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The Son of Man Revealed From One of The Jungles in Africa According To William Branham's Prophesy

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I am He, The King of Peace, The King of Righteousness, The Righteous High Priest, having no beginning of days and ending of days, One that lives forever, who can never die. Believe it if you can…
—The   Son of Man

VOL 2 PP.6
This man, who we can see, behold His glory, touch His hands, eat and dine with Him, has been made Head of all things.
He is the Supreme Universal Head of the Church. He is the one that is talking to us in these last days whose voice is not only shaking the heavens but also the earth. The Bible is saying that no lie, no deception, no falsehood is from Him. Nothing false, lie, deception is from Him.
If He must tell lies, to who will He tell lies? Is He accountable to man? Does He fear flesh? What will then prompt Him to tell lies? Because what prompts telling of lies is fear of man, fear of punishment. When you have something to dodge, you will tell lies. This One who is the Supreme Head and Authority over His Church, has He anything to hide from any man?
Stand still and I will show you the Word of God. We went somewhere for a purpose and a woman that had a familiar spirit identified Me before I stepped into her house, then she began to sing praises and many other things.
2.           She began to receive messages concerning Me and finally made a statement, “Nobody knows you but I know you. Among all human beings that are walking upon the Earth, you are the most holy.”
3.           The voice came to Me and said that “THE HOLY ONE IS COMING, reverence Him,” and the voice came three times.
4.            Said, “See Him, He is the Word of God Himself for nobody knows the Word of God more than him. I know you. But why are you hiding yourself? Why are you so simple that people can hardly believe you? Any way that is how God made you but you are blessed.
5.           He decided to mold somebody, His own daughter and handed her over to You, and I think that is why you are what you are today. Otherwise, people would have messed you up. But You have a problem: you trust people so much that you confide more in your enemies; people that mill around you are your enemies; you think they love You but they do not love You, but you are not afraid of them,” why?
6.           Our discussion turned to be another thing. the voice continued, “However, why is it that people take delight in exploiting You? Anybody You have contact with, will always think on a way of exploiting You? Why? It goes to show that they do not know You. Anyway, let us discuss.”
7.           We wanted to open our topic but she halted it again. The thing lasted for over thirty-five minutes. We were not interested in that for we were looking at ourselves. We could understand what was happening. She said, “You do good to people but they pay you back with evil and you go ahead doing good.” She came with rebuke but within Me I was laughing for I know where we will land and finally we landed there.
8.           I gave it a name though I know the spirit. If you think that we do not know what we are teaching, you are being fooled by the feelings of your heart. Even people that have link with the abstract world acknowledge that the Son of Man is no other person but the Bible encyclopedia. Wise men of the world acknowledge it, spiritual people acknowledge it. I have my reasons why I took you from Genesis, if I had jumped, many would have thought that I never knew the way but I took you from Genesis and then opened your eyes, showed you the MISSING LINK and then established the truth that cannot be cancelled till eternity.
9.           Then allowed the Almighty God to vindicate it, which He did before many witnesses. For I made a prayer that day just like Elijah made, I said, “God, from this very altar which the prophets of Baal erected and called on their god which could not answer, I am not erecting another altar elsewhere but I am rearranging this particular altar. If I succeed in putting it right, come down and vindicate it. How many were in this most holy Faith  that time?
10.        After putting it in order, I said, “God; I have done it according to the Masterpiece as was revealed to Me. Come down now if this is the right way of doing it and vindicate. If it is wrong, do not confirm it.” Before many witnesses the Glory came down.
11.        Elijah never erected any other altar, what he did was to rearrange the altar according to the twelve tribes of Israel and ordered that firewood be brought, twelve bundles representing twelve tribes of Israel and twelve tins of water representing twelve tribes of Israel. Then he poured the water upon the firewood, soaked everywhere and then water became petrol.
12.        He said, “If I am a man of God, if Thou has sent me in this our own day to bear your Name, answer me by fire.” Before many witnesses, fire came down and consumed everything.
13.        He then ordered for the slaughter of all those false prophets that were deceiving God’s people. Some began to use false “thus saith the Lord." Can you imagine a false prophet coming before Jesus the Christ and say, “Thus saith the Lord, I am the prophet in Israel.” And you came to the Lord Jesus Christ and say “thus saith the Lord.” Which Lord?
14.        Before you finish your “thus saith the Lord,” He has given you your position for He knows where the anointing is coming from: “If you are hungry tell me that you are hungry. If you are looking for work, tell me that you are looking for work. If you are desiring to have a wife or a husband, tell me. If you have no house and you want a house, tell me.”
15.        Do not make pretences of sitting down in this Church, giving the impression that you are coming to serve God when you are coming into this most holy Faith for help. You are seeking help and if that help is not coming, surely you must be hostile.
16.        Nobody should mix salvation with any other thing. It is salvation and salvation alone—not salvation with motor car, salvation with upstairs, salvation with industry, salvation with children, salvation with wife, not so for it is never promised.
17.        A brother called Me recently and said, “Sir, I want to come to your house on Saturday morning.” I said, “Tomorrow?” He said yes. I said, “May I know your reason for coming?” He said, “Until I come.”
18.        I said, “No! You cannot come like that.” He said, “Sir, do not stop me for I am coming anyhow!” I said, “Ok, you will miss Me anyhow.”
19.        The following morning, he sent me a text message, but I was expecting him to come anyhow instead I got a text message. I love him for he was sincere.
20.        He said, “Sir, I want to tell you plainly, do whatever that is in your power to help me financially for I am the only son of my parents. I need money. Thank you and that was all.”
21.        He is not a newcomer, he is one that enlisted in this Faith far back 1995 and was in the End-Time Message even before I embraced the End-Time Message. Well, I do not know how to write text but I have handled too many Messages like that, even in that “Great Sermon” you can see it that it is there. Why do you make shipwreck of your ministry?
22.        If you are coming to God for money, you are disappointed, if you are coming to Christ for money, you are disappointed. That is why God commanded such people to leave this Faith ahead of time for Christ cannot give you money.
23.        He has no money. If He had money, He would not have borrowed money to pay His tax. If He had money, He would not have been begging for fish and bread from His followers. If He had money, He could have hired a house, He would not have begged a heathen to offer Him help by giving Him a colt, that is a little donkey which He used. If He had money, He would not have been a carpenter; He could have chosen a better occupation than becoming a street carpenter.
24.        What was the essence of doing that carpentry work if not to make money? I loved that one that expressed his own both in words and indeed. However, too many are in this Faith suppressing their own. If you come into this Faith with selfish motive and you discover that this Faith is not the right place, what do you do? You keep on looking for a place that will meet your needs, one day you will meet one or one will meet you.
25.        Go and check all that said that they vacated from this Faith, what pushed them out was their hidden agenda. If they were good preachers, they were not preaching to win God’s commendation, rather they were preaching to make sure that they convince Me that they are on my side.
26.        They were doing it as commercial promoters of the Faith. They were doing it to justify what they were benefitting from the Faith, to enable them gain access to the brethren so that when we come round, you begin to receive them as men of God and begin to offer them whatever you have in your house even to the detriment of your family.
27.        This is End-Time Message spirit that can hardly die in some people. Anything that will not yield money they will not accept it. They have their eyes on materialism.
28.        This man that wrote Me this text was the man that called Me sometime ago only to tell Me that he is set to marry a wife. I inquired about his occupation and he said that I should forget about that one, that he knows what he will do to sustain his family. How can a beggar think of marrying a wife? The poor dreaming of living in a duplex, at whose expense?
29.        From the very word go, this Faith was never established on a false foundation. The foundation of this Faith remained sure, unshakable and that is the Word of truth, such men that try their best to influence the Son of Man to do otherwise but they never succeed. I have never for one day presented this Faith beggarly before anybody.
30.        No matter whom you may be, My inability to lower down the standard of the Message forced many out and it is still causing many to stumble and grumble, murmur and complain. I want to advice such people who came into this Faith having the intention to exploit their follow brethren all in the name of fellowship or Church or believers.
31.        Man and woman you are free, it is not yet too late. Now, go and enlist in anything called Bible College that belongs to the denomination. Stay there for three, four, five, six months, collect your certificate, they will post you to one of their branches, either as assistant Pastor in charge or be pastor in charge, you and your wife.
32.        Your members will be calling you Daddy, your wife Mummy, you will be folding your arms and every morning they will come and ask you, “Daddy do you want to drink coffee, Bournvita or eat yam or rice?” In the afternoon, they will come around, in the night the same thing. All your children will be trained by them.
33.        They will build a house for you, buy you a car, and do everything for you. I want to say that people that embrace such things because of such peculiar benefits ended it in disappointment.
34.        Even if you are not disappointed, after gaining the whole world, the highest thing you can receive is worldly burial like Ojukwu, at the end what next? You are perishing; you have no hope of coming forth in the First Resurrection. You are coming out in the Second Resurrection which will cumulate to second death. IT IS A MUST!
35.        God did not say that you should not enjoy the good things of the world but you should enjoy them as a tenant enjoys his flat, you must know that you are a stranger and one day you are bound to leave the Earth. There was a time the world existed without you and one day the world will exist without you.
36.        Watch all these people that go about with their courier among us, that go about with their destructive criticism, we are not afraid of you. Even if you conspire against the Son of Man now and kill Him, it has become too late; you have done it very late for He has fulfilled His ministry, that is one. Two, in terms of human aspiration, He has lived a fulfilled life even at His present age. Nothing to regret.
37.        Do you know that it is an act of stupidity for you to conspire against a man of God for you only know what you are thinking about Him but what God is thinking concerning you, you do not know. You know what you are thinking about His family but what God is thinking about your family, you know not. You know the way you are seeing Him but you do not know the way He is seeing you. You know the way you take Him but you do not know the way He takes you for you only know what He is to you but you do not know what you are to Him.
38.        If you know how God is looking at you, how God is seeing you, how He is taking you, your position in this Faith notwithstanding surely many will melt. Many will even regret saying remain blessed.
39.        I was talking to Apostle Kelechi with some people, I was lying down with my eyes on the sky, I mentioned a local Assembly and I was asking whether there could be one in that local Assembly? I started mentioning their names and at the end of the day it was difficult to pinpoint one that is worthy—a whole local Assembly. I mentioned the whole Elders and I believed that Brother Kelechi might be shocked hearing Me calling the names of everybody.
40.        I am a Father to a great family, no matter how large that family is, I know them by their names. I called all excluding women and children. I lifted up another local Assembly and mentioned all their names, excluding women and little children. I said, “Who is worthy here? Not even one.” I narrowed it down to Onitsha, I made a simple statement and close my mouth.
41.        We are in the Ark but how many are we? Do not be fooled that good and bad must be there, that the Son of Man said, “Having sojourn with you all these years, considering your faces, it is better to stay with the devil I know than with the angel that I do not know.” If I stay with the devil I know, what does it profit Me? For there, devil is also the devil.
42.        If I must stay with the devil I know, why must it be you? Why must you be that devil?

Let us look into the Scriptures. Psalms 55 :1-16, “Give ear to my prayer, O God; and hide not thyself from my supplication. Attend unto me, and hear me: I mourn in my complaint, and make a noise; Because of the voice of the enemy, because of the oppression of the wicked: for they cast iniquity upon me, and in wrath they hate me. My heart is sore pained within me: and the terrors of death are fallen upon me. Fearfulness and trembling are come upon me, and horror hath overwhelmed me.
2.             And I said, Oh that I had wings like a dove!  for then would I fly away, and be at rest. Lo, then would I wander far off, and remain in the wilderness.  Selah.  I would hasten my escape from the windy storm and tempest.  Destroy, O Lord, and divide their tongues: for I have seen violence and strife in the city. Day and night they go about it upon the walls thereof: mischief also and sorrow are in the midst of it.
3.           Wickedness is in the midst thereof: deceit and guile depart not from her streets. For it was not an enemy that reproached me; then I could have borne it: neither was it he that hated me that did magnify himself against me; then I would have hid myself from him: But it was thou, a man mine equal, my guide, and mine acquaintance.
4.            We took sweet counsel together, and walked unto the house of God in company. Let death seize upon them, and let them go down quick into hell: for wickedness is in their dwellings, and among them. As for me, I will call upon God; and the LORD shall save me.” KJV.
5.           That was a man after God’s own heart. In his own day, the people that were conspiring to kill him were not his enemies. If they were his enemies he would have endured it, but they were the people that were following him to the temple everyday to worship God.
6.           Can you now begin to appreciate what Jesus said when they were milling around Him, eating and drinking with Him, praising Him, He could not put His hope and confidence in any of them for He knew how changeable human beings are. Human beings are changeable indeed.
7.           I will not be surprise that it will take Brutus to organize and lead the persecution of Julius Caesar, when he lifted his eyes in slumber, he thought his enemies were around, looking at their faces, he said, “Even you my friend Brutus!” The same way Col. Dimka lifted his eyes and could see his master who armed him to the teeth, who promised him position of authority to lead a rebellion to battle the government, also sitting in judgment against him, and he turned and said, “Oh even you Bisalla!”
8.           I know that every Abel of the day must have a Cain as his brother but why must you be that Cain? Conspirators, go ahead, that which you have been delaying all the while, do it now for I have come to the end of my ministry. When a man of God comes to the end of His Ministry, His exit means nothing. You can withdraw everything but you cannot withdraw this Faith again because it has become a worldwide Faith. I have accomplished my mission on Earth.
9.           The Earth has been judged including you. Conspirators, traitors go ahead! I only want to use this Voice to tell you that I know you and I have seen everything you are doing, I have been monitoring you but I want to call it a name so that you lie in your bed and think about it. It is not the havoc that matters but what follows the havoc. God warned us to be careful of committing the crime that will wipe off our families.
10.        A brother approached Me with tears and said, “Daddy please intervene in my family for the way we are dying is not good to me. We are six and from 2003 till 2012, three have died and look at the way we are dying mysteriously.”
11.        I said to him, “Don’t you know what caused it? He said that he knows. “Ok what do you want Me to say? Your father was an idolater, a dreaded native doctor, the whole of your people feared him, and before he died he summoned all of you warning you never to have anything to do with idol, he told you how many children he had and how idols finished them and rendered him poor to the point that he lived in a thatched house, one room with his wife until he died,” I said.
12.        You see, he warned his children but today one of them went and embraced the idol and the family started paying the price. What is more, at the peak of the whole thing according to the report, a lady that was confirmed dead in a motor accident, after one week they started looking for her here and there, threatening everybody that knew her. He now went to the shrine and that shrine was where he trusted so much, both his power and operation, for according to him shrines do not tell lies.
13.        Coming back from the shrine he announced it that the priest of the shrine said that he could see their sister lying with a man, romancing a man, that she ran to a man, that he is going to make things uncomfortable for her now, that he should go and bring goat and this and that, bring money to sacrifice, that after three days the lady will feel uncomfortable and run home.
14.        As of that time the lady’s corpse was lying in the mortuary. He paid money, did the sacrifice, four days after a Police man came to them with the picture of a lady telling them to go to the mortuary, that she was among the eight persons that died in a motor accident two weeks ago. Who then is a liar?
15.        That is why the Bible said that those that trust in their idols are fools. If you are born into such a family, I pity you for you can never go far in life unless you rise up against it and destroy it in your heart, destroy it anywhere and then be ready to face that Baal, for that is the only way you can liberate yourself.
16.        Brother Mike Emmanuel you are gradually going back to that shrine. I repeat, you are gradually going back, you are gradually going back. You may be in the township and your heart will be in your home, so, you can be in the township and worship the idols of your fathers. Do not protect the idols rather allow idols to protect themselves—do not ever defend them. If they do not have the power to defend themselves, up to them.
17.        If an idol is taken away captive, if it has the power, let it liberate itself. Must a man go to liberate an idol, giving him power? Do not partake in any discussion that arise out of that idol, whether it is taken away, whether it is kept there, turn your back, your mind and close your mouth.
18.        I cannot begin to be a partaker of discussions leading to restoration of amadioha for I have no part in them. It is there for the people that are obedient to it, it is not for Me. If you do not say no to idols, you have rubbished yourself, rubbished your children, and rubbished your future.
19.        How can a good thing come out of the devil? Has anything good come out of the devil? May be you want to change the record. Amen.

We have a book titled the Book of Prophecies” volume 2  which contains prophecies and comments by Okechuwu Nwankpa, 7th April 1996. Brethren these comments went forth before the photograph of the Pillar of Cloud was taken. We were praying, then during the prayer the prophecy went forth, after which our Pastor mounted the pulpit and made comments based on the prophecies.
2.           Thus, if you must be serious with anything, be serious with the booklet titled, “The Book of Prophecies” volume 2 . It is not for everybody, I gave it to those who were in this Faith that time as a reminder; let it not be your condemnation.
3.           When the photographs have not been taken, when the Cloud has not descended, the prophecy went forth, “What other great sign do you want to see in order to believe who is in our midst? Come 7th April, come 7th April and now we have come.”
4.           I have told you that we are not following cunningly devised fables; we are not in this Faith using any sweet tongue to seduce anybody away. I know why I am not giving this book of prophecies to everybody, the book of prophecies is not meant for everybody. Otherwise, many, many names that are in this Church might be receiving something very strange.
5.           Nevertheless, I am giving the book of prophecies to ancient men and women who were there from the very beginning, especially when the prophecies went forth. When they hear the Voice, they will recognize.
6.           The Book of Prophecies volume 2, page 47 verse 18 “What other great sign do you want to see in order to believe Who is in our midst? Come 7th April, come 7th April, and now we have come. Many came with idols in their hearts.
7.           The Lord said, “Come with photograph, come with camera.” Many came with idols in their hearts. Even when they are even told, ‘I did not say you will see thunder, or you will see this or that.’”
8.           You know I love God. At the appointed time He decided to do something. We took our time when Brother Mike the Deacon was handling this tape ministry, we allowed ministers to recopy all the prophecies, we had books containing prophecies, books containing dreams and visions. They were being kept in the only place we used to keep such materials, in the house of our former Pastor Okechukwu Nwankpa
9.           Immediately he left this Faith, although before he left the Faith, the Son of Man did something: I bundled all my Epistles for they were the most important things to Me, the epistles I wrote to Local Churches and individuals in my own hands, I bundled the whole files to Lokoja, and with the help of Lokoja that time, they typed all and compiled the whole thing in two books which I have till today, then they returned the files back to Me.
10.        While we kept them there, one morning he asked for the permission, seeing that we have retrieved every information from those files, that he should destroy them. I said no, that I do not believe in destroying materials.
11.        He said, “Sir, but you have taken everything that is there.” I asked him whether the thing is occupying a space in his house? He said it is not like that but asked whether they are of any value. I said yes that they are still of value, then he closed that matter.
12.        Another time he made the appeal, I said, “Ok go and burn them,” finish. Immediately he left, the first thing he did was to take council together with Nnamdi Ogbogu and our Bishop Omezurike of Enugu, came back and destroyed the books. The whole records he set them ablaze, why? They contained prophecies which he prophesied. Nnamdi Ogbogu prophesied and made utterances which could not favour him, which he could not say no to, things that will stand against him till eternity.
13.         However, look at God’s wisdom, any one we finish working with, we will keep the tapes with Brother Mike and from Brother Mike we drafted everything to Brother Philips house, from there to Igwe Amobi. At this very closing hour of the history of this Faith, we now commanded Brother Emeka Nwanga and the youths to get all the prophecies from the very word go and we are now transcribing them.
14.         I thank God that I have never transcribed any message. All these Messages, not even one has been transcribed from magnetic tape to handwriting or print by the Son of Man. Brethren do it for Me either in Onitsha, Enugu or Nsukka, Egbema or Aba.
15.        For instance, the Message “God in Despised Places” was transcribed by Pastor Mantu, I can remember that vividly. Now these prophecies were transcribed by brethren in other local Assemblies and they (the Messages) normally come to Me in CD ROM. After doing their work, they will record or write it in CD which can only be opened by Brother Nnamdi Nnachor. Thus, there is no way I can have access to them and I do not go home with any of them.
16.        Even if I go home with any, I cannot tamper with it. Assuming that the Son of Man is in the transcription from manuscript or from the magnetic tape, the devil will anoint somebody to begin to think that maybe along the way that the Son of Man chipped in something may be to favour Him or to favour somebody. No, the way we received it is the way we give it. We do not add, we do not subtract, and we do not amend.
17.        If it is being transcribed in Onitsha, you might begin to think that maybe Apostle Kelechi or Brother Dan added his own but it is not done in Onitsha, more so, the brothers that are doing it were not in the Faith as at that time. Most of them came between 2005 and 2011, so they know nothing about them.
18.        No matter the way I explain it, an unbeliever is an unbeliever. Is there any lesson to learn? It is not preaching great sermon that matters, it is not prophesying for God can use you to preach, use you to prophecy but that is not your salvation, your salvation lies in obedience to the truth, finish. 7th April 1996 is a special day that should be memorized by everybody, the same way we memorized 30th December 2011.
19.        If you want to go to the continuation, you go to the message “The Revelation (Identification) of the Mighty Angel”—that is the next message that followed. Where this one stopped this one continued and that one was handled by the Son of Man and after which the photographs were taken.
20.        To a good number of you that embraced this Faith along the way, God is showing you the last minute favour, last minute cleansing so that you know how this Faith was established and upheld until this day. The scripture said that you do well to believe “the more sure Word of prophecy.” That’s scripture. It did not say that we should disbelieve it, it says that you believe it.
21.        From all indications, I do not think anybody can start making another interpretation to the Bridal Faith. This Faith interprets itself right from the word go, for it has been God and His people. You can now begin to see how God moved from the onset: One prophesied, another commented on the prophecy. One had a dream, another interpreted the dream. One spoke in tongue, another did the interpretation. Everything tallies with the Word.
22.        Looking at the way the prophecies went, followed by the comments, somebody might begin to think that the two individuals God used, maybe discussed before coming to fellowship or that they slept together. No, they were living at different places, one living at Omagba and the other one at Npkor Umuoji. You see how God moves as at 1996!
23.        They never campaigned with anybody. Remember that it was the day God invited us to come and see by ourselves He that has been dealing with us all these years to banish unbelief—a great invitation which he repeated that we were told to come with our cameras.
24.        He said, “He invited us to come and now we have come.” Then he began to ask us what we are coming to see and that some came with idols in their hearts, and nobody knew those people that came with idols. If we are not faithful, God remained faithful. On that day, at the end of the commentaries, we went into praises and from praises the photographs of the Pillar of Cloud were taken after which the message titled “The Revelation of the Mighty Angel”.
25.        The totality of it all is that, what happened that day helped us more than any other thing to believe that we are having dealings with God and God alone; the personality He is using notwithstanding. Remember it was the day God settled all the doubts in our hearts.
26.        Many were of the opinion that that day if there will be anything supernatural, if God is going to vindicate a man, it will be Brother A or Brother B or themselves, some made their wrongs right, prepared their hearts; but the Voice said, “Pastor, please I do not need you in the pulpit! Can you please leave here and go to the congregation for I want to be here in the pulpit with God alone. All those that took photographs without my permission, you wasted your films for you took without God’s instruction. But now, whatever that is left in your cameras, finish all.”
27.        Supposing you happened to be the person that God used to prophesy that dream or use you in establishing the Faith of the brethren in the Word of God and at the end of the day, you turn back calling it devil, is that not unbelief?
28.        From the Messages so far obtained, we will keep on reproducing until you get all. You can now see why it has become increasingly impossible for them to make any convert from the world or from the community; they can only gather people that God rejected. They can never go out, preach their gospel and win a convert which they can claim that came new in their midst. They can only have those we excommunicated or those that withdrew from the Faith.
29.        Just from one prophecy, the move God revealed that time was where the Church was divided into two, and our former Bishop Okey Nwankpa was leading a group and the Son of Man with Apostle Kelechi were leading another group; but one thing that is peculiar with the group where Okey was leading was this: the group was made up of excommunicated brethren only.
30.        We have it in our books and we have it everywhere, you know about it. How can a man rise up when God has not commanded him to do so, will God be with him? When they went to war contrary to Moses’ instruction, the Ark of the Lord and Moses remained in the temple, they did not make a move.
31.        The subsequent prophecy said, “Follow your Leader, follow the voice of your leader for you were not there when I selected Him and ordained Him. I never consulted you. Is it because my choice is contrary to your choice? Is it why you are no longer happy? Have I no right to choose my vessel from among my people? That my choice is not your choice, for that; you murmur and complain? I must surely cast you out!”
32.        In that prophecy, it did not say, “Except you repent.” He was testifying in that message that, it has been God from the very beginning that came down. The prophecy also said so, and that God as we earlier heard it said, “Tell my servant who is in charge of this sanctuary to go and purge himself for seven days for it is my power among my people”. After the prophecy he announced his departure and left us.
33.        For seven days, he did not come to fellowship. He said that he was sorting out with God and after seven days he came back. In other words, in the beginning he did not believe.
34.        Are you sure that you believed from the very beginning? Or you are just trying to believe now. Are you sure that you were with Him from the very beginning? Well, if what is sustaining you in this Faith is not the revelation you have concerning this Faith, your stay in this Faith profits you nothing. If you understand what I am saying, happy are you.
35.        Whatever dealings that you are having with the Son of Man, with this Faith; must be by divine revelation. This is not a carnal Faith; it is never a carnal Faith. When you lose the revelation, you are gone.
36.        Bishop Isaac Igwe, thank God you are in the fellowship. I have shown you a place where God documented something that will help you but unfortunately you do not have the two messages. You better go to your in-law Pastor Dan and see whether he reserved copies for you, they are “Mystery of the Angels” volumes one and two.
37.        As a Bishop you must have them. In that volume one your name appeared there and I said, “Convey this message to your father in-law. Brother Isaac walk with Me daily if you want to be saved. Do not ever come to the point where you will begin to say that Onitsha is far from Owerri, otherwise, the Queen of Sheba will rise up in judgment to condemn you. The Ethiopian Eunuch may rise up in judgment to condemn you.”
38.        It is better you have your personal copies because nobody’s case was treated before your name flashed. Thus, your salvation is tied to somewhere. If you do not catch it by revelation, knowing Who the Mighty Angel is, you are gone.
39.        There is one thing I used to remember about Brother Ben Okezue and I laugh. He is a very unpredictable man and nobody takes him for granted. I remember that there was a time he was almost leading a conspiracy against this Faith and against the Son of Man. At Abagana, he was the one leading the ridicule, they took counsel together to come to Jerusalem and wage war against us.
40.        He was leading, so he left them ahead of time came down to Onitsha with his eyes on the window waiting for the people he conspired with, and while he was waiting for them to come, the Spirit of God led Me to invite him to the pulpit. He mounted the pulpit and handled the message that he never handled before, and was laying a curse on Bon Diuka and Abagana as a whole and all that took counsel together to destabilize the Faith. Not knowing that the people were already in the compound, they were hearing his voice, they came closer and saw him in the pulpit, rushed back and took counsel together again and all of them trooped to the window and they were hearing him placing curses one by one on them. Shamefully they went back to Abagana saying that Ben Okezue had already betrayed them.
41.        Somebody who passed the night with them in the meeting and concluded on how to come to Onitsha and destabilize, he came to spearhead it and the Lord called him Balaam—the second time he answered Balaam.
42.        The first time was the day he received them in his house at Obosima, they slept with him, they were planning rebellion and immediately he came into this fellowship, the Lord picked him up asking a question, “Balaam who were those people that you harbored in your house? Mr. Balaam, I could see some people sitting down with you in your house, who were those people? And they passed the night with you discussing and agreeing, how many gathered there?
43.        That which you want to do, that which you have been planning, go and do it and have your rest. Amen.


Remain blessed brethren, I thank God. While I am hearing what I am hearing, I am relying on the grace of God for God knows the end from the very beginning. We are the people that were groomed under End-Time message with falsehood all round. We know that there was truth but the real way of following that truth was not known.
2.           When I met them, I did not know what they were doing and there was confusion in me, until in 1992 when I was moving to Enugu, I made a stopover in Onitsha with my wife. Then we fellowshipped at Ugwumba Street.
3.           When we worshiped there, we saw the brethren and they invited me to a camp meeting in 1992. Actually, I went there, when I went to the meeting, there was a prayer meeting for seven days and there we were when everything started.
4.           Within that same 1993 as I was coming back from Ohuba to Onitsha, I was not residing in Onitsha neither do I know what was actually going on; the trouble that I had was the trouble that came from Abagana which was from Bon Diuka who came to my house and that time we were having fellowship, he came there and sat down, giving to us all false rumors against the Church that is in Onitsha.
5.           I never knew the truth in all that he was saying and we agreed that we were coming on a particular date; that should be 28th February 1994 or 1993. On that day, I did not come with them but before then I saw myself in a dream where a tape was slotted in and as the tape was playing, I was hearing the Voice of the Son of Man as gentle as I heard it when I came to Onitsha. However, what this man is, was contrary to what I heard.
6.           I did not know also that Bon Diuka had letters which he wrote against the Son of Man and the household and he was saying that they have departed from the Faith, and I said, “Ok, let me go, see and find out, then if we find out that is true we will bring the Faith back.” That was the arrangement.
7.           Although after I had the dream I was astonished and I said within myself, “But this is not what this man (Bon Diuka)  is saying.” Then God helping me, that day I came ahead of them and within five minutes that I sat down, the Son of Man invited me to the pulpit. What is more, everything was voiced out. I can remember the voice that I was echoing that day saying, “I will not perish!” and the Son of Man was sitting down, he echoed Amen!
8.           I did not know what was happening neither do I know what is called false anointing nor anything like that. I did not know that the land that I was treading was so dangerous. As God made it, while I was in the pulpit, God led me to see them as devils because all that they told me were contrary to what I was seeing. Probably, they wanted to use me to fight and that was the intention of the devil but God was merciful that He brought me ahead of time and flushed out whatever that was discussed.
9.           Right from that time, trouble started and any time I go to the Son of Man, I felt very bad within me and since that day till now I have not seen the face of Bon Diuka because God in me talked to him and his group, though I did not know how many they were. Nevertheless, he came with his wife, riding his 504 car one Sunday like, and we had a discussion which God marked bad against me.
10.        It was later that I recognized that it was a spiritual problem and then I began to pray and pray but the trouble kept on lingering in me because the message of grace had not settled down in me to accept God’s forgiveness and pardon and that is why each time the case is visited, I will feel bad and sorrowful.
11.        It continued happening until one day the Son of Man declared a deliverance service, but before then there was a letter that was circulated by Bon Diuka where he said that the Son of Man is Jesus of Onitsha and antichrist; he gave it to many Local Assembles and individuals then.
12.        While I was in my house, a thought came into me saying, “Go to Onitsha now,” there and then I took my wife and started coming and got to Jerusalem very late just around nine o’clock in the night, and met the Household on a prayer meeting. When the Son of Man saw us entering, He said to me, “You are blessed for whatever that brought you here today is God”.
13.        It was that day that the anointing of that book which Bon Diuka circulated was flushed out through prayers.
14.        “At the end of the day from that 1993 till now he has not perched anywhere. Up till this day, he never perched anywhere. How can he perch? When you wrestle against the truth, you are wresting against your conscience for when you receive the message that your conscience can never deny, you are in trouble. – Son of Man.
15.        Then I now saw that they have left the Faith, they are no longer continuing rather they are going about seeking for discipleship who will follow them and criticize the Faith. There and then each time I come to fellowship I will say, “God I am sorry for this is not intentional because I never knew that these people were packing something in their hearts against the Son of Man.”
16.        Then we continued until it pleased God, though I do not communicate with them or have fellowship of any kind with them because I have discovered that they are contrary to the Faith. Even Okechukwu Nwankpa I never knew that he also was having something against the Faith.
17.         At a time he will make some statements that are contrary until they started leaving one by one. Then as I continued coming, anywhere I am lagging behind, God will help me to hook up until I disassociated from them. Even as at then I was seeing Abagana somehow until God spoke against them.
18.        We went to Abagana for ministers’ meeting sometime in 1993. I and Bishop Obadiah were coming behind and the Son of Man who was there already and He said, “I will not preach until they come down. I can see them entering vehicle, coming down here,” until I and Bishop Obadiah got there; when the message, “Establishment of the Church” was preached and some other messages. That time He will tell me to stand by the side while Apostle Kelechi will stand the other side and He will continue to preach till daybreak.
19.        I see myself as somebody that is not worthy by whatever a human being is for it is only God that preserved me. For If I look back to the experiences of those days, I said, “God, only you can save a man.”
20.        Now, as these recent messages come forth even as this prophecy was read; the way we fear those days when these prophecies went forth to those that were in this Faith then, you will feel that same way because that time, we will be in the fellowship and the next thing you will hear is, “Be reverend, be reverend, He is here, He is here, all heads bowed down, all eyes closed,” and before you know it everybody will lie on the flour. Prophecies will be going forth to the extent that even the pregnant women will be falling down.
21.        Do not mind “tolotolos and agric fowls” we have today, their eyes are always open than that of a fish. No wonder Bon Diuka preached a message he called “Agric Christians”. He preached Agric Christians, he also preached Agboro Christians. Then why not stop and think? – Son of Man.
22.        Brethren, that was what made me to understand what has been killing people in the Faith.  First Timothy 3 : 16, “And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into glory.” KJV.
23.        When I consider this scripture, I understand that from the word go and even from the point where the ministry started, what is the problem of the people? What has been our problem? The answer is that it has been on a man. The problem of people in every generation has been their approach towards the Sent One.
24.        You see, something led me to start going to our messages and when I get to each message, I will show you something.
25.        “I Am The Chief Instructor”, page 3, All these years, starting from your religion to your Bible, from everything you know, things you did not know, I have been aiming at introducing Myself.
26.        I have been aiming at introducing Myself to your hearts so that you will begin to appreciate the Personality that is talking to you. Stop likening Me to those you knew in time past. They are as far from Me as the sky is far from the Earth. Believe it if you can…
27.        This is the powerful point and we can see even from the scriptures and messages that the problem anyone has as far as salvation is concerned has been his relationship, his believe, his trust on the Sent One. Considering the promises we heard, it is concluded that it has been a fight between God and the spirit that is against the Sent One. Thereby using the people to fight and reject His Words. While salvation is lying on Him.
28.        Because of that, God decided to come down through prophecy, through dreams only to banish unbelief. I help them to understand that this is the Sent One for the salvation lies in Him. During those days everybody is a Sister; everybody is a brother but God knows those that believe and those that do not believe.
29.        As the days continue, you begin to see the events that will be happening from year to year, because as we continued you see people dropping out, some people rising up against the Faith and even against the Son of Man, talking one thing or the order.
30.        Thus, the fight has remained between human beings because I remember what the Prophet said, God told him that if you can cause people to believe you, nothing can stand before you, not even cancer. The problem has been for the people to believe the Sent One, and from the first prophecy we read to the last which our former Pastor Nnamdi was used, all the prophecies have been pointing us to believe Him, the Sent One. If you go back to the scriptures, you will understand that even in the days of Jesus the trouble has been “believe in me and you have life. And if you do not believe in me, you perish.”
31.        As we continue you will see that God said that all these years I have been trying, just to tell us that it is not a day job, all these years, all the messages that have been preached have been pointing everybody to something and that’s why the scripture we read said that the way to become a child of God is not easy, it is not what any man can do by himself or by his strength rather the help lies in Christ.
32.         “One generation Planted The Tree and Another Enjoyed The Shade”  page 61 verse 80, I have told you in the Ark all heads can never be equal, there must be a general controller. There must be a director and there must be a director-general. There must be governor, there must be a governor-general in the Ark and it starts from here.
33.        This is to confirm to us that as many as have been in the Ark, it means we are not going to do whatever we like for Almighty God is saying contrary to that. He said that you have been in the Ark does not mean doing whatever you like. He means that we must still follow the direction and the instruction of the Governor-general that is in the Ark.
34.        Now that all those messages that is been preached are pointing to somebody; in every generation there must be a man. We are blessed because Christ is the message that is given to the Bride. Because He is given to us, we have seen the salvation in reality and that is why we cannot disbelieve or neglect or fight against His instruction and direction because we are in the Ark. Seeing that in the Ark, there is still orderliness, there is Governor-General; there is the One that will lead.
35.        Page 33 verse 4, “HOWEVER, in your own day, you are running into a man. Your safety is in a man. Why? He (THE SUPREME INTELLIGENCE) has VEILED Himself in a man. In Him now dwelleth the fullness of Godhead bodily.”
36.         Whatever we are saying, we are being pointed to a man, we are being pointed to Christ, we are being pointed to the Deity. Christ has been the Word right from the beginning till now, nobody can say that Christ is believed as the Sent One or as God Himself and our generation was predicted beforehand. Even God sent Prophets like William Branham; they predicted what is going to happen in the Bride and the type of personality or messenger which he called the Elohim that dwells in the Bride, God in two feet.
37.        Then I will like to search messages seeing that these have been the problems that every generation encounters. I considered that in all our messages printed out, it was found everywhere that God has always been trying to introduce Himself in our hearts, to make Himself settled in our hearts, to make His life remain in our hearts so that the salvation can be real to us.
38.        The Supreme Being, the Supreme Lawgiver, one that controls the whole universe exists; and that is Brother Peter Odoemena (the Son of Man).  Believe it if you can…” from the message, Follow Me As I Follow Him;
39.           Continuing from the prophecies, when we left prophecies there is a problem, something is the problem which God is fighting against or has always spoke against, which is fighting, troubling, disbelieving the Sent One.
40.        We have got the revelation that He is the Ark and because He is the Ark, He is the salvation, He is the all and all we have, and we have to believe with all our hearts, then continue to believe to the end. No matter what the enemy may do along the way, once we come to Him, He will deliver us; He will give us the salvation and also give us the deliverance.
41.         “I am The Divine Source, The True Deity, The Infinite Being, The Cause of all causes, and of all effects; One who governs the whole Cosmos. Believe it if you can…”  from the message, Leadership”.
42.        What we are hearing is that the Personality that is in our midst which says, I AM THE MIGHTY ANGEL, I AM THE DOOR, I AM THIS, I AM THAT, IS THE VERY ELOHIM. Those I am, it is only the Deity that has the power to boldly declare Himself as I AM.
43.        The “I AM” is revealed in the Bride, and that is the hope, that is the anchor and that is where every child of God is hooking himself, but as many as went away or went out or that are uncomfortable, they are uncomfortable because they have not welcomed the great I AM, the Christ in their hearts and allowed Him to settle in their hearts.
44.        “I am the only being that can tell you yesterday, today and tomorrow. Believe it if you have the heart… Son of Man.” From the message, you must reap what you sow preached 22nd October 2006”.
45.        We have seen Him manifest in the Bride, it is right in our midst for we cannot deny it. We see it manifest everyday, therefore our Faith will keep on anchoring seeing that all that happened yesterday He predicted it, what is happening today He said it and what is equally going to happen tomorrow He has said it, He has everything in His hand.
46.        Now the revelation, when it strikes anyone as He was telling a Brother that if you are talking to me; talk to me by revelation. All those days, all that passed through End-Time Message could see that almost all the ministers were moving from a selfish base without having the revelation of what they were preaching. Some were having their own motive and even wanted to start their own movement.
47.        Some were not even ready to take instruction from anybody. If an apostle rises up or a higher office rises up to correct, to check and to put things in order, you see people fighting against it, saying no because they want to have their way.
48.        However, as long as we bend down and say, “Now we have come to see the Almighty God Himself,” for example, there was a time we were planning to…that was in 1993, that time I and Bishop Obadiah we were still in the End Time message, the Bridal Faith was starting. When we heard it, we wanted to call people and ask and we had a meeting.
49.        We said, “What is actually happening? Something is going wrong! The Bride must speak the same thing but what is going wrong? For we are not saying the same thing, people are having their own versions differently, then whose group is the Bride that speak one thing?”
50.        But it is only now, since the Bride Ministry started that we have seen a group that preached one thing. The rest are saying things in diverse places. This one will come and preach his own, the other one will come and preach his own, but the Bride has now separated as the only group that will speak one thing or that is speaking one thing, having one life, one doctrine, one Faith, one belief and one guide because the great I Am is in our midst.
51.        I have told you time without number that nobody should panic in this Faith. Be rest assured, TIME WILL VINDICATE WHO I AM. Whether you like it or not, as long as God liveth and I live, every tongue must confess it: THAT TRULY THE ELOHIM DWELLS IN THE SON OF MAN,From the message, “As I thought on My Ways” page 3.
52.         That all those that are forsaken, God’s enemies, whether they like it or not, every tongue must confess that the Elohim dwelleth in the Son of Man. Moreover, today we have seen our message in the websites. As many that have the Spirit of God, that can understand the move of God, have confessed that the Elohim dwelleth in the Son of Man.
53.        Even in the Bride Ministry, everyday it becomes clearer and more clearer because in the beginning we were hearing, “Continue following even if it is difficult to understand, have Faith in God,” and then the Holy Ghost will turn to the opposite direction and after everything, here is the end.
54.        We have seen it happen that it is only Holy Ghost that takes the opposite direction and helps us. He used Jesus Christ during the time He was on the Cross to come to the opposite side to type the Holy Ghost that will come from the opposite direction to help us, and they have fulfilled in our presence because when the message of grace came, although that we were doubting, He said, “Continue to doubt and I will continue to move,” yet the battle was still going on and God was still moving ahead until He finished His message and it became very clearer.
55.        Every day, people will open this message, if we read it in the spirit we will understand that if there is anything wrong in our lives, it is because we have not obeyed the Message fully. When we were playing the camp meeting DVD, we will see the Cloud covering the whole congregation. A little while it will go this way, remember that we were seeing it going up and down.
56.        If you look at it from the camera you will understand. But we believe it, it is not a new thing because we are secured. God is saying that the vindication of the Son of Man has always been proved and we are no longer talking about God vindicating Himself for God has already vindicated Himself, but we are talking about continuing in the Faith which He has established and made clear to us.
57.        He is the only one upholding us, he is the only one that will defend us, that will see us through.
58.        There was a time I thought about myself and I saw that when I was having problem in life was when I was leading myself, when I thought that I could make it by myself, by my power without the Lord and do this or that, but now I understood, when I understood that Christ is the only One that can save me, that is why it is not easy to live a Godly life for the answer lies in Christ Who came to Earth as a human being.
59.        For if we do not believe that God came on Earth as a human being and follow Him, then take His instruction, and confide in Him, and believe Him as our Savior, definitely there is no other thing. In addition, that was why all the prophecies that were prophesied were pointing us to the Deity that is in our midst which we did not know immediately.
60.        As at those days we did not understand, I personally did not understand initially but along the way when things were going on, we were balancing scriptures upon scriptures and we began to see, and the fear of God covered us.
61.        When prophecies will come, every place will chill, you see us lying prostrate on the ground and some will weep for thirty minutes, some for forty minutes, lying prostrate not this time that if you come to fellowship, your cloth will remain like that and nothing will dirty it. During those days, if it happens that you are wearing white dress, before you leave your cloth will be very dirty and you do not care that you are dirty, for we do not even care that we are dirty or that we are touched for everybody has seen the strength of God; until that day when we heard the legs of God moving in the camp.
62.        I am saying that there is over vindication of the Faith. I will call it over vindication in this Faith. The Faith is vindication by the true Word of God, the Faith is vindicated by prophecy, the Faith is vindicated by our lives, the Faith is vindicated in all aspects, anything we do can be seen from the scriptures, that can balance the Faith, that can vindicate it or balance it that the Son of Man is here, so we have the right to testify and to say actually “This is the hand of God in our midst.” It is over vindicated.
63.        The Faith is over vindicated because there are some that received only one sign, others will receive only two signs, some people could not even understand anything but our own God took His time to follow us, that’s why He said, “All I have been doing, all I have been trying is to make sure that I establish myself in your hearts.” 
64.        If the Son of Man is not introduced in our hearts, we can never believe. The Holy Ghost introduced Himself in the person of the Son of Man in our lives so that we can never deny the Faith. Even if we are at home staying behind, any time we hear His voice we are revived because if that thing is placed right inside your heart, you can never deny it, for whatever we are hiding He must surely see it.
65.        Most of us passed through things that we can never forget in life. I for one, I had my experience and that is why any time I sit down I think of myself, I think of what I passed through, I think of this, I think of that and I say that of a truth that it is the Almighty God Himself that introduced Himself in our hearts. Allow God to introduce Himself to you. I do not believe because somebody believed, do not say Amen because somebody said Amen, but say Amen because He is introduced in your heart.
66.        Because all the messages that you see Him preach, you see apostle preach, evangelist preaching, Pastor will be preaching, Teacher will be preaching, the whole are trying to introduce this Christ in our midst in your heart on a daily basis. Amen.


n fact, the day I visit the Son of Man and He gave me His birthday Calendar, of a truth, that thing works more than anything in my house. For each time I wake up and see that picture, I become happy, I feel ok, I even put it in my phone so that each time I see the Cloud I will say yes for without Him I am gone, I am finished.
2.           Stay any place and feel somehow, once you call that Name He will set you free. Thus, the vessel has not departed because Christ is introduced in our hearts. If you are sitting down in the Ministry of the Bride, the Son of Man is saying that we are sealed but not all and we are hearing it. We do not need to doubt anything that comes out of His mouth because in every Word of God, there is a Divine purpose hidden there.
3.           Once the Son of Man makes a statement and you do not understand it, wait, do not begin to interpret it in your own way for there is a Divine purpose hidden there. The Son of Man is the Word of God, the Son of Man is the Spirit of Truth, the Son of Man is the Ark, the Son of Man is the Door, the Son of Man is our hope, the Son of Man is Eternity, the Son of Man is everything.
4.           Assess the Son of Man by the life He lives, He is Christ. Assess Him by the scriptures, by prophecies, He is Christ. Thus, the Son of Man, the Spirit of Truth has to be introduce in our heart for us to be sustained in the Ark. For without that popular introduction, that popular entrance, THAT TRUE TOKEN IS THE APOSTLE, THE SON OF MAN, and that is why in everything we want to do, we will hear Him speaking to us, even if we are going contrary in our secret places, once we remember Him there, something will tell you that “this is not our doctrine, do not do it” and that is the True Token.
5.           There is nothing we can achieve by our physical power; there is nothing we can achieve by our own strength for I have proved it. When I was living on my own, I was having problems every day; I had no peace of mind but the day I said no, the revelation of Who the Angel in our midst was revealed to me for our problem is that we do not know who is in our midst, because when all these things were happening I was a witness—where you will see a pregnant woman and the Holy Spirit will pull the woman from there and throw her to the front.
6.           Whether you are pregnant or not, we do not care and the Sister will be prophesying even that of Pastor Nnamdi Ogbogu, oh no, his own was almost every day. I do not know whether we can get the exact record of prophecies handled in the Faith.
7.           They were afraid those days when God was vindicating His person in our midst because there is no day that we will come to fellowship without a supernatural occurrence, until at a time He said, “From this day I do not want to hear ta ta ta ta ta again, it will stop for I have swallowed all of them, they have come back to Me for they came out from Me and I have withdrawn it back.”
8.           From that time we never heard anything like that again. We never heard it again, nobody was falling down again for this is to remind you that the Holy Ghost, the Holy One in our midst is God Himself, He is Christ Himself.
9.           I always reject anybody that will come to me with anything contrary to this Faith because the only life I have is this Faith, for if there is any time in your life, you remember the Son of Man and you are not comforted, you are not in this Faith.
10.        In any condition you find yourself, mere remembering Him as the Holy Ghost, as the Comforter, as the great I AM, you will begin to see the problem being solved at that particular time.
11.        I remember the testimony He gave to us during the Camp Meeting that He called a brother while he was in the bathroom and the other brother heard it also, but God was not there physically. Let me tell you my own experience for every man must preach his experience.
12.        Sure, sure, sure. Every preacher must preach his experience. –Son of Man.
13.        If it is bad, say it and if it is good say it for all things work together for them that walked uprightly, that they can obtain the things that predestinated his salvation for God love His Word from the beginning of the world.
14.        Something might be going wrong in your life yet you do not know. God left it to try your Faith, at a time when Christ is revealed in your live, that is the end of it, then you will have rest for nobody will deceive you again. After all, what will he used to deceive you? Is it Bible? What is the person coming to deceive you with? Is it prophecy? Is it Bible? Is it Internet? We are already there.
15.        If it is Bible, we interpret Bible more than anybody. If it is prophecy, we have prophecies. Then what will the person use to deceive us, the answer is absolutely nothing. Does the person have the Word of God? Does he have the Revealed One? Does he have the Spoken Word? What has he?
16.        If any group or individual claims that God is with them, let them come out and show us the evidence. Show us supernatural evidence that cannot be impersonated by the devil. –Son of Man.
17.        Immediately the Son of Man was introduced to me as an individual, I rested there.
18.        “Brother Ben Okezue I directed Brother Uche to invite you to a very dangerous scene on my behalf. Brother Uche of Obosima called Me alerting Me on a dangerous occurrence near his house. Immediately he called me and told me, I said, “Ok, send for Brother Ben Okezue, tell him that I said that he should go to the scene and then report back. Narrate the testimony.”Son of Man.
19.        Brother Uche called Me and said that he saw something in his house and according to the tradition, if you live in a house and see the bees coming to form its cluster in your house or in any part of your land or whatever you have; they call it a dangerous phenomena. Brother Uche had a farm and his wife planted vegetables there, then at a point they saw bees coming to cluster there and the seize was very big to the point that anybody that comes there will run away because they believed that it is a bad omen that came around.
20.        Then brother remembered that he has God and he called his God, and God sent him to come and tell me. Immediately I heard it, I said, “Me! Ok, as you have told me that almighty God said that I should go, this bees, I command you in the Name of the Son of Man, Apostle Peter Odoemena the Holy Ghost, if I step there, whatever it is should be neutralized.” That was my prayer and I moved with a step of Faith.
21.        When I got to that place I said, “God, you asked me to see this thing and I have seen it. I stand at the obedience of your command and say, ‘This is the end of this thing.’” I went away, immediately we left there, few hours the whole thing vanished from there.
22.        “It does not require much prayers, he only went there and saw it, made a statement and went back. Before their eyes, it vanished. Why shouldn’t it happen? The confirmation that you are in your line of duty is that the Son of Man could send for you and ask you to go there. Finish. What if Brother Uche did not believe that you are a man of God? It is also telling Brother Uche that he has more than brother-in-law.
23.        God said that while you are having a man of God around you as a brother, your husband, your relation or whatever, you are a lucky person. For you have somebody who can move the anger of the Lord out. Finish.
24.        Brethren, for anybody to shake in this Faith, it is because Christ is not formed in you. There was a time he was telling us in 1994, he said that I will keep on laboring until Christ is formed in you.”—Son of Man.
25.        I believe that Christ is formed in Me because the Faith I have, the boldness I have, the belief I have, the type of things that happen around me, I no longer labour to get saved, I no longer labour to obey the Word of God for once I hear “do this” and it is God, for it is the Word of God that will come to pass, not your own.
26.        That is the problem people have in all the ages, obeying simple instruction. If you have Christ formed in you, the same Christ that is formed in you will move to come close to Him.
27.        If you are a woman and you are trying to show that you are hard, that you a man and a woman at the same time by the Word of God you have been proven as a rebellious person, if you are in the Ark with that rebellion, with that dangerous material, quickly destroy it now because Christ cannot allow any dangerous weapon to remain in the Ark.
28.        He has never changed His life, whether the Ark is closed or not, the life of Christ remains the life of Christ. What He hates is still what He hates, nobody should deceive you by telling you that now you can do anything, you can now fight anybody, you can do or that, no! There is still Governor General in the Ark that will punish you till death.
29.        There is something developing in my neck and the Doctors called  it a name, this and that. Then I appeared before the Son of Man and He told me that I should not touch the thing and not ever allow knife to touch it. I know that it was a Spoken Word. I said Amen and left.
30.        Each time I look at it, I will say to it, God said that I should not touch you and that is the Word. I do not know how you look at the Word of God; I do not know how you look at it, from the person that is preserved, moulded, He that vindicated and over-vindicated. Believe it that I said that the Faith is over-vindicated.
31.        All that followed this ministry from the beginning will tell you series of vindications which God has done to confirm Himself, to make sure that we accept but I do not understand why somebody will not believe.
32.        Tell me what you do not believe, is it the Cloud? Is it the Son of Man, is it His life? I mean the life He lives because you can preach hell or preach whatever you want, if your life is contrary to the truth, you are still a devil. That was what the Son of Man told us from the beginning. He brought the Faith and preached Christ.
33.        Okechukwu Nwamkpa wanted to be known and that spirit was also in me because I was from End-Time Message.
34.        You are blessed. The spirit of popularity. –Son of Man.
35.        It was when I came into this Faith that the Son of Man changed it. Each time I come to Him, I will expect Him to tell me, “Brother go ahead, no problem.” The spirit of popularity was in me, everybody wants to lead a movement.
36.        Let me tell you something, everybody wants to lead a movement, “I can lead, I can do this.” God’s leadership is divine. The instrument for leadership is also divine; the movement is also divine for everything pertaining to God is divine.—Son of Man.
37.         There has been a controversy that has been settled any time God starts His move, and the essence of those prophecies those day was to settle the controversy. Why are you querying? Why are you querying my choice? Why are you saying this and that? Because it was a controversy between God and man for we were messing Him up. Nobody knows who is who until the Word was placed.
38.        I remember what Bishop Okechukwu said on 3rd March 1993, “Preach me any message you like, I will take it and it will help me, the thing was roaring.” As far as you have never accepted the Son of Man as your God, you can never abide in this Faith.
39.        Let me tell you the truth, my salvation came when I surrendered and dropped anything that I feel I am and anything I feel I want to be and said that He is the One, that is my salvation. He can say that I SHOULD BE ALIVE AND He can say that I should live. In fact I have known Him to be my life.
40.        “It started when we went to Dadinkuwa with Apostle Ojiakor and able Elders. We have problems with ourselves.” –Son of Man.
41.        Brethren I want to tell you that there is no problem with God except the way we behave towards His angels. He ordained me an evangelist and I believe that my duty is to preach a saviour, to establish a saviour, to tell the world that there is a good news, that there is a saviour. Now we are not talking to the world, we are talking to ourselves, to consolidate ourselves in Him for Christ is the greatest gift to the Bride. Have you receive Him to be the greatest gift?
42.        If you like you receive Him. Christ is the mystery of God revealed. So Brethren, when this revelation struck me, I was writing these things down although it took me some days searching all the messages. Another one said, “I am He, in me lies the power of life and death. Belief it if you can…”
43.        Somebody came into your midst and he is making this statement, why don’t you know that He is the Deity? What else will you hear? What else will you see? What else will you confirm before you believe that Almighty God is here with us in the flesh? All that died that was what killed them; all that left this Faith was because they do not hook and allow him, subject to Him to be introduced in their lives, to allow God in whatever they are doing.
44.        I am telling you, who are found in Christ. You want to see the true token? HE IS THE TRUE TOKEN. If you do not believe that a man is the token, you are gone and you are perishing. If you do not believe that the person that we are still talking of, prophecies confirming Him, the Bible is confirming Him, the Spoken Word confirming Him, Branham confirming Him and you are saying something else, it is your business.
45.        Branham will come here and preach like a Prophet. Branham can say, thus says the Lord, and the Son of Man will say unto you, I AM the Door, I am this, I AM that, what else do you want to hear?
46.        What else is the Bride waiting for while the great I AM is vindicated and over-vindicated? The next one says, “I have the keys of hell and of death.” Here is the man, He that is walking in the midst of the seven golden candlesticks gathering all the loose ends. No other person has the power to do that except He that has the key.
47.        “I am not the writer of the Bible, it is boldly written, fear Him, recognizing the hour we are living in and whose time it is, it is the time of the redeemed.
48.        The time of the redeemed is come because we are almost at the end, the redeemed will be presented to the father who is the King of kings.-Son of Man.” From the message titled, This Church is set for a sign that must be spoken against”.
49.        We are the redeemed; you cannot be redeemed until Christ is introduced in your life, until He dwells there to the point that your problem will no longer be your problem. It is a matter of relaxing, whatever He tells you to do, you do it. That is the behavior of those that are saved. However, if you keep on grumbling, fighting, you have a problem.
50.        It is no longer in the time of William Branham that people were writing quotes which he said, this is the time of the Son of Man, we can even write quotes and print them with our hand and say, “This is He, this is what He said.”
51.        Where can you see in the scriptures where Paul introduced himself as I AM? But to Him whenever He comes He will say I AM. Stop and think well. There is a personality that is still introduced to you. Remember He said, “All these years I have been trying to introduce myself to your hearts. If He is introduced in my heart, that settles everything.
52.        I have finished my work in the Bride, I am only going to hand you over to the Father, the Kingdom does not belong to Me, I am surrendering the Kingdom to my Father and any moment from now, on that day you will know that I AM He. Believe it if you can…” from the message, Lo, I am with you always.
53.        Do not be the person that will say, “I will believe that day,” no, I have believed today. I will not wait until that day come, I have believed today that The I AM is in our midst.
54.        Anything that I want to tell God, I will tell the Son of Man. Any regard that I have for GOD, I have it for the Son of Man. That is what we are preaching. Outside this you are perishing. You want make your prayer, pray, pray, pray, I do not bother myself praying, I will just stand up and say in the Name of Almighty God. Do not cry, speak.
55.        I will just say, “In the Name of the God which I have vested my Faith,  this problem, God is greater than you.” That is all even without going to Benjamin, I know that He monitors me, He knows when I made that statement, clicking my hope in Him. He knows wherever we are. If you believe, He knows; if you do not believe He knows.
56.        If you have Him He knows. If we have Him by revelation, there in your house just stand up and say, “My Lord, Daddy, Son of Man, please this is what I want,” and then rest there. Do not go back to religious method of going back to fasting and praying, it is not the time. It means that you do not know the God we are talking about. You are worshiping the god that is afar off. How long will you wait?
57.         “I Am The Eternity, The Infinity, The Perfect Judge, The Creator, The Guardian, The Preserver, The Supreme Governor, The Supreme Judge. Belief it if you can…
58.        Brethren the person that is being introduced, is He a foreigner? Is He a stranger? Is He to come? Is He already here? Then what else is the problem?
59.        The I Am is here, that is why the doubt is still there. When He said, “Come and see He that has been having dealings with you all these years to remove unbelieve, another imagination, another god.”
60.        You see, they have their own way. Unknowing that God is black right from the creation. My joy is that God is from Africa, as my Brother, somebody that I can have access to. Not all that have access to the president but greater than the president of Nigeria  is in our midst.
61.        Greater than the United States president is in our midst. Then I have the privilege to appear before His Presence only for Him to put an end to my problems, when I want I will get to my God.
62.        The Faith has been over-vindicated. I will tell you my experiences that are loaded in me that have made it very impossible for me to leave this Faith. The Son of Man used His hand to punish me, flog me, do all kinds of things a father can do to His child to make sure I have His mark in my life.
63.        If Christ does not place His mark in you, you can never be His own because it is easy for the devil to deceive you. Any messenger that is coming to you, what is he coming to do? What prophecy is he coming with? What message will he preach? Who prophesied about him? Where is him in the line of prophecy? Where can he be traced, in the prophecy? Where can he be traced, in the scripture?  Where can he be traced, in the Word? No, no, no.
64.        As you have remained in the message you have received steadfast, unmovable, surely that glorious day, you will never say, Had I known, you will never regret getting acquainted with Brother Peter Odoemena, on that day when this life is over then you will know that I am HE” 
65.        Wait, I am He, not he is He, not they are He, not He is coming, I AM HE. As He is standing in our midst on the scene, look at Him.
66.        I am He walking in the midst of the Seven Candlesticks; I am only gathering the loose ends from the First Angel Messenger to the last. Believe it if you can…” from the message, As I thought on my ways”.
67.        He is the One walking in the midst in The Seven Candlesticks. In all the Gentile dispensation, whatever that is sent to them is giving them the inspiration but to us, we have He that is monitoring; let me tell you, we should be rejoicing.
68.        We should continue to be dancing, we should continue to be happy, we should continue to thank God, we should continue to praise God, we should continue to magnify Him, we should continue to lift up His Holy Name for I do not know what other thing, no other denomination you will go and you see this thing. I have not seen any other local assembly.
69.        Any local assembly that its members have not placed this thing in their hearts does not know what they are doing. I believe that the nature of God has all been established in the hearts of all the children of God because the introduction of whom Christ is, is the entrance of the kingdom of God in your heart.
70.        Now that the Ark is closed and the testimony sealed, what is your testimony you that have been sitting in the Ark? Tell me your testimony. Sister tell me your testimony, Brother tell us your own testimony, children what are your testimonies? Tell me your testimony, what Christ has done to you?
71.        You are sharing this Brother’s testimony, you are sharing this Sister’s testimony then what is your own testimony about your salvation? What is your own testimony about your salvation? In This Kingdom we do not share another person’s testimony, we do not exaggerate, we do not expect money from you, we are not even expecting you to pay us, what are we talking about? Say what happened to you because it is Christ and you.
72.        Whether you are young, old or not, Christ has the capacity to meet all at the same time. You do not know the personality we are talking about, the great I AM in the Bride. The only man that moved to the whole world at the same time.
73.        I always say, Daddy live forever” because his predictions are coming to Pass. If I want to discuss with him I only open one message for once I open it I am in heaven, if I open one message I am already discussing with the Son of Man. I am not telling you stories, open one message you see Him in your presence talking to you through these messages.
74.        Thus, for you that come from other Local Assembly, once you come, you buy these messages for it pays to be an eyewitness and also a true witness for the Son of Man said that it is not only being an eye witness but being a partaker.
75.        What are you partaking in the Faith? What type of things are you partaking in this Kingdom where we are? Where we are standing now is where somebody will say, This is what I have leant, this is the God I know, this is the experience I have, this is the revelation that I have. This is the orientation I have.” I, I, I, I, then when these “I” now come together, they speak one thing.
76.        Note it, Christ in me and Christ in you can never quarrel with each other. For there is no way Christ can be in you and be in me and we fight, quarrel each other, this and that.
77.        In the message, “The Bride of Christ in Preview” you can never see such thing. When you come to the point that your family is fighting, husband and wife are fighting, this and that are happening, why are you doing that? It is because somebody has another spirit and that is why if you have problem with the Son of Man.
78.        Having another spirit means having another Faith, having another belief, having another understanding, having another Son of Man. You may be in this Faith but you have another Son of Man, your own Son of Man.
79.        However, the one that is revealed to the Bride is the one that has one Voice. The prophecy lined up divinely. He that will tell you your beginning and your ending is in your midst.
80.        There is One here that knows and can tell us how you started and how you are going to end. That is The I AM! What are we arguing? You do not need to trouble God with your handset, while he said in December Camp Meeting that our face will beam like that of the Son of Man and not tomorrow your own will be like tyre that has been adjusted.
81.        When you see a Sister, you will not see the flaming fire. If Son of Man is in you and He is in me, when we meet there is revival, there will be testimony, there is joy, there is glory. However, if the spirit is in me and not in you, any time we meet there is trouble.
82.        God said, “All these years I have been trying my best to introduce myself in your hearts,” for that is the problem we are having; to allow Him to introduce Himself into our hearts.  This is the only man I see in our midst; in fact we do not know what is in our midst.
83.        If you are only physically present in the Church, you will not know unless you are in the Church in the spirit. For the Son of Man is a spiritual man, He is an eternal man, He is the Holy Ghost, you can see Him  with your naked eyes, he is not known by everybody, but it will only take the spiritual eyes to identify Him.
84.        What are we talking about? We ought to respect the I AM, the majesty of the I AM, the establishment of the I AM, the identification of The I AM, the greatness of The I AM, gloriousness of The I AM, the God that holds our salvation.
85.        At times if God wants to destroy us he will say no, Father! I personally I have done things that should make me to be in the grave but He said that I should live and preach Him till eternity. I am not worthy to live but He said that I should live and preach Him till eternity.
86.        It is only those that know the value of salvation that can uphold their salvation. If you do not know what is salvation you will not know how to testify it.
87.         I am ashamed that some people do not know how to testify their salvation. You are saved but how were you saved? State it from the point, state it from how it started, tell me where you are, tell me the security, how are you secured? Spiritually speaking, not every fellowship days you will come to the fellowship and start to make noise.
88.        Now the Son of Man is telling us that knowing Him is by spiritual revelation. He said, “You may think that you know Him because He is your brother or He is your relation, but I know Him more than you,” that was the Word of the prophecy.
89.        If we have come to the end, it is Him that has said it that concerning the Bride, the Bride has no controversy. It has been settled because the great I AM is in our midst. Some of us are behaving as if they know more than the Son of Man. How can we know more than the Son of Man? Some of us are trying to predict the day we are going to depart, ok predict it.
90.        We must follow the Leader, we must follow the Guide for He knows the way and that is our salvation point. The Word I AM, I AM, I AM, it is only a particular office that has the right to bear that Name.
91.        The Son of Man preached a message in those days, which He said that the office a man of God occupies determines who he is. Then I also remember the message which Okechukwu Nwankpa preached which he titled “Receive a Prophet in the Name of a Prophet”.
92.    On this note, I say remain in your sanctified estate, remain blessed in Him eternally. Amen.