigeria other than you. My joy in Nigeria is you, what I gained in Nigeria is you. All the elect of God drawn from Nigeria, you are my source of joy. You are my reward, you are my everything. Apart from you, there is nothing good I derived from Nigeria.
56.        On this note, I say remain in your sanctified estate, remain blessed in Him eternally. Amen.