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Tuesday, 17 April 2012



I am not only crowned a King, I am crowned King of kings and Lord of lords. Believe it if you can… - Son of Man


I am your Mercy Seat, if I set you free, you are free indeed. If I declare you guilty, carry your case to anywhere, you must be pronounced guilty for God cannot contradict His Messenger. You are looking for the Ark of God in the wooden form, you do not know that Christ is the Ark. Christ is the Ark for He is the fulfillment of the Law and of the Prophet. Thus, He is the Ark in completeness for where there is no Ark there is no salvation. Where there is no Ark of God, there can never be salvation for anybody there.
In other words, we are now having the Ark that is not made of wood. Christ is your Mercy Seat, the Anointed One, the Messiah, the Saviour.
As far as I am in your midst, I am your Mercy Seat...
(I AM MERCY SEAT page 122, verse 41-43)

“Behold my servant, whom I uphold; mine elect, in whom my soul delighteth; I have put my spirit upon him: he shall bring forth judgment to the Gentiles. He shall not fail nor be discouraged, till he have set judgment in the earth: and the isles shall wait for his law.
Thus saith God the LORD, he that created the heavens, and stretched them out; he that spread forth the earth, and that which cometh out of it; he that giveth breath unto the people upon it, and spirit to them that walk therein.” ISAIAH 42:1,4-5. KJV.

When he prepared the heavens, I was there: when he set a compass upon the face of the depth: When he established the clouds above: when he strengthened the fountains of the deep:
When he gave to the sea his decree, that the waters should not pass his commandment: when he appointed the foundations of the earth: Then I was by him, as one brought up with him: and I was daily his delight, rejoicing always before him.” PROVERBS 8:27-30, KJV.


you must have your own testimony
Brethren, I welcome all of you to His Presence this very day. There is no other place you can stay and feel comfortable, feel at peace if not in the Presence of the Lord God Almighty.
2.        I bet you even in your families you have no peace, you have no rest, for many things are disturbing you whether married or unmarried.
3.        If nothing disturbs you, your neighbours will disturb you. Even in your hometowns, if you run down to your families at home, it is not the remedy. That is where you will see the worst. It is better to cope with the troubles of strangers in the township than to cope with the troubles of your own relations in your own compound.
4.        Man’s greatest enemy has been proved to be members of his own family; the worst, being your father and mother, seconded by your brothers and sisters who are greatly envious of you. They are seeing you as a threat, somebody that is coming to overthrow them; somebody that is coming to bear rule over them.
5.        I was telling a brother in my family, ‘You do not know what you are facing; very soon you will begin to feel the pinch.’ It is easier to believe that your enemies outside are troubling you than to believe that your father and mother are troubling you. It is easier to call somebody outside a witch or a wizard, than to call your father and mother wizard and witch.
6.        Of a truth, your fathers and mothers are wizards and witches; bewitching you and your families, impeding your progress and you are fixing your eyes on somebody else.
7.        Let Me tell you one funny thing about them: they will not like you to notice how diabolic they are. When they are trying to kill you, they will be pointing your eyes to somebody in the family or outside the family who is struggling against them. That is not true. If your father is killing you, he will not like you to know; he will divert your attention to his sister: ‘It must be this my sister that come back from her husband’s home! It must be this my sister that refused to marry.’ It must be this and that; he does not want you to know the truth. He is the one killing you, pinning you down.
8.        You have heard that Sister Thomas has delivered a bouncing baby boy, I know you have heard it. Many have seen, many have believed; that which seemeth impossible has become possible but it was not without pains. It was a fight and a struggle to take away the hand the mother of Pastor Thomas imprinted on the wife of Pastor Thomas.
9.        To take away the hand became very difficult. Even when the woman was resting in the grave, the spirit was still living with Pastor Thomas—very hard to believe. If you do not believe it you are not in the Faith of the Son of Man.
10.     A struggle, so it is happening to many of you. You have not yielded to Christ, for that reason you remained a beggar. Look at Victor Ugwu, with his flesh he is in the fellowship; his heart is not with us. And nothing will make his condition to change until he becomes a believer, if he will be. As long as he remains an idolater, mixing with people anyhow, taking side with the parents and their idol(s); he will remain in his impoverished condition.
11.     Even people that will like to show you favour, the moment your parents hear about it, they will stop the move for they do not want you to become a man. If you do not know why they called you Congo, go home and verify. Find out who called you Congo and the meaning of Congo. They called you public slave from childhood and you assumed it, grew up as Congo and claimed you are Congo.
12.     Instead of saying, ‘God, change it! I do not want to be a Congo;’ You think Congo means your height. Congo is not your height—it means good for nothing! Somebody that gave birth and called his child Congo, does he love him? No!
13.     If your father loves you, I will tell you a secret. I do not know about it but now I have known it. It is in my ears. Your father made a proclamation that day you were born, go home now and verify from your mother and adults that were there the day you were born.
14.     Your father looked at you and said that you are a child of luck. In other words, you will never achieve anything; you will only live by the good-luck that comes your way, the Goodwill of people. You can only survive by the goodwill of the people.
15.     In other words, you are born a beggar. You were born useless. While handling something outside when I came to fellowship, Deacon Mike was testifying to our brethren concerning what I was saying: How he came to Onitsha and embraced Me, otherwise; he would have become the most useless fellow in his compound for he was born with a curse that he will never be useful all the days of his life.
16.      What is more, while he was in primary two, he started riding motorcycle. In primary two, he used motorcycle to tour Mbaise and Ngor-okpala until they waited for him on the way. They nearly rubbished his leg so that it will be the end but God said no.
17.     When I pulled him down to Onitsha, he embraced Me and I asked him to sit down. Many attempts he made to run back home, I said, ‘No, you must be with Me.’ And he remained with Me till today. Even when Deeper Life Church trapped him, I fought a war and I won the battle, bringing him out.
18.     It was a fight; the war was so severe that Brother Mike and his wife made a proclamation, signed a pact that I will never step into their house. They banned Me from coming to their house. Even at a time his wife was dying, she was pregnant and was dying inside the room; nobody believed that Brother Mike first son could be born. Brother Mike prefers his wife in that condition, provided he stays in Deeper Life Church.
19.     What is more, two of us embraced this truth the same day and had a revival. However, when trials came, he denied Me and ran back to Deeper Life Church. They got him because they were getting his money. They were making him useless, for he was sponsoring their families.
20.     I waged war until one of the daughters’ condition became very terribly bad and Brother Mike was hospitalised with wife and the baby at Ventosa. I cannot forget that night I went there. My wife travelled to Abuja, I said, ‘Glory be to God, another opportunity has come.’ I spoke at length in the hospital, and all the Deeper Life Church members there who knew Me were mad.
21.     At the end Brother Mike followed Me to my house, where I prepared food which we took to the hospital for the wife and the child to eat. I slept with him and opened his eyes. Nevertheless, his eyes were opened before, but because of fear he ran back. This time around, he vowed a vow that it is a mission impossible to go back to Deeper Life Church again.
22.     I gave him some pamphlets, gave him a magazine. He went to the hospital and became a preacher there. They knew they have come to the end of the road. For the first time I was allowed to pray for the daughter. I prayed for the daughter for the first time, the following morning they left the hospital. What is more, that which the doctor could not accomplish, God accomplished it.
23.     They left the hospital, the following Sunday he came to fellowship. Deeper Life Church members ran mad. Some said that Brother Mike has followed his brother. However, Brother Mike was not interested, he said he was following the truth and not his brother. That is the much I want to tell you there. If you want to know his testimony go to him.
24.     you must have your own testimony. Don’t say that you are delivered; where are you delivered from? What were you before? When others are singing praises for their deliverance, do not join them unless you have experienced deliverance yourself.
25.     The greatest enemy a man has ever incurred in life has remained his mother or his father, or both of them. The second will be your immediate elder or younger brothers and sisters. It is easier to notice when an outsider is envying you than to notice when all your relations are envying you.
26.     Note, envying you is not because you have money, they can envy you because of your children. They can envy you because of the dream you have for yourself.
27.     Do you know that I handled a Message some years ago titled, “Be Very Careful about the People You Share Your Dream with.” For your dream can put you into trouble. Your dream is what you have in mind to achieve, the personality you want to be, what you want your family to be; what you want your children to be. It can put you into trouble, more so when your relations that are not faring well will begin to notice that you are aiming at having rule over the family: ‘If I should allow this boy and he becomes a graduate tomorrow, if he becomes a lawyer tomorrow, he becomes something tomorrow, we are gone!’
28.     Do you know that it was Joseph’s dream which he narrated to his father and his brothers that landed Joseph into trouble for which cause they sold him off?  For the father interpreted the dream and his brothers understood the dream that Joseph is coming up—although he was the last in the family—to bear rule over everybody. They say it will never happen in this life, and his father approved that it will never happen.
29.     I do not know your own dream; I do not know whom you are sharing it with. I do not know the way your father is seeing you, I do not know the way your mother is seeing you but remember, whoever that wants to kill you will not tell you that he is coming to kill you. He knows how he will do it and he knows how he will do it.
30.     Most of you are being chained by your fathers. I have my reasons why I use myself and my Brother Mike lest somebody will say I am insulting him. If it did not happen to two of us, I will not have the boldness to preach it. We experienced it; many of you know about it that it took God to liberate Brother Mike and the family. Otherwise, there would not have been a human being in his family now. The same way it happens to too many of your families, you are beneficiaries.
31.     Nevertheless, who are the people trying to exterminate you? Are they outsiders? No, they are your parents! A fowl that is laying egg uses its peak to break and drink the fluid inside it.
32.     The day your father at home—at a very old age—begins to give you money to transport yourself home; begins to tell you that if you are tired of township that you should come home that he will establish you at home, mark your father; he is your greatest enemy. He is not wishing that you should be mightier than him.
33.     Any father or mother that has such a vision that his children should remain under him, that he will be controlling everything about his children even at a very old age is the most wicked father; the most wicked mother.
34.     I know the day God delivered Me from the hand of my mother, and I know the day God delivered my mother from that evil spirit because of the stand I took. One that could gang up with all my brothers against Me, does she love Me? No! Yet they do not take care of her, I am the one doing everything for her. Yet, she gathered everybody against Me because of my Faith.
35.     Once you are against my Faith, you are against Me and against my future. You are against my whole family. How can you say that you are not against Me but you are against my Faith? Whoever that hates your Faith hates your God.
36.     Furthermore, you are alive because of your God, because things happen to us according to our Faith. Things happen to us according to our Faith. Someone tells you that he does not hate you but he hates your Church: ‘I do not hate you, I love you but I hate your Church. I hate that your Church!’ and then you begin to laugh over it; you think it is a light statement when the person has already declared himself to you that he is your greatest enemy.
37.     That is why the Prophet said that if any man hates your God, hate him back. David said, ‘Have I not hated those that hate you with perfect hatred? And I count them as my enemies.’ Until you do it, you can never liberate yourself. You do not do it with the word of the mouth (lip service).
38.     I know what is killing many of you. Of course all of you are not in my Faith. Why am I troubling myself? I know those that belong to Me, and they know that I know them. I know those that are just making pretences.
39.     I cannot forget the day God stepped into the life of Pastor Thomas at Ehalumona while we went to bury our late mother; Pastor Thomas went there to betray Me. Somebody I gave over everything to take charge of, he abandoned the whole brethren, abandoned Me and then married his mother. Moreover, his mother vowed a vow that his wife must die and Pastor Thomas agreed. It is stupidity to agree to kill your wife so that your mother will live. Many of you are worse than Pastor Thomas.
40.     When his eyes opened, he marvelled. What is more, his mother came to Onitsha to kill the wife. If not God’s intervention, she would have succeeded. In addition, Pastor Thomas’ mother was pointing the sister (Pastor Thomas’ wife) eyes away, telling her that it was two hundred Naira that fell into their flat from upstairs, which she picked, and the owner came to their flat and collected his money.
41.     I told Pastor Thomas, ‘Your mother is a very wicked woman. Look at her mission.’ I cannot forget the day Pastor Thomas used all his weight to beat the wife to coma in the presence of the mother. The wife ran to the mother as mother-in-law, the woman pushed her back so that the son will kill her.
42.     The matter came to Me, I wept sore, I wept bitterly. I said, ‘Pastor Thomas, nobody hates you more than your mother. I want to show you a sign that your greatest enemy is your mother, and the greatest enemy of your family rendering all your brothers and sisters useless, nobody is making any headway in your family because your mother tied all of you to a stake. I show you a sign: your mother must stand in the village square and make a public confession that will be shocking. Your name will be there, the names of all your brothers, she will confess all the atrocities she committed and those she will commit more.’
43.     Did it happen? Yes, one day before many witnesses she confessed all she did. Pastor Thomas name and the wife became number one and two; she took people to the stake where she tied all.
44.     When you hear that your father said, your mother said they are rendering sacrifices on your behalf; have you ever one day asked them why? When they say they will use fowl to make sacrifice on your behalf, that he or she wants to use goat, that he or she wants to use ram that he or she wants to use it to offer sacrifice on your behalf; don’t you have wisdom? ‘My friend, what kind of sacrifice are you offering for us? Did I say you should offer any on my behalf? Remove my name; I do not want my name to be there.’ If you do not denounce it, your name is there.
45.     If you want to know what I am saying, consult Brother Mike and Brother Shedrach. If not God, Brother Shedrach and his family would have died in exile.
46.     I cannot forget the day I went there with my wife and our former Brother Nwobi Obasanya. Any day Nwobi Obasanya remembers what took place at Nsukka; he must run back to this Faith. That was the day God gave Brother Shedrach victory and then signed it as a pact that he should go to Ehandiagu to bring his mother home: ‘Call everybody, put his house in order. If anybody dies here, I should be held responsible. But I will show you a sign, that man spearheading this thing will die; the man who is betraying you will die and will die a mysterious death.’
47.     Did it happen? Yes! The first died mysteriously, the second was coming to threaten Brother Shedrach, but snake bit him and he died. Now, Brother Shedrach is fully liberated.
48.     We are not preaching death in this most holy Faith, but God killeth and maketh alive. I remember the day I was talking to Brother Thomas on a lighter note, I said, ‘Brother Thomas, I pity your condition but you are blind. I doubt, Pastor Thomas, whether you can get a male child until your mother dies.’
49.     Go and ask him, he thought I was kidding. Before we knew it, the mother died. When the wife became pregnant, I monitored the whole thing and told him. Keep on saving your money for she is going to deliver on a very unusual way. I called Sister Chika, ‘Off your eyes and your hands. This one is no concern of yours. It is greater than you.’
50.     The pregnancy was four months old when I told Pastor Thomas how the baby will be born. No matter all they did to change it, it did not happen until the baby clocked ten months and eleven days.
51.     On that same day, he approached Me with stories. I said, ‘No, thank God I am here today. Go to the same place I said you should go and consult the doctor. Before you will tell him the problem, blood should not come out first. Tell him to incise her and bring out your first son—save the life of your first son and your wife.’
52.     The day I spoke about it, Brother Onyema Isaac was there, Pastor Dan was also there. I spoke to all of them together. That was the day they knew that Pastor Thomas has been blessed with a baby boy.
53.     Before I sent him for ultrasound with instruction: ‘Do not open it, bring it to Me. Seal it!’ Many were there that day.
54.     Let Me tell you, your problem is unbelief. All the traitors, all the conspirators among us that conspire against the Son of Man to do Me harm; you are stupid—you are very, very stupid. You are the most foolish human beings on Earth.
55.     You may begin to wonder what you did. Do you know that in the Army, if you hear any discussion, you hear people peddling rumours or discussion that there is going to be a coup or they are plotting a coup; you are involved. The only way to save yourself is to report to the authorities. You are there, too many of you; I know all of you.
56.     What is hindering Me is when I consider you in the light of the little ones running around you, I look towards the sky, I remember the Word of God and the prophecy of William Branham, ‘Do not harm the squirrel that has children. This is what pulls Me back. Otherwise, heads would have rolled.
57.      Brother Kelechi, remember what I told you on Wednesday?
58.     It is hard to believe that the saviour is also the destroyer. That the advocate is also the judge. Note it! HE IS AN Advocate today AND A judge tomorrow. HE IS A Saviour today AND A destroyer tomorrow.
59.     I am not saying that you should not kill Me, kill Me—it is your right—and hang yourself in the sky. Amen.


Follow Me as we ride the trail. Let us search the scriptures for you saw too many things within this period. While you were coming to the fellowship, you saw some people carrying some palm fronds of different colours, including Pentecostals.
2.        They said that 1st April, 2012 is the celebration of their so-called Palm Sunday. Little children I want you to take note of this Message because you need to be taught, equally, some adults need to be taught. If I do not teach you, the tendency is there for you to compromise with your fellow students in your schools.
3.        Begin to share their beliefs and views. However, I am going to speak to you in another dimension using the same thing which they are impersonating. Whatever you see the denominations practice, has always remained the impersonations of the original.
4.        St. Matthew 21 : 1-11 LB. “Jesus and the disciple approach Jerusalem and they were near the town of Bethlehem of the Mount of Olive. Jesus sends the two of them into the village ahead. Just as he entered he said you will see a donkey tied there with its colt beside it. Untied them and bring them here. If anyone ask you what you are doing, just say the master needs them and there will be no trouble. This was done to fulfil the ancient prophecy: “Tell Jerusalem that her King is coming to her riddling humbly on a donkey colt”.
5.        Tell Jerusalem that her King is coming to her, riding humbly on a donkey’s back. That is the prophecy.
6.        The two disciples did as Jesus said and brought the animals to him and threw their garment over the colt for him to ride on. And some in the crowd threw their coat along the road ahead of him and others cut branches from the trees and spread them out before him. Then the crowd surged on ahead and pressed along behind shouting “God bless King David’s son, God’s man is here bless him Lord. Praise God in highest heaven”. The entire city of Jerusalem was stirred as he entered, who is this they asked? And the crowd reply it is Jesus the Prophet from Nazareth up in Galilee”.
7.        St. Mark 11 : 1-11 LB. Read it in your Bible. St. Luke chapter 19 : 28-40, St. John chapter 12 verse 12-19. These are reference points which you can go through in your Bible. They are talking about one incident, the triumphant entry of our Lord Jesus Christ into Jerusalem in His own day.
8.        Our worship ground is our own Jerusalem; it is the Galilee of the Gentiles. I am not talking about the Jerusalem situated in the Middle East where the physical Temple was built. That was the one Jesus Christ entered.
9.        Remember, Jesus the Christ was the Saviour of that day to His people. Do you believe that to be true? God gave the people of Israel a Saviour in the person of Jesus Christ and the Bible said it was the Spirit of Christ in Jesus that made Him God. And that Christ is still in your midst, on the land today—Christ in the Jews; Christ in the Gentiles.
10.     For it is only in Christ that the Jews and the Gentiles are one, the point of unity has remained Christ. What binds us together is our belief in Christ.
11.     You can see people carrying palm fronds of different colours to their various Churches. On Wednesday you could see them coming back in their morning Mass with ashes on their foreheads. That was the day they burnt all the palm fronds they collected in the previous year. They kept custody of all of them in their houses; on that Ash Wednesday, all families brought out their ancient palm fronds that were dried, they were put together and collectively burnt.
12.     The reverend father carried the ashes and placed on their foreheads as cremation. It is their belief, has it any scriptural background? The answer is no for it cannot be traced anywhere.
13.     Now watch, Jesus Christ was coming to Jerusalem, a triumphant entry, a joyful entry in preparatory for the Lord’s Supper; preparatory for His departure. He was making his last trip to Jerusalem in preparatory for his death. That is why it is celebrated on every Easter period. It was preparation for His death.
14.     He knew that he was making the last trip to Jerusalem, but the people that were welcoming Him knew not the implications of what they were doing. He never made it a continues ceremony. There was no command that it should be observed in commemoration of his visit to Jerusalem. There is no ordinance that you should be observing this celebration of entering Jerusalem by bringing palm fronds, placing them on the ground, spreading your clothes for Him to ride on.
15.     It was not to be a continues ceremony, and it was not even commanded by God to be done by anybody. Rather, individuals spread their cloths, Some hewed leaves of trees, branches of trees, palm fronds and placed those things on the ground as a way of honouring a King. They were doing it not at anybody’s command, Jesus Christ never commanded it. They were doing it by individual revelation as they were moved, that this great Jesus Christ that is paying them this visit today deserves a big honour.
16.     Women brought their dress and spread on the ground, men cut off leaves and branches and they were spreading those things on the ground, paving way for the donkey that is coming with the Master—a great crowd behind, a great crowd in front, A TRIUMPHANT ENTRY.
17.     Did Jesus Christ command the people to do that for Him? No! Did God command them to do it? No! It was the Jewish system of receiving dignitaries. Let Me tell you what I mean.
18.     When a governor is paying a visit to any local government or community, the organizers of the reception normally come together to spell out their own way of receiving him in a very honourable way. Sometimes, they will come up with the idea of buying red rug or red carpet. Hence, they say, ‘We are going to give the governor a red carpet reception.’
19.     Sometimes, they will command the students to flank on the two sides of the road as a sign of honour, which the governor never commanded. It is a way of expressing their gratitude to the governor for he is a special man paying a special visit. They see it as a very big honour done to their local government or community, which they do not deserve; which others might be praying for but could not get.
20.     This was what informed the wonderful reception that was accorded to the Lord Jesus Christ in Jerusalem.
21.     Now it was Jesus Christ that knew that what happened there that day was the fulfilment of the ancient prophecy that said, “Jerusalem, your King cometh, humbly riding on the back of a donkey.” The scripture said, “Jesus Christ did not come as a King, rather He came as a slave, He came as a servant. If he had come as a King, he would have been served but He came to serve others.’ Is it not scriptures? It is.
22.     If you read it in Hebrews you will see that He did not come as a King, He came as a servant. Although He is God but He took the position of a servant. He became humble and obedient even unto death. Note, not ordinary death, but a death of a criminal—dying in the place of the people that committed the atrocities. People that were worthy of death, He said, ‘Father, kill them not, rather kill Me and leave them alone. Let me die in their place.’
23.     He came as a humble Lamb, He came not to have rule but to serve. THUS, when I say let the spirit that was in Christ be in you, I mean indirectly that the spirit of humility should be in you; The spirit of selfless service should be in you. But unfortunately, I see the spirit of HAUGHTIness, of arrogance, of pride, of envy, of jealousy, of malice; of hatred, murderous spirit in many of you.
24.     YES, murderous spirit, THE Spirit to kill A fellow human being IS IN MANY OF YOU. There are many ways you can murder somebody: you can murder ONE even with the words of your mouth. When the words of your mouth will destroy the reputation of an individual and make people to look at him suspiciously; have you not murdered the person? you have murdered the person.
25.     Please be very careful. Watch Jesus Christ who should be our example, the beginning and ending of our faith, let Him be your example in all things.
26.     Watch, because of great and marvellous works he did which were noised abroad, when His disciples heard He was making an entry into Jerusalem; everywhere was agog, full of fire to see Him.
27.     But notice, they were saying Hosanna to the Son of David, Hosanna to Him that cometh in the Name of the Lord. That was that day, but the following day the same people used their mouth and said, ‘Crucify him. He is worthy of death! He must die!’
28.     They were asked, ‘Look at a criminal, look at your King; who do you want us to set free?’ They all screamed, ‘Set free the criminal but kill this  man called Jesus.’ The same people that spread their cloths on the ground, the same people that hewed branches of trees and placed on the ground; the same people that sang His praise, glory, honour and majesty to his name, the same people said, ‘May God punish us and our children if we do not kill him. Let his blood be upon our head and that of our children and grand children, even in generations to come if we do not kill this man.’
29.     ‘What offence did he commit?’ Pilate looked at Him and said, “He committed no offence worthy of death.” Herod examined Him and said, “I found him not guilty’.
30.     They said, ‘Yes, whether he is guilty or not, it is not our business! We are saying that he must die.’
31.     Of what use were the praises and the honour which they accorded Him: “Hosanna, Hosanna, Hosanna in the highest ”?
32.     Begin to examine yourselves one after the other. I am not talking about the palm fronds, I am not talking about the cloths they spread on the ground; but I am talking of the hearts of the individuals that accorded Him that reception. Was there any iota of love in that reception? Absolutely no.
33.     Begin to examine yourselves in the light of that manner, for whenever a man of God appears on the scene, scriptures are bound to fulfil over and over again.
34.     Search the scriptures, when He came, did He proclaim Himself King? Is there any scripture where Jesus Christ proclaimed Himself King? NO. But the people themselves discerned that He came as a King, that He was a King. They even said that He was a King when He never said so.
35.     To Pilate by revelation, he said, ‘Jesus, King of the Jews.’ They said, ‘No, wipe it off and say that he said he is King of the Jews.’ Pilate said, ‘No, what I have written I have written.’
36.     In spite of His humility, He remained the King of kings and Lord of lords. His humility never removed anything from His personality; His simplicity never distorted anything from His personality. His selfless service to mankind, never distorted anything from His personality. Whatever the people assumed Him to be, whatever interpretation they gave to His appearance were completely immaterial. They never added or distorted anything from His personality. He remains the King of kings and Lord of Lords. Whether they crowned Him or not, the Father has already crowned Him.
37.     Even He knew about it, if you read further while that thing was happening; some of his detractors were stopping the people from waving hands at Him. He was riding on the back of the donkey, someone was jubilating while someone was stopping people from jubilating. He looked around and said, “Even if you do not wave hands at me, even if you do not join others in praising me; I bet you, my God, my Father is able to command the rocks and the lilies in the field to praise me.’ Amen.


Watch, the triumphant entry to Jerusalem is not a continues ceremony commanded by God; it was not even commanded. However, the people that received Him honourably were hypocrites. They were paying lip service. If they were sincere, they would have stood for Him. They would not have been a part of the conspiracy against Him.
2.           To prove that all of them joined hands together, when He was brought before the whole public, they shouted, ‘Crucify him! crucify him! crucify him!’ Who were the people? They are the people that said, ‘blessed is He that cometh in the Name of the Lord.’
3.           You might be saying, ‘If I were there that time, my case would have been different, I would have acted otherwise.’ Shut up your mouth! This is your own day; don’t you know who you are? Don’t you know what you have done so far? Don’t you know what you have been planning to do?
4.           This is your own day, if you were there that time, whatever you are today is what you would have been there. This is judgement! Begin to examine yourselves in the Ark and outside the Ark. Begin to scrutinise yourselves to know whether you are in the Ark resting and abiding in Him or you are outside.
5.           Don’t you know when you are wearing your cloth and when you are naked? If you do not know when you are in Christ and when you are not in Christ, it then goes to show that you are a reprobate. Being in Christ means being in the Ark. The Ark, like I have told you is not made of hands, it is not a wooden Ark. The Ark is a human being. Triumphant Entry.
6.           Watch another version of that particular place so clearly, He that came to be a King became very humble, decided to go the way of a servant, serving others. Instead of exalting himself above his people that they might serve Him, He humbled Himself and became their servant.
7.           Without humility, nobody would have approached Him. Do you know that He submitted Himself even to death in humility, and not in His strength? He that could ask a question: ‘Who are you looking for?’ And all of them fell down at that question. Hasn’t He the power to use the Spoken Word: ‘May all of you perish’?
8.           When Elijah was Christ, he made the utterance. What happened? When Elisha was Christ of that day, he spoke. James and John knew that Jesus Christ has the power, when the children were trying to jest with Him, they beckoned on Him: ‘Master, command us, give us charge that we will call down fire from Heaven and consume this useless kids.’ He said, ‘Hold it, be calm. You never received this spirit.’ They shook their heads.
9.           Peter pulled his sword and struck but the Master said, ‘Peter, put your sword inside the sheath. It is not carnal battle. If it is a carnal battle, I would have waved my hands and my Father would have sent centurions to exterminate all.’ Yet he submitted Himself in humility to die that criminals may live.
10.         Look at the statement He made, ‘Go to the good man of the house, tell him the Master will like to ride on the back of his colt into Jerusalem. Bring the colt to Me. Tell him that the Master needs it.’
11.        They brought the colt, an ass, donkey, camel, or a horse. You can give it your own name. They brought the donkey to Him. Did He command them to spread any cloth, to spread palm frond? No. Rather by revelation, watch what happened: the Apostles and the disciples used cloth to tie on the back of the donkey. They decorated the donkey for their Master to mount on. If you lose this point, I will not repeat it.
12.        Remember it was a borrowed donkey but watch, the donkey does not know where it is going to. The Master Who is on top of the donkey directs the donkey. Whoever that rides a horse, directs the horse. Without somebody on top of the horse, the horse will remain tied to the stake.
13.        The Master mounted on the ass and began to ride the ass. Without the Master, nothing would have made the donkey to enter Jerusalem. When the Master was given a triumphant reception, the donkey also partook of the triumphant reception.
14.        It was the Master that introduced the donkey to notable personalities in Jerusalem—personalities the donkey would not have known or come in contact with, it was the Master that took the donkey to places where the donkey on his own could not have visited all the days of his life on Earth. It was the Master that brought the donkey face-to-face with numerable personalities and individuals, which under normal circumstance, they would not have known the existence of the donkey.
15.        Who is the donkey and who is the Master? What if the donkey knelt down and refused the Master to ride on it? For the Master to mount on the donkey, the donkey must be prepared to kneel down. Is somebody taking note at all? All along, the donkey is used to moving on very rough and stony roads, hilly places on the way to Jerusalem.
16.        However, for the first time, the King mounted the donkey, the people by revelation with joy now used palm fronds, leaves; their cloths to tar the road. Used red carpet to cover the whole stones, the whole holes everywhere. For the first time, the donkey was moving majestically on a tarred road, floored with red carpet, with flowers and leaves everywhere. If it were not for the Master, how do you think the donkey would have been afforded the privilege?
17.        If it agrees with the prayers you made this moment, I will only say: LET THIS STUBBORN DONKEY LEARN TO KNEEL DOWN THAT THE MASTER WILL CLIMB AND USE HIM TO PERFORM HIS PURPOSE. Moreover, I bet you those rough roads; everything shall be covered with red carpet, covered with tarred road, the road must be smooth. Then you have a pleasurable ride, why? You are not the one but the Master is using you to ride the trail.
18.        We are talking about the triumphant entry into paradise. Jesus had a triumphant entry into Jerusalem; the Son of Man is talking about triumphant entry into paradise. Who will be there? Which ass, which donkey will He ride on? He was received by fellow human beings but the Son of Man shall be received by hosts of Angels. But who is that ass, who is that donkey?
19.        All these years you have been directing your ways and remained tied to the stake. You have been owning yourselves and remained tied to the stake. However, somebody is saying, ‘Tell the owner I need it, loose it and bring it to me.’
20.        All is in your hands. If you want to continue to conspire against Him, go ahead: Sing His praise today, say ‘crucify Him’ tomorrow. With your mouth sing His praise, with your heart kill Him, no problem. Nevertheless, as many as are willing to kneel down that the Master will mount on the donkey, I bet you, the difference in no distance future shall be made manifest.
21.        This is where I will say thank you for paying attention to this morning breakfast. I will be back.
And this goodnews of the kingdom, the Gospel will be preached throughout the whole world as a testimony to all the nations and then will come the end.
22.        Son of Man, close the Book, seal up the testimony for the Gospel has gone round the whole world. Remember the Ark has been sealed long ago.
23.        And this Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations and then shall the end come”.
24.        Does it agree with the whole thing? The Ark of Salvation has been closed before the Book was closed and testimony sealed. For the Voice said, ‘By the time He will be revealing Himself to the world, the whole thing shall be over.’
25.        He said, ‘Just like Joseph sealed away his own family before he revealed himself to his relations, so shall the Bride of Christ be sealed away.’
26.        Do you know that Lot and his family were sealed in before Lot went out to begin to preach? Knowing that they would not believe. Amen.

Remain blessed brethren. We thank Almighty God today. Let me announce officially that I believe the last Sister that gave testimony that we are walking with a power we know nothing about—that is a power you cannot explain.
2.        If you see a magnet and you bring iron to it, it will just magnet but you do not see the power. Do you see it? You just see the metal go close and magnet but you do not see any power. That is exactly where we are, I am telling you the truth. There was a time William Branham looked at people and said that only fools walk where angels are afraid to tread.
3.        That is, people who know nothing, who are useless will be walking where angel are afraid to even step their feet on. That is why you can hear conspiracy this and that. It is because they do not know something revolving around us in this Faith.
4.        Hebrews chapter 3 : 8-12, “Harden not your hearts, as in the provocation, in the day of temptation in the wilderness: When your fathers tempted me, proved me, and saw my works forty years.
5.        Wherefore I was grieved with that generation, and said, They do always err in their heart; and they have not known my ways.
6.        So I swore in my wrath, They shall not enter into my rest.) Take heed, brethren, lest there be in any of you an evil heart of unbelief, in departing from the living God.” KJV.
7.        Note, take heed brethren lest there will be in any of you an evil heart of unbelief.
8.        Hebrews 4 : 1 “Let us therefore fear, lest, a promise being left us of entering into his rest, any of you should seem to come short of it.” KJV.
9.        He said, ‘Go and check your fathers when they tempted Me in the wilderness and they prove my Word.’
10.     Now what was the Word of God in the wilderness? God said, All of you that are healthy and are conspirators, you shall not see my rest,’ and their carcass fell in the wilderness. YOU SEE, WE ARE REALLY STANDING ON A THRESHOLD OF SOMETHING THAT IS TOO POWERFUL AND WE ARE MESSING UP WITH IT. Let us be very careful at a time like this. If you think that God has closed the Ark, and feel that anybody has the right to live anyhow or do anything or behave anyhow, you are taking the greatest risk.
11.     Let me tell you plainly, as surely as God liveth and He is in the flesh; He can change His mind about His Word. I do not know if you are getting me? As surely as God remaineth a human being, God can change His mind about His Word. If anybody thinks he has a ticket to do anything, that the Ark is sealed, up to you. Nevertheless, I know that God is still a human being. Thus, we must be very careful.
12.     Let me show you few things from what the Prophet told us, there was a time people were messing up. They were there in the Church, where there was enough power. The grace of God is there for their salvation but they refused to accept the salvation. It is not because the hand of the Lord is shortened that He cannot save, but the people He wants to save refused to accept the salvation and yet they were sitting down there in the Church.
13.     Now, is God’s hand short that He cannot save all? No! You see, somebody is a donkey and you tied him to a stake; and as surely as you are not used; you will remain in that stake as a donkey. Lo and behold, a man said, ‘Loosen this particular donkey; let Me make use of it.’
14.     If the donkey knows what it means, knows what privilege it is; it will remain happy. Then as he goes, he became very humble and obedient to be used by the man who said, ‘Remove him from this stake and give him to me.’
15.     Let me read something from William Branham in his day. When his ministry came to a point and people started behaving anyhow, he was watching them. Then as a Prophet, he looked afar off and then saw that there was salvation for them, but they refused the salvation even when they were in the Church.
16.     Just like we are in this most holy Faith, not all have the salvation but salvation is as plenty as a mighty sea. You tell people, ‘Take this salvation,’ they said no.
17.     Even, many of them believe this man holds the salvation, but they refused to accept the salvation. Note, believing that the Man in our midst is God is different from accepting Him as God. You know that. If you see a man that is powerful more than you, you will know that he is more powerful than you. But it is a different ball game to say, ‘Sir, you are powerful more than me, I humble myself before you.’
18.      If you say you believe, the scripture said that you should be careful lest at any time a spirit of unbelief creeps in you and then you cannot be part of God’s rest.
19.     Remember, God has promised us a rest and if you are in this Faith, I am in this Faith, all the people in the Bride Ministry are in this Faith and we cannot get this rest; it means we are fools who have walked where angels are afraid to trod because you cannot get this type of Message anywhere in the world.
20.     Hence, if you walk through the Red Sea, baptise into Moses and yet your carcasses fell in the wilderness, you gain nothing. You are like he that has not passed through the Red Sea at all because you are tampering with something you do not know.
21.     Excerpts, ‘Events are Made Clear By Prophecy,’ by William Branham: ‘But you know God has a medicine inside His Kingdom that will cure every sin and disease there is in the world, but the people sit right in the Church doorstep, not only that, but they sit right in the pew and die and are lost and go to Hell because they refused the doctor’s medicine.
22.     They absolutely refused to take the doctor’s medicine, therefore they die with their fever. The people sit in the Church and hear the Messages of God and believe Him and won’t accept it. They would not say, ‘Well I do not believe it,’ no. Some of them will say, ‘I agree with it,’ I believe it is right but you will not do it. See, you will die in the front of the Church because they won’t accept the remedy.’
23.     What are we saying? William Branham said that people were in the Church, the pew he was talking about are the benches in the Church. People sat on the benches and die there, went to hell and yet that was the house of salvation.
24.     Note, the house was the house of salvation; salvation was over flowing but simply accept the salvation, they just sat on the benches and became Church members listening to the Messages. They never said the Messages were wrong, they said, ‘We believe the Message, the Message is correct;’ but they will not accept it so that they can be saved. Moreover, William Branham said that they die inside the Church because they could not take the medicine from the doctor.
25.     Now, let us take it back to the Message, God has enough salvation for us. He dished out the Message, we received the Message, we echo amen that this Message is truth, yet we do not accept the Message.
26.     If you accept the Message, it will always reflect in your life and in your behaviour towards the Word of God. It is as simple as that. However, you will believe, but if you do not accept it, it will also manifest in your life. You will only be saying with the lips ‘I believe the Son of Man is God,’ it is not an achievement anyway.
27.     If you believe that Son of Man is God, you have not done much for even the Devil and the mad man who has the familiar spirit have confirmed that this man is God, hence have also placed yourself on equal status with the Devil.
28.     Believing the Son of Man places you in the same position with the Devil that said ‘This man is God.’
29.     Paul was talking to the Israelites, he said, ‘My heart’s desire is that all Israelites will be saved because they have the zeal but not according to knowledge.’ Thus, when you know that this man is God, you simply have zeal but to accept Him becomes perfect knowledge.
30.     What are we saying? It means that if we are not careful we may sit down in the Church on the benches like William Branham said, and refuse the Message of the doctor, then die in the Church where salvation is over flowing everywhere.
31.     Excerpts: ‘I Was Not Disobedient To Heavenly Vision.’ He had a vision he said, “Looking to my left I saw a small heap of baked bread; there were four fowls standing near it but they would not eat much of it. Then the Lord said unto me, do you know them? I said no. Then He said, That is your tabernacle and they won’t eat the bread of life anymore. I am sending you this way and then I journey West world”.
32.     There were fowls, and there were bread baked for them, but they were just standing there and could not eat too much of it. He said, ‘Do you know them?’ William Branham said, ‘Sir I do not know them.’ He said, ‘This is your congregation. Henceforth they will no longer eat of the bread of life, I will take you away.’
33.     End-time followers, followers of Branham, that was where God dumped them. There was enough salvation, there was enough food there, but they would not eat it. Then God said, ‘Henceforth, forget about it.’
34.     Thus, if we are boasting, we must boast of our obedience to the Faith. We must not boast that we are all in the Ark; forget that now. We are talking about coming into the house of salvation and picking the salvation. You do not witness the salvation, no, but you pick the salvation which God has given to us free of charge.
35.     Nevertheless, when you refuse to take the medicine from the doctor you run into trouble. Thus, when you start hearing things like conspiracy, people fooling themselves, I simply say, ‘They are fools walking where angels are afraid to step.’
36.     God was saying something to the ministers and brethren alike, He said, ‘In every age we have exactly the same pattern, that is why the light comes through God’s given messenger in some certain area, and then from that messenger, they spread the light through the ministries of others who have been faithfully taught.’ From The Seven Church Ages, the Ministry Comes.
37.     God calls Himself. Then the ministry starts entering some other ministries, to individuals, you and me who have been faithfully taught. Now underline it there.
38.     ‘...But of course all those who go out do not always learn how necessary it is to speak only what the messenger has spoken...’
39.     Can you note where the problem lies?
40.     ‘...But of course all those who go out do not always learn how necessary it is to speak only what the messenger has spoken. Remember Paul warned his people in his day, If any man thinks himself to be a Prophet or spiritual, let him acknowledge that the things I write unto you are the commandments of the Lord.
41.     What did they do? They add here or they take away here and so the Message is no longer pure and the revival dies down. Now when the Message lives out on Him that liveth unto people...
42.     Human beings, you and me who are faithfully taught, they now go out, instead of saying what the messenger said, they now added here and subtracted there, then began to die down the Message and reduce the effect.
43.     We must be very, very careful at a time like this. The greatest privilege for a man to say, ‘Untie the donkey for me and let me use it. Untie this donkey for me for I have need of it.’ It is not easy for there are other donkeys everywhere but God spotted a particular donkey and said ‘Go to this particular place, tell him to loose this particular donkey and then bring it to me for the Lord has need of it.’ Finish.
44.     Thus, if you are privileged to be that donkey, you have no option than to be totally loyal. Remove the spirit of conspiracy; remove the spirit of disobedience and undue stubbornness for that will throw you out of the Kingdom of God.
45.     William Branham said, ‘God in His Kingdom has His own medicine that cures all problems. So if you are in the Kingdom and you refuse to take the medicine, who is to be blamed? Then you blame yourself and not God.’
46.     ‘Having this Ministry We Faint Not,’ “Seeing that we have this ministry we faint not, it is only this ministry that will take you to Heaven. The everlasting Gospel, there is no other ministry; no second chance. If you miss it now, you have missed it forever.
47.     However, since this ministry is in our hand, why should we faint? Let us brethren run the race with patience, the race that is set before us.
48.     I do not know whether we have seen the race, if you have actually seen the race, then lay aside every weight and sin that easily beset you so that this ministry will not be blamed in your hands.
49.     Your life is the ministry also, that is the only place you fix your eyes. If you really want to run this race, you must be patient, looking at Christ who is in your midst. If you wait for Him this year, He did not take you away, you wait for Him next year. Keep on waiting, He will not fail you. Even if you sleep in death, you will resurrect. Seeing that we have this ministry we faint not.’
50.      Seeing that we have come to this point, do we faint? Seeing that God has come to this point, do we faint? William Branham said, ‘When you preach the Message of grace to the chickens, who are not called into the Kingdom, they will check out. Nevertheless, when you preach it to the eagles and tell them that the grace of God will save them, they will fly and become happy, then come down and perch there. Thus, where the carcass is, is where the eagles will gather.’
51.     However, idiots will hear that the Ark is sealed and they start behaving anyhow because they are chickens and they will check out. Whereas the eagles will remain, wherein they are called for where the carcass is, there they must abide.
52.     We have a ministry, a ministry that has been given to us, given by God as a gift to us, called us from all places, why do we at this time fool ourselves? Where the omnipotent and omnipresence, the I AM proving Himself in all means.
53.     Who is man? Are you the one that called God or God called you? God called us, is it not true? You have not gone to any place; you do not know where we are going. Okay, when the Ark was sealed, did I know, do you know? It took God to announce that the Ark has been sealed.
54.     Whether it was sealed or not we do not even know. What we know is that God said the Ark has been sealed. When the last man entered, did you know? I do not also know but God announced that the last man has entered. Thus, why will any man be foolish when he does not know what is happening? You are challenging things you do not know.
55.     Let us be very careful lest the promise of entering into His rest will enlude us. God was so annoyed that He said, ‘I have to destroy the former generations for being stubborn and conspiring against Me.’ Those that do not have our faith.
56.     Brethren, we must be very careful including ministers. Anybody who has been called to follow must of a necessity be very much obedient and careful so that we do not run into trouble.
57.     Nothing disturbs God more than the sin of an elder. When infants sin, God can overlook it but when Elders sin God does not take it lightly. Do you know why God was so sad and angry with the seventy Elders of Israel? They colluded with Koran, Dathan and Abiram.
58.     God had already revealed Himself to them and condescended so low to eat and drink with them so as to reason with them. After seeing these things, they still conspired against the move of God; God was not pleased with them.’
59.     People who are called, they saw the glory of God and what God can do. What did they do? They started conspiring against He that has called them. You know the foolishness of man is higher than any other secret of sin. For a man to conspire against He that has called him, that is signing his death warrant. It is as simple as that.
60.     What are we saying? God is saying that we must be very careful at a time like this so that we do not become part of what God is doing today and then cannot pick up our own ticket. We cannot pick salvation in the ocean of salvation, you are seeing it, you are even touching it but take your own; you refused to take it, you are standing still, it will do you no good at all.
61.     But as surely as God liveth and extended His hand of salvation to us, let us be humble enough, let us be obedient enough, let us be submissive enough as to go down, bend down and say, ‘My Lord, give me my own,’ and you receive your own because now it is clearer that not everybody was sealed into the Ark, so that we do not deceive ourselves in the ocean of salvation and we go home without salvation. Amen.

Seeing we have this ministry, seeing we have this Bridal Faith Ministry we faint not. But has renounced all hidden things of dishonesty, not walking in craftiness nor handling the word of God deceitfully for God is our witness. Is that not scriptural? It is.
2.        God is going to bring all dishonest things, all hidden things of dishonesty into judgement. All craftiness, all subtlety; He must bring all of them into judgement.
3.        I have told you, I am still repeating it that the most important thing is not jubilating that the testimony has been sealed and book closed. The greatest testimony you should share is that you are sure and certain that even if the Heaven and the Earth will shatter into pieces, be removed in their places or positions; that your name is engraved there. Otherwise, what is awaiting you is something you cannot bear. You will regret the day you were born.
4.        A sister who had a problem one time came to Me with the bruised hand that are splashed with hot oil, she injured her flesh while cooking. The way she was holding her hand was so bad for to her it was very painful. I said, ‘Sister, this is just like placing ice block on your hand when compared to the level of pain, sorrow, anguish that awaits you if you are not grounded, rooted and settled in the Faith of the Son of Man.’
5.        Eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, neither has it entered into the hearts of men, good things God promised to give His children who walked faithfully till the end. The same way eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, neither has it entered into the hearts of men the awful punishment that awaits the unbelievers. Something Satan saw and vowed a vow that he will never suffer it alone, that he must drag some people into it.
6.        St. Paul said, ‘When we see, when we consider the impending terror of God; we persuade all men to believe this truth!’ We do not force you to believe; rather we try as much as we can to persuade you to believe. For we know fully well that outside this Faith, you are meeting your doom.
7.        Moreover, it is not something that will start today and end today. And it is not something that will begin to torture you in the morning and end in the evening. It is not for one year, it is not for two years and it is not something that will happen in your unconscious mind or subconscious estate.
8.        Look at the omniscience nature of God; He decided long ago before the world began on how He is going to punish all acts of wickedness. First, He proffered the remedy. Allowed ample time for those that wanted remedy to embrace it.
9.        When His longsuffering exhausted, He turned over to another leaf. What is that? The Omniscience trick to bring every man back, both the dead and the living to their normal senses. All mad people will become normal, no lame, no blindness; no death. You come back to your original nature as a human being with all senses of feelings complete. For that is the only way you can feel the torment. If He allows man to die and lie as an inanimate object, he does not feel any pain.
10.     However, when he revives man, brings him back to his human nature and human status where he can feel the pain, then He will begin to place him where he will be tormented day and night. He that is being burnt when he is dead, did he know what happen? Nevertheless, somebody that is put into the fire when he is alive, do you get any Message from there? Tie him both hand and feet when he is alive, he will know that something is happening.
11.     I am not preaching Hellfire. Hell it is too far away from Me and my people. But Hell is around all that disbelieve this Gospel truth. I do not care who you are, your position in the Body is useless. Your acquaintance with the Son of Man is useless. Services you rendered to Him is useless.
12.     I want to say something, who owns that donkey that the master needed? The owner of the donkey who the Apostles approached and pleaded for the release of that donkey and he conceded to their plea, did he accompany them to Jerusalem? No. Could he be among those that were spreading their cloths? And nobody could say whether the donkey was returned to him after or not.
13.     After that incident, nothing was heard of Jesus Christ than his arrest and judgment. Who then carried the donkey? Thou knowest. It is like the good man of the house, that is another person you will see. Immediately after the owner of the donkey, you see another man called ‘the good man of the house:’ ‘Go and tell him to please get his parlour ready for I will like to have my supper there with my disciples.’
14.     The man said, ‘Praise God, who am I? The King and His people will like to dine in my parlour.’ Went and decorated his parlour, provided everything that was needed for the supper. But he was not a partaker. The Messiah came with the disciples, sat down in his house, did as they wished, finished their Lord’s Supper, finished the Feet Washing, ate bread and drank wine.
15.     The good man of the house was not even tempted to go and sit down with them. He never pleaded to be a partaker. At the end of the day they left the pots and everything in his house, then went away. He ended it being a good man of the house, a man who was blind to recognise when salvation came to his house.
16.     You maybe the good man of the house of today, you maybe the good man of the house who could not recognise when the Author of salvation breezed into your house with salvation in His hands. Wherever He went, He went with salvation in His hands. Many miss salvation because of other things they consider more important to them more than salvation. The scriptures said, ‘Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and every other things shall be added unto thee.’
17.      However, when people come to Him, they do not come for salvation; they come for every other thing but salvation. They come soliciting for every other thing but salvation. How foolish we are! They come asking for blessings that are temporal, that have no lasting value; that have no part in the life that God gives, leaving the weightier matter. Nevertheless, today the donkey is riding the trail with the Master on top.
18.     This heart of unbelief is not a big thing. Unbelief is not like this building, it is just like calling a man a poor man. You are not a poor man because you have no money. You might be poor even being a millionaire. You can be a millionaire and yet you are still poor. Thus, a poor man is not one without money but one without Christ.
19.     A poor man is not one without material things of the world, but a poor man is one that can boast of having every good thing in the world but he has no Christ. He does not have salvation; he has no hope of eternal life. He is the most miserable being that should be pitied upon the earth. The day such a person is born is cursed.
20.     Can you now begin to appreciate why of all things St. Paul enjoined Timothy that of all things he should lay hold on eternal life? Of all things, to you youths that seek pleasure instead of Christ, be very careful. If you can read Psalms 60 from verse 1 through 11, happy are you.
21.     You will see that when you obey the Lord, in His hands are all the pleasures of this life. That is when you obey Him. But where you refused to obey, and continue to go after the pleasures of this life; you maybe dead while you are walking about, dead while you are still alive. Because you know nothing but the pleasures of this life that passeth away. You are alive because you are in Christ, outside Christ; you are dead and rotten.
22.     Why are we preaching, asking you to repent or perish? Can’t somebody pause and think? That at this very point in time, should we be mentioning things like these? It goes to show that there must be a wicked heart of unbelief among us for the Lion can never roar in vain.
23.     Take heed therefore unto yourselves and unto the doctrines of Christ. When you preserve the teachings, you preserve your life. You destroy the teachings, God will hand you over to destruction.
24.     Take heed, take heed. To BE FOREWARNED is to BE FOREARMED. We have come to a very delicate point in the history of the bridal faith. If you have not seeN how delicate the hour is, iT Is because you are blind. All God told us from the very beginning are being revisited to help you to understand your status in Christ. That is the whole aim.
25.     If you do not know your status in Christ, do not rest until you have discovered it or else you are wasting your time. It goes beyond making noise, it goes beyond preaching, It goes beyond leading us in praises, it goes beyond hospitality.
26.     We thank God, if you must fight anything, fight the spirit of unbelief that is at work in you. Pastor Vita, I hope you are taking note! That you are a Pastor is not an express ticket to Paradise. Never!
27.     Judas was a Bishop and the Bible said that he forfeited his Bishopric office. Judas was not an ordinary man in the fellowship, he was a Bishop. Nevertheless, before then, the Psalmist prophesied concerning him that will betray the Son of Man.
28.     He said, ‘Let another person take his Bishopric office.’ Before Judas was even conceived in his mother’s womb, the Almighty has already prophesied about him.
29.     There is a Message titled ‘Echoes Of Tribulation,’ it said, ‘Henceforth, your best friend will become your greatest enemy.’ Note, not somebody from outside, it is somebody you have been fellowshipping with, eating and drinking with, having everything in common with. The Message said, ‘Somebody you have shown the greatest favour will become your greatest enemy. Will be seeking your life and there is nothing you will do in this life to please him again until you abandon this Faith.’
30.      In other words, he is not attacking you but he is attacking your faith. For he knows he has forfeited his Bishopric office. When was it prophesied? In the year 1997.
31.     When God was telling you that somebody that is getting drown in the river will always like somebody to get drown along with him. It is only a foolish person that will allow somebody that is getting drown in the river to hold his hand. He that has wisdom, if you notices out that somebody who is about to get drown, his hand is up looking for somebody to hold, if he holds you, take plank and hit him on his hand, then he will leave you alone.
32.     Our Brother the okada rider, do you understand what we are saying? If the woman does not put you into Hellfire, you will put the woman in Hellfire. There are two dogs fighting in your compound, one is white while the other is black. Anyone you support is the one that will win.
33.     In your heart here, the two are in your heart here fighting seriously and this fight does not want to stop because if you support the one that is black, a little while you support the one that is white. A little while you leave the one that is white, you take side with the one that is black. As long as you support this one a little and the other a little support, there is no way the fight will end. The two are fighting seriously in your heart, whichever one you support, that is the one that will win. You understand the Message?
34.     This most holy Faith is not a place we deceive people. If not the weakness of the flesh, I would have been calling names one after the other long, long time ago. Anyone I called I will just say that he should go back to his house and enjoy his life. If you want to walk naked, up to you. But talk of this salvation, not for you. For you to enter, rather a mad man should enter.
35.     Leave Brother Goddy alone to say what he is saying. Goddy is like a mad man that is telling a couple that is getting married. The reverend father said, ‘What God has joined together, let no man put asunder.’ The mad man said, ‘Yes, they themselves will put an end to their marriage.’ The reverend father said, ‘Do you understand what we are saying? You can call him a mad man because he is at the window saying all these things.’ Three weeks after the couple separated.
36.     What is deceiving us is that if we come to fellowship, we put on angelic faces, our hearts are all the same way it was. God wants to reach your hearts and not your faces.
37.     Recently, God was talking to us using Evangelist Okezue. I love the Brother who courageously stood in the pulpit and judged himself, counted himself unworthy so that the grace of God might be made manifest. Moreover, with that boldness, he went about preaching the resurrected Christ for he appreciated God’s grace.
38.     The Voice said, ‘This is not the Faith where you will be a man and a woman at the same time. For this Faith said, Man, be a man. Woman, be a woman. Husband, be a husband. Wife, be a wife. Children, be children.’
39.     If you do not want Absalom to rise up in your home, go to Bishop Ebenezer to tell you where he missed it. Immediately he neglected God’s Voice that spoke to him concerning his children even when they were tender, and hated all that helped in correcting the errors of the children, Absalom was raised in his family.
40.     Today, his greatest enemy has become his first son overthrowing him in his family while he is still alive. Someone he sold himself to slavery to make sure he survived, to make sure he was educated and became a graduate; the same person is now using his father to experiment both physical and diabolic powers. Parents take note.
41.     There is no way I can speak without using a human being as an example. Mothers be very careful. A great responsibility is vested on you in checking your family, especially the behaviours of your children. Monitoring them.
42.     I called witnesses against Bishop Nnachor and it is for the last time. That he should look into his family or else I am going to visit his family in my own way. And at the end of my visitation, the entire world will say, ‘Of a truth this is the finger of the Lord;’ for I have warned for more than ten years.
43.     It will be a display of madness if he should begin to ask Me where the problem lies as if he does not know. Of course, he knows.
44.     In the Message titled ‘The Dangers of Over-Pampering Children,” God visited Brother Mike and his family. I was going through that Message few weeks ago with a view to get something from there and I saw that evil which God visited and warned Brother Mike Emmanuel seriously.
45.     The Voice said, ‘Any day your family comes to a point where God will say that no sacrifice, no offering will appease His heart, will stop Him, no prayers, no intervention, no intercession will stop Him from punishing your family’. It then means the life of everybody there is in danger.
46.     Nevertheless, before God made such a statement it takes time. Thus, to you youth, be very careful. Evil communication spoils good character. Our Message says, ‘Emulate good things and avoid bad things.’ If you must copy example, copy after a godly sort. All of you, everybody is involved, the ear droppers be very careful about yourselves.
47.     Iniquity is always covered in the heart, time exposes it. If am coming to Brother Peter Onwudinjo’s house as my Brother with pure heart, I simply come boldly and knock at the door believing that if he is around, the door will open. If he opens the door and says he is not disposed to see me, he can say, ‘Brother, please come next time.’ I will be happy to go away.
48.     However, if he says, ‘Brother, go away! I will not like to see you now, come next time,’ he closes the door and I remain there to know whether something is going on and things like that; or even change position so that they will not see me from the door view, something is wrong with me.
49.     Why ear dropping? It is because you are not sure of yourself. That which you think you are is what you think others are. But unfortunately, they are not.
50.     A mad man used to think that every other person is a mad man. A deceiver used to think that every other person is a deceiver. He did not know that there are people that have pure heart.
51.     Watch them, birds of the same feather flock together. It is an evil spirit. If you watch such people, they are people we call melo, melo people. Melo, melo in the eyes, you will think such persons cannot hurt a fly. If he comes to you, he will sit on the ground. If you ask him to bend, he will bend. His body is bending but his heart is not bending. It is Yoruba greeting, Yoruba respect; Yoruba way of honouring people. Man and woman take note.
52.     I will not carry it far but I will speak on our doctrine for if any minister should minister, let him minister as an oracle of God. That means saying what the Message said, which the Lord confirmed.
53.     A woman that takes delight in scrolling her husband’s handset Is likened to a child that steals the parents’ money and says it does not matter. That child is no less than a hardenED criminal. that woman is a hardenED criminal.
54.     The highest favour you can receive from your husband’S handset is to excuse him for the use of his handset to make calls, after which you return the handset to your husband. HOWEVER, to begin to scroll HIS PHONE DIARY to know whether people were sending text Messages to him or the nameS he stored and things like that, it runs contrary to our faith.
55.     You have no right to read the text Message unless your husband permits you to read it for him. It is applicable to the man also. you have no right whatsoever to collect your wife’s handset and begin to scroll to know text Messages or calls She made and names she stored.
56.     You think unbelief is too far, unbelief is very easy. What can you say about EAR dropping, you might not go to Sister Grace and hide beside the door or window to hear her conversation with her husband or family. Do you know that some people come into our family to spy into the secret of our liberty in Christ with the intention to attack us?
57.     For your enemy will not attack you until he understudies you and knows your weaknesses. He knows where to attack. If he cannot get you directly, he can go through your children by interviewing them, by asking them some questions with a view to obtaining statements from them—a heart of unbelief.
58.     The father might be there, the mother might be there who can supply you with all the information you need and you leave them and begin to go to infants to enquire the type of soup their mother prepared, whether their daddy ate it or not, is it not unbelief? It is madness, it is a criminal act. Do not carry it too far.
59.     I likened it to a man or a wife or any other adult who takes delight in hiding under the curtain only to listen to the conversation between her husband or wife with another person over the phone. You are also an ear dropper. What are you intending to hear that is happening between your husband and the fellow or your wife and the fellow?
60.     As long as it contradicts the doctrine of Christ as handed over to us, you are guilty and remain guilty for it is a manifestation of unbelief. For God said that dangerous instruments should not be found in the hands of fools.
61.     We should disarm fools of all dangerous instruments. He said, ‘Let us begin with handsets for it is a dangerous instrument that should not be found in the hands of fools. Otherwise, they can use it to destabilise your families and destroy your children.’
62.     Cases now abound where lazy women that have refused to work, most of them are domestic house wives; they now specialise in collecting their husbands’ handsets each time they go to take bath or go to ease themselves and begin to scroll. In addition, what it is producing now in the families are something that you cannot imagine.
63.     Nevertheless, when I examined the reports and the people that are guilty, I noticed that 99.5 percent fall within the category of ‘convert and marry’ or ‘impregnate and marry.’ This is why it does not disturb Me too much for I know the faith of such people; I know what they heard and embrace the faith. Is it real?
64.     You might be asking, ‘Where is that heart of unbelief in me?’ And God will raise this matter and say, ‘What does your doctrine say concerning this matter? Then what have you done?’ Is there any good way of doing a wrong thing? Any reasonable excuse for these things?  
65.     Let us be very careful. Everybody is involved. Do you know that even your own children, there is a certain age they will attain you have no right whatsoever as a father or mother to reach their handsets? Even if they are holding ungodly conversations, your duty is to warn them by telling them the dangers inherent in such conversations. Then you stop there. There are certain ages they will attain and you stop.
66.     Once your child, a female child has clocked eighteen, nineteen, twenty years, you do not need to police her with the telephone but teach her. If he is your son, teach him. Let everybody be careful. Do not spy into the secret of the liberty of your brethren intending to bring them back to captivity and bring them back to bondage.
67.     Christ has set us free through the teachings we have received and as you continue in the teachings, you remain free. However, any day you deviate from the teachings, you are guilty before God. For anybody to proclaim you condemned and lost, he must use your faith. For anybody to justify your action, he must use your faith for anything that is done contrary to Faith is sin and unbelief.
68.     Whatever the Faith of Christ does not permit, should not be permitted by anybody. Whatever the Faith of Christ permits, must be permitted by all that belong to God. However, do we all have the Faith of Christ? Not all have our Faith.
69.     Whatever I said concerning Faith, is to those that have the Faith. I am talking to those that have the Faith, but to those that do not have the Faith; I am not talking to you. Use that one which you know is your faith, but keep it to yourself. Do not bring it near Me.
70.     I am trying to help you to see what heart of unbelief is all about, lest you begin to think that unbelief means fighting Brother Vin. No! Lest you begin to see it and say, ‘No, I do not believe’ or shaking your head or walking about.
71.     Unbelief is very simple—as simple as salvation. What it takes to save you is simple faith and not compound faith. What is more, the Message of salvation is the simplest Message with the greatest impact.
72.     This is where I am going to rest my case with you for now. Let Me believe that as many that are in the Ark already will be comfortable there and remain comfortable there. However, those that are out, we have no case against you.
73.     If you are comfortable outside, remain outside. If you know where you will stay and be comfortable, be there.
74.     May God bless all of you and preserve you within this period we have rolled in. May God see you through in all your activities and keep you safe and secured from all manifestations of unbelief until we are clothed with immortality. This is my earnest prayer.  
75.      On this note, I say remain in your sanctified estate, remain blessed in Him eternally. Amen.