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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

PUT ME IN REMEMBRANCE Part 2, volume 1


Any moment from now, I am going back to my Father from where I came from. I have been with Him from the very beginning; you were with Him from the very beginning also. You try to enquire where the Father is, you have seen the Father, you have known Him even henceforth. Believe it if you can…
-The Son of Man

From the Message: LO, I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS
VOL 2 PP.6

I have already taught you in this Faith that if a man is going somewhere and he discovers he has made a mistake—he’s taking the wrong way—he shouldn’t continue moving, because the more he continues moving, the more he’s straying away in the wrong. What he should do is to go back, go back to the origin, enquire about the right way, and then change his direction.
It is always in man to walk in the wrong direction. Even from the beginning of Creation when the Almighty placed before man life and death, He commanded man to choose life that he may live but the Bible said that man decided to choose death. Man has always been interested in making the wrong choice, and he is always fed up with God leading him. Man by nature, wants to be the leader.

Remain blessed brethren. We are a blessed people, privileged people to see ourselves in the family of God for there is nothing greater than that.
2.           As long as we are alive, it is our duty to worship God for He is our God. However, it is very painful that many do not know how to praise God. You will not know how to praise God until you sit down and meditate on what the Lord has done for you. If evil has never come to your corner, or has never befallen somebody you know, you will not know exactly what God is doing for you.
3.           There was a survey carried out by a very big organization in America, they carried the survey round the whole world to know where God placed the happiest people on Earth. At the end of the one year survey, they published their report and made it known to the whole world that the happiest people in the world are Nigerians.
4.           In spite of our sufferings and troubles, they reported that Nigeria had the happiest people in the world. It is unbelievable yet it is true. We are the happiest people in the world. Why? God is a native of Nigeria.
5.            Believe it if you can, whether they believe it or not, it does not make meaning, for as far as I am in your midst, I know that God is a native of Nigeria; for God has remained the only Source of happiness and joy. Money does not give joy and happiness but God gives joy and happiness.
6.           This is a wonderful time indeed—a period that the Lord has made for us that we must rejoice and be glad in it because I may have today but I may not have tomorrow for it must take the living to praise the Lord. The dead cannot worship God, hence while I am still alive, it is my responsibility to worship the Lord in spirit and in truth. I must be happy in worshiping the only One and True God, the Ever Living God.
7.            I am very grateful that Almighty God counted Me worthy, putting me into this ministry. It is not my right; it is just His grace that has ushered Me into this holy family.
8.           You know, to be born as a prince is a privilege. It is grace for one to answer a prince for you contributed nothing to that. Brother Amobi you are a prince but did you contribute anything? Is it not amazing grace? All the people in Ogidi, do they have the privilege? 
9.           I am giving you a physical illustration. What is more, because you are a prince, you have advantages, many, many advantages, for anywhere you go in Anambra State, you can enter any office, you can see the Governor for it is a matter of getting there and say, “I am prince Amobi of Ogidi,” and that settles the matter.
10.        If a man on Earth can exercise such a wonderful privilege, just to introduce himself, “I am prince so, so and so,” and that is all; can you imagine the son of God, the daughter of God! I mean that we have greater advantage than that of the earthly kings.  
11.        There is a cassette that is flying about and there are many films flying about also. Too many stories are being told about them and they are all life situations, horrible, horrible things that are happening upon the Earth, befalling many, many families, you see them being recorded just to guide as many as will pay attention to it, so that they will not fall victims.
12.        Then the question arises, among us in this Church, who has ever fallen victim to that mess? Not even one. Does it mean that they are not trying us? They try us more than they try the people in the world.
13.         I will talk to you briefly in this Message but I do not know how quick I am going to be because I believe that I am healthier today than yesterday. If you love me, simply bow down your head there and say, let the heavens fall; let the heavens fall; that is all.
14.        Let Me share this nice experience of Brother Charles and Sister Charles with you. I have not played whatever might be the cassette which people are playing but I have heard of too many evils evading the society and I am not far lived from the society knowing that we have only lived in the society for once.
15.        My topic is “Put Me In Remembrance,” part two. I have preached part one many, many years ago. Can you remember? During the communion night where an unseen hand wrote human names and human names were being called. Can you remember?
16.        Brother Ojiakor was there that day. He was a victim and a beneficiary, even with his whole family. Brother Moses was equally involved. He was also a victim and a beneficiary. Too many people were there. Sister UK. Nwanga was the only loser for she left, and that is where I blamed Mrs. Ike to the utmost, for nobody found favor more than that woman and her family.
17.        However, she allowed herself to be deceived, when the supernatural God, whose face nobody could see, could recognize her presence and her family even till the dying minute.
18.        I can remember that night; it was a night of nights. It was that day that I preached the message, “Put Me In Remembrance; declare it that you may be justified,” Have I promised you anything and I have not done it? After that message, all that were excluded from the communion were brought in unconditionally.
19.        I thank God that I still have living witnesses till today. It is not put us in remembrance, let it be a constant reminder to you. If you are troubled both spiritually or otherwise, go to that jotter and then look at the heading, “Put Me In Remembrance.” You can even write your name there in place of Me.
20.        When Brother Charles and the wife came to me with this horrible report, I bowed down, lifted my face, looked at their faces then I asked them a question, “Do you have an old person that is very, very sick?”
21.         I do not know where Brother Charles is living till now and I have never stepped my feet into his house for one day. I rejoiced exceedingly, it was a very glad day for Me. I visited two families, that of Brother Amobi and his family, together with Brother Sab. We had a nice time at Ogidi, I have been there up to four times but on 4th September 2004, I can say that I broke the jinx by stepping my feet for the first time into the house of Brother Okechukwu Ibeh and he did something that marveled Me.
22.        When he heard that I would be paying him a visit, he went and informed our Pastor Dan, Brother Onyema and gathered them right inside his house. I wanted to try him to know whether he has the revelation of my visit. This is his third child and I have never gone to his house to see any for I limit my visitation here; so, I decided to pull his legs.
23.        I had a good opportunity to start from his house but I told my wife that I will not do that, that we will go to Ogidi first; but I told him that I will be there in the morning, and she said that Brother Okey might be waiting, I said that, that will be unnecessary now but nevertheless, if he should stop work that Saturday, it can’t be a waste. After all, I do not visit every family.
24.        He has been with us from his youth, got married in our midst, raised three children in our midst, he has been serving Me with all his heart but I have never been to his house. For announcing my coming, if he denies himself of that day’s activities, it is not too much. Thus, by revelation, he did not go to work.
25.        I waited too long at Ogidi for I was timing him. At exactly two minutes to twelve O’clock, I entered his house. We were inquiring from a little girl how we can get his own flat, lo and behold Brother Okey came and the journey was made easy.
26.        While we were rejoicing with him, Pastor Dan rushed forward, which means that Pastor Dan denied himself from Saturday’s work also. When we entered, we were surprised to hear that all their families were there since early hours of the morning waiting. A little while he gave a signal and his wife arrived, Sister Onyema arrived, so it was a full fellowship and we rejoiced exceedingly.
27.        Now to Brother Charles, I do not know where he is living. I asked that question whether he has an old man or woman that is very sick and he said yes. I asked him whether he shares anything in common with them. He said no.
28.        I said, “Ok, but to your wife I want to ask this question: Have you quarreled with anybody in that particular yard who even threatened your life?” She said yes, and then I said, “Tell Me about the whole thing.” She narrated the story. Brother Charles is living in a place where Satan dwelleth.
29.        What happened this time, I know that there is no adult person that does not know about it, but it is not for us. When the person threatened the life of our Sister, Brother Charles came back and the wife told him. But they maintained their calm. The woman continued roaring. When she tried on two occasions and failed, she voiced out and started threatening even our worship, blaspheming the God that we are worshiping, threatened to do everything to discover what is upholding us.
30.        You see, the more you look the less you see, but could she get it? It was beyond her reach.
31.        Just like what happened at Eha-Amufu, when wicked people started killing innocent children using the scorpion and snake. Any house the two things are discovered, a child will die there. The thing went round and nobody could destroy it. Finally, it went into the house of Brother Chiwendu, you know the testimony. The Sister saw the thing and invited the attention of everybody. That same day, unknown persons came and cut off the hair of his Son, that same day, the child fell sick even unto death like others.
32.         They phoned Me, told Me everything and I asked them to rush the child to Onitsha, They rushed the child to Onitsha and before many witnesses, the child went home happy and nothing happened. Thank God Pastor Ifeanyi Eze is also a witness. It happened in  his area.
33.        Then because of the way the little children die, people started packing away with their families, but Brother Chiwendu and his family are still there till today.
34.        One morning, a young man living there came to him and said, “Chiwendu, what type of God are you worshiping, that is giving you this type of protection? Something that attacks every family and children die in that family, the same thing attacked yours and he survived. Others packed away and you are still there, unhurt. I must know this God. Can he find out that God?”  Amen.


You see, you have been hearing that somebody can be invited spiritually using a mirror. Have you heard it? That was what happened to our Sister. On two occasions, the mirror came but she could not see herself in the mirror.
2.           Nobody in this Faith who has a covenant with Almighty God that can be invited to any mirror. Nobody in this most holy Faith, once you have a covenant with the Almighty God, the mirror is not for you. Any attempt to proceed from that mirror will take the life of the person that is handling it.
3.            Note it, if it is not truth, do you think that I will be going about boasting? I do not boast in your midst for you are too small for Me to boast to. I have not seen anybody in this Faith that can challenge Me. If I use my own words to describe you, I will call all of you chaff.
4.           Why am I saying this? I remember the day I went to University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus to dedicate Brother Ojiakor’s house. I sat down with powers that be. If you can remember, among them were Professors, Doctors, men that have tasted occult world. I came to a height where one of them, a native of Onitsha said, “Surely, something is in this man, he is not an ordinary man.”
5.           If I can remember my experience some years ago in one of my meetings at Enugu in the house of our former Bishop Umezulike, where lawyers and judges gathered, Senior Advocates of Nigeria, prominent among the judges that day are: one retired Justice Ayo, and Justice of the Supreme Court of Nigeria, Honorable Justice Dike, he was there sitting down and even the former Vice Chancellor of University of Nigeria, Maiduguri, he was there and too many other lawyers.
6.           I handled the Word, and I boasted with my God until the power that was in Me touched one of the Senior Advocates and the man said, “Of a truth I have to say it, I belong to seventeen secret societies.” Brother Kelechi was there that time.
7.           The man said, “I have never come across a power and the force which I have seen in this man. In fact this man himself is the Author of the Bible, and the Author of the Universe.” He said this before many witnesses. I do not need to boast among you in this Faith for you are my children and you know nothing but I want you to know something.
8.           In all the yards you are living, not everybody loves you, many wants to be like you, many wants to acquire the power you have but no way. I noted a word from one of our Bishops, he said, “Daddy, if I die while defending this Faith, I am a martyr for this Faith is worth dying for.”
9.           This Faith is worth dying for. You have been hearing that from time to time, people can send thunder, send even fire and stroke; that is truth. If it is not truth, then you know that Satan does not exist, but Satan exists.
10.         Your enemy can invoke elemental powers and use them against you, but as long as you are in this Faith, covenanted with Me under the Deity, those elemental spirits are under your footstool. They have no power over you. Although, they can attack any other person outside of our circle.
11.        Let me tell you something, if Sister was an ordinary woman, she would have slumped down there, and that could have been the end. That is how people die here and there.
12.        You will not see what killed them, mysterious hands, mysterious glasses, mysterious lights revolved around them, and then strike them dead. Can one die mysteriously? The answer is yes; can a human being cause accident on the high way? The answer is yes.
13.        Maybe you do not know that God at one time permitted it to happen to me. Do you know that? Do you know that till today that the fire that engulfed my house which would have ravaged thirteen souls has not been traced to any source. Till today both NEPA officials, my landlord and all that I invited, nobody has ever discovered the source of the fire outbreak.
14.        Let me just give you a résumé, you remember it was during the trouble period of 1998, when I was threatened at Abuja and even from Onitsha by some agents who were mapped out to kill Me.
15.        I kept my family, I said, “Having received the letter to that extent, let Me wait.”
16.        One night like that, my mother in-law was there, my younger Brother was there, my Sisters were there, all my children, maidservants were all there. We were thirteen in number. There was no problem and we went to bed. We did not notice anything strange.
17.        In the morning we woke up, just in the parlour there, we gathered for family altar and we thought that NEPA took off light. A little while, I sent one of my children to go to the kitchen, and Sister rushed forward, opened the door together with my younger Brother.
18.         They said that smoke covered everywhere and they could not see; we looked down, there was light everywhere. Then we went there and my Brother tried to reach the fridge and electricity held him. We could not believe it. I ran to the main switch and switched it off.
19.        Light was everywhere. We could not believe it. A little while, I went to the switch again and switched it on and then switched on every switch in the house, and light came.
20.        With torch we went to the kitchen and everywhere was burnt to ashes, the wall cracked, the fridge burnt to ashes, the pipe that was connected to the gas cylinder caught fire and the cylinder was filled with gas; there was a plastic container on top of it that contained many plates that we washed and kept. The fire got to the plastic and everything burnt.
21.        Then the fire climbed everything both the cabinet and ravaged everywhere, nothing was left including the cardboard. It followed the wire from the fridge and entered the parlour. You know my house was rugged and the fire continued then getting to the parlour, just an inch to the rug, the fire cut-off. One (fire) climbed the wall to connect to the parlour and about a foot to the connection of it, it tripped off.
22.        The whole thing finished, security men in the yard did not notice it, tenants never noticed it, we never noticed it. The NEPA people came in the morning, checked everywhere, switched off the control switch, and yet light remained in the house.
23.        They removed the fuses, yet light remained in the house. I had to go and call a NEPA contractor called Andrew and then he came, removed the switch box entirely, removed the meters and everything that is connected to electricity, then, went downstairs, switched off the main light, coming to my flat, light still remained there.
24.        That is where Imefili danced to the glory of the Lord. The noise the woman made attracted the people that were coming back from their morning mass and my flat was filled.
25.        She said, “Come and see the hand of the Lord at work! Come and see how God defends His own!” That this type of thing could happen, people living in the house did not know. What stopped the cylinder from exploding?
26.        After all said and done, I went out to call the masons with bricklayers, and rebuilt the kitchen. They carried the fridge outside, and then I called Brother Emma Agu; now note one funny thing that happed.
27.        Brother Emma Agu carried the wreckage (the burnt fridge) and we asked Brother Emma Agu to throw the wreckage away, but he carried it to his shop, after about one month, while the thing was still outside, Brother Emma Agu tested the compressor and the compressor was still working.
28.        He really refurbished the whole thing fresh and I asked him to carry that I am no longer interested in that fridge. He sold it and I told him to keep the money. You have not understood what I mean: WE ARE SERVING THE ONLY LIVING GOD THAT CAN PROTECT THE LIVES OF HIS PEOPLE.
29.        Remember that God is ever mindful of His own, His eyes is upon His own. Whatever God is promising is for His own people only. This issue of this light that came in from the window and then revolved three times and exploded in the air, in such a way that the noise was so great that Brother Charles heard it and other tenants also heard it, that thing was enough to destroy our Sister.
30.        What brought about threatening her God? It is because she escaped. If she had died, do you think that her God would have been threatened? It is because she survived.
31.        I am not pleading with you, if you listen to what is happening in the society, you can now believe that this world lieth in wickedness.
32.        That we are children of God, the rest of the world around us, are under the power and control of Satan. There has never been an age or a generation where Satan has come so low to destroy human beings more than what he has done in our day. Every aspect of life manifests evil.
33.          The more Churches are increasing, the more evils are increasing. I was wondering, people that call Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, making noise over their Churches, if they possess the power they claim that they possess, why do people commit evil and yet sit down comfortably among them, occupy prominent positions in their midst.
34.        These Churches that claim that they possess the power of God, that can convert evil, where is that the God they worship? Since evil men, evil women can comfortably stand in their midst, sit down among them and be their members, stay among them and still wreck havoc, this was one of the reasons I hated the Pentecostals.
35.        If you ask Me, what is Pentecostal? I will say that it is the synagogue of evil-possessed men and women. Pentecostal means nothing but synagogue of evil-possessed men and women.
36.        Can you imagine, somebody who was a member of Deeper Life, held a post for years and still having meetings with occults, collects sacred secrets from them and was using it to torment the members of Deeper Life Church even to the point of harming a member of the Church.
37.        If you want to know what I am saying; verify from Brother Mike, without God coming his way, Brother Mike would have died long, long time ago.
38.        Brother Mike went with Gideon to dispossess that lady, which at last she made her confession, yet they collected just few items; when they came back, I told them that they have not done anything; that they have now armed the lady more and I was proved right. Can you imagine our own former Brother, I mean Simon Onwe; you know him for he was one of us.  When he left us, he went to Deeper Life Church, and you know what befell him? We do not tell lies.
39.        He got there, after some years he married a beautiful lady who worships at Deeper Life Church, they wedded there and were living together as husband and wife. The lady became pregnant and had the first child, then the child died. She became pregnant again and had the second child, but with her hand, she killed that one. Then Simon became afraid.
40.        One day, early hours of the morning, she sat down, called the husband, and said, “Are you sure that you prayed before marrying me?” Simon said, “What type of prayer? Are we not children of God?” She said, “Yes, we are real children of God but are you sure that you prayed before marrying me?” Simon said, “Yes, the elders even gave their consent?”
41.        “I know why I am asking you, because had it been that you prayed, seeing that you are a child of God; your God would have revealed me to you. I am not a human being but I want to show you something. If you tell another person, you will die. If you run away, you will die. You will see me now,” the woman said again.
42.        Then Simon thought that the lady was playing; and before his eyes, the lady changed and became a mighty snake. Simon wanted to run, she became a lady again and told him, “Do not ever run when you see me in this form for that is how we are in all the Churches. Some of us are even living with Pastors and ministers.”
43.        They went to bed one night and Simon went out to ease himself, coming back, he then saw a very big snake on his bed but he did not know what to do. Then he called the name of his wife and she came back again. However, hell nearly struck. On their way to Enugu while Simon was carrying that lady in his beetle car, along the way the lady became a big snake, then with fear, the man nearly ran into a ditch but God saved him.
44.        Look at another one, a man of God was coming from Benin, on getting to Agbor, he saw a group of Church people who said that they have finished their so-called crusade and they were going home. One of them said that she was going to Onitsha. The man purchased yam tubers and plantain at Umunede, and then he picked that lady there.
45.        As they continued their journey, the man had loud speaker on top of his vehicle. When they got to Onitsha part of the bridge, the lady that was sitting in front of his car became a mighty snake. The man halted, the lady looked at the man and became a human being again. Then she asked the man to park very well, and never to make the mistake of running out from the vehicle. Hence, discussion ensued.
46.        The lady asked the man how long he has served the Lord, the man told her and the lady said to him, “Let me tell you, nobody has ever served the Lord. I belong to the people they are serving. One thing has saved you today, because you did not make the attempt of talking to me anyhow. Be courageous, I will not harm you, lift me up and drop me inside the river. I am going to become a tortoise now.”
47.        The man watched, the lady turned, became a tortoise, then the man lifted it and threw it into the river. Before his eyes, the tortoise entered and something came out like a human being, waved him, then the man left.
48.        I will tell you one that you know well if you are from Isi-Owerri, verify this matter. I am not telling stories. You must have good reasons why you must cement your covenant with He that is protecting you, for without God, you must fall victim.
49.        You all know of a photographer called Asikwo photos. If it is a lie, do you think that I will call names? I am giving you this so that you can go and verify.
50.        This man was coming back from Enugu. He picked a lady along New Market and the lady was coming down to Onitsha. Asikwo, being a very good gentleman did not bother himself, he remained a gentle man. The lady said that she was going to Onitsha and the man used his 504 and picked the lady.
51.        They continued their journey, as they got towards Nkpor New-parts, the lady changed her mind and said that she would not be going to Onitsha; that she is stopping along the Old expressway, the man also agreed. When they got to Lake filling station, along the other side of the road where caterpillars were parked; the lady asked the man to halt and the man halted.
52.        She said to the man, “You are a very nice gentleman. I am one of the spirits that are assigned along Onitsha-Enugu Highway and my duty is to cause accidents. Besides, I am a Pentecostal also.”
53.        The man looked at the lady but she went further, “Fear not. Now I will drop, when you move, look at me from your mirror but do not turn your eyes. When you get home, place this vehicle for sale. Do not drive it again.”
54.        The man zoomed off, then few meters away from the scene, he looked at his mirror and the lady just turned round, round, round and vanished. The man got home and placed that 504 for sale.
55.        Now you do not know what is happening. Can you remember my experience as many as were with Me some years ago? The day I commissioned the Household of God at Enugu residing at Abakpa,. The first day we went there, after our meetings there, you heard the testimony: How a big snake left our former Brother’s house, run out of the house and ran into the nearby bush.
56.        That same day, we were coming back late in the evening and we were hurrying up along Umunba Ndi Agu and I was leading, carrying my wife, our former brother Igwe, the wife of Nnamdi Ogbogu, they were all in my car and some other brethren.
57.        Brother Mike was also loaded with some other brethren. I was coming at a very high speed for the road was very clear, no sign of life. However, there was a big stone by the left hand side that was very close to the road, maybe Construction Company left it there. We were coming, praising God, in a twinkle of an eye, nobody could say where a lady came out from and went straight in front of my vehicle and Igwe said, “Finish!” That was his statement, “Finish!”
58.        Immediately, I was not thinking even of my own life, rather I was thinking about Brother Mike who was following closely. What I did was to drive out of the main road.
59.        Instead of hitting that rock, I entered the plain lane and came out again on the road. Brother Mike entered another lane and then came out of the main road, and the lady stood at the center of the road. We looked from the glass, she looked round the road and vanished. My wife was in my vehicle and Brethren.  We were many that day.
60.        I am saying that spirits are walking in form of human beings. They can come to you and seduce you away. However, they will use your delight to seduce you away. That thing, which you delight in, is what they will use to seduce you away.
61.        All I am trying to say is this, without God, there is no protector. It will take Almighty God, especially where we are now, to save His people.
62.        A woman was testifying concerning her Sister that has carried pregnancy for two years now, and I know that it is unnatural.
63.        It is unnatural for a woman to carry pregnancy for two years and, and the child is still alive. What is holding the child in the womb? Will he live there forever? I am saying that wicked human beings stamped the child there. Why can’t such a thing befall you in this most holy Faith? We are really above such thing. We have being elevated, but not all are elevated. “Put Me in Remembrance”. Amen.

I want to go to my message. We have reasons why we must worship God. I have good reasons why I do not beg people to come to this Church. I do not beg you to go out and I do not beg you to stay. If you believe that you are benefiting in this Faith then you know what to do. If you are not benefiting, you also know what to do.
2.           William Branham was asked a question, How do we know our people? He said, “You do not put their names in any register for that will be a denomination. Your members are those that are regular to your activities, they respond to what you are doing in the fellowship—those are your members.”
3.           Thus, you must know who your members are. In other words, there is no room for nominal membership. Apart from those that are responsive to the activities of the fellowship, the rest are strangers and visitors.
4.           You that is following me in question, I am not accusing you of anything yet but there is one that will accuse you even the one you know very well. I do not care where you come from. As long as you are not an offspring of God, you can never abide in this Faith for too long. You must feel uncomfortable and leave us. If you come into this Faith to cause havoc, you are wounding yourself for you will not succeed because the Spirit of God that is here is higher than you.
5.           The force behind this ministry is the highest force. You cannot come into this most holy Faith to harm anybody for you cannot succeed, because God is with us. That is why you cannot be in this most holy Faith and carry out all those obnoxious operations. Or say, “I was a witch,” I was this and that, no.
6.           For we know more than those things. They are not for us, whether in the office, in the market place, anywhere you find yourself, move freely and trample upon them with your feet for they are not for us.
7.           But if you are not covenanted with God, surely they will destroy you. Jesus recognized these spirits in His day and He said that the king of this world is coming, the ruler of this world is coming but they have no part in Him. That was the way He put it.
8.           I am not going to preach a new message but I am going to put you in remembrance of the things you know very well.
9.           Before I proceed, let Me talk to you randomly on few things which I have noticed among us for they are great lapses which God cannot tolerate any longer whether they are found in Me or in you, God cannot tolerate it any longer.
10.        After this Message, decide whether to continue with us for good or to stop coming to this Church. It is your right. Nobody is depending on you in this Faith. We did not come out for your sake; your sitting down in our midst means nothing to us. Thus take a decision of whether to continue with us or find solace somewhere else, because we now want to know how many we are in this family and I will like all the ministers pass accross this good news to their own Local Assembles for enough is enough.
11.        We want to recognize ourselves, know how many we are, recognize our responsibilities towards one another and be alert to our responsibility towards God. If God is God, let us worship Him, and if He is not, let us have our rest. And wait until when the real God will be revealed to us.
12.        Number One is our attitude to fellowship. For some time now I have watched from a grandstand and it has become clear to Me, that many now come into the Church anyhow. They are coming to the Church not for any reason again, some are just coming lest you think that they have backslidden or that they have left us.
13.        It should not be so. Our time for fellowship in this household remains eight O’clock (8: 00 am) every Sunday. We open the fellowship with praises by 8 am. Thus, it is expected that by 7.30 am, we are all seated in the fellowship. The only person that can have excuse for coming into this Church late are our brethren that come from other Local Assemblies.
14.        However, anybody that has Onitsha as his or her Local Assembly, has no right whatsoever to be in the Church later than 8 o’clock in the morning.
15.        On Wednesday, our time is 4.30 in the evening. When we were sincere to ourselves and to our God, we were opening our fellowship every Sunday by 6.30 in the morning and nobody was reminded to be in the Church on time. We were never crying for lateness. On Tuesdays, 3 o’clock, Thursdays, 3 o’clock. Ministers were always there.
16.        When anybody notices that he was coming late, he will start running down the hill, and that was when the zeal was still there, when the sincerity of worship was there. As we continued, because of the situations that we found ourselves and the hardship that was in the city, God reduced our fellowship to once twice a week which is Sundays and Wednesdays.
17.        Moreover, He moved the time from 6.30am in the morning to 8.00am in the morning; from 3.00pm in the afternoon to 4.30pm in the evening, yet we are not pleased. Instead of being appreciative, our attitude to fellowship became worse. It is a sign of ungratefulness.
18.        I noticed another thing; that this poor attitude to fellowship started when the number of worshipers increased. I am sure and certain that a lot of strange people have mingled themselves among us, foreigners in the household of God. Thus, we must change our attitude.
19.        If you watch the Roman Catholics, go to their Churches, you can hardly get a day without activities in that Church. Every morning they must go to morning mass and in the evening they must also go to their evening mass.
20.        Watch their children, they attend their block rosary every day, rain does not even stop them. Watch the Roman Catholics, when they say that their mass is 5 o’clock in the morning, I am living along the road, you see people using their umbrella all the way from Modebe Avenue, some of them right from New Market Road down to Holy Trinity. Some go to Sacred Heart, trekking long distances, not minding the risk of armed robbers, nothing deters them from going to fellowship because they are sure and certain of what they are doing.
21.        Now to you that are watching from the grandstand, what do you think is motivating them to be there? Because there, their message does not change, their system does not change, it is a monotonous way of worship. They go there and the same thing, which they recited yesterday, is what they will equally recite again. Thus, hearing one message every now and then is enough to weary somebody.
22.        The same system in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening, year after year and they are never tired of it. Their children will come up and inherit it, thereby the revival never died down rather it is increasing daily. Have you observed it?
23.        Now watch, nobody goes to Roman Catholic Church for the purpose of making money, nobody goes there to become a millionaire, nobody goes there so that his sickness will be healed, nobody goes there because of miracle or signs and wonders yet they are faithful.
24.        Please narrow this statement down. What dampened our moral? Why are we unfaithful to our pronounced Faith? It is because we have not for one day made up our mind to worship God the way He (God) said we should worship Him. We have attached conditions to our worship, so we are conditional worshipers, and every conditional worshiper does not stay long.
25.        William Branham said and I quote; “If you are coming to worship God so that you will not go to Hell, get ready for you must go to Hell and you must perish. If you are coming to God so that your sickness will be healed, that sickness will kill you.” Then he asked, “How then do we come to God?”
26.        You must come and worship God with love because you know that you ought to, you know that it is your responsibility for He is your God, your Creator and your Father. He said, “By the way, why do you obey your father? Do you obey the words of your father so that he will not kill you?” However, you obey your father because you ought to, for he is your father; it is your responsibility.
27.        Nobody comes to his father, obeying him because of miracle, healing or signs and wonders but your father knows your problem. If you are sick, he knows that he is your father, he knows his responsibility towards you, so you do not remind him to heal you for your duty is to obey your father, respect your father, love your father and then, he will fulfill his responsibility towards you for he knows what you need.
28.        But when you are coming to God, you stay in your house and He detects the conditions why you are coming, you are coming because you are barren, you want God to give you a child, you are coming because you have been suffering from sickness for that you want God to heal you, or you are coming because you are poor, so you want God to make you a millionaire; as a result you have all these things in mind and these are the things that dragged you to God.
29.        You are not coming to Him because you ought to or that it is your responsibility, you are not coming to Him because you love Him, you are not coming to Him the way He said that you should; for you have not recognized Him as your God, as your Creator, as your Maker, so you do not have good motive. For that reason, your worship is useless-nonsense. In addition, you do not stay too long for you will get tired sooner or later.
30.        Brethren I believe it. This is why from time to time you will hear people making noise saying, “I have left this Faith. It is nonsense, for I thought that when I come, my situation will change but nothing has happened.”
31.        Yes, you presented your situation, it is your situation that brought you to your God, so without your situation, you would not have come to God. Thus, He is right for ignoring your situation for you are not His child, you do not belong to Him. We have to pay attention, for this is where the problem lies.
32.        You are my witness that I have never fooled your ears for one day. I want you to examine your stand.
33.        Peter and the rest of them that followed Jesus the Christ as it was recorded in the Bible, when others who came because of signs and wonders, miracle, left because their expectations failed them; Jesus Christ turned to Peter and the rest and said, “Won’t you follow your brethren?” They said, “To whom do we go to? Seeing that you alone have the Word of eternal life, we are sure and certain.”
34.        They did not say, “Seeing that you can cause the dead to rise” or “Seeing that you can butter our bread with butter, or sweeten our tea with sugar,” no.
35.        If you have been going out painting false picture of this Faith, better reconsider yourself before it will be too late, for God is about to pay back, and He is paying back with your own coin. If you are paid back with your own coin, have I committed crime? I have not committed crime because the same measure you are giving to Me, I am about to pay you back in the same measure.
36.        Why this negative attitude to fellowship? Before you drag your feet, before you start drawing back, your expectations must have started failing you. Be sincere to yourself. What did you hear that brought you in this Faith? Whoever that preached to you, what did he tell you that the Son of Man will do if you can believe His Faith?
37.        I want to confess to you whether the person told you the truth or not, whether that which was promised you is what I can do or not.
38.        Now you have seen Me, I am the very Son of Man, you can now ask Me, say, “Brother, I was told so, so and so, but can you do it for me?” Then I will answer for myself by saying yes or no.
39.        If you go to the streets, you see many posters promising people everything, people deliverance from blood disease, yes, I saw one like that, his holiness, most reverend, Doctor so, so and so. He will deliver you from poverty; deliver you from diseases and other things. What has happened since then? How many have been delivered? People love deceit instead of truth.
40.        Truth is not meant for everybody. We are in this Faith for a purpose. We are not in this most holy Faith for material wealth; we are in this most holy Faith for something more than that. Amen.

Why this negative attitude to fellowship? Is God actually your Father? Have you noticed in yourself that you are a seed of God, that this God is your Father? That He deserves worship from you? Have you noticed it in yourself that there is an inward pull pulling you along with your Father? Any man that is afraid of staying with his Father is a stranger.
2.           Each time I come to my family, my children will rush forward and hold Me at my waist, calling me, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy. Even if you are talking to them, they will be clustering around Me and I feel very happy. They are doing it because I am their father. They do not need the Devil to tell them, they do not need a Prophet and they know what they ought to; they recognize Me as their father and I know that I am their father. Whatever they will be telling me that time whether they are funny or not, I will be paying attention anyhow.
3.            Even if I am angry, it does not last long for they do not care about my anger, two minutes they are back still saying what they are saying because they want to press home their needs for they have no other father than Me. If I should drive them away, who else will they go to? Thus, there is always that inward pull in your children to cluster around you because they know that it is their responsibility.
4.           Let me put it this way, I have my children, the family belongs to them, I do not need to tell them what they should do for they know what they ought to do, then my duty is to arm them. If there is no water in the house, they know that they are grownups; must they expect Me to go and fetch water for them? Do they expect their mother to fetch water for them?
5.           Rather, they just ask for money, we give them money, and that settles the matter. I do not need to tell them to start scrubbing the house or to keep the house clean for they know that it is their responsibility because they are born in the family. The welfare of the family is their utmost concern. They have no other home than that.
6.           Watch people that drag their feet while coming to Church, God is their second father, they have a great father somewhere who is greater than God that brought us into this Faith.
7.           If Almighty God is your Father where is the evidence? Why do we remind you of your responsibility towards your God? Must anybody remind you of that? Must you come into the fellowship grudgingly? For dragging your feet means that you are grudging. You do not have the revelation, you are a conditional believer, and you are in our midst to taste the power of God.  
8.           No man born in a family test the power of his father. It will take a stranger, an enemy to test the power of the man that owns the family. What is more, the rest of the children born in that family, if they notice it, that stranger will go that day because it is a very big insult to their father. Whether the stranger likes it or not, he must be shown the way out for he is looking for the way to disgrace their family.
9.           By this we know those that belong to God and those that are visitors. God is not concerned with the affairs of the visitors. If any visitor here wants to benefit from God, he must obey God like the sons and daughters of God. Worship God like the sons and daughters of God unconditionally.
10.        Anybody that is in CMS Church because of miracle, signs and wonders, will he be there more than one year? Monotonous activities, nothing wearies down more than something that is monotonous; thus, repeating one thing every day.
11.        Watch this Faith, if I should come to fellowship every day with “Our father who art in Heaven or virgin Mary, then we go; on Friday the same thing, Sunday the same thing; if I do it for two months, nobody will be in this Church because you have known how to recite “Ekene Maria” (greetings to Mary) you can recite it without anybody helping you.
12.        Some people have attended their Churches, especially Roman Catholic and Anglican to the point that they can even do without the reverend father. Whether catechist is there or not, they know what to do. The absence of the catechist or reverend father does not mean anything to them. Their Faithfulness to their commitment is unshakable.
13.        Nobody has commitment in this most holy Faith except one that has covenant with God, but how many are they in this Faith? Only God knows. Many are in this Faith for other reasons.
14.        Now, if you are here for marriage, do you know that there are many other people that are in other Churches for marriage? Have all of them been married? Yet they still go to Church, they are still Faithful and they do more sacrifices than you. But watch here, somebody will come here for six months and he gets tired. Three months, he wants us to write him a letter before he will start coming. We are saying a different thing and he is doing another thing. Does it show commitment?
15.        There is no commitment to the Faith. If you are a member of the family, is there any amount of provocation in your family that will make you to resign from that family? Can a man withdraw from his family for any reason at all? He said, “I have withdrawn from my family.” It will take a stranger, one that is hired for a pay to withdraw from any family if he feels uncomfortable.
16.        A man can be tired of anything but no man is tired of his family, no matter how bad your family might be, you can never be tired with your family. Any man that is tired with his family is a stranger, he is purchased with money.
17.        Do you know that some people that started with Catholics, even at ninety years, hundred years, they even make laws that if they die, that none of their children should leave that Faith. Even if when they have nothing to show for their attendant to that Church, that goes to show that before the beginning of the world, they were born into Catholics. No Catholic regrets his membership of that family.  
18.        From time to time, you hear somebody saying, “I am tired of this family, this household, I do not want to be associated with it, I have withdrawn. Yes, you can say it to prove that from the beginning you are a stranger. You may stay in this Faith for hundred years, marry and have children but it does not qualify you to be a member of the family.
19.         A stranger can be in your father’s compound even before you were born, help your people in many duties, live so long that many people might be thinking that he is born to that family, but he is a stranger. One day if he does not go, events will force him to go.
20.        If he does not go voluntarily, events will compel him to go. Nevertheless, will he go? Yes. Why? He is a stranger. No matter how wealthy he might be, no matter the influence he has in that community, he is still a stranger.
21.        He might even be appointed to a prominent position to help in the administration of the community, he may raise prominent children that are wealthy yet he is a stranger. One day he must go.
22.        This is where we are now. Too many “carry-us” around us, I do not care how long you have stayed, if I am included in those makeups, my cup is full also and I will find my way out. However, I know that I existed before you.
23.        Our attitude to fellowship is nothing to write home about. There is no other interpretation that we can give it, only that it signifies that you are tired of coming to fellowship. You are tired of meeting the demands of the Faith.
24.        Once you are tired of meeting the demands of the Faith; that is a sure sign that you are tired of the Faith. You are tired of the family, you are tired of what we are saying in this Faith, then why are you coming?
25.        I thank God. If I go by the last statements our former Bishop Okey Paul made in his preaching in this Church, the last message that he gave before he left, he said, “Now brethren I want you to know that the last battle is what we are going to fight now: it is the battle between the real sons and daughters of God and the adopted sons and daughters of God. After all, every man will go the way he is ordained.”
26.        Then he closed his mouth. I have the tapes in my house and I play them from time to time for one reason best known to me. May be we are in this Faith with adopted sons and daughters of God.
28.        If your blood group is AA and you adopt a child that is SS the name that you have given to the child will not change his blood group. His blood group will determine his character. In other words, AN ADOPTED CHILD CAN NEVER REFLECT THE CHARACTER OF HE THAT ADOPTED HIM, THAT IS WHY SOME WISE PEOPLE DO NOT WANT TO ADOPT ANY CHILD.
30.        I am saying that if you are numbered among the adopted children of God; remember that you are from another lineage. Any adopted child into the family can never appear in the lineage of that family. Whatever that will follow him in life will be dictated by his lineage.
31.        Let me tell you what I mean; if you adopt a child that is from the lineage of madness, and in your family no mad person has ever appeared there, if in the future that child becomes mad, will you be surprised? Will you blame it from your own lineage?
32.        People that know how the child came in must be tempted to say exactly what happened. I want you to examine your life, your character, what is happening in you which you alone know, nobody knows it and the next person is the Almighty God who searcheth the hearts of all men.
33.        Find out whether you are not tired of this Faith. Tell yourself the truth, stop makeup here; are you not tired of this Faith? If deep in your heart, “Put me in Remembrance,” put your name there. If deep in your heart something in you is suggesting to you by your attitude to the Faith that you are tired or that your expectation has failed you, let it be known to you that you are one of the strangers that are causing trouble in this Faith.
34.        You do not want to go away and people are seeing you laying a bad example, and they are following your example not knowing that you are a stranger. You may be man, equally you may be woman.
35.        Watch these people, they are the people that have double sandals in this Faith. How can you belong to Almighty God? You are serving Him and you still owe allegiance to another God. If I am serving Almighty God in this Faith in spirit and in truth, and obeying His teachings, am I indebted to any god of my fathers? Do I owe any allegiance to any God outside the one I worship? Whatever stipulation that other God is making, does it concern me?
36.        That is why idols make stipulations to their worshipers and Almighty God makes stipulations for His worshipers. I cannot worship Almighty God and then owe allegiance to idol. Can I obey God, the only one and true God and still obey idol? Is it possible? One must control me and the one that controls me is the one that has power and rule over me.
37.        I am indebted to that one, I owe allegiance to Him. If I offend Him, I am bound to say “sorry”. I cannot serve God and then go to the village to kneel down before a shrine. Do I owe any allegiance like that to any shrine?
38.        Do you see where the problem is coming from? Occult men and women in ignorance flooding the Faith, coming here, professing Almighty God, going home and kneeling before their fathers shrine.
39.        Moreover, expecting God to bless you, your blessings could only come from the God you worship. If you are sure and certain that your father’s shrine, the gods of your father are by far greater in power, in everything than the one we have introduced to you, why are you in this Faith?
40.        Many in this Church—man and woman—are indebted to the shrines of their fathers, they owe allegiance to the gods of their lands, even the stipulation of those gods, they obey. One day God will expose somebody in this Faith with either a lamb or a sheep or a cock in his or her hand kneeling down before shrine with the priest of that shrine. God will do it one day where all eyes will see it, to prove that occult people, from time to time they troop into the Faith trying to test the power of God or to weaken the brethren.
41.        Don’t you know that your character can weaken you Brother? Especially when he thinks that you are one of us, not knowing that you are not because “remain blessed” can be deceitful.
42.        “Brother, remain blessed”, “Sister, remain blessed”, it can be deceitful. You do not know a true child of God through “remain blessed”. Do not worry, any moment from now, Almighty God will revenge back in your own coins by leading you to those gods where you owe your allegiance secretly.
43.        Almighty God will meet you there fully and you will receive the full wrath that is associated with those shrines.
44.        If those things are good, do you think that government also can even rise up against such places. If it is good, if it is meeting the needs of the society, do you think that government can rise up against such places or so-called worship? No matter how you exaggerate the god of your people and its powers, it is still an idol.
45.        There is no power that the god of your father will exercise that will make it to be the true God. It still remains the false god and those that worship that god, they are like that god, they are fools, and they know nothing.
46.        Maybe you do not know that the greatest trick that Satan uses to deceive people—which you do not know—is that he wants to be worshiped as Almighty God. He wants to be worshiped as Almighty God, he gives the impression that he has permanent existence, everlasting power but it is not.
47.        Anything from Satan is temporal, anything from Satan will always cause you sorrow, nobody gets anything free of charge from Satan. You can never get anything unconditionally from Satan, for whatever Satan gives you has a condition attached to it.
48.        The condition must be so stringent that you either obey or you die. Why do people drag their feet while coming to fellowship? They lack the revelation of what it takes to be in the fellowship or they are not members of this Faith. Maybe for one reason or the other they came in and the conditions have been met.
49.        If you are in this Faith for marriage, you may be vibrant in worship, in devotion until you get what you want. Once you get what you want, your true colour will manifest. Both man and woman, if you are for marriage, once you entangle a Sister, your worship is over.
50.        Gradually, cunningly, you will be withdrawing your heart, and from your heart, your feet, and from there also, cunningly deceitfully you will be cornering that Sister to another god which is the real god you believe. Gradually you will be cornering and changing her mind.
51.        If she is a woman, once she entangles a man, fellowship has ended; she becomes lukewarm, she is never cool, she is never hot. The reason why she is in this Faith has been fulfilled. Gradually she will be working on the man, discouraging him until the man becomes an empty barrel. He does not see the need of worshiping God again.
52.        If you are not encouraging, you are discouraging. Once your ministry is over, you must go out, man or woman alike. Check your attitude to fellowship, what interpretations can one give concerning your attitude to fellowship? Does it show that you are sincere or insincere? Does it show that you tired of coming to fellowship? Or is the zeal still there?
53.        Some are in fellowship because they have been compelled by others, there are some that have already withdrawn, but some of you worked on them, persuading them never to stay back. No, how can you persuade a son born in a family to remain a member of the family. Do you do that?
54.        You can only persuade a maid to stay; you cannot persuade a child born in that family to stay in the family. Do you? “Attitude to fellowship.” Amen.


Now, I go to another thing. Number Two: CRAZY PURSUIT OF RICHES; CRAZY PURSUIT OF WEALTH; it is becoming a cankerworm among us.
3.           Let me ask you this question, how many millionaires remained here on Earth without dying just because they were millionaires? How much will a man acquire as wealth that will make him not to die again? Has any man’s wealth saved him when death strikes?
4.           Can your wealth deliver you from death? Then what is the essence of that wealth? How long will your wealth last? When one dies, does he know what happens to his wealth?
5.           How long will your wealth last? How many years are you going to stay on Earth? How long do you think you can stay on Earth? Why do people wound their follow human beings, cause them sorrow, cause them grieve, cause them tears everyday? It is just to acquire money, to have wealth.
6.           What is at the back of their mind? Every man wants wealth so that his neighbours can worship him. Any man that closes his eyes and run crazy because of wealth, he wants to command influence, he wants to be worshiped, he wants to be a demigod and it is a direct confrontation to the Almighty God because he wants somebody to be influenced in worshipping him.
7.           Once this spirit is in you, that madness to become rich, you are in trouble. What is more, you are not qualified to worship the true God, for the true God will always give you true wealth.
8.           No false wealth can come from God. The true God can only promise true wealth and when the man acquires true wealth, no sorrow is added to it. No grief is added to it and it does no harm to his neighbours. Riches from God make a man humble and simple. False riches are acquired by false means and it causes grief and sorrow to fellow human beings.
9.           As long as you are in this Faith, and you want to run mad because of money or material wealth so that you can be popular and command influence, ride jeep and aeroplane everywhere, you must cause sorrow, you must cause grief, you must cause pain whether you like it or not. To crown it all, you must go to other gods; you must go to things that are not God.
10.        True wealth comes from God and it makes a man to be humble, simple and approachable. Watch all these people that are very wealthy in the society, many of them shed innocent blood; some killed their fathers, some killed their mothers, some killed their Brothers, some killed their children and some killed other people, some even killed their maidservants to become rich. I am telling you the truth.
11.        Some even mortgaged their own lives, some used some parts of their bodies to make that money, but after making the money, what next?
12.        Tell me reasons why people want to make money? Tell me reasons why people want to be very wealthy? It is to challenge God, challenge the authorities, enslave their fellow human beings and reduce them to the state of nothingness with their money. Maybe you do not know, what causes stratification or classes of people, is it not material wealth?
13.        Without material acquisition, every man is equal. There is no second-class citizen, no third-class citizen, no. No MAN WAS BORN A COMMON MAN, it is your fellow human being that labeled you a common man, why? Because of material acquisition.
14.        I am not common, and I will never accept that I am common for God never created Me common. I am the highest creature of God, so I am not a common creature.
15.        Why do we have people that we call the poor people? Does God call them poor people? Who called them poor people? It is their fellow human beings. Maybe you do not know that God never created money. A human being filled with evil heart wanted to have rule over his follow human beings, then he invented the use of money so that money will now determine who is who.
16.        Then is it from God? No. This is why, if you are intelligent, you have to listen to what God is saying about money.
17.        Look at the attitude of Jesus the Christ in His day; He knew that the effigy in that particular coin was Caesar’s head, and He said, “Take to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and do not tempt me with wealth for I am not interested.”
18.        Watch people that have made money their god, they do not worship the true God. You can never worship God and money at the same time. Why do people drag their feet to fellowship? They have made the pursuit of money their God.
19.        They have placed money first, in other words, they have placed the pursuit of money above God; so with that with money they can challenge God and call Him all manners of evil names.
20.        On this note, I say remain in your sanctified estate, remain blessed in Him eternally. Amen.