The Son of Man Revealed From One of The Jungles in Africa According To William Branham's Prophesy

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Tuesday, 17 April 2012



I am the Fountain of the Living Water. Whosoever shall come to Me and drink, shall never go thirst again, but have everlasting life. Believe it if you can...


You must know where you are standing. When we say Gate, Gate, Gate, Door, Door, Door; you do not  begin you look at the sky. I AM THE GATE, I AM THE DOOR. I AM THE MESSAGE OF ETERNAL LIFE, CHRIST HIMSELF IS THAT MESSAGE. The Apostle said, “He was in the world before the world began, I have seen Him, I have heard Him speak, I have touched Him with my own hands; He is the Message of eternal life.”
A human being has always been the message, for Christ has always made Himself manifest in human form not counting it robbery. God always veiling Himself in a man not counting it robbery, see the Door.
(I AM THE DOOR page 70, verse 38-39)

“Behold my servant, whom I uphold; mine elect, in whom my soul delighteth; I have put my spirit upon him: he shall bring forth judgment to the Gentiles. He shall not fail nor be discouraged, till he have set judgment in the earth: and the isles shall wait for his law.
Thus saith God the LORD, he that created the heavens, and stretched them out; he that spread forth the earth, and that which cometh out of it; he that giveth breath unto the people upon it, and spirit to them that walk therein.” ISAIAH 42:1,4-5. KJV.

When he prepared the heavens, I was there: when he set a compass upon the face of the depth: When he established the clouds above: when he strengthened the fountains of the deep:
When he gave to the sea his decree, that the waters should not pass his commandment: when he appointed the foundations of the earth: Then I was by him, as one brought up with him: and I was daily his delight, rejoicing always before him.” PROVERBS 8:27-30, KJV.

Remain blessed brethren. Our God is the God of the living and the dead, however, the dead cannot praise God for it must take the living to praise God. Rejoice exceedingly for greater is He that is with you than he that is with the world.
2.          Many were desiring to be in Jerusalem but for one thing or the other; some thought they might be late, you cannot be late while coming to Jerusalem. Just one glimpse of His face, hear the Word from Him, finish.
3.          The wisest expenditure you can make is the one you spent in knowing the truth, not ordinary truth but truth that saves.
4.          Truth that can transform your life, transform your vision that is the type of truth we deliver in this Faith. Truth that can save, truth that can transform; truth that encourages; truth that abides forever. You know as many that attended His council, collectively said that His council was truth, but the Pharisee argued away the day of their salvation. I hope no Pharisee is in this Faith?
5.          Be very careful about your visions and dreams and things like that, the Devil has started impersonating many things.
6.          Any day you see the vision of the Son of Man wearing overflowing garment, run away for the Devil is painting another picture. You had a dream where you saw the Lord Jesus Christ appear before you in a white overflowing garment like that of a Jewish Rabbi, run away.
7.          From the day He was born till the day He was crucified, He never for one day put on white garment for He was not a priest in the Jew. According to the order of the Jews, Jesus the Christ was not a clergy; He was not even a Pharisee, He was not among the interpreters of Moses Laws. From His lineage, no Pharisee ever came out from there. It will be an abomination if He puts on ephod.
8.          All the pictures they were painting, all these visions they were saying they had, they were coined out of the imaginations of their hearts which were informed by their religious traditions. Jesus the Christ never for one day officiated in any temple as a priest, He was not a Pharisee, he was not a scribe, He was not even a member of the Sanhedrin.
9.          Of all the religious cults in Israel, He was not found among them. Besides, He was not a clergyman. It behoves on the clergy to put on ephod. Anywhere you see one wearing overflowing gown maybe with a girdle around him, run away for the Devil is painting another picture.
10.     However, when you see one coming out casually, not mindful of whatever He is putting on; it could be slippers, it could be sandals, it could be short sleeve, it could be long sleeve, it could be Agbada, he can even tie wrapper, he was not mindful of His dress; that is the One.
11.     One wearing white gown with ephod, or gorgeously dressed placing himself above the flock; making it impossible for people to come to him, where people file and obtain ticket before they will see him, run away because He is the same yesterday, today and forever.
12.     He never identified with the clergy, He never identified Himself with the first class people in the world, He mingled with riffraff. He could eat common bread and fish with them, eat common corn with them. He could mingle with them, he could drink with them. For He was drinking with prostitutes and criminals, He was a friend of hooligans.
13.     I know why I am sounding this warning. There are too many impersonating spirits at work because we have come to the end of everything.
14.     HOWEVER, my greatest joy is this, as many that are found in the Son of Man are watching the whole EVENTS from the windows of the Ark. To them IT is a drama, which they are watching from the windows of the Ark. Those things cannot be dramatized inside for there is no way they can come in again.
15.     Another way I can put it is this, you are watching it from a laminated screen. You are all laminated but you DO NOT know. He that laminated the Son of Man laminated all that are in Him.
16.     when you laminate a document, what do you laminate? You laminate all the contentS of that document. Is it not true? It is true. You cannot laminate the paper and exclude the words. the essence of the lamination is not the paper but the content of the paper.
17.     You are all sealed in Him eternally. We are watching all these EVENTs as drama.
18.     Recently there were too many bomb blasts everywhere. In Bauchi, Gombe, Maiduguri, Kano, Kaduna even Niger State, that is Minna; there were bomb blasts, gunshots, exchange of fire between the Boko Haram boys, the Nigerian Army and then the Police. However, the worst happened recently. Where did it happen? It happened where I warned Brother Nwobu to be very careful. He was giving me excuses and I warned him seriously.
19.     He said, “I will be coming back this week Wednesday.” I said, “Make sure you do not stay there till Friday or else I will not give you protection. Come down and sit down here, it is for your own good.” Although we are not safe in the South East, the only people that are safe down in the South East remained the people of God.
20.     Apart from you and I, nobody is safe even in the South East where you are. This South East where you are is even worse than the North. The Northern people have known their fate; whatever they see they take. But in the South East, you have not experienced these things before. get ready from now.
21.     Soon Dim Odumegwu-Ojukwu will be buried, if at all he will be buried. If the burial will not be disturbed. I do not want to speak about Dim Odumegwu-Ojukwu for I know his course and his mission on Earth. All that are singing his praises must be very careful.
22.     In the Message titled “I Am the Door”, I gave you the history, a rundown, a summary of Nigeria, to help you understand that I know what I am saying. What is more, I made it clear to all of you that I do not want to die for Nigeria. For that reason there are certain documents I cannot release anyhow and there are certain statements I dare not make public.
23.     I said that I have facts within Me which if they are released now, the next moment I will be whisked away; and once they take Me away you will not see Me again.
24.     It will be a shameful death for God never sent Me to save Nigeria. Rather, He sent Me to come and save His children in Nigeria. Nevertheless, that does not mean that you should not know the truth, you will know the truth otherwise; you cannot escape it. If I do not furnish you with the truth, to escape it around your place will be difficult for you.
25.     Even in your offices, you are sitting with your enemies. You are living with your enemies in your yard, not only in Onitsha, even in your father’s compound, they are there. They are everywhere.
26.     Boko Haram is a name. There is no state without such dreaded people worse than Boko Haram boys especially in Onitsha. Anywhere Catholicism reigns, terrorism reigns there. There is no organization that is as terrorising as Roman Catholic organization. The first terror that is recorded in Europe which cut across the whole world was spearheaded by Rome, under the guise of religion. But they are trying to weigh political power, that is not why I am giving out this Message.
27.     How many of you have accessed our websites recently, both the first and the second? How many of you are conversant with our websites? Not many, it is not good. You should be conversant with the websites using your phones. You must not go to the cyber, your phone can download all those Messages. Let me hold my peace.
28.     If you want to download it, download it. If you do not want, leave it. People are rushing there every minute of the day. It has become the talk of the whole world now; our websites are now causing waves worldwide.
29.     The dreaded Boko Haram boys targeted and succeeded in bombing a Church that was in Kuspi in Jos; the headquarters of “Church of Christ” in Nigeria Koki, and it is just adjacent of the Central Bank of Jos. They bombed it and the casualty rate is yet to be made public. Just like what happened on Saturday, 25th February, 2012, they repeated the attack inside the market in Jos. That is the third time in one week.
30.     Gunmen invaded a market killing people randomly. The reporters said that they saw Army and Police vehicles carrying casualties, numbers unknown. The same Friday, immediately after their Jumat prayers in Maiduguri, they attacked a primary school and burnt it down. Casualties yet unknown. For the rule now is, keep your mouth shut. The press should not publish, nobody should talk, and human beings are perishing. They are dying here in thousands and our President joined hands with his friends to travel to Somalia to make peace in Somalia where the Islamic Jihadists by name Al-Shabaab is terrorising Somalia and Kenya.
31.     Instead of attracting AU summit to Nigeria to come and see what he will do to save his fellow Nigerians; he is showing interest in Somalia when his own house is burning.
32.     The recent attack was a serious one. They attacked the security men, Police officers who were keeping guard over the Inspector General of Police’s house; killing four of them, collecting their rifles and wounding the inspector badly, who is in the hospital right now.
33.     I begin to wonder why the Police are given rifles: is it to collect twenty Naira and to kill innocent people because of twenty Naira? In Lagos, a Police Inspector fired a man because of two hundred Naira which caused the removal of all the roadblocks, they are coming back illegally.
34.     In Lagos two weeks ago, a bus driver was returning from his Church, The Lord Chosen Church in Lagos, along Ikorodu Road with his family. They stopped the young man, demanded for twenty Naira and he said he does not work on Sunday that he was returning from fellowship. The Police corporal said he was a crazy man. Angrily the young man drove away. They followed him and gunned him down.
35.     This was the one that infuriated the IG most, killed the man inside the bus, a man who was returning from Church because of twenty Naira. The same thing equally happened in Bayelsa. A woman mounted commercial motorcycle, her son mounted another commercial motorcycle also. They were returning from Church, getting to the Police checkpoint, the Police started disturbing them. Cleared the woman and was demanding twenty Naira from the commercial motorcycle rider.
36.     The boy who was a passenger asked the Policeman what he will do with twenty Naira; whether twenty Naira will solve his problem? He became offended, fired the boy on the head. You see, they are issued rifles to check crime but they now use the rifles to commit crime.
37.     If you go to the Message I preached titled “Gender Discrimination”, that is where I X-rayed the duties of the Nigerian Police. I defined the law establishing the Police Force. I also showed them the law changing it from Nigerian Police Force to Nigerian Police; and no longer Nigerian Police Force. That the Police should be a friend of the people and not an enemy.
38.     But today, they are regarded as enemies because of their hoodlum activities. What is criminal act? What is armed robbery? I defined it under the criminal law: The use of force, arms and dangerous weapons to extort money, property or anything forcefully from an individual with a threat to surrender it or die.
39.     Once you use anything weapon, it can be wood, it can be iron, it can be rod; it can be anything, let alone using arms to extort money from people, by the law of Nigeria that person in an armed robber and is worthy of death.
40.     Then, if that is the correct definition of armed robbery according to the law, how many armed robbers are in uniform in Nigeria today?
41.     I thank God, while I was handling that Message inside the bus, I never knew that two Police officers were in the bus wearing mufti. They continued asking Me questions and I continued clearing all, not until we got to Awka. They came down and then showed me their identity cards.
42.     They asked Me to continue that they were interested that I really touched their lives positively. Government never recruited any Police officer to go and collect money from anybody on the high way, no! The Police is set up to guard lives and properties, to maintain law and order, finish. The Army is for war, for the protection of the country’s territories against invasions. Then, to crush rebellion.
43.     Today, we do not know the duties of the Customs. The Police are performing the duties of the Customs men, harassing people up and down: “Open your carton, open that!” They said that it is “stop and search.” What business have you with contraband? What is contraband? It is the duties of the Customs. Arrest the person, hand over the person to Customs.
44.     However, they will arrest and carry the person to the Police station when they have no law they will use in charging him to court. They will end up in collecting money from the person and setting him free; then it is no longer contraband.
45.     He knows police cannot charge him to court for the Police do not have the law that they will use to charge anybody carrying contraband to any court. However, they will hand you over to the Customs, which has the law to take you to court. If you know your right and privileges under the law, happy are you.
46.     Unfortunately, we are living in a terrorist country. Remember that I told you that many, many years ago that the UN is right, America is equally right labelling Nigeria a terrorist country, is it not true? Go to the Message titled “Commitment.”
47.     Few individuals who were committed to carrying out their diabolic missions unrestrained succeeded in giving Nigeria a new name because they were committed. As at the time we were called the terrorist country, there were no terrorist acts only that they were suspecting the Northern States that they were harbouring Osama Bin Laden supposedly, Sokoto State. However, I thank God Sokoto has started making noise again. I thank God.
48.     Please, remember what I told you. I am not ready to die for Nigeria, I am not called to come and save Nigeria. I am called to come and save you, that is, God’s children in Nigeria. That is why I get all of you settled in the truth and make sure you do not join any pressure group at all.
49.     Terrorism is a condemnable act that should be condemned by all reasonable human beings. Terrorism in all its forms, no matter the masquerade it assumes tomorrow, terrorism is terrorism. It is anti-progressive, it is against God’s will for man.
50.     I know that the Almighty God is a terrorist. I know that, but He does not practice bad terrorism. His (God) is organised, He practises judgement before executing justice. God can never kill a man without first of all warning him. Can you not read about God’s acts upon the heathen? Did He not terrorise the heathen and established His people? God terrorised Egypt, terrorised all the nations around Egypt. Moreover, His fame was noised abroad.
51.     If you read it in the Book of Psalms 80, it said, “We have heard how your God (God of Israel) terrorised all the nations, while you were coming down with your people crushing all oppositions.” Amen.

The Messages titled “The True Token” volumes 1 and 2 and other subsequent Messages are a must for anybody that is in the Ark. These Messages are a must for anybody that wants to feel comfortable in the Ark.
2.          Remember we are in the Ark that is not made of hands, the same way we are in the temple that is not made of hands; the True Temple, The True Ark, The True Token.
3.          The Ark of Noah was made of hands, the Ark of Jericho was made of hands, the Ark of Sodom and Gomorrah was a natural Ark. It was a mountain. In Jerusalem AD 70, there was an Ark when Titus invaded Jerusalem, they were asked to run to the mountain and the mountain became the Ark of Safety. They were physical Arks.
4.          HOWEVER, in your own day, you are running into a man. Your safety is in a man. Why? He (THE SUPREME INTELLIGENCE) has VEILED Himself in a man. In Him now dwelleth the fullness of Godhead bodily.
5.          Note, because they received a Prophet from God in the person of the Prophet, they honoured Him in the person of a Prophet, and we know a Prophet in every age has been God in human form. You called them Prophets, William Branham said, “No, they were not. They were Gods.” And it agrees with Psalms 82 verse 6.
6.          Psalms 82 verse 6: “I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.  But ye shall die like men, and fall like one of the princes.” KJV.
7.          “Prophecies, He That Receives A Prophet In The Name Of A Prophet” page 8 verse 13: “Let me give you one decree, let me give you one decree; let me give you one decree. Yes, yes, yes. Their ears are all around, their ears are all around, they have appointed their people to get you scattered, to get you scattered”.
8.          Do you know that somebody collected fifty thousand Naira to get us scattered? Did it happen? Somebody collected fifty thousand Naira, used it to print posters and everything to get us scattered. If father Abraham never revealed it, we would not have known.
9.          they have now devised another means, going from house to house. Because they cannot succeed in the Church, because I am here.
10.     Have you seen it? Did it come to pass? Yes sir! 1995 November.
11.     Still you harden your heart, still you harden your heart; still you harden your heart. You stiff-necked I am going to throw all of you away”.
12.     You stiff-necked that hardened your heart, I am going to throw all of you away. Prophecy of 1995 November 14th.
13.     “… Right from now, the Message will change...
14.     Note, the Message will change, when God wants to throw people away, He will change the Message: “I am going to shake away, I am going to shake away every loose feather”.
15.     I will shake away every loose feather. If you know any portion of the prophecy that has not come to pass, mention one. What is more, the person God used in this prophecy is not in our midst anymore, he was also swept away.  
16.     God does not respect you because you are a Prophet. your position is not your salvation, your salvation is the obedience to the truth. Don’t you know that it was because of Nebuchadnezzar that God prophesied? God used Pharaoh to dream dreams. Did he know who saved them? Let everybody be careful.
17.     ONE GENERATION PLANTED THE TREE, ANOTHER ENJOYED THE SHADE. If you happened to be under the shade of the tree you planted, praise God. For the voice said, “I am sowing a seed, I am going to reap the fruit any time from now”. He did not say, “I will sow and another will reap.” Glory be to God.
18.     “I am HE, unveiling Myself in Him. But you failed to understand, you fail to understand”.
19.     What? 1994. Date, November 27th 1994. And we got the photograph of the Pillar of Cloud in April 1996.
20.     “I am the one, unveiling myself in Him.” The other one said, “You have seen me. I am He, but what is killing you is that you think that He is your brother; natural brother this and that.”
21.     I want you to see that from the very beginning, God never deceived us. If the Son of Man was the one that prophesied, you might be thinking He praised Himself. But the Spirit of God rested on somebody and look at what we heard.
22.     Can you see why Okey Nwankpa decided to destroy our book of prophecies and dreams because he knew that all the contents were all against him? They were against him and Nnamdi Ogbogu. They were major vessels God used. Immediately he left, he teamed up with Nnamdi Ogbogu who left ahead of time. All of them now became one with Emma Ejimnkonye. They now set ablaze and destroyed God’s document.
23.     They never knew we preserved them in the library. Now, at this closing hour, we are coming out with books of prophecies. We are now doing fresh compilations which you can now purchase and have them in your houses so that you will be acquainted with the way God started with us. Especially those that joined us along the way, they think we are playing in this Faith; we are not playing.
24.     Somebody planted this tree, whose shade you are all enjoying now. From the beginning, God has been trying to introduce Himself to mankind. As He tried in the Old Testament, tried in the New Testament so He is trying in this closing hours of history.
25.     Do you know that we heard it that, we are going to close the record, the history of Christianity? Go to the “True Token,” He said we are winding up the history of Christianity. You cannot hear Christians again, we are winding it up.
26.     Wait, wait, you will hear things, you will hear things. He will speak things into existence”.
27.     As at that time, nothing has been spoken into existence, but one day He spoke a dove into existence before many witnesses as a confirmation that God’s Word is truth. Before then, the vision has already been seen and  captured at Aba, relayed everywhere. See the prophecy, God is the perfect interpreter of His Word.
28.     Brethren, all of us that are shouting; as at that time nobody understood this prophecies. For we were following. Then one day, the Voice said, “Whether you understand or not, keep on following anyhow. Towards the end you will understand all things, for all things shall be made plain.” And that was where we anchored our faith for too many things we could not understand; yet we anchored our faith. Glory be to God in the highest.
29.     We are not following cunningly devised fables. God can never leave Himself without witnesses; you are my witnesses till this day.
30.    Page 46, verse 22, “They said, ‘Has the Lord given only him instruction? Is it only him that must speak? Don’t we have our own opinion? Can’t we voice out our own mind? After all we have Holy Spirit. If he has Holy Spirit, if he is an Israelite, I am also an Israelite. This thing is too much! Aaron can’t you see?’ Aaron will say, ‘Yes, yes, yes.’ However, the Angel of the Lord was somewhere taking note of that action.”
31.     The same person that preached it was the same person that ganged up against the same Message he preached and fulfilled all. God said quoting William Branham that every minister must live by example. In other words, you do not preach for me to fulfil. When you preach you are going to fulfil it.
32.     Verse 68-89, “She will stay outside, she must be excommunicated because the moment you are attacked by leprosy, sin; unbelief you will be excommunicated. However, it will cause adverse effect; there is something it will cause the Church. It will cause the Church, instead of continue matching on, instead of going to rapture immediately, God will hold on till that person comes back if he is a seed of God, join the body and go with them to rapture.
33.     The whole camp will have to wait, how I wish we do not have Miriam in the camp so that the journey will not be delayed. You will only succeed to delay the journey, instead of them to match immediately to be perfected immediately; everybody will wait and they will start praying until that one comes back and then follow them, continue because they must be complete to go to that promised land. 
34.     He that receives a Prophet in the name of a Prophet. The problem Onitsha Church has been having is to receive their Prophet in the name of a Prophet.
35.     They did not see him beyond that, if we can see the Prophet of God in our midst beyond just a man and see the other side of the veil. What if David did not see Nathan beyond that? By the time they finished eating, he said, ‘My friend, Nathan.’ Nathan will answer.
36.     Then David will say, ‘The Lord has been so good. The way the Lord has prospered me, I want to build a house for the Lord.’ They were discussing as friends. Nathan said, ‘David, you have been a man after God’s own heart. Go ahead and build, the Lord will be with you.’ That was Nathan speaking as a man.
37.     However, when Nathan was going, a little while something started happening in him. He started having inspiration, something brought him back to the scripture. The Holy Spirit spoke to him and he went back to David.
38.     Then Nathan said, ‘You know we had discussion. You wanted to build a house for the Lord, but hear ye the Word of the Lord. Hear ye the mind of God, hear ye the doctrine of God concerning what you are about to do. Thus saith the Lord, your hand has been so bloody; you have been a man of war. Do not build me a house, but your son Solomon is going to build it.’ 
39.     If David has refused the word of Prophet Nathan by saying, ‘I am going to build it;’ he would have perished. That has always been the problem: to be able to see the Prophet, to receive him in the name of a Prophet.
40.     I do not know how we have been seeing the Apostle in our midst, whether we have been receiving Him in the name of Brother Odoemena because we know Him from the beginning. If we receive Him in the name of a Prophet, in the name of an Apostle, that means following Him in His office.
41.     This Church is not built only on one ministry, the same way in other offices. Whether Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor in our midst, try to differentiate their human side from their Godly side because they will not put on masquerade. They will be visiting you, they will be talking to you; they will be eating with you.
42.     However, try to find out when they are telling you the mind of God. do not play with that because it is thus saith the lord. anything you do contrary to it is death. if you DO NOT receive a Prophet in the name of a PROPHET, his reward WILL NOT follow you.
43.     You can give Him food, that he is your brother, like my mother now in the village. My mother will give me food very well. Do you know that? My mother will feed me very well. My mother will dress the bed, my mother will take wrapper and send to me in the bedroom but she has no reward.
44.     Do you know why? It is not done in the name of my office. She does not take my word seriously. If she believes me, believe what I am telling her in the name of the Lord as a messenger of God, actually she will receive a blessing for her deeds.
45.     I want you to differentiate it so that you will know what you are doing. In whose name are you receiving your Prophet? In the name of who? Judge for yourself.
46.     You may read the story that was told, we all know it very well. Korah and his group were Levites. They were all Levites as Moses was also a Levite. However, look at the problem; they could not see the office that Moses was occupying. Everything that he was telling them that the Lord said, they did not see it as the Lord said it.
47.     For that reason, they formed themselves in groups, and then said, ‘We will not follow the leadership of Moses and Aaron anymore.’ But what happened? God said through Moses, ‘If they die a natural death, then you will know that God is with them.’
48.     They did not die a natural death. They wanted to occupy a position. God knows why He gives leaders to His people because if there is no leader there will be confusion. God knows everything. The Prophet told us about swans that used to fly during some seasons.
49.     He said, ‘When you watch them closely, there is always one ahead and the other group following.’ Even soldier ants, there is always a leader. Even ordinary ants, there is always one leading them. It is only man that finds it hard to follow leadership; it has always been a problem of man.”  
50.     God’s instrument for leadership is divine.
51.     It is only man, a human being that finds it very difficult to follow leadership. God’s own instrument for leadership is divine. Divinely ordained, divinely guided. No voting, no competition, for there is no competition in destiny. His (God’s) choice is final, no campaign, no election.
52.     Whatever He instils in Him, must be what He will use to lead the people along. He never collected any book from God, everything is locked and enveloped in Him. That is why, without controversy great is the mystery of godliness.
53.     This Church is blessed, we are very much blessed. We are very much blessed and we will remain blessed. You cannot proclaim blessing and also proclaim curse. Can one fountain produce bitter and sweet water? No! We are the envied of all the denominations.
54.      “PROPHECIES, HE THAT RECEIVES A PROPHET IN THE NAME OF A PROPHET”, page 60 verse 90: “This Church is blessed, we are very much blessed. Because in our midst it pleased the Lord to plant an office that is the highest body in our midst. If we do not have an Apostle in this Church, I will be expecting letters from Him, epistles to help me place some of my word as a Pastor.
55.    I will be telling Him my problem, maybe I will tell Him, “Let me go to Ogwumba or Eha-Amufu, see the Apostle, come back and tell you.” However, God planted Him here to help me in my own ministry.”
56.    God planted Him in this Church, not the Devil to assist him. Every Apostle in every local assembly is there to help other ministers by placing the Word right. He is there to make sure that the doctrines are enforced without wavering. How can it be God in the beginning, God in the middle and at the end Devil? That person should go and re-examine himself. He must be either Dathan, Korah or Abiram. Can God err? God cannot err but the followers can err. Can you see judgement? This is judgement!
57.    Verse 91, “If Apostle comes up tomorrow and says, “Pastor, let me Pastor this Church for some time,” I will say, “Sir, with all pleasure go ahead because it is scriptural.”
58.    You will not say He is taking too much of Himself.
59.    Some people in other Churches, they envy us here”. They do what? They envy us that are in this most holy Faith. You are the envy of other denominations. People are envying you but you do not know. People are wishing they would be in your place but no way, especially those that sealed their doom with their mouth.
60.    That is why God said, “Do not be quick calling anything God did, evil. If you do not understand, keep your mouth shut. It does not mean you will not understand it forever, but I am assuring everybody that by the time we get to the end everything shall be made plain.”
61.    Has it come to pass? Do we need any interpreter again? God has become the perfect interpreter of His word. How? The manifestation has become the interpretation. Have you seen the interpretation? Another generation planted this tree; you are now enjoying the shade. One generation planted the tree, another enjoyed the shade.
63.    God has to plant an Apostle to check those evil men and came with doctrine. Because if we continue going ahead with Pastor, we would have ended up having bunch of unbelievers because the Pastor cannot go beyond his office.”
64.    Have you seen it? That the Pastor has known that there was evil spirit in him, and God placed an Apostle to disarm him. That if God did not raise an Apostle in this Church, and allow the Pastor to continue with them the same way; that he would have led all of you to disaster. Immediately he departed, he went back to his former association fulfilling the scriptures. The evil spirit does not only come in single, they came back in legions, in multiple. He became the household of demons.
65.    The Pastor, knew his condition when the word was revealed and was giving glory to God that if the Apostle never came; if God never raised Him, who would have disarmed him of his own spirit? That if he had continued with this Church, that he would have led all of you to disaster, to hell.
66.    However, did you know? Nobody knew but he knew. He that is in error knows that he is in error. However, Apostle came and revealed him. People run away from the light because they do not want their evils to be made public.
67.    I thank God that I am not the preacher, he was preaching under the unction of the Holy Spirit for God will not allow him to deceive anybody for the Apostle is right there.
68.    In addition, watch the prophecy that went ahead, “I am the one talking to you. Look at what is going to happen, even my servant is not going to come to the pulpit today but I have decided to call Him; He will be there He will talk.” You are calling Him your brother in the flesh that is the way you know Him: “My friend, my brother, my town’s man. That is what is killing you, I am the one, I have unveiled myself in Him. See me in plain view” and they hardened their heart.
69.    Are we saying this thing to win anybody again? St. Peter said that we should put you in remembrance of these truths: “We will not be negligence in putting you in remembrance of these truths so that you might be established in the present truth for we are not following cunningly devised fables”.
70.    So that you will know whom you are following at the back, before you will follow Satan and be destroyed. When the Apostle came He said, “Do not believe me anyhow, investigate and enquire. Until you are satisfied and convinced, do not ever put your signature there. For you can never gamble with your eternal destiny—do not gamble with your eternal destiny.”
71.    The highest thing they can call you is an unbeliever or Devil. Accept that you are an unbeliever, accept that you are a Devil until you are convinced, do not show concern. Tell me who can tell you to do this, carry out serious investigation before sitting down.
72.    Do not just clap hands because people are clapping hands, jump up because they are jumping up. No! Sit down and investigate very well because eternal life has no second chance. Once you miss it you have missed it. Why should I make friend with it? No friend, no brother; no wife, no children there. It is my own individual estate. It is my own indisputable, incontestable individual estate.  
74.    God has to plant an Apostle to check those evil men and came with doctrine. Because if we continue going ahead with Pastor, we would have ended up having bunch of unbelievers because the Pastor cannot go beyond his office. They are all different offices: an Apostle is sent to judge cases perfectly, hands down doctrines.”
75.    The anointing was getting out of the hands of the Pastor, an evil anointing. Pastor cannot go beyond his office. In other words, Pastoral office has a limit. The Apostle is to judge cases perfectly because He is a teacher, He is an Apostle, He is a Prophet. He is a Bishop, He is Evangelist; He is all and all, the embodiment of everything pertaining to life and godliness.
76.    Can a Pastor correct the Apostle? A Pastor cannot correct Evangelist. It is far from his office. Even if the Apostle is wrong, Pastor cannot see it. Glory be to God.   
77.    Get the Message “Since You Seek The Prove Of Christ Speaking Through Me.” God said, “You despisers, you rejecters, you knoweth not what is in your midst”.
78.    One of the persons God used to prophesy those prophecies are in this Faith, it was Sister Ojiakor. You know not what is in your midst. He that receives a Prophet in the office of the Prophet receives the Prophet’s reward. I will not ask you the way you have been receiving your Prophet as good people or righteous people no, no. it requires no interpretation, off your eyes and your mind from the vessel God used to preach.
79.    Capture the Message very well and see whether you can readdress your minds for this will determine how you will behave in the Ark.
80.    I have told you in the Ark all heads can never be equal, there must be a general controller. There must be a director and there must be a director-general. There must be governor, there must be a governor-general in the Ark and it starts from here.
81.    Have you seen that from the onset, God has been introducing Himself as a man but unbelief blinded our eyes? God in sundry times spoke to us in similitude, in visions, in dreams and through Prophets. Now, He speaks to us face to face.
82.    After revealing Himself in public form, captured in the photograph, God said to us in the Message “The Resurrected Body” saying, “Henceforth, now you have known me for I have pulled off my mask; I now speak to you mouth to mouth and face to face.” In dreams, in visions of the night, in a still small voice inside your heart, you will not hear ta, ta, ta; ta any more for it is unnecessary.
83.    He went further to say, “Before now my commandment is you should repent and be baptised by immersion in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ for the remission of your sins, but from now I say not unto you to repent and be baptised, for that is unnecessary. For you are now baptised in the truth, you are now immersed and buried in the truth.”
84.    We thank God, so we will keep on reproducing some of these foundation Messages. Especially those that contain prophecies. Any contradiction in the prophecies? No contradiction! In other words, we see vindication. A sure sign that God has been with us from the very beginning. If you know when God left us, come and tell us, and why you are thinking that way. Amen.

In the message titled “The True Token”, let us see whether we can SEE where the Holy Ghost ceased from being a RABBIT, the RABBIT was identified, and He said, “Now, I have shown you that rabbit, you have seen Him that that rabbit is a person. I have introduced Him, you are now duty bound to pay attention to Him.” For the Holy Ghost is no other than the Apostle, in 1994. Glory be to God.
2.          If God is not sure of what He is saying, why being consistent from the very word go? Maybe you do not know the Message from the Apostle reached us during our camp meeting. 1992 December 29th, He mounted the pulpit and handled the Message titled “Holy Ghost and Necessity for Holy Ghost Baptism.” It lasted from morning till afternoon. In the evening He was asked to continue, it continued till 30th December.
3.          On 30th December 1992, the prophecy went forth which we are quoting till today. In the night of the Holy Communion, Brother Ben Okezue preached a Message titled “Is There Not a Cause?” Remember it was during that Message that our brother and Pastor Emeka Ezukwu said he was rushing to Enugu to bring his girlfriend.
4.          Said, “How can Nneka be a wife? When nothing was done.” They were keeping their girlfriends, leading them about, quoting scripture that Paul was talking to Peter the Apostle saying whether he had no right to lead a Sister about like other Apostles?
5.          End-Time believes in leading a sister about, that was their doctrine. However, God said that you have no right to lead a sister about unless you have the intention of marrying her and you must introduce yourself to her parents and fulfil all the customary and traditional rites. Only then are you qualified to lead her about.
6.          We do not practise courtship in this Faith, our Faith is against courtship. For no courtship is as effective as fellowship. You are receiving the same Message with the sister. What is the essence of courtship? If you want to practice courtship, do it with a pagan. Courtship is practiced by pagan. The best way to court a lady before marriage is to introduce her to Christ—if she never knew Christ—so that she will know what you believe to enable two of you live in peace.
7.          “Holy Ghost and Necessity for Holy Ghost Baptism,” at the end of that Message we saw many things that happened there. For the first time in the history of man, we heard it and balanced it from the scripture that Holy Ghost is a man. He is a person.
8.          He has mouth, He speaks. He has eyes, He can see. He has hand, He moves about. For the first time, balanced everything with the scripture. At the end of that camp meeting, our entire ministers travelled home for New Year celebration, committing the fellowship into my hands. Brother Chime, we were together and some brethren from Abagana that time.
9.          Then they said that I should continue. I handled the Message part 1, parts 2 and 3 titled “Life after Pentecost among the Believers” part 1, part 2, part 3. Immediately they came back, our Pastor then, Pastor Okechukwu Nwankpa did not even talk to Me. You know what happened. That time Brother Chime, he went and collected jotters from those that attended the fellowship within the period, crosschecked their jotters from what they recorded, mounted the pulpit and said, “I was satisfied”.
10.     Yet I was not a minister then, I was an ordinary member sitting down in the fellowship like others. Ministry was not mentioned around Me that time.
11.     Remember that when God will appear in the form of Holy Ghost, He will convict people of unbelief; He will judge them of unrighteousness for they will be holding their own righteousness which they could boast having attained by the deeds of the Law. Not knowing that by the deeds of the Law, there is no flesh that will be made perfect.
12.     Whatever they are calling their perfection that time was as a result of the deeds of the Law which was contrary to God’s perfect will. You heard him that God raised the Apostle to come and put things perfect, the apostolic ministry is a perfection ministry. It is not repent or you perish, no.
13.     He has come to place things right so that you can see your point of salvation in Christ, finish. Moreover, begin to glorify God for what He has already accomplished for you by paying the price you could not pay.  
14.     “The True Token” volume one, page 60 verse 1, “The unwelcomed Christ knows where He is welcomed, yield to the Voice of the spirit. It is not he that willeth or he that runneth but God that showeth mercy”.
15.     Remember the prophecy: “I have come, yes I have come. You have called Me down, you were desiring me. I have come, I have come to stay.”
16.     The unwelcomed Christ knows where He is welcomed. The unwelcomed Prophet knows where He is welcomed. The flesh can see corruption but the spirit which is the soul cannot see corruption.
17.     Was it the Message we heard when I visited Anam? He said, “No matter how small that thing is, once it contains a seed that is alive it must be  preserved anyhow.”
2.           Page 76 verse 21, “Remember he paid for the goods. The goods arrived at the shore but they have not been redeemed. The same way, we are still in a container and are secured. The goods are not redeemed; they are redeemed only when they are in the warehouse.”
18.     1994 Prophetic Message. In 1994 who understood this Message? Definitely nobody.
19.     Verse 36, “Has there been any step we are making without seeing Him?  Each step we take, He is interested. Why then are you afraid? Why do you trouble yourself? What I should do is to relax.
20.     What I should do is to relax. What He did in time past, that He is repeating today. For He is the same yesterday, today and forever. William Branham said that God can never change His programmes of doing things, His programmes are eternal, for God is eternal.
21.     1994 December 29th, and God repeated this Message in 2011. From 29th December 2011 to 30th, He closed the record which was prophesied in this same Message. He said, “If Jesus was the door, let it be known to you that one day this door must be closed. It can never remain open forever, many must be locked out.” He started typing scriptures.
22.     On 30th December 2011 we heard it: “Son of Man, close the book, seal up the testimony.” Those that were delaying were asked to hurriedly make things right on the spot. Hastily they bent down in obedience to the instruction.
23.     He said that it is the matter of the heart: “Change your heart, change your mind there, do not blame this, do not blame that, you are your problem. Do not blame your Bishop, do not blame your Pastor; do not accuse anybody. There, where you are standing, make haste” Before they knew it the curtain was drawn.
24.    Page 96, verse 36: “…Note, Holy Ghost means perfection. Holy Ghost brings the Church to the level where there is no Greek, no Jew, no woman, no man.  We are all one in Christ. That is the work of the Holy Spirit. Moreover, if any man tries to break it, in the time past, God overlooked it because we knew not, and now, we have known, try it; it is not calling Him Daddy that matters, but following Him.”
25.     It is not calling Him Daddy that matters but following Him. Thus, we heard this message in 1994. It is not calling Him Daddy that matters, but following Him. Following Him does not mean following Him everywhere He goes, it means obeying His Word.
26.     Jesus the Christ said to His disciples, “You call me master and Lord, that is what I am but my words you do not obey. Why then calling me master and Lord?”.
27.     If you do not obey my word, why calling me Daddy? Naturally speaking, your father is not your father until he has dominion, control and authority over you. Until his word has pre-eminence over you, your father is not your father. If you are disobedient to your father’s words and you continue calling him your father, he is offended.
28.     “…What is false Token then? Manufactured humility; manufactured quietness. What does it produce? Sheep on the outside, but on the inside threatening wolf...”
29.     Note, very quiet in appearance but very dangerous. If you are a child of God and you have the Token, any day you disobey the Voice, you must pay the price.
30.     HAVE WE SEEN THE RABBIT? We were talking about the two hunters that went to hunt a rabbit, one was doing the digging while the other one was asked to wait and be watchful. Any emergence of a rabbit, that he should kill it, but he has never seen a rabbit all his life.
31.     At the start of the digging, the rabbit just went off. Until his friend finished digging and there was nothing there again; he said, “My friend, I was sure and certain that this rabbit was here, are you sure the rabbit never escaped?” He said, “No, no, no do not say so. I was keeping vigil with my machete; see, I cleared the forest with the readiness to kill here. It never escaped, check well.”
32.     His friend said, “Are you sure this thing never escaped?” He said, “My friend, do not provoke me.” A little while he called his friend and said, “This rabbit, is it like a sheep?” The one digging said no. “Is it like a dog?” The friend said no. “Is it like a goat?” His friend said no.
33.     He said, “Wait, is it like a rat but bigger than a rat with very large ears and long tail?” His friend said, “That is what I mean.” He said, It did not reach ten minutes when you just start the digging and the animal ran away. I think you said it is like a very big goat.” His friend said, “But you said you know it?”
34.     Now, God is saying, “Have you seen the rabbit? Can you identify the rabbit? I have made the rabbit known. You can no longer begin to think or imagine that the Godhead is like unto this or that, for He has made known all His visible and invisible attributes by which you can say na him. Therefore, you are without excuse.”
35.     You can never fall into trouble until you disobey the Voice of the spirit”.
36.     Disobey the Voice of the Son of Man, you must land yourself into trouble.
37.     The promise is for you, me and our children and as many as would identify with this faith before God closes the period”.
38.     You see, it was promised that one day God would close the period, 29th December 1994. Fulfilled 30th December 2011. In the same venue, in the same Valley of Decision, House of Refuge, the end of all things where the word went forth; there it came to pass.
39.     Some are complete idiots, complete fools, greater fools than the fools of Galatians. St. Paul called them “Oh fools of Galatians.” Jesus Christ in His day called such people, “Oh fools, easy to hear and slow to understand.”
40.     If you see the Son of Man coming and you are walking away, are you not a fool? Do you know what prompted Him to come to the pulpit? You are a biggest fool. Even if you are intelligent, as long as the Son of Man is in the camp with you, your going out should be restricted.
41.     Even if you are tempted to go out, you do it quickly. Apostle Kelechi keeps on saying that “It pays to be an eyewitness” but I say “It pays to be a partaker.” You can be an eyewitness and not a partaker.
42.     Do not ever end it by being an eyewitness. These people that were walking up and down, when the Audible Voice came, were you in the Church?
43.     If you go through the Message titled “The True Token,” you will see that it is in the same Message that the Voice went forth: “Thus It behoveth the Son of Man to fulfil all righteousness.” You will see that it is in this meeting, that for the first time we used human naked eyes to see the Pillar of Fire in the night—with naked human eyes, I cannot forget that day.
44.     It is just like the songwriter that used to sing, “That day oh that day, I will never forget that day, when Jesus took away my sin.” He sang so that the people will see and buy the record but he does not know the day.
45.     However, I want you to know that his sins are still with him. Hear me well, go to your “Great Sermon”; as many that partook in John the Baptist continued with John the Baptist until Jesus Christ came. John the Baptist introduced Jesus Christ to them as the very Messiah.
46.     Wise people left John the Baptist and followed Jesus Christ for they were looking for eternal life. However, those that wanted to remain on the side of John the Baptist remained with John the Baptist.
47.     As long as they did not crossover in their own day, they were left behind as unbelievers. They saw Jesus the Christ baptising at the same River Jordan where John the Baptist baptised, instead of identifying with Him, they ran back to John the Baptist to tell him, “That man you baptised at the bank of River Jordan, we saw him baptising there also and many people were following him.”
48.     Watch, they thought John the Baptist would have commended them or even say “thank you for not joining them.” John the Baptist said, “What did I tell you? Didn’t I tell you that I am not the Messiah? He is. He will increase and I will decrease. Did I not tell you? I do not have eternal life but He is the eternal life. My ministry is to introduce all of you to Him and give way.” Instead of rushing to Him again, they hissed and then sat down.
49.     I am only putting you in remembrance, we are in the Ark to remind ourselves of areas we passed through. We are saying these things to you as testimonies, especially those that joined us along the way.
50.     That you are coming into the Ark is not your right, it is just a privilege. It is not of your own making but it is the grace of God because you were not there when the tree was planted; whose shade you are now enjoying.
51.    “The True Token” volume 2, page 134 verse 47-61 “Acts of the Apostles 2: 38-39, ‘Then peter said unto them, ‘Repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, ye shall receive the gift of the holy ghost, for the promise is unto you, and to your children, and to all that are afar off, even as many as the Lord our God shall call.’ KJV.
52.      Is the Lord not calling people today? Brethren, have faith in God.”
53.     That was in 1994, the Lord was calling people to repentance. He was still ushering people into the Ark, even people that thought they were in the Ark were operating from the outside because they could prophesy and speak in tongues; they could perform signs and wonders, miracles, they thought they were in the Ark. They never knew that those things were the anointing of the spirit, that Holy Ghost is a man.
54.     Until you acknowledge the Holy Ghost as a man, you are not justified; you are not right
55.    Verse 48, “Is the Lord not calling people today? Brethren, have faith in God. THE PROMISE IS FOR YOU AND ME AND OUR CHILDREN AND AS MANY AS COULD IDENTIFY WITH THIS FAITH BEFORE GOD CLOSES THE PERIOD.
56.    Acts 10:43-46, “To him give all the prophets witness, that through his name whosoever believeth in him shall receive remission of sins. While Peter yet spake these words, the Holy Ghost fell on all them which heard the word.
57.     And they of the circumcision which believed were astonished, as many as came with Peter, because that on the Gentiles also was poured out the gift of the Holy Ghost. For they heard them speak with tongues, and magnify God. Then answered Peter.’ KJV.
58.    When the Holy Ghost fell down on all of them, if you read that place very well, the bible never said, they were speaking in tongues, how did he then notice that they had received the Holy Ghost? Did it come like fire? He noticed their sincerity. They were pricked in their hearts and they all went down on their kneels confessing their sins. Holy Ghost does the conviction.
59.    Ephesians 1:13-14, ‘In whom ye also trusted, after that ye heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation: in whom also after that ye believed, ye were sealed with that Holy Spirit of promise,
60.    Which is the earnest of our inheritance until the redemption of the purchased possession, unto the praise of his glory.’ KJV.
Take it, this is teaching. Brethren, do you trust in Odoemena? You trust in the living God.”
61.     No mistake about it, by 1994 December 29th. William Branham made us to understand that the greatest fight before every man of God in every dispensation is how to convince His followers to believe that God sent him. The totality of Jesus the Christ preaching centered on one thing: CAUSING THE JEWS TO BELIEVE THAT HE PROCEEDED FROM THE FATHER AND THAT HE IS HIMSELF GOD.
62.     Verse 54, “Take it, this is teaching. Brethren, do you trust in Odoemena? You trust in the living God. You trust in Jesus Christ. Did you get the passage? After ye heard the word of truth, not before. The Word was preached to you, you examined it; you judged it. You said it is truth, you believed it. On that point where you believed it and complied at that particular point, God sealed you in.”
63.     Have you not heard it before? at that point that it anchored as a revelation in your heart that God is a human being, that has revealed Himself in the Son of Man; that point you are sealed IN. It shall be unto you your righteousness for ever and ever. This is the summary of all things.
64.     1994, and the Voice continued echoing and roaring. From the beginning till the end, we have been enjoying the grace of God. I remember the Message, “It is By the Grace of God That We Are Blessed by the Apostolic Ministry”. I have a Message there, that is, the part two “This Church is Set for a Sign That Must Be Spoken against in This Generation,” preached in 1994, the day we presented the Message titled “Cry out against the System” in a book form.
65.     “…Somebody did not get Me. What am I saying brethren? It is the promise of the Father that does the sealing.
66.     ‘…The gospel of your salvation…’ is it Gospel of prosperity
67.     ‘…In whom also after that ye believed ye were sealed with that holy spirit of promise…’ Is it before you believe? You have decided and you have believed that the Word of God is truth and you have decided to believe every Word of God. You are sincere to yourself and to your God. At that point, you can no longer perish. Nothing will ever cause you to perish.
68.     ‘…Which is the earnest of our inheritance until the redemption of the purchased possession.’
69.     What did the Bible call it? We heard a Message, ‘What Is Your Earnest Expectation?’ It is our earnest inheritance. We will continue to be there until the day we are redeemed.
70.     ‘…Until the redemption of the purchased possession unto the praise of his glory…’ You have been purchased; you are somebody’s possession. If He will close His eyes and allow His goods to perish at the seashore, is that your business? If He wants to close His eyes and allow the purchased possession to perish, He will suffer the loss. Trouble yourself no more.”
71.     You see, if we had believed in 1994, we would have relaxed and by now we would have gone away. But we did not understand. Brethren, trouble yourselves no more. You see why brethren do not blame anybody.
72.     In 1996, He revealed Himself properly in the Pillar of Cloud saying, “This is to banish unbelief.” If in 1996 we are found in unbelief, what can you say of 1995, 1994, 1993 and 1992? We were unbelief ourselves.
73.     We were sinners. That was why; we never rested from our works. We continued working, observing night vigils, fasting and praying, lLong prayers, battling with human flesh that profited nothing. We need to be pitied!
74.     However, what is our consolation? In spite of our unbelief, He never forsook us. In keeping with His Word, “You have called Me down and I have come. I have come to stay. You are my people. Because I have called you my people, I am obligatory to save you.”
75.     You can never perish. Even in our unbelief He remained faithful. 1994 countdown. We were asked to relax, instead of relaxing we were crying and lamenting, “My God has killed me! My God!” I was wondering whether we were Gentiles at all.
76.     When the Gentiles heard the good news, they rejoiced. But unfortunately, we were tutored by Jewish Rabbis. We drank falsehood, drank lies until lies infiltrated into our system. To flush us became increasingly difficult. The truth was constantly clashing with the error that was in our hearts. We wanted the whole thing to go after our own wicked imagination but God said no!
77.     Do you know that it takes His Mighty hand to redeem us? In 1998, when it became difficult, He said, “If sons and daughters of God do not manifest this year; I am wiping you off and raise a new generation that will obey Me.”
78.     1998, the year of the manifestation of sons and daughters of God. Before then, nobody was qualified to be a son of God or a daughter of God for the law was holding us captive. How can you be a son of God under the Law? Was it not why Jesus the Christ was crucified?
79.     It is a punishable offence by death to answer son of God, daughter of God under the Law; even child of God. Who are you? If God will have you as His son, who is His wife? Don’t you know that under the Law, when you say that you are a son of God, it implies that you are making yourself equal with God? However, in the New Testament dispensation, He counted it not robbery making Himself equal with mankind.
80.     Instead of us to accept that gift, we were reasoning and reasoning and reasoning; until we nearly reasoned away our own period of our salvation. Yet in all situations, His love projected.
81.     “…You have been purchased; you are somebody’s possession. If He will close His eyes and allow His goods to perish at the seashore, is that your business? If He wants to close His eyes and allow the purchased possession to perish, He will suffer the loss. Trouble yourself no more. That is why St. Paul told the Philippian Church to rejoice.” We are marching on gradually. This Holy Ghost can never be purchased with money. You can never get it by your might; it only comes by obeying His Word. For every Word of God you obey, something leaves your life. The moment the Word comes in, it displaces something in your life.”
82.     Acts 8: 18-22, “And when Simon saw that through laying on of the apostles' hands the Holy Ghost was given, he offered them money, saying, Give me also this power, that on whomsoever I lay hands, he may receive the Holy Ghost. But Peter said unto him, Thy money perish with thee, because thou hast thought that the gift of God may be purchased with money. Thou hast neither part nor lot in this matter: for thy heart is not right in the sight of God. Repent therefore of this thy wickedness, and pray God, if perhaps the thought of thine heart may be forgiven thee”.
83.     Somebody was watching the whole thing. He thought it was a dream. The Apostle laid hands on somebody and some other people also that were baptized in the name of Jesus Christ and they received the Holy Spirit. The man saw what happened, he became jealous. If the mark of the apostleship is following me, nothing stops you from being filled with the Spirit of God. I am not the Giver. He is the giver. I perform my duty by obeying His Word. He will confirm it. He promised it. Have faith in God. Will you jump up when it happens? Will you make holi shaba, holi shaba? You will not make holi shaba, holi shaba; you may not jump up, but I tell you, of the truth, if your heart is right and I lay hand on you according to this promise, your life can never be the same again. Brother Charles, since that day, have you been the same? You thought you would speak in tongues, but you did not. Have you seen those things in your life again? Have you even desired going that way? Haven’t you hated them like menstruation cloths? Who sealed it? Was it the hand laying? It was the work of the Holy Ghost. Have faith in God.
84.     The Message “The True Token” was preached at the initial stage of this ministry in 1994, and up till today it is still alive and active. It is still standing the test of time.
85.     Until you know the mystery of the angels, you may not catch the full import of the Message we have in book form titled “The Revelation of the Mighty Angel in Our Midst.” When you go through the Message “The Mystery of the Angels,” your eyes of understanding will open more.
86.     No teaching in this faith is a waste. if it does not help you today, it will help you sometime tomorrow. There are certain situations that will confront you and the Message will come into play immediately. You apply it, and the problem is solved.  
87.     Now back home once again. I ordered that the Message titled “The State of the Nation” volume two to be uploaded on the web. If they want to arrest Me, up to them.
88.     I will still say more things, not to justify any group or to condemn anybody but to justify God. We have been told that whatever remains now is in the hand of God to accomplish it. Our duty is to wait and watch as we see events unfold on a daily basis. Is that alright? Since that day, have we not been seeing events unfolding?
89.     Remember that suicide bombing took the whole world by surprise, but did it take us by surprise? Is there anything that will happen now that will be a surprise to us? No. Why? We have a Prophet, who will before the thing will come into existence, must have told us, getting our hearts ready. Amen.


I have narrated in a nutshell the history of this country called Nigeria. What is more, I have predicted too many things concerning this country, most of those predictions are fulfilling before your eyes. I will say more things. Now I want to confirm many, many things.  
2.          I made a statement that you will not know what is happening, you just wait until the burial of the Ikemba of Nnewi, Eze Ndigbo gburugburu of Igboland, Chief Dim Odimegwu Chukwuemeka-Ojukwu. His burial comes up any time from now precisely 3rd March 2012. Preparations are in top gear. Too many pressure groups who were archenemies have mended fences to give him a hero’s burial.
3.          Any moment from now, the golden casket will land in Anambra State, precisely on the 3rd of March 2012. However, we have all been told that markets in Onitsha will remain closed to honour his burial. I have heard from people coming from Nnewi how they were being forced into signing a document making them members of MASSOB. People are being forced to pay five hundred Naira, some one thousand to sign their membership cards.
4.          Well, whether it is true or false, it is not my problem. It is their right. There is no state or ethnic group without a pressure group to the best of my knowledge in Nigeria.
5.          I have groomed you with the words we received from the very beginning which have been fulfilling among us; you are now settled in the truth. Remember you are in the Ark; whatever is happening now is happening for your own good. In accordance with our song that says “everything is turning around for our own good,” these troubles are around us aiming at liberating us for once and for all basis.
6.          After the trouble that is coming, there will never be anything like that in the history of mankind, for the hand of the Lord is behind all these troubles.
7.          There can never be evil in the city and the Lord has not done it, thus be on the alert. I am not talking about suicide bombing neither am I talking about political crisis, no. These things have settled with us. I am talking about the hour we are in, and the clock that is tickling “get ready, get ready; get ready.” How ready are we now?
8.          Here is a publication newspaper for us; they are all justifying our Messages. One of the captions of the Daily Sun Newspaper 25/02/2012 says: “ISLAMIC GROUP THREATENS TO ATTACK SOUTH EAST:”
9.          A coalition of Islamic group that goes by the name Mujahideen veterans has given residents and indigenes of South Eastern States of Enugu, Anambra, Imo and Abia six months to become Muslims or risk attacks”.
10.     Have you seen it? Is it a surprise? Were you not told to expect a Jihad? That the whole thing started with politics, but must windup in religion.
11.     Remember, initially, Nigeria thought it was a post-election crisis, that because Dr. Goodluck Jonathan who was from Bayelsa, a South-South state was elected president that ignited the trouble. But I told you no.
12.     We knew that there must be problem even before he was elected, and God said it will start as a political crisis and windup in religion. That when you see the politics of a country tilting along religious line, that country is about to disintegrate. Once I wreck up something, go back to that Message and rehearse it; it will help you. However, if you continue to wait until you come down to Jerusalem, you may be swept off.
13.     “A coalition of Islamic group that goes by the name Mujahideen Veterans has given residents and indigenes of South Eastern states of Enugu, Anambra, Imo and Abia six months to become Muslims or risk attacks”.
14.     In an E-Mail entitled ‘We are born to die for Jihad’ sent out by one Saidi Dairu, from; the group said that South Easterners should not think they cannot be attacked on their own soil. The group boasted that the Police are too weak to withstand them, while accusing the Federal Government of betrayal.
15.     They say that the government is talking about dialogue but busy arresting people. The group said they would honour former Biafran leader, Ikemba Nnewi, Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu. The statement reads: ‘We are groups or Mujahideen veterans in part of the Libyans, Africans and Arabians, the arrest of Abu Daardaa is an outright deception and betrayal by the Nigerian Government and Security Agents.
16.     They proclaimed dialogue and are doing the opposite. Abu Daardaa must be released and other members locked up in different prisons without any condition. The killing of our Hausa-Northern Muslim brothers in Onitsha, South East Nigeria on 9th and 10th February 2012 is also a mark of the Nigerian Government’s weakness. Yet they promised security.
17.     South East thinks they cannot be touched on their home soil. Then let us wait and see. Our targets are... It will be known when we will deliver our gift(s) to a thousand souls.
18.     We want Enugu, Anambra, Imo, and Abia to be Muslim States. We want it to take effect in the next six months. If this demand is not granted, then we have no other option. The Nigerian Police is too weak to stop us because we are well-funded and organized. This time, everybody will be affected. We will also honour the late Biafran leader in our own way. We are also happy that some Christians are with us...”
19.     Note, if you must laugh it over, not in this Church. Without a Christian no crime is committed, dangle money before a Christian, it becomes everything. Dangle money before a Christian, especially Christians from the South East extraction that have made money their God, they can do anything. A Southern Christian is a chameleon and very unreliable. He believes nothing but money.
20.     During the civil war, Lt. Colonel Hassan Usman Kastina made a nationwide proclamation to the Nigerian soldiers that anytime they succeeded in gunning down a Biafran soldier, that they should not be quick in assuming that he was dead, that they should shake some coins in his ears, if he does not shake his body; that they should know he is dead, that they should collect his rifle. However, if they should shake some coins in his ears and he makes a little movement, he is pretending he is dead. He is alive.
21.     Gowon said, “Since I know what they need is money, they will surrender into my hands anytime from now.” He began to bribe the Easterners over, giving them money. That was the origin of Biafran saboteurs. Within three months, Biafra collapsed. That was the end of the war.
22.     Give any Igbo man money, and he will commit suicide. He can wipe off his village because of money. It is a dangerous spirit. If that spirit is in you, you are a Balaam. Of course you know you cannot be in the Ark.
23.     Remember THAT inside the container, there can be some rubbish, There can be some cartons that were used to protect the goods inside the container, which can never enter the warehouse. Everything can enter the warehouse BUT not the container itself.
24.     The container whether IT likes it or not must be kept outside. It TRAVELLED long DISTANCE; its purpose was to serve as a container, finish. It can be dashed out, it can be sold out at a giveaway price. Do not be that container, do not be that carton.
25.     Anybody can call this an empty threat, not a member of this Bridal Faith. Calling it an empty threat means nullifying the Word of God. This prophecy has been with us before the Daily Sun Newspaper was published on 25th February, 2012. Is it not a confirmation that God is with us? It can be a surprise to people, is it a surprise to us? No!
26.     For God had already spoken concerning it that you can never be like this. That our own Eastern part must get their fair share. That in no distant time, that you will begin to feel the pinch, that it will even be very hot in the East. For with money, they can enter any family in the South Eastern States.
27.     There is another newspaper I want to show, “The Nation”. I am here to confirm the truth, as we received the truth from God.
28.     I told you in the Message “The State of The Nation” volume 2 that as at the time, 1967 when the Southeast extractions called the Igbos seceded from the authority of Nigeria to become an independent nation called Biafra, they were not yet ripe. The greater majority of Nigeria was not ready to allow them go. But now, the stage is set. The kola-nut is overripe.
29.     In the Message titled “The Essence of Serving A Living God,” I told you again that what we received from the British Colony was a parliamentary system of government which confers authority, governance on the Northern Nigeria, and followership to the Southern Nigeria.
30.     Part of the address went thus I quote: “The Northern majority must have rule over the Southern minority”. That is the parliamentary. In that regard, that the President— a ceremonial office—must come from the South, while the Prime Minister must come from the North.
31.     Now, as we continue to forge ahead, we noticed that from 1969 till 1990; Nigeria evolved a new system of government called a democratic system. They shifted away from British system to American system.
32.     They want to democratise their governance. Once there is a change in governance, there must be a change in everything. Before we knew it, the national anthem that established this nation called Nigeria fizzled out into oblivion.
33.     How can you change a national anthem and retain the name? Once there is a change in national anthem, there must also be a change in the name.
34.     Before your very eyes, while I am here, this geographical description of an area called Nigeria will fizzle out like the national anthem that established it fizzled out. Forces are at work to bring my words to pass—forces are at work.
35.     In addition, I made it clear that, that time in 1966, precisely January 15th when Major Patrick Chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu, Maduebo, and the rest of them including Ben Gbulie struck—that is core Nigerian engineers who pretended to be having Biafran. In fact, it was just pretence to plot a coup.
36.     However, as at that time, only the segment of Nigeria called the Igbos were discontented. They were no longer comfortable remaining with Nigeria. But today, the people that do not allow them to go are desiring to go themselves.
37.     Seeing that as a result of democratic dispensation, power is bound to rotate contrary to the spirit that granted the Independence, they are saying no. They are now uncomfortable. I remember I told you that, that extraction that fought that civil war collapsed because the greater part remained with the centre for the kola-nut was not ripe then. Now the Kola is ripe, that little thing that is left at the head is uncomfortable, it is trying to come out.
38.     In addition, that is the area you called the Niger Delta. For the people that led that war were made up of what you now called Akwa-Ibom, Cross River, Bayelsa, Rivers, Delta and Edo states. Then the entire South East. The boundary as at that time was at Okiti-Pupa.
39.     Now we are about to windup our programme in peace and not in pieces. You begin now to appreciate why you are hidden in this wilderness. If there is going to be any assault, it is going to be in the city, it cannot be where we are. No assault can be in Jerusalem. We know why we lockup our gate—we know why. The assault cannot be in Jerusalem. Nobody knows you are in Jerusalem, except those that are around the place.
40.     This is your House of Refuge. Right now, as we are in fellowship, if there are gunshots in the city, you may not hear the noise, you may not know what is happening now until I allow you to go to the main road. Once you are in Jerusalem, you do not desire to go away again. Yes, unless I am not with you.
41.     The greater part that stayed with Nigeria, they are discomforted. I equally predicted that the trouble is yet to come. The removal of the oil subsidy is not the problem, that, it is after removing the oil subsidy, everything will die down; Nigeria will discover that oil subsidy is not their problem. That there is going to be another major problem: it is resource control. It is going to be the PROBLEM of resource control.
42.     MOREOVER, in this issue of resource control, PRESIDENT Jonathan must get prepared, for he is going to be attacked by his own people. For the Niger-DeltaNs can never live to see the NorthernerS controlling their resource any time from now.
43.     What is more, the Northerners are all bent to have control of it or divide Nigeria into pieces. Did you hear the Message from me? Okay, I am rehearsing it. Something you heard long ago, now see what is happening.
44.     The Nation newspaper of Saturday 25th February 2012 says, “North ready for restructuring, say Lamido, Aliyu, Ayu, othersBy Augustine Ehikioya, Abuja The North picked up the gauntlet yesterday and declared it is now poised for the restructuring of Nigeria in the face of what it called identified threats confronting the region.”
45.     Please take note of this. My reason is that it is confirming the Voice we have already heard, so that when we upload this Message in the Internet, people will know that we are not sycophants. We are well-informed. We do not represent the interest of any pressure group, and we can never. Remember my mission is to inform you, to enlighten you and to educate you. 
46.     You know why I am strict while handling serious information. Right now, I will not say as I used to say before “I do not know the extent it will go.” However, now I am saying that whatever that goes out from Jerusalem has reached the whole world.
47.     Thus, if I misinform the world, God will hold Me guilty. I am no longer talking to you alone. As far as I am concerned, this is a domestic gathering. You are in the minority when compared to the people I am reaching out to now. From Jerusalem, my Voice is going round the globe.
48.     Hence, I must be mindful of what I give out so that if by tomorrow, somebody will lay hands on Me, it will not be your battle again; the whole world will like to know why that person is laying hand on Me and the crime that I committed.
49.     I am not seeking a Nobel laurel, no. I do not want to be another Martin Luther King Jr. Keep away your Nobel Prize, it is not in my eyes. I do not want to be popular. If I want to be popular, let me be popular with the truth. No more, no less. 
50.     The Nation newspaper of Saturday 25th February 2012: “The region who is who in politics, academia and media at a meeting in Abuja expressed hope that the lopsidedness in the polity ‘will be a key issue.’
51.     The Coalition of Concerned Northerners meeting came against the background of the call for the review of the present revenue sharing formula by the governors of the 19 Northern States; the recent agitation by South West governors and other stakeholders for Sovereign National Conference (SNC); and the state of insecurity in the country. Chairman of the Northern Governors Forum...
52.     Note, Northern Governors Forum. In the South East, it is Peter Obi. In the whole North, watch, see the names.
53.     “...Chairman of the Northern Governors Forum, Alhaji Babangida Aliyu, speaking at the inauguration of the Advisory Council of Sir Ahmadu Bello Memorial Foundation in Abuja on Thursday, described as unfair a situation where his state (Niger) would be receiving a monthly allocation of between N4.2 billion and N4.5 billion while some others would be getting about 20 times of that—a veiled reference to the 13 percent derivation paid to oil producing states.
54.     This, he said, was responsible for the wide gap in development between the North and the South. He was echoing a statement made by the Central Bank Governor, Mallam Lamido Sanusi last month, in an interview with the Financial Times of London”.
55.     Have I not told you that Mallam Lamido Sanusi, the governor of Central Bank of Nigeria is an agent? He was placed there by Ibrahim Babangida, Buhari and Atiku. They pressurised President Jonathan because he agreed to continue in the Northern quota, taking the step of his predecessor, the late Umaru Musa Yar’Adua. He placed him there.
56.     I told you he is there to foster the interest of the Muslims. That the moment the economy of any nation goes religious, that country is doomed. Through the introduction of Islamic banking, the economy of Nigeria has been Islamised whether you like it or not.
57.     Politically, Nigeria is a member of Islamic Countries. Economically, the economy has been Islamised. Only one thing remains, religion. Do not forget the fact that it was Babangida, Buhari and the late Concord Newspaper director, MKO Abiola who imported over one hundred and fifty million copies of the Holy Bible and dumped them into the Lagos lagoon to put an end to the reading of the Bible.
58.     Remember he said, “Islam must be trading in all the nooks and crannies in the Southern Nigeria.” And the foolish Nigerians especially from Imo State, Oguta; Enugu and so on embraced him, collected money from him and started building mosque in the South, getting converts.
59.     If you get to Agbor, you will see too many of them there. In Enugu, Alhaji Suleman Onyeama and the rest are there fostering Islamic religion.
60.     Glory be to God. I am not in support of Islam, neither am I in support of the Christian movement for they are all but one.
61.     “...He was echoing a statement made by the Central Bank Governor, Mallam Lamido Sanusi last month, in an interview with the Financial Times of London. Sanusi, in the interview, linked the prevailing poverty in the North and the violence being perpetrated by the Boko Haram sect to uneven distribution of the nation’s wealth...”
62.     I hope you have seen his own reason? In other words, as long as there is an uneven distribution of wealth between the North and the South that the Boko Haram will remain. But Boko Haram is saying that they are pursuing religious course. You see, your Central Bank governor has not seen anything wrong in Boko Haram.
63.     “...In a communiqué at the end of yesterday’s meeting, the Northern leaders, among whom were two serving governors, a former Senate President, a former deputy Senate president and a former Secretary to the Government of the Federation...
64.     Note the calibre of personality that attended the meeting. They are not pushovers. The people that attended the meeting were pillars of the nation that are of the Northern extraction whose words can be quoted anywhere in the world.
65.     “…In a communiqué at the end of yesterday’s meeting, the Northern leaders, among whom were two serving governors, a former Senate President, a former deputy Senate president and a former Secretary to the Government of the Federation, expressed concern over the activities of Boko Haram, the Movement for the Emancipation of Niger Delta (MEND) and the Movement for the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB)...”
66.     Note it, nothing was said about the Afenifere of Yorubaland, that is the dreaded Afenifere. Sometimes they called them area boys, they are not area boys, They are Afenifere pressure group. They kept quiet over that one because they think Lagos state has been calm. Lagos will make noise anytime from now.
67.     “...The communiqué reads: ‘A coalition of Northern politicians, academics, professionals and businessmen met yesterday (Thursday) at Asokoro in Abuja to deliberate on matters of serious concern to the Northern States of Nigeria and their peoples.’
68.     In the course of the meeting, the Northern Group reflected on the deteriorating security situation in the region, particularly with regards to the growth and spread of attacks and impunity by the Boko Haram insurgence and other ethnic and religious militias in the North. In addition, the meeting dwelled on the threats posed by the resurgence activities of Movement for the Emancipation of Niger Delta (MEND), other Niger Delta militant groups, Movement for the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB). In addition, the meeting dwelled on the threats and recent calls by groups for a Sovereign National Conference.
69.     The meeting reflected on the elements that bond the Northerners and their cultures together, irrespective of ethnicity and religion over many years at their association, and expressed their sadness that the basis of unity of the region has of recent come under a serious assault.
70.     The meeting noted the positive fallouts of the recent nationwide strike, in the course of which the ordinary people of the North and of the rest of the country manifested a refreshing desire to support and protect one another against the clear evidence of orchestrated designs to polarise and keep the people apart.
71.     The meeting also received the shocking details of the several excesses of the JTF (Joint Task Force) which amounted to no less than gross human rights abuses. The meeting expressed the view that the threat posed by Boko Haram insurgency could best be attended to without the attendant attacks on individual rights and on businesses.
72.     The meeting resolved to support the calls for the restructuring of the Nigerian Federation in the hope that the lopsidedness in the structure of the nation’s politics and economy will be a key agenda issue.
73.     It then called on the Northern Governors’ Forum (NGF) to liaise with other stakeholders in the North...
74.     Note, to liaise with other stakeholders in the North, note these stakeholders. They are all pressure groups, illegally established by the Northerners to foster their groups. 
75.     “...It then called on the Northern Governors’ Forum (NGF) to liaise with other stakeholders in the North such as the Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF), Northern Union (NU), Jama’atul Nasirl Islam (JNI), Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), women, youth and student bodies and other groups to join hands together to tackle the identified threats confronting the region.”
76.     Have you seen it? They are now saying they are being threatened by other parts of Nigeria.
77.     Now note the names of the governors that attended the meeting, the prominent ones among them.
78.     “...Among those who attended the meeting were the governors of Niger and Jigawa states, Dr Mu’azu Babangida Aliyu, OON, CON and Alhaji Sule Lamido, CON; the convener of the meeting, Dr. Junaidu Muhammed; a former Senate President, Dr. Iyorchia Ayu; a former Deputy Senate President, Dr. John Wash-Pam, CON; former Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Alhaji Yayale Ahmed, CFR; former ministers, such as, Dr. Shettima Mustapha, Alhaji Adamu Maina Waziri and Mallam Lawal Batagarawa; and a former Chairman of the Presidential Advisory Council, Prof. Nur Alkali. “Others were a former Chairman of Langtang South Local Government Council, Mr. Solomon Dalung; former Presidential Legal Advisers, Ibrahim Ismail and Prof. Awwal Yadudu; as well as newspaper publishers, including Sam Nda-Isaiah and Mohammed Haruna.
79.     The rest included University Vice Chancellors, Prof. Abubakar Rasheed, Prof. Risqua Arabu; businessmen such as the Chairman of Mainstreet Bank, Alhaji Falalu Bello; a former Chairman of the Revenue Mobilisation and Fiscal Commission, Engr. Hamman Tukur; a former Solicitor-General of the Federation, Prof. Ignatius Ayua; Prof. David Iyornem; Alhaji Dahiru Mohammed and two former managing directors of New Nigeria Newspapers.
80.     Others included the first female editor of New Nigeria, Mrs. Bilkisu Bintube; another female editor from Trust Newspapers, Mrs. Aisha Kabiru Yusuf; Dr. Bashir Kurfi of Ahmadu Bello University, (ABU, Zaria) and Timaus Mathias, a veteran journalist.
81.     Also present were Mr. David Garnva, former President of the Nigerian Institute of Quantity Surveyors, Mallam Abba Gana, former Deputy Director of Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG), Alhaji Shehu Kaikai, Sanusi Abubakar, Garba Shehu, Mr. Simon Gunkat, Mallam Adamu Yakubu, Barr. Zannah Mustapaha, Mallam Sambo Ingawa, Kalli Ghazali, Abubakar Michika and Prof. Abubakar Mustapha. It was signed by Second Republic member of the House of Representatives, Dr Junaid Muhammed, the convener.
82.     From this newspaper publication, is it not clear that the kola-nut is ripe? With these names drawn from both politics and academia, is anybody in doubt as to what is happening now, or what is likely to take place? It is not Biafra saying “we want to go,” no.
83.     This time, the greater majority are now discomforted. They want to be on their own. They are saying, “Enough is enough”, and they are pressing it down.
84.     This meeting took place at Asokoro in Abuja at a time the president was in Somalia, attending to another country’s Islamic problem. For the Islamic sect in Somalia named Al-Shabaab has been troubling both Somalia and Kenya over a year now.
85.     Well, from this paper, can anybody notice any condemnation of Boko Haram assault by the leaders of the North? No, rather they are justifying it. Thus, it is a tool in their hands to foster their bid for restructuring of Nigeria in another way confederation, finish.
86.     You see, that kola-nut that has five distinct lobes, has used its hand to split itself. Do you understand what I am saying? If a kola-nut that is ripe split itself, if it is in our place, everybody will take his own. Amen.


Now I want to show you something. if you go out to preach it or to make it the point of argument or anywhere you go, the Lord must cast you out of the Ark—IT IS A M.u.s.t.
2.          if you go out in your office, in your shop; anywhere to argue with it or preach it, begin to make noise about it, God whom I serve continually must surely cast you out of the Ark. HOWEVER, if you sink this information into your heart as a part of security measure for the hour, you will remain comfortable in the Ark with God.
3.          If I release this one, I will watch you. If I do not hear murmuring anywhere, I will release another one before I will release the last bombshell which will speak on its own.
4.          I want to update the information so that you will not think it is an empty threat; so you will warn your children and warn yourselves. Is it today that you heard that we are sitting on a time bomb? The time bomb I told my brethren long ago, we are sitting on what I called Islamic Barbaric Bomb or a religious bomb which is the most catastrophic and disastrous. It does not look at your faces.
5.          Let me tell you something that happened. The Muslims in Onitsha ran away because there was a problem. When the whole thing died down, they came back and started repairing their shops. In my street, there is one living opposite my house. He is one we love most, his name is Hassan. We can never allow people to harm any one of them, they have been with us all these years and they are very good.
6.          Immediately he came back from Army Barracks, he ignored all of us, no matter how friendly. Gently he went straight to his brother, a Muslim who is of a Yoruba extraction. There, he entered his house, sat down comfortably. Ate and drank with him, prayed with him and finally he went away. He only waved hand at us. Any lesson to learn there?
7.          Once it comes to religion, whether you are an Igbo Muslim, Hausa Muslim and so on, you are one. You must identify your brother. However, under normal circumstances, there is a little gap between Yoruba Muslim and Hausa Muslim, Edo Muslim, Igbo Muslim and things like that. Nevertheless, in the time of crisis, they are one. That is one thing unique with them.
8.          This excerpt is not a newspaper, it is a secret document. Remember what I told you that happened in 1960 when Nigeria was granted political independence and not economic independence by Queen Elizabeth the second. That is under the British arrangement. Wise students should take note.    
9.          The delusion of grandeur of ahmadu bello at independence 1960: Eleven days after Nigeria got her political independence on October 1, 1960...”
10.     note it, Nigeria got her independence precisely October 1st day 1960, but eleven days after, Sir Ahmadu Bello, the Sardauna of Sokoto made this statement to the entire world which I am showing you now. This information is older than many of you. You had better note it and know the origin of our problem as Nigerians.
11.     “…Eleven days after Nigeria got her political independence on October 1, 1960, the Sardauna of Sokoto, Sir Ahmadu Bello said, as was carried by the Parrot newspaper on October 12, 1960:The new nation called Nigeria should be an estate of our great grandfather Othman Dan Fodio. We must ruthlessly prevent a change of power...”
12.     Note it, he said “we must by all means fight against a change of power from the North to the South.” Why? It is considered to be their ancestral estate, the estate of their ancestor Othman Dan Fodio, the man that brought Islam into Nigeria. The man in whose name the University of Sokoto is established—Othman Dan Fodio University, the centre for the study of Arabic studies and that is where almost all Nigerian terrorists are trained.
13.     If you must be a worthy Nigerian, whether from the East, West, North and South you must have an affinity with the Sokoto Caliphate. If you do not have affinity with Sokoto caliphate, to them you are not a true Nigerian. Moreover, this is where President Ebelechukwu Jonathan has betrayed himself. How I wish there will be opportunity to talk to him.   
14.     …The new nation called Nigeria should be an estate of our great grandfather Othman Dan Fodio. We must ruthlessly prevent a change of power. We use the minorities in the North as willing tools and the south as a conquered territory...”
15.     Note, minorities in the North as willing tools and the South as conquered territory, even when there is no war.
16.     We use the minorities in the North as willing tools and the South as a conquered territory and never allow them to rule over us...”
17.     And never allow them to do what? Rule over us. this is a secret document, you know why we are doing whatever we are doing here.
18.     “…We use the minorities in the North as willing tools and the South as a conquered territory and never allow them to rule over us and never allow them to have control over their future..."
19.     We will never allow them to have control over their future. To have control over your future means to have control over your natural resources, where your future hangs. The future of any sovereign state lies in her natural resources–“Parrot Newspaper October 12, 1960.”
20.     Parrot newspaper October 12, 1960. This is our reference point. A national address by late Sir Ahmadu Sardauna of Sokoto. Eleven days after Nigeria was granted political independence. You can never get this information in anything Church; you are comfortable because you are being well-informed. You have a Prophet in your midst Who is guiding you, revealing things that are yet to come. The information the Son of Man gives is authentic and verifiable information.
21.     “...Now, there are important revelations about the vision of Sir Ahmadu Bello, as captured in the above, and which vision his people have executed with great effectiveness for the past 5 decades: 1. Nigeria is an estate of their great grandfather Othman Dan Fodio, and so anyone who does not descend from their forebear is a tenant. The vision is to maintain a tenancy status for all non-Dan Fodians dwelling within the geographical boundaries of Nigeria...”
22.     If you are non-Dan Fodian, your status is a tenant. Your relationship with others are that of the landlord and tenant. That is number one. Look at number two.
23.     “...2,To prevent ruthlessly any change of order that wrestles power from the Dan Fodians...”
24.     Am I not justified? To prevent ruthlessly, to make sure that power is never wrestled out from the hands of the Dan Fodians.
25.     “...3, To use and manipulate all ‘minorities’ of the ‘North’ as the slaves of the Dan Fodians...”
26.     To use and manipulate all the minority people in the North as slaves of the Dan Fodians. That is the entire Middle Belts, they are regarded as the slaves of the North
27.     “...4. To control the resources of tenants (non-Dan Fodians) in their estate (Nigeria)...”
28.     Who are the tenants they will control their resources? The entire South, including the Niger Delta. They are calling all of us tenants to control our resources and control our future. Dictate our right, our rate of developments; is it not a horrible thing? This information dated back as 11th October, 1960. When many of you were not born.
29.     Are you not a privileged people to be in this Faith so that when you see people making a noise, you keep quiet because they are making a noise over something that is even higher than them. Something whose origin they do not know. This is the origin of the intolerance we are passing through in Nigeria.
30.     Many people that fought the war with Ojukwu never knew this fact. They were just following Ojukwu for following sake. That is why I say do not follow anybody, do not belong to any pressure group for God is behind the thing.
31.     “...5, To resist any form of rule over the Dan Fodians.”
32.     To resist what? Whether parliamentary or democratic, resist all forms of rule over the Dan Fodians. Who are the Dan Fodians? All that belong to Islam. You see why Ibrahim Babangida hastily initiated Nigeria into that organization called OIC, so that any time this case is brought before the world court at the head; whoever that brings it will be the loser. The moment the document is read, Nigeria will bend their heads in shame.
33.     “...6, To never allow non-Dan Fodians to have control over their future. The pursuit of the above vision and the brutal enforcement of this vision have contributed in the many crises Nigeria has faced for more than fifty years. The connivance...”
34.     Connivance, that is Britain and America colluding with the Dan Fodian to impose such an ungodly governance over the rest of Nigerians because of their self-seeking, self-materialism and aggrandisement they were siphoning away our natural resources by teleguiding the Prime Minister, Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa; and Zik who wanted to remain an honourable gentleman kept quiet, which is the weakness of every Onitsha man.
35.     Once an Onitsha man takes his Eze and Ozor title, to hell with you. If a goat has become a president of Nigeria, it could have been better than him. Zik enslaved all the South Easterners, or the entire South were enslaved by late Dr Nnamdi Azikwe.
36.     Call him great, I say no, tell me what makes him great? Too many Universities have been established even today, we have private owned Universities. So he is not a great man, he can be a patriot not a great man. 
37.     “...The connivance of western powers such as Britain and the USA at different stages of our history for the sake of protecting their interest has been a recurring scenario that has just refused to go away. Now is the time to end this subjugation that has been as insidious as it has been hidden from the majority of peoples of the world, including some Nigerians. We the peoples of the Middle Belt in particular...
38.     This document reached us from the Middle Belt; they are very, very uncomfortable. You know they are closest to the Dan Fodians than you for they were there before the Dan Fodians rejected them.
39.     “…We the peoples of the Middle Belt in particular and none Dan Fodians, in general, must rise up and resist this egregiously inhuman vision with every sense of pride and purpose. You can never be wrong in seeking to be free.
40.     Some have derisively asked the clear description of the Middle Belt peoples. Socially speaking, all non-Dan Fodians in the geographical north and central north are Middle Belt people, the oppressed people, deceptively muddled up under the “One North” of Sir Ahmadu Bello.
41.     However, geographically, it is generally acceptable to many scholars from the region that the Middle Belt federation consists of people in the present BENUE, NASSARAWA, TARABA, ADAMAWA, PLATEAU, SOUTHERN KEBBI, KOGI, KWARA, NIGER, SOUTHERN KADUNA, FCT, SOUTHERN GOMBE, and the two minority local government areas of TAFAWA BALEWA and BOGORO in southern Bauchi State.
42.     We the Middle Belt federation must take charge of our future. A starting point is to press for the rejection and crashing of the 1999 "constitution", which is a fraud instigated by the Dan Fodians in order to achieve the vision itemized above (1-6). It is for our children that we must fight. I have approached some lawyers to file a symbolic case on behalf of the Middle Belt people to declare our outright rejection of the 1999 "constitution" as a fraud.
43.     But it appears they are chicken-hearted. Are there any lawyers, or do you Middle Belters and our friends know any lawyers that will agree to do this? So long as nothing is done to change the vision-fortune of the Dan Fodians, so long will the Middle Belt people remain the appendage of the Dan Fodians.
44.     ACTION POINT: Spread this information and help us project this fact of our plight before the law courts and the international community. Our focus is to compel the convocation of a sovereign national conference, where we shall all discuss whether and on what terms the various ethnic nationalities shall co-exist as one people. We reject the present subjugation with all our strength, with our entire mind, and with all our soul.
45.     INFORMATION: There is a muted plan by the Jonathan government to make the term of elected officials in Nigeria to be a single term of 7 years BEGINNING WITH those voted into office this year, who under the extant relevant laws got only a four-year mandate of the Nigerian people.
46.     We, therefore, reject this contemplation and call on President Jonathan and his colleagues to re-direct attention to the social re-construction of Nigeria under a constitutional conference with representations from each nation within Nigeria. If we don't pile pressure for what we truly need, we shall get what we truly don't deserve—perpetual subjugation, while a few among the oppressed are bought over and manipulated just for a pot of porridge.
47.     A people that values its safety above its rights cannot for too long guarantee that safety, which is just safety at the pleasure of the jackals. Now is the time. Is there not a cause?...”
48.     Note, is there not a cause?
49.     This is another information; from what we have seen so far, is it not clear that the greater part of Nigeria is now disgruntled with the leadership and with the politics? It is clear sir.
50.     The real Northern people are saying they are uncomfortable. The 19 states met, we read it in the newspaper of Saturday 25th February 2012. Is it not true?
51.     Now, the Middle Beltans, they are saying they are uncomfortable that they want nothing but Confederation. Northerners are saying Confederation, Southerners, what are they saying? Confederation. MASSOB is saying Confederation, MEND is saying Confederation. Where is the unity then?
52.     Nigeria is unitary but not united for now. Simply accept it like that for now. What am I trying to show you? God confirming the Message “The State of The Nation” Volume 2. That I tell you that this kola-nut that has five lobes must surely disintegrate.
53.     If you watch what they are advocating for, they never presented six geographical zones, rather they presented only five zones.
54.     Now the one you are going to see now is very, very explosive. It is a lengthy interview. Let me see whether God will confirm my Word which I spoke to the whole world in righteousness: That we should not begin to go about looking for these people behind this Boko Haram, that Boko Haram is just a name used to cover up something. That the pillars of Nigeria both serving and retired Army Generals, top politicians and governors are behind it. That nobody volunteered to provide a vehicle worth nine million Naira and use it for suicide bombing. It cannot be an ordinary fellow. I make you to understand in the Message titled “The Essence of Serving the Living God” that these people are here. They are here. Did I not tell you that we are sitting on a time bomb?  Amen.


Shocking Confessions Of An Ex-Boko Haram Member, Sheikh Sani Haliru, Feb 5, 2012 – Shocking Confessions Of A Former Boko Haram Member: A big thanks to a Naijaner by the name of Omar Omar who shared this news with us.
2.          A man by the name of Sheikh Sani Haliru recently confessed in book titled Unveiling Islam/Boko Haram by Blessed Usman. While others think he is lying, we need to give him the benefit of the doubt. Here is the details of the interview.
3.          Question: Who are you and where are you from?
4.          Answer: My name is Sheikh Sani Haliru. I am from Niger Republic, but my mother is from Borno State of Nigeria and I grew up in Wulari, Maiduguri, (Northern Nigeria) where I was trained.
5.          Q: Trained as what and under whose tutelage?
6.          A: I was trained as an Almajiri, after four years, at the age of 14, I was sent to Kano City, Kano State where I was trained in the Sheik Abubakar Gummi School of Arabic studies.
7.          Q: So you know Sheik Abubakar Gummi?
8.          A: Yes, and I also know his children and obeyed all the teachings he laid down before he died.
9.          Q: So who tutored you and who is your mentor?
10.     A: Sheik Abubakar Gummi tutored me. My mentor was Osama bin Laden, and until my conversion from Islam to the Christian faith, my dreams and aspirations in life was to do more than Osama bin Laden did before he died on Sunday, May 1, 2011.
11.     Q: You said that your mentor was Osama bin Laden. Is he still your mentor?
12.     A: I am now a changed person. The Sheik Sani Haliru is now a new creature, old things have passed away because I now have Jesus Christ that I hated and persecuted for 44 years.
13.     Q: Tell me about your past and how many countries of the World you have been to?
14.     A: I cannot tell all about my past because it will take several days to tell my story and about my conversion experience to Christianity. I have been to eight countries.
15.     Q: Can you please name them?
16.     A: I have been to Sudan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, Egypt and of course to my own country Niger Republic.
17.     Q: Where did you receive your training and as what?
18.     A: I received my training in Libya and Pakistan as an Attack Strategist. I was trained alongside with some highly placed Nigerians and other foreign Nationals who were marked (he showed me the proof of his mark with a sign) in the form of a sword in the hand to fight and kill for Allah.
19.     Q: Can you give me some of the names of your colleagues with whom you received training in Libya and Pakistan?
20.     A: They are scattered all over the country and we were not too many then.
21.     Q: Just mention but a few names.
22.     A: Ali Baba Nur, Asari Dokubo, Jasper Akinbo, Mohammed Yusuf, Salisu Maigari, Danlami Abubakar, Cletus Okar, Ali Qaqa, Maigari Haliru and Asabe Dantala to mention but a few. Cletus Okar is facing trier in South-Africa for being responsible of the bombing of Abuja in October 1st last year. Asari Dokubo, you know him he is a Muslim, Muslim from Bayelsa State. Forget about Cletus is also a Muslim; Solomon is also a Muslim all of them from Delta State. Your name does not make you a Muslim, what made you a Muslim or Christian is your faith.
23.     Q: Which of the Asari’s do you mean?
24.     A: The Niger Delta war king. He was a year ahead of me in Benghazi training camp in Libya.
25.     Q: Who financed your training in Libya and Pakistan?
26.     A: You will not believe me and only God will judge the Chief sponsor of terrorism in Nigeria whose name I will not mention because he is so powerful and even the president of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan, is so much afraid of the man. I have spoken to you concerning that man where Nigeria spent the whole of their money to train them. That even till now he is dreaded, his face very innocent but his heart is heartless. Here we call him Maradona but he is not a Maradona he knows his history. 
27.     Q: If you really know the Christ in you, why are you afraid to tell me the name of the man who sponsored you and the date or approximate period he sponsored you. Two weeks ago when I was talking about the man, I said nemesis must surely catch up with them, did I say so? Yes sir!
28.     A: I am not afraid because he knows me and he cannot deny it if he sees me face to face.
29.     Q: Then tell me, who is this powerful man?
30.     A: The man is no other person than the man they call IBB now as I am talking to you, General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida has more than 600 men and women Jihadists who are under his pay role. They are scattered all over the Country and he (IBB) can use them to destroy Nigeria.
31.     Q: Did you say six hundred?
32.     A: Yes 600 + IBB’s agents of destruction are in the Nigeria Army (NA), Nigeria Police Force (NPF), Navy, Air Force, Oil and Gas sectors, even in the finance home such as in top level positions of CBN (Central Bank of Nigeria) and other banks. You find them in politics, in the Senate, National Assembly, in the media both print and electronic and even in Aso Rock, Abuja (Nigeria’s capital)”.
33.      You know what we are saying, the economy has been Islamized. Even your promotion in all your offices, they are all Islamized.
34.     A day is coming where for you to get ANYTHING; your identity must be known. Your identity, do not worry gradually you will see that if you want to buy crayfish, you must have another mobile phone plus the one you are holding.
35.     That mobile phone, you slot in your ATM card to pay the person you are collecting his goods. Payment will be made with ATM card and no longer with Naira and kobo.
36.     Do not worry we are moving, before it comes to that point we are gone. All these measures are being put in place to make life very unbearable. God is discomforting the nest; God is troubling the nest.
37.     He said, “your duty from now is to watch as you see events unfold on a daily basis.” We are not talking of salvation now, if I ask you to go out and preach, what will you preach? You will even be confused; you do not know where to start.
38.     Q: Did you say six hundred?
39.     A: Yes 600 + IBB’s agents of destruction are in the Nigeria Army (NA), Nigeria Police Force (NPF), Navy, Air Force, Oil and Gas sectors, even in the finance home such as in top level positions of CBN (Central Bank of Nigeria) and other banks.
40.     The man whose voice you heard talking to financial times in London, he is controlling the nation’s economy through CBN and yet he is not happy with the leadership that placed him there. Why? According to him the revenue sharing formula is wrong. If I were in the shoe of President Jonathan, I will remove him overnight. He does not have the courage otherwise, IBB will kick him.  
41.     “...Q: How do you mean by this statement “and even in the finance…?
42.     A: Yes, I mean every word I say; even the Islamic bank champion was planted by IBB to help in Islamizing Nigeria.”
43.     Is my Message right? Have I misinformed you? We are serving a living God. You remember when we got this information in the year 2011, and this document is something we sneaked out this year. And it is 2012 document, February document this month. However, this information, you knew it since 2011, even the person that is behind it.
44.     “...Q: So how can you describe IBB?
45.     A: IBB is a “green snake” in green grass. He is the main problem of Nigeria along with members of the Cabal.
46.     Q: Have you forwarded any of these evidence(s) to Aso Rock or to SSS (State Security Services)?
47.     A: I attempted to do so a few weeks ago and I was arrested and detained for two days because IBB’S men are so many in SSS (State Security Services) as well. After I was released by the grace of God, they (the Police) warned me never to blow up the polity or provoke violence and I should keep my so-called-born-again with me or else I will go to jail.
48.     Q: So you were a key member and a registered jihadist hardliner.
49.     A: Yes, I was.
50.     Q: Under what group?
51.     A: I was a Boko Haramist. But Boko Haram is just a cover name to give it a name. I have my identity as a founding member of the dreaded jama’aful Ahlul sunna wal Liddawati wal Jihad, aka Boko Haram.”
52.     Brethren, have I not told you that Boko Haram is just a name? It is a cover, you can see the main one. Boko Haram is just a cover, a name. This will help many of you to believe that God is giving us all-round information, no denomination can give you this. They do not know it, they are waiting for somebody who will give them money and they will become a part of it. Some of them are looking for political appointments with those that are against them
53.     Q: Apart from IBB, who are the other top sponsors of terrorism in this country?
54.     A: They are many, but IBB is the major financier. He introduced the suicide bombing that started when he killed Dele Giwa. I have the names of six traditional rulers and seven present & ex-Governors as well as several top military and security officers who are co-sponsoring the so called Boko Haram. That apart, I have documented evidences to prove that General Mohammadu Buhari, Alhaji Abubaka Atiku and other top politicians and traditional rulers are some of the people behind Boko Haram.”
55.     Very soon, nemesis will catch up with them. We have them here, but we cannot let them out like that. I told you that I do not want to die for Nigeria; I want to die for Christ. However, of a necessity, I must keep you abreast of what is around to help you to know how to conduct yourselves.  
56.     Q: What if I use my influence to guarantee you safety, can you brief the press to expose IBB (General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida) with all these documents that I am seeing with you right now.
57.     A: Only God can guarantee my safety. He did so on that fateful day when the SSS and Police wanted to secretly kill me because of what I unveiled. I would have been a dead man by now if not for a man of God who came as an “Angel” to quietly free me. Right now, I am wanted dead or alive by IBB and his agents of destruction in high places. The SSS are busy hunting for me up & down and arresting and torturing innocent people because of me.
58.     Q: What if I connect you to a man of God by the name of Brother Mike Ejiofor, who is a lawyer, a professional negotiator and a mediator who was the Director of SSS until October 2010?
59.     A: I only wish to be connected to God.
60.     Q: So how can you describe this country?
61.     A: Nigeria is sitting under an Islamic barbaric bomb (IBB). Only God can rescue this nation because 75% of Christians are prayer less. Why? Because they are in their own comfort zone. They do not know what the Christians in Northern Nigeria are passing through and they ignorantly are thinking that the Allah of the Muslims is the same as the God of Christians in the Holy Bible who says: “Thou shalt not kill”.
62.     Q: What does the Qur’an say about Islam being referred to as a religion of peace by numerous Muslim scholars?
63.     A: Let me tell you in a very clear language that Islam is not a religion of peace, but it is of violence, of killers and fighters as already stated in their so called “Holy” Qur’an which I ignorantly followed all these years when I was spiritually blinded as a Muslim.
64.     Q: Can you prove these statements from the Qur’an?
65.     A: [Sani Haliru, who is now known as Solomon Haliru (Paul Haliru’s brother)] brought out two copies of the original Qur’an in the Arabic & English translation. He gave me one, and told me to open the book to Surah Al- baqarah chapter 2 vs 216. It says, ‘Holy fighting is ordained (prescribed) for all muslims, whether they like it or not, as far as it is good and approved by Allah through his Prophet Mohammed.’
66.     Q: Where is it in the Qur’an that killing is also permitted by Allah?
67.     A: Look at Surah Al-baqarah chapter 2 vs 191 “And kill them wherever you find them, and turn them out from where they have turned you out. An Al-Fitnah is worse than killing. And fight not with them at Al-Masjid-Al-Haram (the sanctuary at Makkah), unless they (first) fight you there. But if they attack you, then kill them. Such is the recompense of the disbelievers.” Muslims are told to kill and fight in the cause of Allah.
68.     Q: Does it mean that IBB and all these Muslim traditional rulers and Governors that are sponsoring Boko Haram to kill Christians and burn our Churches in the North are not aware of the passage in the Qur’an that says there must not be compulsion in Islam as Mohammadu Buhari asserted in a widely publicized interview on Saturday, the 21st of April, 2011?
69.     A: I have worked so closely with Mohammadu Buhari for five years, and I can prove it that General Buhari is the most notable outspoken jihadist hardliner in Nigeria who is also strategically sponsoring Boko Haram. “Did I not tell you two weeks ago what He said during the campaign when he was campaigning for the presidency? He said if you do not give this power to the North, let us divide Nigeria into two.” 
70.     Q: General Buhari told a group of pressmen in April 2011 that there is no compulsion in Islam and it is a religion of peace. He quoted Surah Al-Baqarah Chapter 2:225. What can you say to that?
71.     A: What I can say to that is General Buhari, like all other true Muslims, is a hypocrite who is shying away from the fact.
72.     Q: How do you mean by saying that most Muslim millionaires and highly placed Muslims are “pretenders and shying away from the fact”?
73.     A: What I mean is that they (Muslims-both rich and poor) are told to use their position of wealth (or otherwise) to promote Islam or else they will face destruction from Allah.
74.     Q: Where can you find this in the Qu’ran?
75.     A: Open Surah Al-Baqarah Chapter 2:195, it is written here that you must use your wealth to champion Jihad of all kinds or else destruction is waiting for such a person on the last day. “And spend in the Cause of Allah (i.e. Jihad of all kinds) and do not throw yourselves into destruction (by not spending your wealth in the Cause of Allah), and do good. Truly, Allah loves Al-Muhsinun (the good-doers).”
76.     Q: Have you ever been detained or arrested?
77.      A: Nobody could arrest me until the year 2009 soon after my immediate boss Mohammed Yusuf was killed. About 23 of us were arrested in one of our hideouts in Bauchi. But when Governor Isa Yaguda heard about it, he immediately arranged for me to be free. Even before his official broadcast in 2010 that he was using his position as the executive Governor of Bauchi State (Northern Nigeria) to free 28 prisoners from Bauchi Central Prison, I was already a free man along with several of my colleagues.
78.     Q: Now can you tell me some of the horrible crimes that you committed and how you got born again and became converted.
79.     A: Old things have passed away and I do not want to talk about the past, because like Apostle Paul said, we need to press forward in Christ Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.
80.     Q: Just mention a few to assist some of us who are making efforts to unravel the mystery of the menace called Boko Haram which you have renounced.
81.     A: I took part in the Kaduna riot of 1992 and in several northern states of Nigeria, but the state I operated more from was Borno (northern Nigeria) where I was the State Commander/Chief Strategist.
82.     Q: So as Chief Attack Strategist, what crimes have or did you commit before you renounced the deadly sect?
83.     A: In the early months of May 1986, I was among the 36 Jihadist hardliners, who went on a rampage to attack Christian students of the University of Sokoto (Sokoto State in Northern Nigeria). In that same week, the Federal Government of Nigeria under the brutal leadership of IBB mobilized us and provided some military vans and Army uniforms which our men used and started killing innocent and defenseless Christians all over the Northern states.
84.     I and the son of the Emir of Kano, who is now a Christian by name Rev. Paul Ado Bayero, were among the Muslim fanatics who razed down the sculpture of Jesus at the University of Ibadan (Oyo State in western Nigeria).
85.     The following year, March 5th, 1987 to be very precise, the ‘Evil Genius’ General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida secretly armed us through one of his close aids by the name of Captain Hassan Abubakar (now a Pastor with a fast growing Church in Lagos).
86.     We went to go and kill some targeted Christians including Rev. Nuhu Kure (Throne room founder) after the destruction we committed at the College of Education in Kafanchan, Kaduna State (North Central Nigeria). And of recent, I was the leader of the team of soldiers of Allah that destroyed Church buildings and properties in Borno State (northern Nigeria).
87.     Q: Can you name some of the buildings and Churches you and your Boko Haramists destroyed?
88.     A: There are many, but our main targets which we succeeded in destroying included: Goodnews & ECWA Church, Damboa Road, Maiduguri E.Y.N.L.C.C. Wulari, National Evangelical Mission Inc. Divisional Headquarters Wulari, Elijah Apostolic Christ Church, Oke Ayo Celestial Church of Christ, Deeper Life Bible Church, the Lord’s Chosen and six others in Railway Area and all over Wulari in Maiduguri, Borno State. Other Church buildings we destroyed and looted include the Aposotic Church, COCIN Church, Evangelical Church/Mission Headquarters, Anglican Church, Baptist Church/Mission, Redeemed Christian Church of God, El-Shaddai Parish, Watchman Charismatic and several others.
89.     Q: Where were the security officers when you were destroying all these Church buildings and killing Christians?
90.     A: Since 1985 when General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida (IBB) started using us to persecute Christians, the Nigerian Army has been an extension or shall I say an arm of the Muslims agenda to Islamize Nigeria. Wherever they go to attack Christians, the Muslims in the top military positions give the cover by providing the logistics. Since the day of Babangida (1985) Christians suffer violence. This is the time that we must attack them and take what belongs to us by force.
91.     Q: You do not seem to like IBB and you talk so much of his evil deeds. Are you the only one he used or is there more revelation we can investigate or ascertain further?
92.     A: Babangida is the most wicked and heartless man I have ever seen or worked with. He used many Muslim fanatics (Most of who are now Christians) to commit a lot of atrocities. For example, he used Alhaji Sannusi Dasuki (now Solomon Dasuki), Alhaji Ahmed Ado Bayero (now Rev. Paul Ado Bayero), Alhaji Mohammed Usman (now Evangelist Blessed Usman), Alhaji Sani Jegga (now Isaac Jegga) to attack the following men of God: Late Papa Idahosa, Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke, Rev. Uma Ukpai, Rev. O. Ezekiel and other men of God. He used some of the people whose names mentioned above to burn down several million copies of the Holy Bible. Along with the late MKO Abiola, they both sponsored the sinking of three million copies of the Holy Bible into the high sea.
93.     Q: With all these revelations, cannot IBB be arrested and charged to court?
94.     A: Who will arrest him? Is it Goodluck or who? Even when we provided the proofs to them that IBB killed Dele Giwa and that he sponsored the burning and looting of the Jos main market (Terminus) and also planted the seed of the present crises in Plateau State in 1991, they refused to arrest him because he is very cunning in his evil ways. He leaves no trace of his evil deeds, but nemesis will soon catch up with him because the sardonic spirit in him will soon expire.
95.     Q: In a simple language, how can you describe IBB?
96.     A: Ibrahim Babangida is a wicked and heartless man. As a military officer he was very brutal and as a politician he is very selfish and tricky. He better repent and confess his numerous sins and wickedness before it will be too late.
97.     Q: Can you prove to the readers that fighting and killing in the name of Allah is justified in the Holy Qur’an?
98.     A: I can site more than 28 passages from the Holy Qur’an where fighting and killing is justified as approved in the cause and for the sake of Allah. Please turn to the Qur’an (it goes from the back to the front) and see the book Surah At-Taubah Chapter 9:29 “Fight against those who believe not in Allah, nor in the Last Day, nor forbid that which has been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger (Muhammad), and those who acknowledge not the religion of truth (i.e Islam) among the people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians), until they pay the Jizyah with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.” In this passage, every true Muslim(s) is specifically instructed to fight against four (4) groups of people especially the Jews and Christians.
99.     Q: So what is the meaning of Jizyah and how was the name coined?
100. A: From the footnote as you can see in the Qur’an, Jizyah is a tax levied against the people of the scriptures (i.e. the Christians) who are under the Islamic government. Jizyah was coined out after the Jaiz bank that the Muslims are wanting to use to take over the financial world via Islamic Banking.
101. Q: Are you saying indirectly that Islam is not a religion of peace as most Muslims will want us to believe?
102. A: I am saying it directly not indirectly that Islam is a religion of violence It is a religion of force. More than 95% of Nigerian journalists and people of the world are ignorant of what the Qur’an teaches and/or says about Islam and violence.
103. Q: How do you mean?
104. A: Open the Qur’an to Surah Muhammad Chapter 47:4. In this very passage, Muslims are commanded by Allah to kill and smite the neck of anyone who does not accept the teaching of Islam, and according to the satanic verses they (Muslims) would be helping Allah by so doing. I quote exactly as it is written in the Muslims Holy Qur’an: “So, when you meet (in fight-Jihad in Allah’s Cause) those who disbelieve, smite (their) necks till when you have killed and wounded many of them, then bind a bond firmly (on them, i.e. take them as captives).
105. Thereafter (is the time) either for generosity (i.e. free from them without ransom), or ransom (according to what benefits Islam), until the war lays down its burden. Thus [you are ordered by Allah to continue in carrying out Jihad against the disbelievers till they embrace Islam and are saved from the punishment in the Hell-fire or at least come under your protection], but if it had been Allah’s Will, He Himself could certainly have punished them (without you). But (He lets you fight) in order to test some of you with others. But those who are killed in the Way of Allah, He will never let their deeds be lost.”
106. Q: So is that why all Muslims are indirectly supporting Boko Haram?
107. A: Yes, Boko Haram is just a name coined by Satan to Islamize the world. That is why every true Muslim is directly and indirectly supporting Boko Haram.
108. Q: Can you explain further?
109.  A: In Surah Al-Baqarah 2:195, the wealthy Muslims and all those in high position of authority such as IBB, Buhari, Atiku, Isa Yaguda, etc. are told to use their wealth and any position they find themselves in to promote Islam and the cause of jihad of all kinds or else they will face destruction from Allah.
110. Q: Is that how the suicide bombers come into the picture?
111. A: Yes.
112. Q: My readers will like to know from the Qur’an if Islam is the zenith of wickedness as you earlier said.
113. A: In the Qur’an Allah commanded thus “(Remember) when your Lord revealed to the angels, Verily, I am with you, so keep firm those who have believed. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who have disbelieved, so strike them over the necks, and smite over all their fingers and toes.” (See the Qur’an of Surah Al-Anfal 8:12)
114. Q: So you did accordingly?
115. A: Yes! Satan used Buhari and Tunde Bakare, the false Prophet, to smite the necks and chop off the fingers and toes of several Christians in Zaria, Maiduguri, Bauchi and several other places.
116. Q: Which passages say that the Christians are enemies of the Muslims? Some ignorant Christian leaders and pressmen are of the opinion that both Christians and Muslims worship the same God.
117. A: Christians and journalists (about 95%) are very ignorant. Let them search the original Qur’an (The Noble Qur’an). The more the Muslim leaders try to block the original Qur’an from circulation, the more the lie spreads that we’re serving the same God. That is why the Lord says “I will build my Church; and the gates of (hades) hell shall not prevail against it.” Matthew 16:18
118. Q: Mention another satanic verse that makes every true Muslim(s) to hate Christians.
119. A: In addition to the several passages and mentioned earlier, please take a look at Surah An-Nisa 4:101 and I quote “For the Unbelievers are unto you open enemies.”
120. Q: What is the solution to this problem of the Boko Haram menace?
121. A: The problem is not Boko Haram. The problem is the Spirit of Islam which must be crushed by the prayer of the Saints. Was it not through prayer that people like Rev. Paul Ado Bayero, Bishop K. K. Degaya, Apostle Johnson Suleman and hundreds of others got saved? Was it not through prayer that I got saved on my way to assassinate both Rev. Samuel Dasuki and Evangelist Blessed Usman when they were in their training camp in a crusade/ministration to their converts?
122. I tell you from my experience this past few months as a Christian, many Christians are not united. In the north Christians are more united and sincere, but in the south & west, Christians are in comfort zones and if they do not wake up, they will be surprised of what Muslims will do to them.
123. Q: What can Muslims do in Warri, Port Harcourt and other southern and western zones?
124. Note,  the newspaper we read, Sun Newspaper, there they gave South East—they mentioned Enugu, Abia and so on—six months to get converted to Muslim or face the music. Look at this secret, I told you they are here with us. It is not written on anybody’s face. I remember what I told you, if there should be anything calamity here that the people that are in control are around. However, there can never be.
125. “…Look let me tell you one top secret. Before I repented, an average of 2,500 Muslim fanatics came to Delta State every month, 2,000 to the Eastern states and 2,000 to Cross River State and 2,500 to other zones. All of these Muslim fanatics were sent in preparation of the holy war (Jihad)...”
126. You have seen it, check the number. Not below two thousand in all the state posted there before this man repented. Before he was converted, when did he get converted? Few months ago! 
127. Q: Where are they camped?
128. A: In various Mosques and Islamic training schools which they use as training camps at odd hours (—for security reasons, the author/interviewer have decided not to publish the other details of this answer in print).
129. Q: What advice do you have for Christians in the comfort zones?
130. A: Pray for our Christian brethren in the North. Secondly, stop giving your ladies to Muslims. Thirdly, do no sell your land to a Muslim any longer. Fourth, do not employ them as security men. Fifth, beware of what they do with your fingernails and hair.
131. Finally, watch them carefully and be very prayerful because Nigeria is sitting on an Islamic barbaric bomb (IBB) and the Muslims are prepared to fight you in your backyard.
132. Q: Any advice for the president?
133. A: They are desperate to get him/his family by kidnap/killing them, not only by Spiritual means, but through some well-trained security men who he think can never disappoint him. About six suicide bombers are in the presidency and one of them is a student from NDA-Nigerian Defence Academy (other details I am keeping for security reasons).
134. Q: Do you know anything about bombing?
135. A: In answer to this question, I shall give you a top secret document which is supposed to be for only committed Muslims which I smuggled out and gave to some Christian leaders in the south.
136. Q: But tell me a little of how they got the knowledge to manufacture a bomb? Who sponsored your people to do these wicked acts?
137. A: We were sponsored by the man they call IBB and some top Muslims within and outside the country. We also worked hand in hand with Al Qaeda. As far back as 12th of June, 2011 when I got converted to Christianity, I gave several documents to Police and SSS. They arrested and detained me. But the Holy Spirit released me the same day that they wanted to kill me secretly by poisoning.
138. Q: What secrets did you give them?
139. A: I told them that the Muslims are using trailer and vehicles in military colour and are escorted by northern soldiers to smuggle weapons to various mosques and Islamic training schools in Aba, Onitsha, Port Harcourt, Owerri, Calabar, Sapele, Warri, Ebonyi and Enugu States, etc.”
140. Brethren, are we deceived? No sir! Remember recently they arrested twenty-five of them at Enugu who made confessional statements. Some were arrested here but still they have not started, they are in thousand. I told you they are everywhere, more intelligent than the people in the East are. However, we are wisest of all.
141. Do you know that the entire South East does not know this truth? Nevertheless, we were told these things many, many years ago in the Message titled “The State of the Nation” volume 2. He (God) said, “There must be a Jihad, get ready for a Jihad.” 
142. Q: What about the bomb manufacturers?
143. A: I told them that the Traditional Rulers in the northern part of Nigeria and many state governors in the far north are sponsoring Boko Haram. I told them that I was paid a deposit of 5 million Naira to go and bomb NDA in the month of August 2011 when they will be planning the graduation that just took place where I would have driven straight to the Commander’s Office with a covering letter from a Garrison Officer commander whose name I gave to the Police and who is a close relative to IBB.
144. Q: Did you give the name of the bomb location where the training is going on?
145. A: Yes, I gave them and told them where they were training 65 new Islamic Youths in two bomb factories in Bauchi, Borno and Niger states and also the bomb factory at Hanyan Nassarawa Iku, Niger State.
146. Q: Any more revelation?
147. A: Yes, I gave them many bomb factories even in the southern and eastern states and seven in Kaduna State, Plateau State and Abuja. It was in the Niger State bomb factory that we manufactured the improvised explosive devices that was used to operate in Abuja on October 1, 2010.
148. Q: Did the Police take immediate action?
149. A: The news leaked to IBB immediately and he immediately instructed his ground soldiers to relocate the bombs. The Police and SSS were afraid to search some of the mosques because the presidency must be aware that by so doing, the country will explode into a religious war between Christians and Muslims. That is why I said Nigeria is sitting on Islamic time bomb or shall I say Islamic Barbaric Bomb.”
150. Is anybody still in doubt? What can we say to all these things? If God is with us who can be against us? Nobody! This is the much I can tell you now.
151. God has fed us spiritually, He has fed us physically also. We are now properly equipped. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. My aim is not to instil fear in you, my aim is for you to see the fulfilment of God’s Prophetic teaching revelation which we received in this Faith even last two years that are now lining up.
152. On this note, I say remain in your sanctified estate, remain blessed in Him eternally. Amen.