The Son of Man Revealed From One of The Jungles in Africa According To William Branham's Prophesy

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Tuesday, 22 May 2012


Preached on 30th October 2011 At THE HOUSEHOLD OF GOD ONITSHA

I am the Divine Source, the True Deity, the Infinite Being, the Cause of all causes and of all effects; One Who governs the whole Cosmos.
Believe it if you can…

—The   Son of Man
From the Message: LEADERSHIP (PP.3) time past we hoped for it, we looked for it but now it has come to pass. THUS the promised salvation now belongs to us.
You do not go out and begin to think whether you have eternal life or not, you have all passed from death unto life. God has given us eternal life, that eternal life is in somebody. Now, it is yours for you have believed in Him whom He has sent, THE ONLY SOURCE OF ETERNAL LIFE.
–The Son of Man

7TH APRIL 1996

“Revelation 1:13 And in the midst of the seven candlesticks one like unto the Son of man, clothed with a garment down to the foot, and girt about the paps with a golden girdle.”KJV

 “And he hath on his vesture and on his thigh a name written, KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS”  
- Revelation 19:16 KJV.

8TH APRIL 2012

“I saw in the night visions, and, behold, one like the Son of man came with the clouds of heaven, and came to the Ancient of days, and they brought him near before him.” Daniel 7:13 KJV

The Son of Man
When he prepared the heavens, I was there: when he set a compass upon the face of the depth: When he established the clouds above: when he strengthened the fountains of the deep:
When he gave to the sea his decree, that the waters should not pass his commandment: when he appointed the foundations of the earth: Then I was by him, as one brought up with him: and I was daily his delight, rejoicing always before him.” PROVERBS 8:27-30, KJV‘
“I am he that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive forevermore, Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death.”- Revelation 1:18 KJV.


Remain blessed brethren. Because you have made Jehovah, the Creator of the whole Universe your refuge, your fortress, no evil shall befall you by day and by night.
2.           On the streets and in the high ways, you shall not be affected by any flying spirit that flies by night, nor be touched by the pestilences that pervade the whole Universe, for the Lord your God has built a hedge around you, hence He has become your Shield.
3.           Let Him be your confidence, let Him be your trust, confide in Him at all times and you will never be disappointed. What is more, TEST AND SEE that the Lord is good.
4.           When I look by my sides, the Lord is so good to Me. Is He good to you also? God is good to Me. Yes, you do not know what God has done. There are too many reasons why we praise Him. I have a reason to praise the Lord. To God be the glory for everything He has done.
5.           If the Lord does not keep watch over the city, all the watchmen are labouring in vain. If the Lord does not build the city, all the labourers are wasting their time, the builders are equally wasting their time.  If God does not go ahead of time, we are wasting our energy. As a result, my prayer is that in everything, may God be in front, finish. He should stand for us in all situations.
6.           Greater is He that is with us than he that is with our enemies. I want to assure you this day, I do not care what you are passing through, I do not care about the troubles, I do not care where they are coming from, we can never come and say that we are having more troubles than they had in Egypt. For our fathers had great problems in Egypt.
7.           They prayed and prayed, they called and called, they cried and cried, it appeared that God was asleep, but one day God woke up. When He woke up He made a proclamation saying, “I have heard your afflictions, I have seen your troubles and I have come to deliver you.”
8.           As they journeyed, He made another proclamation saying, “Standstill and you will see the salvation of God come through. The enemies you are seeing now, any moment from now you will see them no more.” Did it happen that way? It happened.
9.           We are serving the same God. If it is His will that He should hand us over to His enemies, let Him do it. However, He will not do it for His Name’s sake. For He knows the awful implication, He knows what His enemies will say. For His Name’s sake, He will never abandon us halfway. Put your hands in the scriptures, check history, it is not there.
10.        I really thank God. God has promised that He will never leave Me, His faithfulness is forevermore. Thus, my duty is to follow Him. He has promised that He will never leave Me, I will follow Him for His faithfulness is forevermore.
11.        Cheer-up for the journey is almost over! Cheer-up, let nothing upset you, more so when you know the position of things in the world. Only one thing we are going over with, and that is praises, no other thing. What is more, you can never use your money to buy praises.
12.        Austerity measures can never affect praises, hardship does not affect it.I do not have money,” it is not when it comes to giving God praises.
13.        You do not go to school to learn how to praise God. Consider the lilies in the forest, see how they wave themselves. Since I know that I am taking nothing from this Earth, not even a pin, of all my labour, I am removing nothing. The only thing that will follow me from Earth is my work here on Earth and then praises.
14.        When you leave this Earth, all your doings will follow you, whether good or bad, it will follow you. Another thing that will follow you is praises if only you have the spirit of praises in you. For if it is not in you now, it will never be in you again.
15.        Do we have any other thing than praises? Are we staying in Paradise with any other thing rather than praises? Halleluiah shall be our Heavenly language. If you feel that it is too small to be our reward, then pay yourself. I say pay yourself.
16.        Anything that you derive from your labour is your reward. I say that anything that you get from your labour is your reward.
17.        A labourer is entitled to his wage, so when you are labouring try to know whether you are labouring for God or for yourself, so that you will know what is giving you sleepless night; so that it will not be by tomorrow you will call the Son of Man a wicked man. Any of my labour which God is not there, is in vain and it will only stop here on Earth.
18.        Already many have stopped their journey and that is why you see wickedness in the world rising every day. That is why you see wickedness rising in the hearts of people every day because they have already seen their fate. They have seen what awaits them; they know that they will soon be removed from Earth in a very disastrous way. Amen.

I will talk to you so that you will know the extent the Vehicle has reached. Our Train is always on the move. Recently, the driver carried it into the hall of UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation). Palestine just drove the thing inside there, requesting for admittance as a full member.
2.           America sent her memo, objecting to membership of Palestine to that United Nations body, saying that the moment Palestine is admitted as a member of UNESCO, that it has paved a way for them to be recognised as a sovereign country in the next general assembly of the UN even without further negotiation.
3.           You see, the president of UNESCO replied America on the spot saying, “UNESCO has no good reasons why it should listen to America. Number one: America is not a member of the United Nations. Number two: Palestine has fulfilled all the legitimate and legal obligations as stipulated by the UN charter which established UNESCO; an organ that will take care of the welfare of the children in the third world, academically, socially and otherwise. Palestine has fulfilled all. Thus UNESCO has no other thing to demand from Palestine than to give them their certificate.”
4.           Immediately, they signed the membership certificate and handed it over to the leader of the Palestine. Hence today Palestine has become a full member of the UN Security Council, UNESCO, UNICEF.
5.           At the end of the day during the ceremony, he asked a question saying, “What will stop Palestine from becoming a sovereign country? For they legally and legitimately tabled their matter before UN in spite of the confrontations from Israel? They have not been confrontational, they have been following it legally and they have come to a point where nobody will restrict them again, having now recognised Bethlehem as the Christian centre where they observe their Christmas eve in honour of their Messiah Jesus Christ; having recognised it and approved that they will not restrict Christians in Palestine from continuing in their yearly ritual in Bethlehem. Bethlehem also being a city in Palestine that is not controversial.”
6.           He said, “Who will now stop them?” To crown it all, Palestine has ambassadors in all the countries in the world. All the countries in the world, including America, they have also their ambassadors in Palestine.”
7.           He went further and said, “We are not here to protect any religion. America should come out and tell the world that they are objecting Palestine bid for statehood on religious ground and not on political ground. Politically Palestine has met all the demands but the UN has no provision for religion to be considered while establishing statehood unless America will like them to bring it in.”
8.           Now the vehicle has moved to Cambodia, made a stopover in Cambodia on Friday. Without discussion, Cambodia celebrated the coming of the group, gave them a rousing welcome, and extended their hand of fellowship to them. Because of what happened in Cambodia, Southern Sudan came back and made a proclamation that Arabic studies will no longer be studied in their school, that it should be replaced by English language. That Southern Sudan is an English country and no longer an Islamic country.
9.           In other words, they have taken side with America and Israel. Watch where the whole thing is going. Two blocs have been established: Islamic bloc and Christian bloc. Have you seen it? AT THE END OF THE DAY, THE WHOLE THING WILL CUMULATE TO THAT JIHAD.
10.        Something is happening now. America has pulled out their troops from Iraq. While they are going, all the exiled military officers from Iraq to Iran were released by Iran to start a revolution in Iraq, to oust the government established by America and abolish the teaching of English language in all the schools in Iraq, then replace them with Islamic studies as it was in the days of Saddam Hussein.
11.        In Libya, opinion is divided about the killing of Gaddaffi and I told you that they thought that Gaddaffi was their problem, now they have killed Gaddaffi, a serious problem has now crop up. Both Libya, America, Britain, France, UN, they are now querying people that killed Gaddafi. They have arrested them and detained them. They are now to face death trial for killing Gaddaffi.
12.        If you did not want them to kill Gaddaffi, were you not the one that killed his son? Bombed his family, when the bomb landed in his house, what if that bomb killed Gaddaffi? Because that which NATO could not accomplish, UN could not accomplish it, guerrillas accomplished it so that the credit will go to Libya, they are now against it.
13.        If you did not want Gaddaffi to be killed, why did you finance the war? A big problem is now there. The Transition National Council (TNC) will be meeting to consider the fate of the people that killed Gaddaffi. Britain trying to add pain to the whole thing; came up with another accusation, that Gaddaffi captors sexually abused him before he died. Why? So that they can now be heard by the UN.
14.        Syria is still on, Yemen is every day news, Morocco every day news, Egypt every day news. What can we say about Nigeria? Liberia is gathering, the election could not produce a President but Winston Tubman, the man that contested against the incumbent woman Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, accused the electoral commission of rigging the election. He said that he won the election but because they were bent on giving it to the woman, they could not proclaim him the winner.
15.         They said that no winner emerged and rescheduled election on November 8th 2011. Winston Tubman said that he is not for that election until the INEC chairman is removed, a retired chief judge who is a well-known popular friend of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. So it is boiling again.
16.        When he was interviewed by BBC, he said that this war that is about to be ignited through election will mark the end of Liberia, and the whole Liberian youths are behind him because of his running mate who is their favourite, their former national football team skipper, George Weah, that is the running mate. Thus, Liberia is equally boiling.
17.        We are talking about Nigeria now. Somebody was warning President Jonathan to be careful the way he handles the Nigerian youths from now. That he is foreseeing a civil unrest that will be spearheaded by the Nigerian youths and that civil unrest will be worst than what is happening in the Middle East.
18.        Secondly, that President Jonathan should not make the mistake of removing the oil subsidy. That it will be a dangerous tool in the hands of the youths to put an end to this great nation.
20.        As we see the day approaching, our duty is to keep on glorifying the Name of the Lord. Do not allow what is happening to disturb you one bit. The hand of the Lord is behind every action of man, bringing His words to pass whether they be good or bad.
21.        There is a good news I will share with you here. If it had not been the hand of the Lord, either one or two in this Faith would have been in the mortuary even now, but presumably one.
22.        There is no need hiding it. If the Lord never intervened, Sister Mike Immanuel would have been in the mortuary for now, she would have been used by their people to bury her father-in-law but the hand of the Lord said no.
23.        It is not a light thing. I was checking about it. See how the thing happened. We would have been filled with sorrow. Nobody will understand what happened. I thank God that she did not tell Me earlier when the thing was happening.
24.        On Thursday we went home, and I was the one that took her down to their compound and while we were discussing with their people, seeing how the matter was, I told her that she will not go with Me that she should stay and wait for the most elderly to come back, I then went back.
25.        Pastor Obinna was sick, managing himself, the same way his motorcycle is not okay. My intention was that whenever Sister will be coming that she will now use commercial motorcycle while coming back.
26.        We were in my house with some ministers when they came in and started narrating to us what took place. What happened? Pastor Obinna was carrying her in his motorcycle, remember they were not riding on high speed because of the condition of the motorcycle, then the long skirt that she was wearing entered into the wheel of the motorcycle and both of them were not aware.
27.        The motorcycle now had to roll the skirt to the point that it got to the legs, then our brother had to hold the motorcycle strongly. You see, for her to come down from the motorcycle became a problem because her legs could not reach the ground due to the folding. The same way for Brother Obinna to come down, there was no way because nobody to hold the motorcycle for him, until people had to rush and helped by cutting off the pieces of wears so that she can now come down.
28.        What is more, had it been that the machine was healthy enough and our brother too, our Sister would have used her head to hit the ground while the motorcycle also will continue to move, dragging her along.
29.        Now tell Me, what will hinder her from dying if that happened that way? If she eventually survives, none of her teeth will remain with her. Nothing kills some women more than this.
30.        What is more, none of them fell let alone any of them getting wounded. God Himself took over the situation. Who can believe this? And moreover, this thing happened while we were hearing what her father-in-law said before he died, meaning that he will not die without taking a soul and all his children were afraid.
31.        Please pray for Brother Mike. If you love Brother Mike pray for him. Pray for him that he should be alive and bury his father. Even if there will be any death count, let it not be from the house of Brother Mike and I believe that this one that happened is a sign. Pray for everybody but pray specifically for Brother Mike and his family.  
32.        We thank God for such protection and deliverance He has given to us. For if not so, sorrow would have filled our hearts. Many may not understand what is happening in the family of our Brother Deacon Mike. When I mean the family of Deacon Mike, I mean the family of his father.
33.        Some years ago when God was speaking concerning spiritual realm, He said that anybody that comes out of a family whose parents did not yoke themselves with idol should thank his God.
34.        This is true for this world is full of mysteries. If not this Bridal Faith, many of us would have been victims. Our forefathers would have used us to sacrifice to their gods but God said no.
35.        Thus, we owe God a lot, that is why when you see one in this faith that comes from such a family and he sees the protection of God around him, deliverance of God around him and you see the person misbehaving himself or herself, such a person ought to be pitied. Amen.

We thank God Who has made it possible for all of us to be in His Presences in hope of the translation of our mortal body. There is no other thing that we have the hope if not this particular matter for God told us about it.
2.           There are reasons why we are different from any other group under Heaven. If you do not get this revelation why we are different, why our ministers are different, why our members are different, well you will be behaving like people in the world.
3.           Deuteronomy chapter 29 verse 29, “There are secrets the Lord your God had not revealed to us but this words which he had revealed are for us and our children to obey forever. LB.
4.           There are secrets which Almighty God had not revealed, that was Moses talking to the people of Israel. There are secrets which God had not revealed but the ones already revealed are for us, for our children so that we obey and worship Him.
5.           The secret things belong unto the LORD our God: but those things which are revealed belong unto us and to our children for ever, that we may do all the words of this law.” KJV.
6.           The secret things belong to God Himself but the one that He has revealed is for us.
7.           “Prophetic Revelation” page 36 verse 55 “We have rolled into the Prophetic revelation and it is the most dangerous part of the ministry and also the sweetest part of the ministry.”
8.           It is the most dangerous part of the ministry at the same time the sweetest part of the ministry—Prophetic revelation. Why is it so? It is dangerous to those that are not the seeds of God because they will be in our midst pretending to be one of us, but when the Prophetic revelation will come out it will reveal whom they are.
9.           What is more, it is so sweet to the sons and daughters of God for there, they will see the mind of God concerning them before God ever made the foundation of the world.
10.        Moreover, you cannot talk about Prophetic revelation without a Prophet or an Apostle. Prophetic revelation is not an article of preaching, you cannot preach it, it is a revelation, it is Prophetic; secret that was made known to you through the Prophets and the Apostles.
11.        They may not be written in the Bible for the Prophet said that they are secret things which Almighty God had not revealed but these ones that have been revealed, they are revealed to us and our children.
12.        William Branham said that there are many things that are not written down in the Bible, they were not spoken out, they are in His mind and from time to time, He will put them in His vessel’s mouth to speak them out. It is from this revelation that God used to trim down the crowd for it has been the stumbling block in all the ages.
13.        For there, you will hear things that had never been heard before. Prophetic revelation is not an article for preaching. It is only meant for the children of the Kingdom. Do you see the people that own Prophetic revelation? It is not for anybody that is outside the Kingdom. Prophetic revelation is a ministry of the upper room, a ministry of the inner chamber because it is where all secrets are revealed. It is not meant for preaching.
14.        Let us see the way the Jews explained the meaning of the word “Prophet”, before we talk about Prophetic Revelation.
15.        “God is the Perfect Interpreter of His Word,” page 120, verse 4: “But let the spirit of prophecy bear us on with the Prophet into future time, far beyond the kingdoms of the world into a glorious future, regardless of the Roman Babylon or even the Maccabeean rule or rulers; but never forgetting that the Prophet is one who is divinely inspired and is CALLED, COMMISSIONED, AND QUALIFIED TO DECLARE THE WILL AS WELL AS THE KNOWLEDGE of God. Yes, he is a seer. (pp. 36, para. 1).”
16.        No other nation can give the definition of a Prophet more than the Israelites and that is why they do not play with a Prophet. With this you can pause a little and start to examine the Faith you are into for we have never followed cunningly devised fables.
17.        To confirm what they said, in Jeremiah 1 verse 4-5, God told Jeremiah saying, “Before you were born in your mother’s womb, I know you. Before you were born, I have already called you and ordained you to be a Prophet to the people.”
18.        A Prophet is one that is divinely inspired by God, that he is one that is commissioned, one that is qualified to declare the Will of God as well as the knowledge of God. Yes he is a seer.
19.        You will get it in first Samuel 9 verse 9, that all the Israelites recognized Samuel as a seer. That is what they use to call Prophet in those days, a seer.
20.        A seer, he that sees beyond this physical realm, one that sees beyond you, everything that can happen to you, from the time of your conception till the time you were born till the time you will die and pass on.
21.        What is more, in this our own day. Besides us, there is no gathering under the Heaven that can boast of having a qualified Prophet and Apostle that is divinely inspired, commissioned, called, qualified to declare the Will of God And at the same time the knowledge of God.
22.        He said that it is finished. Stand here while I lock the Ark, but the window will remain open. Let nobody never apply any dangerous equipment on this Ark, do not perforate this Ark. Remain there, you are now inside the inner room. Let me reveal myself to the whole world at the same time without consultation.
23.        Wherever there is life under the Heaven, wherever there is life, wherever there is air, wherever there is light under the sky, the Son of Man is there even right now.
24.        He said that the world would see the Son of Man coming in the Clouds of Heaven with power and great glory. NOT COMING FROM, BUT COMING IN. Amplified version of the Bible said that the world would see the Son of Man revealed in the Clouds of Heaven and they will tremble.
25.        However, before then the Gospel of the Kingdom must be preached to all the nations of the Earth for a witness against this generation and then the end will come.
26.        The end has come. All the messages, teachings, doctrines which I received from the Father pertaining to salvation have gone round the countries in the whole world. They now have access to them and every true elect in the world over must be positionally placed where he will see his own day and the Message. I reserved nothing. How did God accomplished it? Through the establishment of the websites.
27.        Through the websites, Christ has penetrated every family in the whole world. I am happy to announce to you that many countries so far have accessed the websites, majority of them coming from Israel where God is known to be revealed in the Clouds of Heaven. It is finished. Amen.

This is the truth. We thank God for this wonderful message, titled “Indelible Truth: Footprint on The Sands of Time.” Well, more things are coming.
2.           If you do not know about Bishop Okoh, better go back to him and listen to the testimony of his conversion. He was a master in the Eckankar and subjoined with the Rosicrucians until he became a master in Amok.
3.           He was an inner member of the Grail message. He acquired all that could be acquired by masters. Because before one could be crowned a master in such societies or group of people, the person must have projected to a certain height.
4.           He was among the few that projected to the zenith in Eckankar; the highest point, and they were told that they will not go any further from there, for they were searching for the highest power, the highest force, the highest authority which they could use to influence the habits of mankind the way they wanted.
5.           If they wanted you to be destructive, they will know how to act on you, influence you and you become destructive. When he got there, he was told that, that was the height any human being could reach with them. That as many of them that needed the possession of other powers, should go to the Greatest Avatar. They said the Greatest Avatar and it is no other person than Christ Himself.
6.           It was there and then that they knew that, that was the greatest but before then they were the greatest. That is why, as many of them that attended to that level in their astral projection, when they came into contact with us like the prominent Major Ujor Ulokwe, who was in the same society with late Doctor Nnamdi Azikiwe; he said that we are operating at the highest frequency.
7.           That it will take supernatural human beings to pay attention to us. For nobody is capable of understanding our message in the human realm.
8.           He said that he has been to too many congregations, interacted with so many reverend fathers, bishops and people like that. That not even one has attained the height we have attained.
9.           That from his own assessment, that we are not Christians because no Christian can attain this height. We thought that it was a crazy statement until we got to Enugu and then came face to face with the grand master of the Grail message; the regional grand master, a medical doctor and the consultants (Dr. Onyia), who after listening to us, placed his Kabbalahs, there was no way and he said,  “Of a truth, my Lord I had to say it, these people are not Christians, for Christians are under our control, but these people are operating higher than us. They are not Christians.”
10.        When Bishop Okoh came here, the Son of Man was talking to everybody but he was busy putting his Kabbalahs together intending to hypnotize the Son of Man, for so he was doing everywhere he went, thereby testing the powers that was in operational, but when he came here, he put the thing together and the thing just disappointed him. While he was quarrelling with it, the Son of Man picked him from there. That’s the much I want to say there.
11.        We thank God. What is my joy? What is in the Internet, the information that are in the Internet make it absolutely impossible for anybody to criticize us. It is the richest website, where no man is displaying any wisdom.
12.         So far, we have logged on the web more than sixty books and our target is two hundred books, making rooms for some other commentaries, so that before anybody will criticize us, he will be very careful.
13.        When you see the book, click on the book, it will open, and you begin to read page by page, the same way we read it in the fellowship. By the time the person must have finished reading about sixty books, he must be convinced that we are not making a face show of any human being.
14.        God is perfect in wisdom. God is gathering His elects through His Words. The end has come. Is it wonderful? Are you not happy that God is using you for good and not for evil?
15.        William Branham said it that He that appeared back beyond there in the East, the same shall reveal Himself in the West and complete His programme in the end-time.
16.        God is on the move. Do you know where the last elect is? Do you know when he is coming in? What gives me joy? The moment you see John the Baptist, the next person is Jesus Christ. Is it true?
17.        Now in the end, the moment you see John the Baptist again, remember that Jesus the Christ said that John the Baptist is the very Elijah. In addition, the Voice said, “As John the Baptist foreran my First Advent, so shall your message forerun my second coming or else I will smite the Earth with a curse.
18.        Thus, when you open the websites, number one person you see is Elijah, that is John the Baptist. Just open it, then from the left is Elijah and the next thing you will see is Christ. On the left you see the forerunner, by his side, you see the person he is introducing you to; the person that is surrounded by the Clouds of Heaven.
19.        Psalms 97 verse 1 -2, “The LORD reigneth; let the earth rejoice; let the multitude of isles be glad thereof. Clouds and darkness are round about him: righteousness and judgment are the habitation of his throne.” KJV.
20.        Now I want to refresh you more. Some years back when many of you were not in this Faith, we were privileged to get a copy of the Talmud of the Sanhedrins during one of our outings in Enugu. Our former Bishop at Enugu, Chief Judge of Enugu State, Honorable Justice I. A Umezulike (IFR), he had a friend, a retired High Court Judge who showed interest in the Faith.
21.        He did not know how to get him convinced, he sent for Brother Amankem, Brother Amankem went there and two of them drove to the man’s house and spoke to him.
22.        Brother Amankem took his time taking the man from the elementary to the advanced stage of the Faith, and at the end of it the man exclaimed that he believed everything not because they said it but because he has read from a book which was given to him by the Pope at Saint Peter’s Basilica, Rome where he was ordained knight of the Catholic Church.
23.        The Pope used his hand, decorated him, gave him chaplet, medal and gave him a forbidden book that was preserved in Rome as a gift meant for people in that class. The man said that if they would not mind, that they should go and read it and then bring it back
24.        They went home, read a little, gave it to Brother Okoh who did his best, opened the book, photocopied the book, sent some copies to Me and we read them together. It helped us because we have already crossed that area not knowing that there was such a document. That was what stabilized the faith of many.
25.        If we have read it before we started teaching, somebody might be thinking that we lifted something, but we had already gone far before we got something that confirmed our Faith, to build the Faith of no other person than Christ.
26.        Thus we now printed more through photocopy and circulated it to brethren, we have copies in our library. “Archaeological Parchment” .If you do not have it, well, I do not know how we can help you to get one, you can photocopy from those that have it.
27.        Now we are in the web, apart from the messages, we have logged in too many quotes, too many credible information to buttress the truth, and I believe that, that is why so many people are showing interest in reading, especially Americans and Israel in particular.
28.        As a result, this time around, I mandated our Brother Chibuzor Ugwu to assist Me in bringing out the excerpts in relevant places that will help the whole world to know that we are not sycophants and we are not asking for converts.
29.        You see why I said earlier to interpreters, to those that are recording that you be very careful, that I take my time to bake the bread I give you, I do not believe in handing out half-baked bread. I examine my doctrines, my teachings, scrutinize them and verify them before handing them out.
30.        My reason is this: I do not know the extent these messages will go. That is why I hand down verifiable truth. You know that this Faith has used nature even more than the Bible to explain the truth.
31.        I have told you that the first Bible written by God is the Zodiac (that is nature). Anything that is natural is what God is looking for. God hates artificial. A lie is artificial but truth is natural.
32.        You see, while we were working on the facts like we have been working and the devil is fighting, but God is conquering. When you see us rally round fellowship, doing many things, so we do many other places. After taking our time to prepare the messages, record them, burn the CD plates, save them using our flashes, we demonstrated them by opening the messages; but when it comes to logging on the message in the air, brethren, this messages will refuse to open, making it impossible for us to log it in the air.
33.        Thus we will begin to work afresh. In spite of all those odds, we are still conquering, sometimes, the messages will be okay but the server will refuse to work. Once the server refuses to open, nothing will be logged on. We are still battling, we are still conquering.
34.        Then the last battle that we are fighting is the battle of virus. We will take our time to prepare the messages, do every kind of verifications and recordings, in a twinkle of an eye, computers that are up-to-date where we have installed anti-virus devises, the whole thing will collapse, every information in the hard disk will wipe off, yet we are battling, we are conquering. Keep on praying for us for the Devil is not happy. We are still moving on.
35.        This Archaeological Parchment, the excerpts we were working on, our brother did a wonderful work there, then while we were trying to save it in the flash, to our surprise everything erased including the information that was already in the hard disk, all vanished—the work that took us more than two weeks.
36.        Then we said okay that this information must get across. We now hired the services of a lady who is doing her own private work with her private computer, who was a student in the computer college, an expert in typing. We now gave her the assignment, she did the work with every amount of honesty, finished the work and told our brother to come and proof read it on the screen to reduce cost.
37.        Because it was too late, our brother said okay that, that will be tomorrow morning. What happened? That same night, thieves invaded that office, used chisel to remove the iron door, entered the business centre, of everything there, they only carried the laptop leaving every other computer and every other thing there. They carried that laptop that contained our message.
38.        You see, that was the day I appreciated our brother. Early hours of the morning when he came to Me with the report, he knelt down and was weeping like a baby. I told him to get up that it is not his fault, “Why are you crying?” He said, “Daddy I should cry for now I know that the Devil is not happy with this truth.”
39.        I said to him, “Cheer up! We must pass this message across.  Since it got to us and we have preserved it till today, we are taking it across.” Amen.

We are mad people with right senses because God in His foolishness is wiser than the wisest man on Earth. Look at an electric socket wire, the power that is supplying electricity is flowing through the wire. Even the PA system, the whole energy including the power propelling the fan, generating the air condition is from the electric socket.
2.          However, it is insulated, you cannot see the power but if you think nothing is going on there, you may let the part of it to be naked, touch the naked side, it will carry you up and smack you on the floor that is if you are lucky. If it wants to show you mercy, it will push you.
3.          Nevertheless, if it is not happy with you, it will get you dried up. That will be the end of that person’s life. That is what you are, that is what all of you that have believed Christ are. Outwardly you are nothing, inwardly there is a great force, great power unless you have not believed.
4.           Those that are alive today, that was alive when this interview was carried out, do you know, it was this man Gamaliel that established the school, the theological school where St. Paul graduated. The highest school, it was Gamaliel that stopped all the Jews from troubling Jesus and His people. However, He said you are Jewish people, you are my neighbour you know me I produce scholars of the law.
5.           Note it, do not  disturb these people again. If what they are doing is of the human origin, it must surely stop. But if it is from God, let it be known to you, you are kicking your legs against the rock. 
6.          Where is Jesus of Oyingbo? Where is Jesus of Ogbunike? Where is Olumba Olumba? Nobody can suppress this truth again; the truth has gone beyond suppression. If all of you will go and say you are not following, you do not know the number of the people in the whole world that have vowed that they will die with this truth.
7.          Who can tell Me the number of people in all the countries that have jumped out of denominations, that are not going to Church? The number is by far greater than what we have in Nigeria. Nobody can go through this website, read the Messages and remain the same; never, never.
8.          God is on the move, COMPARE YOUR EXPERIENCES. We are travelling on the right road. There is only one way to that city of God, we are travelling on the right road.
9.          When revelation strikes somebody, he will never be the same again. For instance, the parents of our Sister Faith Ibeh, the wife of Okey Ibeh;  they heard what was happening, they were no longer happy. They have to write a text Message to their son-in-law, telling him to come over to Kaduna to collect his money (the dowry). That they had their daughters in the Faith, she grew up in the Faith, married in the Faith and that they themselves are in the Faith. That they followed from William Branham till now.
10.      That Okey Ibeh joined on the road; he knew nothing about William Branham. That as long as they are in the Faith and their daughter is still in the Faith, willing to continue with the Faith, that nothing will stop her. That he should come and collect his money (the dowry).
11.      Why did they write such a letter? It is because they are convinced that they are not deceived. Why did the sister take such a stand? It is because she was born and brought up in the Faith. What will separate us from the love of God? Absolutely nothing. They said, “It is either you allow her to continue with her Faith or come and take your money. The choice is yours. On our side, nothing will stop our daughter from serving God, especially now that the whole thing is over.”
12.      They were asking a question: “For years now you left, is it now that you discovered that we are wrong? Why did you not discover it then?” Look at you, pride and shame are the things holding him down. Anybody that talks blah, blah, blah is talking because of pride and shame.
13.      Somebody that said that the Faith is this and that, whenever he has problem he will call Me, asking me to pray for him that he is sure that God answers my prayers. Can God answer the prayer of a sinner? When they had frightening dreams, they will call me and narrate the dreams. Why do you ask me to pray for you?
14.      One had a problem nobody could solve it, he ran up and down no way then he recognized there is somebody; that is Brother John Bazz, the Deacon. When Brother Bazz could not solved the problem, he now turned round to salute Me. How can the Devil help God? We had better be careful. Many have sealed their doom with their lips.
15.      If you do not understand, say that you do not understand and He will help you to understand. However, do not say I do not  believe. If you do not believe, the Devil will seal your heart with unbelief and you will never believe again.
16.      Somebody was asking Me a question one day. He wondered and said, “Sir, in short am no longer happy. I do not know what this Faith is producing, whether it is producing useless people.” I said, “Yes, what this Faith is producing is what it should produce. This Faith can never produce a devilish group; it can never produce a clergyman. The worst among us is better than the best out there. I do not say it to win your favour.”
17.      Name the worst among us and compare him to the best out there; you will notice that the worst in this Faith is better than the best out there. Experience is the greatest teacher. I worked in the government office where I saw Church people carrying Bible; I saw Evangelists, I saw Pastors, I saw lay readers, and every kind of person. I repeat, I even met with greatest Evangelist, Teachers, Pastor of deeper life members.
18.       Do you know, a mad woman in this Faith is better than their deaconess. A mad brother in this Faith is better than their general overseer. What is fooling you, is what the eyes can see.  I do not  want to say it to win your approval. I have already been approved of the Father.
19.      What is deceiving you, number one is COOPERATE DRESSING; number two is carrying Bible, number three is impersonated humility. Impersonated humility means suppression of feelings. These are the three things that are fooling you.
20.      In terms of cooperate dressing, Jesus Christ never cared about what he was putting on. Nzubechi did you get the Message? Master Jesus Christ was not mindful the way he appears. Mothers take note: it does not mean that men should be pigs.
21.      However, do not ever go to the extreme or turning round and say, “This is one problem of men; men do not take care of what they put on. The women are fond of watching themselves in the mirror, that is why they do everything behind time. For they waste a lot of time in the mirror, but a man is kick and run.
22.      Watch Jesus Christ, whoever that said he is a Christian should conduct himself and behave as Jesus Christ behaved and conducted Himself. The question arises, how did Jesus Christ behave and conducted Himself? For a disciple can never be greater than his master. Whatever a snake produces must be long.
23.      Sensible mad people. If you are sensible any signal I give you, you catch it. Any statement I make you catch it, that is the essence of leadership to prove that you are sensible and not mad. With this virtue, you disarm your opponents. Many are envying you and you do not know who you are. Especially, when they see your reaction under such critical conditions when situation are hot, when the atmosphere is polarized, still you are maintaining your calm as if nothing is happening. They watch your gentle approach to situation; they watch your virtue and they envy you. They want to meet you but no way.
24.      I told you my experience in a mechanic workshop where I used to repair my vehicles. My encounter with a very big reverend who is now retired. The man is from Ogidi, Reverend Udo at Ogidi. He is a fine man, a grandfather. Each time we meet in that workshop, the whole apprentices and the workshop owners would rally round. You will be hearing father, father, father, father. Aged men, grandfathers! I said, “Any Kolanut? Any hot drink let us bless the day. The painter will come with hot drink, the other man from Umudioka will come with Kola. They will come and kneel down, say, “Father bless us and bless the day.”
25.      After blessing everybody, I will simply share the Kola, go to the Reverend and say, “Master, take one.” He will say, “I respect you too much, you speak the truth but you are a controversial Pastor. Looking at you, you looked gentle but you are not gentle. I will eat the Kola because I know you as a real man of God.”
26.      You see, he knows that I am a real man of God. Thus, he took Kola from Me. But talk of my Message, I am a controversial person. For my views differ from their views, my ways differ from their ways. Everything around me is different. Do not ask me why I am different from others, time will tell.
27.      I have tried to hide my identity, but no way. I do not want to narrate my experience at Abagana recently, where I was spotted by somebody that knew me not. Spirits are everywhere. And this person that spotted me happened to be an Alhaji from the North. Immediately he saw the thing, he humbled. He could not speak anymore; he even ended in giving me his name and phone number. Even when my name was not found anywhere, that I should wait that by next week or before the end. Then I became the security man of the gate, with instruction never to let anybody in.
28.      Finally, he took it as a task to search over fifty thousand forms, selected my own and gave me a place, did everything amidst witnesses. If I should go by my number before it should get to Me—as at 1:30pm they gave it to me—my number is between sixty-five and seventy; which means I should pass a night but I was in my house before 5:00pm. I was moving my way simply because I answered a call, one from Bishop David and one from my wife. One touched me on the back, I turned, there was a man. He went back to his seat, a little while he signalled me to come forward.
29.      The man asked, “Are you newly married?” and I said no. “But you are telling your wife whether she will not sleep if you did not come. Are you newly married?” I said well, “I am a grandfather and at the same time I am newly married.” He said, “How many times will you marry your wife?” and we laughed.
30.      Then he said, “Okay, gentlemen and fathers here, I have been listening to your pleas, allowing people to go bit by bit. Permit me to present one candidate. This man is not jumping the group; I specially want to attend to him so that he will go.” All mouths closed.
31.      The man moved me from the back and took me to the front. Instructed the madam said evaluate him. I looked back and looked front, well, I was not surprised because I prayed for it. Two prayers I made after thanking God and He answered all.
32.      You see, I was trying to prove something around Brother Kelechi. He never knew that He (God) has already taken up the matter. I have made a decree on the matter, wanted to verify it. Brother Kelechi what you were telling Me has already been captured.
33.      Of course, I prayed that God should lead you to an open space where you will do your work and have your rest. The prayer was made on Friday morning, and on Saturday morning God led you not to a shop, not to a store, but to the open space as prayed for. Brethren please, we are still riding on.
34.      I want to revisit the archaeological parchment for two purposes; one, to refresh your mind for those who are with me from the beginning; two, to help those who joined along the way to see that we are not following cunningly devised fables. We had already passed this stage before we got the book confirming the Faith.
35.        Outside this Faith, no flesh is SAVed. You can never hear this truth in anything called Church. Which Church? Which minister? We do not fool anybody in this Church. Amen.

God Is the Perfect Interpreter of His Word,” page 116, verse 4-: “Next, we came upon the report of Gamaliel who was sent by the Sanhedrin to interview Joseph and Mary concerning the child Jesus, which will prove to be one of the most interesting subjects that was ever read by man. Then the next thing we found was the report of Caiaphas to the Sanhedrin….M. MCINTOSH (pp. 20-21, parag. 1, line 14).
2.          “God Is the Perfect Interpreter of His Word,” page 126, verse 4-: “I asked her (Mary) if he (Jesus) had any worldly aspirations after money or wealth, or a great name, or did he delight in fine dress, like most of the youngsters. She said that was one thing that vexed her, he seemed to take no care of his person; he did not care whether he was dressed or not, or whether the family got along well or ill; it was all alike to him.”
3.          Well, compare it to what people think was the character of Jesus Christ. This is the report of Mary the mother, interviewed by Gamaliel when Jesus was alive. When he was a young man, Gamaliel was older than Jesus and also a member of the Sanhedrin court the highest order in the Jew, vested with authority from the Jewish religion.
4.          Although, the impression people create about Jesus Christ was a pious, quiet, easy going gentleman, liken to a reverend father. Maybe He will be waving his hand. Looking at the character of Jesus Christ, can you call him a saviour? Can you believe Him as God? No way.
5.          Verse 2: “She said she talked to him about it, and he would look at her a little grieved and say, ‘WOMAN, (for such he always called me), you don’t know who I am’...”
6.          Note, He called her “Woman” and that is what she is. Woman! After talking to your son, he will look at you and end it by saying, “Woman, let me have my peace. Note, “Woman,” not sister and not mummy. “Woman, let me have my peace.” Who was He referring to? His mother!
7.          Sometimes, some people try to correct Me, “Call her mama, I no dey call mama.” “Woman, stay on your own, let me have my peace!” Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. They never believe angel, “Woman, you do not know who I am.”
8.            Verse 2-5: “Indeed, she said he takes so little interest in the things of the world and the great questions of the day, THEY WERE BEGINNING TO DESPAIR OF HIS EVER AMOUNTING TO MUCH – MUCH LESS BE A KING, AS THE ANGEL SAID HE WOULD BE; IF SO, HE WOULD HAVE TO ACT VERY DIFFERENT FROM WHAT HE WAS ACTING AT THAT TIME. (pp. 52, Line 12).
9.            His parents told me of an old man who lived on the road to Bethany that had been once a priest, a man of great learning, and well skilled in the laws and prophets, and that Jesus was often there with him reading the law and the prophets together, that his name was Massalian; and that I might find Jesus there. But he was not there. Massalian said he was often at Bethany with a young family, and he thought there was some love affair between him and one of the girls. (pp. 54-55, parag. 1).
10.         I asked Massalian who taught him (Jesus) to read and interpret the law and the prophets. He said that his mother said that he had always known how to read the law; that his mind seemed to master it from the beginning; and into the laws of nature and the relation of man to his fellow in his teachings or talks, he gives a deeper insight, inspiring mutual love and strengthening the common trust of society.
11.         Another plan he has of setting men right with the laws of nature: he turns nature into a great law book of illustrations...”
12.         For the Laws of Moses maketh nothing right, but the laws of nature places everything in the right perspective. For nature can never be changed, nature can never be cheated. Nature can never be suppressed. If you suppress nature, you become restless. Nature is a great Law Book, nature became the diet. The first Bible is Zodiac for it explained nature, used nature, until nature became a sort of Law Book. Anything that does not conform to nature, to God is a sin.
13.         Verse 5: Another plan he has of setting men right with the laws of nature: he turns nature into a great law book of illustrations, showing that every bush was a flame, every rock a fountain of water, every star a pillar of fire and EVERY CLOUD THE ONE THAT LEADS TO GOD (pp. 55, line 18).”
14.         Note it, Every bush is fire, every rock a fountain of water, every star a pillar of fire and every Cloud is the one that leads to God! In other words, if you must go to God you must follow the Cloud Whether you like it or not or else nothing will guide you to God.
15.         Without controversy, grEAT is the mystery of Godliness. Christ is the mystery of God revealed. Halleluiah! If you believe it SAY amen. Amen!
16.         These things were documented before all of you were born, before all your forefathers were born. Documented in AD 70. Gamaliel was older than Jesus Christ; I do not  want to go further.
17.         Note it again, every bush is a fire, every rock a fountain of water, every star a Pillar of Fire, every Cloud is the One that leads to God. Thus, if it is seen around Abraham, that is God. If it is seen around Noah, that is God. if it is seen around Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, anybody you see appearing on the scene with the Cloud, that is the Supreme Deity. In other words, the Deity dwelleth in him.
18.         You see why He said, “Behold my servant, behold my own elect Whom I have chosen. I sent Him before you for He is bearing My Name.”
19.         I told you long, long time ago after the Last Supper; that I can never partake of this Last Supper again until the day you will say “Blessed is He that cometh in the Name of the Lord.”
20.         We are not following Him in vain. If anybody wants to talk rubbish; kindly ask him this question: “Kindly show who is wearing the Cloud presently now. If God has left us, where is He now? And who is the fellow wearing the Cloud that we may take you seriously?”
21.         You see why God said you should pray that the Man on the right side of God even the Son of Man, that God should strengthen Him that we may serve Him rightly. It takes God to strengthen the Man on His right hand, Who is no other person but the Son of Man. Not two persons, but one, Who is the Son of Man.
22.         Note it, you are sons of men but He is the Son of Man, that settled the matter. All controversies have been settled. You see why the Son of Man does not listen to any person, He does not dispute with any flesh, whatever you need, take it and go.
23.         However, if you are intelligent you will always follow Him for one thing, which is eternal life. If money is your problem, do not worry, take and go, by and by you will perish with money. If you are wise, eternal life should be your watch word. When you know this truth, happy are you.
24.         You are following Him because of marriage, you will marry but you must perish with marriage. However, ETERNAL LIFE is the most important thing. That is why God said that in everything you should lay hold on ETERNAL LIFE.
25.         Do not bother yourself on the Earthly bread which you will eat and perish with, but concern yourself with the bread which the Son of Man shall give, which is eternal life for which cause He is sent.
26.         Nevertheless, many do not know why. The forerunner was a bachelor, and was running helter-skelter—anywhere formed his home. And God was about establishing a family. He foreran a ministry of a bachelor also and the bachelor began to work like wonder. Then He has grown of age
27.         In the second return, the forerunner became a married man with responsibilities to show a pattern of what a family is all about. For He is to come to raise a family, for the Church is the family of God. That is why, he is not capable of running an ideal family and the family of God be entrusted into his custody—that is the forerunner. Then the person he foreran, did you expect him to be a bachelor? That man that come to show a perfect example, do you expect him to be a bachelor? No.
28.         Some of you have been hearing about archaeological parchment, the Talmuds of the Jews. They knew nothing about it. I must use every verifiable record to establish this truth. If I have brought this parchment up before I started teaching you, many might be thinking that I lifted it. But it was after many years in 1997 that we came across it. We have already crossed the valley.
29.         Sister Joshua; do you know I love you? But you think I hate you. I really love you but you hate yourself. Tell me that thing you know you can do without me and succeed. All these years, you have been doing many, many things which brethren do not know, but I know all. Have you succeeded in even one? Even things you did which turned round to hurt you, you kept it but I know all.
30.         You want to destroy your daughter, and you are working towards her destruction. What is more, she is stupid—very stupid. First time she did not learn a lesson, second time she did not learn a lesson; third she did not learn a lesson, the forth has come, it will take your head. I continue.
31.         “God Is the Perfect Interpreter of His Word,” page 128, verse 6- : WHEN A MAN SEPARATES HIMSELF FROM ALL OTHER MEN, BOTH IN POINT OF DOCTRINE AS WELL AS DISCIPLINE, HE TAKES A VERY GREAT RISK ON HIS PART ESPECIALLY WHEN HE CONFINES GOD TO ONE CHANNEL, AND THAT ONE OF HIS OWN DICTATION.  A man that assumes these responsible positions must have vast resources from which to draw, or he will sink in the whirlpool which his own impertinence has created. (pp. 57, line 7).”
32.         A man that separated himself from the rest of the world, you see His teachings and every other thing. That many feels impossible for people to come to his aid more so when he narrowed God to Himself excluding every other person, he now sinks in the motion of His own troubles and there is nobody to help him out.
33.         Then they said, “Since he said he is God, let him help himself!” Is this not the position of the Son of Man today?
34.         Let me speak to your shame that you are acting like the Jews. It was their attitude towards Him that made Him a beggar. When He needed money, He begged; when He needed food He equally begged. At a point, He was begging bread and fish from one of His converts. He was rejected by the people He was sent to and all of you are trying to copy that example.
35.         I have been talking to my brothers in my house when they came wishing me farewell. I said, “Let me say it to your condemnation and shame. The entire Bride put together, worldwide cannot take care of the Son of Man. That is why I am subjected to rigours, people pushing me about on the land, I even jumped the window and entered the hall, they will carry Me up and throw Me down. I jumped the line, they will take Me back.
36.         When it came to my turn; they will hide away my file. Moreover, they now gave me instruction, “If I receive a number from fifty one downwards, you should sleep in the open hall,” like I slept at Amawbia. Look at the condition, after all these sufferings; I will come home manage my family, go to work to eat, drain myself and mount the pulpit to preach for your salvation. Shame on you!
37.         The least Pastor in the Pentecostal can never suffer one-tenth of my suffering yet he is giving them nothing. Because the Jews said it that they did not believe, the same way, that is what you are saying: “You said you are God; you should give us now, God save yourself!”
38.         If you cannot obey the Father, if you cannot respect the Father; you can never respect the Son and obey the Son.  Thus, do not say that you know the Father, that you reverence the Father and dishonor the Son. For the Father and the Son are one.
39.         If you have seen the Son, you have seen the Father, you have seen the Son. No more, no less. That is why the voice said that when this life is over, you would know that I am He. In the resurrected body, it said that when you get over there, you will see no other person than the person that is talking to you even now.
40.         I have many things I would have told you, but you cannot bear them now, nevertheless, when He the Spirit of Truth shall come, He shall lead you into the knowledge of all truths.
41.         When the Comforter shall come, He shall guide you to the knowledge of the truths.
43.         You want to serve God rightly? Follow the Cloud. The Cloud is always revealed around a human being, the only sign from God which the Devil can never impersonate.
44.         I thank God, there was a place we went, and a woman with familiar spirit, she not only called me Son of Man, she went further to say things around Me, and finally she said, “No human being under the sky knows the scriptures more than you. You are holding the scriptures in your hand. Immediately you stepped in here, they told me clearly to be quiet that a holy man is coming here today, Who is the Son of Man.
45.         What is more, she began to sing the song that she was hearing. I am not interested in that. It happened because of Apostle Kelechi for he never knew. If he never knew, it happened because of him.
46.         Do you know why I take delight in calling Apostle Kelechi? It is because the Devil can no longer snatch him away from my hand. If only he will pay attention to Me and severe himself from Pastor which I have been warning him against.
47.         The Devil will not snatch him again. As an apostle, do not walk with any Pastor, stay clear! No Apostle should walk with any Pastor. Stay clear for the Word of God does not come to Pastors, rather the Words of God come to Apostles and Prophets.
48.         Once you are linking yourself to your Pastor, you are hindering yourself from the messages from God. God’s secrets are not revealed to Pastors, but the secrets of God can only be revealed to Apostles and Prophets since the world began. Moreover, He can never change His programmes.
49.         I did not say that Pastor Dan is committing iniquity, no. He is a Pastor, and he is too far from the Apostle. Thus, for the apostle to go that way; that means that he is debasing himself and blocking the way for my communication with you. He is denying himself of getting the Presence of God. I have decided to make it public under anointing.
50.         Now, you have seen the Pillar of Cloud again. There is hope for the dead, the dry bones in the valley have started making movements; that the Cloud has appeared again.
52.         On this note, I say remain in your sanctified estate, remain blessed in Him eternally.