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The Son of Man Revealed From One of The Jungles in Africa According To William Branham's Prophesy

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I am the Divine Source, the True Deity, the Infinite Being, the Cause of all causes and of all effects; One Who governs the whole Cosmos.

Believe it if you can…
—The   Son of Man
From the Message: LEADERSHIP (PP.3)
Note it, every bush is fire, every rock a fountain of water, every star a pillar of fire and every Cloud is the one that leads to God. In other words, if you must go to God you must follow the Cloud whether you like it or not or else nothing will guide you to God.
Without controversy, great is the mystery of Godliness. Christ is the mystery of God revealed.
We are not following Him in vain. If anybody wants to talk rubbish, kindly ask him this question: “Kindly show us who is wearing the Cloud presently now. If God has left us, where is He now? Who is the fellow wearing the Cloud that we may take you seriously?”
You see why God said you should pray that the Man on the right side of God even the Son of Man, that God should strengthen Him that we may serve Him rightly.
–The Son of Man
 (EVERY CLOUD LEADS TO GOD PP 50 vs 14-15 and PP 52 vs 20-21)

7TH APRIL 1996

“Revelation 1:13 And in the midst of the seven candlesticks one like unto the Son of man, clothed with a garment down to the foot, and girt about the paps with a golden girdle.”KJV.


 “And then shall they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory.”

-Luke 21:27  KJV.


“I beheld till the thrones were cast down, and the Ancient of days did sit, whose garment was white as snow, and the hair of his head like the pure wool: his throne was like the fiery flame, and his wheels as burning fire.” Daniel 7:9 KJV.

I have glorified thee on the earth: I have finished the work which thou gavest me to do.
And now, O Father, glorify thou me with thine own self with the glory which I had with thee before the world was..” KJV.
JOHN 17: 4-5

“For I lift up my hand to heaven, and say, I live forever.”

Brethren remain blessed. This day is really a nice day, a day which the Lord has made and we have to worship Him, lavish our praises and thanksgivings on Him for sustaining our lives. This day is another day. The Holy Spirit made it clear to us saying that any day this revival dies down in our hearts, in our fellowship, in our families, that day we perish. Moreover, we say, “God forbid”.
2.           In all situations, no matter the condition, say to that condition or situation, “The grace of God is sufficient for me”. The grace of God is sufficient for you, it is sufficient for me. No matter how the Devil may try to buffet you around, always recognize this, that grace has appeared. Grace has appeared.
3.           If you have not received the grace of God, pray that God will remove that obstacle in your heart that is hindering the grace of God to flow in; in order for you to begin to experience the joy of the salvation of God. When you experience the joy of the salvation of the Lord, in all conditions, nothing shall by any means offend you.
4.           There is somebody in our midst who heard an audible Voice and he is in the fellowship to build up your faith the more—one whose face I have never seen before, whose Voice I have never heard, telling me that she placed a sign for her to believe that the Son of Man is the Almighty God, and she placed the sign on Friday, by 10: 00am in the morning, and by 10pm in the same night, that same day, the sign came to pass. This morning she is in the fellowship.
5.           Gideon said that it is not a crime to place a sign. Gideon said, “Almighty God, wherein shall we know and believe that your Presence is with us? Now I place this sign before you: if You are the Just God as our fathers told us, confirm it. If You are not, do not confirm this.”
6.           Before his eyes, the Cloud of Heaven came down and confirmed the sign. Gideon went to war and came back with victory. He said, “Victory belongeth to God and God alone.”
7.           Gideon was not a mighty man but God was a Mighty Warrior. I told you that this day is a different day. Do you know my greatest joy? Bishop Moses never informed Me that he is coming to Jerusalem this day. He decided to take me unawares, yes, and I appreciated it. This day is another day in this most holy Faith—ANOTHER DAY.
8.            I am lost and found. I repeat: I am lost and found. Wait a little, Do you know that we are serving a living God that seeth the hearts of all men? If you are not happy that Bishop Moses walked into this most holy sanctuary in Jerusalem live from the mortuary, well, I do not know what to say.
9.           Will you be happier if you hear that he is buried? Which one should give you the full happiness? Is it walking out of the mortuary with his legs, into the most Holy Sanctuary of the living God, the Tabernacle of God, the congregation of the saints? Where else do you think that he could have presented himself if not in the most Holy Sanctuary of the living God?
10.        I remembered the day I came back from Enugu, stood behind the sacred pulpit in Jerusalem, made a proclamation in the Name of the Lord that I will not give the testimony concerning Bishop Moses until the day he will stand in this most Holy Sanctuary of the living God, Jerusalem, use his mouth and tell all of you the mystery of his resurrection. How many were witnesses?
11.        What is more, The Devil heard the testimony, and was working against that testimony, but God remained resolute saying, “Bishop Moses, you are walking into this most Holy Sanctuary of the living God, Jerusalem, with your legs.”
12.        The Devil tried to counter it, coming with full force as never before. If you are not a part of that event that cumulated to our joy, you will not know what I am saying.
13.        I am happy, I am happy, I am really happy. There is no other day greater than this day, apart from the day I got the revelation of my salvation in Christ, Another purposeful day is this day.  
14.        I had already programmed the teacher to the pulpit with a small flash that will help our children and parents before suddenly, Bishop Moses walked into this most Holy Tabernacle. Well, I do not have any other thing to say than to say, “Thank you Lord”.
15.        When I saw our brother Earnest Agada looking younger than ever, looking stronger than ever, vibrating, it gives me great joy!
16.        There is no week I do not receive his call from Enugu, praising and adoring the Lord God Almighty, full of joy and appreciation, younger than when he was healthier BY HUMAN ESTIMATION.
17.        Immediately I embraced him, the Voice roared out of my mouth saying, “Brother Mmagha praise God for your sudden blindness, for God made you blind that you may inherit eternal life, for if your eyes were open, you would have perished. Now you are blind, you have no sin in you, for sin cometh through what you see, what you hear, and what you will hear is limited to where you will go. Besides where you will go is decided by your sight.”
18.        Who brought you to Jerusalem? The Almighty God that we are serving. For what reason? To come and tell Elder Mike Nwanga to stop quarreling, to stop fighting, to stop being over-ambitious about money. For God who maketh you to see, maketh you blind that you may inherit salvation. If He had allowed you to continue seeing with your eyes, the troubles in your family would have put you into Hellfire.
19.        Your ambition to become a millionaire at your old age would have put you into eternal Hell. So your ambition will be rubbish in your chair, rubbish in your family, you are now limited. The extent you can go is decided by the person that is leading you. It is better for one to lead you to the Kingdom of God than for you to lead yourself to Hell.
20.        Will there be evil in the city and the Lord has not done it? I ministered to the Elders saying, “No matter what the thing looks like, it is there because God permitted it. He had His own purpose why He permitted it to be so. In the end it will work out for your own good. It may be harsh, it may be cumbersome, it may be painful, the Lord permitted it to be so, so that in the end it will work out for your own good.”
21.        Do not say how, all things, not minus one, all things work together for good to those that loved God, to those who are called according to His purpose. Do not fool yourself in making attempt to find out what brought about the trouble, what brought about the sorrowing, the calamity and so many other things. Rather be concerned with one thing: to know whether you loved God and numbered among those that are called according to His purpose.
22.        If the answer is yes, I am one of them. Two, you are one of those troubles. All things must work out for good, even if it is death, the death will work out for good.
23.        If Jesus the Christ never died on the Cross of Calvary, we will not talk of the resurrection from the dead, we will not talk of salvation. Is it not right? His death was very painful but the result gives joy. The pain of labour and the joy of delivery.
25.        What is more, look around yourself, you will see that you are not the worst hit but the most favoured. Whether you feed well or not, you still look prettier and healthier than those who are fattened with the fattening things of the world. With your healthy faces you look like millionaires and that is why you are over estimated by your relations for they do not know what gives you joy and comfort. They think that it is money but they do not know that you are enjoying the joy of the Lord.
26.        When you have Christ, you have all things, knowing that all things work together for good. He is the Lord God of all creations, He created the day and the night, He created all conditions, He caused them to come into existence, all for His own good.
27.        Believe it if you can, He is Almighty and He can do all things. The Bible said that He killeth and maketh alive, He maketh war and He maketh peace, WHO IS THIS MAN?
28.        There is nothing as painful as death yet it can be traced to God. Nothing is as good as life yet it can be traced to God. Nothing is as disturbing as war yet it can be traced to God. Nothing is as comforting as peace yet it can be traced to God. All situations, all conditions must be traced to God. The condition is there because God allowed it to be there, and you may not know the reason but believe that in the end that it is working out for good.
29.        I can see everything turning around for my good. THIS IS SON OF MAN’S HOUR. FOLLOW ME AND PRAISE GOD. You are cleansed. Not by the water I sprinkled on you but by the Words which I have spoken unto you.
30.        Nevertheless, my Words come forth like this water I sprinkled on you. Come that I may sprinkle pure water upon you and make you cleansed from all idolatry, from unbelief. You are cleansed. I say, you are cleansed.
31.        I love this Cloudy weather. Blessed be the Name of the Lord from now till eternity. The denominations are rejoicing for something they know not.
32.        The night of 7th April 2012, my neighbours were suffering themselves saying that they are going to their Churches to watch over the grave of Jesus Christ, expecting His resurrection the morning of 8th April 2012. I said praise be to God.
33.        Who were the people that watched over the grave of Jesus Christ? The enemies of Christ. However, when Christ resurrected they fell asleep.
34.        The Apostles never watched over the grave but the Armies of the Jews were the people that kept vigil lest His people will come and carry His corpse in the night. But when the power of resurrection descended, they all fell asleep. The Master resurrected at an hour they knew not. To avoid being crucified for letting Him go, they said, “His armies came in the night, over powered us and carried His corpse away.”
35.        Do you know that till this day that some people are still keeping watch over the grave? Then the question arises: Are they keeping watch over the grave in Jerusalem or in Nigeria? How many graves are they keeping watch over? Jesus Christ has only but one tomb and that was the tomb constructed by Joseph of Arimathaea, but everywhere this day, there are tombs. These people are really funny. Even their philosophers cannot discover this amazing truth. Notable Degree holders are also guilty of this.
36.        You see that God has decided to fool all the learned people of the world, cornering all of them on one side, making them blind that they might not see and recognize the glorious appearance of the Son of Man in these last days.
37.        Jesus was not promised to be coming in the last day, He that is promised to come is the Son of Man when the world will be in Sodomite condition. For as it was in the days of Noah, as it was in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, so shall it be in the day when the Son of Man shall come.
38.        When the Son of Man shall come, will He find faith among the people? Which faith? The faith that was sealed in Him, the faith that He imparted into them. Where is it found this day? In His wife and and His children.
39.        They are jubilating that He has resurrected. When did He resurrect? This morning or yesterday? To avoid committing crime they said that all their members should not sing Halleluiah until He has resurrected from the dead. From this day, they will be counting another forty days, then they will say that it is Ascension Day when He will be taken by the Cloud and their eyes will not see Him.
40.        They worship something they know not. All denominational worships are imaginary. They do imaginary worship, they are actors, always trying to act out past events but they cannot change the past. Yesterday is gone, this day is another day.
41.        I am not preaching about the death and resurrection of Jesus. No! I am already here in the power of His resurrection, you are here in the power of His resurrection, for when He came into our midst, He came with the power of His resurrection.
42.        As we partook of His death so we are partakers of His resurrection. When He died we died with Him, when He resurrected we resurrected with Him.
43.        In the Message titled “Knowing Your Status in Christ,” we saw reasons why the land must surely crack. The land must surely crack. In life or in death, the plume must come out.
44.        Place the yam under your bed, the plume must come out. Do not bury it in the sand, keep it at the backyard, as long as an iota of life is in it, go there you will see it developing roots sideways. In anger cut it out, two days it will come out again, to tell you that it is still alive. Amen.

We are the most favoured in this dispensation. Brother Pascal of Enugu, your last baby did not come to stay but by the power of His Resurrection, if you will believe with your wife, she will live.
2.           When you see signs of that trouble, repeat my Word, sprinkle this water I am giving you now on her. Pollute it not by touching it when you are drunken or when you are angry for these are the two things that can render it ineffective. Note, do not touch it with anger in your heart; do not touch the bottle when you are drunk.
3.           Brother Obinna from Port-Harcourt, you are standing in my Presence as the second Pastor. Your Pastor and his wife polluted the first bottle they collected from Me by mixing it with another water and that made them idolaters. For that reason it could not work out the purpose. Now take my Word into your heart: when you get there, tell your Pastor what you heard from Me.
4.           Tell him that this bottle of water I am handing over to you is another replacement for the one he polluted. He should not touch this bottle when he is angry or when he is drunk or when he is weak due to over work.
5.           Praise the Lord! Sister Christian Dike, I am handing this third bottle of water over to you and not your husband. Do not ask me why. Whether you believe it or not, if you are unfaithful, God is faithful. God will do it to justify His Word.
6.           Drink it whether you are angry or not, whether you are drunk or not, drink it the way you want to drink it. Mix no other water with this container. Do not return this container to Me until you have seen the fruit of this content. This is end of your problem.
7.           I can recognize too many people in the fellowship of the saints in Jerusalem and prominent among them is my friend Abraham from Opi who ran away from my Presence because of his iniquity which he knows very well. But he is gradually returning. Father Abraham, it is only in returning and waiting shall we all be saved.   
8.           There is one in the fellowship whose father is a Muslim but his mother is a daughter of Christ. His father persecuted his mother to the point of death, giving her a letter of divorce saying that a Muslim cannot live in one room with a child of God. He said a Christian in his own language.
9.           Our sister parted without troubling anybody. Before the man’s eyes, his own relation who is a Muslim converted to our Faith and picked his wife as his own wife. Their tradition approves it, for two of them came from Adamawa in Yola.
10.        The first son followed the father, being a Muslim. Along the way, a grown up young man, having heard of the testimonies of his mother, one night like that, the good Lord Who his mother serves appeared unto him, he recognized the face, heard the audible Voice and fearfully ran to the mother.
11.        You see, the faith which the Lord needs from all of us is not the faith that is as big as the size of a house but as small as a mustard seed. That grain of mustard that is found in the yam is enough to cause a small miracle than that big yam to produce another yam bigger one as such.
12.        That speck of the spirit keeps all of us alive. Look at Sister Elizabeth Egwuatu, always sleeping in the fellowship, only alive during worship but the little that God bestowed on her by intuition serves her need.
13.        In her shop, all that are acquainted with her will know that she is greatly persecuted because of her faith and the persecution increased the more since our former Sister Joshua Akpe left and joined hands—as she has been doing in the past—with her heathen friends to eject Sister Elizabeth Egwuatu from her shop by all means.
14.        I know how much I have intervened. I was the One that signed the shop both for our former Sister Akpe and Sister Elizabeth.
15.        Heathens made efforts to eject her and I refused. She ran to our former Sister and she betrayed her. She even implored the landlord to push her away. We looked into the matter and made peace between two of them.
16.        As we journeyed along, all the women in that line started calling her a witch for they have used all diabolic means to eject her and they failed. What is more, all of them are from Enugu State. They were boasting with their gods and with their charms, from time to time they will plant strange things in her shed. She will call me and I will tell her to remove those nonsense.
17.        When the thing became too much, they went and hired a reverend father Gbuzue and his team to come and carry out prayers in their shops. They paid but our Sister did not pay. In other to respect them, our Sister stood by the side and could not display her goods.
18.        They said that they have one evil woman who has been planting charms in their shops and that woman is the only person that is making good sales, that the reverend father should use his talent and everything to find out who that woman is.
19.        The reverend father came with his disciples, after an hour of songs and prayers, went and stood firmly in the same shop where our Sister used to place her table, opened his mouth in the market place and made a proclamation, “Who owns this shop, who uses this place as shop?” Our Sister kept quiet and the women yelled on her saying, “Elizabeth, are you not the one? Why not respond?”
20.        Gently our sister came out and said, “I am the owner of the shop.” The reverend father looked at her, turned around and said, “All of you that are here, respect this woman for she is a child of God. For in her shop, somebody planted charm in this place I am standing. If this is her shop, something is planted here against her and I am here to make that thing powerless and useless.” All of them covered their faces in shame.
21.        Our Sister raised her hands towards the Heaven, knelt down in the open place and worshiped her God, the Son of Man. The reverend father went away and our Sister stood in her shop and made sales of her goods.
22.        Every Sunday she is in the fellowship with us, other people used to stay in her shop to do their business.
23.        On 1st April 2012, she was in Jerusalem worshipping God, a butcher placed his table on her shop. While He was selling meat, one of his customers came, a notable man, healthy, paid him two hundred naira to collect his meat, before many witnesses the man fell down and died immediately.
24.        He died instantly there, cold dead and everybody was grieved. The news spread, Sister ran to the shop and saw the man lying prostrate. You see, everywhere scattered while Sister was in the fellowship jubilating.
25.        On Monday morning, which is 2nd April 2012, she came and they start narrating the story, asking whether she could go and open her shop. I said to her with every amount of “Yes”.
26.        She said that she is afraid whether the Police will come and do massive arrest. I said, “No, it is better they do massive arrest but nobody is arresting you. Go there, stand there and do your business for this is total victory.”
27.        Any lesson to learn? God did not act until it became war between gods and God, then the superior God appeared.
28.        Testimonies abound. If it had not been the hand of God, we would have been sorrowing. Bishop Okoh has been going to work for over six years and there is a very big pit along the way to his office, he has been avoiding the pit like any other person.
29.        He could not say what happened to him, Bishop Okoh fell into that ditch unconsciously in the day, and his colleague rushed to his rescue, then brought him out of the ditch. Not without troubles anyway, he started limping using walking stick but his legs were not broken and no injury.
30.        While he was trying to recover from the shock, I got another call just two days after that incident, saying, “Glory be to your most Holy Name, thou Son of Man that created all things, for saving my whole family from disaster.”
31.        Lo and behold, something took place: a high-tension cable broke off from the high tension pole, fell on the roof of his house and on top of his car. Then fire engulfed the whole house including the vehicle. He raised alarm crying unto God.
32.        Deacon Pascal was around with others, they rushed there and fire was still emitting. They rushed for dried wood and used the dried wood to remove the high-tension cable both from the roof and from the car and so the family was saved.
33.        If you do not know the implication of what I am saying, consult Engineer Chibuzor, he is a manager in Power Holding (PHCN). Consult Brother Shed, Deacon Vin and the rest of them. That is why government does not want any building to be constructed under a high-tension wire.
34.        Who said we are not serving a living God? The same hospital where Sister Thomas delivered her baby alive, it will take Pastor Thomas to tell you his experience there. In spite of all things, God is still helping us.
35.        See father Abraham, his wife delivered a bouncing baby boy graciously without any pains. See Brother Uchechukwu from Obosima, his wife delivered a bouncing baby girl graciously, no problem. Brother Ogechukwu from Nsukka, his wife delivered a bouncing baby girl graciously. Brother Stephen Phinihas from Jos, his wife delivered a bouncing baby boy graciously without any problem. Everywhere, testimonies of God abound.
36.        That my brother that heard audible Voice from the Lord whom the mother serves is in the fellowship. He is the son of Sister Vicky. I asked the people to bring him into the fellowship for he is my son.  
37.        Look at his testimony: His friend bought a radio set and put batteries in the set, tuned it to a station that was playing a very nice music, and the man was enjoying the music. While they were going, the man who bought the radio was hearing music from the radio set but this brother that was following his friend was hearing a direct message coming to him, telling him about his mother, his life and everything. What is more, what he was hearing was truth which his mother has been telling him, and his friend did not hear what he was hearing, did not know what he was passing through.
38.        He then called his mother. Saul of Tarsus was walking to Damascus, the lightening came and the people that were with him saw the lightening, there was a thunderstorm, the people that were with him heard the noise of the thunderstorm but Saul heard a direct message. When God wants to save, He can use anything. Amen.

You see, the heathens walk about worshipping their idols called Jesus. We captured a full Cloud in our handset. What is more, we captured the Pillar of Cloud in different positions.
2.           It is unfortunate that Nzubechukwu is not around. Always away when great things are happening so that when she comes in and hears about it, she will not believe. We are not worshipping God in vain. What else do we need?
3.           We have shown you the Pillar of Cloud as it was captured around an Individual we worship so that you will know that He that called us is very much around us. If we gather and He is not in our midst, our gathering is useless-nonsense.
4.           The presence of the Pillar of Cloud in our midst is the essence of our gathering, for the presence of God in our midst is what made us holy. We are not holy because we have done this or that; we are holy because the Holy God is in our midst.
5.           The move is on, the revival is on. I told you that this day is another day. Another day, a special day.  
6.           We are talking about a man that is laminated—a laminated human being. It is always good for everybody to know the truth at every point in time.
7.           Let me tell you the truth, what I saw in this fellowship this day, since this Faith started, I have not seen such a thing before. We are eye-witnesses of His majesty. We do not boast for nothing. If not for one thing, I would have declared let us go.
8.           However, if we should go, what are we going to do at home? For there is no better place to stay than in the Presence of God. Note it everybody, if you are wise, you do not need to make noise for God did it for a purpose. When you hear, I have poured pure water on you, I have sprinkled pure water on you, I have made you clean, Who made the statement? Who made you clean? Who sprinkled the water on you?
9.           To some of you that were privileged to collect the bottles of water from Him, He that gave you the water, is He different from the One that gave you bottle during the camp meeting which is bearing fruit and will continue to bear fruit?
10.        Now, He has decided to present Himself to you so that you will see the Personality where He veiled Himself. I gave you the gift to create faith in you. This is the Personality Who we are having dealings with, He that said that any day this revival dies down in your heart, in your family, in your congregation, you perish.
11.        Let me interpret it, any day His word becomes passive to you, surely you are lost. He will bypass anything but He will never bypass His Word. He respects nothing but His Word. He confirms nothing but His Word.
12.        Thus, any day you come to the point, when you hear His Voice and you harden your heart, you are lost. You joke with His Word, you are lost. You show signs of unbelief to His Word; you are lost for He expects nothing from you except total obedience to the truth.
13.        It is not making a proclamation that counts but knowing Who is making the proclamation. Of all men under the sun, no human being, no group has ever seen the vindication of God in a Cloud since William Branham left the scene if not in the Bride of Christ.
15.        It may sound foolish and unreasonable to you but this is the way. What made the people of Jesus Christ to follow Him up and down, is it not the presence of the Cloud? What is the evidence that will be seen and you know that they are children of God? Is it when the blind sees? No, it is when you see the attribute of God that does not come by cunningly devised fables. It cannot be impersonated, and you cannot play smartness with it.
16.        Those He has chosen, the same He revealed Himself to. Not to everybody but those He has chosen for Himself. We are a chosen generation, a blessed people. We are the most favoured for the living God abides with us, the Bride.
17.        If any group of people should say that God is with them, tell them to produce the evidence.  We just need two indisputable evidences, thus they should present any. You see why people are dying in our websites? You are the children of the Kingdom of God; you are the people for whom the Saviour is sent. It is hard to believe but it is real. To God be the glory for the great things He has done.
18.        A bad bird is still crying. Whether you like it or not, God will fulfil what is in His mind. Who does not know, must know. Whatever you like call Him, He is Himself. 
19.        “THE SCRIPTURAL COMMISSION OF EVERY MAN OF GOD TELLS THE ENTIRE WORLD WHO HE IS AND THE OFFICE HE OCCUPIES AND THAT DETERMINES HOW PEOPLE WILL RECEIVE HIM. FOR EVERY TRUE MAN OF GOD, SENT BY GOD COMES WITH A SCRIPTURAL COMMISSION. Doubting him, disbelieving him, that’s unbelief. We are not preaching a message that will be vindicated, no; we are preaching a message that is over-vindicated.
20.        Let me tell you one thing I do, we are only encouraging and comforting one another while we are waiting for what we are waiting for which the world does not know—encouraging one another to remain steadfast. Not only this, I am not preaching salvation message, he is not preaching salvation message, we are just encouraging one another.
21.        God displayed His splendor, His Glory, His Majesty, comforting you, telling you that He is still on the Scene with you; that you shouldn’t panic, that all is well, for He that will rapture you is still in the Faith with you.
22.        The Immortality is still with you, the Eternity is still with you. Only time is holding everything and He does nothing before the appointed time. We are together. Every day, God is consolidating our faith.
23.        Every masquerade is a human being. No matter how small, no matter how big, even if it resembles a snake, a human being is inside it. If it is like a very big tree, a human being is inside it. 
24.        A masquerade can be designed to look like an elephant; there is also a human being inside. It can be designed to look like a lion yet a human being is inside it. Before you know it, he that is inside will be drinking water, eat some food and mask himself again, then the journey continues.
25.        My son saw one when they were observing some traditions in front of my house. The masquerade was chasing everybody about and after some time sat down and they were serving them with beer and jellof rice. My son ran into the house and said, “Daddy come and see! The masquerade is a human being! He is eating rice and drinking beer. So, it is not a spirit, he is a human being.”
26.        Every masquerade is a human being. Every masquerade eats, drinks besides, every masquerade comes from a family. What is more, every masquerade is owned by a people. It can be a family, it can be a kindred, and it can be a community.
27.        In addition, the people that own the masquerade know the dos and don’ts, what the masquerade likes and what he dislikes for they are the only people that can please the masquerade.
28.        The masquerade can chase everybody but not his members for he knows all. If everybody is forbidden from coming near him, not his members. They come and then summersault before him. 
29.        The drummer may come in front, beat the drum because they own the masquerade, they are on the scene, they are the people the world are expecting to see. For this is the hour of the manifestation of the sons and daughters of God. WE ARE ON THE SCENE BUT WE WILL NOT STAY LONG. We will not stay long. Ijele gbasia oga ana (If the Ijele masquerade finishes dancing, he must go home).
30.        Brethren as we watch and wait, this revelation will continue living with us. Can Ijele masquerade leave without his people going with him? If Ijele is going, he goes with his members, his brothers and when they are going, they will be shouting sounds of joy, men and women dancing, rejoicing. If Ijele masquerade finishes parading, he will go as well as those that came with him.
31.         But for now, the Ijele masquerade is still in the village square and any moment from now the Ijele masquerade will head home together with the people that came out with Ijele masquerade.
32.        You see Brother Ben Okezue, I love him for one thing. I love him because he is a man that recognizes where he failed. In short, he behaves like Samson the Great.
33.        If you know the story of Samson the Great and the spirit that operated in him, Brother Ben Okezue is the man. When you hear Samson the Great, do not think the he was a giant? He was smallish in stature, as smallish as Saint Paul.
34.        Apart from Moses, all men of God were smallish in stature. Moses was the only fat man of God who could not hold his hand until Caleb and Joshua came and supported him because of his heavy weight.
35.        The rest were as smallish as the Son of Man. You do not need to doubt Me for I was there. There has never been any generation that appeared without Me there. The pictures you have in your hearts deceive you from time to time.
36.        They were having the picture of Saint Paul when he writes, they say, “When this man speaks to us in letters, his letters present a very gigantic image of this man. However, when he comes in person, he is a smallish fellow whose words that can hardly be listened to.”
37.        I do not know why small people have great Voice. You see Brother Ben Okezue, as small as he is, his Voice is very great. He is not the one doing it, God is behind him. I back up everything he says with solid Amen.
38.        We were in the other fellowship hall when they said that we should move over to the present place we worship.
39.        I said, “Brethren, this is the hand of God for this place is more spacious than the other place and we heard the Voice that God is going to bless us here. We have everything both parking spaces, everything, very close but I am trying to say, when we packed away from there, God packed away. Go there you will never see God there again. When we packed away from Amazu Oil, industry replaced it. Go there God is not there.
40.        They could be likened to our Shiloh, our Bethel, our Gilgal. Where determines where God is? It is where the glory came down. What is the glory of God? It is the invisible God made manifest in human form. Anywhere He is, He is the carcass that draws the attention of the eagles.
41.        If He should move down to Mbaise now, I am sure that all roads will lead there. He moves to Enugu, all roads will lead there. Anywhere He goes, all roads will lead there for He is the living carcass that determines the movement of the Bride. Do you believe it?
42.        If He tells you to go to Enuge-Ezike that He is going with you, you go there. If He says do not go that He is not going, you stop. If He says, “Do this, I am with you,” do it. If He says, “Do not try it,” do not try. This is what the messenger is hammering on as we wait in the Ark. 
43.      We saw Him in the morning of 8th April 2012, as He has been revealing Himself. But if He comes to your house tomorrow He may not be Him. When you meet Him on the way, will you recognize Him? Na lie!
44.      To some, He is only in the fellowship at GTC that He is God. However,  on the street He is a Devil. Amen.



Remain blessed brethren. I want to start with a song, “I salute the president general Son of Man five times.” He is my President-General, He is all I have. If He is like that to you, every problem is over for that is the testimony in the Ark, that is the testimony in the Kingdom.
2.           The testimony in the Kingdom is the testimony of God revealed in a man. Almighty God is revealed in a man. I was shocked when God Himself was talking about the Easter celebration.  While I was sitting down during ministration, something struck my heart.
3.           I told you before that it is not another man’s testimony that you should share, rather share your own testimony. Preach faith. Do not look at anybody for the closer you are to God the more humble you are. The more the revelation of the Deity is to you as an individual, the more humble you are. For your revelation to the Deity removes your human aspect, your human intelligence, your human understanding, your questions, your doubt and whatever you may call it.
4.           You are turning to be supernatural because you met the supernatural. Our faith does not require any other interpretation. That all the elects of God are over joyed, they are filled with joy all the days of their life and I am one of them. For the Devil cannot succeed in placing me in bad condition where I still sorrow, for mere mentioning of the Name, the Son of Man, I give myself a relief.
5.           Blessed are those that worship whom they know. The problem has always been, worshipping God without knowing Him. To those who have known Him, another problem has been, taking God at His Word. However, to all that generally know Him by spiritual revelation, their prayer is, “God, help me to take you at your Word in all conditions.”
6.           Your faith must go out before the Son of Man can help. If you are finding this Faith hard, if anything is difficult to obey in this Faith, it has been difficult to you because it has been difficult for you to accept the Son of Man deep in your heart. For if you want to live a Godly life, the answer lies in Christ who came to Earth as a human being.
7.           Then if you have known that Christ and have known that human being, the question is, what then is your problem?
8.           I do not even believe in going to trouble the Son of Man always over this and that. What I believe is that He is the Almighty God. For God is wherever I am, that is what I believe. ANYWHERE I AM, I PRAY TO HIM SAYING, “MY LORD AND MY GOD, YOU KNOW ME, YOU SEETH ME, YOU KNOW EVEN WHAT I AM DOING, YOU KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT ME, FOR THAT REASON THIS IS WHAT I WANT: LORD IF IT IS YOUR WILL, LET IT BE DONE.”
9.           We do not force Him to answer our prayer or force Him into doing something. No! Why will you force Almighty God to do something? Who are you to force Almighty God to do something? You say “Since He did the same thing to the other brother, what of me?”
10.        Who are you to direct the steps of the Almighty God? Who are you to tell the Almighty God the way He is going to move? Who are you to tell the Almighty God what to say? To those who know Him by revelation, any direction He is going, they switch over to that direction. For that has been the way we were brought up and trained in this Faith.
11.        I am glad and I am happy for it pleased the Almighty God, looking at the most wretched man like me, He revealed Himself that I might know that the God people have been looking for, calling on, praying to, fasting to, doing this and that, only to find favour before Him, in His perfect way.
12.        What is more, William Branham helped me with the help of the scriptures too, to know He that existed from the very beginning. For the scripture said that knowing Him is eternal life. Who have you known? is the problem and is the question. For if the one that you know is the very Son of Man, how do you take His Words?
13.        I was inspired to go through the messages and picked something out from there just to help my brethren to understand the reality of the Deity in the Bride and not any other place or any denomination. The little person that is talking to you has been exposed to various preachers.
14.        I have stepped into Bible College right back in 1988. I sat down with white men, they were talking and I was seeing nothing, for my soul was not satisfied.
15.        From there I was captured by End Time message, they presented the truth in unrighteousness and some of us became victims then, but Almighty God knew His own—until it pleased Almighty God to cause us to stumble into Him. You do not know what I am telling you until you have the same experience, for all that had the same experience, always see the Son of Man in them every day, 24 hours.
16.        Brother Mmagha, I remember in 1995 when you were vibrantly spreading this Gospel, it got to a point you said, Hard truth, hard truth, hard truth and that was when our publication, “the Hard truth” came out.
17.        The life of a man that has met God by spiritual revelation is different from a man that finds himself where God is, but has no spiritual revelation.
18.         I am blessed for I see myself on top of the world. I am one of the most privileged persons who believe He is; to be privileged to come face to face with Almighty God and be in His Presence. That is the testimony of the saved. Nothing will keep this revival aflame in you except that revelation of the Son of Man.
19.        Note it, nothing will keep your heart aflame if not the revelation of the Deity in our midst for He is the Source of life and power. Any time I am weak and I remember Him, strength will come into my life. Any time I run into difficulty and I stand there and say, “Son of Man you know me, you seeth me, now take care,” that is the end. That is where we are.
20.        All that have been sealed in, do not struggle themselves to please God, rather they see themselves pleasing God because it is God in them that is working it out. I will not forget the Voice that said to me in 1994, “I will keep on laboring until Christ is formed in you.” Now I can see Him formed in me. 
21.        Relay your testimony for I am telling you my own. I will no longer perish.
22.        John 8 verse 24, “I said therefore unto you, that ye shall die in your sins: for if ye believe not that I am he, ye shall die in your sins.” KJV.
23.        A man born of a woman was making this statement before His enemies and then those that believed in Him. The only trouble and problem is to believe that He is He. Let us see something in the scripture.
24.        Exodus 3: 11-14, “And Moses said unto God, Who am I, that I should go unto Pharaoh, and that I should bring forth the children of Israel out of Egypt?
25.        And he said, Certainly I will be with thee; and this shall be a token unto thee, that I have sent thee: When thou hast brought forth the people out of Egypt, ye shall serve God upon this mountain.
26.        And Moses said unto God, Behold, when I come unto the children of Israel, and shall say unto them, The God of your fathers hath sent me unto you; and they shall say to me, What is his name? what shall I say unto them? And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you.” KJV.
27.        Every child of God or man of God or elect of God goes with a sign and that sign is your authority to declare your stand. And that sign also makes you to believe that you have God in person. This is the promise that has sustained the Bride ministry: “I will surely be with you. My Spirit shall not depart from you.”
28.        I remember that I was there that day when the vision of the Presence of the Pillar of Cloud and the Pillar of Light was seen. Brother Ojiakor, you can remember that it was then we were going to Eha-amufu and armed robbers attacked us on the way. The man that saw this vision is no longer with us. What else do we need?
29.        I know a good number of them that have left us. A rich man is not somebody that has money, we are rich in Christ. God must surely choose a place He will be worshiped. You do not choose for God, you can never lead God. If you are not ready to be a follow-follow, peace cannot be with you in this camp. For we are to believe Him. If you are a guy man, you cannot be led by God. You must be a mumu (fool) for God to lead you because two captains cannot be in one ship.
30.        If you are boasting of your faith and somebody ask you who is your God, what will you say? Some of you are ashamed to declare that you are worshipping a living God in the form of a human being.
31.        All that worshiped God acceptably and are certain, they were asked that question and they answered. They went with boldness. If they fall into the greatest trouble, they believe that they have somebody that is greater than that trouble.
32.        If there is anybody that is greater than the Son of Man on Earth then I have not believed God. Look, I do not believe that anything can destroy me except Him. If you believe, then you are in Him.
33.        Standstill and I will show you the Word of God, for the Word of God seals the camp. Whatever the Bride is doing they are doing it in the name of God which is revealed in the Bride. Every fight that you are fighting must be fought in the Name of Christ, in the Name of the Son of Man. I do not say in the name of Jesus. No! I SAY TO SATAN IN THE NAME OF MY GOD, APOSTLE PETER ODOEMENA, THE SON OF MAN.
34.        I want to assure as many as are in this Faith, that the Son of Man is the salt of the world. We are telling you all these things in order for you to be grounded, rooted, settled and established. For the elects are now in their Rest because nothing is bothering them, nobody can deceive us again, nobody can make noise to us again. When I begin to search some of our messages, I begin to see some of them.
35.        There are certain things and quotes I saw there in our messages and my faith was lifted up the more. They are written in between the lines and some people do not take time to meditate on them.
36.        I took my pen and wrote them down from one message to another. That revelation is that you cannot overcome or do anything or succeed or be revived or be sustained without the personality of the Son of Man in you.
37.        William Branham was explaining the Kingdom of God: he said that the Kingdom of God is the Word of God made power in you—not in them but in you. We are in the Kingdom, yes, but there is a spiritual point where everybody finds himself or herself.
38.        Now I want to land somewhere. God has succeeded in raising people that will take Him at His Word, and that has been the success of every man of God to every child of God in all generations.
39.        Why I fear and respect God is because the revelation of He that is speaking through our Brother, the Son of Man, Apostle Peter Odoemena has made me to know the source from which the message is coming out from. If not that He was caught by the use of pinhole camera, who would have known that such a thing is moving around with Him?
40.        God allowed these things to come up so that the faith of the brethren will be helped. Ordinarily looking at our fellowship hall you cannot see anything, I think this is school environment and whenever we leave here, automatically God also leaves here, when we come here God has come. 
41.        However, with the help of a pinhole camera, the eternity and the Elohim, the Self-Existing One, the Fountain of Truth, the Almighty God Himself Who encircled Himself around the vessel that He has chosen to tabernacle Himself in was captured. Moreover, as many as are found in Him, have the same faith.
42.        Now we need rapturing faith and the faith that the Son of Man is saying is not like the size of a house.
43.        I was reading one of the messages recently; there He said that in the beginning: “I told you that this faith will be like the size of a mustard seed.” Have we not seen that little tree that we know has become the biggest tree on Earth where all children of God are now perching?
44.        Any day you recognize that you are not deceived, that the Truth (The Light, The Great One) is with you, that Almighty God is with us, that the Revival (The Resurrection and Life) is in our midst, that the Cloud is in our midst; perfect revival will come into our lives.
45.        It does not require this and that, for when I tried it, I failed and failed until the grace of God was revealed to me and I bowed down, then entered into His Rest.
46.        If you are saved by any other thing, it is your business, for Christ in the Son of Man, He is Grace of God revealed. Note it, I am not talking about the God that I will dream and see or the God that I will see in the vision. Neither am I talking about the God that Abraham preached, Jesus preached, Isaac preached, no, I am talking about that God that is revealed in the Bride. The Deity Himself revealed Himself.
47.        In 1997, the Son of Man said, “The Son of Man introduced Himself to His people.” When the trouble was going up and down at a point we were striving and suffering in iniquity, what God called “Mystery of Iniquity”.
48.        A time came when He preached a message called “Mystery of Iniquity.” A little while you will be called up, “If you know that you did this or you committed this,” everybody will struggle and struggle, the next thing is that all of us will lie prostrate…then if you do not have experience that brought you at the feet of Christ, and made you pagan, made you forget yourself and depend on Him, what testimony will you then give?
49.        If you are in the fellowship and you are seeing yourself that nothing has happened, please go and check yourself. Brethren let me show you some of these things. Like I told you the other time that I wrote them out from our messages.
50.        One of the Messages titled “The Revelation of Latent Powers” said, “All these years, all I have been doing is to introduce myself in your hearts.” Note, God is saying that all the demonstrations, everything that you see, some even captured by cameras, all these things you have seen happening in this most holy Faith, are to introduce Himself so that it can settle down in our hearts. That is all.
51.        Look at a mere man like Jesus coming out one day and said, “If you do not believe that I am He, you will perish in your sins.” He was very serious with what He was saying; He meant it and all that did not believe in Him perished.
52.        What is more, it takes one office to declare “The I Am” in every dispensation. Remember that it was not all dispensation that had that power, their messenger declaring I AM.
53.        William Branham never declared I AM, he brought himself to his brethren because the office a man occupies determines who He is. Besides, who he is will determine the approach we give to him. Ordinary President of a nation, can you talk to him anyhow?
54.        Brethren if you want to be happy, remember the Son of Man. You want to be comforted? Remember the Son of Man. You want your problem to be solved, remember the Son of Man. You want to hook up, or believe or whatever, remember the Son of Man. Because we know the Reality. That is, in our individual home, the faith of the Son of Man is there for His Voice can be heard there because we are sure that we are in the Kingdom. He has assured us that we are saved.
55.        Now look at another quote, it says, “In me lies the Mystery of Creation, I am the only being that can tell you the beginning and the end of the whole universe. Believe it if you can…”
56.        Wait let me ask us this question, Why is it that after making the statement the Voice said that you should believe it if you can? Did you see Him with any gun threatening you to believe?
57.        The original advertises itself. The original will stay somewhere and people will run to it saying, “I saw original, I saw original.” But the counterfeit goes about making people to believe them, to subscribe to them, to understand them. Does the Son of Man go about begging anybody? Do we go about begging anybody?
58.        I visited my Brother Leo at Owerri Household and I was telling him that the Lord willing, I will be in Jerusalem.
59.        There was a man there discussing with me. The man asked, “Are you saying that you will be in Jerusalem?” By spiritual surveillance I know that, that man was making a mockery, then I kept quiet. Why is it that after the statement he says, Believe it if you can? It is because not everybody has the ability to believe what we believed. I do not know why I am going this way. Amen.



Christ is sufficient to me. “My People Do Not Know Me”: “How many will like to hear from me? For I am physically present and spiritually present. Whatever the Heaven is made up of is in your midst, the power that is holding the universe is in your midst; whatever you think that God is made up of is in your midst.
2.           The Deity is in your midst yet many do not know. if you like believe it, if you do not like throw it away, but I am sure and certain that He that created the Heavens and the Earth is in your midst, though you may not know Him—He is in your midst physically and spiritually. The totality of what God is all about is among you.”
3.           God is present spiritually and boldly in our midst. It is only in the Bride that God is present physically and spiritually. If you believe in the physical God and you do not believe in the spiritual God, your belief is incomplete. You believe in spiritual God and you do not see Him in the physical God, your testimony is incomplete.
4.           That is why He said, “I am bodily present physically and spiritually.” For it was in the spiritual presence that we caught Him with a pinhole camera. The physical body is here with us. The two of them are inseparable. The faith is over vindicated.
5.           The area He reveals Himself to you is your anchor, for that is what will sustain you, that is your power, that is your authority, that is your garment, that is your identity, that is your prove as a child of God.
6.           Let me tell you something, the way it happens to me. If I want to discuss with the Son of Man, I simple pick one of our messages and I will be discussing with God. For everything that is written in the Messages are inspired by God. We know the source, we know where this Spirit emanated from. We were with Him from the very beginning. We saw the vindication, we read the scriptures and saw that it was written down there.
7.           We went to sermon books and saw that it is also written there, then who will shake us? Instead of somebody shaking me I will shake that person. I am even shaking people. Why won’t I boast?
8.           Brethren let me show you another nugget. In the days of William Branham, some men that were running around him wrote some of his words and called it Golden Nuggets but One he was forerunning His ministry is on the scene in our midst. What ministers are doing is to get the words from Him and use them to sustain the faith of the brethren. If you have another preaching, I do not have any other preaching. When you believe, all things are possible. But when you do not believe, nothing is possible.
9.           By the words of the Prophets, God can never tell lies. We are in the End Time and the prophet foretold about the end-time, the Lord spoke about the end-time saying, I am in your midst as a confirmation that we are almost at the end. 
10.        We are not almost there, rather we are there. Open your eyes wide spiritually, so that you can see the presence of God with you wherever you are. You are Heavenly. You do not believe that anything can destroy you again, you do not believe that anything can manipulate you again.
11.        I remember one message preached by former Brother Okechukwu Paul. He said, “God is weak when you are strong-headed.” God is weak any time you feel that you are somebody. But God shows His strength when you feel you are nothing. For the strength of God is made perfect in your weakness, so if you must boast of anything, boast of your weakness.
12.        God’s strength is made perfect in your weakness. Is that not scriptural? “The Revelation of Latent Powers”, “If I say that almighty God will slaughter Me, who is Almighty God to start with?  If I am afraid that God will slaughter me, which God will slaughter me? Let me tell you, I am the only being that can lay down His life and pick it up again. Belief it if you can…”
13.        Who is speaking? The Resurrected Body, the Laminated Body. When I saw that thing on the screen, the Cloud hovering over Him, in fact it was God. As an individual, do you always see yourself in the Son of Man? I see myself.  
14.        For as many as are filed in Him, always see themselves in Him. Thus, do not think that there is anything that you are doing that He does not know, for He is everywhere. When you are going contrary, you will know, for something will also tell you within you and that Voice that will minister to you; is the Voice of the Son of Man, and that Voice will direct you to a message and tell you, “This is the message of God. This is the way, walk in it.” That checkpoint is in every elect of God and it produces the Word of God at every point in time to surmount every situation we find ourselves.
15.        It does not require you going to Benjamin, for the Word is presently there, where you are. Let me tell you, I feel and I believe that I am in Heaven. I want every individual in this Faith, every person in this Faith to watch him or herself and consider the faith so that you can have a testimony.
16.        Then if our testimony is one, it will be glorious. For God has actually achieved His mission which I believe that all the testimonies of all the elects are one. For the same way I feel is also the same way you feel. For the same thing is in us: the same Word is in us, the same God is in us, the same mind is in us. When you will be thinking of calling the Son of Man, I will also be thinking of calling Him, the other brother, the other Sister, everybody will be thinking of calling Him.
17.        All the families, all the individuals will be calling the Son of Man at the same time and He will be answering at the same time. What else do we need to establish us? Who do we think that is existing again? You say, “This one is difficult for me,” why is it difficult in this faith?
18.        If the Son of man is not in me, it will be difficult for me to obey Him. People that are in Him obey Him because we and Christ are one. If you like, live in America, live at the outermost part of the Earth, the Son of Man is there with you. Is it supernatural? If you are living in overseas or wherever you find yourself, you will see me present there, then you think that it is an ordinary thing. We are not trying to do makeup.
19.        It is not a makeup, it is not formulated, it is not mechanical. Another nugget said, “I am the only man on Earth, I have reincarnated several times, I remained the only being that can tell you how old the world is. Believe it if you can…”
20.        Let us check ourselves with this lively words. When I went through the messages and I saw the Son of Man explaining the history of Nigeria, explaining the history of any part of the world, I see the originality in it.
21.        One man at Obosima was privileged to see the Son of Man during the burial of late Bishop Columbus, at a point I was asking him some certain things, and he said that all the messages printed by the Son of Man which he read, that he saw nothing but perfect originality. He said that there is originality in His words. It is not fabrication, it is not nonsense.
22.        We have He that can tell us how the world started and how the world is ending, the present stage of this world now and everything. Brethren, don’t we know? Is there any part of this world that He can never tell us how things are?
23.        Let us consider another one, “I, Apostle Peter Odoemena has reincarnated many times in this life. Do not think that this is my first existence, for this is how I have been coming and going. There is no generation that will not meet Me. Even this generation, if there will be a proceeding generation, Odoemena will be there.  Believe it if you can…”
24.        We are not saying these things from our own, these things are in our messages where God introduced Himself and His personality, for you must know the personality you are having dealings with.
25.        I sat down to inquire, what will a man do to please God apart from what the Bible said or anybody said? I am talking of personal experience. You are quoting what God said, what this man said, tell us what you yourself said and the experience you passed through!
26.        How will a man worship God in this Faith? How do we follow the things of God? What will I do with Jesus called Christ? What will you do with Jesus called Christ?
27.        Now the answer given to me was this: In every generation, all that relied on the Sent One, confided in Him, believe in Him, trusted in Him, their ways are true.
28.        However, all that want to be recognized, that want to be known, that want to go their way, with their own reasoning, with their own sense, once the word is preached to them, they will have their own reasoning, they will have their own sense, they will have their own interpretation, they will have their own understanding and it will complicate issues. When one household is not run by one Bride, it will complicate issues.
29.        It is just like in a local household where ministers are having problem, issues will be complicated. The Bride Ministry world over has one particular Voice, whether you are in Lagos, in Abuja, in Jos, any part of the world, provided it is that Voice, you are grounded and settled. The Glory, “I AM” is in the Bride.
30.        If God is God in the fellowship and not God in the house, He is not God in the street, then it was not comprehended by spiritual revelation. We know God by spiritual revelation. If He is God in the fellowship, He is God everywhere. For He is God in the fellowship, He is God in the family, He is God on the street, anywhere you see Him.
31.        Abraham saw Him walking on the street with dust on His legs, he did not say, I saw God on the street, no, rather he bowed down and said, “My Lord and my God.” On the Lord’s Supper, when they were having their Lord’s Supper, was He another person? Was it not in that same plate that Judas dipped his hand?
32.        When He was eating corn, was He another person? Besides, He was not alone for He was eating the corn with His disciples. When He was sharing bread and fish, eating together with them, the bread and fish were collected from Philip, one of the Apostles, was He eating a different bread?
33.        What can you say about the Almighty sitting down in the house of Abraham, eating food prepared by Sarah and husband? What can you say about God sitting down with the seventy elders of Israel, eating and drinking as the Son of Man is eating and drinking even in our midst?
34.        If eating and drinking with Him, makes Him a Devil before you, from the very beginning, He has been a Devil on your side.
35.        Quote: “I am the highest court. Nobody crosses to the other side without passing through Me. Believe it if you can…”
36.        Why He is saying all these things is for us to have the revelation of the personality that is in our midst—that will make it very easy for us to be sustained and obey the words of God.
37.        Any day this revelation runs out of us, we will begin to see God as ordinary man. Any day you start seeing God as ordinary man, you are already dead. Anybody that is busy separating the Son of Man from the Cloud; does God play with His Word? If He is laughing, He is God. If He is eating, He is God. If He is jumping, He is God.
38.        If you did not see it that way, you can never be sustained in Him. If you are convinced, whatever you see around Him, you see it as God’s purpose. Aside that, you must be stumbled out.
39.        You must come to a conclusion that whatever He does is God’s action. If you do not know a man of God like that ,you are in trouble. Standstill and I will show you the Word of God.
40.        A man of God walked naked and was moving on the street. That was God naked for three years. A man of God was eating animal dung. A man of God was asked to marry a harlot. People are talking about the God that they cannot worship. Do you think that it is easy to worship God—somebody that you cannot predict, how can you predict God? Anybody in this Faith that feels stumbled when God laughs, when He talks anything, you will be looking at Him, reason everything, you are endangering your life.
41.        You do not reason any action of God or a man of God for that will destroy your life. Because in every action of a Man of God there is a hidden purpose. That is why when He is laughing, God is laughing.
42.        I came to the point that I believe that if I come to the Presence of the Son of Man, I am in the Presence of God Almighty. Whatever He tells me is what God had told me. That is how I take it. If it does not settle that way, if you come here you will be lost and confused, for you do not know what we are doing.
43.        At a time you see us laughing, at a time you see us dancing, at a time we are jumping, at a point you will not know who is who, that is the spirit for wherever the Spirit of God is, there is liberty.
44.        At a point you see God speaking from the back and you will ask, are you the one preaching or the Son of Man. How can you predict the move of God? Anywhere God is, that is the pulpit. It is where the words go out from. We have been trained by Him.
45.        As many as were trained by Him, that passed through Him, passed through fire, passed through experiences, we saw the supernatural side and also the human side, and all that made Him physical and spiritual, He veiled it to us, we saw it and then bowed.
46.        Hence, if you are pastoring, you must Pastor with the Word. You are evangelizing, you must evangelize with the Word. You are an Apostle, your Apostle must be on the Word. Whatever you are doing, centre it on Christ for He is our sufficiency. Any preaching aside Christ is idolatry.
47.        If you are speaking to the flock, point them to Christ and the spirit of holiness will appear. Lift up Christ and He will draw souls to Himself. Do you appear before a king without praising him? You have your traditional heads (leader) at home (in the village and community) and whenever you go to them, you will say, “King, live forever!”
48.        However, we have the King of kings in our midst. How do we salute Him? How do we recognize Him? I can never close my mouth to these words. We must respect the presence of God in our midst. If we know Him by divine revelation we must prove it by our action, by our attitude, by our approach, by our response, for every child of God must live by the Word. Amen.


We thank God for using Brother Ben Okezue to boost our faith the more. As a man submits himself to God, so will God keep on using him. For that reason, Brother Ben Okezue, you are blessed. I believe that Brother Ben’s presence is a blessing to all of you that really loved the Lord!
2.           Somebody told Me that he loves the Lord but he hates the brethren. I asked him why. He said that the way they behave towards him makes him to hate them. I said, “Well, that is where you started falling. For you can never love God and hate His children unless you are Mr. Right. But who told you that you are right?”
3.           Have you allowed God to examine and re-examine you? Self-justification, the origin of failure.
4.           Let me say it without mincing words, Sister Moses married in the End-time Faith. What she was marrying was her love for Bishop Moses. Underline it.
5.           The worth of a man or a woman, the value of love is not measured by where one stands at a time when all are working well, but where one stands in the time of adversity, great troubles and perplexities. If when the road is pleasurable, the two are darling, darling, and when the thorns and thistles of life begin to sprout on that same road, the same tongue begins to wag and nag; of a truth we will know that from the beginning it was the pleasurable road that attracted the attention of either party.
6.           What is my greatest joy? Sister Moses and Bishop Moses met when they were nothing, built everything together and became something. They never married End-time Message for one day. Going by what our Sister saw at Ugwumba, if that was the determinant of the marriage, the marriage would not have existed.
7.           She had reasons why she should say no but she was marrying love. Maybe hopefully, waiting for the day when the better thing will be on the scene. I began to see the family of Umeano and the first day I came back from missionary trip only to solve a problem which nobody could solve, paving way for the marriage.
8.           For all their ministers did not know what to do for there was problem and the problem was so serious that nobody could move the mountain. I came in from nowhere and then solved the problem. What is more, I was not even a minister then.
9.           The same thing happened at Orlu. I cannot forget the day Brother Goddy Tobechukwu contracted marriage with Sister Ngozi Tobechukwu. They kept Me standstill with Orlu people. Instead of reasoning with the people, they were praying. Both their Pastor and Evangelist commanded them to pray and hit the wall. The more they pray the worse the situation become.
10.        When night came they ordered all the women to go, that the men should stay behind, that they were going to war-war. Then the question arises: with what? They had no instrument for their warfare.
11.        The greatest instrument for any warfare has remained the truth. They had no truth. The heathens had the truth, and there is nothing any man can do to make a truth to become a lie. I stepped into the matter. That one was on invitation.
12.        One of them pleaded with their co-elders and said, “No matter that he is giving us headache, let us call this man, he is our Brother. Although he is new but we can see the gift of God in him. I think that if he is allowed to speak, this marriage may be contracted this day.”
13.        They summoned Me and I came to the scene, saluted the elders of the land, spoke to them in the manner no human being ever spoke to them, asked for the cup of the wine, drank it and re-filled it, then gave it to Brother Goddy, filled it and gave it to Sister Ngozi so that they can exchange. I said, “Let the guilt be on Me.” They were all watching Me.
14.        Before their eyes, the argument that existed over twenty hours came to a halt. Why? Because a wise man came on the scene. You do not know where I am heading to.
15.        I have told you to make a little allowance for the day of your sickness where your friends can hold unto and help you.
17.        Enugu-ezike has prohibited Me from coming to the burial of our late Pastor when they never knew my mind because I have not spoken. This is the first time I have been prohibited from featuring in a burial. Many are regretting, they are changing their minds but I hold my peace till 9th April 2012. Why? I do not know. Let Me keep it there.
18.        Do I take delight in attending funeral services? What is more, the offence I committed is because while he was at Enugu I did not rush to Enugu, but when Bishop Moses was at Enugu I paid him a visit. They were asking the wife how many times I paid him a visit. She said that not even once. They said that, that goes to show that I have no interest in his survival.
19.        No problem, but Apostle Kelechi was there, Apostle Ojiakor was also there, brethren at Enugu were around him. That is not the message. The message is this, from the very beginning, from the very foundation I have been suffering even the loss of all things together with Bishop Moses.
20.        If somebody identified with this faith at a time when it was pleasurable, it is not Bishop Moses. He risked his life even in the hands of armed robbers, not minding road accidents, serving the Lord, travelling all the way from the rough roads of Eha-amufu to Onitsha by day and by night. He did not only give his money, he gave his life.
21.        Don’t you know that it will be an act of the highest wickedness for him to sing God’s praise in the grave when God had already crippled him so that he will be saved? For if his legs were not amputated, he would not have remained in the Faith. He became uncontrollable and the Good Shepherd trimmed down the leg to reduce the reckless movement.
22.        He is in the fellowship so that elders may know that God is not a mad man. Do you think that it is easy for somebody to travel thus far only to come at this closing hour you begin to talk rubbish? It is not easy. Go and verify.
23.        By his condition, no human being has ever had his leg trimmed three four times and remained alive. He is not alive because he wanted to, rather it is in keeping with the promise.
24.        Nevertheless, the testimony is incomplete without sharing the support of his wife who threw her weight behind him even in the time of adversity, in the time of real perplexity, yet that never hindered her from doing her work as a lecturer at the College of Education at Eha-amufu, shuttling between Eha-amufu, Nsukka, Enugu for years and remained alive.
25.        In all her journeys, they were all accident free. What is my greatest joy? The Devil capitalized on their absence from home and decided to shatter their families but God said no.
26.        Go to the message titled, “When the Man Is Away,” then consider the greater havoc that could wreck the family when the man and the woman are away from home. It will take God’s coordination for something to be left there, otherwise; everything in the family would have been taken into captivity.
27.        If a prophet prophesied in the Name of the Lord even in December last year that Bishop Moses will remain alive and Pastor James Ugwueze will be buried, nobody will believe it.
28.        No matter the dreams, no matter the visions that were coming to Me from brethren of how they received phone calls, signals, how they gathered, how they were being levied to bury Bishop Moses, I said to them, “Not this one. Maybe there could be another Bishop Moses coming but not this one. This one is too far away from the grave.”
29.        What is more, I never made the statement with stammering lips, even when there was no hope. I remember when we were coming home from Enugu, I was carrying my wife in the vehicle, the phone rang and she asked Me if she should answer the call. I said, “Why not! Answer the call. All is well.”
30.        That was the day he gave up and the wife was not around. Do you know that God is a God of miracle? Bishop Moses bled in such a way that the whole body got dried, instantly we donated two pints of blood and the blood was not used. God used ordinary water to replenish the blood.
31.        I will not say something about the dead, I must talk about the living. He is praising God because he is alive. You see, I was talking about deformity. The only deformity that can stop a man from achieving fuller success in life is deformity of the brain.
32.        If you are blind, it is not a deformity. If your legs are amputated it is not deformity. I will show you too many people that are lecturing, I will show you too many people that are making it in life without their eyes, without their legs, some without their hands but their brains are functioning.
33.        Bishop Moses presence in the gathering of the saint in Jerusalem, the Galilee of the Gentiles, this day, I will say makes the day a very great day. He is in the fellowship contrary to human expectations.
34.        I remember when the situation became extremely hopeless, I went and charge his wife, “This man that proves to be an invisible doctor, go and see him. Look at what I am directing you to do and he will own Bishop Moses as his patient.”
35.        No sooner that was done that the doctors went on strike, all consultants went on strike yet he was coming to see his patient (Bishop Moses) alone. The rooms that was locked was made open, an enemy became a friend.
36.        What is more, I made a statement that whatever they were doing, they were just fooling you. The legs must be detached from the kneel otherwise; every effort is a wasted one. No matter their struggle to counter that Voice, at the end of the day it is there. I can see perfect healing.
37.        Because I made a promise: “When you go home, do not call Me. If you will die, not because of this leg. You will die because it is destined that all men will die. Not this one for you have jumped this hurdle.”
38.        In fact, his faith combined with my faith to bring about the resurrection. Thus, I said that it would be a test case which I will use to see whether I could create faith in Pastor James whose confessions were always negative and continued to be negative until he went away.
39.        What is more, in his negative confessions he incited his people against Me even before he died. However, he could not tell his people that he never told Me that he was sick, I only heard that he was hospitalized at Enugu-ezike, whether he was sick, I knew not.
40.        I directed them after telling Me that there was improvement to go to Enugu so that I will charge Brother Ojiakor to take the matter professionally.
41.        After four days he was moved to Enugu, we did everything, we went beyond the imagination of all we saw, I thank God for Brother Ojiakor. After thorough examination of his case from different laboratories, he said, “Sir the whole body was completely rotten.”
42.        We are singing Gods praises for Bishop Moses who was singing even when death was ringing bell. The whole inmates in the hospital were astonished that he was happier than every other patient in the hospital when his condition was very hopeless. It is like Saint Paul who was in the prison telling those outside to rejoice exceedingly.
44.         “The Power of Intercession,” when the Apostles interceded for Sister Dorcas in the Bible, they presented their clothing which the Sister made for them, gave good testimonies concerning her and the Lord caused Dorcas who was dead to come back to life.
45.        If I never received calls concerning Bishop Moses—I received more than a thousand calls on his behalf. I do not want to talk about text messages that came to Me concerning him.
47.        I thank God that I am not saying this at his graveyard; rather I am saying this before him. I started saying this long, long time ago.
48.        I remember the day the situation was too hot. Sister Moses called my wife, told her what was happening at Nsukka and my wife ran to the room, then said, “Daddy please do something!” I said, “What is happening?” She said, “Look at the bleeding again!”
49.        I asked, “Who told you?” She replied, “Sister Moses.” I said, “Ok, take it easy, I have heard it. The bleeding will control itself.”
50.        I did not call but by the time I called, the bleeding stopped. I asked Bishop Moses, “Any nurse around?” He said no. Now, who stopped the bleeding?
51.        If you want to know what transpired that period, go to Sister Moses for there was nobody closest to him as at that time more than his wife.
52.        That reminds Me of the testimony of our Bishop Isaac Igwe, when he was almost on his way to mortuary in those days. Before he knew it I appeared with Pastor Dan without any prior notice, nobody knew that we were coming. We landed there early hours of the morning, stood by the bedside and he could not recognize us. The son was weeping like a baby.
53.        Then the Voice said, “Bishop Isaac, open your eyes for you are not going anywhere, I am here!” Pastor Dan said Amen.
54.        I said, “Bishop, I have come for no other thing but for you.” I held his hands, before ten minutes the body that was pale changed. His normal colour came out, his eyes opened, the redness vanished. I continued holding his hand until I was satisfied.
55.        It happened at Enugu also when I rushed for the rescue of Nneoma Okoh who was on her way to the mortuary. I thank God that the little daughter spoke to Me the other day, and said, “Daddy, I have finished writing my JAMB! I am just coming out from the examination hall.”
56.        I said, “Can this be true? The little girl that was already packed away.” I think Brother Ojiakor had one in his house, that is Amamihe, the one that is studying Medicine. That was the one that died the day Bishop Ifeanyi Eze wedded. Many of you do not know why we are dying in this Faith. It is through this faith that God has given us all things, even life more abundantly.
57.        What kills other people normally scratches us. What others will eat and die there, we will eat and use wine to swallow it down. He that is doing it in us has displayed Himself, His Splendor, His Glory, His Majesty, so that all glory, all thanksgiving, all praise, all adoration, all reverence, all majesty will be ascribed to Him that liveth and reigneth forever and ever. Amen.
58.        Brethren you can see what is happening here! How Elders of this Faith came from all places and destinations to Onitsha this day as if they were invited.
59.        See Deacon Dan from Owerri, Bishop Obadiah from Aba, Bishop Nathaniel from Umuahia, Bishop Ifeanyi from Ehamufu, Bishop Abraham from Opi, Evangelist Ben from Obosima, they are all in the fellowship of the saint. THIS IS ANOTHER DAY.
60.        Also present in the fellowship are Brother I.K from Mbaise, Abraham Paul from Nsukka, Apostle Ojiakor from Enugu and Deacon Pascal. Also in the fellowship is our old soldier, Deacon Anselem, Mmagha of Mmagha from  Enugu. Is this day not a special day?
61.        This day is another day. Here on Earth or in the grave, a seed of God is a seed of God, a prophet is a prophet.
62.        I told you to allow an abundant joy to remain in your hearts no matter the situation, create enough joy for yourselves. Let nothing upset you, especially when you remember that, that thing which is trying to upset you cannot give you eternal life, rather it can bring eternal separation from God, then you know that it is your greatest enemy.
63.        Mmagha is a figure to reckon with as far as this Faith is concerned. He went to Eha-amufu with Apostle Ojiakor’s hospital van to bring brethren from Eha-amufu to fellowship. He was pleaded with, he did not charge us any money, he brought them to this fellowship ground in 1994 and refused to go back, he remained in this Faith, his wife and children came, vomited venoms, cursed him, cursed us and instead of listening to the voice of the woman, he pushed her away and remained with us in the Faith.
64.        He said that he has never come across a man speaking this way. Nobody preached to him, that was how he saw this Faith, saw the Ark moving and he entered.
65.        We are no longer singing, “The boat of salvation is moving!” God is a silent listener to every secret conversation. Even the thoughts of your heart, God knows them and He is aware of them. Before you say them out, He has seen them.
66.        Just use the testimony of Pastor Christian Dike to understand what we are saying. Throughout last week I never saw him, no discussion, no phone call and I cannot remember the last day we met, let alone of the wife. Whatever might be their problem, I believe God knows and He understands.
67.        Wait for your own time for whatever that has a beginning must have an end. One day God must remember you. Not that He forgot you, not that He does not know what you are passing through, one day it must be your turn. Have faith, have hope.
68.        Do not allow anything in this life to make you count His Word as nothing. The way you believe, so shall it happen unto you! If you believe, there is going to be a performance of that which is promised.
69.        Go through the messages titled “Prophecies and Leadership”, “Identification of The True Church.” In your homes and private places, go through the prophecies that are contained in there, then use them to know what happened this day.
70.        For you will find out that since 1994 that God said that whenever we gather in His Presence in the fellowship, that He is in the fellowship with us, even sitting and waiting for us just because we are His own. For without us, there is no other people.
71.      On this note, I say remain in your sanctified estate, remain blessed in Him eternally. Amen.