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The Son of Man Revealed From One of The Jungles in Africa According To William Branham's Prophesy

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I am He, the Self-existing One, the beginning and the end. I am the only Being that can tell you the mysteries of life and death. Believe it if you can…
 - Son of Man

Whatever you are hearing, whatever you are seeing, whatever you are passing through, God had already told us about all those things ahead of time, so we are not shaking one bit. Even if it remains one person in this Faith, God must be worshipped as a Human Being. It is because we have preached it, believed it, that is why we are being troubled, buffeted about.  That is why we are being treated as criminals.
Thus, for our experiences to compare favourably like this, we know that we are on the right track. By this, we know that we are on the right track. We are not shaking. Let heaven fall.
As many of us who made everlasting Covenant with Him, and are sure and certain that we are not deceived, this is His ordained way from the beginning of the world.
–The Son of Man

“Revelation 1:13 And in the midst of the seven candlesticks one like unto the Son of man, clothed with a garment down to the foot, and girt about the paps with a golden girdle.”KJV.

Daniel 7:13 I saw in the night visions, and, behold, one like the Son of man came with the clouds of heaven, and came to the Ancient of days, and they brought him near before him.” KJV.

Remain blessed brethren. We are gathering in the fellowship but we are not gathering under the Law. Rather, we are gathering because we agreed. We are gathering in Jerusalem as agreed and it is very helpful to us. Watch, as we gather in Jerusalem you will discover that we are not posing any security risk in the city. The security agents are very happy with our time of fellowship. We do not disturb them at all.
2.           At a time we are going home, that is the time denominations are even going to their own fellowship. What is more, they are disturbing everybody. However, in this Church we do not disturb anybody at all. All we have to do is adjust ourselves. Moreover, I believe that what we are doing is right, God must make a way for us.
3.           Even to the students among us, the time they spent coming to fellowship has never been a waste. The Lord has been rewarding them. If I should use my children for instance, the time we disturb their studies has not affected their performance one day, rather it has been helping them. Thus, I do not regret the time we spent coming to His Presence.
4.           To the businessmen and women among us, if you think the time you are coming to fellowship is the time you should have become millionaire; you are a liar. Other days you have been staying from morning till night, what hindered you from becoming a millionaire? If you could not become a millionaire within the four days you stayed from morning till night; the few hours you just leave your shop for fellowship, cannot make you a millionaire.
5.            Rather I believe God so much that if you stay in your business during fellowship hour, you will lose the much you gathered before. If you are producing something and you feel that time is needed so much instead of fellowship, I bet you; you are going to produce damages during that period.
6.           All you will produce that time will be purely damages because your mind is never at rest, you are not happy staying away from fellowship; you are not concentrating on the job. Surely, you are going to produce rubbish. When you attend fellowship, your heart will be at rest. I am of the opinion that God will grant you the favour of your customers, they will understand you.
7.           If your customers are hostile to you, it is because you are not faithful to God. If you are faithful to God, you will tell them your fellowship days and they will respect you. Nevertheless, if you are unfaithful, everyday belongs to you. Thus, any day you go out, you have committed a crime.  
8.           This day is a wonderful day God has given us to refresh our memory. We must first of all thank God for His mercies, we received some testimonies from some brethren.
9.           Brother John went to Abuja within the week came back with a wonderful testimony. Brethren over there are very happy marching on in the Faith faithfully. No sad report from anybody, it is a thing of joy.
10.        To crown it all, one of our brothers there who equally is a trader had a serious motor accident and they were about twelve in 911 vehicle. The vehicle had a serious accident, eleven passengers including the driver and the conductor all died there; our brother escaped without any scratch. He himself joined the people to carry the corpses to hospital—no scratch at all. It is the Lord’s doing; it is marvellous in our eyes.
11.        You see, my wife went to collect the children from their school; she was coming back with the small car not knowing that Satan had already prepared somebody to smash the vehicle along Court Road just at the Police Station there, she saw a vehicle coming at a top speed, but was coming on her own lane. She saw the way the vehicle was waving, and then halted her vehicle. She steered the steering away and was watching the vehicle.
12.        Before she knew it, the young man ran face to face with her vehicle. However, the hand of the Lord pulled the boy up and he removed the vehicle away from there.
13.        What happened? The young man was driving and Satan inspired him to bend down and was looking for something at the floor of the vehicle, and the vehicle was moving and he was packing something from the floor not knowing where he was heading to and that is how the Lord saved us from that accident.
14.        These young men that do not know the value of life, all they know is to buy car by all means; some of them with ill-gotten money, and blood is pushing them about. Imagine somebody who is a human being, collecting something from the floor of the vehicle at the same time throttling the vehicle inside the town.
15.        We thank God who has been saving us. We have been hearing horrible reports, but the Lord has been keeping us. It was on Saturday that we heard a sad news about what is happening among the heathen. A young man printed his invitations cards; he was to wed on Saturday.  On Friday he went for the traditional marriage ceremony at Asaba. He went and hired the services of mobile police men, either to give him security or to give the impression that he has gotten the money.
16.        The policemen went with him. While the whole thing was on, they were shooting randomly. They gave the wife a cup of drink to drink and then identify the husband. She did so, the husband collected the cup; drank from the same cup, wanted to hand down the cup, bullet from the nozzle of the rifle from the men he hired to shoot ceremonial shots.
17.        The policeman shot in the air, and while trying to bring the rifle down; he riddled the young man that was married with bullets, killed him on the spot, killed the friend on the spot, wounded the wife on the hand, then people ran away.
18.        That same Saturday, his friends came, even some came from abroad, some from Lagos for the wedding ceremony, only to hear that the young man was in the mortuary. Later it was learnt that the second person that was killed was his best man. Moreover, the best man had already prepared his own suit of his friend who was about to wed with other committee of friends. You can imagine who the best man will be, people that got money by all means.
19.        A man that got money by honest means cannot indulge in that type of thing. What is the essence of inviting the police from Awka to come and shoot for him? If he wanted security, two bakassi boys would have been enough for him. However, he needed no security there.
20.        We have married wives from Abba, Brother Elochukwu married from Abba. We did not go with any police officer. Our former brother Igwe married from Abba even when the city was very hot, we did not go with any police. Well, I thank God. See, in spite of what is taking place people still behave foolishly.   
21.        We were hearing that news that day and one of our brothers, a minister was testifying that it was truth, that he also collected the young man’s invitation card. At the same time, I was receiving his report that he attended the wedding ceremony at Asaba. He was the one that is telling us that people that went there ran away. That he also attended the heathen ceremony at Asaba.
22.        Could it be that God has abandoned many and they do not know? Because the worst thing that will happen to a believer is for God to abandon him without his knowledge. If God abandons a man of God, he will be doing things contrary to his expectation without knowing who is doing them.
23.        I am afraid that God must have abandoned many in this Church and in other local Churches also, and yet they do not know. You must know your relationship with God, that is, know how God deals with you. If you do not know how God deals with you, you will not know when God has abandoned you.
24.        Another thing that kills people is over confidence. When you have trusted yourself so much, you think you have arrived, you think you now know all things, you think there is nothing God will do without you knowing about it; that is the time you will enter the grave. God will abandon you and you will not know.
25.        Brother Charles, you see, hearing what I am hearing about you I am not surprised. If you have been keeping my instructions from the beginning, you would have relaxed by now. If you neglect my instructions, you will never see rest. You will regret at last.
26.        In addition, a time will come when you will look for Me, you will desire Me day and night and you will not see my face again because the time I turned towards you, you could not acknowledge Me, neither do you take my word seriously. You have to be very careful because I know where you are heading to. Well, let me hold my peace.
27.        Brother Charles, can you say where about of your wife now? You assume she is in the school, you said you assume. You just assume. Can you predict what she can do any time now? Can you now confide in this Faith? Can you trust her from what you are seeing? In short, since Sunday, can you put your trust really in her as a wife? Church, you are seeing the husband.
28.        Everything is happening according to my Word. Let me tell you, when you say things happen according to scriptures; what do you really understand by scriptures? You will be repeating scriptures about what is written in the Bible.
29.        There are many things that are not written in the Bible. There are many, many words that proceeded out of the mouth of God through His appointed vessels; they were scriptures in their days; although they were not recorded down. People in that day, recorded them in their hearts. Some recorded them in their books, but the books were not called Bible.
30.        Too many things William Branham said that were not recorded in the Bible. Nevertheless, before our eyes, they are coming to pass. Too many things he said about Roman Catholic, about the antichrist, about the events of the last days; they were not recorded in the Bible. Before our eyes, you see them coming to pass. Were those things not scriptures? They are.
31.        Any teaching that comes out of a man of God, is a scripture to the people of the day. Hence, you will do well to pay heed to those words when they are coming out for they form your own scriptures. Thus, we can now use this one to create faith in you, to believe in the man that is talking to you now to be the very Elohim.
32.        Our brother is passing through troubles; he caused it because he did not pay heed to my Word at a time he should have paid attention. Now, the man that is on top is now on the ground. There was a time Brother Charles was on top but now he is on the ground. He caused it.
33.        I do not know how to pray for you. I will rather encourage you to take side with God. Too many people will regret any time from now. See, there is something we refused to understand. I believe that most of the things that are written in this Holy Bible are preserved for us so that we learn a lesson from what is written in the Scriptures. Seeing that there could be many other things that will not be written maybe because of time or space or because of persecution.
34.        If not for the Roman Catholic Inquisition, many things would have been recorded for us. When the Bible was written or compiled, everywhere was calm. The Bible was not compiled during Inquisition. We owe God a lot.
35.        You see, I was disturbed by a young man. I do not know, each time I mention his name he will come around. I never see him the way I saw him now because I thought I will push him out. However, my compassion stands at least towards human beings.
36.        I was talking to one of the labourers in my yard. I told him that I normally give a lot of human consideration to human beings but it does not mean weakness on my side. I know what human beings are made up of, so I try to give them some considerations before I will rise up. Thus, I grant them sufficient time, believing God that they will learn a lesson. Now, that statement was vindicated.
37.        The young man understood the message and passed it on to his master. Now, I saw a change. They came to Me appealing that there will not be a repeat, a  reoccurrence, that they will now take their time. If I had reacted violently that day, they would have melted.
38.        You see, the young man came troubling Me again. I saw Bishop Okey rushing into his house, and nature was on him. I identified the nature; he was trying to excuse himself. I said, “Come, come.” So he came. I knew nature was forcing him but there was something greater than nature. The thing was so much on him, and he has prepared to go for many hours. In short, he forgot nature.
39.        See, when a choice is placed on a man or a woman, it will take something greater than nature to hold you and then suppress that thing. It happened now. From the very beginning of this ministry even when we were still in End-time Message; God knows that it is something that will happen in our fellowship.
40.        There was a prophet they called Jeremiah that time, he was preaching everywhere that everybody should listen that God wants to make a move at Nkpor Church. That time we are still in End-time Message at Ogwmba. Jeremiah was going about telling people.
41.        In Aba, Christian Onwegbu went to the pulpit and said, “Let everybody open his or her eyes and listen that God want to make a journey in the Church that is at Nkpor in Onitsha.
42.        There is one Apostle that said his name is Christian Enyama and was going round the whole Nigeria saying it also, “There is no other place called Church that has life in the whole Nigeria if not at Nkpor. If you go there, if you see the love that is there; you will know that God is among them.”
43.        When he went to Lagos, when we were not yet answering Church at Nkpor, the prophet said that there is a Church, that God wants to make a journey and the name of the Church is “Church at Nkpor.” Are they hearing it as Church at Nkpor? When we are still in End-time Message God had earlier gathered us for a purpose, we do not know but God knows every things.
44.        For someone to come into this Church and tell us that God is in our midst, we know more than that. Somebody came from Benin with his wife, came into our midst and said that God told him to come and deliver a message in our midst. That they will get him a house and everything. They managed him in Abagana and managed him in Bishop Okey’s house.
45.        One day the thing became boring in the eyes of God and we now rose against him and his wife, giving them food and serving them, I asked him, “My friend, I think you were told to go to Onitsha for this is Nkpor. How can you come from Oba and became a burden to us here at Nkpor? We found you a house; serve you food morning, afternoon and night. We are tired, go and start your ministry at Onitsha, that is where you were sent to; here is Nkpor.”
46.        I told him to go and look for what he will do. The man went to Oba since that time we did not see him again.  What he came with is two sermon books, his ministry has finished. We have seen many, when Maduabuchi came into our midst; he said this is the place he will die. If you are telling us that God is in our midst, evil spirit knows more than that.”
47.        When we have not known anything about prophetic revelation, Okey Nwantu came to the pulpit under that influence of demon and said that there is no other place God is if not in this most holy Faith. Before his father and mother even in my house, Okey Nwantu from Aguata and his parent was in QRC. His mother is a vice principal in QRC. the one that is mad, do you know the young man? He came to my house by 2:00am the day they loosed him from handcuff. He came in the night saying that I want them to kill him, he said, “No you can’t shoot me, I am not a criminal.”
48.        Hence, even demons know that there is God in our midst. Thus, for you to tell us that God is in our midst, that you will die in this Faith, you are not the first person.
49.        Even though you die in the Presence of God, you are not saved. Many like that died in Jerusalem, did that make them the children of God? Even till now, many people are still dying there, buried in Jerusalem, yet buried outside Christ. Do not say you will die in this Church. You can be buried in this Church and you go to hellfire. Instead of you to die in unbelief, die in Christ. The worst thing is to die in the Church, in your sin, for sin is unbelief.
50.        Kenneth Umeh, we have finished with you. We can never believe what he said, he has nothing. If he has anything, he holds nothing. We will open a file for him, when he wrote and bring, we will file it inside the file. We were trying to understand what he was doing, we discovered that he was doing nothing.
51.        If we do not expose him for everybody to see what he was saying, people will think we are stopping him so that he will not defeat us. We have a file for him. Amen.

We want to search the Bible. When I am talking about the Bible, am not talking about The Great Sermon. I want us to search the Bible because of what I have been witnessing for some time now among us which is making my heart to be cold.
2.           Nevertheless, I thank God I still have few individuals in this Faith which according to my sermon, I still regard as children of consolation. They are my children who I can confide in even at a time when I should be discouraged or Satan will try to discourage Me by trying to point Me to what is happening in those people I still call my brethren.
3.           God will raise these few individuals, men and women alike. They are in the minority, and they are greatly despised. They are not prominent in the Church, truly speaking. The way you see them is not the way they are. I thank God for these few people God has just raised. Not only in Onitsha Church but also in other Churches.
4.           However, in Onitsha, they are in the minority. God is using them to comfort Me, to console Me. Thus, if I say children of consolation, I think they are in the number.
5.           The roles they are playing, they may not value those roles. The roles maybe minor to them; very insignificant, but in the sight of God it is highly esteemed.
6.           Nevertheless, there are some big people in this Church with big names; very popular among us that are not pleasing Me rather they are breaking my heart every day. They are making my heart to be cold.
7.            I want to use the Bible to refresh our memories. I want to speak on a very short encouraging message. If it is encouraging, it is encouraging to the seeds of God because whatever God says can only encourage a seed of God. However, anybody who is not a seed of God cannot be encouraged.
8.           If I say this, do not strangle Me to death. If it does not happen in you, and is not happening in you; do not root it out. No statement goes out from my mouth in vain. If it can, let it choke you.
9.           William Branham said, “Let not these things choke you seeing thing that is happening among the brethren.”
10.        Do you know that among you in this Church there are people that have become so wicked that they identify with the heathen outside to the point of following them even to shrines, attending secret meeting with them to the point that they have been lured out, even out of themselves; out of their senses so much that they have now succumbed even to the hopeless agreement to use their life to make money. They are in this ministry.
11.        What is holding them back; they do not know what to do now. They are in a fix. Partly, they are in fear lest the thing will fail them. Partly they are in fear of the danger of the wrath of God. In addition, they have come to a point where they do not know what to do next. If they should withdraw, their friends will say they have deceived them; and called traitors. They may even kill them.
12.        Moreover, for fear of being killed, they do not know what to do and they are sitting down in the Church preaching this message, carrying the Bible, saying God “bless you; remain blessed.”
13.        There are some also who have been drawn away to that extent, their problem is, they have not seen people that will drag them to that place, that will lead them there to make this money, build white house, surprise everybody by all means. The desire is fully in them now and they are in this Church.
14.        They know their association in the Church, they know where they meet, they know where they discuss. Coming to this Faith, I call them mockers of the Faith.
15.        They think they are mocking this Faith but they do not know that they are mocking themselves because God will laugh at them at the end. Because I know fully well that if they succeed in their plans, let them know that I am not of God.
16.        They will die, their plans will die with them too. They will die miserable death; even their corpses may not even be buried. Moreover, they will leave nothing behind. That money, they will not get it. Popularity, they will not get it. Their corpses will not be buried. As long as they have tasted this Faith, whatever money they have spent there is going to be vanity. To collect the money, no way. To start up afresh, no way. They will hate their lives.
17.        If it does not fulfil, know that I am not of God. I am saying this not to draw you back, but to encourage you that that which you have purposed to do, do it quickly.
18.        If you bend down, it is not the solution. If you run away from this Faith so that you can execute it, it is not the solution. You are not running away because already you are running with pains. You cannot do those things and succeed, if you never tasted this Faith. However, because you have come into this Faith, covenanted yourself with the blood of Christ; you cannot go out to hold Him to open ridicule and get away with it.
19.        I want to assure you of one thing, iniquity must slay the wicked. That thing you want to do, you hardened your heart and do it; that thing will destroy you. You know one thing that baffles Me, people that go all out to make money, ask them why they want to make this money, they do not have any good reason. The only thing they know they want to make the money and be like the world, if they perish; no problem.
20.        Nevertheless, as long as you have tasted this Faith, you must perish without making the money. God cannot permit you to do it because He will wrestle with you very well. In addition, before you will die, God will bring you to a point where you will make an open confession. You will be going about the streets confessing it.
21.        There is a man that thought he has made this money and built one of the best buildings. They formed one hopeless association and they were three in number. When the tide changed, everybody started struggling for his existence. They broke the tie.
22.        One of them built the best in Onitsha in about three places. He is a very rich man. I will mention the house and you know the man if you see him on the street.
23.        This building is the best building along Egbuna Street. It is over twenty flats—very long house, four storey building. Obiana, Off Court Road by the left. It is a prominent house, it is not hidden.
24.        What I am saying is not a story, it is what is here with us. The owner of the building, his cousin is very close to my house. He has incriminated his cousin and the cousin ran away. This man is walking the whole streets in Onitsha now as a mad fellow with chaplet in his hand.
25.        Hear what he said, “I killed him and we ate his meat. Father forgive me, father forgive me.”
26.        Any place you see him, just follow him at the back. He is short and has body with wife and children. He will be confessing of the people they killed and ate and the one they buried.
27.        Follow him at the back, you will hear what he is saying from his mouth, confessing, is that the remedy? No! The person that does not know him might pity him. He will be going round Onitsha mentioning other people’s name. Has he now enjoyed the money? No!
28.        The time God punished people after death is over. God has started punishing people from their lifetime. God has started because that judgement is being delayed, people are using that to continue in their evil deeds. Because of that, He is now rewarding them while they are still alive.
29.        This young man that bullet hit, people that know the young man very well used their mouth and was saying that God used the man to save the young lady, if not so the young lady would not have stayed up to a week in the man’s hand and she will die.
30.        However, God gradually saved the young lady, the boy is known in the whole of Onitsha though he is a small boy. There are other people that are like him. Look at the way God saved the girl, the girl is marrying the boy because of money. Money put many into trouble. God knows what He is doing. He knows!
31.        There is nobody that is doing evil deeds thinking that the reward will be in the next world, no, you must receive the consequence here in this world while you are still alive. If it does not happen, know that God is not existing. If God is alive, you must receive your reward. You must start from here confessing, you will be alive saying, “Look at what I did to myself!”
32.        This is not all about death, or all about rapture. From now watch, there is no wicked man that will escape the wrath of God. While he is alive it will start from his family. From now, keep your eyes open. Iniquity will be judged any time from now, because iniquity has entered into the house of God. Now God is reacting.
33.        All the while iniquity has been outside, the Lord was not disturbed one bit, rather He fixed His eyes on the date He fixed to destroy wickedness. However, wicked men have now come into our midst, in other words, they now want to challenge God. For that reason, God will visit them within and without. If you know any wicked man, just keep watch over him. The days of the wicked is numbered.  Amen.

Sustained by my experience
Deuteronomy 4 : 7-9 “For what nation is there so great, who hath God so nigh unto them, as the LORD our God is in all things that we call upon him for ? And what nation is there so great, that hath statutes and judgments so righteous as all this law, which I set before you this day?
2.           Only take heed to thyself, and keep thy soul diligently, lest thou forget the things which thine eyes have seen, and lest they depart from thy heart all the days of thy life: but teach them thy sons, and thy sons' sons.” KJV.
3.           Psalms 44: 1-4, “We have heard with our ears, O God, our fathers have told us, what work thou didst in their days, in the times of old. How thou didst drive out the heathen with thy hand, and plantedst them; how thou didst afflict the people, and cast them out.
4.           For they got not the land in possession by their own sword, neither did their own arm save them: but thy right hand, and thine arm, and the light of thy countenance, because thou hadst a favor unto them.
5.           Thou art my King, O God: command deliverances for Jacob.”. KJV.
6.           Romans 15: 4 “For whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our learning, that we through patience and comfort of the Scriptures might have hope.” KJV.
7.           We are blessed already. We will be blessed the more if we pay heed to His Word. I want to exhort this Church in the way I am being inspired. Looking at the way people are behaving, some are behaving as if they have no hope again. Some are behaving as if their expectation in Christ has failed them; some are behaving as if God is no longer mindful of His promises.
8.           Well, if you think we are wasting our time waiting for His promise; you are deceived. We are not wasting our time. Nobody in this Faith has ever worshipped God one hundred and twenty years. Nobody in this Faith has ever waited for the promise of God for one twenty years.
9.           From the time God gave Noah His promise, Noah has to preach the message for about one hundred and twenty years. Preaching the message means, waiting on the promise. Noah waited patiently, even after people started ridiculing him; Noah remained steadfast because he was sure and certain of the God that spoke to him.
10.        God’s promise stands sure from generation to generation. God has always remained faithful to His promise. The most unfortunate thing we are encountering is that people think that the promises of God are for everybody. The promises of God are for the people of God only. Anybody who is not a child of God is never concerned in the promises of God. And the people of God have never been tired while waiting for His promise.
11.        In the days of Noah, let it not surprise you that God has nothing but eight persons from His fold. The lineage of God was drawn from Noah. Anybody that is not from the lineage of Noah was never saved in Noah’s day. Salvation has always been a family affair. Check scriptures.
12.        I thank God He has narrowed the family down to the Church. The family of God in the time of Noah was Noah’s family. Is that not true? It is! The family of God in the time of Lot was Lot’s family and yet in Lot’s family there was a stranger. Although Lot married his wife legally, Lot’s wife remained a stranger to the family of God. I hope somebody is taking note?
13.        I want to speak on a little topic, I want to title it in a strange way: “Sustained by my Experience.”
14.        Anybody that is a believer has something that sustained him in Christ. If you are a believer, if you claim you are a child of God, there is an experience you must pass through, there is something you have experienced that made you to conclude that you are indeed a child of God, that you are a seed of God, that you are not a stranger, that you are not a foreigner; that you are not a bastard.
15.        Let me just tell you what I mean. Every child in a family has an experience in his family; something that he holds on and makes his vote that he is a child born in that family; where he can stand and even challenge his brethren that he is not a stranger, that he is not a bastard; that he is not a foreigner. That he has a say in that family.
16.        Sustained by my experience, watch the scripture in Deuteronomy chapter 4, the Lord was speaking to His people saying, “You have seen this diverse miracles, signs and wonders which I have wrought among you. You have seen everything, and these things go to confirm that there is no nation here on Earth—no matter how great or small that nation might be in the world—that has a living God that is so close to them, that is with them at all times like the people of God.”
17.        There is no nation that has a God, a living God that is so close that He can answer their call each time they called on Him; He said not even one nation. Only Israel, only the people of God can boast of having God among them and that God they have is not far away from them. He is always with them, He can answer their calls at all time. Before their eyes, He will wrought great signs, wonders and miracles.
18.        He said, “You have seen all these things, I have never disappointed you. Each time you call I have always responded.” Other nations will call and call in vain. Each time you call, God will respond. He said be very careful that you will not forget what your eyes have seen and what your ears have heard. In other words, if the people should be steadfast in their loyalty and faithfulness to God, there must be something that will sustain them. What is that thing? Their experience.
19.        What sustained Israel, what sustained the people of God in that day was nothing but their experience. Sustained by my experience. What and what were their experiences? Things they saw, things they heard, things that happened in them. Something you saw with your eyes, you heard with your ears, it happenED to you as a person, can you forget it so easily? No!
20.        no man abandons God until he has forgotten what his eyes have seen, what his ears have heard and what he has passed through. No man, no woman that has definite experience with God ever forgets God. When we talk about backsliding in the heart, backsliding is a sure sign that the person has no experience. Anybody that has experience can never backslide. Thus, backsliding is only associated with people without experience.
21.        Sustained by my experience. I am not saying sustained by his experience or sustained by their experience. Some people are sustained by experiences of some people. If you are sustained by somebody’s experience, you have no experience. Nothing is sustaining you, you have no anchor.
22.        The people of God in all generations have always been sustained by their experiences. In addition, the Lord told the people, “Forget not that which you have experienced with Me all these years: How you called on Me in the time of trouble and I answered— a sure sign that I am not too far away from you. All these years, you have seen my signs and wonders which I wrought among you, including great miracles. Things no human being can imagine happen before your eyes do not forget them.
23.        Then look at David, we heard with our ears, our fathers have told us what great things you did in the land of Egypt, even in the land of Canaan, how you conquered many nations.
24.        What is more, these people believed the reports of their fathers. Because the Lord gave them charge, He said, “These things you have heard, you have seen with your eyes, do not limit them to yourselves. Tell these things unto your children. Tell them your experiences with Me.”
25.        Moreover, when the Lord Jesus appeared, He said, “Blessed are those who did not see and they believed. These children were not there, but their fathers told them their experiences with God. They believed. The Lord Jesus did not tour round the whole world in his First Advent, but our people that saw Him ate with Him, drank with Him, moved about with Him, then He gave them the message and commissioned them to preach this message to the whole world of what they have witnessed to people around.
26.        Blessed is the man, blessed is the woman who will not insist that he or she must see with his eyes before he will believe. Sustained by my experience.
27.        St. Luke 1 : 1-4 “Forasmuch as many have taken in hand to set forth in order a declaration of those things which are most surely believed among us, Even as they delivered them unto us, which from the beginning were eyewitnesses, and ministers of the word;
28.        It seemed good to me also, having had perfect understanding of all things from the very first, to write unto thee in order, most excellent Theophilus, That thou mightest know the certainty of those things, wherein thou hast been instructed.” KJV.
29.        Since it is a well known fact that many people have taken it upon themselves to write down a thorough narratives as they did, things that God wrought among us which we were witnesses. It is a well-known fact that some people among us have taken it as a challenge to put down, to document a true narrative.
30.        Hence, there is no lie there. People have taken it upon themselves to preserve the record for posterity so that we can pass it unto our children.
31.        Exactly as they were handed down to us by those who from the official beginning of Jesus ministry...
32.        Jesus the Christ had an official beginning of His Ministry. Every man of God has always been a man of God from his mother’s womb. However, there has always been a day for the official beginning, official take off of that ministry.
33.        St. Paul was called a minister of the Word of God while he is in his mother’s womb. When he came out, he was defending the cause of the Jews. Do you get the message? He was still a man of God but he was not yet on his line of duty. There was a day he had official beginning on the way to Damascus. However, before then, he had been a preacher.
34.        Thus, any man of God today, let it be known to you that I have an official beginning. Just like Jesus the Christ, He has been doing many things but His Ministry started one day. According to the scriptures, John announced it, “Standing among you, there is a man whom you do not know. I also do not know Him, whose ministry will soon begin.”
35.        Note, whose ministry will soon begin. Remember it was happening about thirty years of age. Nevertheless, before then, they have been saying other things surrounding him. But the ministry has an official beginning after baptism.
36.        Before baptism, there could be miracles, signs and wonders, many surprising things; those things were not taken note of. Jesus Christ was not a devil that time; he was still God that time.
37.        Exactly as they were handed down to us by those who from the official beginning of Jesus ministry were eyewitnesses and ministers of the Word that is, of the doctrine concerning the attainment through Christ of salvation in the Kingdom of God.
38.        It seemed good and desirable to me, and so I have determined also after having searched out diligently and followed all things closely and traced accurately the course from the highest to the minute detail from the very first, to write an orderly account for you, most excellent Theophilus.
39.        My purpose is that you may know the full truth and understand with certainty and security against error the accounts (histories) and doctrines of the faith of which you have been informed and in which you have been orally instructed”.
40.        This particular passage, we have read it over and over. Sustained by my experience. St. Luke was not a novice, he was not walking in isolation. His colleagues took it upon themselves to document facts. Because of Theophilus, whom he cherished so much like Paul cherished Timothy; he decided to use his own hand to write vividly the same account which others wrote.
41.        However, he did not do it ordinarily, first of all, he sat down, made correct comparison of all the write-ups and then gathered everything, even those things the people omitted, they narrated all and gave the correct account even from the minutest to the greatest—he omitted nothing.
42.        As an eyewitness, what was his purpose? To secure Theophilus’ faith. To secure him from error because he knew very well that by and by along the way truth must be perverted. That he must know the whole truth, to protect him from error.
43.        Then Theophilus having known St. Luke very well, had his own personal experience through his instructor because his instructor was an eyewitness. He was not following St. Luke for following sake. If there must be anything that will sustain Theophilus, what do you think that thing will be? It must be his experience with St. Luke.
44.        What sustained Timothy was his experience with Paul. Timothy never forgot what he witnessed with his eyes with Paul. He did not forget what he heard. Even when he was not there, those that followed Paul reported to him and he was sure and certain. Sustained by my experience. This message has become very necessary because it has become clear to Me that many are still in this Church without anything experience.
45.        If I should start asking, what is your experience in this Faith? Many have nothing to say. The only experience they had is that they are holding the Sermon Book, holding The Great Sermon, holding The Epistles: “We have printed many books in this Church, in our Church we drink, we pursue women, there is no sin there. We can dance,” that is their experience. That is what makes this Church the best Church, and that is the only thing they see as God there. Is this A godly experience? No. Amen.

First John 2 : 21 “I have not written unto you because ye know not the truth, but because ye know it, and that no lie is of the truth.” KJV.
2.           I am not talking to you as people that do not know the truth; I am talking to you as people that know the truth because I have taught you. St. Luke was not talking to Theophilus as one that never knew the truth, but he has a purpose.
3.           Recognising the fact that human beings, being what they are, that he may likely be tempted out of the Faith through the errors of the wicked. For the tendency is there that people that are out of the way and yet sitting down in the Church might come up one day even to confuse him. For that reason he decided to document the truth, hand the whole thing over to Theophilus as his changed son.
4.           I am not writing to you as people that do not know the truth, I am writing to you as people that know the truth and you know that no lie is of the truth. No lie is of the truth.
5.           If what is sustaining you in this Faith is not your experience, you are not in this Faith. To as many that are in this Faith, in spite of the hurts and troubles they pass through, there is nothing holding them if not their experiences. If you are in this Faith so that we can help you to hide away yourself from the society and things like that, you are not in this Faith.
6.           Thus, if I should call you my brother or my sister or have fellowship with you, I have this fellowship among those that are sustained by their experiences.
7.           From time to time, you hear people leaving this faith talking blah, blah, blah. You see Pastor trying to admonish some people or warn them or indict them, it is because these people have no experience. Anybody that has experience, you do not need to talk to him or remind him of fellowship day or to serve the Lord; he is sustained by his experience.
8.           However, if he has no experience, he is just a makeup, hypocrite or a Churchgoer. A Churchgoer can preach the message because he is conversant with the message. He hears it, he understands it so he can pass it across. Does that make him a believer? No! He is not a believer. Satan preaches, but he is not a believer. Satan preaches but he is not of God.
9.           You must be sustained by your experience. When a preacher is sustained by his experience, no matter the way the wind blows, no matter the trials, it is not for him because there is something that is holding him. There is something he cannot deny, there is something he cannot overlook. Take away the Bible from him, take away the sermon book from him, that thing is in him. It is his personal experience. Something he has seen with his eyes, heard with his ears and experienced with his own life.
10.        You know you can hear something without seeing it and yet you do not believe it. It will reflect in your life because if you believe what you heard, you will not act contrary. That somebody is acting contrary to what he has heard, it is a sure sign he did not believe it. If he believed it, he will be behaving as if he was there.
11.        Moreover, if you wait until you will be there to see with your eyes, even if you see it, you will not believe. People that believed had already believed before they saw it.
12.        Sustained by my experience, no lie is of the truth. If I am telling the truth, you know. If I am telling lies, equally you know. Anything that is holding you in this Faith other than what you have seen with your eyes, heard with your ears, passed through and you know it is truth and it is God; If anything else is holding you in this most holy Faith other than that thing, you are not with us.
13.        The Prophet said, “Some believe this Faith for they think it is new. And these people, they just hold it as a thing for argument to show that what they are holding is high. They do not go beyond that. Nevertheless, talk of the demands of the Faith, they cannot meet them. They cannot keep pace with this Faith. No matter how they try to manage themselves inside the Faith, they will not succeed.” There is nothing here that can keep them here till the end.
14.        Many are in our midst behaving as if they are one of us because of the shame they will pass through if people hear that they have left us. For they do not know what they will say if they leave this Faith. Moreover, they have no other place to go hence they are still in this Church. These people are foolish.  They have no experience.
15.        That is why I love the prayer Brother Kelechi made at the beginning of this ministry say, “God if you are the One that is doing all these things which we are seeing and we are rejoicing, I want You Lord to deal with me personally. I do not care how that dealing will be, let it be a personal experience to me.”
16.        He continued praying it privately. At the appointed day, the Lord visited him. And the experience was a hard one on him. Till eternity, I do not think that even if Heaven and Earth will pass away that Brother Kelechi will forget that experience, no. The same way there are so many experiences we have been having in this Faith individually, privately.
17.        At times even in our houses, when we go to bed in our dreams, at times in our business, in our family lives. Many, many experiences.
18.        Things we cannot even explain, at times some of us hold ourselves back. There are certain experiences you may be having individually that are very hard to express, even to share among human beings lest people will misunderstand them or start thinking this way or that way, hence we keep them to ourselves.
19.        Yet there are some people that have no single experience from the day they came into this Faith till now. They do not have any personal experience. What is more, the one they have heard, they find difficult to believe. There is no way they can say, “This is the way God deals with me.”
20.        He does not know when God is with him or when God is not with him. He believe that God is with him because he is in the Church that is all. If that is the only way you believe that God is with you and God is in you, and God is dealing with you, to begin with; you are outside God. I say you are outside God; you are not even in His program. When a man is not in God’s program, it is noticeable at a glance.

First John 4 : 6 “We are of God: he that knoweth God heareth us; he that is not of God heareth not us. Hereby know we the spirit of truth, and the spirit of error”. KJV.
2.           We are children of God. Whoever is learning to know God progressively to perceive, recognize, and understand God by observation and experience...”
3.           And understand God by what? OBSERVATION AND EXPERIENCE. You see what is sustaining that person. What is sustaining that person? Experience: “By observation I know Him, I can recognize Him, I can perceive Him. I understand Him.” Progressively and learning.  
4.           And to get an ever-clearer knowledge of Him...”
5.            And to get an ever-clearer of who God is.
6.           “...Listen listens to us;”
7.           That person does what? Listens to us.
8.           “...and he who is not of God does not listen or pay attention to us. By this we know recognize the Spirit of Truth and spirit of error”. AMP.
9.           If you are in this Church, you do not listen to us, you do not pay attention to what we are saying, has it not conformed with what I told you, that to know somebody who is not in this faith is at a glance. I say at a glance because his character cannot be hidden for too long.
10.        Even if he preaches in this world, even if he is the best preacher in this world; call him whatever you want to call him, at a glance a single dealing with him, he will be x-rayed.
11.        Let me tell you something about God. sometimes, God gives a man exalted position in His Church so as to expose him. If God did not give Judas exalted position, it wOULD NOT have exposed him. i repeat, sometimes God gives a MAN, a woman exalted position so as to expose him.
12.        Even societal speaking, watch what is taking place, if God did not give Mbadinuju Governor of Anambra State; nobody would have seen him as an antichrist. God gave him that position so as to expose him to the whole of Anambra State that he is carrying the Bible in vain.
13.        Check all that God has given exalted position, even our head of state who is a Baptist. If God did not give him exalted position as head of state, nobody will see how bad he has been. Sometimes, God exalts a man in the Church; give him exalted position only to expose him because a city that is cited on a mountain cannot be hidden.
14.        Thus, do not ask Me if God knows these people are not in His program, why did He give them exalted positions? He gave them exalted positions to expose them.
15.        “...But we are children of God that is why only those who have walkked and talked with God will listen to us, others won’t. That is another way to know whether a message is really from God. If it is, the world won’t listen to it”.
16.        In other words, people can walk and talk with God! If God is not a human being, how can people walk and talk with Him? On the way to Emmaus, some people walked and talked with Him. In many places, Mary Magdalene walked and talked with Him.
17.        The same way it is with women that served Him, young men that served Him, elderly men that served Him; they walked and talked with Him. Is that not true? It is.
18.        Both in the old and New Testaments, people walked and talked with Him. What is more, only those that have walked and talked with Him can recognize Him, can observe Him and say, “Look at Him.” The rest will not understand. If they walk and talk with Him, in other words He is the same yesterday, today and forever.
19.        In our own day, if we walk and talk with Him, is it contradicting the scripture? We are walking and talking with Him according to the scriptures and it is our experience that now sustained us. Thus, somebody that has walked and talked with Him, who knows Him, understands Him, can perceive Him, observe Him, recognize Him; can he lose his experiences? No. what sustains him? His experience.
20.        Sustained by my experience. There must be something that will sustain you, something that will hold you in this Faith. You call it your anchor. Remember, anchor is something that holds a canoe or ship in the river bank. A fisherman anchors his ship to a stake and then get the thing down.
21.        No matter how the tempest will blow the canoe or ship will be held by the anchor. If the river will carry that little canoe, it will pull off the stake then, the river will carry the canoe.
22.        You must anchor somewhere, there must be something sustaining you and that thing must be the thing you have seen with your eyes, heard with your ears and passed through personally.
23.        Sustained by my experience, I am not talking of collective experience when we gather in the fellowship: “We are praising God, there was a vision, there was a light;” that was collectively. Sustained by my experience. All things happen according to scriptures.
24.        First John 1 : 1-2, “We are writing about the Word of Life [in] Him Who existed from the beginning, Whom we have heard, whom we have seen with our own eyes, Whom we have seen with [our] own eyes, Whom we have gazed upon [for ourselves] and have touched with [our] own hands.
25.        And the Life [an aspect of His being] was revealed (made manifest, demonstrated) and we saw [as eyewitnesses] and are testifying to and declare to you the Life, the eternal Life in Him Who already existed with the Father and Who [actually] was made visible [was revealed] to us [His followers]”. AMP.
26.        “That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked upon, and our hands have handled, of the Word of life;
27.        (For the life was manifested, and we have seen it, and bear witness, and show unto you that eternal life, which was with the Father, and was manifested unto us;).” KJV.
28.        Christ was alive when the world began, now I myself have seen Him with my own eyes and listened to Him speak. I have touched Him with my own hands; He is God’s message of life”.
29.        We are writing about the Word of Life in Him who existed from the very beginning...”
30.        In Him Who existed from the very beginning. This was the one Luke took time to give a thorough narrative: The Word of Life, He that existed from the very beginning, before the foundation of the world.
31.        In Him who existed from the very beginning, whom we have heard, whom we have seen with our own eyes...
32.        Note, Whom we have seen with our own eyes. He existed before the world began, the Word of Eternal Life. We can see Him as a man, we heard about Him; and we have seen Him with our own eyes.
33.        “...Whom we have gazed upon...” We have seen Him with our face, whom we have heard and gazed upon Him. We have stood before Him face to face, we looked at Him, examined Him and observed Him. When we see Him on the way, we can recognize Him. Thus, it is no longer a story.
34.        “...And we have touched with our own hands...” We have touched with our own hands. Hence, He is no longer too far away, we are not talking about Him as one that has been there all the while. He has left Eternity. “And the Life and aspect of His being was revealed, made manifest, demonstrated and we saw...
35.        His life was revealed, made manifest and demonstrated. When I say demonstrate your life, I say demonstrate your character. He did not come and then stay in one place, He moves about, revealed His life and demonstrated His character.
36.        And the Life and aspect of His being was revealed, made manifest, demonstrated and we saw as eye witnesses”
37.        We saw as what? Eyewitnesses.
38.        “And we testifying to, and declare to you the life, the Eternal Life in Him Who already existed with the Father, and Who actually was made visible, was revealed to us His followers”.
39.        Was it revealed to the outsiders? No! You know it happened to them that time, and He is the same yesterday, today and forever. And say lo, I will be with you always. This is our day, what do you think that sustained this people in their day? Was it not their experience? Even if every other person will run away from Him, I do not think you will deny what you saw. Then I am sustained by my experience.
40.        What is sustaining you? What is your experience? Have you any experience at all? The reason why we are still preaching repentance, we are still indicting people, trying to correct some people is because some people are waiting without experience. There is nothing sustaining them, that is why any day they like they can come to Church. Any day they do not like, they will not.
41.        They can travel any time they want to, they can come back any day they want to because they are free. Everyday belongs to them, every time belongs to them. They can talk anyhow and behave anyhow. They are not under leadership; they are not under a Guide. There is nobody controlling their character because they are free. Why? They have no experience.
42.        Sustained by my experience; call this Message part one. Sustained by my experience, it is not sustained by their experience. Do you get the message? Not sustained by our experience. It is personal. Sustained by my experience.
43.      On this note, I say remain in your sanctified estate, remain blessed in Him eternally. Amen.