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The Son of Man Revealed From One of The Jungles in Africa According To William Branham's Prophesy

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If God is not a man, how can man relate with Him? Every Messenger of God in every age has always been God-man. As God to save, and as man to make the enemies of God doubt Him, despise Him and
reject Him. Yet, in Him is the Almighty hidden. I repeat: Yet, in Him is the Almighty hidden.…
-Son of Man

…I am saying that you can now see the Personality that masked Himself in the Son of Man. See the Lord in the Lord, THE LORD SAID TO MY LORD.
What is more, I told you that in every age, He has a Name and He keeps His children together in His Name. That is why His Name has always been a secret, you do not use that Name anyhow.

…you have seen He that is inside the mask in that photograph that was taken on 8th April, 2012. You have gone beyond X-ray. Thus, when I say the Father is in Me, I am in my Father. You do not need to ask Me who the Father is or “Show us where the Father is.”

-Son of Man

SEE THE LORD IN THE LORD PP. 42 VS 27;  PP. 45 VS 35-36


“But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.” John 14:26 KJV

 “Who is this that cometh from Edom, with DYED GARMENTS from Bozrah? this that is glorious in his apparel, traveling in the greatness of his strength? I that speak in righteousness, mighty to save.”
Isaiah 63:1  KJV.


“Which in his times he shall show, who is the blessed and only Potentate, the King of kings, and Lord of lords;
Who only hath immortality, dwelling in the light which no man can approach unto; whom no man hath seen, nor can see: to whom be honor and power everlasting. Amen.” 1 Timothy 6:14-15 KJV.

And he hath on his vesture and on his thigh a name written, KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS”
Revelation 19:16 KJV



A wise man does not fall on a particular spot two times. What is more, while I live, it has been my earnest prayer that this ministry, the much that is entrusted to my hand will remain blameless. Because He that gave Me the message, gave it to Me in true holiness and in righteousness, without respect of persons.
2.             Many of us can open the Bible and quote our forefathers, blame them where they deserved blaming but our inability to pass where they failed has remained the bane of every Church.
3.            You know, it is very easy to find fault with somebody. Just like as a player, you may know how to play but as long as you are not featured in the match, one thing is clear, once you are outside the pitch, you will see clearly than people that are playing the ball to the point that you will be thinking that you can do better.
4.            Wait until you are stumbled into the pitch, before you can catch up with the ball, you may even discover that until the match finishes, your legs will not even touch the ball.
5.            You will end it in clapping hands. What is more, you will try to fight your way, but you are always defeated.
6.             It is not speaking the way He walks but remaining there. Thus, that is what you will do. Many a time, we always find fault with our fathers but we have not said, “God, help us to succeed where they failed.”
7.            Watch all men of God called and ordained of God, they all came from families and before they were called, they had their friends and relations. However, from the day Almighty God called them, He caused a separation, pulled them out from every age grade, every friend for if you must be my friend, it must be in the Word. Outside the Word, no friend.
8.            If I should visit you to know how you are faring, it must be in the Word. If you are coming to know how I am faring carnally, you are a carnal man. If you are coming, let your coming be how I am faring in what is committed into my hands.
9.            God is not going to judge me of how I have laboured in the farm planting cassava or business ventures, no, but what is committed into my hands. Hence, let us be very careful.  
10.         There is writing from Mike Ugoala. Somebody should have automatically taken that position even without waiting for the qualification. Why not rise and put yourself there now?
11.         I think if I desire to be a Deacon, I start desiring it when I am a bachelor so that it will be easy for me the moment I get married. Somebody might be wondering what Brother is trying to say. Do not worry, be patient with Me, judge nothing until the end.
12.         Psalms 27 verse 11-12, “Teach me thy way, O LORD, and lead me in a plain path, because of mine enemies. Deliver me not over unto the will of mine enemies: for false witnesses are risen up against me, and such as breathe out cruelty.” KJV.
13.         Pastors take note, Elders take note. I have finished a Sermon on that during one of the ministers’ meeting using that one as my title, so, you better be careful now or never.
14.         Our friend Mike, I saw an envelope bearing your hand writing, even if I am dying, if I see it, I will recognize it. If there is any time I am in my best form I think it is now, for it has been very clear to Me.
15.         For some time now, I do not need any man to tell Me that you cannot approach Me anyhow now. You dare not approach Me anyhow even our beloved Brother John. He played the worst part of hypocrisy and I dropped him while travelling. He was to travel with Me but because of the hypocrisy he displayed on Thursday, I was not pleased, I rebuked him at home and also rebuked him in the fellowship and finally parked him. In addition, if he is not careful I will strip him of that “beloved.”
16.         Let me tell you, Brother John, if you want to understand what belongs to Brother John who was with Christ; you just serve Me with milk and honey, tea, bread, banana, groundnut, if that is all you know, you are fooled, you are not wise. If you are a wise man, know the character of John the beloved in the Bible.
17.         Although he was very quiet, Christ was taking him all along yet he learnt a lot which he passed on to his brethren. I am saying that he was a minister in the pulpit ministering. If you doubt Me I read his epistles. He was a pulpit minister and being an apostle, he could send out ministers into the missionary field.
18.         He wrote letters to so many Churches which I can show you in the Bible, and because of his boldness in the ministry, he was in the position to punish the erring minister Diotrephes in the Bible.
19.         He said, “I wrote to the Church, Diotrephes, the Pastor who wanted to have preeminence, withstood my letter and even blaspheme me and other ministers. When I shall go to him, I will visit the matter.”
20.         In other words, he will not keep silent over the matter. Then he congratulated somebody, Brother Gaius, he equally congratulated Brother Demetreous, all that were able to receive brethren and give them at least support in their missionary roles.
21.         If all you know is when we were there, do fast in putting water, if that is all you know about beloved John, you are perishing. Beloved Brother John was one that was fully tutored within and without. If one would make a mistake, it was not John.
22.         Check all his write ups, there was no mistake in John. John was an apostle of all apostles. I want to open your eyes now, taking that tag “Beloved,” Brother John, going with the apostle is another way of seeking the Apostolic Office.
23.         In other words, in my absence I can send you, you will go and do the same thing which you have learnt from Me. Thus, anywhere you go, you can boldly say that “I am an eyewitness. That which I saw, that which I heard, that which I was privileged to handle, that is what I am declaring to you, now hear me.”
24.         Hebrews chapter 2 verse 1, “Therefore we ought to give the more earnest heed to the things which we have heard, lest at any time we should let them slip.
25.         For if the word spoken by angels was steadfast, and every transgression and disobedience received a just recompense of reward;
26.         How shall we escape, if we neglect so great salvation; which at the first began to be spoken by the Lord, and was confirmed unto us by them that heard him; God also bearing them witness, both with signs and wonders, and with divers miracles, and gifts of the Holy Ghost, according to his own will?” KJV.
27.         Who also bear them witness? God. Both with various signs and wonders. I am trying to show you John’s record: “That which we saw with our eyes, heard with our ears, our hands handled, we declare unto you.”
28.         The book of Hebrews was written by Apostle Paul, confirming it also because John was called to be an Apostle before Paul. Thus, John was numbered among those that sat down and heard Him.  
29.         I am saying that we should learn from John the beloved. Before you take any Bible name, study the character.
30.         Brother Igwe, you see in this Faith, many do not know your story, Igwe. Anthony means popular, do you know that? He was a Catholic before you know it, Baptist. As a result, Anthony is Catholic name and you know the meaning is “popular,” in French it is “Antoine” which means “popular.”  
31.          We have but one Anthony, and immediately he saw his own reflecting, that is, the meaning of his name reflecting, becoming popular among all denomination everywhere in End-time message yet he was not believing, a new comer in the faith, nobody told him to change the name because that name is not a good name, “Popular”. 
32.         I do not want to be popular, I want to remain hidden. Thus pray hard until the Lord will give you the revelation of what I am talking about.
33.         Now, I want first of all I will say why I allowed our friend to come and stand in front of the fellowship. You know that day, that was last week, I believe that repentance can take place in one second, if one is genuinely sincere. However, somebody that is a hypocrite, give him one thousand years he will never repent.
34.         Remember the Bible said, “We that are teachers and elders, if we commit an offence together with an infant, we shall be beaten with many stripes.” In other words somebody can be paraded in the Church once and be reconciled, but an Elder, who closed his eyes, hardened his heart can be paraded in the Church up to twenty times, until we have exhausted all his sermons.
35.         I can remember the double portion…Elijah and then pilgrims and strangers. These are the two I can remember. I was there, I was not alone. I only heard of priesthood, to those that attends his family altar that can remind us of all that he has preached because from your preaching will talk to you, just like our brother Kelechi; you are brothers in the Church, are you taking note?
36.         As many of your sermons we will remember, you will defend it in this Church this day. The hour has come when we shall know who belongs to us and who does not belong to us.
37.         If not for one thing, your family would have told your people that you committed suicide. Can you imagine that his father went to Brother Amankem, he said that the suspension they gave you, have you not finished the period?
38.         He said, “Well, on my own side I have reconciled. I am no longer with my twin brother. I am now living with my brother at Nkpor. He said, “But let me ask you this question; Why did you at all decide to venture to Abagana? What led you to Abagana? Didn’t you hear what the Holy Ghost said about Abagana? Were you not there? Why did you go?”
39.         Bene IK, are you in the fellowship? Is Bene Njom in the fellowship? Ok she has gone back to her people and her gods. You will hear her own story also. You will think that she does not have money to come to fellowship. It is not money, she is telling lies.
40.         If a brother comes to know why she is not in the fellowship, she will say that she is afraid of vehicles on the road and if a Sister comes, she will also tell lies.
41.         Whoever that will die must die. It got to a point a heathen told her to stop playing hypocrisy, “Tell them the truth.” Moreover, it was the person that she thought that does not know our faith. Time shall come when heathens will start to condemn us.
42.         It is not a light matter; it is a serious matter before Me and my God. Because I wonder how it will be, that the people who know us as people that speaks truth, those that know us and the message that we preach, will just be hearing cock and bull stories. 
43.         You see, that is why I hate a large congregation, when we were very few occupy only but one line in the Church, we were not having headache. What I am saying is truth.
44.         This day is a day of worship. It is because of fellowship that made Me to leave all the way from Aba to this fellowship.
45.         For I had many reasons to stay away or even go to Isiala-Ngwa but I resisted every temptation. When I came out of Owerri they wanted Me to pass a night but I said no. I was just rushing saying that I had a business but I did not programme any business.
46.         What is my business? I want to worship with my family in Jerusalem. Moreover, there is something I remembered, that this is not the time you will leave fellowship and will be on the highway. For every first day of the week, look for a local Assembly where you will have fellowship and if it happens that you did not see anyone, form a local Church there and erect an altar.
47.         Let me give you an example, God sees our hearts. When we excommunicated some people, they used the first day of the week as their day of business, like Christian Dike, Goddy Emefue, until our former Brother Mode came back one night to tell Kirian, “Wonder has happened in the Church!”
48.         Kirian asked, “What is that?” He replied that they have excommunicated all their old members. Kirian asked again, “Who told you?”
49.         Mode said that nobody told him that he saw Christian Dike and Goddy on Sunday riding okada, may be they were excommunicated in the Church.
50.         However, watch Brother Amankem, he has another spirit. On fellowship day which many use to ride okada, just like Brother Kelechi that said that is on that day that he use to go and see his father, then Brother Amankem told him that until the fellowship is over that nobody will leave the fellowship.
51.         In other words, Brother Amankem erected his own altar. He was absent physically but he was not absent from the brethren. If your heart is not in God the manifestation will be that you will be excommunicated.
52.         Do not worry, when we shall visit that matter, Apostle Kelechi will stand on the pulpit and tell us his mind with God.
53.         We are here to break every unholy alliance. We will find out the root of unbelief in this Church. How I wish all of us can see visions. Let me ask you, does anybody not know the family he was brought out of? If you are a man that is in good terms with your family, whenever you are happy your wife will know, and whenever you are sad she also knows.
54.         The same thing is applicable between God and us. Whenever He is happy with us we know, and if He is sad, we equally know. Amen.

Chapter 2
The Bible said, “Behold Your God Cometh.” Because you are Bible students, I do not want you to over flog the matter with quotes. Where I mention you will know.
2.            BEHOLD YOUR GOD COMETH, that is the title of my message. He told them what God would do anytime He appears on the scene. In other words, He guided Israel, all of them to one God. So that nobody will mistake Him for any other thing. All that will be comfortable to follow that God will be ready to acknowledge Him to be that very God.
3.            As that God cometh, He will make the lame to walk, make the blind to see, make the dumb to speak and even the dead to live.
4.            In the book of Isaiah chapter 9 read from verse 6, the Bible said “Unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given and His Name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father.”
5.            Then the Bible said, “BEHOLD YOUR GOD COMETH;” that is the topic. The Lord came down and spoke to our hearing in many ways, while we were going, the spirit was in our Brother the Apostle interceding for the entire Church.
6.            In the message that was coming out from Bishop Okechukwu, it was Holy Ghost intercession. In other words, we never know what to pray for. We have prayed and worshiped God, but we never knew what to ask for, we never knew what to pray, but the spirit came down and prayed for us. For the spirit knoweth the groaning of the heart. That was the scripture fulfilling in my eyes, and then the spirit continued, possessed the last one.
7.            Instead of prophetic utterances at the first instance, what we heard was the spirit continuing to the highest realm then the last lap became a prophetic utterance wishing us well, telling us that we are a blessed generation; THAT THE GENERATION THAT WILL RECEIVE THE REVELATION OF THE SON OF MAN IN THEIR DAY, IS A BLESSED GENERATION.
8.            In addition, what He called intercessory prayers, I will call them divine intercessory prayers. They are all acknowledging that there is iniquity in the Church. All of them, the two Moses acknowledged, and while I was concluding the prayer, the spirit in Me took courage.
9.            We have played prostitution, adultery; we are guilty also, in other words, that the voice which we heard was found from all angles and now iniquity has been rolled away. Thus, our leaves are now blossoming. 
10.         With this little topic: BEHOLD YOUR GOD COMETH, we are not the first that heard this Voice, people heard it in time past, the same message was received and preached to them also, but many, after receiving the message perished because they never received it with faith.
11.         Carelessly they messed it up and carelessly they died. Moreover, the Bible said that those things happened to them as a warning and written down in the Bible for our learning.
12.         I mean that Son will also be their God. That is why He was called Mighty God and Everlasting Father. If we have one Everlasting Father and somebody says that he is the Everlasting Father, where will his own generation start and then end? Can we have two Everlasting Fathers? No, only one everlasting God and Father who is Christ.  
13.         Then that Father dwelleth in God and that God tabernacles in Himself. He made for Himself a flesh wherein He tabernacles. No wonder Jesus Christ was able to tell the people saying, “The work that I do, they are not my own work but that of my Father who dwelleth in Me.”
14.         In other words, Jesus Christ was a dwelling place of God. Moreover, because Christ dwelleth in you, it was that same Christ that dwells in Jesus that made Jesus God in his day.
15.         If God is dwelling in Me, I am God to you. If God decided to use Me, as the only Badger skin He will put on and I minister life to you, in other words, I am now God to you.
16.         You are my people, I do not want to put you in the dark for time has run out on us. We do not have much time to be chatting about and playing.  This time around, pay attention.
17.         Behold your God cometh. When is He coming? Nobody will know and by then you see that God, the Mighty God became Everlasting Father and became Emmanuel, meaning “God is with us.” Then became Jesus Christ who will deliver his people from their sin. He became the Savior to His people. Now remember that your God cometh.
18.         The foolish were expecting God to come down from Heaven because the Heaven was formed by Almighty God. They said that Heaven is His throne and the Earth His footstool. They said that if God cometh, one will expect Him to come down from Heaven.
19.         If Heaven is His abode, why will somebody expect Him to come down from Heaven? What is more, they said that when He shall come down from Heaven, all eyes shall see Him. If God was coming like an aeroplane descending from Heaven, definitely many eyes will see Him, just like the moon.
20.         The moon is the physical body placed a little above the Earth. You go to Lagos the same way, anywhere you go the same way, that is the position of the Almighty according to the foolish.
21.         If He is to come on a physical body, visible with the naked eyes, to the people that will be expecting Him that time, He will appear as a moon, first, having power above the Heaven and the Earth, then all eyes will be privileged to see Him at the same time.
22.         Then if He is coming down on Earth, people would easily trace Him and go there, worship Him and acknowledge Him. However, it has never been so with God.  
23.         When God said, “Behold your God cometh,” He just gave them a sign describing Him very well what they should look out for. No other person will have the privilege or the power to open the eyes of a blind; cause the lame to walk, cause the deaf to hear, cause the dumb to speak except your God. No other God will have the power to do such a thing for the gods of other nations are idols.
24.         That is why He could say, “Why should the heathens rage, why should the nations rage and the heathen imagine vain things? Come back home and let us see God.”
25.         The moment He made the proclamation, foolish ones were looking at the sky. Nevertheless, God chose a different way, lo and behold a virgin became pregnant and gave birth to a child, fulfilling the prophecy: “Unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given.”
26.         We could see a human being walking on Earth and that child as our little boy, started growing in wisdom, in stature, in knowledge, going about like any other person. Who could believe that same son, that same child could be that God that was prophesied, “Behold your God cometh.”
27.         I hope somebody is coming closer? If you do not come closer to this supernatural knowledge, you are missing Him because He is very much around us now than before.
28.         You know a time came Jesus Christ could no longer hid Himself from His people. He decided to make everything plain to them: “If you want to believe, believe. If you do not want to believe, do not believe.”
29.         Let me tell you something, do you think it was easy for people to believe Him? As a little boy, He will be roaming about, growing and ask you to call Him Almighty God, that without Him you are perishing. That He is the Savior of the world, when they have already known from their fathers, from the Pharisees how God looks like.  
30.         I want to show you something. Elijah left, remember we are in the hour of Prophetic Revelation. Elijah vanished, but the Lord had earlier prophesied it that He will send back Elijah before the coming of the dreadful day of the Lord. Otherwise, He will smite the Earth with a curse.
31.         Elijah will equally come to prepare the way before God will walk on the Earth. When He said Elijah must surely come, He added by saying, “John the Baptist is Elijah, believe it if you can.”
32.         He did not mince words, but before then, the people of the Jews had already perceived through discussion that He was referring to no other person than John the Baptist. Then He perceived the thoughts of their hearts and then confirmed it saying, “Believe it if you can, John the Baptist is Elijah.”
33.         Now because Elijah vanished into the air, he was not buried and God promised that he is coming back again, people did not believe it to be truth. Why? They were expecting Elijah to come from the moon. Since he was not buried, one day you will see him descending from Heaven. Because it was through rapture, he went to Heaven.
34.         That is the language, Elijah went to Heaven, and he is coming back, “All eyes will now see Elijah coming back,” but unfortunately, they could not see Elijah coming down from the clouds, what happened?
35.         Zachariah knew his wife Elizabeth and she conceived, gave birth to Elijah. Remember, Behold your God cometh that is what I am saying. And when God came what will happen was the Spirit of God over shadowing Mary and she became pregnant. From her body God came out. Amen.

Behold your God cometh. He did not come down from Heaven. However, when He grew and became an adult, He started telling people: “I came down from Heaven and I am going back to Heaven.”
2.            People witnessed the delivery, if you were present and you were seeing Mary carrying that baby, breastfeeding him; will you take that man very seriously? You will call the man devil.  Actually, He came down from Heaven and was going back to Heaven.
3.            Like I told you about the translation of the saints, nobody will see you going into the air like a bird, no. He is talking of vanishing from human sight. What happened on that day was what happened in the Upper Room. He appeared before them on Mount Olive and before their eyes, He vanished.  
4.            There was no man that has two hands waving at them, no; nothing like that. That is how rapture will occur. Maybe you think that you will come to the Church and before you know it, you will be flying! Na lie. We will gather in the fellowship and in a twinkle of an eye, we will vanish from human sight! That is why we should be ready at all times.
5.            What am I saying? Behold your God cometh. When Jesus Christ appeared on the scene, He neutralized sin. He told the blind to receive their sights, He caused the lame to walk, the deaf could hear, and the dumb to speak. Why couldn’t they acknowledge that He was the God?
6.            Since they were guided ahead of time and they were given a supernatural signs, didn’t God send Elijah to forerun Him? That if He fails to send that Elijah, He will blind this Earth with a curse and Elijah is coming to prepare a people, a way, before the great and fearful day of the Lord.
7.            As the saints, is God preparing you for His wrath? This is prophetic revelation.
8.            Though Elijah was born of a woman, even the Elijah in the days of John the Baptist was born of a woman. That Elijah that was born in Branham’s family was born by a woman.
9.            Behold your God cometh. At that point, the First Advent, He was born of a woman, he that foreran His advent was also born of a woman. Then in His second coming, you are expecting Him to come from a cloud? You are right in expecting Him from the cloud; because by and by He must come from the Cloud.
10.         When He came, He said, “I came down from Heaven and I am going back to Heaven.”   John the Baptist was not the Messiah but he was to prepare the way for the Messiah: “Whosoever that will be living on this Earth, you shall be privileged to see the Holy Spirit coming on Him, abiding in Him, He is that very One.”
11.         He was born on this Earth, He was growing on Earth but John knew Him not. Yet, He existed before John was created.
12.          Everybody knew where He came from, others were looking at the mother and barn that fed the man, that was their own side.
13.         You see why people miss Him! Now we are in our own age, we have seen the first Elijah, the second Elijah and the third Elijah now.
14.         Behold there is a sign that your God cometh, and while they were expecting Him from Heaven though He was among men, they expected Him to put on supernatural body, but He put in human body. They expected Him to be a giant who nobody could teach or train, but He came by a parent.
15.         He was born by parents, grew up in knowledge and in stature, having everything a human being has, yet that did not make Him to be a strange God. He remained the original God.
16.         He could feel pain, He could weep, he could even die. What happened on the Cross of Calvary was death. He could become weak, there was a time He become weary, very tired, He was complaining of food. A time came, He gave the disciples money to go and buy food. While they left, He was having an encounter with a Samaritan woman. Is it not scripture?
17.         All I am saying is that your God cometh. Behold your God cometh. In addition, the essence of sending a Prophet to forerun His coming is to guide you, so that you will not wait blindly.
18.         How will you know God is in your midst? To forerun, He told you something, “God appearing on the scene in something strange and supernatural, He will back it up with a supernatural sign,” and that supernatural sign, a voice will follow it and that voice will be a scriptural voice.  
19.         Then if a man appears on the scene, watch, he will not take you to the old genealogy you know, he will take you to something very new which you know not. That is the person from God, but concerning Him and His God, He will tell you, He does nothing but the Word, He will do nothing outside the Word. He will tie the old and New Testament together. 
20.          Said, “God how could you use this man? How I wish you will come in my day.” What we are hearing is not the thing for that good work.
21.         In other words, people will not rest until they see the Angel but this one will be a Mighty Angel, He was indicated with a Pillar of Fire, this one will be wrapped in a Cloud.
22.         Then somebody is expecting to see a man, maybe, while he is coming out, a smoke will be coming down, then he become the Mighty Angel, and nobody can see his face because he is wrapped—you cannot see anything like that. Then what are you going to see concerning the second coming?
23.         The Bible said that all eyes will see Him. What do you mean by all eyes? Did all eyes see Him in His First Advent? No, did all eyes see Him when He was going home? No. Those that are waiting for His appearing are the people that will see Him.
24.          If you are not waiting for His appearing, if you are not preparing yourself for His appearing, you can never see Him. For He is of a purer eye to behold iniquity. In other words, a sinful man can never walk in His way. He is not coming to pay the price for me, He is coming to save the redeemed.
25.         Thus, if we are expecting God, Behold your God cometh. We are expecting Him for the second time, all we should be praying for is God help us, help us, let us not cast our eyes in the sky otherwise we become victims; we will perish with the world, because the world now have their eyes there.
26.         Our eyes are now on the Net, to see if there be a woman, if there be a family that will be privileged to have one, bearing the sign. If there be a woman, a Church, a family, kingdom having a man who is holding the word, bearing the sign, one who is holding the voice, one who is here, although we are seeing Him as a man, He is being wrapped around with something which eyes cannot see.
27.         Any moment we succeed in getting a family, a Church, a group of people having this man, who cannot be found in sin, who cannot play with His words, who is vindicated with this Shekinah Cloud around Him, who is not taking us back to the old genealogy, but opening our eyes to something we can call new doctrines, One we can still look back on the scene, all we have to do is to say glory be to God, for our problem is solved.
28.         If anybody is perishing, it is because he does not want to hear Him. If any man is going to hell, it is because he does not want to hear Him. But all that will be saved must surely be gladdened.
29.         I am saying Behold your God cometh. Are you numbered among the people that are looking at the sky to see a Mediator coming? When He was revealed, was He revealed when He was in Heaven?
30.         Not that they did not know Him as Jesus Christ or Emmanuel, not that they did not know Him as a son of Joseph or son of Mary, not that they did not know Him as a Hebrew or as a Jew, concerning those His qualities, they know very well but nobody knew Him as God, nobody knew Him as a Messiah until He was revealed.
31.         Then from that time He was revealed, all that got the revelation rallied round Him. Why the rest stumbled out, and I have now decided to challenge you, Go and check “God's Visitation in All the Ages.”
32.         If God had ever come out from the sky, you could trace God back to human beings. When God said “I am coming to visit your family,” people will expect God to come down, before you know it a woman in that family will become pregnant, give birth to a child; God speaking things no one has ever spoken  in that family.  
33.         Check God in all His ways, what am I doing? I am trying to help your faith that you forget all that had happened, rally round the message for Behold your God cometh. Amen.                            

Watch, I would rather speak the truth and then face the consequence than to withhold truth so that I will be popular. I will never be there. Never! Never! I will never do that! You see, that is my problem.
2.            This is the reason why I am telling you that if you incur the same trouble like others, the same thing they suffered awaits you.  At the end of it all, you are receiving the same reward because God judges every man by one standard.
3.            Please take whatever I am telling you to be truth for it has not been my manner to deceive or to tell lies to any of you. You have known Me, you have known my doctrines, and if there is anything you do not understand, feel free to ask question.
4.            Moreover, if it is too hard, just stay by my side and watch Me. Wherever I place my step, place your own there for I have told you that I will be a crazy man to come to this Church with my entire family, all that I can boast of in this world, I drag them into this Church, only to drag them to Hell. I do not think I will be crazy to that extent.
5.            To drag my entire family, my wife and my children and my brothers, everybody, which I know that I do not have anything to give to you for I am in this Faith because the Voice said that I should be in this Faith. There is no gain; physically that will make somebody to come into this Church shouting and screaming even at the point of death which you are living witnesses.
6.            There is no excuse any man can give to excuse his name from the pulpit. Thus, I do not think that I can close my eyes foolishly to blind you. God help us.
7.            Remember, a day is coming when somebody’s absence in the Church will no longer be noticed. Nobody takes delight in excommunicating anybody. There is no minister who is in his right sense and mind that will take delight in excommunicating his followers, his brethren for no just cause. And the same thing I am saying before, I am saying it again.
8.            The Voice said that I am yet to see a minister that has patterned after Me. I am yet to see one who is fully determined to follow God.
9.            In the Church of God, every Brother, every Sister should be seen on the Word. Nobody should be above the Word. Thus, do not see a Brother beyond the Word, do not see a Sister beyond the Word.
10.         The Apostle is not above the Word, Prophet is not above the Word, we are all subject to the Word. Hence do not regulate Me beyond the Word, otherwise, God will hold you guilty.
11.         If somebody in the attempt to buttress his case, will tell you that the Apostle lied to him; all you have to do is to call that Apostle to question immediately before the person. Moreover, if you later find out that the Apostle lied deliberately with the intention to harm or hurt, punish him immediately. For you do not need to give him first or second warning at all.
12.         When you see that the Apostle is double-tongued, you punish him immediately! The Word is very clear. Is he above the Word of God?
13.         For God is always in the business of vindicating the words of His servant. God must always cause a situation whereby the word of His servant will come to pass. Even his own prediction, God will cause his prediction to come to pass because he is in the mind of God.
14.         Could you imagine that Elijah prophesied and died, after many years God remembered that promise and then brought it into pass?
15.         Mode’s case was handled with partiality, it was handled with respect of persons, it was handled unscriptural. When the case I started to speak arose in my family, I had to warn with longsuffering and patience. I continued enduring, but when it entered into the ears of their parents, all I have to do is to off my hands and eject their accommodation immediately.
16.         I was in my house that Sunday with Brother Kelechi and after discussions, we went to see them and called the two Sisters. I was in my parlour when they came. We were praying and the Lord was exposing the whole thing.
17.         I heard Brother Mode saying that he will go there using his number six. What were we fighting for? His case. While I was there, his voice raised so high that they even tried to calm him down. A little while he was shouting this and that: “I am a boxer! I am boxer!” Did you hear something like that? What saved him was that I heard many other things.
18.          I was not punishing him just like that, only that I find out that he is a liar, he has ghiri-ghiri sense which cannot reward him.
19.         . There is a scripture that has been guiding Me in all my actions.
20.         1 Thessalonians 4 verse 6-7, “That no man go beyond and defraud his brother in any matter: because that the Lord is the avenger of all such, as we also have forewarned you and testified.
21.         Businessmen in our midst, I do not mean people that buy and sell, somebody can give you money to buy something for him.
22.         because that the Lord is the avenger of all such, as we also have forewarned you and testified. For God hath not called us unto uncleanness, but unto holiness.” KJV.
23.          If your Brother gives you money to buy something for him and there was a change after the buying, you give it back to him. Do not take it for granted, saying that he is your Brother. Even if his money was not enough, you use your own and tell him that you used your own. Even if you transported yourself, tell him the amount pure and certain. Even heathens know this.
24.          When your Brother gives you the money, he hopes that you will use it as if it is your own. Do not defraud your Brother in business for any reason because when the Lord will start avenging, you will regret it.
25.         Can Martha steal herself? When you know that you do not have money to eat, go to your Brother and then tell him that you do not have, cheerfully without grudges. We have been warning ourselves plainly in every way.
26.         I went back to him and told him that he took his eternal life completely. If the Elders vomited it, from that day he received the first warning, second warning, on that third offence, God excommunicated him because if you do not offend God, God will offend Himself. You see, when our former Brother Eze bought his own vehicle, that vehicle helped in leading him to Hellfire.
27.          1 Thessalonians 5 verse 14, “Now we exhort you, brethren, warn them that are unruly, comfort the feebleminded, support the weak, be patient toward all men.” KJV.
28.         This scripture has been my guidance. That is why I keep on telling brethren that you hardly see somebody that endures what I endure. I will warn you, advice you and try as much as I know to help you even in your weakest point, I will try to be weak with you to make sure I could help you out.
29.         However, when it comes to a point where the person, in spite of the help continues in sin, then I will know that it is a willful habit.
30.          Titus 3 verse 10-11, “A man that is an heretick after the first and second admonition reject; Knowing that he that is such is subverted, and sinneth, being condemned of himself. KJV.
31.         Elders lean a lesson from here. God will always vindicate who is who. When Miriam rose up, Aaron rose up and God vindicated who was holier. John Mark and Barnabas stood up and God vindicated who was who.
32.         Brethren I will like us to consider a little topic: “THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN SECURE YOUR SALVATION IN CHRIST”. From where we read, the Bible said that we are not children of darkness but children of light.
33.         In other words, we are not in darkness rather we are in light. Moreover, if we are in the light, we should remain awake, we should not sleep like our brothers that have slept.
34.         If you look around you will see that all that belong to Christians in Nigeria and worldwide, they have all slept. Revivals in their midst have died down. Even the Sunday, Sunday worship they used to observe, many feel very reluctant now. Everything dying down gradually but this is our own time, preaching moonlight message because in the evening there shall be light.
35.         Remember the Bible said that the first shall be the last and the last shall be the first. Remember that the Bride came at last and now she is appearing first. Why? She appeared at a time when others have slumped down. She appeared at a time when others after waiting Christ for many years, they fainted.
36.         Thus, when they said, “Let us rest a little,” that was the time our own started. Now you can see that they have slept, they have gone back to their vomit. There is no righteousness in them again. Talk of Christ catching away of the saints, it has eluded them completely. The way they are behaving, the way they are acting will tell you that these people are merely playing religion. They are not serious.
37.         The Bible is saying that we should not be like these people that have slept. We should remain awake for we are not the children of darkness rather we are the children of light. Let us remain awake and sober.
38.         The Bible said, “Let us remain alert.” To be spiritually alert, be conscious of your environment for that is the only way you can preserve your salvation in Christ.
39.         When you are careless, playing with your life, do not be careless, be sober in everything. Do not be somebody that will sleep in the spirit, be awake! When you are coming to Church, let it be your whole self that is coming to Church. When you are lifting yourself to God, let it be your whole self.
40.         You should not be found wanting in anything at all. Be alert, be sober, be awake, rise up for the night is far spent. Our salvation is nearer to us now than when we first believed.
41.         Watch, the Bride is coming last and on that day, the Bride will appear first. Why? We came almost at the end of the period. We did not begin at the beginning of the Laodicea Age; we came almost at the end, when others are weary, when others are discouraged and now God has met us and revived us. The zeal that is in us is enough to carry us through.
42.         Hence, the only way you can remain in the Body alive and preserve your position is to be sober and alert. Be wide-awake. Do not be careless. Be serious in all things from now.
43.         1 Peter chapter 5 verse 7-8, “Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you. Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour, KJV.
44.         Whatever that is your problem, your trouble, cast them to the Lord once and for all. Then wait for God. Anyone that He did not solve, know that He does not want to solve it.
48.         For that reason, if God sees that if He gives you sound health and you become a hustler, you will not worship Him again, He will deny it from you. Job said that at times God uses sickness to bring man to obedience. He can bring suffering to bring a man into obedience. Thus, Jesus learnt obedience from the things he suffered.
49.         God said that you must cast all your troubles upon Him. Yes! Be well balanced. Be balanced in this Church, in the Faith, be balanced in the spirit, in the mind, be well-balanced.
50.         This is the only way you can retain your position in Christ. The only way you can uphold your salvation. You must align yourself to be fully balanced, fully exercised in the Faith. In every way, be an all-round believer without questioning and then be well-balanced.  
51.         You had a victory but the Devil was not destroyed. It was the Devil in the people that arrested Jesus Christ. The same way, it was Devil in the people that crucified Jesus Christ.
52.         Be vigilant for he who is surrounded by enemies keeps watch over his life. Be vigilant in the spirit, do not give any space. Whenever you are conscious, any little plot of sin, you will notice it immediately and it will put you into desperation. You will never rest until you make sure it is blotted out, then you get your freedom again and your joy will come back. For that is the only way you can retain your position in Christ.
53.         Besides, I have told you time without number that any little sin ignored will lead you to more sin. You cannot overcome any sin until you hate that sin.
54.         No child of God will commit sin until he forgets what he has received. Once you forget that you are a child of God, sin will come. I am telling you the truth.
55.         There is no child of God that stays in the spirit, remembering who he is, that puts hand into sin. Yes! You do not have a peculiar problem; it is common among all believers.
56.         Thus, be patient, be sober, be vigilant and then you have your victory. Can a rat eat the food whose owner is awake? Never. You must first of all sleep before rat can now eat your food. Because if it comes and sees that you are awake, it will go back. Once it peeps and sees that you are still awake, it goes back.
57.         However, once it comes and sees that you have slept, it will laugh. What am I saying? You can carry your Bible and sleep and the Devil knows. You can sit down in the Church, the Bible is lamp, you can place the lamp and then sleep. Secure yourself in Christ by being alert in the spirit.
58.         1 Peter 4 verse 7, “But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer.” KJV.
59.         That the end of all things has come now, keep sound mind. Let prayer be your habitual character. Practice it.
60.         A word is enough for the wise. If this Message touched you, put them into practise, and you will not regret it. 
61.         On this note, I say remain in your sanctified estate, remain blessed in Him eternally. Amen.