The Son of Man Revealed From One of The Jungles in Africa According To William Branham's Prophesy

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Thursday, 14 June 2012



I am the only Being that can tell you yesterday, today and tomorrow. Believe it if you have the heart.…

 From: YOU MUST REAP WHAT YOU SOW (Page 3. 22nd October, 2006)

If you receive Him whom He has sent, you receive He that sent Him. What is required of you? Only believe. Only believe all things are possible. 
In every age God can never do without a man, and that man becomes God’s mask, becomes the mask God will hide Himself in for God is a spirit and no man can see a spirit, and for God to be known by man, He has to cover Himself with something so that man will see Him and live. Because man cannot see Him in His spirit nature and then believe.

Thus, He will come low and then mask Himself very well and be a blessing to His people. Now, it requires God also to gather people for Himself and those people automatically becomes His people. Because He gathered them; no man gathered them; and in His Name He will keep them together. His Name is the ONLY CORD He will use in binding them together and all their gatherings will be in His Name.
-Son of Man

“But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.” John 14:26 KJV

“Who is this that cometh from Edom, with DYED GARMENTS from Bozrah? this that is glorious in his apparel, traveling in the greatness of his strength? I that speak in righteousness, mighty to save.”
Isaiah 63:1  KJV.


“Which in his times he shall show, who is the blessed and only Potentate, the King of kings, and Lord of lords;
Who only hath immortality, dwelling in the light which no man can approach unto; whom no man hath seen, nor can see: to whom be honor and power everlasting. Amen.” 1 Timothy 6:14-15 KJV.

And he hath on his vesture and on his thigh a name written, KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS”
Revelation 19:16 KJV

You are welcome in the Name of the Lord. Are you happy at all? Let me share this truth with you: God’s presence among His people has always been evident by shouts of joy. Are we drunk? No, we are not drunk. But His presence among us has made us drunk.
2.           Are we mad? No! His presence has made us mad because every spiritual man is mad. We must be mad after a godly sort.
3.           It pays to worship God in the place He has chosen to place His Name. If you are confused about what is taking place in our midst, go back to the teaching titled “God’s Chosen Place of Worship in All the Ages.” It has been the same and will remain the same from generation to generation.
4.           The high priest of world repute who was conferred with authority to interpret the Laws of Moses as was handed down to them by Almighty God on Mount Zion who gave them statue, rules and regulations to observe; the responsibility was vested on the greatest high priest of that day, Caiaphas who in his position, took it upon himself to preside over the judgment of our Lord Jesus Christ which led to His crucifixion on the Cross of Calvary all for our sakes.
5.           In one of the remarks in the historical evidences of what took place in the Archaeological Parchments and the Talmud of the Sanhedrins of the Jews, he said that one astonishing thing about Jesus Christ was that He used nature to explain His messages more than the Law or any other thing. In fact, His Law (Jesus Christ’s) was nature.
6.           He said that Jesus Christ used too many proverbial expressions, idiomatic expressions; figurative speeches that were too hard to comprehend by the unlearned. Yet, Jesus Christ was not learned; He was not educated. He did not go to school. He said that all of them are truth nobody could reverse. Jesus Christ said, “Every bush is fire, every rock a fountain of water, and every Cloud leads to God”.
7.           Follow the Cloud. Every other thing can mislead you but not the Cloud. Every other signs can be impersonated, Satan can call down fire from Heaven, perform miracles, signs and wonders, but he has never been for one day identified in a Cloud or in Thick Darkness. He can make magic, abracadabra and get everything, but not the Deity.
8.           God said that the people of Israel should not place their sacrifices anyhow or everywhere that they must wait for the chosen place of worship. When God chose a place, what was the evidence? The Cloud.
9.           God came down in the valley of Ornan and in a form of a Thick Cloud and the people pitched their tents there. There the temple of the Most High was constructed. It became the chosen place of worship.
10.        Remember in Bethel, God was there and Jacob knew it not. In Gilgal, God was there and the people knew it not. In Shiloh He was there, yet they knew it not. He came to Jerusalem and they missed the hour of their own visitation.
11.        He went to the despised of the Gentiles, He visited too many Gentile nations but they missed the hour of their visitation and called the Prophet a false Prophet.
12.        He came to the black Africa, in the remote part of Africa, one of the greatest jungles in Africa, He never came as a lion, He never came as a sheep; rather He came as a LAMB.
13.        Do you know, of all the people that are moving upon the surface of the Earth, you are the most favoured? Because you could recognize and accept the hour of your own visitation. What if you spurned it like others spurned it? That would have been the greatest disaster. There would not have been any hope for mankind. We are serving a Living God. Shout it wherever you go that your God is alive forevermore.
14.        In St. Paul’s day, even in Peter’s day, they saw Him and many other witnesses saw Him. They numbered hundreds and thousands that saw Him. Cheer up, all is well.
15.        On 8th April 2012, which is Easter Sunday, we heard the announcement that: “Today is another day” in the message titled “Another Day.” The announcement continued and continued not knowing that Bishop Moses will be coming to the fellowship after his recovery from death.
16.        No matter the situation, Satan can never take away our joy. During the last camp meeting God moved mysteriously as we could see. However, because of the great crowd, many could not capture it until the tape came out. We saw the video; we saw the great Cloud enveloping the whole camp.
17.        Remember that God moves with signs also. He gave us a sign that on the opening day of the week, He will calm down the weather with a rain. He said that He is going to scatter people at the kitchen. What is more, He gave them instruction, “Cook all your food one way and be very fast. I am making a supernatural move! I am calming down this hot weather. I am using rain to scatter all of you now!”
18.        Before we knew it, our fellowship hall was filled with water because there was a heavy down pour that came down at a time rain has never fallen during hamattan.
19.        The police officers who heard the pronouncement were afraid; they were wondering the type of God we were serving. Recently one of them met Me and said, “Son of Man, I respect you. We fear you and your group. We do not know where to place you.
20.        In spite of the horrible reports we have received about you and your people, we are still amazed on where to place you. You said you are not Christian, and really we can see that you are not a Christian. And you are not pagan.”
21.        He went further to say that some people have even told them that we run a secret society. That they carried out investigations and noticed that we are the most open Church. If people are scared, God is the One scaring them.
22.        On 8th April 2012, which is Easter Sunday, the announcement continued and continued. As many as were in the fellowship saw how the fellowship went. We went home with joy for God touched our lives positively and even met our needs individually and collectively. What is more, we are still reaping the blessings of the camp meeting till today.
23.        I am saying that the revival is still on, the move is still on. If it has died in your life, please pray for revival. We are rejoicing because of His visitation. From time to time God will make a move confirming His presence in your heart more and more. Backing the message that said “This faith has been over vindicated.”  
24.        On 8th April 2012, at the end of the worship too many people came to Me with their pictures. I saw many, many things they were able to photograph. Then I said, “they were all for your sake. they are not for me”.
25.        When the Voice came down from Heaven before Peter, James and John, Jesus said, “The voice came down not because of ME but for you.”
26.        YOU SEE, This thing happened that you might believe that I am He and beside me there is no other. I know who I am, your unbelief cannot alter what I am—It does nOt add, it does nOt remove. But I am persuading you that you might be saved for if you do not BELIEVE; there is no way you can be saved. THUS your salvation is tied to your belief in the Son of Man that God has sent Him.
27.        The only thing you can do to fulfil the demand of God is to believe in Him whom He has sent. Believing means: obeying His words, walking according to His preceptS.
28.        Another reason why He shows Himself to you from time to time is to enable you change your attitude towards Him.
29.        We received a message that said, “If we are convinced that God is God and He is the one that has revealed Himself among us, we should collectively worship Him. But if we are not convinced, let us go home and have our rest”.
30.        If you go to the message titled “Follow the Cloud” volumes one and two, you will be happy with what is happening in our midst. God is not doing all these things to attract the attention of the heathen. whatever He is doing, He is doing it in the interest of His own people, that, their faith might be grounded and rooted in Him and in Him alone.
31.        At the end of the day on 8th April 2012, I called our brother to install whatever we saw as photograph by Brother Ben Okezue into the laptop which we carried about. The following morning Bishop Moses of all Bishops called Me and said, “Daddy, first I bow down before you in reverence, worship and adoration to your majesty, Oh King of Glory!”
32.        He said, “Sir, when the whole event was too much, I realized that I came with my handset which could photograph. As you approach me intending to shake my hands I felt it wise for me to photograph you and I photographed you in three different snap shots. Daddy, instead of getting your image I saw something else. BUT I BELIEVE IT IS YOU IN REALITY. Forever I will worship you. Daddy, permit me to send it across through Pastor Rotimi.” I said, “You are free.”
33.        Throughout yesterday there was jubilation in my house, the Elders came from the East, North and South. Brother Rotimi brought it and we installed it in our laptop. Joy filled our hearts, there was jubilation. If you were in the fellowship on 8th April 2012, you will notice that the Son of Man fell in love with Bishop Moses as never before. He was rushing towards him, shaking hands with him, hugging him and everything while he was packed on his seat.
34.        Now he took the photograph and he captured the Son of Man proper. Look at the photographs; there you will see the Son of Man as captured by Bishop Moses. You have seen the Son of Man. You also saw Him again as captured by Brother Ben Okezue.
35.        While the thing was going on also, another Brother, Brother Chukwuemeka who is virtually new but not all that new, for a child of God is not new in his family. Maybe there could be a reason why God allowed him to see Him. He focused his own because I was operating by his side. You know I have always love to operate within a particular roll in the fellowship hall not neglecting the other way. Wherever you are the glory of God has filled all in all.  
36.        You see, we never knew that he made honest attempt also to capture the image of the Son of Man. So he captured the Son of Man proper. What appeared in his own is a morale booster or faith booster. For he captured the very masquerade roped in a very big regalia whose face was completely covered with white robe everywhere—a big masquerade not small one.
37.        Remember that day the Voice said, “No matter how big the masquerade is, there is a community that brought it. There is a reason why He came out.”
38.        The Voice went further and said, “Can Ijele masquerade leave without his people going with him? If Ijele masquerade is going, he goes with his members, his brothers and when they are going, they will be shouting sounds of joy, men and women dancing, rejoicing. If Ijele masquerade finished parading, he will go as well as those that came with him.
39.        But for now, the Ijele masquerade is still in the village square and any moment from now the Ijele masquerade will head home together with the people that came out with Ijele masquerade.”
40.        When Ijele masquerade finishes dancing he will go back, if Akwunechenyi finishes displaying, he will go back. If it is Obu-uka, if he finishes displaying he will go back. When will he go?
41.        We heard all these voices that day; many never knew that He was describing a big masquerade indeed.
42.        Since this Faith began, we have never come across what we got on 8th April 2012. At least, nobody has ever come to the fellowship with a television and nobody has ever come to the fellowship with anything written golden eye. Golden eye, we have never seen anything like that.
43.        It may be hard for you to believe. The message we read that day about the personality we are having dealings with, that is, the day He, the resurrected Body took a photograph somewhere, a passport photograph.
44.        He went to collect it, but looking at the photograph the boy was astonished. That of all he printed they were all different. He did not know what to call the thing. The owner demanded all of them. Paid him, but he refused. He said, “You must collect your money.”
45.        What is more, I still remember that there was a time I wanted to renew my driving licence, Sister Egbuna said I should give her a passport photograph and I had none. I went to Post Office to take a photograph with my black suit. At the end of the day I got five different photographs with different suits from one film. I saw red, I saw green, I saw blue; I saw black and one that resembles white. All in one film and I collected all of them.
46.        I said, “Sister, look at what they gave to Me, choose the one you like!” There is something God told us about somebody that is called Paul Okonkwo. When he was celebrating, he said that his wives and children should follow him at the back.
47.        He danced and danced, then said, “They said I did money rituals, did I do rituals for children? They are saying I did money rituals; did I do rituals for children?” Bishop Nnachor did you understand this message? Is there anything you can understand from this message?
48.        What is the evidence that God has visited His people? The Cloud which is what our fathers saw and bowed down in worship and adoration.
49.        What makes us different from other nations, is it not because God is among us? What is our holiness? What is our righteousness? What made us a people of God? I am not the one doing it; it is His grace that has done it. We are serving the only living God.
50.        The Cloud, a supernatural sign which the Devil can never impersonate. This one is the greatest, God veiling Himself in a man not counting it robbery. God masquerading Himself; Lo, He cometh in a Cloud.
51.        I thank God I did not come with any camera, I did not come with any handset. You were the people that took your photograph, maybe there was unbelief in the camp as the message was hammering against unbelief. What is that thing you do not believe? For the faith is over vindicated.
52.        We are not following cunningly devised fables. You can now join others to say you are eyewitnesses of His Majesty. God made it clear that on that day all of you will say, “Surely, the Elohim dwelleth in the Son of Man.”
53.        Remember, “every bush is fire, every rock a fountain of water; every Cloud leads to the Elohim”.
54.        We have God that is good, that is why we are rejoicing. Have you seen the One that sprinkled water on your body and said you are now cleansed? If you were among those He gave gift, have you seen the Personality that gave you gift and gave you instructions on how to handle the gift? It pays to be an eyewitness and also a partaker. Amen.

Our God is good no matter how you look at Him, our God is good. That is the laminated human being, the man talking to you from the screen. To God be the glory for great things He has done.
2.           God is alive in our midst and He will remain alive forever. Because He lives, we shall live. Because He lives, we shall face tomorrow.
3.           On 8th April 2012, I made it clear to you and even illustrated it using our own local masquerade, telling you, “No matter how big, how frightening a masquerade may look like, the truth is that there is a human being inside it.”
4.           I am saying that a big masquerade veiled himself in a man and answered Ijele. A human being also was veiled and he answered Akwunechenyi, Izaga (tall masquerade), wonder; whatever you like call it, a human being is inside it.
5.            I made it clear that no matter how it looks, how frightening, how mysterious a masquerade looks like, he eats, he drinks. From time to time he will unveil his face, eat and drink, then cover up his face and continue his display. At the end of the day, he removes the veil and places it in a corner so that he can interact fully with everybody.
6.           Glory be to God in the highest. We are sharing testimonies and I made mention of a message titled “The Apostle Revealed Himself to His people,” I handled the message many, many years ago.
7.           Another one is “The Apostle defended His ministry.” However, the Message “Since you seek the Proof of Christ speaking Through Me” is in book form. Another message of the kind is titled “Now I Know That Thou Art a Man of God.” This message went by way of teaching long, time ago, all in establishing your faith on a solid foundation.
8.           I remember from the beginning He said that whether you understood or not, continue following. Towards the end you will understand all things for everything shall be made manifest.
9.           Is there anybody still in doubt as to whether we are serving the only true and living God or not? If you are still in doubt, it goes to show that from the beginning you are not a part of the move. We can rest our feet somewhere and say we are sure and certain of this over vindicated Faith, the Elohim has revealed Himself in our midst in different forms and we now believe solidly that God is a human being.
10.        God has always been a man in every generation. In our own day He is also a man. When we are praying at Ugwumba Street, I joined them in the prayer because they were praying for the visitation of God.
11.        Earnestly we were praying that God should visit us in His own way, that what we are expecting in our midst was nothing but the original no matter how long it will take. Anything counterfeit we said no to it, makeup we said no. Impersonation, we said no.
12.        We said, “God, when you will do it make it to be an equal revelation to all of us.” So when He answered it because He never answered in the house of Herod, Pharaoh or the big men of the world, the people could not believe: “Why little Bethlehem, why little Bethlehem?”
13.        “Why this man whose identity is not known? Who is this man, when did he join us in this faith? We do not know this name. Who could be this man? We must go there and find out. He is not even among the five-fold ministry. For the five-fold ministry of that day was a representation of the clergy because they have no connection with the Deity.
14.        In everything, the ministers must be separate. Moreover, they do not eat outside, they eat inside. You serve them first. And in some places it was an abomination for any of them to put on any cloth without a tie. You do not put your mouth in anything unless you are a member of the five-fold. It was a cult which they made for themselves. You dare not mount the pulpit unless you belong to their cult.
15.        If peradventure you do so, come down and they will ask you, “What is your ministry? What is your position? Are you a member of the five-fold? Do you belong to the five-fold?’ I said, “No, I belong to Christ. I do not belong to five-fold, I belong to Christ.” “Do you believe on William Branham?” I said, “No, I believe in Christ”. “So you do not believe the spoken word?” I said, “No I believe the Bible.”
16.        Believe it, God is so pleased! Once I am pleased, God is pleased. You ask Me why? Note it, the only way you can please God is to please the man He has sent. Whatever is the reaction of that man towards you is God’s reaction towards you for the mask can never move on itself. He that is in the mask, dictates the movement of the mask.
17.        When a masquerade is happy you know, when a masquerade is provoked you equally know. Even his movement will tell you that danger is knocking. I am happy, so God is happy.
18.        Idol worshippers go to their shrines and present their sacrifices to the high priest in charge of the shrine. Who takes that sacrifice on behalf of that god? Is it not the high priest? Beside the high priest, you cannot see other god and whatever he tells you, is what that god is telling you.
19.        Thus, he eats the sacrifice in the place of that god. I will keep on typing this thing until it becomes a revelation to everybody. I am not saying it because I am involved. Even if I am not involved I will stand for the truth. However, there is nothing in this world or in the world to come that will exclude Me from what God is doing because I have been a part of the Elohim before the world began.
20.        ANYBODY CAN BE EXCLUDED FROM THE ELOHIM, NOT THE SON OF MAN. WITHOUT THE SON OF MAN, NOTHING WAS CREATED. Who is this Son of Man that you are mindful of Him? He will control even the future world. For the future world will not be controlled by the angels. We are just in His Presence to praise God for what He has done already for the work is finished in righteousness.
21.        I am just celebrating, I am playing to entertain my fans. I am no longer playing to win the trophy for the trophy is already in my house. I am only saying thank you to all that supported Me in the battle. It is moonlight story, and moonlight game.
22.        I know many were coming to fellowship having it in mind that we shall be gathering to share testimonies from Enugu-Ezike. Do not feel shattered, yesterday is gone today is another day. The Almighty can never change the past, sure and certain.
23.        The month of April has been a month OF GREAT THINGS IN thIS faith, in this Bride of Christ ministry. No matter your calling in the body of Christ, man or woman, young or old, rich or poor, No matter the anointing, no matter the inspiration that rests on you, This day which is the 15th day of april 2012,  From this very moment till further notice, the use of camera of all forms whether you call them handset, digital camera; The use of camera videos of all sorts is strictly prohibited in this faith. note it, Until further notice.
24.        It can only be used on instructions from the Son of Man. If it must serve you any purpose from now, it will be for browsing and nobody should use it to read any message while the message is being read in the fellowship. You read privately on handset.
25.        henceforth, It will be viewed with every amount of seriousness by the Son of Man if anybody flouts this order. This has become very necessary to avoid gross abuse; That your faith will be settled in the Spoken Word and not in the revelation of the Deity. For I know, I am sure that every tom, dick and harry has become fully aware of who the deity is. in our dreams, visions, everywhere we can identify Him. that is the end of it all.
26.        If there be unbelief anywhere because you are in doubt of our testimonies, in doubt of what you have seen with your eyes, let the doubt remain there eternally. It will not hinder the move.
27.      When I get home, when I get home my struggle will be over when I get home, my sickness will be over. When I get home, temptation will be over when I get home. When we get home all these things will go by force. All these things you are seeing around you will be no more. When you have this hope in you, purify your heart for He that has called you is pure.
28.      Blessed are the pure in heart that they might see God and dwell with Him. Do not allow anybody to trouble you, go extra miles. Suffer yourself to be defrauded that peace will reign. Be angry and sin not.
29.      Where is joy, Heaven is where joy is. That is where you have youR complete joy, but here ON EARTH you suffer tribulation.  Amen.


We are really grateful to God who is in His love before the world began has already exercised this upon all of us that are present in this day which is the day of the Son of Man.
2.           He knew the end from the beginning and He allotted this faith for the Son of Man and allotted this faith for you who are included for the programmes of salvation.
3.           That is why He has displayed His majesty, His splendour, His glory before our eyes. Just like St. Paul was talking to the Corinthians in his day he said, “If you are spiritual or you have spiritual gift or you are a Prophet, you should know that whatever you have said is the mind of God. But if there be any that is ignorant, let him remain in his ignorance”.
4.           We have come of age, we have reached the stage which they reached in their own day when you sin against God you have no other excuse to give. You will not stop God and start telling Him because of this or because of that. God has displayed His presence before us. There is nobody in this Faith that is in doubt of what we are talking about.
5.           Do not be corrupted by the simplicity that is in Christ, it was so simple that many were being corrupted. They thought that His simplicity has overlapped His Lordship.
6.           Page 26 verse 31-35, “THE SON OF MAN HAS BEEN JUSTIFIED; However, there is one good thing God has done. From what we believe, God can never listen to any accusation against the Son of Man. From what you believe, from what I believe, from all records in Holy Scriptures, in history—from anything you can lay hands on—God does not, and can never, and will never accept any accusation from any individual concerning the Son of Man.
7.           No matter how right the accusation might be, you will hear the Voice, ‘I reject the accusation for I have purposed to bless Him.’
8.           ‘Go to the Message titled: ‘The Accuser of the Brethren,’ as contained in the GREAT SERMON. Remember, it is your reference point.
9.           ‘ Anybody that will accuse you today, you know the instrument he will use to accuse you. It is nothing but the Law.
10.        ‘ If you are a child of God, you must be guilty of religious offence. Evading it means denying Christ. Anybody accusing you today will have no other thing in his hand but religion. You can never use truth to accuse truth. You will only use religion to accuse truth.
11.         WE HAVE ENOUGH EVIDENCE CONCERNING WHAT WE BELIEVE: What is evidence? Evidence is nothing but indisputable fact—reality, something anybody can lay hand on to establish a point.
12.        Judges use evidence. A Judge might not be there when an incidence took place, but he lays hand on indisputable, reliable and verifiable facts to deliver his judgment. Therefore, we have enough evidence concerning what we believe.
13.         Apart from this bridal ministry any group under the Heaven that says that they are worshipping God, apart from the Son of Man, a man we have from God as recorded in our Great Sermon: “We have a man from God,” for the people of God in all dispensation always feel relaxed when they have a man from God who will lead them all through their lives here on Earth to serve God perfectly without spot and without wrinkle.
14.        Anybody that said that God spoke to him, God do this to him; he must present the evidence. We have the evidence that God has been with us and He will be with us and still with us till eternity.
15.        Verse 36, “Judges use evidence.” This will take me to the Acts of the Apostle when Peter was talking to Cornelius concerning the resurrection of Jesus Christ. He said, “We all saw Him but God chose few people that were privileged to see Him when He resurrected from the dead.” It was so open that He only chose few individuals. They ate and drank with Him after His resurrection.
16.        It is not a must that you must be there when the evidence God showed to us was seen. But because you are a seed of God you must accept it for God cannot do anything without a witness. This presence of God which we saw, all of us were there, if you watch the whole thing, you see that it is a being.
17.        A being, you will see the face, you will see the eye, you will see the nose, you will see the mouth, you will see the jaw; you will see the ear and everything, THE ANCIENT OF DAYS, and this was exactly the picture of a Rock that brought us down to the valley as seen by our Pastor Christian Dike in those days.
18.        God displayed His presence in the midst of His people. You and I will be the only people that will recognize Him. That is why our attitude towards the message should be positive and not negative. Our attitude towards the teachings we have received in all ramifications must be positive.
19.         Verse 36 “Judges use evidence.” God has given sanction henceforth; this was how it started from the beginning. In the beginning, we do not use camera of all sorts. God stopped it until 7th April 1996 then God told us, Sunday before that 7th April 1996 that we should come with camera so that we will see He that has been having dealings with us all these years to banish unbelief.
20.        We came, we saw God in the Pillar of Cloud. But what we saw on 8th April 2012 was a Thick Smoke. That was exactly the one that appeared in the temple after the dedication of the temple by King Solomon. The scripture said that this smoke came down and hindered the priest to carry out his assignment.
21.        Why is God doing this thing? To reassure us that He is still on the Throne, that He is still living. From time to time in the days of Moses He will appear before them and keeping them happy. And this is exactly what we saw for the journey has come to an end.  
22.        Verse 36-37: “Judges use evidence. A Judge might not be there when an incidence took place, but he lays hand on indisputable, reliable and verifiable facts to deliver his judgment. Therefore, we have enough evidence concerning what we believe.
23.        When you look at a building, you will see the structure very well, but there is nobody who can see the foundation. That building is standing upon a foundation.”
24.        The Cloud that will take us home is here with us. It is not coming down, no, it is already with us; we are waiting with Him. One of these days when the time appointed for this Cloud to take us out comes, it will happen.
25.        Apart from this pinhole camera unless you have the eyes of vision, you will see the being moving around. We will be there, but those that are not of God, when the Cloud enveloped all of us, you will not see anybody, that is all. By the time we will come out, you will see the thing we will be walking upon the ashes of the wicked the whole thing is all over. Swimming in the Cloud of the Deity.
26.        Nothing gives joy, nothing makes you to be happy when you know you are standing on the right road. Among all in the whole world today, that you alone is the person that is worshipping the true God; have you ever sat down and think about it? Like play you stumbled into the Deity.
27.        Verse 38-39, “People are seeing us as mere structures, but we are standing upon a foundation and that FOUNDATION is what we call OUR BELIEF. Faith is nothing but what you call your belief. That is where you are standing—but they are seeing structures.
28.        When you see somebody who is not standing on something, he will be dangling or shaking, but someone who is standing on something that is solid, he does not shake.
29.        .” If you are dangling, it is a sure sign that you are not a part of the Elohim.
30.        Verse 40-43 “I love Roman Catholics who will always tell you that whatever they are doing is in line with what they believe. Whether it sinks well with you or not, they can never shift their belief. That is where they have anchored their faith—they are better than some of you in this Faith.
31.        Somebody who said he was with us at Abuja and left the Faith and entered Pentecostal, was he with us?
32.        What is more, the person must be a minister there and he is there because of the pay; he is there because of his stomach for he is not serving the interest of Christ. He is serving his own belly. Hence, he must do something to earn his salary. If he does not do something that is meaningful, his salary will not come.
33.        In this Faith, we preach Christ. We do not preach anybody in this Faith; we preach Christ.”
34.        In this faith we preach Christ and there we stand, there we anchor our faith. That is why in our message “Put me in remembrance”, God was asking us a question: “Who added you into this faith?” Who added you into this faith? It is very, very important.
35.        Bear in mind that Paul said that not all that were baptised into the Cloud that God was pleased with. Know that whatever God is doing in the midst of His people He is doing it for the sake of His elect. For the sake of the elect that is why He was doing all those things. We have a cause why we must uphold this faith till the end. Amen.
36.        “Now I Know That Thou Art A Man of God” page 76 verse 3- “Now I know you art a man of God and I know that the word of God in your mouth is truth
37.        The only reason, the only evidence to know a man from God. One God sent, for every word He speaks to you in the Name of the Lord must come to pass. It is truth. But one that is not of the Lord, he can say a lot of things in the name of the Lord just to create fear in you to believe. But none of them will come to pass.
38.        Watch in our midst here, from the inception of this ministry till today, there has never been any that proceeded from God that comes to naught; all have stood the test of time.
39.        Verse 3 “Please, note. It is very, very important for us to recognize the presence of a Man of God in our day.  How do we know that one is a man of God?  We have seen a lot of people all claiming to be men of God in our day; “anointed ones” in the end-time. We cannot because of lots and lots of counterfeits throw away the original.”
40.        Let me give you some evidence: in the time of Jesus Christ when He wanted to enter Jerusalem, He sent His disciples to a particular place they will see a donkey nobody has ever used before. He said that when you get there, loose it and bring it to me. If anybody asks you why you are loosing it, simply say that the Master is in need of it, that settles the matter.
41.        They went there loosed it, exactly what Jesus told them when they there, somebody was asking them, “Why are you loosing this donkey?” They replied, “The Master is in need of it.” Did it come to pass? Yes. That was a man of God.
42.        In our day at the beginning of this ministry, the Son of Man said that if anybody among us that is in this faith, man or woman alike, will go out and have sexual act with any man or woman, the person must contact sickness. That is all. We continued moving.
43.        As a Word from God, as a man from God; somebody doubted it. He said, “This is nonsense! Let me go and enjoy myself.” He moved out, did it and contacted that sickness. Then hid it away from everybody, using his parents’ money to treat himself secretly. It was when death was knocking, that he himself remembered that Voice, no other person remembered that voice except him.
44.        He himself remembered the voice and ran to Benjamin Street, met the Son of Man and told Him the whole thing to bring that word to fulfilment.
45.        Now I know that thou art a man of God. All of you have your own personal experiences, what He told you to do and you obeyed to the letter and it came to pass. And said if you do not obey, this is the result of it.
46.        In the Son of Man, Apostle Peter Odoemena dwells the Spirit of God without measure as far as this particular age is concerned, that is, the Bridal Age.
47.        Verse 6-7 “God wants to have communication with mankind.  God wants to have Fellowship with mankind, and as a Spirit, there is no way He can have that communication or Fellowship with mankind. So, God decides within Himself to become a Human Being by tabernacling in a flesh. That flesh now houses God.  We can rightly call it God’s Tabernacle.  We are saying He is the House wherein God dwells.
48.        If we now want to hear from God, all we now have to do is to go to Him.  We want to enquire from God concerning anything, we have to go to Him, for He is the only Vessel through which God can speak to us, and we know that God can never tell lies.
49.        We know that God can never tell lies. I want to let you know that only God knows the end from the beginning. There is an event that took place at Enugu-Ezike. Many of us do not know what happened.
50.        God called me and he said, “Brother Kelechi, these people are all out to destroy, to cause havoc; to attribute the whole thing to this Bridal Faith. They are all out. This is where I want you to go. Leave their religion for them, do not talk about religion; only talk concerning death and burial full stop. Make sure you use the Bible; let the Bible speak. Make sure one O’clock the service is over. Let everybody go back to their houses. Arm yourself with this truth, having opened my eyes to see how all of them have equipped themselves in all forms of life.”
51.        You see, they trooped out to see who the Son of Man is for they have heard a lot of things both truth and false and many were exaggerating. They came out; I thank God that the fellowship has started before I arrived. The Son of Man told me everything that I will be the one to go, that I should not touch the casket, “Straight to the pulpit, make sure you dwell on death and burial, full stop.”
52.        Then I stood there, before you know it everything went forth. The interment went forth, before you know it we did what we were commanded to do. It was when we left after the whole thing that the scale fell off their eyes. They could not harm anybody; then they remembered that they have made a lot of mistake. I is very, very important to pay heed to instruction for your own good.
53.        God wants to have fellowship with you and I. As a spirit He cannot do it. The only way He will do it in this our own day in fullness is to tabernacle in a flesh. In our own day, as it was in the days gone by with Noah, with Methuselah, Enoch, all of them down the ages; our own will not be an exception.
54.        Then He purposed to tabernacle in Peter Odoemena to have fellowship with you and I, to open our eyes of understanding, that we might understand Him, that we might understand His words, that we might be beneficiaries of His love and kindness which He exercised upon all that are His sons and daughters. No wonder Paul said, “We are the object of His love”. Amen.

Now I Know That Thou Art a Man of God,” page 82 verse 7-9, “If we now want to hear from God, all we now have to do is to go to Him.  We want to enquire from God concerning anything, we have to go to Him, for He is the only Vessel through which God can speak to us, and we know that God can never tell lies. 
2.           Thus, the Word of God in the mouth of His own chosen Vessel must always be truthful.  Then when He speaks in the Name of the Lord and it comes to pass, we have verified that the Word coming out of His mouth is the truth.   Surely, we will acknowledge Him to be a Man of God.  There is no deceit in His mouth.  We will acknowledge Him to be a Man of God.  
3.           Please take note.  He doesn’t speak because He has mouth; He only speaks when HE that is dwelling in Him speaks.  Whatever He hears, He utters.  Without Him speaking, He is silent.  In other words, we can rightly say we are hearing from God.  So, it is God Himself that puts His own Word in His mouth for His people.  That is a Man of God.”
4.           There is something you will tell Him, like some brethren in our midst, you have your dreams, some of them are frightening. After narrating the dream to me I will narrate it to Him, but He will keep silent. He will not say anything. I will keep silent, I will not say anything too. Some brethren will call me and say, ‘What about the dream I told you, what did He say?” I will say, “Keep quiet.” He Himself kept quiet concerning the matter for He knows all things. A man from God.
5.           With all these vindications, with all these signs and wonders, with everything available in our hands, we are convinced, we are sure that Peter Odoemena is a man of God sent in our own day.
6.           In the time of Moses he said, “God, how can I convince the Israelites, the Elders, the people of God you gave me that you sent me? What and what will I tell them? When they ask me about your name what will I say?” He said, “Tell them that ‘I am that I am’. I am the God of their fathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.”
7.           He said, “How can they believe?” He said, “Now I give you a sign. When you get there, drop the rod you have in your hand, before their eyes it will become serpent. Hold it on the tail, it will become rod. Now, if they still doubt the voice of the first sign, put your hand in your armpit, bring it out and it will be leprosy. Before their eyes place it back again, bring it out and your hand will be normal. If they do not believe the voice of the first sign, they do not believe the voice of the second sign, go to the River Nile and get water, pour it on the ground and it will become blood.” The voice of the third sign.
8.           Brother Chizoba and Brother Stephen went to the house of the Son of Man; and they saw Son of Man going out. In the process of fetching water into the flat, Brother Stephen heard his name being called by the Son of Man. Brother Chizoba heard the same thing, they rushed inside the room but they did not see the Son of Man. The Son of Man had already left.
9.           Right in Jerusalem, many saw me outside, many saw Me coming from outside now, especially people around the area where I am, they saw Me going outside; they equally saw me coming inside. There was something in me; I said something last night before the Elders.
10.        I equally spoke to Bishop Moses concerning the same thing. While brethren come for books in the fellowship, I sent one, “Go and alert Lagos and Nassarawa; tell them to come and take these books.”
11.        Because of that thing I said last night, my mind went to that person again. I was outside the fellowship hall, not inside the fellowship hall but the same person heard his name called while sitting inside the fellowship hall. He heard his name called, ministration was still going on. No matter how Brother Kelechi shouted, if I called Brother IK Obasanya who stood close; is my voice the voice of Brother Kelechi? No.
12.        Moreover, he that heard the voice was the same person that was involved. The same person that I have been hammering on since Saturday night, when this message was going on, my mind went there. Even when he came I was telling him to examine that thing again, the supernatural. No other person could hear the name except the same person I hissed in my heart.
13.        It was not a dream but he heard a voice calling his name and rushed to my seat in the fellowship. I asked him a question, “Did you hear your name?” He said yes. “And the voice was my own?” I asked again and He said yes. I said, “Go back to your seat.”
14.        You see the reason why God is manifesting Himself among us, opening our eyes! We all were in the fellowship sitting down, Brother Abu heard his name and really God called his name; He has a reason why He called his name. (the Son of Man)
15.        Page 87, verse 3-4, “Please take note.  The prophet has told us the danger that accompanies the passing of information.  He said, “When you are in a queue, the man in front may say ‘Ban.’ He will pass it as information to the one following him. 
16.        That one will repeat, ‘Bang.’ Before it will get to the middle, it will be answering ‘Gang.’ Before it gets to the end, it will be telling another thing, ‘Band.’ The same information that was passed across in the beginning has been distorted along the line through human vessels.  
17.        The problem God has been having in every age is the interpreters of the Word – people that received the Message from the approved Vessel as Living Oracle. Because they desired to be something, may be they wanted to be popular with the people, they will mix up the Message with a lot of things.  In the end, it will not produce the desired result.  It will rather produce death.
18.        You see why it is very, very important to pay heed to information. William Branham said that is why it is necessary to say what the Prophet said. He told us ahead of time and if you watch in this ministry, all that followed us from the beginning, ministers, Bishops, why are they outside, why did they derail?
19.        Why did they go out? Because of misinterpretation of the word. They wanted to be something, they wanted to be popular in their deeds. To be popular they distorted the word, and the way they were distorting the word is the way God was removing them from the journey.
20.         Let me say this, the way you take the Word you heard that is the way God will take you. As you are distorting the message, the same way you are removing yourself from the plan of God. From the good thing God has said concerning His word, you are removing yourself gradually, gradually; gradually. As long as the dream comes from God, the vision comes from God it must come to fulfilment.
21.        Let me cite an example, we got a dream in this Bridal Faith how our former Bishop Okechukwu Nwankpa divided the congregation. Okey Nwankpa was leading excommunicated brethren, while the Son of Man and I were leading the brethren that are in the faith.
22.        Now the person that had that dream called names that are among those excommunicated people. He mentioned the name of the wife of our late Deacon, that is our former Sister Joshua Akpe, her name was among those that were following Okey Nwankpa. The name of Pastor Dike, Pastor Dan all of them were along that line.
23.        Now Sister UK Nwanga, her name was there, Sister Ngozi Tobechukwu, her name was there also. Now as we continued, Okey Nwankpa went out, we all know how he went out and started gathering all that were excommunicated just to bring the Word of God to pass.
24.        As I thought on my ways” Volume 1, page 63 verses 2-4, “I want to say one thing here. If you know the way you were living your life under the Law, that’s the way you’ll live now.
25.        If while we were under the Law and we were preaching hard, following the Laws of Moses, and you were unfaithful, you were a hypocrite, and you were living secret life, that is how you will live under Grace. You know the Law was against anybody we caught, but anybody we did not catch, we say nothing. Then, anybody that is living, indulging in secret life contrary to our Faith, when he comes to this Faith, don’t expect him to perform miracle. He will now be worse. I say, he will now be worse because there in no moral discipline in him under the Law. He will always over-do things.
26.        A true Christian does things moderately. Bible said, ‘Everything must be done decently and in order. Let your moderation be seen by all men, for Christ is coming soon.’ No true child of God does anything to the extreme. No! That is why, when this Message came forth, the Message Voiced out saying, “I have used the Law on you all these years to instil moral discipline in you so that you will not abuse this Grace anytime it shall be revealed.’ As many as could not inculcate that moral discipline then, these are the people that still abuse Grace.”
27.        Verse 6-8, “If you don’t know, I want to remind you of something. I am not going to say anything here to weaken you, but I want to say it to help you so that if after this Message of today, if you have a problem, please come to Me. Don’t go to any other person, please come to Me. If after my Message today and you feel troubled, please come to Me. I have come to the end of my Ministry. I have brought you to where He said I should place you, what is left is something that will take place in “a second.” And as many as are abiding there are the beneficiaries. I say as many as are abiding there are the beneficiaries.
28.        Now watch: Let it not sound a strange thing to you when you hear that our former Pastor Nnamdi Ogbogu; he has been my friend and will remain my friend. He helped Me a lot. He helped this Ministry; there was a time we were running up and down with him. There was a time I even entrusted my whole family into his care, then, I will be going out like that, he was taking my family to Fellowship and taking them back. You are living witnesses.
29.        At times, to help my suffering, he will even come to Mbaise to collect Me and my family from time to time. The same thing he was doing to some others here. So, he laboured with us. But unfortunately, he married a bad woman who couldn’t give him a breathing space. Moreover, it was the woman that helped him to know this Faith by revelation. You know her testimony how she came.
30.        She was in her house, she had her vision, and the Lord showed her a man who gave her a copy of the Bible. She woke up and called the husband. The following day Alfor went to them and preached this gospel to them, brought them to Nkpor. Even, Alfor never brought them, he gave them the address. So one day, the woman alone came. I saw her sitting; I was calling her ‘mama.’ I never knew she was a young lady that time because my eyes were blind; veiled by the Law, so I could not behold your faces.”
31.        Note one thing; he was leading the goat group while Apostle Kelechi and Myself were leading the sheep group. Goat and sheep have become human being now. Excommunicated people in the sight of God are goats. Now, has this thing come to pass? Yes.
32.        God said that three names of Sisters were mentioned in that dream. That the reason why they are still in our midst is because their husbands are still in this faith. That is what He said. When Deacon Joshua was alive we always see troubles upon troubles in their family. Is that true?
33.        And everything we saw is that she was the one that is labelling Deacon Joshua as an unbeliever. When Deacon Joshua slept; it was during the burial that we saw that the woman is still among the aged women group, among those things which our faith forbids.
34.        Through the burial we saw those women, the food we prepared they consumed all. After the burial and everything we came back, we could not see her again. She went back to her former association showing that it is the husband that is still pinning her down. Now she has joined Okey’s group, among the excommunicated brethren fulfilling the dream.
35.        God said, “If this dream is from God, I saw the dream fulfilling right now here.” Now what can we say to this man that said, “I saw this dream fulfilling right now,”? And right now the dream fulfilled to the letter.
36.        The woman told Elijah after her son has come back to live, “Now I know that thou art a man of God for the word that is in your mouth is truth.”
37.         Since this man Peter Odoemena is a man of God, has it not come to pass? It has come to pass. Now I know He is a man of God. None of His Word has ever fallen to the ground.  
38.        “As I Thought on My Ways” volume 1, page 68 verse 12 “. I think the Lord has done too many things around us here, especially the ‘ancient men,’ where we anchored our hope. Then the Word went forth.”
39.        The only people that know this dream is the Son of Man and I, then our Brother John Abba. It was when I was learning curtain business, I was there and I looked out, I saw John Abba coming, searching and looking about. I did not know that I am the one he was looking for. I came out and called him, then he said, “You are the one I am looking for; my wife has delivered.” For that time he was having problem with the security at GTC.
40.        He said that he had a dream; he went to Benjamin and narrated the dream to Son of Man. The Son of Man said that he should come and tell me the dream but He is telling him that I, Brother Kelechi will not allow that dream to come to pass.
41.        John Abba came to me telling me that he was in a dream and saw us gathering in the fellowship. That I had a sharp disagreement with the Son of Man. The disagreement was so sharp that I did not want to listen to anybody that I was talking and talking. The Son of Man was quiet and calm to the extent He will come and say that if I will not take it, I should go out. He was pushing me then the dream left him.
42.         I went and told Son of Man this dream, but the Son of Man said that I, Kelechi will not allow this dream to come to pass. That he should come and tell me the dream. Brother John came, narrated the whole thing and I said, “I am very grateful, thank you.” I said, “The Son of Man said that I will not allow this dream to come to pass! Okay thank you, I am very grateful.” Which means if the dream will come to pass it is in my hand, if it will not come to pass it is equally in my hand.
43.        I said, “God, since you said I will not allow it to come to pass, I do not know what that thing is. What is that thing under Heaven that will make me to have sharp disagreement with the Son of Man? I was meditating about it I am telling you the truth.” I was meditating about it, this thing happened years gone by. I went into prayer and said, “This dream is committed into my hand, since God said I will not allow it to come to pass; God, I will not allow it to come to pass. God has committed it into my hand and I will not allow it to come to pass. God, reveal that thing that will cause this dream, whatever is that problem; make it known to me.”
44.        I went into prayers, I said, “God, I strongly believe in dream that you can use anybody to reveal something to him. The reason why you showed it to our Brother John Abba is to see whether I can accept and believe if this thing came from you. And I know it came from you for this cause, I do not want it to come to pass.”
45.        I went into prayers, I went into meditation. I continued praying asking God to reveal the cause of this dream. Whatever that thing might be, let my eyes see it. If I do not see it, I will not know when I will fall into it and I will allow it to come to pass.
46.         I continued meditating and praying. I was so sober and humble that time. I can laugh with you, we will just stop and laugh but I have a deep problem in me: Why should it be me quarrelling with the Son of Man? What on Earth?
47.        Naturally speaking, He is my elder. Because in our area, we respect our elders. Even if your elderly one is on the wrong side, you will not act. Am telling you the truth. From Mbaise to Ngwa area, down to my mother’s area, we respect our elderly ones even if he is wrong. You will just hold your peace. It will come to a point when you see the most elderly one, you will say, “You see what Chukwuemeka is doing to me! If I do anything now they will say I am insulting my elder. Nobody will know he has done this to me, I am innocent. Why I am reporting this thing is so that if he continues doing this to me I will react!” You will report to the highest Elder.
48.        God revealed the whole thing to me. I saw the whole thing coming; I saw how I will react and everything. I saw the reason why God said I will not allow it to come to pass.
49.        Let me narrate the whole thing now. This thing was that time our Sister Egbuna told me that there was a seminar about one network that time. The people that came out with that thing, they have some chemical they produced. They said that if you use that oil and put it inside the fuel tank, fill it with fuel, put light inside there the thing will not catch fire.
50.        I joined her. I was the one that invited Pastor Christian Dike we went to that seminar. We saw the whole thing, we came back, followed them to Ozomagala at Anglican youth hall. They practiced the same thing with their vehicle.
51.        After the seminar, they told us to come out. Asked the whole people there if anybody comes with lighter, nobody came with one. They went across the road and bought matches, used their own vehicle for the experiment. Opened the vehicle’s fuel tank; lit the thing but it did not catch fire.
52.        Another chemical they have like tablet, they said that if your tank use to use ten litres of fuel down to Enugu, when you put that tablet there; you will drive that vehicle with ten litres of fuel to Enugu and come back. Then we agreed, I told Pastor Christian Dike that I will like to join them, let me get it because we will make a lot of money through it. Then I came to find out that there was a lot of process you will pass through.
53.        You will buy this and that. I said that I do not have that money. If you can purchase that thing, I can sell them but I do not have that money. Now God rose up against that thing. The problem was so much, we were having this problem and Sister Egbuna wrote a confessional letter to the Son of Man, and she included my name.
54.        I went to Benjamin with Pastor Dan, then the Son of Man started talking to me. I wanted to explain, no way. I halted. I came back, called Pastor Dike and said, “See what happened!” Pastor Dike did not say anything. Before I know it Pastor Dike rushed to Benjamin to make his way right. I just watched. Then I went home, all of a sudden I saw the dream of our Brother John Abba standing before me. I am telling you the truth. I saw the dream standing before me, I said this is that matter. I raised my hand and praised God.
55.        For the fact that He said I will never allow it to come to pass, there I have my own philosophy or my own ideology. Once I am wrong, I am wrong. God revealed to me that many are trying to have a means whereby they will try to disobey the Son of Man, challenge Son of Man openly and some of them are looking upon me. If I will do it, many will come out to do the same thing. From me they will learn this wickedness? I say God forbid.
56.        My joy is that I, Kelechi will not allow it to come to pass. I said, “God, you know the end from the beginning.” This matter, without you coming up to stop the whole thing; there is no way I can surmount it. Then the day the judgement was passed through, I was sitting down in the fellowship.
57.        As many as were in the fellowship that day saw what happened. The Son of Man did not take it lightly with me, I saw the whole thing. I said, “God, I am very sorry. I have gone wrong, wrong is wrong. I do not want to know the way you will look at it; I, Kelechi said that I have gone wrong. Once God told us that if you get a bottle of Fanta soft drink, and a little drop of acid enters that bottle, it will contaminate the whole thing.
58.        In our area people that use to do sorcerers for them to release that poison, they will defile themselves. How will they defile themselves so that the spirit will not kill them? They will go and take human faeces.
59.        Now the question is, how will they eat this human faeces to defile themselves? Will they take human faeces and start eating it? No. They will go prepare oil beans. Note one thing again, they will not take the faeces they themselves passed out. They will go to the toilet, get a little quantity of faeces and mix it inside that oil beans and then eat it. Have they not eaten faeces? They have. They have defiled themselves.
60.        When they are taking that medicine along, the evil spirit will not harm them. I do not know if you are getting me! I am using this thing to qualify wrong. I am using it to qualify wrong, for wrong is wrong no matter how little. The problem many of you are having is because you want to stretch everything to the end to see how you are not wrong. You will say this brother said it happened this way, this is not how it happened; but wrong has been made.
61.        I learnt a great lesson from that experience. Now I know that thou art a man of God. For He said, “I know Brother Kelechi will not allow this dream to come to pass.” It was committed into my hand, not to you. Now I know thou art a man of God for the word that comes out of your mouth is truth. That was exactly what took place, no addition no subtraction.
62.        God said, “I know Abraham, he is my friend, he is able to command his whole family to obey Me.” You must come to a point when you will know that the Son of Man is a man of God through your own experience. For the woman whose son died, what convinced her is because she went to Elijah and said, “Did I beg a son from you? Did I ever tell you that I need a child? Why giving me this child? Now the child has died.”
63.        When Elijah brought the child back to live, she said, “Now I know that thou art a man of God.” A personal experience. That is why I told you that the experience that I passed through made me to be more humble than before. Made me to shiver, God knows that.
64.        If He said, “See what you will do, when you go there touch the person that is sick;” I will do it exactly. I may be drunk to everything, not to the words of the Son of Man. For you do not know when we start drinking wine. The first time we started drinking wine, we started with wine in the house of Okey Nwankpa. Then one day we gathered in the house of the Son of Man with all those ministers that went out today.
65.        This time around we were drinking small stout with palm wine and that day we drank heavily. It was on that day I was sitting next to the Son of Man. The wine has intoxicated me so highly. Then, it was on that note that I heard a voice clear and loud, “As you are hearing my voice using microphone,” I heard Him He called my name as He said, “Any time you are sitting with my servant drinking, do not ever allow yourself to be deceived that He is intoxicated with wine. Obey Him in whatever He tells you.”
66.        Okey Nwankpa was there, I was the only person that heard this voice. I turned to Okey Nwankpa, I tapped him and said, “See what I heard now.” Immediately I heard that voice, the whole wine vanished, I became sober.
67.        Another time we went to Nsukka, that night we drank heavily. At the end of the whole thing, the Son of Man placed me in the pulpit but nobody noticed that I was drunk. The message was going, then the Son of Man said, “Now I know you are a man of God. I purposely put you there because I gave you wine to drink and you drank excessively.”
68.        What am I trying to say? Do not say that the Son of Man is a man of God, He is the Deity, He is this or He is that because Brother Kelechi is saying it. You must have your own experience. It is the experience you have that made you to be more humble and meek to His Words. Now I know thou art a man of God.
69.        “No Deception Is of the Truth” Volume 1 page 42, verse 6-11, “Many minister do not follow the rhythm of the message: Again, in this Local Church, when you are rehearsing and revising a Message, do it in Igbo or use an interpreter to help those that cannot understand English Language.
70.        It is unfortunate to note that many ministers do not follow the rhythm of the Message.
71.        They can hardly notice when the Message has deviated. If the Message started with the restructuring of the Church back to order, and as we continued, it deviated to marriage, it is now believed that any minister coming to the pulpit will be speaking alongside with the Message on marriage, because we have left Church area.
72.        If the Message has been rebuking the Church on a particular thing, rebuking some Brothers and some Sisters, warning everybody on a particular thing and as we continued, the Holy Spirit through the leading Angel or servant veers off, it then means He has finished with that area. Find out where the spirit is and what He is saying to the Church.
73.        Prepare your message as a continuity from it. Do not just prepare a message, taking the Church back to where we came from by bringing us back to the old rebuke and indictment of which we have repented. It will even come to a point where it will become mere repetition, because it is not achieving any other purpose.”
74.        You must make sure you know the sound of the message, watch the leading angel. As long as the Bridal Ministry is concerned, the Son of Man has been the leading Angel from the onset. All of us must follow suit. When we see where He is going, for instance immediately He came to the pulpit, He came rejoicing and dancing and all of us were rejoicing and dancing. If you go and sit down and became sad, you are the sadness we have in the fellowship. The carbon copy of sadness is made manifest in you.
75.        Now I know thou art a man of God. If God is not with us, why is He vindicating all these things, proving all these things as we have come to the end? He stopped videoing, all cameras, whatever you can call it. Why is He stopping it this day? As it was in the beginning, He has come back to it again so that anybody that wants to continue doubting, go on in your doubt. Your doubting has nothing to do with the elect; it is settled and settled forever.
76.        If a little child among us will stand before his tutor and say, “As long as what I believe is concerned, you seeing my dad has nothing to do with it.  You want to go and see my dad concerning this matter, my dad cannot speak on my behalf.” How many grown-ups can say this by revelation?
77.        All these brothers in the fellowship, when you go out you start making a Hell of noise and shouting. How many of you can say, “My Pastor, my brother, whoever it is can never speak on my behalf concerning what I believe, that God has been a human being.”
78.        You must come to a point where you will defend yourself, defend what you believe. You are defending what you believe, before we look at you we will keep silent. You defend and defend and then enter into the grave, die there. He is still a human being. He was there, they stoned Stephen to death. He did not commit any crime. He was there when they stoned Paul to death, when his brethren gathered around Paul, Paul came back to live.
79.        When brethren gathered around Stephen, Stephen did not come back to life and they buried him. The same God. Stephen called them, “You stiff-necked, always resisting the truth as your fathers did. Behold I saw the Heaven open and I saw Jesus standing at the right hand side of the Majesty.” They said, Abomination!” They killed Stephen.
80.        They dragged Paul out and said that he is forbidding everybody from circumcision and speaking against the disciples of Moses. They dragged him out and stoned him, certified him dead. They left him there, brethren came there to bury Paul, but Paul resurrected and went about preaching the same faith.
81.        However, to Stephen, God kept silent, and they buried Stephen.  All were defenders of the faith. You must have something in you. We have seen the Pillar of Cloud; everybody has seen it. Both those that came newly snapped, everybody got it. Now, God has put a ban to it. They have embraced the personality we embraced from the very beginning. Thus they now have that same spirit which was given to us in the very beginning. We are now standing on equal revelation.
82.        If you were not there when the first photograph was taken in 1996, but you are here now. For we told you to believe our report, for our report is truth. Today you are in the Faith, this one is happening before your eyes. If you do not believe the first, you do not believe this one; you are a stark unbeliever.
83.        What are we trying to do? What is the essence of God banning it? That your fear will not be the fear of men. Your reverence, your belief, your fear should not rest on fear of men: “If I do this thing now, Apostle Kelechi will shout on me. Pastor Dan will do this, the Son of Man will talk; I do not want to do it,” you are a hypocrite. For God wants our fear to be on Him that is the reason why you will not do this thing, because you fear God.
84.        “No Deception Is of the Truth” vol. 1 page 45 verse 3-5, “The fear that is in the people is the fear of men, which is generated by vain repetition. You keep on shouting, barking, calling names, accusing them of not believing the Son of Man, not believing His Message, belittling Him, this and that every now and then.
85.        Any other minister that comes up says the same thing. Before you know it, people will be behaving somehow. It is not because they have the fear of God, but because they have the fear of men. They don’t want their names to be flashing at the pulpit again.
86.        Some will say, “This thing, is it still inside scripture? They said it is Cloud but I do not know. Since they said so let me believe it like that. They say this thing they carry in the laptop is Cloud; I do not know how Cloud looked like. When we talk about Cloud, they said is this one you are seeing.” They say, they say; they say. The fear of men! That is fear of men.
87.        The fear of God will make you humble and approachable to God. You come to God with reverence, you come to God humble.
88.        Verse 6-9, “The person will be saying, “Since what is needed is to reverence and worship or even kiss the feet of the Son of Man everywhere, I will be doing it so that there will be peace.
89.        That is not the fear of God. “Anywhere I see any minister, I will fall prostrate on the ground so that there will be peace”. It is not the fear of God; it is the fear of men.
90.        I have discerned this Church and I have noticed that many people now have the fear of men, instead of the fear of God. And if I don’t check it by stopping this fight, surely, we will end at nothing, many will be disappointed.”
91.        You see why God stopped it this day? When you come to this fellowship with your camera, with your handset, switch it off. Do not use it; no amount of anointing will rest upon you to snap Him. For He said till further notice.
92.        Verse 10-12 “I do not want you to fear me, but I want you to fear God; do not believe me, but believe God. Do not reverence me, but reverence God, because I trust that by now, you must have known who God is. Anything that is not done by revelation is sin. Whatever that is not done by revelation is not done by faith, because faith is revelation; it is sin.”
93.        Now I know that thou art a man of God. Since you seek the spirit of Christ speaking in me. Check your life, check your character, check your behaviour. You know what you are before; you know what you are today. Who did it?
94.        A man that was born blind was asking the Pharisees, “You said this man is a sinner! Since the world was created, have you heard God listening to a sinner? Have you heard that a man that is a sinner, opened the eyes of a man born blind? I was born blind and all you could do was to dash me this and that, but this man came and opened my eyes and you are telling me that he is a sinner.
95.        I do not believe that again for I know he is a man from God. Ask yourself a question, from the time the Son of Man appeared in our midst till now, from the time you came into this faith, what has happened in your life that has convinced you that He is a man of God? Something must happen to you, something must happen to you that this Cloud you are talking about, that covered everybody is not abracadabra; you cannot impersonate it.
96.        All of us were in the fellowship, see one thing that made me to rejoice. Thank God the phone that I have did not have video camera, I am still planning maybe I will buy it. But before I will buy it, God has said no more to it. It is not for me for I have already believed. Even when we were at Amazu Oil, I saw it. I saw the Cloud with my eyes hovering over the pulpit; the shadow of the Son of Man was on the wall.
97.        I thought it was evening sun, I looked round and there was darkness. For William Branham said, “You see this halo over my head, it is just a sign that God has sent me. But He whom I am forerunning, when He will come; it will wrap Him round. You must come to a point and seek the proof of Christ speaking in me, and this is the proof of Christ speaking in me.’
98.        It is the proof of Christ in Him that made me what I am today. It is the proof of Christ in Him that made you what you are today. You walk about, where people are afraid to go; you go there and come out UNHURT. They will send serpent and everything, you come out unhurt.
99.        We heard the testimony of our Brother Chiwendu in the message, “Put Me in Remembrance”. We are the highest creatures under Heaven. That is why Son of Man said, “I am not common; I am the highest creature of all. My life is higher than the life of a lizard; my life is higher than the life of a serpent. How can somebody send serpent to take my life?”
100.     He said that the only people that will escape this thing are only those that are in the Son of Man, covenanted with the Deity. You are in the Son of Man, you are covenanted with the Son of Man; you are covenanted with the Deity.
101.     That is the only thing that will save you from all this nonsense. But if you are not in the Son of Man, you are not covenanted with the Deity; you will die. Amen.


Now I know that thou art a man of God for the Word that comes out of your mouth is truth. Brethren believe it, we are serving the Self-existing One; the Elohim Himself. That man that spoke to Enoch, Joel, all of them down the ages is now in Africa tabernacling in our own townsman, in our kinsman. That is why He said, “Despise me not for I am your brother, the sun has acted on me.”
2.       William Branham saw it and he said, “Down there in one of the jungles, there lies the eternal Word of God. We are the happiest people, we are the most favoured in this generation we are living in.
3.       “Since you seek the Proof of Christ Speaking In Me,” page 42 verse 7-10, “When Jesus the Christ came down here on Earth and was ministering all over the world, the Pharisees, the Sadducees, the Scribes, the Sanhedrins, they all gathered around Him and said, “If thou be the Son of God, if thou came down from Heaven, how do we know? What shall we see and be certain that your testimony is true? Concerning signs and wonders, they are all right. We have seen more than that and their testimonies are true.”
4.       If what Jesus the Christ came to do was only signs and wonders, there was nothing special in Him, after all, Moses performed signs and wonders; he performed miracles; all the prophets performed miracles, signs and wonders. All the priests that were anointed with the same Spirit that was in Moses, all performed miracles, signs and wonders.
5.       So, if miracles, signs and wonders are the only evidence to prove that Jesus the Christ came from God, that He was God Himself, that He is in the bosom of the Father—if that is the only proof—then He has no proof at all. They needed something more than that.
6.       I do not know what you heard before coming into this Faith; I do not know why you are sitting down in our midst. If you are sitting down in our midst because of signs and wonders, because of miracles, it is fine! Christ must do something higher than that. "
7.       Has it not happened in our midst, live? What makes us to believe is not signs and wonders, but by the Word that proceeds from the mouth of the Son of Man. By the testimony that comes from His mouth, that is what sustains us; that is what made us what we are today. That is why, having grown above certain things; we have grown above a lot of things. There are things He will not expect us to do now, you cannot see myself coming to Brother Elue talking about Deacon Vincent anyhow; I am above that nonsense.
8.       Since you seek the proof of Christ speaking in me, has the Words of the Son of Man changed you? That is the greatest miracle giving you conviction that you are with the Elohim before the world began. They were there in spite of all the Law, Mary Magdalene was still a sinner, doing everything she was doing. Only the words of Christ of that day in the person of Jesus changed Mary Magdalene.
9.       That made her to carry the most expensive perfume of her day, brought it before Jesus Christ, opened it and poured it upon His head, wiped it on His feet, using her hair to clean His feet until Judas said, “A lot of beggars are everywhere, poor people are everywhere! Master, you know the cost of this perfume, we supposed to sell it, take the money and give it to the beggars.”
10.    Jesus Christ said, “Well, you and beggars are here every day, but I am not here every day.” Knowing the manner of person Judas was.
11.    If you are not of God, any little gift, any sacrifice you render to God in the person of the bagger skin He is dwelling will cost you to be an empty vessel. You become envious".
12.    Common biscuit stumbles a minister—not money, not anything but common biscuit. Some time ago our Brother Eze Machiri will come down with biscuit and banana and drop them at the feet of the Son of Man. You know that time I used to sit at the back with Okey Nwamkpa. One day Okey Nwamkpa cornered Eze Machiri, “Every time you carry this thing and drop it here, can’t you bring some to me?” I looked at him and shook my head. A little service being rendered to a man being tabernacled by God, the essence of it is for God to have fellowship with us.
13.     You have to be very careful, yield yourself to the spirit; yield yourself to the move of God for our own good. For Jesus Christ in His own day watched the people and said, “Blessed is he that does not get offended in me.” For a lot of things that can constitute offence is full in Jesus as a human being. Just like the Son of Man now, you look at Him, a lot of things that can cause offence is full in Him from head to toe. For a man to say “I am the oldest man on Earth, the oldest being that can tell you the beginning and ending of the world,” is it not enough to constitute offence? Blessed are those that are not offended in Him, that in everything they are not offended.
14.    There are some, the shirt He wears now will cause offence, they will be offended. He went and buy some, they will be offended. Whatever He does it will cause offence. But to you that are not offended in anything, you are highly blessed. You are not offended, whatever He does you are not offended, nothing provokes you; you are really blessed. You do not know what I am saying, you are highly blessed.
15.    What constitute offence to others became a stepping stone to you, we have to thank God in the person of Son of Man.
16.    In spite of all you heard from God, you still remain the same, no change, why do you not change? There must be something wrong somewhere”.
17.    In spite of all these things you are hearing, the visions, the Pillar of Cloud, the Word, for God cannot speak His Word without confirming it with the Pillar of Cloud, signs and wonders. To proof that He is the one. For William Branham said, “Wherever the word of God is spoken unadulterated, the vessel notwithstanding, God must come down and vindicate Himself with the supernatural to create a reverential fear of Him in the hearts of the worshippers.”
18.    Remember He is talking to His own only. If you are not a seed of God, whatever we are talking does not concern you for every man must go the way he is ordained. Let favour be shown to the wicked, in the land of the upright he will still do wickedly. Pound a fool in the mortal; yet his foolishness will never depart from him. Can a leopard change the colour of his skin? No.
19.    Thus, he that is accustomed to do evil, can he do rightly? No. Cut down a crooked tree; it will remain crooked on the ground. The grave can only change one’s habitation but it does not change one’s nature. You die a wicked man you resurrect a wicked man. You die a good man you resurrect a good man. Some to everlasting life, some to everlasting condemnation.
20.    Remember my message titled: “The Two Sides of Resurrection.” You can never be neutral; you must belong to one side: Either resurrection to eternal life or resurrection to eternal damnation. Will you resurrect? Yes! Both the righteous and the wicked must resurrect.
21.    Die a Prophet, you are resurrecting a Prophet. Die a man of God, you are resurrecting as a man of God. Samuel was a man of God and a Prophet even in the grave. When the priest was consulted, he prophesied and the prophecy also came to pass. Thus, in life or in death, you are what you are. (The Son of Man).
22.    “Since You Seek the Proof of Christ Speaking in Me” page 48 verse 25, “As long as you are living in error, no matter the way the Word of God is preached, it will never have any impact in you”.
23.    If you believe it say amen. Amen! When the heart is wrong, it makes the Word of God in the individual of non-effect.
24.    As long as you are living in error, no matter the way the Word of God is preached, it will never have any impact in you. It will require a supernatural event in you—something that no man can describe to come and make you to be obedient to God’s Word.
25.    That is why God does not do miracles in vain. He has to do those things to “create fear' in you, so that by that fear, you will be in a position to receive Him.”.
26.    You see why God do certain things? Just to create fear in you.
27.    Page 60 verse 30, “30.           What are they trying to do? If they can cause God to forsake you, that is all they want. What do we do for God to forsake us? If they can make every root of bitterness rise in me; I may not commit fornication, I may not tell lies, I may not cheat, I may not in any way do wrong; but if the Devil will succeed in making me to be offended in a thing, a little bit of bitterness rises up in me, the Bible said that I am defiled and cut off from God’s Grace.
28.    If the Devil can bring me to this corner, he has succeeded. What else will he do? He will order his agents: “Attack him, catch him for he has nobody to protect him anymore.” Is it not in your Scripture? Look at it in your Bible.
32.       He will come by way of false accusation so that you will be on the defensive always. He will be pressing hard and you will be fighting to defend error. You will have to defend and defend and defend when he is not ready to accept it.
29.    Halleluiah! Defending yourself before somebody who is not ready to accept your defence. No wonder God said, “Do not defend a lie for you add incredibility to a lie by defending it. Time and event will vindicate the truth, finish. (the Son of Man).
30.    You will have to defend and defend when he is not ready to accept your defence. What is more? By so doing he will lead you into quarrelling".
31.    He will lead you into quarrelling. When defence fails, action proceeds. Peter Owundinjo, take note, before you become a murderer.
32.    What is more, by so doing, he will lead you into quarrelling. When he leads you into quarrelling, he has brought this Message to shame. The truth will now be manifested that you are quarrelsome. All eyes will gather and say, ‘Look at those people that call themselves ‘Church people;’ they are fighting over there; they are quarrelling.’You become defiled. You are cut off from God’s Grace.
33.    God does not talk in vain. Peter Owundinjo, can you see! It happened at Aba. Eleven o’clock in the night your family was in flame. Your son carried machete and you were carrying rod, your wife was carrying pestle: Operations kill anybody you see. Until they have to lock you inside the house as if they locked a mad man inside the house.
34.    Your son was having his head bleeding; you were having your hand and kneel bleeding and everywhere. Civil war in the house, Apostle of God, the wife of a man of God. The family of God must be exemplary of good works. Is God speaking in vain? No. But before you went home you were told that same Saturday morning and God placed a sign. Armed with that truth, you would have prayed that God should save you but you went home carnally only to repeat that same thing God placed as a sign.
35.    Instead of entering your house, your wife stopped you at the door. Somebody who has been away for too long and confronted you with a problem that you knew not, for over one hour, he did not  enter his house.
36.    When he managed to go in, his son descended on him for a problem he knew not. He went out to see whether he can have a little rest, came back late and the family descended on him. It resulted to open fracas, the whole neighbourhood was set ablaze.
37.    Where did it happen? In the family that they say they are in the faith of Christ. What a blasphemy! However, it happened so that the Word of God that was spoken by His mouthpiece might come to pass. Thus, by this Peter Owundinjo, do you now believe that I am a man sent by God? You can say like the woman that said “Now I believe that thou art a man of God.”
38.    Somebody who could tell you what was waiting you at Aba from Onitsha, and you got there and met it, live. Somebody who could tell Brother Ojiakor, “Brother Ojiakor, you said you will like to go to Enugu-Ezike.”
39.    On Thursday He said, “Come back from Nsukka immediately. Brother Ojiakor, are you sure that ambulance will go there? Brother Ojiakor, I doubt you. You and your ambulance will fail us. Brother Ojiakor, please feel free. I have already paid for an ambulance that will give Me what I needed.”
40.    What happened at the end of the day? Brother Ojiakor did not see his way to Enugu-Ezike. The ambulance never knew the way to Enugu-Ezike; the ambulance went to another place without Brother Ojiakor’s knowledge.
41.    He has been assigned to another place and Brother Ojiakor remained at the teaching hospital until those that went to the burial came back, attending to another serious case that affected us. He that can see the end from the beginning.
42.    Before any other thing; we were talking about the burial. Immediately we fixed date, Apostle Kelechi knew that he was the one. He told me ahead of time that he lost his uncle and he will like to go to the burial as instructed by his father, I said no problem. Date? He gave me 9th and I said, “Brother Kelechi why? Will you come back that day?” He said yes.
43.    On the 10th I will be going for burial also but remember when you are felling a tree for firewood, the servant must be prepared to carry the wood. By that statement, I had already conditioned him.
44.    There was no problem in sight that he should know that he is going to do the burial. When they were talking blah, blah, blah I said until that day, I won’t talk. I have heard too many things, but it is not what you are saying that matters; it is what happens that we know, finish.
45.    He that knew the end from the beginning knew that Brother Ojiakor will not make it, no matter how he struggled to be there, no way. The ambulance, no way. (the Son of Man).
46.      “Since You Seek the Proof of Christ Speaking in Me,” page 51 verse 34-39: “I am telling you the latest tactics of the enemy. If he brings you to a corner where he will defile you, he will rejoice because he knows that your God is a Holy God Who hates defilement. He hates defilement in every way; whether it is by lying, cheating, fornication, duping in any way; defilement is defilement.
47.    Once you are cut off from God’s Grace, you are cut off. All your labours will be in vain. He will press you to a corner and subject you to argument; to fusing and strife.  You will talk and talk until you become offended by the words of your own mouth. The word will become a snare unto you; hence the whole body is defiled. This is the latest tactics of the enemy.
48.    When he succeeds, he will order his agents saying: “His God has forsaken him, now, go after him; torment and deal with him for there is nothing to protect him.” This is because your “covering” (the Glory of God) has been removed.
49.    Remember the Message: The Trail Of A Woman, Spiritual And Natural; Why We Must Be Strict.  The moment Eve was defiled, trouble came into the whole world. What caused all we are passing through today? It was the defilement of the first woman; the first mother. There is no other thing that caused it.
50.    From generation to generation death continued transferring because of our sins. Our sins are transferring hands. The wages of sin is death—death continued transferring hands until we got to our own time; until we got to this stage; but, we are not ignorant concerning the devices of the Devil.
51.    We have seen what God is doing in our midst, you have seen the proof. Has the proof touched you? Have you gotten the evidence? You can see the photograph, you can see Him in your picture, you can see Him in the laptop; all these things, they are true. they are real but have they registered in your heart as evidence, as a scar in your body?
52.    That not even death will change your conviction. Do you know that? Not even death will remove your conviction and certainty in Christ. Are you convinced that you are not deceived by Apostle Peter Odoemena? Are you convinced that God did not gather you to deceive you? Has it become a revelation that you are worshipping the God that your forefathers worshipped?
53.    By your forefathers I mean people like Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David, Solomon and the rest of them down to the Lord Jesus Christ. Are you convinced? If you are not convinced, you are not worthy to continue with us. You have no right to continue with us because you are not sure. If you know that one that is very clear to you, and that is the one you believe, go there. (the Son of Man).
54.    “Do not be corrupted by the simplicity that is in Christ,” page 42 verse 43-46: ““DIOTREPHES” IN THE CHURCH: Demas came to a point where he got tired, he pulled out and so many others—a whole Pastor Diotrephes who always wanted to take pre-eminence over his brethren.
55.    I do not know what and what he said concerning the missionaries, but John the Apostle said, “When I will come, I will tell you all the evil things he is saying about us. He not only hinders brethren from supporting missionary work, he dis-fellowships anybody that admits any of the missionaries in his house.”
56.    Was he serving the interest of God? You see, all these things never started in our day.
57.    Can a stranger be a Pastor in a Church? Yes! One that is opposing the work of God and at the same time claiming he is serving God. You could be the Pastor Diotrephes, I do not know..”
58.    Can a Pastor be a stranger in the Church? Yes. We have had such people, the answer is yes. Is he a Pastor? Yes! But he is a stranger.
59.    Let me ask this question, can a Hittites be a centurion in the Lord’s army? Yes. A Hittite, a Jebusite, Amorites, Amelikites, people that have no covenant with God even till eternity. People that God swore an oath that they will never have any inheritance in Him to the end of the world. Yet, he enlisted in the Jewish army, fought gallantly for the Jews, yet he has no part in the inheritance.
60.    Was he not labouring in vain? It could have been better for him to be with his people. What do you think prompted it? He loves the people of God. You may love whatever God is doing, that doesn’t give you a part in Him. Many Pastors that pastored us, where are they today? They have vision, they prophesied, they did everything and even followed us to all missionary assignments, volunteered their vehicles and their money; but where are they today?
61.    I am telling you that evidence that you are a stranger is that God will destroy you after using you but David never waited for God to destroy Uriah and God was not happy. Somebody you know that he is ready for destruction, why stretching your hand against him? Allow the grape fruit to drop on his own from the tree. If grape fruit is ripe it will drop down, is there any need forcing it to drop? No. Whether it like it or not it will surely drop down.
62.    Number one evidence that you are not in God’s programme is that at the end of your service He will destroy you. Once you are not in His programme, well you do not need to make noise. of course you know. (the Son of Man).
63.    …Verse 46-47 Can a stranger be a Pastor in a Church? Yes! One that is opposing the work of God and at the same time claiming he is serving God. You could be the Pastor Diotrephes, I do not know.
64.    God reveals Himself as a human being, it is His perfect will. Over familiarity kills. “I know Him very well,” over familiarity. Have you overcome it? Amen.
65.    God has blessed us with ministers, not ordinary ministers; but angelic ministers. Nothing to panic, the rapture is with you; the immortality is in your midst. The totality of even the world to come is in your midst, people that will be in that world are in our midst. Don’t you know that all that God promised now belong to us because we believed in Christ the Anointed One, the Messiah, even the Son of Man whom He has sent in His place?  (The Son of Man).

The spiritual implication of the sign WE ARE SEEING

The spiritual implication of the sign WE ARE SEEING
We thank the Almighty God who has opened our eyes to see what has been going on around us. I told you that you are standing on something that is so powerful but you do not know it. If your cameras have not captured it, we would have not known what has been settling in our midst.
2.       He has always told us that the power that will take us is simply sitting down in our midst. No more, no less. My topic is “The spiritual implication of the sign WE ARE SEEING.”
3.       Matthew 12:38 : “Then certain of the scribes and of the Pharisees answered, saying, Master, we would see a sign from thee.” KJV.
4.       No man cometh from God without a sign. The Jews were conversant that the time that God arrived is simply decided on the Pillar of Cloud. Remember that they were learned, the Pharisees, the Sadducees; they are the owners of the Law, they know everything.
5.       Thus, before they came to Jesus Christ, he has turned water into wine. He has healed the sick, he has raised the dead. Yet they said “Master, we want to see a sign.”
6.       The question is, what sign were they looking for? Because every sign and wonder He has been doing it, yet the learned scribes came and said, “Sir, we seek a sign from thee.” They said please show us a sign.
7.       That means, they were looking for the Pillar of Cloud to be very sure that this man is God. Believe me if He had displayed that thing around Him, they would have surrendered.
8.       But He did not do that. He simply picked three persons and said, “Look at it but tell no man about it.” That was why they stumbled away. William Branham said, “Never before since the early Church Age was the Pillar of Fire among the people.” Did they ever see this thing we are seeing today? I mean what William Branham was bragging with was a mere ruler size you are seeing in that picture.
9.       A ruler size and he was saying that since the early Church Age no human being, no preacher, nobody has been represented by the Pillar of Cloud yet He (The Elohim) is here in our midst.
10.    We want to look at the spiritual implication of this thing that is happening. God does not show a sign for nothing. If you are waiting to be seeing the Pillar of Cloud every day, up to you. Some people have believed. Whether they see it or not, they have believed the man. Like Goddy Tobechukwu, he has believed the man and that is all. Whether he sees the sign or not, he has believed.
11.    Now, if God came, give us a sign and said, “Snap it,” then you snap it and see, what is the implication of that thing God is showing you?
12.    John 12 verse 26-33 “If any man serve me, let him follow me; and where I am, there shall also my servant be: if any man serve me, him will my Father honor.
13.    Now is my soul troubled; and what shall I say? Father, save me from this hour: but for this cause came I unto this hour. Father, glorify thy name. Then came there a voice from heaven, saying, I have both glorified it, and will glorify it again.
14.    The people therefore, that stood by, and heard it, said that it thundered: others said, An angel spake to him. Jesus answered and said, This voice came not because of me, but for your sakes.
15.    Now is the judgment of this world: now shall the prince of this world be cast out. And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.
16.    This he said, signifying what death he should die. The people answered him, We have heard out of the law that Christ abideth forever: and how sayest thou, The Son of man must be lifted up? who is this Son of man?” KJV.
17.    Take note of that. Now these people came to Jesus Christ and He was speaking, then the voice said, “This voice did not come because of me, it came for your sake. I do not need that voice, but you need that voice.”
18.    If God has the Pillar of Cloud in Him, does He need to display it before you believe in Him? It made no difference to Him. I am Brother Ugo, you do not need anything to tell you that I am Brother Ugo. I am brother Ugo whether you believe it or not.
19.    But for this sign, are for your sake. What is more, he said, “If the Son of Man is lifted up, I will draw all men to myself.” Thus, what sign was God showing? God is saying that “the spiritual implication is that if by what you are seeing you are able to be grounded in Me and then you lift Me up, I will draw all of you unto myself. But you must lift me up based on what I am showing you.”
20.    That the scripture said that God has never left Himself without a witness. There was a time it was so tough in Israel and the people were asking, “If God lives for us, where are the sign? If we are with God, what and what are the signs that this man is God with us?” If God is showing us a sign, it is not a matter of watching it and being happy for nothing. No! You go back home and study the spiritual implication why God is showing this sign.
21.    Does He want abracadabra? That is different. What does He want to achieve? God is trying to strengthen our faith and make it stand on a solid ground. He said, “I am He,” some people have even derailed. They do not know whether this man is still God.
22.    When I entered this ministry newly, some people were saying that they had a ministry of God sometime, maybe that ministry later turned to be ministry of the devil. Initially it was of God, but later it become of the devil. Why? They lost the revelation of the sign God has given to them.
23.    What has our God done? It is just to help you and help me to know that God is still in charge even from the beginning for this sign is for your sake, it is for my sake to know that what will rapture us is with us. What do we do? We must lift the Son of Man.
24.    He said, “Except I am lifted up, I cannot draw all to myself.” Hence, if you want to go, you must lift Him up. It is as simple as that. This is why this signs are coming.
25.    Jesus Christ was talking to them, “Except the Son of Man be lifted up, He cannot draw all men unto himself. But when you lift me up I will draw you unto myself.” Do you know what they said; they now turned around and said, “Sir, the scripture said that Christ will abide forever. And he said that the Son of Man will live here, who is this Son of Man?”
26.    Brethren, who is this Son of Man? It is not the matter of singing and shouting that you have seen the Pillar of Cloud, who is this Son of Man? Apart from William Branham let us know that since the world began from the Church Ages, no group has ever seen the Pillar of Cloud.
27.    Remember Jesus Christ told His disciples that blessed are your eyes for seeing what you are seeing, blessed are your ears for hearing what you are hearing for many great men are desiring strongly to even see it or hear them but it was not permitted unto them.
28.    He was speaking about John the Baptist. He said, “This man is the greatest man.” Remember that John the Baptist is our William Branham who has the ruler shape of the Pillar of fire. Yet he became the greatest among men, but he believed in the Kingdom of the Son of Man even while he was bragging with this ruler size.
29.    Now we have it in full, it behoves on us to lift up the Son of Man, without that, you are not going anywhere. “For if I will be lifted up I will draw all men unto me,” that is all. Any other thing is a sinking sand. Hence the sign did not just come.
30.    Remember in the land of Egypt when God sent Moses, they said, “Give us this sign.” The reason of the sign is to convince Pharaoh that “I am He,” so that he will release the children of Israel. In other words, sign does not go in vain. Signs are not for display, signs are not for television business, signs are not given to do abracadabra.
31.    There is always a spiritual attachment to sign that is given to the children of God. When you see it, you bow. If you are becoming stubborn and you see it, you will say “I humble myself.”
32.    Remember that William Branham said that a man does not just go to Hell, a man struggles his way to Hell. How does he struggle his way? It is by resisting the truth and He that has called him. Somebody will say, “Do not go,” he will say if you do not give way I will kill you. He will push you down and go to Hell—that is struggling to Hell.
33.    Many of us have become so stubborn, so stiff-necked that the fear of God has evaporated from their minds. Nobody remembers that the man in our midst has the power over your life or your death. People drifted away, so it is a call back time. The sign is for something, it is not given for sightseeing. The sign is to make you spiritually alert, because when you receive it carnally, you will be destroyed carnally.
34.     You do not know what it takes for God to reveal Himself in the mightiness of what He is. Our duty is to readdress ourselves and uplift ourselves spiritually, knowing that this sign does not just come. Remember the sign of Jesus Christ came when He was to be crucified, He simply showed it to them and moved to the cross.
35.    For every sign there is a reason, for every voice there is a reason. If you read the Great Sermon, He said, “Every action of a man of God has a divine purpose.” Thus, for the Pillar of Cloud to come down and you snap it again, it is for a divine purpose. In other words, the sign is for our sake, it is a time for us to go and put ourselves in order.
36.    It is a time for us to remove stubbornness and stiff-neckness that have been pinning us down all this while, causing God to get annoyed by what you are saying knowing that He has taught us enough. God has never left Himself without a witness, God has shown it to us this day to tell you that He is still in charge by giving out the Pillar of Cloud.
37.    Even if you have not seen it before, you do not have any other excuse, you have seen it now. When they brought the report, my brethren were running helter-skelter. I was saying that this thing that has become a show of the time now, and everybody is running around, have you seen? Have you heard? There must be something behind it.
38.    There is no way God can come out and display this type of thing, no! When people were coming to Jesus Christ He said, “This voice is not for me, it is for you.”
39.    I thank God, Brother Loveday is in the fellowship. They came one evening to my house and said, “Brother, this thing that God is showing that even came out in the television, what does He really want us to do? What does this thing mean?” I opened scriptures because I do not want to explain, I said, “Let me read this scripture. This thing you are shouting about is not for the Son of Man but it is for you.”
40.    Every man should go and balance himself, make your way straight and be sure you are spiritually following this man. No more, no less. You should know that this sign are not just coming to us like that. As surely as God liveth, there is a divine purpose attached to it. Revealing it this time might be to save your soul. Revealing it this time might be to call you back.
41.    Remember William Branham said when it will happen it will be back to original. What are we saying? He said back to the original, back to the original Word, back to the Seal before you enter into the rapture. Thus, when you see the sign of what happened 1996, 2011, 2012; you should know that something is about to happen. Is it not true?
42.    Is it back to original? Did we see original? Yes. Every Cloud is in a resemblance of a human being.
43.    This is the last exodus. Wherever the Cloud stops, there we shall stop. Whenever the Cloud moves, we move. We are in the Ark with Him.
44.    I told Bishop Moses, “You are very, very lucky. He stretched forth His hand to shake you, while admiring you, knowing that you can hardly come to fellowship at Onitsha always, instead of saluting Him you brought out your handset to capture His photograph and you really captured it. Place it in your house; keep on having fellowship with Him. Finish.”
45.    We are getting back to the original, God Himself is trying to prove that He is still in charge in the Ark with you 100%. Physically some of us were not in the fellowship when the first Pillar of Cloud came but today, we have seen; we have heard.
46.    Thus when that Elohim is going back to the original, what else do we expect? Every man must go and put himself in order. Adjust your mindset for this sign does not just come like Jesus Christ said, “This sign does not come because of me but it came because of you.”
47.    It came for your sake. If you are fumbling, if you are still double minded, if you are still getting some doubt in you, if you have believe before concerning something that happened around you, you have no more doubt.
48.    Brother Akparanta, greater than Harold Camping is in the midst of the Bride. Brother Akparanta adjust your mind. Herald of His coming, you are no longer heralding His coming?
49.    I thank God that Elder Davison is alive till today. Hence, what God promised Him has come to pass. God said, “Elder Davison Ikwuagu you will never taste of death until with your eyes you will see your Messiah in your day.”
50.    As at the time, the Messiah was hidden. But today with his eyes, he has seen his Messiah. His Messiah is not in the flesh; his Messiah is He that revealed Himself in a Pillar of Cloud. Anywhere Moses stood, that is where the Cloud is.
51.    When he gave way, anywhere Joshua stood, that is where the Cloud is. If you go beyond there, you are going beyond the camp and anything can happen to you. A follower stays behind the leader. Any day the follower remains in front he becomes the leader. – The Son of Man.
52.    We are following the Cloud, when He moves, we move. When He stops, we stop. No stubbornness, no foolishness because we have come to the dangerous time.
53.    Remember all this while God has being patient until a time like this. You do not know the reason why God has to show this sign, who knows this will be the last you will see. Remember, He has banned the use of cameras in the fellowship now.
54.    Before you come with camera and snap your God. Because if He allows it to continue you will turn it into something else. You will not even pay attention to the Word again God in His wisdom has stopped it. Thus, God is the Wisest Being on the face of the Earth.
55.    Some people will be scrolling it and will be watching it while the message will be going on. When you ask them they will say “We are watching the Cloud.” If you like believe me, na true. This may be the last you will see it. It may come up again, but what we are saying is that this sign is for you.
56.    Brethren, I am convinced that this sign does not come for nothing for a lion does not roar when there is no prey. Does it? No. There is something about the sign; we must be very careful with it so that we will fill our lives spiritually and get hooked with what God is doing. That is the reason why He really brought it out this time.
57.    Let us not just see it physically like some people were dancing in carnality, the Pillar of Cloud came down and it will earn you nothing, it will profit you nothing. Seeing the Pillar of Cloud and dancing about without having spiritual justification of what that time is all about in your individual life, in your family because of what is about to happen.
58.    I do not know any way, but I know that this sign came for something.
59.    This sign is sent to guard up your loins, begin to punctuate by crossing every ‘T,” doting every “I,” finish, your punctuation, correct any error you can notice along the line. for your script may be collected any time from now, because you are living in an age that will end abruptly. This maybe the last sign. – the Son of Man.
60.    You know some time ago when we were very small, that was around 1992 during the gulf war, all of a sudden my mother shouted from the room. We were wondering why the shouting. She came out and told us that if care is not taken that there must be war. We said why are you saying there must be war? She said this sound you are hearing from this radio was exactly the same sign we heard and then the Biafra War broke out.
61.    I said how? She said that this was exactly what they were hearing, “This marshal sound you are hearing in the television today and radio was what we heard before Biafra War broke out.”
62.    You see, she was saying that this same voice is still coming up that there must be war. What am I saying? The woman having listened to this marshal rhythm and the war broke out, she heard the thing again and began to feel that there must be war again seeing that it is the same rhythm they heard and there was war.
63.    Those of you who are old timer and all the books you have read who saw how the first one happened and then saw it happening again, let he that hear understand.
64.    it is three times that a big masquerade used to display in the village square. when he displays for the first time, he displays the second time, if he is displaying the third time, he will be on his way home.
65.    If he displays the first time and then displays the second, at the same time, at the third he is on his way home.
66.    Remember that 2012 is PREGNANT; it is still pregnant. it is possible that he will deliver even before the predicted date. A big masquerade runs the village square three times, second one, third one he is on his way home. – the Son of Man.
67.    What are we saying? We are saying that this sign has come enough. While we are in the Ark, God has displayed a sign. If you are waiting for another sign, you have missed it. If you are waiting for another voice, you have missed it. This is what we have today and we will work with what we have.
68.    Make sure you go and cross your “t,” remove your stubbornness. A man struggles his way to Hell. No man just goes to Hell like that. You struggle your way by resisting the word, even resisting sign so that you will now enter Hell freely.
69.    However, let us be careful by this time because you have gotten all it takes to enter. Amen.


Brethren we are blessed. Our joy knows no bound. It is according to the book of our God in our midst, from “The Revelation of the Church” page 15 verse 21-22. It was talking about when God called Moses, what did the people see? They saw Moses.
2.       God said, “Moses is your God while Aaron will be your Prophet.” It has always been like that. That is why I will go to the reference God made there in the scriptures.
3.       Deuteronomy chapter 18 verse 15, “The Lord says he will rise up a Prophet like me and a man whom you must listen to and whom you must obey”. LB.  
4.       The LORD thy God will raise up unto thee a Prophet from the midst of thee, of thy brethren, like unto me; unto him ye shall hearken.” KJV.
5.       Acts chapter 3 verses 22-23 “For Moses truly said unto the fathers, A prophet shall the Lord your God raise up unto you of your brethren, like unto me; him shall ye hear in all things whatsoever he shall say unto you. And it shall come to pass, that every soul, which will not hear that prophet, shall be destroyed from among the people.” KJV.
6.       And it shall come to pass that every soul which will not hear that Prophet shall be destroyed from among the people. Take note of it. In other words, among the children of God there is a man. There is something that is very, very prominent among the children of God. They pay heed to every word proceeding out of the mouth of God.
7.       It is such a serious matter that anybody that refuses to obey, that person will be cut off. That is, the person is a stranger, and such a person should be cut off.
8.       Now, the people saw Moses, they never saw God. Whatever Moses told them, it was God speaking to them. What was the vindication? The same Pillar of Cloud, Pillar of Fire.
9.       I could remember when we were at Eha-Amufu in 1993 December, we that were there knew what happened. We did not bother to come to Jerusalem for the camp meeting. And we were at Eha-Amufu. Something we heard there, He said that it must be the same Pillar of Fire, the same Pillar of Cloud.
10.    God in 1996 decided to come down fully. You have heard all that He has been doing all these years; He has been trying to introduce Himself to us, make us to understand He that is in our midst. No wonder the Prophet William Branham was told, “If you can cause people to believe that I have sent you, nothing will stand before you, not even cancer.”
11.    And now God has shown us all these things, the same Pillar of Fire, the same Pillar of Cloud.
12.    “The Identification of the Mighty Angel in Our Midst,” “I BELIEVE I AM THE FULFILMENT OF ALL THE CONTENTS OF THE BOOK OF REVELATION. That is my belief. The topic I want to handle is a delicate one. I want to handle it by way of putting you in remembrance concerning the hour we are in. I asked you a question the other time, I said, “WHAT DO YOU HAVE AS A SURE ANCHOR OF YOUR SOUL THAT, REALLY, WHAT IS IN YOUR MIDST IS GOD AND NOT THE DEVIL?”
13.    You have been showering your praises on Me; some calling Me Daddy, some say: ‘My Lord,’ some say, ‘The Almighty,’ many have different kinds of salutations towards Me.
14.    However, what do you have in your mind which you hold so firmly where you rest your faith? I mean something that will make you believe that really, you are not deceived; that He that is talking to you is THE VERY I AM.”
15.    Can the Devil ask this question? Check all the so-called men of God in all the denominations, nobody can ever ask their congregation this question. In other words, it calls for personal revelation. He does not want you to believe anyhow that you should not gamble with your eternal destiny.
16.    Eternal life has no second chance. Once you miss it, you have missed it. Thus it is not something you can just embrace anyhow. Whether you are a man or woman or that you are in love with the person, or you come from the same place with the person or he is your husband, your father they are useless-nonsense. It goes beyond that.
17.    Who is this man that does not want people to believe Him anyhow? This man wants people to be sure and convinced before they can subscribe to Him. He does not want to fool anybody.  – the Son of Man.
18.    It calls for personal revelation, that was why at a time Jesus the Christ in His day, He asked them, “Who do you say I, the Son of Man I am?” Was that question asked in our midst?
19.    It was asked when we were returning from Abuja and the question lasted for one year unanswered. That question came again around 1994. We were there at Benjamin when the Son of Man was still living in two rooms and a parlour and all of us were fixing ourselves in there, His hand is wide open at all times.
20.    A number of us, Ben Okezue was there that morning, I mean he came, we had night vigil and we went down. He said this question has come back, “Who do you say that I am?” Everywhere was quiet. We started looking at ourselves, Elders. Pastor Dike was also there, former Bishop Okechukwu Paul was equally there.
21.    From nowhere it was like something falling off from my eyes, and a scripture flashed into my eyes: Luke 17 verse 30. That was what came out of my mouth. He just withdrew again.
22.    As it was in the days of Lot, as it was in the days of Noah so shall it be in the day when the Son of Man shall be revealed. I said, “Sir this is the revelation of the Son of Man.” He was quiet for some time and said, “Say it to no man.” This happened far back then.
23.    Now watch, He said, “Do not believe anyhow, you must know where you anchor.” When we were at Eha-Amufu that day, the first time in 1993 after 1992 December camp meeting at Amazu Oil, we all went back home. Remember 30th December, 1992 when the ministry fully took off—a memorable day.
24.    Before we knew it, on 3rd March there was service and a lengthy prophecy when the message Mixed-Multitude was preached 3rd, 5th and 7th March. Before we know it, we saw the Son of Man, His first visitation in Eha-Amufu 1993 21st March, He came with Bon Diuka in his 404 and then introduced Himself as the Apostle of our Lord.
25.     In other words, we were having Apostolic Ministry. His first visitation, the Voice said, “Go to Eha-Amufu and deliver my people.” In other words, God called us even when we never knew Him. We are talking about our experiences and it must be clear to you.
26.    There must be something you will hang your faith on; after all, in this Faith, we ask you to enquire as much as you can to find out the Person you are having dealings with because eternal life is not negotiable. Moreover, there is no second chance in it. If you miss it, you have missed it.
27.    For that reason, nobody should play with his eternal future, even my very self and my family. It will be a very expensive joke for Me to come to a hopeless place I know there is no life; then I will entrust the fate of My Soul and that of My children there. God forbid.
28.    Brethren, Almighty God binding Himself with an oath: “Far be it from Me.” He will come to a place there is no hope, there is no life, in other words, you have come; we all have come to live in Him. Why then should we grumble? Why then should we faint? Why then should somebody feel we are making a kind of show? It is full reality. Reality is convincing. Finish. If your faith is not based on reality, you have no faith. You will be disappointed.
29.    “Thus, in this Message, I want to speak to you using Messages you have been hearing all these years, but I want to take My text from Revelation 10:1-11.
30.    You know, I am running away from this book (the Book of Revelation) not because I do not know the content. I BELIEVE I AM THE FULFILMENT OF ALL THE CONTENTS OF THE BOOK OF REVELATION. That is my belief.
31.    If there be anything that is written in figure or in type there that you do not understand, inquire from Me. Wherever you see a beast or animal with two horns, there is nothing like that; it does not exist. It is a symbol.
32.    It is just like the description of Jesus Christ with His feet as brass and things like that; that is simply explaining Christ in His Deity form.
33.    IF there is anything in the Book of Revelation that you do not understand, come to Me. We will read scriptures together and I will marry scriptures with scriptures showing you many times He appeared in His Deity form and what people saw. You should separate God from the Deity form and from the human form.”
34.    Note, I will marry scriptures with scriptures and show you many times He appeared in His Deity form and what the people saw.
35.    Just as you heard it as He said, “No child of God is new in the house of God.” He said it was the Big Masquerade. It was there that God explained the character of masquerade. If Ijele finished dancing he will go back. And if he is going back, he will be going back with those that he came with. Thus you find out that when God is typing something, you catch that thing. God might decide to reveal Himself to you in that form for you have understood it that way.
36.    Let Me tell you something; Jesus Christ ministered for thirty-three and half years here on Earth, but He only made Himself known to the world within three and half years. The remaining ten years He remained veiled with His disciples. Hence, He spent longer time with His disciples more than He spent with the world. From the day the world knew Him that was the day His trouble started which culminated into His death.
37.    It is just like here; any moment from now, the world will know who I am. Very shortly the world will go after Me, and by the time they will know what is happening, I am already on My way home—the man-child has been born. Publish it wide; tell them that a man-child has been born. Tell them because I am commanding you to.
38.    If it is not true, I will not be saying it with every amount of authority. From the very word go, you know I have been talking to you as one having authority. I have not been teaching you as one of the Pharisees. I have been making affirmative statements challenging the whole world. If it is limited to your midst in this Faith somebody might be saying: 'He is a brave man at home, but outside nobody hears his voice.”
39.    Page 40 verse 13-15, “First Thessalonians 4:16, “For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first.” KJV.
40.    All I am trying to bring out is that there can never be departure of the Church without the Mighty Angel or the Arch Angel or God Himself. Hence, any group of people that gather in the name of Jesus, no matter their place, I do not care who their leader is; if he is not that Arch Angel, please run away from that place for you are not going anywhere.
41.    The moment we trace that Mighty Angel, we can then go into the Message so that after this Message, your joy will know no bounds.
42.    When we were under the Law, nobody was praying for rapture. Each time rapture was mentioned, we felt like fainting. Now, I want to bring you to the heavenly position where you will doubt nothing about your life unless you were not with us from the very beginning. Then you will now see that I will be justified when I will be putting these people out of the Church so that they will stay out and then hear what has become of us because AFTER WARNING, COMETH JUDGEMENT.
43.    I believe God showing His children Himself, He has decided to display this sign again. However, what is happening among us? Many were not with us from the very beginning. God has decided to do it again so that you will never say you were only told that you never saw it. We have all seen it.
44.    Verse 23, “Remember the Prophet said that the scriptures will declare who He is. The Prophet went further to  say that God is going to appear on Earth in the Bride; walk as a human being in a big population AND THE PROBLEM WILL BE HOW TO IDENTIFY HIM. He equally said, 'But I want to tell you that the Word of God declares who He is.
45.    Brethren the Word of God declares who He is. Take note of it. He never came to us with signs and wonders; never, never. That time at Eha-Amufu in March 1993, when He came, there was a letter the Presbyterian Church wrote to St. Paul. I mean St Paul you read in the Bible, telling him that he was very strict with the Word that he should mellow it down.
46.    Then Almighty took off from there. Anybody, any Apostle that is afraid of calling names, God never sent Him. That was not an Apostle of God.”
47.    St. Paul was accused of calling names, Alexander the Coppersmith, Diotrephes, Demas, Philetus who were Apostles before him, and made shipwreck. “St. Paul, you are speaking so authoritative, mellow it down a little!”
48.    And Almighty God said, “Look at what they were saying. If you say you are an Apostle of God and you shy away from calling people’s names and declaring their evil deeds, then God never called you one day.” If you want to see that letter, go to the message titled “Cry out against the System,” very close to the last page. The letter published from the Methodist Church that they printed it in AD 70.
49.    In other words, you will have to go back to the Message titled: “The Identified Christ in all the Ages,” for Christ is identified by His characteristics. If He is the Word of God and He spoke as One having authority, it then means that wherever He appeared, He must manifest it.
50.    Has He not manifested in it? He has manifested it in our midst. 
51.    Page 50 verse 6 “Now, I will continue showing you things before I come to the proper revelation. This Shekinah Cloud that wrapped the Great or Mighty Angel showed the presence of God, for God has always been wrapped in a Cloud.
52.    God has always been wrapped in a Cloud. Look at what was captured by phone camera by Bishop Moses, the face of a man. If you did not see it that way, make out time and look at it again. It was just a face of a man. Just like the prophecy of William Branham who foreran this ministry and told us that whatever was on, was just a glimpse of it. He said that when He whom he is forerunning will be on the scene; the totality of the Elohim will be seen in Him. For he will increase, while he will decrease.
53.    That was the same voice that went forth from the mouth of John the Baptist, talking about Jesus the Christ in his own day that Jesus Christ will increase while he himself will decrease. The Prophet had a little.
54.    If you go to some of the pamphlets or messages by the Prophet, you see what he said is the constellation of the seven angels that visited him. And lo, when the photograph was taken very high, it was interpreted that these things could not be just ordinary, that it was just somewhere; you cannot have ordinary Cloud forming when the thing was developed. It was a shape of a human being.
55.    If you bring that one and bring this one we are having now, you will see that indeed this is the Ancient of Days. You will see the ears, you will see the nose, you will see the mouth, then you will see the hair and the hair is white wool, like the one Apostle Kelechi saw that came out of a man and went back into a man. Amen.


Remain blessed brethren. Let me show you something from this message: “Now I know that thou art a man of God.” A quote there says, “Labor not for the meat which perisheth, but for that meat which endureth unto everlasting life, which the Son of man shall give unto you: for him hath God the Father sealed.”
2.       Go back to the message “The Everlasting Seal of God.” Brethren, whenever I start searching the message called “The Revelation of the Church;” I always see how God started before time, planning how to bring my own day and your own day into focus.
3.       It was a very big plan. God was engaged because this our age is the highest time that evil and destructive materials, weapons are very much enlarged. That the population of the world will be very thick by then. Thus,  God was cracking His brain on what to do when the very Son of Man will be made manifest.
4.       What is more, He told us that we should look at it like this: As it was in the days of Noah, in the days of Lot so shall it be at the time the Son of Man will be revealed. Is that right? Yes. Do not labour yourself for any other food.
5.       That is why whenever we come to His Presence, we are at home. Is that right? Sure! We know that we are not getting any other thing in His Presence; from morning till night, even if we stay in His Presence in the fellowship, we will not be even go hunger.
6.       We are not in the fellowship to see if we can get any other type of food but that which the Son of Man knows that we have need of at any given time and that is what we are struggling for. That is why we are coming to His Presence every day. Is that right?
7.       Now, I want to show you something. Bishop Isaac Igwe, take note. This very cover, this very seal that the Son of Man has before He came, that is what makes Moses to go somewhere and say, “God, I want to see something about you.”
8.       The Bible said that He opened just a little side of Himself and showed to Moses. Moses shouted, “I can see His back, it is like a human being!” Can you understand me? Hence, when I saw that Pillar of Cloud, I mean this very smoke that was captured, I looked at it and told Apostle Kelechi, “This particular picture you are seeing here was exactly that Rock that brought us to this Valley of Decision. The shape and everything, that thing you saw like wool, that is how the thing was coming down and we were watching and gazing at it.”
9.       See how brethren were running around watching the thing in phone or in the laptop where it was shown. That is how we were gazing at it that “how can rock be walking?” It was just coming like that until it got to a position and stood there alone. All of us started rushing down. It was exactly the same thing.
10.    The difference is that this one is not the colour of rock. Can you understand me? However, if you look at it very well, it has the face of a human being. Like Moses saw Him in those days.
11.    The message “Now I Know That Thou Art a Man Of God,” it does not require any new vindication. That is why in that message He said that we are in a message that has been over vindicated.
12.    Brethren it is a time we should get our hearts, our minds, our souls and spirits relaxed. I was so grateful to God for putting off the use of phones and cameras in the fellowship of the saints. If you do not believe the first sign, you do not believe the second, if another sign will come, you will remain an unbeliever. That is why God is wiser than us and He cut it off.
13.    Any one that does not believe the testimony of the old people that saw Him at first the time, and the latter people that come in and saw this one presently; let that person perish.
14.    The voice went forth when we were at Enugu-Ezike that we are not here to talk about salvation or to bring salvation to you, we are here to bury the dead and to show you scriptures. That was the voice. So we are no longer begging anybody to confirm whether God is in our midst or whether God is not in our midst.
15.    This second photograph came so that the second people will stand at the first stand. This second photograph came so as to tell somebody that if he does not believe that this man is He, you perish.
16.    You know Jesus Christ said it in His day as we quoted it from the scripture that “if you do not believe that I Am He you perish.” Now it is our turn to quote this same scripture. You know the ancient men that started the move with God in this Faith; they will talk about the one they saw before. Then you call the people that came in later, along the line they will tell you also the one they saw.
17.    Besides, they have every right to stamp it and say, “If you do not believe that where we are is where the Almighty God is, this voice you are hearing is the voice of the Almighty God, the vessel in the midst of the Bride is the One the Father has sanctified, sealed, and sent, you perish in your sin.
18.    We were talking about personal experience. A brother said that the Son of Man told him, “Do you know the way I am looking at this thing, do you know that many people do not know this thing before?” Then I said, “Do you think that God is playing? God knows what He is doing.” The first one He told us to put an end to unbelief. I mean the first day the first one was taken.
19.    This last one, what do you think God came to do? That was the question that God used Apostle Ugo to ask us. It is not just in vain. There are people you are going with that are discouragers. That can thwart your mind and your faith, that can even tell you that that picture because we are not there that time that is why they are talking about it.
20.    Now, God wants them to also see it with their eyes, can you understand me? Thomas has been a disciple with the rest of the Apostle, is that not right? One thing Jesus Christ talked to them fulfilled. And one day he was not there when Jesus came to the disciples, they rejoiced and did everything. Now, Thomas was not present. One day he came in, they told him and he said, “Unless I myself see it and confirm it; I will not accept it.”
21.    Do you think that God is playing? Then Jesus said, “Okay, see me. See my hand, touch it Thomas. What do you think?” He now voiced out, “My Lord and my God.” That is why God is not making any move just because He wants to make a move, He wants to stamp it down in you that want to believe.
22.    Thus you will now confirm the same thing others are confirming; so that you will now declare “my Lord and my God” like others have believed ahead of time because God does not want to lose any of His seeds. We are happy for what God is doing now. you know the voice went out last time saying, “We are now encouraging one another to hold fast to the faith which is the voice, which is the Son of Man; which is the salvation God has sent to us.”
23.    “Now I Know That Thou Art A Man Of God,” page 47 verse 4,However, now in the SECOND ADVENT, IT IS GOING TO BE A NOISELESS AND QUIET MOVE BECAUSE IT IS NOT A WORLDLY MOVE BUT A CHURCH MOVE. He is going to appear in His own Galilee according to His Promise.”
24.    Do we have Galilee of the Gentiles? A land that was formally in darkness has now seen the light. Many people do not know why we are hanging the photographs in the fellowship; look at the people who sat in darkness have now seen the great light. To them who sat in the region and shadow of death light sprung up.
25.    How did the scripture come? In the one week God gave our Pastor one day, in 1993 to go and purge himself. That anointing carried him through the night and I was sleeping in another room. He moved like a spirit and came inside there and tapped on me said, “Rise up, take this scripture lest I will forget it in the morning.” That was exactly what happened Afor-Nkpor Umoji Road, he was living with Pastor Christian and Brother Chime and Bon Diuka.
26.    Then he said it is Matthew chapter 4 verse 15 and 16, that God said we will write and place it wherever we are going to stay because we have been scattered at Amazu Oil. Now when we go to that scripture, we could not understand: “The land of Zebulun, and the land of Naphtali, by the way of the sea, beyond Jordan, Galilee of the Gentiles;
27.    16 The people which sat in darkness saw great light; and to them which sat in the region and shadow of death light is sprung up.” KJV.
28.     The next morning we read it in the family. Then we brought it to the fellowship and the Son of Man saw it. The Pastor gave the command that God said we should put the photograph in a place everybody will be seeing it because it meant a lot. Look at what God is saying, we did not  know that it was a promised Galilee where God is not going to make a worldly move but a Bridal move.
29.    Things happen according to prophecies; God is the perfect interpreter of His own Word. Our fellowship ground is the Galilee of the Gentiles according to His promise. And who will God make a move among them? It is the Bride. Is it to the world! The world will go on doing whatever they are doing.
30.    Page 46 verse 1, “You know, God knows what He is doing. God is trying to create faith in somebody.  Are you getting me?  God is not coming back the second time for healing or for abracadabra. He is not coming to create attraction.
31.    This is where people miss Him. If you don’t know the essence of His Second Coming, surely you are going to miss Him.  In His Second Coming, there is no Scripture that says He is coming to open the eyes of the blind and make the lame to walk, the barren pregnant or shake the earth – na lie. There is no Scripture like that.
32.    In other words, what He is going to make is a Bridal move. Just like nothing was happening. As we are inside the fellowship now, the world did not  know what is transpiring in our midst. God is only making His move in the Bride, in His own Galilee. No crusade. Do you understand it? In His own Galilee.
33.    That is why you see people feeding on stale manna. It is not why He is sent. He is sent to “bring full salvation” to those that are ready for Him, not for everybody. Therefore, He is not coming here for barren men and women, to make you millionaire, this and that – na lie. Know the essence of His Second Coming; otherwise, you will mix up the two”.
34.    I think I will cut it short, God is in control. God sealed the Son of Man ahead of time and He sent Him so that we will hear things and really sink deep inside that very water, that fountain that is flowing from Him. Look at what He promised us, it is not because of abracadabra, it is not for any other thing, it is just for full and complete salvation.
35.    He decided this salvation ahead of time and planed how to bring it into focus to the point that the Prophets were enquiring, “Who are these people, how will they look like? What will be the hour these people that will inherit these things will appear?”
36.    They enquired and enquired, some of them were told to close the book; shut up their mouth: “Stop enquiring, do not worry yourself. The time will come and the people will appear.”
37.    Thus, William Branham rightly prophesied that the main man is on the scene. William Branham rightly prophesied for he is John the Baptist. He was forerunning the coming of Christ Himself. But he could not understand it in his own day. We were there standing, quoting the Prophet, but now God made it very clear for us to understand that this man now is the man sent from God finally, for full salvation. Amen.


The scripture made it clear to us that God was in Christ, finally reconciling us to God.  The preface in our Great Sermon is a particular portion that always go on from time to time. Because what we have seen is what God has done in our midst. There are so many experiences; there was something that happened to me.
2.       While the burial of our Pastor “Yowa” was being prepared, at each point in time God will always prove Himself that He is God contrary to what you know as a human being.
3.       One day we were there with Apostle Abraham and he was looking at the seat we were bringing down. Being that Enugu-Ezike is my place, and in our own side firewood is very scarce, by the time He saw the amount of money budgeted for firewood He said that it is too much. That we should reduce the money for firewood, that Enugu-Ezike should have enough firewood.
4.       I used my own human understanding and said that there is scarcity of firewood. But I did not know that God foreknew that the amount of money budgeted for firewood is more than enough to buy firewood. Brethren who went there and helped in the cooking know fully well that they did not use up to one-quarter of the firewood that was bought. How it happened, I do not know.
5.       There are a lot of testimonies that abound. What is more, they eventually saw that if they had even used one thousand naira, they could have gotten enough firewood that would have been used comfortably during the burial.
6.       Now look at what God has always been telling us, page 58: “We thank Almighty God who came down in our midst on 30th December 1992, when our brother Peter preached the message, ‘Holy Ghost, and the Necessity for Holy Baptism,’ before many witnesses when we saw the power of God restoring the Church back to Pentecost.
7.       We witnessed all that happened in the Upper Room at Jerusalem on the Pentecost day. God’s power backing His word with diverse supernatural and scriptural occurrences when the Pillar of Fire first fully arrived in our midst”.
8.       This Pillar of Fire, nobody has ever seen it. We only saw it when you see the picture of William Branham. Moreover, William Branham said that one is a part, that we did not see the full.  But that day the thing fully arrived in our midst, look at what happened.
9.       The Lord God went further to convince us that He has sent a Saviour in our midst when he publicly...”
10.    Remember he said it is not a public move, he said it is a Bridal move. When we say he was seen in the public, you know all the Jews never saw it. It was only the people that ate with Him, drank with Him that saw it when it appeared. But the Bible said it was seen publicly.
11.    The Bible said that when He publicly commissioned His servant and Apostle Peter Odoemena using the following words: It is a Word move; it is a Bridal move which is not open to every other person.
12.    The Bible said, “I have anointed you with my Word, speak my Word.” He said, “How can you know? Is it not my Word; is not the Sword of the Spirit that is dwelling in your midst?”
13.    You see, when God came to us at Eha-Amufu and said something. After speaking to us, lifted the message so high and then said that if you claim you have been worshipping God all these years, if any of you have lived a consistency godly life, raise up your hand? All the preaching we have done, all we have said, we all could not raise our hands.
14.    It is just like in the days of Jesus who said, “Anyone who feels he has not sinned let him be the first to cast the stone on this woman.” Then we can now understand that God sent a Saviour into our midst and He convinced us, and it is this conviction that He is still doing up till now: to convince you and I that that Saviour everybody has been preaching about, talking about, expecting to come, waiting for Him to solve all the problems of the world, that Saviour is in our midst.
15.    This remains our consolation and that is why He said that we should relax, that all we need from the very beginning, the people of God, their consolation has always been when they see a man who came from God, and we have seen Him.
16.    What is more, He has been presently, persistently active and not looking at the way we are doing but to introduce Himself into our hearts until there is nothing in our hearts again except God Himself, so that we can be able to listen to Him and hearken unto Him. So that when that last voice will sound, nothing will hold us back.
17.    God has done everything He wants to do. Just like He did to the Gentiles, He sent Paul, He sent Branham; He did everything He wants to do. You know in the Law Court, they normally say that you must prove your case beyond reasonable doubt. And our God has proved His case beyond reasonable doubt. It is beyond reasonable doubt that there is no longer any room for doubt.
18.    In time past, there were rooms for doubt, but today there is no longer any room for doubt that He that is in our midst is the very Elohim. The one everybody has been mentioning.
19.    Today God has spoken to us clearly and told us His mind. The same Masquerade came from a family, He made Himself plain. When the talked about the masquerade that will display first time, display second time, after the third time display he is on his way home, we know that time is no more.
20.    You remember God told us that He is going to have the first pull, second pull, the third pull and He said that nobody will impersonate it. In other words, The Saviour is in our midst. If anybody is not saved, who is responsible? Is it the Saviour? No, but the unbelief in that person.
21.    The person that can save you, the man that can turn on the light, the man that holds the answer to all the problems in the world is in our midst believe it if you can. Everything the world has been labouring for is how to solve their problems; Almighty God said, “I am the One, I give life, if there should be war, I am the One. If there is peace, I am the One. Whatever it is, I am the One.” Today He has done it.
22.    You know while in 1996 the voice was very clear: “I am the one that give you life. Whoever I want to live; will live. Whoever I want not to live, will not live. I am everything.”
23.    Yes, those things will always come to our human opinion. He is a supernatural being, and He wants to make us a supernatural people so that we will have the same nature which He has. In other words, if we do not pay attention to the word, it is useless. He said, “I am He that is walking and is still walking in the midst of the Seven Candlesticks.”
24.    We heard about God in the past, we heard about what He did before, read it in history, He said He has been giving everybody their own Pentecost. Some of us that read, saw how God moved and what God did—supernatural thing that happened. Now it is our own time and He said we are the last people. The Voice said that you are the people that are winding up the history of worshipping God in this generation, that after us, no other group will be able to worship God.
25.    All the voice He is given has always been coming to pass so that we can now know that He that is speaking to us that the Word of Truth is in His mouth. Not the word of a lie. Amen.


There was a message we received at the beginning of this ministry, the title is: “Be careful that you do not forget what your eyes have seen, and your ears have heard lest the fear of God will depart from your heart and you will perish.” We have to pay heed to the Word.
2.       When you go to the book of Deuteronomy chapter 12, the reason why God appeared in the form of a Pillar of Cloud before the people of Israel was no other thing than to create His fear in their hearts; that they might be able to obey all His words and ordinances for their own good.
3.       We do not worship God in our own day with fear, we worship Him with love. If you do not love the Lord, you cannot worship Him rightly. What is more, He has already enjoined us to love Him with all our hearts, all our strengths; all that is in us. A sure sign that we love Him is that we must to obey His words, then show love to one another.
4.       If we say we love Him and hate our brethren, we are liars and we are gropping in the dark. At the same time, if we say we love Him and we find it difficult to obey His words; we are also liars.
5.       If you go to the message titled, “Put Me in Remembrance,” we do not have any written register in this Faith as our member. We call you our member for one reason that you are always present, supporting, being a part of what God is doing in your own day for the furtherance of the Gospel of Christ. However, when you exclude yourself, and still go about parading yourself as one of us; you may be disappointed that day.
6.       I handled a topic in those days, how I wish all my messages that came down from Me were recorded. Of course, there is no way they could be recorded. If all that Jesus Christ preached were recorded in a book, even the whole world would not have contained them.
7.       There is no day I do not preach sermon in my house; I preach on the street, I preach in the market places. There are many, many things that can invoke Me to preach. Thus, many of them are not recorded.
8.       I preached a message in my house and titled it “Disappointed on the Last Day.” There I wreck up too many scriptures to back up my message, aiming at showing all that will follow Me to know that the tendency is there for some to be disappointed on the last day.
9.       That St. Paul was labouring stretching out his neck, placing his life was to see whether he could save some and not everybody. For he knew it is not easy to save a human being. Do you know that the same setup of human beings who ate manna from Heaven, enjoyed the presence of the Lord in the form of a Pillar of Cloud, saw Him in a form of Pillar of Fire, before their eyes He drove away their enemies, the same people rebelled against Him.
10.    From among such people Dathan, Korah and Abiram rose up. Do you believe that? Even Aaron, who was number two second in command equally rose up to rebel.
11.    Please take note, there was a message we handled some years ago and that message was first preached by Apostle Ojiakor, warning under anointing to be very careful about the rebellious instinct in man. For sometimes it has always been in a man to rebel even without a cause.
12.    A man rebells against the truth without a cause, he never premeditated it, he never thought he could go that way; before you knew it he sees himself struggling to resist the spirit of rebellion. What is he rebelling against, he cannot explain. Reason for rebellion? He cannot explain. The consequence? He may not know. But rebellion is manifest.
13.    I am not pleading with you not to rebel; rebel if you can, it is your right! You are not rebelling against Me but you are rebelling against your life. Because if you rebel, you stop your journey.
14.    When Korah, Dathan and Abiram thought it wise to rebel, they stopped their journey. Aaron rebelled, he stopped his journey. There were so many other thousands that perished in the wilderness.
15.    I am saying that the Pillar of Fire is among us, the Pillar of Cloud is revealed, everything is among us. All that our fathers saw, remember St. Paul was encouraging the Corinthians Church, warning them to be very careful that their fathers ate the fresh manna, saw all those things and with many of them God was not pleased. He slaughtered them in the wilderness, and stopped their journey. Their carcasses fell in the wilderness.
16.    Those things happened to them as examples, they were recorded in the scriptures for us as a warning for we are living at a time when the end of everything shall come. If you are not careful, you may forget history and repeat the mistake of the past.
17.    A wise man learns from what he hears with his ears that happened to people and what he saw with his eyes that happened to people. However, a foolish man will wait until he passes through that same experience. What if you do not survive it? That will be the end of your journey on Earth.
18.    Thus, do not be numbered among those that think it wise to rebel, there is no gain in rebellion. Even under natural condition, politically it is not good to rebel. If you rebel, you are risking your life, for a rebel cannot succeed at all times.
19.    Sometimes he may be crushed and all that are involved will be executed publicly, that is the end of their journey here on Earth. Thus you must know the definition and effects of rebellion. The same way we have to know the definition and effects of disobedience to instructions.
20.    Now we have seen Him, we have known Him and we have been reminded of who He is, have you realized who you are? One thing is to know who God is; another thing is to know who you are?
21.    Who are you? I handled it as a message some years ago in Jerusalem “Who Are You?” or “Who Do You Think You Are?”
22.    Some people do not know who they are. If you do not know who you are, you cannot possess your possession in honour. Peter Owundinjo, are you getting what I am saying? Take note of it. You could not control your vessel in honour because you have never recognized who you are.
23.    The Son of Man has been revealed so the Gentile days are numbered. We are now counting in days. Remain steadfast immovable and unshakable in your faith in Christ.
24.    However, if you notice you are not a part of what God is doing, bother yourself not. For by and by somebody must be disappointed at the end. Who will be disappointed? Is it criminal on the street who knew nothing about what you preach? Is it one in the denomination that does not know what you are saying?
25.    He that will be disappointed is he that has been labouring with us in this Faith, enjoying the goodness of the Lord, praising the Lord, sharing testimonies, hearing with his ears, seeing with his eyes great and marvellous things God has wrought in our lives.
26.    But at the end of the day, because of his foolishness, because of his stupidity or covetousness which is idolatry, because of envious spirit, he is dropped. He hears the Voice that says: “Depart from me for I know you not. You were coming to me with your lips, but your heart was far from Me.”
27.    If you happened to receive such a package, how will you feel? You see your brethren on top of the mountain and you see yourself locked out or struggling to climb for you know you cannot climb it alone.
28.    I am not wishing that anybody should be disappointed, but there is no way somebody will not be disappointed. There is no way.
29.    If with many of them in the wilderness that saw great signs and wonders, enjoyed the goodness of the Lord, yet God was not pleased with a good number of them, how do you think that God will be pleased with all these multitudes, all at the same time that God will be pleased with everybody? If I should give you that impression, I am trying to comfort you in error or comfort you in your ignorance.
30.    However, if you can adjust your heart, your attitude will change for the better. I can see signs that you could be managed in Paradise without problem.
31.    There are people that cannot be managed; just like Owundinjo and his family who are still quarrelling and fighting openly even at this very point in time. I do not think they are in the Ark where Son of Man is the Governor. No, it cannot be that one. It cannot be in that type of ark.
32.    There are too many of you that are worse than him and his family. We are going to say bye-bye from fellowship, but in your home the trouble will continue.
33.    At home, all that is in you will come up. All that is in your husband will come up. We will begin to see David and Goliath living in the same house. I am telling you the whole truth; you will see David and Goliath, one trying to outwit the other both in talking and in argument in administration of the family, and yet we claim we are following a star.
34.    I do not think that star is the one I am following. I handled that message some years ago titled “We Have Seen the Star and We Have Come To Worship the Star.”
35.    Have you seen the Star? The Star is there, when you see the Star and come to worship, the Star we will know. Most of you your head are still high up. No matter how God moves, your head are still up; a sure sign that you only see Him, but it does not make any impact in your life.
36.    However, as many that have seen Him face to face with divine impact felt in their lives, nobody will teach you what to do henceforth.

37.    Remember we are counting now in days. When you look at the atmosphere you think everywhere is calm. Everywhere is not calm, the whole world is boiling. Nigeria is boiling, the stage is set.
38.    A secret work is going on underneath which will soon burst open taking everybody unaware. However, you are not in the dark that, that day should take you unawares.
39.    Note it, the various prominent ethnic groups in Nigeria are holding their consultations. Some have taken their stand already. If there is a controversial thing that is holding Nigeria, it is undecided fate of the Middle Belt.
40.    The Middle Belt in Nigeria is being contested hotly between the up North that called themselves the Northern Forum and the Arewa Consultative Forum. The Middle Belt is saying no, that they are not joining the North, they are pulling out, that they want to be on their own.
41.    What is more, the super North, the Sokoto Caliphate who has being using the Middle Belt as their slaves to achieve their objectives, leaving them devastated, is trying to impose themselves on the Middle Belt so as to have Abuja as their capital.
42.    They want to co-opt as much as the Yoruba-speaking North which is Kwara State. They want to bring in Kwara State in but Kwara State is saying no. They want to bring Plateau State, Kogi State, Benue State and Taraba State, but they are saying no. Even Southern Kaduna is saying no.
43.    This is the only thing that is holding the whole thing, and the campaign is on, the lobbying is on; lobbying them to subscribe to their philosophy that they would treat them better this time.
44.    But the Middle Belt knows very well that they are just fooling themselves. What is more, they are looking up to the “superman” who is partly Middle Belt and partly Sokoto Caliphate.
45.    The “superman,” of course you know him, that is Ibrahim Badamosi Babagida. He came from the Middle Belt. Atiku is afraid of him, Buhari is equally afraid of him but they are trying to come together.
46.    How can? Any way they are fooling themselves. Nothing will ever make Adamawa to agree to work with Middle Belt. Adamawa will prefer to go back to Chad. The stage is set and God has finished the work in the Bride in righteousness.
47.    That is why He said if I do not close this book and seal up the testimony, surely, this faith will go tribal. As long as I live saith the Lord God Almighty, this Faith can never go tribal. He finished His work before the trouble ensues; so that whether you belong to Southern Nigeria or Northern Nigeria, you belong to Oduduwa or Biafra, or whatever you may call yourself, you are still one in Christ.
48.    Whether you are in Cameroon or you are in Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Dubia, South Africa, America, London you are one in Christ. Just like brethren abroad are fellowshipping even right now. They are all fellowshipping in the Internet; they are connected to the Internet.
49.    Hence, they are not feeling feeble; they call Me from time to time and share their experiences of God’s visitation.
50.    On this note, I say remain in your sanctified estate, remain blessed in Him eternally. Amen.